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fwb with bts ♡ masterpost
What happens when you are friends with benefits.
Tumblr media
⤑ word count: 7k (around 1k per member) ⤑ genre: smut ⤑ pairing: bts x reader (a drabble for each member) ⤑ warnings: mentions of sexual topics, sexual intercourse (warnings will be added to each chapter) ⤑ rating: 18+ ⤑ read on AO3 ⤑ masterlist
Tumblr media
⤑ Jin [22/05] ⤑ Namjoon [23/05] ⤑ Yoongi [24/05] ⤑ Taehyung [25/05] ⤑ Jimin [26/05] ⤑ Hoseok [27/05] ⤑ Jungkook [28/05]
Tumblr media
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For the dilf-versarry
let the games begin <3
Tumblr media
・❥・. . . . ╰──╮ KINK: thigh riding
・❥・. . . . ╰──╮ RATE: 20+ (dni under 20)
Tumblr media
・❥・. . . . ╰──╮WARNINGS: exhibitionism, crying, embarassment
Tumblr media
The booming voice’s command sent shivers down your spine, urging your timid hips to quicken their pace. Your skirt flared around his wicked thigh, and your hands couldn’t help but grab his shirt in tiny fists.
Your stomach twisted at another demand, embarrassment flooding through you as you struggled to keep up with the boss’ desires. You heard someone snicker to your side, but your face burned far too much for you to turn and see who it was. Didn’t matter anyway, you were sure they were laughing at you, and your inability to ride Namjoon’s thigh properly.
You turned to bury your face into his bicep, but felt two large hands grab at your ass cheeks. You yelped as you suddenly felt yourself being grounded down hard onto his flexing muscles, body jostling with each move.
You sat there helplessly, holding on for dear life as your clit was dragged across your own slick, and pressured by the rock-hard feel of his thigh. Juice gushed out of you like a fountain, unable to stop yourself from leaking.
Namjoon had stopped speaking to his colleagues, focus on you. Though, when you’d so sweetly requested your services to the CEO, you didn’t think he’d push you down into his lap right then and there, in front of everybody. You had yet to learn how shameless the big man really was.
Your legs started to shake as the audience around you grew quieter, witnessing your pathetic demise. Soiling Namjoon’s priceless pants, but he couldn’t give less of a fuck. The way you cried his name into his chest after your ordeal was worth it.
Tumblr media
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yoongsisbae · 22 hours ago
Spring Fling
Stories that Bloom; of love, of pain, of fight
Tumblr media
The Woman with the Black Cat on Her Shoulder | MYG
Fearful, they buried them, stomped them into the dirt. Underneath their boot, scared men were unaware the seeds of hope had planted by their own volition. From the dirt and grime, grew flowers, blooms so tall, eclipsing their hatred. You were strong and unwilling to be cut down any more. Shapeshiftercat!yoongi x reader. Blooming...
Tumblr media
You Asked for Help, He Asked Your Name | PJM
You ran away from your responsibilities, but they caught you and tried to lay claim to your body. If your life was never going to be yours anyways, you decided might as well give it away and make a deal. fairyprince!Jimin x reader. Blooming…
Tumblr media
Spring Day Still with You | JJK
You ran away from the cold, Jungkook ran with you, warming each other’s hearts. But within the cycle of life, there is death, and as spring blooms, the blood still lays soaked in the dirt. You ran and they chased. Sequel to Not a Creature was Stirring. Hybrid!Jungkook x reader. Blooming...
Tumblr media
Day Dream | JHS
The days are hotter, the nights are hotter too. You sleep, restless. Tired, you sleep more, you sleep and you dream and you meet the dream walker and things somehow become even steamier. Sandman!Hoseok x reader. Blooming...
Tumblr media
The Flower Bridge | KSJ
You couldn’t, you didn’t want to, not anymore, the pain was too much, you wanted it to end, so you visited the bridge. Standing at the highest point, the wind stung, but your problems were bigger, your pain was stronger than the whipping air and your anguish deeper than the water below. Tethered in the center, connecting the place you came from and the place you were going, you found another type of bridge and he found you. Ghost!Seokjin x reader. Blooming…
Tumblr media
Blooming Flowers | KTH
His moment of weakness had been you. Weakness was it? It wasn’t love? No, not love, not happiness, a mistake, a regret! For you, it was your last unraveled string, a creation of idolization that grew into a flower as beautiful as him. You had fallen ill to him, in the worst possible way. idol!Taehyung x hanahaki!reader. Blooming...
Tumblr media
Moonchild & Springchild | KNJ
“Go back,” he said, “It’s not safe here, not for a human.” You can hear the men of your village, their angry jeers, the crackle of fire in their hands, yelling yet too afraid to step across the boundary. “It’s not safe for me, anywhere,” you say, “I’m a woman.” Faery!Namjoon x reader. Blooming...
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sammybby · 10 hours ago
Request : Y/N and namjoon decide to both have their virginity taken away on their anniversary. They’re both nervous but excited to be each other’s first. Namjoon is gentle of course with fluffy passionate lovemaking
Pairing : namjoon x f.reader
Genre : established relationship au, smut, fluff
Warnings : boyfriend!namjoon, tongue kissing, vanilla sex, missionary, palming, fondling, light teasing and fingering, unprotected sex, cum on stomach, sweet talking (“baby” used multiple times)
WC : 3.2k
A/N : Sweet Anon this is all for you. I had a whole plan to picture dirty blonde and kinda grey haired Namjoon while writing this but saw the new pic of him and I have no regrets so feel free to imagine him like this
Or however…
Tumblr media
The moment was perfect. In fact, if you waited any longer, you knew you’d regret it.
“Babe ?” You called out to him.
Your hand was firmly stuck on Namjoon’s arms as he looked at you with wide eyes, ready to strap himself up with his seatbelt but immediately stopping once you laid a hand on him.
“Yeah, what’s wrong ?”
Moving forward and joining his lips with yours, you kissed him urgently and gripped the fabric of his shirt between your fingers. It was long and intimate, only turning more intense as he placed a hand on the back of your head, bringing you closer. He moved his palm to your cheek and bought the kiss to an end as he felt you smile against his lips.
The sweet chuckle that resounded through the car made you grin as you sat calmly back in your seat, letting a sigh out and intertwining your fingers with his.
“What was that for baby?” Smiling that beautiful smirk, dimples peeking out and hair hiding his slightly raised eyebrows, he only squeezed on your hand lightly to show you he was waiting for an answer.
“Let’s do it.”
“Do what ?” He laughed gently.
Biting your lips, you couldn’t help but admire how effortlessly breathtaking he looked, just sitting beside you.
Namjoon had just taken you out to celebrate your first anniversary. Dinner was wonderful : enjoying his cheeky winks and stares, holding on to your hands when speaking to you, and reminiscing over the great memories you both had made together. Nothing could be better.
Therefore, the only thing that was missing had run through your mind a couple times. That was sex.
Both you and him had never done it before. Frankly, it wasn’t even a problem. You had agreed with Namjoon that you wanted to do it with someone special and he also thought the exact same. No pressure was put on the other, nor did it affect your relationship. You’d kiss and do other things like normal couples, it just never went the full way. It wasn’t a bad thing, it just never got that far and you didn’t want to rush.
But, Namjoon was the one. He proved it day in and day out by being the most amazing boyfriend. Being understanding, comforting and supportive weren’t enough to describe him as he was way more. On the other hand, he could make you giggle in a matter of seconds, brighten your day and give you a reason to be happy. He was purely the love of your life.
You’d never been in a proper relationship before; neither did he and you were fortunate you’d met him at such a suitable time. It clicked as soon as you met, however - flying by so fast- had already been a year. If now wasn’t the occasion to do something so memorable and important for the two of you, when was it then ?
“I want to make love with you. Right now.”
The words made his jaw drop a little bit. Your mischievous smirk only encouraged him as he snook a peek at you.
“Right here ? I thought you’d like to do it on a bed at least.” Truthfully, he might have sounded confident, but his heartbeat was increasing rapidly.
“Namjoon.” The soft tap on his shoulder made him chuckle as he held your palm against his chest. You could feel his pace, similar to yours, as you both stared at each other in silence. Smile evidently giving off the feelings you were reciprocating with him, only reassured Namjoon to lean toward you and peck you softly before speaking.
“We don’t have to do this Y/N.” His eyes were closed but he could feel the grin on your lips, bumping his nose against yours. “Babe, look at me,” his hands were on your thighs while he hummed and gazed up into your eyes, “I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. And I’m ready Namjoon.”
He waited a couple of seconds before replying. “Me too. You know I love you Y/N.”
“I love you more.”
“Show me then. Show me you love me.”
That was all the permission he needed before leaving a smooch on your cheek and making his way home. The drive was quick and before you knew it, one minute he had an arm swung around your waist, both of you smirking like children at each other, and the next as you entered his house, he had you up against a wall, now running his hands over your clothed body, lips connected with yours.
Your grip around his neck and fingers that were busy tangled up in his hair, loosened to make their way to his button up shirt as you simultaneously kicked your heels off to the side of you.
You were still pecking each other, Namjoon copying your actions and taking off his shoes, trying his best not to create a lot of distance between you both. “I want this,” you kissed him harder before withdrawing, “off.”
Him and you were panting lightly before he smirked, moving closer and hiding his face into the crook of your neck. Leaving smooches all over your skin, he took a firm hold of your waist, teasing his hands down the side of your thighs before picking you up easily, your legs instantly wrapping around his frame.
“Na-!” He cut you off, a moan leaving you when he entered your mouth with his tongue. The fact that you were being carried around by him - and able to fall any second but most likely wouldn’t because of his secure grip - ran out your mind as he moved his palms to the bottom of your asscheeks.
Too busy on making out with him, he’d successfully made the journey to his bedroom, setting you down gently on to the edge of the bed. For some reason, he’d gotten down on his knees, confusing you as he saw the slight furrow of your eyebrows, and chuckled lightly before speaking.
“I can’t wait for this baby.” His hands rubbed on your inner thighs, spreading your legs apart until your dress eventually began to hike up and your panties were in view of his eyes. “Can I ?” Instead of answering, you reached for the hem of your dress and as he helped you remove it comfortably, he kissed on your thighs, getting dangerously close to your sensitive heat. He gaped up at you sensing your stare that was filled with lust.
“Is something up Y/N ?” His voice somehow sounded sinful suddenly and you couldn’t help but feel the shiver run down your back. You desperately wanted to clench your thighs when he squeezed on them but stopped and instead got rid of the distance that you were beginning to hate. Immediately, he reacted back with the same hurry while you began unbuttoning his shirt. Bizarrely, he stopped you though, engulfing your hands with his and got back on his feet.
He left a kiss on the back of both hands, before placing them on his belt buckle and letting go to work on his shirt. You gulped in both excitement and hesitation and watched for Namjoon as he urged you on with the simple look of his eyes. He nearly let out a groan when your hand skimmed past his clothed cock, becoming harder just by your touch. It thrilled you that he felt this way just from the pure contact, patience vanished.
Finally, you’d managed to get the belt off him, flinging it away from you as he rested his palm on your face, thumb swiping up and down on your cheek, looking down on to you. Your innocent face was driving him crazy with your almost naked body and sight of you in such pretty underwear making it hard not to pounce on you. He ducked down, pushing you further up the bed before towering over you.
You felt all of him on you - content with the fact that he was basically naked, apart from his boxers that did not hide his length that was poking at you - as he moved your hands above your head. Crossing your wrists with one hand, the other glid past your covered breast, Namjoon muttering, “Is this ok ?”
Instead of holding on your wrists, he interlaced his fingers with yours, joining mouths and kissing you gently, when he groaned from your legs wrapping around him. You squeezed your thighs together, and couldn’t help yourself smirking when he deepened the kiss, pushing you further in the mattress. The both of you held on to each other tighter, Namjoon now running his mouth down your cheek, onto your jawline and neck, up until he came to sight with your chest.
Unfortunately, he was backing away, only to grab a pillow, placing it behind your head and ensuring you were comfortable. The view from below him was breathtaking, his chest all you had your eyes on, hands wanting to feel it. You laid your palms on top of it, watching as he grinned when your fingers lightly crossed down to his abs. You’d had enough of the distance, hands now on his arms and clutching his bicep, bringing him closer to you.
“I want you inside of me Namjoon.” You whined softly.
Your hands clasped round his neck, taking him everything not to go ahead and fuck you as hard as he wanted when your widened eyes looked up at him. Nevertheless, this was his first time as well - he wanted to remember this distinct time as something that he only experienced with you. He wanted to make love with you the proper way.
“Don’t worry baby, I will.” kissing on your collarbone till he met your shoulder, he pecked all over your chest, licking and biting gently on your skin, his tongue making patterns. Soon it began to feel as if he was teasing you when he refused to kiss on your breasts, moving past them quickly whenever he was in reach of it.
Your frustration from him not showing any affection towards them, got the best of you, your hands swiftly grabbing his, till you shoved his palm on top of one of them. You’d caught him off guard, his movements halting, the hand that was on your back completely staying still. “Take it off, you can.” Shrugging, you smiled softly, meeting his stare and waiting for him to make a move.
His fingers tapped on the sides of your stomach, travelling to your back, till he met the hook of your bra. He grinned, kissing you gently, before undoing it in a smooth manoeuvre and tossing the item behind him.
Truthfully, Namjoon was a sucker for your boobs. He loved laying on them, enjoying how they became soft cushions for him, when his head used them as a pillow. Nonetheless, a gentleman would never rush in to things and he would hate to come across as desperate to you.
Your eagerness only made him yearn even more for you when he saw the irritated but cute face that forced him to lay his hands on them.
The keenness was evident from the both of you, the indecent sounds that were leaving your mouths only increasing when Namjoon made his way down your body, latching his tongue on to your nipple.
He laid it flat against your bud, the saliva and contact of his tongue, making your nipple harden. The gasp that he heard from you, prompted him further, swirling it in a circular motion, while his other hand felt for your other breasts, teasing your nipple between his fingertips. He was sure not to leave it alone, giving it the same fondness and attention his mouth was currently busy with, switching alternately.
Once he was proud with the swollen but loved look of them, he peppered kisses down your stomach as your hands went to the back of his head, tugging on his hair once he teasingly left a peck on your clothed pussy. His index and middle finger rubbed on the wet patch, his eyes occupied with looking for a reaction from you. You flinched, jaw dropping wider when he moved your panties to the side, thumb slowly entering your hole.
“Fuck, I can’t wait to feel all of you love. I bet you taste so good.” As soon as it even began to move further inside you, his thumb left you, before he plopped it into his mouth and sucked on it, the sound of a quick popping shocking you. “My baby’s so delicious.”
Before you even had a moment to comprehend what he had done, his mouth was on yours, only for his fingers to keep stroking on your clothed heat, while you hurriedly tried to remove your underwear.
“Let me do it.” He said in between kisses, delicately moving his finger to your panties, patiently running it down your legs and scrunching them up, to throw it to the side of him. Namjoon’s fingers went back to their previous state, this time with more pressure, separating your lips as he ran them past your folds. You squirmed from the action, Namjoon’s intitial reaction to shush you as he whispered sweet words into your ears. “I can’t believe I’m so lucky to have you. My pretty girl.”
Enjoying his movements while he randomly pecked behind your ears, and on your neck, your own hands worked their way down to please him. Palm finding the area it was looking for instantly, your actions bought immediate pleasure to Namjoon as he felt himself rubbing on you. “Fuck.” Stopping the kiss to take a look at you, he stroked your cheek. “Why’d you stop ?”
“Do you think you’re ready Y/N ?”
His consideration and care was apparent to you, your heart softening at his gentle look and the concern heard in his voice. Pulling him near, you edged closer, lips barely touching as you muttered a low “I’m ready Namjoon. Make love to me.”
Attaching his lips onto yours, he kissed you deeply and intimately, sliding his arms down to his boxers; slipping it down his legs without causing a distraction to the two of you.
You could feel his cock slip past your lower lips, fingers gripping onto the skin of his upper arm. Retreating from the connection of your tongues, he bought his length in his palm, your eyes busy with watching him. His focused look made you bite your lip as he bought his tip to your folds, smothering the wetness.
Pushing forward, it caused you both to inhale a breath, your fingers digging into him while he gripped the sheets beneath your head. He groaned upon feeling you so raw while you gasped from the new sensation and him pulling out. Hands held onto his shoulder as he entered you again, he was getting used to it, clutching on your hips.
“I’m not hurting you am I ?” Namjoon asked, the faint distressed face of yours, making him furrow his eyebrows. “No.” You moaned missing the fullness of his cock inside of you, the new discovery of this indescribable experience, beginning to make you reach a level of what felt like heaven.
“Fuck me, Namjoon please.” Being nothing but straightforward, it was only his job to accomplish your wish.
“Anything for you love.” Wasting no time on keeping you waiting, his clasp on you moved to your waist as he buried all of him in to you. “You take me so well,” lips occupied with dabbing smooches on the open skin of your exposed neck, “want more baby ?” he spoke.
“Yes, ugh-” you replied, eyes screwing shut as he thrusted deeper, actions in some way delicate; taking his time to cherish in this tenderness that was becoming pure bliss for him. Going quicker at his own pace and checking that you were also able to relish in this thrill, your arms reached to fasten around him. Your fingers stroked the back of his head while the others found his back and began to poke themselves into his skin when you felt an intensity rise in your lower stomach.
“Namjoon.” Moaning to yourself and savouring his also deep groaning that signified the identical emotions he was undergoing; his grasp on you was firm, words that he uttered bringing a flush to your cheeks and chest.
“I love you so much Y/N.”
“I love you too. I love you- aah.” The low groans beside your ear and yours to Namjoons symbolised the orgasm that snapped for the both of you as his movements eventually turned sloppy, till he hurriedly managed to remove himself from you and released himself on your stomach.
“Mmmh.” You twitched a little from the cringe of his absence, his body in your arms as he collapsed on to you. Legs feeling limp, the small mewls and panting of you only mirrored Namjoon. The tingling excitement between you both was coming to its end, reality coming back to your mind. He was able to heave himself off you, and leaned against his hands while pecking you.
“That was amazing baby.” Eyes opening to meet the delighted smile of Namjoon, you embraced him harder, moving in for a smooch.
“It was.” You couldn’t stop yourself from beaming at him, brushing your lips against his, unable to meet his gaze, focusing on his dimple and tapping it softly with your finger.
“Let’s go clean up, I made a mess.” Separating himself from you, he got onto his feet, picking you up carefully by the legs, taking note of the wince you made from the movement and stickiness, whispering a “Sorry.” to you when he successfully had you in his hold.
“Next time we’ll be more prepared.” You mumbled in his neck, a shy look flooding your face. He couldn’t see it but squeezed on your hips, making you squeal as you’d made your way to the bathroom.
Hands still on you, he set you down in the shower and leaned you against the wall, turning on the water. The coldness hit you, tightening yourself on him as you relaxed when his hands roamed your back and the water turned warm.
Namjoon turned you around, making sure you were getting wet, your back facing to him and ass sweeping past his length, but rubbing on him when he bent forward and laid his chin in the crook of your neck. His hands met your breasts and was in his hold as he caressed them them with his thumb, nipples in between the tips of his fingers. Pinching and squeezing on them lightly until he saw you were satisfied, he let go, laying his palm on your stomach and placed his cheek against yours.
“I’m really glad you were my first.”
“Yeah ?” He could hear the sheer happiness in your voice chuckling at your adorable face he spotted in the corner of his eye. “Me too.” You spoke cutely, hands on top of his until you spun around to face him, extending your arms behind him to grab the shower gel. Keeping his watch on you as you slathered some on his open palms, he massaged your skin, applying it to the right spots as you continued to do the same.
Sneakily, your hand travelled down his torso, setting a palm to his hip, while your other rested on his dick. The mischievous glimmer in your eyes, did something to Namjoon and he couldn’t help himself grind on you.
Swiftly, he latched his fingers onto your wrist, “Don’t do this baby, you’re gonna regret it.” Your smirk only encouraged him as he saw your weren’t backing down.
“You asked for it.” He grinned while pulling you near, inching forward to rest his nose on yours and mutter in that sinful voice of his.
“Are you ready for round 2 baby ?”
Tumblr media
Tags : @hobiswhore @jooniebri @kimseokjinbangtan
Let me know what you thought and request if you’d like !
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augustbutwinter · 15 hours ago
holding on letting go | knj
Tumblr media
title: holding on letting go wc: 4k pairing: knj x reader (gn) summary: this is not a lovestory, don’t be fooled. but then again, maybe it is. because love is like a kaleidoskope. not everything is the way you see it. and not everything that is broken needs to be put together again. genre: angst, lovers2exes, no happy ending (but this is up for discussion), hopefully a litte bit of hurt/comfort as well rating: 18+ nsfw warnings: profanity, themes of grief and coming to terms, feelings of grief and anxiety, broken heartedness, sad smut [i cried while writing this fic, does this need a warning?]
a/n: this wouldn’t be here without the lovely @madseok​ ​, @miscelunaaa​​ and @hobi-gif​​. thank you so much for being the most wonderful betareaders there are.
a/n2: Dear reader, I hope you enjoy this kind of unconventional story. It’s not friends2lovers it’s not exes2lovers. it’s breaking up, it’s hurting, it’s grief. but i hope it’s also comfort and healing.
AO3 // Masterlist
Tumblr media
“How are you and Namjoon?” your friend asks with an open smile and honest eyes, as she fills your glass with a crisp and cold white wine that is supposed to carry sweet notes of summer and apricots, and it’s then your heart gives a small uncomfortable squeeze.
“We’re good, yeah, we’re good.” You laugh a little laugh, and take a sip of your drink. Your friend nods in acknowledgement and moves on asking someone else about work.
Should the wine taste this bitter? 
Good. You’re good. You and Namjoon are good. Another sip and you grimace. Good. The only answer you can give, and the only one that is acceptable.
What other reply could you give? You’ve loved each other for a decade, you have lived together for half and things have always been good.
So when you’re asked how you are, how he is, you say good, and the answer is the truth. There never has been another answer to this question. 
While Lana talks trash about terrible dates, while you help Sungjin get over a cheating asshole, while you listen to Noe complaining about being single, you say we’re great. And you’re happy saying this. You’ve always been happy and deeply content giving this answer. 
You’ve patted Noe’s head while they leaned on your shoulder, whispering in your ear that your relationship gave them hope. You held Namjoon’s hand while Sungjin fell asleep on your couch, all cried out over his breakup. Pressing a small kiss to Namjoon’s cheek, you thanked him for being a wonderful partner. 
Now the wine tastes bitter, and you feel like you’re lying straight into the faces of your closest friends. It makes you want to vomit right onto the beautiful board of charcuterie that mocks you with perfectly arranged grapes, thin slices of Spanish ham and carefully chosen cheeses.
But what would you even tell them? You pop a grape into your mouth and listen halfheartedly as Lana complains about her ex who has started texting again. You don’t have any tea to spill. No drama, no cheating, no jealousy, no story.  Maybe there is nothing to tell.
You’re good. Namjoon is good. He’s wonderful even. He’s always wonderful. You swallow down the lump in your throat with another sip of your wine. 
Still there’s something. Something you can’t pinpoint yet, that escapes the finger you’re trying to put on it. Something that has changed in you. And you’re pretty sure you’re not alone in this. Something has changed in him as well. You’re on the same page of the same book. It just turns out you’ve been reading different editions.
A feeling in the pit of your stomach. And it’s killing you. You wish there was nothing to tell.
Tumblr media
When you open your eyes, it’s just beginning to dawn. Without looking out of the window, you know that the dark sky is getting lighter and lighter, changing from navy to cerulean. You know that in a little while the few clouds that are scattered on the clear sky will be tinted pink and yellow by the rising sun.
And you know what the tightness around your heart and the tears prickling in your eyes mean. 
You turn your head and see him lying there wide awake. Head turned, eyes searching yours. And not for the first time, you realise you can’t read them like you used to.
Pressing your lips together, you will them not to tremble. Tensing all the muscles in your body you try not to follow the instinct to turn around and fold yourself around his body like a koala. You can almost hear him complain in jest about you stealing his warmth, and yourself answering that you’re just doing your part saving the environment because you’re saving energy. 
You turn your gaze back to the ceiling. You can’t bear looking at his unfamiliar familiar face. Without a word, you reach for his hand under the blanket and grab it. Softly, gently, but urgently.
“I think we need to talk,” you hear yourself whisper. You squeeze his hand a little too hard, as the first tear makes its way down your cheek and into your ear canal. It’s uncomfortable and a little gross.
“Yeah, I think so too.” His breath feels cool on your cheek where tears have now formed a steady but silent river. And then silently he squeezes back in lieu for all the words that are probably also stuck in his throat. A little too hard as well. And it hurts. Both your hand and your heart.
Tumblr media
Your naked chest touches the back of the green velvet sofa that your parents gifted you when you had moved in together all these years ago. Bent over, you rest your hot forehead onto your hands and breathe out a shuddering moan at the movement of Namjoon’s hand that nudges your thighs a little further apart. You feel yourself reacting with heat pooling in your lower body and a familiar wetness as you’re awaiting him to touch you where you need him, now.
A few moments prior you had been cleaning out the bookshelves dividing first and second editions and well-loved paperbacks between yourselves when something had clicked and you collided into each other desperately. 
His hands had hastily opened the buttons of your shirt–one of them ripped and rolled over the floor until it disappeared under the wooden couch table he had brought home from the flea market proudly. Your hands had been under his T-Shirt in an instant, having to feel his skin against yours. 
His kisses tasted salty and when you reached for his chin to get him closer to you, your hand came back wet. You chose to ignore it, as he did the same. Who even knows whose tears these are. It seems irrelevant as your tongues meet and you wonder if you can keep this feeling somewhere safe.
You stifle a moan when you hear the tell-tale sound of his hand against his cock, readying himself to meet you and sink home. You need him to hurry. You need this now. You need this, in case you’ll never get this again…
“Stop.” Now it’s a sob you stifle, as you whisper the word and he stills. 
Before you can say “Sorry, I changed my mind”, he has already moved away from you and has grabbed the soft blue blanket with the ink stain and covered you up.
His hand has never left your body though. Anchored on your hip, it stays and gives you a little squeeze and you hate that you know what it means: It’s okay. I understand. Don’t you dare to be sorry.
 When you find yourself in a similar situation the next day after deconstructing the bed that had been your safe haven, you should be surprised, but you’re not. No really at least. 
The mattress has witnessed so many firsts and seconds and thirds and infinites. Somehow you think, it’s only fair that it also gets to witness a last.
You’re impatient. If it wasn’t Namjoon, you’d be shy. But it is Namjoon and so you don’t feel embarrassed as you open the button of his jeans and slide the zipper down to slip your hand into his pants, eager to feel the pulsing heat of his length. He’s hard, probably painfully so. 
Probably since you took off your sweater and swayed your hips, dancing to that one song. 
“Namjoon. Please.” You know he can’t resist you when you use this voice on him. You move closer and whisper–proud to see goosebumps rise on his arms–“Please, I want this.”
His voice is low and a little pressed. “Yesterday it was no.” He needs you to be sure.
Moving away, you slowly take off your pants and your shirt and sink down on the mattress on the floor. The last piece left in the barren bedroom. 
And he gives in. Namjoon is weak. Because it’s you, and he wants. He needs. 
Because this could be the last time he gets to see you like this. Hear you like this. Touch you like this. Feel you sigh sweetly against his cheek. Feel you flutter and clench around him. 
He’s not proud, but he knows when he has lost against himself. And so he moves closer to you, leaving his clothes and doubts on the floor.
And then it’s him and you, naked on the bed, as you have been a million times. He's sitting on his knees between your legs, with all of you out for him to see. Your soft skin, the gentle curve of your neck, the little crease where your hip meets your thigh. All parts of you he has kissed and touched a million times. 
But it’s not familiar anymore; now you’re not the lover into whose ears he whispers little naughty things while he pushes into you. Not the lover who giggles at his creative dirty talk until moans replace the laughter.
You’re strangers. Strangers lying in bed together naked. There’s no lightness, only a brick settled on his chest that makes it harder and harder to breathe as he looks at your face, eyes pressed shut, waiting for him to fuck you.
“I can’t,” he whispers. You can’t even look at him, and he doesn’t know if he could bear it to be this vulnerable with you anymore. 
You feel him drop down next to you, and you turn around to face him. Without saying a word or opening your eyes, you search for his hand and let yourself be pulled into an embrace.
“It’s okay,” you whisper, a tear running down your cheek, as a broken sob leaves his lungs. 
“It’s okay,” you repeat and pat his back, like you would a child’s and while you can’t say it, you hope he knows you’re feeling the same. 
You can’t give each other this anymore. No matter how much you want it. You can’t give each other your bodies and your souls anymore.
But you can give each other this little bit of comfort still. At least for now. 
After a while his and your sobs subside and your breathing stabilises, maybe for the last time in tandem.
“Can we keep Crete? That little cottage on the cliff…”
“...on that one rainy day?” You finish his sentence and without opening your eyes, you know he’s smiling. 
Your lips curve into a smile as well, while silent tears stream over your face and you hold onto him like a drowning man to a raft on the stormy seas. Just for another minute, you tell yourself.
Tumblr media
Finally the school bell announces that you have made it through the day. After you’ve sent off your class into the weekend, you shoulder your bag filled with your students’ tests that need to be graded by Monday.
As you’re about to leave the building, you hear your name called through the hallway, now void of the students that have left the building just minutes ago. 
“Great work today.” Your principal leans against the door of her office, and you feel pride swell in your chest. “Not everyone would have handled that talk this well. That was hard. But you pushed through.” She sends a smile your way. “You never lost sight of what you needed them to understand. You were compassionate but didn’t stray. You talked with them, not over them. You did so well for that kid.” She laughs out loud, as she sees you glancing to the floor, shuffling around. “I don’t give out compliments lightly. So take it.” Even though you haven’t been this long at her school, she has noticed you don’t do well with praise, which is ironic since you’re never slow to give it out, so she waves you off and wishes you a nice weekend. 
With a big smile on your face you walk to your car. You did well today, you grin, as you allow yourself to take in the praise from your principal, and also from yourself. Fumbling for your keys, you feel the leather straps of your bag cut a little into the soft flesh of your shoulder. 
It’s heavier than expected, even though the strap is relatively thick and pretty well padded. The bag is made to carry a lot. Suddenly the pain that started in your shoulder is no longer located there. It has moved lower, right into your chest. The happiness you just felt starts seeping out of you as if someone had cut a hole in a plastic bag full of water. 
You hate the bag slung over your shoulder. The stupid shade of warm brown that compliments your complexion. It’s too pretty. The leather is smooth and sturdy and elegant at the same time. It has many pockets that can hold all of your pens. It’s too practical. 
And it reminds you of everything that was and that wouldn’t be anymore. It reminds you of the person you used to call and tell about your day on the drive home. The one that would holler for you and shout Go get ‘em tiger into his phone regardless of who'd hear him on his side of the phone call.
And you wonder if you should even use it anymore. Are you allowed to keep things your ex gave you?
Namjoon’s smiling face pops up, not really unprompted. You can almost feel him nosing your neck as he holds you in a tight embrace, whispering how proud he is of you. A kiss to the little spot under your ear. How proud he is that you made it through your training, finally a ‘real’ teacher! Another kiss to the tip of your nose, before he hands you the bag and tells you that you need a real teacher’s bag if you’re gonna be a real teacher now. And you with stars in your eyes as you caress the bag and tell him that he shouldn’t have splurged on this, that he should have used his hard earned money on something for himself. And then him, who clucked his tongue and told you that he did spend it on himself, because you never looked prettier.
The memory makes you smile and for a moment you allow yourself to be calmed by it. You drive down familiar streets and cross familiar corners on your way. At the intersection you signal to turn right, as you patiently watch the red light. Yellow. Then green. You put the gear in and step on the gas. And realise you should have gone left. Right is the way to your old apartment. Left is to your new one. Your breathing quickens. Still it feels like not enough oxygen is making it to your lungs. The next breath hitches, and the hand on the steering wheel trembles. The next breath is a sob and your vision gets foggy. 
With the last bit of sense that you have, you pull to the side of the road and let your head drop to the steering wheel.
Tumblr media
“Table for one?” Again? 
“Yes. Table for one,” you reply. Again. Raising one eyebrow you dare the waiter to say something. How this is a busy night, and if it was okay for you to take a seat at the bar and not occupy a table where he could sit a couple on a date that would surely order three courses and maybe a bottle of wine.
“One second, let me check if we have something available for you.” The second he turns around to look through the seating area, your shoulders sink down a little bit. It’s still new, asking for a table for one, and you feel a little too overwhelmed, a little too raw. Is he pitying you for coming here alone? 
You challenged yourself today again, maybe a little too much. This is the place you first went out to eat with Namjoon all those years ago. Where he had tipped over your glass of red wine because he was a little nervous on top of his trademarked clumsiness and left an unwavering stain on your favourite cardigan and an unwavering memory in your heart. When he had kissed you goodnight he still tasted a little bit like the mousse au chocolat and espresso he had for dessert.
It’s not only today and this place. Every day feels like a challenge now, every new old thing feels like a challenge. Everything you used to do not alone, you do alone now. 
And it’s hard. Grocery shopping for one is hard. Cooking for one is hard. Mourning a future you thought was set in stone is hard. Mourning togetherness alone is hard.
“I’m sorry for keeping you waiting.” Your head snaps up at him addressing you directly. Your lips are pressed together, a frown tightly in place. His friendly smile is suddenly replaced by what you’re sure is his customer service smile. Ready for you to lash out at him. 
And a minute ago you might have been ready to. These days all you think you see are pitying stares. Even people passing you by on the street seem to gossip about you going for walks all alone.
But today you decide to listen to the other voice inside your head, the one telling you that maybe not everyone is set out to pour salt into the still throbbing wound you try to hold close. Maybe not everyone is whispering behind your back. Maybe he was just doing his job, managing the seating area, making sure to find the best seating arrangement for every customer. 
As if he had noticed you deflating, he asks: “Everything okay? I can bring you to your table now, it’s ready. Sorry for your wait.”
You shake your head, and try out a smile, and you’re thankful your body observes the impulse you send from your brain and your lips curve. “No thank you, everything is fine. Thank you.” 
Tumblr media
You’re awakened by the sounds of water running. It’s still dark out, and the streetlight’s glow basks the white sheets in a gentle orange. With a frown you reach over. It’s still warm. He can’t have gotten up to shower long ago, and you wonder what the protocol is now. Is there a protocol?
Should you be awake when he comes back? Look at him seductively and suggest going for another round? Should you close your eyes and fake being asleep and leave it up to him whether he decides to stay for the night or gather his clothes quietly and leave? Should you wait until he gets out of the shower to hop in as well and let him know that you want him gone by the time you’re done?
Should you high-five him and thank him for the orgasms? 
When the bathroom door opens and you hear him shuffle through the room, letting out a whispered curse as stumbles in the dark trying to pull on his jeans, you keep your eyes closed and even out your breath.
A few minutes later, the door to your apartment falls shut, and you stretch your limbs and breathe out in relief at the decision that’s been taken out of your hands. You’re sated and sore in familiar places, though in an unfamiliar way. 
You don’t regret taking him home with you. Pressing your body against his, feeling his soft skin under your fingers, trailing your hands over his muscles, feeling them retract, as you traced the tattoo on his ribs. Feeling his cock twitch in your hand and then inside of you. Feeling him gasp out a guttural moan as you told him to come.
It was good. Hell, it was fucking great. Unfamiliar, but not unwelcome. Still, you’re glad you get to wake up alone. 
There’s things you’re ready for, and there’s things you’re not. You had averted your eyes when he asked you to look at him as you came. You might be ready to have someone else inside you, you’re not ready to give them your soul. You’re not ready to see someone else’s eyes above you. You’re still afraid they’ll turn into the dark pools of Namjoon’s eyes that you were used to getting lost in. The ones encouraging you to let go, to let yourself fall. He’d catch you. 
But it’s okay. You knew this would take time. 
When you wake up the next morning to a text from the boy from last night, you find yourself smiling and saving his number.
Tumblr media
“One glass of Sauvignon Blanc.” Your voice probably doesn’t carry well over the sound of the crowded bar. But you’ve been here a million times, and you would almost say you’re on a first name basis with the barkeeper. He probably started pouring the wine even before you had opened your mouth. 
This bar and its keeper have seen you at your best and at your worst. This is the place where you celebrated getting your first dream job by dancing on tables. This is also the place where you got blackout drunk, ending up under the table, on the night after your talk with Namjoon about the state or not-state of your fading relationship. 
Accepting the generously filled glass, you lift it to your lips and take a sip. It’s nice and cold, and just sweet enough. You sigh and search the room to see if your friends are already there, when you suddenly spot a familiar head of hair at the table in the corner. 
Is that…? Is he here? You twist your body a little bit, and–yes, indeed–it’s him. He’s not alone. Even if the other person is hidden behind a column, you know what they are to him. You can tell by the look in his eyes, by the curve of his smile and the way he has folded his hands in front of him, giving them his whole undivided attention. You know, because this used to be you. 
You brace yourself for the pain to start, for the knife to gently twist in your stomach. You wait for the nausea to climb up your throat. 
But this time it doesn’t come. Instead a subtle heat spreads through you. Not the kind of heat that burns you up, not like the all consuming rage you had felt months ago at the mere thought of him with someone else. Now it’s a gentle, unfamiliar warmth that makes your lips widen into a smile, as you watch him nod in response to something the person sitting across from him said. He throws his head back and you think you can hear the sound of his laughter over the voices of all the other people. It’s impossible. The beat of the music vibrates through you and it’s impossible to hear him from that distance, but still–for you–it’s there.
As the night goes on, your cheeks grow warm from the drinks and the laughter and the cheeky smirk the new bartender throws your way, and you almost forget Namjoon is even here until your eyes meet through the crowded room.
For a second he looks surprised, the scared sort of surprised. At that moment you know exactly how he feels, because you already went through this a couple of hours ago. He looks like his heart has dropped to his knees, and the contents of his stomach need to decide where they want to go.
So you decide to put him out of his misery and raise your glass in greeting. You give him a nod, your eyes open and honest, your smile wide. And as he raises his glass as well, and lets a careful smile settle on his face you realise that you’re not only smiling for his sake. 
You’re smiling, because you mean it. You’re glad he’s here, you’re glad he has that light in his eyes when he smiles at someone, because it is a beautiful smile and he has a lot of love to give, and it should be given to someone, even if it’s not you anymore.
Tumblr media
© augustbutwinter 2022. Please don’t repost, translate or take this. That’s not nice. Feel free however to reblog it, comment or leave a heart, if you enjoyed this. I thrive on feedback.
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here2bbtstrash · 7 hours ago
HI! I wanted to say I love your idol joonie one shot I enjoyed reading it it was amazing. If only the OC can be invited on tour and ride him backstage before he starts the show.
five minutes (explicit)
genre: smutty lil drabble!! and me popping my request cherry >:)
pairing: namjoon x reader
summary: your fuckbuddy has a graduation gift for you, but he might have overestimated your self-control.
this is a companion fic to my oneshot park and ride! read that one first if you want to get all the references, or don't, i'm not your mom
word count: 2.6k
contains: explicit sexual content~*~ idol verse, fuckbuddies, semi-public sex (aka a quickie in the green room), fingering, unprotected sex, dick-riding, dirty talk, squirting, a 3 second blowjob, joon's dick is still Very Big, ft. tiny cameos from JK and yoongi
A/N: remember when i said i would write this later, i LIED, i'm a LIAR, i wrote it NOW because i really liked the idea (and i was super bored while traveling). ask and you shall receive anon, i hope this is what you were looking for!!!! 💜
You’re enjoying a quiet Friday night in, basking in the glow of not having to stress about homework for the first time in two years, when a familiar number pops up on your phone.
“So, how does it feel to be done with grad school?” You’re surprised to hear him ask. Maybe the bar is in hell, but his own schedule is busy enough, you didn’t think he’d have the brain space to remember yours, too. “I know you worked hard for it. I’m proud of you.”
“Yep, I finally got my stupid piece of paper.” You say dryly. “Maybe now I can actually get paid enough to get a new car.”
You swear you can hear him smile on the other end of the phone. “Pretty soon you won’t even need me anymore.”
“I thought we discussed last time that I keep you around for one specific reason.” You can’t help yourself. “A very big reason.”
Namjoon laughs softly. “Well, maybe this will help my case. I got you a graduation present.”
Now he’s surprised you twice in under a minute. “I– what?”
“Did you know we have a stop on this tour that’s right by you?”
You do know. The tickets had sold out in approximately four seconds, if your Twitter feed was any indication. You didn’t even try for one; you’re so broke you’d only be able to afford nosebleeds at best anyway, and the thought of being that close but that far from him makes your heart sink in a way you can’t quite understand.
“So I’ve heard. Am I gonna be your Uber driver again?”
“I probably won’t be able to get away, unfortunately.” He says, and you nod, leaning back against the cushions of your couch. Hearing that phrase never sucks any less, but you’re used to it. He’s a busy guy. Sex is nowhere near the top of the priorities list.
“But,” he continues, “I did get you a ticket, if you want it.”
The revelation shocks you, and your stomach turns a little. Better seats would be great, especially for free, but you have other reasons for not being an avid concert-goer.
Namjoon is an incredible performer, they all are, but the thought of standing in a massive crowd where people next to you are loudly obsessing over his thighs and his chest has never sounded particularly appealing. It’s not jealousy; you understand as well as anyone that he’s an attractive man, it’s just… it’s weird.
“Joon,” you start, with no idea how you’re supposed to phrase this. Who turns down a free ticket to a BTS concert?
“It’d be backstage in VIP, okay? I promise, the screaming isn’t so bad there.” Backstage? Your head swims. He pauses for a second, but can clearly tell you’re not convinced, and his tone softens. “I hated the thought of being so close to you and not doing anything about it. I really just want to see you, even if we can’t…” he clears his throat with a half-laugh. “You know, go for a drive.”
You absolutely do not feel like a VIP, but your heart jumps at the thought of seeing him before you can tell it not to.
“Okay,” you say. “I’ll be there.”
He can only chat for a few more minutes before he’s pulled away for the next thing on his schedule. After you hang up, you slide entirely off your couch and onto the floor in a daze, wondering what the hell you just agreed to.
It turns out attending a concert as a VIP guest is not that far off from your well-worn hotel ritual. You go through the familiar motions, flashing various people your ID and the badge around your neck, and you receive a security escort through the network of hallways that lead into the heart of the stadium.
At security’s direction, you hang a left, past a room where you see racks upon racks of clothes ready and waiting for quick changes, and you’re so distracted that you nearly collide into Jungkook. His eyes widen. “Oh, hi!”
You’ve met most of the members in passing– it’s sort of hard not to– but you’ve always had a particular soft spot for JK. It might have something to do with the time he voluntarily sexiled himself to Taehyung and Jimin’s room for a night so that Namjoon could invite you over. A true friend.
“Hi, Jungkook,” you say with a nervous smile.
“It’s good to see you! Namjoon said you were coming. He’s in the green room if you’re looking for him.” He gestures to a door at the end of the hallway, and you thank him as your pulse starts to race.
You gently push the door open and peek in. Namjoon is sitting alone at a chair in front of the vanity mirror, leaning forward to rest his elbows on his legs. He has headphones on, and his fingers are steepled, pressed to his lips. He’s clearly deep in thought, and a feeling washes over you like you shouldn’t be here, like maybe you should just turn around.
But then he glances over and sees you standing there, and his whole face lights up, those killer dimples on full display.
He slips his headphones off as you step inside; you can’t close the distance between the two of you fast enough. You loop your arms around his neck and he wraps his around your waist, and then you squeak as your feet leave the ground when he fully picks you up.
“Hi,” he says against your ear with a laugh, and when your feet make contact with the floor again, you push up on your tiptoes to kiss him.
Butterflies flutter in your stomach at the feeling of his lips on yours, his hands at the small of your back. Kissing Namjoon standing up doesn’t happen often, and it’s enough to give you a head rush.
His lips linger on yours as his hands travel gently downwards, and then he makes a noise of surprise against your mouth and pulls away.
“Oh my god,” he groans softly, pinching the fabric of your new favorite skirt between his fingers. “You did this on purpose.”
You can’t hide your wicked smile. “It’s possible. You did say you liked it, if I recall correctly.”
You lose your composure as his hands slip under your skirt to grab your ass. You inhale sharply, thankful that you’re alone. Namjoon’s mouth drops to your neck. “God, I wish we had more time,” he groans against your skin.
You should behave. The fact that you can see him and touch him should be more than enough, and you should just be grateful. But he really does make you insatiable. “I can be quick if you can,” you murmur against his ear.
His life-ruiningly big dick hardens against your thigh; you can feel every inch of it straining against the fabric of his pants, and you shift to grind your core against him.
“Fuck,” he hisses. Arousal floods through you at the notion of how close he is, the fact that only a few layers of clothes separate him from where you need him most. You’re already soaked, ready for all of him.
You hear a grunt and a shifting sound from behind you and nearly jump out of your skin, quickly leaping back to put some space between you and Namjoon. When you turn towards the source, you realize that you completely missed Yoongi, asleep on the green room couch.
Namjoon winces when you whip your head back to glare accusingly at him. “Sorry. I totally forgot he was there.”
You fix him in your gaze for a second, but you’re honestly too horny to stay mad. “To be fair, you were distracted.”
“Still am,” he grunts, running a hand over the front of his pants. You can only imagine the internet-wide panic that would ensue if he went out onstage this hard. The dick print blogs would have a field day. You’re frozen in place, ridiculously turned on but also starting to feel guilty for putting him in this predicament.
Namjoon crosses to the sofa, one hand slipping into his pants to tuck his erection into his waistband.
“Hyung,” he whispers, giving the couch a light kick.
Yoongi grunts again, but doesn’t move, eyes still closed.
“Hyung, I need the room for a minute.”
At this, he finally cracks an eye open. “Hmm?”
“Can you nap somewhere backstage?”
Yoongi squints at both of you as he slowly sits up. He looks pissed– although he kind of always looks like that, so maybe that’s just his face– but seems to realize he can get back to sleep faster if he doesn’t waste time on an argument.
He yawns as he shuffles out of the room, turning over his shoulder in the open doorway. “Just so you know, you’ve got like, five minutes.” Then he slams the door behind him.
Namjoon doesn’t waste even a second, instantly pulling you to him and finding your lips with his, tongue sweeping into your mouth. You let him guide you backwards until you’re pressed up against the green room door, and you hear the lock click.
His lips move to your neck again, his hands sliding up your thighs. “Can you do five minutes, baby?”
“Y-yes,” your answer turns into a whine as his hand brushes over your panties, and you spread your legs to give him more room. He pulls the fabric of your underwear to the side, and when he slips two fingers into your cunt, you both groan: you at the pleasure, and him at how little resistance there is when he pushes in.
“Fuck, you really want me, huh?” Namjoon practically growls into your ear, and you whimper open-mouthed as he curls his fingers inside you. He shifts and you can feel him pressed hard against your thigh, and your knees nearly buckle. “You want to take all of this?”
“God, yes.” You think you’ll die if you don’t.
He hesitates for just a second, clearly weighing some option in his head. Then he groans in your ear again. “Will you ride me, baby?”
You can’t even speak, but when he sees you nod, it’s enough. Pressing you up against the door, he lifts your legs to wrap around his waist, and then his hands move to cup your ass and pull you to him. He lifts you up and carries you like that across the room, his still-clothed erection grinding into your core. Your desire is almost painful now, you want him so bad.
He settles on the couch with you in his lap, and you lean forward on your knees so that he can fumble to undo his belt and pull his pants and boxers down.
There’s no time for the teasing you’re both so fond of, but you don’t feel like you could last a single second longer without him inside you. When you pull your panties to the side again so you can sink down on him, it’s fucking perfect, and you can’t hold back a moan of relief.
“Shit, baby,” Namjoon groans. His head drops against the couch and his hand is already on your clit in steady circles. The urgency just makes everything hotter.
You rock up and down along his length, and you’re so fucking wet that he easily bottoms out inside you, hitting the spot that makes you squeeze your eyes shut and gasp. Your arousal coils tight inside you, the pressure already building.
Namjoon’s fingers work you expertly, and he knows your mind just as well as your body. He knows the fastest way to get you to come is with his words, and he doesn’t hold back, his hips starting to rock up into you.
“You take my cock so well, baby, fuck. This tight little pussy was made just for me, huh?”
“Yes, yes, yes,” you whine with every thrust.
“Mine to have whenever I want, wherever I want. Always so fucking wet and ready for me, so desperate to take it all like a good girl.”
You whimper loudly in agreement. His cock, his hands, his voice, it’s all too much. He can feel your walls start to flutter and that only makes him thrust and circle his fingers faster, and your moans are nearly sobs now.
“That’s it, baby. Soak yourself for me. I want to feel you come all over my cock.”
“Oh, fuck!” You cry out as the pressure inside you swells and bursts, and you can feel the rush of fluid as it splashes over him and the couch beneath you.
Namjoon groans beneath you at the feeling, and you thank god he has the awareness and the strength to lift you up off of him, because it fully escaped you that he never put a condom on.
He strokes himself fast and hard, clearly just shy of his own end, and even now, you still can’t get enough. You drop to your knees on the floor and practically shove his legs apart so you can take him in your mouth, your cunt still quivering from the aftershocks of your orgasm.
“Holy shit,” he gasps as you bob up and down, sloppy and fast. When you swallow him down, gagging slightly, his hips buck against your mouth, and you take it all with a whimper as he comes down your throat.
You make sure to work every drop out of him before you pull off, sitting back on your heels and wiping at your mouth. You watch Namjoon as he collapses against the couch, breathing heavy and smiling wide. He runs a hand through his hair and looks down at you, clearly still trying to recover.
“You,” he says with a gasp, “are the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”
You beam at the compliment, and you stand up on shaking legs, reaching down to awkwardly adjust your underwear back in place. At his request, you circle around him to assess the damage as he pulls his pants up. 
It occurs to you only in hindsight that attempting a mess-free quickie with a girl who squirts is quite the lofty goal, but there doesn’t seem to be any sign of it on his clothes. The couch cushion, however, was not so lucky. You both giggle at the wet spot as he wraps his arms around you and presses a kiss to the top of your head.
“I think we’re at five,” you murmur, but he tilts your jaw up anyway, his lips finding yours for one more kiss.
He reluctantly walks you towards the door. “I gotta go get my mic, but if you head backstage to the left, there’s a spot where you can watch the show.” He presses his lips to your forehead one more time. “I’ll make it a good one for you.”
You laugh as he opens the door. “I’ll be watching, so you better not fuck up the choreo!”
For the second time tonight, you nearly run face-first into Jungkook. “Ah, sorry! Is my phone in here?” He shoves past you both and lets out a sigh of relief as he retrieves it from the vanity counter.
You give Namjoon a final smile and then head towards backstage, but you’re still in earshot to hear Jungkook ask, “What happened to the couch? Hyung, did you spill something?”
You press your hand to your mouth to hold the laughter in.
The show is even better than you thought it would be, and though you might just be imagining it, you swear Namjoon’s hip thrusts are a little more enthusiastic than usual.
A/N: i wrote this in like 30 minutes (so it is quite literally a quickie on a quickie) so if this is slightly lower quality than my usual, don't roast me!!! but i had so much fun revisiting these two!! hope you enjoyed, would love a comment or review if you did 💜 and i'm always tentatively open to requests, tho i have very little control over what will spark the muse lol. ALSO I SWEAR TO GOD THE ACTUAL NEXT THING I POST WILL BE LDOMLT 🙈 thanks for reading!!!!!
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oftenderweapons · a day ago
L.A. Confidential | KNJ
Tumblr media
Pairing: Namjoon x reader (nicknamed Vixen)
Wordcount: 1.1k
Genre: uhm… SMAU followed by a pretty steamy email written from Namjoon’s POV
Rating: 18+
Synopsis: Vixen isn’t handling her time far from Namjoon all that well, which is only exacerbated by Namjoon’s stress post-Grammy.
Warnings: all the following topics are vaguely mentioned or hinted: DDLG dynamics (daddy kink), roleplay (professor x student), masturbation (female receiving), unprotected sex, (also, kinda feral, angry sex). Both Namjoon and Vixen are pretty possessive in this one. Oh, there’s swearing.
Here is my masterlist :) Please, procede only if 18+, thank you
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Dear Miss Fox,
You’re always such a petty little brat and I don’t even understand how I can keep you good after all this time.
You give me no reprieve. You’re my little torment. When I’m awake. When I’m asleep.
My little, lovely captor. To think of me, a large, strong, fully grown man held captive by you, a tiny, harmless thing — well, I think myself silly…
And then I’m reminded of the power you behold in that small and mighty body of yours. In the endless libraries of knowledge that your mind seems to master so wisely and effortlessly.
My ancient, wise companion, what a curse, what a miracle you are to me. What an illumination.
I feel like a tiny sprout born in the forest, among tall, suffocating trees. And then there’s you, the single, bright, strong sun ray that shines on me, and me only.
There are no sweet ways to tell you what I would have done to you last night. Because nothing I would have done would have been sweet, that is.
I know I would have found you painfully, warmly naked in my bed. All your flesh there, for my eyes, so mellow and supple, covered in the scent of me. I would have gone insane from the very moment my eyes met yours.
You were probably asleep because the ceremony went on for so long, and the debriefing and the live prolonged for an unbearable span of time. Therefore I would have found you still heavy with sleep, your face so scorchingly young, your cheeks softened and rounded by your childlike slumber. You would have rubbed your eyes in that way that makes me want to tug you to my chest, wrap you up, protect you when you’re still too vulnerable to light, too vulnerable to the cold, thorned world that grows around you, my precious white orchid.
I would have knelt by your side, I would have kissed your cheek, your forehead. “Hello, sweet cheeks,” I would have said, and in return, you would have smiled that beautiful smile you gift me every single time. The smile I want on my children’s face. Our children.
I would have scooped you up, still wrapped in a blanket and I would have placed you on my lap, safe in my arms.
You would have asked me how I really felt about the whole Grammy situation, how I felt about the night, the announcement. I would have told you I just wanted to cancel the world, to be in the only place that never fails me, that unmarred place of bottomless peace.
I would have nuzzled my nose in your hair, I would have kissed the base of your ear, that soft spot that makes your thoughts — your neat, perfectly shaped, solid thoughts — grow dizzy and untidy and restless. I would have watched you grow more and more impatient for me. I would have watched you squirm and smile and melt in my arms, my fingers between your legs while my lips captured your little desperate gasps.
Have you ever noticed? You forget to breathe when pleasure claws its way down your spine. Then you tense. You tense all over and it’s perfect because it’s like you're buckling up, waiting at the very top of a rollercoaster, hanging from that cliff before you cut the air like a bullet, before you tumble down and you try to call my name in needy, lost whimpers that always make me want to tell you, ‘I’m here, my love. You can hold on to me, grab me, claw at me. I’m your rock, babylove. I’m your daddy. I’m your big bear. Your large, cuddly bear.’
And then I know, you would have sat astride my lap, you would have pulled my cock out, you would have tugged at it a couple times, looked into my eyes as you did so, pressed your lips to mine, and nibbled at my lower one, making me moan your name in that way that makes you so possessive, so jealous and territorial.
It makes me feral to feel you go territorial all over me. One moment you’re all aloof, the next you’re sinking your teeth on my pectoral, clawing at my ass, pulling at my hair, licking my mouth.
It’s like you forget you’re a woman, you’re the woman. A perfect “Devil wears Prada” demon. Suddenly you’re an animal, uncivilised, unpolished, all sharp teeth and claws and bruising grips and lashing tongue.
You’re an animal and I love you for it.
I’ve hardly ever felt prey to someone, but it’s my favourite feeling when I’m with you. When I’m making mindblowing, unprecendented, unbelievable, ineffable love with you.
I would have made love to you that night, Vixen, even if you’re an insufferable brat with an unnerving proclivity towards insubordination, I would have made love to you. I would have given you some rest, then I would have fucked you like you deserve, with your body less pliant from sleep, your limbs strong and vaguely fleeting as you tried to fight my will a little.
Fighting just because you know I like it, not because there’s anything you don’t want to do, but because you want it specifically the way I give it to you when you make me blow a fuse. And maybe also because you know how angry and disappointed I felt after the ceremony, and you wanted to fuck that out of my system.
Because you’re smart like that, and because you know me that well, like no one else does, like only my wife would know me. Because you’re so damn wise, too damn wise for your age — for any age, really.
No one should be allowed with the power you have, but if I have to imagine anyone else having it? I’m glad it’s in your hands, because you administer it with the grace of a goddess, the mercy of a mother, and the innocence of a child.
Here’s to many years as your humblest of servants, your merriest of prisoners.
To the captor I love like my own life.
To that smile, cruel in its unending love, which I want to see for the rest of my days, on your face, on my daughter’s face.
To you, my wise and tiny companion, my cunning Vixen, who taught me mercy and grace, I will always raise my cup and bow my head.
For you I will always fall to my knees.
I hope my reply was satisfactory, my merry enslaver. You demanding little brat.
I hope I’ll hear your voice soon, just in case this fixes my previous mistakes.
I’ll be happy to hear, or read, what you would do to heal this sudden jealousy that overcame you.
Yours, most completely
Joonie bear
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ggukkieland · 2 months ago
📕BTS Fic Reads - 2022 Feb
I know it’s already mid-March and I just got around compiling all the wonderful reads for the month of Feb. Sharing with the rest who usually go through archives for fic reading recommendations (though if you prefer going through archive or tags, that’s fine too! You’ll just see other fangirling content 🤭)
🌹These are not mine so please don’t hesitate in showing these lovely authors appreciation through commenting/reblogging their fics and sending them nice asks =). Thank you, dear authors! Sending you all big warm hugs 🤗💜
Tumblr media
Note: if link doesn’t work, click on author link and go to their masterlist
🥕 Ongoing - most recent chapter [as of date this list was posted]
🥕 Completed - drabbles | one shots | series
🥕 S - smut | F - fluff | A - angst
Mostly Mature, 18+ only please
I read different members, different genres so please take note of the** tags, description per fic**
Don’t forget to reblog/comment on author’s work, too 😊
Tumblr media
🥕 [Ongoing Series]
↬ Namjoon
Partners @btssmutgalore - series [8/?] | 72k+ | nerd!namjoon, virgin!namjoon, strangers to lovers, slow burn | a, s
Smokescreen @kimnjss - SMAU | ongoing | rapper au, photographer!reader, fuckboy namjoon, idol au, enemies to lovers, boss-employee dynamics | s, a
His and Her Rules @namjooningelsewhere - series [1/?] | 5.8k+ | sugar daddy au, BDSM au | s
↬ Seokjin
9 Months to Fall in Love @floralseokjin - series [1/8] | 5.1k+ | unplanned pregnancy, strangers to lovers, slow burn, romcom, based on a manhwa Positively, Yours (this got me checking the manhwa too) | s, f
↬ Yoongi
Out of My Leave @yoonoclock - series [1/?] | 5.3k+ | fallen angel!yoongi x guardian angel!reader, angel au, college au | f, a
I Have Listened to Every Lie @oppaimagines - series [7/?] | 27.4k+ | Divorce AU, Married but no love 😥, CEO Producer!Yoongi, trophy wife!reader, rich backgrounds (both of them), Infidelity themes (Yoongi), he’s a jerk really, OC’s road to independence and empowerment (and I’m waiting for this day) | a, s
but hating u is half the fun @ughcore - series [12/?] | 35.6k | enemies to lovers, co-workers au, fwb au, office au, publishers | s, a, f
The Specialist, Part 2, Part 3 @namjoonchronicles - series [3/?] | 10.9k+ | enemies to lovers, office au, coworkers, factory setting, machine specialist!yoongi, OC is one too (but new) | f, a
↬ Hoseok
All it Takes @yoongiofmine - series [18/20] with minor SMAU parts | 68k+ | tattoo artist!Hoseok, coworker au, tattoo shop au, receptionist!reader (who is pining for Hoseok), Hoseok is a dom (has bdsm stuff on the side), kind of bad boy x good girl vibes, BDSM AU (I guess that makes their relationship FWB) | s, f, a
House of Cards @mikrksmos - series [2/?] | 17.4k+ | fuckboy au, film student!reader, fwb au, dancer au, college au | a, s
↬ Jimin
Plot Twist @xpeachesncream - series [3/?] with smau parts | 10k+ | nerd!jimin x athlete!reader, college au, dating app au | f, a, s
Masked Shadows @ilikemesometaetaes - series [1/?] | 8.9k | supernatural au, soulmate au, mafia au, fantasy, strangers to lovers, shadow!jimin x shadow!reader | s, a
Truly, Madly, Deeply @leefics - series [2/3] | 9.9kk+ | architect!reader, feat senior/sunbae!hoseok, unrequited love, jimin is hoseok’s roommate | a, slight f
↬ Taehyung
[reading previously listed series whenever there’s an update]
↬ Jungkook
Shadow @jjungkookislife - drabble series [4/?] | 3k+ | supervillain au, humor, sort of established relationship, villain!jungkook x sidekick!reader | f, s (this is fun! 😆)   02 03 04
How Many + 01 @yoon-kooks - series [1/?] includes prologue | 8.2k+ | tattoo artist au, art student au, secret identity (OC), college au, bad boy!jungkook  | f
Sonder @your-miss-right - series [1/?] | 5k+ | slice of life, tattoo artist!jungkook, babysitter!reader, people feeling lost but finding each other, LA life | a, f
Tumblr media
🥕 [Completed Fics/Series]
Tumblr media
Case Reopened @joheunsaram - drabble | 1.6k | exes au, lawyers au | s
Hooked @joopiterjoon​ - series [15/15] | 102k | FWB au, strangers to lovers, one night stand | s, a, f
Love Language @rmnamjoons - one shot | 14k | soulmate au, strangers to lovers, disability themes (mute!reader), this is really endearing | f, s
Pardon @jjungkookislife - drabble | 2.4k | best friends to lovers, childhood friends, valentine’s day, birthday au, sweet pining | s, f
Ramen @solarwonux - one shot | 5k | humor, college au, a play on the Ramen euphemism in Korea | s, f
Tumblr media
The Discovery @noona-la-la-la​ - one shot | 4.6k | established relationship, kind of vanilla seokjin but OC discovered his porn and kink preference | s
Daydream @joonie-beanie - one shot | 8.2k | mind-reader Seokjin, professor au, OC fantasizing during class, college au, superpower au
Don’t Go Baking My Heart @candlewaxandp0lar0ids - one shot | 14.7k | slow burn, strangers to lovers, friends to lovers, bakery coffee shop au, baker!Seokjin, valentine’s day au, OC never experienced Valentine’s Day dates | f, s
Gone Cold @aureumjeon - one shot | 6.1k | exes au, college au, hints of infidelity (OC), inspired by the 1975’s Somebody Else | a, s
Let Me Be Yours @glassbangtan - one shot | 12k | slice of life, small town feels, strangers to lovers, friends to lovers, small town shop retail owners/staff vibes, got stood up on blind date/online date OC, feat. brother Jungkook and best friend Yoongi | f, a
Make You Scream @luxekook​ - drabble | 2.1k | monsters inc au, sully!seokjin, humor | s
Mr. Roboto @delacyrose224 - one shot | 8.7k | part of the Seven Tales Collab, strangers to lovers, secret identity, criminal au, hacker!seokjin x criminal!reader (thief), rich!seokjin, bad ass!reader | f
Second First Meeting @taleasnewastime​ - one shot | 12.6k | strangers to lovers, blind date, slow burn, valentine’s day, friends to lovers, friendship after being catfished | f, a, s
Strawberry Roses @peekaboongi - one shot | 7.5k | fantasy, cupid au, valentine’s day | f, a, s
Tumblr media
Eargasm 2 @lavishedinjimin - sequel to Eargasm | 14k | age gap, sex worker au, hotline operator!yoongi, virgin!reader | s, f
Into My Bones* @inkofyoonkoo - one shot  | 15k | fwb au, college au, slice of life-ish, producer!yoongi, dancer!reader | a, s, f (this is reposted by the author)
No Choice Next to You @gukyi - one shot | 13k | one night stand, fratboy!yoongi, frat au, neighbor au, enemies to lovers, college au, party themes | f  a classic gukyi and a wonderful swan song by the author (I miss reading and I might binge re-read every fic of theirs)
Pound Town @foreignfingers - one shot | 7.3k | volunteer!reader, pet shelter au, cellist!yoongi, strangers to lovers | f, s
Ruffled @prettywordsyouleft​ - drabble | 572 wc | demon au, fantasy, established au, soft and light fluff | f
Rumor Has It @jaykook - one shot | 3.6k | fuckboy!yoongi x fuckboy!reader, college au, kind of competitive (may the best f*cker win lol) | s
Stereotypes @kailleis-sunshine - drabble | 2k | College AU, Basketball Player!Yoongi, strangers/enemies to lovers, OC is kind of judgmental towards Yoongi | f
We Got a PAWblem @yoon-kooks - one shot | 3.5k | enemies to lovers, strangers to lovers, furparents au, doctor au | f (tooth rotting kind)
Tumblr media
*🎂* most are reblogs for his birthday 🥳🍾
A Silent Heart Still Beats @akinnie75 - one shot | 23.5k | hurt/comfort, disability themes (reader), themes of bullying, second chances | a, f
Cheap Wine & Second Chances @sunshinerainbowsbts - one shot | 8k | best friend au, the one who got away, valentine’s day, dancer!hoseok, second chances/reunion | s, f, slight a
Dalliance @sugaurora - one shot | 9.8k | BDSM AU, secret relationship but plot twist, role play themes, infidelity but not really | s
Defanged @jksangelic - one shot | 9k | werewolf au, alpha!hoseok, boyfriend au, established relationship, kinda bratty!reader, a/b/o dynamics | s, f
Defining Heaven @akinnie75 - one shot | 24k | slow burn, drama, themes of depression and grief, Hoseok lost someone, hurt/comfort | a, f
Flight 18 @noona-la-la-la - one shot | 9.5k | strangers to lovers, mile high club, idol!hoseok, but OC doesn’t know him, that iconic Airport post-CNS filming look (yes the no undershirt, unbuttoned jacket 🥵) s
Flower @readyplayerhobi - series [40/40] | 176k | shy!reader x tattooed!hoseok, online dating app, hurt/comfort | a, f, s
Grinchly, Yours @artaefact - one shot | 15k | part of a themed series Amourville, grinch!reader, bookshop owner!reader,  flower shop au, florist!hoseok, christmas au, strangers to lovers, hurt/comfort | a, f
Head in the Clouds @whitesparrows97 - one shot | 9.1k | strangers to lovers, Mile High Club | s, slight f
Jungle Park @jimlingss  -series [24/24] | 140k | slice of life, office au, boss-employee au, lawyer!hoseok, HR!reader moonlighting as a taxi driver, memory loss themes, falling out themes (plot twist which I can not spoil) | f, a, implied S
Just Practice 2 @lamourche - follow up to Just Practice | seriously one of my favorite Hoseok characterization + scenario so I was glad there was actually this summary for the planned sequel. This is just perfect 😢, established au, dancer hoseok, ex-fwb | f, s, a
Locks and Barriers @lemonjoonah - one shot | 7k | post-apocalypse (it’s not a dark though!), finding love in chaotic times | s, f
Midnight Confessions @snackhobi - one shot | 26.8k | mutual pining, best friend au, slow burn, idiots to lovers, web series hosts (buzzfeed unsolved type) | f, s
Movie Night @love-me-romantically - drabble | 1.4k | established relationship, netflix and chill x cockwarming | s
Run Little Rabbit @readyplayerhobi - series [3/3]  + drabbles | 43k | shifter au, wolf!hoseok x rabbit!reader, hybrid au, a/b/o dynamics, college au (initially), kind of one-sided enemies to lovers (hoseok doesn’t seem to like her in the beginning), turned established to parenting au | s, f, a
Saturday Night Fever @jinfizz - one shot | 11.5k | enemies to lovers, fuckboy!hoseok, dancer au, college au | f, s, humor
Slow Hands @jvnghxope - one shot | 5k | dancer au, relationship will be revealed in the end, studio smut | s, f
South Side @kimtaehyunq - one shot | 10.2k | strangers to lovers, bad boy!hoseok, one night stand, bar au, mafia au/gang au, from the east side!reader | s, a
Sweetest Crush @minjoonalist - one shot | 4.7k | brother’s best friend au, Hoseok needed a place to stay overnight, long-time crushes | s, f
Upbeat @fizzydrink698 - one shot | 12.6k | best friend au, idiots to lovers, rapper!hoseok (underground rap), college au, dancer au | f (super cute)
Werewolf!Hoseok drabble @hayjeon - drabble | >1k | werewolf au, enemies to lovers, turned mates, funny cute and hot | f, slight s
Tumblr media
Bal Masque @kittae - one shot | 5.4k | vampire!jimin, masquerade party, kind of escort arrangement between OC and Jimin | s, slight angsty tones
Cookies @clouditae - one shot | 3.2k | role play au, neighbor au, established | s, f
Esse Tuus @lavienjin - one shot | 9.8k | part of the Dulce Somnii series, CEO AU, incubus!jimin, office au, assistant!reader with lucid dreams | s, f
Hello @gyukult - one shot | 16.5k | exes au, one-sided love (from high school) to adult love, unrequited, slow burn, lawyer!reader (or studying) | a, f, s
Monday Morning @yoon-kooks - one shot | 2k | fuckboy au, fwb au, valentine’s day au, fwb who only meets weekend but suddenly meeting on a Monday | f
Peaches and Cream @snackhobi - one shot | 9.1k | fuckboy au, neighbor au, OC always hear Jimin’s sexual activities through the walls, Jimin teasing and slowly seducing OC using peaches | s, f
Serendipity @sopebubbles - SMAU with written parts [14/14] | 53.6k | unplanned pregnancy au, idol au, one night stand!jungkook, sweetest soul Jimin, feat rest of BTS, this is actually more of OC’s story (goes beyond pairing) | f, a, slight s
Tumblr media
7 Hours @hamsterclaw - one shot with drabbles | 4.8k | divorce au, break up au, environmentalist!taehyung, second chances related to marriage failing/breakdown | a, s, f (for the drabbles)
Pornstarche - beardtan!taehyung lol
Apartment 512* @seokjinish - one shot (originally part of a series, a repost too) | 14.1k | enemies to lovers, neighbor au, tattooed!taehyung, college au (eventually will cross post-grad and even domestic life), slight fuckboy!taehyung | s, f, a (this is reposted by the author)
Heartbreak Hotel @myooniverse - one shot | 10.5k | strangers to lovers, hurt/comfort, podcaster!taehyung with Jimin as his co-host, hotel staff!taehyung, hotel au, valentine’s day au | a, f
Outnumbered @namjoonchronicles - one shot | 6k | slice of life, established, parenting au, husband, career-driven!OC, househusband!taehyung | a, f
The Ex-boyfriend @hollyxqx - one shot | 2.8k | exes au, snowed in | s
Tumblr media
Absolute @v-hope - one shot | 4.3k | fwb au, tutor!reader, fuckboy!jungkook, college au, mutual pining, kind of idiots to lovers | a, f
Alpha & Omega @mygsii - drabble | 800 wc | established relationship, boyfriend, college, werewolf au, alpha!jungkook x omega!reader (fiery omega and calm alpha) | f, s
Ancient History @seokjinish - one shot (a repost) | 12.8k | exes au, actor!jungkook x actress!reader, coworker au | a, f, s
Backfire @mygsii - one shot | 4.1k | office au, boss employee au, CEO!Jungkook x assistant!reader | s
Bossy!OC x Fratboy Jungkook drabble @badbhye - drabble | 1.5k  | fratboy au, secret relationship, FWB AU, humor | s
Coffee @hyunnows - one shot | 6.2k | high school au, nerd!jungkook au, loner and awkward!reader | fluff
De-railed @bangtannoonavlg - one shot | 11k | college AU, strangers to lovers, food attendant!reader, friends to lovers, scholarship applications | f, a, s
Diamond in the Rough @kimvtae - two shot | 25.2k | star-crossed type, rich!jungkook, poor girl from Daegu, OC did odd jobs (dr*g selling, etc) to get by | a, s, f
Drabble: Library Smut with Shy OC @rmverse - drabble | >1k | boyfriend!jungkook, established relationship, study sessions with JK x library setting, shy OC wore skirt without any ** | s
Driving Me Wild Extras @koorara - drabble series for the Driving Me Wild series | 3.3k+ | humor, demon!jungkook, roommate!reader, soulmate au, furparenting au | always tooth rotting fluff with these two
Eat Me @7deadlysinfics - one shot | 3.3k | friends to lovers, best friend au, fwb au, Jungkook proving to OC that O is possible | s
Eight-year Ache @rmdently - one shot | 6.7k | based on Jane Austen’s Persuasion, rich girl x poor guy (or not good enough for the family) theme, exes au, ex-rich OC | a, f, s
Fear in Your Eyes + Forever and a Night @gukyi - two shot | 8.5k | supernatural, werewolf!jungkook, strangers to lovers, a bit spooky in the beginning but hurt/comfort eventually, major angst (☠️) | a, f
Gasoline @btsrunmylife - one shot | 11.8k | part of the Seven Tales Collab, action, hur/comfort fic, badass OC, strangers to lovers, friends to lovers, criminal!jungkook, bartender!reader, bar setting | a, f
I Hate You, (but of course) I Love You @goldenscript - one shot | 10k | exes au, handcuffed, in their journey to find the key they got to communicate | f, a
I Heard a Rumor @taeshobipop - one shot | 8.1k | friends to lovers, college au, one night stand themes, mutual pining, campus crush!jungkook | f, s
Jock!Jungkook x nerd!OC drabble @rmverse - bulleted | 3.5k | jock!jungkook, football captain!jungkook, anime-ish OC (which is so cute 🥺), simp!jungkook (like voice cracking, hitting on furniture type of clumsy because he doesn’t know how to act around her. Super cute!) | f (tooth-rotting)
Love is Blind @satanssmuts - one shot | 8k | blind date au (reality TV au), choreographer!jungkook x graphic designer!reader, strangers to lovers (they literally couldn’t see each other during the reality dating series | f, s
Messy Reflection @lajibolala - drabble | 723 wc | meet-cute, strangers, OC fixes hair through the window using it as a mirror and Jungkook sees | f
Movin @mygsii - one shot | 3.9k | mover!jungkook, strangers, pwp | s
Pierce my Heart and Hope to Die @badbhye - drabble | 1.3k | ear-piercing gun scenario, piercing au, friends au, I think they’re roommates? | f
Pretty When You Cry + Part 2 @guksfile - two shot [2/2] | 16.7k | pwp, established relationship, strangers to lovers, OC is Taehyung’s roommate, Taehyung is Jungkook’s best friend, virgin!reader, chapters revolve around their smutty activities as a couple (daddy kink, dacryphilia, ddlg themes, etc.) | s, slight f
Ruin You @bts-bay-bee - drabble | 1.6k | virgin!reader, friends to lovers, teach me how to f*ck trope, OC has another date but want to learn | s
Salacious Ink @itzfool - one shot | 3.3k | established relationship. Idol au, doctor!reader, new year’s eve (NYRE), kind of Long Distance Rel (LDR), rare time to spend together and OC got called back for surgery | s, f (soft and sensual smut)
Something in the Heir @hisunshiine - drabble | 1.9k | saeguk (historical korean setting), knight!jungkook, mutual pining, royalty au (both are staff members of the royal household) | s, f
The Fifth @magicshopaholic - two shot [2/2] | 20k | idol au, office au, OC works at HYBE, bad date!jungkook, idiots to lovers | f
Thirty Four, Thirty Five @kookskingdom - one shot | 9.5k | roommate au, Jungkook ruined her fwb, mutual pining | s, f
Tongue Tied @jeonqkooks - drabble turned series | 5.4k+ | neighbor au, unrequited turned established relationship | f, slight a
Undercover @artaefact - drabble | 1k | CEO!Jungkook, childhood acquaintances, secret agent!reader, super tease/flirt!jungkook | f
Tumblr media
Yours to Keep @hybridfanfiction - drabble | 3.3k | hermit crab!namjoon x owner!taehyung, inspired by Pinocchio, fantasy, hybrid au | f, platonic
Tumblr media
posted: 2022 March 15
link to other reading lists
other fic rec lists (by theme)
I love to read so feel free to message me about fics! (leads to @ggukkiereads​​ 🌷)
Tumblr media
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sourkoo · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
requested: yes.
pairing: bts x fem!reader
rating: 18+
genre: smut, pwp.
content: unprotected sex, creampies, cock-warming, overstimulation, sub!jimin, baby-making, taehyung has an impreg kink, clit slapping.
word count: 4,2k.
disclaimer: this isn’t edited. it’d take me hours to edit every single thing i posted on my other acc. sorry. i’ll edit this one day.
note: i know you're all a bunch of cumsluts<3
check out my masterlist here.
Tumblr media
"Baby...?" The contrast of Seokjin's voice calling out your name in a whisper and the silence of the night outside your bedroom window makes your blood coil. Shutting your eyes tight and staying completely still you hope he thinks you're asleep, although it's obvious you haven't been able to shut your eyes for more than a few seconds for the past thirty minutes. "Are you awake?"
'Just let me warm my cock inside your pussy. We will sleep, I promise.' he said after you made yourselves comfortable under the sheets. 'We will sleep' your ass. You know what he's going to say now, you should've seen this coming if the stretch of his cock snuggled inside your cunt is anything to go by. He's hard as a rock.
"Seokjin, go to sleep or I swear to God I'm going celibate." You warn and hear him huff, the air hitting the nape of your neck, and only now do you realize that he's hovering over you.
"I'll make you cum. It’s gonna take less than ten minutes," You open your eyes for the sole purpose of rolling them, smirking and imagining his handsome face as he pleads—oh, how you wish you weren't the little spoon so you could see him. "I promise."
"Your promises don't mean a thing." You groan and hear him sigh in defeat, allowing his body to go limp behind you with a soft thud.
You wish you could tease him more, but maybe your leaking cunt is the exact reason why you can't fall asleep and someone's gotta fix that.
You press your ass against his groin and clench your walls around him, hinting at him to do all the work by himself. He hurries to lift your leg with his thigh, stopping just to give you a peck on the cheek and whispering a little ‘thank you’ in your ear. You laugh at his eagerness before your laughter turns into quiet whines when his fingers find your clit, rubbing it before pinching it softly.
"I'm not wearing a condom; do I pull out or…?"
You know he’s been thinking of cumming inside for a long time, but even if you've been on the pill for as long as you can remember, you’ve never wanted to risk it. “Just fuck me. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.”
Without wasting any more time, he pulls out until only the tip is aligned with your hole, slowly thrusting in and making you both moan in unison. Your walls give in and allow him to thrust deeper, filthy sounds coming out every time his hips collide against your ass.
Sure, the position is a bit uncomfortable, but you can feel him in so deep that you don’t care about the consequences it’ll have on your body in the morning.
His fingers work on your clit at an agonizingly slow pace, barely grazing it as to not overstimulate you. He moans wantonly in your ear, making you shiver at how good he sounds, he must look just as good, eyes shut tight, nose slightly scrunch and those beautifully plump lips breathing out labored puffs of air.
He's fucking you slowly and you feel him in so deep, your walls closing in on his cock and making you feel every vein. He’s fucking you so good, so hard, just the way you both like, and you can’t bring yourself to tell him to pull out, even when you feel his abs flex and his cock twitch.
“Cum inside me.” You moan. “Fill me up, please.”
“Fuck, you’re a dream come true,” he says, flipping you on your stomach and taking a hold on your hips, fucking you harder and faster.
You feel your slick dripping down your inner thighs, making lewd sounds every time Seokjin rams into you. You’re both gasping for air, moaning, whining, whimpering, groaning. The position you’re in has him hitting your g-spot with each thrust.
“Gonna cum— fuck, I’m gonna cum.” He says between gritted teeth, his voice low and breathless as he fights the fatigue to keep chasing after the sweet climax.
Your walls keep clenching around him, sucking him in and throbbing. With every thrust of his hips, your moans get louder and louder. Your hands grip the sheets at your sides as you begin to feel something in your lower stomach snapping.
“I know, baby, I know. Just let go, I got you, baby,” he says, mustering up the strength to keep up the same speed so you can reach your high. His fingers find your clit and rub it as fast as he can, triggering your orgasm. “Fuckfuckfuck. Shit, baby, I’m cumming.”
His hips move in short yet deep strokes as he focuses on his undoing, moaning in your ear and digging his nails in your hips. You’re just lying there, letting him use your body and begging him to cum, and just as the stimulation on your g-spot becomes too much, you feel him bite down on the skin of your shoulder, groaning as he spills his cum directly to your womb.
You’re both gasping for air, his chest pressed against your back as his lips peck the spot on your shoulder where he bit you. He pulls out carefully to not overstimulate you and groans at the sight of his cum leaking out of your hole.
“Any regrets? I think not.”
Tumblr media
Running out of condoms can lead to one or two things: going to sleep horny and frustrated, or fucking raw and dealing with the consequences later. You aren’t on the pill and you know very well this could lead to not-so-unexpected but still unfortunate pregnancy, so why don’t you and Yoongi give a fuck about it?
Baby? Baby comes second, fucking comes first.
“You’re gonna let me cum inside you, hmm? Let me stuff you full of my cum?” Yoongi’s voice is low and demanding as his hips pound on you like he’s got something to prove. “Filthy girl, I bet you want me to knock you up and show everyone how you let me cum in your sweet pussy.”
You mewl at his words and clench your walls against him. God, you want nothing more than to get so full of Yoongi’s cum that there will be absolutely no way you won’t end up pregnant with his baby.
“Fuck, you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” He laughs. “I’m gonna fill you up so much you’ll be dripping with my cum as you walk. You’ve always looked amazing in white,” he smirks and bites his lips, groaning as he sees his cock disappearing inside your cunt.
He leans away from you and one of his hands squeezes the plump flesh of your thigh while the other goes down to play with your clit, teasing your folds and gathering your slick before his thumb starts working on your clit again. You run your nails down his back as his pace gets quicker, your tits bouncing as he’s practically slamming in and out of you.
“I’m gonna cum, baby.” he groans. He looks at you in the eyes and you see how much effort he’s making. “You sure ‘bout this? I can still pull out, but I’m not gonna last forever.”
You nod so hard you get dizzy. “Wanna feel your cum.”
Yoongi groans at your words, placing his hands on your hips and using them to fuck you harder. Your head is pounding but you’re desperate to get your climax, and you can feel Yoongi’s is close too.
He curses through gritted teeth as he feels your walls clamping around him, basking on the feeling of you coming undone under him. “You’re a fucking sin. Fuck.” He leans his head on your shoulder and stills his hips, letting out a shaky breath as he shoots spurts of hot cum in your cunt.
How will you go back to using condoms when you’ve already experienced this? the answer is: you won’t.
“I’m gonna start birth control,” you say as you gasp for air.
“Fuck birth control, let’s make a baby.”
Tumblr media
“Baby, we shouldn’t be doing this here.” You can detect the panic in Hoseok’s voice, making you roll your eyes. “I’m serious!”
“Then why are your fingers still fucking me?” It’s true, he’s acting like you’re sinning by asking him to fuck you in your old bedroom at your parent’s house but he has a whole hand up your cunt. Hypocrite. “If you don’t want to then stop.”
Please don’t stop, please don’t stop.
He looks at you ashamed and resumes his job scissoring his fingers inside you to prep you for his cock. You smirk and push him up, your lips finding his in a passionate kiss to swallow down your moans, his tongue dancing with yours as his fingers rub your g-spot. He bites your bottom lip before leaning away from you by a couple of inches, his breath mixing with yours.
“Turn around.” He says, pushing his fingers out of your wet cunt to let you position yourself in front of him, your knees on your old pink bed covers and your head resting on the soft pillows.
“Should I… Where do I cum? I don’t wanna do it on whatever this is.” You turn your head to look at him and laugh at how his face is completely serious as he points at the cartoon character on your bed cover.
“Uh, mom does the laundry so I guess you should cum inside,” you say, resting your head back on the pillows and wiggling your ass to make him take a hint.
The truth is, you and Hoseok never use condoms, he’s always had the control to pull out in time. That and the fact you’re in birth control is enough to keep you from using those damn pieces of rubber.
“Baby, you’re offering yourself as a cum dump… that’s hot.” he groans and you whip your head back to look at him with your eyebrows furrowed.
“Do not call me a cum dump!” Oh, but you are. There is nothing you want more than to let Hoseok cum inside you again and again.
He looks down ashamed and hurries to dip his thumb in your entrance as his index finger plays with your clit, making sure you stay wet and ready to take him. You relax under his touch and let out a soft sigh. He begins rubbing the head of his cock over your folds and then you finally feel him filling you up, the tight fit making you both moan out.
He thrusts into you slowly, his dancer’s hips moving in smooth and deep thrusts. He rolls his hips and begins to move faster when you start clenching around him, both of you a moaning mess. Sex with Hoseok is always incredible, relieving, and loud.
“Shit, ‘m gonna cum already.” His words surprise you; he has great stamina and he sometimes spends hours fucking you. “Sorry, I got too excited when you said I could cum inside you. Fuck.”
Your laughter runs short as his index and middle finger find your clit, taking you by surprise, your back arching and your thighs trembling. He’s fucking you faster and harder now, determined to make you cum before he does. That mission proves to be easy when your whole body starts shaking underneath him, cumming faster than you usually do.
His hips work tirelessly and you can tell he’s pushing his head back, moaning loudly as his climax begins to explode. “Holy shit, baby, I can feel your pussy throbbing. Oh, fuck.”
His pace doesn’t falter, milking your orgasm for as long as he can. You feel his cock twitch a couple of times before he spills inside you, hot cum sending butterflies to your stomach.
Tumblr media
You and Namjoon went from talking about nature and life to talking about sex; specifically, ways to make sex more intimate. These conversations aren’t rare between the two of you, you’re both comfortable talking about anything and everything with each other, sex being a very much recurrent topic.
“You know what I think it’s intimate?” You begin, balancing an anti-stress ball in the palm of your right hand. You have his full attention, you always have. “Cumming inside. That’s like– a whole ‘nother level, don’t you think?”
He takes his time to answer. “Yeah. Yeah, I agree,” you feel the bed dip as you guess he’s sitting up straighter against the headboard. “We should, uh, we should have that kind of intimacy too, don’t you— don’t you think?” He sounds nervous, which is rare of him, he’s always confident in the words he uses and you know that very well.
“Very smooth, Joonie,” you smirk and throw the ball away, turning around and crawling to where he is. You look at his eyes with a smile on your face, the kind of smile a high school girl gives to her long-time crush. “But okay.”
He looks surprised, taking a second or two to close his eyes as your lips find his, groaning and then cutting the kiss short by leaning away from you a few inches. “Really?” You roll your eyes and nod.
His lips crash on yours and now you’re the one who’s taken aback, but you kiss him back with as much fervor as he does.
Neither of you wastes time to take off your clothes and position yourselves, his hips between your legs as your arms rest on his thighs, one of his hands on your hip, and the other lining up his cock on your hole. He pushes himself in and you both moan at the same time, so connected you feel the pleasure at the same time in the same way. You open up your legs a bit more to give him space, his hips thrusting out and then slamming into you.
You could say that Namjoon knows your body better than you do, that he knows exactly where to hit to make you feel like your head is on the clouds. Sex with Namjoon is not always earth-shattering like in porn or erotica, sometimes is short and messy, and that doesn’t mean it’s bad, you both know everything about each other, every kink, every whim, every sweet spot. You experimented with everything except letting him cum inside, and your stomach flips at the thought of finally having him the way you’ve always wanted.
His pace is relentless, as it always is, but this time you can see the fierceness in his piercing eyes. He’s determined to make you cum as fast and as hard as you can. You know exactly what that look he’s giving you means. His pubic bone hits your clit with every thrust and you feel him so deep inside, your toes curl and you cry out.
“You gonna cum, baby?” His deep voice wakes you up from the cloud of pleasure he’s put you on, only now noticing how your thighs are trembling and how your nails are digging on his forearms. “You’re such a masterpiece. I can’t believe you’re gonna let me paint you with my cum.” Poetic sex is also very common with Namjoon and you wouldn’t have it any other way.
You cry out his name and his thrusts hit deeper inside you, his cock rubbing your g-spot each time. You feel yourself cumming, your mouth repeating his name like it’s the only word in your dictionary. He stills and groans in your ear, spilling inside of you and letting out a sigh of disbelief.
“You know, they say intimacy is the key to love.”
“Who says?”
"I say.”
Tumblr media
You’re only human, you’re only human and you bet that every single dom out there would bend their rules for Park Jimin too.
Park Jimin and his angel face, Park Jimin and his sparkling puppy eyes, Park Jimin and those pretty pouty lips of his. Just Park Jimin in general.
“I can’t cum again. Please, I can’t cum again,” he cries as you sit on his twitching cock. You comfort yourself on the fact that he’s begging— maybe you’re not going soft on him, you’re torturing him by fucking yourself on his cock after all… kind of.
“You can and you will,” you say as roll your hips, smirking at his desperate whines. “You've said it before—no safe-word, no stopping.”
He huffs and he hides his hands under his lower back. He knows he’s not allowed to fuck you, not allowed to move or attempt to thrust his hips up. He’s too sensitive and your heart swoons knowing he’s only doing this because he loves being good for you.
“You’re gonna cum one more time, alright? Just give me one more. Show me you’re a good boy. My good boy.”
“But I’m not wearing a condom,” he says, voice wavering as you hush him up.
You begin to move your hips up and down on his cock at a fast pace, not wasting time on torturing him since he’s been so good all evening, doing whatever you ask for.
He whines as he realizes you’re gonna let him cum inside you and suddenly you can feel him gain strength. “Are you letting— ah! Are you letting me cum inside you?”
You nod and he throws his head back with a moan. Your hips work fast, aiming to make you both cum as fast as you can. You place your hands on his chest to bring you closer to your edge, feeling his cock twitch inside of you, and you make an effort to push off your orgasm, determined to make him cum first.
Pride overwhelms you, Jimin’s hips are still and he’s biting his lip to resist the urge to touch you or help you ride him. He’s such a good boy.
Jimin lets out moan after moan, whimpering and whining about how good it feels. “Baby, ‘s so good!”
You smirk, pleased with his obedience, and start playing with his nipples, pulling and flicking the perky buds, bringing him to the edge of his orgasm, feeling his cum painting the walls of your cunt and making you feel whole.
You ride off his orgasm until your hips stop moving, leaning down to place a kiss on his plump lips.
“That felt so good— what can I do for you to let me cum inside again?” You try not to laugh, but he looks so hopeful you can’t help but chuckle. His eyes go wide in a second. “Wait, you didn’t cum.”
“Eat your cum off my cunt and we’ll be even.”
Tumblr media
“I’m cumming— Fuck, I’m gonna fill you up as many times as it takes to get you pregnant.”
After a year and a half after your wedding, and a lot of begging from Taehyung, you decided you were ready to become a mother. You thought Taehyung, being the romantic that he is, would light up candles and spread red roses all over the bedsheets, but instead, he ripped off your clothes and practically told you you’ll be leaking his cum for the rest of the week; and it’s only Monday.
You’re arching your back as he pounds on you from behind, one of his hands on your shoulder and the other on your hip, using it to keep up with his rough pace. “You’re gonna look so beautiful, your stomach round and your tits full of milk. Carrying our baby,” his words are dirty but they still make your heart flutter as you envision his words— innocently, of course.
His cum leaks out of your pussy and he pulls out of you, looking at the mess and groaning at your fluttering hole. He gathers some of his cum with the tip of his soft dick and pushes it inside of you again. You can feel how he’s not hard anymore yet he resumes his thrusts with a growl.
“Gonna fuck you till I’m hard again and then I’ll cum inside you some more.” His thrusts have no mercy and you’re begging, crying out his name and grabbing the sheets in tight fists. “I’m gonna make sure you’ll get pregnant tonight, you hear me? I’m gonna cum inside you over and over again, and you’re gonna go to sleep just like that; cunt full of my cum.”
You whine as you cum for the third time, your arms giving out and your head falling against the pillow. Taehyung readjusts your hips to keep ramming into you with all the strength he has. You’re drooling on the pillow and you keep begging, at this point you don’t even know what you’re saying, the only thing you want is for him to cum inside you again.
His cock twitches and spills whatever cum he has left. The noises your pussy makes every time he thrusts into you are so loud, you’re sure you’re leaking everywhere.
“You’re creaming all over my cock, baby. I’m never using a condom again.”
Tumblr media
“How can you not have a condom?”
Jungkook is currently on a world tour and you pretty much called your boss and pretended to be sick to catch a plane to a foreign country just to visit him. You did this out of love, you did not expect to have sex or anything, but as soon as you crossed his hotel room’s door, he said hi and pushed you down on his bed without saying another word.
“Why would I have condoms if you’re not around? Who else am I supposed to fuck? My hand can’t get pregnant or give me a STD!”
Part of you is still very much annoyed, but another part feels loved and irreplaceable.
“You’re a fucking dork,” you say, letting out a sigh and trying to accept the fact that you got your panties wet for nothing. “You’re lucky you’re cute.”
He smiles widely, showing you his bunny teeth and then looking down at you with piercing eyes all in 5 seconds. “What if I pull out? I fuck you, make you cum, and then I spill on your tits or something.”
“Has anyone ever told you you’re the epitome of romance?” You chuckle and kiss his lips as you weigh the options.
You trust Jungkook to pull out before he cums, but you know you could still get pregnant with his precum. “Okay, but you gotta pull out in time.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
He buries his face in the crook of your neck and his mouth wastes no time in tasting your skin; sucking, biting, and licking until he has you whimpering.
He leans away, helps you out of your clothes, and then gets up from the bed to get rid of his own. Laying you down and spreading your legs wide apart, his fingers gather your slick as he looks at your glistening folds with his mouth open, his tongue peeking out of his plump lips like he’s planning to get a taste.
His tongue licks up a fat stripe from your entrance to your clit and then back to your entrance where he sucks and tastes as much of your slick as he can. He lets out a painful groan before he pulls away with one last wet kiss on your clit.
He takes his cock on his tattooed hand and jerks it a few times before lining it up to your entrance, wasting no time in thrusting in. You both moan at the same time, staring at each other’s eyes in disbelief.
“Holy shit, I’ll never be the same.”
You want to call him dramatic, but the feeling of every vein and ridge of his cock is something you don’t ever want to miss out on again. His thrusts are sloppy but consistent, his eyes are screwed shut as he breathes in through his nose. You know he’s trying his best not to cum already.
He positions you higher up, your ass resting on his meaty thighs as his cock rubs your g-spot easily. His fingers find your clit and draw messy figures on it, making you squirm underneath him. He’s groaning and whining and you’re no better than him, practically screaming with every thrust he makes. He slaps your clit and you clench tightly around him as he resumes his task of rubbing it, more insistent this time.
“You have to cum, baby. I’m not gonna last much longer.” You’ve never seen him so out of control, he always knows exactly what to do and when to do it, but now he looks as helpless as you. “Your pussy’s so good, my God.”
“Cum inside,” you demand. You don’t know if it’s because you’re horny or because you’ve dreamt about him filling you with his cum countless times before, but it doesn’t matter now. “Shit, I want your cum.”
“Don’t play with a guy’s emotions like that, ____” He opens his eyes to look at you and you stare back at him, showing him you’re serious. “Fuck, are you kidding me? Holy shit, I love you.”
You close your eyes and hold your orgasm until you feel him getting dangerously close to his. Then, and only then, you let yourself go, everything feeling so much more intense as he cums inside you for the first time.
He takes a second to slow down his thrusts, ravishing on the feeling of your cunt full of his cum. “Best. girlfriend. ever.”
ㅤㅤ𝟐𝐎𝟐𝟏 © 𝐒𝐎𝐔𝐑𝐊𝐎𝐎 | all rights reserved — do not copy,
Tumblr media
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adoredcore · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
❝that’s a chance I’ll take baby I’ll stay heaven can wait.❞
paring. jeon jungkook ━ chubby!female reader. 
warnings. established relationship. whipped!jk. suggestive. exhibitionism. jungkook almost fingering you in public. dom!jk. language. jealousy (she’s a complete stranger lmao).
mistakes are most likely to be fount throughout the text! 
Tumblr media
Jungkook absolutely loved the costume on you. 
To be frank, Jungkook loved any thing on you. Any color, doesn’t matter. But one color, one specific color Jungkook just can’t get enough of on you is white. And while knowing that, you just had to show up to the costume party dressed as a fucking angel. All white.
He was astounded to say the least, seeing that you were constantly beating around the bush with the whole costume situation. Though now he see’s why. You knew ━ He knew, that if Jungkook had seen you in that costume any sooner from today, your pussy would have been absolutely done for. And as for the costume? Fuck the costume. That costume would have instantly been stuffed in the shared closet, only seeing it if Jungkook was willing to see you roleplay for him.
Jungkook placed a hand under his chin, toying with his bottom lip with the rough pad of his thumb. He watched you with hooded eyes ━ as if a predator was waiting for the perfect time to attack it’s prey.
You paid no attention to him, not even batting an eye once walking through the door, much to his dismay. You knew the moment you stepped in, you had all eyes on you. But his eyes are the only ones that should have mattered. 
“Sir?” The last thing Jungkook wanted - needed, was some random ass girl trying to hit on him when the only thing he could think of at that moment was your legs spread for him. 
“I’m good.” Jungkook simply states, not once giving her his attention.
He begins to manspread once realizing you were finally giving him your attentiveness. He smirks then licks his lips, “Come here.” he mouths, while motioning his pointer finger in a “come hither” movement.
The woman, who was for some reason oblivious to the fact that he wasn’t interested, took a seat next to him. He could feel her eyes burning holes in the side of his head. She was about to make a motive to speak, but stopping herself almost immediately once seeing your figure inching itself to the man she was dying to talk to. The woman couldn’t stop the jealousy flowing in the pit of her stomach. She wished Jeon Jungkook would stare at her like that. The lady stood up and walked away without a word. Not like Jungkook noticed nor cared. 
“Fuckin minx,” Jungkook pulled you to his chest by your ass. He loved that the crop top you were wearing gave him access to your tummy. His kissed your belly button, eyes peering up at yours while doing so. 
Your eyes twinkled, “Do you like my costume?” The question was rhetorical, of course. You knew he did. 
He didn’t answer. Amused that you thought the teasing was cute or funny even in the slightest. 
“Turn around,” Jungkook ordered. You knew by the domineering tone in his voice, he was no longer in the mood for games. Without hesitation, you began to turn around, giving him a perfect view of your ass. His cock began to suffocate itself in the tight hold of his jeans. Jungkook let out a guttural grunt, “Bend over.”  You weren’t thinking. You never felt the need to when you were with Jungkook. So without any questioning, you did what was asked of you. And that’s when Jungkook finally broke. When you bent over, you short skirt no longer made any attempt to cover your prized possession. He now had full access to your ass, not to mention your pussy.
Jungkook had one hand on your waist. He used the finger on his other hand to stoke your clothed lips. Your breath stuttered. Jungkook was an exhibitionist. He had no problem with showing off his pretty girl to the world. Taking the phrase, ‘you can look, but you can’t touch,’ quite literally.
“You’re wet. Why? What’s got this pretty pussy so eager?”
Your head sagged in embarrassment, “Don’t know.”
Jungkook slapped your ass, “Oh you better fucking know, YN. Your pussy doesn’t get wet by not knowing.” He massaged your smooth flesh in his palm.
Your cheeks began to heat up. You were a freak in the sheets, for sure ━ let’s not get that misunderstood. Though, Jungkook always went out of his way to get you all hot and bothered in public. You began to grow accustomed, although you were still iffy. 
“Sit down.” Jungkook spoke with a slight huff.
You blinked. Did you upset him? “On your lap, or━”
Jungkook chuckled, running a hand through his black locks. “Where else, baby? Don’t be silly. I know you don’t want fingering that tight pussy on a barstool, now do you?”
You stood up straight and crossed your arms, “Well I don’t want you fingering my pussy on your lap either, Jungkook. Not here, at least.” You grin slightly, “Angels don’t do that.”
Jungkook stared at you. Not finding your attempt at humor funny. “Then,” He starts off slowly, “Let’s go home,” His hand slides under your skirt, and he cups your pussy. “And I can finger you there. Eat you out, too, maybe. I might even fuck you depending on my mood.”
Tumblr media
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smasmashie · a month ago
Masterlist ✨
Buyers Beware: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Pairing: OT7 x reader
Summary: AU where whatever you write on your skin shows up on your soulmate’s too. Except when all seven members of BTS happen to be your soulmate… well, that presents a small challenge. Legally speaking.
Tags: Soulmate AU, fluff, comedy, possessiveness, polyamory, fluff, domestic bliss, slow burn, chaotic bts, chaotically whipped bts, moderately paced self-indulgent brainrot
🔞 House of Serpents: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Pairing: OT7 x reader
Summary: Straight-A student by day, Kim Namjoon’s personal toy by night, you didn’t live a terrible life. At least not until you met his six equally depraved “friends.”
Tags: Mafia AU, PWP with some plot, shameless smut, sugar daddy, possessive behavior, power imbalance, dub con, oral, overstimulation, moral bankruptcy, 5-way betrayal, yandere jimin, yandere jungkook, morally ambiguous characters
No Relation to Morals: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Pairing: OT7 x reader
Summary: You are a genius, a billionaire, a morally flexible business magnate And by absolutely no fault of your own, also roommates with a demon. A few demon(s).
Tags: Demon AU, Soulmate AU, eventual smut, fluff, domestic bliss, polyamory, slow burn (demonically), overprotective BTS, chaotically whipped BTS, demonically petty BTS
Bang & Burn: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Pairing: OT7 x reader
Summary: After a few unfortunate run-ins with your bike, elite espionage agency BTS decides to flag you as "capture or kill". Or fuck. Or marry. (Terms and conditions will probably apply.)
Tags: Spy/assassins AU, slow burn, eventual smut, annoying namjoon into apoplexy, chaotically armed BTS, intense pettiness, friends to enemies to lovers, morally ambiguous character, chaotically whipped bts, polyamory
Day in the Life: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Pairing: Hyung line x reader
Summary: You have seven kids. Four husbands and three toddlers. So yeah, seven kids.
Tags: family AU, domestic fluff, EXTREME domestic bliss, seokjin is in a constant state of stress and overwhelming fondness, polyamory, protectiveness, established relationship, crack, slow burn
✨✨ One-Shots:
🔞 Combative [Assassins AU, Jungkook]: Fuck Jungkook or die. That’s it. That’s the story. #sex pollen #fuck or die #enemies to enemies
🔞 Captive [Corporate AU, Namjoon]: You’ve got your shit together. Smart, sharp, god complex. And then Managing Director Kim Namjoon decides to take you down a couple pegs. #namjoon has a humongous dick #AU where namjoon has a driver’s license. → discussion
🔞 Entrapment [College AU, Jungkook]: Jeon Jungkook doesn’t seem like the sharpest tool in the shed, but that doesn’t preclude him from having plenty to teach you. #strangers to enemies #jungkook has a horse cock
🔞 Perverse [Soulmate AU, Namjoon]: You can hear Billboard Singer Kim Namjoon's thoughts. This is something of a problem. Especially as most of them are about your ass. #overstimulation #edging #orgasm control #literally
🔞 Tightrope [Mafia AU, Rap line]: You run logistics for three of Korea's biggest crime lords. Sometimes, this translates into the three of them domming the absolute shit out of you. #is rapline trying to kill you or woo you #read to find out #brat taming
🔞 Obliged [Royalty AU, Maknae line]: Three emperors are in need of a prince. Sadly, you're the last woman alive. #breeding kink #maknae line plays 4D chess
🔞 Possess [Magic AU, Seokjin]: As a prank, upperclassman Kim Seokjin tries to spike your drink with an aphrodisiac. To retaliate, you spike his with a truth serum. Tired of all the squabbling, Professor Min switches your drinks. #enemies to lovers #just kidding it’s enemies to enemies #sex pollen
🔞 Entanglement [ABO, OT7]: Don't go into the forest, they said. Don't feed the wolves, they said. Definitely not during mating season, they said. (OT7) #stuck in the wall #gang bang #marathon sex #obviously #somnophilia
🔞 Wicked [Pornstar AU, Jungkook]: You think you can best the greediest fuckboy in the game? No, amateur. You can’t. #lovers to enemies #jungkook has a big dick #jungkook is a big dick #lovers to enemies
Hexed [Guardian Angel AU, Jimin]: As punishment for excessive tardiness, you’re sent to earth to babysit some singer or another. No one thought to mention said singer is the devil incarnate. #jimin is an ass #but sassy #demonically so #sex pollen
🔞 Duplicitous [Daechwita AU, Yoongi]: You must fuck two Yoongis to stay alive. One of them is an emperor. The other one is a jackass. #mean yoongi #yandere yoongi #sloppy seconds #competitive overstimulation #bondage
Entitled [Billionaire AU, Taehyung, Jimin]: Some shit-eating idiot stole your parking spot. As it happens, the shit-eating idiot happens to be the two wealthiest men in Korea. #competitive proposing #enemies to lovers #this is actually just fluff
✨✨ Half-baked Trash:
Professor Kim Namjoon
Puppy hybrid Jungkook
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moonchild1 · 6 months ago
 kim namjoon fic rec list (Ⅰ)
Tumblr media
here's a list of my ultimate favourite namjoon fics, please show lots of love and support to these wonderful authors and their blogs, some of these fics contain smut so no minors allowed ♡
a- angst s- smut f- fluff
prohibido by @personasintro f s a (brother's best friend au)
more than anything else by @seokkgenie f s a (CEO au)
nothing like us by @jiminimoon s a (ex boyfriend namjoon) ft. fuck boy jungkook
spilling coffee by @bts-roses f a (idol au intern reader)
promise by @joheun-saram f s a (college au roommate au enemies to friends to lovers au)
to make a power couple by @joheunsaram f s a (idol au ceo reader)
daisies and dinosaurs by @dark-muse-iris f s a (single father au)
intro: her by @jamaisjoons f s a (single dad au strangers to friends to lovers au)
out of my league by @ppersonna f s a (office au)
promises by @jeonsweetheart f s a (marriage au infidelity au idol au)
the father, the son and the holy whore by @yoon2k s (dilf namjoon infidelity au)
partners by @btssmutgalore s a (friends to lovers au slow burn)
dimples by @sweetmisery f s (idol au friends with benefits friends to lovers au)
sincerely, but no longer yours by @ttttaehyungie s a (exes au)
lavender honey by @oftenderweapons f s a (chaebol au friends to friends with benefits to enemies to lovers au)
love bytes by @stutterfly f s a (friends to lovers au slow burn)
bass and strings by @jimlingss f (slow burn au slice of life college au music au)
letting go by @bangtan-babe f a (doctor au) ft. Jimin
july kiss by @personasintro f s (dilf namjoon idiots to lovers au)
fool for you by @cutechim s a (rebound au hospital au unrequited love au)
try again by @bangtanfancamp f s (roommate au best friend to lovers au)
it's december (and I still want) by @smoochkooks f s a (ex husband au)
there was a bug @kimnjss f s a (roommate au best friend to lovers au)
the rich man's crochet club by @kpopfanfictrash s (virgin au college au)
dizzy by @joonessence f s (friends to lovers au)
a sight for sore eyes by @siderealmyg f s (established relationship au)
good to me by @httpjeon f s a (dating service au)
what are friends for by @kookdiaries s (best friends au friends to lovers au)
the bodyguard by @rmnamjoons f s a (bodyguard au fake dating/marriage au)
nice guys finish last by @ktheist f s a (arranged marriage au) ft. Ex fiance Yoongi
cyanide on my bedsheets by @jimilter s a (friends with benefits au unrequited love)
after rain by @rmverse​ f s a (patient namjoon patient reader)
once upon an us by @yoonia​ f s a (inspired by the movie sweet home alabama past lovers au exes to lovers au established relationship)
bothered by @lavienjin f s a (brother's best friend)
2AM by @xpeachesncream f s (college au)
black swan by @helenazbmrskai s a (co-workers to friends to lovers tattoo artist joon)
love is blind by @helenazbmrskai f s a (best friends brother au college au enemies to lovers au)
ramen? by @solarwonux f s
only a lifetime by @dopejk f s (dilf joon marriage au pregnancy au)
emerald by @dewykth s a (bodyguard au)
spice by @breakiebunny f s a (enemies to lovers au chef joon)
new parent syndrome by @1kook f s (dilf joon husband au parents au)
hammer it home by @gukslut f s a (domestic au) ft. Jimin
nailed it by @gukslut f s (hammer it home couple) ft. Jimin
feels like home by @gukslut f s (hammer it home couple)
a wrench in the plan by @gukslut f s (hammer it home couple)
totally screwed by @gukslut f s (hammer it home couple)
obligated by @underthejoon s (arranged marriage au)
Tumblr media
↬looking for other knj fics or the other members check out my library
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btssmutgalore · 2 months ago
BTS as Kinks
Tumblr media
⤑ word count: 6.7k (∼900 words per member) ⤑ genre: established relationship!au, smut ⤑ warnings: smut; public sex, degradation, breeding, role play, pegging, voyeurism, submission; unprotected sex, cum play, creampie, squirting, oral sex, use of the word slut ⤑ rating: 18+ ⤑ masterlist ⤑ read on AO3
Public Sex—Jimin
It’s so wrong and stupid and risqué. He shouldn’t be doing it, not a man like him, not someone in his line of work, not where anyone could see. What if someone said something? What if someone caught him while he’s balls deep inside of you in this arboretum?
Yes, it’s the middle of the day on a workday, and there are not that many people around, and you’re doing it in a way that conceals it, but still… The fear of getting caught sadly just makes Jimin harder, so he needs to move his hips faster to cause more friction and have your walls milk him as soon as possible. The faster he does it, the sooner you’ll be on your merry way.
You’re sitting on a wall in your dress, panties tucked safely in Jimin’s pocket for the past hour, his cock stuffed inside of you. If someone saw you, they’d think you’re just two fools in love kissing as you sit on the wall and your boyfriend is between your legs. But, if they looked closer, they’d see Jimin’s hips snapping into yours hungrily. If they approached you, they’d hear the wet sounds of sex accompanied by your moaning and Jimin’s grunts.
He’s been so fucking hard all day, ever since he felt your beautiful foot on his crotch during breakfast. In a matter of seconds, Jimin got hard for you and let you tease him with your toes, tracing the outline of his erection despite being surrounded by people.
Thank fuck for long tablecloths! Otherwise, the entire breakfast lounge would have known what a sick pervert he was. Jimin didn’t come then, but his erection has been present ever since, mostly because of the way you swayed your ass in the sundress you’re wearing.
Then, when you two were alone in a part of the arboretum, surrounded by trees, you took your underwear off and handed it to Jimin. “Here, baby, keep it safe,” you said with a chuckle, walking away with a grin.
It wasn’t an invitation to fuck right then and there—it was just a gesture that made him aware of the fact that you’re naked under the dress and that he can have you when he wants you. Of course, you know he has a thing for public sex, even though Jimin knows it’s wrong and that he could get caught and end up in a lot of trouble. The thrill is just too tempting.
Because of this, Jimin explores this desire with you. He knows he should never risk getting caught doing inappropriate things in public, yet he always lets you touch his cock in the car. A month ago, he let you suck him off in the parking lot, hands gripping the wheel desperately, hoping no one would look in your direction.
You, on the other hand, seemed completely relaxed back then, deepthroating him like you were back home in the privacy of your room, all sloppy and messy, making sounds that always turned him on, especially when in public. Even though he was scared, Jimin couldn’t stop himself—he fucked up into your mouth and made sure he fills your throat with cum, happy to hear you choking on it. He loves remembering the expression on your face when you sat in the passenger seat and shamelessly stuck your tongue out at him so he could see you swallowed all of it for him.
What you’re doing now is no different. There’s no shame in your eyes as you smirk at your boyfriend, challenging him to go even harder on you. Jimin sheats his cock into you over and over again, eyes fixated on your pretty mouth.
He should be looking around to see if someone’s coming, he should be focusing on his surroundings, but Jimin can’t, not when you’re opening your mouth to moan and be so fucking dirty.
“You’re such a dirty creep,” you hiss at Jimin when he hits that spot again, his thumb moving down to circle your clit. If you’re going to do and say everything he wants you to, he’ll do the same for you. He can’t be the only one getting pleasure today. “Look at you getting all lost in this, forgetting where you are… Pathetic.”
“Shut up!” Jimin tries to sound angry and strict but he can’t, not when he fucking loves you for indulging him, for letting him use your tight cunt in public. You must fear getting caught too, but you're still doing it because you know just the thought of it gets your boyfriend going.
“Or what?” you tease, biting into your lip.
“Or I’m going to come all over you instead of inside of you,” he mutters, grabbing you by the neck to pull you in, finger merciless with your clit, cock pushing itself into you. “Have this whole place see what kind of a slut you are for my dick.”
“I bet you’d fucking love that,” you spit the words back and moan loudly on purpose. “You get so dumb when I let you have it in public… My little dummy, all you can think about is getting that dick wet, hm?”
Jimin wants to prove you wrong, he wants to say something back, but his attempts are futile when you’re absolutely right. All he wants to do in public is shove his cock in you, not caring who sees. “Hm… You’re no better,” he manages to mutter, happy with himself. “Want to feel my cock all the time.”
You agree and spread your legs even wider so he can touch your clit some more, and the sight makes Jimin salivate.
The second he sees people approaching in the distance, Jimin falls short on his promise of painting you with his cum. Instead, he ejaculates inside of you without a warning, the realization that these people could see you two fucking sending him over the edge instantly.
Taehyung is used to getting compliments. He always gets them from everyone—on his looks, his voice, his personality, his acting skills. It’s all fine and dandy, sure, but he’s sick of it sometimes.
Sometimes Taehyung just wants someone to tell him all the things that he thinks about himself deep down, the things he’s locked somewhere inside and refuses to let out. He needs to hear them from someone he trusts, someone who doesn’t mean a single word of it, and that’s exactly what he found in you.
Instantly, you understood these desires of his, even if nobody’s ever managed to crack them before, no matter how well they knew him. All he gets from partners is praise when he just wants someone to tell him he’s not all that while his cock is making them moan. His need might be weird, sure, but it’s what gives him an insane amount of pleasure. Is it really too much to ask? People are into way worse things.
You show him it’s not too much to want nor ask for. In fact, you show Taehyung it’s something he can have every time you’re together if he only expresses his wishes. And when he does, boy, do you grant them!
“What do you want?” you ask, rolling your hips into him with a glare. For someone who’s just creamed over his cock five minutes ago, you seem too angry, but it’s all just a front.
Taehyung can’t say anything, not when he’s trying not to come, not when he’s focusing on how perfect you look, not when you’ve been using him like a fucktoy tonight… The realization dries his throat and allows him to just stare with an open mouth, drool collecting at the corners of it.
“Does my pussy make you that dumb?” you ask with a chuckle this time, one that he feels around his cock.
Taehyung shakes his head, non-verbally lying his ass off. It fucking makes him feral and stupid, that tight cunt of yours, so much so that he thinks about it all the time, even when he’s at work. “No, no…”
“Oh, it speaks,” you scoff and almost roll your eyes at him, which makes his cock twitch. “So, what do you want?”
“I-I want to come,” Taehyung stutters the sentence out. He sounds so weak like this, so submissive and desperate, and he really feels like it too.
“You’re so fucking pathetic,” you laugh heartily, slapping his face, just enough for him to feel the sting, but never too hard. You’re perfect in everything, always picking just the right amount of everything, be it slapping, choking, or degradation. You bring just a tiny bit of pain and a whole lot of pleasure, which is perfect for someone like him. “So dumb and horny and greedy… All you think about is coming.”
“Y-yes,” Taehyung has no shame in admitting this. It’s true, but he mostly admits because he knows it’s grounds for more insults which he so desperately craves.
He wants to feel shame, he wants to feel worthless right now, knowing he’s not, knowing you’ll kiss and caress him after and give him all the praise in the world.
“The only thing you’re good for is a fuck, and not even when you’re on top,” you mumble with a scoff as you move up and down his length, your tits bouncing too, so deliciously tempting. Taehyung loves knowing you’re having fun riding him, he loves watching you do it, loves seeing your face frown in pleasure. “You have a nice dick, but don’t know how to fucking use it, pretty boy…”
It’s exactly what Taehyung wants to hear—that he’s not good enough, even though he knows you love him to death.
You know that too, so you continue, “All you’re good for is a quick fuck like this… Still have to do all the work myself.”
“Please,” he begs. God, he could come right now, Taehyung realizes, he could really shoot his load inside this stupid condom just because of the tone you’re using, let alone what you’re saying. He whines again, this time even louder, “Baby, please…”
You’re fucking perfect for him, and the way you ride his dick just proves it. Your words aren’t affecting only Taehyung—he can hear and feel how wet you are, your juices dripping down his balls and ass to the sheets.
“Please what?” you ask sternly, clearly unaffected by his begging and the pout on his face as he looks at you. “Stop thinking about my pussy for a second and say what you want.”
“Nghh, let me come, please.” Taehyung’s eyes are watering now. You’ve been riding him for what seems like a full hour, and he’s still not allowed to come. “Please, baby, I want to come inside of you…”
You simply chuckle and continue moving even faster, your fingers now moving down to your clit. Watching you ride his cock is a sight that can only be topped by you doing the same thing and touching yourself. You know all of his weak spots and you’re so good at using them to your advantage.
When Taehyung warns you he’s close, hisses and grunts letting you know he won’t be able to stop if you continue, you instantly lift off his hips. When you do, his cock falls on his stomach with a loud, wet thud.
You don’t waste time and crawl over to his face, sitting down on it with a chuckle. “You come when I say you come, dummy. Now get to work. Show me that pathetic mouth can do something else other than whine and beg.”
Jungkook is the youngest one in the group.
He’s way too young to be thinking about kids, let alone making them, so he’s not sure why the idea even came to his mind, but it’s been plaguing it ever since, refusing to let him think about anything else. For months now, he hasn’t stopped thinking about getting to fuck you without a condom and not pulling out, letting his cock stay inside, allowing your plush walls to milk every last drop of cum from him.
It went as far as Jungkook begging you to let him come inside, whining when you fucked, desperate pleas leaving his mouth as you bounced on his cock, so perfect, his. “Please, baby, I’ll do fucking anything,” he whined, fucked out on the verge of coming. “Just one time, fucking please…”
Hearing his moans and pleads clearly got you going—he’d noticed how you’d suddenly start riding him faster, with more vigor, how you’d moan harder when he’d tell you he wants to stuff you full of cum, wants to feel you around him when he comes, wants to be in you all the time. So, you got an IUD so you could grant him his—and your—wish.
Jungkook simply needs to own you that way too, even though he knows you’re all his. Still, he has this basic instinct, an insane urge to fill you full of his semen and have you hold onto it.
Sometimes, Jungkook wishes he could do it from behind and just make you stay on all fours, ass up in the air, face pressed into the sheets, so his thick cum goes even further in, so it takes. “That’s my girl, take it all,” is what he tells you every time he comes for you now.
There’s no more coming on your face or tits or ass. No, it’s all about filling your pretty pussy full of him now, and Jungkook wouldn’t have it any other way. Besides, he knows you feel the same way too. He gets extra excited when he’s about to come, and the sounds that leave his mouth become low and desperate, whiny even, which turns you on more than you’d ever admit. So, it’s a win-win.
He’s even got you to try out a great position for it with him, one that requires you to lie down on the floor right next to the sofa, using it for support so you can fold over. Jungkook feels bad for even suggesting it because it’s something he saw in porn one time, and he feels bad about asking you to recreate it. But, you are more than happy to oblige, getting in the position after a bit of struggling.
When you use your shoulder blades for support, you can lift your hips in the air and rest your back against the sofa, letting your legs fall forward towards your face. That way, your upper back is on the floor, back resting against the side of the sofa, and pussy up in the air.
“Perfect to fill you right up, baby,” he informs you as he practically sits on you, enjoying the view from this new position—your tight cunt all spread out for him after what seems like hours of fucking, warm and wet for him. It’s a sight Jungkook never wants to forget. “Ready to take all of it for me, huh?”
“Yes, baby, yes,” you moan, moving your hands up to spread your pussy for him, which has him feeling dizzy. You’re such a sweet, sweet girlfriend, but when you do something as filthy as this, Jungkook’s brain shortcircuits and he wants to fuck you until your cry out his name. “Fill me up, Jungkook, I want it… Want to feel your cum in me, please…”
As soon as he hears you beg for his cum, Jungkook grabs his dick and sticks it into your tight hole, enjoying the way you take him in readily, the way it enters you from a completely new angle. It instantly makes you clench, which, in turn, makes it impossible for him not to come. The best part? You’re already full of his cum from earlier when he filled you up from behind.
“I’ll give it to you, baby, don’t worry,” he mutters through clenched teeth, hands holding your ass up so he can fuck you.
Jungkook sees some of his cum inside of you and gets to see even more when he shoves his dick in and pulls it out. It reemerges covered in white, some of it bubbling around your entrance, reminding you both of who owns that tight cunt of yours. Just thinking about it makes him weak in the knees. “You’re already full of it but still need more, huh? Like it that much?”
“I fucking love it,” you coo, placing your hands over his and squeezing them, showing Jungkook just how much you enjoy getting fucked like this.
“I know you do,” he mutters right back, sweat dripping down the sides of his face as he concentrates on coming. “You want me to keep pumping you full of cum all day, right?”
He’s been fucking you for so long his muscles hurt, but he can’t end the cumfest, can’t stop fucking you and filling your cunt. Jungkook just loves the way your walls just seem to tighten the more times he comes inside of you.
“Here, take all of it, keep in your cunt for me, fuck, take it!” He does it again, letting his dick stay inside you while cum spurts out of it, leaving it in even after every last drop drips out and fills you. He needs it to stick.
Role Play—Hoseok
Hoseok calls your name in a strict tone, one that startles you and makes you look up from your laptop towards the door. Truth be told, you weren’t doing anything special—you were just staring at the desktop and imagining Hoseok taking you from behind, or any way he likes.
“Y-yes, boss?” you stand up and bow slightly, just like a good employee greets their boss.
“I’ve just been informed by the IT team that some… compromising footage has been found on your work laptop.” Hoseok clears his throat and closes the door behind him, giving you a disappointed stare. “Care to explain why you’re watching porn at work?”
“I—” you start but can’t finish due to your dry throat. So, you clear it and take a deep breath before responding, hoping you’ll get through to him. “I’m so sorry. Are you sure it isn’t a m-mistake?”
“Mistake?” Hoseok asks with a chuckle, clearly finding your excuse funny. Still, his dick reacts to the way you stutter as if you’re actually embarrassed. “So, you’re saying you didn’t look up things like ‘boss fucks employee’?”
Your eyes wander around the room, gaze avoiding his. You want Hoseok to fuck you, and you can’t even hide it. He loves watching you squirm, it makes the thrill of the chase even more appealing. So, Hoseok continues with a smug tone of voice, “What do you think the CEO would say if he heard about this?”
“Sir, please!” you cry out, eyes looking up at him pleadingly, a pout across your lips—this pretend innocence of yours instantly gets him hard. He instantly wishes he was inside of you. “Is that necessary? I mean, do they have to know?” With a gulp, you shake your head and give him one of those pleading looks of yours, your lips quivering with fear before you look away. “It’s so… Embarrassing. It won’t happen again, I promise.”
“You won’t think about your boss fucking you anymore?” Hoseok challenges you as he walks over to the front of your desk, which means you have no choice but to look up at him again. Your mouth is slightly open, and all he can think about is his dick between those lips of yours. “You’ll forget all about wanting me to fuck that pretty cunt raw?”
“Sir!” you gasp, too surprised to speak because of the way he stressed the last word, because of the way it made you think about him doing just that, about him ruining you. “I…”
“Maybe we can come to an agreement and keep it between us, huh?” Hoseok asks, his hand flying down to your face and cupping it.
He’s asked this question too early on instead of dragging it out like usual, but he can’t do play for a long time today. Your reactions just have him too hard already, and Hoseok sees no point in dragging it out.
Besides, even when you’re pretending to be something you’re not, you feel shame and look so scared, which just makes him realize you’re too much of a good girl for a kinky guy like himself. Still, Hoseok loves that and wouldn’t change it for the world. He knows he’s hit the jackpot with you.
“Of course we can,” you say firmly, your tone completely changing now that you know what he wants. You spread your legs and bite your lip slowly, eyes looking up at him still, and he feels like you’re seducing him.
Without a word, Hoseok’s hand flies to his zipper, and in a matter of seconds, he pulls his hard cock out. It’s throbbing and ready for you already, and you seem to be eating it up with your gaze, which makes him proud. “Get to work then. If you’re good, I might keep it a secret.”
And boy, are you good. You take all of him expertly, like so many times before, and he feels the tip of his dick entering your throat. Then, you look up at him innocently and start bobbing your head up and down, never breaking eye contact. You know what Hoseok loves and you’re not afraid to give it to him.
“Good girl,” he breathes the words out, tangling his fingers in your hair and pulling on it gently. It makes you moan, and you’re not quiet at all. “Shh… Don’t want the others to figure out what’s going on here, hm?”
No one else is there, of course. It’s all a part of the game, one you’ve learned how to play too well. Teacher and student, nurse and doctor, boss and employee—Hoseok fucking loves them all.
Five minutes later, when you’re bent over the desk, and he’s pumping himself into your pussy from behind, Hoseok remembers how reluctant you were to try it out the first time, how ashamed you were to play along and call him teacher, doctor, boss…
And here you are now, screaming his chosen title loudly, not caring if the neighbors hear. “Please, boss, not... So… hard,” you beg in between his hard thrusts, your pussy so tight he thinks he’s going to burst. He’s made you come already, and the remnants of your orgasm are creating a white circle around his cock, one that he takes pride in. “Someone… Will… Hea—ah, fuck!”
“So what?” Hoseok asks, pulling your hair so your back arches and head kicks back, revealing more of the neck he so wants to lick and suck. “Let them hear how much of a slut you are for you boss… Willing to let me have your cunt just to keep your job, huh?”
“Yes, have it,” you moan the words and move your hands back to spread your cheeks for him even more, which is the exact moment Hoseok sees stars and fills you up with cum.
Yoongi feels bad for the way his cock reacts to the sight, hardening the very instant he feels the tip of the toy entering his ass. It’s not something most people do and enjoy, he’s well aware. In fact, it’s not something he thought he’d ever even think about, let alone beg of you that night months ago when he got drunk. Despite all of that, he’s already having a great time, and you’ve barely begun.
He’s fully prepped, stretched, and lubed up, cock hard and leaking over his stomach, so the toy just slides right in. You can’t feel any of it since you’re only wearing the strap, but you still hiss when you bottom out, just like Yoongi did earlier when he bottomed out in your sweet, tight cunt, when your walls wrapped around him and warmed his cock right up. “Fuck,” he grunts at you, back slightly arching while he adjusts to the now familiar feeling of getting stretched.
“All good?” you ask gently, hands rubbing gentle circles into his skin.
Somehow, Yoongi loves seeing you in the same position he was in earlier, body between his legs, one hand on his hip, staring at him with hungry eyes. He takes a deep breath before he nods, signaling for you to go on. “Perfect,” he mumbles when you start moving again.
It’s a taboo thing for him, but he enjoys it too much. There’s something really arousing about watching you move your body slowly, careful not to hurt him, eyes furrowed in concentration as you grip his hip harder and start pushing your hips forward faster, grinning at him. “Good, baby?”
“You’re great at this,” he compliments you through clenched teeth since the tip of the strap is starting to rub against his prostate just right.
Yoongi blames you—or is eternally grateful to you—for all of this. It was you who told him you could play with his rim like he does with yours, you who informed him it might feel nice for him, you who dared him to try it, saying you’d never tease him about it or make a big deal out of it. When he touched himself there, it didn’t feel good at all, so Yoongi just thought it was all a big hoax.
Still, he trusted you enough to try. One night when you sucked him off and when your finger moved past his balls to his ass and just pressed against the rim, he felt like he was flying. The more he moaned, the more pressure you applied, and when you asked him if you could put the tip of your finger inside, Yoongi could just nod. It was the tip of your thumb that sent him over the edge that night, paired with your warm mouth around his cock.
That’s where it all started, this toying around and his incessant research into rimjobs and pegging, something he didn’t feel right sharing with you. And then he got drunk and told you about it, asked you to try it out, see if you both enjoyed it. “I want to try anything that will make you feel good,” you confessed to him, just as drunk as he was. “You always make me feel amazing.”
So now, when you’re standing by the edge of the bed, your hands holding onto the back of Yoongi’s knees and holding them up in the air while you fuck him and moan, Yoongi’s sure you’re enjoying it as much as he is. It’s such a weird power dynamic, an embarrassing position, one where he lets you own him fully, makes himself vulnerable, but he loves that about it. He can just be yours, and you can do whatever you want to him.
Besides, isn’t that how you feel every time he fucks you? You spread your pretty legs for him too, let him take control, let him thrust his hips into you, and trust him not to hurt you.
“Like that, huh?” you ask in between moans, sweat now dripping down the sides of your face, lip swollen because of how much you’ve bitten it. His isn’t in any better condition. Yoongi’s been trying to keep his voice down, so he bit down on his bottom lip to muffle his moans while he touched himself. “You’re so fucking hard, baby.”
Yoongi knows he’s hard—he’s been touching himself for the last couple of minutes while you fucked his ass so good his eyes rolled to the back of his head. You’re perfect at this, really.
“It feels fucking great,” Yoongi informs you, planting his feet on the bed for a change of angle. “More.”
“More?” you repeat, a smirk spreading across your face before you spit onto your palm. “Just can’t get enough of it in your ass, huh?”
A tinge of pink colors his cheeks at the sound of your words, but it’s true, so Yoongi doesn’t contradict you. Instead, he watches in awe as your hand moves down to grab his cock and start jerking the very tip.
You’re still fully focused on fucking him, on moving your hips rhythmically, since all the fucking motions don’t come as easy to you. However, you’re a natural at it. You’re so good that Yoongi tries to stop his orgasm but fails.
He does his best not to come so early in because he wants this to go on all night, but you’re jerking him off perfectly, making a tight fist so his cockhead pushes in just like it does when he shoves it into your pussy. Plus, you’ve found the perfect angle with the strap, so he’s getting double pleasure while just lying there.
“God, baby, yes!” is all Yoongi can mutter at you when he realizes he isn’t going to stop it this time. Instead, he ends up shooting cum all over his stomach and chest. It feels dirty. He feels dirty but so good at the same time. “More.”
Jin swallows the lump in his throat as he checks the camera feed again, wanting to make sure what he’s seeing is real. His cheeks flush when he realizes you’re undressing in front of the mirror, checking yourself out, posing in your bra and skirt, twirling around so your ass shows as the skirt flies around your body.
It’s pretty late where he is, but it’s the afternoon for you, and you’ve taken a shower earlier. Still, Jin sees no point in you getting dressed after a shower if you’re now undressing, not even ten minutes later. When your bra lands on the floor and you twirl around again, Jin turns off the lights in his hotel room and throws himself on the bed, hand instantly running down to his boxers.
Of course, he’s getting harder by the second, especially when your hands find your tits and you squeeze them together, just like you do when you ask him to paint them with his cum. Have you forgotten there’s a camera there? Should Jin call you and remind you?
After all, he doesn’t want you to feel embarrassed about it. But, then again, he is your boyfriend and he’s touched those same tits you’re touching now about a million times, came on them more times than he can remember, even though each time he gets to pull out of your pussy and squirt his cum all over your tits is unforgettable. He should be able to watch, right? You’ve agreed to this.
His hand is now inside his boxers, moving up and down the length of his cock, gripping the tip here and there, imagining it was your pussy that was touching it instead.
Jin’s the one who installed the camera right before leaving for tour—after agreeing on it with you, of course. The truth is, he likes to watch. It’s his thing, and he’s becoming too old to feel ashamed of it. It was something he kept secret from many partners. The ones who knew weren’t that into it, so Jin dropped the subject and went vanilla.
However, you were different. Of course, you weren’t like him in that respect, but that didn’t stop you from participating. You wanted to make things fun for Jin. So, when you are in the mood for being watched while you shower or take a bath, you leave the door ajar, an invitation for him to come in and you to pretend he isn’t there.
If Jin feels extra perverted that day, he just watches through the crack instead of walking in. When you know he’s having a bad day, you wait for him to come home before you touch yourself, leaving the bedroom door open on purpose so he can walk in on you fucking the dildo you’ve suctioned to the floor, moving your hips up and down while moaning your boyfriend’s name, pretending he’s not standing at the doorway jerking off to you.
You always know he’s there, though. Do you know now?
When you squat and spread your legs towards the mirror, Jin realizes you didn’t forget about the camera at all. No, you aren’t wearing any panties, and the only thing you have on now is that poor excuse of a skirt that you wear only when you want to make Jin grab you and bend you over the first surface he can find, stick his dick in you.
It’s not a figment of his imagination, you told him this yourself the last time he fucked you from behind and used the skirt to hold onto you while he pumped his cock into you from behind. You were really proud of yourself, telling him he’s fallen into your trap and given you exactly what you want—rough sex.
Your hand flies down to your pussy and you cup it, moaning his name and grinning at the mirror, knowing very well your boyfriend is getting the perfect view. Two of your fingers disappear into your soppy cunt and you whine, “Fuck, Jin!”
At the sound of his name leaving your pretty mouth, Jin’s cock leaks precum. It’s been weeks since he’s touched you or kissed you, but right now, all he can think about is fucking you. You’re putting on a show for Jin, showing him how good you are for him even when he’s not around.
“God, baby, why aren’t you here?” you moan, sitting down and spreading your legs wide.
Leaning back on one elbow and planting your feet on the ground firmly, you continue to finger fuck yourself, your tits bouncing with every sharp movement of your hand. The skirt is hiked up to your waist, revealing your wet crotch to him, letting him watch your pretty fingers disappear inside of your heat.
When Jin fingers you, he doesn’t go this hard. No, he kisses your cunt slowly while he moves his fingers in a less violent manner, one that makes you come regardless. You’re being so forceful with yourself because you’re pretending it’s him, and the thought makes his head spin.
“God, baby, right fucking there!” you cry out. You go on for what seems like minutes, fucking yourself with your fingers and moaning his name.
Jin moans loudly when you squirt, forgetting he’s in a hotel room. It doesn’t happen often, only when you’re in the mood and when he fucks you hard, so seeing you do it now lets Jin know you’re really horny and miss him, and that’s exactly how he feels.
Instead of getting up, you lie down, spread your legs, and continue playing with your pussy, your hand making the most delicious wet sounds, which is enough to have him coming in his pants.
Namjoon feels his words leaving him, thoughts scattered, incoherent, mind blank save for the one thing that’s been a constant throughout this whole thing—you.
There’s no woman who can get him to do the things Namjoon does for you, no one can get him in that place where he just surrenders and forfeits control. Well, no one except you, and he loves that. It’s exactly what he needs: to hand over control, to just exist, have someone else tell him what to do instead of having to think of everything himself.
“What do you want, baby?” you ask, your grip around his neck tightening, cutting off his air supply even more. Namjoon could die from pleasure right now. Whenever you take control, he wants to cry and let you use him. “Say it.”
God, it’s so difficult. There are tears in his eyes by this point, after hours of you toying with him, you teasing him, rubbing his cock almost until completion. Every single time, you stop right before Namjoon gets his release, asking him to be a bit more patient in that mocking tone of yours.
“C-come, please,” he breathes the words before his teeth sink into his bottom lips and a hiss leaves his mouth. Namjoon’s so fucking hard, and he knows that suits you—you’re jumping on his cock, letting it hit all the right spots inside of you, hips moving in circles with such precision he’s sure you’re going to come again soon. “Please.”
Even now, when you’re riding him, you’re not letting him come. Namjoon can come, but that would mean the fun’s over for tonight, and he never wants it to stop, not when you’re so fucking perfect, now when you make him feel so good, so small and irrelevant, when you use him like he’s a fucktoy.
You, on the other hand, have been orgasming all night, using his cock like it’s a dildo, fucking yourself against it while not allowing Namjoon to touch you or kiss you or lick you, all of which he’s desperately been wanting to do.
Usually, when he doesn’t fuck up, you let him get down on his knees as soon as he gets home, throw your leg over his shoulder, and eat you out until you come undone on his tongue. That’s Namjoon’s way of saying sorry for being at work all day, for not being as good of a boyfriend as he’d like to be, for letting you take care of most things on your own.
“You come when I say you can,” you remind him before you grab his chin and make him look at you. The movement is rough, but your touch is soothing nonetheless. “Be happy I’m even letting you fuck me tonight after what you did this morning.”
His mind races to this morning when you caught him jerking off in bed, even though you’ve specifically asked him not to touch himself until tonight when you had more time to play. You said that but slept in bed next to him naked, so when Namjoon woke up, he found you lying on your back with legs spread, pussy wet. You did it on purpose, he realized instantly, but was too weak to stop himself.
He may have leaned in and stared at your crotch while jerking off, enjoying the way your slit glistened with arousal under the sunrays. Okay, he might have also grabbed a fistful of your ass and used that to spread your cheeks a bit, enough for your labia to spread too, and expose some more of your wet cunt to his hungry eyes.
Namjoon told himself it was only for a second. Just a second or two, and then he’d stop. He wouldn’t come. But, the more he touched himself, the more he realized he had to come, so he told himself another jerk of his hand or two, and he’d go to the bathroom to finish off without you noticing.
However, he failed, and you were woken up by spurts of cum landing on your thighs and stomach, Namjoon panting and hissing at the realization he fucked up, big time. So, he was now at your mercy.
“I a-am happy, thank you,” he nods at you, wishing you’d allow him to touch you because he wants to, badly. “Just need to come.”
“Aw, my baby needs me to do all the work?” you tease now, hand moving from Namjoon’s neck up to his face so you can cup it, thumb caressing his cheek gently. “Want me to make you feel good?”
“Want… More,” Namjoon admits, but only because you’ve used such a sweet tone with him, only because your hand is touching him so gently, only because he feels your cunt tighten around him.
“More? So, you’re not happy getting to feel my pussy on you?” you grunt the words at him, your hips stopping. A smile quivers on your lips before you scrunch your face in annoyance. “How ungrateful.”
Namjoon opens his mouth but nothing comes out, so you sigh and let his cock fall out. “Fine then.” With that, you crawl over until your hips are right above his head, sitting down on his face without a warning, just taking what’s yours.
Namjoon feels like he could suffocate in you and he loves it, your taste and smell overwhelming, making him forget everything else. You ride his face like it’s his dick, the only thing on your mind is getting yourself off, and that’s what he loves.
Thinking he’s just there to serve you is what makes him insanely hard. This time, the feeling—paired with your moans and your juices dripping down his chin—makes him come too, and he knows he’s fucked now.
Tumblr media
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ggukberries · 2 months ago
s u g a r
Tumblr media
p a i r i n g : namjoon x reader
g e n r e : boyfriend au.
t a g s : cunnilingus, oral sex (m receiving), unprotected sex, morning sex, creampies, breeding kink, pregnancy, possessive namjoon, sweet!reader, reader’s cute, daddy kink, fooling around in a car, LOTS of domesticity, fluffy, dirty talk, sex tapes were made
s u m m a r y : you have a long history with your gentle giant, there’s a lot more to come in the future. alternatively you’re the light of namjoon’s life.
w o r d c o u n t : 10.8 k
Tumblr media
It all began the moment he laid eyes on you sitting so pretty with nowhere to go. You were in a pretty flower dress with your cardigan discarded next to you on the bench. On your lap you had a sketch book, pencil, and your phone. He'd never seen someone so beautiful like you..
Namjoon liked to tell everyone he fell for your pretty charm and calm nature. Truth was it was fate that brought him to you. Like gravity pulled him to you, he slowly approached and stood in front of you with his bike by his side. You at first mistook him for wanting to sit so you hurried to move your book.
"No, no," He rushed out, waving a hand in the air as a coy smile overcame his features, "I just came over here because... you were sitting by yourself." He finished lamely, shoulders slumping a little.
You stared up at him, hand frozen in the air. "Oh. Did you want to keep me company?"
"Yeah, if you want though."
A slow smile crept up on your face, you tucked a strand of hair behind your ear with a timid nod. "I would love that actually." You softly whispered and made room for him to sit.
From there on your relationship blossomed. Things were slow because of his work. You knew he felt bad about not being able to take you on dates or see you as often but truth to be told you didn't mind. He made up for it with the effort he put in to make it work. Plus it was even better when he did have the time to see you.
Namjoon didn't pop the question until after four months of talking. He sat you down and asked if this was something you were willing to risk. He warned you about his busy schedule, his fans, and many other things but you said yes. You were deeply in love by then, call you silly but Namjoon really made your heart run wild.
He became your first serious boyfriend, you had never felt this way with your previous partner. He made you feel like you were the only girl in the world. Always put you first before anything, cared deeply about your problems, and was always there during your off days. He was perfect to you.
If you asked anyone to describe Namjoon they'd all say the same thing. "Whipped." But you didn't care though, you wouldn't have it any other way.
"Wait–you didn't tell me you were coming!"
You snapped your head towards the van door, eyes widening when you saw it was Yoongi's girlfriend. "Oh my god you're here!" You wrapped your arms around the girl, hugging her tightly and rocking slightly side to side, "How have you been?"
"Good, good," she laughed softly, "just getting by you know? Trying not to lose my marbles with all this crazy hectic stuff. How about you?"
"I'm well, doing my own thing and trying not to lose it like you said." You grinned, scooting over and making room for her to sit with you, "So is this like a getaway trip? Kinda like the Bon Voyage trips no?"
She nodded and pulled her phone out to snap a photo of you two, "Kinda yeah, Yoongi told me they basically do nothing. It's like a vacation for them, just filmed and all."
"Oh wow... doesn't sound like much of a vacation if you have to film it." You joked softly, "Before you say anything no, Joon doesn't know I'm coming yet. I told him I was going to be leaving my mom's today and that I'd see if I could make it."
"Oh," her eyes widened, "he thinks you aren't coming?? And you guys haven't seen each other for like what four weeks now?"
You nodded slowly, "Yep. I feel bad not telling him like ughhh seeing him so disappointed made me all sad but it's a surprise and I know he'll be really happy when he sees me."
The ride to the filming location seemed very long to you. You imagined what his reaction would be like to see you, each leaving you smiling like a school girl. You checked your messages with Namjoon, scrolling through them and giggling like a idiot at each one.
Sometimes you wondered what the hell you two were on. One minute he was talking about Moni, another he was sending you pictures of his plants and then asking you to name them. You were no different though, sending him out of context videos and weird pictures of Moni.
It slowly hit that you missed him deeply, pout settling on your face. "Are we there yet?" You asked like a child, making the driver laugh and confirm to you, "We are? Oh my goodness." You giggled hiding behind your hands as you watched the van slowly pull up into the driveway.
"Apparently they already told Yoongi and Joon that there's a surprise for them coming in the van."
You smiled happily at her and whined, "Open the doorrrr."
Laughter filled the van as it came to a stop. You watched as the girl pulled the door open, stepping out as she waved at Yoongi who sported the biggest smile. The other guys had came along to see this so called surprise, eagerly greeting her until they saw you pop out.
"y/n!" Jimin yelled out, arms waving like crazy.
You happily waved back, noticing the way Namjoon's eyes went wide in shock as he looked at his members then at you. It made you laugh because he looked like he didn't know what to do. So you decided to run towards him, happy giggles leaving you as he opened his arms.
"Baby!" He grinned and lifted you up into his arms, spinning you in a circle, "I thought you weren't gonna make it."
"Surprise?" You leaned forward and planted soft kisses to his lips, "You should have seen your face, you looked so clueless."
Namjoon chuckled, eyes closing as he let you peck his lips over and over again. "I mean I was really bummed out the whole time thinking you weren't gonna come so can you really blame me?" He softly mumbled, arms tightening around you.
You smiled and gently poked his dimple, "Well now you can be happy. Help me with my luggage please?" You pouted and wiggled around until your feet touched the floor once again. "I brought a lot of stuff to keep me busy, I feel like I brought more puzzles and books than clothes."
"Babe I can't have you walking around in nothing. That's for me only," Namjoon whined quietly whilst slipping his hand down to your waist, sneaking in a few cheeky ass grabs. "As much as I love seeing you naked I can't have anyone lookin' at my girl." He finished in his deep voice, English accent popping out just a tiny bit.
"Hush, hush I brought enough to get me through the filming. Might steal your hoodies or sweats who knows. Maybe even go commando," you teased with a giggle as you felt his hand swat your ass gently, "kidding, kidding."
Namjoon gave a long 'hmm', going to the trunk and grabbing your bags, "You got everything? Charger? Phone?" He said as he watched you look into your purse and nod when you found your items, "Okay let's get going," he kissed your forehead gently and carried the luggage away.
Happily you trailed after your boyfriend, waving and greeting the boys politely. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" Jimin called out, winking at you. Of course leave it to Jimin to make a comment like that.
You rolled your eyes yelling back, "Yes mom." It caused the boys to erupt into laughter that faded as you stepped into the mansion. You and Namjoon made small talk about your trip as he led you to his bedroom. It was nice and spacious, sunlight entering in all the right areas. It felt cozy.
"Joon what a mess, don't even try and deny it cause I know how you are." You teased softly whilst going to clean the small coffee table which had empty chip bags lying around.
Namjoon groaned quietly, setting your bags down and trying to drag you away from the mess, "Stop that, I just wanna lay down on you." He grunted.
A squeal left your lips, hands coming down to grip his arms as he suddenly carried you to the bed. He tossed you on it like a sack of potatoes, you bounced a little off the mattress with a: "Joon!"
"Shh," he climbed over you, lips gently covering your own as he cupped your cheek, "the trash can wait for later." He mumbled out, lips slowly moving against yours.
You softly giggled, a slow smile spreading over your lips, "Missed me that much?"
Namjoon nodded, "You know I did baby," he growled quietly, "left me for four whole weeks.. with only a few pictures thinking that was gonna satisfy me. We both know I need your pussy baby."
Your cheeks flushed feeling a bit warmer with his dirty talk. You parted your legs to which he happily slotted himself between. He pressed his hips to yours, letting his hard cock rest against your inner thigh near your pussy. "Feel that? That's how much I missed you baby," he slowly swirled his hips, letting you feel every inch of his hard cock.
"Joon," you quietly whimpered, pawing at his biceps and knocking your knees against his sides, "don't tease me please."
"Why not baby? You teased me so much with that pretty ass and your little moans in those filthy videos you sent me." Namjoon managed to pin your wrists down, "baby girl's all talk and no bite. Ain't that right?" He rolled his hips a bit more forceful.
You mewled softly, head leaned back in frustration from the thin barrier of your panties separating you from his cock. "Yes," you softly panted, cheeks flushed and eyes glazed over with lust.
"Yes what?" He rose a brow.
"Yes Daddy."
A satisfied smile spread across his face, hand letting your tiny wrist go. He gently cupped your chin and stroked your bottom lip slowly, "That's my baby, hips up." He softly ordered, free hand creeping around.
You obeyed, hips lifting upwards and pressing closer to his throbbing cock. You bit your lip and watched in curiosity as he slid a pillow down under your hips. "Hold your dress for me baby, Daddy wants to have a taste." He huskily said, hands already tugging your wet panties down.
Slowly you hiked your dress up to expose your lower half, pussy clenching around nothing as the cool air hit you. You eagerly watched as he slid down the bed coming eye-level with your cunt. "Pretty little pussy," Namjoon chuckled, tongue coming out to lick a stripe up your soft folds.
He moaned softly in appreciation, arms wrapping around your thighs to keep them spread. His eyes shot up to watch your blissed out face, if anything he could get off to the faces you made whenever he pleasured you. He let his tongue circle around your clit, pressing into it and moving side to side.
"Joon–" your back arched as you let the hem of the dress go, letting it pool around your hips.
Namjoon hummed in question, eyes closing and mouth working on your pussy. He pulled back to spit and used that to make things messier. Your hands buried in his hair, holding it gently as his tongue slid down to your slicked up hole. A breathless moan left you when his tongue had slowly slipped in.
Namjoon moved a hand up to flick his thumb at your clit, rubbing the small nub from side to side and then rolling it around gently. This combined with his tongue inside had you moaning uncontrollably. "Yes–please," you softly whispered, eyes closed and lips parted, "oh god baby just like that."
He pressed down firmer on your clit, your breath hitching as he wiggled his tongue around. Your eyes snapped open and you looked down to watch him closely. His eyes were closed as he ravished you like it was his last meal. He slipped his tongue out and pulled back to softly pant, eyes trained on your cunt as he licked the slick off his lips.
"Fuck baby, fucking missed you." He breathed out and leaned back down, mouth latching on to your clit.
Your mouth fell open as he sucked the utter life out of your sensitive clit. It had your toes curling, back arching once more as you tightened your grip on his hair. "Joon–yes, yes, yes, please." You sobbed out.
Namjoon opened his eyes to watch you, hand going up to gently grip yours. He happily slurped you up, quiet moans leaving him as he breathed harshly through his nose. What took the cake was when Namjoon decided to move his head back and forth, mouth still attached to your clit. You cried out, your fingers tightening around his as you trembled.
"Keep going please–so close," your hips canted upwards towards his tongue, chasing more pleasure.
He laid his tongue flat against your clit, letting you grind on him and get off. He snaked his free hand down to prod at your slicked up hole. "In, in," you begged softly to which he obliged.
His long fingers filled you up just right, pussy clenching down as he worked another finger in. You half expected he was going to go slow but you were so wrong.. Namjoon immediately picked the pace up with his fingers, sliding them in and out of you with ease. Not to mention he curled them just right to hit your g-spot dead on with each movement.
A sweet cry bubbled its' way out of your throat, eyes welling with tears. The stimulation was too much, having his hot mouth on your clit sucking harshly at the engorged flesh and his fingers deep in had you seeing stars. All you could really do was cry, whimper, or choke up on your moans. It was just that good.
"I'm gonna cum–" you whispered, "J-Joonie!" You cried softly.
The tears ran down your cheeks, brows scrunched together as you slowly reached your orgasm. Your pussy wildly pulsed, Namjoon decided it was a good time to climb up your body and force his tongue into your mouth. You moaned loudly and wrapped your legs around his body and arm around his neck.
Your hips were desperately grinding on his fingers, the palm of his hand now striking your swollen slicked-up clit. As you were on the brink of your orgasm you felt his fingers leave you, a small spurt of slick following in suit. You whined loudly, about to ask why he stopped when all off a sudden you felt the tip of his cock against your folds.
"C'mon," Namjoon panted out against your lips, "cum for me baby."
Your teary eyes opened, watching as he began to stroke his cock over your sensitive clit. Your mouth fell open in a silent cry, eyes meeting his as he quickly pumped his cock. He was panting, lip between his teeth as he worked his cock. Slowly your orgasm hit, thighs shaking as your pussy lightly squirted.
"That's a good girl," he praised softly, lips finding your neck and sucking hickeys into the soft flesh, "did so well for me." He moaned out.
You went completely silent, more tears streaming down your cheeks as the orgasm left you boneless. Namjoon took the chance to slip inside the mess he had created between your thighs, cock pushing deep against your wet heat. You jumped a little, hand coming down to grip his wrist as you sobbed loudly.
Namjoon hissed at the tightness, pinning your wrists on either side of your head. He rolled his hips in quick strokes, pelvis bumping into your clit as weak spurts of cum left you. "Fuck," he bit his lip, "missed fucking this pussy." He dropped down on his elbows, caging you in as he worked his thick cock in and out of you.
"Gonna make me cum–shit," Namjoon's lips parted as he shakily breathed, "ohh god," he grit his teeth, "not gonna last baby." He said this as his cock throbbed inside of you.
You pulled Namjoon down for a kiss, hands holding his face as you rolled your hips up despite the overstimulation hitting you. Namjoon moaned loudly into your mouth, hips stopping as he let you grind on him. His orgasm hit seconds later, hips jerking in surprise as he gripped your hair tightly.
"Shit," he sighed out, eyes drooping a little as his cock weakly throbbed inside of you.
Your pussy clenched down to keep his cum inside of you, a satisfied smile on your face. "I'm sleepy now." This was the magic his dick held over you, he could literally send you to sleep with just how good the sex was.
"Me too," Namjoon mumbled as he rolled off of you, soft cock slipping out as he laid on his back next to you.
You both stared at the ceiling of the room. No one said a thing, and right as you dozed off you could hear him speak. "You want ramen?"
"Get out." You muttered rolling away as he laughed.
It was extremely peaceful and relaxing being with Namjoon again. The two of you made up for the time lost within those four weeks. Whether it was you cooking for him and watching a movie afterwards or him dragging you along to work out, the two of you were inseparable. It was just so nice to have peace and quietness, all relaxation and no work.
You were sitting outside with Jimin in the grass, gossiping like usual. You enjoyed his company greatly, he was like the best friend and brother you never had.
"I'm surprised," he softly mumbled while playing with the grass, "I would have assumed it would be you and Namjoon being loud but damn, Yoongi goes at it like she's gonna fucking leave him or something." Jimin snorted.
"Oh yeahh.." you awkwardly smiled, trying not to laugh, "Last night I couldn't sleep cause all I could hear was the bed creaking."
Jimin gently elbowed you, "Girl don't act like you don't get your back blown out, you just do it quietly." He laughed with his head thrown back.
You whined in embarrassment, hiding your face and elbowing Jimin back, "Shut up! Oh my god you're so freaking–ugh. Fine but I'm just trying to save myself from the embarrassment of getting teased okay?! It's so freaking weird knowing you guys can hear it at night."
"Please," Jimin scoffed, "we hear everything. Kook was complaining the other night about Yoongi and her cause they were so loud Bam kept barking thinking something was happening in the damn room. Jin's all pissy too cause he said he heard Namjoon, he wanted to ask you to gag him."
"Jin stay being bitter." You softly smiled, throwing a little grass at Jimin, "I guess we're just excited is all. I mean past all the sex and stuff I can tell Joon missed me. We haven't really ever been apart for long, max was a week before but this time it was four weeks.. I don't know, is it bad?"
Jimin shook his head slowly, "No, that man loves you and I know you do too. It's a normal thing to miss your boyfriend, I would miss my lover too if they left me for more than a week. And I get you, you don't need to explain anything to me. I'm just glad you make him happy."
You leaned your head on his arm, pout settling on your features, "Yeah, but I like 'love love' him Jimin. He's the man I wanna spend the rest of my life with. I figured this out when my mom sat me down and talked to me." You perked up a little when you saw your boyfriend wave at you from afar, volleyball in hand as you smiled softly, "He makes me so happy my heart just hurts."
"I can tell," Jimin softly replied, "if anything I already called dibs on you two getting married or something. I mean c'mon, how could he not? You really make him happy too, you're there for him whenever he needs someone and you take care of him. I'm glad Joon has someone like you. I'm serious." He finished quietly, watching as Namjoon jogged up to you two.
"You guys wanna play?" Namjoon said as he held the ball out, "Taehyung and Kook dragged me out so I figured might as well."
You shook your head, "No not really, I was gonna actually head inside these damn mosquitos are biting me."
"You want me to come baby?" Namjoon softly murmured as he pulled you up into his arms.
"Please." You said and looked back at Jimin, "Bye Min, I'll see you around okay?" You waved to him and followed Namjoon as he wrapped his arm around your waist. You could hear Taehyung and Jungkook whine about Namjoon leaving them but your boyfriend could care less.
The two of you decided on a nice lunch before your retreat. You hummed 'Dynamite', hips swaying lightly as you grabbed ingredients for the tteokbokki you wanted to make. Namjoon didn't really help much, opting to hold you as he leaned his chin on your shoulder. "You sure you don't need anything else?"
"No, it's okay I got the stuff I needed in one go. This should be enough for everyone don't you think?" You softly asked, head leaned back as you pout your lips for a kiss.
Namjoon quickly pecked your lips, eyes flickered to the ingredients before him, "Yeah I think so." He said in-between pecks, "Mix mines with the ramen? Please?" He softly asked.
You nodded turning back to the stove, "Get the pot then please I'm gonna start cutting the vegetables, bring for the others too." You softly finished, searching through the drawers for the knife you had seen Jin using on many occasions.
Occasionally the boys dropped by to see what you were cooking. Seokjin had stayed to watch after offering help and being denied by you. You had Namjoon attached to your back just holding you and following your movements. Every time he laughed you could feel the rumble in his chest. It made you smile to see him this happy.
"So when can we expect mini Namjoon running around?" Seokjin softly asked, amusement in his eyes.
"Not now Jin," you snorted softly, "let us enjoy being boyfriend-girlfriend first before any of that."
Seokjin rolled his eyes, "Please you've been enjoying boyfriend-girlfriend for years now, at this rate I'll be heading to the damn army before you even give me a nephew."
You giggled softly, leaning back into Namjoon's chest as he wrapped his arms around you, "Just say you're getting old, no shame in that you grumpy man."
The two idols laughed with Seokjin growing embarrassed as he covered his pink face. "Yah! I can't believe you fucking called me old! Sure I'm almost in my thirties but damn don't kill a man's self-esteem!" Seokjin stuttered out in-between his laughter.
"You aren't getting any younger... When are YOU gonna bring us a nephew or niece huh?" Namjoon smirked, "Talking about us being boyfriend-girlfriend for years look at you. Don't come for my girlfriend–EVER." He sassed, finger pointing accusingly at Seokjin.
You shook your head slowly, covering your face as you lowered the temperature of the stove. "I'm so done with you two. Food's ready now quit arguing. Joon help me with the plates please?" You softly said, opening the cupboard to bring out the bowls.
Seokjin by then had stopped laughing and practically demanded you let him help. You gave in begrudgingly as the three of you set the plates and cutlery out. Of course you ended up serving Namjoon because he was a big baby around you. This in turn led to the others whining for the same treatment.
"No go away, she's my girlfriend not yours." Namjoon huffed quietly, carrying your plates to the table, "I'm already letting you taste her cooking that's all you get."
"Possessive bastard." Jimin stuck his tongue out, bowl in his hand as he waited for Jungkook to serve himself.
You happily hummed, deciding to help the boys despite your boyfriend whining about it. When you saw that Yoongi's girlfriend was handling hers and Yoongi's you decided your work there was done. You sat down at the table with your chair close to Namjoon's. You threw yours legs over Joon's lap, opting to let your food cool down.
"Don't burn yourself." You softly chided, hand coming up to wipe some sauce off his cheek.
"Won't." Namjoon softly mumbled, blowing on his food and then taking a big bite.
The lunch went by smoothly, occasionally you played with Bam who would come over to snuggle into your leg. All nine of you enjoyed the meal, talking amongst yourselves and telling embarrassing stories to pass the time. It was a fun time for you, you couldn't remember the last time you enjoyed a meal like this with friends.
"We can wash the plates, and no y/n you can't help. You did enough by cooking this for us." Seokjin sternly said, everyone else agreeing and throwing their 'thank yous' in.
You gave into their demands, pout on your features as you leaned your head on Namjoon's shoulder, "Fine. Let's go?" You said softly.
Namjoon nodded, clearing his throat as he stacked your plates up, "Yeah hold on let me get a water real quick."
The two of you said your farewells and left to the bedroom. You went to sit on the couch, groan leaving you as you curled up, "I feel so full." You muttered quietly, watching as Namjoon downed his water.
"You're bloated how cute." He teased, palming your stomach with big hands, "Babe why can't you always be like this. So squishy and soft." He teased softly.
You rolled your eyes, leaning back and letting him do as he pleased. Seokjin's words began to creep back into your mind. While you and Namjoon did hope to have kids one day you weren't so sure when that day would come. Was it possible that maybe you two were ready? Like Seokjin had said you both have been dating for a long time..
"What are you thinking about baby?" Namjoon's gentle voice brought you out of your thoughts.
Slowly your eyes met his, "Joon," you whispered, "do you think.. that maybe we're ready..? Ready for a baby?" Your heart wildly thumped in your chest, you were scared of what he was gonna say but it was now or never.
He stayed quiet for a few seconds, looking into your eyes disbelieving of what you had just said. You watched how he struggled to form a proper response. He sighed softly, leaning back on the couch, staring back at you. "I honestly think so," he softly said, "I never wanted to push you towards that because it's a big decision we both have to make. But yes, I can see myself having a family with you. I think we're way past ready baby."
You smiled up at him, hands coming to cup his cheeks, "I love you so much Joonie."
"I love you too," he chuckled, lips finding your own as a promise for your future.
The birds chirped and cool air seeped in through the open window. It was barely seven o'clock in the morning, not a single soul up and about other than you and Namjoon. You had been sleeping on your side, ass pressed to your boyfriend's crotch. He had an arm around you, hand under your shirt as he held your bare tit.
At first it started with Namjoon grinding his morning wood, not looking to get off but rather stimulate it. You could feel the curve of his cock pressed up against your cheeks. Then he switched to playing with your nipple, fingers gently twisting the nub and rolling it around.
You softly sighed in your sleep, eyes slowly opening with drowsiness kicking in. "Joon.." you mumbled softly, "Stop teasing."
He quietly chuckled, sleepy smile spreading over his lips as he let your nipple go. He slid his hand out of your shirt, tugging your flimsy shorts and panties down, "Baby... I want some." He murmured.
"Hm." You wiggled your ass against him, "Go ahead."
With your permission Namjoon dipped his fingers down between your legs, gently gliding up and down your soft folds. He pressed gently on your clit, circling around the nub and teasing it. You relaxed further into the bed, eyes fluttering and lips parting. Pleasure boiled in your tummy, not a lot but enough to have you enjoying it.
Gradually your pussy grew wetter, cunt pulsing from the touches and nipples hardening under his shirt. Namjoon mouthed at your neck, sucking hickeys on to your soft skin, "Gonna give you a baby," he softly whispered, "you'd like that wouldn't you?"
Your tongue darted out to lick your upper lip, nodding at his words and rolling your hips forward. He moved his finger in fast circles, "You want everyone to know how well I bred you don't you baby? How my cock is the reason you're all knocked up?" He purred in your ear.
"God yes–don't stop," you moaned out, hand coming down to grip his wrist, "please Joonie, give me a baby. Let them all know who bred my pussy, who I belong to."
Namjoon groaned quietly at your dirty words, fingers dipping low to see how wet you were. The soft wet noise your cunt made was enough to tell him you were ready. "Lift your leg up for me baby." He gently guided you, hand grasping the back of your knee, "Hold it real quick."
You heard shuffling behind you, excitement bubbled in your tummy as your pussy throbbed at the idea of being pregnant. You felt him rub against your folds slowly, his cock tapping against your clit. "I got you baby," he replaced your hand and held your leg up.
Slowly he rolled his hips forward, cock slipping past your wet folds and into your wet pussy. Your mouth fell open as you relished in the feeling of his cock penetrating you. Namjoon grunted softly, head burying in your neck as he pressed forward. His hips were flush against your ass, balls nestled against your folds.
"So good," he breathed out, hips swirling around in a slow circle, "just like that baby, let Daddy fuck your pretty pussy. Gonna fill you with cum till you catch."
A soft moan left your lips, cunt clenching at the thought of his cum. It was much more thrilling now because he wasn't going to cum in you for the hell of it anymore, he was doing it with purpose. The sole purpose of getting you nice and round with his baby, and that aroused you to no end.
His hips slowly drew back and then forward. He lingered in you for a few seconds before repeating the same motion. The pleasant slide of his thick cock against your walls left you yearning for more. You gently pressed your face into the pillow, soft and quiet moans leaving you. "Right there," you mumbled.
Namjoon groaned softly, eyes shut as he rolled his hips. "Yeah? Tell Daddy what you need baby." He emphasized his words by pressing into you.
"Need Daddy to fuck me into the sheets, want him to give me a baby." You replied softly with a whine, hand coming down to rub your neglected clit in slow circles.
"You want Daddy to fuck you hard with his cock? Till your pussy's creaming?" Namjoon picked up the pace slightly, hips rocking a bit faster as a soft squelching noise was created.
You nodded eagerly, lips parting in a small 'o' shape as you shuddered. Your pleasured spiked up when his thrusts picked up the pace, you rubbed your clit in time which sent you into a spiral. "Yes, yes, yes," you whimpered, toes curling and your hand gripping the sheets.
Namjoon deep moans began to grow in volume, his thighs smacked against your ass as he went a bit harder. He kissed over your old hickey and planted his lips on it, sucking on your bruised skin. His grip on your leg slipped with how he was getting lost in the throes of pleasure. "Fuck baby lie on your stomach for me," he said, hissing when he pulled out with a wet smack as his cock slapped against his stomach.
You whined at the empty feeling and slowly turned to lie on your stomach, lifting your hips for him. He loomed over you, hands gripping your hips as he positioned his cock once more and slid in. A long moan bubbled out of your throat, eyes closing as you buried your face in the pillow.
"Good girl," he huffed out, brows pinching in concentration as he began to roll his hips again.
His thrusts were now faster, hands gripping you tightly to move you like a rag doll on his cock. Your sopping pussy created a filthy noise along with the sound of his balls slapping against your clit. Your mouth had fallen open, short whimpers and moans leaving. You could only focus on the long drag of his cock, tip hitting your g-spot just nicely.
"Daddy," you whined out, eyes squeezed shut as you struggled to keep your legs spread open and hips lifted. " 's too much." You slurred out.
"Babygirl got fucked stupid? All she cares about is cum in her filthy little pussy, ain't that right?" He panted out, hand coming down to smack your ass and grab the cheek afterwards.
You moaned a bit too loud, hand coming back to grip the back of his thigh. "Yes!"
"Yes what?" He softly growled.
"Yes Daddy." You mewled, free hand reaching down between you two to rub at your clit.
The pleasure increased again with how hard and fast he was going. That and the way his cock was hitting all the right spots had you seeing stars. Your orgasm slowly built, pussy quivering and toes curling. You chanted his name softly, fingers gently slapping against your clit as you desperately tried to reach your blissful orgasm.
Namjoon sensed this, jaw slack as he watched the way his cock disappeared inside of you. He moaned at the sight of slick you left on his cock. His hands grabbed at both of your cheeks, smacking and groping the jiggly flesh. "C'mon, cum for me baby," he leaned his head back, long groan leaving him.
You whimpered one last time, mouth falling open as you came silently. Your pussy absolutely gushed around his cock, making it a bit slippery between your legs as your fingers rubbed fast circles on your clit. You throbbed around his cock, thighs quaking as you tried to push your legs together to ease the sensitivity there.
"Oh fuck," he mumbled out and went faster, chasing his orgasm.
Namjoon's mouth fell open when he felt you start to rock back against him. He stayed still watching as you worked your hips on him, ass slapping against his pelvis with each movement. "I'm gonna cum baby," he moaned loudly, "yes–y/n..!" He gasped out and grabbed your hips, stopping you as he rolled his hips three times in quick grinds.
You quietly whined as his cock throbbed inside of you. He filled you to the brim, deep sighs and groans leaving him as he pat your ass in appreciation. "Shit, it's really messy." He murmured out, voice thick and hoarse.
"Who made the mess?" You murmured back, head slumping on the pillow, biting back a smile when he slapped your ass as a warning, "Yeah, yeah whatever." You smirked.
Namjoon flopped face down in the sheets, hand stroking over your ass, "Don't start something you can't finish baby." He warned softly, noticing how relaxed you were. He smiled to himself, "..... And you fell asleep didn't you?" He chuckled going to wrap his arms around you with the promise of cleaning you up later after a much needed nap.
You slumped forward in the car, pout finding its' way to your lips. "You're gonna be gone for the whole month though!" You whined, balancing your phone between your shoulder and ear.
"I know, I know baby but I promise I'll fly you out as soon as I'm finished with the concerts here. We can head down to Texas or anywhere else you wanna go to okay?" Namjoon chuckled on the other line.
"Sucks I can't make it though, I really wanted to see you perform live again. But it's okay I'll stream it and support you from my laptop."
"I really wanted you to be there too, but I'll make sure to face time you as often as I can. And call too. Speaking of call get off the damn phone you're about to drive over here I need my girlfriend very much alive."
You rolled your eyes and started up the car, making sure your phone connected to the car, "There you drama queen, you're on speaker now speak or forever hold your peace."
"And this is how you wanna have my kids? Driving like a maniac on the phone? I'm gonna have to take a raincheck on that one." Namjoon laughed.
"I am not a maniac! How dare you even suggest that? Because you're laughing a little too hard for someone who can't drive at your big age." You scoffed, smirking when he went quiet on the other side, "Uh-huh that's right, what I thought. Now here's some kisses I'm gonna get on the freeway. Love you." You softly said.
"I love you too baby be careful and I'll see you when you get here."
The line cut off and you found yourself smiling. The whole not being able to make it situation was another surprise of yours. You in fact did plan on going to the concert and spending time with him in LA. You just didn't want to tell him in order to give him the surprise. Again.
You drove silently to where your boyfriend lived, a low hum leaving your lips. You made it there in no time, pulling in to see your boyfriend already stepping out of the building. You rolled your window down with a giggle, "Get in loser we're going shopping."
"I can't with you." Namjoon laughed shaking his head as he went over to the passenger side, "Babe! What the hell? I put our picture here for a reason cause I like how it looked!" He said scandalized.
You rolled your eyes, "Baby I literally had to take it down cause it fell from there. I'll buy glue to keep it there okay? Don't worry about it." You leaned over to smooch his cheek and start the car.
The both of you went shopping and out to eat, enjoying the slightly warm weather and sunny day. "It's not that I can't, I just get worried I might crash or something. If you want I can drive but I'm just saying when I start yelling in fear don't be so surprised." Was what Namjoon said as he held his hand out for your car keys.
He was a good driver contrary to everyone else's beliefs. He had his hand on your thigh as he drove you two down the freeway. You had your head out the window, enjoying the breeze and vibes. You could feel his hand squeeze you occasionally, thumb running over your thigh slowly. It made your pussy throb just a little from arousal.
"Where are we going?" You softly asked.
Namjoon hummed with his eyes focused on the road, "You'll see baby, just hang on tight." He pat you.
The conversation was left at that. You watched as the city somewhat disappeared, nature rolling in a few seconds later. He pulled into a empty parking lot that sat outside the woods covering the lake ahead. You turned to give Namjoon a questioning look but he sent you a dimpled smile in return.
"Wanted to try something. I've been here with the guys and usually I end up imagining all the shit we could do out here." Namjoon confessed softly, hand trailing upwards and sneaking into your skirt.
Oh. So he had wanted to try having sex out in public? The idea was thrilling, excitement bubbles within you as wild thoughts ran through your head. "There isn't any space here." You quietly whispered, eyes meeting his dark hooded ones.
"Yeah? Get in the back baby." Namjoon grinned softly.
That's how you found yourself on your knees in the back, tucked between Namjoon's legs as you worked his cock. Your lips were wrapped around the tip, head bobbing slowly as your hands twist and turned around the shaft. It was sloppy, saliva dripping on to his cock and making a slobbering mess on his jeans.
Namjoon had his head leaned back, lip tucked between his teeth as he held your hair tightly. "Fuck," he sighed out, his hips lazily rolling upward.
Your eyes slowly peeked up at him, staring into his eyes as you let his cock go and slid all the way down. Tears welled up when he hit the back of your throat, you wanted to stay like that but your gag reflex wasn't having it. More slobber covered his cock as you pulled away to cough a little, "Joonie..."
"What is it baby? You want me to fuck your pretty mouth?" Namjoon softly whispered and carded his hand through your hair.
"Please." You let your jaw go slack as you enveloped his cock again.
He pushed your head down slowly until your nose touched his pelvis. A satisfied moan left his lips eyes closing and mouth falling open, "Oh god baby, I'll never get over that mouth of yours." He said and cracked open a eye to look at you.
Your teary eyes met his as you moaned around his cock. He bit his lip and grabbed your hair. He slowly guided you up and down his cock, the tip hitting the back of your throat each time. You focused on breathing through your nose to calm down, you let your tongue flatten to make the glide smoother.
His moans were a bit loud, filling the car alongside the nasty slobbering. It was no secret your boyfriend liked it sloppy, he wouldn't have it any other way. He hissed softly, hips stiffening and hands stopping you when he felt you hit the spot just right. "Fuck, fuck baby hold on," he gasped out and sat up straighter, "right there, keep going."
You were more than happy to keep going, hand trailing between your legs to gently touch your clit through your panties. Namjoon's mouth fell open, "Oh god." He rolled his hips slowly, the sensations being a little too much for his sensitive cock.
He nearly lost it when you made a loud sucking noise, tongue against the head of his cock. "Good girl," he breathed out, "such a good fucking girl." He grit his teeth and bucked upwards harshly.
It caught you off guard and had you pulling back, the car was filled with your harsh panting now. You hurriedly got your hand around his cock and began to stroke him at a fast pace, watching as his hands gripped the car seat for dear life. You brought the tip of his cock into your mouth, sucking harshly as your hand gripped his cock tightly.
"Gonna cum," he moaned out, "y/n." He forced his eyes open and looked downwards.
You tongued at the tip, tasting the mess you left all over him. Your eyes slowly looked upwards to meet his as he cursed loudly. You watched as his back hunched a little, hand coming to grip your hair. His cock throbbed in your hold and spurts of warm cum shot out on to your waiting tongue.
"Ohhh fuck," he mumbled out, body slumping as he rode out his orgasm.
A giggle left you, letting the tip of his cock rub over your plump lips. You smeared his cum on your lip, swallowing what you could. He groaned quietly, hand lazily waving, "No more baby, you literally drained me." He grunted softly.
"But Joonie," you slowly wiped your mouth with a nearby towel, "I need you here." You said and gently slapped his twitching cock against your mound.
Namjoon slowly leaned his head back and gulped, "Fuck, yeah okay baby ride me good." He said softly.
Before Namjoon left for his tour in LA you both had gone at it like crazy. You even forgot for a minute that you were off birth control now. For a while actually. At first you were mildly surprised and paranoid but then realized the two of you had already discussed this. Your potential pregnancy that is.
At first you were laid back about this, not paying much mind. But then it felt like the universe was trying to tell you something when baby related ads and stuff appeared in your life. You weren't stupid enough to ignore them and decided to take a test just in case.
The first test came back negative and you were a bit disappointed. The second negative as well, were you two not trying hard enough..?
The final was positive, but he was now in LA. You were shocked of course, ecstatic even. A trip to the doctors confirmed your dream and you found yourself clutching the sonogram close to you as you waited to land in LA. It was a exhausting flight there but you didn't have time his show was hours away.
You had made it late to LA, landing around five pm. Yoongi's girlfriend had texted you the whereabouts of the hotel and had a manager come pick you up to escort you. "What time is the show again?" You softly asked, head leaned against the window as you relaxed with your eyes closed.
"It starts at seven-thirty, you have time to unload your bags and get ready if you need to. I'll take you directly there myself so you're set up in the private booth." She replied softly.
"Thank you." You ended up taking a nap on the way to the hotel.
The first person you saw when you got there was Yoongi's girlfriend. The girl happily smiled at you as she hugged you gently, "Again, you're here." She teased.
"I am exhausted, jet lag is a bitch." You grunted out.
She laughed softly in response and brought you closer as the two of you headed up, "Honestly. How are you though? Doing good enough for the show or what?"
You nodded slowly, "I'm good to go, just let me take a bubble bath and I'll be out brand new. I brought a whole bunch of cute clothes I recently shopped for, can't wait to wear that." You smiled, "I should probably not buy much it won't fit in a few months you know?" You casually said.
"Oh yeah I buy a lot of clothes that end up not fitting–wait what?" She paused looking you in the eye with confusion all over her face, "Few months..?" She trailed off and then watched as your hand came to gently pat your tummy, "No way... no! You're lying!" She said as a laugh escaped her, "Oh my god congratulations!" She squealed and hugged you tightly.
"I'm not lying," you laughed, "it's happening. I'm pregnant!" You cheered softly.
This all felt like a fever dream. You had a stupid smile on your face the entire time you were in the bath and then getting ready for the show. You tucked the sonogram away safely in your bag, excited for Namjoon's reaction. You knew how much of a father that man wanted to be, it was like his dream practically.
You made it thirty minutes before the show began, sitting comfortably in the booth with a glass of orange juice in your hand. A staff had gone to inform Namjoon of your arrival, anxiety bubbled in your stomach as you sat on pins and needles. You heard the telltale signs of Namjoon making his way over as you turned around in time to shoot him a dazzling smile.
Namjoon strode over quickly, wrapping you in his arms tightly and hiding his face in your neck, "Hi baby." He softly mumbled, "I missed you."
"I did too." You grinned softly, burying your face in his chest and just standing there with his arms around you. You could hear him mumbling words and talking to you but the happiness you were feeling right now blocked it out. "Namjoon," you called out, snapping him out of his thoughts, "here."
He pulled away in confusion and watched as you gently set the folded sonogram in his hand. He peered at you in confusion before opening the paper. His eyes went wide, hand shaking slightly as he looked at you, "Is this..? Are you really..?" He croaked out feeling tears well up a little.
You were a sucker for his tears, your own welling up as you nodded, "Yes, you're gonna be a dad." You whispered.
Suddenly he lifted you into his arms, spinning you around with a shaky laugh leaving him. "I love you so much," he whispered and kissed you, "thank you baby."
"I love you too." You smiled, wiping at your tears and his, "God I'm a mess, my makeup's gonna be all ruined." You wryly laughed.
Namjoon smiled at you and pressed his forehead to yours, "And you'd still look beautiful to me.. I can't wait," he whispered and set his hand on your stomach gently, "You make me the happiest man on earth." He whispered to you.
"Same goes for you Namjoon," you softly replied, "more than you will ever know.."
You remember watching the show fondly, wanting to cry when he had suddenly stopped what he was saying to reveal your pregnancy. "I have something I want to say," he softly said in English, going silent as he looked around the stadium, "I'm going to be a father!" He yelled into the mic as the stadium erupted into screams. He turned around to tell the members in Korean as they all began to jump around and yell on stage.
A happy smile found its way to your lips as Namjoon pointed to your booth, "I love you baby!" He yelled out.
"I love you too.." you softly whispered.
You're half asleep when you feel Namjoon shuffle around in bed. At first you brush it off and try to get some more sleep but then his shuffling is causing the bed to lightly move. It's irritating you now, but for the sake of being nice you ignore it one more time. What really gets you going is when Namjoon tosses a leg over your hip and hugs you from behind.
"Kim Namjoon," you growled into the pillow, "there better be a good reason as to why you're wiggling around like you got worms in your ass."
Namjoon breaks out into a deep laugh his body lightly shakes against you. You don't find this funny at all and your annoyance only builds up even more. With a huff you push against him and wiggle out from beneath the warm covers. You sit up in bed with a glare settled on your face, "So this is funny now?"
Namjoon's laughter dies down slowly, "I wanted to see if you want to head out to eat something? We can hit the beach it's pretty hot and sunny today."
"Namjoon what the heck is wrong with you? You woke me up because you want to go to the damn beach? Unbelievable." You whined and got out of bed, "I would have never done this to you," you fake cried while heading to the bathroom.
Your boyfriend snorted as he followed you in, leaning against the doorway with a fond smile, "Quit being a drama queen, you're gonna end up having fun anyways so might as well get over it now."
"Can't believe you done this," you muttered as Namjoon burst out laughing again.
The two of you showered and got ready for the day. Lunch went by, it was a peaceful affair filled with giggles and smiles. You were kind of glad the restaurant was nearby Santa Monica. "As I was saying," you huffed, "you should invest in a switch so you can play Animal Crossing with me. My little town is so cute you'll love it and we can have fun on there." You whined shaking his arm a little.
Namjoon chuckled softly as he pulled you closer to him, "Babe I don't play much you know this. Plus the switch will probably end up being lost in my room or something."
"But-but Namjoon! Think of how cute our characters will look wearing matching clothes!" You squeezed his hand gently and then swung your arm back and forth as the two of you walked down to the pier.
"Baby," he laughed, "I'll look into it later okay? Let's go over there they're selling churros." He back hugged you and directed you towards the stand.
You went around the pier hopping into photo booths to take picture after picture. Namjoon had even taken you on a few rides and won some prizes from the games. You were cuddling up to the large bear he had won you as a soft smile graced your lips. He was walking behind you just watching with fond eyes.
"Is my baby happy she got her bear?" Namjoon teased, phone raised as he snapped photos of you.
You spun around with a giggle, "Yess," you posed, lips pursed as you smooched your new teddy bear's cheek.
"C'mere," he tugged you into a tight hug, "you're so fucking cute." He rocked you side to side, "What am I gonna do with you hm? Can't have nobody thinking they can get lucky with my pretty girl." He smooched your cheeks over and over again.
"You can tie my shoe." You cheekily replied. Namjoon of course didn't say no nor playfully whine as he got down to tie your shoe. You watched him work diligently on making sure your shoe lace wasn't too tight but not too loose. "I love you," you softly smiled.
Namjoon looked up, a slow smile stretching on his lips, "I love you too baby." He stood, bringing you into a slow kiss.
You stayed out with him until it was really late, the reason being that Hoseok had invited the two of you out for drinks with Taehyung. Of course you weren't allowed to drink, it didn't bother you before anyways because you weren't a drinker. You sat this one out with a glass of water to keep you company.
"Babe," Namjoon slurred out in a serious tone, "you know I love you? Not like 'oh yeah I love you' but like love you, love you."
"Yes Joonie I know you love me love me." A soft smile graced your lips, "I love you, love you too okay?"
Namjoon gave you a cheeky smile as he leaned away from you, "You do...? But like do you love, me love me as in you wanna marry me?"
You laughed at how childish yet cute he was being, it seriously made your heart hurt just how cute he was acting right now. "If this is your way of proposing you can do better than that baby," you squeezed his cheek gently, "but yes, if you asked me to marry you I would."
He hid his face behind the drink in embarrassment, "Guys she wants to marry me." He said to Taehyung and Hoseok, "I have like the best baby mama in the world." He stuck his tongue out.
"Aw that's cute." Taehyung burped.
Hoseok sighed wistfully, "Wish I had that kind of love.. Instead I have me, myself, and this drink. Cheers Tae, oh. You have a bit of drool." He mumbled out.
You watched the three men with amusement in your eyes, if only Jimin was here to see this with you. He probably would have made fun of them too..
"I'm sorry what now? You're telling me you and Namjoon made a sex tape? That is disgusting, give it to me now."   Jimin pursed his lips and held his hand out with a smug smirk.
“Jimin–” you laughed, “no, you can’t have it or watch it. We made that like during the peak of our relationship, pretty old.”
Jimin’s jaw dropped in disbelief, “You mean during your hot girl summer? When you decided to choose violence and drive Namjoon crazy with your little shorts and open slit dresses? All the more reason to watch it!”
You rolled your eyes not believing the nerve Jimin had to bring up the one summer you don’t talk about. You were proud of yourself but it was something you didn’t like talking about. All the partying, drinking, and late night hook-ups you and Namjoon had were forever laid to rest.
“You’re a pervert, as much as I love you I am not showing you my sex tape. We’re close but not like that,” you gave him the hand.
Jimin smacked your hand away, “Get that hand outta my face and show me now.” He growled playfully as he did grabby hands.
You contemplated whether you should or not.. if you showed Jimin he would see a whole lot of his band mate’s dick and his friend’s ass or tits. Then again you were sure it wouldn’t bother Jimin, he was a different breed. “You have to swear on your fucking life you won’t talk about this.” You glared.
“I swear, I’ll take this to the grave.” Jimin swore as he gave you a serious look and held his pinkie out.
You stared at him for a few minutes, this could go two ways and you just hoped it ended well. “Okay… come with me it’s in my laptop.” You mumbled as you held Jimin’s hand.
The two of you ran to your bedroom and cuddled up together on the bed sitting side by side, “Okay, here it is.” You murmured, “I’m just warning you now, it’s wild.”
Jimin grinned, “Ooh-la-la,” he wiggled his brows at you, “now you can’t say I’m not your best friend after this.”
With an eye-roll you clicked play on the video and sat back. The memories of that summer hit hard.
“Oh fuck,” you whimpered, “Namjoon–” you choked up as your hips picked up the pace and you bounced harder on his lap.
Namjoon’s head was thrown back on the pillow, his eyes closed and mouth agape. Low moans and grunts fell from his lips while his hands gripped the fat of your ass. “C’mon baby,” he huffed out, “faster.” He swallowed.
You threw your head back and set your hands on his sweaty chest, “J-Joonie, so big,” you whined out and threw your ass back on him, soft clapping noises resonating.
Your thighs burned from the effort you were putting into riding him. His cock was throbbing deep inside of you, rubbing against that special spot that had you seeing stars. Namjoon’s mouth fell open in pleasure, he tried to roll his hips upward but the way you bounced distracted him.
“Fuck baby,” he lifted his head from the pillow to watch his cock disappear into your sopping pussy. “Mmm–right there,” he panted.
His hands smacked your cheeks and kneaded the fat flesh. You were so wet he could feel it dripping down to his balls. A needy whimper bubbled up from your throat and you switched your bouncing to grinding. Namjoon let a louder moan out at the switch, eyes slipping shut as he tightening his grip on your ass.
“Fuck, yes,” he whispered out.
You mewled softly and ran your hands down his chest to rest on his abdomen. You slowed down, hips rolling smoothly as soft squelching noises came from between the two of you. “I’m gonna cum–uhn there–Joonie,” you whimpered out, head rolling back as your hips stuttered in their movements.
Namjoon slapped your ass as he bucked his hips, “Cum for me baby, let me feel your pussy cream around my cock.” He hissed out as he rocked into you.
You shuddered, lips forming an ‘O’ as your orgasm hit you like bricks. You quietly whimpered, falling forward to lie on top of Namjoon as you panted. Your body jostled from his harsh thrusts, embarrassingly wet as your pussy squelched around his throbbing cock.
Namjoon groaned into your neck, hips speeding up as he fucked you through your orgasm in efforts to get to his own orgasm. He was harshly breathing against your sweaty skin, his pace got sloppy towards the end thrusts a bit uncoordinated. “Mmm, fuck, baby I’m gonna cum.”
He spilled into you with a low moan, hips stuttering as he pressed deep into you. “Fuckkkkk,” he whispered out, panting heavily as his body slumped on to the mattress.
“His ass kinda fat.”
“Be quiet Jimin.”
“Joonie,” you cried out.
You’re lying flat on the bed with your ass up in the air. Namjoon’s pounding you from behind, he’s holding your garter tightly and using that as leverage to bring your ass back and fuck into you. Soft growls and grunts leave his lips, he’s just watching the way your ass ripples when his pelvis makes contact.
“Such a good. fucking. girl.” He grit his teeth slamming upwards to emphasize each word.
You wail in pleasure, hands tightening on the sheets as you hold on for dear life. You’re sure this is going to leave you shaking and unable to walk. “Oh god..! Yes, yes, yes please right there,” you sobbed out.
Namjoon bit his lip as he rolled his hips, aiming to hit that spot inside of you. His thrusts landed a perfect hit on your g-spot each time, coaxing more wetness out of you. He huffed quietly, pulling your thong aside when it got in the way as he snapped it in place. “C’mon baby, fuck yourself on cock. Show me you’re my good girl,” he growled out.
Obediently you adjusted your grip on the sheets and began to fuck yourself back. Your ass bounced each time you fucked back in his cock. You thank the gods your boyfriend lived in seclusion and no one could ever hear you two go at it.
“Joonie please, ‘s not enough.” You whined out.
Namjoon licked his lips slowly, he pushed you back down and held your hair tightly. He snapped his hips brutally into you, groaning whenever your pussy tightening up around him. “Greedy little slut, cock got you fucked silly huh? Can’t even fuck yourself on my cock, gotta have Daddy pound you stupid.” He whispered in your ear.
You let out a long moan, pussy getting wetter from his words as you creamed around him. “Mmmm–yes, can feel it here,” you moaned deliriously, “right here.” You moved his free hand to your lower stomach where you could feel a small bulge from his cock.
He growled and lost his shit as he moved with fervor, fucking you so hard the bed snaps against the wall. You let out a surprised scream from the change of pace and how he’s literally rearranging your guts. “Oh god–Namjoon..!” You call out.
“Girl,” Jimin turned to look at you in awe, “you telling me he fucks your shit up and you still walk? How is that possible..? Like?? I’m so confused.” He whispered in shock. “Nonetheless this is hot, quality porn might I say.” He said giving you a chefs kiss.
You roll your eyes fondly and close the laptop, “Listen, he didn’t tell me he was that crazy when we got together so imagine my surprise when we had sex for the first time. I couldn’t walk for a whole day. I literally limped.”
Jimin made a face and shook his head, “Well, I’m not gonna look at him the same way for at least a week or so. Lived with the man for what nine to ten years? And this is how he fucks? Goddamn,” he sighed leaning back on your headboard, “well that was nice, you wanna go get food?”
Tumblr media
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kimnjss · 3 months ago
smokescreen | knj sm au
Tumblr media
banner by: @dee-ehn
🖇 synopsis:
— don’t judge a book by its cover. unless the book is a six foot tall, dimpled muscle pig who has no problem bragging about the notches on his belt... not to mention his new unhinged determination to add you to the list.
Tumblr media
pairing: rapper!namjoon x photographer!reader
fic type: social media au
side ships: yoonmin!! 2seok.
genre: smut!! idol au, enemies to lovers, boss/employee. angst... maybe
warnings: namjoon is a raging asshole and 100% fictional! i’m sure the real kim namjoon is a sweetheart - just not this one.
updates: everyday! (sometimes twice)
status: ongoing!!
A/N: timestamps make sense throughout the fic. if u want to be added to the tag list, send me an ask! + if you’ve asked to be on my permanent taglist, you do not need to ask to be added to this one !!
Tumblr media
prologue: sunday morning scandal
character profiles: cypher v
character profiles: yoonmin stans ft. san
part one: caught in 4k
part two: slapping multimillionaires
bonus: under me
part three: work related
part four: unbelievably down
part five: snotty nose boy
part six: fucking obvious
part seven: alternate universe
part eight: strict asswipe
part nine: grossly whipped
part ten: unwashed dick
part eleven: borderline prostitution
part twelve: producer era
part thirteen: life changing
part fourteen: scared of myself
part fifteen: openly flirting
part sixteen: haven’t kissed
part seventeen: done searching
part eighteen: just peace
part nineteen: deep in like
part twenty: getting attached
part twenty-one: kinda friends
part twenty-two: real unfamiliar
part twenty-three: namjoons girlfriend
part twenty-four: no visitors
part twenty-five: feel comfortable
part twenty-six: real me
part twenty-seven: home
bonus: clearly delusional
part twenty-eight: creating sonnets
part twenty-nine: perfect moment (time jump)
epilogue: lucky shirt
epilogue: i like sushi
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ressjeon · 2 months ago
titillating touches | mlist
Tumblr media
come visit Blissful Hands for a place to relax and for you to let go of all your stress under the care of our top-tier masseurs who don’t hesitate to attend to every need of their clients with complimentary treatments! with an extended range of carefully developed techniques that are sure to satisfy all, whether you’re looking for a familiar treatment or venturing into something new, Blissful Hands opens its doors to take the best care of you!
Tumblr media
DISCLAIMER: i do not own any of these images and the models in these banners do not, in any way, reflect the all-inclusive features of the readers portrayed in these works.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
🧴type of massage: effleurage 
🧴masseur: kim namjoon 
🧴attendant: @ilikemesometaetaes​
🧴appointment: may 2022 
🧴packages: smut, romance, strangers to lovers, comedy/crack?, fluff?
Tumblr media
🧴type of massage: hydrotherapy
🧴masseur: jung hoseok
🧴attendant: @dreamescapeswriting​​
🧴appointment: session concluded
🧴packages: smut, angsty, fluffy ending, strangers to lovers
Tumblr media
🧴type of massage: candle wax
🧴masseur: kim seokjin
🧴attendant: @chemicalpink​​
🧴appointment: session concluded
🧴packages: smut, a bit of angst, fluff, estranged friends to lovers
Tumblr media
🧴type of massage: swedish/thai
🧴masseur: park jimin
🧴attendant: @jimilter​
🧴appointment: session concluded
🧴packages: smut, angst, fluff, established relationship
Tumblr media
🧴type of massage: hot stones
🧴masseur: min yoongi
🧴attendant: @xpeachesncream
🧴appointment: session concluded
🧴packages: friends to lovers, ex-fwb, mutual pining
Tumblr media
🧴type of massage: aromatherapy
🧴masseur: kim taehyung
🧴attendant: @aquagustd
🧴appointment: may 2022
🧴packages: angst, fluff, smut, strangers to lovers, failed wedding
Tumblr media
🧴type of massage: shiatsu
🧴masseur: jeon jungkook
🧴attendant: @ressjeon
🧴appointment: may 2022
🧴packages: angst, smut, strangers to lovers, fuck buddies
Tumblr media
to book a session, please reach out to the specific spa attendants in each category above. once your sessions have concluded, kindly leave a review of your experiences, thank you!
Tumblr media
host note: this collaboration wouldn’t have happened without my talented friends helping me along the way. to Ash who prompted me to start one when we blurted out to one another that we're both writing masseur fics, to Allannah for the collab title and for our individual banners later on, to Marinette for helping me with the collab summary and for the rest who are amazing people that have been hyping all of us, thank you so much for doing this with me, i love you all ♡
Tumblr media
© all rights reserved. do not copy, modify, translate, or repost. all individual stories belong to the perspective writers mentioned in this post.
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jamaisjoons · 4 months ago
once upon a fantasy | mlist.
Tumblr media
Once upon a time, in an ordinary forest, and within an unassuming thicket of trees, lies a mystical entrance - one blanketed in moss and overgrown with leafy foliage; an entrance that has long since been forgotten by the unyielding of time. However, should an unknowing traveller stumble upon it, should an unaware person enter it, the entrance would work its magic and transport them into the Enchanted Forest that bordered the fabled kingdom of Far Far Away, a realm rife with wonder, magic, and fantasia. Within the land of Far Far Away anything is possible: Knights and Princes break the curses that afflict their Princesses, the Big Bad Wolf and the Gentlemanly Fox fall in love, Royal Bastards and Court Maidens become Crown Princesses, and of course, captive Princesses find their freedom. But most importantly, regardless of the lives they lead, they live Happily Ever After.
It happens once upon a time; it’s felt twice upon twin beating hearts. The forest welcomes you to its world of myth and whimsy, where fables untold and long unspoken seek to enthrall and enrapture the unsuspected. Are you brave enough to trifle with the creatures found within? Are you kind enough to love the men and women whose curses and wishes are bound by the light of the moon? If you think your heart strong, come forward, come in. Each world has been curated by an author of magic, willing you to join the adventure.
Welcome to Once Upon a Fantasy! A collaborative event between a set of truly wonderful authors in celebration of all things fantasy, fairytales and romance hosted by yours truly! 
⟶ AO3 Masterlist
Tumblr media Tumblr media
⁂ oath in the moonlight
⤑ pairing: crown prince!namjoon x cursed maiden!reader ⤑ genre: angst ∴ fluff ∴ smut ⤑ tropes: royalty au. fantasy au. strangers to lovers au.
❝ Namjoon is running - from lots of things. From his parents, from his responsibilities as Prince, from the ever looming requirement to choose a Crown Princess before his father's advisors challenge his right to the throne. Namjoon is running, and he is running directly to you - a maiden cursed to walk between the moonlight, a maiden cursed to love only in the dark. ❞
⏤ Based on Swan Lake; As Narrated by @jamaisjoons​
➵ Coming Soon
Tumblr media Tumblr media
⁂ what time is it mr fox
⤑ pairing: fox!seokjin x curvy!reader ⤑ genre: angst ∴ fluff ∴ smut ⤑ tropes: hybrid au. fantasy au. forbidden lovers au.
❝ Castle Fox chimes thrice every night. Curious as to why you’re the only one stirring awake, you decide to investigate. You regret to not doing so sooner. ❞
⏤ Based on The Tale of Mr Fox; As Narrated by @inkedtae​
➵ Coming Soon
Tumblr media Tumblr media
⁂ the bedroom hymns
⤑ pairing: faerie prince!yoongi x princess!reader ⤑ genre: angst ∴ fluff ∴ smut ⤑ tropes: faerie au. royalty au. fantasy au.
❝ Being the only daughter of the Wicked King has kept you living in a sheltered life. Never once you were given the chance to see the world beyond the walls of your father’s old castle, and yet, it had never stopped you from hearing all the dark rumours of your father’s indiscretions which had left you to continue living in the shadows.
When the war comes, your father sends you to live in his castle by the sea for hiding and he left you with a new rule set in place. You are left with a set of keys, one which would lead you to travel through the thousand magical doors inside his castle, but you are to never leave through the front door or to step foot through the golden door at the end of the hall. The magical doors become your escape, giving you the chance to see the world that you had never seen before. Until one day, your life changes as one of the magical doors leads you to the Fairy Prince. The story is about the Fairy Prince, the sheltered Princess, and the encounter that shall lead you to lose yourself in the throes of passion, before revealing your father’s deepest and darkest secret of all. ❞
⏤ Based on Bluebeard; As Narrated by @yoonia​
➵ Coming Soon
Tumblr media Tumblr media
⁂ fermata
⤑ pairing: emperor!hoseok x court musician!reader ⤑ genre: angst ∴ fluff ∴ smut ⤑ tropes: royalty au. fantasy au. childhood friends to lovers.
❝ All your life, you and Hoseok swore you would marry. As children, it was easy to believe - no child ever really pays attention to their title. As adults, you find it harder and harder to believe he will find a way to convince his father to let him marry a lowly court musician. Ever the optimist, Hoseok remains undeterred, promising he is more in love with you than he as ever been. When Hoseok refuses an arranged marriage, the scorned princess uses her father's magic and learns to mimic your voice, your song, even your demeanour. Under her spell, Hoseok falls deeply and quickly. Heartbroken, you leave the kingdom. But when you learn that Hoseok has fallen deathly ill, it seems only you could be the one to save him ❞
⏤ Based on The Nightingale; As Narrated by @yeoldontknow​
➵ Coming Soon
Tumblr media Tumblr media
⁂ the truth untold
⤑ pairing: high lord!jimin x royal bastard!reader ⤑ genre: angst ∴ fluff ∴ smut ⤑ tropes: faerie au. royalty au. fantasy au.
❝ For the last couple of years, the Autumn court has been waging war against the other fae courts until they all surrender to the rule of the faerie empire that the Autumn court is trying to build. In the Winter court, you have lived a harsh life as the High Lord's bastard daughter, one devoid of love and affection. When the Autumn court demands up a bride from the Winter court, for the first time in your life you are being seen as useful and being offered as your sister's replacement. There's no telling what the Autumn court will do to you once your deceit is discovered but all you can hope for is that your new husband is more forgiving than the icy royals who you've lived beside your entire life. ❞
⏤ Based on The Princess and The Pauper; As Narrated by @opaljm​
➵ Coming Soon
Tumblr media Tumblr media
⁂ splintered hearts
⤑ pairing: knight!taehyung x cursed princess!reader ⤑ genre: angst ∴ fluff ∴ smut ⤑ tropes: royalty au. fantasy au. slow burn au.
❝ Taehyung knows little of the beast that lurks in The Black Forest; the stories his parents told him as a young child long forgotten in his memory. To this day, the village’s skeptics do their best to dismiss that such a beast even exists, that is, until the details of the Duchess' untimely death are revealed. When the Duke sets a generous bounty for the head of this monster, Taehyung knows it will be impossible to turn down this quest. He anticipates the hunt to be lengthy, tough at times, and even just a bit frightening. Though nothing quite prepares him for what he finds in those woods.... you. ❞
⏤ Based on Beauty and The Beast; As Narrated by @kookdiaries​
➵ Coming Soon
Tumblr media Tumblr media
⁂ to find the sheep
⤑ pairing: werewolf!jungkook x village girl!reader ⤑ genre: angst ∴ fluff ∴ smut ⤑ tropes: werewolf au. fantasy au. childhood friends to lovers.
❝ Reluctant to lose each other, you and your childhood love, Jungkook, plan to run away together when your parents arrange for you to marry a wealthy suitor. However, a beast that hunts in the shady outskirts of your village causes distress among the community by killing one of your own members. Seeking revenge, the people call upon an infamous monster hunter who brings knowledge that the roaming wolf, whom the village maintained an uneasy truce with, may in fact be any one of them. A series of attacks continue to spring up with each passing moon, striking pure fear and panic. As the nights go by, you soon discover how the creature is relentlessly pursuing not just anyone, but you. ❞
⏤ Based on Little Red Riding Hood; As Narrated by @kimtaehyunq​
➵ Coming Soon
Tumblr media
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taegularities · 4 months ago
muscle memory | knj (m)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Summary: The weather outside might be trying to chill you to your bones, but watching Namjoon’s seething hot presence work out is enough to melt every little piece of you – and he sees the longing in your eyes all too soon.
pairing: Namjoon x female reader
rating: 18+
genre: established relationship; some fluff, mostly smut
warnings: namjoon works out + his bicep (yes this is a warning), explicit sexual content: dom!joon, spanking, hitting it from behind + riding, fingering, oral (f. receiving), spanking, some spit involved, bit of masturbation (m.), dirty talk, mirror kink..., squirting. that’s it i think :]
word count: 2.9k
a/n: in the soop joon was the inspiration behind this 😔 this fic is dedicated to my beloved, thirsty, dumb-cat-friend @missgeniality​​​, i adore you and i hope this ruins you as much as you anticipated muah <3 also, wishing everyone happy holidays !! enjoy <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Damned be the silence of the forest surrounding you on this late December afternoon.
If you’d known about the seemingly harmless suggestion that your boyfriend threw at you a month ago, you wouldn’t have said yes to this mysterious trip. The reason doesn’t lie in the destination itself – no, in truth, you’ve never felt as tranquil as you have in the last eleven hours.
The sky remains devoid of clouds, rain or snow, the sun shining onto you pleasantly and the oxygen produced deep in the woods so crisp that you reckon you’d been living with suffocating lungs so far. You feel healed – feel clean.
And maybe you’d continue feeling alive and serene, if the voice of the menace groaning in front of your eyes wasn’t dropping an octave with every pull of his body. That certainly does not contribute to the inner peace you’ve been trying to seek these past thirty minutes.
If Namjoon could name two things on this spinning planet that he loves unconditionally, they’d spell your and the gym’s name.
You don’t recall when the obsession started, but you do know that the flexing bicep and the firm chest are somewhat new. His body appears to grow harder like an armour of steel with each day, and instead of waiting for tonight to admire it before falling asleep above his heartbeat, you decided to enjoy the show from front row seats.
“You could’ve told me there’d be a gym here,” you state, absolutely certain that he hasn’t heard you between his grunts and grinding.
“Huh?” Blinking, he stops the pull-ups, finding solid ground under his feet again as he steps closer. “What did you say?”
“I said,” you begin, straightening your posture on the gymnastic ball you’ve occupied, “I didn’t know there’d be a gym here. You could’ve told me.”
He halts when he’s moved close enough to tower over you, but then he gets on his naked knees and looks into your amused eyes. Breathing out the exhaustion, he places a warm hand on your thighs and questions, “Why? Are you bored, baby?”
The fingers caressing the flesh of your leg and the thin layer of sweat shimmering on his face and neck fuel your breathlessness further. You feel hot; feel bothered. You’re sure that the heaters standing in every room don’t necessarily need to fight the cold of the winter for you – Namjoon’s seething presence suffices, too.
There are a thousand emotions and sensations coursing through your body – serotonin and various other hormones burn in your blood and your heart grows excited at his touch.
Simple, human reactions that his work-out session ignites in you – but boredom is definitely not one of them.
“I’m…” you try, your eyes wandering to the glass wall before they dart to his heaving chest. You don’t know what he might be seeing in your expression right now, but when he lets out a soft chuckle, you notice that your sudden lip-biting must be speaking a million words.
“What?” Namjoon teases, raising an eyebrow and a corner of his lips to a smirk. “Did you enjoy the free entertainment?”
You sigh. Watch his eyebrow wiggle. And then finally lose it.
Grabbing him by his sweat-soaked shirt, you pull him closer to your face, his calm, cocky expression never falling as you say, “I’m irritated. The free entertainment is irritating me.”
He pecks the corner of your lips gently as his hands wander upward to your hips. A quiet hum breathing against your face, he smiles at you once more, and when you stare back at him with still furrowed eyebrows, he asks, “Same reason as always?”
“Same reason as always.”
Because with the neediness Namjoon evokes in you on a daily basis, it has by now become a running joke between you that his existence proves more frustrating than anything else.
“I wonder if there’s something we could do about it…” he teases, but judging by the way his fingers begins their journey along the inside of your thighs and under your skirt, he doesn’t seem to wonder all that much.
Calmly tracing the goosebumps on your legs, he looks at you with menacing eyes. You dig your heels into the ground harder, careful to not fall off the gym ball before you ask, “Well… is there?”
Deft digits play with the hem of your panties before he rubs his fingertips against your wet spot lightly. Namjoon admires his immediate effect on your body every single time. Despite your constant compliments, he doesn’t think he’ll ever get used to the burning lust in your eyes whenever he merely shoots you a yearning look.
He finds it baffling – but for you, it makes perfect sense.
“Oh, there are so many ideas in my head right now,” he says, watching your eyelids flutter shut when he pushes into your pussy further.
Leaning in, he presses an open-mouthed kiss against your neck, all hot, sensual touches combined burning up the pit of your stomach. Lovebites follow in the very next moment, and you hiss at the sensation before you demand, “Tell me about one of them.”
“Now that you’re asking so nicely,” he whispers, still sliding his finger between your clothed folds, “I might just show you all of them.”
He backs away as soon as his name leaves your lips, shifting to stand and pull you up with him. Cautious eyes follow each of his movements while his scan your longing body; warm palms wander across your bare arms, tenderness and affection palpable in his touch and incredibly contrary to when he orders, “Turn around. Hands against the wall and ass out.”
Your breath hitches for a moment; not because of the sudden dominant tone he has settled on, but because of the anticipation that floods your insides and sets your guts on fire. You know exactly what he’s going to do – and you’d be damned if you denied yourself the pleasure he can bestow upon you.
Obliging, your body moves a full one-eighty, palms pressing against the white gym wall and feet moving backwards. Namjoon adores this sight with his whole being – if his audible hiss and the lewd curse words don’t give that fact away already, then his following action surely does.
“Tell me, baby… what are you frustrated about?” he mumbles, barely letting the words sink in before you feel a sudden, sharp slap land on your ass as he continues, “You’ve been sitting here all day. Leaning forward with your tits out this whole afternoon, and I’m irritating you?”
His hand meets your ass cheek once more, drawing a lustful whimper out of you, before he pulls down your skirt and your panties in a swift motion. They have barely slid to your calves when another smack rings in your ears, your head spinning already as you feel his soothing palm rub your supple flesh.
Seeking friction, your thighs close desperately, the glistening of your arousal so clearly visible that he lets out a small, quiet moan. Your ardour stirs something inside him that he can’t form into sentences; but the way his cock twitches in his gym shorts seems telling enough. Seems to speak a thousand words in his mouth’s stead.
His feet carry him one step closer to you, tongue darting out to wet his dry lips before he starts grinding his growing bulge against your inviting ass. Moans tumble out of you nearly silently, only stopping when he backs away to rid himself of not only his khaki shorts, but of his tight work-out shirt, too. You don’t see or care where both of your clothes land – with his rock-hard, curved cock suddenly sliding between your ass cheeks, you don’t think this piece of information remains relevant anyway.
Shooting his arms forward, one of his hands pushes your face up by the jaw almost roughly, the other stretching in front of your mouth before his lecherous voice utters, “Spit on it.”
“Did you not hear me?” Fingers press into your cheeks before they vanish fully, squeezing your ass painfully instead as he repeats, “Spit on it.”
And you do. Gather saliva in your mouth before you follow his demand, blinking at the wall in front of you when his hand retreats and pumps his leaking cock instead. Fingers still slick and slippery, he plunges two of them into your cunt for a few, brief moments – the wetness pooling between your legs doesn’t ask for more preparation, he’s sure.
As you attempt to cross your legs for satisfaction once more, he clicks his tongue as a warning; and hesitating not a second longer, he replaces his digits with the tip of his cock, the sensation alone making you gasp for breath. But once he bottoms out, words leave your tongue entirely, barely broken mewls spilling and your eyes rolling back in their sockets. Shifting into position, Namjoon groans in pleasure, closing his eyes slowly as he begins to move.
Like a key to its respective lock, his cock fits inside your pussy perfectly, filling you to the brim, his thrusts hard, but slow. Namjoon knows exactly how to fuck you into oblivion – his body moves as if intimacy with you has become an automatic reflex; like it’s ingrained in his muscle memory thoroughly.
His hips operate precisely, carefully and elegantly, and yet manage to leave you breathless, pressing all oxygen out of your lungs. And before your knees buckle, he tightens his grips around you, holds your hips firmly, his pace accelerating and the slapping of skin against skin gaining on volume.
“Mmmnngh, yes, I’ve– I’ve been waiting… all day for this,” you admit, curling your fingers into fists against the wall and closing the distance between your hands to shield your head. With the force Namjoon seems to be approaching, you’re sure you’ll hit your head against the cement at least once or twice.
“How needy,” he teases, exhaustion slowly becoming clear in his voice, but his thrusts never faltering, “and I thought we were s-supposed to take… long walks and… relax...”
“This is relaxing, too…”
He lets out a trembling laugh, one hand brushing back his damp hair before he places it at the nape of your neck. The sight of his cock hammering into you is dizzying; his slick-coated cock moves in and out of you so smoothly, veins protruding and penetrating every inch of your delicate walls.
He’s certain he could go on like this forever – fuck you till you told him to stop. But when you clench around him not long after, seeking your high with a cry, impatience crashes over him in tidal waves. Endless sex doesn’t compare to the urgency with which he craves to see your face contort in pleasure; and in that sense, he can’t help but aid you, do everything in his power to make you feel body-wreckingly amazing.
And so, he pulls out, ignoring your protest and questions before he says, “Look at me.”
To his delight, you don’t hesitate for a single moment, but the crease between your eyebrows tells him enough to let out a deep, amused chuckle. Shifting closer, he presses you against the wall with a fond smile, pecking your cheek before he drops to his knees and grabs your right leg between his fingers.
“Hurry u- fucking hell.”
Your voice grows in pitch as he places your leg on his shoulder, and your last words stretch endlessly when Namjoon’s mouth attaches to your awaiting pussy hotly. His fingers vary between light taps and rubbing against your clit gently, but his tongue drinks up your juices at a rapid speed, thirsty and eager.
“Close, I’m close– Joon,” you yell, his name so inexplicably beautiful on your tongue as your lungs scream for air.
“I’ve got you, baby. I got this.”
Electricity flows through your nerves like a current, your body squirming above him as he wraps his lips around your pussy. Plays with your clit some more. Circles it with his skilled tongue as his fingers wander to your entrance and pump until they find the rough patch on the upper side of your walls.
And when the stimulation becomes too much to bear, you scream out for him once more, his face immediately backing away as stars finally cover your sight. Your heartbeat goes into overdrive, your mind hazy; and when you open your eyes again, his chest and the ground are covered in your essence, the squirting sensation so messy, but so pretty on him, too.
With a groan, his feet find the ground as he stands again, and he leans forward to let your tongues dance for only a moment before his mouth shifts to your ear and whispers, “I’m not done with you yet.”
The heat of his body leaves yours suddenly, and as you blink at him in question, he takes a seat on the weight bench and pats his thigh with an intimidating smile. You know what he wants without him uttering a word; and soon, your wobbly legs step closer, his hand reaching out for yours as your eyes fix on the cock still standing pretty and proud just for you.
“You have a beautiful dick, you know?” you tell him, and his sweet, little laugh lasts for a split second before he bites into his plush lower lip.
With his jaw jutted, he watches you sink onto his length in one fell swoop. Your arms wrap around his heated neck, pulling him closer to your face until the tip of his nose brushes your dropping jaw. As one hand pushes you into him, merging your body with his, the other lands another tingling slap on your ass brazenly, his lips slamming against yours and kissing you hard.
Your pussy feels sore already, but your body attempts its best to keep moving, to stay zealous. In the mirror attached to the wall, he observes the way your cunt sucks him in and releases him constantly, and the sounds escaping his throat as a consequence fuel you in your quest further.
Almost mesmerised, he comments, “Honestly think that my cock– looks the prettiest… inside you,” before his tongue finds its way back home to your neck, suckling and kissing diligently until your movements slow. Despite gathering your energy to your best abilities, your weakness displays visibly enough for him to chuckle and find your gaze again.
His nails dig into your ass, urging you to continue, but you are so out of breath that he inquires, “Are you tired already?”
“I just–”
You just need a break – Namjoon understands. He knows you must still be recovering from your own mind-numbing orgasm, your limbs limp and your eyes drooping. Longing and pleading to cuddle up with him and rest.
But still, he drawls, “You were so desperate to fuck me. And now you’re giving up already?”
You shake your head no, keen on showing him that you’re not that easy to break as it might currently seem. Determined, your fingers entangle in his hair. And when you keep moving, your legs turning to jelly and your voice trembling when you call his name, he notices your efforts clearly. Flashes a grin and says, “Alright. Hold on tight.”
Namjoon gives you a mere second to adhere to his wishes, and before you can blink twice, he prods into you from below; hard, sharp thrusts, burying himself to the hilt. He wrecks your pussy mercilessly, every prominent and throbbing vein invading your pulsating cunt. He focuses all his energy on his ministrations, and through your blurry vision, you catch sight of a single drop of sweat travelling down his already glistening face.
“Fuck, fuck, you feel so good, so, so good, baby,” he tells you, holding you tight as you cry and moan, curse and scream, fucked out and filled with desire.
“Harder, please, please, I– I love you–”
“I love you,” he blurts, his hips snapping against yours vigorously, “adore you, crazy for you, princess…”
With that, he finally lets go; shoots ropes and ropes of hot seed into you, low, baritone wails sounding in your ears rhythmically. And when the groans slowly turn into sighs, he whispers quietly, “Try your best to keep this in.”
By this, he means his cum, and with closed eyes, you giggle lightly as you tell him, “That’s an impossible task and you know it.”
“Hmm,” he hums, his forehead falling against your shoulder and his cock softening inside you, “if you just tried hard enough. But ‘kay, let’s clean up then.”
With a tired nod, you agree, your eyelids opening to an already dark winter sky filled with stars whose light shines through the glass wall of the room. Your hot and sticky bodies replace pleasure with discomfort, and as you back away eventually, you ask, “Can you read to me after?”
“Why? Can’t you read?” he questions back, cocking an eyebrow in merriment which earns him an amused slap on his bulging bicep.
He laughs, standing when you do before he declares, “Anything you want. A novel maybe? Poems? Oh, or what about the short story Yoongi wrote last month?”
Vacation might not be all that different from your daily life – but with him, every day feels like a relaxing holiday anyway. Because no matter how demonic Namjoon sometimes tends to be, he’s also the gentlest giant you’ve ever had the pleasure to love.
Tumblr media
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kithtaehyung · 3 months ago
new guy (m) | knj
Tumblr media
title: new guy pairing: fuckboi!namjoon x organization president!reader(f) rating/genre: m (18+) ; smut ; university au, enemies to lovers? summary: all you want to do is have a successful meeting after experiencing dwindling attendance. but the new guy is completely disrupting things... or is he? warnings: cursing, blowjob, choking, smartass joon in those grey joggers, size kink, hitting it from the back, unprotected (pls be safe), edging, namjoon does have a chain who is shocked, manhandling, creampie, light face/cunt slapping, body worship, jimin in business profesh lol notes: hi ! this is for @thebtswritersclub​’s january prompt “new” and i speedily wrote this entire thing bc i would very much like to stay a member LOL thank you to the admin team for being so understanding. love you all and appreciate all the hard work you do! also, thank you cee @yutasthetic​ for letting me use your pretty name! note 2: this is a bit unedited so i apologize in advance loll release date: january 29th, 2022, 7:17pm est word count: 5.5k
“Thank you all for coming this evening! We have a lot of items on the agenda to discuss so please leave any questions for the end.” 
No response, as per usual. 
But you push forward. 
On the outside, you’re an absolute model president—dressed in proper business professional, hair tidied and prim, gleaming smile. But as you sweep your gaze around a room that’s had bigger crowds, your soul begins to slump against your rib cage. 
Because you’re one for facts. Logic. And the fact of the matter is that your meetings have experienced a steady decline in attendance ever since last term. 
What’s worse: you have no idea what you’re doing wrong.
So far, you’ve tried what you could to salvage your dwindling numbers. Bakery drives? Almost successful. Flyer posting? Abysmal. Speaking about it in multiple classrooms while impatient professors shuffle you back to your seat? Those probably had a net negative effect, if anything. 
Your quiet sigh is overshadowed by the scruff of clothes, dropped backpacks, and light chatter. While everyone settles into their chairs, you scan the small crowd and clear your throat before a tired finger clicks in the next slide. 
“Okay,” you chirp, feigning positivity. “Today, we’re going to discuss how we want our social media presence to look.” 
You have no idea how this is going to go. For something as daunting as social media, you’re going to need people to contribute to the conversation. After all, this forum was initially planned to get community feedback on how to revamp the organization. 
The only issue is that you need people to actually speak for that to come to fruition. And, basing things on precedence as you always do, that hasn’t happened yet.  
Hopefully something happens during this meeting. Something big. What is your ideal scenario? You obviously have one, but who knows if it will actually be achieved. 
What you do know is that you just need one spark. Just one. One spark that would igni—
A loud shove of a door rings from the very back of the room, and almost everyone turns their heads to take in the rude intruder. 
“Hey! Sorry I’m late. I misread the time.” 
As your brows furrow dangerously low, you take in the newcomer’s outfit, scowling at his simple white tee and grey joggers. Because of course this guy would don nothing else to an official organization forum. 
Your voice is nothing but caustic when you bite out, “How? It was the biggest font on the flyers.” 
“Oh,” your guest says, flippant. “I meant I didn’t read it at all.” 
So this is how he’s playing, huh? 
Around the room, a few people are terrible at hiding their laughs, but your sharp eyes scare them enough to stop. Raising a pointed brow, you provide the latecomer a smile with revenge packed inside. “I haven’t seen you attend a meeting before. Name?” 
The guy takes a seat in the back, one next to the empty space separating two sides of seating. As he spreads his thighs as wide as he can in his chair, he announces, “Kim Namjoon, baby. Look me up.”
While some attendees are shaking their heads or sighing, there are a few that still find this irritating man appealing. 
Typical. You have to hold back from the biggest eye roll as you drone, “Well, Mr. Kim Namjoon, thank you for joining us tonight. We have a lot to get through and are already pushed for time, so please. Leave any questions for the end.” 
“What about concerns?” 
Motherfucker. It seems you have your work cut out for you. As cut as this man looks under that tee. Fuck! 
Prodding the inside of a cheek with your very irked tongue, you tack on, “Yes. Those, too.” 
You can see his smirk from the other side of the room, absolutely loathing how it’s making you feel behind your podium. It’s like he already knows how he’s affecting you, and yet you cannot do a single thing about it. 
Keep going. You have an agenda. Start it. 
Clearing your perfectly fine throat, you shift your attention to the projection of your slides outlining the meeting. “Apologies for the interruption, everyone. Now, we’re thinking a simple Facebook page will do—” 
You swing your attention back to Namjoon, jaw ticking at the way his crossed arms accentuate his pectorals. Honestly, it’s a feat your voice doesn’t waver when you explain, “Yes, Facebook. Because this would be efficient and draw people in.” 
“I don’t think so.” 
“And what makes you so sure?” 
“Because Facebook is boring.” 
“Boring? What could possibly be boring about this site? It’s practical and anyone can use it.” 
Namjoon simply tilts his head to the side before replying, “You literally just answered your own question. If I checked your org and saw you only got a Facebook page? Instant red flag.” 
“Excuse me for being frank, but you’re not really our target audience.” 
And as some people raise their heads at your retort, they react even more to his rebuttal. 
“Baby, you need any audience you can get right now.” 
Fucking hell. 
Situated on the wall closest to you, your vice president starts to push himself off the plaster until you halt him with a hand. 
You can do this. You can handle Mr. Kim Namjoon. At least, you’d like to think so. 
A bit of sweat slides down your back as you stew in his words. Around the room, people are clearly getting more attentive to this little spat you’re having, and you can see some of them wanting to voice their opinions but holding back. Some of them are even putting down their phones, and you always face a room full of people on their devices when you talk.
As much as you want to spit fire back, the best direction right now is forward. Ignore him. “Nevertheless, Facebook is a pretty standard social media structure. That’s why it works.” 
Namjoon’s answer is even quicker this time. “Not here. Not anymore.” After this, the man has the gall to shake his head, eyes downward. With a sigh, he states, “Bit of advice? Get with the times, grandma.” 
“Okay, that’s enough,” a light voice from your side darts into the small crowd. “I think it’s best if you leave.” 
“It’s fine, Jimin.” 
Your second in command turns back to you with creased brows. And you don’t blame him. Normally, disruptions would have been kicked out by now. 
But Namjoon is some sort of catalyst because this is the most attentive you have seen your attendees. 
“Mr. Kim,” you tut, setting your clicker down with a hollow clunk. “Since you seem like such an expert, what would you propose about this structure?” 
“Throw the whole thing away. Use IG or Twitter. Hell, even Tiktok.” 
Snickers pop between the rows before other voices actually chime in.
“He’s got a point. I barely use Facebook myself.” 
“No, I like its format. It’s professional.” 
“Just because it’s professional doesn’t mean it’ll pull people in.” 
“I don’t even have Twitter. Or Tiktok.”  
“Tiktok does have an insane algorithm, though.” 
“But if we get too wild then it could damage our image.” 
It is to that specific comment that Namjoon cuts back in, appalled, “The fuck does that mean?” 
“Language,” you snip before anyone else can speak. 
“Oh, I’m sorry.” He leans back in his chair with fingers interlocked behind his head, crotch even more prominent. Aiming his eyes your way instead of the person he’s addressing, the new guy airily rephrases, “What is your logical reasoning for this assumption, pray tell?” 
This time, you let your eyes roll to the ceiling, and you can feel more than see Jimin fuming beside your podium. 
While Namjoon gets a response, you simply wait. 
“This org is known for being one of the most professional ones on campus. If we shy away from that, it could tarnish our reputation.” 
“Reputation?” He swings his arms back down on his thighs. And fucking hell, they sound solid. “The only thing I’ve heard about this org is that you got a hot ass president.” 
Immediately, chatter erupts in little pockets around the room. You audibly sigh as your temple falls into one of your hands, and you will never admit it is more out of embarrassment than annoyance. 
Namjoon huffs out a laugh, showing perfect teeth as he shamelessly admits, “She’s the only reason why I came, to be honest.” 
Jimin snaps in that moment, the clacks of his dress shoes angry as he walks in front of you. “Mr. Kim, if that’s the only reason you came, I will have to ask you to leave. If you don’t, I’ll formally report you for harassment.” 
“Jimin!” Namjoon grins wide as one of his legs bounce. “Long time, no see! How’s the girlfriend? Does she miss me?” 
Oh. That is your cue to intervene. 
“Enough!” Banging a fist on wood, you lift your chin. “Thank you, Mr. Kim, for your insights. But I agree with Jimin. You need to leave.” 
Namjoon simply cocks a brow at you. “You sure, Miss President?” 
“Yes.” You give him a scathing look of determination. “You’ve done enough here.” 
The new guy’s face is resolute before he nods in resignation. “Whatever you say, boss. I know when to fold.” 
And everyone watches as he confidently gathers his bag to sling over his shoulder. As you notice Jimin’s shoulders relax just a bit as the man heads to the back door, you almost miss the flick of a peace sign and a wink sent your way. 
“Glad to know the rumors are true. Y’all take care.” 
When the door shuts behind Namjoon, the silence that follows is booming. 
Even though he brought life into your forum, it was definitely necessary to give him the boot. But now you have to keep the momentum going, no matter how awkward it feels. 
“He’s right.” 
Jimin turns to face you, and you address the room with your voice a bit louder. 
“Namjoon’s right. I think it’d be best to switch it up. Who has experience with any of the apps he mentioned?” 
Someone on your left pipes up immediately, and you adore his prominent cheekbones. “Me! If we make an IG, I can help run it.” 
“Perfect,” you reply through a smile. Looking around the room, your voice already holds more hope as you ask, 
“Who else?” 
Tumblr media
At the end of the meeting, you wait for people to file out, nodding to your notes with pride in how smooth and in-depth it became. Almost everyone in the room got involved at one point, and you found out that many of them did have social media presences. 
You wouldn’t have known any of this if Namjoon didn’t speak up. 
“Hey,” Jimin whispers as he walks up, leather bag already resting on his hip. “I’m sorry I didn’t see Namjoon on the meeting sheet. I don’t know how I missed that.” 
“Probably slipped in last second. It’s okay.”
“But are you?”
“You sure? That started out rough.” 
Your mouth curves upward. “Yeah, but. As long as the outcome is net positive, I can take punches.” You gather your papers before slipping them into a meeting folder. “At least people actually participated. That was the first meeting where I didn’t feel like I was talking to a wall.” 
Jimin tilts his head with raised brows. “You’re right. But you also looked like you were about to pop a vein.”
“Says you. You actually did.” 
“Touché,” he laughs through a grin. 
As you pack your bag with all the folders and materials you used for the meeting, you remember something that you wanted to ask him. “Are you okay, by the way? With what he said?” 
Immediately, Jimin nods while keeping that same bright smile. “We’re happier than ever. That didn’t bother me. Although, your reaction was adorable.”
“I’ll draw swords for you anytime. You know me.” You softly pat his shoulder, the expensive material of his suit soft on your fingers. Smiling, you ask, ”What are you still doing here? Go home.” 
“As you wish, my liege.” 
You roll your eyes as your hand slips from his person. “Ugh. Bye. Say hi to Cee for me.”
“I will. Bye!” 
And with Jimin’s exit, you’re now alone. 
As you go through the motions of turning everything off and moving the podium back to its resting spot, you think back to what just happened. Truthfully, it’s inevitable. 
Because, shamefully, that entire debate created an ache in your core and a pool of desire in your underwear. Despite how irked you were at his behavior, Namjoon managed to tug you in with his fuck-all attitude and huge presence alone. 
How the hell did you survive that tension? And why the fuck did he have grey sweats on, of all things? You wanted to slam yourself onto those muscular thighs and ride him in front of the entire room! Not only that—you’ve also never wanted to give someone a stern talking to while having them split you open before. 
These thoughts are nothing like what a president should be thinking. 
Fuck Kim Namjoon. 
When you walk out of the small conference room, you don’t even get a second thought because the very person you’re cursing is leaning against the wall beside the door. 
What the fuck! 
Recovering from your flinch and spiked heart rate, you huff from your nose before aiming heat his way, “What the hell are you still doing here, Mr. Kim?” 
Oh, he looks good. Even better up close. And he knows it. Why is your pulse quickening? Why is your breath halting? 
All the tension you’ve been stockpiling until now—from the debate, the lingering buzz in your bones, his good as fuck cologne—comes to a head as Namjoon leans down to your face level, chain swinging forward to knock against your chest. His voice is deeper than you’ve ever heard it when he speaks, and your body reacts before your mind does. 
“You wanna keep running that mouth or find out?” 
Your lips smash onto his before life becomes a blur. All you know is that something is happening and you don’t know what exactly but you have no plans of stopping it. 
Your back hits something before you hear a creaking noise, and suddenly all light vanishes from your peripheral. Oh. Closet. You’re in a broom closet. 
Namjoon already has one arm on your waist while the other tugs your bag off your shoulder. When you swipe your tongue along his bottom lip, he quickly shoves you into shelves and thrusts his hardened cock into your pencil skirt. 
“You gave in quicker than I thought,” he murmurs through a prideful smirk.
“Shut up,” you seethe, a ball of unresolved rage. “How dare you disrupt my meeting like that.”
Namjoon snickers as a large hand snaps to your throat, forcing your chin up. “You mad?” 
“I said shut the fuck up.” Your glare is loaded with fury even though your voice comes out strained. “No more talking.” 
“Language,” Namjoon mocks through a sneer. “Language, Miss President.” 
You grunt as he uses both hands to rip your top open, buttons plinking the ground around you as he shoves your blazer off your arms. As he drinks in the sight of your chest, he makes no move to undress you further. “Goddamn, these tits.” 
The lack of contact immediately gets to you, and impatient fingers pull on his chains to launch his lips back onto yours, your mouth swallowing his smug laughter. 
It’s frightening how turned on you are right now. You don’t know what the hell is possessing you at the moment, but you feel absolutely feral. Is it because you’ve never done this in a semi-public place? Is it because it’s him? 
A determined hand runs down his chest, his stomach, and finally his crotch down to his cock, squeezing and making him growl in your ear. 
“Careful, baby, that’s money.” 
“You’re such an asshole,” you scoff, trying not to think about how fucking huge he is. Another hand joins the first to tug at the hem at those godforsaken joggers. “Hurry up and take these fucking pants off.” 
Namjoon huffs out a deep laugh before he takes the back of your neck in his palm. “That mouth…” He murmurs right in your face. “It’s gonna suck this dick and learn its place.” 
But two can play this game. You’re so riled up that you’re completely fine with setting off. “What a shame that tongue is only for talking big instead of eating pussy. Pussy.” 
You only get another rumbling chuckle in return. “Oh… Is that so?”
“Prove me wrong, coward.”
“I intend to—again.” 
When you think you’ve won, your cunt quivers when Namjoon puts weight on your shoulders. 
“But not tonight. On your knees, Miss President. I’m not asking again.” 
Your body obeys astonishingly fast. And fuck, he towers over you when your knees hit the ground, his piercing eyes dark and hungry. 
As Namjoon slides his sweats down his meaty thighs, you can’t help the saliva that gathers around your tongue. This is what you’ve been wanting to do ever since he burst through the damn door. 
“Show me how good at this you are,” Namjoon goads as he takes his dick out completely. “Perfectionists are my favorite.” 
Though you glare up at him, you can’t stop the wetness gathering between your legs at the sight of his cock. The prominent veins, the angry red tip, the impossibly wide girth. You want all of it and you are determined to make this man suffer through what he asked for. 
As it leaks, you take the base of his dick in your palm. “Don’t fall in love,” is all you offer before you swirl a hot tongue around the tip, tugging a groan out of Namjoon from the jump. And you don’t give him time to think, spitting directly on his length before running your muscle along every vein. 
“Holy fuck!” 
When his cock is fully wet, you come back to the tip and take as much of him as you can. Above you, there’s a clinking and thump as you assume Namjoon places his hands on the shelves, and you hum in amusement—preening at the string of curses you get in return. 
Your deep sucks are relentless, your jaw working overtime and your cunt getting wetter with each second. At some points, you welcome the way he pushes you forward just a bit, the telltale tears pricking the corners of your eyes. 
“I know you can take more,” Namjoon growls, though his hand isn’t completely demanding on the back of your head. “Show me, pretty gi—shit!” 
You’re already ahead of him as you shove yourself forward, gagging when he hits the back of your throat and then some. When you slide him out of your mouth, you do the same thing, twisting your mouth around and relaxing your muscles enough for it to slide in easier the second time. 
When you grab the wet base of his cock, you lift it to dive onto one of his balls next, and that’s when Namjoon’s legs start to give out. 
“Babe, oh, fuck—Come here,” he grits before hauling you up by your armpits. “I can’t wait anymore.” 
Your jaw slackens as he spins you around, and your moans are high in pitch as he shoves your skirt to your waist. When he shucks off your undershirt, he snaps your bra to hit your back instead of taking it off completely. 
Instead of responding, Namjoon smacks your ass. “Quiet, Miss President.” When he lowers his hand to lightly slap your cunt from behind, you yelp and arch forward, automatically getting shushed by a wet hand. “What did I just say? You don’t wanna get caught, do you?” 
“I think you do.” Another slap to your cunt before he cups you above your underwear. “Maybe I should fuck you into your podium next time just like this.” 
You don’t get to retort because Namjoon’s already tugging down your drenched panties. 
“Fuck,” he whispers as he sees your essence stick to the fabric in strings. “I might just keep these.” 
There’s a quick pause after you step out of them, and you are almost positive that Namjoon just pocketed your underwear in his sweatpants bunched at his knees. 
Shit, why does that turn you on? 
You don’t get to process a lot more because he slides his cock along your folds, making your mouth hang open on contact. 
What did you just say about getting split open? Because yes. Namjoon is going to do just that. 
When he pushes in just a bit, it already feels like too much. On pure instinct, a short scream jumps from your lips—lips that get large fingers shoved right into them in response.
Your entire body is flung back into his broad chest, and you love the feel of his tee on your bare back.
“Quiet,” Namjoon growls in your ear. “Those screams are only for me, you understand?”
When you nod, he doesn’t take that as an answer. His fingers rip from your mouth before you get a light, wet slap on your cheek. “Hmm?”
Another slap before fingers are shoved into your mouth again, and you immediately knock your head back at the pleasure you feel from his handling. Your nipples pebble under your bra and you can definitely feel your essence trailing down your thighs. For the first time today, words escape you. You have absolutely nothing to say. 
“What’s wrong, Miss President? No questions? No concerns?” 
You moan again, cunt fluttering at his snark and pompous as fuck attitude. Goddamn, his voice is so fucking deep. 
“Didn’t think so.” 
Your saliva is spread across your face as he moves his hand down to your shoulder. As he slides his cock up and down your cunt again, it feels much better now that you’re sopping wet—which Namjoon quickly brings up with a groan. 
But eventually, his thick length is lodged inside of you inch by inch, both of you groaning when he’s sheathed between your folds.  
“Holy shit, you’re so tight,” he moans, slowly rocking himself back and forth for you to accommodate him. 
But you’re impatient. So very, incredibly impatient. Your demand flies out of your mouth when you cry out, “God, just fuck me, Joon!” 
A dark chuckle sends shivers down every bit of you. “Joon, huh? You think a pet name’s gonna save you, baby?” 
But Namjoon seems just as impatient because he keeps pushing himself in. When he finally bottoms out, you can hear the strain in his voice even though he tries to hide it. “Fuck, you’re—Fuck!” 
Damn it! He’s still just staying in one place. You cannot wait. You need to feel the friction you’ve been wanting for what seems like hours. 
So you take matters into your own hands, just like you always have. Moving your hips, you start fucking him on your own, taking him for yourself and showing him who he’s fucking with. 
“That’s it, pretty girl. Look at you…” Namjoon places a hand on your ass as it jiggles with each thrust you make, and you can feel his other hand wrap around to squeeze one of your hips.
Holy hell. As much as you want more of the delicious sensation of his ridges along your folds, you can’t go down on him too far.
And you know he knows. “What’s the matter? I know you can take more than that.” 
“It’s so big!” You hang your head as you tighten your hands on the shelves above you. “So fucking big.” 
You just hear a laugh. “Shouldn’t’ve been talking shit.” 
Namjoon grabs your hips and pushes you down his cock further, and you smash your lips together to keep your mix of pain and pleasure from echoing, the cleaning supplies the only ones battered by your hoarse sounds. 
“Breathe, baby. You good?” 
“Gimme a second.” 
Namjoon takes that time to laugh and rub a sweaty hand down your back. “I’m not the one pressed for time, babe. Take all you need.” 
“I hate you.” 
And you can feel his stupid grin despite facing very much away from him. 
“Your pussy’s saying something else.” 
“Fuck you!” Breathing until your cunt finally accommodates him at this depth, you gasp. “Okay, fuck it. Put that dick to use instead of that mouth.” 
The only warning you get is an animalistic growl before you’re rammed right into the shelves, strong fingers digging into your hips. 
Oh, god. Oh, fuck. His hands are going to leave bruises but you don’t give a single shit. All the stress you’ve been feeling for weeks is getting effectively fucked out of your system and your brain is experiencing peace for the first time in a long while. 
“Joon! Oh, my god!” 
“Goddamn, this pussy—shit!” 
You feel like your insides are getting rearranged in the best way, and your lust shoots out of your mouth in whines and whimpers and little incoherent words in between. 
“Joonie, oh fuck—”
“That’s right, baby. Say my fuckin’ name.” 
It’s hot. So, so hot in the little broom closet, and with Namjoon taking up most of the space all you feel are the shelves in front and his hot breath and chest behind. 
“Namjoon!” Your knees are threatening to collapse with every hard thrust, and at one point you think you go completely limp with pleasure, your eyes rolling back as he holds you up with a bulging arm. 
Goddamn, you’re so close. So so so close. Your cunt is clamping down incredibly hard around him, and your breaths get shallower and shallower as you reach your high. 
Yes yes yes, release is just within reach. Right there right there right there—
Only to be taken away when Namjoon pulls out. 
“Fuck!” You yell as you bang one of your sweaty hands on a random shelf. “No!” 
“Come here.” He spins you around and slams you back, grabbing your hands to place them on wooden planks above your head. “Mm… I like you like this.” 
“Namjoon, plea—”
Both of your breasts are groped and shoved together, and you arch your back towards him while straining your hands to keep holding on. 
“Been wanting to play with these all night.” Full of lust, Namjoon lowers your bra enough for your breasts to spill out, and his mouth latches right onto one of them to worship with his skilled tongue.
“Joon!” You bite your lip while thrashing in place, loving the way his rough thumb swipes over your other nipple. “Please.” 
“Oh, you need something, baby girl?” 
You let go of one of the shelves to grab at his chains again, but he easily catches your wrist and swiftly reattaches your hand to the hold. 
“Ah ah.” He smirks down at you. “Impatient, huh?” 
“Joon, please…” Your breathing is labored as you deal with the ache in your cunt. “It hurts.” 
He immediately grabs one of your legs to sling it around his hip, realigning himself with your folds again. “My bad,” he whispers before leveling his eyes with you. “You’re just so fuckin’ pretty.” 
“Tell me…” You breathe hard before gulping. “Tell me after.” 
Namjoon smirks, cheeks dimpling in mirth. “Yes, ma’am.” His brows instantly furrow in concentration as he pushes inside your cunt again, and his jaw works as you gladly suck him back in. 
“Goddamn,” he whispers, watching as his pelvis snaps into yours over and over. “Sexy as hell.” 
“Oh, shit,” you gasp, feeling more full by the second, knowing you’re immediately back to being close. “Baby, I’m—”
“I know—” His next thrusts launch you upward, your back grazing the shelves behind you. Finally, he leans forward, hot mouth latching onto one of your bouncing breasts and lapping like a man starved. With each stroke, he flicks his tongue across your nipple, sending jolts of desire all throughout your limbs. 
“Joonie,” you groan, tugging his name out of your throat with desperation. The leg you have slung around him shakes so much that you want to plant it back down, but Namjoon won’t let it budge. Fuck!  
When he releases your tit with a pop, he raises his body and looks down at you with lidded eyes. “Come for me, baby, come on.” 
And that incredibly low rasp of his is your final undoing. Your orgasm hits you like a train, your cunt milking him while you ride impossibly high waves with countless whines.
“Fuck, baby, yes…” With electrifying, slow thrusts, Namjoon knows just how fuck you through one orgasm and into another, making you wail until he smothers your lips with his. 
Your body feels wracked with pleasure, thrumming at a frequency you didn’t think it could achieve as you lock around a mountain of muscle. It goes on forever and ever, and your vision blanks for a second or two before you finally re-enter reality. 
One of Namjoon’s hands starts to slide along your propped up leg. As he pulls his mouth away from yours, he nicks it before professing, “Wanna fill you all the way up, Miss President.”
Absolutely fucked out beyond belief, you heave a breath before you rasp out, “Do… Do it.”
“Pill. I’m good. Do it,” you admit, voice heavily laden with exhaustion and lust and nothing else. 
Immediately, Namjoon’s movements become jilted, erratic, stuttered. You watch the way his eyebrows knit and his lips bunch with passion, allowing yourself to admire this insufferable man during his most vulnerable moments.  
And you feel him explode in your cunt, hot strings coating your walls and painting them with evidence of your finally resolved tension. His essence is warm and filling, and you hum, sated and breathing hard. 
Namjoon pulls out before slipping a hand down to your cunt, gathering the cum seeping out and lodging it back inside. “You’re gonna keep this,” he commands, “Until you get home tonight.”
Your mouth forms a pout as you slip all the way to the hard closet ground, and the man towering above you hums in pride. 
A few moments pass, the only things filling the space your breaths and the shuffling of his clothes. The constant hum of the lights outside finally reaches your ears…
And you start smiling wide a second before Namjoon does.
“Thank you… For coming to… the meeting, babe,” you rasp out. “I think our plan worked.” 
His dimples will always be one of your favorite things about him. “No prob. It was so hot seeing you up there.” 
Your shoulders move with mirth as your head shakes. “Yeah, well, I had to stop myself from looking at your pants the whole time. At least you have an excuse for looking at me.” 
“I’ll always look anyway.” 
“Yeah, whatever,” you huff out with a laugh. “Help me up. I can’t move my legs.” 
“Hold on, lemme clean you up.” He softly takes a towel from a shelf before tending to you with care—just like he always does. 
“You…” Your words peter out as effort still eludes you. “You owe me another blazer.” 
As Namjoon scans the button-littered ground around his knees, he looks back at you with apologetic eyes. “My bad.”
After you’re helped up and dressed, winces and all, you’re carefully led out of the closet and down the hall back to your car. 
Namjoon’s arm is firmly around your waist to keep you upright on sore legs. In his usual low tone, he turns to plant a kiss on your head. “Where to now, Miss President?” 
You scoff. “Are you ever gonna stop calling me that?” 
“Nope! That’s who you’ll always be to me. Love my little nerd.” 
“Joon, you’re more of a nerd than I am,” you say with a playful pat to his ass. His perfect, juicy ass.  
“And yet, no one will believe you if you say it.” 
“Oh, so next meeting. I’m thinking we can touch on our outreach projects. Think you can argue for bigger scope if I bring it up?” 
“For sure.” 
“And hey! No more comments on past hook-ups? Please?” 
Namjoon laughs while rubbing the back of his neck. “Yeah, that was fuckin’ rude of me. Is he good?” 
“Yeah, him and Cee are apparently happier than ever.” 
“Happier than us?” 
“Depends,” you hum. “If you behave.” 
“Based on today, I don’t think you want me t—” 
“Anyways! Time to focus. So for next meeting…”
You rattle off your plans the whole trek to your car and on the way back to your apartment, not knowing that the results of your heated debates in the coming weeks will bring students from everywhere around the university to join your org. 
But those aren’t the only things that helped. 
Not in the slightest.
Because you’re later shown a Tiktok of your boyfriend saying that your organization’s got a hot ass president before the recorder pans to you, and you finally understand the power of the frightening app. It went viral in only a couple of days, and was the exact spark you needed to start a lasting flame.
A/N: HI HELLO! i hope you enjoyed this very very speedily written fic (in ryen speeds lol two days is p dang quick for me ok) and the twist at the end! if you guessed it, you’re a genius and deserve a joonie in grey joggers knocking on ur door rn. thank you for reading and i would very much like to write more fuckboi!joon in the future lol bye ++ feedback box: ⇥ of course, any reblogs/comments/messages are appreciated! ⇥ for the ones that aren’t okay with reblogging with a review, commenting on this, or sending a message, i went ahead and made another anonymous form where you can send in what you think! ⇥ no emails collected, no need to put in a username. it’s literally just a feedback dropbox :D ⇥ here!   ++ ⇥ masterlist  ++ perm. taglist (+ some joonie lovers!): @agustdakasuga​ @park-shina  @minimoni7​ @asifihaveaclue @squishykoo​ @rageyoudamnednerd​ @jaiuneamesolitaiire​ @seokjennieee​ @lia666 @4ksj​ @ekjk00​ @taecal​ @ficsrecks​ @joonslovergirl @nch327​ @kookstempo​ @gaea23​ @honsoolhour​ @herecomesjoon​ @vroomvroomvroomcachow @trustingofwinds​ @dntaewithluv​ @missgeniality​ @sugakookitty​ @kookskingdom​ @yoon2k​ @agustdef​ @triviafics​ @joheunsaram​ (italics means i couldn’t tag u!) 
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lavishedinjimin · 3 months ago
bts reaction -> biting your clit/squirting (m)
biting: jk, nj, taehyung
squirting: sj, yg, hs, jm
additional tags: mentions of daddy/sir
Tumblr media
This man couldn’t choose between the two. He’s intoxicated with the thrill of watching your pussy gush with sweet, sweet nectar, but also loves to see your body flinch as he bites down on your clit.
So, therefore, he uses both to his advantage.
You were at the brink of your orgasm, your hips practically off the bed as two fingers pumped in and out of your cunt. Your hands tightly grasp the sheets, eyes closed as you bite your lip to stop yourself from yelling out.
“Do you want my mouth, sweet girl?” Namjoon asks, voice raspy. His muscles flex, hands working on his magic.
“Yes, please,” you say breathlessly.
He goes straight to devour your pussy, even feeling him smirk as he feels your walls tighten around his digits.
“Fuck, J-Joon—” you gasp, that feeling suddenly appearing in your lower stomach once again. “I think – oh, I think I”m gonna—ahh!”
He bites down on your clit, the roughness triggering a hard, pulsating orgasm, soaking Namjoon’s chin. He laughs menacingly, using the back of his hand to wipe his skin. “You’re too easy, Y/n.”
Seokjin was cocky in all aspects but in a playful, lighthearted way. Whenever you’d compliment how great he is in singing in that one performance, his reply would be in the lines of: “Ah, I can do better than that, babe.”
Seokjin is full of confidence but never crosses the line. And that’s what you love about him.
Not until one day, you were both watching porn and a scene where the girl squirts come to show. You bite your lip, unknowingly crossing your legs together but still keeping your hand down there to resume touching your pussy. Seokjin groans, stealing a glance at how you were bucking your hips up into your hand.
“Do you want that?” he suddenly asks, making you blush.
“I mean,” you chuckle, “can you do it?”
“That shouldn’t even be a question!”
Within seconds, Seokjin pushes your back down on the bed, closes the laptop, and starts to tower over you. “I’ve always wanted to do that to you, god.”
“Is it one of your fantasies?”
Seokjin smirks, “Oh, fuck yes.”
“Then make me squirt, daddy.”
Yoongi roughly grabs a handful of your hair and pulls his cock out of your mouth. He watches with a glint in his eyes how a string of saliva connects from the tip of his dick to your lips. He wipes it away with his thumb, then forces the digit into your mouth for you to suck. “Good girl,” he coos.
Suddenly, Yoongi pushes himself up on the bed and lies down. You, appalled, watch him in silence, waiting for a command as you usually do.
“What are you waiting for?” he chuckles, “fuckin’ ride my face.”
You crawl to him after those words, but you hesitate to put all your weight into his face. Yoongi gives your pussy a quick kitten-lick, making your body shiver when you feel the tip of his tongue graze your clit. “Mm, fuck, are you scared, baby?”
In a second, Yoongi pulls your hips down forcefully onto his mouth and he starts to play with your clit. Rubbing tender, firm circles around your throbbing bud with his tongue, flicking and sucking alternatively. “Oh my god!” you squeal, putting your hands on his thigh.
Yoongi does not stop. Everything happened so fast that your consciousness couldn’t quickly comprehend the upcoming hard, mind-blowing orgasm.
Not to mention, one of your hardest orgasms in a long time.
“Fuuuuck!” Your hips tremble, nails digging into his skin as you feel yourself squirt uncontrollably. Yoongi gasps, his cock twitching.
It was his first time to see you all wrecked like this, and he doesn’t plan to stop until you do it a second time.
Hoseok, without a doubt, loves to see you squirt. Fuck, he loves it even more than you do.
With that being said, it riles him up whenever he sees you crying, trembling, begging to feel that thrill. It feeds into his dominant, even sadistic desires.
He sits across from the bed, watching you play with yourself with the help of your wand. He, too, masturbates as he watches. Tugging his cock up and down, using his spit as lube.
“Sir,” you moan, fucking yourself faster with two fingers while the vibrator stays put on your throbbing clit. Even though you can’t see him – for your ass was presented to him while your head pressed down on the bed – you were imagining him roughly fucking his hand from his loud grunts.
You can feel your pussy juice slide down your inner thighs, your cunt soaked, and Hoseok ravishes in the view. He can’t keep his eyes off of you, the way you fucked yourself, probably begging to feel his cock inside you instead of your fingers, was making him animalistic.
“I bet you want to be stretched by my cock so bad, huh?” Hoseok says, spitting onto his cock to make it wetter. “You want my cock inside you?”
“Yes, yes, yes, yes!” You pant, fucking yourself harder, feeling your fingers graze against your sweet spot. Your eyes roll to the back of your head, whimpering as you feel your lower stomach tighten. “Pleaaaase, sir. Put it in… please put it in!”
“I want you to squirt first, baby. C’mon, I know you can do it.” Hoseok bites his lip, seeing you increase the level of your vibrator, “fucking squirt all over yourself first, then you’ll get my cock.”
And there it was. Hoseok coos, his hand gripping his cock tighter as he sees you squirt all over the sheets, his sheets. “Good fucking girl. Look at that, fuck. Such a wet, messy girl for me. You’ll have my cock as a reward, baby.”
Jimin loves everything nasty. Sure, you both cherish the soft, passionate side of sex. But it was always those spontaneous and messy ones that ended up in both of you panting for breath.
He’s also a huge fucking tease.
He had taken you to a huge company dinner. Fancy restaurant, clothes, food, everything. You were surrounded by A-class people, and you initially had the goal to make many friends tonight and create a good first impression. But Jimin had other ideas.
The vibrator inside your panties zipped your mouth shut, ruining all your plans.
He doesn’t hesitate to further up the intensity of the vibrations using the sly, small remote. He does it while he chats with other members, putting on a blank face as if his girlfriend isn’t trying to hold back from cumming.
You grip his thigh to catch his attention.
“Yeah, darling?” he smiles. You’ve never hated that cocky smile until tonight. “What’s up?”
You pursed your lips as your feet jumps up and down, hoping that he’d get the message that you can’t fucking do it anymore.
“Tsk,” he leans over to you and pushes a strand of hair behind your ear while increasing the intensity again, this time to its highest level. He hears you squeal. “I don’t know what you want if you don’t say it,” he whispers.
You couldn’t hold it in. Within a second, you stand up and make your way to the nearest restroom, not saying a word to anyone but hoping that he’d follow through.
Jimin apologizes and runs behind your tail.
“Fuck you—aaawhh!” Jimin kneels after closing the door of the stall, pushing your panties to the side, and starts sucking on your clit. You spread your legs, putting one foot up on the toilet as your hands clasp against your mouth. His tongue flicks your clit up and down with the toy still on, until you squirt from the overstimulation.
“Fuck,” Jimin whines, trying to catch everything, “y-you – ohh, that’s hot – you ruined my suit.”
Your legs were hiked up as Taehyung didn't stop devouring your pussy. Using his long tongue to his advantage, he licks and sucks on your clit, even pushing the tip of his tongue in just to tease you and make you gush more of your juices. He knows how much you like it, how much you crave for him to eat you out.
Every day when he goes to work, he leaves you, knowing how much you would crave to feel his tongue back in your cunt again after a long day of work. He knows that only he could make you feel so overwhelmed by just using his tongue.
Taehyung’s a humble person, but he can go on and on about how hard he can make you cum.
His chin was always almost drenched in your wetness, but he likes it that way. He loves the smell of your arousal as it is one of the factors that drive him into eating your pussy like a starved man.
“Look at this sore, little clit, aww,” he groans, using his thumb to rub your clit as he catches his breath. “It loves to be abused, doesn’t it, hm? You love daddy’s tongue on your pussy so much that you don’t care that it’s being overstimulated, huh?”
“Mhmm,” you giggle, but that sly little laugh was cut off by him putting your clit between his teeth, biting down on it without warning.
His ears perk up from how you squealed, dick growing harder as your body twitched from that action.
“That hurts,” you whimper, lips pouting as you look down at him with tears welling up your eyes.
“But did you like it?”
You nod slowly, face heating up from the confession.
“Do you want me to do it again?”
“Yes, daddy.”
Taehyung did it once, and he never stopped from then on.
It might seem obvious, but Jungkook had dominant tendencies in bed that you would not ever have dreamed of. He was never the type to shy away from trying new things to spice up your sex life with him. After all, everything he does is for you, wanting you to feel good in all possible ways.
Your hands were cuffed into the bedposts, using the ones with pink fluffy protection to see the contrast of the color to your skin. His mouth was inches away from your wet pussy, only feeling his breath graze upon your slit.
“Please,” you whine, “babe, please…” He’s been teasing you like this for at least fifteen minutes, only kissing your pussy every once in a while, licking your inner thigh, barely touching your clit, all to rile you up into a hot, needy mess.
Jungkook grins, “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he shrugs.
He hears the cuffs grind against the posts, your body withering just to feel his touch. His cock throbs as he hears you whimper in pure desperation, almost wanting to give in just from that.
“Use your words, baby girl. Or else you might not get to cum tonight–”
“I want your tongue, please!” you mewl, hips bucking up, “please, Kook. Please, I-I want to cum.”
“Oh yeah?” he chuckles before suddenly getting an idea. He targets your engorged little bud and gives it a hard, firm bite. You feel streaks of pain shooting through your body accompanied by bliss from the contact. The cuffs dig deeper into your skin as you tug onto them, your body shaking as you didn’t expect to feel such rapture.
Jungkook, the menace that he is, does it again, and again, and again. Discovering another act that adds to his list of painful pleasures to give you.
Tumblr media
a/n: It's been a while since a reaction post! I hope you enjoyed this little gift. Thank you to the anon who had requested this prompt! Ily all, my lovelies!
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