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#namjoon x reader
jungkookismydaddy · 3 minutes ago
уαи∂єяє яσℓєρℓαуѕ
hi everyone
i wanted to do a yandere roleplay. i’ve been writing fic for a long time but i’ve never done an rp, and i thought it would be a lot of fun. i will only do members of bts for now.
↠ you must 18+ (preferably 21+)
↠ i will only do [member] x yn or [member] x oc
↠ only apply if you are comfortable with smut
↠ all characters will be 18+
↠ please actually write and move the story forward, don’t just react with one-liners to my posts. i want this to be equal effort from the both of us
↠ roleplays will take place here on tumblr, either via anons (you can choose an emoji) or submissions
↠ roleplays that are not responded to within 72 hours without explanation will be dropped
↠ i reserve the right to drop a roleplay at any time
if you’re interested, you can either dm me or submit me your story idea as an ask. also include the kinks/scenarios you are and aren’t comfortable with. please also send in a starter so that i can see an example of your writing style.
we can hash out any other details in our pre-roleplay talks
side note: i do prefer darker themes, so i would love it if someone would be into that
thank you x
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minbbyy · 21 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You Broke Me First | social media au
{jimin x y/n x jungkook au; fakedating!au}
okay daddy
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taglist: @jikooksgirl19 @sherizaraiyah @notvantaes @atomickokorox @beeeb05 @bbyjoonies @kim-ji-hyeons-world @hajiraa06 @lochness-butmakeitsexy @rjsmochii @thequeen-kat @xxxanimangxxx @preciouschimine @lidda @tae165 @missmadwoman @jiminho-s @lizzzaaaaaaaaaaa @etherealyoonghwa @mooniyooni @thesweetest-peas @rlynotme @anpanman-sonyeondan @halesandy @weasleyswizarding-wheezes @lyndseygoregasmxo @semphie @parkjiminstan16 @secretlycrazyhummingbird @angietdcc @lachimolala-2l @ggukkieland @seokjinnie-writes @monstathedisco @immafuckyoutilyouaint1 @binniebutter @neverthefirstchoice @fiantomartell @whitepinkish @seoul-sunsets @kim-jias-den @oknymz @taecupreads @seolaquotes @nyamnomnamujoon @ellesalazar @wearenot7withu @embrace-themagic @goldenroses @itsyaapollochild
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bangtanhome · an hour ago
thinly veiled desires: bound | knj
Tumblr media
gif by the amazing sugajimin from this gifset! thank you again for letting me use it!
Tumblr media
pairing: sub!namjoon x gnc, soft dom!reader
word count: 786
rating: 18+ with themes of bdsm and dom/sub relationship. please don't read if you're uncomfortable.
genre/au: non-idol, bdsm au
warnings: blindfolded • mild bondage • handjob • safeword mention (as a reminder) • aftercare
author's note: anatomy... who is she... i'm trying really hard to make sure that everything works nicely for our lovely leader and i do hope i delivered! honestly, this was the gif that started it all and the reason why we have this drabble series in the first place. if you want to blame someone, blame joon and his sexy, sexy face. send me an ask and tell me what you think!
series m.list | general m.list | ao3
immediate smut after the read more!
Tumblr media
Namjoon whines pathetically as he rattles the shackles that lock his arms above his head, the slightest movements causing the metal to bite painfully on the skin of his wrists. With his back against the wall and his arms above his head, he feels exposed, in contrast to your clothed figure as you dig through your chest of toys to find something suitable for the night. There's a sharp intake of breath and Namjoon spies the mirth dancing in your eyes as you turn around, a small grin on your face, holding something away from his view as you tuck it in the pockets of your sweatpants. A bead of precum dribbles down his length as he tries to shrink away from embarrassment, feeling small in his naked form even though he towers over you by almost a foot.
The silence tick on by as you pace back and forth, admiring your handiwork and humming a mindless tune as you get closer, half-lidded eyes leaning forward only to stop inches away from his face. Namjoon leans closer, wanting to feel the drag of your lips against his, but his effort is met with a quiet chuckle as you pull away. He scowls, feeling like he's been chastised for doing nothing wrong, but it doesn't last long, mouth hanging open with a groan when you rake your fingernails across his abs, the muscles flexing with every delicate touch.
"Joonie." Your quiet voice pulls him away momentarily from the haze, the embarrassing pet name painting his cheeks with splotches of pink. "Before we officially begin, what's the safeword, sweetheart?"
"Handlebars," Namjoon manages to rasp out, voice trembling as your hand skirts across his length. He tries to buck his hips towards your touch, but it only earns him a twinkling laughter and the removal of your warmth.
Groaning with need, he shuts his eyes momentarily while he laments at the lack of your touch. Cracking both eyes open, Namjoon's unfocused sight manages to spot a strange black fabric protruding out of your pockets. He tilts his head curiously, tongue prodding against the insides of his cheek.
"Speak." You command simply, as though you're reading his mind.
"What's that?"
"It's a blindfold, Joonie," you explain, waving the black veil in front of him. "Any other questions?"
Namjoon shakes his head, a quiet 'no' spilling from his lips as he gulps again, excited at the prospect of a new addition to your routine. You stand on your tiptoes to secure the blindfold around his eyes, hands gently caressing his hair before pulling away. There's a momentary state of panic as he adjusts to the lack of vision where Namjoon jumps at the smallest of sounds, sweat lining his brows, feeling overwhelmed. You shush him assuringly, pressing your chest on his and kissing his neck to remind him of your presence. After he's calmed down, having fully adjusted to the darkness behind his lids, Namjoon feels your form disappear from his side and he groans, feeling cold.
Between Namjoon's quiet protests, he hears a bottle open followed by a squirting sound and, within moments, your warm hand wraps itself around his cock, the contrast between the heat of your fingers and the coldness of the lube causing him to jump, his bound hands clinking around the metal shackles as it digs into his flesh. Namjoon moans wantonly as you pump faster, the wet sounds echoing around the room. There's a fire in the pit of his stomach as his muscles clench, hips thrusting shallowly with your movements.
"Mmh - gonna cum. Please, can I cum?" he begs, rutting against your palm to show you how eager he is.
You shower him with more kisses on his neck, movement unfaltering and Namjoon takes it as a sign that he could. With one last thrust against your closed fist, he cums; thick white ropes splattering on the hardwood floor as his body tenses, hands grabbing uselessly at the chains above him. You quickly remove yourself from him to unlock the chains that bind his arms, massaging his wrists gently as you whisper praises under your breath. He stumbles slightly upon release, but you're already there, guiding him towards the bed to gently lower him down. With a swift motion, the blindfold is tugged away from his face, causing Namjoon to wince when the light blinds his eyes. In tune with his needs, you turn the lights off before sliding in next to him, propping his head on your chest and bringing the covers over his spent form.
"Good boy, you did so good, Joonie," you coo as you cradle him in your arms, stroking his hair as your hands rub soothing circles on his shoulder.
Namjoon mumbles sleepily, feeling content as he drifts to sleep.
Tumblr media
love my work? please consider leaving a like and reblog! feel free to ask me anything about the story, i’d love to hear your thoughts!
if you want to join the taglist, please fill out this form or send me a dm!
Posted: 6.18.20 at 10:55pm CST
taglist (please dm if you want to be removed): @thedarkwinterrose @somewhereofftheglobe @typicalgenzworld
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alpacaparkaseok · 2 hours ago
Heartbreak Ave.
When they’re in love with you but you have feelings for a different member (Hyung line)
→ tags/warnings: SFW, angstyyyyy (like, I’m sorry but at the same time I wanted to write something sad), no, there’s not a happy ending really idk so read at your own heart’s risk, but like really. I was listening to “Manos de Tijera” while writing this so it’s a wee bit heartbreaking
→ a/n: I don’t really write reactions very often but this seemed fun when @sierra-fics​ brought it up! I actually have one of your suggestions in my drafts, just haven’t finished it up yet. Thanks for the push, though! I love exploring different styles!
Let me know if you guys would be interested in a maknae line version! (are we surprised I’m starting off with the hyungs? I’m Hyung line trash™)
Tumblr media
Kim Seokjin
he’s not surprised
it’s probably the worst part for him, the fact that he’s not surprised when your eyes light up as Taehyung waltzes in the room. 
he had been in the middle of plucking up the courage to invite you to try out that new Thai restaurant you’d been chattering about when Tae walked in
and you tried - you really did - to pay attention to what Jin had been saying, but you faltered a bit as Tae greeted you warmly and plopped down beside Jin
and Jin just watched, not surprised. 
although what does surprise him is how much it hurts
that pain where your heart literally, physically hurts? it’s an exquisite pain, one that takes his breath away
and it doesn’t go away
it doesn’t fade
so he ends up in Namjoon’s studio later that night, and Namjoon knows to wait for him to open up
Jin just stares for a while, blankly at the wall
“Does Tae like her?”
Namjoon already knows who he’s referring to. He’s known about Jin’s helpless crush on you for ages, he knew before Jin himself figured it out
but it’s the way that Jin asks the question so softly, so carefully, that Namjoon realizes with a start that this is so much more than a crush
and Jin looks at him, misery clear in his eyes but also clear resolve visible  even as unshed tears glimmer 
“Would you really let her go?” Namjoon counters gently. Because he knows. He knows that if Tae got the green light, you'd be swept up in a matter of seconds.
and it’s the way that Jin stares down at his feet, and the tears begin rolling down his cheeks, that has Namjoon sick to his stomach
Jin nods, and when he speaks, his voice shakes but he sounds so earnest that it breaks Namjoon’s heart
“I’d do anything for her.”
no words are exchanged after that for a long, heart-wrenching moment. it’s just Jin, staring down at his feet and quietly sobbing, and Namjoon, pulling him into an embrace. 
“I’m sorry, hyung.”
it’s surprising to Jin, just how much that soft phrase cuts through him. It sounds so final. 
because at the end of the day, it’s the only solace that can be offered to him. 
he lost. 
he loved, and he lost.
Min Yoongi
you’re sitting beside him in his studio when the realization hits him like a freight train
sprawled sideways in your designated swivel chair while you stifle a yawn and rub your eyes, Yoongi wonders when he let his emotions get so out of hand
because you’re offering him a shy smile and asking him a question that he numbly answers, but on the inside he’s a total clueless mess
when did he fall in love with you?
it’s something that will haunt him long after you leave that night, rushing out when you get a call from Hobi
for the second time that night, he’s hit with another realization
he’s still reeling from the fact that he’s pretty sure he’s in love with you, so when you gasp and grin when your phone light up with a call, he falters
it’s like being doused with a bucket of ice water, the way you whisper, “oh, it’s Hobi!” and politely ask if you can take the call before rushing out into the hallway
“oh,” he mumbles to himself as the door closes. “it’s Hobi.”
and he laughs. 
quietly, darkly. he laughs to himself, at himself, whatever. 
because of course it’s Hobi. his best friend, his vitamin. you two deserve each other. of that much he’s certain. 
he doesn’t waste too much time feeling sorry for himself; he’s logical enough to see that you two are probably a better match. it’s nothing personal.
so why does he stay in his studio all night, ignoring any calls or messages sent his way?
he’s not sure when he fell asleep, but next thing he knows he’s sprawled out on his little couch and you’re gently shaking him awake
“Yoongo? Did you stay here last night?”
his eyes crack open at the sound of your voice, just enough to be met with your sweet smile
and he, in his half-asleep state, smiles back. he reaches one hand up to gently brush back a strand of your hair, and he swears you lean into his touch
and when you mumble something about Hobi bringing breakfast up, Yoongi is hit with the third realization in less that twenty-four hours.
it’s startlingly simple: 
he wants to cry. 
so he excuses himself to the bathroom, and cries. sets a five minute timer so nobody gets worried and comes looking for him, and allows himself that time to cry. 
then, with machine-like precision, he washes his face and puts some eyedrops in, and goes back out to pretend like everything is fine.
and whenever Jin or Taehyung bring up acting, Yoongi knows. He knows, deep down, that he’s the best actor of all. 
because he still loves you
and you will never know.
Jung Hoseok
hobi has never been the most forthcoming with his emotions
he keeps them on lockdown
monitors them with military-like focus
so he knows the exact moment he begins developing feelings for you
(it’s when you brought Bang PD a bouquet for valentine’s day, just to make him blush)
and he knows the exact second when he fell in love
(it was when, after a grueling day at work, you silently walked through his door with his favorite goodies and left without a single word)
(you were wearing a yellow cardigan that day)
(he’s never looked at the color yellow the same way)
if he’s completely honest, he’s sometimes trying so hard to stay on top of his own feelings that he forgets to watch out for where your attention may be drifting
to be fair, you kept your own little crush on Jimin a secret
so when Hobi decides to get over himself and just shoot his shot, he decides he’s all in
and when you arrive at his apartment that night for a movie, you’re shocked to see a bouquet of yellow flowers in Hobi’s shaking hands
“hey” he breathes
you stare at the flowers, then at him
“hello...?” then, with a sinking felling, you point at the flowers. “are those for me?”
hobi smiles broadly. “yeah, they are.” and he hands them to you, allowing his fingers to brush up against yours 
it’s electrifying, that small touch
and again, he’s so focused on how electrifying it is that he misses the way you look like you might be sick
pale face, concerned expression
he misses it all, because he’s so nervous but so stupidly in love that he’s just barreling ahead.
gotta get this out of the way
ugh, feelings
and so when he leads you to sit with him out on the balcony, he takes a deep breath and looks at you with wonder in his eyes
and that’s when he notices the way you’re fiddling with your bracelet
not a problem, except for the fact that it’s the one he saw Jimin carefully choosing from an online collection
so when you keep fiddling with the bracelet and avoiding Hobi’s eye contact, he gets it
he takes a long look at all those emotions he keeps in check, and allows himself a moment of self-pity before reaching out and laying a hand atop your own
you immediately stop fidgeting and look at him with wide eyes. he can see with a pang how you’re trying to come up with the best way to let him down easy
so he does the job for you
“I just wanted to say thank you for the other day,” he says, forcing a light tone. “when you brought me those goodies after work. It really meant a lot.”
you blink, confused. “Oh. uh, you’re welcome.”
“and,” he drawls, a well-rehearsed smile clawing its way onto his face, “I wanted to snoop and get the inside scoop about Jiminie. I know he got you that bracelet. did he finally cave and confess to you?”
you look shocked, but you burst out into relieved laughter. “how did you know?”
he didn’t. “how could I not? he’s absolutely whipped.”
and you blush under the stars and begin to ramble, lost in your excitement and joy. 
and Hobi watches. smiling. supportive. laughing at the right spots and asking all the right questions. 
later, when you give him a tight hug and thank him for the fun night, he lets the words sting as you call him “such a great friend.” he lets them sting, relishing in the pain. 
he reminds you to take your flowers home, and you begrudgingly admit that they’re your favorite type of flower. 
he didn’t know. but that hurts, too. the fact that he got it right. 
Hobi never looks at the color yellow the same way again.
Kim Namjoon
he’s told you he loves you a million times now
every night, in every dream, he tells you how much he loves you
adores you with everything he is
you manage to find your way into his music, his musings, every piece of artwork he comes across
he's never been like this before
never, he’s sure of it
and everyone knows, except for you.
it becomes a strange game for the boys to play, dropping hints at every opportunity, laughing at your confused expression
Jungkook and Taehyung especially enjoy the chaos that they create, making Namjoon groan and grow embarrassed
but you have no idea
or are you just willfully ignorant?
all Namjoon knows is that he’s swimming in his feelings for you, completely lost and on the verge of drowning
but, oh, what a way to die
he’s never been able to stop himself when it comes to you
and he considers himself rather disciplined, but the way you make him feel he could throw caution to the wind and give it all up
so when you end up staying late one night at the apartment, the boys manage to convince you to stay
“there’s plenty of room” Jungkook muses, feigning deep thought. “besides, it’s too late for you to drive back tonight. just stay.”
and while Namjoon wants to kill them all for the way they offer up his bed to you, he thinks he might actually die when you reluctantly agree with a yawn
he knows he should offer to take the couch, but something stops him
it’s like he physically can’t
“I don’t mind sharing the bed” you state, squinting at him while wearing his basketball shorts and oversized t-shirt. 
you look adorable. he’s unsure of how he’s even functioning right now, to be honest. he’s melting.
“just keep your snoring in check, loser”
and he’s back to laughing, turning off the light and hopping into bed
you’re so far away
why are you so far away?
“hey” he whispers, the sound so loud in the quiet. the only other sound is the muffled voices of the other members, no doubt down in the kitchen gossiping about the events of the night
“hey yourself” you whisper back, turning to face him
he can see you in the moonlight, his eyes having adjusted just enough.
and he wants to kiss you so badly
so he smiles, heart leaping when you smile back
and he reaches out, gently tracing your jawline. 
you say nothing, heart thundering in your chest
because to be honest, you’re confused 
why is he looking at you like that?
but you don’t ask as Namjoon takes a deep breath, steadying himself before propping himself up on one elbow and looking down at you with an adoring expression
your eyes flutter closed as he brushes his thumb against your cheek, and he can feel your heartbeat racing
your reaction gives him all the courage he needs as he leans down, lips capturing your own in a long, sweet kiss
and he’s going out of his mind because he finally kissed you, didn’t he?! finally!! 
but those are your hands on his chest, and instead of pulling him in closer you’re gently pushing him away
he’s never hated his name so much.
“I’m so sorry- I- I thought that maybe-” he stutters, pulling himself upright as you do the same, and he launches out of bed, hands in his hair “I’m so sorry, I swear I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable-”
“Namjoon.” you repeat, and he notices now how utterly distraught you look. 
because you’re still confused, but there’s one name rolling around in your head even as you can still taste namjoon on your lips. 
“I...” you shake your head, unsure of what to say. “It’s just...”
and he’s looking at you with big eyes, taking in every single word you say. and you want to take it all back, want to let him kiss you until you’re breathless, but your heart won’t let you. 
“Just what?” he asks quietly, afraid of the answer. so afraid
two syllables, and his world comes crashing down around him. 
namjoon is silent, avoiding your gaze as he grabs one of the pillows off of the bed and a spare blanket, heading toward the door. 
“I’ll sleep on the couch. I’m sorry.”
and he’s gone before you can utter another word. 
sure enough, the boys are still downstairs, and they all fall silent as Namjoon appears, throwing the pillow down on the couch. 
“Hyung!” Jungkook asks, scrambling over. “Hyung, what happened? What are you doing down here?”
Namjoon can’t bring himself to look at the maknae, not when he can still picture how it felt to kiss you. not when those few seconds of paradise are still on his lips. 
“Didn’t wanna wake her up with my snoring.”
because how could he ever be angry at the boy that looks at him like he’s his savior?
m.list || buy me an orange juice?
thanks for reading! if you enjoyed, please consider reblogging so other people can read it! 💖
taglist: @baepsaetay​ @dreamcatcherjiah​ @kookie-vuitton​ @thecaffeinatedscribbles @moon-write​ @fangirl125reader​ @heishichoulevi@knjkitten​ @sacha-cff​ @vik7797  @eusticenatalie​ @hesmyphenominiall​@miriamxsworld​​ @kayahay​ @secretlycrazyhummingbird​ @marianeamine​@hqtetsurou​ @protontippens​ @beginwithamin​ @limiworld​  @jeonyoongi-jimin @buttvi​ @yoontaethings​ @sunshinejunghoseokie​ @delacyrose224​@jiminiesmagicshop​ @hitsussi @fanfictonreader05 @hyungieyoongi​ @lolalee24​
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nkogneatho · 3 hours ago
TEXTING BANGTAN BOYS "There's something wrong with my eyes.....I can't take them off you"
💜Gender neutral reader💜
►Request for TEXT AUs are open
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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limi-pie · 3 hours ago
The taste of Red Wine part 6 (preview)
A/N: Hello guys! Alright I have been working on part 6 for most of the time, but I don’t want to keep you waiting all the time. :T So I’ve decided to post a little preview of what’s going to happen~
If you don’t want to be spoiled until the actual part 6 is finished, then do not read this! Also, I’ve mixed some of the parts to make it interesting, it might be changed but just keep that in mind! 
Genre: Mafia AU, Teacher! Female Reader, Mafia Leader! Yoongi. 
Warnings: Violence, bad language, angst, blood, gun shots, wounds, alcohol, flirting, possibly kidnapping(?)
Wordcount: 688
I headed home as to my surprise I noticed Daniel had recently been home. I could tell by the stained dishes in the sink and dirty clothes lying on the floor. I sighed loudly as I picked up the clothes to put them into the basket and I washed the dishes. “Jeez. I should really break up with that man. He has done nothing but make me furious and stressed.” I fixed some paperwork and took some time to check through the assignments. A few hours had passed as I headed out again, this time to meet up with Hoseok. I took a cab to the place since it’s easier that way. “Y/N! Over here!” Hoseok waved as he walked towards me. “Hey Hobi, it's been awhile. I’m so glad to finally see you!” I said, hugging him softly. We headed over to the dance studio as Hoseok showed off his cool and new choreography.
I took a mirror selfie with him, doing peace signs and naturally uploaded it to my close friends’ story.
“With my sunshine 😘☀️ @J_Hobi_0218”
I sat down on the bench and watched him move so smoothly and swiftly. He was indeed an expert, no doubt. Dancing is his passion after all. An hour had passed.
“So what do you think, Y/N?” He asked while panting a bit.
“That was totally amazing and mind blowing! You must’ve worked hard for this and I can tell.” I said with a proud smile.
“Thanks Y/N, I’m glad you’ve noticed.” Hoseok said, taking off his tank top as he was shirtless, wiping his face with a towel. I got flustered, turning my face away. I didn’t want to be caught staring at his abs. But he was hot, I can see his intense dancing really pays off with that body of his.
“You look so hot right now, Hoseok~” I winked, smirking to myself as he clicked his tongue, “why you’re quite hot yourself, Y/N.” He chuckled as he looked at the clock, he went to grab his shirt on the bench.
“So how is it going with him, Daniel?” He asked in curiosity as he looked deeply into my eyes. I stopped when he asked that all of a sudden. “Well yeah… now that you mention it, I’m actually planning on breaking up with him.” I said, rubbing my arm while looking down on my feet.
“I just don’t think we are a great couple, not when we were dating back in high school. I guess Daniel has just changed into someone I no longer love or want to be with. I think we grew apart from each others. I’m tired of seeing him come home drunk or high.” I said, with a deep sigh. I felt a bit more relaxed coming out with that bad energy. He nodded, understanding. “I think that’s a good idea, Y/N. Also don’t forget that I and Namjoon will always be by your side and support your decision regardless. Besides, I was never really fond of that Daniel guy. He seemed pretentious and so full of himself sometimes.” He laughed as I let out a small laugh too.
A few weeks went by... 
“There’s this small party for Chinese students and teachers, this Friday. I was going to ask if you’d come too, Ms. Meílíng.” Mr. Wong asked, taking a sip of his coffee.
“This Friday? I got plan I don’t think I’d be able to–”
“Aish, Crystal was hoping to see you though. You sure you won’t join us just for a little bit?”
I thought for a second as he flashed me a gentle smile. But there was something off about it. Underneath that smile was a trap set by him and his friends. Which I didn’t notice.
“Sure but I won’t stay too long.”
“Hey, I’ve successfully kidnapped Ms. Y/N, the one secretly working for the Bangtan Gang. Prepare the photoshoot, we got something to send to Min Yoongi.” Kunhang said, throwing my unconscious body over his shoulder as he waited for a car.
“You’re too naive, Y/N.” He said, smirking as he got inside the car.
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elizahopexo · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Caught in a Snow Storm - Part 5
Idol!Namjoon x Idol!YN AU
Previous - MasterList - Next
Taglist (OPEN): @leahknox @aliceluckycharm
A/N: Real sad girl shit :(
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elizahopexo · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Caught in a Snow Storm - Part 4
Idol!Namjoon x Idol!YN AU
Previous - MasterList - Next
Taglist (OPEN): @leahknox @aliceluckycharm
A/N: I felt like this was a bit more of a filler chapter so I will post the next part in just a few minutes...but enjoy! YN/Winter may seem a bit cold atm but I'm sure we will start to see her icy demeanor start to crack...I'll see myself out
Once again let me know what you think/questions etc...<3
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read-weep-repeat · 7 hours ago
Oh, Brother Chap. 18
Tumblr media
Summary: When your mom springs 7 stepbrothers and a new stepdad on you, you have to be wary. They can’t be that bad. Can they?
Warnings: Obsessive behaviors, stepbrother au, infantilization, baby/little space, age regression, mention of diapers, allusion towards domestic violence (not towards mc), reference to past character death, smut, exhibitionism, food play, public sex (but no one sees), recording
Jimin smiled at your grabby hands. They were pushing through the bars of your playpen, as if you could reach him on the couch from your spot in front of the fireplace if you grabbed enough. 
“Hi, my darling.” 
He watched your eyes crinkle as you chewed on a small plush Jungkook had bought you. All of a sudden, you lost interest in the plush. Instead, you sat in front of them both, staring at them through the playpen bars. They looked at each other, then back to your intense stare. 
“Yes?” Jungkook asked. “Does the little lady need something?” 
You simply reached through the bars once again. “Da!”
Jimin straightened in his seat. “Wait.” He smacked Jungkook, who looked just as excited, his eyes flitting between you both. “Is- Is this happening?” 
“Da!” You pressed your shoulder against the bars as you reached. 
“Come on!” He encouraged, sliding onto the floor in front of you. His tone was as cheerful as it could get at the unexpected gift. “Say it and I’ll come get you. Say it.” 
“Yes!” He rushed forward, scooping you out of the pen and into his arms. “It’s Dada. Dada’s right here.” 
Jungkook looked giddy from his spot on one of the couches, smiling as Jimin gently swayed you. 
“Does baby want to cuddle with her Dada and Guggie?” He asked. 
You nodded into Jimin’s shoulder, and Jimin settled you between them both. Once a blanket was snuggly tucked into your sides, and you were grasping Jungkook’s fingers firmly in your hand, they both nuzzled your cheeks happily. 
“Let’s watch something with pretty colors? How does that sound?” 
“When are you going to bring that little girlfriend of yours into the office?” 
Cindy was leaned on the side of Namjoon’s desk, which he had placed across the from the clock on the opposing wall. Time seemed to go to slow for him at the office now. When he was still in South Korea, and didn’t know of your existence, he could spend days on end in the office without sparing a thought. 
Now, the hours dragged on, and his thoughts ran to how his office would look with toys strewn about on a pink mat, not how great the minimalist setting fit him.
“Whenever she wants to see where I work.” 
Cindy hummed, “With that meeting at the airport, It seems like that won’t be for awhile.” 
Namjoon seethed, gripping his fountain pen until his knuckles turned white. He shouldn’t have brought her to the airport. Instead of having someone he could trust in his lovebug’s good graces, he had a hurt little girl, who was licking her wounds with his brothers. 
He pushed his papers into his desk unceremoniously, and tossed his pen down so hard that the ink splattered across the hardwood. 
“I have to go.” He grunted, grabbing his briefcase as he stood up from his desk. 
Cindy watched as he shoved past her desk, her eyes narrowing as she thought of him going home to his little girl. 
“And where do you think you’re going?”
Your hand wrapped around Jimin’s foot gently, it having been used to stop your crawling onto the hardwood floors outside of the living room, a finger pointed towards the entrance. Him and Jungkook both listened to the sound of crunching gravel. 
He let out an “Ahh.” as you gurgled at the sound of footsteps. 
You could hear Yoongi and Jin mumbling together lowly in Korean. You couldn’t understand them, but you let out excited babbles at the sound of their voices anyway. 
Footsteps came rushing into the living room. “Ohh, my sweet baby!” Jin cooed. He squatted in front of you, and smiled happily as you reached for him. 
“We left work a little early so that we could see this sweet thing.” Yoongi said, squatting next to Jin. His thumb rubbed your cheek as Jin held you in a hug, and he felt you trying to give his hand a wet kiss. Your lack of precision made it feel more like a lick, but he understood the sentiment nonetheless. 
“I love you too, princess.” 
“Who hasn’t gotten their name yet?” 
Jin and Yoongi both raised their hands, Yoongi chewing on his nail as he did so. 
Taehyung looked at them sympathetically, Bouncing you on his knee as he offered reassurance. “It’ll just take a little bit longer, Hyung. You know she loves you just as much.” 
Taehyungs long fingers wiggled in front of your face, and pinched your cheek. “That’s right. You love us all soo much. Don’t you, Jagi?” 
He wrapped his arms around you, pulling you close as you finally brought one of his fingers to you mouth. “and we love you too!” You chewed on his finger in response. 
Jin sighed, and got up from the couch. “I’m gonna make dinner. Any requests?” No one spoke. “I guess it’ll be a surprise then.” He murmured, slinking quietly into the kitchen. 
Everyone but Namjoon was already home, playing with their baby as you crawled around the middle of the room. You reached for a new daddy every few minutes, making them play hot potato with your diapered bottom. 
“My love!” 
Wonshik whimpered into his hand. The bathroom door wouldn’t hold off his wife for much longer. The door rattled, and the doorknob shook with fury. 
“Don’t play games with me, Wonny!” Her voice was full of rage, like an axe ready to plow through the weak door. Then her voice become sweet. It was posioned honey that fell from her lips, and burnt through the carpet like acid. 
“You know how that ended with my last husband.” She sing-songed.
His phone. He saw it on the counter from the gap in between the linoleum and the shower curtain. If only he could- “I’ll give you to the count of three.” 
His face beaded with sweat as he imagined her viper like hands holding up three fingers. His phone. He had to get to his phone. 
He tore the shower curtain, the rod clattering to the floor as he groped along the counter. 
Finally, It was in his hand. He punched the code in wrong, then right. His fat fingers fumbled for the contact book, scrolling as fast as he could. 
Namjoon. He pressed the name, and muffled the speaker with his hand as the door knob shook. It rang, again and again. Declined. 
Namjoon tossed his phone in anger, declining the random call before it bounced off the seat. His car shook as it climbed the rugged terrain to the house, bobbing on the gravel road. 
He climbed out of the car unceremoniously, and took a moment to straighten himself in the car window. Briefcase tucked into his hand, he threw the door open to the sound of happy giggles. His phone rang incessantly on the car floor. 
He rubbed his hand across your face, letting you nuzzle into his palm. “I missed you, bug.” 
You hummed, and reached an unsteady hand up to him from the floor. He took the hint, and pulled you to rest in his lap as he fell into the deep couch. 
Jin appeared in the doorway, paying no mind to you as you chewed on the end of Namjoon’s finger. “Can you go get some things for me? We don’t have much to eat in the house right now.” 
Namjoon nodded. “As long as she comes with me.” 
Jin shrugged. “Only if you give her the phone, I don’t want to risk anything.” 
Namjoon gave him another nod, and left you to fumble around the couch as he walked up to the mantle. He fiddled with it for a few moments, a bright light emmiting from his hands, and then tucked it into his pocket. 
You hadn’t yet been in the upstairs portion of the house, but your headspace didn’t allow you to take in many details anyway. There were doors living the hallways, dark and obviously untouched. They led to a room with no door, and a bed almost the size of the entire floor. However, Namjoon didn’t take you there. Instead he opened one of the many doors and carried you inside with him, shutting it behind him.
There was a regular king sized bed, a nightstand, and a plain hardwood dresser. Not much decoration could be spoken for, but the room didn’t seem lived in anyhow.
He settled you down on the bed, having to pull one of his jacket sleeves out of your firm grip before opening the closet.
The closet was similar to the one you had stolen a shirt from just a week before. Simple clothing with earth tones filled the closet on one end, suits filling the other end.
Just as he pulled off his button down, he heard a small “Bubba?”
He turned with a smile, tossing the shirt aside. “Yes, bug?”
You fiddled with your fingers, Your bigger headspace pushing through. “I missed you.”
“I missed you too.” His hands cradled your cheeks, and he pressed a kiss to your forehead.
After he pulled on a cool green shirt and straight jeans, he carefully lifted you into his arms. “Want Bubba to help you pick out a dress for the store?”
You nodded excitedly and he took off down the hallway toward the room with no door, making you giggle as you bounced in his arms.
“Wanna bring kitty!”
Joon knew he couldn’t win this argument. He thought refusing you toys for the long car ride would make you slip into your big headspace quicker, but instead it made you stubborn, stomping your foot on the stairs as he looked at you from the doorway.
This isn’t the time to be disciplinary, he thought. He could put you in time out when you weren’t acting out because of him. After he apologized.
“Fine. You can bring kitty.”
You immediately perked up, like a kitten hearing a can open. 
“Thank you, bubba.” You said, smiling as you shot up the stairs to grab kitty from the room with no door. 
After  you came back down the stairs, much more well behaved this time, he tied your shoes and smoothed your small dress. “Time to go, bug.” With a kiss, you both set out towards the grocery store. 
“It’s ok. You can nap. It’s a long drive.” 
You nodded, holding kitty close to your chest as you kicked off your shoes and curled into a ball. “Nap time.” you whispered, reaching a hand to lay on ‘Joons wrist. He felt mushy around the edges as he looked at you, your thumb resting in the crook of his palm. 
He felt a surge of excitement for his apology, and stepped on the gas. 
You felt a slip as you woke up, your eyes flitting around the busy street. “Damn afternoon traffic.” ‘Joon mumbled. 
He looked at you, and his eyes widened. “Oh! I’m sorry bug. Bubba shouldn’t curse around his little girl.” 
You moved kitty to the side, and stretched your legs. “It’s alright, Joon. I’m big now.” 
He fist pumped in his head, and excitedly turned into the parking lot. “Good. You can help me pick out the food.” 
Once he parked, you turned to him. “Can you still tie my shoes?” Your best puppy dog eyes were pointed like a gun, and he was shot. “Of course, bug.” 
“Don’t we need to get things for the whole family?” His heart fluttered at the word slipping so easily from your mouth. 
“Just get what you like. let me worry about them.” 
You shrugged, and meandered around. ‘Joon was close behind you, shielding your body from view of as many people as possible. You put various fruits into the cart, and he watched carefully as you picked up a bunch of flowers. 
“For the new house?” 
He didn’t know if he could take it much longer, the cute expression you held while so easily treating the home like yours. Which it was. It had been waiting for a long time. 
“I love it. Want bulgolgi for dinner this week?” 
You nodded, and followed him around as he checked things off from Jin’s long list, while adding anything you seemed interested in. 
He led you over to the bakery. “Pick any cake you want. We’re not leaving until you do.” You blushed at the tone he spoke to you with, his hand possessively placed on your lower back. You pointed at a small lunchbox cake, decorated to look like stars were scattered across the lavender icing. 
You didn’t understand him, but his tone was firm as he spoke to the baker. It always was, only softening for you. Soon, you were carrying a small box while Namjoon pushed the full cart to the checkout. 
“Close your eyes.” 
You did as you were told, and you heard the trunk pop open. 
Once you were told to open them, a picnic basket appeared before you, a gingham pattern wrapped neatly around small plates and cups.
“A picnic?!” you squealed, wrapping your arms around ‘Joon in a tight hug. You bounced up and down, and ignored the judgmental stares of the old women in parking lot with you. 
“It was the least I could do for my little lovebug.” 
You smiled, and pulled the picnic basket into your lap for the long drive. 
You were practically bouncing in your seat as ‘Joon parked, the cups clinking together in their basket. He got out, and told you to sit as he filled the basket to your liking, then you both set off. 
“How do you like it?” 
You nodded happily, your mouth stuffed with a piece of sushi. “i’s so good!” 
He brushed a crumb from your cheek, and raised his finger to his lips. He licked it clean, smiling at your embarrassed expression. “So cute.” He breathed. 
You avoided his eyes, taking another piece into your mouth as you did so. His hands raised to your cheeks, holding them firmly.  “Don’t avoid me, bug. I don’t like that.” 
You nodded, and he watched as you squirmed against the blanket. You were trying to not raise his attention to the problem in your panties, but he could tell easily. With a quirk of his eyebrow, he grasped your thighs and pulled you closer. 
“Need help?” 
You ignored the urge to stare at your hands, and shyly nodded. “Good girl.” 
Suddenly, you were flipped onto your stomach. Your thighs rested atop Namjoons, and your legs locked behind his waist. 
“Joon!” You whined, your hands digging into the blanket underneath you. 
He tutted. “I’m just helping my little girl with her big big problem.” 
“Someone could see!” you seethed. your hand motioned to the wooded area, not a building in sight. 
He rolled his eyes. “I lived here before you, bug. No one comes here on weekdays.” 
“Oh. Oh”  His hands were roaming along your thighs, and pulling your underwear away from your clothed core. 
“So sensitive.” He mumbled, listening to your whimpers as he dragged his fingers along your opening. 
you heard soft rustling, not really registering it until a phone was placed in your hands, the camera already on and facing you. 
“Hold it in front of your face, bug.” 
You listened, but still questioned him. “Why?” 
“Call it sibling rivalry.” was the only explanation he offered. You didn’t care to know much more, even as he pressed record and freed his hard cock from his jeans.
“You’re already so wet.” He mused. You could hear the smile in his voice. 
“Just for you.” You teased. 
He groaned, and you felt his tip pressing against you. 
“Say it again.” His hand positioned itself at the the nape of your neck, pulling it upwards and toward the phones camera. He started to enter you at the same time, the stretch making you whine out in pleasure. “Say it.” 
“Just for you.” 
He snapped his hips forward, eliciting a high pitched moan from you. He set himself at a quick pace, and though your eyes weren’t focused, you could see him staring into the camera, watching as your face contorted in pleasure. 
He pummeled into you, raising your hips to meet his as he set a inhumane pace. Your fingers dug into the blanket, pulling up clumps of grass underneath it as the birds chirped in tune with his grunts. 
“Fuck- bug” 
You felt him pulse inside you, and let out a needy moan at the thought of his impending release. “Please, ‘Joon. Want it- please.” 
He laughed, “Only if you can take your treat.” 
“What tr- mmph!” 
His hand came to your mouth, pushing a piece of your lavender cake in between your lips. 
“Eat the treat if you want my cum.”
Your mind hazy, you ate it, the camera capturing your lips perfectly as you licked them clean of icing.
Vanilla filled you as his hips stuttered, pressing against you a final time as he spilled into you. With kisses along your shoulder and cheeks, he leaned over you, and pressed send.
Minutes later, as you both laid in your after glow with the remaining cake in your laps, the phone buzzed.
Hobi: Be ready, doll.
Jin: Was that vanilla? 👉🏻👈🏻
Jin: I have vanilla…
Previous I
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outvibin636 · 8 hours ago
This needs to be said
I’m sorry but one of my biggest pet peeve’s ever is when someone asks a genuine question and the writer is a fucking cunt. I’m not talking about someone having a rude tone or anything like that, I am talking about people who are asking genuine questions. Ma’am (or sir or they/them) you write fanfiction and you were not being paid to do this, you do not need to take it so fucking seriously. Trust me, I know some of the stories or something you make you’re really proud of but, You have no reason to act entitled as fuck. The only thing you’re entitled to is respect and as long as someone is respectfully asking you something there is no reason to have a fucking attitude. This isn’t aimed at anyone specific I just can’t stand rude writers. Especially, who are proud to be known as an asshole. Get. A. Fucking. Hobby.
If you have a problem with people critiquing your work anonymously or asking questions anonymously or something like that either A) turn off your anonymous or B) turn off your asks all together. Because if you’re just gonna answer shit in a rude way there’s no reason to have it on. We have so much negative energy in the world and a lot of people read fanfiction to escape that, I don’t need to see the negative shit or are you just being a plain ol bitch on something that is supposed to be fun. In general don’t be one of these writers, and if you are one of these riders this is calling you out. Fix your attitude because it’s such a mood killer. If writing is becoming a chore and you have a short fuse or attitude when you’re answering asks maybe step away or take a break until you start enjoying it again, because all this is just for fun.
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jungukiee · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
↳ SUB ROSA (latin): under the rose; from the rose that, in ancient times, was hung over the council table as a token of secrecy. It is used in English to denote secrecy or confidentiality.
There's something so desirable about the forbidden, that it could lead someone to do anything, even just to get a small taste of it.
»⸻⸻✩ ☆ ✩⸻⸻«
main pairings: kim namjoon x reader, min yoongi x reader
side ships: kim taehyung x park jimin
genre: mafia au, angst, fluff, slight crack
warnings: strong language, possessive behaviour, drugs, violence, adult themes
status: upcoming
a/n: hello hello🧚🏻 after my long hiatus,, i’m finally back !! if you were following me on my old blog, then you might remember that i started this smau but never finished it (🤡) so ! here i am, a year later... rewriting it !
»⸻⸻✩ ☆ ✩⸻⸻«
if you want to be added to the tag list, send me an ask ☺️
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jhoseoku · 10 hours ago
Book: The Truth Untold |K.TH|
Tumblr media
By the time this party is finished... three peoples lives will be changed forever.
"How about this! If I don't find you, I'll leave you and her alone and give you what you
always wanted.If I do find you... you lead me to her, and I kill all of you off. How does that sound?"
⚠️ Extreme Fluff, Mythology, Language!⚠️
a female demon believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping men.
:A succubus is a demon or supernatural entity in folklore, in female form, that appears in dreams to seduce men, usually through sexual activity. According to religious traditions, repeated sexual activity with a succubus can cause poor physical or mental health, even death.
Chapter 3
You say looking up at the gorgeous radiant lights and loud music.
"This is nice."
Rosè said with an impressed face while nodding her head back and fourth.
Woah. This place is huge.
"Who's place is this again?"
Rosè asks.
"Doesn't matter."
You say totally immersed in the loud music.
You began to slowly ease yourself on the dance floor.
As you continue to sway your hips you feel an unknown presence behind you.
All of a sudden you feel two large hands pull you back into a solid chest.
Before you could question who he is,
he pulls you closer and you dance the whole song together.
You finally turn around and see a really attractive male
He had black hair, a heartwarming smile, and was about 5;10.
"Hey, im Hoseok."
He says with the most beautiful smile you've ever seen.
He is so breath taking.
You think to yourself
You simply stare at the beautiful male with a stupid smile on your face.
"Hi.... I'm Y/n..."
You say before pointing to the other side of the room.
"I-im thirsty..."
You say awkwardly.
"Oh? I'll go get you so-"
"No! I'll... I'll get it thanks."
You say before turning around awkwardly and practicly running to the drink bowl.
You say whilst wiping the sweat from your forehead, accidentally hitting the girl on the side of you.
The girl sang as she rubbed the side of her head
"Oh my- I'm so sorry!"
You say in a light panic.
"It's fine."
The girl chuckeld.
"Is there any way I could make it up to you?"
You say feeling guilty.
"Um.... yeah, actually. You can join us in never have I ever... we kind of need more people. Most people here are ya know....wasted."
She says.
"Either that or making out."
She said giggling
"Hey um... whats your name by the way?"
"Sana. Whats yours?"
You simply say as she leads you to the small circle.
"Alright. Is that it?"
A guy with plump lips and blonde hair asked.
"Alright! Then let's get started! I'll start. Never have i ever gotten drunk."
The boy shouts over the loud music.
Everyone stops for a second before hearing a random boy shout
"Thats what I'm here for!"
Everyone starts to cheer and laugh.
"Alright,alright so I take it all of you guys have?"
Another guy asked.
"I haven't."
I say with a small smile.
Everyone looks my way and stares.
I ask.
Believe it or not, as many partys I've been to... I've never once got drunk. Unless you can get drunk off of red Fruit punch.
"So your telling me you've never been drunk before?"
Ki Jung said.
I lightly shook my head no
"Well ,we gotta get you drunk then!"
The first guy said loudly before everyone in the circle started to loudly laugh.
He passed me the shot before I drown it with a disgusted face.
Ew. This shit is horrible. How do people drink this voluntarily?
You ask yourself.
You see Rosè glar at you from the corner of your eye as everyone cheers.
"Next person."
"Okay, never have I ever had sex in a closet."
Ki Jung asks.
Everyone shouts "I have" except Rosè.
"Uhh, I've never"
Rosè says looking down with red cheeks.
A flash goes off in Ki jungs eyes before passing the small shot glass to the girl without breaking eye contact.
She looks over to you with unsure face before quickly swallowing the thick liquid.
She puts on a distasteful face before passing the shot glass back to Ki Jung.
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knjgardens · 11 hours ago
COMING UNDONE 🔞 ➳ when the two of you know the perfect ways to love one another ➳ [original] | [masterlist]
The feel of his body between your thighs leaves you trembling as you whimper his name. Heat floods every inch of you each time he thrusts into you, burying his hard and needy cock so deep it has your nails leaving marks against his back. What started as teasing and fooling around before bed turned into desperate attempts to get each other undressed between messy kisses, and now you’re breathless beneath him.
“Namjoon,” you cry out his name, running your fingers along his ribs just as he grips your thigh. “Harder…” you beg him, the word releasing in a gasp the moment he pushes you leg higher, pumping himself deeper. He groans in your ear just as needy, pressing kisses to your lips between the noises of pure bliss. 
The tension coils tighter as you toss your head back. His lips fall to your neck, kissing here and there, whispering about how good you feel wrapped around his cock. The moans and groans mix with the desperation of sloppy noises as he quickens his pace, snapping his hips against your body. Another gasp fills his ears, so he repeats the motion because he knows what it does to you.
“Fuck, you’re so wet,” he groans, and you can hear the slick noise as he thrusts his cock into your dripping walls. “God, you feel so good.” 
You’re tightening your walls as he speaks. He can’t help but to groan. You love how vocal he can be. Your whimpers turn into breathless gasps and his words whispered in your ear push you closer to the edge. 
Just when you feel the warmth swelling to mind-numbing pleasure, Namjoon pushes off of you to quickly take hold of your hips. On his knees, he pulls your body closer just as he thrusts into you once again, sending your eyes screwing shut and your fingers falling to clutch the sheets beneath you. Now with only one hand on your hip as he fucks you, he presses his thumb to your clit, driving your body wild and bringing release upon tension filling every inch. 
With a final gasp, you come undone with him buried deep inside of you. Your body trembles as the waves of ecstasy surge through you, rolling your hips against him to receive as much pleasure as you can. 
Namjoon doesn’t stop or even slow down, fucking you as your juices coat his flesh and drip around him. He throws his head back with a groan and you begin to encourage him. “Come inside me,” you whimper, still shaking from the bliss and wanting to feel him feel you up.
With a few more pumps of his cock deep inside, Namjoon’s body tenses, a heavy breath falling from his lips as his face twists in bliss. His eyes shut tight, lips apart, brows creased as he releases inside of you, filling you up with thick cum as you roll your hips against him.
Soon he’s too sensitive to continue, slowly easing himself out of you while his body shakes. Then he collapses on the bed, a lazy arm falling over you to hold you close. He kisses your temple and you whisper his name, full of bliss in the moment, so warm being wrapped up in him.
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icanbeyoursunshine · 13 hours ago
hey mama ll
Tumblr media
Kim Y/N was alright. She was fine. And she was, finally after nearly four years, over her ex. Kind of a hard task when the ex in question is more or less plastered everywhere.
Jeon Jungkook here, Jeon Jungkook there.
And it didn't help much that her sister was Kim Yu-Ri, singer of the rookie girlgroup 'moonshine'. So when her sister's band is supposed to collab with BTS...things might go south.
Oh, and there was this minor detail as well: Jeon Jungkook can never EVER find out about three year old Kim Ri-Ah. His daughter.
part two:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hi guys! as always: feedback is hella appreciated!! also, for anyone interested: drop ur @ down below if u want to be added to the taglist for 'hey mama'
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herherteartear · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
eleven: she’s ur plum?
Tumblr media
précis— in a world where soulmates are able to feel their partner’s emotions, it was easy to swoon over feeling feelings that aren’t yours. Kim Namjoon, on the other hand, didn’t enjoy the idea of falling in love with a stranger. luckily, finding your soulmate proved to be harder than it seemed. or maybe, his soulmate and himself are oblivious idiots.
taglist— @ggukkieland @miriamxsworld @piecesofapril11 @secretlycrazyhummingbird @ephyraaaa @namjoondimplelouiscollarbone @thesweetest-peas @shar-0-n @letmebreathepls @cholychi @mikrokosmicjoon @yutaeminnie @aviwasabi21 @aliceoracleollormusic @goddessofdestructionbeast @youurkryptonite @rosesandluna @preciouschimine @moon1uvrs @beeeb05 @kydeestudies @nyamnomnamujoon
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bts-reveries · 15 hours ago
expect the unexpected | 19
(images in between and in the end)
Jin had just picked up his two oldest and is now back in his office. It’s been a long day. Having Haneul alone with him was already a hard time but adding two more? He tried his best to maintain his composure as Yeonjun told him the rest of the schedule for today. 
“So right now we have all this paperwork to go through because it has to be sent out today, and then we have to go to a video shoot at 4:30pm. Jungkook should be here soon. Afterwards, when we get back, we have a meeting regarding the promotional photoshoots for the new drama, Save Me, with their Director, Producer, and the seven lead actors.” Yeonjun says. “I heard it’s really good. Kind of confusing actually when I saw the trailer. There’s this seven group of friends and they all make some sort of bad decision in their lives and they.. Well not all of them but I think some of them die? Then come back to life? I don’t know, but one of them is a time traveler I think..” Yeonjun trailed on, looking up as he thought back to the trailer.                              
Although, Jin wasn’t really listening. 
“Dad, what does this word mean?” Minseok asks, pointing to his book. 
“Daddy can we get ice cream in the cafeteria,” Soojin says, holding onto the door knob. 
“Carry meee,” Haneul whines, he’s standing by Jin’s leg, trying to climb onto his dad’s lap.
“Anyways,” Yeonjun says, going back on track. “It should be fun. They’ll be here around 6pm. Which, I understand, is around dinner time, but it was the only available time they had for a meeting. This drama was a big hit on webtoon. It’s good exposure for us for them to use our studio.” 
“Dad!” Minseok called, he’s now standing next to Jin. “Can you help me please? I don’t know this word.”
“DDDAAAAAADDDYY!” Soojin yells. “Can we please get ice cream!”
“Caaarryyy meeeeee!” Haneul screams, bursting into tears. 
Jin drops his head into his hands. “My head. Is going. To ex-plode.”
“Minseok, I’ll help you with your homework, come with me,” Yeonjun says, finally realizing how tired and stressed Jin was. Minseok glances at his dad before walking towards Yeonjun and grabbing onto his hand that he was holding out. Then Soojin came running to Jin’s side, where Minseok was just standing.
“Daddy you’re not listening to me,” Soojin frowns. Jin turns to the side and looks at her. His sweet, precious daughter. The one he can never say no to.
“Soojin it’s cold, you’re going to get sick if you eat ice cream,” Jin calmly says. “And you haven’t even done your homework yet. Go with Minseok and Uncle Yeonjun and do your homework with them.”
Soojin’s lip starts to quiver, “but I just want to eat a little bit. I can do my homework when I’m done…” 
“Soojin, daddy said no. Now go,” Jin says, turning to the side to pick up Haneul. He was still crying his eyes out. Soojin looked down, a big frown on her face and tears started running down her face. Jin was too busy wiping Haneul’s tears away and shushing him that he didn’t know Soojin was crying until he heard her sobbing when she walked away. 
“Soojin,” Jin called out. She didn’t answer, nor did she look back. “Soojinie,” Jin calls again. “Yah, Kim Soojin!”
“w-AHH!” Jin yells, the three, Yeonjun, Minseok, and Soojin all looked back at Jin when they heard him yell.
Yeonjun has never seen him so mad before. 
Jin puts down Haneul and stands up. 
Hot coffee dripped down his suit. His tie and white dress shirt was completely soaked. 
Jin puts both hands on his desk, leaning forward as he sighs. 
Haneul wasn’t done crying, flailing his hand around and started hitting things on the table, grabbing things, causing Jin’s cup of coffee to come flying at his chest. Not to mention, spilling all over the paperwork that had to be done.
“Sir, I have a sweatshirt you can borrow in my bag,” Yeonjun says, standing up immediately to grab his duffle bag. He usually worked out in the gym Jin had a whole floor of in his building. “You can change into it now so you don’t get all sticky,” he says, handing a white sweatshirt to Jin. Jin says a quiet thank you, grabbing the sweatshirt from Yeonjun and placing it on the back of his chair as he took off his blazer, his tie, and his white dress shirt. 
Haneul was still sniffling and he quickly ran to Yeonjun when he made eye contact with his dad. 
“Yeonjun,” Jin says. “Do you have the soft copy for these,” he says, pointing to the sticky mess on his table.
“Yes sir,” Yeonjun says, running over to get his laptop. “I’ll send them to you right now.” Jin sounded awfully calm right now, which scared the kids even more. Minseok was fidgeting with his book as he looked at his dad and Soojin was sitting next to him, playing with her hands. Haneul was standing by the couch, trying to hide. He would take small glances at his dad as he watched him clean up the mess he made.
“And also, we can’t cancel the meeting so just make sure our guests feel welcome when they come here for our meeting. I’ll connect from my laptop because we’ll be going home soon. I’ll continue my work there. You’re in charge here, make sure everyone is in that meeting and please have someone set up a TV in our boardroom so they can all see me when I connect. Umm, yeah, that’s all-- Oh, I won’t be there for the video shoot. We won’t get anything done and will only be a bother if I come with the kids so just go with Jungkook okay?”
“Okay sir.” 
“Kids pack your stuff, we’re going to leave in a bit,” Jin says, going back to cleaning his desk. The kids hurriedly grabbed their things, stuffing it into their backpacks.
Jin wasn’t mad often, but when he was…
He’s definitely scary.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Hello everyone, first of all, thank you all for being here. I apologize that I couldn’t be there with you in person. I really wanted to be there but I am working as both CEO and dad tonight,” Jin says lightheartedly. He watches everyone smile through his laptop. “Second of all, I want to apologize beforehand. My three kids might pop up here and there and interrupt, but I talked to them before this and we should be okay. But just in case,” Jin says, raising his head to see if the kids are nearby. His office had clear doors for him to be able to see the kids.
“Okay, so it looks like the coast is clear,” Jin jokes, we can start our meeting now. Jin nods his head, gesturing for the first person to go ahead and start off the meeting. First they had to talk about the drama and it’s concept so they can have a feel of how they can take the photos. 
“Daddy,” Jin hears from the side. He shuts his eyes, taking a deep breath before moving his head out of frame to see Haneul peeking in the room. “I want to stay with you..” 
Jin mutes his mic before talking to Haneul. 
“Daddy’s in the meeting, can you please go to your brother and sister and wait until I’m done?”
Haneul shakes his head no, walking towards Jin. “I want to stay with youu~” He says, trying to climb onto Jin’s lap yet again.
Jin sighs, pulling Haneul up and placing him on his lap. 
“What do you think, Mr. Kim?” 
Jin’s eyes widened, unmuting himself. “I’m sorry, can you repeat that?”
The director laughs. “We’re thinking of doing one concept as school themed. Since the seven characters will be meeting at school in the drama. Would we be able to do that?”
“Yes, that sounds good. We have school props that we can use for the photoshoots, like desks and the blackboard. Yeonjun show them a picture that we have from a previous photoshoot where we did a school concept.”
“I don’t like that,” Haneul says, causing a few heads to look up. Jin looks down and shushes him. 
“It’s not for you to like,” he says.
As the meeting went on, Haneul got bored and began picking at things on the table. 
“Haneul please don’t touch anything,” Jin says, moving Haneul’s hand away from the table and holding onto them.
“What is it Mr. Kim?”
“Oh no sorry, I was talking to my son. Please,” Jin says, moving a hand to gesture to the camera. “Continue.”
After Jin lets go of Haneul’s hands, he immediately slams a hand on the keyboards, shutting it off.
“What did you do!” Jin yells. Trying to turn the laptop back on but it looks like it froze or something because it wasn’t turning on.
“I don’t want to be in the meeting,” Haneul says, watching Jin frantically trying to get his laptop to work. Jin sighs in annoyance, grabbing Haneul and putting him down next to him.
“Then why didn’t you stay with your siblings?” He says. “This is an important meeting Haneul, I was already supposed to be there in person and now I can’t even join--”
“I just want to play--”
“I’m speaking right now,” Jin says to him, turning to look him in the eye. 
“Okay,” Haneul answers quietly. 
“Is that right or not?”
“That’s right.”
“You did something wrong, do you agree?” 
Haneul nods, his lip beginning to quiver and his eyes starting to water. 
“Go stand in the corner, you’re in a time out,” Jin tells him, nodding to the corner of his office. Haneul burst into tears as he ran to the corner where his dad told him to go, holding his face in his hands.
“Stay there until I finish my meeting,” Jin tells him, returning back to his laptop. It still wasn’t turning on. 
Jin runs his hand through his hair, scratching the back of his head. He grabs his phone and texts Yeonjun.
“Haneul shut off my laptop and it’s not turning on. I’ll connect through my phone just give me a few minutes.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
expect the unexpected
♡ part nineteen: daddy said no ♡ 
pairings: ceo, dad!jin x interior designer, mom!reader
a/n: the part where jin says “im speaking right now” to “you did something wrong do you agree?” and everything in between was a real convo between him and yoongi when he kept talking while jin was talking😭 i’ll reblog this later with a link lol
edit: actually here it is: 0:39-0:44
taglist: @silentlyimpractical @jillianmarie @waddlebby @cecedrake2217 @ddofa @samros95 @sope-and-shine @joonjoonsmiles @codeinebelle @aianloveseven @Chamchamcham @princessjazzyjazz @notvantaes @casspirit0705 @ramyagovindraj @brinnalaine @ephyra1230 @betysotelo18 @thoughtfultaledreamer @salty-for-suga @cosmicdaylight @dreamcatcherjiah @kookoo-kachoo @justinetingball  @josierosie @jayhope88 @butterflylion @hobiismyhopeu @momma-said-that-it-was-oke @ygbubs @catspancake  @somewhereofftheglobe @strawberryforever25 @rjsmochii @prdshobi @beeeb05 @eatjeanjin @taekookcaneatme @Cheeely14 @kookietsukkie @anpanman-sonyeondan @glitteringcoffeefreak @chocobetterknot @alpaca1612 @ohmy-fandoms @liljooniecutie @Jikachoo @preciouschimine @fan-ati--c @Joondala @httpmuffin @dammit-jjk @jikooksgirl19
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sopebubbles · 17 hours ago
THE PACT : TEASER | jhs×yn; ksj×yn
900 words
"I'm gonna beat the shit out of Min Yoongi," Jin threatened as you sat atop his kitchen counter and sobbed while you described the break up that had ended an hour prior. Yoongi had tried to be as gentle as possible. He cried almost as much as you did, told you how sorry he was for hurting you, how much he loved you even if it wasn't enough. When you gave him back the engagement ring he'd given you just three months earlier it broke his heart too, knowing he was exchanging a future he had genuinely wanted for one he knew he couldn't live without.
"You can't, Jinnie." You shook your head quickly. "It's not his fault."
"The hell it's not. He cheated on you, Yn. I'm not gonna let him get away with that," he promised furiously.
"She's his soulmate," you sobbed. That was the word he'd used. He loved you but Minseo was his soulmate. He could feel it and he couldn't walk away from that.
Namjoon scoffed from the other side of the kitchen counter. "There's no such thing as soulmates, Yn. He's just an asshole." Namjoon never shied away from telling the truth, not even about his best friends
You sniffed loudly and replied bitterly. "What would you know, Namjoon? You don't even believe in love!"
"Yeah and thank God for that. Otherwise I might end up like you crying over some guy who doesn't know what's good for him!" The critical tone had you confused about whether he was trying to be supportive or not and you decided not to dwell on it before another thought came to you, one that had been going through your brain for the last couple of hours.
"I thought Yoongi was my soulmate. Now I'm gonna die alone." You began blubbering uncontrollably again.
"Oh, god," Jin sighed and handed you another tissue. He waited for you to blow your nose before he cupped your cheeks in both hands. "Yn-ah, listen. Maybe Joon's right and there's no such thing as soulmates. Or maybe there are and you're still going to find yours. Either way, there is at least one person in the world who's going to love you and you aren't going to die alone."
You huffed air out of your nose while your lips formed a pout. "How am I gonna tell my parents I'm not getting married anymore? I'm gonna be so embarrassed and they're gonna be embarrassed."
"They'll get over it," Jin shrugged.
"You know how important marriage is to them. They wanted me to get married right out of high school. Tried to arrange it and everything so I wouldn't go to college." You looked down at your lap, causing Jin to drop his hands from your face. "When I told them I was engaged was the first time my dad said he was proud of me since I was in high school."
"That's just really sick," Joon groaned, shaking his head.
"If it means that much to you, we'll make a pact. If neither of us are married by the time we turn thirty five we'll marry each other," Jin suggested confidently.
"Thirty-five?!" you cried. "There's no way I'm turning thirty still single." You shook your head furiously.
"Fine. Thirty then," Jin agreed. He looked into your bloodshot eyes, red and puffy from hours of weeping, and you stared back at him for a moment, surprised by his offer, until finally you decided he was joking and hysterical laughter erupted from your chest, shaking your body until you hiccuped.
"She's lost it," Joon shook his head as he walked to the fridge for another beer.
"You're so funny, Jinnie," you managed to get out in the midst of your fit.
"I'm serious. I'm not going to let you die alone. Even if no one else will love you, I always will," Jin promised. Your laughter trickled into silence and for a moment the only sound was the jangle of bottles as Joon let the refrigerator door fall closed. You didn't see him but he was staring intently at his other friend. The night they learned of the engagement between Yoongi and you, Joon had sat in this very kitchen with Jin and listened to him drunkenly confess his love for you. Now he had to wonder what his friend was playing at. Jin was smart enough to know this wasn't he moment to go after you, but what kind of plan was this?
While you both stared at him, Jin looked to the side for the bag of sliced bread on the counter. He quickly untwisted the tie holding it closed and straightened it out between his forefingers and his thumbs. "Jeon Yn, you are an intelligent, beautiful woman who deserves all the world," he began as he took your left hand in his and began to wrap the green twist tie around your ring finger. "Any man would be insane not to want you in his life, but if the world is as full of nut jobs as Joon says, then I will be the man you need. I will always take care of you," he continued as he twisted the ends. "Do you believe me?" He lifted his quickly fashioned ring to your eye level.
You nodded automatically. Jin had never once failed to keep his word to you, never once canceled a plan or failed to meet your expectation. "Yes," was the only possible answer.
"Then it's agreed." Jin kissed the ring he'd made on your finger, and for a moment you actually smiled.
Summary: after Min Yoongi broke her heart and ended their engagement during senior year of college, Yn made a pact with her best friend Kim Seokjin that they were get married if they were still single at 30. At the end of their twenties, will they keep the promise?
Genres: social media au, bffs2l, fake dating, humor
Warnings: cursing, eventually smut
Featuring: teacher!reader, fuckboy!hoseok, chef!jin
New Series coming soon?
Comment, ask or DM to be tagged
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misscheesecakeee · 17 hours ago
hello ! how are you doing ! I'm glad to see that you're continuing miss managed and I'll be looking forward to it!! has the previous chapters been altered or it is the same story ?
Hiii! Doing well! I’m quite writing the reboot of MM! I changed a lot of things but I’ve retained or fattened up the events that take place. I also am trying to go deeper with the characters & the relationships :) I do hope you find something to like about the reboot! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
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blessedtobebangtan · 18 hours ago
yandere!prompt list #1
Tumblr media
dear loves, ive composed a prompt list for you guys to request to celebrate 80 followers and the love ive been recieveing as a way to say thank you !!🤍
to request just pick one member and one number along with it and once ive used it i will strike it out until they’ve all been used ☺️
“ Kiss me or they die.”
“ Say something else, I dare you.”
“ Don’t you ever raise your voice at me.”
“ Do you think I enjoy having to hurt you because I don’t.”
“ I’ll give you one more chance, one more chance to apologize.”
“ I’d kill for you, princess.”
“ You.. you don’t want to have my child ?”
“ Kiss me back or I’ll kill him.”
“ So, you think I’m a monster.. then I’ll be a monster.”
“ You will watch your mouth when you speak to me.”
“ Everything you are belongs to me and ONLY me.”
“ Keep struggling and your punishment will be far more sever.”
“ Be a good girl and stay still, you don’t want to anger me, do you ?”
“ If you left me- I’m would stop at nothing to get you back and once I did I would fuck you every night until I was the only memory engraved in your mind.”
“ Do you want your parents to die ?”
“ This will teach you not to disrespect me in public ever again.”
“ If you are going to talk shit about me in a book, the least you do is hide it from me.”
“ Makeup ? Are you ashamed of my marks ?”
“ Your as stupid as you are naive.”
“ Our love is like playing with fire.”
“ Please don’t test my patience today ?”
“ Darling, did you miss me as much as I missed you ?”
“ Get out here, now bitch.”
“ Are you trying to piss me off.”
“ Don’t make me embarrass you in public.”
“ I would never hurt you.”
“ You will do whatever I ask of you.”
“ If you would just do what you’re told the first time, you wouldn’t have had to be punished.”
“ Cry for me, baby.”
“ If you leave me, I’ll die.”
“ I just wanted to show you how much I love you, I’m sorry.”
“ You are such an attention whore.”
“ You want to pretend to be in pain- I’ll show you true pain.”
“ I would rathe be blind than to watch you leave me, baby.”
“ If you don’t take your clothes off, I’ll take them off for you, doll.”
“ Did you flinch? I was just reaching over for my phone- what did you think would happen?”
“ Come sit here, I won’t tell you a third time.”
“ Do I need to remind you what happened last time you acted out? Because I will if you keep pushing me.”
“ I’ll do to you whatever the fuck I please.”
“ How about I kiss away your pain ?”
“ Apologize ? Why would I ? I haven’t done anything i didn’t have the right to.
“ I will kill everyone you live, if you ever speak to me that way again.”
“ Do you think I like hurting you ? Because I fucking love it.”
“ I’ve tried to be tolerant, but your disobedience has reached a limit i cannot ignore.”
“ If it weren’t for me, you’d be on the streets slutting around.”
“ Since you love to mouth off so much, we’ll put that mouth to some good use.”
“ Those pretty lips would look so beautiful wrapped around my dick.”
“ I love you, and I know you love me too. Even if you refuse to admit it.”
“ What, you thought you were just gonna get away with that?”
“ You want to leave me- the only way you will is through there.”
“ I’ll make you feel so good you won’t even be able to think about anyone else.”
“ You can deny it all you want, but your body is telling me a different story.”
“I’ll admit, that was a good hit. But now you’re gonna pay.”
“You’re calling that jealousy? Believe me, if you can still use your legs, I’m not being jealous.”
“Your life is completely in my hands, so don’t try to test my boundaries.”
so begin requesting <3
Tumblr media
- mai 🤍🤍
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