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Avengers Assemble doesn’t have enough Namor but way too much Attuma

So yeah, the show is great an’ all but I do miss my fishman
And then I thought: Why not just try and draw him in the same style?
Here u go

Currently at season 2 

Stay tuned for the Maximoff’s and the original Human Torch

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365 Days with Namor


Day 94

Marvel Feature  #1
by Neal Adams
Cover Date: December 1971

Two covers today!  One from the last iteration of Defenders in 2012, but both by Neal Adams.

While Namor was asked to join the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and the Avengers early in the Silver Age, I think the next team that he actually joined was The Defenders!

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I know this might be a random ask but what kind of music would namor listen to?

Well I always think Namor likes a lot of Atlantean music, which to me is kinda like a mix between haunting Siren type songs like; Siren Song, or Cave of the Mermen, or Song of the Sirens, and songs by The Hu. So to me Atlantean songs are really just haunting and filled with their culture, songs of the sea, and of its history.

The kind of human songs Namor would listen to most imo is songs that were around in the 1940s or have feel of older music like; Sing Sing Sing, Why don’t you do right?, since that was his first real interaction with humans. Of course he probably listened to a lot of sea shanties from passing ships who liked to keep up that tradition at sea, but also songs that were popular during the war probably; Bulge Boy, etc.

As for modern day songs, I usually use these songs to get in the Modern Namor writing headspace since I feel it fits his; less innocent of the cruelty of the world of man / heartbroken tired old king personality so lots of “f*ck you!” and “I’m very alone and very sad” songs:

- Blood // Water

- My Love will Never Die

- Blood on my Name 

- Emperor’s New Clothes

- Seven Nation Army

- Broken Crown

- Hello my Old Heart

- Beyond the Sea cover

- Wonderful Life

- Power over me

Hope this answer helps!

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