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#nana is posting

me @ me : hey you, yeah you bitch, instead of rambling about incorrect quotes and cute AU, how about actually writing those fanfictions AU you told yourself you were going to write ? HOW ABOUT THAT.

me : but

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Alois wanting to be extra petty when arguing with RCiel and attack him on his physical appearance but can’t because he is his boyfriend exact copy. 

He is contractually obligated to find him cute. Which RCiel loves to remind him. 

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writers especially writers on fanfiction websites are literally so happy when you talk to them about writing its crazy, since i started to comment more fanfictions i only met really kind and uplifting responses. I will continue and i really encourage you to engage more with writers, they (*cough* we *cough*) really crave it and dont they enough interactions. 

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Sebastian on a break calling his friends in Hell : Yeah i just started a few months ago… No the boss is okay, a bit annoying but like, its fine. Worst case scenario… yeah exactly i can put him in a cupboard and starve him to death, this one can actually fit lol. Children are so weird ! Do you know they lose their teeth ??? Gross… Anyway, how is everyone ? Faustus wants a contract too ? What a copycat…

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read a fanfic which depressed me to the core

Whoever, Alois calls O!Ciel “Not-Ciel” in it, and it makes me smile in my deep sadness.

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“taking care of someone’s wounds” is like

the peak of romanticism for me. I’m sure therapists have something to say about that.

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following the whole copyright omegaverse books drama told my Lindsay Ellis and its the funniest thing on earth, totally the kind of chaos i need. 

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me : *either make a reference to Alois and/or kuro themed stuff or use the overall aesthetic uncousciously in non kuro related writing*


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