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Liveblogging bnha ch 287

Because the world apparently Must Hear my thoughts on Afo’s monologing skills

AfO: Now lookee there, Tomura! A dead person!

Me: In all my life I didn’t think I’d get canon AfO talking like that. But here we are.

Honestly though, AfO is really, really talkative. What’s up with this guy?

AfO is such a monologer villain. He’s like everything Villain Deku-ists dream of and more.

Also, I love bnha and all but the concept of all quirks carrying with them their previous owner’s consciousness, however alluded to in the past, is just out there enough that it feels overpowered.




But honestly AfO narrating this exchange feels like playing a game with a kid and them going, “this is how it works!” and you just gotta go, “okay, this is how it works.” And go with it.

The Symbol of Terror. Okay then.

First!! He’s chill even when he’s angry.

First has enough chill to go around apparently

AfO has no mercy with his jabs man

When he says Midoriya’s “master” is he referring to All Might or Nana?

AfO is giving big Nighteye vibes here and so I’m seeing that this could go one of two ways:

  2. Midoriya goes “oh…well I guess I’m not that good because both a pro hero and a pro villain are dissing me… dang.”


but also “This young man is possessed by a drive to save others that eclipses all common understanding” is such a funny statement to me. Like, “yeah this kid is so good we don’t even understand how he can be that good but he’s ours now and we’re keeping him”

So we kind of got the first way I mentioned, so I’ll count it.

What on earth is going through Todoroki’s mind watching all this? He’s dead. My friend’s dead. Or quirkless. He is not going to survive.

Meanwhile, Dabi’s having the time of his life.

…and Toga’s having a crisis. I wonder how this will go? She’s got so much faith in Midoriya and Uraraka, and I’d like to see if there’s deeper reasoning for that. Since she’ll most likely encounter Uraraka first, whose whole deal is that she wants to (and regrets not being able to do so in the Overhaul Arc) save people. This might be a game-changing event for Uraraka, who is already feeling rather abysmal about where the future is heading. Will she see the humanity of Toga and hear her out, or will she not listen for fear for her life? She’s got a big heart, she might end up sympathizing and having a crisis.

Well, thanks for anyone who stuck around for this! Sorry it’s kind of long-winded, I just finished writing an essay a few hors ago so I’m still in analysis mode.

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If Toshinori ever shows a picture with him and Nana to Izuku, it better look something like this


[ID: screenshot from Ducktales of Dewey Duck’s hand, holding a picture of Donald and Della Duck. The picture shows Della Duck laughing with her eyes closed and pushing Donald Duck’s face into a pink frosted cake.]

Or I won’t consider it canon!!!

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The Restore of Our Rotten souls Ch. 5 - My Strength, My Weakness


Tomura’s POV

“That damn hero girl! This thing hurts!”

That bullet came almost out of thin air, and got me on my open wound. This is crazy! We met each other half a dozen of times this year before today, but we never rose a hand to fisically hurt each other.

In my memories, we were close, really close, even with the fact we had other friends.

Flashback in Tomura’s POV

No matter if she would get in trouble in my place, the little girl would find a way for me to hide on my best friend’s house when our father was mad at me, and the ways were variable, making a pan’s drum, turn the cartoon sound all the way to max, make a mess in the bathroom, scream, anything.

It was something the adults didn’t get it, but my sister and I imagined that inside her heart she was trying to save us, but probably was because the adults never EVER touched her body, afraid of her unstable and dangerous quirk. She was still a simple baby when her quirk first showed up, when she destroyed her crib and part of the wall at that day. But she survived, I remember that.

When the adults allowed us to play with Anjou along, she always had to wear her gloves, and when she needed to eat, give the food in her mouth, the anti-quirk gloves were really expensive and we had just one pair.

But this didn’t stop us to play with her by the window. She would usually be the damsell in distress when she was locked in her room. I had this idea once so I would make her feel happy. I loved to make her happy, she was the best sister someond could ask for.

And even when Hana brole her own promise, my sister was trying to help me escape, but that day, not even when she screamed from the top of her lungs. She was without her gloves that day, but my father was so focused on me that day he didn’t notice that lack very well, until  the left leg of his jeans dusted out. He gor mad… and kicked her.

At that moment, Heiwa appeared, with her father and older brother, and things, I remember, got really messy. Heiwa’s father, Mr. Soi Yana, had a poor childhood, so looking at my father raise his hand against me made him mad. I remember, he tried to protect me, like a hero.

Ukiatsu Yana was already 9 years old when everything happened, but at that moment, him and his little sister, my best friend, Heiwa Yana, came to my rescue. These two really did their best to protect the hero things I secretly owned. And they still keep safe until this day. I… do miss them… specially Heiwa, she is really someone who gives me the peace her name means…

Back at the moment

I got so mad at that moment, with all tgese memories that I advanced over my sister, screaming her name and threatening to catch her:

 - How dare you?! I thought you still loved you big brother, Anjou!! SO HOW DID YOU HAVE THE GUT TO ATTACK ME?!!

But then, I was in the air again, that damn Deku is such a pain in the ass. But this didn’t stop Anjou from answer me:


But then, my focus went to Midoriya. I needed to defeat him, I needed to get the One for All.

Anjou’s POV

 - I’m… sorry.

But at that moment he wasn’t focusing at me anymore. Tenko was in the air again, getting beaten up again. But at the moment I tried to get my arm bands open to try to run after him, I felt a grip near my elbows, and then a warm hug, but I couldn’t feel any confort from them:


 - Shhhh… He’ll be okay, you already shot him.

Suddenly I was flying a bit backwards. My tutor, Edwin S.(in his dragon form) was really trying to take me away from death, his father could do anything to hurt and kill us if he took my brother’s body again. I think one of two things: either Edwin was so stressed to be in his father’s possible presence that he got stupid OR he really wanted to replace the stress energy to an akward one, because he turned of his ilusion quirk at the moment we were on Gran Torino’s side. I knew he did see ‘nana’ Nana there… and though I didn’t see their faces and didn’t focus on them at the moment, but now, when I imagine the idea of them staring at each other while my nana couldn’t find a way to explain the fact she was there, holding me. But then, Gran Torino started so scream at me:


 - I… Ten… I-I…

 - And who is this Anjou? Why did he called you sister?

 - W-well I… he…


I then, got really mad and sad. I turned my face over to him, with an angry face and tears in my eyes:


 - Please, Sorahiko, she’s already overwhelmed enough.

I breathed in and out for a second:

 - Well… Anjou is my birthname, Anjou Shimura. I think I don’t need to explain why I can’t use it in public.

I stopped the explaining, making 'nana confused:

 - Well… will you continue, dearie?

 - I don’t need to, he already know the rest.

Before she answered, there was a moment of silence, she probably looked at Gran Torino:

 - I see… come here, let me hold closer, my dear.

 - Okay…

I gave in crying, and for a moment I just focused on my grandma’s heartbeat, and internally, I was sayng thanks to Ushio, Yuri and Edwin for saving her life all those years ago.

Nana’s POV

I looked at Edwin for a moment. He was focusing on the air, and even in his dragon form it was clear, something was wrong.

As I looked up, the worst happened, and my heart beaten up so fast that Anjou looked up too. The n°2 hero, Endeavor, had set a Proeminence Burn on the young boy, my grandson, Tenko:

 - NO! NO NO NO!



Something happened. I was familiar with it. When Anjou is sick, extremely sad, very nervous, or stressed it would happen, but now I needed to add to the list, despair.

Anjou’s hair is usually a pitch black long hair, just a little above her feet, but this state of mind she was then is a good example of the way her quirk is too strong, even for her. The black hair suddenly fell and , but her hair was already grown up again in the mid back level, but it was pure white. More than usual:

 - Mrs. Shimura! Please, call Heiwa and Yuri!

 - Right!

No time to explain, I knew. I got my radio:

 - Hello? Anyone there?

 - Mrs. Shimura? I am! Anything wrong?

 - Yana dear! Eddie chose the plan C.


 - Calm down! And I don’t know, but it seems like only one dose wasn’t enough.

 - And since Yuri is already on her way, guess I’ll be there soon.

Not gonna lie, but if the case is All for One, the “Shigaraki siblings” take the deal WAY too serious:

 - I feel this isn’t gonna end well for everyone…

Heiwa’s POV

Tenko Shimura, my oldest and best friend, my husband, my love and the father of my son, Tenai. And he was stolen from me: “I’m gonna show this man what his wife showed me. I’ll take what’s mine back!”

I’m Heiwa Yana, I’m 20 YO, my quirk is Melanokinesis aka ink control, which I can use in public places, and I’m a peacefull revolutionary.

I lost my friend at 5, reencounterd him at 19, we got closer and fell in love. Our relationship is based on trust, and patience. So when he said he would disappear for probably a long time, but would come back for me, I trusted, and as a proof of this trust, we got married on the spot. Still, I found out I was pregnant, couldn’t tell Tenko, but I couldn’t lose my baby, and I kept him.

But when I found out about what happened to him, and All for One, I knew I had to do something. Found the Shimura sisters and asked if I could help. They said if the baby was already born, they would consider.

Welp, there I was, a month after my baby was born, so I could claim what’s mine:

 - Ready, Miss Four Eyes?

 - First of all, I’m married, second of all, yes I am, Prostetic Hero! He’s mine, if I’m his weakness, I’ll use it the way I have to get him back!

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In the dreamscape world, we see AFO with Shigaraki . This information is very vital to us because it explains how AFO ‘s quirk works. It takes the quirk factor of a person and melds into his own . This also raises the theory that every individual has  a dreamscape of their own , but are unable to go there. Since AFO and OFA are very unique powers, it allowed them to meet each other in such spaces. What I believe is when a quirk is taken, they are unable to rebel against the force of AFO’s power in the dreamscape and their power becomes his. 


Nana tried to stop the power, but Shigaraki’s anger and disbelief against his grandmother being part of One for All and Nana’s own realizations were weakening the OFA dreamscape. The will of the person stops AFO from taking full control and we have heard this a lot, but in reality the actual will of a person is stopping the power, acting like a shield.

Then, One steps in to stop the OFA world from crumbling. 


This is one of the most important line because it proves the theory regarding AFO and OFA’s past is true. 

In the context of One for All , I believe that the power evolved as it was passed down from one person to another and subconsciously saving their traces in the quirk with their “ original “ quirks. This was done because All for One originally intended for his brother to follow in his footsteps. By giving a quirk to a quirkless person , he thought his brother would be like him and follow in his lead by leaving his foolish morals aside. But as we can see , that did not happen.

All for One originally wanted his brother to be the next him ,  a being with multiple quirks , but it backfired badly.

All for One knew that his own brother could become as powerful as him and they could rule the world together, but One was stubborn and believed that his brother’s deeds were wrong and fought against him. After years and years of battles, his will is still strong. 


This line is so powerful because from Deku’s time with Mirio, he always felt unworthy of the quirk, he always felt he was a burden to everyone around him. His insecurity as a quirkless kid never left him behind. Now, he is here , his friends and teachers injured . He was fighting and fighting and giving all his power to stop Shigaraki at all costs. The fact that after all this time, one said this line makes me emotional. Here was a child, fighting to save lives and just unable to process what’s happening around him , but only anger and more anger fueling his power . 

This line explains why in the movie the quirk never stayed with Bakugou. This is because it’s not the will of one user , it’s the will of all the users. 

Even if Deku tried giving One for All to Mirio, it wouldn’t have happened because the other users would not allow it. 

This also confirms the fact that all the users accepted when All Might gave Midoriya the quirk. 

In the next panel, we see that Shigaraki is being pushed back . The power of “ will” is very strong and pushes back the intruders. 

All for One suspected that he wouldn’t be able to take One for All on his own . I had said this in my All for One’s Plan theory ;

Since OFA gets stronger with every passing generation , he wanted AFO to do the same and followed the same tactic with the help of the doctor.

We can see AFO doing the same by combing his will to steal with Shigaraki’s. 

To weaken OFA’s will, AFO kept saying about how choosing Izuku was a mistake . To Izuku, this must have been very painful to hear because he knew all this. He knew he wasn’t anything special at all. From the very beginning we knew Izuku always doubted himself, never considering himself as equals to his classmates . Their natural quirk to his given one always made him feel guilty .Everyone around him had years to improve their quirk, while it has barely been a year since he got his. 

For One to say that choosing him was not a mistake must have been one of the most encouraging things for Izuku to hear. When Izuku heard One speak about his drive, he realized even if his past predecessors were encouraging and believing in him, then he had to help them stop All for One. Despite not understanding how to move in the vestige world, Deku pushed himself forward 


Similar to how Bakugou was chocked by the slime villain, Deku could see how Shigaraki was suffering under AFO’s control. He felt angry that All for One had used him like a tool to further his dreams and his body moved on his own. 


The 6 stars in the background are the past holders and their will following Deku


Unlike AFO, who enforces his will and ambition on Shigaraki and controls him by pulling the strings , the OFA holders don’t do anything like that. They agreed  and accept Deku’s goal to save everyone and follows him. They are mere presence of the pasts, but Deku is the person able to change their future for the better . Shigaraki keeps fighting the protesting against AFO for control over the quirk, while in the case of OFA , the same doesn’t happen. 


Here Deku shot his power against Shigaraki and the resistance was so great that Shigaraki few backwards at it’s force.

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All Your Might
by Noble Auditore

Toshinori Yagi’s first Sports Festival victory had come and gone, yet it still felt like he was missing something. All Might had many regrets over the course of his life, he didn’t want to have another. Sometimes, that which you seek has been right under your nose the whole time, if only you’re brave enough to see it.

Words: 3301, Chapters: 1, Status: Complete, Language: English

Read Here:

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*As Izuku is confronting Hawks*

Nana: OK, he’s intimidating a pro-hero to hide his friend’s own criminality. We shouldn’t give him anything strong because we don’t approve of this sort of behavior.

Daigoro: Agreed. No Blackwhip or super strength.

First: Even I have to agree that we shouldn’t encourage this. Let’s give him Nana’s quirk. 

Nana: Right. I’d love to see him intimidate Hawks with Float. 

Sixth: So we’re agreed. 

Izuku: *activates OFA and unleashes horrific lightning attack that tears up chunks of the roof, successfully intimidating Hawks*


Vestiges: *Turn to Fourth*


Fourth: *shrugs* What? I kinda wanted to see what he’d do…

First: See! Even with such power he didn’t hurt the man who threatened his friend! He isn’t bad at heart after all just like I said!

Nana: I hope ibuprofen works in here because I’m getting a migraine right now…



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