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tags: mdni, fem!reader, pet play, puppy reader, sir kink, collar + leash, spanking (including one (1) spank with a belt), nanami says puppycunt n puppyslut, spit
word count: 0.4k
notes: this is part of my new year event!
"use your words, pup," he reprimanded you, belt cracking down on the fat of your ass and sending a shiver up your spine to accompany the sharp ache where the hit landed. you blinked away the tears in your eyes and looked over your shoulder at him reproachfully, leash dangling from the collar wrapped securely around your neck.
"sorry, sir. want you to fuck me," you pouted, blinking up at him. he only frowned at you in response and you knew that he wanted you to get a bit more creative with it. "please fuck me, sir. need your cock so bad!"
"yeah?" he dropped the belt (much to your disappointment) — reaching down to cup your pussy. "need me here? in your dripping little puppycunt?"
"yes, sir," you whimpered, eyes squeezed shut as his blunt fingertips brushed against your clit. you were so wet that there was an audible noise when he ran his fingers through your folds.
he brought his other hand up and parted your pussy lips to get a glimpse of where you were drooling for him, hole twitching pathetically. he gathered the saliva in his mouth and spat, the majority of it landing at your asshole and dribbling down towards your cunt.
you wiggled your hips again to give him the hint to move but he ignored you, going at his own pace. he leaned in to languidly lick up your slit, coating his tongue with the taste of you and groaning lowly in appreciation.
"you taste divine, pup," he muttered, turning his head to bite down on the sensitive skin of your inner thigh, sucking a dark bruise to match the other lovebites marring your skin from the night before. the name tag on your collar (engraved simply with the word 'nanami's' in pretty cursive) clinked as you shuddered at the feeling of his tongue soothing over the fresh mark.
you were leaking steadily by now, could feel it make its way down your inner thigh while he slapped your ass again to make you yelp. he straightened up on his knees behind you and grabbed hold of your leash, tugging you up to him until you were arching your back into him.
once he had you kneeling up he let go of the leash. he much preferred to keep you against him with a steady hand wrapped around your throat, tilting your head back enough to make eye contact with you.
you shivered at the hungry look in his eyes. a strand of hair had fallen out of place and his lips were a darker colour, swollen from the attention he'd given the still-throbbing mark on your leg.
it was a look full of intention, intention that you knew he would soon act upon.
"gonna fuck you so hard you won't be able to speak," he vowed, lips curling into a slow smirk when you whimpered and tried to push back against him for some stimulation. "gonna ruin you, my little puppyslut."
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so won’t you pull me closer, kiss me faster? | kento nanami x reader [18+] — ch. 9
Tumblr media
Fandom: Jujutsu Kaisen
Pairing: Kento Nanami X Reader
Tags: Beach AU, CEO Kento Nanami, Vacation, Porn with Plot, Romance, Slow Burn, Angst with a Happy Ending
Summary: During the last night of your vacation, an escapade alongside the nightlife strip of the resort you’re staying in leads to a drunken encounter with a stranger, but he’s not exactly who you think he is—he’s much more than that.
Word Count: 52,422 [as of chapter 9]
Status: Ongoing
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“What the hell?” you stare at the small yacht in front of you in awe, “You didn’t tell me about this.”
“I wanted to surprise you,” Nanami walks towards you, footsteps sounding through the wooden dock before he reaches up to squish your cheeks.
“Well, if it weren’t already so obvious, I’m definitely surprised,” you laugh, “So, what? Are we gonna be staying in the middle of the sea for the weekend?”
“Sure,” he responds, taking your suitcase from you and handing it over to one of the boat’s crew members.
“That wasn’t a definitive yes,” you narrow your eyes at him, “You’ve got something else planned, don’t you?”
He glances at you with that deviously vague expression he wears every time he has something up his sleeve, “The sooner you get in, the faster you’ll find out.”
Taking his response as it is, you excitedly make your way up the boarding stairs, trusting him completely given his past surprises. He leads you up another set of stairs headed to the third and top floor of the vessel where the wet bar and sundeck is. The moment you see the view, you gasp and rush over to the railings, marveling at how the sun was shining at such a perfect angle that the ripples of the ocean glistened like diamonds. The water is so clear, you can see the reefs under the water.
“Kento, look!” you exclaim when you spot a school of fish emerge from right under the yacht, turning back to see the person you’re calling out to in the middle of a conversation with the captain.
He glances at you when he notices you’ve been looking at him in anticipation, signaling with apologetic eyes that you’ll have to wait some time before he can get back to you.
You reassure him with a smile, facing back to take in the beauty of the horizon, taking a deep breath of fresh air. Despite the temperature being much warmer than you’re used to, the weather is perfect for basking under the sun.
As you wait for him to settle his business, you pull your sundress over your head to reveal your swimwear, deciding to sprawl comfortably on one of the couches, fishing for the shades in your handbag.
You’re in the middle of applying sunscreen all over your thighs when he comes back with cocktails and a platter of fruit. You watch him saunter towards you, the visual representation of “heart-eyes” all over your expression.
“Sorry, just had to settle something with the captain,” he sets everything down on the table beside you, opening his palm up, “Do you need some help with that?”
“Yes, please,” you hand him the bottle of sunscreen, turning your back to him and brushing your hair aside.
He occupies the space beside you and empties some of the product into his hands before rubbing it on your shoulder blades and back, running his thumbs down your spine. What started off as him helping you apply sunscreen eventually turns into a full-blown massage, which you had hoped for in the first place, knowing the type of person that he is.
His actions paired with the gentle rocking of the boat as it traverses across the ocean calms you down so much, you almost end up falling asleep, not until you suddenly jerk back to full consciousness, catching him off guard and making him take his hands off you.
You prop yourself up and turn to face him, smiling at him to signal your satisfaction, “You want me to do you too?”
“Sure,” he fully unbuttons his short-sleeved shirt, tossing it somewhere beside him.
Rubbing your palms together, you warm up the lotion before pressing them on to his back, returning the favor he so generously bestowed upon you by giving him a massage too. It’s not like he couldn’t do it himself, but you can’t resist applying the sunscreen in places he wouldn’t even have difficulty reaching.
Without shame, your hands caress his biceps and forearms which prompts him to face you, allowing you ease of access. You squeeze some more of the sunscreen into your palms before massaging it into his chest, making your way down to his abs and admiring every groove and curve of his body. It’s so evident with the smile on your face that you’re finding enjoyment in what you’re doing.
“You’ve been going over the same spot for minutes now. Aren’t you satisfied yet?” he teases with a sly smirk.
Caught red-handed, you grin cheekily, “How can you expect me to be when you’re built like a fucking greek god?”
He purses his lips, trying to think of a comeback but he’s at a loss for words. Instead, he rolls his eyes and looks to the side, his cheeks reddening ever so slightly. What a rare sight to see.
You laugh, amused at how adorable he looks when he’s flustered before leaning forward, nipping at his bottom lip and tasting the sweetness of mangoes, “Mm, suddenly I’m craving for that fruit platter.”
Sitting up, you stare at the array of sliced tropical fruits in front of you before you begin to leisurely snack on them.
About an hour passes when a small island materializes within sight. You turn to Nanami to ask him about it but by this point, he'd passed out beside you on the sundeck couch, his hand still loosely entwined around yours. You can’t blame him; the jet lag from all of his business trips has most likely caught up to him. So, you let him rest, delicately combing your fingers through his hair while you revel at the warm breeze and the gentle rocking of the boat.
It takes another 30 minutes or so of maneuvering across the clear blue sea before the yacht is finally docked near the shore, causing him to stir awake ever so slowly.
“Hey, sleepy head. We’re here,” you tell him softly, squeezing his hand.
“Already?” he winces when the sunlight hits his eyes, “Sorry, I fell asleep.”
“No, don’t apologize. Did you have a good nap?”
He groans in affirmation, unhurriedly getting up on his feet before helping you up. When the two of you set foot into the island, the nap he took had taken full effect, recharging him for the day.
As he trudges across the shore, you turn on the balls of your feet, scanning the vicinity. The island seems to be completely uninhabited; there was no other building or structure within sight save for a well-maintained two-story beachfront house surrounded by coconut trees.
“Is this where we’re staying for the weekend?” you eye the structure in front of you, marveling at its modest beauty.
He pulls his shades up his head, “I hope you don’t mind.”
“No, it’s absolutely beautiful. How did you discover this place?”
His expression shifts to enthusiasm, as if he’d been waiting for you to ask that exact question, “I happen to own it actually.”
“Huh,” you blink suspiciously, “Just the house?”
“And the island.”
Of course he did. By now, you should have already been used to him casually dropping bombs like these ones, but still, your mouth hangs open, raking your eyes across the island once more, “Seriously?”
He nods, “We acquired it for a land development project, but I ended up loving the place so much that I wanted to preserve its natural beauty instead of turning it into another resort. I figured having a small house built wouldn’t be too bad. Maybe one day it can serve as a retirement home,” his lips curl upward, seemingly visualizing the thought, “Come on. I’ll show you around.”
He takes your hand and leads you to the front porch where the beginning of the house tour commences. Knowing that the two of you only have the weekend together definitely fuels how you spend the day. The goal was to do as much as you can in the little time you had, and it starts off with him cooking up brunch with your assistance right after he shows you around.
It’s the first time you’ve ever gotten to try something he prepared. You’ve been eating such exquisite and expensive meals whenever you’re with him, but none of them can ever compare to the comfort the pan-seared scallops and truffled fettuccine pasta he cooked gives you.
And so, after indulging in a hearty meal, the two of you take a rest in the living room in order to digest everything and recover from the food coma.
The next hours are then spent with you heading to the beach for a swim, lounging around under the sun, exploring the island by bike, and attempting to pick coconuts with a pole pruner only to fail and have the yacht crew assist you instead. When the sun finally sets, you retreat back home to have a nice candlelit dinner at the rooftop deck.
* * *
The evening sky looks so clear now that you’re free from the polluted air brought about by urbanization. The enduring beauty of the full-moon captivates your eyes and your heart, making you wish that you could live on this island forever without a single worry, free from conformity and the hustle and bustle of every-day work in the city.
With a heavy sigh of relief, you lean against the railing of the master bedroom balcony, staring at the tranquil night sea as you enjoy the last bit of rosé in your wine glass. After a few minutes, you hear the door behind you slide open, the thin curtains fluttering in the wind and brushing against your legs.
“What are you thinking about?” Nanami comes up behind you, snaking his arms around your waist and tugging you flush against his body before he begins to pepper your jawline with kisses, trailing them down.
You set your glass down on the table beside you, giggling when his lips reach the point of your neck where you’re most sensitive, “Just how this whole thing’s been such a whirlwind of events,” you turn to face him, perching your arms on his shoulders, “It feels like I’m dreaming.”
“If it’s a dream, then I don’t think I’d want to wake up,” he responds, tucking loose strands of hair behind your ear.
With a small smile, you tiptoe to brush your nose against his cheek but he quickly turns his head, capturing your lips in his instead. A hand flies up to hold on to the back of your head, pulling you in for an even deeper kiss.
With that feeling of passion rooted deep in your core growing by the second, you break free from him and take his hand, hastily dragging him back inside the bedroom. You make your way to lay your back on the mattress and he wastes no time as he comes up on top of you. His comforting warmth closes in on you and his adventurous hands move to grope your breasts roughly.
“So eager,” you say playfully.
“You have no idea how much I’ve missed you,” his voice is breathy, and you can hear the tone of neediness in it.
You feel the exact same way. Two nights in proximity simply couldn’t make up for the months you were away from each other, but you’re damn sure you’re going to try your best to make it worthwhile.
He pulls your shirt up to cover your eyes, using it as a makeshift blindfold which causes you to nervously writhe under his grasp, your sense of touch heightening at the loss of sight.
“Is this fine with you?” he asks, lapping his tongue across your collarbone, sucking on your flesh.
You nod in response.
“Good, sweetheart. Just tell me if you’re uncomfortable.”
“Okay,” you feel him move away from you momentarily before you hear the bedside table drawer open and shut. Not too long after, he’s back to his original position.
He traces his fingers on your hip bone, the light pressure sending shivers through your body. He toys with the hem of your shorts, curling his finger around it and teasing you at an agonizingly slow pace. Then, his warm touch leaves for longer than you’d like.
“Take it off already,” you whine.
“Relax,” he coos, “Let me have my fun.”
You tense up when you feel him lick a stripe up your abdomen before using his mouth to toy with your breasts. Instinctively, you tug on the roots of his hair, moaning as teases your nipples until they’re hard. Once satisfied, he finally pulls your shorts and panties down, and you’re more than happy to assist him by kicking them off.
“Remember when I asked you what you wanted from France and you told me to surprise you?” he whispers, breath brushing against your ear. You make a noise of affirmation.
He withdraws from you and kneels on the mattress. Suddenly, a buzzing sound echoes through the room and before you can even register what it was, you’re caught off guard by an overwhelming sensation on your clit as he presses a bullet vibrator against it.
A gasp immediately rips itself out of your chest. Your hand flies up to blindly grab his arm, “Oh, my god—”
With his free hand, he spreads your legs wider, stroking the toy along the entire length of your folds before circling back lightly on your bundle of nerves, “How does this feel?”
“G–Good,” you utter, a pitch higher than normal, unable to resist squirming under his grasp, the unpredictable shift in pressure making you crave for more. This feeling is something you’re not accustomed to, but it’s utterly intoxicating.
“Do you like my gift?”
“Yes,” you gasp, “Fuck yes.”
He focuses on using your mewls as a guide as to what makes you feel the most pleasure, building it up ever so slowly. Then, without mercy, he withdraws his hand.
“More,” you whine.
“What was that?”
“Keep going. Please.”
He takes your hand before he passes over the toy to you, the warmth of his body disappearing as shifts further away.
“If you want more, then do it yourself,” he tells you, cadence shifting, and you can practically see him smirking by the new tone of his voice, “Don’t think you’ve gotten away with what you did during my meeting.”
“What are you talking about?” you ask innocently, trying to visualize behind the blindfold where he could be now.
“That’s not going to work on me this time,” he tells you sternly.
You purse your lips; you should have expected you weren’t always going to get your way in bed sooner or later. Especially not after the handful of times you’ve teased him over the past few months.
To say the least, you’re rather embarrassed having to pleasure yourself while he watches, and it shows with the say you’re shyly hovering the vibrator over you, applying pressure so barely noticeable.
You stifle your sounds with a hand and he easily picks up on how you’re holding yourself back.
“You were so shameless during our call,” he tuts, “What happened, dear? Show me how you touch yourself when you think of me.”
He really knows how to rile you up, doesn’t he? He knows exactly what buttons to press to get a reaction from you, his taunt instigating a deep desire in you like a spark.
Oh, you’ll show him—you’ll give him the best show you can.
With a surge of confidence, you turn the vibrator off and toss it aside for the meantime. You sit up and press your back against the headboard, spreading your legs wide before folding them, baring your entire self to him.
“Don’t you dare take your eyes off me,” you tell him with a smirk, enclosing your lips around your fingers before bringing it down in between your thighs, stroking yourself, your arousal mixing with your saliva as you slip a single finger in you. You begin to thrust, curling them up to hit your g-spot and moaning softly each time.
Your free hand pats the mattress, searching for the vibrator until it’s with you. And, with a press of a button, you switch it back on and stroke it against your clit. You get on your knees, grinding against the toy as if no one else is in the room watching you. Your other hand explores your body, trailing up the length of your abdomen to massage your breasts, fingers pinching and playing with your pebbled nipples before coming back down to plunge into you once more.
You’re right to say you’ve been missing out not having invested in a vibrator earlier on because you never would have imagined you could get so wet just playing with yourself. One finger becomes two, and you manage to slip three fingers in without difficulty, finding sheer bliss in the stretch of each thrust. All the while, the embarrassment you felt earlier is completely eradicated as wanton moans and whimpers erupt throughout the room.
“Is my precious girlfriend enjoying herself?”
You may not be able to see, but your sense of hearing has now intensified, and you can hear him very well. You can hear the sound of fabric hitting the floor and how strained his voice was when he spoke. You can hear his labored breathing, and you have a clear idea as to why.
“Seems to me like you’re enjoying what you’re watching” you bite back playfully, sinking back down onto the mattress, throwing your head deeper into the pillow.
There’s no response, just the feeling of the mattress sinking back down and the sounds of him growing closer. Knowing that he was getting off to watching you pleasure yourself sends your mind into a frenzy. It fuels the spark into a flame, making you quicken the pace of your ministrations. You’re about to lose it.
“Come… Come fuck me before I get off by myself,” you say after several minutes, feeling your abdomen knotting.
When he senses that you’re close by the way you’re gripping on to the sheets and arching your body, he leans forward and takes the toy out of your hand, regaining his control over you, “You can only cum when I say so. Got it?”
You whimper loudly at the loss of friction. By this time, you’re no longer able to hold yourself back. You extend your arms, managing to grip onto his thighs, using them as a guide to find his cock. You close your palm around him, smearing precum dripping from the tip all the way down to the base, “I want you inside me.”
He gently brushes your hold on him away, taking his cock into his own hand. He rubs the tip along the length of your folds before pushing into you ever so slowly, “So wet… I can easily slip it in—” a shared gasp leaves you both the moment he enters you completely, the stretch heavenly as always, “—just like that.”
He starts off unhurriedly, his movements are met with no resistance due to your arousal. You manage to pull his head down, parting your lips. He nibbles at them unassumingly, and just when you're about to tease him for being so gentle, he shoves his tongue down your throat, his mouth molding around yours so perfectly and so aggressively, you’re left out of breath.
Then, when you least expect it, he thrusts into you, hard. Then, he does it again–harder–before speeding up, causing you to throw your head back and grip onto his arms.
You tip your toes against the bed, your legs shaking uncontrollably when you raise your hips. He manages to yank a pillow and place it under you, your body now angled perfectly for him as he continues with his rough movements. Tears are beginning to drench your shirt as you cry out for him to go even harder. Your hands reach out, blindly trying to latch on to something for dear life, but all you can do is gesticulate in the air as he gives in to your pleads.
A loud whimper escapes you when he brings the vibrator back, the added stimulation sending you closer and closer to the edge each second that passes. His other hand wraps around your throat, hips slamming into yours.
He leans close to you, softly moaning your name into your ear, knowing full well how much it turns you on and using that knowledge to his advantage. As a response, you lock your legs around him, nails scratching at his back which only causes him to groan even louder.
All you need is a little push. In fact, perhaps a little tap would have done it but every time–every single fucking time–you feel yourself about to reach your climax, he either slows down, stops, or lightens the pressure of the vibrator, ruining your orgasm completely.
“Fuck, please just—“ you beg him, your hands desperately flying down in between your thighs but he manages to catch them and pin them above your head.
“What did I say earlier?” he reprimands, hand squeezing onto your wrists as a warning.
You’re reduced to a sputtering mess, your mewling is mixed in with a string of profanities and pleads. You’ve never said these words this many times in succession, but holy fucking shit, your mind is unable to rack up anything else; the only thing you’re thinking about is the electrifying pleasure this was all building up to.
He pulls your shirt back down to your neck, seeing your face wet with tears, a thumb coming up to wipe them away, “Aw, sweetheart. So pretty even when you cry.”
You sniffle, your whimpering only growing louder, “P–Please, let me cum. I’m begging, please, let me.”
“Can you hold on a little bit more for me?” he says, gentler this time.
There’s no denying that it’ll be worth it in the end, but he’s been edging you so much that your body physically can no longer handle being denied this long. You’re about to crumble, but maybe you can last a little bit more.
You grit your teeth, nodding weakly.
Without warning, he drops the toy and easily manages to flip you over, gripping your hips before he rams back into you. You grab onto the sheets in front of you, face buried into the pillow, the depth of each thrust causing waves of euphoria to ripple through your entire body.
You’re starting to feel lightheaded. With the rate he’s going, it’s only a matter of time before he finally gives you what you’ve been asking for all this time. Where he knew the perfect pace to go at, you knew the perfect angle to arch your body so that he effortlessly hits your sweet spot.
He bunches your hair up together in one hand, the other one picking the vibrator back up as he pounds you soulless into the mattress with harder thrusts, the sound of moans, buzzing, and flesh slamming against flesh filling up the entire room.
“K–Kento—”you whimper, his name rolling out of your lips so salaciously that he pulls on your hair tighter. You push back against his movements, obscenely bouncing on his cock, “Please, let me cum already, I can’t hold back anymore!”
“Yeah? Me too. Cum for me, sweetheart,” he demands breathlessly.
Hearing those words make your walls clench around him, causing him to groan and involuntarily press the vibrator harder onto you. That was exactly what you needed to be sent over. You cry out, every muscle in your body contracting as the tension of being mercilessly edged all night is finally released.
You feel his warm cum shoot inside of you and fill you up. With a strained groan, he drops the toy one last time, using his hands to stroke against your already incredibly sensitive clit, picking up the pace of his gestures before he sloppily thrusts into you again, fucking you through your orgasm as his cum coats his dick.
“Oh, fuck—Oh, my god!” you exclaim, prying his hand away but he’s quick to bring it back, overstimulating you even further.
A louder shriek erupts from you. Your legs are quivering, teeth sinking down into the pillow as your eyes roll to the back of your head. Tears are staining the sheets and drool is running down the corner of your parted mouth.
You can’t bear it anymore so you grip at his arm, crying out once more in desperation as you wriggle your entire body, “Enough! Please!”
As requested, he slows down before coming to a full stop. Finally, he pulls out, leaning forward to give you tender kisses all over your shoulder and neck, wrapping you in a tight embrace.
He kisses your temple repeatedly, both as praise and as compensation for being so rough on you tonight, “You’re amazing as always, baby.”
You’re spent and breathless. You sniff, turning to face him with a weak smile. He looks at you apologetically, using your shirt to wipe all the remnants of tears away.
“You always fuck me like we’re never going to see each other again,” you mutter softly.
“Hm,” the corner of his lips curl upwards indistinctly, “Someone once told me to fuck them like it’s the last time I’ll see them, and I’ve taken that to heart ever since.”
Your cheeks turn cherry-red, recalling the night when you said those words all too well. You bite down on your lip, hiding your embarrassed smile, “God, you’re unbelievable.”
In other words, you love him to death.
You’ve never–never–in your life experienced an orgasm so intense and bone-shattering that it leaves you involuntarily spasming minutes after reaching it. Your core is pulsating, mind unable to comprehend sensibly the sheer bliss your body just experienced. It leaves you dazed, like you’ve just unlocked some dimension you never could have believed existed.
The ungodly expressions you’ve made just from this night are completely unbridled; you’re just thankful he didn’t see the true extent of the hot mess you were after you came.
Minutes pass as the two of you recuperate while cuddling.
“Are you tired?” you ask after some time, still panting, mischievous eyes glimmering.
“Not yet. Why?” he folds his arm behind his head, “Do you want to go another round?”
“I actually had something different in mind,” you say, sitting up to swing your leg over him and placing your hands on his chest, “But I definitely can’t pass up the proposition.”
“Really? Are you sure you can hold up after that last one?” he teases, holding you by the waist.
“Is that a challenge?” you narrow your eyes, slowly grinding on him to tease him back, feeling his cock twitch under you, “You know I’m not one to back down.”
With your eyes locked on him, you raise your hips, aligning it with his before you take his already growing erection into your hands and lower yourself onto him. He watches you with concupiscence, lips parted as he holds in a breath. You sit still once you’ve taken all of him, bending down and puckering your lips. Your slight movements make him pulsate inside of you, and you feel him starting to grow even harder.
He gives you a tender peck, squeezing your ass cheeks hungrily, “So, what did you have in mind?”
“Stay up with me. I don’t want this night to end yet.”
He smiles against your lips, “Then let’s make it last as long as we can.”
* * *
You can’t deny the exhaustion and aching your entire body felt after going two more rounds with him, which leaves you wondering where in the hell he got such stamina because by the end of it all, it seemed as if he still had enough energy to last the entire night. So, at around three in the morning, you tap out and the both of you decide to spend the rest of the night camping outside to stargaze instead.
Still determined to stay up as long as you can, you sit cross-legged on top of a thick blanket laid on the sand as you look up at the sky, watching the constellations glisten.
“Here,” he says from behind, a fuzzy blanket draped over his shoulders as he hands you a cup of hot tea.
“Thank you,” you say softly, smiling while you watch him sit beside you.
He swings an arm around your shoulder and tugs you close, sheltering you in the warmth of the blanket and his body heat, “Are you sure you’re not sleepy yet?”
You snuggle up against him and take small sips of your piping hot beverage, “I am actually, but I’d rather stay up. How about you?”
He shakes his head, “I’m used to the late nights.”
A pause, a comfortable one.
“Well, less than nine hours to go,” you say dolefully, breaking the silence, “I wish we could stay here forever.”
He emits a breathy chuckle, “Don’t tempt me. I might as well leave everything behind and elope with you.”
“Really? Are you willing to give up everything you’ve built?” you say lightheartedly.
The question was rhetorical more than anything.
“In exchange for peace and happiness like this? If only things were as easy as that, I would have done so a long time ago,” he muses pensively, gazing up at the sky, eyes seemingly searching for a shooting star to grant him his wish.
You weren’t expecting him to answer with such sincerity because for the most part, you figured that his response would have been a straightforward ‘no’—who in the right mind would want to give up such a grand life? But then again, you knew him well enough to understand what truly mattered to him.
Happiness like this. This–you and him–this is what makes him happy. It’s not because of some 300-acre land being developed into a resort, nor some casino in a 5-star hotel; it’s not his collection of silk neckties, his Oxford shoes, nor his bespoke furniture. It’s the simplicity of him holding you in his arms, the certainty of you pressing your ear against his chest, hearing his heartbeat, and knowing that he’s right here with you. This is what he’d give everything up for.
You can’t help but smile in content, your body enveloping you in a profound sense of solace, “Well, whatever you choose to do, you have my heart. I hope you know that.”
“I’ll cherish it forever,” he says as gently as the nighttime breeze, his utterance dancing in the wind like a sacred promise.
“So, when will be the next time I’ll be seeing you?”
He purses his lips, “I have to go back home to Japan for another two months in order to oversee a few projects.”
You trail your eyes to the sand, nodding, “Oh, okay… At least that’s shorter than last time.”
“I suppose,” he sighs.
When you look back at him, you notice the way he’s now absentmindedly staring straight ahead, “You’ve got your thinking face on again. What’s on your mind?”
Another troubled sigh leaves him. He takes a moment to compose his thoughts before he turns to face you once more, “I’ve been meaning to ask you something for quite some time now, but I wanted to do it in person. I thought asking you on your birthday was too soon and maybe too much for you to think about, but I think now is a good time.”
You tap your fingernails against the side of your mug, furrowing your brows at the sudden shift in his tone, “O-Oh… What is it?”
He takes your hand, stopping your gestures of anxiousness, “Our Chief Marketing Officer is retiring next year and our company will be doing a small restructuring. I’ve seen your resumé and it’s extensive in terms of achievements. On top of that, the executives are impressed with the campaigns you’re currently managing and they’re open to having you on board. So with that, I was wondering if you would consider working for my company?”
You blink at him, asking yourself if you correctly heard the words he just told you and convincing yourself that you had just imagined it.
“I’m sorry?” your eyes widen, chuckling in disbelief, “Did you just ask me to be your next CMO?”
He nods, giving your hand a squeeze, “Essentially, yes.”
Oh. So you didn’t just conjure it up. Wait… What?
You continue to stare at the man in front of you, the realization of what he had just asked you hitting you all at once. In flashes, your mind rapidly visualizes the life you could be living if you were to accept his offer—getting the chance to see him every day, having the opportunity to work with well-respected businesspeople, managing a team, and building your credentials even more. But this could also mean unparalleled stakes, incredible pressure, a frenzy of stress, and a completely different environment you’re used to. It’s all fun and games until you fuck something up and it costs the reputation of his entire business.
“I’m not sure,” you exhale shakily once the thoughts settle, “Listen, this is a really, really great opportunity. Like, I can’t even begin to describe how grateful I am that you’re even considering me, but I–I don’t think I’m skilled enough to take on such a huge role.”
The corner of his lips twitches, as if he’s in silent disagreement to what you just said, “Hey, come on. Don’t say that. I think you’re more than capable.”
“I also don’t want you offering me the role just because I’m your girlfriend. There’s probably so  many people more qualified than I am. Maybe… Maybe you should consider them instead,” you mutter, lowering your head in shame.
He’s quick to tip your chin up, making you look him in the eye, “My dear, you have to give yourself more credit. Being my girlfriend and someone who I genuinely believe can handle the work of being an executive don’t have to be mutually exclusive things,” he pauses to give you a smile of assurance, “You have so much potential. I’m sure you’ll be able to learn the ropes of the position quickly.”
There’s sincerity in the way he speaks. He unconditionally believes in you with all his heart, and it breaks yours to know that you couldn’t say ‘yes’ to him right away, even if it meant seeing him more often than you normally do, even if it meant a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you’re sure you’re never going to get ever again if you let this one go. But, you also didn’t want to rush into it because you know you deserve to be confident with your decision and he deserved someone who was willing to commit wholeheartedly. And you’re not there just yet.
“It’s just… I don’t know if I can handle taking such a huge risk right now. I have to leave my home and the job I’ve had for years. I have to leave everything I know behind. I’m not even well-versed in your language,” you say in exasperation, exhaling a deep breath afterwards, “I’ll need some time to think about it. Is that alright?”
You were so caught up in the topic that you’re only now realizing how tightly he’s been holding onto your hand.
His tense expression and grip on you softens. He seems to be relieved knowing that you didn’t completely shut down the offer and that you were willing to let the idea simmer in your mind, “Of course it is. I didn’t expect you to give me an answer right now anyway. If the CMO position is too much for you, you can always start off as an associate and step up in the future when you feel like you’re ready. You have more than a year to consider it, and more than a year to learn Japanese,” he chuckles softly, “I’ll respect any decision you make.”
“I don’t think a year is enough to learn it,” you respond, reciprocating his light laughter.
His reassurance alleviates you, any semblance of pressure ceasing the moment he expressed his unyielding and unreserved support for you. It makes you smile at him warmly, sinking your cup of tea into the sand before you throw your arms around his neck and bury your face into his shirt, “Thank you. I’ll have to weigh out my options, but rest assured I’ll take everything into consideration. I—This is really, I mean, this really means so much to me, you have no idea. So… Thank you.”
You echo your appreciation, hoping the cadence of your voice is enough for the sentiment to resonate in the extent you actually meant it.
He binds you in an embrace, placing a light kiss on the top of your head, “You already know how proud I am of you. Whatever you end up choosing, just know that I’ll be here to support you.”
Despite everything you’re unsure of at this point of your life, one thing is certain—the affection you’ve been harboring for him is only becoming more profound. If you have yet to grow enough courage to take the plunge and accept his job offer, at least you have enough to let him know how you feel about him.
“I’ve been meaning to tell you something as well,” you say, unwrapping your arms around him and scooting backwards to get a better view of him.
“Hm?” he raises a curious brow, “Go ahead.”
“Um,” you start, heaving a breath to compose the superfluity of things running in your mind. There’s so much you wanted to tell him, and you can only hope you’re able to get your message across.
“I can’t even begin to put into words how unbelievable my time with you has been. It really does feel like I’m imagining things. I mean—how could someone like you end up with some random, insignificant person like me, right?”
He’s about to retort but you rest your hand on his knee, shaking your head.
“Well, at least that’s what I originally thought,” you continue, “Back then, every time you looked at me, I always questioned whether or not I was making things up, whether or not there was a possibility that you could have actually liked me. I let my idea of you be influenced by my insecurity and by things that people who barely knew you would say, and I’m sure you must have hated that. I know that the day of our argument is long behind us, but I can’t help wondering how it was possible for me to lie to you so recklessly, to be so dishonest with my words and with my feelings. I can't help thinking back to the night we ran to each other again and realizing just how goddamn lucky I was to have gotten the chance to tell you what I truly wanted to say. And, I’m not one to believe in all this fate bullshit, but it can’t just be coincidence, right? How could things have lined up so perfectly?”
You smile in reminiscence. He listens to you intently.
“I don’t know if I’m even making sense,” you chuckle, nervously rubbing the back of your neck, “But I guess what I’m trying to get at is that you've shown me time and time again that there's no reason for me to be insecure about myself. You've helped me understand that our differences are trivial, and I don’t ever want to hide my true feelings for you ever again because I—I love you. I love you so goddamn much, it’s ridiculous."
He says your name. The tone of his voice makes you panic and overcompensate for the adrenaline you’re feeling by speaking once more.
“And it might be too soon for me to say it, but I don’t really care. I just wanted you to hear it and know how much you mean to me. You don’t have to say it back right now, I’ll un—”
He lurches forward, lips crashing into yours, shutting you up from your rambling. You freeze, eyes widened. But once you manage to process what's going on, you surrender to him, eyelids fluttering shut as your hands come up to rest on his chest. The kiss he gives you is different. It's the gentle yet fervent. It burns with the passion of a thousand fires yet is as calming as the color blue. It's as if he's been saving it for this exact moment, and that was all you needed to understand that the sentiment was mutual.
“I really thought you were going to say it when we were on the plane,” he utters when he breaks away, pressing his forehead against yours.
“I almost did,” you bite down on your bottom lip sheepishly.
“I know,” he pulls back, scanning your eyes. It takes him some time to compose his own words, “You’re right. The chances of everything turning out the way it had is rare, but I also can’t just chalk it up to chance encounters and strokes of luck. We might have been given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to run into each other that day, but it was us who chose to forgive each other and start over, right? We chose to be together despite the distance, and I believe that the choices we made given what was thrown to us are far more significant than coincidences. It’s us who made this relationship work, and it will be us to decide whether or not it continues to work out in the future. And I don’t want unspoken feelings to come in between us again, okay? I don’t want you to be afraid of telling me anything, so it makes me so incredibly happy to know that you’re being honest with me. I promise I’ll try my best to do the same and I hope I can continue being someone who’s worthy of your trust.”
His fingers dance around yours before he entwines them together, bringing your hand up to his lips and delicately placing kisses on your knuckles, “I always thought that nothing would make me happier than money and success. I thought that nothing else mattered more than what other people said about me, but I was wrong. When I became too desperate trying to keep my reputation taintless, you came around and showed me that there's so much more to life than that. So, thank you. Thank you for making my life worth living. I love you too, my dear. I’ve loved you ever since.”
The doubts that clouded your mind that week when you first met him have long been buried, now just serving as a reminder of how compassionate time has been to you both. With the options he presented to you tonight, a future where the two of you are together appears to be something within reach. It all comes down to whether or not things align. You’d like to believe with all your heart that it will, and it’s all a matter of choice, as he said—you just hope that you’ll be brave enough to make the right one.
It brings you comfort to know that to him, you’re the sanctuary in the midst of the despair his restless life brings. Whenever he’s with you, there’s a moment of stillness and he knows that though you’ve had your share of ups and downs, you’d never expect him to be any less or more than what he truly is—a mere person.
A person who feels joy, who’s prone to frustration, jealousy, annoyance, and loneliness. A person who has the capacity to protect, to comfort, to uplift, and above all, to love.
He may have all the luxuries in the world: a private plane, a yacht, and even his very own island in the Maldives. He can take you anywhere he wants, give you everything your precious heart desires, but all you could have ever wanted was already right here at this moment. This moment where the two of you wait for fleeting time to pass you by as the astral bodies above watch over you, glistening as if they have given you the universe’s blessing. This moment where love triumphs over opulence, distance, pride, and insecurities. Where love is patient and as certain as the dawn.
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kuroosdreamwifey · a day ago
songs the jjk characters would listen to
- headcanons
- yuji; megumi; nobara; inumaki; satoru; kento; toji; sukuna;
- warnings: spoilers(nanami)
Tumblr media
itadori yuji
dynamite - bts
dynamite is yuji's go-to jam for dance sessions. when he's alone. dynamite goes on full volume and he's having a whole performance
bad romance - lady gaga
bad romance is yuji's duet song. he will make his partner perform this with him, even better if there's an audience. he even has a whole choreography for it
keep on - sasha sloan
keep on is a very different vibe from the other two. this is the song he listens to when the reality of his fate hits him, and when he gets really sad about what will eventually happen to him. during these times, the song comforts him
Tumblr media
fushiguro megumi
sunflower - post malone, swae lee
sunflower would be megumi's whole vibe. it's the song he plays on repeat every damn day. the vibe of this song suits megumi so much.
dancing queen - abba
okay, dancing queen is megumi's guilty pleasure. no one ever finds out about his late night jam sessions and no one ever will. in fact, megumi is definitely a closeted abba fan.
line without a hook - ricky montgomery
line without a hook is the song i feel explains how megumi looks at this partner. the line "she's a lady and i am just a line without a hook" probably hits him the hardest, since he has trouble believing that his partner actually wants to be with him since they're "too good" for him.
Tumblr media
kugisaki nobara
jenny - studio killers
jenny will be the song nobara uses to confess to her partner. and since then, it'll become their song. she listens to it, and thinks of them.
hips don't lie - shakira ft. wyclef jean
hips don't lie is to nobara what bad romance is to yuji. nobara knows every word and the dance and the moment she steps up to perform, everyone is in awe because she rocks it.
cake by the ocean - dnce
cake by the ocean is her everyday jam. it's the song she listens to every morning because it puts her in the perfect mood for the rest of the day.
Tumblr media
inumaki toge
i wanna be yours - arctic monkeys
toge is an arctic monkeys fan. period. he's a man of few words (literally) so he would most definitely play i wanna be yours as a way of communicating with his partner.
someone's someone - monsta x
okay, this has something to do with his speech restrictions. not many people would be willing to stay with someone who mostly communicates using food names so it's probably a deep insecurity of his. someone's someone would represent his longing to be a good partner for someone.
freak - doja cat
toge is low-key not as innocent as he seems. the man can literally control you with his words what do you expect? freak, in my opinion, is a song that his partner would play for him while giving him a show, iykwim.
Tumblr media
gojo satoru
thot shit - megan thee stallion
do i need to say anymore?? thot shit + gojo = perfection. sorry, but i believe that gojo is a religious megan fan, and this is his favourite song for sure.
industry baby - lil nas x ft. jack harlow
this man is the best sorcerer ever, and you're telling me he won't listen to industry baby? the entire song is literally about being the best, and you can bet that gojo knows jack's rap perfectly.
finesse - bruno mars ft. cardi b
finesse is gojo's vibe. i can see him dancing to this song, and forcing megumi to join him too. finesse is the kind of song that'll lift your spirits no matter what, and despite how gojo may seem laid-back and chill, he definitely needs a pick-me-up and finesse is that song.
Tumblr media
nanami kento
teeth - 5sos
this may seem like projection, but as a 5sos fan, nanami definitely listens to them on a daily basis. teeth, in particular, is his favourite simply because of the music. this kind of music is something he would love. not too chill, not too loud, just right.
earned it - the weeknd
y'all already know what this song is for. manifesting nanami as christian grey. seriously though, earned it is the exact type of song he'd play while his partner and him are doing nsfw things.
i hear a symphony - cody fry (spoilers)
okay, this may make you cry. if there's one song nanami associates with his partner. it's this. i feel like, as he's breathing his last breath, he'll ask his s/o to sing this song to him. "you took my broken melody and now i hear a symphony" all he wants is to hear his love's voice one last time before he goes.
Tumblr media
fushiguro toji
church - chase atlantic
"baptise in your thighs 'til it hurts" are you telling me that toji won't play this while him and his partner are doing the deed?! this is toji's song. it just suits him so well.
all i wanna do - jay park
jay park and toji are in the big tiddies committee together and i take no objections. but seriously, all i wanna do is toji's jam. i can just see him listening to this and thinking about his partner like goddamn this man can make me simp for him with just my imagination.
house of memories - panic! at the disco
this song, to me, is something that symbolizes toji's past loves, or just anything that he used to love but he lost. it's nostalgic, but also a reminder of everything he loved and lost.
Tumblr media
ryomen sukuna
slow down - chase atlantic
sukuna x slow down?? best thing ever. slow down is sukuna's song, and no one can convince me different. this song is definitely playing while ~spicy~ moments happen between him and his s/o.
get into it - doja cat
listen, sukuna IS a doja cat person and idc what y'all say. doja cat is his jam and he will be dancing like a stripper to get into it. this song is this man's spirit song okay?
slow dancing in the dark - joji
okay, this was a pretty hard one. everyone knows sukuna as the king of curses, and while he wouldn't care about it, when he's with his partner small insecurities would creep in. things like how his partner deserves someone who hasn't committed mass murder and will probably die. this song perfectly conveys that feeling, so i chose it for him.
This is a playlist with all the songs!!: link
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ayabreasworld · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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noyaspjs · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
A day with Nanami Kento
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rysng · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Happy Birthday to best bread daddy, NANAMIN!!! 🎉✨
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smol-ackerman · 11 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ursuladecayart · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
N A N A M I N | S C R E E N C A P   R E D R A W 
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sia00612 · 4 months ago
(Gojo, Nanami, Toji, Geto, Choso, Inumaki)
Click the pictures for better quality.
Credits to srkork on IG
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
‼️not my art‼️
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banana-banshee · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
JJK actor AU, second part! Where Junpei and White Shikigami Floof are alive and happy :) They made a work rule: the heavier an episode is, the dorkier the actors are on set. EDIT: PART1, PART3 and PART4!
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lizethdraws · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
jjk characters in a haunted house!!
i love this drawing meme sm and i’m probs gonna do more lol
bg drawing by @it-a
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fischltao · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
characters: gojou satoru, nanami kento, toji fushiguro
warnings: swearing, breeding, creampie, manhandling
a/n: interact for more parts
gojo satoru:
is loud and not ashamed to hide it
he's a menace
tries to compete on who's louder but soon, he stops joking around and just rails you into oblivion
he's big, i know he's big
once he fucked you in his infinite domain to highten your senses and it must have been the greatest pleasure you've felt
just absolutely slams inside of you until you can only say his name
'toru, your beloved toru
he loves the control he has over you
he's also a giant and the strongest sorcerer so if you think he wouldn't be able to manhandle you, you're wrong
could go on for hours
"toru" you gasped as he repeatedly slammed against your cervix from behind. thankfully the classroom was empty and you couldn't sense any of your students nearing the premises "toru please, we have class in a bit- ah"
he softly laughed, going even harder as he left harsh smacks against your cheeks. it was so much, his hard cock was so big and you could only hold onto one of the tables as your toru's cock ripped your insides "then you should come baby, orrr, should i just pull out now? leave you leaking here empty before our students come for class?" teased, momentarily pulling out of your spend walls watching a string of your arousal connecting his tip to your aching pussy before driving it back inside.
"i think just for this time, i'm gonna give my baby what she needs"
nanami kento:
nanami is what everyone dreams of as the perfect husband
he's just so good when he slips it in and gasps before taking your face in his hands and leaves little kisses on it
don't tease him, he won't be gentle
this is a sign to tease nanami kento
he goes absolutely feral when it comes to you
his pretty little baby wants her boyfriend to empty his seed inside? that's what he'll do
whenever he's fucking you missionary he pushes your hand against your pelvic area to feel just how his cock destroys you
"fuck darling do you feel this?" kento groans as he plunges himself harder and harder, pushing your hand to your lower stomach and watching your expression contort into absolute pleasure. the nanami that was now above you and well, inside of you was nothing like the nanami you knew "this is us baby, wanna make my pretty baby a mommy, yes? gonna be so good for me and take everything i give you?"
you don't answer, overwhelmed by the sheer pleasure and that seems to irritate your beautiful boyfriend "say it" he spits grabbing your face to look in his eyes
"give it all to me kento, please, i-fuck-im gonna make you a daddy baby, just please keep going, please baby"
"fuck-i love you"
toji fushiguro:
never ready for him
loves to sit back and watch you try to fit him inside and try to ride him
doesn't take a while until he's nailing you against the couch
has you breathless, absolutely drunk on his cock
it just burns so good
he cums a load so prepare to get filled to the brim
"gonna cum inside your slutty pussy baby, gonna get you so full. you're the best baby to breed" he would groan as he'd throw you up and down his cock. if anyone were to walk inside the room now all they'd see was you absolutely broken from the multiple orgasms he had gave you being maneuvered on his dick.
"toji- toji kun, ah, 's too much"
"too much? come on baby, you've taken it so much worse, i can absolutely destroy you if i want" he moans, throwing his head back as he quickens the pace "fucking take it" and holy fuck you could feel his cum fill you so good and he just wouldn't stop, you almost feared for your poor couch and as if toji read your mind he lifted you up, cock plugged still inside, placed a pillow on the couch and laid your hips on top of the pillow before pulling out as you panted for air.
"this is gonna help for my cum to stay inside, you're not leaving this house not pregnant this time, okay?"
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99yikes · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
request: a proud nanami
pack your books, nanami, you're going on vacation ✈️
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leepoon-06 · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
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blesseii · 6 months ago
Pls comfort him :(
Tumblr media
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noyaspjs · 6 months ago
🦠 Jujutsu Cells at work (cw // blood)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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spidertams · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Nanami sketch!
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sloaners · 11 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
nanami’s “secret” admirer
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popposposts · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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