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laudthingcat · 2 days ago
JJK men when you moan their name in your sleep
Characters: Gojo Satoru, Nanami Kento, Toji Fushiguro, Sukuna Ryomen, Choso, Geto Suguru
Warning: suggestive content
Tumblr media
It was pretty late at night when he got home. You got used to falling asleep without him since his work required his presence a lot. 
You were comfortably sleeping in the bed the two of you shared when he entered the bedroom, almost completely naked, water droplets falling down his skin after just coming out of the shower. Toji was about to grab a shirt from his closet when his perceptive hearing heard you let out a muffled moan, followed by his name. A big smile appeared on his face, proud that he’s on your mind even when you’re asleep. 
Forgetting about the shirt, he quickly approached the bed, pinning your hands above the head and placing his leg in between your thighs in a matter of seconds. Shouting your eyes open immediately, you were greeted by his predator glare. 
“Tell me, was I fucking you as good in your dream as I do in real life?”
He had already finished worked so after getting home, all he wanted to do was to relax for a bit. Which meant, reading. Nanami was reading a book on the sofa with you glued to him. You did only get to see him during evenings so of course you were going to be as close as possible to him as possible.
With one hand wrapped around his torso, it didn’t take you long to fall asleep in that position. So captivated by his book, he didn’t even realize you fell asleep. Seeing you sleep so peacefully, he couldn’t get himself to moving an inch, afraid that it might wake you up, so he just continued reading. Everything was normal, until you let out a whine, tightening your hold around his torso. 
Placing his book down, he started debating whether he should wake you up or not. What if you were having a bad dream? That’s when his name slipped your lips. His name, followed by a whimper. Yeah, he was now sure there was no bad dream. He tried holding it in, but he couldn’t help but smile at the thought of you having such lewd dreams of him.
Sukuna was passing by your bedroom when he heard something he recognize any time; you, moaning. With a big smirk on his face, he opened the door and bursted inside, bready for some action.
“Well well princess, why didn’t you just call m-”
You were sleeping? Urgh where’s the fun? Turning back to exit your bedroom, he heard something that was music to his ears. You moaned his name in the most needy way possible. Turning right back so he could face you, he joined you in bed, waking you up with a kiss. 
“Wanna recreate whatever you were dreaming?” 
He was sitting on the sofa, looking through his phone in the living room. You were in the room next to it, tangled in a few blankets on the bed. 
Gojo was looking at some funny animals video Yuji sent him when he heard some weird sounds coming from the bedroom. Getting up immediately, he rushed to where you were, shocked at the fact that you were moaning in your sleep. “Oi what a naughty girl you are. What are you even dreaming about-” ”Fuck, Satoru..” 
Of course you were dreaming about him. And of course he was making you feel good there too. He was the best after all. 
“Begging for me in your sleep too huh?”
It was late at night when he woke up because of you moving more than usual around. He was trying to go back to sleep but you just wouldn’t stay still. 
Geto was getting ready to wake you up, worried that you might be feeling unwell, when you just captured his arm, wrapping your around it. Contemplating whether he should wake you up or not, he decided that he will just let you be. After a while, when he was almost falling back asleep, his eyes widened when he heard his name roll out of your lips. Is that why you were moving so much around? And why you were being so touchy? 
He could barely wait for the morning to come and ask you about it.   
Watching the TV together became something you and Choso do daily. But the movie you picked that day was illegally boring, causing you to fall asleep in the first 15 minutes. 
Head resting on his shoulder, you were already in a deep sleep and he didn’t even realize it. Not until, furrowing your eyebrows and clenching your thighs, you moaned his name. Surprised, he turned his face towards you, a grin making its way onto his face. He found that so very hot, so he couldn’t help himself but leave soft kisses on your neck and shoulder. 
Waking up from your dream, to yet another one, a very turned on Choso was looking you straight in the eye. “Do you want to continue your dream in the bedroom?”
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kyscaqe · a day ago
Tumblr media
-> warnings: twi!ter p*rn || breeding, spanking, public sex, blowjobs, overstimulation, fingering, spitting, degradation,
-> featuring: gojo, geto, sukuna, toji, nanami x fem!reader
Tumblr media
link link link link link link link link
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Tumblr media
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Nanami: Yuji found out he could sneakily put post-its on people's backs without them knowing.
Nanami: But he doesn't know they should say things like 'kick me', so they all just have smiley faces on them.
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s-seya · 2 days ago
prompt 28 with nanami kento plss
Tumblr media
prompt 28 - “ are you wearing waterproof mascara by any chance? ”
all characters are 18+ unless stated otherwise
nsfw — minors dni
“ are you wearing waterproof mascara by any chance? ” nanami groans into your ear, breath hot on your skin and eliciting goosebumps.
you nod absently as his lips find their way to your neck, down to your clavicle and then back up to your ear, leaving trails of bites and kisses along the way. you writhed between his body and the leather of the backseat of his car, hoping he would quit teasing and fuck you already. but you knew better than to rush him, especially since he’d been eyeing you during the entire project status meeting and you didn’t want to have to walk back in after your break with a limp.
“good,” he hums before pulling back to sit up right in his seat. you watch as he begins to undo his belt and you pull yourself up as well, knowing very well what he expects of you. “try not to be too messy—i just got these seats cleaned.”
Tumblr media
businessman!nanami who makes you suck him off in the backseat of his car during your lunch break cause he can’t help but get a little turned on hearing you call him sir someone stop me-
find the prompt list here and characters i write for here
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catboychuuuya · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
please tell me this hasn't been done b4
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twinkrbl · a day ago
gojo: y'all like my pic on instagram.
nanami: i don't even like you in person.
gojo: i-
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milfodyssey · a day ago
Tumblr media
for all my fellow nanami lovers out there, including myself.
....if you know, you know. :'))
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nanaminswaifu · a day ago
This isn't necessarily a request or anything (Unless you want to turn it into something) but I just always imagine Yuji and best friend reader having a slumber party at Nanami's place 😭✋🏻 like I just feel like that would be so wholesome and adorable. Yuji and reader making a pillow/blanket fort in Nanami's living room with matching onesies on ugghh 🥺
Itadori x Best Friend Reader: Sleepover
gn!reader, fluff, slight angst!
Okay this was after the Junpei incident, Itadori was feeling extremely down and Nanami decided to try and cheer him up.
So he asked Itadori "Is there anything you would like to do?"
"Well... I haven't seen my best friend in a while." He said with pouty eyes. "Can I see (him/her/them) please?" he dragged out.
Nanami was skeptical, no one was really supposed to know Itadori was alive and this person was a non-shaman, not to mention he was Sukuna's host and that thing could pop out anytime.
But looking at Itadori's pleading face, he couldn't say no.
What could possibly go wrong?
The second he saw your (short/average/tall) figure running with a night bag out of your (parent/guardian)'s car screaming "YUUJI-CHAN" before tripping over a stone and hitting your head on the pavement with a loud bang, only for you to get up and continue running with that huge bump on your head still screaming "YUUJI-CHAN" and then jumping on Itadori with a hug, knocking the two of you down, he knew he had made a big mistake.
He should have held this in Gojo's house instead.
Both you and Yuuji start crying tears of joy as you both hugged each other and entered the house behind Nanami, ignoring the rules he was setting for the two of you.
"Do you still have it?" Yuuji asks hesistantly. "Of course I still have it, I spent so much money on buying them for your birthday Yuuji."
MATCHING HAIKYUU ONESIES! You both had matching Haikyuu onesies of (favourite character).
It was then Nanami realized the two of you shared the same braincell and he was even more horrified.
You and Itadori had to literally cry and beg Nanami so that he'd let the two of you use his pillows and blankets for your pillow fort before he finally agreed.
How could he say no to the two of you when you both looked adorable in your onesies. (He will never admit this out loud)
The three of you end up building a large pillow fort surrounding the entire living room, looking like a castle -it was your blueprint after all.
Nanami leaves the two of you to watch your horror movies together (he already helped with the pillow fort, he's not watching a movie with you two)
In between the horrific screams of the unfortunate soul the both of you screamed at not to go to the basement, you ask in a solemn voice a question that has been bothering you. "Why did you leave, Yuuji-chan? Everyone has been asking where you are, you just disappeared after your grandpa died."
"It's... complicated." Itadori replied, remembering Nanami's warning not to tell you anything. "If I tell you, you could get hurt."
You feel bad that your best friend is keeping secrets, but deep down, somethings are better left alone.
Instead, you scream "THE ZOMBIES GOT HER! THEY GOT HER!" and you and Itadori go back to being complete idiots.
"Itadori, (l/n), I told the two of you to go to bed by 11..." Nanami stopped as he saw the two of you sprawled across each other in the pillow fort, glitter and pillow feathers in you and Itadori's hair and both of you matching neon painted toenails, snoring loudly with drool from your faces.
With a small smile on his lips, he just covers the two of you with a blanket, going ahead to turn off the t.v before turning the living room lights off.
"Goodnight Itadori, (l/n)." he greeted "Goodnight Nanamin!" the two of your replied back before face palming. He had caught the two of you red handed. "Busted. Both of you, go to sleep now." he commanded in spite of you two whining.
Well, let's say he had to read you two a bed time story before he could get you guys to actually listen to him.
This might be the last time Itadori will see you, but he's glad he gave you a proper goodbye.
I had so much fun writing this! Please request again!
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melremade · 2 days ago
Kintsugi | Chapter 3
Tumblr media
Nanami Kento x Reader
summary: No one understood the intricacies of the soul better than you did. That was why you were all too aware of how damaged and brittle your own was. But Nanami would always be there to help you mend the cracks and keep it from shattering completely. warnings: 18+ minors dni, smut, angst, hurt/comfort, but also finally some fluff, angst with a happy ending, oral sex (f receiving), cockwarming, squirting, soft smut, all the emotions, minor hidden inventory arc spoilers notes: this shit is long so thank you all for being so patient. this ended up being my favorite thing I've written so far so please let me know what you think! words: 15.4k chapters: i • ii • iii series masterlist
Read on ao3
Tumblr media
Your mother watched with an amused smile as you kept looking from the bowl of grapes in your lap to the bowl of grapes that was resting on top of her heavily pregnant belly. The fact that she now had a built-in tray everywhere she went was probably the only useful thing about being the size of a whale.
“What’s wrong?” she finally asked and you looked up at her with a frown from where you sat next to her on the couch. You then lifted your bowl with your two small hands and held it next to hers.
“Mine’s broken,” you complained, referring to the gold lines that ran along the side of your bowl where it had once been repaired.
“No, it’s not. It’s been fixed,” she gently laughed with a shake of her head, and your pout only deepened.
“But I want a normal one,” you insisted and she sighed good-naturedly as she reached a hand out and fondly brushed your hair from your face.
“You know, it would be easy to fix the bowl and make it look like it had never been broken,” she told you. “But do you know why we use gold on the cracks?”
You shook your head and she plucked a grape from the bowl and passed it to you for you to eat.
“It’s because you should never try to hide the damage,” she explained and her uncharacteristically firm tone caught your attention as you looked up at her with wide eyes. “You repair it and embrace it and then it becomes something even more beautiful.”
Her expression softened when she saw your face scrunching up with confusion and she leaned in to drop a kiss to the top of your head.
“Never forget that. Embrace the broken pieces and it’ll only make you stronger,” she said gently and she waited for you to nod before she picked out another grape for you to take.
As she watched you eat it, a teasing smile appeared on her lips — one that felt much more familiar than the serious expression that she had just been sporting.
“But if you want the plain, boring, old bowl, you can have it,” she sighed dramatically and grabbed the bowl from your lap to switch it with the one on her belly.
“What? Mama, no!” you cried out, immediately reaching out to try and swap them back.
She laughed at your quick change of heart and playfully pinched your cheek and began to pull, making you giggle loudly as she stretched your smile wide. You began to try and squirm away from her, which only made her tug on your cheek further.
But as you continued to wiggle, the unbroken bowl that she had placed in your lap was accidentally jostled and fell to the floor, where it cleanly broke into three pieces despite the softness of the tatami mat that it landed on.
Your eyes grew as wide as saucers as you stared down at the broken bowl and there was a long moment of silence before your mother burst into laughter that rang joyously through the room. You looked up at her, watching her for a few seconds before joining in with your own childish giggles.
However, the joint laughter came to a sudden halt when the shoji door was thrown open with a shrill and panicked cry of your mother’s name.
“I heard something break! Are you alright?” Kanae, your kind, long-suffering housekeeper, frantically asked as she came stumbling into the room. “Is it the baby? I’ll call the midwife!”
You and your mother froze before exchanging fearful looks, scared that you both might find yourselves on the receiving end of yet another one of Kanae’s lectures about how the clan head and the clan heir should know better.
“Ahhh, Kanae-san. No, I’m alright. Please don’t worry. Just a little accident,” your mother said with a nervous laugh.
When the older woman saw how you both simultaneously turned your heads to look at her with matching, guilty expressions, her panic began to fade. It was replaced with amusement over how similar the pair of you looked, which she was quick to hide with an exasperated sigh.
As she walked over and saw the broken bowl on the floor, she began to chide both of you for your behavior. She purposely turned a blind eye to the way your mother was mocking her behind her back as she knelt down to pick up the pieces. The way you failed to hide your giggles in response to the pregnant woman’s playfulness warmed her heart even as she continued to chastise the two of you.
She had served your clan ever since your mother was young and she would never tire of how your childish laughter echoed throughout the large house, reminding her of days from long ago.
“Kanae-san, can you put aside the broken pieces?” your mother asked when Kanae paused her lecturing to take a breath. “We’ll just fix it. No need to throw away a perfectly good bowl.”
“Yeah! We’re gonna make it look super pretty!” you declared excitedly, making your mother softly laugh.
“Of course,” Kanae said as she stood up and gave a respectful nod of her head, unable to fully hide the small smile playing on her lips.
Tumblr media
“This place is nice,” you observed as you looked around the French restaurant that Nanami had brought you to, your chin resting in your palm.
“I’ve been wanting to try it for a while,” he said from his seat at the table across from you. “They do a duck that’s been aged for 21 days and they only serve four per night.”
“What took you so long to come?” you asked, looking back at him with an easy smile on your lips.
Everything was easy with Nanami.
“I’ve been saving it for you,” he replied simply, briefly glancing up at you from his menu. “Why don’t we start with the scallops and the burrata salad?”
Nanami had never been one for flowery, long-winded declarations of love. For him, it had never made sense to use a paragraph when a sentence would do. Which was why you never had to worry about trying to find your way through a maze of doublespeak to understand how he felt. Nanami was always a man who meant what he said.
“I’ve been saving it for you.”
There was something about that remark that had your heart fluttering like you were a teenager all over again. It made you feel special — it made you feel loved — to know that there were things that Nanami would wait to do until the two of you could do them together.
You could suddenly imagine a shared life with Nanami in Tokyo. Getting to wake up with him every morning. Having breakfast together before he left for work. Sharing dinner when he got home. Spending your evenings together. Going to sleep in the same bed night after night.
You had done it before, even if it did feel like a lifetime ago. Why couldn’t you do it again?
No more long-distance. No more cross-country traveling. No more having to survive on phone calls and texts and FaceTime. No more going to bed alone. No more waking up alone. No more having to live a life separate from Nanami.
What was stopping you?
You opened your mouth, ready to tell him that you would spend more time with him in Tokyo.
But the words wouldn’t leave you, no matter how hard you tried to force them out. There was just too much pain — too much bitterness.
“Sounds good,” you eventually said with a small nod. There was a slight, unexpected rasp to your voice that caused Nanami to look up from the menu at you with concern in his eyes. You forced a smile onto your lips, hoping to put him at ease. “You know I love scallops.”
You could tell that he wanted to probe further and ask if you were alright, but was stopped from doing so when the waitress came up to your table to take your drink order. You visibly perked up and reached for the drink menu only to have it snatched away from you before you could grab it.
“Just water is fine, thank you,” Nanami told the waitress as he handed her both the drink menu and his food menu. “We’ll start with the scallops and burrata salad and then we’ll have the duck.”
With a small frown on your lips, you passed her your own food menu before she left. You watched Nanami as he absently brushed away at an invisible spot on the tablecloth with the backs of his fingers — a tell that he was deep in thought.
You patiently waited as a small bubble of anxiety formed in the pit of your stomach, almost certainly knowing what he was about to say. He finally folded his hands in front of him on the table and looked up at you.
“I’m worried about your drinking,” he said, choosing to be direct, just as he was in all other aspects of his life. He watched you carefully, knowing that this was a delicate conversation.
You internally debated for a brief moment whether to protest and deny that you had a problem before assuring him that there was nothing to be concerned about. But you quickly decided that the last thing that you wanted to do was spend the little, precious time that you had with Nanami arguing.
Instead, you sighed softly and propped your elbow on the table so that you could rest your chin in the palm of your hand. You turned your gaze out the window, distractedly watching the people walking by on the street as you tried to fight off the sense of melancholy that you could feel trying to root itself deep in your chest.
“My soul’s been hurting lately,” you finally replied. You then scoffed and shook your head. “That’s a lie. It’s been hurting for a while.”
You closed your eyes and took a deep breath, counting to five before releasing it and opening your eyes once more.
“I feel like it’s not getting any better, Kento,” you murmured, your voice no more than a whisper. “It’s like all those broken pieces deep down inside are so sharp that I can feel them poking through my skin for everyone to see.”
“I don’t think isolating yourself is helping,” he said gently and you looked at him from the corner of your eye. “You spend all your time alone in that big house where you’re surrounded by ghosts.”
“That’s my family’s house,” you told him, a slight edge to your voice that Nanami had rarely been on the receiving end of.
“I know,” he nodded, the kindness in his tone immediately putting you more at ease. “I just worry about you. You need some sort of human connection.”
“No, I don’t. I’m done caring about human connections,” you were quick to scoff before rolling your eyes. “I’m done caring about it all.”
A sad smile appeared on Nanami’s lips and you suddenly felt like he could see right through you down to your very core, your soul laid bare before him. But this wasn’t like with your cursed technique. This was simply because he knew you.
He knew every fear and insecurity and trauma. He knew what you were like at your best and he knew what you were like at your worst. He knew your scars as well as he knew his own.
He knew your heart and soul.
“That’s not true,” he said, his tone kind as he looked at you meaningfully. “It’s not that you don’t care. It’s that you care too much. That’s why it’s all so painful.”
It felt like he had plucked a string, his words resonating within you and drawing forward a memory that had been securely tucked away. You were no longer sitting in a restaurant in Tokyo across from Nanami.
Instead, you were curled up in your futon, trapped in a bottomless pit of grief as warm fingers gently brushed your hair behind your ear. The kind touch you could feel against your skin was the only thing keeping you tethered to the earth. And you could hear the voice of a ghost echoing in your ears.
“You and I share the same curse. We care too much. We feel other people’s pain. And in the world of jujutsu, that’s an unforgivable sin.”
You quickly blinked away the memory, joining Nanami once again in the present. There was a strange longing blooming in your chest and a sad smile of your own formed on your lips as you recognized it as regret.
“Suguru said something similar to me once,” you murmured as you looked out the window, your expression distant and Nanami’s gaze on you felt heavy. “When he came to see me after he heard about...”
Nanami was silent as you trailed off and you glanced at him from the corner of your eye to see that he was wearing an unreadable look on his face.
“He called it a curse,” you told him, the words leaving a bad taste in your mouth. You hesitated briefly and your voice sounded small with your next question. “Do you think it’s a curse?”
The way he sighed made it seem like he had aged thirty years in the span of a few short seconds. You turned your eyes to him and saw that his weariness was written clear across his face.
“In this world? The one in which we operate?” he asked, a solemn note in his tone. He paused for a moment, letting the question linger. “Probably.”
Your gaze dejectedly dropped to the table.
“But if the alternative is apathy to the suffering of others then it’s a curse I would willingly bear,” he continued and you lifted your eyes to look back at him. If your mood was just a bit worse — or if you had been drinking — you might have scoffed dismissively at him. Instead, you could only let out a weary sigh of your own.
“I feel like I’ve been cursed so many times over. Cursed to care too much. Cursed to lose the people that are important to me,” you frowned. You then let out a humorless laugh. “Cursed to become a curse.”
“You don’t know that,” he was quick to correct and you were taken aback by the unexpected sharpness in his tone. It felt like he was admonishing you and it took you a moment to realize which part of what you had said had upset him. A look of sad understanding appeared on your face.
“You don’t not know that,” you gently reminded him. “And with my soul as damaged as it is, the odds aren’t great.”
He continued to give you the same unwavering look and his resolve was so strong that for just the briefest moment, you believed that maybe he was right — maybe you weren’t fated to become a curse after death. But reality was quick to set in and remind you of the trauma and heartbreak that it felt like you would never recover from.
“You should stay here for a couple of weeks, with me. I think it’ll help,” he finally said and your eyebrows rose in surprise.
“Kento…” you began, your voice filled with hesitation, before trailing off.
“I know you hate Tokyo. I know there are a lot of things you want to forget.” His words were spoken kindly, lovingly, almost like he was trying to approach a spooked animal. “But I think you’ll see that some time together, even here, will help fix some of that damage.”
You suddenly felt the same longing from earlier when you had wanted to offer to spend more time with him in Tokyo. Maybe he was right. You knew that spending day after day alone in the house that had once been filled with so much love was taking its toll on your soul.
Was your stubborn refusal to live in a city teeming with jujutsu and jujutsu sorcerers worth the high cost to your mental state?
There was still so much bitterness in your heart fueling your desire to tell Nanami no. But with the way he was looking at you, his eyes pleading with you, you felt a “yes” on the tip of your tongue.
As the silence between the two of you continued to stretch on, you sighed.
“I’ll think about it,” you offered, a weak compromise the best you could give him at the moment. You couldn’t help but feel guilty when you saw a flash of disappointment cross Nanami’s face. “I promise. Really.”
He considered your words and seemed to recognize them as an olive branch because he decided to let the matter rest. The sober atmosphere hanging over your conversation was broken when your waitress returned with two glasses of water.
“Here are your drinks,” she said as she set them down. “Your appetizers should be out soon.”
“Take your time. We’re not in a hurry,” you assured her before giving Nanami a sincere smile, one that felt almost foreign on your lips. The waitress nodded in thanks before walking away to tend to her other tables, leaving you and Nanami alone once more.
A hint of mischief appeared in your eyes as you looked at him.
“So...Nanamin, hmm?” you asked, your lips now more reminiscent of a smirk than a true smile. It only grew wider when you saw how his eyebrow twitched at the nickname.
“Please don’t,” he sighed and his exasperation was so clear for you to see that you couldn’t help but softly laugh. “It’s bad enough that Itadori-kun refuses to call me anything else. I don’t know if I have the patience to hear it from you as well.”
You grinned as you tilted your head and rested your cheek on your fist as you gazed at him fondly. When you had first met Nanami as a fellow first-year at Jujutsu Tech, you had found his grumpy nature endearing. And now, all these years later, you found it comforting that regardless of everything that life had thrown at you, there were still some things that would never change.
“Don’t worry, Kento. You know the last thing I want is to aggravate you,” you assured him, a hint of impishness to your grin and he merely raised a skeptical eyebrow. You shook your head with another laugh before resting your chin back in your palm, your amusement fading into something more contemplative.
“Itadori Yuuji…” you murmured thoughtfully, the teenager’s smiling face and pink, fluffy hair clear in your mind. “Doesn’t he remind you of Tadashi?”
There was a wistfulness to your voice and Nanami found himself surprised when he didn’t detect any bitterness or anger lying underneath it. He couldn’t remember the last time he had heard you say your younger brother’s name. He knew how much pain was wrapped up in your memories of the boy that Nanami had been lucky enough to meet only a handful of times.
“He does,” he gently agreed. But then another face flashed through his head, a face he would never forget, the face of his classmate, his friend. “I can’t help but be reminded of Haibara as well.”
Your eyes widened slightly, the name inspiring an all too familiar sense of regret in you. You forced yourself to swallow the lump in your throat before nodding. Your gaze dropped down to your glass of water.
“He’s a first-year, right? So he’s, what? 15? 16? That’s just so young,” you said softly before pausing as you began to lose yourself in your thoughts. You then blinked a few times, shaking off the reverie that you had unintentionally allowed yourself to fall into. You glanced up from your glass to see that Nanami was watching you patiently and you cleared your throat. “That’s...that’s almost as old as Tadashi and Yu were when they died.”
Your eyes dropped once more as a small, sad smile played at your lips.
“It just doesn’t make sense, does it? The people who love life more than any of us are the ones cursed to die so young,” you mused. A darkness then passed over your face, your smile giving way to a frown. “And even if that curse doesn’t get Yuuji-kun then those old men at the top already have his execution lined up.”
You closed your eyes and gave a tired sigh. You wanted to be annoyed with yourself for caring so much about the fate of a boy that you had spent less than thirty minutes with but found that you didn’t have it in you. When it came down to it, you just wanted Itadori and the rest of his classmates to live long, healthy lives.
Nanami was right. You cared too much.
As you opened your eyes to look back at him, your sad smile returned.
“Watch out for him, alright?” you asked. “It would be heartbreaking if anything happened to such a pure soul.”
He was quiet as he dropped his gaze to the table, unable to meet your eyes. It suddenly felt like he was carrying the world on his shoulders — all of his past mistakes creating a burden that weighed heavily on him.
“I’m tired of letting people down,” he finally said, his words exposing a vulnerability that was so rare for him to display. And you could read between the lines. You knew he was talking about you. “Just once, I want to be able to protect someone.”
He raised his eyes and gave you a sad smile of his own.
“I’ll look after him. I promise.”
You were overcome with affection for the man sitting across from you. You reached your hand out to cover one of his with your palm, giving his hand a gentle squeeze. He glanced down and when he looked back up, he saw that your eyes were slightly wet and that a loving smile had appeared on your lips.
“Y’know, Kento. You care just as much as I do,” you said softly. “You’re just much better at hiding it than I am.”
His eyes widened in surprise. He opened his mouth to reply, only to find himself speechless. But just as he knew every part of you, you knew him.
And you knew that you had struck something deep within him that left him feeling exposed. His instinctive reaction was to retreat and rebuild the walls that kept his heart protected and safe.
But he knew that there was nowhere his heart was safer than with you.
He moved his hand to interlace his fingers with yours and smiled down at them, savoring the warmth of your hand in his as a comfortable silence settled over the two of you. When the tiny, irrational part of him that he was usually disinclined to listen to found itself wanting to live inside of this moment forever, he couldn’t find it in himself to disagree.
The peace was interrupted as the waitress soon arrived with your appetizers and you slipped your hand from his to make room for her to set down the plates. There was a spark of joy in your eyes as you took in the food before you.
“Thank you,” you told the waitress. “It all looks delicious.”
However, while you were looking eagerly at your meal, his eyes were still glued to your expression. He never wanted to forget how, for even just this brief moment, you looked so unburdened by the past.
Tumblr media
The sensation of being back in Nanami’s apartment was strange. It had been almost a year since you had last stepped foot in it. Yet despite how long it had been, as you stood in his kitchen, it still felt like you were home.
You looked away from the kettle sitting on the counter and your eyes were instinctively drawn to where Nanami was standing on the balcony. Suddenly, you felt the same sense of longing from earlier deep in your gut. In that moment, there was nothing you wanted more than to spend the rest of your days living in this apartment with Nanami.
But you quickly pushed aside the feeling, not wanting to dwell on your regrets and bitterness. You just wanted to enjoy the short amount of time that you were able to share with Nanami because it was never enough.
You glanced at the refrigerator, wanting to check and see if there was any wine, before dismissing the idea. There was no doubt in your mind that Nanami had already made sure there was no alcohol in the apartment before you arrived.
Instead, you let out a resigned sigh and pulled out two mugs, easily navigating the kitchen like it was your own. You then opened another cabinet and pulled out an opened box of chamomile tea, dropping a bag into each mug before returning the box to its rightful place. The kettle popped a few moments later and you poured water into the mugs.
As you waited for the tea to steep, you once again found yourself looking out through the sliding glass door to the balcony at Nanami. His back was to you and even from this distance, you could see how the rigid line of tension that was usually present in his shoulders was nowhere to be found.
You couldn’t help but softly smile at how relaxed he looked with his jacket and tie gone — both folded neatly over the back of the couch — and his sleeves rolled up to expose his forearms as his hands casually rested in his pockets.
This was how you liked to see him — completely at ease and at peace.
You curiously watched as he began to raise a hand from his pocket, reaching out to the wind chime hanging on the balcony to grasp the paper charm hanging from the bottom as it slightly swayed in the gentle evening breeze. As he held onto the piece of paper, you saw his thumb brush over the characters inked across it.
You wondered if seeing you give Itadori a wind chime had stirred up memories of how you had gifted one to him when you were students.
Unwilling to let yourself get caught in the tide of memories yourself, you gave a small shake of your head to clear it before returning your attention to the tea on the countertop in front of you. You discarded the tea bags before grabbing a mug in each hand and making your way to the balcony to join Nanami.
He had left the glass sliding door open just a crack and with your hands full, you used your foot to push it open enough for you to get through it. Hearing you behind him, he looked over his shoulder and gave you a soft, easy smile as you set down both mugs on the small, wooden table on the balcony.
Once your hands were free, you eagerly moved to wrap your arms around his middle from behind, closing your eyes as you pressed your cheek to his back. You squeezed him tightly and as you took a deep breath, savoring both the scent of his cologne and being able to hold him so close, you felt tears beginning to form underneath your closed eyelids.
But for once they weren’t tears of grief or anger or trauma. They were tears of happiness and relief.
When he dropped his hand to rest it on top of your arm, his thumb gently rubbing against your skin, you gave his waist another squeeze. You basked in the moment, wanting to etch everything about it into your memory, from how you could feel his chest rising and falling with each breath to the way he was leaning back into your embrace to the warm breeze that had the wind chime tinkling.
Eventually, you relaxed your hold on him and opened your eyes. You nuzzled your cheek against his back one last time before leaning up slightly to press a kiss to the back of his neck.
“C’mon,” you gently said into his ear, a faintly playful tone to your voice. “Take a seat. It’s your turn.”
He lifted one of your hands in his and brought it up to drop a kiss to the backs of your knuckles. He then turned around in your arms and cupped your face in his hands before pressing his lips to yours in a sweet kiss that lingered just long enough for you to savor it.
When he pulled back, you greedily drank in the loving smile that he was wearing. To the rest of the world, Nanami was a closed shell who hid his emotions and smiles behind a hardened exterior. And you considered yourself truly blessed that you were the one he chose to allow in.
He let his thumb gently sweep across your cheekbone one more time before he did as you requested and sat down on one of the chairs on the balcony. You were quick to follow, sitting down in his lap over one of his thighs and he instinctively wrapped his arm around your waist to pull you in closer.
With pure fondness in your eyes and a playful smile teasing at your lips, you ran your fingers through his hair, pushing it back from his forehead and leaving it properly disheveled — just the way you liked to see him. You relished the way that you could feel him leaning into your touch.
You then dropped your hand down to rest against his chest, where you could feel his heart beating steadily beneath your palm, serving as just another reminder that he was here with you and full of life. With a soft smile, you drew upon your cursed energy and let the shape of Nanami’s soul appear before your eyes.
A warmth settled over you, unfurling deep from within, as you took in his soul. It was so familiar to you that — apart from any new damage — you knew what it looked like even with your eyes closed. You knew his soul as well as you knew your own.
You let your eyes follow the many cracks that you saw, each and every one emblazoned with gold from where they had been repaired over the years. You could see so much of yourself — your cursed energy but also your own soul — in him because of how many times you had healed him. After all, you had been repairing his soul for over ten years now.
You were so focused on surveying the state of Nanami’s soul that you were oblivious to the way he was observing you, a nostalgic look on his face that he was usually so rare to wear. Despite your protests over the years, he had always considered you the far superior jujutsu sorcerer.
As students, Nanami had always needed to work hard to achieve what seemed to come naturally to you. It was something that would have irked him had it not been for your own constant efforts to improve your abilities rather than simply relying on your natural talent to get you by.
He usually wasn’t one to get lost in the past, but he couldn’t help but smile as one in particular memory seemed to surface.
Tumblr media
Nanami didn’t know what to make of you. Even after a couple of months of knowing you, you were still an enigma. There were just so many contradictions about you that it made it hard for him to figure you out.
You were an open book, but managed to hide so much. You had a powerful cursed technique, but you never used it. You were strong enough to rival your Special Grade seniors, but were still choosing to train with him well past dinner.
This was all running through his mind as he laid on his back in the grass, trying to catch his breath as the two of you took a break from your training. He stared up at the evening sky, watching as the pinks and oranges slowly turned to purples and blues.
He tried to ignore your presence as you sat up next to him, your arms loosely wrapped around your knees but instead found himself begrudging how it seemed like you hadn’t even broken a sweat.
“Why are you helping me so much?” he finally asked, breaking the silence. You looked at him over your shoulder with a confused look.
“Hmm?” You tilted your head to the side curiously, unsure what he meant.
“You’re already a Grade 1 sorcerer,” he explained like it was something that you weren’t already aware of as he lifted himself to sit up beside you, resting his palms in the grass behind him and leaning back. “You don’t need to be training like this.”
Your face broke out into a grin like Nanami had told a funny joke. You then sat up straighter and cleared your throat before giving him a serious look.
“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard,” you said, wagging a finger at him to emphasize your words.
You watched as his eyebrows rose slightly before a small smile appeared on his lips. For some reason, you felt like his respect for you had just grown.
“What?” you asked, confused about what your overly serious classmate had found so amusing.
“Nothing, that’s just very wise of you,” he mused with a slight shake of his head. “I wasn’t expecting it.”
Something mischievous began to twinkle in your eyes.
“It’s on the inspirational poster my little brother has hanging in his room,” you confessed with a soft laugh.
Despite himself, Nanami felt his smile grow just a little bit wider. But before he could give you some dry retort, you suddenly stood up and put your foot on his shoulder, startling him when you pushed him back onto the ground, an offended look on your face.
“And what do you mean, ‘Why am I helping you so much?’” you scoffed, seemingly genuinely outraged. “What a dumb question! You’re my friend! Am I just supposed to leave you to train out in the dark by yourself? I thought you were supposed to be the smart one of the three of us!”
Nanami looked stunned by your unexpected outburst, unable to do anything other than dumbly blink up at you. But his shock melted away when your eyes softened and you gave him a warm, kind smile.
“We’re in this together, Kento,” you said and you lifted your foot from his shoulder so that you could offer your hand out to help him from the ground.
He stared at it for a moment before lifting his own hand up to take yours, only letting his mind linger for a second on how nice your hand felt in his.
Tumblr media
Unable to help himself and overcome with an unfamiliar longing for simpler days, Nanami lifted a hand and covered yours where it rested on his chest over his heart. You raised your eyes to look at him curiously. But when you saw the affection on his face, you only smiled before returning your attention to his soul.
You were relieved that it was largely in the same condition in which you had left it. There are a few small cracks, ones that only a skilled eye would even notice. But what you were truly focused on was the small, dark spot that you could see, almost like a bruise.
“I can see where that cursed spirit tried to touch your soul,” you breathed so softly that even with how close you were to him, your words were almost drowned out by the sounds from the street below.
The spot was so faint that it had already begun to heal, but you directed your cursed energy towards the spot anyway to finish the healing before then letting your cursed energy seep into the other few cracks that you could see. Your own soul began to ache just slightly as you repaired the damage, but you easily brushed it aside.
You would gladly bear all of Nanami’s pain if you could.
“Tell me, how bad was it really?” you asked quietly. There was a pause as he allowed himself another moment to indulge in the warm, soothing sensation of your soul blending with his as you repaired it.
“He trapped me in his domain,” he finally said, breaking the silence and he could feel you tensing against him as you froze. When you looked up at him, it was with wide, fearful eyes. He quickly tried to put you at ease with a reassuring smile. “But Itadori-kun broke in and forced him into touching Sukuna’s soul.”
There was a slight undertone of amusement in his voice as he reflected on the boy who willingly charged headfirst into someone else’s domain. But you were too focused on how close Nanami had been to death to think of anything else.
You released your cursed technique, the damage to his soul now fully repaired, but you kept your hand on his chest. Your fingers curled into his blue button-up as you clung desperately onto the fabric.
“You need to be more careful,” you pleaded, your voice soft, desperate, and vulnerable. “I can’t lose you.”
“I’m not going anywhere,” he assured you gently, like was trying to calm a scared and wounded animal. He lifted a hand and caressed your cheek, his thumb tenderly stroking your skin. You eagerly leaned into his touch and closed your eyes.
“You’re the only thing holding my soul together,” you admitted, your voice cracking and he let his forehead drop to yours as he held you close. “You’re the only person I have left in this world. Without you, I’ll shatter into a million pieces.”
“I’ll always be here,” he assured you and when you opened your eyes to meet his gaze, you could see the determination in them. But it wasn’t enough. You needed more.
A single tear rolled down your cheek before it was caringly brushed away by his thumb.
“Promise me you won’t die,” you whispered, already knowing that it was unreasonable, knowing that it was impossible, knowing that it was selfish, knowing that it was too much to ask. But as your vision began to blur with more tears, you didn’t care.
You had already lost so much, you couldn’t lose Nanami.
He let out a weary sigh that made him seem so much older than he really was. He pressed a kiss to your forehead and rested his cheek against the top of your head. You buried your face in his neck, missing the pained look that crossed his features as you quietly cried into his skin.
“I’m sorry,” he finally breathed, and even though the two words came out as barely more than a whisper, you could hear the shame in them nonetheless. “I’m sorry I’ve been so selfish with you. It would save you so much pain if I just pushed you away.”
His hold around you grew tighter, pulling you closer as if to contradict himself.
“My life would be so much worse without you in it,” you murmured, trying to assure him that he was a soothing balm for all of your pain, not the cause of it.
“I’ve always thought jujutsu sorcerers were worse than trash,” he continued, sounding slightly distant, as if he hadn’t heard you. “But what does that make me if I’m willing to hurt you just for my own selfish needs?”
The question was probably meant to be rhetorical. It seemed like something that he had spent countless nights turning over and over again in his mind. With a soft sniffle, you pulled back slightly so that you could meet his gaze.
You could see his own pain etched across his handsome face and it only seemed to grow worse when he saw your tear-stained cheeks. It was your turn to cup his jaw with your hands.
“Then let’s be selfish with each other,” you told him, your voice thick with the tears that continued to fall, one right after the other. His brow wrinkled together in confusion. “You be selfish with me and I’ll be selfish with you.”
As your words sank in, his eyes grew wider and you could read the full spectrum of his emotions in them, from guilt all the way to relief.
“We’ve spent so much of our lives being selfless, sacrificing ourselves and the people we love all because that’s what was expected of us.” You were unable to fully keep the derision from your tone but you pushed past it by gently stroking your thumbs across his elegant cheekbones.
Your expression softened, something desperate replacing the bitterness.
“So, let’s be selfish with each other,” you repeated, your gaze never wavering from his despite the tears that were still brimming your eyes. “Promise me that you won’t die. Promise me that you won’t leave me alone.”
Seeing that he was about to protest out of fear of giving you false hope and wanting to spare you any future pain, you quickly continued.
“Even if you know you can’t keep it. Even if it hurts you to say it. Even if you’ll regret it the moment you do.” Your voice was firm, but it didn’t matter. All that mattered was Nanami’s promise. “I don’t care how selfish I’m being. I don’t care that I’m cursing you. Just promise me.”
He looked back at you silently, his expression unreadable. Your harsh words were softened by the soothing touch of your thumbs brushing along his skin as well as the pure desperation in your eyes.
And Nanami knew that for as much as he didn’t want to have yet another regret when it came to you, he also couldn’t deny you this.
For everything you had done for him, for all the times that you had been there for him, for all the times he had wished that he was the one who could take on your suffering rather than the other way around, for how you had never held his decision to leave everything behind and abandon you against him, you deserved to be selfish.
He would willingly bear this curse for you.
“I promise,” he finally murmured, his voice low, rough, and filled with remorse.
You let out a shaky exhale as your eyes closed, causing another tear to escape and roll down your cheek. When you opened your eyes again, he could see the relief in them and he knew that even if he one day broke that promise, he had done the right thing in making it.
“Okay,” you nodded with a soft sniffle before giving him a watery smile that managed to be more affectionate than he felt that he deserved. “And in return, I promise to give you all the love I have, every last bit. It’s all for you, Kento. Take all my love and I’ll take whatever pain is waiting for me in the future because of it.”
There was a sheen to his eyes that hadn’t been there a moment ago but he quickly blinked and it was gone. You could tell how tempted he was to simply accept what you were offering. But there was a part of him that was still reluctant to be so openly selfish that he would allow his happiness to come at the expense of your own.
“I’m already cursed with loving you forever whether you want me to or not. So, you might as well just accept it,” you said, your small smile turning slightly playful. But there was a sadness in your eyes that assured him you knew exactly what loving him entailed — the potential for unimaginable heartbreak.
You gently rested your forehead against his and let your eyelids flutter shut once more, savoring the intimacy as your noses bumped up against one another.
“You carry my curse and I’ll carry yours,” you breathed, a wistful smile now playing on your lips. After all, you already had so many curses weighing on your soul. What was one more? Especially if it was for Nanami.
A long silence stretched on between you until finally, he seemed to give in to temptation.
“Okay,” he rasped before his lips lightly brushed yours in a kiss that tasted of your tears.
And suddenly it wasn’t enough. You needed him — all of him.
You slid your hands up from where they were still caressing his cheeks into his hair, using your grip on his sandy strands to guide his lips back to yours. He seemed to be as eager as you were, your need for one another something shared between you.
All of the tension and heartache and fear drained from your body as you melted into him, replaced by a burning desire deep within your belly. His grip around your waist grew tight as he held you close.
But as much as you enjoyed the feel of Nanami’s lips on yours, it still wasn’t enough to sate your hunger for him. Despite the fact that he had only visited you a little over a month ago, it felt like it had been years since you had last felt his touch, and now that you finally had the opportunity to rectify that, you wouldn’t waste a single moment.
Without breaking the kiss, you slowly began to stand from his lap, gently pulling him along with you until he was the one leaning down to keep his lips on yours. He trailed the hand on your waist around until his palm was firmly placed on the small of your back so that he could pull you close, the front of your body intimately pressed up against his.
A soft moan escaped you when you felt that he was already growing hard. The fire inside of you grew with every move of his lips and every taste of his tongue, urging you to get off this balcony and into his bedroom.
Unwilling to let your lips part from his, you slowly started to walk backwards through the sliding glass door that you had left open, making your task easier as you slowly led him into the living room. You were so familiar with the layout of his apartment — of what had once been your apartment together — that navigating it backward with your eyes closed was an easy feat.
However, the glacial pace that doing so required seemed to be too slow for Nanami’s rapidly thinning patience because he abruptly stopped and dropped his hands to the backs of your thighs, demonstrating his true strength as he easily picked you up.
You broke the kiss to let out a startled cry that was followed by a breathless laugh as you wrapped your arms around his shoulders and your legs around his waist, only to let your head fall back with a sharp inhale when his lips skirted along your jaw to latch into your neck.
Consumed by the sensation of his teeth scraping along your skin, you only realized that you had been carried into the bedroom when you felt Nanami set you down on the edge of the mattress. Your eyelids fluttered open to watch as he knelt on the floor before you, your legs still wrapped around his middle to keep him close.
You found yourself frozen when you saw how reverently he was looking at you. On his knees before you, his hands holding you so carefully, and his eyes filled with a mixture of lust and awe, it felt like you were being worshipped.
Suddenly, you didn’t feel like a husk of a person, like someone whose sanity and soul were being held together with glue and duct tape.
You felt like someone worthy of being cherished, someone worthy of Nanami’s love.
The feeling left you so dumbstruck that you didn’t realize he was tugging off your shirt until your arms were being lifted as he pulled it over your head before discarding it off to the side. Your bra followed soon after and your nipples immediately pebbled from both the cool temperature of the room and the heat of his gaze.
He dipped his head down to lavish your neck with attention, your eyes closing as his lips traced the path between the stinging bites that he had just left behind. A soft cry left you when he filled his hands with your breasts, rolling your nipples between his fingers. You arched into his touch as your head dropped back, wordlessly begging for more.
He slid one of his hands down your torso and around your back to rest between your shoulder blades, his strong hold supporting you as he lowered you down until you were laid flat on the bed. You opened your eyes to look up at the ceiling, only to close them a moment later as you sharply inhaled when his tongue circled your nipple before his lips closed around the hardened bud.
You whimpered as he gently sucked before pulling off with a soft pop so that he could lavish your other breast with the same attention. Your hips began to buck up from the edge of the mattress, desperate for any sort of stimulation to ease the ache between your legs.
Your need for him combined with how expertly he was toying with your nipples had you growing so wet that it was almost uncomfortable. From the way you could feel the material of your underwear clinging to your folds, you were positive that you had already soaked through them.
Nanami’s hands left behind a scorching trail on your bare skin as they slid down to the waistband of your jeans, his fingers nimbly undoing the button and zipper. Without needing to be told, you lifted yourself up to make room for him as he tugged both your jeans and your underwear from your hips so that they could join your shirt and bra on the floor.
He quickly settled back between your legs, his lips leaving a trail of wet kisses from your breasts in a straight line down your torso. The lower he got — pausing as he reached your navel to dip his tongue in your belly button and smiling against your skin at the soft giggle he received in response to the ticklish sensation — the tighter your legs squeezed his middle.
As you felt the fabric of his shirt rubbing against the sensitive skin of your inner thighs, it suddenly hit you that you were completely naked for him before he had even untucked his shirt. In the back of your mind, you couldn’t help but wonder if there was a wet patch on the material from where he was pressed so intimately against your dewy center.
The thought was quickly forgotten when his lips left your skin just before your legs were tossed over his shoulders. You looked down your body and your pussy clenched around nothing at the sight that met you — Nanami’s head dipping down between your thighs, his large hands holding onto your hips, and his hungry eyes looking back up at you.
The deep breath you took in anticipation was useless as it escaped you the instant you felt his tongue lick a stripe up your folds from the very bottom to the top.
You softly cried out as your head dropped back to the bed, your eyelids falling shut as you savored having his talented mouth on your cunt for the first time in over a month. Your own fingers were a poor substitute on all of those nights spent alone, separated from Nanami by hundreds of miles.
He pressed a kiss to your clit before he wrapped his plush lips around the sensitive bundle of nerves. Your hands found their way into his hair, leaving it fully disheveled and sticking up at odd angles as your fingers tightly tugged on his strands with every gentle suck he gave.
His hand slid up from where it was cradling your hip and along your sweat-slicked skin until he was covering your breasts. One of your own hands released its hold on his hair to cover it, interlacing your fingers with his as you encouraged him to squeeze.
The rhythm of your undulating hips was guided by the large hand he had moved to your lower back, timing each smooth roll to meet his lips with every suck. Your thighs tightened around his head as you felt the pleasure growing, pulling you closer and closer to the edge with every soft moan and gasp that you let out.
But it was growing to be too much. You were approaching the point of no return and if he continued then you wouldn’t be able to hold back your orgasm. You desperately began to squirm in his hold, tugging on his hair to stop him rather than spur him on.
“K-Kento, wait,” you panted, sounding like you wanted anything but for him to wait. “Gonna, ah! Gonna come, oh fuck.”
Your protests only seemed to encourage him, his sucks and the flicks of his tongue growing more purposeful. The wet sounds of his lips and tongue and mouth on your cunt only turned you on more as they filled your ears.
“Wait, wanna…wanna…” you tried to get out but the haze of pleasure was becoming too thick for you to see through. “Wanna come on your cock.”
You could feel his smirk against you and his lips finally released your clit, but not before giving it a slow lick with the flat of his tongue. Your pussy immediately protested at the loss of his mouth, your walls clenching in need.
“Don’t worry. You will,” he assured you, his voice deep and full of sin. His breath was hot against your folds, which were soaked from both your arousal and his saliva. “But first, you’re going to come on my tongue.”
He didn’t give his words a moment to linger before he dove back in, using his hand on your lower back to hold you close as his mouth picked up speed. Your legs began to shake over his shoulders and your toes tightly curled.
As you desperately looked for something to keep you grounded, your grip on his hair grew so tight that you were almost positive you were going to yank some of the sand-colored strands right from his head. Your hold on his hand that was covering your breast had turned into a death grip.
All it took was one more suck of his talented lips for you to cry out his name as the tension in your body snapped. Your hips jerked against his mouth and your walls spasmed, a white-hot pleasure rushing through you to the tips of your nerve endings.
He continued to lap at your cunt with long, slow licks — making sure to avoid your sensitive clit — as you slowly came down from your orgasm until he had fully cleaned the mess between your legs. When your shaky fingers finally let go of his hair, he turned his head and pressed a gentle kiss to your inner thigh before sitting up.
He carefully slid your legs from his shoulders and they fell limply off the edge of the bed. When he lifted his hand from your breast, he placed a kiss on your knuckles before letting your hand drop onto your stomach.
Your chest was heaving as you panted for air, the aftershocks of your orgasm still running through your body. You were in such a daze that you could do nothing but watch through half-lidded eyes as he stood up and began to unbutton his shirt.
As each undone button revealed more and more skin, you felt your hunger beginning to build all over again. Despite your recent orgasm, you weren’t nearly sated enough. You wouldn’t be until he fucked you properly. When the fabric finally fell from his broad shoulders down to the floor, your gaze greedily traced every line of his muscled torso.
His pants were next, his boxer briefs following soon after, and your breath caught in your throat at the sight of him standing before you completely nude, his cock hard between his legs and curving upwards toward his toned abs. You could feel your mouth salivating, eager to wrap your lips around him and sink down his shaft until your nose was pressed against his skin and the head was touching the back of your throat.
But Nanami had something different in mind because he dropped a knee on the bed beside you before leaning down and wrapping his arm around your middle. Effortlessly, he moved you further up the bed as he climbed into it until you were laid out right in the center of the mattress.
His form hovered over you and he leaned in to kiss you. His tongue slowly slid against yours and you savored the taste of yourself on his lips. You brought up a hand to push his mussed hair back from his forehead, only for the strands to fall back into his face the moment your fingers moved down to caress his cheek.
His lips were pulling away from yours all too soon for your liking and you pouted up at him when he moved off of you. The easy smile that appeared on his face at your reaction soothed your irritation, a playful smile of your own tugging at the corners of your lips.
And suddenly, for the first time in years, you felt your age. All of the weariness and pain faded away. You didn’t feel like you were so brittle that your soul was chipping away bit by bit until soon there would be nothing left.
No, you felt like someone in their mid-twenties who was spending an intimate night with the person they loved. Your heart felt light.
Eager to take advantage of this newfound clarity, you rolled over and crawled onto your knees as Nanami sat down next to you. His arm wound its way back around your waist to tug you into his lap, one knee on either side of him as your hands found purchase on his shoulders.
You leaned in to teasingly nip at his bottom lip and when a soft rumble of laughter left him, you could tell that he was feeling the exact same way. Unable to help yourself and full of so much love for him, you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him close, your face buried in his hair and his in the crook of your neck.
His own arms returned your embrace, hugging you tightly. Your breathing soon matched his, your chests rising and falling in time together. You could feel his hard cock underneath you where you sat in his lap. But despite how much you wanted to slowly sink yourself down on him, you wanted to savor this moment for just a little bit longer.
His nose skimmed along the column of your throat as he lifted his head to plant a soft kiss under your jaw. He took a deep breath before he released it with a contented sigh, giving your waist another squeeze.
“I know how much you need me,” he murmured, his lips moving against your skin with each word he spoke. “But, I just hope you know how much I need you, too.”
You leaned back slightly in his hold so that you could look down at him, your eyes filled with pure adoration as your hands moved to cradle his face.
“You have me, Kento. All of me,” you assured him with a soft shake of your head, as if thinking otherwise was absurd. You then pressed your smiling lips to his and gave a purposeful roll of your hips, the glide of your wet cunt along his shaft emphasizing your words.
His hands quickly fell to your hips so that he could take control of the rhythm, his strong hold on you moving you back and forth on his length in a steady motion. Your soft and loving smile began to fade as your lips parted and something hungrier took its place.
White-hot, burning sparks of arousal shot through you each time your slippery, puffy clit rubbed against the veins and ridges of his shaft. It didn’t take long to have you panting against him, your fingernails digging desperately into his broad shoulders. Your eyes never left his and you could see how dark they were growing with every wet, lewd sound of his thick cock sliding through your drenched folds.
“Please, Kento,” you shakily breathed when you couldn’t take it any longer, your walls aching in need to clench down on something, on anything.
Relief flooded through you when he brought you to a stop. Finally, you were going to get what you had been craving all evening.
Except, instead of reaching between you so that he could guide himself to your entrance, he raised you up so that you were sitting on your knees. You couldn’t hold back the noise of disappointment that escaped you, making Nanami chuckle in response.
“Soon, I promise,” he said, cutting off the protest before it could leave your tongue. “I need to get you ready first.”
“I am ready,” you pouted, leaning in to give him a hungry kiss only to pull away with a sharp gasp when he suddenly buried two of his fingers inside of you.
“You’re not,” he argued before he pressed a wet kiss to your throat and you could feel him smiling with amusement against your skin. “You feel that?”
He dragged his fingers out of you before slowly pushing them back in, meeting resistance as your walls instinctively clamped down on them with a whimper.
“You’re tight,” he continued, the last word coming out as barely more than a growl as he scissored his fingers inside of you.
“Please,” you repeated, the unattractive whine in your tone causing him to softly snort in amusement, his released puff of air hot on your skin. He sped up the pace, moving his fingers in and out of you more quickly with each thrust before adding a third.
You moved your hands from his shoulders to his face, guiding his lips back to yours and moaning softly against them every time his fingers sank inside of you down to the knuckles.
“I’m ready,” you murmured between messy kisses. “O-oh, I promise I’m ready, Kento.”
He seemed to finally agree because the next time he pulled his fingers back, he removed them from you entirely. Your pussy was immediately aching from the loss, but you knew something better was coming and it only had you leaking more onto his slick cock underneath you.
He brought the three shining fingers that had just been knuckle-deep inside of your cunt up to his lips so that he could suck them clean of your arousal. His eyes remained fixed on yours, his gaze unwavering and filled with promise. You found yourself beginning to pant all over again and your tongue unconsciously darted out to sweep along your bottom lip.
His eyes dropped down slightly to follow the pink muscle and when it disappeared back into your mouth, he brought his thumb up to your bottom lip so that he could drag it down slightly. Your tongue peeked back out to lick at the pad of his thumb where it was resting on your lip.
You then tilted your head down so that you could wrap your lips around his finger, swirling your tongue around it before sucking softly. You looked back at him through your lashes and you could feel his cock twitch underneath you.
Keeping your gaze on his, you reached one hand down and wrapped it around his hard cock, making his breath hitch at the sensation. You guided him right where you wanted him, where you needed him.
You let his thumb fall from your mouth and rested your forehead against his before you slowly sank yourself down onto him, pausing once his fat head was just past your entrance. His eyes closed and the deep groan that left him combined with how full you felt had you quietly keening as you laced your arms around his neck to hold him close.
He slid his hand between your bodies so that he could slowly circle your clit with his thumb that was still slick with your saliva. The smooth, light strokes around your swollen bud were only aided by your own arousal that continued to leak out around his cock as you slid down another few inches before pausing again.
“How’s it feel?” he asked as he ran his free hand in a soothing line up and down your spine.
“S-So good,” you mumbled before giving him another needy kiss, savoring the burning stretch as he slowly speared your walls apart.
You opened your eyes just as you took the remaining inches of his hard, heavy length to see that he was already looking at you. His gaze was so heated that it almost rivaled the feeling of your hips flush with his, his cock fully seated deep inside of your pussy.
As you sat there in his lap, your forehead against his, your gazes locked, him buried so intimately in you that you almost felt too full, his thumb still slowly rubbing your clit, your chest rising and falling perfectly in time with his as you both panted for air, you felt completely whole.
All of your decisions and choices, everything that had happened in life whether good or bad, it felt like every single one of them had brought you here — to him.
The thought had you softly smiling.
But you didn’t have long to dwell on the sentiment because Nanami slid his hands down to your legs where they were straddling him. He grabbed them and readjusted your position, spreading them before curling them to wrap around his hips.
You gasped sharply and your walls instinctively clamped down around him, pulling another low groan from him. He crossed his ankles just behind your ass and once he had you seated exactly how he wanted you, he let his hips slowly grind against yours.
The light stimulation to your clit as his cock moved inside of you had you immediately craving more. But when you tried to roll your hips, his hands gripped tightly onto your hips to keep you in place.
“Just stay,” he quietly told you and you let out an impatient whine as you tried in vain to shake off his strong, unrelenting hold. “Just feel it.”
“Kento,” you pleaded, his name nothing more than a whine as it left your lips. You squirmed in his lap and your walls clenched down when it caused his cock to nudge against your g-spot.
“Just feel it,” he repeated through a grunt, continuing to run his hand up and down your spine. “I want you to feel that it’s me inside of you, that it’s my cock that you’re sitting on. I want you to always remember what this feels like.”
His words had your walls fluttering around him once more, making him tense beneath you briefly.
“How could I ever forget?” you asked with a soft smile before leaning in to kiss him.
When you pulled back and saw how hungry he looked, you relented and did just as he asked. Slowly, you let your body relax, letting yourself just feel how intimate this position was and how perfectly he fit inside of you.
Suddenly, you let out a breathless laugh.
“What?” he asked as he pressed a lingering kiss to your smiling lips and you shook your head.
“It’s nothing.”
He raised an eyebrow and you could see a hint of amusement underneath the raw lust in his eyes.
“If you’re laughing then clearly I’m not doing something right,” he teased, nipping at your bottom lip again. You couldn’t contain another quiet giggle, which turned into a soft moan when his thumb lightly dragged the hood of your clit up and down.
“It’s nothing,” you repeated. “It’s just, I always get nostalgia from this position.”
The faint humor seemed to disappear from his expression as something more meaningful took its place.
“This is how it was our first time together,” you breathed, affectionately nudging his nose with yours.
Instinctively, you lifted your hand and rested your palm on his firm chest, right over his heart, before activating your cursed technique. You reached out with your cursed energy to embrace him completely only to be swept away as his warmth and his love washed over you.
This moment felt sacred — the two of you connected as intimately as two people could ever be with him buried inside of you while your souls were intertwined.
Looking up from his soul, you met his gaze once more with eyes that were wet and shining in the golden light of your cursed energy. With your free hand, you gently smoothed his hair behind his ear as an adoring smile played on your lips.
You couldn’t help but reflect back on the past, memories beginning to surface as you navigated your own soul and focused in on the large, jagged crack running through its center — the crack that had been repaired using pieces of Nanami’s soul.
At the time, the crack had been so deep that it threatened to shatter the rest of your soul and your sanity along with it. And as a drunk, broken mess with nowhere else left to turn, you had ended up in Nanami’s care.
You had been drowning in an ocean of grief and Nanami had rescued you. Despite not having seen each other in the years since he had left the jujutsu world behind, he watched over you, took care of you, and nursed you back to health without question.
And when you had finally told him through your tears what had happened, how you hadn’t been able to protect your younger brother, how you had failed him, how you now were the last of your clan, how you were alone, he had sat there with you in the dark, holding you close and assuring you that so long as he was around, you would never be alone.
He had given you everything — a place in his home and his life, his time and his love, and even pieces of his soul when you had admitted that your own was too damaged and tainted to properly repair the cracks that were spreading.
“You’re part of my soul, Kento,” you murmured, shaking off your memories and focusing on the here and now, aching for him in every way.
There was a wet sheen to Nanami’s eyes and once again you felt like you were being worshipped, like he was giving his thanks to the gods for allowing him to be blessed with your love.
“You’re part of me,” you breathed as you leaned in to gently brush your lips against his. But he was quick to lift his hand and cup your jaw, turning the kiss into something hungrier and your cursed technique deactivated, plunging the bedroom back into darkness as his need for you consumed you.
And then finally he rolled his hips into yours, stoking the fire burning deep inside of you and causing it to spread throughout your body all the way to the tips of your fingers and toes. You broke away from his lips to cry out in pleasure, your head falling back at just how good the grind of his cock felt as he rocked his hips against yours.
Your hands dropped down to the bed behind you and you rested back on them, letting the strong arm that he still had wrapped around your waist help support you. He brought his free hand to your ass, guiding you forward and encouraging you to move your hips with his.
“Fuck, how are you still so tight?” he asked through clenched teeth before nipping at the exposed column of your throat and you let out a breathless laugh.
“It’s because I don’t get your cock enough when I’m at home,” you teased, only to be cut off by a sharp gasp as he leaned in and took one of your nipples in his mouth, his smirking lips wrapping tight around the pebbled bud. Without thinking, you lifted one hand up from the bed to bury it in his messy hair, pressing his face further into your breast.
With your eyes closed and your head tossed back, you missed the smoldering look in his eyes as he took in your every reaction, refusing to let a single one slip his notice. He wanted this moment burned into his memory so that he could revisit it whenever he wanted during the long stretches of time that he was forced to spend apart from you.
It didn’t take long for him to hit a mind-numbing rhythm, his hips moving perfectly in time with yours. His cock dragged right over your g-spot with each thrust and it wasn’t long before you were left a panting, sweaty mess in his arms. Your ears were filled with the low grunts he was making, which were only interrupted by the praise he was groaning into your skin where his face was buried between your tits.
“You’re taking me so well. Shit. You always take me so well.” He punctuated his words by licking a stripe between your tits and the feeling of his hot, wet tongue on your skin had you keening in his lap.
“Kento, y-you’re so big,” you mewled, using every ounce of strength you had to sit up so that you could drape your arms over his shoulders. Your fingers tugged desperately at his hair as you pulled his face to yours, your forehead resting against his as you whimpered and moaned against his lips. “O-oh, feels so good.”
He moved his hand from your ass and slipped it between your bodies, taking a brief detour to grab one of your breasts and give it a firm squeeze before dipping down and finding your wet, swollen clit. The rhythm of his hips never faltered, fucking deeply into you as his thumb stroked the slippery bundle of nerves.
“You don’t know how much I think about this when you’re gone. Fuck,” he panted as he eagerly drank in every cry that left you, only to find himself greedy for more. “How much I think about your tits. How much I think about, ah, your tight fucking pussy.”
Each sinful word and each grind of his cock on your g-spot and every circle traced around your clit pushed you closer and closer to the edge, the roll of your hips growing frantic.
“Kento,” you repeated, his name both a prayer and a plea on your lips. “I-I’m close. I’m s-so close.”
“You’re gonna come for me?” he asked through the needy kisses you were pressing to his lips and you could only nod as you clutched onto him like he was a lifeline. “Y-yeah? Fuck. Fuck. You gonna come for me?”
“Mmhmm, o-oh,” you answered, so wrapped up in every sensation and the climax you could feel just within reach that you were unable to string two coherent words together.
“I promised, didn’t I?” Through the haze of desire, you opened your eyes to look at him with confusion, unsure what he was talking about. He licked at your lips and you immediately reciprocated, your own tongue darting out to meet his. “I said— I said you’d come on my cock, didn’t I? Shit.”
All you could do was let out a tiny noise of affirmation between your moans, but it seemed to be enough for him as your eyelids fell shut once again.
“Well?” he grunted, fucking into you hard and managing to somehow hit even deeper inside of you. “Come. C’mon. Come on my cock, fuck, just like I told you you would.”
The command alone was enough to make your orgasm rip through you, your hips jerking and your body seizing up as your vision whited out. You could do nothing but claw at his shoulders, the pleasure so overwhelming that it had tears escaping your closed eyes.
In the dark and with how tightly you were wrapped around him, he was unable to see you gushing around him as you came, but he could feel it. He felt the wetness leaking out of your cunt, coating the base of his cock as he continued to thrust in and out of your spasming walls before your cum began to drip down his balls.
It took a superhuman level of self-control to keep him from coming with you. He wanted it to last longer. He wanted to savor it. He didn’t want this moment to end.
His fingers abandoned your overstimulated clit and he wrapped his own arms around you, holding you close and relishing the feeling of your bare tits pressed up against his sweaty chest. He buried his face in your neck, muffling the moans that escaped him as your pussy kept fluttering around him.
“Kento,” you murmured, your voice breathless and light in his ears as you slowly came back to yourself. Your fingers began to gently play with the hair at the nape of his neck and a shiver ran down his spine. “Please, Kento. I want you. I need to feel you. Please, come in me.”
How could he ignore such a beautiful plea? It was his undoing as he buried his cock as deep as he could before he came hard with a low, wrecked moan of your name into your neck. You sharply inhaled at the sensation of him spilling himself inside of you, flooding your cunt with hot spurts of his cum and making you wiggle in his lap.
His breath was hot on your neck as he gasped for air, his shoulders heaving with each pant. It was your turn to run your hand up and down his spine in a soothing motion as you whispered quietly into his ear, repeating over and over how much you loved him.
When he seemed to have recovered, he lifted his head up and sat a little straighter in your hold. He gently took your face in his hands and leaned in to press a kiss to your lips that was so tender and loving, you thought your heart might float away from how light it felt.
You were in a lovestruck daze as he carefully unwound your legs from around his hips before moving you from his lap onto the bed beside him, helping you lay down with a strong arm slung back around your middle. Once he had you comfortably situated, he lowered himself beside you onto his side, propping up his head on one hand as he absently traced shapes on your stomach with the other.
With the way he was looking at you so adoringly, you suddenly found the words that had been lodged in your throat earlier that evening on the tip of your tongue.
“I-I know I said I was only going to stay a few days…” you began, breaking the stillness of the moment and Nanami’s fingers paused in their movements. “But what if I stay for another week or so?”
Your question was rewarded with a smile that slowly stretched across his lips as he looked down at you with soft eyes.
“I would love that,” he quietly replied and you could feel the pure elation rolling off of him in waves, an emotion that he was always so rare to exhibit. His smile then turned slightly playful as he reached for your hand and brought your fingers up to his lips to affectionately kiss the backs of them. “You sure you’re not just cock drunk?”
The bubble of laughter that burst free from you in response warmed his heart. This was how he always wanted to remember you — smiling and satiated and so utterly happy.
When you shook your head, he merely raised an amused eyebrow at you.
“Well, maybe just a little,” you conceded as you began to sit up, pressing a kiss to his smiling lips and enjoying his own huff of laughter.
You then scooted off the bed, purposely ignoring the smears of his cum that you were leaving behind in your wake. On your way to the bathroom, you grabbed his button-up from the floor and slid it on, comforted by the lingering scent of his cologne that clung to the fabric.
You quickly glanced over your shoulder and when you saw the way Nanami was watching you like he was almost in some sort of trance, you gave him a quick wink. His low chuckle rang in your ears as you turned on the bathroom light and shut the door behind you.
You made quick work of cleaning up the mess between your legs, eager to rejoin Nanami in bed. However, as you finished washing your hands and turned off the faucet, you found yourself distracted as you took a moment to look at the countertop.
Lined up in a neat array were all of the skincare products that you regularly used — a tube of the facewash you used in the morning as well another one that you used at night, a bottle of face toner next to the two jars of moisturizer that you used, even your same brand of vitamin C serum and facial sunscreen.
You quickly dried your hands on a hand towel before picking up one of the moisturizers. You ran your thumb over the label and took note of the tamper-proof seal that was still wrapped around the lid. You glanced at the rest of the products and saw that they hadn’t been opened either.
These were all brand new.
Your eyes began to sting and you quickly blinked, trying to fight off any tears before they could form. You bit down on your bottom lip as you looked over the jar in your hand, smiling softly as you did so.
Nanami had taken the time to go out and buy all of these so that they would be waiting for you when you arrived. He hadn’t even needed to ask about any of them. It was just another reminder that he knew you in every single way.
You sniffled quietly as you set the jar perfectly back in its place and your smile grew as you took in the sight of all of your toiletries sitting so neatly next to his. There was even an opened toothbrush set off to the side for you.
The entire display implied routine and intimacy. This was the countertop of two people who shared their lives. And it was a physical reminder that even though you were living apart — Nanami here in Tokyo and you in Ishikawa — there would always be space for you in his home and his life.
With one last fond look at the bottles and jars, you hit the light switch and made your way back to Nanami. In your absence, he had tossed the duvet with its new wet spot carelessly onto the floor. He was sitting with his back against the headboard, a pair of navy sweatpants slung low across his hips and his hands patiently folded in his lap as he waited for you.
Once you were seated beside him, he moved to lay down, curling on his side and resting his head in your lap. Instinctively, you began to card your fingers through his hair, smoothing back his messy strands as he leaned into your touch with closed eyes.
“We left the mugs outside,” you suddenly pointed out and the corner of his lip quirked upward.
“I’ll get them tomorrow.”
You playfully flicked his ear and he peeked open an eye to look at you.
“You didn’t even touch the tea that I worked so hard to make you,” you whined with an exaggerated pout that had him chuckling into your lap. He then turned his head so that he could press a wet, lingering kiss to the top of your bare thigh.
“I think I can make it up to you,” he said, his tone dry but still laced with amusement.
Another comfortable silence settled over the two of you. You continued to run your fingers through his hair, your nails gently scratching his scalp as they went, and eventually his breathing began to slow.
You thought he was on the verge of falling asleep when he turned onto his back so that he could look directly up at you. You lifted your hand up but he simply took it in his and held it to his chest, right over his heart.
“I had an appointment with a real estate agent,” he said. You were caught off guard by the sudden statement as well as the imploring look he was giving you. “I asked him to show me some spaces that could be used for a studio.”
Your eyes went wide and you could only blink at him dumbly. There was only one reason why Nanami would ever need studio space — for you.
“Remember when I came to visit you in April?” he continued and the shift in topic only left you feeling confused once again. It was unusual for Nanami to be so indirect about something. “Remember what we talked about?”
Your expression softened as you finally began to understand where all of this was going and why he was being so cautious in addressing it.
Of course you remembered his visit.
You could clearly remember how the two of you had sat together beneath the sakura tree in the garden. The cherry blossoms had been in bloom, providing a beautiful setting for the long conversation the two of you had.
It had been one of the rare times that you had allowed yourself to lay everything bare — all of your fears and vulnerabilities and wants and dreams. You had talked about your future, your future together.
And you had confided in him about how conflicted you were over giving up your surname, your clan’s name. There was something so tempting about taking someone else’s name, Nanami’s name, and letting your clan die with a simple marriage certificate, knowing how furious it would make the higher-ups who had always felt the need to involve themselves in your clan’s survival.
Only, you also knew that you would be letting down every member of your clan who had come before you if you did so.
Through tears, you had confessed to him that the burden of being the last of your clan was so heavy that you felt like you were constantly on the verge of being crushed underneath it.
But somehow, Nanami always knew what to say to alleviate your pain. Because he had lifted up a hand to cup your cheek and pressed his forehead to yours before simply telling you, “I’ll take your name.”
Those four words had felt like an extended hand, offering you safety and shelter from the trauma that was always on the verge of consuming you.
“Then you won’t be the last. There will be two of us,” he had promised. “I’ll carry the burden with you.”
You swallowed the lump in your throat as you looked down at him in your lap, resituating yourself back in the present.
“Y-yeah, I remember,” you finally rasped.
You could see something slightly desperate beginning to appear in his eyes and you realized that he was growing worried that he was going to scare you off by broaching the topic. The thought made you briefly frown. You wanted him to be happy, just like had been only a few minutes earlier.
Trying to comfort him, you leaned down and pressed your lips to his forehead. You hoped that the soothing kiss conveyed everything that you were feeling as you lovingly squeezed his fingers that were intertwined with yours on his chest.
“Yeah, I remember,” you repeated when you sat back up, sounding much more assured this time around. Relief washed through you when you saw his own trepidation beginning to recede.
“I’m tired of watching you suffer,” he murmured, his eyes kind and patient as he looked up at you. “I think it’s time to stop punishing yourself for being the one who survived. You don’t need to keep all of that pain and anger tied around your neck. You can start letting some of it go.”
Your vision began to blur and you quickly closed your eyes, knowing that you would be unable to blink away the tears that were rapidly forming. You dropped your forehead down to press against his and he released your hand so that he could bring it up and rest it on the back of your head, its weight a comfort.
“...I-I don’t know how,” you finally managed to fearfully confess.
“I’ll help you.”
The words left his lips without hesitation and it was just so like him that you couldn’t help but let out a soft, wet laugh.
“You’ll help me?” you asked, your voice cracking slightly even as a smile pulled at your lips against your will.
“Always,” he replied simply, leaving no room for argument.
You lifted your head with a small sniffle and his hand dropped down, gently brushing away the tears brimming your eyes before he let it fall away completely. You began to once again lovingly smooth his messy hair away from his forehead as you reflected on what he had said.
“Why don’t you take a couple of weeks off over the holidays when you come to visit me?” you eventually asked, a hint of nervousness in your tone about the big step you were about to take. “This way we can spend a little bit longer together.”
He nodded easily and you bit your bottom lip anxiously.
“A-and then, in the new year, maybe I can come back to Tokyo with you?” you continued quietly. “Maybe we can go look at some of those studios together. No promises or anything, but just to get an idea…”
It was a scary offer to make. The idea of spending more time in Tokyo — even if you were far from ready to make the move permanent — was like a needle of fear straight through your heart. But Nanami was looking up at you with so much love and relief and happiness that it dulled the panic. As long as he was beside you, helping you shoulder the burden just as he had promised, maybe you could do it.
Maybe you could finally begin to heal and leave your pain and grief behind.
“I think that sounds great,” he rasped, his voice thick with emotion.
You pressed your softly smiling lips to his in a lazy and languid kiss that left you slightly breathless when you finally broke apart.
“Hmm, maybe I’m still just cock drunk,” you mused playfully, enjoying the deep and sincere laugh that left him.
“I guess I’ll just need to keep you cock drunk,” he grinned and his playfulness warmed your heart.
“Does that mean you’re ready for round two?” you asked him with a cheeky grin. The hand that was sitting on his chest began to slowly trail a path down his torso toward the waistband of his sweatpants.
When you felt his chest rumble beneath your palm with another low laugh, your smile grew and your eyes began to shine with joy. You could feel a slight buzz of excitement in your stomach as you thought about the future, something that was completely foreign. But just knowing that Nanami would be with you every step of the way left your soul feeling stronger than it had in years.
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sprklqst · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
nanami! let's go out together!
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nanaosaki3940 · 19 hours ago
Dazai and Gojo
In my headcanon, they’re the ultimate besties, living in the same universe and in the same city. 😆😂😍💖(Both Yokohama and Shibuya are in Tokyo btw.) 
1. I mean, look at them yo... They both sparkle! ✨💖
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
2. The famous hand gesture with a goofy face will never get old!  😂
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
3. Their cute lil blush! 🥰
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
4. Their ex-boyfriends! 😂 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
5. That one best friend they lost...😭💔 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
6. They’re terrifying AF! HOLY SHIT! 😨 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
7. Overdramatic bastards! 😂 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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s-seya · a day ago
can i get 6 and 22 with nanami :)) btw i love your work
Tumblr media
prompt 6 + 22 — “ don’t test me ” + “ move your hands ”
all characters are 18+ unless stated otherwise
nsfw — minors dni
“don’t test me,” nanami’s voice boomed above you.
your saliva gets caught in your throat as you try to catch your breath from your nth orgasm. you can’t remember when you lost count but you’re sure the blonde male above you is keeping track. he’s watched your thighs twitch and your body convulse atop the now soaked sheets since you got home nearly an hour ago. and there seemed to be no end in sight, especially not when it was your own fault you were in this position to begin with; supine on your shared queen bed with your legs spread and your abused cunt hiding behind your palms.
you’d made the mistake of playfully flirting with the gojo satoru and after losing track of how many times nanami made you come undone with his fingers alone, you were starting to regret ever trying to make him jealous. your clit was throbbing either in need and arousal or because you’ve had your fill a number of orgasms ago and needed a break. but your mind had gone numb and it was hard to form any thoughts at all. even as tears streamed down your face, nanami’s stayed hard and unchanging.
“i won’t be telling you again, y/n.” he bit out with a squeeze to your thigh, “move your hands…”
Tumblr media
tysm anon !! i hope you like it:)
find the prompt list here and characters i write for here
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Tumblr media
It's time for Nanami and the team to chow down and relax after a hard mission in @mmiyoart super cute and cheerful style! 🥘 😋
Order your copy of Chop It Like It’s Hot today!
🛒 UK/EU: Order on Etsy 🛒 Elsewhere: Order on BigCartel
Want to keep up-to-date with us? You can find us on: Twitter | Curious Cat | Carrd
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Tumblr media
word count: 890 words
genre: drabble, smut
warnings: EXPLICIT CONTENT. MINORS DO NOT INTERACT. mentions of female genitalia, overstimulation, dacryphilia, mating press, breeding kink (kinda), just pure smut.
notes: i had a terrible day yesterday, and this is the end result. also for some reason i can only ever use song titles as the titles for my fics so rip. REPOSTING FOR THE LAST TIME BC APPARENTLY CERTAIN TAGS DIDN’T ALLOW MY POST TO SHOW ASDHFSJD.
summary: nanami helps you forget about the bad day you had.
Tumblr media
“Should I keep going, love?” The genial tone of Kento’s voice starkly contrasted the harshness of his movements as he continued to thrust relentlessly into you, earning an emphatic moan from your exasperated throat. His face betrayed nothing of his intent—nothing of his unbridled lust—but the firm grip he had on your thighs as he steadfastly supported your legs with his arms and the grunts that danced in symphony with your overstimulated sobs revealed more than the man typically allowed.
By now, having climaxed for the nth time tonight—so much so that you’ve lost count of your orgasms—you were too fucked out to form a coherent response. All self-control dissipated when Kento plunged his tongue into your sopping cunt earlier, logic and sense quickly following suit as his mouth changed its focal point to your sensitive nub and two deft fingers joined the fray. Your first orgasm ripped through you quickly, enough to leave you heaving but not enough to remove your mind from the events of the exceptionally horrendous day you had.
Nanami Kento is nothing if not observant, and was quick to recognize the immediate resurgence of rumination and melancholy in your countenance as you came down from your high. In a fraction of a second of that instantaneous perception of your returning despondency, Nanami once more showered your swollen clit with attention as he dropped his voice to whisper a promise: “I’m not stopping until I’ve pulled your thoughts away from everything that happened today—or until you tell me to stop.”
Hence, your present situation: a sweaty, sobbing, overstimulated mess with tears pricking at the corners of your eyes as your devoted lover filled you up in ways no one else ever could. You earned a temporary reprieve from your fucked out state as he brought a hand to your cheek, caressing it delicately as he inspected your reactions with an acute gaze.
“Do you want to keep going?” Of course, excellent as he was at robbing you of any intelligible thought as he delivered you from one orgasm to another, his primary concern would always ricochet to your consent.
Bereft of tangible vocabulary, the best you could offer then was the unrhythmic movement of your hips against his, shamelessly divulging your desperation for more despite having had more than enough. At this juncture, Nanami taunted you with a crooked smile, one that made his already handsome features all the more enticing. He brought both hands to your hips, holding them in place and effectively halting your fitful motions. You could only whine in response as his cock remained buried deep inside you, stretching you open without giving you the release you craved.
“Use your words, darling,” he whispered, stooping his head close to the junction between your ear and neck, allowing the contact of the warmth of his breath to stoke the arousal in your core.
“K-kento, p-please,” you were stammering in between sobs, the faintest of tears streaking your face in a slow descent. “K-keep going. Please. I n-need you s-so badly.”
That was all Nanami needed to hear as he pinned your legs close to your chest in a position that allowed him to maneuver himself into you more deeply and resumed all movements, albeit at an even rougher and more unadulterated pace. You were certain your cries would earn complaints from your neighbors the next day, but right now, all that mattered was the fact that Nanami made you feel so good. You’d valiantly face the barrage of consequences, soreness, and complaints in the morning; at the present, your mind was too preoccupied with Kento—only Kento.
As the rhythm of his thrusts became more erratic, you, too, became more frenzied, clawing your way down his toned back with one hand as the other remained tightly grasping his hair. With the combination of a well-angled thrust, a less than gentle nip at your neck, and a sudden pressure applied by Nanami to your clit, you came undone, squeezing his member for all it was worth. The tightening of your walls were enough to send him off the edge as well. Not soon afterwards, you felt him spill his seed into you.
Following a few sloppy thrusts, he finally lowered your legs back onto the mattress, softly stroking your inner thigh in an attempt to alleviate the soreness he knew would set in soon. He cleared the hair from your sweat-adorned visage, observing your heaving figure to check for any signs of discomfort. Seeing none, Kento planted a kiss on your lips, passionately but not roughly.
“Are you still thinking about your bad day?” He queried between intermittent kisses, one hand set in a caressing motion at your waist, the other holding your face. He noted the bliss in your eyes, glossed over with both pleasure and satisfaction, noting the absence of your earlier melancholy with a barely audible hum.
“Nuh-uh,” your ability to form a comprehensible statement still hadn’t returned, but adoration drove you forward so you could say: “I love you, Kento.”
Nanami shifted, laying on his side to pull you close to his chest. He felt the last of your strength slowly dissipate as the exhaustion from your activities finally settled in. Kissing the top of your head with care, he responded before succumbing to his own fatigue. “I love you, too.”
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twinkrbl · 2 days ago
nanami: wanna play using virtual reality goggles?
gojo: i'll pass.
nanami: why?
gojo: i don't want to be in a reality where you don't exist.
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matsvrin · 2 days ago
hey friends. let’s come together and imagine gojo’s reaction when he finds out about nanami. <3
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