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daddy-toji · 2 days ago
𝕗𝕒𝕧𝕠𝕣𝕚𝕥𝕖 𝕜𝕚𝕟𝕜𝕤 𝕠𝕗 𝕙𝕚𝕤
Tumblr media
𝕘𝕖𝕟𝕣𝕖…hdcs, nsfw, dark nsfw
𝕤𝕪𝕟𝕠𝕡𝕤𝕚𝕤...3 of his favorite things to do during fun times
𝕔/𝕨…daddy kink, dacryphila, somnophila, knife/blood, dehumanization, degradation, praise, worship, dp, king/sex slave, bondage
ℕ𝕒𝕟𝕒𝕞𝕚 𝕂𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕠…
daddy dom/baby girl sub; Kento has a huge daddy kink, and he loves calling you various names, from baby girl to princess to darling. He would want you to call him Daddy only in private around the house. But whispering it in his ear in public turns him on a lot.
thigh riding; You make a mess of yourself for him on him. You can stroke his cock and he will play with your nipples but it’s all you. Kento pays great attention to every move of your hips and every sound you make. It’s wonderful foreplay for when he is tired after work which is most of the time. And you never complain since his thighs are hard and wonderful against your clit. “Your not thinking about stopping now are you? You’ve only finished twice, I thought you were unbearable horny that I had to rush home right away. So keep going till Daddy tells you to stop.”
praise/worship: This man is a giver when he is home, maybe it’s because he is trying to make up for working so much. Either way when you behave Kento worships your body and praises your body. You aren’t insecure with this man.
𝔾𝕠𝕛𝕠 𝕊𝕒𝕥𝕠𝕣𝕦…
mirror sex; Satoru is vain, your a beautiful woman and he is a beautiful man. He gets off on seeing him fuck you just as much as he is getting off on fucking you. It’s a bonus for him if it flusters you, “Don’t look away, look my pretty cock pounding your sweet little puss. Your taking me so well, might have to let you stay the night for another round.”
boob job/face fucking; He wants to have your head dangling off the bed whilst you hold your tits together so he can switch back and forth between fucking your wet tits and hot mouth. He wants to hear you gag, “You like my balls hitting your face stupid, cute little slut?”
somnphilia; with your permission. You’re at your most vulnerable state when you sleeping. And when he gets done with a mission sometimes there is just left over adrenaline keeping him awake. Satoru’s mind drifts to you. So he lets himself in and pays you a surprise visits. Satoru doesn’t care what you have going on the next day. Getting his dick wet and hearing your sleepy moans of his name are more important.
𝕋𝕠𝕛𝕚 𝔽𝕦𝕤𝕙𝕚𝕘𝕦𝕣𝕠…
cock warming; He can cuddle you without saying he wants to cuddle. And he can feel your gummy walls squeezing him whilst cuddling you. So that makes the cuddling even better. He is strict about you not getting yourself off on him during cuddling. “Ya waiting for me to come home. You can wait some more, I don’t think your wet enough for me.”
size kink/manhandling; This means trapping you with his body, trying to make you feel smaller. And moving you how he wants without warning. This man will stand up and slam you down on his cock with his hand around your throat.
daddy/babygirl; call him daddy anywhere at any time. Everyone needs to know your being taken care of by him. And just whose you belong to. As if the hickeys on your neck weren’t enough. “Say my name baby girl, let me know whose pussy this is.”
double penetration; Sukuna will switch between wanting both cocks in the same hole and wanting to fuck both your pussy and ass at the same time. Either way he is obsessed with how you take both his cocks. “Cock drunk slut taking my monster cocks, just like that! I’m going to break your tight pussy. Fuck, my pet is stretched so fuckin wide because of me.”
knife/blood; Sukuna wants to hurt you and see the blood drip from your skin. He wants to see you writhe and try to jerk your body away. And as you loose more blood, whilst he plays with your pussy, in your pleasure and pained state your going to slowly loose all energy to fight. Afterwards the scars on your body remind you who your soul belongs to.
king/sex slave; Be the willing sex slave for Sukuna, call him king and worship the ground he walks on. And let him use your body however, whenever and he can’t explain to himself why he loves your utter devotion. “Your always wet for me aren’t you. Tell me did you think about your King coming to use his pussy all day?”
𝔾𝕖𝕥𝕠 𝕊𝕦𝕘𝕦𝕣𝕦…
dacryphila; Overstimulation, edging, pleasure or pain Suguru is going to make you cry from it all. And he prefers if your wearing make up to use the kind the runs. So you look extra messy for him whilst he fucks your throat. He likes hearing you say it’s too much and that you can’t handle it. And he loves how you won’t use your safe word, “That right fucking take it! You want me to stop? My cock is hurting your little pussy but you still need to take the rest of me like a good little slut.”
bondage; This gives him so much control over your body. He can splay your body out and take away you ability to squirm away from him. And if he is in a good mood you’ll be comfortable tied up, but if you’ve upset him then the position will be painful. “Satoru is coming by for a little while, be a good girl and keep your slutty loud mouth quite. I know that vibrator makes it kind of hard but I have important things to discuss with him whilst you hang here looking so beautiful all for me.”
dehumanization/degradation/praise; Suguru mixes the three. Leaning some times heavily one way or another between degrading and praising. That all depends on how his day and your behavior. But either way your being dehumanized.
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oikawaandkuroostan · 2 days ago
Imagine being married to Kento Nanami and taking on his last name.
Gojo would probably take the opportunity to say "I can call you Nanamin as well!" And at first, you don't take it seriously; however, when you hear the name 'Nanami' called, that doesn't stop both Kento AND you from responding.
And in that moment, the Kento Nanami's heart melts and cherishes this moment forever, because you welcomed the name, just as you welcomed him into your life.
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nicka-nell · 2 days ago
HC - JJK boys showering with reader
(Geto Suguru, Zenin Naoya, Ryomen Sukuna, Fushiguro Toji, Gojo Saturo, Nanami Kento, Choso)
Warning: NSFW, MDNI, 18+, Naoya - mention of drowning, blowjob, dom/sub, Sukuna, Toji - mention of rough sex, Choso - mention of blood
I had already written this for the Haikyuu characters and just wanted to write it for some of the JJK characters. How would the JJK boys react when they take a shower with you or bathe with you?
Tumblr media
You thought you were the only one who glued her loose hair on the tiles and made funny shapes with them? Wrong, if you make half a heart with your hair, you can be sure that after Geto’s shower session, he will fill the other half of the heart with his loose hair.
Geto was in the bathtub once when you went to the bathroom to do the laundry. At first, you were embarrassed and wanted to apologize, but Geto just laughed and was totally relaxed. Instead of sending you back out, he asked you to join him. From that point on, you often shower and bathe together.
Geto prefers to bathe with you, as the shower has some disadvantages when you use it together.
If you shower together, he likes to watch you, waiting for you to be the first to finish shampooing and cleaning so that you don’t have to stand in the cold with your wet body for long. (Besides, he needs quite long with his long thick hair)
Nevertheless, he is grateful that you have a shower with a bench, because he loves it when you offer him to massage his scalp or to wash his hair. It’s cute how you try to exert pressure with your tiny, delicate fingers, but actually just gently touch his head.
There is nothing better for him than to lie with you in the warm bathtub. Just lie there, you between his legs pressed to his chest, and enjoy the silence. He thinks it’s great that you can communicate without words.
While you’re relaxing in his arms, he caresses your leg with his long fingers, or tickles the skin on your collarbone to whisper softly into your ear how important you are to him.
But if there’s one thing that won’t happen in the shower or bathtub, it’s sex. The shower is too dangerous for him because Geto doesn’t want you to get hurt. And for the bathtub, well... once in there, his hand moved up your leg a little too far, so you gave a soft moan from you. That had excited him so much that he wanted to try sex in the bathtub. Only he quickly realized how stupid this idea was, because with each of his movements, the water has been splashing back and forth and thus every time it smacks you in the face. Your nostrils have never been as free as they were after that failed attempt.
Tumblr media
Naoya always bathed alone, well, alone in the tub, while you can do anything he wants from the outside. He likes to lie in the bathtub cursing about anything that annoys him while you rub his shoulders and clean him. Never did he really think about taking a bath with you. Why should he?
But once he wanted to go for a bath where you were in the bathtub. He was annoyed at first, but then he just laid down with you.
At first he had looked at you from the corner of his eye, watched you, but said nothing or did nothing. Since he was too stubborn to talk to you, you came up to him and sat down next to him. First arm to arm until he put his arm around your shoulders and started talking about everything that annoys him.
Automatically, you started cleaning him up and kneeling over his lap. That was the moment he realized how much your wet skin turned him on.
He held your hip tighter to push you down on him and watch your expressions. From that day on, he almost always tells you to bathe with him.
Naoya just loves to sit back and watch you jerk him off.
But one thing is better. He loves to grab your already wet hair to push you down so you can suck his dick. Like the good little maid, you are for him.
It turns him on how you dig your claws into his thighs and how you try to hurry so you can breathe again. How the water is like diamonds on your long eyelashes and you gasp for air completely out of breath. So sexy…
This feeling of power turns him so on that you usually stay longer in the bathroom to… do other things. “Mmh, masters little pet” is the first thing he whispers teasingly in your ear, just to fill you with his seeds.
Lovingly cuddling with candlelight in the tub? Oh hell no, not with Naoya. Expect the candles are for something else, some kind of punishment.
Tumblr media
Sukuna does not shower, he prefers hot springs as a bathing resort. So you always shower alone. But Sukuna wouldn’t be Sukuna if he didn’t get what he wanted.
It’s normal for him to have you with him when he wants to. So also in the hot spring. You on his lap, he leaning backwards while he wraps an arm around your waist.
He doesn’t like to philosophize about anything or talk about things that annoy him. All this is a waste of time for him. So you just sit there and enjoy the silence with no curses that get on your nerves.
Seldom, but from time to time bathing in the hot spring ends so that Sukuna tells you to go out now and you give him his towel before you take yours to dry your skin.
But one thing breaks mostly the silence you enjoy together. Your moaning.
If Sukuna had a really awful day, you try to raise his mood with a few kisses on the neck and distract him with your minor strokes on his dick. Slowly, your fingertips blow along its length, while the water moves with every movement. Until Sukuna grabs you by the wrist and pulls you onto his lap.
He then always leans back, rests his head on his hand and watches you with the words, “Work for what you want, you needy woman.”
Whether it’s the hot spring that makes everything so much more arousing, or Sukuna’s naked, steamy body, you don’t know.
You slowly move up and down on him, trying to keep your sounds as quiet as possible. If you are too loud and annoy Sukuna, you can expect him to lift you up again before he pushes you to the ground on the cold stones in front of the hot spring on all fours as he takes his anger out on you, stuffing you “like the dirty dog you are” and then leaving you alone.
Tumblr media
Toji is not a friend of long cuddling units in the bath or hot spring. For him, it’s a waste of time, just for women or people who don’t know what to do with their time.
He prefers to shower alone or with you. For him, it doesn’t matter if you’re there or not, at least he thought so at the beginning.
But once he came back from a “job”, had a few blood splashes here and there, and just wanted to get out of his clothes and take a shower, when you were already under it, humming a song while washing your hair.
He just hissed at you and pushed you aside. “Move, I don’t want the blood to dry.”
First, he didn’t notice you, rubbed himself with shower gel and shampooed his hair when he noticed the extreme silence. No “Hey what the fuck, Toji!” or “Out with you!” or anything else came from you. Instead, you looked at him with concern, looking for wounds that don’t exist.
You were just rubbing your body with shower gel, your hair is wet, sticking to your skin and some foam covers your otherwise naked and shimmering body. You look so fucking sexy. Toji forgets for a moment why he’s in the shower.
This was when he no longer thought of showering alone, but always taking a shower when you hop in there.
Sex in the shower is supposed to be dangerous because you could slip? No, not for Toji. You should make the shower tap out as long as you do not wash out the shampoo or shower gel? No, after all, he doesn’t pay the water bill. Besides, he doesn’t want to stand in the cold when he’s about to fuck your soul out.
Toji pushes you against the tiles, only to fuck you with full force. Watching your eyes roll back, your voice numbs his ears, and your claws press into his neck.
Also, he enjoys it when he just silently comes into the shower to quickly take a shower, but you, his needy little girl, want more and start getting on your knees to give him head. Uninterested, he continues to wash while you suck his cock and massage his balls.
When he’s about to come, he pushes you away to decorate your entire face and body with his cum, just to keep showering and watching you on the floor waiting for him to finish cleaning.
Rarely does he have one of his soft days where he is a little longer in the shower, alone, even before you went to take one and enjoys it when you come to him to hug him from behind.
Tumblr media
Actually, you weren’t thinking about taking a shower with Gojo. Why, if you’ve been together all day anyway?
But Gojo just couldn’t help but annoy you with the topic of ‘taking a shower together’ until you agreed.
He already imagined how it would work out. You would lovingly wash him while he does the same with you, you kiss each other again and again and tell yourself how great the other is and maybe even more happens in the shower.
Yeah… but unfortunately, everything was different. You’re always arguing about the position of the showerhead. If Gojo adjusts it, the shower head is much too high for you. If you do it, Gojo can just wash his abdomen and half his chest without squatting.
What a gentleman is, he has not fully understood, because Gojo always showers first and you can shake in the corner and wait for him to finish.
One time he started doing some stupid hairstyles with foam while you stood there already shaking because it was cold. You just kicked him out of the shower and cleaned yourself to get out of the shower while he grumbles about why you’re always so harsh on him.
You wanted to try sex in the shower once. Okay, Gojo asked you if you could try it out while he massaged your breasts and nibbled on your earlobe. Both of you were wet, had not seen each other much due to the stress of everyday life and therefore had no sex, so you nod. You were both so excited that Gojo grabbed you and pressed against the solid part of the shower enclosure.
His hands wrapped around your thighs, you with your arms around his neck while your legs clung to his hip. It all started so well. He was stiff; you were wet… Your moans grew louder and louder until you two got startled and looked at each other with a mix of disgust and confusion. Because through your skin, which was only more wet by the water, your skin clapping on each other had given a sound of what sounded like a wet fart. You both knew that wasn’t a real fart, but your desire for sex was completely gone. You then decided not to have sex in the shower, and also only to enjoy a shower together from time to time, because it doesn’t always fit in time.
Tumblr media
Nanami was never interested in taking a shower with you. For him, showering has nothing to do with love for one another. It serves the purpose of practicing hygiene on one’s own body.
You were the one who asked him if you guys didn’t even want to take a shower together. He found your request strange because it is important for him to maintain a certain privacy in a relationship, but he could not and did not refuse you. After all, he would do so many things for you just because you’re one of the most important people in his life.
Nanami always goes to shower at the same time, so it was easy for you to choose a day and just get in the shower with him.
For him, showering together was rather unsuitable because your shower is quite small and he had got the feeling that you would waste even more water than if you were going to shower separately. Maybe that’s also just what he thought. Besides, he doesn’t like this waiting. One of you is always in the cold, and it’s not healthy for both of you. In addition, you both shower at different temperatures.
Nevertheless you liked it and since he likes to see you smile, and has to admit that the sight of your beautiful body, naked and wet, is a proper feast for him, he agrees to take a shower together from time to time. But you don’t bathe together. He wants at least a bit of privacy, and besides, the bathtub is way too small for both of you.
Once you asked him to try sex in the shower. Nanami thought this was a bad idea, but could not say no here either, which would have been better if he knew what would happen. Because since you slipped, you tore down the shower enclosure with you and you hit your head so hard that Nanami brought you dressed in a bathrobe to the emergency room and then almost lay next to you when he heard from Gojo how much such a new shower enclosure and installation actually costs.
Tumblr media
Choso likes to shower with you or bathe with you. He doesn’t care as long as you’re around. There’s nothing for him to hide from each other, and since you both have to shower anyway, why not together?
Relatively early in your relationship, he asked you if it was okay for you to shower together. You agreed and told him you could give it a try.
Well, Choso is big, and the shower is a mixture of bath and shower. There is no such a thing as a shower enclosure, and you were rather busy not to slip or accidentally injure the other. Apart from the fact that the place had been missing, and you had once lost your shampoo and had put your upper body between Choso’s legs to get your hands on the shampoo bottle again, you got up a little too early and hit the back of your head against his balls so that he had to hide the shrill scream. And as if that wasn’t enough, the complete bathroom was under water because you always handed the shower faucet back and forth, and it fell down from time to time. Still, you both were kind of having fun while you were too busy kissing and hugging like a lovely dovey couple.
But in the end you agreed to take a shower or bath together when the space is bigger. For example, at the small apartment you rented for your holiday. Choso had been looking especially for an apartment with a large bathtub and a separate shower from the bathtub.
Whether bathing or showering, he enjoys the time to snuggle up to you from behind and lovingly caress your stomach to tell you, “we are a family”.
He likes to nibble on your collarbone, has the feeling that your face is gaining color and you are pushing your body even closer to him. Again and again he says how great and pretty you are, while he slowly spreads the shower gel on his hands over your body, your chest, your stomach, your hips, your butt, and your hot thighs.
It doesn’t take long for you to feel something hard on your back, and by that you don’t mean a shampoo bottle being pressed into your back due to the lack of space. It’s Choso’s dick, and his quiet words that whisper if you want to sleep with him.
Through the wet, oily skin, his hands glide even better over your well-shaped body, putting him in the mood as he lovingly pushes you forward against the tiles, while you stretch your ass back towards him. Everything is perfect. Between the moaning and his raspy voice telling you how much he loves you, only the sounds of your skin are heard and the splashing of the water. But you forgot that there are more than just narrow showers that can ruin your mood.
Because in the middle of it, you look down at the white floor as it suddenly turns red. First a little, then almost as red as in a massacre, when Choso screams and immediately stops, asking you if everything is okay with his beloved girl.
Too bad you got your period in the middle of having sex, which looked worse than it actually was because of the water on the ground. You two didn’t feel like having sex after that, and Choso carried you until your period was over because he thought you couldn’t stand without tipping over with the blood loss.
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wicked-auraa · 2 days ago
summary: kento nanami loves you. warnings: kissing, pretty suggestive (alludes to nsfw activities but nothing is explicitly stated) pronouns: not used word count: 933
Tumblr media
the sharp contrast of the cold tile against your warm body forces your back straight, a shiver running up your spine as you shuffle into the kitchen with bleary eyes.
you can hear the sounds of dishes being picked up, something being fried on a pan. the aroma hits you before you can see it, and you rub the sleep from your eyes, suddenly hit with how hungry you are.
he’s standing there, in front of the stove, broad back on display as he cooks breakfast. taut muscles ripple with every movement he makes, moving things around on the pan, plating the food. it doesn't take you long to notice the marks, deep red scratches against his pale skin, littered around his shoulder blades and lower back.
feeling a little guilty, you walk up to him, resting a hand on his arm as he looks over at you with a smile, "your back...does it hurt?"
the ends of his mouth twitch as his smile widens, "no, they don't hurt." and as if he can sense your unwillingness to believe him, he adds, "i promise."
nodding sheepishly, you run your index finger down his back, and you can feel him tense against your touch. nanami reaches out for you, his arm snaking around your back, large palm coming to rest against your hip as he brings you into his side.
you’re surprised by how warm he is, and even while shirtless too. eager to stay wrapped in his embrace, you hug his waist, tightening you hold on him. he chuckles, a deep, breathy sound that reverberates through his chest as he comes down to kiss your forehead; you can feel it against your fingertips resting at the very ends of his ribcage.
nanami is half dressed for work, you notice. he’s missing the top half, but he’s got his tan slacks on and black socks covering his feet. yawning quietly, you watch him continue to cook, and the silence that falls between you both is comfortable.
you blink once and he’s done plating everything, turning to you to bring his hands up, cupping the sides of your face in his palms. calloused thumbs rub against the apple of your cheeks, his brown eyes watching you intently as you watched him. nanami drops one hand down to your neck to gently swipe against the marks he had left along your neck last night.
he’s silent for many minutes as he thinks, and you wish you could unravel his thoughts like a spool of yarn. then, catching you off guard, nanami leans down and catches your lips in a kiss. his touch is feather-light, yet it’s the only thing you can focus on as you drown in everything him.
the brush of his nose against your cheek, his teeth grazing your bottom lip, the taste of coffee flooding your mouth. you reach along his back, resting your arms around his neck as you pull him in closer, even closer.
nanami pulls away just as suddenly as he had kissed you, leaving you borderline dizzy and flustered.
“the food will grow cold,” he says, the ghost of a smirk tugging at his lips as he hands you a plate.
you watch him as he leaves the kitchen, something sweet urgently bubbling up your chest as the words spill from your lips, “i love you, kento.”
it’s his turn to fluster, and you grin as he clears his throat, turning to you then hesitating. setting down his plate of food, he's with you again, arms around you and pulling you into him. you don’t complain as you rest your head against his chest, hearing his heart slam against his ribs, similar to the way your own heart is beating.
your index finger draws a flower against his warm skin and he sighs. he’s lifting you up, letting you sit on the counter as he finds his place between your legs.
nanami leans forward, palms pressed into the marble counter, trapping you under him. his forehead touches yours, and your laugh hits his face, and he’s kissing you again but this times it’s different.
this time it’s all teeth and tongue and desperation. this time his fingers are digging into your softness, grabbing at your waist and holding you in place, grabbing at your thighs and spreading them.
he’s kissing down your jaw, down your neck, and biting down on your shoulder till you breathe out his name. in his hands, you are clay- so pliant under every touch. your hand tangles itself in his blond hair, tugging softly as he trails ever lower.
you feel the slight roughness of his lips against your sternum, and then you feel them on your left, right above where your heart rests in your ribcage, “i love you too.”
nanami says it again, again, and again- those words embedded into his every action as his kisses sear your skin. he’s holding you and grabbing you, he’s flooding your senses; he jumbles your thoughts and nothing you say is coherent but he doesn’t seem to mind.
he just repeats those words over and over again into you, like a secret only meant to be shared in the smallest of spaces where you lay waiting for his next move with bated breaths.
“i love you,” he says again and you arch into him, needing to feel him pressed against you.
nanami catches your wrists in his hand, holding them above your head, “i love you,” he says again.
and you pull, and tug, and plead until he shows you, until you believe him.
Tumblr media
note: something about mitski and this song reminds me of nanami so-
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sakusins · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
includes: fushiguro toji, itadori yuji, gojo satoru, & nanami kento
notes: lmao this is an old haikyuu post i edited so i picked characters that were close enough to the characterizations. they might be a lil off
Tumblr media
✰ 𝐓𝐎𝐉𝐈 tries to figure out how to curl his arm around you, not sure how to bring you into an embrace and pull you in as the movie plays. he hasn’t paid attention for the last few minutes, fidgety as he tries to figure out the best way to pull you against his figure, unsure of how to initiate touch on his own. “toji, you haven’t been paying attention, do you not like this movie? i can change it,” you whisper, making him still instantly. shaking his head, he sighs, grumbling as he stares off to the side. “no, it’s nothing.” smiling gently at him, you lean your head on his shoulder, filling the small gap he’d desperately wanted to close all this time, turning back to the movie. “if you say so.” hesitantly, his arm inches its way to wrap around your waist, pulling you flush against his chest as a soft blush blooms across his cheeks when you start rubbing his chest slowly. this is love, he realizes, how perfectly you read him, how he doesn’t ever have to voice his thoughts—you just always know.
✰ 𝐈𝐓𝐀𝐃𝐎𝐑𝐈 sits on your couch, pouting as you angrily walk to your room to change into your pajamas. he didn’t mean to mix up the day of your date, guilt pooling in the pit of his stomach as he thinks about you waiting for him while he didn’t show. somehow, he thinks, he always manages to mess things up, no matter how hard he tries. staring at you with sad eyes as you enter the room again, he clears his throat. “‘m sorry, angel. it was an accident, i didn’t mean to mix up the dates. i’ll be better next time,” he whispers. “i waited almost an hour for you, you know,” you say dryly, and he looks down at his lap, playing with a loose thread on his pants. “i know.” but when he feels two hands softly cup his cheeks, tilting his head upwards as a pair of lips kiss his forehead carefully—almost like he’s fragile—he lets out a shaky sigh. “it’s okay, yuji. i know you’ve been busy. but if you forget again, i’ll strangle you,” he hears you say as you pull him against you, sitting down on the couch beside him. and while itadori lays with his head on your chest, your fingers weaving through his hair, he realizes he’d forgive you too if the roles were reversed—because he loves you enough to forget every mistake.
✰ 𝐆𝐎𝐉𝐎 laughs as you climb into the shopping cart, watching as you wave sweetly at the old couple that smiles at the two of you. pushing you in the cart to the store, he makes his way over to the candy aisle immediately, heart melting when you instantly reach for his favorite. “okay, that’s the candy. now off to the chips, and then the drinks,” you smile. grinning widely, he feels his heart beat faster at the way you know the little things about him, reaching over and flicking the tip of your nose. “you sure you’re not tired? you’re a menace when you don’t sleep,” he teases, watching as you roll your eyes and grab more snacks from your spot in the cart. “no amount of sleep could make you any more tolerable,” you quip, “by the way, you’re paying.” and as gojo stares at you as you sit in the rusted cart, singing along to the song playing faintly in the background, he realizes just how much he’s in love with you, and just how many lonely nights could be less lonely with you by his side.
✰ 𝐍𝐀𝐍𝐀𝐌𝐈 groans as he collapses onto the bed, limbs tired and sore from the long day at work. instantly, he feels a soft hand gently trace over his shoulders, kneading over the taut muscles and loosening the knots. with a smile, he rolls so he can lay his head onto your stomach. “long day, ken?” with a hum, he trails his hand under your shirt, thumb rubbing small circles into the skin of your hip. “just a bit tiring is all, how was your day, love?” and as you begin to ramble about the small things you did, excitement ringing through your tone at the tiniest of details, nanami relaxes even more, heart content at just the sound of your voice. “i made you dinner, so don’t fall asleep yet. eat first, okay?” laughing quietly, he looks up to meet your eyes, gaze soft and bright. “could never go to bed with an empty stomach. come on, love, you should eat too.” he’s long realized this is his favorite part of the day, coming home to you, your arms open and waiting for him to fall into—and he loves you just a bit more each time he does.
Tumblr media
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longlostzoldyck · 2 days ago
anything for daddy
Tumblr media
pairing: nanami kento x f!reader
wc: 2.8 words, minors dni (sexual themes 18+)
warnings/tags: smut, daddy kink, so much dirty talk, oral (m&f receiving), unprotected sex (don't do it, please protect your privates), excessive use of pet names, choking, doggy, fingering
summary: nanami needs to work, but you are just intent on stealing his attention tonight no matter what it takes
kento drove you crazy some times. one of the things you loved about him the most was his hard working nature, but this same quality drove you nuts when all you wanted was some quality time with your boyfriend and all he could think about was balancing excel sheets.
this was the fourth night in a row where he brought work home. the first two times, you let him work, bringing him some tea before you went to bed alone. the third time you tried to coax him out of it to no avail, and this time you didn't intend on giving up. he deserved a break and you intended to give it to him.
he was hard at work in his study, eyes glued to his computer. he had taken his dinner in there, pressing a quick kiss to your lips before disappearing into his work. you finished your plate before setting your plan into action. you changed from your regular pajamas to one of nanami's favorite sets of lingerie on you. the intricate white lace hugged your soft skin and tits so beautifully that he lost his mind every time he saw it on you.
you rubbed some fragranced oils down your body then hiding kento's present under your regular silk robe. you finally made your way back to the kitchen preparing his cup of tea. you would normally prepare it before going to bed, but you didn't want to wait that long. once the hot tea was ready, you took the tea cup with you down the hallway and stopping before kento's study. you gently knocked on the door before allowing yourself inside.
he was just as how you expected it: surrounded in folders and papers and quickly typing away on his computer. he didn't even turn upon your entrance simply continuing whatever he was doing. you left the tea cup on his desk then softly running your fingers along his shoulders and back.
"thank you, darling," his flicked back to his computer quickly seemingly not noticing that you had dolled yourself up slightly more than usual for him. he shifted his eyes to the clock on the corner of his desktop. "isn't it a bit early for you to be going to bed?"
"well, it seems like i've lost my boyfriend for the evening again," you responded.
"i'm sorry, y/n," he finally stopped working and met your gaze for more than a few seconds. "i wish i could spend my entire day with you, but i've been slammed at work lately."
"i know, ken," you soothed him softly lowering yourself on to his lap and lacing your fingers around the back of his neck. "but you've been working so hard and you deserve a break," you let your words drip out like honey shifting your eyes to his lips, lips which you were just dying to kiss and leave all swollen from your affection. "i just want to make my daddy feel good," you said breathe hitching when he pulled you in for a feverish kiss. hearing his title pushed him over the edge needing to feel your soft lips against his.
you melted into his kiss feeling his tongue easily push past your lips and explore your mouth. he was just as in need of feeling your body and affections, but he was holding himself back. you pulled away from your kiss needing to catch your breathe and climbing off his lap. he turned his seat towards you seeing you start to untie your robe.
"what do you have under there for me, darling?," he asked and you let the robe slip off your shoulders and to the floor. he groaned when he recognized the lingerie on your body. if there was any doubt he needed you before, there was no doubt he was gonna ravish you tonight. you took your rightful place on his lap once again and wrapped your arms around his neck pulling him towards you until you could feel your breaths mixing together.
"my darling angel descending from the heavens," his sweet words were followed by a needy kiss. he wrapped his arms around your waist pushing you farther into his lap and making you feel his growing erection under you. you rolled your hips occasionally as you two continued to make out and he groaned into your lips. "angel, do you want to suck daddy's cock until he feels better?"
"yes, daddy," you happily responded. you pulled away from your kiss then climbing off his lap and sinking to your knees in front of him. he proudly watched as you palmed him through his slacks. you were already shorter than him but when you were on your knees like this he became keenly aware of just how small you were in comparison. your swift fingers undid his belt then opening his pants. you paused for a moment staring at his cock dying to burst out of his pants. he reached down closing your mouth softly before you found yourself literally drooling over his cock.
"angel, don't keep daddy waiting please," you focused your attention back to what you were supposed to be doing and lowered his pants and briefs slightly then pulling his glorious cock out of its confines.
you quickly brought him into your moth already getting wet from hearing how he groaned at the contact. kento tended to be quiet keeping his moans and groans suppressed except for a few so the few that managed to escape always left you reeling. you swirled your tongue around his fat cock already tasting his salty precum which only pushed you to take more and more of him.
you hollowed your cheeks as you took more of him into your mouth and then down your throat. kento's hands immediately found themselves on your head pushing you down softly to take more and more of him. tears began to pool in your ears as you struggled to take his length.
"oh angel, you look so gorgeous. just taking my cock so well," he cooed finally taking a proper hold of your hair to start fucking your mouth. "such a good girl letting daddy fuck your mouth like this." you flicked your eyes up to meet his only to see that he was already looking at you take his cock. "just like that angel, just wanna look at you while i cum down your throat."
he didn't last much long after that cumming so hard it hit you in the back of the throat. you took as much of his cum as you could but some still spilled out of the corners of your mouth. he pulled you off his dick as he recovered from his orgasm. his head was simply thrown back in his seat looking at the ceiling. he flicked his eyes back down to you leaning down to push the cum that had spilled out of your lips back into your mouth.
"don't want to waste any of it, do we?," you nodded sucking on his thumb briefly before he pulled it out of your mouth with a pop. "lay back on the desk, angel."
you clenched your thighs at the command, immediately standing and sitting back on his desk. you laid back on his desk and now waited for his next move. he softly split your thighs apart then pressing soft kisses up the inside towards your cunt.
"so pretty for me, baby," he sighed into your plump thighs. he already adored your thighs, constantly finding excuses to squeeze or grope them even if you were in public. eating you out with your thighs around his head however was absolute bliss. the way you squeezed his head when he'd suck on your clit? heaven to him.
"daddy, please...," you moaned holding on to the edge of the desk needing to feel more of him. his kissing, licking, and nipping was just torturous at this point.
"oh, angel...," he cooed sitting up properly. you gasped when you felt his thumb rubbing your clit over your underwear. you were already dripping, but now there was even a wet patch forming under his thumb. "already falling apart for me, aren't you?"
you nodded unable to respond with your words. he smiled then wrapping his fingers around the straps on your waist and hips. you awaited with baited breathe for him to pull down your underwear, but were surprised when he didn't.
"oh, baby, you look so pretty i can't help stare," he leaned up pressing kisses along the band where your underwear started before finally pulling it down and leaving your lower half exposed. you felt a slight shudder go up your body at the feeling of being left so exposed. he wrapped his hands around your thighs and sucking your clit into his mouth.
your body shot up unable to stay still, but he easily held your hips down. he was sucking and swirling your clit in the most obsene way. you couldn't stop moaning and mewling at how good he was making you feel. you tied your fingers into his short blonde hair holding him closer to your pussy and rubbing his scalp.
"daddy," you moaned out for him and he substituted his tongue with his thumb rubbing your clit harshly while he dived straight into your gaping hole lapping up your juices and licking your lips.
"tell me what you need, darling," he said against your lips still rubbing your clit.
"your fingers, daddy, please... i need your fingers," you practically begged him.
"how could daddy say no to his sweet angel?, he said then substituting his tongue with two of his fingers pumping them into you slowly. you lolled your head to the side becoming overwhelmed with pleasure. you could only feel yourself get closer and closer when you saw how he was just staring at your pussy suck in his fingers. he found your rough spot then hooking his fingers to stroke the spot every single time until you were cumming on his fingers.
he rode out your orgasm before gently pulling his fingers out of your pussy. he plopped his fingers in his mouth wanting another taste of your sweet pussy. he allowed you to recover for a second lightly running his fingers up and down your thighs. he turned and took a sip of the tea you had left for him. you sat up on your elbows simply watching him.
you were convinced that nanami kento was the perfect man. dangerously attractive, a traditional romantic, intelligent to a degree you didn't understand, and a god in sex. just standing in front of you in his disheveled work clothes, drinking some tea all you could think about was swallowing his cock while he finished his drink.
"see something you like, angel?," he teased noticing your intense stare.
"just thinking about your cock down my throat," you said sweetly before climbing off the desk. you turned around and offered your plump little ass to him with a wicked smile. "see something you like, daddy?," you teased him with his same words and a sly smile. he set down his cup before making his way to you.
he unclipped your bra then peeling the cups off your tits sucking on each nipple momentarily before throwing your bra to the floor with your long forgotten underwear. he finally pressed his naked chest against your back then wrapping an arm across your body and up to your face. he turned your face kissing you until you were left breathless. he wrapped his other arm around your hips pressing your ass further against his growing cock while he devoured your lips.
you let him take control wanting him to just let go all his frustrations from work on you. his hands roamed down to your exposed breasts tugging on your nipples until they were hard. you struggled to fight back against your moans as he did as he pleased with you body. you needed him inside you so badly your pussy was clenching around nothing needing to feel some kind of friction, but kento continued the assault on your chest.
"daddy," you moaned lowly against his lips.
"i know, angel. i know. you've been so patient i'll make sure to reward you," he said against your lips leaving one final kiss. your breathe hitched in your throat when you felt his cockhead kissing your folds. one of his hands remained on your hip and he used the other to push his cock into your tight pussy.
"oh, daddy, so good...,"you moaned loudly feeling him stretch you out so deliciously. he reached for your thigh setting it up on the desk and slowly slinking in inch by inch. you tried to push back into him from time to time, but he kept an iron grip on your hip going so slow that you could feel every vein and pore on his cock. you were so stupidly wet and tight that kento was losing his mind. had you gotten tighter in the last week since you had sex?
"so tight for daddy, angel," he groaned as he bottomed out inside of you staying still for a moment to allow you to adjust to his size. despite the years together you never got used to his sheer size and stretch. once you got use to his stretch you started pushing back into his cock. he pulled his cock out to the tip and then slammed it back in to you settling a slow but brutal pace.
you took his thrusts jolting in his arms every time your clit grazed the rough wood of the desk. you eventually got accustomed to his powerful strokes pushing back to try to take more and more of him.
"daddy, fuc-fuck me harder," you begged in between moans meeting him halfway thrusting your hips back into his. he pushed against your lower back pushing you flush against the desk. his hands took hold of your hips and you gasped when you felt him ram his cock inside of you.
kento's stamina always blew your mind, but right now you couldn't believe the sheer strength of his thrusts inside of you. every time he would stuff his cock back inside you you'd just be left a screaming and moaning mess as you felt every single vein down his cock.
"so... so...," you tried to get your words together but were overcome in pure pleasure when he nudged your sweet spot. "daddy, fuck, fuck...," you mewled reaching back for him. you didn't even know what you were asking for, but he easily pulled you flush against his chest still pumping inside you.
"what is it darling?," he said into your skin then licking up your neck. you let out an obscene moan squeezing him involuntarily. "who's making you feel this good?"
"you are daddy," you moaned as he tightened the hand on your neck. you moaned at the pressure struggling in his grip so close to getting off.
"does my angel want to cum?," he asked against the shell of your ear. you could only nod as he squeezed your windpipe. "go ahead angel, daddy's right behind you."
he pressed his thumb against your clit and you came instantly. he came right after you coating your spent walls with his cum. he fucked you both through your orgasm leaving you drooling from the pure pleasure. he eventually pulled out his cock drawing out a sharp wince from you, but he soothed you in his arms. you turned around in his grip wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him in for a tender kiss. he pulled you back into his arms, running his fingers down your back softly simply savoring the moment.
"im sorry about work," you whispered against his skin as you pressed soft kisses to his jaw.
"no, you're not," he countered which simply made you laugh because he was right. the truth is that you could never regret sex with him. "i needed a break."
"i will happily sacrifice myself to be your break," you teased bringing him for one another kiss before looking around to find your clothes.
you wrapped your robe around your body as nanami also collected himself before having to continue working. you finally found your panties noticing nanami had torn one of the straps on the side making your heart sink.
"ken, we tore your favorite,"you showed him the torn lace and he simply sighed.
"i'll just have to buy you a new one when i get promoted," he decided which made you laugh slightly.
"thank you, daddy," you teased kissing his cheek on your way towards the door. you grabbed his now empty tea cup too on the way.
"oh and darling," he called for you softly causing you to stop and turn back to face him. "next time you want to distract me you can wear those stocking you bought for christmas."
"anything for you, daddy," you said with a sly smile then turning to leave him to finish his work. you smiled at the thought of a next time already. your next concern was: where were those stockings?
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aruuq · a day ago
43. ”This is just what I wanted.” Nanami, gn!yn
Hiiiiiiiiiii *leans on the doorframe* here ya have it~
Tumblr media
“You look beautiful, Y/N,” the man mutters, his hot breath on your neck as he places yet another open-mouthed kiss on your skin, making thousands of sparkles run down your spine. His hands caress your thighs, greedy fingers clasping on your flesh, short nails trailing red marks into, heels of palms stretching and pulling the skin delightfully. “Tell me what you want, my love,” Nanami whispers into your ear, then starts nibbling on your lobe.
Your breath feels unsteady, chest rising and dropping fastly, as your boyfriend’s lips cast naughty spells only for you to hear. “Everything you want,” you whimper shakily, and by the harsher grip on your legs you feel it’s not the answer the man has desired for.
“Well then…” he starts, moving his hands to your hips, hooking them on your hip bones and moving your whole body with a one rough pull so you straddle him. “I want you to explain to me step by step what you crave for, angel.” Nanami takes your palm and brushes your knuckles against his mouth.
You feel heat hitting your cheeks. He doesn’t move an inch after this simple gesture, staring at you with his deep-green irises from under a short curtain of light lashes, eyes glimmering with devotion as he waits. Fingers tapping your skin, goosebumps forming on it from the pressure hitting you. “Well… I… I want you to make me feel good,” you mumble, embarrassment filling your heart.
Nanami nods. “Mmmhm… This is just what I wanted ,” he rasps, his hands slowly wandering from your hips to between your thighs.
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fushigoomis · a day ago
kiss it better ♡
megumi x reader
warnings: fluff, aged up megumi (around 18 y/o), crybaby! reader, safe for minors, idk, kind of out of character megumi.
♡ masterlist ♡
a/n #1: haven't posted anything in a while, so have this while I find new post ideas.
Tumblr media
the skirt of your sundress flowing around your thighs as you ran, your smile grew bigger and bigger as the tall figure of your boyfriend came closer into the view, basically skipping down the park stairs like a little schoolgirl, so excited to meet him, your backpack bouncing on your back.
he smiled, stuffing his hands in his pockets as he waited for you to close the distance, shaking his spikey head at your childish behaviour.
yet his smile died down when he saw you skipped a step and tripped over your feet, falling on your knees at the bottom of the stairs, your hair covering your face as you looked down.
"ouch!" he heard you yelp and he sprinted towards you, dodging around the people that were casually strolling around the park alley.
"y/n!" he reached you right when the tears started welling in your eyes, kneeling down next to you and cupping your face.
other people from your school were at the park, watching as you fell like a klutz, and snikering to each other, elbowing one another and making fun of you.
" 'gumi" you whined, hot tears streaming down your red cheeks, both from shame and from pain and stretched your arms towards him, like a little baby asking for a hug.
hearing the kids from school laugh, he gave them the nastiest glare he could muster, looking at them with the murderous glare of a true zen'in... even tho he wasn't like the rest of his family.
they recoiled and started walking away as megumi turned his attention back to you, his arm wrapping around you and carrying you towards the nearest bench, grabbing your backpack off the ground in the other hand.
"are you ok, angel? did you know those kids?" asking with a raised brow, he made you bend your knees so he could take a closer look at them, the blood from the small injury leaking down your legs.
"'m fine, it just hurts a little" you mumbled and wiped the tears off your face in disdain, watching him from under your lashes.
"i should of beat up those kids" he tsked and shook his head, landing a kiss on your forehead, "do you still have those bandages I gave you?" humming, he brushed your hair behind your ear and gave you a little comforting smile.
"i always have them with me" you smiled back and rummaged in your school bag, handing him the bandages, "in case i get hurt"
"that's cuz you're a klutz" he grinned and pinched your cheek, smiling fondly at you.
"am not!"
"then why did you fall down the stairs?"
"i tripped!"
"because you're a klutz!"
"shup up fushiguro!" you stuck your tongue out at him and folded your arms in front of your chest.
"oi! that's not a way to talk to your senpai!" he gave you a little glare and pinched your nose, shaking his head, "what am i supposed to do with my clumsy little miss" he sighed dramatically and opened the bandage pack, grabbing a small wet tissue to clean the blood off your knees.
"hmph!" you made a small pout and looked away, wiping the last stray tears off of your cheeks, "i hate you sometimes. i just got excited to see you and this is how you treat me. what a boyfriend i have"
laughing, he leaned in and kissed the pout away from your face, cupping your cheeks in his warm palms, "i was just as excited to see you" he whispered and put a bandage on each of your knees, leaning to kiss each one of them, making your face blush a bright red.
"m- megumi!" stuttering, you moved your legs away from his face, putting them down on the ground, face red like a tomato.
"what? i just wanted to kiss it better for you!"
"not in public!"
"fine" he laughed and stood up, carrying your backpack on his shoulder, "now let's go. i'm gonna buy my cute little kohai all the sweets she wants" he gave you a small kiss on your cheek and the two of you started strolling through the park, hand in hand.
Tumblr media
a/n #2: reblog if ya'll liked it♡
do not repost on tumblr or other sites without permission, all ©️ belong to @fushigoomis.
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peach-m1lk · 2 days ago
Nanami enjoys taking you to his favorite restaurants, cafes, food stalls, etc. because he cherishes the time he spends with you. He doesn't mind that you take some of his fries, or take a sip from his drink "just to see what it tastes like". In fact, he stares at you with the most loving eyes because he knows that with his line of work, it's all gonna end someday.
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zeninsso · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Warning/Disclaimer: fluff
Words count: 0.6k
Tumblr media
Nestled between his arms, YN was pushing herself against his body, desperate to feel his warmth, to soak up his perfume whose smell would slowly fade from the apartment.
It was always the same thing. Whenever Nanami got ready to leave their home for a mission whose target’s rank would force him to work overtime, he hugged her longer and she understood.
Y/N understood that he would be home late, that he would surely be injured though he would still insist he was fine. And he knew that she would ignore his words and force him to settle down in the bathroom so that, with a delicacy that he would admire with a small smile, she would take care of his wounds without forgetting the ones that were invisible to the naked eye.
“Be careful…” mumbled Y/N whose words were muffled by her stubbornness to press her face against his heart.
Nanami took a big inspiration, also wishing to soak up the perfume of the one who was constantly in his mind, and he placed his hand on the top of her head.
“I will be.” 
His hand, which had begun to play with a strand of hair, moved to cup her jaw. His thumb immediately began to caress her skin, sometimes teasing the corner of her lips. A light movement, an intimate one. As slow as he could; perhaps with the wish that time would stop just for the two.
Y/N finally detached her face from his heart to snuggle against the palm of his hand. She closed her eyes with a little hum of satisfaction, her hands never letting go of his waist. “You promise?” she asked in a murmur. Maybe her voice was too small as he didn’t answer. She opened her eyes to look up at Nanami who seemed to have been waiting for hers.
Had she always been so beautiful? Had her eyes always been so bright? Her skin so soft? Her perfume so bewitching? Her lips so delicious? All those questions rushed into the head of the man who, at every of their goodbyes, rediscovered the love he bored for her.
He never sought to find answers, appreciating the doubt that tickled his heart. Though, Nanami liked to experiment: he leaned down, lifting up the face of Y/N whose lips parted with anticipation.
The kiss was slow yet full of passion. The couple took the time to exchange their unsaid feelings. Their hands returned to their natural places: Nanami’s on the back of her neck and the other on her jaws; Y/N’s clinging to his shirt, the other sneaking to reach his neck.
The end of the kiss was always determined by Nanami who knew that if he allowed himself another second, the separation would be too painful; a second stolen, he would regret all day.
Y/N was aware of his struggle as she shared the feeling, and she made it know by caressing his neck, an affectionate smile to accentuate her silent words. At that moment, she was just waiting for his response, the signal that it was time to separate.
“I promise,” he said, taking the precaution of not letting any hesitation appear. Nanami laid one last kiss but on her forehead this time, to avoid the temptation of her lips, and repeated, “I promise, my love.”
Tumblr media
Feedback/comments/reblogs are much appreciated!
Tumblr media
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njisano · a day ago
Hi Sano-chan!!!! I love ur bby fushiguro series. It's too cute n adorable. Can I request for teen bby fushiguro who's out with her dad n uncle nanami but she gets separated from them to buy something else. She takes too long to come so they head out to look for her and they find a group of lame men trying to be touchy with her. We all know bby can whack them but she doesn't want to use her powers on normies. Gojo n nanami go into protective dad mode and scare them off. Fluff pls
protective dad mode! gojo & nanami with scarlet witch! fushiguro! reader
jujutsu kaisen x reader
masterlist of the series
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
warning(s): mentions of harassment, mentions of violence and use of strong language (promised fluff at the end though!)
omg you're the first one to call me sano-chan!! im usually addressed as chu, so i'm really glad aaaa <3 thank you so much for the feedback and for requesting dear anon, enjoy the fluffy scenario :D
(p.s. i dont mind being called as chu, i'm just happy that i was called as sano but dw you guys can call me chu, sano, ji or even jisano—i don't mind at all, any will do—ya'll can even call me your ate (pronounced as ah-teh which means sister! <3)
Tumblr media
it was one of those days wherein gojo takes you out and bond with you by having lunch with you and doing some shopping with you. you and gojo had just exited a branded store when you bumped into the ex-salaryman. after being annoyed by your father, he agreed to join the two of you but mostly because he hasn't seen his niece in such a long time and he discreetly would love to spend some time with you. nanami may not say it out loud, but he considers you as family—one of the people he has grown to love and attached to.
it was a busy day with lots of people in the streets, so you held onto each of gojo's and nanami's arm to not get lost. as gojo joked with nanami as the three of you headed to a restaurant you suggested for lunch, an item that you had looking for caught your eye from a nearby store.
halting on your tracks, you tugged on their sleeves. "hey, dad. uncle. i need to go to that store over there to buy something real quick."
"sure thing, kikufuku. do you want us to accompany you?" gojo turned to you, handing you some money from his wallet.
"no thank you. you and uncle nanami can go ahead so you can order, i'll be quick i promise." you said sincerely, accepting the money that your dad handed to you before smiling at him and nanami.
"alright, be careful, okay?" your uncle nanami reminded you before he and gojo watched you leave their side and ran off.
"i will!" you say, giving them one last look before fully-turning away.
several minutes had already passed since you got separated from gojo and nanami, they were starting to get worried since it shouldn't take you that long to buy. the food that gojo ordered was getting colder already. you also promised that you'd just be quick. was there a long line? were you waiting for a stock of the item you've been meaning to buy? it would be impossible for you to run off. you weren't a baby anymore, if anything you were more mature and responsible than gojo as nanami would comment.
"[name]'s taking too long, do you think she got lost?" nanami couldn't handle it anymore, his mental thoughts were also getting the best of him.
"no, we go to this restaurant four times a week." gojo shook his head, "this is kikufuku's favorite place."
"let's go find [name], i'm worried." nanami stood up from his seat.
both him and gojo exited the restaurant after taking out the ordered food and headed to the store you told them you were going to. on their way, they already saw you from a distance, in front of the store holding a paper bag, but you weren't alone. there was a group of grown men with you, towering over you to be exact while you appeared to just be staring at them.
what the hell? your dad and uncle thought in unison.
you could always use your chaos magic against these filthy men—you were the scarlet witch for goodness sake. you knew how to fight, you've fought off special grade curses before and sorcerers. if anything, you were more than helpless but knowing you were in public, it was risky. you didn't want to expose your powers and let alone waste your energy on people like them.
"come on pretty face, just come with us." one of the men chuckled, his eyes looking at you up and down, his gaze evident with bad intentions.
"yeah! we'll show you a good time." another agreed with the other before he proceeded to grab you by the arm.
you quickly reacted, harshly slapping his hand away before he could make physical contact, scowling. "i said, leave me the fuck alone! i have places to be."
"wow, she's a feisty one." the third man commented before he and the rest of his goons burst out laughing. "how cute."
"look, i'm trying to be polite here. i just told you i'm going with you bitches. which part of 'leave me the fuck alone' do you not understand?" a scoff escaped your breath, your patience was running thin with each second.
"that's no way to act! perhaps, we should teach you a lesson sweetheart." the fourth guy held a scowl at you, clearly disliking how you were acting right now. you watched him raise a hand at you, presumably to hit you or yank, or something.
you were ready to retaliate and defend yourself when a tall familiar figure appeared right in front of you, shielding you from the group of men that was trying to be touchy with you and caught the hand by the wrist that was intended to hit you. blinking, your eyes widened as you looked up.
"what do you think you're doing to my daughter, hmm?" gojo tightened his grip onto the hand he caught to the point he was gradually crushing it.
"daughter?" one of them muttered, blinking in confusion at how gojo seemingly teleported in between you and them. "w-where the hell did come from!?"
"didn't your parents teach you not to hit on women, hmm?" looking past gojo, you saw your uncle nanami standing behind the group of men.
with your high sensitivity to auras and such, you could tell that shit was about to go down. you could feel gojo and nanami's aura burning with anger, especially gojo's. you bit your lip, trying to surpress your laughter at what was about to happen next. the group of men seemed to have noticed and tried to peer at you when they heard you. however, their attempt to see you failed when gojo fully-blocked you from their sight.
"don't even think about looking at her. we're not done with you." gojo's voice was filled with malice and something atrocious which constrasted his usual carefree and bubbly tone whenever he speaks to you and your uncle nanami.
closing your eyes, you heard the crushing of bones, screams and groans of pain, and their begging for mercy. by the time you opened your eyes, the group of men were barely unconscious on the ground. you were then smothered in a tight embrace, your face instantly meeting the baby blue dress shirt of your father.
"oh god, [name]. are you okay baby? you're not hurt anywhere are you? i'm so sorry, we're so so sorry." as soon as your face was pulled away from the fabric that was rich in the scent of giorgio armani's acqua di gio cologne, your face was peppered with kisses and you were patted all over for any injuries. "we shouldn't have left you alone!"
"i'm fine, dad." you managed to say, gojo's hands were now cupping your face and squishing your cheeks, his ocean blue eyes gazing at your [color] ones with concern and worry. "i should be the one who's sorry, i promised to be quick but then, well—they happened."
"are you sure?" gojo asked, pressing his forehead against yours.
"mhm, i really am. especially, now that you and uncle nanami are here."
you lowered your head and pressed your cheek against his chest. you looked up to your uncle, holding out an arm for an embrace. a small smile graced his lips. nanami got the message and trotted to you and gojo, hugging you along with your father.
"we got your favorite food. it was getting colder so we had it taken out." nanami explained, raising the plastic bag he had in his hand this whole time.
"oh my god, i almost forgot!" your eyes lit up. "we haven't eaten lunch yet—i'm hungry.."
"today was exhausting, wanna eat at home instead?" gojo suggested, draping an arm around you to pull you to his side, glancing at you and nanami. "what do you say kikufuku, nanamin?"
"you should come with us, uncle nanami! pleaaase." you turned towards him, tugging onto his sleeve.
the ex-salaryman belted out a chuckle, shaking his head as he looked at you, "how could i ever decline my niece?"
the three of you walked off, your arms linked in gojo and nanami's respectively—a smile now adorning your face.
"hey, dad?" you spoke up.
gojo hummed, "hmm? what is it?"
"can we watch a movie while we eat lunch?" you asked, smiling.
"you don't need to ask! say, why don't we watch that new disney movie?" gojo suggested enthusiastically.
"encanto?" nanami quipped, causing gojo to softly gasp and dramatically clasp a hand over his mouth.
"you know disney movies?" gojo pretended to be shocked.
"gojo satoru, quit acting i'm that old when you're older than me." nanami bit back, glaring at your father.
you found yourself giggling at gojo and nanami's bickering. when the three of you arrived home, gojo set up the movie before you ate lunch and you ended up forgetting about the events that took place earlier. you were also coddled by gojo and nanami for the rest of the day.
Tumblr media
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foryuuji · a day ago
↷ single dad! nanami x daycare teacher! fem!reader + baby! yuuji ⋯
; despite the excitement, the first day of school will always be the hardest, luckily there are people who are willing to help yuuji a hand
nui's notes: they're meeting for the first time!!! i'm so excited you don't understand, this is written somewhat in nanami's pov. also i made the masterpost in my docs yesterday and i think i'm ready to post it next week <3
Tumblr media
"Remember always listen to your teacher okay? And communicate, if you don't understand let them know hm?" Looking from the rear view mirror, Nanami glanced Yuuji a knowing look.
It's Yuuji's first day in daycare and Nanami can't help but become worried, he's gotten used to bringing Yuuji along with him during work.
But know that he's grown a little bit older, he's ready to join a daycare center and interact with kids his age.
Nanami thinks it's crucial for the child's emotional and social development, especially since he's only been surrounded by adults so far.
"Of course dad! I'll ask the teacher if I don't know, and I'll make new friends there!" Yuuji answered cheerfully as his legs swing from his car seat, all buckled up.
His eyes never leaving the road, watching the sidewalk and buildings move past the car and a bright smile that never left his face since he woke up.
Stopping beside the colorful fence of the daycare at the end of the street Nanami unbuckled Yuuji out and walked him in front of the gates.
"Are you ready little guy?" Nanami crouched down fixing his jacket and handing him a miniature version of his own briefcase.
"Yuuji Itadori! Ready for business!" Standing straight he flashed a toothy grin to his father before tackling him with a tight hug.
"I'll pick you up at 2pm?" Nanami whispers as he wrapped his arms around Yuuji hugging him tight.
Yuuji nods his head as he hurriedly waves his arms goodbye to his father, entering the gates and greeting the woman in front.
Nanami couldn't help but follow him and watch all the way from the gates making sure he enters the quaint house safely.
"Oh, are you Yuuji's father? Parents can come inside, you can most definitely walking him right to the door." A woman on the other side of the gates spoke as she opened it wider for Nanami to enter.
"There's no need for that, he already went past the front door. I just wanted to check on him for the last time, he's been excited to go to daycare but I thought what if he got scared and overwhelmed." Nanami mumbles his worries as he glances a small nod in your direction.
"I'm sure he'll do well, from what I've seen so far Yuuji is an extremely bright child. I'm Y/N, I teach the students here." Likewise, you bow your head in acknowledgement casting a smile in his direction.
"I forgot to introduce myself I'm Nanami Kento, Yuuji's father." Nanami bowed once more.
"Don't get too worried sir, I'm sure Yuuji will do just fine."
Tumblr media
Ten minutes earlier from the pick-up time Nanami waits on his car while he reads the remaining emails on his phone.
Getting picked up late is always so worrying, especially on a first day. He doesn't want Yuuji to experience such a thing.
Time flew by and soon the sounds of laughter could be heard as the house opened it's doors. Seven or so kids walked out and began playing in the front porch.
Nanami, walked out of the car slowly approaching the gates looking out on where Yuuji is. His eyes followed a pair of twins running around with a boy almost the same age as Yuuji.
Wandering the yard his eyes landed on the familiar peach locks sitting alone in front the school. "Yuuji!"
Nanami called softly as he watched Yuuji look up from the ground, he could see that his eyes are swollen and wet patches scattered on his shirt.
Assessing the situation calmly Nanami kneeled down on one knee as Yuuji ran up to him with a big hug.
"I missed you so much dad." His voice felt hoarse and dry. Trying not to be alarmed Nanami looked for the teacher wanting to ask what happened.
As he carried Yuuji the teacher he talked to earlier approached them. "Yuuji had a little breakdown earlier, one of the kids asked him about his name when they were introducing and why it's different from yours. It escalated from there."
Nanami nods his head understanding the situation before bowing and taking his leave.
After buckling Yuuji in his seat, Nanami drives in silence. He didn't expect this, when he left Yuuji he was all smiles, excited for daycare. But know Nanami is puzzled, he's unsure how to start the conversation that he thought Yuuji would initiate.
Glancing on the rear view mirror, he could see the small pout formed on his face as he leaned his head on the glass.
Nanami was reluctant on starting a conversation knowing the situation. But a pink sticker catched his attention.
"Yuuji, who gave you the pink sticker?" Nanami asked checking his reaction every now and then from the mirror.
Yuuji immediately sat straight before looking down on the sticker at his shirt and pressing on it, "It's a good job sticker!"
Nanami was soaring with relief after seeing Yuuji's mood brighten up after asking about the sticker.
"Y/N-sensei gave it too me! I have two of them, one is in my hand see? It says good job!" Yuuji answered, his voice more cheerful and bubbly.
"Oh? Is that so? It seems like you've done a good job today Yuuji." Nanami smiles in his direction before asking more about the sticker.
Nanami is glad as he continues to listen to Yuuji as he talks about his day with confidence, knowing well that Yuuji will definitely go to school tomorrow, and the many days after.
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haruchiyo · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
a valentine's themed collab.
sick of the same old love songs? this valentine's day, YOU call the shots. are you interested in the CLASSIC DREAMBOAT or a TOXIC FANTASY ? do you wanna be with a HEART-THROB or a real HEARTBREAKER ?
Tumblr media
pick your valentine's trope and a "love" song that speaks to them. your fic should center around it and be valentine's day / romance related. 500 words minimum, no maximum, write as much as u please. dark content is welcome and encouraged. up to two ppl can write for the same character so long as the trope or song is different!
pls make sure to @ me in ur work and/or use the tag: #CSTK COLLAB so i can read and add it to this final masterlist !
Tumblr media
send me an ask specifying your character of choice, whether they're following the HEART-THROB or HEARTBREAKER trope, NSFW or SFW, and the song you'll centre it around.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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chemmerson · 5 hours ago
just for tonight - part one
Business man!Nanami Kento x Fem!Reader, Modern AU
Nanami needs a date for a wedding, and Gojo won't let him go without one. Nanami can really only think of one person he can stand for an extended period of time, and that person happens to be you.
Chapters: 1/?
Words: 2.9k
Warnings: none!
A/N: hiii back with another nanami story!! so my plan for this story is to post all of it here, and then have two different endings on ao3. i got that idea from my friend @/lemony-snickers. that way everyone can enjoy the fluff here and then if you want to check out the alternate ending, you can on ao3 with the proper tags.
business man nanami has a chokehold on me and this is the product of that brainrot. enjoy you nanami lovers <3
read on ao3
“I’m not saying you need a date, I’m saying if you show up without a date then it will look weird.”
Nanami narrowed his eyes at Gojo who was sitting quite smugly across the small table, blue eyes peeking up from behind his sunglasses. Gojo was nonchalantly watching the people passing by their table, and then he glanced at Nanami to await his response.
Nanami had no response though, and he hadn’t had a response the entire time they were having this conversation because he thought it was ridiculous.
Nanami just sipped his coffee and continued to stare at Gojo blankly.
“Come on, Nanamin,” Gojo threw his hand up in the air. “Don’t look at me like that. I’m telling you. Everyone is going to have a date.”
“Everyone, huh?” Nanami replied unamusedly.
Gojo sighed and sank back into his seat with his arms crossed, still looking at Nanami over the top of his sunglasses. “Yes, everyone. Even Utahime…”
Nanami didn’t miss the way Gojo had mumbled that last part. He raised an eyebrow and waited for Gojo to elaborate, but Gojo just looked away.
Nanami took another sip of his coffee. “So Utahime has a date?”
Gojo didn’t look at Nanami. “Yeah, some random guy. I don’t know.”
Nanami had to fight down his smile and just hummed in response.
It was Saturday morning, Nanami and Gojo’s day off. Gojo had texted Nanami to meet him at a cafe to discuss the upcoming wedding that they and everyone from their office had been invited to. Apparently, the woman from their office, who Nanami had never spoken to, was having a very upscale wedding with a large attendance. Nanami wasn’t going to go at all since he had no idea who the woman was, but Gojo had convinced him because apparently everyone from the office was going.
Nanami had gotten the invitation through his email. Next to his name, it had read “plus one” which Nanami had no intention of following through with. But everyone else had also gotten a plus one, and Gojo had called an emergency meeting to discuss the detail on their day off.
Nanami declined immediately because he didn’t want to entertain Gojo on their day off. But Gojo said they could go to Nanami’s favorite cafe to talk about it, and Nanami hated how easily he was persuaded by that.
Nanami just wasn’t expecting Gojo to push the whole “plus one” detail.
Gojo smiled again though and turned back to Nanami. “I’m serious Nanamin. I’m going to have a date, and you should, too. It’s going to be a beautiful, expensive, once-in-a-lifetime type of event. It’s not every day you get invited to stuff like this. Take advantage!”
“Just because it’s on the invitation, doesn’t mean it’s a requirement,” Nanami said.
“It should be, though,” Gojo challenged. “That’s what it basically means.”
Nanami sighed. This was just ridiculous to him. He didn’t even want to go to the wedding in the first place. Going to someone’s wedding he didn’t even know seemed awkward…but apparently that thinking was ridiculous to everyone else. So was the idea of going without a date.
It was a beautiful day, and Nanami was glad they decided to sit outside. Other people had the same idea it seemed, and there were several people seated outside while enjoying their coffee and small breakfasts. The atmosphere of this place made Nanami feel calm, which was why it was his favorite.
While looking around the area, something caught his eye coming out of the door to the inside of the cafe. A familiar face he saw every morning before work was carrying a latte and a pastry of some kind.
“Who’s that?”
Nanami turned, surprised by Gojo’s voice. “Huh?”
Gojo wore a smirk. “Who’s that you’re staring at?”
Nanami turned back to watch you again as you carried the coffee and food to a customer sitting outside. You smiled delightfully at them and turned to walk back inside.
“Oh, uh,” Nanami mumbled. “She works here. She’s the barista in the mornings when I come before work.”
Gojo’s smirk grew and he nodded slowly. “Do you always stare at her like that?”
Nanami rolled his eyes. “Gojo quit it.”
“She’s beautiful—“
Nanami shot a fierce glare.
Gojo barked out a laugh and held his hands up in surrender. “Alright, alright, I get it.”
It was strange seeing you here on Saturday mornings, because to Nanami’s knowledge, you only worked during the week. Not that he was complaining. He rather enjoyed seeing you every morning. When he first started making visiting the cafe a habit before he went to work, you were nice and made his coffee perfectly. You couldn’t have been much younger than him either, maybe by a couple years. But after some time, he had gotten to know you better, and you started making conversation with him. Nanami found himself looking forward to mornings, and you always greeted him with a smile.
Just then, both he and Gojo turned when they registered someone approaching the table. It was you, wearing a bright smile on your face.
Nanami took notice of the several artsy pins that decorated your apron, a detail that he didn’t get to notice because you were always behind a counter. You also wore a tank top today rather than a t-shirt like usual.
“Well, well, well,” you smiled. “Mr. Nanami, what are you doing here on a Saturday morning?”
Nanami couldn’t help but smile slightly himself. “Just enjoying the morning.”
You turned to Gojo, held out your hand, and introduced yourself. “I’m one of the baristas here during the week.”
“Gojo. Nice to meet you,” Gojo looked you over with a smug smile. Nanami didn’t like that.
“I just had to come back out here because I thought that was you I saw,” you turned back to Nanami, placing a hand on his shoulder. “Not used to seeing my most loyal customer out here!”
“I didn’t see you inside,” Nanami observed. “I thought you didn’t work on the weekends.”
You sighed, removing your hand from him and running a hand over your hair. “Yeah, I usually don’t. I had to come in last minute because we had a staff shortage. I’m not even a barista today. I’m serving.”
Nanami nodded. “Saturday mornings are probably busy here.”
Chuckling, you smiled. “Yeah, tell me about it. I don’t mind coming in, but it’s basically nonstop until lunchtime is over.”
As Nanami chatted with you, he couldn’t help but notice that the bright sunlight looked good on you.
“I’ve never sat outside before,” Nanami continued.
“Isn’t it beautiful?” You beamed. “I love it out here. Helps that the weather is nice today.”
You sighed again with a smile. “Well, I better get going. Nice to see you, Mr. Nanami, Mr. Gojo.”
Nanami nodded. “Nice to see you, too.”
You turned to leave, then looked over your shoulder. “See you Monday!”
Nanami felt a chuckle escape him, and he held up a hand to wave. Nanami watched you head back inside, and he picked his coffee back up, bringing it to his lips.
He paused when he felt Gojo staring at him incredulously.
“What?” Nanami raised an eyebrow.
Gojo scoffed. “What do you mean what? What the hell was that all about?”
Nanami furrowed his eyebrows and put down his coffee. “I don’t know what you mean.”
Another barking laugh came from Gojo. “You’ve gotta be kidding me, man. I just witnessed you willingly hold a pleasant conversation with someone while smiling. You aren’t even that friendly to our clients.”
Nanami immediately shook his head. “Gojo, you’re thinking too hard about it.”
Gojo’s jaw dropped dramatically. “Nanamin. Oh my god, you are too much. Seriously.”
Nanami didn’t respond. Gojo tended to exaggerate situations and create things that weren’t really there. You were just the friendly barista he saw every morning before work, nothing more.
Nanami’s eye was drawn to the door of the cafe again where you were carrying another drink, making your way to a table for two. He didn’t even notice that he was watching you. The couple said something to you that made you laugh, and you responded with a cheery, lovely voice. You definitely brought life to the cafe with your easy-going personality.
Nanami also didn’t even notice Gojo watching him with a mischievous smile.
“You should ask her,” Gojo interrupted Nanami’s staring.
This definitely broke Nanami’s focus. “What?”
Gojo sat up from his slouch and leaned closer to Nanami. “Ask her. To the wedding.”
“Don’t be ridiculous,” Nanami mumbled. The idea itself was just not plausible.
“So you’re telling me you don’t think she’s beautiful?” Gojo pressed further, now whispering harshly.
Nanami just stared Gojo down, but Gojo wasn’t budging. His closest friend wasn’t normally so stubborn. Well, as stubborn as this.
Nanami sighed. “She is beautiful.”
More beautiful than I’d like to admit to Gojo right now.
“See?” Gojo snickered. “And she’s charming, easy-going. Perfect for you.”
Nanami clenched his jaw. Because Gojo was right. You were beautiful, easy-going, had a lovely charm about you that Nanami couldn’t ignore even if he tried. He knew because for the first several months he visited the cafe, he didn’t speak much to you even if you tried to spark a small conversation. But you eventually broke him down with your smile and strange jokes. And you seemed to anticipate his arrival every morning as well. One time when he had been out sick for a day, he came back the next day and you reacted like a mother when her child hadn’t come home for curfew on time. You gave him the coffee for free that day.
Nanami sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. Good fucking grief. Gojo was right.
Gojo chuckled to himself as he watched Nanami slowly break down. “She would make a wonderful date, I bet. Plus, she seems to have taken a liking to you, too.”
“She would never agree,” Nanami replied with a tense tone. In reality, Nanami was thinking why would you agree? He was just some guy that got coffee every morning. There were probably several other people that frequented this place every morning. He wasn’t special.
“You don’t know that,” Gojo continued to push. “And what’s the worst thing that could happen? She says no?”
“Getting coffee each morning would become a lot more awkward if she did,” Nanami cringed.
Gojo rested his chin on his hand. “So what? I thought she was just a barista.”
“I never said that,” Nanami jumped to respond. “She’s not just a barista.”
“Hmm,” Gojo’s face twisted into a look of victory. “So she’s not just a barista to you, you think she’s beautiful, and you like to talk to her. Tell me again what’s so ridiculous about asking her to the wedding?”
Nanami was wondering why he had ever befriended Gojo in the first place.
Gojo was also right.
Nanami had no answer for him. So he didn’t say anything, but Gojo always understood Nanami whether he spoke or not.
Gojo leaned back in his seat with crossed arms. “Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky—“
“Don’t push it.”
“Right. Sorry.”
It was Monday morning, and Nanami was on his way to work. But he had one stop to make before he went there, and his palms on the steering wheel were getting quite clammy as his nervousness grew.
Somehow, Gojo had actually convinced Nanami to do it. Nanami was about to go get his morning coffee from you and he was going to ask you to be his date to a wedding. Nanami had no idea why, but he supposed there must have been a part of him that really wanted to. A much bigger part was screaming at him that this was a terrible idea, but Nanami didn’t want to think about how it probably had to do with some fear of your possible rejection.
Before he knew it, Nanami was parking on the street near the cafe and trying to calm his thoughts. He decided to leave his suit coat in the car because it was a warm morning, and he got out of the car.
When he opened the door to the cafe, the little bell rang, and there were two people already waiting for their to-go drinks. Some people were sitting at the tables. He made his way up to the register, and he noticed no one was there.
“Just a second, Mr. Nanami!”
Ah. You were here.
He saw your hand waving over the tall coffee machines on the other side of the register. He threw up a hand in understanding, though you probably didn’t see. You were probably busy making other people their drinks.
It gave him time to think through his approach of asking you to the wedding.
Like Gojo said, the worst that could happen was you say no. Except that didn’t make Nanami feel much better, because watching your normally cheery, kind face twist into something like offense or even disgust was just not something Nanami wanted to experience. Ever.
Too soon, Nanami saw you walking to the register, dusting your hands off together and looking at him with a bright grin.
“Good morning, Mr. Nanami,” you sing-songed out in a sigh. “Sorry about that. We’re short-staffed again, so it’s just me for right now.”
You started tapping the screen. “The usual?”
Nanami forgot his nervousness watching you already putting in his order before he said anything, and he started pulling his wallet out of his pocket. “You aren’t going to let me order?”
You paused your tapping and raised an eyebrow at him, leaning over the table. “So you’re telling me you’re getting something different today?”
Nanami fought down a smirk and held out his card. “I didn’t say that.”
You laughed, shaking your head and continuing to tap the screen. He thought he might've caught a bashful smile, but then you grabbed his card from him. “Mr. Nanami giving me a hard time? How shocking.”
You swiped his card and handed it back to him with a smile. “I’ll be quick.”
“I’m not in a hurry,” he said as you walked away. Before putting his wallet away, he shoved a twenty in the tip jar.
Nanami made his way over to the other side of the counter to wait for his drink. No one else had come in, and he hoped it would stay that way so he could ask you his question and not hold you too long. It sounded like you were going to have a busy day.
Just then, another employee walked in from the back. They greeted you, and you greeted back, saying something about saving your life. They laughed and went to stand at the register.
He saw you peek out from behind the counter and then smiled. “Here you go, Mr. Nanami!”
Nanami grabbed the coffee from where it sat on the tall counter. You scooted over to where the counter wouldn’t hide your face, and you leaned on your arms. Nanami followed you. You two usually chatted for a few seconds anyway.
“You should come on Saturdays more often,” you said. “The cafe is much more lively on the weekends.”
Nanami nodded. “It was nice. I enjoyed sitting outside.”
“Sometimes I even sit outside,” you replied. “When I’m not working. It just has such a lovely view of the city.”
Nanami hummed, feeling his palms start to sweat as he held his cup. Now was the time.
He started with your name, and then cleared his throat. “I would like to ask you something.”
You just smiled like always. “Of course.”
Nanami suddenly felt bad, because you were probably not expecting what was about to happen, but it was too late.
He cleared his throat again and put his free hand in his pocket. “I’ve been invited to a wedding by someone I work with, and I am allowed a plus one. I was wondering if you would like to join me.”
Nanami held his breath as he watched your eyes widen. Everything was suddenly crashing down and he was expecting the worst when—
“Are you asking me to be your date to a wedding?” You asked with a hint of disbelief.
Nanami swallowed. “Yes.”
Your widened eyes relaxed and your mouth shaped into a soft smile. “What time do you get off work?”
Nanami stared blankly. “Five o’clock.”
“Perfect,” your eyes twinkled with your smile. “Stop by after work and I’ll be finishing up my shift. We can talk more then. Okay?”
You leaned off the counter and put your hands in your apron pockets, still grinning at him.
“Is that a yes then?” Nanami blurted. And then he immediately regretted it.
Idiot. You’re an idiot.
You chuckled. “We’ll see after you come to pick me up for our first official date tonight. Sound good?”
Nanami blinked, heart beating in his ears. “Alright.”
“See you then, Mr. Nanami,” you winked.
“See you,” he replied. “Thanks for the coffee.”
“Of course!” You beamed and then turned back to make a drink for a customer that just walked in.
Nanami walked out of the coffee shop feeling extremely relieved and somehow more stressed at the same time.
He had a date after work.
When Nanami arrived to the office to tell Gojo what happened, Gojo laughed so hard he had tears running down his face and didn’t stop laughing for a hell of a long time.
please let me know if you would like to be added to a tag list for this story!! <3
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cherry-ades · 22 hours ago
one more time
Tumblr media
thinking of a small itty bitty piece of nanami angst. I can think of you both in the kitchen, eating dinner happily and calmly. And you two dance, just a little everyday after dinner, because you never knew when the day would come where he couldn’t come home. And everyday he promised and whispered in your ear, “I promise to come home to you tomorrow.”. But he didn’t, you two never got to dance again.
Tumblr media
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ferg0s · a day ago
spark notes version of a curse!reader x nanami smut because I physically cannot write a proper paragraph rn.
Smut under gif cuz you can’t do cuts on mobile
Tumblr media
Ur a curse - yay(?) - and you find humans fascinating. Their daily rituals, interactions - but reproduction is your fave.
They just fit like puzzle pieces - how? - and after watching people get at it through their windows, you decide you want to try it out yourself.
You find a cute little hotspot where humans come for fun. Some abandoned hospital or something. You change your appearance to a human one, hoping the one you chose would be enough to lure people in - it works - but something is wrong.
They’re… bland.
Not fun. Something about you doesn’t ‘turn you on’. It’s not fun - so you kill then instead lol. But hey you found a cool finger thing that you heard someone else talk about.
You go through the process of finding someone to fuck for a while - which just ends in a bloodbath because none of them have that spark to turn you on.
Until a sorcerer arrives to get rid of you. You’ve heard about them through others - they’re a pain in the ass - but it brings you a little excitement.
It’s a man. Nice suit and glasses, you note. He looks serious - so it’s best to not waste time and cut to the chase. So when he enters your domain you don’t waste any time in attacking.
He’s strong lol - *cool fight scene, you’re having fun because he’s not going down easy * - he has you pinned against a wall, sexual tension is in the air, and you’re feeling excited.
“Fuck me,” you say, eyes wide in bewilderment. He’s taken back by this. “I’ve never felt this way by a human before,” you laugh. “Fuck me please - that’s what humans say when they want to reproduce right?”
You see him pull out his knife - “What about final wish?!” You plea as you try to escape his grip. “Don’t humans give other humans that-“ “No, they get a last meal-“ “Then be my last meal.”
No response.
“No humans made me - turned on, that’s what you say right - and the least you could do is be courteous enough to grant my final wish.”
Still no reply.
“I’ll let you kill me.”
“I don’t trust you-“ “give me what I want, and I’ll let you kill me. No fight, no nothing.” No response. “I’ll let you tie me up if that helps - unless you’re into that and want me that way-“ “shut up.”
You don’t know why he agrees - but he has your hands tied Behind your back and is taking off his jacket. Your smiling like an idiot - “don’t hold back!” You Chirp at him. He hears you, eyes glancing at you for a second going back to where he was king before.
You’re sitting down on the ground, legs crosses, humming a tune as you watch the man infront of you take a call - it’s about you and your ‘strange behaviour’.
“-what do you mean comply?” He said angerly. Silence on his end while you hear quiet bickering on the phone. “Fine,” is all he says and then he hangs up.
He turns to you and begins to walk over. “Where is the finger-“ “oh that old thing!” You laugh. “You know what you have to do!” You laugh.
You can see the anger on his face. Before you can make another remark, he grabs you by the collar and lifts you up and slams you against the wall behind you. The impact hurts your head, but then you feel him turn you around - your face going Straight into tne concreate wall - “I’ll give you what you want then-“ he said as you felt his hands go down to your legs and spread them apart.
Curses don’t have a use for underwear’s so he got access to your pussy right away - or the replica of one you created after examining one of the visitors that came to you - you weren’t good at human anatomy, but when his fingers brushed again your wet hole you knew you had gotten it right.
“You have-“ “Like it?” You asked. “I made it myself!” You said as you tried to get a good view of him. He didn’t seem too impressed by your anatomy skills.
Notning seemed to happen in the minutes following that , just the sound of metal and a ziiip sound - but then you felt something brush against your Pussy.
“Is that-“ before you could finish you felt something push its way into you. The feeling was delightful - better than you had imagined - and you couldn’t help but let out a moan. You knew cutting her open and seeing her nerves was worth it - you could fully feel the pleasure that was intended for humans.
“You’re bigger than I expected~” you hummed as you adjusted your form to his size. “Want me to be tighter?” You coo at him.
You feel his hands grip your hips, then the feeling of him sliding out of you. “Oh- that feels different than what I imagined-“ “shut up.” You gasp when he slams back into you. Your eyes roll back to the back of your head - no wonder humans have an overpopulation problem - it feels good. He began to repast the motions - he was fucking you. It felt good - better than what you had expected.
“I want-“ you said in between thrusts. “You to do it like I’m a human.” You finish. “STOP!” you screech - and he does. “This is not how you do it-“ you say shooting him a glare. Your face drops to your - creepily - cheery self again. “What do they say?” You pause. “Yes! Fuck me like your French girls!” You say dramatically. You can tell he’s not impressed. “Are you a virgin?” You ask, your body spinning around, locking your legs around his hips. - his eyes widening at the sight of you turn around effortlessly, dick still in you unharmed. You put your tied hand around his neck, pulling him closer.
“Better~” you purr. “Please continue,” you say as you put your forehead on his.
He does - to your surprise. It’s less - harsh this time. It feels better for you. His breathing heavy while you’re smiling. “You’re so cute when you breathe like that,” you laugh. You could feel him better now, a proper outline of his dick. He hadn’t taken his pants off fully - the fabric of his pants irritated you but you didn’t bother bringing it up.
It speeds up again - but not like last time - it gradually builds up, like how it’s supposed to - your foreheads are still touching, your fingers buried in his hair while his nails dig into the flesh of your thighs as he hold you against the wall.
You cum. First ever orgasm - it feels great. You let out loud moans and laughs as you felt your body convulse in the feeling. You finally understood why humans did that at the end - it felt great. A string of curses came from the man before you felt him shoot warm liquid inside of you - sperm. It felt weird, but you liked it.
He was panting along side you, dick still buried deep, while you two came back into your senses. After a minute he put you down / you standing up right away and conjuring up the finger you found.
You extended your hand out to towards the now messy haired, panting man who was fixing his pants - he grabbed the finger and took it out of your hand - and you turned around to walk towards the window of the building.
You liked the spot - the view of the sky was gorgeous from that window. You wanted it to be the last thing you saw before you died. Getting in your knees, you looked up at the window one more time. You were a curse of your word, you sighed and looked at the ground infront of you, bowing your head and closing your eyes.
You heard foot steps come towards you.
He stood infront of you.
You heard same metal and ziiip sound and opened your eyes, looking up.
Your eyes widened with you saw his - hard - dick infront of your face.
“We’re not done,” he said as he grabbed the sides of your head.
‘Humans are so fun!’ You thought as opened your mouth for his Dick.
this is such a mess omg
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musingsofanextrovert · 2 days ago
No Body, No Crime (Private Investigator AU)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Summary: Kento Nanami’s a renowned private investigator in Japan, who’s known to deal with cases that deal with paranormal activity or what’s known to him as “cursed energy.” When Ijichi, the assistant manager of his PI firm gets a call to look into another case, Kento recognizes that this case was earlier declared an open-and-shut case by (F/N) (L/N), another renowned PI who was known to have solved cases within days of receiving them. Initially irked with her methods of solving the cases, especially since she's not like him, he decides that he has to approach her for help, else this will remain a cold case yet to be solved. As time passes by, secrets slowly unravel, the distance between them decreases, and the outcome would come out as a surprise to them.
Pairing: Kento Nanami x Fem! Reader
Genre: Private Investigator AU, Angst, Fluff between Nanami and Reader
Warnings: Mentions of blood, murder, usage of weapons, fighting, crying
Status: In progress, will post chapter 1 soon
Taglist: Please fill this if you want to be a part of the tag list for this story :)
Chapter 1: I hate to admit it, but…
Chapter 2: What’s in it for me?
Chapter 3: Reunited and it feels so good?
Chapter 4: I think he did it, I can’t prove it
Chapter 5: The truth hurts, doesn't it?
Chapter 6: What goes around, comes around
Chapter 7: Always
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flufff-n-stuff · 2 days ago
Could I get headcanons for Shuichi, Chiaki, and Nagito (all separate) with a trans masc S/O? For the S/O if pronouns are used could you use they/them? That would be great!
words: 409 transmasc reader [gender-neutral pronouns] genre: fluff TW: none A/N: Thank you for the request! It was really fun to write ^^
🔎👾🍀Shuichi, Chiaki, and Nagito with a Transmasc s/o🍀👾🔍
Tumblr media
Let’s be honest here, he probably already knew but was trying not to reach a conclusion without you telling him-
He’s very supportive of you, though! He tries to do anything he can to make you feel comfortable
He probably got you an entire new wardrobe to replace any feminine clothing you didn’t want to wear anymore (he worked extra hard on solving cases for it!)
Some of the clothes had patches of the flag on them!
Got you a few binders, as well! He tried to get some that he thought you would like design-wise
His usual timidness evaporates once someone misgenders or deadnames you:
“Not sure if you’re uninformed or just can’t tell, but they don’t go by that anymore.”
Overall, he tries to do the best he can to support you <3
When you come out to her, you might have to explain it to her... she doesn’t really have knowledge on most things
Once you do, though, she’s really proud of you for coming out! From what she can tell it is very hard finally coming out to someone, especially a person who you are close to, so she wants to be there and support you!
Bought you a few pins and stickers with the flag on them
She will steal any and all of your new hoodies and jackets... she probably bought a few for you just so she could wear them later
Got you a Space Invaders binder, I'm sorry but I don’t make the rules-
Her usual tiredness fizzles away once someone misgenders or deadnames you:
“Umm... they don’t go by that, anymore.”
Overall, she is doing her best and is very supportive!
He feels really special that you came out to him! He didn’t think he was important enough for you to-
He does almost everything to make sure you feel comfortable! Uncomfortable clothes? Here’s his hoodie. Is your room too feminine? He just got a designer to replace it all. The list goes on...
He also bought you a flag for your room! He tried putting it up as a surprise but... it kinda ended really badly-
Totally didn’t accidentally fall off of your bed only to cause a domino effect, making your room a complete wreck
Adamantly corrects people using the wrong pronouns or deadnaming you:
“Excuse me, I’m sorry to interrupt but they obviously don’t go by that anymore.”
Overall, he does the best he can to be there for you <3
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classyrbf · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
geto suguru x fem reader
warnings:16+, nsfw, sfw, jealousy, oral (both m and f receiving), degrading and praising, lewd pics, watching you get undressed (?), not proofread
headcanons of ex husband geto
Tumblr media
ex husband geto who still calls you during the middle of the night to come pick him up from the bar when he gets too drunk
ex husband geto who only allows you to touch and play with his hair and sometimes even lets you style it
ex husband geto who’ll ask you which outfit looks best on him for his next date in hopes to make you jealous
ex husband geto who always glares at your hand to see if you’re still wearing your wedding ring
ex husband geto who still teases you, pulling at your cheeks and poking your shoulder just to annoy you
ex husband geto who forgets that you’re divorced and calls you his wife to his co-workers and friends
ex husband geto who lets you come grocery shopping with him because all he buys is junk food and needs to eat home cooked meals once in a while
ex husband geto who comforts you when you’re crying over the phone about how another guy left you, when in reality geto threatened to kill him for touching you
ex husband geto who smokes cigarettes but knows you don’t like the smell so he stopped smoking around you
ex husband geto who still hugs you from behind, wrapping his muscular arms around your figure whenever you’re in a bad mood
ex husband geto who misses talking to you everyday and listens to old voice messages you sent him
ex husband geto who steals your hair ties because he always loses his
ex husband geto who watches you get undressed from the crack in the door whenever he comes to visit knowing that you’re waiting for him
ex husband geto who fights and argues with you because he’s jealous but then ends up eating your pussy as an apology
ex husband geto who likes to slowly slide his cock into you and whisper in your ear that you’re still his
ex husband geto who sends you lewd pictures telling you how much he misses fucking your pretty little pussy
ex husband geto who speeds over to your house when you tell him just how much you miss him too and he ends up fucking you until you can’t even think straight
ex husband geto who still calls you “baby” and “sweetheart” before sloppily kissing you while his fingers circle your clit
ex husband geto who likes when you pulls his hair and ride his face until your trembling and cumming on his tongue
ex husband geto who takes videos of you sucking his cock, calling you a “messy slut”. He loves how your mouth wraps around him and how nasty you can get for him
ex husband geto who likes to grope and squeeze your ass all the time, it’s his favorite thing to do when your laying down or cooking in the kitchen
ex husband geto who calls you “pretty” when your face is covered in his cum
ex husband geto who leaves a trail of wet kisses up your legs before eating you out
ex husband geto who has a spit kink, letting his spit drip into your mouth or spitting on your cunt before devouring you
Tumblr media
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misszennya · 8 months ago
my parents would be very disappointed on me if they knew that my mental stability depends on a fictional character...
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