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leberkas-semmerl 2 days ago
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seraph5 a day ago
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Camera crew catching a sneaky shot of Nandor鈥檚 room 馃憖馃憖馃憖
When I tell you that Nandor鈥檚 room has SO. MUCH. DETAIL. Don鈥檛 know if you knew but Nandor has decorative wainscoting on the bottom half of the walls of his room and it is opulently rendered in slabs of persian marquina. I know that because I drew it up (even though it ended up being mostly in shadow. Anyway. Here is also a close up:
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ID: There is a single image; a slightly ajar door is framing a view of the inside of Nandor鈥檚 room from the corridor. Inside Nandor and Guillermo are stealing a kiss, Guillermo sitting on Nandor鈥檚 coffin and Nandor standing and leaning into him. They are both in comfortable attire; Guillermo in one of his signature sweaters, slacks and slippers, Nandor in his long gold dressing gown with an intricate gothic design. Candles and an open fire light up the room with warmth as they share a moment alone.
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lilyluscious 2 days ago
List of my wwdits season 4 predictions, listed for personal reasons just for fun to come back to once the season airs, in no particular order:
- The mentioned Wedding altar is for Nadja and Laszlo, as a wedding renewal thing like they saw their neighbours do, as a way to make up.
- This Freddie boyfriend turns out to be a vampire hunter, attacks Nandor, Nandor refuses to kill him because he is important to Guillermo, Guillermo finds out and goes absolutely feral on Freddie鈥檚 ass.
- Guillermo confirming himself gay.
- Nandor is going to admit he assumes Guillermo will leave him once turned.
- Guillermo is going to refuse being turned. Possibly by a third party (that Guide was being super flirty).
- Baby vampire comeback! Give me Jenna and Derek. Actually they might look cute together?
- Guillermo realising that what he wanted from being a vampire (power, control, sex appeal), he already has.
- A cliffhanger (I want a season 5. I really do)
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always-lavellan 2 days ago
*sighs* why can鈥檛 gay people just run away with their lovers for once.
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anxietycheesecake 2 days ago
Nandor turning Guillermo out of desperation to save his life in an extreme situation. It's not perfect, they're not going to share ancestral soil, but it's ok.
Their last scene together in the show is them walking hand in hand into the station, each wearing their own jansport, smiling at each other before getting on the train and start the journey they were denied. Because Nandor still wants Guillermo to see his homeland and redefine all the places where he felt miserable with happy memories of love and appreciation.
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ayo-cowbelly 7 months ago
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so i finished what we do in the shadows season 3 today
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pointlesstrashyexistence 5 months ago
Seeing my post about Nandor鈥檚 original name blowing up suddenly got me thinking about scenes of my trans man Guillermo de la Cruz headcanon and Nandor the Relentless whose forgotten his original name headcanon having an angsty and heartfelt conversation about forgotten names, dead names, chosen names and the memories and feelings attached to them . . .
But anyways shoutout to @sukurarose92 ! I figured there was a potential that someone would write a fic inspired by my posts but I honestly did not consider it happening less than 24 hours. Everyone, please, its only the first chapter but I love the writing! I鈥檝e always been surprised by the lack of timeline hijinks fanfiction in the fandom considering that three of the four main vampires are hundreds of years old and many are older than them and this really did give me something I wanted to see. Guillermo finds himself 700 years in the past right in the middle of Nandor pillaging a town and I鈥檓 so excited for what will end up happening. Read it, give kudos, show your appreciation for fanfic writers like @sukurarose92 .
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goldenquiveruwu 6 months ago
Nandermo Fanfiction!
I have finally completed a fan fiction (@dxlilith thank you for helping sort out some background details and encouraging me to write it!) about Guillermo being a reincarnation of someone Nandor used to know back in the days of the Ottoman Empire! It includes digital art and Colin Robinson being chaotic, so if any of those things interest you, feel free to check it out! https://archiveofourown.org/works/35347054
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chelsfic a year ago
Not Entirely Unrequited - Nandor the Relentless x Guillermo de la Cruz Fanfic (One-Shot)
Tumblr media
Summary: An alternate ending to聽鈥淐olin鈥檚 Promotion.鈥 Featuring a smooch and some fluff.
A/N: I just love Nandor鈥檚 line from this episode (Come over here and put your neck in my mouth!)--and I can鈥檛 stop thinking...what if...?? [See end for more notes]
Warnings: Kissing, self-sacrifice/close call, Fluff, Feelings!
鈥淕uillermo,鈥 Nandor moans, barely picking up his head. 鈥淐ome over here and put your neck in my mouth.鈥
Guillermo rolls off his chair, falling onto the floor in an exhausted puddle and painstakingly crawling forward with a subservient, 鈥淵es, master.鈥
Nandor watches his familiar鈥檚 progress without an ounce of the bloodlust that normally clouds his mind at the prospect of a tasty, virgin meal. He鈥檚 a wilted flower dressed up as an Ottoman war lord. All thanks to fucking Colin Robinson鈥檚 fiendish machinations.
鈥淣andor! You鈥檙e not going to hog Gizmo all to yourself, are you?!鈥 Nadja groans from the opposite couch where she鈥檚 collapsed in ennui.
鈥淗e鈥檚 my familiar, Nadja!鈥 Nandor snaps testily, reaching a limp hand out as Guillermo scrambles up beside him. 鈥淚t鈥檚 not my fault you and Laszlo can鈥檛 keep one alive for longer than a week!鈥
Guillermo sags into his master鈥檚 side. The little energy remaining to him after Colin鈥檚 mega-feed sapped by the journey from the chair to the couch. Even his thoughts are sluggish. Somewhere in the back of his mind a tiny voice calls out, telling him that he should run from this. But a louder compulsion to please his master--to take care of him--overrides the instinct for self-preservation.
He lets his head drop onto the vampire鈥檚 shoulder with a contented sigh, enjoying the rare chance to cuddle his irritable master. He buries his nose into the waves of soft, dark hair, breathing in Nandor鈥檚 spicy scent.
鈥淵ou were a good familiar, Guillermo,鈥 Nandor whispers, his mouth open in a hungry leer. He turns his body to face the smaller man, cradling him in his arms and running a gentle hand over his exposed neck. 鈥淭his will be just like falling to sleeping鈥︹
Guillermo shivers at the brush of wickedly sharp fangs against his tender skin. He takes a shaky breath, shutting his eyes as a fat tear rolls down his cheek.
鈥淚 love you, master,鈥 he breathes just as Nandor closes his mouth over the beating pulse in his neck.
鈥淲oah, woah, woah,鈥 Colin Robinson鈥檚 nasal voice sounds from the doorway. 鈥淟ooks like I鈥檝e arrived in the nick of time.鈥
Nandor tightens his arms around Guillermo, squeezing him to his chest as he turns around with a petulant whine, 鈥淗aven鈥檛 you done enough, Colin Robinson? Can鈥檛 you leave me to murder my familiar in peace?!鈥
鈥淗aven鈥檛 I done enough?鈥 Colin scoffs. 鈥淚t鈥檚 you all who treat me like a burden instead of a friend!鈥
He stalks forward and pulls Guillermo out of Nandor鈥檚 grip. Both men complain pitifully and Colin rolls his eyes.聽
鈥淨uit whining, you walnut!鈥 he gripes at Guillermo, depositing him back into the armchair. 鈥淚鈥檓 saving your pathetic life.鈥
鈥淕uillermo!鈥 Nandor wails. 鈥淩un away!鈥
Colin presses down on his shoulders as Guillermo makes a weak, aborted attempt to rise.
鈥淪orry, master鈥︹ Guillermo mumbles, half-asleep.
Colin strides across the room, holding forth as two dopplegangers split off from his body. The vampires and familiar writhe in pitiful agony as Colin spins out of control, the urge to feed turning against him and weakening him until he and his doubles fall down lifeless.
Later that evening, Guillermo stands under the hot spray in the upstairs shower. The water turns a muddy brown as it flows down the drain, rinsing away the remnants of tonight鈥檚 gravedigging. He groans as his aching muscles finally relax. His eyes fall shut and he recalls the feel of his master鈥檚 fangs against his skin. He finally allows himself to surrender, just a little, to the emotions brewing inside him. A choked sob escapes his throat, interrupted by the sound of a soft knock.
鈥淕uillermo?鈥 Nandor鈥檚 muffled voice comes through the door.
Guillermo sniffs, hastily wiping his eyes and sticking his head out of the shower curtain, 鈥淚-I鈥檒l be out in a minute, master!鈥
He rushes through the rest of his shower, turning off the water and hastily drying himself before throwing on his soft, worn pajamas and terry cloth robe. His skin is still flushed and warm from the heat of the shower and his hair is wet when he steps out into the hallway and nearly collides with Nandor.聽
鈥淥h! Master, I didn鈥檛 think you鈥檇 still be here. Is--is there something you need?鈥 Guillermo stammers. Nandor catches him before he can slam into his chest, holding him with his large, cool hands curled around Guillermo鈥檚 upper arms.
鈥淣o, my Guillermo,鈥 Nandor murmurs. There鈥檚 a tender look in his large, dark eyes that Guillermo has never seen in all his eleven years of service. 鈥淚 came to see if you are alright. That was a brave thing you did tonight鈥︹
鈥淥h, it was nothing鈥︹ Guillermo automatically demurs, ducking his head and adjusting his glasses nervously
鈥淣o, it was not nothing!鈥 Nandor insists, baring his fangs in annoyance. He pauses then, his face softening as he reaches out to tuck a stray curl behind his familiar鈥檚 ear.
Guillermo startles at the unexpected touch, his mouth falling open in shock. He looks up and falls into Nandor鈥檚 gaze. Those rich, dark brown eyes seem to emit their own gravity, pulling him in and dragging him under the influence of the vampire鈥檚 power. Is this hypnosis? Guillermo wonders frantically. Or...something else?
鈥淚t wasn鈥檛 nothing, my Guillermo,鈥 Nandor repeats, his voice pitched lower. He brings both hands up to cup his familiar鈥檚 cheeks and he hisses in pleasure at the contrast of Guillermo鈥檚 shower-heated skin with his cold palms. 鈥淵ou were willing to sacrifice yourself for me and I...I appreciate it!鈥
A shiver runs through Guillermo鈥檚 body at his master鈥檚 touch. Rather than cringe away from it, though, he leans in, stepping closer and bringing his hands up to clutch the furred collar of Nandor鈥檚 jacket. What is happening? He鈥檚 either spectacularly misinterpreting Nandor鈥檚 signals or...
鈥淥f course, master. I鈥檇 do anything for you鈥︹ And Guillermo flinches as he hears the words and realizes they鈥檙e true. He would do anything. He has, hasn鈥檛 he? He鈥檚 sacrificed, killed, thrown out his pride and given up his human life...all for Nandor. How long has he lied to himself, claiming to be in it for the payoff of becoming a vampire? For so long, for years, it鈥檚 been about something entirely different.
鈥淎nd what you said?鈥 Nandor continues, stroking his fingers along Guillermo鈥檚 cheeks, his jaw, up into his wet curls. 鈥淭hat you love me鈥?鈥
Guillermo sputters, trying to come up with an excuse, an explanation that will somehow protect the tender animal of his true feelings. Nandor hushes him, putting a finger to his lips and letting it stay there.
鈥淵our feelings are not...entirely...unrequited鈥︹ Nandor admits, wincing against the indignity of voicing his own emotions. But the smile that lights up his familiar鈥檚 face is worth the momentary embarrassment.聽
Guillermo is resplendent. He gazes up at Nandor like he鈥檚 the moon, the stars and the eternal night he鈥檚 waited for his whole life. Nandor feels his cold, dead heart flood with warmth and in one swift motion he leans down and presses his mouth to Guillermo鈥檚, capturing him in a kiss before he can think twice.聽
The vampire鈥檚 lips are surprisingly soft, and the kiss is infinitely gentle, as if he鈥檚 taking care not to hurt his beloved familiar. Guillermo moans, pressing harder into him and smirking in pleasure at the sharp cut of fangs against his plump lower lip. Their mouths fill with Guillermo鈥檚 hot, sweet blood and Nandor very nearly growls. He wraps his arms tight around his familiar and deepens the kiss, pressing his tongue into Guillermo鈥檚 mouth and lapping at the shallow wound on his lip.聽
Too soon, Nandor pulls back, panting with the intensity of the kiss. His mouth and beard are stained with blood and he looks wickedly debauched. Guillermo clings to him, catching his breath and trying to steady himself against the revelations of the last few minutes. Nandor feels Guillermo trembling and tightens his arms around him, pulling him to his chest and tucking him under his chin with a gentle squeeze.聽
He lowers his lips and presses a kiss into the damp curls at the crown of Guillermo鈥檚 head, just barely whispering, 鈥淚 love you too, Guillermo.鈥
A/N: This was a bit of an exercise in writing something short (1300ish words) and not-very-explicit. I鈥檝e never been in a fandom before where I was drawn to *so many* ships. Nadja x Laszlo! Jenna x Nadja!? Jenna x Nandor!!!??? Laszlo x Nandor... but Nandor x Guillermo is just so special. I had to write a little something for these babies. If you enjoyed this, please consider letting me know! It would really make my day!
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I'd like a show where two gay dumbasses fall in love but for women now please
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im very excited for season 4 [ID in alt]
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tehtariks 7 months ago
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"The only reason you're alive is because I. Let. You. Live": and in that moment, Nandor decided he and Guillermo would have to get vampire married | WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS
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The Queer-coded Middle Aged Men fandom is thriving <3 have some crossovers
(I have more text posts here!)
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nandor we feel ya mate :鈥(
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the kiss by klimt except its the wwdits s3 finale
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wwdits + text posts p1 [2] [3] [4] [+]
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did I post this here yet ?
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"when i decide to kill you, i'll do it with my hands; fine gloves worth the death of a gentleman"
big day tonight how we holding up gang 馃└
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wwdits text posts
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