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Posting this a little bit late, but here it is! I’ve officially won NaNoWriMo for the 3rd year in a row! Still don’t actually have an official title for the story (It was going to be “Magic Keepers of the Five Nations” but I feel like that’s too long and is better for a series title). People who are good with titles, how do you do it? 

Anyways, the story is far from finished even if I did meet my goal. I’m excited to keep working on it. I know I’ve mentioned it a bunch, but this is one of my earliest story ideas and it’s been super satisfying to finally start writing it after all these years. 12 year old me would be so excited, and current 25 year old me is very proud. 

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Thank you so much! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying it and that it’s helped you this month. I just uploaded a new chapter, which I hope everyone likes, too.

I really can’t believe how popular this fic has gotten, or how much I’ve written, and it’s left me both proud and grateful, and I just hope I can keep it up and actually finish this fic. I’ve never written this much of one thing before in my life, I’m over 65k raw, 53k published, and it’s such a jolt of serotonin every time I receive a review.

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so for school we did nanowrimo and i actually like the story I wrote so i’m posting it to tumblr :)  

This story is about a girl and a princess who grow up together, closer than sisters.  The girl wants only to be the princess’s guard so they can stay together forever.  When she gets a chance to prove herself worthy to be the princess’s sole protector, she jumps on the oppurtunity.  She and the princess leave on a journey to find a stolen treasure.  While on the journey, the girl finds out a dark secret about her past….(cliche, ik)

link to chapter 1  here :) 

Chapter 2

Wc: 2601  Tw: death, suicide, blood

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i would like to say a quick thank you to word sprints. i never tried them before 2020 camp nano, but they have honestly transformed the way i write and i don’t think i would have come close to my nano win without them. there is something so beautiful about writing at the same time as friends all around the globe and being able to suffer or soar together. if we have ever sprinted together, know that i love you and am grateful for you!

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I watched the trees, watching carefully, trying to spot any kind of movement within them. I didn’t know how many people were following me, only that there was few enough I’d be able to deal with them. It was annoying, being chased, being hunted. But it was the life I had to live now. I didn’t choose this life of course, it chose me. The moment I was born, I was destined to always be running.

A shadow moved, and I immediately threw my weapon into the trees. A cry of pain followed that set off a chain reaction. All at once, a small group of people leapt out of the trees and rushed me. But I was ready for them. I pulled the blade out of my sleeve and began to fight. The people dropped like flies, no match for my swordsmanship. One day they’d learn not to challenge me, the strongest in the land. But apparently that day was not today.

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A wolf howled in the distance, a beautiful cry on such a terrible night. Haeun sighed, leaning against the balcony railing. So much had happened in such a short time. He’d met Esbjorn, he’d met Søren, his brother had been killed, he’d just fought in a war. It really was a lot to process. But now it was all over. The war had ended, thanks to the Guregan’s of all people. The Guregan’s; the ones that his own people had been fighting with for as long as he could remember.

“What are you thinking of?” A smooth voice spoke from behind him. Haeun turned to see the Emper of Guregan approaching him, their footsteps silent as they moved. Haeun turned to look back at the night sky, the stars shining brightly thanks to the lack of moon that night.

“Of what it cost to get to this point.”

The Emper nodded. “It certainly has had great costs, this war of ours. But let us hope that things can change now.”

“They will. I can promise you that.”

“Your family made this country great, but it also ruined it.” The Emper turned to him. “Do you really think you can fix it on your own?”

Haeun chuckled. “No, of course not. But I’ve got my friends and my brothers by my side to help me. Things will change. Just as the moon starts anew, the Filidetr’s will also start anew tonight.”

The Emper smiled. “Then let us our countries be friends.“

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Hello everyone! A day late, but it’s here! 

I hope you’re all doing great and excited to see some more standoffs between Julia and Hera, because there will be more conflicts. 


The Cover

Previous chapter

Next chapter (coming soon)

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i hate having to ‘write a book’. is it not enough to simply sit here, in the dark, and think about my silly little gay characters doing their silly little gay tasks?

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December 2nd, 2020: 22779/50000

Yeah, so.  NaNoWriMo is done.  I actually currently have a thousand more words than my official count, because I wrote some more after the challenge, but hey.  

I spent the last days actually cleaning up some stuff, and man lemme tell you is it nice to slow down instead of writing as fast as I possibly can.  You know, have some time to be picky about your word choice and look up references and stuff to make sure you’re accurate.  It feels a lot less rushed.  Really, I feel like I appreciate writing without a deadline much better now.

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The first thing the rogue agent registered upon landing was the cold. Lying on their back in the coarse sand of the Mojave desert, they couldn’t remember the last time they had truly felt cold, and the wind was sending chills down their back and sand into their face. They had been inside for almost the entirety of the autumn, and the single time they’d gone out on a mission, it had been during the day and even farther to the south, making it warmer there than it had been inside the Organization walls, and that wasn’t even taking into account the wild fire that had sparked. They stared upward at the clear night sky, raising their hand in front of their face, and reaching out toward the stars so far out of their reach, a realm beyond their own.

Then came the searing pain. Their vision began to lose focus as they reached toward the source of the agony. They attempted to touch the back of their head to find a pool of warm liquid spilling from the gaping wound in their skull. The occipital lobe was shattered, and the brain matter was exposed in a gory mess of flesh, bone, and tissue. The sand blowing into the wound was exponentially increasing the torment as blood continued to seep from the wound. Their hand could also feel the blood leaking in intervals matching their increasing heart rate. Suppressing the urge to vomit, and fighting to stay conscious, they began to wonder how they had even survived, let alone continue to withstand the near fatal blow they had sustained.

The agent’s mind began to spin with a myriad of regrets and fears. Within the course of less than a year, their life had been raised out of the dark crevice of apathy into one of love, excitement, and hope, which turned into one of loss and fear. And now they had lost everything; everyone they had loved and cared about was dead or had betrayed them. Now they lay in the middle of nowhere, dying, alone, and afraid. Tears began to well up as the realization of the inevitability of this situation’s end began to sink in. But they couldn’t allow themselves to die. It was only a few minutes ago that they made a promise to themselves, only a few months ago when they realized they had someone else to live for, and so soon, it was all rendered null.

They attempted to move into a position in which they could begin to crawl. Somewhere, someone would save them; someone had too. The story couldn’t end here. But as they attempted to turn over, they immediately began to slip into unconsciousness. Dropping back to their previous position, they let out a tremendous cry of pain and mental anguish. The cold, the pain, the despair; they all circled the agent, taunting them in their final moments. It truly was over; they had never stood a chance. For their whole life, they believed the world was against them; it was an uphill battle through and through, and after coming so far, it was all coming to an abrupt end.

As their vision progressively blurred, and their head began to throb, and the sound of their heartbeat filled their ears, an intense light suddenly appeared before their eyes. Either they had been found by someone, or they were finally experiencing that light at the end of the tunnel they had so frequently dreamt of. Being found so quickly meant it had to be The Organization, the only ones looking for them, the only ones who knew they still existed. Between those two possibilities, the agent realized death was the far superior outcome. They could just barely make out a voice calling out to them over the sound of their own pain.

And with that the agent finally passed out, with the last year weighing heavily on their mind. That year in which they all found meaning, and the year that meaning was stripped from everyone. The year where all the undeserved second chances were wasted. The year that ended with the agent’s realization that the world had never acted malevolently toward them. Rather, they realized something far more terrifying: the world had never cared for them one way or the other.

Author’s Note: NaNoWriMo is over, and while I may not have gotten everything done that I wanted to, I’m proud of what I did. In celebration, I’ve posted the first draft of the prologue here. Hope you enjoy. Expect more writing soon!

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