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heywriters · a day ago
Even the most observant character will only notice what they are already trained to observe. Even the smartest character can be blind to the most obvious answer. Sometimes plot is easy to write, but writing a realistic thought process requires acknowledging that brains are weird and individuals can't always follow plot.
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writing-prompts-re · 2 days ago
You pass away at the tender age of 102. Instead of heaven, hell, limbo, or anything else in between however, you see a scoreboard.
The top score says, "Methuselah - 969,"
Followed by "Elizabeth Alexandra Mary - 502."
A text box appears before you. It says, "Try again? 10...9..."
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writingadvice365 · 2 days ago
A Nanowrimo reminder
While it is really awesome if you reach 50,000 words, it is also really amazing if you wrote 500 words this month despite whatever life was throwing at you.  
The real win is that you have more words in your story than what you had before.  And that is something to be proud of.  
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natalieironside · 2 days ago
I thought there was no way I was gonna finish NaNoWriMo, but I just need to pound out 8k words before next week and I’m there.
Tell me not to give up
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theticklishpear · a day ago
Tumblr media
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dreamypromptss · 2 days ago
Random Couple Prompts
- Person A is the owner of an antiques shop and person B is an affectionate customer who comes many times a week, but rarely buys anything because everything is "too expensive". - Person A and person B are roommates. One of them is a vet, the other one hates taking care of animals. - Person A caught a stranger, person B, staring at them in the mall. They smile back and person B looks away, flustered. - Person A spends thirty minutes to quietly get up and go out of their room in order to not wake up person B. - Person B is terrible in maths and needs a tutor, while person A happens to be a very strict math teacher, feared by their students. - Person A and person B are both musicians and music teachers, and they met on the workplace. They teach in different classes, and their students feel a strong sense of rivalty towards each other. - Person B trips on something and, even if they can walk perfectly fine, person A offers to carry them around. - Person A calls in sick to work and their boss, person B, immediately goes to person A's house in order to help and make sure they're actually okay. Turns out person A just didn't feel like going and didn't think person B would actually come visit them. - Two strangers, person A and person B, meet everyday in the same building and have noticed each other, but never talked. One day, they are both trapped in an elevator together. - In a couple, person B is the sober one that drives and gets them out of parties, while person A is always drunk and constantly tries to tempt person B. But who could possibly say no when they're so drunk and cute?
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penny-anna · 23 hours ago
“Listen,” he said. “I hope this isn’t too forward. But may I –” He broke off, his face twisting in irritation. “I don’t know how to ask in English.”
“Do your best,” said Paul.
“May I – feel you?” said Phillip, and Paul’s mind went hot with confusion.
“Feel me?” he said.
“Your magic,” said Phillip. Whether he realised how it had sounded Paul had noidea. “May I feel your magic.”
i am at 94k and am just now getting to the first proper meeting w the love interest lol
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NaNoWriMo check-in! Holidays full of unexpected family drama! Surprise!
Setting my end goal at 30k, which seems reasonable. How are the rest of y'all doing?
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nanowrimo · a day ago
30 Covers, 30 Days 2021: Day 26
Tumblr media
We go into this weekend with a Mystery novel, It’s All Here by Joyce Oben. This cover was designed by Alexandra Alcantara.
It’s All Here
Della's life is already in shamble when she receives word that her aunt is dying, so traveling cross-country to visit her is an easy decision. But once she arrives, Della finds that her aunt has spent years hoarding, and the house is almost uninhabitable.
To make matters worse, Della's aunt won't let the house be cleaned: She insists it contains proof of a murder. Della is not sure whether that's the truth or just a product of her aunt's dementia. Either way, she has to proceed carefully - and when a killer finds out what the hoard holds, Dells is in more danger than she knows.
About the Author
Joyce lives on a small farm in Florida with her husband, three kids, several animals, and way too much stuff. She loves writing enough to wake up early for it. During the day, she works as an audiobook narrator, which merges two of her other great loves: reading and performing.  A few of her short stories have been published, and she hopes one of her novels will find a home someday.
About the Artist
Alexandra is a Raleigh, NC-based designer, born and raised in NYC. She owns a design agency in downtown Raleigh with her partner Crystal Green. When not working on presentations for her clients, she is hard at work on her personal projects for children’s books and games, listening to crime podcasts and writing novels no one will ever read. She shares a home with her husband and son Gotham and a menagerie of animals both domestic and backyard. Much of her personal work is in the political landscape, animal welfare, and children.
You can follow her on Instagram @Asquaredcreative and
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hollyand-writes · a day ago
Tumblr media
I won National Novel-Writing Month this morning – after getting up early to blitz out my remaining words to hit that 50,000-word target for the month – and this is my 5th time winning NaNoWriMo and the earliest I’ve won it too. 🥳
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Previously I’d won it on the 28th November (most times I’ve won it on the last day, though) so winning it on the 26th November the day of the Netherfield Ball in Pride & Prejudice is definitely the earliest I’ve ever won NaNoWriMo! 🎉  I still intend to write a little bit every day till the 30th in order to get the “write every day” badge from the website, but I can definitely ease up now 😄
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katy-l-wood · a day ago
Perhaps I should’ve done my NaNoWriMo writing BEFORE the giant meal of sleepy foods.
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heywriters · a day ago
Writer Check Point!
A) How is nano going for you? Is it fun? Challenging? Stressful?
B) If no nano, how are your creative projects going? Fulfilling? Complicated? Enjoyable?
C) Are you doing good personally? Did you get good sleep, eat well, talk to a friend, learn something new?
I hope you have a lovely day and feel good when you go to bed tonight. May the story write itself, and may someone bring you a nice snack!
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writing-prompts-re · a day ago
Unwilling to go back home alone this year, you hire a “date” from Craigslist for your family’s Thanksgiving dinner. When your date rings the doorbell, however, you find Death herself holding a bouquet of roses, along with a few other gifts.
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not-poignant · 20 hours ago
NaNoWriMo housekeeping:
Wordcount: 58,985
Falling Falling Stars 89 (Complete) Falling Falling Stars 90 (Complete) Falling Falling Stars 91 (Complete) Falling Falling Stars 92 (Complete) Falling Falling Stars 93 (Complete / To be edited) The Nascent Diplomat 15 (Complete) The Nascent Diplomat 16 (Complete / To be edited) The Ice Plague 32 (Complete / To be edited) The Ice Plague 33 (Complete / To be edited) Smoke in Autumn 01 (Complete)
I'll probably spend the rest of the month editing, since I have a bit of a backlog. But I do think I'll be able to get one more chapter of Falling Falling Stars out before the end of the month!
Things might slow down in December, I'm not aiming for 10 chapters again, lol.
Last year I was doing monthly wordcounts of 70-85k on a regular basis, but it's not sustainable. Even getting close to 60k this year has been pretty intense! So I'll be winding down now. :D
Time to play some Hades.
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albatris · 2 days ago
alright alright fine it's update time. nanowrimo day 25!
I have asks! I have even drafted responses to some of them in my notes app! but since I'm tapping away on mobile due to a fried laptop, I will probably finish them off tomorrow unless I get a serious burst of late-night energy, since typing Rambling Answers to asks on tumblr mobile is....... A Task That Takes A While
today's word count is 44,976!
I was..... not feeling any of today's words for excerpts. mostly because I'm back to working on early story stuff and the only excerpt-worthy bits I wrote today were. kinda Oof. and I feel like I've shared a lot of kinda depressing excerpts that might be giving you the wrong idea abt the tone of this story n that it's all doom n gloom n grief with no reprieve
no! it's a story about some fucked up bastards murdering a giant vampire hivemind and it's exactly as ridiculous and campy as it sounds. AND it's fun
I have just been writing a lot of Oof lately lmao
this excerpt I can explain by just........ early story nat is a traumatised hermit whose self-esteem is a trainwreck and he has barely spared a kind thought towards himself in years. he improves A LOT
anyway here's this
He was monstrous now, most certainly, but he had expected himself to be unrecognisable. It seemed fair. It seemed the only way to justify what had taken place. If he wasn't himself, he wasn't to blame. If he wasn't himself, he could go on believing there was no way he was capable of delivering such incredible violence with such incredible ease. He could go on believing he was not the same creature that had craved it, allowed it, revelled in it. But beneath it all—entrenched in the tiredness of his eyes and the shadows underneath, in the curves of his cheeks and the murmur of freckles across them, in the jut of his nose and the trembling shape of his lips—he was still unmistakably, terribly Nat. The same monstrous person that had always been staring back at him from the mirror. A stranger, undeniably, but not in any way that was new.
"You really are a piece of work, huh?" he mumbled to himself, frowning at that familiar stranger across the sink, the stranger who was never quite strange enough to him. Something pinched at his heart, an ache he'd been routinely pushing down eight years and counting. "No wonder they couldn't bear to look at you."
He pushed it down again.
Nat says things like this every now and then and then much much much later actually discusses his estranged family with Quinn and ur just kind of like. oh. oh no. oh I see
anyway I'm sorry for another sad excerpt I promise I'll make it up to you soon ok mwuah <3
today's mood is ah fuck it's 1:57am again and I'm awake. today's jam is "when my sister's president" by philip labes
farewell sweet followers, here is my to-do list for tomorrow
go get a bad grade in being diabetic
kiss my beautiful best friend on the forehead
buy a new laptop this time for sure (and that is a threat)
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snake-and-mouse · 22 days ago
To any fic writers who worry they are wasting their time... I read a fic for a relatively small and inactive fandom about three years ago. And there was one specific scene where a character watched another dancing like an idiot to a beyonce song and it was so sweet and loving that even now years later I have that song on one of my spotify playlist so every once in a while it will play and remind me of that fic, and every time it does I smile and feel a little happier.
The stats on a fic will never really tell you if your writing touched someone. There's no numerical way to show you what impact you made. Maybe you are wasting time, or maybe you are writing something that someone will remember for a long time, something that will never fail to make them smile.
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mysharona1987 · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
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nanowrimo · 2 days ago
30 Covers, 30 Days 2021: 25
Tumblr media
Maybe you need some romance for Day 25, we present Back to the Jewel Theater by Georgia Nell. This cover was designed by Crystal McKenna Green.
Back to the Jewel Theater
Mel, a successful graphic designer in Chicago, hears from her deceased mother's attorney exactly one year after her passing - only to find out she's inherited the movie theater her mom owned in her hometown. Reluctantly returning to Bellthorne, she hopes to sell the Jewel Theater and get back to Chicago no worse for wear. Unfortunately, she'll have to partner up with her ex-boyfriend, Shawn, to make it happen. His frustratingly cool behavior toward her couldn't possibly make for a hotter trip. 
About the Author
Georgia is a life-long story and poetry writer who took 29 years to figure out she could do this whole novel-writing thing for real. She believes in pulling from real life as a jumping off point for her stories, which is why the towns and cities in her books will feel so familiar to her readers. When she’s not dreaming up the rich and idyllic lives of her characters, she can found nursing a craft beer, snuggling her two pets, dancing her butt off, singing/rapping along to the hits of the 2000s, and living out her RomCom fantasies with her dreamboat partner. 
About the Artist
Crystal McKenna Green is a graphic designer and co-founder of Ruby + Citrine, a presentation design agency. When she’s not working on slides, she is an avid reader and crafter. Crystal is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University and resides in Raleigh, North Carolina, with her family.
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