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jensonsbuttons · 7 hours ago
hmmm okay but maybe we shouldn’t put press duties first if you’re an athlete struggling from any sort of health issues (mental or physical) and make sure that we start to prioritize athletes overall health (again mental or physical)
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lovethelifeyoulive123 · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Men can be so emotional can’t they?😬😂😂🤷‍♀️
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starrlikesbooks · 12 days ago
Sorry if anyone has already asked this, but do you have any recs for books that have similar vibes to the Simon Snow trilogy? I just finished awtwb and I feel like I need something to fill the hole in my chest. I know nothing will be exactly like it (or as good) but do you have anything that has the same intense human connection / yearning gays / fantasy / offbeat kind of feel? Or just books that feel similar to you personally for whatever reasons. The thing I’m mostly craving is the overwhelming connection between characters and how they navigate it, fantasy is also a plus. Does ANY of this make sense lmao
Good question! I also feel that vibe
Okay, so what I always rec for fans of Carry On/Simon Snow, is In Other Lands by Sarah Rees Brennan.
It's the same concept of turning the tried and true fantasy tropes on their heads and knocking everything off kilter, it has great characters and character dynamics, and the endgame romance is somehow very complimentary to Snowbaz (I actually made a venn diagram of this once I can link if you don't mind spoilers haha). It's a standalone, it's very funny while also occasionally punching you right in the chest, and it remains my own personal cure for a Simon Snow hang over.
The Fascinators by Andrew Eliopolus is a queer fantasy with a cult mystery at its core that's reminiscent of both The Mage in CO & the cult of AWTWB. It's also very much about changing friendships, identity, and how you deal with the future
A Deadly Education by Naomi Novak is the first of a series, and if you like a good magic school trope being played with and remade, you'll find something to like here. Plus, the main character deals a lot with destiny and her own power, and her interactions with the people who skirt the line between friend and ally are really interesting and fun to watch.
Once & Future by AR Capetta & Cory McCarthy definitely hits both "off beat" and "yearning gays", with some magic to boot. There's also a lot of talk of destiny, analyzation of relationships, and a bit of emotional yearning as well.
The Extraordinaries by TJ Klune is a bit of a stretch when it comes to vibes, but if you're looking for another weird story of a dumbass in a kind of magical world who rushes headfirst into everything he does and somehow doesn't realize he's been in love with someone for many years, this is a very fun, queer story you might like.
The Witch King by H.E. Edgmon is more secret magical lands, destiny, and something that's not quite enemies to lovers and which requires quite a bit of complicated yearning. Bonus: this is mlm with a trans protagonist!
When We Were Magic by Sarah Gailey has magical friendship, very intense queer feelings/crushes, and starts with an accidental murder. It's probably the heaviest book on this list, because it deals a lot with sacrifice and connection and grief/depression, but, hey, so does Simon Snow.
A Complicated Love Story Set in Space by Shaun David Hutchinson is a weirder one to rec, but! It is off beat, funny, surprising, surprisingly heavy, and very gay. I will say- don't judge it by the first 100 pages alone.
The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern, if you want something a bit more adult and grounded. We've got a magical world, a queer main character with an on page romance (which is actually very, very cute), a whole bunch of character studies to give us some interesting people and interactions with each other and with the world, and god just so much yearning. This is a strange book, but the least "off beat".
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Grilled Cheese & Cereal Deaths
Dean unlocks the door to his apartment, his forehead resting against the wood and eyes closed in a calculative fashion as he turns his key in the lock.
He’s opened this door thousands of times before, and has collected enough data to reach the conclusion that he does it better when he’s not looking at it. His fingers know exactly what to do, relying on muscle memory and the grooves of the key; but when he’s looking, it takes him a minute to figure out which key is for which, since he’s got every key he owns attached to his purple-pink, rubber ‘I want to break free’ keychain.
Having to not pay attention as he’s unlocking the door allows him to start thinking about Cas again, as if he hasn’t been doing it all four hours of his drive back from Kansas. Cas should be awake right now, it’s only ten, but then he knows this is Cas, infamous for sleeping the weirdest hours known to man. One day, he’s snoring by five pm without a trace of dinner in him, and the next, he’s nudging Dean awake at three am for pancakes.
The lock clicks, and Dean straightens.
It’s only been three days since he’s seen Cas, but he misses him. He considers surprising him, because their door has a silent lock, which Cas wouldn’t have heard unless he’s in the living room - which he never is, unless Dean barters cuddles on the couch in exchange for a Dr Sexy watching partner. Cas is more of a bedroom person. Occasionally, a balcony person. Or, weirdly, sometimes, a hallway person.
Dude just settles cross-legged on the floor, in the middle of the hallway, with his book on his thighs and elbows on his knees, and doesn’t move until Dean almost trips over him, hence finding him, and nagging at him to at least sit on something with a mattress.
Fuck, he misses him.
Dean swings open the door, deciding not to think anymore, and just get to his boyfriend and kiss him and - he steps in. 
“I’m back!” He sings exaggeratedly, hands on his hips, giant grin pulling the corners of his lips up.
“Dean!” Cas yelps, his voice the kind of heavy only sleep deprivation can cause. Dean takes a moment to scan his face, the bags under his eyes and his slightly unfocused eyes. 
Cas’s eyes blink wide and lips completely pursed, like the child who was caught with his hand in the candy jar. But here, the proverbial jar is a stack of books so high - they come all the way up to Cas’s hip, beginning from a two-feet-high table, and the proverbial child is a panicky IT major who knows exactly how long ago he should’ve taken a nap.
Dean sets down his bag next to the door.
“Come here.” Dean lifts his arms, beckoning with a soft voice.
“It isn’t as bad as it looks,” Cas starts to argue, from five feet away. The idiot is in the living room, after all. How could Dean forget? He can also be found at the living room when he’s having one of his truly bad, must-do-everything-at-once episodes. “I swear, I just took out all of these books an hour ago, there’s just this thing which came up -”
“Come here.” Dean says, his mouth a straight line.
“You’re wrong if you think I haven’t slept in 24 hours, Dean.” Cas whines, his resolve lessening. “But I just had so much to do, and there’s this deadline, and there’s not even -”
“Come here.” Dean repeats.
Cas yields, giving up with a little huff, and dragging his socked feet across their living room.
He tucks his head under Dean’s chin, once he’s wrapped his arms around his middle, and Dean’s arms automatically move up to hold him close.
Most times, Dean doesn’t think it’s fair that Cas gets to alternate between being the larger in the two of them, with his wide-ass shoulders and his frigging arms; and the next instant, the adorable little snuggler who’s burying his face in Dean’s shirt.
But at the moment, Dean doesn’t mind it at all. In fact, he doesn’t mind it so much, that he stops thinking about everything else and spontaneously decides he wouldn’t mind if Cas never pulled away.
He squeezes, exhaling happily.
Cas lets out a content little sigh, melting into him, and Dean stops smiling for a moment when he realizes Cas is leaning all of his weight on Dean. And it’s not the fact that Cas is six feet tall, and built completely of concentrated snark and runner’s muscles, and that he’s heavy - but that Dean suddenly remembers that Cas hasn’t slept in 24 hours.
As he conveniently just confessed to.
“You need to sleep.”
Cas makes a disgruntled sound, possibly scrunching up his nose.
“I need to shower.”
Dean sniffs the air dramatically, and shrugs. It’s nothing he can’t handle. He doesn’t really think Cas has been up to jogging lately, and staying holed up in your second floor room with two semester worth of books for a project doesn’t exactly make you sweat, it’s not too unpleasant. Sure, stale clothes have a smell, but this one’s mostly just Cas.
“You need to eat.” Dean counters, and it’s probably a strong point he makes, since Cas doesn’t have a retort to throw back at him within the first second.
“That reminds me. We’re out of coffee,” Cas mumbles, in a little voice. “Didn’t know how I could text you to buy Nescafe when you were driving home two hundred and fifty miles.”
“What about the emergency stack you keep in the bedroom?”
Cas shakes his head. “I forgot to replenish that after the Great Scare of Preponed Papers, in September.”
“You’re every inch the college boy my mama warned me to look out for.” Dean teases, wriggling out of the hug, so that he can stare at Cas.
“And yet you’ve been living with me for years.” Cas returns, turning around and walking towards the kitchen. He plops down on a dining table chair, facing Dean.
“What can I say? You make me a rebel.” Dean scoffs, following Cas’s tracks to the kitchen, after he’s taken off his jacket and deposited it on the couch.
“Ooh, I’m even worse than I thought.” Cas deadpans, crossing his arms. And that ends it. Because there’s more important things to do, right now.
Dean opens the fridge, and starts to rummage through it.
“We’re out of honey, too.” Cas tells him, his chin propped in his hands, as he stares at a busy Dean.
“I can see that.” Dean rolls his eyes, and the almost empty milk carton is the only thing which sympathizes with him. “What kind of meals did you even have since friday, Cas? Honey and coffee? Or maybe, coffee and honey?”
Cas nods. “And ramen.”
“Fucking dumbass, with a 3.9 GPA to show for it.” Dean rolls his eyes again, done with going through the fridge, and closing the door with his elbow as he holds bread and cheese in his hands. “Well, doesn’t matter. Point is, I’m back. What do you want now?”
And before Cas could answer, Dean went on in a typical five star restaurant voice. “We have grilled formaggio. And grilled queso. And the chef’s recommendation, the grilled cheese.”
“Could I have grilled syr?” Cas asks, innocent.
“Lemme guess, Russian for cheese?” Dean confirms, in a dramatic stage whisper.
Cas’s eyebrows dance. “I missed you.” He mockwhispers back.
“You know what, I’ll have to pull some strings, but I think the chef will be able to manage that.” Dean returns to his grand waiter voice. And starts to unwrap the bread and pick out plates from the drawers, while Cas surprises him by beginning to talk.
“It’s a group project.” He begins, not sounding a tenth of the pumped up and clever from before. “For Professor Naomi Novak.” He groans, his head falling on his arms folded on the table.
“Okay?” Dean urges him to go on.
“And Balthazar bailed on me.”
Dean listens, as Cas eats. He occasionally offers words of sympathy, or those of righteous annoyance. He stares at Cas, wolfing down the sandwiches like they’re the best thing on the planet, and looking more and more okay as he finishes what’s on his plate.
Dean had had his dinner during what was supposed to be a fuel stop, at a motel who advertised their pies on unmissable banners hannging on every surface of the gas station. He couldn’t resist the temptation.
Thinking about that reminds him that just about an hour ago, he’d been in the last quarter of his drive, tired, but excited to get home. To Cas, to his shower and of course, to his mattress. Now, he doesn’t feel exhausted at all. Or perhaps, there’s just more important things around him. All in all, he knows he isn’t going to bed himself until Cas is going with him.
“Dean.” Cas interrupts his reverie, and Dean looks up to see him pushing away his plate, completely clean.
“Everything in the world except you and this grilled cheese sucks.” Cas declares, solemnly.
Dean grins, refocusing all his attention on Cas. “Oh?”
“Definitely.” Cas nods. He licks his lips, and rests back in his chair. “I mean, I know this’ll come as a surprise, but I think I was hungry or something.” He adds, feigning innocence, and Dean snorts. “I don’t know. Must’ve been the stress of the project I’ll never be able to complete in time, that made me overlook it.”
“Cas, listen to me.” Dean begins, reassuring. “The project will be done, Novak will not freak out, and you’ll ace through her class too. Everything’s going to work out.”
“How?” Cas asks, not as much ridiculous as it is desperate.
“You see,” Dean answers, his tone smooth. Well, sarcasm’s always been their language. “I have a brother.”
“Congratulations?” Cas squints, in a confused monotone.
“Nah, he’s not a pleasure to have or anything,” Dean shrugs, a grin on his hips. “But he’s dating someone.”
“Congratulations to him?” Cas offers.
“You don’t get it, smartass. The guy my brother’s dating, is Balthazar’s flatmate.” Dean waits for Cas to catch up. “So, all I have to do is talk to a few people, and I’ll know where to go find this weird-name guy.”
“Fuck.” Cas exclaims, stunned.
“No, Balthazar.” Dean smirks, and Cas is starting to smile much wider. “So, I’m going to get this jackass do his part of the job. And I’m sure as hell going to make him call you.”
“Oh!” Cas squeaks, eyes wide again. His face lights up with a smile, and it’s one of those genuinely gummy ones which make his eyes shine. Sonuvabitch, Dean loves him so much.
“So, yeah. I’m going to go call Sam, and get Baby out.” Cas practically radiates relief at this point, and happiness, and Dean has never been prouder of himself. “But,” He adds, before he forgets. “I have a condition.”
“What?” Cas cuts him off, abruptly. “And please don’t say you want me to go sleep, because I won’t be able to sleep until this is done, I’m too restless, and -”
“Fine.” Dean folded his arms. “Then eat.”
“I just did?” Cas motioned to his empty plate.
“Those were two sandwiches, Cas.” Dean huffs. “I need you to promise me you’ll eat the entire time till I’m back.”
“I don’t want to cook right now, I have to revise -” Cas starts to whine, and on another day, this may have been the moment Dean shut him up with a kiss, because he was being too annoying about not doing things for himself, but right now? This is a different Cas - a sleep deprived, fretty Cas, who needs to be handled in a different manner.
“I’m not asking you to cook.” Dean stands up.
Cas follows. “Huh?”
“I was just in the kitchen. We have cereal.”
“Come on, Cas.” Dean argues, indignant. This is where they always end up. Debating on cereal. Dean’s got his facts clear. “Cereal’s a snack.”
“No, Dean. You’re a snack. I’m a snack. Arguably, Dr Sexy is a snack. Cereal is not a snack.” Cas throws back.
Dean glares at Cas. “You’ll eat your goddamn cereal until I’m home, Cas, or I swear on your coffee-freaky, sleep-deprived ass -”
“Okay.” Cas gives up. He takes a step back, puts his hands in the air, and lets out a breath.
“Okay, I’ll eat it while I reread my notes.” Cas says, his eyebrows curved. There’s still a smile on his lips, though a more annoyed one.
Dean hums, unsatisfied.
“Cereal needs your attention.” Dean postulates, tongue in cheek. “I really can’t have you choking on Honey Nut Cheerios.”
Cas levels him with a look, which would’ve been more effective if it wasn’t leveled at him through dark-circled eyes.
“That’s the opposite of an honorable death.” Dean goes on, sweet.
“Then in the obituary, let it be said that it was Cap'n Crunch.” Cas scowls, and Dean breaks into a laugh without meaning to. “And eating cereal isn’t a singleminded task, believe it or not.”
“Fine.” Dean lets it go, knowing it’s the best deal he’s going to get.
“Fine?” Cas says, like Dean had before.
“Fine. One for me, one for you.” And with that Dean throws his jacket on again, and starts to walk out, with a pleased smile. He’s going to make this work. And as he deals with Balthazar, Cas will keep eating. Two birds with one stone.
“Though,” Cas starts speaking, and Dean looks back, surprised at how soft his voice is. Cas is looking down at his feet. “This is more like, all for me, none for you.”
“Cas.” Dean shakes his head, returning to the dining table, and putting his hand on Cas’s.
“I mean,” Cas goes on, his voice shaky. “You literally came home after three days. And instead of talking about your trip, and your family, and taking a shower and getting in bed and resting after your four hour drive - you’re already completely immersed in solving my problems for me. I’m - I’m sorry.”
Dean purses his lips. He has not thought about it like this at all, and doesn’t want Cas to, either. “Cas, no -”
“No. I’m selfish and horrible, and I didn’t even stop you when you offered to cook for me and go get Balthazar to get in touch with me, or any of it - I’m just -”
“Cas.” Dean repeats, sterner. “That is not the case. I’m fine, okay? I’m absolutely fine. And you needed to eat, and you need this now, and I want to do it for you. You aren’t making me do this! And what the hell am I here for if not to be there for you, when you need it, Cas?”
“But -”
“And do you really think you telling me to not go would’ve stopped me from wanting to help you out?” Dean cocks his head, challenging Cas to agree.
Cas shakes his head.
“Exactly. In fact, you’re showing that you trust me enough to let you know when I’m tired and pushing my limits. You’re showing that our relationship has come to that kind of level, where though we mean the gratitude, concern and appreciation entirely, we aren’t always required to keep repeating it, and that’s growth, Cas, and I’m -”
Cas waits, his eyes starting to haze.
“I’m proud of us.” Dean finishes, swallowing. He feels his own throat start to clog up. Must be from watching Cas get teary, because they don’t usually end up crying every time one of them does something nice for the other.
“You’re everything I’ve ever needed.” Cas tells him, matter-of-factly, like it doesn’t pierce Dean through the heart in the best way to hear it.
“You’re pretty perfect, too.” Dean says, trying to avoid getting as sappy as Cas has already gotten. Cas gets to blame the lack of sleep later, what does Dean do then? “And please, please don’t feel guilty about me trying to be a good boyfriend, next time?”
“I’ll try?”
“We’ve come a long way.” Dean teases. “And if it makes you feel better, I’ll try to stop feeling guilty about it too, whenever you help me out with, I dunno, professors, college papers, buying durable things online, choosing gifts for friends, ice cream flavours I don’t like -”
“That’s enough.” Cas grins. “And, thank you.”
Dean slid his arm down from Cas’s forearm, to rest on his hip. His other hand snaked around Cas’s waist.
“Thank you for everything.” Cas says, like he’s tried to soak the meaning out of all the words into his voice, and it works.
“Yeah, yeah.” They just had a chick-flick moment, and Dean isn’t prepared for another one, so soon. So he does what he does best, and deflects, rolling his eyes dramatically. “People don’t call me the awesomest-roomate-ever-slash-ideal-bestfriend-slash-your-knight-in-shining-armor for nothing.”
“Nobody calls you that.” Cas snickers, putting his arms loosely around Dean’s neck. He’s doing that thing again, like the flipping of a switch, and now it’s Dean who’s probably going to end up with his face in Cas’s neck. Kissing him, though, this time.
“Hey!” He pouts, pulling Cas in closer from the waist. “I call myself that.”
“Yeah, I have no idea why you do that.”
Remember how before it wasn’t the moment to shut him up with a kiss? Dean repeals that statement now. It’s no longer valid, because Cas is being a little shit again. Plus, he’s being a little shit who doesn’t kiss Dean yet, just teases around it, and that’s not fair, right after they’ve had such a romantic moment, is it?
So Dean takes matters into his own hands.
“Shuddup, you overworked little asshole.” And leans in to capture Cas’s lips with his, and straightens with Cas following him, planting breathy kisses on every inch of Dean’s lips, while Dean tries to return the equivalent of the favor by running his hands over Cas, under his shirt.
Cas tastes like grilled, uh, keso - ignore them, that’s a game they’ve been playing for years - and love, though knowing Cas, that’s probably just honey - and in that moment, everything is exactly as it should be.
In that moment, Dean thinks to himself, kissing Cas with every fibre of his being; everything is perfect.
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fairbanksicedogs · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
but wait there’s more...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
in conclusion: please watch tennis
stay tuned for our next presentation (and tell us which of your faves you want us to badly describe)
with love and memes,
@markmcmorron & @vergne & @dieschwartzman & @livelongandfangirling & @couldntthinkofagoodpun <3
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bellaroles · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
I love Irina. That scene where she triumphed over Chenoborg was my favorite. And the moment that she had saved Mirnatius also brought tears to my eyes. Book Fan art from Spinning Silver by Naomi Novak.
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spnwomenweek · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ONE WEEK → supernatural women week!
supernatural women week is quickly approaching and we are so excited to celebrate the wonderful ladies of this show with all of you! as we near day one we have a few reminders!
day 1 → skills / favorite character day 2 → au / family day 3 → women of color / women of color day 4 → old school / favorite moment day 5 → new school / relationship day 6 → happy / colors day 7 → free space / free space
we will be posting the prompts as a reminder throughout the week as we count down and the prompts as well as a more in depth breakdown of each one can also be found here!
please remember to tag all of your creations → gifs, fic, art, fan videos, etc. with #spnwomenweek to make sure your work is featured on the blog!
and as always, please feel free to drop in our askbox with any questions!
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bnteen · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
“What an unequaled gift for disaster you have.” ― Naomi Novik, Uprooted
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littlebundleofbooks · 6 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I picked up these two hardbacks (both practically unread) at my local supermarket yesterday basically for free (although I donated a few pounds because it was for charity). Look how beautiful they are!! :)) <3
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gatheringbones · 6 years ago
Hollin was still sitting with Levitas’s head in his lap, a bucket now beside him; he was squeezing water from a clean cloth into the dragon’s open mouth. He looked at Rankin without bothering to hide his contempt, but then he bent over and said, “Levitas, come along now; look who’s come.” Levitas’s eyes opened, but they were milky and blind. “My captain?” he said uncertainly. Laurence thrust Rankin forward and down onto his knees, none too gently; Rankin gasped and clutched at his thigh, but he said, “Yes, I am here.” He looked up at Laurence and swallowed, then added awkwardly, “You have been very brave.” There was nothing natural or sincere in the tone; it was as ungraceful as could be imagined. But Levitas only said, very softly, “You came.” He licked at a few drops of water at the corner of his mouth. The blood was still welling sluggishly from beneath the dressing, thick enough to slightly part the bandages one from the other, glistening and black. Rankin shifted uneasily; his breeches and stockings were being soaked through, but he looked up at Laurence and did not try to move away. Levitas gave a low sigh, and then the shallow movement of his sides ceased. Hollin closed his eyes with one rough hand. Laurence’s hand was still heavy on the back of Rankin’s neck; now he lifted it away, rage gone, and only tight-lipped disgust left. “Go,” he said. “We who valued him will make the arrangements, not you.” He did not even look at the man as Rankin left the clearing.
naomi novak, his majesty's dragon
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the-modern-typewriter · 3 years ago
Romance recommendations?
Head’s up, a lot of these won’t be exclusively romance novels (as in they may or most likely have other plots alongside them) because I often don’t find exclusively romantic novels that romantic and honestly I often find the covers or blurbs off putting so don’t pick them up so may not be the best person to answer this question, anyway… I’m aware that a lot/most books have a romantic supblot, but these stories have included my favourite romances/romances I’ve really enjoyed enough to think of reccing….
The Song of Achilles, by Madeline Miller
The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue, by McKenzie Lee
Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, by Benjamin AlireSáenz
All for the game series by Nora Sakavic
Songs Made Of Snow and Glass, by Melissa Bashardoust
Tipping the Velvet, by Sarah Waters
Deathless, by Catherynne M. Valente
Uprooted, by Naomi Novak
Darker Shades of Magic series by V.E Schwab (shocker, I know!) 
Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte
One Day, by David Nicholls
The Bear and The Nightingale/The Winternight series by Katherine Arden
Rebecca, by Daphne Du Maurier
Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer (mock me all you like, it was a bestseller for a reason and 14/15 year old me was hooked.)
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casthewise · 2 years ago
Where’s the AU where Cas is the black sheep of an ultra-rich 1% old-money family and Dean is his driver, though???
And he and Dean get really close over all the back forth to functions and the family jet. But then Dean loses his job. Rich folk need things done a certain way, in a certain amount of time, and Sam is sick with the flu and Dean is late leaving the house for work. No other free drivers means he’s late to the pick-up, which in turn means he finishes the evening and Naomi Novak pulls him aside and fires him. Cas says nothing. And why would he? Dean knows he isn’t anything to write home about... not when Cas is constantly surrounded by businesspeople and dignitaries. 
The thing is, though, there’s some insane knocking on Dean’s door the day after his firing. And it’s pouring outside, and he swings open the door to find Castiel friggin’ Novak, soaked through, panting. “Cas...?”
Cas kisses him.
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itmakesmefeelsomop · 7 years ago
‘Did you have a pleasant bathe?’ he asked, changing the subject. ‘Oh, yes; those rocks were very nice,’ Temeraire said, wistfully, ‘although it was not quite as agreeable as being with Mei.’ Lung Qin Mei, a charming Imperial dragon, had been Temeraire’s intimate companion in Peking; Laurence had feared since their departure that Temeraire might privately be pining for her. But this sudden mention seemed a non sequitur, nor did Temeraire seem very love-lorn in his tone. Then Granby said, ‘Oh, dear,’ and stood up to call across the camp, ‘Mr. Ferris! Mr. Ferris, tell those boys to pour out that water, and go and fetch some from the stream instead, if you please.’ ‘Temeraire!’ Laurence said, scarlet with comprehension. ‘Yes?’ Temeraire looked at him, puzzled. ‘Well, do you not find it more pleasant to be with Jane, than to—’ Laurence stood up hastily, saying, ‘Mr. Granby, pray call the men to dinner now,’ and pretended not to hear the unsteady stifled mirth in Granby’s voice as he said, ‘Yes, sir,’ and dashed away.
Temeraire fucked some rocks in pool the men got their drinking water from (Black Powder War, Naomi Novik)
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the-modern-typewriter · 3 years ago
So I went to my local library the other day, and they had one [1] shelf of scifi/fantasy, and not a single one was more recent than 1975 (I looked). I talked to the librarian and they said they'd be happy to order things because they don't know what's "in" in that scene currently, but I don't want them to just order the same books I already have on my shelf. Do you have any authors to recommend that I can send to them so they can maybe expand a bit?
I order a lot of stuff to my library depending on what I want to read. My recommend would be work through your to-read list. Ordering books only works if they’re then checked out, you know? Otherwise they are more reluctant to order books in future. 
Goodreads can be a great website for finding books you want to read!
But just because you asked my favourite fantasy authors are V.E Schwab, Leigh Bardugo and Katherine Arden for just I will read most things by them at this point unless they are children’s books. I also love Holly Black so far, but she had written a lot of younger novels I haven’t read. Fantasy books I would recommend on a adore/love scale outside of these authors:
Uprooted by Naomi NovakDeathless by Cathrynne M ValenteGirls Made of Snow and Glass, by Melissa BashardoustThe Hazel Wood, by Melissa AlbertFen, by Daisy Johnson (more literary, but good)Kissing the witch: old tales in new skins, by Emma DonaghueKirsty Logan’s work (more literary, but good - A Portable Shelter is my fave)The Golem and the Djinni, by Helene Wecker
Sci-fi, I don’t read a lot of, but Becky Chambers series - starts with “A Long Way To a Small Angry Planet”
Fair warning though, if you’re looking for High Fantasy, I’m not the girl to ask.I’m not good with the Tolkein-esque stuff, however much I have a soft spot for LOTR and the Hobbit.
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