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aunt cissa showing pictures of malfoy to harry was all i needed>-<

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Lucius and I did plan on having a girl at some point, it’s unfortunate it was never to be. I was partial to the name Dahlia for her, but we also considered Violetta. I liked flower names, in reference to my own name.

If we had another boy, I thought of honoring Regulus, though most likely Lucius would have decided considering I named Draco.

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I can’t believe you’d make a fool of yourself on my property at this hour. I have half a mind to leave you to wander the grounds and let the birds introduce themselves to you. I’m sure they’ll find you, rambling to yourself and all. They do good work keeping pests at bay. They’ve even taken the occasional finger.

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Narcissa: Alright, Trixie, thank you for all the water. I don’t know why I’m so parched.

Bellatrix: You’re a thirsty bitch.

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Delphini is one of her greatest treasures, she loves her dearly. What on earth would you assume otherwise?

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Both terrible. Without going into too many details, she’s a proud woman who I’m sure would like her weakest moments kept private, she was difficult to deal with and it was a challenge getting her used to a regular schedule. Physically she was filthy, just disgusting. I never even knew the amount of grime she accumulated was possible. There was a reason the bathing room given to her and Rodolphus belonged solely to them.

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Chaos Incarnate - Narcissa Malfoy 


Here’s some (non-spoiler) facts about this particular version:

  • Narcissa is Chara’s Godmother 
  • She acts as a High Society mentor to Chara
  • She brings her along to public high society events. 
  • She frowns upon Chara’s choice in Hogwarts friends and wants her to reconsider her school social scene. 
  • She is compiling a list of potential romantic matches for Chara
  • Neville is not on this list
  • Narcissa views Chara as the daughter she never had  
  • Does their bond relieve the tension between Chara and Draco? Nope. 
  • Does Draco keep that in mind when dealing with Chara at Hogwarts? Yep.
  • She sends Chara gifts on birthdays and Christmases. She really loves to spoil her. 
  • Chara’s ties to the Malfoys and allegiance to her friends constantly clash… particularly during the whole Chamber of Secrets episode. 
  • Though Lucius and Draco became the group’s focus, she felt that she had to tread a very fine line… particularly because of Narcissa.
  • Chara tries to separate Narcissa from Lucius and Draco in her head but it’s going to prove increasingly difficult. 
  • Their dynamic and bond, in my head, is going to be the most fascinating to explore as the story progresses. 
  • Narcissa is a member of The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black by birth
  • This is going to be a big deal in the story btw as she is Sirius Black’s cousin. 
  • Narcissa is the High Society Woman™
  • Tea parties galore 
  • Narcissa is a big tea person. She loves to host private teas with close individuals. Chara has weekly teas with her during their summer breaks. 
  • She has an immaculate collection of teas from around the world. 
  • She loves hosting galas and balls. 
  • If elites are involved, Narcissa dives in headfirst 
  • She is regularly featured on Witch Weekly and the society section of the Daily Prophet.
  • Her wedding was publicized like crazy  
  • She is molding Chara to be Narcissa 2.0 
  • (She does feel that she has a lot to do…)

Thoughts? Reactions? Send me an ask (or multiple)! 

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This drabble takes place sometime during first year of my newest Scorbus story, When it Breaks. Enjoy!

Narcissa: Good morning, Draco. What brings you here so early?

Draco: I was telling Father that Scorpius is a Slytherin.

Narcisa: Wonderful.

Lucius: Yes. And we were talking about the lies we tell our children. Like when we say we don’t care what house they are sorted into.

Draco: Or that we don’t have favorites. I certainly have a favorite child; it just switches every day.

Narcissa: Or that their dead pet had to go live on a farm.

Draco: Except for my dog, Berty, right? He did go live on a farm when I was five.

Lucius: Oh, Draco…

Read the full story here: FFN || AO3

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a rendition of magnolia morning star @/noah_neck17 sent me on IG!

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there are two me. one before the unbreakable vow scene in the half-blood prince and one after

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Andromeda: are you drunk?

Narcissa: Technically, no. I was drunk a couple hours ago. Now, I’m just hungover.

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Narcissa: Severus, could not look ready to murder my husband?

Snape: Whatever do you mean? this is my best happy face.

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People need to stop saying that lucius *forced* draco to be a deatheater.

Voldemort marking draco was lucius’ PUNISHMENT for his failure in the department of mysteries.

Lucius malfoy loved his son and never wanted that life for him and Voldemort knew that, which is why he made draco a deatheater.

Lucius malfoy may have been a prejudiced bastard but he was a good father and husband. Stop villianizing him to justify and victimize Draco.

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Lucius: I hate when Narcissa says, “Are you listening to me?”. It’s such a random way to start a conversation.

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Mine To Protect by me (@Zaharya), +135K (WIP) – Draco/Harry, Severus/Remus, Canon divergence post-OotP, Severitus

I never posted about my own fic before, so if you’ve never heard of it feel free to ignore this (or give me a chance and check it out, thatwouldmakemeveryhappybutnopressureokthx).

Part 1 (Summer) is all published now (yay!) and I’m taking some time to write ahead before starting to post chapters for part 2 (Hogwarts). We all forget things, though, especially if there’s a longer break between updates, and 135K is a lot to re-read just to remember what the hell happened so far.

So, to make it easier to jump back into the story once part 2 does kick off, I thought I’d provide a synopsis of part 1 for anyone who’d like to refresh their memory. Obviously that means that everything that follows the fold is full of spoilers for MTP Part 1 – Summer! So if you haven’t come here from MTP, don’t read any further before checking out the fic itself.

I hope this helps, you enjoyed part 1 and will continue to enjoy part 2!


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Story Idea

I need opinions, comment please.

As some can notice I just love The Black Family and the Marauders era when they were all young.

So I was thinking about write a story where I would show the other side of Sirius Black and I would post it here, on Tumblr.

The story would tell about how Sirius is a person with Marauders and how he is kinda different with his brother and the Black Sisters. The principal point is to show his complexity and how he deal with his family issues, how he survived to ‘em and why he and the others stopped talking.

The story will take place in sixth year where Regulus was starting suffer pressure to become a Death Eater, Sirius and the Marauders were becoming animagus and going on full moons with Remus, Snape and Lily would fight and Alice and Frank would start recruiting for the Order of Phoenix.

The focus is on Bellatrix, Andromeda, Narcissa, Sirius and Regulus, but it’ll also have other characters and ships.

Tell me if y'all would like to see it and give suggestions and ideas of ships, because I did not finished to plan, so I can add stuff, and your opinion is very important.

If it have more than 15 people interested I will write it.

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POV: Bellatrix, Narcissa, Andromeda, Regulus, and Sirius go on a trip on Andromeda’s birthday which turns out horrible

Manager: “How do you all like the hotel?”

Everyone but Bellatrix: *struggles with their words*

Bellatrix: “It’s disgusting!”

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