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#narcissa malfoy
narcissasbrat · a day ago
Underneath the Christmas Tree
↠ Pairing: Narcissa x Fem!Reader
↠ Requested: yes/no
↠ Word count: 2.1k+
↠ Summary: Draco brings his friend Y/N Y/L/N to his house for Christmas - where a wonderful surprise awaits for her underneath the Christmas tree.
↠ A/N: first of all, anon, I hope you don't mind the changes I made to this - I really wanted it to have a fluffy ending, but i'm not gonna lie i feel it was rather rushed but i just hope you still like it... and if y’all have mommy issues… you might wanna grab some tissues...
did zenny use this as therapy? that's one secret i'll never tell.. xoxo gossip girl
↠ Warnings: mentions of controlling behaviour and the consequence it can have on a person; mentions of poor views on mental health; slight mentions of body shaming; slight mentions of panic attacks; slight mentions of victim complex; slight mentions of identity fraud; mommy issues; emotionally distant mother/daughter relationship leading to the reader having attachment issues.
Draco was surprised to say the least, when he heard of your request to stay at Hogwarts for Christmas - all of Slytherin house would be gone for the holidays leaving you to be all alone to ring in the new year by yourself. Now Draco being Draco, decided that simply wasn’t good enough as he practically packed your suitcase, adamant on you staying with his family for Christmas - it wasn’t like you were a stranger to his family, you had met them all: his parents and even his aunt, who was… slightly odd. But thankfully, she was too busy out of the country to join this year. Doing whatever it was, that Bellatrix did.
“Draco… ‘m fine ‘ere I don’t wanna be a burden”, you murmured as you watched the blonde boy sit on top of his suitcase in an attempt to close it - if he hadn’t thrown everything in, he wouldn’t be in this mess.
“Come off of it, Y/N/N! My mother and father haven’t seen you in forever, they don’t even see you on the platform you’re always the first one on the train and the first one gone home… besides they miss you. I miss you… please?”, he rambled causing you to sigh as you simply pushed him off the suitcase being gesturing that he needed to take everything out and refold it.
Soon the pair of you were boarding the train back home, when Blaise and Theo were both nagging about not getting the card they wanted or something, to do with sweets. You were simply too preoccupied with the fact that you would be going anywhere else but home - your parents didn't care if you were home or not; they rather liked it when you weren't around - you were somewhat of a disappointment in their eyes, ever since birth if that was even possible.
However, your thoughts were soon scattered as the train boarded the station, causing you to nudge Draco awake. "Wha's goin' on?", he sleepily yawned as you just chuckled at his antics. You were very nervous about the whole thing, and it was clearly visible on your face as Draco dragged you out of the train preventing you from escaping in the blink of an eye. The Malfoy family were very easy to notice - not by their hair, but by how glamorous even their "Muggle" outfits were, seeing them only brought a smile to your face as you instantly remembered all of the good memories you had during the summers off - with your family being good friends with the Malfoy's, Draco's parents practically saw you as their own daughter...
It seemed the feeling was indeed, mutual as Narcissa called you both over with a smile on her face, before pulling you both into a hug, which Draco successfully wriggled himself out of, causing Narcissa to roll her eyes at her son's playful antics; however you could notice a slight change in her eyes - the happiness they once bore, slowly fading away. Lucius also rolled his eyes at the whole scenario before beckoning for a House Elf to carry both children's things. Soon the four of you had apparated to the Manor as Lucius left the main foyer to go take his precious dogs for a walk - keep in mind, you hadn't been in here in a while, so it was safe to say that you were rather surprised at how the dogs were no longer little puppies; had it really been that long? Expecting them to simply ignore you, the dogs ran up towards you before licking your face as they pushed you down, releasing a fit of giggled to emerge from your lips as Lucius whistled for them to follow him out into the gardens. As Narcissa helped pick you back up you only giggled at how delightful it was to have another girl in the manor - to have you in the manor. It felt like home; a home you could never have...
As Draco followed his father out alongside the dogs, you were left with Narcissa who insisted on you calling her Cissa... even though it had been so very long since the two of you last saw each other, that didn't mean you were strangers; even though it did feel like that was the case. As you followed Narcissa into her private study for some "girl time", Narcissa insisted on showing you her latest hobby - creating her own line of shampoos and conditioners. Giggling at how easily excitable the older woman could get, reminded you of the old days, when you used to be like that; getting excited over showing your mother and Narcissa your latest drawing - however as you grew older your mother started to belittle you for acting so childish; thus causing you to lose your grip on any last drop of childhood innocence you had left inside of you. You now looked at the world through your mother's eyes - of course if you were to confront her over such 'accusations' she would simply play the victim card; insisting that you were such a horrible daughter for thinking such things...
"I've tried soo, hard to be your friend Y/N", your mother's voice rang through your head. "Yeah right... when did you try?!" you wanted to scream at her, but to your dismay the words could never come out - perhaps because you were too frightened to hear what her response would be... it was safe to say your relationship with your mother was complicated; its complications were the reason for why the two of you had been slipping away; why you seemed comfort in another motherly figures in your life. When a Professor would praise you for saying the correct answer you would be lying if you said that it didn't make your day - you would simply ride that praise until bedtime, hoping that when you wake up again, you could make them proud once more. It was the reason why your attachment issues caused you so many problems - your mind insisted that the only solution to said problems was to isolate yourself from everyone; something Draco had caught wind off, to the thanks of his parents.
"Where's Y/N?", his father would ask him as he picked him up from the station last year, as school finished off for the summer. "I don't know, maybe she's gone home...", he would mutter in response, hoping his words rang true; if Draco or anyone were to find out the truth of how miserably lonely your life was outside of school it would be safe to say everyone would look at you with pity in their eyes. That's not what you needed though; you wanted to be seen as an equal and if that meant having to be quiet about your mother's cruel words, then so be it.
Once Narcissa was done showing you her latest creations started to ask you how your parents were, to which you replied with, "They're fine." Now, Narcissa had known you since you were a little girl, so she knew your tells - one of them being was when you lie, you couldn't bring yourself to look the person in the eyes.
Remembering this, Narcissa slowly grabbed ahold of your face in her hands, gently bringing your E/C eyes up to her own, before asking you, what was wrong. At that point, the gentle caressing touch Narcissa was providing you as she rubbed her thumb over your cheek, was enough to bring you to the breaking point. You practically fell apart in her arms as Narcissa began rubbing lines up and down your back all the while you cried, and cried your heart out, messily rambling about how bad everything was.
"Whenever I'm acting all childish she tells me to grow up... sometimes when I get close to her, I always do something wrong in her eyes... I can never do anything right in her eyes. She's allowed to be in a bad mood, but when I'm upset she just tells me to suck it up... The worst part is that she won't hug me anymore... and when she does, she just always has to make comments on my body. Sometimes Cissa, I just really need a hug, but whenever I try to hug her she always has to make me feel so uncomfortable and insecure with myself... Whenever she's in a bad mood, she just belittles me until I start to cry and then when I cry she just belittles me further. I'm a disappointment in her eyes, I always will be. I don't even remember the last time she told me she loves me... and I know she thinks of me as a burden because when I'm having a panic attack she's always just telling me to 'stop panicking' and sometimes, Cissa, sometimes I don't even know I'm panicking until she says it and then she gets angry at me for panicking and then-", you rambled through your tears as Narcissa started to cry with you. She always knew there was something off, especially when you responded to her letters. Little did she know, you had never received any letters from her, that you knew of; as a matter of fact, it was your mother herself that would reply back to the blonde woman, impersonating you.
"I-I never got any letters from you...", you murmured quietly as Narcissa tried her very best to contain her anger. Noticing her anger slightly showing through, you began to tremble. "Narc-Narcissa don't be angry at me... 'm sorry I wanted to tell you, but-but...", you whimpered before falling back into her arms, your tears staining her robes as they drenched her shoulder. "Ohh, my darling girl, 'm not angry at you... 'm angry at her. I can't believe this has been happening to you... oh, my brave girl", she spoke, softly shushing the tears out of you.
Calling for a house to bring you a glass of water, you simply sat there, laying still in her arms, as the blonde woman stroked your hair, causing you to melt into her arms. Needless to say, that after dinner, when Narcissa had told everything to Lucius the man was pretty pissed to say the least. Luckily, Lucius and Narcissa were diligent and smart, as they managed to secure some special documents on your behalf - perhaps that's the perk of being a Malfoy...
Soon it was Christmas morning as Draco attempted to wake you up, but to no avail as he only huffed at your lack of enthusiasm. Staying at home, you woke up super early just to stay in your room, allowing you to have a few hours of freedom to do the simplest of activities; read a book etc. So when Draco had called in the big guns aka his Mama, you were soon motivated to wake up as Narcissa's soft, gentle, mothering touch caused your heart to flutter with sheer happiness as you awoke to seeing a kind smile on her face - one that reached her eyes; that told you she really was happy.
As the pair of you walked down the many flights of stairs, you were welcomed to the sight of Lucius and Draco playfully arguing over which of their team player in their own fantasy Quidditch team would be the better player, or something like that. You only giggled in amusement at the playful banter between the two blonde men as Narcissa only rolled her eyes at the whole scenario.
Soon it was time for presents and it was safe to say you were rather surprised by the fact that you were gifted a present by them - you really weren't expecting it and it was safe to say Draco himself was rather excited over it. As Narcissa passed you a brown envelope you happily opened it to find a stack of papers within. Pulling out the papers, you loudly gasped as your eyes scanned over the first page.
"You-You want to adopt me?", you squealed, before bringing a hand to your mouth to prevent your lips from quivering. "Yes", Narcissa spoke as she pulled your hand away from your mouth causing you to melt into her arms as she only chuckled at your response.
"So what d'ya say Y/N kiddo? Wanna be a Malfoy?", Lucius asked as you turned around to see a genuine smile on his face as Draco looked as if he was about to burst in excitement any second. It was safe to say, that the family always wished you were one of them - perhaps now their wish would come true... it was Christmas after all; the time for miracles...
Feeling so overwhelmed with your present you uttered a simple "yes" before bursting into tears again - tears of joy this time - as the family of three gathered around you, pulling you into a big family hug, clearly showing that this family of three, were now a family of four.
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seaharpy · 7 hours ago
hi first of all, your writing is absolutely magnificent i love, love, love your lucius x narcissa x reader works - i was hoping that you could write another one where it’s lucius x narcissa x reader and maybe reader and narcissa are competing to see who can make lucius cum first… if that’s too much then feel free to ignore it, it’s just i absolutely adore your writing : )
That’s so sweet thank you! I absolutely love this idea 👅💦
Find more on my Masterlist
Enjoy 😏
Our Favorite Game
You and Narcissa are in a playful mood and want to have some fun with Lucius.
Warnings: dom/sub themes, female!reader, rimming (male receiving), oral sex (male and female receiving), face fucking, fingering (male receiving), slight mommy and daddy kink, slight praise kink, 18+
Sweat beaded across Lucius’s forehead as his stomach flexed and his hips bucked into your mouth. His hands dug into your scalp as he forced more of himself down your throat. The wet, lewd sounds of the act turned him on even more. The way you gaged and tried to relax around his length always made his blood boil.
You curled your tongue around the head of his cock. Moaning at the taste of Lucius, your eyelashes fluttered. You couldn’t help but start sucking eagerly along his length causing Lucius to buck and moan. Narcissa brought her hand down hard and fast on ass, causing you to jolt and squeal.
“That’s cheating. No sucking, you know the rules.”
Lucius hummed in pleasure and loosely hair his finger through your hair. “She has such a good mouth. Y/N might just beat you this time, my love.”
Narcissa pouted. She was never one to be outshined. She patted your arse lightly indicating she wanted you to move.
“We’ll see about that. My turn, dear.”
With much reluctance, you pulled away from Lucius’s cock. You already missed the heaviness of it in your mouth. God, you could sit there for hours just holding him inside you. You rubbed your legs together, seeking some kind of friction at your own erotic thoughts. Lucius pulled at your hair slightly to get you to look in his direction. He was flushed and glistening, his blue eyes burning with need as he tugged you closer.
“I want a taste, Y/N. You two can’t have all the fun.”
Giggling you threw your right leg over his wide frame and settled on his face. Lucius brought his hand up to your ass, spreading your cheeks as he feasted on your cunt. Moaning, you ground your hips down on his face. You but your lip as you watched Narcissa gently suckle Lucius’s balls in her mouth. He moaned and bucked his hips once more. Narcissa smirked and moved further down, spreading Lucius’s legs. She lifted his left leg over her shoulder and brought her hand up to your face. Without hesitation you parted your lips, inviting her fingers into your warm, wet mouth. Narcissa hummed as your tongue curled around them, wetting her fingers.
She lowered her fingers, ghosting down Lucius’s body causing his muscles to tense with pleasure and anticipation. His fingers righted around your thighs as Narcissa circled her digits around his tight ring of muscle. Your eyes widened as you watched Narcissa’s tongue snake out of her mouth to start to circle it around his hole. Her fingers starting to inch inside of his body. You slipped off Lucius’s face to get a better view.
“Now’s who’s cheating?” You pouted, your bottom lip sticking out comically.
“Hush dear,” Lucius said, reaching out his right hand to stroke down your jaw. “Let mommy work.”
His hips bucked and his body jolted as Narcissa pumping her fingers faster. You felt a jolt of hot electricity shit down your back and straight to your clit. Your body felt hot and dirty listening to the sloppy sounds of Narcissa eating Lucius out fingering him. You brought your hand down to start running yourself. Lucius batted your hands away before slapping your harshly on top of your mound.
“You know you’re not supposed to touch yourself.”
“I’m sorry, daddy. You both just sound so good.”
His smirk was sharp as he tangled his long fingers in your hair.
“You would sound better choking around my cock, love.”
Lucius pushed your head closer towards his weeping length. Not that you needed any convincing on your part. He immediately pushed himself all the way to the back of your throat causing you to gag.
“There she is. There’s my, Y/N.”
You felt your cheeks burn as he continued to praise the way you sucked his cock. Narcissa pulled her lips away from Lucius’s ass you trail kisses up your neck. You felt a moan grow in your chest as she began to nibble and suck on the soft spot behind your ear. You relaxed your throat to open more of yourself to Lucuis’s thick cock.
“God, your mouth was made for this,” he moaned.
Your eyes rolled to the back of your head as Narcissa’s hand began to creep up the back of your thighs. You moaned as she rubbed her hand across your dripping slit. You couldn’t get enough of the two of them.
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Rodolphus: Mark my words, the first year of marriage is just a treat. [to Bellatrix] Sweetheart, do you remember ours?
Bellatrix: The silly fighting for control.
Rodolphus: You broke my jaw.
Bellatrix: [to Narcissa] You gotta stop that back talk early.
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kuromionline · 13 hours ago
✰ our secret
narcissa malfoy x reader
requested: yes/no but the idea came from jordy!
warnings/contents: 18+ only! top narcissa/bottom reader. stepcest (stepmother!narcissa) undefined age gap (reader is 18+) cheating (on narcissa’s end) innocent reader. abuse of trust. slight dub-con (like the reader agrees but she doesn’t really know to What) mommy kink. fingering.
this fic contains darker material. please read the warnings before reading!
peach. the nickname your dad's new wife gave you. to everyone else it seems like a sweet innocent name for someone to call their stepdaughter, but for you, it has a completely different meaning.
every time the word is uttered a foreign warmth spreads across your body. no one has ever made you feel the way narcissa does. you don’t quite understand the emotions you have other than you know shouldn’t be feeling them towards the woman that married your father.
recently, the subtle looks narcissa always seem to give you has been effecting your body in strange ways. the winks and sultry looks no one else seem to notice has been creating an unfamiliar wetness between your legs.
narcissa always told you to tell her whenever something is bothering you, and this feeling is definitely bothersome.
when your dad is away at work you walk up to your stepmom hoping for some comfort. “uh.. cissy, i need some help” your sheepish voice alerts your presence in her room. “oh, peachy girl, you know you can ask me anything. no need to get shy” her comforting words have the opposite effect on you. she pats her lap for you to sit, a common thing for you both whenever you have discussions like this. the usually innocent gesture has your cunt pulsing. the feeling of her lap resting under your most private parts sends a buzz of pleasure throughout your body.
noticing your squirming, narcissa quickly understand your little ‘problem’ however, she waits for you to mention it.
finally finding a comfortable position you voice your concerns “so uhm.. lately i have been having this weird feeling uh, down there.. you know.. my private area. it’s this funny tingly feeling” humming along narcissa replies “i see… and would you like for me to help? i know many ways for the tingling to go away”. she has a dark look in your eyes that your innocent mind simply looks over. a look of confusion washes over your face “but i thought no one was allowed to touch my private area?”. chuckling a bit, narcissa soothes your confusion “only people you trust, peachy girl. now, do you trust me?” you’re quick to answer. not needing to think over her question “oh, of course! i trust you very much”. smiling at your answer she helps you off her lap and walks to towards her bed.
as you were about to sit down narcissa stops you. “before we start, i want you to promise me something. no one else is allowed to help you with this, alright?” nodding you reply “alright. can be our special thing!”. your enthusiasm grants you another smile from narcissa.
she sits against the headboard before she gives you your orders “you’ll need to remove your cute pants and undies for me, okay?”. nodding, you do as she says. “perfect, now come lay with mommy”. the title she gave herself made the wetness between your legs gush out more, effectively surprising yourself.
settling in between her legs, you can’t help but gasp when she rests her hands on your stomach. “no need to be scared, little peach. your mommy will make you feel so good” relaxing at her words, you allow her to continue her movements. “i’m going to explain what im doing as to not startle you, alright my sweet peach?”. a small ‘okay’ mumbled by you makes narcissa begin her work.
a surprised moan escapes your lips when her fingers make contact with your clit “this is your little button. it feels very nice when you rub it” her words follow her movements. her finger begin to rub small circles over the throbbing bud. her next words catch you off guard “oh, peach, who made you this wet, hm?”. a ‘you’ leaves your lips that almost goes unheard. almost.
chuckling, narcissa chides “ah ah, i didn’t hear that”. her movements don’t stop, resulting with your reply being more of a moan than an actual word. “you poor thing, did your mommy make you all wet and tingly?” her mocking causes a whiny ‘mhm’ to be heard. laughing at your state, her movements pick up, applying more pressure to your aching button.
you can feel her smiling against your shoulder. pleased you finally allowed her to do this to you.
“now, this is your entrance. when you put your fingers in it like this-“ her words cut off as she inserts two fingers into your weeping opening and curls them upwards “it’ll feel all nice and full. doesn’t it, peach?”. felling you nod against against her chest she begins to pump them in and out. always keeping an eye on your reactions.
the whole time she’s praising you for taking her fingers so well, reminding you to let her know if anything is uncomfortable.
“mommy stop- please stop! i need to pee!” your worried voice comes out in a sob. narcissa is quick to comfort you. “you don’t need to pee, little peach, don’t worry. just let go whenever you feel the need”. nodding your head, you try to ignore the weird situation and do as she says.
soon enough the knot in your stomach bursts and a flood of euphoria takes over your body. narcissa marvels at how your back arches off of her with a silent scream. she smirks to herself knowing she is the first person to give you an orgasm, a very powerful one at that.
she gives you a moment to calm down before she removes her fingers, not wanting to startle you. “you did so well for me, peachy love. i’m going to take away my fingers now, okay? gonna get you all cleaned up” her soft words sound distant but you still manage to reply “okay.. thank you, mommy”.
as she’s helping you put on a fresh set of clothes she tells you “don’t tell your father about this. if you feel tingly again you let me know. this is our little secret, little peach” giggling, you repeat her words “our secret”
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sapphic-belldame · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
I wasn't gonna do a creature so instead we are going for straight up greek mythology!
The goddesses Andrera, Narcidite and Belleris. All of whom are trying to seduce the same mortal, Hermione of Greece! 🤣
Tumblr media
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marilynmonore3006 · a day ago
Rodolphus - Are you in love with Narcissa ?
Lucius - Of course not
Narcissa - *walks by*
Lucius - *Almost trips over his own foot in trying to open the door for her and then sheepishly smiles*
Lucius - *Looks at Rodolphus* Okay fine
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narcissasbrat · 2 days ago
Hi can you please do a little reader with a lactation link please with narcissa🥺🥺
Mommy Milkie!
↠ Pairing: Narcissa x Fem!Reader
↠ Requested: yes/no
↠ Word count: 1.8k+
↠ Summary: feeling so overwhelmed with your work, Narcissa helps her little baby settle down for a much needed nap.
↠ A/N: sorry if it’s so short.
↠ Warnings: fluff, age-regressing mentioned throughout, breastfeeding.
You were in a flurry of tears as you were trying to get through all your work. It was safe to say that you were at the point of snapping, as you buried your head deep in your piles of paper stacks that were cluttered all over your desk, just like your mind. You hadn’t even remembered when you had slept properly, as you groaned out of frustration, just loud enough to prevent you from hearing Narcissa enter your private study. The den you liked to call it, but Narcissa being the sophisticated one in this relationship, only referred to it as a study.
Narcissa was rather worried as she saw your stress only grow stronger and stronger, before it began to eat away at you. Recognising all the signs from before, Narcissa only sighed before patting you on the shoulder, causing you to whimper as you slowly sat up to face the blonde woman, recognising that look she was so used to giving to you. The look that told you, it was time for a break.
Knowing better than to fight against her wishes, you stood up, not even bothering to stretch, instead choosing to slouch the whole way, as Narcissa took ahold of your hand leading you to your shared bedroom. Once Narcissa had managed to get you to sit down on the bed, she went towards the dresser drawer on your side of the room, before pulling out a pair of comfy pyjamas, as she caught a glimpse of you fighting the urge to stretch out your tired, achy muscles.
Turning around she walked towards you before pulling you up to stand, as she simply raised an eyebrow, causing you to sheepishly stretch out your muscles, which led to you grunting slightly at how sore your body was feeling. Once you felt slightly better having all those tight wound up muscles loosened, you fell back onto the bed, with a slight bounce as Narcissa simply helped you pull off your sweater before neatly folding it away.
Watching Narcissa take her sweet time putting away your clothes, you couldn’t help but lie back letting your muscles loosen up a bit more, as you closed your eyes letting sleep take over. However, this was easier said than done…
“Mommyyy…”, you whined, successfully getting the blonde’s attention. You wanted something, and you were determined to get it. “Yes my darling”, she spoke as she sat on the edge of the bed, rubbing moisturiser onto your arms, slightly tutting when she realised just how dry your skin had gotten, as she applied another layer on top. “Mommy… ‘m hungry…”, you moaned. It wasn’t truly a lie, you were hungry, but not for big-girl food, as you and Narcissa called it. “Shall Mommy get you a yummy sandwich baby, without crusts?”, she asked as she wiped her hands clean, getting rid of any excess moisturiser. Shaking your head, Narcissa only softly chuckled as she realised what sort of food you were referring to. Softly kissing your head, Narcissa smiled as your moans only further confirmed her assumptions.
“Gimme one minute baby, let Mommy get your food ready…”, she murmured, before stepping into the bathroom to change into a more loose fitted outfit, one that wouldn’t bother either of you, as you shuffled on the bed, attempting to get somewhat comfortable before the blonde came back into the room to join you. Sitting on the bed, leaning back on the headboard, Narcissa silently beckoned for you to move up, closely to her, before she protectively wrapped her arms around your frame, lessening the distance between you and her breasts.
Slipping the straps down, your eyes lit up at the sight of Narcissa’s round, firm breasts, and her pretty nipples as the blonde gave them a good squeeze to get the milk flowing for you. Seeing a tiny little drop of milk sliding down her breasts, you started to whimper at how badly you needed your Mommy’s milkies to go to sleep. “Milky…”, you whined, before eagerly latching onto her nipple, causing Narcissa to sigh as you started to suckle on them at a steady a pace.
This was one of Narcissa’s favourite things to do with you, when you were in your little space. Treating you to some sweet ‘Mommy’s milky’ was a special time for the both of you. For you it was a time where you could relax and allow your mind to settle down, as Narcissa took care of her sweet little girl. For Narcissa it was a time she cherished the most; a time where you allowed yourself to be so beautifully vulnerable with her, as you showed her that only she had the capability to bring you to a place, where you felt loved and protected.
This wind down time varied, which only made Narcissa praise it more, as she wanted to cherish and enjoy every single minute she had with you being her sweet little girl. Sometimes it lasted for half an hour, sometimes for about a day, but regardless of however long you spent in your little space, Narcissa was more than happy to accustom everything to your liking. So if that meant Narcissa had to take a few extra vitamins just to provide you with some extra comfort when you really needed it, she was more than happy to do so.
Soon your suckling slowed down, before Narcissa glanced down to see you dozing off into a deep sleep. Noticing that you weren’t fully asleep just yet, Narcissa gently nudged you awake, as she would feel more better if you were to go down for a nap, once you had some more food in your system. Of course Mommy’s milky was food to you, but it wasn’t as filling as a sandwich would be.
“C’mon baby, Mommy thinks you should still eat a sandwich before you go down for sleepy time…”, she murmured, as she pulled the straps back up, before wiping away any excess milk still leaking out. “No Momma… ‘m s’eepy… ‘m no hung’y…”, you whined as you shuffled slightly still ensuring you were in Narcissa’s arms - her warm touch, as well as some fresh milky did wonders for putting you to sleep.
Deciding that getting you some food prior to a nap was a lost cause the older woman simply just sighed as she shuffled down, allowing both you and herself to remain comfortable on the bed, still in each other’s arms. “Fine baby, but you gots to eat s’methin’ when you wake up m’kay? Promise?”
“Yes Mommy… p’omise…”, you mumbled before slightly yawning, as you fell into a deep slumber, with a belly full of Mommy’s sweet milky.
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stevieshelby · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Absolutely heartbroken.
My deepest sympathies to her family, friends & costars.
You will be missed greatly.
Rest in peace Helen McCrory.
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slytherinnpride · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Alan Rickman: "We properly met on the set of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Helen with that white stripe in her hair, me with those black buttons and black contacts. We had a scene, nose to nose, having to look threateningly at each other. We were all trying to behave like grown-ups but laughing to an annoying degree. I was grateful for those moments of laughter."
Helen McCrory: "I loved working with him."
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sapphic-belldame · a day ago
Tumblr media
Ho White (yes thats her name) must get back her kingdom from her evil step mother (IM SORRY LMAO) Narcissa.
Tumblr media
But she loses because bad girls always win. 😈
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elyonblackstar · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
Here's my take on Malfoy family! As a sort of counterpart of my latest Potter family picture I thought it would have been nice to see little Draco with mommy and daddy too ♥ hope you like this! I've worked hard on this u_u
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