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Trying to find some SasuNaru fics

Hey everyone I’m desperate to find some deleted fics belonging to om0cha, reign of tears and some others. But these two are my first priority. I read their fics back in 2012-13 when I was a very young person going through hell and these fics kept me above the water. Om0cha usually wrote very dark fics if I remember and they were perfect for what I was going through.

I remember especially “House of cards” and another which has Naruto as a sex addict admitted to an asylum.

(incidentally I’m also searching for good quality mpreg with angsty, since I will writing a fic with the subject. So recs? Kakanaru is accepted too. I just don’t like r*pe fics)

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So I was listening to this song in the shower that I hadn’t heard for a while. And even though I was just as involved in the Naruto fandom when I first heard it as I am now, this thought only croessed my mind now.

The song ‘I’ll be good’ by Jaymes Young

Suddenly, all I could picture was Sasuke.

I could copy and paste the lyrics, but basically every word feels like it was writtn just for Sasuke and how he tries to make peace with his past.

WOW. I wish I knew how to edit because I have such specific scenes in mind with every line. urgHghGHgh

Maybe I’ll just write a fic (Inskpill7 on ao3) with all these FEELS

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I want an au with like a good Orochimaru where the sannin get stick with baby naruto and its 3 grown adults trying there best to take care of a rambunctious ADHD induced child.


  • Surprisingly orochimaru is naruto’s fav
  • Naruto hides behind whoever he’s with when someone he knows gets to close and he clings to there leg jiraiya doesn’t think much of it but talks and laughs loud so the attention is off Naruto, tsunade slowly eases naruto into the conversation and orochimaru simply picks naruto up and introduces him and shakes hands with the person showing naruto they aren’t a threat.)
  • When sasuke comes to sleep over at Naruto’s they beg whoever’s watching them to teach them a jutsu.
  • Naruto once overhears someone bad mouthing orochi and gets so pissed he starts a fight that ends with jiraiya getting called and the first thing he asks is who won. (He buys Naruto ice cream for protecting his family and apologizes for the lecture tsunade and orochimaru will give him later.)
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Suelo hacer lo posible para no shipear a naruto y a sasuke pero luego viene estos pinshis shimejis a hacerme cambiar de opinión nmms

Debo aclarar que me gusta el sasuke x sakura a pesar de ser toxico, y el naruto x hinata (aunque lo sentí forzado xfa no me maten)

Pero si me piden elegir un ship que no sean ninguno de estos 2 siempre elegiré este pues es el que sentí y otro youtuber que veo tambien lo dijo, que pareciera mas bien que kishimoto iba a hacer un yaoi xD pero cambia la idea ;v es que men la obsesión de naruto con sasuke no era normal x’D

Pero weno paro de cháchara y solo dejo a mis shimejis jotos

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