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Naruto au where obito and rin are alive and join akatsuki with kakashi

So the kannabi bridge mission thing still happened, obito ended up in that cave and rin got impaled. But she survives and obito comes back to konoha. Rin is now sanbi jinchuuriki and obito has mokuton powers. The three of them are sick of the way the village treats them (and ninjas in general) so they go rogue. They’ve heard rumours about an organisation that wants to take down the whole shinobi system thing and the corrupt governments, which is the original akatsuki, and join them. They also get along really well with the ame orphans!! Jiraiya is not an asshole and did not abandon them, but is actually helping them with their goals. The rest of the legendary sannin too! Orochimaru is a rogue ninja in hiding who researches and creates new jutsus. Tsunade still travels around and helps collect intel. The akatsuki go from country to country and along the way they are joined by new members (itachi, deidara, sasori etc.)

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Things that remind me of each Naruto Character Pt. 1

Naruto: Neon signs, sunny days, bomber jackets, memes, the color orange, cup noodles, keychains, matchboxes, and foxes

Sakura: Pink flowers, Starbucks, athletic clothes, pretty journals, aesthetic stickers, flowery perfume, and colorful bandaids

Sasuke: Rock music, minimalism, white button ups, black coffee, dark forests, worn out leather books, motorcycles, rainy days and cats

Hinata: Pressed flowers, white lace, expensive perfume, potted plants, lilac skirts, framed photos, stationary, Japanese indie rock

Shino: Black and white movies, manga, round sunglasses, oversized hoodies, cloudy days, the color green, ladybugs, and vintage furniture

Kiba: Leather jackets, dirt bikes, dogs, tattoos, piercings, home cooked food, dank memes, the color black, wild hair, freckles, concerts

Ino: Sun kissed skin, music festivals, wild flowers, crop tops, bullet journals, pop music, sunsets, art museums, podcasts, and magazines

Shikamaru: Shogi, hot tea, cold weather, fishnets, combat boots, blankets, clouds, dandelions, postcards, and worn out backpacks

Choji: Red converse, pullover hoodies, snacks, traditional tattoos, barbecue, card games, summer time, fire pits, and stargazing

Neji: Ceramic teacups, open letters, cotton sheets, fall leaves, birds, Japanese rock gardens, business suits, white tennis shoes, vintage watches, and the ocean

Tenten: Red lipstick, black dresses, space buns, pocket knives, scented candles, Christmas lights, Chinese calendars, boxing gloves, and old movies

Rock Lee: Trophies, sports competitions, travel cups, track suits, cartoons, YouTube DIYs, wooden floors, Broadway musicals, martial arts, and Addidas

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