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myaekingheart · 2 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Just...look how cute he is. I can’t. I love him. 
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cozymoko · 11 minutes ago
hii I hope you're well.
I was wondering if I could ask for a yandere Neji and his ways of manipulating his s/o?
And if you're not taking requests I'm sorry to bother!
Note: You're no bother, I'm always open. This is shorter than usual. Enjoy!
TW: Manipulation
Tumblr media
🥋 This isn't too hard to imagine but I don't believe he could honestly bring himself to do it, realistically. He was born to serve and not go against what he's been told but in a relationship, he has a bit more freedom with things like this. But he never wants to force you or be the main reason why you turn your back on all your friends.
——"You know I only want the best for you, {Name}. If I ever hurt you, I'm happy to die by your hands."
🥋 Slyly giving his input on situations that he considers "dangerous" or making backhanded remarks about your friends. You'll ignore it at first but eventually start to think. "Would Neji ever lie to me?" He only wants what's best. One by one they'll all distance from you, leaving Neji with a miserable lover that he'll carefully build up again.
🥋 Neji will bad-mouth those around you, telling you they are bad influences. That you are better than them and hanging out with them will only tarnish your reputation. Although not exceeding some boundaries that you've placed. It's ironic how his clan deemed him what he wants you to stay away from.
——"Why hang out with people who are inferior to you? You're wasting valuable time with people who don't compare."
🥋 As a man who has little to no shame with expressing his love for you, he'd drop to his knees, wrapping his arms around your torso, nestling into your stomach while declaring his love to you. He wants to lure you in, telling you how much you mean to him, how uneasy he gets when you interact with others.
🥋 In the end, he would just be happy if you relyed on him and him alone. He doesn't need any of the other teams tainting you when he can't be with you. All his work will soon pay off when you can hold little to no conversation with anyone else unless Neji is present. As bizarre as it is, nothing is ever impossible, right?
——Neji rested his chin on top of your head, taking in your nostalgic smell after being away for so long. "Were you okay while I was gone? You look quite pale, {Name}."
——"No, I'm okay! I just...I just wish you'd stop leaving me like this. I'm scared."
Tumblr media
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naruto-uzumaki-anon · 12 minutes ago
no it’s fine i would be asking too much[shakes head] plus there’s a certain letter I think he wanted to give you after the mission, but y’know the rest. it’s either long or it has something inside it, anyways Is there any good food places? I’m kinda hungry,hm.
- V
Um... There's Ichiraku we can go there...
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nozocentric · 12 minutes ago
Tumblr media
A time when things were much simpler. Little did she know that this life wouldn’t last forever. </3 It is HIGH time I drew Nozomi with her parents.  So I did.  Introducing Kazuki and Izumi Kubota.  If not for these two, Nozomi would not have lived beyond her teens, and her entire story in Konoha never would’ve have happened. Not gonna lie, working on this one made me a bit emotional.  It was fun though, working to show where Nozomi gets her looks from. ;3 Fun fact: Working on this actually inspired me to figure out some stuff about the relationship between Nozomi’s parents, as well as fixing a plot hole in the lore of the Kubota jinchuuriki. ^-^
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naruto-uzumaki-anon · 13 minutes ago
*sips water with shaking hands, gripping your arm in terror* Ak-katsuki, they had me for days, weeks even! I-I don’t know! They wanted my intel, I-I’m Lady Hokage’s great niece and one of her advisors, they wanted me to bring them to you, but I refused! I promise I didn’t tell them anything about you! B-But then…*lips quivering, looking up at you even more terrified than before* they hurt me so badly. Until last night one of them just came to my cell and unlocked it, he didn’t say a word, just freed me and disappeared! His eyes were so red, I thought he was going to kill me, but he helped me instead. I knew I had to find you as soon as I escaped, I didn’t know who else to turn to for help!
*he listens quietly, impassive at first, eyes never leaving their face. It was odd, how many Akatsuki related incidents were being thrust on him in so short a time. He was baffled... Also first Jiraiya's daughter shows up now Tsunade's great niece?* Do you mean great grand niece? Akatsuki held you for days... How do I know what you're telling me is the truth? Akatsuki could be ready to ambush me right now, just waiting..
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zukoritas · 19 minutes ago
do ppl actually like chat or use my anime list for anything else other than like picking ur favs
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sylphmiren · 20 minutes ago
Tumblr media
My hands hurt so bad after coloring this 😩
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sloaners · 23 minutes ago
Tumblr media
surprise flowers for iruka~
a ko-fi request sketch! 💕
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camisetasonova-com-br · 24 minutes ago
Tumblr media
#camisetanaruto, #camisanaruto, #blusanaruto, #camisetainfantil
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microrockets · 30 minutes ago
Tumblr media
i’ve got a very strong love / hate thing going on with hidan 💕
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bitchsasuke · 36 minutes ago
wow he has cptsd hallucinations like me
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bridgetotheskyyy · 43 minutes ago
The new chapter of yearning is finally up! So sorry it took so long! I wanted it to be really good!
Tumblr media
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referentblood · 45 minutes ago
Tumblr media
sadness & sorrow plays on repeat...
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kakashiswilloffire · 48 minutes ago
Shino's Strategy
words: 2.0k
fluff, shinoten, mention of akamaru biting, established relationship
shino comes home to find tenten singing in the shower
It was 3:17 in the afternoon, and Tenten would be training with Neji, Rock Lee, and Gai-sensei until past 6 in the afternoon, likely close to 6:38 based on her arrival time during the past six days. She always entered the apartment sweaty, though never out of breath, and removed her sandals at the door, though she frequently left them sideways and askew and came back hours later to sit them upright next to his own shoes.
Shino himself would ordinarily be training as well, but Kiba and Akamaru had mis-timed their new formation by .3 seconds, resulting in Akamaru biting deeply into Kiba’s leg. He and Hinata had agreed to part and resume training in the morning, when Kiba would presumably have been healed by the capable medical team of Konoha Hospital.
He set out for his apartment, the one he and Tenten had chosen together nearly eight months ago and moved into just over five months ago. Their relationship was progressing well, and he looked forward to her arriving home later this evening.
On the way, he passed by the dango shop frequented by the jonin of the previous generation. Their first date had been here, and they returned together relatively often. Shino was not particularly a fan of sweets, but Tenten’s recommendations had been pleasing and muted enough in flavor and texture that he was content to order them again and again. On a whim, he stopped inside and ordered four skewers of the hanami dango, her favorite in this season, knowing it would pair well with the green tea she had brought back last week from her latest mission. He allowed his gaze to travel to their usual table, remembering how she had giggled the first time he made the joke that she liked the sweet treats so much she even wore her hair to match. It wasn’t a far stretch, dango to odango, and the dumplings were how the hairstyle’s name originated, but she didn’t mind. She thought it was clever and even cute that he had made the joke in the first place.
Fresh dessert in hand, he thanked the shopkeeper and continued to the apartment they shared. It was four flights of stairs from the ground, which Kiba complained about each time he visited, but it gave them adequate privacy for his bugs and her weapons to be on display without concerning civilians. The noise level was also lessened given their height above the street.
He placed the key into the lock, feeling it notch into place, then turned it. The deadbolt was never locked and the handle only locked for formality; they used chakra wards to truly secure their home. Tenten astonished him when she had first applied it all—he was highly familiar with her work in fuinjutsu, and had no doubt about her skill in sealing, barriers, and wards—but to see the level of fun and pride she took in each layer of protection had warmed him to his core.
Entering the apartment, he was startled to see his partner’s sandals thrown off on either side of the entryway. What could have happened that she was home so early?
Setting the parcel down on the end table in the small living room, he sent two handfuls of beetles to scout: one group toward the kitchen, and the other group to the bedroom. In nearly forty-nine seconds, both sentry groups had returned with their updates. Tenten was indeed home, in the bathroom, and there were no signs of injury they could detect. They had not entered the bathroom itself, disliking the humidity of the small space. Shino thanked and dismissed them.
He made his way into the bedroom after removing the green outer coat and hanging it by the front door and setting both his and her shoes right side up and paired along the wall. Once inside the bedroom, he removed his headband and shuriken pouch, along with his leg wrappings. He lowered the collar of the black shirt, revealing his face in the comfort of his home. Tenten’s dress lay thrown across the top of their hamper, marked with grass stains from the training session cut short. His mouth formed a small smile when he saw her hair bindings tossed on the bed—he loved seeing her with her hair down, as cute as her odango buns were. It was their trade off for her seeing him without goggles.
Speaking of such, as soon as he slid the bathroom door open, the steam hit him so suddenly he was forced to remove them in order to continue seeing. Tenten appeared to be in the shower, and was running the water as hot as she liked, which was nearly 12 degrees higher than his maximum preference. What was more important than that however, was the one thing she had not done and the one thing she had:
First, she had not noticed him entering.
Second, she was singing.
She had brought her shower speaker, a black round rubber thing that suction-cupped to the tile wall, from her own place to theirs and frequently listened to music while showering. He had, of course, heard her sometimes mumble along with the words or hum the tune as she washed her hair, but she had never sung like this before while he was around.
She had sung at karaoke nights various bars, she sang absent-minded songs about what she was doing at times, and loved to hum while cleaning various weapons. She had a lovely voice, undeniably. He always reveled in hearing it, closing his eyes behind his goggles and drinking it in. This time, however, she was not singing gently.
Shino recognized the song, though vaguely. It had originally been popular when they were twelve years old. Girls had gathered in the academy during lunch, sat in groups and sang popular love songs. This was definitely one of those songs, but he couldn’t recall the words well. He also couldn’t recall seeing her in any of the groups of girls who sang these love songs when they were children, but she knew every word and every beat the way she knew her scrolls.
She sang loudly, her voice cracking on higher notes and hitting more dramatic phrases in the lyrics with emphasis that contrasted with the typical lilting voice she had. She must have punched at the volume button because the music swelled, and she began nearly shouting. It was a love song, but it seemed to be about a love lost, maybe a break-up. For a moment, he was concerned for the sake of his relationship with the passion she threw into the lyrics, but when the song changed to a much sappier melody, her tone shifted along with it.
Shino relaxed, quietly sitting down just inside the door to continue basking in the impromptu concert. She was evidently in a good mood, and he looked forward to surprising her with the dango later. In the meantime, he slowly slid the door shut, once again trapping the steam and the echoes of her song over the professional recording. He could make out her outline as she let the water stream through her hair, hands at her head, presumably massaging her scalp and working shampoo either in to or out of the silky brown strands.
With every song changed, her whole body shifted, swaying or snapping or reenacting the scenes to some imaginary boy who had wronged her. Some particularly powerful lyrics earned genuine shouts, and others got the same delicate treatment she would ordinarily use in public settings, with light vibration on notes that were drawn out. He realized she was singing the way a teenager would, with all the passion of raw emotion they had yet to feel and all the artistic skill they had yet to learn, and only periodically did she restrain herself into the more reserved style of singing. When she began singing the opening to a song several measures before the artist did, not once, but twice, she swore and began the line over. Despite how well she knew the music, the seven times she sang the lyrics incorrectly, she sang the entire line wrong before jumping back to what the recording played, regardless of the narrative. At one point, she mumbled an entire verse at full volume before the song reached its chorus again, where she joined back in with renewed confidence. He watched idly as she danced, scrubbing and rinsing the day’s work off her body.
Bathing in the gentle steam with his head leaned back against the wall, his eyes drooped shut and he melted into the sound of her voice, jumping in octaves without any care. He began to drift off, then snapped forward when he heard his name. After a beat, he realized that she had replaced the name of the boy in the particularly sweet song with his own name. His heart began to melt softly in his chest, reassured that she loved him even when he was not there.
He was disappointed when the song ended, though only for a moment. The next song that played after the second of silence was one of the most popular from the album, he remembered. It had played in shops for months after its released and still sometimes came on the radio, though usually just for a laugh.
However, due to its popularity, he did know the lyrics to this one.
He wasn’t confident in all of the lines, but he was sure he knew at least sixty percent of them. And he definitely had the chorus down solidly. Knowing his love’s shower was wrapping up, he sat up and began strategizing the correct moment for his plan. Tenten jumped in with the artist, and he took a deep breath. Singing was by no means his specialty, but in the moment…
When the chorus broke out, so did he.
Tenten’s voice cut out immediately, startled by the additional presence. She popped her head out from behind the two layered shower curtains to see her boyfriend lounging on the bath mat, which he had pulled closer to the door. He grinned at her, continuing to sing along to the best of his ability, and she continued as well through laughter, ducking back behind the curtain.
He stood up, crossing over to the shower as they scream-serenaded each other to the silly song about wanting to be with someone who couldn’t see you. On an impulse, he reached out for her form through the plastic and vinyl hanging between them, wrapping her up in his arms. She yelped, pooling a little chakra in her feet to prevent slipping, then continued laughing, turning around to face him.
They sang the whole song through, then she pulled the curtain aside again and placed her tanned hands on either side of his pale face to pull him in for a lingering kiss. He felt water from the showerhead splash from her skin on to his and could not find it in himself to mind. He loved the sight of her like this, this life they had built together, full of fun and laughter. He slipped his hand into her hair, weighed down by the water, and pulled her closer.
She responded in kind by giving him a single swift yank towards her, pulling half his body into the shower.
He yelped, shocked by the sudden spray and his loss of balance, though he couldn’t be angry when he saw her wicked grin.
“Gonna do something about it, Aburame?” she teased.
He mirrored her facial expression as he quickly removed the rest of his clothing and climbed properly into the shower.
“Not as long as you turn the water down and the music up!”
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adoroanimes · 49 minutes ago
Jiraya o sábio tarado
Tumblr media
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effeminateboyninja · 57 minutes ago
Hi there! I happened upon your blog a while back and followed when I started getting hardcore Naruto obsessed (specifically, I’m a total Shika simp), and I really love your writing :) I was wondering if I could request some fluffy dad!Shikamaru content throughout his s/o’s pregnancy and labor/delivery and being an emotional mess upon meeting his baby for the first time. But overall just being a great dad and an amazing supportive partner!! 😭💞
thanks so much hon!!! 💚💚💚 im actually so soft for this concept (and this man) and now that i'm about to post this i have an idea for a really cute one shot??? in the future i guess, but for now enjoy some headcanons 😌
Shikamaru pregnancy hcs ♡
Tumblr media
child by bry 🎶
when you first tell him you’re expecting he experiences a split second of panic. a baby?! aren’t they like, a lot of work? that’s not really his thing
but once the initial surprise wears off and he starts picturing your little family — lazy mornings with another tiny person snuggled up between the two of you… the idea doesn’t seem too troublesome after all
so he wraps you up into his arms, squeezing you tight as he chuckles, “well changing diapers is gonna be a drag,” he pauses to place a soft kiss on your lips, “but there’s no one else I’d rather start a family with.”
shikamaru would be the most calming person to be around during your pregnancy. he’s so patient with your mood swings and always manages to stay calm when you’re stressing about the babies arrival
he leaves most of the planning to you, you’re just better at that stuff he says, and lbr he’s probably right. you know he’ll be a dedicated father but picking out nursery colours is certainly not his forte
gets a lil embarrassed when people congratulate him on the pregnancy or ask about baby names and things like that. “ask (y/n)” becomes his new catchphrase
underneath all those sighs and bashful looks though, he’s just as excited as you and your friends. he knows it’s silly but he can’t wait to teach the little one shogi
would always be there to massage your feet and order fast food for your weird cravings! honestly anything to keep you happy and calm amidst all the pregnancy hormones, he’s a bit scared of the screaming and/or crying that might ensue otherwise
the big day finally comes and he feels 100% out of place in the delivery room. the fact that he can’t do anything, just the unpredictability of it all, it drives him wild. He’ll put on a brave face for you though, he knows he needs to stay calm for you
(he’s working on his breathing just as hard as you but plays it off like he’s just coaching you through it)
and then when it’s finally over, and everything is calm again, they ask him if he wants to hold his child and his whole world stops for the second time in his life since he met you
he thought he understood Asuma’s last words; that the king was really the next generation, but looking at down at this beautiful person that you made together, so healthy and innocent and perfect - it takes on a whole new meaning
so he cries. for the first time since his sensei’s death, but this time they’re tears of joy, of just pure disbelief that he could have ever made something so precious… it must’ve been you, he thinks as he looks up you, too happy to even be embarrassed by the tears that are falling down his cheeks
might complain a bit, but he puts in his fair share of work, often getting up in the middle of the night to soothe the crying baby so you can get some much needed rest
early morning cuddles with the three of you are a regular occurrence.
i think shikamaru would really start to shine as a father once the baby period is over, he’d spend time playing with them and teaching them everything he knows
he has a habit of dozing off while he reads bedtime stories. you’ve found him on more than one occasion snuggled up beside your little one in their small, plastic bed, their picture book from the night still laying on his chest.
and you know he’ll moan about how sore his neck is the next day if you don’t wake him and bring him to bed with you, but the moment is just too sweet, too endearing to end that soon, so you’ll wait just a minute or two longer before leaning over Shikamaru’s sleeping form and whispering, “you did it again,” to which he’ll scoff and say he just had a long day, but you know the truth
like his own father he’s a bit awkward when it comes to parental affection but he does his best, and he’s always there to give your child advice or get their mind of things with an afternoon of cloud watching
Shikamaru might be a lazy guy but he would do anything for his family, 10/10 amazing father
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sunaxprincess · 57 minutes ago
Zack: You think I am Mr. fricking perfect!? I am a cold-blooded serial killer; I killed more people than I can count, just cause it’s fun.
Zack: ... Y/N: Your perfect.
*Zack gets triggered*: WHAT THE HELL?
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t4tsskk · 58 minutes ago
naruto is actually poetic cinema if you think about it
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kakashis-m0le · an hour ago
It's me Genma anon again, currently in between the mood on sucking him so good and giving him a back hug or cuddle with him because he deserves everything except the lack of screen time 😔
Hi Genma anon! I know what you mean 😭 Poor bby deserved wayyy more screen time! I wish he had his own story arc 🥺 I mean they seemed to give just about everyone their own little storyline!
Genma checking his total screen time on his watch:
Tumblr media
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