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Overall I like Ino just fine. Yeah she had her issues and Kishimoto never treated her right like most the other girls.

But yeah Ino saying shit to Chouji never made sense when Choza is Inoichi’s team mate and she was raised with them around since the InoShikaCho thing was always gonna happen.

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Netflix: Naruto Shippuden verspätet - DAS steckt dahinter

Und wieder Neuigkeiten zum Verbleib der fehlenden Naruto Shippuden Staffeln auf Netflix.

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Es ist beinahe etwas beschämend, wie die genaue Wortwahl ausfiel. Nachdem sich Netflix aber gegenüber unserer Redaktion bereits etwas nebulös zu der Verspätung der fehlenden Naruto Shippuden Staffeln geäußert hat, ist nun ein weiteres Statement auf Twitter ans Licht gekommen. Darin gibt Netflix einen konkreten Grund an. Doch fangen wir vorne an.
Die ersten 10 Staffeln
Naruto Shippuden hat schon…


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If You Want To Get Out Alive - TheMistyCatMaster (TheMistyDarkPrincess) - Naruto [Archive of Our Own]
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it rly boils down to the feudal system being the root cause of every overarching problem in the narutoverse but that is never addressed or brought up as an issue bc kishimoto is a crazy bitch who compared his ninjas to real life ‘special forces’ (mercenaries) who heroically work to rid the world of 'terrorists’, so he would never allow his characters to visualize the real enemy. anyways!

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Ino and Sai after watching the Titanic scene where Jack draws Rose:

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it seems i am….back in naruto hell……

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you … may have a point

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