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they met for the first time on the tunin exam,both were just over 12 years old and both hated each other.

three years passed,the village of Leaf and the village of Sand signed a peace Treaty and they began to have common missions to complete.

They barely communicated,and if they discussed it, it was just plans of action.But once,after one case when Naruto risked his life and ended up very badly injured saving Gaara,the red-haired man’s opinion of him changed dramatically.

He started trying to have casual conversations with Naruto.At first,Naruto was stressed out, but he quickly adjusted to the “change of scenery” between them.

The end of the mission.They sat in front of each other,leaning their backs against the trees.Naruto,seeing how Gaara looks at him,smiled broadly and handed him a slightly disintegrated onigiri from his pocket.

Gaara looked at the shining eyes of naruto,at his haggard face,wide smile and onigiri that he so persistently held out to him.Watching the whole picture, the corners of Gaara’s lips involuntarily rose.

Naruto was taken aback?Yes.Even though the enmity between them has long been extinguished-Gaara’s gaze has always been indifferent.

This was the first time when Gaara smiled and Naruto remembered this day forever

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is it so much to ask for iruka to get a smooch? for iruka’s rights as a gay man to be upheld through the presence of a hottie in his bed and in his kitchen? to feel overcome every time kakashi co-parents and forcibly feeds naruto vegetables?

to be so well-loved that it makes his parents’ absence more clear but makes him so happy that he doesn’t drown in grief?

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HSMD Week Day 6: Historical AU

Can Pride and Prejudice even count as a historical AU?

(Okay but using the fact that barehanded touch was super ahistorical and electrifying in that P&P scene as a lens to contemplate the IMPLICATIONS of Madara having his gloves off and shaking Hashirama’s hands in front of his whole ass clan— WHAT DOES PHYSICAL TOUCH MEAN TO HIM?)

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  • okay, first of all i want to thank all of you because, if it weren’t for you, my audience, my friends and mutuals who reblog my content or recommend my blog, i wouldn’t be here writing this and achieving 600
  • now the event. it I’d going to be SMAU oriented and ill explain the rules right now


  • ask for a character, or more if you want, from naruto, bnha, haikyuu or bsd -> ill specify which characters are a yay and which are a nay
  • then let your imagination fly to the moon and back. you can ask whatever you want and i will do it for you
  • you can ask for x plot with characters from different animes BUT ill limit it to two characters, whatever you choose


  • theres no limit in images (well, actually yes, the limit is 10)
  • ANY GENRE -> angst, smut, fluff, cheating and even dark topics
  • that’s it


  • naruto -> kakashi, iruka, orochimaru, gaara & kabuto
  • bnha -> aizawa, shigaraki, dabi & hawks
  • bsd -> dazai, chuuya, akutagawa, atsushi, ranpo, kunikida & miyazawa
  • haikyuu -> everyone EXCEPT kenma, hinata, kageyama & lev


  • feel free to reblog this if you want
  • ill take request from TODAY until SUNDAY
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Let see my grandfather passed away and opening up to Facebook the first second post I come by saying that my long life childhood hero is supposedly to die This is why I never got into Boruto cause this rumor which now might come true

Thanks for that just what I needed


Originally posted by haidaspicciare

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For the past months, BNHA is making the hype. And now, Boruto is doing it too. WHAT IS WRONG 2020?

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I am kinda anxious regarding the latest chapter of Boruto. I felt that there'a 70- 80% chance that Naruto will die (because the foreshadowing is soooo heavy).

This just breaks my heart. Just imagine Hinata knowing this. Also, Himawari.

Please Kishi!!! Don’t shit on us. 2020 is already hard for all of us.

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aaaa, well those cubes are kinda lame, so yeah you are right, don’t know where he got that idea

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