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#naruto incorrect
incorrectkonoha · 2 days ago
Sakura: We call that a traumatic event.
Sakura, turning to Naruto: Not a "bruh moment"
Sakura, turning to Sasuke: Not a "major L"
Sakura, turning to Kakashi: And definitely not an "OOF lmao"
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lvrexe · 3 months ago
Ino: I think you're pretty.
Sakura: Thank you :)
Ino: ... pretty gay.
Sakura: ...
Sakura: Ino, we're literally dating.
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omikazu · 6 months ago
neji: the hyuuga clan forcibly marks the branch families, we are forced to give our lives up for the head family and when i was like seven i almost got my cranial nerves crushed to death just because i kicked hinata a little too hard
naruto: ok and? hinata's dad is strict, your levels of suffering are the same so shut up and endure the cranial nerve crushing torture until i become hokage some twenty years later and change the clan traditions, if you don't die for the head family before then lol
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sweetyaoigirl · 2 months ago
Shisui: Do you know why Itachi can't be a teacher ?
Izumi: I don't know. Why ?
Shisui: Because they are not accepting handsome teachers
Shisui: Being handsome is law
Izumi: Didn't you wanted to be a teacher too ?
Shisui: Yes that's why they did not accept me
Izumi: Isn't it because you are stupid ?
Shisui: .......
Shisui: Listen.... I almost had it. I didn't know teachers are supposed to teach their students every day.
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gojorius · a year ago
naruto: por que você tá triste?
sasuke: tudo começou quando eu nasci...
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miss-tea-cza · a year ago
Iruka: All right class let's write about something sad in your life.
Naruto: It all started when I was born...
Iruka: Let's talk about success guys.
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mythykl · a year ago
sakura : imagine having a boyfriend.
sasuke : when did we break up-
sakura :
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incorrectkonoha · a day ago
[at the hospital]
Sakura: We're here for our sensei.
Nurse: Who’s your sensei?
Naruto: You must be new here.
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majinsawdust64 · 3 months ago
I don’t know if any of you saw pewdiepie’s new video about long anime titles but I thought of some for Naruto.
• My Best Friend Hates Me & Edgelords Are Trying To Steal The Demon Inside Me
• Child Soldiers and Eyeball Theft
• I Am Deeply In Love With Ramen & My Best Friend Who Wants To Kill Me DATTEBAYO!
• You’re Going To Need A Lot Of Tissues & Time To Get Through This
• My Chilhood Sucked But I’m Still Good So You Have to Be Good Too Or I’ll Kill You
• I Am Naruto Uzumaki A Shinobi Of The Hidden Leaf And I Will Become Hokage BELIEVE IT!!!
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omikazu · 6 months ago
obito: i didn't start this war over rin, kakashi. don't be stupid.
obito, 5 seconds later: rin did not deserve to die! in this perfect world, rin can be alive and everything will be alright again, that's what this war is about!
kakashi: ..... 😐
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ponury-grajek · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
I found this incorrect quote and I couldn't help drawing it
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kakairuincorrectquotes · a month ago
[police sirens go off in the distance]
Iruka, who has never done anything illegal in his life: They’ve found me.
Kakashi, the one they're after: You better hide.
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