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#naruto shippuden



ft. kakashi x gender neutral reader.

warnings: heated make out session, suggestive.


— カカシハタ : KAKASHI.

“over here, come on,” your boyfriend tugged on your hand and observed your surroundings before he pulled you into a nearby back alley. if anyone were to see the way you were now, it’d surely be reported as shady. his hand was cold in yours, but his breaths possessed the heat of a fire, one looking to burn you.

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Hey there cutie! I loved this request from the moment I first got it, sorry it took me so long. Who wouldn’t kill for this?



  • It is a cold winter night, the snow falls carelessly outside, cooling the world with a wonderful white color. Indra arrived a few hours ago from a meeting that took longer than expected, keeping him with the Clan people far more than planned.
  • A working session that was supposed to last all morning, ended up consuming the whole afternoon of the Ōtsutsuki, and as soon as he set foot in the house, he needed to take a nap.
  • With nothing to object to, you watched as your exhausted man walked wearily to the bedroom, only to collapse in bed, without even having the energy for undressing. Indra was a fierce warrior, but he had never imagined that diplomacy consumed as much of one’s self as battles.
  • Late at night, you decide to take a hot bath, in the hope of washing the last of the day and getting into bed in peace and harmony. With everything ready, all that is left is to enter the pleasant water, sitting in the large bathtub that he made sure both of you had so that you could enter at the same time.
  • The temperature works your muscles, hoofing you into an almost sleepy state, so much to the point where you don’t even notice the moment Indra enters the bathroom and decides to join you in the water.
  • Sitting behind you, you can feel his hands traveling over your back and shoulders, before deciding to wrap his arms around your belly and rest his forehead between your shoulder blades. A deep sigh escapes him, and stretching your arm backward, you place your hand on his head, scratching the untidy bun he made to keep his hair from getting wet.
  • Turning around to face him, you release the tie of his tresses, letting it fall on his shoulders and back, and gathering your hands in the shape of a well, you throw water on top of him. A lot of shampoo for the great mane this man has and the bathtub fills up with foam. Indra leans over your touches, the way your nails scratch his scalp and he really looks like a cat.
  • With the same lather, you rub your hands across his chest and shoulders, down his neck, gently caressing his cheeks. Soon it’s time to rinse him off, and during the whole process, he keeps his eyes tightly shut as if he were a little child, an act of innocence.
  • By the end of the bath, the water relaxes you both enough to make you curl up in bed and sleep in each other’s arms, giving one another warmth. Winter feels like summer with Indra.


  • With him, everything is unique. From a normal day, in which he likes to surprise you with charming little gifts, to a special day, like today.
  • For on this date, Madara has just returned from an extremely important mission, which he was forced to attend at Hashirama’s request. He was never required for missions, not at this point in his life at least, but when his best friend asked, it was because it was something serious. And, in fact, it was, because the situation took about two months to be resolved.
  • With an imposing air and a presence more powerful than ever, the Uchiha had appeared at home without warning, surprising you in the middle of deep cleaning.
  • Relieved with joy, comfort, happiness, need, and a million other sensations that turned you into a bundle of emotions, you didn’t even care to find yourself in his arms from one moment to the next, because this gave you the opportunity to pass your arms around his neck and embrace him with all your strength, depositing kisses on his lips, chin, cheeks.
  • Madara never stopped smiling and remarking how much you had missed him in “such a short time”, even though it had been an eternity for him too without your presence. Being distracted by his iron grip, you didn’t notice that you were no longer at home, not even in the village. Your man was on the move.
  • After a few minutes, he seemed to reach his destination, stopping on a steamy mountain. On the rocky wall of the latter, there was an opening, through which the steam came out with greater intensity. Holding your hand, he guided you into the cave, revealing one of the most beautiful sights you had ever seen.
  • Natural pools of hot water spread out on the floor of the cave, offering free warm baths. Unaware of how Madara knew about this place, you watched him in awe as he threw away his clothes and walked fearlessly to one of the pits, only to dive into it and disappear underwater.
  • Imitating his actions more reluctantly, you stirred up piece by piece with fear. What if the water was boiling? Nature always had defense mechanisms. Sensing the doubt written on your face, the Uchiha laid his head on his arm at the edge of the pit and extended the other arm in your direction, inviting you to take his hand.
  • Unable to doubt him, you followed in his footsteps, took the offer, and entered the pool. Soon you noticed that you could not walk, and it did not take you long to sink because of it. Madara brought you back to the surface by pulling you by your arms, and with an impulse, made you wrap your legs around his torso to prevent that from happening again. He did reach the bottom.
  • You spent the whole time strongly embraced and between kisses, running through each other’s skin with nails and caresses, remembering what it meant to feel each other. Leaning your head on his shoulder and making your chest feel close, heart to heart was enough for both of you.
  • The day passed between pampering and cuddling, meeting again after so much time apart. The water could never get cold, but I couldn’t tell if it was because of its nature or because of the two of you…
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For quite a time i wanted to draw something tarot-inspired. And finally here it all started. I’m planning to make a kind of a set based on all (or at least most) of the Akatsuki members and trying to choose the cards, the meanings of which resemble to the characters somehow. 
The first card chosen is The Tower, and because of its meaning of the inevitable burning to the ground of everything a person used to know, trust and live with, I thought Kakuzu to be the one to resemble it.

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If you have ever lived in a country which has gone through a coup d'etat(s), you would know that very few are bloodless. If the uchiha clan had gone through with their plans, there’s no freaking way that it would have succeeded without a spill of blood, doesn’t matter if it’s a random ninja or the Hokage. Someone would have tried to retaliate and then the cycle would have gone on and on and on. That would not have be good for the village economy nor the innocent citizens of Konohagakure.

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When Jesus Christ was pinned to the cross after being made to carry it and wear a crown of thorns, he said,“ Father,forgive them for they do not know what they’re doing”. If Jesus Christ as holy and as sinless as he was could ask his Father to forgive them,why is it so hard for people to understand that Naruto(who was lonely and treated like crap his whole life) can also forgive Konohagakure and also ask Sasuke to do the same?

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Author: Lopithecus
Pairing: Hatake Kakashi/Maito Gai | Might Guy
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 7761
Alternate: AO3
Author’s Note: As a warning, this is a bit of a heavy chapter. It deals with Kakashi’s ANBU days a bit more than the last chapter and we all know how dark it got at that time. With that being said, this is the chapter that the M rating is for. Kakashi and Gai’s relationship is a bit toxic this chapter but don’t worry, it gets much better after this. Bit of a longer chapter because there was a lot of shit that needed working through.
Tag List:  @gerardian @normalisoverated666 @godtierwallflower @you-re-a-peasant @loyaltykask @adabotcon @planbbitch @bazmultifandom @princesspip12000 @verityenola

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“I’ll pick up your pieces”

I knew Shikaku was the one bc he never shied away from being a great role model to Shikamaru. Mans was open about his feelings and he let his son know that having feelings does not make one weak. He has been such a strong and consistent pillar through out the Naruto series (and mans was hella fine for free 🥵😭)

I’m a little salty that Shikaku was literally the blueprint and they didn’t make adult Shikamaru look like his fine ass daddy 😭🤧. I’m getting off topic 😂 but all this is to say that I believe in Nara clan supremacy. The mens of the Nara clan do not disappoint 🤧🤧🤧

Aside from being really hot, I just really appreciate the way Shikaku raised Shikamaru. These two are leaders through and through. Shikamaru has been through so much main character trauma that it’s crazy. Konoha couldn’t have made it this far without the brains and the dedication of these two. From the sasuke rescue mission to Asuma’s death, Shikaku always knew what to say to get through to Shikamaru. He was such a great father figure and I just 🥺

Also, no matter how many times I see this scene I’ll still tear up 😭🤧

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