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Im sure he knew he wants to do this. He said that couple of times even, during the war. Yeah he didnt like it but he thought back then its the only way to finally makes things right in shinobi world. Naruto was the only one able to stop him so pfft yeah. He had to kill him. Yeah i like sasunaru relationship but people tend not to see the actual truth. But as i said, it doesnt mean Naruto wasn’t his precious person. He always was. But his goal had to be based on Sasuke’s sacrifice, including killing his friend.


The little trip to Konoha was meant to decide what he wants to do. He met the previous Hokages there. And thats where he made his choice about becoming someone like his brother/Madara. A true Hokage, hated and feared by everyone who keeps peace in the world

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Title: Happier Days

Scene Explanation: This scene happens sometime at the start of yours and Hashirama’s married life. The both of you went out to a nearby field to stargaze and just bask in the love and happiness of finally being officially together. Here, the both of you share your hopes and dreams for the future - to live in a peaceful world and build a big happy family.

Artist’s Notes: Here’s another pairing from my Naruto OC series! I originally didn’t plan one for Hashirama, but I keep seeing @softiekage simping about him, so I got inspired and decided to include him 😂 To see the HD version of the art, please click and zoom the picture. The background is supposed to look like a starry night, and I used actual constellations for the bigger stars!

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It would be an honor to write something with one of my favorite Uchiha!

It had been nearly three months since the couple had moved into their newly found apartment, and everything was going rather great, actually. Itachi was still amongst the ANBU, having been a great shinobi and even finer significant other. Though, there are days Y/N and he hardly spend time together due to missions needing completion.

Shisui and Sasuke had been sat in the living room space with Itachi’s significant other, spending time with the one that would soon marry into the clan and hopefully, one day, may bare children. The whole situation was rather funny as it unfolded.

“You know, those curtains are rather ugly". Shisui snorted out as Y/N’s eyes landed upon the dark, clunky brown looking curtains. At the time, they didn’t think it was ugly. But now, a few days later, sitting with itachi alone, their eyes seemed to focus on that.

“Itachi?” Y/N called his name softly, the male leaned back upon the sofa.

“hm?” he drawled out, eyes closed. Even though he hadn’t slaughtered everyone, he still had his illness, but he was determined to make the most of his life.

“Do you think the curtains are ugly?”

Itachi opened one eye, peering at the smaller person next to him before glancing to the curtains. “N— they are rather dull, aren’t they?” seemed to be his response.

“That’s why i was wondering if you’d want to go shopping for some new things?” Y/N responded.

Since i have horrible focus on everything i ever do, im going to do some bullet points.

  • The two do end up shopping, Itachi helping pick out the new design for the living area.
  • The living room was set up and had some peach curtains, along with a new rug and glass coffee table, end tables and a sofa.
  • The arranging took a few hours, afterwards Itachi and Y/N celebrate with making cookies and eating them together.
  • Itachi wore an apron, flour on him and even in his hair.

God I’m sorry this sucked.

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I like MHA more than Naruto, but something I like about Naruto more than MHA is the difference between Deku and Rock Lee.

Deku wants to be a hero. Rock Lee wants to be a ninja. But uh-oh! Deku finds out he’s quirkless while Rock Lee finds out he can only do Taijutsu.

So, how do they both overcome this obstacle in order to reach their goal?

Both characters train extremely hard under a mentor that they idolize. But Deku trains so that he can gain All Might’s quirk, while Rock Lee trains so that he can become a master of taijutsu. And while that difference may seem small, it’s what makes me appreciate Rock Lee more.

Deku trained to gain a power that he was missing, while Rock Lee trained to accomplish his goal without that power.

And I think Rock Lee’s story is a lot more personal and inspiring to people, because many of us are born with disadvantages in life, whether they be physical, mental, emotional, economic, social, etc. Many of us can’t get rid of this like Deku was able to. But we can focus on our strengths and find ways to work around our disadvantages in order to reach our goals.

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