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#nasty in the pasty
kiellessa · 3 years ago
I hope I’m not the only one dreading
Rin going and pulling a Fry [from Futurama], if the past is where he’s headed.
“I did the nasty in the past-y!”
Please forgive the utterly horrible, fast edit. Edit: took two extra seconds to fix it. Still horribad, but a little better.
Tumblr media
“I’m my own father!”
So, so wrong on so, so many levels, but it came to me and it wouldn’t leave until I posted this. 
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doodleodds · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
AKA, akechi doesnt know how to interact with akira like a normal person so he just. doesn’t
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cursetale · 2 years ago
How much did you study on Japanese history for Sanzu's first comic?
I think this question is really important to address!
First thing’s first, I’m a nasty pasty whitey and I ain’t gonna touch historical culture- I just CAN’T, it’s not my place to represent and I don’t trust my knowledge.
I’ve decided that this story is simply about a boy, who happens to be from somewhere else in the world, who goes out on pirate-like adventures :Dc (( TBH I’m using pirates of the Caribbean as my guidelines! ))
History and culture isn’t meant to be touched or messed with by me @A@” There WILL be influences, but DEAR GOD I will keep my distance . The LAST thing I want to do is dip my toes in someone else’s soup. RUDE!
Tumblr media
(( Unless Pirates of the Caribbean is offensive and my white privilege has blinded me to it. ))
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amariemelody · 3 years ago
We know he was just trolling Ross about the whole "feed you to my children", but I wonder if M'baku actually has kids?
Oh, hello there darling person! So sorry this took me forever to get to-school’s been kicking my ass somethin’ awful. 
But yes, hahahahaa! M’Baku was totally trolling Ross, tho he was kinda sorta serious-like we ain’t gonna eat your nasty, pasty ass but still shut yourself up when you’re in my house. LOLOL!
And I dunno if M’Baku has kids, but if he does? Here are some of my headcanons for him as a new father, teehee: 
When his wife is pregnant with their 1st child and it’s found that they’re having a girl, just about everyone-including M’Baku’s own people-think he’s salty about having a first-born girl instead of a first-born boy. 
Quite the contrary-he’s ecstatic and thrilled and elated. He could care less the gender of his child. They gon’ take over ruling the tribe when he’s gone either way. 
He has a personal hand in building & designing his baby’s nursery. Little, multicolored fish and baby gorillas and teeny mountain peaks are painted all over the walls. Her bassinet is laid down with freshly-made (skinned?) furs and pillows that are dyed all kinds of colors. 
M’Baku also personally whittles toys just for her. Baby girl got so many that they can’t even fit in her custom-made toy box. And she ain’t even born yet. 
He drops everything to be with his wife as soon as her contractions start in the middle of the night. 
He’s there the whole freakin’ time. Even when she’s squeezing his hand half to death and cursing him to the depths of hell and back. He’s there and he’s got her. 
His baby girl is born just as the dawn breaks. M’Baku ain’t never cried so much in his life. His wife all but has to punch him to get a turn at holding her child, too. 
This is hands-down the happiest day of M’Baku’s life. The only thing second to it is the day he first met his wife. 
There’s celebration all up and down Jabariland’s mountains, and even down in Wakanda as soon as the news travels. 
The celebration lasts all day and all night and it even picks up again the next day. M’Baku gets punched by his wife again because he won’t put the baby down for anything or anyone.
Baby girl brings so much joy to the Jabari tribe and to her baba for that matter. ^ ^ 
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zcommander · 6 years ago
Can i just make a vote now to stop calling it "cummies" and we all go back to calling it "the nasty in the pasty"?
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sheveloper · 6 years ago
Tumblr media
That empty feeling you get when you think about the past for too long.
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