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fixationcore · 3 years ago
Naegi: I like a stoic asshole with daddy issues
Kirigiri/Togami: *violently side-eyeing each other*
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cathedralbells · a year ago
mcr in 2008: we aren’t satanic oh my god please we are just trying to make music in peace
mcr now: actually you know what fuck you hail satan
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aroadamparrish · 2 years ago
a fox, pointing up to the roof: why is andrew up there?
neil, knowing that the truth wouldn’t make sense to anyone else:
Tumblr media
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ohh-goddamn · 7 months ago
On all levels except physical, I'm living on the "goddamn" taylor sings in ivy
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spiralsandeyes · a year ago
me: i will listen to each of the mechanisms’ albums once, just to see what it’s all about :)
me, days later, crouched in my bedroom at 2am like a fucking goblin listening to the bifrost incident for the 50th time: Y’AI NG’NGAH YOG-SOTHOTH H’EE L’GEB F’AI THRODOG UAAH -
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cathedralbells · a year ago
destroya? more like “the sound of everyone who didn’t think gerard was hot anymore being proved wrong”
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malewifeasahi · 4 months ago
wlw gaybait roller derby anime when
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deckerstqr · 2 years ago
oh my god, you guys
it bloody freaking worked. remember how Amenadiel and basically everyone up in heaven wanted Lucifer to get his ass back to hell in s1? remember how God freaking created Chloe in order to get Lucifer back on his job? it finally worked. they got Lucifer to fall in love with Chloe and now he’s officially back. in hell. oh my god. this is all part of some big plan what the fuck !!! i have no idea what they’re going to do next but holy shit is it going to be Huge. and i’m pretty sure they’re revealing more later but now that he finally Done Did It is he ever going to come back? what’s the next step in God’s plan for deckerstar? in this essay i will-
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spiralsandeyes · a year ago
listen i’m just saying
- bad relationship with mother - has a preferred name that his mother does not use - “poorly-dyed black hair” - Large Coat - friends with michael
gerry keay is trans
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j0succ · a month ago
You don’t choose and reader gets the fucking of their life time by all three men. 😌💕
every concept we have almost always ends in a threesome, eventually we're going to have to choose one man to stay with. here are your options:
- sukuna, your neighbor. pierced, tattooed, muscled. amazing cook, smarter than he looks, drives a motorbike. but has fucked half the girls in your city, flirts very hard and grins at you, you feel afraid he would fuck you and get bored of you.
- gojo, possible boyfriend - handsome, cute, makes you laugh, makes you feel good. also might be a little bit of a fuck boy, but seems determined to be an Actual Boyfriend where you're concerned. regular customer of the coffee shop you work at. finds teasing your neighbor very funny.
- nanami, possible boyfriend - work friend of gojo, regular customer of the coffee shop you work at. sweet, kind, but a little unnerving upon first contact - not very good at People. also an amazing cook - gets on really well with sukuna, surprisingly?
! ! ! BONUS OPTIONS ! ! !
- geto, co-worker, friend of gojo and nanami, single father. very polite, very mysterious, smiles at you at work and you feel your heart speed up. reserved, but you hear him joking with gojo when the latter comes in to order some kind of hideous sugary concoction and you wonder if you could make him laugh, too. really good at diy (he's had to build so many toys for his daughters), sukuna meets him when he's helping you build a new wardrobe. sukuna immediately sees him as a rival - if you needed Manly help like that, why didn't you ask him? is actually kind of jealous of geto's cute twin daughters. he bets he gets all the chicks with that routine.
- mahito, annoying friend of sukuna. also rides a motorbike, also has a fuckboy thing going on, just isn't quite as cool as sukuna so doesn't pull it off as well. former philosophy student and drop-out who just mooches from his mom and little brother and sells weed on the side for his other expensive habits. would really like to see you naked. knows sukuna has a crush on you but that hasn't stopped him sending sukuna texts detailing exactly what he'd like to do to you.
- naoya, your boss at the coffee shop (nepotism; his family own the chain). gets all up in your personal space because he isn't at all trying to hide the fact he's Interested In You, but you deal regularly with a stream of crying girls and guys at the shop that naoya has let down (and instructed you to lie to; he's NOT in the shop today, actually--) and don't want to be another notch in his bedpost. toxic. really kinda handsome, though, and rich--
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malewifeasahi · 5 months ago
click it click it click it
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ohh-goddamn · 19 days ago
You told me you loved me, so why did you
Tumblr media
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spiralsandeyes · a year ago
concept: jon playing fetch with hunt!daisy, but like, with his own rib
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hauntedemoji · 2 years ago
for the si community: are you a ‘my self insert is exactly like me’ person, ‘my self insert is me but way cooler’ person or ‘my self insert is an oc very different from me’ person?
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j0succ · a month ago
"just the tip" dabi, who already knows for a fact that he's gonna ram that dick all the way inside with no warning and really it's your fault for believing him
you hesitantly palm the heavy weight of him in your hand, anxiously glancing at the ladder of piercings decorating his shaft as you tremulously murmur; ‘w-will I feel them?’
dabi - arrogant, condescending, ‘knows better than you because he’s smart and experienced and you’re just a silly little virgin who should be glad he gives you the time of day’ - ‘said ‘just the tip’ didn’t i, doll? you’ll only feel the one at the top, if y’even feel any—‘
you’re still hesitant as you lie back because dabi has a history of lying to you and then coaching it in that insidious insistent voice of his as if it’s your fault that he does it - but his hands are gentle for once, burning like fire in his fingertips as he grips your hips and urges your thighs apart - as he looks down with his eyes flaming turquoise bright—
‘aww, good,’ he says, eyeing the junction between your thighs. ‘you’re nice n’ wet, doll—‘ one of your hands fastens around burned skin and he hisses, staring at you - your pretty face, lip pouting, eyes shadowed with worry.
‘j-just the tip, right?’ you swallow, voice very small. ‘d-dabi?’
he gives you a sickly sweet smile, out of place on his face which is more made for manic grins. ‘just the tip,’ he reassures you, sliding the head through your slit to punctuate his point. ‘i promised, didn’t i?’
he pushes himself entirely inside of you with one thrust and you feel every barbell his cock is pierced with <3
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spiralsandeyes · a year ago
martin tries to get jon to smite oliver except jon just goes “ceaseless watcher turn your gaze upon this hot man” and the eye does but it doesnt do anything bad to oliver it just stares really intensely at his ass and then leaves
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bugband · 2 years ago
Reply to this with the most cursed images you have of each Beatle
okey *cracks knuckles*
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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aroadamparrish · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
[ID: A top text / bottom text meme that has one set of text partially obscuring another set. The meme image is the logo for I Am In Eskew.
The immediately apparent text says, “Listen to me / I am just a horror podcast.” The text obscured beneath it says, “You will feel / every emotion.” /end ID]
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