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cassyluthor · 2 days ago
Imagine you and Natasha training
Tumblr media
You trained alone in the base training room. You hit a punching bag trying to relax but it didn't work. Today you missed the opportunity to go on a mission with Thor, Captain America and Tony. You wanted to go on a mission for a very long time, you wanted to prove to them that you are a talented fighter just like Natasha, but Nick Fury refused, on the grounds that you are not ready yet. You kept hitting this bag until a familiar voice caught your eye.
"Hmm, I wonder what that bag did to you to deserve such blows," Natasha said from behind you.
"Nothing," he said quickly, continuing to strike. Why are you here ? You shouldn't be with the them in Japan, saving who knows what city.
"I turned down the mission," Nat said.
- Why would you do this ? , you stopped abruptly and turned to her.
"Because I know how important this mission was to you, and how you were turned down, I thought I'd stay here with you and train you a little ." So, what do you say ? If I win you wash the dishes for a week, and if you win you get a surprise prize.
"Are you challenge me, Romanoff?" , you smiled as you approached her.
- Maybe, so you accept?
- Be ready to lose.
The fight was intense, you tried countless times to bring it down, but it always blocked your movements or avoided them. Her fighting style was different from yours, but after a few minutes you adapted the same way she did when you used your own fighting style. You were on the same level, none of you wanted to give up, but you decided to use the secret movement that Yelena had taught you a few weeks ago. Movement that caught Natasha. Now you were sitting on the floor, smiling.
"I won," you said happily
- That was Yelena's move, nice fight.
- Thank you, your moves are amazing . Now what is my prize ?
With a single movement Nat was now above you, and you couldn't say anything because your lips had met hers forming a kiss full of passion and desire. You both fought for a while , for supremacy but in the end she win . Now Nat is whispering something in your ear, something that made you very happy.
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waspswidows · 2 days ago
So confession: I'm completely in love with black widow....
Confession? Me too baby, me too
She is the love of my life, I mean my url on here is (partly) named after her🥺🥰🖤✨💫
More Natasha photo dumb incoming bc I miss her sm💔✨🖤
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
- Hope🐝
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romanoffsgal · a day ago
Natasha is a really big fan of James Bond, at that point that she tries to be like him, bite me
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deannamb · a month ago
Tumblr media
Happy ugly sweaters time!
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captainmarvall · 6 months ago
if you look closely you can see how she got less sexualized in every movie
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
sad that it took nearly 10 years
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mayalopxz · a month ago
One bed
Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Summary - Being sent on a mission with someone you were massively crushing on wasn't the worse thing that could happen, but having to share a bed was...Right?
Not my GIF!!
Tumblr media
You pushed the door open and immediately freeze. The bag on your shoulder, only containing the necessary clothing for a day, dropped to the floor. Natasha walked in behind you, stopped to look around the room and sighed. Just like you did to your bag, she let hers drop to the ground.
"You're sleeping on the floor." She announced, walking further into the room just to collapse onto the only, single, bed in the room. Letting out a sarcastic laugh, you kneeled on the floor to open your bag, taking out a towel and some clothes for the night, since you both were still in your suits.
Your mission was hours from New York, so instead of waiting for a jet to come pick you up in the rainy weather outside, you decided to rent a room for the night in the closest and the sketchiest motel ever.
"I'm showering and you're sleeping on the floor." You heard her scoff, but nothing else was said as you turned on the shower.
It wasn't that you and Nat hated each other. The main reason why you didn't want to interact with her was because of the feeling that surfaced when you were around her. You had no idea why she was so mean to you, but you didn't care. That way, you wouldn't have to be reminded that you were absolutely in love with her.
You finished showering and put on your clothes, folding your suit neatly to put in your bag when you left the bathroom.
"Took your time." Nat mentioned, picking up her bag and locking herself in the bathroom as well. You were about to say something back when you realised that you had the bed to yourself, which meant you'd get to pick who slept on the bed. Smiling to yourself, you put your hair up and jumped onto the bed, taking in the next 10 minutes of silence before Nat would come out the shower.
"Absolutely not." Nat shook her head when she saw you on the bed.
"Absolutely," You smiled from under the covers. She didn't seem amused. Crossing her arms over her chest, she seemed to think for a second. She shrugged and started walking towards you.
"What are you doing?" You asked, leaning your body up with your elbows.
"Well I'm not sleeping on the floor so you'll have to share." She lifted the covers and climbed beside you, squishing you between her and the wall.
"Watch it." You huffed, moving annoyingly to get yourself comfortable, making sure to knock into her. During the night, she'd constantly elbow your side. You weren't sure if it was on purpose, but it pissed you off to the point that you physically ripped the cover off of her just to piss her off. You were convinced she was taking up all the space despite knowing how small the bed was.
"(Y/N) I swea-"
"Don't elbow me then." You grabbed the cover even tighter, prepared for her to rip it out of your grip like she did the previous three times. But to your surprise she remained still. Furrowing your eyebrows you turned so your body faced her, but the second you turned and she saw you weren't holding the cover properly, she grabbed her end and covered herself, leaving you cold. She held it tight so you couldn't rip it from her anymore.
"Romanoff-" You started but was cut off when she moved. Her hand reached under the covers and over your stomach, pulling herself over you and staying there. You froze, your arms kinda floating upwards because at was literally laying on your stomach, between your legs.
"What are you doing?"
"Stop complaining and go to sleep." She responded, laying her head on your chest. You couldn't really tell if this was a trick, but this way she wouldn't elbow and both of you would have the quilt that lay over Nat and you at the same time.
"Your heart's racing." She didn't fail to mention. You could hear the smirk in her voice as she said it.
"Stop complaining and go to sleep." You mimicked her words a minute before and then it fell silent. You remained awake until she fell asleep. Her breathing became shallow and even, her hold on you relaxed a bit and she melted into your touch.
With a bit of hesitation, you put your arms on her back, your thumbs rubbing up and down when she flinched in her sleep at the contact.
Sometime later after your heart rate decreased to normal again, you also fell asleep, scared about how awkward it will be in the morning. Upon waking up, you found yourself hugging Nat again. This time, you were on your side with your head on her chest while she lay on her back on the bed. Her hand ran up and down your back but stopped when you stirred.
"You awake?" She asked, feeling her eyes burn holes onto the top of your head.
"Yeah." You whispered, closing your eyes again. You felt Nat shuffle a bit and then something land next to you.
"Someone called you." Your eyebrows creased and you grabbed the phone, scrolling to your recent calls. Nat saw what you were doing since you were still laying on her. Fury's name popped up and you both tensed. You internally questioned why he didn't call Nat first. She seemed to have the same question because you felt her stretch to reach her phone.
"He didn't call me." She said, throwing her phone on her stomach beside your hand. "Check your voice messages. You did as she told, eyes half opened because you were still half asleep. Putting it on speaker, you let your phone lay on Nat's stomach and you both listened in.
"I called you and not Nat because she'd freak out and I don't know what you're doing at 11 A.M. but the jet we sent to you is late because Rogers broke the controls. Sit tight for another couple hours." Fury's voice got cut off.
You checked the time on your phone and was almost choked on air. 12:34 P.M.
"That explains why he didn't call me," She huffed, not seeming to care about the time. You simply hummed, and leaned more against her side.
"Why would you freak out? Am I that bad?" You asked, rubbing your face in hopes your tiredness would go away. She didn't immediately respond, instead she tensed again and she threw her head into the pillows behind her.
"You're not bad.…at all." She finally said after minutes of silence. Your hands fell to your side and you furrowed your brows.
"No? Thanks for making that clear." You said sarcastically, looking to the side in attempt to see her. When it didn't work you decided to completely twist so you laid on your stomach, an arm over her stomach as you waited for a response.
She kept staring at the ceiling, sighing deeply before she looked down at you. You raised an eyebrow, a little confused without an explanation. Her eyes remained on you, scanning your face before she huffed out a breath of air. She picked her body up with her elbows and shimmied down into the bed, making you push yourself off of her for a second before her face ended in front of yours.
"I'Il just show you." She leaned in, connecting her lips with yours. To say you were shook was an understatement. You'd never gotten the vibe that she was into you. A damn good spy. The kiss lasted a couple seconds before she pulled away, scared of moving too fast or scaring you off. You just looked her in the eyes when you she pulled away.
She seemed nervous. The kind of nervous you'd never seen on her. You didn't think twice. You reached up and cupped her cheek just to bring her lips into yours again. You felt her smile into the kiss, and after a couple of seconds she shifted slowly so she could move on top of you. You both knew you didn't want more than this, not for now anyway, but the pure comfort of having her close was enough. She laid on your body while her lips got more confident, legs tangling with one another. She pulled away, staring into your eyes, she smiled.
"I wanted to do that for a while." She admitted, laying her head next to yours on the pillow beside you. Your noses almost touched with how close you were laying, making you smile too.
"Me too."
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widow-maximov · a month ago
Damn tumblr smh! Okay here’s the request:
Natasha x Avenger fem!reader where during a sparring session between the two, Nat throws a VERY strong left hook at reader’s face by accident, causing a bleed and heavy bruising. Reader actually stays calm and quiet and leaves to go clean up without saying a word to her girlfriend. Nat, on the other hand, is horrified by her act and tries to apologize to reader for the rest of the day but reader ignores her for the rest of the day. And at night, Natasha is mopey and sad that her girlfriend won’t talk to her until reader approaches her with a hug and says she just needed some time to cool off to avoid an argument. Reader forgives Nat and cuddles at the end! (Hopefully it sent! -👊)
Harsh blow
Pairing: Natasha x Reader
Warning: The usual tags I don’t really know what other tags would go here, just enjoy :3
Summary: You thought training with your girlfriend would be just as fun as spending time with her, well a bruised face really proved you wrong.
Word count: 4.8k
My requests are always open so feel more than welcome to pop in a suggestion for the next story :3
There was many things that you loved about Natasha, it was her courage, confidence, style and many more but what you loved the most about her was her passion.
Her passion for being better in practically anything she could master, it was really inspiring to see her be so strong to get where she wanted to be.
Before dating you, the two of you were still close enough for you to notice how crazy she was with training, if it wasn't for you and the team, she would train 24/7.
She tried to take you with her to training but her training hours were insane, 4am to 6am, an hour break and 7am to 9am then breakfast, some time with the team or missions and then back to training at 6pm to 8pm unless of course she agreed to watch a movie with you then it would be at least an hour of training.
As feelings started to develop beyond friendship between the two of you, her obsession with training died down a little but that didn't mean she wouldn't train.
You were the opposite, you liked training but not to the extend where you would feel like you had been ran over by a car, it was too exhausting but it was a good challenge and you liked it... sometimes of course.
With time, laying in with Natasha became a normal thing that she actually came around to liking, you gave her the reason she needed to stay just a bit longer in bed since she didn't have nightmares anymore.
Before dating, Natasha tried her best to convince you to train with her but lord you were not going to wake up at 4am to have her beat you till you gave your last breath and expect to be alive for any events that day.
You always refused her, not only because you didn't have the energy to wake up at 4am but also because seeing Natasha in clothes that were far too revealing made you wet instantly.
You would've rather just have her be a little mad at you than accidently moan when she floored you or even ended up on top of you.
But of course since then time has passed and now you were her girlfriend so even if you still had butterflies at the sight of her, you were able to calm it.
That didn't mean just because you refused her couple of times, she wasn't going to give up. She wanted to train with you because she just wanted more time with you.
So in this moment, as the two of you were in bed, just enjoying some good peaceful time with each other, she used it as an opportunity to plead to you.
"Come on Y/n, train with meee" She had her bottom lip stuck out as she stared at you with puppy eyes.
If you told anyone that the infamous Black Widow just pulled the puppy card on you, everyone would just laugh at you and think you must've hit your head.
You giggled at her and placed a soft kiss on her nose "I don't want to wake up at 6am for you to kill me"
She rolled her eyes at you overexaggerating "I wouldn't kill you, plus it's good for your body to get that much energy in the morning"
You scoffed "Yeah right! I get energy from my sleep, no thank you"
She placed her hand on your check after tucking some hair behind your ear "Fine, it doesn't have to be in the morning, just before dinner so then you can just relax with the team and eat"
You sighed knowing that your redhead girlfriend wasn't going to give up "Okay, okay, I will train with you"
She smirked, she got you to train with her finally and she was happy, causing her arms to squeeze around you tighter, with a victorious smile across her face as she cuddled further into you.
Before you could register what was happening, Natasha flipped the two of you, ending up on top of you as you yelped "Natasha!"
She had a huge smile across her lips as she started to attack you with kisses, causing you to laugh as she managed to tickle you "Nat stop it!"
She didn't say a word, just continued to torture you with her tickling and smooching any skin on your body that she could reach, you manged to grab at her shoulders and push her away from you.
You breathed heavily as you stared at her, she had a smirk across her lips "What are you doing?"
"I don't know what you are talking about, I'm just trying to kiss you but you keep moving away" She was messing with you, she knew how much that started you off.
"You're a dick you know" You had a smirk across your face now as your hands travelled to her neck.
"If I was a dick you wouldn't be dating me since you don't like dicks" She tried to sound like a smartass.
But you smirked with your brows slightly raised "You know there are plenty of dick that would date me, let me just-" You tried to get up but she didn't let you.
She shook her head as her smile fell a little "Nope, mine" She smashed her lips against yours, holding you back as one of your hands tangled with her hair.
She pulled away as she placed her ear on your chest, closing her eyes and wrapping her arms around you, listening to your slightly calm heartbeat as your hands played with her hair.
You placed a kiss on top of her head and just let couple more minutes before having to get up and face today. You were thankful today was an easy day because after missions you would definitely die at the training.
As Natasha was with Tony and Clint, figuring out the next step to gain more information on Hydra, you and Wanda decided to spend some time together.
You always loved cooking and when you found out that Wanda was in love with cooking too, you two became cooking buddies, since it wasn't far from dinner, you decided to help out before having to train with Natasha.
It was going almost peaceful until Carol strolled in, people would ask what's wrong with Carol? Well nothing but she seemed to never get the hint about you.
"Hey there Y/n" She spoke as she leaned on the door frame.
You briefly looked up "Hey Carol"
She had a smirk across her lips "Hey Y/n?"
You looked up again at her as you hummed in response to which she spoke "Your breasts remind me of Mount Rushmore... My face should be among them"
Wanda almost peed herself at the lame pick up line as she turned to face Carol as well, you on the other hand weren't laughing but felt a little uncomfortable.
"Carol-" Before you could even try to scold her for the bad flirting.
She continued "Wait I have another one-" She paused as she stood up straight "I lost my teddy bear..." She pulled a little sad expression "Can I sleep with you instead?"
That definitely had Wanda rolling, but that didn't discourage Carol, you looked over at Wanda and elbowed her which stopped her from laughing.
"I don't understand why you keep trying Carol" You spoke this time continuing what you were doing before the blonde showed up.
"You are worth every try Y/n" She confessed as she took a step closer.
What the three of you failed to notice was Natasha who stood not far as she waited for you to just reject her, she was cringing at the pick up lines but she noticed that you were slightly amused by them.
You rolled your eyes at her to which she smiled "So like did you finally break up with Natasha?"
You raised your brows at her question as if this was a normal thing to ask "Unfortunately for you, and fortunately for me, no"
She smirked as she walked closer "You know I could fuck you twice as good"
If it wasn't for Wanda in the kitchen with you, you knew that Carol would've made a move on you, good that you were practically glued to Natasha.
Wanda spat out the food she was tasting as she faced the two of you with literal shock across her face, you definitely didn't expect that "You know if Natasha heard you right now, you would definitely be in big trouble"
She was close to saying something when the your girlfriends voice made itself into the room "I heard.."
Carol turned around with slight fear in her eyes, you peaked out of Carol to see Natasha's jaw clenched at the woman in front of her "I can definitely show you how I can fuck you up"
You placed the knife down as you walked over to Natasha's side, and you were instantly pulled into her "Nat it's okay.."
She looked down at you "Is it though?"
You nodded but she couldn't seem to shake off the anger, you looked at Carol "Scramble before she actually throws you out of a window"
Carol nodded and definitely ran out of there faster than ever, you looked up at Natasha "Are you okay?"
She nodded stiffly as she looked down at you "Are you?"
You nodded with a half smile, she forced a smile back "Ready to go?"
You nodded and waved Wanda goodbye as the two of you made your way towards the training room, the thing is Natasha was still angry, not at you but at Carol and most of the time she used training as a way to get out her emotions.
Something about beating the hell out of a punching bag was relaxing for her so not knowing that, you walked into the training room after changing into training clothes.
She was warming up whilst you stretched a little bit just to be prepared for anything, you walked up to Natasha "Are you ready?"
She turned to face you and she just simply nodded, you started off with your pose and so did she, she looked focused on you, analysing your every move.
Throughout the training you managed to land a few hits on Natasha but mostly it was her repeatedly having the upper hand in the fight, until you landed on the floor.
In that moment you thought she would've stopped but anger was driving her, the fact that Carol could flirt with you and she just had to take it out, unintentionally on you.
You stood up as you tried to move hair out of your face and try to swing at her again but she caught your hand and threw a very strong left hook towards your face.
The punch was so strong that you ended up on the floor, couple good feet away from Natasha and with a busted lip, large bruise that made your eye go slightly black and some bleeding that came from your nose.
Natasha's body froze at the sight of you, your face was covered by your hair so she couldn't see to what extend she hurt you, you felt blood form in your mouth.
You stood up as you looked at Natasha who had her mouth covered at the sight of your face, you knew it was bad and you felt upset with how she managed to hurt you this badly.
But you stayed calm, and just walked out to get yourself cleaned up, leaving the Russian horrified by her actions "Y/n wait!"
Before she could never try to catch up, it was like you disappeared into thin air but maybe that was for the good, she didn't want to make it worse even though her heart ached as she saw how horribly she acted.
You managed to make it to the nearest toilet, as you stared at yourself in the mirror, you frowned slightly at the sight of yourself, you looked horrible, a new bruise forming on your check.
You opened the mirror and saw the first aid kit, you took it out and started to clean yourself, trying to keep a straight face whilst disinfecting the wounds.
But that's nearly impossible with the unbearable pain, you looked down as your jaw clenched and hitting the sink with the side of your fist, you prevent you from making any sounds.
You had tears from the pain as you looked up again, continuing again, you were just glad that you didn't have a broken nose or broken teeth.
You didn't know where Natasha was and to be fair you didn't want to see her because that would mean not having enough time to cool down.
You found your clothes that you hid in case you couldn't reach your room for some reason and changed before heading to the kitchen to grab some ice and put it into a zip lock bag.
Forgetting that dinner has started, you walked into the living room where Carol appeared behind you "Hey.."
You didn't say anything as you gave her a glare and proceeded to the kitchen to take the ice, she followed "What happened to your face?! Did she hurt you?"
You looked at her now angry "This is your fault, just leave me alone"
The way you worded it, sounded like Natasha did it on purpose but you didn't mean it like that "I'm going to kill her"
She turned around as Natasha stood there obviously worried about you but annoyed that Carol is still trying "Y/n/n, let go outside and talk okay?"
You ignored the Russian and continued to put the ice in the bag, Carol crossed her arms "As you can see she doesn't want to go anywhere with you"
"I didn't talk to you, get out of here, this isn't your business" Natasha crossed her arms now as she stood not far from Carol.
"It's my business when you lay your hands on her" The blonde narrowed her eyes at Natasha.
"I didn't lay my hands on her, this was an accident- Y/n baby, tell them" She looked over at you in hopes that you would say something.
You ignored her, grabbed your ice and just walked out, Natasha was ready to follow you but Wanda stood in the way as she raised her brows at the other redhead.
"What happened Natasha?" She asked as she gave the redhead a chance to talk.
"We went to train and I was angry and I punched Y/n too hard and now she won't talk to me" Natasha looked helpless, she didn't like how you didn't even acknowledge her.
Carol had a small smirk across her lips, even though this wasn't her intention but she wanted you to be single so she can steal you, even thought that wasn't going to happen.
Wanda dropped her hands, feeling a little bad for the Russian "Why were you angry?"
She turned to Carol "I don't like it when some individuals flirt with my girlfriend"
Carol shrugged "You should trust her more, maybe this wouldn't have been the case"
"Maybe you should shut your mouth before-" Natasha was close to just throwing another threat towards Carol.
"Natasha this way you won't make Y/n speak to you, instead of arguing, do something" Wanda got in between them as she wanted to stop something serious from happening.
"Yeah you're right, okay, what should I do?" Natasha asked after running her hand through her hair.
Carol scoffed "You don't know what your own girlfriend likes?"
Wanda narrowed her eyes at the blonde "What are you still doing here? Go join everyone else because I make you"
Carol was a little scared of the witch, and to be fair she had every right to be, the witch was able to do many things, including throwing you far away.
So the blonde did just that, and went to eat at the table whilst Wanda and Natasha came up with couple ideas to make it up to you.
Meanwhile you sat in the library, it was a rather small room with couple hundred books, you found the room extremely peaceful and it held the safety to needed at the moment.
You came here often, to read or even watch some movies that no one liked, it was your space but of course dating Natasha meant no secrets whether you knew that she knew or not.
So she knew about this place and sometimes she would spend her time with you here but she preferred the living room with the team and that was fine, you liked it here and respected it when she would rather just mess around with the rest of the team.
As you sat in a chair, having your phone next to you and headphones on to listen to music as you were reading your book, it was a way to forget anything that was bothering you.
But of course your peace didn't last long, your music was interrupted by the sight of Natasha carrying you food that Wanda prepared, she had a sheep smile across her lips as she walked towards you.
"Here детка (baby)" She placed it down next to you but your eyes seemed to only linger over the food for couple of seconds before going back to reading.
As much as your body was begging to be against Natasha's, you were too upset by what she did, even if it wasn't intentional, she could've told you that she rather train alone.
She nodded at no words from you, her eyes fell on the ice that was laying next to you "Do you want me to bring you new ice?"
No answer.
Natasha felt a little nervous at your silence "Y/n/n.. I'm sorry" she kneeled down as she tried to get your attention "I'll make it up to you"
You didn't even bother looking at her, you didn't want a fight to break out, you really care about her but you were allowed to be upset.
She sighed as she stood up and walked out to prepare her next idea how to make you talk to her again, you looked up at her as you sighed, grabbing the food and eating it since you were hungry.
After couple hours of peace, you managed to finish your book as you walked to the kitchen to place the dishes after eating the food, you made your way out of the living room, suddenly the redhead appeared in front of you.
She held flowers, chocolates, your favourite ones too "I bought these for you"
She handed you those as she smiled widely at you, being confident that this will make you speak, but you just looked at her and walked on with the things in hand.
She frowned at no words from you, how could she fail at making you speak to her, usually it worked if you were sad, she hating this but that didn't mean she would give up.
She even ended up cooking something for you, but that didn't mean that it was okay for nearly breaking your teeth, you weren't as upset as you were when it happened.
Actually you were pretty calm but you just needed some time to yourself, you held the cold liquid to your face, it wasn't ice anymore but just water.
That's when Natasha walked in again, this time with some other food that she prepared, she placed it down and waited for some sort of word to leave your mouth.
Her eyes fell on the bag full of water "Let me change that for you"
Before you could even give it to her, she took it out of your hands and just walked out, she came back really quickly with ice that held just little bit of water.
She handed it to you "I heard that ice with water makes it better for the swelling to go down.."
You gave her a half nod and just placed it on your face, the Russian felt extremely guilty for what has happened, it was never her intention to hit you that hard, she was planning to have a productive training with you, teach you something but instead she upset you.
It has been hours and there was no word from you at all, she was missing your voice and your warmth, she just wanted to be in your arms again.
Natasha walked out with her head hanging slightly low, she was running out of ideas, she knew she could prepare the best night possible for you but the question was if you even would turn up.
She strolled to Wanda, she just needed some comfort but Wanda was no where to be found so she just sat in the living room, as she waited for Wanda to appear after sending her a message.
It was only after couple hours that Wanda showed up, Steve was briefing her over some things and walking her through some things for an upcoming mission.
Your mood changed as well, no longer upset and filled with slight anger, you were sad. As much as you were wounded that Natasha manged to hurt you, you wanted to be in her arms, they were your safety even if that was slightly in question after today.
You managed to stumble out of the library at the same time as Wanda arrived to Natasha's rescue, you walked without any thought until you stopped at Wanda's voice.
"What's wrong Nat?" She asked quite worried about her friend.
"I tried everything Wands, literally everything but nothing is working and I'm just worried" Natasha spilled with ease, Wanda always gave that safety vibe, you knew you could trust her.
You stood still as you listened, feeling your heart speed up at your girlfriends words, feeling guilt slowly surface up, maybe her actions crossed a line but you weren't any better.
"Heyy" Wanda spoke placing her hand on Natasha's arm "You just have to give it time Nat, you did the most you could and now it's all up to Y/n"
The Russian nodded at the Sokovian's words "I know but I am hurting too, I never wanted to hurt her, god that was the last thing I could ever want"
"I know I deserve it in a way, I should've told her that today wasn't the best day for training, I know she would've done everything in her power to make my day better but for some reason I went against my better judgement and ended up hurting her" Natasha just couldn't hold it, she wanted to tell you but she knew nothing would come out of your mouth.
"And Carol was right, if I just trusted her more and just ignored Carol then this wouldn't have happened, but sometimes it's just so annoying to see someone constantly flirt with the person you love" Natasha confessed to why it was really bothering her.
Wanda nodded "Thank you for telling me this but it's Y/n that needs to hear this, lack of communication is what gotten the two of you into this situation"
Natasha hummed in awareness of the other redheads words "Yeah you're right, I need to talk to her"
In that moment you ran, you panicked, you could've just walked in and had that conversation with her but you panicked, it was as if fear controlled your body instead of your mind.
It was what you wanted but you just needed a second to think this through, you found yourself on the roof, taking a deep breath of the fresh chilling air.
You pulled out your phone to check the time but your phone was dead, you sighed and after couple deep breaths and longer minutes, you finally decided to speak with Natasha.
You managed to glance up at a watch and see that it was quite late so as you finally huffed out the fear out of your body, you opened the door to your shared bedroom.
Natasha came back to the room soon after the conversation with Wanda and started to finish off her reports that she started earlier on but at the sound of the door, she immediately stood up.
There was no words coming out from both of your mouths, you just walked up to her and hugged her, letting couple tears slowly slide down your face.
The embrace held so much emotions behind it, it felt like you were away for years instead of hours, Natasha held you so tightly as if you would leave again.
"I was worried I would have to sleep alone tonight" She whispered in your ear.
You chuckled whilst pulling away, wiping away the tears that fallen down your face, being careful of the still fresh bruise "I don't think I could sleep alone"
"Y/n I'm really sorry.. I'm so sorry that I wish I had that bruise on my face instead of you" Natasha gently placed her hand over your check, letting her thumb touch the tender places.
You saw she was saying the truth "Nat, it's okay. I just needed some time to cool down because I didn't want an argument. I'm sorry too baby.." Your hands travelled to her neck, keeping your gaze on her.
"I heard what you said to Wanda and I wish you told me that but it's okay, I guess it's something we both need to work on" You confessed and Natasha nodded, not saying a word, just letting your voice travel through her ears.
"Yeah I should've handled it a little bit better but it's Carol that's making me want to kill her" Natasha confessed, recalling her feelings about Carol.
You smiled slightly "Baby but you know there will be other people not just Carol, people who will want you and want me but if we handle situations like this then they will win and we will fail"
She nodded with a smile across her face and a single tear falling down her face, she placed her forehead against yours "You are right, but I will still want to kill everybody who thinks they can take you"
You giggled "And I will tell you repeatedly that I only want you"
Natasha smirked "I like that, I should threaten more people for you to say that more often"
You shook your head against her forehead "Or I can just tell you that till we both die together"
Natasha smiled widely "Or that too, yeah I guess your option sounds better"
Natasha leaned in to kiss you after hours of torture she went through, even though your lip was slight swollen, it didn't matter, it was everything she wanted.
She pulled away "Can we talk about the rest of this tomorrow?"
You nodded eagerly "I think that would be the best, I need sleep"
She smiled as she waited for you to change so she can finally get the cuddles she was so dearly missing, you looked over at the reports that were left unfinished "Are you not going to finish?"
She shook her head "No, now get in bed, I want my cuddles"
You shook your head in slightly disappointment that was more in a playful manner as you claimed inside the bed and she almost instantly attached herself to you.
You didn't mind, you missed this as much as her, it was well deserved for both, she finally had you talking to her and could finally fall asleep knowing that you were safe and sound.
"I missed you, you, your voice, everything about you" Natasha lets out as she looked up at you.
You half smile as you look into her eyes "I missed you too, I love you Tasha"
She smiled widely at your words "I love you too дорогой (darling)"
But that smile didn't stay too long as a smirk appeared "You know I heard the pick up lines that Carol used on you"
You rolled your eyes "Ugh please, don't remind me"
"I don't knowwww, You seemed pretty amused from where I stood" Natasha raised her brows as she disagreed with you.
"What? Please I felt like I was going to throw up, they were awful" You tried to delete those lines out of your head.
Natasha smirked as she ended up on top of you, wedging herself in between your legs, you didn't really realise what she was doing until you felt her pressing against you.
"What are you doing?" You eyed Natasha slightly.
"Well you know that Mount Rushmore line was quite interesting.."
Your eyes widen slightly "No, you're not going to shove your face in my boobs!"
"I deserve this after today!"
"Natasha don't you dare-"
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agentofbarnes · 6 months ago
Dirty thot of the day: Petal asking if she can kiss/suck/bite Nat's tits. C-can I touch?
can i touch? ~ natasha
warnings || implied smut, lil bit of thigh riding, titty sucking, innocence kink, sweet!reader, reader is gay but very new to being with girls bc she didn’t realize she was gay until she was a adult, idk if that’s a trope but here we are, nat being her gay awakening, i’ll be honest this borderlines little!reader but with no age regression, mommy kink, major dumbification, scissoring
this is part of widow’s bite au
Tumblr media
Natasha had been very delicate with you, admiring her perfect pillow princess and just focusing on you becoming comfortable with your sexuality. She kept you hidden from the world, keeping you to herself for just a little longer until you felt ready to come out.
Tonight was one of the rare events that Natasha had to dress to the nines for, a social gala that you had declined to go to. You had been working anyway, and it was one thing to accept you were a lesbian, but to announce it to the world that you were in a relationship with an Avenger….it just seemed so intimidating.
When she came home, you were practically drooling at her stunning appearance. Her hair were in an updo, the red lock being pulled by down by her manicured nails in one fail swoop as she let loose. Your jaw dropped, watching as it happened almost as if it were in slow motion as she shook out her hair.
Natasha smirked at your short circuitedbrain, how your glance fell to the swells of her plump breasts that were pushed up by her bra in the tight black gown.”Naughty girl, my eyes are up here,”Natasha playfully scolded, grabbing your chin and making you look her in the eyes. Your cheeks burn hot at her touch and you want to shy away. You wish for the floor to swallow you whole under the dark gaze in the widow’s eyes.
“What, can’t get your words out, huh? Have I made you dumb already?” She pouted her plump lipstick stained lips out at you mockingly,”Is that what you are? Are you my dumb baby girl?”
You are a puddle of arousal under her heat gaze, taking your bottom lip between your teeth as avert your shy and shameful gaze away from the seductive lips you wish were marking your skin.”Yes,”You whispered out bashfully.
Natasha smirked in response, practically feeling the heat coming off of your cheeks from her mocking words,”Why don’t you tell me what that dumb baby brain of yours wants? You gotta ask, petal, or I’ll give you nothing.”
You whined involuntarily, the noise slipping out between your lips as her manicured nail traced down your jugular then over your collarbone.
“I want…it’s embarrassing,”You sighed out, poking your tongue out to wet your lips before your eyes darted down to steam a quick hungry glance at the voluptuous breasts she practically pressed against you. It only pushed them into view further, making salvia pool in your mouth.
“Oh, I see,”Natasha chuckled teasingly, the tip of her red painted lips tilted up as she turned around,”Unzip me, petal.”
Your breath caught in your throat, fingers nearly shaking as you took the metal zipper between your fingers. You didn’t know if you would ever stop being so….flustered when Natasha’s clothes fell to the floor.
The redhead was just so stunning with her smooth skin, seductive smile, and skillful tongue. The lace set she had on made your knees wet, but you weren’t standing for very long at all. No, you were being pulled to the bed where Natasha leaned back in her black lace push-up bra and thin thong.
You crawled over her body, hands carefully grazing over the soft skin of all the places you wanted to touch but were far to shy to touch for too long. After shedding your sleep clothes, Natasha slotted her thigh between your legs.
“You gonna say it, baby?”
Her thigh pressed against your core, the pressure just barely grazing you in a way that makes you wanna whimper.
“Can I…please touch you?”
“What do you wanna touch, petal?”
“Your tits?”
“Please, I wanna suck on your tits, please, mommy, can I touch you?”You nearly begged, gasping out when her hands dig into the flesh of your hips before she nodded.
“Yes, petal, they’re all yours, but you’re gonna cum on my thigh, got it? Wanna get this cute pussy all nice and wet before strap up and fuck you all night long, that what you want?”
“Wanna make you feel good,”You whispered, hands fumbling with her bra and throwing it across the room. Her breasts bounce free, two swells round and the perfect side for two good handfuls.
You just act on instinct, kissing over her collarbone at first before licking uo the valley of her breasts. She massaged at one of the breasts before nipping at the other nipple.
You licked around the nub, tongue swirling around the sensitive bud until hardened. It was then that you started to suck, eyes fluttering shut when Natasha’s hands brushed hand over your hair.
“That’s it, fuck, my poor dumb baby, just need mommy’s tits, didn’t you?”
You whimpered when she pushed her thigh up against you, reminding you rock your hips against her. You obeyed her unspoken command immediately, getting lost in the bliss of getting everything you want. ‘cause face it, you were spoiled.
You pulled off of her with a pop, leaving her nipple glistening with salvia. You left a trail of spit between your lips and the sensitive bud, and Natasha cursed in Russian at the image of her innocent girlfriend so intoxicated by lust. You nip and suck at flesh of her breast, remembering all the times Nat had left hickies on you.
You wanted to mark her.
Natasha gasped out, head leaning back as you rutted your sopping panty clad pussy against her thigh so slowly while you claimed her. You can’t help the girlish giggle that left your lips when you see your work, gazing at Natasha as if you were waiting for her praise at the bruising mark appearance of her perfect skin.
You slowly glide your hips over her thighs, but Natasha can’t take it anymore. She flipped you over, slipping your cotton panties down your legs before discarding her lace ones.
Your cunt was dripping, slick glistening the pretty wet folds. Natasha dipped her fingers between the lips, two digits dragging through the wetness until they were covered in sweet nectar. Nat lapped up before leaning over to mold her mouth over yours, her tongue colliding with yours in sensual ecstasy. She had a way of controlling you completely, her mouth invading yours and licking you all over.
Her legs slotted over yours, smirking into your mouth with a playful bite to the lip. She licked at your tongue, sucking and nipping all she could just as your wet cores met. She had your thighs spread wide, pussy fully exposed for hers to rub against.
“Oh, god,”You mewled when Natasha rolled her hips, straddling you against the bed. Her juices mixed with yours with each rock of her hips.
Natasha hovered a over you, her hands grasping your wrists to pin them above your head. Her tits bounced with each rut of her hips, just barely hitting your face as if you were in heaven.
“That’s it, my dumb little girl, wanna hear all those pretty sounds for mommy,”Natasha demanded, rocking her hips faster chasing her own orgasm as your clits collided against one another.
“Ah, yes, m’am, oh!”You moaned out, panting and whining with every passing second. You were always vocal, so sensitive to her touch before she just knew you so well now. You kissed and licked at her tits when you could, just admiring the view this position gave you as she worked your body with skill as your juices mixed together. The bed underneath was wet, dripping from the mess of slick you both were creating.
You felt shockwaves over take you as Natasha’s arms fall on purpose, smithing you happily in between her breasts. You moaned loudly, her hips still moving as she fucks you slowly through the high as you both pant.
“Thank you,”You whispered politely, making her chuckle.
“Oh, petal, that was just the warm up, baby girl, I haven’t even started to fuck you.”
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wlwmarvelenthusiast · 4 months ago
I would love it if u wrote something with the reader being natasha’s self proclaimed arch nemesis but usually the reader just makes up stupid “evil” plans so she can see Nat and flirt with her
I hope you've seen Brooklyn Nine Nine, because R is absolutely, 100%, entirely based off Doug Judy
If Doug Judy was in love with Jake.
The Manhattan Menace
Summary: Natasha Romanoff is an Avenger, and you can only think of one way to get constant attention from an Avenger- cause trouble.
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Criminal!Reader
Warnings: None
Word Count: 4,158
Tumblr media
“Right. Officer Robinson,” you repeated. “I told you I’d only negotiate with Natasha Romanoff.”
“You can’t seriously believe that we’d bring in an Avenger for a bank robbery?”
“Tell her it’s her wife.”
“Her wife?”
“Her future wife,” you admitted with a huff. “She’ll know who I am. Twenty minutes or I shoot a hostage.”
You had no plans of shooting any hostage.
The table you sat on creaked as you hung up the phone and crossed one leg over the other, twirling the trigger loop around your finger haphazardly. You weren’t panicked or worried. You were quite calm, in fact. Even your hostages didn’t look overly worried. Of course, they had no reason to be. You’d come here for two things and two things only: money, and a chance to talk to the one and only Natasha Romanoff. Those plans didn’t include shooting any hostages, and that wasn’t going to change. You hummed as you glanced down at them, all restrained with zip ties around their wrists.
“Uh, alright,” you said, clearing your throat. “Anyone know any good stories? Knock-knock jokes?” No one answered so you continued. “Okay, okay. I got one. A man walks into a police station and asks the receptionist if he can speak to an officer. She waves over one of the officers, who asks what he can do for the man. The man only has one question: he asks the officer if it’s a crime to throw sodium chloride into people’s eyes. The police officer is taken aback and replies that it would be assault. The man rolls his eyes. ‘I know it’s a salt, Officer. Is it a crime?’.”
You didn’t get any reaction. There was only a quiet grumble from the brunette, who shot a look over at her husband.
“Tough crowd in here. Is this because I took you hostage?” You rolled your eyes. “Come on. I got you all a day off work.”
Despite the large collection of bad jokes you had stored in your brain, you didn’t bother to tell another, knowing already that you were only going to get the same reaction… or lack thereof. Instead, you stood up off the table, jumping down to the tile floor. The youngest one, a boy of about four, shuffled closer to his mother. You smiled a little at him. You sat cross-legged amongst the small, restrained crowd, leaning back and resting your weight on your arms behind you.
“Alright fine. No more jokes. How’s about we sit and chat instead?”
There was a short moment of silence before the same little boy glanced up at you. “I made a new friend at school yesterday.”
“Oh, yeah?” You chuckled. “What’s their name?”
“His name is Darren,” the boy said, a smile crossing his young features. “We played with the train set together!”
It seemed the little boy had convinced the others that there was no time like the present, forced to sit in a crowd of strangers, to get some things off their chest. It was another fifteen minutes you sat there, listening as the people around you took their turn talking. You were so invested in the current story that you almost didn’t hear the front door open. You did, though, and whirled around, without standing up, and aimed the gun straight for the passageway. Your favourite redhead stood there.
“Natty. Come on, I was just making some new friends. Can you believe Melissa’s boyfriend cheated on her with her sister? I mean what an ass!”
Without taking your gun off the Avenger, you turned for a brief moment. “Sorry, Isaac. I meant that he’s a poo-poo head.”
The child giggled.
Natasha rolled her eyes, advancing toward you, not even bothering to raise her hands above her head. She finally reached you, standing above you and giving you a very stern look. Honestly, it made her look even cuter than she usually did. You wanted to reach out and poke at the wrinkle between her eyebrows. You might have, had she not been way out of your reach from where you were still sat upon the floor.
“Get up.”
“You get down,” you countered. “Come join therapy circle.”
Natasha glanced around. “Let the hostages go.”
“They’re not hostages,” you insisted. “They’re my new friends.”
“No, we’re not. You’re holding us here against our will,” said one of the women, glaring at you from behind inch-thick glasses.
“No one asked for your opinion, Susan,” you groaned, throwing your head back.
The elderly woman didn’t argue.
You finally stood up, standing next to Natasha. The Russian rolled her eyes a second time as you poked her cheek. She didn’t smile as you’d been trying to coax her into doing. You flipped the gun again, spinning the trigger loop around your finger and then grabbing the grip to clutch it properly once more. You’d actually shot yourself practicing that, but you’d convinced yourself it might impress the assassin. It hadn’t.
“What’s all this for?” Natasha said, green eyes searching your face.
“Uh, well, there’s like fifty-thousand in the vault.”
Natasha rubbed her palm against her face. “I hate you so much.”
“Don’t say that, my dearest love.”
“I am not your love.”
“Ah, but you will be. One day,” you smiled widely. “Now. I’d say my newest invention has probably finished burning through the vault’s door, so I best be going.”
You grinned at the Russian once more. She reached for your wrist and grabbed onto it, preventing you from raising the gun. You hadn’t been trying to anyway. She’d seemingly noticed that you weren’t struggling against her grip. Her eyes flickered down to where her skin was against yours, making you smirk widely. You tilted your head to the side, a knowing expression on your lips. It made the crease between her eyebrows deepen.
“You’re not getting away this time.”
“No?” You chuckled. “Well, Miss Romanoff, riddle me this. Who’s going to stop all those escaped convicts from getting loose in the City of New York?” You could have laughed as you felt her grip loosen a little. “There’s a police car outside. The plate is 3001. Underneath the passenger seat is a list of 12 coordinates. At each of those coordinates, I’ve put a violent criminal that I broke out of Riker’s Island this morning. In exactly,” you hummed, looking down at your watch, “seven minutes, the restraints I have them placed in will automatically unlock. Now, the bomb.”
You nodded. “The timer is set for a half-hour from now. I’ll text you the code when I’m gone and sure I haven’t been followed. But I will need your number, Natty.”
Natasha hesitated, but you knew her mind had been made up. You were threatening to cause absolute chaos in the city. People could be hurt, but you’d made sure that was absolutely preventable, given they let you go. Seven minutes was plenty of time for the Avengers and the officers to round up the convicts, and a half-hour was more than enough for you to get to your destination. The only thing was that she had no comm, and she’d have to go outside to get the message to the authorities, and there was no way you were going with her. You held out a pen and your forearm.
“Number, babe.”
Natasha scribbled down her number on your skin. “I will get you one day.”
“Get me? You’ve already won me over.” You winked.
You didn’t get to hear her reply before you were headed to the vault, collected the money, and took off through the back alley. Your plan worked and, as always, you made a clean escape.
You whistled merrily as you walked through the shop, admiring the diamond rings protected behind glass cases. They sparkled in the fluorescent lights as if calling out to you. You had every intention of obeying their calls. Your hand tightened around the grip of your gun as you prepared to fire. The shop owner pleaded with you not to fire, but you weren’t listening. You aimed, and then squeezed the trigger. The loud gunshot rang through the room.
The bullet shattered the glass case. You smirked, using the barrel to knock the remaining shards out of the way before reaching in and grabbing everything that was there. You knew exactly how much time it would be before the police arrived. That had been a part of your planning in the days before you’d put your plan into action. You tossed another large diamond ring into the duffel bag you held in your hand.
“Don’t you know who I am? I wouldn’t shoot you, Benjamin.”
“But you know my name,” said the owner of the store, struggling against the bindings that held him against the chair.
“I did my research,” you shrugged. “Say, Ben- Can I call you Ben? That new car you’ve got is wicked. Mind if I try it out?”
Ben scowled. “I do mind!”
But you didn’t care whether or not he minded. You’d gotten your diamonds, and you’d already taken the keys to the Porsche from the back room. You reached into your duffel bag. Ben and the two security guards flinched, and you raised an eyebrow at them. You held up a black baseball cap. You had five of them, having gotten them made at some shop on one of New York’s many shopping malls. They were black with a blue bill, reading the words Manhattan Menace. A personalized logo you’d designed yourself was stitched underneath the words on the centre of the cap. It featured the outline of Manhattan, a wicked grin over it. They matched the one on your own head.
“Here,” you stated.
You put the cap onto the shop owner’s head. He whipped his head to the side as he tried to fling it off, but he wasn’t successful. He was struggling harder against the bindings than he had been since you’d entered his shop. It was as if the hat on his head now bothered him more than you emptying the cases of all the diamonds that had once rested inside them. You didn’t pay his struggles any mind, instead, taking out two more and putting them onto the security guards. Unlike Ben, they didn’t seem to care much.
“Fashionable,” you remarked. “Much nicer than these.”
You picked up the black cap that one of them had been wearing beforehand, large capital letters spelling out the word securityacross it, holding it up for them to look at. One of the guards actually chuckled, and you watched his gaze drift up to the underside of the bill. There was a smile on his face, still, when he turned to look at the hat his partner had on. You could see it when he registered the lettered stitching at the back. Finally, he looked back at you.
“Much more comfortable, actually. They all got our names?”
“They do,” you grinned. “I did my research. Only the best, right? How’s yours?”
The question had been directed at the other guard, who had the name Axel written on his hat. Axel threw you a smile as well. You glanced down at the remaining two hats you’d had made. One had the name Thomas on it. He’d called in sick to work, a fact you’d known well before setting out that morning. You placed his hat on Ben’s lap, not offering a word to the man. You weren’t fond of him, and he clearly wasn’t a fan of yours either. The final hat read a longer name: Mrs. Manhattan Menace. You took a piece of paper and scrawled three words on it.
For you, Natty.
You left the short note on the last hat, set it on the counter, waved a final goodbye to the guards, and took off out the front door forty-two seconds, exactly, before the police cars screeched to a stop at the storefront. You jumped into Ben’s car, started the engine, and drove far away from the scene of the crime. Of course, you got away without a hitch. You always did.
You were bored. Mind numbingly bored. TV was boring, video games were boring, books were boring, and going for a walk was boring. Your friends, especially, were boring. One of them had had the audacity to invite you over for a game of scrabble. Was there really no crime to be committed in New York City? You were a criminal and you were friends with lowlife, dumbass criminals. Yet, somehow, it seemed no one was even down to rob a convenience store.
You pulled your phone from your pocket, dialling one last number.
“I told you to stop calling this number.”
“Aw, come on, Nat. You don’t want a chat with your favourite criminal?”
“You’re not even my favourite criminal.”
You scowled; despite the fact she couldn’t see you. “Well, who is?”
“I am.”
You chuckled at the quip. You couldn’t help but wonder if she was smiling on the other end of the line as well. You imagined her in a hoodie, curled up onto a couch somewhere, the phone pressed against her ear. The corner of her mouth had curled upward in a small, almost undetectable smile. The thought made your heart flutter inside of your chest. Of course, you’d never admit that. What you and the Black Widow had was teasing and playful, right?
“My bad. Hey, did you like my gift?”
Natasha scoffed on the other end of the line. “Manhattan Menace? Really?”
“Hey! Guys like Berkowitz and Rader and DeSalvo got cool names!”
“They were serial killers! And they didn’t give themselves the nicknames. The media did.”
“Well, the media wasn’t quick enough. Plus, they’re calling me it now, aren’t they?” You teased. “So, are you saying you want me to start serial killing? Because I’m not really down for murder. It isn’t my style.”
“Please don’t start killing people,” Natasha groaned. There was an exasperated tone in her voice, and you could tell she was rubbing her forehead in frustration.
You laughed again. “Just for you, Natty, I won’t.”
“I’m hanging up. Delete my number.”
“Not in a million years. Love you!”
Natasha disconnected the line.
Then you were thrown back into boredom. For a few minutes, you sat in that same spot, staring at the wall in the dingy apartment that you’d rented under an alias. When that got so boring it hurt, you tried pacing until you’d reached that same feeling. You threw your head back and groaned loudly. Finally, you stood up, walking to the desk in the corner. You opened up a browser, pulled out a notebook, and started planning your next show. It was going to be your biggest one yet.
You sat at the desk for hours, making sure you’d had the perfect plan. Once you did, you nodded at your handiwork, stood up from the desk, and headed to bed. The sun had long set and then risen once more, but you wanted to make sure you were well rested for the big day. You pulled the blinds down, jumped under the covers, and then fell asleep with a large smile still on your face.
Peter Benjamin Parker.
The boy had become somewhat of a mentee to Stark earlier that year. He’d been part of the airport fistfight in Germany that had almost ended the Avengers. He’d only been doing it to please his idol, of course. It wasn’t common knowledge that Parker was friendly with the Avengers, but you had much more than common knowledge. You knew all about the boy and his powers, and you knew exactly how to lure him into a trap. It had started with an easier target. His best friend.
Pickpocketing Ned Leeds as he stepped off the bus was easier than taking candy from a baby. You’d simply held out a flyer, asked if the teenager had time to talk about climate change, and stood there rambling for a moment or so. As soon as he’d turned to walk away, you’d slid your hand into his pocket, wrapped it around his phone, and then shoved the device into your bag. You smiled at him as he walked away. Getting past the passcode was even easier.
Meet me at my place tonight? You’d messaged Peter.
He’d accepted.
You’d snatched Peter on his way to meet his friend. It had taken quite the sedative to control the boy with super strength, and you knew it wouldn’t last long. You raced him to another location, threw him inside, and took a quick snapshot of his unconscious form. Then you locked the doors and left the place. You headed, finally, to a third location, kicked your feet back, and sent the photo to the photo you’d, by this point, memorized. The call came in not thirty seconds later.
“What the hell?!”
“Oh, relax, Natasha. He’s fine.”
“Fine?! You drugged him!”
“Yeah, yeah. I’ll send you the coordinates to my location,” you hummed, glancing down at your nails. “If I see a single cop, I disable the security systems at Riker’s. If I see an Avenger? You don’t get Parker back. Sound okay?”
Natasha sighed. “Yeah.”
Then you waited. You were sitting by the door of the abandoned warehouse, the earpiece of your monitors in your ear and a screen strapped around your wrist. If there was any movement or security breach within a kilometre radius of your location, you’d know about it. So far, the only thing that had set off any one of your security devices was a pigeon flying in front of one of your many motion sensors. When your earpiece dinged again, you checked the camera to find a black BMW pulling in the drive.
You leaned against the wall beside the door and shoved your hands into your pockets. The car stopped a little ways away, allowing you to admire the Russian as she stepped out of the car and approached you, obviously a little defensive. Honestly, you couldn’t even blame her for it. Technically, you were a bad guy. You robbed banks and stole diamonds and hotwired cars in your free time.
“Welcome to Château Manhattan Menace.”
“You know I know your name, right?”
You shrugged. “I know.”
“Where’s Peter?”
“He’s safe.”
That was more than true. You’d trapped Peter in a room you were absolutely sure he couldn’t get out of, even with his powers. The room, though, was far from dangerous. He wouldn’t even have to fear boredom. It was stocked with all sorts of chips and pop, a large couch, a sixty-inch TV, and all the newest gaming consoles. There was even a bathroom. He was hardly a hostage. He might have even stayed if you unlocked the door.
You led Natasha down a few hallways and into an open room. A few vases full of flowers sat on some tables, candles flickered and made the room dance in their light, and a table in the centre of the room was set for two. You motioned her onward, a smile on your face. You didn’t fail to notice how her shoulders dropped a little as she got more comfortable being around you. She took a seat at the table without you having to guide her to it.
You grabbed some bowls, set one down in front of her, and grabbed your thermal container. You opened it up and revealed spaghetti, still steaming. Natasha cocked an eyebrow. Apparently, though, she trusted that it wasn’t poisoned, for she used her fork to put some into her dish. You did the same, twirling some onto your fork and putting it into your mouth. It was Natasha’s turn to mirror your movements.
“This is all so I can get Peter back. You know that, right?”
“Right,” you replied, despite the unconvincing tone in her words. “Any good?”
“Amazing. Where’d you get this?”
You rolled your eyes. “I made it. Wine?”
Natasha’s eyes narrowed. “A liquor store was robbed earlier.”
“Oh yeah. That was me.”
Despite that, Natasha held out her glass.
The same black duffel bag was sat at your feet. You reached into it and pulled out a bottle of red wine, pulled out the cork, and poured some into her glass. She sipped it before going for more of the food. You smiled as your watched her for a moment, before pouring your own glass and starting on your own food. There was silence for a long while. The only sound in the room was the soft music and the clatter of your utensils against the dishes.
“Why do you keep on with your little heists? There’s no way you don’t have enough money to sustain yourself for the rest of your life and generations after you.”
You glanced up at Natasha when she asked the question. There was genuine curiosity on her face. Her head was cocked to the side slightly and her eyes were shining, focus on you with interest. She’d abandoned her fork, resting it on the edge of the bowl. You smiled as you watched the reflection of one of the candles flicker in her pupil. There was a quiet ding as you set your own fork down.
“For fun,” you admitted. “And to see you.”
“Yes, you, dork,” you said, a small grin on your lips. “Hasn’t anyone ever gone out of their way to see you before?”
Natasha opened her mouth to answer, then hesitated. She cleared her throat. “Look, I had dinner with you. Can I have Peter back now?”
It wasn’t an answer, but you nodded anyway. You pulled your phone out, typing the address into the text box. You sent it to her and heard her phone ding. Despite that, she didn’t seem to be moving. She didn’t even stand up from her chair. She was staring at you. You didn’t pressure her into anything, instead just sitting silently across from her. She was comfortable and relaxed; you could tell from her stance.
“No. No one ever goes out of their way to see me.”
Your expressions softened. “Then I’ll make sure to do it more often. Sound good?”
Natasha nodded. “Thank you. I… You’re a pain in my ass, but I don’t think Manhattan would be the same without you.”
“Manhattan wouldn’t, or you wouldn’t?” You asked.
Natasha stopped to ponder that.
Your feelings for Natasha weren’t just a joke or some kind of stunt for public attention. It might have started out that way, but after meeting her at dozens of places and baiting her to your location time after time, your feelings for her were as real as the floor beneath your feet. You couldn’t help but wonder if hers for you were the same. Judging by the uncertainty written on her features as she glanced down at the floor, they were/
“I’ll continue with my shenanigans until the day I get caught, Natasha. But if you want to make things easier, you’ve got my number.”
She nodded again. She pulled her phone from her pocket, glanced at the coordinates, and stood from the table. She turned her back to you and began to walk from the room. As she went to walk out of sight down the hall, though, you watched her hesitate. The candlelight illuminated her face once more as she turned back around to face her. You were always stunned by the colour of her eyes. You couldn’t believe how beautiful they were.
“It would be a shame if some street criminal were to break into my apartment tomorrow night while I’m there alone watching movies.”
“Wouldn’t it?” You smiled softly.
“It would. I don’t know how they’d get my address, though.”
“Not easily,” was all you said.
Natasha hummed. “Goodnight, Manhattan Menace.”
“Goodnight, Black Widow.”
She turned for the final time and disappeared down the dark hall.
You stayed there a little while longer. Your mind was reeling. It was the first genuine conversation you’d had with the assassin, where it wasn’t just you taunting her and her getting frustrated with you in response. Your head was trying to get you to realize that she might be trying to lower your guard to get you into custody, but your heart wasn’t listening. It was assuring your head that, if Natasha had wanted to bring you in, she would have done it. She had the opportunity.
These same thoughts were still overtaking your head as you finally collected your things and headed toward the door. As you stepped out into the cool air, you noticed the light catch something on the ground where Natasha’s car had been parked. You moved toward it, wondering what the hell the assassin had dropped on her way out. When you realized what it was, your heart might have exploded.
New York State Driver’s License
Natalia Alianovna Romanoff
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idontloveher · 2 months ago
Nat hovering over Y/n: Does your mother know you call girls mommy?
Y/n: …
Wanda in her ear: Does she know you beg like a whore for us?
Y/n on her knees: I prefer she didn’t
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Prissy Princess - Natasha Romanoff x Female Reader
Tumblr media
Main Masterlist | Natasha Romanoff Masterlist
Summary: It was time for Natasha to be married as it was a princess' duty to do so, but she was very stubborn. Could R change her mind?
Warnings: Old views, Natasha in the closet (Briefly), Natasha being a bit stuck up, Sparring.
Pairings: Natasha Romanoff x Reader, Wanda Maximoff x Reader (Platonic), Carol Danvers x Wanda Maximoff (Married), Carol Danvers x Reader (Platonic).
Word Count: 4.4K+
“I am NOT getting married, especially not someone of that family,” Natasha snarled to her father, turning her back to the large man who tried to tower over her. Natasha was extremely stubborn, she had refused every proposal that had been put before her, so now her father had decided to take matters into his own hands.
“Natalia, you will be getting married to them because I am your father, your KING, and you will do what I say. Am I understood?” He bellowed as he slammed his fist down onto the table the family were sitting at for their evening feast.
Natasha looked over at her mother, a pleading look in her eyes, “Mother, surely you agree that this is madness? Why should I have to get married so soon, and to someone I don’t love?” Knowing that her father was a sucker for tradition, Natasha realised that arguing with him was pointless, but what she also knew is that he’d always take her mother’s words into account and that could sway the decision he had made.
Melina sighed as she gently bounced Yelena on her knee as she finished her dessert, “Natalia, Honey…I know you don’t want to, but your father is right, you need to marry. For all you know, you could end up loving who you’re going to be promised to.” She watched as her daughter abruptly stood up at the table, her nostrils flared with annoyance since she did not take her side in the matter at hand. “Natalia please, at least this time it’s-”
“I don’t care what this time is! That boy is a menace, and he’s crude and disgusting,” Natasha screamed, making the younger girl in her mother’s arms jump and start crying.
Melina glared at Natasha as she comforted Yelena in her arms and Natasha just huffed in reply as she slowly sat back down in her chair, submitting to her mother’s harsh look.
“Now, the family are going to be here in a minute, so I want you both on your best behaviour,” Melina warned, directing it towards Alexei and Natasha, and the duo nodded in agreement as they didn’t want to get into an argument with the brunette, who would surely win.
You straightened out your suit jacket as you got out of the car and looked around the outside of the castle, the Romanoff’s didn’t skimp out on the decorations for the visit. You smiled gently at the maidens who stopped their daily duties to stare at you and your brother.
The fact that your brother knew that pretty much all women found him attractive was a headache, his ego was big enough as it is, but you did still love him. What you didn’t love is the way that he treated said women, he was very much a player, and he could be extremely rude to women who gave him their time.
You watched as your brother flirted carelessly, to which you rolled your eyes and moved to be the one to help your mother out of the car. The smile your mother gave you as she climbed out settled your nerves slightly, and you pressed a gentle kiss to her hand. “My sweet girl is so polite, thank you, sweetheart,” your mother praised, and you nodded, a gentle smile on your face as she continued, “At least one of my children has manners, your brother is a menace.”
“Yeah well, that’s what happens when he has an ego that was even bigger than Father’s,” you muttered as your mother nodded in agreement, a flash of sadness crossing her eyes at the mention of your father. Looking over at your brother, you couldn’t help but roll your eyes as you watched him hold some poor girl’s hands and press a kiss to them, making them flustered. “He’s going to get himself in trouble if he’s not careful.”
“Yeah, well luckily it’s not him that we’re here for,” your mother explained, and you nodded slightly as you started to nervously pick at your nails. She ran a comforting hand up and down your arm as you walked towards the palace door, “Natasha is a lovely girl for you Y/N, I understand this is nerve-wracking and I know you’re worried about what others are going to think, but it’s going to be okay. You’re both from royalty, and highly respected families, you can’t help who you’re attracted to.”
“I didn’t even know the Romanoff girl was interested in women, are you sure she is? Or has there just been some sort of miscommunication? Like, have they assumed the wrong thing?” You smiled politely at the guard who had come to lead you to the throne room before you looked back at your mother. “Because the last thing I want is for the Romanoff girl to want to kill me, just because her parents assumed something. I’ve heard she’s a bit of a spitfire.”
“Well, from what I was told, she’d had many suitors, handsome young men who have all come from wealthy and respected families and she has denied every one of them. However, her parents have noticed at balls and parties she dances very closely with a lot of her female companions, not sparing any of her suitors or men a glance, and always compliments them.”
“Yes, but mother, that doesn’t mean she likes women-”
“Oh, and her mother had caught her and her childhood best friend Wanda kissing in an abandoned corridor. Natasha doesn’t know that though, so don’t you mention it to her,” your mother warned, and you quickly nodded at her stern tone. “Now, are you ready?”
“As I’ll ever be.”
Natasha kept her sights focused on the table as you and your family walked inside, jumping at the sound of your brother’s loud voice to which you sent him a sharp glare and muttered under your breath, “Shut up, idiot brother. You’re being so rude.”
Your eyes met Melina’s, it made you feel better that she was the first eye contact you had made as you remembered her from previous meetings. Knowing she had already shown a preference towards you rather than your brother put your mind at ease.
“Melina, darling!” Your mother chimed as she walked over to the brunette who gladly accepted the tight hug and kisses to her cheeks, reciprocating them with just as much enthusiasm.
Your eyes couldn’t help but wander towards the redhead whose attention was cemented onto the cutlery that had been left from their meal. You assumed the woman was Natasha, and you couldn’t help but pick up on the vibe that she would rather be anywhere else. Melina’s voice grabbed your attention and you smiled up at the older woman.
“Your Majesty, it’s lovely to see you again,” you smiled as you bowed and pressed a gentle kiss to Melina’s knuckles before you stood up straight. You couldn’t fight off your smile when Melina shook her head as she chuckled at your actions before bringing you into a hug.
“There’s no need to be so formal Y/N,” Melina chastised with a joking tone to her voice as she pulled away and then pinched your cheeks, taking in your appearance. “Look at you, you look amazing sweetheart, it’s so nice to see you. Thank you for coming.”
“Of course, Your Maje- Melina…I wouldn’t have missed it,” you replied, glancing at the redhead once more and then smiled when you realised her eyes were already on you. The slight blush that crept onto Natasha’s cheeks, from being caught staring at you, wasn’t noticed by everybody but it was by you, and you couldn’t help but send a quick wink her way.
“Natasha, come and say hello, don’t be rude,” Melina instructed as the younger woman cleared her throat and you smiled softly at her as she moved to stand in front of you. Unfortunately for the pair of you, you didn’t get a chance to open your mouth to greet her before you were knocked away by your brother as he introduced himself, and both you and your mother glared at the back of his head.
“Ah, the lovely Natasha Romanoff, you’re even more beautiful in person than your pictures,” your brother flirted, and you couldn’t help but clench your jaw at his words, unruly jealousy surging through your veins, but the satisfying thing was the way Natasha’s eyes narrowed at him to give him a dark glare. “It’s been too long for us to finally meet and it’s a pleasure, but can I just say, you’re very pleasing on the eyes.”
You growled at his use of words, your mother gasped, appalled with his actions and his words, and she hit his arm harshly. Melina and Alexei looked at him with a raised eyebrow, alongside a knowing grimace, being aware of what was about to unfold.
The sound of a loud crack echoed through the hall, and you watched as your brother’s head snapped harshly to the side, Natasha’s hand having made harsh contact with his cheek. You couldn’t hide the belly laugh that erupted from your mouth as he realised, for the first time in his life, he had finally been put in his place by one of the women he annoyed.
“Natasha!” “Edward!”
You looked between the two mothers who were ready to scold each of them, both for very different reasons before Natasha quickly interrupted, “Whether he’s meant to be my betrothed or not, he doesn’t have the right to speak to me like that!”
You quickly looked at your mother, stunned by Natasha’s words and all you received back was a sheepish smile as she cleared her throat slightly. You gulped slightly, now incredibly nervous about how Natasha was going to react when she realised it was you who was her betrothed, not your idiot brother.
“Your Highness, If I may,” you spoke lowly as you turned your attention to Natasha, your hands beginning to shake from the nerves, and you could practically feel the colour draining from your face. You had never felt sicker in your entire life than at that moment, and you prepared yourself for the same fate as your brother.
Natasha’s gaze softened once it landed on you, which gave you a slither of hope that she wasn’t going to kick off at you as she did your brother. You cleared your throat, giving your mother one last glance which resulted in her giving you a reassuring smile.
“It’s me who is planned to marry you, Your Highness, and most definitely not my idiot brother,” you assured before you sent him a harsh glare. You ran your tongue over your dried lips, the nerves that were settled in the pit of your stomach now bubbled to the surface.
“Oh, right,” Natasha answered, looking at her parents with confusion. You were a woman, not a man, yet here you were as her most recent, and most attractive, suitor. “I’m confused, I didn’t think that I would ever have a female suitor, mother.”
Alexei grumbled something along the lines of ‘if it was fully up to me you wouldn’t have’ but was quickly silenced by Melina’s deathly glare. Natasha shifted her weight onto her other foot as she started to feel awkward about the situation, even more so because you and your family were present, and she knew full well she wasn’t ready to have this conversation with her parents.
“Natasha, sweetie,” Melina started, walking over to Natasha to hold her hands, running her thumbs across her knuckles. “I’m sorry it took me so long to see and understand one of the main reasons in which you detested your suitors so much. I’ve seen the looks you give other princesses when they come to the balls, the way you prefer to be around and dance with female company, but the biggest thing was is that I saw you and Wanda in that corridor at the last ball before her engagement. I’m not mad or upset with you, and I don’t love you any less, I just want you to be happy.”
Natasha’s face flushed a deep red at the mention of Wanda, and you couldn’t help but feel slightly jealous at the obvious attachment between the two women. Even though it was unruly jealousy, you still scoffed at the thought of you not knowing this woman for even an hour and her still having a hold of you like this. You guess it couldn’t be helped; she was the most beautiful woman you had ever seen.
“I didn’t know you saw that,” Natasha muttered, ignoring the knowing smile her mother gave her, and instead turned to face you. You gulped slightly, still worried about whether she would lash out at you or not, but she just huffed as she turned back to her mother. “Even so, I am not getting married, I don’t want to, now if you’ll excuse me.”
You watched the redhead give you a last glance before she stormed from the room and towards the safety of her own bedroom, knowing she was less likely to get bombarded if she left there.
It was going to be hard to win her over, but you were always up for a challenge.
It had been a few weeks since your first interaction with Natasha, and she had been doing her best to avoid you like the plague. She thought you were just as much of a menace as your brother, but for completely different reasons, the main reason being you couldn’t care less at what people thought of you which resulted in you ‘acting out’ in Natasha’s own opinion.
The first thing that bugged her was the fact you were just so…boisterous. You were a lady, a Princess more importantly, so to Natasha, it was crucial that you started acting like it. She wasn’t embarrassed by you per se, but the stares she got because of some ruckus you had found yourself in didn’t please her, so she was internally begging you to reign it in.
Did it work? No, of course, it didn’t.
You smoothed down your hair as you made your way to Natasha’s room, a bouquet of flowers and gift box in hand, and you rehearsed what you wanted to say under your breath to yourself. You were trying your hardest to get Natasha to like you, but it was proving to be more difficult than you originally planned.
You knew you were stepping on her toes, but you never meant to. It was obvious that you and Natasha had a very different kind of upbringing, even if you were both from royalty. Clutching the gift tighter in your hand you knocked 3 times on Natasha’s bedroom door
It swung open to reveal Natasha in a gorgeous yellow summer dress that came just above her knee, fitted around her bust and her waist, accessorised with a yellow headband. You could feel your heart rate rising and your palms started to sweat when she returned your small smile. Natasha was honestly the most gorgeous woman you ever had the pleasure of setting your eyes on.
“Oh, Y/N, what are you doing here?”
“Hi Nat,” you chirped happily whilst you rocked on the balls of your feet, “I uh, I was just wondering if you might want to accompany me to breakfast or something? I got you some flowers and a little something.”
You passed over the flowers and the gift, smiling a little more when her hands accidentally brushed against yours. They were extremely soft, which didn’t surprise you, and you chewed the inside of your cheek nervously. Natasha’s eyes caught yours as she invited you inside her room, moving towards her desk to place the flowers in a vase.
“Chewing the inside of your cheek is a horrid habit,” Natasha scolded, and you couldn’t help but roll your eyes a little even if you did still wear a small smile, but you just shrugged slightly whilst you wiped your hands against your trousers. “I’d be surprised if I don’t start seeing your teeth through your cheek soon.”
“Yeah, I guess so,” you mumbled and glanced at Natasha as she leant against her desk, the gift in her hand, and you cleared your throat slightly. “I hope the thing is okay, I was out the other day and I saw it and thought you might like it.”
Natasha smiled softly at the thought of you just going about your day and then coming across something which brought your mind to her. It did make her feel slightly guilty about avoiding you, but she was still adamant about not getting married.
A small gasp left her mouth when she opened the gift box and saw a personalised art set, her name engraved in cursive into each item, the main thing being a wooden painter’s palette with her name engraved into the wood.
“Y/N, this is beautiful, thank you,” Natasha whispered as the pads of her fingers ghosted over the engraving, smiling at the smooth wood. What made this small act of appreciation better, was the fact that this was something that Natasha would be able to use continuously. The fact it was something she was passionate about and it wasn’t just some gift that proved you had money.
“You’re welcome, I thought you could use a new set of stuff, your other ones seem worn down from how much you use them. So, what do you think about my offer?” You gave her a gentle smile but that quickly turned to a frown when you watched her tense up at your wording.
“You think you could just get me some art supplies and that would suddenly change my mind about marriage? Y/N, I appreciate the gift, I really do but if that’s what it was for then I am not accepting it. I have already told you I don’t want to get married,” she snapped with an agitated glare.
You tensed your jaw slightly, your own agitated glare appearing on your features. “No, that isn’t what that was for, I got that for you because I thought you would like it. Also, I meant my offer about joining me for breakfast, but you can forget it. I’ll see you around, I hope the brushes are okay.”
Natasha’s face faltered slightly at your words, and a small and soft frown formed. It wasn’t her intention to upset you, and she felt even more guilty considering you were just trying to do something nice for her.
You stormed out of the bedroom and down the corridor with a face of thunder, and the staff who worked within the castle made sure to stay out of your way, they knew better than to try and talk to you or Natasha when you have a bust up with each other.
Natasha had been in a foul mood since after seeing you earlier on in the morning, and everybody noticed it, so it wasn’t hard to piece together that the two of you had butt heads and had an argument or something similar. Luckily enough, Natasha had made plans with Wanda so that at least gave her some hope to be in a better mood.
“Yes, I did feel bad Wanda, but I also needed to set a boundary,” Natasha muttered as they walked through the gardens, arm in arm, both feeling content with the weather and the activities they had planned to do with each other.
“I understand that, but she’s really trying Natasha, everyone has noticed it,” Wanda replied, smiling politely at the people the duo walk pass. They had been best friends for years and it wasn’t an uncommon occurrence to see the pair wrapped up in each other as they were then.
“I know, I know. I just, I don’t want to get married, I’ve barely lived my life yet. It’s not like I’m old, I’m only just turning 25, it isn’t fair. I just hate that my dad is so pressuring, at least my mom cuts me a bit of slack. You’re lucky, Wanda, you got to marry the person you wanted.”
Wanda shrugged slightly at Nat’s words, “I still got given suitors Natasha, I was just lucky that I found the person that I wanted to love in Carol, and it was nicer than I knew her beforehand. If I hadn’t, I’d most likely be in the same situation that you are, maybe you should give her a chance?”
“She’s a menace, I honestly can’t keep up with her. We’re both parts of royalty but it’s like the two of us are on separate sides of the planet,” Natasha whined. “And don’t even get me started on that idiot brother of hers, he antagonises her, and it makes it even worse.”
“What makes you think that?” Wanda questioned; her brows furrowed. At the end of the day, all royalty pretty much had the same kind of upbringing, so she didn’t understand what the large difference between you and Natasha was.
“She raises a ruckus wherever she goes, she’s loud, half of the time I see her she’s covered in dirt and or bleeding because she’s been sparring with somebody. She dresses in what I would consider even lower standard than everyday where, if she isn’t muddy from doing something she’s sweaty and that’s usually from her going riding,” Natasha listed and carried on rambling, counting all the reasons on each of her
“So, what you’re saying is that it’s because you’re her prissy princess? And she’s the knight in shining armour?” Wanda teased, walking further through the gardens and towards the fields.
Wanda laughed loudly and threw her head back, holding onto Natasha’s arm tighter before she gave her a small pout. “I’m sorry, Natty, I’m only teasing. I honestly think that you should give her a chance though. Maybe teach her something you do, rather than you just watching her do things that agitate you, a door opens both ways Natty.”
“I can’t say I haven’t thought about it, it might be nice,” Natasha pondered, and then the loud sound of shouting made Wanda and Natasha jump. “What the hell is going on?”
After your bust up with Natasha, you made your way to the gym before you headed out to the gardens with some others to play a few team games. Inevitably, that ended up in sparring matches between a few of you, as you practice your moves both in hand-to-hand combat and with swords (in this case, the swords being sticks.)
You groaned slightly as you were hit hard in the sternum, winding you slightly before you were hit in the head with the opposite end of the stick and collapsed to the floor wheezing. Natasha moved forwards in an attempt to stop it, but Wanda stopped her from going forward and made her wait it out.
It didn’t take you long to get onto your feet and tackle your opponent down into the mud, both of you getting covered quickly whilst belly laughs erupted from you, and the friends around you.
“See, what did I tell you! She’s barbaric!” Natasha complained as she saw what was one of your smarter outfits caked in mud, and she knew that definitely wouldn’t come out in the first wash. She narrowed her eyes at you as you stood to your feet with your opponent, and Wanda’s jaw dropped when she recognised it as her wife, Carol.
Your head snapped up at the shouting and once you saw Natasha you smiled wide and waved at her until you remembered you were annoyed. Once you had remembered, you huffed looking down at your feet as you turned your back to Natasha, which caused her to frown.
The blonde who you were sparring with gulped, and you raised your eyebrow, “I’m guessing your Carol Danvers?” She nodded slowly and you offered her a hand to shake, neither of you caring about the mud, both of your faces barely visible from the dirt.
“That would be me,” she chuckled and then grimaced when her full name was called again, and Wanda had begun to walk over to the two of you, closely followed by Natasha. “And that woman that shouted me? That is my beautiful, but seemingly very angry wife, Wanda.”
You could finally put a face to a name, and now you didn’t even feel that disgusting amount of jealousy, and it made it even better that she was married. As the two women approached you cleared your throat slightly as Natasha’s eyes narrowed.
“Afternoon ladies, isn’t it a wonderful day?” Carol questioned, trying her best to hide the jest in her tone but failed miserably. You internally grimaced once you heard the jest, knowing it wasn’t going to help the situation that the two of you were in.
“It was until I came across my wife fighting in the mud,” Wanda deadpanned, to which Carol gave an innocent smile and tried to kiss Wanda’s cheek. Wanda let out a loud shriek as she dodged her wife’s affection, refusing to get any kind of mud on even near her dress. “Don’t you dare, now go and get yourself cleaned up-”
You let out a small laugh at Carol being ordered to go and get cleaned up, but you were quickly silenced when Wanda turned to glare at you.
“-And don’t think you’re off of the hook either, Y/N."
Your eyes widened when she addressed you, but your eye caught Natasha’s who was wearing a smirk, and Wanda just raised her eyebrow waiting for your defiance.
"Both of you go to the showers, right now, you're filthy,” Wanda continued.
Usually, you would argue or at least defend yourself in some way, but you were also wanting to be the bigger person and not piss Natasha off anymore.
“Fine, we’re going,” Carol whined as she started the walk towards the castle, and you followed without sparing Natasha a second glance, not daring to meet Wanda’s glare once more.
“Your wife is scary,” you informed Carol and she chuckled shaking her head. “She’s not, not really,” she replied taking off her jacket, “She just very much knows how to keep people in check and get what she wants, I admire her for it.”
“Well Carol, I think it’ll be nice for us to have some with our girls if they’ve decided they're ganging up on us, don’t you think?”
“You know what Y/N? I think that sounds like a pretty good idea,” she smirked.
This was the start of a beautiful friendship.
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Bitter Pill
Natasha Romanoff x Reader Oneshot
Word Count: 2.3k
Tumblr media
(not my gif)
Summary: Natasha’s been away on a mission for half a year. You learn to cope with her absence, how will you cope with her return?
Warnings: ANGST so much Angst... I’m apologizing in advance for this. Also implied cheating, cursing & examples of a toxic relationship. Let me know if I need to add any!
gn!reader I believe 
pls no reposting! <3
You were sitting on a barstool in the kitchen with your back to the door and a glass of wine in hand. You were well on your second by now but couldn't bring yourself to take another sip. Everything felt like it required too much energy of you these days. 
Instead you stared blankly at the chipped wood on the surface of the table. You used to love tracing the tips of your fingers against the worn grain, you used to think it breathed life into your home, and Natasha always said it gave it character. 
But this place hadn’t felt like a home for a long time now, and the worn wood only served to remind you of just how long it had been since it did. 
You topped off your glass, making it a third, when the unexpected click of the front door lock sliding out of place alerted you to a guest. 
You didn't have to turn around to know who was standing behind you at the edge of the hall. Only one other person in the world had a key to this building, and yours rest just in front of you on the kitchen table next to your wine glass.
You heard the shuffling of feet behind you and a soft thud on the ground that you could only assume was Natasha dropping her bag. It’s slow descent and the subsequent thump on the wooden floor boards sounded almost as guilty as her dragging feet. They squeaked pathetically against the woodwork as she walked further into the room, likely from trailing snow in from outside.
Both sounds were grating on your ears and you felt your heart quicken its pace in annoyance. You heard the pause in her stride, probably expecting you to turn around and greet her, but you made no move to. 
The woman at the edge of the hallway cleared her throat earnestly before her hoarse whisper cracked and traveled across the space of the apartment, it sounded like tv static in your ears.
“I’m home.” 
This time you took a generous sip of your wine. You’d need all the liquid courage you could get to be able to initiate the conversation you knew was coming with her unexpected arrival.
Before Natasha could mistake your silence for an invitation to continue her walk of shame into your shared apartment you nodded your head and spoke.
The single word felt bitter on your tongue.
“That’s all I get?”
Natasha’s lack of conviction when she spoke clued you into the fact that she knew exactly why she deserved your response, or lack thereof. That fact only served to deepen the hollow pit in your stomach. 
“You know, a few months ago you would have been excited to see-”
She cut herself off the instant you whipped your head around and made eye contact with her. 
“Don't you dare finish that sentence.” you all but snarled out.
Her wide eyes and gaping mouth let you know you were a sight to behold. Eyes sunken and resting atop dark heavy bags. At least she didn't look too much better. 
There was an uncomfortable silence as you studied each other for the first time in months. She was still in her tactical gear and littered with bruises, you hated the way your stomach still twisted at the sight. 
She shrugged off her unzipped wet coat and let it drop to the floor. Her skin was flushed pink from the winter air.
Her eyes were puffy and red rimmed, but so were yours.
“Where have you been Nat?” You bit out. 
You watched as her demeanor physically collapsed on itself as she jumped straight into a barrage of excuses that you simply didn’t care to hear anymore.
“Hold on ok? Let me explain. Alright, i just-” She ran a shaking hand through the tresses of her red hair. It was inches shorter than you’d seen it last and styled differently. 
It only made her look more like a stranger than you’d already felt she’d become.
Suddenly you felt like vomiting.
“I know-” she started.
“No I don't think you do Natasha.”
She had the nerve to look surprised at the venom in your tone, as if you were the one who’d just chosen to show your face for the first time in over six months. 
Her green eyes were wide and frantic and you suppressed the urge to bark out a laugh at the flustered expression on her face. 
“Because if you did know, you wouldn't have left! If you cared even a little bit about me or my well being you would have called at least once-”
“I was just doing my Job!” she shouted. 
“No. You do not get to use that excuse on me.” You made your way over to the sink, emptying what was left of your glass and watching as swirls of red wine and water circled the drain. 
“You know I know better than that.” you finished, as you set your glass down.
“I’m sorry I didn't call, I was too busy trying to not die!” Natasha’s desperation broke through the sarcasm in her tone. 
You scoffed, gripping the counter as you turned to face the woman you loved. 
“Is that what you want to hear? I was on a fucking mission y/n! I’m sorry my life being on the line isn't a good enough excuse for you!”
“Is that really how you want to play this?” You raised your brow and dared her to continue.
You watched as she took a steadying breath and satisfaction rose in your chest at the fact that she was feeling just as distraught and unsettled as you were. It leveled the playing field in a confrontation you already felt so out of control in. 
“You knew what you were getting into when you married me.” she muttered out accusingly.
You gaped at her, taking in the sheer audacity of her statement. She just shut her eyes and pinched the space above her nose to exhibit her frustration. 
“Oh ok so you do remember that we’re married? Glad we’re clear on that.” 
“Don’t be so dramatic! You’re so incredibly sensitive it's exhausting” she groaned. 
“I’m the Black Widow! I dont exactly have the luxury of calling out sick to work, or racing home because my wife decided to be fucking clingy!”
“That’s not an excuse for giving me complete radio silence for nearly seven months Natasha! Where the fuck have you been?” You cried out, feeling the pain and frustration you’d been sitting alone with for months bubbling up in your chest, threatening to boil over.
“I was on a mission.” she stressed her words, patronizing you. 
“Yes, I’m so glad we’ve established that-” 
“You’ve always known what my job requires of me, you've always known the risks-”
“And I’ve never once complained!”
“So what makes this time so different?” 
“Seven months. Natasha. Seven months.”
You crossed your arms, leaning against the granite countertop behind you for support.
“Why didn't you call me? Why didn't you tell me you were ok?”
“My fucking god, youre crying over a pathetic little phone call? I’m sorry my life doesn't revolve around you!”
“That's not an explanation!” Your voice cracked with emotion and she looked at you like that fact annoyed her even more.
“I don't have one! And I don't need one. If you can't handle the fact that I’m an Avenger, and what my job entails, then there's the goddamn door!”
You took a deep breath to steady yourself and brought your hands to face.
“I just want the truth.” 
You searched her familiar forest green eyes, desperate to recognize the woman you used to know and love as you took in the silence that washed over the kitchen before her answer. 
“I already told you. I was on a mission.” 
Your chest was tight as she doubled down on her excuse. You knew then that the woman you loved was gone. There was no coming back from what your next words would expose, but you’d been ready for months now. Natasha’s answer had only made it easier.
“I spoke to Fury.”
At first she didn't catch on. Her jaw was still taut with frustration. 
“What does that-” her voice caught in her throat and you watched as her face fell with understanding.
“Wait, ok-” you cut her off before she could prattle off more excuses that would only insult your intelligence further.
“Then I spoke to Steve, and Bucky, and Sam, and Tony, and Wanda, oh and Vision! Even fucking Vision!” 
You laughed to yourself, remembering the lengths you went just months ago to ensure her safety, only to be humiliated by their sympathetic voices.  
“I talked to Clint, who was much harder to crack by the way. You trained him really well, Nat truly.”
You breathed heavily, allowing a lapse of silence before your admittance.
“And then, I spoke to Bruce.”
Natasha looked as if she’d been physically struck by your words. 
Her veneer of false confidence fractured completely and her appearance began to take on a look more akin to desperation. 
“What? Your little boyfriend didn’t tell you I called?”
“See when Fury told me that your mission ended three months ago, I was really concerned as to why you hadn’t come home.”
“Talking to Bruce was very insightful.” 
You swiped a stray tear from your cheek as you recalled the conversation that had led to the lowest point of your life.
“I asked him why everyone was telling me to talk to him. I asked him Why my wife hadn't come home.”
“Come to find out, she’d made a new one with him! While I was here, alone, worrying about you every fucking night, and you didn’t even have the decency to tell me yourself.”
“Do you know how humiliating that was?”
You watched as her resolve finally cracked under the pressure, her skin was pale and you watched as she brought her shaking hands up to gesture around the room frantically.
“I came back! I'm here now!” she choked out wetly.
“Why? Why did you come back?”
You asked the question that had been on the tip of your tongue from the moment she’d unexpectedly walked through the front door.
“I just, I know how important today is to you… I know what I did Y/N, I know it looks bad. But I love you! I love you more than anything and I just thought if I came today. If I could show you tha-”
“Natasha…” Your heart was in your throat as you stopped her incessant and desperate rambling. 
“What exactly do you think today is?”
She stared at you and you watched as her confidence dwindled before speaking her next words.
“It's our anniversary…”
You laughed humorlessly and decided you’d heard enough. You entertained her excuses but you refused to stay and watch her destroy herself further. 
You stalked over to the table to pick up your coat and scarf, leaving the key in its place where you’d left it.
“The wine’s yours if you want it,” you waved your hand at the bottle that was still on the dining table.
“It was a birthday present from Tony.”
Just another day your wife had missed in her affair with the brunette scientist.
“Y/n, Just let me explain please?”
You pulled your hair through your scarf and fastened it around your neck, avoiding her outstretched hand as you made your way down the hall she’d entered just minutes before. She followed closely behind you.
“Where are you going?”
“My name is off the lease.”
You heard the choked gasp that left her lips at the revelation as you reached for the door handle.
“You're leaving me?” her voice was strained with desperation.
You almost laughed at the absurdity of her question until you heard her fervent sniffles behind you. 
You opened the door, stepping out of the house and into the crisp winter air. Watching as a plume of vapor left your lips with a heavy sigh, blossoming outwards and into the night. 
The cold bit at your cheeks, freezing your tear tracks. 
When you turned back to face her you saw the harsh tears that were rolling down her face. She was leaning on the open door like it was the only thing holding her upright.
Her expression begged you to stay, and you almost felt bad for her, but your sympathy had extended beyond its bounds a long time ago and you had none left to give. 
You shook your head and breathed deeply, shards of ice stung your throat with every inhale as you stood trying to find the next words to say.
You blinked tears out of your eyes and whispered, 
“Our anniversary was yesterday,” 
You took a moment to study the face of the woman you'd fallen so desperately in love with only a few years prior, wondering how you both had gotten to this point  then spoke your next words with gentle but faultless finality. 
“Goodbye Natasha.”
A/N: AHHHH Another fic under my belt! I have so many in the works and I can’t wait to finish and post them for you all. I got a huge spur of motivation today and knocked this one out in a few hours. Im really quite proud of it so let me know if you enjoyed it in the comments! I would be forever grateful.
thanks loves 
- E
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deannamb · a month ago
Tumblr media
I missed you...
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adi06lena · 5 days ago
Y/n: The food's too hot, I can't eat it.
Natasha: You're too hot and I still eat you.
Wanda: It's family moments like these that i will never forget.
Yelena: With a good therapist, hopefully I will.
*Yelena proceeds to take a shot*
Tumblr media
(Not my gif)
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kitcemetery · 3 days ago
Natasha x reader where Reader was reckless on a mission and got injured and Natasha is upset with R but R is acting like it’s not a big deal
a/n: ANON BLESS YOU THIS IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA. i wasn't sure if you wanted r and nat to already be involved or Not so i just didn’t put a label on their relationship, you can imagine whatever dynamic you’d like! i hope you like this :p
needing you
gn!reader x natasha
genre: mostly angst then some fluff
warnings: bruises/injuries, mentions of death
word count: 1k
you waltz into the infirmary, your right arm limp at your side, the other gripping it awkwardly. apart from your scratched up face, bruised jaw, and sprained ankle, you had also managed to get your arm severely wounded in the fight. it was now bleeding through your suit, a long gash leading up to your shoulder. it was definitely going to scar. natasha had ushered you all the way through the avengers compound, the two of you walking in a synced silence. you pushed yourself up onto the cot, sitting at the edge as she rifled through the cabinets above. she was a mess too, her pale flesh caked with the residue of your mission, her hair covered in dust, braided down her back. she still looked beautiful, despite everything, she could never not look beautiful. "how cool was that?" you finally speak up, suffocated by the quiet, finding your phone in your pocket and using your one, unharmed arm to scroll through it aimlessly. your head was actually pounding from the pain, but you didn't want to admit it out loud. natasha stayed silent.
"nat," you called, setting your phone down and staring at the back of her head as she grabbed bandages and rubbing alcohol and whatever else she needed, "earth to natasha." nothing. you rolled your eyes. "i'm speaking to you." she turned to face you. it wasn't until that moment that you saw the clear, aggravated look in her eyes. you shifted in your place awkwardly, expecting.. what? you weren't sure, but what greeted you was only more silence. she walked over to the cot and used a pair of scissors to cut off the part of your suit that covered your injury. "did you hear what i said?" you tried again, honestly starting to get embarrassed. she sighed. "yes, y/n. what do you want me to say?" she set the scissors aside and grabbed the rubbing alcohol as she spoke, pouring it on a piece of cotton, "if you honestly think that went well, you're stupider than i thought." her voice was sharp and demanding. she's never really used that tone with you.
you hissed as she started to clean your wound without warning, wincing at the stinging sensation. "what?" you questioned, visibly irritated. "what?" natasha emphasized, like she's shocked you're even asking, "you were completely reckless, you put the whole mission at risk." you scoffed, pulling your arm away from her as though it was some kind of punishment that she didn't get to look after you. "what the hell are you talking about?" she glared at you. "everyone's fine. in fact, everyone's great! i basically saved the day. you should be thanking me." you would get up and storm out if you weren't in so much pain. she was now on the opposite end of the cot, her palms flat against it as she looked you directly in the eyes. "thanking you? you're supposed to share responsibility with the group--not act on impulse and nearly get yourself killed!"
 "i am perfectly capable of making my own decisions, nat. that's not fair.” you rolled your eyes, “and in case you forgot," you gestured to yourself with your healthy arm, "i wasn't killed.” you glanced towards your arm. it had stopped bleeding, but a big portion of your flesh had been axed right through. you would have lost the thing if natasha hadn’t killed him before his second hit landed. it looked disgusting and it hurt like a bitch. “it's just a cut, i can barely even feel it." you lied. "yeah," natasha furrowed her brows the way she does when she's very upset, "and you're lucky i was there or that cut would have been down the center of your skull." you threw your head back in utter disbelief. "stop doing this!" you point at her, "stop making me feel like i'm some kid you need to babysit."
"i'll stop treating you like a kid when you stop acting like one." you huff, a single strand of hair falling down your forehead and you brush it away in frustration. "i've made it this far without you. trust me, i'm fine on my own." it's silent for a beat before natasha speaks again. and when you look to meet her eyes, she's slow to hide the hurt in them. you almost open your mouth to say sorry when she speaks instead, her voice hardened. "i am not going to apologize for trying to protect you.” you stare at her. “i don’t need your protection,” you feel a heavy weight in your chest. “i have done--” you inhale a shaky breath to steady yourself, refusing to meet her gaze, “--everything, to try and win your approval and nothing is ever good enough for you.” your brows wrinkle, you think you might actually cry. is that what nat thinks of you? that you’re some loser who can’t look after themselves? does she not value you the same way she values the rest of the avengers? “it’s my life. i’m allowed to put it on the line for the people i care about.”
“no!” the intensity in her tone catches you off guard. “no, you’re not!” you look up to find that she’s in front of you now. you can see the details on her skin, every hair on her eyebrow, every freckle and scar. “you’re not..” she swallows, trying to steady her tone, her hands cup your cheeks and she makes you look at her, “you can’t, okay?” she combs your hair away from your face, a slight glint in her eyes, but she doesn’t let a tear slip. “i need you.” her voice cracks and you’re hit with the sudden realization that you’ve misunderstood this entire discussion. “i need you alive.” she moves up and presses a kiss to the top of your head, burying herself in your scent, breathing all of you in as you wrap your arm around her waist and pull her to you, resting your head on her chest. 
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twenty-thirty-two · 18 days ago
Natasha Romanoff x female!reader
Summary: The Reader has a crush on Natasha but believes it to be one-sided. Or is it?
a/n: I think this ended up being longer than I anticipated.. I hope you guys like it <3
I do not consent to my work being reposted on other sites or translated
Tumblr media
You look out the window and sigh, it has been dark and gloomy all day. The forecast called for some heavy rain, but so far all you’ve seen are droplets here and there.
The team has decided to take this opportunity for a lazy day and movie night, a rarity nowadays. Tony took the liberty of giving Steve and Bucky his credit card so that they could order the team some food. Needless to say, the living room coffee table was full of food, ranging from pizza to chips to wings as well as drinks. The kitchen had what didn’t fit in the living room.
Your thoughts are interrupted by Sam and Tony’s incessant arguing over what movie should be played first.
You take this as an opportunity to take a seat on the couch. You see Natasha walk in and take her seat next to you. You’ve had a crush on the redhead for as long as you can remember. Few could say that they’ve seen the real Natasha. Not the one with the quick wit and efficiency. No, the Natasha who fawns over cute puppies and whose laugh is contagious to those around her.
Whenever she was around you, you felt as though her guard was down. She’d make these stupidly corny jokes just to see you laugh. When she would get the chance, she’d sit next to you, or find some way to be by your side. It would always make your heart soar.
“You alright, Y/N/N?” You snap out of your thoughts and see Natasha looking at you with a tilt of her head.
“Yeah..Yeah sorry I’m just thinking about some reports and whether I sent them or not.” You say with a sheepish laugh, this causes Natasha to smile.
“Always thinking about work, huh? Well a day off is what the doctor ordered.” She says, patting your leg. You can feel your heartbeat increase with her touch. You suddenly become thankful that she’s not a super soldier and cannot hear the increase in your heartbeat.
“Hey Natasha,” Your head snaps to the sound of Steve’s voice. Hearing him, Natasha removes her hand from your leg and pulls her attention towards him.
“Can you help me out with something?” The grin on Steve’s face makes your heart plummet. Natasha turns to you and smiles and you watch her follow Steve. You drum your fingers on the sofa as you wait for the movie to start.
“You look miserable.” Turning to the sound of the voice, you see Bucky, holding a glass of water in his hand. You scoff in a light hearted manner.
“Gee, thanks, Buck, always the charmer!” This causes the man to laugh and sit where Natasha was once seated.
“You know she feels the same way right?” You roll your eyes and shake your head in disbelief.
“I don’t kn-“ You start before you’re interrupted.
“Don’t pull that shit, doll. We can all see it, that is except you and a certain red haired spy. The way she looks at you speaks for itself.” He sits back and puts an arm around the couch. You raise an eyebrow and open your mouth to speak but are interrupted once more by Tony.
“Okay! Birdbrain lost ‘heads or tails’ so we’re watching my pick: Fast and Furious!” He’s practically glowing at the win, not even excited about having his choice being picked, but more about beating Sam.
As everyone settles in, Natasha and Steve come back. Bucky sees the pair and goes to grab his glass of water and getting up, but not before muttering something to you.
“Think about what I said.” And with that, he plops himself down next to Steve. Natasha takes her seat next to you once more. She smiles at you but you don’t return the smile in the same manner. Natasha furrows her eyebrows but you don’t see it.
“Everything okay?” You turn and see.. genuine worry in her eyes? No, you’re imagining. Stop. You’re only hurting yourself.
“Yeah, just tired, I think it’s the weather.” You motion to the window, where the rain has begun to fall a bit harder than earlier. She nods in an understanding manner.
Tumblr media
Halfway through the movie, you see Natasha and Steve making eyes at each other. You can see her out of the corner of your eye holding back a smile and shaking her head in disbelief. The interaction brings tears to your eyes. You are such a cliché, falling for a straight girl. You wanted nothing more than for this movie end.
By now, it was pouring rain and the sky became darker. A few jokes towards Thor were thrown here and there. The movie is nearing its end and you wanted to go to bed.
The flirty interaction between Natasha and Steve continued and you could tell that Bucky would look over at you every so often. You knew that he knew what you were thinking and would try to talk you down from whatever road your mind took.
The living room that was once filled with warm, delicious food was not full of empty pizza boxes, empty bowls and cups. As the movie ended, everyone started to clean up the mess.
“Who wants to take one for the team and throw this out?” Asked Tony, holding up two trash bags full of trash. Some refused to make eye contact with Tony as to not be appointed trash duty. After a beat of silence, you heard yourself say,
“I’ll go.”
“Atta girl, Y/L/N! See! She has team spirit!” You took the bags and huffed, you made your way to the door leading towards the back of the compound where the trash bins were found. You didn’t even put on a jacket and you were about to walk into pouring rain. You just wanted to get away from them. Away from Natasha and Steve’s endless flirting.
Natasha noticed your rush to get out and grabbed her zip up hoodie to give to you. She excused herself and walked quickly to you.
“Y/N/N!” She called after you, but you were walking too fast. Natasha was practically running in order to catch up to you.
You reached the bins and threw in the trash. By then, you were drenched from the rain. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Natasha and you didn’t want her to see you tearing up so you quickly brushed them away.
“You are one difficult person to catch up to!” She says half panting half laughing. She hands you her zip up and you hesitantly take it.
“Why are you here, Nat?” You say quietly.
“Well, you left in such a hurry you forgot a jacket, so I brought you mine!” You scoff at this
“Wouldn’t you rather be with Steve? You guys were practically making out during the movie.” You muttered the last part quietly, but Natasha still heard it.
“What are you talking about? Is that why you were upset during the movie?” She tries and get you to look at her but you avoid her watchful gaze.
“Whatever, it’s not like you care.” You start to walk away but Natasha grabs your forearm gently, but it’s enough to get you to stop walking.
“What? I do care!” She lets go of your forearm and gets you to look at her.
“Steve and I have been talking a lot more than usual, but he’s my friend, nothing more,” She explains in a gentle tone, by now you two were soaked from the rain.
“He was telling me how I should ask you out..” She trails off, this confession causes you to snap your head up
“What..Why?” She gets closer to you with this
“Because I like you, you dumbass!” She says laughing
Without thinking, you close the space between the two of you and you cup her face and kiss her. Natasha pulls you closer and puts a hand on the back of your head as she kisses you with such fervor.
“I’ve been wanting to do that for so long.” You smile
“Sorry for making you wait so long, детка.” She puts her forehead on yours and you stay like that, with no care about the fact that you’re both cold and wet from the rain.
Somehow through the corner of your eye, you see some movement. You look and see the team in the window look at the two of you. They’re jumping up and down and if it wasn’t for the distance and soundproofed building, you swear you would’ve heard them cheering. Natasha laughs at this and puts an arm around your shoulders as the two of you head back inside, happier than ever.
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waspswidows · a month ago
Slumber Party
Pairing: Natasha x (female) Reader - (mention of Steve x Reader)
Summary: based off the song Slumber Party by Ashnikko. You’re dating Steve but one night when having a sleepover with Nat she takes advantage of your alone time. And you don’t make any moves to stop her…
Warnings: cheating, smut, biting / marking, masturbating (f receiving), edging, oral (f receiving), fingering, minors DNI
A/N: surprise guys!! Here’s some totally unplanned Natasha smut👀 I’m sure this kind of idea has been done before but this is just my version of it! This is also my first time writing for a female character so I hope you like it👀 enjoy!!🥰🖤✨
Tumblr media
This is for people 18+ only. Minors do not read on. If you click ‘keep reading’ you are hereby agreeing that you are 18 or older.
You kiss Steve on the cheek quickly before walking into Nat’s apartment.
“I’ll see you in the morning babe” you call back to him as he stands in the doorway.
“Don’t worry Steve, I’ll take good care of her” Nat winks before closing the door on Steve. She then pads over to you.
“You bring the wine?” She asks.
“Of course, I’d never come for wine and movies without the wine Nat” you laugh lightly, pulling the two bottles of red out your bag.
She snorts lightly, taking one bottle off you before heading to the kitchen to grab two wine glasses. “So what kind of movie are we thinking?” She asks as she rummages through her cupboard looking for the glasses. You dump your bag and move to sit on the sofa, placing the other bottle of wine on the coffee table in front of you.
“Ooh let’s do a horror!” You suggest. Nat scoffs from behind you in the kitchen and you can practically feel her rolling her eyes.
“You always pick horror and then don’t sleep for the next week!” She chastises you lightly as she walks into the living room with the wine and glasses in hand. She places the glasses on the table and starts to pour a decent cup of wine for reach of you.
“True” you sigh. “Fine, you pick then."
“We’re doing a Bond film!” She almost yells.
“Ugh oh no, I should’ve pushed harder for the horror."
“Ha ha” she replies sarcastically. “I promise I’ll make the film bearable for you, maybe even fun” she winks. You raise your eyebrow at her.
“Oh yeah? And how do you plan on doing that?"
“You’ll see” she smirks before taking her place on the sofa next to you.
You were now at least an hour into the movie. Both you and Nat had had at least two and a bit glasses of wine each, the second bottle sat opened on the table. At some point you’d shifted on the sofa to be sat between Nat’s legs. She was sat behind you, stroking your hair absent-mindedly as you watched the movie. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. Until you felt one of Nat’s hands on your thigh.
It was a warm night so both you and Nat were just in your sleep shirts and small cotton shorts, meaning her hand was on your bare skin. You brushed it off in your mind as accident, trying to pull your focus back onto the movie.
But you failed quickly when you feel Nat’s hand start move up your thigh, brushing lightly over your skin. You couldn’t help the shivers that ran through your body at the sensation. You almost freeze in anticipation as her hand continues to move higher until it reaches the edge of your shorts.
Your thoughts race at a hundred miles per hour when her hand skips over your shorts to graze your stomach, running along the hem of your shorts. You feel your body tense, your mind spinning dizzy. It’s just from the wine though, right? You let out the breath you’d been unconsciously holding when Nat’s hand suddenly dips under your shorts. You gasp, your body going tense and rigid.
“Do you want me stop?” she whispers, her lips hot against your ear. A shuddering breath escapes you. You shake your head no. It’s like you can feel her smile next to your ear.
Her hand slides further down, slipping under the band of your underwear. You gasp when her fingers suddenly dip between your folds, brushing over you clit. You instinctively buck your hips into her touch. She runs her fingers through your folds, collecting the wetness you hadn’t even realised had been leaking out of you. She then moves back to your clit, the pads of two of her fingers beginning to circle over the bundle of nerves. She applied the lightest pressure as she rubs your sensitive bundle of nerves. As you start to moan softly she begins to apply more pressure, her circle motion speeding up.
You grind against her hand desperately as you feel your incoming climax, your lower belly tightening with pleasure. Your mouth hangs open silently as you sit on the precipice of pleasure, waiting for the wave to crash over you. But Nat suddenly stops her movements, retreating her hand from your underwear. You whine pitifully at the loss of contact, your climax retreating, your pussy left aching and desperate.
“Nat…” you cry pathetically.
“Shhh” she kisses your neck softly. “Patience baby. I’ll take care of you” she whispers.
She then gets up, sliding out from under you, leaving you limp on the sofa. She kneels on the floor in front of you, her hands making their way up your thighs again, pushing against you so that your spread your legs wide. She kisses the inside of your knee, moving to kiss up your inner thigh slightly. When her hands reach the hem of your shorts again she stops to look up at you. You can see in her eyes she’s silently asking for permission.
You nod frantically, just so desperate for release after she’d edged you with her fingers, your pussy just aching for that release. She smirks at your enthusiastic nodding and pulls your shorts and underwear down your legs, tossing them aside. You unconsciously hold your breath as she slowly spreads your legs open again, taking in the view of your glistening cunt. Her eyes light up with a hunger like you’ve never seen.
She returns to tracing her lips up your thigh again, placing hot wet kisses on your skin. You gasp when you feel her teeth dig into your flesh, the pain shocking you. But she’s quick to soothe the pain away by sucking and licking over where she bit you. She repeats this action over and over, the pain of her bites mixing with the pleasure of her warm mouth on your skin. You’re involuntarily writhing on the sofa, your hands fisted into the nearest pillow, your cunt just begging for attention. Right now your brain doesn’t even register the fact that she was leaving hickeys all over your thighs.
Nat finally works her slow torture up to the apex of your thigh, her mouth right next to your leaking pussy. You feel her place a soft kiss to the top of your pubic bone before she licks a stripe between your folds. You gasp at the sensation. You can see her smirk again just as she delves back in, latching her mouth onto you, sucking your clit into her mouth. Another moan tears from you as she begins a rhythm of sucking and licking at your clit. Before long your hips are back to involuntarily bucking forwards. You look down, watching her between your spread legs, ravishing you like her last meal. You sound your loudest moan yet from the sight.
You throw your head back in pleasure, eyes screwing shut, when you feel one of the her fingers circling your entrance. She teases you for a second, circling your hole, gathering the wetness, before she slowly sinks it inside you. She groans against your clit as she inserts her finger into you, the sound sending vibrations through your clit. As if you couldn’t feel any more pleasure she pushes another finger inside you, curling them expertly to hit that sweet spot inside you. She curls and pumps, licks and sucks, like she’s a somehow a professional in cunnilingus.
You’re close now, your pussy feeling sensations like it’s never felt before. In the back of your head you know this is wrong, Steve’s face flashes across your mind. But you just couldn’t seem to make your body care, it was too responsive to Nat’s touch, writhing and grinding against her face, your back arching off the sofa. You open your eyes, pulling your focus back into watching Nat devour you, all visions of Steve vanishing from your head.
You croak out a tiny “oh fuck” as you feel yourself clench around Nat’s fingers, your orgasm finally washing over you. You gasp raggedly as she continues you pump her fingers in you even as you convulse, her tongue still lapping at your clit rapidly. You writhe away from her touch as your clit becomes too sensitive to handle anymore. She relents, sliding her fingers out you. She places another kiss to your pubic bone before standing up, wiping her mouth on her shirt.
She stands in front of you, leaning down towards your face. She tilts your chin up with her fingers, you can feel your wetness still on them. She makes you look her in the eye.
“Told you I’d make the film bearable for you” she smirks at you.
A/N: plot twist! I’ve already started writing a part 2 for this that includes a threesome with Steve x Reader x Nat so I hope you’re all ready👀🥵🖤
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temptationsbrew · a month ago
For the follower event I'm requesting the; “did you just kiss me?” prompt with Natasha! I think it would be really cute if she pretends to not like it but asks R to do it again.
Do it again
Pairing: Natasha x Reader
Warnings: None, fluff
A/n: Thanks @wheeverse I wanted to write for this line so bad! Hope you like it :)
1,174 words | Masterlist | Follower Event
"Y/n, you joining us?"
You stumbled into the kitchen, wiping away at your tired eyes as Natasha's voice reached your ears. You were confused at first but when you saw popcorn and snacks sprawled out on the countertop your mind slowly caught up with you.
Bonding night. Fun on occasion. Inconvenient on most days. Especially right now when all you wanted to do was sleep.
"What movie is it tonight?" You yawned.
"Honestly, no clue. Bucky and I planned to talk shit the entire time. Want to sit with the cool kids?" She asked, wiggling her brows.
You tried to stifle another yawn, nodding your head as she grabbed your hand leading you over to the couch. Her hand felt good in yours and the gentle way she squeezed erupted a flurry of butterflies in your lower belly. You plopped down with a heavy sigh, sinking into the cushions as she sat next to you.
Days like today you wished you had the courage to speak more than ten words to her at a time. You’ve had a crush on Natasha since the day you met her. All it took was one dimpled smile from the ex-assassin and you were a complete goner.
"Did we interrupt your beauty sleep?" She teased.
"No, just didn't sleep that well last night. Nightmares."
You fidgeted with a loose strand on your sweater and wiped once more at your eyes, feeling the weight of them sink in. Her smirk morphed into a look of concern and your eyes widened slightly as she lifted her arm, moving her popcorn into Bucky's lap.
"Come here."
"I um-
"Come here, kotenok." She repeated, making heat rise to your cheeks at her given nickname for you.
You chewed your bottom lip knowing she wouldn't take no for an answer and laid your head in the redhead's lap. You've never cuddled with her before and after this, you knew you'd want to again. Her warmth seeped into you as she rubbed your arm and began to play with your hair. You tried to fight it, but her gentle touches lulled you into a peaceful sleep.
---------------------------- ☾------------------------------
You fantasized often telling her about your crush, but the thought of rejection was terrifying. You deemed yourself lucky enough to have a friendship with her at all. So, you decided you would admire from afar and wait it out until it fizzled away. Your plan was going fine until Steve suggested you train with the widow one on one. You would have told him no had she not been standing there, smiling brightly as she agreed to whip you into shape.
You've never trained with her alone. There was always a buffer for you to focus your attention on, but not today.
The day you needed it most.
To say you were panicking was an understatement. When you got to the gym she was wearing nothing but a sports bra and tight workout shorts. Her abs and thighs on full display. You were mesmerized by the way her muscles flexed and bulged with each strike she threw on the punching bag. Her brows furrowed, her lips puckered, and you couldn’t help but follow the beads of sweat that ran down her neck and between the valley of her chest. Needless to say, you were absolutely and completely fucked.
You were so lost in your staring you hadn’t heard the older woman calling out to you and before you knew it, she was standing in front of you waving her hand in your face.
“Y/n, you in there?”
“Oh um, yeah. Hi.”
“You ready to spar?”
You swallowed the lump in your throat as you nodded shyly and followed after her into the ring. She was intimidatingly attractive in her element. Poise in her abilities as if nothing in the world could take her on.
You took a deep breath and raised your fists preparing for the first strike. Your reflexes were quick but compared to hers, you might as well have been coined a beginner.
"Easy for you to say." You mumbled.
"What was that?"
"N-Nothing. I'm focused, Natty."
"Liar." She smirked.
Before you could respond, her fist swung towards your face. You ducked just in time, responding with a blow of your own but just like all the times before, she was faster, twisting your arm as she flipped you onto your back. You gasped for air as it knocked out of your lungs and Natasha, ever the gentlewoman leaned down to help you get up.
“Are you ok? You're off today.”
"Yeah, I'm fine." You winced as she helped you up. "Just a warm-up."
"Remember to block this time." She teased.
"Yeah, yup. Give me your best shot."
You regretted those words the second they left your lips. Natasha charged forward, biceps flexed as her fist aimed for your side. You managed to block, but she was close, too close. You could see all the shades of green that made up her irises, smell the scent that was uniquely hers, feel the muscles in her bicep tense, and the next thing you knew; your back was on the matt.
She chuckled as you panted. Smiling down at you as you silently cursed your libido.
"You're distracted."
"Yeah, and It's your fault." You mumbled under your breath.
"I didn't quite hear that?" She said, kneeling down beside you but all you could focus on was the way her lips moved as she teased you.
“We can do this another time if you need a -
Soft, was all you think as you tilted your head to connect your lips with hers. This is what heaven felt like. You heard her squeak in surprise and your mind quickly caught up to what you’ve done. You pulled back with wide terrified eyes as hers narrowed, touching her bottom lip.
“Did you just kiss me?”
“I um - I - oh my god I’m so -
"Why would you kiss me?" She pressed with furrowed brows.
Your heart sped up trying to come up with something to say.
"You were just - and you looked so - I'm sorry."
"I looked so?" She asked, licking her bottom lip and your eyes betrayed you flickering down to chase the movement.
"Hot." You choked out.
She quirked her eyebrow and your racing heart dropped to the bottom of your stomach realizing the word that fell from your lips. You shifted to stand, planning to run as far away from her as you possibly could when her hand met your shoulder.
“Do it again.”
Her smirk on full display as she watched your brain completely shut down.
The words died on your lips as she straddled your waist, trapping you between her thighs as she cupped your jaw.
“Do I have to repeat myself, Y/n?”
“God no.”
This time, it was with full intention as you grabbed the back of her neck and melded your lips to hers.
Yeah, you were completely sure this is what heaven feels like.
- ☾-
a/n: I've been writing so much smut I forgot how to write fluff for a second lol thanks for reading!
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Tumblr media
Everybody needs a hug sometimes 💖
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loqov · 2 months ago
hola! I saw that your request were open and if you’re open to smut you could give this a go :) top!fem!reader x bottom!wanda, or natasha I don’t mind, where they hate us because they find us attractive.. when Carol comes down to meet us as since r is new she gets a little touchy and flirty with r, Wanda (or Nat) not looking this starts an argument with us once carols gone and r connect the dots, smut containing needy and whiny Wanda/Nat. Thank you :))
(A/N: It was my first time writing smut, so I'm sorry in advance if it's shitty. But I hope you'll like it and won't be disappointed:) Thank you for your request, love! Have a nice day/night:))
Annoyingly Attractive
Natasha Romanoff x F!Reader
(18+) Warnings: Swearing, Violence, Bottom!Nat, Top!Reader, Slight choking, Fingering (Nat receiving), Strap-on use (Nat receiving)
Words: 12k+
It was just another day at the Avengers compound. Rays of the sun peeking from the horizon and sneaking through the curtains woke the superheroes up on a peaceful morning.
Birds sang songs, flying around and being free, piercing through the air as everyone was gathered in the living area of the compound.
Today, almost everyone on the team had a day off and they wanted to relax at least once and not be bothered by tons of documents that needed to be filled in as fast as possible, cause the deadline was closer with each day, monthly meetings at SHIELD with Fury that drained them and were boring as fuck, but they had to attend them.
Or mission briefs, debriefs, and being in action itself, which made them exhausted and they never had any energy to do anything else after that. When they got injured it was only worse. They had to stay in a medical bay for days and wait until a doctor would let them leave. They never had time to just sit and let themselves relish in a normal day.
Like now. Everyone was scattered around the place, doing their own things. Most of them were lying on the couches with their eyes closed, some of them with arms placed over them.
Others were reading books that they got behind with because of the chaotic life they have. Now, they had an opportunity to do what they liked and let themselves get lost in the stories.
Some of them played different games or sat in the kitchen and talked, munching on their breakfast.
The whole compound was engulfed in silence and a peaceful atmosphere that let them finally rest.
“What the fuck did you think?!” A loud yell was heard from behind the doors and spread throughout the room.
Everyone groaned at the sound knowing that their free relaxation day was about to come to an end. So much for a peaceful morning.
A very loud thud was heard next, but nobody even bothered to look up, trying to get as much of their precious free time as they could before the chaos would ruin it completely.
“Stop walking away, you fucking idiot.” With that sentence, the doors opened revealing you wearing a bored expression.
You casually walked towards the small island that held a bowl with cleaned fruits and took an apple before biting it. As you started walking up to the couches a certain redheaded woman powerfully marched into the room.
Her expression and body language were slightly different from yours. Slightly.
Fists clenched on her sides so tight that her knuckles were white with her feet heavily stomping on the ground like she wanted to make a hole in it.
Her face was puckered so much that her cheeks could burst, face red from anger that was written all over it. Jaw locked in place in a way that it could break at any moment, eyebrows furrowed in rage and a dangerous look in her eyes.
Look that could kill. And was directed right at you.
“L/n, I swear to God.” Natasha said again, making some members of the team sigh.
She walked further into the room as you sat down beside Steve who was entranced by his book. “What you have there?” You asked him, leaning over to read some before leaning down to look at the cover.
Steve tore his eyes away from the book and smiled at you, turning the thing to the side, so you could see the title. “Aaah. I see you finally started Harry Potter. Nice.” You told him with a grin and his smile widened before he got back to reading.
As you leaned back on the couch and were about to take another bite of your apple, someone took it from your hand. You furrowed your eyebrows and looked behind you to see the redhead with your snack in her hand.
She was in full rage and was tightly squeezing your fruit. “Hey, don’t be aggressive with my food.” You said as you looked at the poor thing.
Her jaw clenched tighter and the next second your apple landed on your forehead, making you close your eyes. “What the fuck did you do? Did you even think before doing anything?” She said angrily, glaring at you all the time.
You just picked up your apple from the couch and looked over it. It was clean, so you shrugged and took a bite, ignoring Natasha.
A loud groan was heard from behind you and the redhead went around the couch to stand in front of you as you started watching whatever Pietro was watching on the TV.
She put her hands on her hips and jotted out one of them. “You acting like I’m not here won’t work.” She said completely covering your view of the screen with her body.
Scrunching up your nose, you were still eating your apple while leaning to the side to catch the tiniest glimpse of what was happening in the movie, not being interested in what Natasha was saying at all.
Tony smiled at your actions trying to hold in his laughter but Pepper slapped his arm, making him hold up his hands in defense and stop.
“Could you be more childish?” Natasha asked rhetorically while moving her hands from her hips and crossing them across her chest. “Stop avoiding the conversation, dipshit. You are fucking reckless.”
You looked to the side, trying to catch Pietro’s eyes. “Speedy, what is happening on the screen?” You asked your friend. If you couldn’t see it, you would at least hear about it.
Pietro chuckled at your attempts to avoid Natasha at all costs. “Well, now they are walki-”
“Are you kidding me?” Natasha asked in disbelief, cutting the man off and throwing a look in his direction that made him clear his throat and stop talking.
You looked at her almost offended. “Why would you interrupt my friend like this?” You asked, pinching your eyebrows together.
Natasha’s gaze fell on you again as her fists tightened. “That’s it. You fucking assh-”
“Okay!” Steve exclaimed loudly, holding up his hand while he closed his book using the other one before putting the thing on the coffee table in front of you two. “You.” He said pointing at Natasha. “Need to calm down.”
“But-” Natasha tried to protest, but once again was cut off.
“Calm down.” He said again in a quiet voice but with a slightly authoritative tone.
You held up your fruit and stared at it. “Yeah, darling. Calm down.” You chimed in earning a snicker from Tony who winced the next second as the slap from Pepper was delivered to his arm.
“And you.” Steve directed his finger at you with his eyebrows being raised.
You looked at him confused, clutching your fruit to your chest. “What me?” You asked with your eyebrows furrowed. He had no reason to point at you like this.
He kept staring at you and moved his hand up and down. “You need to stop ignoring what she says on your missions-” You started opening your mouth to retort back. “And after them as well. You can’t be this ignorant, Y/n.” He ended his sentence, putting his hand to his side.
“Excuse you. First of all, I am not ignorant.” You said earning a look from Steve and daggers from Natasha that you ignored. “And second of all.” You stopped for dramatics, pursing your lips out and shaking your head. “Not you betraying me like this.” You said in a sad tone, moving your eyes to your apple again.
Steve sighed rolling his eyes as his hands went to his hips. “Y/n, be serious, please.”
“I am. Now that this is settled, let me watch this movie.” You said, leaning back and getting comfortable on the couch.
Natasha squinted her eyes at you and looked at you with so much annoyance in them. “What is settled? We haven’t settled anything, yet.” She said with a hard glare directed at you.
“I think we have.” You said, putting your legs on the coffee table, but Natasha harshly pushed them, making them fall and causing your mouth to hang open at her action.
She looked at you like she genuinely wanted to kill you. “You are fucking anno-” The redhead started saying, gritting her teeth.
“Okay.” Steve said, holding up his hands. “What happened?”
“Nothing happened. She’s just exaggerating.” You said nonchalantly, tiredly throwing your head back on the top of the couch with a sigh.
The look that she gave you screamed ‘murder’. It was full of flames and you were certain that if she had Wanda’s powers, you already would be out of the window.
She then turned to Steve and looked at him seriously. “Our targets spotted us-”
“Her.” You corrected, earning another glare from the redhead and a sigh from Steve.
“And started running away. We needed transport and she pointed a gun at a guy who was getting in his car.” Natasha ended her speech as Steve looked at you disapprovingly.
You just shrugged at what she said. “It was a good plan.” You replied, making Sam and Bucky agree with a slight tilt of their heads.
“The safety on your gun wasn’t on.” She said the words slowly and loudly, like she wanted them to get trapped in your mind, so you wouldn’t be able to forget.
“Okay, but it was efficient.” You said as you sat straighter and kept your eyes on Natasha. “And I didn't know it wasn’t on.” You mumbled under your nose as you focused your eyes on a random spot on the floor.
Natasha threw her hands up in the air and let them fall, slapping her legs in the process as she turned her head to the side and rolled her eyes. “And it makes it better?” She asked, not wanting to get an answer to this.
“Kinda?” But she got it anyway, making her more annoyed.
She leaned her body in your direction as she lowered it a little and pointed at you. “You don’t think before doing something. You put people’s lives in danger because of your stupidity.” She ranted at you as she aggressively poked her finger in the air.
“Like you are smart, Miss ‘our targets spotted me’” You retorted, crossing your arms over your chest.
Natasha’s lips parted at your accusation and straightened up her posture. “At least I didn’t aim at the civilian.” She said back, making you squint your eyes at her.
“I wouldn’t have to do that if you weren’t spotted.” You emphasized the last word, quickly raising your eyebrows for a second in a daring manner.
The redhead gasped a little as she folded her arms under her breasts as well. Steve just closed his eyes and shook his head before bending down to pick up his book.
He waved with the thing in the direction of the doors while looking at the rest of the team. “Just... Let them do it on their own.” He said defeated and started walking away from the two of you with the people following him.
Some of them had small smiles on their faces as they looked at the two of you, enjoying the show.
The two of you ignored them as you were currently engrossed in a staring contest. “You didn’t have to threaten a guy with a gun!” Natasha said loudly, waving her arms in the air.
“He shat in his pants and we got transport. It’s a win in my books.” You said back while you stood up from the couch.
“It’s not a fucking win. What if you shot, huh?” She asked confidently, trying to get her point across.
You paused for a moment with your response before you met her eyes again. “Well, I didn’t. So calm your tits down. I’m going for a shower, not goodbye.” You said, turning around and raising your hand above your head, waving it at the redhead.
“Get your ass back here. We’re not done.” She shouted after you, irritated with your behavior and ignorance of the situation. But mostly she was angry that you didn’t give a fuck about what she was saying.
You just kept walking to the exit, not paying attention to her. “Yeah, yeah. See you, hopefully, not soon.” She heard you saying and let out a loud groan.
She felt like punching something, maybe you, but she just kicked the couch and sighed heavily.
“I have a feeling you won’t win with this one.” Wanda said chuckling as she came up to the redhead and patted her on her shoulder. “Better go change and take a shower, we have team training in an hour.”
Natasha closed her eyes and nodded her head. “Yeah, you’re right. Thanks for reminding me.” The redhead replied gratefully.
The witch smiled at her friend and two women started making their way out of the living room and to their respective destinations.
After you left fuming Natasha in the living room, you tiredly went to your bedroom and got in the shower to wash all the exhaustion from the morning events before plopping down on your bed. This mission was supposed to be fast and easy, but because of one little mistake, you had to fucking run.
Constant arguing with the redhead during it hadn’t helped as well, but you wouldn’t follow blindly every little thing she told you to do. That was why you two should never be paired up. She had her vision of the mission while you had your own too.
None of you was willing to back down and give the approval to the other. And she always criticized you for everything, even the tiniest thing that barely had any impact on the situation.
She’d hated you ever since you joined the team, which wasn’t that long ago, but still. You felt like she chose to despise you the very second you walked through the doors with Fury. Like she didn’t even give you a chance of showing who you were.
And now, she just got another thing to blame and scold you for, pointing out how ‘irresponsible’ you were. In all honesty, you knew it was wrong, but the gun was the first thing you’d thought about, even more so when you’d already held it in your hand. And you were sure that the safety was on.
Maybe you were a little reckless, but she wasn’t better. You wouldn’t get in any problematic mess if she just stopped lecturing you for a second.
The targets spotted her, cause she wasn’t paying enough attention to them. Instead, she was reprimanding you through the comms when you started flirting with the waitress.
The girl just came up to you and was the one who started it. You just went along with it, trying to keep up the act of a normal civilian on a normal day.
But according to Natasha, your stupid mouth would get you both in trouble and mess up the mission. And that you couldn't live with a day of not flirting with someone.
Well, her mouth and unnecessary irritation with you caused the mission to go to shit. Because of her getting distracted you had to run after those idiots.
Who normal runs in the morning? You never understood it and never wanted to try it out. But life decided to change your plans and made you try new things. How sweet.
As you were lying on your stomach on your bed now, you heard a knock on your door, but you didn't have enough strength to get up.
Still, the person welcomed themselves in and opened the door before stepping into your bedroom and walking up to your bed.
It was silent for a while and you kept your eyes closed, thinking that maybe they would go away.
Not long later, you felt a stinging pain on your forehead, making your hand fly there and immediately open your eyes to glare at the person.
“Don’t fucking flick me, you dipshit.” You said, rubbing your skin as Pietro laughed at you.
“We have team training, so get up.” He said and went to your closet to pick you the gym clothes.
You groaned loudly, letting yourself fall on the bed with your head facing the ceiling. “I don’t wanna.” You grumbled with a pout like a kid.
In your opinion, you already had training today when you had to run. You didn’t need any more of this.
Pietro was going through your clothes as you fought against yourself to get up. “You have to. We ditched the last one.” He replied, taking a black tank top and black basketball shorts.
You huffed out a tired breath as you lay flat on your back with your arms and legs sprawled across your bed. “Can’t we ditch this one as well?” You asked with hopeful eyes, turning your head to look at your friend.
The silver-haired man turned around, taking a look over the clothes he chose before moving his eyes to you. “No.” He said shortly and threw the clothes in your direction.
You closed your eyes as the things landed on your face, still not moving an inch. The only thing you did was breathe tiredly.
You groaned to yourself again while reaching up with your hand to take the tank top and shorts away from your face. “Stupid shit.” You mumbled to yourself, sitting up on your bed.
“Go change. We start in 5.” He said gesturing with his hands to your bathroom.
Sighing heavily, you rolled out of the bed and stood up before slowly dragging your feet to the place he pointed.
You closed your door and lazily took of your t-shirt and sweatpants before replacing them with a black tank top and black basketball shorts.
You turned to the mirror and grabbed the hairband, then raised your hands to tie your hair in a ponytail, getting rid of the irritating strands that would get in your face while training.
Dropping your hands to your sides you exhaled heavily before turning around and walking out of the bathroom. “Okay, we can go.” You told Pietro who was leaning on your desk with his arms crossed over his chest, waiting for you.
He smiled at you, standing up to his full height. “Move your ass then.” He said and started walking to the door.
You followed him and the two of you quickly got in the elevator, pressing the button for the gym floor. “What are we doing today?”
“Just sparring. Steve said that we wouldn’t do much since it was supposed to be our day off.” Pietro replied as he looked up at the ceiling.
You tilted your head a little and shrugged. “Not that bad.” You said back, making your friend nod in agreement.
Normally, the team training was long and exhausting. Steve always wanted everyone to push their limits while creating better cooperation between the members of the team.
It was always a hard time, intense exercises that tired every little muscle in everyone’s body, and Steve never let anyone leave unless there was sweat all over their face.
Sometimes it felt like hell and all you wanted to do was kick his annoying old ass, but you knew he wanted to help. Tho, not every team training was so ‘pleasant’.
When you got paired up with Natasha it wasn’t sparring anymore. It was life-death fights. At least it looked like this when the redhead had pure anger swirling in her eyes and the way she always lunged at you didn’t exactly look like a friendly fighting match.
You honestly didn’t know what her problem was, but you responded in the same way, not letting get her the upper hand at anything that involved you two at the same time. It only annoyed her more and you loved it.
The elevator dinged coming to a stop before the doors slid open, letting you and Pietro exit it and go straight to the gym.
“Don’t kill each other, please.” He said, arching his body a little and leaning his head in your direction with a tight-lipped smile.
You puckered your lips like you were thinking about it before clasping your hands together. “No promises.” You said smiling back at your friend.
He just shook his head with a chuckle not stopping his walk and opened the door to the gym.
When the two of you walked in everyone was already there, scattered all over the room. At the sound of the door opening, every single head turned in its direction.
Most of the team just stopped their conversations and stretching, letting out sighs, Steve smiled widely at the sight of you and you reciprocated the gesture.
But of course, the one and only Natasha Romanoff rolled her eyes when she saw you and got back to her talk with Wanda and a blonde you hadn’t seen before.
You took a look over the new woman in the room as you started walking up to Steve and Bucky. “Hello, bitches.” You greeted them both with arms wide open and a huge smile.
Steve only looked at you in a disapproving way, showing that the choice of your words wasn’t the best one. “For Gosh’s sake, watch your language, Y/n.” You heard Tony call out from not far away from you.
He stood with Pietro and Sam, looking at you with a teasing grin that you returned. “Aye aye, Captain.” You said back, making Steve sigh and look down as he shook his head.
Bucky chuckled a little, patting him on the arm. “Okay. Let’s start with the training.” Steve said out loud so everybody could hear him, turning his head around to catch the sight of everyone.
Then he turned to you again. “I want you to meet someone.” He said before moving his head in the direction of three women and looking at the blonde one you didn’t know. “Carol, can you please come here?”
The blonde girl started making her way in your direction after she gave Wanda and Nat one last smile and told them something to which they smiled back.
She came to a stop next to Steve who gave her a grin and gestured with one hand to you and the other to the woman. “Y/n, this is Carol Danvers, Carol, this is Y/n L/n.” Steve introduced you two to each other.
Both of you extended hands and shook them. “Nice to meet you.” You told her with a soft smile plastered on your face.
Carol gave you the same one in return. “You as well, Y/n.” She said back, and as you both were taking your hands away her touch lingered a little.
Steve looked between the both of you clasping his hands. “I want you both to spar together today. It’ll be a nice challenge for both of you and you’ll finally get to know each other.” He said and patted you on your shoulder while walking past you.
Bucky saluted to you in a joking manner and Carol chuckled when you did the same. “So, do you want to play a little?” The blonde asked with a teasing smile on her face.
“Let’s play.” You replied, causing another wave of giggles to pass her lips as both of you went to the mats.
A thud spread throughout the whole room as the blonde’s back connected with the mat again. A groan left her mouth as her eyes closed with her hands going up to her hair to run through them after you let go of her.
Still staying in your position between her legs you stared at the woman below you with a cocky smirk. “How are you feeling down there?” You asked teasingly, hands on each side of her torso to keep yourself up.
Carol chuckled at your attempts to taunt her a little and stopped moving her hands, keeping them on her temples. “I’m feeling amazing.” She replied after she opened her eyes. A smirk of her own made its way on her face. “Especially with you in this position.”
You raised your eyebrow at her words, but they didn’t even shock you. The two of you had been saying stuff like this during your training session all the time. But the clear innuendo in this one made your smirk widen.
You leaned in a little closer to the blonde’s face, still leaving a good distance, but surely invading her personal space. “I know some other place where I could be in this position.” You replied in a low voice as Carol put her hands on yours that were flat on the floor. “We would have much more fun there.”
A loud thud was heard, causing you to raise yourself from the woman. She lifted her head and both of you looked to your sides to be met with groaning Clint lying on the mat.
His eyes were tightly closed with him rolling on his side and his hand went to his back to hold it. A heavy sigh left his lips and his face became one full of pain.
You raised your eyebrows at the sight before your eyes caught the redhead that was standing above him. You could see her jaw locked in one place as her eyes were shooting death glares wherever she looked.
She was fuming, there was almost steam coming out of her ears at how angry she looked at this moment. Her gaze met yours and you saw her eyes trail down for a second before she rolled them and huffed to herself.
Turning around she told something to Clint when he rolled on his back and stared up at her. You could see her fists clench at whatever he replied with.
What was going on, you had no idea. But it was weird for Nat to be this violent with anyone else but you. She always was careful when it came to training with your teammates and she always made sure that they were alright.
So her throwing her best friend on the mat like a rag doll and letting him be writhing in pain like this was very unusual.
You looked down at the blonde that was lying under you at the same time that she turned her head to meet your eyes. You stared at her and blinked a couple of times in pure confusion.
“Do they know it’s only sparring?” Carol asked giggling and you couldn’t stop the chuckle that escaped your lips.
You shook your head and leaned back on your calves, letting the woman raise her upper body and support herself with her hands. “I don’t know. But every one of my sparring matches with Nat is even worse than this.” You told her, making her laugh lightly at your words.
You slowly stood up, dusting off your shorts. You extended your hand for Carol to take it and she did it with a grateful smile on her face.
Lifting her, you used a little too much strength and caused the blonde to bolt up. “Wow.” She yelped out as she collapsed on your body and her free hand flew to your arm to keep her steady.
You chuckled at her reaction while looking down at her face. “Didn’t expect such a boost?” You asked playfully with a smirk.
“No. But I expect something much better at that place you mentioned.” She replied patting your shoulder with a smile and a slightly raised eyebrow.
You two laughed a little as you stood very close to each other, bodies practically touching while your eyes were focused on the other pair.
“How is training going?” You heard Steve asking, making you and Carol break your eye contact and look at the man.
Carol gave him a toothy grin showing her pearly white teeth as she shifted a little and got closer to you. “It’s going great. I think I won’t be able to train with anybody else after today.” She said as she glanced at you with happiness swirling in her eyes.
Steve grinned widely at her words and held his hands up with palms facing the ceiling. “I’m glad you liked each other.” At his words, you smirked and winked at Carol who let out a chuckle at your actions.
“And considering how well you already work together and how you get along, I think making you permanent sparring partners wouldn’t be a bad idea.” Steve continued, but a loud wince and then groan that followed it made the three of you turn your heads to the source of the sound.
Steve raised his eyebrows seeing as Clint was bent down with his arm around his stomach, head hanging down with his mouth wide open.
You saw him blinking either out of surprise or shock, or maybe something else, who knows. The only thing you were sure of was that he was in pain and probably regretted showing up at training today.
“Uuh.” Steve let out as he raised his hand a little and looked at you and Carol with a puzzled look. “Guys, tone it down a little. We don’t fight for real.” He called out to the redhead and a man who was trying to regain his composure.
Natasha only put her hands on her hips and rolled her eyes again, grumbling something under her nose while Clint was still facing the ground and clutching his stomach, managing to only hold up his free hand and give Steve a thumbs up.
“Did they argue or something?” Steve asked with furrowed eyebrows as he looked back at the two of you.
You and Carol looked at each other before shrugging. “I don’t think so, but who knows. Maybe Nat just has a bad day.” You said raising your eyebrows while tugging the corners of your lips down in a way that showed you had no idea about the situation.
“Yeah, I wonder why.” Steve said with a tight-lipped smile, pushing his lips to the corners.
You squinted your eyes at him and your mouth fell open. “What are you implying, Steven?” You asked as you blinked at him twice.
Carol chuckled at your interaction and Steve smiled shaking his head. “Nothing at all. Go back to your thing.” He said gesturing to the mat while walking backward and turning away from you.
“You heard him?” You asked Carol in a faux seriousness, pointing with your thumb at your blonde friend with your raised eyebrow. “The audacity.” You said playfully, making her giggle again.
“How could he? Accusing you like this.” Carol said with a shake of her head while looking ahead before putting her hands on her hips and moving her eyes to you. “Do you want me to kick his ass?”
You let out a long sigh as you nodded. “Oh, yes. America’s ass got a little bit too sassy. Put him in his righteous place, ma’am.” You replied putting your hands on your hips and nodded confidently.
Carol laughed at what you said, making you do the same as her hand landed on your biceps.
You only met her maybe an hour ago, but you really enjoyed her company.
Unlike someone who burned holes in your and Carol’s heads with the intensity of her stares. Green eyes had been focused only on the two of you ever since the training started.
The face of the owner was the same fiery red color as her hair, everything thanks to pure rage that was filling her body more with every second.
As the redheaded beauty glanced in your direction again she saw red at how close you and Carol were standing next to each other. Her jaw tightened at the sight and her nostrils flared in anger.
Clint swung his fist at her which she grabbed and twisted to the side, making the archer let out a groan, but he turned around trying to elbow her with the other arm.
However, Nat’s current state helped her with fighting today, and every little stupid laugh of yours or Carol’s she heard only spurred her on.
She let go of his arm and grabbed the other with two of her hands, and as his back was facing her she quickly turned around to mimic his position before forcefully pulling on his arm while she bent down and flung him over her shoulder.
The blonde man grunted landing on his back again, arching it in pain with wide eyes. He tiredly lay down and breathed heavily. “Can you-” He let out but paused to catch his breath. “Can you be less harsh, please?” He panted out, slowly moving to the sitting position.
He leaned back on his arm with his one leg bent while Natasha glanced at you again before she turned to Clint with a sarcastic smile. “Why? Can’t take a little bit of beating?”
“Can’t take your jealousy that you can’t contain in your small body.” He grumbled as he was standing up. “It’s flooding out of you like a river and I’m the victim, even though I didn’t do anything.”
Natasha scoffed at his words while he arched his back with his eyes closed and a few bones cracked because of the action. “I’m not jealous. It’s not my fault you can’t keep up with the fight.”
The archer let a tired sigh pass his lips as he looked at Natasha unconvinced. “Are you sure it’s not because your not-girlfriend girlfriend gives her whole attention to a certain hot blon-” His sentence was cut off as another strong punch was delivered to his stomach.
He gasped loudly, not expecting this at all as he slowly sank to his knees and lay on his back one more time. Natasha just stared down at her best friend with a look that told him he could’ve shut up.
At this moment he understood his mistake and regretted it with everything in him. It would be enough training for him today.
Everyone in the room looked at Natasha and lying Clint on the ground. Some with raised eyebrows and blinking slowly, others with questioning looks and mouths slightly opened.
Natasha just shrugged at their stares, but when she turned to you again, she saw that you didn’t pay her any mind at all. You were too engrossed in your oh-so-interesting conversation that was full of laughter with Carol.
Natasha almost growled under her breath, making Clint look at her in fear. She didn’t like what she was seeing at all.
You heard a loud gasp and saw Clint getting on his knees with his mouth wide open. Your eyes widened slightly and eyebrows raised at this. She really had a bad day today.
“Whatever pissed her off, better watch your back today.” You told Carol as she watched Clint currently lying on the ground.
Carol pressed her lips together and turned her head to you nodding. “Yeah, I think you’re right. I’ve never seen her this angry.” The blonde admitted with a wave of her hand.
“Poor Clint will be trapped in the med bay if it keeps going like this.” You said turning back to the mat as Carol laughed lightly and followed you.
“Couldn’t be more true.” She replied between her giggles. She stood in front of you and got in her fighting stance. “Ready for another round?”
You grinned teasingly at her as you lifted your hands. “What kind of round do you have in mind?” You asked flirtatiously, making the blonde smirk.
“Whatever kind you want.” She said smiling sweetly before she swung at you with her arm.
You quickly ducked her punch and moved to the side before going to the floor and trying to sweep her legs. However, the blonde took notice of it and jumped a little to avoid your attack as you stood up at the speed of light.
Carol started throwing punches at you and suddenly turned around sending a kick in your way. Your reflexes let you grab her leg and pull on it a little to disturb her balance.
It worked but not how you wanted. Carol used all her force to pull her leg toward her before pushing it with the same strength in you. When it connected with your sternum you gasped and let go of her.
You composed yourself pretty fast, just in time to see another advance from Carol. She ran at you and you moved to the side grabbing her arm and tripping her leg. “Wow.” She yelped with widened eyes as she lost her balance.
She quickly grabbed your arm while she was falling forward. It wouldn’t be a problem if you didn’t slip. Both of you tried to catch your stances, but it was for nothing, cause the next second you started falling on the ground.
You harshly landed on your back and the next second Carol’s body collapsed on yours, making you huff out a huge breath. Your eyes widened at the impact and a wince left your mouth.
The blonde that was now on top of you, straddling you with her legs and her head on your shoulder, groaned loudly with her eyes squeezed shut. “Fuck.” She said in a pained tone.
After a second she lifted her head and looked at you with a tired face and her mouth hung open.
Both of you just stared at each other, trying to wrap your heads around what happened. Carol blew out some air to get rid of the hair that fell on her face. “I guess it’s a win for me this time.” She said slightly panting.
The second full of silence passed before both of you burst out in laughter. Carol’s eyes closed with a huge grin on her face that showed her pearly white teeth as her forehead connected with your shoulder.
A loud bang broke the two of you from your little accident just to see Natasha storming out of the room. Getting to the door, she opened them and left before slamming the door with mighty strength.
Everyone looked in the same direction before moving their gazes to Clint who was standing in one place, looking like he tried to analyze the situation.
Steve cleared his throat before awkwardly smiling. “Guess it’s over for today. Thank you, everyone.” He said and people started slowly making their way to the benches with slightly shocked and confused faces.
Carol turned to you and raised her eyebrows. “Well, I won’t forget this fall for sure.” She said and gave you a tight-lipped smile, pushing the corners of her mouth to her cheeks.
You laughed at her lightly and nodded in agreement. “Yeah. And we will definitely feel this in the morning.” You replied, causing her to giggle.
After leaving the gym and taking a quick shower for the second time today, you changed into some more comfortable clothes before going out of your room and to the kitchen.
As you were walking in its direction you spotted the blonde woman you met today. “Hello, ma’am.” You said jokingly when she caught up to you and grinned widely.
“Hello, yourself.” She greeted back. “Hungry?” She asked to which you nodded. “Me too. I’m actually starving.” She said, dramatically holding her stomach.
Both of you chuckled at this as you entered the kitchen and spotted there Wanda and Nat who were sitting at the island. “Hello, ladies.” You greeted both as you slowly made your way to the basket with small snacks.
“Hello to you too.” Wanda said with a smile while Natasha stayed silent.
The redhead was eating an energy bar and was glancing at you and Carol as the latter was coming up to you. “Do you have something interesting there?” The blonde asked as she stood next to you.
You smiled cheekily at her. “Yes, me.” You said, causing the fit of giggles to pass her lips. “But no, there is nothing good.” You added, looking at the things in a basket.
Carol groaned as she stretched her arms a little. “I would kill for a pizza.” She said, looking up at the ceiling.
You chuckled as she let her shoulders sag with a heavy sigh. “Are you tired, Miss Danvers?” You asked teasingly, leaning your body on the kitchen counter.
Carol huffed playfully, putting her arm on the marble to lean on it. “Yeah, well, you tired me out. I didn’t expect you to be so good at fighting.” She said seriously. “It makes me curious about your other amazing skills.” She added with a smirk as she took a small step toward you.
“I have some tricks up my sleeve.” You replied, shrugging your shoulders in nonchalance, mirroring her position.
She pressed her lips together before turning them into a smile. “I think I like training more now.” She said with the tiniest bit of teasing in her voice. “It never felt as good as with you.”
“Then I can’t wait for another session, partner.” You said with a wide grin as you looked at the blonde.
Carol smirked at your words and leaned in, exposing more of her chest to you. “We can always do some private training sessions.” She said in a sultry tone. “So, maybe next time I’m under you it can be somewhere softer.” She said as she put her hand on your arm and trailed the fingers along it.
“I see you’re really eager to end up under me again.” You replied looking into her eyes and you saw how they sparkled.
Her smirk widened and she stepped closer to you, leaving almost no space between your bodies. “Well, we can always try out other positions. I’m not saying no.” She said seductively while her fingertips slowly ran up your arm.
At this moment, you thought you couldn’t be happier about meeting this woman. But what you failed to notice was a wary glance that Wanda threw Nat when the redhead tightened her hand around her water bottle.
As you were about to reply, Sam walked to the kitchen with a smile on his face.
“Everybody is going out to eat something. You guys wanna go with us?” Sam asked pointing with his thumb over his shoulder.
The man looked at you, waiting for an answer, and eyeing how close you and Carol were standing to each other as you gave him an apologetic smile. “I can’t. I need to fill in some documents for Fury regarding me being an Avenger.” You told him and he wanted to say something but decided against it and nodded understandingly.
“I’m gonna go, I was about to eat anyway.” Wanda said standing up from her seat.
Carol had a thoughtful expression on her face before looking at Sam. “I’ll go too. I don’t have much to do, so why not. And I want that pizza.” She said, making you laugh a little as she stepped away from you slowly heading to the exit while Sam nodded at both women.
“Okay, take what you need and meet us in 5 in the lobby.” Sam said before he smiled at you and Nat one last time and left.
Carol turned to you with a grin. “Do you want me to take you something to eat?” She asked nicely before her tone turned into a teasing one. “Or am I enough?” She added with a smirk.
You shook your head a little with a smile plastered on your face. “I think I’ll be okay with Danvers snack.” You said back, making Carol’s smirk turn into a toothy grin as a giggle escaped her lips.
Wanda glanced at Natasha again and if you'd done the same, you would’ve seen how her jaw tightened along with her fist. The water bottle she was clutching barely looked like a bottle at this point.
Carol started walking backward to the exit with Wanda waiting for her. “I’ll keep you to that.” She said pointing her finger at you. “See you guys later.” She said looking at you and then Natasha who gave her a tight-lipped smile.
The two women disappeared around a corner and you opened the fridge to find something to eat before you had to go and got to the paperwork you had to do.
“Couldn’t you be more obvious?” You heard Natasha say behind you. You glanced at her raising an eyebrow before going back to rummaging through the stuff.
“What do you mean?” You asked, looking at the things on the last shelf, but not finding anything you just grimaced and stood up straight.
A loud scoff rang through the kitchen while you closed the fridge and turned around. “Oh, I don’t know. Maybe you trying to get in Carol’s pants, even though you met only like 2 hours ago.” She said in a faux realization and ended with a fake-ass smile.
You blinked at her and stopped in one place. “I try to get in women’s pants even before I meet them. And we were just playing around.” You informed her in a neutral tone before you started looking for food in cupboards.
You heard screeching of the floor but paid it no mind as you wanted to find absolutely any snack you could take with you and go to your room to fill in those stupid papers.
“Mhm, of course. And you being glued to each other in the gym is also playing around.” She said sarcastically.
You turned your head to Natasha and gave her a bored look. “We were training.” You said slowly, moving your head a little in her direction. “How we are supposed to train without touching each other?”
Another scoff left her mouth as she was now standing next to the island with her arms crossed over her chest. “You did more than just this.” She bit back, throwing you an angry look. “And what about this little show a minute ago, huh?”
You stood to your full height with hands hanging on the handles of the cupboards and stared at the redhead. Mouth slightly opened and eyes blinking, trying to understand what was her problem.
You took a small breath and tilted your head a little to the side. “Oh my God.” You groaned out. “Can’t we flirt or something? Is there a rule?” You asked rhetorically as you closed the cupboard and moved to stand next to the island.
“No there is not-” She started saying.
“Then I don’t see a problem.” You cut her off with a small wave of your hand.
“But it doesn’t mean she has to be all over you.” Natasha ended her previous sentence, raising her voice a little. “She was practically on top of you here and you didn’t do anything to stop her.” She added even more irritated at the situation.
You rolled your eyes while turning to the side, so your body was facing the redhead. “She just stood next to me. And it’s not like I’m gonna push her away, cause she put her hand on my arm and got a little too close.” You replied, not hiding the fact that you thought it was ridiculous.
Natasha scoffed in annoyance and aggressively dropped her arms to her sides. “Oh yeah, just let her do whatever she wants.” The redhead said flinging her hands in the air. “Why not. Maybe even go and do some training together.” She added with emphasized sarcasm.
You were genuinely confused about why she suddenly started arguing about something like this. It wasn’t like you minded Carol being too close to you. She was beautiful and definitely caught your eye. You only met her, but not only had her appearance get your attention, but also her personality. In this short couple of hours, you could say she was funny, open-minded, and really kind.
You fell in conversation pretty easily. And you thought she was Natasha’s close friend. At least that was what Clint and Steve told you. So why would she-
A small smirk started creeping up on your lips as the realization settled in your mind. It was so clear, yet not that noticeable. But that didn’t matter anymore.
You tilted your head a little to the side, looking at the redhead. “Would you want to do some training with me, Natasha?” You asked her in a neutral tone, but the tiniest bit of teasing could be heard.
The redhead stopped in her tracks, registering your words in her mind. “What?” The question fell from her mouth and you caught how her voice trembled a little.
Taking a small step towards the woman you put your hand on the countertop. “Is that it? You want to train with me a little?” You moved closer to her while sliding your fingers along the marble.
Natasha swallowed subtly, still with her eyes fixated on you. She watched your every move and how relaxed and calm you were. She noticed your straightened-up posture, but there wasn’t any bit of tension in it.
“You’re being annoying. Just like always.” She said crossing her arms over her chest, trying to dismiss the subject you brought up. She wouldn’t fall for your words. But the confidence you were speaking and moving with already started working on her.
You smiled at what she said, now being aware of the real reason for her behavior towards you. “I think I’m just annoyingly attractive and you can’t get enough of me.” You replied kind of cockily, stopping in one place a few feet away from the woman.
“Oh my God. You’re so full of yourself. It’s really exhausting at this point.” The redhead remarked with an eye roll.
But were you wrong? Not at all. Your looks caught her attention the very first day you joined the team and she would be lying if she said that you weren’t a frequent topic of her thoughts.
She didn’t like it when other women flirted with you or were just too close to you for Natasha’s liking. How their touches lingered on your arm with the thumb brushing your skin or material of your clothes.
It was worse when you responded to their attempts, going to your flirt mode and charming women left and right. They always laughed at every little stupid thing you said. Every time they would throw their heads back and grip your arm a little tighter, pulling themselves closer to you.
At times like this Natasha saw red and she swore she could rip every woman’s head off.
She’d been drawn to you the moment she saw you. But she would never admit it out loud.
Even more so when you already had that stupid cocky smirk plastered on your lips. She didn’t even need to hear you say anything, cause the look on your face told her everything.
You smiled at her choice of words, before briefly dropping your gaze to your hand. “And you want to be full of me.” You said when she started turning around and placed her hands on the kitchen counter.
You drummed your fingers on the countertop, watching the redhead, roaming your eyes over her bare legs as she still was in her gym clothes. “By the way, I can give you some other reason to roll your eyes if you want.” You told her while you started making your way to her. After a couple of steps, you stood yourself behind the woman.
Your hands landed on the redhead’s waist, lightly holding her while you put your head closer to her ear. “Do you want it, Natasha?” You asked in a low voice, feeling her slightly tense up at your sudden touch before she relaxed. “Tell me what you want.”
Natasha tried so hard not to let her mind go somewhere else. Not to let it go there. She knew that if she didn’t stop you now, she would give in to you. But in all honesty, she’d wanted that for so long that she didn’t give a fuck about what was about to happen. She just wanted you.
Your warm breaths hitting her neck were only reminding her of how close you were. That she finally got you this close. She could feel your lips delicately brushing against her skin as your hands wandered down to the hem of her t-shirt, causing her arousal to raise.
You took it between your pointing finger and your thumb, fiddling with it, as you moved your mouth up to her ear. “Do you want me to stop?” You whispered the words to the redhead.
It would be the last thing Natasha wanted right now. The redheaded woman only shook her head in response, but that wasn’t enough. “Words, Tasha.” You told her before placing a kiss behind her ear.
- NSFW -
“No.” The woman breathed out, waiting for your next move. As if on cue, your hands let go of her t-shirt and slipped under it. They slowly moved up her stomach. Fingertips gently brushing her milky skin and your feather-light kisses placed along her neck sent shivers down the redhead’s spine.
She could feel her skin getting hotter under your soft touches and when you got to her bra, her anticipation only raised.
Moving her body back, she pressed herself more to your front letting her head fall slightly on your shoulder. At the same moment, you lightly grabbed the bottom of her bra and lifted it before moving your hands to gently cup her breasts.
Redhead’s breathing started picking up at your actions as your mouth still worked on her neck, marking it with dark bruises, before you went down to her collarbone to do the same, causing the heat to go down straight to Natasha’s core.
You gave her breasts a delicate squeeze, moving your thumbs to brush her nipples with them a little in the process, making the redhead let out a small moan.
You trailed up the kisses from her collarbone back to her neck and up to under her jawline while one of your hands wandered to the redhead’s back and reached with it to unclasp her bra.
Natasha decided to help you and quickly slid the straps down her arms, allowing you to pull the bra from under her top and get rid of this inconvenience. Your hands returned to their position on the woman’s tits and massaged them a little before you took both of her nipples between your pointing fingers and thumbs.
You pulled your mouth away from her neck and placed it next to her ear. “Is this okay?” You asked in a whisper, not stopping your movements as the redhead moaned again.
Natasha closed her eyes at the feeling of your touch. “Yeah.” She said quietly, letting herself get more and more lost in your actions.
You’d barely done anything, but her mind was already running a million miles per second and she wanted more. She needed more.
With your mouth going back and working on her neck, you painted it with more marks until you stopped at a certain point that made Natasha’s hold on the kitchen counter tighten. You smirked to yourself and kissed the spot before sucking harshly and lightly biting on it, making the redhead gasp.
As your tongue was running over the bruise you’d just made, one of Natasha’s hands let go of the marble. She moved it up and grabbed one of yours that was still working on her nipple, and started leading it down her body.
Her chest was heaving up and down as her breaths became more ragged and louder. You let her move your hand as she wanted, but you held it in one place at the waistband of her shorts.
Natasha whined at your objection and tried to make your hand go further down to no avail. “Please.” You heard her saying quietly as she moved her body back, causing your bodies to be pressed flush against each other.
The slight desperation in her voice made your confidence boost. She started grinding her hips into you, adding more force with each second.
You smirked to yourself when her movements suddenly stopped and you heard her sharply inhale. All because of a small, or not-so-small, surprise you had hidden.
But it wasn’t long before she resumed her actions again. “Please, do something.” Natasha whined out, placing her hand on your forearm.
You took the waistband of her shorts between your fingers and moved them along it. “Are you sure?”
“Yes! Just do it.” Natasha exclaimed impatiently and tightly squeezed your arm.
You decided to fulfill her wish. When she felt your hand moving down, she let go of it and gripped the countertop again.
You slowly slipped it under her shorts and underwear, feeling her shudder under your touch. Going further, you slid two fingers down through her folds, taking notice of how wet she already was.
“Someone’s excited.” You said, not stopping your actions.
Natasha moaned while you went back up and brushed her clit lightly. She started grinding herself on your hand to get more friction, but you took your hand away from her cunt and out of her underwear.
You gripped her hip just as she whined at the loss of contact. “Aren’t you needy?” You taunted the woman with a smirk on your face.
It was entertaining to you how she seemed to can’t stand you at every given occasion, but now she just couldn’t get enough of you. Waiting for you to do anything you wanted to her.
The redhead huffed out a breath and opened her eyes. “Aren’t you a tease?” She remarked, making your smirk widen.
“Maybe. But you still haven’t told me what you want.” You said as your fingertips were trailing over Natasha’s skin just above the waistband of her shorts, teasing her.
“I just want you to fuck me!” The redhead stated furiously, her hips started working against you again. “Please, just make me feel good. Please.” She added quietly and you decided to take pity on her.
Placing both of your hands on her hips, you spun her around and pressed her to the counter before fiercely connecting your lips with hers.
The redhead moaned into the kiss before you pulled away. “As you wish.” You mumbled against her lips before you started pulling her shorts down her legs along with her panties.
Her impatience was showing as she almost kicked the clothing away when it reached her ankles, leaving her bottom half of the body completely exposed to you.
Standing up, you lightly grabbed her hip with one of your hands and moved the other to the place where she needed you the most.
You ran your fingers through her folds again, gathering her wetness on them and making the redhead let out a shaky breath while she grabbed the edge of the kitchen counter. “Y/n.” Natasha said, but it sounded more like a plea.
Moving your head back to her neck, you again started leaving light kisses across it while your hand went up to her clit. You started circling it slowly, causing Natasha’s grip to tighten and let out a small moan.
“More.” She almost breathed out, and you pulled your hand away a little, making the redhead whine. “Y/n, stop playing, just fu- U-uck me.” Natasha cut herself off with a loud moan when you suddenly pushed two of your fingers inside her.
One of her hands flew to your shoulder and took a strong hold of it while you slowly pumped in and out of her, picking up your pace with each thrust.
Her eyes squeezed shut and her mouth was slightly agape, letting the beautiful sounds leave it. Deciding to add to her pleasure, you lifted her t-shirt to be met with her naked breasts, and not wasting a second, you attached your mouth to one of them.
“Fuck.” Natasha moaned out at the feeling of your tongue circling her nipple and the constant pounding of your fingers.
You then moved to her other nipple and gave it the same attention as Natasha’s hand moved from your shoulder and to your hair. “Oh God, yes!” She let out the words louder.
You let go of her nipple with a pop and kissed her cheek before going down on your knees.
Natasha’s eyes were now open and looking into your E/c eyes just as you looked back into her green ones. Not breaking eye contact, you pounded into her as you curled your fingers while your mouth attached to her bundle of nerves and circled it. Sinful sounds spilled from her mouth at the action.
Still on your knees, you reached up and started kneading her nipple with your free hand. This made her other hand fly to your hair as well, as she started grinding against your mouth a little.
She looked so good at this moment. With bliss written all over her face as her eyes were tightly closed and eyebrows furrowed, succumbing to the feeling you were giving her.
Her hands in your hair tightened their grip on it as her breathing became more ragged and her legs started shaking a little. “You look so beautiful.” You told her.
Natasha couldn’t think about anything else but you and your fingers in her, along with your mouth pleasuring her. She never felt this good and she was sure she would never feel better.
“I’m close. I’m so close.” She moaned loudly as your tongue still worked on her clit and your fingers didn’t stop even for a second. “I’m gonna cum.” She said again, making you go faster.
“Let go, Tasha.” You said before attaching your mouth to her bud again.
And she did just that. “Fuck! Y/n!” She screamed out with her head thrown back and hands still tightly holding your hair.
You slowed down your thrust, letting her ride out her orgasm before coming to a stop. You pulled out of her and used your tongue to catch every bit of her juices. You moved your mouth away and stood up, making her whine at the loss of contact before you put your fingers to her lips.
She immediately engulfed them with her mouth and started circling them with her tongue, not looking away from you. You moved your other hand to your belt and started unfastening it.
When she cleaned your digits, you pulled them out. You tugged on her t-shirt and she quickly got rid of it before you turned her around, making her yelp. “Ready to go again?” You asked as you took the strap out of your pants.
She only nodded, putting her hands on the edge of the counter. “You have to speak, darling.” You husked out into her ear, sending a shiver down her spine.
“Yes, I’m ready. Please, just fuck me.” She said quickly, not being able to keep her impatience at bay.
Gripping the toy, you ran the tip through her folds, gathering her wetness on it. You teasingly bumped her bundle of nerves before doing the same with her entrance, evoking a muffled moan from the redhead.
“Please, Y/n. I need you in me. Make me feel good again.” Natasha let out as she started moving her hips back to you.
She was impatient. She wanted you to make her come again so bad.
You lightly grabbed her hips with your hands, stopping her from doing anything, making her whine. Just to turn it into a throaty moan when you slowly started pushing in her.
You stopped for a moment, letting her get used to the size before pushing in fully, completely stretching her out. You stood still giving her time to regain herself before you slowly pulled out and in again.
You started gradually picking up the pace, pounding in the redhead and causing her to moan loudly with each thrust. She fell forward but tightly held the marble as you moved your hands to her waist to keep her in place.
You ran your hand up her spine and tangled your fingers in her hair before pulling it gently. She took the hint and lifted herself with a whine.
Your thrust became more powerful and deeper, making her move her back to you and let her head fall on your shoulder as loud moans left her mouth.
“That’s good?” You asked as her head was next to yours.
You moved your hand from her waist and reached her clit, starting running circles on it again. “Yes! You fuck me so good.” She screamed out, completely lost in everything you were giving her.
You smirked to yourself and attacked her neck, sucking on her sweet spot, causing another loud moan to leave her mouth. “Harder.” She let out and you didn’t have to be told twice.
Tightly gripping her hips with both of your hands you started pounding with more force to the point where your thrust became so powerful that she had to support herself with the kitchen counter not to fall flat on it as her body bolted forward.
“Fuck! Just like that!” She screamed out again, letting herself get lost even more in the pleasure you were gifting her with. “Oh, God.”
Suddenly you pulled out and quickly turned the redhead around before picking her up and placing her on the counter, making her yelp in surprise. You took a hold of her legs, grabbing under her knees, and spread them wide apart.
Without giving her a chance to do or say anything, you roughly thrust in her again. One of her hands went behind her to keep herself up while the other flew to your t-shirt and gripped it tightly. “Oh my fuck! Yes! Just ruin my pussy.” She moaned out loudly, and you were sure that if someone was at the compound, they would hear her without a doubt.
You sped up your movements, going now at an animalistic speed as her head hung back with her eyes tightly closed and mouth wide open. “You like that? You like me being deep in you?” You husked out, keeping the redhead’s waist in a strong hold.
“Yeah.” She moaned out. “I love you being in me. Fucking me like this.” Her words were filthy, laced with lust as she screamed them out. Her sinful sounds hadn’t stopped coming out of her mouth even for a second. “Don’t stop! Please, don’t stop.” She moaned again and again as her eyes rolled to the back of her head.
Her words only spurred you on. Going harder and faster than ever, you were focused only on one thing - fucking her just like she wanted you to.
Her moans were getting more frequent and louder, filling up the space and bouncing off of the walls.
You moved one of your hands to her neck and wrapped it around it, causing Natasha to sharply inhale. Her hand flew to your forearm as you roughly kissed her. She eagerly reciprocated and when you licked her bottom lip, she immediately let you in, allowing your tongue to explore her mouth.
Not stopping your hips from moving, you were swallowing all her moans as your lips were moving against each other.
You pulled away only a little, both of you looking into each other’s eyes with you still keeping a hold of her neck, squeezing it lightly. “You gonna come again?” You mumbled against her lips, still pounding in the redhead mercilessly.
Her breasts were bouncing up and down with the force you were pounding in her and you leaned down to take her nipple in your mouth, sucking it and circling it with your tongue.
“Yes! I wanna come. Please, let me come.” She quickly babbled out, her eyes went closed at the feeling of your powerful thrusts and your hand around her neck with your wet mouth working on her bud.
You let go of her nipple with a pop and looked into her eyes. “Then come.” You said and after a couple more of your rough thrusts, Natasha screamed out your name, tightening her hold on your clothes and coming undone. Her head was hanging back as her mouth hung wide open with her mind being completely fuzzy.
You started slowing down your movements and helped her ride out her orgasm. You came to a stop, taking your hand away from her neck as she let go of your forearm, and waited for her to come down from her high as she breathed heavily. Her body was all sweaty and she surely was exhausted.
- SFW -
You pulled out of her, making her let out a small moan at the feeling as you held her by her waist, not to let her fall back. She swallowed thickly, trying to catch her breath before opening her eyes and looking at you. “Fuck.” She breathed out, slowly regaining her composure.
Your faces were inches apart and you smiled teasingly. “You are lucky everybody’s out, cause they would hear you for sure.” You told the redhead.
She scoffed at your words but let out a chuckle right after. “Shut up.” She said giggling. She then took a look over you. “How is it that you’re still fully clothed and I’m fully naked?” She asked with a raised eyebrow.
You smirked at her and she already rolled her eyes. “Cause you were so needy that I didn’t have time to undress.” You replied earning yourself a slap to your arm, making you chuckle.
“I wasn’t needy.” She denied it, but her face betrayed her. A genuine smile appeared on her lips.
You pulled away from her and helped her get off the counter before she started dressing.
You shoved your strap back into your pants and started cleaning the mess you two made. When you finished she was pulling the last piece of clothing on her body. As her t-shirt went down and covered her, her smile faltered a little when she looked at you.
You looked back in slight confusion. “What?” You asked Natasha not knowing the cause of her sudden change in mood.
She looked down at the floor and fiddled with the hem of her t-shirt a little. You came up to her and rubbed her arms. “What happened?”
Her head raised and she looked into your eyes. She opened her mouth to say something but closed it right after. “What was it?” She asked finally as you stared at her.
“What was what?” You asked back, not looking away from her face.
She huffed out a breath with a slight annoyance in it, making you internally smirk to yourself. “Was it a one-time thing? You just fucking me, cause you had a chance? Or-” She started saying but cut herself off at the end.
Your lips tugged up a little at her hesitancy. “Or?” You asked teasingly but softly, dragging out the word.
Natasha rolled her eyes at you again and looked down at your t-shirt as her hand went to pick on it. “Or something more.” She said quietly, not daring to look at you.
You let a warm smile appear on your lips and it only was widening with every second. You reached for her chin with your hand and held it gently before moving her head up.
When you had her looking at you, you looked between her eyes and saw something you’d never seen before in them. Fear and vulnerability. “Do you want it to be something more?” You asked softly and noticed how her fingers fidgeted as she became a little nervous. “Cause I want it to be something more.”
At your words, she looked at you differently. She looked like she was searching for the tiniest hint of a lie. But it wasn’t there. And when she couldn’t find it, she just rushed her head forward and kissed you deeply with her hands landing on your face.
You kissed her back, making both of you smile so wide that kissing became impossible. “I take it as a yes.” You said when both of you pulled away and she chuckled, making you do the same. “Okay, let’s take a bath. Shall we?” You asked Natasha and she gave you a toothy grin in response with a nod.
“Yup, but you have to carry me.” She said and opened her arms for you to pick her up. You raised your eyebrows at her and she just looked back. “It’s your fault I’m tired and barely standing, so, chop-chop.” She said with a sweet smile and still waiting.
You shook your head, letting out a light laugh before picking her up bridal style, making her yelp a little. “Of course, ma’am.” You said making her giggle as both of you left the kitchen with wide grins on your faces.
Maybe arguing with Natasha wasn’t that bad after all.
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