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vancityfire13 · 2 days ago
She’s Everything
Soft!Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Word Count: 2K
A/N: Based on a lovely request. Please enjoy some fluff. Based on song of the same name.
Tumblr media
Not all secrets are intentional. 
It hadn’t made sense to tell the others when you’d started dating Natasha. Things felt tentative anyway. 
There was a softness with Natasha that you’d only guessed at before. 
She was hesitant before every date.
She knocked on your door before the first one. 
You were going to the cinema, Natasha had invited you over text. It was more than friendship, but you weren’t quite sure what else it could be yet.
Natasha met your gaze when you opened your door. She smiled nervously and you realised that this was the side of her that she didn’t normally share.
Her hands were buried deep in her jacket’s pockets and, when you told her that she looked great, she glanced shyly at the ground.
Your crush on her grew all evening. 
She’d picked the movie because it was a special showing of one of your favourites. She was proud that she’d found tickets. You found it hard to speak. You didn’t know how to explain that no one had ever been that thoughtful before.
It was at the popcorn stand that you realised how unsure Natasha was. It felt like a high school date when she tucked her hair behind her ear and asked if you wanted to share a bucket.
From your time as part of the Avenger’s team, you’d always assumed Natasha was a natural leader. She was calm and efficient during the most dangerous missions. 
You could tell that she wanted to hold your hand during the movie. You could feel the static energy between you, prickling along your arm. You noticed the way her fingers drummed an awkward beat against the armrest.
You ran your fingers slowly over the top of hers before you purposefully took her hand. She froze at your touch. 
You watched her swallow and glance over at you. The lights from the screen were reflected in her eyes.
You leaned across to kiss her. Her lips were soft.
You realised that, maybe, Natasha was softer than anyone had ever realised.
Secret dates were special, but soon enough, moments with Natasha became perfectly commonplace.
You exchanged knowing glances over coffee in the kitchen. Natasha bumped your hip when she walked past you in the hallway. 
Sometimes, she’d meet you in the elevator. Natasha would stand in front of you, taking a small step back until her ass pressed into your front. You’d swear and then you’d see her smirk in the mirrored elevator doors.
On Friday evenings, Natasha would arrive expectantly at your room, wearing pyjamas and with a laptop tucked under her arm.
It was strange watching her learn how to have confidence in your relationship. 
After a few months, you’d find her waiting inside for you. She’d be settled in the centre of your bed, pillows adjusted and ready for you to sit next to her.
Natasha’s confidence was more of a gentle radiance. 
Her eyes softened whenever they looked at you.
Sometimes, you thought that the other Avengers must know about you two already. 
It wasn’t a real secret. You tried to remember that it was okay if they did.
When you came back from your first solo mission, bone soaked from the icy rain, Natasha had hurried to greet you in the hallway.
Your comms had gone down midway and there had been a few near-miss moments. Still, you hadn’t anticipated a hero’s welcome.
Her hand touched your cheek instinctively, her breath skated over your lips. 
Then, she looked over her shoulder and remembered the rest of the team. Their surprise was clearly on display.
The cool mask returned instantaneously.
Natasha took your hand silently and kept her head high as she led you back to your room.
She murmured kind things as she helped you out of your wet clothes, ran you a hot bath and combed through your hair as the warmth returned to your limbs.
You let yourself forget about what the others might know. You forgot about the heart-stopping moment of a bullet flying too close to your head.
Natasha’s gentle focus kept you in the room.
That night, Natasha curled next to you in your bed. Her palm rested over your heart. You breathed together in the quiet.
‘Thank God you’re okay.’ Natasha mumbled at last and you could hear the shakiness in her voice. You could feel the tension easing out of her joints.
You covered her hand with your own. Natasha’s nose brushed your collarbone before she pressed her lips to your skin.
Maybe it should have been obvious that you loved each other.
Still, that was the first moment you knew it for sure.
Two days later and you were at a bar.
The team hadn’t acknowledged Natasha’s strange reaction to your dangerous mission. Instead, they’d insisted on celebrating the fact you’d made it through relatively unscathed.
You’d returned from receiving your medical clearance on Friday night. As you stepped off the elevator, Tony was standing impatiently in front of you, holding your coat ready.
In one smooth movement, he slipped it over your shoulders and spun you around to re enter the elevator.
In the entrance lobby, you found Steve, Clint, Wanda and Natasha, awaiting your arrival. 
Something in your heart seized at the sight of them. Your team had become your family. 
Your eyes lingered on Natasha. Her eyes lingered on you too.
Tony announced his plans to visit a fancy cocktail bar. 
Clint rolled his eyes and looked meaningfully at Natasha. Together, in perfect sync, they turned and began to walk in the other direction. 
You shared a grin with Wanda as you both followed immediately behind them. Tony’s arms went up in the air before he acquiesced to their pointed change to the plans. 
Steve walked silently next to him, too polite to follow until everyone was on board with the new plan.
Wanda hadn’t spent much time in the city and, as you walked together, she pointed out interesting pieces of the scenery. You let her commentary wash over you like the rest of the warm night.
Your eyes kept catching on Natasha’s tight jeans. 
You recognised the purposeful sway of her hips. She knew you’d be looking. Your mouth felt dry as you tried to focus on Wanda’s story about seeing New York in sitcoms.
The first bar you walked into was grimy, the lights were dim and no one there cared about the arrival of some recognisable superheroes.
It was perfect. 
You crowded around a sticky table in the back. Clint snickered as Steve perched on the small wooden stool. 
Everytime she raised the glass to her mouth, Natasha gave you a secret smile. Your heart thudded each time, reminding you unnecessarily that you were in love.
Wanda agreed to a game of darts with Clint. Clint’s smug smile displayed his expectancy of an easy win.
It was the sort of entertainment that money couldn’t buy. 
It took Clint twenty minutes to notice the red sparks at Wanda’s fingertips and figure out how she’d been winning.
It took another twenty minutes for you all to stop laughing.
Time hurried in that bar. You checked your phone and saw that hours had flown by. 
Everyone was tipsy, except Steve. Still, Natasha had been teasing him relentlessly about potential love interests, and the tips of his ears had turned bright pink.
Someone suggested a second venue just around the corner and, soon, you were all stumbling out together.
The unexpected cool air was jarring and it felt too easy to wrap your arm around Natasha’s shoulder. 
You purposefully fell  to the back of the group, just so that you could kiss her cheek. Natasha flushed from the unexpected affection. You wondered if the tips of her ears were pink too. You tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear just to check. 
Natasha’s breath caught at your gentle touch.
You couldn’t say the words on your lips, so you took her hand instead.
You only let go when you caught up with the others outside the door of the new place. 
You should have guessed something was up from the way that Tony was practically vibrating with excitement.
A waiter escorted you to a table and you all settled readily into the comfortable chairs.
After the waiter had taken your orders, the room darkened unexpectedly and a spotlight flooded the small stage ahead. A nervous blonde in her early twenties was illuminated by the light. With a shaky breath, she began to sing. 
The rest of the room broke into drunken applause. A table to the left of yours erupted into spontaneous cheers and she smiled nervously back at them.
‘Fuck me.’ Clint muttered under his breath as the karaoke night revealed itself. 
Wanda’s wide eyes told you that she was ready to run right out of the room. Even Natasha looked reserved. 
When the waiter returned with your drinks, he asked if any of you were hoping to perform. Tony signed up immediately for a duet with Steve. 
Steve’s jaw hardened for a moment and then he nodded in reluctant acceptance of his fate. 
There were immediate cheers as the audience recognised them both. Steve gave the audience a polite wave and received an anonymous wolf whistle from the nervous blonde’s table.
They started the famous Hall and Oates anthem with relative ease. Steve watched the monitor carefully, obviously clueless to the words without the lyric video. Tony paraded confidently around the stage.
Clint took the opportunity to down Steve’s beer. Natasha sipped casually from Tony’s whisky. Wanda’s smile grew brighter as the show continued. 
As the song ended, you made sure to cheer loudly. Steve’s ears had turned pink again and it was endearing. 
Maybe, your enthusiasm was too clear. The same waiter tapped your shoulder this time and nodded up at the stage questioningly.
Heat flushed your cheeks. You started to shake your head.
Then, you glanced back at the group. Natasha’s eyes met yours readily. Her expression didn’t tell you what to do.
Maybe that’s why you did it.
You left the table just as Tony and Steve were returning to it.
As you walked onto the stage, a flutter of applause began in the crowd. You smirked at the lone wolf-whistle, recognising Tony’s voice. 
You used the sound to spot their table in the crowd. You took a deep breath.
The music kicked in from the speakers behind you. You felt the mood shift with the slower song. 
You ignored all the eyes on you. You just focused on her.
Natasha looked uncertain with your attention. 
You started to sing. 
Natasha’s eyes widened. You watched the others at the table turn towards her. Her lips pressed together unsurely.
You hit the chorus.
Suddenly, Natasha glanced down at the table. You recognised the shyness in her expression. Your mouth twitched with a smile.
Natasha played with the straw of her drink. You watched Wanda’s lips move with a silent question. 
You saw Natasha’s careful nod and Wanda’s wide smile.
You gave the next verse your best.
Natasha looked up briefly and you recognised the flush in her cheeks. 
You could hear your own smile in your voice, but you didn’t care.
You watched her huff a breath and, suddenly, she looked right at you.
Your eyes locked.
Natasha’s lip twitched as she read your expression easily.
Her eyes softened as she took you in. She bit her lip and her gaze roamed over you. Her smile became more confident. 
You knew all the pieces of her now. This part was your favourite. Natasha started to glow with your attention.
Tender love rushed to your core. 
When the song was over, you left the stage with a steady sense of calm. 
As you approached the table, Natasha stood up awkwardly. You could feel the others’ stares on you. You ignored it easily.
The overhead lights were reflected in her eyes.
You walked faster. Natasha’s hands were buried deep in her jacket’s pockets . 
Shyness gave way to a special kind of radiance.
You kissed her gently.
Her fingers teased through your hair. Her lips were soft.
She was everything.
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kassxndre · a day ago
𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐝𝐨𝐞𝐬𝐧’𝐭 𝐜𝐚𝐫𝐞
Natasha Romanoff x Reader
ᴀ/ɴ: This story is based on a french song called ‘L‘amour s’en fout’. I integrated the lyrics into the paragraphs and the dialogues because it felt better this way. It came out of nowhere but I kinda like how it turned out. I hope you will like it. Good reading ♡
ᴍᴀsᴛᴇʀʟɪsᴛ | ᴄʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀ ᴍᴀsᴛᴇʀʟɪsᴛ
sᴜᴍᴍᴀʀʏ: Love is a complicated feeling, often long-lived and enduring. Some people say love is like a phœnix, when it dies, it is reborn from its ashes immediately. However, sometimes love is not reborn, on the contrary, it fades and is extinguished. And when Natasha, who abandons you and destroys you, suddenly remembers one evening that she loves you, it's the moment when you understand that you don't want to love her anymore, that you don't want this toxic game between her and you anymore. Because love doesn’t care. Because love is not a game.
ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢs: none
ᴡᴏʀᴅs ᴄᴏᴜɴᴛ: 1,4k
Tumblr media
We stay on the platform to watch life go by, because love is made of oaths and forgetfulness. Faithful the clock hammers drawn to space, without divisions of errors, just seconds that threaten. Time glides over your skin like the memory of her hands on you. You watch the darkness grow all around you. The decor is tarnishing, you live in half measure. It must be said that without love, we don’t really live. We cling to looks of indifference and hope that beneath the silences lie secrets that we will know how to unravel. But time goes by and love fades away like a fading rose. You hold the dust of your story in your hands and watch her go away, your heart on the line. When the dawn breaks, you know it’s too late to hold her back. So you look at your reflection in the mirror and only see the marks left by time and bitterness on your face. She is no longer there to tell you to take care of yourself, to rest because you need it. You only hear the echo of the silence echoing in the bedroom. The bed is cold, the sheets are undone. You swing between rage and despair. She slips though your fingers. The day her suitcases were in front of the door is the day you felt your heart stop. So suddenly, in the tenderness of the feelings that are dying deep inside you, you draw the memory of her perfect face. The resonance of her voice deep in your heart and a shiver runs through you. You thought it would be easier to move on. But when the boat capsizes, it doesn’t come back to where it used to be. And memories drown in the middle of this ocean of oblivion. That’s where your heart is, at the end of this island that taunts you. It has only one name, hers. Natasha Romanoff.
Tumblr media
The silences suffocate you, you hate their looks. You haven’t changed, your heart is just a little colder. Your friends suddenly disappeared, they turned their backs on you. There are only a few left and you can count them on the fingers of one hand. Sad to say, but when love goes, everything goes with it. Because she was the strongest, because she was the most beautiful. Because between her and you, the choice was quickly made. Now you know it, without her your life is rickety. But you get up, you are on your own two legs and you are on your feet. You look at the horizon with a sigh. She is there, always very close. Too close sometimes. An evening like any other, mutual friends. You ignore her and avoid her, but tonight she’s following you. She watches you and scrutinizes you. She’s waiting for you, she’s looking for you. You try to resist but it's stronger than you. Yet when you face her, the voice speaking to her is not your voice. It is the voice of a broken heart. It is the voice of a fallen lover. In truth, yes, it is your voice.
“After you, I know love doesn’t care. I have searched a thousand times everywhere, in books, in legends, for a way to heal but nothing helped. You still hold me in the yoke.”
Your voice is calm and clear, like a stream of pure water flowing before your eyes. Natasha’s emerald gaze disarms you but you don’t give up, you catch your breath. Words slip and pile up, it’s your heart that speaks for you. It who only half beats now, at least it knows how to express itself.
“After you, suddenly there is only silence. My life is a broken record. No matter how hard I try my luck, I never manage to move forward. But I can’t figure it out, I can’t figure out why you stick to my heart like that. I don’t even know the meaning of my tears. And your silences disarm me.”
Because love waits as true for it to fade away, the seconds burn you under the leaden silence she imposes on you. You take a step back from your colliding thoughts. She has no qualms, she looks at you without saying a word but with proud eyes. Yet she comes like a caress to put her hand on your shoulder. The thrill of a memory too distant and you get lost again. It’s soft and hard at the same time. It’s a metallic shock. A bitter taste burns your tongue as she stares at you without giving you a break. You look away, weakened by these feelings that seem to be reborn. She tries to dive into your eyes and decipher what weighs on your heart. But your soul is wild, you have put up walls between you and her. And it’s when she closes her eyes that you look her in the face. What would you find to say to her more than what you already said? Time flies by and you only see in her a memory that fades away. Suddenly a smile, a knowing look. You don’t understand. She approaches with a knowing sigh, she slips you a few words. With her fingertips, she brushes your skin.
“Tell me what reassures me and that love is beautiful, that we wear it like a second skin.”
It’s a personal whisper, an endless promise. You know the bitter taste that burns your thoughts. The tone of her voice is like honey, you hate that. She is not sincere. Has she ever been? And even if she is, isn’t it too late? You refuse to play that crazy game that she tries so hard to play. It’s a dance that you know all too well and that you refuse to dance again. By brushing against your buried desires, she taints your memory of her. Because she plays, since she lies, because it is always so. One second of sweetness and you break the infinite. You step back and shake your head, showing your refusal. She is surprised and confused. You never refused her anything. But the dice are loaded, you will lose the game if you stay. So you put your cards down and quit the game. It doesn’t really matter to you whether you’re happy or sad. What matters to you is to be free. You no longer believe in that fantastic feeling that everyone believes in. Because after her, you know love doesn’t care. And if she’s held you under her yoke for too long, you can tell it’s over now. You ignore the tears running down your cheeks and pull away as she screams your name emphatically. Unbearable pressure, you need air. Her voice screams in despair but you ignore it. And now it’s your silences that disarm her.
Natasha watches you walk away, her eyes red with tears. The same tears that burn her cheeks. She watches you leave like a fading memory, like a torn photograph, like a letter being thrown into the fire. You walk away and break your chains in silence. You grab your freedom, you let go of the hold she has on you. And as your dreams rise from their ashes, hers are shattered. After all, maybe this once she lost the game.
Tumblr media
It is said that the phoenix is ​​eternal because he is reborn from his ashes. Because when he dies, he resumes lives in the middle of what he was a few seconds earlier. Some say that love is eternal, that it is a feeling like the phoenix, because when it dies it is reborn in another form. Maybe they are right. But when it comes to the love between you and Natasha, it's nothing like the phoenix. Quite the contrary in fact. Because if in the night, gazing at the waves dancing on the water, Natasha saw the feelings she felt for you be reborn, you felt yours die in the silences she besieged you too many times.
Now, on the other side of love where she is already waiting for you, on the other side of love where she is waiting for you and only you, you know you are not going back. And tonight, you are the phoenix.
Tumblr media
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notty-natasha · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Wakey Wakey 😋
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talatomaz · a month ago
wait | natasha romanoff x fem!reader
a/n: i’m surprised that i’ve committed and actually followed this kinktober thing so far
kinks/trope: dry humping
(feedback/positive comments are appreciated)
warnings: beefy!nat (a major warning). smut - slight dub-con, no actual smut. dry humping, pet names, choking, size kink, strap on, orgasm denial
masterlist | navigation | request rules | kinktober
i do not give you permission to repost or translate my fics on any platform - likes/reblogs are okay and are much appreciated
Tumblr media
Natasha could never keep her hands off you.
Whether it was sleeping, eating, showering or watching tv, she always had hers on you. And, more often than not, it turned into sex. Not that you minded it of course. But it was just amusing to you when you heard of couple abstaining in order to intensify the pleasure when they finally had sex again.
Intrigued by the idea, you’d suggested it to Nat who had outright refused the idea. She even tried to entice you into forgetting about the idea by flexing her biceps - she knew you had a weak spot for her muscles - and wrapping her huge arms around you, pulling you impossibly close to her. When that didn’t deter you, she finally relented and agreed and so far, it had been 5 days. And that was a massive feat in and of itself.
But you’d tested Nat’s patience one time too many.
You’d decided to work out in yours and her’s shared home gym, wearing tight shorts and a sports bra that left little to imagination. Carrying out your reps, you timed your squats perfectly, Natasha walking in when you had just squatted to the floor. Your ass was practically on full show to her and the redhead found herself reaching out to grab your plump, round cheeks before catching herself.
Instead, she walked over to you and pushed you to the floor, straddling you. It didn’t take a genius to figure out she was wearing a strap. She almost always was.
You loved the way her muscular arms were caging you in on either side of your head as she leant down to whisper in your ear.
“You’re not smarter than me, angel. I know exactly what you want.”
She slotted one of her thick thighs between your legs and pushed it up against your pussy making your eyes roll back at the sudden pressure against your clit.
Natasha tsked and grabbed your hips, stilling them when you’d unconsciously started to rock them against her thigh.
It was no use trying to fight her grip, she was stronger than you - and bigger - but it was one of things that made your dynamic work. You loved that she could devour you at any moment in time and you’d have no say in the matter and had to take whatever she’d decided to give you.
“Nat, you promised. Just a couple more days until we can finally fuck.”
Deciding not to answer, Natasha pinned your hands above your head and started to thrust her strap - that was concealed in her sweats - up against your barely clothed pussy. You began to pant as the friction of your shorts rubbed deliciously at the right angle directly on your clit. Natasha groaned as she watched your face contort in pleasure and as your shorts bunched up around your hips.
Natasha still held your wrists above your head on the mat but moved her other hand to wrap around your throat. She squeezed with the right amount of pressure to make you feel light headed and realise that your body was in her hands and in her control. Not that you ever forgot but having a reminder didn’t hurt.
The redhead snapped her hips harder against yours, stroking your clit in exactly the right angle. Your pussy grew wetter and your shorts were getting soaked through. You felt the coil starting to form in the lower pit of your belly and it was then that you wished you’d never suggested the idea of abstinence as you wanted nothing more than to have your pussy filled to the brim with Natasha’s thick cock.
“Nat, oh god, don’t stop. Please, right there.” You begged and whined, lifting your hips to meet each thrust.
You could feel the coil growing tighter, practically able to taste your relief. Unfortunately for you, Natasha was an expert on your body and, sensing that you were close, she stilled her hips immediately ruining your high.
Your head fell back against the mat as a pathetic whine was dragged out of your throat before being stopped when Natasha squeezed your throat again.
The latter leaned down and placed a somewhat sweet kiss on your lips and then nuzzled her head into your neck, turning slightly so she could whisper in your ear.
“Just a couple more days.”
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vancityfire13 · 11 days ago
Natasha Romanoff x Reader + Avengers 
Word Count: 2.3K
A/N: Hurt/comfort. I think this leans towards fluffy honestly. Yes, I know I’m posting this on a Tuesday.
Tumblr media
Natasha took your hand in the kitchen. Her fingertips touched yours.
The slightly calloused skin was perfectly familiar. 
She lifted your hand up in the air, right alongside hers. 
You laughed and Natasha’s smile went wide, filled with pride just for making you happy.
She spun you with her fingertips and you let the kitchen tiles slide under your fluffy socks. 
Two spins and you felt free. You knew she did too. You let yourself tip forward against her chest.
Natasha held you close, her hands moving reassuringly up and down your shoulders.
You could feel the warm huffs of her breath on the side of your neck. 
‘It’s finally Saturday.’ Natasha whispered and your cheeks ached with grinning. Everything felt too light for words.
It was a strange memory to dream of, but not an unexpected one.
You woke up alone. When you checked your phone, you confirmed that it was in fact a Saturday. 
It was the Saturday.
You had no new texts. 
Natasha wasn’t calling you and you thought you knew why.
You let your head fall back against the pillow and heard your own sigh fill the room. 
You closed your eyes and saw Natasha's green ones staring right back at you.
You opened them again. She wasn’t here.
It wasn’t ideal, but you couldn't ask her for more.
She was an Avenger now. Things had changed.
You made yourself breakfast. 
You pulled the chair out from the table with your foot. Just seeing your fluffy socks made you sad. You wished you hadn’t had that dream. 
You didn’t know what to do.
You wondered if you should be the one calling her. 
It felt unfair to doubt her, even when it looked this unlikely.
She’d promised to be here. 
Natasha had never let you down before. 
You reminded yourself that work had gotten busier for her. New projects that were high pressure and entirely secret. 
You promised yourself that you wouldn’t make her feel guilty about being late.
Sometimes, you’d notice Natasha’s surprise when you mentioned the date, even the month, in passing. 
You knew that the days were rolling together for her. Sometimes, she came home in the evening, bleary eyed and you’d wonder if she even knew where she’d arrived back to.
She’d be away before you’d wake up in the morning. That’s why today had been so special.
You texted Natasha when the morning was officially over. It was midday and there’d been no text or call from her. You felt yourself losing hope.
Natasha had late nights at the Avengers Tower sometimes, but today was supposed to be sacred.
You stared at the roses you’d bought, lying out on the coffee table in the living room. 
You hadn’t ever cared about anniversaries, not before Natasha.
Your first one together had thrown you off entirely. 
Natasha had arrived in the morning, arms full with flowers and pastries from the local bakery. Everything had felt grand and romantic, even her attitude. 
You’d tried to be appreciative, but really you’d felt unsettled.
Natasha’s love was private and special. It was all about secret dances in the kitchen on Saturday mornings, not cheesy cards and bright flowers. 
She’d made you dinner too and you’d found yourself dumbfounded at her complete plan for the day. Natasha hadn’t even indicated beforehand that she knew your anniversary was approaching. You hadn’t bought her anything. 
You’d just assumed that it was the same as when she wouldn’t tell you her exact birthday. 
You’d inferred that big dates weren’t her thing. You loved her already. You hadn’t wanted to push her.
You certainly didn’t complain about her gifts. Everything she did that day was steeped in a reverent kind of love. Even the new lingerie modelling display before bed. 
Still, there was something performative about the whole day. You couldn’t fall asleep that night. 
You began to worry that Natasha was feeling insecure in your relationship. That you’d somehow given her mixed signals about what you wanted from her. You tried to recall if you’d ever mentioned needing a romantic gift.
You listened to her even breathing as the night wore on, you tried to wrap your head around it.
You’d tried to keep silent, but Natasha was a light sleeper and you couldn’t help being restless.
Finally, in the early hours of the morning, Natasha’s hand had stretched out across the bed and rested calmly above your heart. 
The sleepy gesture had stilled you instantly. For a brief moment, you forgot how to breathe. 
Then, your chest had started to rise and fall steadily and you watched Natasha’s hand move along with it.
Natasha shifted forward in the bed and her head adjusted to rest on your shoulder as she curled herself around the side of you.
“What?’ She’d sighed out, as if your thoughts had been too loud for her too.
‘I didn’t expect such a big anniversary.’ You confessed immediately, the words coming easy now that they were prompted. ‘I didn’t mean to make you feel pressured.’
Natasha had tried to bury her face into the crook of your neck. Everything felt sleepy and intimate.
‘I don’t even have a birthday.’ She’d mumbled against your skin. ‘Don’t have any special dates.’
Her lips left goosebumps and her unexpected confession left heaviness in the room.
Natasha’s hand didn’t move from the space above your heart.
‘But, now I have an anniversary.’ She’d continued, interrupting herself languorously with a long yawn.
She’d settled back to sleep, like she didn’t make your world spin.
Every year after that, your anniversary had only become more sacred. 
As you paced the kitchen now, listening to her phone ring out over and over , that memory looped in your head.
Resolve filled you all at once. 
Natasha would be here. She would pick up, no matter what.
You called the phone number that she’d added into your phone. The just in case contact. 
It was one that you’d never expected to use. Always prayed not to need.
Agent Hill answered curtly and you stuttered out your name. You asked if she knew where Natasha was.
Everything fell apart when you heard her hesitate on the line. 
You hung up the phone a minute later. 
The Avengers hadn’t known how to reach you. 
Natasha had never wanted you connected to her work, not unless it was an emergency.
This was the emergency.
There would be a Shield issued car on your doorstep in ten minutes. 
You packed an overnight bag for yourself, running on autopilot.
Then, with a painful lump in your throat, you did the same for Natasha.
The injuries were severe. Some tiny voice in your mind told you to pack loose clothing, just in case it was hard for her to move. 
The wild panic rising inside of you wondered if there was any point. 
Natasha was still unconscious. There were no guarantees. 
The car pulled up outside. The driver confirmed your name. He didn’t try to speak to you, but you sensed his curiosity. 
Even inside Shield, you knew Natasha’s personal life had always been a source of rumours. 
You knew that because she liked to tell you the funny ones. 
Your heart ached sharply as you slid into the backseat.
The car drove right through the security checks outside of Stark Tower. You found yourself exiting the vehicle in the private underground garage. 
The driver told you the floor level, but he didn’t accompany you. 
The elevator ride lasted an eternity.
A woman, who introduced herself as Agent Hill, greeted you as the doors opened. Her face was grave. 
You walked through the empty hallway in her wake. The medical wing seemed beyond any technology you’d ever seen before. You told yourself that was a good sign. You didn’t believe it.
Agent Hill paused just in front of a plain white door. She turned to you, her eyes wide. You felt surprised at her unsteadiness. Everything that Natasha had ever told you about her implied that she was steadfast in a crisis.
You realised abruptly that this was not just a crisis. This was also her friend. 
Suddenly, you didn’t know how to walk through the door. 
‘How is she?’ You choked out, trying to brace yourself for what you might see.
Agent Hill swallowed once and looked at the floor.
‘It’s bad.’ She told you succinctly. ‘But, it’s Natasha.’
You nodded. You felt her eyes on the back of your neck as you moved over to open the door. 
Inside were several strangers. You recognised all of them. Even if you weren't with Natasha, you’d still know their faces.
The Avengers moved away from the bed as you walked forward. You felt like you were parting a great sea.
You didn’t care. You couldn’t look away from her.
She was as pale as the bed sheets. Her hand rested to the side of her. Her exposed skin was mottled with marks and bruises. 
You let the regular sound of the heart monitor take away your worst nightmare.
“Natasha.’ You mumbled pointlessly. 
Her eyes wouldn’t be closed if she knew you were there. 
Ugly marks on her neck suggested she’d been choked viciously. Dried blood caked along her hairline. 
You were scared to touch her. You weren’t sure where the incisions were.
They’d operated in the early hours of the morning. You’d been having that dream about her in the kitchen. Natasha had been cut open in an operating room.
You let the overnight bags fall from your shoulders, hearing them thump on the ground.
One of the men said something, but you didn’t hear it. 
Your eyes caught on Natasha’s parted lips. The lower one was split and swollen. 
She was still breathing. You reminded yourself. She was still breathing.
You didn’t look away just in case she stopped.
You placed the red roses on the side table next to the bed. It had been stupid to bring them, but you didn’t have the capacity to regret it.
You took the seat closest to her. You let your hand ghost over hers, too scared to leave any pressure there.
You felt the slightly calloused skin. It was perfectly familiar. You started to cry. 
You heard murmuring behind you. You couldn’t make out anything except the sound of her heart monitor. 
In the hours that passed, you were offered more cups of coffee than you could count. It was strange, being thrown into this world so unexpectedly.
Everyone’s glances at you were curious. You didn’t need Tony Stark’s confirmation when he gave you it.
‘She never mentioned you. Not once.’ His tone was more even than sympathetic. It was the only reason you managed to answer.
You sucked in a breath, not letting your eyes wander from Natasha’s closed eyes and parted lips.
‘She talked about all of you.’ You told him simply. 
‘Any good stories?’ Steve Rogers had asked from the corner. Like you, his eyes hadn’t left Natasha’s small frame in the bed. 
Except, his eyes were swimming in guilt. It took everything in you not to ask about the mission that had gone wrong. 
You knew that you only wanted someone to blame. You also knew that he’d give it to you.
‘Yeah.’ You answered abruptly instead and fresh silence fell.
You only left the room to go to the bathroom. 
The first time, there was a woman standing outside in the hallway. She was tall, blonde and just as famous as any of the Avengers.
Pepper Potts was crying silently, leaning against the white wall outside Natasha’s room.
Her hands covered her face but her shoulders were shaking. 
You asked her if she was okay. Numbness had settled inside you and the question didn’t even hurt to ask. You’d felt detached from everything as soon as you’d left Natasha. 
Pepper’s shock was abrupt. Her eyes were red rimmed when they met yours. You knew she recognised you and understood that your existence was now a fast spreading piece of information.
‘I’m sorry.’ She said, arms wrapped tightly around herself as she straightened up against the wall. “I feel like I’m in a nightmare.’
The tight, creeping sense of oncoming panic flared inside you again.
‘We have the same nightmares.’ You told her tensely, before walking away.
When you returned, Pepper had left the hallway. Tony was no longer inside the room. 
Unfair envy shuddered through you. You couldn’t just leave this nightmare. 
You ran a finger lightly over Natasha’s hand and tried to stay focused on what you did have.
Natasha opened her eyes after 16 and a half hours. 
Before they opened, they’d scrunched tighter shut. 
It was like the starting pistol in a race. The room’s attention became laser focused Everyone’s breath caught.
Natasha frowned as her awareness grew. Feelings of confusion and discomfort clearly unsettling her. 
You hated the audience, moments like these were meant to be private.
Natasha was privately and perfectly yours. 
Her fingers twitched and, briefly, you forgot how to breathe.
Natasha’s green eyes met yours suddenly. 
You watched her blink away the blurriness behind them. She coughed slightly, wincing as the motion brought her forward unintentionally.
You watched Natasha realise that it was you sitting next to the bed. You watched the automatic crinkling of her eyes as she started to smile.
‘Happy Anniversary.’ You murmured in a low voice with a small smile of your own. You ignored your own tears.  
Natasha’s eyes flickered at the people behind you for a moment, her gaze moved from side to side as she took in the whole room. 
Finally, her focus returned fully to you.
‘You brought me flowers.’ She croaked out unexpectedly, her delight obvious. 
You heard yourself laugh suddenly. 
The corner of Natasha’s mouth lifted and her eyes danced. 
It was enough.
Natasha could turn any moment on a dime.
Bubbling happiness seeped into your bones. Natasha’s fingers curled loosely round yours.
It was enough.
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adi06lena · 3 hours ago
Well not everyone makes it home alive
Summary: someone gets taken and secrets are spilled 
Natasha x reader(romantic) although that's not the main focus)
Tony stark x reader(platonic)
Warning: child loss(idk why i write about it do much), kidnapping, tony being an ass,. Also pepper just doesn't exist lol let's just say Morgan was a one night stand with some random woman
word count: 2200
Morgan was kidnapped again. Everyone treats it as though it's a normal thing, and I'm always left to go rescue her. Does she usually come back okay? Yes. but she shouldn't have to go through that as often as she does. It's hydra for god's sake they could do anything to her, and tony could care less. 
But as i said before she’s been taken again. And that's why I'm in this hydra base. There are not many guards, so it's quite easy. It smells like the one i grew up in, that makes a shiver run down my spine. That's usually how it is. I grab her and she clings to me for dear life and then we go home and then, she runs to her dad and it happens all over again a week later. 
As I'm rounding the corner I hear a scream. Oh no. They've always threatened to hurt her but no one ever thought they'd actually do it. As soon as I bust the door open there she is strapped down cuts all over her with a few men surrounding her. They all turn to me.
“Oh you again”
Oh my god this bitch. I use my powers to protect Morgan from them and so she can't hear or see us and connect to her mind to tell her it's me.
“Yea it is dick head and im about to whoop all of your asses.. Again”
I jump first grabbing my electric baton and go for the one on the left as he's pretty small and hitting him  in the head knocking him out. That might leave some damage at least I hope. I only kill when I need to but to me a child is in danger so it's needed.
 I grab my knife for the next, he's a little bigger, maybe 190lbs so I go for his jugular, and blood shoots everyone including me. He's down.
Last one. i pick up my baton again. He tries getting in a fighting stance but im on him before he can finish. I quickly swing the baton shocking him and he stumbles back a bit giving me the chance to get on his shoulders. I throw the baton and pull up his neck until I hear a snap. He quickly goes down and I get down landing in a fighting pose and quickly getting up mumbling “that was disgusting”. I see Morgan and she's calm for what she just went through. I take off my powers and she starts crying. I quickly run over.
“Oh honey, I'm so sorry. Come on, let's get you out of here okay?”
I hear her mumble a quick “yes please” that gives me the okay to pick her up. She clings to me and hides her head in my chest. I quickly navigate my way out of the building and make my way to the jet. I'm the only one on this mission and Morgan is in really bad condition this time so I don't think I'll be able to fly it. I make my way into the jet. I quickly go to the front and set my destination to the compound. 1 hour till we're home.  
After I'm done, I quickly grab some medical supplies before walking to the medical bed in the middle of the room and set the supplies on the bed before trying to put Morgan down. She protests
“My love you're okay, you're safe now”
She doesn't budge, so I just sit down and try my best to patch her up till we get home.
When we arrive nat is the only one waiting. No sight of tony. I swiftly walk off the jet. Nat can tell by my face that I'm pissed and sees morgan.
“They actually did something?”
I ignore her, choosing not to answer. She just walks beside me as I make my way to med bay. Nat jogs ahead ,I assume to tell Banner or Cho and alert everyone. Still no tony. Morgan has been silent this whole time, usually she would be asking for her father but she's just clinging to me.
As I walk in I see nat talking to Cho. I walk over to one of the beds and sit with Morgan in my lap rocking her back and forth. Nat and Cho walk over.
“I need to get i good look at her, do you mind putting her down”
I mutter a small “i can try” while standing up. As I try setting her down she clings to me tighter. Doctor cho tries
“Morgan honey, I need you to let go of Y/n. Can you do that for me?”
Okay. I'll try then 
“Hey honey how about I turn you around?”
 I brush some pieces of hair out of her face and kiss her forehead. Nat just watches with a smile on her face.
“Can you do that for me?”
“You won't do anywhere momma?”
Shes called me momma before. I shrug it off for now and hold her a little tighter.
“No my love, I'll be here, I just need you to turn round okay?”
She slowly starts to turn and grabs my hand and moves fully around but turns her head back to bury in my neck. I can't help the tears that well in my eyes. Nat sees this and grabs my free hand. Cho lays all the things out.
“Okay sweetie, I'm gonna get started okay? It might hurt a little”
Morgan doesn't say anything so Cho starts. All I can hear are her pained whimpers and cries. I can't help but let a tear slide down my cheek. Nat notices
“Babygirl, you're okay, she's okay, she's safe now okay? We're never gonna let it happen again okay?”
All I can mumble through shaky breaths is “okay”. 
It's been an hour and only Wanda and Steve have come in to check on her. No tony. She is all patched up now, and is sleeping in my arms as I lay in the hospital bed. She still refuses to let go of me. Nat walks in. 
“Is she still asleep?”
“Yeah, she's had a long day so she's out cold”
I don't look at nat. I just don't understand how you can let that happen to your child and then not show up to support them after all of it. Children are a hard subject for me. So nat knows when I'm called to get Morgan it hits me hard, she doesn't know why but she still supports me so i can support morgan.
“What are you thinking Y/n?”
I let tears fall again. 
“How can he just not care about her? He's not even down here, he is not here to support her through this. We sent him messages and called and he just ignored them. How can you do that to your child?”
Nat walks over and sits next to me and wraps her arms around me and morgan.
“I don't know my love”
How could he be so ungrateful? He got her back; some of us don't get that. 
“Do we even know where he is?”
“Not for sure but im thinking the lab”
“Can you go get him for me while I get her off?”
“What are you gonna do if i go and get him?”
“I'm just gonna talk okay?”
Nat just gives me the look. I don't even believe me. I sigh
“Nat i see her as if she is my own okay?  and no one messes with my family without consequences. Tell him to meet me in the conference room”
Nat just smiles 
“Okay i'll go grab him but go easy on him okay?”
“I'll try, but my momma bear might come out”
She just shakes her head while getting up. She kisses my lips then my forehead
“I'll be right back babygirl”
She leaves. 
Morgan is still out cold so I swiftly slip her off of me and tuck her in. i make sure to tuck her little bee in as well. I got him for Morgan on a mission from a little shop for her birthday.
Then make my way to the conference room. There he is, he doesn't even look sad or worried, he looks...annoyed. His child was just tortured and he doesnt care? I push the door open, and see nats still in here.
“Hey jackass”
“Why am I here Y/n”
“Wow , seriously tony?”
“Did you not look at any of the calls or messages we sent? Your daughter was kidnapped by hydra again. She's down in medbay with many cuts and bruises”
“Okay what do you want me to do about it”
“Go and support your child god dammit!” 
I dont yell, I'm usually a very calm and collected person. Even nat is surprised by this. Tony stands walking towards me now, nat stands to be safe. 
“Why do you care so much about it Y/n?!” 
“Because it's a child we're talking about here! A five year old child!”
“Yeah and she's my child!”
“Then start acting like it tony!”
I'm so frustrated, he says he is her father but never acts like it. I'm more of a parent to her then he ever is. 
“You're never there for her Tony, don't you ever wonder who takes care of her? I'm more of a parent to her than you ever are. I make her breakfast, i clean up the spilled milk from the floor because she got so excited because i made her pancakes-which are her favorite by the way-, i'm the one who bathes her, i'm the one who stayed up all night when she got chickenpox, i've done so much more that you don't know about”
He's just silent for now. Natasha is just standing with a proud smile.
“It's not a big deal Y/n, i've just been busy”
“For five years tony??”
“Do you even know when all of her first were? No you don't because i raised her because you didn't want to”
“Well i'm here now”
“Well you don't get to just pick and choose when you want something. She almost died today and you don't even care”
“It's not like they actually killed her, I can still raise her!”
“Well not everyone gets that chance tony! I would kill to have my daughter back but you can't just bring people back so be grateful that she made it back alive tony because not everyone does!”
Both Natasha and Tony stare at me in silence. No one -not even nat- knows i had a daughter at hydra. 
“That shut you up” 
“You know she calls me momma?”
“You wanna know something else? She didn't cry out for you this time, she clung on to me because she knows you'll never come for her” 
Nat moves to stand next to me and wraps an arm around my waist. I lean into her hold.
A tear slips from my eye. 
“Oh god”
The realization hits him..finally. 
“Yeah you fucked up, so much so she found a real parent. Me. and that will never change. So you get one for chance to be a father before you get some papers in the mail buddy” 
He quickly rushes out of the room, I assume to Morgan. Maybe he’ll actually try this time. He has a lot to learn but I’ll teach him. 
I see nat staring down at me out of the corner of my eye. 
“No there's something, what is it?” 
“You kinda went momma bear on him” 
I move from her hold and look up at her
“And there’s something wrong with that? If Someone messes with my cub, you'd be an idiot to think I wouldn’t give them a talking to Natasha” 
 She wraps her arms around me again.
“No no that’s not it-you had every right to do that though- I just thinks it’s sexy when you get angry” 
I blush at her confession and hide my face in her neck, making her laugh.
“I’m proud of you momma bear”
I can’t help but laugh
“Thank you natty. it's gonna be even worse when we have kids” 
“Oh I’m counting on it my love” 
A/n: i wrote part of this while having a tic attack so sorry if it sucks i'll update it soon with it semi edited(although i think it's fine) and had no idea how to end this so I hope it’s fine also I don't know how I feel about letting tony have another chance so i might re do that part in the future
Anyway i hope you guys enjoyed it!!! 
Remember to drink some water and have something to eat!! 
Have a good day/evening/night!!! 
~Adi out<3
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lesbesapphic · a month ago
Invisible String
(Natasha x Reader)
Summary - Based on a request.
Natasha the popular football team captain is dating the invisible nerd reader. Everything was going great until Natasha's fear for her fame gets in between. What happens when someone starts showing special interest in reader? Will Natasha finally put love over popularity? Or the invisible string finally break?
Warning - Angst, jealousy, anger?, sadness, smut, I guess there is none. Didn't proof read.
Words - 6.5k
A/N ; Hey Everyone!
Thank you for all the love you all are showing me. Please feel free to put ideas in my ask box.
Hey Anon! I hope you liked it, I haven't tried anything like this before and it was my first time, I still put my heart and soul into it despite the conjunctivitis eating me alive. Lol. I just hope you like it. It is 4 in the morning and I am only updating for you. Thank you for being patient. 💕
Tumblr media
You watched from the bleachers as Natasha made a perfect dive in the air then coming back down on her feet with the soccer ball in her hands, her hair tied behind in a ponytail, her T-shirt was sticking to her figure giving you a view, you would be lying if you said you weren't scared of the dive hurting the redhead.
The other players hurdled around Natasha giving her pats of appreciation and the smile on her face made you jealous of the people surrounding her, they could be closer to the red-haired beauty, while you could only watch from far away.
"You will burn a hole in her head from the staring." Grace threw a crumpled piece of paper at Your head and you flinched before turning your head to glare at the younger girl.
"I wasn't staring," You said and stole one last glance at the team's captain before turning to your friends completely.
You all had a free period and you decided to spend time on the bleachers, talking and enjoying the weather and in your case the view of your gorgeous girlfriend running and saving the day.
"You kind of were." Hannah butted in and you gave a look of disbelief to your best friend while Grace cheered, she always enjoyed teasing you about your crush on Natasha, if only she knew about your relationship with the girl.
"Will you guys ever stop with this teasing?" You asked with a sigh, a little worried about blowing your cover and ruining Natasha's image, she has already warned you several times and even though you hated not being able to hold her hand in the hallways, sit with her in the cafeteria or kiss her in the locker room, you would still choose to have her in private than not having her at all.
"Not anytime soon," Grace replied with a grin and you rolled her eyes, throwing the crumpled paper from earlier back at her. "Did you even prepare for the test?" You questioned, deciding on changing the topic, your eyes momentarily searched the field for your girlfriend and your eyes met hers, you almost smiled until you saw the look on her face.
Her fingers doing the signal and you turned to your friends, "Shit, I think I forgot my assignment in my locker. I am gonna go get it. See you two soon!" You didn't even wait for their reply as you picked up your bag and ran to the empty auditorium.
You quickly tried catching your breath, running your hand through your hair, pushing up your glasses, you tried to look as presentable as you could for the arrival of your beautiful girlfriend. You didn't have to wait too long as the door opened and in came Natasha with her slightly wet hair, probably from the shower.
"Hey." You greeted her with a smile before rummaging through your bag, "I got you this." You held out a tiffin box containing the cookies you baked yesterday. Hoping it would drive off whatever the look she had given you on the ground.
"What's this?" Natasha asked with a raise of an eyebrow as she took the box from you, a small smile playing on her lips. "Are you trying to bribe me now, my little nerd?"
You rolled your eyes at the silly name before giving her a sheepish smile, "Maybe, will it work?" You asked batting your eyes at her and you watched as she let out a chuckle before moving forward to easily trap you against her and stage, putting the box beside your head.
"How many times have I told you to not hang out on the bleachers? Hmm?" Natasha asked as she nuzzled your neck, her lips tracing the skin and biting down harshly when you didn't answer immediately. You let out a gasp, your mind scrambling to formulate the answer. "A f-few times?" You replied, your voice so uncertain that it sounded more like a question, your hands reaching up and tangling in her hair, pushing her further in. Wanting her as near as possible, the smell of bodywash around you making you let out a sigh of content.
"More. You know I get distracted with you there baby." She pulled back a little to look into your eyes and you blushed at the innocent reason, no matter how many times you hear it or pay for it, it still makes you feel the most special person in her life. "Then people might get suspicious."
"Of course, why would the popular Natasha even glance at the lowly nerd like me?" You mocked and the redhead rolled her eyes, before going back to planting kisses on your neck, her hands undoing your shirt and you arched a little bit forward.
"I hate when you get sassy like this." She grumbled, her hand moving to your chest, pushing your bra down to get full access to your breast as she circled a nipple before pinching it in between her thumb and finger. You hissed arching forward into her touch. "Yeah then do something about it." You muttered leaning forward to capture her lips with yours in a passionate seal.
Natasha's expertise fingers squeezed your breast one last time before quickly working with the button on your jeans, her fingers diving into your heat, groaning when she noticed your arousal. "So wet already..." She observed pushing her fingers past your lips to circle the hardened nub making you let out small gasps and moans, trying to be as quiet as possible.
"O-Only for you." You said closing your eyes when her fingers pushed into your past your entrance pumping in and out with ease. "M-More, Fuck Natasha." You groaned, moving your hips forward to meet her languid thrust which increased when she added another finger.
"Tell me who does this wet pussy belongs to?" Natasha growled kissing your lips with a bruising force after you uttered her name. You could feel your orgasm building and the moment you thought you were there, she pulled her fingers out, leaving you high and dry.
"What the hell? Babe?!" You questioned, your frustration of not having a release and annoyance of it happening again, mixing together, "Why would you do that? How many times I have told you not to?!" You asked in disbelief and watched as the red head's smirk widened while she licked her fingers clean of your juices. You wanted nothing but to wipe off the evil smirk off her beautifully cruel face.
"A f-few times?" It took you a moment to realize that she had copied your tone from earlier and you give her a blank face and she laughed, "Oh come on! I will make up to you later tonight." She pecked your lips and you pouted at her when she started fixing you back up, putting your bra back in its place, buttoning your shirt and jeans. Her hand running through your hair, before pushing your glasses up and then pully your cheeks, cooing at you, "My adorable nerd."
"I hate you." You said blankly and swatted her hand away from your cheek and she rolled her eyes with an amused smile on her lips, "I love you too baby. Thank you for the cookies but I rather not take it with me." Natasha kissed your lips one last time before pulling away to lean beside you on the stage, taking out a cookie from the box.
"Why?" You asked in confusion, your brows furrowing together. Natasha snorted, "No one except you brings this kind of lunchbox, nerd." She pointed out holding a cookie up to your lips and your bite in annoyance.
"Yeah of course. Next time when I am over to your place, please explain to me that why," Natasha paused finishing her cookie and shutting the box again. "A grown-up young adult needs to have whatever this character is on their lunchbox." She grimaced at the image of ryuk and you rolled your eyes at her.
"Well, not my problem that you people don't have any taste." You grumbled around the cookie, your eyes taking in the red-headed beauty, the way she casually leaned on the stage, each action of her seems to pull you in further. The black leather jacket making her look more of a badass than she already was.
"It's a shinigami."
"Yeah that. You are crazy." She pecked your lips before tapping your head with the lunch box, not so gently then placing it in your hands. You pouted rubbing your head and watched as she took a step back, knowing she was leaving. "You aren't going to stay?"
"No, my friends must be looking for me."
"Yeah, the popular ones." You muttered in a sore tone and Natasha sighed, "Please don't start again, I am excited to see you tonight. Don't ruin it." She warned you before flicking your nose and kissing you one last time.
"You are my biggest bully." You pushed her rubbing your nose, watching as she let a laugh, giving you a wink before bidding farewell.
Leaving you behind with nothing but her lips on your mind.
You walked out of the auditorium after five minutes to not draw any attention. Sometimes Natasha's rules annoy you to no end but you knew it was just to not get people suspicious of you two.
"Nice lunchbox." You heard a voice from behind you and you turned around to see a brunette standing under the shade of a tree, with a juice box in her hand. You tried deciphering the tone of her sentence.
"Shinigamis are cool." She said pushing herself off the tree and walking closer, you instantly recognized the brunette as Wanda Maximoff, the cheer captain.
"I guess." You fiddled with the box in your hand as you tried figuring out the reason Wanda Maximoff was talking to you. "Are you nervous?" She chuckled and you blushed slightly.
"No. I just don't understand why you are talking to me." You looked up at her with much more confidence than before and she smiled at you, a genuine smile. "Are you a bully?" She asked genuinely and you frowned.
"No of course not."
"Then why can't I talk to you?" She asked in confusion and you looked at her as if it was the most stupid question ever. "You are Wanda Maximoff."
"Yeah, and you?"
"That's not the point. You are the Cheer Captain. Aren't you afraid that your popularity would go down if anyone sees you interacting" You pointed out, looking around afraid for the girl in question who only looked at you like you had said the most ridiculous thing ever.
"That's the most stupid thing I have heard today. Anyway, What's in the box?" She asked before stealing it from you, "Hey! Don't you have manners?" You asked and She laughed.
"Says the one who judges people on popularity." Wanda rolled her eyes, opening the box, "Ooh cookies! Can I try one? Please." She asked and you stared at her with wonder.
"You already stole my lunch box. What's stopping you from stealing the cookie?" You asked with a shrug, watching as she pouted adorably, "Well that was different. So can I have it? Coach didn't let us eat lunch today."
"Is that suppose to melt me?"
"Yes. Is it working?"
You rolled your eyes and waved at her in dismissal, "Sure. You can have it since the person I got it for, doesn't care about it." You muttered in a sour tone which changed instantly when Wanda let out a moan, eating the cookie in pure happiness.
"They must be stupid. This is so tasty. Where did you get them from?" She asked, in between her chewing.
"Yeah, They are. I baked them actually." You answered enjoying the appreciation, "You can keep it if you want. If being seen around with that nerdy box won't affect your popularity." You added and watched as Wanda grimaced at your words.
"Thank you and no it won't affect shit. I think it is cool." She waved the closed box around for emphasis and you gave her a tiny smile. A part of you wished for Natasha to be like this about you.
"Shit!" You cursed when you heard the bell, knowing your next class was on the other side of the building. "I have to go! See you around!" You ran toward the building, Wanda's laughter could be heard in the distance.
"Bye Bye, Cookie Girl!" She called after you and you couldn't help but smile at the name. Mentally, scolding yourself for saying you will see her around. She was the Wanda Maximoff. Plus Natasha would be mad if she finds out about your interaction with her. It was better to stay away.
Your blood boiled seeing Natasha and Bucky flirt down the hallway across you, your whole mood ruined. It ruined the moment when Natasha dropped you off four blocks away from the school. Natasha's insecurity about being seen with you was hurtful. You had started feeling insecure about yourself with how much she avoids you on school ground.
"What crawled up your ass and died?" Grace asked standing beside you and you turned to give her a sharp glare.
"A vermin." Your sharp tone catching her by surprise and she quickly raised her hand in surrender and you let out a sigh, trying to calm yourself but it being a difficult task when you can hear your girlfriend's flirty laughter just down and across the hallway.
"You sure you are okay?" She asked and you nodded, letting another sigh out. "I am fine. Just tired." You glanced one last time at the popular duo before turning to your friend completely.
"Didn't sleep well?" Your mind instantly was filled with flashes of Natasha and You and a smile formed on your lips. "A little but it's nothing."
"Sucks! You know I finished the series you recommended!" Grace started talking about some anime and your mind wandered to your relationship with Natasha. Just a few days ago Natasha left you on one of your date nights to hang out with her friends, claiming if she didn't, they would get suspicious. The way she was being so paranoid was giving you anxiety.
And now the attention she was showing to Bucky, you watched as her hand twirled around her hair strand. Okay she was flirting. That is her move. You would know because of the million times she used it on you. You didn't understand what was up with her lately, she was becoming someone else entirely.
You remember the time when things were different, you and Natasha used to hang around each other all the time until she joined the soccer team and got new friends while you stayed where you were, nose buried in books. You almost wished you had listen to her and join those cool clubs she asked you to. Maybe then things would have been different.
"What's up with you? Are you even listening to me?" Grace snapped her fingers in front of your face and you snapped out of your train of thoughts. "I am sorry.. I am just not feeling well." You ran a hand through your hair.
"Do you have a fever?" She placed her hand on your forehead and shook her head, "Your temperature feels okay. Do you want to go to the nurse? The hot one?" She wiggled her eyebrows at you suggestively and you laughed pushing her away.
"No.. I will be fine." You reassured and Grace let out a sad sigh, "Plus I don't want to watch you flirt with the nurse while I die there in pain." You pointed and she rolled her eyes.
"How rude. Let's go now." She started dragging you to your class and you stole one last glance at Natasha and Bucky deciding to talk to her about it later.
"Are you kidding me?" You asked sharply, not even believing what you were hearing from her. Natasha looked blankly at you. "I am not. It is important."
You scoffed a laugh, shaking your head in disbelief, "For what? Another boost to your popularity? So that you can create more distance between us?" You questioned and watched as she let out a sigh before rubbing her face with her hands, her eyebrow twitching, clearly a sign of frustration. Any other time you would have stopped pushing her at the slightest sign of her annoyance but you didn't care. You were tired of being her second choice.
"It isn't like that. My friends are suspicious, he will just work as a beard for me." She said running her hand through her hair in frustration. You shook your head, "Are they even your friend if they are judging you on your every move?" You asked and Natasha moved closer to you, taking your hand in hers. In some sort of way to calm you down with physical touch but something in you keep bubbling in the form of anger.
"Baby, it is just until graduation."
"I don't care. I feel disgusted being your dirty little secret! I hate it. I hate your friends! I hate how you make me feel every time we are around each other in school." Your voice raised a bit and you felt your face heating up from blood rushing to it. "As if you are ashamed of me."
"Stupid me! You are ashamed of me!" You said and pulled your hand away from her hold, stepping back. The physical proximity only making you feel angrier at her, at yourself, at this situation. "You know that's not true, I love you." Natasha looked into your eyes with her jaded green one, a pleading look in them.
"Really? Then let's go kiss in the hallway in front of all your stupid friends." You challenged and Natasha looked away, "That's what I thought." You whispered, your eyes stinging with unshed tears.
"Y/N, please. I can't lose my captaincy, my reputation. It's important to me." She stepped closer and tried reaching for you again as if she wanted the physical contact this time for herself, to comfort and reassure herself of the situation being under control but you instantly took a step back avoiding her touch, knowing it was from done.
"More than me?" You bit your bottom lip to stop it from trembling, "Of course not. They are two different things." Natasha shook her head quickly.
"Yes, but they have a direct cause and effect relationship." You argued and wiped at your cheek when a tear slipped from your eye, "You should choose what's more important to you."
"Please don't do this baby. This is ridiculous. You don't want me to hang out around Bucky? Fine! I won't. Happy?" Natasha asked, her face turning into a scowl indicating her temper but you refused to back down.
"It isn't about him anymore. I want to be able to love you freely. I want to be able to sit beside you in the cafeteria, I want to be able to hold your hand and walk you down the hallway to your class, I want to be able to kiss you without feeling disgusting or ashamed of ruining your reputation." You moved closer to Natasha, taking her hand in yours kissing her knuckles slowly. "Don't you want that as well?"
"Not at the cost of everything I have worked for." She answered in a soft whisper filled with remorse, panic rising in her eyes and she opened her mouth to deny you but it was too late. You dropped her hand, tears falling freely down your cheeks now. "Then maybe we aren't just meant for each other."
"Baby please don't say that. I swear I am not gonna hang out with him anymore." Natasha grabbed your hand again in hers and you tried pulling away but her grip just tightened. "It isn't about him anymore Natasha, I have told you, what I want." You said and watched as the determined expression of hers faltered slightly.
"You will bring him up again in few weeks and I won't be able to say no then and will just cry on my way back home." Natasha's own eyes started filling with tears at the prospect of where things were going, she refused to let her tears out and you pulled your hand away from her grip, this time the red-head let it go.
"Let me make this decision for myself when I can." You whispered, your own tears falling freely now, you watched with a dull ache in your chest as Natasha's shoulders shake while she hung her head low. She was trying to hold back her cries.
"You said you wouldn't push me into making us public." Natasha pointed out, her jaw tightened, a fire in her teary eyes, you knew exactly what she was doing, covering her emotions with anger. "Don't go there, now." You pointed out and flinched when Natasha cut you off with a yell.
"I will go wherever the fuck I want!" You stepped back with a sigh, wiping your cheeks, you wished she had acted a little bit maturely but you didn't blame her either. It was just how she was, she would cover her pain with anger just like she knew how you were, too stubborn to go back. "You promised!"
"I did! But that was when you didn't constantly make me feel like I am walking around you on eggshells! That was when you actually treated me like a person instead of a low-class nerd who would ruin everything for you! But you are too attached to just let go!" You yelled back, not caring if any passerby were to hear you, picking up your bag, you turned to leave.
"I hate you." You heard Natasha's cracking whisper and refused to look at her, knowing you might crumble seeing her crying. You left the room leaving behind Natasha to pick up the shards of a broken home that once was yours.
It has been a few days since your break up with Natasha and things had been eventful. She has gone from trying to get your attention to ignoring you to giving anyone you talk to looks filled with hatred and jealousy. It doesn't draw much attention because most of the people you interact with are the nerds and geeks, who are the usual target of bullying. Natasha's strange behavior passing off like that.
Just yesterday she has pushed past a guy so harshly that he was slammed against the locker next to you, only because he was talking to you and was too close for the redhead's liking. You almost wanted to go after her and give her a piece of her mind but controlled yourself for her and your sake as well. She was just grieving. It would be okay, you had reassured yourself.
What Natasha failed to notice was, her giving so much attention to people around you, has brought the attention of other kids in her clique to notice you. It wasn't anything bad but just the usual, being called nerd here and there which the redhead had failed to notice, being too busy pushing people away from you.
Your friendship with Wanda had grown as well, the only person Natasha couldn't just scare away. The cheer captain was always around the corner, pulling you into any conversation about baking. Could you even name it a friendship? More like an acquaintance.
"Hey Cookie girl." Speak of the devil. Wanda leaned against your locker and you glanced over at the brunette dressed in her cheerleader uniform, the skirt revealing her long creamy legs.
"I told you it's Y/N." You rummaged through your locker for an extra pencil, forgetting yours at home. "And I told you, Cookie sounds better." Before you could deny the girl, she spoke again.
"Anyways! Guess what I got you?" You turned to her, watching as she held up your lunchbox in her hands with a smile on her lips. "My lunchbox?" You asked a little confused and amused at the antics of the other girl. The stares around you two are not so prominent anymore.
You still remember the first time Wanda approached you on your locker, gushing about how her locker is just two lockers away from yours and how she was finding it out now. The people in the hallway had stopped whatever they were doing to stare at you two as Wanda continued to chatter next to you. You almost felt scared for the girl but nothing seemed to happen to her as she was there again the next day, and the day after.
Unbeknownst to her, a certain redhead would seethe fire everytime she would caught you smiling or laughing at something Wanda had done.
"You are one dumb cookie." You rolled your eyes at the half-hearted insult and Wanda opened the box revealing choco-chip cookies inside. "I baked them! Trying your recipe, tell me how they taste." Apparently you were too hesitant for the her liking because she took the matter in her hand, feeding you the cookie herself.
You chewed softly, feeling stares on you, you glanced around catching the  jade green eyes, a familiar fire in them. Natasha was peering over you two from her locker, wearing a simple denim jeans and while t shirt, her soccer jacket on top of her shoulder, her grip on the handle so tight that her knuckles were turning white. "So?"
"It isn't bad.." You started, the cookie wasn't actually so bad. A little underbaked in the middle, giving the feel of eating cookie dough once you start chewing. The sides were a bit hard but everything else was tasty. Now how do you tell this to the bubbly cheer captain without hurting her feelings.
"But it isn't good." Wanda said grimly, her smile falling and you instantly shook your head, "No no! It is..good. The taste is immaculate. It is just the texture, it is under-baked in some parts like when you lay it down to bake, do you.." Before you could continue, a figure loomed over you two, slender fingers taking the half-bitten cookie out of your hand.
"It tastes shitty," Natasha said after taking the bite of it and throwing it in Wanda's open tiffin. "No, it isn't." You tried defending but it was in vain as the two girls stared each other down.
"So now I know it does taste good. Thank you, Natasha." Wanda replied shutting the box with a sigh, "I was gonna give them to you but I guess I need to improve my skills first."
"No, they are perfect, Wanda. Almost like cookie dough and I love cookie dough!" You reassured and winced when Natasha elbowed your side, you shot the red head a glare, rubbing your side, her eyes were fixated on drilling holes on the side of Wanda's head.
"Why do you have Y/N's lunch box?" Natasha asked Wanda, a edge in her voice and you wondered why the bell wasn't going off, you didn't want Natasha to scare Wanda away as well. The brunette has been nothing but sweet to you.
"How do you know it is her lunch box?" Wanda asked back and caught Natasha off guard. "Anyone can spot a nerd's lunchbox." She replied but her voice wasn't much convincing. You weren't going to lie, this one actually hurt. Here you thought she would learn from mistakes.
"Then why do you care so much?" This time it was you, who asked the question and it was evident in the red head's face that she knew she had hit a nerve. "Y/N." Her voice was a bit softer and you uncrossed your arms, taking Wanda by her arm, "Let's get out of here," Wanda let you guide her, with an amusing grin on her face, knowing not many people could talk to Natasha like that, there must be a story behind it.
You could hear the slam of a hand on a locker behind you, making you wince as you left with Wanda, leaving  behind the red head to deal with her jealousy.
"What was that about?"
"It's...a long story."
You walked into the classroom, usually you would have sat in your usual place, a seat which gave you and Natasha easy access to interact with one another, hidden from the prying eyes of people. Benefit being that none of Natasha's friends were in this class so she could occasionally seat just behind you in the back of the classroom, next to the wall.
You smiled sadly at the memory of being paired with the red head for the quiz, how she flirted with you, pretending to be meeting you for the first time. You blinked away the memory and the stinging of tears in your eyes, you were still upset at what happened between you two but after crying for three days straight, you were finally finding your footing. Now you only cry at night, if it can be counted as an achievement.
Come to think of it, the only two emotions, you were capable of feeling these days were sadness when Natasha wasn't around and Anger when she was around with that hesitant smile of a kicked puppy. Not to mention the way she would play with her hands or rub her neck, her eyes constantly searching you. It was becoming particularly awful for you because you didn't know how to react, your anger getting best of you each time.
Similar to right now, the red head stared at you, her hand nervously tapping against the desk stopping and pointing subtly toward the empty seat in front of her, her green eyes softly pleading similar to a puppy wanting a treat. You hadn't expected her to be in the classroom so early, she was usually the one to trudge in late after the bell had rang, maybe she was early to see you. You almost felt your anger dissipating but you shook the feeling away. You gave Natasha a blank face before moving to sit with Sandra, the girl Natasha hated dearly because according to the red head, Sandra only flirts with you while you thought she was just being nice.
"Hey Babe, what pleasure do I owe to have you sit near me?" Okay, she might be a little bit over friendly but the look on Natasha's face was worth it. "Hey Sandra," You said shyly, your eyes darting toward Natasha who was throwing daggers at the blonde girl's head.
"How is the debate club going?" You asked and watched as the girl dived into a enthusiastic conversation about the tournament they were planning to win. You laughed and nodded at the right time, your fingers touching the side of your ear every once in a while, playing with your hair. You smirked when you watched Natasha's knuckles turning white around the pencil. Just a little force and the poor stick would break in two, her arms muscles flexing underneath her sleeves and you licked your lip subconsciously.
"That sounds really fun. I wish I could tag along to see that play out." You said before moving your hand to Sandra's hair, a tiny feather was stuck to it. "Sorry, you had something." You said, your cheeks tinting as well as a full blown blush covered the girl's face. "O-Oh that's..Than-"
"Move." Natasha's cold voice interrupted the poor girl and you turned slightly to stare at the red head, ready to give her an earful but the look on her face had you thinking twice and damn that eyebrow raise directed to you. It sent shiver down your spine.
I was here first, Romanoff. Maybe If you had shown a little bit of respect, I would have considered." Your eyes widen at the guts of the blonde girl. You didn't expect Sandra to react like that but you doubt her caring about Natasha's reputation.
"Respect? To -"
"Natasha, please." You interrupt her quietly, your hand squeezing her wrist lightly, you didn't want to create a scene and hurt her precious popularity. "Why don't you come sit with me? I have to ask you some maths question." Natasha turned to you and you could clearly see the lie, Natasha was way better with numbers than you. In fact it was her who often helped you out with problems.
"I don't want to.." You whispered and watched as Natasha's face fell, she had turned to you with much confidence and you knew the rejection must be hurting but you were too. You were rejected a thousand times by her for friends, for her parties, for her popularity.
Then why the ache in your heart got stronger as you watched her chew on her bottom lip, nodding a few times as if she was making herself understand the reality and the gravity behind the simple rejection. Her eyes watery as she turned away, trudging back to her seat with a crestfallen look. Her head down as she stared at her lap. You felt your eyes watering as well, the remorse and the pain increasing with each passing second, you could no longer bear to see her.
"I a-am sorry, I have to go." You got up picking up your bag, you left the classroom, the bell going off indicating the start of the period and you didn't have the heart to sit in that room with someone else after rejecting to sit with Natasha. It was either her or no one.
"Get out of my way." You were pushed hard against the locker by someone and your assignment sheets fell down the binding opening and your pages scattering on the floor. Your arm throbbed in pain and you could imagine a bruise forming there.  One look at the scattered pages that you spend hours putting together even missing out your breakfast for it, your anger got the best of you.
"Fuck you!" You yelled loudly and the hallway grew quiet, the chatterings dying down slowly as they watched the commotion. "What did you say?" The girl asked, from her jersey you assumed she was someone on Natasha's team.
"Y/N.. Leave it." It was Hanna, who bend down to quickly pick up the pages. You bit your lip and didn't bother replying, hoping the girl would let it go as well but instead she approached you, her hands raising up her sleeves, kicking the pages from Hanna's hand mutteringthe word 'nerd' as an insult at your friend. "Cat got your tongue?"
"Get a pair of glasses if you have trouble seeing people in the hallway. I am sure one of the 'nerds' could let you burrow their." You said with a sickly sweet smile, air quoting the word 'nerds', some of the people snickering in the crowd. The girl's face got red in embarrassment.
The girl raised her hands pushing you back into the lockers with so much force that the sound of the slam made the people around wince. You groaned in pain, the handle of the locker dug into your back harshly, tears welled up in your eyes. "Why don't I break yours first?"
"Get away fro-" Before you could say anything, an unxpected fist collide with your cheek, the ring digging painfully in your bone, your glasses falling on the floor. "Like that?" You could hardly make out her words, your cheek was throbbing so painfully, you could feel a trickle of blood from where her ring had made contact with your skin.
"Y/N!" You could make out Hanna's voice and you tried prying the girl's hand away from your collar. "What the hell are you doing?!" You could recognise the cold and demanding voice of Wanda, she approached the scene her eyes darting from you to the girl, "Y/N, are you okay?" She came to your side and before the girl in front of you could say or do anything more, all you saw was a mass of red hair, pushing the girl away by the collar slamming her against the locker next to you.
You winced when Wanda traced your cheek, from the look on her face you could imagine your condition but you needed to focus on the bigger issue in front of you.
"Natasha!" You tried to get her attention but it was too late as the sound of a fist connecting with a bone was heard, following by a painful cry. Wanda moved you away from the duo.
"What the hell?!"
"How dare you touch her?!" Natasha's voice rang in the hallway, her hand colliding with the girl's nose this time, you watched as everyone took out their phones to record, Natasha slamming the girl by her collar on the locker again. "Natasha stop!" You grabbed her arm, trying to pull her away.
"Why do you care?!" The girl spat and Natasha pushed the girl in the locker one last time and you pulled her back, she reluctantly followed, you could hear the murmurs of the students around at the question.
"Because she is my girlfriend!" Natasha yelled loudly, looking around as if she was addressing the whole crowd, your heartbeat started racing as the whispers grew louder and louder.
"Are you okay?" Her eyes traced your injured face, tilting up to examine better, as she gently caresses your other cheek, you stared at her in surprise and managed a hesitant nod. She leaned in placing her lips on yours in a soft peck. From the corner of your eyes you could see Wanda's amused smile and Hanna's shock expression.
"What's going on in here?! Move!" The blusterous voice of a teacher could be heard and just your luck, it was the teacher who hated Natasha's guts.
Her eyes darted from Natasha to you and to the girl leaning against the locker holding her bloody nose. "Take Ms. Kimberly to the nurse. You come back to Dean's office." The teacher pointed to someone in the crowd before turning to Natasha and you, "Ms.Y/L/N and Ms.Romanoff, follow me to the Dean's office."
Natasha squeezed your hand interlocking her fingers with yours as she starts following the teacher, taking you with her. The murmurs growing as looks were exchanged between the students. "Rest of you! Off to class!" You watched as people started scattering away, clearing the hallway.
Natasha squeezed your intertwine hands and you looked at her, her jade green eyes, conveying so many messages and you squeezed her hand back in reassurance, you saw a smile forming on her lips and you felt a small smiling appearing on yours as well, despite the pain in your cheek. Your words from that day resonating in your head.
I want to be able to hold your hand and walk you down the hallway...
A/N: Hope you all liked it.
Feel free to drop in ideas or just send anons telling me about your day! I would love to hear anything from you all.
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things the avengers aren’t allowed to do, pt.2
a/n: hey! my best friend whom you probably all already know of @youlightmeupfinn​ and i teamed up to create these chaotic pieces of art. part one can be found on her page! thank you and enjoy!
Tumblr media
The Avengers Initiative states,
Upon becoming an Avenger, each party shall read over these guidelines and sign their name, stating that they hereby agree to the terms and conditions of the DO NOT's of being an Avenger. Shall a party break any of these rules, punishment is certain.
1. No more calling Thor, "Wish Barbie"
2. No crossing your own name off of Bucky's amends list
3. Scott isn't allowed to get small to sneak around security
4. Stop trying to hold Steve and Bucky’s hand while they try and cross the street
5. No using Tony's helmet as a cereal bowl
6. Don’t secretly make TikToks of anyone  
7. No trying to wax Steve's beard
8. No singing “kissing in a tree” to Peter and MJ
9. Stop asking Wanda if she “wants to go to therapy”
10. No asking Bucky who is the “Wiener Shoulder”
11. No one is allowed at any amusement park alone
12. Do not braid Thor and Loki’s hair together
13. Don’t ask Thor to do the chubby bunny challenge  
14. No putting rocket raccoon on a leash
15. No using Tony as a flashlight if the power goes out
16. No putting stickers on Steve's shield
17. Stop buying Tony merch of himself, it boosts his ego and it's big enough
18. Scott isnt allowed to go into anyones room at night and whisper to them
19. Don’t ask Rocket Raccoon if he is a “Rocket Scientist”  
20. Stop bringing up the word “language” to Steve
21. Don’t try and feed Loki to “Croki”
22. Moose, Croki, and Morris aren't the “big three”
23. No Avenger can have a blog about any other Avenger
24. Stop putting boy bands on Peter Quill's walkman
25. Thor isnt allowed to make brownies without anyone helping him
26. Peter and Shuri must be supervised in the lab at all times
27. No calling Clint and Natasha Shark-Boy and Lava-Girl
28. No putting the mistletoe above Steve and Bucky
29. Stop calling anyone on the team Mommy or Daddy
30. No canceling Pizza Night Friday unless it’s a life or death emergency
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Dangerous Love
Summary: You and Wanda breakup after finding out about her secret relationship. Natasha’s there to comfort you.
Pairing: Wanda x Reader; Natasha x Reader
Warnings: cheating
Words: 12,110
✨🏆Winner for Best Series of the 2021 Tumbies🏆✨
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The coffee pot stopped making the brewing noise, telling you that it was done, but you didn't move from your spot at the table. You continued to sit there in the new silence, lost in your thoughts as you waited. Your hands were on the table, not being able to stop yourself from playing with your fingers as you watched them. You sucked in a deep breath when you heard a door open and close in the other room, releasing it when you figured she was just using the bathroom.
You waited a bit longer, a few minutes passing by as you continued to sit at the table with nothing to keep you occupied. The time seemed to go slow without distraction, but you didn't need a distraction right now. You needed to talk to her.
When she walked into the kitchen, you had to fight yourself. You wanted to stare at her, suck in her beauty with your eyes. You wanted to go to her, to hug her, but you remained still. Even when she greeted you with her usual "good morning" in that chipper voice despite it being so early. You had always thought she was happy to see you, but now you knew better.
She didn't say anything else as she made herself a cup of coffee, leaning against the counter when it was all said and done to look at you. That's when she noticed the box by the door, seeing it filled to the top with your stuff.
"Hey, Y/N." Her voice was softer, less chipper. She sensed something was off now. "What's on your mind?"
You couldn't find it in you to say it out loud. You spent almost an hour sitting at this table. You found out the truth almost four hours ago. You had four hours to process this conversation but now that it's here… you were speechless. Out of the corner of your eye, she placed her cup onto the counter and walked into your view. She kneeled down and placed her elbow on top of the table. She moved to rub your leg in comfort, but when the tips of her fingers made contact with you, you flinched.
She pulled her hand away. "Talk to me, Y/N."
You stayed silent.
"At least look at me, baby."
"How can you sit there and pretend you still love me?" Her calling you baby triggered you. She isn't allowed to call you her little pet names anymore.
She was taken aback by your question, eyebrows furrowed and that little indent in between them formed. Your instinct was to always smooth it out, so it was hard not to do just that. "What are you-"
"How long?" you whispered.
Her eyes flashed back towards the front door and she sighed. "How long have you been here?"
"An hour."
"That's not what I meant."
Finally, you looked at her... and it hurt. The pain you got when all you wanted was to touch her was burning hot. "We finished earlier than planned. I saw it as an opportunity to come here and finally sleep in the same bed together." You scoffed, shaking your head as a smile formed on your face, the smile matching the pain in your eyes. "Turns out, you were already sharing that bed with someone else."
"Y/N-" She reached out for you and you were on your feet in an instant. She sighed as she stood up slowly, looking down at the ground while you took a few steps away from her with your back to her. "I was going to break it off with him."
You scoffed, turning to look at her. She made eye contact, tears threatening to escape your eyes. "Break it off with him?" How long was this going on for? "Was that before or after the sex?"
She tilted her head.
"I heard it," you said, "and I didn't want to believe it, so I… I looked…" You couldn't finish.
"No." You shook your head. "You don't get to call me that anymore. How long?"
She sighed. You knew she could lie to you, tell you the answer you desperately want to hear, which would be the shortest amount of time possible. That this was just a one time thing. That they just got drunk and don't even remember the sex. Then there could be a chance that you could forgive her. But you also knew that, deep down, she wouldn't do that to you. "I don't know," she confessed, shaking her head and shrugging. "A few months."
You opened your mouth to say something, but the only sound that came out was a choked sob. You turned around, hesitated for a moment, then made your way to the front door.
She called after you, but you ignored her as you picked up your box and left the apartment.
She didn't chase after you.
Tony followed the sound of struggled grunts and screams of frustration to the training room, leaning against the entry as he watched you go to town on a hanging punching bag. His eyes wandered to your phone sitting on the bench, seeing it light up with Wanda's name on the screen. The sound of the vibration on the wood echoed through the room and he knew you heard it when your punches faltered. However, you continued punching, completely ignoring the call. When the call ended, he saw the screen, the notification of missing more than a few calls from her, along with unread texts.
"You haven't been around here lately," he called when you took another break in between punches. You turned your head to look at him, but made no move to walk towards him. Instead, he crossed the room and made his way to you. You pushed the bag slightly when he reached you. "You usually stay at Wanda's place."
"There's no gym there."
"No, but there is a gym a block down. Closer than here." Tony crossed his arms, noticing how you were avoiding eye contact. "You're ignoring Wanda's calls?"
"I have my reasons, Tony." You continued punching the bag, but stopped after one or two when he continued to stare at you. You used your arm to wipe the sweat off your forehead and released a hefty sigh. "Look, I was, uh… I was hoping that my room was still available."
"Your room?" His scoff turned into a laugh. "I mean, you still are aware of the fact that I own the building, right?"
You nodded, feeling your hope deflate with every second he was avoiding your question.
"Of course your room is still available," he declared, shaking his head. You couldn't help but smile at him, pushing him away from you as he bellowed with laughter. "Seriously, Y/N," his voice grew soft but reassuring, "you know you can talk to me about anything, right?"
You nodded. "I know, Tony," you said, "but right now, the thing I need is to punch the shit out of this punching bag." Your smile faltered a bit, nothing he didn't notice. He knew you'd talk to him when you're ready, so he sent you a nod and let you be, listening to your grunts as you continued to take your frustrations out until he could no longer hear you.
You were in the kitchen when Natasha found you, a smile widening her features. She lingered in the doorway a bit longer as you were nose deep in your book, the hand that wasn't holding the pages down wrapped around a cup. She walked into the room a moment after, moving to sit across from you at the island. Your phone flickered on beside your elbow, dragging Natasha's attention to it to see a message from Wanda. Shortly after, it started vibrating with her name.
You tore away from your book to silence the vibrating, looking up at Natasha with a smile that didn't last very long. She furrowed her eyebrows in concern, crossing her arms on the counter top as she leaned into it.
"I heard you're coming back," she said.
"I was never gone." You politely closed your book and pushed it into your phone, both of them moving away as you gave Natasha your full attention. You brought the cup against your chest as you leaned forward, both hands wrapped around it. "We went on a mission together just last night."
"Yeah," she agreed, nodding her head, "and you were twice as happy than you are now." Your phone emitted another vibration, short this time, telling you both it was a text. "I'm assuming it has to do with-"
"Please, don't say her name."
She stared at you for a moment before nodding her head slightly. "Are you okay?"
Your lips lifted up into a small, brief smile. She was the first one to ask you that. Then again, she was really only the second person you saw since you came back to the Avengers compound. "I'm fine," you said. 
She sighed. You could tell she didn't believe you and you didn't blame her. You weren't really convincing. Unlike Tony, though, Natasha could read you like a book. She always told you it was because you were most comfortable around her. Even Wanda didn't know what you were thinking all the time, but Natasha knew what you wanted or needed before you even knew it yourself. You always valued your friendship with her, though you knew Wanda was always wary whenever she was around. You didn't know why.
"Y/N," she said, her tone disapproving, "you know that I know that you're lying."
Also unlike Tony, Natasha wasn't afraid to get a crowbar and force open your box of feelings. She'd say it's easier to talk to someone than to keep them in, and since you were most comfortable around her… It was obvious she was talking about herself.
"Wanda's been cheating on me." When her name left your lips, you couldn't help but slightly flinch at the taste it left in your mouth. You hadn't said it out loud yet, the cheating word.
Natasha hadn't said anything. She didn't know what to say. She couldn't decide whether she wanted to be angry at Wanda or sad for you.
You couldn't handle the silence, so you filled it by rambling. "She was so good at hiding it, you know? Normally there'd be signs. Like… like how they'd get weird about their phone or… or how they would disappear sometimes or even the sex, Nat. But she made it so believable. Nothing was different. It was…" You didn't realize you were crying until Natasha appeared on your side as your words got caught in your throat.
She held you tightly in her arms, wrapping an arm around your neck to bring you into her. You held onto her elbow as you cried.
"Why would she do this to me?"
"She's stupid," Natasha whispered, resting her chin on the top of your head. She saw Tony and Steve making their way in until they spotted you two. She used her free hand to shoo them away.
You sucked in a shaky breath and released her elbow shortly after, Natasha letting you go and handing you a paper towel, the closest thing to a tissue she could find. You wiped your face as she moved into the seat next to you, a hand resting on your shoulder.
"I didn't even think to worry about him," you continued, your voice still a bit shaky with sobs. You took another deep breath, releasing it into a sigh. "There were no indications that the two of them were attracted to each other."
"Who, Y/N?"
You looked at her, your mouth forming the first letter of his name, but you completely froze when your eyes drifted off towards the door behind her. "Him."
Natasha furrowed her eyebrows and turned around, making eye contact with Vision. The look on his face said it all. He knows that you know, Wanda told him. It was clear. You wanted nothing to do with him, your muscles tensing as he walked towards you, but you couldn't find the power to move. Your mind was telling you to get up and leave, but your body was telling you no.
Natasha readjusted herself to be sitting slightly in front of you, protective.
"Y/N," Vision said when he was within a few feet of you, "will you please-"
"No." It was curt, to the point. You had absolutely no interest in hearing what he or Wanda had to say. You just wanted to be left alone.
"-talk to her," Vision continued anyway, despite your rejection. 
"No." Once more. Maybe the computer man would get the hint. It didn't seem likely, though. You knew he loved Wanda like you do, it was hard not to love her, so he would do anything for her. Even if it meant ignoring your words until he got what she wanted.
He sighed, tired. You wonder how long he spent trying to console her for her own mistakes. "She cares for you."
"Cares for me?" You laughed humorlessly, staring at the man in front of you. "If she cared for me, she wouldn't have been seeing you behind my back for months." You were trying very hard to keep your voice steady and calm. If you got loud, you would be attracting everybody in the compound and you really didn't want your personal life to be exposed. Not like this. "If she cared for me, Vision, she wouldn't have been dragging me along on a thin piece of string."
"I think you should leave, Vision," Natasha suggested.
"I'm not-"
"I think that's a great idea," you interrupted, standing up. "If you won't, I will."
The two of you stared each other down for a moment before you grabbed your book and marched out of the room when it became clear that he wasn't going to be the bigger man. Natasha got up to follow you, but Vision stopped her by calling her name.
"You know whatever you say to me, I'm just going to say to Y/N," Natasha promised, turning to look at him. She crossed her arms over her chest.
"I'm counting on it, Ms. Romanoff," he assured. "Wanda is in a great amount of pain for what she did. She just wishes to speak to Y/N."
"Wanda doesn't deserve the pity party here," Natasha stated, "not after what she did to Y/N. The pain Wanda is feeling, that's deserved." And with that, she walked away.
Vision looked at your phone you left behind, seeing it light up once again with a call from Wanda. Shaking his head, he left the room.
You walked into the war room the next day after a long, restless night, looking at the board of minor missions. These missions usually consist of small teams, two or three people a team. Nothing an entire Avengers team needs to be wasted for. Every time you walked in here the past few months, Wanda was never on a team. She decided to take a break from being an Avenger, hence the separate apartment from the compound. You respected her wishes. In fact, you were the one to encourage her little sabbatical. She was having a hard time after Lagos.
A few encouraging words and comforting back rubs later, she was looking for an apartment. She asked you to help her and you were excited because this was a major step in a relationship. You thought that this was her way of saying that. But she got that apartment a few months ago.
Around the time she allegedly started seeing Vision.
You felt your heart shatter a bit more at the thought. She didn't find an apartment for you and her, she found one for you, her, and Vision. 
"Hey." You flinched when Steve's voice came from behind you. "Sorry."
You sighed heavily as you focused more on the mission board. "Why am I not on any of these?"
Steve moved to stand next to you, looking at the board. "You're emotionally compromised."
"I'm not emotionally-"
"You didn't even notice I walked in," he interrupted. 
You turned to look at him, crossing your arms over your chest. "Please, Steve," you whispered softly, looking him in the eye, "I need this."
"Look, Y/N, I don't know what happened, but you're not focused."
You sighed. Grateful that Natasha didn't spread the word and that Vision kept his mouth shut, that feeling was quickly overcome by annoyance towards Steve treating you like a damsel in distress. But you knew Steve. He was the hero type, the one who wants to do what's best for everybody.
"Steve," you said, meeting his eye. You pulled a sad look, like a puppy when you scold it. You saw the soften of his features and you prepared to dig your claws in for the kill. "Please. I need to be distracted because Wanda cheated on me and-"
"Stop." He raised a hand, cutting you off. You immediately closed your mouth, yet that puppy look remained. "I'll put you on the board. Just stop with the lost puppy look."
You smiled widely, grabbing onto his shoulders and shaking his entire body in thanks, though he didn't move as much as a normal person would. He laughed at your sudden burst of joy, though the happiness evaporated when you exited the room. The smile wiped away from your face and your shoulders slumped. You sucked in a deep breath as the door slowly swung close behind you and you walked away.
You rounded a corner and nearly ran into Bruce, almost knocking the tablet from his hands. He looked up in surprise before noticing it was you, a smile crossing his features.
"I thought you were Tony," he admitted. "I haven't handed in the mission report from yesterday, so I’m kind of avoiding him."
"You're usually on top of those things," you said. "Is everything okay?"
He nodded a little bit too quickly. "Yeah. It's just… you know how the Avengers life could get a bit hectic."
You shrugged.
"I overslept." He sighed, shaking his head. "Well, I'm glad to see you back around the compound," he said, changing the subject as quickly as possible. "It'll be nice to have you around again."
“Hey,” you said, stepping in front of him before he could march past you. “I can do the mission report. You look pretty tired.”
He pursed his lips for a moment, thinking it over.
You sighed, shaking your head. “Come on, Bruce. I know we always leave you to do the reports, me especially. Let me make it up to you.” You knew how much Bruce loved filling out the mission reports, so the fact that he was running late on this one was a bit odd. You didn’t know if you believed his oversleeping excuse or not, but you did want to relieve some of the tension off his shoulders. And if that started with one, simple mission report, then so be it.
“Thanks,” he said, handing you the tablet. You watched as his shoulders seemed to relax a little bit once he handed off the report, a smile falling onto his lips.
You sent him a kind smile as he walked past you. You felt drained, like you were trying too hard to pass off as happy. Exhausted. It could also be due to the fact that you were tossing and turning all night. Very little sleep.
When your phone vibrated in your pocket, you ignored it as you continued through the compound. It's been a while since you walked through all the halls, remembering all the secret nooks and crannies. Suddenly, you remembered your most favorite one.
You walked through the compound with a new mission, knowing exactly where it was. Cutting through the empty training room, you opened a door that looked to be part of the wall and stepped into the small library. It didn't seem to be touched, relieved to still have something to call your own.
You sat down in the middle of the floor, looking down at the tablet in your hands. You were thankful for Tony adding this in, knowing you'd find it. You thanked him properly by gifting him one of your most favorite books, which he keeps on his nightstand as he had mentioned several times.
Releasing a shaky breath, you let the tears escape you, feeling them inch their way down your cheeks slowly. It wasn't until you heard the door open behind you that you quickly wiped the tears away, sniffled, and turned your head to look over your shoulder. You felt relieved when you saw Natasha walk her way into the room, composing yourself to seem like you still have your shit together.
"I figured I'd find you in here," she said, a small smile lifting her lips. She moved to sit next to you, pulling her legs together in a criss-cross way. Her knee rubbed against your leg, but it didn't bother you.
"How'd you find me?"
She grinned. "I told Tony to build this."
You looked at her, an eyebrow quirked up. She looked away to stifle a laugh, down at the ground in between her legs. "Guess I gave the wrong person a thank you present," you said.
"Yeah, guess you did." She looked back at you as you looked back down at the tablet in your hands, typing away. "So, I noticed Steve put you back on the mission board."
You smiled proudly. "Yep," you said. "Pulled out the good ol' puppy dog eyes."
"Steve's a sucker for that," she declared, shaking her head, but the smile remained on her face. "He put you and I together."
You looked up at the news. "That's great!" You wrapped an arm around her and she automatically leaned into you. "The two amigos, back at it again."
"Three, actually," she said.
You looked at her, eyebrows furrowed. You noticed her avoiding eye contact now, looking down at the ground once more. Your arm slid off of her, waiting with bated breath for her to continue. Your heart felt heavier, though you didn't know how considering there wasn't much of it left.
You slammed the door wide open when you marched into the war room with Natasha on your heels, her attempts at getting you to stop for a moment to think this through had halted. Your eyes scavenging the room in search of the man that was responsible. When you found him, you felt anger coursing through you like hot water. Everything in you wanted to throw him against the wall like a ragdoll, but you fought that feeling as you marched up to him.
"I tell you that she cheated on me and you put me on a team with her?" you demanded, poking Steve's chest as hard as you could. You knew it didn't hurt him, and you were only hurting your own finger, but you couldn't back down.
"Don't you think we should have this conversation in a more private setting?" Steve asked, grabbing your wrist to stop you from poking his chest. To make yourself calm down, you believed that your poking actually was hurting him, though it only did a tiny little dent in the anger you were feeling. 
You ripped your hand free from his grip and turned to look at the large table, half of it filled with most of the familiar faces you call family. They were all staring at you, bewildered. How did you not notice the filled room? Were you that tunneled on finding Steve that you just ignore everybody else?
Steve gestured for you to step outside and you did, rushing out of there without another moment of hesitation. He followed you out of the room.
He was already defending himself before the door even closed. "She wants back on the team, Y/N. And she's a very powerful asset. The two of you work well together."
"That was before," you sneered, crossing your arms over your chest. "Before she ripped my heart out and squashed it with her little powers." You were sure that she was actually physically capable of doing that, too. You wondered why she didn't since it already feels like that emotionally. You wanted to scream and hit something, so you had to dig your nails into your palms and tightened their locked form across your chest to prevent yourself from breaking your hand across Steve's face.
Steve sighed sympathetically. "I'm sorry you have to work with her, but the three of you each are a fit for this mission. If you can't separate your personal life from your work life, I'm taking you off the mission board until further notice."
He marched back into the war room, leaving you there with your mouth open. Anger built through you, unlocking your arms and sending a fist into the wall just as Natasha walked out of the room. You hissed in pain as you looked down at your hand.
Natasha rested a hand on your back as she took a gentle hold of your wrist, getting a better look at your hand. "Hate to see the other guy," she said softly, making you grin. You looked at her, not realizing how close she really was until that moment. "I made sure I was coming with you on this mission," she assured you. "I have your back, Y/N. Forever and always."
You heard a throat clearing and looked ahead to see Wanda standing a few yards away from you. Natasha instantly stepped away from you, her hands leaving your body, but she stayed where she stood.
"You're not answering your phone," Wanda said as she walked closer to the two of you. "I was worried you were in a ditch somewhere."
"I didn't feel like talking to you." You didn't want to look at her, but you couldn't take your eyes off of her. She was beautiful and it hurt you that every time you see her face, Vision was attached to it.
"Y/N, just scream at me," she begged. "Hit me. Do something! You were just so calm yesterday, I didn't even know if it was real."
"Trust me, it was." You dropped your hands to your side, pain still in your fist, but it was nothing compared to your heart. "Every single bit of it. Hey, what'd you do to get Cap to put you on the same mission as me? You fuck him, too?"
Wanda sighed, hugging herself. She knew she deserved that one. Her eyes landed on Natasha, who was still protectively standing next to you. "I just figured it was time to come back," she said, looking back at you. "I've had long enough of a break. I'm ready."
"Hey, good for you," you stated, stepping backward. "Now maybe you and Vision can fuck any time now that you'll be living in the same building. Unless you're still going to be in that apartment. Y'know, the one where you knew I wouldn't be able to stay all the time. Perfect spot for a cheater."
"Will you just please let me explain-"
"I don't need to hear how the two of you got together or who made the first move," you interrupted. "I don't want to hear you apologize. I don't want to hear how almost three years together went down the drain because you decided to screw a robot!"
She released a breath now that you were yelling, your face red and puffy. This is what she wanted. She wanted you to get mad, to know that you cared enough to feel this strong about her negative actions.  But that relief faded away just as fast as it had appeared as she watched Natasha place her hands on your shoulders in an attempt to pull you away from Wanda. That anger she saw on your face instantly washed away the second Natasha touched you, the pain and sorrow returning. 
Nothing else was said as she pulled you down the hall, Wanda looking over to see the crowded war room snooping in on their conversation. She brushed away Vision when he came up behind her and placed a hand on her shoulder in a reassuring manner, stepping away from him and turning around.
"I messed up, Vis," she said, looking down. She avoided Vision's eyes. "You and I were a mistake.” She walked away.
Natasha sat in front of you as she wrapped up your hand carefully, your eyes staring at the movement and wincing every now and again. Her eyes would flash up towards your face, monitoring you. Neither of you said anything.
She tapped your arm when she was done, telling you to lower it as she didn't need it anymore. When you lowered it, your other hand automatically went to play with your fingers.
"It'll be okay," she assured you, placing a hand on your knee. You looked into her eye, immediately feeling a wave of calm wash over you. "I looked into the mission. You and her don't even have to talk to each other."
You sighed. "Steve was right," you admitted. "I have to keep my personal and work life separate. I think I can get through this." You placed your hands over hers, which were still on top of your knees. "As long as you're there with me."
She grinned. "Y/N, you know I'm always there with you. All the time. Everyday for the rest of your life."
You rolled your eyes, smiling as you released her hands. "Now you're just being dramatic."
"Says the one who punched a wall," she stated, pointing towards your bruised hand. When you laughed, she sighed in relief. "I haven't heard you laugh in a while."
"It's been two days."
"Felt like forever."
The two of you stared at each other, all smiles, for a bit longer. Finally, she pushed herself away from you and stood up. She started cleaning up the mess of bandages, distancing herself from you. You looked down at the ground with a sigh.
You sat down at a table outside a small coffee shop, bringing a newspaper up to cover your face. Wanda sat a few tables down while Natasha sat in a van across the street. Your eyes were peeled, looking for your HYDRA asset while also maintaining your tourist cover.
“We should talk.” You could hear Wanda through your earpiece and you had to refrain from rolling your eyes. She brought her coffee cup up to her lips as she quickly added, “I need to talk.”
“We need to focus.” You nodded your head subtly, sending Natasha your appreciation for cutting off that conversation. “Do either of you see the mark?”
You lowered your paper to turn the page, picking your head up to look around the crowded area for a brief moment before bringing up the paper to your face. “Negative,” you said.
“Not yet,” Wanda confirmed.
You sighed and folded your paper up. You were on the last page, it would be more suspicious if you continued reading it. You looked towards Wanda and made eye contact, something you seemed to not be able to break. Her eyes pleaded with you, silently begging for a chance to talk with you, to have an actual conversation where she’d talk and you’d listen, one without Natasha lingering there.
That’s when you broke the eye contact, suddenly on high alert when you saw someone pass by behind Wanda, a quick glimpse of a gun tucked underneath his shirt. Something was off, you could feel it.
You looked around a bit more, noticing that there were more people with guns tucked away somewhere convenient. A mother had a gun tucked in the bottom compartment of her stroller that you were sure were empty, but you couldn’t see into it. A bus boy had a gun tucked into his dish container as he seemed to be spending more than long enough on the same empty, clean table. A construction worker seemed to have taken a longer break than necessary, his gun tucked into his bag that rested by his feet. There were more than you could handle, scattered throughout the neighborhood. You couldn’t find them all, but there were enough.
“Our cover’s blown,” you mumbled as you stood up, grabbing your newspaper. “We need to leave.”
“I’m starting the car,” Natasha said in your ear as you tossed your paper into the garbage when you walked by it. “I’ll meet you around the corner.”
Someone bumped against you as they joined your walk and you looked over to see Wanda. Your jaw clenched, but you continued forward as if everything was perfectly okay. However, you slowed to a stop when a jogger came around the corner, stopping as if they were waiting to cross the street, but you saw the handle of a gun peeking out from their hoodie pocket. Wanda saw it, too, as she grabbed your wrist and pinned you against the building.
“What are you-” You were cut off when she connected her lips to yours, pushing you against the building as the jogger jogged right on by. You were lost in the kiss, deeper than you had ever felt before. And the kiss seemed to go on forever until she finally stepped away from you, looking both directions before walking away. So much for keeping personal and work life separate.
It took you a moment to find your legs, but you weren’t too far behind her as she rounded the corner. She opened the door and let you enter the van first, filing in and closing it behind her.
“Glad you two are okay,” Natasha said as she drove off.
“We’re all good,” Wanda assured, sending you a wide smile. You couldn’t make eye contact with her, still trying to wrap your head around what had just happened.
“N-No, we’re not,” you declared, finally finding your voice. Wanda lost the smile on her face as you shook your head. “We lost our asset. How was our cover blown?”
“I don’t know,” Natasha confessed, “we might have a mole.”
You sighed as you leaned against the wall of the van behind the driver's seat, looking at Wanda. “This doesn’t mean anything,” you told her.
“Didn’t feel like it meant nothing,” she said with a grin.
“You wanted to talk,” you stated, “so talk.”
Her grin wiped away as her eyes moved to look at Natasha. “I was hoping we’d be alone.”
“This is the only chance I’m giving you,” you told her. “Nat’s not going to interrupt.” Natasha nodded at your words, but Wanda saw her grip on the steering wheel tightened. Since you were behind the driver’s seat, you did not see the change in Natasha.
Wanda sighed. "You were always going on missions, Y/N," she started. "You went on at least twice a week. And Vision came over one day and-"
"So it's my fault you cheated?"
"No," she said immediately, shaking her head. "Nobody's to blame but myself." She sucked in a deep breath as she looked down, playing with her fingers. You could tell she's ashamed for what she did to you, but that wasn't any reason to forgive her so easily. You loved her, still do, actually, and it hurts to look at her. "I messed up, Y/N. I still love you. And the thing with Vision was a huge mistake-"
"That took you months to realize." You scoffed, shaking your head. "It wasn't just a one time thing, Wanda. You've been with him for months."
She sighed. "Y/N, please. Just give me one more-"
"We're being followed." You saw Wanda's annoyed expression, however brief, when Natasha interrupted her sentence. And you were glad she did because you wouldn't be able to give her an answer. Your hesitation to her question could give her hope for your forgiveness, something you don't even have yet.
You got to your knees and looked out through the back, tinted windows of the van to see a dark, sleek SUV following close behind. They knew they'd been made, abandoning all subtly.
"I'm going to try to lose them," Natasha said, taking a sharp, sudden right. You heard honking from all the people she cut off, but ignored them as she started to speed up. You looked behind to see that the SUV was still hot on your tail.
Natasha continued trying to lose them, swerving left and right down streets, until finally you lost them at an intersection when she ran a red light a millisecond before the opposing direction turned green, the SUV getting cut off. You moved to sit in the passenger seat next to Natasha, leaving Wanda in the back, silently telling her that you were done listening.
"We have to get back to the compound," Natasha said as you pulled your phone out. "We're compromised."
"I'm calling Steve," you said as you brought your phone to your ear. "We should warn him about the mole."
Natasha slowed down at a red light as Steve's voice came through your phone.
"Steve," you started, "our cover's blown."
"How?" he demanded as the light flickered green. Natasha started driving through the small intersection.
"We think there's a-" You saw it first when you looked towards your right, the black SUV barreling towards your car with no intentions to stop at the red light. You didn't have time to react, the car ramming right into you.
Your phone flew out of your hand as the car was thrown, tumbling and flying through the air. You blacked out before the car stopped.
Your eyes were opened, but everything was blurry. You could only see a few feet in front of you and you had no idea where you were. It took you a moment to realize that you were still in the car, though it was flipped over. You saw that Natasha was unconscious, still strapped into the driver's seat, whereas you hadn't had your seatbelt on so you were in the most uncomfortable position against the roof of the car.
You saw a pair of legs making their way towards you through the driver's window, your heart racing as you tried to move. Pain coursed through you as you tried to look into the back of the van.
You were relieved when you saw Wanda in the back, her chest rising and falling softly telling you that she was just unconscious, like Natasha.
The pair of legs continued getting closer. "Nat." Your voice came out hoarse, pain resting on your chest when you spoke. You inched your hand towards her, biting against the pain. You shook her, desperate to get her awake. "Nat, please."
You could hear a muffled voice, looking around to see your phone pinned underneath the gas pedal. Steve was still on the call, but you couldn't reach your phone. You were in too much pain to reach that far.
You turned your head to Wanda, your hand still on Natasha's shoulder, watching the back doors pry themselves open. There were much more than one person as one dragged Wanda out of the back and another picked up her feet when she was cleared from the van.
"Nat," you whispered, shaking her once more. You sighed in relief when her eyes slowly opened, her eyebrows furrowed in confusion as she took a moment to process her surroundings. She looked at you, confusion replaced by worry and fear as she finally realized what had happened.
The door behind you was pried open at the same time hers was. She grabbed onto your hand that was still on her shoulder, squeezing it. You gave her a half-hearted squeeze in return, pain still soaring through your body.
You watched as they stuck a syringe into Natasha's neck, your voice muffled in your ears as she fell into unconsciousness once more. Her hand went limp in yours and you held onto her tightly until you felt a prick on your neck a bit later.
Your eyelids were suddenly heavy and you were letting go of Natasha's hand unwillingly.
The next time you were opening your eyes, your surroundings were different. You were on the ground, the area dimly lit. You were on your feet in an instant, ignoring the pain as you looked around, seeing the giant window in front of you with a door on the opposite wall behind you. You knew the door was locked, not even bothering to try it.
Natasha was in her own cell across from you, sitting against the wall as she seemed to be waiting for something. You pound your fist on the glass and she turned her head, climbing to her feet when she saw you awake.
She pursed her lips together, knowing that you wouldn't be able to hear her. You kept quiet as well, falling to your knees and pressing your forehead against the glass. It wasn't much longer that a pair of legs appeared in front of you, making you pick your head up.
The man on the other side of the glass looked down at you with a wide, smug grin. You clenched your fists, jaw clenched as you fought the pain.
He moved to the side so he could press a button. Static filled your cell for a moment before it went silent once more. Though, when he spoke, his voice bounced around your cell through the intercom.
“Very unfortunate that we’re meeting like this, Y/N,” he said. You remained on the ground, looking up at him. You made no move to stand up. The man sighed, a small smile tugging at the corner of his lips. He kneeled down in front of you, face to face. “We’re going to have fun, Y/N, so cheer up.”
“Where’s Wanda?”
He raised an eyebrow. “You’re worried about her?” His smile only grew as he stood up. His laughter pounded against your head. “She was no use to us here. She was already a successful experiment.”
You climbed to your feet weakly, eyebrows furrowed in anger. “What did you do to her?”
The man reached over and switched the intercom off, static flashing through your room quicker than before. Silence wrapped around you for a brief moment before you started banging your fists against the window. Your screams filled your head as you demanded to be released, Natasha watching you from her cell.
You looked at her to see her mouth moving, her lips forming your name, but you couldn’t hear her. Even when you stopped screaming, your fists went down to your sides as you leaned against the glass. Her lips moved slowly, giving you time to read them as she spoke.
“It’ll be okay,” she mouthed.
You slid back down to the ground and she went down with you, placing a hand against the glass with her palm out to you. You brought your hand up and did the same, watching a small smile form on her lips. She knew you didn’t give up hope, but it was only the first hour.
Who knows how long the two of you will be stuck here?
You were wide awake when the man returned, pressing the button for the intercom attached to your cell. You stared at him, fire in your eyes as he spoke to you.
“We’re ready for you.” He smiled a smile that sent chills up and down your spine.
You heard the door unlock behind you as you climbed to your feet, Natasha climbing to hers as well in her own cell. You felt someone grab you from behind, locking your arms behind your back and dragging you out of the room. Natasha started pounding her fists against the glass as she watched them take you away, but your eyes never left the man.
They marched you down a series of dark hallways, your eyes searching for any sign of Wanda. You knew that if anybody could get you all out of here, it’d be her. Your heart pounded in your ears as they continued pushing you, time slowing down as you turned to look towards your right as they guided you past a door. Your eyes met Wanda’s through the small window, seeing her strapped down to prevent the use of her powers, but the second she saw you, she started to fight. You could hear her scream your name as time went back to normal.
You were strapped to a similar table as Wanda was, in a brightly lit room not too far from where you had seen her. It took you a moment to adjust to the sudden light, but once you did, the man from earlier stood above you, a smile on his face. 
Somebody hooked you up to a heartbeat monitor as he said, “Well, isn’t this exciting?” He accepted a metal syringe from someone. You couldn’t see the inside of the syringe. “We get another chance at this. With the Avengers, no less!” He released a hefty laugh, his smile growing wider as you pulled against your restraints. “Don’t worry, Y/N, this might kill you.” He lowered the syringe down and you felt him push against your skin as people surrounded you, forcing you to stop moving.
“You don’t scare me,” you said, your eyes staring at the ceiling above you. You sucked in a deep breath and released it, steady. “I’m not scared to die.”
You didn’t react when the needle penetrated your skin, sinking deeper into you. Your jaw clenched as you felt the serum in it course through your veins, your bloodstream. Your body shook as you started to seize, the people holding you down taking a step away from you. The man pulled the syringe out of you.
They all watched as your body continued to shake, everybody holding their breath.
Your life flashed before your eyes, Wanda’s face flashing in front of you, her smile, her touch, her kiss, but she wasn’t the only one you saw. Natasha was there, too, her laugh, her smile, her touch. And then you saw Vision, him kissing Wanda, him touching her where only you were allowed to touch her. You felt the serum inside you burn hot with anger, your fists clenching tightly by your side. Vision taking Wanda away from you, Natasha’s desperation behind that glass cell as they dragged you away, Wanda’s screams for you as you passed her room.
Your body stilled, the heartbeat monitor flatlining as someone entered the room.
"Dammit. Go get the other one. Maybe she'll live through it."
“Sir.” They walked up to the man. “She escaped.”
The man looked away from you and at the messenger, rushing everybody out of the room as quickly as possible, but it was too late.
The second someone stepped out into the hall, they went flying. The man quickly tried to shut the door instead, but was blown back when it flew open. Wanda marched into the room, her eyes falling onto you as her own heart slowed down. She heard the flatline, staring at your lifeless body. Her own voice was muffled as she called out to you, pushing all the HYDRA soldiers against the walls when they all tried to go after her.
With a twist of her hand, they all went limp.
You heard the humming before you opened your eyes, a small smile lifting your lips. You forced your eyes open against the lights, turning your head to see Natasha sitting next to your bed, flipping through a magazine as she hummed a song you don’t recognize. On instinct, she looked up at you and saw that you were awake, a smile mirroring yours as she put away the magazine and leaned towards you.
“Well, good morning, sunshine,” she said. “How’re you feeling?”
“Are you okay?” you asked. “Did they do anything to you?”
She shook her head. “I’m not the one lying in a hospital bed, Y/N,” she said. “How are you feeling?”
“I’m fine,” you assured her. “Where’s Wanda?”
“I made her get something to eat,” she answered. “Steve and Tony are on the way, too. They should be here any moment.”
“Where’s here?”
“A hospital not too far from where the HYDRA base was,” she answered, “but we are pretty far from the compound. The Avengers are using a quinjet. They wanted to close down the base, first, though.”
“How long has it been?”
“Only a few hours,” she said, leaning back into her chair. She sighed. “You died, Y/N.” You looked at her. “You were dead for what felt like an eternity and I…” She trailed off when the door was pushed open, Wanda peeking her head in.
A smile crossed her features when she saw that you were awake, entering the room and closing the door behind her. “I thought I heard talking in here.” She looked at Natasha. “Do you mind…”
Natasha looked at you and you sent her a subtle nod. With a sigh, Natasha got up, lingering in the doorway for a moment as she looked back at you, “I’ll be out here. Holler if you need anything.” And with that, the door closed, leaving you and Wanda alone.
You watched as she made her way to where Natasha was sitting previously, sitting down in the chair. She cleared her throat as she thought about what she wanted to start with. “I’m glad you’re okay,” she said.
“I’m surprised,” you admitted, laying your head back against the pillows. “I was ready to die.”
Wanda tilted her head.
“He said that I could die,” you continued, interrupting whatever Wanda was going to say. “I didn’t expect to make it out alive.”
“Did you want to?”
You turned your head to look at her. “I don’t know,” you confessed.
Wanda looked down at her hands. “Y/N, I’m sorry,” she said, making you look away from her and to the ceiling. “I miss you.”
“You were dead, Y/N, and I lost my mind,” she declared. “I thought you were gone forever. I cried over your lifeless body and I had no hope anymore. And then the monitor beeped.” She sucked in a shaky breath. “I was given a second chance.”
“Wanda.” You sighed, your eyes fluttering close. “I’m not ready to forgive you.”
“I know,” she said, “but I’m not going to give up on us.”
You looked at her once more. “Why would you do it in the first place?” you asked. “If you love me so much, why cheat?”
“I don’t have a reason,” she admitted. “I was just being stupid.”
“And if I ever do decide to give you another chance, what makes me think that you’re not going to just do it again?” You shook your head. “I don’t think I can stand getting hurt again.”
“No, Y/N,” Wanda said, moving to the edge of her seat, “I will never hurt you again.”
“Just stop, Wanda,” you said as the door started to open.
“I’m an idiot, I know,” she continued. “I still love you, Y/N. And I miss you so much.”
“Stop!” you screamed and everything around you instantly froze... except for Wanda. The opening door halted and you looked up to see Steve and Tony in the doorway, though they weren’t moving. Wanda turned to look, as well, her eyebrows furrowing in confusion as she slowly rose to her feet.
“Y/N?” She looked at you. “What did you do?”
“I… I don’t know.” You kicked the covers off of you, slowly getting out of bed. You were still in pain from the car crash, but you continued to limp forward to reach the two men. “How…” You waved a hand in front of Steve’s face, snapping your fingers in front of Tony. Neither of them moved, neither of them even blinked. You quickly stripped out of your hospital gown and pulled on a pair of actual clothes, Wanda looking away while you did.
You squeezed past the men and into the hallway, seeing Natasha frozen as well, looking like she was halfway to standing up. You looked around while Wanda followed you, seeing everybody frozen.
“How are you not frozen?” you asked, looking at her.
“I’m pretty sure there’s more important things,” she declared, gesturing around her. “Unfreeze everybody, Y/N.”
“I… I don’t know how to,” you declared.
You held your hands up in confusion as you said, “I don’t even know how I did it, Wanda!”
“Alright, calm down,” she said softy, placing her hands on your shoulders as you lowered your arms. She sucked in a deep breath as she made eye contact with you, you followed her lead and you both exhaled together. 
“I just wanted you to stop,” you declared. “I wanted you to stop lying to me.”
She shook her head. “I wasn’t lying, Y/N, I still love you,” she said.
You shrugged her hands off of your shoulder and turned your back to her, ignoring her. “This can’t be happening right now,” you mumbled, stepping away from Wanda. “What do I do? What do I do?”
You fell to your knees, grabbing your head with your hands as you squeezed your eyes shut. Wanda stayed back, watching you.
“Stop,” you whispered. Natasha flashed through your head, then, the warmth she offered when she found out Wanda cheated on you. Were you ever going to see her move again?
"Wanda?" You froze when you heard his voice, eyebrows furrowed in half anger, half confusion as your back straightened, hands going to your knees. You could feel him move into your vicinity, feel him make a beeline straight to Wanda. Aside from that, you could feel Wanda's confusion, which explains why you were feeling half anger and half confusion. Her side was the confusion - the why was he here - whereas your side was full on anger - the why was he here. 
"Vis?" Wanda turned to watch him approach. Every step he took, your heart hammered in your chest. "What are you doing here?"
"I had to make sure you were okay," he expressed. You could feel him eyeing you as he said it, judgment in his voice. "Everybody outside is just frozen."
"We don't want you here." You got to your feet, turning to look at him. "You've done enough."
"Okay, Y/N," Wanda started, holding a hand up towards you as she held Vision back when he turned to you, "let's take a deep breath, okay?"
"How can you protect him?" you demanded, looking at her. "He tore us apart!"
"Because I love him, too!"
At that moment, time went back into motion. People started moving while you were the frozen one this time, looking down at the ground as you processed her words. People pushed past you, like you weren't even there, separating you and Wanda as she tried to reach you. She called to you, her voice barely above a muffle to you though she was screaming.
You disappeared in the crowd.
"What do you mean you lost her?" Natasha demanded in the hospital room a while later. After searching for you, Wanda and Vision returned to inform her of what you've done. She wasn't worried about your newfound ability, but that you were missing. 
Wanda sighed, squeezing the bridge of her nose. "She was there one minute, gone the next." She threw her hands in the air, waving Vision off when he tried to console her.
"You can't just ignore what you said," Vision said quietly, but Natasha heard him loud and clear when she stepped forward a few more feet.
"What'd you say?" She glared at Wanda. 
Wanda looked at Steve and Tony for a second before back at Natasha. "I told her I love Vision, too."
Natasha rolled her eyes. "See? This is exactly why you should've stayed away," she snapped. "You've hurt her enough already. At this point, you're just throwing salt in the wound!"
"Stop fighting," Steve demanded, stepped in between Natasha and Wanda to push them apart. The two women hadn't even noticed they had gotten that close together. "None of this is helping us find her."
"Y/N doesn't have control over this power," Tony stated. "How did she get everybody to unfreeze?"
Wanda shrugged. "I don't know. After I told her that I love Vision, everything went back to normal."
"It must've been a trigger," Steve said.
"Breaking someone's heart twice can do that," Natasha sneered, making Wanda look away in shame.
"We can look at the video surveillance," Steve suggested. Tony nodded and made his way out of the room. "Natasha, you can search the perimeter. She's on foot as far as we know, so she couldn't have gone far."
"I can help," Wanda said.
"I don't think that's-"
"Good idea," Steve intercepted. "Your power can be useful. You just got to figure out a way to make it so." Steve patted Natasha on the shoulder as he left the room, leaving the three of them alone.
Natasha glared at Wanda. "If you find her, don't do anything to drive her away again." She walked away to find you.
Vision looked at Wanda. "Wanda-"
"Not now, Vis," she declared, holding a hand up as she walked away.
Vision stood there, sighing.
You heard the door open and close, followed by the soft sound of shuffling feet. You didn't move from the bed, laying down on it and staring up at the ceiling. You felt tired, broken. You wanted to escape from it all but you knew it wasn't going to be that easy. You just couldn't walk away from all the hard work you've done to become an Avenger. And you certainly couldn't let one problem be the reason you quit.
The bedroom door opened, the light flickered on, and you were making eye contact with the friendly neighborhood Spidey, Peter Parker.
"Y/N?" He looked over his shoulder as he whispered your name, making sure his aunt didn't hear him. He closed the door behind him, his bookbag sliding off his shoulder and landing next to the door with a thud. "As fun as fighting alongside Mr. Stark was, I don't think I can do another last minute trip to Germany or… wherever."
"Calm down, kid," you stated, squeezing the bridge of your nose. Your head was pounding. "I'm not here to recruit you."
 "Oh." He looked down in embarrassment for a moment before looking back up, an eyebrow raised. "Then what're you doing here?"
"Hiding." You rolled off the bed, getting to your feet. "This is the last place anybody would look. Can you turn the light off?"
He flicked the switch, swallowing the room back into darkness, the only light provided by the street lights outside. "What're you hiding from?"
"My responsibilities," you answered with a huff, falling to sit on the ground. You leaned against the bed, your head falling backwards to rest against the mattress. Peter still hasn't moved from his spot in front of the door. You squeezed your eyes shut, trying to dim the pain in your head. The rest of your body was another story. "Tell me to leave."
"If you're uncomfortable with me here, tell me to leave," you said, opening an eye to look at him. "You haven't moved from that spot since you saw me."
He cleared his throat and walked deeper into the room. "Why… are you hiding from your responsibilities?"
"Because life is hard, Peter," you said. You sucked in a deep breath, lifting your head up and looking at him fully. "Your girlfriend cheats on you with a robot for months, tries to get you back by confessing that she still loves you only for you to find out that she also loves that robot. And you think to yourself… why?"
"Why aren't you the only one they love? Why can't they love just you?"
Peter stared at you for a moment as you looked away. He moved to sit next to you. "Life is hard."
"Amen," you confirmed.
He looked at you. "I would let you hide here, but I wouldn't be a very good friend if I didn't force you to handle your responsibilities."
"On the contrary, Parker," you argued, "you would be a very great friend if you let me wallow in my own self pity for the night."
He sighed, turning his head to look at you as he nodded. "For the night."
"I'm going to get in the shower," he said, purposely bumping your shoulder when he moved to stand up. "You can have the floor."
You laughed. "That's fair."
Later that night, when Peter was fast asleep, you couldn't get yourself to feel that same relief. You couldn't close your eyes without seeing Wanda or Vision, but you finally managed to push that away and get some sleep. However short, being stirred awake when you felt soft taps on your forehead.
Your eyes slowly opened, looking up to see a figure above you. Your response was sluggish, having trouble processing exactly what was happening until the figure grabbed your arm and yanked you to a sitting position.
You were on your feet instantly, fighting whoever it was in the dark room as the blinds were closed, preventing the streetlights from pouring in. Whoever you were fighting had you pinned in mere seconds.
"Calm down, Y/N," Natasha's voice breathed in your ear, feeling your body instantly relax underneath her hold. She held on for a moment longer before separating herself from you.
"What are you doing here?" you questioned. "How'd you find me?"
"The kid messaged Tony," she answered and you looked at Peter's passed out form, though you were sure you just saw an eye open.
"Snitch," you declared and your theory was confirmed when a wide smile crawled in his face, but you only saw it for a brief moment before he rolled over, pulling the blanket over his head. "Tony sent you?"
"Figured I was better than her."
"That's fair." Natasha didn't need to say the name, you knew. You sighed as you rubbed the back of your neck. "I guess I overreacted pretty badly."
"No, Y/N," she declared, "you reacted as any normal person would."
You muffled a laugh. Sure, you were mad at Peter for snitching, but if he actually fell back asleep, you didn't want to wake him up. "Yeah, freezing time completely because my ex wants to get back together."
"It's a normal thing," Natasha assured, grinning as she shrugged. You couldn't help but to return the smile, feeling the warmth radiating off of her. "Hey, let's head back to the compound and we can see if we can decipher what exactly HYDRA did to you."
You sighed, but nodded.
Within the next few hours, you were strapped to a chair in the middle of a room in the compound. The clock on the wall above you ticked with every passing second. You've seen this room being used to hold prisoners for interrogation, but you guess Natasha sent a heads up text and Tony took advantage of the time. 
Your reflection stared back at you in the one-way mirror, looking at the strange device attached to your head. Your wrists and ankles were strapped down - they said they didn't want to take the chance. And you didn't blame them, seeing how strong Wanda's powers are.
You know they were on the other side of the mirror, looking into the room. You knew they were there for you, with you, but at this moment… you've never felt more alone.
You jumped when Tony's voice filled the room. "Alright, Y/N, we're all set."
Set? Set for what? You weren't filled in on what they were going to do, just that they were going to track your brain. You felt yourself beginning to panic, clenching your fists tightly and pulling against your restraints. You wanted out.
"Y/N." Natasha's voice filled your head, the calmness of it spreading through you as you instantly felt yourself relax. "It's going to be okay. I'm going to be right here the entire time. I'm not going anywhere."
You closed your eyes, feeling a single tear escape your eye and slide down your face. You gave a subtle nod. The second you did, you instantly felt a jolt of electricity burst through you.
Your eyes opened wide as you sucked in a sharp, deep breath. You were back in the HYDRA base, strapped to the table with everybody surrounding you, looking down at you. You didn't move, you couldn't. Your eyes just continued to stare blankly as the man shook his head in disappointment. A long beeping noise coming from your left.
"Go get the other one." The other one. Natasha? You tried to move, but your body was frozen. You felt weak though desperate to get up and fight. "Maybe she'll live through it." 
You were screaming in your head, begging them to try again. Anything to prevent them from touching Natasha. "Maybe she'll live through it."
Someone stepped out into the hall and you watched as they went flying. You still couldn't move and that annoying noise was still going off. Wanda appeared in the doorway, her eyes glowing red, but they went back to normal when she spotted you. "Save her!" you screamed, but Wanda only continued to stare at you, her hand going to her mouth.
It took you a moment to realize that the beeping noise was a heart monitor flatlining.
"No!" You were suddenly back in the compound, sweat beading down your forehead as your eyes refocused on the present. Natasha was in front of you - perfectly healthy - as she was unstrapping you against Tony's demands. "Nat?"
"It's okay, Y/N," she assured you.
"We don't have anything, Romanoff," Tony declared. You noticed he was standing behind her, watching her unstrap you and doing nothing to stop her. "She agreed to these tests."
"She didn't agree to be tortured," Natasha snapped, delicately removing the device from your head. She helped you stand up and you leaned into her, exhausted.
Tony sighed, running a hand over his face in annoyance as the two of you left the room. He looked up towards the clock on the wall, eyebrows furrowed when he saw the hands spinning at an impossible speed.
"Hey." Natasha sent you a soft, warm smile when your eyes fully opened. She was sitting next to your bed in your bedroom of the compound - oh, how nice it felt to be in an actual bed. She was leaning against the bed as she had fallen asleep, her face close to yours. Neither of you dared to move.
Her smile grew a bit wider as she finally pulled away. "I was just making sure you stayed asleep," she told you. "I know how hard it's been for you to get some actual sleep."
"Are you okay?"
She closed her mouth, but her lips were still propped up in a smile. "Why do you ask me that when you're the one I should be asking?"
Your eyes fluttered closed as you couldn't keep them open much longer, but you fought against the pain and exhaustion and opened them back up, taking a deep breath. "They were going to take you."
"HYDRA." You swallowed, took a moment, then continued. "I was dead. They were going to-"
"They didn't," she interrupted, resting a hand on your upper arm, "and you're alive. We both are."
The two of you looked at each other for a bit longer, enjoying the silent company, until you spoke. "Did I pass?"
She tilted her head in confusion.
"The test," you explained. "Did I pass?"
She sighed as her smile wiped away. She wanted to give you the answer you were looking for, but she didn't want to lie to you. "The results were inconclusive."  She watched you lose your smile next.
"Tony and Bruce don't know what's happening to me?"
She looked down, avoiding your gaze. Your head fell back into the pillow, looking up at the ceiling. The two smartest people you know and they have no idea what's going on.
"Hey," Natasha said softly, moving her hand under your chin to make you look at her. It wasn't until she wiped away the tears from your face with her thumb that you realized you were crying.
She cupped your cheek, her face so close to yours that you could feel her breath fan over your face. She smiled at you, her eyes shining brightly and you don't know how you haven't seen it before, but she's absolutely beautiful.
"Y/N?" The bedroom door opened and Natasha's hand flew from your face as she got to her feet, Wanda stepping into the room. You looked down at your hands as you sat up in the bed, your cheeks burning hot with red. Wanda looked between you and Natasha, noticing that you were both avoiding eye contact. "Hey, Tony's looking for you."
"Great," you said, kicking the blankets off of you. You brushed past Natasha as you walked towards the door, sending Wanda a kind, broken smile as you reached her.
Wanda looked over her shoulder, making sure you were absolutely gone, before turning her attention back to Natasha. "What are you doing?"
"Stay away from Y/N," Wanda warned.
Natasha walked towards her. "You messed up any chance you had with her the second you confessed your love for Vision." Bumping into her shoulder, Natasha left the room.
"I- What?" You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion as Tony and Bruce both looked at you, standing in front of you as you sat at a table in the lab. Soon, Natasha was joining you, followed by Wanda, then Steve. "I don't understand what you're saying."
"We want to run more tests, Y/N," Bruce said. "With your permission, of course."
"That is a terrible idea," Natasha interceded. "Especially with what happened last time."
"Last I recall, Romanoff, is that it's up to Y/N," Tony stated.
Your mind flashed back to the HYDRA base. "Go get the other one." You looked at Bruce, who looked at you while Natasha and Tony butted heads.
You sent him a subtle nod. He gestured towards an exam bed and helped you climb up it. Natasha cut Tony off by walking away from him, joining your side. “Are you sure about this, Y/N?” she questioned.
“Whatever it takes to find out what’s wrong with me,” you told her, sending her a small smile. She kneeled down in front of you, taking your face into her hands.
“Nothing’s wrong with you,” she promised you, smiling. She used her thumb to wipe away a stray tear before being forced away from you by Bruce trying to hook you up to a machine.
Natasha walked off to the side of the room, crossing her arms over her chest as she watched Bruce and Tony prep you.
“She doesn’t need you sticking up for her,” Wanda said softly when she moved next to Natasha. “She can handle herself.”
“I don’t have to listen to you,” Natasha countered, both of their eyes remaining on you.
You sucked in a shaky breath as Tony and Bruce left your side. Your fists clenched tightly as you rested your head against the back of the chair. Your eyes squeezed shut as your heartbeat echoed in your ears, but you were pulled out of your panic when you felt a hand push itself into one of your clenched fists.
Your eyes opened and you looked at Natasha, a smile resting your lips. Your heartbeat slowed down and your breathing went normal.
“I’ll be here when you wake up,” she promised you.
You furrowed your eyebrows, though you were having trouble keeping your eyelids up. “Wake up?” You turned your head - though it felt like it took forever for that to happen - to look at Bruce and Tony. When you blinked, your eyes stayed closed for longer than necessary before you pried them open.
You looked at Natasha, feeling warmth spread throughout your body at her. Her mouth was moving, but whatever she was saying was muffled in your ears.
The next time you close your eyes, they stayed closed.
Chapter 2
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blooodwords · 3 months ago
Hi! First off, love your blog so so much!! Anyways would you be comfortable w/ writing a dom!harley x fem or nb reader fic? Or if that doesn’t spike your interests, what about a wandanat x fem/nb fic with like a good cop/ bad cop dynamic but instead it’s more like one of them being really soft and praising and gentle and the other the total opposite and is rough and degrading?
(Ps I really can’t understate how much I love your blog! I’m gender fluid so I absolutely love that you have fics with a sub r using both pronouns!!)
a/n: !!! thank u for being a sweetheart. i've been in a big wandanat mood lately so. got you. you said nb or fem reader so i went with afab nb reader — hope that's ok! n sorry this took me so long i have been such trash this week.
power and praise.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
wandanat x nb!reader ; nat’s soft. wanda, incredibly, is anything but.
warnings: nsfw, explicit smut, mommy kink, daddy kink, humiliation and degradation, afab language, overstimulation, breeding kink but just for one quick sec. 
i do take requests but please give this a read before doing so!
“Making love is a reward,” Wanda says, looking down at you from where she’s settled on her knees between your thighs. “And I’m not sure you deserve one of those.” 
It’s late. You don’t know how late.
The sun went down hours ago but you’ve been waiting for Wanda since noon.
You know her work days are long, you know she’s in high demand, but you’re — well, you’re you. And, at least in your mind, you take priority over everything. It’s part of your charm. It’s also part of what drives Wanda to put you in your place.
And Natasha lets her.
Your voice slips out quietly, almost shaky, but clear enough: “What do you think I deserve?”
Wanda just smirks.
You swallow thickly, trying desperately to ignore the throbbing between your legs, but you’re bare and spread open and Wanda’s looking at you with a fire in her eyes that chills you to the bone.
“Does it make you nervous when I stare?”
She knows it does.
Your only warmth is Natasha behind you, comforting hands drifting up and down your arms, legs framing your hips as she leans against the headboard. She won’t get in Wanda’s way, not when she’s intent on pushing you into submission, but that’s not a problem. You like when Natasha lets Wanda have her way with you, which she does so often, because Natasha’s always right there with her sweet voice in your ear singing the praise that Wanda won’t give you.
“Poor thing,” Wanda coos, closing in on you, hands coasting the sensitive skin of your thighs. “You don’t deserve to be anything more a pathetic little fuckhole for mommy to stuff her cock into.”
Natasha’s hands fall to your sides, fingertips sneaking around to stroke over your ribs, inching towards your belly, soft and slow. “Daddy’s got you,” she mutters, tucking her chin over your shoulder, pressing a gentle kiss to your ear. “Just relax, little one, you’re safe.”
“Are they?”
Your girlfriends share a look that you don’t bother to try and catch because you’re too focused on the strap harnessed to Wanda’s hips. You swear it’s bigger than you remember, bigger than the last time, the fact that you’re wickedly familiar with every single one she owns notwithstanding. She hasn’t taken you like this in weeks — she’s been letting Natasha get all sweet on you — but when she came home from work an hour ago she had a certain look in her eyes that you knew better than to question.
“That’s why I’m here,” Natasha tells her, and even though you can’t see her face the fond smile is evident in her voice. “Also here to watch, but that’s not the point.
Wanda rolls her eyes but leans over to give Natasha’s cheek a little pinch. “You’re too soft on them, Nat,” she says with a tsk. “But I suppose that’s why I’m here.” Her hand falls to your cheek with a firm slap, not enough to hurt but enough to make your cheeks burn and your heart skip a beat. “Now remind me why you’re here, just so we’re on the same page, hm?”
“Go on, sweetheart,” Natasha says, squeezing your hips, “tell mommy why you’re here.”
“To take what I’m given,” you mumble, peering up at Wanda through your lashes.
Natasha’s hands find your chest, thumbs grazing over your nipples and pulling a soft sound from your mouth. 
“To let mommy fuck me until I make a big mess,” you tell her, and it almost sounds like a question.
“Good,” Wanda says, a smile thick with condescension easing across her lips. “Your daddy can be as nice to you as she wants, baby, but I don’t have to be.” 
You just nod, waiting impatiently as Wanda spits into her hand and slicks the length of her plastic cock (for show, you know, because you can feel the warm wetness leaking between your legs and it wouldn’t take more than a little push to stuff you full in one fluid motion, but she likes making you wait even if it's just an extra twenty seconds). Anticipation is important to Wanda if only because it makes you restless, and she loves little more than putting you on edge. Which, admittedly, is not at all difficult for her to do when you’re as open and vulnerable as you are. 
Wanda and Natasha’s rigid dichotomy is overwhelming at worst and worldbreaking at best. One is harsh and the other is soft, one tender and the other unrelenting, and together the two of them make for what is — depending on the day — either your worst nightmare or most indulgent dream.
A happy medium, maybe, because as much as you like laying back in Natasha’s arms and having her comforting hands coasting up and down your sides, you like being at Wanda’s mercy, too. You like when she doesn’t give you a choice, when she tells you exactly what she’s going to do and offers no alternative, or makes you tell her. Hell, you even like when she mocks the things Natasha does for you, like you’re lesser for melting at Natasha’s compliments, her praise, or her gentle hands on your body. You like the tender neediness you feel for Natasha as much as you like the burning desire in your belly to submit for Wanda.
“Hold them open for me, Nat,” Wanda says.
Natasha does, slipping her hands down beneath your thighs and pulling your knees back towards your chest. You’ve tried spreader bars, nylon straps, rope — none of it is as satisfying as Natasha holding you open for Wanda’s taking. It’s the way her fingers flex against your thighs, the way her nails dig into your skin when you start to squirm and she needs you to still. It’s her mouth against your ear, saying, “No need to fuss, baby, daddy’s got you,” as you struggle to close your legs.
“God, I love you like this,” Wanda says, trailing her fingertips along your inner thigh. “All spread open and ready to take mommy’s cock. Would you still know how to offer up your little fuckholes if daddy wasn’t here to do it for you?”
You honestly don’t have an answer for that. You also don’t think Wanda wants one.
“I certainly don’t think you would,” she says, wrapping a hand around her strap. She drags the tip over your clit, nudges it against your needy hole, and lets it rest there. “You get so stupid whenever I pull out my cock, it’s a wonder you can even keep your mouth closed. I’m surprised you aren’t laying there with drool all over your chin and your tongue hanging out.”
“Be nice, Wanda,” Natasha says, giving your thighs a gentle squeeze. 
“What for?” In one swift movement she plunges into you, stretching you taut, burying her cock deep in your cunt as she throws out a hand to steady herself on the headboard. “They like it better when I bully them. Don’t you, baby?”
You nod halfheartedly, too focused on the stretch and the heat and the scrape of the leather straps around Wanda’s hips against your thighs as she bottoms out and lingers there. You miss Natasha’s hands on your chest, her fingers toying with your nipples, but you’ll take what you can get. You’ll take her hands clamped around your thighs and holding you open for Wanda because it’s what you’re given, and you always take what you’re given. 
“And you like when I bully your pussy with my cock, don’t you? When I fuck you full and leave your pussy gaping?” Wanda pulls out, leaving the tip of her cock nestled between the lips of your cunt, and lays a hand on your stomach, absently scratching your belly. “I want an answer.”
It takes you a moment — you’re busy clenching around the little bit of Wanda left within you in an attempt to draw her back in — but you get there: “Yes, mommy,” you say, breathless and eager, head falling back against Natasha’s shoulder.
“Yes what?”
“I like when you bully me.”
Wanda relents, buries her cock in you once more, and grins at the choked sound you make.
“I — I like it when you bully my pussy with your cock.” 
“I know,” Wanda says, and, “Let go,” she tells Natasha.
And Natasha does, and Wanda props your legs around her waist, dragging her nails over your hips as she fucks into you steadily, heavily, dropping her hands to the crux of your thighs and thumbing open the lips of your cunt to watch her length disappear into your gushing hole over and over again.
Natasha’s voice is warm against your ear, comforting, telling you, “Look how good you’re taking mommy’s cock, little one. That’s it, just like that — you’re doing so good,” and her hands are roaming your body again, showering you with soft strokes, gentle caresses.
You never tire of the stark contrast between your girlfriends, between the ways they treat you, how they lay hands on your body, how they speak to you. You love Natasha’s gentleness as much as you love Wanda’s aggressiveness. You love being praised as much as you love being degraded. And you love the two of them together, here, with you, at one’s mercy and in the arms of the other. 
You love the overwhelming fullness, the push and the pull, and the ownership Wanda exerts over you. You love her nails against your skin and her fingers stealing your breath when you start to make too much noise and she wrenches your jaw open, spits on your tongue, and pushes her fingers past your lips, telling you, “Swallow and suck, baby, “ and, “You can take it, you’ve done it before — don’t pretend like you haven’t,” when your eyes start to water and you choke and sputter around her fingers and your chin in slick with drool.
You love the tickle of Natasha’s fingertips brushing over your ribs, the protective nature of being cased between her legs, laid against her chest, her steady heartbeat thumping against your back. You love when she pushes Wanda’s hand away and slowly strokes your clit, coaxing you along, and when she asks you, “Is it good when I touch you here?” in the softest tone you’ve ever heard her use, even when all you can do is nod and whine around Wanda’s fingers.
“You going to come?” Wanda asks, and you even love that, the thick scorn in her voice and the terrifying glint in her eyes. “Going to milk mommy’s cock with your little whore cunt? Get it nice and wet with all the mess you make?” She pulls her fingers from your mouth, wet with spit, and gives your cheek a slap. “Do it,” she says, daring you, and between Natasha’s gentle fingers stroking your sensitive clit and Wanda’s strap stretching you open, you do.
It rolls over you like a wave, a massive wash of pleasure that sprouts in your belly and tears up your spine and ripples down your limbs and blasts all coherent thoughts from your mind. You feel yourself gush an embarrassing amount but you don’t have it in you to care about that right now. Not when Natasha’s still rubbing your clit, Wanda’s fucking you right through your orgasm, and you don’t know if you can handle another one. 
Somewhere behind you Natasha’s murmuring, “Daddy’s got you, baby, let it all out,” and above you Wanda’s grinning, asking you, “Did you think I was going to let you off that easy? One and done? You can’t honeslty expect me to believe you’re that stupid, can you?”
She doesn’t want an answer. She just wants to watch you fall apart again, which you aren’t all that far away from doing. You can feel it in your bones, the tremble of your muscles, the lack of control between your thighs and the fluid squirting out of your cunt and the embarrassingly lewd sounds it makes each and every time Wanda thrusts into you.
“I bet you wish this was real,” she says, pushing your hair back from your face just to take a fistful and wrench your head back. “Don’t you? Wouldn’t it be nice if mommy could fuck you full of cum, breed your stupid little hole? Even daddy would like that.”
“I wouldn’t be opposed,” Natasha says after a moment, thumbing over your clit, rubbing it snug between her thumb and forefinger. “But I doubt if you asked them their name right now that you’d get a correct answer.”
She’s not wrong.
You’re blissed out and on the verge of coming undone again, coming on Wanda’s strap, skin shimmering with sweat, eyes glazed over and staring absently up at her with your lips parted and pathetic little noises slipping out every time she rocks into you and fills you to the brim. You can barely feel Natasha’s fingers toying with your clit, or her lips leaving soft kisses on the back of your shoulder.
All you feel is thoroughly used, so warm, so thirsty, and too helpless to do anything about any of it.
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