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#natasha and yelena
broadwayfan92 · 2 days ago
Natasha and Yelena are in a jail cell and Fury walks up
Natasha: What are you waiting for? Spring us.
Fury: After I’m done savoring the moment.
Yelena: This is your boss?
Natasha: Yeah, he’s very supportive.
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notac00kie · 12 hours ago
I’ll be back before dinner - NR
Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Words 1.6k
You do not have my permission to repost any of my work.
7 years ago
"So we're officially married now." I said turning to look at my new wife, still in her wedding dress. The night sky's stars in her green eyes and she let her red hair drop down onto her shoulders. "And I wouldn't have it any other way.." I made my way over to her and sat on her lap, bringing her in for a kiss.
"Y/N Romanoff. God you sound good with my last name." Natasha, my wife, complimented me; pressing our foreheads together. "Let's go inside love, it's getting cold." With that she easily lifted me up into her arms and carried me onto the hotel bed. We both undressed ourselves and cuddles into eachother.
"Is this the beginning of our family?" I asked shakily, looking up into the green eyes above me. "I asked myself that when I first saw you." She kissed my forehead and I cuddled back into her. "I love you Natalia Romanova." I whispered. "I love you too Y/F/N Romanova."
The wedding wasn't the same with most of the people we wanted there not being there because of the blip, but it got easier as the day went on. We officially lost 4 months ago and Nat hadn't been taking it well. Feeling like she could've done more and that she's still that monster that the red room trained but I feel now that I've vowed to her that id do anything for her, she seems more relaxed. Especially with the ring around my finger and the ring around hers.
"Sleep my love, I'll be here when you wake." Natasha whispered in my ear behind me. "I'd kill you if you weren't." I chuckled, before sleep consumed the both of us. Happy and content in eachothers arms.
5 years ago
"But wait right, peppa pig is an alien cause no way in hell a pig 7'2." I said looking into my sons eyes. "Do we have an understanding?" I don't think he understood me at all because he just looked slightly scared.
"Ashton, ignore your mother she's in one of those mOoDs" Natasha said walking in behind me and going towards our son to lay a kiss on his forehead. "What do you have baby?" She cooed kneeling down to his level as he showed her his 'george' teddy. "M-mama" He said. Me and Nat both smiled widely at our son. "Yeah i'm your mama! That's right! Well done my darling" Nat pulled him close and he started laughing. He obviously had no idea what he did but me and nat were over the moon. "Mama!" He said pointing at Nat. "Yeah thats right im your mama!"
This really is the best family. "I'm your mama and i'll never stop being your mama! Oh my precious baby boy you're amazing" Nat and Ashton were laughing at each other meanwhile I was just gazing at them with nothing but love and care. "Mummy why don't you come down here?" Nat said imitating a baby voice. "Alright love up kids mummy's coming." I chuckled, sitting down next to my wife. She passed our son over to me and he tried to speak again.
"Mmm-" he began pointing at me. "I'm mummy baby. Say mummy for me." I cooed. Ashtons eyebrows furrowed together as he tried to speak. "M-mummy and Mama." He said with a smile. "Yeah baby you got it! Oh you make me so proud!" I smiled holding him closely. Natashas arm wrapped around me and she turned my head to look at her. "Well done my love. You make a great mother." She smiled. "Not as good as you mama.." I laughed before she cupped my cheeks and brought me in for a long kiss.
We pulled away and looked back down to ashton playing with his plushie in my lap. "He's got your eyes." I complimented looking down at him lovingly, "Something tells me ashton here is gonna be just like his mama.." I laughed holding his hand. "Well is that a problem?" Nat said putting her hand on top of mine that was holding Ashtons hand. "I mean.. I can barely deal with one Romanoff but if he is anything like his mama, I wouldn't have it any other way."
"Yeah well don't get soppy. I'm just hoping he doesn't get your temper." Nat smirked. I put my hand over my chest imitating fake hurt. "How could you say that! I'm always on my best behaviour!" I smirked. "Yeah well, you can still be a brat. You have the age mentality of a 5 year old." I slapped her arm gently. "See! There's the temper!" She laughed. "Shut it Romanoff, our son will be tainted by your sassiness!" I joked.
"He already was when he came out you pus-" She began before I cut her off shouting, "Right okay that's enough Natasha!" I laughed once more. I had a stitch in my side from how much we were laughing but it's all good fun.
2 years ago
"Mama. Where are you going?" Ashton asked Natasha. "I've got some work to do. We're re just gonna go visit Uncle Tony." Nat told our son. I was stood in the doorway, tears in my eyes. Yeah Natasha goes to work everyday but hearing that things are changing i'm scared for our family
I walked over to my family and told ashton to go watch TV whilst I spoke to Nat. "So, who's we?" I questioned handing her one of her bags off of the floor. "Me, Scott and Steve. Y/N/N I hope you know that I want to save everyone and bring them back but if it means leaving you I can't.." She said looking into my eyes, her green ones glistening with tears.
"I know you'll make the right decision when it comes to making a decision. Just make sure you come back here in one piece because Auntie Yelena needs to meet her nephew. I think he's sick of hearing stories about her and just wants to meet her." I chuckled giving her a hug. "He'll be able meet his Auntie Yelena. I just wanna be there to see them interact." She cupped my cheeks and looked down into my eyes that were now glistening with tears. One escaped my eye and she instantly wiped it away.
"You better." I said with a smirk. Our foreheads pressed together before she brought me in for a long kiss. "Bye Mama! See you later for dinner!" Ashton shouted from the living room. "Bye baby boy. Mama will be back for dinner so don't you worry!" She giggled. Both of us knew she'd be a bit longer than dinner and the tears were leaking out of our eyes, yet we still tried to  stay strong for our son.
"Go say hi to mama darling.." I said to ashton, letting go of his hand. He sat down on the grass next to where his mum laid. "Hey mama.." He began to talk.
"You're strong Y/N/N." Yelena said holding my hand looking down to her nephew and my son. "She promised.." I cried. She pulled me into a hug, watching Ashton talk to Natasha. "I know she did. But god look what we've had. Look what she did. She saved the world Y/N and safe to say you have the best wife in the world. And I have the best sister." She held me closely, both of us lightly crying.
"Mummy! I'm done telling mama about everything.." Ashton got up and crawled up into Yelenas arms. "Hi auntie Yelena." He whispered on her shoulder. "Hiya sweetheart."
I pulled away from the both of them and sat down, leaning against the stone. "You're a bitch. You promised that you'd be back by dinner. And yet here you are. You promised you'd look after yourself. And now look at yourself. For once in your life you couldn't be selfish and I respect you for that. Yelena promised she'd stay with me and Ashton, filling in your place where she can. Acting like a mother to ashton when I get too stressed out. Not the same though, is it? I love you my darling. Sleep well." I helped Ashton place the flowers over the grave.
Yelena said her part, not letting go of my hand as she spoke. "Love you Natasha.." Was the last thing she said before turning around and hugging into me. We began to walk away but I turned around last second and I saw her looking at me with her Romanoff smile. "Look after them for me.." She spoke looking into my eyes. "I promise.." I smiled softly at her before turning back around and wrapping my hand around Ashton's, the wedding ring on my finger still laid there. The same place it has for 7 years.
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dcbnam-aep · 2 months ago
ok but i genuinely don’t understand why they deleted this scene like i know it doesn’t rlly add much to the storyline but nat always wanted to stay in Ohio and i think it would’ve been rlly sweet to get to see her go back home again and ACTUALLY SMILE and BE HAPPY before infinity war and endgame and ya. I also think it nicely shows the wider impact the avengers have rather than just the gov and media organisations slamming them and the destruction they cause lmao. like let’s be real what little kid doesn’t wanna be natasha romanoff or a genius-billionaire-playboy philanthropist or have a rlly cool shield or hammer or bow
alsoooo… I adore nat with kids. Given her childhood was essentially stripped away (grrr red room) I think she finds a lot of comfort in witnessing and even contributing to the fun experience youth provides. she’s also obviously soft for kids as we saw with the limited scenes of her interacting with clints family or even Morgan. (when she calls herself auntie Nat and scoops Lila into her arms and then gets given that painting my heart ahhdhjdj like that literally brought her out of the distress she was in after reliving her own childhood) but back to the deleted scene, LITTLE NAT SEEING REAL NAT AND THEIR INTERACTION PLS IM NOT CRYING U R. THAT WAS SO ADORABLE AND HER LITTLE SOUND AFFECT LIKE SHE KNOWS SHE JUST MADE THAT KIDS ENTIRE DAY. anyway yeah im not over black widow and i need more content of Nat and kids.
side note: nat riding the motorbike and taking off her helmet and shaking her hair pls im so gay
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kassies-take · 19 days ago
If You Ask Melina Who’s Who
You: Mom! *runs into kitchen and slips*
Melina: *turns off stove* Be careful, you’re gonna hurt yourself
You: How mad would you be if I said pain doesn’t hurt me any more. I don’t feel anything
Melina: *crosses arms*
You: mad, got it. Anyways *shoves phone in front of Melina’s face*
Who’s who.
Melina: *reads* In every sibling trio there is the depressed one, the one with anger issues, and the happy spoilt one
Yelena, Natasha and Alexei: *comes in through the door
Alexei: and then I-
Yelena: No one wants to hear it!
You: Hi Natty. Hi Lena. Hi dad.
Alexei: I was getting to the good part
Natasha: there is no good part.
Melina: Natasha is the happy spoilt, Yelena is the angry one and you are the depressed one
Yelena: I’m not the angry one!
Natasha: I’m not the happy spoilt
Melina: Natasha gets anything she wants as an Avenger, Yelena has a short fuse and (Y/n) sleeps the day away, doesn’t have the energy to do the things she’s interested in and has the inability to concentrate
Yelena: *angry* what
Natasha: you just proved Melina’s point
You: why do I have the most reasons. I already know I’m the depressed one
Alexei: listen to your mother. She’s always correct
Yelena: *to Natasha* You are spoilt, Tony just said he’s building you new Widow bites
Natasha: *to Yelena* because angry over here broke them
Yelena: I didn’t break them! Did you check (Y/n)’s room *points at you*
You: in my defense, I knew she was gonna get new ones. Plus I modified them *lifts sleeves* to give stronger pulses to see if I could *accidentally fires them*
Alexei: *gets shocked and falls to the ground unconscious*
Everyone: *quiet*
You: oops
Yelena: haHa
Melina: I know my daughters well *continues cooking as if nothing happened*
Tumblr media
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Getting a little irritated at this constant “Black Widow flopped” bullshit. So here I am, ranting.
How about we stop saying it was a shitty movie, or the villain was “lame”, or that it’s Scarlett Johansson’s fault?
Let’s look at some facts;
Disney waited 10 years to make this movie.
Made the movie after the character was gone.
Constantly delayed the release date.
Released it on Disney+ because of “Covid” as they said, which doesn’t seem to apply to Shang-chi or the Eternals despite Delta being progressively worse now than it was in July for Black Widow.
Honestly all of this seems to stink and is really irritating me.
Let’s call it like it is. Disney wanted it to flop because they had no interest in giving us a good female led film (hell, all Captain Marvel got was hate). Black Widow “flopping” will be the excuse for “well we tried a female led movie and it didn’t do well so it’s just not profitable to make any more”. Personally, I’m really tired of that excuse. I’m so tired of hearing “it won’t be profitable” and “nobody will watch”. Women will watch. But we don’t matter the way men’s viewership does.
People complain about Black Widow’s film because it wasn’t as interesting as other Marvel films. She’s an Avenger without powers, as is pointed out in the movie repeatedly. She doesn’t have magic or super soldier serum or billions of dollars worth of tech. She doesn’t compare. And comparing is trivial and a waste of time. She’s a victim. A traumatized adult. Kidnapped and forced to be an assassin as a child. She reclaims everything she lost. Fuck, she reclaims herself. The movie even touches on trafficking and the ties between human/sex trafficking and powerful figures like world leaders. It’s more real than any Marvel film but Disney failed it so amazingly.
And as always, they turned and blamed a woman for its failings.
Personally I loved the movie and stand by it being a good fucking movie. I don’t see how people think it’s not a good movie.
Anyway…I’m mad about it and about the people comparing it to Shang Chi this weekend saying “well Black Widow was just a shitty film”. Don’t even get me started on the whining about how lame the villain was (FYI for women he’s more horrifying than any Marvel villain ever but men don’t worry about villains like him. To you he looks lame).
But whatever, I digress.
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abimess · 3 months ago
An eccentric family reunion
Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Tumblr media
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Summary: A mission goes wrong and this turns out to be the perfect opportunity for you to meet your girlfriend's family. [2.660 words]
Warnings: fluff; injuries; gunshot wound; blood
Hey guys! This story is a surprise for many reasons hahah but it was a special request from a special person so I hope you guys like it (especially you @mionemymind!!!)
Stumbling through the alleys of the city, you keep one hand firmly pressed to the wound on the side of your body while the other holds your cell phone against your ear, waiting for Natasha to answer.
When you hear the woman's husky voice saying "hello," you smile.
"Hey, babe." You reply breathlessly as you lean against the cold wall of some building. "Who is it?" She asks, sounding apprehensive and you smile in amusement. "Are you seeing other people besides me?! Ouch. You could have told me, I wouldn't mind as long as I was the hottest one."
"I just want to confirm it's really you, asshole." She retorts and you giggle, imagining her rolling her eyes in that way you miss seeing so much.
Since the problems brought on by the Sokovia Accords, the relationship between the members of the Avengers has become extremely troubled. But it was only when some of your friends were arrested as the criminals they are not, that the team went down the drain.
After saving them from the raft, you and the others met outside the country, in a safe place. After discussing what would be done next, it was decided that you would travel alone around the world to protect yourselves from attempts by the U.S. government, supported by the UN, to capture the Avengers who opposed the Sokovia Accords. Or rather, outlaws, as the entire government and media decided to call you now.
The idea of traveling alone did not appeal to you at all, since it would mean being away from your girlfriend. But deep down you knew that this was necessary, so you agreed, however reluctantly.
A little more than a year has passed and you are still on the run. You and Nat have managed to meet a few times, at least, but most days you have spent away from each other, and today is exactly one of those days.
"Of course it's really me, my darling." You answer her question with a weak chuckle, the bleeding making you think more slowly. "What was the color of the dress I wore on our first date?" Nat asks in a challenging tone, and you smile at her wary attitude.
"We've never had a first date," you reply with a chuckle, "and I hope you know it annoys me deeply." You comment in a playfully offended tone and smile wider as you hear her laugh on the other end of the line.
"I know, you say that all the time." She says annoyed and you giggle, humming in agreement. "Why are you calling me?"
"What? A girl can't call her girlfriend because she missed her?" You playfully retort as you perform an impromptu tourniquet with your flannel jacket. When you finish with a squeeze, you grunt in pain. It's low, but Nat's next words let you know that she heard. "Are you okay? Were you hurt?"
"I'm fine," You reply amid a sigh as you brace yourself against the wall again, "except for the fact that I'm probably bleeding to death in an alley." You grumble and Nat gasps in irritation. "(Y/n)!"
"I'm sorry!" You reply immediately. "How was I supposed to know they'd be waiting for us in St. Petersburg?" You argue. "St. Petersburg? What are you doing there?" Nat questions, and imagining her frown makes you smile.
"Steve had a mission for me." You explain, glancing down the street to see if you're being followed. Luckily, there's no one. "Apparently Ross is making deals with the Russians to strengthen surveillance on some borders. They aren't happy with a vibranium synthezoid missing around the globe."
"That's not good." Nat replies, sounding concerned, and you hum in confirmation, deciding to finally leave the alley and walk to the city border a few feet from where you are. "But Wanda is with him, he'll be fine." The redhead comments and you hum once again.
"Anyway, Steve wanted me to find out what the borders are exactly. Which I did, but ended up being spotted by some guards and getting shot." You explain, trying to sound casual so as not to worry her. "Which brings me to my current situation and why I'm calling you. I was wondering if you could give me a hand?"
Nat murmurs, thoughtfully, words you can't quite understand as you finally leave the city. "I'm in Nigeria now." She finally informs you and you grimace. "Wow that's far."
"I know." She agrees with a sigh. "Do you have a jet?" She asks and you hear her rummaging through some papers on the other end of the line. "No, but I'm with my motorcycle." You reply, mounting the vehicle, and Nat hums in agreement.
"Okay, I'm sending you coordinates to a safe place now," she says half airily as she types, and soon after your cell phone vibrates in your hand, "you'll get support there while I don't arrive."
"Alright." You say as you check the coordinates she sent you, and frown at the unfamiliar numbers. "What's this place?"
"A safe house." She answers simply and you are about to question further, but soon Nat speaks again. "I need to go now, I'll see you in a few hours, okay?"
"Okay, babe," you reply, arranging the coordinates on the map app, "I love you." You say. "I love you too." She answers, and from her voice you can tell she's smiling, so you smile too.
Riding at high speed, it doesn't take you long to reach the address Nat has given you, and you squint your eyes in an attempt to see something amidst the woods. Failing, you shrug, and decide to go by the coordinates on your cell phone.
A few minutes later, however, you start to hear the sounds of pigs getting louder and louder, and then you see a house.
You smile as you see two people, a man and a woman, coming out of the house, but then your smile falters briefly when you notice the woman carrying an intimidating sniper.
"Are you (Y/n)?" The woman asks, cautiously, and you smile as you notice some common behaviors that the woman in front of you has with Nat, understanding who these people are.
"Yes, Natasha told me to come." You explain, and soon the two of them smile broadly, walking over to you. You smile back, giggling contentedly as the two of them start talking about how nice it is to meet you.
But then Alexei hugs you tightly, lifting you up, and you see stars with the pain in your wound. With your groan of pain, the man immediately puts you back on the ground, and you lean on his shoulder to keep from falling as the couple watches you with apprehensive looks.
"Were you hurt, honey?" Melina asks giving you support as she and Alexei carry you into the house, and you nod with a grimace of pain. "Yes. Gunshot wound." You explain and the woman makes an understanding noise with her mouth.
Alexei leads you into a bedroom and helps you lie down on the bed as Melina walks through the house. From the sounds, you imagine she has gone to get something to treat your wound.
"So," the man says, getting your attention, and you look at him, "now that you're here, I think we need to have the talk." He says, seriously.
You think about retorting by saying that you and Nat are too grown up for that conversation, but the guy is a Super Soldier and much bigger than you are, so you just swallow dryly and nod afterwards.
"Not now, darling, let her rest." Melina intervenes, and you sigh in relief when Alexei agrees. The woman then sits down in the chair beside the bed and begins to lift your shirt, making mention of removing it, and Alexei clears his throat in embarrassment as he quickly leaves the room. You smile at the silly behavior of that intimidating man.
"Nat told us a lot of things about you." Melina says, drawing your attention immediately, and you blush at her insinuating smile. "Good things I hope." You joke, and the woman gives a contained chuckle as she skillfully cleans your wound. You clench your teeth at the burning from the alcohol.
"Very good things, indeed." She confirms. "That you are caring, loving, funny." She lists, and you smile shyly, your heart warming as you imagine Nat talking about you to her family. "But she also said that you are very stubborn and impulsive." She completes in a light playful tone and you giggle, barely feeling Melina stitching up your injury.
"She would know." You retort, knowing that your girlfriend is just as stubborn and impulsive as you are, and Melina hums in agreement. "You two seem to make a good pair." The woman comments approvingly after a while, and when you smile appreciatively, she smiles back.
You and Melina remain silent as she continues to treat your wound. When she is finished, she instructs you to rest.
It takes no time at all for you to fall asleep, and it seems to take even less time for you to wake up. Or rather, to be woken up.
"Who are you?" You hear a hostile voice you don't recognize, and immediately open your eyes. The sight makes your heart beat alarmingly faster.
Just beside the bed, a blonde woman stares at you with a hardened expression, but you can barely see her face, focusing on the war knife she points so close to your face.
Still groggy from sleep and from the medication Melina has given you for the pain, you babble nonsense words, raising your arms in surrender and slowly getting up from the bed. The blonde woman takes a step back, allowing you to stand up, but does not lower her arms, keeping the knife offensively raised in your direction.
"What are you doing in my house?" She asks, coming dangerously close to you and you swallow dryly, feeling your heart beat heavily as your mind spins around trying to adjust to the situation. "Hey, easy..."
"Who sent you? I won't ask again." She asks immediately and you finally come to your senses and realize where you are, smiling afterwards. "I-" You start to introduce yourself as you lower your arms, but the movement makes a twinge of pain arise in your wound. With a sudden, instinctive movement, you bring your hands to the side of your body.
Yelena, however, completely misinterprets your movements, and lunges forward to attack you. Wounded and taken by surprise, the blonde knocks you to the ground with ease, and you grunt in pain as she keeps you pinned to the ground, her knee on your back and holding your arm firmly.
"Can you not kill my girlfriend?!" Nat's astonished voice sounds shortly after. You raise your eyes as high as you can with Yelena's knife against your neck, and see the mixture of shock and anger in the redhead's expressions. But more importantly, you see Nat, so you smile.
"Is this your girlfriend?" Yelena comments, getting off your back, and you sigh with relief. Immediately, Nat approaches you, helping you up. "Are you okay?" She asks, running her hands cautiously over your face and body looking for injuries, but all you can do is smile.
"I'm better now that you're here." You respond in love and watch adoringly as a smile forms on Nat's face. When the redhead places her hands on your neck, kissing you, you melt against her lips.
When the kiss is over you smile, admiring the woman you've wanted to see for so long. But then you grimace, remembering Yelena's words. "Excuse me," you begin, turning your attention back to the blonde, and she raises her eyebrows, "what did you mean by is this your girlfriend?"
"I just thought you'd be...different." She comments, shrugging, and you make a disgruntled face. "From the way you say it, it doesn't sound like a good thing."
"That's because it isn't." She retorts, and you raise your eyebrows slightly. But then she's smiling teasingly at you, and you roll your eyes with a chuckle.
"It's nice to meet you, Yelena." You say with a friendly smile and she gives you a wide grin as she approaches you with open arms. "Nice to meet you too, (Y/n)." She says as you hug, and when you pull away, the three of you have smiles on your faces. "Sorry I almost killed you and all." Yelena says, embarrassed.
"Nah, it's fine." You reassure, waving your hand dismissively. "No better way to meet the sister-in-law." You joke and the blonde giggles, nodding in agreement.
The bedroom door then opens, revealing Melina, who seems surprised not to see you alone and lying on the bed. But then she smiles, greeting her daughters with hugs and kisses, and you smile fondly at the interaction.
The woman then announces that dinner is served, and the three of you accompany her to the dining room table. There you serve yourselves and make small talk. They ask about you and you ask about them, your hand remaining firmly intertwined with Nat's under the table.
At one point Alexei, Melina and Yelena interact among themselves and you take the moment to give Nat's hand a gentle squeeze, asking her to look at you, and she does. "Why didn't you tell me this was your parents' house?"
"I don't know," she replies, shrugging "I thought you might not come if I told you." She explains with a shy smile and you let out an disbelieving chuckle. "And why wouldn't I?!"
"Because they are... eccentric." She comments, observing the family around the table. "They really are." You agree with a giggle, remembering the events of that day. "But that's not a bad thing." You say, looking again at Nat, and the redhead does the same.
"Besides, they are your family. And I love you, so I love them as well." You say, your voice laden with adoration, and Nat smiles. "I love you too." She whispered, leaning in to give you a soft kiss.
"Urgh, gross." Yelena speaks right away, causing you and Nat to pull away amidst giggles. "Not on the table!" She complains with a disgusted grimace and you laugh again, raising your hand in surrender and turning your attention back to the food on your plate.
"That reminds me." Alexei says after clearing his throat and you look at him apprehensively, knowing what is coming. "Natasha, now that you are here, we need to have the talk."
"What?" The redhead says incredulously, her cheeks turning pink with embarrassment. "It's important." He retorts, but you can tell he seems almost as uncomfortable as you are with the situation, and you can't help but find it humorous.
"It's necessary." He emphasizes in an attempt to restate his point, and Nat just throws herself back against the chair, knowing her father's stubbornness. "Er, sir?" You call out shyly, and everyone looks at you. "Can I just ask one thing first?"
"Sure, kid, go ahead." He says fondly, and you smile in appreciation. "What was it like in your Red Guardian days?" You ask, sounding interested, and try not to smile at the way his eyes immediately sparkle. "They don't talk about it much and I think they should."
"Damn right they should!" He agrees cheerfully, straightening himself in his chair. Alexei then starts telling of his days of glory as the Red Guardian and you nod and hum along whenever you think you should.
With "the talk" completely forgotten by him you flash Nat a victorious smile, winking discreetly at her before turning your attention back to Alexei. Beside you, Natasha chuckles softly, amused at your quick thinking.
Looking around the table, the redhead smiles tenderly, her heart filling with love at seeing her entire family finally reunited.
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captnswilson · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The forehead touch parallel no one asked for
Black Widow (2021) directed by Cate Shortland
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rachaelswrites · 2 months ago
Meeting The Family
Natasha Romanoff x Daughter!reader
Word Count: 1,113
Requested By: Anonymous
Pls pls pls do something for alexei, mileena, and yelena meeting nattys daughter
A/N: I love mom!nat and romanoff!reader! Please send in more stuff for them. Reader is about 12/13
Tumblr media
It wasn’t Natasha’s first choice to leave you while she went to Budapest but she figured it was the safest option. Even with Secretary Ross looking all over for you two she’d rather have you stay in hiding than get caught because of her. She left you with Rick, her friend who had set up the safe house in Norway. Because you were left with him, you helped him get everything your mom had asked for. 
One of the things she had asked for was a jet and while Rick had gotten something that had wings and a propeller, you weren’t sure if it would do the trick, “Can that thing even fly?” you asked him as he helped you into the ‘jet.’
“Yes I’m sure it can fly Y/n,” he said, handing you a headset, “Now come on, let’s not keep your mother waiting,” he motioned for you to sit in the passenger seat and you did, making sure the buckle was secure before you shot him a thumbs up. He took that as his signal to start up the engine and take off. 
You touched down in a large, empty field. Apparently this is where your mom was meeting up with you two, along with someone she said could help take down the Red Room. You didn’t know the Red Room was still in operation. She always told you that she took care of it and no one there could hurt you. You never asked too many questions about that part of her life. Natasha wasn’t one to keep secrets from you about that part which is why she told you that you came from there. Right after Drekov was killed, she found you as a baby, and took you in. Since it was right after she turned to SHIELD, they let her keep you.
After waiting for a while, you heard footsteps coming through the woods and voices getting closer and closer. You stood up from your spot in the plane and went to the doorway. You watched your mom appear from the trees with another woman. She looked younger and had blonde hair. They seemed to be talking to each other, maybe even bickering but you couldn’t really hear what they were saying. 
“Mama?” you called out. She stopped talking to the other woman and turned to you, a smile crept onto her face. 
“Y/n,” she said.
“Who’s that?” the woman whispered to Natasha. 
She turned to the other woman and whispered back, “She’s technically my kid. Adopted,” she explained. 
By that time, you had reached both women and your mom pulled you into a hug. Even though it hadn’t been long since she last saw you, she still hated leaving you, “I have someone I want you to meet,” she said to you. You nodded as Natasha motioned to the blonde woman, “Y/n this is Yelena, my sister. You remember me telling you about her right?”
You nodded. Your mom had told you many stories about her childhood and they included Yelena a lot. You had always wanted to meet her but anytime you brought up the subject, your mom would brush it off, “Hi,” you said excitedly, going over to Yelena and hugging her. 
Yelena seemed a bit taken aback by the sudden contact but she relaxed after a second and patted you on the top of the head gently, “She’s a hugger I see,” she said to your mom. 
“Yeah she is,” your mom replied, “You get used to it.”
After the three of you reduced Alexei from prison, you were the one lucky enough to sit across from him in the back. You’ve heard your mom grumble about him here or there and if she didn’t like him, then neither would you. 
“So how did a little thing like you wind up here?” he asked you through the headsets. You ignored him, deciding the landscape below was more interesting. You saw your mom in your peripheral vision look over at you before looking forward again. 
Alexei seemed to notice this as well, “Oh I see,” he said. You and your mom both looked at him and shot him a confused look, “What? You think I can’t see the look a mother gives her child,” now he turned straight towards Natasha, “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me about her. She’s just like you.”
“You do realize that she’s adopted right?” Yelena asked him, “Cause you know, the whole not having a uterus kind of makes it difficult to have a baby,” she said. 
“Oh, well,” he turned to you, “That doesn’t matter. I have a granddaughter now,” he went to reach out for you but you turned and smacked his hand away. 
“Don’t touch me,” you snapped. 
“Okay,” Natasha said as she stood up from her seat, “Y/n,” she pulled you up from your seat gently and gave you hers so you wouldn’t have to be near him. She could sense he was just getting on your nerves and wanted to prevent you from blowing up at him. Last time something similar happened, it wasn’t pretty for the other guy. 
Natasha took your place across from Alexei, “Where is the Red Room,” she asked him. 
“I don’t know,” he responded. 
Yelena scoffed before uttering a small “bullshit,” to herself. 
“But I do know someone who does know,” Alexei added, “She’s outside of St. Petersburg.”
After what felt like days of walking, all thanks to Alexei and his thinking that you’d make it St. Petersburg, you finally reached a small house with pens out in front. Natasha kept you close to her but that wasn’t surprising. It was a habit of hers, always keeping you within arms reach. 
The four of you were met with another woman, one who lowered her gun when she saw you all. She let you all inside but not without shooting you a curious glance. 
The table was set and you all took your seats. Alexei was at the head of the table with your mom to his left and Melina, the woman from before, across from her. You were sitting next to Natasha and Yelena was across from you. Melina kept shooting glances at you until she finally put her fork down and looked at you, “I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name,” she said. 
Before you had the chance to answer, Alexei spoke up through a mouthful of food, “Her name is Y/n. She’s our granddaughter.”
“Granddaughter?” Melina looked between you and Natasha, “But I thought-”
“Adopted,” you, Nat, and Yelena said at the same time.
“Right,” she replied, “Welcome to the family Y/n.”
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athleteinaviators · 3 months ago
they really nailed the sister relationship in black widow
bc natasha is both like yes i will threaten to shoot heavily armed military men twice my size to protect my sister
but also like yes i will body slam my sister in the cabinets because she’s being petty and annoying me
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idkseraphine · 3 months ago
Y/N: We need to distract these guys
Natasha: Leave it to me
Natasha: Centaurs have six limbs and are therefore insects. Discuss.
Peter, Tony, and Bruce: *Immediately begin arguing*
Steve, watching in horror: Oh this. I don’t like this. I don't like this at all.
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dcbnam-aep · 2 months ago
ok but why did they delete a bike chase thats so cool also im living for the yelena and nat sibling bickering “do you know where you’re going... and you drove us into a cage” “this gate wasn’t here 8 years ago!”. and nat riding a motorbike is just iconic at this point since she’s done it in so many movies (my favourite was probably age of ultron cause she got to grab caps shield lmao). plus in a lot of the promos we saw photos from this scene and i mean scarlett and flo on a motorbike is pretty amazing so yeah it makes sense but i would have loved to see it in the show as well. anyways yeah pls let me know what ur thoughts are (:
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ddaeing · 3 months ago
the multiverse implies that there’s a universe where clint jumped instead of nat………………just saying
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kassies-take · a month ago
If You felt the Pain of a Loved One
A/n: You share pain with your soulmate after you’ve met them
Natasha: *smirks* Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed
You: *really bad bed hair* couldn’t sleep. *sits at the counter next to Wanda*
Wanda: *teases* even away, Yelena manages to still keep you awake
You: I prefer if she were here, at least it would be fun
Natasha: *places down coffee and a gel ice pack in front of you*
You: *rubs and rotate shoulder* she definitely dislocated her shoulder, bruised tail bone. Nat. It’s killing me
Natasha: Soulmates am I right
You: *glares, throws ice pack at Natasha
Wanda: *hold cheek* Ow
Natasha: *glares at you*
You: Sorry Wan
Wanda: you’re forgiven
You: *finishes coffee* I think I’m gonna make an omelette *walks around counter*
Natasha: I wouldn’t call it an omelette. It’s a sad egg, rolled
You: yeah but it *drops mug and doubles over in pain, groans loudly and lowers self onto floor*
Wanda: Hey. Hey. *wraps her arms around you, pulls you away from the ceramic*
Natasha: *reaches to comfort you* (Y/n)?
You: *sharp breaths* I’m gonna killer her! fu-*searing pain on your right shoulder* -CK *sharp breaths and screams*
Natasha: Get her to Medical
Wanda: *nods*
Natasha: you’re not gonna like me for this but it will help with the pain
You: what are yo-
Natasha: *knocks you out*
You: *passes out*
Natasha: Get your ass into Medical now!
Yelena: I’m fine.
Natasha: I know you are! Years of pain resistance training, but (Y/n)-
Yelena: *shocked* WHAT *starts running to medical*
Natasha: *runs after Yelena*
Yelena: *reaches your bedside* Is she okay?
Wanda: *stands from the chair beside your bed* She can’t feel any pain if she’s knocked out
You: *groggy and laughs* haHa did you feel Nat’s mean right hook?
Natasha: you may have a pain tolerance but (Y/n) doesn’t.
Yelena: *sad and guilty* can I have moment alone
Natasha and Wanda: *leaves the room*
Yelena: *hesitates to touch you* I’m sorry, I didn’t know it would hurt this bad *kisses your forehead*
You: I’d punch you but I’d feel that too. *lifts blanket* you want to join? *looks at Yelena’s stomach* on second thought you should get patched up. WANDA!
Wanda and Natasha: *walks back in*
You: heal her please *points to Yelena*
Wanda: *uses her magic on Yelena*
You: this feels nice
You and Yelena: *cuddles*
Wanda and Natasha: *leaves once more*
Yelena: *whispers* sorry, детка
You: *hums* it’s okay. It’ll just build my pain tolerance.
Yelena: *insecure* you probably wish you didn’t have me as your soulmate
You: *frowns* what makes you say that
Yelena: you always get hurt because of me
You: *caresses Yelena’s cheek* As long as you make it back, the pain is worth it. If it means cuddles with you, I’d take it.
Yelena: *smiles and leans into your hand*
You: yeah, makes you want to be more careful now doesn’t it
Yelena: *chaste kiss to your temple*
You and Yelena: *drifts off to dreamland*
Natasha: *snaps a picture and smiles*
Wanda: they’re cute
Tumblr media
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nebulablakemurphy · 3 months ago
Miss American Pie
Chapter One: Chemical Subjugation
Warning!: This series features a romantic Yelena Belova x fem!reader pair. If this is offensive or harmful to you in anyway please keep scrolling. 💜
Summary: The chemicals altering your brain function force you to follow any order. Including, but not limited to, terminating all defectors.
Tumblr media
When you first met Yelena Belova you couldn’t stand her. Making your undercover assignment something of a punishment as opposed to a reward.
Seemingly for the first few months she couldn’t remember your name. Mocking your American drawl constantly, referring to you only as ‘Miss American Pie.’
Sometimes she still did. After it wasn’t a jab anymore. The name having taken up a soft spot in her heart. Just like you had.
But it made sense. The two of you together. You were the best. Your relationship served it’s purpose, killing many people in it’s wake.
She teaches you Russian… You’ve never been allowed to learn. English helps prepare the others for future missions, makes them less conspicuous. But you were different in that way. You didn’t require much work.
You can’t recall exactly when it became real. Only that it did. Losing her was worse than any physical pain you’d ever experienced. Once you were free you’d find each other.
Unfortunately Dreykov had other plans, ending in the chemical alteration of your minds. You’ll be his forever…and so would she. His loyal assassins until your dying day.
The more time passes the less you hope for a reunion. Now you hope for peace. Peace for Yelena. Peace for yourself. Even if that means never crossing paths again.
The alert sounds from the travel screen in your pocket, stealing your attention from days gone by. Another defector, it has to be. That’s all they’ve been sending your way.
Your orders are simple. You’re there to kill. Widows have too much information. Too high a risk, a threat to be eliminated.
The target presents itself. Nearly causing the machine to slip from your finger tips.
Yelena Belova. Two blocks south, multi story building, floor nine.
Your legs carry you, mind foggy as you close the distance between point A and B.
She’s there. Exactly where you hoped she wouldn’t be. Tresses of blonde hair held away from her face in two ponytails. She is so beautiful…
What a shame you have to kill her.
“It’s rude not to say hello, Y/N.” Yelena remarks, placing an empty shot glass on the counter beside her.
You lunge from the doorway. “Hello.” Locking one arm around her neck to restrict the airway.
“Come on, Y/N,” Yelena grunts. “Don’t be like that.” Effortlessly, she rears back to toss you over her shoulder.
You’re on your feet again before you can catch your breath. Feeling your hand move, unbidden, to the gun holstered against your hip. “You should run.”
“I have something for you,” she shrugs. As though that justifies putting herself in immediate danger.
“Yelena, please.” You pant, every cell in your body resisting the inevitable pull. Unable hold back you charge again, smashing her backwards through the drywall.
“If you’d stop tossing me around I’d be finished by now,” she huffs, righting herself and reaching into her pocket.
“What are you doing?” Your dominant hand withdraws the weapon, finger straight to the trigger.
“I’ve been looking for you, Y/N.” A glowing red vile in her hand.
You close your eyes as the bullet flies toward its target. The one person you never want to hurt.
“What the hell is going on?” An unfamiliar voice sounds in concern.
“Remember when I told you I was looking for someone?” Yelena pauses, closer than she was a moment before. Still safe. Still with you.
“She found me.”
Opening your eyes just in time to see flecks of a red dust settle on your eyelashes. Nothing tells you to attack. No one powers your movements.
“Did I hurt you?” You demand, checking Yelena over frantically.
“No,” a smirk tugs at Yelena’s lips. “The bullet missed my head by a mile.” Her hand creeps up to touch the upper cartilage of her ear. Clipped by your bullet and dripping blood down onto her shoulder.
“I’m sorry.” You apologize, thankful that her injury isn’t serious.
“Don’t be.” She brushes it off, dropping to her knees. “Then I’d feel bad about this.”
“Bad about what?” You wonder.
Your train of thought is quickly interrupted by a searing pain spreading through your right thigh. You press your lips together, watching as she removes the knife from your flesh. Using her fingers to fish out the tracker beneath.
Hearing your pained hiss she amends the previous statement. “Ok, fine. I feel a little bad.” Yelena confesses, tossing the tracker to the floor.
“We need to move.” The red head frowns, her gaze turned out the window, “your friends are coming.”
Yelena is still fussing over your wound.
“I’m fine.” You bat her hands away.
“Fine.” She rises to her feet. “Last time I try to help you, Miss American Pie.”
“We don’t have time for this,” Natasha scolds you both.
Yelena looks away, “come on.”
“Where to?” You ask, holstering your weapon. Back to business.
“To borrow a car.” Yelena sighs, “unless the two of you want to try squeezing onto my motorbike.”
“Car,” Natasha insists.
“Car it is,” you agree.
“Good.” Yelena yells, just as the door gives way to your assailants. Sending the three of you dashing out the window onto the roof. “We’re getting along so well already.”
Chapter Two: The Perfect Partner Project
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