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#natasha romanoff
MCU Phase 4 where it's the same but all the titles are written like bad YouTube titles:
Black Widow: THE GUY I KILLED ISN'T DEAD!?!? - Russian Sisters Vlog
Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings: I Think My Dad's trying to KILL Me!!! - Opening the Dragon Scale Door Challenge
Eternals: Protecting Humanity from God GONE WRONG!!! (GONE SEXUAL)
Spider-Man No Way Home: LOL multiverse go brrrr - Spider-Man (guest starring Spider-Man and Spider-Man)
WandaVision: My Husband is ALIVE??!!? - (WandaVision Episode Reaction/Spoiler Review/Theories)
Falcon and the Winter Soldier: I'm sorry for giving up the shield...
Loki: I TOLD MY CRUSH THAT I REALLY LIKED HER (spoilers: my crush is me!)
What If...?: Multiverse Beings REACT to the MCU | Experts React
Hawkeye: FIRST TIME BEING AN AVENGER * reaction and commentary * (Guest starring Hawkeye!!!) *ThatBish-op Vlogs*
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lieutenanttrouble69 · a day ago
Read It and Weep
Pairing: Milf!Natasha x Reader
Warnings: 18+ fic so minors dni! A little bit of swearing in this part and mentions of sex. My “sfw” fanfic account is @tastetherambeau so minors feel free to read those stories for the time being!
Summary: Your job at the library can be pretty boring, but whenever Natasha Romanoff and her son visit the library, all boredom evaporates. The beautiful woman has been the object of your affection for years so when you find out she’s single, you finally have the moral opening to get what you want...
Words: 1.6k
A/N: Okay so this is part one of my attempt at a nsfw fanfic :) I anticipate this being around 5 parts but ya never know. Huge shoutout to @didujustcallmedumb for giving me this brilliant idea and to @temptationsbrew​ for reading the first draft! The two of them are fantastic writers so if you’re of age pls go read their fics. Anywho, I hope you all enjoy!
medvezhonok: little bear/bear cub
Part One
You hop out of your parked car and jog into the building. You avoid the gaze of your aunt, who happens to be your boss, as you’re ten minutes late for Storytime. It wasn’t your fault that you accidentally slept over at Carol’s AND your car broke down. You had half a mind to abandon your car and run the rest of the way just to see the object of your affection.
The sleepover with your fling was unexpected to say the least. You and Carol had an agreement that your fling would remain just that. No feelings, no sleepover, just sex. Luckily Carol had to leave for work before you so you were able to avoid the conversation that surely would have been awkward.
As you walk along bookshelves a few of the parents in the room call out to you to say hi as you rush to the front of the small crowd. You pull out the bright yellow rocking chair and a swarm of children move to gather in front of you. You try to conceal your frazzled state with a reassuring smile and while you’re successful with the kids, the parents can see right through you.
You brush a few strands of hair from your damp face and reach towards your basket full of books.
“Alright kiddos, what are we thinking today? The Giving Tree? Green Eggs and Ham? Madeline? You exaggerate each book title and immediately hear tiny voices shouting over one another with their suggestions. Your eyes scan the room to watch the various reactions to your suggestions.
As you study their faces, one kid in particular sticks out to you this week, Stevie. He wasn’t on the floor with the other kids like he usually was. He was wrapped in his mother’s toned arms, seated on her lap, her red hair wrapping along her son’s sides like a shield. Your eyes meet green and you tilt your head to silently ask his mother what was wrong. ‘Bad day’ she mouths while giving a small pout while using her head to gesture towards her son. It was rare for Stevie to not be smiling and laughing. He was always so giggly and sociable with the other kids. You still remember the first Storytime you saw Natasha and Stevie.
It was two years ago, a family of three wandered into the library, you had never seen their faces before. You noticed Natasha right away, she had short red hair and beautiful lips. Her low cut shirt had left nothing to the imagination. You stopped yourself from wicked thoughts of burying your face in her chest.
The glint of curiosity in her eyes that day had you wanting to answer every question she’d ever have. There was a man with the two of them. He seemed awkward and quiet, but there was something lingering in his eyes that made you feel like there was more to him than meets the eye. At the time Stevie couldn’t have been older than a year and a half, his baby hair was still blonde unlike the auburn shade it was today.
For every first Saturday after their initial visit, Natasha and Stevie would be the only two in attendance. You never wanted to make any assumptions, so you never let your mind wander to the possibility of the beautiful woman being single.
A sticky hand resting on your knees brings you back to the present and you realize that on top of being ten minutes late, you still hadn’t picked a book. You think back and remember a favorite of Stevie’s.
“Wow, you guys had some great suggestions. How about we read an old favorite? If You Give a Mouse a Cookie… you read out excitedly.
You’re met with a mixture of disappointment and excitement as you read out the title. You shift your eyes back towards the somber four-year-old boy and are met with a small, timid smile. You flash him a smile of success and Natasha looks at you adoringly and mouths out a ‘thank you.’
The smile never leaves your face as you read through the pages, some of the kids reading along with you as they have the book memorized. By the time you finish the whimsical story Stevie’s small smile is replaced by a toothy grin. All of the kids applaud along with their parents as you finish the book. One particular girl in the crowd starts a chant of sorts. Next thing you know, you’re reading three more stories.
When you finish storytime you feel aunt’s glare burning a hole in the back of your head, you knew she would have a lot to say about you being late.
You accept the pats of thanks from various parents and hand out many high fives to the tiny humans that make your job worthwhile.
Almost as if the two of you were magnetic, you and Natasha find your way to one another. You approach the woman and her son and move to greet him first.
“Hey, Stevie! I hope you liked the stories I read today,” you say while crouching down so you’re at his eye level.
“You read my favorite. Thank you, Y/N,” Stevie says, wrapping his little arms around your neck.
“I thought you could use a little cheering up,” you stroke his hair gently. You look up at Natasha and she watches the scene with bright eyes. In the past couple of years you had grown quite fond of the little boy.
“Hi Natasha,” you say shyly.
“Y/N, how many times have I told you, call me Nat.”
“Sorry, Nat,” you begin to blush. “What have you guys got planned for the rest of your Saturday?”
You notice the frown overcoming Stevie’s features and you quickly look up to Natasha to apologize.
“Well, Stevie’s dad was supposed to have him today, but something came up with work,” Natasha answers quietly while rubbing the small boy’s back.
“I’m sorry to hear that. I’m sure your dad’s super bummed about it too,” you supply.
Stevie nods weakly.
“How about we go pick out some books for you and mommy to read this week?” You ask excitedly.
“Yeah!” Stevie jumps and excitedly grabs your hand. Natasha follows closely behind the two of you.
It became a routine of sorts. Natasha and her son would come in almost every weekend to pick out books for Stevie and Nat to read at bedtime. Your aunt was surprised when you begged to work weekends, but once she caught a glimpse of the beautiful woman, all of her questions were answered.
You, Natasha and Stevie spend a couple of hours sifting through all the children’s books in the library. The three of you joke and giggle while passing stories back and forth. You’d have to get up to do some organizing around the library or checking out but you spent the majority of your time with the redheaded woman and her son.
The tiny rumbling of Stevie’s tummy interrupts your fun.
“I think I better get some lunch into this medvezhonok,” Natasha says while poking her son’s stomach before grabbing his hand. You smile at the nickname, she came in one afternoon by herself looking for Pushkin books, so you knew Russian must’ve been her native tongue.
“Can we please come back Mama?” Stevie asks in a whiny tone.
“We’ll be back next weekend,” she gives his hand a gentle squeeze before turning to you. “Thank you so much for today. You helped him forget all about my selfish ex-husband,” she says in a lowered voice.
Your stomach flutters at the defining of her relationship with her husband. A smile tries to fight its way across your lips, but you’re able to suppress it. “Of course, Nat. I had an amazing morning with the two of you.”
“Mama, can Y/N come play at our house?”
You try to hide your shock from Stevie’s question. You’d been trying to find an opening into the woman’s house for ages. Before now, you tried to remain respectful, she was married after all. Now that you know her and the nerd are divorced, a whole new world of opportunity has opened up.
A hopeful look appears on your face as you await the woman’s response.
“Y/N is welcome at our home anytime she wants to drop by,” Natasha says with a smirk and a wink.
A burning fire of arousal gathers at the pit of your stomach. You clear your throat to hide the gasp that escaped your lips.
“Y-Yeah, I’d love to come over sometime.”
Natasha reaches into her tote bag and pulls out a pen and an old receipt. “Here’s our address and I wrote my number too just in case you wanna give me a heads up before you drop by.” She places the paper in your hand and brushes her fingers along your skin.
You stare at the paper in your hand and a grin graces your features. “I’ll text you so you have my number too,” you pull out your phone to send Natasha a text. When her phone dings to alert a new text message, the two of you smile in satisfaction.
“Call me anytime,” she leans towards you so her lips are a few inches from your ear, “especially at night or whenever else you’re feeling a little lonely,” she husks.
You sputter, left speechless from the sensual woman and her hypnotizing words. The woman you’ve been pining after for years basically just invited you to fuck her. It would be rude if you didn’t take her up on her offer.
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usershay · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"So, he's a ghost story."
CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER (2014) - dir. Joe & Anthony Russo
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lesbian-deadpool · 15 hours ago
Y/N: A girl could smack me in the back of the head and I wouldn’t realize she was into me
Natasha: *Smacks Y/N's head*
Y/N: What the hell was that for?!
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thatonebrazilian · a day ago
Wanda: Can you imagine not being human and just living out your days as a weeping willow, though? Beautiful, by the water, unburdened... Ideal.
Y/N: I wanna be the one from Harry Potter that beats the shit out of everyone and everything.
Natasha: Agreed.
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xrqkayo · 2 days ago
hi! could i make a wandanat x reader request where reader is hurt in a mission and have to rest but the team being all clumsy keeps accidentally hurting reader and they get all worried very fluffy
Clumsy Teammates
Pairing: WandaNat x gn!Reader
Warnings: Injuries, blood, stitching.
Tumblr media
You groaned loudly as you felt the floor underneath you start to crumble.
You were panicking as you didn't really want to fall from the second floor of a building onto the first floor.
You quickly tried to run towards the stairs but your foot fell through a hole that had formed.
You let out a small grunt as your body fell to the floor, pain going through your chest. You pushed yourself up but fell back down as you felt the floor completely crumble underneath you, sending you down to the first floor.
You braced yourself for the impact and let out a small cry when you felt a heavy piece of concert fall on top of your stomach.
"I'm-I'm down, the first floor of building A2." Your voice was shaky as you spoke into coms as you tried to contain the pain in your voice so you wouldn't freak out your girlfriends'.
"Y/n! You're in the building that Steve literally just set off the bombs, what are you doing there?" Tony asked.
"What?" Natasha and Wanda said at the same time.
You groaned as you attempted to wiggle your way out of the concert but it ended up stabbing your ribs, "Because nobody told me to get out! Just hurry up, please."
Tony muttered something about coming and Natasha and Wanda started asking you questions.
"Can you feel your legs?" Wanda asked, her voice full of panic.
"Yeah, I can feel everything but it just really hurts."
"Are you bleeding?" Natasha asked, her voice also full of panic.
You glanced to where the concert was stabbing you and saw blood, "Yeah, I'm bleeding."
You stopped answering Natasha and Wanda's questions when you saw Tony and Steve arrive. You yelled out to them and they ran over.
"Y/n, Steve and I are going to lift this and you're going to crawl out, okay?" Tony pointed to the concert that was on top of you.
You nodded and prepared yourself to crawl out.
Steve and Tony placed their hands under the concert and counted down.
"One..two..three!" They lifted the concert and you quickly slid out.
Tony's hand placement slipped at the last moment and you let out a yelp as the concert almost crushed your ankle but luckily you had moved out of the way.
"Shit! Sorry, Y/n!" Tony bent down to quickly check over your ankle.
"It's fine, it's fine! Just help me stand, I can't walk properly." You muttered out.
Steve picked you up in bridal style and started walking back towards the Quinjet. You noticed you had a massive gash on your leg which was bleeding and you had a bunch of bruises on your leg.
Steve was staring at your bleeding leg, "That looks pain-" Steve was cut off as he tripped over a pipe but luckily Natasha - who you didn't even realise was walking next to Steve - grabbed you before you fell out of his arms.
You grunted as Natasha caught you, "Thanks, Natty." You mumbled, rearranging yourself so she could walk properly and you were comfortable.
Steve mumbled an apology before running off with Tony to finish the mission.
When you entered the Quinejt, Natasha carefully placed you down on the bed and Wanda appeared at your side.
"Baby, are you okay? What hurts?" Wanda asked, kissing your forehead softly.
You shrugged, "Just get Bruce please, I need my need leg and stomach to be fixed so it doesn't get infected."
Natasha nodded and went to get Bruce.
Wanda lifted your shirt up to your chest so Bruce would be able to get a better look at bleeding, "Ooo, that looks like it hurts."
"Oh, no, it doesn't hurt at all." You sarcastically say, grabbing onto Wanda's wrist and moving her hand away from the bleeding so she doesn't get blood on herself.
Wanda rolled her eyes and brushed some hair out of your face.
Bruce walked into the Quinjet, Natasha following behind. He walked over to you and pressed on your stomach, trying to search if anything had busted when the concert fell on you. Though he pushed too hard on your stomach causing you to groan out.
Natasha quickly shoved him out of the way, causing him to stumble back.
"You okay, Y/n?" Natasha held your hand as took in deep breaths.
"Yep, just let Bruce fix me please, Natty." You looked over at Bruce who was awkwardly standing there.
Wanda grabbed Natasha's hand and pulled her to the side so Bruce could help you.
"Sorry, Y/n." He mumbled sheepishly, glancing over at Natasha who was obviously very upset that he hurt you.
You smiled, "It's okay, Bruce. Just patch that up so I can go out on the field again."
Wanda frowned and stepped closer, the sudden movement scared Bruce causing him to accidentally stab you while he was stitching your cut up on your leg.
"Bruce!" All three of you yelled.
The poor man looked scared out of his skin, "I'm sorry! She scared me." He pointed to Wanda, stumbling backward when Wanda pushed him away from you.
Natasha rolled her eyes and took the needle from Bruce, "We can take it from here."
Bruce nodded, "Just make sure you clean the wound!"
"We got it," Wanda mumbled, cleaning the wound.
You hissed at the sudden pain but relaxed when you felt Natasha place a kiss on your forehead.
Natasha smiled at you and kissed your lips when you let out a whine when Wanda started stitching your leg back together (Sure, it wasn't a good stitch but it'd have to to for the meantime)
Wanda then moved to clean your ribs that had been cut open slightly when the concert fell on them.
Wanda started cleaning up the blood then placing a massive bandaid over it.
Wanda smiled and kissed you, Natasha doing the same after Wanda pulled back.
"You feeling a bit better?" Wanda asked, resting her head on Natasha's shoulder.
You nodded and sat up, groaning when pain shot up through your chest.
Natasha grabbed your shoulders and forced you to lay back down, "Just lay down, baby, Wanda and I aren't going anywhere."
Wanda and Natasha grabbed a chair and sat in front of the bed you were laying on.
You nodded, "Okay."
After 15 minutes the mission was complete and the rest of the team walked inside the Quinjet.
Clint grinned when he saw you. He walked over to you and slapped your injured leg, 'What'd you do this time-"
You groaned and your girlfriends' stood up, getting ready to beat the absolute shit out of Clint for hurting you.
"Woah! I'm sorry, Y/n-" Clint put his hands up and shuffled backward, walking away from your girlfriends.
You giggled and grabbed their wrists, pulling them back down on the chair, "Ooo, my big, protective girlfriends." You teased with a grin.
Wanda and Natasha giggled, "We gotta protect our little, hurt partner. It's our job."
You smiled, "I feel so loved."
"We love you, Y/n," Wanda said with a smile.
"Love you both, too."
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randomshyperson · a day ago
Requesting Nat for your kink specials. Nat giving up complete control to fem reader and their strap (because we all know shes the real dom) because Nat just wants to feel something else after a really bad misson.
Natasha Romanoff x Reader - Pillows
Summary: After a really bad mission, Natasha just needed a distraction. Luckily, as her girlfriend, you were more than available.
Warnings: (+18), Dom!Nat (bottom), smut (really sweet and caring), praising (mentions of), strap on use, comfort/hurt, established relationship, dirty talk (lightly); mentions of violence, explicit language.
Words: 1.376
A/N: This is way bigger than a drabble/blurb special, but i hope you like anyway.
All Works Masterlist
Nat was exhausted.
Whatever had happened on that mission, she seemed even more shaken than the other three crestfallen Avengers.
You worried immediately, following her into your shared room, and she barely answered your questions.
Her clothes began to come off as soon as she entered, and you swallowed dryly as you noticed the purple marks all over her skin.
It was a hard fight. But she was here, safe. You wondered what went wrong on the other side.
Nat went straight to the bathroom, and you hesitated in the doorway, "Do you want me to join you, sweetheart?"
She took a moment to answer, her voice husky and fragile, "I just need to be alone for a minute."
"That's okay, babe. Call me if you need anything."
Nat stayed in the tub for quite a while. Long enough for you to sort out some comfortable clothes for her and leave them on her bed, and to go back to the kitchen and prepare something warm for her to eat. You also managed to find out from the heated discussion between Captain Rogers and Iron Man that the mission had been very bad, with some civilian casualties. This explained why Natasha was upset, and made you sigh with concern.
When you returned to her room with the tray, she was coming out of the bathroom using a robe. You gave her an assuring smile, which she returned faintly before sitting down on the bed.
"I made you something to eat." You signal, leaning against the table as you watch her.
"Thanks, but I'm not hungry." She replied looking straight ahead. You bite the inside of your cheek, hesitantly.
"Nat, do you want to talk about what happened?" You asked, and her eyes filled with tears. But she took a deep breath, and pressed her hands to her face for a moment.
"No, please." She mumbled. "I just...need to think of something else."
You moved closer, kneeling in front of her and intertwining your hands. "Of course, sweetheart. What do you want to do? We can watch something, we can borrow Wandy's sitcom DVD's and..."
Nat cut you off with a kiss on the mouth. Soft but intense. And you sighed in surprise and excitement. She pulled away next, and you smiled. "Or we could do that too." You joked, and were surprised by the way she remained serious, her eyes darkening. "Wait, are you sure?"
She bit her lips, nodding. "And you're going to be in control today, okay, babe? You think you can do that?"
You swallowed dryly, feeling your cheeks flush. "S-sure."
She smiled at you before kissing you again, now more slowly, her tongue sliding against yours in a delicious way that sent chills through every inch of your body.
Nat wrapped her arms around your neck, and started to pull you up, intending to get you on top of her. You wasted no time in following her cue.
Just as your hands settled around her waist, sinking down on top of her and causing her to sigh, she broke the kiss with a soft bite on your lower lip.
You choked, your eyes ajar and questioning to your girlfriend, "What's wrong, darling? We can stop if-"
"No, baby, I don't want to stop." She interrupts with a sweet smile. She steals a short kiss before continuing. "I'm just going to need more than your fingers today, okay?"
You feel your whole face heat up, but you nod. And kisses her intensely before pulling away a little to reach for the drawer beside the bed.
You knew exactly where she kept the strap-on, because she almost always wore it on you.
And while you were working on taking off your pants and shoes to put on the toy, Nat opened her robe and threw it off the bed.
You felt your heart race at the image of your naked girlfriend waiting for you, and you hurried back to your place on top of her, kissing her softly.
But Nat wasted no time in changing the rhythm of the kiss, her hands pulling your waist down against her as she entwined her legs around you, and the new position made the tip of the rubber cock rub against her entrance.
She broke the kiss with a husky moan, and you groaned against her lips, moving the little down to her neck with gentle pressure as you rubbed the toy against her thighs, but never where she wanted it.
"Don't tease." She warned breathlessly, closing her eyes. You smiled against her skin, biting a sensitive spot as you forced your hips down, the pressure of the strap against her clit making her choke. But your little victory was short lived, Nat dug the nails of one hand into your lower back and the other hand guided your face back to her. A sloppy, passionate kiss, the way she knows leaves you completely at her mercy.
But she smiled against your lips, and pulled her mouth away to whisper against your ear, "Be a good girl and fuck me hard, okay baby?"
You nodded quickly, even though your face was completely red. Nat thought it was funny, but just kissed you softly until you relaxed.
Using your hand to guide the toy, you broke the kiss to watch Nat's face as you entered her slowly, slipping easily through the way she was wet, delighting in the way she kept her lips ajar, a soft sigh escaping and her cheeks reddening as she stared back at you.
"Are you okay?" You asked without moving, letting her get used to the feeling.
Nat bit back a smile, finding it adorable the way you cared for her.
Instead of answering, she firmed her hand on your low back, and tried to force you against her.
"Move." She asked out of breath, her body hot and her heart out of rhythm.
"Your wish is my command, darling." You teased, pulling out of her only to enter again, beginning a slow rhythm of thrusts.
Nat sighed, pressing her nails into your back. "Faster."
You giggled, but obeyed, firming your knees on the bed for better control. The new angle made the redhead see stars, and it only got even better when you increased the speed.
"Fuck." Nat gasped, feeling the tightness below her stomach begin to tighten and her body to shudder. You smiled, watching her with adoration.
The sound of the rubber cock against her wet pussy began to echo in the room, and was only muffled by the hoarse moans Nat was trying to hold back.
You held her hips, thrusting hard inside her, and Nat arched her back, unable to hold back the sounds now.
Lowering one hand to her neglecting clit, you let out a grunt as you felt her in your fingers, throbbing against the rubbery cock and dripping on the mattress. "Natty you were making a mess, darling."
"Just..." She started between moans, panting. "Don't fucking stop."
You continued the thrusts, while your girlfriend closed her eyes tightly, moaning and squirming.
"It's okay, Nat. Come for me, babe." You whispered, increasing the pace and intensity, making Nat whimper with pleasure. "I got you."
It didn't take long for her to hitch her height, arching her back and letting out a loud moan, her pussy clenching on the rubber cock. You smiled as you saw her juices dripping at the tip when you pulled out of her.
Resting your hands at the side of her body, you kissed her cheeks several times, murmuring sweet praises that made her smile as you tried to recover from her orgasm.
"Thank you, baby, I needed that." She murmured with her eyes closed, as you brushed her sweat hair out of the front of her face. You kissed her lips, and worked to remove the strap-on quickly, returning to lie next to her, and pulling her in for cuddles.
"Get some rest, sweetheart, You need it."
Nat nodded, hugging your waist, and resting her face in the curve of your neck. "I love you." She whispered against your skin, and you rubbed her hair gently.
"I love you too, Nat."
She didn't take long to fall asleep after that.
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critter-of-habit · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I know she would actually fight back too much and get pruned immediately but I'm so intrigued with the idea of TVA clerk Natalie Rushman
insp. source
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romanovsmqrvels · 2 days ago
y/n : nat can you do me a favour ?
natasha : i would literally cover up a murder you committed, plant my dna at the crime scene and take the blame for you.
y/n : cool i guess ? can you do the dishes please ?
natasha : no.
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wolferine · 2 days ago
*Natasha walks in to see Y/N chatting with the other Avengers*
Y/N: She’s an icon, she’s a legend, and she is the moment.
Natasha: Aw, are you talking about me?
Y/N: No, I’m talking about Peppa Pig.
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wandanats-wife-quotes · 18 hours ago
Wanda and Nat waiting on the Quinjet for Y/N*
Nat calls her putting her on speaker: y/n please come out
Y/n: give me a sec, ok, Nat I’m gay
Wanda: we know that dekta, come out to the quinjet
Y/n taking a breath: quinjet, I’m gay
They hang up*
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incorrectquotesmcu · 2 days ago
Natasha: I bet if I was pregnant, you’d be listening to every single word I have to say.
Maria: If you were pregnant, I think we’d have a lot of questions.
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seaquell · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Don't give me hope. I'm sorry I couldn't give it to you sooner. Ronin is dead and the person who killed him is dead.
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lesbian-deadpool · a day ago
(After a fight)
Y/N: Let me buy you dinner.
Natasha, angrily: No, I insist you buy me dinner.
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thatonebrazilian · a day ago
Y/N: Synonyms are weird because if you invite someone to your “cottage in the forest” that just sounds nice and cozy, but if I invite you to “my cabin in the woods” you’re going to die.
Bucky: My favorite is explaining the difference between a “butt dial” and a “booty call”.
Natasha: It is called connotations.
Loki: Then how doyou explain “Forgive me father, I have sinned” and “Sorry, Daddy, I’ve been naughty”?
Y/N *turns to Natasha excited*: How about-
Natasha: You are not going to switch to "Forgive me mother, I have sinned" when we're at it.
Y/N *pouting*: But it sounds so cool.
Natasha: ... Ok, maybe just once.
Loki: I did not need to know that.
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romanoff-writes · 2 days ago
Heyyy! Could you write g!p Nat x r where they are on a honeymoon and try for a baby?
Thank you for requesting!
Honeymoon [G!pNat x sub!reader]
TW! Smut, unprotected sex, fingering, nipple sucking, mommy kink, creampie, cock riding. 18+ only.
Natasha and Y/n have just gotten married and took their time off work to go on a honeymoon to Paris. Thankfully, Nat was fluent in the language, having no trouble booking a hotel room for the whole trip, which was a week.
Y/n’s POV:
We were lying on the king sized bed, exhausted from travelling to find the hotel. I got up and opened my suitcase, taking out an oversized shirt and underwear before telling her, “babe I’m gonna take a shower first”. She raised a thumbs up before settling her hand down again, sprawled out on the bed.
After we have showered I decided to talk to her about something I’ve had on my mind lately.  I sat beside her, whose eyes were glued to the television. I stared at her for a while before she said, “I can feel you staring detka”. I shook my head and apologized. She turned the tv off and faced me, her emerald eyes sinking into mine. “Detka what’s wrong?” she asked, rubbing my back. I leaned into her, before explaining, “well, I’ve been thinking for a while and… I have decided I want a child. But if you don’t then it’s alright”.
She placed a kiss on the tip of my nose and hugged me, putting her head on mine. “If that’s what you want, I’ll give it to you”, she said, removing her clothes. I smiled widely before proceeding to pull my shirt over my head. She trailed her hand down to my chest and grabbed my breast firmly, making me gasp softly as she left wet kisses along my neck and jawline.
Nat’s POV:
As I marked her, my left hand slipped into her panties, which were already soaked with her slick. I groaned at the feeling of her wetness on my finger. I pumped two fingers into her soaked cunt and she let out a breathy moan. “Detka, we’re in a hotel, you can be as loud as you want,” I assured her. She moaned loudly as I curled my fingers, hitting her sweet spot. “Mm… Mommy I need more please!” she whined, bucking her hips. I took out my fingers and licked them clean. “Come and get it princess,” I smirked.
I lifted her and placed her on my lap, facing me, cunt above my bulge. She put her hand in my boxers and rubbed my hardened dick. I tilted my head back, groaning at the feeling. She then pulled down my underwear and positioned herself above my cock, lowering herself down. “Mhm… fuck, mommy you’re so big,” she moaned as she took in more and more of my length. Soon enough, she was riding my 10 inch, tits bouncing. I attached my mouth onto one of her breasts, flicking my tongue over her hardened nipple as she rode me.
I felt her walls clench around me due to the stimulation,  knowing that she was about to come. “Mommy I’m close,” she breathed out as I bucked my hips upwards, thrusting into her, sending her closer to the edge. “Cum for me baby,” I coaxed as she let out a cry, squirting all over me and my member. I flipped her over, her back against the mattress. I positioned myself before sliding into her with ease due to her wetness and previous orgasm. I took in the view of my wife, eyes scrunched shut with her mouth hung open, loud screams and moans escaping her throat.
My thrusts became sloppier as I came closer to my climax. I knew Y/n could feel my cock twitching inside of her, begging to release. I just needed those magic words… “Come mommy”. Snap. I moaned loudly as I came into her pussy. She moaned at the feeling of my warm cum filling her up. I slowly pulled out, making her whine due to the loss of contact. I smiled and cleaned up before getting into bed and pulling the sheets over us, falling into a deep slumber, dreaming about the life with our child.
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jjeangrey · 10 hours ago
when clint said the ronin was killed by black widow, he meant that he stopped being ronin the moment she came back for him.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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romanovsmqrvels · a day ago
y/n : oh no, i wonder why there’s mistletoe hanging above us ! i guess we have to kiss now
sam : *holding the mistletoe on a stick above you and natasha*
natasha : if you just want a kiss you can say-
y/n : *sweating* i don’t know what you’re talking about JUST KISS ME
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