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↳ here’s my second one! I’ve been feeling kinda shitty about my writing to i decided to go and read some of my favorite fics/find new ones! it kinda made me get out of my funk. Also, still not even close to being done, another one will come!! big, big, big thank you to all of these amazing writers. you all deserve the whole world and I love each and every one of you.


✧: complete series

❀: uncomplete series

❥: oneshot

✰: headcanon/drabble

Bucky Barnes

Love Struck by @jobean12-blog, [part I] [part II] ~ Beefy!Bucky Barnes x Reader

❥ Seafarer by @barnesandco, Bucky Barnes x Reader

✧ Nikah by @barnesandco, Bucky Barnes x Reader

 Little Break by @schmuckyschmarnes, Bucky Barnes x Reader

Make A Move by @tuiccim, [part I] [part II] ~ Bucky Barnes x Reader

❥ Make It Better by @schmuckyschmarnes, Bucky Barnes x Reader

❥ Dominant by @bubbabarnes, Dom!Bucky Barnes x Sub!Fem!Reader

All I Want by @captainchrisstan, Bucky Barnes x Reader

❀ Penumbra by @buckys-other-punk, [part I] [part II] ~ Knight AU!Bucky Barnes x Huntress!Reader

The One by @captainchrisstan, Bucky Barnes x Reader

The Surprise by @teenagereadersciencenerd, ~ Bucky Barnes x Reader

It’s Been A Long Long Time by @saintsebastian-stan, [part I] [part II] ~ Bucky Barnes x Reader

❥ Surprise, Daddy by @softboibarnes, Daddy!Bucky Barnes x Sugar Baby!Reader

Still by @shay-iamiam, Boxer AU!Bucky Barnes x WOC!Reader

❀ On My Tongue by @moteldwelling, Dad’s Best Friend!Bucky Barnes x Reader

❥ Dirty Secret by @tokoyamisstuff, Bucky Barnes x Reader

❥ Rainy Days by @kittykatlow, Daddy!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Made For Me by @saiyanprincessswanie, [part I] [part II] [part III] [part IV] ~ Dark!Bucky Barnes x Reader

✧ How You Feel by @suz-123, Blue Collar AU!Bucky Barnes x Reader

✧ The Rivals by @kashirenae92, Mobster AU!Bucky Barnes x Mob!WOC!Reader

❥ Past, Present, Future by @chris-evans-indian-fanfic, Bucky Barnes x Reader

❥ On The Run by @muchadoaboutbucky, Bucky Barnes x Native American!Reader

❥ Baby, Just Say Yes by @muchadoaboutbucky, Bucky Barnes x Native American!Reader

 Old Wounds, New Scars by @muchadoaboutbucky, Bucky Barnes x Reader

Steve Rogers

 Nomad by @spideywhiteys, Steve Rogers x Reader

❥ Two Good Dogs by @jobean12-blog, Veterinarian AU!Steve Rogers x Reader

❀ Mr and Mrs. Rogers by @buckys-other-punk, Mr. and Mrs. Smith AU!Steve Rogers x Reader

Summer by @softboibarnes, [part I] ~ Steve Rogers x Female!Reader

❥ Lost and Found by @buckybarney Biker AU & Soulmate AU!Steve Rogers x Reader

❥ Muse by @honeyloverogers, Artist!Steve Rogers x Dancer!Reader

❥ Moon River by @spideywhiteys, Soulmate AU!Steve Rogers x Reader

Bated Breath by @honeyloverogers, [part I] [part II] ~ Steve Rogers x Reader

❥ You Are in Love by @spideywhiteys, Steve Rogers x Reader

❥ Try Again by @shay-iamiam, Biker AU!Steve Rogers x Reader

❥ So Unrequited by @wonky-bonky, Steve Rogers x Reader

Mine by @saiyanprincessswanie, [part I] ~ Dark!Steve Rogers x Reader

❀ Take Care by @cherrypickertheory, Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader

 Solace by @saiyanprincessswanie, Steve Rogers x Reader

 Mad About You by @chrissquares, Daddy!Steve Rogers x Agent!Reader

 Golden Boy by @kashirenae92, Fratboy AU!Steve Rogers x WOC!Reader

 Firelight by @kashirenae92, King AU!Steve Rogers x Queen!WOC!Reader

❥ Head(ed) Argument by @stevenssrogers, Alpha!Steve Rogers x Omega!Fem!Reader

 Falling For The Captain by @jimblejamblewriting, Steve Rogers x Reader

❀ Little Situation by @jimblejamblewriting, Steve Rogers x Black!Daughter!Reader

❥ A Second Chance by @chris-evans-indian-fanfic, Steve Rogers x Reader

❥ Fight Me by @whiskey-cokenfanfic, Steve Rogers x Reader


❥ Dirty Honey by @moteldwelling, Stucky x Reader

❥ Winter’s Child Has A Gun by @moteldwelling, Stucky x Reader

  Little Minx by @saiyanprincessswanie, Dark!Stucky x Reader

❀ Welcome Home, Kitten by @buckysbunny, [part I]  ~ Dark!Stucky x Reader

Peggy Carter

 ❥ Cookies or Kisses? by @wokeupinawalnut, Peggy Carter x Reader

❥ Like You A Latte by @fandomsandxfiles-writes, Peggy Carter x Daniel Sousa [ao3 only]

❥ Not So Subtle by @fandomsandxfiles-writes, Peggy Carter x Daniel Sousa

❥ Invention by @sammys-world-of-imagination, Peggy Carter x Reader

Business as Usual by @fandomsandxfiles-writes, Peggy Carter x Daniel Sousa

❥ Love Is Love by @marvel-wlw, Peggy Carter x Fem!Reader

❥ A Little Faith by @wokeupinawalnut, Peggy Carter x Bi!Fem!Reader

Sam Wilson

❥ Forward by @honeychicanawrites, Sam Wilson x Black!Fem!Little!Reader

❥ Brown Sugar by @marvelmaree, Sam Wilson x Black!Reader

No Heat by @whiskey-cokenfanfic, Sam Wilson x Reader

Date Night by @whiskey-cokenfanfic Sam Wilson x Reader

❥ I Need Your Help by @marvelmaree, Sam Wilson x Reader

 Imagine Sam Trying To Make It Up to You After An Argument by @marvelmaree, Sam Wilson x Reader

❥ Missing by @whiskey-cokenfanfic, Sam Wilson x Reader

Natasha Romanoff

❥ Blurred Lines by @world-of-aus, Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader

❥ How (Not) to Hide a Relationship From Your Coworkers by @fandomsandxfiles-writes, Natasha Romanoff x Reader [ao3 only]

Two Different Sides by @marvel-wlw, [part I] [part II] ~ Natasha Romanoff x Reader

❥ To Prove A Point by @sammys-world-of-imagination, Natasha Romanoff x Reader

 Windows To The Soul by @sammys-world-of-imagination, [part I] [part II] [part III] [part IV] [part V] ~ Natasha Romanoff x Reader

❥ Make It Right by @marvels-writings, Natasha Romanoff x Reader

❥ I Never Stopped Loving You by @marvel-wlw, Natasha Romanoff x Reader

❥ Temper by @marvel-wlw, Natasha Romanoff x Reader

❥ Can’t You Tell? by @marvels-writings, Natasha Romanoff x Reader

Erik Killmonger

❥ From Paris, With Love by @ghostfacekill-monger, Erik Killmonger x Black!British!OC

❥ Written All Over Your Face by @ghostfacekill-monger, Erik Killmonger x Black!Reader

❥ Comfort by @thorsthot, Erik Killmonger x Black!Stripper!Reader

❥ Just Like That by @thorsthot, Erik Killmonger x Black!Reader

In Lust With Danger by @tgigoldie, [part I] [part II] [part III] [part IV] ~ Erik Killmonger x OFC

❥ She Got Game by @ghostfacekill-monger College AU!Erik Killmonger x Black!OC

❥ Where There’s Smoke by @ghostfacekill-monger, Firefighter AU!Erik Killmonger x Black!OC


Okay okay i know these last two aren’t marvel but like… they’re so amazing I just can’t not mention them in a fic rec, you know? Please read them, you will not regret it one bit!

❥ Undeniable Attraction by @mochaxmars, Trevante Rhodes x Black!Reader

❥ Lost Time by @mochaxmars, Trevante Rhodes x Black!Reader

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How do You Solve a Problem like Bucky Barnes: 5

You don’t even see the Ambassador the next morning, which honestly is probably for the best. You go and wake the children and meet them in the dining room for breakfast. Hope is first, she’s dressed in a nice dress, one that will not do at all for what you have planned for the day.

“Good morning. Did you sleep alright?” You ask and she nods reaching for some toast. “Maybe tonight we could continue our conversation from last night? I’d love to know more about this boy.” You say coolly, she still nearly chokes on the piece of toast she’s eating.

The rest of the children come into the dining room one by one and start to fill their plates with food. They’re all dressed too nicely, crisp khaki pants on both boys, Hope and Wanda are both in dresses and Virginia is in a skirt and blouse combination. You’re going to need to take them shopping immediately if this is the most casual clothing they have. You’re suddenly very grateful that The Mother Superior wouldn’t let you donate any of your money to the Abbey until you’d become a nun. Now you’ve got money to buy the children play clothes if they don’t have them.

“So,” you start as you add milk to your cereal, “what would you all like to do today?” When you look up five pairs of eyes are staring at you. “Is everything alright?” You ask and after a few beats Scott speaks up.

“What do you mean by what would we like to do today?”

“We are allowed to leave the house aren’t we?” When they nod slowly you smile, “I was hoping maybe you’d show me around the city.”

“We don’t really go into the city.” Virginia says quietly, her brows furrowed.

“So then we can explore it together.” You tell her cheerfully, “is there anything that you’ve wanted to do and never have?” There’s more silence for a few moments then Hope says,

“There’s a large botanical garden I’ve heard is pretty. It has a hedge maze.”

“That sounds fun. Why don’t we pack a picnic and go there? Maybe we should all change so that you don’t ruin your clothes.”

“This is what we always wear.” Peter tells you looking down at his button up shirt.

“Do you have any clothes that you can get dirty?” They shake their heads and you hum softly, “well then, I guess we’ll be going to get you some play clothes then too.” You tell them before taking a bite of your breakfast. “Hope, could you look up and see where the nearest Marvel’s is?” You ask and she plucks her phone from the table next to her and searched for what you asked. “I didn’t see anything about a car, how do you all get around?”

“There’s a military driver for us.” Virginia chimes in and you nod, “but he usually goes with father.”

“Marvel’s is four miles away.” Hope tells you and you hum softly.

“What about bikes?” You ask scooping some fruit out of the bowl for Wanda.

“We all know how to ride except for Wanda. She’s still got training wheels.”

“That’s alright, we can figure it out.”

“Our mom’s old bike has a trailer thing to pull kids in.” Scott offers, you don’t want to overstep but this seems the best option.

“Would it be alright if I used it?” You ask, it was their mom’s after all but when you get nods from all of the children you’re pleased.

The day consists of riding the bikes into town to the Marvel’s where you attempt to set the children loose to pick out three outfits each you realize what a task you’ve got ahead of you. Both boys come back with almost the exact same outfit they’re wearing, Virginia and Wanda want dresses. Hope at least picks out a tee shirt but also picks out a couple of skirts so your quick shopping trip turns into a more of a half day. You get them all and yourself shorts, long pants, t-shirts, a couple of sweatshirts and tennis shoes then slinging the bags over Hope, Scott and Virginia’s handlebars you head back to the house to get changed and eat lunch there instead. It’s a pretty hot day so you end up in the river, the children all in swimsuits, something you didn’t have yet but would be sure to get, laughing and playing. When Carol calls you for dinner the children all come into the house with smiles and wet hair.

This begins a new pattern, it won’t all be fun and games you take them to the zoo to do some research about animals they find there. Other days you go to the mountains, teaching the children some new games and a song to sing for the Baroness when she comes to meet them with the Ambassador. You go to gardens, museums, farmers markets and parks. The children loosen up, they’re loud and excited and wear clothes that they get to play in and get dirty in. They go to bed tired and happy everyday and you’re more than a little thrilled that you’ve been able to give them a summer to remember.

Today you taught them how to climb trees, a sleek black car passes by while the children laugh and scream up in the branches. You’re fairly certain that their father is home and butterflies flit through your stomach. This could go so badly.

“Miss Grace?” Pepper calls, Virginia had finally given you the go on calling her by her nickname.


“Can we head back?”

“Home or just to the boat?”

“Home. I’m starting to get hungry.” Both Peter and Wanda also tell you that they’re hungry so you help Wanda down as the older kids climb out of their trees and make you way singing back to the boat. Hope and Scott go to the oars and going with the current guide you back home.

Peter sees him first, and with a cry of “Dad!” He alerts the rest of his siblings that their father is home. The Ambassador is standing at the boat landing with a red haired woman, he looks irritated and you’re sure this is going to be bad. Both Peter and Wanda are on their feet, the boat rocks dangerously but before you can tell them to sit down Pepper and Hope try to steady the boat but they overcorrect and cause the boat to flip dumping you all into the water.

Tag list:

@abschaffer2 @dsakita @dramadreamer14 @thesassmisstress @andahugaroundtheneck @loving-life-my-way @thefridgeismybestie @killcomet @dumblani @silverkitten547 @im-just-another-monster @mywinterwolf @scuzmunkie @biskwitmamaw @geeksareunique @paintballkid711 @lumar014 @also-fangirlinsweden @brilliantbellesoares

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Y/N: What would it take for you to sleep with Tony?

Natasha: Four-hundred and thirty-five grand. I have a figure for everyone here.

Natasha: Yours is only seventy-five bucks by the way.

Y/N: Awww, thank you.

Y/N: What about Wade?

Natasha: There’s not enough money in the world.

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Next up in the Tattoo Universe is Natasha Romanoff and Steve Rogers. Natasha has some tattoos representing who she was and who she is now. The spider on her neck is for her superhero alter ego the Black Widow. Her left arm has ballet feet to show her training, and love of the sport. Then a hand firing to show how she was an assassin at one time. Her other wrist has a stamp from the Red Room, of Russian architecture. And the butterfly has half flower wings to show the transformation she has made from assassin to Avenger. Her thigh has the team symbol, representing the family she has created. Steve Rogers is Captain America, so he has a design of the shield on his arm. There is Brooklyn in script to remind himself where he started and his best friend from childhood, Bucky Barnes. That is also why the Brooklyn bridge is represented on his other arm. He also has a tribute to the Howling Commandos with the shield he used at that time and the quote “til the end of the line” on it. His chest is where he keeps his most important tattoos. A tribute to Peggy in his compass is on his neck. On the right of his chest is a flower with the Black Widow spider to show his bond with Natasha. Across from that is a nurse’s cap with a heart for his mother who was a nurse. Finally he has the Avenger tattoo because he is proud of the team and family he found himself in. Who should I add to the Tattoo Universe next?

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this hellbrain of mine seems to be fantastic at causing trouble, i am blaming several people for the reason behind this existing

may i begrudgingly announce this sara lance x natasha romanoff x reader fic, absolutely 18+ no exceptions

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More Than Okay

Natasha Romanoff x Teen!Reader

Word count: 1.8K

Requested by anons:

- Can I request a Nat x kid!reader where the kid was in foster care and She just recently went to live with Natasha. And it’s taking her a while to warm up but eventually starts calling Nat, mom? Thank you.

- ooh can I request a nat x (adopted)daughter reader where the reader is the kid of a couple that was killed off by a villain because of their powers. avengers and reader don’t know she has powers mostly because they’ve never shown. they finally find out when said villain comes back for reader by attacking avengers and her powers burst out of her unexpectedly and she saves them all?? thinking something of a mix between Wanda’s and Thor’s powers. thank you, love your writing so much!!

- Nat’s daughter telling her she doesn’t wanna be a shield agent/superhero.

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Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader

Summary: Reconnecting with  your old best friend and falling for a handsome but lonely gardener was  easy. What wasn’t easy was seeing all the phantom faces at the window.  Was it all in your head or was something darker at work?

Warnings: fluff, teeny bit of angst, spooky stuff

Words: 2090

A/N: I hope you guys enjoy this part and please let me know what you think and if you would like to be tagged. From now on I’ll be alternating between this and Schooled, hopefully every Friday! I love you all very much! xxx


Originally posted by love-music-fashion-flawless

Chapter Five

17th June 1935

Loki stood with his foot against the wall of his cottage, nerves gathered in his stomach and he ran his fingers through his curly blonde hair. Again, he glanced down at his watch – he’d been doing that for half of the morning – Y/N was a couple of minutes late, but it was only a couple. The young man was so paranoid that she wouldn’t show up or that she’d forgotten it would cause him quite a blow if she didn’t show up. He had been looking forward to this for the past week.

Loki glanced up, squinting in the sunshine, his heart jolted when he noticed that there was a figure running across the front lawn, “I’m so sorry,” Y/N smiled, slightly breathless as she reached him, “I’m so sorry that I’m late, my hair was being very temperamental this morning,” she giggled. She looked so beautiful; she was wearing an emerald green dress that had been accentuated with curly hair and red lipstick.

He smiled, feeling completely at ease as he shook his head, “don’t worry about it, you look lovely by the way,” he chuckled and offered his arm to Y/N. The pretty girl flushed as she took his arm and the both of them walked down to the village lane together.

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I lost respect for the team when they let Thor do this:


No one did anything to stop him. Cap only says one thing and somehow Thor obeys him. 

The double standard in these movies when it came to Tony. All of them have done terrible stuff, none of them are perfect. Many of the things they accuse Tony of, they’ve done it themselves:

Natasha: one of the most feared assassins in Russia. (killed a lot of people on her past, something Tony has also been responsible for) Her reputation made it to SHIELD’S hit list and was considered a potential threat to global security to the point SHIELD sent Clint to kill her. Incidents like Budapest, Osaka, the children’s ward, the hospital fire (it’s implied she was sent in to make an assassination look like an accident and started a fire which ended up killing a number of innocent people.), São Paulo, etc. Loki: ‘Barton told me everything. Your ledger is dripping, can you wipe out that much red? it’s gushing red and you think saving a man no more virtuous than yourself will change anything’

Thor: started as a reckless arrogant god with a large ego to the point that the first thing he did as a king was to sacrifice the lives of innocent people including his own friends to go to war against the Frost Giants even if his father warned him not to go to Jotunheim, this led Asgard to be at war and him to be proven unworthy by betraying Asgard and his loved ones by his actions, chose to taunt Thanos instead of going for the instant kill even knowing how many lives were at stake, this gave Thanos the opportunity to muster the strength to snap his fingers, all of this because he was dealing with grief (something Tony did with Bucky). "Loki’s rage followed me here and your people paid the price. And now again. In my youth, I courted war.“

Steve: a war criminal by choice, refused to sign papers that could be negotiable over time and refused to hand over control requested by 117 countries, refused to tell Tony about his parent’s death even if he was Howard’s friend and Tony was housing him with commodities, even knowing the truth, he still looked down on Tony and treated in a condescending ways; someone as ‘honorable’ as him judged Tony from the very beginning without knowing him personally, the civilians killed in Lagos because he got distracted, he treated those civilians as ‘casualties’ on the day to day job, refused to sign again only because Tony had Wanda inside a facility where she can be protected, throws a tantrum and calls wanda a ‘kid’ then proceeds to fight Peter Parker with no problems and even throws him a piece of aircraft equipment without knowing the kid’s strength, then made Clint bring Wanda into a war she wasn’t supposed to be part of (something Tony did with Peter), put his entire team in danger and risked their lives at his own petition, went back in time and got rid of Peggy’s agency; someone who was happily married with kids, he was willing to tear the Avengers apart for Bucky but given the option, he still left said friend to suffer for years even if he knew he was being tortured, etc.  ‘I’m sorry. Steve. That - that is dangerously arrogant. This is the United Nations we’re talking about. It’s not the World Security Council, it’s not SHIELD, it’s not HYDRA.’ 

Clint: became a brutal assassin who kills people he believes are unworthy to have been spared from the snap, left his wife and kids for a fight he had no business in even if he was retired and it wasn’t a requirement from his part to sign the accords, constantly putting his own family in danger, mockingly told Wanda to go back to school if she wanted to ‘mope’ over the death of civilians in Lagos, became a war criminal by his own volition blaming Tony for his own choices and accused him of being responsible of Rhodey’s misfortune, made of all this deal only to be placed under house arrest and agree to follow the Sokovia Accords as he should’ve done from the very beginning in benefit of his own family, under Loki’s control he helped him steal the Tesseract, escape and inform him all about the members of Fury’s team, including the dangerousness of Hulk, Black Widow’s past, and the power of Stark Tower. While doing this, he shot and killed many people and helped unleash the hulk (Tony was also a victim of someone’s mind control), Rhodey to Natasha about Clint: "What he’s done here, what he’s been doing for the last few years… I mean the scene that he left… I gotta tell you there’s part of me that doesn’t even want to find him.”

Bruce: just like Tony, he wasn’t informed of the real intention under the military’s plans and worked on a dangerous serum for the United States Armed Forces, then upped the dosage of the gamma radiation serum to impress Betty’s dad and the hulk was created (playing with something he didn’t know about, something Tony has also been accused of), this also resulted in him killing two scientists, an army officer, and many others, he’s also responsible for Ultron not only Tony, under Wanda’s mind control (Tony was also a victim of Wanda’s mind control), the Hulk destroyed the city of Johannesburg; largest city in South Africa and Bruce was in talks to be arrested, Tony prevented that. "Only when I’ve created a murder-bot.“

The list goes on and on. All of them have done horrible things, and somehow Tony is the one they see as the one they shouldn’t trust, the one they should watch their backs before he ‘betrays’ them. Tony deserved to say every word he said here:


And he was right lmao 

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Originally posted by kellysbundy

Natasha Romanoff Masterlist

Requested by Anon: AAHH lmao, prompt 21 from your quotes list with Ntasha and reader where reader is the injured one, please? Tysm!!


  •  *with some injury which is bad*
  • “This isn’t the worst I’ve gotten.”
  • “Do I want to know the worst you’ve gotten?”
  • “No, it’s the last thing you want to know.”

Word Count: 481 (Short and sarcastic)

A/N: I’m guessing people liked my prompt list

“A rotator cuff tear, broken ankle, mild concussion, a hairline fracture to the ribs and cheekbone.” The doctor checked off, eyes wide at the sheer amount of injuries on the list in front of him.

Sighing, you leaned back in your chair slightly as he gave Natasha the pain killers and instructions for you to rest. You almost groaned when he said you won’t be able to go outside for almost a week, let alone go on missions. Sighing, you tried to get up by yourself only to crash back in your seat.

Natasha rolled her eyes and began to help you up. Your injuries were your fault. You’d dared Sam to a fight with his wings. But, when you’d tried to backflip on top of the wings. You fell off and landed on your side, which explained a majority of the injuries.

Your girlfriend helped you onto the couch. She had just woken up and found you absent in your room when she heard you were in the medical bay. The redhead had rushed there to find you laughing while Sam and Steve teased you about your mistake.

At this point, it was normal for you to get injured through something idiotic. But it never failed to make you laugh. The redhead just wished your sense of humor wouldn’t always get you injured.

“You know,” You began, settling down on the couch as Natasha sat next to you. The redhead moved your legs onto the couch and sat across from you. The cast for your ankle resting on a pillow next to her knee.

“This isn’t the worst I’ve gotten.” You confessed, eating one of the Oreos from a packet someone had left there earlier. Natasha raised an eyebrow at the statement as well as the Oreos on the table.

“Do I want to know the worst you’ve gotten?” The redhead asked, sarcasm underlining the curiosity in her tone.

“No, it’s the last thing you want to know.” You quipped, eliciting a smirk and a chuckle from Natasha.

The redhead sighed and moved to take one of your Oreos, you almost didn’t let her. But when she threatened to force you to stay in bed all day, you gave her almost half the packet. It was always like this with you, Natasha got worried when you got hurt, you assured her you were okay and made jokes about it.

Natasha pretended she hated it, but she wouldn’t change anything. 

A/N: It was short but like still, tell me what you think!

 Tag List: @capcarolsdanver, @versdan, @lesbian-girls-wayhaught, @lovebotlarson, @dhengkt, @hstoria​, @natasha-danvers​, @veryfunnyal, @xxxtwilightaxelxxx , @ophelias-heart  , @never-didbefore​ , @justarandomhumanhere, @the-most-unicorn-of-them-all , @thatssocamryn , @lesbian-x-blackwidow , @marvelbbyx , @wlw-imaginesss , @hcartbyheart , @summergeezburr , @imnotasuperhero  , @a-stressedstudent , @aaron-despair , @rooskaya-yelena   let me know if you’d like to be in any of my tag lists!

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