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Link: Chapter 9

Previous: Chapter 8

First: Chapter 1 (AO3)

A/N: I decided last-minute to cut about ¼ of this chapter down, so hopefully it’s not too short now. Next one will be longer, I promise! And as usual, I hope everyone enjoys!! And of course, hope everyone is still staying safe and healthy out there as well. Sending love to everyone ❤️❤️

Preview: There was another beat of silence while Steve thought. This time, he was wringing his hands, which Natasha had noticed both he and Barnes tended to do when they already knew what they wanted to say, but were worried how it would be received. “That also sounds like Bucky,” he said slowly, as if testing her reaction to each word. “Like a reaction to the shock therapy they put him through.”

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Dating Steve Rogers would include

A/N: I low key hate this, but also wanted to get it out there so here, have some garbage.

- Him taking literal AGES to realize his affections towards you are more than platonic

- Several years actually, years you spent on dating apps and in bars, looking and sometimes finding a good time, but never something that lasts, never something that felt right

- Until you get hurt one day on a mission, and the realization strikes for Steve

- While you recover, he distances himself to figure himself out

- He’s a man out of time, and this forces him to think about what he really wants and where he wants to go

- Turns out the latter doesn’t matter, as long as it’s with you

- Once your back on track, he collects all his courage and Natasha‘s constant advice and pushing to catch you in the training room

- First, he simply watches you, half in awe, half just anxious, before he finally approaches you

- „So you’re fit enough to train again?“

- You stop what you were doing, turning around to face him

- Where has he been the past few weeks? Is everything alright? Why won’t he speak?

- … Is that a blush?

- “Well”, he scratches his head, “Now that you’re back I thought you’d might like these.”

- And he gifts you a pair of brand new, tiny hand guns with a fitting belt

- “To protect you. When I’m not there I mean.” He says.

- You raise an eyebrow. “I can take care of myself.”

- But you can’t help but feel a flutter growing in your stomach.

- Meetings at Bars followed.

- Meetings turned into dates turned into a very teary and sweet confession one night when the two of you walked home.

- Steve is a sweetheart

- He will make you breakfast.

- He will insist on taking you out on weekends, sometimes fancy, sometimes just trying out that tiny place for Chinese food you always walk past in the morning

- Doesn’t matter if the food turns out to be amazing or not, as long as you’re there

- Long walks in parks and the countryside, if you can manage that

- His favorite thing to do for you is driving out of the city, finding a place with a nice view and just watch the stars as you’re cuddled together underneath a blanket on top of the car

- Very sweet and tender kisses throughout the day

- Him getting very flustered around the others at first, but more and more bold over time

- First he’d say sorry if Nat spotted the two of you holding hands underneath the table at a meeting

- But after some time, he becomes reckless

- Long make out sessions in empty meeting rooms

- He can pick you up with ease and it’s amazing

- One time, Vision walks in, looking for some files, all shocked and flustered when he sees you

- Steve doesn’t even let him excuse himself

- He simply groans “Get out Vision!” while still holding you up against the wall, his forehead pressed to yours

- Vision doesn’t tell anyone

- Only wanda finds out by reading his mind

- But apart from some grinning when Steve and you are the topic of the conversation, she too stays quiet

- Even after a rather short time of dating, you start to feel at home

- When the proposal happens, you’re not surprised, just overwhelmed with happiness

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Clint: Nat can you do me a favour?
Natasha: I would literally cover up a murder you committed, plant my DNA at the crime scene, and take the blame for it if you asked me to.
Clint: Can you get me a coffee?
Natasha: No.
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29. I think I need a doctor

“Trauma room!” Bruce bellowed and started to shove the gurney in said direction, together with Dr. Cho and a nurse. 

Two minutes ago Steve and Tony had carried Clint into the SHIELD infirmary, followed by Natasha and Scott. 

“What happened?” Bruce, who helped out in the infirmary when the Avenges don’t need him, asked. 

“He got dosed with something,” Steve said and he and Tony had placed the archer on a gurney a nurse had shown them. “We don’t know what it is, he just said he couldn’t breathe and we hurried to bring him in.”

The four Avengers followed the doctors to the trauma room and when the nurse wanted to shoo them away, Steve glared at her and Bruce nodded. 

“It’s okay,” he said and started to work immediately. Bruce stood at Clint’s head. He pulled his head to him and told the nurse he needed a Macintosh blade before he carefully opened Clint’s mouth. 

“Is he going to be okay?” Scott asked but Bruce ignored him right now. 

He shoved the blade in Clint’s mouth, carefully not to hit the teeth and moved Clint’s lip out of the way with his finger. He held the blade and gently moved it in Clint’s throat.

“I can see the epiglottis,” he said then. He looked some more and muttered under his breath before he looked at the nurse. 

“Give me a tube,” he said. “Seven point five.” 

The nurse gave it to Bruce and he started to gently shove it in Clint’s mouth, cursed a few times and then he sighed. He added a respirator before he turned to the other Avengers. Dr. Cho just adjusted the respirator behind them.

“What happened?” Bruce asked and both, Steve and Tony, knew what he really wanted to know. ‘Would it have happened if I was with you?’

“They had gas grenades,” Nat said. “I was far away, Scott and Tony were protected by their helmets and Steve…”

“Well, you know Steve,” Tony added. 

“But we don’t know what it is,” Scott added. 

“We will find out,” Dr. Cho said and turned around. “But you have to let us work now.” 

“You… you will call us if something happens, right?” Nat wanted to know and Bruce nodded. 

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of him,” he said and removed his glasses to clean them. 

“Thank you,” Nat smiled and Bruce nodded. 

“But now you have to let me do my work,” he said. “Let’s find why our friend can’t breath properly.”

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Day 28- Halloween Crafts

Steve walked from the bathroom, and headed toward the kitchen, and heard:

“Son of a bitch. Damn it, damn it.” He peered into the dining room and found Natasha hunched over the table, iPad in front of her, with a paint brush in her hand. She put the brush to a white painted mason jar. She steadied her hand with the other, and make a stroke. Clearly she wasn’t happy about it because then she put the brush down, stared at the wall, and then let her head fall to the table below, and let out a loud groan.

“Natasha, honey? You okay?” Steve edged himself in the room.

Head still on the table, she turned to face Steve and scrunched up her face. “It’s all your fault, you know.”

Steve crossed his arms and leaned against the door jamb, trying to keep a smile from his face, “What is?”, he asked as seriously as he could muster.

“Why’d you have to be so damn good at art?” Natasha sat up and crossed her arms.

Steve cracked a smile, and pushed himself off the door, heading toward her. “I’m sorry, Nat.” He pressed his lips on the top of her head, and took a look at what she was doing. In front of her were three mason jars. The one in her hand was painted white, with black splotches haphazardly. “What were you trying to do?”, he asked.

Natasha turned the iPad to face him. On the screen were three painted mason jars, one white with Jack Skellington’s face on it, an orange one made to look like a jack-o-lantern, and the last one was green with black paint around the top.

“Is that the Hulk, or Frankenstein’s monster?” Steve joked, trying to cheer her up. Natasha let out a flat “ha”. Steve sat next to her and rubbed small circles on her back. “How can I help you?”

She leaned into his touch, “Can you paint the faces for me?”, her eyes fell on his. She took another look at the picture. “I can do the base coat, but I need your steady hands to paint the other stuff.”

Steve rolled up his sleeves,a new grabbed a paint brush. “Let’s do this.” He smiled at her. Natasha smiled back and nodded her head. She handed Steve the white mason jar, and pulled a second one toward her, and grabbed the orange paint. For the next few hours, Natasha and Steve worked like a well oiled machine. Natasha painted the base coats, let them dry, and then Steve painted the different faces on them. When he was finished and it was dry, Natasha wrapped twine around the neck of the jar into a bow.

She tied the last bow, and turned the three jars so they were facing her and Steve. She stood back and inspected the finished products. Steve met her by her side, placing his arms around her waist. “They look great, Natasha.” He kissed her forehead.

“They do, don’t they?” Natasha turned in his arms and faced him. “Thanks for your help, hon.” She stood on her tiptoes, and kissed him.

“You’re welcome, Nat.

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You’re so adorable

Peter Parker x Reader

Universe: Marvel

Requested: Yes/No

Warnings: None, Cuddling, Making out, Mentions of smut. You guys are like in College here.

Summary: Peter Parker coming back to your apartment after hero work.

Type: Drabble, Fluff and more fluff.


You were in your room in you and your parent’s house and you just binged Sherlock and you are now currently watching The Umbrella Academy. You were checking your Tumblr when you heard a loud knocking noise outside your bedroom window.

You turn to look just to see your boyfriend, Peter Parker in his Spider-man suit, asking you to let him in. You smile at him and walk over to your bedroom window and you open it as he crawls in. You chuckle as you go to your closet and get a few of Peter’s clothes from his secret stash of clothing. You throw some to him as he catches it and goes to the bathroom to change.

After he finishes, he goes to your bed and plops down beside you, wrapping his arms around your form as you lie of his toned chest.

“Tough mission?” You ask him as he chuckles.

“No. Just a few robberies here and there. Nothing too bad.” He replied. You ‘tsk’ at him and said, “Even so. You should still be careful.” You start to trace patterns on his chest. “I worry about you, you know.”

He sighs and combs your hair. “I know you do.” He says, his other hand tracing small circles on the exposed part of your waist.

You look up at him with a small smile as he returns it. You adjust your position so that you were face to face with him, lying on your side. You lean a little toward him as he leans in, noses touching. Your lips come in contact with his as both of your lips move in sync.

It was slow, soft, and enough to drive you insane. His rough, chapped lips against your smooth lips made you remeber the first time you have ever come in contact with them. His hands were on your waist, drawing imaginary patterns and feeling like fire against your skin. Your hands go to the side of his neck as your thumb caresses his cheek.

Both of his hands grasp your waist and shifts you so you were on top of him without breaking the kiss, your hands now on his chest. You giggled softly, sending vibrations against his lips. He smiled in the kiss but despite his smile, you knew he was holding back.

You pulled away a little, just enough to see his face but still on top of him.

“Baby? What’s wrong?” He asked you, his arms going up and down your sides.

“Peter, I don’t need your spider sense to know that you’re hesitating. Now I’m going to ask you, are you ok?” You replied, tracing patterns over his clothed chest. He sighed deeply, his hands cupping your face, thumb gently stroking your cheeks. He gave you a smile but you could see the nervousness behind his eyes. You chuckled at his shyness.

“Don’t worry, Peter. We’re just making out, nothing else. Ok?” You said, kissing his forehead. You pulled back and asked him, “Do you wanna cuddle instead?”

“If it’s ok with you.” He replied as you smiled softly. “Of course it’s ok, Pete. I would never do something that you’re uncomfortable with.” You carefully manuevered yourself off Peter and you laid next to him, his arms hugging your form at once as you kissed him softly, and your attention turned back to the screen.

“You’re so adorable, you know that?” Peter told you as you rolled your eyes at him.

“As if you aren’t.” You shot back, making him chuckle.

“Well, if you say I am, then I am.”


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