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more Tony and Nat as dashing BFFs, featuring non-alcoholic champagne over candlelight, and bonding over the thrill of the chase. (The ‘young woman’ in question is a woman who turns into a giant, magical lizard, who just kicked Tony’s ass earlier this day.)

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Miss Romanoff, you are here today, accused of murder. Do you deny the accusation?
He died from natural causes.
You kicked him off a roof!
(shrugs) Gravity is natural.
Judge, whispering
What now?
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66. “If you leave the house wearing that then the second you get back home I’m going to bend you over that bed.”

81. “Is that a thong?”

"So,” a voice calls behind you. “What do you think of this?”

You turn, in the middle of buttoning up your shirt, and the sight of Natasha makes you pause.

The dress is black, tight and silky, and the way it hugs her hips makes your mouth water. It covers enough thigh to be decent, but your eyes are obviously going to wander when your girlfriend walks in the room looking like that. She’s wearing a necklace too, one you bought for her a while ago that she always wears on nights like these. You smile to yourself, and your gaze travels over the slope of her neck, her jaw.

“Close your mouth, baby,” she winks. “You’ll catch flies.”

You snap back into reality, stepping closer to her and sliding your hands to her waist. You press your lips to her forehead, “sorry. You just look beautiful.”

“Oh, I know.” She grins, winding her arms around your neck to adjust the collar of your shirt.

“But, if you leave the house wearing this then the second we get back home I’m going to bend you over that bed.”

“I was hoping you’d say that.” She smirks and kisses you, sliding her tongue against yours for not nearly long enough. “But, just wait.”

She steps back, fingers curling under the hem of her address to pull it up past her ass and she turns around, bending over a little. It only lasts a brief second, and then she’s back in front of you with her hands on your neck and a sweet smile on her face before you can even process what you’ve seen.

You raise an eyebrow. “Is that a thong?

She nods, pressing a final kiss to your lips. “Time to go.”

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69. “Come here, baby, let Mommy/Daddy take care of you.”

74. “Wow, I think you’re blushing even redder than the vibrator inside you.”

warnings: subby nat. majorly subby nat. daddy kink.

The last thing you expected to wake up to was Natasha next to you with her thighs spread and her head thrown back, though it came as a very pleasant surprise.

You’re wide awake the second you realise what she’s up to, a sleepy grin on your face. You press your face to her shoulder, your lips brushing against hot skin.

“What brought this on?” You mumble. You slide a hand across her stomach, gripping her hip to press her into the mattress a little. “Why didn’t you wake me?”

“You had a long day,” she breathes. “Didn’t want to bother you.”

You chuckle against her neck, grazing your teeth over her pulse. “You never bother me. Especially when I wake up to this.”

Natasha doesn’t manage to hide a smile, breathing a whimper as she ups the speed of the vibrator between her legs. You rest a hand on her neck, a finger on her jaw to turn her to face you, and you kiss her slow. The whine she releases into your mouth only makes you more eager.

“Come here, baby, let daddy take care of you.” You move, resting on your knees between her legs. Your hand covers hers over the toy, and she pulls away, instead digging her fingers into your shoulders as you adjust the speed again.

“Fuck, I need you.” She mutters. Her fingers press harder, urging you to make her come. “Please, daddy.”

You hover over her, nearing your lips to her ear while your hand remains on the vibrator between her thighs.

“I’ve got you,” you whisper. “Relax, sweetheart. Daddy’s got you.”

Her cheeks flush, wrapping her arms around your neck and lifting a leg to rest over your lower back.

“You can’t stop the embarrassment can you? You’re blushing even redder than the vibrator inside you.” You comment, voice low in her ear. “It’s okay, baby. You know I love it when you call me daddy.”

Natasha doesn’t say much, just whimpers and nods along with you.

“Look at me,” you grip her jaw gently, tilting your forehead to hers. “I want you to come for me.”

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Next up in the Soulmate series will be some ridiculously fluffy domestic Romanogers inspired by Lonestar’s “Front Porch Looking In”

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‘mother murphy. she turns a 40,000 foot fall into a ballet…’

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Steve: I’m gonna eat that chocolate.

Bucky, with puppy eyes: But I was going to eat it.

Steve: Okay, you can…

Bucky: No, now I don’t want it.

Steve: What are you now, a baby?



Bucky: Yes.

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Drabble #1

Walking into the common room during your study break you sigh before plopping down onto one of the couches. “Oof” it’s only then you realise this couch wasn’t exactly free, but free enough. “Really doll?”  Bucky asks as you look at him. “Do you hear Steve complain? No? Be more like Steve.” you say before sighing once more.

“Everything alright?” Natasha asks from the other side of the room. You shrug “School” you answer making her nod, understanding you. A moment of silence passes before you speak up once again. “I just want someone to take me out, you know?”  

“Like, on a date or with a gun?” Bucky asks as he and Steve look down at your resting form. “Surprise me!” “Doll- no” “Understandable” “Nat- no”

Both you and Nat sigh this time, extra dramatic as the guys disapprove of your wishes. “Boring.” you say before walking back to your room.

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My Black Widow Movie Theory

Alright I got a theory about the Black Widow movie and Marvel pulls this shit all the time so yeah…

Yelena is gonna die. The Black Widow movie takes place right after Civil War events so obviously before Infinity War. Unlike in the comics Yelena is like Natasha’s sister a family she had prior to the Avengers. The green vest she wears in Infinity War is exactly like Yelena’s we’ve seen in the trailers and in pictures. Nat also dyed her hair as blonde and wears that same vest not only does she have a complete new look and outfit change because Nat, Steve, and Sam are wanted by law and would be easily recognized on sight, she is also paying tribute to her lost sister.


Plus this photo of an upset and clearly grieving Natasha and what looks like an unresponsive Yelena. How Yelena dies I can’t say obviously likely something involving Taskmaster and or in taking down the new Red Room he’s starting.

Will Yelena legitimately stay dead? I personally would hope not cause it would be her first appearance in the MCU and her character could be used so much more. But also it wouldn’t be the first time Marvel killed a character off in their first big screen MCU appearance *cough* PIETRO MAXIMOFF *cough*. I do hope Florence Pugh stays longer than one movie in her contract while I like Yelena’s comicbook history more than her being like a sister to Natasha and not someone who wants to be better than her and want Natasha dead, it will be interesting to see this take on Yelena in the MCU.

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