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Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow + Hairstyles
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Clint, showing Y/N some of his old clown stuff: This is a slapstick. It makes a loud noise. But, it doesn't really hurt.
Clint, bending over: Go ahead. Hit me with it as hard as you can.
Y/N: With pleasure.
Y/N: *Hits him really hard causing him to fly a few feet*
Y/N: It’s all in the wrist.
Natasha: *Intrigued*
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Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow + Captain America's Shield
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Lay Your Head Down With Me Darling
Summary — After a horrible day, Natasha’s the only one you want. She doesn’t know what she’s done to deserve you.
PAIRING — Natasha Romanoff x College!Reader ( 2k )
Authors Note — There isn’t nearly enough Natasha fluff out there. Inspired by Lay Your Head Down by R5. Moved from another blog.
There was a time in your life when you liked change. When you were daring and adventurous. When you never did the same thing twice. You hadn’t been like that in a long time; Natasha had never known that side of you. To her, you were an otherwise meticulous planner. Everything had a place, and everything had a reason. Nothing was ever sporadic; nothing except for her.
Natasha Romanoff is an entirely too unorganized person for being a superhero and a spy. Her habits are flexible, interchangeable; she likes to branch out, to try new things. You suppose you should be grateful for that. If she was anything like you, you’re not so sure you’d be sitting in the Avengers Tower sleepily flipping through a textbook hearing her laugh every so often.
She invited you to dinner with the team, but after the day you’ve had, you decline with a kiss on her shoulder and a shake of your head. You couldn’t wait to study, and your girlfriend prided herself on being more of a distraction than a help. Now, you weren’t sure sending her away was such a good idea.
There’s been an ache at the top of your scalp since this morning, and it’s progressed into stabbing pains behind your eyes and down your neck. Her scent lingers everywhere in the room; shampoo on the pillows, perfume on the sweats. The collar of her softest crewneck is above your nose, her favorite perfume lingering on the cotton and your teeth pinch some of the soft fabric as you study. Natasha says you’re absolutely adorable like this, but your face only flushes every time you realize how lost you’ve become in your academics. Natasha isn’t lucky enough to avoid your cooing when she’s the one floating above her head in concentration, so reluctantly you suppose it’s only fair she gets to have her fun with you. The sight of her completely emerged in a missions report, hair twisted between her fingers and bottom lip pulled between her teeth is your definition of domestic bliss. She looks so innocent when she’s not covered in the blood of an enemy or breaking Steve’s back during hand-to-hand combat; it almost makes you forget you’re in love with a trained assassin.
Your favorite time to admire her is when she’s asleep. Her cheeks become a shade of soft pink, and her shoulders relax. She breathes slowly. You almost had a heart attack the first time you watched her, and you counted to twenty-seven before she took another breath in. She moves so fast when she’s awake. Everything has a purpose, and even if she has no plan, everything is done efficiently. It’s entirely ethereal watching her unwind and drop her walls. She’s beautiful; you’re best friend.
Once, when Tony found you in the kitchen, nose buried in an Calculus textbook with an assortment of colored inks to your left, he’d sarcastically made a remark about your inability to ‘let loose’. He wasn’t wrong, but he’d left the kitchen howling with laughter as you hurled highlighters and gel pens at his back. Natasha was never any better than her teammates. She disrupted the order of your notebooks (which were all color coded), purposefully folded your long-sleeved shirts with your pajama bottoms, and messed with the caps on your highlighters; anything she could to provoke a childish huff from high in your chest, because she knew it would lead to you burying your nose in her neck and whining into her sensitive skin about how you hated her annoying ass. She’d do anything for a chance to hold you… and she liked seeing you all pouty, even if she continuously denied it.
With that being established, your move from campus to the Avengers Tower was entirely sporadic. You’d been dating for almost a year and a half, and the only ones that knew were your parents and Natasha’s teammates. Even then, her housemates (if they even fit that description) only had any idea because of the advanced security system in the Tower that NYU wouldn’t even be able to dream of. Your roommate was out of town for the weekend, and Natasha had seized the rare opportunity to be in your space immediately. She loved having you in her room, at her home, with her people, but she wouldn’t deny you looked entirely different in your dorm, in your space, with your people. She would later reluctantly add that your decorative style was better than hers, even if she did fight you on the color of the comforter during the move.
You were at your desk, typing up the last of a frustratingly exhausting research paper when she asked. She was on your bed, holding one of your childhood stuffed animals in her lap, sporting one of her many NYU crecknecks that she’d bought when you were first admitted into the engineering program to ‘be your biggest supporter’. She hadn’t expected you to say yes, in fact she’d expected you to blubber on with flushed red cheeks and tell her all the reasons why you couldn’t, or that you weren’t ready. That didn’t come. Well it did, however not immediately. Not until you replaced your teddy bear in her lap and worried through your thick eyelashes about what her housemates would say. Maybe it was the delirium that fueled your prompt decision to change the course of your entire life, or maybe it was just the trust you had in Natasha being your person. Whatever you wanted to blame, it was one of the best spontaneous decisions you’ve made.
Natasha’s smirking in the doorway of your room, waiting for you to notice. Her arms are crossed over her chest, waiting for your attention to linger away from your textbook onto her eyes so she can tease you about stealing her clothes again. She doesn’t mind, but it makes you blush every time she digs at you for missing her so much when she’s just downstairs; when this time you were the one that chose to be alone. Her smirk drops the second she sees you wince. It was so slight, so repressed, her lips pulled tight. Had she been anyone else, she wouldn’t have noticed how everything about you was off right now. It made her belly tighten with guilt for letting it be so oblivious to her until now.
She knocks on the door before she says anything. She’s scared you out of your skin too many times before when all of your attention is focused on your academics. She hates that she has to create such an annoying sound just to avoid startling you right now, but she knows how bad your anxiety becomes when she doesn’t; being involved with an avenger, romantically or otherwise, paints a target on your back instantaneously you’ve learned. Her heart clenches when you wince, and let the slightly damp crewneck fall onto your chest.
“Hi, Милый (sweetheart).” She whispers sweetly, closing the door behind her. It’s soundless, but even that makes you flinch. Your hands reach for her before she’s even halfway across the room, eyes pleading. You need her. You want her. You’ve tried to suppress how your limbs ache all over, and how every time you start a new passage in your textbook you have to go back multiple times just to confirm you haven’t missed an entire section. You just need Natasha to hold you. To rub your back, braid your hair, relieve the endless pressure in your chest by just being her. You should’ve known today was going to be a bad day when you’d woken up in an empty bed with a persistent pain in your head. “Hey, hey. What’s wrong? What are the tears for, milaya devushka (pretty girl)?”
Natasha takes the heavy textbook off of your lap. She closes it with your highlighter between the pages you’ve been dwelling over for an hour, trying to move as quickly as she can. She just wants to hold you, but she knows you’ll never let yourself relax if your work still lingers so close and unfinished. You’d promised her that the assignments you had to revise were nothing heavy, and that (after she found you becoming faint in the shower two weeks ago) you wouldn’t continue pushing yourself so hard. The both of you were alike in horrible ways. You gave your all, always, even if it was slowly killing you.
“I’m sorry.” You say weakly. Natasha’s heart breaks. She should’ve seen it sooner. If she couldn’t use what the Red Room had taught her for good, what was she doing here? With you, with the Avengers? Why had you always been her biggest blindspot?
Natasha shakes her head, and finally gets to pull you into her arms. You feel warm. Natasha frowns, “None of that, Dorogaya (darling). Okay?” She’s always so soft with you. If you were feeling more like yourself you would’ve had something to say about her pet names, but taunting her was the last thing on your mind. The first thing was the pain. Natasha knows that though. She’s always one step ahead of you. “Your head, printsessa (princess?”
You nod, and she frowns. You’ve suffered migraines for as long as she’s known you, but the chills that are running down your spine aren’t a part of your usual symptoms. You’re sick, and it breaks her heart. “Let’s get this off of you, baby.” She mumbles affectionately, pushing you away from her chest just far enough so that she can take the purple crewneck in her steady hands. You shiver when her cold hands drag across your skin, taking away your warmth as they travel. She discards the crewneck haphazardly onto the floor, quickly pulling you in close. “What do you want, baby? Tylenol? A bath? I can steal some of Wanda’s lavender tea.”
You turn your face so that your lips are pressed to her shoulder, and the lingering scent of laundry detergent is surrounding you. Natasha smiles fondly, taking the opportunity to slip a few of her cold fingers beneath the band of your bra. You sigh at how nice it feels, relaxing into her touch. “You.”
“Hm?” Natasha hums, brushing a few strands of unruly hair away from your eyes. She guides your lips away from her shoulder, sweeping the pad of her thumb across your bottom lip. She giggles watching your eyes flutter, your head lost between the pain, the exhaustion, and her. Is it possible to be drunk off of a person? “What did you say, kukolka (little doll)?”
“You.” You repeat, wincing as another strike of sharp pain stabs your scalp. Natasha frowns. She goes to lay you down on the pillows, but your fingers curl around her top before she can let go. “Don’t go. Please.”
“Baby, you’re not going to be able to sleep if you don’t take something.” Natasha drops her lips to your forehead, letting the sweet smell of your shampoo and conditioner relax her muscles. She doesn’t know how she got so lucky. To have you all to herself in her bed with you in her clothes; it overwhelms her sometimes. You’re so much better than she can ever be. You’re so innocent, she’s worried she’ll taint the pure goodness in your heart. You remind her so often that you’d choose her again in a heartbeat, that there was nobody else but her; there would never be anyone that could even compare.
“I don’t need to sleep.” You mumble, despite your eyes being closed, heavy with desire to sleep. Natasha almost laughs watching you plead your case. You’d sacrifice everything to continue feeling her arms around you. That’s what you need right now. No amount of tylenol or tea, no matter how appealing they sound, could make you feel better then she could. “Please. I just want you to hold me.”
Natasha nods. She asks FRIDAY to turn off the lights, encasing the two of you in complete darkness. She moves the pillows around the both of you so that you’re not laying completely flat, her chest already starting to rise and fall slower as she lets herself relax. You hum contently, grabbing her hand that isn’t rubbing your back. Natasha smiles, squeezing your hand, wishing that she could be the one feeling this hurt instead of you.
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[during a mission]
HYDRA Agent: I will make you sorry you were ever born!
Y/N: Well, for your information, I’m already sorry I was ever born.
Natasha, taking down the Agent: *hits Y/N on the back of the head*
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Natasha : Who hurt you?
Y/n : *snorting* What, do you want a list?
Natasha: ...Yes, actually.
Tumblr media
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Natasha: Look, I hate to say it, but you’re acting like me.
Yelena: Posting Stark’s credit card number on Reddit because he said you looked tired?
Natasha: Oh, right, I forgot I did that.
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Third Wheel
Wandnat x Reader
Word Count: 2704
Warnings: Angst w/ happy ending
Requested by:@tightrope-mindsets
Summary: Wanda and Natasha are in a relationship that everyone knows about. However no one knows that you are also in that relationship. You were fine not being in the public eye, but overtime it starts to get to you. Everything comes to heads at one of Tony's New Year's Eve parties.
An: I may have tweaked the idea a little but I hope you still like it.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Wanda and Natasha loved each other. It was common knowledge to everyone around them. The two women almost drowned each other in affection every chance they got.
They were always touching each other. Physical touch was their primary love language. Always kissing, always holding one another, always attached at the hip.
It was adorable, as no one else seemed to bring out that side of the women. At least to the public's knowledge, that is.
There was another member of their relationship not known to anyone. Y/n L/n, one of Tony Stark's many assistants.
Both women took an immediate interest in Y/n the first time they laid their eyes on her. From that day moving forward they would always flirt with the girl. They had taken pride in being able to make a blush cross her face.
Soon the flirting transpired into a few dates, and before she knew it they had asked Y/n to join the relationship. The woman was hesitant at first, afraid of what the public would think.
Natasha and Wanda assured the woman that they didn't have to tell the public about their relationship. They knew that if the press caught wind of the relationship, that Y/n could be put in danger, so keeping it a secret was the smartest thing to do.
While the sneaking around was fun in the beginning, it began to take a toll on Y/n. Watching Natasha and Wanda be affectionate with each other in public and not being a part of it was sparking an insecurity inside of Y/n.
The insecurity used to go away the instant that the two heroes got her alone. They'd shower her in that same affection; holding her hand, kissing her forehead, playing with her hair. It was all fine when it was just the three of them.
Lately things have been different. The insecurity doesn't disappear anymore. Now, Y/n questions if these moments they have are real. She feels like they don't love her like they love each other, and it's eating her alive.
It, to the point where every touch makes her feel dirty. As if she is just there to add excitement to an already beautiful relationship. Y/n feels like a randomly selected third, rather than a girlfriend.
She didn't voice this to the women, scared of losing them, despite her feelings. She was waiting for the moment that they noticed what she felt or even the moment where they got tired of hiding, but it never seemed to come.
Tony's New Year's Eve party was the perfect moment to change that. Natasha and Wanda had left earlier, while Y/n stayed behind. Y/n wanted to look so good that they couldn't possibly resist her.
Her natural hair pattern abandoned for the night as she curled her hair. Her face which was usually bare of makeup was fully coated. She had splurged on diamond accessories for this occasion. The outfit she settled on was an elaborate jumpsuit. Between the almost sheer material and plunging neckline, she would gather a lot of attention.
Hopefully, some of that attention would be by the women she was so desperately in love with.
Part of her was self-conscious about the way she looked. It was definitely a little out of her comfort zone. Before leaving for Tony's she gave her a once over in the mirror.
She almost took her own breath away. The woman in the mirror was almost foreign to her. A small smile formed on her face," Well, don't we clean up nice."
With a nod of approval from herself, she was on the way to Tony's.
When Y/n she wasn't surprised to see an abundance of strangers with a few familiar faces scattered here and there. This was of course a Tony Stark party.
" Hello there, beautiful maiden. Don't be alarmed by my good looks and intoxicating voice, it is just I, the one and only Thor Odinson. Have you heard of me?"
Y/n laughed out loud as she turned to fully face the god of thunder," Is that how you pick up women?"
Thor furrows his brow before finally recognizing her," Y/n? I did not recognize you. You look amazing."
She smiles sweetly as she observes a bashful blush appear on Thor's cheeks," Thank you, Thor."
He scratches the back of his neck," Well since I have thoroughly embarrassed myself I will take my leave. I hope to see you around sometime, Y/n."
Now Y/n was certain she could get the attention of her girlfriends. If the first person to flirt with her at the party was a literal god, then she should have no problem getting Natasha and Wanda's attention.
Parties in general weren't really her thing, so Y/n made a beeline to the bar. What she didn't notice was how the crowd of people were making a way for her.
Once they got a glimpse, they couldn't stop staring. So as the woman took a seat at the bar it was as if a line of suitors appeared out of nowhere, all waiting to talk to her.
Y/n was attracting so much attention that Tony came over to see what the fuss was about. He took a seat next to you at the bar.
" Well, you seem to be stealing the show tonight."
Y/n rolled her eyes, thinking this was another man that she would have to turn down. When she saw her boss, she let out a sigh of relief," Hi Mr. Stark."
Even Tony himself seemed taken aback for a moment," Y/n? Holy shit, you look amazing."
" Thanks Mr. Stark"
He looks at the crowd and then at his assistant," If you want, I could move you to a more secluded area, so they won't bother you. It's maybe about 50 people, which is way better than the hundreds down here."
Y/n nodded her head and eagerly took Tony's hand. He led her to a rooftop area that was still filled with people by way less than downstairs.
It was there that she was finally able to spot Wanda and Natasha. They were laughing at some joke Clint was telling. Natasha's hand was resting on Wanda's lower back as laughter shook their body.
" Better?"
" Much better, thank you, Mr.Stark."
He speaks up as he walks away from you," It's just Tony, Y/n. Make sure you enjoy yourself."
Y/n gives him a lazy salute before making her way to a less crowded bar once again. She orders a drink to sip on as she watches her girlfriends have the night of their life.
" Mind if I sit," Y/n looks to the right to see a beautiful blonde woman standing next to her.
" Go ahead."
The blonde orders a whiskey on the rocks before turning attention back to Y/n.
" This may be really forward of me, but can I just say that you look breathtakingly beautiful."
Y/n faces the woman," I've never heard that sentiment shared as many times as I've had tonight. It's starting to inflate my ego."
" A woman like you should have a big ego. I'm Carol, by the way."
Y/n's eyes go wide," Carol Danvers? As in Captain Marvel."
She chuckles," In the flesh. What about your name, beautiful?"
" Y/n, and it sucks to have to say this to you of all people, but I am in a relationship."
Carol gives a small smile, " There was only a slim chance that someone look like you would not be single. Can I ask you something Y/n?"
The assistant gives Carol a nod, waiting for the question.
" If you aren't single, then who is the asshole that's got you looking so lonely tonight?"
The woman takes a sip of her drink before sighing," It's a little complicated."
" I've got time."
Y/n found herself telling Carol everything. Maybe it was alcohol or maybe the genuine interest that Carol showed in her, but it all came spilling out of her mouth.
When she looked over to Wanda and Natasha this time, they were swaying together on the dance floor. They looked like the perfect couple.
" It sounds to me like they aren't treating you the way you deserve to be treated."
" They haven't even looked at me all night," Y/n's shoulder slump.
" What if we made them look?" Carol stands from her seat abruptly, extending her hand.
" I feel like you just want to dance with me?"
Carol shrugs her shoulders," Maybe I do, but I understand boundaries."
Y/n takes her hand and Carol guides her to the dance floor. That's when she felt eyes on them.
" Is it me or does it feel like everyone is looking at us?"
Carol leans down to whisper in her ear," That's because they are, and I do mean everyone."
Carol and Y/n sway to the song. Neither of them are musically inclined, but they're having fun. As the song comes to an end, Carol spins Y/n out and then back in. When Y/n ends up with her back against Carol's front, a blush appears on her face. It was impossible to ignore Carol's strong arms around her waist.
A laugh escapes the both of them as Carol lets the girl go.
Before either of them speak, they are approached by Wanda and Natasha.
" Carol, Y/n it's nice to see you both," it's then that Wanda lets her eyes rake over Y/n's body.
" You look amazing, Y/n," Natasha licks her bottom lip.
" Thanks," Y/n says with her eyes glued to the floor.
As they fall into easy conversation with Carol, their hands link together. Y/n's gaze focuses on their hands, and she is instantly brought back to reality.
" Um, I'm going to go to the restroom. Thank you for the dance, Carol. Hopefully we'll see each other again," Y/n gave her a polite smile before heading to the restroom.
While on the outside, she looked normal. The woman felt nauseous. As soon as she was in the bathroom, she ran into a stall. The drink along with the other contents of your stomach were being violently excommunicated from your body.
Y/n didn't see who it was, but someone else entered the stall and held your hair back. They were also rubbing soothing circles around her back.
" Oh, you poor thing. You're going to be ok, sweetheart."
When there was nothing left to throw up, Y/n removed her face from the toilet.
" How are you feeling?"
When Y/n finally glanced at the woman helping her, she felt some relief.
" I feel like shit to be honest, Pepper," Y/n says, while her head rests on the wall of the stall.
" I almost didn't recognize you, Y/n. I can take you home if you aren't feeling well," concern was splayed all over the woman's face.
" I'm fine, Pepper, but thanks."
Y/n stands on wobbly legs, almost falling over in the process. Pepper holds onto the woman, steadying her. She gives Y/n a pointed look.
" I just want to see the ball drop, Pep, please."
Pepper reluctantly nods," Fine, but after the ball drops I'm taking you home."
Y/n rinses her mouth before leaving the restroom with Pepper in tow. The blonde offers Y/n a mint, which she gratefully accepts.
As the final countdown begins, Y/n looks at Pepper," You aren't going to find Tony?"
" He always finds me at the last second. It's kind of our thing."
Everyone is counting down the final 5 seconds. Y/n spots Wanda and Natasha staring into each other's eyes. She can see them whisper their 'I love yous'. When the countdown reaches 1 they're already kissing. Holding each other like they're the only people that exist.
With a glance to her side, Y/n can see Tony in his suit fly up in the air with Pepper. He kisses her right there. Even the playboy billionaire shows off his one and only girl to a room full of strangers.
It's in that moment that Y/n feels her heart collapse into itself. A single tear slid down her face and she wiped at it ferociously.
When the cheering is over and Tony sits Pepper back down, Y/n asks the blonde to take her home. Without hesitation, Pepper obliged.
The woman offered to walk Y/n in, but she says she'll be ok. Pepper waits for Y/n to get in the house before driving back to the party.
The funny thing was, that Y/n didn't even really stay at this place anymore. She lived with Natasha and Wanda for the most part, but it would be weird to ask Pepper to take her there. Luckily, Y/n kept her place just in case, but it had been months since she actively lived there.
Maybe this was a sign.
The woman peeled herself out of the jumpsuit, took off all her accessories, and wiped the makeup from her face. She stared at herself in the mirror, this time a smile nowhere to be found.
She took a shower and then got into her bed. She curled into herself and finally let herself cry.
Y/n had no idea when she fell asleep or what time it was when she heard a banging on her door, accompanied by the sound of the bell ringing.
She pulled herself out of bed and trudged towards the door. When she opened the door, Natasha and Wanda stood on her porch.
" We've been looking everywhere for you, baby," Natasha reaches for her, but Y/n flinches.
The woman walks back to her room, leaving Wanda and Nat on the porch. The pair share a glance at each other before entering the house.
"What's wrong malyshka?"
Wanda sits at the edge of the bed, giving Y/n space. Natasha stood behind her.
" I- I don't think I can do this anymore," Y/n's voice was barely above a whisper.
" What do you mean?" Natasha tries to catch Y/n's eyes, but the girl avoids her gaze.
" I feel like a third wheel in my own relationship. You two get to parade each other around and I get to watch from the sideline. You get to hold hands, kiss each other, dance together without a care in the world. It's hard to watch, knowing that I don't get to do that."
Natasha speaks first," Y/n, we want to do all of those things with you. I'm sorry if our actions have said anything different."
Wanda adds," We love you. We want to be with you and if you're ready to take it public we are too."
" Really?"
Natasha nods," Yes, I never want you to feel like that again. We are proud to be your girlfriend's, and we don't care who knows."
Wanda grabs one of Y/n's hands," Please give us another chance, malyshka."
Y/n can't help herself as she surges forward to meet Wanda's lips in a sweet kiss. Wanda holds her close, not wanting to let the girl go.
It's not until Natasha sits on Y/n's other side and pulls the girl out of witches arms into her own, that Wanda releases her.
Natasha slams her lips against Y/n's who instantly moans at the contact. Natasha chuckles into the kiss, and then bites the woman's lip, before breaking the kiss.
" I can't wait until the world knows that you're ours," Wanda wraps her arms around your waist from behind, making you lay on the bed.
Natasha wraps her arms around your front side, so you're sandwiched between the two women.
It wasn't long before you fell asleep. When you did, Wanda snapped a picture of the three of you in bed. She posted it on every form of social media she had, with the caption simply being 'my loves'.
Everyone knew, and they'd all have their opinions, but that didn't matter to either of the heroes. They only cared about making sure that Y/n never felt left out again.
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itshouldvebeenme30 · 2 days ago
A Formidable Mistake
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader
Warnings: ||ANGST|| bad writing, mentions of blood, injury, cheating, argument
Word Count: 1500
A/N: I have no idea what this is. I just woke up from a dream and decided to write it.
Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3
Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
*gif not mine*
Even though warm blood gushed from the side of your lower abdomen, no one noticed how you slightly grimaced and clutched your wound tightly while Captain America angrily reprimanded you right now. Not even your girlfriend would spare a glance at you, sporting a pissed-off look in the distance.
"What the hell are you thinking, Y/N?! You nearly got Tony killed and jeopardize the whole mission!" Your head hung low, taking all their frustrations directed at you. Tony is still unconscious from the whole fiasco that happened on the mission. The others would either look at you disapprovingly or with disappointment evident on their faces.
"Luckily Wanda was there in time..." His angry rants continued, and all you could do was sit in silence and accept the harsh words spewing from the Captain's mouth.
"I think it's best that you should be suspended until your head is in the right space. You really seem out of it, Y/N." He finally concluded and dismissed you. You nodded your head and proceeded to go out of the room. Not wanting to bother anyone, you start to walk in the direction of your own room, wincing every now and then. Natasha made no attempt to follow you.
You're not going to deny that you really do seem out of it for the past couple of weeks now. This may have to do with your crumbling relationship with a certain redhead. 
And finding out about her infidelity.
It all makes sense now. Her tendency to pick fights over minor things, her coldness toward you, and, most importantly, her constant absence and excuses. 
You rummaged through the cabinet in your bathroom to get the first aid kit while holding your phone in the other hand. You still can't comprehend how your Natasha could do this to you. The video hauntingly glared at you as you watched it blankly. You already felt numb and tired, so you tossed your phone aside and proceeded to uncaringly tend your wound.
You were mildly surprised to see Natasha sitting on your bed. Her expression changed briefly into a concerned one when she saw your exposed wound.
"You're hurt." She stands up to approach you, but you take a step back, not wanting her fake concern for you. Her face and steps faltered at this.
"Y/N..." The softness in her voice made you snap at her angrily.
"I'm fine!" 
"What? Am I not allowed to worry about my girlfriend?" There's a slight rise in her voice, too, but you don't want to deal with this right now. Actually, you don't want to deal with this relationship anymore. You fought and held onto it so hard, but all in vain because she gave up on it a long time ago.
"Girlfriend?" You ask in a small voice. Exhaustion threatens to overcome you, so you sit on the edge of the bed, ignoring the sharp pain on your side as you move.
"What, Y/N? What's with that tone?" She doesn't have the right to be angry with you, but you couldn't care less. You're just so tired and you feel like giving up. 
"When was the last time we actually talked, Natasha? When was the last time we held each other, seeking comfort from each other? When was the last time you said 'I love you' without having to force it out of you? When was the last time you thought of me as your girlfriend?" Your eyes brimmed with tears and held emotions that you tried so hard to keep to yourself. You blink those away and look at Natasha with a blank expression. She's not the only one who can hide emotions that easily.
She tries to open her mouth but closed it afterwards when words got stuck in her throat. She has nothing to say, after all. She doesn't have any excuses left, you think.
Even after all the things she's done, you can't bring yourself to hurt her more than she hurt you. You realize this is the end. She doesn't need to know that you knew about her infidelity. You decide to end this once and for all since she can't make that decision herself. Part of you selfishly thinks that she still has a miniscule amount of love for you, but you have settled to think that she only pities you. The same thing that the team has given and shown to you. Their goddamn pity.
"I don't wanna fight anymore, Natasha. It's clear that you don't want this as much as I want to." You take a shaky breath.  "I'm breaking up with you."
"T-that's it? That's just it? You give up? What makes you think you get to decide what I think, o-or feel?!" Her tears threw you off. What makes her think that she could manipulate you into thinking she still cares about you? You angrily stand up and push her out of the room.
"You can stop pretending now, Natasha. I don't want your pity, or- or your fake concern when we both know you stopped caring about me a long time ago. Blame me all you want, but I'm not gonna let you walk all over me." You still love Natasha with all your heart. You do. But this is killing you both. You are both no longer good to each other now. Before she could utter a single word, you slammed the door in her face.
She knocked and pounded the door profusely, demanding to let her explain. You're having none of it. You revoked Natasha's access to your room and let yourself fall into the bed, ignoring the searing pain inside and out.
It wasn't real. 
She tries to convince herself that.
You were wrong about her. None of it was play-pretend on her part. She truly cares about you. She still does. If it wasn't for the guilt that consumes her whenever she looks at you, she would've held you tight and told you that she truly loves you. Her heart constricts and her mind screams that she doesn't deserve you every time you show her how much you love her unconditionally. She's underserving of the love you're selflessly giving her.
It was her unintentional distance that drove you to break up with her. You didn't mention anything else, and that made Natasha worry if it was a good or a bad thing. 
She made a mistake a long time ago. It was made in a drunken stupor and her immense longing for you while you had been away on an undercover mission. And the worse part is, she fell into that routine. None of it meant anything to her. It was just a product of her own immense guilt and insecurity about herself.
But nothing compares to how hurt you sounded when you called out her actions. It all came crashing down on her. She wanted to touch you one last time, but you wouldn't let her. As selfish as it may sound, she realized too late that she was afraid of losing you when you ended things with her.
She's still at your door, softly banging her head against it, hoping you'd let her in. She spent an hour there before F.R.I.D.A.Y announced that Tony had been awoken and requested for the team to come. She didn't want to leave, but she knew everybody would come looking for her if she didn't show up. She wipes the dried tears away and composes herself. 
She just hopes that when she comes back, you'll let her tell you the truth you deserve to know from her. 
And maybe, just maybe, you'll be able to get through it together and start over.
The pain did not go away as you thought it would be when you fell asleep. Instead, it feels like it burned you from the inside out, and you couldn't help but grunt in agony. You ripped the blanket off of your body and noticed the pool of blood drenching your bandage and bed.
Your sight is blurry but you dare to stand up to get into the bathroom. As soon as you got up, a wave of nausea washed over you, and the next thing you knew, your body fell with a heavy thud.
"Romanoff, there you are! Where's your girlfriend? I wanna thank her for saving my ass back there." This caused the others to look at him in quite disbelief. The lack of trust in you from the team boiled Natasha's blood. 
"What do you mean, Tony? She nearly got you killed..." Guilt and shame are evident in the captain's voice. 
"Pfft, killed? That's nonsense. She saved me just in time from that maniac who was bragging about their weapon that, in theory, anyone would never recover from if they got hit with it." Natasha froze. 
"I suppose your girlfriend is okay since she's not in the med bay here with me, right? God, I hope she wasn't injured in any way because, frankly, I don't want to test that maniac's theory." 
But by the look on the redhead's face, Tony's face paled.
"We have to get to Y/N. NOW!"
Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3
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natasharomanovf · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
9K CELEBRATION ☆ TOP 10 FAVOURITE MOVIES (as voted by my followers) ↳ 2. BLACK WIDOW (2021) (56.1%)
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natsfirecat · 2 days ago
Withholding the Wings
requested by @smallestavenger
Hi! I have a request, but you can take however long you need and you don’t even have to write it 🥰
So I LOVE LOVE LOVE Maleficent, and I was wondering if you could do like a Fae!Fem!Reader, who’s Maleficent’s child/descendant, and They join the avengers because of their nature powers. Naturally, she gravitates towards Wanda to help her train her powers.
However, for some reason (maybe a mission?), Reader’s forced to reveal themselves and gets a really bad reaction from Wanda (possibly had scary stories of horned, winged people hunting her down, maybe even a repeated dream?) and isolated herself from Reader.
You can take it from there, but in my head, I imagined it as 3/4 angst and 1/4 fluff 😁😁 Again, don’t feel pressured to write it, and you can completely ignore it if you’re feeling burnt out or if you just don’t want to write it!
P.S. Can also be Natasha, I just think the whole powers thing works with Wanda. If you wanted to go with Nat, maybe she got the nightmares from red room hallucinations and has her guard up around powerful people like Reader 😁
pairing: Natasha Romanoff x fem Fae!reader
word count: 3.5k
warnings: injury, crashes, lmk if i need to add any more
A/N: i went with natasha cuz i dont write wanda x reader, but i had some platonic!wanda angst/fluff! i hope thats ok with you! also i loved this request cuz it made me think of my book lol (which you can buy here in this shameless self promo) but anyways i hope you enjoy!! :D
"Hey, takeoff's in 10!" Came the voice of your best friend.
"Coming, Wanda!" You replied.
You finished zipping up your suit, then made your way out the door and through the halls.
Once you reached the jet, you still had a bit of a skip in your step; it was your first big mission after all. You were met with smiles from everyone, filling your heart with the love you had for your teammates.
You stood in between Natasha and Wanda, making sure to smile at both of them as you got ready.
Tony made eye contact with everyone, then the Quinjet was in the air. Your heart was practically beating out of your chest at this point due to your excitement.
Natasha smiled in amusement, but didn't say anything. Meanwhile Wanda had to keep herself from giggling with you.
There wasn't much conversation on the ride there, which you had mixed feelings about. On one hand, some conversation probably would've eased your nerves a bit. On the other hand, you didn't want to embarrass yourself in front of the others.
So, you stayed silent along with everyone else. Occasionally, you'd fiddle with your fingers in front of you or shift your gaze across the others. But the flight itself remained pretty silent.
That is until, you heard Tony swearing from the pilot seat.
"What is it? What happened?" You asked, feeling your heart race once again.
"Get back!" He yelled, turning to the others.
You looked back at Natasha, who had her eyes widened at Tony. She mouthed something to him, but you couldn't tell what she said.
Before you could say anything else, a bright flash came into the corner of your vision. You screamed, running to the side of the quinjet.
"What's happening?" You asked Wanda.
"I don't know!"
Before you knew it, you felt yourself being thrown to the other side as the quinjet started to spin. You made eye contact with Natasha, and for the first time since you'd known her, she looked scared.
You were scared too, and your heart was pounding.
You were about to die.
So, you took a deep breath in. You could save everyone, but it would mean exposing yourself to everyone. That was a price you were willing to pay.
You closed your eyes, balling your fists together. To the others, it might've looked like you were taking a few breaths to calm yourself or even saying a prayer.
Both would've seemed normal in this situation, but that wasn't what you were doing at all.
When you opened your eyes, all the work you had done in the past few years was gone. Everything you had done to protect yourself and those around you was gone. You were you.
Now that the protection spell was lifted, your wings were spread out broadly. You felt the magic coursing through your veins as your horns became visible.
You didn't have time to think about the way the others were staring at you right now. The only thing on your mind was saving them.
So, you waved your hand, creating a hole on the wall of the quinjet. You reached your wings out, pulling everyone towards you so you could grab them. They were too stunned to object, which worked out for you.
Then you kept a tight grip before jumping out the crashing quinjet. You held your wings out to catch air, flying farther away from the quinjet.
You heard their screams echoing through your mind, but you kept holding on tight until you reached the ground.
Once everyone had been set down safely, you took a step back.
"WHAT THE FUCK, Y/N?" Natasha yelled.
"That's an interesting way to say 'thank you for saving my life' but okay,"
She let out a sarcastic laugh, crossing her arms.
"And that's an interesting way of saying 'I've been lying to you all about who I am the entire time I've been with you guys, I'm actually a powerful monster' but okay,"
Your heart dropped at her words. She thought you were a monster.
"I was gonna tell you eventually!"
"Really?" Wanda snapped. "Or were you gonna continue living with us, knowing what your people have done to mine?"
"No, let's let Emo Tinker Bell explain herself before we say anything else," Tony piped in.
It wasn't always your intention to hide. Growing up in a community full of Fae meant that you were taught to love and embrace your wings. It wasn't until your mother was killed for who she was that you went into hiding.
You used your magic to hide your wings and horn, posing as a typical human. You underwent SHIELD training before becoming an Avenger, never once using magic or talking about your past.
Until today, it had been 12 years, three months, two weeks, and five days since you used magic for anything other than hiding yourself.
"I did grow up as a Faerie," you began. "It's not Tinker Bell or anything like that. Think more like Maleficent,"
"Oh I know all about Maleficent," Wanda growled. "I was told the tales of the winged monster growing up. I was also told that she'd be back one day, I just never imagined it'd be in the form of my best friend,"
"Wanda..." there was another moment of silence before you said anything else. "My mother was killed because she was part of the Fae. I left, and lived as a human ever since. I don't know what tales you've been told, but I would never hurt you,"
"Then why would you lie?" Natasha asked.
"I had to..."
"Clearly you didn't trust us," Tony said. "So why should we trust you?"
You couldn't answer him. You couldn't look any of them in the eye as they sent their harsh glares.
So you took a few steps back, wrapping your wings around yourself. It had been so many years since you felt those feathers brush against your skin.
The three of them stood in a close circle, making it clear you were no longer welcome.
So when they started discussing among themselves how to get back, and how to fix Tony's suit, you took it upon yourself to leave.
They could get back on their own, and you'd be long gone by then. You'd find a new home and start over, once again.
So, you spread your wings, taking a leap into the air, and flew away from your family.
Of course, you would need to stop by the compound first to get all your stuff. But that didn't matter, you'd be gone before they even got back, so they wouldn't catch you back at the compound.
You didn't even bother saying anything to the others. You were sure they would learn what happened soon enough.
So you ended up getting back into your room through your window. Of course, you stumbled a bit trying to fit through now that you were using your wings again. It would definitely take awhile to get used to.
"Shit," you muttered under your breath as your wings knocked over the lamp on your desk.
You ran to pick it up, folding your wings in so you wouldn't knock anything else over. In the process of doing that, you failed to notice your bedroom door open.
"Y/N? Oh..."
You tried to hide your wings, but it was no use; he had already seen them. For a few moments, you stared into each other's eyes as the growing silence got louder.
You had an intense look of fear, while he had a look of curiosity.
"You have wings?" He asked.
"I do..." you said, taking a step back.
"That's so awesome though! But why am I only just now seeing them?"
"The others will tell you what happened when they get back. I need to leave,"
You tried to make your way past him, but he took a step back.
"I'm not welcome anymore..."
"Because of your wings? Why though?"
"It's complicated,"
He walked to the edge of the room, then put his hands and feet on the wall before climbing up until he was sitting upside down on the ceiling.
"I can handle complicated!"
You sighed, sitting on your bed to where you could make eye contact.
"I lied about being a Faerie, so no one trusts me anymore. My own best friend hates me, and so does Natasha, just when I thought I was getting somewhere with her,"
He put his hand on his face as he pondered your words for a few moments.
"I lied to everyone around me about my powers at first. If you didn't want to tell us about being a Faerie, I think that's okay. And you shouldn't leave because of that either, you're just as much apart of this team as any one of us,"
Now, it was your turn to ponder his words for a few moments. He gave an encouraging smile, still hanging upside down.
"And... you're not judging me for my wings?"
"Of course not! In fact, I think they're really cool!"
You returned his smile, leaning forward to wrap your arms around him in an upside down hug.
He was right, you were here to stay.
As suspected, it didn't take long for Natasha, Wanda, and Tony to find their way back. Also as suspected, they didn't have anything good to say about you.
Despite their words, you stayed. And you didn't bother hiding your wings anymore. If you were being honest, it felt a little nice to finally get to be your true self after all these years.
When you went down to the kitchen for breakfast, you allowed your wings to drag behind you on the floor. You'd stretch them as you stretched your arms. They were apart of you, and you didn't have to hide that anymore.
Natasha and Wanda avoided you like the plague, sending glares whenever they saw you. You'd be lying if you said it didn't hurt, but Peter always made you feel better, and you were grateful for your friendship with him.
Bucky, Steve, and Sam didn't avoid you, but they definitely treated you different from before. But at least it was better than how Natasha and Wanda were acting.
At first you could handle it, the looks they gave you. You'd wrap yourself up in your wings, pretending they weren't there.
But when it dawned on you that they hated you, it wasn't something you could handle anymore.
So, you decided to confront Natasha in the middle of the night.
You found her training alone, so you approached her then. You still weren't hiding your wings, so you cleared your throat to get her attention from behind.
"What are you doing here?" She said with a scoff at the sight of you.
"I wanted to talk,"
"The way you've been treating me lately, I don't appreciate it,"
"You couldn't bother to tell us that you're not even human, why should I care how you feel?"
"Because I'm still the same Y/N you knew! Yes I have wings, but I'm still me! I still care for you, Natasha. And I know you once cared for me too,"
"Yeah well, it's long gone now," she said nonchalantly.
Your heart dropped just as fast as she dropped the barbell. She walked straight past you, grabbing her bag, then left without another word.
When you heard the door close, you dropped to your knees. You wrapped your wings around yourself, hiding your face from anyone who might come by. You squeaked out a sob as tears began making their way down your face.
She really did hate you.
Even after everything, Natasha Romanoff hated you.
To say the next few weeks were rough would be an understatement. Even Peter could barely get you to leave your room, let alone smile.
You didn't want to leave your room. If you left, you'd see her. You'd see the same green eyes that stared at you with hatred.
So, Peter had to promise that she wasn't nearby to get you to come out.
Of course, you were still avoiding Wanda too. But she wasn't hurting you nearly as bad as the other redhead...
"Let's go get some ice cream!" Peter said, breaking you out of your thoughts.
"Huh... oh, sure I guess!"
It had been more than awhile since you felt the sun. It wasn't like you could see her, so you didn't see a reason to object.
Peter seemed satisfied with your answer, then immediately began making his way toward the self-driving cars Tony kept in the garage.
You sat in the back, allowing plenty of room for your wings to spread; while Peter was in the passenger seat.
You slumped against the seat, staring out the window. It was certainly a nice day out; the sun was shining, birds were singing, flowers were blooming. On days like these, people like you...
...were suddenly tossed to the side of the car at the feeling of impact.
You let out a loud scream, holding onto whatever you could. Peter shot webs all over the car, doing whatever he could to stabilize it.
You kept screaming as your heart dropped to your stomach. Was this it?
You felt yourself spinning and spinning, so you closed your eyes so you could pretend it was all just a bad dream. Everything would be okay, right? Right.
Closing your eyes made things so much easier. Not just the visual, but it made the pain in your side feel better too. With every second that passed, the feeling of glass pressing into your skin was less and less noticeable.
Peter's voice got quieter too with your closed eyes. His yells soon sounded like mere echoes in the distance, maybe even a call from the bottom of the ocean.
Point is, closing your eyes helped. You wanted to keep them closed for a very long time...
Meanwhile, Natasha was horrified at the sight in front of her. She was on her way back to the compound, when she recognized one of Tony's cars getting hit.
She was horrified when she recognized the dark wings being slammed against the window.
She hopped off her motorcycle and ran over as fast as she could; Peter hardly had a scratch, but was staring at you wide-eyed.
"What happened?" Natasha asked, opening the door.
"We were gonna go get ice cream, then this car came and she..."
Natasha nodded, then opened the back door to get a better look at you.
It wasn't good.
There were glass shards in your stomach with blood trickling down your sides. Your mouth hung slightly open but your eyes were squeezed shut.
"She needs to stay awake," she told Peter. "We need to keep her conscious until she can get help,"
"Okay," he said, nodding. "Y/N, Natasha's here. Just open your eyes, it's gonna be okay. You're gonna be okay. Please be okay,"
While he was talking, Natasha managed to call and get help. Her hands were shaky as she pressed the call button, but she knew she had to save you.
When you didn't even stir at his words, she sat down on the ground next to you.
"Y/N, please stay awake," she said softly. "I need you to stay awake,"
She brought her hand up to yours, gently rubbing her thumb across the back of your palm.
"I'm sorry for what I've said, I'm sorry for everything, Y/N. I wasn't mad at you for who you are. I was mad that you didn't tell me this piece of you,"
She squeezed your hand a little, hoping you would move; you didn't.
"I was mad at you because I love you..." she said as tears formed in her eyes. "I love you, and I thought that maybe there was a chance you loved me too. But since you lied about who you are, I thought you would've told me if you felt the same way about me. I was mad at myself for believing you could love me, that I failed to see how I was hurting you. Y/N, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. So please, wake up,"
Closing your eyes did help indeed. You almost started feeling like you were floating. It was so much easier than facing the pain.
You were just about to float higher, when the echoes started to sound familiar; that was Natasha's voice without a doubt.
She loved you?
If you wanted to get back to her, you'd have to open your eyes again. You'd have to stop floating and face the pain.
You thought for a moment as Natasha's sobs echoed through your ears. She loved you.
Of course you loved her too, that's part of why it hurt so much. The woman you had been crushing on for so long made you feel as if you were worthless.
But that wasn't the case at all; she loved you.
So, you fought to open your eyes again. Your sides were burning now, but you felt your hand in hers.
Something wet was dripping down your sides slowly, starting from the opening in your skin and ending where it dripped into the seat. You hoped Tony wouldn't be upset with you for getting blood on his car.
You fought harder, wanting to get back to the woman you loved. She was right there, holding your hand, waiting for her. You didn't want her to wait long.
She loved you. Natasha loved you. Your crush loved you. The person who made your life hell loved you. The person you spent so long daydreaming about loved you. The person who was responsible for so many nights of you crying yourself to sleep loved you.
And you loved her.
You fought just a little harder, then finally felt yourself being pulled back. You felt your entire body now, instantly letting out a groan of pain.
Then, you opened your eyes. You faced her as tears streamed down her face.
"I love you too,"
Natasha let out a shaky cry, falling forward into the side of the seat. She kept her hand on yours as the sobs escaped her body.
You wanted so desperately to comfort her, but you could hardly move. Everything hurt too much, and you wanted to go back to the floating feeling.
But if you went there, you wouldn't be able to be with her.
So you stayed awake.
After hearing news of the accident, help was immediately sent your way. Keeping you conscious was the right move until they could get you into surgery. Peter had to pull Natasha off from keeping her hand attached to yours as they dragged you away. But she managed to let go.
She spent the next few days next to your hospital bed, refusing to leave even at night. Peter was in and out too, and he would always check on her too when he came in.
When you finally opened your eyes again though, you were surrounded by Peter, Natasha, and Wanda.
"You're awake!" Peter said, sitting down on the edge of your bed.
You groaned, definitely still feeling the pain.
"Careful," Wanda warned.
Natasha said nothing, but quickly brought her hand to yours.
Peter cleared his throat, looking at Wanda, who gave you an apologetic glance.
"I know what it's like to be feared for who you are, and I never should've said what I did. I shouldn't have pushed away my best friend because of an old legend. I'm sorry,"
You smiled, nodding at her. You didn't quite have the energy to say anything yet. You hoped she knew you forgave her.
"I'm sorry," Peter said, though you weren't sure why he was apologizing. "I should've paid better attention, and maybe you wouldn't have gotten hurt, and-" you stopped him by putting your hand up.
You simply gave him a smile, which he gladly returned.
Then, you squeezed Natasha's hand. You looked at her, then back at Peter and Wanda. Luckily, they seemed to get the message as they both stood up to leave you alone with her.
Once the door was closed, you squeezed her hand again.
"I meant everything I said by the car," was the first thing she said.
You blushed at her words, grabbing her other hand.
"And for the record, your wings are beautiful,"
She let out a deep breath, scooting closer to you.
"I hope you can forgive me. I'd take it all back if I could. I just need you to know that I love you, so much,"
You couldn't reply verbally, but you still had magic. So, you held your hand up and flicked your wrist to make a pen and piece of paper float. Then, you wrote your message for her.
Kiss me
And that she did.
taglist: @lyak12 @thewidowsghost @murderisthesolution @zombies1ayea @plasticl0ve @romanoffscottage @atlas-nex @plasticnacho @ria900 @nats-dreamland @smileyromanoff @chiyongberry @xxromanoffxx @milfloverslut @gimaximoff @adi06lena @blackwidow-3 @sayah13 @queerrowantree @bentleywolf29 @animealways 
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natashaismylove · a day ago
Gip nat x fem r
So nat came early to see r naked in bed cuz r is comfy naked. So nat got hard and drooling over r, she makes way to r and starts licking her up until r awakes and brings nat into a hug and kiss. Heated kiss and started fcking hard to each other.
Is it ok?
Asleep |N. Romanoff
Tumblr media
Summary: Natasha comes home to find her girlfriend quite irresistible. 
Pairing: g!p dom!natasha x fem!reader
Warnings: smut, fluff, g!p Natasha(she has a penis), unprotected sex, somnophilia, cunnilingus, fingering, masturbation, daddy kink, spanking, slight choking, breeding kink, slight overstimulation, pet names (baby)
Word count: 1356
Natasha’s POV:
I tapped on the steering wheel as I made my way home. It was late at night so there wasn’t much traffic, only a few cars that passed by me. I was pretty exhausted and couldn’t wait to get home to my girlfriend. I parked the car outside and walked up the steps to our house before heading inside. I let my bag fall onto the floor before making my way up the stairs and into our bedroom.
I stopped in my tracks once I saw my girlfriend in our bed, lying on her side, sheets barely covering her and leaving everything for me to see. I bit my bottom lip and groaned as I reached out to palm myself through my pants. I stepped closer before opening my zipper and sliding my hand into my underwear.
I grabbed my cock and pulled it out before slowly jerking myself off. I got rid of my shirt and pants before sliding off my underwear completely and climbing into bed. I moved her onto her back and threw the sheets onto the floor, smirking as I looked at her naked body. I laid down on my stomach and spread her legs, placing kisses on the insides of her thighs.
She stirred a little but didn't wake up so I leaned forward and licked a stripe up her pussy. I let out a small moan at her taste, finally being able to be buried between her legs again. I swirled my tongue around her clit and smirked at the low moan she let out.
She started to move her hips a little so I wrapped my arms around them to keep them down. I gave small kitten licks to her clit before wrapping my lips around it and sucking gently. Her back arched a little as she kept letting out moans but still not waking up. 
I decided to go a little further and brought two fingers up to her hole before pushing them in. My cock got even harder at the noises she let out and I started to grind my hips into the bed in a desperate need for friction. I curled my fingers inside of her while sucking a little harder, letting up a few times to lightly lick her. She might be asleep but she’s still getting a little teasing.
Her thighs started to shake a little and I knew she was about to cum. I nibbled a little on her clit before sucking hard, swirling my tongue around it simultaneously. I curled my fingers in her again, pressing onto her g-spot and watched her arch her back as she came under me.
“Fuck~” she moaned out and I chuckled before kissing both of her thighs.
I sat up and she stared at me while trying to slow down her breathing. I crawled up to her and laid down on top of her as she wrapped her arms around my shoulder. I slid my arms under her back and held onto her tightly before kissing her neck.
“That’s a nice way to wake up.” she giggled.
“I couldn’t help myself.” I gave her a grin back.
She shrugged her shoulders with a smile. “Not complaining at all.”
I lifted my head a little before leaning in to kiss her. Her lips moved against mine in a slow kiss, her still coming back from her high. Her fingers laced themselves into my hair and she tugged a little, making me let out a groan against her lips. She tilted her head a little to deepen the kiss and dragged her tongue against mine.
The kiss quickly grew desperate and messy as she kept tugging on my hair before her hand slid down my side and down to my cock, her fingers gently wrapping around it. I sighed into the kiss and ran my hands up her sides and to her boobs, squeezing them before kissing down her neck.
“Fuck, I want you so badly…” I muttered against her skin.
“Then take me.” she breathed out as she slowly jerked me off.
I moved up on my forearms and looked down at her face, her hair messy and with reddened lips from my kisses. She moved my cock against her hole and I thrusted into her. I stayed still for a few seconds while looking at her face to make sure she was alright.
“Don’t go easy on me, fuck me hard, Tasha~”
I nearly came just from her words but shut my eyes and concentrated on not letting that happen. I started to move my hips into her and moaned at how tight she was.
“Such a good pussy…” I hid my face in her neck as I quickened my thrusts.
“Oh daddy~” she moaned into my ear.
Hearing her call me that awakened something in me and I sat up a little. I held myself up on my forearm and wrapped my other hand around her neck. I slammed my cock into her and watched her eyes roll back into her head.
“Baby wants it rough, huh?” I whispered against her cheek.
She nodded quickly. “Please, do whatever you want with me.”
I chuckled darkly before biting her bottom lip, dragging it out before letting it go. I sat up and leaned back on my heels before pulling out of her, harshly moving her onto her stomach and pushing her ass up. I entered her once more and closed my eyes at the loud moans she let out.
I gripped her waist and fucked her back onto my cock, hitting the right spots inside of her.
“Fuck yes, use me daddy~”
“Such a good girl, your pussy is taking me so fucking well.” I said in a low tone.
“Oh my god~” she buried her head into the pillows as I thrusted into her.
Her ass looked so good as I fucked her that I couldn’t help but reach out and grab it, slapping it and smirking at the redness that appeared. I repeated the motion as she moaned in response, clearly enjoying it.
I leaned over her, pushing my chest into her back and lacing my fingers through hers in front of her head. I placed my mouth next to her ear and kissed behind it, knowing her spots. “Think you can cum for me?”
I kissed her neck, sucking marks into it because I was feeling possessive. “Come one then, show me how well you can cum for me.”
Her breath kept hitching and she let out tiny gasps as she neared her orgasm. I was panting against her neck as I slammed my hips into her ass, reaching deep inside of her. “You’re so close, baby.”
“Shit- you’re gonna make me-” she said in a high pitched moan.
“I can’t hold on much longer, please cum for me.” I begged against her hair.
“Yes, yes…fuck- holy shit!~” she clenched hard onto me as she came, pulsing around me and making me lose all self control.
“God, baby, I’m gonna cum in you! Fill you up so fucking good, I swear~” I moaned and desperately thrusted into her to chase my own orgasm.
“Cum in me, daddy, fill me up till I’m leaking~” I came crashing down as she said those words, cumming harder than I ever had. I fucked my cum into her until she was whining from being too sensitive, her thighs shaking a little. I let out a deep breath and stopped, pulling out slowly and watching my cum drip out of her and onto the bed.
She slumped down onto the bed and I chuckled a little before moving her onto her back and kissing her nose. She smiled tiredly up at me and I put my arms around her waist to pull her up and she wrapped her legs around me as I carried her to the bathroom. I started to fill up the bathtub and sat her down into it before running my fingers through her hair.
“That was really good.” she smiled while biting her bottom lip.
“It absolutely was.” I smiled back.
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Just One Reason (Chapter 1)
Just One Reason 
Natasha Romanoff x Wanda Maximoff x GN!Reader  
 Summary: Y/N has been working hard as a criminal investigator and always comes home to their lover Nat. When they come home tonight, however, something is different. 
 Warnings: Cheating, implied sexual interactions, swearing, lots of implications to abuse, murder, blood/gore, PTSD, anxiety attacks, alcohol (stay safe loves <3) 
 A/N: This is a three parter so bare with me. First time writing a fic in a while and first time ever on tumblr so please be nice (: 
PS: Italics mean flashbacks, bolded italics are thoughts
Word Count: 5.4k words 
 You and Natasha had met in your early years of college, she was studying “foreign policies” and you were enthralled with the criminal justice department. It didn’t take long for the two of you to develop feelings for each other after that fateful night.  
You were drunk. No, damn it, you were really drunk. You felt the hands of your friend Kate Bishop keeping you steady. In a poor attempt to shove her way, you grumbled at her in a rough way, dipping your shoulder out of her grasp. You could faintly hear her sigh. She was your designated driver for the night, as everyone knew you were the heavy drinker of the bunch. When a second pair of hands found their way on both your shoulders, practically pulling you to your feet, you looked up, expecting to see Kate’s friend Yelena to be there, but instead were utterly shocked to find a goddess in front of you. Or, at least, you thought it was a goddess. She had long, red hair with fading blonde tips, all pulled into a tight braid. And those damned green eyes that bore holes through your face and you found yourself shrinking back.  
“Don’t throw up on me,” was all she grunted to you as she dragged you through the crowded living room of the frat house. Bringing you into the kitchen, she forced some water down your throat and waited for a reaction out of you. You were too dazed from both the alcohol and the beautiful woman in front of you to respond.  
You spoke the only words that could come to your head, "Hi.” Hi? Nice going, Y/N, way to really sweep her off her feet, you cursed in your head. Despite the awkwardness, the redhead found herself smiling. She laughed slightly, tilting her head. “Hi,” she responded. “And who might you be, drunkard?” 
Oh shit, she was talking to you. You tilted your head in mimicry to her, grinning stupidly. “I’m Y/N, but apparently pretty women call me drunkard.”  
Kate, who had followed both of you, visibly cringed. Wow, Y/N. Real smooth, she thought with a smirk. The short Russian let out a loud laugh at your comment, before saying, “Well, drunkard, my name is Natasha, but I think you can call me Nat.”  
You could only continue grinning like an idiot. Her laugh sounded nice. “Nat it is then.”  
Looking back, you had no idea how she managed to find that attractive. She had basically found you blackout drunk and she still fell in love with you. You were both out of college now and were pursuing your passions, but you lived in an apartment together in downtown Brooklyn. You were currently driving back to said apartment at the moment, just lost in your old thoughts. It wasn’t until you heard the third ring on your phone that you answered, leaning your head to one side while you pinched your phone between your shoulder and cheek.  
“Hello? Y/N /L/N speaking.” 
“No need to be formal, dumbass,” you heard Kate respond, “We’ve got another code 10-44 by the Brooklyn Zoo. Can you go check it out?”  
Kate could hear you groan loudly, an obnoxious groan that Kate knew meant you were pissed now. You had asked to leave early so you could go out with Nat tonight, and you could only hope Nat could forgive your absence. “Fine. But it better be fast,” you grumbled.  
Within a matter of seconds, you had hung up with Kate and were calling Nat. She picked up on the fifth ring, which bothered you slightly, but you swallowed it down when she picked up.  
“Hello?” Nat asked into the phone, a hint of confusion in her voice. There was a slight rasp in her voice, something uncommon in Nat.  
“Hey baby. I just got called back on duty, so date night might be canceled and I’m so sorry, I’ll make it up to yo-” 
“It’s okay, Y/N. Take all the time you need.” 
Well, that was new.  And surprising. And, did you mention, took you aback?  
“I- what?” 
“I said, take your time. I’m not going anywhere.” 
Why did she sound so... angry? You shuttered as you pulled into a parking spot, stepping out. You paused outside, deciding whether to push it.  
“You sure, Hun? You seem a bit under the weather.” You pouted slightly, beginning to anxiously pick at your hands. You weren’t used to her like this. 
“Yes. I’m sure,” she insisted. The sternest of her voice was scary, it had caught you very off guard and she could hear your hesitation, causing her to soften. “I’m sorry, I’ve had a really rough day at work. Just... stay safe, okay? I love you.” 
That caused you to relax, letting out a sigh of relief. She heard this and immediately felt bad for coming off so aggressively. You muttered a simple “I love you too” in response before hanging up. Something felt off and it had your skin crawling. You gulped down any worry and went to check on this supposed code 10-44. It didn’t take long for you to find it, when a little girl came crashing into you, full on sobbing and babbling incoherently. It startled you to the point where you were completely out of it for a moment. Coming back to your senses, you knelt to the girl.  
“Woah, woah, woah kiddo. What’s wrong? Shh, it’s okay now, talk to me. I’m here to help,” you consoled the child the best you could, speaking into your radio to ask for assistance. “Hey, Officer Y/L/N, I need child protective services ASAP.”   
The girl mumbled something, drawing your attention back to her. “What was that, sweetie?” You asked gently, not wanting to make the girl nervous.  
“He hit her really hard... He hit her so hard.” 
Your eyes widened as you put the pieces together.  
“Where? Where did he hit her?” You pressed. 
“On her head!” The small girl broke down into sobs again, causing you to pull her into a hug.  
“Shh, shh, it’s going to be alright now. I’ll take care of you.” It was a promise, you decided, that you would do whatever it took to help the girl. You looked down at her, feeling your heart break. You tried to push out the overwhelming memory that hit your brain and were ringing around, but they overtook your thoughts.  
“No!” You had shouted too loud this time and you watched as your mother turned to you. Your father collapsed on the ground, glass imbedded in his head, and your young eyes watched in horror as the dark red liquid began to pool under his head. His eyes were glossed over, and his chest movements were shallow. You knew what was happening, even at the young age you were, and you knew you couldn’t stop it. He was dead in a matter of minutes, and you were hiding under the table in the dining room, holding a landline phone in one hand.  
“911, what’s your emergency?” The phone spoke to you, and you could only respond in a hushed voice, 
“My daddy’s dead. Mommy killed him.” 
You were snapped back into the reality around you when the girl’s sobbing had slowed into sniffles, and she looked up at you. She pulled away from you, still holding your hand. She couldn’t have been older than eight years old and immediately, you felt an underlying guilt. She reminded you of yourself, in such a similar situation. She began to pull at your hand, pointing towards the street. You pieced together what she wanted and followed her quietly. She guided you about three blocks down before stopping before an apartment complex. She continued to pull you through before stopping in front of a door on the fourth floor. You exchanged a glance at her, silently asking if this was where her mother was. She nodded briskly, and you pulled out your gun from its holster. You knocked on the door, announcing your presence. 
“NYPD, I’m coming in!” 
You opened the door to find almost immediately, right by the front door, the body of a middle-aged woman. The scene was straight out of a crime show, blood splattered across the walls, the smearing of a bloodied handprint on the grip of a counter, and the crumpled, manipulated body of the poor victim. Reaching for your radio, you whispered,  
“We need a whole unit. This just turned into a murder investigation.”  
                            Exhausted after questioning and dealing with the struggles of filling all working officers in on details from the scene, you just wanted to get in bed and sleep. Jostling with your keys, you heard movement inside your shared apartment. You frowned slightly, it was 2 in the morning, why would Natasha still be awake? You opened the door to find Nat in a sports bra and shorts, sitting on the couch and supposedly engrossed in a book. At first, everything seemed to look fine, if you had ignored the scent in the air and the blotches on Nat’s chest.  
Nat looked up from her book, putting on a half-assed sleepy smile and saying, “So much for a date night, yeah?” 
You scowled, moving past her and immediately going into your bedroom, her trailing you rather quickly. “Yeah, so much for that,” you grunted in response.  
She tilted her head innocently, though you could tell her head was running through every excuse she could come up with. You only frowned further when she went to open her mouth. 
“Save it.” 
That took her by surprise. She definitely wasn’t expecting that, as she rubbed the back of her neck anxiously.  
“No.” You cut her off again, venom dripping from your single word.  
“Baby, you have the wron-” 
“Get out of the bathroom, Ms. Maximoff,” You stated, emotionlessly. You had noticed from the minute you got home the shadow of two feet in the bathroom, because you knew that both you and Nat always turn the lights off in the bathroom when you’re done. Nat’s eyes widened in shock at the fact that you had noticed. Moments later, the door to your master bathroom creaked open and the tall brunette stepped out. She looked ashamed, and hell, she should be.  
“Hello, Wanda. Long time no talk. No, don’t try to explain how you purposely had sex with my girlfriend, how it was just once and how sorry you are. I don’t want it.” You looked deadpanned at the witch, not an emotion twitching on your face.  
You turned your attention to Natasha, in which you fished your apartment keys out of your work pants and grabbed her hand. For a moment, she thought you’d forgive, maybe ask for an explanation, but no. You slammed the keys into her hand.  
“Keep them, give them to Wanda. Keep the whole damn apartment while you’re at it, asshole.” 
Not even a shake in your voice. Did you even care? Neither Wanda or Natasha could tell. Honestly, you couldn’t either. 
“Pack my shit for me, it’s the least you can do. I’m leaving, I’ll be back tomorrow for my stuff. Oh, and Wanda, you can just help too if you want! Man, you’re on a roll with this whole relationship-ending cheating, aren’t you? I thought you were with Vision now, what happened with that?” You found yourself talking and didn’t even care enough to stop it. You made your way to the door, opening it, looking back at the dumbfounded Nat, who had tears in her eyes and was trying desperately to hold them back, and the relationship-ender herself, Wanda Maximoff, who was shaking and looked like she might cry too if she wasn’t already too embarrassed. 
“Send my love to your new lover, Nat. Treat her better than you treated me, сука.” You watched as Nat visibly flinched as you bitterly called her a bitch in her own language. Hell, she had already lied to you about being a “foreign politics” major, when she was THE Black Widow of the Avengers, but now she cheats on you with her own teammate. You left right then and there, leaving behind the girl you loved with all your heart and Wanda, the girl you used to love. You slammed the door behind you, listening as Natasha broke down into hysterical sobs. You wished you didn’t care, you wished you didn’t want to turn around and comfort her, tell her you were sorry. But why would you be sorry? You were loyal. You stormed off, putting Kate’s number in your phone and immediately calling her. She picked up on the first ring. 
“Y/N? Why are you calling now? It’s two in the morning...” She stopped questioning things as she heard the tightening of your throat causing little gasps in a futile attempt to breathe properly. You had made it to your car before the panic hit, and you were curled up in the passenger’s seat. Tears slid down your cheeks while empty sobs were all you could manage. “Hey, hey, do you need me or Yelena to pick you up? You need to stay at my place?” You choked out a mumbled yes and within thirty minutes, Yelena was knocking on your window. You opened the door and practically fell into her arms. She said nothing, just rubbed your back soothingly. After a few moments, she had gotten you into a more reasonable state, you were no longer struggling for air, and you could respond to questions.   
“You wanna talk about it?” Yelena had asked, you think. It was still hard to hear with all your own thoughts screaming in your head. You had simply shaken your head and sat silently in the seat of her car as the two of you made your way to Kate’s apartment. When you arrived, it didn’t take long for you to find yourself in Kate’s warm embrace. She asked no questions, thank God, and guided you into the guest room, where she had already set out clothes for you. You told her you would quickly shower and then sleep, and then promised you’d be out of her hair as soon as possible. She insisted that her home was yours too and you could stay as long as you wanted. You appreciated the gesture and gave her a long hug at the doorway of your new room.  
The shower, however, was a horrible idea. You purposely turned the water to the hottest it could get and let the scalding water burn against your skin. You needed to get some sort of feeling, some sort of grasp on reality. You welcomed the pain, but it also left you to your own thoughts. Why? You asked yourself that question a million times over, but no answers popped up. Had you done something wrong? Was it you? Did you react wrong? You sat like that for a long moment, soaking in both your warping thoughts and the burning water. By four, you were out of the shower and clothed. You knew there’d be no sleep for you tonight, so you found yourself in the kitchen.  
Some alcohol, that’s what you needed. Any type would do at this point. Looking through cabinets and opening the fridge at least four times, you were thankful to find a stash of beers in a mini fridge under the sink. You must have had at least 9 bottles of beer in the 12-pack, because when you awoke the next morning, you were hit with one hell of a hangover. Kate and Yelena still asked no questions, which you were so very thankful for. Once the hangover subdued, you asked Kate to drive you back to your old apartment complex to get your stuff and your car, which Kate agreed with as long as they both went because neither one of them really wanted you driving with your hangover.  
Making your way back to the apartment complex was the most painful experience yet, however, as when you arrived at your door, no boxes were sitting out. You sighed deeply in frustration, knowing this was Nat’s tactic to get you inside and try to talk. Instead, however, you glanced at your two friends and they knocked on the door. Nat opened the door almost immediately, but shied back when she saw Kate and Yelena. Yelena, for one, was pissed at her, and she didn’t even know what her sister had done to you, but she knew it was definitely something horrible. All three of you entered, giving Nat the silent treatment, with Yelena shooting Nat a glare so intense you thought Nat might have a hole through her head, and luckily, Nat kept her mouth shut. You could see in the corner of your eye the brunette hair of Wanda, but swallowed down any anger you had. You were too hungover to start a fight and you knew yelling would make this hellish headache go from mediocre to a damned migraine. You grabbed a few of the boxes, with help from Yelena and Kate, and reached the door before you heard the quiet mumble that spilled from Nat’s mouth. 
You turned back, unable to hear what she had said, and despite your better judgment, you stopped to listen. You could see her anxious antics, the way she rubbed her neck, averted her eyes, running her free hand through hair, she was definitely nervous about something.
“What?” You asked in a hostile tone, knowing better than to let your guard down completely. “What the fuck is so important that you think it can fix what you did?”
This caused her to flinch, and you could tell the witch from the bedroom was trying to enter your mind to send some sort of calming emotions. You scowled deeper, rubbing your temples in frustration. 
“Wanda, get the fuck out of my head. It’s already pounding and you’ll only make it worse. Not to mention, I don’t want you in there to begin with. I’m sure I could find some law that I could charge you with, invasion of privacy or something.”
You could feel the brunette pull back her magic and heard the movement of her sulking and drawing her knees to her chest. Nat’s voice brought your attention back to your newest ex-girlfriend. 
“Let me explain. Please, Y/N. Detka, plea-”
“I’m not your ‘detka’, don’t call me that.”
She flinched at that again, and you instantly felt bad. Fuck, why do you feel bad still? You let your eyes linger on her a little longer, before diverting them to look towards Yelena and Kate. 
“Wanda cheated on you with me.”
Your entire body spun now to face Natasha. Your brain malfunctioned and you could only stare with your mouth agape.
“Wanda and I have been dating for 4 years. This wasn’t a new thing,” Nat started, but you cut her off before she could go further.
“Was I just your little side fling then? Something to distract you while Wanda was off on her missions? What the fuck, Natasha.” You could feel the tears developing in your eyes, but you wiped at them viciously with your sleeve. 
“No! You weren’t, Y/N. You were the- you are the love of my life. Please, just let me talk, I want to explain, I-.. I love you both.”
“Yeah, well, you don’t get to love both. You chose already, and you chose Wanda, asshole,” Yelena jumped in, practically snarling her words. Kate put a hand on her shoulder, but she was already fuming. “You’re a player, aren’t you? What, are you planning on dumping Wanda for someone else sooner or later and use the same dumb excuse? ‘I love both of you’!” Yelena mocked, throwing her open hand up in outright anger. “If you loved both, you would have been honest with Y/N from the get-go. You’re a lying bitch, Natasha. A lying cheater.” 
You watched as Yelena got dangerously close to Nat, and for a moment, you feared the two would get into a physical argument. Luckily, Kate pulled Yelena back before anything could happen. Kate mumbled to the two of you to just go, which you gratefully agreed with. Yelena sent one last look back at her sister that Nat knew was a warning, and the door closed with a slam. 
 Six Days Later NYPD Bronx Office, 3:42 am
Kate had called your phone a few times now and you still hadn’t picked up. So, in frustration, she made her way to the office herself, only to find you deeply engrossed in a case file. It wasn’t a recent one, which she found odd. She knew you were drowning yourself in the murder case of that woman, so she was surprised to see a case that wasn’t that one. She set down a beer by your desk, which brought your attention back from whatever world you were in. You took it without thinking, then did a double take when you realized it hadn’t been there before. 
You groggily asked in a quiet voice, “Kate..? What are you doing here?” 
“I could ask you the same thing. It’s almost four in the morning, Y/N, you need to sleep,” She insisted, shaking her head in disappointment. You only rolled your eyes and went back to reading. She peered over your shoulder, attempting to look at the case file you were looking at. She frowned when she spotted your last name on the paper. “What’s this all about?”
You glanced up at her, her standing figure towering over your sitting one. “A case file,” you answered plainly, causing her to groan teasingly. 
“You know what I meant,” she said in an annoyed tone, but you knew she was just messing with you. “Whose is it?”
“Mine.” It was another plain response, and at first she thought you were still joking around, but when she looked at you, she realized you weren’t. 
“Oh.” was all she could say. Reading over it again, she noticed it was a murder file. Victim was Duke Y/L/N, your adoptive father, and supposedly the assailant was Leslie Y/L/N, who had slammed your father’s head into a glass table in a fit of rage and then left the house after their child, that being you, had fled into hiding. 
“It’s too similar, Kate. It’s like I’m living in a loop, and all the bad things that happened before are back again. This girl… she’s going through the same thing, only the parents have switched. And I still can’t even tell if it was actually the father!” You shouted in frustration and ended up slamming your knee on the underside of your desk. It didn’t matter how loud you were, you and Kate were the only ones in the building to begin with. 
“What do you mean, ‘if it was actually the father’?”
“There’s no surveillance in the area and she only keeps saying ‘he’ did it. He who? There wasn’t evidence of forced entry, and yet there’s no DNA or fingerprints at the crime scene, as if whoever did it knew what they were doing.” You gripped the sides of your head in anger, trying to calm yourself down. It shouldn’t be irritating you like this, but you can’t help but feel like you’re missing some important piece of evidence that’s right under your nose. Kate could sense your utter frustration and looked at you with worry. 
“You can’t drown away all your problems with work and beer, you know? You need to get out,” she paused, checking her watch, “and get some sleep. Come on, I’ll drive you home, you big idiot.”
You protested but she wasn’t having any of it, dragging you out of the station kicking and screaming. You grabbed your beer and downed it angrily in the car ride home, opening the door to find Yelena up and waiting for you. She gave you a hug, grabbed your hat off of your head, put it on, and grinning stupidly as she offered you another beer. “I say, we drink the night away, ey?”
You appreciated that night, Yelena respected your unasked request of no questions. She knew what you were going through, and she had determined that instead of asking question after question, she’d do what she did best, drink. By 5 am, you were blacked out on the couch and could only half-hear the conversation between your two younger friends. 
“They’re losing it, Kate. I haven’t seen them like this since senior year. When Wanda… you know,” Yelena tried to speak in a hushed voice, but your coming migraine turned the whisper into a whole damn yell and you squinted in agonizing pain. 
Kate rubbed her temples in exhaustion. “I know, Lena, but as long as Wanda and Nat don’t come to our doorstep asking to see Y/N, what are we supposed to do?”
“I could beat them up,” Yelena suggested with a smirk, to which Kate punched her shoulder. “Ow! Okay, okay, geez, I was just kidding. Partially.” 
You groaned slightly, interrupting their conversation and you immediately wished you hadn’t. Both of them turned their attention to you, and you hated having all eyes on you. Kate sighed, pulling you to your feet and stating, “You need to sleep. Honestly, you need to sleep for three days, but we can’t just get that. I’ll call in to the station to let them know that you are sick. You need to sort this all out, Y/N. It’s fucking you up.”
You made no response, laying down on the bed. You laid in the darkness for long enough that you didn’t even know what time it was, but you knew everyone was asleep except for you. You stood, trying to be quiet as you walked over to the unpacked boxes filled with your items. You began sorting them, frowning slightly as you counted that you were two hoodies short. They weren’t your favorites to begin with, but it was an oddity to you. Assuming you were just still too drunk to actually count, you pushed the many thoughts that came into your head to the side, opting to look at your phone for the first time in days. 47 unread messages, 19 missed calls, and… holy fuck that was a lot of news notifications. Your eyebrows furrowed and you pouted as you scrolled through them. 
 Black Widow and Scarlet Witch on Official Hiatus due to Unknown Circumstances
Where is Black Widow? 
What Happened to the Scarlet Witch?
 The news articles flooded in like a hurricane just hit, and you were just confused. Those two cheated on you for, fuck, probably years by now, and they needed the space? While you were pressed with a murder case, they were off doing God knows what. Probably off of vacation, celebrating their relationship, you decided in your head. Yeah, that’s what they’re doing. Still, you couldn’t shake the awful feeling crawling down your spine. It made you sick, you wanted to puke. 
No, you didn’t want to puke, you absolutely needed to. It was time for another hangover and you rushed into the bathroom as quickly as possible, lifting up the lid on the toilet just in time for the heaves of stomach remnants to splash in the water. You threw up a lot that moment, honestly, it had more to do with your oncoming sobs than the alcohol at this point. You were so exhausted and, as much as you hated admitting it, you missed Natasha’s warmth in these moments. The way she made sure you never got vomit on you, the way she would take away beers before you became a blackout drunk. You missed her caring, you missed her concern, you missed her. Tears stung your cheeks, the choked sobs made it harder to breathe again, but you didn’t care. You needed to get out all the emotions that you had been feeling this entire week. Kate was right, you couldn’t keep drowning yourself in work and alcohol anymore, you needed to face it. 
“It’s over now, Y/N/N,” you convinced yourself, whispering to the nobody in the mirror. Yeah, that nobody was you, and you knew it. You hated it, looking at yourself in that mirror. You hated yourself at that moment, to be frank. It was like looking at a trainwreck, because god damn it, you were one. Sighing deeply, you turned around and made your way to your bed. You curled up into a ball, sobs still silently at your throat, and you closed your eyes. It would take a while, but sleep finally took hold of you.
You awoke the next day to find nobody in the apartment. There was a note from Yelena, stating that she was gone to get more food and would be back by dinner. You sighed, this left you to your own thoughts and you didn’t like that. Changing into one of your hoodies, some old college hoodie that you couldn’t remember where you had gotten it from, and a pair of raggedy, ripped jeans, you pulled on your converse and went out for a walk. You didn’t even know where you were going, but you found yourself on the doorstep of that original crime scene. Gulping down a horrible feeling, you opened the door. Surely, you had missed something, right? Glancing around, you couldn’t see anything at first. You walked around the living room, looking at every detail until you felt your foot hit something on the floor. You frowned, looking at your feet with a confused look. It was then that you noticed a slight rip in the carpet. Leaning down, you pulled up the carpet piece. Under it laid a pair of bloodied boots and a revolver. Your eyes widened and you looked around to see if anyone else was around to see this. When nobody popped out, you pulled out your phone. Swiping away some random notification you received, you texted Kate to check back at the scene, telling her you thought something might have been there that they missed. You knew Kate already had a hunch you’d go back there, so you left quickly, leaving the carpet piece pulled up so the on-duty officers would see it. 
You strolled through the city, finding yourself at your favorite café. Smelling the sweetness of freshly baked bread and warm coffee, you made your way inside. Greeted by your friend Peter’s cute little girlfriend, MJ, you ordered your usual black coffee with a bit of sugar and a blueberry muffin. You sat comfortably outside, in a shaded area by a tree, sipping your coffee, you decided to check that notification on your phone that you had received at the crime scene. 
One Unread Message from: Unknown Messenger
You raised an eyebrow at this, clicking on the message. It read: 
“Mx. Y/N. It has come to our attention that your connections with both Wanda Maximoff and Natasha Romanoff were once romantic. By answering this message, you will gain access to their current locations. This was their last wish. Answer now or you may never get another chance.”
  Your breath hitched and you read the message at least three times over. Your hands were shaking and you could no longer hear your own heartbeat. Hesitantly, you responded.
 “I would like to know the locations of both of those women. Where are they?”
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141414a · a day ago
peter: is wanda okay she was screaming alot last night
y/n: ik im a very hard worker
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Y/N: I hate pie.
Wanda: That’s not true yo-
Wanda: What? I made you chocolate pie like a week ago.
Y/N: Oh, I thought you were gonna go somewhere else with that.
Natasha: Believe me we all know cherries and cream are the exception. You don’t need to clarify.
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Not letting you go
Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: To defeat the Mad Titan, Natasha Romanoff gave up her own life. But now, with the war won and the opportunity to go back in time, you had to try to bring her back.
Word count: 1.086 || Pronouns: not used 
Warnings: fluff, comfort
So, I had this idea in the shower and I had to write it down. Hope you all like it!
You do NOT have permission to repost or translate my work on any platforms (even with credit)
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───── ⋅ ✮ ⋅ ─────
"Are you ready, Y/n?" 
"We'll see when I get there."
You and Banner exchange amused glances from behind your helmet, and you lower your gaze only to check your boots on the metal platform that makes up the time machine the scientist has designed, the briefcase with the Infinity Stones safe in your hand. 
"Sure you don't want me to go with you?" Steve asks, stepping forward and keeping his arms crossed worriedly in front of his body. "We both know I work better alone, Cap." You respond humorously, receiving a brief smile and nod from the blond. 
Exchanging looks of confirmation with the green man, you watch him push a few buttons on the huge panel in front of him. In the next second, your whole body is vibrating. 
Your eyes take time to get used to the change of environment, from a sunny forest to miles of dark desert area. You take a deep breath as you see the big mountain a few kilometers from where you are, a tall building on top.
Without hesitation, you start walking.
⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ 
The hike to the top is long, but you weren't really counting the minutes. All you wanted was to do what you went there to do.
"Red Skull! I've come to bargain!" That's how you announce your arrival, and the creature turns to you solemnly, no emotion at all on his reddened face. "Y/n Y/l/n, earthling-"
"Yeah, yeah. You know me, I know you, let's get down to business." You cut in impatiently, and the creature seems annoyed by your interruption. "There's no business, traveler, just one rule. A soul for a soul."
"Exactly. I brought a soul," you announce, making him frown in confusion. Opening your briefcase, you pull out the Soul Stone, "I want another in exchange."
A wicked laugh echoes around you, "That's not how it works-"
"I'm just playing by your rules. Or rather, rule." You interrupt once again, shrugging, and Red Skull glares at you angrily as he says, "It can't be done."
"But it better be, or I swear by the gods I'll be the last person you ever see." You threaten through clenched teeth. You won't get out of there without her.
The creature seems to revel in your anger, a smile at the corner of his lipless mouth. "You can't kill me, traveler, I'm the guardian of the Stone."
"Yeah? And I'm guardian of all six." You hit back and hold all the Stones in your hand at once. 
The pain is excruciating, but your enhanced durability and healing factor work like never before to keep you alive. Red Skull's expression drops. "What-"
The creature's question is interrupted by his own agonizing grunt of pain as you use the power of the Stones to turn him back into a human, the reddened bone structure giving way to Johann Schmidt's terrified face.
Before he can even realize what is happening, you use the power of the Infinity Stones to slowly petrify him, and his scream of pain lasts only until the entire figure is transformed into a stone statue. 
Moving your wrist counterclockwise, a green light surrounds your hand as the entire process on Johann Schmidt goes in reverse, transforming him back into the Red Skull. 
"So," you begin sadistically, smiling at the obvious dread on his countenance, "do we have a deal?"
The creature sighs, surrendering, "A soul for a soul."
When Red Skull extends her hand to you, you laugh through your nose triumphantly, handing him the Soul Stone. As soon as you return the remaining Stones to the suitcase, you feel your vision begin to blur.
"What... what did you do?" you struggle to ask, your body slowing down by the second. 
"I have given you what you desire, traveler. I hope I don't see you again." Replies Red Skull as he turns to you. The next moment, the world turns dark. 
⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅
You don't know how much time has passed since you blacked out. 
All you know is that you wake up inside a puddle of what appears to be water, back at the base of the mountain. And you're not alone. 
"Nat?" you ask, still groggy from the blackout, recognizing the red hair falling beside you. "Y/n-"
"Nat!" You exclaim when the certainty that it is indeed your loved one hits you, taking her face between your hands and kissing her passionately. 
"I'm so pissed at you for jumping off that cliff." You say as the kiss ends, a happy laugh and tears in your eyes. Natasha smiles back, stroking your cheek with her thumb. "I had to, it was the only way to defeat Thanos."
You just nod in understanding, your entire being overcome with emotion. The redhead has tears in her eyes as well, so you lean forward to rest your forehead against hers, enjoying the closeness of each other.  
"How did you bring me back?" Natasha asks after a while, pulling away to look at you with questioning eyes. "I played my tricks, baby." You respond humorously, chuckling when she rolls her eyes in amusement. 
"No one is going to take you away from me, ever." You say, more serious this time as everything in your posture conveys the intensity of your words. The redhead just smiles lovingly in response, leaning forward and kissing you once more. 
When the kiss is over, you both stand up. 
"Do you still have your suit?" You ask, checking the Stones in the suitcase. "I do, but I don't know if it still works." She counters and you nod, activating a device on your belt and causing another suit to appear in your hand. 
"Well, it's a good thing Scott doesn't pay much attention to his stuff." You comment with a playful smirk and Natasha smiles, shaking her head in false disapproval as she takes the suit you offer her. 
"We going home?" She asks in a mix of curiosity and hope, and you smile, more than happy to have her back. "We are. But first, I'm gonna need your help with something." 
⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅
As if only a second had passed, Steve and Bruce see you reappearing in the time machine. This time, however, Natasha was with you, your arm holding her tight around her waist, and you had no plans of letting go.
───── ⋅ ✮ ⋅ ─────
And that's it for today! I hope you enjoyed it, thoughts and comments are always welcome ツ
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didujustcallmedumb · 3 days ago
Fragile (1/2) || Trust in Me AU || Natasha Romanoff x Female Reader
Tumblr media
Main Masterlist | Natasha Romanoff Masterlist | Trust In Me AU Masterlist
Authors Note: Guys, am so so sorry that it has taken me so long to update, av just not been having a time. but all a can say is av missed writing, and av more than missed my Little Dove! am so happy you's like this au so much so a hope you enjoy!
Summary: R becomes sick after a deal gone wrong, and Natasha is there to try and figure out what will make you give in to let her look after you. But first, she needs to know a little bit more about your past.
Word Count: 3.9k+
Warnings: Mentions of Mob dealings, Dom/Sub Dynamics, R’s title of ‘Daddy’, Nat’s title of ‘Little Dove’, Mentions of a gun/shooting, Mentions of sickness/illness, Mentions of medication, Bad Parenting. Insinuations of sex.
Natasha stood at your bedroom window, watching the rain hammer down into the snow-covered ground, and sighed looking at her watch once more. You had been gone all day, and Natasha understood that it was for an important matter, but that didn’t stop her from missing you. A loud bark broke Natasha from her thoughts and she turned to look at her new puppy who darted out of the bedroom and downstairs.
You were home.
You shivered as you walked through the door, your clothes wet from the rain, and the fact you had been tossed into the body of water by the docks after a delivery gone wrong. The squelching noise from your shoes made you grimace as you made your way to the kitchen to make a coffee. The sound of small tippy taps caught your attention, alongside the sudden lapping sound, and you turned your head to watch Natasha’s puppy drink the puddle of water your wet clothes left behind on the floor.
You pulled the small german shepherd away by their collar and lifted them into the air, keeping them an arm's length away from you. “Don’t fucking drink that, you little goblin, you don’t even know where that water’s been…I don’t even know where that water’s been. Disgusting thing…where’s your mom? Go and bother Tasha instead of bothering me.”
“So, you two still aren’t friends yet?”
Natasha’s voice caught you off guard but it brought a smile to your face. She took the puppy from you, cuddled it close to her chest and kissed behind its floppy ears. The tilt of the puppy’s head as it looked at you had you glaring, you were convinced that the little mutt had it out for you, and you huffed in distaste.
“I’m not usually friends with things that chew up my expensive shoes.”
“He was just playing, weren’t you Barney?”
You rolled your eyes at your girlfriend's coddling but accepted the fact that you weren’t going to be able to tell the fleabag off, without Natasha defending them. Natasha gave you a once over and sighed at the multiple puddles that were scattered across the kitchen. 
“You need to get out of those wet clothes, it’s the middle of January, you’re going to make yourself sick,” Natasha stated in a motherly tone. “Not to mention, I cleaned the kitchen this afternoon,” Natasha continued as her brows furrowed in concern. “What actually happened? Because you smell…funky.”
“Cheers Tash,” you muttered, stirring your coffee. “Well, we went to the delivery, and some absolute dick decided he was going to try and shoot up the place, more specifically me, so Bucky pushed me into the river to get me out of the way.”
Natasha blinked slowly as the information processed in her mind and she did her best to fight off a smile, even more so a laugh but then frowned at the idea of you nearly getting hurt. “Sweetheart, please go and take a shower. If you stay in those wet clothes any longer you’ll make yourself sick. Besides, I want cuddles but not if you smell bad.”
“Sick? I don’t get sick, but I will shower because…” Natasha watched as you stalked your way towards her and her bottom lip became captive between her teeth. The feeling of Natasha’s warm skin beneath your own cold hands made the two of you shiver, and you traced patterns into her hips with your thumbs. “...I think I want some special time with my little dove.”
The puppy’s yapping split the two of you apart and you huffed slightly when they shoved their head between yours and Natasha’s. “I want to spend time with you…alone…with no puppy.” You tensed your jaw as the puppy tried nipping your chin and nose, so you moved away and trudged upstairs in a sour mood.
Natasha watched you walk away and chuckled to herself before booping Barney on his nose, talking to him in a baby voice. “You need to be nice to daddy, otherwise she’s never going to like you. Also, no more eating her shoes because it makes her grumpy.” Natasha took the small bark as an agreement and smiled before she made her way back upstairs.
A coughing fit awoke you from your semi-peaceful slumber in the early hours of the morning, but you were quick to chug the day old glass of water on your bedside and try your best to drift back to sleep. Natasha’s warm, and naked, body provided you with some comfort but the stuffy nose you seemed to be suffering from caused you irritation instead. It was an odd feeling, the last time you had a stuffy nose must have been years ago, but you recognised the feeling of it all too well, and you had already begun to grow agitated at the sensation.
Had you gotten sick? Surely not…you don’t get sick.
You moved towards Natasha, throwing an arm around her waist and pulling her closer to your body, and let out a soft sigh of comfort. Natasha’s body felt scorching hot against your own and you felt grateful to have someone who is essentially like a personal heater for when you felt as cold as you did now. Natasha grunted as you shifted beside her and then whined to push you away.
“I love you but you’re too hot, and so am I, but we can still hold hands if you want,” Natasha yawned as she wriggled back into a comfortable position. Your eyes furrowed together in confusion and annoyance, but you bit your tongue before you replied to your younger lover. “I’m not hot at all, I’m freezing.”
Natasha opened her eyes at that, when you were laid against her it was as though your body was melting into her own because of how warm you were. The sound of a stuffy nose also caught her attention as she turned to face you, frowning when she saw you shiver. “Are you sick?”
“No,” you deadpanned before doing your best to let out an annoyed huff, grimacing at the feeling that tingled through your nose and the scratchiness at the back of your throat. “I don’t get sick, I told you that last night.”
The redhead beside you sighed, rubbing the palms of her hands against her cheeks before she sat up with her knees to her chest. She could already tell that this was going to be a fight from start to finish, just like the wound in your shoulder was those few months ago. 
“I’m going to get you some medicine, wait here,” the Russian instructed as she made her way out of bed, dressing herself in just the sheer baby pink robe you had bought her from your last ‘business trip’. 
You groaned in annoyance as Natasha left the bedroom, and you did your best to try and fall asleep once more but the sound of clattering woke you up once more. Natasha walked through the bedroom door with a tray full of what you could assume were hot drinks, your breakfast and…medicine. The disgusting coloured bottle was sat proudly at the edge and you grimaced before hiding back under the covers.
“No, thank you.”
Natasha narrowed her eyes at the mountain of blankets and comforters you had hidden under. Obviously, your girlfriend did feel bad for you. However, she was also already frustrated with your stubbornness and distaste for receiving help from anybody when you were clearly sick and in discomfort.
“Baby, please just take the medicine. It’ll be over in a flash and I promise you it will help you to feel better much quicker than if you didn’t have any medicine at all.”
“I said, ‘no, thank you’. Now drop it.”
“Daddy,” Natasha warned, the tone in her voice highlighting the seriousness of what she was requesting, and showing that she meant business. Especially considering that nickname is rarely used outside of the bedroom anymore.
Your shuffling under the covers stilled at the tone of her voice, your annoyance starting to arise at the fact it felt as though she was trying to baby you. You were a grown woman who had gone years and years without the help of others, especially whenever you did get sick or hurt. The only person who ever pushed those boundaries was your chosen mother, Maria, and now Natasha.
You hated it.
“Little Dove,” you mimicked, a scowl prominent on your face and sharpness in your tone. Not that Natasha could see because you were still hidden, but you refused to leave the comfort of your blanket cocoon, and you were most certainly not going to have that disgusting medicine. It never works anyway, it always made you feel worse. 
Natasha sighed at your reaction and frowned, she was beginning to get upset at the fact you would rather suffer than take some medicine that would help. The redhead placed the tray of food on the bedside before she climbed back into bed with you. You flinched at the contact Natasha’s hand made to your unclothed back as she ran it up and down it in a way to comfort you.
A flash of hurt crossed her face when you shuffled away from her but she stayed in bed with you, giving you your space. You scrunched your eyes closed doing your best to ignore the scratch at the back of your throat, and the aching in your limbs. You were now sure you were sick, but you weren’t going to give Natasha, or anyone else, the satisfaction of admitting it.
“I’m your girlfriend,” Natasha stated confidently. “I’m your girlfriend so you should be letting me take care of you, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, it’s just me and you. Who would I even tell? Wanda? She wouldn’t say anything. So, just please let me help and take care of you, I don’t like when you’re hurt or ill.”
You sighed and removed the bed covers from over your head before you glanced at her. “You pull out that title to get what you want, Little dove. Very sneaky.” Natasha rolled her eyes but then smiled gently when you rested your head atop of her thighs whilst she sat beside you.
Once what you said had processed, Natasha glared slightly and huffed playfully at you. “Ha. You’re so incredibly funny, I forgot I was dating a comedian.” You shrugged slightly, covering your mouth before you let out a chesty cough, and Natasha gently placed the back of her hand against your forehead.
“You’re burning up, you definitely have a fever. Will you at least let me take your temperature?”
You quickly moved away from her, pulling the blanket off of the bed and wrapping yourself in it as you made a beeline for the bedroom door in a desperate attempt to avoid the conversation. What you failed to recognise was Natasha was much quicker than you in your current groggy and fragile state. Natasha’s eyebrow raised as you tried to get to the door again and you let out a pitiful whine when she stayed in the way.
“Stop being difficult and take your medicine,” Natasha huffed, folding her arms under the swell of her breasts, elevating them slightly. Your eyes glanced over your girlfriend’s nearly uncovered chest before you looked away and let out a huff of agitation. 
“I don’t want to, I don’t like it,” you murmured weakly. Natasha tilted her head at your sudden change of demeanour and you grimaced quickly moving away when she pulled another bottle of medicine out of her robe. “Get that shit away from me.”
Natasha dived at you as you made a break for the bathroom, pinning you down onto the bed so that she could straddle your hips and hold you as still as she was able to. Usually, you wouldn’t be opposed to this predicament, but in your weak and achy state, it gave you a lot of discomforts, never mind the fact she was trying to push medicine into your mouth. Every time Natasha got the syringe close to your mouth you turned your head and batted her hand away, sometimes a bit more aggressive than necessary, but this isn’t a situation you wanted to be in.
“Daddy! Just-ugh, just take your medicine and you’ll feel better!”
“I said I don’t like it! Get off of me!”
Natasha huffed once more and glared down at you, but had a teasing smile on her lips. “You’re just a big baby, aren’t you? You can deal with gun or knife wounds…but you won’t take one small mouthful of medicine? Come on baby, grow up.”
You tensed under Natasha at those last two words before forcefully pushing her off you, onto the comfort of the bed, and made your way to the bathroom, slamming the door behind you. Grow up…grow up, those two words rang in your mind, reminding you of the horrible situations and circumstances you had suffered as a child whenever you were poorly.
The fact your parents were always too busy and neglectful when you were fine, highlighted how much worse they were when you truly were poorly. The way they would just tell you to grow up and sort yourself out from a young age, not care whether you were hurting or not, and then not even give you the right medicine to make you feel better. It always left you worse for wear, so you decided to just never let anybody know you were sick and would sleep it off. That was until Tony’s mother found out, and she could recognise the signs of your illness before you could attempt to hide them, and she always looked after you no matter how much you fought it.
The wheezing in your breathing wasn’t a promising sign of your current state, you had felt queasy all day and had a fever. As much as you desired your mother, you knew she was busy with meetings all of today, but you couldn’t help that 8 year old you just wanted some comfort and help.
You quietly padded your way through the foyer of your family home, frowning gently at the way the maids changed direction with a pained look when they saw you. It was only like this because they all received a scolding from your parents for ‘coddling’ you too much, but you all knew that they were just giving you the affection you craved for so long.
An exaggerated giggle broke the silence of the hallway as you made your way to your mother’s study and it made you second guess your venture. No matter what you did, she would more than likely be mad at being interrupted…but maybe, just maybe she might give you the attention and affection you were desperate for.
The heaviness of her study door had you stumbling, especially in your weakened state, and the bad feeling you had about interrupting her heightened when you realised she had company. Confusion settled on your features when you noticed your mother sitting in someone's lap as they pressed kisses against her neck, that someone not being your father.
You flinched slightly as you watched your mom essentially throw herself off of the person as she buttoned her shirt back up, and you did your best to shut out their hushed, yet aggravated, argument that was presumably about you.
“You didn’t tell me your brat was home.”
“Yeah well, they were meant to go out with my idiot husband but they decided to get sick.”
You frowned at the harsh words that were thrown about the room as they continued their argument, and teared up slightly at the digs that were about you before your mom came over and grabbed your wrist a bit too harshly.
“Come on then, I’ll get you medicine and then you’re to stay in your room,” she muttered unpleasantly, a warning glare directed your way to which you knew to agree immediately. Her grip never lessened as she sat you down before rummaging through the cupboard to grab the first thing she found and poured the liquid onto a spoon.
“Open up.”
“But mommy-”
“Stop being a baby and just grow up.”
A pinch to your nose made your breath catch in your throat as she pushed the spoon into your mouth before forcing it closed to make you swallow. You whined pushing her away and spluttered slightly once she had let go and you shrank in your seat as she gave you a disappointed look. The woman sighed once more before she disappeared back down the hallway, and you had already started to feel itchy.
There was only one thing you were allergic to, which was peach, and it just so happened to be the flavour of medicine that your mother had given you. Luckily, it wasn’t a severe allergy but it was most definitely an uncomfortable one. 
Tears blurred your vision as you rushed upstairs to get dressed, packing your rucksack with a change of clothes, your toiletries and your blue teddy bear. The walk to Tony’s house wasn’t too far, but it certainly wasn’t a walk that a young child should do on their own. As you opened the front door, one of the maids caught sight of you and opened their mouth to shout for your mother. After they took in your state and your pleading eyes, their mouth closed and they gave you a gentle smile before turning the other way and leaving the corridor.
Now to go and see Tony and Mrs Stark.
Natasha winced as she heard the door slam, and sighed quietly knowing that she must have hit a nerve. The debate of whether to ring your mom or not ran through Natasha’s mind, because maybe she could help but would it only agitate you further? Maybe she could ring Tony? No, no…that would be worse. If it is anyone she’s calling, it would have to be Maria.
“Natasha darling, how are you?”
“Not good I’m afraid, I’ve upset Y/N but I’m not too sure how,” Natasha replied as she paced the bedroom. The redhead chewed at her nails as she explained the situation to Maria who listened intently and then frowned when she didn’t receive a reply. “Maria?”
“Sorry sweetie, I was just trying to think of the best way to elaborate considering the two of you haven’t spoken about this yet. Y/N she…she didn’t have the best childhood which I am sure you’re aware of, but her parents were neglectful, even more so when she was sick and that resulted in her hiding it. There was one night she came to me after having a slight allergic reaction to peach flavoured medicine that her mother if you could call her that, force-fed her.”
“No wonder she pretty much tried fighting me to not take the medicine I had for her, and I now feel even worse for teasing her about being a baby when it comes to not taking her medicine when she's so used to being stabbed or shot.”
“You can’t fault yourself, Natasha, you didn’t know. When she came to me, she wouldn’t even let me touch her and completely denied even being ill in the first place. As a mother, I refused just to drop it, I kept an eye on her and cared for her without being too direct. It broke my heart when she ended up breaking down in my arms. Don’t take anything she does or says to heart, it’s not personal and is very much a defence mechanism.” 
“I’ve realised that, she shuts herself down and off super easily. I just want to take care of her.”
“I know you do, but she tries to keep strong. She’s more fragile than she lets on. I hope this helped, I love you both very much and I’ll see you soon.”
“We love you too, bye Maria.” Natasha sighed as she hung up, moving her index fingers to her temples and rubbing them slightly to help ease the tension headache that was beginning to form. Luckily the chat with your mom had helped, but it did make her feel worse too, she never meant to upset you. 
“You called my mom?”
Natasha jumped at the sound of your voice and turned to face you, a sorry look plastered across her features. You just gave her a small smile as you wrapped the blanket tighter around yourself and made your way toward her. 
“I’m sorry, I just-”
You placed a finger against her lips and she pouted against it, now it was your turn to give a gentle pout. Natasha blinked quickly, semi-shocked from the fact you were here pouting in front of her and she smiled softly at your, now gentle, demeanour.
“It’s okay, I’m not mad. I don’t know why I wasn’t just honest with you from the start…I suppose I just find it hard, and I don’t like-”
“You don’t like talking about your feelings, I know. I just want to take care of you, that’s all. I don’t like it when you’re hurt, or in this case sick, I just want to love and care for you. If you’d please let me?”
The desperation in Natasha’s voice tugged at your heartstrings and you slowly nodded, to which Natasha replied with a bright smile. Who knew it would be something as easy as agreeing to some care that could keep your love as happy as they were? Not you. 
“Fine, but I’m still going to be stubborn,” you mumbled as you perched yourself at the end of the bed, following Natasha’s movements closely. It was still a massive deal to you, and you still weren’t happy about the fact you would have to take medicine. “I like the idea of letting you look after me, but not making it completely easy for you.”
“Oh baby,” Natasha pouted as she moved to straddle your lap, grinding down teasingly, and then snaked her arms around your neck to bring you closer. A soft moan left your mouth as you felt Natasha through the thin blanket that was covering you. “What can I do to make you not as stubborn?”
What could she do that would make being sick a more positive experience? For as long as you’ve been alive you’ve always hated being sick because, as much as you didn’t want to admit it, being sick scared you and hurt you more than being physically injured. Another moan broke through when Natasha picked up her pace, gripping onto you tighter, and you bit your lip.
“I wouldn’t be opposed to one of those sexy outfits to fit your role…I mean, a sexy nurse looking after me and telling me I’ll get rewarded when I take my medicine? I think that’ll make me a little less stubborn. Don’t you think, Little Dove?” 
Natasha threw her head back in pleasure as you cupped her sex, running your fingers through her slickened folds, and you bit your lip hard enough that a metallic taste filled your mouth. The desperate whimpers that came from Natasha spurred you on before you used all the strength you had to flip the two of you, so the redhead was laid beneath you.
“Now, I’m pretty sure you’re not meant to take medicine on an empty stomach…so I think it’s time that I had my breakfast,” you whispered against the soft skin of her inner thighs, once you had kissed your way down her body, and then brushed your tongue over her clit before pulling away.
“Whatever my daddy wants,” Natasha whined, her hips desperately following the retreat of your mouth.
“That’s my good girl, now lay back and look pretty because daddy’s starving.”
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alotofpockets · a day ago
Please stay | Natasha Romanoff
Tumblr media
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Promps: “Stay with me.”
Requested by: @woman-simp
Word count: 480
Warnings: mention of Nat's trauma from the red room (not in depth)
masterlist | requests: closed | taglist
Usually the news coverages, talk shows and other stuff that was being said about her as Black Widow didn’t get to Natasha much, but when she stormed out of the meeting room where Secretary Ross showed them a talk show segment where they talked bad about a few of the Avengers, including Natasha, you knew you had to follow her to make sure she was okay.
So, that’s what you did, you followed her back to your shared room where you found her sitting on the floor with her back against the bed, staring out of the window. You softly close the door behind you and make your way to her, sitting down but keeping a small distance between the two of you. Being together with Natasha for the past two years taught you that she wanted space to think before she shared her emotions.
You were sitting next to her in silence, letting her know that you’re there for her but also giving her the space to collect her thoughts. Your eyes were focused on the trees moving with the wind, a sight that had always calmed you down when this was just your room. When Nat had found you there after she had been away on a mission the first time since you started dating, she knew that if you ever decided to move into the same room together, it would be yours. She wanted you to have this view to settle your thoughts. Over the years she started using it as well.
Natasha smiles at the thought of those memories, that’s when you divert your gaze from the trees back to your face. “Please,” Natasha says breaking the silence as the first tears escape her eyes, “Stay with me.” That’s when you take her into your arms. “Of course, darling, I don’t ever plan on leaving.”
“But all those things they said on the new, they weren’t wrong. That’s exactly who I used to be.” You push her off you slightly so you’re able to look into her eyes when you tell her, “That’s who Dreykov made and forced you to be. And exactly what you said, ‘used to be’. Baby, once you got out you have spent every day of your life bettering yourself. You became an Avenger, a hero. Think of all the lives you have saved and bettered over all these years. They don’t get to criticize you for the trauma Dreykov, and his people put you through, you are not that person anymore.”
Natasha falls back into your arms, “Thank you, you always know what to say.” You kiss her forehead and get comfortable against the bedside again, letting her cuddle into you. You spend the next hour looking out of the window together, while you talk about how far the two of you have come and reminiscing old memories you’ve created together.
Main taglist: @yellowvxbes // @xxromanoffxx // @xxxtwilightaxelxxx // @wandanatvoid // @wandaswifeyforlifey // @marvelwomen-simp // @snooy245 // @peggycarter-steverogers // @wandas-slut-heart // @nats-dreamland // @hoe4flosblog // @laaurrel // @catasha // @t00manyfand0ms // @multifandomlesbianic // @bandit2029 // @avengerswriter4eva // @gigistylestomlinson // @snowdrop1026 // @sylvies4ever // @youreatotalposer // @mellowladyangel // @milfloverslut // @natasha-danvers // @lyak12 // @smallestavenger // @when-wolves-howl // @svftpetker // @la-reine-des-enfers // @official-chaotic-wandamaximoff // @b0r3d-s1mp1ng-b1tch // @bubblensqueak002 // @imabee-oralizard // @rafecameronswhore // @be-missed // @romaaa28 // @youresuchamom // @youralphawolf72 // @maia-lightwoood // @rootbeerfaygo // @elliesayshello869 // @vllowe // @princessprudy // @nightingalexx
Natasha taglist: @strangegardentaco
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gayerthanevertbh · 2 days ago
𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐰𝐨𝐦𝐚𝐧 - 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝟓.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: best friend’s mom!natasha romanoff x fem!reader
summary: you know it was beautifully wrong when your best friend’s mother kissed your parched mouth. what’s even worse is that she’s a married woman and you’re just her secret affair.
warnings: slight angst? drinking, explicit words? girl idk
author’s note: i don’t know if this was even a good chapter but i am at least hoping you’d enjoy it. good luck x
this series is 18+ minors dni! please, if you are a minor i suggest stay off my blog. if i write something appropriate for young audiences then i’ll let you know. x
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Tumblr media
“Is it alright if you sleep in Lucy’s room? The guest room has a lot of my stuff,” Natasha says kindly while pouring you a glass of orange juice, smiling a little through her supple lips.
“That’s very much fine Natasha, thank you for letting me stay for a while. I could repay you back–”
“Please don’t,” the redhead whispers with a breathy chuckle, unconsciously touching your backhand which made your skin feel a prick. “We’ve–You are my daughter’s best friend, you’ve been with us for so long, so there’s no need for that.”
You knew she was about to say your past relationship with her and as much as you want to let her continue, you wouldn’t want to go back to the past. Everything has changed throughout 5 years, who knows if this woman still feels romantically for you? Or maybe not romantically, maybe in a way of want. The need for attention. You don’t really know.
A long broad silence was spoken between you two until she pulls away as if feeling repulsed by touching you – which made your sensitive heart hurt a little.
“Sorry,” Natasha apologizes with a lower octave in her tone, her eyes averting on the cold-tiled cupboard.
“It’s okay.”
Then, the woman looks back up and smiles down at you, reminiscing about the feeling where she used to look at you the way she would look at someone when she’s in love.
“I must say, you’re still the girl I met years ago,” she says, remembering the first time you both met and it flutters her heart a little.
You shake your head and smile, but more like a grimace, and said: “I guess I haven’t changed then, how awful.”
“No,” Natasha is quick to defend and scoots herself closer to you. “You’ve changed. Your beauty is more defined, your intelligence must be broad now. But, you're still the girl I always know in my heart. Just a little bit older, but I like it.”
You titled your head since you were so curious about why she still sees you as that dandy girl with no personality – you’re exaggerating there – and smiled once sided, asking: “Some things never changed, Nat.”
She nods, agreeing.
Then, you both stood there for quite some time – enjoying each other’s company before you head to bed which you hope is not soon to happen because you like being this close to Natasha. You hear the woman whisper,
“Have you ever thought about me when you moved to London?”
You hate how straightforward Natasha can be. She could say something that involves politics or just a thought and it would get you sweating and intimidated – since she has this sort of power towards you that you can’t bare to understand.
You smiled inwardly to yourself, trying to shy your face away from the hair that was on your cheeks, and replied,
“Of course.”
This made Natasha have a sense of hope. A hope of maybe returning to the days where you both happened, where you two slept together and did everything romantically behind everyone’s back; which is probably the most awful thing ever but, she likes the chase of it.
You couldn’t help but ponder to ask, “Have you thought about me too?”
You can feel your heart racing as you hear the thump inside of your chest ringing through your ear canal. Your skin is a little warmer than before and almost lost your balance at her simple reply.
How can you still make me feel this way?
“I never stopped,” she says with a shaky breath, turning her head and doing her best to look into your eyes, to which you gladly responded. “When you left, I felt stoned. I thought I lost you forever, detka. I got scared and I couldn’t look at my wife anymore despite all the guilt that was building up inside of me. You–”
“Nat,” you say with a warning tone, knowing yourself that at any given moment you would fall back again – which is something you don’t wish for, after everything that has happened.
“Please,” Natasha begs, feeling tears in the brim of her green eyes. “Y/N, I thought you left me forever…”
How could I ever do such a thing when you have this much power over me?
“When did you file for a divorce?” you asked, feeling like you were about to break into tears if you keep looking at her longly like that.
“3 years ago.”
“So,” you cleared your throat even though it didn’t feel that itchy. “Y–You divorced your wife after two years I left?”
“It was very complicated, lovebug.” If you keep calling me that I’ll fall for you all over again. “We had a company together, so it was hard to divorce her. I had to give it time to file for it. Although nothing happened within those 3 years, we never even slept on the same bed.”
The thought of Maria knowing about your affair with her ex-wife sends chills down your spine like it makes you want to vomit it out. You were getting nauseous too from the thought and couldn’t help yourself but ask,
“Does she know about our affair before?”
It takes 10 seconds when she shakes her head, you feel a sort of relief – even though that’s bad.
“Why didn’t you tell her?” you asked again.
“Because I don’t want her to resent you.”
“I resent myself more than she could resent me,” you stated with a clear tone, yet you can feel your throat being caught in a lump. “I don’t know what we were doing back then, maybe I was young and naive but… it shouldn’t have happened. You know that.”
Natasha scoffed, almost in shock with your own response that completely bewildered her mind.
“So that never meant anything to you then? You know, you are such a bad liar, Y/N. You’re only saying this because you’re afraid that my ex-wife would kill you.” Natasha said flatly and crossed her arms so that you could see slight muscles on her skin. Were you admiring her? Yes. Bad timing even? Very much so.
“Exactly my point,” you sighed, breathing through your nose to keep your voice down.
The redhead shakes her head, kisses her teeth loudly, and replies, “She’s not here anymore. You’ll never have to see her again–”
“I seriously don’t understand why we are having this conversation.” you cut off, cursing inwardly that you had to interrupt her like that.
There was a long pause – an awkward one – between you two and the woman cleared her throat, realizing that this was being immature of her. So, she shrugs it off and mumbled,
“I’m sorry. Please go to bed, I’ll see you tomorrow.”
You can tell from afar that Natasha was merely hurt by your response. Maybe because of your changed tone or because you were frightened by the thought of her ex-wife marching to this house just to murder you. Which, by the way, is what you deserve. You are brave enough to say that you were old enough at that time to know what was right and wrong.
But if the Lord must forgive your sins, you love Natasha dearly.
So much that you wish to say, I’m sorry. I love you. Let’s make-up.
Tumblr media
“Wait, are you being serious?”
You nodded. Lucy scoffs audibly and hikes up her arms around her chest, not amused by what happens between your mother.
“Your mother has always been an ass! Did you know she came here once for money? Like, literally bombarded us and my mom was kind enough to give her some.”
You spun your head in complete shock and asked with a louder tone, “What?”
“Yeah well,” she clears her throat, smiling nervously. She knows that you hate it when there are untold things that you have no idea of. “Please don’t be mad. Mom said it wasn’t a problem, as long as she doesn’t rob us or something.”
Letting out a long sigh, you shake your head and whisper, “I’m so sorry. I’ll go pay for the–”
“Don’t even dare, Y/N. I promise you, it’s alright. Trust me.”
She reaches for you and wraps her long arms around your neck, kissing your head like she always does whenever you’re nervous or feeling tense. It’s a love language between you two, small kisses on the forehead, and reassurances that are in a platonic way is how you both speak nonverbally.
“Thank you,” you whispered on her clothed stomach. “You’re literally the best.”
“If you get all sappy I will push cigarettes into your eyes.”
Later that day, you both ordered a box of vegan pizza while watching a classic movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s since it’s Lucy’s favorite. You admire the character named Holly since she has this enthusiastic and bubbly self, wishing somehow you’d be more like her. And probably a handsome man like Fred baby as your husband.
“Paul Varjak looks exactly like Armie Hammer, don’t ya think?”
You snickered while eating the crust of your pizza, visualizing the character in your head as you laughed more.
“Yeah,” you shake your head with a wide smile. “He does kinda look like Armie Hammer.”
You lean your head against your best friend’s shoulder while drinking a glass of cranberry juice from your glass, squinting your eyes from the sour taste of it. Scenarios like this, help you fully relax to the point that you wouldn’t care about anything else in this world. Having her arm around you, platonically, makes you feel safe and at home – not at your mother’s house who treated you like garbage.
Natasha came home from work a few minutes later and catches her eye between you and Lucy who is cuddled up beside you. The older woman couldn’t help but feel envious of her own daughter for holding the girl she loves with her arms wrapped around you comfortably; she exhales loudly which caught your attention quickly.
Lucy turns her head, and smiles genuinely at her mother, “Hey. Did you bring Corona beers?”
Natasha threw her keys off onto the small wooden table across the kitchen and shook her head, taking loud steps towards the refrigerator.
“No, sorry. They ran out.”
“Huh,” Lucy quirks an eyebrow and adds, “That can’t be right. Ugh, you were probably just lazy.”
You felt awkward in the situation that you wish to be gone at this moment, you can tell from Natasha’s body posture that she was fairly angry. Well, jealous to be precise. But, you don’t want to jump to conclusions over your silly ideas about it.
“I’m gonna go–”
“No, stay Y/N. Lucy, why don’t you get it yourself? I’ve had a,” she sighs through her mouth and leans against the doorway wall, crossing her arms. She’s pissed. “I’ve had a very long day. Please just go get your own for fucks sake.”
Lucy’s hazel eyes averted to yours and bit the cheek inside of her mouth, holding her anger towards her mother because apparently, her anger issues are just exactly like Natasha so, so she didn’t want a whole fuss to happen. Your best friend stands up abruptly and grabs the car keys, slamming the door shut behind her back and now you’re alone once again with the redhead; you don’t know if you’re complaining though.
“I–Um,” you looked at the single object to form words inside of your head, shaking slightly because you hate the idea of Natasha being angry. “I’ll go into my room if that’s what you want.”
Surprisingly; she shakes her head.
“No, you can stay.”
You only nodded to ease the situation. Natasha was itching to have a conversation with you, so she continues:
“About last night, I just want to say that I’m sorry. Have I made you uncomfortable?”
“Of course not,” you quickly say with a defensive tone and a nervous chuckle. The redhead sits beside you on the couch but you had your distance. “I’m sorry too. Half of the things I said last night, weren’t true.”
“I know, Y/N. I’ve known you for too long, it’s okay. No harm done.”
Were you relieved at her confession? Somehow, yes. You can’t explain why but, you felt undeniably relieved. You shake your head once more, hiding away the small smile that was beckoning on your face.
She smiles back. Of course, Natasha would notice it.
“You’re smiling.”
“I am not,” you lie through your teeth. She laughs again, but very softly.
“You are such a liar, huh?” she says, hoping that you’d find the joke funny – which you did since you let out a wheezy laugh. “Do you still smoke?”
You cringed as if you were ashamed of your younger self – which you are – and leaned your head against the back cushions, sighing audibly. She does the same but never leaves her forest eyes on you, her hand trying to linger on yours.
“I don’t anymore. You?”
“Not bad,” you remarked, looking down at your untouched hand near hers, dangerously for that matter. “It could kill you, you know?”
She chuckles deeply. That attractive chuckle that gets your body into another dimension, how you wished you could hear it again–
Fuck, nope.
“That’s why I said occasionally, detka.”
“You have to stop talking to me like that,” you say with a flat tone yet so much fire and desire inside of you that you cannot even begin to start with. She stares right through your eyes, as if reading you like you’re an entire book – but with more intensity. You gulped, “Or else…”
“Or else what?”
Then your staring contest grew bigger and more intensified until she had her hands on your side left thigh, dragging you closer to her until her forehead touches yours – her dark green eyes never left your pupils. You didn’t even feel any sense when her nose nudged against your warm cheek, smelling you in a way that it wasn’t creepy to notice. You gasped at how close she was, how close this woman’s lips were to yours, and how much you want her to take your lips within seconds.
She didn’t stop until she kissed you, moaning quietly into your mouth as her teeth raked onto your bottom lip, pulling away with a pop. The redhead opens her eyes while her thumb padded on your cheek and looked down at your soft red plumped lips that she had kissed a few seconds ago. There was no regret on her face as you stared into her, and you smiled. Fucking smiled.
“I missed you,” she whispers. You couldn’t contain to answer and responded back.
“I missed you more, Tasha.”
She didn’t waste time and pulled you onto her lap, grabbing you by the neck and kissing you hungrily, your eyes rolling back when her other hand holds onto your waist – gripping you tightly. The redhead pulls away and gives you a sloppy kiss on the corner of your mouth, then to your jaw and nipped at it softly. You roam your hands all the way to her back and pulled her closer to your small body, grounding yourself onto her zipped pants.
“Oh baby, you have no idea how much I’ve longed for this,” she tugs on your hair and pulls you so your neck is exposed a little bit more, her tongue lathering all the way to your pulsed ear and kissing it gently, afraid to hurt you that you might possibly run away.
But you can’t. You just can’t, not when you have her and she has you.
“Tasha–Mmph, Ugh yes…” you moaned incoherently as she pulls you down onto her lap, making your covered cunt a little warm and pulsing as she kisses you more onto your collarbone, whispering kotenok until she thrusts up to meet with your pacing.
Your tension with her ended when you hear the sound of a car beeping, and quickly like a flash – you got off her lap and sat far away from her to seem like nothing happened. She looks at you in such hooded eyes that you find it seductive.
You pinned your hair back and sat back comfortably and waited until you saw Lucy with a box of beer that she was holding when the door was shut behind her, smiling smugly to herself.
“You both looked like you had some intense talking,” More like making out. She placed the beer down on the dark-wood coffee table and looked at her mother, feeling guilty about what happened a while ago.
“Are we truce now?” she asked with a quiet tone. The redhead did nothing but nod, smiling back.
“конечно, дорогая (of course, my darling.),” Natasha says and stands up, still looking at you one-sided, and hugged her daughter, kissing her on the forehead gently. “Go have fun. I’ll just go upstairs and read my book.”
Tumblr media
3 days passed and your atmosphere with Natasha becomes more zealous, eager, and high like drugs. Whenever you would be by the kitchen you would catch the older woman staring into you or sometimes your ass if she had gotten a chance. You would wink at her playfully and call her a pervert and she would just roll her eyes, whispering to you how much she wants to touch you right at the moment. Of course, on the outside, you’d react with a flat look but on the inside, you would be blushing like a whore.
You are a whore for a 45-year-old woman.
“Ready? How do I look?” you spun your head and saw Lucy wearing a strapless silk red dress that she bought from Bec and Bridge. She looked ethereal and her dark red lipstick that was toned with her dress matched perfectly well, you couldn’t help but say,
“You look hot.”
“Look at you! I mean it’s nothing intense but you look hot as well.”
You shake your head, sort of disagreeing with her compliment, and whisper, “Thanks. Now, can we please go?”
You’re wearing a silk polka dot camisole along with a soft black skirt that reaches to your knees, and a beige cardigan that was wrapped around your body. The top that you bought hugged your breasts pretty well and you’d say that you picked the right choice of outfit.
As soon as you both reached for the door, Natasha walks into the frame while holding a glass of red wine, smiling kindly – innocently.
And then she looks at you, her eyes completely changed.
Natasha clears her throat, avoiding your gaze, “You both look good. What time will you two be home?”
“We aren’t children anymore, Mom.” Lucy stated with a deadpan face, you giggled which Natasha truly admired from you; it’s one of her favorite gestures that you make.
“I know darling. I am just looking out for my best girls, yeah?”
“Will be home in a few hours Natasha,” you said. “I got Lucy, I promise.”
She nods, “Alright, I trust you and Luce. Have fun.”
The older redhead looks at you for one last time, as if talking to you through her mind. The look she gave was like kind don’t see other people but knowing yourself, you might get a little risky. After all, you both aren’t together so technically you have the right to see other people.
It was 2 hours later when you and Lucy were taking shots from an unclean glass, her wailing laughter ringing through your ears as your vision gets blurrier than ever. You feel your face warm and soon enough you were getting dizzy after 5 shots of cheap vodka that was given to the both of you.
“You look like you’re about to pass out.”
Turning, you see a tall lanky woman who has her hair curled, smiling like feeling superior. Basically, she has confidence.
You chuckled, almost in an out-of-control way, and responded quickly: “I think I’m about to, yeah. I mean–I’m fine though like… I can still stand.”
“That’s good because if I’m going to be honest I’ve been staring at you from afar and you look insanely gorgeous.”
You were so taken back by her confession that it felt surreal for someone to be interested in you considering you have a lack of communication. Maybe it was the outfit you’re wearing that made her talk to you or probably how much you have dunked your shots but, this woman looked gorgeous too so you said,
“Thank you! You look pretty well yourself.”
“Michelle Jones but everyone calls me MJ,” she brings her hand out, still smiling. You nodded and shook her hand with your sweaty palms, thinking that she might walk away because of it. Thank god, she didn’t.
“Pretty name,” she remarks. You blushed, insanely, as some senior girl had just noticed a freshmen like you. “You live around here?”
You nodded frantically, “Yes. Do you?”
“I just moved here,” she responded. “I was thinking maybe we should go get out for some coffee–”
Your phone suddenly beeps through your purse and quickly brought it out, surprised that Natasha messaged you. How did she get my number?
Natasha: it’s been two hours, how are you guys doing? How are you? Let me know as soon as you can.
You sighed and shoved your phone back into the purse, not knowing why you are so pissed off. It felt so nonsensical too but, you really like this kind of game you’re playing. It’s dangerous and fun – it makes your adrenaline rush into the atmosphere.
“Sorry,” you whispered with a grumble. “Just someone who I don’t want to talk to.”
“It’s alright,” Michelle says while drinking her pina colada. “Want to dance? I mean, I’m a pretty good dancer myself.”
You couldn’t help but nod and she danced you all the way to the floor.
Tumblr media
Natasha: If you don’t message, I might bombard your party.
Natasha: I’m serious, Y/N.
Natasha: Don’t make me think you’re flirting with someone else.
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