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#natasha romanoff
What are the avengers favorite ice cream flavors? Whichever avengers you want to answer with.

Let’s roll with the OG6 first!

Steve: Cap likes mint chocolate chip. There’s something refreshing about it that he just thinks is swell.

Tony: likes Vanilla, to everyone’s surprise. However, it has to be the kind of rich creamy vanilla with REAL vanilla bean in it.

Bruce: doesn’t really like ice cream. Hulk, however? HULK LIKE CHOCOLATE. the darker and richer the chocolate, the BETTER.

Natasha: Nat actually likes the fruit flavors: strawberry, peach, etc. Raspberry swirl with dark chocolate chunks is her absolute favorite.

Clint: Clint wants cookies and cream and he wants it all messy-like, with big honking pieces of Oreos right up in there. The only alternate that is acceptable is cookie dough ice cream, again with the biggest chonks of dough possible.

Thor: Thor has not tried every single flavor of ice cream in Midgard yet and thus is unwilling to choose an absolute favorite! But his current favorite is Ben and Jerry’s Caramel Chocolate Cheescake. Thor is also determined to sample every flavor of this delicious treat that Earth has to offer in order to complete his repertoire of Midgardian desserts!

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Helllllll yeah I fuckin love getting tagged in shit. s/o @pusheen1802

rules; name ten favourite characters from ten different things (tv, movies, books, etc.), then tag ten people. You cannot repeat the same show/movie/book in the same list.

1. Natasha Romanoff (marvel)

2. Steve Harrington (stranger things)

3. Finnick Odair (the hunger games)

4. Ruth Langmore (ozark)

5. Annie Edison (community)

6. Kim Wexler (better call saul)

7. Rosa Diaz (brooklyn 99)

8. Richie Tozier (IT)

9. Octavia Blake (The 100)

10. Princess Carolyn (Bojack Horseman)

I’m tagging whoever sees this and is bored lol

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CAUTION/POTENTIAL TRIGGER WARNING: Self-Consciousness/Body-Image Problems & Gore (?)

Imagine Loki’s penalty from Thanos having gone a different direction: he’s seemingly spared, until he realizes you’ve been captured instead. With no time to lose, Loki frantically contacts the other Avengers to help find and rescue you. And tear Thanos up afterward.

Loki wishes he could have been the one to get you out, but he’s still grateful to see his beloved again. He can see Natasha keeping you huddled in a trenchcoat as you make your way to where he’s been stationed. You look like you’re crying, and he instinctively starts to run toward you.

Steve stops him. “Hang on. If the reports I’m getting are correct—”


Stop! Listen to me. She’s likely traumatized, and—”

“I said move, soldier.”

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Women of the MCU icons set one

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Warnings: mild language

Author’s Note: enjoy a little banter between the Avengers!


After Bucky had questioned you further about your background–your age, where you came from, how H.Y.D.R.A. had found you–he left to go finish up some mission reports.

That had been what felt like hours ago and you were still all alone. To keep yourself busy, you’d studied the conveniently metal frame outlining your cell and the fancy-looking keypad beside it.

What should I do? What should I do?

You weren’t the biggest fan of H.Y.D.R.A., however they had kept you alive for most of your youth. But ever since the Winter Soldier had escaped back in 2014, it had been chaotic in your base. That had been the start of a shift in your loyalty.

Call it your “teenage rebellion years,” but you didn’t trust H.Y.D.R.A. as much as you used to. You weren’t sure where your loyalty lied. So you made a decision, right there, to escape.

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So! My amazing friend @magenta-llama-art and I did a thing! I hope you’ll enjoy it !

Fandom: The Avengers (Marvel) - All media types

Pairing: Clint Barton / James Bucky Barnes

Rating: Teen and up

Tags: Slow burn, Clint Barton is a disaster, Jealous Bucky, Protective Natasha, Nat is a good bro, mentioning of clinical anxiety, Clint should see a therapist, Mother hen Coulson, Some call it stalking I say walking just extremely close behind, Canon typical violence - mild, Swearing, /Strong language Mentioning of creepy following a child


The asset shifted a little to the right to get an optimal line of sight, keeping all of his concentration built over the years of sniper’s training on his mission (definitely not on the man’s six-pack where clever fingers were spreading soap).
The soldier shifted his right foot just half an inch to improve his angle of observation and… only met thin air. The next thing he registered was the mortifying sensation of falling.
“Not again,” the odd thought flashed through his mind before he crashed into the dumpster.

Chapter: 1/?


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Dazed and Confused, pt. 19-The Quarantine Series


A/N: i feel like I’ve been in quarantine my whole life. Also this entire chapter is mostly smut, so if you do not like smut, you don’t need to really read this because you won’t miss any plot points! Also yes, i chose this gif on purpose. 

Promoting: oh dear god.

The Quarantine Series Masterlist


Originally posted by heybinary

After the walk back to the tower, you and Nat headed to the bar, where Tony was currently sitting.

“And that is my cue to leave,” he muttered good-naturedly.

“You don’t have to, Tony.”

“I know, but I’ve got stuff to do and you two are clearly on some sort of date,” he chuckled. “Enjoy yourselves, ladies.”

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Bucky Barnes x Reader Social Media AU

Summary: You’re the head engineer of Stark Industries (and Peter Parker’s older sister) and close friends with the avengers. You’ve always had a crush on one James Barnes, however what happens when someone from your past comes in right as Bucky starts to reciprocate your feelings?

Chapter Warnings: language, one kinda scandy butt pic, bad flirting


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