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lesbian-deadpool · a day ago
Bruce: You’re so bad at math, Natasha.
Natasha: I went to public school in Ohio. They told us dinosaurs went extinct because an asteroid turned them all gay.
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vancityfire13 · a day ago
Wanda: Be careful around Natasha, she can convince you of anything.
Peter: I heard her super talent is manipulation.
Tony: Like a real Black Widow, she reels you in before she strikes.
Y/N: She’s so nice, I like her a lot.
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nev3rfound · 2 days ago
what took you so long? : n.r
whenever natasha returns from a mission, you're waiting for her. yet this time, you just couldn't manage to keep your eyes open long enough to see her come home. (600 words roughly)
requested by @emilyprentisslittlewhore - better late than never! i hope you enjoy it love :) warnings - none, just fluff
masterlist / permanent taglist / etsy shop - requests open!
Tumblr media
The mission had gone on a lot longer than any of the team had anticipated. Usually, Natasha returned home to see you waiting for her with a bright smile regardless of the time. It was one of the little things she loves about you. No matter what condition she comes home in, whether her mind feels broken from the scenes she witnessed your smile softens it all, even for a short while.
"She'll be there, Nat." Steve nudges Natasha playfully as the Quinjet begins to descend.
Yet, Natasha isn't so certain. The last message she received from you had been several hours ago, and since then you've been silent.
The widow couldn't help contemplating if something had happened, but she knew the scenarios she was conjuring up weren't needed; you were fine, back at the compound.
"We'll be landing in less than five." The pilot calls out to the duo, now fastening the buckle across their chests and leaning back into their seats in preparation for the landing.
With a smooth landing, Natasha is the first to depart from the jet. She eyes the base carefully, knowing you'd stand out to her even in a crowd of hundreds. But to her disappointment, you're nowhere to be seen.
"Where's Y/n then?" Steve asks, clapping his hands together to try and disguise the yawn sounding from his lips. "She's probably waiting inside, it is kinda cold out here and late." He reasons, patting Nat's shoulder before walking ahead and into the compound.
"Yeah." Natasha mutters to herself, following after Steve and straight toward your room, knowing if anywhere, that's where you'd be.
Once the elevator doors open, Natasha quickly walks toward your door and upon opening it she smiles softly.
Not having the heart to dare and wake you from your peaceful slumber, she notes your hand hanging out from the bed with your phone face-up on the floor open to reply to her messages.
"Hey, love." Natasha whispers to you whilst changing into some pj's before carefully lifting the sheets up, comfort filling her senses at the scent lacing your sheets. "I'm home." She adds, lying back on the bed and simply waits for sleep to fall naturally.
Yet, after what feels like a good hour, Natasha remains wide awake and too alert for her own liking. She listens to your snores beside her, noting how your shoulder rises and falls as you lie on your side, back facing her.
Lifting her fingers up, Natasha trails her forefinger along your shoulder blade, creating patterns across your back and down your spine. "Mmmh," You murmur, causing Natasha to hesitate. "Nat?" You tiredly speak up, turning awkwardly to face your girlfriend.
"Hey, sleepyhead." Natasha chuckles, watching as you struggle to keep your eyes open and a half-smile at the same time. "I thought I'd find you here."
You try to nod, only managing to burrow your face further into your pillow. "I wanted to wait," You try to explain, but your mind remains clouded by sleep.
"It's alright, princess." Natasha brushes your hair from your face, realising you have no energy or care to do it yourself. "Let's just get some sleep, yeah? We can catch up on everything in the morning."
"Okay." You mumble, moving closer into Natasha's embrace, burying your face into her chest with a happy hum leaving your lips. "it's good to have you home, Nat."
Unable to stop her smile from growing, Natasha kisses the top of your head. Her lips linger momentarily before she closes her eyes, knowing she couldn't be happier to be back by your side. "It's good to be home."
t a g l i s t (thank you for the support!) link in my bio and at the top of this piece to add yourself☺️(if your user isn’t tagged, it’s because nothing comes up sorry!)@bissstuff @psychicforest@lourightm@mywinterwolf@justsomedreaming @stanlux17 @smokeandnailz @supermoonchildbroski @xrosegoldwolfx@courtneychicken@marvelsangels@supraveng@tommy-lee-81@smilexcaptainx@fandom-princess-forevermore@sarge-barnes-sir@pleasantlysecretdream @decaffeinated-fangirl @howdyherron @kirby-boo @florencxs@eldahae @handmesomecoffee @hi-my-name-is-riley @dev1lbella @thanossexual @alissaginger @sambucky8@notbrooklynsblog @nikkixostan @cosmiccaptian @adoreyou976@sarcasticallywitty15 @multi-fandom-princess07 @16boyfriends-and-me @courtneychicken @mackevanstan80 @torchwoodoctor @pleasantlysecretdream @yougottalovefandoms @magicalxdaydream@soccer-100000 @tenaciousperfectionunkown @talksoprettyjjx @btsonthedaily @jessyballet @katiaw2 @buckyswildflower@lucrea @weenersoldierr @katiaw2 @lucrea @amelia-song-pond @bluelakeee @dottirose @emilytheukuleleplayer @5-seconds-of-mendes @rudystilinski @bookfrog242@wild-rose-35@fleurlovesbucky@iiclarixa @soldierstucky@twinerd14@lieswithoutfairytales@ateliefloresdaprimavera@teenwonder@weenersoldierr@nobody-will @ilikemypolarbear @rottenstyx @original-in-itself @sebby-staan @bbl32 @lyoongx @iilwjbb @siriuslyslytherin @chazubagi @youngmarveltastypersona @iamninaannaisreading @marry-me-calum-hood @original-in-itself @clownerlyluv @emilyprentisslittlewhore @amelia-song-pond @buckleyx @jesuswasnotawhiteman @hallecarey1 @sleutherclaw @wonderwoman292 @paintballkid711 @leyannrae @blackwidownat2814 @lmao-ethel @fillechatoyante @evanpetersisreallyhot @i-neverasktwice @aconfusedslytherin @kpopnena @ruzannetheseahorse @yelenabelovasgf @harysty @pastelreds @it-is-rebel-owl-ma-dudes @keyanasstuff @marvelatthisone
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loqov · a day ago
*Natasha and Y/n babysitting Morgan*
Y/n sitting on the ground, playing with the girl: Good job, M.
Y/n: Which piece now?
*Morgan excitedly pointing at the thing before taking it and putting it in the right place*
Y/n watching with amazement and adoration: I’m so proud *wipes away a tear*
Natasha looks over her shoulder at the two with a smile: Aaw, you teach her how to do a puzzle?
Y/n not taking their eyes of the 5-year-old while Natasha turns back around: Nope, how to put a glock together
Natasha: You WHAT?!
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missmonsters2 · a day ago
OKAY LAST ONE (for now aksjsjs) wandanat x reader - reader and nat bring home a "cute" doll home from a flea market and wanda senses something is wrong with it almost immediately
I felt Wanda hard on this. First of all, why would anyone bring dolls home period!! LOL
Pairing: WandaNat x Reader
Warnings: None, just headassery LOL
Translations: Moja láska (my love), milenec (lover)
Count: < 1k
You were in trouble.
Well, you and Natasha were in trouble. With Wanda.
"What the hell were you two thinking?" Wanda scolded you two.
You looked at Natasha, and she looked at you through the side of her eyes. Clearly, neither of you wanted to be the one to speak.
But when the silence dragged on too long, and it seemed like Wanda was getting more irate as the seconds passed, you caved.
Damn Natasha, that traitor.
"We just...we thought it looked cute...Natasha thought it'd be a good gift for Morgan."
"You are not giving that to Morgan," Wanda vehemently denied. "Pepper will kill us all if we give her a cursed doll."
"How were we supposed to know if it's cursed!" You whined. "If anything, this is Natasha's fault. I'm just a regular ol' civilian. She's an Avenger."
"What does that have to do with anything?" Natasha hissed at you in disbelief you were trying to throw her under the bus. "It's not like I have magical powers."
"Ah, so Nat's basically saying it's your fault, Wanda, for not coming with us," you nodded sagely.
"That's not—" Natasha sharply looked at Wanda, who had her eyes narrowed. "Moja láska, that's not what I'm saying at all."
Wanda stared at the two of you for a long, sufferable moment before she huffed. "Get. Rid. Of. It. Or else we're all sleeping in separate places tonight."
"But, like, how do we know we haven't already fucked up? What if we try to get rid of it and it just comes back?" You asked, thinking about all the horror movies you've watched.
Natasha jabbed your rib sharply with her elbow.
"Ow—what? It's a real possibility," you glared at Natasha, who glared back at you.
"We'll figure it out," Natasha tried to appease her girlfriend while simultaneously thinking about how to murder her other girlfriend.
Wanda merely narrowed her eyes at you two, suspicious, but eventually walked away.
"Seriously?" Natasha said to you as soon as Wanda walked away. "Just going to throw me under the bus like that when we both thought this doll was cute?"
You shrugged. "Listen, as I said, I'm just a regular ol' civilian. If Wanda punishes me, my weak body wouldn't be able to take it."
"Didn't seem like that last night," Natasha muttered while you smirked.
"Don't be too mad, milenec," you wrapped your arms around Natasha. "I promise to make it up to you as soon as we figure out what to do with this doll."
"Damn right you will," Natasha quirked her brow. "So, what should we do with it?"
You hummed in thought. You were worried if you tried to throw it away, the doll would only come back. You'd end up in even more trouble with Wanda if that happened.
"Leave it in Steve's house?" You suggested.
"Bucky will kill us," Natasha pursed her lips.
"I think you could take Bucky on."
"Of course," Natasha rolled her eyes. "Because you're a—"
"Regular ol' civilian," you finished with a smile and pecked a kiss to Natasha's lips.
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kram6496 · 19 hours ago
Home for the Holidays
Natasha Romanoff x Reader (Modern AU)
Tumblr media
You always had a great friendship with Natasha. Which is what makes the next five minutes for you extremely awkward.
You were walking with Natasha down the street when you get a call from your family. Thanksgiving was approaching fast and your mom wanted you home for the holidays, and there was one other thing. You go as pale as a ghost when you hang up.
“What’s going on (Y/N)? I know that look” Natasha says as she grips your shoulder.
“I need a date for my family’s Thanksgiving dinner.” You barely say above a whisper. “They saw our Instagram posts and think we’re a couple!”
Natasha bites her lip trying to suppress a chuckle. “Well why not?” She asks, “why not put on a show for them? I can play the loving girlfriend. We know everything about each other. So why not?”
The idea’s tempting. And it would get them off your back about never bringing home a date.
“Why not!” You say in agreement as you walk to your car arm in arm with your “girlfriend.”
Tumblr media
The drive to your family’s home in the countryside was one spent creatively. You and Natasha worked out all the details of your fake romance. Your first date, dance, kiss, how you failed to ask her out and she instead asked you out.
It was an almost perfect story, one that your parents would totally buy. The two of you finished the details as you pulled up the driveway of your family’s two story estate manor.
“I think this is where they filmed Knives Out” Natasha smirked at you upon seeing the enormous estate.
Your mother and father come out the front door and rush over, pulling you into a hug. Your mother immediately pulls Natasha into a similar hug.
“Hi,” Natasha smiles at your mom, you gotta admit you almost wish this was real.
Your parents and extended brood take immediately to Natasha, trading stories about your childhood with her made up tales about your dates with her. You blush at a couple of them. Natasha is really good at this.
Later that afternoon, you notice how Natasha takes to your baby niece. She cradles the infant with all the care and devotion that a mother can. She’s practically a natural.
That sight stirs up long forgotten feelings that you thought you let go of. Natasha and a baby. It makes you start to wonder what life might be like you and her were actually together. The two of you are almost perfect for each other.
Your father comes up and smacks you on the back, knocking you back to reality. “You picked a good one (Y/N).” He says with a smile.
You laugh, “more like she picked me.”
“Hold her close and never let her go” your father smiles, “I look forward to more holidays with you and her”
More holidays with Natasha. Now there’s an idea.
Tumblr media
Your parents force you and Natasha to stay for the night in your old bedroom. One bed.
Natasha simply shrugs and gets ready for bed. “It’s just sleeping.” She says.
The two of you can barely fall to sleep that night. Your minds racing and every turn in that old bed causes the springs to squeak. It’s a little awkward but being this close to Nat is worth it.
Natasha looks to you, her mind racing. “(Y/N)” she whispers, “I…gotta be honest.”
She takes a deep breath.
“I didn’t just agree to be your fake girlfriend because I’m your best and only friend. I did it because…I want to be real”
Did your best friend just admit that she wanted to be more than friends?!?
“I think you’re sweet and funny and amazing. I want this, what we have to be real.”
“I want it to be real too, Nat.” You say without any hesitation. “I’m in love with you, Nat. That first time we hung out. I tried to ask you out but I tripped over my words.” Natasha laughs
“You’ve loved me for that long?!?” You simply nod. Natasha pulls you into a kiss, her lips against yours, it feels like heaven.
You pull back and look at her in the darkness, you can see her beautiful pearly white teeth as they form a smile. Natasha pulls you on top of her as you begin to kiss her again and again. Once, twice, countless times.
Her lips, so perfect, her smile, so amazing. Her hands running through your hair, best feeling in the word.
Natasha pulls away briefly and sighs, “I really wish this bed didn’t have these springs.”
“It’s a bit of mood killer.” You laugh as you lay back down on the bed and pull her into your arms.
Best night sleep you got in a long time. You got everything you could ever need: a loving family, a good job, and your best friend for the love of your life.
And you’ve got the rest of your life to make new dates, new stories with Natasha. You can hardly wait.
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romanoffscottage · a day ago
you’re my moon
Tumblr media
a/n: flufftober day 25 - “you remind me of the moon”
warnings: none
pairing: natasha romanoff x reader
summary: when nat can’t sleep, the reader takes her to go look at the stars
words: 706 | natasha blurbs masterlist | navigation post
“Y/N? Y/N?” Natasha whispered as she tried to wake you up from your sleep. You groaned in annoyance and rolled over to avoid Natasha shaking you awake. “Y/N? Please wake up,” You finally gave in and turned around. “What's wrong?” You said as you slowly opened your eyes. “I can’t sleep.” You slowly sat yourself up to face your girlfriend and hummed in response. “I have an idea,” you said as you hopped out of bed and put on your shoes. “Y/N what are you doing?”
“Come on, get your shoes on!” Hesitantly Nat grabbed her shoes and threw on a pair of sweatpants. You grabbed the keys to your car and hopped in, gesturing for Nat to get into the passenger's seat. “Y/N I love you so much, but what's going on?”
“You said you couldn’t sleep.”
“So your solution is going where exactly?”
“You’ll see,” Natasha giggled at your response, “I love you.” You glazed over at your girlfriend and your heart warmed at her pink cheeks. You loved how you were the only person that could make Natasha blush.
You drove down some side roads until you found yourself in a very rural part of town. “Y/N are you sure you know where we are going because-“
“Don’t worry we are almost there,” you went to place a hand on Nat's bouncing leg. You pulled off the road and parked in a big empty field. “We’re here.”
“You brought me to an empty field?” Natasha asked with a laugh. You went to open her car door and drag her out into the field. “Lay down with me,” Natasha obeyed and laid down next to you. “Since we are in the middle of nowhere there is no light pollution to block the stars.”
Natasha looked up at the sky and was amazed. She had never seen so many stars in her life. “Oh wow Y/N this is-”
“Beautiful isn't, and tonight is a full moon,” you pointed to the moon shining in the sky. Nat just laid there in silence for a moment looking at the sky, but you weren't looking at the sky. You were looking at her. The way her eyes shined in the moonlight, the way her hair laid messy on the grass, how she couldn’t stop smiling. God, she was so perfect.
“I love you moon.”
“Me too.”
“You want to know why I love it?”
“Of course.” Natasha grabbed your hand and squeezed it tight. “Because you remind me of the moon detka.”
“I feel like I have been trapped in darkness my entire life. But that all changed when I met you. You are this beautiful bright light in the dark. You have been through so much in your life and yet you still do all you can to pull other people out of their own darkness. I just want you to know that you will always be my moon.”
You didn't even realize you were crying until Natasha brushed the tears off your cheeks. “Awww detka,” Nat scooched towards you so she could wrap her arms around you. “No ones ever said something like that to me, no one ever really noticed me. But then you did and my whole world changed”
“You are my everything.”
You and Nat laid in that field for hours talking about the past, present, future, and more. Time flew by and you didn’t even realize it was almost 3 AM. You glazed over at Nat and caught her yawn, “you sleepy my love?” Nat nodded and you went to get up. When Nt tried to stand you motioned for her to sit down and you went and picked her up bridal style to the car. Nat ended up falling asleep on the drive home, so you carried the redhead back to bed once you got back.
You gently placed her in your bed and crawled in next to her. In her sleep, your girlfriend instinctively reached for you and scorched herself to be right up against your side. You held her tightly and allowed yourself to go back to sleep to the soft sound of Nat muttering an “I love you,” to you.
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wandanatvoid · 2 days ago
[Natasha driving]
Y/n: *panicking* Nat, are you sure about this?
Natasha: Relax, I'm a confident driver.
Natasha: *shrugs* Confidently, though.
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honeyedtulips · 2 days ago
Hello! I hope you’re day is going perfectly 💕
Please can I request Natasha thinking reader got bliped when they don’t answer her calls and comes home to what she thinks is an empty house when really reader was just dead asleep the whole time and unaware anything was going on and ends up scaring Natasha by accident
breathe again
Tumblr media
*image above is not mine ♡*
pairing: natasha romanoff x reader ♡
genre: fluffy fluff ♡
warnings: none
summary: in which natasha believes she's lost the love of her life ♡
word count: 939 ♡
a/n: thank you so much for the request, angel! ♡ the song is "breathe again" by harrison storm if you wish to listen while you read. i wrote this whole thing in biology lecture an hour ago lol ♡ have a great day, my angels! you are beautiful and lovely, don’t forget it ♡
natasha's head felt like it was spinning. her eyes remained locked on the screen of her cell phone. your name flickered at the top of the screen, a dull ringing floating through the air.
pick up.
pick up.
pick up, natasha chanted incessantly. please.
"when you're done being dramatic, give me a call."
where those the last words she had said to you? the last thing you ever heard come from her moth?
"come on!" natasha roared, redialing your number. the horrible ringing ensued again, loudly mocking natasha's racing heartbeat. she closed her eyes, a fine teardrop splattering onto her cheek.
"please," she gasped. "please, baby. please pick up."
the voice mail message blared loudly and natasha threw her phone onto the ground. a sob broke from her throat as she kneeled on the ground, tears flowing freely down her cheeks. a large hand stroked her back and she glanced up to find steve rogers' bleak, blue eyes peering at her beneath teary lashes. her lips trembled as steve took her quivering body into his arms.
"it's going to be okay," he whispered against her flaxen locks. "it's all going to be alright."
all throughout the ride back to the compound on the quinjet, natasha tried her hardest to let steve's words penetrate her brain. it didn't work. the feeling of uneasiness hung heavy to her skin as she left the compound and quickly ran to the front door of her apartment. she wrenched the door open and sped inside, the silence in the air making tears build in her eyes again.
her words hung in the air for a moment, no response tumbling back.
you couldn't be gone.
you were not gone.
"y/n?!" natasha had never heard her voice sound so loud, so desperate. her eyes burned with tears, throat clogging with emotion.
"y/n, please?"
the silence was the worst sound she'd ever heard. she remembered when she used to enjoy silence. when she'd choose to imbue your skin with purplish kisses over letting her soft words brush over your cheeks. how she wished she could talk to you now. to hear your voice again, just once more.
why had she fought with you before leaving? she had been so stupid. you had cried to her about not wanting her to leave, wanting her to stay in the protection of your home. you told her you had a bad feeling about her leaving, a fear that she wouldn't come back home. natasha had gotten angry. she didn't want to leave you either, but the world needed saving. you knew how much saving the world meant to her. you knew she couldn't stay.
she was so stupid. you weren't being dramatic or selfish. you were caring about her, giving her more love than she'd ever imagined receiving in her life.
natasha trekked upstairs to the bedroom, the one the two of you had shared for the past two years. she passed over the threshold, throat bubbling with a quiet sob as she gazed at the empty bed. it was slightly messy, the blankets strewn slightly sideways over the mattress. one of the pillows had tumbled onto the ground, the other lying untouched on the other side.
her side.
natasha stood up, shoulders shaking with sobs, and crept to your side of the bed. it was probably still fragrant with your warmth and sweet scent. she stooped to let her nose run over the sheets, when her foot hit something. her gaze shot downwards and she gasped.
you were lying on the ground, breathing deeply and clutching a pillow to your chest. calm breaths issued from your mouth, chest slowly rising and falling. your cheeks were pink with life and natasha had never felt so happy to see you breathing in her life.
natasha leapt to the ground, her arms latching onto you and shaking you harshly. you quickly came to, eyes fluttering open as you caught sight of natasha panting and crying over you.
"nat? baby, what's wrong?" you quickly sat up and grabbed her hands. natasha was crying so hard that she was nearly hyperventilating.
"i'm -- so -- sorry -- i'm so glad you're -- okay --"
"natasha, what happened?" you quickly hugged her, wrapping your arms around her. "it's okay, sweetie. i'm always going to be here."
natasha pressed her face into your chest, her arms tight around your waist. your fingers lovingly caressed her back as you patiently let her release all her emotions. she must've been through so much.
a gasp fled your lips as you realized why she must've been so upset. if she had just gotten home and was so upset and apologizing so profusely, did that mean that she thought that...?
"natasha, did you think that i --?" you paused, not wanting to make her cry more.
"you weren't answering," natasha mumbled against your shirt, her voice low and raspy. "i thought i lost you. i thought i'd never see my star ever again."
"oh, nat," you whispered, cupping her face and bringing it up to yours. you lowered your head and kissed her lips, lovingly, slowly, gently. "i am always yours. i'm sorry that i scared you. i've been asleep all day, i didn't even hear my phone ring."
"it's okay," natasha sniffled, grabbing you even tighter. "just don't leave tonight. stay here."
you nodded, kissing natasha's lips again before gently setting her head back on your chest. it didn't surprise you when you looked down a few minutes later and found natasha asleep on your body. whatever had happened, you'd find out in the morning. right now, you were just happy to have your love back in your arms, glad that everything was okay. you rested your head over hers, letting sleep overcome you as well.
honeyedtulips x♡🌷
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nats-dreamland · 2 days ago
Can I request #39 “Don’t leave me alone.” “I won’t.” for Nat X Reader, where reader is insecure after an argument?
300 follower blurb event
I hope this lives up to expectations <3
masterlist | navigation | requests: open | taglist
❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀
In the time that you and Natasha had been dating, you had never had an argument. You were nervous for the first one to happen. In your past experiences they were always the worst ones. Though you felt differently towards Natasha then you have with anyone in your past. Natasha held a big spot in your heart and in your life, you couldn't imagine life without her.
Your first argument eventually came around. It was over something so small that shouldn't have been blown out as much as it was. Natasha had come home from a long day and instantly tripped over a small box that was placed by the front door. You had forgotten to move it but it seemed to be the thing that tipped Natasha over the edge.
You tried to apologise several times but Natasha was blinded by rage that she wasn't listening to you. Natasha was taking her pent up frustrations out on you. You stood in the middle of your apartment, tears falling down your face as you watched Natasha leave your apartment. Collapsing to the ground, your head in your hands, you couldn't help but feel upset with yourself. You didn't intend to leave the box in the way.
The moment Natasha left the apartment was on repeat in your mind. Afraid that she wouldn't come back and this would be the last time you see her. Losing Natasha was your biggest fear and now there was the possibility of actually losing her from your life. If only you had moved the box. If only you weren't stupid enough to leave it there. If only you were good enough for Natasha.
Your thoughts were spiralling out of control, you could feel yourself falling, not knowing if there was anyone to catch you at the end. Though you couldn't see it, Natasha was there, she was ready to catch you. Natasha had let herself calm down and returned to the apartment. Guilt washed over her as she saw your crumpled figure in the middle of the apartment.
Natasha rushed to pull you into her lap, holding your head against her chest. Your tears and breathing began to steady out as you listened to the familiar thump of her heart.
'I'm so sorry detka. I didn't mean to let my frustrations out on you,' Natasha kissed the top of your head while gently running her fingers through your hair, 'Why don't I go grab us some ice cream and we'll do whatever you want to. I want to make this right again. I only want to make you happy, I didn't mean to upset you,' Natasha moved you off her lap so she could get up to grab the ice cream.
'Don’t leave me alone,' Your eyes blurred from the tears that started to fall harder again, you reached out searching for Natasha's arm to stop her from leaving you again.
'I won't,' Natasha wrapped her arms around you, holding you tightly against her, 'You hear this,' Natasha gently lowered your ear to her chest, 'It only beats for you,'
@fayhar - @catasha - @lovelyy-moonlight - @ymzki-haruki - @xxxtwilightaxelxxx - @snowdrop1026 - @alotofpockets - @wandanatvoid - @kiwiana145 - @xxromanoffxx - @phoenixofash - @shanmik - @marvelwomen-simp - @marvelwomenlove2 - @hoe4flo - @wandnat-3 - @wandaslittlewhore - @laaurrel - @bentleywolf29 - @head-slut-in-charge - @sapphic-stress - @wandaswifeyforlifey - @widowswrld - @unknownalien3388 - @suckerfornatstits - @romanoffscottage - @olicity-boo - @sarahscryinginbly - @toouncreativeforausername - @marvel-mcu-3000 - @simp4nat - @mmmmokdok
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balenciagabucky · a day ago
𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐟𝐥𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐫; 𝐧.𝐫𝐨𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐟𝐟 
Tumblr media
pairing ☽˚⁀➷。 natasha romanoff x fem!reader
summary ☽˚⁀➷。 tiptoe through the tulips
word count ☽˚⁀➷。 777
warnings ☽˚⁀➷。, exhibitionism, masturbation, watching, garden, flowers, 
You stumbled across the place by chance when she ventured off the forest trail. You had been tempted by a sweet fragrance on the breeze and rewarded with a wide field of tall grasses dotted with colorful blossoms. The trees rose on all sides creating a silent seclusion but for the gentle sounds of nature ... the rustle of the wind through the leaves ... the call and response of birdsong.
She bent to remove her well worn leather sandals and standing pressed her feet to the earth. She wiggled her toes, turned her face to the shining sun, and inhaled the beauty of the day. She trailed her fingers lightly over the waist high grass and watched the butterflies flutter from bloom to bloom, a sweet smile curving her lips.
The breeze played through the gentle waves of her strawberry orange hair and snuck beneath the hem of her thin cotton sundress, the only garment adorning her. Her pale skin was soft as the petals of the flowers surrounding her, her eyes as green as the swaying grass. She paused for a moment to allow a pair of bumbling bees to pass and continue about their business. She turned slowly, taking in the simple joy of being alone under the sky. You watched her, she was calm, peaceful, and beautiful.
She closed her eyes and lifted her arms up and swayed gently like the grasses and flowers in the breeze humming a gentle melody. Her hands moved to her hair, combing through her tresses before they lowered to trace the curves of her body ... full breasts, slender waist, hips that begged to be held. Her fingers wandered down, grasped the fabric of her dress, inched it up until they found the soft skin of her thighs.
She walked further, admiring the variety and character of blossoms as she did. When she found herself in the center of the field, she circled once more surveying the surrounding treeline. Satisfied she was “alone”, she dropped her sandals and reached for the straps of her dress, a smirk forming on her lips, she knew. Slipping first one then the other over the slope of freckled shoulders.
She helped the dress over the rise of her breasts revealing pale pink nipples stiffening in the breeze. Her hands cupped her breasts as she thumbed the rosy nubs ... rolled them between her fingers ... tugged lightly and then, decision made, she pulled her dress up and over her head. The wind rolled through the meadow and plucked the fabric from her fingers. She let it fly.
She took a deep grounding breath and pressed her feet to the earth and lifted her hands, face, and heart to the sun. Skyclad, she smiled. The sun warmed her freckled skin and the field tickled her thighs ... teased at her naked sex. Another deep breath. She bent forward, folding herself in half, she touched her toes. Her breasts pressed against the smoothness of her shins.
She moved into a downward facing dog pose, her body and the earth forming a triangle ... feet and hands grounded ... supported by her strength ... flexibility and form. Shifting again she lowered herself to the ground, the gentle scratches of the meadow on her sensitive skin were erotic and exciting. She placed her hands next to her breasts, pressed them into the earth, let her head fall back, and lifted her breasts to the sky.
She rolled onto her back and watched the clouds float through the cerulean sky. She shifted in the grass, thick thighs rubbing together as a need began to build. Her left hand moved to her breast, her right slipped over the softness of her stomach. A quiet sigh escaped her lips as her fingers found her own flower, parted her petals and delved into her depths. Her thumb pressed against her bud and the sigh became a moan.
She continued moving her fingers slowly, languidly as her other hand roamed her body. She let it build slowly ... there was no need to hurry. She bent one knee, the other leg outstretched and rolled her hips toward her hand. Her palm pressed against her clit as her digits drove deeper. Her pulse quickened ... breath shortened.
A tightening ... a trembling ... a tensing. She could hold back no longer. Her movements more frantic, she chased release until finally ... arching her back and crying out to the open sky, her sweet satisfaction poured over her hand and onto the grass.
She lay there in the sun glistening with sweat and sex with a satisfied smile on her lips, and watched the clouds go by as the butterflies and bees flitted to and fro.
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lesbian-deadpool · 16 hours ago
Natasha: Who has two thumbs and likes to kiss nerds?
Y/N: What-?
Natasha: Ding-ding, nerd! You’re right, the answer is me! Your prize is a kiss! C’mere-
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vancityfire13 · 23 hours ago
Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Word Count: 3K
A/N: Kinda angsty. Final part in a trilogy that starts with Let Me Come Home. We are back to the first Reader's PoV. 
References to weight, vomiting and drinking.
Tumblr media
Fear, pain and grief are three connected emotions.
Fear is the prospect of losing someone you love.
Pain is the moment they are taken from you.
Grief is when you are left alone.
You experienced the fear. The certainty that you were going to lose everyone, everything. You learned that you were only scared of being without Natasha.
You tried to hurry through the pain, taking control before it controlled you. Natasha loved you too well. You couldn’t let her die alongside you.
You were not ready for grief. You hoped that Natasha could escape it.
You’d never minded eating alone before, but now all you did was stare at the empty chair and think about her.
She was in your veins and you’d told her to leave.
Natasha wasn’t here anymore. You had nowhere else to go.
You waited to die. You told yourself you were ready. Somehow with fewer days, you still wished not to wake up in the morning.
Natasha stopped calling you eventually. Her last voicemails were pleading, but they were also resigned.
Wanda stopped trying to visit.
You grieved for your life before you were dead.
It was nearly a month on your own, before Tony came by unexpectedly. He convinced you to join a drug trial.
It wasn’t going to work but researchers needed guinea pigs. He looked you up and down and smirked like you weren’t a walking tragedy.
‘What’s the worst that can happen?’ He pointed out sardonically.
You’d agreed readily enough. You didn’t care about anything anymore. Risky medical experiments were not daunting when you were already waiting to die.
You were ready for the hospital anyway. Your walking wasn’t good anymore.
Tony didn’t tell you that it was a late stage trial for Stark Industries. He didn’t tell you that you were the only test subject. Maybe he would have told you, if you’d asked.
You didn’t think to ask. You only had one question.
‘What did she say about it?’
‘We don’t talk about you.’ Tony had answered succinctly. When his eyes flickered away, you understood.
Natasha was dating someone else.
It was when you had finally stopped wanting to live that your luck turned around. You started walking easier. That was the first sign.
It didn’t happen overnight.
They let you out of the hospital abruptly after four more months.
You went back to your apartment and the place felt caked in your illness. It felt empty of Natasha.
You hadn’t seen her in six months. You had not planned for this. Neither had she. You’d done the unforgivable because you hadn’t needed to be forgiven.
At night you dreamed of her, over and over again. Lying on warm beaches, crying at your grave, kissing strangers.
You wanted to be selfish. You wanted to feel alive. Natasha burned through your veins.
You called her.
The number was disconnected.
You sat on your kitchen counter and dialled another number. Tony answered after one ring.
You hadn’t spoken to him since the day at your apartment. When you’re dying, people suspend other consequences. You didn’t have that luxury anymore.
Tony told you to go fuck yourself three times over before he answered your question.
‘On behalf of Natasha. Go fuck yourself.’
He stopped answering then too.
Wanda didn’t pick up. She ignored your texts. The stakes felt wrong. You’d been dying and now you were being left on read.
You tried to take the hint. You still looked unwell. You started with that. You walked further every day. You started cooking again. You cleaned the air of sickness from your apartment.
You went to the store and bought groceries like you might live until the end of the week.
You saw Natasha there.
She didn’t look like Natasha.
Everything sickness had taken from you, grief had taken from her. She was ahead of you in the aisle. Her skin looked alien under the supermarket lights. Her hair wasn’t washed, scraped back in a ponytail that hung limp.
Her shoulders were hunched forward and she looked too small. She scanned the shelf and her gaze was deadened. Exhaustion clung to her, but her eyes were swollen, red rimmed from crying.
Natasha didn’t see you.
Her movements were jerky. You wondered if she was sick too.
She looked thinner. Worryingly frail.
You’d seen yourself once in a mirror at the hospital. The sights were comparable.
Air left your chest.
She turned around at your exhale.
For a moment, her empty eyes trailed right over you. Irrationally, you worried that you were a ghost.
Time passed in slow motion when she recognised you. You watched Natasha’s eyes widen, watched the shock steamroll through her.
Natasha crumpled to the ground. Your arms reached out automatically. Natasha screamed out hoarsely. Her own arms moved to shield her head, she flinched like you might hit her.
You flinched back too, afraid of her fear. Afraid of consequences, like always.
Natasha told you that you weren’t real. Her voice was scratchy like olf vinyl. You couldn’t speak, words were trapped in your throat.
You sat down on the linoleum, keeping a careful distance. Natasha stared at you, gripping her knees.
Other shoppers passed you awkwardly. The pair of you clearly designated as crazy but no immediate threat.
‘You died.’ Natasha told you directly, voice cracking open with fresh pain. She buried her face against her knees and you knew then how convinced she was of that fact.
You started quietly, telling her the story in unnecessary detail, as if that could excuse what you’d done.
Natasha kept her face pressed against her knees. She hummed sometimes as her shoulders convulsed with repressed sobs. Your story petered out pathetically. A store assistant hovered nervously by the eggs, trying to catch your eye.
He fled when you shook your head pointedly. Natasha's back was arched and her spine stood out through her old grey t-shirt. She was too thin now. The shirt had once been yours.
You’d made her sick.
You shuffled closer. Your hand touched her scuffed sneaker. Natasha shuddered.
‘I’m alive.’ You told her. ‘I promise you, I’m alive.’
You managed to hook your hand under her arm, helping her shakily to her feet. Natasha shuddered next to you. She felt icy under the thin fabric. You deserted the shopping carts and led her out of the building. Natasha threw up on the gravel outside the store.
She started crying again and her breaths came and went faster. You knew she was on the verge of a panic attack.
‘Can I call someone?’ You asked her softly. Natasha’s hands rose up suddenly towards her head. You lurched forward at her clenched fists, sure she was going to hurt herself. Natasha choked on a sob.
‘I don’t have a phone.’ She told you disorientedly. ‘You didn’t call me. You never called.’
Natasha broke out of your grip and the tears started coming silently again.
You took a steadying step forward and Natasha backed herself against the brick outer wall of the supermarket.
You felt like the disease you’d been fighting to be free of.
You whispered an apology and Natasha gave you a nauseated look.
‘I can’t leave you like this.’ You murmured.
You watched the curtain of fresh hurt fall over Natasha’s eyes. Her jaw tightened.
A phantom memory floated in your mind’s eye. Of when she’d been strong for you. Not because of you.
‘Of course you can.’ Natasha spat and she rubbed fiercely at the tear stains on her cheeks.
You had nothing else to say. You couldn’t ask for what you didn’t deserve.
Natasha’s nails dragged along her arms in an erratic motion.
You didn’t leave. You couldn’t make the same mistake twice.
Natasha stared at you, jaw clenched so tight that it hurt to look at. You saw the goosebumps next to the red marks on her arms.
You removed your sweatshirt and threw it across the space between you. Natasha jerked back unnecessarily as the soft grey fabric landed by her feet.
You pretended not to see her eyes flicker over your exposed arms.
You knew you didn’t look sick anymore. It was strange to have it confirmed.
Natasha picked up the sweater, her breath caught as she gripped it tightly. So did yours.
She pulled it over her head, in one hurried motion. Strands from her ponytail wisped around her face as she turned away from you purposefully. You watched her bring the sleeve to her face and breathe deeply.
You watched her shake with soft cries now.
‘Natasha.’ You tried with a hesitant step forward.
Natasha didn’t respond.
You took another step forward.
When you touched Natasha’s shoulder, she stiffened for a second until another sob wracked through her. Silent tears blinded you too.
You hadn’t escaped grief. Not really. You’d only given Natasha more pain.
You called her name lowly and all at once Natasha turned around.
Her eyes were screwed tightly shut as she buried her face into the crook of your neck . You felt her cling to your own thin t-shirt now, her nails scraped against your skin.
You held her carefully. She didn’t feel like Natasha anymore.
Too thin, too small and too broken.
You thought you’d survived everything that could kill you. Natasha’s wet cries ached across your chest.
You couldn’t even comprehend her pain. You choked on the unanswerable guilt of what you had done.
Natasha pressed herself even harder into your front and you realised she was on the verge of hysterics again. She inhaled raggedly and rapidly. You felt every breath against your skin.
You wanted to be absolved of this feeling.
Natasha seemed unbearably lost. You tried to bring her some direction.
‘Please Natasha, let me take you home.’ You murmured softly. The hum of your voice settled her instinctively and the guilt clawed at you harder.
You took her hand, interlacing your fingers and led her over to your car. Natasha didn’t protest, there was something childlike in the way she followed you. You recognised it as shock setting in.
Natasha clipped her seatbelt and stared numbly out the window as you drove back to her place.
She cried intermittently, hiding her face behind the oversized sleeve of your sweatshirt. You tried to focus on driving, your mind was full of white noise.
You pulled up outside her apartment and there was a brief, awkward pause.
You asked if you could walk her to her apartment. Tension seemed to vibrate from Natasha at the offer, but she nodded.
You prayed another person wouldn’t be waiting behind the door.
She walked ahead of you on the staircase. You didn’t comment on her shakiness, her jerky reach of the handrail.
There was another empty moment in front of her apartment.
You wanted to ask to see her again. You wanted to promise not to bother her. You stood in indecision.
Natasha held her open door purposefully wide and gave you a third option.
All thoughts of someone else washed away.
There was no view of the city to greet you. The closed blinds allowed only a dim amber light. Stacks of papers covered the surfaces.
Natasha looked unsure of her surroundings. She watched you take in the space. You tried to keep your concern muted.
The stains down the kitchen cabinets seemed old. Empty vodka bottles littered the floor by the sofa.
‘You should sit down.’ You remembered to say, trying to ignore the rising anxiety in your chest. The painful image of someone new living with her was preferable to this. Loneliness kept the air heavy in here.
Natasha obeyed silently. She curled up familiarly on the edge of the sofa.
‘When was the last time you ate?’ You asked worriedly, scared for the answer.
Natasha shook her head slowly.
“I don’t remember.’ She told you, staring down at the sofa cushion. ‘That’s why I was at the store.’
You nodded even though she couldn’t see. Your throat was too tight to speak. You checked her fridge. It was as empty as you expected.
‘I’m going to order you a pizza.’ You determined, pretending that Natasha wasn’t nearly catatonic on the sofa. She didn’t react to your words.
You ordered her favourite toppings and brought her a glass of water. Natasha didn’t meet your eyes. When you sat on the far side of the sofa, she curled her legs tighter to herself.
‘Have you had any missions lately?’ You broke the silence. Natasha shook her head again, she watched the glass of water that she wouldn’t drink.
‘I’m on bereavement leave.’ She whispered several minutes later. ‘I had a breakdown.’
‘I’m so sorry.’ You let out in a strangled whisper, fingernails digging into your palm.
Natasha ignored you.
When the pizza arrived, you set it down in front of Natasha. She held out a slice to you and you refused politely.
The spark ignited in Natasha again and she stared at you fiercely.
‘You have to eat.’ She told you and her insistence sent you into flashbacks from the past. They hit like a blow to the gut.
‘You’re one to talk.’ You replied before you could think. Natasha snatched the slice back and her eyes dropped down again to the food in front of her.
She breathed out unsteadily.
‘I’m trying.’ She whispered, more to herself than to you.
Your voice died on another apology.
You started collecting up the strewn dishes. You checked her bedroom and found more liquor bottles by the bed. Her sheets hadn’t been changed in a long time.
You stripped the bed and started the washing machine.
‘You okay?’ You asked automatically as you returned to the room. Natasha’s head was leaning heavily against the back of the sofa. Her eyes followed you tiredly as you walked back to the kitchen.
‘I forgot something at the store.’ Natasha croaked out.
‘I’m not buying you more vodka.’ You said directly, turning your back as you loaded the dishwasher.
‘Fuck you.’ She bit back angrily.
The insult was nothing. It was worse that Natasha didn’t really hate you.
You took the bottles outside to the recycling in three trips. Two neighbours in conversation gave you a dirty look each time you walked by.
You spent the afternoon scrubbing kitchen cabinets, making beds and organising Natasha’s mail.
Natasha fell asleep on the sofa. You went to cover her with a blanket, but there was a dried vomit stain in the corner and so you did another load of laundry instead.
There was nothing else to do and you found yourself pacing through the apartment anyway. You itched to open the blinds but you didn’t want to wake her.
Natasha cried in her sleep.
The sounds were faint, and then they got louder.
Her fists balled up and her leg kicked out. You hovered behind the sofa, scared to wake her.
Natasha was barely conscious when she moved from the sofa. You hurried behind her as she stumbled rapidly to the bathroom. You heard her throwing up. You pressed the uncertainty down and slid to your knees beside her.
You gathered her hair up and held it back as she vomited.
You weren’t sure what she’d woken up remembering, until her hand patted your leg searchingly. She stopped when she found your hand, gripping it tightly.
Natasha only let go when she stumbled back to her feet, flushing the toilet. She leaned over the sink heavily and you stood quietly as she tried to take more steadying breaths.
Your hand brushed her shoulder and she flinched again.
You didn’t know how to ask about the vomiting. You didn’t want to know about her nightmares.
Natasha watched your reflection in the mirror as she brushed her teeth. You met her gaze hesitantly.
When she turned to leave the bathroom, you reached for her hand. Natasha snatched it away from you.
Every apology you made felt meaningless.
You only saw the inevitable when Natasha walked you to the door.
Fear broke loose inside you. You fought an urge to plant your feet in the ground and refuse to move. Natasha turned back to face you when her hand was on the door handle.
‘You need to leave.’ She told you, nerves making her voice tremble.
‘Natasha, please.’ You found yourself stumbling over your words. You had no fair argument, but you were ready to beg.
Natasha turned the handle and opened the door.
‘I’m sorry.’ You tried again, feeling yourself start to shake.
Natasha didn’t speak, her eyes seemed permanently reddened. You watched her grip on the door handle tighten.
‘You can’t just clean it up.’ Natasha told you abruptly, tension rolling through her smaller form.
You took a step towards her, your hand slid desperately to her waist. You moved closer to her lips.
Natasha’s hand pressed flat against your chest. The gesture was firm but not harsh.
The rejection steam rolled through you like a tidal wave. 
Fear, pain and grief hit you in quick succession.
You forgot how to breathe. Your eyes widened. Natasha’s hand moved you forward and through the door. You tried to remember every feature of her face.
You didn’t have enough time.
The door shut abruptly and you found yourself staring at it. Tears rolled down your cheeks.
Natasha wasn’t okay.
You were the cause. You couldn’t be the cure.
It was only outside, when the cold air hit you, that you realised she’d kept your sweatshirt.
You understood it now. All the calls she’d left. All the faith she’d had.
Living with the consequences was harder than dying with them.
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dreamysreverie · a day ago
Your touch, ignites the flame
Tumblr media
Demon! Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Summary: The only thing you both crave is each other. But maybe you need it a bit more than she does. 
Word count: 1,450
Warnings/contains: Fingering (r receiving), masturbation, slight choking, summoning ritual mention, blood mentioned, virginity loss, Natasha appears as her demon form in the end, oral sex (r receiving). 
Meet Natasha, your local sexy demon gf <3
When a demon is hungry, they rely on two things, maybe three or more it depends and that is: 
They seduce, stalk their prey (some, again not all demons), and then kill. 
Sometimes, torment is an option. 
From all that you have learned the past few months of obsessing over this random, strange book your roommate had left behind who was more into this type of stuff than you. Demons are just confusing. You still couldn’t exactly wrap your mind around this, maybe that was because you were simply that, a human and the human brain can only comprehend so much. 
Even if you successfully manage to summon a demon, the creature who there was no actual proof from scientists in the modern world that exists, what the hell were you going to say or ask? More importantly, what would you want from the demon?
That’s the thing, you did know what you wanted. 
You wanted to know what it would feel to be touched, to be full and taken care of and just loved. The feeling others had described of intimacy felt so rare and far away from you, the concept of it all just gives you this fear of the unknown that you aren’t sure what the experience will lead to. Who will you share these feelings and moments with? will it all even mean anything? it was clear you were touch starved. Then again, it was your fault throughout your years whenever someone had given you the chance of affection you would turn it down immediately. 
They understood, some, at least. 
Which you were grateful for. 
Some didn't understand why you were wary of the physical touch and the joy of being held by someone else. It wasn’t like you never hugged or cuddled before, you did more often than others could know you showed intimacy to the people you loved that was once in your life and now they were no longer there. 
Those small hugs and small kisses left more of a scar than anything. 
You couldn’t describe it, you wouldn't. How could you anyway?
Would they even care to listen to you?
Over the years, the need for touch doesn’t bother you too much anymore. You have learned or well-told yourself you couldn’t care less for it. 
And now, you miss it more than ever. 
With her gone, you're left alone. And that’s the worst of it all. 
You're gripping the sheets, a breathy whine escapes from you and you don’t even know what the point is for all this mess. For the ritual, you were meant to put on some ridiculous sexual act for the desire to provoke who you were summoning. Will you even see her? the one you crave the most, that will make your life more bearable?. 
That's why you do it. That is why all of this feels like it's worth everything. The blood, the sweat, and your tears. Okay, maybe a little dramatic about this part but this is where things get better. 
Only ever in the dark. 
Which is funny, now that you think about it. 
With two fingers deep inside your cunt, pumping them in and out faster this time, you could already feel yourself clenching around them, your eyes rolling to the back as you bite hard on your lip but that doesn’t stop the noise from coming out. You're close, you wonder if she’s close. The devil at your doorsteps, and she sure will have a sight to see when she’s seen what you’ve got ready to give to her. 
The candles were lit around you, that didn’t even matter from what you read. What mattered more was the energy you gave, and whatever was going to be returned was up to them.
That was her name.
At first, she presents as human, but if you look closer you could see her red, dark blood eyes that were so gorgeous to you. Then, when you see her, her true form, it was as if you were seeing an angel for the very first time but you knew damn well she would be insulted if you called her that. 
Now, in a room with little to no lights, you could feel her against you, kissing up along your inner thighs and she had a grin on her face. You wondered why she was in her human form instead, but you couldn’t speak with her hand slightly wrapped around your throat and she was giving you the air to breathe when she wants to which made this more enticing than ever. 
“P-please” you whimpered, your bottom lip had trembled and she tilted her head to the side and if you reached out just a bit you could grab at her beautiful horns if you wanted but they were sensitive and you don’t want to give her any reason to leave. 
“Please what? Use your words, little one” Natasha chuckled, the sound was so sweet to listen to as it filled your ears and the room with your breathless panting and whines. 
She cups your cheeks, tenderly, and asks. 
“What do you need the most right now?”
The lights flickered, you wrapped your legs around her waist and pulled her in closer. 
“You” you manage to answer breathlessly, the smile still perched on her lips as she nodded understandingly, her lips brushing against yours. 
She leaned closer, almost teasing you once her fingers were pressed at your entrance. You were soaking wet, dripping even, all this for her and it made her even more hungry than she was. 
Your breath hitched when she slipped in one finger, pushing your hand away and your pussy throbbed for her. She loved every minute, this wasn’t a new experience for her but this was for you from the way your eyes had lit up at the first touch. 
Everything felt warm and hot, something below your stomach just waiting to burn and you couldn’t control your sounds. Your whines turned into cries, you had bitten down so hard on your lip that you could actually taste your own blood and she took advantage of that for a little taste as well as a sweet kiss. She added in another, curling in her fingers and hitting the right spots that just felt so sensitive from the hours you already edged yourself just waiting for her arrival. Natasha pinned both of your hands up, tying them in whatever rope or cloth that was near and you wouldn’t move if you could. You stayed there, your eyes slowly fluttering open every now and then just to see her watching you. Natasha knew where to touch you, in the places that made you fall apart fast or the right spots to tease you. 
“Fuck!, M’close” you moaned when she fastened her pace, knowing you were close to your breaking point. 
“Don’t come just yet” she warned, you couldn’t even pay attention to anything that was happening around you. 
Natasha leaned back down in between your legs, wasting no time to wrap her lips around your clit while her fingers still pumped in and out of you as she could feel you clench around her. 
“Gonna come, I’m gonna come” you whined, bucking your hips against her mouth. 
“Come for me, now, I need to taste you” she demanded, you couldn't help but notice the soft tone in her voice from what you were used to. 
Her usual cold, cocky, sometimes arrogant personality that you love regardless. 
Was it wrong to love a demon? 
Either way, you did. 
You came with a sweet cry of her name. The tying of the ropes around your wrists even being ripped off as you felt your body tremble and you came apart from her, you were breathless, now a little bit tired but the smile perched on your lips showed her enough that this was everything if not more than what you could ask for. 
“You taste divine, I should have expected that from you” Natasha’s grin was contagious, you could hear the pride in her voice as her eyes had darkened when you had fallen under her touch and now you could see her in her form in the light the candles gave you. 
Her wings, her horns, both you did want to touch. And her blood-red eyes. She was the most wonderful sight to see being tangled with her in the dark. 
Wrapping yourself against her, she chuckled and leaned in closer as you brought her in for a kiss. 
This wasn’t over just yet.
It was almost beautiful, you fell and she had caught you. 
Not an angel, a demon.
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loqov · 2 days ago
Natasha walks to the living room and stands behind a couch: Head, come, sixty-nine
*Y/n slowly turns their head to Natasha*
Natasha: Hard, eat *Y/n stands up and starts walking up to the redhead* tight, finish
Tony sitting in the kitchen watching the two with furrowed eyebrows: What is happening?
Carol glancing at them: Natasha is using Y/n’s trigger words to make them horny
*Meanwhile in the living room*
Natasha: Ride, spank *Y/n backs Nat to the wall while the redhead smirks* Daddy
*Y/n lightly grabs Nat by her neck, making her smirk widen*: Welcome back, Похотливый Солдат (Horny Soldier)
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missmonsters2 · 2 days ago
SoftDark!WandaNat (with a monstrous twist to their being? Maybe vampiric?) "Hunts" for their third mate because they can sense/smell/feel her 😬😈
i love soft!dark character so much 😩🖐
Pairing: Soft!Dark!WandaNat x Reader
Warnings: 18+ only minors DNI
Count: ~600
Wanda gazed out the window at the top floor. "How terrible, the villagers just left her at our gates."
Natasha came to peer out the same window, her hand coming to rest on Wanda's waist.
They could see you slowly undoing the loose rope binds at your wrists and legs. The villagers hadn't tied you up too tightly because they knew you were too weak to fight or run against them.
But would you run now that they've dropped you off?
"I kind of like they keep dropping off young maidens at our door," Natasha smirked, her eyes trailing over the white dress they put you in. "Do you think she'll run?"
The young maidens always did, despite knowing that it would be unlikely of them to make it back out alive.
Wanda and Natasha had held the property they lived in for centuries. They owned the remote village, who believed that some deity lived in the property.
They were kind of right. At least that something supernatural lived there. The villagers prayed at the gates and left offerings, only just recently bringing live sacrifices.
It wasn't something Wanda or Natasha asked for. They were recluse beings, hunting for their own food in the dark of the night. The villagers acted like the success or failure of their crops, and livestock depended on them.
It wasn't, but...there was something specific they wanted as of late.
"No," Wanda shook her head, her hand pressed softly against the glass. "She won't run. After all, she's ours. I know she feels the pull too."
And just like Wanda predicted, you uncovered your blindfold slowly and stood up, looking around.
You were scared, that much was sure. They could see your trembling from afar as you stood at the gate, but maybe it's because the villagers hadn't even given you a coat.
The lightest push against the bars gave way, creaking loudly as if to welcome and warn you away.
They watched you walk up the pathway in a hurry, trying to get away from the cold.
"I can smell her from here," Natasha purred, inhaling deeply. "She smells so sweet. I know she's going to taste so fucking good."
Wanda hummed, her mouth pooling with venom as Natasha's fantasies filled her mind.
Natasha painted such a pretty picture with you in their silk sheets—naked, trembling, and wanting. Natasha would be behind you, holding you up and spreading your legs open for Wanda.
There'd already been a couple of bite marks, your blood dripping between your breasts. Natasha imagined Wanda crawling up to you, licking that trail of blood up.
They'd thoroughly debauch you, that white dress nothing more than a mockery of your deflowering.
"Patience, love," Wanda swallowed, trying to clear her mind. "Taking her now will only result in her running away later."
"As if we couldn't catch her," Natasha muttered but sighed as she stood straighter.
"Oh, she'd never escape," Wanda chuckled. "But you know I hate expending my energy on preventable things."
They could hear a knocking at the door.
"Besides," Wanda looked at her reflection in the window, her eyes glowing red. "We just put in so much work to kill their livestocks until they gave us her. The Chief of the village was so greedy hiding his one and only daughter away, wasn't he? And then trying to marry her off to the Chief's son of the neighboring village."
Natasha scoffed. "If that boy comes anywhere near our gates to try to take her back—"
"He won't," Wanda reassured. "After all, everyone thinks she's already died a certain death."
Licking her lips, Wanda turned to Natasha, pressing a long kiss to her lover.
"Now, why don't we make sure our little lamb is all warm behind the scenes until she gets too curious and starts looking for her helpful hosts around the house?"
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tati3001 · 2 days ago
Dangerous woman
Summary: Love couldn't be forced. People couldn't control other people to love them. But what if you had the power to do so?
Words: 979
Tumblr media
Natasha knew she shouldn't have fallen for that. She knew it was a tramp. She knew she should never listen to what Wanda had to say. But it was Y/n. It didn't matter what she knew or what her instincts told her. She wouldn't risk Y/n for anything or anyone in the world.
So she suited up and hide more weapons in her suit that she would actually carry on a day-to-day basis. She took the quinjet and went to the place Wanda was hiding.
She never thought love could twist someone so much. She knew Wanda had lost a lot of people, and Nat understood. Y/n and Natasha had been there for Wanda since the moment she lost Pietro. And they both knew that losing Vision had been a final step in Wanda's life to lose herself.
But Natasha had never imagined that losing Vision would make her like that. Kidnapping people? Wanda had said it was an accident. And they believed her. Twist reality? Pretty sure that was a bigger accident. Open a branch in the multi-universe? Natasha was extremely sure Wanda had done that fully consciously.
But she could pass that. She would've always helped Wanda. Even if it was to hide from the government. If Wanda had asked, Natasha and Y/n would have helped her to get her life together.
But she couldn't forgive Wanda for taking Y/n. She had a beautiful personality, and Y/n was gorgeous. People had a tendency to fall for her, and Wanda was no exception. Natasha had accidentally heard her talk about it to Pietro's grave when she was visiting Clint.
Since that moment Natasha had been more paranoid when Wanda would be alone with Y/n. She was hers, and no one could take her from her. Y/n was everything to Natasha. This is why Clint had to make sure Natasha was happy. He had a happy life with Laura and he knew the kids were gonna be safe.
Natasha still hadn't forgiven herself for that. But she was thankful to Clint for giving her the opportunity to live her life with Y/n. And she wasn't going to let Wanda take her.
She arrived at the cabin after flying at a very dangerous speed, even for the air. She didn't lose time going out of the jet and almost breaking the door with her foot.
"Give her back" She demanded. Wanda raised her eyebrow and put her teacup away. "Where are your models, Láska (Love)". "Wanda, I'm not joking. Give me Y/n back".
"Can't do". "Why not?". "Cause she doesn't want to leave" Natasha was confused, but she didn't let the witch see that. "Natty!" She held her questions and turned around in time to hold her girl in her arms. She was relieved to have Y/n safe and sound around the protectiveness of her arms. "It was time for you to get her, baby".
"Was it?". "Yeah" She nodded happily. "Wands made cupcakes" She smiled. "Did she?" Natasha raised her eyebrow. "Well, I'm sure they're delicious baby but it's time to go". "Go? Go where?". "Home" She tried to pull Y/n away but she resisted. "But we are home, Silly".
"What?". "I told you" Wanda moved behind Y/n and hugged her shoulders. "She doesn't want to leave". Natasha moved her gaze from Y/n to Wanda a few times before she finally realized what was going on.
She lowered her guard and slowly walked towards Wanda. She held the younger's girl in her hands, softly caressing her cheeks. "It's not real, Wanda. You know that". "Tasha -". "You know she doesn't love you that way. You know I don't love you that way". "You said you were going to be there for me" She whispered lowering her eyes. Natasha gently put her forehead against Wanda without stopping the movement of her fingers.
"We are. But not this way, Wands. You can't force us to love you. You can't control us". "But I can" Natasha moved her head away from her immediately but Wanda for the first time was faster than Natasha. She lifted her hands and holding Natasha's face she left the magic flow through her fingers and inside Natasha's temples.
She stood there, frozen in her place as Wanda moved away from her. "Is Natty okay, Baby?". "She will be" Wanda smiled at her and kissed her forehead. "And we'll finally be happy".
Wanda didn't know how long the fake memories were going to be in their heads. At some point, she knew she would have to refresh the memories once more. Because she had done it once or twice with Agatha. But she was willing to do that to keep them with her.
She was not going to feel alone anymore. She couldn't. Natasha smiled after a few seconds and hugged both girls, gently kissing Wanda in the lips before kissing Y/n's head.
And as she hugged them the real Wanda inside of her couldn't help but feel guilty. She had let the Scarlet Witch take control of her life because she was too depressed to do anything. And when she least expected it, the witch had taken her body and her mind. Although there was a small part that she still had control of.
She couldn't gain control back so easily. But for now, she was able to keep the Scarlet Witch in that cabin, where she couldn't harm anyone else. Wanda feared, however, that once she gain control back Natasha and Y/n would hate her guts. But they didn't deserve to be trapped, believing they loved someone they didn't.
Not as Wanda wanted to anyways. But she knew she had to keep them there. The Scarlet Witch was dangerous on her own. And once the spell was broken Wanda knew everyone would see her as a Dangerous Woman, and she would truly and finally be alone.
»──── « ❀ » ────«
Author's note: How long do you guys like the stories? Cause the next one is easily 5 maybe 6 thousand words. And I need to know if I should cut it out leave it long.
TAG LIST: @xxxtwilightaxelxxx @marvelwomen-simp @madamevirgo @temptationsbrew @mainly-rebloging-fics-i-like @yuhloversxx @chaekhan @diaryoflife @taschamonnii @simperingghoul @sweeet-likeeee-cinnamonn @coldmilkshakestudent @yreat @the-empty-chxld @thea13sworld @imadethisblogbecauseiamasimp @halobaby @m-zne237 @natashakink @liladoesfanfics @severepeanutartisanhands @wandanatstan @ymzki-haruki(Let me know if you want to be part of the tag list)
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perfectromanoff · a day ago
~Your mind is not competition to mine~ part 2
Pairing:Natasha Romanoff x reader
Summary: Natasha was amazed at how wonderful your mind was, but she didn't like the arrogance you had, could she put that aside to live with you?
AN:Many things of the personality of the reader, are based on the books and adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Happy reading!
Requests are open
Part 1
Tumblr media
Since a few couple of weeks, you were living with Natasha at her house, she did not want you to get high again so she didn't want to leave you alone, and the best idea she came up with at the time was that you lived together. She invited you to stay at her house, more than an invitation was an obligation, and helped you move.
Her place was a nice big house, neutral colors and few belongings, a lot of space for you to use for your multiple stuff. Natasha was surprised by the number of books you had and the rare gifts that people sometimes gave you, but she was especially surprised to see a violin in a very delicate black and gold case, it looked brand new, but the date of manufacture was more than 5 years ago, without a doubt you took great care of it. While she might have been distracted perhaps by your large collection of weapons, that violin appealed to her in a special way and she didn't know why.
At first it was hard to get used to the presence of a new person in your life and in hers, but after talking about certain things, coexistence improved a lot. The redhead was still surprised by the capacity for reasoning you had, she was still a little annoyed by your arrogance and she was confused by some ways of acting that you had when you tried to decipher a case.
The two of you had already put together certain customs despite the short time you had been together, like training together, she was still surprised to see how well you could fight, or on the nights that the two were at home, you prepared one of your favorite teas or some coffee that she liked and sat on the couch to tell stories of surprising cases. Although Natasha in her life had gone through all kinds of situations,  from fighting robots to fighting with Aliens, she loves to hear how your cases were. She would never have imagined the amount of things you had done to get to the bottom of a case and solve it. She was groped by your cunning and intelligence and your mind attracted her in a way she never thought was possible. And for her it was still funny that despite your intelligence, you failed to know the most basic things in life, such as the way the solar system works or how sometimes people, guided by their most primitive feelings such as love or lust, acted so stupidly. She knew that in an hour reading a book you could learn all that and more, but she laughed when you said you'll learn those things if you need to.
Natasha and you were complete opposites, you went through the house messing everything up and she went behind you picking up everything, she got up early to train and you woke up very late or you didn't even sleep at night.
Natasha was not a person who sought praise or recognition from others, but since the two lived together, she loved when you asked her questions such as "what conclusion can you come to by seeing this pair of gloves?" and when she saw an observation that was favorable, you answered with "good, excellent, perfect reasoning" and those little praises made her feel happier than ever before, even if she didn't let you know that. Also sometimes your sarcastic comments or that showed her how wrong she was, penetrated her deeper and hurt her more than she would like to admit. For some reason Natasha sought your approval and it affected her a lot whether you treated her well or not, and even she didn't knew why.
Natasha was especially worried when she had to leave you alone for a long time for some mission, she was very worried that since you were alone, you would use drugs again, even if she made sure to throw them all away when you moved in, she knew that with your skills you could easily get them or hide them somewhere outside the house so that she would not find them. Although the redhead was proud to see that since you moved in with her you had not injected yourself again. Also something that worried her, is that every time she came home after a while, everything was messy and smelled bad or like a cigar, even if she told you not to smoke inside the house, every time she wasn't there, you did what you wanted as if you were a little girl.
Natasha rubbed her temples waiting in the hallway before entering home, she had recently arrived from a mission and was preparing to find the worst on the other side of the door. But when she opened she was very surprised to see the house in perfect condition, smelling clean and fresh as if it had been well ventilated and cleaned recently.
"(Y/N)?" She called your name a few times but you didn't show up, she started to worry a little, it was in her nature to always think the worst and prepare for it, if someone had come to kidnap you, she would go find you and also thank the kidnapper for cleaning the house before beating his ass and taking you home. She knew it wasn't logical reasoning, but her concern led her to think things like that. As she continued walking around the house she began to hear a beautiful melody from a violin, the times she had heard you play, you always played badly, as out of tune as possible, but this melody had the most perfect and fine tune she had ever heard in her entire life. A music that would calm even the most tormented soul and calmed the darkest thoughts. Following the sound, she reached the attic of the house, entered carefully and found you in the middle of the small room. Usually you knew and listened to who was coming even before they knocked on the door, but this time you did not realize that she had come home and much less that she was a few meters from you watching you. She saw how you were playing your violin with your eyes closed, your breathing was synchronized with the melody you were playing, your brow was slightly frowned and your eyes and lips pressed shut gently while you were leaning you're face on the violin. The light that was projected from the window hit your face leaving small caresses that lay behind your facets and left on your face a few flashes of gold. In the eyes of the redhead you looked like a porcelain doll, so beautiful and fragile at the same time. She had never seen you that way, full of feelings, as fragile as a bubble that if touched you could explode into a thousand pieces, always your arrogance made you see with a protective breastplate hiding your most human feelings, making you look like a calculating machine that never made mistakes, but now, under that light, next to that melody,  with so much feeling imbued in you, you could not see yourself more human and sinful, and yet you were perfect.
Natasha was so focused admiring your expressions and listening to the sweet melody that she didn't notice the moment the music stopped or that you were looking at her
"You came back" your voice pulled her out of her trance and she coughed clearing her throat so that her voice would come out clear
"Yes, the mission is over... I didn't know that you could play the violin that well, whenever I was at home you played it horrible, at what time you learned?" whispered the redhead with a smile watching your serious expression while you carefully put the violin in the case
"I always knew how to play the violin, I just don't like to play in front of others" you said sincerely closing the case and she nodded
"Did you clean the house? It's spotless, I've never seen it so clean" she saw how you nodded "Why did you do it? You don't even clean your own room" she said with curiosity
"I was alone and had no interest case so I started to get bored, but I know you don't want me to do drugs so I needed something more to do. I started taking out random objects and guessing their stories, I took the books off the shelf and observed them, I drew conclusions from them using the marks they had or the stains that appeared on a few of them. I noticed how some books in particular, your history and science books were marked with snaks dust, you are too clean to do something like that, but the stain was repeated in several pages and were big fingerprints, and as a bookmark for the pages was used important documents of the Avengers and some tickets for buying beer, so I assume that the one who used the books was your fellow, the big one from another planet, who tried to study our customs and stories to impress that girl who he likes,  because without offending, I do not think that he studies for pleasure. But he got bored and left them, because the finger marks only last a few pages in the beginning of each book" You grabbed the violin and looked at Natasha to come down from the attic so you could get out too, and she did so.
"You're right, I lent it to him but he quickly return them. But that doesn't explain the cleanliness of the house" she started walking next to you.
"Every time I took something out, I cleaned it up and put it back in the right place, and before I knew it, I had already cleaned the whole house. Let me tell you, to be a spy, there are a lot of things in the house that have your DNA that someone can use to track you down or pull out information if one day they enter in this house. Like the vibrator that is next to your bed on the bedside table, I noticed that you clean it, but you need to exfoliate it properly to take out all traces. I can explain how to do it, it's easy" Natasha's cheeks were dyed red as she heard you speak
"My room is forbidden! You can't get in there, I had both the door and the drawer locked! For some reason they have a key. You're not allowed to go in my room without my permission" she said a little annoyed
"Sorry, I found the key while cleaning and I went in, and the drawer was very easy to open. But I don't know what bothers so much, if I already knew you touched yoursel, I have heard you at night, and your mood changes after you do it , it shows even if you want to hide it. Besides is something very common and you don't have to be ashamed of that. I can even tell you some good brands of sex toys, I have research I did on that." you said simple putting your violin in your room.
Natasha sighed watching you, there was no point in discussing something like that with you, she knew how you were. Frustrated she went to take a beer out of the refrigerator but when she opened it, her face immediately turned to see you
"why is there a human hand in the refrigerator?" she said with disgust, not because she had not seen anything worse than that before, but because of the fact that it was in the refrigerator next to the food.
"I have to investigate how much time some parts of a body can last in an ordinary refrigerator without rot and without putting it in the freezer, it's for a case I have, I want to see how long it lasts before it spoils" you put water to prepare a tea while she looked at you badly "don't worry, it's a hand of a body donated for science, I didn't kill anyone" you said but she kept seeing you wrong "it's okay, next time I won't put it next to your favorite food" her face didn't change "Fine, I will buy another refrigerator just for that cases" she nodded in approval
"That's better" she said looking at you while you were with your back to her
"Why do you look at me so much?" you asked her and she laughed
"Do you also have eyes on your back?" she dodged the question
"I see you in the reflection of the kettle because it is well polished" you replied "and you keep looking at me"
"I was wondering if you've ever had a partner, a love interest" she said without realizing what she was asking "I mean... Because you never flirt with anyone or go on dates" she tried to accommodate the question because she didn't want to be too intrusiever and make you feel uncomfortable
"I had... Many years ago, she gave me the violin that I have" you whispered
"What happened?" she asked curious
"I could never invite her on a date" you answered
"You were shy?" the redhead stood next to you
"She was married" you sighed "I came to her store at least once a week, I always asked about violins just to make conversation, we flirt sometimes, I bought her coffee or chocolate. I always asked about violins but never bought anything because I knew that the moment I bought something, I wouldn't have much excuse to go that often. I always knew that she was married, I saw all the sings, nothing pass unnoticed to me, but I refused to accept it, until one day she gave me the most delicate and exquisite violin in the store, the one that I had never asked but liked the most, I never mentioned it and she knew I love it. She gave it to me and told me not to keep going because I was confusing her and she loved her wife. So I took the violin and I left the store forever" you told her and she gave you a sad smile, there Natasha understood that it wasn't that you didn't understand how love made you act stupidly, you understood it, just that you didn't want it to happen to you again. "she had the most unique mind that I have ever seen" you whispered sadly
"I'm sorry" Natasha whispered and you barley smiled grabbing a cup of tea for you both "Would you like to try dating again?" she asked carefully
"I don't know, it's been a while since I dated, I don't have any moves" you said sincerely
"Lucky for you, I have a lot of those... Come on, I'll go with you to a bar and we'll find someone to you to fall in love or to fuck with" she said so eagerly that you couldn't say no. Since that day, every Friday and Sunday, Natasha and you would go out to a bar or a pub, sit at the bar and watch the people who were there while you drink, the read head would point you to someone and just see it them you could tell her all their story and why they were not someone right for you. That little routine lasted for several months, at first you rejected people because you didn't like them, but then you started rejecting them because you realized that the person who was right for you was by your side, those nights out with her made you feel more and more in love with the redhead.. But you also didn't want to ruin the relationship that you and Natasha had built, it was nice and made you feel safe.
You thought you would never have the courage to tell her what you felt, but one day while you were at the bar, a girl came to flirt with Natasha, you began to be uncomfortable and bothered you as Natasha also flirted with her. After listening to them talk for a while, you had a couple of drinks grabbing enough strength to make something for Natasha's love, it already happened to you once that you missed the opportunity to love because someone had arrived before you, you weren't going to let that happen again. You stood from your seat standing between them looking at the girl in front of you
"You... You're a whore!" Natasha looked at you in surprise, you usually didn't talk like that, the girl loked at you offended "You're a whore, you're talking to her but you are also checking the bartender, a few minutes ago you had sex at the bathroom, and no, I didn't saw you, I know because your legs are slightly trembling, you have a scratch at the back of your neck, your blouse  is missing a button and your heals have a piece of paper stuck to it! And you're a whore because you have a partner and you're cheating on them, the way that you behave always checking if someone comes in is because you're hiding, you always check your phone answeing rapidly because someone is checking on you and you don't want them to call you. You came here alone without friends and a overworked look trying to impress people the fastest way, so you can have sex many times before you left this place before 1am, before your partner gets suspicious and came for you" Natasha laughed, even drunk you were sharp. The girl looked at you mad, she was about to slap you but you grabbed her hand and punch her on the face. Natasha easily grabbed your body, lifting you up and walking outside the bar before you could attack the woman again. She let you go when you were next to the car and looked at you surprised and laughing
"What was all that about? I've never seen you like that" she smiled looking how you tried to calm down
"You deserve someone better" you whispered
"What? Someone like who?" she opened the car helping you get in
"I don't know, but someone much better than her, someone that knows what you like and what you don't, someone that knows how are you, who you really are, someone that is committed to you, no somebody that's screwing everything that moves. Someone that knows that you love coffee and you hate tea, but you are willing to drink tea just to be with someone who likes it. Someone that knows how brilliant you are, maybe no as brilliant as me, but you're pretty close" You spoke very fast and Nat laughed "You need someone who sees the sacrifices you make to help others, who knows that you like to hear stories and someone that notices even the little things, like how your beautiful face lights up when you learn something new. Someone that knows that you like to sleep hugging a pillow because it makes you feel less alone and safer, that you maybe seem tough but you're the sweetest person when you let someone get close to you. You need someone who knows you're so altruistic that you were willing to help someone you barely knew. You need them to see that you are the heart and soul of every team you belong to, that you are the glue that unites even the most different people together. Someone who sees that despite all the things you have gone through, you still have the greatest heart in the universe, that despite everything you had to live, you continue to help others no matter how insignificant their problems are compared to yours. That you are someone who does not judge, someone who listens to even your ugliest nightmares and helps you overcome fear. You need someone to see you, the real you, no someone that's so blind by your beauty that doesn't stop to know the beautiful mind that's under it. You..." You started trembling when you realized everything that you said, the love makes you do stupid things, and here you were, letting your heart bleed out everything that you felt for the redhead
"You are the one that knows everything about me... The one that knows the real me" she whispered looking at how you were avoiding her gaze
"Yeah... But I'm not talking about..." She cut you
"I should have someone better than her... I should have someone like you" she kissed your cheek with love and you looked at her blushing
"What do you mean?" you asked barley whispering, it was still difficult to you understand everything about feelings and you wanted to make sure that you weren't seeing this wrong
"You're the most stubborn, arrogant and crazy person I know, you do weird things and your mind is something that I'll never understand completely..." You sighed hearing her talk "but I love everything about you, I falled in love with your mind since day one and then when I started to know you better I falled in love with the rest of you. I love everything that makes you, even your arrogance... And I know that's difficult to you to understand this or even your own feelings, but if I don't get this wrong, you just confessed your love to me in every single thing that you said and I just did the same to you" the redhead smiled with love "Do you love me? Because I love you..." She whispered
"I love you... And your beautiful soul" you smiled and kissed her lips making her smile
"And what about my mind, do you love it too?" she asked without pulling away
"I love your mind too, but is still not competition to mine" you laughed and kissed her again.
@imdoingsortagay​ thanks for the help always!
@kilmameri​ thanks for the advice!
Tag 🥰: @afuckingshituniverse​
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upat4amwiththemoon · 3 hours ago
You, dating?
Summary: Natasha wants her girlfriend to meet her second family.
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x female!reader
Warnings: none
Word count: 794
a/n: here’s something, yay, enjoy!
Tumblr media
“Listen up you idiots and Wanda.” Natasha claps, calling for everyone in the common room to listen to her. She ignores the complains to the name calling. “My girlfriend is coming over today and I want you guys to meet her, which is why I’m telling you to n-“
“Wait, wait. Hold up.” Tony raises his hand. “You? Dating? You don’t date.”
Natasha rolls her eyes. She was ready to hear some commotion from the others as they were all oblivious to her girlfriend of five months, except Wanda, who of course was the one to courage her to ask Y/N out in the first place. “I date.” She grumbles, wanting to get going.
“Since, uh, when?” Thor waves his finger around.
“Since five months ago. Anyways! As I was saying do-“
“Wait. Did you say girlfriend? Did I hear correct?” Steve interrupts this time.
“Yes! I said girlfriend. Is that a problem old man?”
“Of course not! I just didn’t think, you know...” Steve moves his hand around, trying to mime his point to Natasha.
“He didn’t think women would be into you.” Tony speaks up.
Natasha’s mouth hangs slightly open. “Why wouldn’t women be into me? She is very much into me.”
“You can be a bit insensitive and blunt and cold and calculated.” Clint starts listing off Natasha’s traits, not even looking at her to ignore the icy glare he is receiving. ”And I’m saying that as your best friend.”
“Shut up.” She huffs, crossing her arms. “I’m going to pick up her now, so, don’t scare her away when we arrive. Wanda, you’re my new best friend.” Natasha walks away, not giving any time for answers or arguments, only hearing Clint yell out an offended Hey! as she leaves.
Y/N gapes at the huge elevator, stepping in after Natasha. “This could fit at least ten people in here.” Natasha laughs, wrapping her arm around Y/N’s waist. “Do you think they’ll like me?”
“Of course they will.” Y/N hums, her nerves wracking as the elevator dings and opens its doors. “And if they don’t, which they will, I’ll kick the shit out of them.” Natasha gives her a quick smirk before leading her inside the common room. The chatter going on quietens down when the others notice them walking in. “Guys, this is my girlfriend Y/N. Y/N these are the Avengers.” Natasha smiles, proud to show her girlfriend off to her second family.
Steve opens his mouth to greet Y/N, like a normal person does, but Tony beats him. “Did she hire you to act as her girlfriend?”
Natasha frowns and Y/N furrows her brows. “No?”
“Kidnap you?” Sam asks.
“Is she torturing you?” Clint speaks up.
“I- What? No. Why would she kidnap or torture me?” Y/N glances at Natasha who is furiously glaring at the trio.
“You seem too sweet to like her cold demeanor.”
Natasha’s grip around Y/N tightens as she clenches her jaw. Y/N giggles quietly, though it sounds more awkward and uncomfortable than humorous. Wanda stands up, clapping her hands together once. “It’s very nice to meet you, Y/N. I’m Wanda.” She walks over and hugs her as well as she can, because Natasha hasn’t taken her hand off of her.
Y/N smiles, hugging her back. “Nice to meet you too, Wanda.”
Tony is the next one to come over. “Take a joke, Red.” He pats Natasha’s shoulder before shaking Y/N’s hand. “Welcome to the Avengers tower, kid.”
“I can take a joke, you just aren’t funny.” Natasha grumbles at the same time as Y/N thanks him. Tony rolls his eyes and the rest of the Avengers come say their greetings to the new member of their slightly messy family. “Okay, okay.” Natasha pulls Y/N slightly further away from them after everyone is done introducing themselves. “Enough showing off, I’d actually like to spend some time with *my* girlfriend now.” She takes Y/N’s hand to her own and starts leading her towards her room.
“Bye everyone! It was nice to meet you!” She waves to the group and follows Natasha. When they arrive to Natasha’s room, Y/N turns to look at her with a small grin. “Not really a dating person, huh?”
“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Natasha wraps her arms around Y/N’s waist.
“They seemed pretty surprised.” Y/N moves her hands to Natasha’s shoulders. “Am I the first girl you have brought over?”
Natasha rolls her eyes at the teasing tone of her voice. “Yes, you should feel honored.” She kisses Y/N.
“I am.” Y/N mumbles between the kisses. Giggling when Natasha pushes her to lay down on the bed.
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