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#natasha romanoff incorrect quotes
ahh-myles · 3 months ago
Y/N: Ah yes, the five love languages.
Y/N, pointing at Tony: 'My family never told me they were proud of me'
Y/N, pointing at Peter: 'I'm so fucking tired please god just let me rest for five minutes
Y/N, pointing at Natasha: 'I love girls'
Y/N, pointing at Bruce: 'Please pay attention to me'
Y/N, pointing at Bucky: 'Touch Starved’
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shadow-dixon · 2 months ago
Y/N : So , I kind of like someone. I don't want to tell you because-
Tony : Just rip the bandage off, it cant be that bad.
Y/N : It's Bucky.
Tony : If you don't put the bandage back on, RIGHT FUCKING NOW-
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y/n, in a high voice, holding barbie: hey ken! I was thinking about going back to school and starting a career!
Natasha, in a deep voice, holding ken: nonsense, barbie. you’re staying home and having my kids
Yelena: what the fuck are you guys doing?
Natahsa: playing systemic oppression
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lesbian-deadpool · 12 days ago
Peter: What's nostalgia?
Y/N: It's when you miss something that's really old. 
Steve: I'm back. 
Natasha: Hey! We missed you!
Peter, whispering to Y/N: Nostalgia.
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bisexual-chupacabra · a month ago
Tony: a dragon sneezed.
Nat: I tried to light a cigar with a flame thrower.
Y/N: Dropped my latest mix tape.
Steve: Peter, please tell me what happened.
Peter: Um.
[flashback to Tony and Nat arguing with Y/N that it was impossible to light a fire extinguisher on fire]
Peter: I don’t remember.
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theleoarchives · 2 months ago
y/n, setting down a card: ace of spades.
yelena, nodding and pulling out an uno card: +4
natasha, throwing down a pokémon card: jolteon, i choose you!
wanda, trembling, on the verge of tears: what the fuck are we playing?
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incorrectmarvelquote · a month ago
Steve: Whose turn is it to give the pep talk?
Tony: [sighing] It's Natasha’s turn…
Natasha: Fuck shit up out there but don't die
Clint: [wiping a tear away] Inspirational
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lesbian-deadpool · 2 months ago
Y/N: As a genuinely smart person, I'd like to let you know that we are all made of atoms.
Y/N: And atoms can't touch anything.
Y/N: So really we've never touched anything in our lives.
Y/N: So to answer your question, no, I didn't punch Bucky in the face.
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Natasha: For self defense reasons, I’m gonna pretend to be a burglar and you guys have to act wisely.
Yelena: Okay
Y/n: Sure
Natasha: If you want to live, give me all your money!
Y/n: Bold of you to assume I want to live
Yelena: Bold of you to assume I have money
Natasha: Really?
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wlwfanfictionss · a month ago
Y/N: Fitness tip: never stop pushing yourself. Some say 8 hours of sleep is enough. Why not keep going? Why not 9? Why not 10? Strive for greatness.
Natasha: Next time you’re working out do 15 push ups instead of 10. Run 3 miles instead of 2. Eat a whole cake instead of just a slice. Burn your ex’s house down. You can do it. I believe in you.
Bruce: There were so many mixed messages in that I can’t-
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