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#natasha romanoff incorrect quotes
checkingoutforheroes19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Natasha: Here you go Y/n. I got them all the shapes that you asked.
Y/n: Thanks Nat! I love you 馃挆
Bucky: Those balloons are for Y/n? Aren't you grown up like an adult now?
Y/n: How do you expect me to grow if you won't let me blow?! 馃槧
Natasha: That's.... awkward.
Bucky: I..I don't have problem with that.馃樁
Natasha: You asked, she answers, she's not wrong. Come on Y/n. Let's go blow your balloons.
Y/n: Can we ask Steve too?
Natasha: Of course we can. He would like very much to blow too. *middle finger to bucky behind you.
Bucky watch you walk away: What on earth...??
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Y/N: Pots and pans aren鈥檛 supposed to melt right?
Natasha: No
Y/N: Okay so this happened
Y/N, holding up a melted pan: Weird, right?
Natasha: It鈥檚 impossible, congrats!
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rules-of-avenging3 days ago
tony: *arrives in the afterlife*
natasha: he's freaking out
loki: he's not freaking out
natasha: people tend to freak out
loki: trust me, he's fine
natasha: okay mister i've been dead longer and know everything
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checkingoutforheroes5 days ago
Tumblr media
Y/n cheerful: Hey guys, guys.. Look what's Bucky did to me!
Natasha: What is it honey?
Bucky flip your hair: Ta - daaaa!!
Natasha shock: You pierced her ears?!!
Bucky: Yea!
Bucky smiling: I know right. Doesn't it make her head looks smaller.
Natasha: How could you do this without telling me?!!
Bucky: If I told you, it wouldn't have been a surprise.
Tony: I think she looks cute.
Natasha: *glaring
Tony: ...but I am wrong *hands up in surrender.
Steve: Buck, when you gotta go, you gotta go. Good luck pal.
Taglist: @mycosmicparadise
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simpforthemcu7 days ago
Avengers Gc
馃暩Nat: Hey guys guess who I found making out馃憖
*馃槤Y/N has left the chat*
*馃暦Peter has left the chat*
馃懆鈥嶐煆璗ony: BAHAHAHAH
馃懘Steve: Wait- Seriously?
鉀圱hor: Those midgardians are cute.
馃拕Wanda: I agree with Thor, what about you vis?
馃Vision: yes, I agree with Wanda and Thor.
馃懘Steve: I swear to god.
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Sam: How do I deal with my enemies?
Bucky: Kill them.
Sam: That sounds a little extreme. I was hoping for something a little more passive?
Natasha: Dismember them.
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muralskins10 days ago
April fool鈥檚 with Natasha
Y/n : You scared the shit out of me! I thought you were actually pregnant!
Natasha : Babe, it was an April fool鈥檚 prank. And we鈥檙e lesbians.
Y/n : It鈥檚 not April first today!
Natasha : When you鈥檙e married to an idiot, everyday is the first of April.
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coollemonsaresour11 days ago
The Breakfast club
聽*Y/n,Peter, Wanda, and Pietro walks into kitchen talking, and sit at the island*聽聽
Steve turns around wearing an apron: Mornin kids, what do you want for breakfast?聽聽
Wanda: can we get some cooked chicken fetuses, with...聽聽
Pietro: some cow juice聽 that has been acidification, coagulation, separating curds and whey, salting, shaping, and ripening.
Peter: with some of Peppa鈥檚 scraps.
Y/n: Raw toast and some聽Citrus sinensis piss.聽聽
Steve: W-what聽聽
Nat who walks in to her kitchen staring at her phone: eggs, *points to Wanda, still looking at her phone* Chess, *points to Pietro* Bacon, *points to Peter* Bread and orange juice * she points to you, looking up from her phone, with a smirk of question.聽聽
Nat: To sum it up for you, they want breakfast sandwiches.聽
Steve looks at the four: I am Confusion聽聽
Everybody: Gasp
Tumblr media
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Cop: You鈥檙e receiving a ticket for having three people on one motorcycle.
Steve: Shit.
Bucky: Wait, three?
Cop: Yeah?
Nat: Sam fell off.
Steve: And you didn鈥檛 bother to tell me?
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muralskins19 days ago
Natasha and Y/n discuss chocolate
Y/n : I can鈥檛 believe you never told me! If I knew I wouldn鈥檛 have married you.
Steve : Uh, what鈥檚 going on?
Y/n : Natasha is only now telling me that she prefers white chocolate over dark chocolate. We鈥檝e been married two years!
Natasha : That鈥檚 rich coming from you, considering you prefer dark chocolate which is just dehydrated dog shit at this point.
Y/n : You take that back!
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mochamoff20 days ago
Me: *notices I can't download anything anymore because my gallery is full*
Me: oh well let's delete some unnecessary pictures then....
Me: *sees my gallery only consists of pictures of Natasha Romanoff and Scarlett Johansson*
Me: oh well, there's nothing I can delete. Guess I won't be downloading the super important app that I need for school.
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incorrectmarvels24 days ago
Natasha: I bet you鈥檙e wondering why I gathered you here today. It鈥檚 because we need to have a discussion about how some people in this room aren鈥檛 getting along with other people in this room.
Steve: Why did you say that so vaguely? Tony and I are literally the only people you called in here.
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marvelous-writer-22129 days ago
Fury: I need you to kill someone but make it look like it was of natural causes.
Natasha: Say no more.
Fury: I thought I told you to make it look like he died of natural causes.
Natasha: But he died of natural causes.
Fury: You pushed him off a roof.
Natasha: Gravity is natural.
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monlieudeviea month ago
Bruce: It is possible that I have feelings for Natasha.
Y/N: *You arch an eyebrow and pause* Congratulations! Welcome to the real world, you're the last to know, if you stop by the awards booth we'll give you your prize.
Bruce: Wait... what?
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monlieudeviea month ago
*Tony Stark makes a stellar appearance at the new Avengers facility*
Y/N: Oh, no... I think I'm in trouble, and that trouble is called Tony.
Natasha: Trouble in the "I want to kill him and I need you to help me hide his corpse" sense, or in the "I'm madly in love with him" sense?
Y/N: The latter.
Natasha: Sorry, the first option would have been easier.
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