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#natasha romanoff smut
maximotts · a day ago
𝐚𝐧𝐲𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐲𝐨𝐮 || 𝐧. 𝐫𝐨𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐟𝐟
a/n: because @twilight-99-tm and I couldn't get needy top beefy!Natasha out of our heads.. really that's all, hope y'all like porn! Technically a part of my Kinktober, but it's not a request, I just wanted to write this really badly
warnings: 18+, minors DNI; smut; strap-on sex {r receiving}; sex from behind; kinda restraint just because Nat is really strong, but all consensual obviously; denial/teasing {Nat receiving}; dirty talk {mutual}; a little overstim at the end if you squint; pet names {Natasha calls R baby}
summary: When Natasha comes back one night, she needs to alleviate an ache which just so happens to manifest itself in the form of making sure you're taken care of
words: 1.1K
kinktober event. || kinktober masterlist. || main masterlist.
Tumblr media
Her words were so soft, way too whiny to be considered anywhere domineering. But her arms.. they kept you pinned in place, cheek pressed tight into the pillows below as your girlfriend practically rut against your backside. “I don’t know.. why should I?”
It was a cruel game you were playing, knowing she’d never do anything you said no to— but currently you were only saying no to torture Natasha. The thick length of her strap dragged back and forth between your folds, legs kept spread by the redhead’s strong thighs. “I know you want it as badly as I do… don’t be stubborn, malyshka.” Two groans rang in unison as the tip of her piece nudged against your clit, the devious part of the toy buried inside Natasha hitting a surprisingly sensitive spot. “I’ll fuck you until you’re begging me to stop. It’ll be so good, I promise, just— please.”
You hated denying her, especially when she was begging so sweetly in your ear, offering anything your heart desired if you’d just let her have this one thing, “But Natty…” Sleep was so close to claiming you when she’d come in, stealthily as ever. It was a mistake to think Natasha had come to bed so early just to cuddle with you, but you’d settled in her embrace easily, breathing in her sweet scent. When her slightly calloused hands began roaming your body, tugging at your flimsy sleep shorts, you knew you were done for. Something about your girlfriend coming to you so needy, so insistent that she couldn’t wait, drenched you in an instant and when you felt the telltale bulge of her favorite strap on press against the curve of your ass, it took everything in you not to cum on the spot. You’d managed though and theorized that you couldn’t not take advantage of her neediness.
So rarely was she in the mood to show you outwardly how much she yearned for you and so often, you gave in right away, letting her escape the need to beg. Not this time. “I know, I know you’re tired, but you don’t have to do anything. Just let me take care of you?” Ultimately, it was the fact that, amorous as she was, Natasha still only wanted to make you feel good that broke you. You’d never hear it aloud, but watching you come undone as many times as you could for her, crying out until your voice was hoarse and your only thoughts were her and how perfectly she was fucking you— that was better than chasing her own high.
The knowledge that you needed her as much as she needed you fueled her very soul, you knew it did. Every time Natasha’s pupils dilated just a tad bit wider when you asked for her and only her, when you sought her out amongst a crowd of people, when you were the one pleading for her to alleviate the ache between your legs; she adored tending to any need you brought to her. “Go on, fuck me. Fill me up how only you can.”
Exactly what she wanted to hear, Natasha pulled back just enough to align your bodies, one hand gripping your hip hard as if she was scared you’d twist away and deny her again. She sank in with little problem, your body accommodating the stretch and welcoming sting easily, “So ready for me and I hadn’t even touched you… did you get off on making me ask you to open up for me?” Her movements were slow and steady, drawing out each push and pull so you could truly feel every inch of her.
Natasha only let you move a little, just enough for her to know you wanted more, but not enough freedom to take what you needed. Needy as she was, Natasha was in control; she determined what you needed when. “Natasha… harder, go harder,” Like clockwork, her hips sped up, driving you almost painfully into the mattress.
“Like that, baby? You want me to fuck me so hard you’re walking crooked for the rest of the week?” You nodded, teeth biting down on your poor pillow as your fist balled the edge of your girlfriend’s shirt in a death grip. A rough hand met the swell of your ass with a sharp slap that left you crying out; Natasha wanted to hear you. “Words. Use them.”
When her words got clipped, it only meant one thing: she was close. “Fuck— fuck me, hard as you can.. ruin me.” Natasha’s pace quickened with your admission, frantic as she neared the onset of what she’d been waiting so long for. Holding back wasn’t an option for either of you, unabashed in using each other for your own pleasure. “Like that.. please, Natasha..!”
“You’re taking me so well, so deep,” Self-indulgent as she was tonight, Natasha knew if she wanted you to come with her, she needed that final push. “Does your needy little clit need some attention?” The only answer you could manage was a weak ‘yes,’ mindlessly trying to gain any friction, but Natasha still held you in place for her perfect angle. Sometimes you resented the fact that the woman never skipped an arm day.
She sacrificed one hand to find yours, guiding them down to where you were obviously dripping under her brutal fucking. Her fingers covered yours as they finally met your sensitive bud, circling and pinching perfectly in time with the silicone toy stretching you open. “N-Nat, I’m gonna.. can I cum? I need it so bad.”
Natasha practically growled, sinking her teeth into your shoulder as she desperately fought off her orgasm before you got yours. “Cum for me, do it now. Be a good girl and cum around my cock.” You came with an echoing cry, your fingers soaked with your own wetness as Natasha gave one final thrust, grinding your hips together until her walls were clenching around the bit inside her. She shuddered heavily, her body falling onto yours as you both came down from your highs.
You fell boneless onto the bed and the redhead followed suit, her front melding against your sweat-sheened back with ease. If you were tired before, you were exhausted now, the force of your activities threatening to drag you into unconsciousness. “Sleepy..”
Your girlfriend only hummed, peppering kisses along the back of your neck, over your shoulder blades, “You did so well for me, baby, I love you.” Her hands smoothed over your arms and hips; the massage should’ve been simple enough, but then the touches turned more suggestive again and stupidly, you tried wiggling away. Of course you didn’t budge and, tired as you were, when Natasha’s fingertips found your weeping entrance again, you pushed into her touch. “Think you can give me one more? I just missed you so much.”
Your head was nodding instantly, whimpering when you felt two fingers enter you to the hilt. The answer was always yes when it was Natasha. “Let me watch you cum again, just want to see you… that’s a good girl.”
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temptationsbrew · 2 days ago
Control Me
Pairing: Natasha x reader
Summary: You wanted to help Natasha gain back control so you let her control you
Warning: 18+ smut, restraints, face slapping, finger fucking, oral, dom/sub ish - Reader and Nats first time
A/n: This wasn't supposed to be smut, but it turned into smut *shrugs*
I didn’t have much time to edit so hope there aren’t too many mistakes
3,964 words | Masterlist
When you met Natasha you thought you had her all figured out. She was confidence personified walking around the compound as if nothing could touch her. It wasn’t until the two of you became close that she started to show more of herself. Her playful side was your favorite.
The team was shocked the first time they saw Natasha hug you. She wasn’t known to be a cuddly person but you knew the truth. Natasha loved to cuddle. When she felt distressed or frustrated, she would come to your room, crawl into your bed and hold you. The first time it happened you thought it was a dream. When you asked her if she was ok, she simply nodded and confessed that you made her feel safe. You could relate, she made you feel safe too.
You were currently in the common room when Natasha came through the elevator looking the most exhausted you’ve ever seen her. She had been away for a week on a mission with Steve and by the grunt he gave you as a greeting, you knew it must have been physically and emotionally exhausting.
The redhead could barely keep her eyes open as she waddled over to you and collapsed on the couch, planting her head in your lap.
“That bad huh?” You asked Steve.
“Longest mission of my life.” He mumbled, “You got her?”
“Always.” You said, caressing her back.
You let her sleep while you finished your movie, turning it down to the lowest volume so you wouldn’t disturb her. Her soft snores made you grin knowing she would deny them once you teased her about it.
“Nat.” You whispered, lightly nudging her as the credits rolled.
She grunted, burying her face in your stomach.
“Five more minutes, milaya.”
“It’s been an hour, love. I know you would rather be in bed. Unless you want Thor waking you up at five am.”
She looked up at you pouting knowing you were right. You wiped away loose strands of hair as they tickled her nose and tucked them gently behind her ear.
“Can you stay with me?” She asked.
“I wish I could, but I have to be up by five too. You need to rest.”
“I don’t care.” She said, sighing.
“You’re a light sleeper, Nat. You’ll stay up with me and feel grouchy all day.” You chuckled.
“You’re right, you’re right.”
Natasha pulled herself up and stretched her aching muscles. Dirt and grime painted her neck and arms, and dry streaks of blood mapped her torso.
“Maybe take a shower before bed yeah?” You teased.
She scoffed nudging your shoulder but swiftly smelled herself groaning.
“I’m taking a vacation.” She grumbled.
You went your separate ways once you reached your floor. Natasha gave you a hug goodnight and you settled into bed. You wished you would have said yes to staying with her but you knew it was the right thing to do. When the redhead didn’t get proper sleep it was dangerous for everyone around. The last time it happened, Thor almost needed a new cloak and Tony a new pair of hands.
The night went on and you found yourself unable to sleep. It was hard when she wasn't next to you. You haven’t gotten much sleep when she was away when you think about it. You checked the clock groaning when you saw it was one am. Training day was the worst to wake up to. You shifted trying to get comfortable when suddenly you heard a bloodcurdling scream.
A chill ran down your spine as you rushed to Natasha’s room. What you saw when you opened the door broke your heart. You’ve seen her vulnerable but you’ve never seen her look so fragile. She was shaking, beads of sweat dripped down her forehead as she clung her knees to her chest rocking back and forth. She hadn’t noticed you yet and you treaded lightly so you wouldn’t alarm her. Her eyes were wide and barely blinking as she stared at the wall. Her bottom lip quivered as silent tears ran down her cheeks.
You felt guilty that you hadn’t stayed with her like she asked. From what you’ve seen in the past, her nightmares were bad but this one was different. You’ve never heard her scream like that before.
“Nat.” You whispered, sitting slowly on the edge of the bed.
Your worry grew as she continued to stare at the wall. Natasha was always aware of her surroundings. The fact that she still hadn’t noticed you let you know she was still trapped in her mind.
You slowly rubbed her back, knowing it was something she liked when she was upset. She visibly started to shake and your heart ached in your chest. Your strokes became firm as you guided her back into reality.
“Natasha, it’s alright. It’s ok, you’re safe.”
Her green eyes snapped to yours and she jerked away from you. She shook her head as she ran it through her damp hair.
“What are you doing here? You shouldn’t be here.” She stammered.
“I heard you scream. I just wanted to see if you were ok.”
“I’m fine.” She said, looking away from you.
You sighed moving closer to her. It was rare that she ever shut you out, but when she tried it was usually about her past. It took her a long time to open up to you about it, but even when she did she didn’t say much. Only enough for you to understand the horrors she faced there.
“You’re not fine and that’s ok.”
She licked her lips standing up from the bed, turning her back from you to take off her damp shirt. Her hands were shaking as she shuffled through her dresser to find a new one and put it on.
“I don’t want you to see me like this.” She choked out.
“We’re best friends Nat. I think we’re past that.” You said, trying to reassure her.
She turned around, folding her arms and silent tears fell from her eyes. You’d give anything to make them go away. To make her feel better.
“Talk to me please.” You pleaded.
A storm swam inside her eyes as she looked at you. Your breath hitched only ever seeing them this way when she faced an enemy.
“I had a nightmare - about the red room.” She said, chewing her bottom lip, “how they would make us do certain things in training.”
You pushed past the anger you felt. This wasn’t about you, but you silently vowed to destroy that place when given the chance.
“Was it about the other girls? How they made you-
You shifted on the bed, swimming through your mind trying to figure it out. Widows were known for two things, death and seduction. It suddenly clicked and your stomach twisted in knots knowing what it had to be about.
“It’s ok, Nat. I understand.” You whispered.
Her eyes narrowed and she stalked towards you.
“Do you?” She demanded.
“I know you Nat, you hate not being in control. What they made you do with those men-,” You paused taking a beat as her eyes shone with aching vulnerability as the storm subsided. You didn’t need words for her to know you figured it out, “That’s when you felt the most out of control, isn’t it?”
She nodded, wiping away her tears.
“I hate that it affects me this much. It’s just a dream but it’s like I’m back there, underneath them.” She whimpered.
“Come here.”
Natasha took a deep breath, walking closer to you. You held out your hands and you sighed in relief as she unclenched her fists and rested them in yours.
“What do you usually do when you wake up from them? How do you gain the feeling of control back?” You asked.
She shrugged, looking at your paired hands.
“Before I met you I’d usually wait until it passes.” She said, “It takes a while then they feel this real.”
“Holding me helps?” You asked.
“Yes. It- It doesn’t take away the feeling entirely but yes, having you in my arms helps.”
You squeezed her hands rubbing the back of them. Natasha was the most important person in your life and all you wanted was for her to be ok. You had an idea but you weren’t sure how to suggest it. You were lost in thought not noticing how Natasha stared at you, searching for what could possibly be on your mind.
“What is it, Y/n?”
“I - um, I have an idea, but it might be too weird-
“Tell me, please?” She asked.
Her eyes pleaded for anything to help make it better. You nodded, shifting at the anxious bloom that arose in your chest.
“You could control me.” You whispered.
Natasha’s breath hitched and your heart hammered in your chest as you watched her process your words.
“You mean dominate you?” She asked, her lips were parted and you shifted on the bed.
“Yes. I - I was reading this book on bdsm-“
Her snort interrupted you and you narrowed your eyes feeling embarrassed.
“Shut up.” You mumbled.
“I’m sorry, dorogaya. Continue, please.”
You smiled shyly, clearing your throat.
“There was a chapter that talked about how it can be akin to therapy. That it can help people who feel out of control in their workplace or life in general, gain some of the control back. Same for someone who's always in control, it can be a release for them to give it away.”
Natasha took in your words, really thinking about what you said. You swallowed thickly watching emotions play out on her face and you started to think you shouldn’t have said anything.
You blinked, staring up at her not knowing if you heard her right.
“I want to try it.” She said.
The flush on her cheeks made your heart flip in your chest.
“Ok.” You whispered.
“Alright, I um - please tell me if it’s too much or you change your mind.” She mumbled, and you could see insecurity swimming in her irises.
“I promise, Nat. I trust you.”
You looked at her openly wanting her to see that you were really ok with this. She nodded sharply and you let go of her hands.
You sat and waited, watching as she flexed her jaw and licked her lips. You would have waited all night as she processed. This was about her. You would let her go at whatever pace she wanted.
“Take off your shirt.” She husked.
You swallowed thickly, taking it off, and shivered as the cool air raised goosebumps on your skin. You were left in only your underwear and you blushed as she took in the white cotton topped with a pink bow.
“Lay back on the bed.”
You did what she said, your breathing shallow as you watched her eyes change. They were hard and focused as they raked over you.
“Hands above your head, and don’t make a sound. If you do I’ll stop.”
You nodded, squirming as she grabbed a piece of rope from her closet. She tied you to the bedpost and tugged making sure you were secure. You pulled at them, a twisting feeling in your groin arose at how vulnerable you were for her.
The bed dipped as she crawled on top of you and you gasped seeing arousal in her eyes.
“What did I say.” She growled, smacking your thigh.
You bit your lip to stop from whimpering and tried to show on your face that you were sorry.
Her calloused hand traced up your thigh making you shiver. She stopped at the fabric of your underwear, pulling it away from you only to let it go with a snap. She traced up your stomach, leaving a trail of goosebumps, and cupped your breast roughly in her hands. You felt heat between your legs as she squeezed the soft tissue, humming as you tried desperately not to make a sound.
Her eyes stayed on yours as she pinched and pulled your nipple, already hardened by the chill of the air and her previous touch. Your mouth opened, no sound escaping as she added more pressure before lifting her hand to wrap it around your throat.
“You’re being so good for me.” She cooed.
You licked your lips, watching as she traced the movement with her eyes.
“You like being a good girl for me?” She asked.
You nodded, squirming underneath her. All you wanted was to help her gain back control but you had no idea it would feel like this giving it away.
She raised her body, hovering over you. The fabric of her shirt made you shiver as it scraped against your overheated skin. She ran her free hand up your thigh cupping your center.
“You’re so wet for me, detka.” She husked, pushing the fabric to the side.
You bit down on your lip, knowing by the end of this you were bound to draw blood.
The weight of her hand left your throat and in one swift movement, she ripped the fabric off of you, tossing it to the side.
Her hand returned to your throat and she increased the pressure as she traced your slit up and down collecting your wetness on her fingers. She ignored your clit and you wanted to beg her so badly to touch it.
“What is it, pretty girl?” She cooed.
You clenched your thighs as she teased your opening. You bucked into her, your walls clenching when she grazed your clit.
“Hmmm. Is this what you want?”
Her thumb pressed into your sensitive nub, circling around it in slow languid circles. You closed your eyes nodding when she pushed down adding more pressure.
“Look at me.” She demanded.
You opened your eyes, your mouth open wide as she quickened her pace.
“You want me to fuck you, detka?”
You would have screamed yes if it were allowed. The way she was making you feel made your head spin.
“I bet you do. You like being tied down underneath me. That’s what made you so wet isn’t it?”
Her moan took your breath away as she pushed past your barrier with her finger. You moved your hips against her and tried desperately not to make a sound.
“Look at you fucking yourself on me. I never took you for a whore, Y/n.”
A whimper ripped from your throat before you could stop it.
Natasha glared down at you, removing her hand from your throat to swiftly slap your cheek. Her face was hard and intimidating as her gaze burned into you.
“You get one more chance. Do you understand me?”
You nodded frantically, thankful she wasn’t going to stop.
“Good girl.” She taunted, adding another finger.
Your walls clenched around them, trying to suck them in deeper.
“You’re so tight.” She moaned.
You threw your head back, clenching your hands into fists as she started fucking them inside you. She didn’t hold back as she pounded into you. Your breast bounced and the bed creaked with every thrust she made.
“You feel so good.”
You wanted to tell her that she did too. The heel of her hand pressed against your clit and you lifted your hips meeting her thrust for thrust. She fucked you like she knew exactly what you liked and she felt better than any toy you’ve ever used.
“You’re doing so well, detka. So good for me.”
Natasha watched as tears sprang from your eyes as you tried desperately to be quiet for her. She curled her fingers feeling your walls flutter around her and she knew you were close. The feeling she had fucking you like this was unlike anything she’s ever felt.
“Look at me.” She demanded.
Your eyes snapped to hers and your hips stuttered as her thumb flicked your clit. You tasted iron as your teeth clamped down on your bottom lip.
“You’re so close aren’t you.” She cooed.
You pleaded with her in your eyes, nodding as she curled her fingers again, hitting the spot that would normally make you cry out.
“You don’t get to cum until I tell you to.” She sneered, “but I want to hear you beg for it.”
You opened your mouth then closed it shut, afraid that she would stop even as she said those words.
“It’s ok, detka. Let me hear those pretty sounds. I want you to beg for me to let you cum like the good little slut you are.”
You moaned, relieved you no longer had to hold it in.
“Please Nat, please let me cum, you feel so good, please.” You choked out.
Natasha moaned, fucking you harder as sighs and whimpers fell from your lips.
“Do you think you deserve it?” She taunted.
“Yes.” You whimpered.
“I don’t know, pretty girl. You’ve disobeyed me twice already.”
“I’m sorry, I’ll be good, I’ll be so good for you, please let me cum.”
You felt your walls clench around her as the words fell from your lips. You’ve never been this turned on before.
“You’re so sweet, dorogaya,” she said, smirking down at you, “so pretty when you beg.”
You lost rhythm in your hips, feeling the coil inside you tighten. You desperately wanted to cum for her. You were dripping down her hand, the sound of how wet you were filled the air making blood rush to your cheeks.
“Please, Nat.” You whimpered.
“Ok detka. Be my good girl and cum for me.” She demanded.
You screamed her name as your body came at her command. The euphoria you felt was borderline overwhelming as your orgasm crashed down on you. Your walls clamped down and fluttered around her fingers trying to suck them in more as she slowed her pace. You whimpered as she removed her hand from your throat to caress your cheek.
Natasha smiled down at you as she pulled out her fingers and sucked them in her mouth moaning at your taste. You blushed, as she licked them clean.
“Delicious, detka.” She said.
She removed her shorts and underwear in one go and you drooled at the sight of her. You could see her slick on her thighs and you couldn’t believe you were the cause of it.
“Open your mouth and stick out your tongue.”
You whimpered, doing what you were told.
She shifted above you, placing her thighs on either side of your head. You moaned at the sight of her parting lips as her wetness dripped on your chin.
“You made a mess, detka. Clean it up.”
Her hips lowered and you moaned as her center lowered onto your mouth. Her taste was tangy and uniquely hers as you ran your tongue up and down her parted folds. You circled around her clit, moaning as you sucked it into your mouth lathing it with your tongue.
“Fuck Y/n!.”
You tugged your wrist wanting to touch her and whimpered when they met the resistance of the rope.
“You want to touch me don’t you?” She teased.
You nodded as she chuckled darkly above you.
“That slutty little mouth of yours is touching me detka.” She moaned.
You whimpered, letting go of her clit grazing it between your teeth. You lowered your tongue to her opening, teasing it as she thrust down against it. She looked down at you, grabbing ahold of your head as she narrowed her eyes.
You pried her open with your tongue, whimpering as she sunk down on you. You curled it, wanting to feel as much of her you could and Natasha cried out, bucking against you.
“So good, detka.” She moaned, rolling her hips.
You shuddered as she used you to get off. Fucking your face with abandon as her free hand held onto the bed frame. Her walls were tight against your tongue and you knew she was going to cum. Her whimpers and moans made you clench your thighs. You wanted to hear these sounds for the rest of your life.
“Fuck, fuck, Y/n!”
Her hips stuttered and her slick dripped down your cheeks and chin as she came around your tongue. Her hips slowed dragging out her high and you licked every drop you could as she rubbed herself all over your face. When her movements stop, she grunted lifting off of you and shifted down to straddle your hips.
You knew you were smiling like an idiot when her jaw twitched to stop her from smiling back.
She leaned over untying you from the bed and you sighed as blood rushed back to your aching limbs.
“Are they sore, dorogaya?” She asked, rubbing them.
“Only a little, but not a lot.” You mumbled, shyly.
Natasha kissed your forehead and lifted off you, disappearing into the bathroom. You blushed when she came back with a wet towel. It was warm as she traced it against your face and body cleaning you up. She was so attentive it made your heart flutter in your chest. You whimpered as she parted your folds, still sensitive from how hard she fucked you.
“Shh, you’re ok, kotenok.”
Your blush deepened at the nickname she gave you shortly after the two of you met.
“There, all clean.” She whispered.
She threw the towel to the side of the room and laid down beside you cupping your cheek. Her eyes were soft as she looked at you. All the pain from before was completely washed away and you melted at her smile.
“It helped?” You whispered.
“Better than I imagined. Was that ok for you too? I didn’t do anything that made you unconformable did I?”
“No. It was nice.” You said, licking your sore lip.
“Nice?” She teased.
“I - it. It was good, Nat. Really good, but I didn’t want it to be about me.”
“It was about the both of us, detka. You’re the most important person in my life. I know that this was to help me gain back control and it did, but during I just really wanted to make you feel good. Like it felt for me.”
“I didn’t know it would feel like that.” You said.
“Neither did I. I thought I was going to cum just making you cum. Hearing you beg was the hottest thing I’ve ever experienced.”
You blushed, trying to duck your head into the pillow but her hand stopped you.
“I um- it made me realize a few things about myself.”
“It made me realize a few things too.” She mumbled.
“Like what?”
“That you’ve been more than just my best friend for a long time.”
Natasha looked at you with so much love it made your heart ache. You felt the same and wondered why it took you both so long to get here.
“Can I kiss you?” She asked.
You melted at the shy look in her eyes and nodded not being able to speak.
Her lips were soft as they melded to yours. You wrapped your arm around her waist pulling her closer to you as she deepened the kiss. She was soft and gentle as she cradled you in her arms. Taking her time as she explored your mouth with her tongue.
When you both pulled back to breathe, Natasha looked at you shyly.
“Um, can we do that again when I have another nightmare?” She asked.
“Nat, you can control me whenever you’d like.”
She smiled brightly kissing you softly before laying on her back to pull you into her arms.
“You’re calling off training tomorrow. I’m going to hold you for as long as I want and if Tony has a problem with it I’ll dismantle his suit again.”
Hope you all enjoyed it!
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balenciagabucky · a day ago
𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐲 𝐠𝐢𝐫𝐥; 𝐧.𝐫𝐨𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐟𝐟
Tumblr media
pairing ☽˚⁀➷。 natasha romanoff x fem!reader
summary ☽˚⁀➷。 five minutes in heaven never felt so good
word count ☽˚⁀➷。 934
warnings ☽˚⁀➷。, drinking, smoking, doing drugs, tit play, wlw, oral 
Your fathers disappointment was the only repercussion you had to answer on account of not being able to scrounge up any shame of your own. You were having fun, smoking weed, drinking until you passed out, crashing wherever, getting on first name basis with the owners of strip clubs, and kissing anyone who was clean and willing.
You had no real friends and no real morals on top of that, and it was a wild train ride of fun with a brick wall waiting for you at the end. Your general manager began asking around to see if you'd gotten addicted to any hard drugs, and while you always gave it your all while you were at work, actually getting there on time was beginning to prove a difficult task.
However, you don't regret anything about those reckless months. You got it out of your system fast and hard and had irreplaceable adventures along the way.
It was an ongoing joke in your circle of friends that you had a fondness for women. It wasn't the sort of fondness that some of your female friends pretended to have when you took them to the strip club; talking it up how hot the girls were but never actually touching them because "she wasn't really my type". They all knew you'd do any single one of them.
Natasha was your favorite of the group because although she was completely whacked out in the head, she was hot and she didn't have much shame either. She had no problem leering at you under her thick lashes and proclaiming "I'm going to get you drunk so that you'll fuck me." to which you'd respond by throwing your head back in laughter and letting her kiss you.
Finally one night Natasha's fairy godmother came in the form of weed laced with cocaine, seven jell-o shots, a shot of gummy bears, two beers, and a bottle of UV. To be fair, you didn't know the weed was laced when you smoked it, and you'd never tried jell-o or gummy anything so I didn't understand how it worked and decided to fill up on it.
After you'd gotten yourself good and destroyed, you ended up sitting in someone's living room eating carne asada fries and playing some stupid drinking game. You couldn’t remember what the rules of the game were, but you remember one of your coworkers declaring that if you lost something or other, you'd have to be locked in the bedroom with Natasha for five minutes. Obviously you lost whatever it was (You think it had something to do with counting?) and she ran to the bedroom with excitement.
By the time you got to the bedroom she already had her pants and shirt off. She was thick but in that way that maintained an hourglass shape to it, and short. Long fountains of red hair draped over her shoulders and kissed her lower back. You closed the door behind you and walked to the bed with what was probably the stalest sexual desire you've ever felt. You started to kiss and you will admit she was good at that, and you ran your hands over her incredibly soft, incredibly great smelling skin. Your fingers found their way to the clasp on her bra and you skillfully clipped it open and let it fall.
Her wonderfully plump, soft breasts clung to the cups of her bra for a moment before she ripped it off of her and it was at this time that you felt cheated. you'd always admired her chest because it was full and round, but the minute you saw them without their covers, the first thing that popped in your head was "banana breasts". This term is one you frequent often and if you ever wonder where it comes from, this is the moment that generated those words. Slender shoulders set a frame for a pair of long, wild breasts that hung in whatever direction they wanted without breaking the shape of a banana.
Regardless of your disappointment, you climbed on top of her and played with them like a lady. You let her squish them against your face and you used your mouth on her nipples in ways that you knew felt good on you. She was loud and excited, flailing her limbs like she was being attacked and you were at least glad that when her panties came off, there weren't any banana shaped surprises in there. Best one out of three, right?
You slid your finger inside of her and made a come hither motion, and the minute you entered her you saw why she was a catch despite having fruit shaped tits. Never in your life have you found a woman so tight. She is your inspiration when you do your kegels because it was a damn struggle getting anything inside of her, especially with her dramatically kicking about. Your tongue traced a line from your finger along her folds until you found the magic button, and you used your mouth on it furiously along with your hands working inside of her trying to get her to achieve orgasm as quickly as possible. Thankfully it worked and in moments she reached full seizure and shook like the exorcist. As she lay there panting, you got up fully clothed and walked casually to the door. The words "I think that's been about five minutes." flowed out of your mouth calmly and you left back to the party.
Honestly, you can't say you've ever given someone an orgasm with such a straight face before.
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dreamysreverie · 7 hours ago
Your touch, ignites the flame
Tumblr media
Demon! Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Summary: The only thing you both crave is each other. But maybe you need it a bit more than she does. 
Word count: 1,450
Warnings/contains: Fingering (r receiving), masturbation, slight choking, summoning ritual mention, blood mentioned, virginity loss, Natasha appears as her demon form in the end, oral sex (r receiving). 
Meet Natasha, your local sexy demon gf <3
When a demon is hungry, they rely on two things, maybe three or more it depends and that is: 
They seduce, stalk their prey (some, again not all demons), and then kill. 
Sometimes, torment is an option. 
From all that you have learned the past few months of obsessing over this random, strange book your roommate had left behind who was more into this type of stuff than you. Demons are just confusing. You still couldn’t exactly wrap your mind around this, maybe that was because you were simply that, a human and the human brain can only comprehend so much. 
Even if you successfully manage to summon a demon, the creature who there was no actual proof from scientists in the modern world that exists, what the hell were you going to say or ask? More importantly, what would you want from the demon?
That’s the thing, you did know what you wanted. 
You wanted to know what it would feel to be touched, to be full and taken care of and just loved. The feeling others had described of intimacy felt so rare and far away from you, the concept of it all just gives you this fear of the unknown that you aren’t sure what the experience will lead to. Who will you share these feelings and moments with? will it all even mean anything? it was clear you were touch starved. Then again, it was your fault throughout your years whenever someone had given you the chance of affection you would turn it down immediately. 
They understood, some, at least. 
Which you were grateful for. 
Some didn't understand why you were wary of the physical touch and the joy of being held by someone else. It wasn’t like you never hugged or cuddled before, you did more often than others could know you showed intimacy to the people you loved that was once in your life and now they were no longer there. 
Those small hugs and small kisses left more of a scar than anything. 
You couldn’t describe it, you wouldn't. How could you anyway?
Would they even care to listen to you?
Over the years, the need for touch doesn’t bother you too much anymore. You have learned or well-told yourself you couldn’t care less for it. 
And now, you miss it more than ever. 
With her gone, you're left alone. And that’s the worst of it all. 
You're gripping the sheets, a breathy whine escapes from you and you don’t even know what the point is for all this mess. For the ritual, you were meant to put on some ridiculous sexual act for the desire to provoke who you were summoning. Will you even see her? the one you crave the most, that will make your life more bearable?. 
That's why you do it. That is why all of this feels like it's worth everything. The blood, the sweat, and your tears. Okay, maybe a little dramatic about this part but this is where things get better. 
Only ever in the dark. 
Which is funny, now that you think about it. 
With two fingers deep inside your cunt, pumping them in and out faster this time, you could already feel yourself clenching around them, your eyes rolling to the back as you bite hard on your lip but that doesn’t stop the noise from coming out. You're close, you wonder if she’s close. The devil at your doorsteps, and she sure will have a sight to see when she’s seen what you’ve got ready to give to her. 
The candles were lit around you, that didn’t even matter from what you read. What mattered more was the energy you gave, and whatever was going to be returned was up to them.
That was her name.
At first, she presents as human, but if you look closer you could see her red, dark blood eyes that were so gorgeous to you. Then, when you see her, her true form, it was as if you were seeing an angel for the very first time but you knew damn well she would be insulted if you called her that. 
Now, in a room with little to no lights, you could feel her against you, kissing up along your inner thighs and she had a grin on her face. You wondered why she was in her human form instead, but you couldn’t speak with her hand slightly wrapped around your throat and she was giving you the air to breathe when she wants to which made this more enticing than ever. 
“P-please” you whimpered, your bottom lip had trembled and she tilted her head to the side and if you reached out just a bit you could grab at her beautiful horns if you wanted but they were sensitive and you don’t want to give her any reason to leave. 
“Please what? Use your words, little one” Natasha chuckled, the sound was so sweet to listen to as it filled your ears and the room with your breathless panting and whines. 
She cups your cheeks, tenderly, and asks. 
“What do you need the most right now?”
The lights flickered, you wrapped your legs around her waist and pulled her in closer. 
“You” you manage to answer breathlessly, the smile still perched on her lips as she nodded understandingly, her lips brushing against yours. 
She leaned closer, almost teasing you once her fingers were pressed at your entrance. You were soaking wet, dripping even, all this for her and it made her even more hungry than she was. 
Your breath hitched when she slipped in one finger, pushing your hand away and your pussy throbbed for her. She loved every minute, this wasn’t a new experience for her but this was for you from the way your eyes had lit up at the first touch. 
Everything felt warm and hot, something below your stomach just waiting to burn and you couldn’t control your sounds. Your whines turned into cries, you had bitten down so hard on your lip that you could actually taste your own blood and she took advantage of that for a little taste as well as a sweet kiss. She added in another, curling in her fingers and hitting the right spots that just felt so sensitive from the hours you already edged yourself just waiting for her arrival. Natasha pinned both of your hands up, tying them in whatever rope or cloth that was near and you wouldn’t move if you could. You stayed there, your eyes slowly fluttering open every now and then just to see her watching you. Natasha knew where to touch you, in the places that made you fall apart fast or the right spots to tease you. 
“Fuck!, M’close” you moaned when she fastened her pace, knowing you were close to your breaking point. 
“Don’t come just yet” she warned, you couldn’t even pay attention to anything that was happening around you. 
Natasha leaned back down in between your legs, wasting no time to wrap her lips around your clit while her fingers still pumped in and out of you as she could feel you clench around her. 
“Gonna come, I’m gonna come” you whined, bucking your hips against her mouth. 
“Come for me, now, I need to taste you” she demanded, you couldn't help but notice the soft tone in her voice from what you were used to. 
Her usual cold, cocky, sometimes arrogant personality that you love regardless. 
Was it wrong to love a demon? 
Either way, you did. 
You came with a sweet cry of her name. The tying of the ropes around your wrists even being ripped off as you felt your body tremble and you came apart from her, you were breathless, now a little bit tired but the smile perched on your lips showed her enough that this was everything if not more than what you could ask for. 
“You taste divine, I should have expected that from you” Natasha’s grin was contagious, you could hear the pride in her voice as her eyes had darkened when you had fallen under her touch and now you could see her in her form in the light the candles gave you. 
Her wings, her horns, both you did want to touch. And her blood-red eyes. She was the most wonderful sight to see being tangled with her in the dark. 
Wrapping yourself against her, she chuckled and leaned in closer as you brought her in for a kiss. 
This wasn’t over just yet.
It was almost beautiful, you fell and she had caught you. 
Not an angel, a demon.
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yourtaletotell · 11 hours ago
Chapters ⟲ Natasha Romanoff
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Summary: There were things between you and Natasha that worked, but some things don't.
A/N: Inspired by the song Capitulos by Dvicio.
Warnings: (+18) smut; bottom!Natasha; fingering (Natasha receiving); reader licks her fingers; and angst (no happy ending). (if there is any more warning, let me know!)
Words: 840.
There were things between you and Natasha that worked. For example, the missions, the disguises, the training. But everything was different when something turned to the emotional side. You had traumas about love, and Natasha just did not believe it. You had your traumas, Natasha had hers. You had casual encounters, but as time went on, they became rarer and rarer. It was all carnal, sexual, nothing emotional, and she made a point of telling you this every time. You had feelings for her, but you could hide them. Deep down, you wanted to change that, but you wouldn't make an attempt if she didn't want to try.
You were finishing your training when you heard the front door open and close. You didn't turn around, because it must have been some agent looking for something they had left behind. However, when the door lock clicked, you turned around. It was Natasha. She was wearing a red overcoat that matched her hair, she was wearing heels and walking slowly toward you.
You knew her gait, the gait that spoke all her hidden intentions. On her face, there was the look that soaked into your soul. Natasha was like a succubus to you, sapping every shred of sanity you had. Your heart was already pounding, and your brain seemed more anxious than usual. You took a few steps back when she stopped in front of you.
"What can I do for you, Agent Romanoff?" You asked, gathering all your strength not to falter in front of her.
Natasha said nothing, just untied her overcoat and opened it for you. She was wearing only black lingerie. You tried to hold back, but your gaze faltered and wandered down the woman's body, and she took another step forward. She pushed you to a bench, propped up against the wall of the training room, and you sat down, then she sat on your lap. She looked you in the eye and leaned over, bringing her luscious lips lightly to yours.
She wanted to play with you, so you were going to play with her, but in your own way.
You ran your hands through her overcoat, pulling it off, you moved your lips to hers but didn't kiss her. She brought her hand to the back of your neck, pulling you in, but you were stronger and moved your lips down to her jaw. You bit down on it and moved your hands down to her ass, giving it a firm squeeze, making her let out a long satisfying moan.
"So many times you left me behind, silly and blind, I always wanted more. And now just when I'm about to forget you, you come back." You whispered close to the woman's ear and smiled as you watched her shiver.
You slid your hands inside her panties and squeezed her ass again, making Natasha hold onto you as she bit her lips. She closed her eyes, feeling the pleasure coursing through her body with just your slightest touch.
"Three weeks since the last time, that I vowed never to fall again and here I am about to erase you from my mind, you return." You said as you slid your lips over her neck, and sucked on her most sensitive spot. "You came without knocking, and left when it hurts the most. Coward to love me"
"Y/N... "Natasha whispered as you moved your hand down her thighs, until you found her wet center over her panties.
"It's like chapters, that you turn on and off." You whispered, sliding your finger over Natasha's covered clit, who moaned low. "Chapters, you don't say anything." You pressed your finger in her clit, causing Natasha to arch her back, yet still hold on to you.
"Chapter's you forget about my bed." You pushed Natasha's panties away, slid over her wet folds, just teasing her. "Chapters that I lose and you win." You brought your thumb to Natasha's clit and pressed, soon after you penetrated two fingers into her without warning making her moan louder.
"Chapters, you swear you miss me." You knew she wasn't listening to anything you were saying, you felt her skin hot, you saw her gaze on fire. "Chapters that never end. We have over a thousand seasons, I don't want any more."
You pulled your fingers out of her, making her let out a frustrated moan, you brought your fingers to your mouth and sucked, savoring the taste of Natasha one last time. She looked at you dumbfounded, but didn't say a word. You took her overcoat and put it back on her again. You took her off your lap and put her on your side. You looked at her and cracked a smile that chilled Natasha in a disturbing way.
"How many times do you want to insist? What was between us has come to an end. I don't want your intermittent fantasies. I don't want your chapters anymore." You said and walked away, heading toward the showers in the training room.
Chapter 2
Taglist: @chasethemoon - @likefirenrain - @yellowsubsstuff - @tsmukanii - @jerriesdaughter - @diaryoflife - @donnietarantino - @aquamarinescarlet - @harry-styles-1800 - @mindofwesley - @makegoodchoices - @ymzki-haruki - @mycosmicparadise - @idkbubs - @lostandsearching - @marvelwomen-simp - @007giu - @hallecarey1 - @madamevirgo - @agathaharknness - @itszero16 - @xxromanoffxx - @evilcr0ne - @samwilsonismine - @roseeditsss - @romanoffomixam
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potentialsandwhich · 2 days ago
Dude, I saw Top!Reader Rights and clicked the ‘follow’ button faster than a pic of Nat’s ass✋🏻😌
I love your writing and can’t wait for more😏😉
As a switch, I appreciate all marvel women smut, but top!reader smut just hits harder.
Something about the idea of topping powerful/badass women who could easily overpower and/or kill you if they wanted to, and having them instead be absolutely submissive in bed for you ... 🥵
(Maybe not fully submissive though, powerbottom fics also live rent free in my mind)
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toxicmodernity · a day ago
natasha romanoff masterlist
Tumblr media
* - indicates sexual content
creature of the night
nat wants to teach y/n that good girls are always patient for their mommas, even when they become fussy. *
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spideyhexx · a day ago
request guidelines
Requests: OPEN
Who I write for: Bucky Barnes // Steve Rogers // Loki Laufeyson // Sylvie Laufeydottir // Natasha Romanoff // Yelena Belova // Matt Murdock // Peter Parker (only college aged Peter)
What I won’t write: noncon, incest, cheating, pregnancy, break ups, specific physical attributes.
more information before requesting
sfw or nsfw requests are allowed.
I only write female reader.
If I am uncomfortable with your request or it cannot be written by me, I will not be doing so and I ask to respect that.
If you’d like to request with a prompt, you could do so. (I do ask to provide more than just the dialogue prompt if you can, but I’ll take just the prompt itself as well)
If you’re sending in prompts, stick to no more than three and let me know what list they are from!
Most requests will be finished within a week
prompt lists that you can use
kiss prompts
fluff prompts 1
fluff prompts 2
smut prompts 1
smut/fluff/kink prompts
au prompt list
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nsfwsebbie · 12 days ago
escape your demons.
summary. | You’ve travelled for weeks just to escape your demons, but she’s got her reasons for making you crazy.
warnings. | Non/dubcon, dark themes, manipulation, cheating, (mention) spying, perversion, stepcest, obsessive behaviour, (mention) bribery, drinking (a/n), breakup, mild angst, mild parent issues, Mommy kink, vaginal sex, rough sex, packing, spitting, overstimulation, teasing, nipple sucking/nipple play, degradation, dumbification, praise, dirty talk, mentions of female masturbation, stroking, and more. 18+, MINORS DNI.
word count. | 13.5k
pairings. | Dark!Silver Fox!Step-Mom!Natasha Romanoff x Naive!Reader.
author’s note. | you drink alcohol, but it’s like really weird (kind of like asgard mead). please heed the warnings. please enjoy, and please don’t forget to reblog! if you take ANY inspiration from my fics (i’ll know, trust me) and you don’t give credit, you will be blocked and i’ll let others know. xx.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Hey, honey, I’m sorry this is so late. Please don’t get mad at me. I have an emergency business trip to go on, and I have to leave now. By the time you get up to the cottage, I won’t be there. I’m so sorry, honey. I’ll be back as soon as possible.
He takes a deep breath.
“But here’s the thing, you won’t be alone. Do you remember my girlfriend, Natasha? She’ll be there. You guys can have fun while I’m gone, okay? Go hiking, or maybe even fishing if you want. Just please don’t hate me for this. I love you. Stay safe.”
“If you’d like to save this voicemail, press ‘9’,” the automatic voice tells you after a few moments of static. You lightly push the numbered button, and you hang up. Your already dull mood has turned sour, and you want someone to blame it all on. Maybe yourself, but definitely not him. As he said, you can’t hate him.
You could never hate him because what he’s doing for you is a blessing.
Jean-clad legs drag themselves along the pathway, and your suitcase rolls roughly behind you. The path is cleared of anything, but the small bumps and rocks still pose as obstacles you’re willing to get through.
You’re covered in a thin sheen of sweat, and you crave a cold shower that lasts for more than an hour. Or maybe even a dip in the pond… Can you even swim so passionately anymore? It’s been way too long, in your opinion. Well, it’s just been almost two years… Is that a long time?
Two summers ago where your lover would chase you around with a wooden stick in their hand. A branch, usually, never those small twigs that can break with the shortest amounts of strength.
The leaves would crunch beneath your feet, and your giggles were uncontrollable. It was fun while it lasted, and the winter season that followed it up is one you constantly yearn for.
But you’re nostalgic for everything that you once had.
“Gosh, will anything ever be okay?” you frustratingly ask out loud, even though you’re the only one there. Your flannel jacket slowly slides off of your shoulder, and along with it goes the strap of your backpack. It falls to your elbow harshly, and you let out a defeated sigh.
The view of the cabin is in your sights. It’s been cleaned up, but not to the point where it doesn’t feel like home. There are still plants on the windowsill and a wind chime hanging in front of the door. The wind blows lightly, and the soft tune reverberates throughout the forest.
As you get closer and closer to your home for the next few months until springtime, you can feel your exhaustion truly beginning to weigh down on you. You could fall face-first onto a bed if it were possible, but you know it isn’t.
Your name is called by a sweet voice, one that makes you nervous and uneasy. A redhead with blonde tips pokes her head out the window, and she smiles at you. Your lips press together awkwardly, and you curtly nod your head at her.
She has a mug in her hand, and steam rises from it. Is it coffee? Tea? Hot chocolate? You’ll take anything; you’re so desperate. Your throat is dry, and you’re parched. Natasha sets her mug down next to a small succulent, and she disappears.
With a groan, you continue to trudge your way home. She emerges through the door and rushes to you. “Hey! Do you remember me? We only met once!” she exclaims, enthusiastic as ever. Well, not as ever. When she’s around your father, she’s got just as much energy as a turtle. Maybe it’s him, or maybe it’s you.
“Uhm, yeah! I remember you, don’t worry. It wasn’t that long ago,” you softly tell her, and she takes your luggage from you. “Two years ago, I think? Kind of a while ago, in my opinion,” she retorts, and you nod your head. You don’t say anything else, and you simply follow her as she carries your belongings inside with ease.
Time clearly isn’t a concept for you.
Your cold yet slick hands grab at your jacket, and you adjust it to look more prim and proper. Your father has always been a stickler for keeping up appearances, even if it’s a family member or long-time friend. You could argue that he’s constantly lost in the facade, but you know it won’t end well.
“So, how are you?” she questions, and you slowly walk into the home you’ve missed so much. It smells of vanilla and fire, perhaps even cinnamon and smoke as well. “I’m okay! How are you?” you ask, and you close the door behind you.
“I’m doing great! I finally have some decent company, so that’s why I’m so happy,” she explains, and you give her your best smile. “Ah, well, you’ll probably be annoyed by me by the end of the week. I’ll be here until February,” you gently inform her, and she smiles brightly.
“I could never be annoyed by you…” she whispers loud enough for you to hear. Your head snaps her way, confused by her unusual tone. A few beats of silence follow her words, and the cracking of the fireplace just makes everything more awkward. She stares at you softly, and she doesn’t put down your luggage.
“I- I’m going to take a shower,” you tell her, “I’ll be back in a few.”
“I remade your room for you! Come, let me show you,” she says, and before you know it, she’s leading you up the stairs. It’s a short walk, and it’s nothing to make you winded. Natasha walks in front of you, and you’re forced to stare at her back, not wanting to lower your eyes and cause any discomfort.
Her hips sway side-to-side, a sort of seductiveness in her walk. You envy it, but you also admire it as well.
Both of your hands splay against the walls, and you wonder why there isn’t any railing for you to hold on to. Your father should know how clumsy you are by now. Carefully, you make sure that each foot successfully lands on the steps before you continue to mount upwards. You can’t embarrass yourself once again.
“Here it is,” she hums in a sing-song voice, skillfully pushing the door open.
You’re met with a brightness that shines through the window, and you’re in absolute awe. Straight off of your Pinterest boards, your room is absolutely gorgeous. The bed is covered in the prettiest blankets and bedsheets. The walls have some of your favourite art pieces, even if they’re dark and twisted.
“Uhm… Wow! This is- This is amazing. Thank you so much…!” you express in shock, still trying to take in each and every aspect of your room. It doesn’t sink in just yet, and that’s the beauty of your mind. You’ll wait until it’s three in the morning for it to really hit you. And until then, you’ll try your hardest to show gratitude rather than surprise.
“You love it, don’t you? I know you do. I’m glad! It was fun to put it all together,” Natasha beams, and she sets your things down next to your bed. “This means a lot to me, truly. Thank you so much,” you continue, and you fold your hands together. Your fingers lace between one another, and she walks towards you swiftly.
Before you can say anything else to her, she suddenly wraps her strong arms around you. She smells of your favourite perfume, one that you couldn’t tear your eyes away from when you went to the mall just a few days ago. It puzzles you, but you brush it off as nothing. She’s just being kind… right?
Her hands rest on your shoulders, and you can feel her fingers through your layers of clothing. You gently place your hands on her back, and you wait patiently until she pulls away. But she doesn’t. No, instead, she brings your body closer to hers until the pulsating of her heart touches your chest. She’s too close to you for your liking, and yet you choose to keep quiet.
Natasha’s fingers dig into your skin, but she doesn’t hurt you. The ring on her finger presses to your bone, and you try to figure out where it’s placed. You breathe deeply and try to focus on the sensation before realizing that she’s got her ring finger decorated. You let out a gasp, and your stomach twists into a sailor’s knot.
Abruptly, you pull away from her, and Natasha stumbles backwards in surprise. You look down to her left hand, only to see a wedding band on it. She follows your eye-line, and she gives you an innocent smile that is accompanied by a sly glint in her eyes. “Yeah… We kind of got married. He didn’t tell you?” she questions, with worry on her face.
Your features are twisted in shock and hurt, and you’re not sure what to say or think. You simply shake your head, and she pouts. It feels condescending, and so you don’t take her expression lightly as you usually would. “I’m sorry… But it’ll be okay! We’ll have so much fun, don’t worry,” she promises, but you’re too troubled to listen to her.
In a fit of rage and sadness, you turn around and make a beeline downstairs. Natasha doesn’t follow you, and you’re glad. A gust of wind shakes the trees that surround you, and you find yourself heading for the pond. “Oh, God. Of course, this happens!” you grumble, and you kick at the small rocks in your path.
It’s only been a few minutes since you’ve arrived, and everything has already gone to shit.
Tumblr media
“Hey, are you okay?” an all too familiar voice asks, and you feel a gentle hand rest on your shoulder. You’re cold, but you’re not disrespectful. You don’t shrug Natasha off, nor do you push her away from you. You bite your tongue and try to keep quiet, but you just can’t. “Just peachy,” you quip through gritted teeth, and she doesn’t laugh. No. Instead, she sits next to you.
Natasha’s feet dangle in the same manner yours do. Both of your legs are only one meter away from the cold water, and you hope to God that you don’t fall in by accident. “I know that you’re mad, sad, and probably annoyed as well. But think of it this way; nothing has really changed! All that’s different is that I’m wearing a ring,” she appeals, and you continue to stare downwards.
You let her words sink in your mind, and you can feel her staring at you. “I’ll even take it off if you want, see?” she offers, and you quickly grab her wrist. “No, y- you don’t have to do that. I’m not going to be childish and let you do that. It’s just… The least Dad could’ve done was tell me, you know? He didn’t even have to call. He could’ve sent an email or a text message,” you quietly explain, and Natasha leans in close as she intently listens to you.
“And the fact that I had to figure it out from you—right here of all places, at this time in my life—just hurts even more,” you add, and you wring your hands together. Your body is covered in goosebumps as the weather gets colder. You chuckle bitterly, “I had to find it out myself, and that’s only because you hugged me.” Those slightly chapped lips of yours are folded into a line, and you sit in silence.
“I’m sorry, I really am,” she utters after a while, and you shake your head. “No, no. You don’t have to apologize,” you clarify, feeling guilty for burdening her with your problems. Quietness fills the gap between you two, and you focus on the sounds of birds cooing and trees shaking. The surface of the dark water moves just a bit, and your reflection warps like a ruined piece of art. The scenery is beautiful, but it’s hard to enjoy it.
“Can I ask you something?” Natasha politely requests, and you whip your head to face her. Your nose almost hits her face, and you move backwards in fear. She’s so close to you, but she doesn’t seem to mind it at all. Her thighs touch yours, and you can feel the heat that radiates off of her. “Uh, yeah, sure, go ahead,” you urge, and nervousness fills your lungs up like water.
“Why are you staying here for so long?” Natasha interrogates, and you’re taken aback slightly. “Oh, well, I just need some time for myself,” you explain, trying your hardest not to tip over the urn. “But why? There must be a reason,” she presses, and you know you can’t brush her off like you would your father. Your tongue darts out and swipes against your lips, wetting them so that they don’t crack.
“Well, the person I was in love with for most of my life broke up with me. It was amicable, but I’m too hurt by it to be around that scene. I dunno. I guess I feel embarrassed? I swore that I’d get married to them and have that perfect life, but the complete opposite has happened… My friends, they, uh, they’re a bit mean to me about it. I couldn’t handle that, so that’s why I’m here. I want to focus on myself and try to move on.”
Your words have been watered down. They’re less harsh, and they don’t carry honesty like they should. But you just can’t tell Natasha everything, not yet, at least.
Natasha smiles at you sadly, but you simply look away from her. You bring one of your legs over the other, and you cross them elegantly. “I’m sorry about that. But I’m proud of you for putting yourself first. I’m here now, and I’ll do my best to make sure you don’t go insane,” she jokes, and you force a smile as well as a laugh. She joins you, and you can tell everything about her is authentic.
“Ah, well, thank you for being so kind and for that. I appreciate it,” you express sweetly, and you drop your shoulders in relaxation. Your back is hunched over just a bit, but it’s what makes you feel comfortable. Despite the vulnerability, you try your hardest to make things less awkward than they already are. She isn’t so bad after all.
“So… You’re my Step Mother now…” you sigh out after a few seconds, and Natasha perks up quickly.
“Yes, but I’ll be whoever you want me to be,” she quickly informs, and you hum in delight. “I’m not going to take that title away from you or anything. Just don’t punish me or lecture me,” you joke, and you slightly toss your head back in a small fit of laughter.
Natasha giggles, but her humour goes away quicker than yours. Her face drops back to its seriousness, but you’re too caught up to notice. Slowly, you go back to your regular position, but you keep your pretty smile on your even prettier face.
“Well, we’ll see.”
Tumblr media
You like nature, and you enjoy all it brings and gives you. What you don’t enjoy is that sticky sweat it constantly leaves you in. Your nose is wet, and so is your back, yet your skin remains as cold as ever. “Hey, uh, Natasha? Nat? Can I call you that? Anyways, do you know where the towels are?” you call out to her as you slowly peel your flannel jacket off your shoulders.
Patiently, you wait for her to answer you. You pull your sweater over your head, and you’re left in another one. It’s slightly sheer, and it’s black, and it’s your favourite article of clothing that you own. “You can call me Nat. I’m fine with that!” she yells back, and you nod your head even if she can’t see you. Her hurried steps are loud, and before you know it, she’s bursting into your room with two towels in hand.
“Here you go!” Natasha exclaims, yet her tone of voice is a bit low, and she isn’t too energetic. You’re in total contrast to her. You’re quiet and lethargic, with a cold exterior and an always sad face. “Thanks,” you squeak out, grabbing the thick pieces of cloth from her. “You’re welcome, sweetheart,” she hums, and you nod your head shyly.
Natasha watches you carefully, and her gaze is painfully piercing. Your eyes dart from looking downwards to looking at her, and you’re not sure where to keep your sight trained. She rakes her eyes all along your body, but she particularly stares at your chest. Your red bra can be seen through your beloved top, but you have a hard time realizing that. You’re smart—clever even—but you’re not bright in the sense that you can tell if someone likes you or hates you.
“Uhm, I’m going to take a shower now…” you announce, even though it’s not your responsibility or obligation to tell her. Natasha still stares at you, and you slowly back up. You inch closer to the bathroom, but you don’t turn around just yet. “Okay! Have a good shower,” she smiles, suddenly whipping herself around and walking out your door. Natasha’s hair bounces with volume, and it frames her face perfectly.
She’s out of your sight, and you turn around and step into the bathroom. The back of your foot gently knocks against the wooden door, and it closes behind you. Just not all the way. You slowly strip yourself of your remaining clothing, and you slowly step inside the shower. The lighting is dim, and you find yourself struggling to adjust. Quickly, you turn the water on and wait until it’s hot enough to satisfy you.
A random, nonsensical harmony is what you are humming. There is no smooth rhythm to it, but it truly does not matter at all. You push your hand under the showerhead and smile at the perfect temperature. Not too hot, not too cold. Absolutely perfect. Slowly, you move so that your skin gets wet, and you tilt your head back so that your hair doesn’t touch the streams.
Your hands move up and down on your chest, and you let yourself get adjusted to the warmth.
A head peeks through the door, and it’s got red and blonde locks with a few grey strands. Natasha stealthily hides behind the door frame, and only her eyes and forehead can be seen. She watches you because that’s what she does best. You’re a piece of art meant for only her to look at. Each movement of yourself gets ingrained into her mind, and she won’t forget anything just yet.
You cup your tits and sigh in relief, smiling gleefully at the lovely feeling of the water. Your eyes are closed, but they’re not squeezed shut. You can’t see her, but that doesn’t make a difference for Natasha. She doesn’t worry about being careful or quiet because she knows that you’re too aloof to even feel her gaze or presence. “Such a dumb baby,” she mutters before licking her lips until they’re soft and supple.
Your hands leave your chest, and you stretch your arms to grab the plastic bottle of body wash. It’s brand new, straight from Natasha’s latest shopping trip before you arrived. You don’t put much thought to it as she wishes you would, and you don’t even take the time to notice that it’s your favourite, limited-edition scent. It frustrates her—you frustrate her.
She hates you, but she loves you. She wants you, and she needs you.
The tune continues, merging into your favourite song that Natasha has already memorized. From the first verse, all the way to the bridge that is followed by the outro, she remembers it more than any of her personal information. She knows you better than you do yourself and definitely much better than your past lovers.
White clouds of soap cover your body, and you slowly bend down to reach your toes. You move out of the way so that the water doesn’t hit you. The remaining droplets flow downwards and past your butt. Natasha moves closer to you, and she now stands in the doorway with her bottom lip snug between her pearly teeth. She catches a sight that’s meant for sore eyes, something that should be taken with a camera.
Yet, even the lens can’t capture your beauty. Nothing and nobody can, except for her.
Your perfect pussy is exposed, but not enough for Natasha to creep up behind you and stuff a few fingers inside without having to part your lips. Wetness pools her brand new panties as she continues to stare at your pussy, and she curses under her breath. She takes another step forward, and she wishes she could speed her plan up by just a few steps.
But Natasha can’t, and she isn’t willing to risk it all right now.
Slowly, you begin to stand up straight. In a moment of panic, Natasha quickly hides behind the wall once again. You move underneath the water and hold the loofa in your hand carefully. You slowly rinse your body of all the soap, and you tilt your head backwards. In an almost teasing manner, you push your chest forwards until your tits are pushing out. A smile is on your face, but it’s faint.
Natasha knows that you can’t see her. She’s too skilled, and you’re too stupid. But she wonders if you’re putting on a show just for her, waiting until she pushes you against the wall with her hand clamped over your mouth. “такая гребаная шлюха,” she whispers, and she rubs her thighs together for a little bit of friction. It’s enough to leave her even more desperate for you, but it’s not enough to satiate her needs.
She turns her head once more, only to see you simply standing beneath the water with your eyes closed. Your loofa is strewn somewhere in the shower, but it doesn’t matter to either of you. Natasha’s solid and slender fingers reach for the buttons of her jeans, and she begins to play with them. The fabric folds open, and she zips down her fly until her panties are exposed. They’re soaked, and her clit throbs as her mind runs wild.
Suddenly, the loud sound of the water flowing comes to a halt. She looks back up to see you facing the glass door. The fog from the water begins to form, and you soon turn into a faded memory. Before you can wipe it away and stain the surfaces with your hands, Natasha turns around and makes a beeline for her bedroom that is only across from yours. She shuts her door quietly, and she quickly strips herself of her clothing.
As her hands crawl down to her soaking pussy, yours wipe your skin dry of any wetness.
Tumblr media
“Hey, uh, Nat? What time is it?” you nervously ask from your spot behind the kitchen counter. Your Step-Mother sits on the couch that’s a few meters away, with her legs folded up. She stares at the television intensely before looking down at the clock beneath it. “It’s six-thirty-four. Why?” she asks, turning her body around to face you as best she can.
“Oh, nothing… I’m just kind of hungry, that’s all,” you awkwardly admit, scratching the back of your neck out of habit. “Oh, sweetie, you should’ve told me!” Natasha exclaims, turning the screen off and standing up. She walks towards you quickly, and she begins to pen up the cupboards. “What do you want to eat? Pasta? Soup? How about a sandwich? Or maybe a salad?” she questions, and you feel a bit overwhelmed.
You stutter, not sure what to say. “I- I don’t know. I’m so sorry,” you mumble, and Natasha lets out a coo. “Aw, that’s okay. I’ll surprise you. Do you like wine? I have a bottle. You can take it,” she offers, and your heart blooms with softness. “Are you sure? I don’t want you to do all the work,” you question, placing your phone underneath one of the pillows.
Natasha’s back is turned away from you, and she’s grabbing the wine she promised you. She spins around smoothly, and she almost ends the move with a pose that a ballerina would do. “Don’t worry, okay?” she reassures, handing you the bottle along with an overly large glass. “Let Mommy do the hard work,” she mumbles, and you only catch her words by the sliver of a hair.
“You said something, didn’t you?”
“Oh, yeah,” Natasha chuckles, “I said, ‘Let me do the hard work.’” Your head tilts to the side like an overly curious child with a hundred questions in your arsenal. You could swear you heard something else, but you know you can’t always trust your ears. Carefully, you open the wine bottle and pour yourself half a glass. But her hand moves to the base of the green bottle, and before you know it, she’s doing it herself.
You open your mouth to tell her to stop, yet not one word comes from you. The red liquid reaches the top of the glass, and there’s only one centimetre of space between the colour and the brim. Natasha moves away from you, and she stares at you with a blank expression. You can see your warped, filtered reflection in your glass. A sad, confused face that doesn’t know any better—never knew any better.
“Have at it, sweetie. Do you like to drink? I do. I love a good bottle of wine or whiskey, especially in this place,” she rambles casually, and you remain in your stiff position. You look down at the alcohol with not one rational thought running through your brain. “Uh, yeah. I like wine and movies,” you bluntly answer before finally tearing your eyes away.
“Sounds fun,” Natasha states before grabbing a pot and turning the pipe on. The loud sound of the water hitting the metal of the sink hurts at first, but you quickly adjust to it. “What kind of movies?” she questions before abruptly shutting the pipe off. You bring the glass up to your mouth, and you take a small sip. It’s bitter, far too bitter. But it’s also too sweet, much too sweet.
Is it the pierce and quality that makes it so… unusual? Or maybe it’s you and your long-reigning sobriety of a pathetic two weeks.
“Those stupid romantic comedies,” you tell her through a saliva-blocked through. You swallow, and the wine goes down harshly. “Such as?” she pushes even more, and you’re lethargically shaking your head. “‘The Proposal’ and ‘Maid in Manhattan,’ for example. I like those types of movies when I’m drunk,” you force out, and you’re just the tiniest bit troubled by her interrogation.
“I haven’t watched those yet. I have an idea!” Natasha exclaims, and you fight the urge to sigh heavily. You already know what it is, and you hate the way she acts as if she’s having some sort of philosophical realization. “We should watch one of them after we eat. It’ll be perfect!” she proposes, and you exhale loudly. Natasha has the brightest smile on her face, and it makes you feel terrible for being so rude.
“While I get the food ready, you should go and find one of the movies on Netflix. I think I’d rather watch ‘The Proposal’ so choose that one! Let me do the rest,” she urges while gently pushing you towards the couch she was just sitting on. You have no choice but to go with what she’s telling you. You hold the glass tightly, and you’re careful not to spill anything.
Natasha’s hands leave your shoulders, and she walks back to the kitchen. Carefully, you fold your legs on the couch. Your calves meet the back of your thighs, and your ankles touch each other. You’re too self-conscious to get entirely comfortable when she’s in the room, so you leave yourself like that. The remote, almost the same size as your hand, sits next to you, and you grab it.
“How’s your wine?” Natasha asks, holding a shiny knife in her hand. You don’t look back in her direction. “It’s good! Better than what I’m used to,” you tell her before taking a long sip from your glass. She hums, and you stare at the screen while it changes every second. Movies of all genres and all languages flash before your eyes, and even snippets of them begin to play when you’re not able to click away fast enough.
“There it is!” she exclaims from behind you, and you jump in shock. Your wine shakes in its glass, just nearly spilling over the edge and only seconds away from almost staining your dark grey sweatpants. Almost. Inside your chest is your battered heart, and it’s clamouring wildly. With every passing beat, you fear it will jump out and drown itself in the lake.
“Aw, poor thing. Did I scare you?” Natasha questions, and her tone is condescending. You see it as humour, though. “Yes, you did! But if I spilled this drink, then you’d have to clean it up as payback,” you retort, before drinking from the said glass once again. Looking back up at the television, a screen capture of Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds standing across from each other is what you’re faced with.
“You don’t get to tell me what to do,” she sternly chastises with warning and softness laced in her tone.
You giggle at her words to fill the silence, but it comes out more like a nervous chuckle. The tension is thick, and it could be cut with the knife in Natasha’s hands. The blade slices through a tomato, and it hits the plastic cutting board with blunt force. “I’ll start the movie. You can watch while cooking,” you mumble, and with two hits of the ‘OK’ button, the film starts.
As soon as you throw the remote, you return to your beloved (but once hated) glass of wine. It’s already halfway done, and you can feel it settling in your system. Your body feels heavy yet light, and you’ve got a sort of buzzing running through your body. It’s addictive, and you crave more of it. You down what’s left of your drink while holding your breath. Perhaps you’ll regret it, but it’s not like you have dozens of responsibilities waiting for you.
“Take it easy there, lightweight,” Natasha jests, watching as you set the glass on the table. “I’m not a lightweight when it comes to drinking! …At least I don’t think so,” you shout back at her, a little louder than anticipated. “Then why are you already slurring your words?” she retorts, and you knit your eyebrows together. “I am?” you question before replaying your sentences until they sound like absolute nonsense.
“I’m kidding,” she chuckles, and you follow her sounds with your own laughter. It’s music to her ears, and she could never tire of it. She could never tire of you, even if you’re a bit of a handful sometimes.
Natasha turns on the fire of the stove with a few clicks of a dial. You twist your head most painfully and awkwardly ever, and you watch as she throws in pieces of penne pasta. They fall into the water with a small splash, and she croons in delight. “What are you making?” you ask, still staring at her. She turns around, and her hair whips with her movement.
“Creamy tomato pasta!” Natasha exclaims, and you sigh dreamily. “I love that,” you tell her, remembering the way you ate only that dish for five days straight. “Good. Now stop looking at me and watch the movie!” she ushers, and you shake your head at her words. But you still listen to her, obedient as ever. You stare at the screen, yet you don’t understand what’s going on.
You’ve watched this movie far too much to not remember the main character’s name… Are you indeed that drunk? From only one glass of wine? Your eyes burn. You haven’t blinked once even though your eyelids are so heavy. “Oh, you finished your drink? Why didn’t you tell me, silly baby?” Natasha queries, and you snap your head in her direction once again.
“Didn’t you just call me something?” you ask while sitting up straight, even though you’re swaying back and forth and side to side. “I didn’t call you anything,” she chortles, but you don’t buy it. “No, I’m pretty sure you did,” you push, and you press your knuckles against one of the cushions you’re sitting on. The long nails at the tips of your fingers dig into your skin, but you don’t care for the pain.
“I promise you, I never called you anything. Don’t you trust me? Why would I lie about something so small; what would I even gain from that?” Natasha insists, and her despairing tone has you taken aback. But she’s right, even though you hate to admit it. Yet, you could still swear you heard otherwise.
“I- Uhm, oh God. I’m so sorry,” you whisper quietly before sitting back to where you once were. You can hear her exhaling roughly, muttering something under her breath and turning the heat up again. “It’s fine. Here, take more wine,” she says after a while, rushing to your side with the same bottle. Before you can even tell Natasha you’re more than okay with what you just had, she’s filling the cup to the brim a second time.
“Oh, wow, okay,” you awkwardly squeak out as she hands it to you. You take it carefully before bringing it to your lips. Natasha walks away, swaying her hips because it’s one of her many signature moves. The empty bottle is bluntly dropped into the garbage can, and you can hear it breaking into sharp shards. The sound has your skin crawling in fear because you know it’s a painful mess to clean up.
Your skin is hot to the touch, and you’ve got a sort of vibration that runs wildly. That sick feeling in your stomach has changed. It doesn’t grow when you think of that lover of yours—that once was yours. It’s diminished, gone and only turned into a mild ache that you can’t suppress without a painkiller or any more wine. Everything is so dreamlike, hazy, and surreal, but you’re more grounded and realistic than ever.
Is this drunkenness? It is because it’s familiar. It’s just different, that’s all.
A giggle is let out, and it takes you a few seconds to realize that it came from you. “Silly, silly, baby…” echoes Natasha’s voice, but you don’t hear it. You let out another giggle at a scene, except there’s nothing funny about it.
“This wine is so good, Nat. I love it so much,” you admit, sighing in content.
You can hear the way your words merge together and into incoherence. “If you love it that much, maybe you should finish it all right now,” Natasha coerces, and you laugh again. “Of course, I’m going to finish it. You don’t have to tell me twice!” you chuckle with a bright smile on your face that hurts. It doesn’t fall, and the alcohol in your system has no plans of that ever happening until tomorrow morning.
The dark red liquid is gone, and it’s sliding down your throat as you empty the bowl. The sourness and the sweetness mix with each other and lays themselves on your tongue perfectly. You’ve never drank something so perfect before. When you rub your tongue against the roof of your mouth, it’s wet. But when you leave it alone, it feels dry.
Continuously, you rub your tongue and try to grow accustomed to the dryness. “N- Nat?” you call out, looking inside the glass. There’s a little tinge of wine left, and you don’t make the move to take it. “Yeah, sweet thing?” Natasha questions, right after placing a small cube of butter in a skillet. She walks towards you while being careful of the stove.
Here she goes with the pet names again… Right?
“Can I get some water, please? My mouth is dry. I think it’s because of the wine… Not that it’s bad, or anything—actually, it’s amazing! Is it a dry wine? Semi-dry? Is there some fancy word for that?” you ramble, holding onto the glass like it’s some comforting pillow. Natasha smiles down at you dearly, and she turns on her heel. “That wine is so good! The best I’ve ever had. Must’ve cost you a lot,” you mumble loud enough for her to hear.
“Sure did. But it’s worth it, trust me,” she tells you in a sing-song voice. You can’t hear any pipes behind you flowing with water, and it confuses you. Natasha’s feet patter on the ground, and before you can even sit up properly, she’s already by your side. A cork pops, and you whip your already-dizzy head to look at her.
“What’s wrong?” she asks, grabbing your cup from the table.
Wait, when did you place it there? Wasn’t it just in your hand?
“I asked for water…?” you tell her, unsure of yourself. “No, you didn’t. You asked me for wine. ...Don’t you remember? You said you wanted more wine because your mouth was dry,” she explains, but you’re more perplexed than ever. You stare off into the distance, trying to piece together what she’s saying. You could swear you asked for water.
Could you, though? Could you really?
The sound of liquid sloshing breaks your train of thought. Natasha is pouring you another cup of wine, even though you think you didn’t ask for it. She hands it to you with a smile on her face. “It’s hitting you hard, I can tell. That’ll be your last cup for the night, no arguing. Enjoy it because it’s all you’re getting other than a plate of delicious food,” she hums, and you sigh heavily.
Nodding your head, you give her the signal to leave you to mellow by yourself. As soon as her multi-coloured hair and white sweater are out of your line of vision, you drink the entirety of the wine like it’s the water you wanted. It doesn’t quite satisfy your main need, but it does the job for a few others. You gulp quite loudly, and it makes her giggle.
The stove clicks again, and the fire turns off. You let out a hearty groan, not giving the alcohol a second to settle before throwing yourself back. “Oh. You’re done cooking already?” you question, kicking your feet up on the table. “No,” she answers, trying her hardest to look at you. But all Natasha can see is the top of your head. “Why’d you turn the stove off?” you add, and you can feel your body loosening up.
“Because I want to make sure you’re okay,” Natasha softly admits, and you turn around. Once again, your neck is painfully craned, but you don’t care. Your heart is soft, and it melts like a once frozen puddle. Shakily, you exhale, and your breath reeks of that delicious wine. The taste hasn’t faded yet, and you don’t want it to for a while.
“You’re so kind… You know, the uh, the person I was dating before would take care of me, but not this way. ...Like, you’re doing so much for me, and I barely know you. Why? You’re too sweet. It makes me have a cavity or two,” you mumble in a blur of words. You think you make no sense, but you’re entirely cohesive.
Natasha doesn’t say anything.
“You design a whole room for me—and might I add, it’s everything I like! How? How’d you figure that out? It’s been what—almost two years since we last met? I don’t know, but I know that I’ve changed so drastically, and you still managed to understand me entirely. Ugh, what am I even saying?” you groan loudly, and she’s still silent.
You don’t care.
“It’s just—I guess I miss being taken care of, that’s all. And since you’re taking care of me, I’m not sure what to do or think,” you sadly admit, sinking further down into the seat. You’re nearly on the floor, but you keep yourself balanced with your strong elbows. They’ve punched at ribs gently, and they’ve closed doors as well. Your cold hand lets go of the glass, and it hits the carpet.
“Shit!” you curse, and you sit up properly. Your whole world spins, but you try your hardest to put yourself back together. “Leave it,” Natasha orders, yet you ignore her. It’s not broken, and nothing has spilled. Your fingers touch it, and it rolls away. It hides underneath the table, and you groan in annoyance. You bend forward even more, and you’re blinking slowly. Everything slowly becomes less defined, and it makes you feel uneasy.
“I said to leave it, sweet thing. Why don’t you listen to me? Look at you,” Natasha whispers, and you let out a whimper. Her hands grab your shoulders, and she guides you back onto the sofa. “It went so far…” you whine, reaching your arm towards the cup. “I’ll get it. It’s not that big of a deal, okay?” she grunts, stretching her leg beneath the table. Her toe nudges the glass back in your direction.
“I know! But I feel so bad, Nat. I feel so bad,” you mutter, and she lets out a coo. You look up at Natasha, and you squint your eyes until they’re a second away from shutting completely. You can only make out her head. She sits next to you and adjusts your lower limbs. They fold up, and she’s right beside them. Natasha’s gentle yet rough hand is placed right above your knee, and you don’t know what to do about it.
You’re uncomfortable, yet you’re so relaxed at the same time. “He used to put his hand on me like that. Just right there,” you whisper to yourself, but you’re louder than you want to be. “Really? How sweet,” Natasha purrs, and you nod your head in confirmation. “Yeah. But it would be more… soft? Almost as if it wasn’t even there,” you explain, spinning your hands as you try to make sense.
“Do you miss him, sweetheart?” she questions after a few moments, and her thumb draws circles on your pants. “Yeah. Why wouldn’t I? I don’t love him, but I miss him. Hope that makes sense, or whatever…” you slur sadly, and Natasha begins to move her hands around. She brings it higher up your thigh before dragging it back to where it was initially. She continues this movement, hoping to provide you with physical comfort.
“It makes sense, sweetie. It makes a lot of sense. I don’t think you miss him, though. I think you miss being loved,” she admits, and you inhale sharply. You hold your breath for a few seconds before letting it go and allowing your chest to fall. Her words sink into your like freshly sharpened blades. Prep, sharpen, polish. Diamond, tungsten, ceramic. Each layer of your skin is pierced, and it hurts profoundly.
“You miss being cherished and taken care of. You were finally left by yourself for once, and you couldn’t handle it. It was so abrupt, right? Like a slap in the face. And that’s why you came here. You needed someone,” she continues, twisting the knives in your and even rubbing salt on the fresh wounds. You close your eyes, and they burn from exhaustion. It feels good, but it doesn’t distract you from the fact that your Step-Mother is more than correct.
“Open your eyes, sweetie. It’s rude and disrespectful to do that when I’m talking to you,” she demands, and you listen to her begrudgingly. Your lids fly open, and your eyesight is still blurry. “Good. What was I saying?” Natasha ponders out loud, even though she remembers it exactly. You stare at her intensely, and your eyes are blown out completely. Hers are the same. Has she been drinking?
“Y- You were talking about me…” you tell her, trying your best to not add any details.
“Oh, right! Be a little more specific,” she demands, and your stomach twists.“You were talking about me, and my breakup, and how I’m dependent on others when it comes to taking care of myself,” you quickly blurt out, and you’re more articulate than you should be. “Yes, spot on. I just wanted to make sure you understood, okay?” Natasha assures sweetly.
You gulp thickly. Her head tilts mildly, and the hair on her shoulders moves. Though everything looks like colourful blobs, you can still see the numerous gray strands that mainly reside near her scalp. You have to admit they don’t look terrible and that they’re quite stylish. Natasha is quite stylish, and she dresses even better than you ever will. Perhaps it’s the money she gets as a ‘thank you’ each month, or maybe she just has good taste.
“I asked you a question,” she reminds, and your train of thought breaks before you even realize it has long departed. “I- uh, yeah, I forgive you! Tough love, hard pill to swallow, that sorta thing,” you mumble, and Natasha sighs heavily. “You’re so drunk, sweetie. Can you sit up, please? And drink some water?” she requests before pulling you up herself. Your world nearly falls off its axis, and you grab onto her for support.
“Oh, no. You’re dizzy, I can just tell. Do you feel nauseous?” Natasha asks, and you gently shake your head. There’s no painful thrumming that stretches itself across your skull, and you’re glad. “I think we should skip our plans for tonight. Let’s get you upstairs, and then we’ll see how you’re feeling,” she plans before lifting you up gently. You have no room to say anything, and you have no words to give to Natasha.
Her left arm crawls around your waist like a spider, and her palm sits against your stomach. Natasha’s other hand holds your two wrists together, and she leads you up the stairs like you’re some sort of a prisoner. With each step, your body becomes heavy, and you find yourself struggling to do the things that you should be doing on autopilot. In the blink of your bleary eyes, you suddenly find yourself in a room.
It’s not yours because nothing is familiar, you know this. But it’s not your guest bedroom, and it isn’t your father’s either. “It’s my bedroom. Didn’t want you to walk too far,” Natasha quickly clarifies, and you nod your head while raising your eyebrows. She lets go of your hands, and she slowly pushes you onto her soft bed. You let your body fall onto the mattress, and she laughs at you.
The sheets smell of ivy and rosewater, and the only reason you can place your finger on these things is that she once explained the things she enjoys in life. Ballet, horror movies, ice cream straight from the tub, bubble baths, fireflies and the violin. Put them in a box, shake it all up, open it and out will come her.
You sigh dreamily and rub your sweaty palms against the bed. The silky, soft feeling is so euphoric, fresh and comforting. Natasha’s hand returns to your shoulder, and she turns you around in one quick move. She has your eyes turning upwards and your head spinning like a basketball. Your hands search for something to keep you grounded, and they find Natasha’s forearms.
“Oh, no… You’re dizzy now,” she takes note, frowning just a little bit. Natasha’s plump, pink lips become softer as she drags her tongue over them. You watch her carefully before you’re snapped out of your trance. She peels your hands away from her, and she moves away. “I’m going to be right back. I just have to go do something really quickly. Sit tight. If you need anything, just call for me,” she tells you.
Before you know it, she’s already walking off. You slowly come to your hands and feet, and you crawl further up the bed. With a heavy sigh, you place your head against one of her fluffy pillows and lay down comfortably. Your legs sprawl in a weird direction, yet it’s relaxing nonetheless.
Your eyes flutter shut, but you’re not sleepy at all. Your arms move up and down, almost as if you’re playing in the snow, and you find yourself falling in love with Natasha’s bed.
“Comfortable, right?” Natasha asks, shutting the door behind her with the back of her foot. You jump, and you immediately sit up. She doesn’t say anything. “Y- Yeah, really comfortable. Might have to steal it from you,” you giggle, and you notice that your speech hasn’t improved from the last time you spoke.
“I wouldn’t mind,” she admits. You nod your head, and you press your tongue against your top teeth. Natasha sets something down on the bedside table. It sits next to a white landline that looks like it’s been pulled straight out of your childhood. “Are you thirsty?” Natasha questions and you look over to see a glass of water. The thought of drinking something else has you growing deeply.
“I’ll take that as a no. Nauseous? Dizzy? Tired?” she continues, and you shake your head. Natasha’s plump bottom lip is dragged between her sharp teeth, and you stare at her mouth uncontrollably. “But how do you feel, darling?” she asks once more, tilting her head. She sits down next to you, and her eyes lock with yours.
“I feel weird. That’s all,” you bluntly tell her with a smile on your face. Natasha’s hand travels to your knee once again. “I know, sweetie. I bet you feel nice and relaxed, right?” Natasha queries, and you slowly bob your head. A few beats of silence take up the moment, and your jaw falls slack just a bit.
“I’ll take care of you. I’ll make sure you’re okay, and you won’t ever have to worry,” she whispers, almost enchanting you with her words.
Natasha stands up, and you keep leaning backwards until you’re lying down. She brings her body close to you until strands of her hair are lightly brushing against your skin. Shivers run down your spine, and you feel pretty strange. She’s so close to you, and it’s eerily familiar. You shuffle away from her just a tiny bit, and she frowns. “What’s wrong?” Natasha innocently asks.
“You’re so close to me. It’s weird. Never been this close to someone in so long,” you dolefully confess, and your hands come up to your chest. “Oh, sweetie. Do you want me to go away? I’ll go if you want,” she abruptly offers, but you quickly stop her. “No! No, please don’t. Uhm… I don’t want to be alone,” you whisper. “I won’t leave you alone,” Natasha murmurs, and you look up at her with glossy eyes. “Really?” you gasp.
“Trust me,” Natasha repeats, and you squeeze your eyes shut to stop the tears. Memories come flooding in, and months of yearning for a certain someone’s return as well. “Don’t get all sad on me now. This was supposed to be a fun night, remember?” she urges, and you open your eyes again. You nod your head. “Well, let’s have some fun,” Natasha proposes, and you smile happily.
Your mood gives her whiplash, but she puts up with you nonetheless. Warm hands grab at the bottom of your shirt, and you’re confused. “Don’t worry about a thing, and keep that pretty mouth shut. I’ll do everything,” Natasha quickly hushes, and she pulls your sweater over your head. She’s rough when dragging it over your head, and you’re not sure how to feel about it.
Natasha throws the sweater on the ground next to the bed. You’re left in your jeans, underwear and the red bra that you wore earlier today. “That’s a pretty bra you got there, baby. Was it expensive?” she questions, hooking her pointer finger where the two cups nearly meet. Her soft skin touches yours, and you cringe. Nodding your head gently, you keep your hands at your sides.
“Don’t lie. You got it on sale some time ago. You bought a black one just like it as well,” she snaps suddenly, and you nod your head once again. Natasha’s hands move to your back, and they slither like the most venomous of snakes. She grabs the clasp and undoes it before raking her nails against your skin. The scratches continue until the straps of your bra are sliding down your arms on their own.
“I…” you start, but you have nothing to say. “I said to be quiet, darling,” she reminds you, and your mouth snaps closed. “If you break that rule again, I’m going to do something you won’t like. I bet you’d look so pretty all beaten up,” Natasha threatens, and you gulp thickly while your heart begins to beat erratically. Tears of fear sting your eyes, but you blink them away before any of them fall.
Your tits are exposed, and your nipples immediately pebble up. Natasha lets the bra join your sweater on the floor before she marvels at your upper body. “Baby… You’re so fucking gorgeous,” Natasha gasps, and she cups your breasts with her warm hands. You fight the urge to move away from her. She squeezes lightly, and you inhale sharply. “Why would you hide this from me? That’s very selfish of you,” she chastises, and you don’t respond to her.
Your Step-Mother swings her left leg over your body, and she straddles you perfectly. Natasha hovers above your knees, and she has you trapped. “And you look even prettier with me on top of you,” she adds before leaving your tits alone. Playfully, she dances her fingers down to your waist. Your jeans begin there, and you wait for her to pull them down. You squeeze your eyes shut, unable to keep them open.
“Look at me, princess, or else I’ll make this worse for you,” Natasha orders in a sing-song voice. You let go of the breath you’ve been holding, and you listen to him. “Good girl,” she praises. Slowly, she pops each button of your pants open. Then she grabs the zipper and leisurely drags it downwards. Your body is relieved of the tight fabric, but your mind is stressed over her.
Black cotton panties fill her view, and she adjusts her position so that she can fully undress you. “Aw, how cute. Quite boring and plain, though. We’ll have to fix that another time. I bought you a cute thong, and it even has my symbol on it!” Natasha explains, and you feel uncomfortable under her gaze. Her fingers grab at the band of your underwear, and you let out a whimper.
“What’s wrong, princess? Is Mommy moving too fast? Hm? I bet that poor little brain is all fuzzy. I told you not to worry,” Natasha coos, and you’re panting with nervousness. Though your lungs are being pushed past their limits, you feel like you’re going to pass out from lack of oxygen. Your bottom lip wobbles, and you want to cry and scream until your voice gives out.
But you don’t do anything. The wine and fear have you paralyzed.
Natasha ignores your worry, and she continues to undress you. She painfully drags the cheap fabric down your thighs, and she drops her jaw at the sight of your eventually exposed pussy. Suddenly, she pulls her hands away from the material, and it snaps against your skin, “Ouch!” you squeal, and the stinging makes you grab onto the bed sheets. “Sorry, baby. But I have to say I love seeing you in pain like that,” she chuckles.
You have nothing to say, and you’re afraid to break her rule, so you keep quiet. “I want to make this more fun!” she admits, and her hands return to your panties. They’re halfway down your thighs. One fist pushes forward, and the other pulls in the opposite direction. With only the tiniest bit of strength, Natasha rips the front of your panties in half. She continues to tear the cloth until it’s a useless shred.
It remains underneath you, and she yanks it out with a little more power. A pleasing sound passes through her closed lips, and your eyes remain trained on her. Natasha’s green orbs are blown out with darkness, and she looks as though she’s been taken over by some unholy creature. You wonder if yours are the same or if she just adores them because they’re always glazed with tears.
Natasha’s hands are back on you once again. They’re between your thighs, and she suddenly parts your legs. Your body involuntarily moves with her movements, almost as if you’ve been put under a spell. Her eyes drop from your face to your exposed pussy. Your face heats up with embarrassment as she stares at your most intimate place.
“The prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen… So perfect. But I’ll ruin it eventually, turn it into my little fuck hole,” she whispers as her mouth salivates.
Your Step-Mother’s cunt is soaked beyond belief, and so she rubs her thighs together for a bit of friction. She grinds her hips downwards and into the bed, but it’s not enough to fully satiate her needs. “Fuck. I want to take it slow, baby, but I just can’t control myself anymore. But I know you’re fine with that because you’re a good girl,” she smiles, even though you’re staring at her in disgust.
Through your drunken haze, you’re still able to know right from wrong. And what Natasha is doing is certainly not right at all, despite what she may believe.
“Don’t you dare move,” she orders, and you obediently nod your head. Natasha gives you a gentle smile. She runs her fingers through her dishevelled hair while exhaling shakily. Her hands leave your thighs again, and she sits up on her knees. Her strong legs are folded up, and you can see the way they flex and clench. You remain beneath her, and you have no choice but to watch as she unbuckles her belt.
In one swift move, it leaves each loop, and the ends hit each other. Natasha throws the belt to the side before hastily unbuttoning and unzipping her dark gray jeans. She does it slowly and almost teasingly, and you have a feeling that she’s trying to solicit a reaction from you. A moment of weakness? Anger? What does she want from you? Your mind is a muddy puddle suddenly, and you can’t seem to think as straight as you did a few seconds ago.
You notice a slight bulge that reaches the middle of her right thigh. It’s unusual, and you’re not sure what it is.
“Look right at my pussy, baby. I want to see your eyes there,” Natasha demands, and you find yourself following her instructions. Natasha looks downwards to her crotch area, and she pushes her jeans down. Pale skin fills the gap between her thighs, and at first, you just see her bare leg. Knitting your eyebrows together, you focus hard to refocus your blurry vision.
“Dumb baby,” she mutters underneath her breath, frustrated with your lack of common sense. “Не думал, что вы настолько зависимы... Раздражает, но это мило. Я всегда предпочитаю глупых шлюх умным. Их легче сломать,” she sighs with a smirk on her face. Natasha snaps her fingers twice, and the short sound is loud enough to grab your attention. She points at her core, and your gaze follows her finger.
You gasp quite loudly, even though it’s not enough to fully capture your shock. A long, thick, detailed piece of plastic that is the same colour as Natasha’s pale skin hangs between her legs. It bounces up, and it’s stiff. There are veins on the side, and it is a little too realistic.
Natasha moves around wildly as she gets rid of the rest of her clothing. She discards her shirt, bra, pants and underwear. All she has is a necklace and a fake cock, and she is more concealed than you in the most peculiar way ever. Your jaw remains slacked in shock, and you don’t realize it until a bit of saliva wets your lip. You quickly shut your mouth with a painful snap, and Natasha laughs at you.
“What’s wrong, baby? Is it too big? Not big enough? Just what you dreamed of? Even better than you imagined? I mean, you’re drooling, and your mouth was open, so it must be good,” Natasha smirks, and her overconfidence has your stomach fluttering with both half-dead moths and newborn butterflies. Her lips are upturned in a wicked smirk that rivals your slight frown.
Before you can say anything to her or squeak out any mouse-like sound, Natasha roughly grabs your arms. She lifts you with ease and pits you to sit on the pillows that she’s lied on numerous nights before. Your back is against the head of the bed, and she sits in front of you with her legs slightly parted. Natasha kneels in front of you, and she gets as comfortable as she desires.
Her right hand grabs the base of her fake cock. It weighs heavily in her grip, and she treats it like it’s real. “N- Nat…” you whisper out, and you so badly want to bargain for her to leave you alone. “Shh… I didn’t say you could speak, baby,” Natasha hushes, and her features harden in frustration. Your mouth remains open, and yet you don’t say a word.
“And don’t call me Nat. I’m not your friend,” she adds, tracing her finger against the most prominent vein on the cock. “Call me ‘Mommy’ because I’m your Mommy,” she demands, and you choke on your alcohol-flavoured saliva. Your eyes widen in shock, nearly falling out of their sockets—your stomach twists in disgust. You feel nauseous for many reasons.
But your pussy drools at the title, and hearing it come from her makes your clit throb just a tiny bit.
“Got it?” Natasha questions, tilting her head to the side. You nod your head, but then Natasha brings her other hand up to her head. Her pointer finger taps her ear, and your heart beats wildly once again. “Got it, Mommy,” you whisper as quietly as you can, and you’re upset with yourself. “Good girl! God, you’re so good for me, baby,” she praises with her cheeks as red as the wine.
You don’t say anything else to her, and your eyes dart around wildly as you try to focus on something other than her. You find yourself continuously returning to where her dominant hand is, and now and then, you stare for a few seconds too long. The veins, the length, the thickness, the sheer sight of it is so much for you to handle.
You can’t help but imagine her using it, and your imagination takes the reins to guide you to the image of her plowing into you until you’re sobbing as she promised.
That tight hole of yours drools with want and need, and you squeeze your thighs together to try and stop it. Natasha catches you, and she chuckles. “Oh, is that little pussy of yours wet, baby? There’s no need to be ashamed…” she purrs, batting her lashes. You whimper at her condescending tone, and she smiles widely.
Before you can say anything else, Natasha’s hand leaves her cock, and it comes up to her puckered mouth. All while locking eyes with you, she spits into her palm. She brings her hand back down to her cock, and she wraps her fingers around the thickest part. You follow her movements with your gaze, and suddenly, you’re watching your Step-Mother jerk herself off.
Her hand moves from the bottom of her cock, all the way to the fat tip. She strokes herself at a slow pace, almost as if she’s teasing both you and herself. The plastic shines a little bit, well-lubricated but not enough to smoothly fit into you without a wail or two.
Natasha’s other hand travels up to her chest, and her tits shift just a bit from the movement. The cold air has her nipples all pebbled up, and you can tell they’re just aching for some form of touch. Her fingers punch at her buds, and she lets out a soft moan. The sound travels straight to your wet pussy, and you’re drenched in your arousal.
She cups the soft skin, massaging one and then moving to the other in a pattern. Natasha rubs her hand over her chest, and her hips buck up into her fist. “Oh, baby, I’m so wet for you. You make me so wet, I can barely stop myself from touching…” she whispers for you, staring as she continues to play with herself. Natasha’s cheeks hollow out, and she leans forward to spit on her cock once again.
You watch as a wad of her saliva drips down to her hand, and it eventually disappears. Her hand moves quicker, and you’re so mesmerized by her movements. “I love touching myself while thinking about you. I think about fucking those holes of yours and sitting on your pretty face. Just using you as I please because that’s all you’re good for,” Natasha groans, squeezes one of her breasts harshly.
Biting down on your lip harshly, you can’t help but feel flustered with this new knowledge. “Mommy loves you so much, baby. My little fuck toy, all mine. Look at my hand. This could be your mouth, or maybe even your pussy if you’re lucky. I’d fuck you stupid and empty that mind of yours. Treat you how you deserve to be treated,” Natasha husks, and you let out a whimper.
“Oh, poor baby, you want my cock? Yeah? Do you like watching me play with myself? Say it, fucking say it to me,” she demands, and she moves her hand more roughly. Squelching sounds fill the room, along with her soft moans. Her skin is red and covered in a slight sheen of sweat. You want to be near Natasha so badly. You know it’s wrong, but the wine in your system makes you not care at all.
“I- I want your cock, Mommy. I love watching you play with yourself. It makes me so wet. Please, Mommy, please give me your cock,” you pathetically beg, and you find yourself grinding down against the bed for some sort of relief. She clicks her tongue and smiles in delight. “Good girl,” she praises, and suddenly, she stops touching herself. You feel the need to whine and beg for her to keep going, but you tell yourself not to.
Your Step-Mother’s right hand leaves her cock, and her left hand does the same with her chest. For a split second, the light catches on her diamond ring. It shines in your face, and the reminder has your stomach dropping and turning like a pot of acid. You’re repulsed—no, no, you want to be repulsed. But you don’t find it in you to want to throw up or scream at her or make a run for it.
Suddenly, Natasha is on top of you. She grabs your legs and drags you downwards. “Beg me to fuck you, slut,” she commands roughly, and you gulp thickly. “Uhm, uh,” you stutter, trying to come up with something as quickly as possible. “Or else I’ll tie you up and leave you to watch me for the rest of the night. I have this nice vibrator I wanted to try,” she threatens, and even though the offer isn’t that terrible, you still don’t like it.
Maybe she’ll leave you alone afterwards, and perhaps you can run away and never speak to anyone ever again.
“No! No, please don’t do that, Mommy. Please fuck me. I want you inside me so badly. I need you, Mommy, please. I’ll be your good girl, just for you,” you wail, and Natasha slowly parts your legs as you speak. Her cheeks turn pink, and she chuckles. “Fuck, you’re such a desperate whore. Surprised you haven’t tried to fuck me at all, especially with those wandering eyes of yours,” she smirks, and you’re ashamed of yourself.
Natasha pushes your legs up to your chest slowly. Your thighs touch your stomach, and her hands are between the backs of your knees. Your wet pussy is exposed to her entirely. Slickness drips from your tight hole down to your ass. Stickiness stains you in the best and worst way possible. You hate yourself for being hot and bothered because of her.
“Oh, you’re so wet, baby. All messy and soaked!” Natasha exclaims in faux concern. “I did this to you, didn’t I? I know I did. But I never thought you’d get this wet… Fuck, I want to clean you up so badly, but you haven’t worked hard enough for my mouth yet,” she groans, and you let out a soft moan. You’re just as drenched as your Step-Mom, if not more.
That dominant hand of hers returns to the base of her cock like a bad habit she just can’t quit. Natasha guides the tip of it to your pussy expertly. The fat head of her cock slaps against your sensitive little pearl. Once, twice, three times. Each hit sends jolts of sensitivity throughout your body, and your legs shake as well.
Her cock drags between your wet folds, and she soaks herself with your wetness. “Mommy… Please fuck me,” you plead one last time, and she smiles down at you. “You beg so nicely, baby. You need me so badly; you always have.” Slowly, Natasha pushes her cock inside of you without warning. Your hole stretches out widely, and you’re crying out in pain. It isn’t your first time, but this certainly is the only time you’ve taken someone with a cock as big as hers.
“Shhh… Take it all like the good girl you are, take all of Mommy’s cock,” she urges, and she sheathes her entire length inside you as soon as she finishes speaking. Your mouth drops open, and a silent scream leaves your mouth. Tears sting your eyes from the burning pain that lethargically dwindles into a dull, pleasurable ache. “Fuck, you’re taking me so well, baby. You’re just gripping me so tightly. I should’ve stretched you out first, but seeing you in pain because of my fat cock is much better.”
Natasha’s words make you clench down on the plastic that impales you. She’s deep in your guts, and she nudges against your sweet spot just a bit. Your Step-Mom looks down to where you’re both connected, and she curses at the sight. “This pussy was made just for me to abuse and use. Only mine, nobody else’s,” she whispers, and you nod your head even though you don’t really agree with her.
But deep down inside, you do.
“Mommy loves hearing how much her dumb baby needs her,” Natasha admits, and she shallowly thrusts into you with a smile on her face. “Gonna ruin this pussy, make sure you know who owns it,” she grunts before dragging her hips backwards. Natasha’s cock leaves your pussy, and the tip is what remains inside of you. Suddenly, she shoves herself back into you roughly and without warning.
“Mommy!” you cry out in pain, but Natasha simply ignores you. She fucks into you roughly. Each thrust of hers sends shockwaves of pleasure throughout your body. “F- Fuck, Mommy,” you moan lewdly, and your heart clamours wildly. Wet sounds come from your pussy, and along with the simultaneous moans, they fill the room up. Natasha’s cock slips in and out of you smoothly, and she fucks you relentlessly.
“You sound so fucking pathetic, baby, just like the whore I know you are. My little whore, just for me to fuck,” Natasha pants as she fucks you. Your body is hot as the fire, and you’re sweating profusely. You nod your head at her words rapidly, and she bitterly chuckles. “Already gone stupid for my fat cock, hm? How cute. Such a lovely keeper,” she shakes her head as she slows her thrust down.
The beginning build-up of your orgasm suddenly disappears, and you whine out her title. “Shut up,” she snaps, moving upwards. Natasha’s cock is shoved into you even more, and now, she’s fully bottomed out. “Those sounds are pretty and all, but you’re pretty selfish right now. Mommy deserves some pleasure too… Open your mouth,” she demands, but instead of obeying, you knit your eyebrows together in confusion.
“I’m not going to ask again or repeat myself, baby. I’ve been too nice to you. Just be the good girl you are, and listen to me. Don’t make me hurt you,” she threatens with a bone-chilling smile on her face. Natasha then licks her lips, and they darken in colour. Your eyes become round, and you stare at her in fear. Despite the wishes of the diminished voice in the back of your mind, you do as she says.
Your mouth drops widely, and you flatten your tongue. Natasha’s cock remains still inside of you, and your pussy throbs around it. Your walls are soaked, and so is her member. “Hold your legs,” she follows, and you do exactly that. You push your legs further against your sweating chest, but Natasha ignores your job well done. Her chest hovers above your face, and her tits hang right in your view. It’s a pleasant sight.
Slowly, Natasha lowers her body down to you, and one of her hands holds her up. The other travels to her left breast, and she slowly places it in your mouth. Involuntarily, your lips wrap around the sensitive and slightly hard skin of her nipple, and she lets out a moan along with a choked-out sound. “Put that empty brain of yours to work and do something. Mommy is tired of your stupidity. Lord knows how long that lover of yours dealt with it,” she snaps, and you start to suck on her breast.
Your tired tongue swirls around her sensitive nub, and your Step-Mom lets out a sigh of satisfaction. Her sounds go straight to your pussy, and she has you getting wetter by the second. “Good girl,” Natasha praises, and she pulls her hips backwards. You moan around her tender tit, and it sends vibrations to all her nerves. You flick your wet muscle up and down, and Natasha groans loudly.
“So good for Mommy,” she breathlessly says. All of a sudden, Natasha thrusts back into you roughly, and she starts to fuck you again. Her tit slips past your lips with a small ‘pop!’ sound, and without her saying anything, you move your head to take her right nipple into your mouth. You give it the same treatment as the other one. Your moans can be felt by her through her chest, and Natasha brutally ruins your pussy.
Different levels of burning sensations hit your body, and a searing flame licks at your lower abdomen. Natasha moves her hips at such a quick, rough and marvellous pace. “Y- You’re making me feel so good, baby. Thank God that lover of yours took my money. I can’t believe he would let go of such a precious little thing,” Natasha grunts, and you’re incredibly confused.
Suddenly, the tip of Natasha’s cock starts to pound against your sensitive spot. You mewl around your Step-Mother’s breast, and she pants loudly. Your pussy hugs her cock so tightly that she struggles to move just a tiny bit. Your moans grow louder and louder as the most sensitive parts of your pussy are being stroked. The plastic shines just as bright as her diamond ring, and it’s even accompanied by strings of wetness.
“My good little whore, letting her Step-Mom fuck her pussy without a care in the world…” Natasha growls, and her thrusts are now more passionate. You moan loudly, and you suck a little harder on her tit. That hot pressure in your abdomen begins to climb, and it gets more intense with each passing second. You’ve never felt anything like it, and your cunt clenches down on her tightly.
Your eyes roll back into your skull, and Natasha’s do the same. Though the pleasure she’s feeling isn’t that strong, it’s still enough to partially satisfy her. Natasha moves her chest away from you at a sudden, and your teeth lightly graze her sensitive nipple. She hisses, but she enjoys the pain regardless of her reaction. Her breasts are covered in saliva, and so are your lips.
In a frown, you stare at her intensely. Your moans become more high-pitched and pathetic, sounding just like the noises pornstars would make. “Oh, you’re going to come, baby? You want to come all over Mommy’s cock?” Natasha asks, and she grabs your chin to angle your head downwards. Your eyes turn up even more just to look at her. You look stupid and silly, yet still so gorgeous.
“Uh-huh, I’m gonna come, Mommy!” you squeal out, feeling yourself being pulled towards the edge of the steep cliff that she’s been luring you towards for the past few minutes. It’s like you’ve got ropes tight on every limb and your waist, and despite your best efforts, you just can’t fight them. “You gotta ask nicely, little baby. Or else…” she warns without even mentioning what terrible things she can and will do to you.
You’re quick, and you know what she wants to hear—a high-pitched voice referring only to her, begging her for something you so desperately need and desire.
“Mommy, can I come? Please? It feels so good. I want to come all over your big cock. Please, please, please!” you plead, slurring your words together. You’re drunk on both alcohol and pleasure. Both yours and Natasha’s tits shake with each movement of hers. “Please, please, please, Mommy. I need to come so badly,” you beg once more, and you don’t think you can hold off any longer.
“Good girl. My good little whore, so desperate to come. Go ahead, come all over my cock,” Natasha grants, and as if on command, your pussy convulses. You wail her title loudly, and your back arches off the bed. Black stars fill your vision, and Natasha eases you through your violent orgasm. Wetness soaks her plastic cock and drips down to the bedsheets. Your skin is stained, and so is hers.
Your heart shakes wildly in your chest. You gasp loudly, trying to catch your breath as Natasha knocks it out of you. “You’re so pretty when you come. All stupid and braindead, such a good look on you,” she chuckles, and she continues to fuck you. Each thrust of hers makes you shake, and you can’t handle the stimulation. You try to call her name and tell her to stop, but your words are interrupted by your cries of pleasure.
“‘S too much,” you whine, and your poor hole starts to ache. You hug Natasha’s cock tightly, and she begins to slow down after a few seconds. “I don’t care. We’re still going,” she growls, and she squeezes your jaw harshly. You try to shake your head, but she doesn’t let you. “Nuh-uh, nope. You don’t tell me what to do. Shut up and take it, slut,” Natasha spits, but you continue to protest.
“What? Poor pussy can’t take it?” she mocks, punctuating her sentence with a sharp thrust that leaves you trembling. “Mommy…” you whisper, yet you have no words to tell her how badly you need her to stop. “You know, you shouldn’t talk back to your elders. Especially your Step-Mom. So you better listen to me, baby,” she intones, and you nod your head even though her words haven’t sunken in.
“Good. And since you want me to stop so bad, I will. You can repay me for taking care of you by coming here and putting that mouth of yours to work. It’s what I deserve for helping you escape your demons,” Natasha entices, and you don’t say a word. Her cock slips out of you, and the sound of straps moving starts to fill the room along with your pants and whines. “C’mon, I’ve been so kind to you,” Natasha further presses.
Yeah, right. As if she hasn’t been making you crazy all this time.
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𝐈'𝐦 𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐨𝐟 𝐬𝐲𝐦𝐩𝐚𝐭𝐡𝐲 (𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐲𝐨𝐮) || 𝐧𝐚𝐭𝐚𝐬𝐡𝐚 𝐱 𝐟!𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
a/n: so... possessive top Natasha, amirite gays? hope y'all enjoy filth
warnings: 18+, minors dni; possessiveness; slight public humiliation if you squint hard; strap-on use (r receiving); rough sex {face-sitting (r giving), degradation, hard spanking, a lil choking/suffocation, mouth spitting (r receiving)}; mommy kink; pet names (kitten, little girl, sweetpea); reader's kinda shitty to Nat for a bit; Nat's mean, but it's because her feelings got hurt.. lemme know if I'm missing anything
summary: you want to be more than fwb with your teammate, Natasha. A good way to do that is to ask her out. right? But when she turns you down out of confusion, you decide to act out for her attention
words: 4.7k
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Tumblr media
You knew what you were doing.
If the hole Natasha was burning into the back of your latest tease’s skull was any indication, she too knew what you were up to.
Bent seductively over the bar, twirling the cherry in your drink with your fingers as if your skirt wasn’t just barely long enough to cover your ass, tonight you were on a mission.
Make Natasha jealous.
You thought the two of you had a good thing going; Natasha came to you when she needed “girl time” and usually it ended with you having to squirm in your seat for the next few days in meetings. Occasionally you went to her for the same, but she always called the shots. They were quick things more often than not, pressed against walls or thrown into the nearest closet. The reasonings varied; stress relief, frustration, Tuesday- honestly, whatever they thought of would fly as long as they were both free.
Until today.
You’d managed to corner Natasha while she ate lunch, peacefully eating a peanut butter sandwich alone in the kitchen. Quietly as you could you took a moment to stare at her when she thought she was by herself, silencing your chuckle as she danced in her seat along to some funny video on her phone. Natasha was so cute when she let her guard down.
“Hey Nat,” you called out, passing by her to round the kitchen counter. “How’s your day?”
She shrugged, taking another bite of her sandwich and barely sparing you a glance. “Fine.”
Okay.. not the response you expected. True, you didn’t spend much time one-on-one talking, but you didn’t think it was completely off the table. Your arrangement had been fun, no strings, no expectations- but the more you grew to know Natasha, you found yourself wanting to do other things with her as well. She was deceptively magnetic like that. “Great, great… so Tony’s party is tonight.”
“Yep.” You swore you’d never seen Natasha so glued to her phone before. With how still and serious she’d gone since you’d come in, you wondered if you’d accidentally broken some unspoken rule. But you couldn’t think of what you’d done wrong.
“I was wondering…” you trailed off, hoping to catch her attention if she realized you were asking for it. Proposing a date of sorts would be easier if she was actually looking at you, but her acting as if she was counting down the minutes until you left definitely made it a whole lot worse. “Since you typically go, I thought maybe you’d like to go together?”
Natasha finally broke from her phone; bright blue eyes scanning you quizzically. “Why would we do that?” You let out a nervous chuckle, hoping maybe she was just toying with you for a laugh. She liked to do that sometimes.
After a minute of stunned silence, Natasha still gave no indication she was joking. You straightened up and stepped closer to the redhead, choosing to ignore how her eyes widened as you approached. “I just figured it would be nice?” Nothing. “You know, to hang out and have fun together? Maybe some private fun later if we wanted?” The bitter laugh was the last reaction you wanted to hear.
“Again, why would we do that?” Natasha set her phone down to sit back, arms crossing over her chest as she sized you up. “Are we dating?”
“W-Well I assumed, possibly-”
“Possibly.. I fuck you so that means we’re gonna date?” The rejection hurt, you couldn’t lie. Sure you didn’t go out or cuddle much or anything, but it’d been months of hookups and practically thousands of texts exchanged. You thought maybe she’d want to get to know you more too. Whatever you thought was blooming between you two, you must’ve misread.
“Right. Yeah, of course. It was a silly thought,” you murmured, palm lightly bouncing against the counter as you gathered what was left of your shot confidence. “‘Probably won’t go anyways, at least not for long.” You departed without another word, heading to the safety of your room before you could embarrass yourself further.
Back turned to Natasha, you missed her pout as you retreated, still confused over your request. She probably could’ve been nicer about it or at least thought it over. It wasn’t that she avoided hanging out with you; truly it hadn’t crossed her mind you’d want more from her. What you two had was nice, fairly predictable; she definitely had you to herself, couldn’t think of any threats to your relationship- everything was fine. That was ‘together’ enough, right?
Oh well, Natasha noted it as something to talk to you about tonight.
≪•◦ ❈ ◦•≫
But then night came and somehow the tables turned on her. You’d decided to come to the party after all, dressed and ready for all the attention you could gather. If Natasha didn’t want to date, fine, you’d see other people. Right in front of her face, mostly because you still felt the burn of Natasha’s earlier rejection. Was it a bit of a childish reaction? Yes, but if it worked, it worked.
Capturing her attention wasn’t hard. From the moment she first laid eyes on you, halfway to sitting in some other party guest’s lap, you winked at her from across the room before turning back to force a laugh at whatever unfunny story was being told. For two hours now Natasha followed you through the party, either inserting herself just close enough to be seen, but far enough to remain inconspicuous, or staring you down with a burning ferocity. Her resolve was wearing thin, watching you flirt effortlessly with people who weren't her, letting them get you whatever you desired and dancing way too close for it to be considered anywhere near innocent.
The final straw came when you were back at the bar, some woman keeping your interest with jokes and witty banter. She could’ve handled that. It was pissing her off, but she wouldn’t have acted. But then the intoxicated woman moved closer, practically pinning you against the bar, and when painted nails traveled seductively up your fishnet clad thigh and Natasha had had enough.
“-a shame you didn’t come with anyone tonight. It’s amazing someone didn’t scoop you up the first chance they got.” You grinned, staring at the quick peek of her tongue you caught as it ran across her plump bottom lip. She was really pretty. Not Natasha level, but you’d happily take her upstairs for a night. “Lucky me, I guess.”
Of course, you didn’t get that chance. “Yeah, I don’t think so.” Natasha was grabbing your wrist and tugging faster than your slightly drunk brain could process and you fell clumsily against her chest. “She’s with me. I let her out of my sight and well.. you’ve seen firsthand how much of a slut she is when she’s on her own.”
“Natasha!” You knew she’d be bothered, but what the fuck.
Natasha pressed a hard kiss to your temple, whispering in your ear. “Shut up or I’ll spank you right here over this bar until you’re crying.” She wasn’t kidding. Her punishments were always severe; if she said it, she’d go through with it. But knowing you’d pissed her off made your heart flutter; if she was mad, she cared on some level.
So you pushed. “Aw Natty, don’t be jealous. If you’re nice, maybe we’ll let you join!” Natasha was not amused with your shit-eating grin.
That was it, her patience was gone. You saw her expression grow sinister, jaw clenching in a way that had you simultaneously holding back a whine and wanting to run for safety. Natasha held your arm in a vice grip, wrenching you out of the party through the most crowded route. You wanted to play? Fine, but she’d let everyone know just who they were messing with if they played along. “You’re in for it now, kitten.” Halfway across the floor you had to close your eyes and trust the enraged woman to guide you as she dragged you along, the knowing smirks and giggles from your teammates and whoever else happened to look your way too much for you to take.
Once the sounds of the party died down, you’d barely gathered your new surroundings before you were thrown into the elevator wall. “What-” Your eyes refocused to a steeled pair of blue, staring you down like you were her next target. God she was fucking hot, but no, you couldn’t. You still wanted to be mad at her. “Oh so now you want private time with me?”
“Don’t give me that shit.” Her entire body pressed against your front; you could feel every dip and curve of her toned body through your thin dress and even then, you cursed the fabric keeping you from feeling her fully. “Do you know how pissed I am? Having to watch you flirt with every girl you could all night?” You could practically feel the anger shooting off her in waves, filling the air and threatening to choke you if her hands didn’t first. You dared to look away from her, knowing your nonchalance would make her seethe. Natasha caught your chin easily, your head slamming against the cool metal behind you, but it was her hand on your neck that held you there. Holy shit, she really could and would choke you- the thought had you squeezing your thighs together. “Right in front of my face?”
“‘Didn’t think you would care-” That treacherous hand constricted around your throat, cutting you off.
Natasha gave you a once over, arousal far outweighing the fear she saw in your eyes. And you weren’t subtle about working your hips against hers as much as you could wedged between her and the elevator, but she doubted you even knew. She pulled away all at once, leaning back against the opposite wall just to see you pout at the new distance. “Wait until we get to my room. I’ll set you straight.”
≪•◦ ❈ ◦•≫
You’d lost track of how long she’d had you in her bed. Natasha had worked you to the edge over and over so many times you were surprised you could still feel your lower half. One orgasm, that’s all you wanted. Just one and you could deal with more of her torment. But Natasha wasn’t in the mood to hear you beg.
“Such a fucking slut,” Her fingers worked just below your clit, keeping you in previously unknown, agonizing limbo. Each time you tried to jerk your hips or wiggle just so in hopes she’d slip up, she was two steps ahead, the trained assassin knowing how to effortlessly maneuver away from any of your tricks. “Couldn’t stand being without me for one night so you tried to whore yourself out to anyone who’d take the bait?” You struggled to stay still when she was so close to you, her breasts threatening to fall out of her strapless dress as she bent over your needy form. You thought about just grabbing her and pulling her to you, but the last rational part of you remembered she’d have you tied in a second.
Tired of playing your game, you switched to penance. “I’m sorry, Nat, I’m sorry but-” She shut you up with a bruising kiss, tongue slipping into your mouth without a hint of resistance. You were helpless to be anything but hers; you both knew it. No matter how much you tried to play it off tonight, all of your antics had been for her. To claim you all over again, like she did any time you were together.
She parted from you with a smirk, a trail of spit tethering the two of you together until she backed away fully. You wanted to ask her to come back, already missing how the warmth of her shielded your naked body from the chilled air. Natasha reached behind her back, pulling the zipper of her dress down until it went slack, her free arm keeping the fabric against her front. “But what?” She watched you try to find the words, but you couldn’t finish. There was no ‘but’, no real explanation for your mischief except you wanted to see her react, to want to snatch you away- care about who you were with. “Did you forget I was going to the party?” You shook your head. “Thought I wouldn’t catch you?” You knew full well she would.
Natasha let her dress pool at her hips, reveling in how your mouth hung open when you stared at her chest. She could see the wheels turning, weighing the pros and cons of trying one last time to see if she’d let you touch her. She wouldn’t, but it touched a soft spot inside of her that even with all of the flirting she’d watched you do, you only ever looked at her like you did now. So maybe she was possessive; who could blame her when she had to keep a gem like you to herself. “I wish you could see yourself right now. Drooling all over yourself and so wet for me even while I’m treating you like the naughty girl you are.”
Bending until she felt her ample breasts brush over your quivering lips, “Go ahead, baby. I know you want to.” You jumped at the chance, licking and biting over her sensitive skin until Natasha let out a moan of her own. You didn’t dare use your hands, no matter how much you wanted to grab and pull and squeeze; they stayed at your sides, hoping to be as good as you could just so you could keep your mouth on her.
She rocked her hips against yours, indulging in her own pleasure as you finally took her hard nipple into your hungry mouth. Your teeth bit down hard, just for a moment -a secret action she let slip she’d loved- and soothed the nub with your tongue, rubbing the bumpy surface over her until she was squirming on your thighs. Her hand snaked between you two to cup your mound, feeling more than hearing the frenzied sounds you made when she skated her fingers over your neglected folds. “Fuck, you’re so wet.. Is this all for me?”
“Mm.. that girl in the purple dress got me pretty close to taking her in the bathroom.” Should’ve kept your mouth shut. You didn’t know why you said it; your brain was short-circuiting with how horny you were. Natasha might have even let you cum like that too- soaking her fingers while she got off grinding against your stomach. But now she ripped away from you with a vengeance, deadly glare rivaling Wanda’s as she regarded you with something akin to disgust and.. maybe hurt? “Shit, Natty, I didn’t mean to-”
“Shut up.” Her voice was distant, gaze now fixed on the bed sheets crushed under her. “Get on your knees. I don’t want to look at you anymore.” Her words hit you like a bucket of ice water, fear growing in the unknown. You complied without a word, guilt creeping into your core. Wounded as you were earlier, that was a low blow to hit. “Do you know how many people I had to watch you with?”
“No-” A powerful smack echoed and you shrunk back with the force of it against your ass, head falling into the nearest pillow.
“I don’t want to hear you either.” Blunt nails dug into your supple backside painfully, half moon shaped indents drawing just enough blood to sate Natasha’s cruelty. “It’s ten… Ten different girls you flirted with, bought drinks for… You let them fawn over you and rub against you as if you were actually interested in them.” Her nails dragged down until they reached your thighs, shoving them apart so she could get a good look at where you were dripping and swollen. “Like you’d ever actually have the nerve to give up what’s mine.”
You went to make a sound, anything to reassure her or apologize, but her thumb ground into your red ass cheek as a warning and you just shook your head. “Ten people.. plus I can’t stand you right now.. I think twenty hits should get the message through your thick skull.” Twenty. Only one and you knew you’d feel it later, but you couldn’t deny the deep need you felt to be taken and owned by Natasha Romanoff.
Even if you begged her not to, she’d have done it. Mind set on making you feel anything close to the raging fire of jealousy set alight by your careless words pulling at her heart, Natasha dealt out her punishment. You tried to keep track of how far you’d progressed, but after the fifth one, your face was hot and your head grew tired of thinking. Your hips betrayed you by pushing back into Natasha’s hands after each blow, panting into the pillow as if you were in heat. “You really are just a needy little whore, aren’t you? Taking any kind of attention you can get, even if you’re getting absolutely wrecked.”
You couldn’t suppress the moans that escaped you if you tried, Natasha’s tongue licking along your spine as you fell impossibly deeper under her spell. “But now you’re gonna be mine. Would you like that? Being mommy’s good little slut to fuck you and take care of you whenever you need?” She punctuated her words with the last of her punishing strikes and you squeaked out a choked sob, keening at the opportunity to be hers. Your eyes were red and itchy with tears, teeth biting your lip so hard you tasted copper.
“Good girl, you did so well for me..” Natasha let her anger dissipate as she massaged your bright red flesh, making note to deal with it properly later. The minute she disappeared from behind you, you yearned for her, but then your ankles were being yanked down and you were flipped onto your back. Your sore ass rubbed against the sheets, fabric irritating your raw skin. “That’ll teach you to think before you speak. Won’t it, baby?” You failed an attempt at a nod, settling for simply staring at her patronizing face and hoping she got the message. She took pity and soothed you temporarily with a gentler kiss, licking the blood from your cut lip with a soft care unfit for how rough she’d been tonight. Natasha planted her thigh between yours, tasting your mouth lazily until you sought her leg out for friction you thought you’d die without.
“Mommy, please, I need-” The sharp slap to your cunt stung like no other, wet noises filling the room only accenting how much you needed. Natasha pulled her hand away, ignoring your whines to stare down at her palm. She locked eyes with you easily; you were already watching her like a hawk. With superior eyes screaming dominance, Natasha stuck out her tongue to clean your slick off of her skin with the most vulgar groan you’d been blessed enough to hear. For a moment you could see her eyelids flutter, betraying just how much she wanted to have you from the source. But it was gone in an instant and she was on you again, damp palm colliding with your cheek so hard you didn’t know if that or your pussy hurt more now.
“I don’t care what you need.” She straightened up, throwing her leg over your middle and moving up until she could hold the iron headboard. “Put that pretty little mouth of yours to good use and I’ll think about giving you a reward.” You didn’t have to be told twice, the heady scent of Natasha overwhelming your senses in a way only she could. Your hands reached up to grab at her thighs, only to be shooed away with a huff. Natasha couldn’t hold back her cackle as she caught sight of your disappointed face- red, abused lips twisted in a pout and pleading eyes staring pathetically up at her. “So eager to please me, aren’t you?” All you could manage was a whimper, nodding like a punished puppy as you stared at the sweet pussy you wanted to bury yourself in so badly, but hovered just out of reach.
“Hm, maybe you do know how to be good.” Natasha hummed, lowering herself onto your face. “Get to work.” Your world was all Natasha, only her taste, her smell, how she bucked her hips whenever your tongue entered her; she barely let you breathe, but you didn’t mind.
“Flatten your tongue,” you obeyed and she tugged at your hair, holding you in place while she rut against your face to chase her high. “Fuck, fuck..stay there, yes..!” Natasha was close, you could tell. Her thighs locked your head in a vice grip and now you really couldn’t breathe, but you needed to feel her come apart. Boldly you took a bit of control, suckling at her engorged clit and her borderline pornographic cries almost made you cum completely untouched. She soaked your mouth and chin with your name on her lips, clawing at your scalp as she rode out her orgasm. Selfishly you dove back in to lap at her entrance, drinking her in until she was mewling and ripping you away. If she weren’t so sated, she would’ve chastised you for doing something other than what you were told.
Natasha limply scooted back down to let you breathe, shimmying out of her dress and kicking it down her legs until she was fully free. “If I’d known your mouth was that talented, I’d have made you do that much sooner.” Your lips collided again, Natasha aching to taste herself on you. You tried to kiss her back, but you were blinded by arousal- staring unfocused at the now calmed redhead. She could tell you were reaching your limit and in the afterglow of her high, Natasha decided you’d earned a reprieve. “Your turn, honey.”
You nodded dumbly, two seconds from touching yourself, Natasha’s anger be damned. But you could see stars on the ceiling, too drunk on Natasha to gather the energy to fuck yourself on your own fingers. “N-Natasha, come back..” A low chuckle tickled your ears and you frowned, suddenly impatient.
“Don’t get hazy on me yet, sweetpea. Mommy’s still gotta fuck you.” While you caught your breath, Natasha got off of you to grab the harness already placed at her bedside. She’d known one way or another you’d end up falling back into her bed tonight; she just hadn’t imagined you’d be so irritating tonight. You gulped loudly when you saw the size of the toy adorning Natasha’s hips- one of her biggest ones. Taking it was a struggle the few times she’d brought it out, but the stretch was unmatched and you were already drooling at the thought.
She climbed back over, hooking your legs around her hips so your drenched core was on display for her. Natasha had never gotten you so worked up before- she’d never gotten the chance to until today, but she felt your muscles twitch under her fingers spreading your lips and she swore this wouldn’t be the last time she had you like this. “You ready for me, sweetheart?”
You nodded frantically, near hysterical with need. “Yes! Yes, please! Fuck me, do anything!” Natasha shook her head, angling her hips so the tip of her strap slid through your folds. It wasn’t hard to get it wet enough to go in. Your walls were already stretching for her thick toy to accommodate her, straining earnestly. “Deeper…”
Normally she’d reprimand you for trying to order her around, but you’d been through enough. “Hold on, baby, you’re almost there,” After what seemed like forever to you, Natasha’s hips met yours, her full length buried right where you needed her. You sighed in momentary relief, feeling impossibly full, but you needed more. Natasha must’ve felt the same because she gave a testing push, judging your comfort before she pulled almost all the way out… just to slam back in and hear you scream. “I’m gonna fuck you so good.. I’ll ruin you for anyone else.”
Your eyes rolled back into your head, the combination of Natasha’s words and perfectly timed thrusts driving you wild. “Shit, mommy, please…” Once more everything went away- your world, your life, it all depended on Natasha fucking into you at that brutal pace. Your backside was numb from pain, the stinging reminder each time her thighs met your ass only driving you further to your orgasm. You wanted to say something, to respond to the utterly filthy things Natasha was growling into your ear, but your tongue felt thick and heavy.
“What’s that, little girl? Are you too far gone to speak up?” She was visibly oozing with satisfaction, knowing only she could make you feel so good you went dumb, completely dependent on her alone. The only thing that could make this better was if every girl stupid enough to occupy you at that party could hear you yelling her name, the beautiful sounds of her claiming you. Natasha twisted just a little and finally hit that coveted little spot inside you, feeling the vibrations of your slurred words as she bit into your neck. A few well-angled thrusts had you clawing at her bare back, legs winding around her waist, locking her in just in case she was thinking about leaving, and she knew you were on the brink. Two fingers came to circle over your clit and your back arched, pleading incoherently for sweet release.
“Are you gonna cum for me?” You whimpered in response, more than ready but knowing you needed Natasha’s permission. “Go on, sweet girl. Cum all over mommy’s cock.” Something in you snapped before she could even finish her sentence, the most powerful orgasm of your life washing over you with the force of an ocean wave. Natasha was saying something; it sounded kind and you wished you knew what it was, but you were too blissed out to hear anything except the pounding behind your own ears.
She was pulling out of you oh so carefully, tossing the toy to the side before massaging your thighs. Full lips placed kisses from your hips to your stomach and up until she reached your collarbone, nuzzling her cheek over your heart where she could feel it working hard. “You okay?” Confirmation came in the form of a heavy hand in her hair, brushing through her thick tresses just so you could continue to feel her. You’d never get enough of her, it was unfair.
When you finally regained your senses, Natasha was still firmly planted on top of you. Her head rested on your chest, hand selfishly holding your hip as if someone was going to come take you from her. Her brow was furrowed in thought and you rolled your eyes- that woman was so stubborn, you’d have to do everything yourself.
“Does this mean we’re together now?” You knew you had to be the one to ask. Jealous and possessive as she was, Natasha would never breach the subject herself. Thankfully you were willing to give in for the sake of you both.
Natasha cocked her head to the side, eyebrow arched high as she thought it through. Wordlessly she sat up, contemplating your question and what it’d mean for the both of you.She did really hate the thought of you with anyone else. “Sure, but I’m making you pay for dinners.” And you couldn’t hide the happy feeling that left you grinning from ear to ear.
Strong fingers pat your cheek twice, forcing you to face her. She caught your jaw easily with bruising force, her thumb pressing hard enough to make your gums ache. “Open.” You obeyed, parting your lips as Natasha leant over until her breath tickled your nose. Secretly you hoped for another kiss, a sweet confirmation of your affections returned.
But Natasha Romanoff didn’t do much sweet affection. Instead she spat in your waiting mouth, keeping unwavering eye contact as she coated your tongue and when she was satisfied, she snapped your mouth shut. “Now swallow.” And again, like the obedient lover she’d fucked you into, you did.
Pleased with both you and herself, Natasha softened, her iron grip on your face loosening with a smirk. Red lips pressed against yours in a series of playful kisses you couldn’t help but laugh sleepily at. “Trust me, sweet girl. You’re all mine.”
≪•◦ ❈ ◦•≫
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nermalina · 3 months ago
pairing(s): milf!wandanat x collegestudent!reader
a/n: writing this reminded me of how it’s been so long since i’ve consumed porn that isn’t written. so like if the comment system doesn’t properly reflect OF’s, pls pretend like they do ;_;
summary (based off this ask): your girlfriends finally find out what you do for a living.
warnings (18+ only): smut, unspecified yet legal age gap, sex work, filming sex, ski masks, mommy kink, daddy kink, praise kink, verbal humiliation, masturbation, vaginal fingering, ball gag, vibrators, forced orgasm, overstimulation (?), cum filled strap-ons, spitroasting, double penetration, cringey usernames (yes, i’m apologizing in advance)
words: 2.2k | marvel masterlist. | navigation post.
you do not have permission to translate/repost my works anywhere! likes, comments, and reblogs are always welcome & appreciated <3
The front door swung open, loudly slamming against the wall. “Sorry,” you mumbled, bowing your head in embarrassment before entering the house. You felt the roaming eyes of your girlfriends burning into your body. They were probably looking at you in that way because they had made it clear that they weren’t fond of you slamming doors.
“How was class?” Wanda asked. Beside her, Natasha was observing your every move while you navigated throughout the room, returning your belongings to their original locations. 
“It was fine.” you sighed. “Good as it could be for an exam day. How was work? Did anything interesting happen today?”
“We actually got off early today, which is why we’re back before you are,” Natasha said, opening her laptop. “We would’ve loved to wait for you to get home, but we couldn’t help ourselves.”
“Ah.” you nodded. “You know I don’t mind you guys have sex without me. We do that all the time when one of you is out. Although it would’ve been nice to watch.” you giggled, sliding into Wanda's lap.
“You may have not been here to watch us, but we were definitely able to watch you.” Wanda purred, pressing kisses along your jaw. Natasha watched in amusement as you furrowed your eyebrows in confusion.
“What do you mean?” Your eyes widened as familiar moans filled your ears. Natasha turned her laptop, so you could see her screen. They had managed to find your Only Fans account. You had planned to tell them on your own terms eventually, but they had beat you to it. “I- I could explain-”
“There’s nothing you have to explain, princess.” Natasha grabbed your jaw, turning you to face her. “It’s okay, alright? But I think we need to show everyone that you’re taken.”
Right as you opened your mouth, Wanda began to speak. “Go into the bedroom and log into your account, you’re doing a live show right now and we’re going to help you.”
You had your camera and laptop set up by the bed, leaving you to wait for your girlfriends to join you so you could go live. They entered shortly after with ski masks covering their faces. “Where did you even get those from?” 
“Does it really matter?”
“No offense, but isn’t this kinda ridiculous? I could just angle the camera so our faces aren’t in the frame.” you reasoned, watching Natasha gather a few of her favorite toys to use on you.
“But we want to show you off, sweetheart,” Wanda explained. “Don’t question us, especially when you think it’s kinda hot.”
“I never said that.”
“Your pussy says otherwise, honey.” Natasha purred, slapping your legs apart. “We wanna watch you first. I think we should see what your little fans love about you in person.”
Reaching for your laptop, you started the live and waited for a few hundred people to hop on. “You’ve got a full house today, hm?” Wanda whispered. She stood behind the camera with Natasha, both watching intently as you inched your hand down your body. 
pu$syluver: omgomgomg did anyone else hear that?!
hoezonmystrap: ooh she’s not alone this time
“Touch yourself for us, bunny,” Natasha instructed, pulling Wanda closer to her. “What are you waiting for, precious? There’s an audience waiting for you to put on a show.”
“I want you to do it, Mommy.”
“We‘ll get to that, darling. Don’t you want to make Mommy happy by doing what she asks?” Natasha pouted.
“I do-”
“Then go ahead and make her proud, sweets.” Wanda purred, placing kisses along Natasha’s neck. You whined, plunging two fingers inside of your entrance. “What’s wrong, dove? Can’t handle not being allowed to touch Mommy and Daddy?”
“No.” you whimpered, slowly pumping your digits into your cunt. They were seriously going to leave you to fend for yourself while they put their hands all over each other.
“That’s too bad.” Natasha teased. “It's only fair for us to give you a show if you’re giving us one- even if it's in front of so many other people.”
BenDover69: I wanna see what the other two are doing too ;)
“Sorry, only our cute little bunny gets that right.” Wanda chuckled, curling her lips around one of Natasha’s nipples. The redhead met your eyes as Wanda’s fingers entered her. 
You ground back against your hand while you watched the Sokovian work her fingers in and out of your girlfriend’s core.  “Does our sweet girl want to cum?”
“Yes, Daddy.” you moaned, stroking your clit with your other hand. “I wanna cum for you and Mommy. Please let me cum.”
“Go ahead and cum for us.” Natasha pushed her hips towards Wanda's hand as she came undone around her digits. You let out a sound of disapproval, grinding against your fingers. It wasn’t enough, you needed their assistance.
“What’s that? You can’t make yourself cum when we’re around?” Natasha cooed. “You’re too greedy for us, always needing us to step in and take care of
your slutty pussy.”
“Do you need a little help from us, baby?” Wanda withdrew her fingers from Natasha’s cunt and moved to where you laid on the bed. She kneeled beside you, shoving her digits into your mouth. 
The Russian wrapped her hand around your wrist, pulling it away from your heat. She replaced your fingers with her own, roughly pumping them. Her free hand pinned your hips to the mattress underneath you.
You sucked Natasha’s arousal off of Wanda’s fingers, swiping your tongue between her digits. “You like it when we fuck you in front of so many people, don’t you?” 
Your tongue licked at the pads of her fingers as she pulled them out of your mouth for you to answer. “Yes, Daddy. I want everyone to know that I’m your and Mommy’s slut.”
“Yeah, you’re our cute little slut.” Natasha pressed a soft kiss to your clit before curling her lips around the swollen nub. She sucked it into her mouth harshly, adding a third finger inside your cunt. 
“Cum all over Mommy’s face, honey.” Wanda encouraged, kneading your breasts. She leaned down and latched onto one of your nipples. You arched towards her mouth as she flicked her tongue over the hardened peak.
Your cunt clenched around the Russian’s digits before you released onto her hand. Natasha removed her fingers from your core and reached for the vibrating wand she had brought out while Wanda helped you sit up. She leaned your back against her torso for support. Natasha switched the wand on and placed it on your thigh. 
“What’s the matter, bunny?” Natasha asked, running it up and down the inside of your leg. “Did you want Mommy to stop?”
“It’s not that.” you huffed impatiently, reaching for the toy. Natasha’s hand smacked yours away. 
“Do you really want to be a brat right now?” Natasha snapped. “Did you want us to show your viewers how easily we put you back in your place?”
“No, Mommy.” you sighed defeatedly.
“Then you tell Mommy and Daddy what you want from them like a good girl.”
“No, you ask us politely.” Wanda corrected.
supersoaker3000: oh god pls just ask them already
“They’re waiting on you, honey.” Natasha teased, moving the vibrator closer to your heat. “You don’t want to disappoint them, do you?”
You set your pride aside and decided that you could give them a difficult time at a later date- well, once the cameras were off. “Please move it higher, Mommy.”
“Why didn’t you just ask earlier, baby?” Natasha mocked, trailing the toy up your leg and onto your lower stomach. “Is that high enough for you, doll?”
“A little lower,” you whispered. Your hands dug into the sheets in anticipation. You hoped that the Russian would cave and give you what you wanted.
“Here?” Natasha husked, pressing the vibe against your mound. “Is this better?” Your head fell back against Wanda’s shoulder as the toy buzzed against your cunt.
“I think it is, Nat.” Wanda chuckled, reaching around you to pinch your nipples. “Look at our slut, she’s practically humping your hand.”
You clamped your thighs shut when Natasha turned the vibrator up by one setting. “Wanda, keep her legs open.” The brunette obliged, keeping them from pressing together. 
“Aw, what’s wrong? You can’t handle it, dove?” Wanda pouted mockingly, tugging on your pebbled peaks. “Does that hurt, darling? Is this too much for you?”
“She’s being too loud. Your fans can hear you loud and clear already, honey. There’s no reason to make so much noise.”
“What else did you expect from our slutty little bunny?” Wanda held a ball gag in front of your face. “Open up, princess.” 
You parted your lips, allowing your girlfriend to slide the gag into your mouth. Wanda adjusted the strap and secured it around your head. 
“There we go, that should do it.” Wanda grinned.
HornyBottom420: God, I wished I had someone to fuck me like that. 
“You see that, baby?” Natasha asked. “You should be more grateful for what you have because so many other people want the same thing. Surely they would be more grateful, happily taking whatever we have to offer.”
The buzzing on your clit grew stronger as Natasha turned the toy up to its highest setting. “So do you want us to stop, or should we let you cum?”
You tried to speak, but all that came out of your mouth was incoherent babbling. The ball gag certainly didn’t help you either. “I guess she doesn’t wanna cum then, Wan. Otherwise the whore would’ve told us what she wanted.”
“Maybe they can decide for her,” Wanda suggested, referring to the people watching your stream. “That’s fair, right?”
“I suppose.” Natasha shrugged, pressing the vibrator further into you. Most users said they wanted to see you cum, so the pair figured that they’d give them what they wanted. Fortunately, that also happened to be what you wanted from your girlfriends. “I guess it’s your lucky day then, bunny.”
“But you have to cum right now or we won’t let you cum at all.” You mewled weakly as your arousal finally coated the vibe. 
“Such a messy pussy.” Natasha said, turning the toy off and placing it aside. “All nice and ready for our cocks, don’t you think, Wan?”
“Almost.” Wanda and Natasha briefly stepped off the bed to secure the harnesses around their hips. Flipping you onto your hands and knees, Natasha kneeled behind you, teasing your entrance with the tip of the strap-on. 
Wanda sat in front of you, tapping the dildo on your lips. “We’ve got your favorite ones, princess. We’re gonna fill your cunt up with our cum.”
You took Wanda’s strap into your mouth as Natasha eased hers into your core. Wanda placed her hands on either side of your head, holding you in place so she could drive the toy into your mouth on her own.
Natasha’s fingers pressed into your skin as she began to thrust the toy in and out of your cunt. “Look at you, honey. You’re taking my cock so well. I bet you can’t wait to have Wanda’s inside you too.”
“I’m sure she’s happy to have it in her mouth too. The whore loves sucking us off.” Wanda mocked, holding your head down on the cock. You gagged slightly, trying to mow your head up the dildo.
Wanda’s grip loosened, allowing you to pull your mouth off of the toy. She released some of the fake cum on your face, slipping her thumb into your mouth while she stroked the strap-on. “I think you’re ready to take both of us now.”
Natasha stilled her hips and pulled your body up so Wanda could settle underneath you. The brunette slowly slid her strap into your heat. 
h4rrystyl3svib3: i should be the one pounding that pussy :(
“Funny that someone else thinks that they could fuck our whore.” Wanda mocked. “Who takes good care of your pussy, doll?”
“Only Daddy and Mommy do!” you squealed as both of the women started to thrust into you. 
“That’s right, sweetheart, only we do.” Natasha reached around you, sliding her hand between your body and Wanda’s. The Russian stroked her digits over your sensitive bundle of nerves.
Your hips bucked forward when she gently pinched your clit. “You love when we stuff you with our straps, huh? Our pussy is always eager for us to fuck it.”
“It’s only ours to touch, bunny. That means that no one else can touch it, including you.” Natasha ground her hips into yours. You whimpered as one of the toys nudged against your sweet spot.
“Want us to fill you up now, sweetheart? Are you ready for our cum?” 
“Please cum inside my pussy.” you whined, leaning down to kiss Wanda. The Sokovian’s lips moved slowly against yours as they filled you with the faux substance. You came undone around their straps, grinding against them as you tried to ride out your high.
Wanda wrapped her arms around you, allowing your body to rest against hers. Natasha slowly withdrew the dildo from your cunt, using her thumb to push the cum back inside of you. 
s!mpform!lfs: bring them back another time!!!
“Oh, as if we’d ever let our little slut do this alone ever again.” Natasha scoffed, ending the live stream. “Your viewers are gonna be seeing us a lot more now, sweetheart. This pussy is ours to fuck and everyone’s gonna know who it belongs to.”
am i just now realizing the masks are pointless if they say each other’s names? yes, but we’re going with it (:
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subdaddyfreyr · 2 months ago
Red | N. Romanoff (NSFW)
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Anon Requested: Hello :), can u write something where Nat is punishing reader but cross a line and reader have to call the safeword, and then Nat feels really guilty and confort reader? If you don't want to thats okey too, thanks
Warnings: Degradation and praise, daddy kink, soft dom Natasha, masturbation (Nat), ab riding, restraints, fingering, some edging and orgasm denial, vibrators, strap-on, breast play, nipple clamps, spreader bar, choking, overstimulation, dom/sub, aftercare
Word Count: 1,906
Tumblr media
"Nat, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry baby." Natasha ignored your pleads as she tied you down on the bed. She gave the restraints on your wrists a tug to make sure they were secure.
"No, you're not," she growled, reaching into the pocket of her jeans. Your eyes widened when you saw the knife. Natasha leaned down to your ear, smirking. "But you will be."
The redhead used the knife to cut the dress you were wearing, earning a whine from you. "Natty, that was my favorite dress!" She rolled her eyes at you as she finished the act.
"I'll buy you another one," was all she said before she threw the ruined material onto the floor. "And it'll be for my eyes only. Is that understood, kotenok?"
She waited for your response, a shy "yes, Natasha" falling from your lips before she moved onto your bra. Soon she was tossing it to the floor alongside your ruined dress.
After setting the knife aside, Natasha looked down at your body. She hummed softly as she traced every curve with her eyes before they looking into yours. "Color, detka?"
"Green." She smiled and nodded, leaning down to connect her lips with yours. It was a quick kiss, but it wasn't any less passionate than the past kisses she'd given given you.
When the redhead pulled away, she was serious again. Her glaring eyes bore into your soul. You knew exactly what was coming. Just the thought of it all had you wet.
"Who am I?" Natasha stated cooly. You bit your lower lip as you watched her peel the black leather jacket away from her body, tossing it aside. "Daddy," you whimpered.
"Do you know why I have to punish you, kotenok?" You couldn't help bit let out a soft moan when you felt her fingers tug at your panties. "Because I did something bad."
"And what was that?" Natasha pulled on your panties. The sound of the fabric ripping made you want to squeeze your thighs together. But your girlfriend stopped you.
"Answer me," she warned. You let out a whimper when you felt her attach the spreader bar to your ankles so you wouldn't try to close your legs again. "I-I was dancing..."
"You were dancing. But you weren't dancing with me, were you, detka?" Natasha lifted her shirt over her head and threw it to the floor with everything else. "N-No, daddy."
"You weren't just dancing, either." You shook your head as you watched her climb off the bed and unbutton her jeans. When the material hit the floor, you whimpered.
Natasha kept her eyes locked on you as she removed the last two pieces of clothing from her body, the fabric falling to the floor. A minute later, she was straddling you.
"Daddy asked you a question, detka." She grabbed a pair of nipple clamps and a vibrator from the drawer by the bed, earning a moan from you. "No, daddy. I wasn't."
"You were grinding against him, letting him touch what's mine. Isn't that right?" You gasped when you felt her attach the nipple clamps, your back arching. Nat smirked.
"Look at you," Natasha cooed, "such a dumb little whore. I haven't even done anything and you're already arching your back for me." You moaned loudly at her words.
But when you felt her press her thumb down onto your clit as she slowly pushed two fingers inside of you, you gasped and closed your eyes. "Look at me, Y/N."
You obeyed, your eyes locking back onto hers. "This body is mine, is that clear?" You whimpered, trying and failing to buck your hips due to her weight. "This pussy is mine."
"Yes, daddy." Natasha smirked when she felt your walls beginning to tighten around her fingers. You were close, she could feel it. "You're mine, detka. Mine to touch."
You felt the all-too familiar feeling in your stomach, your chest rising and falling with every breath you took and every moan you let out. "Mine to deny."
You whined when she removed her hand, watching as she leaned back on her other hand, giving you the perfect view of her own aroused state. "Mine to tease."
A moan rolled off her tongue when her fingers, the same ones that had been inside of you, slid into her easily due to your slick. "Y/N," Nat moaned as she touched herself.
You whimpered as you watched her add a third finger, her thumb finding her clit. You watched as her digits disappeared and reappeared, wishing they were yours instead.
"Daddy," you whined. The redhead ignored you and continued to fuck herself with her fingers, her green eyes never leaving you. She got herself off to the sight of you.
To the sight of you naked and tied down to the bed. To the sight of the nipple clamps on your breasts. To the sight of you whining and drooling as you watched her.
"Y/N," Nat moaned, curling her fingers inside of her own dripping cunt. "Oh, baby..." You moaned as you watched her grind against her fingers. "Fuck, daddy's cumming!"
Natasha groaned in pleasure as she came undone. After she'd finished riding out her high, she brought her fingers to your lips. "Get them nice and clean for me, kotenok."
You did, moaning when you tasted her on your tongue. Satisfied, she removed her fingers from your lips and crawled up your body, straddling your stomach.
"You're mine," she repeated herself as she grabbed the vibrator. You whimpered as you watched her lower it between your thighs. But when she turned it on, you screamed.
"Fuck! Daddy!" Natasha hummed, smirking at you as she held the vibrator against your clit while she began to buck her hips against you. You moaned loudly at the sight.
"I've always wanted to ride your abs. Did you know that?" The redhead moaned along with you as she slowly grinded on your toned body. "S'why I never train with you."
When the muscles in your stomach began to contract, signaling your fast-approaching orgasm, Natasha sped up her movements. "Get so turned on watching you train."
"Daddy, I-I'm gonna-" "Seeing you covered in sweat, seeing your muscles tense...shit," Nat interrupted you, moans falling from her lips. "I've touched myself thinking about it."
"D-Daddy!" You whined, earning a chuckle from the redhead. "I know, detka. I know. I can feel you tensing up," a sigh of pleasure tore its way past her lips. "Cum with me."
You screamed out in pleasure, her name rolling off your tongue alongside a few choice curses. Natasha leaned down and connected her lips to yours as she rode out her high.
She took the vibrator off of you, turning it off. "Still green, dorogaya?" You nodded up at her and Natasha smiled, pecking your lips one more time before crawling off of you.
You watched as she attached her harness, the sight of the toy making you bite down on your lower lip. It was your favorite one; fiery red, just like her hair.
Natasha removed the spreader bar and set it down on the floor. She pressed her lips to your ankles, kissing each of them softly before crawling to rest between your legs.
You gasped when you felt her ease the toy inside of you, her thrusts slow and gentle at first. But it didn't last. She began moving faster, began fucking into you harder.
"You take daddy's cock so well, baby girl." Natasha cooed, lowering her lips to your breasts. She kissed and nibbled at the skin as she removed the nipple clamps.
You hissed when your nipples were freed, the cold air hitting the sensitive, erect buds. Natasha wrapped her lips around the left while her fingers tugged on the right.
"Your breasts are so beautiful, detka." She hummed against your skin, earning a soft moan from you. She smiled proudly at the marks she'd made on your chest.
"They're beautiful, and they're mine." You nodded harshly, bucking your hips to meet her hard thrusts. Then she returned the vibrator to your clit and turned it on.
"Fuck!" You screamed and arched your back as you came undone, coating Natasha's plastic cock with your second orgasm. But that didn't make her stop fucking you.
You lost count of how many orgasms she'd pulled from you after the fifth one. It was getting to be too much, but you didn't say anything. You didn't want to disappoint her.
She returned to the space between your thighs with another toy, a rabbit vibrator that she guided into you slowly. She turned it on and brought her thumb to your clit.
You began to cry, unable to take anymore. "Red! R-Red!" Natasha stopped what she was doing, immediately. She turned off the vibrator, carefully pulling it out.
She took the nipple clamps that she had put back on you off again, she removed her hand from your throat, and she released you from the restraints you were bound by.
"Shh," Natasha hushed you as she pulled you into her arms, your face buried in her chest as you laid on your sides. "I'm sorry, detka. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you."
You shook your head and mumbled against her chest, "y-you didn't." The redhead let out a heavy sigh as she lifted your head, making you face her.
"Why didn't you say something sooner, kotenok?" You shrugged and tried to look away, but she didn't let you. The look she gave you made your heart skip a beat. "Y/N..."
"Didn't want to disappoint you," you mumbled shyly. Nat frowned and pressed her lips to your forehead, kissing it softly. "Hey," she whispered, "you could never disappoint me."
You went quiet and nodded, even though you didn't believe her words. Nat pulled you into her arms as she stood up, carrying you to the bathroom in your shared apartment.
She sat you down on the edge of the bathtub, one arm still wrapped around you while her free hand prepared the bath. "Lavender or strawberries and mint tonight, detka?"
"You pick," you answered with a soft smile. She returned your smile with a nod, opting for the strawberries and mint scented soap before helping you into the bathtub.
"You stay here and enjoy your bath while I go make you some of that tea you love so much." The redhead disappeared before you could object, returning twenty minutes later.
She was in a pair of sweats and a black tank top now, her hair tied back in a brad. In one hand was a towel, fresh out of the dryer. In the other was the tea she promised.
Natasha set the tea down and walked over to you. You let the water out of the tub and rose to your feet, sighing when Natasha wrapped your body in the warm towel.
She helped you out and pulled you into her arms the moment your feet touched the bathroom floor. You smiled when you felt her lips on your forehead.
"Put fresh sheets on the bed, and your favorite movie is in. Just have to hit play." Your smile turned into a grin. "I don't deserve you," you whispered softly.
Natasha frowned. "No. No, you deserve someone better." You giggled at her words and leaned in, lips an inch away from hers. "There's no such thing. I already have the best."
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twilight-99-tm · 22 days ago
sweet tooth - natasha romanoff
Summary: natasha’s in a mood when she picks you up
Warnings: oral (r giving and receiving), fingering (r giving and receiving), sugar mommy!nat, sugar mommy!wanda (eventually), mommy kink
Word Count: 3.1k
A/N: this is part of the sweetener au (which is a sugar mommy (eventual) wandanat au which might involve dark themes later on, for more details check the masterlist)
No one has permission to repost my work anywhere, if you see it please let me know.
masterlist | sweetener masterlist (coming soon!)
gif not mine
Tumblr media
“So she’s paying you to date her?” Carol looked through the cabinets frustratedly while you leaned against the counter behind her, popping another grape into your mouth.
“Not exactly,” You said, tilting your head. “She has a lot of money, and she likes paying for things, and I like spending time with her.”
“Because she fucks you like no one has before?”
“Not just that,” You offered Carol a handful of grapes as she leaned on the counter next to you. “She’s nice, and funny, and so what if she gives me mind blowing orgasms?”
“It’s borderline prostitution.”
“So? This is a safe space for sex workers, Carol,” You bumped her shoulder, as she chuckled next to you, popping another grape into her mouth. “She made it clear from day one though, I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to as her sugar baby, the sex is just a bonus.”
“Any chance your sexy sugar mommy is looking for another sugar baby or does she have her hands full with you?” She asked, picking another grape from the bunch.
“Very funny,” You rolled your eyes, feeling your phone buzz from your back pocket. “I’m not her only sugar baby, at least I don’t think I am.”
“What do you mean?”
“She’s always talking about this Wanda, saying I should meet her, that I’d like her,” You checked your phone seeing you had a notification from your bank and a text from Natasha.
running late, won’t make it to dinner, i’ll pick you up after work order yourself and your roommate some dinner
Your eyes widened at the two hundred dollars that were just deposited into your account. “What do you want for dinner Carol?”
She turned her head to you, looking down at your phone as her eyebrows raised up almost to her hairline in surprise. “Is she looking for a third?”
You laughed, shaking your head and pushing her arm lightly. The two of you ended up ordering way too much takeout and watching movies on the couch until Carol passed out, her head hanging from the edge as you cleaned up the empty containers. Your phone screen lit up, bringing your attention to your phone.
You swallowed hard, even through text you could tell she was probably pissed from something that happened at work. You walked back into the living room, smacking the side of Carol’s head to wake her up. 
“I’m leaving, go sleep on your bed,” You said, grabbing your bag and heading towards the door, hearing Carol grumbling under her breath as she stretched and yawned on the couch. 
Natasha’s sleek black car stood out in your dimly lit street. You didn’t live in a bad part of town but also not the nicest, and Natasha liked showing off, her car would stand out anywhere. You walked with your head low towards the car, Howard, Natasha’s chauffeur, got out of the car and moved around to open the door for you, holding out his hand for you overnight bag.
“Ms Y/L/N,” He greeted with a nod. You handed him your bag with a smile.
“Howard, you know you can call me Y/N,” He smiled back at you before you entered the car, the door closing softly behind you. Natasha’s hands were on you before you could even get a word out, moving your body to the middle seat, and turning you towards her.
“How was your day, princess?” Her lips connected to the skin of your neck as her hand slid up your leg. You sank your teeth into your bottom lip, humming in pleasure as she sucked and marked your skin. She was in a mood.
“It was good,” You yelped when her teeth sank down onto your skin. “Better now.”
“Yeah? Better now that Mommy’s got her hands all over you?” Her fingers brushed over the seam of your pants, making you flex you hips into her hand. She chuckled against your skin, kissing up to your cheek then pulling away to look at your face.
You tilted your head to the side, eyebrows scrunching as you brought your hand to her face, thumb running over her cheekbone as she leaned into your touch. “How was your day, Nat?”
She kissed your palm before looking back at you, moving her hand down to move you onto her lap, her spacious car giving her more than enough room. Natasha nuzzled her face into you, your hands tangling in her hair and pulling her face up to see you.
“Long,” She said, scrunching her face before you leaned down and kissed her lips. You felt the car shake as Howard pulled into Natasha’s long driveway, the steep incline pushing your body closer to Natasha. You took the opportunity to press your lips against her neck, sucking on the spot you knew drove her crazy.
You pulled away slightly, your breath tickling Natasha’s skin. Her nails trailed down your thighs as Howard pulled up to her front door, you got off her lap just in time for him to open the door. She got out of the car first, dismissing Howard before making her way around to your side, helping you open the door then taking your hand to get out of the car. She got your bag out of the trunk, slinging it over her shoulder as you walked into her large house. 
Natasha brought your body closer to hers, pressing her lips against yours in a slow kiss, your arms wrapping around her neck as you gave yourself into her. Her tongue slipped into your mouth and she smirked at your lack of resistance. She pulled her lips away, looking at your eyes fluttering back open.
“I’m gonna put your stuff upstairs, there should be some left over Chinese in the fridge,” She kissed your cheek. “Can you warm it up for me?”
You scrunched your face, your hands cupping her face and shaking her head in your hands. “Go take a shower, relax, I’ll make you some actual dinner.”
She smiled, leaning in and pecking your lips again before squeezing your ass and stepping away from you. “Whatever makes you happy, sweets.”
You chuckled, turning towards the kitchen and pulling out the ingredients you needed. You got lost in making the sauce, stirring absentmindedly as the pasta boiled in the other pot. Natasha smiled as she walked into the kitchen, her eyes fluttering closed when she smelled the sauce. She walked closer to you, tugging your hips back into her and nuzzling her head into you your neck.
“It smells good, baby,” She kissed your skin as you spooned the sauce on top of the pasta, Natasha’s mouth watering at the site. You giggled as her damp hair brushed your neck, her cold strands sending chills down your body.
She let go of you and turned to the kitchen island, pulling out a bottle of her favorite red from the wine cooler. She pulled a glass from the cupboard and walked into the living room, seeing you following close behind her. Natasha sat where she usually sat, at the head of the table, and you set her plate of pasta in front of her. 
Natasha smiled at you, running her hand up your leg as you poured wine into her glass. You ran your free hand through her damp hair, her hand coming up to slide over your ass. Before you had a chance to pull away, she gripped your hips and brought you onto her lap, making you release a small yelp in surprise. 
“I’m so tired, baby,” She said, sliding her hands up and down your legs, making you chuckle. You turned around with a playful roll of your eyes, grabbing the pasta bowl and the fork on the table.
“What would you do without me?” You asked, shaking your head and twirling some pasta onto the fork. 
“It’s why I pay you, isn’t it?” You both laughed, her hand coming up to tug a strand of your hair behind your ear. The both of you enjoyed each other’s company while you fed her the pasta, telling her about your week and taking sips from her wine glass every now and then. She watched you, and paid attention to what you were saying, chiming in every now and then.
Natasha enjoyed the many aspects of this relationship. Enjoyed the way you turned to mush when she brushed your leg, the way you squirmed under her when she curled her fingers in just the right way, the way you silently begged for more when you bucked your hips into her, the way she took care of you just as much as you took care of her. What she enjoyed most was these shared moments with you, listening to you share all parts of your life with her, the easy dynamic between the two of you a sharp contrast to the stress-filled interactions she had all day at work. But today, she didn’t feel like talking, she just wanted to empty her mind and fill it with you.
“What’s on your mind, Nat?” You asked, drinking the last of the wine and turning to put the glass back on the table. “Want some more pasta?”
Her lips tugged up as she hands drifted to your waistband, her fingers popping the button of your pants open. “I actually had dessert in mind.”
Your eyes reached her gaze, the seductive smirk on her face alone already sending waves of arousal down to your heat. Her fingers slid under your shirt, you moaned as her fingers started tweaking your nipples. Natasha smirked as she watched you clench your eyes shut and arch your back into her touch. 
She brought her lips onto yours in a hungry kiss, reaching behind you and pushing the dirty dishes aside. She raised your body onto the table, tugging your pants and underwear down. You whimpered as she spread your legs apart, her lips kissing up your thigh towards your heat making you buck up closer to her. Her lips hovered over your cunt while she scooted her chair closer, her tongue slipping through your pussy.
You sank your fingers into her hair, pressing her face into you as your rolled your head back in pleasure. Her lips wrapped around your clit, sucking the sensitive nub before she dipped one finger into you. You moaned, bucking your hips up as she looked up at you, lips glistening with your arousal.
“So sweet,” Her tongues dipped out to lick her lips as she pushed her fingers deeper into you. You whined, craving more of her, her single finger easily moving as it was quickly covered in your slick. “Such a good girl for me.”
“Mommy,” You whined, pushing your hips down into her hand, craving more contact. “Please, I want more.”
She added another finger, your eyes rolling to the back of your head as she continued pumping her fingers. “So greedy, princess,” She stood up, her hand coming up to your throat, squeezing the sides. “You did so good tonight, maybe you deserve a reward.”
“Please,” You bucked you hips, her pace quickening as your breaths became shorter, the coil in your stomach tightening as you felt your orgasm approaching. “I want- Fuck, Mommy- please let me cum.”
“Go ahead, bunny,” She said, kissing your lips and increasing her pace as your body shook under her, letting the waves of your orgasm crash over you. “Make a mess on my fingers.”
You grabbed onto her arms for support as your thighs clenched around her body, feeling her smirk against your lips as her fingers continued their fast pace. You released a high pitched whine, gripping onto the front of Natasha’s shirt as you desperately cried out into her mouth.
“Give me one more, princess,” She pulled away from you, using her other hand to rub circles on your clit. “Let me see you fall apart.”
Your mind became fuzzy as she brought you over the edge one more time. Your head fell onto Natasha’s shoulders as she hummed in satisfaction, feeling your arousal drip down her hand. Your teeth sank down onto her shoulder as she slowed her movements, helping you ride out your high. 
“So good,” Her praise reached your ears between your soft whimpers, body limp after every single one of your muscles clenched in pleasure. You caught your breath as Natasha removed her fingers, pulling them into her mouth and moaning at your taste. “So good.”
Your eyes felt heavy as Natasha pecked your face, kissing your cheeks and your forehead, then the tip of your nose. Your eyes fluttered, hands sliding towards the hem of her shirt. “Not here, baby.”
Natasha hooked her hands under your thighs pulling you up against her, your head tucking into the crook of her neck. She made her way to her room upstairs while your fingers played with the hair at the nape of her neck. She softly laid you down onto her plush bed, the ran her fingers over your cheekbone. She kissed your cheek before pulling away from you, but you didn’t let her get far, pulling her hand back.
“What is it, honey?” She asked, intertwining her fingers with yours as you pulled her down onto the bed. You pushed her down onto the bed, quickly crawling over her body to straddle her. Your hands slid up over her shirt to her breasts, making her hum in approval.
You looked into her eyes one more time before slowly leaning down, your hands sliding under her shirt and pulling it up above her breasts. You pressed your lips against the soft skin on her stomach, slowly kissing up to her chest. Natasha released a breathy moan, whispering your name when your teeth grazed against her skin. She pulled her shirt over her head, exposing herself to you.
You bit your lips before continuing to kiss up her chest, hands kneading her breasts as you reached her neck. You ground your hips onto hers, moaning against her neck when you felt her hands on your ass.
“You had a long day,” You mumbled into her neck, pulling away to look at her, her nails lightly running over your bare skin. “Let me take care of you, Mommy.”
Natasha’s nails dug deeper into your skin as you moved against her, your hands roaming all over her chest and playing with her nipples as she moaned against your lips. You kissed down her body, Natasha’s eyes following your every move, her hands guiding you down.
“Look at me, princess,” She cupped your chin, pulling your attention up to her. “I don’t have time for all this teasing,” She squeezed your chin before sliding two fingers into your mouth, making you suck on them like second nature. “Make me cum, and I’ll leave something nice in your wallet.”
She pushed her fingers further into her mouth before you moved down to between her legs, pulling her loose shorts down her legs along with her delicate underwear. Your fingers circled her clit before dipping down to her entrance as Natasha sighed and scooted down, comfortably settling herself among her pillows. 
She crossed her arms behind her head as you sucked her clit into your mouth, your eyes glued to the way her face contorted in pleasure. Natasha opened her eyes and moaned at the sight, your round pleading eyes looking up at her as your mouth was on her pussy. You circled your tongues on her clit as you started pumping your finger in and out of her, slowly curling your finger into her.
You moved your mouth against her heat, adding another finger as Natasha bucked her hips into your face. Your free hand wrapped around her thigh pulling her closer before one of her hands left the back of her head to wrap around your hair. You quickened your pace, sucking harder and moaning when she tugged your hair harder. Natasha’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as she moaned into the air, pushing your face into her.
“Do you want me to cum, baby?” You whined against her, touching her in the way you knew drove her insane. Natasha groaned, pulling your head away from her. “Then beg.”
“Please,” You whimpered. “Please Mommy, please cum on my mouth, I wanna feel you squeeze around my fingers, please.”
Natasha pulled you back into her, desperately chasing her high. You added a third finger into her, pumping mercilessly as her whines got louder. Your tongue flattened against her as you flicked your wrist and curled your fingers into her, completely sending her over the edge as her arousal dripped from her cunt. Her body felt like it was floating as her mind cleared, the only thing clouding her senses being your tongue and fingers softly working her through her orgasm.
You scissored your fingers into her, making her pull your hair as her body flexed in pleasure. The sting on your scalp only encouraged you further, continuing to stimulate Natasha into her second orgasm. By the time you cleaned her up and started kissing up her body, her chest was heaving and a thin layer of sweat made her skin glisten. 
Your arms supported your weight on either side of her body as your lips reached her neck, her legs wrapping around your body to pull you closer. Her hands ran up and down your back, nails running over your skin as you brought your lips together. She hummed against your lips, eyes fluttering open as you laid next to her, your head settling on her chest.
“You’re so good to me, sweetheart,” Her fingers kept drawing shapes onto your arm, your own fingers running down her toned stomach. Your eyes started becoming heavy as your breaths synced and evened out. You were almost asleep when you heard the quiet ding from your phone, the distinct sound indicating it was a notification from your bank app. 
“Listen,” You tilted your head up to look at Natasha as she pulled the thick comforter over the two of you. “Wanda is coming over tomorrow, you’re more than welcome to stay, I think you’d like her. She most definitely liked you.”
“I don’t even know her,” You said, hand reaching up to run your fingers along her jaw. 
“But she knows you,” Natasha said, pulling you onto her body. She liked feeling your weight on top of her, your body against hers. “Stay.”
“Okay, Mommy,” You said, nuzzling your face into her neck. “If that’s what you want.”
Her fingers ran through your hair as you felt yourself falling deeper into sleep. She hummed, dimming the lights from the tablet on her bedside table as you heard the sound of the tv. You didn’t understand why she wanted you to stay while her other sugar baby would be over, maybe she wanted to have a threesome, which you weren’t necessarily against, but you trusted Natasha to respect your boundaries if it came down to it.
“You’re such a good girl, baby,” She whispered into your hair, making you hum contently. “My good girl, don’t you forget that.”
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caroldantops · 4 months ago
hot milfs in your area
ship: natasha romanoff/wanda maximoff/fem!reader 
summary/request: you’re a handywoman hired to do some fixes around the house for the maximoff-romanoff family, but wanda and natasha seem to have a lot more work planned for you than you initially thought.
word count: ~3k
warnings: smut (18+), dubcon/noncon groping, allusions to cheating (no actual cheating involved), dom!wanda, dom!natasha, sub!reader, mommy kink, oral sex (r giving), strap-ons, anal, double penetration, praise kink, degradation, subspace, aftercare
masterlist | ao3 link
Tumblr media
It started as a perfectly normal job, just a handful of things that needed fixing in a family’s house. Nothing remotely out of the ordinary. You were feeling really good about it because one of your previous clients - Rogers if you recall correctly - had actually recommended that the Maximoff-Romanoffs use your service.
Wanda and Natasha seemed like a lovely couple, with a young daughter that you only saw in a brief flash of red hair as she rushed off to catch the bus when you first arrived that morning. Natasha showed you around the house, telling you all of the various things that they needed you to fix. Wanda keeps trying to offer you snacks or a drink, and you politely decline at least three times before you finally have a lemonade and peanut butter crackers shoved into your hands.
You finished your snack and started making your way through the list that they provided you. While you’re in the kitchen, crawling under the sink to fix a leak, you hear Wanda’s voice behind you.
“You know, Nat’s tried to fix all these things herself about thirty times.”
“Oh, really?” You try to act surprised, but the duct tape around the pipes clued you into that right away.
“Mhm,” Wanda hums. “I don’t know which one of you looked better with your ass sticking out from under the counter like this.”
You freeze, trying to process what Wanda just said to you. Wanda. Who is married, and whose wife is literally in the house right now. You thank whatever god is watching this disaster that you physically cannot make eye contact with her right now because that would surely cause you to spontaneously combust with how hot your face is right now.
Ignoring it, that’s the best method here. That’s what you always do when someone flirts with you on the job. Though usually, they are much less gorgeous than Wanda is. You just continue your work, but it doesn’t seem to phase Wanda.
“Shy, are we? Even better. I’ve been itching for a sweet, innocent thing to ruin,” Wanda grins. Before you can even process what she’s said to try to muster up some semblance of a coherent response, you feel a sharp slap on your ass. Her laughter at the yelp you let out gets quieter as she leaves the kitchen. “I’ll let you get back to work for now though, sweetheart.”
This entire thing just...baffles you. You’ve been doing these house calls for a couple of years now but this has never happened. Possibly the more disturbing part is that you kind of like that attention that you got from Wanda. Your mind definitely should not be filled with fantasies straight out of cringey porn, complete with a terrible plot, cheesy dialogue, and an even worse title to match.
“Sexy MILF Pipes Handywoman Stuck Under Kitchen Sink While Wife is Upstairs (ALMOST CAUGHT).”
You shake the inappropriate thoughts away and finish up in the kitchen. The next hour goes by without any other incidents, except for the occasional times you cross paths with Wanda and she gives you a look that makes you think that she’s going to eat you alive. Natasha, though, is nowhere to be found - something that you’re grateful for because you don’t know how you’re going to face her after what occurred with her wife.
The last item on your list is checking a leak in the main bathroom, so you gather all of your tools and find where Natasha showed you the primary bedroom is. The door is wide open, so you assume it’s okay to step inside.
As soon as you do, you immediately realize that knocking would have been a safer option. Natasha is facing away from you, standing in front of a full-length mirror, naked body still damp from her shower, drying her hair with a towel. From the angle you’re at, you can see her ass and tits on full display, and you hate to admit that your mouth waters at the sight of her curves. You almost freeze in place, but the rational part of your brain kicks you into motion, and you try to just leave the room without Natasha seeing you, hoping that it would be less awkward if she just never knew you were even there.
But no such luck for you.
“I know my body’s not quite what it used to be, but running away at the sight of it is a little much.”
You keep your gaze on the floor as Natasha addresses you, because you know if you look up you wouldn’t be able to resist staring.
“I’m so sorry, Natasha. I saw that the door was open so I figure that it was alright to come in,” you apologize, hands fidgeting with each other. Natasha must be incredibly light on her feet because you don’t even realize that she’s walked over to you until her finger tucks under your chin and lifts it so you meet her gaze.
“I don’t do anything by accident, baby,” Natasha hums. You’re positive that she can tell how rapid your breathing is, especially since her other hand has swiftly untucked your shirt from your belt so that she can trail her hand up your body, fingers dancing delicately across your skin.
First Wanda, now Natasha too? Were you really going to be a homewrecker from both sides?
“Oh, um,” you panic, but your brain is too scrambled to make any effort to grab her wrist or pull away as you feel her fingers dance across your breast, gently squeezing and running her finger over the hardening nipple. You desperately keep your eyes away from Natasha’s naked body, but you can’t help glancing up and admiring her soft curves that make your mouth water. “Natasha, I don’t think we should do this. You’re, uh--Wanda might--”
“Wanda might what?”
You swear that you’ve never felt more embarrassed in your entire life than when you turn to see Wanda leaning against the doorway, watching her naked wife feel you up. Her expression is unreadable, but there’s a certain dark glint in her eyes that puzzles your foggy brain.
“Are you seriously starting without me, Nat?” Wanda ignores the way you’re visibly fumbling for some sort of explanation to address her wife, who is still teasing you under your shirt. A sharp pinch to your nipples makes you whine.
“Please,” Natasha rolls her eyes, also ignoring your pathetic mumbled complaints. “I thought you were going to take them right there in the kitchen. At least I had the patience to get to the bedroom.”
“Um,” you finally find your voice. The two women stop their snark fest finally and look at you. You almost wish that you had let them keep going, because now with both of their heated gazes on you, your brain has lost any bit of coherence it had left. “I’m sorry, what exactly is happening here? I thought that you both were trying to cheat on the other with me, and then all this happened, and now I’m just very confused.”
“Aw, poor baby,” Wanda coos, pushing off of the doorframe to come stroke your cheek gently. You can’t help but lean into her touch. “This must’ve been a lot for your little brain to handle, huh?”
“Too much attention for you, honey?”
“Well, no,” you admit, gaze falling to the floor in shame. “I...I liked the attention.”
“Of course you did. You’re just an attention whore, aren’t you?” Natasha laughs, removing her hands from under your shirt at last. Wanda pulls away from you too, and you watch, paralyzed as they whisper something to each other. While Wanda starts pulling off her leggings and shirt, Natasha sits on the edge of the bed and spreads her legs for a moment, giving you a peek of her wet folds. You whine deep in your throat at the sight, but she just smirks and crosses one over the other. “Strip for us.”
There’s no room for questions there, and frankly, you are much too worked up to ask any. You unzip your work uniform as quickly as you can, discarding it by your long-forgotten toolbox. Wanda’s joined Natasha on the edge of the bed now, both of them naked and staring at you like you’re their next dinner.
“Come to mommy,” Wanda purrs, crooking her finger at you in a come hither motion. You start to walk over to the bed, but Natasha tuts.
“Ah, no. Crawl.”
The carpet is soft on your knees as you crawl to kneel at Wanda’s feet. Her hand tangles in your hair, tugging you between her spread legs and toward her already damp cunt.
“You’re going to be a good girl for Wanda, right baby? Gonna eat her good?” Natasha asks, fingers moving slowly between her own legs as she watches Wanda manhandle you.
You nod, breathing heavy, and Wanda sighs at the feeling of your warm breath hitting her center. Her patience for your tentative licks to her folds is short-lived, and you’re suddenly pressed fully into Wanda’s pussy.
“Oh fuck,” Wanda moans as your tongue thrust into her waiting hole. She rocks her hips against you, her grip on your head keeping you in place. Your senses are fully engulfed by Wanda. The taste of her and the sounds of her moans and the feeling of her roughly pressing you as deep into her cunt as possible all send heat straight to your own cunt and have your eyes rolling back.
It doesn’t take long for Natasha to get impatient just watching, eager to feel your mouth on her as well.
“Wanda, you’re hogging them,” Natasha huffs. Wanda loosens her hold on you enough for you to pull away, and both of the women groan at the sight of Wanda’s slick dripping down your chin.
“I haven’t finished yet, Nat,” Wanda rolls her eyes, but her annoyed demeanor is slightly less effective with her ragged breathing and deep flush that’s taken over her face.
Natasha purses her lips for a moment, then smirks as she pulls Wanda so that she’s sitting in her lap, both of them facing you with Wanda’s legs hooked around Natasha’s spread ones, leaving you space to kneel just as you were before. Wanda leans her head back against Natasha’s shoulder, sighing happily when the older woman peppers kisses along her shoulder.
You stare up at them wide-eyed, overwhelmed by the sight of their wet pussies both being presented to you. Wanda’s cunt is far more drenched than Natasha’s, because of your efforts earlier. The sight of Wanda’s slick dripping down onto Natasha’s wet folds is something that you’re going to etch into your brain and save for the rest of your life.
“Well?” Natasha looks at you over Wanda’s shoulder, eyebrow raised. “Get back to work, slut.”
That’s all you needed to kickstart you back into motion, and you waste no time lapping up Wanda’s juices that have spilled onto Natasha. Even though Natasha is the only one being touched right now, both of them moan at the sight of how eager you are to please them.
You switch back and forth between the two of them, but as they start attempting to grind against your face to steal your attention from the other, your movements start getting sloppy. A mix of their juices is covering practically your whole face, with the way that Wanda keeps thrusting her hips into you to urge you to give her your tongue again. The way their moans and dirty talk mix is sending shivers down your spine and straight to your own aching center.
“God, look at you. You were practically made for this, weren’t you?”
“They definitely were Wanda. Just a sweet little plaything.”
“You better make us cum, darling, because you’re not getting touched until we do.”
That isn’t an issue, though, because soon, they’re both on the brink of climax, and you desperately want to help them cum at the same time. You lap at Wanda’s clit while pushing your fingers into Natasha’s cunt, groaning when you feel her clenching around your digits.
“Fucking hell, baby,” Natasha pants. Your wrist is starting to ache because of the cramped angle, but you don’t let that stop you from fucking Natasha as hard as you can, fingers curling so that you hit that little spot that makes her hips twitch extra hard. “You’re gonna make us cum.”
“I’m so close,” Wanda pants. Natasha brings her hand around to rub Wanda’s clit as you thrust your tongue inside of her. It’s the final push that Wanda needs, and she climaxes with a guttural moan. The combination of your fingers curling inside of her and watching Wanda cum is enough to push Natasha over the edge as well. You’re caught off guard when fluid shoots from Natasha’s cunt onto your face and down your chest, but that surprise is immediately replaced by a smug satisfaction that you were able to make her squirt.
“Aw, did you get all messy?” Wanda coos, chest still heaving from her orgasm as she climbs off of Natasha’s lap. Natasha looks blissed out, but she’s still somehow laser-focused on you. Wanda kisses your wet cheeks, humming at the taste of their cum on your skin. “You look cute covered in cum. I bet you’re just aching to be touched, aren’t you?”
“Yes, ma’am,” you practically whisper, mind pleasantly fuzzy from the intensity of everything combined with the sudden sweetness from both women as they praise you and wipe your face clean.
After Wanda and Natasha have a moment to settle from their highs, you’re lifted onto the bed and ordered to wait while they collect a few things. You watch with your thighs pressed tight together - anything to relieve the throbbing between your legs.
“Are you ready for us baby?” Natasha asks, climbing onto the bed. Wanda follows close behind, sitting on the other side of you. Both of them have buckled on harnesses, with silicon cocks bobbing between their legs as they shift positions. Wanda’s is much smaller and slimmer than Natasha’s, and you groan as you realize why that is. “You ready to take mommies’ cocks?”
“Yes, please, mommy,” you beg.
Natasha sits at the head of the bed and pulls you up to straddle her. You grip her shoulders tight as she helps guide you onto her strap. She rubs the tip against your clit, pulling a moan from your throat, before pushing the first couple of inches inside of you.
“Good girl,” Natasha says, letting you adjust before pushing you down further and further onto her cock, until you’re full to the hilt. She feels so good filling you up, stretching you just enough to make sure that you’re constantly aware of any movement she makes.
Wanda starts lubing up her own strap, slick fingers prodding your ass and slipping in slowly, opening you up gradually in a way that has you pushing back against her for more.
“So eager!” Wanda laughs. “Already full of Natasha’s cock, and you just want even more don’t you?”
“Mhmm,” you gasp as Natasha tweaks your nipples. “More, please.”
“Such a good girl, asking so politely!” Natasha hums. “Mommy’s gonna reward you for having such good manners.”
Wanda removes her fingers from your ass, but you don’t even have the chance to complain about feeling empty back there before Wanda is pushing the tip of her strap in. You can’t help moaning as you feel both of your holes getting filled. You can practically feel the two straps bumping against each other, and it makes you even wetter than you already are.
They wait until you’ve had a chance to get used to the feeling of both of them inside of you, but when you finally whimper “please fuck me, mommies,” they both start pounding into you.
“Taking us so fucking well, baby,” Natasha mumbles against your skin. “God, I never thought you’d be such an eager little cockwhore.”
“You were just desperate to have these tight little holes filled, weren’t you? Bet you’re won’t be able to touch that slutty little pussy without thinking about us inside you from now on.”
You’re thankful that you’re wedged between them both because you can’t even imagine trying to hold yourself up with them fucking you like this. Their movements are sloppy and fevered, occasionally slipping out of you and having to readjust but you don’t care. You whine high in your throat as you feel that distinct tightening in your stomach.
“I need...please.”
“What do you need, baby?” Wanda asks.
“Gotta ask permission,” Natasha commands, hand coming down to stroke your clit just light enough to keep you on the edge.
“Please can I cum? Can I cum mommies?”
“Cum for us,” Wanda growls, thrusting harder into your ass while Natasha finally gives your swollen clit the attention it needs. “Cum all over our cocks, baby.”
The world around you feels like it’s bursting with light when you cum. Your legs shake so hard that you practically collapse completely onto Natasha, but Wanda holds you up and makes sure that you stay stable while they slowly keep fucking you through your climax. Soft praises sound miles away in your ears as they stroke your skin.
“Did so well for us,” you vaguely hear. You can’t identify who it is, but you just mumble a thank you as you feel Wanda pull out of your ass slowly.
“Come here, angel,” Natasha whispers, pulling herself out of your cunt and letting you finally collapse on top of her. She gives a little oof sound when your dead weight hits her, but adjusts you easily so that you’re resting against her breasts.
Wanda must have left and come back, because you feel a cool washcloth being run between your thighs, cleaning up the sticky mess.
“You know, there are probably a few more things around the house that need fixing. Don’t you think so, Wanda?”
“I’m sure there are. We’ll definitely need your services again soon, baby.”
You’re just barely awake enough to register the conversation, but it makes you smile and nod in response, promising to come back again soon.
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thewandaromanoff · 2 months ago
Summary: When you think you have something with Natasha, she makes it clear it’s not what you think. You prove her right.
Pairing: Natasha x Reader; Wanda x Reader
Warnings: 18+ only, smut, vaginal fingering, strap-on sex, oral, choking, verbal degradation, mommy kink, praise kink, rough sex, voyeurism
Words: 2,148
⚠⚠Do not read if you are less than 18⚠⚠
Your legs locked around Natasha’s waist, the sheet beneath you clenched tightly in your fists as a moan escaped the back of your throat. She continued to hammer her hips at a ruthless pace, her hands gripping your hips tightly to the point where it hurt - definitely going to be adding to the collection of bruises she loves leaving behind - but the toy strapped to her waist pistoning in and out of your core with pure ecstasy in every thrust distracted you from the pain. Her name left your mouth in a breathless voice, her eyes locking onto yours as her hand moved to rest on your stomach, trailing down until her fingers ghosted across your clit.
She hit something inside of you that made you scream out with pure rapture, a light chuckle escaping her chest as your writhed underneath her. She leaned over you, her hand gripping your chin harshly. “You’re close, aren’t you?” You nodded your head quickly, your chest building up with pleasure as her thrusts maintained their confident pace. “You want to cum for me?” 
“Yes,” you managed to say through your constricted jaw before a groan rolled off your tongue. Her hips continued to snap into you brutally as your pussy clenched tightly around the silicone, her fingers circling your clit teasingly as her other hand moved off of your chin to wrap around your throat. She squeezed tightly, cutting the air off from your lungs, and your thighs clamped shut around her as hard as they can as you rode out your orgasm. She continued ramming into you through your noiseless screams, unable to make a sound with her hand gripping your throat, tears pricking your eyes.
When she released you, you breathed in deeply to fill your lungs with the much needed oxygen. “You want more, don’t you?” She shook her head when you slowly nodded, her fingers rubbing against your clit with vigor as her hips continued at the same brutal pace. “You’re such a whore for me, it’s disgusting.  Crying because it’s so fucking good, ain’t that right, baby?”
A moan left your mouth as your back arched, your chest slowly building up to a second orgasm. “Please, Nat,” you begged. “Fuck.”
“You’re my little bitch, Y/N,” she sneered, her hand flying away from your clit to suck your juices off her fingers. She hummed at the taste, her eyes fluttering close and her thrusts losing confidence for a brief moment at the distraction. “You taste so good.” You whined when she pulled the strap out of you, the feeling of being empty immediately filling the pit of your stomach, but that feeling didn’t last long before her tongue dove into your folds mere seconds later.
Your hands instinctively rested on her head, your fingers weaving between the locks of red hair as her tongue dug into your core. Your moans continued to fill the room as your hips bucked into her, trying to get as much of her tongue inside of you as possible as one of her hands forced your legs to stay open, the other one hidden underneath her body as she pleasured herself. It wasn’t much longer that you were letting go on her tongue, your hands balling her hair tightly in your fists. 
You whimpered when she pulled away from you, though the feeling of satisfaction saved you from the emptiness that was threatening you as she climbed off of the bed, discarding the strap onto the empty space next to you. You watched, breathless, as she pulled her dress on, her thumb swiping the moisture off of her lips.
“Get dressed,” she barked, tossing you the dress that she had impatiently pulled off of you what felt like hours ago, having ridded it off the side of the bed so she can marvel at your body as you laid there to wait for her. “The party started ten minutes ago.”
You breathed out, watching as she tugged the dress past her hips to get it into a more comfortable position. “Hey, Nat, maybe we can go together. You know, like an actual coup-” She turned her back on you, pulling her heels on and straightening her hair before she moved towards the door, clearly ignoring what you had suggested.
You were still on the bed, the essence of the second orgasm floating through your body as your breathing slowed, your rapidly beating heart calming down. You sighed heavenly before climbing off the bed and getting dressed.
The party was in full swing by the time you made an appearance some time later; leave it to Tony to go overboard to celebrate yet another Avengers victory. And it didn’t take you long to locate Natasha on the other side of the room. Though you tried to make a beeline straight to her, you were constantly caught up in conversations you had no intention in being a part of.
You had to settle an argument between Tony and Pepper. You had to listen to yet another repetitive story from Sam that he changes every time he tells it to make it sound more dramatic and cool. You were convinced to partake in a drinking competition with Bruce and Thor with Vision as referee, to which you lost immediately and purposely. You thought you dodged Steve, but he was quick to stop you in your tracks to ask your opinion about the upcoming missions - something you definitely didn’t study for. The party didn’t really get interesting until you bumped into Wanda, the look on her face clearly expressed how much she truly didn’t want to be here.
“Hey, Y/N, are you enjoying the party?” You maneuvered your head around her to look towards the last spot you had seen Natasha, eyebrows furrowed in confusion when she was no longer there. Your eyes scanned the partygoers really fast before Wanda managed to gain your full attention. “Who are you looking for?” She chuckled lightly when you blinked at her, a champagne flute in her hand.
“What? Nobody.” You cleared your throat, wrapping your arms around yourself. “Are you enjoying the party?”
She chuckled lightly. “I already asked you that.”
You blinked, confused, before shaking your head. “Right, sorry. Yeah, the party’s great.”
“It really isn’t.”
“No, the party’s horrible.” You laughed in agreement, nodding your head as you sighed. “I’m only here because it’s apparently part of the job.”
“We should get out of here then,” Wanda suggested, trailing her fingers up your arms suggestively. “Nobody’ll miss us.”
Natasha stepped up to the two of you at that moment, your cheeks flushing red when you realized that she had heard Wanda’s offer. You glanced at the redhead briefly to see her grin. “Sorry, Wanda, but I’m seeing-”
“We’re just friends,” Natasha interrupted quickly, causing Wanda to furrow her eyebrows in confusion.
You looked at her. “Friends?”
She nodded, crossing her arms over her chest. “Do you need me to spell it for you, Y/N?”
You pursed your lips together as you turned back to Wanda, nodding your head in understanding. “My room or yours?” Wanda smiled widely as Natasha face contorted into anger.
“F-R-I-E-N-D-S,” you spelled out for her, your face cold and hard. “We’re just friends.”
Wanda followed you to your room when you walked away, feeling Natasha’s eyes on you as you left.
“She doesn’t treat you very well, does she?” Your eyes landed on the forgotten strap from your little session with Natasha briefly before you turned to look at Wanda as she closed the door, tilting your head to the side in confusion. “I know about the thing between the two of you. You’re not really friends, right?” You looked away from her with a sigh, sitting on the edge of your bed. “I can treat you better.”
You picked your head up to watch her slowly make her way to you, a smirk on her face that sent a pulse in between your legs. When you opened your mouth to say something, she gently placed her index finger against your lips. Your voice died in your throat as she pushed you back onto the bed, her fingers tracing up your thigh.
“Wanda, I don’t think-” A whimper interrupted your sentence as her fingers didn’t hesitate to rub against your exposed pussy, diving into your folds to circle your clit as tenderly as she could.
“Let me show you how it’s supposed to be, detka,” she breathed out. “All you have to do is lay there and make all the sounds you want.” Her free hand pushed your dress up, her lips planting soft kisses up your thigh until she reached your mound.
Your fingers instinctively gripped the sheets beneath you when her tongue swiped up the length of your cunt, a moan making it’s way out from in between your parted lips. She was soft with you, compared to Natasha, working her tongue into your core and moving slowly. “Oh,” you groaned, your hips thrusting into her as she continued exploring your tunnel. “Mommy.” Your eyes widened when she pulled away from you, quirking an eyebrow at you from between your legs. “I didn’t...”
She hummed thoughtfully as she managed to pull a gasp from you when her fingers penetrated your entrance suddenly, slow and soft, as if she was enjoying exploring you. “Go ahead, sweetheart,” she cooed. “Call me mommy.”
You breathed out, your eyes remaining wide as you said, “Mommy.” You felt a pressure release from your chest when you said it, relaxing underneath her fingers as she took care of you. Wanda laughed warmly as her thumb danced along your clit smoothly. “Please.”
“It’s okay, dorogoy,” she assured, nodding. “You’re doing so good for me.” Her smile grew wide when she felt your walls clench around her fingers as tight as they could.
When her fingers curled inside of you, you felt yourself lose any form of control you were holding onto. You came undone around her fingers, and you were immediately embarrassed by how quickly that had happened. “I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be sorry, my sweet girl,” she declared, pulling her fingers out of you. “I’m only showing you what you need, not what you think you want.” Her lips formed a pout as she moved her free hand up to cup your face gently, and you found yourself leaning into her touch. “I know how rough she is with you. This is what love feels like, dove.”
You maintained eye contact with her while she reached over to remove her dress, grabbing the strap off of the bed. You swallowed the thick ball of saliva forming in your mouth with a loud gulp as she attached the toy to her hips, and you couldn’t help but wonder if she knew who had used that exact toy less than an hour ago.
“Oh, I know,” she confirmed with a nod of her head, her lips raising in a smirk. She helped you out of your dress quickly, tossing the clothing off the side of the bed before she pushed your legs apart. “There’s a difference between me and her, love.” A moan scratched the back of your throat as the tip of the strap entered you slowly, her hips moving gently as she bottomed out. “I love you.”
She pulled out until just the tip was left inside of you, and you didn’t have time to react before she was pushing back into you passionately. Her eyes landed on the marks on your hips from where Natasha had always gripped you roughly, and she couldn’t help but shake her head in disapproval.
“I hate how she treats you,” she stated, pulling back out. Her body fell on top of yours as she pushed back in, your noses brushing together as your breath hitched in your throat. Her fingers traced over your cheek with care as her hips pulled back and forth, pleasure building in your chest as your eyes fluttered closed. A tear escaped your eye, sliding down your temple, and she was quick to swipe it. “Don’t cry, baby. It’ll be okay. Do you want me to stop?”
You grabbed onto her shoulders when her thrusting was put on pause, your eyes opening to meet her worried green ones. “No,” you whispered quietly, shaking your head as your legs intertwined with hers. “Please don’t stop.”
She smiled at you with warmth as her hips resumed, her lips connecting to yours in a deep kiss that made your heart flutter, and that pleasure that was building in your chest was released with a groan in Wanda’s name. 
And though you were completely unaware of who was lingering behind that locked door, Wanda could hear Natasha’s angry thoughts loud and clear as she continued to show you just how loved she can make you feel.
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ambrosiase · 15 days ago
𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐫𝐲 | 𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐭𝐨𝐛𝐞𝐫 𝐯𝐢.
Tumblr media
kinktober masterlist
day six: spitroasting
pairing: natasha romanoff x fem!reader x wanda maximoff
warnings: smut. oral sex, fingering, masturbation. use of a mouth-gag. lots of dirty talk. the word cock is sometimes used when referring to strap-ons. petnames {kitten and Малы́шка/babygirl}
word count: 1.6k
from the writer: sorry i’m so late with these! i’m hoping to get kinktober days seven through eleven up within the next 48 hours. they will be shorter than previous days just so i can catch up!
eighteen plus only — by choosing to ‘keep reading’, you are agreeing that you are eighteen years old and over. do not interact with this story if you are a minor.
Tumblr media
“You look so pretty like this, kitten.” Natasha’s lips kiss down the length of your spine, leaving a trail of cherry red lipstick in their wake.
Resting your head on Wanda’s lap, you give her a doe-eyed look as you plead around the gag in your mouth.
Soft touches to your skin cause you to shiver, cunt clenching around nothing as you feel their fingers skim your naked body.
“Our sweet Малы́шка,” Wanda purrs. “Always love it when you cry for us.”
It’s not until she says it that you realise tears had been falling down your cheeks — overstimulated and overwhelmed, your moan is choked off by the leather.
Natasha’s tongue plays with your waiting hole, lapping up your juices as her fingernails dig into the flesh of your ass.
“You want our cocks, kitten?”
The woman in front of you hums, “Look at how desperate she is for it, ‘Tasha. Trying to grind that cute little pussy on your face.”
You think they hear the plea you make, as your girlfriend attaches her mouth to your swollen clit, massaging it over with her tongue as she moans into your dripping centre.
“Taste like heaven, baby.” She grins as she notices the way your thighs quiver at the praise.
Wanda takes hold of your chin, forcing you to stare into her emerald gaze as she smiles sweetly. “You’re being so good for us, maybe we should let you have a reward, hm?”
“Take the gag out of her mouth,” Natasha instructs. “I want to see her choke on your strap.”
The feeling of your mouth being free makes you cough, swallowing the saliva that had accumulated as you wait patiently. Wanda maintains eye contact as she adjusts the toy, moving onto her knees as she grips your jaw.
“You want it, Малы́шка?” Her words are adoring, but the look on her face is teasing. “Gonna take every inch of it down for me?”
“Yes, Wands.” Your lips are already puffy, and they’ve never looked more inviting. “Please, let me suck your cock.”
The tip breaches your mouth as she feeds it to you, making you take it halfway down before pulling out. “What’s your safe sign?”
You tap her thigh three times.
Then, she’s slamming it down your throat with a menacing grin.
It’s hard not to choke, the strap was thick enough that it stretched your jaw to a numbing pain. But the pleasure from Natasha’s fingers working your cunt open made it easy to focus.
“Such a wet little pussy, she has.” And it’s true, you can hear the sounds of your arousal filling the space where no words are said. “Can’t wait to fuck it.”
Natasha’s fingers are bruising, three of them are now inside of you and the stretch has you feeling drunk. They knew your body better than you did, knowing the exact pressure points to hit that would have you coming undone in no time.
Teeth bite into your ass, causing you to moan around the toy in your mouth.
“Малы́шка likes it rough,” Wanda coos as she strokes your cheek as if she wasn’t brutalising your throat. “Don’t you?” her question is rhetorical. “We’ve got to get it all loose and wet if you want ‘Tasha’s cock in it.”
The other woman agrees. “If you want it as bad as you’re acting you do, then I need you see you come for me.” Natasha smirks against your cunt as she feels it clench. “Go on, kitten. Be good for us, and let go.”
Your body obeys, inner walls spasming as your orgasm releases and you come all over her fingers. All the while, still managing to deep-throat Wanda’s strap.
“So well trained, aren’t you, kitten?” Natasha says, and you feel warm from her acknowledgment; nodding your head along as the two women chuckle.
You feel her hands squeeze your hips, holding you in place before you feel her strap run through your soaping folds. Wanda chuckles at the way your moans vibrate around her, watching as your eyes flutter from the sensation of the toy nudging your bundle of nerves.
The slick feeling of Natasha sliding her toy inside your hole has you ready to bounce back. Welcoming each delicious inch of the fake cock as it fills you to the very core. The ridges of it added an extra level of pleasure, and you whined as she pushed the last bit inside.
It takes you a second to adjust, but the movement of you grinding your hips into it has both women grinning victories.
They work in tandem, knowing exactly how to rile you up without ever reaching the peak. Each thrust of Natasha’s cock forward, sends you into swallowing down Wanda. The two of them pass you back and forth like you’re nothing but a set of holes for their own amusement. Like you were just a game for them to see how far they could take it.
You could hear Natasha’s groans, the toy she was wearing had a clitorial stimulator and from the sounds — you knew she had it on at the highest speed. It made you hotter, knowing that she really was using you for her own desire. And as you looked at Wanda, you knew that she was more focused on the humiliation it brought you to service her than worrying about her own needs.
“You’re taking us so well, Малы́шка.”
“Like our own little dolly for us to fuck whenever we want.”
They were downright filthy — talking about you as if you were an object, like you weren’t their doting girlfriend.
“This cunt is the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen, kitten.”
You were close again, hips shaking and core throbbing as another orgasm creeped up on you.
“Oh, kitten.” Natasha pouts in faux sympathy. “Are you going to come, again? Is this greedy pussy going to make a mess all over my cock?”
Wanda’s hand clutches the back of your neck, pulling you off her strap. “Yes!” you gasp. “I’m going to come, please miss. Please let me come for you.”
“What do you think, Wands?”
“She has been good,” Wanda answers softly as she looks down at you. “Maybe she deserves it.”
Natasha contemplates it for a moment, stilling her hips as they wait for you to complain. When you don’t, the two of them smile fondly. “Seems like you’ve finally learnt your lesson, kitten.”
And then she’s slamming back into with full force, fucking her strap into your weaping cunt as your orgasm begins to overcloud any sanity you had left.
“Okay, kitten.” A kiss is pressed into your skin. “Come for us.”
You swear you could black out, the intensity of your orgasm taking you by surprise as you squeeze down. Wails of their names leave your throat as you cream around the toy, body shaking as you come down.
“So beautiful, Малы́шка.” Wanda leans down to kiss your mouth, licking at your bottom lip. “Did so good for us.”
Natasha’s hands rub soothingly up the backs of your thighs before she slowly extracts herself and you can’t help but hiss at the sensation.
They both remove their toys, and you greedily move between Wanda’s open thighs as her cunt begs to be eaten.
You look up at her, waiting for permission before slowly moving toward her centre once you do.
The taste of her would never tire you — she was sweet, like green apples that had just become ripe in the middle of spring as you swallowed down her nectar.
“Good little kitten,” Natasha praises once more. Watching as your swirl your tongue around Wanda’s clit.
You flatten your tongue, dragging it between her folds before gently sucking them into your mouth. Whilst the other red head preferred a rougher treatment when it came to oral, Wanda liked your movements to be slow — sensual.
“I’m so close,” Wanda gasps, her back arching off the bed with her hands as she circles her hips. “Just like that, Малы́шка. Keep eating me out, oh fuck!”
Out of the corner of your eye, you notice Natasha with her fingers between her legs; using one hand to rub her clit and the other to thrust her fingers in and out of her cunt.
“Right there!” Wanda squeals before gushing her juices all over your chin, and you moan wantonly as your tongue is covered in the taste of her.
You clean her up, making sure to be careful as you drink down her release with eager licks.
As you sit up, you watch in awe at the sight of your girlfriends making out. Natasha had her hand on Wanda’s neck, a possessive grip as you realise that instead of her fingers, Wanda had taken her place.
“Make me come, baby.” Natasha instructs, “You’re making me feel so good.”
The encouragement has Wanda spearing her fingers into the other woman, not stopping until she’s writhing in her grip and squirting over them both.
“Come here, kitten.” And you crawl over to straddle Natasha waist, though still keeping a hand on Wanda as you do. “Open your mouth.”
You do, taking Wanda’s fingers down your mouth as your swirl your tongue. The taste of Natasha’s orgasm fresh, and you suck them with vigor.
“Mm, I’ll never get tired of seeing you like this.” Natasha grins, leaning up to kiss you after Wanda takes her hand away.
The three of you exchange kisses back and forth before settling into bed. You lay in the middle as the two of them trace over your body with their delicates touches.
“Did you learn your lesson, kitten?”
“Guess we’ll have to wait and see.”
The answering smack to your bottom from your other girlfriend has you laughing, and the two of them share an affectionate expression as they watch you with absolute devotion.
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agentofbarnes · 3 months ago
Dirty thot of the day: Petal asking if she can kiss/suck/bite Nat's tits. C-can I touch?
can i touch? ~ natasha
warnings || implied smut, lil bit of thigh riding, titty sucking, innocence kink, sweet!reader, reader is gay but very new to being with girls bc she didn’t realize she was gay until she was a adult, idk if that’s a trope but here we are, nat being her gay awakening, i’ll be honest this borderlines little!reader but with no age regression, mommy kink, major dumbification, scissoring
this is part of widow’s bite au
Tumblr media
Natasha had been very delicate with you, admiring her perfect pillow princess and just focusing on you becoming comfortable with your sexuality. She kept you hidden from the world, keeping you to herself for just a little longer until you felt ready to come out.
Tonight was one of the rare events that Natasha had to dress to the nines for, a social gala that you had declined to go to. You had been working anyway, and it was one thing to accept you were a lesbian, but to announce it to the world that you were in a relationship with an Avenger….it just seemed so intimidating.
When she came home, you were practically drooling at her stunning appearance. Her hair were in an updo, the red lock being pulled by down by her manicured nails in one fail swoop as she let loose. Your jaw dropped, watching as it happened almost as if it were in slow motion as she shook out her hair.
Natasha smirked at your short circuitedbrain, how your glance fell to the swells of her plump breasts that were pushed up by her bra in the tight black gown.”Naughty girl, my eyes are up here,”Natasha playfully scolded, grabbing your chin and making you look her in the eyes. Your cheeks burn hot at her touch and you want to shy away. You wish for the floor to swallow you whole under the dark gaze in the widow’s eyes.
“What, can’t get your words out, huh? Have I made you dumb already?” She pouted her plump lipstick stained lips out at you mockingly,”Is that what you are? Are you my dumb baby girl?”
You are a puddle of arousal under her heat gaze, taking your bottom lip between your teeth as avert your shy and shameful gaze away from the seductive lips you wish were marking your skin.”Yes,”You whispered out bashfully.
Natasha smirked in response, practically feeling the heat coming off of your cheeks from her mocking words,”Why don’t you tell me what that dumb baby brain of yours wants? You gotta ask, petal, or I’ll give you nothing.”
You whined involuntarily, the noise slipping out between your lips as her manicured nail traced down your jugular then over your collarbone.
“I want…it’s embarrassing,”You sighed out, poking your tongue out to wet your lips before your eyes darted down to steam a quick hungry glance at the voluptuous breasts she practically pressed against you. It only pushed them into view further, making salvia pool in your mouth.
“Oh, I see,”Natasha chuckled teasingly, the tip of her red painted lips tilted up as she turned around,”Unzip me, petal.”
Your breath caught in your throat, fingers nearly shaking as you took the metal zipper between your fingers. You didn’t know if you would ever stop being so….flustered when Natasha’s clothes fell to the floor.
The redhead was just so stunning with her smooth skin, seductive smile, and skillful tongue. The lace set she had on made your knees wet, but you weren’t standing for very long at all. No, you were being pulled to the bed where Natasha leaned back in her black lace push-up bra and thin thong.
You crawled over her body, hands carefully grazing over the soft skin of all the places you wanted to touch but were far to shy to touch for too long. After shedding your sleep clothes, Natasha slotted her thigh between your legs.
“You gonna say it, baby?”
Her thigh pressed against your core, the pressure just barely grazing you in a way that makes you wanna whimper.
“Can I…please touch you?”
“What do you wanna touch, petal?”
“Your tits?”
“Please, I wanna suck on your tits, please, mommy, can I touch you?”You nearly begged, gasping out when her hands dig into the flesh of your hips before she nodded.
“Yes, petal, they’re all yours, but you’re gonna cum on my thigh, got it? Wanna get this cute pussy all nice and wet before strap up and fuck you all night long, that what you want?”
“Wanna make you feel good,”You whispered, hands fumbling with her bra and throwing it across the room. Her breasts bounce free, two swells round and the perfect side for two good handfuls.
You just act on instinct, kissing over her collarbone at first before licking uo the valley of her breasts. She massaged at one of the breasts before nipping at the other nipple.
You licked around the nub, tongue swirling around the sensitive bud until hardened. It was then that you started to suck, eyes fluttering shut when Natasha’s hands brushed hand over your hair.
“That’s it, fuck, my poor dumb baby, just need mommy’s tits, didn’t you?”
You whimpered when she pushed her thigh up against you, reminding you rock your hips against her. You obeyed her unspoken command immediately, getting lost in the bliss of getting everything you want. ‘cause face it, you were spoiled.
You pulled off of her with a pop, leaving her nipple glistening with salvia. You left a trail of spit between your lips and the sensitive bud, and Natasha cursed in Russian at the image of her innocent girlfriend so intoxicated by lust. You nip and suck at flesh of her breast, remembering all the times Nat had left hickies on you.
You wanted to mark her.
Natasha gasped out, head leaning back as you rutted your sopping panty clad pussy against her thigh so slowly while you claimed her. You can’t help the girlish giggle that left your lips when you see your work, gazing at Natasha as if you were waiting for her praise at the bruising mark appearance of her perfect skin.
You slowly glide your hips over her thighs, but Natasha can’t take it anymore. She flipped you over, slipping your cotton panties down your legs before discarding her lace ones.
Your cunt was dripping, slick glistening the pretty wet folds. Natasha dipped her fingers between the lips, two digits dragging through the wetness until they were covered in sweet nectar. Nat lapped up before leaning over to mold her mouth over yours, her tongue colliding with yours in sensual ecstasy. She had a way of controlling you completely, her mouth invading yours and licking you all over.
Her legs slotted over yours, smirking into your mouth with a playful bite to the lip. She licked at your tongue, sucking and nipping all she could just as your wet cores met. She had your thighs spread wide, pussy fully exposed for hers to rub against.
“Oh, god,”You mewled when Natasha rolled her hips, straddling you against the bed. Her juices mixed with yours with each rock of her hips.
Natasha hovered a over you, her hands grasping your wrists to pin them above your head. Her tits bounced with each rut of her hips, just barely hitting your face as if you were in heaven.
“That’s it, my dumb little girl, wanna hear all those pretty sounds for mommy,”Natasha demanded, rocking her hips faster chasing her own orgasm as your clits collided against one another.
“Ah, yes, m’am, oh!”You moaned out, panting and whining with every passing second. You were always vocal, so sensitive to her touch before she just knew you so well now. You kissed and licked at her tits when you could, just admiring the view this position gave you as she worked your body with skill as your juices mixed together. The bed underneath was wet, dripping from the mess of slick you both were creating.
You felt shockwaves over take you as Natasha’s arms fall on purpose, smithing you happily in between her breasts. You moaned loudly, her hips still moving as she fucks you slowly through the high as you both pant.
“Thank you,”You whispered politely, making her chuckle.
“Oh, petal, that was just the warm up, baby girl, I haven’t even started to fuck you.”
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wandakink · 26 days ago
second nature | n.r.
Synopsis: A smutty play on a scene from Black Widow.
Warnings: SMUT (18+ to interact with this work) Soft-ish (?) Dom Norway!Nat x reader, choking, fingering, begging, mommy kink (of course), orgasm denial
A/N: I hope you all enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it! I’ve been real busy with college lately but I hope to post more stuff soon ❤️ take this as my semi-coming-back post. Also, thank you all for 500 followers… wk nation is growing so fast (gif came from this post!)
Tumblr media
Disclaimer: If this work is posted anywhere but on this Tumblr account or AO3 (same user as here but I don’t use it), I did not post it! Reblogs, likes, and comments are always highly appreciated (and encouraged), but do not repost my work (by copying, pasting, and posting it on another platform) claiming it as yours.
You sat between Natasha’s legs, your back pressed against her chest while her arms were laced around your front. The both of you were watching Moonraker once again; entertainment was limited while you two stayed in Norway but luckily being in the redhead’s embrace was enough to satisfy you.
The speakers of your girlfriend’s laptop blared the next lines of the movie:
“Why did you break up the encounter with my pet python?”
“I discovered he had a crush on me.”
Natasha recites the lines as they played and you laugh; you were sure Natasha could recite the whole movie if she really wanted to. You look up, playfully shaking your head at her. She chuckles in response and takes her eyes off the movie to look at you. After smiling up at her, you continue watching the film.
Now, Natasha found herself glued to looking at you. Sure the movie was fine, but Natasha had another form of entertainment in mind.
She started by pulling you closer into her as she possibly could, making you giggle. You curl into her instantly. She starts to move her hands under the oversized shirt you stole from her and softly trace the sides of your torso, making your breath hitch at the delicacy.
Her fingers wandered your chest, moving up towards your breasts. She teases your nipples and you shudder, “Nat.”
The redhead smiles at your reaction and hums as the buds innately harden with her touch. “Am I distracting you?” She asks, beginning to grope you. Your back arches into her palms, sighing in pleasure as her actions make you lightheaded. “I’ll stop if you want me to.” Natasha mumbles, looking down at you turning to putty in her hands.
“No,” you moan while you grip Natasha’s wrists through your shirt to keep her there. “Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.” Your girlfriend nods, continuing her actions before she lets go, making you breathless. Both her hands slip out from under your shirt to take your panties off and spread your legs. She spreads your knees to pry them open, moving them apart until your heels are able to keep your legs up in place. You scoot back closer into her chest and she kisses the top of your head.
“Good girl.” Natasha praises while she rubs your inner thighs. “Keep your eyes on the screen.”
You nod, unsure if you could pay attention when she’s touching you in all the right places. Her hand is quick to wrap around your throat, making you gasp. Suddenly, you feel her fingertips running through your folds, spreading your arousal. After Natasha figures you’re ready for her, she circles your clit lightly. Teasingly. The urge to look up at your girlfriend fleets once you feel her rub the sensitive bud more firmly. “Fuck,” you groan. “More.”
“More what?” Natasha tightens her grip around your throat, reminding you of your place. “I don’t think you’re the one in charge right now.”
You shut the laptop closed in desperation and she lets you. “More please. Please, mommy.” The pet name rolled right off your tongue; it was all it took for Natasha to begin fucking you the way you like it.
Slowly, she slides three of her digits into your warmth, taking her time with you. She groans as she feels you stretch open around her. You moan at the gradual intrusion. “Gonna fill you up and you’re gonna take it like a good girl, right?” Natasha asks while moving her hand up from around your throat to tilt your head back. She bottoms out inside of you, awaiting your answer. You give her an eager ‘yes, mommy’ before she begins fucking her fingers into you.
Natasha leans down to give you a chaste kiss as the sounds of her palm slapping against your skin fill the room; the contrast between the two gives you butterflies. “So good, Nat,” you moan against her lips. She curls her fingers in response, watching you as your eyes shut.
You feel yourself melt under her, quivering at her touch as usual. The walls of your heat start constricting around her fingers. “Please,” you pant, begging like it’s second nature.
Natasha ignores you and you whine. “Not until I say so.” She responds quietly while her skilled fingers continue to pump into you. The redhead maintains the same pace for a while before you start begging again, feeling yourself grow closer to your climax.
“Mommy, please,” You whimper out. “S-so close, I wanna cum for you.” You tremble at the overwhelming pleasure, struggling to maintain your composure.
“Go on, princess. Cum for me,” Natasha finally grants you permission and you practically cum on command for her. You let out a whorish moan as her fingers slowly fuck into you, helping you ride out your orgasm.
The two of you stayed there for a moment; Natasha held you while mumbling her praises into your ear like little secrets. She slowly pulls out of you, softly bringing her fingers to your lips, and of course, you take them into your mouth with pride. You taste yourself, sucking her digits clean before she pulls her hand away.
“So much for a movie night,” you roll your eyes and chuckle, breaking the comfortable silence. “But thank you.”
“Shut up.” Natasha laughs heartily. “And you’re welcome.” Your girlfriend leans down to kiss you again, this time it’s proper: deep and passionate with a hint of tongue and you kiss her back, sighing contently against her lips.
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