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𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐥𝐞 𝐬𝐮𝐫𝐩𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐞 || 𝐧.𝐫.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
gif credits:  marvellegends
summary: natasha comes back home after a long mission she was on and as soon as she walks inside of her bedroom, a slightly bare skin of yours teases her eyes. 
warnings: top!natasha, strap-on, oral on a strap (r giving), rough sex, dirty talking, daddy!kink, pet names (sort of?) i don’t know what else lol
author’s note: i will update the other woman tomorrow i hope since ya’ll want more lmfao but i’m thinking of making a scarlett series once again, it’s just a thought though but i don’t think no one will be interested in that. anyways, hope you enjoy my steamy one-shot ;)
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Tumblr media
When Natasha left for a mission, you were the neediest that you’ve ever been. The redhead ordered you not to touch yourself until she comes back and you’ve done nothing but follow that rule – although you’re so close to breaking it for your pleasure.
You were staying at Natasha’s trailer in Norway, where the government won’t find the woman since she’s on the run. You’re the one who keeps everything safe and that’s the reason why you’re technically living there for some time. It’s been two months since your girlfriend left and right now all you need is her warm kisses and her touch. You smile at the thought of the redhead peppering kisses all over your jaw while thrusting two fingers inside of you with her shuddering groan. Oh, it turns you on.
You put the cleaned dish on the tiled cupboard and walked back to the room and flopped your entire body on the soft mattress, sighing how good it feels to interact with sleep. You yawned and reached for the lamp button and clicked it off, drifting off to slumber as soon as possible.
It was 2 am around midnight when Natasha came back home quietly, feeling exhausted from her trip. But, she was also feeling very horny since while on the way home, the woman did nothing but stalk the naked pictures that you sent her through text. If she was being honest, the redhead even masturbated before she came back home to you.
As soon as she opened the trailer door, Natasha was met with quiet surroundings. She assumed that you were in slumber so she quickly grabbed herself a bottle of beer and walked carefully inside the cold room where you were deeply asleep. She loves this sighting of you, where you’re just humbly sleeping without even moving – it was cute yet it gets her worked up at the idea of waking you up with her desperate kisses while taking off your panties.
“What a cute little princess,” she mumbles darkly and places the beer on the small table near the bed, sighing when her calloused hands reach for your legs – touching them very gently. Natasha smiles, way too deep, and leans down to place a gentle kiss on your ankle. Weird.
She then hovers her body to yours and wraps her arms around your small waist with her strong arms, pulling you close until your ass is pressed against her tight jeans where there is an evident bulge inside of it. You stirred awake, spinning your head until you realized it was your girlfriend who was hugging you so tightly.
“Baby,” you whispered in excitement and tried to turn yourself around so you could kiss her but the woman held you in place, shushing you until you heard her whisper,
“You look so beautiful when you’re asleep,” she places sweet kisses on your right cheek while her hands maneuver to your camisole top until they reach for your full breasts. She sighs in desperation, feeling your nipples perking up even though she hasn’t done anything yet.
“Natasha,” you turned your head until your lips were smashed against her side mouth, moaning when the woman starts grinding her strap in your ass.
“Yes, moya lyubov'?”
“I–Mmph,” Natasha cuts you off with a dominating kiss that made her let out a strangled moan, cupping your breasts harder while rutting her hips until you bottomed on her covered cock.
“Let me make you feel good,” she whispers with a deep voice that gets your cunt all wet and needy. If she touches it right now, you’re sure to cum on the spot. The redhead pushes you into the mattress and hovers you once again, smiling devilishly when your nipples are seen through your white camisole top. She couldn’t wait any longer and slowly took off your top with one swig, gasping at how full your boobs are.
“You’re so beautiful,” Natasha says while burying her face in between your breasts, her other hand palming harshly on your right boob – tweaking your nipple until you let out a loud shriek that made the woman lift her head with piercing green eyes.
“All needy and horny for me, huh?” she chuckles and kisses your middle chest, moaning as you arch your hips for more friction. You need her cock so badly that–
“Daddy,” you whined like a needy whore and humped in the air, closing your eyes tightly when the zipper of her pants hits on your core. “Please, I need you so bad!”
“Shh, Daddy is getting there angel,” she says while pressing kisses below your stomach. It tingles you, the way her expert lips are all over your skin and you want nothing but to be fucked by her right at this moment. You just want to pull out that faux cock and slurp the tip of her toy until she fucks your face as her life depends on it.
“Fuck…” you stifled a whimper.
“No cursing, dorogoya,” Natasha demands sweetly, and kisses your pelvis once more until her hands are hooked inside of your panties and you pull it down swiftly, smirking. “My god, look at you. You have the prettiest pussy in the world, Daddy is so proud that you never touched what’s hers.”
She kneels on the bed and unzips her pants, pulling the jeans down until it reaches her lap in such a teasing way. The redhead smirks at the way you look at the cock that was in between her milky legs, standing at its glory. The faux cock has the same color as her skin and it almost made you believe that she has a dick in her pants. She loved using it on many occasions, especially when both of you are in public and in her car.
Natasha slowly strokes her cock up and down and says, “Suck daddy’s cock, baby. Get it all wet for your tiny pussy.”
You were fully in your sit-up position and grabbed the base of her faux cock, looking at her eyes in the most seductive way that Natasha couldn’t help but moan at the pretty sight. You lick under the cock, lathering it all up until you reach for the tip and sink your mouth all the way to the middle of the strap.
“Oh fuck yes,” Natasha firmly grips your hair and pushes more of the cock inside of your wanting mouth, gagging when the tip hits your throat. Natasha haunches her hips as she slowly thrusts her big cock inside of your mouth, moaning from time to time. “Jesus fuck, I bet your mouth feels so good right now. You’re lucky enough I don’t have a dick because if I did I would’ve filled that filthy slutty mouth.”
Her dirty talking, the way her hands are holding your hair tightly, almost made you come into the scene but you know if you did the woman would have to punish you. And you seriously don’t want that tonight, you want to feel her. All of her.
“Mmph!” you muffled while she bottoms out inside your mouth, your nose pressed against her pelvis, and breathed hard at it. She keeps fucking your mouth more, making sloppy and gurgling sounds until you hear Natasha whispering, “Take it. Take all of my cock, god…”
The redhead pulls your head back until she can see a string of your saliva connected to her dick. She smirked evilly and pushed you back on the bed, turning you until your front was pressed into the soft mattress. She positioned your hips in the air and slaps your right cheek softly, making you let out a loud feminine moan.
“That’s not my name, sweet girl,” Natasha cooed while she pushes up her gray thin sweater, her toned stomach on full display. Your ass was in the air, feeling the cool air hit the warm skin – especially the spanked one – and you were in a moaning mess, you wanted that woman to push that cock inside of your pussy until you were braindead. It’s what you deserve after not touching yourself for a couple of months.
“Daddy, please fuck me… fuck me with your big fat cock!” you whimpered, biting your bottom lip hard until you could taste a coil of blood from it. The woman chuckles and pushes two fingers inside of your cunt, feeling your warm wetness all around her thick fingers.
“God, you’re so pretty like this,” she says while thrusting inside of you slowly. “You’re so wet for me too. Daddy can’t wait to fuck you numb.”
Leaning close to your face, she hotly whispers, “You know your safe word. I’m going to fuck that pussy raw… I’m so going to fuck it raw.”
Without a word, Natasha pushes the tip of the cock inside of your warm heat until most of her length is inside of you. You let out a whiny moan as you felt all of her, you felt so incredibly full and wanted. It’s almost like you never want her to pull out.
“God,” she groans with a ragged breath, her firm hands on your hips; gripping your skin tightly. “You’re so fucking tight for me… I can feel you. I want to feel all of you baby…”
“You’re in me,” you whispered breathlessly while you played your tits under your body, wanting to feel more. “Daddy I feel so full… you’re so big!”
“I’m that big huh?” She cocks, pressing her whole front onto your back, and grips your throat with her hand, biting her lip to stifle herself from moaning. “You’re such a filthy whore… wanting to be fucked by me. Wanting my cock so desperately, you can’t get enough of it huh?”
“Yes! Oh god,” you mewled and moan incoherently when the woman starts to pump into you with each thrust, making a sloppy sound with both of your skins. “Oh god, oh god… you make me feel so fucking good.”
“Watch your mouth, detka or you’ll seriously be in trouble,” she states while still pounding her cock inside of you, hissing at the fact that your cunt is gripping it so tight that she can almost feel it. She looks down, sighing in satisfaction to your genitals connected. Well, she has a fake cock but it doesn’t really matter right now. All she feels and thinks is your wet pussy being slammed by her own dick.
“Mmph, yeah, fuck…” Natasha moans to herself once your core is pressed all the way to her pelvis, feeling your wetness all over her skin. “Daddy is so horny for your greedy pussy, did you miss me? Huh? Did you miss daddy’s cock?”
“Yes!” you babbled, letting out pathetic moans that were being filled up the room. The woman presses you harder against the mattress until you can hear the bed squeaking with so much of her thrusting, hearing her grunt with each push.
Her head nuzzles into your neck and bites your exposed sweaty skin, shrieking from her sucking your marked spot. Natasha’s warm hands made their way to your ribs and held you tightly there, pushing more of her length inside of you, almost in a rigid way.
She makes that happy noise that makes your climax come a little sooner and pushes one last time inside of you until your hips are pressed together. “You have no idea how much I masturbate to you every day. When I come home-Ugh, fuck–I masturbate to your naked photos. God, I could’ve called you but you’re so busy you don’t pick up my phone calls…”
“I’m sorry Natty,” apologized while gripping the sheet of a pillow with your teeth as you felt Natasha’s thrusting increase, groaning when the tip of her cock hits your spot; making a sloshy sound.
“S’ okay baby,” Natasha whispers in the nape of your neck and pumps into your wet cunt three to four times until she grunts, “I’m close. You better fucking come for me once I come, got it, princess?”
You nodded frantically and can’t help yourself but scream at the way she slaps the side of your ass, grunting and moaning and grabbing your hair while her hips are still pressed into you. You can feel all of her, you can feel all of her. And never once in your life does this feel good. It felt so immaculate, it’s like she was made for you to be worn out and fucked.
“God damn it,” she uttered while bringing her hand to your mouth, covering it while still pumping inside of you at a faster pace, making the bed shake uncontrollably. “Can’t stop thinking about you when I was away… and when you were asleep I thought about me eating your pussy until you woke up, although I wouldn’t do that without your consent– Oh fuck, right there baby… right there, come for me right now!”
“Ugh–Oh fuck, yes daddy!” you clenched around the girth of her dick and came undone, writhing on the sheets as you screamed with broken moans ahead – your vision blurring at how your orgasm takes over your body. Your chest was heaving, your face was damped, most especially your cunt was very much worn out from her fast-paced fucking. You were about to close your eyes when you heard more of Natasha’s grunting, her thrusting became harsher and she lifted your torso to knead your breasts possessively, her head into your neck as her other hand gripped your hip for leverage.
“You’re taking me so well–Ugh!” She hisses when your ass is pressed up against her pelvis, chuckling seductively when both of your skins are in contact. She then trails her fingers to your clit and pinches on it, hard.
You screamed in the wonder of pleasure.
“I bet that needy little clit needs my fingers,” you did nothing but whispered a ‘yes’ and she continued to shallowly thrust in you. “I bet my cock makes you feel so good. I know it does, god… you’re so beautiful when you’re all over me.”
You nodded, trying to say a word but you were so numb with the feeling that you don’t know how to speak anymore. You fall onto your stomach again and use your arms as leverage, so the woman above you can play with your perked nipples.
“Daddy’s going to cum! Hungh, oh yeah… fuck!” she practically growled and sunk her teeth into your neck. She gives her final thrust until the woman jerks onto your body, grinding your hips together until your ass is very much pressed onto her hips. You clenched around the woman, silently screaming into the pillow while Natasha had her other hand on your throat, pulling you into her until her tits were pressed against your sweaty back. The redhead shuddered, heaving with her undying orgasm until both of your lifeless bodies fell onto the mattress.
Turning, you have your legs on top of her thighs as she pulls you into her, both of your sweaty fronts mending to each other. She sighs, smirking down at you, and presses her lips on the tip of your nose.
“I’ve missed you so much,” she whispers with a croaky voice while her hands trail down your arm smoothly, smiling when you blush at her remark. “What? Did you miss me too?”
“Of course I did, It’s just…”
“Just what, my pretty girl?” Natasha giggles and pulls your neck until your head is laid on her chest comfortably, you smile.
“I just haven’t felt you for so long, that’s all.”
She only hummed and continued to pepper kisses all over your face. You giggled when you felt her lips nudge onto your mouth and gladly opened it, feeling her tongue slip inside. Natasha moans when both of your tongues meet and deepens the kiss, groping your breasts when everything gets heated between you two. But, you were extremely exhausted so you pulled away, letting Natasha look at you curiously and asked,
“Did I do something wrong?”
You shake your head, smiling sheepishly – as if you’re too afraid to ask if she wanted to cuddle instead of fucking again.
“Can we cuddle? Please?”
The woman sighs and purses her lips, then smiles widely at you toothlessly. She pulled you closer to her until her chin was resting upon your head and whispered,
“Of course, my love. Of course.”
And throughout that night, both of you went into slumber and hope that tomorrow she’ll never leave you again.
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Mistakes |N. Romanoff
Tumblr media
Summary: Natasha ended it with y/n but they quickly realise they can’t stay away from each other.
Pairing: g!p dom!reader x sub!natasha
Warnings: smut, g!p reader (they have a penis), unprotected sex, knife kink, blood, carving on skin, dirty talk, praise, dom/sub dynamics, choking, possessiveness, breeding kink, slapping, overstimulation, pet names(baby, sweetheart, princess)
A/N: fourth time trying to post this so let's hope it works
I knew Natasha picked out that outfit specifically to drive me crazy. The floor length black dress with the slit on her thigh instantly caught my attention as I walked into the room. I watched her as she scanned the room until her eyes met mine, a smirk grazing her lips.
I looked at her with determination before walking towards her. Her smirk only grew once she saw the look in my eyes as I reached her. I sighed and shook my head a little. “Still trying to get my attention, huh baby?”
She shrugged and tilted her head. “Maybe. It’s working isn't it?”
I clicked my tongue. “I can’t deny that it is.”
Her hand reached out to hold onto my upper arm as she bent forwards. “Would it catch your attention if I told you I'm not wearing any panties?” she whispered into my ear.
I swallowed and turned my head a little to look into her eyes. “I thought we were bad for each other? Weren't those your words when you ended it?”
She looked down at the floor. “Maybe I made a mistake.”
I hummed before leaning into her, grazing my lips against her earlobe. “Well then. Mistakes get punishment, don’t they?”
I could see her shiver before looking at me. “They do.”
I smiled a little before turning her around, placing my hand on her lower back and leaning down a little. “Let’s get out of here then.”
We were both breathing hard as we entered my bedroom, our lips connected in a rough kiss. Clothes were thrown onto the floor as we headed towards the bed. I pushed her onto it and smiled as she giggled and scooched back. I got on top of her and kissed all over her chest as she breathed out in pleasure.
“God, I've missed you.” she sighed.
I lightly bit her collarbone before sitting up. “You missed my dick.”
She shrugged with a playful smile. “Won’t deny that.”
I slowly opened my bedside drawer and pulled out a shiny object that quickly got her attention. “I did say you would be punished… didn’t I?”
She nodded and stared at me, waiting for my next move. I sat between her legs and spread them out. I leaned down and pressed a kiss directly onto her clit and chuckled a little as she shuddered. I sat back up and grabbed one of her thighs before placing my knife against it.
“Since you clearly have a tendency to leave, I thought I better make sure you know who owns you.” I smirked at her nervous face.
The knife pierced her skin and she hissed at the pain, closing her eyes shut. Blood trickled down and spotted my bed sheets but I couldn't care less. I dragged the knife against her thigh until I was satisfied.
“Open your eyes.” I said slowly.
She did as I told her and bit her lip as she looked at her bloody thigh. “You marked me with your initials?”
I dragged my thumb over the cuts before bringing it to my lips, licking the blood off. I could visibly see her pussy clench as she whimpered. I chuckled and laid down on top of her, my cock nestled against her centre. “You wanna be filled up right about now, don’t you?”
She nodded quickly and I smiled. “Please get inside of me.”
I grabbed my cock and stroked it before placing it against her hole. I watched her fist the sheets as she waited impatiently. I dipped the head into her before taking it back out. She whined and I slapped the side of her thigh. “Are you complaining?”
She shook her head rapidly. “No, no I’m not.”
“Good.” I pushed into her and breathed out once I was fully inside.
She was squirming, trying to get me to move so I grabbed her hands and pinned them over her head. “You take what I give you.”
“Oh god…”
I slowly started to thrust into her, making sure to drag extra against her g-spot. I was enjoying the way she tried so hard to stay still as I fucked her. I started to kiss her neck, leaving marks in places I was sure people would notice.
“Oh, y/n~”
I picked up the pace and bit down on her neck, listening to the sweet moans she let out. “You feel so good, baby~ This pussy was made for me. If anyone ever tries to touch it I’ll fucking kill them. You’re mine, only mine…”
She nodded and whimpered as I slammed into her. “No one can fuck me like you can! Shit~”
I licked the spot I had bit before kissing up her neck and jaw. I let go of her hands and trailed my fingers up her side until I reached her neck, wrapping them around it and squeezing lightly.
“Think you can cum for me?”
She nodded and gasped a little at the lack of oxygen.
I raised her thigh up and placed it on my hip, blood smearing onto me. I was hitting her at a different angle and reached even deeper inside of her so it only took a few seconds until she was cumming around me. She was squeezing my cock so tightly I knew I wouldn't last. I pulled out of her before placing my arms around her, lifting her up so she wrapped her legs around my waist.
I walked to the bathroom and into the shower, turning on the water and waiting for it to get hot before walking under the showerhead. I sank her back down onto my cock and began to bounce her up and down onto me.
“Oh my god, I’m gonna cum again!” she moaned as her head fell back.
I chuckled darkly. “That fast? You love being filled up by my cock so much that you can barely last a few minutes?”
Her eyebrows furrowed as she kept getting closer and closer.
“Cum, but I’m not stopping yet. You got it?” I said with a small moan.
She nodded and bit her lip hard as I kept pulling her up and down onto me. “Fuck fuck fuck~”
She started to rub her clit rapidly and clenched her eyes shut. “Oh- oh yes~ ah!” she nearly squealed as she came again. I fucked her through her orgasm and tried to chase my own release.
I pressed her against the cold tiles and fucked up into her. “Oh god, baby…ah~ you’re making me lose all self control…”
Her lip was quivering as she kept gasping. “Too much…can’t take it-”
I increased the pressure of my hold on her thighs and pressed my forehead against hers. “You can take it. I told you I wasn’t done, you can give me one more…”
I was getting so close and I was getting desperate to feel her cum with me. I placed my thumb on her clit and rubbed on it while thrusting harder into her. “Don’t you wanna cum again? You can do it one more time, I know it baby-”
I was loosing my composure, fucking into her with no rhythm, just trying to get us both to cum. “You’re so close, sweetheart, come on-”
“Oh~ fuck, right there!” she exclaimed.
“Come on, come on, come on…” I begged quietly. My face was scrunched up in pleasure and I could cum right now but I needed to make my girl cum first. “I know, princess, I know…”
“I’m gonna- oh I’m gonna~” she blabbered and dug her nails into my shoulders. “Oh- I’m cumming, I’m-”
Her head fell back and I knew blood was definitely trickling down my back from her nails digging into me. She clenched down on my cock and before I knew it she was cumming hard around me, the overstimulation getting to her.
“There you go, baby, just like that…” I breathed out and slowed down a little.
“Please cum in me, fucking fill me up, get me pregnant!” she moaned loudly.
I bit my lip and gasped as I came inside of her, doing as she asked for and filled her up. Her hands came up to the back of my neck and she pushed my forehead against hers. She kissed me and I moaned, slowly coming down from my high. I pulled away and gently rubbed her thighs with my thumb.
“Fuck. Best sex ever.” she said and smiled, making me laugh.
She bit her lip. “Let’s just hope I actually get pregnant now.”
I nodded and kissed her with a smile on my lips. “Let’s hope.”
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"cry all you want… i'm starting to think you're enjoying this."
"baby, i could do this all day."
"don't be shy now, sit on my face."
Don't be shy
thank you for your request! I had this in my drafts for a while and just couldn't finish it... but this was definitely something to get my back into the writing groove.
send me prompts!
warnings: fingering, bottom!natasha, top!reader, nothing too bad really.
word count: 394
“Baby, I could do this all day,” Y/N whispered, as her fingers circled gently over her girlfriend’s clit, lightly flicking the slick bud back and forth. “Bad girls don’t get to cum that easily.”
A choked whine left the Russian’s throat at the feeling of fingertips brushing against her swollen pussy lips. Her back arched away from Y/N’s bare chest, while her hand tugged at the baby hairs at the base of her girlfriend’s neck. 
Natasha moaned when the fingers pressed against her a little harder. “I’m sorry, baby.” 
Y/N shook her head, turning her head to press light kisses along her girlfriend’s neck. “I know you are, but that doesn’t make what you did on the mission any better.”
To say a slight grudge was being held would be an understatement. There was nothing Y/N hated more than being yelled at and the fact that Natasha was the one doing the yelling was unacceptable. Did Y/N mess up during the mission? A little, but did that warrant the redhead to yell and embarrass her in front of the rest of the team? Absolutely not. 
“You embarrassed me in front of our colleagues,” Y/N spoke as her left hand pinched Natasha’s sensitive nipple. A low hiss left the redhead’s mouth. “Your apology means nothing to me.” 
Tears trickled down her girlfriend’s face at the overwhelming pleasure she received. Delicate fingers pinched at her nipples while another set pressed into her soaked cunt, curling just the way she liked. But every time she was close to cumming, her girlfriend would cease her movements. 
“Cry all you want… I’m starting to think you’re enjoying this.” The younger woman teased as she removed her fingers once again when she felt Natasha’s walls flutter around them. 
Y/N shifted and removed Natasha from between her legs much to the Russian’s dismay. “No, no, no. Please, Y/N. Baby, I’m sorry! It won’t–”
“It won’t happen again. I know it won’t baby. I’m not done with you.” She said as she moved to lay against the pillows at the top of their bed. “I want you to ride my face and you won’t stop until I tell you to.” Natasha was flustered at her girlfriend’s words, it took her a minute to gather herself. 
“Don’t be shy now, sit on my face Natty.”
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𝟏.𝟑𝐤 𝐜𝐞𝐥𝐞𝐛𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
thank you for 1.3k followers. i love all of you so so much. thank you for all the support, it means the world !! kinda copying cinta with this celebration ngl 😗
Tumblr media
harry potter recs
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twilight recs
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Tumblr media
warnings. | smut, Mommy kink, strap-on use, riding, size kink (nat is 6’0, you’re shorter than her), tit play/sucking, dirty talk, praise, degradation, humiliation, face sitting (nat sits on your face), mentions of oral (f, past), mention of scissoring, marking, the daughter was adopted, and age gap (nat is late thirties/40). 18+ MINORS DNI!
pairing. | Best Friend’s Mom!Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader.
author’s note. | i haven’t written for nat in so long!! here’s a lovely little concept! don’t forget to enjoy and reblog! @nsfwlibrary my taglist. MINORS DNI!! YOU WILL BE BLOCKED!
You can swear the echo of the slam from the door is still there. Or maybe it’s the lingering anger from your best companion, who had stormed off to sort some situation out with her boyfriend.
Like a good friend, you offered to go with her. She refused, determined to solve it on her own.
Like a bad friend, you’re moaning her mother’s name like a bitch in heat.
“Good girl, such a good girl. You’re fucking yourself on Mommy’s cock so good, petal,” she coos, hands gripping your hips, and she bounces you on the attached dildo. It hits the deepest parts inside of you, letting you see stars when it nudges against your sweet spot.
“Feels so good, Mommy,” you whimper out, your drool staining her soft skin. She smells of expensive perfume, sensual and mature. Practically, Mrs. Romanoff reeks of dominance and sex. Maybe, if you take an even larger drag, you’ll catch a hint of a potent cocktail laced in her mouth.
“I know, petal, just like how you were makin’ Mommy feel before, right?” she asks, and her question brings back memories of just a few minutes again.
When the door slammed shut, you crawled underneath the dining table and parted Natasha’s legs. She smirked down at you and pushed your face towards her pussy, demanding you to eat her out until she’s done with using your face. You still remember humping the air in desperation when you brought her to a third orgasm.
Pleasing Mrs. Romanoff turns you on so much.
“Uh-huh. Wanna do it again, please. I wanna make Mommy feel good!” you plead before latching your mouth onto one of her pink nipples. Before she can even chuckle, she’s letting out a soft moan at the feeling of your skilled tongue. You swirl your wet muscle around her hardening nub, letting your teeth graze it slightly.
Your dominant hand doesn't let her other tit be neglected, and so it traverses up and starts to pinch her nipple. Though, it’s hard to multitask when you’re already so overwhelmed. Desperate to feel some sort of release, you settle for grinding down on Natasha’s strap while alternating between each breast.
You leave a sheen of spit on each bosom, and the gone look in your eyes has Natasha getting wetter. The gyrations of your hips bring friction to her sensitive pussy, making her moan loudly. Though, a smile forces itself onto her face when you halt both of your movements, unsure which you should continue with.
“Poor thing. You don’t even know if you want to get fucked or fuck Mommy. Just let me do all the thinking, petal. Let Mommy stretch this pussy out,” she coos before lifting your lower half up. Natasha’s feet dig into the cushions of the soft couch, and she begins to thrust upwards.
You let out a pornographic moan and push your face into the crook of her neck. “Mommy!” you cry out, feeling her stroke your wet walls and brutalise your g-spot. Like an impending doom, bliss grows inside your stomach. Your clit rubs against one of the belts on the strap, adding to your pleasure.
Almost immediately, you come undone around the plastic cock inside of you. Your slick coats Natasha’s toy, and it colours the pink rubber with a sort of creaminess. Your pussy constricts around her strap, and you let out a loud cry. She fucks you to the aftershocks of your orgasm, admiring how your eyes roll back into your head.
“Good girl, so good for me. You’re so pretty when you come, petal,” she tells you, and you struggle to thank her for her kind words. “My perfect little slut,” she continues, and a faint smile finds itself on your face.
“Y– Your turn,” you mumble through your pants and whimpers. Natasha raises an eyebrow, punctuating your sentence with a sharp thrust. You can feel yourself nearing the state of overstimulation, and you start to shake your head. “Wan’ you to sit on my face, Mommy. L– Like that one time, remember?” you tell her, and she nods her head.
You were lying down on the patio’s chaise lounge in nothing but a skimpy bikini that could be torn off your body in a gentle tug. Natasha watched you for a while before walking over to your spot and pressing soft kisses on your chest.
“Be a good girl and let Mommy use you,” she simply told you, and you laid down flat on the surface, urging her to straddle your head.
Slowly, Natasha pulls out of your sopping pussy and slaps the tip against your folds, revelling in the way you whimper. She pushes you off her lap and lays you down on the couch before swiftly removing her strap. She places it on the sofa, and you can already predict that she’ll have to cover that spot with a throw pillow until she can clean the stain.
Your legs involuntarily part, still feeling that ache she’ll have to quell afterwards. But for now, it’s her turn.
You grab her thighs as leverage, and Natasha lowers herself down on your mouth, and you start to lap at her soaking and sensitive cunt. Her taste fills your buds (but it never really left), and you suck on her clit until she starts grinding down on your tongue.
Natasha tosses her head back and moans, uttering praises of how good you are for her. She reaches a hand behind her and quickly finds your clit before rubbing tight circles on it. Your moans send vibrations throughout her body, making her curse from the extra stimulation.
“Shit, your mouth feels so good, petal. I could stay here forever,” she pants, tits shaking slightly with each rapid rise and fall of her chest. You hum against her pussy, torturing her clit with your wet muscle. “Are you gonna make Mommy come before you, petal?” she questions, moving her fingers faster.
A burning sensation fills you up, even though you had wanted her to finish first. You start nodding your head, and the movement has her crying out. “Come, petal. Come for mommy, and then I’ll soak your face,” she urges, and you thrust your tongue inside her before letting out a mewl as you come undone.
Your legs thrash, but you continue to eat Natasha out, and you can tell by her chants that she’s close. You continue your noises, desperate to have her juices coat the lower portion face. “Fuck, fuck, fuck—yes!” she wails, and her hips still as her pussy spasms.
You drink everything she has to offer up, savouring her sweet nectar. Your mouth coaxes Natasha through her orgasm before she suddenly moves down your body with a smirk on her face. Your lips glisten with her arousal, and the sight has her smiling.
“We have all night, petal. And Mommy wants to rub her cunt against your cute little pussy.”
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nadine26 · 4 months ago
Corrupted || Remus Lupin x reader
Three || Hermione G. x reader x Ginny W.
Busy || Hermione Granger x reader
Torture || Draco Malfoy x reader
Frustration || Poly!Marauders x reader
A bit of a flirt || Lavender Brown x reader
Hermione Granger x reader x Fred Weasley
Relax || Hermione Granger x reader
good girl || Remus Lupin x reader
potion class || Hermione Granger x reader
Eyes On Me || Remus Lupin x reader
The third night || Remus Lupin x reader
slumber party || Pansy P. x reader x Ginny W.
Desperate || Ginny Weasley x reader
books and cleverness || H.G x reader x P.P
sugar mama || Pansy Parkinson x reader
Corridor Confessions || Remus L. x reader
feels too right || James Potter x reader
how it all began || poly!Marauders x reader
Check-Up || Draco Malfoy x reader
look at her || poly!Marauders x reader
Yes, Professor || Remus Lupin x reader
free time || Ginny Weasly x reader
later || Draco Malfoy x reader x Theodore Nott
if you were here || Pansy Parkinson x reader
if you were here (pt.2) || Pansy P. x reader
Loose The Ropes || James Potter x reader
Safe || James Potter x reader
Phone || Lily Evans x reader
Lesson || Draco Malfoy x reader
Rated PG. || Harry Potter x reader
little one || Lucius Malfoy x reader
see you monday || Lucius Malfoy x reader
Forbidden || Draco Malfoy x reader
rings || Natasha romanoff x reader
patience || Natasha romanoff x reader
star student || poly!Marauders x reader
Narcissa Malfoy x reader
Mommy Please || Ron Weasley x reader
little girl || Remus Lupin x reader x Sirius Black
touch || Tasm!Peter Parker x reader
my good boy || James Potter x reader
She doesn't let me Rot || Tasm!Peter P. x reader
Cat Fight || Lily E. x reader x Marlene M.
Educational decree No. 16 || D.M. x Potter!sister reader
Steve's Birthday Wish || Mafia!Steve x reader x Mafia!Bucky
Good Morning || Poly!Marauders x reader
Tear You Apart || Remus Lupin x reader
S3x Lesson || Draco Malfoy x reader
mine || Poly!Marauders x reader
everything happens for a reason || Poly!Marauders x reader
mood || Hermione Granger x reader
Library fun || Hermione Granger x reader
what do you have to say? || Natasha R. x reader
My bride || Natasha Romanoff x reader
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crescent-witch · a month ago
special delivery || natasha romanoff
summary: your neighbour natasha gets your mail when you’re not home, and one day a particularly interesting package arrives at her home.
warnings: 18+; smut, Amazon delivery drivers (yes they have their own warning, cause they’re assholes), degradation, daddy kink, pet names (detka, good girl, sweet girl), cum-filled strap, dumbification, sort of innocence kink? but like not really, a tiny bit of overstim at the end.
pairing: neighbour!nat x fem!reader
word count: 2.5k
a/n: this was inspired by a post by @onmykneesforwanda. I….I tried my best. This is the first piece of smut I’ve published so none of you can hate on me if it’s bad.
Tumblr media
Amazon delivery drivers were assholes. That’s all you could think of as you stormed out your front door.
Despite leaving very clear instructions on the website every time to leave the package in your recycling bin at the side of your house, they always ignored it and instead left your packages with one of your neighbours.
Sometimes you wondered if they were all in cahoots and did it just to piss you off.
Sometimes it was alright because the delivery guy would leave it with your neighbour to the right, an old lady who you didn’t really see ever leave her house. She was always annoyed when you knocked on her door, but her anger was directed at the drivers and not at you, so talking to her wasn’t all bad. You at least both shared a hatred for Amazon.
The problem was when they left your mail with your neighbour to the left.
Natasha Romanoff. A Russian immigrant who moved here when she was a kid.
The redheaded woman wasn’t horrible to you. Anything but. It was the fact that you were insanely attracted to her which made it nearly imposible to knock on her door.
The Russian worked for some tech company up in the city, but she was more the brawn than the brains. As far as you could figure out from what she told you, her main job was to protect Tony Stark, the billionaire philanthropist who ran the company. But given that Stark had about a million different security guards, that gave Natasha plenty of free time to drive you to madness.
You stalked up Natasha’s driveway, catching a glimpse of her through the living room window.
You jogged up the front steps, realising you had no idea how you were going to get past your blushing to ask for the package as you rang the doorbell, and a second later Natasha was opening the door, a sight which made your breathe catch.
The redhead was wearing a tank top, her strong muscles rippling from where the fabric cut off on her broad shoulders, a braid flipped over the side of one of them. She seemed so relaxed, leaning against the doorframe with her arms crossed and smirking at you. That god damn smirk. It would be a miracle if you didn’t faint or just outright drop dead before even asking for your mail.
“I think these delivery drivers are doing it on purpose now.” Natasha joked, although you barely heard what she was saying as you tried to focus on anything other than her biceps flexing.
“Yeah…it’s getting really inconvenient.” You laughed awkwardly, pulling at the end of your dress to give yourself something to do as you tried to distract yourself from the way her shirt rode up her abs when she reached to scratch the back of her head.
“Why don’t you come in and I’ll give you your package?” Natasha suggested, nodding into the house as she pushed herself away from the door, stepping aside to allow you to walk in.
You nodded, sliding past Natasha and into the front hall. The setup of her house was pretty similar to yours, just on opposite sides. There was a tall staircase leading to the second floor, pictures of Natasha’s friends and family lining the way up, her living room just off the the left of it, which Natasha led you into.
“So…where’s my mail?” You asked awkwardly, cringing at your slightly impatient tone as Natasha plopped herself down on the couch, manspread.
You were careful with your words when you asked, avoiding Natasha’s use of the word package, which she used intentionally, unbeknownst to you.
You weren’t one to normally buy sex toys, especially not on Amazon of all places. The strap on that was sitting in a box somewhere in Natasha’s house was an impulse buy, which you were embarrassed to admit was bought after you saw her working out in her garage on your way home from work a week ago, the door left wide open as she lifted weights, sweat glistening on her arms and forehead.
The smirk never left Natasha’s face as she stared up at you, leaning back comfortably with a cocky look on her face.
“Come and get it.” She told you, patting her thigh, and your eyes widened as you spotted the slight bulge in her sweats.
She was wearing your fucking strap.
You suddenly felt like you were in a bad porno with an even worse title to match. A blush stained your cheeks as you continued to stare at the print in Natasha’s sweats, something which didn’t escape her notice and only fuelled her arrogance.
“Come on, detka.” Natasha coaxed you towards her, leaning forward to grab your hand and pulled you into her lap. You ground your teeth together as you felt the tip of the strap grind against your clothed cunt, cursing yourself for wearing a dress since you didn’t have the thickness of jeans to help you maintain at least some of your dignity.
Natasha’s fingers wound themselves in your hair, tugging your head to the side to expose your neck, which her lips immediately began ghosting along, sending shivers up your spine as she pressed light kisses to your throat, “Let me make you feel good.”
Somewhere within the haze that clouded your head, common sense broke through. You started shaking your head as Natasha began sucking deep purple marks into your skin, although you made no attempt to push her away.
“We can’t do this. It isn’t right.” You told her. Natasha sighed as she stopped sucking on your skin, instead running her lips up and down the column of your throat.
“Why?” She asked, pressing kisses under your jaw after every other word, “We’re both single. Nobody else is here. And don’t think I haven’t noticed the way you watch me when I work out, sweet girl. You can pretend to act innocent all you want, but now I really know just how much of a little slut you are.”
Her words made heat pool in your lower belly and you had to bite your lip to stifle a whimper as you discreetly tried to grind down on the strap, which of course Natasha noticed.
“Look at you.” She chuckled, suddenly grabbing your hips and forcing you to fully push against the strap. You had to bite your lip even harder, to the point of almost breaking the skin, to stifle a whine as you gripped at her shoulders for support, “Come on, detka. Grind against my cock like a good girl.”
The name, along with Natasha’s firm grip on your hips and the feeling of grinding down on her, almost made you loose control, burying your face in the crook of Natasha’s neck to try and hide your flushed cheeks.
“Aw, don’t go all shy on me now, sweet girl.” Natasha cooed, and in a second you found yourself being pulled to your feet and your front was bent over the arm of the sofa, ass in the air.
“You look so pretty like this.” Natasha said as she pushed up the skirt of your dress, leaving your bare ass on display for her, your thin cotton panties being the only thing now covering your centre.
You were eventually unable to mute your noises as Natasha began grinding the strap into your ass, a guttural moan leaving you at the action.
“Come on, tell me what you want, pretty girl.” Natasha encouraged as she cupped your sex, her fingers just barely touching where you needed them most.
“Please.” You begged, your resolve finally breaking as you tried to roll your hips against Natasha’s fingers, “Please, Natasha. I want you to fuck me.”
Natasha’s hand gripped your chin, forcing your head around to look her in the eyes.
“Do you have a safe word, detka?” She asked softly, her concern melting your heart a little bit.
“Yes. Red for stop, yellow to slow down.” You nodded as much as Natasha’s vice grip allowed you to.
“Good girl.” Natasha praised you, immediately settling back into her dominant demeanour, releasing your chin and sliding your underwear to the side before suddenly plunging two fingers into your pussy.
“Daddy!” You cried out suddenly, the title even making Natasha faulted for a second before a smirk plastered across her face.
“You like this, baby?” She asked, her thumb moving to lightly play with your clit and her fingers moved in and out of you, “You like being a good whore for daddy?”
You nodded your head eagerly, a mixture of whines and moans leaving your lips as you begged Natasha for more. What she was giving you was just barely enough.
“Use your words.” Natasha commanded, removing her fingers from your core when you failed to answer her out loud, pulling away from you completely.
“Yes daddy, I like being your whore.” You quickly reconciled, huffing in annoyance when Natasha didn’t start touching you again.
“Getting impatient, detka?” Natasha teased you, chuckling at your small huffs and whines.
Natasha reached out towards your hip, hooking two fingers around the waistband of your white cotton panties and pulled them slowly down your legs, letting them pool at your feet.
“So wet for me and I’ve barely even fucked you yet.” Natasha taunted, grazing your slit to collect the wetness that had begun to spread onto your thighs, “You’ve been so good for me. I think you’re ready now.”
Confusion clouded your brain at her words until you felt the tip of her strap rest against your entrance and you caught a glimpse of Natasha’s sweatpants being kicked away in the corner of your eye.
“You want my dick inside you, baby? You want me to fill you up with my cock?”
“Yes please, daddy.” You moaned, embarrassment flooding your body at how needy you sounded, “Please fuck me hard with your cock.”
“Aw, such good manners.” Natasha told you, and you preened at the praise, “You’ve been so good for me, such a good slut. You deserve a reward.”
A second later Natasha was sliding the fake cock into your dripping cunt and you practically screamed in pleasure as she bottomed out inside you, the redheads teasing until that point having made you drip down your thighs.
Natasha pounded the strap into you, setting a brutal pace that had you moaning so loudly you were sure the neighbours could hear, although you were too far gone to care as you rutted back against her.
“God, who would’ve thought innocent y/n would turn out to be such a desperate little bitch?” Natasha grunted, “Look at you. Your desperate pussy is practically sucking in my cock.”
“Fuck! Faster, please!” You babbled, Natasha smirking down at you. She complied, her thrusts picking up in pace as she fucked into you, moaning herself at the view of you writhing beneath her and the strap rubbing against her clit.
“Such an eager little cockslut.”
Your pathetic moans mixed with the sound of skin slapping together as Natasha continued to mercilessly degrade you. The strap hit the perfect spot in the back of your pussy every time, drawing out loud and deep moans from you.
The sofa began to shake as Natasha pounded into you with force, and you found yourself quickly reaching your climax as the coil in your stomach tightened.
“Daddy!” You moaned as Natasha reached around you to start rubbing harsh circles on your clit, the other resting on your hip to give her leverage, helping her reach an impossibly deeper angle in you.
“What do you need, detka?”
“Wanna cum, please!” You pleaded, your words slurred from pleasure.
“Yeah? You close, baby? Wanna cum on my cock?” Natasha asked as her strap continued to slosh in an out of your cunt.
You nodded fervently, incoherently begging for release in between wanton moans and cries of pleasure. You couldn’t even understand what you were saying, but by some miracle Natasha understood your mindless cries.
“Cum for me, slut. Cum all over your daddy’s cock.”
At those words your orgasm hit you, your vision blurring slightly as you came the hardest you had in a long time. Your knees buckled under your weight, and if it wasn’t for Natasha standing closely behind you with her hand on your hip you would have slid down the back of the couch.
You whimpered as Natasha continued to fuck her strap into you even after you had came down from your high. You attempted to move it out of you, but Natasha’s iron grip kept you bent over the arm of the couch.
“Too much, daddy.” You complained, wiggling your hips to try and shimmy away from her, only resulting in eliciting a groan from the redhead.
“Come on, detka. You can take a little more, can’t you? Take some more and let me cum in you.” Natasha swayed you, and you nodded in agreement, allowing the Russian to continue pounding into you.
“Gonna make daddy come so hard in you, dorogoy. You make the perfect little cumslut.” Natasha’s words reminded you that the strap you had ordered was a cum-filled one, spurring on your arousal as you felt a fire ignite itself in your belly again.
“Daddy.” You whined pitifully, squirming against Natasha as her breathes came out laboured.
“You already close again? God, such a fucking slut.” She chuckled, smacking your ass as her hips began to stutter and you knew she wasn’t far from the edge.
“Cum in me, daddy. Please. Need it so bad.”
A moan rumbled from Natasha’s throat at your begging, the redhead tilting her head back in pure ecstasy.
“Such a good little cumdump.” Natasha groaned, and almost immediately you felt the load of fake cum being shot into you, the feeling in your oversensitive pussy almost making you weep as you fell over the edge again, the pleasure overwhelming.
You hardly registered it when Natasha pulled out of you, a trail of your juices mixed with the fake cum leaving a trail connecting the strap to your pussy.
Natasha stepped out of the harness, throwing it, and the dildo, on top of her sweatpants a few feet away. She lifted you up by your waist, your short dress falling back over the curve of your ass as Natasha carried you back around to the side of the couch, laying down before placing you over her chest.
“Did you enjoy that, baby?” She asked as she stroked your hair, sleep already tugging at you.
“Mhmm.” You hummed along with some slurred babbling, your mind too scrambled to even come up with one coherent thought, causing Natasha to laugh.
“Aw, sweet thing. Have I fucked you dumb? Not one thought in that pretty little head?” You didn’t take notice of Natasha’s dark, almost possessive tone as you buried yourself further into her, seeking her warmth, “Don’t worry, detka. You can just be my pretty whore. You’re just a stupid slut who needs to be fucked dumb by her daddy, huh?”
Unable to even form the words to agree or disagree, you just clung to Natasha even tighter as sleep finally took you and Natasha smirked down at you triumphantly.
And now that she had you, there was no way she was ever going to let you go.
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wandaapologist · 15 days ago
you make it easy (easy)
ship: natasha romanoff/ reader
word count: 2718
warnings: 18+!! mommy kink, d/s dynamics, heavy praise and dirty talk, you smoke weed but it’s not like the point
summary: natasha just really wants you to know you’re her good girl.
Tumblr media
“Such a good girl, hm?” There was no room for doubt in the question as Natasha’s shoulder bracketed your head on one arm, her lips trailing down your neck and her other hand down your side. Your eyes flutter shut as Natasha’s lips touch your skin, purposefully ignoring Natasha’s words.
“I know you heard me, honey,” Natasha mumbled as she kissed up and up, reaching the curve of your ear, her breath filling your ears up with static and making you squirm. Natasha kept her hand firm on your waist, stilling your. “Are you my good girl?”
You cant your hips up in response, not quite at the point where you were receptive to the praise.
Natasha was all in your senses, your bodies pressed close under the covers and hot, both of you more than turned on and definitely high. Your head lulled with every breath and came to again with the overwhelming feeling of Natasha’s mouth on your neck and lips and ears and throat and all over, her voice the only thing you could hear over the blood rushing in your ears from sheer need and arousal. Natasha was unbearably attractive when she got like this, all possessive and praising, treasuring you with deliberate purpose, making you squirm and clearly feeling smug about it. Her hands never stopped roaming, hinting at a touch if only you would indulge her this.
If Natasha gets possessive and praising when she smokes, you become downright dependent and lovesick.
You’re practically keening under Natasha’s breath in your ear, and Natasha’s legs start tangling with yours, keeping you slightly locked in place. Natasha backs up a little, her face hovering just above yours. She smooths your hair down, just next to your ear, and you feel Natasha’s eyes on you before you’re able to gain focus and open your own.
“There’s my pretty girl,” Natasha smiles as you quickly blush and avert your eyes, your face already bright red from arousal and weed. Your body was humming, your face buzzing from Natasha being so close, and your embarrassment isn’t even enough to draw your gaze from Natasha’s lips. Natasha catches the hint, leaning down to capture your lips.
Natasha’s a giver when she kisses, pushing your head into the pillow just enough where you feel it. Natasha kisses you like you have to know, right then, that she cares for you, and you can feel it as Natasha threads her fingers through your hair and pushes you even further down. Your mouth opens from the pressure, drawing half a whimper out of you before she chokes it back down. “Don’t be shy, honey.”
Natasha wants you to be more vocal, to say what you want, but it’s hard, and you’re not high enough or far gone enough to do it.
Natasha reads your mind, arching her eyebrow and leaning over you to grab the pen off the nightstand. She motions for you to sit up and take a hit, and you do so wordlessly, too afraid your voice will give away what she was feeling.
The hit is huge, and you’re coughing into your elbow, Natasha rubbing circles on your back and hovering over you, your hair almost caught in her sleeve and her perfume overwhelming, and god, that hit is making you feel insane. You want Natasha now, and you lay back down to show her so, clasping Natasha’s hands in front of you.
“Mhm, was that a good hit?” You nod as Natasha descends back on you, one hand holding herself steady and the other creeping up your bare leg and then T-shirt, stopping just below the curve of your breast. “Now that question you can answer, huh?” You honest to god giggle, ducking your head into her shoulder and letting Natasha tilt it back up to face her.
Your eyes flutter shut as Natasha pushes her hand up further, sliding to grab your breast, avoiding your nipple. Natasha waits till you open them again to squeeze, watching you arch up into her and let a fully formed whimper loose this time. “Say something for me, baby.”
Natasha begins playing with your nipple, rolling it slowly in between her fingers, and you cannot even think of a single coherent thing to say, your eyes rolling in the back of your head as Natasha touches you exactly how you like. And you’re so high at this point, your mind foggy and filled with Natasha, and you can’t help but whine, disarmed immediately.
Natasha mock pouts, “Come on, baby, I know you can do it. Say something for me.”
You swallow thickly as Natasha’s hand stops its ministrations. You’re just about to open your mouth and say something, anything, when Natasha starts groping and pinching your other breast. You let out an embarrassingly loud moan as Natasha waits for an answer, mumbling a “Words, honey,” under her breath.
You’re keening and squirming under Natasha’s touch when you whimper, “Hi.”
Natasha laughs, “Try again.”
Whine. “Natasha.”
She continues to switch between your breasts, never letting up, “I know you must be throbbing by now, honey, so tell me: Are you my good girl?”
At the mention of your arousal, you do in fact throb, Natasha’s legs tightening around you as you begin to subconsciously rock into her. You want Natasha. Bad. So you nod, yes, yes you’re Natasha’s good girl.
But Natasha wants more. “Mhm, and why were you such a good girl today? What did you do today that was so good?” Her hands start caressing down the side of your body, ghosting along your stomach and hips and further down, starting to tease you.
It’s driving you nuts, and Natasha knows it. The hit is setting in even more, and you cave. “I brought you food.” Your voice is rushed and mumbled and light and she’s so clearly gone.
“Uh huh, you sure did, and why did you do that?”
You don’t answer, your blush rising further. Natasha doesn’t push, just lets her fingers trail to your thigh and rest just outside of your inner thigh, waiting. It doesn’t take long before you break. “I wanted to see you.”
“And why did you want to see me?” Natasha inches closer to your inner thigh, and the moment is so charged you can’t even breathe.
“I-“ you swallow again, starting to become heavily distracted by how badly you were turned on, especially as Natasha’s fingers were inches away from where you really, really needed them to be. “I honestly just wanted to see you.”
“So you made me some chocolate chip cookies, all to come see me?” Natasha smiles softly, teasing and touched and most importantly putting you on the spot. “You are such a good, good girl.”
You keen under the touch and praise, fully whimpering as Natasha pushes your legs apart and starts caressing your inner thigh. “Please,” she chokes out.
Natasha stops and kisses you slowly, leaving you dazed before asking with finality, “Are you my good girl?”
You’re already convinced to answer, but any resolve crumbles as you feel Natasha’s fingers all at once tracing your labia over your panties, and you’re choking, stumbling on your words, “Yes, yes, I’m your good girl, please, Natasha—“
Natasha presses her fingers harder onto you and you’re moaning, Natasha tracing her fingers against your panties and up to your clit. She hovers there, pressing as you stare at her wide mouthed, open eyed, and frozen with pleasure for a split second before Natasha pulls away. You let out a shaky breath, “Don’t stop—“
“Shh,” Natasha quiets you as she begins pulling your panties off, her hands soft and hot and heavy and strong under the blankets and on your thighs. You have half a mind to take another hit, and Natasha is throwing aside your panties and picking up the pen before you can finish the thought. Natasha takes a large hit, blowing above your head and keeping eye contact as she hands it to you and watches you take a hit of her own. Natasha has pushed herself back and is straddling you, and she’s grinding without really thinking about it, stoned and rolling her hips into you while licking her lips down at you. You’re high, too, and you can’t stop thinking about how Natasha’s barely there thong was the only thing separating you.
You can’t focus on that for too long before Natasha is wrenching you back to the present as she takes both of your shirts off and begins laying over you, her own hit taking over as she trips over her own words, aroused beyond belief and rambling to you. She’s done this before, and it’s one of your favorite things. “My pretty, pretty, best girl.” She brings her fingers forward to your center, gasping as your hips jut forward. “You’re so wet for me, aren’t you? Only good girls get this wet, you know, no wonder you’re soaked.” Her lips attach themselves to your neck and start to suck, much harder than she would sober, and you are so turned on you wildly buck your hips and grip Natasha’s shoulder. You both are quiet for a moment, Natasha sucking a dark purple hickey into your neck and you slack jawed with pleasure.
When Natasha pulls back she is wild eyed and aroused as all hell, and you are not at all surprised when Natasha brings her soaked fingers up to press past your lips with purposeful gracelessness. You suck and lick and blush beet red at Natasha’s eyes, boring holes into you, and you’re so turned on you can barely focus on sucking on Natasha’s fingers in your mouth. You keep going limp, your lips pausing around her fingers and Natasha is smirking down at you. You’re naked, now, unable to hide your arousal as you roll up into Natasha and whine around her fingers. You’re dazed and need to be touched, and you give up trying to win. “Please, Natasha” you mumble around her fingers.
“You are so adorable, I love when you need me like this,” Natasha is smiling, her cheeks definitely rosy as she pushes your legs further apart. When you gasp, your eyebrows furrowing together and stomach muscles tensing, Natasha’s pupils blow. “I want to fuck my pretty girl so hard.”
You are writhing, Natasha’s fingers pulling out of your mouth and hovering dangerously close to your clit. You can feel them like magnets and you’re so beyond needing to be touched, “Please, please, please, Natasha.”
“Good girl, baby,” Natasha practically coos at you as she drags her fingers through your labia, you letting out a half wrangled sob. She slides two fingers inside of you, gentle but fast, and if you weren’t high out of your mind you’d be ashamed of the moans you were making as Natasha fucked you. Your eyes are screwed shut, but Natasha is watching you intently, flushed as she curls and pumps her fingers at a steady pace. It feels so good it feels like you’re coming already, even if you know you can’t like this, and Natasha knows the effect this has on you, how brainless you get when Natasha starts fingering you. She’s drawing this out, fascinated by your face and keening body under her, the both of you dazed as Natasha watches the blush spread from your face to you chest. “So pretty,” Natasha mumbles under her breath, you just barely catching it.
Every time she slides her fingers into you, the palm of Natasha’s hand just barely brushes your clit, and it’s a maddening bump of pressure that has you absolutely squirming. Natasha watches you fight to cant your hips up into her palm, your moans transitioning to breathy whines as you grow more sensitive. “Is there something you want, baby? You just have to ask.” Natasha’s mouth is dry as she watches your brows furrow at the request, clearly frustrated that Natasha won’t freely give you what you want.
You lightly kick her feet without quite realizing, and you feel a steady hand on your thigh to steal her, traveling up to caress your ribs as she leans forward and looks you right in the eye. The shift in position has Natasha’s fingers deeper in you, and her palm even further from your clit than before. “Make me proud and tell me what you want, baby.”
You’re choking on your own arousal and your head is floating and you can’t seem to process anything other than Natasha’s hair and voice in your face and the throbbing in your clit as Natasha wiggles her fingers inside of you. You can’t gather together a syllable, much less discern how to say what she wants. You ground yourself in Natasha above you, your eyes half lidded and red, your lips parted and practically panting, wisps of hair moving in front of your lips with the force of your breath and the movement of Natasha’s never stopping hands.
Natasha starts to twist your nipple in her fingers, and your arousal increases tenfold, your clit almost painfully ignored, and you can’t keep her eyes open any longer, losing the beginnings of a response. Your whines keep breaking off, painfully close to orgasm, and the panic that you might come without telling Natasha or asking Natasha shocks you into speaking. “I’m so– close, please touch me I wanna come, please,” your voice is barely there, mumbled and rushed as Natasha purposefully fingers you harder as soon as you begin to speak.
Natasha is high and feeling bold and you are so fucking hot when you get like this, absolutely melted and desperate in her arms. You can feel the way you’ve said the right thing in the way Natasha shifts to ground herself in the bed, immediately fucking you deeper. You’re convinced Natasha will touch her until she hears, “Please, what?”
You moan, once again immediately disarmed and grateful Natasha stops pinching your nipple, keeping you further on edge and careful not to push you over. Your cheeks are burning at the thought of saying what Natasha wanted you to say. You’ve only said it on three other occasions, and you were squirming at the thought of saying it again. You desperately, desperately wanted to, fantasized about it constantly, but it was still so embarrassing that you did want to– it helped that Natasha was into it more than anything else.
Natasha watches you wrestle with your thoughts, replacing her touch by stroking your hair gently, slowing her fingers but fucking you deeper. She hopes you say it at some point, but you really were good today, and deserved to be touched regardless of whether you said it or not. You both knew you wanted that, felt that way, and Natasha had her no matter what. “You were a good girl for Mommy today, weren’t you?”
You openly moan, immediately nodding, grateful and turned on beyond belief, breaking into a toothy grin when she hears Natasha hum in appreciation at your response.
You force her eyes open, Natasha so, so close to your face. You’re aching to be touched, and you reach up to wrap your fingers around Natasha’s back, her face tilting up to capture your lips in a kiss. Natasha pushes your head back down, true to form, and hovers her thumb over your clit as you lose the ability to kiss her back.
There’s a beat where you can practically sense Natasha’s thumb over you, and your resolve completely crumbles as you stare up at her, “Please, Mommy–”
Your whimper is cut off by Natasha’s own moan, immediately pressing her thumb down to circle your clit, curling her fingers up against your g-spot with agonizing accuracy, “Mhm, so good, honey,” Natasha is practically slurring her words with how badly she’s turned on, “Come for Mommy, show Mommy how pretty you are when you come for me.”
Your body is trembling as you come, long and hard and only as earth shattering as it gets when you’re high and Natasha is on top of you. Natasha’s fingers never stop, circling and curling and driving you further into your orgasm as Natasha whispers in your ear, “Good girl, good girl,” reassuring tou and coaxing her down and never leaving your presence.
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midnightefflorescence · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Mrs.Johansson?! How did I not see these, I’m gonna make Rockband AU fanfics of her now just cause of this
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once-upon-a-thigh · 17 days ago
The Widow's pet
Summary: Y/n is kidnapped by a gang of mobsters, although it is not quite the nightmare you would expect. AU. 18+.
Pairings: Mobster! Natasha Romanoff X Fem! Submissive! Reader Insinuation of other Mobster! female marvel characters X Reader.
Class: One-shot? Series? TBD; dark, angst, smut, teeny weeny bit of fluff.
Warnings: VERY DARK, dub-con, pet play, mommy kink, gun play, knife play, mentions of branding, breath play, pain, fingering (r receiving), strap-on sex (r receiving), oral sex with strap-on (r giving), degradation, alcohol, swearing, mention of drugs.
Words: 4.3k
Tumblr media
I sighed, swiping the sweat coating my forehead with the back of my hand as I wiped down the bar. My night bartending at Stark's was about halfway through and as busy as ever. The crowd bustled and and laughed noisily, drowning their sorrows in overpriced vodka and rum. I was just about to approach a customer who had been flagging me down at the end of the bar, when the crowd had suddenly became startlingly quiet.
Glancing up, curious of the disruption, I almost dropped the rag I was holding in my hands at the sight of who had just walked in.
Natasha Romanoff sauntered in to the vicinity, followed by her gang of Widows, sporting similar black and leather attire. She looked around lazily, eyeing a few customers that have given her trouble in the past. At their presence, the customer I was about to serve hastily left the premises as well as multiple others. The group took the place at a large table that had been abandoned. I don't blame the people for leaving, everyone in the city knows what the gang get up to. The Widows own an infamous drug cartel and have control over basically the entire city, cops included. They didn't bother to hide the weapons lining their hips as they shred off their jackets, hanging the leather on the back of their chairs.
Those who were brave enough to stay kept their heads ducked, merely exchanging nervous glances with each other as they sipped from their glasses. In order to break the tension a little, I turned up the background music slightly at the wall. Luckily, this encouraged a few patrons to start up quiet conversations.
Gulping down the anxious gasps of breath rising in my throat, I approached their table with wobbly legs. Their whispered conversation halted as I leant over the table to pick up the half-drunk glasses the previous patrons left behind. I tried my best to focus on the task at hand, however it was difficult when I could practically feel the burning of their gazes all over my body. Boldly, I glanced up at the terrifying redhead in front of me, just fast enough to notice her eyes flicker from the cleavage displayed with my top two buttons being undone. Well I've got to get good tips somehow.
They switched to my eyes, and my mouth went dry as I peered into the forest green. There was something dark behind them, evil, almost. I wanted to kick myself when the first thought that came to my mind wasn't how awful this woman is, but how undeniably sexy I found her.
After grabbing hold of the glass in front of her, I turned to leave. However, I was forced to freeze in place when a hand caught my lingering arm in a tight grip. My body instantly went cold, running from the icy temperature of her rings. Turning around slowly, I nervously faced Natasha again.
"Bring me a double bourbon, rum and cokes for Kate and Yelena, vodka and cranberries for Carol and Maria, and a large red wine for Wanda would you sweetheart?" She spat out her order without a pause, as if testing me. I repeated the order in my head over and over again, who knows what the punishment would be if I fucked up.
I simply nodded before turning to leave, although her grip didn't lessen.
"Look at me." I did.
"Use your words, kitten." Oh, fuck.
"Yes ma'am." I said, careful as to not let my voice waiver.
After my response, she gave me a sinister smirk before finally letting go of my wrist.
When making the drinks with more precision than I ever have before, I still felt her grip on my wrist. The feeling spread white hot heat through me now that I have escaped, replacing the coldness. When I brought the drinks back over, I took the time to memorise who was who. However, despite all of them staring at me with only what could be described as hunger, none of them stuck out more than their leader.
"How about you sit with us, sweetheart?" The redhead asked. Although her tone made it sound more like a demand.
"Um, I- I can't, I'm the only bartender tonight." I stuttered. For some reason, saying no to her did not feel natural to me at all.
Her smirk dropped, her expression turning to steel. "Get your boss."
"I said-" She leant forward, "Get. Your. Boss."
I scurried away to the office behind the bar, knocking furiously.
"Alright! Alright, come in!" At the sound of Tony's voice, I let out a sigh of relief. Bursting through the door I instantly let out a whiny rant of everything that just went down, however through my desperate gasps in an attempt to stop tears from rising to my eyes, the only legible words said are "Widows....bar....Romanoff....me.....you!"
Standing up from his chair, Tony settled me with his palms on my shoulders. "Woah, kid. Breathe. In and out come on." I breathed in and out slowly, following his instructions with gaping eyes looking into his concerned ones. Once my breathing became some what regular, he calmly asked me what was wrong.
Taking one last deep breath, I explained. "The Widows are in the bar, Natasha Romanoff asked me to sit with them but I said I couldn't because I was working and now she wants to speak to you."
With a groan, he ran his hands down his face. "Fuck kid, what have you gotten me into?"
"Well it's not my fault!" I cried.
"Okay, okay chill. Lets go see what they want."
When we walked back out, I hung back behind the bar and observed as Tony approached the intimidating woman. Despite talking directly to him, she kept her threatening gaze locked with my nervous one. I couldn't here what she was saying to him, however by judging by the way all the colour drained from Tony's face, I can assume it wasn't good.
After an extremely short conversation, Tony came back to the bar. Without even looking at me, he picked up an already clean glass and began to wipe the inside of it with a rag. "Go sit with them, I'll take over."
"What? Tony-"
"Please Y/n!" He gritted through his teeth. Tony was not easily bossed around, and so I can only guess what he was threatened with for him to become such a wimp.
Shaking my hands in an attempt to release the building tension rising in me at the thought of what is about to happen, I slowly make my way towards the table. I kept my head down, embarrassed of the sympathetic looks I am getting from other customers as well as the devious grins Natasha's loyal followers are shooting my way.
I take hold of the back of the only spare chair at the table, the one between who I have discovered to be Yelena and Carol. Before I can pull it back from the table, her sultry voice interrupts me.
"Not there dorogoy."
Looking up at her confused, the question rising from my throat turns into a pathetic whimper when I see she has already pulled back from the table, tapping her thigh. I hear Carol let out a chuckle, most likely in relation to the sound that escaped my lips.
Heat rises to my cheeks, but I make my way to her anyway, shame dripping with every step. When I get close, she gives me no time to take a seat at my own pace and instead wraps an arm around my waist, pulling me down so I am flush against her, braced on one of her thighs with my legs between her own. In this position, my cheek is leaning in to the side of her neck. My senses have gone haywire, all I am aware of is her hand on my waist, the other gripping my bare thigh, the smell of her jasmine perfume, the sound of her taking a whiff of my hair and the moan that follows. Despite this being an incredibly dangerous situation, I strangely find comfort in this position.
"Well isn't that just adorable?" Coos a raspy voice from the table, Wanda I believe.
Natasha looks down at me condescendingly. "That's a good pet. Now how about you stay a good girl for mommy and keep quiet whilst the adults talk, hm?"
I am an adult you cheeky fuck. Wait, mommy?
The name she has given herself only increases the heat in my cheeks, as well as the heat somewhere else. With building shyness, I only manage to nod. However, when she shoots me a startling look, I remember the order she made earlier.
"Yes mommy." The name falls so easily from my lips I barely caught what I said. Where the fuck did that come from?
Seemingly impressed with my response, she grinned and removed her hand from my thigh momentarily to pinch my already red cheek.
For the next hour, I sit there quietly with my cheek flushed against her warm neck. Despite the women conversing over plans to expand their drug dealing territory to the next town over, I have never felt more comfortable. In my relaxed state, I struggle to keep my eyes open. Feeling the fluttering of my lashes against her skin, Natasha pauses her speech to glance down at me and tutted.
"Looks like babygirl is tired ladies. Go home darling, I'll come get you later."
I didn't register that last bit, instead I grumpily pried myself from her arms, walking off to the back whilst rubbing my eyes tiredly. As I stood from her lap, I felt the hand that was previously around my waist graze down my back and gently push my ass forward.
After gathering my stuff and beginning my walk home, the daze I had been under gradually disappeared. What the fuck just happened? Why was I so comfortable in that criminals lap, and why do I want to be there again?
Eventually I arrived home. I took the time to have a steaming hot shower and attempted to scrub off the guilt of enjoying her touch. After changing into some baby pink short pyjamas, I climbed into bed with my hair still wet and fell asleep peacefully with the knowledge that the Widows will most likely move onto another bar soon, and I will never have to look into those dark forest eyes again.
I awoke from my slumber with an ache at the base of my neck, slumped forward at an uncomfortable angle. Looking around in the pitch black, I realised the glow of my bedside clock is missing. I went to reach over to feel for it, only to find I was restricted. My first reaction was to panic, squirming around in an attempt to free my wrists that were bound to something behind me. I felt wood and rope rub against my legs too, leading me to the conclusion that I was tied down to a wooden chair. Releasing panicking gasps, I felt my warm breath hit back into my face. I had a bag over my head. The air became hot and I found myself struggling to breathe, crying as I shook my seat with powerful thrusts of my shoulders.
"Sh, shh, doragoy. Relax." That recognisable voice whispered against where my ear should be from outside burlap sack, she reached her hand around my neck, grasping at the front of my throat and tipping my head back onto her shoulder.
"N-Natasha?" I whimpered, salty tears dripping over my lips.
"That's not my name pet." She tightened her grip.
Wheezing, I managed to let a plea escape my mouth. "Mommy, please..."
Standing back up with a sly chuckle, she released my neck. "I knew you were special." I felt her fingertips brush through my hair as her voice moved around me, giving away her movements.
She circled around in front of me, I felt short manicured nails scratch up my revealing thighs, gently pushing the flimsy material of my shorts up to my hips and most likely revealing the lack of panties I am wearing underneath. The sound of a quiet groan reaches my ears, she is crouched in front of me now.
"What do you want?" I cry, shivers raking down my spine at the feeling of her kneeling between my legs.
"Enough whining little one." She presses an open mouth kiss to my knee, her teeth grazing me harshly. "I just want to play. Don't you want mommy to play with you?"
I whimper as flashes of fantasies roll through my mind, sinful ideas of what play time would entail with such a monster. Despite the utter disgust I feel of myself, I cannot help the gush of arousal that begins to pool out of me. I grit my teeth in frustration when I am unable to close my legs in an attempt to hide my pleasure. "No."
In an immediate response to my rejection, though I am not sure I believe it myself, the sack is immediately ripped off of my head. I clench my eyes shut, doing my best to shield my eyes from the sharp light hanging above my head. She gripped my cheeks harshly, leaning forward to the point where I could feel her furious pants against my lips. Slowly opening my eyes to adjust to the light, I am met with those intimidating eyes again.
"No? I don't think you have much of a choice kitten. After all, you are mine now." She takes hold of my plump bottom lip between her teeth, pulling it back as I let out a squeal. She lets it go with a pop, smirking at the tears that continue to roll down my cheeks. "What do you think girls, should we keep her?"
It is only then I notice the group of women I had previously encountered standing behind her, some leaning against the concrete wall, others leaning forward with their hands on their knees in fascination.
"Oh please Natasha! I've always wanted a pet." Yelena pleads, her eyes swirling with lust and raking over my body.
Natasha tutted, turning her attention back to me and running her hands down my arms, ignoring the goose bumps that followed her touch. "She wouldn't be yours sestra. She's mine. But if she is being a naughty girl, I suppose I could let you have your fun." She grinned at me devilishly. I began to sob at the thought of being passed around these women like an object. Sobs of terror, not delight, right?
"Shh baby, no more crying." Natasha stood back up and leant over me, cupping my cheeks. "Aren't you just the prettiest girl ever?"
I flushed at the compliment, the heat growing when she leant down and began to seductively lick the tear stains from my cheeks. This time, I couldn't keep a quiet moan from escaping my throat. When she pulls away, she makes her way around the back of my chair, hands bracing on my shoulders.
"Now, here is what is going to happen. I'm going to untie you, and then you're going to take everything I give you like a good slut. If I decide you've been a good girl, then you can stay here with me. If not, well, lets just say the only way you will be leaving is in a a body bag. Understood?"
My mind froze at the threat. Is she suggesting what I think she is suggesting? Either I stay in this place and let this woman do whatever she wants with me, or I die. Simple as that. Disgustingly, I grow hot at the thought, waves of lust rushing through me from head to toe. An itch begins to fester under my skin that that I feel only she can sooth. I want this woman to ruin me. And so, with a bite of my lip, I nod my head. "Yes mommy."
I hear the others coo and murmur about how good I was, but I keep my head down, too embarrassed for them to see me so submissive.
"Leave." Natasha barks from behind me. I jump slightly in my chair, startled at her tone, but instantly relax when she sooths me with a pat on the head. I glance up to see the women straighten their backs and quiet instantly, before leaving the room and closing the steel door behind them with a creek.
My breath shakes as I hear the faint sound of metal sheathing, flinching slightly when soon after a cold surface is pressed against my shoulder.
"Such pretty, smooth skin." She whispers in my ear, trailing the knife down my arm slowly towards my bound wrists. "Can't wait to mark it baby. When you're all mine, I'm going to brand my initials into those beautiful thighs of yours." My breathing quickens. With a quick slash at the rope around my wrists, I let out a yelp at the release of tension.
I keep my wrists in place behind me, unsure if she wants me to move them. But she lifts them gently, placing a delicate kiss to each sore wrist before settling them in my lap.
She crouches in front of me next, making quick work at the ropes around my ankles. I can tell by her feral movements that she is getting desperate. Desperate, for me. The thought has me soaking my shorts, dripping onto the polished wood of the chair.
Throwing the knife to the side, I watch as she stands and makes her way to the door to lock it. She pauses for a moment, before turning back to me and leaning back against the metal.
"Come here." She demands, eyeing me suggestively.
I stand slowly, my knees feeling like they will buckle at any moment. Before I can even take a step forward, she hisses and lifts her hand in a 'stop' motion.
I gulp at the instruction. But, not wanting to disappoint her, I sink down to the floor. I approach her on my hands and knees, the rough surface digging in to my palms and knees uncomfortably. When I reach her feet, I sit up and look at her with wide eyes expectantly, awaiting her next instruction.
She looks down at me, her eyes blown out and looking practically black. Her expression is dark and wanting. "Such a good kitten." She praises, gathering my hair into a ponytail and holding the bunch in one fist. With the other hand, she frantically begins to unbuckle her belt. I am shocked to see her pull out a large black strap from her briefs. "Suck."
Inching forward, I take the head of the faux cock between my lips and suck, swirling my tongue around the tip. She groaned at the sight, throwing her head back in delight before looking down at me again. I felt a pressure pushing at the back of me head, getting the message, I began to sink my head further down the cock, taking in as much as I could before I began to gag about halfway down. She didn't seem to like that though. With a forceful push at the back of my head and an aggressive buck of her hips, she forced the cock down my throat until my nose was smushed against her trouser buttons.
"That's right, take all of me." She moans, pulling at my ponytail until I am fully off her. I take a gasping breath, drool hanging out the corner of my lips. I didn't have much time to rest, before she was shoving the strap back in. She took hold of my head with both hands this time, and took initiative herself, thrusting the cock in and out of my throat at a brutal pace. She grinned down at me between pants of pleasure, enjoying the sound of my wet chokes and gags. She held me down at the base for a moment, tears began to fill my eyes as I struggled to take a breath. She rubbed her pelvis into me, blocking my attempt at breathing through my nose,. She ignored the slaps I gave her thighs in an attempt at pleading with her to let me go. Just as my chest began to ache at the loss of oxygen, she pushed me off of her.
I fell onto my back, mouth gaping as I attempted to catch my breath. In my breathless state, I hardly felt her as she began to strip me of the little clothing I had. Kneeling between my legs, she looked down at me lustfully as she groped every part of me she could, taking special interest in pinching the stiff peaks of my nipples. "Such a pretty girl."
Once I had caught my breath, she finally leant down and captured my lips with hers, kissing me with as much passion and aggression as she had displayed with the strap. Her tongue intruded, exploring every curve and crevice. Her hand trailed down my stomach, and she let out a deep moan into my mouth when she cupped my sopping sex.
"So wet for me baby, you want mommy to fill up your needy pussy don't you?" She stopped kissing me to taunt me, pouting condescendingly.
"Yes!" I squealed as she pushed two fingers into me in response, curling them to hit spots no one else has ever reached. My eyes began to roll to the back of my head as the pit in my stomach began to deepen, filling with lustful tension that desperately needed to be released. Before I could reach my high however, she pulled out and lay a harsh lap over my swollen clit.
Lifting her wet hand from between us, she pushed her fingers between my lips. I instantly took hold of her wrist, and sucked on her fingers coated in my juices, letting out a whimper as I tasted myself.
"Oh honey, you want something to suck on don't you?" I nodded pathetically. "You miss having my cock in your slutty mouth? Well I want to use it in another one of your fuck holes. So how about you take my glock instead?"
Before I could register what she meant, her fingers were replaced with cold metal clashing against my teeth. The metallic taste practically melted against my tongue. It was only when I saw her sinister grin I had noticed what it was. A gun. She is holding a loaded gun in my mouth.
Before I get the chance to push her away, I scream around the pistol as an even bigger intrusion makes its way into my cunt.
"Oh fuck baby you're so tight." She looks down at the action between us. "I can hardly fit." She groans.
She kisses my cheeks, smiling against my skin as tears begin to slip again. "Don't worry kitten, I'll make it fit."
Abruptly, she removes the gun from my mouth as well as the strap from my pussy, and turns me over onto my stomach. Lifting my hips with both hands, she pushes the cock all the way into me until I can feel the zipper of her trousers leaving indents on my ass. "Shit, you're so sexy."
I flop forward, another scream breaching my throat as she pulls back and lurches forward into me, again, and again. She pounds my back out to the point where my cheek is pressed against the cold concrete, grazing as I am shoved violently forwards with every rut. Pathetic whines and moans leave my lips, pitching at every point her clothed thighs meet my bare ones. I am totally exposed and at her will, and I fucking love it.
Looking over my shoulder, I admire as she clenches her jaw, sweat coating her face and neck. A vain on her forehead bulges as she snaps her hips, letting out vicious grunts with every thrust. Meeting my eyes, she smirks deliciously.
"Who does this pussy does this belong to my pet?" She pants, slapping my ass with an open palm.
"Yours mommy! It's your- oh fuck!- its your pussy!" I cry, struggling to keep my head up as I begin to reach my high for the second time.
"That's right." She mutters. "All mine."
Her pace quickens and her deep thrusts turn shallow. She leans over me, pressing her abdomen flush against my sweating back. I realise now at the feeling of her breasts pressing against me, that she had stripped off her shirt, as well as pulled down her trousers to her knees. She takes hold of my chin with one hand, turning me to face her so she can crash her lips against mine again. The kiss is sloppy as she grinds desperately against me, trying to reach her high at the same time I do.
"Cum when I tell you to." She demands. I whine, I don't know if I can hold my climax in much longer.
Her grunts turn into long, deep moans. Our kissing has halted. Instead, our lips stay pressed against each other, gaped open as we moaned into each others' mouths.
"Cum now, cum with me."
I screamed her name as I released the long awaited orgasm. The mix of our cum dripped down my pussy, covering my thighs and pooling on the concrete. Her hip movements slowed, now just slightly grinding into me, elongating the euphoria for the both of us.
She stayed lying on top of me, making no effort to remove the cock plugging my pussy.
"My perfect little cum dump." She whispered between kisses she was trailing up and down my neck. "I will definitely be keeping you."
The exhilaration of our time together overpowered the fleeting thoughts of the life I would be leaving behind, and at her words, I smiled.
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cheriesteve · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
when clicking a link you may not be able to see it at first but copy the link and then input it on safari (or whatever you use) and then it should say open twitter app so just click that and you’ll be good to go. let me know if i should do a volume two of this list with more links and characters <3
˖ ࣪ 𖥔 𝐒𝐓𝐔𝐂𝐊𝐘.
— preserum!steve and bucky’s final night before he leaves for the war
— quickie before a mission
— bodyguard!bucky jerking off on ceo!steve
— bestfriend!steve fucking you in the bar restroom
— quickie with dbf!steve
— steve riding your strap to destress after a rough mission
— roomate!bucky fucking you
— car sex with ex husband!bucky
— bucky eating you out for the first time
— bestfriend!natasha finally makes a move on you (married!reader)
— riding stepmom!natasha’s strap
— hooking up with natasha in a restroom at the club
— boyfriendsdad!andy fucking you one room down from your boyfriends room
— riding dilf!andy in his office
— husband!andy with a breeding kink
— car quickie spencer
— fucking sub!spencer with a strap on
— emily fucking you with her strap in her office
— fucking emily in the hotel room while on a case
— car sex with hotch while on a case
— rough sex with hotch
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gayerthanevertbh · a month ago
the widow’s bunny - part 1.
author’s note | here it is! i hope you’ll enjoy the first chapter, i tried my best to make it look as interesting as possible. i would like to mention that if you don’t like this story and you might get triggered because of it, i kindly ask you not to read it. anyways, hope you enjoy!
summary | Your father, Clint Barton, brings his fellow Avengers at the safe house and it was your first time meeting the one and only Black Widow; Natasha Romanoff. As soon as you and her get a little close, her other side is vaguely showing and it truly frightens you. She quotes, “You will be my pretty little secret, yeah?”
pairings | Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader
warnings | voyeurism ; sexual thinking.
taglist | @ilovehotactresses @bepisbeansprouts​  @heidithriel​ @mommynat​ @myplaceofsolace​ @jediluka​ @d14n4ol​ 
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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 so on...
Tumblr media
this is my photo, please don’t steal. <3
“We should be heading to the safe house at any minute,” My partner, Clint, says with a slight smile plastered on his face while his hands are on the steering wheel. “I forgot to mention, there are kids inside. Thor, please be careful with your hammer, and Tony, don’t make fun of my kids or I’ll shoot you with one of my deadliest arrows. And for Natasha, you know my kids anyways.”
I smiled to myself and played with the crust of my glove wrapped around my hands safely, I replied: “I can’t wait to see them, Clint.”
“Oh! I forgot to mention that I have another daughter. I don’t think you’ve met her though, she went to boarding school at such a young age and you were in Budapest most of the time when she was born. I think you’ll be very fond of her, she has a witty personality and is extremely energetic.”
At my sudden movement, I lift my head and turn to Clint in disbelief. How can I not know his other child? I asked: “What’s her name?”
“Y/N. She’s 20 and just got back from London,” He replied and parked the truck near the safe house. He added quickly: “She’s the youngest in the family, the boys will be there. Cooper is excited to see you.”
“I’m still wondering why I’ve never heard of the youngest child,” I mumbled to myself and shook my head, giving him an instant smile. Of course, I was excited to meet his younger child who I never even met, but I was quite nervous too. I don’t know why for any particular reason, but I want to be excited to meet her.
“Don’t be disheartened,” He cooed and hops off the truck while the rest of the boys did. I stretched out my neck, felt a little strain from that 6 hour drive, and made our way to the front door. I hear Thor murmuring something like, “Very lovely farm home, Barton!” with his accent that I am impressed with. A sudden pat was against my shoulder and I quickly turned, noticing it was Tony doing it so.
“When was the last time we went here?”
“I think 5 years ago,” I replied with a low whisper and continued: “The house was still under construction, in your name of course. Clint obviously cannot afford all of this.”
“Then how did he afford to let his youngest go to a boarding school?”
I snickered at him with his sarcasm and gave him a little smirk, “Maybe she’s smart. Who knows, but I’m excited to meet her. I bet she looks just like Laura.”
Clint knocks on the red wooden door and waits for it to be opened until his wife Laura, comes out rushing out of the house and gives us a welcome smile that eases my nerves. She said, “I didn’t expect the whole team to be at our house, Clint.”
“We need to stay here for a while,” He says while looking at his wife pleadingly. “I’m sorry if it’s all the sudden–”
“Dad, you’re home!” His other son, Nathaniel – who is supposed to be ‘Natasha’ since we all thought it was a girl – comes up running to Clint and hugs him tight, giving the old man a wheeze. Connor comes to the picture and gives me a warm embrace, whispering: “Are you okay? You seem hurt.”
I didn’t even notice that I had slight bruising on my stomach and he probably saw me feeling weak and all that. I shook my head and smiled brightly at the boy: “Oh, I’ll be fine. I just need a little gauze and–”
My head turned in the other direction and saw this goddess that was standing a few feet away from me. My mouth gaped at how incredibly well made this creature was beneath my eyes – I almost fell back on the couch when I took a glimpse of the girl.
“Natasha, everyone,” He cleared his throat while making his way to the girl, wrapping his arms around her. I guessed that she was the daughter of Clint Barton. “This is Y/N. She just got back from boarding school.”
“It’s very nice to meet the Avengers,” She says cooly while smiling at us that sort of felt small. “Especially you, the infamous Black Widow.”
Infamous, they say. I thought to myself and walked towards the girl, shaking her hand with gentleness; making sure not to scare her away. I looked at her eyes and I’m not lying when I tell you that she has the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen from a woman. Maria can never compare.
“I’m glad to meet Clint’s youngest baby,” I chuckle to myself and watch everyone who laughed with me. “I don’t bite sweetheart, you can come to me anytime.”
“That’s nice to hear,” she replies meekly and lets go of my hand. Shame. “I’ve seen you on television and all…you’re pretty great.”
Not to be a narcissist or anything, but I love how she compliments me in a way that weakens my knees apart. I almost tumbled down the way she even held my wrist, it was so intoxicating. I replied: “You’re way too sweet.”
“I wasn’t lying either so—”
“I made roast chicken with Alfredo pasta!” Lauren yells in the kitchen room, making me grumble under my breath. How dare she interrupt my conversation with her? Y/N smiled at me for one last time before she took off to the kitchen, kissing her mother on the cheek.
Something inside me ignited, like hunger and greediness. It’s unusual, in fact, quite excruciating to think about it. Y/N was a whole starstruck for me, it’s like love at first sight. Although I do know the circumstances if I do become her suitor, Clint might even kill me for having an interest in his daughter. I could be her mother, frankly. I don’t want to think that way, I’m not a mother to her.
Most certainly not.
My fucked up mind.
When dinner occurred, I was disheartened when I had to sit with Steve and not with Y/N. I’d like to get to know more about the girl and know her interests, maybe even touch her skin a little. Just, a little. To see how delicate the girl is. All I had to do now was to carefully stare at her, not wanting her to catch me and call me a freak.
“So, are you like a mini Agent?” Tony joked while munching on his food aggressively, making the whole table laugh. I didn’t though, I just smiled.
Y/N chuckled and replied softly with her light tone: “You can say that. Though I’m taking Russian classes, I like the idea of becoming a language interpreter.”
“That would be good for our missions,” Steve says and drank a glass of water, quickly adding: “We go all over the place. Natasha and our other fellow Avenger, Wanda, know how to speak Russian and Sokovian. Maybe Nat can teach you?”
Thank god for Steve.
“I’d like that,” Her voice is so addicting; I could get lost in it for hours. She finally looks at me and smiles, adding: “Unless you don’t mind, Ms. Romanoff.”
“Natasha would be fine, Y/N,” I say calmly while taking a bite of my salmon on the plate. “And I don’t think that’s a problem at all, I’d love to teach you.”
Clint, who seems to be pleased, butted in and says: “I hope you two get along, Y/N can be very talkative sometimes–”
“Dad! Not cool,” Y/N murmured with embarrassment and I found it very adorable to watch. Smiling down, I thought about little scenarios with her. Like, staring down at her chest and seeing how much it heaves from my touch. Oh, how much I desperately want to hold her hand – I might get too excited by it. Then, getting out of my daze, I realize what I got myself into. I have a little crush on a 20-year-old who possibly thinks of me as a mother figure. It cringes at me to even think about it.
After that long dinner that I wasn’t mentally there, Lauren showed us our rooms to stay in. I, stay in a bedroom by myself. Clint is obviously staying with his wife. The other men, well, I don’t know where they are sleeping – I couldn’t care less – But they were sleeping downstairs possibly. It was a full moon tonight and I made myself a cup of tea before I went to bed. Then, I grab my leathered journal that I keep all my secrets in. My desires. Opening it, I touch the paper softly to have the feeling of comfort. Usually, I do that before I write; for no particular reason. Maybe comfort, again.
Sipping from the cup, I quickly doodled down my thoughts on the paper. I wrote about how we’re all staying at the safe house approximately for two weeks, saw the boys, and probably wrote a long paragraph about Y/N.
I shall call her bunny.
My bunny.
Writing the word Bunny down made my skin shiver with enthusiasm or anticipation. Anticipation is the right word to describe how my skin prickles. These desires that I have are madly dangerous and if I was Y/N I’d stay away right now. Maybe this is all just a phase, just a simple crush. Although I do quite know that it could be more than that, my desperate longing for the girl could be more than just a silly crush.
While writing in my journal, I hear a soft knock on my door and it opens with a creaking sound. Turning, I saw the girl that I thought about just a few seconds ago. My heart beats like a clap of thunder.
“Sorry, I just wanted to give you these,” She walks inside slowly and reaches out a towel that was in her hands. I gladly took them but my eyes traveled down to her camisole top, seeing her bare chest. I bit my bottom lip with hunger. Her voice snapped out of my gaze, and I quickly lifted my eyes to stare at hers.
“Are you comfortable here? I’m sorry if it’s a mess,” She apologized, although I don’t know what for.
“No, I like it. Don’t worry about it Y/N,” I said flirtatiously, but not in an obvious way, I don’t want her to be crept out yet. She offered me another kind smile that made me go mad and went back to the door, opening it carefully. She turns to me again and whispers: “Goodnight, I’ll see you tomorrow.”
I smiled at her and she left.
I will find my way for you to be mine, I promise.
Meeting Natasha Romanoff was like a kid’s dream to go to Disneyland. That’s how you felt when she smiled at you in such a graceful way and offered a hand. She was like an inspiration to you, you saw her as this hero who saved half of the universe and wondered why you never met her though. Until you realized that you went to boarding school at such a young age.
It was already sunrise when you woke up from your sleep, noticing how warm it was. How is it so hot? You grumbled coherently and stood up from the mattress. Suddenly, you felt your body ache and saw yourself in the mirror. You looked like you came out of the jungle.
What a reckless night, You thought to yourself and brushed your teeth, did your skincare, and walked out of your room to prepare breakfast for the Avengers. Your mom told you that you didn’t need to help around the kitchen, but you forwardly assisted – of course. And, you have special skills when you are cooking; nothing to brag about.
To your utmost surprise, Natasha was up bright and early, and already had a cup of coffee on their hands. She finds your eyes and smiles tiredly at you. Quickly, you whispered: “Good morning, how was your sleep?”
“It was alright, I didn’t sleep much.”
Oh god, did I snore?
“Did I disturb you? I’m so sorry, I’m such a heavy sleeper,” You apologized quickly and cringed at yourself. But, Natasha wasn’t upset or anything. In fact, she was smiling at you. You felt relieved for some reason because of her solemn look.
“No, you didn’t,” She responded while sipping from her cup. “I’m assuming you had a good rest.”
“Oh, not really,” You say quickly and sit across from the older woman who seems to be invested in you. So, you continued: “My body feels very warm and achy but it’s very chilly at this hour, I don’t know why. Do I look sick?”
“No, you don’t look sick Y/N. Maybe hormones?” She chuckled and looked at you with her dark green eyes. Her eyes are very interesting. “I don’t know, I don’t feel very cold right now either. So, you’re not alone.”
So, it’s just not you. But, it was still weird. Anyway, you shrugged it off and asked the woman what she wanted to have for breakfast. Natasha replied: “I’ll have a toast with avocado if it’s available.”
“Of course we have avocados,” You say while tiptoeing yourself to get a bag of loafed bread that was inside the cupboards. Taking it out, you see Natasha suddenly at your side – may be trying to help you out since she’s a little taller than you. That was a nice gesture.
It wasn't until when her hands were suddenly on your waist that you were about to slip off. You were shocked and it made you snap your attention towards the woman who looked at you with deceitfulness. But, you don’t want to overthink it. She was just being nice to you. She was, right?
“Careful, detka,” She whispered in my ear and led me back to the table, smiling at me innocently. “You should watch where you are going next time.”
Don’t overthink it, she was just helping you. Don’t overthink it.
“Yeah,” You replied with confusion and quickly put the food down on the table, your mind still somewhere else. You felt her hand on your back, patting it softly, then walked away from your presence. It was weird, good weird. Bad weird. You don’t really know at this point.
Her scent, her delicate skin, god it makes me crazy.
I let her scent sink into me for as long as I can hold it, knowing that it could be gone at any moment. I love it when she’s close to me when I’m inches away from her exposed neck that I could possibly bite it with eagerness. The animalistic woman, who is inside me, is seeping through. But, I can’t let that happen right now, I must be careful not to frighten Bunny.
While fixing my bed, Clint comes inside of my room while leaning against the wall; his arms crossed on his chest confidently. I looked at him and rolled my eyes.
“What?” I asked while throwing the pillow back on the bed.
“Are you getting along with my daughter? Is she annoying?”
God no, she isn’t. In fact, she’s addicting. I inwardly smile to myself in a deviant way. I quickly replied to him: “No, Clint. Me and Y/N are getting along quite well. She’s a great cook, by the way.”
“She is! She made us steak last week and it’s delicious,” He says and sits on the bed that I just fixed. Now he’s ruining the sheets. “Do you want to get to know her more? I’m sorry that I never talked to you about her, you were busy from time to time and I didn’t want to bother you.”
“You could never, Clint. She is funny and energetic, you didn’t lie there. I would love the idea of getting to know her more.”
“Well, Y/N is very educated – like you. But, she tends to be idealistic and naive. I do think it’s part of her growing up, you know what I mean?” I nodded at his statement and let him continue on.
“She’s also a good tennis player, for some reason… and a food critic. Y/N can tell what the ingredients are just on a donut or a soup. Oh, she’s talkative and optimistic. As a father, I wish I could’ve gotten to know her more. She was away with us for so long, well except for the holidays. She would be with us.”
I love that Y/N is a naive person. That means, she can never tell if I’m sometimes showing off my desperate side towards her. I can easily manipulate her into something dangerous and she wouldn’t even have to say anything about it. It’s just been over a day, and I badly want her.
“She sounds like a good kid,” I said with a hint of a smile and sat beside him. “I want her and I to get close someday, she could be a big part of my life.”
“For sure, Romanoff. I think she’ll love you as a sister.”
God, I hate that term. I am definitely, most certainly not, a sister to Y/N. I’ll be her lover one day, I’ll be the only woman she’ll ever think and scream about. It makes my body fire with excitement as I think about my hands running up and down on her naked waist, my head buried on her neck as I suck on that skin; giving her a purplish red hickey. I want to see her beg for my touch and my lips, I want to hear her scream my name. God, I want it all so fucking bad.
I finally snapped out of my daze and noticed that I was undeniably wet. Sighing, I asked Clint to leave and he complied.
A few hours later, I decided to finally take a bath. But, the problem was, the bathroom inside of my room was not working. Sighing to myself, I walked out and went to an unoccupied bathroom until I saw a door creaked slightly open. Out of curiosity, I take a peek and see the girl who I just thought inappropriately with. I bit my bottom lip with anticipation as I watched the water trail down endlessly on her baby skin, the way her hands moved up to her breast as she squeezes it softly – how much I wanted those hands to be mine instead.
I felt like a perverted creep but at this point, no one else was in the hallway. So, I took my time watching Bunny as she soaps herself. My core starts to get wet from the sight of her stretching out her neck as she lets the water falls down onto it, I closed my eyes and cursed to myself. This was wrong, it was wrong in so many ways. But I can’t help it. My hand starts to slip down under my shorts and underwear and I feel my own cunt – carefully not letting out a guttural moan. Bunny was so perfect in every way possible, she was captivating to watch. I know that I should’ve taken things slowly but god, she looked absolutely beautiful naked. Her ass looked delicious, too. I just want to squeeze them harshly and bite them; not to the point she would bleed.
Unless she wants to bleed.
As soon as she turned the faucet off, I immediately walked away from the scene and closed the door behind me. My chest was heaving with arousal, everything was beating so fast. My desire for Bunny was getting more intense and I wish I could stop it, but I can’t. I find myself in this reality where I can have her. But, in this reality, it will be hard.
I’ll make it easier then.
My bunny, my detka. My kotenok. My everything. The fire to my heart. I will capture you one day and own you as my pet and my lover, I’ll marry you. I will let you see the real world, I will take you away from this madness. You will be mine, just wait.
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natashaismylove · an hour ago
The visit |N. Romanoff + W. Maximoff
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Summary: Natasha and Wanda couldn’t stay away from the girl they had been watching for a while.
Pairing: g!p dark!natasha x fem!reader x g!p dark!wanda
Warnings: smut, g!p Natasha and Wanda(they have a penis), unprotected sex, non-con/dub-con, threesome, anal, bondage, knife on skin, blood, oral (Nat receiving), masturbation, mommy kink, daddy kink, spanking, choking, slapping, praise, degrading, hair pulling, pet names(baby, princess) 
A/N: keep in mind that this is dark, don’t read if you’re uncomfortable with any of the warnings.
I sighed as I walked into my bedroom, throwing my jacket onto the chair before pulling my shirt over my head. I unbuttoned my pants before pulling them down and kicking them away. My bra and panties landed on the floor on top of my other clothes and I ran my fingers through my hair.
I stood in the middle of the room with my eyes closed for a while, just breathing slowly. It had been a long day at work and all I wanted to do was sleep. I was about to walk to my bed when I realised I couldn't move my arms. I looked down and noticed a red glow holding them down on my sides.
Suddenly my arms went forward, my wrists now bound together with the magic. A hand laid itself on my shoulder before I was pushed down onto my knees. I looked up with wide eyes and was met with green eyes I knew I had never seen before. She walked slowly in front of me and held my chin up to keep my eyes on her.
Another woman's hand brushed some hair behind my ear before she crouched down next to me. “Hey there.” she said quietly, an accent clear in her voice. “My name is Wanda, but you won’t call me that.”
I was trying to keep my breathing as steady as possible while nervousness filled my entire body.
“And I’m Natasha.” the woman in front of me said.
“You call her daddy, you got it? And I’m mommy, call us anything else and you’ll be in a lot of pain.” Wanda spoke into my ear before kissing my earlobe.
My bottom lip was quivering a little from fear and Natasha’s thumb rubbed over it slowly. She dragged it down before moving her thumb into my mouth, pressing down on my tongue. She slowly dragged it down and let go of my lip before tilting her head a little. “You understand?”
For my own safety I decided to go along with it. “Yes.”
Her eyebrow rose. “Yes…?”
“Yes daddy.”
Her lip twitched up into a smirk. “Good girl. Wanda, get rid of our clothes.” she said while keeping her stare at me.
“With pleasure.” Wanda’s hand waved a little in the air before both of their clothing disappeared. Natasha wrapped her hand around her cock and stroked it before slapping it against my cheek.
“Open up.”
I kept my mouth closed and took in a shaky breath through my nose.
My head was pulled back harshly by Wanda, her finger laced through my head as she kept a tight grip on it. My scalp hurt from her hold on it but I quickly forgot about it as she placed a knife against my throat. “I think she was pretty clear.”
My mouth stayed closed and the knife was then placed against my chest before slicing into my skin, blood trickling down one of my boobs. I opened my mouth and gasped in surprise but Natasha quickly put her thumb into my mouth, keeping it open while placing her cock on my lips.
“Don’t misbehave and everything will be fine.” Wanda said softly, stark contrast from her previous action.
Natasha switched holding my hair, tugging on it to keep my head up. Her cock slipped through my lips before she started to slowly fuck my mouth. She groaned in pleasure while keeping the same slow pace. 
Wanda moaned besides me and I looked over the best I could to find her fingers wrapped around her cock as she stroked it to the same rhythm as the other redhead. Natasha pulled out of my mouth before slapping me across my cheek, my head being forced to the side. She quickly thrusted back into my mouth and glared at me. “Keep you fucking attention on me.”
She picked up the pace and let her head fall back as she fucked into my mouth. I started to lose myself a little to them and swirled my tongue around the tip. She chuckled a little and looked down at me. “That’s more like it.”
Wanda kept moaning quietly as she jerked herself off and I could feel myself getting wetter. Natasha pulled out and let out a deep breath before pulling me up. Wanda stood up and walked over to my bed, sitting down with her back against my headboard.
My hands were still tied together in front of me and Natasha pulled me over to the bed, making me straddle Wanda. Her hands laid on my ass before she used her magic to lift me up and sink me down onto her cock.
“Oh my god…” I breathed out.
“You like mommy’s cock, huh?” Natasha whispered in my ear as she sat on her knees behind me.
I bit my lip to not answer. Her hand wrapped around my neck and she squeezed. “I asked you a question.”
I looked down at the bed and clenched my jaw. I heard her sigh before she got up. The bed sunk down a little and she pressed her front against my back. She placed the knife against my thigh and made a cut upwards and I winced in pain. She rubbed her hand onto the cut before dragging it up my side and to my neck, leaving smudged blood over my body. 
“Answer your daddy.” she said before biting down on my neck.
“Yes, what?”
I whined a little. “Yes daddy, I like mommy’s cock so much.”
Wanda smiled proudly. “There you go, princess.”
Natasha placed her cock against my other hole and my eyes widened a bit. “I’m gonna fuck your ass now. Don’t worry, Wanda will make it a little easier with her powers.”
Her cock pressed onto the hole before slowly slipping in. It wasn't as painful as I had expected it to be, but it still hurt. My breath hitched once she was fully in.
Red wisps covered my thighs and I looked at Wanda confusedly. She smirked before my hips started to move up and down on their own. I gasped and my eyes rolled back into my head from the pleasure. Natasha started to move in and out of me while keeping the same pace as Wanda was making me move in.
“Fuck~” I moaned out and let my head fall forwards. Natasha was quick to move her grip to my hair and held my head up.
Wanda made my hips move faster and I gasped at every thrust. “Pretty baby knows how to take cock.” she gave a dark smile before leaning forwards, licking some of the blood on my neck. “Come on, talk to us.”
“Ah~ holy shit, so good…” I breathed out.
Natasha kept holding my hair tightly while her other hand trailed to my boobs, squeezing one of them harshly. They both thrusted into me at a rough pace before Natasha pushed me forward, Wanda grabbing me and holding me against her chest.
Natasha grabbed my hips in a bruising grip before fucking me hard. Her hand slapped my ass so hard I knew it was going to leave red marks. Wanda fucked up into me simultaneously, her magic wrapping around my clit and making me feel extreme pleasure.
I nearly squealed at the rough actions and had to bite down on Wanda's shoulder to keep my composure. Her hand laced itself through my hair to keep my head in her neck. “You’re doing so good for us, princess.”
“Almost done, baby, you can take a little more.” Natasha panted and kissed my back.
I whimpered and Natasha shushed me before placing another kiss on my shoulder. “We know, baby, we know. You’re being such a good girl.”
“Mommy, ah~ fuck, daddy…”
“You know what you’re gonna do? You’re gonna cum for us, baby.” Wanda said into my ear.
I shook my head a little. “No- I can’t-”
“Doesn't matter what you can or can’t do, we’re gonna make you.” Natasha breathed out while thrusting into me at an inhuman pace and force.
“Fuck- I’m gonna~”
“Cum, princess, cum all over us.” Wanda whispered.
Natasha grabbed my throat and pulled me up. “Wanna see your face when you cum.”
“Ah~ ah~ FUCK!” I squealed and clenched my eyes close as I came, nearly blacking out from the orgasm that ripped through me. My thighs shook and wave after wave of pleasure pulsed through me in the longest orgasm I had ever had.
Natasha pulled out of me and I felt cum hit my ass and lower back in spurts, some dripping down the backs of my thighs and onto the bed. Wanda fucked up into me until she started to cum into me, filling me up completely. Natasha leaned onto me, forcing me to lay down onto Wanda. 
“Did fucking amazing for us.” Natasha said out of breath.
“So incredibly good.” Wanda said, equally out of breath.
Natasha sat up a little and rubbed my thighs slowly. “We’re definitely keeping her.” she leaned her face down to whisper in my ear. “You’re coming with us.”
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captains-simp · 5 months ago
Truth or dare with an innocent obliovus (sub) reader and she's playing truth or dare with dom nat, dom carol and dom wanda and they start off as innocent harmless dares until they start daring virgin, inexperienced reader who's never touched herself before, to do some very naughty dares .. and reader does it because she doesn't realize that it's smutty and she's shy and so adorable 🥺
Reader's a lucky gal
1k words
Warnings: innocence kink, masterbation, virgin reader, dub-con (including it just to be safe), fingering, oral, physical restraint and gagging
[ masterlist ]
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~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"Dare." You said confidently as you looked between your friends, trying very hard to keep your line of gaze above their collarbones. It was difficult, especially when you had already caught multiple glimpses of the defined muscle on Carol's arms and abdomen. The delicate lace of Wanda's red bra was just as tempting to give your attention too. And you couldn't forget the way Natasha's thigh muscles flexed everytime she moved. Just the thought of your friends in front of you made the uncomfortable aching between your legs throb. You didn't understand what that was about, you never had.
Your seemingly harmless game of truth or dare with the trio had soon rid Carol and Wanda of their shirts and you and Natasha of your pyjama bottoms. You had been shy at first but grew increasingly more comfortable the more the game progressed to more truths. It had been a while since you had chosen dare and after a few teasing comments, you gave in.
"I dare you…" Natasha looked around the room thoughtfully before catching the eye of her friends. You didn't catch the knowing looks they passed between one another, only seeing the small smirk on Natasha's lips. "To touch yourself. Right there." She said as her eyes darted down to the space between your crossed legs that your shirt hung over.
"What?" You asked, baffled at why she would ask you to touch such an intimate place, especially in front of them.
"You know the rules." You looked to Carol who seemed deadly serious as she watched you in anticipation. Wanda didn't say anything, only leaning back on her hands and biting her lip softly as her eyes fixed on where your hand should have been.
Tentatively, you dropped your hand to your legs and let it disappear beneath your baggy shirt. Carol groaned and told you to lift up your shirt so they could see and you did so with a flush to your cheeks. You weren't sure exactly what you were meant to be doing, so you rubbed beneath your waistband first then down further when you received no indication that that was right.
Your breath hitched slightly when you unknowingly touched your clit through the fabric and felt your wetness seep further into your parties. You blushed more, praying your friends couldn't see it.
"Fuck." Wanda husked. A soft whimper fell from your lips at her response, revelling in the way her voice dripped with lust.
"Press harder." Nat ordered. You moaned at the pressure and bucked your hips up to meet your own hand.
"Ah ah." Wanda tutted and shuffled on the carpet to sit behind you, placing you between her legs. She held onto your waist firmly as you sat flat against her front. The brunette dipped her head forwards and hummed into the crook of your neck, nipping the sensitive skin that made you forget all about touching. Luckily for you, Natasha was more than happy to pick up where you left off.
The widow held your thighs in her strong grip, allowing Wanda to free her hands as her friend ripped the front of your panties to expose you to her completely. You shuddered at the cold air hitting your pussy.
"That pretty pussy would look so good with my strap filling it up." Carol mused allowed but huffed when Natasha blocked her view by licking a long strip of your folds.
You gasped and frantically tried to lift your hips to chase your friend's tongue but she held you down stubbornly. Wanda shushed your whines as she massaged the soft skin beneath your shirt and cupped your breasts gently. She gave them a testing squeeze as Natasha parted your lips with her tongue and slipped it further through your folds to collect the wetness that had her taste buds tingling.
A slightly calloused hand gripped your chin and tilted it upwards to look at Carol who smirked down at you.
"Such a precious little thing." She mused and stroked your parted bottom lip with her thumb.
"She'll look so pretty when she falls apart." Wanda added.
"She's definitely a keeper." Natasha chuckled against you. You whimpered, somehow feeling forgotten while being the subject of their conversation.
"You make such cute noises, princess." You preened at Carol's work and leant further into her hold. "Let us hear them all." She pushed two fingers passed your lips easily and watched as your eyes widened. She stroked your tongue with her digits before pushing them further towards your throat. The length of Carol's slender fingers had never gone unknown to you, but that moment when the pads brushed your gag reflex made you appreciate them more.
You gagged on the blonde's fingers as Wanda pinched your nipples teasingly and rubbed the hardened peaks between them. Natasha was still teasing your entrance with her tongue until she suddenly wrapped her full lips around your throbbing clit and sucked. You moaned around Carol's fingers and squirmed in pleasure.
"You like when Nat makes you feel good, baby?" The Captain asked and you nodded eagerly. She smirked as you continued to moan breathlessly, drooling down her hand.
Natasha quickly started to fuck you with her tongue while relishing in the sweet sound you were making because of her actions. She thrust her tongue and curled to tease your g spot and hummed against you everytime she knew you felt it with great pleasure.
Your stomach started to tighten and your breathing became increasingly laboured. Your moans were louder and you tried harder to buck against Natasha's hold. You didn't understand what it was you were feeling and you were worried it was bad.
"I think she wants to cum." Wanda said with a tease, reading your body better than you could. You squirmed more as your high grew closer.
"No holding back for us, malishka." Natasha spoke lowly, sensing how you were trying to hold off.
You clenched desperately around her fingers as you shuddered in Wanda's hold and moaned around Carol's fingers. "That's it." Wanda cooed as you came hard, head fuzzy from the pleasure that hit you like a bullet.
You were limp in Wanda's hold as Natasha sat back and Carol withdrew her fingers. "What was that you were saying about your strap, Carol?" The brunette asked, already planting the idea in her friend's heads.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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multifandomme · 2 months ago
Object of Desire - Natasha Romanoff x Reader [18+]
A/N: This is a fic that I have repurposed from my old ahs account. I decided to venture out and implement Top!Nat for the first time, so this is dedicated to the bottoms and switches of the fandom, I see you. I hope you all like it.
Summary: You were sleeping soundly, though it was clear that Natasha had other ideas.
Cw: Smut, top!nat, consensual somnophilia (contractual & implied), choking, restraints, degrading kink, praise kink, mommy kink, tribadism, cursing, scratching, d/s dynamics. NO MINORS, 18+ ONLY.
Word Count: 1528.
A steady, repetitive motion roused you from slumber, cold air wafting against your skin as you attempted to pry open your bleary eyes. Instinctively, you reached out your hands in the hopes of finding Natasha, but something had you pinned in place. For a second, you had wondered whether you had been subjected to some form of sleep paralysis, your limbs numb and unable to be shifted. That was until the translucency of your sleepy vision dissipated into unequivocal clarity, a tingling sensation slowly infiltrating between the valley of your thighs. The weight of Natasha on top of you suddenly occurred to you as you craned your neck confusedly to decipher the position of your arms. The woman simpered mischievously as she witnessed you coming to, sleepiness quickly forsaken as you realised that each limb was restrained against its respective bedpost and every article of clothing had been stripped from you.
Your gaze dropped to find Natasha grinding gently against your pussy, perfectly intact with yours as her breath stuttered audibly into the room. Her beautiful green eyes were unwavering as they gazed into yours, a lip toying between her teeth as she basked in your alertness, the situation now abundantly clear to you.
“Mommy, what-”
Your question was soon cut off by a finger lodging itself into your mouth, a subtle pleasure slowly making itself known as Natasha’s clit brushed itself directly over yours.
“Mommy just couldn’t help herself,” the redhead purred as she pushed her finger further into the depths of your throat. “Are you going to be a good girl and let Mommy make use of you?”
The admission had your thighs tensing up as you nodded adamantly in response to her question. Nothing made you feel more validated than having Natasha use you, doing anything you could in order to assist her in getting off. You choked audibly around the woman’s finger as she willed herself against you, the increase in wetness gradually becoming apparent through the obscene noises that emanated. To your dismay, the gentle pace of her gyrating denied any form of progression to climax as you remained trapped on a low level of arousal, tormented and desperate.
Natasha’s nimble digit pulled itself from your mouth, a saliva string following as she retreated. Her soft hands extended outwards in search of something else to play with as they settled on your breasts that she had rid of clothing earlier. The peaks of your nipples had hardened without any touching necessary, her prior exertions causing your bodily reactions to spring into action at their own accord. Of course, this was not enough for Natasha as she resorted to tugging your sensitive nipples between her fingers, working proficiently to draw moans from your mouth. All attempts to shroud your pathetic whines failed miserably as they continued to rack up from the base of your throat and out into the vastness of the bedroom. The woman knew just how to rile you up and propel you towards the brink of pure desperation.
“Does it feel good, princess?” she breathed, her eyes fluttering to half lids as she began to pick up the pace. “I bet you feel so desperate for Mommy, don’t you?”
Your hips bucked at the praise she had deployed, knowing just how easily the words would render you pliable, succumbing to anything that she would ask of you.
“Yes, Mommy,” you mewled as you felt Natasha force your hips back down against the bed, unyielding. “I’m so desperate for you.”
Natasha’s smirk widened into a sadistic grin, fingers returning to continue their forceful ministrations against your nipples as she squeezed them tightly to gauge your reaction. Your eyes rolled into the back of your head, presenting the whites to her as she beamed in triumph, knowing exactly what she was doing to you.
“Such a good girl,” she extolled, her voice lowering as she rutted with more intent now, her hands now securing against your stomach for additional leverage.
“Please, Mommy,” you whined shamelessly. “Please go faster.”
The assassin abruptly reached forward, her hand tightening ruthlessly around your neck as she gritted her teeth, the tone changing immediately.
“You’re meant to be helping Mommy get off,” she asserted, sternly. “This is not for your benefit, sweet girl. Now be a good toy and be quiet.”
With your mouth agape, you attempted to nod despite her uncompromising grip on you.
“Yes, Mommy,” you conceded, your breathing unsteady as you jostled with yourself to keep your noise level somewhat controlled.
Natasha merely laughed in response to your pitiful attempts, your brows furrowed as you tried to procure a semblance of strength to no avail. The redhead knew exactly how you were faring and simply ground against you with a distinct force now, the pace increasing to new and dangerous heights. The woman’s actions had her clit rubbing purposefully atop yours, falling so perfectly against it that your breath remained suspended in your lungs. Of course, your attempts were futile and the moans simply burst out of you with more gusto than you had expected, plunging out into the silence and drawing sinister smiles from Natasha’s plump lips.
“Such a needy little slut,” Natasha growled, her nails burying themselves into the flesh of your stomach and etching trails as she clawed down the length of it.
You panted in response, features contorted in pain-pleasure as you resisted the orgasm that was beginning to dawn on you all of a sudden.
“What are you?” Natasha asked, intently, impatience brewing as she sought out the answer that she always wanted to hear from you. “Say it.”
The pleasure had your heart racing and your mind devoid of coherent thoughts, your eyes fixated on the woman in front of you, her demands lingering in the air and left unanswered. The redhead was less than impressed as she halted her movement, digging her nails deeper into your skin and watching as you shuddered from the pain that she had induced.
“Say it.”
Natasha rolled her hips at a painstaking pace, every contour of her dampened flesh felt against your centre as you squealed out in stark desire for her.
“I-I’m…” you sucked in a breath, unable to steady it. “I’m your needy little slut, Mommy.”
As the words left your mouth, Natasha reintroduced her prior motions, picking up the pace as her mouth began to open, short breaths passing through. It was blatant from the way in which she moved that she was edging closer to the end, stifled growls eliciting from her as she fought to keep them hidden. The sight in front of you had you propelling into oblivion, trying desperately to prevent the pleasure from overcoming you as you knew the consequences that would incur should you allow such a feat. After all, this was for Natasha and not for you. Unfortunately, as you observed Natasha gyrating methodically before you, impatience laced within her features and her breasts rising and falling, you felt yourself lose all semblance of control.
“Mommy, stop… stop!” You begged, adamantly. “Y-you’re going to make me come.”
Natasha flashed a devilish smirk, her eyes darkened in pleasure as she continued with no second thought thrown towards you. And you could tell that she wanted to will you into misbehaviour, regardless of your avidity towards the contrary.
You thrashed against the restraints in a sterling attempt to drag yourself away from the pleasure that she was inciting. Of course, Natasha had you fixed in position and completely unable to move, any chance of escape disallowed in any case. Her hands gripped at your jaw as she fucked herself against you, her eyes slowly fluttering to a close as she basked in the sensation, so close to climax.
“Such a good fucking girl,” she purred, her thumb slipping into your mouth as she held you forcefully in place, reiterating the dominion that she possessed over you.
Her head thrashed backwards all of a sudden, her thrusts erratic as she came, profanities spewing from her peachy lips. All of your determination to hold off seemed to reach a peak as you felt your orgasm completely overcome you, a lip clamped harshly between your teeth as you tried to keep the situation hidden from Natasha. Moans held suspended in your throat, emitting in the form of frustrated little grunts as you tried to feign composure. It was the bucking of your hips that had the redhead smiling as she retreated from you, a finger caressing itself against your clit as she watched you recoil from oversensitivity.
“You just couldn’t help yourself, could you, princess?” She patronised, her finger still playing torturously with you as she basked in the grimace that scrunched your features inwards.
“I’m sorry, Mommy.”
Natasha shook her head, half-disapprovingly as she retreated entirely from you. She pressed a kiss to your forehead before settling herself between your legs that were spread wide, aided by the restraints that bound you, that rendered you wholly vulnerable.
“Since you wanted to come so badly, I think we should see just how many Mommy can get out of you, hm, baby?”
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lesbon4t · 2 months ago
a long ride
Tumblr media
pairing : dark!natasha romanoff x reader
summary : your whole day was bad but you’re thankful when someone does something nice for you, even if they are a stranger. except it wasn’t something nice. (1301 words)
warnings : implied stalking, smut, dumbification, strap-on usage, kidnapping, non-con, (kinda) public, mommy kink, degrading kink, praising kink, head (r giving), slapping.
not proof read
today had been horrible enough as it is. your girlfriend had broke up with you, your friends didn't want to let you rant — telling you they had other things to do — and now your car had broke down.
you were supposed to be meeting your mother at a restaurant soon for lunch and you decided to go out at a time you would reach exactly at the time you agreed to meet up. but now you were going to be late, your car broke down while you were starting it up and you were currently walking towards the restaurant in heels.
sweat dripped down your forehead as you muttered cursed under your breath, how were you going to make it there on time now ?
just then, a black car stopped right beside you and the driver pulled down the window, you rolled your eyes assuming it was a cat caller but when you looked, it was a girl. ( not saying girls can't be cat callers but it was always mostly men )
"hey pretty girl, are you okay ?" she asked, her voice turning out to a raspy and deeper than your expected. your cheeks turned red at the nickname she called you, " yes i'm doing fine, why ?" you asked.
"i saw you limping across the street with those heels, thought you could use a ride ?" she suggested it to you. you thought about it for a second, getting into a random stranger's car ? isn't that a little suspicious ?
"oh c'mon i'm don't bite, it's not like i'm gonna kidnap you." the girl laughed, you shrugged and you accepted her offer. what's the worst that could happen ?
you hop into the car, telling her where you're headed, and you looked at the girl, realising just how much prettier she looked close up. "you're staring detka." the girl teased you.
"oh i'm sorry." you muttered, "it's just- you're very pretty" you blushed and the redhead smiled, "thank you, that's actually the best compliment i've received in awhile."
your cheeks turn redder off even possible, and you feel yourself falling for this girl, deeper and deeper, this girl you met just minutes ago. the casual talk in the car falters and filled with an uncomfortable silence.
the girl fake coughs, "i'm natalia by the way." she says “you can call me nat” she quickly adds and you smile, "that's a... pretty name.”
"i have a feeling that’s not what you actually mean."
"oh no no, please don't get it wrong, im just saying... your names really pretty, you don’t see a pretty girl having a gorgeous names to match them everyday” you tried flirting.
"that was a horrible pick up line." nat laughs and you realise just how contagious her laughter is.
halfway throughout the ride, nat puts her hand on your knee, but you shrug it off, maybe she's touchy ?
in the next five minutes, the hand has travelled up your leg now in the middle of your thigh.
you look at nat, her face plastered with a smug grin as if she was proud of herself.
you start to panic, but you reassure yourself, it's an accident. she's just being touchy. it's an accident. she's a touchy person. she likes physical contact. just an accident.
slowly the hand travels in between your thighs, and heads up, higher and higher and higher.
when you reach the restaurant you get ready to get off the car but natalia passes the restaurant and you panic. this was a bad idea.
you laugh awkwardly "um nat, you missed where you were supposed to drop me off ?"
nat smirked, "oh no i didn't dorogoy, we're heading home right now."
"what are you talking about?" you ask her, your voice getting softer, this was a bad idea. you were gonna die. you were getting kidnapped. you were sure of it.
"you're coming to live with me detka." nat said it like it was obvious, "we're heading home."
this time, the nickname didn't make you blush, it gave you the shivers.
nat’s hand was almost where your pussy was now. you wanted to close your eyes and die. to never remember this moment ever again.
"let me out." you told her but she ignored you. her thumb grazed your thigh now, rubbing small circles, "it's okay kotenok, you're coming home with me, you're safe." her hand
"LET ME OUT." you yell and try opening the car door but it's locked, you bang the car window, trying to get people attention but it didn't work.
"tinted windows baby, and this car is soundproof," natalia said nonchalantly.
"please, let me out, i'll do anything you want." you begged her, tears now streaming down your face.
just then, nat stops at a red light. "oh don't cry detka,” she coos, her hand that was on your thigh raises up to cups your cheek and you wanted to yell at her to stop touching you but you were afraid. her hand rubs away the tears on your face.
"mommy's gonna take great care of you kotenok." nat assured you and your slap her hand away from your face, "get away from me you bitch." you sneer.
she harshly slaps you and you groan at the stinging pain, she grabs your chin harshly, "pretty girls don't swear sweetheart, don't you want to be mommy's pretty girl?" she asks you, her sweet as honey tone not matching her actions one bit.
"fuck off."
another slap.
"you're just a little brat aren't you?" nat sneers, "mommy's little bratty slut ?" her nails now dig into your flesh, and you're sure she's made a wound on your chin.
"y'know, i wanted to reward you when we got home for being such a good girl, but now, we'll have to punish you detka." nat says, and her hand moves to grab your hair, her nails now digging into your scalp.
her other hand reaches for her pants, she smiles as she undoes the button and she pulls out her strap on swiftly.
"your first punishment baby, you're gonna put that dirty little mouth to good use and wet mommy's cock for her, get it all nice and ready for when we get home, okay baby ?" natalia asks you and you don't respond.
she grips your hair tighter, "when i ask you a question, you answer slut."
"y-yes" you stutter with tears rolling down your cheek.
"first rule detka, when i ask you a question, you say 'yes mommy' do i make that clear?" she asks you, obviously testing you, when you don't reply she slaps you again, "do i make that clear?" she asks you, harsher this time.
"y-yes mommy" you mumble softly and nat cups your cheek, planting a kiss on your forehead, "good job dorogoy, guess my little dumb slut isn't so dumb after all"
"now get to work baby," she reminds you and she grips your hair, pushing your face down towards her strap on. your lips graze the tip of the strap on but you don't open your mouth.
"open your mouth baby, how else are you gonna get mommy's cock wet ?" she asks you and you shake your head, "fuck it" nat rolls her eyes and mumbled and she pushes your face down towards her lap, forcing your mouth open.
she drives the car as she leads your head up and down her strap, you choked a few times while she did it but she really didn't give a fuck.
"we're doing this all the way till we reach home baby? you're okay with that right?" she asks you and she pulls your head up from her lap, you cough and try wipe the drool off your chin as you nod.
"words angel."
"yes who?" natalia asked harshly.
"yes mommy."
"good girl," nat praised, "now get back to work" without warning, she pushed your head down making you choke on her strap on again.
this was going to be a long ride.
a/n hiii so this is my first fic here and i hope y’all enjoyed 😭 it’s one of my first times writing smut so i apologise if it’s not good, any criticism given will be highly appreciated as i hope to improve in my writing :) i’m new to tumblr and i hope to make more friends sooo uhm yea :,)
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ezeywolf · 2 months ago
Take it. [Natasha Romanoff x Reader]
this was a request but i seemed to have lost the anon ask. sorry about that, buddy. thank you for the request!
Summary: She's completely at your mercy.
Warning(s): pure smut, over stimulation, degradation. Apologies for wrong grammars, English is not my first language. MINORS UNDER +18 DNI.
Please refrain from copying and publishing my stories as your own, there would be an indication about where/what platforms my stories are currently published. reblogs, commenting, and liking is highly appreciated.
Tumblr media
A swell of pride and self satisfaction, blooming into your mouth as a deep curl appeared at the edge of your lips, smirking while you gaze at an amazing sight despite that you've been watching it in good amount of minutes. Natasha sat above you —on your lap to be specific— naked from the waist and down, firm thighs caging yours, her plump breast peeking through one of your dress shirt she decided to wear that cling loose on her small frame bounced while she ruts her hips to trace her slit on your cock in such a hungry pace, breathing turning quick and labored. This woman, a sly, deadly assassin who wouldn't think twice to put a bullet in your head the moment you crossed her, same woman who killed hundreds of people, thousands even, follows your every whims without question.
Completely at your mercy.
“G-good girl,” grunting briefly when the other end of your strap hit your clit, you mutter breathlessly, both from your girlfriends beauty and your own pleasure. “That's my good fucking girl.”
Then your hands shoots to her hips, restricting her movements before she could get what she's been denied for the third time. She lets out a complaining whine, eyelids fluttering open and her lust filled, beguile green eyes met yours.
“You slut,” You click a tongue disapprovingly, a frown now forming on your features as quick as Natasha's high disintegrating. “Didn't think I'd notice what you were doing? ”
“Let me cum...p—please!” She pleaded, nails creating a fresh cut on your shoulders as it dug in your skin.
“If only you're doing what you're told I would've let you.” You chuckle dryly. “And here I thought you were finally being a good girl.”
“I am! I'm your good girl.”
“No your not.” freeing one of your hands, you grabbed her jaw, harshly tugging it closer. Her cheeks slightly squished. “Open.”
She obliged, and you didn't waste any more time and used two fingers of your other hand to push them past her parted lips. You didn't have to tell her what to do, her tongue automatically licks your fingers, slithering around and in between leaving them drenched. You almost moaned at the feeling of her warm breath and the sight of her hooded eyes.
You unclench her jaw and returned your hand holding it back to her hips before bucking your own, guiding her hips then increasing the speed. She rides you, at the same time her mouth worked on your fingers. It didn't take long for Natasha to crumble; the room was filled with her high pitched scream, body violently lurching forward while her face fall on the crook of your neck, panting against your skin.
Natasha then felt her still recovering body being lifted and your cock aligning against her entrance. Your movements were swift that she didn't have time to protest, you slammed her sopping pussy down, your thick cock stretches her walls in an instant without waiting for her to even adjust.
“Fuck!” Natasha moaned aloud, her breath caught in her throat and her body trembled as another wave of climax hit her.
“What? Too much?” You cooed in faux pity before your face flashed a sneer, locking both of your hands around her hips. “Too bad, you're going to have to take it.”
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revelinwritin · 2 months ago
I'm Yours [18+]
summary: natasha & y/n have a fwb style relationship until one night they don’t
warnings: smut, strap-on use, swearing, alcohol, fem reader, tiny bit of fluff… anything else?
word count: 2.5k
"So, you'll be there tonight then?" Natasha asked through the phone as she checked herself out in the mirror. Her black dress fitted her curves so perfectly that any and everybody would be drooling over her at Stark’s party tonight.
"I'll see what my schedule looks like. I don't want to make any promises to you Nat." The voice on the other end commented.
The red-head groaned in frustration. "What? You have other women to please, Y/N?" She asked a little irritated. The only reason Natasha was being a little possessive over Y/N was that she hadn’t seen the younger woman in a few weeks due to missions and Y/N’s inability to get away from work.
Y/N laughed a little which caused Natasha to grow even more irritated at the younger woman. "I'm sure you have other people just waiting for you to give them a call. So why don't you Natty?" Y/N teased. Y/N knew the older woman too well. She knew the red-head for sure had other companions she could call. She could also name off a few who would do anything for the woman, but for some reason, Y/N was the first person Natasha would call whenever she needed something.
"I just- I don't..." She began to explain before she stopped and collected herself. "You know what? Fine, I'll call Maria and see what she's doing since you're of no help." She explained. Never has Y/N ever denied Natasha's advances and it was irritating her more than ever.
"I said I'll see what my schedule looks like, Natasha. That isn't exactly a 'no'." Y/N explained as she shuffled around her office getting her things ready to go for the night. She checked her wristwatch seeing that it was a little past 8:30 pm, plenty of time to go home and shower then meet Natasha at the party she was heading to. But she wasn't going to tell her that.
Natasha was a stubborn woman, who became even more stubborn and needy when she needed a release. But Y/N couldn't willingly give Natasha everything she wanted. They weren't together. Neither of them went out of the way put a title on whatever they had going on.
"Well, it isn't a 'yes' either. So whether you show up or not to the party, I will have someone to take me home tonight." She declared as she yanked her purse off of her bed before storming out of her room.
Y/N shook her head at the woman as she walked out to her car. "Well, we both know that whomever you may choose will never satisfy you the way I do Natty. No one can ever make you feel as good as I do when I am strap deep in your cunt and you're begging me to make you cum." She said, she could hear Natasha whimper on the other side of the phone call. "But tell Maria I said hello and have a good night sweetheart." She said before hanging up.
Natasha stood in her living room with her mouth agape. She quickly straightened herself up as if she wasn't affected by Y/N's words, but the slight slick on her thighs proved differently.
She was determined to be under or on top of someone for the night to get her release whether it'd be Y/N or not. So Nat swiftly unlocked her phone and called up the only other woman she trusted with her body. After a few rings, the woman picked up the phone.
"Hello?" Maria answered.
"Maria, what are you up to tonight?”
- - - - -
The party was packed. When was a Stark party not at overcapacity? Tony was dancing on a table with a champagne glass in his hand. Steve, Bucky, and Sam surrounded a pool table in the corner. Wanda and Vision sat on a couch not too far from the pool table conversing with a horny Natasha and a slightly tipsy Maria.
Deep down, Natasha was still hoping Y/N would walk through the front door of the building Tony bought out and swoop her away from her replacement. That Y/N would come in and pull her out of Maria’s arms and tell her that she was no longer available.
Maria's arm was wrapped gently around Natasha’s shoulder as they sat next to one another listening to Vision ramble on about some uninteresting topic they couldn’t bother to remember. "You wanna get out of here?" Maria whispered into Natasha’s ear.
The red-head smiled slightly and shook her head before she removed Maria’s arms from around her. "I'm not ready to go just yet. I'm going to go get a drink." She said before excusing herself from the group.
She ordered her drink, vodka straight, and sat there watching people dance and talk around the room. Natasha was so consumed by the movements of the bodies on the dance floor that she didn't notice the one that sat right next to her.
"I was wondering when you were going to get away from your friends. I would've asked for a dance, but it seemed like you were enjoying Maria's company a lot." Y/N said with a sly smile on her face.
Natasha looked up at the person she had been thinking about all night. She almost threw herself into Y/N's arms before she remembered how the woman shut her down earlier. So she decided to put up a tough front. "So, you showed up after all?" She asked nonchalantly as her drink was placed in front of her.
Y/N reached over before Natasha could and she took a sip of the strong drink. "I decided to see what all the fuss was about. I mean you practically begged me to come here."
The older woman scoffed. "I didn't beg you to come here. I told you whether you came or not that I would find someone who would do the things you seem to not want to do anymore." She rolled her eyes before she took her drink back to take a sip of it.
Natasha jumped slightly when Y/N's slightly cold hand reached up and rested on her upper thigh. "And what would those things be, Natty?" Y/N asked as her hand slipped higher up on the redhead's thigh until it disappear underneath her short black dress. She used her thumb and pressed it firmly against Natasha's clit causing the woman to whimper.
"You- you act like you don't want me anymore," Natasha whispered breathlessly while Y/N began rubbing her thumb in circles on her clothed clit. Natasha could feel herself becoming wetter by the second. “You’ve never said no to me before.”
Y/N chuckled lowly at Natasha's words before shaking her head. "I always want you Natty. There's not a second of the day where I don't want you and I can prove that to you if you let me take you home right now." Y/N said as she stood up from her bar stool and removed her hand from under her dress.
Natasha was pulled out of her trance and she stood up abruptly. "But, Maria-"
Y/N shook her head with a smirk on her face. "I sent her home before I came over to you. She kinda knew you were waiting for me."
The two left the party hand in hand with Natasha practically dragging Y/N behind her afraid that she would change her mind and want to stay.
When they reached Natasha’s apartment, the two clumsily found their way into the woman’s bedroom. On their way, Natasha's dress was discarded leaving her only in a pair of lingerie panties while Y/N was left in her boxers. Natasha wrapped her arms around Y/N's neck and pulled the slightly taller woman closer to her body.
Y/N pulled away from the redhead's lips and trailed her kisses down her neck. "How do you want tonight to go?" Although Y/N was usually in charge, she always took pride in having Natasha’s pleasure met before hers. Whenever Natasha came back from long missions or Y/N could get away from work, she did anything Natasha wanted, sexually or not. This caused a lot of people to believe the two were dating when they weren't.
Natasha smirked as she dipped her fingers into the band of Y/N's boxers and pulled it away from her waist before letting it snap back onto the woman’s skin. "I feel like riding your cock tonight." This caused a smirk to appear on Y/N's face as she nodded and went to take off her boxers, letting her strap spring free before she laid down on the bed.
Natasha climbed on top of Y/N and leaned down pressing an eager kiss to her lips. Hands found their way to Natasha’s thighs caressing the soft skin before one traveled upward to cup her covered core.
A whimper caught in Natasha’s throat at the feeling whilst their tongues pressed against one another. She began to rock her hips gently back and forth against Y/N's hand.
"P-please Y/N," Natasha begged once she broke off the kiss, her forehead pressed against the Y/N’s. "Please let me ride your cock." She finished as she reached behind her and started stroking Y/N's strap, angling it just right to where it rubbed against the younger woman’s clit.
"Go ahead Natty. Ride my cock." Y/N said before she removed her hand from in between Natasha’s thighs.
Natasha hurriedly slide her panties off and whimpered at the cold air hitting her soaking cunt. Y/N reached up and cupped the redhead's cheek with one hand before pulling her into a kiss while the other one aligned her strap with Natasha's waiting cunt. She placed her hands on Y/N's chest as she sunk down on the thick strap.
If Natasha wasn’t stubborn, she would admit that Y/N had her wrapped around her finger. A beautiful woman that knew her body more than she knew it herself. The way Y/N handled her; gently when in the throes of passion or roughly when Natasha asked, she couldn’t have found a better partner. But again, that’s not what they were.
Y/N, on the other hand, wasn’t one to shy away from admitting Natasha was the woman she wanted. Sometimes she caught herself being too willing to do whatever Natasha wanted, but if that’s what it took to keep the older woman’s attention she’d gladly be at her beck and call.
"Fuck. I've missed your cock." Natasha moaned as the full length of the strap buried deep inside of her. She began to roll her hips back and forth and flipped her hair over one of her shoulders.
Y/N leaned forward, burying her face in Natasha's neck to bite and lick on it, marking her porcelain skin. "Mhm, tell me what else you miss." Y/N groaned. She rested her hands on her hips, helping to guide Natasha up and down her thick length.
The redhead reached her hands to cradle Y/N's neck while the younger woman placed kisses on it. "I-I missed the way you fuck me. I miss the way you handle my body like it's a prized possession." Her bouncing up and down began to pick up the more she got lost with her words.
Y/N smirked before she pulled away from Natasha's neck. "You missed me that much?" She teased. One of her hands moved down between Nat's thighs as she began to pinch and rub her clit. Natasha gasped and her legs were quick to clamp closed around Y/N's wrist. "No no no, Natalia. Open those pretty legs for me."
Natasha groaned at the use of her real name as she slowly opened her legs. "Don't get cocky, Y/N. I know you missed me too," Her pulsating walls began to clench around the faux cock buried deep inside of her whilst her hips ground hard into Y/N. The effect of Natasha’s movements forced a moan to slip past the younger woman’s lips before she quickened her movements across Natasha’s swollen clit. "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum, baby."
Y/N ducked her head to continue her assault on Natasha's neck. She quickly reached and gripped Y/N's hair as she came.
"I'm cumming, shit." Natasha moaned as her eyes squeezed shut. Y/N slowed down her ministrations on Nat's clit and her grinding.
Once Natasha calmed down from her orgasm she leaned forward to press her lips against Y/N's. Y/N wrapped her arms around her waist before she flipped her onto her back.
Natasha pulled away from the kiss and looked over Y/N's features and she cradled her face. "Don't you hate this position?" She asked.
Y/N rocked her hips forward into her causing Natasha to gasp and fluttering her eyes closed. "Yes, but for some reason you love it. So enjoy it or I'll flip you over and fuck you from behind." She teased.
"We can save that for round two." Natasha moaned as Y/N began a steady rhythm with her hips in and out of Natasha's sopping cunt. The only sounds throughout the room that could be heard were the redhead's moans and whimpers and the slickness between her thighs being penetrated over and over again.
Natasha's slim legs wrapped around Y/N's waist locking her in place while she moved one of her hands to Natasha's thigh, pushing it forward for her to thrust her faux cock deeper within the woman beneath her.
Y/N groaned at the feeling of the base of faux cock rubbing against her in the most delicious way. "N-Natty, I'm gonna cum soon." Y/N groaned. At her words, Natasha wrapped her arms around the younger woman and pulled her closer.
"Go ahead. Cum for me baby." Natasha moaned, tightening her legs around the Y/N's hips not giving her any space to pull out.
With a few more short thrusts of her hips into the woman beneath her and Y/N groaned as she came. Natasha moaned loudly as she felt herself cumming at the feeling of the strap brushing against her sweet spot.
Natasha was the first to calm down from her orgasm causing her to place light kisses all over the younger woman's face before she pressed a soft kiss to Y/N's lips. Y/N breathed heavily once they pulled away from the kiss.
"So does this mean you're mine for the next few days?" Natasha asked while she brushed Y/N's hair away that was sticking to her forehead.
Y/N smiled as she looked into the redhead's green eyes. "I'm yours for as long as you want me to be."
"What if I want you to be mine..... Permanently?" Natasha whispered no longer meeting the younger woman’s eyes.
Y/N pressed a kiss to Natasha's forehead, then her nose, and finally her lips. "I wouldn't have it any other way... I love you, Natalia." Y/N said.
Natasha's eyes lit up at Y/N's confession as her face began to turn red. "I love you too, Y/N." She said before pressing another kiss to Y/N's lips.
"Sooooo, round two?" Y/N asked shortly after they pulled away from the kiss. Natasha’s laughed lightly at her lover’s question before nodding her head and pulling the woman in for another kiss.
The two went at it all night never getting tired of one another and their newly found love left them with no questions on where they stood with each other.
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just-a-torn-up-masterpiece · 2 months ago
Better Boyfriend Than Him
A/N - had to jump on the bandwagon and base a one shot on Boyfriend by Dove Cameron
Pairing - Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Summary - Bruce left Natasha sitting alone at a Stark party so you decided to show her how she truly deserves to be treated.
Warnings - Smut; cheating, degradation, choking, slight exhibitionism, praise, daddy kink, strapon (r!receiving), biting ig
Word Count - 2116
Tumblr media
You sipped on your drink, some kind of fruity cocktail, alcohol tingling your throat as you swallowed it down. Your eyes grazed over the crowd from where you were perched on a stool at the bar; eyeing Wanda laughing with Pietro and Sam, Steve and Bucky sitting across from them too. You saw Tony and Bruce talking animatedly with some serious looking men in suits, your eyebrows furrowed when you realised Bruce had been with Tony the past few hours, not with Natasha.
You shook your head at his negligence, how could somebody like him take somebody like Natasha for granted?
You searched over the bustling hall of people, some dancing, some chatting cradling tumblers of whiskey over ice; squinting your eyes slightly until you found her. A bored look across her features as she mindlessly scrolled through her phone, her other hand supporting a glass as it balanced on her knee. She looked simply magnificent, wine red blazer with matching trousers, one leg crossed over the other, a white button up shirt hugging her figure. You could see the light reflecting off her necklace against her chest, the warm glow of light bouncing off her smooth skin in such a beautiful way.
Wanda gave you a knowing smirk as she watched you approach Natasha, knowing of the crush you'd been harbouring for a while. It was a common occurrence for the pair of you to talk about her and Bruce's relationship, how he doesn't deserve her - she often mentions the loud thoughts she has accidentally heard running around the redhead's mind. Thoughts of you and what she longed to do with you, if only she didn't have Bruce.
It was knowledge of this that gave you the confidence to approach her tonight, plopping down beside her on the sofa. She quickly shut off her phone to bring her attention to you, a soft smile gracing her lips.
"Hey, Nat." You smiled, taken aback slightly at her appearance up close, the red shade of her jacket perfect against her skin. Auburn hair resting on her shoulders in loose waves.
"Hey. Enjoying the party?" She smiled back, you could see the aggravation behind it though, annoyed at the absence of her boyfriend.
"It's alright, you?"
"Having a blast." She deadpanned, sipping the remnants of the brown liquid from her glass, ice clinking against the side as she did so. You hummed at her statement.
"I could see. You've been on your own all night."
"Well, Bruce has been busy talking science." She shrugged and it irked you to see her try and defend his behaviour.
"You deserve better than Bruce." You huffed, both of you slightly shocked at your words, you hadn't expected yourself to be so forthright. Luckily she wasn't annoyed, rather amused with a smirk forming.
"I guess I do." She shrugged leaning closer to you, her leg brushing against yours at her proximity. "Who do you have in mind?" She asked, eyes gazing over the crowds as though looking for somebody to choose, teasingly.
"I could be a better boyfriend than him." You whispered, hearing a low groan at the back of her throat as she seemingly mulled over your statement.
"We shouldn't." She stood up and began walking to the doorway behind you. You followed her, of course, grabbing her wrist just as she stepped into the hallway causing her to whip round to face you. An unreadable expression, eyes darting over your face before she grabbed your face between her hands, tugging it to hers.
Her lips tasted faintly like whiskey, warm against yours as they moved together. She guided your bodies backwards to be out of sight of the party goers, her lips never left yours until she pushed your back against the corridor wall. Her kisses continued down to your jaw, sucking at the flesh of your neck whilst your hands roamed her waist, her body feeling perfect under your touch.
She nipped at your bottom lip, the gasp it elicited posing as ample opportunity for her tongue to slip into your mouth, swirling with yours as you kissed. Her hips pushed into yours as the kiss grew heavier trapping you between her body and the wall, not that you minded.
Her fingers gripped one of your hands that lay on her waist guiding it to the waistband of her trousers, pulling back with heavy breaths, eyes a darkened hue as she undid the button. Her eyes bore into yours as she inched your hand down, fingertips brushing against the hem of her underwear.
"Nat, here?" You breathed out, looking around the empty hallway, the noise of the party in just the next room filling the air.
"Mhm, make daddy feel good baby." She rasped, looking to you to make sure you were on board, the name she used only made the heat course further through you. She sighed into your mouth when your fingers slipped down further making contact with the wetness between her folds.
Your fingertips collected some of her arousal before rubbing over her clit, neither of you caring in that moment if somebody were to walk out and see, both you even going so far as to hope Bruce might wander out. You could only smirk at the thought whilst her tongue licked over a harsh bite to your collarbone, a way to muffle the moan at the back of her throat.
She squeezed a handful of your hair into her fist as your movements continued, pleasure building, hips rocking into yours slightly as she grew nearer to her release. You'd only ever imagined how she would sound coming undone by your hand and as cliche as it sounds, it was music to your ears. A deep groan with shuddered breaths against the shell of your ear, scalp being tugged with how her hand clenched down onto your hair and her body falling into yours.
"Such a good girl, hm?" She panted out, placing kisses along your throat before quickly pulling you along - you both wanted more.
In a haze you found yourself in Natasha's room, you knew that Bruce never comes in here so it was distinctly hers: delicate floral scent in the air, bed neatly made, a photo of you and her taped to her mirror.
She quickly rid you of your shirt, kissing the skin of your chest as she fiddled with the button of your trousers. "This okay, love?" She asked, only pulling them down your legs after receiving an eager nod on your part.
You fell with a quiet thud onto her bed, head resting on her pillows as she climbed on top of you slotting her lips with yours again. Your fingers fumbled with buttons of her shirt, blazer already discarded just inside the door, revelling in the sight of her flesh spilling out of the top of lacey black material. She shrugged the shirt off her body with a smirk looking down at you, throwing it aside before climbing off your body, chuckling slightly at the small whine you released at her absence.
"Wait a second, baby." She muttered as she rid herself of the rest of her clothes, confidence only adding to her allure as she walked away totally nude. "So impatient, huh?" She tutted with a smirk, shuffling in her wardrobe.
Your eyes widened with a quiet gasp as she smugly turned back with a red strap on in her grasp, stepping into it before sauntering back over to the edge of the bed.
"I've not been able to use this, don't you think that's so sad baby?" She pouted, holding your chin between her thumb and forefinger.
"Mhm." You nodded, matching the smirk that pulled her lips.
"You'll let me use it though, hm? Let me fuck you?"
"Yes, daddy." You breathed, and she was satisfied with your answer, climbing back on top of you and kissing your with fervour. You could feel the arousal pooling at the feeling of her hand pressing against your throat whilst the tip of her strap brushed over your clothed core, her teeth biting into your bottom lip before she pulled away.
Her fingers against your skin sent shivers through you as she pulled the underwear from your body, observing every inch of you as you lay vulnerably bare beneath her.
She eased the length into you, moving easily from the wetness between your folds. "So wet for me." She mused, eyes completely focused on the way her cock disappeared into you and the sigh you released at the slow action, adjusting to the size.
She soon increased her pace, thrusting into you rhythmically at the perfect angle that had your eyes rolling back. Her hands dug into your waist to keep her balance, teeth biting down on her lip as she watched your breasts lightly bounce with each thrust, your mouth parted slightly and breathing growing heavy.
"Fuck." She groaned, the strap positioned in a way that hit against her still sensitive clit. "I've always wondered what you'd look like under me like this. Panting, looking like a desperate whore for me." She leant down without letting her movements falter, biting down on your neck and you could feel her hot breath against you. "You like it when I do this?" She muttered as her hand wrapped around your neck, thumb pushing down to restrict your airways.
"Y-yes, fuck." You choked out, climax growing nearer.
"Daddy's little whore." She smiled from above you, her hand reached down to rub over your clit, shocks going through you as your orgasm rapidly approached and the way her hips began to falter showed her second was soon approaching too. "Cum for me, baby. Let me hear how you sound."
The way her finger circled your clit and her hips snapped into you had the pleasure washing all over you not long after, a loud moan tumbling from your lips as you body shook beneath her. The sight was enough for her to fall over the edge right with you, heaving breaths as she held her body up, hands planted either side of your head as you both came down.
"Shit." You sighed out, sweeping the hair that had fallen over your eyes and smiling into the kiss as Natasha pressed her lips to yours once more. She eased out of you leaving you empty and you felt your cheeks heat up at the sight of the wetness on the strap before she dropped it on the floor. Her kisses felt more perfect than you could have imagined, tongue swirling around yours as her hands squeezed your breasts.
"You need to clean up this mess you've made, dorogoy." Her voice rasped before she fell onto her back beside you, dragging you on top of her body by your hair. You crawled down until your face hovered above her slit, glistening with her slick, coating her upper thighs too.
Your tongue licked a stripe up to her clit, humming against her at the sweet taste dancing on your tongue, the vibrations making her hips buck upwards with a low moan. She was sensitive, the way her hand gripped your hair at just a small lick showed you that. You sucked on her throbbing bud, licking over it as her nails dug into your scalp.
"Such a good girl for me." She moaned out. "Mm, so perfect for me princess." Her free hand clawed into the sheets as she fast approached another orgasm, eyes scrunching closed with a grunt as it washed over her, flooding her senses.
She came into your mouth, tongue darting out to catch every last drop, lapping it up eagerly as she had told you to. Her grip on your hair loosened when her heart beat finally calmed down, wiping at the sweat that glistened on her forehead before pulling you back to her. She could taste herself on your lips, only urging her to continue even more.
"You are so good, Y/N/N." She smiled, cheeks blushed red still.
"Mhm, so good. I haven't had orgasms this good for six months." She sighed with a roll of her eyes, you grinned knowing that that's how long she'd been dating Bruce, a laugh falling from your lips before you cut yourself off. She laughed too before cupping your cheek with her hand, soft look in her eye as she smiled. "Let me make you feel that good too."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes. So sure, let daddy treat my princess how she deserves." She uttered as she flipped your bodies back over, pecking your lips and jaw. "I can't get enough of you, baby. I just wish I'd realised sooner."
A/N - i love that i implied that bruce wouldn't let nat peg him :)
dorogoy - sweetheart
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twilight-99-tm · 3 months ago
in the air - natasha romanoff
Summary: natasha is horny and has you all to herself
Warnings: strap on use, praise kink, degradation (kinda), carol is also involved, orgasm denial, smut 18+ only
Word Count: 1.8k
A/N: i couldn’t sleep on a flight and so naturally i wrote this. enjoy. thank you guys for 4k followers, ily <333
No one has permission to repost my work anywhere, if you see it please let me know.
gif not mine
Tumblr media
“We’re twenty minutes out,” Natasha talked to Carol on the screen while your nervously put the weapons and equipment you had used on the mission back into their place.
“Good, we’ll be here for debrief once you get here,” She responded before her eyes drifted to you standing in the back. “And how’s my favorite rookie?”
Your head turned towards the screen, Carol’s expression summing and teasing. You’ve been on the team for over six months now but the captain continued to pick on you. You don’t mind, her attention made you feel hot in all the right places. You smiled at her and did a thumbs up, returning to your task to hide the heat rising.
“Alright I’ll see you when we get back,” Natasha said looking back at you and clearly checking you out. Your back was turned so you didn’t notice, but the captain on the screen certainly did. She clicked the video chat away, turning back to look at you.
You were nervous. It was the first time you’d gone on a mission alone with the famous black widow and the two of you did great, which was a relief. Working with Natasha was almost as easy as breathing, it was almost as if you were a mere spectator to her spectacle, only stepping in when necessary. Rookie’s job. Plus, Natasha’s eyes were drawn to you from the second you stepped into the training room for the first time. And she would be lying if she didn’t think about you during lonely nights at the compound with nothing but her vibrator to keep her company.
The blonde was still riding high from the mission going well when she noticed how quiet you were, she didn’t know it was because you couldn’t stop thinking about what her hands would feel like on your body.
“You’d think the mission was a bust with this silence,” Natasha joked from the pilot’s seat. “Why don’t you come over here, let’s get to know each other better.”
Your shoulders tensed before you got up from the back of the Quinjet to walk to the co pilot’s chair. You kept your hands on your lap and your eyes on your fumbling fingers while her eyes switched between the sky in front of her to you.
“And people told me you weren’t much of a talker,” you joked, daring a glance at her. Your eyes first landed on her fingers gripping the control wheel, the heat between your legs evidence of your mistake.
“I only talk to people who are worth my time,” She said with a chuckle. “Are you?”
“I guess we’ll have to see.” You tried distracting yourself with anything else, running your eyes over the unfamiliar controls of the jet. Natasha watched you distract yourself, a smug grin gracing her features at your sad attempt to calm yourself down.
“Have you ever flown one of these?”
“In theory,” you said, turning your chair to face her and daring a look at her face. You bit the inside of your lip before you continued, “I’ve flown the simulators, but never an actual jet.”
“Do you want to?” Natasha’s eyebrow raised as she looked at you, a mischievous glint in her eyes. Truth be told Natasha Romanoff was just horny. And your SHIELD uniform just made her mouth water. “Come over here let me show you.”
Natasha leaned back and motioned to her lap, the bulge between her legs almost making you choke on air. You weren’t about to waste this opportunity. You took a small breath before sitting on her lap, making sure to grind your hips in the subtlest of ways. But of course she noticed. Natasha also didn’t miss the small moan that left your lips.
“Take control,” Her lips were just behind your ear as she places your hands on the wheel, one hand dropping to click auto pilot off. The ship shook and your grip tightened, making Natasha grip your hands harder. “Relax, you know what you’re doing.”
Your heart beat a mile a minute as your eyes scanned the control panel, making sure you were maintaining the course. Once the ship was stabilized, Natasha hummed in approval.
“Good girl,” she purred against your ear, her hands dropping to rest on your thighs. “You know, I saw your file.”
You tensed as her hands started trailing up and down your thighs, her fingers gripping your inner thighs every now and then. If you were soaked before, you were dripping now. It was taking every ounce of self control not to pathetically moan and grind back into her, you were controlling the whole ship for fuck’s sake.
“Top of your class in school, Quantico, and now SHIELD,” You felt her lips press against your neck just below your ear, her teeth almost grazing your skin. “Tell me Y/N, have you always been such an overachiever?”
Your eyes started fluttering shut as she sucked on your neck, your back arching involuntarily chasing her touch. Your grip faltered on the wheel and the ship shook, before your eyes widened and your back straightened, stabilizing the ship again.
Natasha chuckled against your skin, her hands dipping into your inner thighs again, spreading your legs apart over hers. You didn’t notice her clicking the auto pilot button back on, too focused on the feeling of her hands on you.
“Are you gonna answer me, baby?” She asked, reaching up to take the zipper between your breasts between her fingers, tugging with just enough force to make it go down a few centimeters.
“I- I’ve always tried to,” You said, resisting the urge to moan when her fingers pressed against your clothed core, you didn’t know how you hadn’t soaked through yet. “Natasha i- I think this might be a bad idea.”
“What? You don’t want me to fuck you on the pilot’s chair?” You bit your lip to hold back a moan, and in a moment of bravery you found your next words.
“I’d much rather you bend me over it.”
Natasha didn’t have to be told twice. Your zipper was pulled down faster than you’d ever thought was possible before Natasha swirled the chair to the back and pushed you off her lap. She grabbed your hips and turned you around before pushing you over the chair. Her nails scraped your skin as she pulled your suit down you arms and over your ass.
“Not such a good girl now are you?” She asked, before you felt her hand come down hard against your ass. She hooked her finger into your waistband, pulling it back before letting it snap against your skin. You moaned, arching your back in just the right way so Natasha could easily see the wet patch right over your cunt. “Such a filthy fucking slut.”
You whined when her fingers pressed against you through your underwear, making you press against her. “Just- just fuck me.”
Her hand entangled in your hair, pulling you up flush against her. “Aren’t you forgetting something?”
You moaned when her hand came around to your front to pinch you nipples harshly sending a fresh wave of arousal down to your core. “Please.”
She pushed you back down before you heard her own zipper slide down. “That’s better.”
You heard the fabric of your underwear ripping before the tip of the rather large toy slide between your folds, easily being coated with your wetness. Natasha pushed your head back down when you tried pressing your hips backs against her, enjoying the way you were at her mercy. You moaned as she pushed the toy into you, the stretch making your eyes roll to the back of your head.
She picked up her pace quickly, fueled by the pretty moans coming out of you. She was drunk on you and she didn’t plan to stop until you were absolutely ruined, which by the way your knuckles were turning white gripping onto the armrest wouldn’t take too long.
“You like that baby?” She asked, gripping your hips and holding them steady as she pushed deeper into you. all you could come up with was a string of incoherent moans, something between ‘please’ or ‘more’ or both. Natasha’s hand came down against your ass, eliciting another high pitched moan from you. The tip of her strap continue nudging the perfect spot inside you and you knew you couldn’t last much longer.
“Natasha,” You moaned between breaths. “I’m so close, I need to cum.”
Natasha thrust into you two more times before she pulled out completely and manhandled you against the wall of the jet, the auto pilot keeping it steady. “How many times am I gonna have to tell you to use your manners?”
You whined, tears pooling at the corners of your eyes from the ruined orgasm. It didn’t take long for her to push the toy back into you, your back pressed against the wall as she dipped her head into the crook of your neck. Her lips against your skin sent goosebumps all over your body, your legs buckling under you. Natasha felt it, snaking her hands under you ass to support your weight as she continued fucking you into the next dimension.
“Please, please, please,” You didn’t even know what was coming out of your mouth at this point. All you knew was Natasha and how good she was making you feel. She pulled away from you, watching your face with a condescending expression.
“You sound so pretty, princess,” She said slowing her pace and making you whine and plead even more pathetically than you were before. “Almost makes me want to let you cum.”
“Almost?“ The tears in your eyes trickled down your cheeks before Natasha pulled out of you again, leaving your pussy aching once again. Your hands gripped onto her for dear life as she tuned and put you down on a nearby seat.
“Hey Natasha,” Carol’s voice sounded through the speakers, making you gasp. “Angle the camera better next time.”
“Oh, you’re joining next time,” She said, turning to look at your surprised expression. She mockingly pouted, walking over and cupping your jaw, angling your head up towards her. She took a second to appreciate you tear stained cheeks and flustered expression. “Don’t you want Carol to play with you like I just did, baby? I thought you were an overachiever.”
“Yes,” It came out faster than you meant it to, with no hesitation.
“Don’t worry princess, I’ll be nice and let you cum too,” Carol said, your eyes flicking over to her face on the screen before moving back to Natasha. You whined and squirmed under the blonde’s hold, hands reaching you to grab her hips to pull her closer. You needed more.
She leaned down and pressed her lips against yours, her tongue immediately finding yours. You scooted closer to the edge of your seat, whimpering against Natasha’s mouth before she pushed you off her again.
“Get yourself together, angel,” She said, shaking your head before giving you one last peck on the lips. “We land in ten minutes.”
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