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#natasha romanoff x reader
sergeantvibraniumarm · 2 days ago
steve: how was training today?
y/n: it was good but nat shot clint
steve: and where were you?
y/n: i was over on the bench
steve: and what did you do?
y/n: nothing. i was over on the bench
steve: but you saw what happened?
y/n: yeah, 'cause i was over on the bench
steve: so you saw what happened and you did nothing?
y/n: yeah, ’cause i was sitting over on the bench
steve: let me ask you this. in nazi germany, when people saw what the nazis were doing and did nothing, were those good people?
y/n: no, those are bad people. you gotta stop the nazis
steve: but you saw what she did to clint and you did nothing!
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maximotts · 2 days ago
ceo natty making sure no one hurts her (pillow) princess
protective and soft natty pls
implied little!r
a/n: I wasn’t sure if you wanted smut for this, but since you mentioned pillow princess reader I just kinda went with it haha.. also I don’t write little!reader stuff so I just made reader shy and skittish? It fits with the vibe I think so I hope this is acceptable? I spent waaayyy too long on this so apologies for typos and whatever
warnings: 18+, minors DNI; smut; creepy men being creepy (Natasha saves you obvs); masturbation (briefly); fingering (r receiving); possessive Natasha, but she's very loving and soft to R
words: 2.9K
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Tumblr media
If you had it your way you’d be comfortably in bed in your pajamas, curled up while you watched the new baking show Netflix managed to squeeze out. Preferably in your girlfriend’s arms. The same girlfriend who’d kept you away from your cozy plans tonight.
Going into the relationship, you knew Natasha was a busy person. She was important, the best at what she did even. She was respected for good reason; Natasha worked hard to get where she was, having made it to the point where she didn't have to work another day for the rest of her life, but still she showed up and stayed present. It was safe to say Natasha was a workaholic. And while you were proud of her, you did miss her a lot.
Once it was clear you were serious about dating the slightly older woman, Natasha started to let you in more, but you were still subject to cancellations for "work emergencies" and "necessary work meetings." Eventually she insisted you move in with her, claiming she wanted to spend more time with you, but you had a sneaking suspicion the nights you went out drinking your loneliness with friends and her worry for your well-being had something to do with it too.
Living together was nice, sweet even. You got to sleep next to her each night and sometimes you woke up ridiculously early just to watch her resting face, to look at her face when her features were fully relaxed and free from thoughts of her work. Occupying the same space as Natasha also meant she knew your day to day schedule in and out and she tried to plan around you to get the most time with you, but sometimes things came up.
Things like tonight, some Halloween cocktail gathering for people who mean nothing to you, but everything to the future of business. Talks of stocks, trades, and risky investments flew back and forth while you either nodded half-heartedly or zoned out altogether. Natasha convinced you to come with promises of free drinks and laughing at everyone's stuck-up attitudes together and you reasoned that it might be nice to meet some of the people Natasha grumbled about most evenings at dinner.
Instead she'd left you alone about thirty minutes in and she's been sparse ever since, only seeing her for a moment when she found time to check in on you, twirl a stray hair at your ear and promise she'd be back in a few minutes. You wanted to be mad at the redhead, but mostly you were mad at yourself. It was expected she'd be drawn into conversations; everyone wanted to talk to the alluring Natasha Romanoff.
Occasionally she'd gesture in your direction and smile with a few other people, presumably talking about you and it made you blush every time, the proud grin on her face making you feel like the most important person in the room. No, it was impossible to stay upset with her when she looked at only you in such an uncharacteristically soft way.
So you settled into your little corner and scrolled your phone, nursing your glass of champagne while you waited for the event to end. It grew as comfortable as can be to at least not be bothered by anyone else, but of course that didn't last.
"So whose wife are you?"
The voice was almost weaselly, obviously a little intoxicated from the tinge of slur to his words. You let out a long-suffering breath, annoyed that you were now being bothered in the spot you'd carved out for yourself. "No one's. But I'm here with Natasha."
Any hope that he'd go away with the mention of your girlfriend's name was dashed when he only scooted closer. "Ah, you're her. And she left you here all alone?"
"She didn't leave me. She's busy." He was sitting way too close now, your bare arm brushing his suit sleeve. You didn't like this and Natasha would hate it. But she probably wasn't paying attention; you hadn't caught sight of her for at least twenty minutes and when you scanned the room you didn't find fiery red hair anywhere.
Whoever this man was apparently found your answer funny because he was laughing, his alcohol soaked breath hitting your nose along with an unfortunate spray of his saliva. If you could, you would've bolted, but he'd trapped you in the booth you sat in, his arm stretched out to the table now so even the thought of trying to squeeze by him was impossible. Maybe if you were more outspoken, you'd have yelled or had some scathing remark to send him running, but you remained painfully quiet. You cursed your head for staying empty when all you wanted to do was help yourself out of an excruciatingly uncomfortable situation.
"Seems like she left you, sweetheart. Does she do that a lot? I'd never let you out of my sight. Or my bed even." You felt bile rise in your throat at the insinuation.
So absorbed in your disgust, you didn't notice the looming shadow of a certain redhead cast over the drunk party guest. "I'm sure I didn't just hear what I thought I did." The man before you went pale as a sheet, eyes wide as he turned shakily to face your girlfriend. She had her arms crossed across her chest, staring him down as if she wasn't half his height once he stood up.
While he shook in fear, safety washed over you with her mere presence and something else, something like lust flooding you at the sight of her defensive stance. Natasha always made sure to remind you of your free will, to do whatever made you happy, but you wouldn't deny that her stepping between you and your annoyance made you feel.. protected. Like something you were worth protecting. Lovingly owned.
“What was it you were saying? You’d never let her out of your sight?” Natasha went to step closer, but at some point you’d grasped her hand and held it so she could tug you closer until your head was pressed against her hip. Instinctively, you folded against her side, eyes to the ground because as safe as you felt, looking at him wasn’t a necessity anymore so you wouldn’t. Natasha’s hand came to your head, smoothing out your hair much more lovingly than the rest of her.
The poor man finally grasped how fucked he truly was, eyes darting between Natasha and over to where the rest of the guests were talking to themselves, either unaware of the situation or knowing better than to intercept Natasha. “N-No, I didn’t mean it that way. I would never-!”
“With all of the ‘never’s coming out of your mouth tonight, let me add another one to your list,” You doubted Natasha knew her hand was gripping your shoulder almost painfully now, clutching you impossibly closer as if you’d flee without her grounding you. “Never talk to my girl again. Never look at her, never think about her- nothing. Because if you do, that would be really upsetting to me and I wouldn’t be able to let that slide.” Natasha’s typically deep voice currently held more threatening energy than you’d ever heard. It scared you a bit and you vowed right then you’d try your hardest to never be the subject of her ire.
He fumbled and sputtered, scrambling for absolutely anything to say. There was nothing except, “Yes, Ms. Romanoff. S-Sorry for the confusion.” Natasha’s unwavering stare sent him running with his tail between his legs, making his way across the room as fast as his drunken gait would take him.
As soon as your problem fled, the weight of your situation hit you, tears springing to life in the corners of your eyes. “Natty…” Perfectly manicured nails moved to scratch at your scalp, the motion of her fingers soothing your worries instantly.
“Come on, my love, it’s time to go home, yeah?” Her tone was soft again, the voice reserved for you alone. You nodded her head as you mumbled an apology for ruining her dress with your running mascara, but she shushed you in an instant.
The trip home was a blur and that was alright. Natasha took care of everything, as always, and next time you truly registered your surroundings you were right where you wanted to be: home in bed with your love.
You didn’t know if you’d fallen asleep or not, but when you finally took a peek out of the far off window, it was pitch black outside. Slivers of moonlight were the only light source, just barely illuminating the sleeping features of your girlfriend’s face. Flashbacks of the night’s events played through your mind while you thought of the difference between the public persona of Natasha Romanoff, CEO and ruthless negotiator, and your Natasha, a loving partner and fierce protector. The memory of how hot she looked shielding you from harm made your legs squeeze together, a familiar tightening blooming deep in the pit of your stomach.
There was a slight element of shame tied to having been turned on by the sight of Natasha brutally cutting someone down to size, but she was doing it for you and that’s what stuck in your brain. You knew she would do anything for you, but seeing it was something else. Still, you couldn’t wake her up for just this; you’d needed enough attending that night.
Scooting back down under the blankets until everything but your head was covered, you resigned yourself to taking care of your own problems. Shy hands slid down your body, feeling the curves and slopes of your own form until you reached the top of your thighs. Typically you slept in a short nightgown, a simple pair of underwear your only other layer. Natasha’s request, of course; she loved feeling your skin against hers while you slept. Tonight was no exception and you were grateful, less fabric to contend with as your fingers slipped past the thin elastic waistband.
It felt naughty almost to have your hand buried between your legs while your girlfriend slept unaware mere inches from you, but you didn’t want to bother her and as one finger purposely just barely brushed your clit, you doubted she would want to deny you such pleasure. You gasped aloud when your fingers reached your entrance, surprised at how fast you’d grown so wet, but images of Natasha’s hardened expression had you clenching around just the tips of your digits.
“I’m not that deep of a sleeper, just so you know.” Natasha’s words held amusement so she wasn’t mad, but still you couldn’t bring yourself to meet her eyes.
Reluctantly you pulled your fingers away, wiping them on your thigh as if that would erase what you were so clearly doing. “Sorry, Nat.. I just-” But she was on you before you could finish that thought, bringing you flush against her as she swallowed your worries in her kiss. Her grip on your waist was bruising and while you still squirmed, the possession in her hold was exactly what you wanted.
Still laid on your side, Natasha pulled away just enough to look at you, your skin still clearly flushed even in the darkness of the bedroom. She maneuvered your nightgown over your hips, cupping your core in her strong palm, “Poor girl, you were bad enough off that you wanted to take care of it yourself?” It was true, it was bad; usually you asked Natasha for anything, once she’d had you, nothing compared to her touch and while she didn’t have a rule about seeking relief without her, you rarely ever did. It was never as good; she’d long since ruined you for anyone else, including yourself. “You know I would be happy to help.”
Her hand ground the soaked fabric against your sensitive folds, a clear tease just to watch you moan. She could’ve done it by now, nudged the fabric aside and plunged her fingers into you, but she didn’t. And it was on purpose. “Please, Natty?” As much as she loved you and wanted your constant happiness, she had to have some of her own- it happened to manifest in loving hearing you ask for her. There was no greater rush for Natasha knowing you were fully capable of doing things yourself, but still you relied on her. Because you needed it to be her. “Please touch me, keep me- protect me.”
That was all the pleading she needed, her free hand winding about your waist and pulling until your chests were touching. Her other arm was wedged between you now, but there was enough space for Natasha to manage, ridding you of your underwear and immediately bringing her fingers to bare skin, sliding easily through your folds. You whined at her broad strokes, touching just enough to rile you, but slow enough not to get you anywhere. “You’re so wet, and all of this is for me?”
You nodded your head against the pillows, fighting the urge to close your eyes; Natasha liked it when you looked at her. “Just for you, I’m yours, just yours…” Carefully, you started to ride Natasha’s hand, grinding against her palm desperately for any type of relief. The surface was too flat, it was her, but not what you needed and it was getting borderline painful how needy you were.
Natasha only smirked, pleased with your admission, but all too smug about how little she had to do for you to be getting off so wantonly on her open hand. Normally she’d make a show of it, make you wait until you cried out for her, but you’d had a long day so she relented. “Is this what you want?” Two fingers sunk into you humiliatingly easily, stretching your hot sex with an expert touch. Her satisfaction grew with the sound of your moan, settling into a steady pace with her thrusts. “Did you like it earlier when I came to save you?” The reactive clench around her digits was a good enough answer for her. When she curled them, your body curled with them back arching as she hit the spot you never managed to hit yourself. “Do you know why I did that?”
“N-No-” Of course Natasha knew how much you’d enjoyed her little show of possession earlier, one twitch of your jaw and she knew what was going on with you. Being known so intimately down to your very core sent a shiver down your spine and you were dangerously close to losing it now. Your hips moved in time with her hand, yearning for the high you’d tried unsuccessfully to chase on your own.
“Because you’re mine.” She maneuvered you both so that you were straddling one of her thighs, sinking deeper onto her offered fingers. Far beyond caring, your forearms settled on either side of her, close enough to breathe each other’s air while you rocked yourself back in earnest. “And I always take care of my things, don’t I?” The question was punctuated with a kiss to the corner of your open mouth, “I’m the only one who gets to see or touch you like this, I’ll make sure of it.”
Carefully chosen words brought you unknowingly higher, Natasha whispering things you were sure you’d only expressed in your wildest dreams. You rocked forward against the base of her wrist fruitlessly for any type of friction, whining at the lack of pressure. She’d been so giving tonight, surely she wouldn’t deny you just one more thing, “Nat.. Nat.. Tasha, I need-” You tried to explain what your voice couldn’t with a particularly obvious movement into her hand and Natasha’s low chuckle in your ear told you she was already well aware of your needs. “Please?”
A devious thumb made its way to your sorely neglected clit, positioning it just so. Somehow Natasha made sense of your frantic actions, pistoning her hand in time with you. “There you go, take what you need. I’m the only person who can do this for you, aren’t I?” Strained noises of agreement were music to Natasha’s ears, her lips trailing down your neck to mark you further lest you forget for a moment you’re hers alone. “Fuck yourself on my fingers. I want to see you.” Your legs clamped vice tight around hers, ass pressed against her thigh as it propped you from wiggling too far away from her.
The sensations were going to be the death of you, filled with Natasha, mouth latched to that perfect spot in the hollow behind your ear, her free arm slung around your waist to make certain you didn’t stop riding her. You were so close, chasing your high with what Natasha would remember as a whorish moan. Eventually you came with a screaming cry of her name, back arching into her prone form because in some tactical way, she could still be in full control while she laid under you.
When you finally came down, you let your top half sink, arms limp as your head fell onto her chest. Her fingers left as carefully as they could, but still you whined, more from the sudden emptiness than any pain. You felt blissfully numb, sleep already threatening at the edges of your consciousness. “Thank you, Tasha… for protecting me and also.. yeah.” Already hot cheeks burned at your sudden salacious display, but Natasha craned her neck to press a kiss to your messy hair and you let your words float away.
“You only ever have to ask, sweetheart… I’m sorry I left you all alone today.” She spoke softly to preserve the moment, pulling the blanket tighter over you before you could even possibly start to get cold. But you were already gone, drifting away to dreamland and tucked safely in Natasha’s arms. Safe and sound as always.
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vancityfire13 · a day ago
Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Word Count: 1.8K
A/N: Based on a request for more sad/insecure Natasha being comforted. I wrote a story called ‘It’s the End of the World (As We Know it)’ and in my head this loosely follows that. You don’t have to read it beforehand, though.
Tumblr media
When you’d first met Natasha, at the Stark party that you’d had no right to attend, you’d been struck by her confidence.
At the time, you’d considered it attractive. Her knowing smile when you couldn’t stop glancing over, the way she’d kissed you goodnight on your doorstep.
In truth, her confidence was reassuring. Her hand on your shoulder told you that everything would be okay. It was easier to sleep with her in your bed, her warm hands lazily gliding over your body as your eyes slowly closed. Natasha’s confidence never descended into arrogance, because she’d always earned the right to it. 
You never thought you’d wake up to see her crying. 
You felt heartstopping shock when you opened your eyes that morning. The automatic, sleepy smile slid from your face as you took in her silent tears. Natasha looked childlike, with the red-rimmed eyes and the long-stained tear tracks on her cheeks. 
You scanned over her and the room in confusion as you tried to piece together the situation rapidly. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, except for Natasha’s emotions.
Her mouth was parted with the sobs that she’d been trying to hold back. More than anything, it was the way she’d curled in on herself in the bed. Natasha looked like she was in abject pain.
You had startled obviously and her eyes landed on you. Realisation sparked through her too. There was a choked sound as Natasha repressed a sob with sheer effort. You watched her swallow as her mouth moved firmly shut.
She blinked rapidly, as if that might remove the evidence of her crying. She looked at you with a defensive kind of vulnerability. You watched her fingers curl around the bedcovers. 
‘Natasha.’ You murmured unsurely, trying to ignore the way your stomach was doing flips. 
Natasha’s jaw clenched, her eyes flickered away from yours. You could tell that she hadn’t expected to be caught. There was no way around what you’d seen.
‘I have a busy morning.’ Natasha told you, voice rasping painfully. There was an awful heaviness in the way she started to move from the bed. An unspeakable exhaustion as you watched Natasha put herself back together.
Instinctively, you reached out to brush her arm. Natasha stilled for a moment.
‘Wait.’ You said simply, not wanting to make it a request that she could decline.
You heard Natasha’s shuddering breath, heard the unshed tears behind it.
‘I have to -’ Natasha began, her eyes darting to the door.
‘No, you don’t.’ You countered quietly. “We both know you don’t.’
The dynamics between you were shifting unrecognisably. Natasha had always been ready to reassure you, there had never been a moment like this for you to do the same. 
You wanted to do it right. 
Your hand moved from her arm and instead, you hesitantly touched her face. Your thumb brushed her cheek and the wetness made your heart sting. 
‘We don’t have to talk about it.’ You offered, making the compromise which had the best chance of keeping her here. ‘Not if you don’t want to.’
Natasha’s shoulders sagged with the weighted relief. She met your eyes and you saw the longing tangled up in the secret sadness.
You gave a half shrug, ignoring the way your heart hammered as you gave her a small smile. You didn’t want to make her sadness heavier. 
‘I just wanna hold you.’ You admitted softly, and the air between you shifted.
It was like watching a house of cards fall. 
Natasha leaned into your careful touch of her face. She watched you uncertainly, as if waiting for you to snatch your hand away. You shifted more comfortably to lie back in the bed, purposefully keeping your touch steady.
Natasha’s eyes closed and you watched fresh tears start to slip down her face. 
You wanted to make it better, but you didn’t know how. You pushed down on the feeling of helplessness.
Your hand slipped from her cheek around to the space between her shoulder blades and the gesture brought Natasha closer to you. 
She pressed herself against your front in increments that were too controlled to be natural. You wrapped your arms more entirely around her. The warmth of her body sent a sudden thrill of love through you. You felt centred around Natasha.
You could feel her self consciousness almost vibrate through her skin. Natasha stilled when her wet cheek finally brushed against your bare collarbone and you shuddered slightly as the sensation.
You tried to hum soothingly, pressing your own cheek against her hair. Natasha moved in response, kissing your neck slowly. 
Your breathing evened out together.
Natasha touched your waist uncertainly, her fingers hesitant and light. It took you a moment to read her body language. Natasha clearly didn’t know how to seek more comfort.
You started talking, taking up a strange rhythm of small thoughts. 
You told her how much you loved her hair, about the dream you’d had where she was a princess in a castle. You told her you were sure you’d seen the same shade as her eyes somewhere, you just couldn’t remember.
Natasha relaxed against you and you could tell that your words were washing over her. She didn’t speak, but you felt her subtly settle closer to your heart. Her palm rested flat against your abdomen and you realised, even in this moment, Natasha was calming for you too.
Time kept moving forward. Your rambles became softer and more sparse. You played with pieces of Natasha’s hair in the gaps of silence, weaving them between your fingers. Everytime you combed gently through her hair, Natasha made an instinctive noise, somewhere between a sigh and a moan. The sound had a pleasant gravel to it and it filled the room up warmly.
You let your last words fade away as Natasha’s breathing evened out entirely and you knew she was on the verge of sleep. You loved her more than ever as she leaned against you. Concern about what had led to your unexpected morning bubbled inside you.
The silence was broken abruptly.
‘Shit.’ You hurried out, as you both jumped at the unexpected noise. You lurched over to turn off the wake up alarm blaring from your phone. 
Natasha jolted immediately away from you, back to her side of the bed. You turned back to her once the alarm was silenced.
You tried to smile at  Natasha again, but her gaze had shifted from startled to reserved.
‘Can we ignore that?’ You attempted halfheartedly, resisting the urge to open your arms again in an offer that Natasha would certainly refuse.
Natasha stayed very still.
‘We should get ready.’ She said neutrally. You watched her roll her shoulders slightly, as if trying to rid herself of the morning comfort.
You felt the changing sway of her new mood.
‘Fuck that.’ You determined suddenly, sitting properly up in the bed too.
Natasha gave you a patient look and you knew you’d correctly assessed her intent to smooth this all over.
‘You’re going to be late.’ She reminded you in a gentle warning and you saw the first hints of past confidence return to her expression.
For once, you were unafraid to be confrontative.
‘Fuck that.’ You repeated with emphasis, unlocking your phone and rapidly sending the necessary texts to clear out your schedule.
Natasha’s mouth dropped in shock as she watched you and you felt the satisfaction of doing the unexpected.
‘You’re a priority.’ You informed Natasha pointedly and you saw the discomfort that your words brought out of her. 
‘You’re my priority.’ You added in a softer tone, watching as Natasha stared down at the rumpled sheets instead of you.
Natasha’s focus on the space between you left a heavy tension in the air. She nodded slightly and you knew she was trying not to cry again.
‘I don’t know how to be that for someone.’ Natasha admitted in a whisper and her hands clenched a piece of the bedcovers suddenly.
It was as if she had been split wide open. Frustration and sadness fought openly across her expression. The same childlike vulnerability ached out of her in a tangible wave.
‘You are loved.’ You answered simply. Your hand reached out to Natasha with a confidence you weren’t sure you had yet. 
‘You don’t have to work for that.’’ You continued, trying to ignore the slight nausea at needing to explain this for her. ‘I don’t just love you for who you present yourself to be.’
Natasha’s brow creased in worry. She touched your hand with her fingertips, guiding it to rest on her thigh.
‘How do you know?’ She asked and you heard her stumble slightly with her words. You waited, knowing she would elaborate.
‘What if.’ Natasha began hesitantly, her cool fingers tracing patterns now on the back of your hand. ‘What if I don’t even know who I am underneath all of that?’
You moved across the bed to Natasha this time, unable to stand the distance when she seemed so lonely. Your other hand touched the spot above her heart.
‘Underneath all of that is still you.’ You told her with conviction. ‘You’re allowed to have layers, that doesn’t mean you’re lying to me. It doesn’t stop me from loving you.’
You felt her sharp intake of breath under your hand and knew you’d addressed the worry exactly. 
‘I love you the same now, as I did last night.’ You added, purposefully addressing the morning. 
Natasha nodded to herself again, eyes purposefully fixed on your hand covered by hers. 
‘Actually, I think I love you more.’ You admitted with a half smile as you caught Natasha’s gaze. 
‘Sometimes, when everything is quiet, I feel like there’s this tidal wave rolling over me. I remember things I’d rather forget. Everything falls apart and I can’t think straight.’ Natasha confided in a sudden rush, her fingers freezing against the back of your hand.
‘That sounds so scary.’ You murmured, knowing it would take you much longer to process the enormity of what Natasha was saying.
Natasha’s breath hitched and you realised she’d started crying again. 
The house of cards fell for a second time.
You noticed the differences from this morning. Natasha folded immediately into your offered embrace this time. She curled instinctively against your front, and you felt a warm rush of being so trusted.
‘I love you.’ You told her over and over, letting the words fill the rhythm of a heartbeat. Natasha kept crying and you weren’t sure if it was from her confession or a general feeling of overwhelmedness.
You reassured yourself that at least she wasn’t alone.
You weren’t confident like Natasha, but you were confident in this. 
Steadiness bled into the tightness of your arms around her. 
You repeated the same three words until Natasha’s tears stopped. 
It felt like they were made for her.
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ifureallyknewme · 2 days ago
everywhere, all the time. (18+)
Natasha x reader smut
warnings: anal play, full on anal, vaginal fucking, strap on, vaginal beads, prone bone, daddy!kink daddy!natasha, breeding kind, dirty talk
Natasha can't help but admire how pretty you look laid out beneath her, writhing as you have been for hours. Her fingers delving into your weeping hole as you arch your back, your ass reaching higher into the air for her. "That's it honey," she coos, kissing your heavy ass cheek and then smacking It, watching it jiggle and bruise for her. The sight of your asshole clenching around the buttplug nestled there has Natsha's pussy throbbing. "So desperate for me," and she is desperate for you. to fill you and fuck you everywhere, all the time.
It starts on Sunday evening. Natasha whispers a sweet something in your ear, grips at your ass tightly, while you're trying cooking dinner and suddenly you're allowing her to fuck you over the counter while your curry burns.
On Monday morning when she's back from her run, she's clambering into the shower with you. her strap secured in place and is fucking you into the shower wall with abandon.
On Tuesday, seven days ago now, she's teased your ass not for the first time in bed and had shoved a silicone plug into your aching hole. You had cum right on the spot and still ground your hips back into her for more. It was then that Natasha knew she would need you, everywhere, all the time, in all your holes. She began training your ass to take her cock that night and tonight you finally will.
"pretty baby," Natasha mewls into your ear, fucking into your cunt with her strap, smacking your ass with every thrust and soothing it over with her touch. "gonna fill you up one day," Natasha starts, moulding herself to you. You can feel to coolness of her nipple piercings against your back and the feeling makes you shudder. The feelings of her fucking into you and the vaginal beads in Natasha's cunt have you both on the precipice of orgasm. Kissing your neck Natasha moans out at a particularly hard thrust she gives you. The feeling has the coil in her belling tightening further. But Nat decides she only wants to cum when she's in your tight little ass.
"gonna make you a mommy one day," Natasha says into your ear, slowing her thrusts so they're deep and hard and not as intense for her. "you want that baby? want daddy to fuck a baby into you?" she asks, tweaking her own nipples and shuddering at the feeling of her teasing.
"fuck daddy, gonna make me cum," you whine pressing your face into the pillows and arching your back further so you're pressing right up against her pelvis.
"then work for it dumb baby," she says smugly, peeling herself from you and standing firm on her knees. Without a second thought you begin to rock yourself back onto her cock "oh," you whine, gripping the sheets and fucking yourself onto her cock, the feeling of her pressing into your gspot makes you shake. "daddy, please," you beg, winding your hips and still not getting the relief you need.
"okay princess," she sighs bringing her hand down to your clit to rub at you there, and revels in your shaking legs a sign that you're about to cum. "Since you can't do anything for yourself. be a good girl and cum for daddy, cum all over daddy's cock and show me how much you like me fucking you,"
"yes!" you call out and cum immediately, belly tightening and relaxing and tightening again with need, leaving her cock sticky with your slick. the thought of her making you lick it off like you did last time enough to make your pussy clench. As you're about to collapse from the pleasure, Natasha steadies her hands on your hips and spreads your asscheeks to look at the plug nestled there.
"perfect for me," she says and taps at the plug making you whine before toying with it until you're cumming prematurely and backing into her for more. "please," you moan "need it,"
"need what?" Natasha asks, as the tugs at the plug and watches as the widest part of it stretches your hole. "need my fat cock in your tight little ass huh?"
"please," you beg and allow the top of your body to collapse into the bed when she removes the plug completely, "keep them open for me," Natasha asks and you comply, stretching your arms back to spread your own ass for her.
"good girl,"
Natasha grabs the lube from somewhere on the bed and squirts it between your spread cheeks and works you open further with her fingers. "precious little ass." The praise makes you keen and work yourself on her fingers like you did on her strap. "I'm gonna wreck you." She smirks, coating her cock in lube and then cooing soft praises at you, works her cock into your ass, slowly and diligently she's shoving her cock into you until she's at the hilt and your practically yelling with how good it feels.
"thank you, thank you daddy," you moan out and bring your fingers to your cunt to press two fingers into yourself and doing it so that your palm rubs against your clit with every movement of your hand.
You're so tight like this, Natasha can barely move her strap in and out of you and has to work her hip to do so. The feeling has her cunt clenching and the strap smacking and rubbing on her clit, she's so close to cumming. And the feeling of your full in your ass, and your finger in your pussy is so intense you're sweating and shaking and ready to burst for good.
"like me fucking your ass?" Nat asks, smacking your cheek and revelling in your wordless groans of too much pleasure. "So much," you whine
"cause you're daddy's perfect little fuck doll yeah?"
"gonna fuck you so good dolly," Natasha says, drilling into you and you can feel the head of her cock pressing into your spot from above, touching all the places you didn't even know existed let alone could give you pleasure, before her.
Natasha can feel herself coming to the edge, the sight of your ass swallowing her cock and the strap pressing and rubbing into her clit and the beads clenching inside her and the sounds of your wanton and needy moans have her cumming and pressing hard into you so that you're collapsing fully into the bed. Natasha, shuddering, brings her knees on either side of your legs and continues fucking into you, pressing you further into the mattress and leaning over to squeeze her hand beneath you and rub your clit furiously until with the intensity of her hitting your spot, filling your ass and rubbing your clit has you falling over the edge for her. And still Natasha can feel the tightening in her belly, so he begins to rock into you once more.
"Again,' she whispers, swatting your ass and watching it jiggle again. she will never get enough of this, of you. She will always need you. everywhere, all the time in every hole.
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nelleicrain · 2 days ago
hold me tight and don't let go| n.r
pairing: Natasha x fem!Reader
summary: You hear Natasha crying out one night and go to her side
warning: fluff, bit of angst, hints of death, mentions of fighting (guns) and maybe some swearing?
word count: 830
a/n: i hit a very hard writers block and was just all together sad but i got this done and i really hope its half way good. not fully edited so sorry for any mistakes, i'll edit it one day
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Nights were always still and calm at the compound. The days were so vibrant and alive it was hard to find any quiet at all. While everyone else was asleep you were sat at the kitchen table drinking tea, which wouldn’t help you sleep at all.
This was the way you had always been, awake at the late hours and sleeping during the early hours. After years you had trained your body to survive off as little sleep as possible. The team didn’t get it, at this point it was too hard to break.
You did want to fix it because you felt so alone at night.
Natasha was on a mission like any other, sat side by side with the team, you were sat in front of her grinning. Rolling your eyes at Steve as he did his fifth brief. Mouthing along as he talked.
Everything was fine, normal, mundane even like the dream always started off like.
She blinked and the scene changed. Hidden behind a truck with you by her side, you both dodging bullets. Despite the unending assault of bullets you were still smiling.
“We seriously need to get a new hobby,” you joked, throwing a grenade over the truck.
She laughed, raising an eyebrow, “What like scrapbooking?”.
You shook your head, “You’re not the scrapbooking kind, you’re-“ you were interrupted by a hard cough, when you pulled your hand away there was blood.
Natasha's eyes went wide, “What the-“.
You looked at her confused, hands finding the culprit.
Natasha dropped her weapon and rushed over to you, somehow a bullet had lodged itself into your abdomen. You licked your lips and brought more blood up. “Nat?” you asked confused.
She grabbed you tight, searching you for more wounds, “How did this happen?”.
“Nat?” you asked again.
Soothing you, she stroked your head. “I don’t understand”.
You blinked looking dazed, “it’s okay”.
She pulled you closer against her, looking around for help but only heard more gun fire, she jumped feeling your hand on her cheek.
“It’s okay,” you repeated.
“Why do you keep on saying that?! It’s not okay” she yelled, scared.
You smiled sadly at her, “You need to let me go Nat”.
“No,” Natasha sobbed.
You coughed again.
She wiped your face crying more. “Just hold on please” she leant down and kissed your forehead. She reached to her ear activating her earpiece, “Can anyone hear me? I need help!” Only silence followed.
“No ones coming,” you said, bringing her hand to yours. “Let me go”.
“No!” she yelled again, you didn’t react. “I can save you, I won’t let this happen again”.
You breathed a ragged breath, “It always ends this way”.
“Not this time, not again” she shook her head crying.
“Let me go” you said a little weaker.
“I can’t”
When you had gotten bored sitting around in the living room you headed back to your room, making sure to be extra quiet so you wouldn’t wake anyone.
You froze hearing someone shout.
You heard again and this time you recognised who the voice belonged to.
Nervously you walked towards Natasha’s door, you weren’t sure if it was your place to go running in her room worried, she might not want anyone to see her in a panic state. You waited with your hand hovering over the door handle.
When she called out your name you stopped questioning yourself and ran in.
There Natasha was lying in bed sheets around her legs, she was tossing from side to side muttering more words, you couldn’t make them all out, you heard your name a few times.
You crawled onto the bed shaking her awake, “Hey Nat, wake up you’re dreaming” you said softly.
She shot up grabbing your arm tightly, her green eyes were wide searching your face. Her breathing was fast and uneven. She swallowed, “You’re okay?”.
Worried, you looked her up and down nodding, “Are you?”.
She shook her head still keeping her grip on you, looking for something. You froze when she placed her hand against your stomach, she closed her eyes in relief. You could feel her shaking.
She opened and closed her mouth, unable to talk.
“Okay Okay” you repeated holding her tighter, “you don’t have to say anything”.
You managed to climb under the covers still holding Natasa close. Softly you ran one hand through her hair, working out the knots that had formed, humming a tune.
“You were hurt,” she said suddenly., her face still pressed against you so you couldn’t see her face.
Frowning, you looked down at her, “Is that why you were calling out of me?”.
She nodded, swallowing.
You smiled, brushing her hair. “I’m okay though, look I'm here”.
She set her jaw, “What if this part is the dream and you’re really -” she cut herself off.
“I am here Nat and i’m okay”.
She sighed, breathing you in.
“And I'm not going anyway,” you promised.
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incorrectquotesmcu · 14 hours ago
Natasha: Take off your shirt.
Y/N: What? No. Take off your shirt.
Natasha: I want to take a look at your wound, idiot.
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missmonsters2 · a day ago
Natasha gets protective of her girlfriend when someone at a friends Halloween party keeps staring at her.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
vi. What's One Little Kiss Between Friends?
vi: The first Official Halloween
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader
Note: I ain't wanna hear how it's not wednesday!! *squints* we're multitasking here ok. Also thanks anon 💘
College AU set. Feel free to request the next part in my inbox!
part i || part ii || part iii || part iv || part v
Count: ~1k
Natasha softly grunted as she adjusted her wig.
"Hey, sexy—"
"Go. Away." Natasha narrowed her eyes at the boy, who certainly looked too young to be allowed to legally drink.
The young man jolted at Natasha's look as he tucked tail and turned. A few of the other people standing around had a good laugh, including Bucky.
"What's got your one piece all twisted and up your ass?" Bucky smirked, knowing damn well what was bothering Natasha.
Natasha curled at her lip in a sneer at Bucky, who could only press his lips together to prevent from laughing.
"Stop antagonizing her," Wanda scolded Bucky as she flicked the tip of his nose.
"Ugh," Bucky complained as he rubbed his nose. "Really?"
Wanda rolled her eyes before she turned to Natasha. "Why are you just standing here? If you're so jealous, just go up to her and join in."
"I'm not jealous!" Natasha hissed. "I'm just...concernred people are staring at her."
"Oh my god," Wanda sighed as she rubbed her temples. "Plenty of people are staring at you too, you know."
"I don't care that people are staring at me, I care that they're looking at her!" Natasha's voice tinged into a childish whine at the end.
She was annoyed.
You had made her dress up in matching costumes as Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, but it wasn't long before you were caught in a long-winded conversation with some stupid boy who used to be in your class.
It would've been fine, but your costume was drawing attention. Natasha swore that every Joker and Batman in the vicinity was sliding up and hovering over you.
It was unbelievably aggravating.
A part of Natasha wished she tried harder to convince you that going to Steve and Sharon's Halloween Party was stupid and the two of you should just stay home and watch movies.
After all, it was your first Halloween together as official girlfriends; Natasha really wanted to make good use of it.
And just like that, your magical powers— the innate knowledge of Natasha—you turned your head to look at her.
You pressed your lips together, almost in a way that Natasha can't tell you're refraining from laughing. She watched you whisper something to the group you were chatting with before walking towards her.
"Hi," you grinned at her.
"Hi," Natasha answered flatly.
"Oh, god, please don't do that," you sighed, and for a second, Natasha is worried she had upset you by being too...clingy. "You're way too cute even when you're upset with me."
Natasha found herself relaxing at the words as she rolled her eyes. She let you grasp her hands and pull her close.
"I'm not upset with you," Natasha crinkled her nose.
"Yes, yes, you're just jealous," you nodded your head like the world's wisdom was bestowed upon you.
Natasha wanted to vehemently deny it, the words already on the tip of her tongue. But she doesn't.
Because she is.
She knew it, and you knew it. There was no point in denying it.
"How long do we have to stay?" Natasha asked instead. "This party sucks."
"Hey!" Steve called from the side, affronted. Natasha doesn't even look at him. Sharon grinned and shook her head, rubbing her boyfriend's arm.
"You've become much too recluse since we've graduated," you tutted. "Where's the social butterfly, Natasha Romanoff? Student council president, volleyball captain, miss smarty pants—"
"Ugh, please stop bringing that up," Natasha grimaced. "We're done university."
"Ah, yes," you nodded sagely. "Now, you're Natasha Romanoff, the most popular lawyer. Pretty, smart, cutthroat, and on her way to becoming Partner. It's really hard fighting off your admirers, you know."
"Look who's talking," Natasha quirked her brow. She jerked her head behind you, and you followed her direction. "I'm started to get tempted to bring a bat with me everytime we go out."
You could see a man in a joker costume staring at you. He had been in the group you were talking to, but you hadn't really known who he was. Well, he did introduce himself, but you've forgotten it the second you heard it.
"Ah," you said dryly as you licked your lips. "There's a chance he might be looking at you instead."
"I think he's trying to come up with a clever pickup line about The Joker and Harley Quinn belonging together before he comes up to you," Natasha tried to glare daggers at him, but he was too focused on staring at you.
"We seem to be in a pickle then," you puckered your lips. "Everyone knows Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are the one true pair."
"Everyone except him," Natasha muttered. What if she just yelled, 'What the fuck are you staring at? Eyes off my girlfriend!' She wondered if Steve and Sharon would kick her out.
She hopes so.
But before she can open her mouth, her lips find themselves a little occupied by yours. It's reflex at this point for Natasha to wrap her arms around you, pressing closer with a pleased hum.
When you pulled back, Natasha blinked and tried to make her way back to reality.
Looking up, Natasha finds the guy looking confused but not deterred. Finally, he makes eye contact with her.
Natasha gave him a deadpan expression and her middle finger.
He looked offended but still not discouraged.
Bucky just whistled with a laugh. "Stevie," he looked over to his best friend. "You better tell your coworker to stop staring our Harley Quinn over here. He's about to be a dead man. Although, he's kind of a douchebag, so maybe we should let Natasha kill him."
Wanda slapped Bucky on the arm, and he yelped, "Ow! Shit, alright! I meant I'll kill him and Natasha can pick up my defense case."
The unimpressed look Bucky got only made him smirk.
Steve just looked apologetic as he started to make his way over to his coworker.
You couldn't help but laugh as you kissed Natasha again. "Alright, let's head out before you murder someone on my behalf."
"I wouldn't," Natasha whined but was happy to go finally. "Didn't you hear? Bucky would do it and I'll be his lawyer. Don't worry pal, I've yet to lose a case."
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crackedoutwalnut · a day ago
Debris (Natasha x Wanda x Reader)
Tumblr media
Summary: To say Carol Danvers is absent in your relationship would be an understatement. However, when she steps too far out of line and risks your wellbeing, Natasha and Wanda scramble to comfort a devastated Reader.
Word Count: 4,419
The argument started when you ran into a former high school friend at the bar. You and Carol had been out on a date night to celebrate her return from a successful mission. Your girlfriend was always off saving galaxies or destroying intergalactic armies, which doesn't leave much time left over for you. Not that you minded, of course! Her work was important, and you couldn't dream of keeping her from it. However, this meant that you savored every moment you had with her.
She had gone off to get the both of you another drink when your friend approached. You had been eager to catch up with them, seeing as it had been years since the two of you last spoke. Rushing to hug them, the two of you excitedly started catching up.
You were opening your mouth to ask another question about their career when Carol came storming up to the booth you were sitting at.
Giving her an excited smile, you waved her over. "Hey babe, this is F/n, my friend from high school. We were just catching up," you introduced.
Your friend gave Carol a slightly starstruck smile and waved, "Hello, it's incredible to meet you. When Y/n said she was dating the Captain Marvel, I couldn't believe it."
Your girlfriend gave them a carefully neutral face, an expression she only made when she was particularly upset about something. "Well, I'm glad you two got to catch up; however, we have to get going."
You gave her a slightly baffled look, "We do?"
Carol let out an incredibly stiff chuckle as she shouldered on her bomber jacket, "Well, it's getting late, and I don't really like staying up all night getting drunk."
You glanced down at your phone's lock screen; it was 9:15. "Well, if you're tired, I suppose it would be okay if we left," glancing over at your friend, you offered them an apologetic smile. "Sorry, F/n, but it appears we are leaving."
Your friend waved off your apology and pulled you into another tight hug. "It was amazing to see you again. We should catch up sometime, yeah?"
Grinning, you pulled away, "For sure, keep in touch." When they turned to walk away, you felt Carol tightly grasp your hand. Once she had your hand securely in her grasp, the hero immediately started tugging you towards the door.
Wincing, you stumbled to keep up with her determined strides. "Babe, can we maybe slow down a bit? The Uber will still be there in a few minutes, I promise." Both your request and your joke went ignored as the woman continued to practically drag you down the street. Your confusion continued to mount into panic as Carol promptly stormed right past your waiting Uber. "Carol, I think our driver was back the- what the fuck are you doing?!" You let out a loud yelp as your girlfriend silently hefted you into her arms and shot into the night sky. Scrambling to find solid purchase around her neck, you shot Carol a shellshocked glare.
The blonde seemed set on maintaining her pointed silence as she flew- a lot faster than you would have liked- towards Avengers Tower. So, you squeezed your eyes shut and buried your face into her shoulder, trying your best not to peer down at the ground far below. Finally, after what seemed like hours, Carol landed in front of the Tower. Without bothering to glance in your direction, she haphazardly dumped you onto the sidewalk and stormed into the building.
As quickly as you could muster, you followed behind her on the shaky legs of a newborn calf. The last time Carol had flown with you, it had been your first date together. After you nearly had a mental breakdown mid-flight, she had quickly agreed to ask for explicit consent before doing so ever again. Well, at least you thought she had decided to ask for permission; apparently, that agreement had expired.
After gaining your footing, you felt anger building up inside you. Why was Carol so upset all of a sudden? She had never been this petty before, at least not without an obvious reason. You stomped into an empty elevator. She had not bothered to wait for you. "JARVIS, please take me up to Carol's floor," you requested snippily.
"Right away, Miss Y/n," the AI replied. You waited until the elevator slid open before storming through the main room and into yours and Carol's shared bedroom. Inside, your girlfriend was pacing the room in her bra and boxers. Normally the sight of the blonde's abs would be enough to have you tackling her onto the bed in a second. Currently, you barely gave them a second glance.
"Do you mind telling me what the fuck all that was about?" You snapped.
Carol paused her pacing to shoot you a look rarely saw from her. Captain Marvel was furious. "Who the hell was that, back at the bar?" She replied venomously, ignoring your question.
Your eyes widened as realization set in. "You threw a tantrum back there because you were jealous?" You questioned, tone rising in volume.
"Answer the damn question! Who was that, and why were they practically eye-fucking you right in front of me?"
You stared at the woman in disbelief, "I already told you, F/n is my best friend from high school. And to be clear, they were not eye-fucking me. They gave me a hug."
Carol scowled and stopped her pacing. She pivoted to face you and crossed her arms over her chest, "Listen, I know I'm gone a lot. Trust me, if I could stay and be with you 24/7, I would, but that doesn't mean you can just go off flirting with whoever the hell you want! Especially not right in front of me!"
"Oh my God, you are acting like a child!" You threw your hands in the air. "I wasn't flirting. We were discussing their new job; how is that even remotely flirtatious?"
Carol rolled her eyes, "Oh right, like I'm supposed to believe you lean in that close to talk about someone's new office job."
"Listen, I don't know if your just stressed from your mission or why the hell you have decided to act like this, but-"
Your girlfriend cut you off by storming closer to you. She was an imposing figure on a good day; however, it wasn't until that moment that you truly felt scared of her. She towered over you, her stance solid and tense. "I'm 'acting like this,'" she held up air quotes, "because I don't like it when my girlfriend feels up random ass people at the bar."
You stepped away from her, "You're irrational, Carol."
Carol pointed a hand at your chest; it was glowing from the heat of her just barely restrained photon blasters. "It isn't irrational when my girlfriend is acting like a complete whore!" Her voice rose to a scream. Then, time moved in slow motion as the unnatural heat from her palms exploded just above your head. Chunks of drywall and debris burst throughout the room. You dove backward, falling onto the dirty carpet with a pained scream. Blood dripped from cuts of varying sizes along your arms, legs, and face. Your ears rang slightly as you looked up at the shaking form of Captain Marvel. Her face was distorted with horror as she gazed down at your quivering form.
"Baby, I am so sorry. I didn't mean to do that, I swear-"
Your entire face scrunched as tears streamed down your now dust-covered cheeks, "Don't you dare. First, you cut short the one night I get to spend doing something other than worrying about your safety because you're acting like an irrational bitch. Then, you fly me into the air without asking, despite knowing how much I hate that. Then finally, you decide to try, and fucking kill me," stumbling to your feet, you glared at a now sobbing Carol. "You should have stayed with the Kree, Danvers. You have got more in common with them than you ever had humans."
You pushed past her and strode out to the main room of the floor. You started to approach the elevator when the doors abruptly slid open. Tony, Steve, Natasha, and Wanda rushed out of the box, suited up and ready for battle. Tony had his repulsor cannons raised as he looked around for the source of the explosion.
You were quickly swarmed by Wanda and Natasha as they checked you over for injuries. "Y/n, what the hell happened? Why are you bleeding? Is Captain Marvel dealing with the enemy?" Wanda asked, scanning her eyes over you worriedly.
You wiped the tears from your eyes as you stepped away from the two women, "Lower your weapons; there's no threat." The four heroes glanced at each other with baffled expressions as they hesitantly lowered their respective weapons.
Natasha slowly stuffed her handgun into its holster, "If there's no threat, then why is your bedroom wall missing?"
Just then, Carol decided to come rushing out of the room, "Y/n, please, I'm sorry. I swear I never would have done that on purpose-" She slid to a halt at the sight of the other Avengers.
Steve Rogers crossed his arms and stepped forward, "You did this, Carol?"
Natasha looked between you and the blonde, "You better start giving a damn good explanation for what the fuck happened to her, Danvers."
Carol ignored the assassin and stepped forward; her tearful eyes were locked on yours. You flinched as she approached, stepping back closer to where Wanda and Steve stood. "Baby, please, I never meant to hurt you. I was just upset; it will never happen again, I promise." Before Carol could even consider taking another step, Wanda had wedged herself between the two of you. She acted as a wall of security, her eyes glowing crimson as she glowered at the blonde. Steve wrapped an arm around you and pulled you even further away from the other captain.
The witch stepped closer to Carol until she was practically nose to nose with the woman. "I know you think you're tough shit, Captain," her Sokovian accent was thick with venom as her voice quivered with barely restrained anger. "But I assure you I can knock you down several pegs if you even consider touching Y/n again." Her hands glowed with wreaths of scarlet as she poked her finger against the blonde's chest.
"Please, I just want to talk to her," Carol explained, peering at you over Wanda's shoulder. Your gaze was fixed on the wood paneling beneath your feet as you sunk against Steve's protective arm.
"No, you are going to leave right now, and you are not going to return to Earth until you are given explicit permission to do so." Carol looked as if she wanted to argue; however, when you refused to meet her gaze for a second time, she nodded. Carefully, she stepped around the witch and stalked towards the elevator. Pausing, she looked back at you one final time before allowing the doors to slide shut behind her.
The four of you stood in silence as you continued to burrow your gaze into the floorboards. The love of your life had just left for good, and you couldn't help but feel like a coward for feeling devastated by it. You should hate her; she had nearly killed you tonight. Still, you wanted nothing more than to chase after her and beg for her to stay.
Natasha glanced over at Steve and Tony, who were staring at the elevator in awkward shock. "Wanda and I can handle it from here."
Steve gave you a hesitant look, "Are you sure?"
Nat rolled her eyes, "Yes, we're sure, men are terrible at handling breakups, now shoo." Begrudgingly, the two men turned to leave. Once they were out of sight, Natasha carefully approached you. "Are you alright, Hun?" You shrugged dejectedly. You firmly bit your tongue, trying everything within your ability to keep from sobbing like a toddler in front of the two strongest women you know.
Wanda outstretched her arms and gave you an empathetic smile, "Would it be okay if I hugged you?" she asked. That did it; your dam burst. Letting out a croaky sob, you nodded, your face twisted with grief. Wanda tutted softly and pulled you into her arms. Her hand reached up to cradle the base of your head as she rubbed your back with the one wrapped around your torso. You desperately wanted to stop getting snot and tears on your friend and work colleague's shirt. However, you were drunk and tired, and all you wanted to do was get lost in those soft strokes running up and down your back.
You sniffled and peered up at Wanda. "How much of it did you see?"
The woman grimaced and pulled you tighter into her arms. "A lot of it; her thoughts were incredibly loud. I'm so sorry."
Natasha sighed, "Let's get you upstairs. You're probably tired, huh, sweetie?" The stoic woman's voice was gentler than you had ever heard it. You felt her presence shift closer to you as she placed a warm hand on the back of your shoulder. As if on instinct, you leaned into it. You opened your mouth to speak; however, only a pathetic whimper slipped out. Your face burned hot with shame at the two women seeing you in such a state. You were a SHIELD agent, goddammit; you dealt with loss every day. So, where was that fire now?
If Natasha and Wanda were disgusted by your disgusting display of weakness, they did not comment. Instead, the telepath simply maneuvered you in her grip so that only her arm was wrapped around your waist. You melted into her like caramel left in the sun. Once you were sandwiched safely between Natasha and Wanda inside the elevator, you felt your voice return to you.
"Wh-where're we going?" You murmured.
The woman holding you squeezed your side gently, "To our floor."
Furrowing your brows, you squinted up at Wanda in confusion, "Why? Wouldn't it have been easier if I just slept in Carol and-" you swallowed before correcting yourself, "In my room?"
Wanda flashed a gentle smile and crinkled her nose in amusement, "Sweetheart, your bedroom is covered in dust and debris. Not to mention the giant hole. We would never let you sleep in those conditions."
"But what about-"
Natasha cut you off with a soft pinch to your upper arm. "Shush you. Stop being so damn stubborn, and let us help you get over that bitch."
You winced at the insult, stilling, feeling a tad defensive of the woman, "Can we not insult her, at least for now?"
Wanda scoffed, her grip around your waist growing firm and protective. "I don't see why not, considering what she called you."
You practically heard the scowl that formed on Nat's face, "What did she call you, Y/n?"
You shrugged sheepishly and gazed down at your feet. "It was nothing..."
You heard the witch next to you let out an angry guffaw, "It was far from nothing. She called you a whore."
You felt Natasha's entire body go still at those words. Daring a glance, you saw her face contorted with rage. "She what? I'm going to slaughter that bitch. If she ever-"
Panic started to mount in your chest as Nat ranted on; you clutched tightly at the side of Wanda's shirt, desperately seeking a solid, safe place to hide. Normally, dealing with an angry Avenger was just another day on the job. Tonight though, it was too loud, too hostile, too much. You didn't realize you were hyperventilating until Wanda was wrapping her other arm around you. She pulled you back against her chest and allowed your head to burrow under her chin.
Unbeknownst to you, Wanda sharply nudged Natasha's calf with her the tip of her boot. Natasha's angry monologue was cut to an abrupt stop as she beheld you, shaking and whimpering in her girlfriend's arms. Pursing her lips guiltily, she gently cupped the back of your neck. "Hey, I'm sorry. Everything's alright now, kotenok; you're safe. Everyone's calm, I promise."
The elevator door opened with a ding as you continued to bury yourself in Wanda's arms. You nodded slightly and let out a shaky hum at Nat's words, still not moving from your hiding place. Wanda grinned softly and carefully started to maneuver her way into the apartment. Her arms never left their place around your waist and upper back as she allowed her girlfriend to lead the way. It wasn't until she gently guided you onto a bed- her bed- did you pull away from her.
"What are we doing here? I want to go to bed."
Natasha shot you a strange look, "You are in bed?"
Your eyed widened, "I can't sleep here. Where will you guys stay?"
Natasha snickered, "We've slept on surfaces far worse than a sofa, Y/n." You opened your mouth to protest; however, the assassin swiftly shut you up with a stern look. Pursing your lips, you looked down at your lap like a scolded child.
Wanda gently cupped your cheek, "Wait here, detka. I'm going to get something to clean up those wounds. You nodded and watched as the woman disappeared into the bathroom that branched off of the master bedroom. Natasha sat down next to you on the edge of the mattress.
"How are you holding up?" She asked, her eyes sweeping over your hunched form.
You simply shrugged in response. The vodka shots you had taken earlier at the bar had finally started to wear off, leaving the full weight of the situation to press on top of you. Carol was gone. And this time, it was permanent. Your worst fear had come true: your captain was gone, and she was never coming back. Your face twisted once more as a fresh wave of tears streamed down your dusty cheeks.
"She-she's gone, Nat." You should hate her; she called you a whore over something you hadn't done in the first place. For fucks sake, she nearly killed you! So then why did the thought of never seeing her again hurt so bad? Natasha sighed and outstretched her arms. Taking it as enough of an invitation, you collapsed against the woman and let out a chest-aching sob. "She's gone..." You repeated quietly.
"I know this isn't going to be an easy adjustment for you, sweetie. But, just know Wanda and I are going to be here for you the entire time. You won't have to be alone through this," Natasha murmured, her nails gliding up and down your back comfortingly. The two of you sat in that protective embrace for what seemed like hours.
You only pulled away when Wanda strode back into the room with an arm full of first-aid kits, pill bottles, and band-aids. She set them on the foot of the bed and gave you a sheepish smile. "I didn't know what we would need..."
Nat snickered and nudged Wanda playfully with her foot, "Jesus Wands, she has a couple cuts and bruises. It isn't like she's bleeding out."
The witch shot her girlfriend a playful glare. "Shut up and start disinfecting the cuts on her legs." She tossed a towel and a bottle of disinfectant to the assassin.
Nat smirked, "Yes, ma'am." You sat between them, awkwardly staring down at your lap. You had since shifted away from Nat and settled cross-legged on the duvet. The assassin glanced up at you with an apologetic smile, "This might sting a bit."
"I'm sure it will be- shit!" You cut yourself off with a hiss as you felt the cloth dab at your scrapes.
"Told you," she replied with a playful wink.
In a mock display of petulance, you crossed your arms over your chest and stuck your tongue out at the woman. Nat flicked the side of your knee in response.
Wanda rolled her eyes fondly, hiding her grin behind her hand. "Alright, children, that's enough. Now, Y/n, I need you to hold still for a moment."
"Wh-" your question was once again cut short by the feeling of a cold washcloth against your cheek. Scrunching your face in confusion and discomfort, you shrank away from the cold fabric.
"I need to get this dust off your face and arms before Natasha starts tending to them," the witch explained.
"Yeah but, can't I do that myself?" you asked.
"I suppose," Wanda conceded, "However, after the night you have had, you should not have to."
Sighing, you gently nudged the towel away, "Look, I appreciate this and all. But, I think it would be best if I just took a shower. It's been a long evening, and I need some time to think."
Natasha considered this before standing, rag clasped in her hand. "Of course, you hardly had time to breathe before we were dragging you up to our room."
"It isn't that I don't find it incredibly sweet because I do. It's just," you ran a hand through your debris sprinkled hair, "a lot. Losing my long-term girlfriend so abruptly and so permanently has put me into a kind of shock that I need a moment to drag myself out of."
Wanda nodded in understanding, "Of course, take all the time you need. We will be here when you are ready."
"Thank you both, I mean it. I don't know what I would do without you two."
In the shower, you found yourself staring at the greyish water that ran off your body and down the drain. Chunks of paint, drywall, and dust had managed to coat every follicle of hair on your scalp. Your nails and fingertips violently massaged the mess out of your hair. Once you got it to an acceptable degree of cleanliness, you grabbed a loofa from a hook on the shower wall and soaked it with lavender honey body wash. You grit your teeth slightly as you lather over the many cuts littering your skin.
If you ever had any doubt that Carol Danvers was one of the most powerful Avengers, they had been thoroughly blasted away alongside your now nonexistent bedroom wall. Sighing, you leaned your head back to scrub at our collarbone. The thought of your destroyed bedroom brought another gut-wrenching question to your mind. Was it even your room anymore? The only reason you were allowed to have a floor in the Tower was because of Carol. Now that she was gone, where would that leave you?
A large part of you knew that there was a slim chance that Tony would ever actually kick you out. However, that didn't mean that it wasn't a possibility. You weren't an Avenger, nor were you an asset to him or anyone else on the team. Sure, you were a SHIELD agent, but there were plenty of other agents out there. Your chest tightened painfully. Your shower thoughts were continuing to close in on you when a knock sounded from the door.
Jumping, you peaked your head out from behind the frosted glass door of the shower. "Y-yes?" The cracks in your voice were painfully obvious.
"I'm leaving some of Nat's sleepwear on the bed; we will be in the living room if you need us," Wanda called.
"Th-thanks Wan! I'll be out in a sec!" You replied hastily, scrubbing at your teary eyes.
As promised, an oversized red t-shirt and a pair of silk pajama shorts were neatly folded on the bed. The smell of Natasha's cologne brushed your nose as you slipped into the well-worn shirt. Sighing, you allowed the familiar scent to fill your lungs for a moment before stepping out of the bedroom. You felt nerves creep back up your spine as you entered the living room. There, Natasha and Wanda sat beside each other, a blanket draped over their laps. Natasha's arm was wrapped around her partner's neck as she idly scrolled through Netflix.
Having heard you approach, both women turned to face you. Wanda offered you a tender smile, "How are you holding up, sweetheart?"
Shrugging, you fiddled with the hem of your shirt. "I don't know; I already miss her so much."
Natasha sighed, "Come here, please?" she requested gently. You shuffled over to the couch. The two women scooted aside to leave a space between them. You sat down in the provided space; immediately, Wanda set part of the blanket over your lap. Shrinking down further into the sofa, you stared down at your lap as Nat began to speak again. "When I heard you and Captain had started dating, I almost couldn't believe it."
You glanced up at her, "What do you mean?"
The assassin pursed her lips, "Carol is not known for her commitment. She's a great soldier to fight alongside. However, she is not the kind of woman who will ever put her lover before her work. Even if she had not fucked everything up the way she did, that wouldn't have changed that she could never provide you the full extent of love you deserve," Natasha wrapped an arm around you and pulled you against her. "Everyone noticed how distraught Carol's constant long-term disappearances made you. You barely eat or sleep when she's away- which is most of the time- and you can barely stomach to watch her leave when she is here."
You glared furiously down at your lap as you processed Natasha's words. "So what are you saying? She never loved me in the first place?"
Wanda cupped your cheek and guided your gaze to meet hers, "We are certain she truly loved you, Y/n. That is not what Nat is talking about. You were the most important person in Carol's life. However, you deserve someone willing to act on that adoration. Someone who will be by your side at the end of each and every day."
You glanced between the two women you were sandwiched between. A smile settled on your lips as you burrowed yourself closer to the pair. "Yeah, maybe you're right."
Natasha leaned down to kiss your temple as she wrapped her arm back around you. "Of course we are."
Wanda settled her arm on top of Nat's. Softly threading her fingers through your hair, she smiled. "No one will ever hurt you like that again, Sweetheart. Not while we're around."
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blackkwidowed · 2 days ago
Nat being nervous when r asks her to sit on their face for the first time so she just sorta hovers until r grabs her thighs and pulls her down onto their face
oh fuck yes
that shy blush creeping up the back of her neck ends up bright red on her cheeks by the time she's sat above your mouth. she's half tempted to pull away, purely because of her nerves. it's cute more than anything.
obviously, she doesn't quite get chance to. your hands will wrap tight around her thighs, fingers bruising the skin like you know she craves.
she'll be grinding into your mouth in no time at all- not when she realises just how much you love having her pussy on your face. she'll throw her neck back and you'll move one hand- just the one- to one of her tits, desperate to hear the whine she releases every time you touch her nipples.
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twilight-99-tm · 2 days ago
Hey!!! I hope you’re feeling a bit better. Just saw your recent post. Idk if you’ll be willing to write a fluffy blurb of Nat and maybe Yelena trying to take care of Nats newborn baby while reader sleeps/rest a little? And both Nat and Yelena struggle to figure out how to keep the baby from crying etc?
“Natasha,” Yelena said, holding the newborn away from her body in front of her. Natasha was getting his bottle ready, making sure the temperature wasn’t too hot while Yelena held him. “Natasha.”
“Just a little longer, Yelena,” she turned around briefly sending her sister a look before having to do a double take. “Hold him properly, he won’t bite. And even if her does, it’s not like he has teeth yet.”
“Who couldn’t you just get a dog?” She asked hesitantly bringing the infant closer to her. He laughed reaching up to tug at her hair. “Argh.”
“Don’t say that to your nephew,” Natasha shook the bottle, letting the formula mix with the water as she walked over to the two of them. Your son’s eyes shone when he spotted the bottle, his little fingers releasing Yelena’s hair and reaching for the bottle in Natasha’s hands. “Hold on, baby.”
Natasha wanted to check the temperature one more time before giving him the bottle, but it slipped and fell to the floor, splashing everywhere and causing the little guy to pop out his bottom lip as tears welled in his eyes.
“Natasha,” Yelena had that warning tone again as she held the boy away from her body towards Natasha. “He’s gonna cry.”
“He’s not gonna cr-“
“Natasha he’s gonna cry, please take him.”
“He’s not gonna cry, you can handle it-“
The two were cut off by a loud cry, making Yelena wince and wonder how such a small creature could make such a loud noise. Natasha acted quickly, taking him into her arms and cooing to try to calm him down. “Can you at least make another bottle?”
Yelena took some paper towels and mopped up the spilled formula while Natasha bounced the little boy up and down, quietly singing him his favorite Russian lullaby. The baby quickly calmed down, entranced by his mother’s soothing voice, his little hands coming up to her cheeks as he stared at her.
“That’s it baby,” She whispered, bringing her face closer to his and nudging her nose against his. “Let’s not wake Mama, she stays up all night checking on you, let her rest.”
He tilted his head at the mention of his Mama and his eyes suddenly filled with tears again. Natasha’s heart ached when she realized he missed you.
“Yelena, where’s his bottle?”
“It’s coming, it’s coming,” she came up behind the two of them, handing Natasha the bottle that she could tell was too hot.
“You made it too hot,” she handed the bottle back to Yelena as the blonde huffed.
“Well, I have a dog,” she mumbled, more to herself than to anyone else as Natasha started making her way towards your room before your son could start crying again. “Dogs don’t need formula.”
Natasha shushed the teary child in her arms as she opened the door to your shared room, smiling as she saw you sleeping peacefully on your bed.
“See baby,” she whispered. “Mama’s right here, she’s just asleep.”
The little boy reached out his hand for you, but soon seemed to understand you were okay and rested his head agains his Mom’s chest, content in letting you rest.
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Sea Turtles Have Stage Fright || Natasha Romanoff
Fandom: MCU - Black Widow 2021 time period [no spoilers]
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Summary: Natasha loves, respects and adores you. But when it comes to your sleep talking, she can't help but play along and see what you have to say.
A.N: I didn't know I was going to be trying fictober this year given my current headspace so dont be surprised if this is my only contribution this year lol. And I for sure don't even know if I'm gonna officially write for mcu cause... yeah, but I still wanted to try this! Specifically cause I was inspired and also every time I have a desire to read Natasha fics, or literally any other adult wlw x reader it's smut and I just want some fluff 😔 no disrespect to people who enjoy that ofc! Edit: and dammit, this is late. Oh well, I tried :/
Fictober Prompt: "what did I say?"
Warnings: my first [possibly only??] time writing marvel, let alone Natasha. Also Google translate, I'm so sorry Russian speakers [moya lyubov' = my love]
Tumblr media
The trip out seemed longer this time around.
Maybe it was the fact Natasha was hardwired to wake before the asscrack of dawn and the hard-to-see roads made the drive seem like a chore— Her eyes land on the empty passenger seat like a knee-jerk response before jumping back to the road. —Or maybe it was the lack of company.
Last Natasha left you, you were half asleep in your shared queen bed, lips parted in the beginnings of a snore and your reach meeting an empty mattress. Between the two of you, you were always the heavier sleeper. Not that she minded, in situations like these — ie, a lot of time on her hands — it gave her more downtime. And there was a lot of that these days it would seem.
The rhythmic tick-tock-tick of the right turn signal overlapped the squeak of rubber being pulled across the glass with the wipers as she sat waiting. Her mind was full and racing, her heart heavy since she killed the radio going on about the Avenger's breakup. Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson still on the run — that was all she needed to know. They were safe. And all she wanted now was to forget about unpacking the groceries in the back seat and getting straight back into bed with you, crawling under the covers, and forget her troubles.
Natasha found herself wondering the same thing she often did when she found a moment alone these days; would the two of you still be able to have the life you always wanted together? Sure, you were getting to see the world but you were still in hiding after all.
The question kept her occupied the rest of the drive and to no surprise, the trailer Mason had secured for you two was still standing when she returned. Her eyes swept the area as she yanked the keys from the ignition, all the more eager to return inside. The cold was seeping through her jacket and down her neck, and the morning air smelled of dew and if she listened hard enough she could make out the sounds of the stream nearby. The trailer wasn't much warmer — the puny excuse for a backup generator did little to run everything, including the heater even in overtime — but this made the return to bed more tantalizing.
Dropping the keys and grocery bags on the counter — and doing another routine sweep of all her carefully placed silent alarms — Natasha finally gave in to temptation and headed back for the hallway. She knew she wouldn't fall back to sleep, but god, was she dead tired.
She winced internally at the creak of the door but knew better than to worry; sure enough, you were still fast asleep just as she left you. Expertly entangled in the many layers of quilts and thicken linen — your limbs woven in and out not even she could wrestle you out of — and deep in sleep. A smile crept onto her lips and she rolled her eyes, slipping off her shoes and jacket before taking a seat on her side of the bed.
How the hell had you become such an important piece of her life? She wondered fondly.
"Bedhog," she grumbled despite the smile, slipping herself under your arm and back into what she could salvage of her side of the mattress.
Her brows shot up a bit in surprise and as best as she could without moving, she angled her head to get a good look at your sleeping face inches from her pillow. Had you heard her? Her little bed hog slept through just about everything.
"Wait..." you plea, your eyes still closed and your brows furrowed in a pressing manner.
Her smirk tripled in size. Oh no, this was much better than you waking.
", don't." You said, growing angry at whatever force in your dreams you were facing.
Years of sharing the same bed with you and Natasha had long since accepted she would never know what to expect. Dreaming Y/n, for example, has taught her vital tidbits and life lessons like; don't put cereal in your purse, and also sea turtles have stage fright. Oh, how Nat longed for the days she could capture these moments on her phone and keep them forever. Another disadvantage to living off the grid.
"Don't what, my love?" She cooed in a voice lower than a whisper. She lovingly glid the pads of her fingertips across the back of your hand laying on her stomach, careful not to pull your too much from sleep but enough to get your attention.
"He..." you took a deep breath, one Natasha's amusement hinged on as she waited for you to continue.
Natasha didn't want to jump to conclusions but she also didn't want you to be suffering through any unpleasant dreams either. She had gotten you to talk like this before, she just needed a little more...
"He what?"
You were fighting so hard to tell her — to fight through your subconscious and relay to her whatever message you needed to about what this dastardly He was putting you through. You were growing more and more upset, your face contorting and twitching with anger and your voice tight and upset.
"He ate my birthday cake,"
A soft scowl came to her face as she brushed a stray hair from yours, tracing her knuckles down your jawline. "He didn't!"
"Who's this bastard, moya lyubov?"
You didn't answer, she had put too much in it and you were slipping back under. She waited only a moment and asked again, trying not to laugh.
"What happened, Y/n?"
Your expression hardened again, clearly distraught at the mention.
"Pope Francis ate my birthday cake,"
...Okay. That was a new one.
⊹ ⊹ ⊹
You awoke to the smell of ground coffee and frying eggs; you could smell the aroma wafting in from the small kitchenette before you even opened your eyes and you knew Natasha was up. Arching your back you gave your arms and legs a long stretch, your balled fists digging into your girlfriend's pillow as you let out a yawn.
Eager to join her, you slipped out of bed and pulled on a nearby hoodie draped over a chair, making your way out. Your bare feet stuck to the cold wooden floors as you padded in, squinting against the light of day to see Natasha at the stove.
"Morning hot stuff," she quipped, flipping her eggs and taking a sip from her mug of coffee. You hummed a groggy laugh, knowing full well you looked as if you crawled out of hibernation — not far from the truth — but you knew she meant it anyway.
"Morning," you passed over her shoulder and gave a peck on the cheek before trudging over to the fridge and pulling it open for a once over. "Thanks for getting groceries,"
"Eh," she shrugged. "I couldn't go back to sleep. Gave me something to do."
You looked over your shoulder, grabbing a protein shake and closing the fridge. "I'm sorry. You should have woke me up, I would have kept you company,"
Natasha smiled down at the eggs cooking in the pan before reaching over and killing the stove, moving them to another burner as she retrieved a bowl. "Oh, no, I couldn't do that." She smirked.
You paused mid-sip, growing suspicious. You knew Natasha all too well and that shit-eating smirk meant she had something over you. "...what? What is it?"
"I didn't say anything, moya lyubov,"
Your eyes thined in a scowl. "What, Nat, just tell me,"
"But I don't want to further ruin your birthday fun,"
"Birthday? It's not my birthday--" your face dropped and you slammed the drink on the counter beside you in realization. "Oh no,"
Natasha didn't say anything, but all the confirmation you got was the loving, but knowing look of mischief in her eyes as she peered at you over her sip of coffee. It was all you needed to know. You were sleep-talking again. It always brought out a teasing side to her that you not so secretly loved. What you didn't love was the embarrassment that came with it.
"Alright, let's hear it," you sighed, folding your arms over your chest and smiling tiredly. "what did I say?"
Flashing a conceding smile, Natasha placed her steaming mug and bowl of eggs on the counter beside her before crossing the kitchen to wrap you in a harrowing embrace.
"My darling," she began. Her tone would have worried you if you weren't used to how dramatic she got when she was teasing. She wrapped her strong arms around you and tucked herself into you in a protective manner. "never again will the dastardly Pope Francis steal your birthday cake or any celebratory desserts for that matter. I will make sure of it."
You let a weak laugh, burying your face in her hug and her arms snaked further around you. You could practically see the grin widening on her face to mirror yours as the dream came back to you in bits. Pulling back, you met her gaze — her hazel green eyes full of love — and your lips met in a warm, chaste kiss.
"My hero,"
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redvelvetnat · 17 hours ago
𝐰𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐩𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐫 𝐠𝐨𝐞𝐬 𝐨𝐮𝐭
the hotel on cadaver street blurbs masterlist
serial killer!natasha x reader
this is a dark fic: please refer to the disclaimer
summary ➞ “you act like you’re ashamed of me but you’re soaked through your clothes and it’s not because of the rain.”
disclaimer ➞ strong language, depictions of murder + blood, smut, possessive behavior, knife kink, dirty talk (praise + pet names), hints of power bottom!reader + service top!natasha, fingering
a/n ➞ nothing else compares to my love from serial killer!natasha. this piece of work is not to be copied or translated anywhere. thank you for reading!!! comments and reblogs appreciated <3
Tumblr media
Natasha had never been one to panic. Or frighten, even. She was a sadist whose identity had been incised by years of watching her own innocence fall away from her until there was so little humanity left that she really didn’t know if she counted as human.
So, to put it simply, it wasn’t fear that made her bones quake as she listened to the high-pitched squeak that the hotel’s basement door emitted as it opened - it was excitement.
She could hear you stall at the top of the stairs and figured it was due to the smell of blood catching your senses. Her heart - assuming she still had one - pounded in retaliation to the metal door clanking shut and the creaks of old wood under your rain-soaked footsteps that followed.
Naturally, when your feet planted onto the cement flooring, your eyes landed on her. She met your gaze, emerald headlights flashing back at you in the dark. Then, as her hand circled tighter around her knife’s handle and knuckles popped under the pressure of her grip, your eyes fell away to the pools of blood surrounding her feet.
She was proud of the horrors she had committed. If you would have opened your mouth to ask her why she had done it, she would have said it was ‘for you’ or ‘in your honor’.
The shell of a man that lie limp on the floor behind her was cold now, lost of whatever warmth had surged through his veins only hours ago. But those hours ago, he had been a lonely shadow at the end of the bar who sat a little too close to you and let his hand longer a little too long at the small of your back and let his lips get a little too eager at the lobe of your ear as your girlfriend watched from across the room.
If Natasha was sane, now would be the time that she’d start spewing with apologies and excuses as to why she’d committed such a crime. But Natasha wasn’t sane; it wasn’t the first time she’d done this and it would take a trip to hell and back for her to apologize for anything. She was always right in her own mind.
Instead, she blinked at you with hollow eyes for a number of moments as you took in the sight of her and then her lips curled into a lopsided smirk. She stepped towards you with her knife raised at her side.
Your hand shot up in an attempt to halt her steps, “You’re dirty.” She scoffed your words, teeth sinking into her bottom lip as she continued her voyage towards you.
“Natasha, you’re dirty.” You repeated in annoyance when her chest collided into your outstretched hand. The blood on her shirt was warm still, coating the palm of your hand in a sea of red and you frowned before using her suit jacket to clean yourself off.
She didn’t care much for your distaste and was on you before you had the chance to do anything about it. Her head fell into the crook of your neck to nibble at your pulse point, “You like me this way.” You sucked in a puff of air through your teeth, grabbing her by the swells of her shoulders. “You’re covered in blood, Natalia!”
She smiled into your flesh at the harsh use of her real name, tongue stroking up the side of your throat and flicking against the shell of your ear. “I did this for you. That bastard was bothering you and I fixed it.” You could feel the tip of her knife graze against your stomach.
There was a lot about the situation that should have alarmed you; the blood, the crazed look in your girlfriend’s eyes, the body that you were sure was lingering somewhere in the shadows behind her. But the blade carving against the bottom hem of your shirt was not one of them.
Clink. One of your buttons went spiraling across the cement floor as she cut it free from the fabric; followed by another, and another. “I did this for you.” She repeated, softened and low as she felt the goosebumps that she had already known would rise onto your skin.
“You need to be more careful.” You cooed as you finally gave into her game and your hand found it’s place in the hair at the back of her head, fingertips massaging at her scalp. “You’ve made a mess.” You gestured at the blood behind her and the footprints from the bottoms of her boots
She didn’t mind the mess, or bother to acknowledge that you had even said anything about it. She popped the last button from your top and let it fall open to reveal you the unmarked skin of your stomach. “So pretty, my girl is.” She hummed in satisfaction, the cold metal of the blade dipping into the valley of your bellybutton.
“Thank you, baby.” You cooed, stretching your stomach towards her as the knife prodded against your skin. Her stomach leapt excitedly at your silent invitation to continue before she moved the weapon down, carefully and erotically slow, until it was slicing away at the zipper of your pants and opening the fabric to her.
Her free hand dipped into your underwear and she bathed in the breathy moan you rewarded her with when her fingers parted through your folds. “You act like you’re ashamed of me but you’re soaked through your clothes and it’s not because of the rain.” The smirk was clearly painted in her words.
Your hand came forward and wrapped around her jaw, forcing her to meet your eyes, “How about you stop talking and make it up to me proper?” You encouraged, tongue peaking out to lash against her parted lips.
She shivered and parted ways with the knife, letting it loudly clatter to the ground in harmony with your shuttered whimper as her fingers sunk into your cunt. “Gonna make you feel so good, butterfly.”
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wandanatvoid · a day ago
Y/n: Nat is the sweetest girlfriend. You know what she does when I'm sad? Watch this.
Y/n: [texting] :(
Natasha: [arriving two minutes later with blankets] *sees the camera* What- what’s going on
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chaashni · a day ago
Just Roommates
Tumblr media
They are your roommates, and a happy couple and you, their personal toy.
Word Count: 661
Warnings: Smut. wlw. Allusions to threesomes. Not Polyamory. Touching. Groping. Grabbing. Put me in this situation already.
Kinktober: Day 13. Prompts: Free Use + Threesomes + WandaNat
"Babydoll, have you seen my charger?" Your roommate Wanda asked from your left, tapping your butt lightly as you shook your head in a no, biting your lip at the sudden intrusion. Natasha rolled her eyes at the two of you, flinging Wanda her charger before making her way towards you.
"Any plans for today, babydoll?"
"Not really. Netflix and chill I guess." You sipped your juice, eying your roommate and appreciating how her jeans fit on her hips, her boobs perfectly accentuated by her tank top.
"I'm taking my share for that." Wanda piped in, stuffing one of your fries into her mouth and slapping your butt again, a light giggle escaping your lips. 
"Sure, ma'am."
Turning to Natasha, you found the redhead immersed in her phone, typing away. "Any plans today Nat?"
"None too important. I'll be joining you girlies then," she leaned forward, capturing your lips in hers. It was short yet heated, a sudden surge of electricity flowing from her lips to yours. A moan escaped your lips, vibrating right over her mouth when Wanda's hands snaked around your boobs from behind you, squeezing your nipples, her lips breezing past the shell of your ear.
"Get ready. It's gonna be a lazy day." Natasha patted your boob, stealing another quick kiss which left you a little moony-eyed, returning to her phone. Wanda pinched your nipple one last time before she and Natasha were sharing a heated kiss, lips connected to each other as they stumbled into her room, the door snapping shut followed by the piece of wood rattling against the hinges, obscene moans reaching your ears.
That's how these girls were. They were your roommates, each other's partners and they went to uni with you. You found them funny, you found them interesting. Wanda with her long, dreamy, imaginative stories which made you smile and want to kiss her, and Natasha with her dry humor and one eyebrow lift, which again made you want to kiss her.
They were faster.
In the quick span of one glorified twenty four hours, Wanda had made out with you and Natasha had littered hickies all over your front, which you had to work very hard to hide. In the next twenty four hours both of them had taken turns to go down on you, fully savouring you, exploring you. You would find yourself sandwiched between the two girls at night, naked and huddling to them for warmth.
Natasha and Wanda were girlfriends. They were in a relationship, what kind of you couldn't say, but they were in love with each other. You, you were there to spice up the equation, there for them to take out their frustrations and darkest desires on, a toy for them to fuck. 
They played with you anytime they wanted. You would be cooking and Natasha would pull down your pants, fingering you till you came. You would be stuck in a zoom call when Wanda would crawl under your chair and tease your swollen nub, already sore from the time Natasha had fucked you with her strap after you had just woken.
You loved sharing your space with them. Wanda and Natasha loved sharing you.
As you turned on the showerhead, you felt another presence behind you, a set of soft hands snaking around your waist. You let yourself be pushed to the wall, let Wanda spread your legs open and pound into you with her strap till you were a whimpering, crying mess, sprays of water from the shower sliding into your mouth as you wailed with each thrust of her hips, her skin marking yours. With a grunt you came, falling limp in her arms. She pattered light kisses onto you, holding you to herself as you shivered, slowly cleaning you up. When your heart rate was back to normal, she tugged at the base of your hear, lifting your face from where it was nestled against her breasts.
"We're waiting.Stay naked."
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kassxndre · a day ago
okay imagine this: breakup. in front of the avengers. but secret relationship. nobody has to know it’s a breakup. but it is. good luck super writer ;)
A/N: I have to admit I didn’t quite follow what you requested… Or maybe just a little bit, like yes but no lmao. Anywayyy, hope you’ll like it. Good reading!
𝐒𝐞𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐭𝐥𝐲 𝐛𝐮𝐭 𝐧𝐨 𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐞 | Wanda Maximoff x Reader (Natasha Romanoff x Reader)
Summary: Wanda and you are secretly dating. But sometimes things don’t work quite right, even more when it’s secret, and you need to put an end to things. But subtly so no one can understand. And if it’s a tough situation for Wand and you, it’s maybe a chance for a certain redhead to revive an old flame between you and her…
Warnings: a bit philosophical, but none really
Masterlist | Character Masterlist
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Like every first Friday of every month, you and the Avengers were at the movies to watch a new movie. It was a tradition that you had adopted over time.
You were in a corner of the room waiting with Steve for everyone to come and buy whatever they wanted to eat or drink during the movie. Leaning against the wall, you stared at an invisible point in front of you. You were lost in your thoughts. Steve was next to you, standing and silent. He was like a brother to you and his presence was about the only one you could handle lately. Even though the Avengers were your friends, you weren't always comfortable with them. But Steve was different. You trusted him.
After a few minutes of silence, you ended up expressing your thoughts out loud. Which made Steve turn to look at you.
“It’s funny how sometimes you open your eyes and realize that some people are not quite like you thought they were.”
“What do you mean?” Steve asked, intrigued.
“Sometimes someone loves someone but that very someone doesn’t love ‘em back or not the way they should,” you said calmly, “And sometimes it’s just about betrayal.”
Steve watched your facial expression for a second but your face wasn’t showing anything too evident.
“Cheating?” the blonde asked.
“Lying,” you corrected.
“Uh… Explain?”
You took a second to put your ideas together so that you could say enough for Steve to understand you without saying too much so as not to reveal your secret.
“It’s just that lying is not an option, you know?”
Steve nodded slowly, understanding your point of view. But before he could answer, he was interrupted by Natasha who overheard your conversation.
“Yup,” she said, passing by to grab something to drink, “It was definitely not an option when we were together.”
You sighed, rolling your eyes at the redhead’s comment. Steve frowned, looking at Natasha who was wearing a proud smirk on her face. You ignored the girl and started explaining your thoughts again.
“One day you wake up and when you look in front of you, you don’t see what you used to see. And it’s a whole other world that you discover.”
“Uh… I’m still lost here,” Steve said, rubbing the back of his neck.
You were about to respond to the blonde to make him understand your thoughts when you saw Wanda approaching the both of you out of the corner of your eye. The brunette walked towards Steve without giving you the slightest glance which annoyed you. Seeing the confusion on Steve’s face, Wanda understood you were telling him one of your mysterious ideas about life or something like that.
“Don’t mind her, Steve. She can be very confusing sometimes,” the brunette said jokingly, “What was she trying to make you understand this time?”
Hearing the mocking tone in Wanda's voice, you started to tense. Without giving Steve time to speak, you answered Wanda's question for him.
“I was just explaining him how the masks always fall in the end.”
“Oh,” Wanda said under her breath, “The masks.”
“What? You don’t agree?” you asked, crossing your arms.
“Well, it’s a tough question, don’t you think?” Wanda asked, tilting her head to the side a little.
“No. I think it’s a pretty easy one. As easy as not to lie.”
“People are not always lying, Y/n. It’s a complicated world and we’re complicated people.”
“Wanda, hiding things, denying the truths, it’s lying.”
“And holding someone by the feelings? What is it?” Wanda asked you, now upset, “Don’t you think it’s hard to speak up when you feel trapped?”
You looked at the brunette right in the eyes, with your arms still crossed. Her emerald gaze was cold but so deep and it hurt you.
“If you feel like a prisoner, you can just ask for the key to escape the prison,” you declared and Wanda gritted her teeth.
“I don’t think they would hand me the key so easily if I ever was in such a situation.”
“How do you know? You never asked for the key, right?”
There was a brief moment of silence during which Steve, who was still standing next to you, tried to read Wanda’s emotions and yours in your eyes. But he couldn’t. Only the both of you could.
“Love is hard, Y/n,” Wanda said, looking at you straight in the eyes.
“Love is free, Wanda. And if you feel imprisoned, then it’s not love,” you simply told her in return, “If you have to run into someone else’s arms or dive into someone else’s eyes to free yourself from these feelings, then it’s… it’s nothing. It’s not worth anything.”
“So what? What do you do in this situation?”
“You follow your path. You find the light at the end of the tunnel. And you are free. Alone, but free.”
“Alone?” Wanda wondered, her voice almost breaking.
“Alone,” you confirmed.
Wanda was about to say something more but Steve was quickest to speak.
“Ehh okay,” he exclaimed, clapping his hands, “I think we’re good to go, now. Let’s just watch this movie, okay? And enjoy the moment, please.”
Your gaze stayed fixed on Wanda for a second before you turned to Steve. You briefly smiled at him and nodded your head. Wanda didn’t say anything but she turned around and started walking to the cinema room without waiting for you not for Steve. But she suddenly stopped and you watched her turn around to look at you, eyes glowing.
“One last question,” she said and you listened intently, “What’s the key?”
Without even thinking, you easily answered the brunette, “Loyalty.”
Wanda nodded and then she started walking away again.
You apologetically smiled at Steve who was very confused by this conversation and he smiled back. Then, you started walking to the cinema room.
✧ ✧ ✧
Natasha had been standing in a corner of the room, not too far away from you, and she could watch the whole altercation. She knew you very well and knew exactly what was going on. So, when you started walking to the cinema room, she walked to you.
“So…” she said, walking by your side, “What about the girl you were seeing?”
Of course, you weren’t stupid. You knew that Natasha knew. But you also knew she wouldn’t say anything about it. When it came to things about you, Natasha was an excellent secret keeper. You knew that.
“We’re not seeing each other anymore.”
“Oh. Sorry to hear that.”
“No, you’re not.”
“True,” Natasha admitted with a little smile, “Why did it end?”
You stopped walking and Natasha did the same. You looked at her for a second and you sighed.
“Let’s say she wasn’t very loyal. At least not to me.”
“She’s such an idiot.”
“What? I’m just saying,” Natasha told you, raising her hands in innocence, and you rolled your eyes.
You knew perfectly what the redhead was trying to do and you had to admit that maybe it was working a little. Things had always been complicated between the two of you, but you couldn’t deny the obvious chemistry that’s always been between you. Even after you broke up.
“Come on,” you finally said, holding Natasha’s hand to make her follow you, “We’re gonna miss the movie.”
Natasha smiled at the sight of your hand in hers. Maybe you still had feelings for her. After all, you never had to keep what was between the both of you secret like you did with Wanda. So maybe it was a new chance for Natasha to make things work between you. Even if she knew you weren’t ready to fall back in her arms that soon. But everything can happen. Things can work again. And dreams could come true. Who knows?
✦ ✦ ✦
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honeyedtulips · 2 days ago
mommy!wandanat giving their sleepy little baby (reader) a bath
btw reader is little (littlespace) and very quiet and shy and blushes along and she's very wholesome 🥺🥺 so her mommies are extra gentle and careful with their baby so they don't scare her :)
btw can i be 🧸 anon if you don't have one?
little star
Tumblr media
*image used above is not mine* ♡
pairing: mommy!natasha romanoff x mommy!wanda maximoff x little!reader ♡
genre: fluffy headcanons ♡
warnings: little!reader (if you feel any more need to be added, please let me know 💕)
summary: your mommies give their sleepy baby a bath ♡
word count: 468 ♡
a/n: thank you for this request! i hope you enjoy it! the song is "little star" by standing egg if you’d like to listen while you read! i would recommend listening to the song while reading because it'll make it ultra soft and fluffy ♡ reminder that you are not alone, my lovely angel readers and you are so special! ♡
♡ your mommies always took such good care of you
♡ they love you and honestly cannot imagine a world without you
♡ natasha always feels tears springing in her eyes when she thinks of you not being around
♡ and wanda feels her heart breaking whenever you have to leave, even if its just to go to check the mail
♡ they love spending time with you
♡ you’re just so wholesome and sweet and lovely
♡ and they just want to care for you because you make their world so bright
♡ they call you “little star” in russian because you light up their world and make it so pretty
♡ they're always so gentle taking care of you
♡ in the mornings before you leave, they always tenderly rub lotion over your skin so your skin can be soft and also so they can just cover your body with sweet, loving caresses
♡ the same is during bath time
♡ wanda and nat find it calming to just focus on cleaning you and making sure your skin is soft and clean and smells good
♡ you're their sweet, good baby, always so obedient so your behavior during bath time isn't something they have to worry about
♡ it's a way for them to unwind after a busy day
♡ watching you play with your duckies and make soap beards
♡ you're a very quiet and shy person by nature
♡ so your mommies often tell you that its okay to be playful if you want to
♡ they're very gentle and never make any sudden movements or splash you a lot
♡ they don't want to scare you
♡ one night after watching a movie, you fell asleep
♡ natasha carried you into the bathroom and wanda ran you a bath with your favorite scented bubble bath mixed in
♡ you were so sleepy and cute
♡ so wanda and natasha stayed quiet as they bathed you
♡ you gently woke up in the middle and gave them a tired smile
♡ wanda and natasha's hearts melted
♡ they simultaneously swore in that moment that they would do anything in their power to make sure nothing happened to their little star
♡ their sweet, lovely, innocent baby
♡ when you were tucked into bed, you felt so loved and comfortable
♡ you woke up in the middle of the night against natasha's chest and with wanda's arms strung over your waist
♡ you were snuggled up in between them and felt so safe
♡ you were the luckiest person in the world to be loved by them
♡ little did you know that natasha and wanda actually believed they were the lucky ones
♡ they felt so lucky to be loved by you
♡ to be able to hold your hand, see your toothy, blissful smile and make you emit those sweet giggles they loved so much
♡ they loved you, with everything in them
♡ and that would never change
honeyedtulips x♡🌷
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I choose you, you know? It’ll be nice to know you choose me too. Pt. I
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff / Female reader Tags: angst, fluff, cursing words. Translations: Detka = baby // Moya lyubov = my love. Synopsis: You know your arrangement with her of being friends with benefits might end up hurting you, yet you choose to jump into her bed every time she asked… until you couldn’t.
It didn’t hurt.
It didn’t hurt seeing her flirting and talking with other people. It didn’t hurt when her cellphone vibrated with another text when it sound it to the very specific tone indicating she had a new match, a new message. It didn’t hurt when she said she was going out while you were at home hoping to spend the night with her.
It didn’t matter if she talked with others, flirted with others, at the end of the day she was choosing to spend time with you, so in theory, it shouldn’t hurt right?
She complimented you every time you gave her an orgasm. She held you all the nights she stayed at yours or you stayed at hers. She praised your body. She screamed each and every time you took her to Nirvana, you knew how to touch her body the way she liked, knew which spot to kiss, lick, bite and touch to bring her from 0 to 100 in 0.5 seconds.
So it shouldn’t hurt if she wanted to see other persons.
It didn’t hurt because it was all understood in the rules.
It wasn’t your place, she wasn’t yours.
It didn’t hurt because it shouldn’t hurt you, it was all fair game. Right?
You were trying to justify that to yourself while you were at her place, sitting at her couch, her hand in your leg, paying no attention to whatever thing was playing on the TV because she was busy kissing your neck.
Except it did hurt.
And it was becoming unbearable.
You knew your arrangement with her of being friends with benefits might end up hurting you, yet you choose to jump into her bed every time she asked, every time she called.
“You’re thinking too loud detka”
“Sorry” you said your voice trembling a little with her ministrations.
“Why don’t you let me help you stop all those thoughts uh? And spoil you this night?”
And just like you know how to touch her, she knows you too. Her way with words is exceptional. So you let her, you let her kiss your lips and give access to her tongue when she asks for it. You let her hands explore your breast and moan when her fingers touch your nipples, getting them hard in mere seconds.
Your hands find their way into her hair and back, bringing her closer to you, you kiss her neck and take off her shirt. You’re getting lost in the moment…. Until her cellphone sounds.
That little sound of that fucking app you despite so much brings you back to your current dilemma.
She of course doesn’t pay attention to it.
But you’re lost already in your thoughts. Your demons trapping you in that little prison you’re working so hard to free yourself.
Gently you try to push her off of you, giving her a peck on the lips. Natasha allows you, she has never forced you into anything you don’t feel comfortable with.
“Can you just hold me?” You ask instead.
“What’s wrong?” You can see she’s a little bit frustrated but obliges to your wish nevertheless.
Her cellphone sounds again and this time she takes it. You fake ignorance and distract yourself by changing whatever was on the TV. You see her on your peripheral vision tapping into her phone with one hand.
You just lost it to your demons.
“I think I’m coming down with the flu, so maybe I should get going home”
You never leave before sex.
Not after your little agreement.
In fact, if she was ignoring you, you would take her phone off her hands and proceed to fuck her brains out. She secretly loves it and you suspect she does it on purpose.
This change has Natasha looking at you, locking her cellphone, and placing it on the coffee table.
“Y/N?” She’s concerned now.
“Don’t worry Nat. I just don’t want to pass it to you and ruin your plans” that didn’t sound bitter at all.
“You can give me everything you want” If only that was true.
You stand up trying so hard not to let your tears flow. Stupid hormones and stupid feelings, the only thing you weren’t supposed to catch.
Natasha grabs you by your waist and hugs you. You try (keyword try) not lean into her touch. You fail miserably.
“Are you sure I can’t convince you to stay and make you feel better? We can have a really good night” she kisses your neck, you close your eyes enjoying this little moment where she’s tender and caring.
Her damn phone sounds again.
You sigh and take a step towards the door. You grab your bag.
“I’m sure. I’m sorry, text you later ok?”
You don’t let her reply, you just need to get out of there before your tears drop. You opt for the stairs rather than waiting for the elevator, you know (hope) Natasha would come after you.
She never does.
And that kills your mind more than the actions.
It’s stupid you know. You probably should stop assuming whatever scenery your mind is feeding you but you can’t.
Once you’re in the safety of your apartment you let all the feelings and fears escape.
It shouldn’t hurt.
// //
To say you were ignoring Natasha was an understatement.
She texted you that same night to know if you arrived safely, you responded with a simple “Yes”.
The next day she called you. You let it go to voice mail.
Her texts were left on “seen”
You know you were being childish and stupid, yet you can’t help feeling like that.
You knew the rules, you accepted the terms, you knew she would break you and yet you decided to sign the contract, accepted the unspoken rule of not falling in love with her… you jumped straight into the abysm without a parachute and now you were falling without a safety net.
You fell in love with a free soul.
Natasha stopped calling after the third try.
// //
A knock on your door wakes you from your nap. A good thing since you fell asleep on the couch. You get up and your back cracks in relief.
The knocking gets insisting
“Coming” you say in order to stop it. It doesn’t.
“Geez, what’s the-“ The rest of your words die on your lips as you see Natasha outside your door.
“Have I done something?” Her voice is serious. To the outsiders, it would seem cold and distant, but you know her. You detect the worry and nervousness there, it's small but is there.
“Don’t lie. Have I done something?”
“No” Yes.
She gets into the apartment. You don’t stop her. Instead close the door and turn to face it. She’s over you in an instant, her arms trapping you between the door and her, her lips ghosts yours and you close your eyes.
Her mere scent and presence are intoxicating and you know there and then you’re screwed.
She does’t kiss you.
You die to kiss her.
“Have I done something wrong detka?”
“Tell me… so I can fix it”
“You can’t”
She puts a little bit of distance. Enough to see your face and eyes closed. Her hand brings your chin up.
“Open your eyes”
You comply. Big Mistake
“I think I’m in love with you”
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romanoffscottage · a day ago
Heya I remembered you said about requests being open, if that's still true would you write a romanoff daughter one where nat loses yn for the first time when she's a kid and they are at a carnival, and of course nat is full blown panic and calling her and crying and thinks someone from her past has come to take her daughter. Bur she gets a call on her phone (maybe yn has nats info on her wrist or something) and they are reunited 😢 it turns out when yn was lost, another young girl found yn and took her to her family for her parents to call and she was so kind to yn and nat took their picture and maybe got their details in hopes of yn having a friend.
Flash forward years later yn and wanda are together and maybe moving into their own house and wanda kinds a picture hidden away somewhere and gasps which catches yns attention and it turns out...that girl was wanda herself!!! And because of their parents death wanda lost contact with yn but fate put them together again :D
So I hope this isn't too long or too specific let me know what you think, please and thank you:D
words: 788 | natasha blurbs masterlist | navigation post
likes, reblogs, and comments are always appreciated and welcomed <3
Nat loved when she had the chance to take you out to do something fun. She knows that she has to work a lot, so these are the moments she cherishes.
Once a year there is a carnival and every other year Nat has been on a mission and couldn't take you. This year she is finally getting to take you.
Taking you to things like carnivals and to the movies has always been super important to Nat. As a kid, she never got to do any of these things so she makes a point to take you. She wants to give you everything she never had.
“Y/N you ready?” Your mother yelled as you came running down the stairs. “Ready!” You said as you slid your shoes on. Natasha picked you up and brought you out to the car telling you she had a surprise for you. “What's the surprise!”
“If I tell you then it won't be a surprise silly!”
As your mother pulled into the carnival you realized what was going on, “We are going to the carnival!”
“Mhm,” Nat replied as she stared at the smile plastered on your face. Your mom got you out of the car and grabbed your hand as she walked to get tickets.
When you entered the carnival you were amazed by all the pretty colors and bright lights. Your mother took you to ride all the kid's rides and she took a million photos.
When you voiced that you were hungry, your mom took you to get something at one of the food trucks. Natasha looked away for one second to place the order and when she looked down you were gone.
You saw a pretty pink light coming from across the carnival and got distracted. You wondered toward the light, wanting to know what it was, but when you turned around you realized you wondered away from your mom. “Mom?” you called out in a panic. Your mother always told you that if you got lost, find a family and ask to use their phone to call you. So that's what you did.
When Natasha looked down and noticed you were gone the redhead panicked. And Natasha Romanoff doesn't panic. “Y/N?” She yelled out as her breathing became uneven. What if someone took you? What if they took you to get to her? What if they hurt you. Natasha's worst fear has always been someone from her past coming after you and now she feared her nightmare had come true. Natasha looked everywhere for you and even called Tony to start tracking you down. In the midst of her panic, her phone rang. The number was unknown so she thought it was your kidnappers asking for ransom.
“I'll give you whatever you want just don't hurt her okay?”
“Mom?” Natasha released a breath she didn't know she was holding. “Baby, are you hurt, where are you I'm coming to get you!”
“I’m by the carousel!”
“Wait you're still at the carnival?” Natasha realized that you weren't kidnapped, you simply just walked off. The redhead ran to the location you said you were at and engulfed you in the biggest hug when she saw you.
“I found a family and called you like you said, mommy!”
“Good job baby, but you can't wander off like that again okay?” You nodded and then dragged your mother to meet the family that let you borrow their phone. “This is my new friend!” Natasha smiled at the small brunette girl she assumed was the two adults daughter.
“Well, it's very nice to meet you!” Natasha said as she shook the girl's hand, “And thank you for letting her use your phone,” she said directed at the girl's parents.
Natasha was going to ask for the parent's number, thinking maybe you and the girl could hang out, but when she turned away for a second they walked away.
20 years later
You had just moved in with your girlfriend Wanda and life couldn't be more perfect. The brunette was cooking dinner when she brought up that the carnival was coming to town. “You know I used to go to the carnival every year before my parents passed.”
“I went once with my mom, but I got lost and freaked her out,” you said with a laugh, not noticing the look on your girlfriend's face.
“You got lost? With your mother...” Wanda put all the pieces in her mind together. “I can’t believe I never realized this, I was the girl you met when you got lost.” You looked at your girlfriend closely and it hit you. It was her. “Oh my god, how did we never figure that too before.”
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