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[A woman is flirting with Y/N]
Wanda: Um, hi. Miss.
The Woman: What?
Wanda: They have a girlfriend.
The Woman: I don’t see her.
Natasha: Turn around.
[Woman turns around]
Natasha: Now you see her.
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[Natasha & Y/N, married, at the Avengers compound]
Natasha: *walks into the room where everyone is*
Y/N, looking at Natasha lovingly: My dream girl.
Natasha, still annoyed because of something that happened: Shut up, I’m not.
Y/N, with a blank face: I never said what kind of dreams, you fucking nightmare.
*the Avengers pushing a wide eyed Y/N out of the room and telling her to run, while Natasha glares at Y/N*
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Natasha: How do you know the passwords to my phone?
Y/N: I know my own birthday, dude.
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manhattanminute2 · 2 days ago
Y/N: Are you mad?
Natasha: No.
Y/N: So sharpening your knives at 3 in the morning is just a hobby?
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No Place Like Home
Pairing: Nat x Wanda x Reader 
word count: 2.6K
summary: Your girlfriends have been away on a mission, and god you've missed them. (Homecoming!)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You had tried to stay subtle about the amount you were lingering by the door, making extra journeys across the room to fetch something, or going to sit by an open window to get some fresh air, definitely not to keep an eye out for them as the car pulled in. 
Tony had picked up on it, “You look like a lost puppy without the other two,” he joked, coming past to ruffle your hair where you were sat on the floor near the door, reading a book aimlessly. 
“Hey, I do just fine on my own,” you responded, rolling your eyes at him, “I just happen to do better with them,” you explained, earning a snort from Steve who sat across the room reading a newspaper, legs crossed and eyebrow raised at you over the pages. He knew better than to make a comment, though, unlike Tony. 
The two women had been away for a mission and you had asked them to meet you at work before you went home together, as it was closer to the airport, and you were buzzing with anticipation for their arrival. They had told you nothing more than that they would be returning after lunch, so as soon as you had finished your meal with the others, you practically bounced over to the door, twitching with nerves. You hadn't moved away since, burning your daylight hours watching the clock tick by and waiting for your girls to come back to you. 
“Y/N, do you want me to track them?” Tony asked, to which you shook your head, “that will ruin the surprise, dummy,” you huffed, rolling your eyes as he feigned annoyance and strolled off to work on something he had been developing. He was growing bored of watching you mope around waiting; he had better things to do. 
After lunch, Carol had been and gone for a run, greeting you with a sad smile when she opened the door and saw you visibly deflate when you realised they still hadn't arrived. 
“UGH,” you huffed, getting up and flopping onto the sofa dramatically, face down in the fabric, and Steve chuckled at your dramatics, the only one who hadn’t grown bored of your impatience. 
The door opened again and you didn't bother moving; it was probably Bucky or someone else going out, and you didn’t even realise the giggling that came from Steve as he shuffled around the room. 
“Oh Detka, not even a hello?” You snorted; you were really so impatient you were imagining that they had arrived now. God, you were glad your brother had gone and wouldn't make fun of you for this.
“Aw, she forgot about us already?” You were almost laughing; it sounded so real, and you were honestly quite impressed at your imagination until Carol wandered into the room, “Oh hey guys!” She beamed, and you sat up in confusion. 
You followed her gaze behind you to the door, whipping your head round, and your mouth fell open at the two red heads who stood there with knowing smiles on their faces, chuckling at the squeal you let out as you jumped off the sofa and ran into their arms, nearly knocking Wanda off her feet as you squeezed her hard. 
“Hi printsessa,” she chuckled, holding you close as you jumped up into her arms, wrapping your legs around her waist and having her stumbling back slightly with the force as you buried your face in her neck, eyes closed and inhaling the perfume that you had missed so dearly on her skin. 
Nat reached an arm out behind her back to keep her stable, and when she felt it was okay she wrapped her other arm around your back, hugging you both close and pressing a kiss to your cheek. 
You slid down Wanda’s legs and stood in front of her, smiling at her before placing a kiss on her cheek. You turned to Nat, bringing your arms up around her neck and kissing her, a little harder to make up for running to the other woman first. 
“Mm, hi malishka,” Nat whispered against your lips, running a hand through your hair an pecking you one last time before she made an effort to move into the room and even acknowledge the other people behind you. 
Tony had at some point reappeared and you rolled your eyes as he held his arms out to Wanda, “What, I can't hug my sisters in law?” He asked you, causing you to roll your eyes and huff, going over to sit on the sofa while the rest of the avengers came over one by one to welcome them home. 
You stayed silent for as long as you could bear, observing the hubbub in the entryway as they checked over the women for injuries, hugged them, asked them a series of questions; you were growing Impatient. 
“Can I have them back now?” you huffed, arms crossed theatrically, and you were glad it worked when Wanda pushed herself away from the group and shuffled towards you, sitting down and pulling you into her chest, “I’m all yours baby,” she kissed your head, leaning back with you in her arms so she could enjoy a moment with her love. 
when the excitement died down, the rest of the group came to sit down, Nat next to Wanda with a hand on her thigh. She couldn’t reach you from where she sat but she winked at you from time to time, making sure you knew she was thinking of you. 
They immediately switched to avengers talk, and despite being the sister of Tony and the girlfriend of Wanda and Nat, you couldn’t help but zone out of their conversation. It was all too serious, too doom and gloom, too end of the world, for you, but you sat still and listened as much as you could before you inevitably zoned out. Of course you wanted to know if they had come to any harm, if they had sustained any injuries, but the other details bored you. 
The avengers knew this, you often made your feelings clear whenever they dragged you along to a team meeting or if you dropped by to visit. It was no surprise to any of them that you couldn’t focus on the conversation, twitching and fidgeting impatiently, which was immediately picked up by your girlfriends. 
“Shall we head home, detka,” Wanda suggested, looking down at you in her lap and you nodded, shifting to sit up and face them both, “but if you want to hang out here for longer we can,” you smiled, holding Wanda’s hand in your lap. 
“Let’s go, babe, I’m exhausted,” Nat breathed out, getting to her feet immediately before bidding her goodbyes to the others, making a beeline for the door; it was clear she had been eager to leave for a while, and was just waiting for either you or Wanda to suggest it. 
You headed out to the car, having driven over from home to wait for them, and transferred their bags that had been dropped off by the driver from the airport when they returned. When the car was loaded you climbed into the driver’s seat. Nat climbed in next to you and Wanda sat in the back, yawning as she lay her head on the door, exhaustion catching up with her now that she was alone with you both and headed home. 
You arrived at the apartment, going up in the lift to reach your home with all three of you slumped against the back wall of the elevator, sleepy smiles and heads leant on shoulders.
You crossed the threshold as the doors opened and the bags were discarded at the door, immediately going to sit on the sofa, dragging Nat with you to lay on your chest while you stroked her hair, enjoying a bit of time with her while Wanda tiptoed to the kitchen and made a pot of tea, one of the most significant steps in her ‘back home’ routine. 
“Love you,” she grunted against your chest, pressing a sweet kiss to your neck as her eyes fell closed. She would never be so clingy around the others, but now it was just the three of you she allowed herself to indulge in your embrace, enjoying the way you always doted on them when they first came back, following them everywhere and always wanting them close. 
Wanda sauntered into the room with a sweet smile, carrying a tray with a teapot and three mugs; Nat would be reluctant to drink it, she always was, but it was becoming sort of a ritual for the three of you to sit down and recharge a little whenever you reunited. 
“We missed you so much baby,” Wanda cooed, pressing a kiss to your forehead. She sat on the other side of you, sandwiching you between your two girlfriends, and you had never been so content. 
Nat sat up reluctantly, not wanting to move from your chest, but she tucked herself close to you so she could sip on her tea without straying too far from you, leaning her head on your shoulder between sips. 
‘It’s so lonely when you’re gone,” you mumbled, almost emotional now that they were back home with you and you realised just how much you had missed them. 
“Aw printsessa, Tony told me you’ve barely been home while we've been gone,” Wanda said, gauging your reaction as she stroked your hair with her free hand. 
“Mm, it’s way too quiet here, at least at the compound there’s always someone around,” you explained, grateful not to have to go there for the time being. 
Nat sat forward and placed her mug on the table in front of you, finishing around half of her tea before she gave up, shifting to lay her head down in your lap for a little while. It was rare that you were the one to hold her, usually curling up in her arms, so you knew just how tired she was right away. 
“Poor Natty,” you cooed, running your hand through her hair as you sipped on your drink, earning a little grunt from her.
“Nat why don’t we run you a bath, hm? Rest those tired bones?” Wanda asked her. Both women had been away working, but Nat had had it harder by far and she looked exhausted. The other woman had replied with a gentle nod of her head but made no effort to move, so Wanda tapped your thigh as she stood up, making her way up towards the bathroom to run the bath for Natasha. 
You leant forward, careful not to squash your girlfriend, so you could put your tea down ,”baby lay down properly,” you prompted gently, waiting until she was comfortable with her head on the arm of the sofa so that you could lay down next to her with your head on her chest, sleepy and so very content to be back in her arms. 
It didn’t last long though, before Wanda was back downstairs trying to drag you both to sit up and go upstairs to the bedroom. You flopped onto the queen size mattress like a star fish while she dragged Nat into the bathroom and you heard their hushed speech as they spoke to each other, Wanda helping to undress her with tender touches and sweet whispers. 
Wanda had decided to stay out of the water, perched on the edge of the bath so Nat could sit next to her, looking up at her with a shy smile. You stayed in the bedroom for a little while, just listening to them, before you already started to miss them and shuffled over to the en suite, perching on the other end of the bath. You dipped a hand down into the water and swirled it around, oblivious of the looks of endearment both women were watching you with. 
You had ended up getting a little bored sat in there with them both; they were too tired to speak and you didn’t want to annoy them with your rambling. You decided to give them both a quick kiss before you descended the stairs, making your way to the kitchen to start dinner. 
You had placed three wine glasses on the counter, yours already filled with your favourite white, as you went about chopping onions and garlic. You had decided on tomato chilli pasta, one of your favourites, and it was easy enough to prepare while they relaxed upstairs. 
The pasta was cooking and you were stirring the sauce when a pair of arms wrapped around your waist. You jumped, startled at first, until you smelt the bubbles of the bath and realised that Nat was back, “smells yummy baby,” she whispered in your ear, pressing a kiss to your neck before you spun around in her arms to face her. 
“Hi,” you smiled, running your hands up and down her biceps with a sweet smile on your face, thoroughly enjoying her sweet flushed face, all pink from the warm water, and the white gown she was wrapped up in, fluffy and cuddly and so adorable. 
Wanda was behind her filling the wine glasses you had left out for them, and she came round the island to refill your nearly empty glass, earning a mumbled ‘thank you’ as she put the wine back in the fridge to stay cool. 
“Sit down,” you instructed softly, winking at Nat as she pulled away from you to perch at the island. She was quickly joined by Wanda who took a long sip of her wine, enjoying watching you work in the kitchen. You plated up the pasta and put the dishes down in front of both women, blushing at the praise they gave you at the sight of the meal, “looks so good darling,” Wanda smiled, reaching over to squeeze your hand in a silent act of gratitude. 
You sat down on the other side of the island, wanting to be able to see them both, and the three of you ate in a comforting silence. Nat ate quickly, starving since smelling your cooking, and Wanda finished her plate too. You were the last to finish, demanding that they sit still and enjoy their wine while you did the washing up. 
“Detka, let us clean up,” 
“No, you just got home, let me look after you!” You laughed, swatting Wanda’s hand away when she tried to stack the plates. She huffed, sitting back and reaching for her wine as you smirked at her, moving around the kitchen to clean up. 
When you were finished, Wanda extended her hand to you, “finally, come and sit,” so you hurried around the island to slide onto her lap, greeting her with a sweet kiss as she rubbed your back, content to be well fed and wined with her baby in her lap. 
Not long after your meal, the three of you had decided to go upstairs to lay down. Both women were utterly exhausted, and you would never say no to cuddling with them both. Wanda burrowed straight under the duvet, curling up in a ball, and Nat lay next to her with her head on the same pillow, never very far apart. 
You had a quick shower, desperate to be out and in the bed with them both. When you left the bathroom, you pulled on shorts and a cami before shuffling up the mattress and parting them so you could lay in the middle, “can we just send Tony on the next mission?” you huffed, only now having realised how lonely you had been without them home. 
“Sounds like a plan printsessa.” 
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Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x reader
Genre: Comfort
Summary: You lost Natasha a long time ago, what will you do when you find each other again?
A/N: So, this came to me after @inluvwithfictionalwomen made me to go through Black Widow again, I hope reading this comforts you as much as writing it did to me. Also, I made the gif 😌 Also is very long so bear with me
Warnings: Mentions of the red room, implied murder, some violence I guess. If you see more let me know
Word count: 6.8k
Tumblr media
[You do not have permission to repost or translate any of my stories or claim them as yours]
OHIO 1995
Kids were running in your street, riding their bikes, and playing around together. You could see them from your usual spot at your living room window. You would often seat there waiting rather impatiently for a certain blue-haired girl that had completely stolen your heart.
You met Natasha while waiting for your mother to arrive home from work. You would seat at the window hoping your mother would make it to have dinner with you, she would often be too late so, you ended up eating alone. One of those days you were yet again in your usual spot when a blue-haired girl fell from her bike in front of your house. Your mother was a nurse so, wanting to help the girl was in your genes. You rushed outside and helped her get up. She had a few bruises forming and a few scratches. The one on her knee being in needs to be cleaned, you invited her inside and cleaned it for her.
From there on you and Natasha were inseparable. You would meet outside your house, she always went with her bike to give you a short ride to a small clearing between some trees where there was a small playground. There you would spend your afternoon with her and sometimes you would be joined by her younger sister. Today wasn't any different, as soon as you saw Natasha stopping outside your door, you ran outside to hug her as usual which she gladly returned. After closing your door you hopped onto the bike behind her, wrapping your arms around her waist, a very innocent action to prevent you from falling that aroused those very familiar butterflies you hear about in movies in both of you.
When you were all secured behind Natasha, she started pedaling towards the playground you two knew like the back of your hands. You left the bike near a three and walked closer to your spot, before you got there, you and Natasha did your very familiar whistle which was soon returned by a young blond. Now the three of you spend the better part of two hours just playing and talking, enjoying your afternoon.
Melina, Natasha's mother went to get them to get dinner, as usual, she invited you too but, today your mom was arriving early to have dinner with you so, you politely declined her offer. Melina left with Yelena on her side and left Nat to say goodbye, you guys watched them walk away until they were out of your line of sight.
Nat turned to look at you and realized that your eyes were already on hers making her slightly blush. On one hand, she was nervous because she had never felt like that for someone, definitely not for any of her other friends, she was afraid you would say no to her date and that she would lose you, and on the other hand, she knew she needed it to do it soon, after all, she was well aware that this was a mission and it was nothing permanent so, she needed to make a move before she wasn't able to.
With a mix of determination and shyness, she looked you in the eyes. "I need to ask you something" Her cheeks were blushing under your intense stare.
"Yeah, of course, anything" You could tell she was nervous but, you also couldn't ignore how cute she looked like this, she wasn't like this with anyone else, only you, it was one of the things you really liked about her.
"Would you... Uhm, like to go on a date" She paused to hear your answer but, she confused your amusement with confusion. "With me... tonight, after dinner" You couldn't take your eyes away from her, she was beyond nervous and yet again she confused your reaction or lack thereof with rejection. "You don't have to say yes, it was just a silly question." She lowered her head to look at her hand that was resting on her lap. This is what finally broke you out of your amusement and made you react.
You quickly moved your hand to hold hers, you interlaced your fingers with her, an action that made Natasha look up at your face again, and this time she was met with the biggest smile she had ever seen on your face. "Of course, I want to go on date with you, Nat"
If this was a competition to see who's heart beat faster, you both would have a tie, you were so happy to find out that your feelings were actually reciprocated and that she had, had the courage to ask you and so was Natasha at your answer.
She had a lot of things to figure out like, what would happen when her mission was over? Would she tell you the truth? How would you react to finding out who she really was and what she and her family were doing? But, right now she couldn't care less about that, she decided that she was going to enjoy every second she had with you.
"Come on, dinner, big girl!" You both heard Melina yell from a few feet away.
"I guess that's your cue..." You whispered next to her, not really wanting to let go of her hand but, both of you had to go home.
"Yeah… I'll go get you at your house when we're done, I promise." She holds your hand a little tighter. She loved the feeling of her hand in yours and just like you, she didn't want to let go.
"I'll be waiting…" You both got up at that without letting go of each other hands. You leaned into her and gave her a shy kiss on her cheek that had both of you blushing furiously. "See you in a minute..." With a gentle squeeze of her hand, you let go of her and made your way to your house. Natasha stayed in her place just reliving the moment she had with you with a big smile on her face that no one or anything could take away.
Or so she thought.
Natasha walked home after a few moments of reliving that beautiful moment which she hoped could live again if not make it better later that afternoon. Once she was inside she could see her sister Yelena setting the napkins on the table. She walked to the fridge to get something when she heard the front door closing.
"Dad's home" Melina said while Natasha walked to take her place in front of her mother after she greeted her dad.
It was a warm scenario, the family she had always wanted. Natasha ended up in the hands of the Red Room when she was very young, she only knew what a family was from those American movies and shows she was forced to watch to learn English. She felt comfortable there, despite the training she already had and the lessons she had learned, she was still just a kid, who only wanted this, dinner as a family, going to school, having friends, you. She wanted a normal life, despite how unrealistic that was for her.
When Melina took her seat next to Yelena, she looked up to Alexei, who hadn't taken his seat, instead, he went to look outside through the window that faced Natasha's back.
"Is everything okay?" Melina asked worriedly. Alexei turned and gave a knowing stare that Melina knew all too well. She stood from her seat and followed him to a more private area to talk.
Natasha and Yelena were equally puzzled about it but, since the younger of the sisters was still too little to understand, she had no idea what was about to happen, unlike the blue-haired girl, who had an idea about what they could be talking about.
"No..." The woman said understanding what this was about, to which the man only answer nodding his head. "How long do we have?" Melina asked in a whisper.
"An hour maybe" Alexei responded in the same way.
"I don't want to go…" Her whisper was barely audible but, Alexei was close enough, so he did. Melina had actually enjoyed the three-year mission, she enjoyed being a mother, knowing that she could never have biological ones, knowing that the red room would never allow her to have kids on her own.
"Don't say that…" He said before they both went back to take their seats at the table.
"Girls, remember when I told you that one day we would have that big adventure?" Natasha answers with a nod. "Today is the day."
Yelena yelled excited about this adventure her father seemed so happy about, she was completely unaware of what this adventure was but, Natasha could feel her heart sink when she heard her dad saying those words. She thought she had more time, she had a date to go to, this meant that she probably wouldn't even have time to say goodbye, she was going to leave you and wouldn't be able to explain why. She should've told you who she was and what she was doing there.
Everything that happened after that was a blur to Natasha. She managed to gather some things to take with her just like everyone else did too. She saved some books, pictures and one of the most important things, something you gave her, a necklace. It was a simple leather cord with a circle at the end. It might be a simple circle but, you had told her once that your destiny started with her and no matter what happened, it was going to bring her back to her. She put the necklace on and swore that she would never take it off. It was the least she could do.
She remembers going in the car and the next thing she knows there's a government-issued SUV with the words SHIELD written on the sides trailing behind them. She could see your house for a few seconds from the car window. She wished she had received a warning, a sign, anything that told her what was happening, she would've spent more time with you. The guilt of leaving you was going to weigh heavy on her, she could already feel it.
An hour later Natasha had been forced to pilot the small plane her parents had as an escape. Yelena was scared behind her, Melina had been shot and was next to her, telling her what to do and after some minutes of her taking off, Alexei had been able to go on the plane.
And yet all she could really focus on was you. You should be already waiting at your window like you always did, wondering where she was and was she coming to get you. She could even imagine the disappointment on your face after realizing she wasn't coming.
Turns out, Natasha was right, after eating dinner with your mom, you went to your usual spot at the window waiting even more impatiently than before. Your leg bounced with anticipation, just waiting for Natasha to make her appearance at your house. The minutes seemed like hours and you wondered if maybe she wasn't coming.
An hour after that you decided to go get her, maybe something happened and she couldn't go to you. You walked there with a hundred scenarios in your head about what could've happened one worse after the other. When you got there after a few minutes you got there and you were shocked by the sight in front of you.
The house was surrounded by black SUVs that seemed to be from the government. You hid behind some bushes and just stared at them, you couldn't believe it, just a while ago everything was okay, Natasha was just going home to have dinner and now she was nowhere to be found. You decided to go into the house from a small hidden door that Natasha had shown you once. The door lead to her room which was miraculously empty, maybe those people weren't interested in her room.
You tried looking for any sign of her, anything that could tell you what was going on. You looked everywhere but, you came up empty-handed, there was nothing. You took a seat on the edge of her bed just thinking about her, she didn't leave a sign, note, or clue, nothing. Maybe they just left, maybe something bad happened, you didn't know.
You were so distracted with your questions that you failed to notice the man standing at the door. "What are you doing here kid?" You jumped at this man's voice. "This isn't your house…"
"I... my friend… she, I think something happened to her" The man could see how worried and sad you were, of course, he knew what was happening but, he couldn't disclose that to you and maybe you knew something that could help him.
"I'm agent Coulson, what's your name?" He took a seat next to you on Natasha's bed.
You looked up at him with tears in your eyes that you refused to let fall down your face. "I'm Y/N..."
A few hours later, the plane landed with the four of them. Natasha watched as her mother was being transported from her father's arms to a stretcher that Dreykov had his army put together for her. Everything was happening so fast, one minute they were in the air and now Yelena and Nat were hovering over their mother's body, listening to her words.
"Never let them take your heart" Melina said in a weak voice. Those words would be forever engraved in Natasha's memory. Natasha stood in her place after being pushed by one of the soldiers that were treating Melina.
She went to Yelena's side and hold her while the soldiers worked on their mom. After Melina was taken inside of a plane, Yelena tried to run to her father but, one of the soldiers stopped her by holding her arm. This made Natasha's blood boil while she ran to aid her sister. She fought the soldier and ended with his gun while she protected Yelena behind her.
Alexei walked to her and tried to calm her. "Honey! You're going to need to hand me that gun" He said as he kept walking closer to her with his hands raised.
"I don't want to go back there" She said in a low tone of voice. "I want to stay in Ohio... I want to stay with Y/N" Alexei knew of his daughter's infatuation with you but, he also knew that it was never going to last.
The last words Natasha remembered saying were "You can't take her, you can't, she's only six" to which her dad responded "You were even younger" She was drugged and placed inside the plane after that.
You didn't want to remember that night you lost Nat, the only good thing that came out of that day was that you got to meet the organization for which you are currently working for. That night after Coulson had met you, he made sure you were one of the best agents. He had convinced your mother to send you to a special school, which was a code for a program that had been opened only for you at Coulson's request. Being Fury's right hand could come in handy sometimes.
You were now one of the bests agents that the agency had seen in a long time, not only in knowledge but, you were good in combat and strategy too. You divided your time between missions and mentoring new agents, everything seemed to be great, you had a nice job that you enjoyed, a nice apartment, no debts, and you could even take your mom to dinner once a week. So, why did you still feel like you were missing something? It was a stupid crush you had on a girl that yes, ended very tragically with her dead, or at least that's what you had been told but, it had been over 10 years ago, why did it still hurt you to remember?
Today was one of those days you mentored a few new agents. You were walking to the gym with your coffee in hand when you saw your friend running to you. Clint Barton was older than you but, he had the spirit of a child, that's why you got along so well. He's the one that got you to be a mentor since the other group was being mentored by him and he needed a hand.
"Y/N I need a favor" He was panting, he must have been looking for you all over the place.
"What is it this time?" You furrowed your eyebrows at him, he had made asking for favors a habit now.
"I need you to take my group today, I have an urgent mission and they need a mentor, please" He looked at you with his best imitation of puppy eyes and you could refuse but, this favor meant you could get free drinks for like a week so, you agreed to help him.
"You pay for drinks for a week!" You yelled after he thanked you and ran to his locker to get his suit and weapons.
"Sure thing!" He yelled before he was out of your sight. With a deep sigh, you turn on your heels and walked to the gym.
In front of you stood a group twice its usual size thanks to Clint's mission and while you didn't like big crowds, there was nothing you could do about it now. You went on with your tutoring, today's lesson was hand-to-hand combat which happened to be one of your specialties. After three hours of extensive training, you let your students go. It was almost lunchtime anyway so, after your shower you went to find something to eat. This was your usual routine whenever you were not on a mission.
A week has passed and besides your two days stake out that ended as usual with your target down, there was nothing too exciting, just your routine, at least it was until after your lunch. You received a message from Director Fury asking to talk to you, it wasn't that common for him to talk to you, not even when something went wrong, that was usually handled by agent Hill.
You walked with confidence which you insisted on showing despite the anxiety that you felt on the inside. You had trained to not show any emotions, you knew how important it was in your line of work, your poker face had to be on almost a 100% of the time so, after a while, it just became your second nature.
You stood in front of Fury's door, it was funny how intimidating it looked now. With a deep sigh, you lift your hand to give a strong but gentle knock while preparing yourself for whatever awaited on the other side.
Clint had been watching how his target moved around the city, he could see how smart she was, he knew that if they didn't think alike, it would be near impossible to find her. When she finally stayed still in a sheep hotel room, he went to her. As to be expected, she was waiting for him. Despite how skillful the target had seemed to Clint, he made the terrible mistake to underestimate her.
The target had the upper hand at the moment in the fight, she was able to avoid Clint's hits faster than he could process. She was very efficient and Clint was starting to get tired, every time he seemed to have the upper hand, he was quickly proven otherwise. Until one small mistake from the woman in front of him, she tripped while walking backward without taking her eyes away from the agent.
That trip gave Clint all the advantage he needed to pin her down on the ground. He took out his knife, ready to terminate his target when something in her neck caught his eye. She was wearing a necklace with a symbol he recognized all too well, it might have been a simple circle but, he knew the story, after all, he is the one that convinced you to get it tattooed.
Before he met you, he read your file, how you met the agency, and what happened that night. He never dared to ask about it until you became friends, you told him everything, from the day you met Natasha Romanoff till the night she was gone. You had been told that she was gone, she had died and even after 10 years, he could see the pain in your eyes, despite how good you were at hiding your feelings. He could recognize the necklace on her neck because that was the one you gave her, it might have been a simple circle but, it had Natasha's initials and yours.
He faltered his movements, this was a good chance for the redhead to fight back but, to his surprise, she didn't, she felt like this was it, it was over for her, finally everything she had done had caught up with her. Clint saw that in her eyes, she had given up so, he did the only thing he could do, he saved her.
Back at headquarters, you went inside after a deep voice told you to come in. You tried to read him, you were good at reading people but, some showed up from time to time that you couldn't read, Fury was one of them. You took a seat in front of his desk and waited for him to do the talking.
"Relax agent, this is nothing bad" You might have been surprised that he read you but, he was Nicholas Fury, he had taught you how to read people. "Is about a project I've been thinking about for a while, I wanted you to be a part of it."
That took you by surprise, also it helped you actually relax your shoulders, you hadn't even noticed how tense they were until now. "What is this project about? Does it have a name?"
"It's called the Avengers initiative…" He went on and on about this being a group of remarkable people to see if they could work together to fight the battles that they never could. Not many people knew this but, Fury could talk your ears off when he wanted something.
"I don't understand… you want me to be a member of this group?" The truth was, it didn't seem like he had everything figured out yet, like he said, it was just an idea, not a very good one, at least right now.
"That and for you to help me find and convince some people to join it" Great, now you had to help him finish planning his project. You were about to ask for some time to think about it when you both received an alert from Clint's quinjet. He said that the mission hadn't gone bad but, it hadn't ended the way it was supposed to. You and Clint were both highly trained assassins, all your mission had to end the same way, the target down so, this could've gone one of two ways, he was injured and the target was down, or the target is still alive somewhere.
To your surprise, not only his target was alive but, she was on the quinjet with him. That's at least what he said before you and Fury rushed to the tarmac. When Clint walked outside of the quinjet, he had a look you hadn't seen before, one you couldn't quite read which was unsettling on its own, then a redhead came out right before him.
Your eyes locked with hers and there was something so familiar about this woman in front of you. You both had changed a lot since the last time you had seen each other. Her hair was the same length as 10 years ago but, the color was different, she looked so mature now, she looked beautiful but, different. So were you, your hair was the same color but, it was longer now, your once very readable and kind face was replaced by a very cold and serious one, one that she couldn't read anymore.
Neither of you said anything, you let Clint and Fury talk for you, while you kept analyzing her, it took some seconds but, you could read her, she was scared and relieved, she also looked conflicted, probably because she didn't expect to ever see you again, much less in a circumstance like this.
"Y/L/N take her to a room" That took you out of your little stare contest. You only nodded as a response.
"Follow me" You gestured to her the way you were going. As you walked passed Fury, he softly grabbed your arm.
"Make sure we can trust her" He whispered close to you.
"Yes sir" You quickly responded and after making sure that Natasha was following behind you, you started the walk.
To say that the silence was awkward was an understatement, neither of you seemed to want to talk about that night when you both took different paths than what you hoped at the time. So, you did the most coherent thing you could, small talk. You talked about the agency, you showed her the place on the way to her room and while you didn't exactly expect her to talk, it did take you by surprise that all you got was a nod every few words you said.
Once your little tour ended in her room, you opened the door and let her in. It wasn't much, a single bed, a nightstand, a bathroom, and a desk. "There should be some clothes in the closet, is probably sports clothes, the bathroom has fresh towels and if you need something, you can tell me, I'll stick around for a while, if not, you can call me, I'll hand you a phone later."
She nodded gratefully and took a look around, it wasn't much but, it was more than what she used to have.
"Look, I don't know what happened or where you've been in the last 10 years but, I need to know if I can trust you now" You looked at her hoping this time she would talk. She seemed hesitant, she had waited so long for something like this, to see you again and now that she had you right in front of her, she didn't seem to find the words. With a deep sigh, you looked down, you wanted to talk to her, you wanted to hold her but, how could you be sure this was your Nat?
After a minute of her just staring, you decided to leave her to process everything, and when you turned to leave she spoke. "You can still trust me Y/N" You turned again to look at her in the eyes and see if she was lying, you searched for something to not face the fact that she was right in front of you again but, you didn't find anything.
"Thank you..." You whispered before leaving the room.
You didn't know how to feel, you had been told she was gone, that there was no way she had survived, and yet, here she was, just a few feet away from you. How do you handle something like that?
After you had given Natasha the cell phone with every possible contact she might need, you went to your apartment. You felt tired and yet you couldn't seem to be able to fall asleep, your mind kept thinking about Natasha, about that night that had led you right where you were now. That night had changed your future, you could see that now.
You wanted to believe that the Natasha you had seen today was the same 11-year-old girl with blue hair that you had met but, how could she? When not even you were the same. You both were completely different people now and yet, the feelings you felt all those years ago were still there, after 10 years, you still loved her but, you didn't know if you could love this Natasha, not without getting to know her first. Which was going to be a bit difficult since the pain you felt that night was also still there.
Your mind kept racing all those questions and possible explanations, neither was better than the next one, you didn't know what happened to her, where she has been all these years, or why she hadn't even tried to call you if she was still alive, you were hurt and you weren't sure what to do now. Between thinking about all those things and tossing and turning in bed you didn't really realize when your alarm sounded.
You were more than tired by now, you managed to take a shower which helped a little to remove the traces of how tired you were. You were about to make coffee when you received an urgent message from Fury, he wanted to talk to you again, this time about making Natasha an official SHIELD agent, he wanted to discuss terms with you, for some reason.
After your coffee, you made your way to headquarters and went straight to Fury's office to find Natasha already there. You walked inside and took a seat next to her, in front of Fury.
"Now that you're here Y/L/N, I'm going to make an official proposal to you, Natasha Romanoff" He said looking between the both of you. Natasha only nodded, since it was apparently all she could do at the moment. "I'm willing to hire you as an agent here, I think your set of skills could be... helpful" You could sense the terms of that deal coming. "But, you have to prove your loyalty first, if what you told agent Barton is true and you know where Dreykov is, I need you to terminate him… You do that and I'll protect you here, I'll keep your file under extreme confidentiality and you'll be able to work and live here for as long as you like."
It sounded fair, whoever that Dreykov was, must be pretty bad to be considered a target. It seemed like a fair deal for her but, you still had no idea why you had to be there and not Clint since he was the one that decided to bring Natasha back and was the one she had actually talked to. "And... what am I doing here exactly? It seems personal"
"You agent Y/L/N, are going to go with her and make sure she does exactly what she's supposed to." You looked at Natasha and Fury and figured there was no way you could defy a direct order.
"Yes, sir" You never hesitated when it came to following orders, after all, it was what you were trained to do.
You had been on a stakeout for a whole week before you got the hang of Dreykov's schedule, he was smart but, eventually, everyone makes a mistake. You were now waiting for Natasha's signal to pull the trigger of the explosives you had rigged earlier. "We need confirmation that Dreykov's in the building" You said on your radio.
"Dreykov's car is pulling up now" She said while she watched a little girl run up the stairs of the building's entrance.
"Natasha, are we clear?" You asked her since from your position, you couldn't see what you needed to confirm he was inside.
Natasha hated to do this, she didn't want to get an innocent girl involved but, she needed to get rid of that man. She saw the girl put down her backpack on a table that was just under the window, she could confirm now. "All clear" She answered back on the radio. As soon as you heard her, you pulled the trigger. You both stayed until all it was left was rubble. You both tried to find any signs that he was alive but, apparently there was nobody left to be identified.
When the dust settled and there was nothing else to be done, you heard the worst sound you could hear on a mission like this, police sirens. You and Natasha hurried to the car to get out as fast as possible but, it wasn't fast enough. The Hungarian special forces were all over you and you had no way to leave the city, at least not with them having all the entrances and exits under surveillance.
You ditched the car and decided it was better to continue on foot, after a while you both sensed someone was following you so, you ran to the subway to try to either hide or use it to escape. You tried to appear normal while making your way down to the platform.
Once you were there you had the idea to actually get on the train and try to find somewhere where you could lay low for a few days until you could get out but, Natasha had a better one. She leads you to the hatch of a vent in the ceiling. It was actually bigger than you thought and it should work. There's a hatch on the floor too so if they ever come here to look for you, that's the first thing they'll check.
You both spend a few minutes just catching your breath and gathering your thoughts. It wasn't an easy mission, you were both painfully aware of what you had done and the emotional toll it would have on the two of you, not to mention the elephant in the room, well, vent. In all the days you had been with Natasha not a single word apart from the mission had been said. No questions were asked, no comments were made and by now you were both aching to just clear the air about everything that had happened.
After the first two hours where all you did was either look at each other or down at the people through the vent, Natasha decided enough was enough so, she broke the silence. "How did you end up being a SHIELD agent? I thought you wanted to be a nurse like your mom."
"Things didn't go as planned… I met the agency the night you were gone" There was little to no emotion as you remembered that night.
Natasha wanted to know what happened after she left, what made you change curses, what made you become an assassin when you didn't have to so, after a short silence she decided to ask. "What happened that night?" During the time you had been there, she had avoided looking at you in the eyes but, now, she couldn't seem to take her eyes off of yours.
You took a deep breath and told her how worried you were, how you ended up in her room, and how Coulson had taken you under his wing with the special program and everything. You told her that the anger you felt once they had told you she was gone had to be channeled into something that could help so, that's what they made you. They had created who you were now and despite how angry you felt when you found out about it, you just accepted who you were now, it was still helping make the world a better place, or at least that's how you felt.
Natasha felt guilty, she knew she had made a mistake when she didn't tell you who she really was, what she was actually doing there but, she also knew how much she enjoyed that simple life, going to school despite how boring it was, it was the normal thing she could never have, falling for you, was also something that she felt natural, normal. Everything she had been taught from the day she got back was how her feelings were a weakness, how the normal was nothing to be proud of, and yet, she felt comfort whenever she looked back at those times, those times where you were playing with her and her sister Yelena, who she had no idea where she was or if she was even alive anymore.
"My real name is Natalia Alianovna Romanova, I was a child when my mother abandoned me and the Red Room found me..." She took a deep breath, she looked conflicted, so you let her take her time. "When I went to Ohio, it was a mission in a lab, that was all I knew, we were all a part of the agency… even Yelena," She told you about the training, the missions, even the graduation ceremony, you didn't know what to say, you felt so stupid by being mad about that night, she had no control over it. You just looked at her with tears in your eyes, your eyes went through every expression, scratch on her face from the previous encounters with the officers before you got there, until your eyes fell on her neck, after all this time, she still had the necklace you gave her.
"You still have it…" She followed your line of sight and realized you were talking about her necklace.
"It was the only thing that helped me get through the training" She said while touching the circle in it. You couldn't help touching your ribs, where the same circle was tattooed in. Natasha looked at you puzzled, it was cute seeing her confused. "Are you hurt?" She asked, focusing on one of the hundred theories she had about your action.
"No, I... had that circle tattooed on my ribs a few years ago" You and Natasha had unshed tears in your eyes, you both were aching for comfort but, neither dared to try and comfort the other.
"I'm sorry Y/N... I should've been honest with you, I should've told you who I really was and what I was doing" Her tears finally started to fall down her face and this time you couldn't hold it in anymore, despite the awkward positions you were seated in, you got close to her and you hugged her. You wrapped your arms around her and she cling to your body like her life depended on it, she had waited 10 years to feel your arms around her again and she wasn't going to take it for granted again, not after losing you for so long.
Your own tears fell at the sight of her, she seemed to be trained the same way you were, at least about feelings, she looked tough but, she was still the girl you had met all those years ago. She was still your Natasha, under all that trauma, all that training, she was still the same blue-haired girl you had fallen in love with. After a few minutes, she moved away from you and cleaned the traces of her tears from her cheeks as you did the same.
"You owe me a date..." You said while smirking trying to lighten the mood. This made her laugh, you missed that laugh.
"I think I owe you way more than a date by now" She smiled at you and at that moment you decided you were going to be the bold one this time. You moved closer to her slowly, giving her enough time to step out if she wanted but, she wanted this as much as you did, she met you halfway and lifted her hand to caress your cheek. You leaned to her touch and let her take the next move. Natasha pulled you closer to her and she finally kissed you. Suddenly you felt like it hadn't been 10 years at all, you felt like you were back in that playground watching the fireflies, holding her hand, you felt like you weren't in some dirty vents on a mission after your lives had gone downhill. Her lips were even softer than you had thought. The warmth you felt in your chest was overwhelming and yet, it had been the missing piece, the thing you were missing since that night.
It took two days inside the vents for you to be able to leave the station and eight more to leave the city but, now it didn't bother you at all, as long as you had her next to you, everything was going to be okay. Natasha could swear she had never been so happy, she thought she was never going to feel whole again and now that she had you next to her, she wasn't going to go anywhere, not without you.
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itshouldvebeenme30 · 2 days ago
Inked ||18+||
Pairings: Natasha x fem!reader
Warnings: ||MINORS DNI|| soft smut, explicit language
Word Count: 3090
A/N: Taking my shot in one shot. Hope you enjoy it! Again, mistakes are made because English is not my native language. This is my first time trying to write a smut in general, and this one is a fluffy smut cause I'm a sucker for soft things.
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Tumblr media
You have the power to manipulate ink. You can shape it with whatever weapon or thing you want. Bringing a pen and paper to a fight is a hassle, so naturally, you filled your midsection and both arms with tattoos. The team didn't know the nature of your power or your inked body, as you tend to keep it to yourself. You hid them by dressing up with long sleeves no matter what kind of day it was. Your bodysuit conveniently covers your whole body. It's just the way you've been ever since you got to use your powers frequently. 
There was minimal information about you when you were introduced to the team. It's because it was part of the deal when Fury insists on inviting you to his team. You were peacefully minding your own business when Fury invited himself into your apartment and persuaded you to join the band of heroes he was forming. He found out about you from your estranged father, who turned out to be working for him at SHIELD when he abandoned you. Naturally, you were enraged, but Fury insisted (threatened) that your peaceful life would never be the same again. That caused your disdain and distrust of him, so you reluctantly agreed. Hence, you find yourself in this predicament. 
You're never good with people, but you find yourself good at following orders and making your own judgment at the same time. You have become an important asset to the team. You didn't allow yourself to get close to anyone, so you always kept yourself scarce around the team. The team just simply accepts your lonesome nature.
But a certain redhead made it difficult. Natasha is constantly in your space, trying to get to know you. You tried to ignore her presence at first, but you eventually came to accept her antics.
"Come on, Y/NNNN... Let's go to the pool, or steal the quinjet and get to the beach. It's extremely hot right now, we need to cool off." She continues to bug you while you're trying to finish the mission report that Steve assigned you.Both of you are in your room, as you didn't like to go out that much. You slapped Natasha's foot when she tried to shut your laptop down.
"Why don't you go bother your sister, or Wanda at this moment?" You try to dismiss her by continuing your work. You felt a hand on your shoulder, and the next thing you know, she shuts your laptop, squashing your hands in the process. You let out an annoyed groan and turn to mock glare at her. She just sheepishly sends you a teasing smile.
"Oh, I don't need to bother them 'cause they would totally agree with me. It's just you that I need to convince." You feel her fingers lightly tracing the outline of your bicep. She yelps when you just flick her forehead in return. 
"I'm too busy, get yourself an ice cream or you go on with the others." You try to open the device again but she stops you. You just let an annoyed sigh.
"Nope. You're coming with us. So get your ass up, your bikini, and I'm gonna tell the others to follow in the pool." She languidly kisses your cheek before standing up.
"This is just a ruse to make me strip, isn't it?" You squint your eyes at her.
"Whaaaat? Of course not. If I wanted to see you naked, I'd rather do it differently." She wiggled her eyebrows at you.
"If I go with you, will you stop trying to get into my pants?" You try to bargain. It's not that you're not attracted to her, quite the opposite actually. You like her more than just a friend and a teammate, and it scares you because you don't trust yourself in relationships. But she doesn't need to know that.
"Nuh uh, it's not like you could do anything if I drag you out of here. Besides, I'm this close to getting into it." Her thumb and index finger were nearly touching to show her point.
"In your dreams, Romanoff. Now get out of here, I'm gonna change."
"Can I watch?" The door closes before the pillow could almost hit her.
It's almost comical to watch a group of superheroes lounging and enjoying themselves in the pool. Sam and Bucky are already wrestling in the water while Steve tries to pry them apart. Kate and Yelena compete to see who can hold their breath the longest while Pietro serves as their referee. His twin, on the other hand, sunbathes beside them while eating her ice cream.
"Who wants some margaritaaa?" Tony shouts from his makeshift bar while Natasha is beside him.
Upon seeing the redhead, your mouth dried as you took in her appearance. Her swimsuit deliciously hugged her figure, and it accentuated her assets. You averted your gaze at her before she could catch you. You start to approach where she is to announce your presence and to get yourself a drink. 
"There you are! I was just about to go and barge in your room. In case it wasn't obvious that we're gonna swim, why do you look like you're gonna surf?" Of course you opted to wear a rash guard, which Natasha makes a big deal out of it. Tony chuckles in agreement before going back to making some margaritas and talking to Bruce.
"What? I could still swim in this attire. I don't wanna burn." You casually shrug at them. Natasha admits she could only half complain because your choice of swimwear is fit and it showcased your figure and muscles clearly.
"Yeah, whatever you say sailor. Want some drink?"
"Sure. Surprise me." She takes on your challenge and served you her own mix.
You hum in appreciation as you take a sip of it. You complimented her, then noted how her cheeks had turned pink. You both chatted for a while before joining the others in the pool.
"Y/N?" Natasha gently called you, and you saw her swim in front of you. You're currently sitting at the edge of the pool, exhausted from the activity.
"Hmm?" She placed her arms and chin on your lap and looked up at you. You can't help but admire those green orbs staring at you.
"Don't take this the wrong way, but I've been meaning to ask, why do you always wear long-sleeved shirts?" For a moment, you thought there was a flash of worry in her curious gaze at you. Your heart swooned at the idea of Natasha caring about you.
"Oh, it's actually connected to my powers. Ever since I've gotten to use them frequently, I started wearing those. It's silly, but I wore those to hide the real nature of my powers every time I used them. It gives the enemies a less clear idea of what they're dealing with." You tell her the partial truth. Truthfully, you were also insecure about how others would perceive you because, for the majority of your life, you grew up in a conservative household.
"And what exactly are your powers? How is it exactly connected to why you were wearing those? What are you hiding really?" She squints her eyes at you. You just chuckle at her curiosity.
"Hmm, let me think first." You felt a splash of water aimed at you. "Okay, okay fine. Geez. Let's trade a secret- I'll tell you about it and tell me something in return that the others don't know." You think this is a good idea so she can forget her questions. Just like you, Natasha shares little about herself.
"I perform ballet in the hall when there's no one around. Now your turn." Her confession surprised you because you really didn't think she would share something. The image of her dancing makes your heart flutter and swoon.
"I manipulate ink. I can shapeshift it to whatever I want as you can see." You showed her by making a rose,  inspired by one of your tattoos. "I have to fill my upper body and arms with tattoos so I could use it conveniently. Nothing really special about it." You dismissed the rose in your hand.
You failed to notice the look she's giving you right now. It was filled with adoration mixed with arousal. If she found you attractive before, it tenfold now that she imagines you with your tattoo-covered arms.
"I-uh, uhm, why would you hide that? That's actually pretty amazing. Chicks dig tats. Especially me. You should show off for once." You know it's in her nature to be a flirt, but it didn't stop the throb from making its presence known at your core. 
"I'll keep that in mind next time. My feet are starting to prune so I'm gonna head out now."
"But we were just starting to get to know each other. Am I really not your type that you're fleeing now?" She pouts but eventually lets go of your lap as you stand up.
"Who said you weren't my type?" That rendered Natasha speechless, but before she could retaliate, you're already making your way inside.
"No fair!"
"Good morning," a smile finds its way to Natasha's face when she hears you. She takes a sip of her coffee before facing you.
"Good mor- " Her words got caught in her throat as she took in your appearance in a loose t-shirt. Your hair is tied in a messy bun and you're still sporting a sleepy look. Lazily, you brew your own coffee in the corner not noticing the looks you're receiving from the redhead.
Gradually, the others filled the communal kitchen to have their own share of breakfast. They noticed Natasha gawking at something, and when they followed her line of sight, they had to take a double look to make sure their eyes were not deceiving themselves.
"Wow, Y/N. You're hot." Natasha turns to glare at her sister. "What? I have eyes. She's right there."
"Uh, thanks...?" you gave Yelena an amused and confused look. The coffee in your system made you awake, and you're now fully aware that everyone's staring at you. "Is there something on my face?"  You consciously wiped your face in case there was really something on there.
"Oh no, you're good. Actually, you look pretty good." Wanda answered for you as the others just hummed in agreement and proceeded to leave you alone. Her statement made you blush in return, and Natasha couldn't help the jealousy taking over her. After finishing your cup, you mumble a hesitant thank you and leave to continue your mission reports.
"Nat, if you don't date her, I will."  "Already working on it."
You heard a knock before Natasha's voice came from the other side. Even though she's relentless in occupying your space, she didn't forget to be thoughtful.
"Come in!" You heard the door open and click shut. The redhead comes in, and when you turn to look at her, you notice her troubled expression. You set aside your laptop to approach her because she just stands there while fiddling with the hem of her shirt. "What's wrong?" Worry laced in your voice. She rarely shows this side of her.
"Y/N, do you like me?" 
"Of course I do, what-"
"But not the way I like you, right?" This made you momentarily stop. "I mean that's okay, I'll stop-" 
"No!" She must have misinterpreted you because her face falls. "No, I mean, yes. I do like you the way you like me. It's just that, it scares me you know? I don't really have much experience on that field and I'm scared that I'll lose you. I'm not really good at expressing myself, too." You're just rambling your feelings at this point, looking anywhere but Natasha. Soft hands gently cupped your face and Natasha held your gaze.
"Can I kiss you?" You let out a soft yes before the feeling of her soft, plump lips pressed against yours. You kissed her back, but this time with vigor because you find yourself addicted to the taste. She pressed herself more into you and your hands found their way to her back, dangerously close to her ass. Your tongue licked her bottom lip to ask permission and she opened her mouth, granting you access to explore her more. Both tongues fought for dominance, but she faltered when you squeezed her ass, eliciting a moan from her. When the air becomes an issue, you both reluctantly parted but leaned your foreheads together.
"Wow, that is so much better than I imagined." You both chuckled heartily to each other. If it's possible, she's staring at you intently, pupil's blown, as if she could see your soul for herself. "I like you, Y/N. You won't lose me if we try this. You can't get rid of me that easily." Your heart soars hearing this. It's inevitable that you're falling in love for this woman. 
It was too late to realize that you may have said it out loud because Natasha's lips trembled at your confession. Before you could come up with anything, her lips once again found yours and whispered that she felt exactly the same. Dissipating any doubt you have in yourself.
She tugged the hem of your shirt but you held her hand in place. "As much as I want to do this with you, would you like to go out to dinner with me sometime?" 
"God, you're hot and so sweet. I'd be an idiot to say no." She captures your lips once again and the kiss becomes so heated that you lift Natasha to your torso and gently place her on the bed, which ends with you being on top of her. She takes her shirt off, and you take a moment to marvel at her exposed chest.
"Like what you see?" She teases.
"How could I not? You're beautiful." A blush takes over her features, making Natasha feel shy under your gaze. She just tugged your shirt again, eager to see you without it. You heed her silent request and when you finally discarded it, leaving only you in your sports bra, you suddenly feel embarrassed. Nobody has seen you like this until now.
"Speak for yourself, you look absolutely amazing." Negative thoughts left your mind as you focused on the mesmerizing woman beneath you. Her hands wandered over your body while you peppered her kisses on her neck down to the valley of her breasts. You feel her shudder underneath you and she tangles her hand through your hair. You press your knees against her heated core and you're rewarded with her moan.
"Please, Y/N. I need you..." 
"Tell me what you need pretty girl." You grab her breast and squeeze it roughly, causing her to moan, before looking up to her with hooded eyes.
"I-I need your mouth... you fingers inside of me. Anything. I want all of you, detka." She practically begs. Her tiny mewls and whines rendered your knees weak. Deciding you've had enough of teasing, you lift Natasha's hips to strip her remaining clothes off of her.
"God, you're so beautiful, so good, so pretty..." You grab her thighs and kissed them, her hips desperately ushers you where she needs you the most. You could smell the arousal emanating from her. Instead of giving in, you kissed your way up from her thighs, to her stomach, her breasts, and lastly, her lips. 
"I-If you don't stop teasing, I swear-" You finally take her left breast in your mouth, sucking and licking her nipple while your right hand tweaks and pulls the other.
"You're gonna what, baby?" You released her tit with a pop, leaving traces of your saliva, and then switched to the other, performing the same actions. 
"Fuck, detka..." You continued your ministrations until you got bored of it and kissed down low. Natasha anticipated your actions so she spread her legs apart. You moaned at the sight of her sopping wetness, pride swelling in your chest at the thought of you having this effect on her. You felt her hand pushing your head down and finally, you heeded her need. You hitched her leg over your shoulder before taking a languid lick to her slick. 
She gasps when she feels your hardened tongue play with her clit and when you occasionally suck it. Her hand once again tangles your hair, and you grunt when she tugs it. You lapped her with vigor until you entered her hole with your tongue, which left Natasha squirming in her position.
"M-more... p-please..." You ran your thumb in circles on her clit, making Natasha curse incoherently at the added pressure. As she got closer to her upcoming climax, she could feel the familiar tightening knot on her lower belly. 
"W-wanna c-cum. So close..." With a few more strokes, her juices coated your face, which you eagerly lapped. Your name fell past her lips as she came. She groans against your lips when they meet hers, practically tasting herself off of you. 
"I'm not done with you yet. You can still give me one more, right baby?" Your fingers teased her entrance, and once again, she's at your mercy. She could only nod at you as she's still coming down from her high.
"Nuh-uh. Use your words, pretty girl." You stilled your fingers but did not remove them, making Natasha whine loudly.
"Y-yes! P-please! J-just fuck me alrea-" She chokes a sob as you begin thrusting two fingers at a relentless pace. She cries your name when you curl your fingers, deliciously hitting the spongy part inside. In no time, she practically shakes at the intensity of the second wave of orgasm that hits her.
When she starts to calm down, you slowly removed your fingers and kissed her lips softly. She just lazily smiles into the kiss.
"God, you're so beautiful." You can't help but admire the woman in front of you. Messy hair and sweat graced her features, but she's still the most beautiful thing to look at.
"You're not fair, you know. You're still clothed," you just kissed her pout as you settled beside her. "Give me a minute to return the favor." She whispered against your lips.
"You don't have to, you know. But I won't be opposed to it." She snuggled closely on your chest, intertwining your hands together. 
"Be my girlfriend?" she softly asks. Her eyes showed vulnerability, and you'd love nothing more to take it away.
"I'd love that." You both smiled widely at each other, exchanging soft kisses and words of affection. You never thought you could have someone close to you again. You thank whoever or whatever it is that led you where you are right now (maybe you should call Fury).
"Now, can you show me what else you can do with that power?"
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pawiie · a day ago
Tony’s Garage
Y/N: *bopping to maroon 5 while tinkering on tony’s car
*Door slides open*
Natasha: Tony! pepper asked me to get these signed— who are you?
Y/N: Hey, Tony went out for a bit. Trying out his new suit for any flight defects. He’ll be back in a few. I’m Y/N.
Natasha: …Okay. Will you tell him to sign these papers. Front and back.
Y/N: Yeah sure i’ll tell him. I’d shake your hand but it’s full of grease. *shows her your finger fucking hands*
Natasha: ohhh its fine. I gotta gay. Go! I gotta go.
Y/N: Mhm.
Natasha: *Aggressively texts tony* Stark, who the hell is that fine specimen in your garage? The one with the fuck me face? And fuck me hair? And her fuck me fingers? Whats her full name? Her Social security number? :)
Tony: Can you refrain from talking about my protégé like that, Romanoff?
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multifandomme · 2 days ago
Sweet Dreams - Natasha Romanoff x Reader [18+]
A/N: Hello, all, I’m here to break my hiatus with a nonsensical, plotless smut drabble. Initially, this was meant for another fic but I subsequently decided to abandon it, so I now present this in its place. Happy reading <3
Summary: Natasha’s erotic dream becomes a reality.
Cw: Smut, praise kink, orgasm control, d/s dynamics implied, a basic shag.
Word Count: 957.
Lucid dreams held Natasha in their grasp, squirming breathlessly in the sheets until you gently pried her back into reality. Upon noting the delusion of her dream, the redhead’s visage tinged in deepened red, her eyes averted in search of anything but you. Intrigue struck, unable to be passed off as you softly rolled her towards you, an expression you had seen innumerable times before lurking upon her features.
“You’re desperate,” you noted, a knowing smirk finding your lips in the realisation that you had been correct. “Why?”
The lack of reply only reinvigorated your need to investigate, your fingers lowering to ghost across her underwear, a dampened patch in stark existence. Even the slightest of grazes had Natasha’s hips bucking violently, her lips held hostage between perfect teeth as she gazed into your eyes with a distinct helplessness. 
“In my dream, you, uh-,” she breathed, instantly distracted by the way your fingers drew delicate circles over her clothed clit, the fabric of her underwear sodden beneath your fingertips. “I was so close.”
“Hmmm,” you conceded, her admission obvious in the way her arousal bled from its confinements, her fingernails burying forcefully into the flesh of your shoulders. “I can see that, princess.”
Natasha’s eyes pleaded shamelessly, any attempt to appeal to you, to coerce you into bending to her will. Little convincing was needed, the soft whimpers that fell from her enough to propel you into an uncontrolled spiral, deficient of the mental strength to deny her. 
“Finish me,” she begged, meekly, all power relinquished in the blind optimism that you would be there to reclaim it. “I need you to finish me.”
You scoffed aloud, eyebrows quirked in response to the unequivocal request, her bluntness unshakable.
“Someone’s forgotten their manners, hm?” You questioned, teasingly, all motions ceased as you basked in the sight of her squirming protests. “Besides, what makes you think that you deserve it? Tell me.”
Natasha whined in the knowledge that her efforts had been momentarily occluded, her lips pursed tightly together in disdain. A fleck of motivation flitted about her jade orbs, avid in securing what it was that she wanted and prepared to commence in the pursuit of it. Her hand wrangled to take ahold of yours, guiding it towards the exposed flesh of her breasts as if to tempt you into surrender. The redhead shuddered in response to the initial contact, your delicate palm pressed lightly atop the ample swell there, massaging softly as her eyes bored into your own, unwavering.
“I’ve been such a good girl for you,” Natasha groaned, her pretty sounds subconsciously calling your halted movement back into animation as you caressed her clit once more, fuelled with newfound passion. “Such a good girl for you.”
A growl rumbled in the base of your throat, soon to be thwarted by an audible swallow as your eyes darkened in hunger, wishing to have her writhing, yearning for your adroit hands. Bursts of breath blurted from Natasha’s mouth, agape as she drew in oxygen between moans, her mind consumed by the alleviation that you were providing. Hastily, your fingers plucked at her underwear, its obstruction briskly removed as you sought what lay below it, liquid lapping against your digits as you dared to explore further. Her clit swelled in arousal as you toyed with it, pausing painstakingly to probe at her entrance as you dipped in halfway. 
A strangled mewl emitted instantaneously, the abrupt penetration briefly robbing Natasha of breath as she fought to will your fingers deeper, to have them bottom out inside of her to no avail.
“Good girls are patient, no?” You questioned, smartly, observing as Natasha’s face contorted in a coalescence of desperation and annoyance. “You’ll get what you want if you behave, do you understand?”
Silence flooded the space, the redhead immediately withdrawing into compliance, fearful of having her urges forsaken. A simper grew upon your lips, Natasha’s features pulled taut into a frown as she noted your triumph. Without warning, your fingers began to pummel into her, two digits burying to the hilt as you observed the pleasure set her face alight. Loudened hums rang out, their vibrations echoing outwards as you basked in the sound that Natasha produced, more so when your rigorous pace procured piercing squeals.
Natasha’s pussy tensed sporadically around your fingers though you remained undeterred, no part of you wanting to slow up to marvel at her suffering. Her face was too exquisite, too blank of coherence to ever want to abolish her looming orgasm, the anticipation of spectating her ascent too mesmerising to pass up, not now.
“Can I cum?” Natasha panted, mindlessly, her hands gripping as if she was exerting every effort to steer clear of the inevitable oblivion that she faced. “Please, can I cum? Please I-”
A quick nod of approval saw moans ripping ruthlessly from her throat once more, only increasing in volume when you grazed against her clit. The manoeuvre was effortless in finishing her, a full body orgasm taking her under as she whined on continuum, shaking involuntarily as she did so. With her pupils blown outwards, she gazed into your eyes, a beam of satisfaction finding home upon her lips as she silently thanked you. Natasha’s eyelids grew heavy, her body lax as she adjusted to slide into your embrace, protective arms holding her with no intention of ever letting her go.
“Sweet dreams, princess,” you whispered, a tiny grunt exuding from Natasha in reply, exhaustion rapidly infiltrating. 
Natasha chuckled, tiredly, her eyes peering mischievously towards you as she attempted to bite back the smirk that she donned.
“I hope not,” Natasha sighed in faux exasperation, her eyes falling to a close. “Sweet dreams don’t give me what I want.”
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silver-pieces · a day ago
you could do better
Tumblr media
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x f!reader (no age is specified, but reader may come across as 20s-30s-ish)
Word Count: 3k
Synopsis: When you act out one too many times, your father assigns you a new bodyguard - Natasha. But you aren’t going to make things easy for her.
Warnings: 18+, MINORS DO NOT READ OR INTERACT, smut (fingering FF), reader has daddy issues, reader makes out with a man, degradation in the form of slut-shaming
A/N: Day 7 of Marvel Girlfriend May!! A bit late lol. Life got in the way of this next part - but I am back!! Again, someone please STOP ME!! 3k for Natasha is not what I had in mind 😭 Reblogs are always appreciated!!
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Tumblr media
The double doors to the office swing wide open. Your father is reclining in his office chair, like he always is when he’s pretending he’s not waiting for you.
Out of the corner of your eye you see her, your father’s new ‘bodyguard’. Natasha Romanoff. Always on the job. Her hard gaze never strays far from your father. She’s always just... around.
Meanwhile, the two times you have attempted to talk to her, she’s only ever given you a blank look, a practised smile, and simple one-word responses.
You ignore her now, stalking across the room to plant your hands on your father’s desk. “I was summoned?”
He sighs, finally acknowledging you by pinning you with a disapproving look. “Have you seen the headlines?”
“I don’t care about what they have to say about me.” You glare right back at him. Seriously, you’re tame compared to most of the shit going on in the world right now. Another rich man’s daughter acting out, so what?
But your father seems to disagree. He pushes the newspaper in front of him across the table, flipping it around so you can read what it says.
ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST: Governor’s Daughter Goes to Club With One Date, Leaves With Another
“You made the headlines this time.”
You scoff, pushing it back. “Who even reads this shit?”
“Voters.” His finger stabs at the newspaper as he leans forward. “My voters read this shit. When are you going to understand that you cannot behave like this?”
“So get up the newspaper!”
“I can't control what the media prints!” he snaps.
“But you can control me.” And there it is, the crux of your relationship. Anger burns through you. “Fuck you,” you say, turning to leave.
“I’m assigning Natasha to you from now on.”
That stops you in your tracks. Gasping, you blink up at her. The gorgeous, silent woman that has been the star of one-too-many fantasies of yours late at night when you’re alone. Her perfect curtain of red hair fanned out on the pillow - no. Not her.
She gives you that same blank look that you can’t decipher.
“Yes, seriously.” His tone is so patronising. “She will watch over you for me. Keep you from appearing in any more headlines. You are to do what she tells you to, do you understand?”
Your hands curl into fists. Yes, you understand exactly what this is. No more privacy or freedom. No more choice. You glare at Natasha openly, daring her to test you.
She doesn’t react, her expression as even and blank as ever.
Your blood boils the longer you stare at her. Her fierce beauty simultaneously intimidates you and infuriates you, and you try and wrap your head around the concept of her being your bodyguard from now on - watching over you, ordering you around. You push down the unexpected heat stirring between your legs.
“I said, do you understand?” your father interrupts, the sudden sound of his voice making you blink and look away.
All you can manage is a huff in response - how long were you staring? You brush past Natasha and stomp down the hall to your room.
A quick glance behind confirms she’s following you now, because of course she is - she’s yours now, although it feels more fitting to say, you’re hers.
Reaching the doorway to your room, you whirl around to shut the door behind you.
She reaches you seconds later, slapping her hand on the door, preventing you from closing it. Her face is up close now, and it steals your breath for a moment. You can see the light reflecting in her eyes, her stern brows drawn as she angles her head at you. “I need to check your room.”
It’s the most words you’ve heard her say, and you let go of the door in surprise.
She stalks inside.
You back up out of her way on instinct, feeling strangely jumpy, like you’re prey, backed into a corner. “I don’t agree to this.”
“No,” she agrees, “but your father does.” And she smirks at you.
You fume in silence as she checks your quarters. She takes her time exploring each room - the entrance, the bedroom, the ensuite, the walk-in-closet, and the study.
Finally she appears in the central room again, looking down and typing something on her phone.
Your phone buzzes. Glancing at the screen, you see a text from an unknown number.
“Now you have my number. So you can call me if we get separated for any reason.”
Her number. God, it’s literally just for security, and yet your face is embarrassingly heated.
“Fine,” you agree, looking down at your phone in shyness. “You’re not staying inside with me.” There’s no way you will be able to handle her presence in your bedroom all night.
Her response is annoyingly smug. “That’s fine. I have a key.”
Tumblr media
The lock clicks open with ease. Natasha eases her way into the office, days of opening these doors for your father the perfect practice to learn to avoid any squeaking of the hinges.
It’s 2:30 in the morning. The office is pitch black, save for the tiny flashlight Natasha uses sparingly to find her way to the desk.
The comm buzzes gently in her ear. “Agent, report.”
“Just setting up.” She perches on the edge of the office chair and opens his laptop, the screen light blinding as it turns on. Like she has done every night, she inserts the usb and begins transferring the data from the last day. “Transferring now.”
Watching the files transfer is not exactly thrilling. It’s completely silent in here, nothing but her and the voice in her ear. Her eyes dart around the room, already cataloguing every item decorating the space and comparing it to her previous visits.
A strange feeling of being watched washes over her, just as the transfer finishes.
She looks up just in time to catch it - movement in the hall. Shit. Her hands flex over her thigh, reassured by the cold touch of the gun strapped down. The icer might get some use tonight.
Take the USB. Reset the laptop. Her body works silently on autopilot while she takes in her senses, catching every creak of the intruder’s footsteps, calculating how far they are down the hall.
Adrenaline pumps through her veins and she wastes no time, leaping over the desk, slipping into the hall, and pouncing on the intruder before they can react.
They give a muffled shriek as she lands on them and pushes them to the floor.
“Please don’t kill me!”
It’s you. She realises it just as she stops herself from falling, her face only inches from yours. Strands of her hair fall between you, a light caress against your cheekbones. Your delicious scent fills her lungs. Fuck, how much did you see? “What are you doing out of bed?” she growls.
You glare up at her, and her instincts flare at the accusation in your eyes, right before you confirm her suspicions. “What were you doing in there?”
“My job.”
“Didn’t seem like it.”
“What would you know about it, princess?”
Your reaction to the pet name is adorable - eyes widening, jaw setting, and your struggle renewing against her grip. But the name fits you perfectly. You are undisciplined, attention-seeking, and entitled, and aside from your father, no-one has ever told you no.
Pinning you down is satisfying in that way.
Shock flares - how quickly you’ve gotten under her skin. She needs to maintain control of the situation. So she shifts her weight on top of you, gripping your wrists above you in one hand, and gripping your throat with the other. “You will keep this quiet.”
“Why?” you breathe.
She tilts her head, a slight shake of her head in warning. “You don’t want to find out.”
“O-okay, okay fine.” You swallow, gaze briefly darting down. The lush press of your body against hers is making her body react in ways she isn’t prepared for, a twinge of desire stirring between her legs at how flustered you appear. “Let me go out.”
Nat blinks. “What?”
Your voice comes out more uncertain than before. “I won’t tell anyone, if you just - ”
“This isn’t a negotiation.”
You fall silent beneath her.
Good. Getting you in trouble is the last thing she needs... and more partying is the last thing you need. Your background check is proof of that - all those pictures of you hanging off the arm of whatever lucky bastard happens to catch your eye night after night.
It isn’t the amount that she disapproves of, but the calibre. Clearly you seek the kind of people who let you walk all over them. The kind of people who give you what you think you want, and not what you actually need.
You could do better.
And the thought of standing by while you go out again, having to watch from the shadows while you let someone else put their hands on you...
She pushes off you as a pang of sudden jealousy overcomes her. “Come on. It’s late, you should be in bed.”
Tumblr media
“Where are you going?” Natasha calls from behind.
You pause at the front door, hand on the knob. “Out.”
She’s on you before you can react, taking you by the forearm and pulling you away from the door. “I don’t think so.”
And the way she stares at you, ice cold, almost makes you lose your nerve. Especially now you know what she can do. You spent the entire day locked in your room, freaking out about last night. This woman could kill you before you even saw it coming. She still might.
So why the hell are you still turned on?
You force yourself to breathe steady, to recall your plan. “Should I go ask dad?”
Her eyes narrow.
Yeah, you’re calling her bluff. You’ve had time to think. If she wanted to kill you, she would have done so already. You hold up your phone in your free hand and shrug. “I could call him right now. Tell him all about it.”
Your breath catches. “Excuse me?”
A muscle feathers in her jaw. She shakes her head at you, and drops your arm. “I’m coming with you.”
“Wait, I didn’t want - ”
“Either I come, or we don’t go at all.” And she pins you with a look that leaves no room for argument.
You lower your gaze and nod in agreement.
Tumblr media
She hates your dress.
Hates the way it fits you so damn well, the way it shows your skin, the way it practically invites people to look at you. The way she can’t stop herself from doing.
The only thing keeping her from dragging you right back to the car is the conversation you had on the way over.
“Rules, seriously? What am I, five?” you had scoffed.
She had just nodded. “Stay within sight of me, don’t accept drinks from anyone you don’t know, text me every hour, and if you want to go somewhere private with someone, check with me first.”
You snorted. “So basically, I need your approval over who I sleep with?”
“Yes,” she’d responded a little too quickly.
You had folded your arms, leaned back in your seat, and glared silently out the window.
The act was submissive, and yet she could see the gears turning in your mind. Her fingers tightened on the steering wheel, equal parts wary and fascinated to see what you might do. This little game of push and pull you’ve started playing is strangely thrilling.
The club is dark and noisy, complete with flashing lights and a dance floor in the centre. Natasha sticks to the shadows, assessing the room every few minutes, taking note of everyone and everything.
Her gaze snags on you again - standing by the bar as another man tries his luck with you.
She folds her arms, trying to push away that same sick feeling of jealousy at the sight.
This job is killing her. Over a week of playing the dutiful bodyguard is getting to her, especially now, dealing with you. But it should be over soon. Only a few more days of babysitting, and hopefully the team will have enough information to proceed to the next phase.
Her phone buzzes, and she finally pulls her gaze from you to check it.
It’s your father, asking where you are.
A sigh escapes her. What the hell is she supposed to say? “Sorry, I took her out to a club against your express wishes”? How do normal bodyguards deal with this shit?
The best answer is a fast one. She bites her lip and types out a response, sending it before she can second-guess herself.
A text comes in moments later, but this time it’s from you. And it’s a photo.
Brows furrowed, she opens the image, and almost drops her phone at the sight. It’s a selfie you took of you being pushed up against a wall and kissed by that guy you were talking to.
A line of text follows the photo.
Permission to fuck him?
Fucking hell.
Tumblr media
Grinning, you turn your phone off and try and lose yourself in the man kissing you.
You don’t know why you did it. She’s going to be so incredibly mad at you.
But really, what can she do? Unless she wants you to tell your father everything, she can’t do anything.
“You’re so hot,” the man groans, grabbing your ass as he kiss you harder.
“Thanks,” you giggle, and your phone buzzes in your pocket. “You sure we won’t be found in here?”
He nods. “Yeah, I always bring girls back here.”
“Oh.” You frown.
The mood shifts back to frantic kissing and touching. He grabs all over you, shoving his tongue down your throat. 
And it’s flattering, it really is, but your mind is elsewhere - imagining her doing these things to you. Your phone vibrates as more text messages come through.
“You need to get that?” the man asks.
“Huh? Oh, no.” You pull him in again, and you try, really try, to forget about Natasha. To drown the thought of her with each new kiss.
It’s not working.
He pushes you against the wall again, and his hands go between you, unbuckling his belt.
You lick your lips.
The door suddenly slams open. And then he’s pulled off you, yanked out of your arms before either of you can react.
“What the fuck?!” he yells, turning around to throw a punch at the intruder.
Natasha easily dodges, taking him by the throat and throwing him in the direction of the door. “Get out,” she snarls.
He backs away, wide eyed.
You clutch at your chest, trying to slow the fast beating of your heart.
Natasha shuts the door behind him, before turning to glare at you. “You broke a rule.”
You swallow.
“He had his hands all over you.” She stalks towards you, keeping you backed up against the wall. “You let him touch you.”
You stiffen. “What the hell do you mean by that?” You’ve never seen her look... mad.
She leans in, her nose nudging against yours. “You are a thorn in my side, Princess.” And you feel her hand skimming the hem of your dress. “Letting anyone between these legs.” Her hand traces up your bare thigh, shivers radiating from her touch.
You gaze drops to her mouth, the sensual curve taking up your vision while you focus on the sensation of her hand.
She takes your panties and rips them off with a sudden jerk, the material tearing.
You gasp, looking back up to meet her eyes.
Dark heat swirls in her furious gaze as she stuffs your panties into her pocket. “Spoilt fucking Princess.”
And suddenly you feel her finger pushing at your entrance. Your thighs clench together on instinct, but she’s relentless, pushing her finger inside your soaking wet channel until she’s filled you up.
You whimper.
"Is this what you let everyone do? Fill you up like this?” And she begins to push and pull, fucking her finger up inside you, hitting that perfect spot over and over again with deadly precision.
“Yes,” you breathe.
She snarls. “That will change.”
Oh god, you could come already. The wet heat between your legs is growing with each thrust of her finger. “Natasha.” Your heat falls back, hitting the wall.
And she follows the movement, the heat in her gaze transforming into something utterly possessive. She inserts a second finger. “You answer to me, Princess. Do you understand?”
You nod, biting your lip.
She growls, taking the back of your neck with her free hand and pulling your face against hers, fiercely kissing you.
And you’re coming instantly, falling apart just like she said she wanted, your pussy clenching on her fingers.
She consumes your sounds of pleasure, kissing you in a way you’ve never been kissed before. It’s utterly dominating, leaving no room for any question of who you belong to.
She kisses you and fingers you until you’re so sensitive you’re begging her to stop.
And she finally pulls away, only to lift her fingers to her mouth and suck.
You watch in fascination as her eyes roll back, and she purrs at the taste.
Your pussy clenches over nothing.
When she’s finished cleaning her fingers, she removes them from her mouth and meets your gaze. Some of the heat is gone, but the way she looks at you is different now. Warmer, clearer, and... dominating.
“What’s going to happen now?” you ask stupidly. She’s turned your mind completely blank.
She smirks, glancing down at your panties falling out of her pocket. “That’s completely up to you, Princess.”
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manu-007s-world · a day ago
Tumblr media
Natasha: Aw… I cut my finger…
Y/N: *runs* wheeee ooooo wheeee ooooo wheeee ooooo
Natasha: What
Y/N: *stops and put a bandage to Natasha’s finger*
Y/N: *runs again* wheeee ooooo wheeee ooooo
Natasha: ….
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ayameric · a day ago
Y/N, interrogating a suspect: Listen here, asshat, I’m in charge now and you’re gonna give me everything.
Steve, from behind the two way glass: Does she know she powdered sugar on her nose? Did you not tell her?
Natasha: She was just so amped up I didn’t have the heart to ruin her flow.
Steve, looking back at Y/N: You sure this is the one you want?
Natasha, smirking: Without a doubt. 
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diaryoflife · a day ago
[Natasha, waking into the room where Y/N is talking to a team member]
Natasha: Y/N, do you think I’m smart?
Y/N, looking at Natasha: Oh, is that what we’re gonna do today? We’re gonna fight?
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lesbian-deadpool · 2 days ago
Y/N: So, are we friends?
Natasha: Yeah.
Y/N: You sure?
Natasha: Sure.
Y/N: Should we kiss?
Natasha: NO.
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sheisnotalone · 2 days ago
𝐰𝐞 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐰𝐡𝐞𝐧𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫 | 𝐰𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐚𝐧𝐚𝐭
.・゜-: ✧ :- ゜~.・゜-: ✧ :- ゜~.・゜-: ✧ :- ゜~
pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Wanda Maximoff x reader (platonic)
warnings: panic attacks, mentions of depression and anxiety (it's the way I experience it) apart from that it's pure fluff because I need it
word count: 1.6k
summary: you are having a panic attack and are going through a rough time and wanda and natasha are there for you.
a/n: this is 100% me coping with my own anxiety so I guess read at own risk? I kinda want to use this to thank the people that were there for me in the past few weeks and show you how important you are to me, if you know what I mean? You are to me what WandaNat are to y/n in this fic and I can't thank you enough for it.
@stonemags, @hocuspocusbabyy, @immortalityisbliss, @maximotts, @radbearxxx, @chelleztjs18, @hey-its-liz, my RL friends who will probably never read this M, L and E and everyone else that reached out to me, you don't know how thankful I am for all of you and how much even the little interactions mean to me. I'm going through a lot and all of you make it a bit easier.
and I want to share with you this song which also fits the topic and I was able to listen to while it was played live tonight, enjoy~
.・゜-: ✧ :- ゜~.・゜-: ✧ :- ゜~.・゜-: ✧ :- ゜~
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Tumblr media
Suddenly it was all too much, you felt it the whole day, the feeling in your gut, pulling at you from the inside. You didn't notice when you started sobbing. You were sitting on your bed hugging a big stuffed animal when the panic attack washed over you. Your thoughts were spinning, breathing seemed impossible and all you wanted to do was scream. But you couldn't, you could just sit there and let it happen. When you regained the ability to move you somehow managed to grab your phone and messaged the first person that came up on your screen. you didn't really care who it was you just needed someone to know that you are not okay.
"panic attack"
That's the only thing you texted before your phone dropped out of your hands again and another wave of sobs washed over you. The black hole inside of you started to consume you. You didn't notice when your door opened and someone entered. Worry on her face the person moved to sit next to you on the bed and wrapped her arms around you.
"Sweetheart, it's okay, I'm here" you would recognise that voice everywhere. "Wanda?" you got out, turning your head to look at her. "Shh" she whispered in your ear "I've got you". She pulled you closer and you let your body relax against her. "Focus on my breathing" she started slowly rubbing your back while still holding you close mumbling sweet nothings into your hair after pressing a soft kiss to the crown of your head. You needed a long time to calm down but the presence of someone else made you feel better.
"What time is it?" you asked, your voice raspy from crying. "Nearly 10pm, I can stay here with you for the night if you want" she suggested not wanting to leave you alone in this state. "I don't want to cause you any inconveniences" you replied. You didn't want her to just stay here out of pity even though you would really appreciate not having to be alone with your thoughts again. "You are not causing inconveniences, let me just get changed and brush my teeth, I'll be back in 10" she got up after you nodded releasing you from her hold. You immediately missed the warmth of her body but knowing that she would return you let yourself fall to your back onto the sheets. You didn't even know why this was affecting you so much. It was nothing, just a little misunderstanding with a really close friend but you felt like you fucked up, that they hated you now, that you would loose them. Not that that would be new to you. You frankly had a long list of failed friendships. It was just a matter of time until someone important to you would leave because they discovered just how broken you actually were.
You started getting lost in your thoughts again, you started crying again, the black hole inside of you returned again. But before it could get worse you heard the door open and two pairs of feet step in. Two persons crawled onto the bed, one of each side of you and you immediately recognised your favourite redheads. Wanda had brought Natasha with her. She was spooning you from behind, pulling you close to her when Wanda started talking "I hope you don't mind that I brought her with me, she was really worried". She looked down to you and Natasha and you gave her a reassuring smile to let her know you were more than okay with it. "Did you eat and drink enough today, honey?" she asked. You started thinking. For breakfast you had a toast and you drank half a water bottle. Apart from that...
The amount of time you needed to think of an answer was enough for Wanda to draw her own conclusions. "Thought so" and with a flick of her hand a serving tray appeared in front of you, slowly hovering above you. Natasha loosened her hold on you so the both of you could sit up. Before Wanda could place the tray on your legs pulled Natasha you into her lap so she could still hug you from behind. "I know exactly how you feel" Natasha confessed from behind you "For me it helps if someone is holding me close so I don't loose my grip on reality, but if you don't want me to stop, I'll stop of course"
"No, please don't stop" you leaned back onto her and she smiled down at you. Wanda then gave you the tray and snuggled close to the two of you, head buried in Natasha's neck. You looked down and found two avocado toasts with tomatoes and a water bottle in front of you. How Wanda knew that this was one of your favourite foods was beyond you, but you really appreciated the gesture and took your first bite.
"When you're done I could show you funny old pictures of Wanda and me when she was new on the team if you want" Natasha offered and you were too focused on your food to see Wanda blush. It was established that the two redhead's were dating each other and Nat had told you many times how cute and insecure Wanda had been at the beginning. "Or we could watch a movie or series instead, if you prefer that" Wanda tried, earing a soft chuckle from Natasha.
"C-can we do both maybe?" you stammered. "Of course we can, malyshka" Natasha affirmed "you finish eating, I'll search the pictures and Wanda chooses a show we can watch". Wanda and you nodded and soon the tray was gone, 'How I met your mother' was playing on the TV and you were curled up in between the two women. Natasha had placed a tablet in front of you and was swiping through some older pictures of her, Wanda and the team and ever so often you started giggling. There were some really funny and some really ugly pictures and you loved that they shared this with you. Your time on the team hadn't been long, but even though you were still 'the new kid' the witch and the former assassin had always been by your side, looking out for you and being there for your highs and lows.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Occasionally one of them would make a comment about a funny thing that happened on specific missions or about good memories with the team. So you learned where the burned patch in the kitchenfloor came from and why Peter was forbidden to be in Tony's lab alone. Eventually you had seen all the pictures and a comfortable silence fell over the three of you. You were sandwiched in between Wanda and Natasha and both were holding onto you.
"Do you want to talk about it?" Wanda was the first to break the silence. There was no need to specify what she meant. You took a deep breath. Talking about it was never easy, but you know it would help. So you started talking and told them everything. Every little detail, your worries, how it affects your mental state and about how annoyed you were that this got you so worked up. Eventually you started crying again unable to hold your emotions back. Both of them listened while still holding you close, sometimes giving you reassuring words letting you know that they were listening. And you were right, talking about it made you feel a little bit better.
"This sounds so dumb and I hate myself for letting this get to me so bad. And sorry for loading all of this onto you" you concluded. "Stop right there!" Natasha suddenly said "Do not ever apologise for talking about how something makes you feel. It takes a lot of courage to open up to someone else about this. We both are so proud of you for taking this step and talking about this, I know it is not easy and do never, NEVER hate yourself for feeling a certain way. I know they are important to you, you wouldn't feel this way if they weren't". "Maybe you need some space, some distance, so you can figure things out on your end" Wanda added. You needed some time to let the words sink in before you replied "... you are probably right". The thought was not new to you. You had already considered it, but you didn't want to loose what you had before. "Give me your phone" Natasha demanded and you looked at her confused. "Why? what do you-" you tried but she interrupted you holding out her hand demandingly "just give it to me". And hesitantly you pulled your phone out of your pocket and dropped it into her open hand. "What are you doing?" you questioned as Natasha tapped on your phone. "I'm turning is off and putting it away, Wanda give me yours too" she held out her hand again for Wanda to hand her her phone. Then she got up and left the room. "Wha?-" you said still confused. "She wants to make sure that we all get some time off from social media" Wanda shrugged. "Exactly, digital detox" Natasha announced walking back into the room, closing the door behind her. "Time to relax, cuddle and watch some sitcoms" the words earned her a smile from Wanda.
"We got you y/n" she said "And we are here whenever"
.・゜-: ✧ :- ゜~.・゜-: ✧ :- ゜~.・゜-: ✧ :- ゜~
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titaniaerza18 · a day ago
Natasha: You two are like drugs
Wanda: You can't live without us?
Y/n: We're addicting?
Natasha: You're both wildly expensive, I love you despite common sense, and the will to kick you to the curb lessens the longer you're with me
Wanda: Thanks...
Y/n: Love you too!
Tumblr media
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lizziesaura · a day ago
Getting To Know Somebody Else
SUMMARY — when nothing else felt like home, natasha did. or, all natasha’s ever wanted was to be enough for you
PAIRING — Natasha Romanoff x Reader ( 1.6k )
AUTHORS NOTE — Inspired by enough for you by Olivia Rodrigo. Moved from another blog.
You have Tony Stark to thank for the happiest moments of your life. He doesn’t let you forget it either. His smug expression is practically tattooed on the inside of your eyelids when you try to fall asleep after already dealing with him and his teasing at work for thirteen agonizing hours. His matchmaking skills albeit rusty, and not asked for, have led to a more then complicated relationship with one Ms Natasha Romanoff herself. He’s entirely the kind of person you hate, but find yourself coming back to time and time again, because when he’s not being a pushy asshole, he’s kind. He’d kill you if he ever heard you call him kind.
The Avengers Tower had become a home for the team and yourself quicker then you would’ve expected. Pepper continued to outdo herself with the interior design, though you’d been entirely unimpressed with Tony, who intentionally designed the top floor personally for you and Natasha. Despite his persistent meddling that both you and Natasha were painfully aware of, you made excellent floormates; yet another thing Tony would come to hold over your head.
Until the Avengers Initiative in 2011, you had never experienced living circumstances like sleepaway summer camp or dorming at college. Having a roommate was an adjustment that was a rather intense change, but Natsha made it easy. Even if living in the multi-billion dollar compound was technically nothing like sharing a small wood cabin in the woods, Natasha made it feel that way. You’d come to learn very quickly that despite her rough edges and conditioning, she was entirely soft to the belief that you were never too old to make up for lost time.
The first week in the compound was terrible. Despite the company, you’d never felt so alone. Even if you’d saved the world from aliens with these people, a handful of them were still strangers. You spent more time pacing your bedroom than you did sleeping, and that was evident. Your otherwise easygoing and soft spoken attitude had been replaced with a sass that made Natasha giggle into her cheerios. She found your sleepy attitude funny, cute even. Tony, the one on the receiving end of your blunt response, did not.
Natasha had begun to pick up on your patterns the longer you shared a floor. She wasn’t the heaviest sleeper, and you weren’t the quietest in any regards. You had spent almost an hour exchanging horrible dad jokes with FRIDAY when Natasha came knocking on your bedroom door. She smiled softly at your sleepy eyes and pouty frown, complimented the decor like she hadn’t just shoved her way past you at two in the morning, and then began pulling your bed apart.
Turns out, child assassins don’t get to catch up on the latest animated films in their downtime. You had spent that night into the early afternoon under a blanket fort with Natasha, showing her your favorite Disney movies. She hated almost all of them, but her smile never fell. You hadn’t realized how much that night would change your life.
Natasha was observant. She knew your favorite colors, and your favorite movies within days of listening to you ramble. She could also tell when you weren’t feeling up to yourself, or when you needed a break. Sometimes you hated how observant she was.
The first time she noticed you weren’t yourself, it was a Thursday night. Steve was trying his best to adapt to the twenty-first century and you were with him. He had become a close companion in so little time. Maybe it was because you both felt the most out of place in the compound, even if it was for completely different reasons. Steve was displaced from his time, you weren’t sure how to navigate your feelings for a particular redhead who enjoyed teasing you until you became red faced and shy. Still, Natasha noticed. She had been walking past the common area when she saw you curled in on yourself. She’d come to learn your cues, and this wasn’t any she’d familiarized with. What Natasha didn’t know was that you had a history with anxiety, and it didn’t appreciate how fast your life had been changing lately.
She stole you away from Steve that night, some bullshit excuse about needing a training partner since Tony was away with Pepper for the week. Your relationship hasn’t been the same since. Leading you to this very moment.
Natasha had asked you out. It was late and you were half asleep in her bed, only half focusing on the movie that seemed to never end. She was watching you intensely, and only when you blushed a shade of deep red did she giggle and ask the question that had been on her mind all night. Natasha Romanoff was blunt, but she wasn’t bold. You had answered the question immediately with a shy giggle and a nod, playing with her fingers that had been entangled with yours since you’d joined her in bed a few hours ago. The date wasn’t going to be anything over the top, but what she hinted at was enough to send a clammy chill down your spine.
Tony had laughed when he found out. And his amusement only skyrocketed come the day of your date. He watched you from the other side of the kitchen, looking at your distorted reflection in the stainless steel refrigerator, smoothing over every detail of your appearance until you forced yourself to do it all over again. You had to be perfect for her. You’d been waiting on this moment for years whether you had been aware of it or not. Deep down you knew this is what you’ve always wanted. She was what you’d always wanted.
“Why’s the kid pullin’ her hair out?” Sam laughed, nudging his hip against yours as he passed. Your small family of superheroes was only continuing to grow as enemies attempted to destroy your planet. Sam had been one of the more recent additions along with Wanda. The earlier of the two newbies enjoyed getting on your nerves more than Wanda ever could.
You huffed, spinning around to face your teammates who were failing at containing their amusement. Natasha had stormed out of the compound almost an hour ago, and it was clear that whatever she had planned was getting under her nerves just as easily as it was getting under yours. She’s your best friend. You wished reminding yourself of that made this feeling any easier.
“She’s got a date with Wendy.” Tony mocked, and Bucky tried his hardest to maintain a neutral expression. For an otherwise quiet individual, Bucky Barnes really came to life when it came to messing with you.
“If she heard you calling her Wendy you’d be a dead man, Stark” You reminded the billionaire. For what was probably the hundredth time since you curled your hair, your fingers ran through the no longer tight ringlets that reminded you of how Natasha had styled her hair when you met her all those years ago.
All those years ago when she was just Natalie Rushman. Sometimes you wished you could go back to those days. Everything was less complicated. She was just Natlie. Not Natasha, your partner, your best friend, the woman you never wanted to lose or let go of. When had your life gotten so complicated?
Natasha was waiting for you outside of your favorite pizza place. She had traded in her usual black apparel for something colorful and traditionally feminine. You frowned. That was the first thing that didn’t sit right in your belly.
When she ordered, insisting that she be the one to do it, she hadn’t ordered her favorite pizza. Instead, she had ordered yours. Your heart melted into your already heavy belly when she went to pay. Her nails, that had only ever been painted black or clear, were a disgusting shade of bubblegum pink you know she would’ve never in a million years chosen. You frowned again.
When she walked you back to your room, completing ignoring all the whistling done by your idiotic teammates, you couldn’t keep your worrying to yourself anymore. The independent, headstrong women that you had spent years falling in love with hadn’t been with you once tonight, and you didn’t like whoever was standing beside you.
“Okay, what’s going on, Nat?” You frowned, turning around to face her. Her eyes were dull, lips curved upward into a grin that wasn’t her own. She hadn’t been herself all night.
Natasha frowned, squeezing your hand. “What do you mean?”
“You haven’t been yourself all night.” You raise a hand to her cheek, searching your eyes for any remains of the Natasha you know and love. “You hate regular pizza. You hate the color pink. You hate colors in general. What’s going on? Tonight felt like I was getting to know somebody that isn’t you.”
Natasha’s eyes well with tears and sheepishly she looks away from your concern. She hates that you can make her feel so human. She hates that you reduce her to pointless babbles and blushes by just saying her name. As well as she knows you, she hates that you might know her better. “I just wanted… I wanted to be enough for you.”
“You are always, always enough for me Natasha. God why would you even think that you weren’t? I’m in love with you. Nobody else. Just you. The fact that you would ever think otherwise-” You don’t have the chance to finish. Natasha’s lips are on yours before you can let her know just how much you love her, and your head spins. She’s intoxicating. Her touch, her taste, her smell. You don’t even know your name when she pulls away from your lips.
Her smirk wounds you. Everything in your body melts against hers and it’s like you haven’t just spent three painful hours in a pizzeria wanting to bang your head into the wall. It’s just you and Natasha. And that’s all you’ve ever needed it to be.
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𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐰𝐨𝐦𝐚𝐧 - 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝟒.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
not my gif!
pairing: best friend’s mom!natasha romanoff x fem!reader
summary: you know it was beautifully wrong when your best friend’s mother kissed your parched mouth. what’s even worse is that she’s a married woman and you’re just her secret affair.
warnings: angst, toxic fight with a parent, let me know if i’m missing something. x
author’s note: i plan to make a wanda x natasha fic in the future and it’s sort of similar to the book “conversation with friends”! it’s just an idea though, nothing too serious yet. also, to everyone who sends me requests one-shots i’m working on it right now, i promise! i hope you enjoy this part. xx
this series is 18+ minors dni! please, if you are a minor i suggest stay off my blog. if i write something appropriate for young audiences then i’ll let you know. x
series masterlist || main masterlist || taglist for this series
Tumblr media
You didn’t have a choice.
Everything in that town wasn’t doing so well for you. Your mother, who barely loved you like a daughter, never gave a damn that you got accepted at a college somewhere in London. When you told her that you got the acceptance letter, all she did was a hum and drink from the rim of her beer. Of course, she would respond that way. When was the last time she even cared?
Then, you told the news to your best friend and she was happily thrilled for you; pushing you to fly and chase whatever dreams you had. It was also the last time you saw Natasha since you got accepted, the redhead gave you a tight lip smile and a simple nod, quietly saying: “Congrats.” and leave your sight.
There were no goodbyes, no text messages, no hugs. No kiss.
It was better that way to prevent yourself from getting attached once again.
Lucy gave you the last goodbye before you got onto the plane and told you to stay safe and away from boys. You nodded, kissing her forehead for one last time, and left without looking back – because if you do, you’ll never leave.
Thank god you studied in London because now you’re a better version of yourself and matured enough to know that your relationship with Natasha ended that way for good.
But inside of your heart, the longing for the woman is still there.
You never stopped thinking of her.
Tumblr media
She can’t remember how many glasses of whiskey she took when Y/N left.
She can’t even remember the last time her lips were on the young girl.
Maria was away again for work, Lucy was with her boyfriend, and Natasha was all alone in their big home – drinking heavily. She was far from an alcoholic, not even close to being one, but tonight; the redhead needed to drink to avoid the feeling of being left from Y/N.
Somehow the older woman thinks if there was a universe where she ends up with Y/N. Although that’s merely impossible for her to teleport into that universe, it’s something she desperately wants right at this moment. The young girl leaving, leaving “her”, is heartbreaking to Natasha. As someone who is older and more mature, she shouldn’t be even feeling like this. But Y/N was more than an affair, she was her angel. The love of her life – even though that sounds childish, it’s true.
Natasha gets out of her drunk haze and looks up to see her daughter, standing by the doorway, looking worried. Lucy bites her lip and sighs, walking towards her mother and grabbing the glass to keep it away from her hand. Natasha only groans and flops her head back on the couch that was behind the bed, and speaks lowly,
“Give it back, Luce.”
“You had too much to drink.”
“I know when I’ll stop, sunshine,” Natasha defends and tries to snatch the glass from her daughter until she almost stumbles to the ground. Lucy rolls her eyes at Natasha’s reassurance and puts the glass where her mother can’t reach it. A few minutes later, her daughter was helping the poor woman to the bed and kissed her forehead, telling her to sleep peacefully.
The woman does feel guilty whenever she’s with her daughter. After all, she’s sleeping with Lucy’s best friend; of course, there is a sense of guilt and responsibility that comes. But, there was no regret for Natasha since she was head over heels with Y/N.
Will this be a new start?
Impossible. Natasha was attached to her love.
Tumblr media
You’re finally back in the lonesome town after 5 years of being away from the past. Since you’ve finally graduated, automatically you have to move back. And wishing you didn’t, you miss your best friend who you haven’t seen in such a long time. So, you’re back for good.
“I’ve missed you so much!” Lucy whines while her arms are wrapped around your body. You couldn’t help but smile happily as you hugged your friend tighter, sniffling her arms.
“I’ve missed you too, Luce.”
“Mhm, sure you did,” she chuckles and kisses the side of your forehead. Pulling away, Lucy was in awe of how you looked. You were radiating with sunlight, glowing for that matter. Your skin looked perfectly healthy and your eyes are refreshed with your usual color. She thanks herself for pushing you to study in London, it gave you a huge break from the mess in this town.
“You look so pretty,” she says, still in awe that you almost blushed. “London changed you?”
You shake your head as you presume that she was talking about the accent. Besides, you were coming home, so why else would you use the accent? And it also didn’t really stick with you.
“Still have my usual accent, babe,” you tell her jokingly.
“Yeah what I meant is that, your personality. Did it change you in a good way?”
You silently nodded. London helped you move forward through thick and thin, especially in your past relationship with Natasha. You didn’t necessarily meet new people, you have friends there for sure but – you were mostly alone in your dorm. You like space and peace, it’s a strange comfort. You’d invite a few friends and drink cheap alcohol together but other than that, you were mostly just alone.
You loved it that way.
“You’ve moved out?” you asked after a long subtle silence while walking down the side road, not knowing where both of you will go home since you surely don’t want to see your mother. She’s probably still a piece of shit. You thought inside of your head, laughing to yourself but without doing it physically.
“No, I still live with mom.”
“Right,” you say in such a dismissive tone, cursing inwardly to yourself since she doesn’t know anything about your relationship with Natasha once. But, Lucy noticed it so quickly. How could she not?
“Jeez, you don’t want to see my mom?”
“I–” you stuttered frustratingly, trying to form words inside your head correctly. “No, of course, I do want to see her. I’m just having a headache, that’s all.”
Then, there was another long silence after that but not awkwardly. There was a nearby park along the way and as soon as you were about to put your suitcase on the bench, she mutters,
“She misses you, a lot. Mom won’t stop asking me about you, wondering if you are doing alright. She even considers visiting you with me, although I got caught up with school, so.”
You smiled dumbly to yourself as if finding out that your crush likes you back in first grade. But, she didn’t see that part since you’re currently facing the bench. Quickly, like a fox, you remember that you shouldn’t be feeling this way towards the married woman – you’ve ended it in the first place, why else go back to the past?
“Oh,” you whispered, then facing Lucy with a tight lip smile on your face. “That’s nice of her, I guess.”
“I swear, she treats you like her daughter. Always wondering where you are, even thinking of seeing you.”
You don’t know whether that’s a compliment or not but you hate hearing the term daughter on her lips. It cringes you a lot to the point that you’d throw yourself off a cliff, just by hearing that one word: daughter. You're far from that, you’re not even close to that term.
You want to tell Lucy so bad.
Not long enough you’re back at the Romanoffs and noticed how… quiet the scenery was. Lucy helped you bring your suitcase with her strong hands and opened the door, pushing you inside. Inside the hall, there was a long table that was fully empty, and see how dirty it was. Then, turning to your left, the kitchen is left uncleaned and your inner clean freak is about to come out sooner than later; you do need to maintain that habit.
“I forgot to mention, my parents got divorced. I’m staying with Mom for a little while before I move out.”
You almost dropped to your knees while hearing those words that slipped from Lucy’s mouth. Divorced? Did Maria and Natasha get divorced? A pan of fear was in you and you felt your throat tightening, the more you think about your long-time affair with the woman. You gulped, trying to form words, but nothing came out, unfortunately; you were in utter shock.
“Momma says that mom fell out of love with her,” Lucy continues while placing the suitcase at the corner of the wall. She turns, sighing heavily – as if disappointed. “At first I was mad at mom, I mean–they were together for so long, how, right? But then I realized that mom wasn’t so happy either… for a long time. So, I understand both sides.”
You fiddled with your fingers, trying to distract yourself from feeling guilty as your best friends keep dropping more stories that you never heard of. You have so many questions in your head, did Natasha tell Maria the truth? Does Maria despise you? Are you even allowed to step into this house? Your head hurts, you need a smoke.
“How um,” you cleared your throat as you averted your weak eyes to your friend who looked fine. “Is Natasha happier now?”
She nods faintly, “Yeah, sure. Well, she’s been drinking lately. I don’t know, I asked her if it’s because of the divorce but she says it’s not even about that. A few months later, I told her to see someone else but she wouldn’t even budge. Mom is kind of confusing me right now, I don’t know how else to help her.”
You can feel her discomfort as she says the reason to you, almost feeling awful for your best friend. Well, of course, you do – it’s just that you’re a little scared that maybe Lucy has an idea that you used to sleep with her mother and you’re the fucking reason why they got divorced.
“Luce, I’m so sorry,” you whispered with the most apologetic tone you could try. She just sighs dismissively.
“It’s whatever–”
“Lucy, I will go out for a drink, do you mind keeping the house guarded?” Natasha comes downstairs with an expensive-looking buttoned blouse tucked inside her black pants that matched her sneakers. The woman stops in her tracks as her eyes widen softly in your presence. She looked like she was about to fall down, in complete denial that you were standing in front of her.
You can smell her aroma scent of smoke that mixes with daisy flowers that radiates her and you study her face carefully and notice how exhausted the woman looked. Something inside of you just wants to hug her and tell her that you’re home, home with her.
Stop thinking that way.
She stutters, twitching her mouth open, “Y–Y/N? You’re back home…”
You couldn’t help but smile at the way she speaks to you. You nodded slowly, replying, “Yeah, I’m home.”
“For good?”
“I guess so,” you shrugged and scratched your nape, feeling a little awkward with your response. Natasha’s facial expression changes quickly like her whole face lit up with joy. Lucy caught the way the woman smiled at you and threw her arms around your neck, nuzzling her head into your neck – feeling home.
You can’t help yourself but embrace her presence.
“I missed you a lot,” she says with a shuddering whisper. Pulling away, she looks at you deeply, as if she’s gathering information on your face – like studying you. To her, she still sees you as that girl she fell in love with. Although your face became more mature and more defined. You look at her and see how quickly the color of her eyes changed, it was lighter than before. There was no denial that you missed her because deeply, you do.
“Damn, you really are fond of my best friend huh?”
Somehow this made Natasha’s expression change into something colder and looks away from your eyes, turn to face her daughter, and shrugged.
“Y/N has been a part of our lives, of course, I missed her.”
You smiled sheepishly at Lucy then took a step back to the woman as you felt your entire body about to collapse from that hug, that warm hug you needed for so long. Now you’re genuinely confused with your own feelings since your heart is racing from Natasha’s presence, the way she stood up across you truly intimidates her whole essence. She looked older, better, but moodier and a little gloomy.
Her eyes speak with coldness when she looked back at you ut eventually soften because she could never look at you with that kind of expression that she is using.
“I think I’ll stay home, to catch up with Y/N and make lunch for all of us, yeah?”
You help Natasha and Lucy in the kitchen while the redhead brings out her famous Mac N’ Cheese on the big pot. You pour a warm cup of coffee into each of your glasses and gave Lucy the first one, asking her wordlessly to taste it.
“It’s good! I missed your coffee,” she compliments while taking larger gulps.
“Thanks,” you say lightly.
“May I try? I’d love to taste it,” Natasha asks while placing the empty pot on the sink, twisting the faucet so the water could run down the dirty dish. Of course, you nodded and quickly offered her the mug – smiling shyly. Her hand grazes yours and the woman takes the mug from you, her eyes intensely looking down at yours as she presses her lips on the rim of her mug, sipping the warm coffee down her throat.
It took 15 seconds for her to whisper, “This is good. If you had a coffee shop somewhere down the road I might as well buy it from there.”
“Truly,” Lucy agrees who was sitting on the curved couch. “Y/N, you have to make your shop. Everyone will seriously buy your shit.”
You never thought about opening your own cafe, it never slipped across your mind. But you have a great passion for making your coffee. Lucy was your representative while making your caffeine. You’d let her taste it, ask her if anything was missing but she would always say, No, it’s perfect. Don’t change anything. You’d simply take her advice since you don’t listen to anyone else other than your friend.
“Probably,” you sighed and leaned the lower half of your body against the cupboard. Natasha still has her eyes on you but mostly, she focuses on your lips and each of your expressions changing. The redhead has a thing for admiring people, most especially you. She can’t help herself.
A sudden phone call abrupts the silence in the room and Lucy quickly apologizes and walks out of the kitchen, taking the phone call outside in the garden – completely leaving you alone with Natasha that you kind of wish for.
Natasha took small steps beside you until she was a few inches away from your body. Her eyes never left your face and you can feel your cheeks burning up, just because this woman won’t stop gazing at you.
“Is there something on my face?” you joked, bringing the mug to your lips again to take a long sip of your coffee.
She shakes her head slowly, “No. I just… I haven’t seen you for so long, don’t mind me.”
“Well, I get intimidated by you whenever you stare at me like that.”
There was a long thick silence but not awkwardly. It made you feel safer when none of you were saying something since that’s mostly what you both do during the span of your relationship with her once. You both speak with lingering kisses, making love, and touching each other innocently. It was like the private language you both had and understand. You liked it that way.
“You’ve grown,” she whispers with a lower tone as you snickered.
“Is that a compliment?”
“Yes,” she smiles at you in such a dreamy way that you find her very charming, you always find her so charming – it’s like you’re crushing on her all over again. Natasha clears her throat and shakes her head, chuckling to herself at how aloof she has become.
“How’s London?”
“I’ve had a fantastic time there,” you say way too quickly, then dart your eyes at an object, just to keep your wanting eyes away from the woman you used to love. “I’ve made friends... quite a few friends actually, but mostly I was alone.”
“I know how much you like to be alone and I’m sure it was very comforting.”
“It was,” you responded quietly.
Another silence came through again and all you can hear is Natasha sipping her coffee, coughing softly after that. She then turns to you and asked, “Have you met someone new?”
You’d say you do, but you haven’t. Not even after trying to move on from a relationship for 5 years, you haven't seen anyone and once you tell this news to her you’re gladly sure she’ll be thrilled. So you lied.
Playfully, you rolled your eyes but continue with your plan, “No, I have met someone. You’re just stubborn enough to believe it.”
“I’m not stubborn, Y/N, I just know when a person is lying or not. Your eyes show it all,” she replies with a low tone of voice while she inches closer to you, until her pinkie finger links with yours on the white cupboard. You gasped quietly as you tried your best to not form attention to the woman. Natasha never left her finger, she simply put it at ease and chuckled softly.
“There’s no one else,” Natasha whispers near your ear, feeling your skin tightened and sensitive as you can feel her breath trickling down your neck. “I know, detka. I know.”
It’s like this woman is truly, rather obsessed with you since she can technically read your mind. Or maybe it was how you acted, you aren’t an actor after all. Lucy would’ve found out you’re lying the minute you say something false. So, you had your shot.
“Yeah sure,” you snickered again and took a long sip of your mug, making your lips a tsp sound once you’re done with it. Then, both of you were sent back in a comfortable silence until Lucy finally comes back into the kitchen, telling us that she got a job offer at a small book store.
You went home shortly after a paid visit to Lucy’s mother and thank god that you did because your questions for the woman were finally answered. Well, Lucy told you everything so it’s not like Natasha talked about it with you. Once you stepped inside of your reminiscent home, you found your mother eating from a bowl with crazed hair that was everything.
She has gotten worse.
“You didn’t knock,” she grumbled while taking a harsh spoonful of food inside of her mouth. With mannerisms, you take off your boots and stroll the suitcase until it is in the back corner.
You waved a little and quickly offered a kind smile, “Hi, mom.”
You sat down across from her and clasped your hands together for you not to have a panic attack, just because you hate being here right now. You didn’t want to come home but, where else could you go? Not Lucy’s, most definitely not – especially when Natasha’s around.
“Do you have a job?”
You scoffed as she asked something so offensive, yet it wasn’t.
“At least you could ask how I am and how was fucking London.”
She mocked and dropped her spoon on the bowl with a loud clang.
“Don’t pull that attitude with me, young lady.”
You were seeing red and hatred in front of your eyes so you stood up abruptly, making the chair a screeching sound on the floor, and pointed your index finger at the woman you loath; that you want to plot murder on her if you can. You know you’re about to say the nastiest things and you won’t stop yourself from then on.
Maybe going back to Lucy is a consideration.
“You are an awful person!” you seethed, almost feeling warm tears in your eyes. “A fucking deadbeat woman who never gave a damn about their child! You only want my money so you can buy your alcohol and I’ve had enough of you, Joanna! I'm so fucking done with you!”
“Kids don’t kiss their mother with that mouth,” Joanna stands, walking towards you, and without even flinching you feel her hand contact with your cheeks as you almost tumbled on the near dresser. You gasped, touching your cheek as it felt warm in your palm. This was your mother, this was her true color. It saddens you even, to see someone so broken yet so fulfilled with something that they don’t even own. You should’ve never loved her.
But that’s your mother for fuck's sake.
You left the house that you lived in and walked back to Lucy’s, hoping she’d accept you in for a while. But once you knocked on the red door, you were met with Natasha’s presence and the need to buy an apartment came rushing through your head.
“Hi,” she breathes with a worried look. You looked at the redhead and saw she was wearing a warm comfy robe around her body, then to her eyes and noticed they were more green than the last time you looked at her. It soothes you almost.
“Hi, sorry for coming but… Can I stay here for a bit? I left my mom’s house, I don’t think I’ll be back there for a while.”
She did nothing but nod, as if she’s understanding you without saying a word, and helped you take your suitcase in. Then, you shut the front door with a quiet slam.
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kitmoas · 2 days ago
Flood Gate
Summary: Kate has control issues
Pairing: Kate x Reader x WandaNat
Genre: Smut
Word Count: 4kish
Warnings: Piss Kink, Semi-Public Sex (in front of consenting Avengers/Agents), degradation and humiliations
*As usual let me know if I missed anything important*
A/N: Wellll I finally caved and wrote it lol If you know me and see this, no you don't ahaha Hopefully for those that wanted it, this was worth the wait *cough cough, looking at you @caroldantops **
Training Grounds Master List
Tumblr media
***MINORS DNI******18+ ONLY***
Your eyes are glued to the bouncing knee in front of you, teeth gnawing at your bottom lip as you try your hardest to not lean forward and bite into the sensitive flesh there. The hard concrete floor you’re kneeling on has caused your legs to go tingly, the muscles shaking to try and keep the perfect form during the longest meeting to ever exist. The fog in your mind was immensely strong when you first went into the room, Kate had you bent over her lap before anyone else even stepped foot inside, but even the warmth on your backside was disappearing. A quiet whine leaves your throat as you faintly hear Steve say he has another slide show to go through. 
Kate raises an eyebrow at you, watching you struggle to keep your position, as she reaches for another cup of water. This meeting was entirely different from any of the Young Avenger meetings where she and Peter were in charge, and while she was honored to have finally been asked to join she was bored. Her original nerves had finally worn off, and now she was just drinking every cup of liquid she could reach so that she didn’t groan out loud. The archer looks around even more bored as she’s the only fun one in the meeting, even Bucky is paying attention. 
Huffing out, she chugs one more glass of water before turning her focus to you. She watches with a gleam in her eyes as you squirm some in your spot. Shuffling about on your knees as you try not to break your position, she tilts her head before snapping her fingers quickly. She snickers at how excited you are when your head snaps up to look at her, tapping her thigh. 
You crawl around, slipping in between her thighs, letting your nose rub against the thin fabric of her leggings. Looking up at her with wide eyes, she smiles down at you. Her hand is running through your hair, a mumbled “Good Chew Toy” makes the warm fuzzy feeling settle in your mind. Sitting comfortably now as you lean your head to stare up at Kate’s face, as she is forced to pay attention, gives you time to get actually bored. You’re rocking in your spot, trying to not let your mind wander, but just like Wanda always says “A bored little toy is a bratty toy”. A mischievous smile spreads across your face as you let your mouth kiss gently at her thighs, wiggling in your spot when they tense under the attention you’re giving them. 
You had to be smart, subtle, as you made your way slowly up her thigh. Mouthing gently, a quick nip any time you thought she seemed to get too fidgety. Trying to not get too excited as you get closer to her covered center, you just barely nudge your nose there. A smug smirk tugs at your lips when you catch her sucking her breath through her teeth, a sharp flick to your nose does nothing to deter you from your spot.  
Letting the archer start taking notes, you drag your mouth up her thigh again before trying to suck at her covered clit. Kate’s hips jerk up and her hand tangles in your hair, yanking your head back as she glares down at you. The cheeky grin on your face says enough for her, and you can’t help the giggle that falls from your lips when she rolls her eyes at you. She’s tugging at the waistband of her leggings, speaking to you sharply but quiet enough that only Bruce looks over. “If you’re going to be a little brat, you’ll put that mouth to good use.” You can see the scientist’s face flush in embarrassment as he looks away, and it makes a rush of arousal wash over you. 
Bouncing some in your spot you try your hardest to wait patiently as your girlfriend tugs her pants down, but you can practically smell her arousal from here and you just want to be put to good use. Finally settling with her pants hanging off of one ankle, Kate drags your face back in between her thighs. “Get to work slut.” She speaks through gritted teeth as you immediately lick a stripe up through her wet folds, sucking her clit into your mouth as you look up at her. She ignores the haughty grin Tony shoots her as she bites into her bottom lips, grinding down as she uses your face. 
Scoffing reaches your ears as you realize that Steve has stopped speaking, most likely because everyone’s attention has shifted. Your entire focus is on your girlfriend though, as you teasingly lick through her folds, lapping at the dripping wetness there, moaning at the taste. The grip in your hair tightens and she pulls you flush against her, “Don’t fucking tease, you’re nothing but a mouth for me to use. Stop acting like you’re in control here.” 
The whimper that escapes your mouth is accidental but when it pulls a guttural moan from the archer, you can’t help but want more. Humming comes second nature, Wanda had always enjoyed it, and when Kate’s hips jerk almost uncontrollably you squirm happily. The broken praise falling from her lips is spilling thick fog into your brain, and you’re struggling to keep up with the frantic movements. 
Kate’s eyes snap open when she hears a chair creak, the other Avengers’ eyes are mostly averted except for a few. The archer tries to focus on how nice it feels to see the pride on a few of their faces, mostly just the ones that know her struggle to learn how to become more dominant, but the pressure on her bladder randomly starts to become too much as she nears her orgasm. She watches as your eyes glaze over with each grunted praise, “Such a good little whore, letting your puppy fuck your face.” It’s the moment that you wrap your arms around her hips, hands falling on her stomach as usual, that she starts to lose control. 
She’s pushing at your head now, words getting stuck in her throat, but she needs to move. She needs you to get off of her so she can leave, but the fog in your mind is so thick that you just up your game. “I- fuck, fuck, I-” The stammering comes out pained, but as soon as the flood gate opens Kate relaxes some into the chair; focused too much on the the intense feeling of euphoria as she empties her bladder. 
You don’t even second guess, happily wiggling around as you try your hardest to not let a single drop fall to the floor below you. It takes a few minutes for Kate to fully finish peeing, but by the end of it you’re lapping slowly at her wet cunt with your head resting against her thigh. Humming giddily to yourself, you look up at your archer when she straightens in her chair. Her ocean blue eyes are completely blown out, dark navy orbs filled with lust as she lets her thumb catch a single drop of liquid on your chin before shoving it past your lips. The moan she lets out is filthy as she watches you suck on her thumb, cleaning it off. “You are such a dirty little whore, taking whatever I give you with a smile on your face.” 
Whining you start pushing closer to your cunt, licking at it as you try to get closer. “Please Puppy, please, just wanna make you cum.” You’re sucking her clit into your mouth now, pleading eyes looking up at Kate as she grinds down into your mouth. You can feel yourself dripping through the flimsy thong that you were dressed in, your hard nipples pressed against the thin flowy shirt that your girlfriend picked out for you. Hips humping the air as you try to find relief to the burning between your thighs. 
The fingers in your hair tighten as she yanks, a pained whimper falling from your mouth. “Tongue out now.” Kate lets her thigh tighten around your head, cutting off the sound to the rest of the room so all you can hear is your own blood rushing through your ears. She’s grinding down aggressively against your tongue, fucking herself with your mouth. “Gonna make you drink my cum, just like you drank my piss.” Her hips are bucking now, the force moving your body off balance. The way she moves, the way she sounds, you can tell she’s close and you moan your appreciation. The vibrations force Kate over the edge, dragging her through her orgasm as her head slams back. 
You lap up every drop of cum, making sure to not let any of it go to waste. When she finally calms down enough, she lets you go and smirks down at you. Your face is covered in cum, shiny and wet, and the smile on your face is entirely too innocent as your unfocused eyes stare up at her. “Why don’t you say thank you to the group, baby girl.” Her voice is soft, but firm, as she lets her fingers trail in the cum on your chin. She watches you with pride in her eyes as you shyly say thank you to the room. “C’mon princess, let’s clean you up.”——————————————————————
The bright red blush along Kate’s cheeks and neck make you smile, settling your head on her stomach as you rub her collarbone. Natasha is walking around as she gets dressed after her shower, and you glance over at Wanda who’s leaning against the bed post with a smirk on her face. 
The witch is tossing a small ball of her magic between her hands as she watches you two, “Aww c’mon stray, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Except for maybe your lack of control, now if Natasha would let me that issue wouldn’t exist.” The pointedly tone made the widow scoff as she slid onto the bed, pinching the younger girl’s leg as she passed her. 
“Well excuse me, Mommy, not everyone can be as strict as you.” The ginger is rolling her eyes as she rubs your cheek, “Maybe I want a wild card to counter balance our angel princess here.” She winks at you, making a faint blush rise up your neck as you hide your face in Kate’s stomach. “Besides, now that we know the Mutt’s new kink we’re definitely going to play around with it.” 
Kate’s mouth drops, almost in protest, before she notices Wanda’s head tilts. Natasha chuckles at the interaction, and just pets the archer’s head. 
Your eyes light up when you see the quinjet land, and you watch as the entire team files out. Curiously you watch as Kate basically runs circles around Natasha and Wanda, the girl rambling as per usual only taking breaks to chug gatorade out of a huge bottle. It’s your favorite witch who sees you first, nodding her head to come to her which you immediately start running towards her. Weaving in and out of the agents and other Avengers, you end up wrapping up in her arms. “Well Little One, we have a debrief meeting if you would like to be Mommy’s good little princess and sit on her lap?” Her question is rhetorical as she’s already leading the three of you to the conference room. 
The rest of the Avengers and a few high level agents all fill the room, none blinking an eye at the fact that you’re curled up in Wanda’s lap with your face rubbing against the smooth leather of her suit. She’s leaving soft kisses on your head as the two of you whisper about your day and the mission. At the last second Bucky slips into the room, looking for a seat, and sighs when he realizes that there aren’t any seats. You watch as Natasha shoves Kate out of her seat, pointing at her feet, while she offers the seat to the man. You like the soldier, he was soft and nice; letting you curl up to his arm when you felt sick or wanted to nom on something. He smiles at you, holding his metal arm out to you. Wanda watches with warm eyes as you gnaw on it for a moment before Tony and Steve both clear their throats to start the meeting. 
With the two of them talking, and having random people speak about their time during the fight, the meeting has already been going on for over four hours now. You had taken a small nap, lured to sleep by the warmth of Wanda and her heartbeat, but now you were wide awake alternating between biting her neck or sucking on her fingers. Gently gnawing at two of the witch’s fingers you let your eyes scan the room, landing on your girlfriend who was aggressively squirming around in her spot on the floor. Your attention draws Wanda’s who just snickers before kicking Natasha’s chair, nodding towards the struggling archer. 
The widow sighs and puts her pen down, she’s leaning down now so she’s on the same level with the archer. Her voice is just loud enough for the four of you to hear, “Why are you wiggling around so much mutt?” The mocking tone lets you know that she already knows but wants to hear the young brunette say it herself. When the other girl stays quiet, you watch the assassin roll her eyes. “Let’s go, bitch, speak.” 
A pathetic whimper leaves the archer’s lips, catching the attention of Bucky who just chuckles. Kate’s voice is strained as she grits her teeth, “I wish you woulda let me use the restroom before this meeting, I gotta pee so badly Ma’am.” She’s rocking now, eyes scrunched closed as she tries to focus completely on controlling her bladder. 
Wanda’s quiet laughter shakes you as she slips her fingers from your mouth, wrapping her arms around you to stabilize you. Natasha leans in, rubbing the archer’s stomach soothingly, an entirely too innocent smile on her face. “It’s хозяин to you dumb mutt.” The hand on Kate’s stomach presses down, a mischievous smirk replacing the smile on the widow’s face as she listens to the panicked whines. “Don’t be rude, you can’t walk out now. You’ll have to speak soon enough.” 
Ocean blue eyes widen, looking up in alarm, as she stumbles over her words. “But- I.. please p’ease let me go use the restroom. I promise I’ll be quick.” Your girlfriend’s voice slurs a little as she tries to lean heavily into Natasha. 
A flash of scarlet settles a fabric sheet on the floor in the open spot next to the long team table, and the widow nods over to it. “Well Mutt, if you really can’t hold it, why don’t we start your house training now.” The smirk in her voice makes you perk up, interested in where this is going. Kate’s face is bright red now, watching with cautious eyes as the rest of the team looks over at her. 
Thankful that Steve decides to continue to talk, even though everyone is distracted, the archer squirms more. “I–” The young brunette’s voice cuts off as she has to stop to hold her breath, trying to make sure she doesn’t have an accident. A stream of magic flows from the hand next to you, wrapping around Kate’s torso and slowly adding pressure along her very full bladder. 
“If you piss in your pants, Mutt, you won’t be very happy with the consequences. I would think very carefully about that pad over there.” The ginger’s voice is calm, stern, and you can see the effect it has on your girlfriend immediately. “You know you need to go, you know you want to be a good mutt.” You watch with wide eyes as Natasha tugs at Kate’s pants, an urging look on her face.
Ankles crossed as the widow almost fully takes her pants off, it’s Wanda's accent heavy voice that breaks the archer’s resolve. “Be my good little stray, use your pad.”
You watch with a giggle as your girlfriend scrambles, panic evident in her actions, as she makes her way over to the overly small pee pad. Her entire body is flush with embarrassment as she realizes most of the team is now watching her curiously, but she can’t stop the heavy stream of pee as the crimson mist presses against her stomach. She’s biting her bottom lip, staring off at the ground, but you can see the way her chest rises slowly. Natasha just barely brushes her knuckles against the archer’s cheek and a breathy moan escapes the young girl’s lips, making the three of you to smirk knowingly. “Bet that feels so good, doesn’t it? Such a messy mutt for your хозяин. Look at that, you had so much in you. You’re leaking all over the floor now.” The ginger’s voice is so soft, quiet and oh so mocking, as she watches the puddle start to form around the puppy pad. 
Wanda is waving her hand subtly now, signaling for Tony to ask Kate the questions that he wanted to ask the archer. The inventor chuckles, well versed in the two older women’s ways, as he clears his throat to get everyone’s attention. “I think it’s now time to hear from one of our youngest Avengers. She’s incredibly talented and has a bright future here, as well as leading the Young Avengers. Kate Bishop took a leading position during this mission, her first true retrieval mission. Can you explain a little bit about how that experience felt for you, Little Hawk?” 
You and Tony share a small chuckle as he nods at you, before you turn your attention to your girlfriend. She’s bright red, stuttering as she tries to rack her brain for an answer. She’s kneeling next to the pad now, fingers pulling at her holster hanging around her shoulders. You almost feel sorry for her, but then you notice her thighs rubbing together and how her breathing is labored. The more eyes that land on the young ceo just causes her to shudder, a weakly suppressed whimper escaping her tightly closed mouth. 
It takes minutes of Kate struggling for Wanda to seemingly take mercy, clearing her throat to get all the attention onto her. You whine at the attention but the witch just shushes you and shoves your face into her neck. “I would like to formally apologize for…Bishop. Natasha won’t let me train her, so she’s quite sloppy. You know how it is with strays, not all of them come house broken.” She’s snickering now, kicking her feet up to lean them against Bucky’s thigh. The man just rolls his eyes, used to the treatment by this point. “You know, Tony, I know you love a clean conference room so don’t worry. The mess will be cleaned, she will be cleaning it. All pets have to learn somehow.” Wanda ends her taunting with a grunt, hissing lightly when you bite a little too roughly on her pulsepoint. 
Steve chuckles awkwardly as he struggles to look at Kate, clapping his hands to regain the attention of the room. The widow stares down at the archer, smirking as she watches her squirm as she tries to contain herself. Leaning back down Natasha whistles softly, smiling gently as she watches the brunette crawl over to her. She pulls the young girl into a slow kiss, chuckling a bit against her lips when a whine falls from her lips. “You heard your Водич, get to cleaning.” Her words are mumbled, but firm. She watches as the younger girl starts to stand on shaky legs, attempting to go and get cleaning supplies, but the ginger just rolls her eyes shoving Kate back to the ground. “Nuh uh, your mouth will do just fine Mutt.” 
Giggles are flying out of your mouth before you can stop them as you see your girlfriend’s wide eyes, her jaw dropping in surprise. You shove your face in Wanda’s chest as you try to control yourself, even though you can feel her laughter rumbling through her body. You feel cold metal against your shin, tapping to gain your attention, and when you look at the man he points at Kate with a knowing smirk. 
You aren’t even sure what the noise that falls from your lips is but you can’t help it as you stare at Kate on her hands and knees, licking slowly at the spreading puddle. You’re squirming in Wanda’s lap, the sudden intense wave of arousal surprising you as you watch your girlfriend clean up her mess. Flinching when you feel lips against your ear, “You like the show Little One?” She chuckles at your slowed nod, feeling your body begin to go slack. “Mmhmm watching your filthy mongrel clean up her mess in front of the entire team. Bet you're just soaking through her panties, aren’t you. Tell her, Toy, tell her how much you like seeing her on her hands and knees; being a good little mutt and licking up her mess” Her leg slips between your thighs, smirking as she feels your wetness through the pants of her suit. 
A high pitched “Pup” tears through your teeth and makes Kate choke on the last gulp of her mess. The ginger rolls her eyes, as she stands noticing that it’s just Steve and Bucky whispering at the front of the room now. “Off to our wing Mutt, take the pad with you.” Natasha is rolling the soaked fabric into a ball, slipping it into a random grocery bag that came from nowhere. Letting the archer grip the handles in her mouth, she watches with twinkling eyes as she crawls out of the room without any more prompting. 
Your hips are grinding down on Wanda’s thigh without restraint now, whimpers only muffled by your bottom lip trapped between your teeth. Natasha grips your chin in your hand, “Such a needy pathetic little toy, bet you think you’re going to cum on your Mommy’s thigh right here. Cute, but your dumb tiny brain won’t be getting anything tonight. Instead you get to play with your mutt, we’re going to work on her control tonight. Isn’t that right, Mommy?” Wanda hums in agreement, urging you off her lap against your whiny protest. A quick but harsh slap against the back of your thigh shuts you up quickly and Natasha pushes you out the door. “Go find your little bitch, you can pick out her collar for the night princess.”  -----------------------------------------------------------------------
Kate is rolling around on the bed, mumbling in her sleep, as Wanda watches her from the head of the bed. Light wisps of magic surround the younger brunette’s head as the Sokovian watches her dreams like a movie, a soft smile adorns her face. She doesn’t look up when Natasha walks into the room, carrying you like a koala. “The stray had a lot of fun today.” Her voice is soft, a sense of pride obvious. 
Natasha chuckles as she struggles to get you to let her go, half asleep and clingy. “C’mon my девочка, go cuddle with Mommy.” The moment Wanda is mentioned you drop onto the bed, rolling until you face plant into her side. A flabbergasted look spreads across the widow's face as she watches you so easily settle down for bed. 
Wanda just smirks victoriously as she slightly whistles at Kate’s sleeping form, arrogantly looking at Natasha as the archer curls around her legs. “Don’t think too hard Natsy, just know I am magical.” There’s a light teasing in her voice as she reaches out towards her girlfriend. “Now come cuddle me, my love.” 
The pouting assassin crawls into bed, shoving her face into the witch’s neck with a grumble. “You cheat, that’s how you win. You cheat.” A chuckle and a soft forehead kiss is all the answer she receives as the four of you settle into a warm silence, sleep just around the corner for you all. 
Tag list: @simplysimping999 @8bitscarlet @simpfornatasharomanoff @yourtaletotell @s1ut4nat @simpforflorencepugh1 @theperfectlovestory @katebishop-ladyarrow @widowbitessting @uraveragequeer
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me-uglypretty · a day ago
Natasha: I’m not saying it’s right…
Strange: You’re not saying it’s wrong either.
Y/n: But she looks amazing so?
Wong: That witch—
Natasha: Baby, I got this.
Natasha, ready to shot her widow bites: You wanna say that again?
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