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#natasha romanoff x reader
lesbian-deadpool · 8 days ago
Peter: What's nostalgia?
Y/N: It's when you miss something that's really old. 
Steve: I'm back. 
Natasha: Hey! We missed you!
Peter, whispering to Y/N: Nostalgia.
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bisexual-chupacabra · 10 days ago
Nat: Alexei, are you sure about this?
Alexei: Have I ever let you guys down?
Yelena: All the time.
Alexei: What?!
Melina: You are very unreliable...
Nat: It's like one of the hallmarks of your personality.
Alexei: Are you not remembering all the times I've been awesome?!
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jjeangrey · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the first shot of natasha in the mcu is her walking towards us and the last is her walking away from us
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y/n, in a high voice, holding barbie: hey ken! I was thinking about going back to school and starting a career!
Natasha, in a deep voice, holding ken: nonsense, barbie. you’re staying home and having my kids
Yelena: what the fuck are you guys doing?
Natahsa: playing systemic oppression
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jjeangrey · 16 days ago
one of my favorite things about the black widow movie is how it completely destroys the "bUt cLiNt HaD a FaMiLy" argument because guess fucking what??? natasha had TWO.
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ramen-flavored · 14 days ago
a lot of male Marvel stans are extremely misogynistic. i literally saw someone’s review for Black Widow end with, “it’s a female led movie, sadly.” like god forbid there’s representation for women. the only “criticism” they have for Black Widow and Captain Marvel, hell even Wandavision is that there’s a female in the lead role. it’s so frustrating.
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ritesofreverie · 16 days ago
☁️ maybe some of your favorite fics your mutuals have written
congrats on 2k btw 🤍
just a heads up that this is a long list lol, and thank you 💕
**majority of these blogs & their works are eighteen plus and over, please abide by their rules
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there’s so many more but there were the ones i could think of off the top of my head <3
💛🌼 join the sleepover 🌼💛
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bisexual-chupacabra · a month ago
Tony: a dragon sneezed.
Nat: I tried to light a cigar with a flame thrower.
Y/N: Dropped my latest mix tape.
Steve: Peter, please tell me what happened.
Peter: Um.
[flashback to Tony and Nat arguing with Y/N that it was impossible to light a fire extinguisher on fire]
Peter: I don’t remember.
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wlwfanfictionss · a month ago
Y/N: Fitness tip: never stop pushing yourself. Some say 8 hours of sleep is enough. Why not keep going? Why not 9? Why not 10? Strive for greatness.
Natasha: Next time you’re working out do 15 push ups instead of 10. Run 3 miles instead of 2. Eat a whole cake instead of just a slice. Burn your ex’s house down. You can do it. I believe in you.
Bruce: There were so many mixed messages in that I can’t-
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caroldantops · a month ago
hot milfs in your area
ship: natasha romanoff/wanda maximoff/fem!reader 
summary/request: you’re a handywoman hired to do some fixes around the house for the maximoff-romanoff family, but wanda and natasha seem to have a lot more work planned for you than you initially thought.
word count: ~3k
warnings: smut (18+), dubcon/noncon groping, allusions to cheating (no actual cheating involved), dom!wanda, dom!natasha, sub!reader, mommy kink, oral sex (r giving), strap-ons, anal, double penetration, praise kink, degradation, subspace, aftercare
masterlist | ao3 link
Tumblr media
It started as a perfectly normal job, just a handful of things that needed fixing in a family’s house. Nothing remotely out of the ordinary. You were feeling really good about it because one of your previous clients - Rogers if you recall correctly - had actually recommended that the Maximoff-Romanoffs use your service.
Wanda and Natasha seemed like a lovely couple, with a young daughter that you only saw in a brief flash of red hair as she rushed off to catch the bus when you first arrived that morning. Natasha showed you around the house, telling you all of the various things that they needed you to fix. Wanda keeps trying to offer you snacks or a drink, and you politely decline at least three times before you finally have a lemonade and peanut butter crackers shoved into your hands.
You finished your snack and started making your way through the list that they provided you. While you’re in the kitchen, crawling under the sink to fix a leak, you hear Wanda’s voice behind you.
“You know, Nat’s tried to fix all these things herself about thirty times.”
“Oh, really?” You try to act surprised, but the duct tape around the pipes clued you into that right away.
“Mhm,” Wanda hums. “I don’t know which one of you looked better with your ass sticking out from under the counter like this.”
You freeze, trying to process what Wanda just said to you. Wanda. Who is married, and whose wife is literally in the house right now. You thank whatever god is watching this disaster that you physically cannot make eye contact with her right now because that would surely cause you to spontaneously combust with how hot your face is right now.
Ignoring it, that’s the best method here. That’s what you always do when someone flirts with you on the job. Though usually, they are much less gorgeous than Wanda is. You just continue your work, but it doesn’t seem to phase Wanda.
“Shy, are we? Even better. I’ve been itching for a sweet, innocent thing to ruin,” Wanda grins. Before you can even process what she’s said to try to muster up some semblance of a coherent response, you feel a sharp slap on your ass. Her laughter at the yelp you let out gets quieter as she leaves the kitchen. “I’ll let you get back to work for now though, sweetheart.”
This entire thing just...baffles you. You’ve been doing these house calls for a couple of years now but this has never happened. Possibly the more disturbing part is that you kind of like that attention that you got from Wanda. Your mind definitely should not be filled with fantasies straight out of cringey porn, complete with a terrible plot, cheesy dialogue, and an even worse title to match.
“Sexy MILF Pipes Handywoman Stuck Under Kitchen Sink While Wife is Upstairs (ALMOST CAUGHT).”
You shake the inappropriate thoughts away and finish up in the kitchen. The next hour goes by without any other incidents, except for the occasional times you cross paths with Wanda and she gives you a look that makes you think that she’s going to eat you alive. Natasha, though, is nowhere to be found - something that you’re grateful for because you don’t know how you’re going to face her after what occurred with her wife.
The last item on your list is checking a leak in the main bathroom, so you gather all of your tools and find where Natasha showed you the primary bedroom is. The door is wide open, so you assume it’s okay to step inside.
As soon as you do, you immediately realize that knocking would have been a safer option. Natasha is facing away from you, standing in front of a full-length mirror, naked body still damp from her shower, drying her hair with a towel. From the angle you’re at, you can see her ass and tits on full display, and you hate to admit that your mouth waters at the sight of her curves. You almost freeze in place, but the rational part of your brain kicks you into motion, and you try to just leave the room without Natasha seeing you, hoping that it would be less awkward if she just never knew you were even there.
But no such luck for you.
“I know my body’s not quite what it used to be, but running away at the sight of it is a little much.”
You keep your gaze on the floor as Natasha addresses you, because you know if you look up you wouldn’t be able to resist staring.
“I’m so sorry, Natasha. I saw that the door was open so I figure that it was alright to come in,” you apologize, hands fidgeting with each other. Natasha must be incredibly light on her feet because you don’t even realize that she’s walked over to you until her finger tucks under your chin and lifts it so you meet her gaze.
“I don’t do anything by accident, baby,” Natasha hums. You’re positive that she can tell how rapid your breathing is, especially since her other hand has swiftly untucked your shirt from your belt so that she can trail her hand up your body, fingers dancing delicately across your skin.
First Wanda, now Natasha too? Were you really going to be a homewrecker from both sides?
“Oh, um,” you panic, but your brain is too scrambled to make any effort to grab her wrist or pull away as you feel her fingers dance across your breast, gently squeezing and running her finger over the hardening nipple. You desperately keep your eyes away from Natasha’s naked body, but you can’t help glancing up and admiring her soft curves that make your mouth water. “Natasha, I don’t think we should do this. You’re, uh--Wanda might--”
“Wanda might what?”
You swear that you’ve never felt more embarrassed in your entire life than when you turn to see Wanda leaning against the doorway, watching her naked wife feel you up. Her expression is unreadable, but there’s a certain dark glint in her eyes that puzzles your foggy brain.
“Are you seriously starting without me, Nat?” Wanda ignores the way you’re visibly fumbling for some sort of explanation to address her wife, who is still teasing you under your shirt. A sharp pinch to your nipples makes you whine.
“Please,” Natasha rolls her eyes, also ignoring your pathetic mumbled complaints. “I thought you were going to take them right there in the kitchen. At least I had the patience to get to the bedroom.”
“Um,” you finally find your voice. The two women stop their snark fest finally and look at you. You almost wish that you had let them keep going, because now with both of their heated gazes on you, your brain has lost any bit of coherence it had left. “I’m sorry, what exactly is happening here? I thought that you both were trying to cheat on the other with me, and then all this happened, and now I’m just very confused.”
“Aw, poor baby,” Wanda coos, pushing off of the doorframe to come stroke your cheek gently. You can’t help but lean into her touch. “This must’ve been a lot for your little brain to handle, huh?”
“Too much attention for you, honey?”
“Well, no,” you admit, gaze falling to the floor in shame. “I...I liked the attention.”
“Of course you did. You’re just an attention whore, aren’t you?” Natasha laughs, removing her hands from under your shirt at last. Wanda pulls away from you too, and you watch, paralyzed as they whisper something to each other. While Wanda starts pulling off her leggings and shirt, Natasha sits on the edge of the bed and spreads her legs for a moment, giving you a peek of her wet folds. You whine deep in your throat at the sight, but she just smirks and crosses one over the other. “Strip for us.”
There’s no room for questions there, and frankly, you are much too worked up to ask any. You unzip your work uniform as quickly as you can, discarding it by your long-forgotten toolbox. Wanda’s joined Natasha on the edge of the bed now, both of them naked and staring at you like you’re their next dinner.
“Come to mommy,” Wanda purrs, crooking her finger at you in a come hither motion. You start to walk over to the bed, but Natasha tuts.
“Ah, no. Crawl.”
The carpet is soft on your knees as you crawl to kneel at Wanda’s feet. Her hand tangles in your hair, tugging you between her spread legs and toward her already damp cunt.
“You’re going to be a good girl for Wanda, right baby? Gonna eat her good?” Natasha asks, fingers moving slowly between her own legs as she watches Wanda manhandle you.
You nod, breathing heavy, and Wanda sighs at the feeling of your warm breath hitting her center. Her patience for your tentative licks to her folds is short-lived, and you’re suddenly pressed fully into Wanda’s pussy.
“Oh fuck,” Wanda moans as your tongue thrust into her waiting hole. She rocks her hips against you, her grip on your head keeping you in place. Your senses are fully engulfed by Wanda. The taste of her and the sounds of her moans and the feeling of her roughly pressing you as deep into her cunt as possible all send heat straight to your own cunt and have your eyes rolling back.
It doesn’t take long for Natasha to get impatient just watching, eager to feel your mouth on her as well.
“Wanda, you’re hogging them,” Natasha huffs. Wanda loosens her hold on you enough for you to pull away, and both of the women groan at the sight of Wanda’s slick dripping down your chin.
“I haven’t finished yet, Nat,” Wanda rolls her eyes, but her annoyed demeanor is slightly less effective with her ragged breathing and deep flush that’s taken over her face.
Natasha purses her lips for a moment, then smirks as she pulls Wanda so that she’s sitting in her lap, both of them facing you with Wanda’s legs hooked around Natasha’s spread ones, leaving you space to kneel just as you were before. Wanda leans her head back against Natasha’s shoulder, sighing happily when the older woman peppers kisses along her shoulder.
You stare up at them wide-eyed, overwhelmed by the sight of their wet pussies both being presented to you. Wanda’s cunt is far more drenched than Natasha’s, because of your efforts earlier. The sight of Wanda’s slick dripping down onto Natasha’s wet folds is something that you’re going to etch into your brain and save for the rest of your life.
“Well?” Natasha looks at you over Wanda’s shoulder, eyebrow raised. “Get back to work, slut.”
That’s all you needed to kickstart you back into motion, and you waste no time lapping up Wanda’s juices that have spilled onto Natasha. Even though Natasha is the only one being touched right now, both of them moan at the sight of how eager you are to please them.
You switch back and forth between the two of them, but as they start attempting to grind against your face to steal your attention from the other, your movements start getting sloppy. A mix of their juices is covering practically your whole face, with the way that Wanda keeps thrusting her hips into you to urge you to give her your tongue again. The way their moans and dirty talk mix is sending shivers down your spine and straight to your own aching center.
“God, look at you. You were practically made for this, weren’t you?”
“They definitely were Wanda. Just a sweet little plaything.”
“You better make us cum, darling, because you’re not getting touched until we do.”
That isn’t an issue, though, because soon, they’re both on the brink of climax, and you desperately want to help them cum at the same time. You lap at Wanda’s clit while pushing your fingers into Natasha’s cunt, groaning when you feel her clenching around your digits.
“Fucking hell, baby,” Natasha pants. Your wrist is starting to ache because of the cramped angle, but you don’t let that stop you from fucking Natasha as hard as you can, fingers curling so that you hit that little spot that makes her hips twitch extra hard. “You’re gonna make us cum.”
“I’m so close,” Wanda pants. Natasha brings her hand around to rub Wanda’s clit as you thrust your tongue inside of her. It’s the final push that Wanda needs, and she climaxes with a guttural moan. The combination of your fingers curling inside of her and watching Wanda cum is enough to push Natasha over the edge as well. You’re caught off guard when fluid shoots from Natasha’s cunt onto your face and down your chest, but that surprise is immediately replaced by a smug satisfaction that you were able to make her squirt.
“Aw, did you get all messy?” Wanda coos, chest still heaving from her orgasm as she climbs off of Natasha’s lap. Natasha looks blissed out, but she’s still somehow laser-focused on you. Wanda kisses your wet cheeks, humming at the taste of their cum on your skin. “You look cute covered in cum. I bet you’re just aching to be touched, aren’t you?”
“Yes, ma’am,” you practically whisper, mind pleasantly fuzzy from the intensity of everything combined with the sudden sweetness from both women as they praise you and wipe your face clean.
After Wanda and Natasha have a moment to settle from their highs, you’re lifted onto the bed and ordered to wait while they collect a few things. You watch with your thighs pressed tight together - anything to relieve the throbbing between your legs.
“Are you ready for us baby?” Natasha asks, climbing onto the bed. Wanda follows close behind, sitting on the other side of you. Both of them have buckled on harnesses, with silicon cocks bobbing between their legs as they shift positions. Wanda’s is much smaller and slimmer than Natasha’s, and you groan as you realize why that is. “You ready to take mommies’ cocks?”
“Yes, please, mommy,” you beg.
Natasha sits at the head of the bed and pulls you up to straddle her. You grip her shoulders tight as she helps guide you onto her strap. She rubs the tip against your clit, pulling a moan from your throat, before pushing the first couple of inches inside of you.
“Good girl,” Natasha says, letting you adjust before pushing you down further and further onto her cock, until you’re full to the hilt. She feels so good filling you up, stretching you just enough to make sure that you’re constantly aware of any movement she makes.
Wanda starts lubing up her own strap, slick fingers prodding your ass and slipping in slowly, opening you up gradually in a way that has you pushing back against her for more.
“So eager!” Wanda laughs. “Already full of Natasha’s cock, and you just want even more don’t you?”
“Mhmm,” you gasp as Natasha tweaks your nipples. “More, please.”
“Such a good girl, asking so politely!” Natasha hums. “Mommy’s gonna reward you for having such good manners.”
Wanda removes her fingers from your ass, but you don’t even have the chance to complain about feeling empty back there before Wanda is pushing the tip of her strap in. You can’t help moaning as you feel both of your holes getting filled. You can practically feel the two straps bumping against each other, and it makes you even wetter than you already are.
They wait until you’ve had a chance to get used to the feeling of both of them inside of you, but when you finally whimper “please fuck me, mommies,” they both start pounding into you.
“Taking us so fucking well, baby,” Natasha mumbles against your skin. “God, I never thought you’d be such an eager little cockwhore.”
“You were just desperate to have these tight little holes filled, weren’t you? Bet you’re won’t be able to touch that slutty little pussy without thinking about us inside you from now on.”
You’re thankful that you’re wedged between them both because you can’t even imagine trying to hold yourself up with them fucking you like this. Their movements are sloppy and fevered, occasionally slipping out of you and having to readjust but you don’t care. You whine high in your throat as you feel that distinct tightening in your stomach.
“I need...please.”
“What do you need, baby?” Wanda asks.
“Gotta ask permission,” Natasha commands, hand coming down to stroke your clit just light enough to keep you on the edge.
“Please can I cum? Can I cum mommies?”
“Cum for us,” Wanda growls, thrusting harder into your ass while Natasha finally gives your swollen clit the attention it needs. “Cum all over our cocks, baby.”
The world around you feels like it’s bursting with light when you cum. Your legs shake so hard that you practically collapse completely onto Natasha, but Wanda holds you up and makes sure that you stay stable while they slowly keep fucking you through your climax. Soft praises sound miles away in your ears as they stroke your skin.
“Did so well for us,” you vaguely hear. You can’t identify who it is, but you just mumble a thank you as you feel Wanda pull out of your ass slowly.
“Come here, angel,” Natasha whispers, pulling herself out of your cunt and letting you finally collapse on top of her. She gives a little oof sound when your dead weight hits her, but adjusts you easily so that you’re resting against her breasts.
Wanda must have left and come back, because you feel a cool washcloth being run between your thighs, cleaning up the sticky mess.
“You know, there are probably a few more things around the house that need fixing. Don’t you think so, Wanda?”
“I’m sure there are. We’ll definitely need your services again soon, baby.”
You’re just barely awake enough to register the conversation, but it makes you smile and nod in response, promising to come back again soon.
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