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#natasha romanov
professorrw · an hour ago
Pairing: female reader x Natasha Romanoff
Requested: Yes
Warnings: smut, 18+, fluff, fingering, toys (vibrator, dildo) voyeurism, finger sucking, mutual masturbation, mention of injury
A/N: Requests are open for one-shots, headcanons, imagines, and drabbles for My Hero Academia, Harry Potter, and Marvel! My taglist is open so if you’d like to be on that just tell me! Please like, comment, and reblog!
Tumblr media
“Baby please,” you pout. 
Last week you broke your ankle on a mission and ever since then Natasha had been extra careful around you. She wouldn’t let you put too much pressure on it, wouldn’t let you walk too much, and was basically taking care of you in general. You were extremely grateful for her until she told you that she wasn’t going to ride you.
“Y/N I don’t want to hurt you.” Natasha crosses her arms over her chest and looks at you. You were laying in bed and she was standing in the doorway of your room.
“But you won’t. I know you won’t. I want you. I’m hurt and you won’t even make me feel good?” You pouted even more, trying to act innocent and hurt about the fact. Being not unable, but not allowed, to have sex with your girlfriend was just unfair.
Natasha narrowed her eyes while she thought it over. She sighed and smiled at you, “How about this… I’ll grab these-” she moved to her bedside table and pulled out your toys, “and we can masturbate together. Would that satisfy you, my needy girl?” She lowered herself down onto the bed next to you and raised her eyebrows.
Your lips pursed as you feigned pondering over it. It wasn’t what you originally wanted but it would be enough for now. “I guess that’s fine.” You tried to act as nonchalant as possible but you were truly excited to masturbate with Natasha. “But when I’m healed I want you to fuck me.”
She threw her head back as she laughed. Your flat tone of voice while saying such lewd things cracked her up. “Okay, I promise. Now… are you ready to get started?”
“Mhm.” Before she handed you the vibrator you pulled her into a kiss. She let out a breath through her nose as she pressed her lips against yours. She pulled back but you gave her one more quick kiss before finally accepting the toy.
You got resettled in your spot and pulled down your pajama pants and underwear. Natasha hadn’t started yet and her eyes were glued on you as you stuck your fingers in your mouth to wet them. Your nimble fingers slid across your slick folds for a second before you pressed two inside. While you fingered yourself with one hand the other turned on the wand and pressed it against your clit.
You let your head dip back from pleasure as you worked yourself up. Natasha had finally gotten her pants off and was about to start beside you. She started with her fingers, curling them inside herself and hitting her sweet spot.
She wasn’t looking at herself, instead she was watching you, getting off even more by seeing you play with yourself. You were moaning with your head tossed back as you upped the intensity on your vibrator. Your girlfriend was eating it all up. She could cum just from watching you masturbate. 
“You like that don’t you? You look so cute when you're playing with your little kitty,” she cooed.
“Yes…” you moaned.
She smiled and pulled her hand away from her cunt. She could tell you were getting close and didn’t want you to cum too soon before her. She replaced her fingers with a dildo. She squirted some lube on it and inserted it inside her, making her moan just like you.
A smile spread on your lips as you continued to fuck yourself next to Natasha. You picked up your pace and started rolling your hips into the motion, pushing you closer to your approaching orgasm. Your hands were busy but Natasha had a free hand and she let it slip over to your heat. In addition to your own two fingers she added one of her own in, coaxing you into your climax.
“Natasha” was the last word that left your mouth before you came.
With the final few curls and vibration your walls fluttered, covering your fingers and Natasha’s with your cum. She pulled her hand out when you did and made sure you were watching when she stuck her finger in her mouth and sucked on it. Your mouth parted as you watched your girlfriend in complete awe. She then took your hand and brought it up to her mouth, taking in your cum covered fingers. She licked and sucked on them too as she fucked herself.
You couldn’t help yourself and turned on your side to kiss Natasha. As your tongue slipped into her mouth you could taste your own cum. Your heads moved with the kiss, creating a rhythm not too far from the same rhythm your girlfriend was pushing the dildo in with.
She pulled away from the kiss and moaned, “I’m about to cum.” You wasted no time to scoop up her dildo when she slowed and stuck it in your mouth to suck off her juices. You licked the silicone toy clean and pressed your lips against Natasha’s one more time while your fingers swiped up any remaining cum from her folds.
What was left was on your fingers and you put them in her mouth, letting her once again suck the juices off. This time they weren’t yours, but the sight and feeling of her sucking on your fingers was making your knees weak.
Natasha finished licking your thumb clean and walked to the bathroom, pants still around her thighs, to get a warm rag. She sat back down on top of the bed and gently cleaned your vagina. She cleaned herself up too and pulled her panties back up as you did too. She tossed the rag into the laundry bin and wrapped her arms around you as she curled back into bed.
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purecanesugar · 2 hours ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: The Avengers (Marvel Movies) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark past Characters: Tony Stark, Nebula (Marvel), James "Rhodey" Rhodes, Bruce Banner, Shuri (Marvel), Thor (Marvel), Rocket Raccoon, Natasha Romanov (Marvel), Steve Rogers, Wong (Marvel), Clint Barton, Scott Lang Additional Tags: Superfamily (Marvel), Past Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, Peter Parker is Tony Stark's Biological Child, Hurt Tony Stark, Parent Tony Stark, Tony Stark Needs a Hug, Post-Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 (Movie), Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 (Movie) Spoilers, kind of, Tony Stark & Shuri Friendship, Bruce Banner & Tony Stark Friendship, James "Rhodey" Rhodes & Tony Stark Friendship, Sort of Captain America: Civil War (Movie) Compliant Series: Part 6 of Tony Stark-Centric Series Summary:
Tony comes back to Earth with Nebula and after recovering from his wound and becoming friends with Shuri, he goes to see the other survivors. Of course, Steve had to bring up the Civil War and Accords only to get verbally cut down after some revelations and rants from his ex-husband Tony of which is about their son.
Inspired by a prompt.
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novamirmirsblog · 3 hours ago
K.I.S.S.I.N.G pt2
Word count: 762
Genre: fluff
Request: no
prompt: literally sitting in a tree, kissing...
A/n: Enjoy babes :3
"You know if Tony ever saw us here, we would never live it down." You murmured as yours and Natasha's legs swung from the tree branch you were both sitting on.
"Mmm. And who's fault would that be?"
You had wanted to get away from everyone for just a bit. It's not that you didn't love your family, it's just that sometimes it could get a little much. Ever since Tony had teased Natasha into asking you out, the group hadn't really left you alone. Steve and Bucky were always asking if you were okay, reminding you that if needed, they would hide her body where no one could find it, Clint was constantly telling you that he would hide your body where no one would find it, Wanda, Vision and Pepper were about the only ones who didn't make fun of you in one way or another. Between the death threats, the nosiness and overbearing support, the two of you had just wanted somewhere safe for you to hang out.
"Don't lie, you love it here just as much as I do."
You had found this secret spot within the woods months ago but had only recently shared it with Natasha. It was a clearing a little way away from a lake. The clearing was covered in a carpet of bluebells and forget-me-nots when you had first found it, making the willow tree in the middle seem like it was floating in a sea of blue. You often had picnics under the branches of the willow tree with Natasha and this safe-haven quickly became a favourite spot for the two of you.
"Of course I love it. It was a good find babe." Natasha kissed you.
There was a certain branch of the willow tree that was especially sacred to the two of you. You had wanted to see what it was like to kiss in a tree, claiming that there was no way a whole nursery rhyme would be made about it if it wasn't any good. Natasha was a little sceptical at first, worried about how you would reach the branch you had pointed out after a bottle of wine and she voiced these concerns. You took that to mean that she didn't want to but after you had suggested asking Wanda or Bucky to do it in her place, Natasha was up that tree faster than a squirrel. Let's just say the nursery rhyme was right and that the two of you didn't just stop at kissing...
"They'll never know we come here." You whispered to Natasha as you leant in again, allowing your tongue to brush gently over her bottom lip. You leaned her back and kissed your way down her neck, lightly sucking when you found a particularly sweet spot.
"Stop teasing." Natasha let out a little breathlessly. From this position, there was no way for her to turn the tables and gain the upper hand.
"Well well well. What do we have here?" Sam crossed his arms and laughed as you almost fell out the tree in shock. Steve at least had the decency to blush and look away.
"What are you doing here?" Natasha asked, unimpressed.
"Well we thought we might spice up our usual jog. Didn't expect this kind of spice."
"I'm going to kill them." Natasha muttered to you.
"Darling, no you're not. You love them really. Besides, it's not their fault. Just threaten them slightly so they don't come back." You whispered into her hair.
Natasha smirked at you and turned her gaze to the boys who were beginning to look a little nervous. She jumped down from the tree and sauntered over to them. "You have exactly until I finish talking to begin running. If you ever return here or even breathe a word of this place to anyone I will make sure the rest of your existence is the most painful thing you've ever experienced. Do you understand?"
Both Sam and Steve gulp and nod furiously.
"Good. Start running, I've finished talking."
The boys took off in a dash, you had never seen Steve run as fast as he was then. Sam nearly tripped over multiple times in an effort to get away as quickly as possible. It was comical to see two grown men, and one a super soldier at that, run for their lives from someone as short as Natasha.
"I think we should continue where we left off." Natasha said as she climbed back onto the tree, this time, however, she wasn't letting you have control.
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natromanoffxox · 5 hours ago
Hi! I saw that your requests were open (yay!!!!) and had a prompt. How about Natasha x reader x Wanda on a mission where reader used to be a drag racer and they have a car chase and all of a sudden reader is driving and their like where tf did you learn to drive like that and reader has to explain? Also I already requested something a while back that you already wrote so if you have others do them first!
Ooooo I love cars and racing! British car races where I’m from are hella different though, so I hope I didn’t mess this up too much😩
Warnings: Swearing, violence, death of enemy agents.
(This has not been proof read, please be kind!)
Tumblr media
It wasn’t your first mission, nor would it be your last. But it was the first to fuck up as royally as this one had. It was meant to be a simple task. Wanda and Natasha were undercover, simply sitting in a coffee shop enjoying a nice brew, before they had to switch a briefcase, and the job was done.
You were in the van watching everything from behind the scenes. Your eyes were on your teammates, and something just felt wrong. Something was off. Something was definitely going to fuck up. And that it did. It started with two guys swinging the doors of the van open, diving in to try and attack you, but little did they know of your skills. You were an Avenger for a reason, even if you had only just joined the team.
As soon as you were sorted with the two hooligans who thought they could take you on, you were quick to announce your cover had been blown to the women through the comms.
More and more enemy agents were coming, and it wasn’t long before there was a shoot off between you, Wanda and Natasha, against at least 30 bastards in the middle of New York’s streets. You had to think fast, get you all out of this situation quickly before any of you or any civilians were hurt. Luckily, your skills kicked in, pulling the women into an underground garage and on the search.
“What the hell are we doing down here? They’ll surround us!” Natasha quickly frowned at you as she kept a close eye on your surroundings, making sure no dickheads with guns were creeping up on you all.
“Finding a get away.” You simple stated, finally stopping as you found the perfect vehicle the get you out of this shit. You pulled a pin from your pocket, quickly unlocking the door before heading under the wheel to stop the alarm from blaring. It took seconds, and it was obvious that you’d done it many a time before, but they didn’t question you. Yet.
“Get the fuck in!” You shouted as Natasha began shooting towards some enemies you couldn’t see with being behind the steering wheel. The car rumbled to life, and as soon as your team mates shut their doors, you were off.
You stuck it in reverse, swinging it backwards with speed knocking down two gunmen as you went, before shifting gear and sped off towards the exit. You couldn’t help but smile at the screech of the wheels and deep rumble of the engine. God, you loved cars.
The car squealed round the corner, heading off into the streets with an obnoxious amount of sound. You knew a noisy car wasn’t the wisest of choices, but the speed was perfect for your situation. You were hitting 60 in a split second, dodging and weaving past other cars through the streets, heading for the highway.
“You’re going to kill us driving like this!” Natasha seethed through her teeth, glaring at you at she clung to the handle above the door.
“Relax. I’ve got this.” You smirked, shifting gear and planting your foot down, the car slinging you all back in your seats as it shot down the road. From 60mph to 120 in the matter of seconds, your adrenaline was sky rocketing. You chuckled when you glance at Natasha in the passenger seat, her nails basically cutting through the leather of the seats with her hulk like grip.
“EYES ON THE ROAD, Y/L/N!” Wanda basically screamed in your ear over the noise of the engine, making your vision snack back to the highway you were shooting down. Your reaction time was impeccable, lowing your gears and swerving past a car in your lane before hitting the accelerator once again making your backs slam against the seats. You’d drove like that all the way to the middle of no where, not exactly sure on where you’d took your team mates, but you were most definitely sure no one had followed you.
“Where… The hell… Did you learn to drive… Like that?!” Wanda panted her words out through her almost panic attack, while Natasha held her up straight with just as much shock written all over her face.
“That was impressive, I’ll not lie.” She added, making you feel all giddy inside from their compliments.
“Well, before I joined SHIELD, I was a bit of a shithead. First it started with petty theft, given the fact that I literally had to steal food to eat. Then it went to more. Started stealing cars. I got clocked, and instead of sending me to prison like he originally planned, he heard me out and offered me a job. I started stealing for him, and he was making a shit ton of money from me. Then he let me keep some of them as payment, so I started taking them to the tracks. I was racing there one day, and someone asked if I was a professional. Obviously I wasn’t anything but a professional car thief, so I told him no. He offered me a slot on his team, a group of amazing drivers. From there, I stopped working for Leo, stopped stealing and started racing. I was in drag racing for years, then went to rally racing, and so on. Leo is still pissed that I dropped him, that’s why I moved out here.”
They were speechless by your story. You hadn’t told anyone about your life before joining SHIELD, and there was a reason for it. You really were a little shit, and you didn’t want anyone judging you for what you’d had to do in the past to survive. You’re eyes diverted to everything but them, not wanting to see the shame in their eyes when they looked at you after your words sunk in.
“So basically… You’re the Stig.” Nat smirked, as if she hadn’t heard any of the illegal parts of your story.
“Oh, she’s definitely the Stig!” Wanda pointed at you with a wide smile.
“Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. You’ll never know.”
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natromanoffxox · 7 hours ago
COOL! More ideas? THIS is a treat! I’ve always had this Natasha x femreader idea where the team is in the living room, and the reader says that not only is she a fighter but knows how to play guitar, so the team bet that she can’t make up a song on the spot. Next thing you know, sings the words to “Would you go with me” by josh turner but instead of the lyrics “make me the happiest MAN” it’s GAL, while playing. Natasha falls in love with the reader as she sings. Feelings are confessed!! ❤️❤️❤️
I’d actually never heard this song til your request and just 🥰🥰🥰 so cuteee
I hope I’ve done your request to your liking, sorry it took so long!
Warnings: Swearing (I think that’s it?)
(This has not been proof read, please be kind!)
Tumblr media
Hidden Talent
It was a typical Sunday night in the compound. The team were all lazed in the living area, crowding round the tv for the weekly movie night. Sugary snacks, popcorn, and drinks all spread over the coffee table for everyone to help themselves too. You obviously hid your own snacks under your blanket, otherwise the greedy hounds would have definitely snapped them up the second they lay eyes on them.
“Well… That was one of the worst films I have ever watched.” Tony say up straighter, rolling his neck to ease the ache after lying in a weird position for the last two hours.
“Yeah, we’re definitely not letting Netflix pick for us ever again.” You laughed at the wasted time you had all just spend staring at the screen praying that something better would happen. It didn’t. It was really shit.
“What now? It’s 8pm…” Steve spoke, clearly not wanting to head to his room just to sit there wide awake for hours before falling into slumber. That would be incredibly boring.
“What about a game? Two lies one truth?” It was a simple game, and you’d get to know your team mates better than the little you actually know about them now.
“So what? You say two lies and one truth and we have to guess what the truth is?”
“Spot on. Who’s going first?” You asked the group, and Clint sat forward instantly, hands rubbing together eagerly.
“Okay. I don’t like weetabix. I don’t like Oreos and I don’t like blueberries.” He smirked as if no one knew the answer. Natasha scoffed beside him but didn’t respond, because if anyone knew anything about Clint, it was her. At least she was giving him a chance.
“I’m going to go with the weetabix.” Bruce piped up out of nowhere, placing himself back down in his spot with a bag of Doritos on his lap. Clint slumped back with a huff crossing his arms over his chest in defeat while Natasha let out a quiet chuckle at her friends loss of the game.
“Okay I’ll go!” You started, taking a second to think of some made up stuff about yourself.
“I’m naturally blonde, I can play the guitar and… I hate birds.”
Your eyes landed straight on Natasha and you have no idea why. Well, you had an idea: you were in love with the woman. Your eyes naturally fell towards her beauty. But it was like you wanted her to guess right, so you knew she knew you. Though the team had no idea, because you hadn’t actually told them much about yourself.
“Well, I know you’re not naturally blonde!” Wanda giggled from where she sat curled into the corner of her sofa.
“Oh, I know you don’t have any sort of musical talent. I’ve seen you drop your dagger while fighting, there’s no chance you can strum a guitar without fucking it up.” Tony smirked happily, thinking he’d definitely won the challenge.
“You love birds.” Natasha spoke finally, and although it was only 3 simply words, you couldn’t stop the smile from spreading over your face. You were surprised she knew that about you. Tony’s face twisted at her spoken facts, more than likely confused as to what the true answer was.
“So, if you’re not a blondie, and you love birds… Then you can play guitar? Really?”
You were stunned that they actually doubted your talent. It wasn’t exactly the greatest thing in the world, but you were proud you stuck at learning to play, because it was damn difficult and took a long time for you to be able to play the way you do.
“No, I don’t believe it. Prove it.” Tony crossed his arms over his puffed out chest, that usual smirk over his face as if you were about to be showed up by him. Like you didn’t have your guitar in your apartment and wouldn’t happily go get it to play them a tune.
That’s exactly what you done. You told them you’d play them something to prove it, running back from your room with your acoustic guitar in hand.
“Okay, so I wrote this. It’s not perfected yet so don’t judge too harshly.”
You noticed Natasha sit on the edge of her chair, hands on her lap waiting happily for you to prove Tony wrong, a smile, not a smirk, a smile on her face. Your eyes were sparkling with joy, you loved to play, to sing songs to the tunes you made up, but you’d never sang in front of others.
Your fingers clipped the strings easily, flowing out the tune you’d played so many times before, secluded from the world in the comfort of your little apartment. It was time to show them that you were a lot more than who they thought you were.
“Would you go with me if we rolled down streets of fire?
Would you hold on to me tighter as the summer sun got higher? If we roll from town to town and never shut it down.Would you go with me if we were lost in fields of clover? Would we walk even closer until the trip was over? And would it be okay if I didn't know the way?” Your voice filled the room, the melody you played fitting perfectly with your lyrics. You glance around seeing shocked expressions, but one made your heart flutter. Natasha eyes were on you, staring deep down into your soul as if she was reading you like a book. Her smile was small but noticeable, and you felt a frenzy of butterflies frolicking around in your stomach.
“If I gave you my hand, would you take it? And make me the happiest girl in the world? If I told you my heart couldn't beat one more minute without you, girl, would you accompany me to the edge of the sea. Let me know if you're really a dream. I love you so, so would you go with me?”
You’re hands took over, plucking at the strings dramatically giving one hell of a guitar solo before stopping. The room was silent, so silent you could almost hear crickets outside, and then it erupted. Your team mates were up off their seats, clapping and whistling in applause of your performance, and you couldn’t stop your cheeks from tinting red. They hugged you or patted your shoulder in praise, telling you you definitely had to play more for them, but there was still only one persons opinion you wanted the most.
You wondered if she knew your song was about her? If she’s really been able to read you like a book and see all the love you had hidden inside for her? You wondered if you were stupid for even thinking for a minute that she’d ever say yes to being with you, or even yes to a simple date. You were nothing compared to her. She was a fierce world known assassin with the beauty of a goddess. She was more intelligent than any of them knew, simply knowing 4 languages was enough to show that statement true. She was a winner, and would always be a winner. She’d never lost, and she didn’t need a loser like you dragging her down. You were so much weaker than her, not half as knowledgeable in even one topic as she was. You were small and frail while she was tall (well, taller than you) and strong. She was everything -the stars, the moon, the world to you- while you… You were just… Well, you.
Your family night continued with more silly games and music playing, but you weren’t half as interested in being around people as you were before. Your overthinking had brought you down, into a mood of depression on the topic that was the red headed beauty. You just wanted to be in the solitude of your own room, alone where you could sulk in silence at the thought of never ever standing a chance with Natasha Romanoff.
You said your good nights, bidding them a good sleep and headed off, Steve admitting he was retiring to his room as well for the night. You walked slowly, not actually wanting to be alone, but well, who else was going to join you? You’d rather be alone than with people who you couldn’t talk to about your problems. You hadn’t a bond with any of them enough yet to trust they wouldn’t spill your secrets.
“Hey!” You heard behind you just as you were about to push open the door of your apartment. When you turned, your breath hitched in your throat.
“Can we talk? Or are you too tired? It can wait if-“
“Come in.” You opened your door wide, allowing Natasha to step in and make herself comfortable. Your room was decorated by you yourself, exactly to your taste. The walls that were once all white were painted; two still white but a deep royal blue on two opposite walls. Your sofa was black, and all your furniture too. You had gold and white decor around the room, adding contrast. Photo frames on your walls and potted plants in corners. Shelves full of books and units filled with trinkets and ornaments. You watched as Nat took in your room, soaking in just exactly who you were, not that you doubted that she didn’t already know.
“You wanted to talk?” You asked her, your voice shaking slightly which you scowled at yourself for. You dropped onto your couch, patting as a gesture for her to follow, which she did, elegantly crossing the room in the matter of a second and sitting by your side. She was closer than you’d expected her to sit, but you weren’t complaining. Your heart was racing by her body being so close to yours.
“Who was your song about?” She didn’t hold back. She wanted you to admit your feelings, you could tell that straight away. She wasn’t hiding the smirk on her face either, letting you know she knew exactly who your damn song was about. Her.
“Who said it was about anyone?” You foolishly played.
“Come on, Y/N…” Nat groaned, and god did that noise do something to you. “Just say it.”
There was a moment of silence. You weren’t sure what words to use, how to form them in a sentence correctly without messing it up. You didn’t know if you should say anything at all, but you really wanted to. She didn’t look like she was going to turn you down, to break your heart.
“I like you, too.” She told you, as if your silence spoke for you. To say your jaw hit the floor would be an understatement. Your lips opened and closed, unsure of how to respond. Honestly, you just wanted to feel how her lips felt against yours, but thought that might scare the usually emotionless assassin off even if she had just told you she reciprocated your feelings.
“Since the day you tumbled into the living area, knocking over Tony’s statue of himself and smashing it to pieces, I knew I liked you.”
“Well, no offence to him but it was a hideous statue.” It was. It looked nothing like Tony as all, you’d always wondered who the hell has gifted it to him. The face was all wrong and he was meant to be wearing his Iron Man suit but so much of that was off too. It was a nice thought, but not something you put in your living room for everyone to see every day. Maybe a garage, across the country, far, far away from where you live.
“I remember how you said you felt so guilty you’d have a new one made for him, but I saw the smirk on your face. You were totally glad you did it. Honestly, I thought it was planned for a while, until I noticed how incredibly clumsy you really are.”
Her words had you close to tears. You didn’t realise how much Natasha had been watching you, learning about you, reading into you. You definitely were one of the most clumsiest members on the team, but the little things she’d picked up on, even the said smirk you’d gave when you broke Tony’s statue, just made your heart throb.
“You scared me at first,” Why the fuck did you just admit that? You saw a smirk creep on her lips, as your eyes widened at your own words. You’d said it now, you’d have to continue.
“Well, I mean you weren’t exactly the most loving of characters. Compared to Bruce and Steve, they welcomed me with open arms. You… You made me work for it. And god, did I push myself to prove I was worthy. I didn’t know why at the time, why I was so eager to have your approval and attention. But now I do.”
“And why do you want my approval and attention,Y/N.”
Damn, she was good.
“Because I like you. More than a colleague, or a friend.”
There, you finally said it.
You thought you’d feel some sort of weight lift of your shoulders, but it only added more. She’d admitted her feelings, and you had too, so why were you so terrified of what was going to happen?
“See, that wasn’t hard now was it?” Natasha chuckled, letting her hand lay on your thigh. Your skin burned under her touch.
“So… What now?” You dared to ask, because truthfully, you had no idea what she was going to do. Even if she did feel the same as you, she might now want to actually date a team mate. She might not want to follow through with the emotions she felt towards you.
“You are going to get ready. I’m taking you out.”
“Natasha, its 10 o’clock at night, where the hell are we going to go.” You couldn’t help but laugh at her, though your body was almost shaking with joy at the idea of her taking you somewhere.
“Do you doubt me?” Her brow raised as she stood from your sofa, eying you with a smirk letting you know she knew exactly where she was taking you.
“Could I ever?”
All that weight lifted from your shoulders all of a sudden.
You had a date with Natasha Romanoff.
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ronbowie · 9 hours ago
Can you imagine if Sam fucked the Winter Solider? CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT CONVERSATION WITH STEVE?
Imagine, right after they fought Bucky and he lost his mask and they’re in the van and Sam just goes;
“I slept with that man.” - Sam
“You what?” - Steve
“I slept with that man.” - Sam
And Steve is just beyond confused because “what the hell Sam???”
And Sam just shocked because Jesus Christ I slept with a mass murderer and my new best mates ex best friend—
Steve’s just kind of like “how? When? Why?!”
“I— To be fair I was like 21 and I was fucked up, so I didn’t think it was weird at the time when I stumbled into an alleyway and saw some guy standing there, like— I figured he was looking for a hooking up, I heard they do that, and so I just kinda,,, went for it?” - Sam
“Went for it?!” - Steve
“You want me to go into detail about how I pushed your ex dead bestie against a wall and sucked his brains out through his dick? Do you?” - Sam
“Please stop, oh my god, you slept with Bucky—“ - Steve
“Technically he slept with the Winter Soldier, and like, same.” - Nat
“BoTH OF YOU?” - Steve
“He was good too, it kinda sucks he’s an assassin.” - Sam
“He is good, isn’t he?” - Nat
“The thing he does with his hips, that little twist—“ - Sam
“Oh my god, yes, that thing with the hips—“ - Nat
“Stop it! Stop talking about your exploits with the best friend I thought was dead!” - Steve
“Don’t get mad at us just cause you didn’t hit it.” - Sam
“Yeah, Steve, looking a little green there.” - Nat
“I hate you,” To Sam, “and I hope you bleed out.” To Nat
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enchanting-disaster · 16 hours ago
I have created a Google Slides about why I dislike/hate or am upset with certain Marvel characters/Avengers. Should I post it? Please let me know if I should post it.
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do yall realise that the person that natasha romanoff has hugged most often in the last decade is james rhodey rhodes and somehow y’all still sleep on that friendship. I randomly thought of it.
mod laina
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silver-lotus · 21 hours ago
Breathe Part Two
Tumblr media
Warnings ⚠️⚠️: Mentions torture, lots of trauma, descriptions of panic attacks and ptsd flashbacks, language (mentions suicide and death)
Strucker grinned sickeningly at you as he stepped around the surgical table you were strapped to.
"How did you enjoy my gas chamber y/n" He sneared as he pressed the flat of a knife against your still bubbling skin.
You let out a soft whimper as pain shot through your arm. It was fairly obvious that he wasn't done with you for the day. Not yet anyway, and he wouldn't be, not for a while.
A pit formed in your stomach as you glanced around the room. Immediately catching sight of the surgical tools and straight up torture equipment laid out on a nearby tray.
"Your healing abilities have proven to be quite impressive." Strucker's voice sent chills down your spine as he spoke "I'd really like to find your limits"
Your heart dropped further as he eyed the many torturous items laid at his disposal. Opting to pick up a large, metal hammer to begin with.
Your eyes widened as a large, muscular monster of a man entered your view, taking the hammer from strucker and raising it above his head without a word.
Strucker gave a signal and the man brought the hammer down on you with a terrifying force.
You stared numbly at the screen in front of you.
It was all you could think. You remembered this moment well. It was the first time you'd been in the gas chamber. Fairly early into your time at HYDRA. Before time started blending together, before your brain got mixed up.
Why would Strucker send this?
Was it a threat? Was it meant to scare you? Or was it meant to hurt the others?
Remembering that some of the other Avengers were indeed, in the room. You looked around to see mixed reactions on each of their faces. Some were shocked, some disgusted, some angry.
Tony looked like he was going to be sick. Steve had his eyes trained on the ground in front of him. Natasha looked about ready to kill Someone. None of them were looking at you though. They all kept their gazes on the screen or on their shoes.
All except Wanda.
She was looking straight at you, with tears pouring down her cheeks. Her hazel eyes didn't hold the same shock, pity and guilt as everyone else. She already knew what you'd gone through, much to your dismay.
What you saw in her eyes wasn't anything like the guilt ridden sadness you'd seen in the guys. It wasn't even the protectiveness and anger that Natasha held. It was pain and something else, something unreadable.
"Wanda!" You yelled with an excited smile as you ran to meet her as she walked off the Quinjet. You rushed forward and threw yourself into the Sokovian, wrapping your arms around her neck as she caught you and spun you around.
She had just gotten back from a successful mission. It was short, only a day and a half- but God, she had missed you.
Wanda grinned as you threw your head back laughing and she slowed her spinning and set you down.
"Hi' Wanda giggled back and you smiled fondly up at her.
"Hi" You took her hand gingerly and started leading her into the compound with impressive enthusiasm. "I made Paprikash"
"Really?" Wanda looked surprised
"Well..." You gave her a nervous grin "I *tried* to make Paprikash"
With that you both went inside in fits of giggles
You quickly looked away from Wanda and turned your attention back to the screen. Your own torture session was continuing onward, but you no longer recognized the events happening.
It must've been what had happened after you blacked out.
You writhed against your restraints as the monstrosity that had been smashing your bones before began twisting your mangled limbs as Strucker watched on in awe, taking down notes every so often.
Suddenly you had pulled your nearly unrecognizable body out of the restraints- made possible by all your broken bones no longer keeping shape. Then you began to re-solidify- an effect of your healing. The huge man-thing tried to grab you and tie you back down but you quickly gained the upper hand, grabbing his gargantuan wrists with your own small hands and staring deep into his eyes.
The monster's eyes widened and filled with emotions before he fell to the ground in a cowering heap.
Strucker grabbed a long taser and jabbed you in the back of the neck, effectively electrocuting you and knocking you out.
The camera cut and Strucker once again appeared on the screen, this time, speaking directly to you and the others through the camera.
"Interesting development isn't it? I always knew you were special y/n. It's disappointing that our time finally together had to be so brief." Strucker chuckled almost sadly. "The incidents like the one you just saw only happened a few times while you were here. It took- an immense amount of pain and frustration for that side of you to awaken."
Your eyes stayed glued to the screen, wide and absolutely horrified at what you'd just seen yourself do. Your attentiveness to what Strucker was saying never wavered as he spoke.
"Eventually I did have to create a new monster, you seem to have broken my dear Goliath." Strucker tutted showing no true signs of the grief he feigned. "The psychological trauma of what you did to him proved to be too much- The last time you switched like that-- before the Avengers took you from me-- you must have done something particularly cruel to the poor beast because he took my circular saw and drove it directly into his skull, over and over until he succumbed to his wounds."
Strucker chuckled at the memory and you felt your insides twist at his words.
"It's a shame that it wasn't one of our recorded sessions. It was... Quite the mess."
The room began spinning as the camera turned towards an electric chair with a small figure with a bag over their head tied to it.
"moving on dear y/n I'm sure you're wondering what the point of this is." Strucker's voice was laced with and excitement that made your skin crawl. He walked to the chair, still being the camera and ripped the bag off their head to reveal none other than your mentor, the woman who trained you- Agent Melinda May.
The blood drained from your face as you felt yourself tense at the sight. She was bloody, bruised and obviously injured in more ways than one.
You could feel the eyes of the whole room, now resting on you as the Avengers waited for you to react.
"It's simple, dear y/n. I didn't get enough time to truly finish studying you. I'd like to discover what else you are capable of. I know you would never return to me on your own so I had to get myself something to motivate you." Strucker's voice took on a deadly tone "Return to me of your own account and I'll let Agent May go alive. Fail to comply and I'll make sure the next video you receive will be of her slow, excruciating death. I'm sure you'll make the right decision."
With that the video cut off.
Lemme know if you wanna join the tag List :)
Tag List: @cristin-rjd @xxxtwilightaxelxxx @blackxwidowsxwife @causeitswhatjesuswouldfreakingdo @wellsayhelloaagin @171611 @littlewinchester15 @ywuen @Kennedym @pxterstrk @hi-i-1
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hi! i hope your day is going great! i heard you are doing shop requests and is it all right if i request a marvel ship? i provided a ss of my description and i hope it’s not too much info haha. i forgot to include my hogwarts house there which is gryffindor btw lol. i hope this gets answered and have a lovely day!! tysm!! 🌙💓 (i’m quite new to tumblr and i read ur rules so if i did anything wrong, pls let me know and i’ll correct it)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You sound so amazing!!
I ship you with: Thor Odinson!!
- You and Thor just work together, both of you like to discuss your world's histories. He adores the way your face lights up after he tells you something about Asgard. - He finds it hilarious when you and Tony debate simple things. This happens more than you would expect. -As the king of Asgard he needs a confident and kind Queen. Your charismatic charm woe's most Asgardians and Midgardians. Which to Thor is very veryyy attractive! - You and him sometimes are like the cliché school girls at a sleepover sometimes! Before and after you get together you just talk and talk and talk even more about the stupidest things. (I will project on Thor lol) you have made fun of him all the time for being afraid of frogs. - Like he is a God, and frogs scare him? - Another thing he loves about you is that you go along with his choices and what he says for royal meetings and such. Until you don’t agree with something. And you don’t necessarily fight with him. -But you stick up for what you believe in. - He often consults you when he doesn’t know what to do or he needs advice. You are never one to turn down helping him. - In fact you both work together quite a bit. Most of the Asgard counsel was upset to have a woman in charge, but you have gained their trust by making good choices not only for yourself but all of Asgard. (You also don’t care what they say anyways) - Thor is always changing things up, keeping you on your toes. - He makes you fall in love again every day - You and Thor can always be found cuddling or touching each other. Tony often teases him about it but he doesn’t care. - Don’t get me started Thor always teases you, in the most innocent ways. He sometimes doesn’t realize he’s doing it. But other times he does and just feigns innocence. - He has this weird fascination with those peach ring candies, so every time you get them for him he flips out and squeals like a kind in a candy shop. - He’ll like pick you up and spin you around and you giggle and he just loves you so much! - Hey Ms. Life of the party! Looks like you’ve found your match, (sorry I sound like I am from a dating show.) honestly though, you and Thor show up and that's when the party really begins. - I feel like Thor is a mix between all 3 of your ideal boys. -He is totally a jock! Very very arrogant, but soft for you. - I thinking he is a total history nerd, for both midgardian and asgardian history, something about it just fascinated him. - Total boomer type, though he likes to do things in his own special way. He is actually very traditional and serious at times.
Your Marvel besties: Wanda Maximoff, Pietro Maximoff, Natasha Romanov, Scott Lang
- So in this reality you have a bigger group of friends. - You hang out with the twins quite a bit, though sometimes their whole twin vibe gets weird… - Natasha, you, and Wanda hang out the most. You train together, eat together, go out together, laugh together. - Y’all are your own family. It is kind of funny actually, so before you met your secret admirer. You had gone out on a date with some guy, idk lets call him James, well you and James were getting on well. But then he just kind of just ghosted you. Which resulted in you letting your frustrations out to them and crying - You had never seen the girls so angry before. They literally don’t even care, Wanda asks you if you are okay and is loving on you and Nat is planning ways to destroy his life. - You most definitely are the one to pull Wanda out of her introverted shell. And though she says she hates you and hates that you do it (in a light hearted way) you know she really is glad that you have done it. - Nat will literally instigate fights to hear you comment and snip at the people. - Of course everyone loves you at the Avengers tower and you are everyone’s friend. But they all know you are Pietro's girl. You and him are like brother and sister. Always picking and poking at each other. But you knew if you ever truly needed him, he would be here in an instant. - Now you and Scott Lang have one of those friendships where you rarely see each other. But when you do it seems/feels as if no time has passed at all. - Cassie loves you, she calls you Auntie and it is the most adorable thing!! - Tony, Bucky, and Loki despise (that is a jump) you two together because you are so loud together
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gleegrumps · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
some little pages in the sketchbook of some of my faves 😮‍💨❤️‍🔥
a compilation of steve in ca:tws ; nat in iron man 2 ; and TH's spider-man from homecoming 🥰 (spider man includes ohuhu number codes)
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helenakey · a day ago
I know this is so old but you need to finish your black frost fics omg
I am actually writing the third chapter right now :) Hopefully I'll upload it sometime this week
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purecanesugar · a day ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: The Avengers (Marvel Movies) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply Characters: Tony Stark, Hulk (Marvel), Thor (Marvel), Steve Rogers, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanov (Marvel), Bruce Banner Additional Tags: Tony Stark & Thor Friendship, Tony Stark & Hulk Friendship, Hurt Tony Stark, Tony Stark-centric, Tony Being Tony, Tony Stark Has Self-Esteem Issues, Stabbing, -kinda, Broken Bones, Thor (Marvel) is a Good Bro, Natasha Romanov Is a Good Bro, Steve can be an asshole, so can Clint, Not Canon Compliant, Protective Thor (Marvel) Series: Part 4 of Tony Stark-Centric Series Summary:
What happens when your teammates don't particularly care and you don't think you're important enough? don't get out of the painful situation you've landed in. At least, that's what Tony thinks until his favourite green giant and thunder God come along to help him...
Inspired by a prompt.
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Let's talk about how little agency Nat has in this movie, how women in general are treated by it, and what Frankenstein is actually about.
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novamirmirsblog · a day ago
Angst 5 reader says and Fluff general 22 Natasha says! (MAKE THAT SHIT SAPPY AS HELL Love your writing ❤️❤️❤️)
Word count: 578 (sorry it's a shorter one today)
Request: Yes
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: none
Angst 5: “what’s the point?” Fluff/general 22: “i love you.”
TRANSLATIONS: malen'kiy tsvetok = little flower detka = baby
A/N: YOU ASKED FOR SAPPY SO YOU SHALL RECIEVE SAPPY. We also have another fluffy request coming up BUT THEN I WILL BE BACK ON MY BS WITH THE ANGST (probably)
"What's the point?" You let out with a huff. You were laying on top of Natasha in a slightly cramped hammock, watching the sun go down, contemplating anything and nothing all at the same time.
You were both enjoying your annual leave in the middle of the forest near a crystal clear lake. This ritual of coming here quickly became a comforting routine for the both of you. It had started because Tony and Pepper were sick and tired of seeing the both of you pine after each other. They suggested a 'group retreat' and yet when you had turned up to the cabin, there was only Natasha. Safe to say that after the initial shock and anger at the Stark-Potts pair, you both realised the other felt the same way. The roses scattered on all the beds was a little much but not as extra extravagant as the literal doves they had organised to be in the back garden. Ever since then, the cute house in the woods became your hideaway.
"What do you mean detka?"
"We're international spies - plus avengers." You paused, wondering how exactly to go about this. It's not that you didn't love Natasha, you did, and had told her on many occasions that you did. She was yet to say those three words back but that was okay. There was absolutely no pressure from you for her to say them. You didn't tell her you loved her to get her to say it back, you told her because sometimes it hurt too much to keep it in.
"Yes. Surprisingly I know that." Nat wore a cheeky grin as she spoke into your neck, her eyes never leaving the sunset.
"So what we do is dangerous..."
The grin slowly dropped as Natasha realised what you were saying.
"Yes. It is."
"So I guess what I'm asking is what's the point of this." You waved your free hand around, the other caught in Natasha's hand. Your relationship scared you. You hated the idea that one day one of you might not come back from a mission. You adored your job - you both did but you wanted a family too. Whether that included animals, kids, or just yourselves traveling for fun - it didn't really matter.
"I know our jobs are scary but coming home to see your face makes it all worth it."
"See that's the thing Tasha, what if one day I'm not there or-or you don't come home."
"Let's quit."
"What- Natasha, no. Don't be ridicul-"
"Stop detka. I would do anything for you. Let's hand in a temporary leave of absence if you're not ready to quit just yet. I..I may have been thinking about something..."
"Sweetie, it's never a good thing when you think." You giggle as she bites your neck.
"Well I think you'll like this one." She reached into her pocket and pulled out a set of keys
"How long did you have those in there?"
"Long enough for it to become uncomfortable..." Natasha blushed slightly. Although if you were to ask her, she would blame it on how hot the weather had been lately.
"What are they for?"
"Here." Your stunned silence made Natasha continue "I bought it from Stark. We can always give it back if you don't like it-"
You twisted around and pulled her into a kiss "I love it so much."
"And I love you, malen'kiy tsvetok"
"I love you too Tasha."
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purecanesugar · a day ago
Chapters: 4/4 Fandom: The Avengers (Marvel Movies), The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Bruce Banner & Tony Stark, Tony Stark & Thor, Natasha Romanov & Tony Stark, Clint Barton & Tony Stark, Steve Rogers & Tony Stark Characters: Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Thor (Marvel), Natasha Romanov (Marvel), Clint Barton, Steve Rogers, DUM-E, Justin Hammer, James "Rhodey" Rhodes, Pepper Potts, James "Bucky" Barnes (mentioned) Additional Tags: Bruce Banner & Tony Stark Friendship, Tony Stark & Thor Friendship, Natasha Romanov & Tony Stark Friendship, Clint Barton & Tony Stark Friendship, Steve Rogers & Tony Stark Friendship, Alternate Universe - High School, Alternate Universe - Human, Alternate Universe - Coffee Shops & Cafés, Alternate Universe - No Powers, Tony Stark Feels, Tony Stark Needs a Hug, Tony Stark-centric, Genius Tony Stark, Anxiety Attacks, Claustrophobia, Hurt Tony Stark, Insecure Tony, Protective Avengers, Bullying, Steve Rogers is a dickhead at first, Mild Language, Out of Character, Homophobic Language, BAMF Avengers Series: Part 1 of Tony Stark-Centric Series Summary:
High School? It sucks. It's better for some and worse for others. For Tony Stark? Well, if you think that being a rich genius, who skipped a year makes life easy, you're wrong.
The Avengers. A group of teens who protect and avenge bullied students. They never cared for Tony, until...well now.
It all started in a coffee shop...and in a way, that's where it ends.
Inspired by a prompt.
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butterknife11 · a day ago
If the end credit scene of black widow isn’t nat cutting and dying her hair ima lose it.
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