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#natasha romanov

This is my entry for @star-spangled-beard-burn and their challenge, Seasons of Fiction 2020! Congratulations my dear! 

Prompt: SO HATES Pumpkin Spice Lattes…or do they? With Bucky! However during the creation of this short fic, I may have strayed from the original point…just a tiny bit…

Edited by my dear friend Adam! However he doesn’t have tumblr, nor has he expressed any interest in fandom in general…he just likes my writing… So thanks babe! 

Pairing: Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes

Characters: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, Sharon Carter, Natasha Romanov, Clint Barton, Thor Odin-son 

Summary: Bucky has Steve try a PSL for the first time, but it doesn’t go well. Over time however, Steve may enjoy the fall-centered drink more than he let on.

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Originally posted by thosekidswhohuntmonsters

a/n- This is the lasy chapter :( but i do have an epilouge in the works, also just so many more ideas, so keep an eye out for that! thank you so much for all the love of this fic, it means a lot <3 Enjoy!!

part 9

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I like to think that Clint would totally be into crochet and knitting. He spent so much time developing nimble and calloused fingers from wielding a bow and arrow, that it would be nothing for him to work with one or two needles. It would be something to do while he sits on the balcony or in one of the avengers towers indoor gardens. I think he would cozy up on one of Tony’s unconventional sofas and  work when no one else is around. He does it do destress from having to be so observant during his job now he can mindlessly do something simple for him.

After a few months a new throw blanket is added to the sofa. There’s a new mat in front of the sink. A few new color coded scarfs by the door. No one knows where they’re coming from and are too absorbed in their own activities to actively confirm who is making them. Most of them just assume it’s Pepper (she assumes it’s Banner but won’t say anything out of politeness).

However, Natasha has the sneaking suspicion it’s Clint. She’s know him for so long and sees the way his hands twitch when they aren’t doing something. One day she confronts him, id say sneaks up on him, but in all honestly they’ve been working together  for so long, they cannot really scare the other.

So one night when he hears her silently making her way down the hall, he doesn’t stop his activity or even pause his movie. He just asks her to grab a snack on her way in. (Later she would ask him to teach her and she would struggle at first, but eventually a few more socks would turn up in everyone’s drawers).

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A Wreck Without You

Hey bby, thanks for the request! You didn’t say who for, so I wrote it for Nat :)

Summary: i’m so bad at summarising things. angst with a happy ending


Words: 980


You arrived home and found your apartment looking like bedlam. Cushions from your couch had been cut open, the papers you had left on your coffee table were strewn everywhere. There were plates and mugs smashed to pieces on the floor, along with numerous items of cutlery. And Natasha. Natasha was propped up against your island patching up a wound on her arm. You were utterly dumbfounded.

“Hi.” Natasha looked up.

“Sooo, are you going to tell me what happened here? And why are you bleeding?”

“It’s not as bad as it looks. Somebody found out I was here, ruined the place and attacked me. I can replace everything that got broken, by the way.” You placed your bag on the kitchen counter, dodged the shards of china, and crouched down next to Nat.

“I don’t care about that. What happened to you? Are you hurt?" 

"Just got a couple of scratches. The other guy is much worse.”


“Severely maimed. And getting interrogated by Tony.”

“They are definitely worse off. Are you sure you’re okay? That cut looks pretty deep.”

“I’ll be fine. And I’m getting out of your hair.”

“What? You’re leaving?”

“Just for a couple days. I need to sort some things out.”

“Let me check you over first.”

“No, it’s not that bad.”

“Please, Nat.”

“No. I need to go and find out who did this. So you aren’t in danger again.”

“If you walk out that door, it’s over, Natasha.”

“What?” It was her turn to question you.

“You’re scared; so you’re running. You don’t have to.”

“Yes, I do. You’re in danger with me here. What if it had been you alone when they attacked, huh? You could have died.”

“So it’s about my safety. Natasha, you are the best protection I could have.”

“I’ll see you in a few days, Y/N.”

“NO. I mean it, Nat. If you leave because you think I won’t be safe, it’s over.”

“I just need to think this over.”

“What is there to think over? Do you want to be with me or not?”

“What could possibly make you want to be with me after I got criminals in your apartment and trashed the place?”

“I love you. Nothing else matters but that. So what are you going to do?”

“My heart tells me to kiss you, but my head tells me to walk away.” There was a deafening silence before she answered. “My head is always right.” She placed her key to the apartment on the kitchen counter and left.


There were no leads on who had broken into your apartment and it drove Natasha mad. She needed to put a stop to it before you got hurt, but after two days of interrogation from various members of the team, she had nothing. So she gave up and wallowed in the pain she gave to herself.  

Natasha knew leaving you was wrong. The moment she walked out of your door, she regretted it, but it was done. You’d said it was over. She really was an idiot. She’d been too damn terrified with what might happen to you, that she lost you in a very different way. She had been taught ‘love is for children’, but being with you had made her realise how very wrong that was. She was a wreck without you.

The longing in her heart wouldn’t subside, and she spent the next week curled up in her bed worrying, and contemplating how to make you understand. She knew it wouldn’t be an easy feat, and it may not work, but she had to try. 


Natasha was sitting on your repaired couch when you returned home. You barely acknowledged she was there. She had truly hurt you.

“I’m not even going to bother asking how you got in here.”

“I’m sorry. I’m new to this…” 

“I thought I told you it was over.”

“I just need you to listen for now. You can kick me out later, but I need you to understand why I left.”

You contemplated it for a moment, then sat down opposite her. “Okay.”

She didn’t speak for a moment; she seemed to be processing the right words to say. She took a deep breath. “I’ve never had a relationship with someone I really like before. I thought that if I left you, you would be safer. But now I realise you would be more in danger.

“All my relationships in the past have been part of my job - a target or someone close to them. They were an act. I’ve never had the choice to be with somebody before, and I don’t want you to get hurt because of me. I don’t know how to love, and I think I’m scared of being loved. I was taught from a very young age that love is for children and that it would compromise me. Recognising other people’s emotions is something I can do very easily, but I find it difficult to understand my own. If I really did leave you, it might mean I’m putting you more at risk, and I don’t want that. So if you still want me…” She finally met your gaze. “I’d like to be with you.”

“Of course I still want you.” Natasha’s face glowed brightly.  She caught the tears that were rolling down your face with her thumb. You hadn’t even noticed them - you were too focused on her.

“Also, I’m sorry about your stuff.”

“Oh, I don’t care I hated it anyway. You could bring some of your own stuff over and make it really homey. That’d be nice.” You pulled her in for a hug and pressed a kiss to her cheek.

“Or I was thinking you could move into the compound with me. You’d be way less in danger there." 

You smiled warmly. "I’d love to, Nat." 

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Last Names (2/2)  {Bucky Barnes x Reader}

Summary: Hiding a relationship is hard. Hiding a marriage is harder.

Warnings: one?

Author’s Note: Thank you for reading, my lovies! I hope you enjoy the second part. Xox Angel Baugh

Read Part One Here


Originally posted by sleepy-barnes

     The first two weeks were a little bit trickier than expected. With no official honeymoon, Bucky and I were giddy for the first week. We would have gotten caught if we didn’t cool down the PDA. Of course we were going to tell the team at some point, but we wanted to keep it to ourselves for a while.

     It took one month for Bucky to let the secret slip out to Steve. They were having a “Boy’s Night” in the blond’s room when he let his guard down.

     “How are you and Y/N doing?” Steve had asked.

     “I’m so happy. Getting married was the best decision I’ve ever made. You should try it out, Stevie.” I slapped my stupid husband’s arm when he told me what he had done, but the anger had disappeared the next day.


     I sat with Natasha in the living room as an ignored movie played on the television. An empty bowl of popcorn sat on the coffee table as we nursed our glasses of wine. Natasha was telling me a story when she stopped abruptly.

     “Are you wearing Bucky’s dog tags?” It was the first time anyone had noticed.

     “Oh, yeah. He gave them to me a while ago.” I smiled at the memory.

     She smirked and raised her eyebrows, “You guys must be getting serious. That man loves his tags.”

     “He sure does. He made an exception for me, though. They are taking the place of wedding rings,” I fidgeted with the chain as I spoke. My grin fell when I realized my mistake. “Shit.”

     “You and Bucky got married?” she exclaimed. Her jaw dropped to the floor.

     “Y/N and Bucky are married?” Tony yelled from the doorway.

     Sam emerged from behind him, “Y/N and Bucky are married?”

     The next person to repeat the, now redundant, phrase was the man of the hour. I narrowed my eyes at my husband, mouthing a really  to him. He shrugged his shoulders and smiled timidly. I love you,  he mouthed back to me.

      “Are we not going to talk about this?” Natasha questioned.

     “We got up early one morning and went down to the courthouse,” Bucky mumbled just loud enough for everyone else to hear.

     “It’ll be two months on Thursday,” I added quietly. The three stood around the room, shocked. The first to speak up was Tony.

     “FRIDAY, alert everyone that there is a mandatory team meeting in thirty minutes.” I groaned and hid my head in my hands.

     “Do we really have to have a meeting about this?”

     “Yes! Yes we do.”

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Requested: No 
Warnings: Swearing, Pietro being a cocky bitchTM 

Summary: Being an avenger has never been easy, and after a certain Sokovian joins the team, it really just does not help your concentration. At all. Especially because the two of you just wouldn’t get along.

My Masterlist


Part 2

I thought of myself as a rather nice person. Not overly nice maybe and very much depending on my mood and my surroundings, but, and I stand by that, not unnecessarily rude. I could even keep my cool with Senator Stern last year (many may remember him from that very much public and very much embarrassing Senate Armed Services Committee in Washington, D.C. where Tony Stark had been summoned to attend to and in which Tony had skinned the annoying git alive). So yes, I would describe myself as a nice or maybe, collected person. At least until last winter’s mission in Sokovia, where we happened to run into a pair of genetical mutated twins, going by the name of Wanda and Pietro Maximoff. Originally recruited by one of the leaders of HYDRA, Mr. Wolfgang von Stucker, Pietro and Wanda had taken part in a series of tests involving Loki’s mysterious scepter (in sweet memory it may be now) they had somehow mutated into not quite humans anymore. Wanda received a number of mental abilities, Pietro acquired the ability to move at supersonic speeds and other physical features (of where his disturbingly pleasing looks weren’t part of, I had seen before and after footage, much to my displeasure). In Sokovia then, a country which was entangled in constant war and strife and also had been the former base of HYDRA cell operations, they had crossed their path with us for the very first time. Long story short; it wasn’t a very friendly meeting, though you could maybe blame it on the circumstances. Later on, they somehow affiliated with Ultron which was a problem or/and enemy we (or Tony and Bruce) had actually created ourselves…which wasn’t a fact that stopped them from joining Ultron’s side, making them to our opponents. Somewhere along the line they had then switched sides and so on, now both of them were Avengers and helped us with our…duties I guess you could call them. Of course that was very rushed and short and not very much in detail, but it sure does the job.

Now, where Wanda wasn’t the problem and after they cut strings with Ultron, I had started to like her a lot and quite fast, her twelve minutes older twin Pietro very much was. I don’t know how he did it and I had never met someone like this before, but he somehow managed to push all my buttons just right to drive me nuts in no time. I also don’t know when our mutual dislike started, but it must have happened in the very beginning, back in Sokovia. Maybe my hatred started when he had mocked me a bit too long and a bit too personal after pushing me off a balcony at the HYDRA basement back then. Or when he had nothing but bad words to say about my technique of combat or when he decided not to help me when I almost got overwhelmed by Ultron’s soldiers. I only know that my dislike, as well as my attraction (which made that whole mess a bit more complicated) must have been instantly. We just wouldn’t click, not even when he almost sacrificed his life for Clint, back on that godforsaken rock Ultron had planned on dropping down on our beloved planet. So the bickering went on and whilst everyone seemed to get along perfectly fine with the twins, Pietro and I kept lashing out at each other at every chance we’ve got. And that was very often, much to the annoyance of Wanda and the rest of the Avengers.

I closed my eyes and leaned my head back against the cool glass in the conference room. Tony had called in a meeting and almost everyone had appeared on his call. Steve sat around the black table in the center of the room, Natasha and Clint next to him. Wanda had occupied the only more or less comfortable chair in the room and Banner was eyeing her grumpily. Tony leaned against the wall, waiting like everyone else until Maria Hill would appear. Thor wouldn’t come around until we’d throw a party (somehow those invitations never got lost on their way to Asgard…) and Rhodey would probably arrive with Maria. Vision sat hovering in some corner, attentively eyed by Wanda. The door opened and Maria and Rhodey entered the room but leaving the door open. “Can we then start?” I asked slightly impatient. I wanted to take a nap since I hadn’t slept well tonight. Which was also entirely the fault of Mr. Maximoff who had decided to run laps until three o’clock on the complex meadow, which happened to be pretty much in front of my window. The light of his abnormal speeding actions had light up my room until he stopped, making it impossible for me to fall asleep on time. Shutting the light out was close to impossible, since his gleaming energy-thingy he did, was not only bright but also seemed to shine through every crack. Adding to that was the fact that I was already angry, so I laid awake until about four AM.

“Atta princess, I knew that you are not quite fond of me, but trying to start a meeting without me…I am hurt.” My eyes snapped up at the sound of the familiar sokovian accent and I frowned. “Just sit down, your late already and preventing this to be over soon, speedster.” I snapped angrily and he closed the door before leaning on the wall in opposite of me. “What got your panties in a twist today, moody blue?” he mocked with a crooked eyebrow. 

“Actually, darling, you did.” 

His other eyebrow shot up. “I am all ears.” I growled angrily. “I hope you are. Because if you ever plan on running around until three o’clock on that bloody lawn, I will rip your face off. Do you know how fucking bright that light is when you run around in the night? Bright and not possible to shut out. Just like you, obnoxious and not possible to shut out.” He huffed softly, tilting his head. “Always so angry…” he mumbled and I could’ve strangled him now and here if it wasn’t for Tony who had decided to end our brawl by letting a holographic map appear in the middle of the room. “Enough kids, we know you love each other but now we must return to the reason we’re all here.” I sighed and nodded, focusing back on Tony. He pointed at a pulsing dot on the map, zooming in with a flick of his hand. “We located another HYDRA base. A small one, but one less is one less, no matter how big.” He immediately had the attention of the whole room, me being no exception.  

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Did Someone Say Avengers Pride HC’s? Cute Pride Pics Edition

@technically-whizzy and i literally went feral and came up with a whole bunch of avengers pride hcs and yah we’re really proud of them. make sure to check out the complimentary hc’s on their page!!

check out whiz’s pride post here!

  • After coming out, Steve and Bucky do articles for Time Magazine and Variety respectively 
  • For Bucky’s article in Variety, he’s staring straight at the camera with a wounded expression and bruises around his eyes and on his cheekbones that are colored like the bi pride colors. The heading is: Living Open Where I Couldn’t Before- Bucky Barnes reflects on how his own definition of ‘pride’ has changed from his life in the 30s to now
  • For Steve’s article with Time, he’s looking intently into the camera and dragging two fingers across his right cheekbone smearing the bi flag. The heading on his is: Captain America Comes Out- Country Divided Over America’s Golden Boy
  • WEEE’ve got an outsider pic of Steve and Bucky doing the WW2 V-Day Kiss on the Avengers’ float with the Bi flag around their shoulders
  • There’s another of Natasha on Bucky’s shoulders holding both their flags (pan and bi respectively) high above both their heads and she’s shouting something and Bucky’s grinning up at her
  • Two of Sam and Steve with their arms around each other’s necks, grinning, with glitter exploding above them (via Tony and his glitter bomb gun he brought one year) (it’s a modified potato gun he fixed up with Harley). In one they’re just laughing, then in the next, Sam is kissing Steve’s cheek while Bucky pretends to glower in the background (while giving Sam bunny ears)
  • One of Clint and Bucky getting ready to perform Girls/Girls/Boys on stage with Brendon Urie- Clint is straightening Bucky’s flag and they’re both on the verge of laughing. Clint’s pride guitar is artfully slung across his back
  • Steve takes a Proud Dad pic of Bucky and Clint performing (Clint’s doing a death drop in the pick and Bucky’s JAMMING)
  • Four successive pictures of Bucky sneaking up on Steve, then snapping his rainbow suspenders, Steve turning around to swat at him while they’re both laughing, then Bucky pulling him in by the suspenders for a kiss
  • There’s another of Steve slapping Bucky’s ass and it makes it on the cover of every tabloid in America
  • Pepper takes a picture of the Avengers waiting for the float to go out, they’re all joking around on the platforms of their float and you can see Steve’s hand in Bucky’s back pocket as they talk to Sam and Tony ruffling Peter’s hair as Clint dumps glitter over both of them
  • Bucky takes a selfie with an unknowing Steve sitting on the edge of the Avengers’ float, eating a rainbow popsicle and dripping it everywhere
  • There’s one of Bucky and Steve at the top of the Avengers’ float, holding each other’s hands with the bi flag around their shoulders (they’re each holding an end of it). They’re grinning really wide with visible tears tracking down their faces because goddamn, they never thought they could love each other this openly
  • Nat took one before Pride when they were all getting ready in the Avengers Tower lobby of Steve and Bucky laughing as Steve paints Bucky’s arm Pride Colors 
  • Likewise, Sam took one of them where Bucky is Very Dramatically (i’m talking 1940s movie star) draped over Steve’s back as Steve paints his shield bi colors (“Oh, Stevie, I’m positively dyin’ here. Oh, if ONLY you’d pay attention to lil ole me!” “Buck, stooooop, let me finishhhh I just painted your arm, you can DEAL.” Bucky sighs dramatically. Then sighs dramatically again. Then again. It continues until Steve shoves him off)
  • A smiling happy amazing and Ultra Typical group shot Happy took of them all before they go out to the Parade in their get up (Sam is laying on the ground in front of them all. He’s That Bitch™ )
  • Tony posts a boomerang on his Insta story of them on top of the float doing duck faces at the camera and the caption says “Pride 2024, Pull UP”. Clint is violently vogueing in the background.
  • Bucky takes a pic of Nat and Clint reapplying their pride makeup on each other (Nat’s redoing Clint’s rainbow eyeliner and Clint is focused as FUCk putting her rainbow lipstick back on)
  • Another of Clint giving Nat a piggyback ride as she hold Both of their flags above her head
  • Nat takes one of Steve and Bucky kissing as Sam holds both their heads together and grins at the camera (“Aight, now KISS!” “Sam wait-mmphh!”)
  • There’s one of all of the avengers vibing with each other in their own little ways (steve and buck are cuddling, clint, nat, and sam are laughing, tony and pete are high fiving, etc.) 
  • The last one is taken as the sun is setting and everyone on the Avengers Float is sitting on one edge as the parade still rages behind them and flags are sort of pooled around their waists and different people’s heads are on each others’ shoulders and confetti and glitter still fly through the air. It makes it on the cover of every NY newspaper with the headline being some variation of: Love is a Superpower

happy pride, everyone!!! love is love🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

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Chapter Title: Zipping up the Mess 

Series Summary: You’re the newest Avenger still trying to figure out where you fit in and determined to prove yourself, no matter how many times people tell you you don’t need to. Balancing your pre-Avenger life with your new life is a challenge, one that is threatening to fall apart.

Part Summary:  Tony brings Nat, Steve, and Bucky in on what he talked to Peter about. 

Features: Unhealthy relationship, OMC character with controlling tendencies; if this is triggering in anyway, skip this story!

Pairing: Reader/Original Male Character; eventual Bucky/Natasha/Reader

NotesThere is an arm grab in this part.  

Word Count: 1140


Originally posted by cracklegray

The sound of heels against the tiled floor echoed. She had been getting ready for date night with Bucky when Tony asked to see her. He was working in his lab, making an improvement to one of his suits when she walked in.

“What was so urgent it couldn’t wait?” Natasha asked, leaning against a counter. Tony didn’t look up from what he was working on. Natasha glanced around the lab, trying to figure out why it was Tony had called her into the lab to talk. 

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Steelbridge Sixties


When Bucky’d left the shelter before dinner service was quite finished, Steve assumed it was because he wanted to go home.  He knows it was his fault for letting him wander out the door, but he hadn’t expected anything bad to happen.  

Sam had locks up the door and he and Steve are on the dishes when a rousing thud reverberates through the space.  Steve runs around to the front in time to see a man in thick glasses bouncing back toward the sidewalk.  

Steve quickly opens the door.  “Hawk?” he asks, not entirely sure he has the right name.  “That’s you, right?”

“Mm-hm.”  Hawk straightens up, rubbing his temple.  He points at the door.  “Your closed?”

“Yeah,” Steve replies.  “But what’s up?  Do you need food or something?”  He gestures for the other man to come inside.

“No, no.”  Hawk takes hold of Steve’s arm.  “You gotta come right now, man.”

“What?  Why?”  Steve glances back at Sam, who he can barely see still washing up in the kitchen.

“Your guy, he’s a mess.”  Hawk shakes his head.  “Nat’s been taking care of him.  Well, you know.”  He uses his fingers to mime rolling a joint and smoking it.

“Yeah, ok,” Steve sighs.  He makes to step back inside.  It’s a bad habit of Bucky’s, but one they’ve agreed he can live with.  “Can I get him in a bit?  Or–”

“Nah, man.”  Hawk takes his elbow.  “He done did too much or something.  Puked all over the place.  He’s not right in the head.”

“Shit,” Steve sighs.  “Yeah.  I’ll come.”  He shouts over his shoulder that an emergency has come up, hoping Sam understands.  Then he lets Hawk claw his arm and lead him into an alley that breaks out onto a side street.

“This isn’t your usual haunt,” Steve comments as Hawk drags him toward an empty dumpster stood up on its side.  The place looks empty and deserted, but as they draw closer, he can see a few shadowy figures crouched inside the  metal cave.

“Yeah, we move sometimes…”  But Hawk’s words are lost as Steve rushes forward.

“Buck?” he asks, skidding to his knees. 

Two young women crouch on either side of him, the ragged, long-haired man that Steve loves.  

“I just gave him pot, I swear.”  Nat’s soft voice echoes in the hollow dumpster.  she raises one hand as if testifying while keeping the other solidly on Bucky’s shoulder.  

“Sure…”  Steve isn’t sure what he’s saying.  He leans forward, ushering Darcy out of the way, as he examines Bucky’s face.  

He’s ghostly white, with a thin sheen of sweat on his brow.  Steve cups his forehead in his open palm, then presses his ear to Bucky’s lips just to ensure he’s breathing.  His chest rises and falls shallowly, then he begins to cough.  A thin stream of mucous and bile spills from his lips.  The girls skitter backward, away from the mess, but Steve takes over supporting Bucky on his side.

“You’re ok,” he whispers, though in reality he has no idea.  “I think you probably just overdid it a little…”  Or maybe a lot.  He’s almost positive Bucky’s been using something a bit heavier of late.  Maybe this evening’s indulgences were just the straw that broke the camel’s back.

“Don’t send me back there…” Bucky chokes.  His eyelids flutter, then squeeze shut.  He rolls toward face-down, and Steve catches him, guiding Bucky’s face into his lap.  

“I won’t,” Steve murmurs immediately, rubbing circles into his back.  “I won’t.  Not ever.  You’re safe here.”  Even in a grimy dumpster, in the midst of a river of his own sick.  Steve can ensure that.  Even if that’s all he can do.

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A/N: this is trash but i had to get it done! I hope it’s okay!


Originally posted by vormirjumper

“You signed us up to do what?” Natasha asked, clearly unimpressed by what you’d said.

“Yoga has benefits,” you argued, accepting the drink she slid across the bar at you.

“Many things have benefits, that doesn’t mean we have to do it. I do yoga here, by myself, why do we need to do a couples class?”

You were both drunk, that was obvious.

“Because you love me,” you answered, a smirk on your face. Nat rolled her eyes, though her eyes grew dark. 

“And what makes you think that?” 

“The way you let me fuck you,” you answered simply. 

“Oh I let you fuck me?” Natasha asked airily.

“Well, I say you do,” you shrugged. “But perhaps tonight we could switch it up a bit? Instead of the usual, we could try a bit of verbal control?”

Nat’s eyes grew even darker, excited by your suggestion. 

“Why don’t we go somewhere more comfortable?”

Neither of you wanted to go very far, so you ended up in the living room. 

“What would you have me do?” Natasha asked, her voice low and eager. 

“Take off your clothes, but slowly, in a way that’s sexy,” you purred, sitting on the couch and watching the show. Your drunk state did not exactly allow you to speak eloquently. Nat didn’t seem to mind though, taking her time in carefully peeling off her dress, shimmying out of it and letting it fall to the floor around her ankles.

“Now what?” Natasha asked. You could hardly think- she was wearing absolutely nothing but heels. Your hand moved up your thigh, until your fingers were pressing against your clit.

“Touch yourself,” you commanded, still in disbelief that Nat had chosen to wear absolutely nothing under her dress. She smirked, her hand going up to her heat, the palm of her hand rubbing against her clit. The sight of her parted lips and lidded eyes had you generating friction against your own heat, already aching for relief. 

You watched as Natasha’s fingers shifted, her middle finger circling her own entrance, still generating friction against her clit. Her pleasure was evident, and the more she felt, the more you couldn’t wait to tell her to stop. 

But, for now, you settled for admiring your girlfriend, in her silk-strapped high heels, perfect body, and flowing, wavy red hair. God, you were fairly certain that after a few more minutes of touching your own heat, you’d be close to orgasm. 

“Any other instructions?” Natasha asked, her breathing erratic. You smirked. 

“Yes, actually, now that you mention it, stop touching yourself there, and touch your breasts.”

Your girlfriend pouted, only causing your smirk to grow. 

“That’s mean, Y/N.”

“I don’t have any clue of what you are talking about, baby,” you purred. Nat rolled her eyes, and it took everything in your power to not get up off of the couch and put her in her place. 

Though Natasha wasn’t fond of your instruction, she complied anyway, her hands trailing up her body until she was playing with her nipples. She let out a moan, and the sound had electricity running through your body, and you couldn’t take it anymore. 

“That’s it,” you muttered, standing and walking towards her.

“Tired of the show?” Nat asked airily, slightly out of breath.

“You know that’s not it,” you replied. 

“Then what is it?” she asked as your hands fell to her hips. 

“It’s time I show you just how much I enjoyed the show.”

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A/N: i know this is a bit shorter of a chapter, but I wanted to end it where it was, plus I have several other things to write and post today! Happy Sunday :)

The Quarantine Series Masterlist


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A few days has passed, and with Natasha feeling better, it was time for you to go out on a date. The only question was where and when. It felt like this date had to be special- it would be your first date since you’d gotten back together. 

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