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#natasha romanov

for @darcygirl
178 words
Rated T
I trust you not to drain me


“I trust you not to drain me.”

Natasha grinned, clicking her tongue against the back of her teeth. “You do, huh?”

“Yes,” Darcy said, reaching across Natasha for the TV remote. “Just an FYI.”

“For my information… and what, pray-tell, should I use this information for?” Nat asked, sounding every bit like the little shit she was, but Darcy loved that about her.

“I dunno. Don’t care. It’s free information,” Darcy said, trying to sound nonchalant and not thirsty like she was.

Thirsty.  Ha.  Funny that she was the thirsty one when Natasha was the vampire.

“Free information? I do love free things,” Natasha mused to herself, her hand sliding over to lace with Darcy’s. The next time she moved, she was right against Darcy’s throat, her tongue sliding along her pulse point and making her shiver.

“Nat,” Darcy whispered, her hand coming up to the back of her head to hold her there.

She hummed against her and Darcy felt the slight burn as the fangs pierced her skin. It was a burn, but a glorious one.

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A/N: so, as figured by the timeline, the new baby in the “Your Family” series is to be born November 2! I’ve been working on this fic for a few days now, and here’s a sneak peek!


You hung the ornament on the tree, joy rushing through you, as well as a stab of pain. 

“Ow,” you muttered, a hand falling to your stomach. 

“Y/N?” Natasha’s voice was filled with panic, more so than it ever had been. You were so close to your due date that every noise you made had her panicked. 

“It’s fine, the baby’s been kicking extra hard lately,” you responded. The pain had gone as quickly as it had come. Natasha was the furthest thing from convinced. 

“I think you should sit down.”

“But you just let me get up,” you whined. Your wife rolled your eyes.

“Mom, what happens if the baby is coming?” Dominika asked. “Will it hurt a lot?”

“It hurts,” you admitted,  “but in the end, it’s all worth it and the pain doesn’t seem as bad.”

Your daughter was troubled with your answer. 

“How will you know when the pain is bad enough to say you’re having the baby?” she continued. Natasha set to answering her, while you gave attention to your son, who had wrapped his arms around you.

“I don’t want you to hurt, Mommy,” Nikolus nearly whispered. 

“I wish I didn’t have to be in pain either, boo,” you answered, your tone light. “But, guess what?” 

“What?” he answered. 

“I forget all about the hurt right after.”

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hope u like it :)))

I reblogged an ask game somewhere👀feel free to ask if u want


Natasha closed the hotel door behind the two of you, and let out a sigh of relief as she kicked her heels off.  You dumped your bags on the floor, hoping to relax after a long day of pretending to be Natasha’s partner.  You didn’t mind it, but you knew it wasn’t real, and once the mission was finished, she would disregard the whole thing, and carry on with her job, while you pined over her for the next eon or two.  

Whilst Natasha busied herself with making the two of you a cup of tea, you explored the hotel room, and checked for anything out of the ordinary.  You didn’t find any trackers or bugs, but something still seemed off.  Once you entered the bedroom again, you realised what it was.  There was only one bed. 

“Hey, Natasha?  I think they got our room mixed with someone else’s." 

"Hmm?” She said appearing beside you and handing you a cup of tea.  “Oh…   I’ll call Fury and check if this is right.”

“Okay.  Thanks for the tea by the way." 

"No problemo.”

Natasha took out her mobile and turned away from you to talk to Fury.  A few minutes later, she turned back to you and sighed. 

“He said it was the only one available.  Plus if our targets have any sort of cameras around here we’ll look more like a couple.”

You nodded. “Makes sense, we should be playing the part the whole time." 


That evening, after you had settled your plans for the next day and made sure your weapons were intact, you finally decided to hit the hay.  You wandered into the bathroom to brush your teeth.  You probably should have stayed in the bathroom and checked if it was okay to come out because you walked out to see Natasha stripping out of her clothes. You were seriously unprepared for the sigh you greeted with, not that it was unwelcome, but had you still been brushing your teeth, toothpaste would be dribbling down your chin now. You couldn’t tear your eyes away from her extremely hot, defined back muscles. 

"Why… Why did you just take off your shirt?” You asked after composing yourself. 

Natasha turned to face you, and you caught a glimpse of her abs.  Oh dear, Lord. “I was getting changed.  I didn’t realise you’d be done so soon." 

"Oh, sorry… I can-”

“No, no, you’re fine, Y/N.”. She paused for a moment to take in your flustered face.  

“Actually, I should get changed, too.” You motioned to the bathroom and rushed out of the bedroom carrying a crumpled pile that was your pyjamas.  Natasha smirked, took off her trousers and slipped a robe around her.

You breathed deeply a few times, then exited the bathroom, eyes averted from Natasha as she went in after you.  

You had your eyes shut when Nat returned and didn’t fully realise she was back until her warm, soft body was pressed up against you.  

“I normally only sleep in underwear; does my being half-naked bother you?" 

You gulped.  "Uhh, no.  It’s fine, Nat.”

“Good,” she said, shifting ever so slightly closer to you.  “Good night, Y/N.”. 

It was going to be a long week.


Tag list: @natasha-danvers @thelastavenger-3000 @tribblemakingalicorn @aaron-despair @rooskaya-yelena @natasharomanoffswife @echolarain @username23345 @peggycarter-steverogers @thewidowsghost

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for @sleepygrimm
313 words
Rated T
Waiting for the zombie hoard to leave us alone and other ways to pass the time


Natasha wiped the blade of her knife against the shirt of one of the bodies, but Steve was pretty sure it only smeared what was on it.

He’d call it blood, but it was from these things. These walkers. And it was almost black.

She got it somewhat clean and holstered it again. “You really should clean your blades more often, Steve,” she said in that authoritative way she had.

“What’s the use?” he asked. “They aren’t as effective as guns.”

“We’re out of guns, so what’s the use in thinking that?” she countered, pulling her throwing knives out of the foreheads of the three zombies she’d felled through the window before they’d even entered the building. “Come on, help me pull these outside.”

He did, grimacing when he felt the dead weight in his hands.

“Weak stomach, Cap?” she asked, lugging a body over to the pile they’d been stacking outside.  He’d set fire to it once night fell so the smoke wouldn’t attract more.

They just had to make it until nightfall. These things had shit vision at night, so it was easier to lose them.

“Yes. I maintain it’s the residual bits of my humanity. I remember these were once people with jobs and families.”

“And now, they try to eat your brain,” Natasha stated. “So what’s the use of remembering what wasn’t?”

He had an answer this time. “Because it won’t always be like this and we have to be able to be people at the end of it, Nat.”

She sighed and nodded. “Yeah. You’re right.”

One of the pile started groaning and Steve grabbed his shield, bonking it in the face and caving it in before it could grab Natasha.

She shot him a small smile in recognition. “Thanks.”

“No problem,” Steve said, realizing just how quickly he’d jumped to do that.

Maybe they were both right.

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Written for @tonystarkbingo

Title: Damaged Wings
Collaborator: camichats
Card Number: 4049
Link: On AO3
Square Filled: S1-Natasha Romanov/Black Widow
Main Pairing: Natasha Romanov/Tony Stark
Rating: Teen
Major Tags/Warnings/Triggers: Mentions of torture, Trauma related to wing damage
Summary: Natasha and Tony don’t get together because they’re both superheroes; they get together because they’re in the same support group for people with permanent wing damage. 
Word Count: 2,931

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EXCERPT FROM CHAPTER 12: A Change in Direction

Bruce pressed his eye against the eyepiece. Dozens of dark red orbs shifted between the pressed glass, blue proteins jutting from them like spikes. He adjusted the knobs until the lens was focused on one particular cell. He watched as it moved quickly and with purpose, as if searching for a host, but there was an erratic jerking that didn’t seem to be purposeful, knocking it from its generally straight path. After about the fifth jolt, the color phased away and bright, almost glowing gold veins pulsated beneath the surface, then seemed to tear out of its lipid envelope, and began moving across its surface like worms.

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EXCERPT FROM CHAPTER 4: Could’ve Gone Better

“You know, Tony must really like you,” Pepper said, a cute, knowing smile on her face. “There are only a handful of people that have ever been granted access to his lab.”

“It took him two years to let me in,” Rhodey grumbled.

“That’s because you touch things,” Tony said, walking into the room. He was wearing his glasses again, and Peter could see a soft light reflecting in his eyes. He must have changed out of his lab wear within the last hour, which Peter couldn’t help but be disappointed about, because he was now wearing jeans and a band tee. Pepper held up a folder in the air without even turning to look at him and he grabbed it before walking to the front.


Tony,“ Steve greeted. "You have something for us?”

“I do, actually,” Tony said, brows furrowed, his eyes seeming to purposefully avoid Peter’s. “I-This isn’t going to be the meeting you thought it was.”

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Chapter 5: Goodbyes

Words: 2,312

Fandom: Marvel

Ship: WinterWidow

Rating: G

Warnings: Violence 

A/N: So this isn’t it. There’s more. A sequel. I’m not sorry.

Summary: She has to forget about him, she can’t get caught up in the feelings that were lost in time. But maybe they’re not all bad. 

Natasha adjusted the controls of the small plane she was about to take off in. It wasn’t the greatest condition but it would do. Since she had been on the run, she had stolen one of Tony’s most expensive cars, disabled the GPS on it, totaled it (as a personal “screw you” to the billionaire), and had flirted her way into getting a hold of a small cargo plane. She wasn’t sure where she was going to go but she knew she couldn’t stay.

She had talked to Laura, Clint’s wife, and had to break the news to her about where he was at the present moment. Laura had offered her a bed but she had to decline. She wouldn’t put Clint’s family in danger like that. She knew Ross’s men were all too eager to have a chance at taking down “the infamous Black Widow.”

They were all just mad she’d bested them.

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for @sleepygrimm
213 words
Rated T
Omega Verse First Scent


Steve scented her the second she stepped onto the helicarrier.

She had a wry smile that made his belly swoop a bit, and she smelled like honeysuckle.

The only reason he knew that was because he’d used to be near-deathly allergic to the stuff, but when he smelled it now, all it did was make his heart beat faster because it hit those receptors in his brain. His alpha ones that made him stand straighter and want to go to the gym more and bulk up.

Because he’d seen Natasha Romanov in action and he knew that if he was supposed to protect her, he’d have to really raise the stakes.

She’d smirked when she met him for the first time, looking up into his eyes with her dark ones and practically purring. “It’s abut damn time, Rogers.” Like it had been him holding this up the whole time. Like she knew already who her alpha was.

He gave her one of those smiles. The ones that usually melted whoever it was aimed at. And she didn’t flinch. She just winked and walked over to talk to Dr. Banner.

Steve liked her a lot. Just in that moment, he knew she’d be a handful. But that’s why he had two hands, wasn’t it?

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ahhhh ty for the request. here u go, hope u like it

mayhaps u could request something from this list :)


You stumbled into the doorway of your room, wincing in pain.  Blood was pouring slowly from a fresh wound on your side.  You gripped the door handle in front of you and practically fell through the door as it was whipped open.  Luckily, the person who had opened the door caught you straight away.

“Y/N/N!  You’re back; how was the mission?"  

You groaned in agony and tried to pull yourself up slightly, but instead slumped against her more.

"Hey,” Natasha said softly.  “Say something.  Are you hurt?" 

"It’s just a scratch.   Nothing to worry about,  really.” Your look of agony didn’t allow Natasha to believe that though.  She moved her hand down to her hip and gasped as she pulled it away, seeing it covered in blood. “Arghh,” you gasped a moment later.  

“Whoa.  Easy, easy.  I’ve got you,"  Nat murmured with care as she helped you over to the bed.  "Just a scratch,  my ass." 

Once you were lying down, Nat tore away your tactical suit to fully reveal the wound.

"Does it look very bad?”

She sighed.  “It’s not too bad.  Really, you should’ve called a medic."  

"You know how much I hate them though.  I prefer you anyways.”

“I know, babe,” she smiled.  “Now let me sort this wound out.”


taglist: @natasha-danvers @thelastavenger-3000 @tribblemakingalicorn @aaron-despair @rooskaya-yelena @natasharomanoffswife @echolarain @username23345 @thewidowsghost

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