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The visit |N. Romanoff + W. Maximoff
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Summary: Natasha and Wanda couldn’t stay away from the girl they had been watching for a while.
Pairing: g!p dark!natasha x fem!reader x g!p dark!wanda
Warnings: smut, g!p Natasha and Wanda(they have a penis), unprotected sex, non-con/dub-con, threesome, anal, bondage, knife on skin, blood, oral (Nat receiving), masturbation, mommy kink, daddy kink, spanking, choking, slapping, praise, degrading, hair pulling, pet names(baby, princess) 
A/N: keep in mind that this is dark, don’t read if you’re uncomfortable with any of the warnings.
I sighed as I walked into my bedroom, throwing my jacket onto the chair before pulling my shirt over my head. I unbuttoned my pants before pulling them down and kicking them away. My bra and panties landed on the floor on top of my other clothes and I ran my fingers through my hair.
I stood in the middle of the room with my eyes closed for a while, just breathing slowly. It had been a long day at work and all I wanted to do was sleep. I was about to walk to my bed when I realised I couldn't move my arms. I looked down and noticed a red glow holding them down on my sides.
Suddenly my arms went forward, my wrists now bound together with the magic. A hand laid itself on my shoulder before I was pushed down onto my knees. I looked up with wide eyes and was met with green eyes I knew I had never seen before. She walked slowly in front of me and held my chin up to keep my eyes on her.
Another woman's hand brushed some hair behind my ear before she crouched down next to me. “Hey there.” she said quietly, an accent clear in her voice. “My name is Wanda, but you won’t call me that.”
I was trying to keep my breathing as steady as possible while nervousness filled my entire body.
“And I’m Natasha.” the woman in front of me said.
“You call her daddy, you got it? And I’m mommy, call us anything else and you’ll be in a lot of pain.” Wanda spoke into my ear before kissing my earlobe.
My bottom lip was quivering a little from fear and Natasha’s thumb rubbed over it slowly. She dragged it down before moving her thumb into my mouth, pressing down on my tongue. She slowly dragged it down and let go of my lip before tilting her head a little. “You understand?”
For my own safety I decided to go along with it. “Yes.”
Her eyebrow rose. “Yes…?”
“Yes daddy.”
Her lip twitched up into a smirk. “Good girl. Wanda, get rid of our clothes.” she said while keeping her stare at me.
“With pleasure.” Wanda’s hand waved a little in the air before both of their clothing disappeared. Natasha wrapped her hand around her cock and stroked it before slapping it against my cheek.
“Open up.”
I kept my mouth closed and took in a shaky breath through my nose.
My head was pulled back harshly by Wanda, her finger laced through my head as she kept a tight grip on it. My scalp hurt from her hold on it but I quickly forgot about it as she placed a knife against my throat. “I think she was pretty clear.”
My mouth stayed closed and the knife was then placed against my chest before slicing into my skin, blood trickling down one of my boobs. I opened my mouth and gasped in surprise but Natasha quickly put her thumb into my mouth, keeping it open while placing her cock on my lips.
“Don’t misbehave and everything will be fine.” Wanda said softly, stark contrast from her previous action.
Natasha switched holding my hair, tugging on it to keep my head up. Her cock slipped through my lips before she started to slowly fuck my mouth. She groaned in pleasure while keeping the same slow pace. 
Wanda moaned besides me and I looked over the best I could to find her fingers wrapped around her cock as she stroked it to the same rhythm as the other redhead. Natasha pulled out of my mouth before slapping me across my cheek, my head being forced to the side. She quickly thrusted back into my mouth and glared at me. “Keep you fucking attention on me.”
She picked up the pace and let her head fall back as she fucked into my mouth. I started to lose myself a little to them and swirled my tongue around the tip. She chuckled a little and looked down at me. “That’s more like it.”
Wanda kept moaning quietly as she jerked herself off and I could feel myself getting wetter. Natasha pulled out and let out a deep breath before pulling me up. Wanda stood up and walked over to my bed, sitting down with her back against my headboard.
My hands were still tied together in front of me and Natasha pulled me over to the bed, making me straddle Wanda. Her hands laid on my ass before she used her magic to lift me up and sink me down onto her cock.
“Oh my god…” I breathed out.
“You like mommy’s cock, huh?” Natasha whispered in my ear as she sat on her knees behind me.
I bit my lip to not answer. Her hand wrapped around my neck and she squeezed. “I asked you a question.”
I looked down at the bed and clenched my jaw. I heard her sigh before she got up. The bed sunk down a little and she pressed her front against my back. She placed the knife against my thigh and made a cut upwards and I winced in pain. She rubbed her hand onto the cut before dragging it up my side and to my neck, leaving smudged blood over my body. 
“Answer your daddy.” she said before biting down on my neck.
“Yes, what?”
I whined a little. “Yes daddy, I like mommy’s cock so much.”
Wanda smiled proudly. “There you go, princess.”
Natasha placed her cock against my other hole and my eyes widened a bit. “I’m gonna fuck your ass now. Don’t worry, Wanda will make it a little easier with her powers.”
Her cock pressed onto the hole before slowly slipping in. It wasn't as painful as I had expected it to be, but it still hurt. My breath hitched once she was fully in.
Red wisps covered my thighs and I looked at Wanda confusedly. She smirked before my hips started to move up and down on their own. I gasped and my eyes rolled back into my head from the pleasure. Natasha started to move in and out of me while keeping the same pace as Wanda was making me move in.
“Fuck~” I moaned out and let my head fall forwards. Natasha was quick to move her grip to my hair and held my head up.
Wanda made my hips move faster and I gasped at every thrust. “Pretty baby knows how to take cock.” she gave a dark smile before leaning forwards, licking some of the blood on my neck. “Come on, talk to us.”
“Ah~ holy shit, so good…” I breathed out.
Natasha kept holding my hair tightly while her other hand trailed to my boobs, squeezing one of them harshly. They both thrusted into me at a rough pace before Natasha pushed me forward, Wanda grabbing me and holding me against her chest.
Natasha grabbed my hips in a bruising grip before fucking me hard. Her hand slapped my ass so hard I knew it was going to leave red marks. Wanda fucked up into me simultaneously, her magic wrapping around my clit and making me feel extreme pleasure.
I nearly squealed at the rough actions and had to bite down on Wanda's shoulder to keep my composure. Her hand laced itself through my hair to keep my head in her neck. “You’re doing so good for us, princess.”
“Almost done, baby, you can take a little more.” Natasha panted and kissed my back.
I whimpered and Natasha shushed me before placing another kiss on my shoulder. “We know, baby, we know. You’re being such a good girl.”
“Mommy, ah~ fuck, daddy…”
“You know what you’re gonna do? You’re gonna cum for us, baby.” Wanda said into my ear.
I shook my head a little. “No- I can’t-”
“Doesn't matter what you can or can’t do, we’re gonna make you.” Natasha breathed out while thrusting into me at an inhuman pace and force.
“Fuck- I’m gonna~”
“Cum, princess, cum all over us.” Wanda whispered.
Natasha grabbed my throat and pulled me up. “Wanna see your face when you cum.”
“Ah~ ah~ FUCK!” I squealed and clenched my eyes close as I came, nearly blacking out from the orgasm that ripped through me. My thighs shook and wave after wave of pleasure pulsed through me in the longest orgasm I had ever had.
Natasha pulled out of me and I felt cum hit my ass and lower back in spurts, some dripping down the backs of my thighs and onto the bed. Wanda fucked up into me until she started to cum into me, filling me up completely. Natasha leaned onto me, forcing me to lay down onto Wanda. 
“Did fucking amazing for us.” Natasha said out of breath.
“So incredibly good.” Wanda said, equally out of breath.
Natasha sat up a little and rubbed my thighs slowly. “We’re definitely keeping her.” she leaned her face down to whisper in my ear. “You’re coming with us.”
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Well Worth The Wait
Tumblr media
The Loud House Verse
Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader
Warnings: 18+ Minors DNI (strap use, fake c*m eating, oral,, there might be a daddy thrown in there, spanking) 
Note: Anyway, this was long overdue. 
Set after It's Christmas but before the main story. So they only have four kids. 
W/c: 4.5K
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The door slowly opened to reveal the scene beyond. In the living room of Natasha’s suite were candles lit up in various spots. Some taller than the others, some brighter than the others. Rose petals lined a trail to the middle of the room where there was a picnic-like setting waiting for you. A champagne bottle sitting on ice. It all added to the ambiance of the room. You stepped further inside, and Natasha’s footsteps could be heard behind you through the clacking of her heels against the floor. She reaches for your hand when she realized you’ve stopped. 
“I guess Sam does know how to decorate,” You comment as you find a fully decorated table for dinner. This evening had been planned for weeks. A night at the Compound. A date for just the two of you to reconnect and talk with each other. Here you had total privacy. Soundproof walls, nice air conditioning, and a fully stocked fridge. No kids running around. No phones. No work emails. A luxurious night if you do say so yourself.  Natasha’s suite in the Compound is huge. It's kind of romantic if you think about it. Every time you’re here you remember the nights you spent together before marriage. The times you promised each other the world. Crazy how things turn out.  
“Sam said dinner will be ready in twenty minutes,” Natasha tilts her chin towards the kitchen where you can smell the fragrance of whatever is cooking wafting through the air. “For now how about drinks?” She suggests and you nod. You watch as Natasha struts into the kitchen. You decide to stay behind and explore a bit more. There’s a blanket right in front of the fireplace. Sam’s doing? Along with a red box that you’re sure you’re not supposed to touch. Curiosity gets the best of you and you walk over to shake it. Could this be the gift? You know the one. Natasha promised to give it to you the night of Christmas but Paige broke a fever so you rainchecked. Then Charlie got sick too. Then the rest of the house. Next thing you knew it was time for work again. Weeks went by and you never got around to opening your gift. Doesn’t mean you forgot about it. Natasha mentioned it once or twice in passing. She knew how to keep you wanting more. Which is why you’re so excited to open it. Your fingertips trace across the red ribbon, pinching close together to rip it open when you hear Natasha’s footsteps once again. 
You pretend as if you weren’t going to touch anything and instead walk over to the double doors of the suite. There’s a balcony here. It overlooks the beautiful forest of upstate NY. You reminisce on the nights you would sit here with your laptop and phone. You’d work and work some more until Natasha was done with her Avenging duties. When she finally arrived home she would come and sit in your lap, give you a big kiss, and fall asleep in your arms. It’s amazing how so much of your life has changed. In a way, the suite was your first apartment together, and now you have a home with your littles. 
“What are you thinking about?” Natasha asks as you turn to her. She passes you a full tumbler before taking a sip of her own drink. 
“You,” You swirl the liquid around in the cup, watching the ice ding against the edge, before taking a drink. Screwdriver. Vodka and orange juice. Not a bad drink though you think Natasha mixed it for your benefit. “Us.” 
“A lot to think about then,” Natasha lowers her drink. She follows your line of sight to the infinity pool directly below you. Many nights she’d watch you swim. You were always so graceful. 
“Did you ever think we’d be here?” You glance over at her. “When you think about the beginning and everything we went through. You and Me. Did you ever think we’d have this?”
“I did,” Natasha shrugs. “When I allowed myself to. I’ve only ever wanted it. This. With you.” She confirms. In the beginning, your relationship with Natasha wasn’t easy. It was rough and heartbreaking, and pain-inducing all at once. It was also fun, exhilarating, and everything you dreamed of all rolled into one. In the distance, there’s a timer that goes off. Dinner is ready. You follow Natasha into the kitchen. She sets her glass down on the counter in exchange for oven mitts. She takes out the pan of lasagna. “There’s a salad in the fridge. It’s fresh. Can you pull that out?” She asks and you quickly get to work. You spruce it up, making sure it's to your liking before you both carry everything into the living room. 
It’s there you sit across from each other. Natasha is wearing a dress and so she opts to have a pillow sitting in her lap. 
“For modesty,” She said even though you’ve seen everything she has to offer. Not that you mind seeing it again. In fact, you welcome it. You take care to fill both of your plates with food. Though you’re sure Natasha will be eating off of yours. 
You engage in small talk. It’s odd to do all things considered but you find that you enjoy it. Any time you could get with Natasha was always cherished. 
“I love what you did with your hair,” She rests her chin on her hand to admire you. You knew she would. Your hair took hours to do. From the wash routine to the straightening and curling, and down to the styling. Your hair falls into soft ringlets around your face, barely brushing past your shoulders. 
“Try not to mess it up,” You take in a forkful of lasagna. Promises of what’s to come in the air between you. 
“I make no promises,” She laughs. She takes another sip of her drink to finish it off. 
“You made me wait a long time,” You gesture to the box still waiting to be opened. 
“I assure you it will be well worth it,” Natasha promises. She scoots around the table to come and sit next to you. You immediately open up to her so that she can crawl into your arms. She kisses your jaw several times before settling her head on your shoulders. “I know it’s been a long while since we have been intimate.”
“A while,” You repeat jokingly. Natasha nods. It’s been a month. A long month. Not that you’re counting or anything. “It has been but it doesn’t matter because I have you all night and all morning.” You tap her nose. “Maybe we can take a bath? A massage? I know you like those.” 
“You’re so good to me,” She murmurs.  
“I’m only giving back what I receive,” You kiss the side of her head. For a moment, you two sit together in silence. Natasha takes your hands into her lap to toy with your wedding ring on her finger. A small symbol of your love. You haven't taken it off since the day you said 'I Do'. Neither has she with the exception of missions and fieldwork. 
“Y/n,” She says. You lift your head up to look down at her. “I’d like for us to do this more often.” She turns to look at you. “I want us to always make this time for each other. It hasn’t been long but it feels like it’s been ages.”
“Having four children will do that to you,” You nod in agreement. “I promise. A night to us. Whenever we can.” 
“You want another drink?” Natasha asks and you enthusiastically pass her your cup. You would be making the most of tonight. 
Another hour passes where you simply sit and enjoy each other’s company. Every so often one of you will bring up a new topic or random thing that comes to mind. Overall you just want to spend time with your wife and you’re doing exactly as you planned. As the night winds down, you’re even more excited to be opening ‘The Gift’. 
“Spunk?” You test the phrase on your lips. You snort at the word written in large white letters along the black wrapped casing of the bottle.  What an interesting yet accurate name for a semen-like lubricant. Natasha glances over at you from her spot beside the bed. She’s lighting more candles here in the bedroom. You would help but you’re feeling a bit…light. 
“The girl in the store said it was the best selling option,” Natasha murmurs as she lifts the small red box. She places it in front of you. You’re still stuck on the fake cum. It’s such an exciting concept—one of your wildest fantasies coming true. The black bottle is simple and pretty self-explanatory. You turn it over in your hands. It’s new.  “Could it be any more obvious?” You twist open the cap, and bring the open lid to your nose, to smell the fragrance. You scrunch your nose, anticipating something weird, and only get a citrusy smell in return. “Babe is this safe to be using inside you?” You ask. You’re a bit unsure. You try to read the ingredients on the back. The print is incredibly small. You squint. Interesting. 
“I’ve tried it,” Natasha shrugs. 
Wait. Pause. You lower your hand to look over at her. 
“On yourself?” You ask and she rolls her eyes. 
“No, on Wanda,” She jabs but at your interested look she changes her tune. “Yes on myself.” She says exasperatedly. 
“Damn, that’s hot.” You mutter. Visuals of Natasha touching herself flash through your mind. You can imagine how good she looked with her fingers stuffed inside of her dripping wet pussy. You picture her face as she spread the sticky substance over her clit. Damn. You can’t wait to be able to do the same. 
“It doesn’t take much for you, huh?” Natasha rounds the bed to stand between your legs. Your hands take their usual spot on her hips. You squeeze the skin underneath your fingers, eyeing her cleavage before looking into her eyes. She’s amused. 
“Well, when my wife looks like this,” You shrug. Could she really blame you? “My panties are flooded every time you look my way.” 
Natasha hums as she swipes her thumb across your bottom lip. “How much did you have to drink again?”
“Not enough,” You open your mouth to allow her to slip her finger inside of it. You suck on the digit, swirling your tongue over the edge of it before you release it with a pop. You purse your lips, hoping she gets the hint. She does. Natasha leans down to press her lips against yours. You moan at the taste of her. Strawberries and cream. Was she wearing lipgloss? You swipe your tongue against her lips asking for permission. Natasha obliges. Her tongue tentatively licks yours. You return the sentiment with enthusiasm. You pull back and look into her dilated- lust-filled eyes before you dive back in. Kissing Natasha would never get old. You don’t ever want to lose the feeling of absolute love and adoration you feel. The blooming in your chest that seemed to explode whenever she touched you is euphoric. She breathes harshly before pushing against your shoulders. You don’t have to be a master in body language to know what she wants. You lie back against the sheets pulling her down with you. She straddles your lap, her fingers finding the buttons of your creme satin button-down. One by one, your skin is exposed to the cooler air of the room. She pushes her fingers under the fabric, finding your nipple already a hardened peak. 
“Nat,” You moan into her mouth as she pinches and tugs.  She pries herself from your lips to kiss a trail from your neck to your chest. She nudges the covering away with her nose to take your nipple between her lips. She sucks, licks, and lathes until she’s satisfied. Then she moves over to your other breast to give it much of the same treatment. You thread your fingers through her hair. “Nat, fuck, I need you.” You’re not usually this needy. Not this compliant. She’s leading and you’re enjoying it. You know she does too. Much like your shirt, she unbuttons your pants, gripping the belt loops to tug them down your waist. You lift your hips to aid her. 
“Here?” She questions as she pushes your legs apart. You nod wordlessly. You’d like her tongue on you. In you. Natasha settles on her stomach, no doubt preparing herself for a ride, as she kisses and bites at your inner thigh. The skin is sensitive there as her hair tickles with every move she makes. You look up at the ceiling in anticipation. The first lick is kitten-like. The second has your mouth dropping open as she pushes your panties further to the side. She wants full access. Natasha licks and licks until finally, she sucks your clit into her mouth. The moan you let out is low and guttural. The high you feel as she gives you her all. It never ceased to amaze you at how well she knew your body. Natasha knows every spot to lick and touch. Every inch and how to play it well. She raises one hand to spread your legs wider. When she’s sure you’ll be staying put, she presses two fingers at your entrance. The fill is amazing. She pumps into you, matching the rhythm of your hips, as she fucks you. You’re not going to last long, You’ve been wanting this. Your moans are frequent. Tumbling out of you like a mantra as she brings you to orgasm. You flutter around her fingers, clenching violently, as she hums. The vibrations give you the much-needed push as you lay spent. Finally, with a little reluctance, Natasha releases your clit from her mouth. She kisses your inner thigh again before coming to lie next to you. 
You try to catch your breath. Your head lolls to the side to look over at her with glassy eyes. 
“Fuck,” You breathe. She chuckles lowly. Does she know what she does to you? The power that she holds? “Give me a minute and I will absolutely rock your world.”
“I don’t doubt that for a second,” Natasha helps you out of your shirt. Next, she takes off her own clothes, a fiery red dress with laced backing, leaving her in nothing but her panties and heels. Five-inch stilettos that show off her toned legs. She reaches down to take them off and you tap at her. 
“Leave them on,” You plead and she releases the straps. “Come here,” You whisper. “I want you here with me.” You say. She nods. She crawls over to you, settling herself on your hips, before leaning down again. “How did I get so lucky?” You ask rhetorically as you look into her eyes. She smirks. You know the one. She’s just a little bit shy about this entire thing and you find that endearing and so sexy. Having a soft moment when you’re about to do nothing but dirty things to her is an amazing thing. 
“So I’m guessing I mixed those drinks a little too well?” Natasha murmurs as she traces her fingers along your cheek. 
“Extremely well,” You nod your head in agreement. “I’m not drunk. Honest.” You laugh at Natasha’s eyebrow raise. “I’m just really in love with you?”
“Is that a question?” 
“Not even,” You shake your head. “I really want to fuck you now.” You confess and this causes Natasha to giggle. She finds the tipsy version of you quite funny. “Are you going to finally let me get my gift?” You ask with a pout. “It’s been so long.”
Natasha reaches above your head, her breasts in your face, as she reaches for the box. You watch the firm soft globes, hanging freely before you raise your head to give one of them a soft bite. Natasha flinches in surprise, dropping the box next to you as she sits up again. 
“That’s the mood you’re in tonight?” She asks amusedly. She opens the box, pulling out the dildo along with its harness. 
“Nat,” Your eyes widen. “This one looks so realistic.” You take the toy in your hand. It’s at least 8 inches long. Thick and veiny. A smooth tip. The same color as your skin and you don’t know if she made that choice for you or her but you’re not complaining at all. The phallus has a pair of testicles that you’re inclined to squeeze until Natasha lies a hand over yours to stop you. 
“It’s filled,” She says and you immediately understand what she means. You turn over the dildo in your hands. 
“So, I can cum inside you?” You ask in wonderment. Okay. Maybe you’re just a little bit drunk but you feel like it’s Christmas and your birthday rolled into one . “Oh, babe, I have to use this on you.” 
“Are you sure you can handle it?” She asks.  
“Positive,” You stand to fix the harness around your hips. Next is the dildo that you attach with ease. Natasha looks so delicious sitting before you. Her legs were crossed at the ankle. Her eyes showed her absolute desire and hunger for you. When you’re sure everything is fixed into place accordingly, you crawl into the bed. You bracket your arms around her body, her legs parting automatically, as the head of the penis slides against her panty-covered core. Natasha’s lips drop open as she closes her eyes to enjoy the feeling. You kiss her open mouth first. Then her cheeks, her jaw, behind her ear. Anywhere you can get your lips on. You give a tiny lick to the hollow of her neck. She moans slightly. Your hips cant into her, gliding against her folds, as you prepare her. “Do you need to cum first?” Your lips ghost against her skin. “Need you to be ready for me baby.” You say.
Natasha is lost in the pleasured feeling of the cock against her clit. Even through her panties, it's sending her reeling. Natasha nods just as your fingertips trace along the waistband of her underwear. “Leave them on?” You question, thrusting a bit harder causing Natasha to gasp as it sends shockwaves through her body. You angle your hips to have the head of the cock poke just slightly at her entrance. Not enough to breach but enough to promise what's to come. You duck your head, biting at the soft tissue of her breast, as you start a steady rhythm. It’s essentially dry humping. Though from the wet spot and the way her underwear sticks to the lips of her pussy there’s nothing dry about it. You lick at her nipple, teasing it with the tip of your tongue, as Natasha whimpers below you. 
“You’re teasing,” Natasha says in between labored breaths. 
“Teasing?” You question. You circle your hips, paying attention to what makes her moan, to pull the most pleasure out of her. Natasha comes with a long whimper as she stiffens underneath you. Her whole body stills even as her hips continue to search for that pleasure. “That’s so good, baby.” You release her nipple from your mouth with a pop. Natasha simply kisses you. She kisses your face and neck her hand slipping up to your chest to push you on your back.
You’re impatient but excited. You lie back against the pillows to make yourself comfortable. Natasha rids herself of her panties before she straddles you. She uses her pussy lips to grind against the toy. Her juices glisten with every swipe she does. When she decides that she’s ready, Natasha lifts up, taking the penis in her hand to direct it to her entrance. You can feel the weight of her against you as she sinks down onto it. She breathes through her nose. She closes her eyes in an effort not to come too quickly as she takes it all in. 
From your angle it looks absolutely heaven-like. You can see her having a bit of trouble with the last inch so you place your thumb directly along her clit, providing tight circles that catch Natasha off guard as she takes the last inch. 
“Good job, baby.” You praise. You never take your finger off her clit as she lifts her hips again. The sigh that leaves her lips is followed by an even louder moan as she drops down again. You let out your own moan at the sight of her. Natasha’s hand wraps at your wrist pulling you away to place them on her hips. 
“Too fast,” She mutters. She doesn’t want to come too quickly. You nod, using your hands to guide her, as she finds what makes her feel good. In turn, it makes you feel good too. Natasha’s motions are quicker. Rougher. As she rides you with abandon. You set this pace this time. Up until this moment, she’s been in charge. Not anymore. You can tell she likes the change as you grip her hips, forcing her up and down, as you thrust into her. You’re thankful for the ab workouts you’ve taken as you thrust up.
“Fuck,” You say to yourself as your eyes travel to where you and Natasha meet. She looks so full like this. She’s spread open so wide, bouncing along your cock, her clit brushing against your pelvis. After a particularly hard thrust, Natasha crumbles, folding into herself, as she leans further down. Her lips are against your ear now, her moans louder, more brazen, as you fuck into her. 
“Yes, baby, yes, fuck,” Natasha babbles into your ear. You make a bold move, raising your hand before slapping her left ass cheek. It gives a loud echo through the room just as Natasha clenches at the slight pain. You smack again harder this time and she cries out again. “Yes, yes, yes.” She sounds like a broken record as she sings your praises. One thing about Natasha. She has stamina. She could do this all day. Most days. Except now, it’s been so long since she had you like this and you’re fucking her so well and you’re not giving her a chance to recover as she climaxes around your cock. She’s seated upright again, her back arching, her nails digging into your forearms as she clenches around you. You follow her headfirst into your own orgasm, your hips increasing their thrusting into hers before you drop back down onto the mattress. Natasha falls along with you. 
You rub against her back, pulling the cock out of her gently, before rubbing at her cheeks. They’re probably red from how many times you smacked them and you’d be hearing about it later. For now it was worth it. Natasha lies down tiredly in your arms. She stretches her legs and curls into you. 
“Good?’ You ask and she nods. She nuzzles her nose in your neck. “I’m not done with you.” You inform her and she nods again. She already knew. You’d give her five minutes and that’s all she could wait. When you promised her tonight you meant it. You reach for the water bottle on the nightstand. You crack it open and take long sips out of it. You pass it to Natasha who tiredly takes a long gulp.  
When you feel both of you have recovered enough, you flip Natasha onto her back. Missionary. A simple position. Top tier if you do say so yourself. You get to see Natasha and all of her expressions of pleasure. You get to hold her down and make her take whatever you’re giving. Natasha helps you guide the cock to her entrance. Both of you share a breath as you press into her. You kiss her forehead, murmuring words of encouragement, as she takes every single inch. 
“So damn tight,” You bend yourself slightly at the knees. Her hips wrapped around your wasit, your hand on her thigh to keep her spread, as you hump into her. “You’re always so wet.” You mutter into her skin. “Are you going to let me fuck you all night?” You practically growl and Natasha simply nods her head. She’s too lost in the pleasure to give you anything of substance. This round is hard and fast. You don’t hold back as you pound into her. You thrusts are sharp and short, causing her breasts to bounce with the force, as Natasha begins to whimper again. Her whimpers quickly turn into moans when you turn your attention to her neck to place another bite. Natasha gasps, arching her back, and you can feel things become a bit slicker as she floods your cock. 
“Yes,” She manages to moan out.  You sit up so that you can kiss her lips. 
“Whose pussy is this?” You ask. You’re feeling bold. Probably something you both will laugh at later. For now, you need her to say it. "Whose it it?"
"Yours," She wheezes. She doesn't really know up or down right now.
You can feel that familiar coil in your stomach. You reach down between the two of you, making enough room to toy with her clit, as you want to come at the same time. You slam into her and this time Natasha practically screams. 
“Oh fuck, yes, Daddy,” Natasha moans and you almost do a double take. She’s never called you that before. Suddenly that’s all you want to hear from her. 
“Say it again,” You command and Natasha’s eyes open just slightly to question. “Say it.” You thrust into her again and Natasha grips at your forearms for purchase. 
“Daddy,” Natasha cries and you practically come on the spot. You angle your hips again, gripping hers in your hand, as you thrust harder and harder and harder until Natasha reaches her peaks, you fall quickly behind her. You know your grip will bruise later and you’ll apologize when the time comes. Instead, you squeeze the balls of the fake cock, making sure to keep your hips still, as it spills into Natasha in thick spurts. She is thrown into another small orgasm as her insides are painted with the sticky substance. 
You kiss across her forehead, tapping at her hips again, and she loosens them as you pull out. You look down between the two of you, her pussy still pulsing, the fake semen dripping from her and onto the blanket. You take two of your fingers, sliding them through her core to collect the mixed fluids to bring to your mouth. 
“Nat?” You question when her hips jump at the feel of your fingers. She’s sensitive and exhausted. You lean back, the cock bobbing in the air though you ignore it, as you help her take off the heels. Really you’re doing all the work and she lies there. 
“Mhmm?” She responds without ever opening her eyes. 
“This was the best present ever,” You say and she laughs. A full belly laugh that has you laughing too. 
It was well worth the wait. 
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kinky-candyland · 2 days ago
MILF!Natasha x reader x Wanda - Part 6
Natasha and Wanda are not related. It’s a step situation.
Natasha fucks Y/N and Wanda.
Warnings: 18+, smut, wlw, threesome, (legal) age gap, step-mom x step-daughter, mommy kink, man handling, oral, anal fingering, anal, strap on, scissoring, tit sucking, tit groping, riding, face riding, grinding, clothes ripping, naked Wanda, naked reader, clothed Natasha
taglist: @natashaswife4125
Natasha walks into Wanda’s room, drawing attention from the two young woman curled up in bed. “Have you decided, Y/N.” Natasha sits on the bed. “Me or Wanda.” She whispers in Y/N’s ear. Y/N and Wanda make eye contact, Y/N contemplating what to say.
“Ms. Romanoff, I can’t choose.” Y/N responds to Natasha. Natasha responds by pulling Y/N into a hot kiss. Wanda watches, her hand drifting to her pussy. Though this is her step-mom kissing her girlfriend, she couldn’t deny how hot it was.
Natasha pulls away from the kiss before pulling the blanket away from the two, showing the two completely bare and Wanda’s fingers knuckle deep in her pussy. Natasha smirks at Wanda, not mad about the fact that her kissing her step-daughter’s girlfriend had that affect on her.
“You both are just a couple of naughty girls.” Natasha’s hands rest on each girls pussy, causing Wanda to stop her movements. “Mommy’s gonna have to teach you two a lesson.” Natasha gently rubs each pussy, testing the waters. Wanda wraps her hand around Natasha’s wrist, whining for more while Y/N moves her pussy against Natasha’s hand.
“I would say you’re dirtier, Wanda.” Natasha gently kisses Wanda before placing a kiss on her exposed color bone. Natasha pulls Wanda’s bra down, tracing over her nipple with her finger. “Getting turned on by your mom kissing your girlfriend.” Wanda moans at the statement. Natasha licks over one of Wanda’s nipple. “Yes! I’m a dirty girl, mommy!” Natasha pulls away before moving Wanda to the middle of the bed.
“Get on top of my daughter, baby.” Natasha orders Y/N, who quickly obeys. Y/N moves so her legs are on opposite sides of Wanda’s waist, grabbing onto Wanda’s shoulders for balance. The two look over, watching as Natasha pulls off her pants, showing her strap on. The two watch as Natasha slides into Y/N’s pussy, causing Y/N hands to move down to Wanda’s covered breasts, gently squeezing.
Wanda pulls off their bras as Natasha fucks into Y/N. “Oh my god!” Y/N whines, still sensitive to the orgasm she had right before this. “Fuck me, mommy!” Natasha thrusts deep into Y/N, grabbing Y/N’s breasts while she talks to Wanda. “Suck them. Let mommy see you suck on her boobs.” Wanda leans us, grasping onto Y/N’s breasts, groping and sucking as Natasha continues thrusting. Y/N wraps her arm around Wanda, keeping her close to her chest. “Oh my god, mommy! I’m cumming!” Y/N moans out. Eventually she releases on the strap.
Natasha pulls out of Y/N, who whines at the empty feeling. Natasha rubs the tip of the wet toy against Wanda’s pussy as Y/N moves off, sitting of to the side.. “Please, mommy.” Wanda breathes out. “Fuck me.” This causes Natasha to chuckle. “You want to get fucked with your girlfriend’s cum on mommy’s dick? Is that what you want, baby girl!” Wanda frantically nods. “Yes mommy! I want your dick!” Natasha smirks, sliding her dick into Wanda, who whines at the feeling.
Y/N moves Wanda’s head do she’s laying on her lap. Her hand moves to Wanda’s pussy, rubbing her clit as Natasha fucks into her. Wanda whines at both stimulations.
Wanda clutches onto the blanket as she feels her stomach tighten. “Mommy! Y/N! I’m close!” Wanda whines, causing the two to fasten their pace. Wanda screams out as she reaches her orgasm. Natasha swats Y/N’s hand away before she pulls Wanda close.
Natasha moves so she’s laying down and Wanda is sitting on her, fake dick still in her pussy. “Fuck yourself on mommy’s dick, baby girl.” She tells Wanda, who listens. Her pace was slow at first. “Y/N, baby, come sit on my face.” Natasha beckons Y/N over. Y/N moves herself so she’s facing Wanda and her pussy is hovering over Natasha’s face. Natasha licks over Y/N’s slit causing her to moan.
Wanda pulls Y/N into a heated kiss as she continues to move up and down on Natasha’s dick, the two feeling over each others breasts. The two pull away from the kiss for air. “I never thought this would be as hot as it is.” Wanda blurts out. Eventually the two release, Wanda on the strap toy and Y/N in Natasha’s mouth.
Y/N moves off of Natasha, kneeling next to her. Wanda stays still on the strap. The two feel over Natasha’s breasts through her shirt and bra. “That feels nice, girls.” Natasha breaths out. Wanda moves off the strap, straddling Natasha’s leg before she gently gropes Natasha’s breasts. “I wanna taste you mommy.” She whispers to Natasha.
Both Wanda and Y/N rip open Natasha’s shirt, causing Natasha to gasp. Natasha was about to say something before Y/N pulls her into a heated kiss. Wanda pulls down Natasha’s bra, freeing her boobs.
Wanda leans down, sucking on a nipple for a second. “I told you I wanted a taste, mommy.” Wanda says in an innocent tone while taking the strap off of Natasha, showing her pussy. Wanda goes back to suck on Natasha’s nipple, rubbing her leg against Natasha’s pussy. Natasha moans into Y/N’s mouth. Natasha released against Wanda’s leg, having been worked up since this started.
Y/N pulls away from the kiss, cupping Natasha’s cheeks. “Take what Wanda gives you, mommy.” She traces over Natasha’s unoccupied nipple with her fingernails. “Cause we got a lot of it.” Natasha continues moaning. “I’m so close!” The two stopped what they were doing and quickly moved down to Natasha’s pussy, both licking inside to cause her more pleasure. Natasha moans more, clenched the blanket in her hands.
Natasha releases in their mouths, the two licking it up. Y/N sits back as Wanda moves up Natasha’s body, straddling her torso. Wanda pulls her into a heated kiss to share her juices. Y/N puts on the toy before gathering a bunch of Natasha’s cum onto her fingers. She moves Natasha’s leg up before prodding her asshole with her cum covered fingers. Natasha pulls away from the kiss, gasping at the feeling. Y/N slides two fingers in, causing Natasha to suck in a breath. Wanda sucks one of Natasha’s nipples into her mouth, drawing her attention away from Y/N.
Y/N moves her fingers around, stretching out Natasha’s ass as Wanda continued sucking on her. Y/N pulls out her fingers bed sliding in the fake dick, causing Natasha to moan loudly. “Oh my god! Right in there.” She says, wrapping her arm around Wanda’s back to pull her close. Y/N roughly thrusts into Natasha, causing her to moan very loud.
“Yes! Yes! Keep fucking my ass, baby! Show me how hard you can fuck me!” Natasha moans as Y/N continues. Wanda moves off of Natasha, moving down to her unoccupied pussy. Wanda slides a couple of fingers in, making Natasha moan more. “Come on, girls! Make mommy cum! Make mommy cum hard! I am so fucking close!” Wanda and Y/N listen, fucking her ass and pussy harder and faster.
Natasha screams as she releases, squirting all over herself, Wanda, Y/N, and the bed. The two slow their movements as Natasha calmed down. Wanda leans down, licking the cum off of Natasha. Natasha chuckles softly. “Good girl, cleaning the mess.” She runs her fingers through Wanda’s hair as she continues licking up the cum. Wanda sits up as she finishes, Natasha following.
Natasha pulls off her ripped shirt and unclips her bra. Both Wanda and Y/N attached their mouths to each nipple. Natasha softly chuckles at their enthusiasm. “I told you girls you were naughty.” She teases. Y/N pulls away. “Only for you, mommy.” She goes back to sucking. “You’re both my dirty girls.”
The three settled down after a bit, all still naked and curled up on Natasha’s bed having moved to her room because Wanda’s bed was covered in cum. The three all share half awake kisses as they all drifted off to sleep.
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nats-dreamland · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Pairings: Dark!Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Summary: The infamous Black Widow is a serial killer who’s recently resurface in New York after a few years of inactivity, at least that’s what the police believe. Known for marrying those that are wealthy, forcing her victims into giving her everything before finally killing them. But not before leaving her ‘widows mark’. An hourglass carved into their skin, before she’s onto her next victim. Will you be able to survive the Black Widow after falling into her charade? At what lengths are you willing to go to prove to the Widow that she shouldn’t kill you, that you are loyal to her?
Notes: I’ve had this idea for a while and I hope i can do this justice. Dark!Natasha Romanoff. Violence. Gun and knife use/mentions/violence. Abuse. Torture. And I’ll add more as I write the chapters!
*coming soon*
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romanoffsbish · 19 hours ago
Natasha (G!P) Romanoff x Fem!Reader
This one is smut free, focused on domesticated bliss only 🤪😂
Last one in this little series, unless someone had a really good pitch for a song. 👀
Symphonic Journey (Short Series)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Natasha smiled up at you from over her book while she lied in your shared bed. You were sat at the vanity, using your skincare items as if they were your lifeline.
"You know, this line here I name after you." You muttered, as you caught on to her staring through the mirror.
"Oh yeah, why's that?" She amusedly questions you with a knowing smirk, as she flips to the next page in her book.
"It's my worry line, grown rather prominent since I'd met you." You deadpan, as you begin to use your rose quartz roller to "ensure maximum absorption" as you would say.
"Ah, so it shows a life lived then." She quips, as she suddenly appears behind you, and lifts your face by your chin to place a kiss to your lips.
You sigh, melting completely into the kiss, and then she pulls back with the special smile reserved just for you upon her face.
"Yeah, a beautiful one at that." You conclude, as you turn back to finish up your routine, while your gorgeous wife makes her way to the bathroom to get herself ready for bed.
I took my love, and I took it down.
I climbed a mountain and I turned around,and I saw my reflection in the snow-covered hills.
‘Til the landslide brought me down.
"Y/N/N, I don't see why we can't just homeschool them, or maybe just wait another year..." Your wife pouts, as you two lay facing one another in bed.
"Darling, Niko and Eli haven't stopped talking about wanting to make friends for the better part of six months. They need the socialization, and if I'm being honest I need the brief period of silence."
"Dahlia will still be here, so why not just keep all three at home." She whines like a petulant child who didn't get there way.
"You know, I'm considering enrolling Dahlia into a preschool, maybe you too..." You chuckle out, and she groans against your chest as she pulls you close.
"Natty, Dahlia is going to enjoy the one on one, plus, she's pretty independent and as of late she naps a lot. Get some sleep now, we have a busy morning ahead of us." You tiredly murmur, placing gentle kisses to the top of her head, and lightly scratching your fingers down her arms.
Oh, mirror in the sky. What is love?
Can the child within my heart rise above?
Can I sail through the changin' ocean tides?
Can I handle the seasons of my life?
"Tasha, my love, did you make the twins lunches?" You call down to her from upstairs, and she stares down at the mess currently occupying the counters.
At the silence, you knew something was up, so you straightened Nikolai's shirt out, and placed the perfectly packed backpacks upon their tiny bodies.
"Cute." You mumbled out, as your tiny creations were stood before you in their first day outfits, nearly being swallowed by their 'big kid' bags.
"I'm not cute mommy, I'm beautiful!" Niko says, you smiled at him, and nod in agreement.
"Yes, mommy's beautiful babies..." You coo
"Now, let's go find mama, I'm kind of worried about her." You mumble out, and they giggle as they follow you down the stairs.
As the lot of you stumbled into the kitchen you were met with a rather amusing sight. Natasha had somehow slathered jelly every possible place besides atop the bread.
"Detka, this jelly won't spread over the peanut butter.”
You held back a laugh at your wife's expense, then made your way over to save the day. Their lunchboxes were rather hilarious to look at, it's as if everything you'd said had left the assassins mind.
"Well, my darling..." You begin, as you move in for a forehead kiss, prodding your tongue out lightly to lick at the strawberry jelly residing there.
"I had purchased the squeezable jelly for you, but it seems you found my bonus jar... So, there's like a whole science to this, first get rid of the knife and grab a spoon. Stir the jelly up until it's less coarse, and then slide it onto the empty slice of bread, versus over the peanut butter."
Natasha watches you with clear intentions, trying to 'perfect' the recipe, as she began mirroring your movements for the necessary second sandwich. You swiftly cut your sandwich diagonally, placed a kiss to her cheek, then readjusted the snacks in their bags when she wasn't looking.
Your younger daughter had yet to wake up, so you swiftly ran up the stairs. Seeing her peaceful face led to you just scooping her up, and holding her sleeping form against your chest so that she could continue to rest. You were pretty certain she was going through a growth spurt as she'd been snacking nonstop, and actually taking her naps, so waking her up wasn't exactly a necessity. Plus, cuddles had become harder to come by as of late, so you'll take it wherever you can get it.
"Okay everyone to the car, it's time to go." You shout, unintentionally disturbing Dahlia, who lightly shifts in your embrace, but thankfully remains asleep.
Natasha felt the tears she'd been fighting flood out of her eyes as your twins giddily made their way into the classroom with their teacher; not even sparing their mothers a simple glance back. Their innocent excitement had truly filled her heart with joy, but it also saddened her immensely to see this new chapter beginning.
Your hand landed on her shoulder, spinning her around, pulling her in for a reassuring hug, and allowing her tears to soak into your shirt.
"Oh, my darling, it's okay..."
"They're growing up so fast Y/N/N, I just wish it would all slow down." She sobs against you, before pulling back and taking your hand into hers.
"No you don't, because this is going to be an exciting time for all of us. I promise you after their long day, they'll come running out to see you." You relay as the both of you return to the car, the somehow still sleeping three year old hanging off your hip.
An indignant sigh falls from her lips, and your heart honestly cracks at her sheer reluctance in letting go. You wholeheartedly understand that she's not used to this sort of white picket fence lifestyle, and that entrusting her children to absolute strangers is rather daunting for her, but you just want her to see it from your side.
"I'm going to get them, this was a bad idea." She quietly mumbles, but you catch her hand and spin her against the car before she can.
An unintentional moan tumbles passed her lips at the impact, and your eyes widen in amused shock before you simply brush passed it for the time being.
"Natty, you're being ridiculous, they're fine. Tony already vetted this place before sending Morgan here, and we have access to the surveillance. Our kids have been trained by the best spies on the planet in defense, they're highly capable of finding an escape route, and they have a direct link to Wanda who we both know would be here in a snap." You relay with an air of humor present in your tone, as you run your fingers through her hair, slightly massaging her scalp as you feel her slowly relax against the car.
"This right here is the normalcy that they crave, the part where they trade their PB&J with some kid for their Twinkie. Where they get to surround themselves with other kids their ages, and learn how to be their own people. Learn to regulate their emotions when faced with the obstacles that kindergarten brings."
"Yeah, like who gets to be the dad during house, or who gets to be the dog in Monopoly Jr, and trust me, the list goes on." You laugh out, as your wife's face looks utterly confused, and you lean forward to peck at her lips until the frown flips.
"Wouldn't the boy just play —."
"Ah-ah Natty, due to society placing dad's at the top, everyone wants to play as the dad. Also, most of the boys seem to avoid playing house in favor of other activities, our little man tends to be the exception, but he usually plays the role of Eli's dog soo...."
"I'm sorry detka, it's just so hard to let go... Also really hard to keep up as well."
"I know, it's never easy... But look on the bright side, we'll have more alone time" You playfully quip as you point to your daughter that remains fast asleep in her carseat.
She sighs rather dramatically once you pull away from her body to climb into the drivers seat, as she continues to lean against the car for a brief moment. Glancing longingly at the door in the hopes that the twins would come bounding out in search of her, but it never happens. Once she enters the car, you watch as she curls into her seat and solemnly watches the city fly by. Without a word, or glancing over you'd simply interlocked your hand with hers to offer the silent comfort she needed.
Domesticity had always been a foreign concept to the spy who'd only ever lived a life full of constant change. Turns out, raising three kids with the woman you love comes with nothing but change, and it was the first time that something like this absolutely terrified her...
Well, I've been afraid of changin'
'Cause I've built my life around you, but time makes you bolder ;
Even children get older, and I'm getting older too...
Oh! I'm getting older too...
When you were nearing your exit you'd realized that both of your girls were now sleeping. The blissful silence inspired you to continue driving around to get some errands taken care of. By the time Natasha had actually allowed you to leave the school it had already been 9AM, and since Kindergarten is only four hours, going home wouldn't be worth it now.
In the hustle and bustle this morning you hadn't exactly eaten breakfast, so you found yourself in the McDonald's drive thru after running through the post office. As soon as the machine had crackled your daughters head flew up and she tiredly murmured: 'Chiten nug peas' before swiftly slipping back to sleep.
You chuckled at her abundant hunger that apparently transcends consciousness, and then ordered lunch for the three of you before driving off to enjoy it at the park.
Once you'd arrived, 'Lil 'Dahl had finally gained a semblance of consciousness.
"Mommy! Park!" She squealed, wiggling around like crazy against her seats restraints.
Natasha jumped awake at the sound of her shrieking, taking in the scenery, then lazily reaching into a bag to take a fry from both containers.
"It's called the 'sad mama' tax." She lowly whimpers, with a pout to rival your toddlers.
"Then I get one of your nuggets, because I didn't sign up for four children." You quip, then immediately got out of the car with bags in hand and approached a set of tables.
Natasha jumped out with a genuine smile upon her face as she grabbed the giddy toddler from the backseat, and met you under the sun to enjoy the afternoon with two of her favorite girls.
"Sometimes I wish I could just freeze moments like this." You murmured as you watched your toddler happily playing with a stray cat.
"You mean like a memory?" Your wife laughs from behind you as you sat up against a tree.
"No need to be a smartass Natalia." You grumbled, attempting to move away from her but arms secured you in place.
"To answer your question, yes, I do wish I could freeze these moments and keep you all trapped in bottles on my shelf."
"Natty, that's just.. Not what I meant at all." You nervously chuckle out.
"I'm sure Wands could help me do it, stop you all from changing..."
"Growing is a part of life, and it's a rather beautiful part."
"Change was never something that represented good for me, it almost always came with loss, and I don't want to lose out on anything else."
"Darling, if you run from change you'll actually miss out on a lot more than you think. We can hold our babies as close as we want, but eventually they will become their own people, and it's our job to ensure they have the most enriching route possible. Our fear can't be an excuse we use to hold them back, we just have to acknowledge that it's all one big learning game, and face the mishaps as we go. Holding them back would only lead to resentment."
"Also, let us not forget, had your favorite coffee shop never closed, you and I wouldn't be sat here right now having this discussion in the first place. Change can be a wonderful thing Natty, you just have to open your mind to all the possibilities."
Your wife tightens her hold around your waist as you two watch your daughter playing and she lets your words sink in. Gentle fingers grip at your chin, turning you to face her, then she places a lingering kiss to your lips.
"You're right, everything you said, thank you for being my stable base." She confesses against your lips, and you smile at her words.
"Now, if only you could say that after a fight then you'd avoid so many sleepless nights on the couch." You quip, laughing boisterously at the sound of her groans as you stand up.
"Moment ruined." She grumbled, then you aggressively pulled her to her feet, causing her to stumble into you, and suddenly your lips were pressed to hers.
"Guess what..."You whispered into the kiss, she hummed against your lips in response, clearly no longer interested in much else.
"It's time to pick up the twins." Her lips were ripped away from yours so fast you hardly registered the loss.
"Dahlia!!! Time to go!!!" Your wife shrieks as she scoops her up, and flies her laughing form back to the car.
Natasha made certain you were at the front of the crowd waiting for the class to be let out. Her body was buzzing, unable to remain still as she watched the door with clear intent. You watched in amusement, having not had the heart to inform her that they were released by means of a roll call to ensure safety.
The doors swung open, and Natasha's eyes widened, but narrowed rather quickly once she saw the clipboard. Shockingly, no complaints were muttered, and you were hopeful that the action had actually helped to quell any of her remaining anxieties.
"Parents of Jack Quenton."
"Who's last name starts with a Q?" She quietly grumbles from beside you, causing you to stifle a laugh in favor of nudging her side, and she simply shrugs her shoulders unapologetically.
"Parents of Athena Quill."
Her eyes widen at the second option, and this time you have to fake cough to cover yourself.
"Parents of Nikolai and Eli—."
"Here!!" She shouts, then the teacher looks up to her with eyes prepared to scold, but decided against it once she registered who your wife was.
The twins ran out in a rush, practically jumping into your wife's arms, and you chuckled as you approached the teacher.
"Those two were rather great today, here's the 'homework' for the weekend, it's really just a fun way to get me acquainted with them." She gently relays to you, and you thank her before wandering off to find your missing family.
Approaching the car you noticed everyone buckled up and ready to go, and the smile on your wife's face truly melted your heart.
"Mommy!!!" All of your kids shriek as you get behind the steering wheel of the car, and you turn to face them with a wide smile.
"My babies!!!" You shriek back enthusiastically, then settle in for whatever stories are about to come flying out of their mouths.
"I made a new friend! His name was Kaleb, and he tolded me that he liked my mohawk, then we played with some blocks. Thank you so much for helping me make it."
"Of course baby..." You coo, then turn to Eli to open the floor for her.
"Oh my goodness mommy, guess what! Our classmates thought I was lying when I told them that the Black Widow was our mama. I was sad, but since she was still outside for so long earlier I gotted to prove it to them. They were so shocked, treating us like we were cellebwitties! One boy even gave me his snack for free. Then my best-friend Lindsey asked if she would come to her next birthday party, I said maybe. I had such a great day!” She speedily rambles on, honestly scaring you as she nearly forgets to breathe, and you listened intently before passing back a juice pouch to all three of them, before driving off.
Your wife's eyes were brimming with tears as she listened to your daughter speaking about her as if she had hung the stars and the moon. Deep down she still struggled with the title of hero, but seeing your daughter animatedly describe her as such clearly warmed her heart.
The drive home was lively for all of ten minutes before the entirety of the backseat fell asleep. Natasha reached out to take your free hand, lifting it to her lips to place a lingering kiss to your knuckles, before linking your hands and settling it atop her lap.
“I told you they would be all over you my darling…”
“Yeah… Thank you detka, for helping me through today…”
“No need to thank me baby, it’s what I’m here for, I think we balance each other out well.”
As Natasha went to crawl into bed she found a few tiny bodies had made their way into her spot while she had been in the shower, and she pulled her phone out to snap a quick photo. Dahlia had taken up residence on top of you, with her tiny arms wrapped around you and her face was buried in your neck. Niko was in his signature position, with his body splayed out wildly, and his feet managed to land on her pillow. Then she found that Eli was laying on her side, head on her mama's pillow, and hand delicately placed in yours.
The sight caused her to audibly awe, as she set her new lock screen then leaned down to kiss your forehead. You instantly hummed at the contact, not even opening your eyes, but instead pouting your lips. A light chuckle fell from her lips before she happily obliged, firmly placing her lips to yours, and an endearing smile erupted on your face as she pulled away.
“Looks like we have a few visitors.” She whispered from above you, and you gently nodded in acknowledgment before tapping her pillow, narrowly missing your daughters head.
Natasha got the hint, as she gently crawled into bed, gently moving the twins over just enough so that her arm can protectively fall over all of you. You gently raised your arm, laying it over Dahlia’s back as you interlocked your fingers with hers.
“Forever…” “…Always.”
Natasha’s heart was full as she realized that no matter what life might throw her way, or however much might change, in the end she’s reassured that the abundance of love she’s blanketed in will remain the same.
3,274 Words.
@toouncreativeforausername @lostremind @my-skeleton-hats @battleg03 @fxckmiup @meurgen @hp-and-mcu @kjyarukivo @d14n4ol @inlovewithfaberry @yeux-sur-la-lune @youralphawolf72 @beenicejoy @lissaaaa145
That’s a supposed wrap on this little family besties 🤪
❤️ Kaitlyn 🥺
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souper-gay · 2 days ago
I would love to see a Part 3 of Face Paint.
Also it’d be funny to see Clint teasing Nat over how much she likes R. Then maybe they have a second date where R cooks for Natasha and it’s just cute and intimate, possibly have that first kiss.
Part 3 of Face Paint
Summary: After a seemingly successful date, a few weeks pass and Nat must decide whether they want to see Y/N again. Will another date occur? Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x GN!Reader Word Count: ~6k Warning(s): Fluff, like one or two swear words (that surprises me), probably inaccurate depictions of reading body language but I tried A/N: Okay first I’m so sorry for how long this part took me to make, finals have been a cluster fuck but I am finally done! Second, thank you so much anon for the ask, I hope this was worth the wait!
Back to Blog│Part 1 & Part 2│Masterlist ═════════════════════
In Part 2
Natasha’s POV
I watch as Y/N continues to stare out before suddenly turning to look at me. Our eyes catch hold and we both smile. I realized how close I had gotten when I saw them put their hand on the seat and brush mine. They shift so they can lean against the side of the chair and face me, their other hand holding onto the bar.
“You’re the one not blinking now, Natasha,” they tease but their smile remains.
“And what makes you say that?”
“You’re staring at me.” 
“And if I am? What are you going to do about it?” I set them up for success as I have been on our date. I think they caught that a while ago but when they willingly step in, they pull back. I am making it obvious this time around.
“I might have to ask you out on another date. Just to give you more time to stare.”
“I won’t say no.”
I notice their eyes dashing down to my lips and then back up immediately blushing knowing that I caught them and their intentions. “Is your masterpiece on my face still holding up?”
I watch them lean closer as if they are examining the condition of their work, but instead their eyes don’t leave mine. They don’t even glance down at the painted spider on my face, not even distracted by the bright red hourglass in the middle of its back.
I see their hand move up to hold my jaw still being gentle and delicate like I was something that was priceless to them. This act, this feeling of intimacy on repeat in my brain mirroring what had happened hours prior. I take a second to feel how different it was this time without all the dried up paint covering their skin, how the small bumps and bits that were strangely smooth are now gone.
“You look amazing, my work just covers it up.”
Your POV
“Wasn’t expecting you to be such a flirt, Y/N,” Natasha lets a small smile slip past her features and you watch the soft hint of pink color her cheeks. 
You can’t help but peek down at her lips again and drop your hand placing it on your thigh, which, you noticed, was nearly touching hers with how close the two of you had become. “What were you expecting?”
“Nothing much.” A smirk easily replaces the small smile, her brow arched.
You huff out a laugh, “How low was the bar?”
“Who said there was a bar?” She turns in her chair, her knee brushing against yours causing a sudden rush that has your heartbeat quicken at the subtle touch.
“This was a very last minute and impromptu date. ”
“Then that means that there was no reason to expect much.” 
“I’m just making sure that I exceeded expectations.”
“And you will find out when you ask me out for that second date, Y/N.”
How she consistently mentions that moment and the question as it being inevitable only fueled you with confidence. You want nothing more than to just ask the burning question and see what her true answer would be. But you wanted to wait, you wanted to see how this night finishes.
The rest of the ride was you pointing out some rides you have been on and more stories about your family moments at the fair, Natasha following along but letting her eyes linger on you transfixed with how you kept jumping from one story to the next, your mind racing feeling her intimate stares. 
When the ski lift reaches ground level, a worker walks up and lifts the front bar and the two of you jump off the seat but the seat hits you hard on the back of your leg sending you forward. Natasha was quick to react before you could slam into the floor, a quick swear leaving your lips at how fast everything happened but not at all complaining about how tightly Natasha was holding you.
She helps you steady yourself and examines your body. “You alright?”
“My hero.” She rolls her eyes trying to hide her grin after hearing the daydreamy yet teasing tone of your voice. Her reaction has you laughing as she helps you to your feet and walks toward the exit making you catch up to her. You lead her to the long, endless line of food trucks, snack vendors, and set up restaurants and bars. 
“Have you ever tried chocolate-covered bacon?”
You look at her and shrug with a grin, her face in full disbelief at what you said. “Have you ever tried chocolate-covered bacon?”
“You Americans have some strange cravings,” She shakes her head laughing, probably still not believing what you're saying to be real. 
“We love our weird foods, I don’t really know why but we do.”
“What else is there?”
“Deep-fried Oreos and ice cream, chocolate-covered pickles, funnel cake, there are even wine slushies.”
“You had me at wine slushies.”
You stay quiet listening to Natasha as she completely reads a table of 6 people who sat a few yards away from where you settled. Apparently, Natasha believes that there will be a large announcement at the table so the two of you are watching impatiently waiting for something interesting to happen. 
If this was any other person telling you this, you wouldn’t have been excited to watch a complete group of strangers and let your wine slushie melt watering down your alcoholic beverage but, the redhead seemed to have mastered the art of people reading and body language seeing as she had gotten one other occurrence perfectly right.
When you two first walked into the outdoor bar and sat down, you had noticed that she wasn’t looking at the menu but instead watching the bar and more specifically a group of older men who were talking very loudly.
“What are you looking at?” You had turned to follow her line of sight and groaned at who she was eyeing. “God, they are so loud I swear.”
“The guy in the grey long sleeve is agitated, probably started the argument with how jumpy he is.”
The way she had said that with such certainty made you question how focused she was and what she had managed to overhear through the music that easily washed over most conversations even those held a few feet away from where you sat.
“How can ya tell?”
“His arms are crossed over his chest and his lips are tight, he is not happy right now and that is making him raise his voice over those who try to cut him off,” She crossed one knee over the other before casually picking up her menu to skim the foods and drinks. “Probably started the argument with the guy in red seeing as he hasn’t broken eye contact with him since we first walked in.”
“Guessing the alcohol won’t deescalate this.”
“Not at all, I’m giving them less than 10 minutes before they are forced to leave.”
And not 10 minutes after security came in, broke up the two men and shoved them out of the restaurant and that was before you got your drinks and appetizers. 
“Here it comes.” 
Natasha’s voice yanks you out of your thoughts and so you lift up your head to have a quick sip of your mildly diluted wine, watching the situation unfold. 
“Oh my god!” The sudden exclamation causes a few heads to turn in their direction as the group of friends look to be congratulating a couple, a few deciding to stand up to hug them. 
“That is really cool.” You turn in your chair to look at her. “So is Clint your brother or is Laura your sister?” 
You catch her eyes deftly scan the room before looking back at you. “Neither, Clint introduced me.”
“You must’ve known him for a long time?” You stab your fork into your pasta and chew making sure to avoid eating with your mouth open.
“We are good friends, met him at work.”
“What do you do if you don’t mind me asking?”
“Bit hard to describe but in short I help people find important information,” she shifts her focus to grab her almost empty wine slushie. “I tend to keep my personal and work life separate, especially when I’m with Clint and his family.”
“So he does something similar?”
“We actually work together, partners.” That simple response earns a soft hum in acknowledgment from you as you take a moment to scan her features, it made you start thinking about the pieces of information you gained from your conversations throughout the day, maybe you might get some of the dots starting to connect in your head.
“I didn’t know I was attractive when I ate.” Natasha’s voice, once again, yanks you from your inner thoughts, the comment making you blush and stare down at your drink in a heap of embarrassment as you were easily caught in the act. However, you could still hear the soft sound of a chuckle from Natasha which made you giddy, knowing that you were the cause of her laughter.
Natasha’s POV
“Auntie Nat!”
The excited squeal of the mini Barton makes me laugh as I watch her run up to me with three new stuffed animals that were big compared to her tiny body, almost making her trip up or run into a stranger as her arms could barely hold them all. I kneel down right as she meets the two of us at the entrance, picking her up and lifting her up so that I can place her on my hip. 
“Look at what mommy and daddy won me!” I smile and give her my undivided attention but I still notice Clint, Cooper, and Laura follow the bubbly child. 
“Mommy won this one playing the water gun game that we saw!” Lila's smile was reaching her eyes and that made my heart melt, her innocence and pure joy always setting off a feeling of remembrance that induced a volley of mixed emotions. 
“Hm.” I switch my focus away from the little girl with an intention of directing my attention to Clint but I instead catch and keep eye contact with Y/N, sending them a smile.
“We are gonna go to the car.” 
I peel my eyes away from them and look at Clint who is looking at his daughter. “C’mon Lila you’ll get to tell Nat all about your new friends in the car.”
Lila pouts turning to look at her father, giving him her best puppy dog look but was beat out when I knelt back down to set her on the ground. “I’ll be quick Lila, I want to hear everything about what you guys did.”
What I had said didn’t lift her adorable pout, but nonetheless, she nodded and slipped her hand into her father's, the four of them walking in the direction of where we parked at the beginning of the day.
“Natasha.” I turn to look at Y/N. They are so incredibly nervous that I didn’t even need to try in order to figure that out. 
“I had a great time with you tonight and I want to ask if you’d be interested in going on another date with me,” they are trying their best to keep eye contact with me, rubbing the back of their hand trying to calm themselves. “It’ll be a fully prepared one this time, of course.” 
“You should text me.” That simple answer seemed to have eased their worries, the sheepish smile and blush that spread over their face was enough indication for me.
“I will. Goodnight Natasha.”
“Goodnight, Y/N.” I spin and begin to walk away from them toward the Barton van, peeking over my shoulder to send them a small smile before I reach the family.
Two Weeks Later
“So how’s Y/N,” Clint chuckles, easily dodging a roundhouse kick. 
I roll my eyes landing a quick kick to Clint's abdomen, earning a low grunt from him, and quickly pull my leg away from him so he has no chance to grab onto it. He sends a punch toward my chest as I put my foot down but I quickly shift my stance and lean back whilst my fist hits the part of his rib cage that sat under his armpit. 
He quickly brings his arm down to lock mine and returns a punch to my ribs, he then hooks his arm that is locking my wrist under my elbow and pushes up putting pressure on the joint causing me to hiss at the pain. 
“What makes you think I’m still talking to them?” I straighten my elbow the best I can and raise my foot to kick him just below where my hand is pinned in his arm pit, directly hitting the delicate and soft tendon with my heel. He loosens his grip on my arm and I use my foot to push myself away from him effectively slipping out as he recuperates.
“I noticed your eyes have been glued to your phone whenever we are doing mission reports.” He huffs out.
“And why are we talking about this during our sparring sessions?” I rush him and dodge one of his punches but another connects with my side.
“Because,” He leans back dodging my elbow flying up aiming for his chin. “You brush it off and change the subject whenever I bring it up.”
“Maybe because there is nothing to talk about.”
“There is a lot to talk about, you’ve barely even mentioned the date- I don't even know if it went well or not.”
“It went fine, Clint,” I rush at him and block his punch, leaping up to kick him square in the chest pushing him a few feet away. “It was just a date.”
“They were the first person, who doesn’t work here, that you’ve spoken to.”
“I talk to a lot of people.”
“Those are targets, Nat, I am talking about real, normal people ya know?”
I groan out of annoyance, my tolerance growing thin at his insistence on speaking about Y/N. I mean yeah we talk… a lot more than I expected we would but there haven’t been any concrete plans for a second date seeing as SHIELD constantly needs me for something.
“You’re a loud thinker.” Clint teases as he walks away and towards one of the benches, sits down and takes his water bottle taking a large sip, leaving me alone on the sparring mat.
I drop my stance and walk over to him, retrieving my own water bottle. “If I tell you, will you stop with all the nagging?”
He grins and sets his bottle down beside him, turning to give me full attention.
I roll my eyes and sit down, leaning over putting my elbows on my knees holding the bottled water in both of my hands. “We talk.”
“Really?” He mocks
“You’re useless.”
“I am actually a friend and I hear that friends are pretty smart and wise and stuff.”
I scoff, heaving out a long-winded sigh. “Okay okay, the date went really good and I…” Clint stays quiet and hums, his way of letting me know to take my time and that he was listening.
“...And we get busy so it’s hard for me to pick a day without having to worry about a call from Fury or Coulson.”
I swing my leg over the metal bench and straddle the seat, facing Clint who’s face fully displays a proud grin. “What?”
“You like them and claim you are busy.”
“I am busy, Clint.”
“Nat, you make yourself the busiest person in the room. We haven’t needed to go on a mission in a week.”
“And what if I get called in while we are on our date?”
“Then that excuse will hold you back.” And with that, he stands up to walk towards the center of the mat, motioning me with his hand to follow him. “We aren’t done with sparring, Romanoff.”
“Last I recall you were the one who walked off the mat.”
“It’s called taking a break, you should try it sometime.”
One Week Later
I hear the door open and a familiar groan before the door is shut. “Oh my god, you are terrible.”
“What?” I look up from my phone and set it asid to see Clint standing in front of me with a large stack of papers and folders in his hands.
“Are you texting Y/N?” He sets the stack down on the table, the weight of it making a loud thud as it hit the wooden table.
I put my phone face down on the table, in hopes of deterring him away from it. “No.” Just then it vibrates, and I never had to fight so hard than in this moment to resist checking what I had received. Clint smirks at my evident, internal struggle pulling up a chair to sit in before sorting through the files and handing some to me. 
Great, mission reports.
I briefly skim through the pages of work that I needed to now start on. From the looks of it, this mission was taken by a few lower-ranked agents on a basic operation, probably just some low-risk info gathering we have to sort through and send out to our specialists to track down what they found.
“How is Y/N?”
I take a second to respond, too busy skimming through the lists of items and data that this team retrieved. “They are fine.”
“Any plans?”
“Do your fingers have the inability to type out the word ‘date’ or something?” He mocks, 
“I can, I’m just waiting for the right time.”
He hums and focuses on the work in front of him, flipping through pages filled to the brim with text and notes scribbled onto the margins, taking a pen and writing things down into a list that sat to his right. I watch him waiting for some sort of response before turning my attention back to the small collection of information in my lap as silence fills the room, only the shuffling of paper and pens scribbling could be heard for the next few minutes.
“Maybe you’re nervous.”
I can’t help but scoff at his comment. “I don’t get nervous; I’ve infiltrated high level environments and fought men twice my size.”
“Y/N makes you nervous.”
“I’m not nervous.”
“You are nervous because you like them.” At that, he looks up at me with a shit eating grin. “Natasha Romanoff actually has romantic feelings?” His tone makes me glare daggers at him.
“I am not nervous.”
“Prove it.”
“Clint, we have been on countless missions together and I have faced and defied death more than a handful of times without even breaking a sweat. I do not get nervous, you know that.”
“Prove it to me. Text them.”
“Text them what?”
“Ask them out.” He then sets his papers down onto the table and sits up straight in his chair. His eye flickers to where my phone sat and I already know his next move. “Ya know Fury and I spoke as I got the files, the grump said that if we don’t find anything useful in the files we would have another weekend of training the recruits in the mornings. Sounds like a perfect opportunity for a nice little date.”
“Perfect for you and Laura.”
“And you and Y/N, or are you too nervous.”
“I am not.”
“I don’t believe it.”
I narrow my eyes at him and huff out in frustration at his continuous pestering before reaching out to grab my phone, opening it and reading what Y/N had sent me trying to ignore the knowing looks Clint is sending me. I can’t help but smile at the text and begin typing up my response and then an invitation.
‘I will most likely be free this weekend, dinner?’ 
I wait for a few moments, my leg subconsciously bouncing against the soft carpet flooring before I see them begin typing.
‘That would be great, Natasha.’
Your POV
That Weekend
Okay okay, she should be here in a few minutes, so you have to make sure that everything was set up nice and your appearance looked perfect. All that was left to do was check to make sure you didn’t burn the food that was currently cooking in the oven. 
You have been rushing around all day prepping and cooking all of the food since you offered to host the date at your apartment. You wanted to surprise her with some of your family's home cooked meals and that made you even more nervous about everything going perfectly.
Rushing around your small and cozy, shared apartment, currently putting on the final pieces of clothing like one of your nice sets of jewelry and applying some expensive fragrance you bought a while ago, which was still sealed in its packaging, you sprinted out and into the kitchen when you heard your phones timer sound off signaling that the food in the oven was ready to be taken out. 
Stuffing on the oven mitts and opening the oven door, you carefully pull out the dish and set it on the stove top to let it cool down a bit right before you hear a knock on your door. You fast walk to the door and look through the peephole, your jaw dropping at the sight of Natasha wearing a black leather jacket over a white button blouse tucked into a pair of black jeans holding a black motorcycle helmet. 
You take a second to fully compose yourself and open the door with a nervous smile. “Hi.”
She sends you a sly grin, probably loving your reaction seeing as you are trying to keep yourself modest and avoid her exposed chest. “Hi, Y/N”
Your heart races hearing how she says your name with that raspy, low voice that effortlessly sends goosebumps over your skin; without the fanfare and blasting radio music in the background, you are able to fully admire her without having to constantly weave through crowds of people and have all sorts of noises blast in your ears.
“That outfit looks amazing on you, Natasha.”
“Why thank you, yours looks perfect on you as well. Seems to me we make good choices.”
You nod quickly and stand to the side to let her walk into your home, wiping your sweaty hands against your clothes as she walks past you. “Oh here I can take your stuff and put it down.” She nods, sending you a small thanks and a smile, handing you her leather jacket and helmet so you can put her things on the sofa chair in the living room.
“It smells lovely in here, I am excited to see what you made.”
“I am excited for you to try it,” you walk into the kitchen with her following and show her all the dishes you prepared. “I made some of the meals that I grew up eating and was taught to make so everything here is my comfort food.”
You turn to look at her and watch, her eyes taking a few moments to scan what you made for tonight's dinner catching a glimpse of the subtle smile. You wished to know what she was thinking but you forced yourself to hope that it was good things, taking the dishes and setting them on the table. 
“Would you like a drink, I can get you water, soda?”
“Water please.”
“Let me get the drinks and we can start eating.” She nods and gets herself settled in her seat that was across from yours, watching you walk toward the refrigerator. 
“So how has work been, any kids asking for spiders?”
You chuckle, pulling open the cabinet next to the fridge that housed all of the glassware, grabbing two glasses and sticking her designated cup into the water and ice dispenser that was embedded in the front door of your fridge. “No, but that makes you special I think, Natasha.”
“I’d hardly say that.” 
“Well good thing I did then, cause it’s true.” You walk over to her with filled drinks in each hand, setting hers down in front of her as you sit down in your seat.
“You don’t really know me that well.”
“And that is the lovely thing about a date, you can tell me whatever you’re comfortable with.” You send her a warm smile and you swear you catch a certain look on her face that could’ve been anything from surprise, intrigue, or suspicion but you ignore it for now. 
Natasha’s POV
I didn’t know what to really expect coming into this night but everything has been amazing; the food that Y/N cooked was some of the best meals I’ve eaten since officially relocating here and the conversation picked right up where it left off at our last date. 
Their apartment was homey and a comforting new environment that I wanted to see more of but what interested me more were the paintings adorning the walls, hung within simple black frames that matched with the rest of the decor nicely. 
I caught some iconic city skylines, portraits of multiple people, and a large abstract work next to the TV some of which gave me a strong hunch that Y/N made. There were photos of people splayed all over shelves and different surfaces, with many faces being commonly found in others; it looks like Y/N has a tight knit group of people. 
It was nice being surrounded by a new and yet welcoming place, because usually in my line of work those words are rarely ever used together. 
Whenever the conversation steered toward me, I wanted to be somewhat honest about certain things like where I came from, Clint and his family, my job. But, I still gave them vague answers to many of their questions. Normally I wouldn’t feel bad about it with anyone else but this time, with how open and understanding and inviting Y/N has been, I do. 
We had been talking at the table, Y/N refilling both of our water glasses whenever they would get low, when the conversation of movies and tv came up. I simply explained that I used to watch a lot of American shows and Disney classics as a child but grew away from that up until recently.
They spoke about how their roommate loves movies and that they like hosting watch parties at their home so they have seen a lot of things. 
“Have you watched any classics?” I take a small sip from my glass, holding it in one hand keeping eye contact with them.
“Not really but one of my friends does and they have been hounding us to get into the 80s and 90s action-adventure movies.”
“Anything in particular?” 
“Oh like Bond, Terminator, Rambo, Top Gun that kinda thing,” They reach for their drink. “We are trying to start the entire Bond franchise.” 
That made me almost gasp. “Really?” 
“Yeah, I don’t know why but we want to get around to it.” 
“Well, I quite like the Bond movies.”
“Really?” They sip their water. “I see an opportunity here to watch one now.” They smile which makes me smile back.
“If you can put on Moonraker then I will happily watch it and experience your first time with you.”
At my small innuendo, a crimson tint flashes onto their cheeks and I was about to question their thoughts, but they avoid my gaze with a nod, standing up to take my near empty glass and their own to refill. “I’ll meet you on the couch.” 
I nod trying my best to hide my devious smirk and stand up to make my way to the couch, sitting on it and trying to make myself comfortable. They come back a few moments later with filled glasses, setting mine beside me before sitting down and grabbing the remote. 
As the movie begins, Y/N is hastily turning off most of the lights, leaving a few to dimly lit the apartment, before returning to their spot on couch keeping a short distance during the beginning of the movie and when we are a quarter deep, I cannot pull my eyes away not wanting to miss anything.
What takes me out of the movie is the feeling of eyes on me and a subtle shift on the couch. I turn and lock eyes with Y/N only to see a smile on their face, the same smile that sends a wave of new yet welcoming feeling of warmth which is now something I slowly let myself want to have more of. 
“You're staring.”
They simply shrug, still smiling even after being caught. “I like looking at masterpieces.”
I raise my brow and give them a ‘really?’ look.
“What? I think you’re beautiful,” They turn, propping their elbow on the back of the couch.  "Can I not look at you?”
I lean in close enough to hear their breath hitch at my sudden movements even through the sounds of gunshots, epic soundtracks, and yelling coming from the movie. “I’m curious if you’ll do more than just look, Y/N.”
Your POV
She has always done this; posed a possibility, gave you the lead to see if you would take it. You want to take it and run with whatever she gave you, acting like a child who had gotten their toy that they begged their parents for. 
Natasha made you excited and so incredibly anxious of fucking up, but that hasn’t happened seeing as everything has been going better than you could ever imagine. You have a beautiful woman in your home, sitting next to you on your couch, leaning in and implying that she wanted more. 
The undeclared notion of that word is what terrified you. Tonight however, helped ease your worries since you noticed more of her than at the carnival. She told you things about her personal life like stories with Clint at work or with the kids, or about her childhood. She seemed to melt into your apartment during dinner, catching her taking quick glances at the decor and taking her time eating the food you had cooked. 
You were actually quite proud of yourself for being able to make her feel secure talking about herself, it relieved some pressure off of you because you noticed almost immediately into your last date that you were the one leading the conversations. 
Maybe it should’ve been a red flag, why someone would be vague or mysterious about their jobs or lives. But that only drew you to her, it made you more aware of the things you said or did; you wanted to do better for her.
And now here you are, a mere few inches away from someone who always manages to take your breath away with a simple glance or a smile. Someone who makes you wonder how all of your life choices, like taking a bland face painting job at a carnival, resulted in you meeting the most beautiful person you have ever encountered. And now having the privilege of hosting a date, she trusts you enough to come to your home and to enjoy your company.
It made you confident and more yourself, she was interested in you and has kept displaying her advances to you whenever the opportunity showed itself. And this close proximity with the low lights and now a romantic scene between Bond and one of his many gorgeous Bond women being acted out on the screen with a beautiful melody playing in the background set the scene for you and Natasha. 
Every time you got this close to her the first thing you would look at were her eyes. You wanted to catch every glimmer, every shade of green or hints of brown, the dilation of her pupils, the softness behind them. Your eyes then trailed down to her lips, the feature you were sure would make soak your skin in white hot fire and succumb your lungs in a breathless state of bliss every time you had the blessing of kissing them. 
You wanted to desperately feel everything she would be willing to give you, you didn’t care how long it could take, in fact you hoped that your moments would last for a lifetime rather than rush through and end prematurely. You wanted to indulge and you noticed her eyes drift down to your lips, she felt the same.
You both dragged your eyes back up, holding eye contact once more. Even with the dim lights you can see the hesitation and eagerness behind her eyes, never leaning away yet holding herself back. 
She was about to open her mouth to speak before you surged forward, planting your lips to hers and setting your hand on her cheek, the same one you had painted her spider. The kiss was everything you thought of but better in every way possible. You were ecstatic, sighing and welcoming the feeling of heat invade your body and knock all of the oxygen out of you.  
You hold her jaw in your fingers as her hand reached out to hold your forearm leaning in as close as possible, both of you too engrossed in one another to notice the movie that continues to play in the background until the credits roll.
The burning now seeped into your lungs resulting in you regretfully pulling away but only allowing there to be enough separation for you two to breathe again, lips still brushing against one another with every heavy pant. What you weren’t expecting was the aftermath of kissing Natasha, she induced a cloudy haze that weighed your eyelids and fogged your mind only letting you think of her, nothing else. 
You open your eyes enough to spot her own pair looking at you with a small smile over her lips, God now you want to kiss her again 
And you did, you couldn’t wait for the air to refill your lungs and neither could she as the room was almost engulfed in darkness if it wasn’t for the one or two dim lights just barely adding a small glow, giving you just enough light to see the redhead whenever the two of you would pull away. 
Every kiss felt as if it was too fast and too slow, the fogginess in your head making time hard to follow while your lungs kept you from kissing her for as long as you both pleased which you wanted to curse whoever or whatever thought of that idea. 
The movie was long over, the tv turned off, when the sound of a phone ringing flooded the soft noises of heavy breathing. Natasha eventually pulled away upon hearing the wretched sound ring out for a second time and stood up but not before giving you a few brief kisses, each one testing your combined will power making it harder for her to step away to grab her jacket draped over the back of the single seater sofa a few feet away.
She pulls out her phone from her jacket and turns it on, quickly scrolling through and seeing what she had just received. You lick your lips, now tasting of her, and wait patiently trying to contain your excitement at how heated everything has gotten but her quietness begins to waver that. “Everything alright?” You stood up and walked to stand beside her, waiting for her answer.
“Yeah, but I have to go sadly. Work.”
At this time? You check the clock that hung on the wall over the dining table and see that it read 10:43pm. “You must have an interesting job.”
“It has its moments, but I have to.” She turns to look at you and you can find the hint of conflict behind her eyes, an internal struggle that you wish to help her with one day.
“It’s alright I understand.” 
Your straightforward, monotone answer draws her attention. “Tonight was amazing, Y/N.”
You nod, her complement reassuring you and making you smile. “It really was, I enjoyed it a lot,” you are trying so hard to push down the strong wave of disappointment at her sudden leave, it didn’t help that your mind was now rushing to claim you ruined the moment in some outlandish way. “Here, let me walk you out.”
She slips on her leather jacket and grabs her helmet before we walk to my door, opening it and exiting my apartment taking the stairs down to the street in comfortable silence. The sudden drop in temperature hitting your still sizzling skin gives you a helpful shock at how heated your kiss on your couch became. 
“So when are you available?” 
“Not too sure, my job tends to make me travel.” She leads you to her sleek, black motorcycle that is propped up by the curb. “As you can see, it can be rather spontaneous.”
The two of you lock eyes, you ignore the chill and send her a warm smile. “Text me then.”
She returns your smile with one of her own as she leans in to place a kiss on your cheek. “I plan on it, Y/N.” 
She grabs her helmet and lifting her leg over the seat of her motorcycle allowing this quick moment to appreciate her beauty and how everything she does, no matter how simple or small, exemplifies how you always thought she was ethereal.
She pulls on the helmet, keeping the tinted visor open, and flips up the kick stand. She turns on the ignition letting the gorgeous matte black bike roar into life and moves away from the curb, giving me a wink before flicking down the visor and riding off into the dark street.
A/N: Let me know if you'd like more of these two, my requests are open! Thank you for reading!
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caylusromanoff · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
My princess.
Prompt: in a world of Dom's and subs it's normal to know who's owned by who. What happens when the truth comes out?
Natasha Romanoff X male reader.
Minors DNI.
"Natasha?" You call from your office and you smile at the patter of little feet running to the foor.
"yes daddy?" She asks looking up at you with nothing but submission in her eyes. You smile even wider and cup both of her cheeks in your hands, running your thumbs over them before leaning down to kiss her softly. She pulls away and takes note of your clothes and frowns.
"don't leave daddy" she says with a pout and you chuckle before kissing her forehead and shaking your head. You were dressed in a maroon button up and some skinny black jeans with smart black shoes, your hair styled to perfection and practically stinking of cologne. The shirt sleeves rolled to your elbows and the first two buttons undone, leaving your tattoos on show.
"shh princess, we don't whine do we?" You ask and she pouts harder before shaking her head and whispering her apologies. You let your eyes scan over her outfit and smile and the sweats and slightly baggy top she's wearing. "go get your shoes on for me. And bring me your collar when your done" she nods happily and runs off to get her shoes. Rolling your eyes you chuckle "No running in the house!" You shout after her and grab your wallet and keys before sitting down on a chair and waiting for her.
A couple seconds later she wanders into the room holding her black collar with the black widow symbol in the middle with your initials in it. She carefully hands it over to you before kneeling in-between your legs and you smile proudly. "My good girl" you whisper, rubbing your fingers over her cheek before leaning down to kiss her. She whimpers against your lips and you smirk pulling away and gently moving her hair out of the way so you can put her collar on.
Once you had it on you nod for her to stand and she gets up, hurrying away to grab her leash and coming back over to you. Clipping it on you make sure you both have everything you need before heading out to the car. You strap her in before you drive you two to the avengers tower.
About two months after Tony had given stark industries to pepper she had advertised for a partner and you had successfully gotten the job. So technically you were Starks boss and took great joy in reminding him of that.
The whole team were aware of everyone's titles and relationships. However, Natasha had never told anyone that she was married and already owned. She just never felt the need to.
You smile watching her playing with the stuffed animal she had brought along and listen to her singing along to the radio until you pull up to the compound. Jumping out of the car you run over to her side and open the door for her. She takes your hand and steps out before leaning up to press a soft kiss to your lips. "Thank you daddy" you nod at her with a wide smile and hold out your hand to which she places the handle of her leash before toddling off Infront of you.
You chuckle and allow her to lead you into the building. The receptionist looks as though she has seen a ghost and chooses not to say anything as you both disappear into the lift. The pinging of the door alerts everyone in the common room that someone was here however the sight that greeted them was not what they expected at all.
"no fucking way"
"I knew it!"
"oh my god so cute"
"m-mr Y/ln?" You chuckle at the reactions from the avengers and allow Natasha to pull you forward to where she runs into Wanda's open arms. You allow her to greet everyone before calling her back over and gently taking her leash off and allowing her to run off with Wanda and Peter, the two other submissives in the room.
"alright alright. Calm down. I'm here to see Mrs stark. Yes Natasha is my submissive and little. If you have a problem with her you'll have me to answer to. I expect her to be treated in the same manner she has been for the last ten years. Understand?" They all nod at you, too scared to disagree and you smirk before walking away towards the office you shared with pepper.
Smiling at the coffee that was waiting for you on your desk you go through some of the paperwork that you have before pepper arrives and you both get on with your meeting. About half way through you both hear the door crack open and look over to see an upset Natasha holding her stuffed animal that she had in the car. "Excuse me" you whisper to pepper before heading over to the door and picking Natasha up.
"hi little love. What's the matter?" You ask her softly and she just whimpers, hiding her face in your neck and crying softly. Pepper looks over at you with a soft look before standing up and walking out of the office. You take Natasha over to your desk and sit on the chair with her straddling your lap.
"baby girl? Can you tell daddy what's the matter?" You ask again and she whimpers once more before leaning back and wiping her eyes before looking directly into yours.
"i-i missed you d-daddy an-an' Bucky saids dat' h-his daddy is better than you. S-saids your older a-an suppos'ed be stronger but 'ou not 'venger like 'im" you sigh and clench your jaw before bringing Natasha close again and kissing the side of her head. Bouncing her slightly to soothe her.
"listen to me baby okay? Daddy is older than Steve, and yes I am stronger. But that's why I'm not on the team okay? I am drafted as an avenger yes, and I could join the team right now if I wanted to. But I sit on the sidelines and do your paperwork for you instead" you let out a giggle causing the little one in your arms to giggle too.
"baby im the one they send on the missions that are deemed too dangerous for any of you. Remember when I go away for business trips? They're missions baby. I just didn't tell you because I knew you'd worry. But you have absolutely nothing to worry about okay? I promise. Daddy isn't going anywhere" she nods against you and you rock her and whisper sweet nothings into her ear until the door opens again and pepper comes in with a little bag of toys and an ice-cream and a bottle of milk. You playfully gasp and tickle Natasha's sides.
"baby look! Look what auntie pepper got for you" nat leans back and squeals when she sees all of her favourite things. You let her climb down from your lap and attach her leash to her wrist before she flops down on the floor at your feet and begins playing with the toys. "What do you say to pepper baby?'
"tank 'ou aun'ie pepper" you smile at your little one and shake your head playfully. You couldn't be more thankful for Natasha. She wasn't only your submissive and your little but she was also your wife, your soulmates and companion for life. You definitely wouldn't have made it this far without her.
(sorry it's so short. I'll try and see if I can get another done later on. I wanted to apologise aswell for the wait and delay. I just have a lot going on right now. Thank you for all of your support :)
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se-07spaceoreos · a day ago
I.I.W.H.F.W.? Chapter 16
You know about red strings, but have you heard about golden ones, those with a bond so strong fate could not ignore it.
Time could not weaken it, love and hatred could not divide it.
Only one’s willingness to accept that it is over, is when their tether to the bond came to an end, sometimes mistakenly leaving the other bound to them without notice.
You didn’t know?
Good, you weren’t supposed too.
Because you were one of the first to witness it.
Warnings: Things briefly mentioned/alluded to; blood, death, guns, kidnapping(?), War (Age of Ultron), Swearing, Feel free to name any if I missed them
Words: 530
“You do? What color?”
Relief, happiness, excitement. Words cannot define what I felt when she inadvertently confirmed she too saw what I claim to see. I chuckled on how she asked, wanting to make sure she didn’t interpret my words wrong. Wanting to make sure we’re both talking about the same thing.
“Gold, Natalia. Like yours.”
She gave me a bewildered look, like she wasn’t expecting any of this. Like she was living in a far from reality dream.
“So, what does this mean?”
“That’s why I left, I wanted to know also. Let me tell you?”
We looked at one another, the atmosphere of the argument dissipating. Instead being replaced with wonder. 
After I told Natalia of my adventure. She made me vow never to do it again. She also was intrigued with the whole story.
“So, they had one too?”
I nodded. We sat there in silence for a bit, processing everything, enjoying the proximity of one another.
She turned to me.
“When did you first see the string? When it started glowing, right?”
I thought for a bit, “A weekish ago, so yeah. You?”. She looked down a bit, her face flush with what I now know to be embarrassment. “You don’t  have to tell me Natalia.”. She shook her head, “No,no. It’s fine”. “It was after the work celebration at the hospital, after you read me the book.”
She smiled, recalling that night. I did as well.
“I don’t know what changed but something did”
“Would you like to know what changed?”
I asked her, insead of an immediate answer, she turned her eyes to me, studying me, observing me. I let her.
“No, I don’t think it would change anything.” 
I smiled at that, whispering. 
“Really? You think so?”
I leaned closer to her, her voice mimicking mine.
And she leaned right back in towards me, meeting me halfway.
Whoever said a kiss should feel like fireworks must have been driven off of lust, because I felt like I was soaring, floating, and falling all at once, and unlike fireworks, I could do this forever.
After the confessions, Natalia and I left our room. Unfortunately we still had work, and tomorrow would be very important as we had some Slavokian transport administrators coming down to look at what we had been planning. Making sure that the train stopped at locations where all their products could be reached without them having to up their oil prices with their own transportation units.
I was looking over the specs of the trains and the drafts for the mass transit when Maria Spoke came up to me.
“Oh my god, I’m so happy I found you!”
I looked to her with confusion, “Yes?”
“Okay so you know how the Slavokian transport administrators are coming down tomorrow? Well, it looks like they really wanted to see it because they’re coming down, today.” 
Well okay then 
“Well, I’m happy to hear that?”
I guess
“At what time will they be coming?”
Maria looked past my shoulder, and lowered her voice.
“Right now.”
I turned, and I was met with 4 faces, one red string.
What. The. Fuck
Other Chapters
Digital Library 
Tumblr media
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princessinshiningeverything · 13 hours ago
𝔑𝔞𝔱𝔞𝔰𝔥𝔞 ℜ𝔬𝔪𝔞𝔫𝔬𝔣𝔣 𝔐𝔞𝔰𝔱𝔢𝔯𝔩𝔦𝔰𝔱
<< Accepting asks/prompts>>
This is Natasha's masterlist from @maximovaromanova, my side blog.
Tumblr media
Snow White
Guns and Words
Everywhere 18+
Good Old Fashioned Lover Girl
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myfavoriteficss · 2 days ago
do you know the link/name to this one fic where Natasha and reader are training but reader is injured from a mission but hasnt told Natasha. Natasha then proceeds to hit reader in the side where they were injured and it goes on from there. A pretty short one, one shot. a bit angsty
I don’t really recognize this one. I am so sorry! I hope someone else can help!
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natashaismylove · 2 days ago
Mistakes |N. Romanoff
Tumblr media
Summary: Natasha ended it with y/n but they quickly realise they can’t stay away from each other.
Pairing: g!p dom!reader x sub!natasha
Warnings: smut, g!p reader (they have a penis), unprotected sex, knife kink, blood, carving on skin, dirty talk, praise, dom/sub dynamics, choking, possessiveness, breeding kink, slapping, overstimulation, pet names(baby, sweetheart, princess)
A/N: fourth time trying to post this so let's hope it works
I knew Natasha picked out that outfit specifically to drive me crazy. The floor length black dress with the slit on her thigh instantly caught my attention as I walked into the room. I watched her as she scanned the room until her eyes met mine, a smirk grazing her lips.
I looked at her with determination before walking towards her. Her smirk only grew once she saw the look in my eyes as I reached her. I sighed and shook my head a little. “Still trying to get my attention, huh baby?”
She shrugged and tilted her head. “Maybe. It’s working isn't it?”
I clicked my tongue. “I can’t deny that it is.”
Her hand reached out to hold onto my upper arm as she bent forwards. “Would it catch your attention if I told you I'm not wearing any panties?” she whispered into my ear.
I swallowed and turned my head a little to look into her eyes. “I thought we were bad for each other? Weren't those your words when you ended it?”
She looked down at the floor. “Maybe I made a mistake.”
I hummed before leaning into her, grazing my lips against her earlobe. “Well then. Mistakes get punishment, don’t they?”
I could see her shiver before looking at me. “They do.”
I smiled a little before turning her around, placing my hand on her lower back and leaning down a little. “Let’s get out of here then.”
We were both breathing hard as we entered my bedroom, our lips connected in a rough kiss. Clothes were thrown onto the floor as we headed towards the bed. I pushed her onto it and smiled as she giggled and scooched back. I got on top of her and kissed all over her chest as she breathed out in pleasure.
“God, I've missed you.” she sighed.
I lightly bit her collarbone before sitting up. “You missed my dick.”
She shrugged with a playful smile. “Won’t deny that.”
I slowly opened my bedside drawer and pulled out a shiny object that quickly got her attention. “I did say you would be punished… didn’t I?”
She nodded and stared at me, waiting for my next move. I sat between her legs and spread them out. I leaned down and pressed a kiss directly onto her clit and chuckled a little as she shuddered. I sat back up and grabbed one of her thighs before placing my knife against it.
“Since you clearly have a tendency to leave, I thought I better make sure you know who owns you.” I smirked at her nervous face.
The knife pierced her skin and she hissed at the pain, closing her eyes shut. Blood trickled down and spotted my bed sheets but I couldn't care less. I dragged the knife against her thigh until I was satisfied.
“Open your eyes.” I said slowly.
She did as I told her and bit her lip as she looked at her bloody thigh. “You marked me with your initials?”
I dragged my thumb over the cuts before bringing it to my lips, licking the blood off. I could visibly see her pussy clench as she whimpered. I chuckled and laid down on top of her, my cock nestled against her centre. “You wanna be filled up right about now, don’t you?”
She nodded quickly and I smiled. “Please get inside of me.”
I grabbed my cock and stroked it before placing it against her hole. I watched her fist the sheets as she waited impatiently. I dipped the head into her before taking it back out. She whined and I slapped the side of her thigh. “Are you complaining?”
She shook her head rapidly. “No, no I’m not.”
“Good.” I pushed into her and breathed out once I was fully inside.
She was squirming, trying to get me to move so I grabbed her hands and pinned them over her head. “You take what I give you.”
“Oh god…”
I slowly started to thrust into her, making sure to drag extra against her g-spot. I was enjoying the way she tried so hard to stay still as I fucked her. I started to kiss her neck, leaving marks in places I was sure people would notice.
“Oh, y/n~”
I picked up the pace and bit down on her neck, listening to the sweet moans she let out. “You feel so good, baby~ This pussy was made for me. If anyone ever tries to touch it I’ll fucking kill them. You’re mine, only mine…”
She nodded and whimpered as I slammed into her. “No one can fuck me like you can! Shit~”
I licked the spot I had bit before kissing up her neck and jaw. I let go of her hands and trailed my fingers up her side until I reached her neck, wrapping them around it and squeezing lightly.
“Think you can cum for me?”
She nodded and gasped a little at the lack of oxygen.
I raised her thigh up and placed it on my hip, blood smearing onto me. I was hitting her at a different angle and reached even deeper inside of her so it only took a few seconds until she was cumming around me. She was squeezing my cock so tightly I knew I wouldn't last. I pulled out of her before placing my arms around her, lifting her up so she wrapped her legs around my waist.
I walked to the bathroom and into the shower, turning on the water and waiting for it to get hot before walking under the showerhead. I sank her back down onto my cock and began to bounce her up and down onto me.
“Oh my god, I’m gonna cum again!” she moaned as her head fell back.
I chuckled darkly. “That fast? You love being filled up by my cock so much that you can barely last a few minutes?”
Her eyebrows furrowed as she kept getting closer and closer.
“Cum, but I’m not stopping yet. You got it?” I said with a small moan.
She nodded and bit her lip hard as I kept pulling her up and down onto me. “Fuck fuck fuck~”
She started to rub her clit rapidly and clenched her eyes shut. “Oh- oh yes~ ah!” she nearly squealed as she came again. I fucked her through her orgasm and tried to chase my own release.
I pressed her against the cold tiles and fucked up into her. “Oh god, baby…ah~ you’re making me lose all self control…”
Her lip was quivering as she kept gasping. “Too much…can’t take it-”
I increased the pressure of my hold on her thighs and pressed my forehead against hers. “You can take it. I told you I wasn’t done, you can give me one more…”
I was getting so close and I was getting desperate to feel her cum with me. I placed my thumb on her clit and rubbed on it while thrusting harder into her. “Don’t you wanna cum again? You can do it one more time, I know it baby-”
I was loosing my composure, fucking into her with no rhythm, just trying to get us both to cum. “You’re so close, sweetheart, come on-”
“Oh~ fuck, right there!” she exclaimed.
“Come on, come on, come on…” I begged quietly. My face was scrunched up in pleasure and I could cum right now but I needed to make my girl cum first. “I know, princess, I know…”
“I’m gonna- oh I’m gonna~” she blabbered and dug her nails into my shoulders. “Oh- I’m cumming, I’m-”
Her head fell back and I knew blood was definitely trickling down my back from her nails digging into me. She clenched down on my cock and before I knew it she was cumming hard around me, the overstimulation getting to her.
“There you go, baby, just like that…” I breathed out and slowed down a little.
“Please cum in me, fucking fill me up, get me pregnant!” she moaned loudly.
I bit my lip and gasped as I came inside of her, doing as she asked for and filled her up. Her hands came up to the back of my neck and she pushed my forehead against hers. She kissed me and I moaned, slowly coming down from my high. I pulled away and gently rubbed her thighs with my thumb.
“Fuck. Best sex ever.” she said and smiled, making me laugh.
She bit her lip. “Let’s just hope I actually get pregnant now.”
I nodded and kissed her with a smile on my lips. “Let’s hope.”
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poptartpoppyy · 5 months ago
Me when I cant find a fan fic with a certain character,in a certain relationship,In a specific situation with specific traits that I want
Tumblr media
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m1tskil0verr · 22 days ago
Clint: We have to go
Natasha: I can't move, Y/N is asleep on me
Clint: Push them off
Natasha, offended: Excuse me?
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nats-dreamland · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Pairings: Natasha Romanoff x Reader | Carol Danvers x Reader | Natasha Romanoff x Wanda Maximoff (platonic/brief mention of romantic)
Summary: Natasha and her flower shop were a household name within the local community. She had spent many years working her way to the point she’s in now. You were an up and coming small business owner and florist who decided to open up a shop across the road from Natasha’s. You manage to catch Natasha’s eye from the moment you introduced yourself to her. Not everything is as easy as it should be, You and Natasha definitely make it harder than it should be. Is it true that love is stronger? Or will deception outweigh and ruin everything?
Notes: Florist AU. Potential Slow Burn. Mutual Pining. Soooo this will be a series and it’s already become my baby with what i’ve already written for it. This will be coming soon after my current celebration is over florist/flower shop au’s are my favourite thing ever
*coming soon*
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incorrectlycorrectfun · 3 months ago
Natasha: *Accidentally hits Y/n in the face* Natasha: *Trying to decide between saying 'I’m fucking sorry' and 'Are you okay'* Natasha: ARE YOU FUCKING SORRY?! Y/n: *On the verge of crying* Yelena: What’s wrong with you?!
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lcvernat · 2 months ago
That Stupid Red String | Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Part 2
Summary: In a world where you can feel your soulmates pain, being Natasha Romanoff's soulmate can simultaneously be the best and worst thing to ever happen to you. The only way to stop feeling your soulmates pain was to meet said soulmate, which seemed impossible to you, but fate works in mysterious ways.
Word Count: 5.9k
Content Warnings: soulmate au, strong language, fluff/lighthearted cause angst sucks, injuries/knife wound, reader is a doctor, natasha with children is adorable, brief mention of being drunk/high, mention of painkillers, original female characters
A/N: oh my god okay, so i kind of got a bit carried away with this? just a bit? this is incredibly long and i'm sorry, but there's also sort of potential for a part 2. maybe? i guess just lmk if you would want that? also disclaimer, i am not a doctor and know literally nothing about knife wounds so if something is wrong or unrealistic or whatever, either just point it out and i'll fix it or ignore it and i will too LMAO. oh and all my fics are gn!reader unless specified. final thing, i suck at fic titles and summaries i'm sorry. <3
Tumblr media
Every teenager longed for the day they turned 18, so they could gain that special connection with their soulmate by feeling each other's pain. They claimed that being able to share each other's physical pain brought you closer together and built a stronger connection between the both of you before you met.
Personally, you had always thought being able to feel someone else's pain would be slightly inconvenient. What if they had a migraine the day you had a life-changing job interview? That's not to mention the fact that you had to deal with your own pain, because feeling someone else's pain does not make you immune to suffering from your own headaches. Unfortunately.
Still, you couldn't deny that part of you was excited. Until the day you turned 18. You had woken up with agonising pain along your ribs, it felt as if someone had shattered them into a million pieces overnight. You had originally brushed it off as your soulmate having a terrible day. Then it happened again, and again, and again. Nearly every single day since the age of 18, you were in some form of pain because of your soulmate. Most people only experienced the occasional soulmate headache, or their soulmate stubbing their toe or accidentally bumping their hip against a table. Normal things that would cause people pain. You, on the other hand, had grown accustomed to bruised ribs, broken bones, knife wounds, bullet wounds, bruised knuckles and the like.
It had sucked massively at the beginning, but when you had to come to the devastating conclusion that your soulmate definitely has a death wish, you just had to learn to live with it. You've certainly built up a pain tolerance over the years, though you still can't help but resent your soulmate. You know you shouldn't - they're your soulmate after all - but anyone who had to learn to live with constant, agonising pain would feel the same, right?
The common knowledge that the only way to relieve yourself of the constant discomfort was to touch your soulmate brought little to no comfort to you. That occurrence was rare, and many people went their entire life without ever meeting their soulmate. Some people just simply didn't have the effort to search, so they married someone else. The lucky ones that did find their soulmate claimed that you feel a 'secret pull' towards them, but you're pretty sure that's a lie considering the only pull you've ever felt was to the fridge at 3am.
Although, you were determined to find your soulmate. Simply just so you could scream at them for hours and ask them what the fuck they were thinking, getting themselves into all sorts of dangerous situations. Though, since you're well past the age of 18, you've started to lose hope that you'll ever find them.
Tumblr media
"So, what's on the menu today? Knife wound? Broken rib? What about a broken leg?" Your best friend, Kya, teased you as soon as you had set foot into the hospital breakroom. You had thought that becoming a doctor would make it easier to meet your soulmate, considering you had to make physical contact with a lot of patients every day. That was, unfortunately, not the case. Although, Kya was one of the lucky ones who had found their soulmate, and she made it her job to tease you every waking second about your constant struggle.
"Nothing, actually, must be a rest day for them." It was true, whoever your soulmate was was certainly not in the mood to put themselves into a life-threatening situation today. You savored these rare days of painless bliss.
"Okay, in all seriousness though, I had a thought last night. At about 2am, because I couldn't sleep." You sit down beside Kya on the couch as she puts her steaming mug of coffee down onto the table and turns to face you.
You raise an eyebrow at her, indicating with your hand for her to continue.
"What if, your soulmate is an Avenger?-" you interrupted her by snorting in disbelief, which she reprimanded you for, "No, wait, listen. It makes sense. The bullet wounds, the knife wounds, the bruised knuckles. Your soulmate is either a highly dangerous criminal, or an Avenger. And I'd certainly prefer it to be an Avenger."
"Or," you enunciated, "they're a boxer or something a lot more realistic than a 'highly dangerous criminal' or 'an Avenger'."
"A boxer would not have knife or bullet wounds."
"Maybe they're just a really bad boxer?" You attempted, though you knew that point was stupid and your effort was futile as Kya had clearly spent all of last night convincing herself that her point was right.
"No. It's true: Y/N Y/L/N's soulmate is an Avenger. It's going to make headlines, and my best friend is going to be famous." Kya made a show of looking whimsically off into the distance, and you slapped her playfully on the arm.
"Yeah, no, shut up."
She rolls her eyes at you before glancing down at her watch and letting out a groan, "Crap, my break's over. Got to go." She downs the last of her coffee faster than humanly possible before giving you a final goodbye and walking out of the breakroom.
You ponder over Kya's words for a few more minutes after she left. Maybe? Could your soulmate really be an Avenger? You snort, shaking your head in disbelief. Definitely not, even thinking the words sounds stupid. You push the thought out of your mind, making your way over to the coffee machine to quickly make yourself a cup before your break ended.
Tumblr media
"Trust me, this is going to be so fun." Kya tries to convince you as she tightly grabs your hand, pulling you with her against your will. It was a couple of weeks after Kya had brought up the Avenger-soulmate idea, and you both had got a well needed day off. Being doctors, this was an incredibly rare occurrence and you took as much advantage of it as you could. Even though it was slightly ruined by your aching muscles, that you knew were not caused by any exercise you had done, considering you didn't do any exercise yesterday, which meant it was the cause of your lovely soulmate. It was also Kya's nieces birthday today, and both of her parents were busy so Kya had took it upon herself to bring her and you to something you thought was highly ironic: an Avenger's event and meet and greet.
"You're definitely still pushing this Avenger-soulmate agenda, aren't you?" You had asked her when she brought up the idea, she had vehemently denied that fact but you still spotted the mischievous twinkle in her eye. Unfortunately, for the life of you, you could not think of a good enough excuse that she would buy to get out of it. So that's why you found yourself in the middle of Times Square, being dragged to meet the Avengers.
"This is meant to be for kids," you pointed out, gesturing all around you to the little kids dressed in Avengers costumes and merchandise.
"Okay? And? We have a kid right here." Kya could only gesture with a tip of her head towards Lillian, as the little girl was gripping onto Kya's hand whilst Kya's other hand was gripping onto yours. The little girl in question was dressed up in a Black Widow costume, complete with a ginger wig and you had to admit that it was really adorable.
"When are they even meant to come out?" You asked, looking around you at the obvious lack of the actual Avengers.
"Uh, pretty sure the advertisement said 1pm? Can you check the time? Both of my hands are occupied." Kya replied.
"You know you can just let go of my hand?" You said even as you took your phone out of your pocket to check the time, "It's 12:45."
"Yes, but I'm afraid you might run away. We have 15 minutes to waste though, so where do you want to go?" She directed the question towards Lillian, who immediately started dragging you both in the direction of the Black Widow merch stand.
Once Lillian had successfully tricked Kya into buying her practically one of everything from the merch stand, you both made your way over to the makeshift stage, where the Avengers would come out. There was already a tightly packed crowd surrounding it, but since it was Lillian's birthday, Kya and you were determined to get her up to the front, so you did what any adult would do: pushed your way to the front. Was it the most morally right thing to do, especially at an Avengers event? No, it was not. You still done it anyway, and soon were at the front, in full view of the stage.
Lillian pulled on your shirt again, "Put me on your shoulders, Y/N, please!" She looked up at you with pleading puppy dog eyes.
"We are literally right in front of the stage." You pointed out.
"My legs hurt!" She whined, and you sighed.
"Yeah? Well so do mine, and my arms, and my entire body. I pray you aren't soulmates with someone who has absolutely no pain tolerance." Even though your arms were screaming in protest, you still lifted the young girl up and sat her on your shoulders, holding onto her legs so she doesn't fall.
Kya opened her mouth, but whatever words were about to come spewing out were quickly drowned out by the screams and cheers of the crowd as the Avenger's finally walked out. Each of them smiled and waved, but your eyes were somehow automatically drawn to Black Widow. She had a huge, genuine smile on her face as she waved to the fans, and you couldn't help but be captivated by her smile. She was absolutely breathtaking, you couldn't deny that. Still, even from here she seemed incredibly intimidating and you really would not want her as an enemy.
Her eyes moved throughout the crowd, and locked on yours. Her gaze straying up to Lillian on your shoulder who started yelling and screaming, "BLACK WIDOW! BLACK WIDOW!" The woman in question smiled at her and Lillian was in hysterics. Her gaze went back to you, and she smirked. You looked away quickly, wondering why a simple smirk had made your face heat up. Did it just get really hot all of a sudden?
"You're blushing," Kya pointed out the obvious.
You scoffed, "I am not. It's just very warm."
"It's like 60 degrees."
"The weather app is wrong."
Kya hummed, clearly not convinced but deciding not to comment further on it as Captain America started speaking. He explained that they were going to do a Q&A first, and then after they would be roaming around the event and would be free for any pictures or autographs. It was about halfway through the Q&A, Lillian had seemingly got bored with sitting on your shoulders and had moved to Kya's shoulders instead, when a teenage girl raised her hand and asked, "Natasha and Steve, what's going on between the two of you? There's clearly a lot of chemistry."
The crowd was a mixture of 'oooos' and annoyed murmurs from some. You noticed Natasha's jaw clench slightly before she brought her microphone up to answer, "Trust me, there isn't anything going on. Me and Steve are just great friends."
"But there has to be something! It's so obvious! You have to be soulmates!" The girl insisted.
"Steve is like a brother to me, we're incredibly close and I love him, but there's nothing more to it. We aren't soulmates. Plus, he isn't even my type." Steve whacked her left arm in faux offence. Suddenly, there was a stinging pain on your left arm and you rubbed it gingerly, "Ow." Kya's head snapped towards you, saw you rubbing your left arm, and snapped back towards Natasha's so quickly that it's a miracle she didn't get whiplash.
You looked at her shocked expression in confusion, murmuring a "What?" which she brushed off, only mouthing a 'Talk later' to you, which left you confused but you turned your attention back to the stage.
The teenage girl was still persisting, and you had to say you were honestly impressed she had the balls to bicker with the Natasha Romanoff. That is, until Natasha quickly shut her up, "Listen, Steve is not my soulmate, I still haven't found mine. Okay? Next question."
The Q&A ended quickly after that, with awkward tension still hanging in the air after the girl's question, and the crowd quickly dispersed in an effort to be the first ones to spot their favorite Avenger. Kya pulled you along, Lillian still on her shoulders, but she had a faraway expression on her face, as if she was concentrating on something else.
It took you three quite a while to spot Natasha in the crowd. You supposed if a spy didn't want to be found, they wouldn't be. She was loitering by one of the game stalls, looking at something on her phone, no one went near her and you assumed it was because they didn't want to risk being caught in her wrath - she still seemed pretty pissed off by that question. Still, nothing would stop Lillian as she begged and begged Kya to bring her over.
Kya turned to look at you, "You coming?"
You shook your head, "I'm starving, so how about I go get us some food while you and Little Black Widow here go meet actual Black Widow?"
"Actually, I really think you should go, I can get the food."
You raised an eyebrow in confusion, "Um, no. She's your niece, plus your choice in food is horrible, sorry not sorry. I'm getting the food." You walked away in the direction of one of the food stands before she could protest.
You came back around 10 minutes later with three corndogs in your hands, the line had been thankfully very short. Lillian was talking animatedly to Natasha, the woman bent down to Lillian's height. Kya turned around and spotted you, "There you are! Lillian wants a photo of me, Natasha and her. Would you be able to take it?"
You look down at the corndogs in your hands, "What do you think, Sherlock?"
"Oh crap, yeah, um," Kya grabbed two of the corndogs, turning to give one to Lillian, "can you take the photo one handed?"
Before you could respond Natasha spoke, "Hey, it's alright. I can take it."
Kya turned around, clearly shocked, "Are you sure? I feel like there's something a bit wrong asking the Black Widow to hold a corndog for you."
Natasha looked at Kya in exasperation, "Oh please, hand it over." Before Kya could protest any further, Natasha had already grabbed the corndog out of Kya's hand, and you handed the one you were still holding to Kya.
You took out your phone and swiped to the camera, "Alright, everyone say corndogs!" You laughed as all three of them said corndogs before snapping the photo. You looked at it, "That's adorable, you happy with it?" You showed it to Lillian who squealed in happiness and nodded eagerly.
"Hey, do you not want a photo?" Kya asked you while taking the corndog out of Natasha's hand and handing it back to you.
You shook your head, "It's alright. It was for Lillian, really, so it doesn't matter."
"No, I really think you should take a photo with Natasha."
You took a bite of your corndog and swallowed before replying, "I said it was fine. You're acting really weird."
Before Kya could protest, Captain America called for Natasha and she turned to you three, "That's me, I'm sorry. It was lovely meeting you all, especially you, Lillian," she bent down and gave the girl a final hug before heading off in the direction of Steve's shout.
Kya looked about ready to scream, for a reason you couldn't for the life of you figure out. You took another bite of your corndog as she glared at you.
Tumblr media
It was a couple of weeks after the Avenger's meet and greet, and Kya had been acting weird around you ever since. Natasha Romanoff had somehow made her way up to the number one topic of conversation between the two of you, and you really couldn't understand where Kya's new obsession for her had come from.
So, when you had arrived home at 4am one night after another grueling hospital shift, your head feeling as if it was splitting in two, and your phone had lit up with an incoming call from your best friend, you had originally expected it to be another new revelation she had found out about Natasha. Thankfully, it was not.
"Bestie, are you up?" Her voice sounded through the phone speakers.
"Just literally got home from my shift, so you have 5 minutes before I hang up and go straight to bed. What's up?" You sat your keys down on the kitchen counter and take your shoes off whilst you speak, wincing as a sharp stab of pain went through your head.
"I literally do not care. You need to get on your laptop right now and open up the Stark Industries website."
"Why would I do that?" You ask, even though you were already heading towards your bedroom to grab your laptop.
"Because," she made a show of dragging the word out, "they literally just posted an advertisement for new doctors and nurses in the MedBay at the Avenger's Tower. You need to apply."
"Okay, one: why do I need to apply? And two, why was it posted on the Stark Industries website if it's about the Avenger's?"
"Answering question two first: I don't know but I don't care. One: you need to apply because I'm still wholeheartedly convinced your soulmate is an Avenger, and I've narrowed it down to approximately one person, so you need to get that job and prove me right. If you don't apply yourself I will literally apply for you, do not test me."
You roll your eyes at your best friend's words before turning on your laptop, "And who are you so convinced my soulmate is?"
You fully snorted at that, your voice disbelieving as you say, "Are you drunk? Or high?"
"No," she sounds annoyed, and you can picture her rolling her eyes at you, "I'm just a mastermind. So you better apply right now. Goodnight."
She hung up before you could respond, and even though you knew she was likely being stupid, you trusted your best friend to stay true to her word and apply for you if you didn't, so you went onto the website, clicked on the application and applied. It was 5am by the time you were finished, you were so tired and your headache had gotten a million times worse, so you ended up just falling asleep in your work uniform, laptop still open on the bed beside you.
Tumblr media
It had been 2 weeks since you applied, so at this point you weren’t expecting to get a call or even an email back. You were proved wrong though, when one day your phone started ringing in the break room, it was an unknown number.
“That better be what I think it is,” Kya said, noticing the unknown number.
You picked it up, “Hello?”
A feminine voice reached your ears, “Hello, is this Y/N Y/L/N?”
“It is,” you said as Kya looks at you, excitement twinkling in her eyes.
“Hi, yes, this is Connie speaking. I’m the receptionist at the Avenger’s Tower. We are really pleased with your application and are wondering if you would still be interested in an in-person interview? This would really just to be to know you personally, to see if you’re a good fit for the job.”
You couldn’t help it when a huge smile blossomed on your face, as Kya repeatedly whacked your arm in excitement, “Thank you, yes I’d still be interested in doing an interview.”
“Perfect. How does next Monday at 1:00pm sound?”
Fortunately, you were off on the Monday. “That’s perfect, thank you.” You said a final goodbye to the receptionist before hanging up, instantly being engulfed in a hug by a squealing Kya.
You laughed before pushing her off you, “Okay. Calm down, I still need to do the actual interview. Plus, I’m still highly doubtful that Natasha Romanoff is my soulmate.”
Kya merely nodded at you, obviously not believing a word you were saying but choosing to ignore it.
Tumblr media
You woke up on that Monday and instantly groaned when you felt your muscles ache. Curse your soulmate who seemed to favor working out at ungodly hours of the morning. You had half a mind to start working out as payback, but that idea quickly died when you realized that your soulmate likely wouldn't be fazed by aching muscles, since they appeared to have grown so accustomed to pain.
Still, you managed to drag yourself out of bed and get ready for the day. Kya had texted you a spam of encouraging texts, with the occasional 'if natasha rlly is your soulmate i deserve money' in between. You had to admit, you were slightly nervous about the interview. Yes, you had been a doctor for years, and you knew that you knew your stuff - you didn't go through years of torture in Med School not to know it - but this was about being a doctor for Earth's Mightest Heroes, which kind of meant a lot of pressure.
Your nerves didn't ease in the slightest as you arrived at the Avenger's Tower, the giant building looming over you, blocking out any sunshine like an ill omen. You steeled yourself, taking a deep breath before entering the building. The receptionist seemed pretty occupied, only offering you a split second glance before her eyes went back to her work. You walked up to her, clearing your throat nervously.
"Yes?" She asked, still not looking at you.
"Hi, I'm Y/N Y/L/N. I'm here for an interview?"
"Oh yes, just head up to the meeting room. The elevator is just ahead."
You were about to ask what floor the meeting room was on, but then the phone started ringing and the woman didn't even bother sparing you another glance as she picked it up. Guess you'll just have to find it yourself. You stopped the elevator on the first floor, hopefully assuming this is the floor the meeting room was on. Unfortunately, as you walked down the hallway, there was no door or sign indicating where this 'meeting room' was - you were starting to think it didn't even exist, until you rounded the corner and walked straight into someone.
"Oh!" Came the surprised shout before you profusely started apologizing, "It's fine, really," the woman stopped your rambling, then she tilted her head as she stared at you, "are you new here? I don't recognize you."
You recognized her all right, it was Wanda Maximoff. You had just walked straight into Wanda Maximoff and you really wanted the ground to open up and swallow you whole. "Uh, yeah, sorry," you began awkwardly, rubbing the back of your neck, "I'm here for an interview. The receptionist was busy and told me to go to the meeting room, but I don't actually know where that is."
Wanda's face lit up in recognition, "Oh! Are you Y/N? No worries, I can show you where it is. " She spun around on her heel and you followed her, curious how she knew your name. She stopped outside of a door, "Here it is! Good luck, but I'm positive you'll get the job. Hopefully I'll see you around." You waved goodbye to Wanda before walking inside.
You were greeted by the sight of Steve Rogers and none other than Natasha Romanoff. "Ah, Y/N," Steve stood up, walking over to you and shaking your hand, "take a seat." He gestured to a seat facing him and Natasha, and you sat down. "Now, this may seem daunting, but don't worry. You've basically already got the job, we just want to know a little bit about you. Also, if Natasha looks like she's staring into your soul, don't worry. She's just doing her job, making sure you aren't secretly a spy undercover or anything like that." You nodded, daring a glance at Natasha who was indeed staring into your soul, as if she was analyzing every single thing about you. You couldn't help but squirm under her gaze.
The interview went smoother than you had expected it to, and soon the three of you were standing up, getting ready to leave. "Well, Y/N, you definitely do have the job. Don't worry, we had already contacted your work when we first read your application to let them know you'd be moving to work here, so they've already known weeks in advance and you don't need to worry." Steve smiled at you, and you thanked him before leaving.
You called Kya later that night, and you're pretty sure you're now deaf in one ear as she screamed down the phone at you.
Tumblr media
You had been working in the MedBay for well over 2 months now, and you couldn't be happier. All the Avenger's were lovely, and still managed to crack jokes even as they came in limping, blood dripping down their leg from a bullet wound or knife wound after a mission. Surprisingly, it was a lot more chill than a normal hospital job. You only had to look after the Avenger's, and it was only ever really injuries from missions and nothing more extreme. Though you do recall that one time Tony came in because he had spilled boiling water over himself.
Though, much to Kya's dismay, you had little to no interaction with Natasha. She was rarely ever a visitor to the MedBay, whether that was because she was simply too stubborn to go or because she just never got hurt on missions, you weren't sure. You saw her in the halls sometimes when you were on your lunch break, but all you both done was give each other a small smile as you walk by.
Kya still wouldn't let the 'Natasha is your soulmate' agenda go, though. You were currently on your lunch break, and since Kya had the day off and you rarely ever got time to see each other anymore since you moved jobs, you decided to meet up at a café for lunch.
"Right, list all the Avengers you have and have not made physical contact with then." Kya asked you over a cup of coffee. You rolled your eyes but still done as she said. Though, once you had got to the 'Avengers you haven't touched' list, there was only one name.
"And? Avengers you haven't touched?" Kya persisted.
"Natasha." You mumbled.
"See!" Kya yelled triumphantly, drawing the attention of an elderly couple a few tables away, "The only Avenger you have not touched is Natasha, and as far as I'm aware, you're still suffering from some lovely soulmate pain. So, I will stay on the Y/N and Natasha ship until you either confirm or deny that she is or isn't your soulmate."
You were seconds away from throwing Kya out of a window.
Tumblr media
It had been a normal day in the MedBay, the Avengers were away on a mission so you and the few other doctors had been preparing just in case any injures occurred.
"Y/N?" One of the nurses called. You turned around to answer when you felt an agonizing pain in your stomach that made you clutch your stomach and bend over in pain. "Y/N? Are you okay?" You heard someone ask, but for the life of you, you could do nothing except clutch your stomach and bite your lip until it started bleeding. You couldn't focus on anything except the complete and utter agony rippling throughout your body right now. It had never been this bad before, something must have gone terribly wrong on your soulmate's side.
The AI's voice was the only thing able to make you come back to reality a bit, "Captain Rogers has asked me to send a message along to the MedBay: They will be arriving in 5 minutes, and Agent Romanoff requires immediate assistance. She is in critical condition and has been stabbed in the abdomen."
That got your attention. You blinked once, processing Jarvis's words, before you looked down at your own stomach and then up at the nurse sanding in front of you, who seemed to have got the same idea. No. It can't be. Kya was going to love this.
You straightened up once you heard hectic voices in the hallway. The Avengers rushed in, Natasha being supported between Steve and Tony. The sight of Natasha Romanoff almost limp, blood completely soaked through the front of her suit, and her skin as white as a sheet was incredibly jarring. Two of the nurses ran forward to support her and place her gently on a bed. You ran over, and took a deep breath - this was the moment of truth. You placed your hand on her arm, and the air was nearly took out of your lungs when the agonizing pain your were in seconds ago completely disappeared. Oh my God, Natasha Romanoff was your soulmate. Your mind was reeling, but you pushed the thoughts aside to focus on the actual matter at hand: saving your soulmate before she died.
The nurses shooed the rest of the Avengers out, despite their protests, and you got to work.
Tumblr media
You were stood outside of medical hours later talking to Steve, Natasha currently asleep inside, "Luckily, it didn't hit any vital organs. She did lose quite a bit of blood though, so we'll keep her in MedBay for a week just to monitor her vitals and make sure everything's okay. No strenuous activity and especially no missions for at least a month, we want to make sure she's completely healed before she puts her body through any rigorous activity. I know it's Natasha and she will not like to hear that, but it is what it is I guess." You explained to Steve, who nodded along.
"Yeah, she is definitely not going to want to hear that. Can I go see her?"
"She's currently asleep, so no can do, sorry Captain. I'll make sure to tell Jarvis to tell you when she wakes up, though." Steve nodded once more before turning around and walking away.
You took a deep breath, the events of the day finally catching up with you as you sat on the ground, your legs barely able to hold your weight any longer. You were exhausted, but your mind was reeling too much and you wanted to make sure Natasha was okay. You were not sure how to break the news to Natasha that you were her soulmate. You didn't even know when, or how to, or if she'd be pleased to hear it. You hadn't told Kya either, because you really weren't in the mood to deal with her 'I told you so' attitude.
You'd need to tell her when she woke up, just get it over with, it'd be better to tell her sooner than keeping it a secret. You doubted she would like that. "Stupid red string of fate." You grumbled angrily.
Tumblr media
Natasha slept the entire night, unlike you, who was currently surviving on 5 cups of coffee and an energy bar even though it was only 7am. Despite the Avenger's telling you to go home and get some sleep, you couldn't. You couldn't just leave her. You had to be sure she was okay. It didn't matter that another doctor could easily take over watching her if you had asked, you wouldn't be able to sleep peacefully without knowing whether she was okay or not.
You were busy sorting out the supply cabinet, trying desperately to keep yourself occupied as the sunrise started to shine through the windows, illuminating the MedBay in an early morning glow. Then the sound of rustling could be heard, followed by a hoarse voice, "Y/N?"
You pivoted around as Natasha called your name, making your way over to her, "Yes? Is everything okay? Do you need anything?"
"Maybe a glass of water and some painkillers?" She asked and you nodded before going to get them. You came back minutes later and set them on the drawer beside the bed.
She tried to sit up, wincing in pain, before you darted forward to assist her, "Careful. You don't want to rip your stitches." She nodded as you handed her the glass and pills, which she gratefully accepted.
"I hate being treated as a wounded puppy." She murmured after she had swallowed the painkillers.
"You literally got stabbed in the stomach and I am a doctor. It is technically my job to treat you with the utmost care. It's not that you're weak or fragile, because you certainly aren't, I just don't want to hurt you further."
You took a deep breath, now was as best a time as any to break the news, and if it didn't go well, you could always just run away, "Also, there's something else that happened yesterday."
Natasha raises an eyebrow at you before you continued, "Um. So. I'm your soulmate? Surprise?" Her eyes widened a fraction, mouth parting in shock slightly.
"What?" Was all she said.
"Sorry, okay, I really don't know how to do this. But, yeah? I'm your soulmate? I kind of figured it out when it felt like I had got stabbed in the stomach, and then I touched you and it went away. Because you know, that's how it works. I'm sorry I'm rambling, but I just thought you should know?" You were about to die from embarrassment, and it certainly didn't help as the minutes went by and Natasha didn't speak. She didn't even move. You weren't sure she was even breathing.
You sighed, "I'm sorry, I'll just go. Just um, say if you need anything." You turned around to leave.
"No. Wait. Stay."
You turned around again to face her as she ran a hand through her hair, "I'm sorry. I should've said something sooner. I'm not mad at you or anything, It's just. I didn't think I'd actually have a soulmate?" She said, her voice uncertain, "I don't think I even deserve one. So, this is just- hard for me I guess. It's not you, don't worry. I'm just not really good with feelings, or the whole love thing. Can we maybe.. take it slow? Start off as friends first?" Her gaze was uncertain and scared as she stared at you.
You nodded, and her face instantly morphed into relief, "Yeah, we can take it slow. I'd like that."
Not many people found their soulmate, but you were one of the lucky ones who did, and you couldn't be happier.
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mostlymarvelsstuff · a month ago
Rough Night
Tumblr media
Summary:  When your girlfriend Natasha asks to spend the night in your room or the fist time ever, you're surprised but welcome her in. Nightmares are just a part of her life, the ones of late have made her crave being near you, but perhaps that wasn't such a good idea...
Word count:   2367                               Masterlist
You're just about to crawl into bed when a hesitant knock sounds at your door. Confused at who it would be at this hour you go to open it, revealing Natasha. She stands there in her cozy pajamas, her long hair flowing past her shoulders and a shy smile on her face.
"Hi detka(baby)." She practically whispers between the two of you
You smile, "Hey baby. Everything ok?" You ask, true you'd been dating for a few months but it was unlike her to show up at such a late hour and without texting first.
Her brows furrow slightly as she nervously chews her bottom lip. Instinctively, your one hand cups her cheek to provide comfort. She leans into your touch, enjoying the peace your presence always gives her.
She sucks in a shaky breath, "Can I sleep in here with you tonight?"
You attempt to hide your surprise at her question, not wanting to throw her off at your reaction. You felt it was an important moment, she hadn’t spent the night yet and though you never pushed her to stay or tell you why she wouldn't, you did long for her to want to stay. To be there when you awoke, to share in cuddles and lazy kisses with you.
Natasha shifts nervously at your silence, though it was only a few seconds long. It felt like an hour to her in her current headspace. She worries you’ll turn her away, though her rational mind knows better.
"Of course you can Tasha." You answer, moving to the side so she can step inside
She hesitates to move past the first few feet into your room until she hears you shut the door. To ease her nerves you grab her hand, lacing your fingers with hers before bringing her knuckles to your lips to place kisses along her knuckles. She gives you a soft smile as you lead her over to the bed. She separates from you only to get into her side of the bed.
You get into your side, watching as your girlfriend gets comfortable. “You ok for me to turn out the light?” she nods so you turn it off before settling in next to her
A smile spreads across your face when you feel her cuddle into your side, her arm draping across your waist and her head nuzzled into the crook of your neck. “Is this ok?”
You kiss the top of her head, “Mmm, perfect.”
Though you can’t see it due to the angle and the darkness, her eyes glance up at you and a smile spreads on her face at your reply. She's still hesitant about this, she doesn't want to scare you. But she always felt safe in your arms so with as bad as her nightmares have been this week she simply wanted to be near you.
A few minutes pass and she can sense your breathing even out, signaling you've fallen asleep. She holds you close before shutting her eyes, intent on following you into slumber.
You're awoken by the thrashing beside you, confused you turn the nightstands light on again. You look at your girlfriend to see her brows furrow as her limbs move about as if she was trying to escape an invisible presences grasp. A thin layer of sweat covers her as she mumbles “No, no”
Your heart hurts at hearing and seeing this. You knew her past, and knew this nightmare must be about her time in the Red Room. This must be why she's never spent the night before, afraid to let herself be seen in such a vulnerable position. You're glad she came to you tonight though, now you could be there for her.
Carefully you place your hand on her shoulder, shaking gently, “Tasha, baby” The only response you get is her pulling away from you, a sob leaving her lips. You try again, a firmer grip on her shoulder and a firmer tone, “Natasha.”
Before you can stop it or even comprehend what's happening her fist connects with your face before her eyes even open. As you fall backward she straddles you, her forearm pressing against your throat. Panic builds in your body as the ability to breath becomes harder, your hands squeeze her arms as your legs thrash.
Despite this, you weren't afraid of your girlfriend. You knew in her right mind Natasha would never hurt you, this was simply a panic response years of trauma had instilled into her. Your touch when she had sensed danger in her sleepy state had been too foreign, too firm. A mistake you would be sure not to make again, for both your sakes.
A gasp leaves you as you suck in air, her arm pressing deeper into you. A metallic taste is present, your lip slightly split from her punch. Your eyes search her face to find her expression stoic, almost calculated. Her eyes are hazy and show no notion of recognizing you. You had to fix that, before the darkness at the corners of your vision overtakes you.
With one hand you hesitantly let go of the arm she holds pressed against you and gently cup her face, your thumb rubs soothing circles on her cheek, “Baby, it's me. I need you to come back to me, ok?” you rasp out
As she looks down at you, you can see the fog clear from her eyes as she comes back to herself. Her eyes widen as she recognizes you, and the position she has you in. “Y/n! Oh god! I’m so sorry!” Tears run down her face as she pulls away from you. What has she done?
Relief floods her as she hears you suck in a deep breath before you turn onto your side. A coughing fit hits you as your throat adjusts to being used again, the pressure from the past few minutes now gone. She wants nothing more than to sooth you by running a hand down your back but she hesitates, not knowing how you would react to her touch after what just happened.
You meant so much to her, treated her as no one else ever has and here she was strangling you. She promised she'd never hurt you, promised she would take care of you but she broke both of those promises tonight. She could only hope you wouldn’t become afraid of her, wouldn’t be angry at her, wouldn’t abandon her for this mistake. She needs you in her life, she couldn’t bear it if you no longer wanted her but after this she couldn’t blame you either.
She trembles slightly as silent sobs consume her, finally she manages to find her words, “Detka(baby), I didn’t mean to. I would never hurt you, I’m so sorry. Please believe me.”
You knew this was an accident, you knew that in that moment she wasn’t your Natasha but a Natasha stuck in the Red Room being forced to endure god only knows what. You turn to look at her, to reassure her but upon seeing your split lip and the already bruising skin on your neck she cries even harder.
“I’m so sorry, with my training it just happened.” she rushes to say, “Please Y/n, don’t- don’t leave me. Please.”
Your heart nearly crumbles, quickly you sit up and wrap your arms around her. You pull her into your chest, but can feel her hesitation to hold or touch you so you hold her even closer until her head rests on your shoulder. “Baby, I’m not leaving you. Not ever ok? I’m ok and I forgive you, your reaction wasn’t your fault and I’ve been hurt far worse on missions. It was mostly my fault, I startled you.”
She lets out a sob as she relaxes in your hold, wrapping her arms around you tightly. You pull her onto your lap as you rest your back against the beds headboard. You keep one arm wrapped around her waist while your other gently runs through her hair, you can feel her tears soaking into the shoulder of your shirt now.
She feels guilt still despite your words, she hurt you, her Y/n and she will be making up for that for months at the least. But she also feels relief, so much relief. You weren’t going anywhere. You saw her in her most vulnerable state and felt her panicked reaction, but it didn’t scare you away, it wasn’t too much for you and you had understood its causes and were willing to help her.
“You don’t have to talk about your nightmares with me. Just know that if you want to, I will always listen. And I’m always going to be here for you, to hold you and reassure you. That won’t ever change.” you tell her
“I can still stay then?” she asks, her voice uncharacteristically small
You lean back from her, cupping her face as she looks up at you. “You're always allowed to sleep in here, no matter what. My room is your room, my bed is your bed.”
She gives you a watery smile, grateful for the love you show her, “Thank you detka(baby). I don't know what I did to deserve you.”
You smile at her before leaning in to press a gentle kiss on her lips, “You were you, Tasha.”
A warmth spreads through her chest as she looks at you, the way you look at her with pure adoration is something she never wants to be without. She felt at home in your arms, felt safe and protected when she had you by her side. She never wanted a day to pass by without feeling your lips on hers, your hand in hers, or your arms around her. She never wanted to go even one day without hearing your voice. She wants to share every day with you. She…she loves you. Your voice brings her out of her thoughts.
“Wanna try going back to bed?” you ask
She nods but with guilt still eating at her, she craves your touch, “Will you hold me?”
“Always” you reply before turning the light off once more
You pull her under the covers with you as you lay on your side. You wrap your arms around her waist, pulling her front to yours. She rests her forehead against your collarbone, content to be able to hear both your calm heartbeat and steady breathing, to know that you really were ok. You can sense her hesitation to fall asleep so you run your hand up and down her back in a soothing manner as you hum to her. Eventually she relaxes and falls asleep, you stay up for a while longer just to make sure she's ok before falling asleep again yourself.
Natasha awakes the next morning to find the sun softly pouring through the cracks in your blinds. She smiles as your sleeping face comes into her view. She gently brushes some stray hairs out of your face, tucking them behind your ear. Her thumb gently brushes against your cheek before it drops down to your lip, just barely touching the wound she caused. A pang of guilt squeezes her heart as her eyes drift to your neck, the bruising even deeper now. As if sensing her worry, you shift closer to her and cuddle into her side. Your warm breath hits her neck as your arm lazily drapes across her waist. Small snores leave you and she can’t help but smile wider.
Oh, so this is the sort of thing she missed out on by not spending the night beside you. That familiar warm feeling spreads through her again, she didn’t want to miss out on anything else. She wants to spend every night and morning with you, soaking up as much of your time and presence as you’ll allow her to. She turns her face towards you, placing a light kiss to your forehead.
“Ty znachish' dlya menya vse. Ya tebya lyublyu.” she whispers. She watches as your brows furrow at her words
You grumble as your eyes slowly open, “You know I’m not fluent in Russian yet, that's not fair.”
She chuckles, “Sorry detka(baby). Want to hear it in English?” She chews on her bottom lip as she watches you, waiting to hear your response. She knows you’ll say yes and that's what makes her so nervous. No one has made her feel this way before and that scares her. What scares her more is not telling you her feelings and losing you.
Your hand gently cups her face, “Tell me what you said, please.” you whisper as if you knew it was something important.
And perhaps you did, you could always read her quite well, which was off putting at first. Shed spent so much time putting walls up, went through so much training to not show her emotions, was taught how love and connections like that were to be ashamed of. And then there you were, breaking down her wall and showing her otherwise while being able to know her in ways even Clint didn’t fully.
“You mean everything to me. I love you, Y/n.” she repeats, adding your name just so you can hear her sprinkle her sincerity into it
Your breath catches in your throat. Out of all things you thought she might have said, those words were practically at the bottom of the list. Not that you thought her incapable of having such feelings, but with her training and experience you imagined her accepting that she had those feelings to be difficult.
A wide smile spreads across your face, “I love you too, Natasha. So much.”
She smiles as a few tears fall, her happiness is abundant. With you she has something she never thought she would. Something that a younger her wouldn’t even dare dream about having.
“You're my home” she continues, needing you to hear her say these things as much as she needs to let herself admit them, “I always feel so safe in your arms.”
You rest your forehead against hers, “Then I promise baby, I’ll never stop holding you.”
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pawiie · 6 days ago
Tony’s Garage
Y/N: *bopping to maroon 5 while tinkering on tony’s car
*Door slides open*
Natasha: Tony! pepper asked me to get these signed— who are you?
Y/N: Hey, Tony went out for a bit. Trying out his new suit for any flight defects. He’ll be back in a few. I’m Y/N.
Natasha: …Okay. Will you tell him to sign these papers. Front and back.
Y/N: Yeah sure i’ll tell him. I’d shake your hand but it’s full of grease. *shows her your finger fucking hands*
Natasha: ohhh its fine. I gotta gay. Go! I gotta go.
Y/N: Mhm.
Natasha: *Aggressively texts tony* Stark, who the hell is that fine specimen in your garage? The one with the fuck me face? And fuck me hair? And her fuck me fingers? Whats her full name? Her Social security number? :)
Tony: Can you refrain from talking about my protégé like that, Romanoff?
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i-am-true-believer · 6 months ago
Hello my sweet friend, I'm sorry I'm interrupting your scrolling but I wanted to check in with you again, don't worry, this is a safe place for you to land.
I hope you find the story you need tonight, I bet your comfort character is so excited to see what adventures you're going to have. Will you be friends? Lovers? Found family? How exciting to not know just yet, to get to discover the world all over again with your comfort characters that adore you.
Did you eat today? Have you drank water? Sweet one your comfort character wants you to take care of yourself. I know it's hard but any progress is better than being stagnate, but If it was too hard today then please remember that tomorrow is a new day and it's okay to let yourself rest. You deserve rest, you deserve love and you deserve to know how amazing you are sweet one.
I'll let you get back to your scrolling now, I hope you find the story you need, I hope you lose yourself in the fantasy world you love with the characters that touch your soul. I hope that your comfort character brings you peace and that one day you won't have to escape into stories just to get away from the horrors and hurt of the real world.
I love you, your comfort character loves you. We believe in you sweet one. Go on, they're waiting for you. You're the best part of their day, they love you for you, flaws and all.
From the late night scroller, a fellow lost soul looking for a safe place to land. From a dreamer who's just a random sad fangirl on the internet, a random girl who believes in you with everything she has.
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lesbon4t · 2 months ago
a long ride
Tumblr media
pairing : dark!natasha romanoff x reader
summary : your whole day was bad but you’re thankful when someone does something nice for you, even if they are a stranger. except it wasn’t something nice. (1301 words)
warnings : implied stalking, smut, dumbification, strap-on usage, kidnapping, non-con, (kinda) public, mommy kink, degrading kink, praising kink, head (r giving), slapping.
not proof read
today had been horrible enough as it is. your girlfriend had broke up with you, your friends didn't want to let you rant — telling you they had other things to do — and now your car had broke down.
you were supposed to be meeting your mother at a restaurant soon for lunch and you decided to go out at a time you would reach exactly at the time you agreed to meet up. but now you were going to be late, your car broke down while you were starting it up and you were currently walking towards the restaurant in heels.
sweat dripped down your forehead as you muttered cursed under your breath, how were you going to make it there on time now ?
just then, a black car stopped right beside you and the driver pulled down the window, you rolled your eyes assuming it was a cat caller but when you looked, it was a girl. ( not saying girls can't be cat callers but it was always mostly men )
"hey pretty girl, are you okay ?" she asked, her voice turning out to a raspy and deeper than your expected. your cheeks turned red at the nickname she called you, " yes i'm doing fine, why ?" you asked.
"i saw you limping across the street with those heels, thought you could use a ride ?" she suggested it to you. you thought about it for a second, getting into a random stranger's car ? isn't that a little suspicious ?
"oh c'mon i'm don't bite, it's not like i'm gonna kidnap you." the girl laughed, you shrugged and you accepted her offer. what's the worst that could happen ?
you hop into the car, telling her where you're headed, and you looked at the girl, realising just how much prettier she looked close up. "you're staring detka." the girl teased you.
"oh i'm sorry." you muttered, "it's just- you're very pretty" you blushed and the redhead smiled, "thank you, that's actually the best compliment i've received in awhile."
your cheeks turn redder off even possible, and you feel yourself falling for this girl, deeper and deeper, this girl you met just minutes ago. the casual talk in the car falters and filled with an uncomfortable silence.
the girl fake coughs, "i'm natalia by the way." she says “you can call me nat” she quickly adds and you smile, "that's a... pretty name.”
"i have a feeling that’s not what you actually mean."
"oh no no, please don't get it wrong, im just saying... your names really pretty, you don’t see a pretty girl having a gorgeous names to match them everyday” you tried flirting.
"that was a horrible pick up line." nat laughs and you realise just how contagious her laughter is.
halfway throughout the ride, nat puts her hand on your knee, but you shrug it off, maybe she's touchy ?
in the next five minutes, the hand has travelled up your leg now in the middle of your thigh.
you look at nat, her face plastered with a smug grin as if she was proud of herself.
you start to panic, but you reassure yourself, it's an accident. she's just being touchy. it's an accident. she's a touchy person. she likes physical contact. just an accident.
slowly the hand travels in between your thighs, and heads up, higher and higher and higher.
when you reach the restaurant you get ready to get off the car but natalia passes the restaurant and you panic. this was a bad idea.
you laugh awkwardly "um nat, you missed where you were supposed to drop me off ?"
nat smirked, "oh no i didn't dorogoy, we're heading home right now."
"what are you talking about?" you ask her, your voice getting softer, this was a bad idea. you were gonna die. you were getting kidnapped. you were sure of it.
"you're coming to live with me detka." nat said it like it was obvious, "we're heading home."
this time, the nickname didn't make you blush, it gave you the shivers.
nat’s hand was almost where your pussy was now. you wanted to close your eyes and die. to never remember this moment ever again.
"let me out." you told her but she ignored you. her thumb grazed your thigh now, rubbing small circles, "it's okay kotenok, you're coming home with me, you're safe." her hand
"LET ME OUT." you yell and try opening the car door but it's locked, you bang the car window, trying to get people attention but it didn't work.
"tinted windows baby, and this car is soundproof," natalia said nonchalantly.
"please, let me out, i'll do anything you want." you begged her, tears now streaming down your face.
just then, nat stops at a red light. "oh don't cry detka,” she coos, her hand that was on your thigh raises up to cups your cheek and you wanted to yell at her to stop touching you but you were afraid. her hand rubs away the tears on your face.
"mommy's gonna take great care of you kotenok." nat assured you and your slap her hand away from your face, "get away from me you bitch." you sneer.
she harshly slaps you and you groan at the stinging pain, she grabs your chin harshly, "pretty girls don't swear sweetheart, don't you want to be mommy's pretty girl?" she asks you, her sweet as honey tone not matching her actions one bit.
"fuck off."
another slap.
"you're just a little brat aren't you?" nat sneers, "mommy's little bratty slut ?" her nails now dig into your flesh, and you're sure she's made a wound on your chin.
"y'know, i wanted to reward you when we got home for being such a good girl, but now, we'll have to punish you detka." nat says, and her hand moves to grab your hair, her nails now digging into your scalp.
her other hand reaches for her pants, she smiles as she undoes the button and she pulls out her strap on swiftly.
"your first punishment baby, you're gonna put that dirty little mouth to good use and wet mommy's cock for her, get it all nice and ready for when we get home, okay baby ?" natalia asks you and you don't respond.
she grips your hair tighter, "when i ask you a question, you answer slut."
"y-yes" you stutter with tears rolling down your cheek.
"first rule detka, when i ask you a question, you say 'yes mommy' do i make that clear?" she asks you, obviously testing you, when you don't reply she slaps you again, "do i make that clear?" she asks you, harsher this time.
"y-yes mommy" you mumble softly and nat cups your cheek, planting a kiss on your forehead, "good job dorogoy, guess my little dumb slut isn't so dumb after all"
"now get to work baby," she reminds you and she grips your hair, pushing your face down towards her strap on. your lips graze the tip of the strap on but you don't open your mouth.
"open your mouth baby, how else are you gonna get mommy's cock wet ?" she asks you and you shake your head, "fuck it" nat rolls her eyes and mumbled and she pushes your face down towards her lap, forcing your mouth open.
she drives the car as she leads your head up and down her strap, you choked a few times while she did it but she really didn't give a fuck.
"we're doing this all the way till we reach home baby? you're okay with that right?" she asks you and she pulls your head up from her lap, you cough and try wipe the drool off your chin as you nod.
"words angel."
"yes who?" natalia asked harshly.
"yes mommy."
"good girl," nat praised, "now get back to work" without warning, she pushed your head down making you choke on her strap on again.
this was going to be a long ride.
a/n hiii so this is my first fic here and i hope y’all enjoyed 😭 it’s one of my first times writing smut so i apologise if it’s not good, any criticism given will be highly appreciated as i hope to improve in my writing :) i’m new to tumblr and i hope to make more friends sooo uhm yea :,)
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