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#natasha x reader
nattyswhore · a day ago
“Now give me cuddles, bitch.”
pairing: natasha romanoff x fem!reader
summary: natasha’s been too caught up in work lately but you’re in need of your girlfriend’s attention, any kind of attention.
warnings: cussing, suggestive content 😛, kissing, groping, hickeys, and fluffz
a/n: this is my first everrrr story here on tumblr and imma be real with y’all… i don’t know what the fuck i’m doing 😗 i have no idea how this shit works so bear with me while i try to figure this shit out lmao, also this story has been in my drafts for a veryyyy long time now and i edited it a little sooo i might be pretty rusty with all this writing stuff but i thought might as well post it on here so enjoy!
ALSO pls lmk what you guys think!!!
I sat on the bed, patiently waiting and staring at Natasha while she sat in front of her computer and wrote on her paper.
“Baby, baby, baby,”
“Babe!” Still no response. Is this girl deaf or something?
“Babyyyyy,” I whined as she continued to stare intensely at the paper she was holding and sloppily scribbled down notes on them.
At this point I was getting impatient. I was in need for attention but I can’t exactly have that when my girlfriend of almost 10 months is too busy writing on some piece of paper ignoring the most amazing thing that’s ever happened in her life.
I sighed dramatically before plopping down the bed with a gentle thud and tried to get her attention once more.
“My world”
“My baby”
“My wifeyyyy”
“My little cutie patootie”
But still nothing. Not even a quick glance or change of expression, nothing. She was too focused on her writing to even notice I was in the same room as her. I glared at the side of her face, who does she think she is not paying attention to me. I sat up and huffed letting my moodiness take over before saying,
And just like that, Natasha’s head snapped up, slowly turning to look at me, her pretty green eyes narrowing as a small frown formed on her lips.
“What did you just say to me?”
I stared at her blankly giving her a “really?” look before rolling my eyes. “Oh so now you wanna listen.”
“You just called me a bitch.” Her lips turning into a small pout as she stared back at me with a slightly confused look on her face.
“I also called you the love of my life, my wife, my world and darling about, I don’t know, a hundred times? so don’t give me that face, Romanoff.”
I crossed my arms and glared at her trying to be grumpy while staring directly at her stupid pretty face.
She’s been too busy writing down reports from previous missions and catching up with some other tasks ever since she woke up this morning, something she’s been doing for the past few days.
I haven’t even gotten a single proper kiss today except for a quick forehead kiss once she got up earlier this morning before doing her work. What is this? is this a joke to her? am I a joke to her? Since when did a piece of paper become more important than me.
It’s me for Gods sake.
But I knew as much as I wanted to stay grumpy at Natasha, I couldn’t blame her. Fury has been up on her ass trying to make her catch up with all these paper works ever since she came back from her last mission a week ago. I could tell how stressed she has been because of it, she hasn’t taken a proper break, she was tired and it showed whenever she paused for a moment and pinched the bridge of her nose before going back to work again or every time she let out a frustrated sigh and rubbed her eyes, trying to keep them open.
I knew her work was important for her to finish right away so I’ve been giving her some space and time for the past few days to let her focus, except when I would come in and out of her room every now and then to give her coffee and to make sure she hasn’t overworked herself yet.
But today, I just felt needy. I needed attention, any type of attention at this point. I just wanted Natasha for even just a second plus she needed to relax too.
I could tell how exhausted she was by the way her eyes were starting to droop down and her brows furrowing in frustration when she couldn’t think of anything.
“I’m sorry baby I just have to get this last page done then I’m all yours okay?” She sighed, her face turning into a soft expression when she saw the grumpy look I had on. She knew what I wanted.
“But babyyy, I need your attention now.” I pouted back at her before standing up and walking towards her desk, plopping myself down on her lap and wrapping my arms tightly around her neck so her face was now squished between my chest.
She chuckled at my actions and tightly wrapped her arms around my waist as she pulled me closer, letting me sit on her lap comfortably.
“I miss you so much Natty,” I muttered, my head moving to lean on top of hers. “I know you’ve been busy but I swear to God, I’m going to die real soon if I don’t get any attention woman.”
Her chest vibrated as she laughed at my words. It was nice hearing her laugh, I haven’t heard it in a little while with all the stress she’s had lately.
She let out another soft sigh before hooking her finger under my chin and making me look at her.“Alright sweet girl, I’ll give you all the attention you need but-“
I opened my mouth to start protesting but before I could even start arguing, she covered my mouth with her hand and shushed me.
I stared back at her, furrowing my eyebrows as she looked at me with amusement on her face before she removed her hand. “Let me finish detka, but just give me ten more minutes and I promise, I’ll give you all the kisses and cuddles in the world, how does that sound?”
I hummed, pretending to think about it while tapping my finger on my chin making her roll her eyes playfully at me.
“Hmm okay deal!” A huge smile now plastered my face, I get her attention and she gets to take a break too, it was a win win situation. “But I’m staying on your lap.”
Natasha let out a small laugh before nodding and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, “Not a problem, darling.”
She picked up her pen before going back to work and quickly writing down notes as I sat on her lap patiently and watched her fill out different forms. Every now and then, I would turn my head and press small kisses on her cheek, her face turning into a shade of pink and her lips twitching upward every time I do so.
After a few minutes passed, I was running my hands through her hair and my head was laid comfortably on her shoulder, she lets out a big sigh of relief before dropping her pen on the desk and wrapping her arms around me and squeezing me making me giggle out loud.
Natasha stuffed her face on my neck giving me gentle kisses that lead up to my jawline to my cheek, my forehead and soon my lips. She smiled through the kiss before leaning back, a blush covering my face when I realized she was staring back at me with a dreamy look and a soft smile on her face.
She leaned in again, her green eyes staring down at my lips before giving me a more passionate kiss this time, she kissed me a little longer as her tongue licked my bottom lip teasingly before pulling back with a pop.
“Ten minutes is up.” She whispered, wiggling her eyebrows playfully making both of us laugh.
“Now give me cuddles, bitch.” I playfully demanded, a faux serious tone in my voice making Natasha laugh again as I quickly got up from her lap, pulling her up and grabbing her hand then dragging her to our bed hurriedly, tripping on the air on the way as she continued to giggle at my eagerness.
I squealed when I finally reached the bed, laying down on the soft mattress pulling Natasha down with me. She happily joined me, making herself comfortable before pulling the covers over us and wrapping me in a tight hug.
I felt Natasha put her legs on top of mine, a habit she had whenever we were on bed together. Her hand running up and down my arm slowly while the other played with my hair.
“I’m sorry I haven’t been giving you much attention for the past week darling,” She shifted slightly and turned to look at me. “Since I finished the papers already, you have me all to yourself for the next week or two, alright?”
I stared up at her through my lashes and removed myself from her arms before sitting on her lap and cupped her face with my hands and ran my thumb across her cheek.
“I know Natty, I understood you were busy baby don’t worry,” I reassured her as she turned a little and kissed my palm. “I’m just glad you can get a break now oh and that means I get to have the kisses I was promised too.”
Natasha’s smile widened, a mischievous look quickly flashing through her eyes as she let out a hum and the next thing I know, her lips were on mine. She pecked my lips a few times, her hands wrapping around my waist as she started to place wet kisses towards my neck.
She bit on my neck lightly, her tongue quickly licking and soothing down the spot making me let out a small groan.
She switched from sucking and biting, there was no doubt Natasha was going to leave marks everywhere, she was going to make sure to give me a hard time covering these up the next day.
She moved up a little and sucked softly on my sweet spot making me let out a mix of a gasp and a moan, my breathing getting heavier the more she continued. I felt her smirk when I tugged at her hair, trying to pull her as close as I can.
“God I missed you sweetheart.” She whispered on my skin, I sighed in content before I let out a quick and breathy “Missed you too Natty.” Her warm breath hit my skin making me shiver lightly as she continued placing hot open mouthed kisses going towards my chest.
“Baby…” I whimpered, desperately tugging at her hair when her hands found my ass and squeezed it. She pulled me closer and roughly moved my hips towards her while her other hand grabbed my hair, yanking it back and exposing more of my neck and chest as she left hickeys all over me.
Once she felt like she was done and left enough marks, she pulled back and gave me a peck on my lips, she grinned widely at me when she saw me sat on her lap, staring back at her through hooded eyes with red flustered cheeks while soft pants left my lips.
Her smile slowly turned into a smirk as her eyes trailed further down, eyeing the work she left on me.
She let out a deep chuckle as she moved her hand up and traced the dark marks that covered me. Her green eyes looked back up at me, the tiredness from her face gone and now replaced with an all too familiar look.
And I’m sure we all know what it meant.
A warm feeling ran through my body and straight to my core making me shift on her lap. I let out a small moan when her hands slowly moved down to my chest squeezing my breasts on the way as she bit her lip and kept eye contact with me. Her finger hooked around the hem of my shirt and slightly pulled it up before her cold hands touched my bare skin, a shiver going through my body, her hands teasingly running up and down my hips before gripping it tightly.
She gave me one last smirk before her hand slowly started moving once again, further and further down making me close my eyes from the wetness pooling in between my legs.
“Since I haven’t been giving you much attention,” She whispered before placing a wet kiss behind my ear. “Let me make it up to you and give you and your body all my attention tonight baby.”
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ifureallyknewme · a day ago
consequences (18+)
Natasha Romanoff x reader
warnings: forced voyuerism, finger fucking, light slapping, daddy!kink, face fucking (?), and my fav: vaginal beads and strap on
The way that Bucky is looking at you, it makes her livid. He admires your soft body and the tight shorts hugging your heavy ass. She sees his eyes trail over your breasts and hips and she watches in anger, the way he shifts in his seat. It makes it all the more satisfying when she fucks you in front of him. It's a shame you have no idea he's tied up in the closet, forced to watch how well she fucks you, how only she can fuck you.
When James wakes up, he's tied to a chair and gagged so tightly that the corners of his mouth ache. He tries to move but, he's tied to tightly, with coarse rope. He's bound to a chair that is steeled to the floor, there's no way he's getting out of this. Then he hears it. Your lewd moan of Natasha's name, when he looks up, he has full view of your glistening pussy. His cock twitches at the sight with want. He doesn't know how this happened, he's flirted with you once or twice but he didn't think it was that serious. Maybe he should heed Natasha's warnings next time and stay away from you. He didn't know his actions would have consequences. This is a sick punishment. He watches you, stunning and soft and so engrossed in pleasure but he will never get to touch. And at the same time, he feels his guilt of watching you safe and vulnerable without your knowledge rise up in him, he can never look at you again. When his eyes meet Natasha's, she's smirks at him in between kissing your neck and he knows this is what she wanted all along.
"my good girl," Natasha murmurs, as she watches your cunt swallow up her fingers, two and now three of them, fucking into you. Your breath comes in shallow huffs and whimpers and pleas for more as you grind your hips further into your girlfriends hand. She sits behind you, her hard nipples pressed into your back, her hips winding into you from behind. Bucky's hip twitch and he tries to look away but can't take his eyes off of you, your pretty nipples, puckered and tight, your glistening folds waiting to be feasted on.
"yeah honey? you need more?" Natasha chuckles when you whine and begins to fuck you harder with her fingers, "and only I can give it to you yeah?" Natasha asks, slowing her fingers when you don't answer her and smacking your inner thigh. "Answer me baby," she goes to lightly slap your cheek to bring you back to her and get you answering her.
"yes, only you can fuck me so good, please daddy," you whine, writhing into her and you hear a small groan from the direction of your closet. The knowledge that Bucky is watching you has you hot with embarrassment and slick with need. When Natasha suggested she show Bucky how only she can fuck you, you never expected to find being watched so hot. And yet the knowledge of Bucky there, unable to do anything but watch, has your nipples pebbling and heat rising to the surface of your skin.
"please, fuck me daddy," you whine, looking in the direction of the closet and Bucky knows then that you're teasing him. It makes his stomach churn in confusion and anger and hot, white want.
"only when you come for me," Natasha smirks and kisses up your neck, she speeds up her fingers and lets her palm rub over your clit. And then your whining and grinding into her, capturing her mouth with yours and letting her tongue explore you. The kiss is so searing it makes her whimper and she uses her free hand to pinch and roll your nipples again.
"be a good fucking girl, and cum for me baby," she moans, needing to fuck you as much as she needs to be fucked.
"Daddy!" you whine "Nattie, you fuck me so good," you squeal as you cum and Natasha continues to kiss your neck and ride you through your high all the while keeping a steely eye contact with Bucky that has him looking away in shame. His cock so hard he's about to burst in his pants.
"on your knees baby," Natasha says, moving you with her strong arms onto your knees and pressing your face into the sheets, like this Bucky can see the curves of your ass and and the pretty expressions on your face. "Gonna fuck you nice and full," Natasha says, smacking your round ass,
"stay like that," she says getting up from behind you, she sways her hips as she walks into the closet and Bucky starts to panic.
"enjoying the show?" she asks, bending over and reaching into the box at his feet for her large, silver vaginal beads and strap on.
"fuck you," James spits the words venomously but they only make Natasha smile, she raises her leg and places her foot on James' thigh and then while keeping eye contact, shivering and bucking her hips she pushes the beads into herself and winds her hips, clenching around them when they're in. James tries and fails to steady his breathing.
"you wish," she says and shaking, secures the strap-on onto her body. Your lover, quivering, walks toward you and stands before you. "Okay honey," Natasha says, lining her cock up with your mouth, "get this cock nice and wet yeah? Gag on this cock, honey"
and you do, she pulls your head forward and every time the cock his the back of your throat, the strap makes contact with Natasha's clit, it has her clenching involuntarily around the beads, and coupled with the sounds of your gagging on her cock, she's cumming within seconds. James allows himself to release his anger for a moment to image when your soft and perfect mouth would feel like wrapped around his cock.
"good fucking girl," she shudders and after collecting herself. clambers onto the bed behind you. The beads press so perfect into her g-spot that she has to roll her shoulders snd breathes deeply to stop herself from cumming again.
"Please," you whine and wiggle your hips, feeling the strap on rub between your folds, hard and wet and Natasha pushes into you and begins fucking you relentlessly.
"my little fuck dolly," Natasha whines and feels pleasure build in her belly with every movement. She presses into you and angles her hips until your yelping and trying to move away from her cock, "no," Natasha commands, grabbing your hands and holding them behind you, using them for leverage to fuck you harder.
"take this cock," she moans and lifts on leg so she's balancing on her knee and foot. "like a good girl," she moans and fucks you harder, she fucks into you so hard you're practically yelling at the sensation and try to grind back onto her cock for more.
"that's it baby," she groans, "I know how you need it," Natasha releases one of your hands to bring her now free hand down to your clit to rub of the sensitive nub. The dirty words that come from your mouth have James bucking into nothing.
"want you to cum for me," Natasha says between thrusts, she looks over to closet and cocks her head a challenge. James tries to hold himself back but when you lift your head slightly and look directly at him, your mouth slightly parted, your brows furrowed and your moans loud and lewd and carrying an overarching whine to them he cums as soon as you do. "Daddy, fuck!" you whine and grind yourself into her cock harder. Hearing your moans and having the beads press into her with the rhythm of her thrusts, has the coil in Natasha's belly tightening and releasing, finally.
when Natasha pulls out of you, you immediately deflate onto the bed and Natasha reaches for a cloth siting in a bowl of warm water on the bedside table to clean you both up. She tucks you into the bed, kissing your forehead, whispering a small "I love you," and allows you to sleep. Natasha dresses into her pyjamas and then walks to the closet to see James, red with embarrassment and looking away from her.
"don't ever flirt with my girlfriend again," she says, cutting away the ropes and smirking as her scurries out of yours and Natasha's shared bedroom.
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tquick99 · a day ago
Natasha: I hate you. Y/N: Well, according to this picture I drew of us holding hands, that is untrue.
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temptationsbrew · 2 days ago
Show me
Pairing: Natasha x Reader (dom!Natasha x sub!Reader)
Warning: 18+ Smut, mommy kink, degradation, strap on sex, mild choking
Summary: Oneshot. Reader has a mommy kink and writes her own fantasy’s refusing to let Natasha read them. Natasha can’t take it anymore and comes up with a plan to find out what she's been hiding. (could be fun doing a couple more where Natasha finds out more of readers kinks but Oneshot for now)
1,198 words | Masterlist
A/n: not sure if tag lists are for every story I write or just the specific one you all ask for, let me know. Still new to figuring this all out. I hope you enjoy this one! It was fun to write.
Natasha knew writing was your hobby but she never knew why you wouldn’t let her read anything you’ve written. She was so curious to know what went on in that head of yours, so she devised a plan to get you to show her. You were currently at your laptop typing away when Natasha snuck up behind you kissing your cheek.
“Hey, detka.”
You jumped, closing your laptop, and stood up with your arms folded.
“Nat, you promised you wouldn’t sneak up on me like that.”
“I’m sorry love, but you’ve been writing for hours. I missed you.” Natasha said, pulling you into her arms.
“I missed you, too.”
“Forgive me?” She asked, trailing kisses from your jaw down to your neck.
“Yes.” You sighed, tilting your head to grant her further access. It was already forgotten.
Natasha smirked grabbing your ass palming it in her hands. She swiftly lifted you up onto the desk, spreading your thighs to slide in between them. You moaned as her lips met yours in a searing kiss. She sucked your bottom lip harshly, biting down, pushing her tongue past your lips. You moaned when her tongue met yours and you wrapped your legs around her waist feeling the bulge in her pants.
“Please, Nat.” You said, bucking your hips. You panted moving your hands to unbutton them.
“So impatient.” She said, smacking your hands away. You whined when she ripped your clothes off leaving you bare.
“What have you been writing, baby?” She asked.
Her hands found your breast squeezing them hard.
“N-nothing Natty.”
You groaned when she pinched and pulled your nipples watching them stiffen. She bent down licking and sucking as you bucked against her.
“You can tell me, baby.” She smirked, cupping your soaked cunt.
Natasha knew she could make you this wet, but this was fast even for you. You were dripping into her palm making her eyes narrow.
“Have you been playing with yourself, little girl?” She growled, making you freeze.
“N-no.” You whimpered.
She smacked your cunt thinking you were lying to her.
“I'm going to ask you again. Have - you - been - touching - what’s - mine?” She asked, smacking your throbbing core with each word. You cried out bucking into her hand and whined when she pulled harshly on your clit.
“No, Natty I promise, I haven’t.”
“Then why are you so wet?” She asked, gathering your slick on her fingers.
“I um, I-
Natasha chuckled sucking your slick off her fingers moaning at the taste.
“Has my baby turned dumb, hmm?” She asked, thrusting two fingers inside you.
You moaned bucking into them and whined when she kept them still. Natasha knew you weren’t lying and figured it had something to do with your little writing projects. That piqued her curiosity even more. She added a third finger stretching you out.
“Natty, please. I need you.”
“You get my cock when you tell me the truth, baby.”
She chuckled darkly, thrusting her fingers harshly inside you. You clenched around her fingers desperately chasing your high. You were so full but you needed more and the redhead knew it.
“What got my sluty pussy this wet, hm?”
“I don’t wanna tell you.” You choked out.
Natasha studied your face and pulled out of you when she saw genuine guilt and embarrassment.
“Hey, malyshka. Look at me.”
You sighed looking into the green eyes you loved so much. Your own eyes tearing up. Natasha kissed both of your cheeks and kissed your lips chastely.
“You know I’d never judge you, little one. You’re safe with me, always.”
You squirmed opening your laptop, looking away not wanting to see her reaction. Natasha held onto you as she looked at what you were writing and gasped at what she saw.
“Oh, baby.” She whispered, amazed at just how dirty her girl was.
Nat smirked closing your laptop and pulled down her pants, taking them off as well as her shirt. Her strap bounced landing on your stomach and you groaned at the feral look in her eyes.
“You want Mommy’s cock, baby?” She asked holding it in her hands.
Your eyes grew wide and you gasped hearing Natasha say those words. The redhead spread your juices all over her cock and slid it up and down your cunt teasing your opening.
“Answer me.” She said, grabbing your throat. You moaned bucking your hips needing her inside you.
“Yes, Mommy.” You whimpered, not believing you were finally able to say it.
“Such a good little slut for me.” She said, bottoming out inside of you with one thrust.
“You’re taking Mommy’s cock so well, detka.” She said thrusting into you at a brutal pace. You grabbed onto her shoulders to balance yourself as tears sprung out of your eyes.
“This is all you wanted wasn’t it? Wanted your Mommy to take care of you. To fuck you dumb like the dirty whore you are.”
Every thrust brought you closer and closer to your orgasm but her words are what made the fire in your belly grow.
“Yes, yes, fuck, please Mommy. I’m so close.” You moaned.
“You only get to come when I tell you. I would hate to have to punish you babygirl.” She said, grunting as she fucked you harder. You screamed, every thrust hitting the spongy patch inside your cunt.
“Mommy, please can I come?” You begged. Natasha laughed pinching your clit, rubbing it harshly as you moaned uncontrollably for her.
“Not yet, baby."
You cried when she slowed down her thrust not letting off on your abused clit.
“You’re so pretty like this.” Natasha said, squeezing your throat watching your eyes flutter closed. She kissed your tears and chuckled darkly every time you whined bucking desperately on her cock.
“Mommy please, I’ll do anything.”
“Anything? Hmm, you beg like a whore, I suppose I should fuck you like one.” She growled, snapping her hips. You cried in relief as she fucked you harder. Your orgasm quickly approaching. Natasha sucked marks on your neck, gripping your hips tight as she forced you to meet her thrust for thrust.
“You gonna cum for Mommy, slut?”
“Yes, wanna cum.”
“Then fucking cum.”
Your body followed her command cumming hard on her cock making you see white behind your eyelids. Your cunt spasmed and squirted your juices all over Natasha’s thighs.
“Look at you making a mess on Mommy.”
You moaned as her thrust slowed but never stopped as you rode out your high. You slumped against the wall, panting when you finally came down. Natasha smiled, pulling you into a bruising kiss and you melted into her arms, whimpering as she pulled out.
“You never have to be afraid to tell me what you want, love.” She said, cupping your cheek.
“Ok, Mommy - I mean, Nat.” You said, blushing.
“Oh, it’s Mommy now, detka.” She said, walking backward sitting on the bed.
She removed the strap and leaned back on her elbows, spreading her legs. Your mouth watered at her dripping cunt and you sat up eagerly waiting for her command.
“Be a good girl and get on your knees for Mommy.”
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perfectromanoff · 21 hours ago
~Perfect for me~
Pairing:Natasha Romanoff x reader
Warnings:mention of death
Summary:You and Natasha were married, but what will happen when you return after she thought she had lost you forever ?
Tumblr media
Natasha was undoubtedly your soul mate, never in your life you had loved as you loved her, every day you woke up happy to have her by your side, there was nothing, neither the fights nor the bad days that could break the love that you felt for each other.
Neither Natasha nor you were people accustomed to love or being very affectionate, but when you were alone, you let see the love that the two of you had, neither were afraid of being affectionate and needing to be in contact, even if it was grabbed by the hands or with a single finger intertwined.
Never in your life did you believe in love stories and without a doubt as Natasha and you had met it was not very romantic, but every day that passed, more you became convinced that true love existed, that love for life you found it by her side.
Your whole life was perfect, every detail of your life, even bad moments turned into perfection if she was by your side. And it made you even happier to know that everything you felt, Natasha felt the same.
You and Natasha got married, lived together and had even talked about the possibility of adopting children. But when Thanos came to earth, the two knew that you'll had to postpone your dreams in order to save the planet.
When the two went to Volmir for the gem, you did not hesitate for a second to give your life for her and for the stone, you knew that you would have no life if she threw herself off the cliff. Natasha tried to prevent you from throwing yourself, but you with your powers made her stay in the place and she could not move, the last thing you saw was her sad face and her eyes full of tears before you whispered an "I love you and I will always love you" and you jumped.
You thought your life was over when your body hit the ground, but within a few seconds you opened your eyes and found yourself blinded by a white light. You moved complaining, you felt dizzy and your head hurt a lot, your body felt very different and in a lot of pain. You tried to talk and call someone but no words came out of your mouth, the only thing your ears heard was your own heartbeat, you wanted to move but you couldn't, you felt like you had a lot of weight on you, you felt trapped in your own body and you were getting very nervous about not understanding what was going on. What if you had survived the fall but were too hurt to move? How would you get out of there? How would you return home? How would you go back with Natasha? Natasha... You had to go back to her. But how would you do if you could barely breathe... What if you could never get up again and starve there... Your thoughts were interrupted by the first possible noise to hear gently behind the sound of your own heartbeat.
"She woke up! Call Bruce! It worked!"
The sounds were getting clearer and clearer and so was your eyesight, you noticed that you were in a completely white room and had several machines connected monitoring your vital signs... Wait, Bruce? Bruce! You were in the tower, you were close to Natasha! Your Natasha! You had to let her know you were alive. You had to call Natasha, you needed to see her! You tried to talk but only babbling came out that made your throat hurt as if you were drinking boiled water
"calm, take it easy (Y/N)" You heard Bruce's voice and tried to smile, you wanted to turn your head to see it but you could barely move. You saw how he approached and checked your pupils and your vital signs "can you hear me? Blink once for yes and twice for no" you blinked once and he smiled a lot "welcome back, we've miss you, it's a miracle you're here" he smiled softly. You were confused and did not understand anything, you wanted to talk but nothing came out, just babbling "calm, you have gone through a lot to be here, you have to get used to using your body again" he kept controlling you, he asked you to squeeze his hands and you could barely do what he told you, that was good, but as your body hurt so much and you were so lost, you started to get very nervous trying to move more or talk, you wanted to know what had happened, how you got there, Bruce warned you to calm down or you'll hurt yourself, but when you didn't hear it, he had no choice but to sedize you, little by little you fell asleep again.
The next time you woke up, Bruce explained that he had to Inject you because although you could not move, your powers made the ground shake very hard. He asked you to please take it easy to what you blinked once so that he knew you understood.
Little by little you started practicing with him to be able to move a little more, you wanted to recover quickly to look for Natasha and be able to talk, no one there explained to you concretely how you returned or where Natasha was, everyone knew that when you looked at the sides or got excited when they opened the door it was because you were looking for her, but no one mentioned her in front of you.
When more weeks of recovery passed and you were able to start moving properly and talking more meaningfully, what you did most of the time was ask for Nat, so much you insisted that Bruce finally decided to explained what happened. He told you that Natasha didn't know that you were back or alive... You had returned because they, Bruce and Steve, exchanged the soul gem again for your body after a few failed attempts, your body was in perfect condition, complete and without a single bruise but when they brought you back you had no vital signs. When they decided to tell Nat so she could give you a funeral if she wanted, your heart began to beat slightly just before they talked to her. Since they didn't want to excite her telling that you were alive and then break her heart again if you didn't make it, they decided to wait a little longer to see if you recovered or your body gave up completely. Gradually your body began to revive and you showed brain activity, so they decided to wait and see if when you woke up you remembered anything or if because of the trauma and time of your brain without oxygen, there was no turning back and you were not going to recover.
After they told you everything and you processed it, Bruce asked you if you wanted Nat to be called, to what you said yes.
After a few minutes, you heard someone's hurried footsteps and knew it was Nat, you heard Bruce explain what had happened and please take it easy so she wouldn't upset you. When Natasha walked through the door and saw you, she started crying uncontrollably trying to form words or do something, but her body automatically moved to your side of the bed you were in and hugged you crying on your neck. With your best effort you hugged her against your body without wanting to let it go also crying. After a while without moving from that position, Natasha moved away a little and with great effort, so that your hands did not tremble, you caressed her cheek to which she closed her eyes and leaned on your hand. You smiled softly watching her and approached to leave a soft kiss on her lips which she followed, but after a few seconds she separated with a lot of sadness in her eyes.
"(Y/N)... I...I thought I had lost you forever..." Natasha gently caressed your cheek looking into your eyes. She still couldn't believe you were there and you were back, for your part, you finally felt calm and happy to have her by your side. "Don't do that again, please don't sacrifice yourself for me, just stay safe. Don't die again" Natasha said crying and leaned her forehead on yours
"I promise nothing" you said jokingly with difficulty and with your hoarse voice to which Nat hit your arm very gently. She tried to talk but someone interrupted her
"Natty..." A delicate, sly woman whispered from the door of your room "Are you okay? You scared me when you ran out."
"I'm fine" Natasha whispered barely audible and with difficulty took her eyes off you to see the woman "Lucia... She is (Y/N) ... (Y/N) ... She is Lucía..."
You nodded just in the form of a greeting, you had such a hard time talking that you didn't want to try very hard.
"Hello, it's a pleasure, I'm Lucia, Natasha's girlfriend" The delicate woman stretched out her hand to you with a smile
"gir-girlfriend?" You said barely audible looking at Natasha. You felt as if everyone was braking suddenly and the only thing you could do was look at her who didn't look at you, just looked at the ground feeling the weight of your gaze, as if she knew the damage that made you hear hearing that. You didn't understand anything, how did it happen? Why? At what time? How did she move so fast since your death to already be with someone else?
"a pleasure to meet you" again the voice of the woman, of Lucia, took you out of your thoughts, as soon as you looked away from Natasha you saw the outstretched hand of the woman which you did not take, you just looked back at Natasha in search of an explanation.
"Nat?..." You whispered but she didn't look at you, you just heard just an audible "I'm sorry" from her. You were left waiting for some explanation but no one said anything
"oh..." it was the only thing that broke the awkward and painful silence of the room when Bruce entered and saw you three "did you tell her?" Bruce asked, and Natasha barely nodded "Take it easy (Y/N), please" Bruce tried to rest his hand on yours in an attempt to comfort you, but you pulled out your hand a little annoyed.
"Why you move on so fast...?" were the only words that managed to come out of your mouth and you saw Natasha sigh in pain.
"you left for 6 years, I thought you wouldn't come back anymore and try to move on, I had a hard time getting over your death..." Natasha whispered and you looked at her more confused. 6 years? For you it had only been a couple of months since you died and came back, perhaps, at most 6 months, but not 6 years.
" 6 years..." You whispered looking at Natasha and then at the woman "6... I left for 6 years..." Nat tried to grab your hand but you denied, she moved on and you didn't blame her, it was a good thing, but again it made you feel lost, since you had returned you felt lost without understanding what was happening, but when you saw her you felt calm because you knew that no matter what happened she would be with you, but now knowing this, you no longer knew where you fit or where you belonged.
"Are you okay? " Bruce whispered putting a hand on your shoulder and you denied
"not but it will happen... I think" you sighed looking at your hands "I want to be alone, please" you whispered sadly "I feel... Tired" you smiled forced to see Natasha's worried face, you didn't want her to feel bad, you knew she felt bad about making you feel sad, but you understood that it really wasn't her fault, it wasn't anyone's fault really.
"Come on Natty, give your friend time to rest" the woman grabbed Natasha's hand and helped her out carefully as Nat was just looking at where you were. After everyone left and you were left alone you allowed yourself to cry, all the reasons you had to return, were no longer of much use, you no longer knew where you would go after leaving that room, you could no longer live with your wife Natasha, you no longer knew if you were her wife or if you had to divorce or something, the more you thought, the worse you got and the more you cried.
After a few days passed, Bruce decided to continue with your physical recovery, he thought it would be useful to distract you.
While you were in recovery Natasha visited you many times, there was no day that went by without her going to help you with your physical therapy or bring you food and make sure you eat. Even if you were hurt by everything that was going on, you also liked being with Nat, she had been your wife for over 6 years before you died and her company was always going to be something you enjoyed and needed.
On the other hand, Natasha's girlfriend also came to visit from time to time, she was a very good girl, when she found out and related that the one who had returned was Natasha's old wife, she apologized to you for having said so directly upon meeting you that she was Nat's girlfriend. She also tried to help you if you needed anything and every day she greeted you kindly. In truth she was perfect and made things more difficult because you had no reason to hate her or to see some reason why she didn't deserve Natasha.
Every time Natasha came to see you the room was very quiet because you didn't say anything and Nat didn't know what to talk about without hurting you by something she told, so she only focused on helping you as you would allow her to. But one day, to her surprise, you started the conversation
"Where did you meet her? " you whispered breaking the silence and she looked at you in surprise
"Sure you want to talk about it?" she asked worriedly and you nodded as you looked at your food "After 5 years that I had lost you, I decided to go to one of those meetings that Sam does to overcome the loss and that... But first I had to fill out some papers in administration... And she was there, she works in Shield administration" she began to count watching you for reaction "we went for a coffee and become good friends, after 6 months as friends, we decided to become girlfriends..." You nodded listening
"So you've been together for 6 months as a couple?" You asked looking at her and she nodded
"Should I have waited longer? If I waited another year I would be with you... " she said sadly.
"Love... Sorry, Natasha... You were in pain 5 years for me... It was time to move on, it's not your fault or hers that's going on..." You whispered and she nodded but the sadness was still on her face, seeing you like that and hurting you made her feel bad.
After that first conversation, little by little the other days flowed and you started talking more about a little bit of everything, it almost felt like in the old days that you lived together.
After a couple of months of recovery you were discharged. Since you couldn't go back to what was your home and your old life, you stayed in a room in the Avengers complex until you got a new house. The good thing about being there was that you could go to the gym to train and unload your feelings in the boxing bag, the bad thing is that Natasha and her girlfriend were out there a lot for work.
While it was difficult to see them together, it was more difficult to see Natasha alone, it was hard to hold back from going to kiss her, to hug her, to hide in her chest and stay that way listening to her heartbeat, it was very difficult to remember that she was no longer yours or you were hers. With no doubt you missed your wife, and you could see in her eyes that she missed you too.
One day when you were making breakfast you felt a hand grab your waist gently, you didn't needed to turn, you knew those soft hands very well
"Natasha..." You warned and she squeezed your waist harder
"Can we talk... please" she whispered leaning her head on your back "I'm not going to let go of you until you talk to me" Nat said with a tone of sadness and you turned to see her in the eyes, you knew what she wanted to talk about, she was suffering too about everything that happened and the two of you had to finally talk about it. "Believe me, I don't want to hurt you, I missed you every day of my life wishing you would come back, but I thought you wouldn't do it anymore and I tried to move on... I'm sorry for everything that's going on... If you tell me to leave her I will do it and I will be with you forever..." She said looking into your eyes and you sighed. You wanted to beg her to stay with you, but you knew it wasn't the right thing to do.
"Nat..." you caressed her cheek " she is very kind and treats you excellent, I can see how much she loves you, she does not deserve something like that just because I told you to do it... If you wanna be with her do it, but if you don't feel the same way about her as before, you have to make the decision to talk to her and see what are you going to do, it's not something I can do for you, is your decision to make... Whatever decision you make, I support you Nat, you are in a very complicated situation and I will not blame you for what you choose to do... Okay?" Nat nodded barley looking into your eyes, you were so close that if either of you moved your lips would come together, you wanted that and without doubt Nat wanted that too, but you gathered strength and moved away from her to continue with your breakfast.
A couple of weeks passed and Nat was still with her so you thought her decision was clear. But one night while you were getting ready to go to sleep you felt a soft knock on the door of your room, when you opened you saw Nat looking at the package she was carrying in his hands nervously
"Good evening, sorry for the time but couldn't wait for tomorrow..." you smiled just watching her, it had been a long time since you saw her that nervous, she gave you the little gift and you opened it, there was something you would recognize anywhere, it was the two brides of the wedding cake of the two of you, they were very funny because one was redhead and had braided hair like Nat and her mission suit full of pistols, on the other hand you had your mission suit and instead of wearing a normal ring, the two dolls had grenade rings in their hands but also the bridal veil, surrounded by defeated enemies. Nat and you had chosen them that way because you had found it funny and it was out of the ordinary, you smiled a lot when remembering your wedding day. "I care for her very much...she is an amazing woman and she loves me and treats me so kindly..." Nat began to talk and you sighed, she had come to tell to your face that she had chosen her, it was one thing to see them and another to confirm it "she is perfect ... But it is not perfect for me, you are perfect for me, you are my wife and never, not for a second I stopped loving you, I lost you for many years, but every moment I missed you, I wanted you to come back, I wanted to see you and have you by my side and now that I have you I do not hesitate for a second to choose you, I will always choose you...Also, with who else would I look as good in the wedding cake dolls as with you? " Natasha said confidently looking at you, with a little joke to lighten the atmosphere , but when she saw that you didn't move or say anything, she began to get more nervous "w-we can go home together... only if you want too... or if you want we can take it slowly..." Natasha stopped talking when you jumped on her making her stagger as you kissed her, she laughed holding you from your waist as she followed the kiss "I missed you so much" Nat confessed when you separated needing air resting her forehead on yours while still hugging you.
"I also missed you a lot... My wife. I love you so much you make me so happy" You responded by hiding in her neck
"I love you more" She replied by curling up. You finally felt that you belonged, that it was worth coming back, that you were at home and that you were loved.
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just this once pt.8
a/n: this is it! the culmination of all the efforts and love y’all have shared for this story! but i have some good news for y’all that I’ll share in a few days, after most everyone has read the fic!
Words: 4,335
Warnings: one suicide joke, claustrophobia, thelassophobia (kind of?)
Pairing: Natasha x Reader
Durak - idiot Pizdec - fuck Ublyudok - bastard
(pt.1 pt.2 pt.3 pt.4 pt.5 pt.6.1 pt.6.2 pt.6.3 pt.7 pt.8)
Taglist: @daniescady @twilight-99-tm @333hhm @mika-kc @xxromanoffxx @izalesbean @diaryoflife @bebe404 @strangegardentaco @the-empty-chxld @lgtftchan @m-zne237 @wickedmuses @hopingforromanoff @noodlybees @llamame-papi @gottacamz @wouldirunofftheworldsomeday @santasbitch @when-wolves-howl @madamevirgo @ohfuckno @lenalex78 @mrvvl @alowint @killm3slowly @causeitswhatjesuswouldfreakingdo​
Tumblr media
Yelena’s POV
“Are you sure you’re going to be okay?” Yelena asked yet again as she straightened your tie.
“It’s an engagement party,” you said with a raised brow. “They should’ve had this months ago.”
“That’s not what I asked,” Yelena shot back.
“I’ll be fine, mom,” you teased with a roll of your eyes.
Yelena frowned and slapped your chest, but otherwise dropped the subject. You had been toughing through everything for the past three weeks, and she was proud of you. Did she think you should go to the party tonight? No, not at all. But she had never been able to convince you of something once you had made up your mind.
“Cheeseburger, Roger, bedtime is at 8,” you shouted through the door. “And no ice cream!”
“Ma’am,” you said, holding your arm out for Yelena to take.
She rolled her eyes with a huff, but threaded her arm through yours anyway. Was she your official date? No, but she had to admit, you both looked damn good. You were rocking a red button up, white vest, and black tie, while Yelena showed off in a tight white dress. You would both turn heads for sure.
The party was in full swing by the time you both made it upstairs. Stark was never one to skimp on a party. Or booze. And for that, Yelena was grateful. If she was going to have to watch you live-action love triangle between you, Maria, and Nat, then she was going to need a lot of alcohol.
“Drink?” You asked, but before Yelena could answer you were already walking off to the bar.
She wasn’t surprised though; she had seen Natasha and Maria having drinks with Rhodey, Stark, and Miss Potts. Of course you would be heading to get a drink. Oh, if only someone had told you that you shouldn’t have come.
Oh wait. She did.
You came back with two drinks, one already half empty. Of course you gave her the one that was half empty, she shouldn’t have expected any real chivalry from you. But she took it graciously with a quiet “thanks” before raising her glass and the both of you downing them quickly.
“You’re miserable,” Yelena said as you both moved to the bar to sit down. If you were already there, it would be easier to get drinks.
“I think you mean insufferable,” you shrugged without looking at her. You were already trying to get a second drink.
“I know what I said,” Yelena huffed. “Don’t drink too much, either. I’m not dragging your scaly ass back downstairs.”
“It’s okay, I’ll just jump off the balcony. It’s faster that way,” you teased.
“That’s not funny,” Yelena said with a grumble. Those type of jokes weren’t new for you, but that didn’t mean Yelena had to like them.
“What if I evolved wings?” You asked with a raised brow before taking another large swig of your drink.
“That’s not how evolution works,” Yelena said.
It was small talk, nothing either of you really had anything meaningful to say. But sitting at the bar was the comfortable spot for the both of you, and that was worth it. Even before shit hit the fan, you had stayed by the bar. It was tough to start conversations with people you didn’t care for.
And Yelena understood that better than most.
“Think Cheeseburger and Roger will be okay?” You asked after a few more drinks. You weren’t drunk, but Yelena could tell you wanted to be.
“I’ll take care of them,” she said softly. “They’ll be okay.”
“Thank you,” you answered without looking at her.
Yelena’s heart ached at the thought of you leaving. She understood why you had to; it was too much at the Tower, and you had a new mission in life. There was no way she was going to try and talk you out of it. But that didn’t mean she was happy about.
But if you would be happier, then she would let you go with a smile.
Natasha’s POV
Natasha hated knowing that you were so miserable. She hated that you had shown up when you clearly hadn’t wanted to, but you had done it for her. When she had told Yelena about the party, she hadn’t thought you were nearby. Inviting you was never her intention because she knew it would just hurt.
But you had told her you would be there, and there you were. At the bar with Yelena, of course, but you were there. Downing more drinks than Natasha could count, and that worrisome in and of itself. All she wanted was for you to be happy, but she just seemed to make it worse.
“They’re coming over,” Maria whispered into her ear.
She looked up from her drink with a start and saw you finally standing up from the bar. You gave Yelena a kiss on the cheek, and a heat ran down Natasha’s spine. Don’t be jealous, she thought to herself, you have no right. But she was.
“May I have this dance?” You asked once you had gotten close.
“Be my guest,” Maria said with a smile, and Natasha took your outstretched hand and let you lead her to the makeshift dance floor.
It wasn’t necessarily a slow song, but you danced slowly anyway. Just that gentle sway that wasn’t really dancing, but everyone seemed to consider it acceptable. Natasha didn’t care, though. She just liked being close to you.
“You’ve got some good friends, Nat,” you said after a few moments of silence.
You were looking at the group of Avengers currently goofing off around the pool table. Thor, Steve, Bucky, and Sam were all playing, each one doing a worse job than the last. Wanda and Vision were standing to the side and watching while Pietro kept refilling their drinks without them noticing.
Tony, Bruce, and Rhodey had gathered around Maria and Clint and were striking up a conversation. And various other SHIELD agents were just enjoying the scene. Everyone was laughing, having fun, living the night like it was their last. A habit they had all adopted long ago.
“They’re alright,” she said with a smile, more to herself than you.
“You’d better be good to Maria,” you continued.
“Why wouldn’t I be?” Natasha asked, looking up into your eyes.
“I would take her place if given half the chance,” you said, ignoring her question. “But since I can’t, you’d better treat her well.”
“I will,” she said softly.
“And no getting into sticky situations without backup,” you continued with a slight frown. “No more getting snowed into cabins with someone you’re lusting after.”
“You make it sound so sleezy,” Natasha huffed. “Where’s this coming from?”
You fell silent, looking back out over everyone in the room. There was a look on your face that Natasha couldn’t quite place. A look of resignation, maybe? She didn’t know, but it wasn’t the look she had hoped to see on your face.
“I’m leaving, Nat,” you finally said, looking back down at her.
“Leaving?” She asked. “When?”
“Tomorrow,” you shrugged. “Yelena’s getting custody of Cheeseburger and Roger.”
“Why didn’t you tell me?” Natasha asked, pulling away from you.
“It would hurt less.”
The lack of any sort of emotion in your eyes pained Natasha in a way she couldn’t put into words. You were going to leave her? And you hadn’t even planned on telling her? You were just going to leave with no warning, no notice, and hope she wouldn’t notice?
“Perfect timing, then,” she said.
“You asked,” you shrugged again, shoving your hands into your pockets.
“Yeah. I did,” Natasha said. “And I regret it.”
“I don’t know what you want me to say, Nat,” you said. “You asked. And I’m not going to stay somewhere I’m not wanted.”
“No one ever said you weren’t wanted,” Natasha shot back. “You’re wanted.”
“Not the way I want to be, Nat,” you argued. “Maybe you want me around, maybe Yelena does, maybe Maria and Wanda even tolerate me. But what else?”
“I’m not doing this here,” Natasha said, shaking her head.
“Either we do it here, or we don’t do it at all,” you said. “So make your choice, because after tonight I’m-”
“All hands on deck,” Nick’s voice came loud and clear through the room, and everyone fell silent instantly. “We’ve got a sinking sub, so rescue team, it’s your time to shine.”
“That’s my cue,” you said even though your jaw was clenched painfully tight as you looked at Fury.
“I’ll go with you,” Natasha said, but you held your hand up to stop her.
“It’s your engagement party, relax,” you shrugged. “Yelena can be my jumping partner.”
Natasha didn’t get a chance to argue with you before you were walking off, gesturing for Yelena to follow suit. She turned and gave Natasha a sympathetic smile and wave before following after you. And once again, Natasha was left to watch you walk away without her.
Yelena’s POV
Yelena hated taking you on rescue jumps. She was never the biggest fan of the water to begin with, but watching you dive out of the helicopter with no care in the world gave her chills. Very few things in life scared her more than that. And yet you did it and laughed at her when you came back up to the surface.
“Nearing the drop zone,” Yelena shouted through the mic. You didn’t say anything, just gave her a thumbs up, and Yelena rolled her eyes before focusing once again on where she was flying.
It only took another minute or so before she was hovering over the drop zone. The SHIELD ship wasn’t too far behind, with Natasha and Maria in the control room. They would be watching through the camera around your neck.
“Don’t be a hero,” Yelena yelled back to you.
“Keep the boys fat and happy,” you shouted back with a wink and a smile before diving headfirst into the water 30 feet below.
“Suka,” Yelena muttered to herself.
Between the time you had jumped into the water, and the time Yelena could land the copter on the ship, it was an anxiety filled silence. She had no way to contact you, no way to know if you were safe, at the sub, nothing. All she could do was wait, and Yelena hated waiting.
But she felt a little better when she got back to the control centre of the ship and saw your camera feed, noting that you were approaching the sub. How you were going to get everyone out, she had no idea. But she had faith in you.
“How do I get in?” You asked over the comms.
“There’s a hole near the top. You should be able to squeeze in, but it’ll be tight,” Maria answered.
You worked your way around the sub, looking for the opening she had specified. Maria was right; it would be very tight. They all watched with bated breath as you manoeuvred yourself into the crack, twisting and turning, pulling metal out of the way.
“I told you guys I’m claustrophobic,” you said once you had finally managed to squeeze through the small space.
It was weird to see you in a space with no water. Okay, the water was pouring in through the hole, but the sub was fairly dry, by all accounts. Normally you were submerged the entire time, so to see you walking around was unusual to Yelena.
You managed to find a group of men easily; they were all in the galley trying to figure out what to do. Maria had told you to direct them to the escape pods, and they went quickly and willingly. They told you there were a few groups left and where to find them, and then they were gone.
“What’s the anatomy of the sub, where should I go first?” You asked, but you were already heading down one of the halls.
“Did you just say “anatomy”?” Natasha asked.
“It’s a “layout,” durak,” Yelena shouted back.
“Shut up, I’m stressed and you know what I meant!” You shouted.
“What kind of idiot thinks “anatomy” is the right word?” Yelena continued.
“I just said I’m stressed, Belova, shut up!”
“It’s not a living thing,” Yelena kept up. You were so stupid sometimes.
“Yelena enough,” Maria said, “go down the stairs to the living quarters.”
“Who taught you how to talk?” Yelena refused to give up this topic up. This was pure gold. “Or are you just stupid all on your own?”
“Yelena,” Natasha huffed.
“How about next time you dive into the sinking submarine. Then we’ll see if you get your words right,” you continued as you jumped down the stairs, landing with a hard “thud.”
“Of course I will, I have more than one brain cell,” Yelena taunted.
“Enough, the both of you,” Maria shouted.
“Sorry Maria,” you both said like scolded little children.
You went through the living quarters methodically, checking each room on both sides until you came to the flooded section at the bottom. The sirens were really starting to hurt your ears, but you could tough through it until you got everyone out.
The water was up to your knees when you threw one of the doors open, revealing four men; one of which had a bone sticking out of the skin on his leg. As far as you could tell, the other three men were uninjured. At least on the outside.
“You’re SHIELD?” One of the uninjured men asked.
“Yeah, we’re getting you out,” you said with a nod. “Need help carrying him?”
“Yeah. Water’s too high. Know where the escape pods are?” Another asked. You said no, but they could lead you in the right direction.
You sloshed through the water and picked the injured man up bridal style, being careful not to hit his leg on anything. It was a long trip, and by the time you had finished winding through the corridors to the escape pods, the water was up to your mid-thighs.
“Can we seal this section off?” You asked as you set the man in a seat. “Keep the pods secure while I get everyone else out?”
“It can be sealed, but not for long,” the injured man said softly. “If the pressure gets to be too much on the other side, the whole thing will implode.”
“Then I’ll be quick. Can the rest of the men fit in the last pod?” You asked. They nodded. “Get going, the second pod will be up after you before long.”
They got settled as you closed the hatch, and the pod was ejected before you had made it to the stairs. Maria directed you up to the engines, which should hopefully lead you to the last of the men. And then you could get the hell out of there and finish what you had started.
The engine room was flooding by the time you got there. Even though there was no fear of you drowning, the fear still crept up in the back of your head. Just knowing that you were watching the water rise as the pressure in the sub increased was more than you could fathom.
And unlike the other agents, you could breathe underwater.
“You all need to get to the escape pods,” you shouted.
“We’re missing someone,” one of the men said as the others made their way down.
“Where is he?” You asked. He needed to hurry or none of them would get out.
“With the missiles,” he said quickly. “He’s disabling them so they don’t blow.”
Brave man, you thought.
“Get going, don’t leave until he gets there. I’ll radio you if we won’t make it,” you said. The man nodded and ran off after the others, shouting “we’ll drown in 10 minutes!”
“Maria, missiles lower down?” You asked as you started moving again.
“Lowest level,” she said.
You darted through the halls, down the stairs, splashing through the now-waist high water. If it was up to your waist then you needed to hurry, because most of these men would drown soon. That was something you weren’t going to let happen. No one died in a cage; not even humans.
The echoing of a scream got your attention, and you ran in the direction it came from. You had to ask the man to scream again once, twice, three times before you found him. He was stuck under a piece of equipment with the water rapidly approaching his head.
“Don’t let me die here,” he said quickly, eyes wide with fear.
“No one is dying today,” you answered, making sure to make eye contact so he knew you were serious. He nodded once.
You moved around, looking for any way to get the giant piece of equipment off of the man, but to no avail. Would you be able to lift it if you tried? Who knew, but by god were you gonna try. You positioned yourself under the equipment, your shoulder situated perfectly to left up.
“If this moves, it’ll hurt,” you warned him as you got ready. “Scream if you need to.”
“Thanks for the warning,” he said with a groan. You didn’t think he was really thankful.
“One,” you said, fixing your hands.
“Two,” you continued, bracing your feet against something solid.
“Three,” you finished, pushing up with all the strength you had in your body.
The piece moved slightly, and the man did indeed scream from the release of pressure. But you weren’t making enough progress, he couldn’t move. You were going to have to put all the weight back on him or risk dropping it and crushing it.
“I’m sorry,” you said softly.
“Worth a try,” he said back, but there was a deeper pain in his voice. “The pods need to leave, there’s not time.”
“There’s time,” you said, leaving no room for argument. “Right?” You whispered.
“You’ve got five minutes,” Maria’s voice came in.
Five minutes. Easy.
“Stay right here,” you said as you walked off to find something, anything to help lift the equipment. “And try not to drown.”
“Where else could he go?” Yelena asked. “It’s not like he can head out for a smoke.”
“Shut up, I’m nervous,” you shot back.
There was nothing you could use to slide the man out from under the piece of equipment. Nothing that would provide enough leverage to make a difference. You couldn’t just try to lift it again, it wasn’t going to work, what if-
Of course.
You ran back to the man and told him to hold his breath when he started to slip. He gave you a confused look, but nodded anyway. You slipped under the water that was dangerously close to the man’s face and found the bottom of the piece of equipment.
Here goes nothing, you thought as you positioned yourself underneath the very bottom of the equipment. It was going to be tight and quick, but it could work. Squeezing underneath the equipment was tough, and you could feel the different edges digging into your back, but if you could push up with your arms and legs then maybe, just maybe, it would work.
“Be careful,” Natasha’s voice came in over the comms.
You didn’t count down this time, there was no point. Instead you just braced yourself and pushed up. The pain in your back indicated that something was starting to slice you open, but you didn’t stop. A stinging sensation in your hands and legs continued to build, but the equipment started to move.
The man slipped out from under the equipment, and once you could see that he was completely out of reach, you let the equipment drop. You grabbed the man under the arms and pulled him up so he could breathe. His entire side was slick with blood and limp, but you could work with that.
“Told you no one was dying,” you told him as you started making your way down to the escape pod.
“90 seconds,” Maria said.
“Escape pod, we’re on our way, don’t eject,” you said into your comms.
“Better hurry, Agent, we’re sinking,” one of the men said.
I know, you thought to yourself as you started pushing the pace. The man was barely conscious by the time you got back to the escape pod. And much to your dismay, the men were right; the hatch was barely above the water.
“Come on,” you said as you finished carrying the man. The men inside opened the hatch and helped carry him in.
“Get going, now,” you said. The men didn’t argue with you, instead just thanking you and closing the hatch.
They ejected the last pod, and you were left alone.
Yelena’s POV
“Pod is clear,” you said, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.
“Time to get your ass back on the ship,” Natasha said, not giving anyone else any time to talk.
It broke Yelena’s heart to see Natasha so worried about you. She knew she couldn’t choose, for one reason or another. Deep down, Natasha just didn’t want to hurt anybody; she just didn’t know that that was what was actually hurting anybody. If only she could just let herself feel and accept those feelings.
“No can do, Romanoff, these pumps are gonna blow when they’re submerged,” you said.
“I thought the whole reason that agent got trapped was so they wouldn’t blow,” Yelena argued.
“Looks like it fell on him a bit too early,” you continued.
“Pizdec,” Yelena mumbled to herself.
“Just let it blow,” Maria said. Her brows were furrowed and Yelena could see the indecision on her face.
“Can’t, the pods won’t be far enough away.”
“Just get out,” Natasha yelled, “they’ll be far enough away.”
“Not letting them die, Nat,” you argued.
The sub was sinking, and you were either going to die, or stop the explosion. Yelena couldn’t tell what she thought would be more merciful. She knew you couldn’t drown, but what if you got stuck? What if you couldn’t get out and the sub just continued to sink until it either hit ground, or imploded?
“I’ll tell you when the pods are clear,” Maria said. “Pull up the trackers,” she ordered the agents in the room.
They moved fast, and two little green blips appeared on the radar. You were right; they weren’t far enough away. Given the potential blast radius, they needed at least another two minutes before they were far enough away to handle potential shock waves.
“Don’t forget Cheeseburger and Roger have bedtimes now,” you said. Your cam showed that the water was now up to your neck.
“You can tell them yourself tonight,” Natasha said.
“Not if this blows,” you said. It sounded like you weren’t expecting to come back.
Of course.
“Pods are clear of the blast radius,” Maria said.
“Perfect,” you said, and you started running down the hall. You were heading to the escape pod hatches. “Gives me a bit of time, if I hurry.”
“You’ve got 75 seconds by the time you get out of the hatch,” Maria continued. She looked like she had given up.
Yelena didn’t blame her.
“Get out and swim directly up,” Natasha said, basically taking over Maria’s spot at the control centre.
“It’s not sending me to the surface, Nat,” you said.
“But the sub is sinking, while you swim up. Creates more distance,” Natasha continued.
“I’ll try, but I won’t make the distance,” you said. You had finally reached the hatch. It took you only seconds to get out and start swimming.
“You’ll make it,” Natasha said. “Just keep swimming.”
You didn’t say anything; you just swam as fast as your arms and legs would take you. It was truly impressive, but that didn’t mean you were going to get out in time. And if Yelena was being honest with herself, she wasn’t sure you wanted to get away in time.
“15 seconds,” Maria said. You weren’t even close.
“Y/N,” Natasha said. Everyone could hear the unshed tears in her voice.
“Take care of the boys,” you said. “And thank you.”
“Y/N I-”
Your camera went dark, and the control centre went silent. No one said a word, no one moved; they all just glued their eyes to Natasha. She was leaning over the console, staring at the black screen you had left behind. Yelena could see a single tear fall down her cheek.
The two escape pods surfaced only three minutes after the explosion. None of the men would ever forget you.
Five Weeks Later
“I told you no ice cream,” Yelena said as she slapped one of Cheeseburger’s tentacles away from her bowl. He had gotten greedy, especially during movie nights.
She had practically moved into your suite after the rescue mission. Your things were still sitting exactly where you had left them; she had only really moved the dishes. It wasn’t the same without you there, but she was making it work.
Especially since Natasha had started going on mission after mission and insanely intricate wedding planning just to distract herself.
The notification sound on her phone went off, but she didn’t even look. If anyone really needed her, they would come get her. Or they would call, she would refuse to answer, and then text them to ask what they wanted. On top of that, everyone knew not to bother her on movie night. That was strictly for her and the boys.
But Roger handed her the phone anyway, and she supposed that she might as well read it.
Unknown Number 22:17 Wedding updates? ;)
Yelena looked at the message as a smile slowly crept onto her face and she started typing back.
22:18 Ublyudok :(
She set the phone back down on the couch and looked at Roger and Cheeseburger with a smile.
Suddenly the suite didn’t feel so empty anymore.
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mayyliin · 2 days ago
Sounds like home - nat x reader
a/n school's been kicking my ass n i think we all need some comfort anyway so here's some nat fluff! i so enjoyed writing this, really hope u like it <3
word count: 222 (angel number;)
Tumblr media
You sighed heavily as you walked inside the apartment you shared with Nat, soft sounds coming from the radio in the kitchen greeting you first thing before you even slipped your shoes off.
Natasha's head emerged from the other room, the warm smile on her face soon turning into a frown as she caught sight of your exhausted state. "Long day?"
You could only nod, tearing your coat from your body and walking towards her. She stood with her arms open, letting you fall into her embrace gladly. "This feels nice, thank you."
Soon you found yourself thrown on the couch next to your girlfriend, her attention still focused on a movie you forgot was playing long ago, her arm around your waist and subconsciously pulling you closer to her.
You cuddled a bit more into her side, shifting again until your face fell against her chest, the sound of her steady heartbeat bringing you all the comfort you've been lacking throughout the day.
"You feeling any better?"
"Mm-hm," you grumbled through your half-asleep state, knowing she'd get the answer anyway from the tired nod of your head against her frame.
"I can hear your heartbeat," you said, looking up to see her smile down at you, feeling your stomach fill with butterflies once again.
"Yeah? what does it sound like?"
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wolferine · a day ago
Professor Hulk
Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Summary: Natasha and the reader stumble across a familiar figure in the middle of battle…
Warnings: Language
Word count: 345
Tags: @yeetus-thyself @phoenixofash @yeeterthekeeper @diaryoflife @norwaynatasharomanoff @lovelyy-moonlight @nightingalxx @supersourlemon13
AN: This one’s for you, @confusinggemini612! :) Just a quick fic based on this post.
“Are you sure we’re going in the right direction?” you ask as trudge after Natasha through a jungle of trees. Your entire body aches, which isn’t surprising since you just dragged yourself off a Wakandan battlefield and you know the fight isn’t even close to being over. 
“Would you rather lead the way?” Natasha snaps, although she’s not genuinely frustrated with you. Having almost been decapitated by a space alien hadn’t exactly boosted her mood, and you weren’t any closer to winning against Thanos and his army.  
“Um…” You pretend to seriously ponder her question for a moment. “No, thanks.”
“That’s what I thought.”
As you crunch leaves and twigs beneath your boots, you hear rustling up ahead, farther than where Natasha pushes through the foliage.
“Nat—” you warn, not able to see past her.
She stops abruptly and you jog to be at her side instantly. In the center of a small clearing stands the Hulk. He’s calmer and quieter than you’ve ever seen before, and you’re pretty sure that if his magically expandable shorts had pockets, his hands would’ve been shoved into them.
“Look who decided to show up,” Natasha says.
“I thought this guy was in retirement,” you mumble. Wasn’t that the whole reason the Avengers had put Bruce inside Tony’s Hulkbuster armor?
“Apparently not.” Natasha takes a tentative step towards the Hulk and raises an arm in a sign of peace. You tense, knowing that although she’s the only one who can calm him, you would never be able to fight him off if he decided to turn on you two. “Hey, big guy—” 
“Hello, Nat. Y/N,” the Hulk says in Bruce’s voice.
Natasha’s arm drops back to her side and your eyes bug out in shock.
“Wait, did he just—” you start.
“Hold on, hold on.” Natasha turns to you. “Y/N—”
“Yes.” You look directly at her.
“If 2 plus 2 is 4…” she says.
“Right.” You nod aggressively in agreement.
“And 5 plus 5 is 10…”
She looks back to the Hulk. “What the fuck is this?”
AN: I love how serious this starts and then just devolves into a meme. Hope y’all enjoyed it! Based on this meme and I used this deleted scene from Avengers: Infinity War for inspiration. :)
Click here to join my taglist.
Thanks for reading, and until next time!
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tati3001 · a day ago
Peace, Love, And... [Three]
Summary: Running with your girlfriend should not start at 5 am in the morning. Nor should include a five hours run, nor saving a baby from cyclists. But Wanda wasn't gonna complain anymore if she found someone she thought was dead.
Words: 2,437
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
One I Two
"What do you mean?" Wanda asked confused. Natasha had woken her up in the early morning, usually at the time she leaves the compound to go for a run. But instead of being offered to accompany her on a run, Wanda was meet with Natasha's sad expression.
"She's gone". "Well... Of course she is. She is working" She confirmed confused. "Not Wanda..." She sighed. "She's gone. She's not coming back". "But... But she has to come back... She wouldn't leave Aitana".
"Yes, she did" Natasha took her phone and opened the message she read earlier. She showed it to her girlfriend while watching the baby sleep. "But... But she wouldn't... But Tani..." There was a silence between both of them.
Natasha looked at Wanda once more to see her reaction, but Wanda truly didn't know how to react. She had so many feelings that she didn't really know who to feel. "How could she leave her?" She softly asked.
"I don't know baby" She whispered taking the younger woman in her arms. Wanda cried for Aitana. Because they would be the ones to tell her that her mom would not come back. She was crying because she was about to break the little girl's heart. Not for Y/n. She had only once cried for her, but no more.
She would never give a tear to someone that would abandon their child.
══*.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.*═════*.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.*═════*.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.*═══
Three months had passed since Y/n decided to leave her daughter. And although Aitana was taking it better than the couple expected, they weren't completely sure she understood it.
However, they were not going to follow Y/n's steps. Since Aitana trusted them more than the rest of the Avengers, they made sure to take the best care of her possible.
Turns out that taking care of a toddler as their babysitter it's very different from taking care of them every single day. The days of cuddling started to include a third person, even tho it was tiny. The morning make-out sessions were no longer a thing. And sometimes it was hard to have a night make-out session.
And time for both of them? What a joke.
If Natasha was on a mission, Wanda would take care of her. If Wanda was on a mission, Natasha would take care of her. Simple, right? They called that co-parenting. Well, wrong.
Apparently, Aitana understood more than they thought. If any of them was away, Aitana would cry and scream until they came back. Just imagine what would happen if both of them were on the same mission.
It couldn't happen. They were on the second day of the mission when Steve and Bucky knocked on their door. They were confused, as to why they were there. If Steve needed them, he would have called. So they thought that something had happened to Aitana.
And they weren't wrong.
In Bucky's words, She was a little monster that was driving all of them crazy. So, Bucky kicked them out as Steve told them they would take over and send them home. Aitana had a problem letting them go, and they understood. But it meant that taking her to preschool was a simple nightmare.
"Don't let her convince you" Natasha said to Wanda as they both walked down the halls of the school. "Look, who's talking" She chuckled. "The so badass assassin Black Widow who will give ever everything just by making a pout".
"Have you seen her? She's adorable" Natasha defended herself. Aitana was quiet because she was upset. She had said she didn't want to go to preschool, but did they listen to her? No. Of course not.
"Aren't you excited to make new friends?" Wanda asked the girl in her arms. Aitana had her arms crossed and a very cute frown. "No". "Oh, baby" Nat chuckled. "It's time to make new friends". "I don't want new fwiends" She muttered.
"Yes you do" Wanda tried to tickle her but Aitana didn't even flinch. "Okay..." They arrived at the room where Aitana was going to start another chapter in her life. "Well, baby. Here we are" Nat said as Wanda left her on the floor.
"I don't want to". "Aitana" Wanda sighed. "We talked about this" They both kneeled in front of her to look at her eye to eye. "You have to go". "Why!?". "Because it's your time," Nat said. "You just want to get wid of me like mommy!" She yelled before she ran away. "Tani!" Wana tried.
They looked at each other before following the three-year-old. Wanda tracked her to the bathroom, where somehow she had clime to the ceiling. "She's spending too much time with Clint," Natasha said. "Mmm no... It looks more like Peter" Wanda stated.
"Nat, get her down," She asked looking around to make sure no one came in the bathroom. Natasha made her way to the top of the dividers and move the ceiling away. "Come on, Tani. We talked about this. We are not leaving you" She said.
Aitana turned around so Natasha faced her back. She sighed and took the girl in her arms before jumping to the floor. She kept her in her arms as she made her way to Wanda and back to the room.
She let her on the floor and they kneeled one more time but made sure to not let her go. "We're not leaving you" Wanda reassured. "You have to make friends, Tani. You can't spend all your time with us". "Why not?". "Because you need to spend time with children your age".
"And we're too old for you. You don't want to keep playing dolls with Bucky, do you?" Wanda asked, well knowing that bucky did not know how to play dolls. "Or you want to explain how to play catch to Steve every single time?".
"No...". "Exactly, kids your age know how to play all of this" Nat smiled. "Give it a try, will you?" Aitana looked at them deciding whether she would accept their offer. "We'll take you for ice cream after" Nat offered. "Can I sleep with you today?" She asked. Nat sighed.
They had tried to make her sleep in her own bed, but they were having a hard time doing it. "Just for tonight" Nat promised. "Okay," She accepted. They smiled and walked her inside the room. "Oh, hi there" The teacher greeted them. "I'm Mrs. Jules. What's your name?".
"Tani" She answered. "Ohh what a lovely name. Would you like to play with us?" Aitana nodded for a second but decided to turn around to look at them. "What's wrong baby?" Wanda asked. Tani asked them to get down to her level.
"You pwomise to come back fow me?". "We promise". "Pinky promise" Natasha lifted her finger but Aitana looked at her confused. "You can't break a pinky promise. It's sacred" Wanda clarified. The girl put her pinky finger around Nat's and smiled before turning around to look at the teacher and quickly nodded.
Mrs. Jules laughed happily and took her to the other kids. As they walked, Aitana turned around to wave to them. They wave back with a smile and walked out of the room as soon as they saw Aitana with the other kids.
"She's gonna be fine" Nat intertwined their hands together. "I know" Wanda smiled. They walked back to the tower to have a little... private time.
By the time they picked her up, Aitana wouldn't shut up about her day. She had made so many friends and played so much, by the time they got home Aitana was fast asleep and the ice cream was melted in the cup.
══*.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.*═════*.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.*═════*.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.*═══
Leaving her in preschool was not the same as leaving her for a mission. They knew that, and Aitana knew it too. They were currently in the living room with all the Avengers, trying to convince the baby that the Europeans would come back.
But Aitana wasn't having it.
"We promise," Wanda said holding her leg out for Natasha to take Aitana off her leg. "No!" She hid her face on Wanda's leg. She sighed as she looked at Nat. The Russian sighed and nodded at her girlfriend's request. They had been too sweet to her. It was time to be a little bit rough.
Natasha pulled the girl away from Wanda and against her wishes, Aitana was taken to their room. "We'll meet you in the quinjet" Wanda smiled at the Avengers that were going to the mission with them. "Better hurry" Sam commented with a smile watching her go.
Natasha sat Aitana down and started before Wanda arrived. "You have to understand that we can't be with you all the time. Now, that doesn't mean that we don't love you, okay?. We love you very, very much".
"Then why do you leave me?" She asked. "We're not leaving you, Aitana" Wanda said entering the room. "We're never going to leave you, you know why?" She shook her head. "Because we're always gonna come back. We will come back for you, but right now we need to go". "But-".
"No more buts, Aitana. We are going and that's final. Now, you're going to stop behaving like a brat and will be good for Steve, okay?" Aitana looked at the floor but slowly nodded. "Good girl now let's go". She grabbed Natasha's hand and the three of them walked to the living room.
They left Aitana with Steve and Carol and practically ran to the quinjet. "You were taking your time" Sam laughed at them as he closed the door. "Says the guy who can't confess to his crush," Nat remarked shutting him up.
Natasha chuckled but decided to keep quiet. Bucky instead, laughed loudly. Although he really wanted to know who was his crush. Steve and he had tried for a while. The rest of the trip was silent. Sam was piloting, Bucky was bugging him and Wanda was cuddled with Natasha.
"Nat?". "Yes, love?". "I was thinking... What if we adopt her?" Natasha stopped playing with Wanda's hair and that was enough reason for the brunette to turn around. "You want to adopt her?". "Well... Yeah. I mean... We've been taking care of her for all this time and... And it would be a good opportunity for us to form our family..."
Natasha was too surprised to answer her, which Wanda took as a bad sign. "Maybe it wasn't a good idea, I'm sorry. Forget what I said" She quickly said turning around. "No wait" Natasha took her arm and stopped her from turning around. "It's not that it wasn't... It was a good idea. I just didn't know you wanted to have a family with me".
"Of course I want to... I mean, we have been a family since we started dating. Now it's just... A little bigger" She smiled. "I would love to have a bigger family with you Maximoff" Nat smiled. "When we get home we'll have to look for places too. I don't want her playing hid and seek in the tower again". Wanda chuckled.
"It wasn't a good idea" Bucky and Sam had to pretty much pull her away from each other since they were too focused on kissing each other. Once they got them away, they entered the building and started their mission. Wanda and Natasha had to retrieve information while Bucky and Sam had to look for the replicated serum they were injecting people with.
To their surprise, Wanda and Natasha were able to get the information with no problem, which wasn't a good signal. Deciding to leave before tasting their luck, they stepped out of the room and started to walk away.
They were on high alert, however, because they knew someone or something could come up and attack them. "Where do you think she is?" Wanda started. "I don't know, love" She held the flashlight tightly in her hand as he held it perfectly to rest her other hand that held her gun.
"Maybe she decided to take a vacation". "Vacation. Could you honestly be in peace well knowing that you left your child alone?" Wanda raised her eyebrow. Natasha had unspokenly decided that she was going first, because one, she had the gun, two, If she could take the hit first Wanda would be okay to attack them and defend both of them, and three, in hell she would let Wanda get hurt going with her.
"That's the thing. She didn't leave her alone. She knew how much you care for that kid, and you did say that you delivered her, didn't you?". "It's not like we had much choice we were alone" She shrugged. "It was me or Pietro, and Y/n was too afraid of men to let Pietro delivered the baby".
"No offence love, but even I would be afraid if Pietro had to deliver my baby" She softly said. Wanda chuckled but nodded. "I know". "See? Y/n knew you would never leave Aitana alone and would take care of her". "Still. That's not a reason to abandon her".
Before she could say another word, Wanda was thrown to the floor by something hitting her shoulder. As she fell to the floor, Natasha quickly turned around and shoot at however or whatever was over there. Since she didn't get a response, Natasha quickly kneeled to help Wanda up.
"Did I just got shoot?" She wondered. Natasha moved her hand away from Wanda's shoulder finding out her hand red. "Yeap". They stood up while Wanda pressured her shoulder. Natasha pointed the gun once more, but the hallway was too dark for them to see.
Too fast for them to see, Natasha was thrown away from Wanda. They didn't know what hit them, but it didn't matter. Whatever it was they hurt each other, and they were not having it.
Wanda slowly turned around. She didn't have to frown or have her eyes glow to show she was mad. She was looking through the darkness for the person she had to kill. Natasha on the other hand stood up and was quick to find the figure. She was trained to do that anyway, of course, she was better at it than Wanda.
With her eyes set on her target, she started to walk in what Wanda truly called 'The black widow style'. She had decided that someone was going to die that day.
But neither she nor Wanda ever thought that the person that attacked them was someone they knew. And not only one person, but two.
══*.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.*═════*.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.*═════*.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.*═══
TAG LIST: @xxxtwilightaxelxxx @marvelwomen-simp @madamevirgo @temptationsbrew @mainly-rebloging-fics-i-like @yuhloversxx @chaekhan
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theperfectlovestory · 2 days ago
To Grow Old With You
Tumblr media
Information: Pt.3 of Song Prompt Mini-Series under Natasha X R; Wanda X R
Summary: It wasn't all good getting there, but you got there anyway
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Theme: Angst/fluff
TW: Mention of cheating
Word Count: 3,505
A/N: Thank you so much to @lostandsearching for proofreading for me 🥰 and thank you to @ideas-for-you-to-adopt for requesting this!
Tumblr media
“Can you show me your best ones in this color?” You asked the Jeweler who happily assisted you
He laid down five options, you didn't like the first three. It doesn't scream her but the fourth one made your eyes sparkle
It's simple and elegant, just like her
"She's taking that," Stark said immediately. This was the 4th store you dragged him into. If this one had drawn your attention, he won't waste any more time so you can convince yourself otherwise
While the jeweler packs the item, he leans on the counter and got your attention
“I’m happy for you. You two deserve each other” Tony taps you on the shoulder as you both watch the item you just bought being wrapped nicely
“Me too, Tony. I’ve never felt this happy before her”
. . .
“Shall we eat somewhere outside tonight?” Natasha asked, her head leaning on your shoulder as you two sit on the sofa, legs lifted on the coffee table, popcorn bowl resting on your lap while you watch an episode of your favorite TV series
“If you promise to behave and not do something extreme, yes, gladly” You teased the woman eliciting a snort from her, disbelief in her voice
“I always behave” She complained and you chuckled
“Your idea of behaving is chasing a thief and opening multiple stitches, darling” Natasha crossed her arms on her chest and huffed
“I’m not about to let a criminal getaway”
“There’s like...maybe 3 officers chasing him” you shook your head, attention fully on her and judgment on your face
“Well they were too slow, he was getting away” You glared at Natasha and she rolled her eyes “Fine, no more extreme actions from either of us” You smiled. Your phone silently vibrated on the table and you picked it up
“Better pick a restaurant then while I get this” You sighed after seeing the caller ID, you stood up and walked to the kitchen so your conversation won’t interrupt the show as Natasha continue to watch while scrolling on her phone for the nearest restaurant that will catch her interest
Looking back again on Natasha, you answered the phone and ask in an exasperated tone “Steve, I told you I’m on a leave until Nat-”
“Y’n, it’s Wanda” Your eyes squinted
“Do you need something?” your voice takes on a tone of indifference, Natasha picked it up and looks up at you
“Can we talk, in person and in private?'' Wanda asked and you purse your lips. Natasha gave you an inquisitive look but you only sighed and mouthed ‘later
“If it’s about missions, I’m on a leave” Natasha’s curiosity got the best of her, and walked up to you, you smiled and shook your head at her. She shrugged, trying to listen in on your conversation
“It’s not…” Then there was silence, Wanda’s heavy breaths filled the void, her voice was hesitant when she spoke again “I...I made a mistake. I still love you Y/n, I want to talk about it more in person if you are willing to get back together again and make us work”
Natasha bit her lips at Wanda’s words. She tried to read your expression even if she was scared to know your answer. Technically, you weren’t together with her because Natasha wanted to wait a bit more, to make sure you both wanted the same thing, to be together
Now, Wanda is trying to get you back. Wanda was the love of your life. She was your first girlfriend and she will always have a special place in your heart. Now you are being offered a chance to continue that life with her, to fill that space inside you that she had left behind
You watched insecurities flash on Natasha’s face before she gave you a smile and a nod. It was permission to cancel your plans tonight and try to make it work with Wanda again. She was conflicted, her eyes show that she wants you to stay, but at the same time, she also wants you to be happy
She just doesn't know yet that your happiness lies here, with her
You held Natasha’s hand with your free one and kissed her open palm before pulling her closer and wrapping her arms on your waist
“I’m sorry Wanda, I have a dinner date with Natasha,” You said without breaking eye contact with Natasha “Our time has passed, I’ve moved on for the better. I’m sorry if it didn’t work for you and Vision but I do hope for a better future for you just like what I see in mine” You said before cutting the line and putting the phone on the counter
Natasha teared up, she clenched her jaw to stop herself from crying
“Darling, what are you waiting for? We have a date to get to” You smile, leaning down and kissing her on her lips that she gladly returned
. . .
[You say you know, when you know, well I know
I know that's true
Never did, never did, as a kid
But now I do, oh-oh, oh-oh]
“Ugh Nat, this bag is so heavy!” You grunted, complaining as you haul the luggage up the stairs “What the hell is in this thing?” you asked and she shook her head smiling
“You’ve become weak, you have to train with me again,” she said, hauling hers easily up the stairs. You rolled your eyes at her but watch her get up the stairs and down again to help you with a smile
She’s finally moving in with you and today, you can’t be happier. You will carry hundreds of heavy luggage as long as you know that she’ll be waking up with you in the morning and going home to kiss you after a long day
[Rush of blood, to my head, swear to God
I wanna die inside this feeling
You say you know, when you know, well I know
Looking at you]
Natasha proudly sighed, putting the last of the books on the newly assembled bookshelf you bought from IKEA once you realized she would have more books than you had storage for
You saw something rolled on the floor and picked it up, turning it over on your palm to investigate the metal “Hey Nat?” You called and she turns to you, a proud smile still on her face after finally finishing assembling the bookshelf, you showed her the screw
Her eyes squinted trying to focus on the small item and when she realized her eyes grew wide at the same time as a creaking sound could be heard, the bookshelf crashing from the weight and the missing material follows soon after
You both step back hopelessly watching the books and broken shelves settle on the floor
“Maybe it’s better to just buy a newly built one…” You suggested and she nodded, not wanting to say anything more about being self-sufficient
[I know time can change us, break us
Make us lose our minds]
“Come we need to clean every month?” You ask, pouting while leaning on the mop Natasha brought to you
“Yes, I can’t live in a filthy house!” She laughs, pushing you to start cleaning “Also, it keeps the mold and insects out. You hate insects right?” You squint your eyes at her, still not convinced “Remember when we were on a mission and something crawled up to you?”
She made a gesture of creepy crawlies walking up to your arms “And then” her voice lowered and you felt the room got colder “Those itsy bitsy insect legs running up your exposed skin” she whispered in your ear. The hairs on your body stood to attention as you jump away from her with your skin pale and sweaty
You hurriedly mop the whole surface of the floor, making sure to get the corners and crevices. Natasha watched you with amusement. She had you in the palm of her hands and she was more than happy to give you a little nudge, if you needed one
[I'll hold you 'til we're older
Love you when I'm sober
Be there 'til the air stops
Pumping out your lungs]
"Darling?" You called, tracing your hand up and down her arm. Your head propped on your hand as you lay to your side, trailing short kisses on her neck and shoulder. She hummed, rotating her head to look back at you. There was silence as you contemplate on the things and feelings you want to convey
She rotated her body to face you, her hand on your blanket-covered waist, rubbing small circles with her thumb. You watch her eyes glint under the moonlight glow slipping from the cracks in between the curtains
"Are you happy?" You asked in a whisper and she frowned but Natasha knows you well enough to read right through you and your self-doubt
Natasha smiled, taking your face in her hand and pulling you closer to claim your lips. It was a gentle kiss, it was soft, warm, tasted all of her and all of you in her mouth, unsung feelings dancing between you through your connected lips
She leans back, kissing you once more before looking into your eyes with all the sincerity in her heart
"I have never been happier, Moya Lyubov. I love you"
Your heart exploded with warmth. You buried your head in her neck and smiled, muttering a soft "I love you, too" in the crook, tickling a giggle out of her
Natasha pulled your body closer to hers and you both fall asleep keeping each other warm
[Kiss me like the first time (the first time)
Even at the worst times (the worst times)
Even when it hurts, I swear you keep mе up
I'll hold you 'til we're
Old, old, o-o-o-old]
“Y/n’s been acting weird with me,” Natasha said, complaining to Bruce and Steve about your recent treatment of her
“What do you mean weird?” Bruce asked
“Well...she’s giving me the cold shoulder and she doesn’t say anything probably to avoid a fight but I feel like she’s doubting every move I make” Natasha sighed with irritation
“Well, you’ve been going on a lot of missions lately and since she is no longer an Avenger, she’s not allowed details”
“That’s true but she was an Avenger and knows how we work so maybe, there is something more to it. What else do you notice?” Steve asked this time, knowing you a bit better than Bruce and finding your actions uncharacteristic
“Well, I don’t know...she gets sad when I get home very late. Won’t talk to me at all and just prepare meals in the morning before she leaves for work. I haven’t done the chores much either because of work and just forgets a few little details from time to time” Natasha closed her eyes, hand rubbing her temple “Is it that big of a deal, we’re just really busy these days”
“And all you tell her is ‘I’m busy with work and missions’?” Steve asked and Natasha nodded. He rolled his eyes and tuts his tongue “No wonder she’s giving you the cold shoulder”
“What do you mean?” Natasha asked, facing him. Her back facing the door while Steve leans on the table closer to Nat
“Isn’t that what Wanda kept saying before she was discovered having an affair with Vision? That’s what you kept telling me” Natasha’s eyes widen and she gasped, realizing that her actions were bringing up past trauma for you
She was about to agree with Steve but when she looked at him, his own eyes were wide with shock. Natasha turned around and saw you by the door, your face sullen and broken. You walked away at Natasha called but you ignored her
“What’s wrong with her?”
“I saw our reflection on the door opposite us, from her view, it looked like we were kissing” Steve muttered and Natasha’s heart dropped
“Oh no…”
. . .
Natasha immediately runs after you but she was surprised to see you in the living room of the compound instead while drinking water
“Y/n” She called, slowly approaching you
“Can you explain that or should I just assume you’re moving out now?” You answered, Natasha winced at the indifference in your voice but she froze when you looked at her. Your eyes were devoid of any emotion, your feelings shut down completely
Natasha only saw that expression on you once, it was when Wanda broke up with you, now it’s her on the receiving end. The difference is, Natasha is innocent and Wanda is not
“I-” Natasha started but her voice got caught in her throat. She doesn’t understand why she’s suddenly trembling. She is innocent!
“You what?” You asked, sipping on the water once more before gently and calmly putting it on the coaster
“Nothing happened,” Steve said, arriving to save Natasha and fix this mess. Your eyes traveled to Steve and he froze as well but he didn’t let it faze him “We were just talking, Bruce was there too. We can check the cameras if you want”
“No” You denied the offer, “I only want Natasha’s word” Natasha clenched her jaw and stood straighter, mad at herself that she can’t even assure you of her loyalty at the time you needed it the most
She needs to do better
“Yes, it’s true. We were just talking” You nodded and let out a sigh of relief before you felt tears run down your cheeks. You’ve been holding it in for so long, you just can’t stop it now
Natasha’s legs immediately brought her to your side, holding you close as your shoulder shakes. Steve felt both guilty and relieved, so he decided to leave and give the two of you some space.
Natasha’s recent actions were reminiscent of all of Wanda’s covering acts of betrayal. It wasn’t hard to convince yourself that Natasha was having an affair too. That pain and paranoia Wanda gave you is something that will forever be engraved in your heart and mind, and even if Natasha was able to heal the bleeding with her love, the scars will always remain as a reminder but despite the scars, there inside you is the trust Natasha built over the years, she just needed to access it again with the keys
This time, it was her words that were needed
“I’m so sorry, my love. I didn’t realize I was hurting you” Natasha whispered, tears of her own flowing freely from her eyes
“It’s okay, I’m just glad I didn’t lose you”
Natasha brought both her hands to your cheeks and smiled “You’ll never lose me” leaning towards you, Natasha brought your lips together, tasting the bitter side of love
[You can stay, you can sway, back and forth
I'd do it too, no, I
Wouldn't know, how to let, lеt you go
If I wanted to, oh-oh, oh-oh]
You watch Natasha pick out the best-looking ingredients on the shelves while you roll the cart away. Silently following the woman and answering questions when asked. You like admiring Natasha doing mundane, domestic things. She never had the chance when she was living in the compound, always tucked away in her room eating take-outs or requests from Stark’s kitchen
She made it a mission to learn to watch out for good and bad ingredients and learn how to cook, pestering the chef in the compound to teach her and let her experiment there
Natasha immediately learned that you like your junk food too much, she lets you buy a few, picking out some of her own as well. Snacks that you two would share for the month are separated from the snacks that would be served to the guests. Sam, Bucky, Steve, and Tony always insisted on hanging out in your apartment, sometimes sleeping over when they get too drunk
Natasha makes sure to keep all the cabinets and the refrigerator full for the month
When you get home, you wash and wipe the groceries and she sorts them out to their places that you both got accustomed to. She learned to put each item in places where it’s easily accessible when needed, she learned all that by observing
After cleaning up, she would look around and admire her work, you would stand by her side and admire her
[Cold sweat in the bed
Swear to God
That I would die before I'd leave you
You say you know, when you know, well I know
Laying with you
I know time can change us, break us
Make us lose our minds]
“These are the bills for this month, these are the taxes and these are the budgets for other things,” Natasha said, sliding some papers your way. Your brows furrowed and your tongue licking your lower lips as you compute the numbers written on the paper neatly arranged in a folder
It’s Natasha’s favorite time of the month where she can calculate everything this month and plan everything else for the next month. Living with Natasha, you’ve learned to follow a routine, schedules, and budgeting
To others, it might seem like a pain but the way she cared for all the details in your life together can only make you stop typing on your little calculator and steal a glance at the woman who had the tiniest smile on her face as she read more of the receipts you two have accumulated for the month
With Natasha, you have never felt more organize and secure
Tumblr media
*Knock knock*
Natasha’s eyes squinted as she put on her earrings. You two will be going on a date but you will be going there straight after work. No one else said they’ll be coming in
Slightly irritated that she got interrupted getting ready, she sighed and went downstairs to open the door, taking her electric baton on the way, just in case
She waited once more for a knock and when there was another pair, she opened the door and saw you. She tilted her head with a curious smile aimed at you
“What’s happening?” She asked but you only flashed her a grin before pressing a button and music started
You sang the lyrics to her as you drop the placards on your side each time and Natasha smiling continuously, leaning on the ajar door trying to figure out what you’re planning
[I'll hold you 'til we're older
Love you when I'm sober
Be there 'til the air stops
Pumping out your lungs
You put the placards on the table and took Natasha’s hands, guiding her inside the house. You snapped your fingers and dim, romantic lights turned on. Natasha looked around in amazement
Kiss me like the first time (the first time)
Even at the worst times (the worst times)
Even when it hurts, I swear you keep me up]
You placed yourself in the middle of the living room, placed a hand on your shoulder and you held the other and her waist. You swayed yourself to the rhythm of the music as you sing the lyrics softly
Natasha giggled and moved with you. Sometimes, it annoys her that you act so rashly and become unpredictable but those times are what she enjoys the most
[I'll hold you 'til we're
Old, old, o-o-o-old
I'll hold you 'til we're older
Love you when I'm sober
Be there 'til the air stops
Pumping out your lungs]
You turn Natasha slowly and dipped her, you both chuckled when your spine cracked making your pitch unstable
“Maybe let’s stick to the basic swaying” She whispered and you snort
“I wish I can disagree” you answered before you started singing again
[Kiss me like the first time (the first time)
Even at the worst times (the worst times)
Even when it hurts, I swear you keep me up]
Natasha held you close for a while, her head leaning on your shoulders. The smell of roses from her shampoo filling up your senses and her hot breath fanning your neck. You felt like you were holding your world, and maybe in some are
You stopped dancing and moved Natasha to arm’s length, her head tilted in question. You slipped away from her but continued singing. You took something from the cabinet near the television and when you faced Natasha, her eyes widen
[Oh (old, old, o-o-o-old)
You (old, old), yeah (o-o-o-old)
I wanna hold you, wanna hold you, wanna hold you
I wanna hold you
To raise and pain, I wanna hold you, wanna hold you
You walked towards her once more, smiling before you slowly kneeled in front of her, the black box with a green gemstone ring sitting in the small cushion
“Natasha Romanoff, would you be so kind and make my dream of holding you til’ we’re old come to life?”
Natasha’s face was filled with tears, happy tears. She flashed you a smile before wiping it away “Gladly”
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p0orbaby · 13 hours ago
pregnant!natasha x female!reader request: nat getting frustrated at her own mood swings after kicking r out of their home in the pouring rain, bc r asked nat if she wanted “another piece of cake” & nat thinks that she said it in a judging tone lmao
Thank you so much for my first request! This was such a cute idea I started writing it straight away!
Authors note - This is my first Natasha x reader one shot so please go easy on me. My formatting might be a little dodgy at first but hopefully will get that sorted in the future. Also this was written in notes so don’t mind the errors! I’ll tag all my fics with poorbabyromanoffs for now so they’re easier to find until I sort a masterlist :)
Warnings - brief moment of sexual themes if you squint
Hold Your Tongue
If there was one thing that you knew about being married to Natasha, it was that she wore the trousers. Even if at this current moment, said trousered had a stretchy waist and were bought from the maternity section. She wore them nonetheless.
You had been walking on eggshells throughout most of your wife’s pregnancy. Her hormones making her mood change at the drop of a hat, and today wasn’t any different.
It all started this morning. It was her birthday so you had decided to get up earlier than normal to decorate the house with banners and balloons and get her birthday cake sorted before she woke up. That was you first mistake.
Apparently waking up alone on her birthday was not something she felt was the right move. Especially when she’s pregnant.
“But what if something happened to us while you were downstairs” she said as she waddled her way through the kitchen looking for something to eat.
“Nat, I was only a flight of stairs away, I’m sure if anything happened, which it didn’t, I’d be able to get to you both in time” you replied, trying to ease the situation before it got out of hand. She seemed to be appeased with your reply as when she turned around to face you, she smiled and held her arms out wide waiting for your embrace.
Your next mistake came around lunchtime .
Natasha had decided a while back that because she would be so far along by the time her birthday rolled around, she wanted to spend the day relaxing at home, with you. As it turns out, that was easier said than done.
Settling on watching a film together in the lounge, Natasha had her back to your chest whilst your hand rested on her bump, the telly droning on quietly.
On the verge of nodding off, all interest in the tv forgotten, you were jolted awake by movements from atop you. You opened you’re eyes to find Natasha struggling to get herself off of the sofa.
“Wait a second, let me help baby” you said as you shuffled from underneath her in order to help her up.
“No it’s okay, I’ve got it”
“Take my hand, I don’t like seeing you struggle”
The latter half of that sentence earned you a warning glare.
“I’m not struggling” she said, finally rising from her position with a huff.
I am capable of sitting up on my own you know”. With that she abruptly turned towards the stairs, to where you assumed she was headed for the toilet. Your suspicions confirmed when you heard the door slam behind her.
Letting out a sigh you made your way up the stairs towards to bathroom to patiently await your wife’s reappearance. Leaning against the wall next to the door for what felt like hours, until you heard grunting coming from inside.
“Nat, are you alright in there?” No response.
“Natasha answer me”. Nothing again.
Starting to worry, you wiggled the door handle, and upon finding it unlocked you made the decision to open the door and see what was happening on the other side.
To your surprise you found Natasha still sitting on the toilet, teary eyed and embarrassed.
“I need your help” she mumbled, barely loud enough for you to hear.
With a reassuring smile, you walked towards her and held out both of your hands for her to grab and you gently pulled her to her feet, pecking a kiss to her forehead when she was upright.
“C’mon, let’s get you back downstairs, whilst I start on the dinner”. This time she was grateful for you arm around her waist as you descended the stairs towards the kitchen.
The ultimate error you had made came after dinner. Everything was going great before hand. Natasha loved the food, she loved the cake even more and she was now humming to herself contently, pacing around the kitchen island whilst you started washing the dirty plates. Listening to how your wife seemed to harmonise with the rain hitting the windows.
So when the humming stopped and you heard cupboard doors opening and closing, you turned around to see Natasha rummaging in the pantry looking for god knows what.
You dried you hands on tea towel and walked towards her curiously only to find her eating straight out of a jar of peanut butter.
“Oh come on Nat, not the peanut butter, I eat that too, and I don’t want to end up eating whatever you leave behind in there” you laughed out as you took the spoon and jar away from her as she feigned annoyance.
“Well you’ve had worse things in your mouth before” she replied wiggling her eyebrows at you.
“Don’t start something you can’t finish love. Anyway if you’re still that hungry have another slice of cake”
That seemed to be the straw that broke the camels back. Natasha looked at you with fire in her eyes and it sent chills down your spine.
“What did you just say to me?” Her tone was laced with venom.
“I, uh, I said why don’t you have another slice of cake if you’re still hungry”
“What do you mean, another slice of cake?”
“Nothing, there’s still loads left so I thought you’d want more of that instead” her reaction told you that wasn’t the answer she was looking for.
If Natasha was a cartoon character, she would have turned bright red and have steam coming out of her ears. For someone so small, she didn’t half make you shrivel up in fear sometimes.
Walking towards you, prodding you in the chest as you backed out of the pantry, you had the feeling this wasn’t going to end well.
“I suggest you think about what you’ve just said to me if I were you” that’s when she stared to make her way over to the patio doors.
“No, Nat what’s going on” you replied as she opened the doors that led to the garden. You could feel the chill from the cold air from the other side of the room.
Looking at your wife with wide eyes hoping to God she didn’t mean what she was implying.
“You have three seconds to get out before you say something else you might regret”
“Nat, baby, you can’t be serious right now” the laughter in your voice didn’t seem to help the situation.
“Natasha, stop this, I didn’t mean it, I’m sorry. Close the door I don’t want you getting sick” that didn’t work either as she just held her ground next to the open doors with her arms folded across her chest.
You stood there pinching the bridge of your nose trying to figure out your next move.
“At least let me get a coat or something?”
“One” her raising her eyebrows at you meant that was your last chance to do what she said before you felt the wrath of the one and only Natasha Romanoff.
“Okay, fine you win” you finally said as you flung your arms in the air in frustration, making your way across the room.
Stepping into the rain in just your lounge wear and slippers was not something you thought you’d see yourself doing today. But alas, there you were.
As soon as your whole body was outside, you heard the doors close and lock behind you and you knew you’d fucked up.
If Natasha being annoyed at you wasn’t enough, it seemed as though a higher being agreed with her as the heavens opened even more, causing it to rain more than you thought possible.
Scurrying from your place on the garden wall, you found some respite from the rain under the patio canopy, curling up on a garden chair hugging your knees for warmth.
Realising you were sat under the kitchen window, you stood on the chair you were sat on and peeked inside to look for any sign of life. What you found made you smile.
Natasha was sat at the kitchen island, slice of cake in hand, eyes closed and dancing in her seat. For someone so incredibly stubborn, you’re not surprised to find her fulfilling herself in secret.
You decided to let her have her moment so you climbed down from the chair and returned to your sitting position. Knowing she’ll come around. You waited patently under the canopy.
After what felt like a lifetime, you finally heard the doors unlock.
Thankful for your wife’s change of heart, you ran inside grateful for the warmth that wrapped around you when you entered the house.
“Nat, honey I know you’re mad but come on love it was getting freezing out there!” You exclaimed, making your way to the sink to wring out your wet hair.
“I know, I’m sorry”, she looked at you with tears in her eyes that threatened to fall.
“I’m just so frustrated all the time. I’m massive, I can’t get up, I can’t put socks on. I eat constantly and I can’t stop crying. It’s driving me up the wall”
Her confession soon had you walking towards her and putting your arms around her shoulders to calm her down.
Lifting her chin up between your fingers in order for her to look at you. You sighed and kissed her in the top of her head, hoping to reassure her.
“Natasha, you’re growing a child. You can’t expect to be the same as you were before. Your body is helping our baby grow and it’s doing an amazing job. Don’t get yourself down about this, please” you hoped your words helped her see that everything will be alright.
You felt her relax in your arms after that.
“Sorry for locking you outside, I know I’m a pain in the arse”
“It’s alright Nat, but please if you decide to do that again, at least let me put some layers on”. She let out a small laugh and you knew things were right again.
“Anyway, you are a pain, but you’re my pain. Forever and always”.
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kassxndre · a day ago
J’ai vu que tu étais fan de Julie Zenatti, du coup tu penses pouvoir écrire quelque chose inspiré de la chanson Dans les yeux d’un autre ? Avec Wanda ou Natasha, s’il te plaît 🙏
A/N: There you go! Hope you’ll like it, good reading!
𝐈𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐞𝐲𝐞𝐬 𝐨𝐟 𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 | Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Summary: When love is too much to bear, when you only live in the shadow of your girlfriend, you end up finding the courage to think about leaving. And tonight, with so many questions jostling in your head, you might just be diving into eyes that might save you.
Warnings: break up
Masterlist | Character Masterlist
✦ ✦ ✦
To be bound hand and foot is to have no choice. It’s to feel trapped without being able to find the key that unlocks the dungeon. For you, it’s living on a love that destroys you but from which you cannot escape. After three years, this love is all that you’ve known of truer, of strongest. And yet, some evenings you dream of knowing something else. Why? Quite simply because Natasha doesn't know how to love. Because you will always come after the rest, after the Avengers. And because it destroys you.
But despite this growing pain deep in your heart, you never found the courage to leave the former assassin. You never knew how to leave. On the contrary, you stuck to her as if she were the last person on Earth, the only love you can reach. But that courage, that courage to think about leaving and really do it, you have to find it. It’s time.
But as you finally consider the idea of ​​loosening the chains Natasha puts on you, you realize you're scared. You don't know if anyone else could love you. You wonder if you're worth it.
Under the makeup that love draws
Will I have the courage to please someone again one day?
If it wasn’t her, all those words we drank,
Would anyone say yes or has the drunkenness disappeared?
Behind appearances hide so many secrets and so much desire. There was a time when you knew them, when you guessed them, but today you don't know anything, you don't see anything. You are just the woman stepping into Natasha Romanoff's shadow. Without ever looking away. Without ever going to look elsewhere. You remain faithful to this love which is vain. To this love that no longer brings you anything.
Tonight you are sitting at the bar and you are waiting. It's like every night, at those parties Tony Stark throws or all those gala and other charities. You came because Natasha asked you to and you don't know how to refuse her anything. But like every night, no sooner has she arrived than she already ignores and forgets you. So automatically, you trace your way to the bar and order a drink. You know it's going to be a long evening and Natasha won't come and talk to you once. It's okay, you're used to it. So you drown your pain in your glass and you smile at the bartender. He's probably the only person you'll talk to tonight. Like every other night.
Yet tonight something is different. Your thoughts race and quickly questions come up. Your eyes sweep the room and sometimes your gaze stops at a few women who you might have liked if you weren't with Natasha. And this is where the questions come back.
You wonder if, without doing anything other than being yourself, you could please one of these women. Could any of them look down on you and want you? Could she come over and talk to you? Could she want to get to know you? And if it was ever you who took the first step, you wonder if she would like you. You wonder if there is anyone in this room who could love you better than Natasha will ever love you again.
Could we still talk about my smile
And make my body the first of her desires?
Can it be that people love me, that they forgive my faults?
Will I be the same in someone else’s eyes?
Your eyes fall on the curves of a woman with dark hair and light eyes. You've never seen her here before. You would remember it if that was the case. She is one of those women who leave an indelible mark on everyone’s memory. One of those gorgeous and sensual women.
Your eyes observe her for long minutes before plunging into her eyes which are already looking at you. You then feel an unusual heat running through your body and the woman’s shy smile tells you that she feels the same heat. Your gazes tease one more moment, then you turn to take your drink. What’s wrong with you? Since Natasha, you’ve never laid eyes on a woman like this. You never thought about it.
But these questions run into your head as the woman walks up to you. You feel her presence behind your back and you wonder why there are all these things that make you wait for her like it’s the first time. Like it’s time for you to find something new. Something more beautiful.
She puts her hand on your shoulder, a shiver runs through you, you feel nervous next to her. You turn to smile at her and the blue of her eyes makes you want to love her to death. It is as if her gaze is offering you the most beautiful of wonders. As if suddenly nothing other than you existed for her. You don’t think Natasha ever looked at you like that.
It’s your heart that guides you when you smile at her and it's the first time you’ve looked happy on a night like this.
All these questions are jostling but you do not tremble. She offers you a drink and introduces herself to you. Her voice is like her face. A sweetness, an omen. And when she puts a hand on your thigh, all your fears slip away.
I don’t think badly, when my doubts are exposed
A normal feeling when you’re a woman I guess
If I ever lose her because we get lost sometimes
Could I please? Could I, tell me?
But something brings you back to the surface. Your doubts are stubborn. In a second, you get lost. What do you have to please her? What if she only wanted your body? What if she had no treasure to offer you?
You don't want to get lost over something illusory. You don't want to betray Natasha. But the questions keep coming back and you know why. You know that Natasha has surely betrayed you already, that she only likes the taste of your skin about you. Maybe right here, right now, she's in someone else's arms. Maybe you lose her.
But it's you that you waste every second of lying to yourself. When you tell yourself that you can hold on while this love is destroying you. It’s you that you lose every minute of your life.
The woman looks at you with concern. She can see that you are tense and she wonders if she is to blame. But suddenly you look up at her and the sparkle in your gaze reassures her. If she likes you, then so be it. If tonight she offers herself to you, why give it up? After all, Natasha doesn’t even think about you. She wouldn’t realize your absence.
Could we still talk about my smile
And make my body the first of her desires?
Can it be that people love me, that they forgive my faults?
Will I be the same in someone else’s eyes?
So when she starts talking about your smile like it's the greatest wonder in the world, this woman makes your heart beat again. A breeze of fresh air blows over your soul and it is happiness rediscovered. Suddenly you no longer feel bound hand and foot. You no longer feel a prisoner.
She whispers a few words of love to you and your smile widens. She is not interested in your past, she only wants your present so that she can offer you a future. She is ready to love you and forgive your faults.
These are so many words Natasha has never said and will never say to you. You know it. It's so much proof that Natasha will never show you. But it’s everything you need.
Could someone follow me for a look in the street?
Tell me that they want to experience the unknown with me?
Tell me that they love me, that they forgive my faults?
Will I be the same in someone else’s eyes?
That's why you surrender yourself to other arms. Because one look is enough for a woman to want to love you the way you deserve. Because it only takes a few sentences for you to feel alive again. Because in the eyes of this stranger, you found the key to the dungeon. Because now you're breaking the chains at your feet.
She takes you by the hand and you leave the party, without a regret. Without looking behind you. You are ready to live the unknown because you know that it’s better for you than all the shadow Natasha offers you. So, for the first time in forever, you don’t hesitate and you go.
You finally find the courage to leave it all behind. You find the courage to save yourself. To live again in the eyes of a woman other than the ones that made your tears flow.
You are reborn from your ashes. In the eyes of another.
Can it be that people love me, that they forgive my faults?
Will I be the same in someone else’s eyes?
But the eyes into which you plunge tonight are no longer the ones that made you believe in so many dreams, so much glory, so many promises that are broken today. The eyes you dive into show you what you are, someone good, someone who deserves to be loved. And those eyes, which share your love tonight, are not those of the one who saw you leave the party without a goodbye, without a look. These are not Natasha’s now teary eyes. These are not the eyes of the one who lost you.
✦ ✦ ✦
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Heart in Two Worlds (Part 4)
(G!p Natasha Romanoff x Stark!Fem!Reader x Lena Luthor)
TW: Mentions of torture
Summary: You managed to find your own apartment in National City with Alex and Kara's help. Your friendship with Lena Luthor continues to grow.
Tags: @unexpected-character
Previous parts:
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Year: 2020 (two weeks after you arrived at National City)
You never saw Lena again after she walked out of the glass room inside the DEO Headquarters. Since then, you've managed to meet Alex and Kara's other friends, Brainy and Nia.
Kara managed to help you get some documents for your stay at National City, finally allowing you to put all your money in the bank, and was also able to purchase your own apartment.
You were sitting at your brand new couch, watching a show on Netflix, when you heard your doorbell ring.
You checked your time, seeing as it was already ten in the evening. You doubt that it would be Kara behind the door because, at this time of night, she's usually on her nightly patrol in the city as Supergirl. On the other hand, Alex has a date with her girlfriend, Kelly, whom you've also met just recently.
After pausing the show that you are watching, you went up walking towards the door.
Opening it, you were surprised to see the raven-haired woman standing at your doorstep.
"Lena, what a nice surprise!"
You told her, stepping aside, allowing her to enter your apartment.
"I got your address from Kara. I hope you don't mind."
Lena sheepishly said.
You smiled at the sound of her voice, thinking that it was nice to be hearing it again.
"Of course, I don't mind, Lena."
You replied, feeling happy that she asked for your address even though you were practically a stranger to her.
"So, what brings you into my humble abode?"
You asked as you led her to your couch.
"I just wanted to apologize for suddenly leaving back at the DEO. After you told us your story, I felt terrible. I couldn't handle my emotions any longer."
Lena explained.
You frowned upon hearing her apology.
"Lena, you don't need to say sorry. I know my story isn't for the faint of heart. I told you guys about my powers because sooner or later, I would be forced to use them if an accident happened or if someone needed help. I never really liked hiding my identity from the people I would potentially see every day."
You told her.
"Y/n, I'm thrilled that you trust us enough to tell us how you suffered in the past. You are fearless, and I admire that about you."
Lena said, making you smile at her kind words.
"Y/n, I like you and want to be your friend, but before I can do that, I have to tell you something."
She paused, asking you if she could continue.
Already intrigued by what she has to say, you urged her to continue.
"After hearing about your past, I think you deserve to know why I truly acted that way."
She paused once again.
"As you know, aliens live on this earth as refugees after their home planets were destroyed. There was a project going on around called Campus, and their role was to conduct experiments on extraterrestrial beings, ultimately harming them. There's a large population against the alien race seeking shelter on our planet, my mother is included in that population who hates aliens, and she was the one who created the project, Cadmus. I was terrified after learning about my mother's evil deed. With the help of Kara and the DEO, they managed to apprehend my mother, finally shutting down project Cadmus. But I couldn't help but feel guilty after hearing about your story because my mother is practically the same as those men who would torture you back then."
You couldn't believe it. Lena was feeling guilty about something that she wasn't even a part of.
"Lena, you do not need to feel guilty, do you hear me? You are not your mother. You do not hate aliens. Heck, your best friend is an alien, and you built a freaking anti-kryptonite suit to protect her. You are an amazing person Lena, do not let your mother's evil deeds define you. You are so much better than that."
You told the raven-haired girl, placing your hands on both sides of her shoulders.
You let out a small smile after seeing Lena agreeing with your words.
"Thank you for trusting me enough to tell me about your past, Lena. I am very much honored to be your friend."
You added, earning a bright smile from her.
Both of you let out a small laugh. Lena couldn't believe how easy it was to open up to you. Your comforting aura continues to lure her into your life.
"Can I hug you?"
The raven-haired girl asked.
Without uttering another word, you gently pulled her into a comforting embrace. You smile, slowly taking in her sweet scent.
"I could get used to this."
You told her as you sighed comfortably, earning a small chuckle from the taller girl.
"Me too."
The next day, you went out of your apartment to meet Lena for brunch. With a baby on your tummy, she's decided to introduce you to her favorite diner famous for its humble yet delicious food.
Entering the diner, you were able to spot Lena immediately.
"Hi there, Lee."
You said, hugging the green-eyed girl.
"Hello, darling. I see you've already tried out your new car."
She said with a teasing tone. You blushed at the endearment that they used to call you. You were used to people calling you with sweet names, but with Lena, it felt different... good different.
"I did. I'm already in love with it."
You say, earning a light laugh from the older girl.
After your heartfelt conversation with Lena last night, you couldn't stop talking to each other about, well... everything and nothing. It was sad that the conversation had to end, but you've just learned that besides being a scientist, she also owns a multi-billion company called L-corp. She has to leave for work early in the morning, so as a consolation for leaving, she invited you out for brunch.
"I already ordered for the both of us. I hope you don't mind."
She told you, giving you an apologetic look.
"It's fine, Lee. I bet it would taste amazing."
You told her. With the various smells coming out from the kitchen, you do not doubt that the food would be delicious.
"So, I heard from Kara that you are looking for a job?"
She asked, starting a conversation with you while both of you wait for the food.
"Yeah, I am. If you can recall, I have a particular skill set and seeing that I am pregnant, I can't apply to be a DEO agent."
Lena nodded, understanding your sentiment. Before she could talk, the waiter excused himself as he started placing the food on your table.
Your mouth instantly started to water at the sight of the food. Both of you thanked the waiter before digging into your respective foods.
You moaned at the taste, earning a satisfied smile from Lena.
"Told you, it's delicious, right?"
Lena asked, really proud that you love her choice of food.
"Yes, this is my favorite now, too."
You said before going for another bite.
"Back to the topic at hand."
Lena started.
"What if you start to work with me at my lab? Kara said you have a master's and Ph.D. in Biotechnology, Astrophysics, Bioengineering, Computer engineering, and Civil engineering."
Lena gushed.
"Really? Work for you?"
You asked, thinking that this opportunity might be too good to be true.
"With me, and I don't see why not, y/n/n. You're a real genius, and your fields of study are pretty hard to achieve at such a young age. I am beyond impressed. Besides, I would love to be able to work with you considering that we excel in the same field... so what do you say?"
Lena asked, hoping that you would take her offer.
"Oh my god, yes! Of course, yes, I would love to work for you."
Lena smiled brightly at your excitement.
"With me, y/n/n, not for me. Do you mind if I give you a tour of the company today? After that, I'll have you sign your official contracts then you can officially start on Monday. I'll reserve the whole lab all to ourselves for the whole day."
With all the happiness and excitement running through your veins, you stood up to sit beside Lena, giving her a tight hug expressing your gratitude for the once in a lifetime chance she has given you.
"Thank you so much, Lee. You don't know how much this made me happy."
Lena's heart swelled with pride by your words. The feeling of your body hugging her so close gave her the feeling of butterflies erupting inside her stomach. All she could think about after your first encounter with her was you.
She wanted to be as close to you as possible your gravity is pulling her, and it's pulling her hard.
"Anything to keep you happy, y/n/n"
Part 5
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Tumblr media
Game Night
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader Word Count: 1296 Notes: Fluff and nsfw insuations Soundtrack: Pussy is God by King Princess
The subtle modern grays of the complex’s large living room were alight with striking white light and the room was full of laughter. It was game night and the team lounged comfortably coupled up and leaning against each other. You were sitting cross-legged next to Natasha on a soft dark couch, her arm stretched behind your head but didn’t touch you. You were tempted to lean back so that just one part of her was touching you. You ached for her hand to play with your hair as she may have if you were alone. To touch and be touched. You found yourself wishing for casual touches, goofy flirtations, and to be rid of the cautiousness that came with secrecy. You weren’t really sure why you had wanted it to be a secret.
That’s a lie.
You had wanted her all to yourself. In a space so communal, everything is shared, everything is available. When your feelings for her felt all-encompassing and all-consuming, you didn't want the world to know.
"Just you and me," You had said one morning. "No paparazzi, no press, no gross senators and obnoxious Tonies or Stephens. Just you and me in a little world of our own." She had smiled and caressed your face, placing a gentle kiss on your forehead.
"Just you and me."
In that silent, secret space you held for each other, her soft touch was endless, her wandering eyes were always followed by her skilled, relentless hands. Her sinful lips had since imprinted themselves in your memory. Her sly mind that knew each and every method of making you melt. You had learned the depths of her intelligence and history. Most of all, you had wanted time. Time to give a piece of yourself to her and in turn receive what she had to give.
In these late nights and on occasion even later mornings, you'd had time to allow yourself the pleasure of emotional intimacy. The way her eyes sparkled with passion and the way they welled with pain. All these moments now belonged to you. Safe and locked away in your little world.
The feelings aroused in your core as you watched her saunter cockily towards you, belonged to you now. The sway of her hips, the movements of her muscles as she fought and trained, her smirk, her smile, and the kiss in the corner of her mouth that teased you. Her presence was everywhere. The taste of her, the feeling of her wrapped in your arms, the adoration in her eyes when she looked at you, the feeling of her fingers as they played in your hair, when they pulled, when they massaged, you’d revelled in it all.
Now you were ready to show it, ready to kiss and lick and tickle and giggle in every public space in every store, room and kitchen. Ready for people to gather around a telescope and umm and uhh at the world you had cultivated with the woman you loved.
As the redhead beside you dominated uno, you moved over, slowly but surely, your whole body just slightly facing her. Her hand moved to draw circles on your shoulder, a silent confirmation that she was on board with whatever it was you were doing. You could feel her watching the grin spread across your face.
It was time for the next game. Natasha was too good, or too lucky and Sam was done losing to her.
“Look Sam, all I’m saying is that no matter which song you pick I can and will win with it,” She said only turning to him know that she would only continue to dominate. Sam was handing out game cards. On each card was the title of a song. The aim of the game was to fit the lyrics to a person in the room.
An often overlooked effect of this game was how revealing it always was and Twenty minutes into the game Sam had Bucky thinking he killed Tupac, Tony had given Pepper a shameless lapdance and Steve had been handing out ice-cold burns left and right. Also turns out Clint has been hiding a dog in the compound, somehow.
Each song brought new jokes and new reactions. At some point, you had let your hand fall above Natasha's knee and every time you laughed you let it fall slightly higher. It was starting to get to her and you could tell as she shifted for the fourth time under your touch.
She hadn't minded whether or not people knew. You were the only important part of the equation but she had to admit, if only to herself, she struggled to keep her hands off you. She enjoyed having you all to herself, truly seeing and learning who you were. She loved watching you become flustered beneath her gaze, the way you reached out for her when you were nervous, when your eyebrows arched in disbelief, and the way you smirked when you realised she was watching you. Her skin felt electric underneath your hands and when she caught your gaze, your cocky confident grin, she knew you were a) ready for people to know and b) intentionally teasing her.
“Alright, my turn kids,” Clint announced as he spun the bottle that laid in the middle of the coffee table. When it landed on Pietro he grinned, breathing on the back of his chosen song card he stuck it to his head.
“Where did he come from? Where did he go? Where did he come from blue-eyed hoe?” he sung jumping on the couch while finger-gunning Pietro.
“Cute old-timer, cute,” Clint winked at Pietro before sitting back down on the couch. It was your turn to spin the bottle, you glanced at your card, crossed your fingers, and spun the bottle. As you had hoped the bottle points to Natasha. You flash a cheeky smirk before sliding your hand higher up her thigh for only a moment before turning to face her completely.
“May I?” You asked. She nodded, silently watching as you stood and moved to stand behind the couch on the opposite side of the room.
“Your pussy is God,” You spoke, “and I love it.” You ran and leaped over the couch and coffee table, landing in front of her legs. You slid your hands up over her knees and parted them so you could kneel between them. Your hands slid up her thighs before resting on her hips. With a broad smile on your face at her shocked expression and her grip on your shoulders, you continued, panting slightly and drawing circles on her hips.
“Gonna kiss me real hard? Make me want it?” You leaned up so your face was millimeters away from hers. Her green eyes boring into your own, gleaming with lust and excitment. You tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and slid your finger over her jawline.
“You're extra special, something else. I've been looking for something I want and, baby, it's you. I’ve been praying for hours.”
Her hands lifted to cup your face, bringing your lips to hers in a heated kiss. Her lips were soft against yours and when her tongue slipped against your lips you heard a cough behind you.
“I didn’t see that coming…” Pietro said his mouth agape.
"You tryna catch flies with that mouth speedy?" Natasha mumbled over your shoulder.
“Really? I did.” Steve muttered Bucky nodding beside him.
“Uhhh… yeah no I didn’t see that coming,” Tony contradicted and the room burst into conversation.
“How could you miss it?” Wanda exclaimed.
“You read minds!”
You stood, about to sit back down beside Natasha when instead she grabbed your hand and lead you away, eager for all that was to come.
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cqsuanla · 13 hours ago
pairing: nat/f!reader
Natasha Romanov: superspy extraordinaire, Avenger, routine trespasser, and chore-avoider. Oh, and a romantic.
notes: fluff, couldnt get mediocre gfs out of my head<3
series: one, two, ao3
The lid of the trash closes with a rancid puff of air and an uplifting sense of finality. With a grimace, you wipe your hands off your jeans and head back in. It’s been a productive Sunday; you did all the house chores you’ve put off for three weeks, and now that everything’s done, you can finally rest.
Yawning, you head to the bathroom to toss your jeans in the laundry basket and wash your hands.
You open the door. Stop.
Nat sits on the lid of the toilet in only shorts and a sports bra, winding gauze around her arm. She gives you a passing glance. Folds the gauze over and attempts to tie it with one hand.
“You need help?” you finally ask, wrangling your leg out of your pants.
Nat gives up with a huff and drops her arm, waiting for you to wash your hands. “You finished all your chores?”
You give her a wry look in the mirror. “There’s a reason you decided to break in after I took the trash out.”
“First of all, you gave me a key. Secondly, why would I spy on my own girlfriend just to get out of housework? Thirdly,” she says with a grin and then reaches out to give your ass a quick pinch, “I think this should be a no-pants household forever.”
You try your best to frown disapprovingly at her, but you end up with a silly grin on your face anyway. “Are you ever not horny?”
“I wasn’t very horny earlier today when an asshole stabbed me in the back. Literally.” She gives you a handsome smirk, head tilted back and everything, and thrusts her arm out so you can finish dressing her wound. “Besides, you like it when I treat you like shit.”
You just shake your head, not willing to concede to that point so readily.
“Want a reward for being a good girl?” she coos in that sickeningly sweet tone of hers. Teasing. Not going to follow through. So, in your mental calculation, not worth entertaining.
“I could totally reopen your wounds right now,” you tell her, tugging the gauze pointedly.
“Then how will mommy treat you right, hm?”
You ignore her. Instead, you poke at her shoulder until she leans back with a hiss, so you can take a look at her stomach.
“At least give a girl a kiss before you ignore her and start digging your fingers into her open wounds,” Nat says, pouting.
“Eat shit.”
“Honey, you kiss your mommy with that mouth?” Nat fakes a gasp, very conveniently timed for when you take an alcohol swab to her scrape. Poser. “Oh, wait- you sure do.”
“Mommy, who’s taking care of whom right now?” you ask, sardonic.
Nat laughs. “My little baby wants to give topping a go?”
“As if you’re in any state to fuck right now.”
“You don’t know me.”
You stick a bandaid on her cut and stand up. “Kisses for the stranger.”
She leans up with a fond smile as you press down, meeting in the middle. There’s a faint trace of alcohol in her mouth, but her tolerance is insane, so you’re not worried about it. Her tongue licks into your mouth, and you make a pleased hum. Then, she withdraws despite your whine and gives your lip a playful nip.
When she pulls back fully, there’s a faint touch of red in her cheeks. You touch your fingertips to the scab on her forehead.
“Surely you Avengers have actual medical professionals to stitch you up.” You help her off the toilet, tugging her out of the bathroom by the hand.
She flips the light off on the way out. “I liked the idea of you being my cute little nurse.”
“That’s new,” you say as you cuddle up to her on your couch.
Contrary to what she says, you do know Nat. Well enough, in fact, to figure she doesn’t have the energy to fuck you well and good right now. Maybe tomorrow. What she needs right now is Netflix and the opportunity to make you grouchy and flustered, and needy. Predictable, your Nat. Utterly in love with you. On the flip side, you are similarly taken with that pain in the ass control-freak.
“Wanna order in?”
Nat shoves you over, so you lie flat on your back and drapes herself over you. “Mhm,” she says into your shoulder.
You tangle a hand in her hair, turning the TV on. “Pizza or something?”
“Yeah,” she grunts. “Later, though. Hey. Want to get married?”
You scrunch your eyebrows up, pulling her head up to look her in the eye. She stares back, emotionless. You think about it. Then: “…no?”
She rolls her eyes. “Just floating the idea. Don’t worry, sweetheart. You’d be post-orgasm five times over before I pop the question for real.”
“Oh, then sure. I’m a sucker for romance.”
Nat snorts, flopping back onto your shoulder. The show starts playing, and you smile, content in your home with your girlfriend in your arms.
“Like, what?” You stroke her back, thinking aloud. “You’d fill up your cock with cum and drop the ring in there too?”
“I’m thinking I’ll hide it in my vagina so it’ll slip right on when you’re fingering me.”
“You’d trick me into marriage, is what you’re saying.”
“You tricked me into dating you, so it’s only fair.”
You scoff. “How exactly did I do that?”
She runs her hand up your front, walking her fingers along your collarbone. Almost dainty in her movements. “Well, you looked so pretty, so fuckable. Really looked like you needed someone to ruin you. How is that my fault?”
“Big talk for a lazy cunt.”
“Big talk for someone who’s going to get it tomorrow.”
“Oh yeah?”
“Yeah. You’re going to cry so hard, all fucked out.”
You let out a laugh. “I believe you.”
“Of course, baby, my word is law.” She pats your cheek and then grips your jaw to twist your head towards the TV. “Now shut up. I killed a man to catch this episode.”
You tighten your arm around her middle and settle in for the night. You’re a law-abiding citizen, after all.
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lovelyavengers · 10 hours ago
This Cruel World
Natasha Romanoff/Reader
Words: 1,319
Summary: You had started to give up hope that you would ever meet your soulmate and be able to see colors that weren’t shades of gray, until one day she crashes into you on the street.
Soulmate AU: you only see in black and white until you meet your soulmate. 
Warnings: angst, major character death
part of soulmate september! 
Natasha Romanoff Masterlist • Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
You were walking down the street, deep in thought on your way to get your morning fix of caffeine. You watched cars and people move by you in black and white, and you dreamed about one day seeing them in color. But you had yet to meet the one person who could change how you viewed the world, and you were starting to give up hope. All your friends were in happy relationships with their soulmates, leaving you as the perpetual odd one out.
Then half the universe disappeared, and everything changed. A few people you knew lost the colors they could once see, as they watched their partners turn to dust right in front of them. You couldn’t even imagine what they were going through, and you were almost glad that you hadn’t met your soulmate yet. You knew that one person was always going to have to go through the pain of losing the color from their vision the minute their soulmate died, but it was always you thought about it happening when you were old, not now.
You had given up hope for ever meeting the person that the universe deemed your perfect match, so when someone crashed into you on the street, you didn’t expect to have your vision completely change. You watched in what felt like slow motion as colors bloomed from one corner of the world to the other, and the vibrancy of life that you had never been able to see was almost enough to take your breath away.
You were laying on the ground, almost too mesmerized to think about getting up. People started to stare as they walked by, and you were brought back to reality when you turned to look at the person you had just crashed into. She had stood up already, and she was looking around suspiciously, like she couldn’t believe what had just happened to her. You locked eyes for a moment, and she was one of the most beautiful women you had even seen. You didn’t believe in love at first sight, always calling it unrealistic and trite, but in this moment you were completely prepared to eat your words.
The moment didn’t last for long though, because you heard shouting in the distance, and the woman’s eyes widened. She took off running down the street, not even saying a word to you. You had just gotten back on your feet when a few men blew past you, obviously chasing the woman you had just discovered was your soulmate. You didn’t know what she had done for those men to be chasing her, and you wondered what kind of life she led, but you really didn’t care. All you could think about was how you had blown your chance to meet your perfect match, all because you were too tongue tied by her beauty.
You told your friends about the encounter, and they all asked what you were going to do to try and find the woman who had crashed into you on the street, a question you didn’t know the answer to. She looked familiar in a way, but you couldn’t put a name to her face, and you were a little dazed from the sheer shock of the experience. “I might just wait,” you said. “The universe apparently works in mysterious ways, so what if she walks right back into my life again?”
You could tell your friends thought you were crazy, and maybe you were, for changing your mind so quickly about the existence of a soulmate. You used to go around thinking about how it was impossible for two people to be meant for each other in every way, and now you were placing your future and your desire to meet a complete stranger again in its hands, without making an effort to find the woman yourself. As much as you didn’t want to admit it, part of you was nervous, and you were worried that if you did find your soulmate again, that she would not want to be with you.
Each day after that, you walked down that street whenever you could. You started frequenting the coffee shop on that street corner rather than the one next to your apartment building, and you found excuses to walk down that avenue whenever you could. Part of you knew that it was highly unlikely to meet the woman again in the same spot, because she was running from something when you crashed into each other, not taking a walk to work. But there was still a piece of you that believed you would see her again, or maybe you just wanted to believe, no matter how many times the more relational part of your brain said it wasn’t going to happen.
After nearly a year, you were starting to give up hope again. You could still see color, which meant that the woman was still alive, but you had yet to ever see her again. You started watching the news, hoping that one day her face and name would appear on your television, but nothing ever happened. The blip had taken up everyone’s collective consciousness, and even so far after the initial event, people were still struggling to adjust to what had happened to them. You didn’t even know what happened, and you considered yourself lucky to be one of the people who survived.
It took an entire year after that for you to figure out who your soulmate was, watching the news one evening as you ate. The UN was recalling the Sokovia Accords and officially pardoning all the Avengers who had resisted signing them, even though you didn’t think that the world governments had been actively looking for the superheroes-turned-fugitives for a while now. And when her picture flashed up on the screen, you were shocked that you hadn’t realized it sooner.
Your soulmate was Natasha Romanoff, the Black Widow herself. She must have been doing something important when the two of you crashed into each other. Part of you wanted to reach out, but how exactly do you contact an Avenger without sounding like you were out of your mind? It wasn’t like the number for the Avengers Compound was in the phone book, and you had no idea where it was physically located.
You never told anyone about your realization, because you didn’t want to be judged for your cowardice. But how could you ever measure up to an Avenger, and especially one as powerful and capable as Natasha Romanoff?
You settled for just knowing she existed, and you found yourself hoping she was doing okay. You wondered how she was handling the blip, because she probably had a more personal stake in its events than you did, and you hoped that you would not be one of the unlucky ones, who wake up one day only to find themselves back in the dull gray world you used to know.
And one day, almost two years later, your worst nightmare came true. You were walking down the street when it happened. The color went away in an instant, and you were left staring at the world in shades of gray once again. It was almost ironic that you were standing on the same street that you had first run into her on. Tears slipped from your eyes when you realized what had just happened, and you immediately turned around to go home, not even remembering what you had originally gone out for in the first place.
You hoped she didn’t suffer, and you hoped that she didn’t die in vain, but you knew that you would probably never understand what had happened to her. That night, you cried for the loss of what could have been, for the love that could have bloomed if things had happened just a little differently all that time ago.
- the end -
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Marvel/Agent Carter: @cap-n-stuff @marinettepotterandplagg @xixxiixx @itsbqueenthings @polireader @sunara-luna @old-enough-to-know-better73
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cantbeenough · a day ago
I'm thinking of writing new stories but I cannot choose the order, the options are:
Hydra!Reader x Natasha
Avenger!Reader x Natasha
Ghost!Reader x Wanda
What should I write first?
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just-another-wanda-fan6 · 2 months ago
y/n, in a high voice, holding barbie: hey ken! I was thinking about going back to school and starting a career!
Natasha, in a deep voice, holding ken: nonsense, barbie. you’re staying home and having my kids
Yelena: what the fuck are you guys doing?
Natahsa: playing systemic oppression
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subdaddyfreyr · a month ago
Red | N. Romanoff (NSFW)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Anon Requested: Hello :), can u write something where Nat is punishing reader but cross a line and reader have to call the safeword, and then Nat feels really guilty and confort reader? If you don't want to thats okey too, thanks
Warnings: Degradation and praise, daddy kink, soft dom Natasha, masturbation (Nat), ab riding, restraints, fingering, some edging and orgasm denial, vibrators, strap-on, breast play, nipple clamps, spreader bar, choking, overstimulation, dom/sub, aftercare
Word Count: 1,906
Tumblr media
"Nat, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry baby." Natasha ignored your pleads as she tied you down on the bed. She gave the restraints on your wrists a tug to make sure they were secure.
"No, you're not," she growled, reaching into the pocket of her jeans. Your eyes widened when you saw the knife. Natasha leaned down to your ear, smirking. "But you will be."
The redhead used the knife to cut the dress you were wearing, earning a whine from you. "Natty, that was my favorite dress!" She rolled her eyes at you as she finished the act.
"I'll buy you another one," was all she said before she threw the ruined material onto the floor. "And it'll be for my eyes only. Is that understood, kotenok?"
She waited for your response, a shy "yes, Natasha" falling from your lips before she moved onto your bra. Soon she was tossing it to the floor alongside your ruined dress.
After setting the knife aside, Natasha looked down at your body. She hummed softly as she traced every curve with her eyes before they looking into yours. "Color, detka?"
"Green." She smiled and nodded, leaning down to connect her lips with yours. It was a quick kiss, but it wasn't any less passionate than the past kisses she'd given given you.
When the redhead pulled away, she was serious again. Her glaring eyes bore into your soul. You knew exactly what was coming. Just the thought of it all had you wet.
"Who am I?" Natasha stated cooly. You bit your lower lip as you watched her peel the black leather jacket away from her body, tossing it aside. "Daddy," you whimpered.
"Do you know why I have to punish you, kotenok?" You couldn't help bit let out a soft moan when you felt her fingers tug at your panties. "Because I did something bad."
"And what was that?" Natasha pulled on your panties. The sound of the fabric ripping made you want to squeeze your thighs together. But your girlfriend stopped you.
"Answer me," she warned. You let out a whimper when you felt her attach the spreader bar to your ankles so you wouldn't try to close your legs again. "I-I was dancing..."
"You were dancing. But you weren't dancing with me, were you, detka?" Natasha lifted her shirt over her head and threw it to the floor with everything else. "N-No, daddy."
"You weren't just dancing, either." You shook your head as you watched her climb off the bed and unbutton her jeans. When the material hit the floor, you whimpered.
Natasha kept her eyes locked on you as she removed the last two pieces of clothing from her body, the fabric falling to the floor. A minute later, she was straddling you.
"Daddy asked you a question, detka." She grabbed a pair of nipple clamps and a vibrator from the drawer by the bed, earning a moan from you. "No, daddy. I wasn't."
"You were grinding against him, letting him touch what's mine. Isn't that right?" You gasped when you felt her attach the nipple clamps, your back arching. Nat smirked.
"Look at you," Natasha cooed, "such a dumb little whore. I haven't even done anything and you're already arching your back for me." You moaned loudly at her words.
But when you felt her press her thumb down onto your clit as she slowly pushed two fingers inside of you, you gasped and closed your eyes. "Look at me, Y/N."
You obeyed, your eyes locking back onto hers. "This body is mine, is that clear?" You whimpered, trying and failing to buck your hips due to her weight. "This pussy is mine."
"Yes, daddy." Natasha smirked when she felt your walls beginning to tighten around her fingers. You were close, she could feel it. "You're mine, detka. Mine to touch."
You felt the all-too familiar feeling in your stomach, your chest rising and falling with every breath you took and every moan you let out. "Mine to deny."
You whined when she removed her hand, watching as she leaned back on her other hand, giving you the perfect view of her own aroused state. "Mine to tease."
A moan rolled off her tongue when her fingers, the same ones that had been inside of you, slid into her easily due to your slick. "Y/N," Nat moaned as she touched herself.
You whimpered as you watched her add a third finger, her thumb finding her clit. You watched as her digits disappeared and reappeared, wishing they were yours instead.
"Daddy," you whined. The redhead ignored you and continued to fuck herself with her fingers, her green eyes never leaving you. She got herself off to the sight of you.
To the sight of you naked and tied down to the bed. To the sight of the nipple clamps on your breasts. To the sight of you whining and drooling as you watched her.
"Y/N," Nat moaned, curling her fingers inside of her own dripping cunt. "Oh, baby..." You moaned as you watched her grind against her fingers. "Fuck, daddy's cumming!"
Natasha groaned in pleasure as she came undone. After she'd finished riding out her high, she brought her fingers to your lips. "Get them nice and clean for me, kotenok."
You did, moaning when you tasted her on your tongue. Satisfied, she removed her fingers from your lips and crawled up your body, straddling your stomach.
"You're mine," she repeated herself as she grabbed the vibrator. You whimpered as you watched her lower it between your thighs. But when she turned it on, you screamed.
"Fuck! Daddy!" Natasha hummed, smirking at you as she held the vibrator against your clit while she began to buck her hips against you. You moaned loudly at the sight.
"I've always wanted to ride your abs. Did you know that?" The redhead moaned along with you as she slowly grinded on your toned body. "S'why I never train with you."
When the muscles in your stomach began to contract, signaling your fast-approaching orgasm, Natasha sped up her movements. "Get so turned on watching you train."
"Daddy, I-I'm gonna-" "Seeing you covered in sweat, seeing your muscles tense...shit," Nat interrupted you, moans falling from her lips. "I've touched myself thinking about it."
"D-Daddy!" You whined, earning a chuckle from the redhead. "I know, detka. I know. I can feel you tensing up," a sigh of pleasure tore its way past her lips. "Cum with me."
You screamed out in pleasure, her name rolling off your tongue alongside a few choice curses. Natasha leaned down and connected her lips to yours as she rode out her high.
She took the vibrator off of you, turning it off. "Still green, dorogaya?" You nodded up at her and Natasha smiled, pecking your lips one more time before crawling off of you.
You watched as she attached her harness, the sight of the toy making you bite down on your lower lip. It was your favorite one; fiery red, just like her hair.
Natasha removed the spreader bar and set it down on the floor. She pressed her lips to your ankles, kissing each of them softly before crawling to rest between your legs.
You gasped when you felt her ease the toy inside of you, her thrusts slow and gentle at first. But it didn't last. She began moving faster, began fucking into you harder.
"You take daddy's cock so well, baby girl." Natasha cooed, lowering her lips to your breasts. She kissed and nibbled at the skin as she removed the nipple clamps.
You hissed when your nipples were freed, the cold air hitting the sensitive, erect buds. Natasha wrapped her lips around the left while her fingers tugged on the right.
"Your breasts are so beautiful, detka." She hummed against your skin, earning a soft moan from you. She smiled proudly at the marks she'd made on your chest.
"They're beautiful, and they're mine." You nodded harshly, bucking your hips to meet her hard thrusts. Then she returned the vibrator to your clit and turned it on.
"Fuck!" You screamed and arched your back as you came undone, coating Natasha's plastic cock with your second orgasm. But that didn't make her stop fucking you.
You lost count of how many orgasms she'd pulled from you after the fifth one. It was getting to be too much, but you didn't say anything. You didn't want to disappoint her.
She returned to the space between your thighs with another toy, a rabbit vibrator that she guided into you slowly. She turned it on and brought her thumb to your clit.
You began to cry, unable to take anymore. "Red! R-Red!" Natasha stopped what she was doing, immediately. She turned off the vibrator, carefully pulling it out.
She took the nipple clamps that she had put back on you off again, she removed her hand from your throat, and she released you from the restraints you were bound by.
"Shh," Natasha hushed you as she pulled you into her arms, your face buried in her chest as you laid on your sides. "I'm sorry, detka. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you."
You shook your head and mumbled against her chest, "y-you didn't." The redhead let out a heavy sigh as she lifted your head, making you face her.
"Why didn't you say something sooner, kotenok?" You shrugged and tried to look away, but she didn't let you. The look she gave you made your heart skip a beat. "Y/N..."
"Didn't want to disappoint you," you mumbled shyly. Nat frowned and pressed her lips to your forehead, kissing it softly. "Hey," she whispered, "you could never disappoint me."
You went quiet and nodded, even though you didn't believe her words. Nat pulled you into her arms as she stood up, carrying you to the bathroom in your shared apartment.
She sat you down on the edge of the bathtub, one arm still wrapped around you while her free hand prepared the bath. "Lavender or strawberries and mint tonight, detka?"
"You pick," you answered with a soft smile. She returned your smile with a nod, opting for the strawberries and mint scented soap before helping you into the bathtub.
"You stay here and enjoy your bath while I go make you some of that tea you love so much." The redhead disappeared before you could object, returning twenty minutes later.
She was in a pair of sweats and a black tank top now, her hair tied back in a brad. In one hand was a towel, fresh out of the dryer. In the other was the tea she promised.
Natasha set the tea down and walked over to you. You let the water out of the tub and rose to your feet, sighing when Natasha wrapped your body in the warm towel.
She helped you out and pulled you into her arms the moment your feet touched the bathroom floor. You smiled when you felt her lips on your forehead.
"Put fresh sheets on the bed, and your favorite movie is in. Just have to hit play." Your smile turned into a grin. "I don't deserve you," you whispered softly.
Natasha frowned. "No. No, you deserve someone better." You giggled at her words and leaned in, lips an inch away from hers. "There's no such thing. I already have the best."
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