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Lucy is not weak nor usuless.

i dont understand people says lucy didnt defeat acnologia. but they accept natsu did. hOW CAN U SAY THAT? OKAY SHE IS NOT THE ONLY ONE PERSON BUT NATSU NEITHER. she used all the people’s magic power and natsu used all dragon slayer’s magic power. she planned all things. if she didnt, they couldnt catch acnologia and probably ishgar would be destroyed. sO SHE ISNT A WEAK CHARACTER.

she is not like erza, natsu, cana or other guild member because they always fought and went to jobs on their childhood. but she wasnt. also i dont think her father to let her studied magic. (her mother died because of magic, why would he let to study her?) i mean she literally started using magic at the age 16-17. but still she is so powerfull.

why we didnt so much see this outfit?
why we didnt so much see this outfit?

she has got stardress, she could open the three gates same time and she could open the celestial spirit king. she defeated jackal, lamy (?), short-term mard geer and she was the only one save the all guild. if she wasnt there fairy tail would lose.

why we didnt so much see this outfit?
why we didnt so much see this outfit?

we have a lot moments like that. but toxic people just says “she there is because of fanservice.” DUDE DO YOU THINK SHE IS THE ONLY ONE? gray always naked. literally he is. also in the manga all of character do the fanservice. bur animation studio cencor them. (why r u put just lucy’s fanservice?)

also she is so smart.

why we didnt so much see this outfit?
why we didnt so much see this outfit?

i mean, love my little girl or shut up ur fucking mouth. cause u dont have a real excuse to hate her.

+im sorry for my english. if i have a wrong please fix me.

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Aesthetic/Moodboards for my OCs, 10/? : Princess Natsumi

Also known as Natsu, Natsumi is the Princess of the Fire Nation during the time of Fire Lord Izumi, her mother. After learning of her father’s death, Natsu lost her ability to firebend and is now only able to manipulate heat. She immediately took to mastering swordsmanship, martial arts, and wielding metal fans. Now she’s headed to Republic City for an adventure like the ones her beloved grandfather told her about.

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The final part of my ficlet. Hope you enjoy, it’s very spicy~

Summary: Natsu’s life was filled with cold until the warmth from Lucy’s eyes surrendered to his own. From then on, the chill from the outside world could no longer affect him. Lucy’s mate Natsu is the most important person in her life, he puts a fire in her belly that she’s never felt before, and it seems to be boiling over to a point she can no longer handle.

Part 12

Clicking the door shut, Lucy padded further into her room. It was enshrouded in darkness in response to the fully descended sun, however, she didn’t have to turn on the light in order to see. That was thanks to the star like decals stuck on her upper walls and ceiling that gave the room a tender glow. Seeing the constellations, manmade or not, above her filled her heart with comfort and cleared her mind slightly.

The girl let out a final sigh before shrugging her shoulders dejectedly, “Well, that went better and worse than I thought.” She grumbled.

Ambling out of her clothes while walking towards her dresser where she kept her nightwear, Lucy finally got herself down to her underwear right as she pulled open the drawer. The sight that greeted her was one of Natsu’s forgotten shirts tucked away and folded neatly at the side of the pile. Quickly without a thought, she placed it on her bed before pulling on a robe and heading to take a bath.

Thirty minutes later after the soothing rivulets of warmth from her bath attempted to quiet her senses, the blonde found herself back in her room and once again staring at the article of clothing. Feeling like she was a glutton for punishment, Lucy daintily let go of her towel and pulled the soft cotton over her needy form, the heated bath unfortunately doing nothing to calm down her heat but heightening it further and making her skin prickly sensitive. The effect of her heat was shown even more when she dragged up the lace of her underwear along her legs forcing herself to bite her lip in order to hold back a moan. Sighing at herself, Lucy pulled back to see how the shirt looked in the mirror, she noticed it fit like always, tight in some areas, her bust and hips, while loose at her shoulders and long at the hem ending midway at her thighs. The shirt was a dark blue color with nothing on it besides a few singed marks that Natsu had made playing with fire. His habit was amusing when she didn’t have to bust his ass for starting fires in their house, ironic considering his job was to put them out.

Just the smell of the shirt, completely overrun with his essence—akin to an ever-burning flame, was enough to really set her off. It was maddening and frustrating to say the least, the desire never going out but knowing she could never truly act on it.

Flopping onto the bed while letting out an exasperated sigh, Lucy pulled her pink painted fingers through her wayward hair and past her floppy ears as she stared up at her ceiling. She could see all the constellations, Virgo the Virgin, Leo the Lion, Sagittarius the Horse, Taurus the bull and so on. Natsu had surprised her one day by putting them up after she had come crying late at night in his room, complaining about the darkness. It was early on in their new living arrangements and she understandably hadn’t been used to being separated from him while they slept especially at night. Despite their mutual desire to sleep with each other in the same bed, they wanted to respect Granny’s wishes as she had let them stay in her home without payment. Instead of breaking that promise, Natsu had took it upon himself to mold the clay, form them into the correct outline, and paint them with the appropriate glow-in-the-dark paint before sticking them on her walls and ceiling in the correct formation as well as he could. He had known that Lucy enjoyed talking with Granny about the stars, but that she was not always able to go out and see them if the weather was bad. So, he brought the stars to her permanently.

It was one of the grandest gestures Lucy had ever received and a snapshot of one of the many moments Lucy realized she was in love-love—real love with Natsu.

Pointing in the air, Lucy traced the shape of Draco, Natsu’s favorite—giggling at the memory of the boy posturing himself as a dragon after their televised teacher explained what one was, despite it being obvious to Lucy he was but an ‘ordinary’ fox boy. She had nodded along happily when he went around roaring in their cage and blowing “fire” into the air and along the bars of the entrapment, roaring that he would get them out determinedly. Lucy had fell over laughing at his antics, remembering that those moments were some of the few that got her through living the way that they did.

Rolling over on the bed, Lucy felt her mind wander to her mate again, thinking about what he was doing and if he was already asleep. She felt her body become restless, her own sleep nowhere near her mind as she gazed fitfully at the darkened objects in her room. Sighing, Lucy rolled over and over on her sizeable bed, trying to use her bored actions to ignore the almost painful tingles of her heat zipping up and down her body, until her head was dangling off the sides and she had to catch herself with her hands out on the ground before she could fall.

As her eyes adjusted, it was then that she could see an object, square in size and oh so taunting. It was her mail from earlier. From Cana.

A moment’s pause had taken over the room as Lucy mulled over the object in her brain, so much so that she didn’t realize herself when her hand, strikingly pale in the soft darkness, reached out and snatched it up from under the bed, and she brought it up and over with her own form until she sat upright on her comforter with it in her hands.

“J-Just a peek.” She whispered anxiously, hoping it would at least distract her from the heat that was slowly creeping towards pain in her gut, she could feel her palms sweat and her heart quicken. Her eyes wide as she took in the box as if she could see through the barrier of cardboard and at its contents. With shaky hands and a stuttered breath, Lucy moved to take out the booklet.

There in her palms held Natsu. His usual determined look when facing a fire, except somehow in this light his expression was sexy. Breaking the right or wrong barrier in her mind, Lucy finally willed herself to flip the page of the booklet and observe its contents. Not being overly thick, she didn’t have pictures upon pictures to look at which was something that should be calming, but Lucy figured that it wasn’t quantity that Cana was going for here, but quality. Whatever pictures Cana took were sure to be the end of her.

Gazing at the next page, Lucy realized her suspicions were correct. The picture staring back at her made her throat tight and her breath quickly escape from her chest. Natsu was pictured, seemingly arriving back to the fire department base after defeating the fire from the cover page. He was casually ripping off his fire proof vest, the coiled muscles of his arms pulling the material up and over his chest, the strain of the linen making his arms flex and giving a small peek at the hidden strength of his body. There was nothing under the vest, so Lucy’s eyes were able to take in the rippling muscles of his chest, bulging biceps and stacked abs. Even the slight burns he got from the fire with ash and soot covering his chest made her pant. The sight made her body visibly slacken. Her insides twisting and twirling as the nerves reacted to the pleasurable visual bequeathed to her. Lucy bit her lip as her tawny gaze dragged down his torso, lined with succulent drops of sweat, over his rosy nipples she could imagine her lips wrapping around, the happy trail of pink acting as gumdrops and lollipops leading to a sweeter morsel, and then the long-jagged scar that Natsu received the day they got out. It matched the scar along his jaw, and unlike the numerous times before when the sight made Lucy’s gratitude towards her partner heighten extraordinarily while also reminding her of the pain they went through, this time the sight just made her more ravenous for him. Her baser instincts reveling at the fact that he would go to such lengths for her.

She always knew it, especially then, that he was everything she could ever want, plus more. Brown eyes pooled over with a fond warmth as she traced the scar at his side with her finger, musing at how sensitive she knew he was there.

With assured vigor, Lucy turned to the next page, not realizing that her heart picked up speed from anticipation and her mouth had pooled over with saliva. Lucy fell back onto her bed and took in the next picture.

This one was even more debilitating. So much so that Lucy had a war within herself to be either angry that Cana was such a voyeur to her mate or grateful that she got such a good picture. In this one, Natsu was completely naked in a bath house. Highly irritated that another woman got a look at her mate in such a state, Lucy pouted, musing over the ethicality of this one and how she’d have to talk to Cana about it later. Even so, it didn’t diminish the blush that fought hotly onto her cheeks and the obvious way her body reacted to the sight. She had seen Natsu naked before, but this was different. In the past it had been innocently when they were kids taking baths together, they hadn’t really looked at each other naked since then and the shock of the picture was enormous. However, she thankfully couldn’t see everything, Natsu was bent over kneeling with one foot and knee flat against the pool’s edges, his head titled up as his hands pulled through his salmon locks, and his eyes were closed in relaxation. All of the important parts were hidden from Lucy’s view, but it was still a sexy picture. So sexy in fact that an itch started below her waist that rubbing her thighs together barely kept away. She felt hot and tingly all over seeing his hair wet like that knowing it was a look she usually found herself enamored by. She could really see how his endless cycles of exercise paid off, remembering that Natsu didn’t quit his regimen after leaving the lab. He had the obvious strength fit for a leader of the pack and that knowledge did something to the baser part of Lucy. She felt humbled by him in every way, wanting nothing more than to let him take all that he could from her and show her in the throes of their passion his undeniable strength.

Pages upon pages were flipped through, the next hotter than the one before, until Lucy was a simmering panting mess on her sweat soaked bed sheets. Her legs were twitching with anticipation, chest heaving and fingers jumping at her sides to touch herself and dull the pain. Natsu’s shirt had pulled up in her restlessness to her upper stomach, revealing her long legs and pitifully wet lace underwear. She could smell her headiness in the air, knowing it wouldn’t simmer down easily especially if she kept this up, but she flipped the page of her booklet to the last one anyway.

This one.

This one sent a shock down her spine so fast and hard she cried out from shock. It was probably the simplest picture of the bunch. Hardly lewd in a situational sense given it was taken in a public space and Natsu was mostly clothed, but it was his expression that got the poor girl. Natsu was leaning against a doorway, the tattered wood from multiple fights along its pane hinting to Lucy that it was Fairy Tail. His chest was mostly bare, open to the space thanks to the black tank top he was wearing that was torn apart and barely hanging onto him after another heated fight. Lucy could see the purples and blues of heavy punches that were landed on him, dotting even up to his cheeks and jaw which paired with his defiant look made it oddly erotic. Lastly, over his roughly askew salmon hair was his usual beanie that was barely hanging on to hide his identity from the masses. These things were almost inconsequential although hot, as Lucy was sure Cana wanted it to be. What caught Lucy’s attention and held it, was the roguish grin Natsu was sporting on his face, showing his sharpened incisors and a threatening gleam from his teeth. A pretty typical expression of Natsu’s if not from the dangerous darkened glare he threw at his opponent intercepted by the camera.

Lucy looked down and saw that his arm leaning against the door was held up, lazily playing with the fire coming from one of his many liters he had for no other purpose for than to play with—wait actually, this one was Gray’s that he carried around even after quitting cigarettes years ago, and Lucy instantly remembered where this scene was from. It was after Natsu fought Gray and Gajeel, both of the men going at him at once, but something was different in Natsu that day and he was able to get one over on them. Turning the boys on their heads after a good tussle and then stealing Gray’s lighter as a sign of victory. Their friend Ezra had yelled at him to leave so Gray and Gajeel could calm down and then Lucy had groaned at Natsu as he headed out of the bar that he was an idiot in agreement with the red head. She had little chance to expect him to turn around and lean on the door handle to sport this pose. She had remembered what he said to her then, confidence literally leaking from his pores and grin feral enough that it had her squirming in her seat even when she wasn’t going through her spell of heat. “What? You want to play with me next Luce?”

Hearing him say that and then wink knowingly had made Lucy more aroused than she ever remembered being outside of her heat. It had instantly made her think the time was coming again soon until she realized later that she wasn’t due for the spell until several months later. It was one of the first moments Lucy realized she would want Natsu in that way under the lure of her heat or not. Many moments like that happened again afterwards that blatantly showed she was utterly attracted to Natsu and wanted him to claim her. It made her quickly realize that the goal of her heat wouldn’t be a mistake afterwards. He was the only person she wanted to give herself fully to. She never had the confidence to express this feeling to him before, always afraid of his reaction or if he rejected her all those times not just because she seemed out of it, but because he genuinely didn’t want to do that sort of thing with her.

Now that she knows he does…

Lucy didn’t stop herself when her hand smoothed itself down her thigh and against her lace center softly as if the appendage had a mind of its own. Her other hand grasped the hem of Natsu’s shirt, pulling it up further as the pads of her fingertips glided over the soft skin of her stomach and the hills of her ribs until the buttery smooth feeling of the underside of her breasts greeted her. The soft sounds of the night came through her window of crickets chirping and wolves howling, settling her into a sense of calm as she explored her excited flesh.

A heady blush graced Lucy’s cheeks, making her turn her head away, she basked in the feeling of her sensual teases, her right hand now grazing over the heated flesh of her womanly folds until she was flicking lightly at the band of her panties at her hips. Her left hand now barely touching the roundness of her breasts, her own lingering touches slowly building a fire within her as she gazed at the last picture of Natsu lying on her pillow beside her where she tossed it.

Her left hand finally started flicking at the budding protrusion of her nipples, pulling light gasps and whines from the girl as her right hand started slowly pulling sheer lace down her trembling legs.

Seeing Natsu’s eyes deep and dark in the picture giving off the fire he always seemed to carry there except this time more dangerous, suddenly made Lucy frustrated. Her hands were far too soft and small, too gentle compared to the caresses and grasps she knew Natsu would place on her.

Incensed, Lucy grabbed a rough hand full of her breast, quickly ripped off the rest of her underwear and palmed her center tenderly. The blonde called out into the night, eyes tightly closed imagining it was Natsu as she hiked up her legs and spread herself wide for him. She could hear him murmuring in her brain how pretty she was laid open for him, how he would lightly tap at her overflowing pussy and watch her jump from oversensitivity to emphasize how easily he could get her to be his bitch. She would love it.

Lucy panted, pulling even rougher at her rosined nipples as Natsu’s shirt was pulled so far up her torso it had stuffed in her mouth. His flavor and musk so strong and delicious as it fell on her palette that she became delirious.

She could feel herself soaking up the bed, her clit now engorged as she rubbed at it fitfully, pulling a long needy whine from her throat. Lucy was over the hills now and knew she wouldn’t be able to find her way back until she was filled, filled to the brim with Natsu’s essence. In the back of her mind she prayed that she could keep this in her room without actually seeking out the man.

Something deep inside of her built up the longer she played with herself, her inner walls opening up and engorging with blood, called for her to neglect her clit and sink not one or two but three fingers inside of herself.

“Aaaah” Just at the feel of her fingers inside of her, released and ignited something pent up within the girl. Thrusting her fingers in and out of her soaked folds, Lucy blinked wearily up at the ceiling almost amazed at the intense sensations as her stomach tightened and relaxed over and over again. She shifted her shaking legs until she found that spot that brought her to the precipice of where ever she was going, nipples puckered into the night air as she flicked them over and over, the sensations bringing her conscious closer and closer to that golden hue until…unsurprisingly, it was for naught. Time after time, her high inevitably fell down and she was back to square one. After the fifth try at bringing herself to release, Lucy was brought to the realization, frustrated and with tears soaking her pillow beneath her. It wasn’t enough, her fingers weren’t going to be enough.

Pulling her fingers out of her soaked and borderline abused pussy, Lucy bemusedly gazed at the clear fluids flowing down her hand and to her arm.

It was at the moment that Lucy considered mixing the taste of Natsu from his shirt with her own essence in her mouth, that her bedroom door slammed open.

There in the darkness of the hallway stood her mate.

His pink hair was ruffled and tossed like he had been pulling at and yanking it nonstop. His body was stock still and hulking outside of the door, grip deathly tight around the door knob that he used to slam it open. But most engrossing of all was his jade green hues, Lucy had never seen such a striking look from him, it was almost crazed. So piercing, and glazed over that she couldn’t see any humanity within them. He looked ready to pounce.

And… she loved it.

“Natsu.” Lucy whispered.

A deep belly growl is all that left him, so bestial in fact that it shook Lucy to her core, anyone would be sure to feel like they were being dowsed with cold water after hearing it. Instead, in her state that she was in, it just made her more aroused if impossibly so as her legs widened open and she beckoned to him with her hand covered in her juices pointed out to his direction.

The man, no beast, before her flared his nostrils before seemingly gliding over to her within seconds. Before Lucy could even blink, he had snatched her hand towards him, bringing the soaked fingers to his face. Piercing green eyes glared deeply into her own as he glossed his full lips with her fingers, groaning as it wet his palette. He tightened his grip on her wrist and heaved a deep sigh out his nose at the smell on his lips, never breaking his intense gaze with her.

Lucy gasped at the erotic sight, crying out minutely when he finally put her fingers into his hot mouth and sucked on them right in front of her. The groan that left him then, jade irises rolling to the back of his head, and hands that clenched Lucy’s wrist even tighter had the girl almost creaming on her bed.

“Lucy.” The reverb in his voice was guttural and nowhere near human, it’s deep rumble calling out for her to submit and do anything he wanted.

“Natsu…please I need you,” She panted into the air completely desperate for his touch at this point. Her face the pure definition of need.

The rumble from the man’s stomach was more than pleased as he finally let go of her fingers from his mouth with a distinct 'pop’, and hovered over her, hands flat against the side of her golden tresses, to cage her in.

The heat between them as their eyes stayed locked could have been enough to set the whole place ablaze. Inside Natsu’s viridescent hues, Lucy could see a battle rage despite their lusted over glaze. No matter that her body was sweating, permeating her arousal heavily throughout the room and directly into his senses, or that her breasts and core were barred to him, he still held back. It was apparent that his care for her was so deep, that even to this point he hesitated. Lucy felt tears come to her eyes, reflooding over the previously frustrated ones. She wished her heat would take a pause as well. All she could see, smell, and even taste in the air was Natsu and with his form hulking over her in ways she only dreamed about, it took every morsel of control in her body to not just tackle him down herself and take what she wanted. Her instincts called for the action, selfishly knowing her challenge would completely wipe the last vestiges of control from his form and his instincts would force him to make her submit.

Fighting that urge, which was stronger and surprisingly one of the most painful feelings of her life—akin to pulling bones from her body with fire roasted pliers, Lucy eventually calmed herself. The process was simple despite the exponential effort, she was able to do so by closing her eyes, expelling her breath and centering her mind. She was careful to keep her breath expelled so as to not breath him in and reignite the fire in her belly.

Natsu was also struggling, more than he’d ever before. Just seeing her in the most perfect position a mate could be in to offer themselves up to their partners but at the same time having to force himself to hold back was like drowning in lava. She was blatantly serving herself up like a platter and he couldn’t do a damn thing! He was quite literally at his limit, but that fear would not subside, especially as the dark voices in his head whispered all things he needed to do, not sure if it was his own desires or that of the drugs implanted into him.

He wanted to take her, this beautiful creature below him.

Take her…

Her pleading molten eyes, shadowed with an attractive flush.

Have her…

The moue of her lips widened to release her hot panting.

Make her yours.

He just couldn’t hold back; she was his and would always be. What was wrong with taking a bite? She wouldn’t mind. She wanted him too. What was he worried about again?




The sweetest of smells just kept curling into his nose. Just fall into it and let everything all go.

Natsu lulled, a deep onyx taking over his eyes.


W-Wait! Natsu squeezed open his eyes clearing the voices and truly looked at Lucy, his Lucy.

His mind muted—even with the mouthwatering taste of Lucy still on his lips, as he noticed the girl calm slightly and reopen her eyes to his gaze, her centeredness allowed him to focus on her eyes as well. The love and true delight he saw there, made his heart explode with heat, a tingling down his spine that made his ears slack and his tail lull in a way that he couldn’t remember feeling before. He didn’t think he could be in love with another person more than the girl right there, at that moment, below him.

“Natsu, I love you. It’s okay. I want this more than you can imagine,” Lucy whispered calmly, her hands moving up to caress his tense, distressed face and not at all hesitating even when he growled at her warningly.

“L-Luce, I want you too.” He finally stated, his hands tensing and almost ripping her pillow to shreds but he held still. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

Lucy shook her head, tilting it slightly as the pink of her lips formed into a smile and her warm brown eyes sparkled. He never found her so beautiful.

“You won’t. Remember, I’m a hybrid too.” A thought came to mind that suddenly made her expression change. “And…I can take it.” Lucy smirked and bit her lip coquettishly.

A grumble left Natsu’s belly at the challenge, acknowledging the taunt even more when his still covered lower half ground into her center and made the girl gasp out an uneven breath.

“Oh really?” He teased along with her, not even realizing his fears had started to melt away.

Biting her lip harder, Lucy nodded dazedly, slowly losing the control she was starting to gain at the feel of him. Her passage already so sensitive it was clenching down on air, desiring something much larger than her hands that she just knew Natsu could give her. “In fact, I might be the one to hurt you since I’m the one in heat.” She whispered even lower knowing Natsu would be able to hear her regardless. She lowered her eyes and blinked her lengthy lashes at him innocently while smoothing her hands on his face, and through his stunningly soft pink spikes until she wrapped them fully around his neck, bringing brought the boy closer until he was only centimeters away from her face. “You’d better stop me before I take control.” She teased fully, playfully licking his lips with her tongue and giggling at his shocked expression.

The got Natsu going, fulling releasing the beast with no holds barred.

Natsu yanked his hands down from her pillow causing the girl to moan as she distinctly heard fabric ripping. She didn’t have the mind to care, knowing that if Natsu lost control, nothing in his sight would be remise from damage even herself. However, the thought didn’t scare her so much that it excited her into even more tears of happiness. She wanted him to mark her, bite, scratch and grab. She wanted to walk around limping tomorrow with the love juices still leaking out of her insatiable twat because they’d only finished up seconds ago, she wanted him to drag her back to bed after she’d scraped her nails against his semen and placed it back inside her of her sinful little mouth because he just couldn’t get enough, she wanted the whole world to know she was his bitch in heat, and only for him, to take as he pleased.

The fantasy had made Lucy sigh heavenly, the most erotic look covering her face as Natsu fisted her thick thighs in his hands and spread them even wider apart for him to grind his joggers covered groin into her own. Her tongue had slid out gracing her lips, eyes teary and dazed as she let out the most mind tingling moan he’d ever heard. Growling, the man dunked his head down to her bared neck and licked it from collar bone to chin while she tried dutifully to push down his sweat pants with her feet, thankfully not having to worry about a shirt on his chest as it had already been removed before he came in to her room.

Whimpering at the feeling of his delightful torture, Lucy presented her lips to his feasting mouth and they finally shared their first kiss for the night. In Lucy’s completely gone conscious, the feeling was like a blast of colors spreading from her eye lids to her brain, hitting her pleasure senses and drowning her like she was submerged 20 feet deep in the ocean, no help in sight. His lips, impossibly warm and still slick from her juices melded against hers perfectly, their instincts leading them to angle their heads so that once he bit her lips and demanded them to open, the entrance of their tongues was deeper and more mind numbing to their senses. Feeling his tongue rub against hers, his feral growls and groans when she flicked his tongue with her own and teased too much, pared with his incessant grinding had her heart beating at the speed of a rabbits. She felt like she was truly his prey.

With his other hand, not currently preoccupied with her thigh, he smoothed it out to her hair, spreading the fingers until his thumb was placed under her chin angling it how he wanted. Pulling back from the deep kiss, his lips pecked at hers, biting them open when she tried to close them and humming a warning, hands gripping her thigh tighter in a message that was somehow clear to Lucy as he forced her to sneak her tongue in his mouth. Panting, eyes dreamy as she looked into his determined own, Lucy lost her breath. She stared at his rapacious gaze knowing he didn’t want to stop. The drool dripping from her open mouth caught his attention and he hesitated no longer to dive down and lick it up. The girl turned her neck more as he traveled lower to her most vulnerable area. Not only hearing but also feeling him growl as she moaned heatedly into the air when he found her most sensitive spot below her jaw and by her ear.

A happy croon came to his ears as the girl finally got his pants down his butt and his shaft finally free. He chose to ignore all that to focus on her succulent neck, pulling at her hair and biting harshly until she whimpered submissively. As a sign of apology, he would lave it over with his hot tongue, doing that again and again from place to place on her neck. His dreams of truly marking her there finally coming to fruition.

That distracted her from whatever victory she found, enough to squeeze her hands back over his neck and shoulders. “P-please Natsu.” She whined, and from then on he decided it was one of his favorite sounds.

He was making his way from her neck down to her chest when he noticed an obstruction in the form of one of his old shirts having been pushed down from his excitement from her neck, but which had nowhere to go on her shoulders.

“You kept this?” He asked, voice husky and dark while teasing the end of a burn mark with his fingers. His eyes once again flicking over with warmth from his unbridled affection towards her.

“Mmhm.” She mewled, her eyes showing she was beyond gone, but still happy to please him. And yet despite the tender moment, her hands were all over his chest teasing his abs and lower…

Fighting the urge once again to claim her, his eyes trailed to a wet spot on the shirt knowing it came from Lucy. That invoked an inferno of emotions out of the man as he licked his suddenly parched lips.

Lucy gasped when Natsu went back down to softly kiss her on the mouth, sucking her taste into his own before quickly raising up from her to stare at her body as she writhed on the bed, “You are so fuckin beautiful Luce.”

She wasn’t given time to think—not that she could at the moment, before he kicked off the rest of his pants—all her effort be damned, and his hands were under her knees, muscles flexing though easily lifting her legs up until he could fully see her essence presented to him.

“Fuck…” He groaned at the sight of her folds puffy and literally leaking onto the bed. After so long of teasing and the instant overflow and debilitating sensitivity her body naturally gave during her heat, it was no surprise she was a mess. Every touch he gave was orgasmic, just his hands on the underside of her knee was enough to have her squirming for more of his touch. She was worried if he waited any longer that the pleasure would mount too much and she wouldn’t be able to take it anymore, only praying that he would speed up things, so she was pleased when he took the rest of his pants off as a sign of the final act soon to come.

While he was gazing at her, she was looking at him as well. The heavy sack in between his legs was a sight to behold, but it was the crudely jutting out cock, strong and proud, it’s thick shaft and burning pink head bouncing in line with his Adam’s apple at the sight of her spread out, that really got her going. She was in such a need for his monster of a cock to spread her apart, that more of her juices dribbled out in front of him as she mewled wantonly, her gaze never leaving his weeping muscle.

“Shit, you’re so fucking wet, just dripping for me huh?” Natsu smirked with a deep purr, forcing her legs even higher until they were touching her shoulders. She yelped, nodding eagerly at his praise. “Damnit Luce, I can’t hold back if you look at me like that.”

“I don’t want you to, please, please fuck me Natsu.” She whined, palming the upper side of his hands holding her legs down before leading his eyes with the same hands to her spread thighs until they reached her center where she egged him on by pulling apart her gaping pussy lips even more. “Don’t you want me?” She purred.

“What kind of question is that?” Natsu growled, pulling her body harshly towards him to place her securely against the dangerous dip in his hips. Wasting no more time, Natsu placed his cock against Lucy’s sopping lips, rubbing their sensitive spots together and making them both moan out into the quickly heating up night. “What a perfect little bunny you are Luce.” Grunting, Natsu moved one of Lucy’s hands to her thigh to keep her in place before taking hold of his own cock and slapping it against her leaking twat.

She choked on a yelp, the feeling zipping up her spine. She was delirious, damn near close to profusely begging for him to just stick it in.

“How much do you want it?” He growled sickeningly, playing with her little pussy as he rubbed his own drooling cock on her sensitive nub, then wetting the tip with the small of her entrance in a tease before pulling it out. This had the girl in hysterics, legs shaking and ready to clamp down as she whined, knowing if she let go of her leg and tried to impale herself, he would feel justified enough to punish the girl by making her wait longer. Fearing such a reaction, Lucy bit her lips close to the point that they bled in restraint. The Natsu she knew was gone, in his place was the dominant wolf who found his little bunny rabbit alone and submissive to his will. She was his prey.

“I want it…. so badly! N-Natsu, please! Put it in, I’m burning up!”

Chuckling, Natsu felt sweat drip down his neck from such a sight, he was shaking himself, but he wouldn’t show it. His grip on her one leg he knew was bruising and his knees felt weak. The hybrid knew he couldn’t wait any longer as well. With one last pass of his cock on her lips, Natsu finally sank himself into her depths, ready to fully and completely lose himself.

Inch by delicious inch he surrendered to her luscious walls, feeling himself want to melt from the wonderful heat of her body. It was like no other feeling he ever felt. He watched Lucy’s expression go from surprise as she groaned out about how big he was, to an erotic joy when he finally bottomed out. It was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen. His mate…filled to the brim…with his cock. He could only twitch at the reality his fantasies had formed!

Lucy was thinking the same thing as well. Feeling his length stretch her walls in such a way felt amazing. She was sure with his size, any other time they would have a struggle getting him in so smoothly since she was so much smaller, but thanks to having been worked up so well and the absolute sloppiness of her folds from her heat, it was like cutting butter with a warm knife. As he bottomed out, Lucy couldn’t help but grip him further with her hands clenching against his thighs, she’d never felt so full! His face as he took her in, cheeks rouged from effort, teeth bared clenching as he held back, green eyes dark—pretty much black and heavy over her form, and pink hair tossed wildly around his head, weighed down from his usual cow-lick with sweat from the ridiculous amount of heat they both were feeling, Lucy didn’t think she’d ever seen him look sexier.

“N-Natsu, please move.” She whimpered.

The man growled, holding her tightly as he heeded her order. With muscular thighs and toned hips, Natsu moved slowly, pulling away from the girl whilst hearing her gasp, only to push back in just as slowly to drink in her moan. The pace continued that way until he felt her walls start to massage him stronger than before and her palms gripping his thighs turn into a vice.

“Ah, ahh, yess. Pleaase, yes!” She moaned out her sighs, her body already close to becoming overcome.

Glaring down at her hypnotizingly erotic face, Natsu watched as she quickly fell apart. Her voice calling higher and higher until she was squeaking her pleas with each slow roll of his hips that kept hitting the place she seemingly liked the most at an upward angle. He watched as her tawny orbs glazed over and stared unseeingly; mouth opened wide in a perpetually endless moan as drool leaked out of the orifice. Such a sight, along with her knees up to her shoulders pressing her perfect breasts together, lined with his bite marks above on her neck, leading to her voluptuous thighs speckled with the bruises from his hand prints, that opened up to her flower spread deliciously as it was speared over and over by his length, Natsu had to hold himself back from being overcome as well. Instead, he focused his attention on Lucy’s face as she quickly came apart, soon no sound left her lips, but he could feel everything coming from her pussy, a feeling so numbing as her walls worked him over and over. He didn’t slow down despite her fierce constriction, just kept moving out and into her slowly until she gasped out her first breath.

Natsu leaned over her fucked out form and gave her a pointed kiss on the lips with a deep bellied groan that tingled through them, pleased when her own trembled as she called out his name as her first words after her first orgasm of the night. “Natsuuu.” She cried, lips quivering and eyes misted over from what he assumed was intense extacy.

“That’s it, that’s alright baby. You want me to keep making you feel good?” Lucy blinked her cloudy eyes until they became utterly focused on his mouth nipping and licking her lips to his words. The action making her effectively clench down on his still hard length inside her. Natsu moaned, throwing his head back and exposing his tense thick neck to her wanting eyes. The sight of his eyes piercing the dark, slowly coming back into view as he craned his neck back down, enough to beguile any female to his whim. A sneer painted his lips from the engrossing feel of her. “Get on your knees for me then okay?”

Lucy nodded, mewling, her own head tossed back when he pulled out, almost wanting to force him back in. She definitely wasn’t done, and she was grateful he wasn’t too.

Quickly turning around on her knees, the girl flipped her long blonde locks over one shoulder to give him a heated look as she wiggled her ample behind temptingly. Her white ears bowing and almost pointing at him coyly. “Like this Natsu?”

“Just like that baby.” Natsu growled, grabbing her ass after slapping it in reprimand for the tease, before wasting no time to spear her up then down on his raging cock.

Lucy choked on yell, not quite ready for the mount as he started a slow then bruising pace, much different than before. This position wasn’t for love making or going slow, this was to show his dominance and really connect them to their animalistic counter parts. And it showed, Natsu’s feral growls and grunts grew, enjoying the submissive way his mate presented herself to him on all fours and back bowed. “Yess,” he hissed. Wanting to go even deeper, to watch her ass roll harder against his pelvis, Natsu meanly pushed her knees with his from under her, forcing her to go completely down on his ridiculously thick cock.

The girl screamed, feeling him completely pound against her cervix in what should be a painful manner but feeling nothing but pleasure from how gone she was. He was spearing her into the bed, hitting that spot that made black dots dance in her vision. She only felt herself get wetter as he continued to fuck her harder, slapping her ass when she stuttered in rhythm with him only for her to moan out a “Yes!” at the burn it left on her flesh. This continued on until her calls formed into unintelligible words and sobs that floated out into nothing as his brutal pace kept on. He loved it, showing so as he moaned loudly at her wonton reactions, a fist full of her golden tresses being pulled in reflex. Her thighs were trembling, feet digging into the bed sheets as she could feel herself slowly edge to that precipice.

The pace changed then, and Natsu curled his upper body over her form. She could tell he was close too from the deep breaths he took and the twitching of his cock inside her, he didn’t stop taunting her though, as he let go of her hair and grabbed tightly onto his shirt still on her neck, tsking at her before he ripped it off. She cried out for her beloved object but was quickly distracted when he started licking and nipping at her exposed back and neck. His slowed thrusts became hard and rough, to the point her body vibrated with each pound and she lost her breath with each he did. Her arms couldn’t hold herself up any longer and that was game over for Lucy as the angle slightly changed and he was hitting that spot again that stuttered her heartbeat. “Natsuuuu!” She cried, choking on her spit as he only growled dangerously into her ear. No longer was the boy she knew there, only the beast in his wake, and he could say the same for her as her lust could only focus on the pleasure between them too.

With his strong chest to her back the pleasure was too powerful, she tried to move her hand out to push herself back up, but with a snarl he grabbed it and forced it securely above her head, fucking her harder into the bed and forcing jilted cries of his name. The striking pleasure only mounted then, feeling surrounded by him and almost suffocated to the bed with no place for her to go to stave it off. Fighting him would be moot at this point, she was going to cum hard no matter what.

And he made that blatantly clear as one of his other hands went down to her pelvis from holding her hip, to rub roughly on her raised clit. The stars Lucy saw when he did that, punctuated with each thrust of his hips that turned into a deep roll into her deepest parts, it drowned out the squelching of their sexes and her pitiful sobs, all she could hear was the deep bellied rubble from Natsu’s lips on her ear as he demanded only one thing, “Cum!”

With a retching scream, Lucy was cumming so hard she was sure the bed was going to be a mess, clamping down on Natsu’s engorged flesh even harder once he bit deeply into her neck and claimed her as his own. There was a sharp pain, and then an intense pleasure, a mind bursting pleasure as Natsu growled, forcing her body down harder on his and the bed so that there was absolutely no space between them. She was sobbing with relief and delirious pleasure when he finally released inside her. Squealing out a sharp 'yes’ as he came spurt after spurt. His canines ejected from her body with a roar, Natsu held tightly to her form as he forced every drop of his seed inside her pliant enamored body.

She cried out with happiness, writhing harder onto his form and arching down to take everything into her womb. A mewl tumbling from her lips as the heat that burdened her there seemed to slowly appease, finally allowing her to feel the slightest amount of breeze from the air as she cooled down.

Somehow without pulling out, Natsu flipped her onto her back and closed her legs with one hand. The concentration her disoriented brain could somehow make out on his face, keyed her in on him still being under the influence of his baser instincts. Slowly he pulled himself out, causing Lucy to mewl once more, but she stayed still after a sharp glare of his was thrown her way. Her knees were once again pushed to her chest, no doubt to keep all of his sperm inside of her and his hand clamped down over her cunt.

Staring at him made Lucy become hot all over again, he was just too amazing and sexy. She wanted and loved him so much and even though the beast was appeased, it seems her heat wasn’t completely over.

Natsu groaned, watching as her pink lower lips twitched against his hand, only to become frustrated when some of his self started to slide out. Incensed, the man fingered the fluid back in causing Lucy to yelp and the liquid to flow out more. “Che, stay like this.” He demanded sucking his teeth.

“Okay.” Lucy gazed into his eyes, seeing the love and lust overwhelmingly clear there and knowing they were in for a long night.

Neither of them remembered the fact that Lucy was on birth control, but that was definitely for the best, because without it, after tonight she would have undoubtably have been pregnant one way or another.

Night finally bloomed into the day, ending with the couple completely wrapped around each other. No words are spoken when they wake up from nodding off, just meaningful purrs and hums of affection that the other easily understands. They stay joined in Lucy’s womb as the small breaks in between for their rest don’t really last that long.

Days turn back into nights and nights into days until Lucy’s heat and Natsu’s forced one, starts to finally wane out.

Things change within the cottage that had truly became their home. No longer did the couple feel the deep chill within their bones seeded from their dark beginnings, only warmth like never dying embers to replace it. Growing as the years go by surrounded in each other’s arms, as well as the one-two-three little babes sprouted from that love to strengthen it.


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A-Affection, what kind of affection do they give you that they won’t show in public? Are they more cuddly behind closed doors?

Natsu will most definitely give you head pats behind closed doors. Natsu is very cuddly behind closed doors. 

F-Films, what movies do you two watch when it’s movie night? Do they have a favorite genre?

Natsu and his s/o usually watch action movies but if you don’t wanna watch those he’s fine with whatever but if its a romantic movie he’ll most likely fall asleep. 

S-Sleep, who sleeps on the other’s shoulder? Do they mind it?

Your usually the one who falls asleep on Natsu’s shoulder. He doesn’t mind it at all. He actually thinks its pretty cute and adorable. He’ll even admit it if you ask. 

U-Unique, do they have a weird habit? (For example: clicking their teeth.)

Natsu often likes to mess with his hair when its just the two of you together. Whenever he’s cuddling with you he always just messes with his hair. 

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