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thesilicontribesman · 26 days ago
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Route between Gaping Gill and Ingleborough Trail, Yorkshire Dales.
I visited here in Spring in full sun. Today, after a sequence of heavy storms, the contrast of many fallen trees and heavy fog was stark.
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samurai-spain · a year ago
Spain was the 1st European country to apply this technique in 2007 with ASEUSY #shinrinyoku
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enigmasilmad · 12 days ago
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Świat ze snu.
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kiteknots · 2 months ago
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Secret places // Rouken Glen
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theraptorcage · a month ago
Trick or Tweet!
Cutest owl humanly possible, please?
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I personally think that any owl in the Asio genus are the cutest ever (like look at that Long Eared Owl, there's no thoughts going on there)
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most people would probably claim that Northern Saw-Whet Owl is the cutest.
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landscapeexposurenetwork · 27 days ago
Thank you again for another great year allowing us to share original photographers with you. We will be taking a break and return January 10th. In the meantime we have set up a queue filled with photos from our past featured blogs this year. If you are looking for new blogs to follow, please have a look at the list below. We have listed a general description of the types of photos each blog posts, so it will be easier for you to find the ones you like. And of course applications are still open during our break. Hope to see you all again in 2022. Happy holidays and much love from all of us at LEN.
243 @michel-hoinard-photographie (landscape, animals)
244 @kitajgorod (landscape, forests, architecture)
245 @rherlotshadow (landscape, forests, animals, architecture)
246 @tvoom (landscape, animals, flowers)
247 @glowworm6 (animals, landscape)
248 @feet-of-clay (landscape, forests, animals)
249 @odiggity (landscape, seascape, architecture, animals)
250 @laltastic (landscape, flowers, animals, forests)
251 @expaulore (landscape, seascape, animals)
252 @norafleischer (landscape)
253 @stephiramona (landscape, flowers, urban)
254 @quentindouchetphotographie (landscape, flowers, animals)
255 @pacogabby (landscape, animals, flowers)
256 @jadewolf-photography (landscape, animals)
257 @ausloeserin (landscape, animals, urban)
258 @alwayswonderingandwandering (landscape, urban)
259 @peloblancophoto (landscape, digital art)
260 @alrobertsphotography (forests, flowers, animals)
261 @sedonajohn (landscape)
262 @eddie-kruger (landscape)
263 @qlqniel (landscape, animals, urban)
264 @aclouddigger (landscape, animals, urban)
265 @ericmuhr (landscape, flowers, animals)
266 @omenalehto (landscape, animals)
267 @kachohugetu (flowers, landscape, architecture)
268 @maximumcattimetravel (landscape, forests, urban)
269 @aerialhorizon (landscape)
270 @alicemcdonnell (animals, flowers, landscape)
271 @redrcs (landscape, animals, flowers)
272 @rizzvisuals / @the-w0nder-beards (landscape)
273 @snaps-away (flowers, animals, landscape, urban)
274 @twentyfourstar (landscape, animals, architecture)
275 @waldesgeist (forests, flowers, animals)
276 @simplethingsnaturephotography (forests, animals, flowers)
277 @feverieiro (landscape, forests, flowers)
278 @emersonmanandnature (landscape, portrait, urban)
279 @jonathanirish (landscape, animals)
280 @nobodysperfect2133 (landscape, flowers)
281 @jinjanomatome (forests, architecture)
282 @5andreia (flowers, landscape)
283 @jumpneoshoots (forests, landscape)
284 @martyharrison (landscape, cars, urban)
285 @fraryguitar (landscape, flowers)
286 @alex987854 (landscape, flowers, animals)
287 @cpleblow (landscape, animals)
288 @dkt5d (landscape, animals, flowers)
289 @placethatechoes (landscape)
290 @picapicaphotography  (animals, flowers)
291 @fromdustofroads​ (forests, landscape)
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iooiu · a year ago
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alluka: onii-chan doesn't even know yet!
insp: x x x x
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cmdonovann · 2 months ago
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strilonde appreciation post. none of these bitches is straight and i Love that for them
also, glasses
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ramonatulips · 2 months ago
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Angels Landing
Zion National Park
November 8, 2020
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nessacousland · 6 months ago
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Amber Hawke
“Everyone has a story they tell themselves to justify bad decisions and it never matters.“
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thesilicontribesman · 11 days ago
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Brimham Rocks Landscape and Natural Feature, Yorkshire Dales.
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coprinellus-cluster · 2 months ago
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Pluteus readiarum, a native deer mushroom
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leafcloud · 11 months ago
dreaming of her ...
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bring her back nintendo
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soracities · 2 months ago
Hi!! Do u believe in God?
Beautiful blog❣❣
"god" is a very, very loaded word for me so i try to stay away from it in this regard. i think i tend to believe in something but it’s not something i can classify, and the older i get the more i believe that i don't need to either (it also, ultimately, matters very little to me tbh); it's like love in that way, i think: the less you speak of it, the better.
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kiteknots · 2 months ago
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Fairy pools // Rouken Glen
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bumblingbabooshka · 3 months ago
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Trying to think of what a typical vulcan home might look like
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monstersandmaw · 5 months ago
I had a really intense and vivid werewolf dream last night (sfw, in case you’re wondering), and now I want to write it all up but I’ve got two commissions left and England is still really really hot and I’m just... I’m sad about that... haha.
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rozugold · 10 months ago
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We can never have nice things here
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tiucoz · 2 months ago
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A young S-Class.
Reincarnation AU stuff! Started as pose practice, spiraled out of control (as usual). 
Bonus: (older ver.) Ridiculously strong but peaceful... will kick your ribcage in if you do any harm to nature though. 
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blackgirlliberated · 11 months ago
When it comes to Black women’s hairstyles/protective styles, I do not want to see non-Black women wearing them. Here’s why:
Our hair is such a huge part of our history, our identity, our Black excellence, and our regality. Read that again. This is constantly trying to be taken away from us.
It’s really frustrating that this is another thing that we can’t have to ourselves. It’s not fair for that to be taken by others. Non-Black women do not have to worry about being discriminated against or policed for wearing our protective styles and could really care less while they’re walking around carefree in costume. All they think is, well it looks good on Black women so I want to try it. Those who use “cultural appreciation” as an excuse think they’re doing us a favor when they really could have just appreciated from a distance instead of crossing the line.
To me, it sends the messages of “this isn’t yours, this is ours now”, “you can’t have something without us having a part in it as well”, or “joke’s on you for thinking you can have a part of your culture without us getting a piece too”. It’s no different from how every other aspect of our lives and bodies have been policed and controlled throughout history.
My hair is another aspect that I love about being a Black woman but as Black women know, we can’t love being Black women, we’re not allowed to be comfortable, we’re not allowed to feel beautiful, we’re not allowed to own our beauty without someone taking offense. I wish that non-Black women, non-black people, and even Black people would try to understand this.
ETA: Non-black women includes non-Black women of color. Not exempt.
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