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#nature core
thyming2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sources: 馃崅 馃崅
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life-gave-me-oranges10 hours ago
nothing should stop you from collecting shit you like. NOTHING. shiny little objects? good. cool rocks? hell yea. beads and crystal? why not. plants and pressed flowers and dried leaves? love em.
make yourself tiny bags or boxes just to keep these things. yes. do it. i have three small stones stored in a match box. does anyone stop me? no. i love them.
live your life collect shiny things.
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cottaqecore4 months ago
Tumblr media
source: motherthemountain
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gremling11 months ago
I am once again yearning for the sea
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firesidecottage9 months ago
Gentle Cottagecore Emoji Asks
馃尶 Herb: What is a scent you find relaxing?聽
馃尡 Seedling: What is something you want to begin learning?聽
馃 Milk: What is a food you find comforting when you are sad?聽
馃嵂 Honey: What is one thing you like about yourself?
馃崉 Mushroom: What is a quote you find comfort in?
鈽 Tea: How do you take your tea?
馃悇 Cow: What is one other tumblr blog you really appreciate?聽
馃尦 Tree: What is one thing in your future you are looking foward towards?聽
馃崙 Peach: What is a color that makes you smile?聽
馃尰 Sunflower: What is one thing that brightened your day today?聽
馃悡 Chicken: What is a comfort movie/show for you?
馃У Thread: What is a recent creative project that you are proud of?聽
馃悎 Cat: Do you have any pets? Are there some pets you really want?聽
馃崊 Tomato: Have you ever gardened, and if so, what is your favorite thing to grow?聽
馃崈 Leaf: What is a plant you find beautiful?聽
馃悵 Bee: What is a video game that you find comforting?聽
馃崬 Bread: Do you know how to bake bread? If so, what is something you鈥檝e baked recently?
馃悋 Bunny: What鈥檚 a song that you really like?聽
馃尣聽 Pine: Do you prefer the cold, or the heat?
馃Ф Yarn: Knitting or Crocheting?
馃悜 Sheep: What is a comfort item you own?聽
馃崜 Strawberry: Do you own any pink clothing?
馃 Pancake: What is your favorite breakfast food?聽
鉀帮笍 Mountains: Would you rather live in the mountains, city, beach, or the forest?聽
馃Ц Teddy Bear: Do you ever want to raise kids someday?聽
馃暞锔 Candle: What is something you can鈥檛 go to bed without?聽
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cottaqecore4 months ago
Tumblr media
source: motherthemountain
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