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#nature lovers
amanda-kathleen · 28 days ago
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Long time, no post. Sorry guys. Life has been a bit hectic, but I’ve still managed to find time to enjoy my beautiful home.
Brace yourself for a slight spam.
Hope all is well🌼
Oh, and happy summer!
Red Pine Lake,
Little Cottonwood Canyon
June 27, 2021
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Threadfin Snailfish
Careproctus longifilis
The Threadfin Snailfish resembles a prehistoric tadpole that is ghostly white. The holes in its face are large sensory pores that help them detect changes in the ocean. It is often found at depths between 1900 to 2997 meters. 
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defne-m · 29 days ago
Bir elim seni çizecek bütün pencerelere,
Bir elim seni silecek..
Ve kalbim;
Senin için hep yeni baştan can kesilecek..
Biz seninle ,
güzel olan her şeyin bir fazlasıyız...
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