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Fan-Fiction Recommendations: UNCHARTED EDITION.

Hi, everyone! I tried to post this a couple of days ago, but Tumblr literally ate it all up and I was like “Cool”.

I was in NO headspace to do THAT for a second time.


In light of very recent devastating events in the world, I was forced to stay at home and, thus, hop back into the deep dark hole known as Tumblr. Now, I have delved into every fandom I love, but since I write for Uncharted/Naughty Dog games exclusively, I thought I’d compile a list of my absolute favorite authors on this site, with links to their Masterlists and some of my nominations for my favorite works from each of them, along with a synopsis so you know what you’re diving into.

I just think that there are so many underrated writers on here who truly have such a good sense of the characters we love and have such a good way with words, no matter the genre I read from them. From fluff all the way down to smut and angst, here are my favorite authors and my favorite pieces: 

1) @the-drakeboys : Annie is an extraordinarily talented writer with such a broad range of genres. You can tell by her writing that she’s very emotionally connected to everything around her and that she has a great deal of empathy. She works in the film industry, too, which makes her dialogue and her ability to build up events more professional than anyone I’ve ever read for. Here is her Masterlist and here are a few of my recommendations:

  • Darlin (One-Shot. Category: Fluff): Apart from this piece being so very close to my heart for the sole reason of introducing me to Annie, it is a testament to how beautifully she writes with so little effort. This piece has minimal dialogue, but will – for SURE – give you the feels. (Synopsis: Sam can’t get his eyes off the reader as he musters up the courage to ask her a question..)

  • Scars (One-shot. Category: A bit of everything. Fluff, angst, tiny hints at NSFW): A while back, I requested something that packs a lot of emotional weight and a tad bit of angst and fluff and Annie did NOT disappoint. Approximately 6K words displaying her UNGODLY amounts of talent. (Synopsis: After a passionate night together, the reader is pushed by her curiosity to finally ask Sam all the questions she’s been wondering for months.)

  • What I Deserve (One-Shot, Category: Angst, Fluffy ending): If you’re looking to ride aboard a rollercoaster of emotions, you’ve come to the right place. This.. EXQUISITE piece.. is so well-written that every scene could easily be made into a movie. It’s romantic, it’s heartbreaking and heartwarming all at once and you’re definitely gonna need a box of tissues. (Synopsis: In the heated passion of a fight, Sam pushes you away… not realizing his mistake until you’ve already gone.)

Annie ALSO has a mini-series she’s been working on that should definitely be included in this list. “Come Back To Me,” is – once again – gut-wrenching and absolutely sappy and exciting all at once. I recommend jumping on it right now when everything hasn’t been updated yet to preserve the heat of suspense as we all impatiently wait for a 6th chapter ;) (Synopsis: When Sam doesn’t make it out of a Panamanian prison, the reader desperately goes after him in the hopes there may be a chance to save him.)

2) @missdictatorme : One of my VERY good friends who’s EXTREMELY funny and also incredibly kind and supportive. I literally could not have been writing and publishing ANYTHING without her encouragement. While incredibly filthy, she poses a threat to every writer who has ever hoped to write some juicy drama that’ll for SURE keep readers glued to the screen. Here’s her Masterlist, and here are my top recommendations:

  • First Touch (mini-series. Category: A bit of everything: Angst, Fluff, and a WHOLE LOTTA NSFW): Before I’d joined Tumblr, I’d stumbled upon this marvelous series on AO3, but was disappointed to find it only had around 5 parts only posted there. I’d then joined Tumblr, where I’d coincidentally found missdictatorme. I realized that she was indeed the author of one of the most SCANDALOUS pieces I’ve ever read. (Synopsis: Sam is a close friend of your father. You always had a crush on him, even in your highschool years, so when you return after finishing college still as a virgin, you ask him for a favour. Will he help you?)

  • Sex-Ed (Mini-series. Category: Fluff, NSFW, a healthy bit of angst.. And did I mention NSFW?): I mean… It’s in the name. That’s exactly what it was. Think online classes, though. Very.. interactive classes. Practical work involved. ALSO a scandalous and dramatic piece that is possibly one of my favorites ever. (Synopsis: This story basically will contain a shitload of sex ed from Sam, because if he sees a woman in need he just has to help. Even if he is not there physically.) 

And just in case someone likes a certain Englishman who’s as handsome as he is cunning, check out her Harry Flynn works:

  • In Like Flynn (Two-Shot; Category: NSFW): This one’s just pure filth with a pleasant turn of events to keep you on your toes. (Synopsis: Harry thought he had an easy job breaking in a rich collector’s house to steal a valuable artifact, but the work turned out to be… harder.)
  • Slow and Steady (One-Shot; Category: NSFW): Literally porn without plot. I don’t know about you, but sometimes that’s just what my.. “soul”.. needs. 

As for a series I’m currently reading, she has one that’s in progress that I think everyone would adore if you’re into the idea of AUs and just.. kids, then you should check out “The Stubborn, The Headstrong, and The Persistent.” (Synopsis: AU where Sam is the CEO of a big marketing company and he also has an 11 years old son. Sam is very busy with work, usually staying in his office late in the afternoon, sometimes even at the evenings, attending meetings and dinners, while he hires nanny after nanny to watch his son, but they all quit after a few days. Will a certain smartass, irritating, insufferable neighbour be the solution to the problem? Well, as much as he hates it, yes, yes she will.)

3) @desertvvitch : Not only are they one of my favorite people whom I love talking to and definitely the kindest soul on here and one of the funniest, but they’re SUPREMELY talented. They have such a great way with words and always paint the perfect picture with them. They’ve published but one work on Tumblr (@desertvvitch ’s Tumblr Masterlist), but have so many others on AO3 that I’d like everybody to check out along with me! (@desertvvitch ’s AO3 and Masterlist), but they are working on what seems like another installment of the Uncharted game series and it is such a fun read. Sam and the reader have such a complex relationship that slowly builds up as they progress through their adventure. Stuff slowly unravels and I love NOTHING MORE but some juicy drama and a tad bit of angst and she maintains this balance effortlessly. You can show the story I’m talking about, “Seaside Beauty”, some love by clicking on the link I attached. (Category: Angst, a handsome amount of fluff, and a classy amount of NSFW; Synopsis: She craves adventure so much more than he does, and no one thinks he expected that.)

4) @unchartedterritoria : I mean, holy shit, where do I even start? This woman is the connoisseur of diversity in her works. It’s ALWAYS a joy getting to read anything she’s written. Despite not being online most of the time, she has an incredible Masterlist that will for sure keep you entertained for the LONGEST time. Here’s her Masterlist, and here are my top recommendations:

  • Selfish (Mini-Series; Category: Fluff, ABSOLUTELY NSFW): Also one of the series I’ve stumbled upon on AO3 and found later on Tumblr. 100% recommend curling up under a blanket and reading this one. (Synopsis: Sam Drake, your friend and also your Uncle Sully’s business partner, owes you a favor. What you’re looking to cash in? Your virginity.)

  • A Scathingly Brilliant Idea, Not So Much (Two-Shot; Category: Fluff! It’s cute. Just a lil’ bit of language, but I’m sure nobody minds that): This is SUPER fun to read. I giggled ALL the way and I absolutely wish there was more of this but I also believe that it’s perfect the way it is. (Synopsis: You and your friend Jenn spend time scoping out your hot neighbor Sam Drake. What happens when you add 3 bottles of wine?)

  • Hashtags (One-Shot; Category: Uh.. I do not know what to put this under but it’s just PURE comedy): ALSO super funny to read. I had a big smile on my face all throughout. DEFINITELY read it if you’re feeling down. (Synopsis: What if Same Drake went through and read his own hashtags?)

She also has an amazingly written series of her own that could ALSO very easily be another Uncharted installment. Very well-written, perfect build-up of events, and a perfect splash of drama to spice it all up. Naughty Dog, please have a chat with this woman and, you guys, make sure you check out “Dangerous” and spoil her with feedback. (Synopsis: Description: Faith Spencer, after finding an old Bible hidden in her mother’s things, ends up on an adventure with Sam Drake. While unearthing information about President Abraham Lincoln, the two are taken to places physically, mentally and emotionally that they thought they would never have to go…or go back to.)

5) @elledrake : Absolutely the coolest, sweetest human on planet earth. So welcoming and humble and supportive. I 1000% would die for her. Not only is she such a good person to talk to, but she’s also secretly a VERY talented writer. For her, I can’t compile an entire list because, unfortunately, she’s only written but one piece with two parts. It’s warm, it’s domestic, and her descriptive writing will for sure make you gawk. So make sure to check out “Tell Me More” and leave feedback to encourage her to write more!


  • @smokydrake : I’ve never personally talked to them. They’re currently on hiatus, but rarely ever reblog anything, so it’ll be easy to just scroll down their account and consume as much Rafe or Sam content as your hearts so please. They’re effortlessly and MASSIVELY talented. 

  • @unchartedwrites : Their Masterlist is MASSIVE. You’d definitely want to go give ‘em a follow and spoil the hell outta yourself. I have never talked to them, either, but I adore their writing and I’m sure you guys would, too!

And that’s it for this one, guys. If you’ve any more suggestions of great writers I could add to this list, please don’t hesitate to come forward 🥰 I’m always super glad to discover and learn and read more. Don’t forget to support your favorite writers, guys! Especially in those tough times. 

Much love!


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Kantemir Balagov has signed on to direct HBO’s Last of Us series. Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann are writing the series.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news.

(Image from Last of Us by Naughty Dog)

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TLOU2 characters Pixar style


Inside Out would be soooo awesome in TLOU xD


Source: Review Me (FB page)

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Naughty Dog Teases The Team is ‘Making Something Very Cool’

Naughty Dog Teases The Team is ‘Making Something Very Cool’

As he’s made a habit of lately, Naughty Dog’s Co-President Neil Druckmann has teased fans on twitter with a hint of what’s maybe in store for the Sony owned studio.

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Naughty Dog sucht neue Entwickler für kommendes Projekt

#NaughtyDog sucht neue Entwickler für kommendes Projekt

#TheLastofUs3 #TheLastofUs2DLC

Das legendäre Sony-eigene Entwicklerstudio der Spielserien Uncharted und The Last of Us, Naughty Dog, hat kürzlich eine Reihe von Stellenangeboten ausgeschrieben. Die Personalaufstockung lässt vermuten, dass das nächste Projekt noch größer wird.
Insgesamt gibt es 34 neue Positionen, die bei Naughty Dog zu besetzen sind, die Neil Druckmann, Autor und Game Director von The Last of Us 2, geteilt…


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Shooter die man 2020 gespielt haben sollte

Die Videospiel Industrie ohne Shooter Spiele, stellt euch das mal eben vor. Richtig, das ist undenkbar. Denn trotz des Vormarsches von gewaltigen RPG Abenteuern und auch wirklich kunstvollen Puzzle Games, nicht zu vergessen der Sport-Spiele, sind Shooter noch immer das beliebteste Genre. Das letzte Jahr brachte trotz der schwierigen Umstände einige sehr interessante Releases und hier sind ein…


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Here’s a playlist for you… Is You Is or Is, You Ain’t My Baby by CosmicNightshotel

Made a pintawna(pinstripe x tawna) playlist. Enjoy. ;w;

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