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I am so grateful for the amazing volunteers we had this year at the Veterans Healing Farm. The pandemic threw as a big curve ball but the volunteers showed up each week with smiles on their faces (hidden under their masks of course) to work with the plants and learn how medicinal plants can heal and change your life. Big Hugs and safe travels to the volunteers going back to their homes - Sarah Hayes (my Mom) and Tamlyn. Thank you to all the volunteers this year we did it!

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Halloween Costumes that are Lifeguard-Approved!

Any iconic lifeguard from pop culture. From Stranger Things’ Billy to Overwatch’s McCree, the media is full of lifeguard characters that you could easily cosplay while staying in uniform just by adding a couple recognizable accessories.


Originally posted by bardvark

A pirate. Keep it simple with just a sea-worthy hat or go ALL OUT with some torn up trousers, eye shadow, and gold accessories. Not too much, though. You don’t want to sink under the weight of your loot, should you have to make a save.


Originally posted by astouract

A sailor. Anything nautical fits at the pool, from a Navy captain to Sailor Moon! Add some authority to your lifeguard uniform with a crisp white Naval hat. Or add some moon power with a tiara!


Originally posted by perfectblue7

A mermaid. Okay what girl hasn’t dreamed of being a mermaid? There are no rules here, your options are as endless as the sea! Add some shiny mermaid scale leggings to your uniform. Spice up your hair with some wild colored extensions and effortless beachy waves. Finish off the look with some glittery eye makeup and you’re all set! Go make waves!


Originally posted by adventurelandia

Ye Olde Fisherman. Yellow hat, glum expression, beard, yellow rain coat, rain boots, fishing pole, DONE. Probably wouldn’t recommend this for guarding, but would be hilarious for a receptionist or manager!


Originally posted by howloopyisthat

There’s still plenty of time to drop by your local thrift store and pick up something cool for your work costume. Have fun! But remember to not to go so overboard (haha) with your costume that you aren’t prepared to save a life. In the words of our senior guard, “Safety NEVER takes a day off.”


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It’s time for the It Family Halloween party!! Happy #REDFriday all! ❤ We don’t know them all but we owe them all #RESPECT #SupportOurTroops #RED #RememberEveryoneDeployed #military #ARMY #NAVY #AIRFORCE #MARINES #patriotismisitsownreward #untiltheyallcomehome #aftertheycomehometoo #united4troops #AllGaveSome #SomeGaveAll #ThankYou #22aday is 22 too many 💔

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Hello internet, it is yet again time I shout into the void. This time I have information that I actually think needs to be heard and shared so please tell your friends about this and reblog.

I hate the US military.

Now I had a probably neural to negative view two year ago. I knew that the military did things that were questionable at best and that they were still a big force of nationalism and imperialism and us vs. them.

But then my boyfriend joined the navy.

His dad was a chief in the navy. He hated home and wanted to get out. He wanted to avoid being in college debt forever. They made him a pretty good offer and he took it. I got on board and was supportive. I was happy that he was excited about it. But then I started noticing the severity of the problem with the organization.

Mostly chronological list of terrible things that have been done to him and people he knows:

1) he was lied to about having the ability to join the band, which was the reason he signed origianally.

2) In boot camp someone found out he wasn’t straight and reported him for sexual assault. From that point on his leadership treated him rather poorly.

3) when he got to the point where he was supposed to be going to school in Great Lakes, he saw how stressed exhausted and frustrated everyone in school was, he heard the stories about how many people failed out, and he started having panic attacks.

4) the leadership treats them like garbage. Not just scolding them about every little thing, but also the passive aggressive comments, personal attacks, and desire to get them in trouble for whatever they can scrape up. He lives in fear of making any sort of mistake and his self esteem is nonexistent at this point.

5) he barely had the opportunity for a real meal before COVID. Now, he hasn’t seen fresh fruits or vegetables or real substantial food in 9 months. He has no way to access it.

6) his access to WiFi has been spotty at best. He can’t leave base, he can’t even get out for a walk or run outside. He can’t see any loved ones, he’s pretty much completely isolated.

7) In February 2020 he ended up in the hospital as a suiside risk. At that point he desided to get separated from the navy for medical reasons.

8) after that they sent him back to the barracks and proceeded to try to send him off to school AGAIN.

9) messed up paperwork here forgotten phone call there along the way they have made so many mistakes that his date for getting out and coming home went from potentially May to hopefully August to definitely by October to I sure hope he’s home by Christmas. We still don’t know.

A few days ago, 2 sailors in his base took their lives. Rightfully so, the students their started speaking up about how awful the conditions were, and instead of being met with empathy and compassion they were told how others have it worse, they are asking for too much, and they are all being babies.

I’m honestly surprised he’s made it this long if I’m being completely honest. I’m amazed any person can put up with this. I wonder how anyone can make it through their contract, until I remember a lot of those kids are even worse off and it’s really their only chance of getting an education.

So next time you’re having a conversation about the military don’t forget to mention that the people who sign up and swear in are also a victim of the system. Some people call them heros but they are treated like dirt. Maybe if enough noise is raised and pressure is applied something can be done. For now, all we can do it pray for all the people who are locked down on bases and ships all around the world.

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Project Refit is on a mission to combat isolation in the Military Veteran and first responder communities, and they have an app called Blue Skies designed to help these communities get together. You need a passcode to get into it, and some form of service (military, emt, leo, firefighter) is required to get in. So once you download it, either message @projectrefit or myself and we’ll get you set up in it.
Semper simper!
#projectrefit #veterans #military #isolation #leo #emt #firefighters #firstresponders #911 #army #marines #navy #airforce #coastguard #usmc #soldiers #sailors #socialmedia

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Sucking The Monkey

When Admiral Nelson was killed at the battle of Trafalgar in 1805, his body was preserved in a barrel of rum or brandy so that is could be transported back to England. Well, it was first transported via Gibraltar where it was transferred to a wine-filled lead-lined coffin, but anyway…

Upon the Royal Navy’s triumphant stop-off in Gibraltar, the barrel was allegedly found to be empty of liquids, the contents having been drained through little holes in the base of the barrel with straws, drunk by his fellow sailors. This weirdness coined the term ‘Nelson’s Blood’ as an alternative to rum/brandy and also terms such as ‘sucking the monkey’ and ‘tapping the admiral’ to described the process of drinking rum straight from the barrel with a straw. 

The image above is purportedly a small phial of rum or brandy saved from the barrel. Written on the bottle are the words ‘Part of the liquor in which the body of Lord Nelson was preserved - after the Battle of Trafalgar.’

I seriously doubt many aspects of this tale and the sources are all over the place but I though it was a fun little Oddment nonetheless.

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В этот день, ровно 65 лет назад, в Севастополе взорвался и затонул линкор “Новороссийск”. Погибло более 600 человек, включая аварийные партии с других кораблей. Непосредственно от взрыва погибло около 150 человек, и примерно 500 — при опрокидывании старого линкора (был в строю ещё с 1914 года) . И это притом, что корабль стоял всего в 110 метрах от берега,и можно было использовать все спасательные средства главной базы Черноморского флота.

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A hose team attacks a mock fire during a firefighting drill aboard USS New Orleans (LPD 18). by Official U.S. Navy Page
Via Flickr:
SASEBO, Japan (Oct. 27, 2020) A hose team attacks a mock fire during a federal fire integrated firefighting drill aboard the amphibious transport dock ship USS New Orleans (LPD 18). The fire drill integrates federal firefighters from Commander, Fleet Activities Sasebo with Sailors aboard the ship to train on fighting in-port fires. New Orleans, part of the America Amphibious Ready Group, along with the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit, is operating in the U.S. 7th Fleet area of responsibility to enhance interoperability with allies and partners and serve as a ready response force to defend peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Kelby Sanders) 201027-N-KL617-1145

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