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Nordic Cariboo Navy Plain Shaggy Rug

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Hi guys, 😊 here to promote my OnlyFans and hopefully, gain your support. 😘 So you can expect the following from your subscription - regular content such as lingerie pics, bikini pics and semi nudes, videos xxx and so much more… 😉 So subscribe and enjoy what my account has to offer you. 😏 Support your local South African today and find my link in my bio! 😁

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Block printsss! I think they look really good on my Teemill products, so I left them there and put my cut-out prints just about everywhere else. If you like the full print version of “Favorite Rose Watercolor” you can find it on a hoodie here:

Use this link to find and browse the rest of my stores: 

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Navy blue cozy aesthetic (Photos are not mine. All credits given to original owners.)

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US Vogue February 1, 1968 ❤️❤️❤️

Photographer: Richard Avedon

Marisa Berenson wears a dress by Adele Simpson; navy blue wool crepe; organdy ruche.
Earrings by K.J.L
Ribbed tights by Hudson
Hairstyle by Ara Gallant

vogue archive

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It’s okay to not feel okay.

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It’s sad how much I can relate to almost every TSSF song 🙃🙃 like can I stop getting played & my heart constantly kicked in the ass

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