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The reason it’s so difficult to place Will and Hannibal in a Good Omens AU is in part that their dichotomy is so different to Crowley and Aziraphale’s (for a start, the thing that keeps them apart is not a cold war between two basically identical sides, it’s their own choices around morality and self-expression). But mostly the reason it’s hard to place them in the realm of angels and demons is that they define the very things that Crowley and Aziraphale are not. The whole point of Good Omens is that humanity is capable of acts of cruelty and forgiveness that far exceed what Heaven and Hell could ever imagine. That is what Hannibal and Will stand for. They’re not an angel and a demon looking for a quiet life on earth, they’re two humans building a legacy out of unimaginable horror and destruction, and then finding something like redemption in the force of their love for each other. 

If Will and Hannibal were placed in the world of Good Omens, I think it has to be as humans. So maybe rather than Crowley and Aziraphale, they’re Newt and Anathema. Hannibal is an agent of the occult, who knows far more about the past and the future than he really should, and Will is the witchfinder sent to stop him, who ends up falling into his bed instead. Or under it, or whatever. (I’m fond of the witch/witchfinder dynamic matching up along these lines, but I do think it’s Will who is “a little bit psychic”).

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