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sometimes when i talk to you i smile and think “i love you so so so much” but all you’re doing is being you

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I don’t have a ton of followers, but I still want to introduce myself. Hi! My name is Damien, or Cipher, and I’m a masc enby who loves men and enbys! I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic, and I love hugs :). Here’s a recent pic of me!


Anyways, nice to formally introduce myself! :]

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Laughing with the one you love is almost therapeutic. You feel your cheeks hurt and it’s hard to focus on a clear thought. But you’re just so happy. I love that.

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Having sweet and random covos with him is amazing. It doesn’t matter what we’re taking about. He just makes me feel good.

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Talking to him while he’s sleepy or half asleep is the cutest thing. He’s so comfortable and out of it and he says the cutest things.

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Throwing my hat into the ring with this meme

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I was always chasing those brown eyes. They were always darting off. Jumping from exciting view to something new, always looking somewhere else. They’d wander through the sky whenever we were walking along. They’d flit along the clouds and dance along the horizon. They would go wherever they liked, high and low and away with every fancy. And when they came to me? Like catching a butterfly. Like butterflies in my stomach. I had caught your eye. You were seeing me.

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I do not think I love you

Not fully, not entirely in one way, in the way

Yet you make me feel soft

A little bit off

I think I adore you

But not in a way for small children or animals

In a way I want to see you happy

I want to see you become yourself as much as you can

I think, that possibly you make me feel like I will be alright

That at the end of the day, I’m okay

And to make me feel this way

That I am not used to from my last lovers

As their affections felt different from yours

They felt rushed and hot and new and young

And you make me calm, I feel strong

And new, that I am not all wrong

It feels, somehow, matured, even though I am not

And I can stop thinking about you

Yet not in the way an obsessive lover thinks all day, constantly in their heads

You’re in the little moments

In the mentions and casual conversations and easy comments

You’re not hard to be with

There’s no second thoughts and doubts and tiptoeing

I can just breathe and I will be okay here

I’ll be okay here with my love in a strange place

On a second thought—

I think I love you, even just a small, infinitesimal amount

Maybe not in the way of the way

But maybe in these gentle moments and stolen minutes we can grow together

And I might learn to move with this strange place and maybe become comfortable

With you

love in a strange place, 2021

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that moment when a person shows basic respect and acceptance of you being trans so you fall in love with them

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Feeling gay in the club really just want to kiss a guy

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Just realized I rb’d three cuddling posts in a row i- am I okay??? Idk but probably not apparently smh.

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Date an idiot vampire boy who purposefully makes lots of spelling errors so he can make tons of type-o blood jokes

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it snowed and someone wasted no time in assembling an abomination

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i just want a boy to call me pretty boy in a mocking tone is that too much to ask-

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hopping on the fave ship dynamic trend! 😤 *picture of a big muscly man with a fat cock towering over a small virgin femboy*

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