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bunnyslemontea · a minute ago
all I want in this world is for a couple of women to fuck me until I can't think anymore
[men/minors dni]
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moondust-lemon · 14 minutes ago
Tumblr media
wanna see this thing disappear inside me?
they/them | my videos
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Dancing to the Grave
A short poem inspired by Romeo and Juliet (we jsut finished reading it in class)
They danced
They spun around her,
Whispers careful, never too close.
They sang
Sweet words twisting into images,
Of deathly perfect days,
But the look in their eyes were of a ghost
Never too close is what they told themselves
A sick game is what they played,
Crafted ever so carefully,
Making sure it was nothing more.
Yet their heart longed,
They couldn't imagine a life without her
She danced
She dipped and laughed,
Pulling them a little closer
She sang
Words a sea of endless love confessions
She chased, they ran for both of their lives
She was innocent,
They had the world upon their shoulders
And yet, they danced together
Same body, same tune
Wax, they melted into each other
She fell, deeply
An inevitable curse to fall upon her
Their laughs were far too bright, too strong
She rushed into them
They should have tried harder
But, oh, it was so hard not to love
"I've danced this dance a million times over"
She her laugh was the smooth, soft rain
"Of course, you have, so have I. Everyday"
For she was the sun, they were the moon
She misunderstood,
And they understood all too well
"I danced this dance before poets rhymed"
Her eyes, bright lightning, sparking in interest
"I've met you, a different time, different place,
Thousands of times have a met you,
It ends the same every time"
Death is what they did not say,
The word lingered on their lips
She smiled and kissed lips
Until the word was no longer in memory
They danced with her, as one
Crimson blood leaked from their bodies,
Wilted roses were her cheeks
Death has their eyes
News called them modern day Romeo and Juliet
Oh, if only they knew
They were to live and dance, begrudgingly
She was to be born, she found them
Forever stuck into a loop of tragedy and woe
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lloergan · 2 hours ago
fuck I do want top surgery I didn’t need that realization now
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daisiesdazes · 3 hours ago
by daisiesdazes / social media
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chubby-enby · 4 hours ago
tw: drugged sex
Push me down on the couch and pass me the bong. “I know you can take one more hit of it for mommy, can’t you?” And of course I do because what else am I supposed to do, I’m already fucked up, can’t see straight, can barely think. Slip your fingers into my underwear and feel my pussy, soaking wet, delirious. And then that laugh. “What a good pup, all ready to serve your owner, hm?” I moan, and a stab of arousal soaks me even more. “Just one more hit, I’m sure you can take that.” I don’t want to but I will. You spark the bowl for me, you don’t let me take out the piece until you’re satisfied that my hit is large enough. Control me like this. Seduce me like this. Drug me like this. And when we return to my room and my eyes are nothing but crescent moons, you will delve your fingers into my core, your free hand over my lips. Hushing me. Muzzling me. I’ll be too far gone to know what’s happening when you finally fuck me with your strap.
“What a good pup, just fade away and let me breed my mutt.”
“Yes, Mommy...”
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dusky-sapphic · 4 hours ago
I honestly can’t wait for you to run into my arms and to finally be able to hold you, look into your beautiful eyes and kiss your soft lips
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testosteronebutch · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⛓ daddy vibes at home + daddy vibes at the grocery store ⛓
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valentinesdayblues · 5 hours ago
cis lesbians stop excluding trans/gnc lesbians from everything challenge
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fatherspreciouslamb · 5 hours ago
sometimes i see a video or gif of a someone stroking off and get kind of hypnotized by the movement of their hand and their cock such that my mouth just opens on its own and i start always makes me feel so embarrassed and wet at how it just happens on its own... 😔💕
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catboynagitokomaeda · 6 hours ago
ok ok ok hear me out. listen. Keebo is canonically nonbinary (be that good or bad). it's a fact. ok so what if. they're a lesbian.
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hydrangea-fem · 7 hours ago
can someone pls wear froggies hats with me and go on a picnic date in the middle of a playground/parking lot <333
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hydrangea-fem · 7 hours ago
grow old with me, like time and the seasons,,, let me hold our love with the warmth of your palm in my hand- and use it to guide us into the unknown~
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cishetlessfashion · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Brightly colored monster themed nonbinary it/it’s lesbian fashion with body horror and The Thing (1982) for anon Colorful teeth earrings Nonbinary is beautiful opossum patch The thing shirt It its pronoun pins Lesbian flag beanie The Thing poster glittery earrings Eyeball patch The Thing husky enamel pin Large spiked choker Meat cube patches
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romantic-nbla · 8 hours ago
Y'know what would be fun ? If we watched a bunch of shows together ! Things like Scooby Doo or Yu-Gi-Oh !
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