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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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It’s homophobic that my neck doesn’t have hickies covering it, and that I’m not marking up a cutie.

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she’s all i can think of constantly, it’s so strange to care for someone with pieces that have spent so long ragged,

i worry that i’ll eventually scar her in the shape of my branding and i worry that she too, will see the side of me that i hide deep inside

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Were you considered super smart as a kid because you spouted hateful shit your parents said in order to gain their, and other family member’s, approval before promptly being considered ignorant and/or dumb and constantly talked down to once you started thinking for yourself and aligning more with leftist ideals or are you cishet

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let’s go ice skating!! i want to hold your hand and dance with you! rest on the bench and stick so close to each other our knees touch, feeling your warmth conpared to the coldness around us… i like knowing that slipping and falling won’t be as hard as when i fell for you~

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what if we went on an art date? what if you grabbed me by my hand as we entered the building that smelt of paint and crayons, what if we sat down next to each other and we started making each other laugh as you painted away on your canvas and i began to form and mold my clay, occasionally stealing shy and adoring glances at one another. what if we had a mini paint war and smeared paint all over each another’s faces and clothes and hair, not caring who was watching. what if in the end, i showed you the heart that i molded with my clay, a heart that i made for you and you loved it so much that you kissed me on the spot?,, and we were both girls 👉👈

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The fact that despite living on a lone rock floating through space I still have the audacity to not have a girlfriend is an outrage.

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