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step on a crack, dr. lee’s gonna break your back! ♡ ljn x reader (18+)
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genre: smut, jeno x reader, f x m, crack
word count: 12.2k+
summary: after years of sitting hunched over at an office desk and squinting your eyes at an overly saturated computer screen, your back finally gives out on you and decides it needs a break. 
good thing your friendly neighborhood chiropractor dr. lee is here to save the day! small issue though— he’s really fucking hot and he’s got a way with his hands.
smut warnings: dom!jeno, mild dubcon (please do not read if you are uncomfortable with this), penetrative sex, manhandling, choking, strength kink, oral (f receiving), minimal rimming (f receiving), fingering, squirting, subspace, degradation, mild spanking, body worship
other warnings: will more than likely contain anatomical and medical inaccuracies (please spare me)
────── 〔✿〕──────
When you were younger, all of the adults told you that your twenties would be some of the best years of your life. Relaying tales of being able to stay out past the curfew your parents had set for you. To indulge in certain luxuries that weren’t accessible to you when you were younger– the finest of alcohol, gambling, and more. Old enough for the freedom that comes with adulthood, yet young enough for the rose colored glasses that’ll register one of your fondest memories. 
Not you though. 
Scrolling through your social media, you grumble to yourself bitterly as you deliberately swipe past a post of your old colleagues from school having a night out at the bar. Lined up along the stools and leaned up against one another, bright smiles and puckered lips showing off just how much fun they’re having. Envious of their fitted dresses and the heels that you’ve been admiring from far away at your local outlet. 
You really couldn’t blame them, though. They’ve invited you out many times. To no avail, they’re always met with rejection. The same exact excuses every single time: 
“I’ve got OT today.”
“I have a project due tonight, I need to get this done.”
“I’m too tired. You guys go on without me.”
It’s not that you wanted to be such a stick in the mud. You just happened to work at an office that sucks the soul out of your being. It’s no wonder that the invites have become extremely scarce throughout the years, but that didn’t stop you from being petty and refusing to leave a like on their posts.
A pesky hand reaches over you to zoom in on one of the girls in the photo. “Oh, this one’s cute. You should introduce me some time.”
“Like hell I will,” You spit back.
“Like hell I will,” You spit back.
Haechan’s pouts at that, his eyebrows furrowing childishly at your attitude. “What’s got you so moody today? I just wanna spend some time with my favorite coworker.” Planting his hands on top of each of your shoulders, soothing not so gentle circles into the flesh. Digging his forefingers into the crook of your collarbone, inflicting minor pain. He whistles at how stiff the knots are. “Jesus, you’re tight.”
“Could you stop being annoying for like, two minutes please?” You retreat from his touches with a feigned scoff, refusing to let him in on the fact that the makeshift massage hurt like actual hell. Shooting shocks and aches all along from the bottom of your spine to the top, wondering why you’re strained. You’d be a fool to think you could evade Haechan’s observant gaze however. As he jabs a pointer finger right to the center of your back, you shoot up from your hunched over position with an obnoxious squeal. “Ah– fucking hell, Haechan!”
Maneuvering your rolling chair to give him your deadliest glare, you’re confused when you’re met with a concerned face. “Do you have back problems?”
The sudden question startles you. Craning your neck and giving it an experimental crack. You realize you've never put much thought into it. Writing it off as a minor inconvenience at most. Too caught up with the rest of life to be concerned with your physical health, you pushed any aches to the back burner of your mind. “I don’t think so?”
Another jab comes your way, this time directly at your trapezius. Squealing like a mouse in pain once again, you earn a few curious stares from your peers. “Ow!” You smack his wrist away. “What the hell is wrong with you!?"
“It’s because you’re always slumped over at that damn desk!” Haechan argues with a tone that’s similar to a naggy mother’s. “You need to get checked out before it gets any worse.”
“I’m fine,” You swivel your chair away from him and back towards your desk, wanting to end this interaction as soon as possible. “Seriously, you don’t have to worry about me.”
Ever the overly concerned friend, Haechan goes against your wishes. Reaching into his pocket for his wallet before filing through the several business cards he has stowed away. You hear an innocuous ‘aha!’ from behind you, turning back curiously only to be met with a small cut of paper. Wiggling his eyebrows at you mischievously, urging you to take it from him.
Taking the card with caution, you barely skim through the simplistic font before Haechan speaks up again. “This guy is top notch. He’ll put you back into shape like it’s nothing.”
“Dr. Lee Jeno, D.C..” You mumble to yourself. Looking up at Haechan’s cat-like expression with your own unamused stare, fingers already up in air quotes. “Step on a crack, Dr. Lee will put you back on track?” You mock with disdain before grimacing at Haechan. “You can’t be serious right now.”
“I’m definitely being one hundred percent serious,” Haechan replies. “Come on, give it a try! His rates are great before insurance. Who knows how much cheaper it would be with our health plan.” 
You’ve watched plenty of chiropractor videos on Youtube before. Fond of the ASMR and the funny reactions. They've kept you entertained more times than you’d like to admit. That didn't stop your irrational fear of having your neck snapped so far back you wake up to find yourself in front of the pearly gates though.
“Don’t you know chiropractors are quack doctors? I mean— look at this Patrick Bateman ass business card. This guy could kill me!” You counter pathetically. 
“Hey, don’t speak on my boy like that,” He points an accusing finger at you. “I’ve gone to him plenty of times, and I’m still alive!”
“That’s because you’re a freak of nature,” You sigh at his persistence, too many factors to consider before even thinking about calling this man. “I don’t know…” But when you stretch out and a crack evades both your ears, that same sharp tinge traveling up your back, you’ve got no choice but to give in. Deflating under Haechan’s narrowed eyes, you admit defeat. “Okay, fine.”
“‘Atta girl,” He cheers. “I swear that you won’t regret it. Dr. Lee’s great at what he does.” “I hope you’re right, because if he snaps my neck and I die— I’m haunting your punk ass.” 
“Being haunted by you doesn’t sound that bad honestly. But when have I ever lied to you?” He winks. “Oh, and make sure to tell him that I referred you.”
Deciding that he’s bothered you enough, Haechan bids you goodbye with a wave. When you’re left by yourself you examine the card much more thoroughly. Despite the extremely corny slogan, you admire the minimalistic design. Flipping it to the other side to get more of his information, taking a mental note to search up his reviews later.
Dr. Lee seems to check all of the marks. Almost five stars on Google Reviews, most of them being very thorough and positive. A variety of patients from the eldery, to athletes, and even to those who have suffered severe injuries. Many claim that he’s got the ‘magic touch’ and that he treats his patients with the utmost care. That and he has the credentials to boot, graduating at the top of his class.
Swiping through the photos to get a feel for what his office looks like, it seems he occupies a space at a local complex. It’s neat and tidy, a clear degree and certification plated right there for all to see. Seems like he doesn’t have any photos of himself however, his profile picture being the default silhouette. 
Admittedly you find yourself pacing back and forth, your phone resting on top of your coffee table. You’d like to blame it on mild phone anxiety, but you’ve got nothing to blame but your skepticism. Mentally battling with yourself to just give Dr. Lee a call and set the damn appointment.
Well, if he’s got Haechan’s approval (you’re not sure how valid that is), you guess it wouldn’t hurt to try. You seldom ever ‘treated yourself,’ so why not throw a couple of bucks on something that’ll actually do you some good? 
Bracing yourself, you swipe your phone off of the table dramatically before dialing the number displayed on the card. Slapping the device onto your ear while the rings reverberate around your virtually silent room. Swaying nervously as two rings, three, then four pass without an answer. Wondering if you’re in over your head and should quite while you're still ahead, looking back at the screen and hovering your thumb over the hang up button.
Until somebody eventually picks up. A voice that is gentle yet booming with bass, delicate yet boyish in the same manner. “Hello? You’ve reached Neo Therapy Practitioners, this is Jisung speaking!”
Fumbling your phone like a hot potato, you tuck your phone in the nook of your shoulder. Grabbing a pen and notepad before plopping back down onto your couch. “Yeah, hi, yes!” You splutter. “I was wondering if I could set up an appointment with Dr. Lee?”
“Oh, for adjustment? Sure!” You hear some rustling before the man on the line continues. “Let me just get some of your info before I transfer you over to him. He’ll go into more depth with you than me.”
After providing Jisung with the necessary information, he sends you to Dr. Lee’s extension. An annoying jingle that brings you some peace. Still just a bit wary of setting up your meeting with Dr. Lee, your concerns only growing when the song comes to an abrupt stop.
Now, you may not have a face to pair with whoever is on the other side of the line, but nothing could have prepared you for the intense timbre that's on the other line.
"Hello?” The deep and sultry voice greets you, and when you take a few too seconds too long to return it, he tries again. “This is Dr. Lee. Are you there?”
Straightening your back out like you’re already in the room with him, it takes a lot of energy to double down without embarrassing yourself. “Yes! I’m here.”
A chuckle is offered in response, and you find yourself biting your index finger at how much of a baritone his voice has. Unlike Jisung who had an innocent tinge to his tone, Dr. Lee’s voice made it clear that he was a man of experience. A bravado that couldn't be missed even without physically seeing him.
“Glad to hear it.” You practically hear the smile in his voice. “So, Jisung told me you were looking to be adjusted?” When you hum in response, there’s a pause before he continues. “Sounds good. Typically with your first appointment it’ll consist of a consultation followed by your first adjustment. Does that sound okay?”
“Mhm, that's fine.”
“Perfect.” He beams, going over some more basic information that you jot down on your notepad. “Would you be free to come in tomorrow at let’s say… nine a.m? I actually had a cancellation and it gives us more than enough time before my next patient.”
When you check your wall calendar to confirm you have nothing going on in the morning, you let him know that you’re good to go. Everything goes swimmingly from there.
Dr. Lee instructs you to wear a casual set of clothes, to have your insurance and identification ready, and to just relax. 
“I’ll print out a brief page of everything we discussed today, and I’ll hand over the rest of the information to Jisung to input into our system.” Dr. Lee finalizes. “I look forward to meeting you tomorrow. I'll see you then?”
“Absolutely,” You reply. “Bright and early. I’ll see you, Dr. Lee.”
With a click, the call ends. Stretching out and hearing the pops of your spine sing like a choir, you're thankful that such a nuisance will be put to a stop soon. You feel much more at ease than before you had called, and you hope that the same holds true for when you see him tomorrow.
Turns out that it didn’t hold true. Not one fucking bit. Maybe you can still make a run for it, the main lobby merely a hallway from his office. 
It had gone easily enough. Meeting his secretary Jisung at the front desk with an enthusiastic greeting. He was young, probably using this as a part time job, most definitely not taking it seriously since you caught him playing Minecraft on a separate gaming laptop. Slamming the screen shut in a fit of embarrassment, he apologizes hurriedly before you reassure him that he’s okay, laughing at his silliness.
Handing him the required materials, he sends you to the back with a small smile. “First door to the left. He should be ready for you.”
With a nod you follow his instructions. That same confidence that you had carried from the night before crumbling to dust the moment you turned down the handle of the door. Swallowing a thick wad that’s formed at the center of your throat when you take in the sight of the man who’s setting up his equipment.
Haechan be damned, this guy was going to kill you. Not in the way you had first feared though. 
Dr. Lee was a sight sent straight from the Greek Gods themselves. Aphrodite taking special care and concocting whatever the fuck he was made out of with a few shots too many of favoritism. Muscular legs that are restrained by black jeans that travel up a lean waist that part into obnoxiously broad shoulders. Proportions unbelievably perfect with an even more beautiful face to boot, that sharp jawline and beauty mark that is saved for those who are the cream of the crop.
If you were attracted to merely a voice via a phone call, the real thing has you absolutely folding.
Unfortunately for you, you were too slow in backing out. Dr. Lee had finished adjusting the height of the bed at the center of the room, presumably sensing your presence before twisting his entire body to find you at the door frame. Upon meeting you for the first time, his face twists into one of the most welcoming expressions ever. 
Oh yeah, you were doomed.
Taking large strides towards you, he extends his hand for you to take. “Nice to be able to meet you in person.” He says, eyes forming into sweet crescents upon your accepting shake. His large hand wraps around yours completely. Gaze trailing from where you’re connected to his pronounced forearms. Sleeves rolled up high enough to ogle the veins that lace around.
Said button up did him no favors either. Accentuating each taut muscle, his biceps begging to be freed from its constraints. The button just below his collarbone fighting for dear life lest he makes the wrong move and it pops off. Calling your name, he brings you out of your daze. Shaking your head to bring you back to reality, scolding yourself inwardly for being such a prude. “N-nice to meet you too, Dr. Lee.”
He blows a few black strands away from his forehead, snorting at your apprehensiveness. “Please save the formalities. Just call me Jeno.” He squeezes your hand in reassurance. Separating from you in exchange for extending his arm towards the bed with black leather cushions that are framed by fine bamboo. “Make yourself comfy, yeah?”
Following you closely before dragging a rolling chair to sit across from you in, he sits casually with his legs spread out and his chest leaning against the back support of the chair. Reaching for his clipboard and whistling a tune as he skims through some documents. “Alright, it seems like we have some minor back pain?” He licks at his thumb to make flipping through the pages easier. Pushing the glasses that slip down his nose, attentive to every detail. “Care to tell me about it?”
“WelI, I think I started to feel some aches as early as three years ago when I started at my office, but it was a nuisance at worst,” You explain. Jeno validates you by nodding along, jotting out your words into short notes on his clipboard. Holding his chin between his thumb and forefinger, he urges you to continue. “But it's gotten worse recently. It's more of a shooting pain now.”
“I see.” He affirms, tapping the pen against his bottom lip. “A lot of my patients that are in the office tend to be victims of misalignment, I’m sure your case is no different.” 
“I hope so,” You stifle a nervous laugh, halfheartedly relaying your worst fears in a joking manner. “Would hate to find out I have scoliosis this late into life and then have to get surgery for it.”
“Oh, please,” Jeno snorts at you with a feigned offense, tossing the clipboard back to his desk. “I notice your posture is a bit off, but it’s nowhere near so bad that it would require surgery. Plus–,” He cuts himself off when he rises from his office chair, circling behind you to plant his hands on your shoulders. The sudden closeness has your breath hitching, tensing up even further when he parts your hair to get a better look at the back of your neck. Feeling rather than seeing that his chest is probably no more than a few centimeters away from your back. A ghost of a breath against your ear, realizing that he’s much closer than you thought. “That’s what I’m here for. I’ll put you right back into shape.”
“Y-yeah…” You have to remind yourself that he is a certified professional. For that reason, you conclude that he is most definitely just being friendly– at least you try to tell yourself as you feel heat travel up your neck beneath his thumbs that trace over the top of your back. Wanting to slap yourself for getting nervous over him doing his job.
“Let’s take a look, yeah?” Those same thumbs trail down your back, the fitted workout shirt you decided to wear today making it easier for Jeno to get a proper visual of your spine, humming in fascination when he digs into the flesh. A slight jolt causing you to wince under his hold, squeaking feebly at the discomfort. You hope you’re hallucinating when you hear a breathy chuckle leave his throat. “Sorry, did that hurt?” He muses.
“No–! Okay, maybe a little,” You stutter out. “It was just a bit of a shock.”
A noise that’s akin to a lion on the prowl stirs in his chest, making his way back up to the vertebrae that’s on that rests right below your neck. Digging into the flesh once again, this time earning a hiss from you. Biting your lip when the same pain that you had experienced from Haechan resurfaces. “Looks like you do have some misalignment. Does this hurt?” He asks before exerting more force into the spot.
“Fuck–,” You curse, covering your mouth in embarrassment at your lack of professionalism. “Sorry, yeah. That hurt a lot.”
You’re starting to think that this alleged ‘doctor’ is having a little bit too much fun inflicting pain on you. Under the guise that he’s just examining what issues you have, you grow more skeptical with each chuckle. Just when you’re about to retreat from his overbearing touches, he retreats first. “I think I’ve got a pretty good idea on what you’ve got going on.” 
“You think?” You deadpan, not sure if you’re finding relief in your suspicions dominating your obvious attraction.
“Well, I know, rather.” He shrugs before walking back over to his desk, pulling out a model of a spine. Traveling back to you to point at one of the uppermost vertebrae. “Your thoracic is misaligned towards the top, specifically your T1– which is responsible for lots of important things like your shoulders, arms, the like.”
“So what does all of that mean?” 
“Luckily, it’s not bad at all. I think a few sessions would be just fine,” He answers, discarding the spine model. “I’ll give you a sheet with a bunch of stretches that’ll prevent further injury. ‘Till then,'' That same smile encapsulates his features, tilting his head playfully. “Ready for your first adjustment?”
He raises his eyebrows when you give him a gobsmacked face, as if you haven’t already signed a waiver and a bunch of other non-disclosure agreements that specify that you are in fact going to be realigned.
 “Oh, we’re doing that now now.”
“Yeah, now now.” He mocks you halfheartedly. Hands now coming to your front and pushing you down gently, swallowing when you get the best look of his face that you’ve gotten in the short time you’ve been in this office.  “Lay back for me, okay?” He instructs softly, leaving you to grab his chair once again. 
You do as he says, coming down with control only to realize you’ve fallen into his hands rather than onto the cushion. A horrible realization dawns when you recall the Youtube video that you had watched before going to sleep. Oh shit, he was going to crack your neck.
“Relax for me, just let your head fall back. Don’t tense." He praises you when you follow with no objections. Taking your trust with gratitude, he coos at you when your eyelids flutter shut. “That’s it…” 
“Are you gonna do the thing?” You open one eye curiously. 
“What, the thing where I readjust your neck?” Noticing that your expression is scrunched in fear, he realizes that you’re still a bit on edge. He knows that earning his patients’ full trust is all part of the job. It came easy to some, but harder for others. Good thing he was a patient man. “I understand if you’re scared, but just know that I haven’t killed anyone.”
“Oh, that totally makes me feel better–”
“Just how did you score such high reviews on the Internet?” You chide him. “My life is literally in your hands right now.”
“I think those reviews were properly earned because of my dazzling charisma. Is that not enough to put you at ease?” He soothes light circles into the back of your neck, earning a purr of satisfaction from you.  
“You mean your pretty privilege?” You drawl, immediately regretting not being able to bite back your sharp tongue. 
"So you think I'm pretty? He questions.
Stuck between a rock and a hard place, you amp up the theatrics by clamping your mouth shut. Motioning a metaphoric zipper from one end to the other and breaking off the tab.
Jeno decides he’s poked enough fun at you despite wanting to provoke more funny reactions. “Alright, now that you’re relaxed– I just want you to focus on your breathing.” He watches you inhale and exhale, chest pumping up and down with every breath. Gnawing at his cheek when he realizes that your shirt is just a bit low cut, your cleavage visible from where he’s sat behind you. “Mhm, good girl.”
The pet name quickly demolishes any relaxation you’ve achieved in the span of two seconds, but before you can properly address it, Jeno twists your neck. Squawking out a ‘oh my god!’ when a pronounced crack invades the room. Eyes practically bulging out of their sockets when Jeno brings you back to place, patting your cheek and letting out an exuberant laugh. 
“You did it!” He claps for you. 
“Holy fucking shit,” You gasp, unable to care about coming off as presentable to him. Sitting up quickly to wrap your hands around yourself. Unable to describe the sensation that just occurred, something in between satisfaction and utter shock. “I’m alive!”
“You are,” He says, bottom lip tucked between his teeth when you rejoice. His patients showing instant results and giving positive reactions would always be his favorite part of the job. “How do you feel?”
You take a few seconds to think, shaking your body a little and craning your neck side to side. “I feel a little lighter? There was a second where my head was just.. blank. Like there was nothing at all. I think I liked it.” 
When his lips quirk up into a smirk, you fold into yourself bashfully. Wondering if you’re coming off too casual with someone you had just met. Only now remembering that you had a very nice set of arms and hands over what you’d consider an intimate part of the body. Aside from Haechan who you couldn’t really chase away (no matter how many times you’ve cursed at him), you’ve never been too fond of physical touch. But when you catch the veins that have become even more prominent after exuding his efforts on you, you can’t help the fantasies that plague your mind.
Jeno was capable of twisting your neck like it was nothing. You wonder how easily he could lift you. Or how long he could last with you in his arms. Or how long he–
“Ready for the other side?” He pipes in. 
Maybe you shouldn’t  lust over your chiropractor when you’re in the same room as him. 
Falling back into him once again, he waits for your body to go slack. Counting off when you’ve reached a state of peace, he reiterates the action but in the opposite direction. That same rush breaking through your toughest nerves. Sighing out in relief, unconsciously arching your back when a tingle travels down your spine. Completely unaware of the way Jeno ogles the outline of your body in such fitted clothing.
“Still doing okay?” He hums, unconsciously trailing a hand through your hair. You ease into his touch with a sappy smile. The blissful pleasure similar to the buzz that comes with a good wine, your body is heavy but your mind is light.
“Doing just fine, Doctor…” You whisper out, nuzzling your cheek into his palm. A stark contrast from the top half to the latter of his palm, such a soft touch despite the surface being riddled with calluses. He felt just like how he looks– a bit rugged but just as gentle. Lee Jeno was an oxymoron personified, and you fear for your well being as the rest of this session goes. 
“Didn’t I tell you to call me by my name?” He reprimands you, a bit of a growl laced in his words. 
“Right,” You breathe out, painfully perceptive to his thumb that grazes against your bottom lip. Catching his hand with your own, lacing your fingers around the crook of his. “It felt amazing, Jeno.”
Jeno has had plenty of patients stretching near and far– many trying to pull moves on him. That isn’t to say he hasn’t found a few attractive people in his time in the office. But he knows better to engage in any sort of scandals that could bring any bad light to his reputation as a well renowned chiropractor. It was also natural for his patients to become a little lost in their heads after living with that pain for so long.
But when you don such a lost and dazed expression, Jeno realizes he might be in just a little bit of trouble.
Clearing his throat, he tries to carry on like normal. That proves to be difficult when he has to put you in quite a few compromising positions. Having to hug your body close when he lifts you up, plenty of cracks to show just how long you’ve deprived yourself of such basic luxuries. Using his strength to realign your spine in increments while you lay on your stomach.
He’s not a stranger to the grunts and groans of relief from the rest of his patients. Yet with each and every adjustment came a new sound. A stuttered gasp, an elongated groan, a screech in almost painful bliss– he wonders if you like being hurt. And when he has you laid on your side with his hand on the small of your back, an almost pornographic moan has him reeling in delight. Almost wanting to keep you for longer than he originally planned– to shut the blinds and lock the door, trying to remember if he still has that ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ sign that he has tucked away in his desk somewhere.
But again, he knows better. When he finishes off with popping your shoulders into place, he cranks his own neck. Taking extra care of you, treating you with the same sincerity as a flower in a field. He hadn’t realized that your time is minutes from cutting into his next patient. Sighing defeatedly, he has to cut it now. 
“Hey, sleepyhead,” He pinches your nose when you refuse to wake up. Much too lost in your own wonderland, the irrational fear of a chiropractor snapping your neck too far dissipates into thin air. Every part of your body feels as light as a feather. Jeno grabs your forearm, the lack of resistance resembling that of a limp noodle, causing him to snort at your stubbornness to get out of his office. He thinks it wouldn’t be so bad if you were to stay a little longer.
“C’mon, wake up!” He laughs, wrapping his arms around your shoulders to lift you onto your feet. Lifting you with little to no effort, like you weigh nothing. Strong arms surround you firmly, yet you feel a sense of security.  “Did I do that well?”
“Oh god,” You loll your head onto your shoulder, giving yourself a good stretch. It amazes you when you reach out high and not a single ache or crack follows. “I haven’t been this relaxed in years.”
Jeno’s sure he could make you feel even better if you’d let him, but it’s better to leave it at what you pay him for. “Glad to hear it,” His hands instinctively seek purchase on your shoulders, comfort being a second nature. Urging you towards the door, he doesn’t miss the pout that you don when you wobble like you’ve just learned to walk. “When will I see you again?”
You still have that half lidded gaze from being snapped like a twig, but it seems that you’ve come back to earth. “When’s your next available appointment?” You lean against the doorframe. 
He checks his calendar on his phone for any openings, he relays the options for you. “I’ve got an opening for Saturday next week, same time. Would you be interested?”
“Sign me up.” You answer. “I’ll see you then, Doc–” He’s grimacing at you before you can get the rest of the word in. Still not used to the informality, you huff before turning to take your leave. “I’ll see you next week, Jeno.”
“That’s what I like to hear. It was nice having you today.” He grins, waving you off before closing the door. When he hears Jisung bidding you goodbye and the chime of the bell to confirm that you’ve left the vicinity, he immediately rips his glasses off. Brushing his hair out of his face and rubbing at the prominent bridge of his nose.
He saw the way that you were ogling him when you had first entered. It was nothing new– the ladies young and old alike couldn’t get enough of him, and he definitely wasn’t oblivious to any of their advances. But when he thinks about all the ways he could bend and twist you over the furniture of his office, how he would be the reason you couldn’t walk, he comes to the realization– you were going to be a problem.
Saturday takes much too long to roll around, and fortunately for you Jeno contacts you no more than three days later for a cancellation. Your second appointment passed with flying colors. Jeno praises you for following the stretching regimen that he had provided you with, noting that your stiffness has already depleted exponentially. Chiropractic adjustment quickly becomes one of your favorite appointments of the week. Coming in with a smile on your face and stepping out and like a million bucks.
The same can’t be said for Jeno, however. While he’s sure that the attraction is mutual, you seem to be sending him mixed signals. Unsure if those moans are practiced or if he really evoked them from using his pure strength. Hell, he’s found himself hitting the gym even more than he already does, getting giddy when you take note of his progress.
“Have you been working out?”
“A little.” He smirks. “Why? Has it been paying off?”
“A little.” You mimic him with a subtle lick of your lips, giving his bicep an experimental squeeze. Jaw dropping at how hard the surface is. The muscle jumps when he unconsciously flexes beneath your touch.
That’s not all though. He’s noticed that you’ve gotten a bit too comfy in the time that you two have spent together. Your first visit you donned a plain workout tee paired with a baggy pair of sweats. But throughout your visits, t-shirts turn into tank tops, sweats turn into leggings, leggings turn into biker shorts– tops seeming to expose more and more of your stomach until he can see the lower curvature of your breasts.
“Oh, I forgot to mention it,” You say when Jeno pulls at your ankles, a pronounced ‘pop!’ successfully sounding around him. “Haechan was the one who recommended you to me.”
“Lee Haechan?” Jeno raises an eyebrow, the visual of the coconut headed brunette plagues his mind. Grimacing at how overbearing he can be. “Yeah, I know him.”
“I’m really glad he did,” You hum, that same damned expression that has been haunting him every night for the past few weeks. “You make me feel so good, Jeno.”
“You really need to be careful with what you say,” He tuts, appalled that such euphemisms fail to register. His voice lowering down to a low whisper, muttering under his breath. “I’m a guy, you know.”
“What was that?”
“Nothing you need to worry your pretty little head about. Lay on your tummy for me, now.”
Maybe it was the confidence that came with getting better posture. Maybe it was the fact that you were becoming more flexible after he suggested you should join the free yoga classes that your community has online. Whatever it was, it was becoming even more of a problem for not just him, but those around you too.
“You are an addict.” Haechan glares at you. “You’re a crack addict. You’re addicted to crack!”
Embarrassment floods your being when your coworkers take a peek at the commotion. Haechan’s choice of words certainly does not do your image any favors. You cover your face with a manila folder from your desk, not wanting to give any attention to your nuisance of a coworker. He wasn’t having it though, ripping away the barricade and getting close in on your face. 
“Wanna know how I know you’re a crack addict?” He corners you.
Diverting your attention from your project, you swivel your chair in his direction to entertain his antics. “Oh, pray tell Haechan. Tell me how you know that I’m addicted to getting adjustments.”
Pulling out his phone, he presents you with a photo of a package that was addressed to his home. Raising an unamused eyebrow, your question remains unanswered. “What does that have to do with anything?” 
“It’s a free roomba that I won from a raffle,” Haechan starts. “Dr. Lee’s quarter-yearly raffle to be exact.”
“Every appointment that someone I’ve referred to him has, is another entry to the raffle. And in the three weeks–” He holds out three fingers. “That you’ve been seeing Dr. Lee, guess how many entries I’ve scored.”
You’re not exactly fond of the direction this is going in, growing a bit nervous as you’ve lost track of the many times you’ve swiped your card along the pin pad that stays with Jisung at the front desk. “How many…?”
Bringing a hand to his mouth, he obnoxiously coughs to clear his throat. “Sweetheart, you have seen him ten times in three weeks.”
“You’re lying.” You gasp.
Tapping on an email from Jeno himself, he flips the screen towards your face. The evidence in all its glory specifying how many entries he’s been given. “Read it and weep, babe.” He squats down to your height in your chair, whispering into your ear mischievously. “So, tell me the truth– is he actually realigning your spine? Or is he blowing your back out instead?”
“Haechan!” You slap at him harshly, growing flustered at such an accusation. You think you’ve done a good job at being discreet about your desire for Jeno, able to keep yourself at bay every night when your vibrator clears your dirty mind for you. “We have not fucked.” You cross your arms to emphasize your point. 
“Yet.” That childish grin grows. “Keep visiting him like that and it’s bound to end up like some cheesy porno.”
“We aren’t gonna fuck,” You shut him down. “That’s so unprofessional.” “Suit yourself.” Haechan shrugs, turning on his feet to leave you alone once again. Tending to give you a mental whiplash and leaving you to clean up the mess yourself. “I’m just saying– it’s actually been kind of hard to get an appointment with him lately. Much less multiple times in the same week.”
“It’s probably just because I’m a new patient and require more adjustment.” “Maybe so, but I’d look into that if I were you,” He bids you off with a wink. Greeting another female coworker who passed him by, returning his gesture with a wistful smile. The interaction causes your eye to twitch. You’re sorry for that poor girl– she has no idea how insufferable that man is. Turning back to you with a smug expression to gloat. “Thanks for the free roomba by the way!”
His last words have you pondering, unfortunately. Jeno does spend a great deal of time on you, and his rates are definitely generous enough for multiple visits to be feasible. Maybe there is something there. 
But it’s been a really long time since you’ve been physically intimate with anyone. You’re a bit jaded in your judgment, often pinning most people’s flirting and undivided attention as mere kindness. The prospect of being able to have Jeno actually want you as much as you think about him stirs something in your stomach, annoyingly girlish butterflies fluttering around like you’re in high school again.
Who knows? It wouldn’t hurt to try and push the limits a little. What’s the worst that could happen? 
You might’ve jumped the gun. Wearing the smallest and tightest skirt in your closet with no safety shorts underneath probably wasn’t the smartest decision. Regretting your decision and clamping your legs shut, when Jeno gives you a once over upon your arrival.
His expression was unreadable when you met at his desk. Jaw clenched unbearably tight, a hypocritical action as he’s advised you to refrain doing that on multiple occasions. Claiming that it was a main factor in the migraines you’ve vented to him about. 
“So,” He speaks first, his voice gruff when he tries to cut the tension. “It seems like your thoracic alignment has improved greatly in the past few weeks.” You nod, grateful despite the awkwardness of the situation. “I feel much better thanks to you."
“I’m glad that I was able to help,” He replies, the sentiment still there despite coming off aloof. Was there a vein popping out of his neck? “Anyways, I was thinking after this appointment, we could limit visits to maybe… Once a month?”
Haechan might’ve been onto something when he said that you were addicted. Itching to get cracked almost every other day of the week, thriving off of that high that’s akin to walking on clouds. To go cold turkey and only experience such a luxury once a week almost feels devastating.
You’re hesitant, but you have enough pride to not be so desperate as to object. “We can do that, I guess.” You deflate into the leather chair, feeling oddly petulant for your age. 
Hopefully Jeno doesn’t catch your dismissiveness. You assume so at least when he carries on like normal. Gesturing towards the drop bed as per usual, you follow him helplessly like a pied piper. Pulling your skirt down when it hikes up with every other step, you’re inwardly chastising yourself for being so dumb. Of course this would make him feel awkward. You were basically setting yourself up for the easiest wardrobe malfunction ever– the worst part being that it was completely deliberate. 
“You know the drill,” He says when you stand idle. Hesitant to do so, knowing that he’s going to get an all access view to the racy panties you wore today. When you take too long you feel anxious at how he hollows his cheeks, his tongue poking out impatiently at your lack of initiative. “What’s wrong?” 
People were usually one or the other: book-smart or street-smart. Not Lee Jeno, though. If the doctorate that hung loud and proud behind him wasn’t proof enough, he was also much too intuitive and introspective for his good. The emotional intelligence that most people lack was evident with every conversation the two of you shared during your visits. You knew better than to think he’d be oblivious to such a drastic change in your wardrobe, every outfit prior paling in comparison to the stunt you’ve pulled today.
And if the way he’s vented about the other patients he’s had that have made a pass at him was any indication that he hated unsolicited advances– you’ve basically set yourself for not just rejection, but a strained relationship with someone whose company you’ve grown to enjoy too. 
On second thought, limiting visits to once a month would be ideal. Hopefully he’ll forget about it and the two of you can act like nothing happened.
You can tell his patience wears thinner when he crosses his arms across his chest, hip leaned against the top of the bed. Chelsea boot clad foot tapping against the floor in a steady rhythm. Left with no other choice than to suck it up and embarrass yourself, you lift each leg over the bed as slowly as possible, hands clutching at the hem as you lay back with your stomach taut with fear.
At this point, it’s like clockwork. Your head falling back into those large palms without fail. Jeno is always tucking the stray hairs that obstruct your features behind your ear, glad that you always kept your eyes closed whenever he’s this near. 
“You’re tense.” Jeno mumbles.
You apologize and try to relax as much as possible. Relinquishing the tension in your neck so you’re weightless against him. Such pathetic attempts are futile however, Jeno tsk’ing at your lack of comprehension to his instructions. 
“Your shoulders,” His fingers slide down the expanse of your neck to the span of the offending body part. The smooth glide eliciting a ticklish tingle that now has every inch of you clenching, especially between your thighs. Snatching your shaky hands that are gripping onto your skirt for dear life with each of his own, forcing them to your side. “Let go.”
The strength that he exuded against your resistance was terrifying. Your heart pounding against your chest erratically, fighting your hardest to shoo away the thought of him taking you right where you lay. 
Now that there’s nothing that stands in Jeno’s way, he carries on. Fighting a battle of his own, anything he looks at causing a problem downstairs. Look too high and he’s met with your twitching thighs. Look too low and the top of your chest is free residence. And trail even lower, your eyes are shut tight. Bottom lip caught between your teeth nervously, you almost look dumb. No, you do– but he thinks it’s so cute.
So cute and free for the taking. The height of his rolling chair leaves the top of your head right between his legs, close to his growing crotch. He thinks about how he could just unzip right now and sneak his cock right between those gorgeous lips. They’re a different shade than usual, and he loves how it looks on you. Was that another part of this little ploy of yours? 
Twisting your neck from side to side, the cacophonous snaps are accompanied by that sweet gasp. Inhaling a sharp bout of air when his grip on your neck is harsher than usual, fingertips digging into you even deeper than before. “Does it hurt…?” He croons, unable to control the grin that forms when he grazes down your forearms.
“A… a little,” You’re squeamish at the flicks of fire that his touch leaves behind, prickles of pleasure going off like bombs in a land mine. 
“Oh, poor baby,” He fakes sympathy, now roaming freely around your entire being, save for the spots you need him the most. “It’s because you don’t listen to me. I told you to let go.”
“I do listen to you.” You weakly protest, upset with yourself for displeasing him. A need to satisfy when you look up at him fondly, proving yourself that you can follow what he says.
“I don’t think you do,” He retorts coldly, returning a bleak expression that’s unlike the warm Jeno you’ve grown familiar with in the past few weeks. “I can tell you’ve been neglecting yourself. Have you still been stretching? You’re so… stiff. Do I have to loosen you up? Maybe we do need to keep seeing each other.” 
Such crude words stir unspeakable feelings in your lower half, now squirming against him when you try to flee from his hold. “Jeno, I–”
He doesn’t allow you to finish whatever senseless gibberish you had to say. Squishing your cheeks shut, his chest now flush against your back. Prominent nose now at the nape of your neck. Inhaling profusely, the mixture of your perfume and shampoo has him grunting in a sensory overload. 
“Just be quiet,” He spits. 
A single finger trails from where his lips are located at your nape, all the way down your spine. Admiring his work like an artist who has just created their magnum opus based off of their muse. Every vertebrae perfectly aligned, your back smooth beneath his touch. It was a lie– you took great care of yourself, everything from your posture to your confidence improving vastly. But while he had good intentions, you walking in with that skimpy outfit utterly destroyed his original plan of keeping your relationship strictly professional.
While he was able to build you to his flawless image, it gives him a surge of power to know that he can just as easily break you. 
He wants to. 
“Lay on your stomach.” He demands. A complete contrast to the kind guidance he typically provides, not helping his own case when he slides his arms under your abdomen. Flipping you over when you take too long to do as he says. Gasping at how quickly he tosses you, remorseless when you yelp out in surprise. 
His grip immediately seeks purchase on your back, maniacal when he continues the appointment like usual. The cold air conditioning hitting the crease of your bottom. Your eyes widen when you realize that your skirt has rode high enough for your ass to be exposed to Jeno’s wandering gaze. Wrists are immediately slapped away with a stinging pain when you try to protect your modesty. “No!” You scream.
“What did I say?” He pinches the inside of your thigh, taunting you for more of that sweet cry when he hurts you more. “See? You really don’t listen. I’ve warned you so many times, and look where that’s gotten you. Can’t you just be a good girl for me?”
“I already am!” You talk back, squealing when he smacks your exposed ass. “Fuck– Jeno!”
“I don’t think you are,” He scoffs, kneading the flesh that’s already forming a bruise from the slap. “Good girls don’t walk around with their asses out like little sluts.”
This mental flashbang of such a cruel Jeno paired with unrelenting caresses has a bout of wetness seeping from your core. Back arching pathetically when the aftershock travels to your clit. Biting your cheek when he laughs at your compromised position. Having to pull himself away from his desires for just a moment, remembering that you were here to be adjusted.
“See how bad you are for me? You made me forget what I was supposed to be doing.” His cadence now completely riddled with saccharine. “Let me take care of you, baby.”
Jeno has taken the words out your mouth. Physically incapable of forming a complete sentence, still in too much shock. Hands coming up to the top of your back, carrying on his adjustments much more harshly. One crack after another, that same air that fills your brain that you thrive off of. Moaning out in pleasure at the relief he provides. Both an angel and a devil with his hands.
“See?” He bends over, pulling your blouse down from your back to expose your shoulder blade. Laving his tongue against you before nipping at the crook of your jaw. Kissing whatever skin that your blouse will reveal. “If this is how obscenely you act when I’m just doing my job, I wonder how much louder you get when I do what I want.”
“What do you want?” You gasp out when he hikes your shirt up, now traveling down only to come back up, licking a fat stripe from the bottom all the way back up. Your hands grip into the sides of the drop bed, nails scratching crescents into the faux black leather. 
“Don’t be dense,” He grunts out while ripping your blouse over your head. Disposing of the material carelessly, meeting the fine slope of your back with an insatiable lust. The clasp of your lacy bra resembles a ribbon on top of a Christmas present. He unclasps it, eager to unwrap his gift. So close to achieving perfection, he loses himself to his desires. Mounting himself above you, a confined cock that feels massive now grinding between your thighs. He enjoys the struggle when you pathetically try to kick and squirm. “You know what I want.”
You do, and you know that you want it just as badly. Both day and night dreams of Jeno ravaging you with his brute strength. Marking you as his and bending you to close to impossible positions. Drooling at the thought of being fucked on every corner of his office loud enough to break the interior of the soundproof walls.
When you fall slack beneath him, he proceeds to strip you of your skirt. Still appalled by how lecherous you could be. The fall from grace as the friendly office lady to the woman he’s wanted to fuck senseless becoming a bane to his existence. 
“Please, Jeno…” You beg of him. Wanting him to do something, anything to satiate this new ache. Compared to the back pains you’ve experienced in the past, Jeno’s inflicted a new problem for you. 
“What’s wrong, baby?” He coos.
“H-hurts,” You sniffle, unable to cope with not being full of him. “I need you to fix it.”
“Hm, what hurts?”
A full set of teeth form into the most devilish grin when you reach behind you, taking his hand into yours and guiding it to your sopping pussy, urging him to feel around the seat of the destroyed fabric. Panties now ruined to the point it sticks into your folds, thighs twitching wantonly. It was degrading. To be close to completely naked under a fully clothed man, yet you couldn’t help but love it. “Here… hurts here.”
“And what do you want me to do about it?” 
“I need you, Jeno,” You practically sob. “Need you to fix it.”
As practitioner and patient, he had sworn long ago to provide his clientele with the best service. That applies now more than ever. Your wish was his command, and he plans on delivering on that tenfold. 
Climbing down your body, he stops past your ankles. Gripping at your panties and sliding them down your legs, growling at your glistening lips that shine bright under the white ceiling lights. Finding your ass once again and parting them for good measure, groaning when your cheeks jiggle back into position upon letting them go. “Gorgeous, beautiful body,” He praises you, fingers immediately darting towards your folds to give them an experimental flick, reeling at how easily you flinch under him. “And so fucking sensitive, too.”
Pushing up at your thighs, he has you in a downward dog, knees planted firmly on the drop bed and your back bent for him. Jeno’s hand sneaks around your belly and down your lower region, index and middle slotting around your clit. 
“Ahh–,” You gasp out loud, clasping a hand over your mouth at the attention to your most sensitive nerve. Wetting the tips of his fingers between your folds, traveling back instantly to caress circles into the nub. Lips coming down to the base of your back once again, already knowing many of your erogenous zones through the subtle fondling from your past visits. “Feels good.”
“Yeah?” He hums, pecking smooches down your ass. A one track mind to inhale your heady scent for himself.
“So good, fuck–!” Toppling over when he brings that same fat tongue to the center of your core, coated in spit when he shakes his head from side to side. Eating you out from the back with a vice, his two fingers still unrelenting against your clit. Pushing at your button and the tip of his appendage fighting to break past the barrier, succeeding with only little resistance. Eyes rolling to the back of your head when you feel him against your walls, shameless slurping as your wetness trickles down his throat. “Oh my fucking god.”
“Tastes so good, baby.” He rasps, breaking away for a moment of breath. Replacing his tongue with the fingers that were attacking your clit. Wrapping his other arm around your thigh to keep you from falling off, entertained at how you pathetically try to support yourself by planting your head into your forearms. Tummy sucking in and gasping for breath when he finds your g-spot with embarrassing ease. Almost as if your body was made for him to navigate.
“So spoiled,” He shakes his head at your incessant moaning, not surprised that he was right on the money to think you’d be such a whiny bitch. “Pretty girl acts like a slut to get fucked and she gets what she wants. You’re lucky this cunt makes up for it.”
When you turn to look behind you, you’re met with a gaze devoid of anything but a need to fuck and claim, locked onto your pussy like it was the only thing he knew in this world. His lips slick with your juices, hair a brazen mess that poked in several directions– the epitome of sex. Your desires personified into a single being.
Catching the way you ogle him, he snickers at your dumbfounded face. Amping up the intensity of his finger fucking, his palm slapping against your core with every meeting of the hilt to your entrance. Fucked out gazes lock onto one another, and he needs to make it known that you don’t hold a candle to him. Opening his mouth to make a show of lolling his tongue out, coming back to get a taste of your puckered rim.
“Wait, Jeno, not there!” You claw at his hair, grappling harshly against his scalp. The burn causes him to wince, features scrunching yet remaining adamant on tasting every part of your body. Pinning you down at your back, you’re now unable to fight him when your chest falls completely flat. Your other arm rendered useless as it’s your anchor to keep you from completely toppling over. Despite your protests, the circles that he draws with his pink muscle has you singing contradictory praises.
That knot at the core of your abdomen constricts, losing autonomy over your body and granting Jeno complete control. Features twisting to euphoria when he reaches lengths further with his fingers than past partners have with their own cocks. And when he’s able to break past the barrier of your tightest barrier of your upper hole and he flicks at the spongy wall inside, your vision goes white.
A broken cry crashes along the four walls, droplets of sticky wetness decorating Jeno from the bridge of his nose to the top of his collarbones. Immediately breaking away from you to focus on fingering you until you’ve given him all of your cum. Jaw dropped wide open as he tries to catch every bout of squirt. Nails scratching at his scalp and lacing into the strands for stability, the pain only aiding in the ache of his restrained cock. The stuffing of the leather now seeping out from how deeply you’ve scratched against it, its wood frame misaligned with the weight that Jeno had planted on top of you. 
Your body is limp when your orgasm subsides, aftershocks still causing you to jolt when Jeno gives your pussy a light slap. 
“Best orgasm of your life, huh?” He gloats, cleaning off the remaining stickiness on his face with the back of his hand. Bringing his wrist that’s adorned by a Rolex up to his knuckles. Your essence now etched into every one of his senses. You lay almost lifeless and without a response. A pathetic sight that causes Jeno to scowl, offended that you could even think that he was done with you. 
Still trying to catch your breath, you hear a ghost of a whisper, metal clanking and clothes rustling. When you muster up the energy, you catch Jeno in your peripheral. Unbuttoning his black dress shirt and unbuckling his belt, the brand name material slipping from his clutches. The metal of the buckle clanking against the floor, his exposed collarbones shining with perspiration and your cum.
He circles around the bed to meet you, looking down at you with a snide smile when you realize that he’s now shirtless. It was true, he really did have visuals sculpted by the Gods. Broad shoulders on top of a pronounced chest, slimming down to a lean waist. 
 Slowly unzipping his jeans, pushing them down along with his boxers. Finally revealing his cock in all of its glory, monstrous in size. Long and girthy, the biggest you’ve ever encountered. Slapping against his stomach and his precum covered tip meeting his bellybutton. It’s almost terrifying, there’s no way you could ever take him.
As if he’s read your mind, he cups your face sweetly like he’s done plenty of times before– yet it holds more of a threatening aura than any positive reinforcements. “Don’t be scared. I’ll make sure it fits.” He murmurs, loving how you instinctually take his thumb into your mouth.
When he leaves your wet cavern, he grabs at the base of his cock and places it just below your lips. “Spit.” He instructs, leaving no room for objection.
Dropping a thick glob of saliva, he immediately bobs it up and down to coat it along his length. A significant amount of precum aiding him even further in lubrication. The mix of fluids riddling the room with the pungent smell of sex. You’re both inebriated off of the prospect of what’s about to occur next.
Biceps are angled deliciously when he bends down to wrap his arms around your waist, flipping you back onto your back. A shadow of your sweet doctor fading in when he climbs on top of you once again, despite how beautifully he glows. You two nod at each other when he lines himself up with your core, thankful for the pool that has formed between your thighs. 
“Breathe for me, alright?” He says. It takes a great deal to control himself, wanting nothing more than to plunge into you in one go. Regardless, he controls his urges. His tip enters you slowly, the both of you gasping in unison at the newfound pleasure. Weeks of mixed signals now coming to fruition with every inch he goes deeper. “God, you’re fucking tight.”
Tears prick at the corners of your eyes. Jeno was so thick that it felt like he was splitting you in half, parting your walls and filling up every crevice inside. Each inch gives you a sense of fulfillment when you earn his praises. Showering you with compliments, affirming how good you’re making him feel and how wet you are.
“That’s my good little slut,” Jeno groans into your hair. Delivering a quick kiss to your ear before licking up the shell, hoping it distracts you from the strain. He stills after bottoming out, merely rutting around in place of fucking you mercilessly. Taking a moment to relish in the way your pussy encapsulates his cock, coating him with your sticky arousal to the point it leaks out.
Pain quickly fades into blissful pleasure. Cupping his jaw to urge him to look at you, you feel your chest burn at his handsome face. His ruined hair still looks perfect when it falls over his forehead messily, lips red and swollen from all he’s done to you. “I’m okay now, you can move.” You confirm, and the shift in his demeanor lets you know that you don’t have to tell him twice.
He starts with a few experimental thrusts, watching you closely and seeing what spots make you tick. Noting that you like when he puts power into his thrusts. Gripping the frame of the cushion your head rests on, he lifts himself to pull out until it’s only the tip that connects you. Granting you maybe a second of peace before immediately plunging back down, causing you to screech out in euphoria. 
From there, everything is fair game. Bodies slapping against one another when he grips your ankles and spreads them apart. Fucking you with purpose, everything from his hairline to his abs are covered in sweat. The shine makes his skin glow gold, every taut muscle accentuated by the perspiration. 
While your pussy is a delight and has him throwing his head back, he still has so many fantasies that he wants to fulfill. Releasing your ankles, your legs plop down weakly. Pulling out of you and leaving you empty, causing you to shriek at the loss. Scrambling to sit up when he stands up, trying to grab at his cock to lead him back inside. “No, no, no–!”
Nothing could have prepared you for when he lifts you up from the bed with nothing more than a grunt, delivering another stinging slap when you scream at him. Slapping at his shoulders to let you down even if your body betrays you by wrapping your legs around his waist. Traveling only a few paces, he slams you against the nearest wall. Framed photos and contents in bookshelves shaking, gasping out when he realigns his cock with your entrance.
When he dons a blank expression, as if wondering what to do next, you furrow your eyebrows together. Pussy still empty and in need of being filled, you whine. “Jeno, hurry, please.”
He doesn’t thrust up into you however, instead he plants you down onto his cock. Using his pure arm strength to lift you up and down like a fuckdoll. His forearms blazing with bulging veins. Your back is burning as it scrapes against the wall deliciously. Amazed at such fortitude, you continue to cry out when he hits that spot inside you with precision each time. A babbling mess when your chests collide and he licks up the salty tears that you’ve shed, laughing into your ear mischievously.
“I hope you know that nobody will ever be able to fuck you like this,” He laughs out, grip on your ass spreading the cheeks apart to accentuate his point. “No matter who you find in the future– they’ll never be as good as me. You know that right, baby?” 
You bob your head to agree with whatever you caught from his sentence, stroking his ego just the way he likes. Even if you wanted to, you couldn’t formulate your own thoughts at this point. Much like the slight high you experience whenever Jeno had adjusted you before, your head light and empty– you now feel it at its utmost potential. Unable to control your body when a trail of spit leaks out of the corner of your chin.
Jeno stares at you fondly, arms growing just a tad tired. He transfers the effort into his legs, planting his weight into his calves to stabilize you. Allowing for one of your legs to fall to go even deeper, your other thigh still folded in. Holding your head with his hand, he knows you’ve floated into another state of being, your pussy unconsciously clasping around him every time he angles just right.
“What a dumb, pretty baby,” He practically sings, utterly in awe at how fucked out he’s gotten you. Licking off the drool from your lip with the intent to clean you up nicely. Dropping your leg that’s hiked up, he lifts you once again. Now leading you to his desk, letting you down only to bend you over. “Let’s finish together, okay?”
Moaning out something that sounded like a yes, he takes what he can get when he reenters you for the third time. Eyes fluttering shut when you surround him once again. “Think this pussy might be the death of me.” He grunts.
“Your cock is soo good,” You mewl, your breasts cool against the mahogany of his desk. Seeking sanctuary by grabbing onto whatever trinkets or paperweights that litter the surface. The back of your thighs aching from trying to keep up with Jeno’s relentless pace. “So, so, big.”
“Yeah?” He lifts a sweat dripped brow, pistoning his hips with generosity. Taking care of his patient will always be his top priority. Fingers meeting your clit one last time, swiping at it with ease from how wet it is. “Cum for me now, baby. You earned it. Did so well for me.”
Clenching his thighs, he fucks into you one last time. Pushing into your body with his own so forcefully that you ride up the desk. One last cry to the empty vicinity, nothing registers except for Jeno. His scent, how he feels, those hands that have gotten you into so much trouble– he really fucked you so good. So good that all you know at the moment is his name. Your orgasm washing over you, pussy clenching impossibly tightly he roars. More squirt shooting out of you, a sticky mess falling onto the carpet floor of his office.
In a few more self indulgent thrusts of his own, Jeno pulls out completely. Pumping himself no more than two times before his cum flies out. Bobbing up and down to get out every last drop of creamy white, painting your beautiful back with his liquid. Harsh gasps are paired with your patternless pants, the both of you were spent.
Jeno decides to utilize the last of his energy for good. Lifting you up once again and walking towards the comfortable loveseat that rests in the corner of the room. The sticky fluids aren't much of a problem while you catch your breaths. He wraps his arms around to hold you on his lap, your head resting against chest. Rubbing circles into your neck and whispering sweet praises, waiting patiently for you to come back to earth.
“You okay?” He asks when your eyelids flutter up slowly, that shine back in your face to let him know that you’ve recovered. “Lost you there for a little bit.” He teases, pinching at your cheek playfully.
“Oh, shut up.” You pitifully try to push him away, much to no avail. Flashing you a charming grin that rivals the sun itself. “I knew that chiropractors were quacks.”
“Not my fault you’re hot as fuck.”
“I said ‘shut uup’,” You whine, dropping your head into his shoulder to give yourself more time to recuperate. “Let me rest. I think you’ve somehow caused more damage to my back than heal it.”
It’s obvious that you’re overexaggerating, but Jeno can’t help but accept the backhanded compliment with pride. Admiring the relaxed smile you try to hide from him, he pats your hair that’s sticking up back down.
“Guess we’ll just have to keep seeing each other then.” He replies, falling into a slumber himself.
“We’re okay right?” You tilt your head curiously, now fully rested and cleaned up. Jeno having to rush the both of you to the staff only bathroom when Jisung left for break, a few scanty touches here and there. 
Hands lodged into his pockets, Jeno is even more handsome with the afterglow of sex. You hope you’re at least a fraction as presentable as he is. “If you’re okay, I’d say we’re just peachy. However–”
“Oh god.” You dread the worst case scenario of being blacklisted and having to find another chiropractor.
“Will you let me finish?” He glowers at you, making you shut up immediately. Now that you know that Lee Jeno is not to be messed with. “Anyways,” He continues. “I think you deserve a treat for being so good.”
Taking his right hand out of his pocket, he presents you with a business card. A complete contrast to the simplicity of Jeno’s, a completely black square with red accents. Before you get a chance to read what’s written, he speaks again. “That’s my colleague here at the complex. He’s actually right across the hall.”
Now given the opportunity, you find that Jeno has referred you to a nail bar. “And what is this treat you’re offering?”
“Well, if you’re ever interested in getting a manicure or pedicure, you’ll want to go to him. He’s the best in town. Nobody does nail art like him,” He chuckles. “Let me know if you’re interested. I’ll ask him to give you a discount.”
If there’s anything you’ve learned from these past few weeks, it’s that investing in yourself a little goes a long way. Spending too much time worried about necessities that require minimal maintenance, you’ve forgotten to indulge yourself along the way. Looking down at your nail beds whose cuticles you’ve failed to tend to, you take Jeno’s offer into consideration.
“I’ll keep that in mind, thanks.” You give him your warmest smile. “Can I ask you something though?”
“Go for it.”
“Haechan told me it’s been hard to schedule with you recently, but I’ve been seeing you pretty often.” You try to phrase it as humbly as possible, not wanting to come off as arrogant. “Is there a reason for that?” 
“I mean, you did need more adjustment than my other patients who have been long time regulars. But I guess I got a little ahead of myself.” He boxes his nose, and for the first time ever you think you’ve caught Dr. Lee Jeno’s cool exterior slipping. “You have a really nice ass.”
“Thanks.” You deadpan. “You have nice arms– and legs, and a really nice… nevermind.”
Shaking his head at you, he walks you out when you take your leave. Bidding you adieu with a friendly pat, the both of you thankful that the heated sex hasn’t obstructed your relationship as patient and doctor at all.
You reach high into the sky, feeling like you’re at your absolute best. Wondering what else you can do to improve your state of being. Thinking back to the business card that you had pocketed, you locate the other door adjacent to Jeno’s. Much to his description, there is a sign that indicates that there is very much a beauty salon on the other side of that door.
Shrugging to yourself, you decide you’ll sleep on his offer. Making your way to the front desk to find Jisung eating away at his meal. You realize you’ve already grown fond of how this business is run. 
“Come back and see us!” Jisung waves at you, to which you return with equal enthusiasm. “Hope to see you again soon!”
You realize it’s inevitable when you exit the front lobby and step out into the parking lot. The large Neo Therapy Practitioners sign standing proud at the awning above you, the new business card taking up space in your purse–
You’ll be seeing them alright.
end (☺?)
────── 〔✿〕──────
author’s note: if you made it all the way here, thank you for reading! i hope you enjoyed it. 
i really want to thank panty nonnie who i’ve been in contact with through dms and have grown very close with in the past month. they’ve been an absolute angel and i couldn’t have gotten over my writer’s block without them. so, if you’re reading this (again hehe) just know that you’re the best and am more than grateful for all you’ve done for me. <3
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jaehyun x prada for vogue korea
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The playboy and the nerd -l. Donghyuck
Tumblr media
Pairing: playboy! Haechan x fem reader
Warnings: smut, receiving, mentions of cum, language, climax, dom! Haechan, choking, moaning. 
Word counts: 7.5
Summary: You grew up into video game, you knew after finishing school you want to become a video game animator. Haechan is a young billionaire playboy who has a scandals with a lot of females. He seems not to worry about it. As his name starting to get famous, he wanted to create a game about himself. He signed to your company to create a game for him. You ended up being part of the project. Your boss wanted you to create his character, which require you to spend some time with him to get to know his character more. Not only that, you didn’t like him from the start. He was too flirty and always get into trouble. It makes you frustrated to work with him. But what could happen next?
Tumblr media
“Here’s the next season’s characters that you asked me for” you handed your boss the file. He looks up from his paperwork and gently takes your file. He flip to the first page which quickly caught his attention.
“This is amazing! Great work!” He laughs as he flips through all the pages. You couldn’t help but smile at his words.
“Thank you, sir, if you need me to revise anything feels free to let me know. I’d be happy to fix it” you smile. Your boss couldn’t take his eyes off your work.
“Is there anything else I could do for you?” You ask. He drop the files as his attention went on you.
“Do you know Haechan?” He asks. You nodded. “The young billionaire playboy?” You ask. Your boss nodded. He stand up from his chair and went around to lean on his desk.
“He wants to design a game” your boss starts, “about himself of course” you couldn’t help but roll your eyes.
“I want you to be part of the project” he smiles. As much as you wanted to and how big your paycheck will be if you go forth with this project you have to refuse.
“I can’t, I’m already busy with the new game launch this summer,” you told him. It was partly a lie but partly a truth. You were almost done with the game but you just don’t want to work on this project especially.
“Come on, y/n! You’re the best animator we have! He’s paying big money for this project, part of it could be yours!” Your boss made a promising statement but you still shake your head.
“Mr. Seo, I work specifically on video games, not some celebrity games that look like the Kardashians,” you told him. He sighs as he pinches his temples.
“I can’t make you change your mind, can I?” He asks. You shake your head no. Your boss knows once you say no to something there’s no way around it. He doesn’t want to lose his best animator.
The next day, as you were working on your current project, your boss's door slams open as you watch your boss hurry out of the lobby.
You shrug, the guy always has something going on. “Welcome Mr. Haechan, I didn’t expect to see you so soon” your boss stands beside the young billionaire.
You watch all the female workers swoon over his feature as he walks confidently through the room. You rolled your eyes at how much of a show he was putting on.
They went into your boss's room as the door closes so they could talk in private. You went to get a cup of coffee to make you wake up. Your boss's assistant was making a cup of tea for him and his guests.
“Ouch!” You heard her hiss. Your eyes darted down at her hand which was turning red from the hot water. You gasp and quickly aid her.
“Oh no, what should I do? Mr. Seo is waiting on their teas” she looks around. “Don’t worry, you go to the pharmacy and your hand wrap, I’ll serve their tea” you insisted.
“Y/n! Thank you” she pouted. You laugh and pat her back, “go!” You told her. She hurried out of the break room as you quickly put together a tray for them.
You knock on the door before entering. You glance at your boss who was shocked to see you come in. “Please have a cup of tea” he insisted. You drop a cup for his guest.
As you made your way to Haechan he stop you, “I don’t drink tea” he said coldly. You glance at your boss who made a face to let you know to ignore it.
You gave the cup to your boss as you walk towards the door. “So who’s the animator for my game?” Haechan asks.
Your boss stuttered before panic hit him. “Ms. y/n!” He calls your name just as soon you open the door. You turn around slowly as your boss came to your side and drags you to Haechan.
The guy looks at you up and down as you fix your glasses. “Your animator is also your errand girl?” He said with a disgusted tone.
This fucker.
“Ms. Song burned her hand from the hot water so I decided to help her with your teas” you emphasize ‘your’. Haechan glared at you as your boss sense the tension.
He quickly laughs out loud to ease the mood, “our animator is so kind, she helps everyone here” he pats your back before hitting you a little hard towards the end.
“I hope you know what you're doing with my character” Haechan threw the paper onto the table. You ball up your fist as your face gets red from anger.
Your boss notices your action as he laughs again, “y/n is the best video game animator in our company. All of our games became hits because of her” your boss praise you.
“You sure do laugh a lot” Haechan look at your boss before standing up. Your anger level is at its peak right now.
“We can start tomorrow, just send my assistant the details of what I should prepare for” with that the sun-kissed boy left the room.
You let out a frustrating groan, “he’s such an asshole!” You ball up your fist. You look at your boss who was staring at you, “Johnny, you’re a giant and you let that short kid talk down to you?!” You drop your formalities with him for the moment.
“Y/n, I could lose my job. You know how much power and money he holds over me?!” He yelled back. “Why are you yelling at me? If you weren’t my best friend little sister I would’ve swung at you!” He lowered his tone at the end.
“Go ahead, there are cameras around I’ll make sure to get workers' compensation” you huff. Johnny fixes his hair before tightening his tie. “Get out,” he said.
“I will!” You turn on your heels before leaving his office, before you close the door, you stuck your tongue out at him as he did the same. 
Since Johnny announces to Haechan that you are the animator, you have to take the job. There’s no going back.
You all had a meeting with Haechan the next morning, he put out ideas on what he wanted and don’t want in his game. His idea sounds bland, Haechan told you which of his looks you should create in the game and which you are not supposed to.
“So do you want one girl beside you or two?” You ask, looking up at him from your notepad. Everyone stops and stares at you.
Haechan scoffed and lean back into his chair, “I’m sorry?” He asks. You had to hide your smirk. You cleared your throat, “you are the playboy, did you want to portray that in the game or not?” You repeat.
The other workers laugh quietly, trying to hide their smiles. Haechan taps his fingers onto the table before letting out a small laugh.
“What’s me without women around me? Right?” He asks. You nodded as you write that down.
Sexy women.
“Also Mr. Haechan, what should this game be rated? Who is your audience?” Your worker asks. Haechan had to think about it.
“Since a lot of people already know about my scandals and flirtatious personality, why don’t we make it 17+. Target it to mature audiences” he suggests. They all nodded.
The meeting went over one more dreadful hour before Haechan call it a day. “Everyone can leave…but you” Haechan pointed at you.
Everyone murmurs something as they glance at you. You smile and watch the last one leave the room. You look up at Haechan, waiting for him to speak. You fix your glasses and tuck your hair behind your ear.
“Was your question part of the game or do you just want to ask me that in front of everyone?” He asks you. You could tell that he was angry from his tone but you didn’t seem to be fazed by it.
“Oh, it’s part of the game. As you said, you wanted your playboy reputation part of the game did you not?” You ask. Haechan let out a petty laugh before standing up.
You watch him as he walks closer to you, sitting on the table right next to you. You look up at him as he stares into yours.
“I could get you fired right now if I want to” he whispered. As much as you were scared of those words, you sit straight to show you were concerned.
You pack up your things and stand up, “good luck on your game then. I’m sure the other animator will make your game as good as the games I animated” you hold your stuff tighter around your chest.
Haechan’s eyes look down at your collarbone before his eyes met yours again, “if you’re done, I should get going” with that you walk out of the room leaving Haechan fascinated by your cold act.
“Like what were you thinking?! Did you know how close I am to losing you?!” Johnny scold you as he drove you home after work.
“If I lose you, my company go,” he makes a fart sound. “I don’t want that to happen” Johnny shakes his head no.
“Relax, Johnny. I got him scared, I told him if he fired me his game wouldn’t be as good” you fold your arms together.
“He could cancel his contract with us! You dummy!” Johnny shakes his head. You didn’t think about that. You laugh nervously.
He drops you off in front of your house, Johnny opens his window as he looks at your house. “Are you coming I?” You ask. Johnny shakes his head no.
“I have to clear up the mess you got us into!” He raises his voice. You rolled your eyes, “tell Mark I said hi” he said. You nodded as you ran inside your house.
“Mark?“ you call your brother’s name. “In here” you heard his voice in his room.
“Whoa! Did you finish it already?” You ask as you watch your brother build the house he’s been working on for a few weeks.
He adds one last finish touch and put his tweezers down, “yes it is!” He smiles. He looks up at you and then down at his project.
“Mark this is amazing!” You smile as you look through the small window openings.
Mark always wanted to become an architect. He took a few classes but when you were in school, your dad fell extremely sick. Mark had to take over your dad’s restaurant.
With money being tight, you insisted to let Mark continue his architecture school but mark refuse that. ‘You finish your degree and became the best video game animator. You’re still young and I don’t want you to drop your dreams.’
You’ve been paying your dad’s medical bills every time you get paid. You would help Mark out after work with the restaurants. You always feel sad whenever you look at Mark, he gave up his dream just to help pay for your school so you can follow your dream.
You always admire how hard-working he is.
“What is it?” You ask him. Mark smiles, “when dad gets better, I want to finish school so I can build this building for us” he explains. “The bottom would be the restaurant and the top is our living space” Mark pointed at the top floors.
You look at Mark and quickly hug him. “I’m sorry Mark” you begin to cry. Mark chuckles as he hugs you back. He knows you always get emotional at these types of things.
“Are you going to keep crying over this?” He asks. You nodded against his shoulder. Mark sigh and pat your back.
“Did you eat?“ he asks. You shake your head no. “Go wash your and I’ll cook you food,” he said.
You let go of him and cry again, “what now?” Mark asks irritatedly. “My brother became a housewife” you joked. Mark raises his hand to hit it but you were gone in a flash.
“Yeah! And then he was like ‘I can fire you right now” you mock Haechan’s voice. “That’s now how he speaks but I gotta sound manly to mock him” you quickly said, earning a laugh from Mark.
“Johnny got mad at me because I talk back to Haechan. He said Haechan could cancel his contract with his company, which I didn’t think of” you take a sip of your water as your brother watch you talk.
“And oh, Johnny says hi” you add. Mark chuckles, he always knew his younger sister liked to change subjects every few seconds and then get back to the main problem.
You started choking on the water, Mark lean in to pat your back. “Just eat, y/n, we have time to talk” Mark shakes his head. You scratch the back of your head.
Both of you ate in silence, as Mark washed the dishes, you prepare a plate of apples to share with him. “Don’t forget tomorrow’s mom’s anniversary” Mark wipe his hand on the rag and sat beside you.
You look down at your feet, “is it already?” You said quietly. The room went gloom, Mark pats you on the back and tries to cheer you up.
“Tell me what happened after, with Haechan” your brother wanted to hear more. Your eyes sparkle and scoot closer to him.
The next day, you have a long, busy day with Haechan. Sadly, it was only you. Your meeting with him is about his character. You still haven’t even created the background and he wants to look at his character.
“Hmmm, make my skin pale” he suggests as he watches you change his skin color. “Lighted,” he said again.
You rolled your eyes as you kept checking the time. You didn’t want to be late and you sure don’t want to make Mark do everything alone.
“Lighter,” he said again. You groan, “do you want to be a ghost instead?” You ask, irritatedly. Haechan crosses his arms over his chest.
“As long as I fit Korea’s beauty standard…yes” he smiles. You rolled your eyes.
“I think warmer skins are beautiful. You have natural melanin, it suits you” you told him but you still make his character pale. Haechan looks down at you, no one has ever told him that.
The two of you continue to work until 8 pm. You know you were going to be late already. Your phone kept buzzing on the table, earning a lot of looks from Haechan.
You sigh, “is it okay if I use the bathroom?” You scratch your eyebrow before fixing your glasses. He nodded, “down the hall to the left” he pointed. You nodded and made your way through his house.
“Paler, he said. I want to be a ghost he said” you mock him.
Haechan heard the table vibrate again, his eyes landed on your phone. He looks over at the bathroom and quickly made his way to your phone.
‘Y/n, where are you?’ Mark texted you.
‘You’re not going to miss this right?’ Mark said.
Haechan wasn’t sure if Mark is your boyfriend or you were seeing him but it didn’t sit well with Haechan.
You came back out to the table, Haechan pretends to look at the character. You rolled your eyes when you saw him.
You both work until 9 pm. As soon as you finished, you quickly left his place and get a cab to your mother’s memorial.
“There you are!” Johnny sigh as he takes your wrist inside the building. Your eyes landed on Mark, who was just staring at your mother’s picture.
“Sorry Mark, I am” you apologize. Mark smiles, “it’s okay, you’re here, that’s all that matters” he kisses your time before the three of you pray.
Your both lost your mother very young. You were 6 and Mark was 7. She died from heart disease. Since her death, your dad work very hard to provide for you and Mark.
Johnny has been your family friend since he was 12. Mark met him at a basketball court where the two bond over basketball. He met your mom a few times while she was sick. Even after her death, the three of you stick together.
“If someone hadn’t forced me to be part of the project, I wouldn’t be late” you glare at Johnny as you take a shot of Soju.
“Mark, I did your sister a favor. This is a big project, she’ll get a lot of money!” Johnny defended himself. Mark chuckles.
“He’s not giving you a hard time today right?” Mark asks. You rolled your eyes, “when will he never give me a hard time?” You ate the cucumber stick.
“He careful around him, if he touches you let me know! Nobody should touch my sister” Mark's protective side came out. Johnny reaches over the table and touches you.
Both Mark and I turn to look at him. You both raise your hand to hit him but Johnny quickly moves away. “Kidding” Johnny joke.
You weren’t sure how you got to Haechan’s photoshoot but you’re here. While he does his things you were working on your work.
Haechan would glance at you from time to time. He wasn’t sure if he wanted you to pay attention to his shoot or if he just want your attention.
“Break” Haechan demanded as everyone scattered around the set. Haechan went up to you and stand beside you to check what you were doing.
“What do you think?” He asks you. You look up and around, you forgot you were at the photoshoot.
“On what?” You ask as you fix your glasses. Haechan chuckles, “on my outfits. Did you not pay attention at all?” He asks, irritatedly.
“Uh no. Because I, myself, don’t even know why I’m here in the first place” you said flatly. Haechan takes a deep breath and crosses his arms.
“The outfits in trying on is what I want you to put in the game,” he said in a matter of factly tone. You try so hard not to roll your eyes.
“I’ll just contact your assistant for the photos from today’s shoot. I’ve been busy trying to create the backgrounds and other scenes in the game” you told him. You fix your posture from the terrible seat that was given to you.
You didn’t even have a desk to start with and your neck has been killing you from looking down the whole time. Haechan watches you massage your neck and loosen your muscles.
He couldn’t help but stare at your bare neck, the way you tie your hair up in a ponytail, and how the loose strands of hair fall around your neck.
Haechan cleared his throat after staring too long. “Fine,” he said, with that, he walked away.
You were given a table shortly after. Someone finally saw how uncomfortable you look. They always swap your chairs with a comfy one. You were content and finally got to draw better.
Haechan watched from afar, he couldn’t help but smile with you after you receive a better chair. “Anything else sir?” His assistant asks. Haechan glanced at you, “make sure to give her something to eat or drink” he told his assistant. His assistant nodded before leaving his side.
“I’m sorry, come again?” You had to repeat what his assistant had said.
He cleared his throat before looking at you and then back at Haechan. “Part of his game is attending a formal party, we want his character to show a variety side of him not just his,” his assistant stops himself before earning a glare from Haechan.
“Oh his playboy reputation, you can say it. Haechan is sworn by it” you said in all seriousness. You watch Haechan shift from the corner of your eyes. His assistant holds his laughter in before clearing his throat.
Usually, Haechan would say something back or get mad but for some reason, he didn’t when you said it. Haechan cleared his throat, “if you’re going to be coming with me, you’re not going to be dressing like that” he looks down at him. You look down at your outfit.
You look rather cute today, with loose black pants, an oversized blazer, and your flats. You like to stay comfy rather than show your skin. “With all due respect, I’m here to work not to show my skin for guys to like me” you begin to pack up your things. Haechan couldn’t help but smirk.
You stand up, completely losing your balance, and accidentally clash against Haechan. He caught you in his arms. You look up at him as he stares down at you with a smirk on his mouth.
You cleared your throat and push yourself off. “I’ll get going” you bid goodbyes to the both of them and left.
The next day, Haechan had to call you to come outside. You weren’t sure how he knows where you live but you assume he does that to all the girls he slept with.
You walk towards his door, he rolled down the window. He was wearing sunglasses when it was cloudy outside. “I’m not working today, why did you call me?” You ask in confusion.
Haechan pick up a box and handed it to you. You were confused but take the box. You open the lid, showing a beautiful red dress. You close your mouth and close back the box. “I can’t accept this,” you told him, you knew this dress is probably the same amount as your yearly income.
“It’s to wear tonight,” he said. You still shake your head no. “I have many dresses at home, please take them back” you try to push the box back through the window. Haechan stops the box.
“I’m surprised you have dresses, from what you wear at work” he chuckles. You scoff, now he got you mad.
“Just because you’re rich that doesn’t make it okay to look down at hardworking people. We work harder than you rich people where all you guys do is sit around and still get paid. Now, I won’t accept this gift” you told him and shove it through the window. You glare at him one more time before storming inside.
Haechan was stunned. He shouldn’t have said what he had said. He shouldn’t make fun of you. Although he didn’t like the way things left off, he hope to see you tonight. Haechan sighed and threw the box in the back seat before driving away.
“I found it!” Mark’s voice muffled from how far in he was in the closet. “Found what?” You ask.
Mark craw back out with a pink box in his hand. You kneel in front of him as you watch him open the box. You gasp and cover your mouth. “Is this…” you didn’t finish your sentence because you were too stunned.
Mark nodded, “yes it is” he smiles.
“Ms. We have arrived,” The driver said. You look outside and take a deep breath. You step outside, being blinded by a lot of flashing from the reporters.
You made your way inside, you weren’t sure what to do in this type of situation. You’re not the type to come to these types of parties or even go out at all. You search around to see if you find Haechan somewhere but he’s nowhere to be found. He’s not even answering your calls or text.
You sigh and went to the bar to get a glass of martini. You earned a lot of stares from everyone. You look down at your feet and turn back around. The bartender place your drink in front of you, and you quickly took a sip of your drink.
“Haechan is here!” Someone said. You look around to watch everyone gather by the door to wait for Haechan to step in. You watch Haechan walk in with two women by his side. All the ladies shriek when he walks in.
You rolled your eyes. You watch him walk in confidently wearing his orange sunglasses when the room is dim. You scoff and take another sip. Haechan found you and dismiss the girls beside him.
“You look very,” He took off his sunglasses and check you out. “Hot” he flirts.
You rolled your eyes and turn around, Haechan couldn’t help but looks down at your ass. He loves the way the dress wraps around your body.
“Let’s have a drink,” He said but saw you look down at your glass, “I see you already started,” he asks for a glass of whiskey.
“Let’s dance” Haechan suggests. You chuckle and shake your head no. “No thank you, I don’t dance,” you said.
Haechan won’t take no as an answer, he grabs your wrist and pulls you to the dance floor. You yelp and followed him to the dance floor. He wraps his arm around your waist and pulls you into his chest. You gasp and look up at him.
He smiles down at you, “just look at me, okay?” He asks. You gulped. You find yourself nodding your head. You’ve never danced before, you remember your mom would dance with you before she died but after her death, you despise dancing because it reminds it of her.
For some reason, dancing with Haechan made you forget about it. You did step on his feet a few times but it didn’t bother Haechan one bit. You laugh at him after he almost hits another couple. After dancing for what seemed a long time, you both decided to stop and take a break. A lot of eyes landed on you and Haechan, you know they were talking about you.
You cleared your throat and move your hand from his grip. Haechan notice how your mood shifted as he handed you a glass of water. “Thank you” you smile and take a sip.
“You both look good” a woman came up to your both but she send you a glance before looking at Haechan. It must’ve been one of his flings.
“Haechan, I see you’re still a great dancer” she chuckles. Haechan shrug. She cleared her throat after not receiving the attention she wanted. “I’ll see you around Haechan” she emphasize his name. You glance at Haechan who wasn’t paying attention.
The woman purposely hit your shoulder with her body and her glass of wine ended up spilling all over your dress. You gasp. “Oh my god! I’m so sorry!” She said as she tried to wipe it. You look down at the dark red colored wine splatter all over your baby pink dress. You were too shocked to say anything.
Everyone started crowding around you, you felt suffocated as you push everyone out of the way and ran to the bathroom. Tears started rolling down your face as you try to wipe the stain off your silk dress.
“Y/n?” Haechan called your name. You didn’t answer. “y/n” he came inside the women’s bathroom, out of breath.
He watches you rubbing the stain aggressively with tears rolling down your face. “Hey, hey, what’s wrong?” He took your hands as he look at you.
“T-this was my mom’s formal dress” you stutter. “It’s ruined” you cried even more. Haechan gulped and pull you into his arms.
“I didn’t want to wear it but my brother insist, this is the last thing I have for my mother’s” your tears drop on his expensive tux. Haechan shushes you as he stroke your hair. You weren’t sure how long you both stayed like this but he eventually calmed you down.
Haechan brought you to his home that night. He made you change into his clothes, “I can get this dress cleaned up” he handed you a spare of clothes. You look down at the spare clothes and then back at his eyes. Part of you didn’t trust him, you didn’t want to ruin the dress even more. It is an old dress. “Trust me,” he said quietly.
You weren’t sure why he was being so nice, you’ve been so rude to him and you didn’t expect him to have this side. You reach for the spare clothes, “I’ll wait outside” he said. You heard his footstep leave the room as he close the door.
You gulp and look around the big room, you assume it was his because of how large it was. You change out of the dress and into warm and comfy clothes. You went to the door, where Haechan was waiting patiently.
You shyly handed him the dress. He smiles at you before taking it. Before he walks away, you grab onto his arm, “please, be careful with it” you told him quietly. Haechan chuckles and nods. His warm hand placed on top of yours, “don’t worry.”
“S-so you’re mom…is she” Haechan was nervous to talk about your mom. You notice how nervous he was.
“She, uh, died when I was 6. It’s just me, my brother and my dad. It was her death anniversary a few days ago” you smile, looking down at your hands. Haechan nodded, ‘the person who texted her was her brother.’ He felt bad after making you stay in so late that day.
“Can I ask why are you being so nice? To be fair we both started with a rough patch” you chuckle at him. Your eyes landed on his.
“I don’t mind having you being all rude and harsh on me. I’ve never met anyone like you” Haechan smiles. His eyes stay on you. His eye contact leaves goosebumps all over your body. It was warm but intimidating.
“And because I like you,” he said. Everything went silent. You were having a hard time adjusting to what he was saying.
You blink twice, “s-sorry?” You ask. You wanted to hear it again just in case it was real.
Haechan move closer to you, his face was a few inches away as his body was almost touching yours, “I like you, y/n” he whispered. His eyes read your face, his hand reaching to tuck a strand of hair behind your ear.
You had forgotten he was a playboy for a second. You cleared your throat and push him away. “Don’t try to take advantage of me” you breathe out. You stand up, to move away from him.
You didn’t want to fall into his little play. You didn’t want to be with someone who plays with people’s feelings. You didn’t want to be a toy.
“I do like you” Haechan stands up, he grabs your wrist gently to make you look at him.
Your eyes landed on his lips and then his eyes, “I-I don’t like you” you said. Haechan but his lips as he wipes the tears falling down your face.
Why are you so emotional, y/n.
Your heart was racing so fast, his touch, his eyes, everything about him makes your feeling heightened.
Mr. Haechan ordered me to give you a better chair and a table for you to work on. He also wanted to make sure you ate properly.
The dress he bought was for you. He went out and get it for you. He was very excited to give you it.
The words his assistant had told you, made you confused about your feelings towards him. He has a reputation, you didn’t want to be a puppet in one of his games.
“Are you scared I’m going to play with you?” He asks in a low voice. You gulp again.
“Y-yes” you answered. Haechan’s fingertips trace down your neckline. Your eyes flutter shut as you felt his finger touches your skin.
“Are you scared because I have a reputation with many women?” He asks again, closing the gap between the two of you.
You nodded as your eyes flutter open to look into his brown orbs. “I flirt with him but I don’t sleep with strangers. The way they fall to their knees when I by calling their names” his voice gets lower and the air surrounding the two of you thickens.
“You don’t sleep with strangers but here you are, doing this to me?” You breathe out, swallowing the saliva in your throat. Haechan smirk, his eyes wander down to your neck.
“Doing what to you? Baby, I haven’t even started” Haechan breathes out as he leans in to kiss your neck. Your eyes flutter shut as you felt his soft lips land on your neck.
You bit your lip to prevent a moan from escaping. He began to trail your kisses up to your neck and your cheek. He then, looks at you, smirking at how you have your eyes closed.
You open your eyes to meet his, and his eyes wander down to your lips, asking permission to kiss you. For whatever happens next, you pray you won’t become one of his pets.
You grab his sweater and pull him to kiss you. Haechan's eyes widen but he eventually kisses you back. His arms wrap around your waist. His lips melt into yours as he pulls you closer to him to deepen the kiss.
You groan as he took that chance to slip his tongue inside your mouth. You tasted some alcohol from when he had drank some and a hint of mint.
Haechan's hands slip down to your legs and pick you up in one swift motion. Your hands wrap around his neck as he takes you to his room. He shut the door with his foot and made his way to the bed.
Your lips left his as he gently put you on his bed. Haechan undid his tie as you watch his white dress shirt stretch out whenever he moves.
You watch him take off his watch as he gently puts it on the nightstand. Your eyes were kept on him the whole time. You watch his hands go down onto his belt as he unbuckles it.
You swallowed your saliva as he begin to unbutton his shirt. A smirk formed on his face, he knows exactly what he was doing. You bit your lip when he took off his shirt and toss it on the ground.
Haechan crawls on the bed and hovers over your body. “Liking the show?” He asks, eyeing your lips. You find yourself nodding slowly. Haechan smirked again as his thumb ran down your lips and down to your neck. His hand ran down to the inside of the shirt.
Your eyes flutter shut as his fingers slide past your hardened nipples. You bit your lip again as he gently rubbed it. “Do you like it?” He whispered in your ear. You nodded.
Haechan leans down to kiss your collarbone, leaving a tingly sensation as his hand lowers down to take off your sweatpants. His eyes never left yours, the way his gaze holds into yours. It’s like he wants to you stay focused on his eyes as he takes off your sweatpants.
When it was fully off, his fingers slip against your folds, making you gasp.
“Hmm, you’re wet. How sexy” Haechan's sexy voice said as he begin playing with your folds, rubbing your clit with the ball of his fingers. His lips place a gentle kiss on your stomach as he watches your chest move.
“Spread your legs baby, I was to feel inside of you,” he said, quietly. You whimper as he put his hand under your legs and spread your legs apart. You look down at the unfamiliar position.
Haechan’s mouth grew wetter as he finally sees your cunt wet. He ran his fingers down your folds as your back arches at the feeling. Haechan focuses on your eyes as he inserts his fingers inside of you.
You moan.
You grab a handful of the bedsheet as you felt his fingers inside of your walls. “F-fuck” you moan at the sensual feeling. A smirk escapes Haechan’s lips.
“Dirty mouth” he teases. You bit your lip. Haechan plants a kiss on your belly button as he lowers it down, slowly starting to pump his fingers inside of you.
“I want to taste you” You weren’t sure if he was asking, you look down as he waited for your answer. You nodded. Haechan’s lips kiss your clit, making you moan again but louder.
You couldn’t describe the feeling but it was amazing and euphoric. His kisses leave your body numb and filled with pleasure.
You gasp when you felt him lick your clit. Your eyes darted down at him as he focus on his tongue as he lick side to side, sending a never-ending sensual feeling.
“That feels so good” you cried, dropping your head back and just focusing on the feeling he’s giving you.
“You taste so good” Haechan devours your cunt. He removes his fingers and uses them to open your folds as he begins to lick inside of you.
“Fuck! Haechan” you choked off your breathing, he caught you by surprise. Haechan loved the way you moan his name, he wanted to hear more of it.
He begin to rub your clit as he kept his tongue in your cunt. You couldn’t hold yourself any longer, “I-I, I’m” you couldn’t speak.
“Cum baby, let it go,” Haechan said as he resume kissing your cunt. Your back arches more as you shut your eyes, seeing white as you release yourself. Your legs shakes as he kept rubbing his fingers on your clit. Haechan’s eyes landed back on you and stop playing with your cunt.
He crawls up and hovers over your tired body. Your eyes flutter open, watching his face hover over yours. He strokes your red cheeks as a smile forms on his face.
“Did you like it?” He asks. You nodded, tiredly. “We can stop” he suggests, noticing how tired you got. You stop him by placing your hand on his wrist. Haechan darts down at your hand on his wrist and smile.
“We can always rest and go again, we have all night” he rambles, you shake your head no.
“I want more” your voice got hoarse.
Haechan didn’t wait any longer, he slip himself inside of you, making you gasp. Haechan gasped at how tight you were. You grip onto his skin as he slowly went in deeper.
“Are you okay?” Haechan asks, out of breath. You nodded, “keep going.”
Haechan smirk as he slowly picks up his face after knowing you’re alright. “Hmm” You groan into his chest. Haechan looks down at you, he slowed down his pace and places his hand on your chin. He made you look at him, “I want you to moan out loud” he said, caressing your lips.
You bit your lip as he begin to pick up his pace, you moan a little louder but you had no confidence in it. Your eyes stare into Haechan’s. He thrust a little too deep for you making you clench your walls around him. Haechan moan loudly, he didn’t expect you to do that.
“Did I go in too deep?” Haechan asks out of breath. You nodded. He moves the strand of hair out of your face, leans down, and kisses your forehead. “Sorry” he whispered.
You had to admit, you’ve never had sex before but that doesn’t mean you don’t want videos and play with yourself. The feeling of touching yourself and getting fucked is so different. He was making you feel good.
You pull Haechan’s head down for a sloppy kiss. He kissed you back. Once you let go, he rested his head on yours, staring deeply into your dark orbs. “C-can you put your hand around my throat?” You ask him, a little nervous about what he would say.
You could tell Haechan was surprised, he didn’t expect you have it in you. He leans down and kiss you again before you felt his hand gently wrap around your neck. He pulls away and begins thrusting harder.
“Fuck, you feel so good” His thumb ran over your lips. He then inserts his thumb inside your mouth. Haechan bit his lip as he watch how sexy you look.
You ran your tongue in a circle around his thumb. Haechan groans after he felt your tongue on his finger. Haechan hisses and removes his thumb and tightens his grip around your neck.
Haechan thrust deeper inside of you. “F-fuck” you groan as you hold his hand. Haechan looks down to watch his cock sliding in and out of you.
“Look at the way your pussy grips around my cock” Haechan whispered, your eyes left his as you dart down looking at his girthy cock going in and out.
“Since the day you talked back to me, I just wanted to fuck you so bad” Haechan hiss. You bit your lip as you watch him lick his.
His hand snakes to the nape of your neck and pulls you up. Haechan sat on the mattress while you straddle on his lap. His hands drop down to your hips as he begins kissing your neck.
Your eyes flutter shut as he moves closer and closer to your weak spot. Your hips begin to rock back and forth. A soft moan escapes Haechan’s lips.
“Fuck me just like that” he whispered, your eyes flutter open. The way his voice sounded so raspy yet so sexy. He motivated you to keep going.
Haechan leans back a little and watches you ride his cock. “Fuck” he moans as his hand reaches up to squeeze your breast. You groan, leaning back a little.
Haechan notice you were losing your pace. He places his hands on your hip and begins to aggressively thrust into you. You wrap your arms around his shoulder. “Fuck, your pussy feels so good” he moans into your ears. You start to feel full, “H-Haechan…” you moan his name.
He groan, “I feel you, baby, I’m going to cum too,” he said out of breath. You nodded as you squeeze your walls again and came around his cock. Haechan lost his pace and soon came after you. His thrust died down as he rest his tired body on yours. His head lay on the crook of your neck.
The two of you stayed like that for a while until you heard soft heavy breathing coming from him. You look down to see him fast asleep. You chuckle and gently push him off of you and lay his head gently on the pillow. Haechan groan but was still sleeping. You pull the cover over his body and tuck him in.
You took your chance to take a quick shower before joining him to sleep.
Morning came quickly, and both of you woke up at the same time. You watch Haechan’s sleepy face. You barely slept that night because all you were thinking about was what will happen between the two of you. “Hey” Haechan’s sleepy voice spoke, startling you out of your thoughts.
“Morning,” you said softly, hiding your smile. Haechan chuckles, “why are you hiding your smile?” He tried to pull the cover away from your face. You laugh as you kept covering your face.
Haechan hovers over you, holding your wrists tightly with his hands. You stop struggling when you notice his face hovering over yours. You weren’t sure when you start to like him. He looked very handsome this early morning. You liked the way he sleeps, even though he twitches a lot.
“H-Haechan, what am I to you, now?” You ask. Haechan’s smile soon faded after you said that. He sighs and leans against the bed frame. Your eyes never left him, he pats the space between the two of you, mentioning you should sit beside him.
You move to sit next to him, Haechan wraps his arm around your waist and pulls you closer to him. “I want this to work” he begin, you nodded. Your heart was beating quickly waiting for him to finish.
“But I’m not sure if you want it too” He finishes. You raise your eyebrows, your hand reaches his. “I want this,” you told him.
Haechan rubs your hand, “Are you going to be okay with everything?” He asks, worrying
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jeno ♡ music space: just like a zoo!
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SUGAR POP STAR - NCT DREAM The 2nd Album Repackage 〖Beatbox〗 ➫ 2022.05.30
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TAEYONG  ❖  MUSIC SPACE : Just like a ZOO! Behind Chat & Live Stage
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[12:58 pm] "What's wrong, baby?"
Hyuck grips the back of your shirt, whining quietly into your neck. His skin is already damp to the touch. Your knees press against either side of him, chair creaking with even the slightest shift
He mumbles incoherently, lips sucking and biting at your collarbone.
"I thought you were playing a game." Your hips work slowly against his. When you clench around him, his eyes squeeze shut, prompting a breathy moan.
The computer sits idle behind you.
"Wanna cum." He cries. You're practically dripping onto his legs now. His lips are red and glistening to match his cheeks.
"I know, baby. You're doing so good for me."
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kun ♡ nct and the secret of mbti
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220522 NCTsmtown_DREAM Twitter Update
"7llin' in the INDONESIA"
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the jarms making an appearance at allo bank festival 2022 jakarta 💪
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