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feel good - lee jeno

warnings: dom!reader, sub!jeno, fluff, suggestive content

requested by @jenospeach ; hope you enjoy!

jeno shuffles where he’s laying restlessly, flicking his eyes from the ceiling above him to you laying beside him, invested in something you’re reading on your phone.

“y/n?” he calls, almost timidly.

you look worried when you meet his gaze, eyebrows furrowing, “yeah?”

“would you kiss me? please?”

at this, your face relaxes into a smile, looking at jeno as if he’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen, “do you even need to ask?”

you drop your phone on the bed beside you before rolling over to lean over jeno, one hand by his head, supporting your weight, as you lean in to press your lips together tenderly. he sighs into the kiss, loving the feel of your soft lips, warm tongue, and he brings his arms up to wrap around your waist, hugging you to him.

“mmh,” you pull away, looking down at him with an amused expression, “clingy. what’s this about anyway?”

jeno shrugs, nuzzling his face up against your neck, where he presses a soft little kiss, “just wanted to touch you. make you feel good.”

“aw, baby,” you bring up a hand to stroke his hair, and you feel a giddy, overwhelming urge to love this boy, to protect him, “you always do.”

hearing this, he smiles against your skin, his chest filling up with a loving warmth. you lure him away from your neck so you can press kisses all over his face, holding his jaw in your hands as you peck his forehead, cheeks, nose, jeno giggling quietly at the touch, until finally your lips meet once more.

it’s a bit more urgent this time, purposeful, and jeno groans softly into it as you take control, exploring his mouth with your tongue, only pulling back to nip at his lower lip, teasing it between your teeth. without detaching yourself from him, you hook a leg over his body so that you’re straddling him, and your hands float down, from where they’re caressing his face, stroke over his clothed chest, until you’re hiking up the material of his shirt, hands roaming over his soft skin. your fingers tease over the definition on his stomach, up his waist, his chest, and he whimpers in a gorgeous way when you pinch at his nipples.

pulling away at this, you grin down at him, nudging your nose against his own gently.

yes,” jeno gasps out, “touch me.”

“gladly,” you comply, continuing your teasing onslaught over his body. to add to it, you lean down into his neck, and begin sucking at the skin there, biting marks into it. this causes jeno to gasp again, and buck his hips up against yours. that’s when you realise, with some delight, he’s already hard in his pants.

“baby?” you prompt, and jeno refuses to meet your eyes, cheeks darkening in embarrassment. “hey,” you call, voice becoming a little more stern, and finally he looks up at you, “you’re hard already.”

it’s not a question, but jeno nods anyway, “it’s what you do to me,” he admits, shrugging gingerly.

you soften immediately, cooing down at him, “aw, well that’s nothing to be embarrassed about,” you brush your lips against his pink cheek, before leaning closer, towards his ear, “you want me to make you feel good, yeah?”

your words send a shiver down jeno’s spine and he nods eagerly.

“good boy,” you grin, leaning back once more, and he tries to ignore the way his dick twitches in his pants at the praise.

“b-but, only if i can make you feel good too,” he rushes out, stuttering.

“such a sweetie,” you sigh, “of course, jen,” your hands drift down to toy with the waistband of his trousers, his shirt still hiked up, exposing his torso to you, and his breath hitches as your fingers hook under the material, teasing over his skin, just so close to where he needs you. “how about i ride you, hm? make us both feel good.”

jeno’s eyes widen at your sudden filthy words and he nods eagerly, his grip tightening on your waist.

“you could do whatever you want to me,” he confesses, and your smirk deepens. torturously slowly, you start grinding your hips down against jeno’s, revelling in the surprised moan he gives in return.

“oh you should not have said that,” you shake your head at him.

“why?” he breathes out, barely unable to form the word as all he can think about is how you feel against him, about your hands on him, your touch, your kiss, your love.

“because i might just take you up on the offer.”

jeno’s breath catches in his throat.

he’s in for a hell of a night.

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taeil: winwin-ah 

winwin: …

taeil, gets a dumbell and starts working out: winwin-ah 

winwin: …

taeil, continues to work out, but w/o a shirt: winwin-ah 

winwin: … 

hendery enters the room: mY main biTCHHHH i found some rocks, let’s go play with them

winwin: YeAHH bOI

taeil: what the fuー

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If anyone is interested there is a mass email project going on for Taeyong. He has been subject to a lot of slander, defamation, and attacks while SM has done nothing to protect him.

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