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yellow-sprout · 23 hours ago
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🎧 TEN 텐 ‘Paint Me Naked’
: 2021.08.10. 6PM KST
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nctmentary · 19 hours ago
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mark’s ig live (pt. 2)
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yutaslaugh · 9 hours ago
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yuta’s healing moment with chamomile calming !
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jeongjaehyuns · 7 hours ago
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jaehyun’s healing moment 🌿🍃🌱
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bluejaem · 22 hours ago
— giving them your hand to see their reaction [ ver. 00 line ]
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looks at you weirdly because of how random that was. like, you're just standing there with your hand held out? "what am i supposed do?" he's soft. so fucking soft. a fond smile plastered on his face as he admired you. happily accepts the offer to hold your hand and just proceeds to place soft kisses on it </3 #heartbroken
looks up from his phone and smiles at you. the. mf. eye. smile. "anything wrong, my love?" he'd ask, holding your hand by your fingers and bringing it close to give it a kiss. ugh, what a gentleman skdjsk. would instantly pull you onto his lap, resting his chin on your shoulder as he'd be playing with your fingers. cri.
he'd take any excuse to hold your hand, to be honest. but of course with the typical cocky smile on his face, a little eyebrow raise and a faint click of the tongue, "if you wanted me to hold your hand– you could've just told me." he then places your hand on either of his cheeks and giggles because of how warm they make him feel. pfft, softie.
first of all, he'sjust like ??? hand ?? contemplates whether to give it a kiss or to hold your hand. ends up doing a weird mix of both lmao. where he intertwines his fingers with yours. and looks up at you as he gives you a peck on the back of your hand. giggling he'd ask, "i hope this is what you wanted?" yes, absofuckinglutely adorable.
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© BLUEJAEM, 2021
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nctmentary · 19 hours ago
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mark’s ig live (pt. 1)
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yellow-sprout · 22 hours ago
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210804 JAEHYUN
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xiaojvn · 4 hours ago
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xiaojun said there’s no need to be jealous <3
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lattaeyongs · 13 hours ago
[9:41 PM] Quietly, Jeno rests his head on your lap, leading your hand away from the page of your book to his head, a not-so-subtle signal for you to comb your hands through his hair. You titter softly. “God, you’re worse than Bongsik.”
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nctsworld · 7 hours ago
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jenomark · 11 hours ago
Nct / wayv reaction when you suddenly kiss them when you're drunk 🙏
Taeil: You were both drunk but acted like the alcohol didn't affect you. Sitting next to Taeil, you arm hair brushing against his, you felt blissful. "Do you want to play a game?" he asked, his glossy eyes on yours. Hanging out with him on Friday nights, just drinking wine and sitting at his kitchen table, was fun without the random card games. You just liked being in his presence, feeling the full effect of your feelings for him. Feeling fantastic, you took his hand in yours and brought it to your lips. You kissed his soft skin and said," No, we could just talk." The realization of what you had done slowly sunk in but, like everything else, Taeil pretended it didn't happened.
Johnny: "You're drunk." he said, grinning. You were seconds away from stamping your foot on the floor and claiming that you had hardly had much to drink, when your equilibrium was thrown off, and you swayed in place. "See," he said, pointing. "You should get some rest." Johnny was openly smirking and teasing you, which lit a fire underneath you that not even his handsome face could put out. You went into the corner beside the cabinets, brought out a tiny step stool and placed it in front of him. From there, you climbed onto it, your eyes level with his, and you kissed his lips. " Oh, I might be a little drunk, too." Johnny breathed, his sweet breath blowing back into your face.
Taeyong: He was bundled up head-to-toe, a beanie on his head, and a scarf wrapped around his neck several times. Everything on him was cold, except for his hand, which was nesting firmly in yours. You walked on, the twinkling lights of the city lulling you both into a sense of comfort. Being with Taeyong, especially like this, made long, cold nights more bearable. "Are you still tipsy?" he asked, stopping. In your mind, you saw the wine you had both shared at dinner, could picture it sitting in the bottom of your empty stomach. You nodded, facing him with an affectionate smile on your face. The warmth of the alcohol spread across his cheeks, or, maybe, it was from the biting wind. "You have something on your face." you said. Instinctively, Taeyong's hands reached up to touch his face, but your lips beat him to it. When you pulled away, shy Taeyong was staring back at you. "You're so cute." he said.
Yuta: In the quiet of his room, the thrum of the alcohol pumping through your veins was deafening. Yuta was watching you with a curious look, his eyes seeming to ask if you were brave enough. It was strange to know that you had his approval for the kiss before you had went through with it, and stranger still, that Yuta looked terrified. You went slow, kissing up along his bare arm, his warm skin flushing pink as you went. He was waiting patiently for you to find his lips, for you to snake your way up his smooth shoulder and kiss him like he'd never been kissed before. "I don't think I can wait anymore." he whispered. So, you closed the gap and found his lips earlier than you wanted, kissing him with so much passion that you could feel it in your toes. Though expected, Yuta gave a small shake, like there was an electric current running through his body.
Kun: "And press this key." Kun said. Even if you wanted to press it on your own, Kun's hand was on top of yours, and he was guiding you along. In his alcoholic forgetfulness, he seemed not to notice. You let him guide you, your fingertips touching the keys on his keyboard so lightly that you wondered if you were even touching them at all. Kun looked at your face, searching for the excitement he wished to find there. "Doesn't it sound beautiful?" he asked, adding, as if you didn't understand, "The music." You nodded, the expression on your face as clear as day: you were head over heels in love with him. You didn't remove your hand from underneath his, you just leaned in to kiss him, catching him by complete surprise. Before you could even breathe, Kun cupped your face and kept kissing you.
Doyoung: In your drunken mind, everything made sense. You loathed Doyoung, so the only thing left to do, was to kiss him. That will show him, you thought. You marched across the party, ignoring the warning signs from Taeyong in the corner, and you planted yourself firmly in front of Doyoung. He was nursing his own drink and looking at you with the contempt you felt. You couldn't remember what the old saying was, was it that revenge is best served cold? Hot? You had no idea. "What do you want?" Doyoung asked, trying his best to puff out his chest and appear confident. You started to speak but found out that you had nothing to say other than, "I want you." You kissed Doyoung then, your mouth sloppily gluing itself to his. Rather than push you away, Doyoung kissed you back, leading to a very steamy make-out in the middle of the room.
Ten: You came in from a night out with your friends, as drunk as can be, and one thing on your mind. As you tried kissing Ten, he moved away from you. "Not while you're drunk." he said. "Come on, let me tuck you into bed." You were tired, however, Ten had never looked sexier. You wanted to kiss him, to hold him and make love to him. Sensing that you were going to try and kiss him again, he jumped over the back of the couch. Your shoulders fell. "Don't you want to kiss me?" you asked. Ten stood his ground from a few feet away and said, "I always want to kiss you, but not when you can't consent." You put your hand on your hips, even your drunk mind understanding that it wasn't necessarily right. Still, you pouted. "But I wanted a kiss goodnight." From across the room, Ten kissed his fingers and sent the flying kiss in your direction, all the love on his face very sincere.
Jaehyun: Kissing him felt so good that you didn't want to stop. The taste of him was so warm and inviting, and every nerve in your body wanted to feel it everywhere. It was Jaehyun who broke the kiss, his conscious making it clear that he couldn't allow it to go further. You thought he would be angry that you went in for the kill, but he was smiling so brilliantly that you went in for another kiss. Jaehyun placed his finger against your lips before you could and said, "How about we get you home safely, so that you can sleep this off?" It was simple, but effective. Rather than going in for another kiss, you took the hand that Jaehyun held out to you, and let him lead you back where you lived, the taste of him still on your lips.
WinWin: You stared longingly at the empty bottles of wine on the table, and then at WinWin texting on his phone. "I should probably head off to sleep." you said, your body perking up when your roommate WinWin looked in your direction. He looked so pretty in the soft light, his features most likely enhanced by the alcohol you had shared. "Me too." he said, stretching so that his shirt raised a few centimeters to reveal his stomach. You both made a move to get up, laughing awkwardly as you did. Without really knowing what to say, you nodded at WinWin, leaned in, and planted a goodnight kiss right on his forehead. The horror at what had taken place hit you as soon as your lips left his skin. "Well, goodnight." you said, your eyes growing wider and wider. WinWin was smiling so big that it began to ease the panic. "Goodnight," he said. "Maybe when you're sober, you'll aim for the lips."
Jungwoo: You were both drunk, both clinging to each other, singing-well, shouting- a song that you heard earlier. Jungwoo was a lot taller than you, his big body swaying so much that you were convinced he was going to make you both topple to the ground. But he sturdily clung to your arms, his joyful face coming inches closer to your face. All you could see was his lips and how full they looked. So, you kissed him and watched him reel back in surprise, his full lips quivering. Without thinking about it for too long, Jungwoo leaned in to kiss you back, but ended up knocking his head into yours. Pain was all you felt when you collided, both from the pain of the collision and from the embarrassment. You stared at each other solemnly before bursting into a fit of giggles, the sound ringing in the night without care.
Lucas: "I can't find it!" Lucas shouted, though you were standing behind him. He was searching in the closet, using his height to search the top of the closet, his big hands knocking things over. When he turned back around and saw you standing there, he jumped and laughed and said, "I can't find it." You told him it was alright and pushed him into the closet, closing the door behind you. You turned off the light, robing you both in darkness. All you could hear was Lucas' breathing. You could smell his heavy cologne and how it intoxicated you more than the alcohol did. You placed your hand on his chest to steady yourself and find him in the dark, and then you kissed him. It was very brief, for Lucas had grabbed your shoulders and told you he couldn't kiss you when you weren't right in the mind.
Mark: The rest of the 127 members were being noisy, but it still felt like only you and Mark in the room. His eyes drifted to your mouth, hovering there for a few seconds before staring into your eyes. You spent too much time on Mark's birthday getting drunk and wishing he was brave enough to be the one to kiss you first. Realizing that you weren't going to get the other members to be quiet, and you certainly weren't going to get them to vacate the room, you tipped your body over the table, grabbed Mark's white t-shirt and pulled him until his lips met yours. The room grew quiet, only erupting into hollers when you let Mark go. As they made a fuss, you watched him grow shy from across the table, your eyes now making it known that you were staring directly at Mark's lips.
Xiaojun: He wasn't immune to first date jitters. He knew the first kiss was coming soon, and he would be expected to perform, which made the lump in his throat seem to swell more. You could say that you were equally nervous, but you liked Xiaojun a lot and very much wanted to kiss him. "I've been drinking. " he said. "I don't think it's going to be good." Him explaining himself made you feel giddy. "I've been drinking too, remember?" you said. You looked at each other for a beat too long, before you took a deep breath and just did it. Kissing Xiaojun, drunk or not, was every bit as amazing as you thought it would be. His lips were timid but receptive. He was gentle and eager, something you were thrilled by. When you parted, a first successful kiss under your belt, Xiaojun punched the air in excitement.
Hendery: When he was drinking, Hendery liked to talk. He would gear up for lengthy speeches, brushing his long hair from his face, the same face that was shaded with twinges of pink. You watched him wave his arms around, his words going in one ear and out of the other. You thought about how handsome he looked, the effect of alcohol, no doubt, getting to your brain too. "Don't you agree?" he asked, swinging his attention towards you. "They don't care about us, they never did. They-" Before he could finish his sentence, you kissed Hendery hastily. He kept trying to speak, but you kept on kissing him, each kiss becoming longer than the last. "I'm sorry," you said, keeping your eyes closed a moment longer. "You were saying. " Opening your eyes, you could see that Hendery was too stunned to speak anymore.
Renjun: "I want to ask you something." you said, cornering Renjun. He lowered a cup from his lips, the alcohol inside sloshing around. He thought it would have been better to just drink it and avoid the conversation he felt was coming. "Do you want to know if Mark likes you back?" Renjun asked. "He does like you. So, you're free to go after him, if you want." Confused, you looked at Renjun and asked, "Who is Mark? I don't know him, but I wanted to ask you if you would mind if I kissed you right now." Completely shocked, Renjun nearly dropped his cup on the ground. "I'm drunk right now." you continued. "But, Renjun, I've liked you for over half a year." Renjun blinked and could only nod. You stepped forward and kissed him, your fingers tucked under his chin. Pulling away, Renjun blinked again, before breaking out into a grin that made your heart dip into your stomach.
Jeno: Your shaking hands made it more difficult to take the photo, so Jeno took your phone from you. Placing his cheek against yours, he held the phone up high, his still thumb hovering over the button. Seeing you smile, he pressed the button and took a picture. "What do you think?" he asked, holding it up for you to see. "I think we look cute." You were both drunk out of your minds, but you were the unstable one. The picture looked fine, but you weren't staring at that. Jeno's lips were inches away, the only sign that he had consumed alcohol at all was in the way he couldn't stop smiling. Jeno was always a happy drunk, which made it that much easier to simply kiss him. You and Jeno made out, only really moving away from each other when Jeno raised your phone up high again and took a picture of you kissing each other.
Haechan: "I want you to be my first kiss, Donghyuck." you said, staring at Haechan. He was just as drunk as you were, but you could hardly tell, since he was so relaxed. You, on the other hand, were struggling to keep calm. You thought he would immediately shut you down, but Haechan looked amused by your request. He came and sat in front of you, licking his lips and smirking with pleasure when he saw how you had responded. You were moving around where you sat, not knowing where to put your hands. "Close your eyes when I kiss you, I'm shy." he said. You closed your eyes. He closed his eyes, too, but you opened your eyes up and found his lips, delighting in the slight surprise jolt Haechan made with contact. "That's naughty." he said, between kisses. "I like it."
Jaemin: He was clingy when he was drunk, which was fine by you. You liked seeing that side of Jaemin, the one who didn't care what people around him thought, the one that looked at you like you were the only person in the whole world who understood him. Jaemin nuzzled his nose against yours, your body jerking back slightly as his top lip grazed yours. "What are you doing?" he asked. "Don't you want to kiss me?" You wanted to tell him that, of course, you did. There was never a time in your life when you hadn't wanted to kiss Na Jaemin. Rather than shy away, you stepped forward in your drunken bravado and kissed him right on the mouth. Jaemin grunted in approval as your hands found their way underneath his shirt, your fingertips scratching down the ridges of his abs.
YangYang: "You don't like me very much, do you?" YangYang asked. It was less of a question and more of an observation. Yet, you couldn't help but answer it, anyway. "I do like you." you said. You took a sip from your cup, realizing that the liquid was disappearing faster than you meant it to. YangYang flipped his empty cup upside down and fixed you with a look that, for some reason, made your blood boil. "I do like you." you said again, your eyes narrowing slightly. YangYang held out his arms and looked around, as if addressing a crowd, that a coward was in their midst. "Prove it." he said. You were astounded, unsure of what action to take. When all thoughts failed, you got up and walked to the other side of the table, plunking down beside YangYang. You kissed him, as if the kiss itself would explain that you liked him more than he thought. YangYang clapped, as you pulled away. "Maybe one more time," he said. "I didn't feel like you meant it."
Shotaro: He clicked his bottle of beer against yours and took a long drink, his eyes appraising you over the bottle. You never loved the taste of alcohol, especially beer, but you liked the feeling that wrapped itself around your body like a warm hug. Also, drinking with Shotaro was one of the few pleasures you enjoyed in life. "It's good." Shotaro said, looking at the label. His lips were glistening with beer and, feeling unlike yourself, you leaned in a little closer to watch a bubble of spit pop on his bottom lip. "Yeah." you said, not remembering what you were agreeing to. "Ro, you're really handsome." Shotaro smiled and broke out into laughter, his face lighting up. Watching you lean in closer, as if in a trance, his jolly expression was replaced with lust. You kissed him and he allowed it, letting out a moan as you bit down on his lip.
Sungchan: You walked up to him, closing your eyes tight, your throat practically bursting with the words you'd held in for months. "I really like you, and I think about kissing you all of the time. I don't know if it's because you're tall, funny or you have the sweetest smile. Or maybe it's because you're a good person and you care about others, but I think about kissing you all the time. I know I've said that twice now, but it's the truth. And I've had a little bit to drink, but I am not drunk." When you finished speaking, you opened your eyes to see Sungchan's shocked face. "I like you, too. "he said, quietly. Feeling like you were on a roll and couldn't stop, you marched right up to him, got on your tiptoes and kissed him on the mouth. You could feel Sungchan's lips wanting to smile, so you parted and let him smile big enough to make you swoon.
Chenle: Like they were a moving target, you zeroed in on his lips. Your eyes followed the way his lips were moving, and how his pearly white teeth would bare themselves, and you couldn't help smiling back. Chenle was talking to you, but you didn't hear a single thing he had to say. You kept your eyes on his soft, pink lips and leaned in to kiss him, your lips puckered and ready. Chenle was more clever than you and had time to pull away before you did something you might regret. "Maybe tomorrow." he said. "After you've had a nice nap and thought about it some more." You felt disappointed by the lack of his lips on yours, but Chenle's perfect smile attacked you some more, making you lose all thoughts about the failed kiss.
Jisung: You kissed him and the world started to spin a little faster, your heartbeat zooming around in your chest. Jisung touched his wet lips with his fingertips, a look of disbelief flashing across his handsome face. He looked at you, his eyes searching your eyes for answers, but you were busy smiling off into the distance. He screwed his face up in innocent confusion, before letting his mouth relax into a small smile that reclaimed your attention. "You just kissed me." he said. Slowly, his smile began to falter when he realized that you were very intoxicated, not sober, and you might not have meant it. "We shouldn't." he said, waving you away with his hand. " Let's just talk. I'll sit up with you until you fall asleep."
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yellow-sprout · 23 hours ago
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210803 JOHNNY
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ninisbearonesie · 10 hours ago
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warnings/tags: dom!Jaehyun sub!reader, fanfic, smut; cursing, hook up, fingering, cunninilingus, unprotected sex, cream pie
summary: a chance meeting while shopping for bathing suits turns your summer vacation a little hotter
word count: 4.4k (help)
this was interesting to write as the beginning and ending are based off of separate dreams this time, so hopefully I was able to link them in a way that made sense. please enjoy!!
"How does this look?" You asked your friend Jamie, holding a skimpy neon bikini set to your body. 
It was the first full day of your annual summer beach trip with your bestie, and you'd arrived in the seaside town you always traveled to late last night. After eating a mediocre breakfast provided by your hotel, the two of you had headed to a nearby mall to buy new swimsuits. She'd had luck finding one relatively quickly. But the reason you were still there, on the second story of a large department store several hours later, was because you had yet to. 
She made a face. "No offence, but it's not really your style..."
Sighing, you put it back on the rack. "I know."
Rounding the stand that contained the bikini you'd just put back, you briefly glanced over at the neighboring section, which had swim trunks. Movement had caught your eye, caused by three guys walking through. You barely even paid attention to them at first glance, but the one in the back caught your eye, and you did a double take. 
At this second glance, you saw they were all young, probably close to your age, and very attractive. 'Are they models?' You wondered. But again, it was the one behind the first two that really made you look on in awe. He had muted fluffy purple hair that covered his forehead, and dark eyes that shone like diamonds even from this distance. His soft features and perfect skin made you wonder if he was an angel. His thin white shirt hugged what was probably toned muscle underneath. When the taller of his two friends said something funny, he smiled and oh my God, he had the cutest dimples. 
At that moment, he shifted his eyes up and saw you standing there, staring. Like a deer caught in headlights you froze, embarrassed as fuck you'd been caught. But his smile only widened, and he gave you a slight nod in greeting. 
Ripping your gaze away, you acted like nothing had happened and tried to return to shopping. 
"Oh wow y/n, you saw those guys right?" Jamie exclaimed, following you. "Now that's what I'd call eye can-"
You interrupted her, face flushed, by holding up a pale blue gingham bikini. "What about this?"
Before she could answer, her eyes focused on something behind you, mouth falling open slightly. A deep voice then responded to your question. "I think it looks cute."
You whipped around, only to come face to face with the man you couldn't keep from staring at. Your eyes widened and you gulped, startled. Up close, he was simply breathtaking. Literally; you felt your breathing become strained as your heart pounded in your chest. 
"Th- Thank you, um..?" You stuttered before taking a deep breath.
"Jaehyun." He answered. 
"Ah, Jaehyun." Damn, even his name was cute. You gave him a shaky smile. "So I should get it?"
"Definitely." He encouraged. He then looked to Jamie, who'd been speechlessly watching the exchange. "What do you think?"
Turning around, you waited to see her response. After looking between the two of you for a couple of seconds, she grinned and gave a thumbs up. You weren't sure if she was approving of the bathing suit or... 
"Hey, what are you guys doing the rest of today?" Jaehyun asked. 
"Oh, not much." You replied quickly, not planning to elaborate. 
"We'll just be at the beach!" Jamie said louder and at the same time, speaking over you. "Wanna come with?"
You gave her a look, trying to shut her up. She looked back at you as if to say 'what?'
He smiled. "Sure. Let me ask the boys if it's okay with them."
He beckoned the two of them over, who didn't hesitate to comply. Jamie introduced you and her to the group, as you were still majorly distracted by the million thoughts running through your head. The tallest of the three then introduced himself as Johnny, a friendly guy with a round face and sculpted arms that were on full display thanks to the tank he wore. The other was Mark, who shyly said hi to you and Jamie. He had a boyish and youthful aura about him that made you immediately assume he was the youngest. They both readily agreed to head to the beach. 
Still not fully registering what had just happened, you walked to the check out in a near trance and bought your swimsuits. Then you exited the mall, and made your way to the parking lot. Jaehyun went to get his car while the rest of you waited at Jamie's. When he pulled up, the guys got in. After quickly entering her car with her, Jamie pulled out of the parking lot and followed them as they lead the way to the beach.
"Y/n, you okay?" She asked, taking her eyes off the road for a split second to glance at your face. Your prolonged silence had prompted her to speak.
You removed yourself from your racing thoughts. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just surprised."
She grinned. "Well, today's not gonna be boring, that's for sure. It'll be a lot more eventful than if we'd hung out at the beach by ourselves."
You nodded in agreement. You knew there wasn't much harm in doing this - there would be plenty of people on the beach around you - they couldn't try anything. And besides, you didn't even get those vibes from them. That wasn't what made you uneasy. It was the thought of spending a day at the beach with such attractive guys that made the tips of your ears turn pink and your heart rate increase. You just prayed you wouldn't say or do something utterly embarrassing. 
Jamie drove into the public beach parking behind their car, parking a few spaces away from them. Exiting the car, you and her first made your way to the bathrooms to change. This beach was well maintained, a stone walkway lead to them and then continued on and up to a wide bridge that arched over the barrier dunes and then down onto the sand. Palm trees provided shade, which was made good use of as it seemed wherever a tree cast a shadow there was a cool bench to sit. 
Locking yourself into a stall in the women's bathroom, you undressed and then pulled on your brand new swimsuit. Thankfully, despite not being able to try it on in the store, it fit extremely well. The gingham pattern, pale blue color, and small ruffles on the waistband and straps made you conclude this was the cutest bikini you'd ever seen. Exiting the stall, you briefly peered into the mirror above the sinks to pull your hair into two low pigtails. 
Turning back around, you found Jamie standing there in her new suit, smiling at you. 
"Ready y/n?" She asked. 
You took a breath before replying. "Yep."
Arm in arm, you walked out to meet the boys, who'd already changed and were standing there waiting, beach bags in hand. Johnny got excited as he spotted you both and practically ran towards beach, Mark trying to keep up with him. Jaehyun looked unbothered as he stayed behind to walk at a normal pace with you. By the time you'd crossed over the sand dunes and strolled onto the beach, Mark and Johnny had already found a good place a little ways away to set up. They'd brought two large towels, big enough for multiple people to sit on, and had spread them out over the sand.
Jaehyun sat down on one, then patted the ground next to him, motioning for you to sit next to him. After a few seconds of contemplation you complied, folding your legs to the side as you still kept a couple feet of distance from him. Jamie sat down with Johnny and Mark on the other towel. 
For the next hour or so, the five of you talked about various topics in an effort to learn more about each other. Gradually, you loosened up as you got used to their company. Johnny and Mark were college friends of Jaehyun's, who'd came into town a few days before you to visit him where he now lived on the coast. Funnily enough, the two boys were staying in the same hotel as you and Jamie while they did so - it was the closest to Jaehyun's apartment.
Noon came and went, and the air continued to heat up around you until it was unbearable. You looked out at the ocean water longingly,  but didn't want to leave by yourself, and the others seemed to be having such a great time...
Glancing over at you, Jaehyun made a suggestion. "Who's up for the water?" 
Despite your assumptions, the agreement was unanimous. As one, you all rose and ran towards the rolling sea, chasing each other. Diving into the waves, you ran out until the water was up to your waist. Johnny swam out farther than any of you, while Jamie and Mark stayed in slightly shallower water. 
You heard the sound of someone sloshing around in the water directly behind you. Spinning around, you were met with his chest - his white shirt was now wet and you could see some of the muscles through it - as your eyes widened and you looked up into Jae's eyes. He smiled down at your face, less than a foot away, dimples on full display. 
"Hi." He said in a way that made your heart melt. Then: "Feel better?" 
"Y- yeah, it was really hot before." Your words betrayed your body - being in the water wasn't cooling you off at all anymore. 
You stood there for a few awkward moments in silence, not knowing what to say. 
"Um-" You began. 
"Woah y/n look out!" He cut you off, sudden panic on his face as he closed the small distance between the two of you.
Suddenly, a large wave crashed into your back. It pushed you straight into the only thing that would keep you standing - his body. Instinctively, you gripped onto his shirt tightly so you didn't fall, tugging it towards you. He didn't hesitate to wrap his strong arms around your waist to steady you. Only after the wave had passed did you realize what you'd done, quickly releasing the fabric from your hands. But he didn't let go. 
"Are you okay?" He asked, worry in his tone.
You nodded, heart pounding loudly in your ears. However, you were shaking slightly. 
He began leading you back towards the shore, not convinced. Stumbling onto the hot sand, he guided you back to the towels, sitting you down once you got there. Getting a smaller towel, he wrapped it around you so you could dry off, then he sat down next to you. 
You looked at him, embarrassed. "You can go back if you want, I'll be fine here."
"No, I'm good." He leaned back a bit. "I'm not much of a swimmer anyways."
He then lifted his arm and ran his fingers through his damp hair, brushing it back off his forehead. You gulped, incredibly bothered by the motion. 
He looked at you with a slight smirk. "Thirsty?"
"Yeah." You replied. 
Smirk widening, he handed you an unopened water bottle. You drank, trying desperately to calm down. 
Jamie ran up to you, Mark following close behind. "Y/n are you okay?" She asked, confused and concerned. "What happened?"
You explained without including the details that made you blush when you thought of them. She sat on the towel next to you, deciding not to go back out. Mark followed suit and shortly after Johnny joined you again when he realized everyone was out of the water.
After a bit, you began to get hungry and got up to try and find some food. Luckily, there was a food truck nearby with some cheap lunch. Returning to the towels, you ate in relative silence as the sun moved slowly west overhead. The rest of the afternoon was spent walking, playing with a frisbee, and sunbathing. You noticed Jaehyun seemed to be keeping you within a few feet of him the entire time, never leaving you alone or with the others. Even when you went back out with Jamie into the shallow water, he followed - even though he tried to appear like he wasn't. 
            .•°•. ♡ .•°•. ♡ .•°•. ♡ .•°•.
Once the sun went down, everything was packed up and taken back to the cars. You threw back on your shorts from earlier before heading to a nearby bar, open to the sea and cool night air. It was already crowded with many tourists, and once you entered you quickly lost sight of the others,  later catching a glimpse of Jamie talking to Johnny off to the side with a drink in hand. 
Seeing the bar, you made your way over to it by yourself and sat on one of the barstools. You beckoned the bartender over to order your drink. 
"What can I get for you?" She asked, polishing a glass. 
"A margarita please." you answered.
She then looked at the seat next to you. "And you sir?"
"A margarita for me too, thanks." A familiar voice answered. 
You turned around in your seat to face Jaehyun, blinking at him.
He smiled and nodded in greeting, those adorable dimples reappearing on the corners of his mouth. Feeling your face heat up, you quickly turned to look at the bartender as she made your identical drinks. 
You cleared your throat a little. "So... you like margaritas too?"
He chuckled softly at your attempt to break the awkwardness. "Truthfully, I've never tried one. Thought tonight was good first time."
You could feel his eyes on you, boring into your soul in an attempt to get your attention. When you couldn't take it any longer and tilted your head to look at him, his eyes immediately met yours. A slight smirk spread across his lips.
When your drinks were served, he was the first to take a sip, eyes not leaving you for a millisecond. You drank and shifted in your seat, fully aware of how he was checking you out as his eyes began to roam. You wondered if maybe you should've put on a shirt over your bikini top to cover yourself better. But that thought was quickly dismissed as a new one took its place. You liked it - the way his attention was focused on no one but you. There were plenty of other hot girls there that night,  but he paid them no mind. 
The hours drifted by as those around you melted away and it felt like you and Jae were the only two in the entire world. The music and voices of patrons were only a buzz in the distant background as you focused on his soft words. You found you enjoyed each others company - he made you comfortable with the idea of spending as much time in it as possible. 
When the clock struck ten, you could feel the beginnings of fatigue creeping into your mind. An incoming text made his phone buzz. He checked it, relaying the message to you after briefly lifting up his eyebrows in surprise.
"Your friend's heading back to the hotel with Johnny and Mark, she's driving them there."
"Oh!" You replied in surprise, glancing around the bar but finding them already gone. You knew what was probably going to happen to Jamie, but you didn't voice it. 
He looked at you for about a minute before speaking again, slowly. "Do you.. wanna come to my place?"
You met his eyes again, heart and mind racing at his invitation. The implications of his question didn't slip by you, they were fully realized. Still, it didn't take you long to make up your mind - in fact, you'd already made it before he'd asked. 
"Yes." You replied. 
He smiled wide and grabbed your hand, intertwining his fingers with yours. You quickly slid off your barstool and exited the bar, making for the car. You giggled as he pulled you along. The moon shone down on you from high overhead, lighting the way. Once reaching the car, he opened the passenger door for you and you hopped inside as he then closed it and rounded the car to his seat. Getting in, he started the car and drove out onto the road towards his apartment. 
Your mind raced as you made the silent drive to his apartment, listening to the low sounds of the radio coming through the speakers. It only took a few minutes before he was parking, getting out, and coming around to help you out of the car. Grasping your hand tightly again, he lead you into the building. The lobby of his apartment had only dim lights on at this time to illuminate the room. No one was around. Jaehyun took a left after guiding you through the main doors. 
"This way." He practically whispered, taking you into the elevator. 
He hit the three and the doors closed, leaving you alone in the small space with him for a few moments. He didn't waste any time in turning you around to face him, closing the gap between you. Locking his lips with yours in a heated first kiss, he backed you up into the elevator wall, driving you up it slightly with his strong arms. You instinctively wrapped your limbs around his body to steady yourself and kissed him back. You could taste both him and the drink he'd had at the bar - the mixture was heavenly. 
A ding signified your arrival at his floor, forcing you to part. Thankfully for the both of you, his door wasn't too far away. Pulling you down the hall quickly, Jae stopped at his door and took out his keys, fumbling with them for a few seconds as he tried to rush. When the door was unlocked, he pushed it open, letting you both walk through before harshly closing it again. 
For the few seconds it took for him to throw the keys on a small table next to the door you glanced around the dark apartment. Through a cracked door to your left you could make out a bathroom. A small kitchen stretched across most of the right wall from the door, a long bar separating it from the rest of the room. In this main room was both his living area and bedroom. His bed was pushed up against the farthest wall, which was taken up entirely by two giant windows. The moonlight shone through them, illuminating a balcony on the other side that looked out into the night and the street below, where palm trees waved back and forth in a light breeze. 
The sudden grip of his large hand on your waist from behind made you jump. He spun you around, and gave you that soul piercing stare that made all your self-control fade away. You leaned in this time, seeing a smirk spread across his face right before you closed your eyes. As soon as your lips brushed against his again, he picked up were you'd left off, kissing you relentlessly and leaving you breathless. Slowly, he backed you up further into the apartment until the backs of your legs bumped up against the edge of the bed as you struggled to bring air to your lungs. 
He lifted you just enough to clear the mattress and sit you down on top of it. Climbing onto it himself, he gently laid you down onto the sheets underneath him. He kept himself up with his knees, one on each side of you as he started to move his plush lips down to your neck. He proceeded to mark you, painting several dark spots onto your skin that would surely be there the next day. 
"Ah, Jae." You moaned out for the first time, when the tenseness that had been building between your legs became too much to stay silent.
He paused. "What is it princess?" 
"I need..." You began, heating up at the petname.
"Yes?" He asked patiently, waiting for your commanding words. He smiled down at you, raising a hand to your cheek to stroke it soothingly. 
"You." You finished, meeting his gaze. "I need you."
He smiled wider. "Sure thing."
Removing his hand from your face, he moved it down to the waistband of your shorts. Unbuttoning them with both hands, he slipped them off and down your ankles with ease. Placing his strong hand on your upper thigh, he spread it away from the other and began moving his fingers closer to your heat. Shivering at his touch, you sunk deeper into the bedsheets. He let his fingertips get to the edge of your bikini bottoms, but stopped there, teasing you. 
"Hey-" You breathed, scolding him when you realized what he was doing.
He looked down at you, hair messily splayed around your head as your chest rose and fell beneath him. Your skin was beginning to glisten with perspiration, your eyelashes fluttering slightly every time you blinked your half-closed eyes. "Hm?"
You took a moment to respond. "Touch me Jae."
He smiled a dark smile as he brushed your bikini bottoms to the side. The first touch of his fingertips against your slick clit had you lifting your hips up off the bed, curses falling from your lips. He forced them back down, pinning you to the bed with his body. He quickly resumed his actions, running his fingers back and forth over your folds as you moaned at the pleasure. He then suddenly inserted a finger into your dripping core. 
"Ah-" You gasped in surprise as he continued, using his thumb to trace circles across your clit. It was all too much for you to handle. He watched as you gradually lost control beneath him, writhing about in pleasure. The dangerous combination of things he was doing to you quickly brought your first high like a rising wave that crashed into the beach before it. 
You didn't have time to warn him before your walls clamped down on his finger and your juices spilled out onto his hand, sheets, and down your legs. He let you ride out your orgasm and calm all the way down before removing his finger and sitting up, licking every last bit of you from his fingers. You peered down the bed at him, watching in fascination as he lapped it up like a man starved.
"Shit, you taste good." He complimented, making your face feel flushed. 
When his hand was clean, he bent down and stuck his head between your legs. A second later, you felt the flick of his tongue on your inner thigh. He left a trail of wet kisses up it, making his way back up to your heat. Without warning, you felt his lips brush against your folds as he proceeded to use his tongue to clean you up as best he could. His hot breath against your pussy made you squirm and draw your legs up closer to your chest. Once satisfied he sat up again, licking the last of you from his lips. 
He then repositioned himself above you. Removing his swim trunks, his hard member sprung free and stood erect, precum trickling from its pink tip. Slipping a couple of fingers into the waistband of your bikini bottoms, he pulled then down your legs, leaving them with your shorts at your ankles. Lining up with your entrance, he held himself up with his strong arms, caging you in. You looked up at him, his faded purple hair messy across his face. He gave you a reassuring smile - dimples and all - before pushing into you with ease and rolling his hips down onto yours. Matching the pace he set, you pulled his face back down to yours to kiss him again, softer this time. He complied, kissing you deeper and slower as he pushed further into you with each thrust.
When he bottomed out, he speed up the movement of his hips, gripping yours to bring them closer to his. The lewd sounds of sex filled the apartment, combined with both of your increasingly loud moans.
"Jae." You moaned out, breaking your kisses. You felt the tenseness building in your abdomen again. 
He groaned as you felt him twitch inside you. "Fuck, you sound so hot saying my name like that."
He then hit your g-spot with the tip of his cock, pushing you over the edge. You came undone all at once, flexing your walls around him, gasping for air. Seconds later, hot strings of his cum shot through you, spilling out onto the bed along with your own. Riding out your orgasms simultaneously, your heavy breathing gradually quieted until he pulled out and sat up on the bed beside you. Watching him slide off the edge and stand up, your eyes followed him as he made his way to the bathroom entrance, ducking in for a second and returning with a towel.
Climbing back onto the bed, he leaned over you and gently cleaned you up with the towel, being extra careful around your sore clit. When most of it was wiped up, he discarded the towel onto the floor and laid down next to you. You rolled onto your side to look at him in the moonlight.
His skin had a visible sheen to it and his hair was a fucking mess - it stuck partially to his damp skin. But that only made his perfectly sculpted features more beautiful. You felt him wrap his arm around your naked waist, holding you to his body. Brushing a loose strand of hair away from your face, he spoke for the first time in minutes.
"Let's do this again tomorrow."
In your fucked out state, you couldn't respond with much else than an excited nod as you snuggled up to him. He gently kissed your swollen lips, happy. 
Brushing your nose with his, he whispered: "Night y/n." 
You replied by kissing him back, closing your eyes, and drifting off to sleep in his arms. 
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