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 The walls

  • Requested: Hi :) can you please write an angst –> smut with taeil with prompt “All I can think about is ripping that dress off of you.”. He hears his crush fucking his roommate and can’t help but masturbate thinking about her ?Please thanksss

It was hard for me to write this, angst is really not my thing so i did my best^^ thank you for requesting❤


“All I can think about is ripping that dress off of you” Taeil heard his roomate speak

“Aother one, it’s a festival this week” Taeil thought, it has been the 3rd time his roomate had bring someone home. Not that he really care, expect that he got a little less sleep he didn’t really mind until he recognized the feminine voice. Your voice. His heart dropped, tears of rage gathered at the corner of his eyes, how could he do that to him. Hurted he thought about interrupting him and  scream at him all the profanities he could think off, when he remembered he never talked about you to him… he couldn’t know, damn karma.

Sitting on his bed, Taeill could hear the sound of the bed frame against his wall, the sound of your heavenly moans through the thin wall. Taeil closed his eyes , he could feel his heart sink into his chest at the idea of someone else having you, but how lucky he was to be able to hear you like this.

He felt like he was privileged yet damned. All he could think about was busting the door open and claim you, you were his and no one else. As angry as he was he couldn’t help but grow hard at the sound of your whines.

Slowly, he started to palm himself, he imagined what your body would look like under his hands, what your lips would feel like. It wasn’t his hands anymore, it was yours, touching him all over. Taeil could feel his body tremble at the thought.

Growing needy, he took his cock out of his pants, his shaft hard and already leaking precum, just thumbing at the tip made him twitch. All of this got him so sensitive he started to fist his cock nice and hard, trying to match the rhythm of the loud thumping against the walls.

Biting his lips, he could picture you with his cock inside of you, reaching so deep your nails would scratch all over his back, how you would scream his name at how well he would stretch you out. Quickly he was closer and closer to the edge, heavy breathing going out of his mouth, he stopped caring about making too much sound as he started to buck his hips into his hand before cumming all over him, dirtying his hand and stomach. Another though crossed his mind: you licking it off his fingers, the way your lips would wrap around hid digits, stare into his eyes as-

“T-taeil…can I come in” He heard as the door was slightly open, it was your voice.

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Ok, just gonna be a long af rant post towards fan who ‘constantly’ complain and nitpick everything about SM - if you feel offended, it might just mean you complain too much. sorrynotsorry

Firstly, I do acknowledge SM’s mistreat towards their own artists and I do not agree with every SM’s action. However, OMFG, the amount of angry comments and tweets towards SM is kinda a bit too much, don’t you think? Although I agree that the media and fans should speak up for the mistreat and toxicity in the kpop industry, I do not agree with comments such as ‘burn sm’, ‘they had one thing to do.’, ‘they ruined xx comeback’ and etc. I do agree that SM over favouritise certain artists, gives certain members more screen time and lines. Even their mvs is just a mere reflection of their favoritism - which is why I prefer to watch live shows. - However, minor mistakes such as, delaying the mv, deleting and re-uploading mv, minor editing mistakes, delay in album release should not equate to ‘burn sm’, ‘fuck sm’ and ‘they are embarrassing.’

As a fan, if you don’t work in the entertainment industry, I don’t think you’re in the position to lecture how an entertainment company should function. On the top of that, those staffs are humans, like us. We make mistakes and making mistakes at your workplace is a common af thing. The only difference is that, they are working with your favs and their mistakes do subsequently effect their comeback however, I don’t think it’s necessary to always blame SM’s staff. We really don’t know what they go through in their daily lives. As a fan who doesn’t work in the kpop field, we cannot comprehend the work culture in the entertainment industry. The stress and burden that the staffs receive from their higher ups is probably unimaginable just like how us (fans) cannot imagine the stress and burden the idols go through. In all honesty, when a team of staffs makes a mistake during these comebacks, do you honestly think these staffs walk home happily? Do you honestly think they don’t receive some sort of punishment for re-uploading mvs, delay in album release? Who knows what happened to the person who was responsible of uploading Work It MV. If they’re lucky, maybe they get a verbal warning or a disciplinary letter but worse, they can get fired for making a minor mistake. People who work at SM aren’t prefect. Re-directing your hate and frustration towards SM’s employees is no different to leaving hate comments towards idols. At the end of the day, you’re still leaving a hateful comment online and who knows if these staffs pay attentions to the comments that they receive.

Moreover, I do not think it’s ‘embarrassing’ when SM makes a minor mistake during a comeback. All kpop companies pretty much work on tight schedules, big companies like SM are constantly preparing for future releases, they don’t just work on comeback then take a break. In between those comeback, they are probably preparing the the lineup of concerts and activities for upcoming year. Not only idols are being overworked but staffs are most likely being overworked as well. They probably work on a project on top of another project. When some many people are involved in preparing a comeback, it’s understandable if someone makes a mistake. Rather than pointing your fingers towards SM staffs, you can let that one staff learn and grow from their mistakes. FYI, you can still enjoy the delayed MV; the delayed album release. Why choose to be so mad? No one is prefect.

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cowardly game of rival — n.jaemin ( f )



 ━ as the girl’s football team captain, you were used to the endless derogatory taunts, the wolf-whistling, the attempts at romance being boys telling you what they thought of barcelona’s starting XII. na jaemin fell into all those catergories, a detestable flea in your hair. as sworn enemies, there was not even an inkling of romance, and you were convinced that your attraction to him was ONLY physical. weren’t you?

pairing ━ na jaemin x female!reader

word count ━ 6k

genres ━ fluff, rival!au, football!au, comedy, romance, very little of the football game is described in detail.

warnings ━ profanity, football terms, dirty jokes, y/n and jaemin are literally just cowards

( author’s note! )

this one came to mind when i thought of how i love female footballers and decided that jaemin would be the idiot in question to chicken out of confessing to their crush by being an ass instead. i really hope you like it !! other notes are sissoko is the name of like three different players and a cracker is slang for a really good goal.



A sport of creatively insane wits, fancy footwork and incoherent celebrations. Those were all the things you loved about it, along with the ridiculously cute uniform.

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all info are regarding the chapter in question, for the full cast of characters and general warnings for the full series see: dicktionary masterlist 


fem reader, jaehyun, haechan 

warnings: swearing, creepy ambiance, thrillery 

words: 8k


See Naples and die! they say. 

Yes, of boredom probably. 

Unless your main source of entertainment is yelling, driving scooters with no helmet on and getting robbed. Then Naples is the most interesting city on the planet. 

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[01:29] you groaned, pushing jaemin’s camera away from your face. despite your complaints about the flash being too bright where you both laid upon the cement rooftop in the dead of night, your best-friend couldn’t help himself. the moonlight reflecting upon your features was a sight so ethereal that if he didn’t save it in the bank of his memory card it’d be a disservice to the entirety of the universe and himself.

finally settling beside you, he rested his head against your shoulder as you both peered upwards at the infinite. in a voice small enough to not disturb the midnight winds, you asked about his tendency to take pictures of you in the most mundane of moments but he didn’t have an answer that sounded the least bit platonic. the truth was was that you were more beautiful than even the brightest of the northern lights; and though content was he with the notion of simply existing beside you, he hoped that with the slow ascent of the sun he would finally be able to tell you so himself without need of a camera lens to hide behind.

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