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Can you give us Jen when she actually fired because Jaehyun caught teaching her Hannie calling her mommy, and also Jaehyun caught her multiple times when she talking bad about his wifey?
genre: fluff and angst for jen again.
warnings: jen gets fired.
before reading! i know some of you guys are gonna ask if this is the end of my jen the babysitter series and no. it’s not the end. i love writing for jen the babysitter so do not think this is the end because there will be more posts of jen the babysitter and there will be more opportunities for you guys to request for jen the babysitter.
Tumblr media
jaehyun had a ten minute break from his meeting online so, he decided to get up and use a bathroom— possibly find you for a quick quickie.
jaehyun begins to roll his white long sleeves up as he stalks out his office. he passes hannies playroom and takes a slight peek in to see jen playing with hannie. he grins softly until hearing what jen had commanded. jaehyun took two steps back and took another peep in the crack.
“..hannie, look at me,” she holds the baby up and follows as the baby tilts its head around. “now say, mama.” jen cooed only for hannie to fuss.
“no no, be a good girl and call me, mama.” jen frowns in an upset way as hannie jumps around. “i think you need a nap, hm, sweet girl?” jen lifts themselves off the ground and turns to see jaehyun.
“oh, my— mr jeong, you scared me.” she gasps, clutching the baby to her chest.
jaehyun clears his throat, slightly kicking the door open. “sorry, jen. i was just, looking for mrs jeong.” he presses his lips into a thin line. “oh, she’s in the laundry room right now.” jaehyun nods and leaves to go find you.
the basement is where he finds you. folding clothes over the machines while dancing to some music that played on your speaker.
“— should i call first? i cant deny— ahh!” you scream after turning around and seeing jaehyun leaning against the door frame just admiring you. “asshole!” you say flapping the folded towel— which caused it to unfold.
“such a cutie.” he squeals while running up to you and swooping you into his arms. “put me down, asshole! i’m mad at you— you scared me!” he sits you on the dryer which was shaking slightly frantically.
“ooohhh— get me off t—this.” jaehyun pushes your hips down more. the vibration sending pleasure onto your clit. “aww,” he mewls in a teasing way. “but isn’t this fun?” you whine, pushing at his hands and attempting to slide off.
“not happening, gorgeous.” he smirks, softly chuckling at your squirming figure.
“look, i have,” he looks down at his watch and then back up at you. “about six minutes to make you cum. let’s spend it wisely.” he pushes your upper body up and yanks on your shorts.
your body shakes and jerks forward when jaehyun slips his two slender fingers into your pussy. a moan is earned from you as the shaking vibration and his fingers moving inside you causes a painful pleasure.
“let’s talk, yeah?” he asks with his fingers buried inside you. you nod which he tuts at. “say yes, baby.” you mewl, tossing your head back. “y—yes!” you grunt out, attempting to hold your legs open.
“good girl,” he says, rubbing your clit with his thumb. “god— asshole.” you whimper, arms wobbling.
“i seriously think we need to fire jen.” you groan. the mention of another womens name in bed just brought discomfort. “jae, i r—really don’t wanna t—talk about another women while w—we’re, we’re doing th—this.” you shake out.
“no, baby. listen. we need to fire her.” you sigh, scrunching up your face. “w—why?” you question, closing your legs on jaehyuns arms. “she was telling hannie to call her mama.”
you lift your eyes up to him quickly. “she what—?!” you couldn’t even finish your sentence until your orgasm interrupted you.
“f—fuck,” you shivered, moaning desperately and attempting to control your shaking legs. “god,” you gasp, grabbing jaehyuns arm and digging your nails into his arm.
jaehyun grins, pulling his fingers out and splitting them to see your strings of cum. jaehyun holds his eye contact with you as he plops his fingers in his mouth with a groan. your sweet juice taking over his tastebuds.
you let out a shaky breath. “s—she’s fired.” you huff out. “yes, she is.” he licks his fingers clean before placing a passionate kiss on your lips. “i’ve got about thirty seconds to get back to my meeting so, i love you and we’ll fire jen later.” he says before pressing another kiss on your lips and leaving.
Tumblr media
all that ran through your mind was what jaehyun had told you.
“she was telling hannie to call her mama.”
you slammed the blade onto the zucchini causing it to collapse into two. “mrs jeong, are you alright?” jen places a hand on your shoulder making you jump.
“jen,” you heave, placing the knife down on the cutting board. “mrs jeong, is something on your mind?” you suck your cheeks in.
“jen,” you turn around. “you’re fired.”
hannie giggles from the dining room as she kicks her feet around and flings her sippy cup off her tray. “bye bye,” you hear hannie say with a giggle following.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
taeyong — nature republic x nct 127
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Tumblr media
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it wasn't me | j.jh (M)
Tumblr media
after a long show and an even longer tour, jaehyun finds himself at the last stop, los angeles. good thing he has someone very special to take care of him—in every single way. ; or, jaehyun stays over at your house after his last tour stop and a relaxing bath turns into a lot more.
Pairing | idol!jaehyun ♡ celebcrush!reader
Genre | Romance [established relationship], Comedy, Smut [ oral, bath/shower sex (kinda), switch dynamics, unprotected sex, praising (lots of it), breast worship (?), petname usage (kitten, princess, love, sweetheart), pwp, they are both just very horny people.]
Word count | 6.9K
Reading time | 35 minutes
Warnings/notes | afab reader, explicit descriptions of sex, slight usage of curse words. / reader is a famous producer/performer and jaehyun’s long time celebrity crush—and now girlfriend.
Tumblr media
People cheering was heard all over the venue, leaving in crowds after the group had said their goodbyes, but you walked casually through the corridors of the building. Wandering amongst staff and relatives of the performers with the goal of finding your boyfriend.
Of course, you knew the building by memory, many of your best memories happened in those very own corridors. Now, you experienced being the one watching and enjoying a performance rather than being on stage. The passion and care your partner put into what he did never failed to amaze you. He worked hard and gave his all in everything he did.
With great performance, came great fatigue. You greeted the rest of the boys whose skin glistened with sweat and breath was quick and short, as you walked towards the last dressing room. A white sheet of paper read “Jaehyun” in black ink, the visual made you smile proudly. Knocking on the door softly, you pushed it open to be greeted by your boyfriend sitting back on a small couch.
His head was thrown back and his eyes closed. Even like this, he looked as ethereal as always. His pretty nose tinted a rosy hue matching the apples of his cheeks and his skin glistened with sweat. If you didn’t know better, you would’ve thought that he couldn’t tell it was you who had entered the room, but as soon as that sweet cherry blossom scent hit his nose, he knew it was his beloved.
“Hi, baby.” he greeted you without opening his eyes and exhaled. “Did you enjoy the performance?” he moved his arms briefly to pat his lap, motioning you to take place on his thighs.
You moved slowly, a few steps were enough to take you where he wanted you to be. You straddled his lap and as soon as your bottom touched his thighs, he pulled your torso towards him. Despite his sweaty state, you felt yourself melt into his embrace. He kept you close to his body, your face buried in the crook of his neck while his right hand circled your waist and his left one stroked your hair lovingly.
“You were amazing out there, baby.” you praised. Even though you had no vision of his face, you knew he was smiling, as he placed a soft kiss on the top of your hair afterward.
“Not as great as you,” he said and chuckled when you poked his ribs jokingly.
“Shut up. Today you performed, we should focus on you,” you said and you meant it.
He hummed in response and indulged himself in the comfortable silence of the room. Your breathing mixed with his that was slowly getting steady.
Your lips pressed faint kisses to his neck and jaw, comforting him and giving him your love.
“Do you wanna go home, now?” You asked and he hummed once more. “Maybe you can take a shower cause you kinda stink.”
He laughed wholeheartedly and a smile grew on your lips. “You are mean.” He finally opened his eyes to look down at you. “But I love you.” He confessed and kissed your lips.
After gathering his belongings, he walked out of the room and walked over to his manager to let him know where he was going.
“Remember, tomorrow off. Monday, 10 am at the Capitol Building. Don’t forget.” The man told your boyfriend and then turned to you. “He’s going to forget, please don’t let him miss this meeting.”
Your boyfriend whined at the words of the man, making you giggle. “Got it. Monday. 10 am. He will be there dressed and well-fed!”
“Alright, have fun.” He said and walked away, turning back for a second. “Safe fun.” He emphasized causing the man beside you to blush.
“Will do!” You answered and heard Jaehyun shush you in embarrassment. “We always have safe fun, don’t we, Jaehyunie?”
“Hmm,” you looked over at his sleepy face and felt bad for him.
“And for the love of God, don’t do anything that will leave him with a sore throat again cause he has recording sessions this week.” The man before you said in a stressed voice. “Although they are with you so, your problem anyway.” You laughed at the last part.
“I can’t promise that, but I will try.” You said innocently causing the man to roll his eyes and sigh playfully before leaving you to turn to Jaehyun. “Let’s get you home so you can rest, hun.” You grabbed a hold of his bag and he let you, following behind you to your car where he reclined his seat as low as it could go as soon as he buckled his seatbelt.
Soft tunes played on the radio and the sound of LA traffic was muted by the glass windows of your car. Looking over to the boy beside you, you noticed he had fallen into a deep slumber, his position far too uncomfortable for any person. Soft snores fell from his parted lips and you swore your heart skipped a beat at how the traffic lights reflected on his skin, making his features look beautiful.
The venue was not far away from home, the 30-minute ride felt quick, the sound of the sweet melody of his cute snores was almost like white noise to you—soothing.
“Baby, we’re home.” you shook his sleeping figure and he opened his eyes slowly.
“So fast?” he asked drowsily and stretched a bit before getting off the car and into the warmth of your house.
You walked into the kitchen, the smell of homemade food floating around the air. Turning the stove knobs, you prepared to heat up the meal that you had cooked for your boyfriend. You felt his arms circle your waist and his head dropped to the crook of your neck, his lips pressing to your skin subsequently.
“You’re too good to me.” he whispered, teeth sinking on your skin softly, making you hum.
“It’s what you deserve.” you meant it, Jaehyun was an amazing boyfriend.
He was always checking up on you even when the distance of a thousand miles separated you. Good morning texts, good night texts, random love confessions, random face-times at some ungodly hours of the night. He was always available for you, whether it was to sing you to sleep or to hold you in his arms as tears flowed down your cheeks.
With his busy schedule and yours, moments like this—having him against you, skin touching skin, lips on lips, breaths mixing together—were nearly impossible to have often. His nose caressed your neck as he exhaled once more. His strong hands laid on your torso, grabbing unto you as if you were going to disappear in no time.
“I love you.” he whispered.
“And I love you.” you giggled and freed yourself from his grip eventually, to serve him his dinner. “I hope you like dinner, made your favorite dish.”
He was now seated on the kitchenette stool and turned to you, pulling you in. His head rested on your chest and his arms returned to circle your waist, tightly this time. “What has gotten into you, you are so clingy tonight.” your fingers raked through his dark brown locks.
“I just missed you.” he confessed, making your heart swell.
“You are finally done with the tour… just one more schedule and then we can have a whole month for ourselves before I start mine.” as you kissed his forehead followed by a kiss on each of his dimples, his arms let go of you. “Now, eat up. I will run you a warm bath.”
As you walked away you could hear him hum in contentment as he devoured his food, a smile being brought up to your face.
The warm water ran through the faucet, filling the bathtub little by little. Your finger fiddled with the bottles that hid behind the doors of the small closet inside the bathroom, picking the right oils and bath bubbles for a relaxing effect.
The water smelled like tonka bean and lavender, Jaehyun’s favorite. Holographic bubbles soon covered the surface serving as a cue for you to turn the running water off. You exited the bathroom, running into the tall man in the hallway that led to your room.
“I will go get you some clean clothes, you can jump in.” you smiled and walked away.
Just as you pushed the door of the bathroom open, he was wiping his mouth with a towel, after brushing his teeth. He smiled at you cutely and you were about to retreat yourself from the room when he pulled you by the wrist.
“Where are you going?” he asked.
“I thought I could do some of your laundry, so you’d have clean clothes…” you said, knowing well that he barely had time to do so and you were free for most of the week. So, it didn’t hurt to help him out a bit.
“Oh, I just-” he hesitated. “You don’t have to.”
“I really don’t mind, love.” you smiled and he reciprocated the action. “And you what?”
“Nothing.” he said quickly, the tips of his ears turning a slight shade of crimson before he sighed and spoke again. “Can you, can you join me?”
His request caught you by surprise. Yes, he had seen you naked before, too many times to count with your fingers, but after being apart from each other for so long, you couldn’t help but feel shy. You guess he caught a glimpse of your wide eyes as he stuttered his next response.
“Not like that, I just-” he stuttered.
“It’s okay, get in there, I’ll help you wash up.” you said sweetly. “Let me help you.” you offered as he started to undress.
His back was facing you as you helped him slide his button-up shirt from his shoulders, his strong back muscles catching your attention. Not being able to help yourself, you pressed a soft kiss to the middle of his back, the skin of his arms rising with goosebumps at the feeling of your soft lips against his warm skin.
Jaehyun smiled and brought one of your hands up to his face, kissing the back of it before dropping it back to your sides. His hands moved to the front of his jeans, working on disregarding his belt before unbuttoning his pants. You blushed at the sight of the back of his body, the only part of skin covered being his soft and small bottom.
“I’ll be right back,” you said, remembering to bring him warm towels and your speaker to play some nice relaxing music. “I’ll go bring some towels, get into the tub before the water runs cold.” And with that, you left the bathroom.
Jaehyun ran a hand through his hair, noticing the growing bulge inside his already tight boxers. The way your fingertips felt on his skin was just enough to have his mind going wild—but what set him off was the soft kiss you pressed on his back.
He removed his underwear completely and submerged into the warm lavender water. Throwing his head back against the edge of the tub, he groaned at the feeling of the soothing bath, right when you entered back into the room.
You placed the folded towels on the sink’s counter as well as a clean nightgown and panties for you, then turned on the speaker to play your favorite relaxing playlist, making the man in the tub smile immediately. You grabbed a small stool from under the sink and placed it behind the tub, by where his head was, and sat down with a small bowl in one hand and his fave eucalyptus shampoo in the other.
His head was still laying back on the edge, his face facing directly upwards giving you space to appreciate his features. His eyes were closed, as they were a few minutes ago on the couch of his backstage room, and his expression was relaxed. You could appreciate the way his cheeks were a deep shade of pink, probably due to the hectic night he had, and how his long eyelashes rested beautifully against his skin. His cute nose looked inviting as you pressed a small kiss to the tip, his dimples showing up as he smiled widely.
“How was your day?” You asked and he hummed as you took a bit of the warm water in the bowl to soak up his hair.
“Tiring,” he answered softly. “but my beautiful girlfriend is helping me relax.” He said and you chuckled at his flirting.
“Hmm, is she?” You ran your finger through his brown locks and you poured more water on his head carefully to not splash it on his eyes.
“Mhm, she is the best and I love her very much.” he hummed again.
You smiled at his statement and moved to open the shampoo bottle, pouring a bit of the liquid on your hands before rubbing them together and lathering his hair.
“That feels so good…” he whispered when your fingers started massaging his scalp as you tried washing his hair softly. Your boyfriend’s mouth fell agape and small approving groans left his lips when you massaged any spot that was aching.
What he didn’t know is that his sounds were tempting you to do something more than just helping him wash up and get ready for bed. Shaking your thoughts, you finished massaging his scalp and moved to pour water on his head once more to rid of the shampoo.
“Seat up, let me lather your back.” You said and he obliged. Your fingers moved to unclasp the necklace he had around his neck before placing it on the counter next to his pj’s.
His face rested on his knees after he brought them up to surround them with his arms. The sound of the water rolling on his back relaxed him to the point where he was very close to falling asleep until he felt your fingers work on the knots in his shoulders. A deep moan left his lips almost automatically.
“You like that?” You whispered, your throat suddenly dry.
“Yeah,” he sighed and threw his head back a little as you get kneading his muscles. “Mmm, ____…” he moaned again, but this time your name leaving his lips made you blush and press your legs together.
It was insane how quickly this man could soak your panties. Everything about him was sensual but adorable at the same time. He was just so dreamy that your heart raced every time you woke up next to him and saw his peaceful face resting next to you.
“Love?” You heard him ask and you diverted your attention to him by humming. “Please join me.” He said in a slight begging tone.
You nodded, even though he could not see you, and started removing your clothes. His eyes noticed your shirt and pants drop on the floor next to the tub, your bra and panties quickly following. His eyes were glued to your body as soon as you came into his sight, your hands covered yourself a bit as you slowly sunk into the warm water facing him.
“The water is still warm!” You gasped in surprise. He smiled at you with his head slightly slanted and his cheeks blushed. Having spent so much time apart had both of you feeling quite bashful about being this exposed in front of each other.
“You are so cute,” He said and smiled wider, his eyes becoming half crescents and his cute whiskers on display.
Jaehyun moved forward and you did too, your chest pressing against your knees as he was. His nose brushed against yours and his eyes moved to stare at your lips (and part of your cleavage that was not covered in soapy bubbles). “and so so hot.” He whispered, his smile having morphed into a smirk.
“Am I?” You asked cheekily, your volume matching his.
His hand came up from under the water and he placed his index finger in the center of your collarbones, his soft touch slowly moving down to the valley of your breasts and under the water again. “So fucking pretty.” His hand slightly brushed your hips and you sat back straight.
“Lay back.” You said and he immediately obliged. Pushing yourself up on the edge of the tub, you managed to get on your knees, much to Jaehyun’s lack of luck, the glittery bubbles still covered the majority of your chest. You moved forwards on your knees, a bit of the water flowing out of the tub and splashing the tiles.
His eyes stared at you as you moved to straddle his lap, his hardening boner flinching almost instantly, his tip softly touching your entrance.
“So pretty…” he whispered again and latched his lips on your collarbones, gently pressing kisses from one side to the other. “I’ve missed you so much.”
“I’ve missed you too.” You replied, skin shivering when you felt his sharp canines press on your neck.
“What did you miss about me?” He asked smugly. “Did you miss my lips?” You hummed and he smiled against your skin. Jaehyun trailed his lips up to your cheek before whispering in your ear. “I missed yours around my-“
“You’re getting real bold, Jeong Jaehyun.” You said after putting your hand to his mouth. “You really think you can switch things around?”
“Let me show you a good time, love.” He said and held your hand, dipping your index and middle fingers into his warm mouth. He looked straight into your eyes as he swirled his tongue around them, sucking them while hollowing his cheeks after and releasing them with a smirk on his face at the sight of your expression.
“Fuck,” you mumbled. “Now I’m not sure if I want to fuck you or if I want you to fuck me…”
“We could always do both, but I’m leaning towards the latter for now. You can fuck me all you want the next rounds.”
“You missed me that much that you want to go all night long?” You teased and he smirked leaning to bite your neck again.
“You have no idea how much I dreamt about you around me, baby. I’ve been wanting nothing more than you bouncing on my lap and hearing those pretty sounds you make.” His tongue lapped at the bite he has made.
“Jaehyun…” you gasped softly as he grabbed you by the hips and placed you a little higher, your breasts finally uncovered.
“Tell me, baby.” He said before his lips trailed down to when his finger did a few minutes ago. He looked up to see your eyes staring intensely at him, waiting for his next move.
Jaehyun smirked before licking a strip up your chest before engulfing your right nipple in his mouth. You gasped at the sudden contact, his mouth sloppily sucked on your bud while making sounds of contentment.
“Ah, I’ve missed your mouth so much.” You sighed and looked back down. Your boyfriend’s eyes were closed as he devoured your breasts, while sucked on one his rough hand kneaded the other. He used his index finger to tease your hard nipple and his mouth detached from your other, the skin around his mouth matched yours, glistening with his saliva. He groaned and switched his tongue to the bud that was being teased by his finger, instead of sucking on it like he did to the other, he poked his tongue and teased the bud with the tip of it.
His mouth mimicked that of how he kissed you on the skin of your chest. His hand slowly moved up from your breast to your face, his fingers taking advantage of your open mouth to dip inside. Jaehyun placed his index and middle fingers on your tongue, your mouth quickly closing around them and sucking on them. He groaned against your skin at the feeling of your tongue swirling around his fingers, wishing it was swirling around a lower area of his body.
Looking up to see your face, he groaned loudly once more, the sinful scene before him causing his hard-on to jerk up and hit your entrance again.
“I want to fuck you so bad, baby.” He whispered near your ear before softly biting your earlobe.
“What’s stopping you?” He didn’t even wait another second after you were done speaking before he crashed his lips with yours. His hands cupped your face as his lips feverishly kissed your own. Your hands came up to set on his strong chest, levering yourself as you felt dizzy from the touch of his plump lips.
“You are so pretty.” He groaned against your lips. “Please say you’re mine.”
“I’m all yours, baby. Only yours.” You gasped when he lifted your hips and felt something slide over your wet lips.
“I’m all yours, too, baby.” He groaned again. “Fuck, that feels good.” He said when your lips attacked his neck, leaving faint bite marks on his sweet spots.
“What are you waiting for?” You asked again, as he kept teasing your entrance but never dipping in.
“I’m scared I’ll cum too fast. It’s been so long and you are just so hot, I can’t hold it in.” You let out an airy giggle before replacing the hand holding his cock with your own. He shut his eyes and goosebumps raised on his skin at the feeling of your soft hand.
“I don’t care if you cum quickly, we have all night. But I really really want you inside me. Now.” You kissed his lips and lined him up with your entrance.
“Holy fuck…” he gasped as you slid down his length, your warmth engulfing him in the most delicious way possible. His head was thrown back and his chest rose at a quick pace. “It feels so good, baby.” He whined.
“You fill me up so well, love.” You moaned and leaned in to kiss his neck, your hips not stopping.
The water splashing against your skin as you moved mixed with the soft sound of the music and the soft moans coming from your boyfriend’s lips. Kissing his soft milky skin was one of your favorite things to do, it felt so soft against your lips that you swore it would melt at any moment. You felt his hands make their way to your ass, cupping your cheeks and softly squeezing.
“So perfect.” He groaned deeply as he lifted his head to kiss your lips. You tried pushing your tongue into his mouth to play with his, but when you did, his lips caught it, sucking it softly. The feeling and sight of Jaehyun sucking your tongue were almost enough to throw you over the edge. He hummed in contentment before letting it go and quickly sliding his tongue over your lips.
“Fuck you.” You moaned and he chuckled.
“Okay.” He replied smiling, his lips coming up to kiss yours and you took the opportunity to return the favor.
The groan that resonated in his throat as you engulfed his tongue in your mouth was the sexiest thing ever. Your mouth quickly let go of his when he thrust up particularly harshly, causing a loud whine to leave your lips.
“I need to hear you, baby. Please, be loud for me.” Even though it was hard not to be loud when he fucked you, he always wanted more. “Ah fuck- you’re so wet for me, kitten.” Oh, how had you missed hearing that nickname.
“Jaehyun-“ you whined and he smirked, knowing exactly what that nickname arose in you.
“Yes, kitten? You want me to fuck you good?” He murmured and kissed your jaw. “It’s been a while since I fucked you dumb, hasn’t it?”
“Yes, it has…” you moan and tried sneaking your hand to circle at your clit but his strong hands grabbed your wrists, keeping your hands in front of your chest. “Baby, I need more.”
“You do? Does my kitten need me to fuck her harder?” The way words rolled out of his tongue had you going crazy. His sexy groans and the way his cock felt inside you were also driving you insane. You whined as your hips kept moving, trying hard to relieve the burning pit in your belly. “Look at you, so pretty bouncing on my cock.”
He stared at your face, mouth agape and eyes shut. He loved looking at your fucked state, he loved hearing his name fall out of your lips like a mantra.
“I want to fuck you harder, but I need to see your pretty face, kitten.” He let go of your wrists and cupped your face. “Do you want to move to the bedroom?” He kissed your lips before biting the bottom one softly.
“I thought you were tired.” You teased and he chuckled.
“I always have the energy to make you feel good, baby.”
“Do you? What if we move it to the bedroom but you let me play with you for a while?” Smiling you leaned forward to kiss his neck, feeling the vibrations of a groan on your lips.
“I already told you we can do that later, but I really need to fuck you, baby.” One of his hands on your face moved to play with your clit, making you whimper. “Don’t you want me to fuck you hard? Hmm?”
“Yes…” you gasped when he applied more pressure to your bundle. “Please.”
Jaehyun smiled against your lips and removed his hands from your body, a groan leaving your lips at the sudden lack of touch. The tall man helped you get up and turned the shower head above the tub on, getting rid of the soap remaining on your bodies before turning it back off and carrying you. His hands grabbed at your ass and your hands latched around his neck as he moved to the bedroom. His plump lips attacked your own in the most delicious way possible.
He dropped you on the mattress, your wet bodies dampening the sheets without care. His lips are quickly attached to your skin, starting from your neck and down your chest. The hotness of his breath sent shivers up your spine, the exposed skin of your chest flushing and buds hardening.
“So soft,” he breathed out as his hands engulfed your thighs. “I’m gonna make you feel so good, kitten. Nobody will make you feel this good.”
“Only you.”
“I will ruin you, baby.” He tapped his tip on your clit before gliding it over your folds. “You’re so wet, love.”
“Wait, can I suck you off first?” You asked softly, giving him the cutest begging eyes, or at least that’s how he saw them.
“But baby, I want to feel your pretty pussy.” He said caressing your face.
“Pleaseeee,” you whined and batted your eyelashes. “Pretty please? I want to taste you.”
He couldn’t resist such a pretty voice asking for such a dirty thing. Plus, it’s not like he wouldn’t get to fuck you after.
“Fine…” he feigned annoyance as he rolled his eyes with a smile. “If you insist…”
“Oh, I do.” You said and pushed him off to stand up then push him onto the bed. You stood in front of him, parading your pretty and wet tits in front of his face.
“Such a pretty girl…” he said before pressing kisses around the skin of the valley of your breasts.
Your hands reach to cup his face, pulling his head slightly to kiss him sloppily. His own circle your waist and bring you close to him, right before snaking one hand to cup your ass and give it a squeeze. His warm tongue felt so nice against yours that you completely forgot what it was that you had wanted to do—until a harsh slap to your ass made you gasp and look at him.
“You are so perfect.” He groaned and squeezed both cheeks again.
Kneeling in front of him, you rested your face on his thigh, face centimeters away from his dick.
“Such a pretty cock…” your fingertips trailed up his shaft and your boyfriend tensed up. “I wonder if it still fits in my mouth.”
“We’ll make it fit, kitten.” He strained out when your lips kissed the tip of his cock.
“Mmm, tasty.” a soft satisfied moan resonated from your throat after your tongue lapped at the tip.
The man before you intently stared through low lids and long lashes as your tongue poked out just above his head waiting for a drop of saliva to touch his skin. He let a loud groan once it did, your mouth engulfing his length but not going all the way down just yet.
He loved seeing you struggle to make it fit, teeth lightly grazing the skin of his shaft—but who doesn’t like a little pain. Squirming on the floor, you clenched around nothing as you tried going further down, cute little moans leaving your throat as you stared up at him with doe eyes, mouth full of his sex.
As he stared down at you he couldn’t believe the scene before him, never in his 24 years of life did he ever think he’d actually see his many wet dreams about you come true. Neither did he think you’d love him as much as you did—and he loved you too.
You felt drool starting to form on the side of your mouth as his tip reached the back of your throat.
“F-fuck…” he breathed out and you continued to move your head up and down his veiny shaft.
Your left hand stroked the skin you couldn’t fit and your right went down to play with your own wetness.
“Mmm, baby… just like that.” He moaned and threw his head back. “Such a good girl…”
As you came up for air, his hands cupped your face to kiss you again.
“Come on, princess. I need to feel you…” he said between kisses and lifted you off the ground, ignoring your protests.
He kissed your belly before standing up and pushing you down the mattress.
“I’ve missed you so fucking much, baby.” You felt his hands in your hips as he moved you up the mattress and positioned himself close to your heat. “Look how pretty you look, so pretty for me…” he kissed your inner thighs before hovering over your center, his warm breath hitting your sensitive spot.
His tongue poked out to lick a stripe up your folds, humming at the accumulated wetness after sucking him off. His mouth soon found your clit to suck it in, the harsh feeling making your bach arch.
“Oh fuck!” You moaned and gripped at his wet hair. “Feels so good!”
“Hmm, does it baby?” He asked before kitty licking your clit, making you scream. He left your center just to spit at it and went back to devour it.
Your pants got louder once you felt 2 fingers enter your heat. They moved at the slowest pace possible, the knuckles folding up every time they were completely inside. The feeling of his fingertips curling up felt absolutely amazing, the added sucking on your clit and the sound if his moan were an overwhelming combination.
“Wanna cum, kitten? Do you want me to make you cum, sweetheart?” He mocked when he looked up at you, his fingers still pumping in and out of you.
“Yes!” You said and reached to pull his head in but he refused, making you whine.
“Yes what, baby?” He cooed. “You can’t expect me to just do something like that…” and his fingers stopped moving.
“Please! Please, make me cum, baby… I need it…” you begged.
“Good girl.” Dipping his head back down with a smirk plastered on his face, he sucked harshly at your sensitive bud and picked up the pace of his fingers.
Your moans and pants became strained and loud, your belly visibly tensing and breathing hitching—letting him know you were very close to releasing all over his fingers. This is why he removed them and replaced them with his tongue, his thumb now circling your clit at s fast pace.
“Holy shit, baby!” Your legs jerked in, almost crushing his head but he just loved it. He loved knowing you were enjoying his mouth—and so he lapped all of your juices until you were pushing him off your with your feet.
He chuckled deeply before standing up and hovering over you, his hand quickly caressing your cheek softly. He couldn’t help but stare at your flushed face and parted lips still heaving from your orgasm.
“Such a pretty baby…” he kissed your nose. “Always so good.” He kissed your forehead. “I am so in love with you.” he kissed your lips.
“I’ve missed you so much, baby.” You said and he left your lips, his warm breath hit your top lip as he tried to adjust himself. “I missed your lips and your kisses, and your hands, and your big- ah!”
You grabbed unto his biceps when he entered you. His lips pecked yours swiftly as he began to pick up his pace.
“I missed you more, kitten. I’ve missed you so much, the whole of you.” He groaned. “Fuck, you feel so nice around me. I swear you were made for me and me only.”
“Was I?” You asked and swallowed a moan.
“Or maybe I was made for you. Maybe I was made to devour you and make you feel just right, kitten.” His lips pressed softly on your neck. “Do you like that, love?”
His hips moved at an insane speed, his tip hitting your g-spot with every single thrust. You could feel the vibrations of his grunts and moans on your neck—his head still hidden between the crevice of your jaw and shoulder.
Your nails gripped on his back, holding him close as if he were to disappear if you didn’t. Your mind was blank, every single though replaced by the man on top of you. All you could think about was how hot his moans were and how delicious his cock felt inside of you.
“Let me hear you, princess.” He groaned and bit your neck with enough force to leave a faint mark. “Be loud for me, baby, let me know how good I’m making you feel.” He smirked at the soft moan that escaped your lips. “Do you like that, kitten?” He cooed and kissed your cheek softly before looking up to see your eyebrows knitted up and bottom lip between teeth.
“Ah! Jaehyun!” A particularly sharp thrust made you scream out, a string of whimpers and incoherences following right after.
“Such a pretty girl, look at you. I could stare at your beautiful face forever.” He said and sweetly kissed the tip of your nose, but you know the intentions behind his words were far from sweet.
“Baby, I’m cl-close…”
“I know, baby.” Your boyfriend exhaled roughly and lowered his head to latch his mouth to your naked breasts. His mouth sucked on your sensitive buds as satisfied sounds left his throat.
“Oh, baby! Keep sucking like that, it feels so fucking good!” The knot in your belly felt like it was going to come undone at any second, the warm and fiery feeling traveling up your body until your ears started ringing and your mouth couldn’t stop mumbling your lover's name and telling him how good he was. “I can’t hold it, baby, I’m gonna cum!” You cried out and he drilled his hips unto yours with much more force.
His lips left your nipple with a loud pop, the skin of your areola red from all the friction. He rapidly played with his tongue on your swollen nipple before moving to the other and biting before sucking it in. His hand fleeing to pinch and twist your red nub.
“Cum for me, princess.” He groaned and moved his hand on your nipple to rub circles on your clit. The friction pushed you over the edge as you came undone again with a loud scream.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck-“ his mouth hung open, a loud moan falling out, when he felt your walls squeeze his shaft, the suction making it harder for him to last any longer. “Holy shit, baby. I’m not gonna last any longer, sweetheart.”
His face flew back to your shoulder blade, sharp canines biting down on the skin.
“Cum inside me, baby. Fill me up and fuck your dripping cum into me.” Your soft voice saying such dirty things was enough to make him cum. You inhale sharply at the feeling of his teeth biting even harder while his throat produced such loud and raspy groans. His warm cum filled you up and just like you asked, once he left your hole he admired your creamy juices mixed together. As they oozed out of you, he pushed two fingers, scooping his cum up and fucking it back inside.
“You look so hot, love.” He said before smirking and bringing his fingers up to your face, your mouth instantly hanging open to clean his cum off his fingers as he groaned.
“And you said you wouldn’t last…” you giggled once his body gave back into your embrace. You felt his body shake as he silently laughed with you.
“Believe me, I wanted to cum the second I entered you.”
“We should go back to the shower. You left me all sticky.” You said as you felt his cum drying out on your thighs as well as the patches of saliva all over your skin. “And look what you did! My nipples are all swollen!” You whined playfully.
“Hey, you asked for both things. I was just following instructions.” He said, his dimples showing as he made a cute face towards you. “Plus, how could I resist such pretty boobies? I’ve been wanting to put them in my mouth since we came home.”
“Ah, such a baby…”
“Of course, if you could feel them in your mouth, you’d get it… just magical. Imagine just how pretty they’d look all swollen and full of milk? I don’t think I’d be able to share with /our/ baby.”
“Our baby?” You teased.
“Well, yeah… if you want of course. I would love to have kids with you. If I love you this much, I can only imagine how great it would be to have mini versions of you running around.” You chuckled and caressed his hair, his words making your heart swell. “Not right now, of course, but soon? Plus, making kids is just too fun.” That last part made you laugh out loud, his smile growing big at the sound.
“I love you.” You whispered after some minutes of comforting silence. You heard Jaehyun sigh lovingly before feeling his lips press on your cheek.
“I love you more, princess.” His voice rasped out and his eyes went wide. “Oh no… my voice!”
“Hah! And you can’t blame me, I didn’t do anything.” You chuckled at his panicked face. He was moaning too loud because of his own doings, you hadn’t even top him.
“Well, I am still blaming you.” He smiled cheekily and kissed your neck softly.
“If you are going to blame me, then I might as well give you a reason to.” You said, pushing him off and climbing on top of him.
Tumblr media
You walked hand in hand into the building, the young girl at the front desk greeting you.
“Hey _____! We have missed you so much!” She squealed and you reached to hug her. “How’s your pre-tour vacation going?”
“Pretty good! I have rested a lot, so that’s great.” You smiled and she did too.
“You work too hard!” She mentioned and you laughed. “And hello to you too, Jaehyun!”
Your boyfriend smiled and waved, not wanting her to hear his fucked up voice. She slanted her head and looked at you.
“Vocal rest. We are recording today after the meeting.” You said and she nodded before sending you both off to the meeting room.
“Would you look at that… Mr. Jeong is actually on time!” His manager joked and greeted you both. “Thanks for taking care of him, ____” he smiled.
“Actually, about that…” you scratched your neck and the boys sitting at the table laughed out loud.
“Hello, Hyung.” Jaehyun rasped out and sent him an apologetic smile making the man sigh in despair.
“One thing. I asked you for one single thing. When will y’all two learn to keep it in your pants, huh?“ he scolded both of you and the men laughed even louder.
“It was not my fault!” Jaehyun croaked out.
“Hey! You asked for it!” You retorted.
“I did not!” Your boyfriend bickered back.
“You did it all! I didn’t even do anything, though!” you said. “If anything, when I did I held back.” You whispered the last part but it was enough for some of the guys to hear, causing johnny to whistle.
“I need a vacation…” the oldest man in the room said before leaving the room.
Tumblr media
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writemekpop · 22 hours ago
Lips are Sealed | Jung Jaehyun
5K Follower Series Ep. 8
Summary: You’re fucking the school’s bad boy Jaehyun in secret. What happens when people find out?
Genre: Smut, High School AU
Warnings: Sexy times
Prompt: “They’re gonna hear us if you don’t be quiet.” “Good.”
Tumblr media
It was the night of the school prom, and sex was in the air. 
You strutted down the half-dark school hallway, followed by your gang of the most popular people in school. They were the Untouchables – and you were their queen… the most beautiful girl Mount High had ever seen.
Everyone at school called you the ‘Beauty’. With your long dark hair and smooth skin, you were the object of everyone’s desire or envy. 
Some people said you were descended from angels… others said you’d had plastic surgery. Either way, you had your pick of every boy in school.
Suddenly you saw Jaehyun. With his motorcycle and murderous stare, everyone called him the ‘Beast’. 
“I heard he fucked his own cousin,” Taeyong whispered. “At a wedding.” 
Jaehyun gave him the middle finger. “I heard that, jerk.” 
Taeyong elbowed you in the ribs. “He’s disgusting, isn’t he?”
Everyone’s eyes were on you. Oh god. You had to say something savage, quick. 
Smirking, you said, “So disgusting. They ought to just expel him. I mean, he’s gonna wind up in jail eventually, right?”
Two minutes later, you and Jaehyun were in the maintenance closet in the hallway, secretly hooking up. 
You kissed Jaehyun hungrily, twining your fingers in his long, dark hair. Your need for him was insane. It almost killed you that you had to be totally silent. A thousand times, a moan had risen up your throat – but you had to resist, or the whole school would work out your dirty little secret. 
The air smelled like sawdust and fireworks. Tight. Explosive. 
Usually, you would never imagine being with a guy like Jaehyun… but then he was there, with his heat and his scent and his muscled body shoving air arrogantly out of the way. It was almost embarrassing – the way just one word in his bass voice made you weak at the knees. 
You started to unbutton his shirt, your fingers slipping with eagerness. Soon, it was off, and you could place wet kisses down his golden-brown skin. 
Just sex. That was the deal. 
Yet, recently, something weird had been happening to you. Jaehyun popped into your head, unwanted – first thing in the morning, last thing at night. A few days ago, you scored a modelling contract and the first person you wanted to tell was… him. 
Obviously you could never be together. You were from different worlds, heaven and hell. 
Your core singing with excitement, you reached for the belt buckle of his jeans. 
“You better be quiet,” you whispered, your mouth dry. “They can hear everything through that door.” 
But, all of a sudden, Jaehyun grabbed your hand. He slowly but forcefully pushed it off him.
“Actually… I don’t want to.”  
Jaehyun started buttoning his shirt up again, turning away from you. 
You frowned, your body still burning. “What? Why?”
“Obviously I’m bored of you, idiot.” Jaehyun snapped. He squeezed the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger. 
You flipped your hair, smirking smugly. “No one gets bored of me. Tell me the truth.” 
He sighed. “Fuck, Y/n, just leave me alone.” 
But you crossed your arms, making it very clear you were going nowhere. Jaehyun tried to push past you out of the maintenance closet, but you blocked him with your body. 
“Can I just leave?” he cried. 
You nodded. “Yep. Once you tell me what’s up.” 
Jaehyun  groaned, squeezing his hands into claws. “Fine.” He sighed and sat down on a step stool, hard. “Did you really mean that thing about… me ending up in jail?” 
It sounded like he was forcing every word out, his voice husky. 
You gasped. “What? Of course not! You know how it is, I have to be mean, or they’ll-“
“Realise you’re sleeping with the school whore?” 
You gritted your teeth. “No, not that-“
“It’s fine,” Jaehyun said, hanging his head. “You’re ashamed of me.” He paused, sounding a little uncertain. “Well… I wouldn’t be caught dead with you, either. You’re so... shallow.” 
There was a long pause as you sat like that, in an uncomfortable silence. 
Then, you thought of something. 
You started to kiss Jaehyun again. 
They were soft, wet kisses, working up his jawbone till you finally touched his lips. He was annoyed at you, but you knew he couldn’t resist you. 
Soon, his hands were stroking your back underneath your sparkly crop top, and he was kissing you slow and dirty. 
Jaehyun grabbed your butt under your thin skirt, and you felt the familiar sensation of a moan rising in your throat. 
But this time, you didn’t resist. 
“Ugh!” Your moan was deafening in the tight silence of the closet. A spark of excitement shot through you at the idea of people hearing you outside. So you moaned again. And again. 
Jaehyun stopped kissing you. “What the hell are you doing?” he hissed. “They’re gonna hear us if you don’t be quiet.”
You smirked. “Good.” 
Jaehyun stuttered, “W-what?” 
You caressed Jaehyun’s hair, rubbing your hands over his shoulders. “When I’m with you, it’s amazing. We’re incredible together. I… I feel things I’ve never felt before. I’m done hiding.” 
Jaehyun held your gaze, and for the first time, you detected a hint of vulnerability in his speckled ochre eyes. “Do you mean it?” 
You raised your voice triumphantly. “Jung Jaehyun, I want you to fuck me right now!” 
A while later, you and Jaehyun emerged from the closet. His denim jacket and joggers were creased like hell, and his sweatshirt was inside out. With his face glowing and his bird’s nest hair, he’d never looked so gorgeous. 
You were perfectly dressed (I mean come on, you were Y/n.)
Half of Mount High was standing in the hallway, staring at you two, their mouths gaping open. As you strutted down the hallway, Jaehyun’s hand in yours, whispers and wolf whistles rippled beside you. 
At the end of the corridor, you turned to face the crowd. You squeezed Jaehyun’s hand. 
“If you didn’t already know, I’m screwing Jung Jaehyun.” 
There were cheers and more whistles. 
You went on. “But… I really like him. Like, a lot. And I’m hoping it might be something more.” 
You faced Jaehyun, kissing his hand. 
“Beast, will you be my boyfriend?”  
A smile – perhaps the first smile he had ever smiled – spread across Jaehyun’s face. 
“It would be my pleasure, Beauty.” 
Let us know what you thought in the comments or on anon! 💋
TAGLIST: @nominsgirl​ @heyychannie​ @anonjyxd​ @theficblog​ @dazaiosmooooo @kpoploverxx-12​ @johleeh-blog​ @legbouk​​ @silent-potato​​ @nctdom​​ @gigilame​​ @bubutaeyongie​​ @unknownnctizen​​ @minaamhh​​ @hii-yongseul​​ @xxxx-23nct​​ @joepomonerof​​ @jypeee
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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neocatharsis · a day ago
220518 TAEYONG IG Update
"last quarantine day 😁"
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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k-etak · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
tell me where it hurts.
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sugarbearhyuck · a day ago
Broken Glass
Tumblr media
Haechan X Reader | Angst/Comfort | 530 Words
Preview: The shattered pieces scatter between you, silencing him, though not for long. “Another bowl, baby? Again?” He teases, clearly unaffected by the broken dishware. His smile fades when he realizes you aren’t responding, instead looking at the floor with tears in your eyes.
Spatula clattering to the ground for the second time that afternoon, you suck in a sharp breath through tightened lips. You had decided to try and make muffins from scratch but found it more complicated than anticipated. First you accidentally doubled the recipe, and soon after you got eggshells in the batter that you had to spend five minutes digging out.
“What is wrong with me?” you mutter, bending over to retrieve the rubber spatula. A lump arises in the back of your throat. You’re frustrated; you were frustrated before you had even begun baking, and you didn’t even know why.
You continue on, quickly wiping at your damp nose and ignoring the negative feelings that threaten to take over. The apartment is empty except for you, everyone else having left in the early morning for practice, though you were expecting Haechan back any minute after receiving a text from him letting you know he was on his way.
You read through the small-printed recipe that sits on the counter. Bake at 425 degrees for fifteen minutes. The words stare back at you, letters blurring together as you realize with a defeated laugh that you’ve forgotten to preheat the oven.
The door to the apartment opens, and you hear a single pair of footsteps. As Haechan rounds the corner, you turn at the sound of his soft voice greeting you, knocking a small glass bowl off the counter with your arm in the process.
The shattered pieces scatter between you, silencing him, though not for long.
“Another bowl, baby? Again?” He teases, clearly unaffected by the broken dishware. His smile fades when he realizes you aren’t responding, instead looking at the floor with tears in your eyes.
“Sorry,” you whisper, unmoving. You should clean the glass. You should clean it up before someone—
“Stay there,” he says, any playfulness long gone. He walks carefully towards you, feet covered by a pair of slippers. Once he reaches you, he turns around without a word, crouching down and waiting expectantly.
You realize after a moment that he wants you to get on his back.
You sigh, features softening slightly. “Haechan, you can’t—”
He shakes his head. “Get on.”
There’s no use in protesting, knowing just how stubborn the sweet boy could be, so without a second thought you climb onto him, wrapping your legs around his waist and resting your cheek against his shoulder.
The fabric of his black hoodie is soft against your skin and smells like him. You close your eyes, burying yourself further into him as he carries you safely out of the kitchen and into his room.
He lays you down on the made bed. You take a deep breath, and before you can exhale, he’s next to you, wrapping you up within his arms.
You look at each other without saying anything. Counting the moles that dot his skin provides distraction from your pounding heart, as does the softness of his brown eyes and gentle touches of his fingertips against your skin. He doesn’t prompt you—doesn’t ask you what’s wrong or try and lighten the mood—just holds you tight and kisses you delicately when you ask him to.  
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ddonghyuckss · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
•DREAM - touch.!
Mark - when you touch him, he feels as if he was about to explode! As if he was flying off with a ballon. Giddy and shy when he touches you like he wants to look confident but it always end up with him confused and giggly.
Renjun - very very very happy when your hands touched his. It felt he was walking on air. He gets very serious when he touches you. Making sure that you know he is serious about his feelings .
Jeno - shyness washing him away, cheeks rise up and makes his eyes curve when you faintly touch him. Like a small brush on the shoulder!, gets very courageous when he touches you. Announcing that he will always be here for you.
Haechan - giggly and very flirty when you accidentally touch his hand. Gets so happy and excited over your small touches, very playful and adorable when he touches you. Making everything light and easygoing.
Jaemin - proud loving eyes. He feels your feelings but doubles it. He loves it when your hands touches or you shoulder leans into him. When he touches you he gets so loving, making you feel so loved and save.
Chenle - softly making you shy. Yes you’re the one who touched him first, but he was the one who made shy, cause so suddenly he held your hand. Making your plan backfire so effortlessly!.
Jisung - literally getting as red as the redest thing you have ever seen, when you touch him.. he acts like a kid! So! Cute!… and he gets shy even more when he touches you!.
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can i request dad!jaehyun pure fluff? 🥺
Mommy’s Day At Work || J.J
genre: fluff
warnings: fake tummy ache, mommy doctor, crying, kissing
Tumblr media
jaehyun was getting his kids ready for a check up that took place at your work place. it was his son who needed a check up but his daughter wailed to go too.
“nila, you can’t go with brother and daddy to your brothers check up.” the two year old wailed while he tied her hair into pigtails with elastic bands.
“but, daddy,” she kicks her feet around. “nila wants to go too!” she pouts which makes jaehyun frown along with her.
“but you aren’t hurt anywhere. plus, you have a check up in a couple days.” she chomps on her bottom lip and slouches. “nila is hurt!” she says, voice high and squeaky.
“where? tell daddy where you’re hurt.” she pokes her belly. “right here, daddy. my tummy hurts.” he coos and rubs her belly.
“why does your tummy hurt?” he asks, turning the toddler to face him. “because the tickle monster tickled my tummy last night.” she says tilting her head and giving a toothy grin.
“so you don’t wanna go to mama’s and pawpaws?” she shakes her head with a pout. her pigtails slapping her forehead as she does. “wanna go with daddy and brother.”
Tumblr media
in the car, jaehyun buckled up his two and five year old in their car seats and then dialed his parents.
“nila, tell mama and pawpaw what you said to daddy earlier.” he says, the car speaker blasts the voices of his parents.
“nila doesn’t wanna go to mama and pawpaws anymore.”
the sound of jaehyuns parents frowning and cooing overlapping as they question why.
“tell them why, nini.” jaehyun says making a left turn. “because nini wants to go to the doctors— to see mommy!” she squeals.
“nuh-uh,” the five year old says. “nini wants to go with so she can get a lollipop and a sticker.” jaehyun and the other two adults chuckle. “sammy isn’t wrong. nini does just want to get a lollipop and a sticker.”
“nuh-uh, daddy.” nila scolds.
Tumblr media
the three of you show up to the hospital, waiting in the waiting room until being called on.
“jeong samuel.” the nurse calls.
the nurse leads the three of you into a small room where jaehyun then sits his son on the table. “daddy, nini wants to sit with sammy too.” jaehyun lifts his toddler with a grunt and sits her next to her brother.
the three of them wait in silence until you arrive. “hey guys— oh, my.” you chuckle as a little person attacks your right leg.
“mommy!” the voice squeals.
nini was clinging onto your leg before you even entered the room. “hello, my sweet girl. what’re you doing here? isn’t it just supposed to be your brother and daddy?” you close the door with her clutched onto your leg.
“mommy, nini didn’t wanna go to mama and pawpaws because she wanted a lollipop and a sticker.” you chuckle, pulling your daughter up and holding her against your hip.
you sit your daughter on the table with your son and you take a seat on the rolling chair. “okay, let’s let mommy do her work.” you say clicking your pen that was tucked in your top pocket.
“not without giving me a kiss, gorgeous.” jaehyun says propping himself on the desk with his arm. you chuckle softly, leaning forward and giving the man a quick peck. “missed you at home, today.” he mumbles. “i left not even three hours ago.”
after the chitchatting, jaehyun sat on the table with his son in his lap. “so, sammy. you have to stay still, okay? this isn’t gonna hurt. and when it’s done and you’ve been a good boy, you get a lollipop.” sammy nods, pinching his dads hairy arms.
“daddy,” sammy whimpers, squeezing his dads overly large finger. jaehyun grins and allows his son to do so. “it’s okay, buddy. just look away and it’ll be done very fast.”
you hadn’t even done anything and your son was already crying. “it’s okay, sammy. just a little sting and then all done.” he looks away and hides his face in his dads arms.
“one, two—?” you count down and before you get to three, you stick the needle into his thigh. “wait—?!” your son looks down at his thigh and then at you. “ouch.” he frowns which makes you and jaehyun laugh.
“ouch? that’s it? no tears?” your son wipes his cheeks and shakes his head. “didn’t hurt, mommy.” you quickly place the bandaid on where the needle was just at. “it didn’t? oh, my god. you’re a big boy.” you coo, placing the toddler on your lap and then strolling over to a drawer and opening it where lollipops were kept.
“sammy gets to pick a lollipop because sammy was a big boy.” sammy examines the colorful lollipops and grabs one.
a green one.
“watermelon.” your son says shaking it around. “that’s actually lime, baby. if you want watermelon, you gotta look for the light pink one— see, right here.” your son placed the green one back into the drawer and grabs the one you pulled out.
“thank you, mommy.” you pull on another drawer while saying, “you’re welcome.”
“now, sammy gets to pick a sticker.” sammy squeals and scrambles through the stickers. “nemo!” he pulls out a square shaped nemo sticker with dory by his side. “sammy wants nemo?” he nods and holds it up.
“but mommy, nini wants a wallipop and a sticker too.” your daughter pouts in jaehyuns lap. “okay, fine. but only a sticker because we have lollipops at home already.” nini nods, sitting up in jaehyuns lap.
you and jaehyun switch kids, you take nini and he takes sammy. “pick whichever one you want.” she scrambles the stickers around again and gasps when seeing the one she wants. “a purple car!” she holds up her chosen sticker.
after more talking, you kiss your family goodbye as they leave their room and you go back to doing your job.
Tumblr media
jaehyun takes the two kids to get ice cream, they eat their ice cream in the car and then they fall asleep which ends up to jaehyun having the carry them in one by one.
“my sweet kiddos.” he sighs, kissing their foreheads before leaving to the kitchen to begin lunch.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
taeil ♡ nct news
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taeyongdaze · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Taeyong- Welcome to ‘DFESTA’ 💚
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nctnews · a day ago
220518 | Taeyong’s Instagram Reel update
last quarantine day 😁
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writemekpop · 2 days ago
Danger Zone | Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul (Ten)
5K Follower Series Ep. 7
Summary: You’d given up all hope in finding love, until you met sexy stranger Ten on Valentine’s night.  
Genre: Strangers to lovers, suggestive
Prompt: Let me take care of things for once & Are you jealous?
Word Count: 1.7k Gif: @jsuh
Tumblr media
​Life was so goddamn predictable. You knew that better than most, being able to see the future.
You wandered through the crowd of people in the apartment. Soppy slow-dance music played on the speakers, and red and pink balloons were strung everywhere. It was a college Valentine’s Day party.
Despite being single yourself, you had fun at these parties. You had developed the perfect way of killing the time.
When you saw a couple kissing on a windowsill, an image flickered in your mind’s eye of her sobbing at his feet. “Tomorrow, she’s gonna confess that she’s cheating on you,” you whispered to them, lifting your cat-eye sunglasses.
Moving on, you saw a girl on her knees, proposing. Another flickering image, of the boy shaking his head as he walked away. “He’s gonna say no,” you told them.
Then, you spotted a girl curled up on the carpet, watching Netflix on her phone. “They die at the end,” you hissed to her, at which she pulled her headphones out, cursing at you.
Okay, that one was a little mean.
But it was just all so pointless. Why did people fret, and worry, and struggle, when their futures were already laid out for them? It didn’t matter how hard you revised for that test, or how quickly you ran for the bus … Fate was pulling you to the same destination anyway.
To you, relationships were a bore. When you met someone, the first thing you saw was how they would break your heart. What was the point of waiting around for it to happen?
Suddenly, you heard an amused voice behind your ear. “Now that was pretty mean.”
You spun around, your heart thumping uncomfortably in your chest. You were met with the face of a dark-haired boy around your age, smiling sweetly. He shrugged, his hands in his hoodie pockets. “Did you have to ruin the movie for her?”
You blinked, not believing your eyes. This boy… had surprised you. As in, you’d hadn’t seen him coming. At all.
Were you just distracted? You searched frantically through your mind, and had a terrifying realization.
For the rest of the evening, your future was pitch black. No visions.
For the first time in your life, you had no idea what was about to happen.
“Is it safe to tell you I’m watching Romeo and Juliet right now, or are you gonna spoil that one too?” he said playfully. “I’m Ten. You are?” he asked, holding out one hand.  
You frowned and stared at his hand. It was incredibly weird, only seeing what was happening in the present. Usually, you simultaneously watched the real world, while watching ten seconds in the future in your mind.
You had no witty comeback prepared. Was this what regular people had to do? Just… think of things on the spot?
“Are you gonna tell me your name, or is it a secret?” Ten asked, eyeing you with concern.
This was like walking around with a blindfold on. You were so vulnerable. You had to work out what the hell was happening.
Grabbing Ten by his hoodie, you yanked him into a quieter room, a bedroom by the looks of it.
“Put your hands behind your back,” you ordered, your voice trembling.
Ten obeyed, laughing.
“Now, hold up some fingers. Ask me how many.”
“How many fingers am I holding up?” he said in an amused voice.
You searched the future, focusing on the exact moment when he would pull his hands out. “Three?” you guessed.
He pulled out his hand. He was holding up four fingers.
“Oh god…” you moaned, sitting down on the bed, breathing hard.
Ten sat softly down next to you. “Will you tell me what’s wrong?”  
You glared at him. “I can’t- I can’t see you. As in, I can’t see your future.”
Ten whistled. “You can see the future?”
“Yes!” you snapped. “I know that the winning lottery draw tomorrow is 1476, for god’s sake!” You laughed dryly. “I could be a millionaire, yet I don’t know what you’re about to say.”
He twisted his lip. “That sounds kinda terrible.”
You scoffed. “How could you think that? It’s what everyone wants! Are you jealous?”
Ten shook his head. “Hell, no. I mean, how do you enjoy life? I bet you’re so busy checking out the future, you can’t live in the moment.”
For a second, you were speechless. This Ten guy made no sense. “B-but if you can’t see the future, then how do you know you’re not about to get run over by a car? Or struck by lightning?”
He grinned. “You don’t. That’s the fun of it.”
Suddenly – god, did everything in the world happen suddenly? – Ten took your hand in his. “Let me take care of things for once, alright? I think I ought to give you a lesson in living in the moment.”
Your heart was nearly pounding out of your chest. Not just from the surprise… from the fact that Ten was actually handsome, in a cheeky, boyish kind of way. It felt good to have his hand in yours.
You weren’t about to admit that, of course.
Muttering a stream of curses, you stumbled along with him, out of the flat, up the stairs, and finally to the roof of the building.
He pulled you to the side of the roof, which was surrounded by a concrete wall. Easily, he hoisted himself up on the wall, and dangled his feet over the side.
“Come on, try it! The view is amazing.”
You shook your head rapidly, stepping backwards. “Um, n-no thank you, I have no desire to die tonight.”
Usually, you wouldn’t care. You could just look into the future, and see whether you were going to fall to your death or not. But now, it was just too unpredictable. Was life like this for everyone? Just a blind stumble, with danger lurking at every corner?
Ten grinned back at you. “Don’t worry, it’s safe. I come here most nights, when I need some space.” You frowned. “I don’t know…”
Ten raised an eyebrow. “Do you trust me?”
And though any logical person would say no – I mean, you met him all of ten minutes ago – your heart was crying yes.
“Actually…” you murmured, “I do.”
So you took his hand and sat on the ledge next to him.
The view was incredible. Glittering skyscrapers panned out in front of you. Far beneath, steams of cars moved past like red and white glowing bugs. The air tangled your hair and bathed your face.
You felt a strange thrill sparking through your blood. At any moment, there could be an earthquake, a flash flood, a meteorite. And for some weird reason, you’d never felt more alive.
“Woo!” Ten cheered, his voice lost in the void. You cheered with him, unable to wipe the massive grin off your face.
You turned to him. “No one ever told me life was this exciting!” you yelled, over the roar of the wind.
Suddenly, you felt your balance shift, like you were slipping off the ledge. Your heart sank to your knees.
Then, Ten steadied you, his arm firmly clasping your body. Placing both hands on your waist, he lifted you off the ledge and back onto the firm ground of the roof. You were panting for breath.
“Maybe that’s enough for now,” he murmured.
Slowly, his gaze moved up your body till it reached your eyes. He still hadn’t let go of your waist. You didn’t want him to. He was so close that the warmth from his breath protected your face against the chill.
Ten’s expression was utterly unreadable. You had no idea what he would do. All you knew was that you really, really, wanted to kiss him.
So, you leaned in closer- but then stopped yourself. You’d never been refused by a guy before; if you thought someone would refuse you, you just didn’t ask.
It was the same with everything. If you thought you would fail a test, you didn’t take it. Risk didn’t exist in your world.
Until now.
Too afraid to move closer, you just asked, “Can I kiss you?”
For a moment, you felt more afraid than when you had been dangling off the edge of a building. You wanted – no, needed – Ten to say yes, but you had no idea if he would.
Ten stayed silent, a smile playing on his lips.
“Please… save me from this torment,” you begged.
He grinned. “Sorry. It was just too funny. I bet you’ve never been refused by anyone, have you?”
You nodded, amazed at how quickly Ten understood you. It was like he could see inside your soul.
While you were still marveling at that fact, Ten pressed his lips to yours. You were shocked, yet again. What was it about this Ten boy that always managed to surprise you?
The kiss was amazing. Every second of it was excruciatingly new, excruciatingly sweet. You hadn’t foreseen it, so you had no idea where it would go. At any moment, Ten could pull away – which only made each second with his warm lips on yours more delicious.
When Ten finally did stop for breath, you pouted. “Hey! Where’d you go?”  
Ten’s dark gaze was smoldering. “I mean, I could kiss you forever… but I stopped, just to see the look on your face.”
You couldn’t help but smile. “Wait!” you said, grinning. “You’re about to ask me out, aren’t you?”
Ten nodded, rolling his eyes. “Alright. I’ll give that one to you. I was about to ask you out.”
“Yes!” you exclaimed, pumping your fist in the air. “Still got it.”
Ten laughed. “Well… are you gonna say yes?”
You tapped your chin thoughtfully. “Hmm… I don’t know. I’ll let you know later.” You grinned. “See how annoying it is, not knowing what’s about to happen?”  
Ten cocked his head to the side. “I’m willing to risk it, with you.”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
*you're doing amazing sweetie*
Tumblr media
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TAEIL tested positive for COVID-19 after taking the PCR test. He has no fever and is asymptomatic, but will not be performing for the Nagoya concert on May 22. The other 8 members who are close contacts will still perform for the concert on May 22.
Translated by NCTDAOYlNG
Tumblr media
Translated by waferchoco94jp - SM_NCT
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I missed his live ( ⚈̥̥̥̥̥́⌢⚈̥̥̥̥̥̀)
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Promises to Keep (Jeong Jaehyun)
pairing: jeong jaehyun/fem!reader
warnings: not much really, this is just very angsty as usual :]] not proofread, sorry for any grammatical and typographical errors! reader is a graduating medical student by the way! mark is here too hahahaha
notes: pls feel free to tell me what u think by commenting or messaging! sorry if this takes up your whole timeline/screen, i have yet to learn tumblr's feature of having a button that says "keep reading" :[[
summary: Though you couldn't celebrate your victories together anymore, you and Jaehyun still found a way to keep your promises to each other.
It's been two months ever since you and Jaehyun walked away from each other. There was no big fight nor were there hurtful words and loud screams thrown at each other. There was no third party, or a trust broken, in which you concluded is the reason why it hurt more than you think it would - because you both realized what you had to do. And no matter how much you convince yourself that it was for your and his best interest, the ache and the pain doesn't really lessen.
You simply had to end it because your careers were consuming most of your time. It seems as if it was a childish reason, a problem that can be fixed by sitting down and talking - but it was more complicated than it seemed. One was a famous idol occupied with touring the world, performing on shows, and spending his time shooting or recording. And the other was a graduating medical student who spent most of her time hunched over in front of her laptop, messy notes and transes, having 2 to 4 hours of sleep every night.
And it's not as if you didn't try to make it work. Both of you poured in rigorous efforts to not let the relationship fall, but both of you knew you were taking on more than you can take.
You were supportive of each other's careers. He sometimes stays up late with you to accompany you while studying, or he drops by the university to bring you lunch because you spend so much time studying you don't eat properly anymore. He sends you goodluck messages, treats you to dinner when you get good marks, and still does the same even when you fail. When you had time, you visit him at the studio, you cook him dinner to eat when he gets home. You drop by the vinyl record store that's two train rides away at least once or twice a month to buy something for him.
You always kept your promises to each other. And though the two of you had your careers consuming your very being, you always promised each other - You would both be there when the other achieves something.
And it was a promise you both kept for 3 years. You were there when they first won a daesang, you attended their first sold-out concert, you were seating at front when they found out they sold 3 million copies of their album, and even present when his first solo album broke records. He was there when you got your first A+ on a difficult exam, he watched when you were awarded the special award that your thesis and dissertation got, and he was there to fetch you when you finished your first clinical rotation.
From the small wins up to the big triumphs, you were both there to witness it.
The thing is, now that you weren't in each other's life anymore, you both assume that promise is dead and null. But it turns out, there was a stronger force propelling the two of you to not break that promise - even if the other didn't know. He wanted to be there for you, to watch you achieve everything you deserved, even if you were unaware he was there. You wanted to be there for every single award he gets, even if he doesn't get to know you were in the audience.
"I know this is a big favor to ask. And I know you guys broke up like two months ago, but I'm asking you as Jaehyun's friend, and well as a member of 127 too. Please, Y/N," In front of you was Mark, asking begging that you attend the biggest award show they have lined up yet.
Where NCT 127 is set to win 2 daesangs - Album of the Year and Artist of the Year. And not only that, but Jaehyun was also set to win a major award himself, for a successful second solo album.
"He may not admit it, but he needs you there. He doesn't even have to see you, I just need to be able to tell him you're there," he continues to sway you. And you knew he was right, though you won't tell him that.
"Mark, I-" you start, and then you get cut off by the eager blonde boy in front of you.
"Please. Look, I'll even handle the ticket and entry myself. You don't have to sit in front. You can still be close, but far enough he doesn't see you in the crowd and you don't have to worry about bumping into him."
"I already have a ticket." you say lowly, looking down to fidget with your fingers. Mark presses his lips into a thin line, honestly not knowing what to say.
"I already bought one the moment the selling period started. We were seperated then - and I wasn't sure if I was going to go. Force of habit, I guess."
"So, you'll go? Please tell me you'll go. I told Taeyong hyung I could surely make you say yes." Mark pleads as you lift your head up to look at him.
You already had an initial answer at the back of your head, and you weren't one to break a promise you vowed to keep. You were going to go either way, maybe all you needed was a push.
"Yeah, I'll go." you give him a small smile, as the look of worry disappears from the boy's face.
"Thank you. I know it's hard, and I know this might set you back because I know you're trying to move on yourself. And yes I know I could lie to him and tell him you went when you didn't - but he'll know. And we're - I'm just afraid that's going to affect him even more." Mark sighs, clearly affected by the state Jaehyun was in.
And you weren't even fully doing this because Mark asked and you grew to have a soft spot for him throughout the course of your relationship with Jaehyun. Partially, maybe. You were attending the event simply because you wanted to. You wanted to keep your promise.
"I have one favor to ask, though." you say unsurely, and Mark raises his brow at you, a signal for you to spew out whatever it is.
"Can you help me make sure I enter the venue without anyone recognizing me? I know it's a hard favor to ask but I just ... rather not have Jaehyun or anyone actually see me there." And there it was, the first time you let his name roll of your tongue after weeks of stopping yourself.
"Of course, I'll pick you up myself. You won't even have to go through the main gates." Mark confidently says with a confused look on his face.
"We weren't really out out in public. And though people knew we were together, I just don't want this break up to be a bigger deal than it is. If fans see me, Jaehyun might see me too and I just can't deal with that yet." you purse your lips.
"The past two months I tried my best to keep myself off his radar. It was for the best. Can't really avoid him though, you guys' faces are all over Korea." you joke, Mark joining on the small chuckle you managed to get out.
"Yeah, don't worry, I'll make sure of it. Thanks again for doing this, Y/N. I owe you so much."
In truth, this isn't really a favor. You willingly wanted to do it. You wanted to see him further take his career to the skies. You wanted to be there.
After a small exchange of stories, Mark stands up to prepare to leave as he stops and looks as if he wanted to say something. He shakes his head, proceeding to wear his coat, still looking ever so bothered.
"You know," he starts, unsure of what he was about to say, but something inside him just wanted to let you know, because he knew you - and it was the least he could do for you.
"Jaehyun kept his promise too."
"What?" you ask as you stop fluffing the cushion and pillows he sat on.
"I honestly shouldn't be telling you this because Jaehyun doesn't even know I know. But he's a terrible liar," he laughs.
"What are you talking about, Mark?"
"He kept his promise just like you kept yours now, I know you both made vows to always celebrate each other's wins or something. And when you said yes to me earlier, I just can't help but to tell you this." The tone of uncertainty still laces his voice, but he just sighs it off.
"He was at your graduation."
You stood there frozen, hand clutching the pillow you were holding earlier. What Mark has said hasn't registered to you yet, and it continues to baffle and break you down the more it does.
"H-how do y-you know?"
"Yeah well we all knew the exact date of your graduation because he kept repeating it the moment you were in the list of honors. The day came and none of us wanted to say anything."
"The same day he said he was going on an errand, and even our managers didn't know where he was going. He was carrying a box? of some sort. The wrapper was very thin and it was clear it was a stethoscope - with the logo of the brand you do not shut up about." Mark lightly narrates, and laughs toward the end.
"We figured he just wanted to clear his mind, you know? But then he got home, still carrying the box. He set it down at the coffee table absentmindedly and I think he forgot that on top of the box, was the invitation to your graduation. The envelope was open so it means he opened it to show at the entrance."
"I didn't see him," you reply, pain embracing you once again.
"Oh and he told Jungwoo he went." he continues, as if the fact was something easy to comprehend and not at all heavy.
"Why are you telling me this?" you ask Mark, as he just gives you a shrug.
"If he gets to know you're there for him tomorrow, you deserve to know he was there for you, too." he gives you a small smile.
And now you were back to square one - not knowing what to do with what you just found out.
He was there and he didn't break his promise.
Your eyes scanned the auditorium to look for him that day, just in case he was there. And once you fail to recognize a familiar face anywhere, you were so sure the promise you intended to keep was voided.
You do not know how long the two of you can keep this set up going, how long the two of you can sit and watch in silence as the other is unaware of your presence. But all you had in your mind was, deep down, he knows you're watching him and you just know he's in the audience, witnessing every point of triumph in your career like you do with him.
Some have things unspoken, but maybe what you and Jaehyun had were promises to keep.
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