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#nct 127
yellow-sprout · 10 hours ago
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210724 NCTsmtown_127 Twitter Update
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peachybun-bun · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
pairing; Lee Donghyuck x f reader genre; make out session; suggestive; slight soft dom!haechan situation; smut notes/warnings; kissing, touching/groping, suggestive of more after the fact
Tumblr media
Haechan’s tongue prodded at his cheek as he stared at you, his eyes rolling in teasing annoyance. You had seen this look from him a hundred times, but it never ceased to amuse you. His thumb moved to his mouth, biting at his nail as he looked at you and your smirk. “Keep it up, sweetheart.”
You wiggle in place, as you stand in front of him, and stick out your tongue, knowing for the most part he was all talk. You two had been teasing each other relentlessly, for a while at this point, and you knew all the buttons to push. “All bark and no bite…” You wink and turn to walk away from him, but he was a brat and didn’t really like to lose even when it came to playing around.
Grabbing your wrist he pulls you back turning you around causing you to gasp into a surprised laugh. “No bite?” He raises his brows while looking down into your eyes. “I can bite.”
You suck at the corner of your lip, without thinking, as you hear his words. You had been joking, but you knew he had a sensitive ego. His free hand moves to your chin and grips it, his thumb pushing your head up and back, exposing your throat to him. He leans down to place a kiss on your neck, before scraping his teeth very gently over the spot.
You moan and grip his arm with your hand, trying to pull your other from his grasp, which he allows. “Haechan...I was kidding.”
He licks the spot where his teeth had been, and tilts your head back down, meeting your eyes with a smirk on his lips. “Maybe you were, but I’m not.” His eyes seemed a bit darker, but his voice still had a hint of teasing to it. His fingers sliding down your side, making you shiver and laugh as he purposely hits the areas that you are the most ticklish. He laughs, and his tongue hits his cheek again when you reach to grab his hands, trying to make him stop teasing you.
“What am I going to do with you? Do you really want me to stop touching you?” His hand breaks from your grip, without much effort, and slides palm flat against your stomach towards the waistband of your pajama pants. The tips of his fingers slide under, causing you to lose your breath. “I will if you tell me to, I’d never do anything you didn’t want me to do. You know that.”
You furrow your brows, and lean your head against Haechan’s shoulder, listening to him talk, but not responding.
“Baby, use your words.”
His hand starts to retreat, and you gasp. You put your hand on his, pushing his fingers back down, not wanting him to remove his hands from you.
Haechan smirks and leans his head to the side, bringing his lips to your ear to speak as his fingers stay perfectly still. “Speak.”
You moan softly at the lower octave in his voice, and lick your lips, lifting your head so you could look at him. “I want you to touch me.”
He smiles, hearing the words, and lets his fingers dip further into your pants, over your panties to touch you through them. His lips move to meet yours in a sweet, tender kiss, that didn’t really match the way you felt like he should be kissing you. Pressing your lips harder to his, Haechan laughs and breaks the kiss, pushing his forehead to yours. You moan to the pressure against your clit, as his fingers push down. “I want to take my time with you, sweetheart. Don’t be so eager.”
You groan at his words, feeling needy, but liked when he was in a mood like this, so you gave in to letting him set the pace. His lips pressed gentle sucking kisses along your jaw, up to your lips before capturing them, a bit hungrier than before.
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milkdoie · 17 hours ago
big spoon vs. little spoon.
not requested!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
featuring — moon taeil, johnny suh, lee taeyong, nakamoto yuta, qian kun, kim doyoung, ten lee, jung jaehyun, dong sicheng, kim jungwoo, wong yukhei, mark lee, xiao dejun, wong kunhang, huang renjun, lee jeno, lee haechan, na jaemin, liu yangyang, osaki shotaro, jung sungchan, zhong chenle, park jisung !
warning(s) — none
Tumblr media
BIG SPOON ; johnny, kun, doyoung, JAEHYUN, winwin, LUCAS, renjun, jeno, jaemin !
he really likes feeling like the bigger one in the relationship, and being able to literally engulf you in cuddles boosts his ego a tiny tiny bit. really likes shoving his head into your neck and giving it a kith 🥺 you’re kind of like his own personal pillow that he can hug when he’s tired. thinks you’re so soft he just cannot resist <3
LITTLE SPOON ; taeyong, ten, jungwoo, HAECHAN, shotaro, chenle, jisung !
literally just wants to be held guys :(( he has long days and always comes home with sore limbs from the endless dancing he does in the day :(( probably waits at the door for you to come running, and then pulls you into a great big hug that’ll most likely last the rest of the night.
DOESN’T CARE ; taeil, yuta, mark, xiaojun, hendery, yangyang, sungchan !
as long as you guys are cuddling, he’s fine with anything. there are some days where yeah, he could definitely use some little spoon action, but at the same time he loves to envelope you into his warmth and trap you there for hours. he loves loves loves being near you, hugging you and showing you the affection you very much deserve.
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taeil · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
taeil ☾ kick it — office: foundation day
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blu-joons · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
It’s very rare that when the two of you are together, Johnny allows for there to be any distance. He’s affectionate at the best of times, but throughout your pregnancy he is even more so, not wanting for you to ever be away from his side and hold.
He always makes sure to take care of your bump and help you out with all of the things that you cannot do. As your bump obstructs you more, Johnny is always quick to step in. He’s there to tie your shoelaces or pick up something that you’ve dropped on the floor in a heartbeat, he won’t leave you to fend for yourself, especially with your bump in the way a lot too.
Johnny’s pretty brave, and so when you’re craving something strange, he would try it to and see if it’s something that he can enjoy or not too. Chances are, he’s swift to grab a glass of water, but he still enjoys trying to figure out what your body suddenly finds so appealing to foods that he knows you would instantly push away if they were presented to you.
His main mission as your due date approaches is to keep you relaxed, he’d try and take you for walks to encourage labour, but also not overwhelm you with too much too. Johnny is good at finding the balance of realising the reality of what is about to become, but also making sure that it doesn’t scare either of you too. A few nerves will begin to creep in as the days pass by, but overall, he’s cool, calm, and collected as ever.
Around you he’s calm, but when he’s around the other boys, he lets his true emotions go. He’s beyond excited about becoming a dad and will barely shut up about how excited he is when he’s with his friends. He doesn’t like you to see him too excited in fear that it will worry you or pressure you, but on the inside whenever something small happens when he’s worth you, he’ll bursting and struggling to keep himself together.
With both of you living away from home, you end up relying on each other a lot throughout your pregnancy. Both of you talk with your families as much as possible and keep them as involved as you can, but for the most part, it’s on you both. The other NCT members rally around you both a lot as they know how hard it is for you both when there’s no one else around who can support you, helping out whenever you need any of them.
Johnny was desperate to have a gender reveal party as it was a huge deal in America. You were more than happy to go along with the idea too, leaving it to Mark to try and organise something special for you both. Thankfully, everything went perfectly, and the two of you had your gender reveal without a hitch.
The first beat of your baby’s heart that Johnny heard completely took his breath away. His eyes instantly looked to you in disbelief, searching in your eyes for confirmation that what he was hearing was true. After the first beat, he didn’t want to let the monitor go, happy to listen to the beat for as long as he possibly could.
Johnny tended to tell you that he loved you a lot anyway, but as you became more and more frustrated as your bump became more of an obstacle, he’d make sure to remind you more and more. As hard as it was for you, he always wanted you to know that he appreciated efforts that you were going to him for him.
There weren’t many times when Johnny would get jealous, he enjoyed having his friends and family involved in your pregnancy and seeing you get plenty of attention too. He wasn’t as private about pregnancy as some of the other members and enjoyed having those who meant the most to you involved. Instead, he knew that a few of the other members were jealous of him and how well he was doing for himself with you.
When you’d get a particularly tough kick from your baby, Johnny would be straight there to try and comfort you. He’d always place his hands over your bump and move around it in circles to try and calm your baby down and also soothe the ache that often lingered at the end of some of their more powerful kicks.
Johnny had come so far with being the only one by your side all the time, he made sure that labour was no different either. Despite you telling him a couple of times that you hated him, he knew that it was the pain relief that was kicking in, hoping that you didn’t actually mean it. Once everything was over, you were quick to apologise for the things that you said, but all Johnny could do was laugh it off as he knew it was the heat of the moment.
You never went through morning sickness alone; Johnny was always there to help you out. He’d make sure that he always had a band around his wrist when he went to bed at night so when he woke up in the morning he could instantly grab onto your hair and tie it into a messy bun at the top of your head.
Johnny wanted your nursery to be a special and cosy place, he dedicated a lot of time into decorating the place and building everything from scratch, adding that extra touch that only Johnny could to things.
He was obsessed with your body, he loved seeing how much you changed throughout pregnancy, and certainly made sure that he started appreciating just how strong your body was during and after pregnancy too.
The two of you remained in your bubble for a few days, with only flying visits from the other members with bits that you needed. You spent most of your time on video calls to your families, introducing your little one whilst also retelling the story of your labour so they could at least try and feel as if they were a part of it.
Johnny loved to ask questions at your scans and get involved. He’d always try and guess what parts of your baby you could see on the sonograph, even if quite often he was far off the mark, you and the sonographer appreciated his enthusiasm and interest.
His phone was filled with photos that he’d taken of you whilst you were pregnant in the hope of showing your little one. He wanted to teach them just how strong you were and raise them with the same values you were raised with. Together he was confident that they would both appreciate what you went through every single day.
Whenever the two of you had a scan, the first thing you’d do was post copies to your families. The day before you’d write out envelopes and stamp them so when you came out of the hospital all you had to do was pop the photos of the scans inside and stop off at your nearest post box on your way back home.
You ended up surprising Johnny with the test on his birthday to let you know that you were pregnant. He was convinced it was a necklace, so when he opened it up, he was definitely in for a bit of a surprise.
The two of you went to every appointment together because there was no one else around to go with you even if Johnny was snowed under at work.
After a few days, the boys were finally allowed in to meet your little one properly. They knew how much help you needed, and so for the first few days they all took it in turns staying over at your place as extra helping hands.
Johnny’s patience varied day by day, some days he was relaxed and settled, other days he was a nervous wreck who wanted your due date to arrive immediately.
You would often get reassuring kisses from Johnny when you were getting frustrated. He knew it was natural, but he’d try his best to always try and cheer you up and remind you that you were doing the best job that you could.
You were the only one he wanted to experience it all with, his best friend in the world.
Johnny would always do whatever he could to help you sleep at night, he always did plenty of research to know what could help at each stage of pregnancy in the hope that you’d be able to get as much sleep as you possibly could.
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yellow-sprout · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
210724 NCTsmtown_127 Twitter Update
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peachybun-bun · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
pairing; Mark Lee x f reader genre; make out session; suggestive  notes/warnings; kissing, touching/groping, suggestive of more after the fact.
Tumblr media
Mark was attempting the “scratch the back of the neck and then stretching it out to get it around the girl’s shoulder” thing, when you look over and laugh. “Seriously?”
He flushes, and gives you a shocked and cute expression at being caught. “What? No. I don’t know, what?” He brings his arm down, but you laugh and grab his arm, moving to put it around your shoulders. He stiffens for the briefest of moments, but then grins, feeling like he had managed to accomplish the mission, even if you did it for him. He really liked you and didn’t want to mess this up. You really liked him and didn’t know how he could mess this up.
Leaning into his chest, you sigh softly and cross your legs, but then uncross them as you sit on the sofa. Mark looks you over once, raising a brow. “You ok?” His voice was full of concern.
You found it sweet how shy he really was, no matter what sort of persona he could put on during a performance. “Mark, I’m fine. Just trying to get comfortable. Don’t worry so much, ok? You don’t have to.”
He chews on his cheek, and smiles a bit at your words with a nod, reaching up with his free hand to scratch the side of his neck and pull at his collar before speaking. “I’m not so great with words...I mean being smooth and all that. Know what I mean?” It was a jumble of words that had just exited his mouth but you understood.
Laughing softly, you decide to turn to face him a bit, looking at him for permission as you drape your legs over his. He nods shyly but happily. “I think I picked up what you were throwing down, Mark Lee. Smooth rapper gets tongue tied when he’s around girls.”
Mark scoffs and rubs the back of his neck, flushing a bright red at his cheeks, but laughs. “Well yeah, a bit. At least around ones I really like. Can you blame me? You’re fucking gorgeous.” He stutters, “I..well I..I mean..beautiful. You’re really pretty. I appreciate how you your face and your body, and I…”
You stare at him as he stumbles, thinking this has to be the most beautiful idiot on the face of the earth. Reaching up with both hands, you grasp his face and put your lips on his to shut him up.
He kept talking for a moment, “Wow I...well I was going to ask...ok I’ll shut up.” You smile on his lips as he finally stops talking, and his hands move to finally touch you, his nerves melting off slowly. One hand on your back, as the other slides over your other thigh, over your jeans, towards your ass, but stops short.
You open your mouth very slightly, and open your eyes, meeting him as he looks at you, your thumbs rubbing his cheeks. You flick your tongue at his upper lip, and hear him groan, before gripping your thigh and sliding his tongue into your mouth, both of your eyes closing as the kiss becomes heated.
This was more like it, what you had expected from him. You just had to help him past the nerves, and help him find his confidence. He smiles into the kiss, as his hand on your back slides under the hem of your shirt to find goosebumps on your skin from his kiss. He was a very good kisser, once he gave himself the option.
“I did that?”
You laugh and nip at his lip, “Shut up, Mark Lee, and just kiss me.” He nods and presses his lips back to yours gladly.
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jen0zen · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
ੈ♡‧₊˚ DON'T LEAVE ME LOVING YOU [angst, smut] ✧∘* superhero!au; iron man!yuta x f!reader ࿐ ࿔*:・゚wc: 3.2k+ — part of this collab
summary: if there was one thing nakamoto yuta hated was having to watch people leave, the feeling of loneliness more frightening than any other — which was why he loved you so much, because you would never give him such treatment, right?
warnings: m/f smut; unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it), creampie.
inspired by: lmly by jackson wang
a/n: this all takes place after endgame, and the final battle is what is referred here, the difference being that the neos are the heroes and that after everything that happened in the movie, iron man actually didn't die and captain america came back his normal age and not like a complete dinosaur :)
Tumblr media
you felt your heart shrink in your chest, the way yuta’s laugh echoed so blissfully through the room in such an excited and careless way making you want to hit yourself in the head for being so heartless.
“if you’re gonna do it, do it later. let him enjoy his party for a little longer”
johnny’s words were whispered into your ear, the tone they were spoken on so low you almost couldn’t catch them. you could sense how much he was judging you just by his voice, the way his expression was formed into a passive-aggressive unbothered one proving he most definitely didn’t approve of your actions — but then again, neither did you, and for a second you considered forgetting all of it, considered dropping the whole matter and staying in a relationship with the man who made you happier than anyone ever could; but then you remembered the pain that had been consuming your heart for the past few months, how you felt so helpless back then knowing you could do nothing to help or attempt to protect your lover, the anguish and frustration that took over you so harshly, all of that being why you had to keep going with this. you knew yuta wouldn’t ever look you in the eye again after this, knew he wouldn’t ever forgive you, and for a mere second where the alcohol you had been sipping on seemed to finally work and make your thoughts nothing more than an incoherent slumber, you were okay with never seeing nakamoto yuta again.
johnny and taeyong were the only ones that knew what you were planning to do — taeyong because he caught you crying once and, being the nation’s savior that he was, just had to go check on you, ending up being able to force you to speak in the middle of your angrily salty tears; johnny, on the other hand, knew it because taeyong, for some reason, panicked when he realized what you were about to do and just told him, hoping his, quite literally, god-like ability with words would stop you from doing something as stupid as breaking up with the love of your life. moral of the story, despite all their best efforts, they didn’t have success in their little mission, now reaching a helpless point where they just asked you to do it calmly, to not send yuta into some psychotic state that would make him go insane and do something utterly stupid.
contrary to what johnny and taeyong probably thought though, you did feel bad about leaving your lover in such a drastic way. it wasn’t like anything had been building up to it, if anything, in the past few months you had been in a fairly good phase of your relationship, the only thing stopping it from being perfect, at least from your point of you, being the crippling anxiety that filled your every thought. your mind was always full of all the “what ifs?”. what if yuta hadn’t survived; what if he didn’t get so lucky again and didn’t survive the next time; what if he was the one to leave you, would that hurt more as opposed to you being the one to make that decision? probably, and that was the only selfish reason you needed to keep going with your plan like you wanted to, feeling like a completely heartless maniac for preparing the way you would break your lover’s heart just so he couldn’t break yours later on, although, truth be told, you knew yuta wouldn’t be the only one who would end this night completely shattered if the way you wanted to cry so desperately just thinking about it was anything to go by.
you raised your wine cup to your lips again, letting the warm liquid run down your throat, hoping that maybe the temperature of it would make it sting a little less. it didn’t, in fact, it only made everything worse — either that, or the way both taeyong and johnny were now looking at you from across the room just affected you more than you imagined it would, yuta sitting a few feet away from them with mark, both him and the younger boy laughing excitedly as they tried to raise johnny’s hammer from the table, attempting to do it with the help of not only the mechanic hand from one of yuta’s suits but also with webs forms mark’s own superhero costume, none having success, but neither seeming to care, seeming too happy for someone who had just failed a task. you almost felt threatened if you were being honest, the way their gazes focused on you so intensely combined with how taeyong gripped his shield in such a way it looked like he was ready to throw it at someone any second making you hug yourself out of unreasonable fear. you knew they wouldn’t hurt you, they liked and cared for you too much to do that; but at the same time, you knew that yuta was like a brother to both heroes, the bond the three of them had being one you could never share with either of them, so for a second your fogged mind did wondered if they were willing to go as far as cautioning you with cautious sentences, or even doing anything worse than just throwing menacing words your way, just to stop you from hurting their friend. your thoughts were short-lived, however, the arms that wrapped around your waist making your heart stop out of pure panic, a feeling much different from the butterflies you were used to.
“why are you all alone in a corner? you should come hang out with us, i’m sure you’d be able to pick up johnny’s stupid god of thunder hammer”
yuta’s words, and the logic behind them, stung a bit too much taking into account what you planned to do, his sweet and loving tone all of a sudden hurting you as if it was a group of a hundred blades coursing through your whole torso. you laughed shallowly, lowering your head and faking a smile, trying to come up with some sort of excuse so you wouldn’t have to be with yuta, his mere presence now causing you immense pain.
“i’m not really feeling it, i’m sorry” was the only thing you could muster enough courage to say out loud, even that making you want to sob into the void.
“do you wanna leave? we can go back home if you’re not feeling well” yuta continued, walking to stand in front of you, hands carefully touching your arms as he lowered his head to the level of yours, his beautiful eyes shining with pure worry.
“i just have a headache, it’s fine. i think i’ll just go wash my face, maybe that’ll make me feel better”
that was a complete lie, but somehow, yuta believed it, letting you leave, but not before offering to go with you, to which you very obviously declined, your little escaped to a completely empty floor of the building being made exactly because you couldn’t handle being with, or even staring at, him in the moment.
weirdly enough, and in a harsh contrast to all your past experiences, the darkness and loneliness you felt once far away from everyone was more comforting than it should. you felt empty, void of any emotions, and for once in your life, that seemed like an enjoyable feeling. it was what you would designate the calm before the storm, that thought making you wish you were even half as brave as yuta just so you could feel like you were able to fight through the pain that surrounded you, just so you could feel like you didn’t need to leave him and could stop putting the false idea into your brain that a life without yuta would be easier; you knew it wouldn’t, at least not for now, but maybe in a few months span or in a few years or decades, it would all feel better, and somehow that made up faith was reassuring, somehow making up fake scenarios in your mind brought you more solace than fighting through the pain for someone you knew was worth it.
“is everything okay? you seem weird” was the first thing yuta asked you once you were in the safety of your home, both of you walking to your shared bedroom side by side. as you went up the stairs, you stayed in silence, finally letting a single tear escape your tired eyes as you prepared yourself for the upcoming minutes. yuta, in his state of veritable oblivion, also didn’t speak, misjudging the situation and assuming you were just searching for the right words to open up to him about your feelings, which, in a way, you were, just in a very distorted manner of what he waited for.
“i don’t know if i can do this anymore” you whispered once behind the closed door of your bedroom, the photos spread around it that once gave you so much happiness now bringing you nothing but sorrow.
your voice was low, too low for yuta to hear and, for that reason, he needed to ask you to repeat again, which you did, the second time even more uncertain than the first.
“what?” was the only thing he managed to mumble, eyes already filled with fear as he stared at you, your form so retracted to itself you didn’t even dare to look back at him, too worried it would make it all hurt even more. “what are you talking about?” yuta continued when no response came, starting to panic just like johnny and taeyong said he would.
yuta wasn’t dumb. just judging by the way you spoke he already knew what you meant, but still, he couldn’t accept it; he couldn’t accept that you, the woman he loved the most in the world, the only one he had actually truly loved, the one who always stood by his side when it got too hard and gave him the exact reassuring words he needed to keep going, even if they were just a small “i love you”, was shattering his heart so easily right before his eyes. yuta couldn’t accept it, couldn’t take the pain of realizing that the only person he thought would never leave him was about to do exactly that.
“please, please my love, you can’t- we can work through this, i don’t know what you’re feeling right now, but please, let us work through it. we can do it, right? we have done it so many times before, i’m sure we can do it again” yuta begged, walking to you and wrapping his arms around your torso, the warmth of both your bodies together being the only thing that gave any sort of peace to either of you at that moment, the feeling that there was still a chance being left behind wasn’t the only option standing.
“i can’t, yuta. i’m sorry” you sniffled, a sob leaving your lips right after as you felt his arms envelop you tighter, that being his way of silently saying he wasn’t gonna let you go that easily.
“you can, i know you can. just tell me what’s going on, please”
yuta kept on rambling, his begging words resonating through the room as he still held you, making you both cry to the point you felt exhausted, to the point neither of you could even stand up anymore and just fell to your knees, his arms still around you as strong as before.
“please, please, please” he continued, looking at you desperately, brown eyes now tinged red as he begged for your mercy. yuta’s plush lips pressed to your forehead, more whispered pleadings coming from him being said as he still pressed his lips to your skin, then moving them to your cheeks, kissing both of them hopelessly, stopping right above your mouth.
“just give me one more chance, please” yuta said at last, the interior of his mouth starting to feel as dry as a desert due to the fear intruding his mind.
you were tired, totally exhausted even. you wanted it all to stop, you wanted to stop time and just never make it continue again, just so you could stay in that limbo state and avoid anything else that could have happened after that moment, stay away from all the pain you could sense was creeping up your body, ready to inhale all of you in an overwhelming gulf any minute.
“i promise i’ll be good, i’ll make up for everything, just don’t leave, please” yuta’s words kept going after you gave him no reply, his eyes falling shut as his forehead leaned against yours, waiting for the mercy he hoped you would show him.
another sob raised up your throat, an empty one that wasn’t followed by any burning tears. your whole world was collapsing right in front of you, all because you felt too scared to go on, and for a situation you thought would bring you some sort of twisted relief, you were currently feeling more hopeless than you ever had in your whole life.
“i don’t know what to do” you admitted in the middle of it all, your voice stopping yuta’s ongoing thread of desperate promises, the way it sounded so raspy making him get worried. as if i deserve that coming from him, you thought.
“stay here, stay with me. we’ll just forget this ever happened and work through it. doesn’t that sound okay?”
you were wrecked, heart beating so fast but at the same time giving you the sensation it had sank into a deep hole, no longer keeping you alive. you felt so beaten you simply couldn’t recognize any emotion coursing through your body, which was why, in a coward act led by the small bit of dignity that still managed to bubble inside you after what you had done, you allowed your head to fall into yuta’s shoulder, crying and sniffling into his shirt without professing any words, simply because you were scared to talk in the moment.
“i’m so sorry. i’m sorry i never noticed your pain”
more tears ran down your face, all sinking and dampening yuta’s clothes, as burning guilt crawled up your body. why was he apologizing when he had nothing to be sorry for? he wasn’t the one to blame if you kept it all to yourself and didn’t open up to him, and yet yuta, your loving, caring, and gentle yuta was the only one brave enough to say it out loud, even if his role wasn’t to do so.
“it- it wasn’t your fault” you mumbled lowly as you looked up, your eyes starting to sting with more salty tears as you looked at yuta, his expression seeming to display the exact emotions you felt, the exact sadness and sorrow.
“it was. i didn’t notice what was going on right in front of me, and i’m sorry. i promise i’ll do better in the future” he replied right away, forehead pressing into yours once again before his lips ghosted on top of your own, delicately pecking you in a way that felt all too intimate, a sudden warm igniting inside you making a spark of comfort slowly spread within your body.
it all seemed familiar, the way yuta’s lips touched yours so softly, his hands going to hold yours in between his fingers in a way that made you feel like a porcelain doll he didn’t want to risk breaking. as guilty as it made you feel, you could sense the love he was trying to put into his actions, trying to show you he wanted you around because you did deserve all of it and more.
your whole world felt like it was put into slow motion, a weird sense of serenity shyly spreading through the room and connection you and yuta as you both got up and laid down on the bed, his body hovering yours as he gently cupped your warm cheeks, bringing you closer and closer until you almost felt like one with him, both your clothes still creating a thin barrier neither of you wanted there.
everything that yuta did after that was buried in a velvety gentleness, all his actions calculated as he undressed not only himself but you, spreading kisses over the slightly dried out traces of tears on your face as he continued to pull you impossibly closer to him, looking into your eyes tenderly as he pushed his sex into yours, both of you sighing blissfully as your lips connected in another slow kiss, neither of you fighting for dominance as it was the norm for you most of the time; instead, you both just enjoyed the moment, taking in as much of each other as you could, the frightening feeling of not knowing what future awaited you or your relationship making you two want to cherish that exact instant as much as possible.
yuta’s hips rocked into yours at an almost reluctant pace, as if waiting for you to ask him to stop any moment — not that you were planning to do so any time soon. it felt intimate nevertheless, how time finally seemed to stop once your eyes were locked into one another, any hidden emotion shown on full display only for the other to see. you wanted to scream your love for yuta, even if that was the last time, you wanted to do it as loud as you could, just to make sure he would never doubt it; the moment was too peaceful for you to want to ruin it though, not wanting to risk losing the exact peace you had been craving for such a long time, so you just pressed your lips into yuta’s, hoping he would get the message, hoping he would understand you never wanted to hurt him, even if that was exactly what you did in the end.
the room felt hot, temperature rising as you felt a recognizable warmness bubble up in your core, your hips twitching and bucking up needily, the idea being understood by yuta as he moved his head away from yours, looking down and positioning his thumb right above your core, moving it in sweet circles over the sensitive nub placed there, soft moans leaving you as your high started to build faster. another peck was pressed into your mouth, the touch muffling both of yours and yuta’s pleasure-filled sounds as your reached your climaxes in almost a perfect synch, staying connected as pleasure flooded both your bodies, your forms trembling close to one another in pure bliss.
for the first time in that night, you felt happy, a sunny, bubbly feeling that scattered through your whole being unexpectedly by the thought that this wasn’t the end, that the way yuta looked down at yuta with such love was a view you would see again, that his words from minutes ago were all true and you could fight through it together. suddenly, you didn’t feel hopeless, the thought that you weren’t going to be left behind by the person you loved making you and yuta smile at each other reassuringly, both hoping you weren’t wrong for assuming you wouldn’t be abandoned without as much as a warning from the other.
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what-if-nct · 6 hours ago
Taeyong: Haechan, Doyoung said you threw a blow dryer at him in the tub. What do you have to say?
Haechan: I can't answer any questions unless I have a parent or lawyer present.
Taeyong: Johnny get in here.
Johnny: What's up?
Haechan: *crying* Daddyyyy Doyoung is being mean to me. He told Taeyong lies about me.
Johnny: *holding Haechan* Taeyong he's just a baby how can you beleive those lies.
Doyoung: Let me at him *held back by Jaehyun* Let me at him.
Yuta: No, let him go I want to see what happens.
Mark: Haechan will bite Doyoung once he has the chance.
Jaehyun: How do you know?
Mark: *holds up his arm covered in bite marks*
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yellow-sprout · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
210724 NCTsmtown_127 Twitter Update
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suhweetdreams · 5 hours ago
anon: “Hey! Can I request Hand-holding (13), Kisses (26) and touching (38) with Yuta please? 😉” yessss, btw i held back on the dirty talk in here bc i feel like this was a softer side of yuta <3 this is for fem reader!
hand-holding, 13: linking hands together during sex
kisses, 26: giggling while kissing
touching, 38: stroking their leg
“o-oh god, yuta!” the other’s thrusts are perfectly timed, managing to brush up against your cervix that has you moaning non-stop. yuta’s smiling into your neck at how much bad it’s affecting you, savouring your moans while he continues to pound into you.
you’re helpless, both hands pinned against the headboard with yuta’s iron grip that doesn’t come undone even after all your squirming. you take note of his movements that turn sloppy, the held back groans coming to light as he chases his high. 
“yuu-ta... you're so deep!” you whimper out, desperate for release as his fingers unwind around one wrist. his other easily slips into the gaps, interlocking with your hand and holding onto it for dear life.
with him above you, you love the sight of his parted mouth, his eyes closed in pleasure, his forehead slick with sweat at how long he’s been fucking you. 
“fuck! fuck, you’re so good, baby. you’re taking my cock so good. d-do you want to cum, doll?” yuta grunts into your neck, coming face to face with you when your free hand guides his lips to yours. he swallows your moans as his hips start to tire out, but it’s not any less pleasure with your juices dripping down your pussy into the sheets.
there’s one last whine from you as yuta skillfully manoeuvres around your flushed bodies to rub at your sensitive clit, spilling all over his cock that has your eyes rolling back. you’re leaking like no other, thighs trembling from the intense orgasm you just had. the squelching noises that continues even after you’ve reached your climax makes you shiver, legs widening to take more of yuta.
your moans have subsided into little pants, although he continues to pump his cock into you. with one last thrust, he fills you up with his seed, pussy feeling fuller with his cum dripping out of you. he lingers there for a while, flipping the two of you over as his dick acts as a plug for all of his cum.
“you’re taking my cum so well, baby,” yuta grins, leaning in for another kiss that feels like bliss. you hum into the kiss, letting his tongue slip into your mouth. a little squeeze of your ass has you jumping in surprise, narrowing your eyes as your boyfriend only raises an eyebrow.
with a roll of your eyes, your lips meet his again as your ass continues to be the victim of his hand, kneading it as you giggle into the kiss. the male drops you onto your side, now laying side by side to each other.
“that one hurt, man,” you pout.
“the thing that hurt was you calling me man,” yuta purses his lips, but breaks into a laugh once your pout deepens. 
the atmosphere quietens, then, his hand doing the same as it draws little circles on your thighs. your smile widens when you recognise the ministrations of his finger, writing the characters for ‘i love you’ that you’ve practised many times with him. on paper, on his skin, on text messages.
“i love you too, yuta.” his eyes are hypnotising, drawing you in before a similar smile appears on his face. 
“my cock’s still inside of you, y’know?” 
“way to ruin the mood!” you say with a groan that melts into a laugh, but nevertheless, you scoot closer to him as a sultry whisper makes it way into your ear.
well… round four it is.
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nctmentary · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
NCT 127 x Nature Republic
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what-if-nct · 5 hours ago
Doyoung: Jungwoo stop kissing strangers. Do you want herpes? Cause that's how you get herpes. Do you know what herpes feels like on your mouth? Do you Jungwoo do you?
Johnny: Yuta does.
Yuta: You take that back you whore. I never had herpes. I had chlamydia. There's a difference!
Mark: I wore your underwear when mine were dirty!
Yuta: Don't be silly you can only get it if you had sex with me.
Johnny: Yuta's hand, you should probably get tested.
Yuta: You're lucky I'm mildly attracted to you.
Doyoung: Jungwoo, what did I just tell you? Do not get into that car with that couple!
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beelovesnct · an hour ago
𝐧𝐜𝐭 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐥𝐝 𝟐.𝟎 [𝐞𝐩. 𝟏]
—snippets of aiko in nct world 2.0 [episode 1]
Tumblr media
Aiko was introduced after Haechan, displaying her small smile and her small wave at the camera. Her stage (and real) name 'Aiko' being displayed by the lower-left corner of the screen.
During the announcement of the instructions by the supposed 'super human', Aiko is then seen to be seated to the left of Taeyong and the right of Johnny, copying the former's seating position as she places her entire figure on the small chair, hugging her legs and nodding along to what was being declared.
The missions finally started with Jisung's neoball; Aiko didn't react as much as the others but she could be seen clapping along once the maknae achieved the goal.
She could then be seen laughing along with Johnny as they attempt to replicate the tongue twisters given to Ten.
"Ah, this is hard." "Yeah, it's difficult."
When it came to the Japanese tongue twister, however, Aiko offered some help, "Oppa, just fix your pronunciation on the last part and you're good." But even her advice didn't save Ten from more failure, earning him a wrench headband.
Once again, she cheered the moment he was done, commenting, "Wah, Ten-oppa is really good. That was hard."
A few more missions came by, with Aiko either cheering the members on, quietly trying or answering their missions, or laughing at something Johnny said besides her.
When it came to Yangyang's mission, Aiko simply stared at how the WayV member did it first. But after several failed attempts, Aiko thought back to the rules and suggested something that made the members laugh at how illogical yet legal it seemed.
"Yangyang," She called out.
"Place everything on the single plate, that would make it heavier and harder to move."
Following her advice, Yangyang was able to succeed in his mission, sending a small salute to Aiko who never left her place.
Observing their interaction, Hendery commented, "Wah, Aiko is so smart."
A few more came by, and then it was Winwin's turn. With almost all the members trying out the poses, Aiko couldn't help but stifle a laugh; earning the attention of some of the members beside her. "This is funny to you?" Johnny asked, earning a scoff and a nod from Aiko, "Eung. Oppa-deul look kind of stupid right now."
At Jeno's mission, however, Aiko finally got curious enough to see the process for herself. Standing up, she told Johnny she would be watching Jeno, and with his nod, she made her way to his stationed position.
Lucas, after noticing Aiko being there, (and actually leaving her place for the first time since the shoot started), immediately pulled her in his arms and placed his chin on her head, greeting her with enthusiasm, "Aiko's here!".
While she didn't reciprocate the affection, Aiko didn't pull away either, simply because her position allowed her a clear view of what Jeno was doing (something she would never achieve if she stayed at the back of the tall members.)
When Jeno finally finished yielding 23 cherry shakes, Aiko approached him with a drink already in her hand and patted him on his back, "You did well. You must be tired." She sympathized.
She stayed with the member for a while, even as Taeyong's mission already went on, the camera picking up the subtle questions of Aiko asking if Jeno was okay. Jeno was then seen to bob his head—with the usual smile on his face, ushering Aiko to go back to her seat since he was really alright (but not before pulling her into a bear hug under the excuse of 'recharging').
The episode ended with Taeyong's mission being introduced, and snippets of the members (even Aiko) being seen to be frustrated and excited over the other missions of the members.
The ending scene consists of Aiko's teaser, freezing at the moment she is seen with a plastic nerf gun on her hands, her eyes filled with determination, and her tongue stuck out as she concentrated.
Tumblr media
[AN] First episode of Aiko in NCT 2.0!! ><
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yellow-sprout · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
210724 NCTsmtown_127 Twitter Update
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