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#nct 127 scenerios
hyuckssunchip · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
wow. 😳
I’ve never written a straight smut before but...👀
johnny made me do it...
how... how did i write 1.2K of just smut for him??
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hyuckssunchip · a day ago
[8:55 pm] - Pt. 2 (happy)
Tumblr media
Pairings: Taeyong x Reader
Words: 1.3K
Warnings: Language (there is almost always language in my writings), violence (hitting), angst
‘when he hurts you’ boyfriend drabble
a misunderstanding escalates to something more, what will happen to their relationship??
(note: this is just a character, i trust that Taeyong would never use violence)
(check the comments on pt. 2 of the happy version to understand why i have changed the title slightly and will be making another version.) 
Tag list: @popsuhcle​ @ne0yong​
Part 1
Tumblr media
It had been almost a week since Taeyong was able to get in touch with you, and although he was desperate to, he didn’t try very hard. He didn’t seem to have the time nor the will too. 
It had been almost a week when Doyoung showed up at your door.
By the look on his face he was more than drained by the constant work and practice he was putting into their next comeback. You couldn’t even imagine what Taeyong looked like. He always seemed to show his wear and tear the most. 
He smiled, but it didn’t quite reach his eyes, “Y/N, hi.” There was a pause, as if he was regretting coming here. “Can I come in?”
You raised your eyebrows in surprise, not even realising that he was still standing in the doorway. Stepping away, you gestured for him to enter, taking notice of his heavy steps.
You offered him a glass of water and seat, which he gladly took, glancing with pitiful eyes in your direction. You weren’t dumb, you knew why he was here.
“Taeyong….” He started slowly, gauging your reaction, continuing only when he was sure that you weren’t going to kick him out. “I think you should talk to him, he’s not doing well.”
A frown flitted over your face, “What do you mean he’s not doing well?”
Doyoung just shook his head, “I don’t know much about what happened between you two, Taeyong wouldn’t tell me anything, but I know that whatever it is, it’s taking a toll on the both of you.”
He glanced at your appearance, and you tightened your jacket over your shirt. 
But any guilt or hurt quickly caved to anger, “Why should I be the one to reach out first? He was in the wrong and if he can’t talk to me… if he has to go through you… I don’t think that he’s really trying very hard.”
“I’m not going to defend him, because I don’t know what happened, but… he really does care about you. He’s just stressed and overwhelmed right now.” 
You cast your eyes downwards, fumbling with your sleeves. “That doesn’t make it okay.” You mumbled out.
Doyoung was silent for a while. 
“I know.”
He heaved a sigh, standing up from his seat with his hands in his pockets. “If you do want to talk it out, Taeyong’s been locked up in his studio for the past week. You’ll know where to find him.”
You shut your eyes tightly, jumping slightly as the soft slam of the door. A wave of guilt washed over you. Things had gotten out of hand then, it wasn’t like it was all his fault, you had egged him on. After all it takes two to tango.
You groaned, flopping onto the couch and throwing your arm over your face, heart already decided.
Tumblr media
The familiar brown door stared back at you, as if testing you. You weren’t sure how long you had been standing there, hand growing tired with the bad full of food, dangling with a heavy presence. 
Was this a bad idea? Would things end up like they did last time?
Your thoughts teased you, caving into your irrational thoughts. 
Your breath caught in your throat as his familiar voice startled you from behind. 
Taeyong scratched the back of his head nervously, eyes unable to reach yours, not that you were trying.
“How long have you been standing there?”
“Not long.”
A lie.
He gestured to the door and moved to open it for the two of you, standing beside it as you entered first.
The room was a mess. 
For someone as cleanly and perfectionist as Taeyong was, you couldn’t believe your eyes. There were empty take out containers, heaps of clothes from long nights stuck there, papers strewn over every possible surface. 
Your face scrunched in guilt. This wasn’t like him at all.
As if he realized, or had seen your expression, he quickly moved to shoved things off, making room for you to sit, which hesitantly took. 
A moment of awkward silence later you cleared your throat. “Here, uh.. I brought you breakfast. I didn’t think that you had eaten yet.”
There was a smile plastered on his face, but it wasn’t real. It didn’t reach his eyes the way that you were used to.
“Thanks, yeah I’m starving.” But all the while he took his food, his eyes never left yours.
Instinctively you gulped, pulling away. You wrung your hands at the awkward air that settled over the room.
“Can we talk?”
Taeyong tensed at the question as he played with the straps of the bag. 
He sunk into the seat across from you, running his hand over his face in distress.
“Actually, I wanted to talk to you first… about uh… the other day.”
Your mouth stayed shut, but your eyes begged him to continue.
“Look, I… I fucked up. Like really bad. First of all, I should never, never have laid a hand on you. If there’s one thing that I regret… ever is that. It was unwarranted and no one, especially you deserves to be treated like that. You have every right in the world to be upset and angry, and I would too, if I were you.”
He paused to breathe, weary of your reaction. You stayed silent to let him continue.
“If you would let me explain what you saw too… I promise you that it’s nothing like what you thought it was.”
He took a deep breath continuing when you let him. “That… She’s a sound producer that SM is using right now, and she’s been really trying to bounce ideas off of me. I promise that it’s nothing more than that. And the picture… it’s not like I chose it, apple does that stupid thing, you know, where it automatically updates the contact.”
Taeyong sighed, not willing to look back at you in case you didn’t agree with his excuses. 
Little did he know you were doing the same. Communication. That’s all that was needed and all of this could’ve been avoided. If you weren’t so stubborn and actually willing to listen to an explanation, your relationship would’ve never been in this mess. 
“No, I’m sorry.” Taeyong whipped his head to find your eyes. “I was stubborn and upset and… there were a lot of emotions going on. I handled it horribly, and it’s no wonder things went horribly wrong. Yes, what you did was wrong, but it would’ve never gotten that far if I just listened-”
“Stop it. You keep painting yourself in this way. Like you’re the cause of everything, like it was a domino effect. But let’s be real, it was both of our faults. If we can… learn and grow from this, as people and partners…”
You smiled at him, “I’m sorry.” He tried to interrupt. “No, just let me say that one more time. I am… really sorry. And… I love you so goddamn much.”
“Not more than I love you.”
You found yourself pressed against his chest, wrapped between his familiar arms. 
You let it last for a couple more moments before you pulled back. “Let’s get this place cleaned up, it literally looks like a dump, and that’s not an exaggeration.”
His face screwed up in agreement, “Yeah… I’ve uh been stressing a lot. You noticed?”
You smacked his chest playfully at the comment.
“Oh, and don’t think that I’m not gonna make up for our anniversary date. I’ve been working on my present for months now, you are not leaving without it.”
You didn’t think that your smile could get any wider.
Tumblr media
Part 1
© Copyright 2021. hyuckssunchip. All rights reserved.
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hyuckssunchip · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
lol i’ve been bingeing nct life and stumbled over this gem
is it bad to love watching them get scared 🤔
i find it so cute tho... also the video of taeyong clearing his throat with that look on his face is so endearing (≧◡≦)
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hyuckssunchip · 3 days ago
I Mean It
Tumblr media
Pairings: Mark x Reader
Words: 482
Warnings: fluff
Request:  General 12 ➵ “Come back to bed. Please.” / anon
Tumblr media
You rubbed your eyes as you squinted angrily at the bright light that seemed to bounce off the kitchen walls. It was the resonating tapping of your fingers flying over the keyboard that had you feeling like late night expeditions of essays weren’t all that bad. 
But it was also in the late nights that your mind refused to focus, making things ten times as difficult as they had to be. 
As the sounds of the keys echoed, and you concentrated on the blurry lines of letters that were somehow resembling words, you missed the quiet shuffling of your boyfriend entering. 
He wandered in slowly, wrapping in a soft baby blue blanket that he had gripped tightly in his fists. Mark watched your weary back as you struggled to make sense of what was in front of you, heaving a sigh that you didn’t know you were aching to release. 
He leaned down slightly, resting his chin on your shoulder, looking at the screen with hooded eyes. 
“Come back to bed. Please?” He mumbled out, the soft vibrato of his sleep filled voice making you long to do so. 
“Just ten more minutes, I promise.” You hummed back, typing furiously despite the fact that the both of you knew you were going to scrap everything in the morning.
“You said that last time.” He continued, his voice resembling a whine, but too tired to fully commit. 
You sighed, slightly leaning away from his head, which was still firmly placed on your shoulder, his eyes quivering at the movement.
“I mean it this time.”
“You didn’t mean it before?” He pouted, pushing his chest against your back, his body heat making his offer more and more enticing.
You grew frustrated at this, it was late at night, your mind was elsewhere, and you were far from thinking straight. You knew that he was teasing you, egging you on.
Your fingers paused above your keyboard before you could get worked up, pushing the stress out of your mind. 
For a moment of absolute silence you stared at the blinking cursor mocking you on the screen.
“You’re right. It’s late.”
The room went dark as you closed your laptop, leaving the two of you with nothing but each other bracing each other.
“Come on.” Mark whispered, tugging at your arm sleepily.
Together you stumbled to your room, flopping on to the bed, tangling yourselves under the mound of blankets.
“And I did mean it before.” You mumbled into his chest as you made yourself comfortable in his arms. 
He simply nodded against your head, landing a soft kiss on your forehead as his reply.
A moment passed as you ached to reassure him.
“I love you.”
“I love you too.” 
You didn’t have to see him to know he meant it.
“I mean it.” 
“I know.” 
He pulled you tighter, smiling as you drifted off.
Tumblr media
© Copyright 2021. hyuckssunchip. All rights reserved.
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hyuckssunchip · 6 days ago
Blooming Pt. 2
Tumblr media
Pairings: Jisung x Reader, ft. nct dream, lucas (honorary member of dream)
Words: 5.5K
Warnings: Language (there is almost always language in my writings), angst, fluff
Love isn’t as easy as it seems, Park Jisung is an advocate of that. A blooming relationship that has prematurely ceased can be re-sparked years later, or can it? Will Jisung be able to overcome his fears in order to succeed in what he deems love?
Part 1 | Part 2
Tumblr media
“What’s this?” Renjun picked up the textbook on the kitchen table.
Jeno looked up from his laptop briefly, shrugging before returning to the screen. “Jisung threw it there earlier today.”
Renjun picked up the book, getting a good look at the cover, “The Introduction to the female reproductive system? What’s Jisung doing with a book like this?” He pulled the receipt from the back cover, glancing at it.
Jeno finally stood up from his seat, peeking over his shoulder and shaking his head with a frown.
“Jisung said not to touch it.” Jaemin entered the rooming, sitting across from the boys, munching on a snack. “He’s got to return it later.”
“Why?” Renjun asked, sending a look at Jaemin who was spreading crumbs. “The receipt says he bought it today.”
Jaemin grinned sheepishly, getting the message, and he wiped the crumbs into the palm of his hands. 
“I don’t know. Probably the wrong version or something.” Jaemin stood up, dumping his handful into the trash.
“But Jisung’s not even taking a class remotely related to this. Why would he buy it in the first place?” Renjun pushed. 
“I don’t know.” Jaemin shook his head at him, “Why don’t you ask him?”
“Ask who what?” Chenle asked, entering the kitchen to grab an apple.
“Jisung bought a weird book.” Jeno spouted whilst typing away.
Chenle laughed, “Of course he did, no wonder he’s been in such a happy mood.”
“What?” Renjun asked.
“Yeah, he’s had the dumbest smile all over his face since he got back.” Chenle took a large bite out of the apple.
“Where did he go?” Jaemin cocked his head, wandering around the kitchen for another snack.
“I don’t know, probably the bookstore.” 
Jisung emerged from his room, wearing a grin that very similarly resembled Chenle’s expression. He hummed a tune that soon overtook the rest of the hushed chatter, the other boys simply stared at him. Even Jeno stopped his typing, watching Jisung intently.
“What’s got you so happy?” Jaemin asked leaning in close to the unsuspecting boy.
“Hmmm? Oh. Nothing.” Jisung just grinned back.
“Right. Nothing.” Renjun squinted his eyes at him, with a sarcastic tone.
Jisung couldn’t help the smile that seemed to grow. “Actually I-”
“Guess who?” The door slammed shut.
“Haechan, seriously. Just text us before you come over. One of these days you’re gonna give someone a heart attack.” Renjun scolded.
“Really Renjun? You’re not eighty, I’m not going to scare you to death.” Haechan brushed past the muttering boy.
“I wouldn’t put it past you.”
Haechan chose to ignore it if he had heard. “So what are we talking about today?”
Chenle perked up, being the first to offer information. “Jisung bought a weird book, and he’s super happy about it.”
Mark frowned at Jisung, “What?”
In return Jisung spared him a glance before correcting the previous statement, “I have a date.”
“Dude no way.” Mark clapped Jisung on the back, which consequently had him stumbling forward a few steps.
“With who?” Jaemin creeped forward with interest.
“Guess.” There was a cheeky grin that brightened his features.
“No fucking way.” Haechan let out unintentionally. “I mean, congrats Jisung.”
“When?” Renjun asked, more than slightly intrigued. 
“Friday.” He smiled at his feet, “I asked her today after we got back from the bookstore. Also, that guy? Not her boyfriend.”
Jeno spoke up, his curiosity getting the better of him. “What’s the book for though?”
“Oh.” Jisung turned red, “I told her I had to buy a textbook too, and I just grabbed a random book. I didn’t mean to grab that one.” He scratched the back of his neck, in embarrassment.
Chenle snorted, “Wow, some luck.”
But Jisung didn’t feel the same sentiment, as he was still over the moon about your date. He didn’t mind the embarrassment for a moment, the ending result was well worth the sacrifice.
“So where are you guys going?” Haechan asked, wicked thoughts already entering his head.
“No. The answer is no.” Jisung’s smile dropped for the first time. “I’m not stupid, and I don’t want you showing up.”
Haechan playfully scowled, “I’m just trying to help, just give you a little push is all.”
“I don’t need a push. I got a date just fine without you.” Jisung retorted, stealing a cookie from Jaemin as he left to return to his room.
“Do any of you know?” Haechan immediately turned to ask the others.
They all shook their heads, even if they did know they wouldn’t tell Haechan. After all they were rather hoping Jisung and you would get together, and the chances would significantly slim if Haechan were to get involved.
Tumblr media
“So Jake told me Lucas has been raving about you since your last date? What’d you do? Sleep with him?” Alex snickered at the thought.
“Yeah.” You deadpanned, not taking your eyes off your book.
There was a loud thud from behind you and you tried your hardest not to laugh. 
“What?!” You turned just in time to see Alex bound over to you, skidding across the floor.
A smile betrayed you, “I’m just kidding. I don’t know, we just had a good time.”
“Bitch.” She muttered under breath, obviously annoyed by your lie. “I was really excited. You didn’t have to do that.”
You giggled, “Is my love life really that interesting?”
“Yes.” She crossed her arms, “I’m bored because I’ve already got a boyfriend. I need to live vicariously through someone.”
You frowned at her before returning to your book, “Well, just because I feel kinda bad for lying to you, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret.”
You didn’t have to look up to know she was leaning in intensely, “What?”. It came out as a whisper and you could see how badly she wanted to hear it.
“I’ve got a date.” 
Alex leaned back with a sigh, evidently unimpressed. “That’s your secret? I mean I already assumed Lucas was gonna ask again. I wanted something more juicy.”
You bit your lip with a smile, “It’s not with Lucas.”
That had her. “Holy shit. Who?”
You glanced at the wall that separated you and your neighbors, and she immediately understood. “Jisung?”
For a moment it was unusually silent. Then she let out an ear-deafening squeal. “Oh my god! He finally asked you? Or did you ask him? When did this happen? Why didn’t you tell me?”
The frenzy of questions had you laughing at her excitement. “He asked me just a few hours ago.” You couldn’t hide the smile any longer, teeth now on full view.
She scooted closer to you, grabbing a hold of your arm, “Tell me everything.”
And so you did. For the most part it was you recanting your story, and every once in a while Alex would squeal and smack you in excitement.
Eventually her excitement died down, after all the girl only has so much energy.
“What about Lucas?” She asked softly, glancing at your profile.
You picked at the page nervously, hissing when you got a paper cut. Immediately you stuck your finger in your mouth, a habit you had since you were a child.
Although Jisung asking you out was something you had wished for since the moment you met him, you knew it wasn’t right to just drop Lucas like that. Besides you liked the guy, he made you feel comfortable, and not to mention he really knew how to lay it on thick. He was a natural flirt. 
Of course you liked being flirted with, doted on. And Lucas really was a great guy. But in all honesty you couldn’t really see a future with him. He just didn’t send flutters in your stomach the way that Jisung did. 
You pursed your lips in thought, mulling over how you were going to go about the situation. 
“I don’t know. We’re supposed to meet for lunch tomorrow. I guess I’ll tell him then.” You sighed, not liking how you were suddenly thrust into this situation. Why did two great guys have to come at the same time?
Alex nodded, understanding your predicament. She also understood the way that you felt about Jisung.
Feelings that didn’t go away after two years, meant something, didn’t they? 
Tumblr media
“I’m really sorry. I think you’re a great guy, really.” You paused, watching his reaction. You had just dumped everything on to Lucas, and you couldn’t tell what he was feeling. Resentment? Anger? Disappointment?
But he just nodded with a tight smile. It clearly wasn’t genuine. 
“I hate it when people say this, but it isn’t you it’s me. Really. You’re a fantastic guy, and I think anybody would be lucky to have you as a partner. But… I just can’t ignore my feelings, you know?”
You bit your lip with a frown, looking up from under your lashes. 
He laid his hand on top of yours, just holding it for a moment. 
“I understand. And there’s absolutely no hard feelings.” This time the smile seemed less forced. “I wished things could’ve worked out, but things don’t always go the way we want right?”
You sent him a soft smile, guilt still plaguing you.
“And just so you know, if you ever want to hit me up, I’m all for it.” He paused, glancing at you, “Whether you want a friend or something more.”
In silence, the two of you looked at each other for a moment.
“Y/N?” A voice interrupted you, making you widen your eyes.
Why did he always seem to catch you in compromising situations?
“Jisung.” You froze, unable to move or find the words to explain yourself. This obviously didn’t look good, here you were on what looked to be a ‘date’ just after accepting Jisung.
But he did know the situation, he did know that you were seeing Lucas. But it didn’t mean that he was keen on seeing you with him.
It seemed like everyone was left speechless, including a very wide-eyed Haechan, who you would’ve thought never could happen.
Jisung’s eyes flickered to the way Lucas’s hand enveloped yours, and you immediately pulled away, brushing your hair behind your ear out of nerves.
Looking between the two of you, Lucas seemed to get a pretty good idea of what was going on. He stood up and sent you a soft smile, before turning back to the group. 
“I’m gonna pay for it,” he cut you off as you tried to protest. “I’ll see you around sometime.” And with one last glance at the boys he shouldered past them.
The silence lasted for quite a while. 
“Guys, there’s a table- Oh, hi Y/N.” Jaemin had walked in belatedly, missing the situation, and was way too bright for the circumstance.
Renjun elbowed him in the side, earning a wide-eyed look of confusion.
You waited, hoping for Jisung to say something, because for some reason your mouth wouldn’t move. Words you had to say, dying in the back of your throat. 
But Jisung didn’t have anything to say. So he left.
Tumblr media
You sent a shy smile to the boy next door, but he quickly ducked past his door, leaving you with the sound of the slamming.
You bit your lip. You didn’t blame him for being upset at what he saw. You would be too. You just thought that he would at least talk or look at you by now. 
Even your random run ins with Jaemin seemed to have an awkward air, like he would get in trouble if he talked to you.
“This is exactly what I didn’t want.” You ranted frustratedly to your roommate. “Our neighbors are avoiding me like the plague, and I can’t even get a smile out of Jaemin. Jaemin! The dude doesn’t know what it means to not smile, and now suddenly he’s a pro at it.”
You huffed, glaring at Alex. At this she put her hands up as if to say she wasn’t the one who didn’t smile at you.
You collapsed into the chair, shoving your head into your crossed arms. 
“Why don’t you just try to talk to him then? Clear things up.” She asked gently, as though she was worried this suggestion might set you off again.
“You don’t think I want to? He avoids me at all costs. If I can’t even get him to look at me, how’m I supposed to have a conversation with him?”
Alex shrugged, thinking the better of meddling again, choosing to retreat to her room to leave you with your own thoughts.
However, unbeknownst to you, the same chaos was occurring right next door.
“Should we talk to him?” Jaemin whispered while staring at the hallway, as if suddenly Jisung would pop out and let him have it.
“Does it look like he wants to be talked to?” Chenle asked sarcastically, “I don’t know about you, but I like my limbs intact.”
Jeno nodded, “I’ve never seen him this upset before. We should just let him cool off.”
“Cool off? He’s been cooling off for the past week, that’s not helping.” Renjun muttered angrily. He had unfortunately been a victim of Jisung’s wrath the night after the incident. 
“He’s just upset. I mean can you blame him? The girl he’s been in love with for the last two years was holding hands and obviously on a date with the dude, even after Jisung asked her out.” Chenle whisper-shouted. Even he wasn’t going to risk Jisung hearing this. 
“But he knew.” Renjun said, “He knew she was going on dates with this other guy. I mean what does he expect, she’d just drop him like that?”
Although Renjun had logic in his statement, none of the guys seemed to back him up.
“But I mean, the day after? And Jisung was over the moon when she accepted.” Chenle argued back.
“It’s not like she wanted Jisung to see them together.” Renjun hissed.
“Oh that makes it so much better?” Chenle wasn’t one to back down easily, and his voice was starting to rise.
“That’s not what I’m saying.” Renjun huffed out, “It’s not like she wanted to hurt him by having him see that. Besides she may have already planned the date, or have a reason. He should at least talk to her-”
“Shhh.” Jaemin threw a hand over Renjun’s mouth at the sight of Jisung leaving his room.
“Thanks. I really appreciate you guys talking about me behind my back.” Jisung glared at the group. “Why don’t you go over and talk shit about me with Y/N? I’m sure you’d get along nicely.”
“Well it’s not like we can talk to your face, can we?” Renjun shouted, fed up with Jisung’s mood.
Jisung scowled once more before slamming the front door behind him.
“Well that went well.” Jaemin mumbled, trying to lighten the mood.
Tumblr media
“Jisung!” You stumbled down the stairs, trying to catch up with the blonde haired boy before he escaped.
But he didn’t even turn at the sound of your voice, and he seemed to hurry up as if avoiding you at all costs. 
Eventually you got the hint and stopped in your tracks. This had been going on for too long now, and you were fed up with the fact that no matter how hard you tried, he just chose to ignore you. 
So you plucked up your last ounce of courage, yelling at him from behind, with clenched fists.
“If you’re not going to even pretend like you’re interested, why did you ask me out?” You asked angrily, feeling a choking feeling rise in your throat. 
This caught his attention and he turned to face you with a frown, not quite understanding what you meant.
You were embarrassed and angry, feeling humiliated at the thought of Jisung not actually liking you. But he just stood and stared at you, no emotion even remotely hinting at the fact that he wanted to try, or that he cared. You had passed up on Lucas for this? You passed up on a great guy for someone who refused to even talk to you?
“I can’t believe that I picked you over Lucas.” You mumbled out, hand angrily wiping at the tears that had already escaped. “You know what, forget our date. If you were even planning on showing up.” You knew this was harsh, but to be fair, he wasn’t exactly being the nicest person right now.
Jisung’s eyebrows flew up towards his hairline, hand shyly trying to comfort you, but he didn’t have the courage to actually do it. He just watched.
Tumblr media
You were pissed. You had tried multiple times to reach out to Jisung and try to reconcile, but you were met with no cooperation.
It felt as if you were reliving the time when you were texting with each other. He felt unresponsive, uninterested.
Of course, you knew that your actions could’ve been misconstrued or misinterpreted, but he hadn’t even let you explain.
Now the agenda of avoiding one another was mutual. You didn’t go out of your way to evade him, but you certainly didn’t try to see him.
It wasn’t until a week and a half later that you had your first interaction with Jaemin again.
“Hey Y/N.” He smiled at you, not as big as usual, but a smile nonetheless.
“Jaemin? So we’re talking now?” You couldn’t help but be snarky, something that you instantly regretted at the sight of his fallen face. “Wait, sorry. I didn’t mean that.”
When you sighed, you noticed that familiar look on his face, guilt.
But you chose to ignore it and move on, “What’s up?” 
You gripped the strap of your bag, grounding yourself for the moment.
“Nothing. I just wanted to say hi.” But the smile was fading fast.
He continued down the stairs, taking a left at the bottom.
“Jaemin?” He turned to face you. “Are you busy?”
His eyes widened and he grinned whilst shaking his head. You rushed down the stairs finding yourself less than a foot from him. “I was going to the park to study. Do you maybe wanna hang out?”
Tumblr media
“Where were you?” Chenle asked with watchful eyes as Jaemin entered the apartment.
“At the park.” It was nonchalant, but Chenle noticed his shifty eyes.
Jaemin frowned, still avoiding eye contact. “Can I not just go to the park?”
Chenle narrowed his eyes, but ignored the statement as Renjun entered the room. Almost immediately there was a heavy tension over the room. 
Renjun ignored his presence and Chenle scoffed, promptly leaving the room. 
“What was that?” Renjun asked, filling up a cup of water.
Jaemin hesitated to respond, but knowing Renjun he figured he would find out soon enough.
“I went to the park… with Y/N today.” He whispered the last part, glancing at Renjun’s reaction. At this the latter raised his eyebrows, interested at the confession.
“I’m surprised there wasn’t more yelling.” He muttered, turning to face a very guilty looking Jaemin.
“I didn’t exactly tell him I went with her, he was just suspicious.” Jaemin bit his lip nervously, and eventually broke down, “I just wanted to talk with her. Is it wrong if we hang out? She’s a good person… I like her.”
Renjun’s eyes widened.
“Not like that. I just like her as a person, she’s easy to talk to.” Jaemin backtracked, understanding what the look in his eyes meant.
Renjun nodded, looking slightly relieved for a moment before covering it up with a stony look. He drained his glass quickly before turning to leave.
Just as he was about to exit the room he paused, “I don’t see what’s so heinous about hanging out with your neighbor. Honestly, they didn’t even date.”
After this Jaemin felt slightly better about his ‘betrayal’. Just because his roommates couldn’t be civil with you, didn’t mean that he couldn’t. After all no one really knew the whole story, right?
“Why do you look like that?” 
Jaemin looked up from his spot in the middle of the kitchen to find Jeno with his arms hugging his laptop.
“You look like you’re out of it… Did something happen?” Jaemin could trust and confide in Jeno with many things, this was one of them.
Jeno sat at the table, softly laying his computer on the surface. Jeno wasn’t really one to freely show his emotions, even with his best friends, but here he began to look nervous. He bit his lip, glancing at Jaemin, wanting to reassure him, but not giving him false assurance. 
“I’m a horrible friend aren’t I?” Jaemin mumbled, digging his palms into his face. 
“No.” Jeno breathed out, “I just wouldn’t let Jisung find out. Or Chenle for that matter.”
Jaemin looked up, wincing at Jeno’s words. “So you don’t think it was so wrong of me?”
“I’m not saying it’s wrong, but it’s not right either.” Jeno sighed, watching his friend’s face fall. “Jisung and Y/N are in a weird situation. Honestly I’d rather just stay out of it, I don’t need to be picking sides.”
Jeno stood up suddenly, retrieving his laptop and leaving the room as abruptly as he came in. There was no sign of why Jeno even entered in the first place. 
This didn’t make Jaemin feel any better. But he heeded Jeno’s words, he didn’t want to choose sides. But he really liked you, why can’t he just enjoy your company?
Tumblr media
“Jaemin? Y/N?” Renjun blinked twice at the scene, glancing between the two of you.
He wasn’t going to lie, there was a part of him that knew he could run into you both here. Maybe subconsciously he wanted to find you.
“Renjun.” You breathed out, a worried look casting over your face. “It’s not what it looks like really.”
The last thing you wanted was Jaemin to get in trouble. 
Renjun just nodded, cutting you off. “I know.” His lips formed a tight line, “Mind if I join you?”
Both Jaemin and yourself were shocked, but immediately gesturing for him to join you. He flopped onto the blanket exhaustedly, closing his eyes and just feeling the breeze.
After a moment of silence he reopened his eyes, sighing deeply, “I’m so tired of being in that apartment. I just feel so frustrated and closed in there, like I can’t breathe.”
You looked at your lap, feeling guilty for that. If it weren’t for you, neither Jaemin or Renjun would be here right now. Neither of them would be feeling this rivet between their friends.
You mumbled out a faint apology.
There was a sigh from his direction. “I wasn’t digging for an apology. I was just venting. Honestly, I don’t even blame you.”
Glancing up at him, you noticed he had his eyes clenched shut, head tilted towards the sky.
“I’m still sorry though.” You rushed your next words to stop his protests. “Let’s be real, if it weren’t for me, this all never would’ve happened between you guys. This is exactly why I didn’t want to start anything again.”
Jaemin frowned, shaking his head. “But you couldn’t have known, what if something really great came out of it? What if something really great can still come out of it?”
Renjun glanced at your distraught expression, he didn’t mean to upset you with his rant. 
“But it’s not going to. I mean,” You paused, hesitating to say the next words, “I don’t know if you guys know the whole story between us, but it feels the exact same as when we were texting before. I just get the feeling that he doesn’t actually like me like that, maybe he just likes the thought of it.” 
You trailed off at the sight of their faces. 
“Are you kidding me? That boy, and he’s going to kill me for saying this, but he’s been in love with you for the past two years. Like, no joke, there was a time when he had nothing to talk about, except for you. Trust me when I say he likes you.”
Frustration boiled up inside of you, “Then why doesn’t he try? I tried so hard to talk to him and explain what he saw, but he just avoids me. It’s the same as before, if he doesn’t think I’m worth at least that much, then why should I put in all that effort?” 
You were starting to get worked up with Renjun interrupted. “Because that’s Jisung. I hate to say it, but that’s the way he’s wired. He’s really shy, and cautious when it comes to this sort of stuff. I don’t want to use the word insecure, but he really doesn’t think he’s good enough sometimes. I think that when he even comes across the thought or the chance that he’s not good enough for you, he just shuts you out, you know? It’s like a defense mechanism. It’s not that he doesn’t want to try, just that he’s afraid.”
Jaemin nodded softly in agreement. At this point you were beginning to see why they were all such good friends. Even at a time like this they were still trying to help him, and never once did they put him down. 
That made you feel even worse. 
You sighed, leaning back on your forearms and staring up at the clouds, head swirling with new thoughts.
Tumblr media
“Oh, so you can tell me to my face that you weren’t just with Y/N? What kind of friend are you?” Chenle raised his voice, glaring at the two of them.
Jisung stared at the wall beside them, silently brooding over the situation.
Haechan stood up from his seat on the couch and turned, shocked at the sight before him. Mark was wide-eyed staring over the back of the couch. 
“What are you-”
“Can you even call yourself a friend?” The words were spat out, making everyone in the room flinch, including Jisung.
Jisung closed his eyes, blocking out the situation. He never wanted things to go this far. 
“It’s not-”
“How are you even able to be in the same room and not feel guilty? Huh?!” At this point Chenle was losing control.
Haechan moved to Chenle’s side, tugging at his arm to make him stop. But Chenle only threw his hand off him in anger. 
“Taking sides with that-”
“Stop it.” 
With those two words it seemed like the world stopped with it. 
“What?” Chenle all but whispered out. He was not alone in the confusion.
“Stop it.” Jisung finally took a look around the room, frowning at what he saw in front of him. “This is ridiculous, fighting over this. I don’t care if you hang out with her or not.”
“This whole thing was blown way out of proportion. I was stupid and immature to not even talk to her. Honestly I’m more mad at myself than at her.” To say that everyone was shocked was an understatement. 
“I’m so sick of this. This is why I didn’t want to do this in the first place.” He sighed standing up. “I’m done being mad without an explanation.”
Jisung treaded heavily towards his room, making up his mind that this was going to be the last time they fought over you. Tomorrow he would clear things up.
Tumblr media
“Just a minute!” You rubbed your eyes blearily, glancing at your phone. 7 am, on a Saturday?
You flattened your hair the best you could, throwing on a sweatshirt hastily as you opened the door. 
You sucked your breath, heart dropping at the sight of Jisung in front of you.
“Jisung?” Suddenly you felt very bare, standing in front of him with a sweatshirt and your pajamas. But you pushed away the embarrassment, caving to the pent up anger and humiliation that you still felt. 
You frowned at him, “What do you want?”
He visibly winced at the tone, biting his lip anxiously. “Could- can we talk?”
But to be honest, you didn’t really want to talk with him at the moment. “Now’s not a good time.”
To be fair you did have an appointment soon. Not ridiculously soon that you couldn’t manage to squeeze in a talk, but you weren’t going to try very hard.
“Oh.” He ruffled his hair nervously. “Um… when do you have time?” He asked, this time not willing to let go so easily.
For a moment you thought about telling him that you simply didn’t want to face him, that you wouldn’t ever have time for him. But even you knew that was far too cruel. And to be honest, a talk was what you wanted in the first place. 
“Lunch?” You mumbled out, “I can do noon.”
He was quick to agree, and soon enough you were left alone in your apartment again. Empty and quiet on a Saturday morning, as it should be, but for some reason you felt uneasy.
Tumblr media
It seemed that Jisung was keeping a very keen eye out for you, because the moment you walked through the door, his eyes locked with yours. 
He waved you over as enthusiastically as he could, which wasn’t very much. He could feel the heavy air already as you averted your eyes.
You felt a twinge of flutters in your stomach, but you pushed them down. This was the first time, since you had gone to the bookstore, that you had spent time together, just the two of you.
It felt like a date, but it was far from it.
Jisung cleared his throat awkwardly, “I heard the pasta is really good here.”
You raised your eyebrows at the suggestion, choosing to be as civil as you could. You weren’t here to cause another fight, or whatever happened between the two of you, you were here to reconcile.
“Really, then I’ll try the Carbonara.” A small smile was tacked on at the end of your sentence as you noticed Jisung eyeing you nervously.
He smiled back.
Then he set the menu down. 
He sighed deeply before continuing, “First off, I really want to apologize for the way I treated you. I was avoiding you and acting like a jerk, really. I just… when we saw you at the diner, I was just slammed with a bunch of emotions and I didn’t know how to deal with it. I know that’s a shitty excuse, but I just couldn’t handle it, and then I think a part of me was embarrassed by the way that I acted, so I avoided you more. But then things blew up. Everything fell apart with my friends, then they started fighting and picking sides, and I realized that none of this was worth it. I was mad and upset for no reason.”
He stopped, weary of your expression before continuing. “I don’t know if I even deserve an explanation, or a second chance.”
Jisung must have lost confidence, as he wavered at the end of his sentence.
You plucked up the courage that you had, nodding in agreement.
“I think you deserve an explanation.” You sighed, thinking back to the moment they saw you. “Lucas... we had set up a date before you had even asked me, and I thought it would be wrong to ditch him, especially without explanation. When you walked in, I had actually just told him… about you.”
Your throat suddenly felt dry and you reached for your glass. “It didn’t feel right to see both of you at the same time, whether I liked you both or not. I’m going to be honest with you, Lucas is a great guy, I would be extremely happy with someone like him, but...But he doesn’t make me feel the way you make me feel.”
You glanced up through your eyelashes, weary of his expression, quickly moving on after your confession.
“And you’re right, I really think that things blew way out of proportion, that all could’ve been solved with a conversation, it didn’t need to wait this long.”
He nodded, admitting to his fault. But his mind kept wandering back to what you had said.
The way he made you feel?
He felt a sudden rush of giddiness, before he managed to hide it.
By the time the food had arrived you were well into your conversation, both of you had agreed to move past this. It wasn’t going to be easy to forget, and maybe that was the best way to move forward with your relationship.
You caught up with each other, Jisung telling stories of the stupid things that he and his friends do, mostly Haechan. The most recent of his escapades having to do with a deck of cards and a street lamp on a particularly cold night. 
Jisung reveled at the sound of your laughter, cursing himself for waiting this long to talk to you. Why had he been so afraid? What had stopped him before?
“So how exactly do I make you feel?” He asked teasingly, whilst wiggling his eyebrows.
You laughed nervously at him, realizing that maybe it was a mistake to let him get so comfortable with you. 
Or maybe it meant the start of something great.
Tumblr media
Part 1
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“Do I Need To Leave?”
Tumblr media
Pairings: Jeno x Reader, Jaemin x Reader
Words: 2.8K
Warnings: Language (there is almost always language in my writings), fluff, SMUT, threesome, m&f oral receiving, unprotected sex
nomin threesome
who can resist the idea of Nomin??? okay this was a lot longer than i thought it would be.
smut below keep reading
Tumblr media
Jeno rubbed your head, stroking the fallen strands out of your face. Though you were half asleep, you snuggled deeper into his chest at the feeling. 
He smiled softly, leaning to land a kiss on your forehead. The heaving of his chest gently rocked you into a deeper sleep. At some point you were almost unable to fight off the sleep, but a knock on the door slowed the feeling. 
Even though your eyes were shut, you could tell the door was opened with the beam of light that escaped from the hallway. The light disappeared almost immediately, but the padded footsteps alerted you of a person’s entrance.
“Hyung?” A whisper cut through the dark room, and it was received by the rustling of the blankets around you.
“Jaemin?” The rumbling of his chest had you smiling at the feeling.
“Are you sleeping?” But he cut himself off. His eyes had adjusted to the darkness, allowing him to recognize the lump that was lying half on top of Jeno. He paused at the sight of you, hesitating to continue. “Oh. I’ll come back later.”
Jeno stops him from leaving, motioning for him to continue. “No it’s fine.”
Jaemin’s eyes shift before he starts to whisper before he was cut off again. 
“Jaemin if you’re going to whisper, you’re going to have to come closer. I can’t hear you if you’re across the room.” He beckoned for him to come closer,  something the younger faltered at. 
A few padded steps later and Jaemin leaned down to whisper but he froze at the sight of you laying on his chest. Whatever words he wanted to get out were suddenly stuck in the back of his throat. He tried desperately to forced the feeling down, but his heart still skipped a beat.
Jeno absentmindedly squeezed your thigh, pulling you closer against him. At the sudden feeling you felt sleep withdraw and your eyes fluttered open, struggling to adjust with the lack of light. 
Your eyes instantly met with Jaemin’s who was incredibly close to both you and Jeno.
“Hi.” You whispered out, not wanted to break the mood. You smiled at him, but it wasn’t returned, he just hiccuped his breath startled by proximity. At his lack of response, and the fact that all he offered were his wide eyes, you turned your head up to face Jeno.
“Do I need to leave?” You asked, whispering to him, afraid that you were imposing on a private matter. 
But it was Jaemin that shook his head aggressively at the offer. It was only after that did Jeno agreed, rubbing your hair softly, “No, don’t worry.” 
“What’s up?” Jeno directed his attention to the flustered boy, who was doing his very best to avert his eyes.
“Uh...” Jaemin hesitated, suddenly feeling very embarrassed about why he had intruded.  “I was wondering if I could borrow your computer... for... uh... you know.”
Jeno let out a confused sound not quite understanding the intentions, but after a few seconds he understood why Jaemin needed his computer.
Even in the dark Jaemin turned a deep red that you could see, and he backed up, quickly throwing away the idea and choosing to just escape.
“Jaemin.” Jeno chuckled out, his tone suddenly turning darker. “Instead of porn from the computer, how would you like to watch it live?”
Although it sounded like he was joking, his gaze showed otherwise. There was a long silence before Jaemin stuttered out nervously, “What?”
Jeno raised an eyebrow at the boy, then turned to face you suggestively. “No?”
You blushed, digging you head into his neck, and you felt wrong for feeling so aroused at the thought of Jaemin watching.
Jeno sent another look towards Jaemin, taking his silence and the fact that he hadn’t yet left as a sign that he too wanted it.
Jeno lifted you up so that you straddled his waist, loving the way that Jaemin’s eyes lustfully traveled over you with jealousy. He had pulled your borrowed shirt off in a rush, leaving you in nothing but the lacy top that Jeno loved you in. 
Jeno was a sucker for you in lace, in fact he rarely took off your lingerie during sex. Tonight it seemed like the black lace hugged you perfectly and by the way that his hands couldn’t seem to leave your skin it seemed like he felt the same. 
The sound of Jaemin groaning stole your attention for a moment. His had was dangerously close to his cock, itching for relief, but feeling to out of place to do so. There was an embarrassed look on his face, but it didn’t hide the lust in his eyes as he raked over your figure. 
At that moment Jeno placed his hands on your waist, grinding them down on his hard on, having you release a moan in response. You fingers flitted to his chest, gripping his shirt as if trying to stabilize yourself. After a few more moments, and you found yourself getting wetter, Jeno flipped you over, climbing between your legs, kissing your skin as he lowered himself towards your core.
The pleasure you were feeling, and the anticipation of what he was going to do to you, had you writhing below him. But he abruptly stopped, eliciting a whine from you, You reached your hands up to tangle your fingers in his hair, trying to pull him towards the place that you needed him the most. 
But he evaded you, sitting back up with a wicked smirk. You narrowed your eyes, not liking the idea of leaving you high and dry, especially after how worked up he had just had you. 
He averted his eyes, looking towards a very antsy Jaemin in the corner. “Jaemin don’t you think it’d be nice to give Y/N a little help?”
Jaemin gulped at the insinuation, his dick throbbing at just the thought. He nodded hesitantly, wide eyes trained on your spread out body. But the moment that you turned to face him, he dodged your eyes, probably too shy to do so.
Jeno beckoned for Jaemin to come closer, standing up after scooting of the bed. With a pat on the back he exchanged spots with the boy, but not before mentioning that he should pay attention to the clit, and that you like it most with two fingers.
You blushed at the brazen words of your boyfriend. Jaemin stared blankly for a moment before climbing onto the bed where Jeno once laid, looking up at you almost for permission. You nodded once with parted lips, not having the will to fight against it, not that you wanted to. 
Jaemin was hesitant at first, leaving fluttering chaste kissing down your belly. But the moment that he reached your panties you squirmed under him, eager for more. Jaemin continued to leave soft kisses over your panties, reveling at the wetness that had begun to leave through the fabric. He got significantly bolder, using his teeth to scratch at the tips of your lace, dragging your panties slowly down. 
You lifted your hips towards him, but he pushed them back down. You heard Jeno laugh from the corner, but your eyes were fixed on Jaemin, begging him to continue. Your panties were dragged down your legs, leaving you bare for both to see. 
You turned your head to the side, rolling back to see Jeno with his dick situated in his grip. He was watching with a deep desire, his hand rubbing slowly up and down his length. As he made eye contact with you, he stood up, moving towards you and stroking your hair as he often did, but this time you could feel it was much different. 
The feeling of Jaemin’s tongue flicking over your nether lips had you gasping, and tangling your hands in his hair. Jeno took this opportunity to do the same, grabbing a fist full of hair so that your gaze stayed with his. He didn’t even need to prompt you, your mouth fell open ready accept his cock. 
He hissed as your tongue grazed the bottom of his cock, his head rolling back in pleasure as he pushed in and out of you. Because your mouth was occupied, you couldn’t even gasp at the feeling of Jaemin running swipes on your pussy with his fingers, sucking gently at your clit. But the feeling of his digits pushing into you and stretching you out was too much, causing you to moan around Jeno’s cock, the vibration stimulating him as he let out a groan of his own. 
Both Jeno and Jaemin’s pace increased, his fingers creating lewd noises accompanied by the loud slurping and sucking nosies of both  you and Jeamin. His digits twitching deep inside you and with a come hither motion your felt your orgasm coming. You could tell that Jeno was close as well, his hand gripping tighter as he moved deeper. His hips stuttered for a moment before you felt the stream of cum shoot to the back of your throat, doing you best to swallow all of him. He pulled with a sigh, stumbling backwards and choosing to take a seat on the chair that he had previously occupied.
Jeno’s absence now left your mouth open and you moaned, tugging tufts of Jaemin’s hair, moving your hips greedy to reach your high. Jaemin doubled his speed, and the suction of his lips driving you crazy. The ball in your stomach tightened as you released on his face, watching as he lapped up as much as he could.
You let him continue until the feeling of overstimulation had become too much. You pushed him away softly watching as his wide eyes met yours. With a gentle tug you pulled him up until he was straddling over you, his hard dick pressed against your core. 
Almost immediately, as if you hadn’t just come down from your high, you were turned on by the feeling, suddenly feeling very desperate to have something other than his fingers stuffing you. 
“Baby, why don’t you give Jaemin a hand, he hasn’t even touched himself yet.” Jeno piped up from the side, watching with eyes of humor. 
You didn’t even look at your boyfriend, already agreeing with him.You pushed him off you with a little effort, and took your place on top of him, reminiscent of how the night had started. You ground your hips against him, tugging off his shirt and latching your lips against his throat, knowing that there would be marks in the morning. 
Jaemin lifted his hands to your hair, pulling you away slightly to get a good look at you. The kisses that you had left on his neck had moved to his lips, the both of you fighting for dominance. His hands moved, tracing down your body until they found a spot on your ass, which he squeezed tightly, gripping with tension. His hips lifted to meet yours until you couldn’t take the friction anymore. You pulled away, tugging his pants and underwear down in one thrust. There wasn’t even a need for helping him get up, he was already dripping with pre cum. You scooted up, positioning yourself just above his erection before sinking down onto him. 
His grip tightened and he let out a groan, biting his lip didn’t do much to muffle the sound. You stilled as he bottomed out, wriggling around to get comfortable, and consequently getting Jaemin more excited than he already was, which you didn’t think was possible.
The slow and rhythmic pulses that he was starting with began to pick up with a sense of urgency. Jaemin seemed to be desperate to reach his high, as if he was scared Jeno would take it away from him. Instead, however, Jeno with a watchful eye enjoyed himself from the corner, hand occupied once again. 
Jaemin thrust up into you, reaching up to fondle your breast, elevating the pleasure. As soon as you felt the knot in your belly tighten, you were quickly interrupted by your boyfriend.
“Stop.” Frustration overwhelmed you, and it took all that you had to stop yourself from moving. He motioned for you to get off of Jaemin, and you clenched around him as you felt his dick slide out.
Both of you watched Jeno with wide eyes, watching with wanton gazes. Jeno pulled you away positioning you so that you were on all fours facing Jaemin, who was still lying half upright against the pillows. Jeno leaned behind you, his length rubbing against you and his chest flat against your back.
“Why don’t you help Jaemin finish with that pretty mouth of yours?” He teased you, “She does wonders with that mouth.” That last part was directed at Jaemin who was desperate for his own release.
“And while you do that, I’m gonna fuck you until you can’t walk.” Your eyes rolled at the  thought, pussy pulsing in anticipation.
He didn’t give you much more of a warning, as he suddenly thrusted into you, causing you to fall forward a bit, moving closer to Jaemin. Jeno showed no signs of stopping and so you grabbed at Jaemin’s cock, dribbling spit before landing a soft kitten lick. His cock twitched, the stimulation already getting him close. Then in one swift move you took him in your mouth, pushing your nose extremely close to his abdomen. He was slightly smaller than Jeno, so it was easier to deep throat him. 
At that moment, Jeno reached around you and rubbed your clit, causing you to moan around Jaemin. The vibration had him thrusting upwards, bringing tears to your eyes. 
Jeno growled from behind you, unrelenting with his thrusts. “Look at him baby.” He grabbed a fistful of hair, pulling your head back so that you were forced to stare at Jaemin.
Jaemin had thrown his head back, but soon returned to face you tangling his fingers in your hair to grip, replacing Jeno’s with his own. You continued bobbing your head until you felt Jaemin’s hip begin to meet with your face, slowly starting to fuck your mouth. Then at once, his let his load out into your mouth, riding it out until you had swallowed all that you could. 
You pulled your mouth off of him with a loud pop and watched him with a sly smile. But this break didn’t last for long, as Jeno took this chance to hammer into you, picking up the pace. Both his thrusts and his fingers doubled in speed and you felt yourself nearing your high incredibly fast. 
“Fuck, Jeno I’m so close.” You mumbled out, head now rested on Jaemin’s stomach, unable to keep yourself up. Jaemin, in contrast, was softly petting your head, pulling wet strands out of your face as you panted against him. 
“Just a little longer baby.” He grunted in time with his thrusts.
He neared his high and you clenched around him, causing him to release. At the feeling of him inside of you, you let loose, coming together. He collapsed against your make, and in turn you fell fully against Jaemin, who was stuck on the bottom. 
For a few moments the only sound was the soft heaving of breath, the three of you tangled in sweaty limbs. 
Jeno was the first to get up, going to the bathroom to get cleaned up, leaving you and Jaemin alone to come down from your highs. Jeno returned with shorts on and a wet towel and clean clothes for you. 
Jeno chucked a pair of shorts at the two of you, motioning for Jaemin to put them on. After cleaning you both up, he climbed up over you and onto the other side of the bed, pulling you into his embrace from behind, kissing softly on the back of your neck. Jaemin rustled to leave, but a quiet sound from Jeno had him pausing.
“Just stay for now.” He mumbled out, gripping you tighter. “If the others catch you...” He trailed off, and you glanced up to meet eyes with Jaemin. You smiled softly at him, motioning for him to come back. 
Once he was settled back on the bed Jeno spoke out, “How was it? Better than porn on a computer?” He teased Jaemin, who again, turned red at the reminder. 
“Yeah, it was alright.”
You giggled at the way that he tried to play it off. 
“We might need to try it again to really know though.” Jaemin grinned at you with a wink, waggling his eyebrows to make the point clear.
Jeno chuckled from behind you in the same teasing tone, “Yeah? I’ll think about it.”
“Do I need to leave?” You asked teasing the pair, who had obviously come to a conclusion without you.
Tumblr media
© Copyright 2021. hyuckssunchip. All rights reserved.
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For 200 followers!!
prompt #1 by @scvrllet​
here’s a prompt list created by scvrllet that I pulled, feel free to request a member and a number 😊
i’ve never done this before so i hope it goes well lol 
list is below too....
Tumblr media
“Is that my shirt?” “You mean our shirt?”
“It’s you, it always has been.”
“You’re everything I could’ve wanted and more.”
“Kiss me.”
“Home stopped being a place when you entered my life.”
“You should probably go home.” “But I’m already home.”
“You’re an idiot.” “But you love me.”
“I’d do anything for you.”
“You took all the pillows so I’m using you as one.”
“Stop moving and let me braid your hair.”
“I’m so proud of you.”
“Could you say that again?” “Were you not listening?” “No I was, I just like hearing your voice.”
“I didn’t think it was possible to love someone this much.”
“You are my family.”
“I’m right here.”
“Can you just please hold me?”
“I’m pretty sure (you’re/she’s/he’s/they’re) my soulmate”
“You come here often?” “Well considering I work here, yes.”
“You know, I think my (mother/father/parents) would be proud if I brought (you/her/him/them) home.”
“I just want to see you happy.”
“I haven’t seen (her/him/them) smile like that in ages.”
“You made me a better person. Thank you.”
“I’d rather live in the woods with you than in a mansion with some (girl/boy/person) I barely know.”
“This reminded me of you.”
“Your hair is really soft.”
“You’re really warm.”
“Are you blushing?”
“Can I stay here tonight?”
“Because I love you.”
“I’ve been in-love with you since we were kids.”
“I’m never going to leave you. I promise.”
“Make a wish!”
“I love seeing you smile.”
“Why are you wearing my sweater?” “Because it smells like you.”
“I just want to be there for you.”
“I couldn’t get you out of my mind.”
“You’re just a softie.”
“You owe me.” “Fine, whatever you like.”
“You’re safe now, I’m here.”
“Why are you scared of loving?”
“You are crushing me right now.”
“Darling I love you and all, but please step out of the kitchen.”
“I love you.”
“You’re an idiot.” “But I am your idiot.”
“Take my hand. Just trust me.”
“You’re hurt. Please just let heal it.”
“At least let me clean it.”
“I told you to take care of yourself.”
“You’re the only thing that matters.”
“I’m leaving.” “Of course you are, that’s all you know how to do.”
“You started drinking again, didn’t you?”
“You promised you’d stop drinking.” “And you promised you wouldn’t hurt me!″
“But it’s my fault right?”
“I don’t want to feel this. I want to be numb again.”
“You’re lying to me again. Why can’t you just tell me the truth for once?”
“I love you.” “No you don’t”
“I can’t lose you.” “You already did.”
“Did it mean anything to you? Did I mean anything to you?”
“How was I such an idiot, to believe that you, out of all people, could ever love me?”  
“I loved you.” “Then why did you let (her/him/them) get in between us?”
“Maybe they were right, you never did change.”
“This is all in my head. It’s all happening in my head.”
“Don’t you dare walk away from this!”
“What gives you the right to just waltz back into my life after all the pain you’ve caused.”
“You’ve changed.”
“You win, happy?”
“Any other lies left to tell me?”
“Why did you wait until I moved on?”
“Don’t look at me like that.” “Like what?” “Like you still love me.”
“Its (her/him/them), isn’t it?”
“It’s always been (her/him/them).”
“When did you stop loving me?”
“Let me go.”
“You’re not you.”
“I miss the old you.”
“What happened to their happily ever after?” “Not all love stories get a happily ever after, sometimes it’s just once upon a time.”
“Move out of my way before I make you.”
“You deserve better.”
“I risked my life for you.”
“I never would’ve thought (she/he/they)’d end up with someone else.”
“They were perfect for each other.”
“I was happier with you.”
“I would’ve done anything for you.”
“I loved you. I loved you so so much but you hurt me.”
“They warned me about this.” “About what?” “You.”
“Lie to me. I don’t care what you say, just lie to me. Make me feel okay again.”
“You broke me.”
“You just threw four years of friendship out the window.”
“Hasn’t this addiction done enough damage already?”
“Sorry doesn’t fix everything.”
“You promised.”
“I don’t need help! I need an end to this pain.”
“What am I in your life? Because as of lately I feel as though I’ve been nothing to you.”
“I can’t keep playing pretend.”
“You deserve so much better.”
“Give me one reason why I shouldn’t leave.”
“I wish we never met.”
“I’m sorry I’m not enough for you.”
“I love you.” “Tell me that when you’re sober.”
“It’s pouring rain why are you here?”
“I love you.” “You shouldn’t.”
“Where are you?”
“What happened?”
“Have you been taking care of yourself?”
“Is that blood?” “Yes but that doesn’t matter right now, what does matter is-” “You are literally bleeding.”
“Is that my book?”
“Are they dead?”
“You want to play pretend? Well two can play at that game.”
“Did you know that you talk in your sleep?”
“Come back to bed. Please.”
“You’re who they warned me about.”
“Come back.”
“You should’ve listened to me.”
“I haven’t seen you in days.”
“Are you jealous?”
“Cheers, I’ll drink to that.” “You drink to everything.” “Cheers!”
“Why is there a deer in the room?”
“Is that vodka? At 7 in the morning?”
“It’s not my choice.”
“Can we take this home?”
“Hey, look at me. Focus on me alright?”
“I haven’t seen (her/him/them) smile in months.”
“(She/he/they) don’t belong with (her/him/them)!” “Than who do(es) (she/he/they) belong with?” “…..with me.”
“Come home.”
“I hope you’re happy.”
“They don’t need to know.”
“I made this for you.”
“Why is arson always your first answer?”
“Is this really the time for jokes?”
“You always do this.”
“Wake me up when it’s over.”
“You look happy.”
“I’m sorry, do I know you?”
“Why can’t I get you out of my head?”
“Do you want that?”
“Don’t let go.”
“Just let me stay.”
“Can I at least tell my side of the story?”
“Do you trust me?”
“Are you flirting with me?”
“Is the weight of your sins too heavy?”
“Just let me see (her/him/them) one last time. Please.”
“Are you afraid to die?”
“Are they really ‘just a friend’?”
“I wasn’t lying when i told you that I loved you.”
“I won’t hurt you.”
“Have you been sleeping?”
“I didn’t know where else to go.”
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Tumblr media
so y’all like smut 🤔
i may or may not have a nomin smut coming out soon in celebration of 200 followers 👀
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Tumblr media
another milestone! thank you all for 200 followers ^u^
keep your eyes open for a something special👀
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Lots to Say
Tumblr media
Pairings: Renjun x Reader, ft. Jeno
Words: 1.3K
Warnings: Language (there is almost always language in my writings), angst, fluff
Renjun missed your anniversary date and must find a way to make it up to you. Will it work?
Tumblr media
You stared blankly at the black screen as you were situated on the couch. To be honest you had been waiting there for so long that you were sure that your butt was getting numb, but yet you refused to move. 
You wanted to be the first thing that he saw when he walked in that door.
It was around midnight, when you heard the jingling of his keys at the front door, and you braced yourself.
It took a few moments for him to recognize that you were waiting for him on the couch. A wave of guilt crashed over him. It wasn’t sudden, but a build up as he had been feeling all the way home. 
But the look on your face set him off. HIs heart plummeted at the way that you had stayed up waiting for him, the way that your hair was still made up, the way that you hadn’t bothered to change out of your dress. 
There was a silent understanding the moment your eyes met, and he already felt utterly helpless.
“Please Y/N, you know I didn’t do it on purpose.” His brows were furrowed, a worried expression wrought his face. “You know I wouldn’t do that.”
You refused to look at him, chest heaving in at even the mere thought of meeting his eyes. With a heavy sigh, you lifted yourself up from the couch, mouth suddenly parched beyond belief. The door slammed shut behind you but you didn’t pay it any mind. Your throat felt scratchy as you fumbled around the kitchen for a glass of water.
“There’s some clean cups in the top left cabinet.” You were startled by Jeno’s sudden appearance, but you nevertheless followed his words. 
You settled into the seat across from him at the table, picking at the bowl of fruit before you. 
“You okay?” Jeno pretended not to know, wide eyed an innocent. He didn’t want to be the first to bring it up, of course he knew, everyone at the dorm did. 
You simply stared down at the table, fingers still picking anxiously at the bowl before you.
He nodded in silence, understanding that you didn’t want to talk about it.
“Did I tell you that Seol got stuck in a bin again?” He asked lightly, attempting to brighten the mood.
Your eyes widened as you looked up at him, a small smile rising over his features. 
He laughed, eyes turning into familiar half moons. “Yeah, I kept hearing this banging and I walked in to find the bin sliding across the floor.” He snorted, “She was underneath it and kept running into things.”
You giggled, just imagining the scene of a bin running around the room.
“Okay, but the fact remains that you said again. She’s done this before?” 
He almost looked embarrassed on her behalf, a slight nod giving you the answer.
You burst out laughing, “I’m sorry, that’s mean, but multiple times?” 
He joined in with you, happy that his little story could lift your mood again.
Tumblr media
Renjun’s ears perked at the sound of footsteps accompanied by the flick of the hallway light. He rolled over, pulling the blankets over him slightly to appear as if he wasn’t eavesdropping.
But when the footsteps stopped, the door didn’t open. There was hushed voices on the other end, and he strained to hear the conversation. 
“Uh… I would show you that video, but I left my phone in my room.”
Was that… Jeno?
There was a slight pause, or perhaps he couldn’t hear you. 
“Would you like to see it though?” Renjun gritted his teeth, frowning at the offer.
“Yeah, can we? I don’t really want to go in there right now anyways.” You sucked in a breath, “We’re not exactly on great terms right now.”
Jeno took this quietly, nodding in the direction of his room, which you followed.
Renjun’s heart nearly stopped at the retreating footsteps, and then the lights faded. He sat up quickly, jaw clenched at what had just happened. 
It wasn’t too long later that the door did finally open, and you creaked silently into the room. You hesitated to slide under the blankets in your usual spot next to Renjun, but nevertheless you stuck to your side, leaving as much room between you two as possible.
Renjun’s hear ached at the notion that you would rather hang with limbs off the bed than get any closer to him. He peered under his lashes, raking the back of your figure. 
He felt agitated at the way that even your back seemed so sad. But that’s not what made his heart sink.
The sharp ding of your phone charm ringing with an incoming text. There was a shuffle of sheets as you reached to pick up the phone, glancing at the text you had just received from Jeno.
Like before, it was another another picture of the trio with a stupid joke below it. But it still had you giggling, and you quickly tried to muffle it with your hand. You typed something back, before shoving the glowing phone under your pillow.
But it wasn’t long after that when it buzzed again, the glowing light already spreading around the room. A moment later it was returned below your pillow and you rolled over pulling the blanket over your head.
“Who was that?” Your heart jumped out of your chest at the sound of your boyfriend beside you. 
“God Renjun, you scared me.” You breathed out, catching your breath from the scare. 
There was a quick intake of breath besides you. “Oh. Sorry.” He pressed cautiously, “So… who was that?”
You had come back to your senses and dug deeper into your pillow, “Jeno.”
Renjun wasn’t exactly satisfied with your answer, still anxious over what he had overheard. 
“Oh… why?” He trailed off, trying to come off as inconspicuous as possible, like he wasn’t prying.
But you were curt with your reply, “He has some stuff to say.”
The tension only rose at this, at which he mumbled under his breath, “I also have lots to say.”
It was silent for a while and you assumed that he had given up, choosing to succumb to sleep. But there was a soft rustling from beside you, and soon your phone rang.
Jeno could wait, it was too late for you to reply, and to be honest you couldn’t be bothered. Your mood was already falling fast. 
But again, it chimed. 
Blindly you reached for your phone, patting around in the dark until you felt the familiar block.
To your surprise, it was a text from Renjun.
Injunnie: Pls answer my texts
You did your best to hold back a giggle.
Injunnie: i have lots to say
do you now?
Injunnie: im sorry
is that all?
Injunnie: and im stupid
Injunnie: and im begging for your forgiveness ??
are you sure? you don’t seem it
Injunnie: yes. i want nothing more than you to forgive me
Injunnie: istg that i didn’t miss it on purpose
Injunnie: if i could go back i would
read 1:28 am
Injunnie: i love you
You blushed at his words, smiling in the dark before letting your phone fall below the covers. 
Renjun’s heart skipped a beat at the motion, eyes wide and with panicked fingers he bombarded your phone with texts, soon filling the room with constant ringing.
You ignored them and instead chose to roll over and face him. You grinned at him, he was so focused on typing that he hadn’t even noticed. It was only after you snatched his phone away from him that he realized. 
Upon seeing the smile on your face, his relaxed, relieved at the sight.
Immediately his arms wrapped around you and pulled you into his chest, not giving you a chance to react.
He softly patted your head, mumbling sweet nothings and apologies into your ear. 
You pulled back locking eyes with him. 
“I’m sorry.”
Shaking your head, you just landed a soft kiss on his lips.
“I really am.”
“I know.” Another kiss.
“I love you.”
“I love you too.”
Tumblr media
© Copyright 2021. hyuckssunchip. All rights reserved.
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hyuckssunchip · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Pairings: Chenle x Reader
Words: 690
Warnings: Language (there is almost always language in my writings), nothing but fluff
After agreeing to do a favor for your friend, you unexpectedly run into Chenle. A first meeting of possibly many in the future.
(not loving this but... enjoy ig?)
Tumblr media
You were being dragged by the young puppy who had more strength than you thought was even possible. Kizzy was a terrier, only a half a foot tall yet she pulled you with the strength of a German Shepherd. 
"Kizzy! Slow down!" You yelled out, only to be lurched forward in response. 
You were dog watching and house sitting for a family friend who lived in an apartment complex only fifteen minutes from your own house. The complex was built surrounded by a park, and the buildings themselves had a village feeling to it. 
You sighed in relief as Kizzy suddenly stopped pulling, relieving herself. When she finished she managed to calm down and stopped taking you for the walk, instead of the other way around. The two of you were strolling through the park when you heard a loud shout.
"Daegal! No! Daegaal!" You turned your head and noticed a tiny ball of fur barrelling towards you. Without even thinking you snatched the puppy as she tried to bolt past you.
The boy who was in pursuit of ‘Daegal’ stopped before you, resting his hands on his thighs, trying to catch his breath. 
"Thank... you... so... much..." He panted, taking a huge breath between each syllable.
You smiled back and laughed quietly while he recovered. 
"I... don't know... why... She’s normally not... like this." He said looking up at you, breathing heavily and trying to regain his breath.
You giggled, setting ‘Daegal’ back down and handing his leash back to the boy before you.
"My name is Chenle. This is Daegal." He said, struggling to make his sentences smooth. "And you?" He asked and gestured at you and Kizzy with his outstretched hands.
"I'm Y/N and this is Kizzy."
"Oh, wow! Kizzy." He said cutely. You could help but smile at his attempt to say the terrior's name. 
"Cool." He continued with a little smile that lit up his whole face. "Umm... which way are you headed?" 
You pointed in a direction in response, and he nodded moving the same way.
"So, how old is Kizzy?" He questioned, and you smiled at the way he stumbled over the syllables. 
"Uh... I actually don't know. I'm house-sitting and dog-watching for a friend." 
"Oh." He said, nodding back as if that cleared everything up.
"To be honest, I'm not really a dog person, I'm really more into cats. No offense." You said, running your mouth to end any possible awkward silences. 
As if this was any better.
He laughed generously, obviously trying to lift the mood. “None taken, to each their own.”
Chenle smiled softly, watching as Daegal and Kizzy played with each other. 
You suddenly giggled at the sight. “By the way, what happened to her fur?”
You watched as his ears turned red, “Oh… I wanted to give her a haircut, but it didn’t go very well did it?”
He scratched the back of his neck sheepishly, “It looks bad doesn’t it?”
Feeling bad, you shook your head, “No, it looks fine, it’s just… noticeable.”
Your eyes met for a second and you giggled together. He raised his hands in defeat. “I get it, I’m not made out to be a dog hair dresser. I’ll have to rethink my career choices won’t I?”
He teased you with a wink. 
“Yeah, no offense, but I don’t think that that would be a great career choice.” 
Chenle pretended to be offended before caving in with a grin. He shoved his hands into his pockets as he walked alongside you, suddenly choosing to stray from the topic. 
“Do you like coffee?”
Your raised your eyebrows at this, glancing at him. 
“Coffee? Yeah, why?”
“I dunno, do you maybe wanna get some? I know this great cafe just around the corner.”
A shy smile broke out on your face, “Hell yeah, I could use a pick me up after a day of Kizzy dragging me around.”
“Good, I’m not the only one. Daegal had me a little out of it since she ran off.”
Who would’ve thought agreeing to dog sit would have you meeting Chenle, maybe good karma really did exist.
Tumblr media
© Copyright 2021. hyuckssunchip. All rights reserved.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
let’s be honest, we all either wanna be daegal, or wanna be with daegal 🐶
daegal really be living the y/n life….
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[8:55 pm] - Pt. 1
Tumblr media
Pairings: Taeyong x Reader
Words: 823
Warnings: Language (there is almost always language in my writings), violence (hitting), angst
‘when he hurts you’ boyfriend drabble
a misunderstanding escalates to something more, what will happen to their relationship??
also i wrote this a long time ago and just found it in my old drive, excuse the terrible writing lol, i tried to fix it the best i could 
(note: this is just a character, i trust that Taeyong would never use violence)
(check the comments on pt. 2 of the happy version to understand why i will be making another version.) 
Tumblr media
Taeyong and you had been dating steadily for six months, keeping each other in company and in check. But recently things had begun to fall apart.
Taeyong was more stressed about his upcoming comeback and you hardly got to see him anymore, he was always locked up in the studio. You knew it wasn't healthy for him, but you knew you couldn't do anything to help. You've already tried to talk some sense into him, to get him to sleep or at least eat, but he just brushed you off with the words 'maybe layer, I'm busy'. Today was no exception, he was holed up in his room again despite the fact that it was your six month anniversary. You hoped that he wouldn't be in there all day, that he would come out and surprise you, that he didn't forget. 
Quietly entering the room and setting down the breakfast you made for him on the coffee table, you made your way over to him. You wrapped your arms around his neck and nuzzled your head into his neck. But he didn't give you the reaction you were hoping for and shrugged his shoulders trying to push you off. A little heartbroken, you got the idea and sat on the stool next to him trying to make eye contact but he refused, his eyes only trained on the screen ahead of him. Just as you opened your mouth about to ask him to take a break he shoved his chair back and left the room without a word. You were shocked. Still dazed you heard a faint buzzing coming from your left. Your head turned and searched for the sound as you realized it was his phone. You tried to ignore the constant vibration but submitted to your curiosity, wondering what was so important. 
You wished you hadn't. What you saw on the phone shredded your heart to pieces. It was a picture. A picture of a well endowed woman, and you were able to clearly see that in the photo. Before you caught a glance at the rest of the texts you heard the door slam behind you. You flinched and stood up quickly furiously wiping the tears that threatened to spill from your eyes. For the first time that morning his eyes locked with your and his face contorted to a frown as he saw your expression. "Baby what's wrong?" He questioned you with a head tilt. You slowly grabbed his phone and shoved it at his chest as you shouldered past him to get your coat. He looked at the screen and immediately began to stutter grabbing your arm to stop you from leaving. "Y/N listen. This isn't what it looks like. These are fr-" "I don't want to hear your excuses Taeyong." You interrupted him. "Today of all days." He looked at you with a puzzled face and you outright laughed at him, a way to choke back the sob that was rising in your throat. "I don't under-" But you were overwhelmed with emotions, unable to stop the word vomit that interrupted him.
"You know, I had more faith in you Taeyong. You disgust me and I don't want to hear any of your excuses about your schedule anymore, because they were all lies weren't they? Huh?! While you were out here fucking her I was worried about your health. I was wrong wasn't I? Why wasn't I enough? Was it because I didn't put out all the time? Was it because I'm not good enough in bed? Huh?! Well good news for you, you can fuck her all you want now!" SLAP! Your head whipped to the left as you felt the sting on your right cheek and your hand immediately went to your face. You sat still in silence, then slowly brought your chin up only to see Taeyong staring at you with a blank face, his mouth just slightly parted. A few moments passed and he brushed passed you like nothing happened. You refused to let your eyes follow his figure as you heard the click of the door. You couldn't hold it in anymore and a choked cry left you as sobs wracked through your body. A couple more seconds passed then you grabbed your bag and sprinted out the door towards your car, heartbroken by his cold actions. He didn't even bother to check if you were okay, he wasn't even sorry. 
Tumblr media
Taeyong heard the door slam from the room he was in a few doors down and his heart dropped as he sprinted down the hallway. He skidded to a stop when he saw that your stuff was gone. 
He slid his back against the wall until he was seated with his knees tucked close to his chest. His hands wrapped themselves around his knees and his head rested on top. He sat there until Doyoung found him half an hour later with a bag of half melted ice on the floor next to him.
Tumblr media
Part 2 (happy) | Part 2 (bitter)
© Copyright 2021. hyuckssunchip. All rights reserved.
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hyuckssunchip · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
we all know that Taeyong is a fierce visual, you can’t deny that
but don’t forget that this is also Taeyong, bubu
because duality exists for Taeyong
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