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Men Are From Mars (Mark Lee)
Tumblr media
(Photo is not mine, credit to original owner)
*Pairing* Mark x Reader (Mentions of all of Dream, but they will all have a fic with their powers)
*Word Count* 1.7k
*Warnings* Smut, Oral (M receiving), Language, Manipulation, name calling, pet names. He's a scorpio mars they're hella seductive, mentions of alcohol consumption
*Synopsis* Every man is born with power from whichever zodiac is in their Mars. You just so happen to be best friends with one of the most powerful Scorpio Mars' your age. Mark's power makes him dangerous; a master of seduction, with the power of lust almost anything is possible. He vowed to never use it on you, but what if that happens to be your fantasy?
Tumblr media
Living next-door to one of the most powerful Scorpio Mars was both nerve-wracking and exhilarating. Mark was at the top of all his zodiac classes and just the top of class in general. He took you under his wing when you were both kids after witnessing a Taurus Mars manipulating you at recess. From that day forward he vowed to protect you, and to never use his powers against you. Possessing the power of Scorpio meant that without any effort at all Mark naturally drew people to him. By the time you were both in High School he had a fan club of sorts that were incredibly dedicated. Not that it ever really appealed to Mark, he could literally have them on their knees with a single wink.
Years had passed and Mark always made an effort to stay in contact with you. Even after he had been placed in an advanced zodiac group to train with. He always made it home for holidays, sometimes bringing his new friends along, and he NEVER forgot your birthday. Things all changed about a year ago when you began a new relationship with an Aries Mars, after Mark found out he seemingly stopped coming around. It sounded bad, but you hardly noticed. Your new beau keeping you more than content in the relationship. It was only after a few months that you noticed how strange you felt when you weren’t in the presence of Ryan, your Aries boyfriend. A wave of exhaustion always hung around you after, as though all your energy was drained.
The evening of your birthday arrived and still you had yet to hear from Mark. A frown hung on your face as you scrolled through posts from years past with your best friend. Mark never missed your birthday, he might not make it physically, but he always sent a heartfelt message to you. This year it seemed you wouldn’t be hearing from him. Ryan strolled into the room and your mood brightened instantaneously.
"The car is here, are you ready for the club?” Ryan grinned at you.
“Yeah, let's go” you intertwined your hands and adjusted your short black dress, smoothing out any wrinkles.
The bar was packed by the time you arrived, Ryan dragged you to the bar to get a drink and ordered a round of shots for the two of you. He kept a tight hold of your waist as he kept ordering shots, not allowing you to slip away to the dancefloor that you so desperately wanted to be on. Reluctantly, Ryan listened and you lead him to the dancefloor. His hands on your waist and your backside against him, the buzz of the liquor starting to take its full effect on your body. You had lost count of the shots, not being able to recall why you kept putting them away. From across the dancefloor, you swore you could see Mark and his usual gang of friends lurking around. They appeared to be looking for someone, suddenly a thick aura of manipulation could be felt. The crowd before you parted, allowing you to see Jeno and Renjun exuding their Taurus Mars powers to their full extent to get people to move. Behind them stalked Mark, his eyes flaming with Scorpio as he waltzed up to you.
“Someone had been a very bad Aries” Mark growled at your boyfriend.
Ryan slinked away from you, releasing you from whatever possessive hold he had on you. “I didn’t do anything”
Jaemin crept up behind him, the bossy and persistent Leo Mars powers snaked over Ryan. “Really? So, you haven’t been using your powers on (y/n)?” Haechan’s powerful Gemini Mars voice boomed from beside you.
Mark pulled you into his chest as Ryan lunged for you. His eyes flickered over Ryan, who fell to his knees before you to apologize profusely. “Let’s go” Mark tugged at your hand to lead you away from where Jisung and Chenle were beginning to interrogate your presumably ex-boyfriend.
When you got outside Mark ushered you into his car, and began driving off to your apartment. You took the opportunity to question him, though the faint exhaustion that came from being under the influence of a zodiac still lingered.
“I just knew. Aries are so aggressive with the approach. I knew from the moment I met him” Mark answered your question without having to ask.
“But, why didn’t you tell me? I was alone with him for so long” You asked, pleading with Mark to give you the answers.
“I can’t just pull him away. We had to overwhelm him. But you’re safe now. It’s okay.” Mark reached over to squeeze your knee reassuringly.
The ride to your apartment didn’t take long, but you knew you didn’t want Mark to leave you just yet. In an effort to keep him longer you turned to him. “Please stay with me tonight, Mark”
He smiled softly at you “Would that help you feel safer?”
You nodded at him and he ruffled your hair like he used to when you were kids “Well, I did promise to protect you when we were little. So I guess this is my duty”
A smile crept onto your face and the exhaustion wore away, replaced with excitement instead. You grabbed Mark’s hand and towed him into your building. He chuckled at your burst of energy and happily allowed himself to follow you. The apartment had looked the same as the last time he was here, photos of the two of you still hung amongst the rest of the family photos. Being back here with you reminding him of all the time spent together growing up. He smiled at you as you pulled all the blankets and pillows from your room onto the floor to set up for movie night with your best friend.
Mark settled in beside you on the makeshift bed on the floor, both of you leaning up against the couch as you surfed through Netflix to look for something mildly interesting. A quick glance at your phone screen alerted you to the time, 11:55pm.
“You know, it’s only my birthday for another five minutes” You looked at Mark with a small pout.
“Fuck. I was so busy trying to get rid of Ryan I forgot. I’m so sorry (y/n), I didn’t even get you anything” He looked down in shame.
You took his chin in your hand to force him to look at you “There is one thing that I’ve always wanted to try”
Mark looked at you in confusion and you smirked at him, “I’ve always kind of wanted you to use your powers on me”
His eyes widened in surprise, as if he couldn’t believe your confession. “Are you serious? I’m not using it right now I swear.”
“No, no, I know you’re not. But I spent a lot of years watching you use it on other people. And I know how frustrated you get when you thought it was the only reason people liked you. So, I just kind of gave up” You explained, offering him a small shrug.
“Let me get this straight.” He started, “You want me to seduce you with my gift because you actually like me?”
“Yeah. That's exactly it.” you said, though he looked unconvinced. “If you don’t believe me, you can call your mom. I told her all about it after you saved me from that Taurus when we were younger”
Mark’s eyes flashed red and you knew you had won. A warm feeling of lust spread over you and you gasped in delight. “In that case, I’m going to make you feel so fucking good”
You settled yourself between Mark’s legs to palm at his erection. He grabbed your face to pull you in for a rather rough kiss as you rubbed him over his jeans. “These need to go” You whined to him between kisses.
“While we’re at it, this dress is in the way too” Mark winked.
Without a second thought you stripped for him, tossing all your clothing to the side to be forgotten about. You got back to work on Mark’s cock, taking him in your mouth to suck him off. A throaty groan slipped from his lips as he rolled your hardened nipples between his fingers. He lifted you up to straddle him and you knew what he wanted. With Mark’s mouth pleasing your breasts, you sunk down on his cock, taking in his full length. You moaned loudly for him, his hands pressing into your ass to bounce you up and down on him. Both of you enjoying the feeling and drunk on pleasure. Mark covered your chest in purple love bites, and you sucked one into his neck as well so he wouldn’t forget.
His hands grasped your hips and he pulled you off so you were on your knees. “Grab the couch.” Mark instructed.
You did as you were told just as Mark pushed into you from behind. His fingernails digging into the soft flesh of your hips and you cried out in pleasure. This position allowed Mark the access he needed to hit you in all the right places. He used the chance to plant firm smacks to your ass, surely to leave handprints you would laugh about later. His thrusts got slower and more calculated as you got closer.
“Mark, I’m so close” You whined to him.
“Then cum for me, baby. I know you want to” He groaned and landed another hard smack across your ass.
Mark fucked you to your high and did the same for himself, pulling out and finishing all over your ass. He couldn’t help but smirk at the sight of you looking so fucked out because of him. Quickly Mark grabbed his shirt to wipe up the mess he made of you, and tossed it back to the pile of clothes on the floor. You snuggled back under the blankets and Mark tucked you into his side, allowing you to rest your head on his chest.
“So that’s what it feels like under the influence?” You asked.
“I only used it to get you on top of me. Everything else was just us” Mark kissed the top of your head as he spoke.
You hid your face against his chest as a blush swept across your cheeks when Mark spoke about it being natural. “Must’ve wanted that for a long time” He teased.
“Oh shut up” You smacked his chest lightly.
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The Nanny
Chapter 3
Tumblr media
Taeyong x fem reader
preview, 01, 02, 03
genre: mafia au! dad taeyong!
warnings: implied violence, angsty
word count: 3K
authors note: I am so so sorry this is a day late, I was gonna post it on Thursday like I had done with the previous chapters but when I reread the chapter I hated, absolutely despised the first draft of it. SO I deleted scenes and replaced it with better stuff. So now I can give you guys stuff I'm actually proud of, it is a little shorter though. We see dream in this chapter, which I hope you're all excited for because they play a semi big part in the story. also in other news, I might post other things besides long chapter fics like this but I'm not too sure yet. nevertheless, I hope you guys enjoy. hugs and kisses to anyone reading <333 ---------
Yesterday after taking Jisung to the airport, Johnny took you back to the mansion. Taeyong didn’t come home last night, just leaving you and Dasom. You were now sitting in the living room watching Dasom play with her toys, while you looked over some college classes to take online.
Just as you found a class that you needed and that would also work with your schedule, the front door slammed open, while someone was shouting your name. Rushing to the front door, you see Taeyong all but carrying Mark in and a battered group of men following behind him. You notice Jisung and Johnny in the back of the group making their way into the house.
You went over to help Taeyong hold Mark up, bringing him to the couch in the living room. Just as you entered the living room, Dasom put down her toys shouting “Jisung,” while Jisung picked her up in his arms. Jisung then handed Dasom over to a maid to take her upstairs for the moment.
“What happened?” you whispered out to no one in particular, just looking around at the group of boys that was badly beaten up. They looked to be hurt, tired, and dirty. Taeyong had grabbed your arm pulling you away from the group, out to the hallway.
“Look,” Taeyong was exhausted, you could tell from his out of breath tone, “they need to stay here, and I need to go back to the office just for a few more hours, okay?” You heard everything Taeyong said, but there was a droplet of blood freshly stained onto his shirt that caught your attention.
You stared at the vibrant red, the gravity of the situation you were in finally hitting you. This was a life or death situation, something you knew nothing about. The weight of the fact that there were people trying to kill finally setting in. You felt tears welling in your eyes, you felt so guilty, throwing temper tantrums about people not talking to you, when there were people risking their lives to protect you.
“Hey, hey, hey” Taeyong had pulled your face to look at him instead of the stain, “why are you crying?” he asked while wiping the fallen tears away. You wrapped your arms around him burying your head in his chest whispering out a meek sorry.
Taeyong looked down at you, wrapping his arms around you, trying to figure out what set you off so suddenly. Taeyong looked up from you to meet Johnny and all Taeyong could do was shrug.
Taeyong finally pulled you off of him, “what’s wrong?”
Collecting yourself and wiping away your tears, “I’m sorry for making this difficult for you,” Taeyong was about to object, thinking that he was dealt with worse people, “You should change before you go back to the office, there’s blood on your shirt.” You finished off, walking away from Taeyong and back to the group in the living room.
Taeyong watched you walk away, deciding to leave you and go upstairs to change. You walked back into the living room, your face had a tint from the crying but nothing too noticeable. “What happened?” you whispered to Johnny.
“It was an ambush,” Johnny whispered back to you, while looking at the group of boys on the couch that was about to pass out. All of them leaning on each other, exhaustion was evident, as well as dirty.
You could see the sweat, dirt and blood on all of them. “Yah!” Taeyong yelled from the stairs, as he walked into the room. “Go shower, you’re getting my couch dirty.” You watched all the boys groan before one stood up, he was tall, well built and had platinum blond hair.
“I’m gonna shower in Taeyong’s bathroom,” the boy standing announced.
“There’s enough bathrooms for at least half of you to shower right now,” Taeyong said, looking at his phone, “Hyuck, you're gonna need to help Mark.”
“Yeah,” a tan boy, who you thought was Hyuck, still sitting on the couch answered.
“Johnny you ready?” Taeyong asked, you turned your attention to see Johnny nodding along. “I’ll be back for dinner,” Taeyong directed towards you; you just nodded along. The two of them walked out the door, heading back to the office.
Four of the boys stood from the couch heading up the stairs, there were still three of them that remained on the couch, one of them was the tan boy, Hyuck, Mark and the third, he was smaller in frame than the rest but he held the least emotion in his face.
You took notice of the blood that was seeping through the bandages on Mark. You got down on the floor in front of his position on the couch, “we should change your bandages, it’s bleeding through already.” You spoke to the half-asleep boy who just nodded his head. “Can you go get the first aid kit, there should be one in the kitchen,” you looked at the tan boy now, who just nodded his head as well.
“I’m Mark, we never formally met” he then pointed to the boy sitting by his feet now, “that’s Renjun, and the one getting the first aid kit, Donghyuck”
“(y/n), how did you get hurt?”
“I got stabbed,” Mark said, closing his eyes again, as Donghyuck walked back in with the first aid kit and a medical bag.
“Thank you,” you turned back to grab the stuff from Donghyuck, going back to Mark.
You began to change the dressing on Mark’s wound, and one by one the four boys that went up to shower came back down. Each one has their own wounds that you tend to. Almost two hours later, you had seven boys all with some type of wounds, freshly cleaned laying on the couch watching a movie along with Dasom, who was cuddling up next to Jisung. The seven of them whispered amongst themselves, when you left them to go into the kitchen and check on dinner.
“Young madam,” the older maid greeted as you entered the kitchen, “is there something I can do for you?”
“Auntie please, I told you just to call me (y/n),”
“No madam,”
“Fine,” you sighed, not understanding why she insisted on such etiquette, “I was just wondering when dinner would be ready?”
“Dinner should be ready shortly madam,”
“Thank you,” you responded back exiting the kitchen, you mind foggy with the wounds you saw on those boys. You also learned the names of all the boys, the tall, well-built, with platinum blond hair was Jeno. The one constantly clinging to Jeno was Jaemin, the smaller boy with orange hair was Chenle, then of course Jisung, Renjun, Donghyuck, and Mark. Realizing this is the group dream.
As you entered the room again you heard the faint whispers of someone named ‘Seulgi’ the name not ringing a bell. You ignored all whispers when you entered the room, “dinner will be ready soon,” you announced.
“Thank you (y/n),” Mark said, “we know this is your house but thank you for letting us stay here.”
“This is Taeyong’s house, but you’re welcome to stay nonetheless,”
“Thank you for taking care of us too,” Mark added, gesturing to the bandages you placed. He was like the spokesperson for the group.
“Its the least I can do,”
“Here sit, watch with us,” Mark scooted closer to Donghyuck. You found your seat next to Mark and the armrest.
You and the boys along with little Dasom, watched several movies as well as eating dinner on the couch. The night was filled with laughter, stories, and good memories. It was one of the first evenings since you came to the mansion that you finally felt like before. Dream treated you like an actual person, they talked, and laughed with you. The loneliness of the past week was like wearing a coat of chains, but dream helped carry the coat.
You and the boys were laughing at Hyuck teasing Jeno, while Jeno was attacking back physically when Taeyong walked back through the door.
“Hi,” Taeyong greeted meekly, staring at all of you.
“Taeyong,” the boys shouted unanimously, and you couldn’t help but wear the biggest smile. Each of them took their time talking to Taeyong, nearly shouting over each other, and even now you couldn’t force the smile to leave your face. These boys were a firecracker of energy, even with almost life-threatening wounds, they wore nothing but smiles. The happiness in the room was like antibiotics to the disease of loneliness.
At the end of the night, you carried Dasom to bed, she fell asleep on the couch while watching a movie with dream. You tucked her into her bed, and then began to make your way down the stairs, stopping midway when you overheard your name being thrown around.
“Shes like Seulgi,” it sounded like Mark, and that name again, the name you didn't recognize, “are you serious about this?”
“I am,” that was Taeyong’s voice. You felt guilty for eavesdropping, decided to make your presence known as you continued down the stairs.
“She’s out like a light,” you said with a smile to the group of boys lounging around.
“Thank you,” Taeyong said, giving you a warm smile, “have a drink with us.”
“No no, I’m gonna shower and call it a night,” you felt it better to leave them to their conversations, “I just came down to say goodnight.”
“Goodnight,” the boys said collectively, their unison bringing out a small giggle.
“Goodnight (y/n),” Taeyong said slowly, looking at you, as he laid back in his chair, arms open, one hand holding his drink. In that moment you clearly saw just exactly how pretty he was. His sharp gaze, cut jawline, the slender cut of his frame, the length of his legs, he was a work of art in every aspect of his being. In that moment, you finally saw the extent of his beauty and how it proceeded any expectation.
“Goodnight sir”
The next morning as you made your way down the stairs, the mansion felt more lively than ever. You could hear the boys from the dining room, their conversation filled with laughter. As you entered the room, you took notice of the large breakfast spread laid out for them. Taeyong sitting in his seat, Dasom on his left hand side, the seat on his right hand side empty, and the rest of dream filling in around the table.
You took your seat, “good morning (y/n),” Taeyong softly spoke to you.
“Good morning,” you stared back at Taeyong, the two of you caught up in gazing at each other.
“(y/n),” Mark called out to you, “thank you for helping out yesterday, we’re gonna be heading back today. After this actually.”
“Really?” you questioned, feeling your heart break. They all could hear the emotion in your voice. Being with dream was like a breath of fresh air, you were drowning, and they pulled you out of the water. “Excuse me, I'm not that hungry.” you said standing and leaving the table. You weren’t about to throw another temper tantrum for not having things your way. You were just gonna silently cry in your room, and hope no one would come find you.
We all watched her leave, and walk away from the table, I couldn’t stop myself from following after her.
“(y/n)” I caught her right before she went up the stairs.
“Yes?” she turned back around, looking down at me, tears in her eyes.
“What’s wrong?”
“It’s nothing really, I just need a moment, excuse me,” she tried to rush up the stairs again, before I caught her wrist.
“What’s really wrong?” She looked away trying to stop herself from all out bawling I imagine.
“Sir, it’s really not your problem, i’ll be fine,”
“You’re my finacée, it is my problem,” She smiled just a little.
“Sir, I am the nanny, not you’re actually finacée,” she reasoned, raising her eyebrows at me.
“That can change,” I said, pulling on her wrist, to come down the few steps she climbed, “now tell me what’s wrong, I will fix it.”
She smiled a little wider this time, “I just like having the boys here,” she paused this time, looking down at my hand still wrapped around her wrist, “they talk to me like I’m a normal person, it’s nice. It may have been only a day, but I’m gonna miss them, that’s all.”
“They can stay,” I wish, I want to give her her life back, but I couldn’t live with myself if she died because of me. So in the meantime, I will give her whatever that makes this, somewhat like her life before.
“They can stay here, they used to live here when they were still in school, they can come back and stay here again.”
“Shouldn’t you ask them? They are adults sir, you cannot order them around, you’re not their father,”
“Like hell I can’t, I’m their boss,” I leaned in just a little, looking down at her, “They will do what I tell them to.”
Taeyong marched you back into the dining room, where the boys sat, still eating their breakfast.
“Dream,” Taeyong started off grabbing all of their attention, “move back home, here.”
“Sir,” you scolded, “it’s up to you really,” you started off, looking at the boys sitting on the table, “you guys can come back and stay here if you want to, the doors will always be open to you. We… I would like it very much if you guys stayed. I’m sure Dasom would too,” you looked at the little girl, eating pancakes.
Each of the boys began to smile, exchanging glances between themselves, “we would love to stay,” Mark responded. Hearing Mark say that, seeing the smiles the boys wore, had a sense of joy that was unlike any other.
“(y/n), let me,” Taeyong pulled Jisung’s box out of your arms, walking it up the stairs in front of you. He was supposed to go into the office this morning, but instead decided to stay and help the boys. He wore his dress pants, the top buttons of his shirt undo, his tie tossed aside on the couch, his sleeves rolled up to his elbows.
“Thank you,” you said almost breathlessly.
“You’re drooling,” Donghyuck said coming up next to you,
“I am not,” you said wiping your face, trying to feel around if you were drooling.
“No you’re not, at least not yet,” Donghyuck laughed out, making his way up the stairs, causing you to shake your head.
“Ha ha ha, very funny Hyuck,” you rolled your eyes, wondering if your admiration of Taeyong was that obvious.
That night you sat around in the yard, with Taeyong, Dasom and all the boys of dream.
“How are you doing?” Jaemin asked when it was just you and him grabbing the drinks.
“I’m good, I’m glad you guys are staying.”
“We like spending time with you too,” Jaemin smiled.
“Taeyong said that you guys would do whatever he says, and I don’t want any of you to feel like you have to stay here, I’m sure you guys have lives too and you can’t just spend all of your time wit-”
“(y/n) It’s okay, we want to be here,” Jaemin reassured you. You glanced back at the boys lounging around, laughing about, smiling at these new found friends. “Taeyong is really happy with you,” Jaemin came up to your side, whispering, “you know?”
You hummed in acknowledgement as Jaemin made his way to return to the group. You always knew your feelings for Taeyong were not ones you should have for their boss, but you knew you never crossed the line. Taeyong was a wonderful father to Dasom, there wasn’t anything that he wouldn’t do for her. He was always an amazing boss, he paid you well above the minimum wage, enough money where your bills were always paid. Not to mention just how incredibly handsome he was. The media didn’t help your twisting feelings ever, there was no wrong he could do. He donated to countless charities, all reports from employees that worked under him were nothing but positive. He was truly a man that had stepped out of your dreams.
After today with him and Dasom, you knew your feelings, you liked Taeyong.
Towards the night, when everyone was starting to feel the tiredness of the day. Dasom came up to you, the little girl rubbing her eyes and yawning. She lifted her arms to say she wanted to be carried, you picked her up, pressing her against your front, resting her head on your shoulder.
“I love you (y/n),” Dasom whispered only loud enough for you to hear and you felt your heart break open.
“I love you too princess,” you whispered back. You went over to Taeyong, “I’m gonna take her inside already,”
Taeyong nodded his head, “I’ll come with you,” he said as he stood from his chair, placing a hand on your waist, “we’re gonna call it a night, goodnight.”
“Goodnight guys,” you said back to the rest of the boys. You could hear them all say goodnight back, as you, Taeyong and Dasom walked to the house. Just like a little family.
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haechan smirks something smug as you sink to the floor in front of him. he watches as you immediately try to go to work and unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants, eyes focused in on the print showing through his jeans. he chuckles and slips his hand underneath your chin and grabs it between his thumb and pointer finger, pushing your head up to face him. you closed your eyes, not trying to let yourself be found out. you felt so needy and so out of it. "eager, are we sweetheart? you want it that badly?" you opened your eyes out of relax to answer him, always look when talking, and stared him straight in the eyes and answered him, "yes, master. i really want it." his eyes widen as he saw how sincere you looked, it looked like there was hearts in your eyes. simply, you looked like a slut. it made him so hard and gave him headrush, as pleasure surged through him, how willing you were to please him. "please master, will you let me?" you fidgety and antsy as he took in his shock and tried to calm down before he fucked you on every surface in yall's apartment. clearing his throat to gather his bearings, "s- s- sure, go ahead" let's just say, he returned the favor tenfold <3
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Made for Me to Love
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing: Mark x reader
Genre: floof and bebe floof🤧
Based off of this song
(and tbh this is my absolute favorite song🥺)
Love is a funny thing. Love likes to give you surprises. But more than anything, love makes you feel a certain way. An indescribable feeling that a lot of us can’t really put into words. Sometimes though, you just know that you were made for something or someone.
As a little girl you had somewhat a thought of what you hope your future husband would be like. And as you got older and met other people that thought sort of dwindled. You felt like you’d never come across him as you watched friend start their lives and have their kids. And you were happy for them!
So, when was it going to be your turn? Well tonight seemed to be the night as you sat in thoughts at another friend’s wedding. ‘God where he is? When is he coming? I know you got him picked out and ready for me…so what am I missing?’ You had a lot of these conversations, whether the big guy upstairs heard you or not, you had to get it off your chest sometimes.
But suddenly it’s like time froze once your eye locked on another pair looking in your direction. You felt the atmosphere shift dramatically as the handsome stranger made his way to you. You didn’t know what to do with yourself the closer he got but a burning in your chest was telling you, ‘this is him. It has to be.’
“Um hi, this may sound a little creepy but. I’ve been um watching or more like waiting to get the courage to ask you to dance with me? You’ve been sitting here by yourself all night and you’re too beautiful to be sitting here by yourself-“
That moment you fell right in love with Mark as you soon learn his name. The minute your hands touched you two both knew you were made for each other. It seemed like it was written in the stars that night as he danced with you all night. Conversations flowed naturally and a lot of people thought you were already a couple.
“It’s like they were made for each other.” Your best friend whispered to your other friends as they watched you make your way down the aisle to Mark. The way you both looked at each other and smiled, everyone could see how much you loved each other. Tears formed in both your eyes the minute you reached him. 2 years of dating felt like a lifetime. People were surprised you two didn’t marry sooner.
Life with Mark was priceless, never a dull moment. You always felt at home when his arms wrapped around you, it was secret weapon whenever you two had an argument.
“I’m not letting you go until you look at me. Even if we have to stay up all night. I’ll do it because I love you too much for you to be mad at me.” His words always got you and eventually you turned in his arms to bury your face in his chest.
“I hate that I love you too much sometimes.” Mark just chuckled knowing you were just kidding. Leaving sweet kisses along your face till he reached your lips, you both seemed to melt into each other. Every time you kissed even when you both kissed for the first time…it felt like you already knew him. You weren’t scared or nervous. You just knew.
Just like you felt as though you’ve already met the little baby that’s growing in you. You watched the pink lines slowly arrive on the tears making your heart soar. You were so excited knowing you would have the family you and Mark dreamed of having. You opened the bathroom door where a nervous Mark sat on your shared bed.
“Well what’s the news?” You bit your lip trying to keep your from giving it away. Mark rose from his spot before making his way to you.
“Are we? Are you?”
“We’re going to be parents!” You finally revealed the tests to him as he scooped you into his arms. He had tears in his eyes knowing your baby is waiting to meet you both. And in that moment it went from just you to it being you and your baby. Sitting against the headrest you played with your now growing tummy,
“I feel like we already know you. You’re so close to coming here and yet…it feels like I already know you so well.” Mark stood in the doorway watching you with his soft eyes. It made him think about the little eyes he’ll get to gaze into in a couple more weeks. He couldn’t wait to hold that tiny hand in his.
And that day finally came as you watched Mark hold your daughter close to his chest. Tiny little fist wrapped tight around his finger as he slowly rocked her. It felt like a dream, a dream you had when you were little. You couldn’t stop smiling even after hours of painful labor. It didn’t feel like a chore, it felt surreal. And you’d do it all over again. You understood the phrases that your friends always said after they had their kids. You thought they were insane but now you get it.
“Sleep babe, you worked really hard. I’ll- we’ll be here while you sleep.” You nodded giving your daughter and Mark one last kiss before closing your eyes and dream of your family. Mark sat next you, smile still present. He gently laid your daughter down, scooting her bassinet closer to him. He couldn’t help but look up with a slight chuckle escaping him.
“I don’t know how you do it but I’m you do. Thank you for giving me my beautiful girls, they were both worth the wait.” You were made for me to love.
a/n: thanks for reading and I hope I did the song some justice💕
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hug4jaehyun · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀🗯️.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
▒ᩤ (⸝⸝ᴗ͈ ̫ ᴗ͈⸝⸝) ⩨ ꒲ ⛓️ Ꮺ ɗᥝꮇᥢ ꮪꮋᥝᥕᥣ⃗ᧇ #%...␦!
▒⃨⠀ ⋆ 𝗹𝗶🅺𝗲 𝗼𝗿 𝗿𝗲𝗯𝗹𖦹𝗴 ⁉️ ♥︎__♥︎ ✿❀
—   ⩇⩇:⩇⩇ ★̲ 𝖩𝖺𝖾𝗁𝗒𝗎𝗇 𝗆☹︎☻𝖽𝖻𝗈𝖺𝘳𝖽 ⏜͡︵ 𓈈 ﹆
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the evolution of yuta kabedonning xiaojun
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nctsworld · 25 days ago
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jaemtens · 26 days ago
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he’s moving back to toronto to play baseball ⚾
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xiaojvn · a month ago
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nct ‘beautiful’ • wayv line
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lovestereo · a month ago
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bluejaem · 2 months ago
⌗ pulling each other closer to kiss ( ver. dreamies )
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
( you pulling them ) : mark, renjun, hyuck, jisung
(✿) —; MARK LEE. mark never thought that he’d get pulled by the collar by someone. but when he did experience that, he sure was not aware of the fact that he’d get a kiss alongside it. he definitely gets all flustered because he did not expect you to pull something like that out of nowhere— literally. “well, that’s something . . . ” his voice trails off as the scene plays in his head again, “—new.”
(✿) —; HUANG RENJUN. it was yet another one of your tantrums where you wanted to stay home and spend time with him, but renjun had already promised the boys that you both’d be there. he helps you up as you lazily try to do so, but then wrap your arms around his neck, “fine, i’ll go get changed.” and slightly pulling him closer to yourself, you planted a short kiss on his lips. returning your kiss, he smiled, “we’re getting late!” “finefinefine! i’ll go get changed!” you chuckled, making him do the same.
(✿) —; LEE HAECHAN. something about you pulling him by his coat to kiss him piqued his interest so much. maybe it’s all the teen movies that he’d seen, or maybe it’s just him being himself. but haechan sure did love that feeling. would, a hundred percent, tell you that it was hot. pulling back, he whispered lowly, “oh, i love you so much, darling,” then completing the sentence with the infamous smirk forming on his lips.
(✿) —; PARK JISUNG. pulling back from the kiss, you were greeted with a flustered mess. jisung had his nose scrunched, accompanied by a shy smile on his lips as he tried to hide his face in embarassment, “give me a warning or something next time! thought i almost died when you pulled me by my belt!” divert the attention from the kiss all you want, jisung. but we all know the reason for the hue of red appearing on your cheeks <3
( them pulling you ) : jeno, chenle, jaemin
(✿) —; LEE JENO. all i see is clingy jeno. he just loves getting your attention. and most definitely does this at those times. pulls you by your waist until you are close enough to his figure, only to act like a clingy ass, smothering you with kisses until you give in. he just wants his daily fix of hugs and kisses, honestly. “lee jeno, you man baby!” you chuckled in between the ticklish kisses he was leaving down your neck.
(✿) —; NA JAEMIN. everything about na jaemin is so attractive. and no, that is not an exaggeration. he does this thing where he lifts your chin up by using his index finger to bring your face closer to his as he leans in, oh-so slowly, just to build up the excitement. his eyes staring into yours as the tension builds, and your faces are close as ever, anticipation written all over them. now how do you tell him about the backflips your stomach was doing then, because damn, he’s so fucking beautiful.
(✿) —; ZHONG CHENLE. he loves getting reactions out of you. chenle absolutely loves the way your eyes grow wide as a soft yelp leaves your lips, with your eyes closed as you feel your figure losing its balance when he pulls you by your belt. but everything stops when your lips land on his. breaking away from the kiss, you hear him laugh at your reaction, “you can not just do that out of nowhere and expect me to react normally!” “but that’s what makes it funnier!” “gah, i hate you!” “i love you too, my love!”
Tumblr media
© BLUEJAEM, 2021
Tumblr media
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kdongyoung · a month ago
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NCT 2021 — ‘beautiful’ mv 
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dongsiceng · 23 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ten : 'miracle' dance practice behind the scene
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luvno · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
when you kiss me :: nct 127 x fem!reader
wc :: 1K+
genre :: fluff
synopsis :: what type of kisses nct 127 members are !!
nct dream version || wayv version
Tumblr media
(𑁍) — (taeil) :: i wouldn't say the types of kisses he gives are his favorite, it's just the ones he gives the most often. with such a busy, yet rewarding, lifestyle, taeil often gives goodbye kisses. they are usually the most meaningful of all his kisses because he doesn't want to leave, if he could he would stay with you all year long into the next couple of years. they hold such intensity because he's gonna work hard so that when he does come back, his hello kisses will be even more meaningful. these kisses are also the reason he's arrives late to almost everything. his excuse, "i was saying goodbye." "and it made you a whole 30 minutes late?" "yep!"
(𑁍) — (johnny) :: this man, yall. he's such a jack-ass, tease is his middle name i swear. as much as he loves kissing your lips, cause trust he thinks about them all of the time, he also likes to be the menace (it's out of love tho or wtv). he likes to taunt you by leaning in and kissing the corner of your mouth. totally makes it seem like he's going to give you the softest and sweetest kiss in the world just to jerk his head to the side and plant said kiss next to your lips. "oh, sorry. i havs spontaneously bad aim...well bye!" he then quickly walks away with his long ass legs, laughing as you chase after him, demanding a real kiss. good luck, as long as you chase him then he is getting what he wants. 7/10 experience for me cause that's extra work and 9/10 experience for you cause your in love with him (so am i but let's refocus <3).
(𑁍) — (taeyong) :: our leader is so sweet. he spends so much time at his job that he only continously sees you at night when comebacks are at their highest. he tries to spend as much time as he has with you before both of you start to get sleepy. but when the time does come that you both have to go to bed because he has schedules and you have work, he starts to apologize for not staying awake longer but he is exhausted. his voice turns into soft whispers and mumbles to which you smile at cause he's just so cute and sweet to you. you reassure him that "it's okay, i understand you're busy. i'm just content with you here, yong." upon your words, he blinks slowly and smiles, humming in agreeement before leaning in and giving you his infamous goodnight kiss.
(𑁍) — (yuta) :: maybe it was the booze, maybe it was the heat, or maybe even the sweat that rolled off the two of you but it was like you were floating away. you couldn’t focus near him and honestly neither could he but you guess he was just better at hiding it. you two always ended up like this, wasted and together. a bad combination, especially for two people who aren’t even supposed to be in the same room with each other. at least for the sanity of everybody else in the room, people wouldn’t be able to breathe under that tension. if they could only imagine the tension in your room. the both of you wrapped, tangled more like, in the covers. yuta really couldn’t help himself when he started to give you jawline kisses, so enamored by how gorgeous you looked under him. things would escalate and the kisses would turn south but never on your own, that would be too much. of course, it wouldn’t last long…this wouldn’t last long. by the time the sun came up over the horizon and both of you tire yourselves out, sleep will overcome you like any normal person (and yea, you’re in an “abnormal situation but sleep is sleep). after indulging too much into something that could never happen again, you’ll disappear from yuta again when he opens his eyes to the sun and regret once more the somehow recurring nights between you two. so maybe, you should stop seeing, loving, and sleeping with your ex.
(𑁍) — (doyoung) :: now, listen. doyoung can be a bit of a child, if not, just a little (lot) sassy. he can also be a little lazy when he's not working which is all well and good cause he works and sings like rent is due. the only problem is that this also relays into his kisses. sometimes he gets to lazy to properly kiss you especially if he's laying down, you're just out of luck hun. but with a little arguing back and forth and empty threats he finally gives in. he gives nose kisses, which isn't exactly what you'd hoped for but you let it slide because it was cute. and you can bully him for kissing your nose like an actual bunny to which he'll groan at and just toss you so that underneath him and he can properly kiss you and that you can "shut up" and let him "finally relax. it's been a long day, be nice." and he gives lay kisses but nose kisse are better so there.
(𑁍) — (jaehyun) :: as adamant as this man is on not letting people know too much about him, i think he just likes how much of a thrill it is to give secret kisses. he likes to think of it as a game between you two and enjoys it way more than he should. maybe it's the sneaking off and hoping to not got caught, the risk of getting caught. maybe it's the feeling of hiding away somewhere where it's just you two, your own little space, in your little world. and maybe it's in this world, that in public, he can be himself: terribly lovesick and wrapped around your finger because he is so enamored by you. maybe he likes the fact you have to be really close to him when hiding away from everyone to exchange kisses and the quiet chuckle he lets out tells you everything you need to know. "you're too enthusiastic, jae." "maybe so, kiss me again though." and so you do, tucked away in some random corner jaehyun had pulled you in, kissing so hard before you had to split apart and go back to your friends who hadn't notice your presence was gone.
(𑁍) — (jungwoo) :: jungwoo's favorite place to be is in the crook of your neck. he can hold you closer this way and you smell like the sweet soap and shampoo you used in the shower early. you smell so divine and he feels so relaxed and comfortable that almost always refuses to let go. but what he really likes about laying in the crook is the lingering neck kisses he can leave. the first one is always a shock because he pulls you impossibly closer to him and press his lips right against your most sensitive part. he moves upward towards your face, holding you still as possible from squirming around from him. when he does reach your face, he looks at you with a small frown (that you have no clue is fake or not), "why are you trying to leave me?" he then proceeds to smoosh his face into your cheek, "don't leave ! love me!" give in and he'll kiss you on the lips and go back to the crook of your neck to fall asleep. try to get away and he'll continue to smoosh his face into yours and hold you so close, squeezing you and then tickle you so that you have no choice but to give in. just give up.
Tumblr media
all writing content created here belongs to @/love-sho, you are allowed to reblog my posts but please DO NOT repost any of my works on other platforms without permission.
Tumblr media
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It's illegal to look this fluffy!!!!!
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yutaslaugh · 27 days ago
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a summary of NCT in 2021 ♡
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nctsworld · 28 days ago
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he did it, the son of a bitch finally did it!
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[ universe ] image teaser :: jeno (1/?)
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
‘miracle’ behind the scene :: xiaojun
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