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Your Move [M] Ch. 1
Tumblr media
Preview:“I bet I am the only girl who you haven’t slept with in school yet. You know why?”
Mark tilts his head to the side and crosses his arms. “Why?”
You then walk up and get in his face, figuring out that he is just a few inches taller before going on with your rant.
“Because I am not attracted to you, never will deal with you, and know that the only thing you want from a girl is what’s in her pants. I see you Mark Lee, and I am disgusted, appalled, and put off every time I see you.”
Word Count: 5,183
Warnings: Mark is a bad boy/ delinquent/pissant who enjoys getting underneath the skin of the reader. Talk of sex, squirting, and mild dirty thoughts/arousal of reader. Oh and lots of cursing! Mark says “vanilla” :P but we know better.
You scream into your backpack as your best friend Yuna tries to calm you down. She strokes your back, knowing just how bad this situation is for you. The city bus bumps a little, masking the kicks that you dish out to the empty seat in front of you. You were about to rip your hair out as your eyes teared for the fifth time today.
 If he had left you alone, this wouldn't have happened. Everyday Mark picked on you for being about school, not having a boyfriend, and not looking like the resident school sluts. The argument all started when Mark decided he was going to trip you, but when he tried, you ended up falling on him. 
 Your breasts were sitting up in your canary yellow long-sleeved crop top, and your ass fell right on his lap in your black high wasted distressed jeans. You stare at each other.
 And then… you slapped him. 
 You slap Mark Lee so hard that he doesn’t just fall back on his desk; he falls out on the floor with blood on his lip.
 “Bet you’ll think twice next time before tripping me, huh?” You say with your hands on your hips.
 Mark grits his teeth as he wipes the blood from his lip and his friends help him up. “Didn’t have to make me bleed, you crazy bitch!”
 “Didn’t have to put your foot in my path, you narcissistic fuck wad!”
 You two give each other every single insult from your mama jokes to your daddy jokes, fat jokes, and even insult each other’s clothing. You stomp your combat boots out of anger, getting ready to lunge before Yuna holds you back, but... trouble arrives.
  You were on the city bus, en route to the area in which Mark Lee lives, so that you could be his private tutor; Why must you endure such suffering?
 You scream once again in your backpack, and groan as you stomp your boots on the floor, moaning and groaning in despair as Yuna continues to stroke your back to ease your mind. 
Yuna sighs, “I see it now. ‘And in tonight’s news, two high school teens kill one another in a battle royale; more details at 10’.”
 You shake your head at your friend’s sense of humor, running your fingers through your hair. You didn’t know what was worse, tutoring Mark Lee or having to tutor him in his home instead of your own; Did everything have to blow up? 
 Things could’ve had gone a different direction if Mark Lee would’ve left you alone, but this tyrant was inescapable.
 You glance over and there is a big smile on Yuna’s face while she texts on her phone. Once she sees you eyeing her, she finishes her text and puts it away as if you didn’t notice what she was doing. The expression on your face makes Yuna gulp, causing you to scowl at her before she gives up and passes the phone to you. 
 Seeing who she is talking to and you give back the phone before pouting.
 “Oh, come on Y/N,” she holds her phone, checking if she has a reply yet from the last person you thought she would be with.
 “Nope. How could you?! Here I am, hoping that you give a damn about what is happening, and you are dating a close friend of tyrant Mark Lee, behind my back?!” you click your tongue before feeling a pinch to your arm and wince in pain.
“Don’t get mad at me because your temper got the best of you; Jaehyun and I don’t have to join in your feuding because we are your friends.” She has a finger in your face.
 You resist the urge to snap at it like a dog, but you decide to let her have this one; she may be right, but the whole thing hurts you. Yuna sighs in defeat before tapping your arm to get your attention, but your eyes are tearing up.
  “Stop it, ok?! Jaehyun and I are an official couple; have been for some time. He’s been telling me I should tell you, and he has wanted to get you, I, and Mark together hoping we can all get along and be friends.”
 You don’t buy it for a second, but why would your best friend lie to you, of all people? Sure, she and Jaehyun were dating, but he had done nothing to you but smiled and always kept Mark from making a bigger mess with you. 
 Now it was all making sense as Yuna’s phone rang.
 “Hi baby,” Yuna answers, a little too cute for your taste as she presses speakerphone.
 “How are you beautiful?” Jaehyun has a sexy tone that has the power to melt a girl. You watch as they both exchange details about their day across the line, and soon you get pulled into the conversation.
 “Is she right next to you?” Jaehyun’s tone is hopeful, which makes you curious. “Am I on speaker?”
 Yuna begs you to be civil as you sigh in defeat and take the phone. 
 “Hi Y/N, how are you? I’m uh... sorry for how Mark acted today.” It wasn’t Jaehyun’s place, but at least he knows what kind of person he was.
 “No need to apologize; it’s not like you meant for that to happen.”
 “No, not at all! If I had known he would’ve acted like that before, I would have stopped it, but Mark is impulsive; like... he uses his brain for everything except making better decisions.”
 You stifle a chuckle and make Yuna smile before Jaehyun finishes. “But hey, I only called Yuna because I figured you may be with her. Mark told me not to give you his address, but I will anyway; because he doesn’t run me, and he needs to face you outside of school for a change.”
 You scowl at that.
 “You don't have to.”
 “Yes, I do Y/N. Mark has no excuse for how he treats you. Your tutoring sessions may teach him a bit of respect and humility. I mean... Mark has either scared away, seduced, or lied to his last previous tutors that his parents hired, but having someone that he knows a bit more about may block any ill intention for once.”
 Scared away, seduced, or lied on? Jeez…. you weren't dealing with a school tyrant anymore. This kid was as bratty outside of school as he was in it. Yuna notices your expression and asks if you want her to let him go, but you shake your head to refuse.
 “So, what’s the address?” you curse. 
 Jaehyun says he’ll text the address to Yuna’s phone in a few minutes so she can forward it to you, but there is a loud bang and screaming in the background about old food on the table.
Jaehyun groans, explaining how it wasn’t he who did it, but the other male has already threatened to commit murder on everyone there if no one fesses up. 
 The line hangs up, and seconds later a text with the address and some words makes you both question what will happen to Jaehyun by tomorrow.
Sorry. This may be the last time you hear from me. Good luck Y/N. I hope it all works out, and if you find out about a body found in the Han River...it’s mine. Bye!
 You can’t help but laugh at that, but your laugh falters once Yuna sends the address to your phone. You enter it in your GPS.
After talking with Yuna some more, you reach your drop off point and grab your backpack before standing up and waiting for the driver to come to a stop.
 “Might not be so bad; what could go wrong? The second the tyrant makes me upset or uncomfortable, I’m leaving.”
 Yuna nods her head and gives you a hug before pushing your hair behind your ear. “Call if anything happens. I’ll pick you up when I have the car later.”
 Before you leave the bus, you nod and smile. Yuna gives you a thumbs up and wave to you as the bus leaves.
 You soon stop in front of a white gate. It is open, and after enough deliberation, you decide to go in. Your eyes widen at the sight before you, a beautiful modern home with a wooden and stone exterior surrounded by different trees and bushes. It’s like you have walked into a movie as you approach the house.
 Did Mark Lee live here? You text Yuna, telling her you made it, but you aren’t sure if you found the right place.
 Jaehyun says that there should be a skateboard by the gate before you enter. That means that Mark is home. Do you see it?
 None in sight, but this house is...wow.
 Jae, Yuyu
 Jae: Did she find the house?
 Yuyu: Yeah, but she says there is no skateboard Jae.
 Jae: That kid is not home yet; he was with Jeno, seeing as how he came home, too. He only lives a few houses away from him.
 Me: Should I wait here or…?
 Jae: Yea Y/N, wait there. I’ll text him you are there.
 Me: Thanks Jae. You get a boyfriend who is nice to me for once.
 Yuyu: -.-
Your patience wears thin; waiting for Mark outside the gate would be better. You make your way out to the street and decide to use snapchat. You do your signature face and sneer while puckering your lips, lip syncing to one of your favorite songs. The sound of skateboard wheels coming closer isn't something you notice while looking through recent snaps. You chuckle and giggle at some of your friends’ snaps back home, messaging how much you miss them before you look up and scream when you see a boy on a skateboard coming straight for you.
 Jae: :P No problem, love.
 You duck for cover, but when you notice you are still standing, you open your eyes. As you look at who almost crashed into you, you stand up straight and make sure you’re still alive. You assume an all too familiar position with your hands on your hips as the dirty blonde-haired boy steps one foot off of his skateboard and picks it up with one hand. The air is so thick you could cut it with a knife. As he walks through the gate of his house, you scowl at him, earning an eye roll. 
 “Let’s get this over with cause I’ve got better things to do and better people to see.” His tone is bitter.
 He slides the front door to the side, jerking his head as if to say that you can go first.
 He has some manners? Is what you think, but Mark retorts.
 “Got to lock the door after I let you in. It’s not me being nice.”
 Your eyes wander around the house and marvel over the interior decorating. Mark snaps his fingers to get your attention.
 “No shoes,” he states as he points to your feet. He mutters something that you couldn’t hear, but you think he said something about not being house trained. You decide to let it slide as you untie your boot laces and slip your feet out of them. 
 You allow him to take your shoes. He grimaces once he takes them from you.
 “One mark on my boots, and I will make sure you see them from heaven during your funeral.”
 Mark scoffs at your threat before placing the shoes in a cupboard right by the door. You feel something hit your ankle.
 “Huh?” You pick up a purple ball and look to see a set of bright eyes looking at you from around the corner of a hallway. You crouch and hold out the ball with a smile to show you are not a bad person.
 A little boy comes scampering towards you and accepts the ball back. 
 “Hi,” you greet, as the boy waves at you while cradling the ball.
 “My name is Y/N, what is yours?”
 The boy shows you his two front teeth in a gummy smile. “Jun.”
 “That’s a cute name. It’s nice to meet you Jun. I like your ball.”
 “Purple is my favorite color.”
 You can’t help being charmed by the cuteness of the boy and his adorable face in front of you. You forget about Mark standing there as you converse with tiny little Jun.
 “Purple is my second favorite color, next to yellow, that is.”
 Jun gets closer “Is that why you are wearing a yellow shirt?”
 You nod before Jun comes up to your ear and whispers something, “Are you my brother’s new girlfriend?”
 “I can hear you twerp!” Mark barks, only for the younger to stick his tongue out.
 You giggle. "No, we’re only school friends."
  Jun then gets close and whispers in your ear, making your eyes widen as you blush and cover your mouth.
 Jun nods before looking at Mark, who rolls his eyes and goes upstairs to what you assume is his room and slams the door. Jun flinches a little, a sad look appearing on his face.
 “Hey, don’t be sad. He’s like that towards me, too.”
 Jun looks up at the stairs to make sure Mark can’t hear him. “Did you come to play with Markie… like his other girlfriends?”
 You gag hearing such words from an innocent child.
 You shake your head “No. I am going to help him get good grades in school.”
 “Well, good luck. Mom and Dad have tried everything. They even got other people from other countries to help him, but they always ended up leaving. He’s not so nice to them… or me.”
 The poor baby’s story breaks your heart as you tip his chin up and see tears in his eyes. “Put a smile on that cute little face.”
 Jun sniffles, and a beautiful smile follows. 
 “That’s a good boy. I believe I saw a corner store down the street. Are you old enough to leave the house by yourself?”
 Jun nods with a smile as you take your wallet from your bag and give him some money. “Go buy yourself something sweet on me. After today, I promise I will do everything I can to make your brother be nice to you.”
 Jun nods his head before giving you a hug.
 “Thank you Y/N! I hope my brother makes you his girlfriend, then we can all play together!”
 You curse yourself for loving small children. You notice Mark hasn’t come back down and decide that maybe he is doing something more important.
 “Guess I’ll wait here then.”
 You sit down on the couch and go through your phone to pass the time. After about 5 minutes, you hear footsteps on the stairs and look to see Mark raising his eyebrow at you.
 “Why haven't you come up, dummy?”
 “Excuse me?” you fire back, as Mark mimics you.
 “You heard what I said. I’m not repeating myself.”
 You stand up and cross your arms, showing off your trademark sass.
 “First, you leave while I’m talking to your adorable little brother. Second, you never came back.”
 Mark mimics you with a hand puppet and mouths everything you say while rolling his eyes.
  “And third, there is a thing called kuh-myoo-nee-kay-shun; you little prick.”
 Mark continues to mimic you before realizing you are mocking him. “There is also a thing called pay-eeng ah-ten-shun. Stupid.”
 Jun then walks in licking on an ice cream cone “Says the one who has a hard time following die-reck-shuns and pay-eeng ah-ten-shun. Haha.”
 “You wanna die?!” Jun runs away and leaves you holding your stomach in raucous laughter. Mark puts his sights back on you.
  “Sounds to me like your lovely charms don’t work so well at home, hey, Markie?”
 “You call me that again, and I will make sure you regret it. Now shut up and get up here.”
 You make your way up the stairs and wink at Jun. Mark is waiting for you at a door with a sign that reads “KEEP CALM AND BEWARE OF THE BEAST WITHIN” hanging on the front. He jerks his head, gesturing for you to come in before closing the door and walking past you. 
 He sits In a gaming chair and puts on headphones before grabbing a Xbox controller.
 “Yeah, I’m back. No, it’s nothing important; got distracted. I’m still good to play.”
 You roll your eyes as you look around the room; the smell of styling gel and AXE body spray is strong. Posters of artists like Drake, Kanye, and other rappers fill the walls. You see what looks to be a small home studio setup and a notebook with lyrics inside of it. There is an Iron Man comforter on his bed and you can’t help but snicker.
 “Hold on, guys. The fuck are you laughing at?” You shake your head. You look around for somewhere to sit down, but don’t see a chair anywhere near, so you decide to just stand.
 “You gonna keep standing there like an idiot?”
 He points to his bed. You walk over and sit on the bed while holding bag close. Mark notices your demeanor plans something devious.
 “So, Sowon came over yesterday, right? Yeah, Kim Sojung.”
 Wondering what the hell he was on about, you keep listening. He speaks of how she is a pro and even though she is a virgin, he still wanted to score. You cannot believe what you are hearing, but still wanted to know more.
 “Man, she almost choked. Yeah, omg she was so damn ready for me I couldn’t say no. We kissed a few times, nothing too intimate, and then she took off her shirt. She has got some small ones, but I managed.”
 You hold your bag tighter and tighter, hearing each detail, not even noticing that Mark is side eyeing you; he gauges your reaction before deciding to take it up a notch.
 “So she’s on top right not facing me, but she’s so wet and loves how much it feels that she ends up squirting on my bed. Bro... I could’ve drowned if I hadn’t pushed her off.”
 The moment you hear squirting and bed in the same sentence, you snap your eyes to the comforter. Was Mark such an asshole that he would let you sit in another girl’s fluids? All you did was slap him — he needed it — but damn, how disgusting and foul could a guy be?
 “So I take her from behind,” you hear Mark as your heartbeat quickens. “I’m pounding, pounding, and pounding into her. Like bro, I’m trying to make her not only say my name but wanna have my kids at this pont. We keep going and going until she screams that is she is cumming for me, and again she squirts all over the bed!”
 Your head spins as Mark’s words echo in your head. You feel a sensation in between your legs, cleaning them together. The words coming from this asshole’s mouth appal you, although it arouses you.
 You let out a low groan. Could this get any worse?
 “Oh, and guess what?”
 “I still haven’t washed the comforter since it happened. The stain is still there and everything.”
 You rise and head over to the door.
 “Whoa, where are you going?” a coy tone with a devious smirk. His smirk fades when you turn around and giving him a clear view of your flushed face. 
 How could you let him get to you like this? How could you allow him to break you down? You were a fool to think maybe things would be different, but guys like Mark live for nothing but childish games; hurting the feelings of good people. You refuse to play games that were pointless.
A lot of anger, a hint of disgust, and maybe, if Mark was more perceptive, a bit of envy and lust.
 “Home.” Your tone is bitter yet calm, which makes Mark hurry and speak into his headset, and if you didn’t know any better... he sounded nervous.
 “Hey bro, I gotta hop off. Something, uh… happened.”
 He turns off the Xbox and TV before standing up to face you. “What’s wrong? Was it something I said?” There goes that damn sarcasm again, making you want to do more than slap him.
 “It was everything you said! You’d allow me to sit in another girl’s filth after having fucked her?! You are such a dick, and I don’t know why I even listened to Jaehyun—”
 “Wait… Jaehyun? As in my friend Jaehyun? The hell did he say—”
 “That’s none of your damn business!”
  You wanted to mention what Jun whispered to you earlier also, but this has nothing to do with him; you won’t let Mark hurt him because of you.
 “If you hate me then ok fine, but don’t you ever put me in the same boat as one of your fuck toys! I am not one of your mindless sluts that let you treat them like fast food!”
 Your words stun Mark, but he knows he can’t humor you by showing any emotion.
 “I am NOT about to waste my time with a spoiled, pretentious, arrogant, chauvinistic, womanizing, obnoxious, skateboarding brat that can’t keep his dick in his pants whenever a short skirt and big tits pass by!”
 Mark’s expression remains passive, but it is clear your words affect him. You huff before running your hands through your hair.
 “I bet I am the only girl who you haven’t slept with in school yet. You know why?”
 Mark tilts his head to the side and crosses his arms. “Why?”
 You then walk up and get in his face, figuring out that he is just a few inches taller before going on with your rant.
 “Because I am not attracted to you, never will deal with you, and know that the only thing you want from a girl is what’s in her pants. I see you Mark Lee, and I am disgusted, appalled, and put off every time I see you.”
 “Oh?” Mark moves forward, making you back up.
 He smirks as you move until your back is against the door. 
 “It’s about time you fought back. I thought you were all bark and no bite. Now, I’m glad I get to see how you get. — slapping me was your first mistake.”
 “Should have never messed with me. You wouldn’t get this side of me if you showed some respect.”
 “That’s a tall order. Y/N, if I didn’t respect you, I wouldn’t mess with you at all,” Mark states as he looks down at you, putting his hands up on the door on both sides of you.
  “You got a mouth, and I like that. Makes it fun when it’s time to break girls like you down. I’m a bit of a sadist, everyone, but you knows that, until now.”
 “Get over yourself. The only way someone will ever break me is willingly; I’m difficult.”
 Mark chuckles “You’re funny...”
 “You are about to find me hilarious if you don’t back away.”
 “Make me back away,” he spouts.
 You scowl at him, wanting to slap that smug look off his face. He smiles at you, his eyes lighting up.
 “So then, you are confident that there is no way that I will ever attract you Y/N?” He looks you in your eyes.
 “Yes. I am nothing but confident, Mark.”
 Mark then licks his lips before backing up and giving you space. “Ok then ‘Miss Confident’. So how about you put your money where your mouth is?”
 You knit your brows as you glare at him “Excuse me?”
 “Let’s make this interesting,” he voices before sitting at the foot of his bed. 
 You raise your brow. “I’m listening.”
 Mark looks pleased. “How about we bet on it? You know about you never being attracted to me?”
 You raise your eyebrow, your interest now piqued. 
 “Go on.”
 Mark smiles before stroking his chin. “Today is Friday, right? Which means 3 weeks from now, the Spring Dance will happen.”
 I did not know. You continue to glare at Mark.
 “OK, so?”
 “So… I bet I can make you not only have sex with me, but fall for me the night of the Spring Dance.”
 You curl your lip. “You can’t be serious?”
 “Dead serious. By April 8, I will have you in my bed, screaming my name, and telling me how much you want me to take… you… down.”
 “And what are you willing to wager on this ‘little’ bet, Lee? What makes you think I will agree to it?”
 Mark takes some time to think before walking over to his nightstand, pulling out a blue jar. 
 “How about we sweeten the pot? No fun without cash involved.”
 “I’m listening,” he has your total attention.
 “Within the 3 weeks, I will tease you, and in return, you can also tease me. If you get the better of me, I’ll drop $5 in the jar, and vice versa. “
 You nod your head and think it over, wondering if you both could pull this whole thing off, but you were never one to shy away from a challenge.
 “You tease me, I tease you? Are there conditions for this?” you inquire.
 “Conditions like?”
 You look elsewhere “I don’t know, conditions like: ‘How far can we go with the teasing before the Spring Dance’? Let’s try that.”
 Mark thinks for a second, “We could keep it vanilla, with clothes on; not like I need much to turn a girl on.”
 His words offend you as you lean down to him. 
 “These are pretty high stakes for this to just be vanilla. You sure you want to lose 3 weeks’ worth of money like that? I told you, I’m difficult.”
 Mark shrugs, which makes him look all the cuter as he sets the jar down. “Then what have you got to lose except money? If you are not into me, conditions or not, you’ll ace this.” 
 You think about it a little more while biting your thumb, pacing for a minute before you sit on the bed, but you tense up when you think about what Mark said earlier while playing the game. He notices your body language.
 “I didn’t have sex with her.”
 “You expect me to believe that?”
 Mark rolls his eyes. “Look, I may be an asshole towards you, but I‘m not a total ass. ”
 You’re unconvinced. “So then, how far do we go with the teasing?”
 Mark sits next to you on the bed, looking at you with a serious face. “From today till April 8, you and I will enter a turn on battle. The goal is to do intermediate level things that could get us to be attracted to the other. They don’t have to be sexual — seeing as how you are a goody two shoes — they can be PG-13.”
 “PG-13?” you muse.
 “Yeah, like making out, feeling each other up, dry humping; sorry to say I won’t be so inhibited.”
 “Fine then, but I want a safe word for when things get too heated between us. If I say it, we stop.”
 “Hmm, sounds kinky, but if you can’t do anything but tell me you want me, that won’t bode well.” He wiggles his eyebrows.
 “Yeah, sure,” you roll your eyes.
 “Then it’s settled. If nothing I do phases you and we don’t end up having sex, then I will tell the principal to hold me back and never bother you again, but…” he raises his finger as if these were contract conditions.
 He gets closer to you and causes you to lean back a little. “If you have sex with me before the 3 weeks are over, or April 8 11:59pm, then you have to help me pass so I can graduate this year...”
 His next words make your eyes widen. “And you will have to admit that I got the better of you.. to everyone.”
 You look over your shoulder at Mark, biting your lip, and he looks sexy right now as he gazes at you, wondering what your answer will be. 
 “No one is holding a gun to your head. If you don’t want to do it, then ok, but I refuse to let you tutor me otherwise.”
 “And why is that?” you furrow your brows before the skateboarder lays back on his bed. 
 “This isn’t some movie where I change my ways. I am still going to be the same Mark Lee who does whatever the hell he wants. I’m not changing for anyone, especially you.”
 A thought comes into your mind, and then a sly smirk appears on your face as you lean against the door.
 “Then let’s make it even more interesting.”
 Mark raises his brow. “More interesting?”
 “Yeah,” you start as you put your arms behind your back. “Like you said, I have nothing to lose.”
 Mark smiles a little at that, liking the fact that you are into this just as much as he is, but what you say next not only raises the stakes, but seals the deal.
 “If you and I don’t have sex by the 11:59pm on April 8, like you predicted…” you hesitate a bit as you lick your lips, battling the slow, creeping anxiety. Now or never Y/N.
 “Then you have to change your ways and stop giving everyone a hard time.”
 Mark sits up and gives you that signature look. “Define ‘everyone’?” He stands up and comes closer to you, lessening the space between you. “Your parents, your brother, and me.”
  He is now mere inches from your face, gauging your reaction as he brings his hand up and places his palm against the door above your head. You feel so small as you avert his gaze, but you know have to be stronger as you lock eyes with him.
 “If I win this bet, you not only have to let me tutor you, but you have to be nicer towards Jun and your parents. If you win, then I’ll admit that you broke me to everyone... over the morning announcements at school.”
 Mark purses his lips, poking his cheek with his tongue, but then he gives you that same smirk before speaking against your lips in an almost whisper.
 You both stare at one another before you’re spun around, chest pressed against the door. Your head spins as you look to see Mark standing behind you, holding your hands together above your head. Things have escalated way more quickly hangout expected, but it isn’t until you feel your ass being squeezed that you now are thinking twice.
 “W-What are you doing?”
 You feel Mark’s hands roam your body as he squeezes your thigh and grips your hair before pulling your head back and whispering in your ear.
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 “Making my move. Let the games begin.”
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Cheater | 18+
Tumblr media
☆ Pairing: Jaehyun x Female reader x Mark
☆ Genre: smut
☆ Word count: 5.3 K
☆ Warnings: Dom!Jaehyun, cheating obviously (don't be a piece of shit and stay loyal to your s/o), fingering, oral sex (f receiving), unprotected sex (again, don't do this at home or pretty much anywhere), cursing, dirty talk, I don't remember what else.
☆ Prompt: What should've been just a simple visit to your boyfriend, turned into a night of filthy pleasure with his friend when you both notice that you were alone at the dorm, again.
☆ A/n: So... this is my second writing and I hope you like it as much as I do. Feel free to leave feedback, requests, suggestions for upcoming posts, questions, like, reblog, etc. Thanks in advance for your support. Let me know if you want a second part and if you want to be in the tag list.
Tumblr media
You turned the key in the lock, pushing the door back and stepping into the apartment. It was all so quiet and all the lights were off, so you assumed you were alone.
Mark would be back later tonight and you had promised to be at his dorm, waiting for him. Yuta, Jungwoo and Mark had a photoshoot and interview for a special edition of Dazed Korea.
The whole apartment was flooded with the distinctive scent of him. The scent of his expensive cologne, coffee and hormones.
You went to the living room and turned on the TV, switching it to a random channel, trying to distract yourself from the dirty thoughts that were running through your head. Your eyes were on the TV and you could hear the annoying voices coming from it, but you really weren’t watching it, you were thinking about Jaehyun. His cocky smile, his cute dimples, his bright eyes, huge hands and that perfect, delicious cock.
It’s not normal to be having those sorts of thoughts about your boyfriend’s friend, but neither was fucking him for 2 hours straight either.
You told yourself that it was a mistake. "I was so horny, Mark was gone again for work and Jaehyun was there, looking hot as fuck, dark and mysterious… as ever. Anyways, it's not gonna happen again, so we don't have to tell Mark or anyone else." Even so, deep down you couldn’t bring yourself to truly regret it.
It had almost been a week and you could still feel him between your legs. You could still feel his tongue tasting you, drinking you until your legs began to shake and he lifted his mouth from your pussy and gave you his crooked grin. His voice growling dirty nothings in your ear as he led you to your orgasm.
When you snapped out of the mental trance you were in, you realized your hand was cupping your heat, which was throbbing erratically against your palm. You jumped up from the couch and made your way down the hallway to Mark's bedroom. You really needed to stop getting yourself off thinking about Jaehyun… but not quite yet.
You slowed your pace to a tip-toe as you noticed a familiar body standing inside a room, you didn’t realize anyone was home. You could see Jaehyun’s bare feet on the wooden floor in his room. The black quilt, black pillow, even the towel wrapped around his waist was black; a sexy and mysterious color. It suited him perfectly.
You assumed he had just stepped out of the shower, from the sight of his wet body. A towel was tightly wrapped around his waist showing off his perfect torso, the deep V that teased you every time. His hair was wet and stuck to his forehead, droplets of water dripping from loose strands of hair onto the floor and as he shook his mop of hair, the water sprayed in all directions.
“Oh shit,” he muttered when he realized his mistake. You snorted at his carelessness and his eyes snapped up to see you, standing in the hallway in front of his slightly opened door, spying on his half-naked form.
He smiled lazily, his lips curved slightly making his dimples appear. He blinked slowly. He almost looked innocent, almost. Leaning against the doorframe, crossing his arms and legs as he rested his head against it. His torso seemed even more toned that way, his abs more prominent as his muscles strained to support his weight. You were convinced he was trying to kill you.
When you finally managed to tear your eyes away from his stunning body and glanced up, your eyes met and locked for the first time since that sinful night. It was like he was staring right into your core and your stomach fluttered.
”Hi,” he said softly.
”Hi,” you replied, quickly. There was an awkward silence as you chewed your lower lip and you leaned your arm against the wall, trying to act nonchalant. “So…what’s up?”
His mouth twitched as if he was trying not to laugh. “Not much, you?” Simple one-word answers, but somehow it managed to turn you on. Everything this goddamn man did, turned you on as fuck.
“Just waiting for Mark, what about you?”
This time, Jaehyun couldn’t hide the grin on his face. “You’ve…already asked that.”
You mentally swore at your stupidity. Of course, you’ve already asked him that, you dumbass! You hadn’t even noticed he had moved closer to you until you felt his hand upon your burning cheek.
“God, you’re so adorable when you’re embarrassed,” he whispered, eyeing your lips.
Of course, you couldn’t blame only yourself. He’d corrupted your mind with his charm, his good looks that made your stomach flip, his slow, deep and sexy voice like melting chocolate.
“I need to go,” You muttered quietly, but you didn’t move, and though he didn’t hold you physically, his eyes seemed to have a grip.
“No, you don’t,” he spoke carefully, ”Mark and the boys won’t be back for a few hours now.”
You felt his fingers dance across the line of your collar bones and then lower, over the curve of your breast. His lip was tucked beneath his teeth, his eyes still trained on you. He leaned close and pressed a gentle kiss to your lips, so gently he merely brushed them. He shook his head, a pained look in his eyes as he chuckled softly to himself.
“Mark doesn’t deserve you.”
You kept quiet, pursing your lips. Mark was a really nice guy, but sometimes you just couldn’t help feeling that he wasn’t right for you. He was kinda immature sometimes, well... almost all the time and you felt like you couldn't talk about serious stuff without him making some joke or laughing his ass out like it wasn't important, you didn’t think he did it on purpose, that's just the way Mark is. Not to mention that his sex drive was nothing compared to yours.
But once again, you seemed to forget about him as Jaehyun tilted your face towards him, his thumb running the width of your bottom lip and separating it from its twin. Everything he did was with such precision, such care. Even on that night, he was gentle, touching your face, kissing your lips, taking away the discomfort and awkwardness of being with him for the first time.
“I can’t stop thinking about you,” he whispered against your lips.
“Me neither,” you admitted shyly.
“Good… because I like you, a lot,” a smile was etched across his face, his eyes bright and dimples present. His gorgeous smile was contagious and before you knew it, you were grinning right back at him. Then his eyes darkened, and his face was serious. “I really need to kiss you,” he blurted out suddenly.
“Then kiss me.” He wasted no time, his lips on yours almost immediately.
Electricity. Fire. Heat. That’s all you felt as you kissed his gentle lips. His tongue molding perfectly with yours. He tasted sweet, like fresh fruit and you moaned in his mouth. His fingers held your hips tightly, flexing when you made a sound, it was like he was using them as an anchor to steady himself, to keep him from falling apart, to keep him from losing control.
You rocked your hips forward and he growled, throwing your arms over his broad shoulders and grabbing your thighs, bending them forward. He lifted you and you tightened your arms around his strong neck, wrapping your legs around his waist.
It was such a turn on that he was able to lift you so easily, that he didn’t cause your lips to depart once as he carried you back into his room and laid you onto his bed. It was only when you pulled back for breath that your lips were separated and you both were left panting hard.
“Jae, shit, no.” You murmured, knowing that wherever you were going, it wouldn’t lead to anything good.
You pushed at his body that was hovering above you but he didn’t budge and your hands lingered there when you felt the smoothness of his torso under your palms. The towel at his waist was falling low, a tiny trail of his pubic hair trailing from his navel into the towel. You just wanted to tear it off and fuck him like you’d never fucked anyone before, make him cum inside of you.
“Why are you so fucking hot?” You whispered, shaking your head in disbelief. He chuckled breathlessly, shaking his hair to the left of his face.
“I think I should be asking you, how the hell you’re so beautiful.”
Naturally, you snorted, burying your face in his shoulder. His thumbs curled beneath the soft material of your sweater and stroked the skin there, somewhat warily, experimentally.
“Is this okay?” His voice was gravelly, strained and when you looked up so was his face. A vein in his neck pulsing, eyes quickly darkening and jaw tensed. He wanted more of you, that much was clear but was unaware of where his boundaries lay. You smiled, guiding his hands higher until they rested on your breasts. His eyes fluttered closed and he sucked in a sharp breath.
He said your name. You liked the way your name sounded when he spoke it, how it rolled off his tongue. Slow, sensual, seductive. You moaned in response, pulling his fingers tighter over your breasts. His hands cupped them tightly, squeezing your flesh unexpectedly and you gasped.
“Let me fuck you this time.” His blunt words made your stomach clench and you just nodded giving him permission. Without another word, he took off your sweater from your hot skin, reaching for your bra and unclasping it expertly. Jaehyun groaned when the material fell from your chest and bent his head low.
“Jae, wai-” You were silenced when he looked up at you, placing a kiss on your left nipple.
You shivered from the feeling of his mouth and the lust in his eyes. He lingered there for a few moments, closing his eyes and holding it between his lips. He wasn’t licking or kissing, just letting his warm breath wash over it. It might sound quite basic, but you could feel your pussy wet in response to him.
He moved onto your right nipple, repeating his actions but this time blowing the air over it.
“Fuck!” You whimpered, your body jerking up involuntarily.
“You like that?” He grinned up at you, lifting his mouth from your sensitive body to let his thumb and forefinger play with your nubs. He knew you fucking liked that, he didn’t need to ask. You simply glared down at him and he chuckled.
“Alright, don’t shoot,” he muttered, raising his hands in surrender.
“Would you just shut up and undress me?” You grabbed his hands, placing them over the waist of your jeans. He smirked as he pushed the button back and pulled the zip down, removing the denim from your legs.
“Hmm. I do quite like it when you’re feisty.” Jaehyun brought his mouth down to your panties, pulling the fabric towards him, before letting it snap back against your skin. You hissed at the sting but relished it. You knew that pleasure was soon to come.
“I’m going to take off your panties now. Is that okay?”
You rolled your eyes. “Jaehyun, it was okay the first time, wasn’t it?” You snapped impatiently.
He seemed to be ignoring your hostility, grinning thoughtfully as if remembering something funny. “Little more than okay, don’t you think?”
He bent his head low again, running his nose over the length of the panties. A groan rumbled as it erupted from his chest and it tore through you sending shock waves from your head, right down to your pussy. You spasmed.
“Oh fuck, baby, I can smell you.” You could smell yourself too. The strong scent of arousal and lust gathered in your heat.
Suddenly, Jaehyun gave your slit a long lick through the lace, and then he took another, and another, tucking his arms under your thighs to bring you closer to him. The wet material being moved across your skin made the feeling even stronger and every now and then, his wet tongue would flick hard against a sensitive spot and make your body quiver.
“Jaehyun!” You screamed. You weren’t even sure if you were calling his name in protest or appreciation.
He ignored you, hooking his long fingers over the edge of your panties, and pulling it to the side. “Shit, it’s so fucking beautiful,” he breathed, running a finger over your slit.
He darted straight in, his mouth sucking your clit hard as he slowly slipped his fingers inside you. He was taking his time, obviously trying to test you. As expected, the slow burn was driving you insane, so you grabbed his wrist, pushing his fingers right to the hilt. He had frozen his tongue when you had held his wrist, and now he was staring up at you with complete disbelief and lust.
You had an urge to laugh at his startled expression but managed to suppress it as you cupped the back of his neck with your palm, urging his head back down between my legs, wanting his full attention on your clit again. “Don’t stop licking me, please.”
He blinked at you a few times before resuming his assault, flicking harder, curling his tongue up, and letting it’s warmth and wetness be absorbed by your clit. You had gripped his wrist tighter, pulling out before slamming his fingers back in. You wriggled, pressing your lips together to muffle a wild moan.
“Don’t you dare hold back. I want to fucking hear you.” It was the first time you’d ever heard him speak like that, his tone almost always gentle and soft when he spoke to you, but that sentence was coated in authority. It was a command.
“Tell me how you want my hands.”
“S-spread your fingers out… oh fuck.” His fingers spread wide out, stretching your inner walls before curving them even wider to stroke you firmly. Your walls clenched suddenly and Jaehyun’s fingers snapped back together.
Once again, he was surprised at how your body reacted to him and a throaty chuckle caught in his chest.
“Oh God… you dirty girl,” he whispered before curling his tongue to cup your clit and thrashing his tongue wildly against it. You guided his wrist faster, fucking yourself deep, right to his knuckle, while his tongue drilled against your clit.
“Curl up…yes, fuck, Jae.” You managed to cry.
He needed no guidance now, his fingers curling up and stroking your most sensitive spot without fail. “Like that?” He asked, teasing you.
Your whole body clenched hard and you were frozen. You couldn’t think or move, let alone speak.
“Oh baby, I wish you could see yourself right now. How fucking hot you look,”
Your back arched up and you clawed at his chest, desperate for something to hold onto.
Your orgasm was stirring up in your stomach and your eyes rolled up in the back of your head.
“your body contorted like this.”
You could feel it beginning to burn and your toes curled in anticipation. The pads of his fingers were barely moving back and forth, meaning he never strayed away from your g-spot.
You felt a gust of air suddenly and though your eyes were closed shut, you knew he had moved closer to you. His presence was too strong to go unnoticed.
“Cumming,” he murmured against the pulse in your neck.
“For me.” His words seemed to unravel you. You needed to come undone beneath him, because of him, for him.
“Jaehyun!” You screamed loud as your orgasm took over you completely.
You slapped both hands against his sculpted chest, nails digging into his skin. Managing to open your eyes to look at him, his eyes focused on you, a crease between his brow as he furrowed them, mouth twisted with desire.
“Don’t stop cumming, love.” How the hell would you stop cumming? Obviously not with those deadly fingers still working wonders inside you.
You were creating long pink scratches across his perfect creamy skin and it had to have hurt but he didn’t even flinch. He rode out your orgasm with you, his fingers curling and twisting just to get you wriggling.
His lips came down hard on you, a kiss you knew you’d feel for days. He pulled away, teeth bared as he bit his lip, looking at you in a way that had "I want to fucking destroy you" written all over it.
“Can you taste that? How sweet you are?” You sucked your lips, running your tongue over it, and gave a long groan, nodding fervently.
“I don’t think I’ve ever been so hard in my life,” he growled.
He’d lost the towel and his delicious cock was standing erect.
“Fuck,” you whispered. It did seem to be bigger than when you'd last been together and as you wrapped a tight fist around his base and pumped him to his tip, you knew he hadn’t lied about being so hard.
“It won’t bite, I promise.”
“You look a little scared,” the amusement in his voice had returned.
You glared at him. “No, I don't.” Intimidated, yes. Scared? I think not.
“Yes, you do.”
You pulled your hand away from his cock, frowning at him.
“Hey, listen,” he put two fingers under your chin, turning your head to face him. “We’ll take it slow, yeah?” He still sounded amused.
You shook your head in disbelief. You weren’t a virgin and of course, he knew it, so you didn’t need him to hold back. You wanted him to fuck you hard.
“No, don't take it slow,” You whined and sat up in front of him. “I want all of you. I want to feel you in the pit of my stomach.” He groaned, his eyes fluttering closed and you knew he was imagining your tight walls enveloping his cock.
“Remember how wet I was for you? How warm my pussy was? How tight I felt around your fingers?”
When he didn’t reply, you pressed your fingers to his sensitive tip, tugging softly. “Yes,” he hissed through his teeth, eyes still closed.
You leaned forward and whispered to his ear. “Fuck me, Jae.”
You dragged your teeth along the shell of his ear before sucking his lobe into your mouth and releasing it with a loud pop. He growled quietly.
“You do want it hard, don’t you?” He stared down at you with his jaw tense. You nodded, looking at him with innocent eyes from beneath your lashes. He slammed your hips back down on the bed, gripping them tightly and you squealed in surprise. He lined his erection up with your entrance and hooked both of your legs around his waist, bringing him closer.
“You ready?” he pressed the swollen tip of his cock to your clit and you shuddered.
“Fuck yes.” He slid himself in slowly, pausing halfway to throw his head back and moan. “You're so tight Y/N,” he breathed before sliding the rest, filling you to the hilt and stretching your walls.
Your breath caught sharply, your body tensed and then relaxed; you knew he was big, but it was a satisfying surprise to feel just how big. You could feel him everywhere, in every single spot of your dripping core, filling you so well. His dark eyes glowed mischievously as he grinned down at you and just when you thought he couldn’t get any deeper, he thrust up hard, the head of his cock smacking perfectly against your favorite spot and it just felt divine. “Oh my God!” you screamed.
“Bingo,” he murmured with a smirk of accomplishment on his perfect face.
He hit it with so much force that it raised your upper body from the bed, your hands immediately clutching at his biceps that were supporting his weight by your sides.
“Babe, you know,” he started to say before pulling out back to the tip, “now that I’ve found your…” paused as if he was in deep thought, though you could tell from his cocky smile and the dimples that had appeared that he wasn't, before drilling his dick back inside you, “let’s call it weakness, yeah?” he continued. “I won’t hesitate to tear you apart.” He said the last part quietly, a soft whisper against your ear that made you shiver, your walls clenching in excitement. “You’d fucking like that, wouldn’t you?”
Mark had hit it before, your past boyfriends had too, your own fingers had managed to get there, but it had never felt as amazing as when he did it. Your g-spot wasn’t your weakness. Jung Jaehyun was.
You nodded biting your lower lip, lifting your hips from the bed to roll them up to his and there was a twinkle in his eye. The next thing you knew, he was thrusting into you relentlessly.
An exceptionally hard thrust pushed your pelvis against the mattress and stripped you of air, your arms waving frantically for something to hold on to. Jaehyun didn’t stop and you probably would’ve killed him if he did, he just kept pounding into you, hitting your g-spot, sending you to heaven every time.
His dick bottoming out so deep you couldn’t even scream, your body just didn’t have enough air and it was coming out breathless screeches. Jaehyun held your face with one hand bringing his so close that his lips were about a millimeter away from yours. You watched him move up and down above you, his hot breath pouring into your mouth.
“Breathe, baby.”
Your lungs finally seemed to respond at his command and you heaved in a deep breath of air from his mouth before letting the scream that had been trapped be ripped from your throat.
He was thrusting inside you faster, deeper, fueled by the delirious passion, that you felt your fingernails begin to claw at his biceps. His bed creaked under the weight of the two moving bodies.
“God, you feel so fucking good,” he grunted giving a particularly hard thrust and when you arched up, Jaehyun caught your breast with his mouth.
He sucked at your nipple, grazing it with the edge of his teeth, a deadly smirk on his lips. His hips slowed a bit, now focusing on your breasts. He worked your nipples like a pro sucking with hunger, rolling them around his mouth, pressing them between his lips, while his hips still rocked against you slowly, fucking you like it was a piece of cake to him.
It was hard to believe that a lovely boy with such a cute smile like his, could be that filthy and was fucking you like a maniac. You pressed your palm flat against his ass and your own hips up, gesturing that you needed more of his cock.
“Come on, baby.” He said grinning at you in a way that made you wanna melt in his arms, before biting down gently on your nipple, his eyes still trained on you.
“Jae, you’re gonna kill me with that goddamn mouth,” you warned with a shaky voice. Fuck, your whole body was shaking.
He hummed against the sensitive skin, kissing your other nipple softly and you groaned again.
“We wouldn’t want that now, would we?” he murmured softly, taking your hands from his arms, to intertwine them and pin them to the bed. He set a faster pace again and you could feel the pleasure building up to your core as he fucked you relentlessly.
“Shit, put your hand in-” you didn’t even have to finish the sentence before his thumb was pressed to your clit, rubbing it round in circles.
“Oh fuck,” you whimpered, holding his moving hand. You were seeing stars, your mind almost blank. “Gonna cum.”
He immediately rubbed your clit faster and his hips knocked harder against yours. “Yeah? You gonna scream for me?” He growled.
You nodded, dragging his face down urgently to kiss him. You could tell he was taken aback but he kissed you back regardless, holding your face tightly as if his life depended on it.
It was almost silent, apart from the slapping sounds of hot skin clashing, moans, and the heavy breathing that escaped from your mouths and then, your whole body tightened and your breath got caught again before you came undone with a loud cry of Jaehyun’s name.
A tsunami of bliss crashed over you, pleasure spilling out of your mouth in the form of his name as your orgasm racked your entire being. You couldn’t stop your body from clenching and convulsing, and you knew it was having an effect on him. His mouth fell slack and his hips paused briefly when your walls pulsed hard around him.
“GODDAMMIT!” he roared, throwing his head back and slapping a hand against the headboard, eyes closing shut. You tucked a hand behind his head, bringing his face down to look down at you in the eyes as you spoke.
“Cum inside of me, Jae. Fucking fill me." He blinked at you, looking kinda surprised at your words. "Don't worry, I'm on the pill.” and you kissed him hard again.
Those last ten seconds or so, you don’t think Jaehyun could’ve fucked you harder. You saw the way pleasure was flooding his eyes, the way they blinked heavily just to shoot open again and you knew he was about to lose his mind. He lost his steady rhythm in the heat of your kiss, and now his hips smacked messily and slightly painfully against yours. Then, he slowed down completely, letting his warm liquids pour into your cunt with the sexiest moans you've ever heard.
His body collapsed next to you when he was utterly exhausted and you both lay there, trying to catch your breath.
I don’t think either of you knew what to say. I mean, what do you say after you’ve just had amazing sex like that, especially in those circumstances?
“God, that was the best fuck I've ever had,” Jaehyun finally mumbled.
You kept quiet, trying too hard to comprehend your thoughts and what had just happened. You would’ve gotten out of bed if you weren’t so sure that you’d collapse, your legs felt weak and still trembling a little.
Jaehyun said your name, but you ignored him.
“Look at me.” He had moved, so he was now hovering above you. Just as you were about to turn away from his gaze, he held your cheek, turning you back to look at him.
“Hey, no. You're not doing me this again.”
You rolled your eyes. “Doing what again?”
“Just ignoring me, like I’m not even here!” he snapped back. You tried to wriggle out from beneath his body, but he held your hips firmly to the bed.
“No, you're gonna listen to me,” he commanded.
You huffed out a breath from your nose in frustration. “Go on, then.”
“Do you know how many times I’ve had to jack off during the course of 7 days because of you?”
You felt your face burn. It was odd to think that he thought of you when he touched himself because, in fact, you too had thought of him when you touched yourself.
“Seriously. You don’t answer or return my calls, you don’t reply to my texts pretending that I just don't exist, but suddenly, one night when I'm all alone in the dorm, you appear here, at my bedroom door to fuck like animals. You’re driving me fucking insane!”
You laughed bitterly, shaking your head. “Well, excuse me Jaehyun, but have you forgotten that I’m your friend and bandmate’s girlfriend? You know Mark Lee? Do you even remember him? And, just so you know, I didn't come to the dorm to fuck with you.” You snarled.
Jaehyun’s chest heaved hard, his jaw flexing. “Oh, now you suddenly remember that you actually have a boyfriend?! C'mon Y/N, you don't even love him, I don't get why you're still with him when you could be with me, instead. It’s just not fair what you're doing to me either, and you know it.”
You snorted. Fair? Really? Absolutely nothing about that situation was fair, starting from the betrayal you both were committing against Mark.
“You can keep on blaming me all you want, baby, but you wanted to fuck me just as much I wanted to fuck you, and we both know it.”
You were pretty much silenced by his statement. You definitely weren’t going to deny it and embarrass yourself with your terrible lying skills, besides, your body has told him everything by itself.
Jaehyun pinched the bridge of his nose, breathing slowly. It was quite bad that you could feel your pussy aching and your nipples hardening all over again at the sight of him angry. It was all his fault for being so damn hot.
When he spoke next, his voice was much calmer. “Listen, all I’m saying is that you can’t fuck with me one night, then decide that I don’t exist the next. I don’t like not knowing where I stand with you.”
“Okay. Right. I get you. I’m so sorry.” you muttered, “Can you let go of me now?”
His grip on your body had most definitely gotten tighter as he spoke. He looked at you quizzically for a moment, before smiling wryly and releasing you. You chewed your lower lip, feeling guilty.
“Look, Jae, I'm-“ A loud buzzing sound, followed by your ringtone interrupted and made you both jump. You leaped up from the bed, almost falling as you did, your legs really weren’t ready for that. You managed to crawl around on the floor and rummage around in your jeans for your phone.
“Hello?” You said breathlessly.
“Hi, babe. What’s up?” Mark’s voice.
Your eyes widened and looked at Jaehyun who was rummaging in a drawer, his brow furrowed as he stared at your bare body. He looked up, mouthing ‘who is it?’
“Babe?” Mark said when you didn't reply.
‘Mark’ You mouthed back. He raised his eyebrows and rolled his eyes.
“Oh yeah, nothing’s up, why?” You replied, holding the phone between your cheek and shoulder while sliding your panties back on. Jaehuyn had put on a pair of Calvins and was pulling a loose black tee over his head.
“Oh nothing, you just sound a little breathless.” Your heart thudded hard. What were you supposed to say to that?
“Anyways, the boys and I are on our way to the dorm now, sorry for the delay, I was expecting to finish earlier.” You blew out a sigh of relief at the change of subject, zipping up your jeans.
“Can’t wait, baby,” You said.
“Good, me neither," You just knew he would be grinning cockily and you rolled your eyes. “I’ll see you soon, okay?”
“Yeah see you, Mark.” You tossed the phone on the bed, sighing heavily.
“What did he say?” Jaehyun asked, stepping into some grey sweatpants.
“He’ll be here in a minute.” You put on the rest of your clothing and fixed your smudged makeup. “You like to stare, don’t you?” You said without looking up, but you could feel his eyes scoring your skin. He laughed dryly.
“Only at some things,” he muttered so quietly and you weren’t sure if you were supposed to hear it. You tucked your phone into your pocket, walking to the door before pausing and tapping your nails on the doorframe, you turned to look at him.
“I’ll… I’ll call you tomorrow.” You told before blowing him a kiss.
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iced-nct · a day ago
Sweet Like Honey
*Pairing* Camboy!Jaemin x (f) Reader
*Word Count* 1.2k
*Warnings* SMUT, language, unprotected sex, use of petnames, camboy!Jaemin (hell yeah), oral (m&f), this is me pushing the big dick Jaemin agenda, exhibitionism, degrading! Zero Plot this is just sex lmao.
*Synopsis* Dating a guy who pleasured himself online for thousands to see and drool over was an ego boost for sure. But Jaemin is thinking of ways to up the ante, and it starts and ends with you.
Tumblr media
Dating Jaemin was a breeze, he made everything feel so comfortable and easy. He was such an easy person to love, even though his nude body was all over the internet. It was like a twisted sort of pride that you had for your boyfriend. It got you off knowing that there were people out there getting off to your boyfriend, but he was only yours to fuck.
Jaemin loved that thought too. The sex that the two of you had was never dull, it was an ego stroke to know that he could have anyone but chose you. Especially when his views started to pick up and he would be recognized frequently when you were out together. Men and women alike were drawn to him like he was a magnet for horny people, it was always satisfying when he saw them approaching and pulled you in for a sudden make out session. But recently his views had seemed to plateau and now you both were sitting on his bed trying to come up with ideas to get him gaining again.
“Well... I did have one idea. Someone brought it up in the stream a while ago” Jaemin chewed his bottom lip nervously.
“I’m open to anything, shoot” You smiled up at him from your resting place on his bare chest.
You absentmindedly ran your fingertips along the elastic waistband of Jaemin’s sweats. He sucked in a sharp breath and caught your hand in his. “A partner.”
You gaped at him; did he seriously mean for you to join him on the stream? For him to fuck you in front of his audience? “You can say no if you don’t want to! But I think you’re so hot and banging you on live is basically what gets me hard every stream” Jaemin blushed slightly at his confession.
“I’m in.”
Setting up for the stream that night made you a little nervous. But Jaemin was ever the supportive boyfriend about the situation and went over things that you would have to do. He helped pick out the skimpy pink lingerie that adorned your body, and you helped get his room tidy for the different camera angle that would be happening tonight.
After all the prep had been completed it was time for the stream to begin. It started with you perched on Jaemin’s lap while he introduced you to his viewers. You grinded down on him slightly, making him stumble over his words. The smirk that lingered on your lips was quickly wiped away as Jaemin forced your thighs apart to run his fingers along your clothed slit. You moaned slightly at the sudden action.
“What’s that my little slut?” Jaemin tilted his head mockingly. “You need to use your words. How are they supposed to know what you want?”
“I- I want you to touch me, Jaem” You whined, He laughed softly and his fingers slid beneath your panties to give you the contact you desired.
“So wet for me already? Tsk, we only just started.” Jaemin shook his head and removed you from his lap to lay you on the bed.
His fingers wrapped around the band of your panties, pulling them off swiftly. Instinctively you closed your legs, only for Jaemin to pull them apart and take in the sight of you. He made quick work, pressing wet kisses down your torso before resting his head between your thighs. His tongue flicked out, making contact with your clit and circling it achingly slow.
“Please. Please go faster” You bucked your hips up, trying desperately to increase the friction.
Jaemin chuckled lowly at your desperation, but nonetheless his hands wrapped around your legs and he plunged his face further to feast on you. His tongue worked expertly, knowing exactly how and where you liked to be touched. You hardly noticed one of his hands leave your thigh until suddenly he thrust two fingers into you. A surprised moan fell from your lips and you could feel him smile against your cunt. You wound your fingers into his hair and tugged lightly, just so he knew how much you were enjoying it.
“Fuck Jaem, I’m gonna-” Your orgasm cutting off your sentence and Jaemin helped you ride it out.
He rose up from his place between your legs, his dick ready to spring free from his boxers. You eyed him playfully and he switched positions with you to lay down. Running a hand over his hardened cock over his boxers earned you a hiss of annoyance from Jaemin.
“You need to use your words” You taunted him with the words he said to you earlier. “How are they supposed to know what you want?”
Jaemin grabbed your jaw, kissing you roughly before shoving you down to his lower half. “I want you to suck me off and get drunk on my cock, slut”
He pushed his boxers down revealing his cock to you, your mouth dried up with desire for him. His dick was so large that you couldn’t fit him in your mouth if you tried, you had to use your hand to pump the rest of him. He moaned lowly as you swirled your tongue around his tip and massaged his balls in your other hand. Jaemin propped himself up to watch as you sucked him off just the way he liked; his hand rested on the back of your head to assist you in keeping rhythm. He got carried away and pushed you down a little too far, resulting you gagging on him.
“Fuck that was hot.” Jaemin used your hair to pull you off him and bring you in for another kiss.
You straddled him and pressed his chest to get him to lay back down. Jaemin helped align you on his cock and you sunk down on him slowly. No matter how many times Jaemin fucked you, you would never get used to his size.
“Holy fuck you’re tight” Jaemin spoke between gritted teeth.
His hands gripped your hips as he fucked himself up into you, showing absolutely no mercy. You cried out in pleasure as your boyfriend used you as his personal sex doll for his entertainment.  Jaemin groaned as you arched your back to feel him more.
“Such a good girl taking me like this” He praised. “So wet for me too”
“Just for you” you said, your voice barely above a whisper.
Jaemin flipped you over so he was on top and continued his punishing thrusts. With one hand holding your hips, the other trapped your wrists above your head. He smirked down at you evilly as he picked up the pace. He began paying attention to your nipples, nibbling at them and flicking his tongue over the hardened nubs. You arched into his touch instinctively and he whispered ‘fuck’ against your skin. You could tell he was getting close as his thrusts became faster and sloppier as he chased your highs.
Pleasure blurred your vision as you finished all over Jaemin’s cock, and he collapsed shortly after with his cum filling you to the brim. He pulled out to admire the fine job he did of ruining you. Once he was satisfied, he got up to check the chat and breathed out a little laugh.
“They want to know how you taste” Jaemin smiled at you before turning back to the camera. “Like honey. She tastes sweet like honey.” He winked before turning off the stream.
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Beyond You
part two of Only Minutes For You
Tumblr media
Jaehyun x Reader 
Requested "lick it" "meet my parents" Pretend Girlfriend 
Warning: 18+ mature content, reader discretion is advised. 
Genre: Smut, Angst with a happy ending. College / University AU. 
WC: 1.3k
A/N: Please excuse any grammatical errors. I apologize that this took so long as a part two, and for the person who's request this is filling. I also apologize if this isn't that good I was having difficulty write it. I don't know how I feel about it, and I cant tell if its bad or good. Please feel free to share your thoughts on it with me. 
Thank you for reading it, and I hope you guys like it. 
Taglist: @queenrachelpink​ @jjaeyoonoh​
| part one | 
Tumblr media
Jaehyun's name rolled off your tongue, as his tongue worked over your clit. Your back arched off the bed as you came for the second time, your skin heating and your mind reeling as you did. You gasped when his fingers prodded at your entrance pushing into your warmth before you even came down from your high. He let out a low groan against you as you clenched around his digits. 
"Lick it." He commanded as he brought his wet fingers up to your mouth. You didn't think, not that you could, and opened your mouth for him. Jaehyun didn't hesitate to push his fingers into your mouth, watching as you worked your tongue around them before closing your lips and sucking. 
Jaehyun let out another moan as you did so, his moans going straight to your core making you roll against his thigh despite your orgasm. 
"I want you inside me." You mumbled, once he'd taken his fingers out your mouth.  
"Do you?" Jaehyun asked, his words teasing as his lips kissed up your chest, briefly taking your nipple into his mouth. 
You moaned loudly at his actions, your hips once again arching up for him. 
"Yes," You replied, the word leaving you in a breathy moan. His lips were now above yours, you let your hands move to his hips pulling him in-between your legs so that his hard cock was dragging against your clit as he moved against you. 
"Jae please." You begged. 
"Okay baby." He replied, his lips ghosting against your as he spoke, he pressed his lips against yours working them with your slowly as he worked his cock into you. You moaned at the stretch, your moans being swallowed by Jaehyun as he came to a stop once he was fully inside you. 
His left hand grabbed your thigh pulling your leg up slightly to allow himself a better angle and his other arm curled around your head as he dropped more of his weight onto you. His chest pressed tightly against yours. 
You moaned at the feeling of him. You were drunk off of him, or at least that's how it felt to you because your brain couldn't think of anything beyond him, anything beyond this moment. His moans filled your mind as he slowly began to move your own breathing mirroring his. 
You were losing sense of everything but him. Your left hand curled into his hair as he kissed you deeply. Your orgasm crept up on you making your back arch up into him your breasts pressing into his chest making your body heat up faster as you came around him. Your walls flutter around his cock drawing deep groans from Jaehyun. 
A stream of incoherent sentences streamed out of him as he continued to pump into you, your mind so far gone that you couldn't process any of what he was saying. Quiet whines escaped you as Jaehyun continued until he came inside you. 
"Don't move." You whispered moving your leg to wrap around him to keep him in place. Jaehyun relaxed heavily into the side of your neck occasionally pressing soft kisses to your collarbone. 
Slowly your mind fluttered back to you, and you were reminded that this was Jaehyun and that you both weren't like this but you, like always, allowed yourself a bit of the sweet moment; needing it for yourself. 
Once Jaehyun had moved off you, you sat up. You needed to get your clothes on, you needed to leave Jaehyun's apartment. 
"Whoa, why are you in such a hurry all of a sudden?" Jaehyun asked, your head snapped towards him your face tightening to keep from melting at the way he was looking at you. His features were twisted into confusion and he looked slightly hurt. But you had to be imagining that. 
"This is how we always do it." You replied. Your tone was indifferent and cold for no reason other than your brain screaming at you that if this isn't what you did you'd be screwed. 
Jaehyun's confusion gave way to the cold that was on your face his features mirroring your own before they gave way to anger. He rolled his eyes and turned his head away from yours a loud scoff leaving his lips. 
"Of course," he answered. 
You ignored him and got off the bed continuing to pull your clothes on. 
"This is the last time I can do this," Jaehyun said, his words sounding defeated. You looked at him unmoving, his face was turned away from yours. 
Your stomach dropped, a sense of dread sank into your bones as you willed yourself to continue putting your clothes on. 
If Jaehyun was done with you, then Jaehyun was done with you. What else could you do?
Jaehyun was annoyed and irritated. He hated you and he hated himself and he hated his friends. He'd had a whole year of walking around with you as his pretend girlfriend, or at least that how his friends put it. He had deluded himself into thinking that it would someday just work out, that you would see him as more than just a fuck buddy but nope, he had no luck. 
Johnny had dropped the jokes about you meeting his parents and the both of you getting married and taken up taking jabs at you with Haechan. Jaehyun didn't like that either. 
He just wanted them to shut up, he didn't want to think about you or talk about you. But that was hard considering the two of you shared more than half the same classes 
That was his doing, from his rose-coloured fantasy days of how you would fall in love with him. 
Despite all this he couldn't take his eyes off you, you were sitting alone across the cafeteria, your head resting in the palm of your hand as you moved your fork through the food on your plate. 
Jaehyun couldn't exactly outline what he was thinking when he got up cutting gif Haechan mid-sentence and making his way to you. 
He could feel the shocked gazes of his friends on his back as he sat down across from you glaring at you. You looked up at his eyes slightly widening. 
Jaehyun had a million thoughts going through his head. He wanted you to come back to him, he wanted you to beg him to be with you he felt like he'd gone through enough pain waiting that he deserved some grovelling from you. 
"You like me." He said instead as if he knew it was a fact. 
He did not know it to be fact. 
 You stared at him blankly, and for the millionth time since he'd known you, he felt like he was staring at a wall. 
"Yeah, I do." You replied. Jaehyun was shocked, and he couldn't hide it. He didn't know what he wanted you to say to what he had said but this was the last thing he'd expected to hear. 
Jaehyun couldn't stop the anger that suddenly rose in him. 
"Then why did you run from me? Why did you push me away? How did you leave so fucking easily?"
"I -" You hesitated for a second, Jaehyun staring at you intently waiting for you to answer even one of the questions he's asked. 
"You're Jeong Jaehyun. You play basketball and the girls in our school have a name for you and your group of friends, a freaking name like you guys are a boyband or something. Girls quite literally flock after you. Why on earth would you care if I left you easily?" 
"Because I like you." Your shock was evident on your face, Jaehyun revealed in it. He'd gotten a reaction out of you outside of sex. It felt like a win. 
"So more running away from me and no more pretended we aren't more than just fuck buddies."
Tumblr media
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Bet You Can't Pull Him
Tumblr media
Title: Bet You Can’t Pull Him
Pairing: Taeyong x You
Genre: best friends au, club au, one night stand, fluff, romance, smut
Warnings: rough (!) smut, lots of alcohol consumption, profanity
Word Count: 5.774
Summary: Having just broken up with your boyfriend, a night at the club should fix everything, even if it's only for the span of a few hours. But vodka, jealousy and heartbreak is a very dangerous combination when suddenly, you realize how hot your best friend actually is and that, in no way, you're going to share him with anyone else tonight.
Tumblr media
“Aren’t you going to slow down?”
You looked at the shot in front of you, the tiny glass filled to the brim with invisible liquid, shaking to the same rhythm as the music that was playing in the background. You actually hated vodka, but tonight, you were married to it.
Your fingers enclosed the glass and your eyes wandered upwards to meet the concerned gaze of your best friend who had taken the seat next to you.
You instantly downed the shot and were already curling your finger towards the bartender, signing him to refill for the fourth time. He did as he had been told - not without a side eye though - and quickly poured vodka into the glass again.
“Okay, I’ll stop you here.”
Taeyong was fast to snatch the shot from the table before you could get a grip on it and emptied the glass himself. He twisted his face as he got a taste of the intensive flavor that burnt down his entire throat.
“Wow!” you voiced your admiration. “Bartender, another round please! But this time, make it two!”
“Y/n, what are you doing?” Taeyong asked you, the desperation in his voice impossible to miss as he slammed the glass back on the wooden surface. “You’re such a lightweight, you usually can’t drink this much!”
“Today is not your usual day,” you explained to him and threw your hands in the air. “Today is the day I’m celebrating the start of my single life! Yee-haww!”
“I doubt a break up is something to actually celebrate, even when it was mutual. As far as I know, you two were still so happy only last week,” Taeyong commented carefully, his voice nearly getting drowned out by the loud music that came from the dance floor. “What exactly happened between you and Jaehyun in the past days? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”
“Ah! Stop!” You lifted your hand and placed your index finger in the middle of Taeyong’s closed mouth, earning a perplexed reaction from him. “We don’t speak about this person today. Or ever again. Understand? Even if he’s your friend too, cheaters won’t get any credit here anymore, alright?”
Throughout the different colors the lights illuminated his face with, red was the one that brought Taeyong’s shock truly forward. And, in the middle of his mouth, was still your finger that pressed softly against his lips as he repeated,
“Jaehyun… cheated on you?”
Thank god the alcohol in your system already showed its effect and made you appear tougher and colder than you actually were inside. Your true self that wanted to continue crying all alone in your dark room like the past few days was now hiding behind a huge curtain of feigned self-esteem.
“I've never found out myself.” You shrugged. “A girl messaged me that she has been having an affair with him for months already. I was the one to break up with him. He’s still in denial and tries to get me back, but I don’t want to waste my time on cheaters.“
“Jaehyun? Really?“ Taeyong cursed under his breath and stared at you in disbelief. This time, it was him that turned to the bartender and curled his finger towards him. “Hey. Didn’t you hear? Bring us another round of two, please!”
You could always rely on your best friend.
After another two rounds of shots, you found yourself in the women's restroom, staring at a face in the mirror that still seemed so unfamiliar to you, even though you had been the one bringing her out. Bright lips, dark eyes, and a black dress that hugged her body tightly and hadn’t been worn for as long as you had been in a relationship.
You hadn’t seen this woman in a while, but she still looked hella fine. During your relationship, you had barely let her out, though tonight, even with the help of alcohol only, she was back in all her brightness and beauty.
You had truly missed this side of yours.
“There is a guy so hot out there, girls! Believe me! Like… smoking hot!”
You turned around and encountered a group of young women at the other side of the restroom that spoke very loudly with excitement. Normally, they wouldn’t catch your attention, but tonight, you were curious, single and ready to mingle again.
“Show us! I want to see!”
“Oh dear, yes please! If I go home alone tonight, I’ll be so frustrated!”
“I haven’t done the deeds in three weeks already! If anything, it’ll be my turn first!”
A guy so hot that women threw themselves at him by solely hearing about him only? This sounded like the perfect partner for the woman you were tonight. As you said, single and ready to mingle. Taeyong wouldn’t mind for sure, so you decided to check out the guy they spoke of as well.
“He’s too hot for all of us, girls. But see for yourselves!”
You followed them through the door and came to a halt in front of the bar where they gathered to a small group. You pretended to mind your business right next to them, your ears trying to overhear their conversation through the music.
“There he is!”
With your head twisting and turning, you tried to make out who they meant, but aside from Taeyong who you had left back there before going to the restroom and another guy two seats next to him, no one was close to their field of vision except for the two of them.
As you were watching and judging whether the guy next to your best friend truly was that hot, the girl in charge of the entire operation was already pointing her finger at one of the figures at the bar. And it was not the guy you had your eyes on right now.
“Bet you can’t pull him.”
Oh no.
You nearly burst out laughing.
They truly meant Taeyong! Your Taeyong!
The Taeyong that left his dirty socks in your laundry basket because he thought you wouldn’t notice if you washed it along with your clothes. The Taeyong that was willing to stand in line for twelve hours to buy a new anime figurine and forced you to keep him company. The Taeyong that picked out all the green gummy bears because he knew you liked them the most even though he liked them too.
This Taeyong.
Suddenly, it wasn’t a funny game anymore. Suddenly, it turned serious.
They wanted exactly your Taeyong.
The only thing you registered at this moment was that you had to keep them away from him. There was no way that they would take your best friend away from you.
“Bet I can?”
The words of another girl roughly pulled you out of your thoughts, and it suddenly ran hot and cold over your shoulders.
You had known Taeyong for more than ten years. Your shy, mild-mannered best friend. You had never once seen him with a woman in the public or even heard him talk fondly about one. There had been a time where you thought he didn’t even like them until you saw someone sneaking out of his room when you paid him a surprise visit.
Since then, you were sure that he was hetero as heck and just smashing them behind your back. And these girls looked exactly like the type he would do.
You didn’t want to let it happen.
The girl next to you took a step forward, but you were faster than her and dashed in Taeyong’s direction.
Bet I can pull him,
was the only thing in your mind right now.
“Hey, everything alright?” Taeyong then asked you with worry when you reached him. “You were gone for quite some time.”
You didn’t take the time to seat yourself next to him again. You just grabbed him by his hand and tagged him alongside you to the dance floor, away from those women preying on him. Their jealous gazes that you felt on your back gave you great satisfaction, though.
“Let’s dance!” you invited Taeyong when you pushed yourselves through the crowd and found a free spot among the dancing people, just enough for the both of you to move around.
Taking Taeyong’s hands into yours, you began to move to the rhythm until you let go of him and wrapped your arms around his neck. You danced up against him, totally immersed in a sea of loud music, flashing lights and the daze of alcohol.
The girls were long gone from your mind, but Jaehyun was still hard to forget. You had the feeling though that only if you danced and drank a bit longer, even that heartbreak would pass eventually.
But Taeyong wasn’t moving.
“Why aren’t you dancing?” you yelled at him. “Come on, I know you can dance! Dance with me!”
Despite your words, Taeyong continued to stand there as stiff as a board. “I… I don’t know where my boundaries are right now,” he stuttered, only clear enough for you to hear when you brought your ear close to him.
You laughed. “What boundaries? We’ve never had boundaries, Yongie! Come on, dance now!”
His hands found their way to your waist only reluctantly. “Because we’ve never been in this kind of situation.”
“Me getting cheated on and broken up with? For sure not. It’s been a three-year-relationship. If there is something to make me feel a little less miserable, then it’s this.”
You spotted Taeyong’s insightful smile as your syllables dragged out more, hinting at a certain sadness behind your strong voice. His fingers around your waist loosened up a bit and dropped further down to your hips.
“If you say you wanna dance, then I’m going to dance with you.”
You jumped up against him in excitement, and as Taeyong started to sway with the music, he calmed your motions simultaneously until you swayed together with him, body against body. You had hugged many times in the past as best friends, but this was something entirely different on which you couldn’t put a finger on yet.
As your head laid on Taeyong’s shoulder during a slower song, you met the gazes of the girls from before who were watching you from the sidelines. This time, you grinned widely at them, wanting to show off what they couldn’t have but was all yours.
“Let’s go get another drink!”
You guided Taeyong off the dancefloor with your hand in his, past the girls that were still staring at you, and ordered another two shots at the bar. This kept your alcohol level to the same as you returned to the dancefloor and continued where you had left off.
“To hell with this guy Jaehyun!” you announced solemnly.
You two danced body on body, made small trips to the bar every now and then to down a shot, and then returned to the crowd where you blended in together with the rest of the tangled bodies.
Every time you returned to the dancefloor, Taeyong’s once so tense hands loosened up more and wandered further and further down your hips until they landed where only your ex boyfriend had been allowed to touch you.
You didn’t mind. You even welcomed it highly, because it was the first time in so long that someone touched you so intimately who wasn’t your ex.
You responded to Taeyong with your fingers tangling into his hair, pressing yourself so closely against his chest that not even a sheet would fit between the two of you anymore. And Taeyong, in turn, responded to you by grinding against your hips.
“I don’t want to think about him anymore,” you whispered into your best friend’s ear.
You knew that it would only take you a few more drinks and a few more dance moves to reach that level of not giving a fuck. And Taeyong was apparently more than willing to help you out.
With his fingers now digging deep into your bum, he rocked you from side to side, his hot breath hitting your nape, and it suddenly felt wet, warm and soft all at once on that spot. It tickled, but it felt so good.
Had he just kissed your neck?
You didn’t know whether it was the music, the alcohol, the jealousy or your heartbreak that drew you into this haze. Perhaps, it was all of them combined that led Taeyong to spin you around until you were pressed with your back against him, and that led you to happily oblige when he pushed your ass down and rolled his hips with yours.
What was that?
…oh. Oh!
It was then that you felt something hard that you had been trying to ignore for so long as Taeyong rolled into your cheeks to get the satisfaction that he desperately needed. You indeed had never had boundaries as best friends, and something inside you told you that you should probably set some now.
But the thing was…
…you didn’t want to.
Taeyong then stopped his movements and slid his arm to the lower part of your back, guiding you off the dancefloor. The girls from before were still in your way, but you didn’t see them this time as your eyes were all on Taeyong only.
Had he always been such a good and sensual dancer? Looked so good with his bangs swept off his forehead due to the sweat? Turned you on so much? And where the hell was he leading you to when the bar was at the opposite side of the club?
A moment later, you found yourself with your back leaned against a wall, and then felt soft lips sucking on yours.
You didn’t even need to open your eyes to know that this was still Taeyong, your best friend, who was kissing you. And you, his best friend as well, who was kissing him back. It didn’t worry you at all that he had taken this opportunity and you hadn’t even bat an eye.
As though it had been long awaited and anticipated.
Taeyong’s hard-on pushed into your pelvis, and you giggled inwardly when you took the freedom to buck your hips whenever he retreated just to tease him. He tasted of alcohol, but in a very sweet way, and you took his flavor all in when he inserted his tongue into your mouth.
If you had known kissing your best friend would be this enjoyable and intoxicating, you would have done it way sooner.
Before you would have gotten into a relationship of course.
Of course.
When Taeyong pulled away, his mouth was smeared with saliva that he then wiped off with the back of his hand. You wanted to close the gap between you two right away again, taking a step forward, but Taeyong held you back.
“Do you still think of him?” he groaned, much deeper than you were used to.
Of whom?
Ah yeah.
“Absolutely not.”
You held onto his shoulders when he brought his head back to you, closing his mouth on the sweet spot on the side of your neck. Shivers again. And you wanted to feel your whole body shiver only from him.
Slender fingers crawled past the hem of your tight dress to the upper part of your thigh, resting there and then slowly stroking you so that you felt it tingling only a few inches upwards where it shouldn’t really tingle from getting touched by your best friend.
But you wanted more.
And Taeyong was adamant about giving you more.
You giggled to yourself when you bounced up and down Taeyong’s bed after he had thrown you onto the mattress. He crawled to you on all fours and attacked you with another kiss that let you sink into the pillow with your tight dress already off.
“That’s only a hindrance,” Taeyong had commented before he had peeled you out of the fabric by his entrance door already. “Even though you look absolutely hot in it. I was jealous of everyone who couldn’t keep their eyes from you.”
“You were?” you wanted to make sure in awe.
He had only broken through the approach of awkward silence, to which he wouldn’t have been able to find a fitting answer, with a kiss. Good for you as well, you had thought, as apparently, you hadn’t been the only one with a jealousy issue tonight in which you had not only noticed how attractive your best friend was to others, but to you as well.
Your mind was a big haze of desire and lust due to the alcohol, but it paradoxically let you feel everything more intensely - physically and mentally.
You couldn’t remember the last time you had shuddered from a man’s touch on your body, but Taeyong’s fingers on your legs and stomach now, the way they traced so tenderly along your skin, made you crave for more, to prolong every motion. But it also made you grow afraid, because you didn’t know how to stop wanting exactly that.
“Already so wet for me,” Taeyong noticed when his fingers halted in the slit between your legs, his other arm propped against the mattress for support. “You must have anticipated this.”
Had you?
You wondered whether you had always longed for his veiny hands to graze along your stomach instead of handing you the plates when you ate dinner together. Taeyong looked at you from above, and you fluttered your lashes at him from your lying position, slightly taken aback by the realization that indeed, you had.
When you felt the familiar pressure between your thighs, your teeth sank into your bottom lip and you bucked your hips towards him. Taeyong let out a chuckle, and you could only see a hint of his smug expression from your viewpoint. You hadn’t been aware that he had been hiding such a sadistic side to him.
Taeyong’s fingertips then slipped under the fabric of your panties and buried themselves deep into your warm, wet flesh. Your back arched with his motions inside of you in the same angle as his curling fingers, and you couldn’t hold back a moan anymore.
“Oh, you sure must have anticipated this.”
A squelching sound indicated that Taeyong had smacked his lips in superiority, and you rolled your eyes. “Don’t think so highly of yourself. We haven’t really started.”
When had he gotten so smug? Or was it only a side shown in the bedroom that you had never gotten to see so far?
Another loud moan fell from your lips when he pushed further into you, then retreated again just to thrust right back the next moment. You clutched onto the pillow’s edges to the left and right of your head while, simultaneously, your legs fell apart as a beg for him to just don’t stop.
Taeyong had you whimpering and writhing, totally at his mercy within the next minutes, and when he hastily dragged your panties down along your legs that were already soaking with your juices, you then laid under him, exposed and stripped naked.
“Undress yourself too. It’s unfair.”
“Ah-ah.” He lifted a finger and an exhorting manner and shook his head.
Instead of undressing himself directly, Taeyong got on his knees next to you, sat up and reached for his belt. With quick grasps, he unbuckled the clasp and unzipped his jeans. Tugging down his boxer briefs, he revealed his dick that sprung free in front of your eyes.
“Suck it.”
You clicked your tongue, but were somehow turned on by his demanding tone as you got on all fours and dragged his pants down a bit further until the fabric draped around his thighs.
With your palms, knees and toes sinking into the mattress, you enclosed the tip of his cock after forming a circle with your lips and went all the way in until you felt him filling up your entire mouth. Then, you started bobbing your head up and down his length, taking him in fully and slowly letting him all out again with a slurp.
Both of Taeyong’s hands grabbed into the back of your head and pulled your hair together into a ponytail on which he held tightly while you kept sucking him. Every now and then, you paused your motions to give your jaw and neck a break, but those were the moments you enjoyed a lot more.
Because then, you were able to listen to Taeyong’s luscious moans while you only focused on the most sensitive spot. Your tongue licked over his glans along the frenulum, and you could tell from the way his hips jerked and his grip around your ponytail tightened, that it was his favorite part of the act, also.
“Enough…” he suddenly murmured under his breath, but didn’t let go.
And you didn’t stop. Instead, you were about to go in with deep throating now, but when you felt him hit close to a point that nearly elicited your gag reflex, Taeyong withdrew and said again, this time much louder,
You sat back on your lower legs and wiped with your forearm over your smeared lips to get rid of saliva and precum. Taeyong’s sweaty chest heaved up and down in excitement, and he looked at you with a grin.
“Enough, or else I would’ve cum already. Didn’t know you were so good at it.”
“More than ten years of friendship, and there are still some things we don’t know about each other, hm?”
“Seems like it.”
Taeyong took off his shirt and tossed it aside, and you sat back up, reaching out your fingers and trailing it along his torso where under his abs and tattoos, he was hiding hints of a six pack that you could only guess.
While your fingers rested on his chest and remained there for a little while longer, Taeyong’s hand grabbed yours, and he led it to his mouth where he delicately pressed a kiss on your knuckles.
This was such an intimate and also romantic moment amidst all drunkenness and silliness that you couldn’t help but to look into each other’s eyes and smile in fondness.
A stark contrast to what went down only moments later when you found yourself under him after he had tossed aside his jeans and boxers. You had already gotten a taste of how much space he would take inside of you, yet you still gasped when he stretched between your walls while he settled.
From the shy and reserved Taeyong, your best friend, was nothing left anymore. His thrusts were forceful and persistent from the very beginning as he moved in and out of you. But good for you, you weren’t quite feeling vanilla sex yet anyway at all.
The bed creaked under you in unison with your moans as Taeyong pressed his palm on your mouth to suffocate your screams. But you took it as a challenge to cry out in pleasure even more, biting into his finger just for fun.
“Ouch!” he cried out and stopped his movements, but smirked when he encountered your devilish mien. “You want it like that, hm?”
Taeyong’s hand wandered from your lips along your chin down to your throat. He clasped your neck with his fingers and started choking you, cutting off the air from reaching your lungs and only letting the bare minimum in as to not have you suffocate. He only stopped squeezing when you were close to not being able to inhale at all, and then started to thrust again.
A rattle from you suddenly turned him keen-eared, and worry was mirrored in his eyes that he directed at you, his grip loosening again. But you shook your head, signalizing him that it was okay with you to continue like that, you just had to get used to it.
The mixture of the pain applied on your throat and the pleasure of the deep thrusts that constantly hit you over and over again lured something out of you that you had wanted to keep hidden this entire time. Something so passionate, but also foreign to you, of which the impact you couldn’t assess yet.
Your eyes rolled to the ceiling, the pressure around your neck subsiding and returning more powerful each time Taeyong slammed back into you. You wanted to scream, but everything that came out were only gasps. The slight pain that had remained due to it being the first time for you having sex like this was not present anymore, and you were able to enjoy the act fully.
“Get up,” Taeyong then interrupted and withdrew.
You did as you had been told.
“Turn around.”
You did so again, getting on all fours with your backside facing him.
Your finger clenched around the sheets when he entered you from behind with a long push, and you let a long moan fall from your lips as he grabbed you by your hips and positioned you in the right angle in front of him.
Every strong thrust of Taeyong smashed your body forward, but his hands to the left and right of you made sure to keep you in place so that you wouldn’t slip off of him. You didn’t know when you had gotten so obedient as you were usually the more dominant and determining part in your friendship.
Perhaps, under such circumstances, everything was different.
And you were a sucker for it.
“AAAH!” you then shrieked as Taeyong ruffled your hair and pulled it together again.
Your neck bent backwards with his tight grip, and you were facing the ceiling again as he held onto your hair while slapping against your bum, now faster and more desperate than before. From the way his thighs shook and the way his breathing came in loud, irregular hitches, you could tell that he was close, and so were you.
“Too rough for you?” Taeyong then murmured into your ear, despite his controlling demeanor, letting concern slip and loosening his restraint on you a bit.
“No,” you brought yourself to admit with a pant. “Not at all.”
Taeyong smacked your ass cheek, and you gave out a shout, partially in surprise, partially in unexpected, but welcomed pain. Then, his palm came down at you again, then repeatedly, and you exclaimed every time, sometimes louder, sometimes softer, but he constantly knew that you had no indication to make him stop.
Prompted by the roughness and spurred by the approach of your release, your lust only increased to heights you hadn’t been able to reach before as Taeyong indispensably pounded into you from behind. Never had you moaned so loudly, screamed so long-lastingly, or wanted more and more until you possibly blacked out.
And you did all of that when you came with your head thrown back and an open-mouthed but silent scream, Taeyong following with a cry while buried deep inside of you.
He fell on top of you, back onto the sheets with heavy pants, you both catching your breaths with your chests lifting and sinking in fast paced unison until you had calmed down after a while.
“You’re… suffocating… me.”
With a laugh, you shook Taeyong off of you and he flopped onto the mattress while you also turned around to lay on your back.
“So, you were hiding your dominant side from me all along?” you joked.
“Well, there wasn’t a chance to ever show it to you.”
Unintentionally, in the process of shifting your positions, you had found your way into his arms with your head placed on his chest. He was holding you close to him, the silence that then enveloped you making it possible to listen to his heartbeat.
Taeyong’s fingers brushed through the messy streaks of your hair in a very delicate and gentle manner, one that was not humble or clumsy, but determined and confident. Not that rough and sadistic side from before either, though. It was the behavior of a young man who knew exactly what he wanted.
And now, it was you.
And you wanted it with the same intensity, with every fiber of your body as opposed to what you had expected before.
There it was again.
Something soft and wet pressed against your head. Had Taeyong just kissed your forehead?
You cuddled up against him, relishing in his arms and in this moment of unfamiliar comfort and warmth again that you had never encountered before. You drifted off to sleep with the wish that this feeling would never pass.
And another thing.
Yes, you could indeed pull him.
You woke up with a feeling like your head was going to explode.
Perhaps, that one drink last night had been one too much. But when you slowly opened your eyes and didn’t find yourself in your familiar surroundings, you were sure that it should have been at least ten drinks less to have prevented this from happening.
You had never had a one night stand before. Of course, you had been in a long term relationship for the majority of your college life and had lived a rather innocent life. But as soon as you had gotten broken up with, you hopped into bed with the first guy who hit on you in the club. But that had also been your intention, so there was nothing to regret.
Had it been good at least?
You slowly sat up and stretched yourself, feeling a bit sore and the first signs of muscle ache approaching, indications that it had indeed been a very good night, having let you forget about your heartache.
Turning to your right, you saw your nighttime partner’s head buried into the pillow as he laid on his stomach, irritated for a short second that he had the same hair color and cut as your best friend, but it was most likely only the bed hair. You gave him credit for not throwing you out right after the act though.
Regarding your best friend… You gasped in shock.
Had you just left Taeyong behind in the club, all by himself? No matter how grave your heartache was and how sympathetic he always reacted, you just couldn’t leave your friend behind! Bad conscience settled in your heart, and you turned to the bed’s side in search of your phone that you luckily found on the floor.
Strange. There wasn’t a single message from him.
You scratched your head and tried to remember the past night.
What came into your head were only flashes of bits and pieces. How you had drunk with Taeyong at the bar. The girls that had betted on pulling him. How you had danced together to make them jealous. How it had suddenly spiraled to something out of control.
Something that slowly came back into your mind.
Your heart nearly jumped out of your chest as your head jumpily shifted to the other side of the bed where your nighttime partner was still sleeping.
You remembered how you had been pressed against the club’s wall and gotten more intimate with your best friend than you had ever imagined. How his hands had stroked you under your dress in the taxi home. How hot open-mouth kisses had been exchanged in the backseat.
You gulped, suddenly clutching onto your phone like your life depended on it. You were purposely averting your eyes from the person next to you now as you let your gaze wander around the room.
Damn. You knew this room.
The crack in the wall by the door that had gotten overpainted with a doodle, the plant on the window sill that had been revived only a short time ago, the aquarium with the little fishes at the other side, and the small and big figurines from different animes adorning every spot that was still free.
“Shitshitshitshitshit,” you cursed under your breath.
Bringing your phone to your face and shutting your eyes, you smacked the device against your forehead as though to scold yourself for letting something as stupid as this happen.
“Was I so bad last night?”
His husky, joky voice pulled you out of your thoughts, and as you turned to Taeyong, he looked at you from the pillow through half-lidded eyes as though he wasn’t fully awake yet. He yawned with relish, burying his head further into the cushion.
“So… we truly had sex,” you tried to deadpan, but failed miserably, uncertainty making your syllables shake.
“Yeah.” Taeyong propped his elbows against the mattress and brought his upper body up to get on the same eye level as you. “So… is it okay for you?”
Was it?
You didn’t feel regret. You didn’t feel disgust. If anything, you felt a comfortable warmth. And it seemed eerily familiar to you, yet still so foreign, because you hadn’t experienced that even with your ex boyfriend. What you were certain about was that you wanted to hold onto that feeling just a little longer.
In the end, you couldn’t give him an exact answer.
Perhaps, there was none needed anyway.
You put your phone aside and lifted the corner of the blanket. Crawling under the safety of the duvets, you dragged Taeyong down with you again and pulled the sheets over your bodies.
You then laid there together, side by side, gazing at each other. And slowly, a smile spread across his and your lips.
“Stay for breakfast?” Taeyong asked.
Suddenly, he was your shy and mild-mannered best friend again, flushing with reddened cheeks. Not for long again though, you were sure of that.
You nodded. For breakfast, for lunch, even dinner. You would stay.
No, there certainly was no verbal answer needed to the question whether this was okay for you. It came along with a warm kiss.
Yes, it was definitely okay for you.
At least that was what you thought as at this moment, a message from your ex boyfriend Jaehyun popped up on your phone that laid on the ground in which he explained that the girl who had contacted you had admitted to her lies.
But you didn’t notice it as you left your phone untouched for the entire day since the person you texted the most with was right beside you. If only you had seen Jaehyun’s message before, you would have probably changed your mind about it.
But it came just at the right time.
With a bit of a delay.
Just like the realization that perhaps, the person you felt most drawn to was the person who had been by your side all along.
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itslovergirl-e · a day ago
[8:55 p.m.]
Gamer!Jeno x Female Reader
Content: fluff, (light) smut, established relationship!au, non-idol!au, domestic!au, just soft things
Disclaimer: This writing is a fictional piece made for entertainment purposes only and is not a reflection of real life/reality.
Tumblr media
Jeno's gaming chair can barely handle the pressure of the heavy bounces you make on his lap, squeaking and whining with every slap of your skins. Despite your burning thighs, a shiver ran down your spine. With the sweat polishing your bare skin and his apartment's faulty heater, you regret stripping down to nothing but your flimsy panties and baby pink knee high socks.
You've been ignoring the winter air that bleeds through the window crack to bite at your skin. After all, you'd been waiting since 6 p.m. for his attention and now it's nearly 9 o'clock. You can't stop now.
Despite his soft groans of pleasure, your boyfriend isn't completely fucked out to not notice the goosebumps painted on your back. Unlike you, he's clad in a sweatshirt while his grey sweats are pooled around his knees with his underwear. You can feel the pressure in the pads of his fingers dig into your lower back, slowing down your movements altogether when he controls your weight.
"You're freezing, baby," Jeno notes with concern laced in his baritone voice. "You wanna put your shirt back on?"
Your eyes look past him and target the white shirt you'd thrown on the bed before seducing him. You pout with an unintelligible whine humming in your throat. You've gone through all this trouble to get to where you are now and you're tired. Even though it's only a mere feet away from your reach, you've melted into your boyfriend's arms completely to get up now.
"It's okay," you mumble. "It's not a big deal."
He knows you enough to chuckle at your white lie—though it feels odd when he's doing it with his dick inside you. He brushes it off and reaches behind him at the backrest. Shaking his head amiably, he tugs the zip-up hanging from the chair before veiling it over your shoulders. "What am I gonna do you with you?" Jeno sighs, the warm smile on his lips contrasting his tone. He flips the hood over your head and playfully tugs at the strings to tighten it around your face. "There—nice and warm."
Your cheeks heat up at the gesture and you clear your throat, slipping your arms through the sleeves. "Thank you," you say, meekly.
Suddenly, you're not so cold anymore. Not when you're engulfed in his hold and his woodsy cologne intoxicates you even more.
And especially not when he looks at you like that.
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papercupids · 2 days ago
pairing -> spiderman!mark lee x avenger!fem!reader.
summary -> when he gets to know the goblin's scheme, he sets out on his own to make things right.
genre -> superhero!au, angst, fluff.
featuring -> johnny as tony stark; taeyong as captain america; irene as natasha; doyoung as clint; yuta as bucky; seulgi as wanda; karina as dr. cho; jaehyun as sam.
warnings -> a few curses, injuries.
a/n -> this is from like two years ago and was for the original peter parker w the original avenger characters so it might be a little amateurish lol but yeah here, this is me adding onto the spider!mark agenda!
word count -> 1k+
Your phone buzzed, interrupting a sweet, sweet slumber you had struggled to go to in the first place. At first you tried to ignore it dismissing it to be your friends bothering you to come with them to another party. But after multiple rings, you groaned and sat up in bed. it was 2:00 am, somebody better be calling with a good reason.
“Uh, hey, johnny” you cleared your throat wondering why he had called at such an odd time.
“Where’s mark?” And that’s when you turn up the light to find the spot next to you empty. The sheets are ruffled and the bed is now cold on his side but his smell lingers.
“johnny,” you answer, a little bit of fear gathering inside you. “He’s not here.”
anxiety begins to bubble up inside you, but you try to remain calm, maybe he couldn't sleep and was hanging out around the neighbourhood.
And he cuts the call. You call him again, and again. 
But he doesn’t answer, you paranoia begins growing every second.
What happened to mark?
Why was his friend worried about him? and why was he calling you?
What was going on?
Where did he go?
You walk around the room, trying numbers of every avenger that you had. None of them were picking up their phones.
So you decided you won’t wait anymore. You threw on your jacket and grabbed your car keys. 
Driving down to the avengers compound, you saw them getting into a huge van. A van that would have been enough to sit an entire school.
You halt your car around the entry and run out of it.
“taeyong,” he turns from getting everybody “where’s mark?”
“Y/N, what are you-“
“Answer my question.”
“We’re going to get him. Everything’s gonna be okay.”
“y/n,” johnny interrupts you, “get in the van, we’ll explain.”
You look around inside for a moment. And jumped inside without a second thought even though you knew that not bringing your suit was going to cause some problems for you later.
The door slams shut as the the engine revs up.
“y/n, tell me,” johnny sits beside taeyong, who sits just the opposite of you and puts his hands together and cracks his knuckles “did Peter mention the Green Goblin to you?”
“Yes, of course. He was pretty determined to know it’s identity.”
“Okay, so, he managed to find that guy.”
“Don’t tell me-“
“He went to get him.” taeyong ends. “typical mark,”
“mark, that son of a,” you place your head in your hands, why would he go out there like that? Without any backup? Without you? 
“Do you know where he is?”
“We know the whereabouts of the Goblin and we plan to follow that.” seulgi adds which leads you to turn your head to where she sits in the back of the truck.
“What about mark's tracker?”
“He removed it.”
“What the hell!”
And the minutes that followed were pretty quiet. And you pieced two and two together, why he had insisted on saying “i love you’s” and why he was being all ominous or why his kisses were unusually deep. You didn’t give it a second thought then but now it all made sense.
He was about to do the most stupidest thing he’d ever done.
You found him, you’d slap him. Yes, or maybe even throw some punches at him.
“We’ve entered the area. Everybody get down,” doyoung speaks from his seat at the steering wheel.
“Y/N,” johnny speaks softly and you know what to expect “please wait for us, you don’t have your suit-“
“No.” You say sternly. “I have my powers, with or without the suit and so i’m coming with you.”
taeyong groans as you leap out from the van. you've never been one to listen, he shakes his head. you and mark are perfect for each other.
The sight leaves you breathless. The area is covered with smoke and debris. You hit yourself, why didn’t you have the notifications for the news turnt on? Maybe that way you could know how much the damage was.
And you put your foot to the ground precariously, and the rocks under your feet crunch slowly as you make your way around looking in every direction. 
Behind you, taeyong, seulgi, yuta, jaehyun and doyoung spread wide, covering the whole area and eliminating all the chances of threat. 
Your mind isn’t on anyone killing you, it’s on finding mark, making sure he’s alive and well.
the building or whatever remained of it was completely dusted. even with the time being almost close to 3 am now, a small crowd of neighbours to the place and passerbys had stopped but it seemed like the fight was over so nobody from your side try to stop them from standing there.
The destruction is massive but thankfully is outskirts of the city where there was nothing but forests and just a few towers around. You wonder if it was mark's doing.
After walking around for a few minutes, taeyong stops.
“I don’t think he’s here.” 
seulgi joins him and so does jaehyun, “same.”
While yuta looks to you as you take a turn and keep on walking, your eyes on all four sides.
Lots of debris is piled up in a place just a bit far from where taeyong and the others stood, discussing where the spiderman could be if not here. you hear seulgi discussing the possibility of the goblin taking him hostage.
You stand there for a moment and close your eyes, was he gone?
Would he really leave you like that?
And you hear it. Shallow and shaky breaths, at first you don’t know where the source is, so you look around until you reach the collection of debris.
mark lays there. Eyes closed, barely breathing and covered in bruises.
Your heart nearly drops. And you shout “taeyong, here.”
taeyong takes one look at your face and rushes towards you and over the comm, tells johnny to stop searching the area and reach where they are.
It takes time to remove the stones that are piled up on him. even with th two super soldiers trying hard.
The next few moments pass by in a flash. A blur of melancholy. taeyong picking up mark. The ride to the Avengers compound. The doctor taking a look at him. Standing outside with the team while seulgi rubbed your back and told you that it’ll be alright. And you fall asleep outside mark's room.
“Y/N,” Dr. Cho jerks you awake. “Y/N, he’s awake, johnny and the others want to question him and told me to inform them first but i think you should take a minute with him first.”
You nod your head in gratitude towards the doctor.
You jump up from your place and straighten out the creases of your shirt. You walk over slowly into the room which smells of sanitizer, clean towels and phenyl. 
You catch mark, still laying down, looking at the window at the orange dawn.
He turns his eyes to meet yours, “i’m sorry, Y/N. i’m really-“
You cut him off with a kiss, explanation later.
After a moment you let go of his lips and pull away your face, “explain, now.”
He tells you about how he paid some of the guys around the city to keep tabs on the Goblin’s news for him. One of them reported that the goblin was up to something. Upon investigating, Peter had found he had installed a time bomb right there in the middle of the city.
So he took it out to a place where it wouldn’t harm anybody.
mark leaves out the part where he saw the green glint of the goblin's suit from under the debris and he whispered your name, and the address of the apartment you shared, clearly threatening.
“....so that’s it.”
You hummed in response.
“You know, I really thought I lost you. And it was just so so scary.”
“I know, i’m sorry, love.”
“Just don’t do this again.” You bury your head in his chest.
but he knew he had to, he still hadn’t caught the goblin. and he needed to pack his bags too.
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sunnyjenolvr · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
johnny suh x reader | g: fluff | wc: 687 | cw: none!
“Johnny?” You call out into the empty living room. His shoes were on the shoe rack and his keys were still on the side table so he’s home, but he’s nowhere to be heard.
“Johnny? You home?” You call out a little louder, stepping further into his apartment
“Just finished showering!” He shouts back. “Coming out now!”
When Johnny steps out of the shower and opens the bedroom door, he is met with you standing in the middle of his living room — holding a giant sunflower in your hand.
“Where the hell did you get a giant sunflower?”
The scene is weird. You and Johnny are standing in the middle of a small hallway that connects his living room to the bedroom. You’re holding a giant sunflower by its stem while he’s half naked with only a towel wrapping his lower half; looking back and forth between your eyes and the sunflower — not to mention there is water dripping from his hair everywhere.
“Dude, you’re dripping.” You comment, not answering his question.
“You want me to take off the towel and flash you right here just to dry my hair?” He quickly retorts back.
“I- Oh god no!” Johnny laughs at your flusteredness.
You and Johnny weren’t sure what you were. When you first met through a mutual friend, there was a clear and obvious attraction between the both of you but no one ever said anything. Throughout the course of months, you two often got coffee together, stayed late in the library to study together, and sometimes even went shopping together. However, those weren’t dates — no of course not, but you can’t deny the way he would steal glances of you during those times and you doing the same.
“How’d you get into my apartment?” Johnny asks, walking back into the bedroom. You follow him into the bedroom and sit on the edge of his bed while he heads for the closet.
“You randomly gave me your code like two days ago, silly.” You laugh, thinking back to when Johnny gave you his apartment code “in case of emergencies.”
“Yeah, in case of emergencies.” He steps out of the closet dressed in sweatpants and a white tee. “This doesn’t seem like one.”
“Me holding a giant sunflower isn’t a big emergency to you?” You joke.
“Why do you have one anyway??”
“I-” You stutter. “I don’t know. I was walking out of the comp sci building and you know how there’s this giant field like down the road?” He hums, following your story. “Yeah, so I was walking and I just saw the sunflower. It was just — there.”
“There?” He sits next to you, so close that you can smell his body wash.
“Yeah, it was so big and it just stuck out like a sore thumb because it was the only flower in that big field of nothing and it just reminded me of you.” You look down at the small sunflower etched on his arm — the first tattoo he had ever gotten at the age of 18. “Next thing I know, I’m driving to your apartment and now I’m here.”
Johnny takes the sunflower from your grip and he touches the petals softly, admiring it while you admire him. All of a sudden he stands up.
“Where are you going?” You ask.
“To put this in a vase so it won’t die obviously.” He scoffs. You two head out to the kitchen where he fills up a skinny vase with some water before dropping the sunflower in delicately.
“I don’t think it’s going to stay alive like this.” You say.
“At least it can stand.” He shrugs. The two of you step back to admire the giant sunflower in the middle of his round dining room table. “Hey,” Johnny starts, turning around to look at you, his voice much quieter.
“Yeah?” You reply softly, turning to your side and titling up to meet his brown eyes.
“Thanks for thinking of me.” Johnny says shyly, smiling like a schoolgirl in love, pink starting to shade the apple of his cheeks.
“Y- yeah, of course.”
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writemekpop · 13 hours ago
Shut Out | Nakamoto Yuta
Pairing: Nakamoto Yuta x Reader
Summary: After a massive fight, Yuta kicks you out of the house. Only, it's a cold, snowy night, and you have nowhere to go....
Genre: Boyfriend!Yuta, angst, hurt/comfort
Word Count: 1.1k 
Warnings: Mentions of adultery, alcohol, swearing 
Gif: @elfyuta​
Tumblr media
“Y/n, I’m gonna give you one last chance to tell me the truth. I’m done being lied to,” your boyfriend Yuta snaps at you. 
You’re swaying slightly outside the front door of your shared house. Your eyes - that once looked at him like he was the centre of your universe - are dull and drunken.
“Where… were… you… today?” Yuta has to force the question out of his mouth. He doesn’t want to know your answer. Either, you’ll lie to his face, or you’ll admit what you’ve done, shattering your relationship into a million pieces. 
For the last few weeks, you’ve grown distant. Your habit of absentmindedly tracing shapes into Yuta’s hand has stopped, you shrink away from his hugs, you come home from work late and stinking of alcohol… 
He imagines you saying it: Yuta, I’m sleeping with someone else.
Something flashes over your face - pain? regret? - but then it disappears, and you say, “Work.”
Except, the thing is, Yuta called the dentist’s office where you work at 3PM today. The receptionist said you weren’t there. 
Your lie hits Yuta in the chest like a punch. Frustration bubbling up inside him, he slams the door shut in your face. 
You gasp. 
“I’m not letting you in until you tell me the truth!” He shouts, his voice breaking. “Where the fuck were you?” 
Yuta’s eyes snap open. The back of his neck aches, and his muscles are stiff from shivering. 
He’s confused… till he realises he fell asleep, back pressed against the inside of the front door. He’s been so drained lately that he must have passed right out.
It’s been hours since he kicked you out. He looks through the frosted glass window next to the door… and see thick white. 
His heart falls. Where the hell were you? Did he leave you outside in the cold? 
Scrambling to his feet, he yanks open the front door, and an Arctic wind blasts in his face. The whole of your street is blanketed with snow - it must have fallen in the night! 
His heart thumping against his ribs, he looks down, and sees you. You’re sitting on the floor, knees pulled in like a baby, eyes shut. A later of snow dusts your entire body. 
Oh no. Oh God no. He crouches down and brushes off the snow. Your lips are tinged blue, and your body is vibrating with shivers. His heart clenches. 
“Oh my god, baby. Why didn’t you say anything?” Yuta murmurs, but you’re too weak to answer. 
Yuta puts his fingers to your neck, trying to find a pulse, but it’s as faint as a tiny bird’s. He picks you up and carries you inside, guilty tears already hot on his cheeks. 
He can’t imagine losing you. You’re like a part of his own body, like his own heart. He can feel your pain, feel the bone-cracking cold as clearly as if it was his own body under all that snow.
He curses himself, his idiotic, arrogant self – for letting you get hurt like this over a stupid argument! He realises that he doesn’t care if you’re cheating on him, heck, he doesn’t even care if you love the other guy more than him. 
You can break Yuta’s heart a thousand times over, as long you’re still with him, making terrible ‘that’s what she said’ jokes, high-fiving kids, scrunching your nose up when you laugh. 
Yuta’s mind is racing. What do they say about treating hypothermia? Skin to skin contact.
Yuta strips off your cold, damp jacket, T shirt, and jeans, then quickly removes his own pyjamas. He throws a blanket on top of you, then climbs in with you. 
Yuta clings to your freezing, shivering skin like you’re a life raft in a raging storm. Yuta presses kisses all over your cold cheeks, lips, chest, the beautiful dips in your collarbones.  With each kiss, he mentally whispers please, please, please. 
He doesn’t know what he’s begging for - life, love, forgiveness - but he begs anyway.
Finally, he hears a mumbled, “Yuta?” 
He shifts to look into your eyes… and find them bright and clear. You’re not just looking in his direction, you’re actually seeing him. Yuta can’t remember the last time you looked at him like that. His heart flutters, despite everything. 
Your body is warm now, but Yuta’s still worried. Frantic, he presses his fingers to your neck, checks your pulse again, showers you with questions. 
He stops, surprised, when you pull his fingers to your lips and kiss them. “Thank you,” you say, your voice hoarse but calm. “You saved my life.” 
He shakes his head, tears welling up again. “I didn’t, I- I- almost killed you.” 
You say, “I know I’ve been distant lately, and I’m sorry-“
Yuta blurts out, “If you want to be with him, I won’t stop you. I’m just happy you’re okay.” 
You frown. And to Yuta’s utter, utter surprise… you chuckle. Your teeth flash in that sexy grin he hasn’t haven’t seen in so long. “You think… I’m cheating on you?” You say.
He nods, looking at the frayed blue blanket. 
You cup Yuta’s jaw with your hand, tilting his chin so he’s facing you. “Yuta,” you blaze, “I would never do that. I’ve been acting weird because… I… lost my job.”
He knows he should feel sorry for you, but relief rushes through his veins like honey. “How long?” he asks.
“Three weeks. It was so embarrassing. I- I- couldn’t bear to let you down... so I’ve been hanging out in the pub during work hours.” Your head hangs low, and tear trembles on your cheek. 
Yuta shakes his head. “Darling, you could never let me down. Just having you by my side is enough. Always.” 
You exhale. “You’re everything I need, too. I love you. And I’m sorry.”
Yuta pulls you into a fierce bear hug, his strong arms wrapping over your chest. He nuzzles into your neck, loving the heat of your body. He didn’t know how much he loved that heat until it was gone. 
“Yuta-a… I can’t… breathe,” you tease, but he just hugs you tighter. 
A while later, Yuta feels you absentmindedly tracing little shapes into the back of his hand. You started doing it again… after stopping for so long. 
You don’t see it, but a smile spreads over Yuta’s face. He thinks:
I’m never gonna shut you out again.
Let us know what you thought in the comments or on anon! 💋
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fly-forever-young · 2 days ago
•~All Nct Unit: The last sentences they tell you when you break up
Tumblr media
• Taeil:
"I really loved you I want you to know and I don't regret anything"
• Johnny:
"You will always be a person I love until the end I promise you"
• Taeyong:
"I don't think I'm ready to leave you ... Please stay"
• Yuta:
"Right now I hate you but I can't help but love you"
• Kun:
"We will be two strangers who know each other better than anyone else"
• Doyoung:
"You have a bad choice with whom to be together"
• Ten:
"You know I was hoping you would stay with me forever"
• Jaehyun:
"Find the right guy next time please"
• Winwin:
"Maybe it was just fate"
• Jungwoo:
"You're breaking my heart but that's okay I understand"
• Lucas:
"I'll never see you again, will I?"
• Mark:
"So it really ends this way between us?"
• Xiaojun:
"You are like all the others and I am like all the others"
• Hendery:
"I believe that I will continue to love you forever"
• Renjun:
"You already know where to hurt me, you've already done it too"
• Jeno:
"We just ended badly that's all"
• Haechan:
"We almost made it together"
• Jaemin:
"If I had known that in the end I would have suffered so much maybe I would not have even started dating you"
• Yangyang:
"I don't think I'm ready to live my life without you"
• Shotaro:
"I wish you the best Y / n even without me"
• Sungchan:
"We deserved a happy ending together"
• Chenle:
"I can't pretend it doesn't hurt because it does"
• Jisung:
"I thought it hurt less"
the next few posts will break your heart so be prepared 💪🏻
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marscoponie · a day ago
How nct 127 would comfort you when you’re feeling down
He ordered your favorite meal and dessert the moment he noticed something was up with you. You had been quiet today and barely replied to his messages. "What is the occasion?" You asked but already knew the answer. "No reason, I just wanted to." Taeyong smiles and kisses you softly.
Being the empathetic person he is, he puts his arm around you and tells you to let it all out. "It's okay to cry. It will relieve some of your stress." He sets down a box of tissues beside you and helps wipe your tears. He also puts on a movie for you both to watch so you gradually forget about your thoughts and worries.
He wants to ask you why you're upset but instead just gives you a big hug and holds you for as long as needed until you start to feel okay. He optimistically says "things will get better." You are usually skeptical when hearing those words but hearing them from him is different. The calm certainty in his voice fills you with warmth and comfort.
Immediately tries to cheer you up by making jokes and teasing you. After you don't respond to his jokes he becomes more serious and and wants to know how he can resolve your problems. "do you want to talk about it? i'm all ears." Once you disclose what's on your mind he comes up with reasonable solutions to help alleviate your mood. He then gives you a gentle kiss on your cheek.
He takes a sympathetic and pragmatic approach to your demeanor, he just wants to help you in any way he can. he listens calmly and shows a caring expression as you pour out your feelings.
Jungwoo is usually very sensitive to your emotions. He can easily tell when you are in a certain mood. Today was no different so he tried his best to lighten the mood as best as he could. "I got an idea y/n, how about we watch a funny movie? That usually helps me when I'm in a funk." You agree to his suggestion and you two watch an Adam Sandler movie on the couch, his head laying in your lap. Even though the movie didn't help much you felt better just being able to spend quality time with your bf.
Haechan and Mark
read here
"Are you okay, y/n?" Taeil rubs his hand on your back. "I'm just having one of those days, you know?" He nods his head "Yes, I'm familiar with those times. You feel hopeless and don't feel like doing anything. Do you want to talk about it more?" You turn to him with tears welling up and no words can come out except "um." He kisses your forehead and rests his head against yours. "It's okay you don't have to say anything. How about we listen to some music and just chill out hmm?"
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sunflowerforhaechan · 20 hours ago
Alone, I cannot be | Doyoung
Tumblr media Tumblr media
doyoung x reader, 0.7k, exes to lovers, angst, heavy pining
this is a part of @slightlymore's ‘mad about the boy' collab
a/n: a huge thanks to @neonun-au for helping me with this fic! Mads, you're the best set of second eyes a writer could ask for ♡
Tumblr media
Emptiness—a feeling no stranger to you than the moon to the stars—embraces you in the darkness of your living room.
Alone in your apartment, watching the pristine white snow trickle down the twilight sky, you take a long sip of the sparkling prosecco in your hand.
You have always loved snow. It's beautiful, it's magical, and it has always lifted your spirits.
Not anymore.
It doesn't bring out the inner child in you, nor does it make you light up with joy.
Nothing really does.
There is neither happiness nor grief; neither anger nor tranquility. There's only you—devoid of emotion, devoid of feelings.
It has been this way ever since you parted ways with Doyoung.
You haven't forgotten him even as the flowers of spring that witnessed your break up withered away, his memories still in full bloom in your heart.
In the sea of uncertainty called life, he was a breath of fresh air. He was always there for you—as a boyfriend, best friend, and a personal cheerleader.
He made you laugh when you least expected it and needed it the most. He comforted you and helped you forget everything that was wrong with the world.
He frequently nagged you to finish your work. You grumbled about it, but you were genuinely grateful that he did because it was sometimes the only way you could be productive.
He challenged you, and he inspired you to be a better person.
With him, every day was an adventure. You never wanted it to end.
But it did, and he left a gaping, unfillable hole in your heart. It was suffocating, dizzying—and empty without him.
It still feels that way, months after the breakup.
The ding of your doorbell brings you back to reality.
An hour has passed while you were lost in a reverie; darkness replacing the light as the sun sets. Putting your wine away, you hasten to the door and open it.
Your breath stalls. Time stills.
On the other side of the door he stands; the boy who holds your heart.
You face him, unable to turn away.
The freshly formed darkness under his eyes melts your heart. Thoughts of burying yourself in his arms and drowning in his warm embrace storm your mind, hoping to comfort him—and your own self.
Neither of you speaks, basking in each other's presence, savoring the much anticipated moment.
"Can we talk?" He breaks the silence after what feels like hours and when he notices the conflict in your countenance, he urges, "please."
“I'm sorry,” with hesitation in your voice, you apologize, “I can't.”
"Why not?"
There is no reason not to. Especially since you were engrossed by his thoughts seconds ago, longing to see him and craving his touch.
Perhaps you are afraid. Perhaps you are trying to protect yourself from having to go through the pain and heartbreak once again.
For Doyoung is your rose. He is beautiful. Addictive, even. And he comes to you wrapped in thorns. Thorns that can hurt you; thorns you had never dared to reach out and touch in the past.
"I'm really sorry, but I don't think anything I say is going to help," you know, no, you think that this is the right thing to do.
"I don't want you to be sorry," he sighs, baring his heart and breaking your resolve, "I want you to give me another chance. Let's try again. Just once more, and give it our best. If it still doesn't work, I'll walk away and you don't even have to tell me twice. But please, give us one last chance."
With joy comes pain; you have learned as much in all the months you have spent aching for Doyoung.
What else do you do when the joy eclipses the pain? What else can you do when your heart yearns for something so much that it wilts in its absence?
You accept it—the culprit, his thorns—and so, him and his love.
You let him in and give him a second chance.
He is, after all, your heart's desire, the light at the end of the tunnel, and your missing puzzle piece.
And because you're mad for the boy, loving him—mind, body, and soul.
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bigbangclappin · 10 hours ago
Property of Suh
Tumblr media
Summary: Your man has a special surprise for you that raises your suspicions.
Genre: Biker!au, badboy!au, fluff? angst? if you squint.
Part One//Part Two
Emerging from your bedroom seemingly refreshed and happy, Johnny began shouting to get everyone’s attention.
“As most of you know I proposed to my old lady right before those fuckers raided the clubhouse,” he got a lot of ‘fuck them’ and ‘fuck the feds’ causing him to raise his hands in a gesture to calm down but he did so with a grin on his face. 
“My girl was so patient, so understanding, and Most importantly, loyal. She never missed a visit, a phone call, a letter… I knew from the moment I saw her I had to have her but now I know for certain that (Y/n) is the one I want to cherish for the rest of my life”
“Aside from his Harley!” Mark interrupted with a boisterous chuckle. Even you laughed because you knew it was true.
“Pipe down Lee!” Your fiancé barked playfully “And bring it out already.”
You looked at Johnny confused, “Bring out what babe?”
He pointed in the direction of his younger member who was carrying a leather cut. It was extremely similar to your soon to be husband’s but when Johnny held it up your eyes darted to the only difference.
Right above the NCT insignia were the words: PROPERTY OF and then right below the symbol in big bold letters it read: SUH.
Shock was an understatement; this was normally given the day of the wedding to further strengthen your union and the fortress of protection that came along with being the chapter president’s old lady. 
You were speechless and suspicious, why would he give this to you now?
He was up to something for sure.
“(Y/n) (l/n),” your man began taking the precious leather from his brother and held it open for you to put on, “Will you do me the honor of wearing my cut?”
At first your heart fluttered at the sweet gesture. You’ve been waiting two years to officially be his but you knew this man better than he knew himself. 
For sure he was genuine in giving you such an important gift but there was something else behind gifting this cut to you now. 
Protection kept coming to mind. 
“I’ve only been waiting for it since before you proposed!” You chuckled as you slipped your arms through the vest.
There were catcalls and whistles when you and your fiancé shared a kiss in order to solidify your union by biker code.
“Looks fucking perfect on you baby.” Johnny mumbled into your ear, “I can’t wait to get you alone so I can fuck you in it.”
Your core throbbed at the promise despite already cumming so hard once today.
“You’re a class act Suh.”
“Only for you baby,” he kissed your nose, making you giggle.
“Yo pres!“ Jaehyun called, approaching you and Johnny with a beer in each hand, “Let’s go celebrate you getting hitched with a ride!”
You frowned; a ride? Now, in the middle of the party?
“Babe—” you began to whine, not ready to let him go when he’s literally only been with you for two days since being released from prison.
“(Y/n)” he said sternly, “Have the Mamas clean up and lock up. I'll be home before morning.” 
He placed a kiss on your forehead and he followed Jaehyun to the door.
Were you that easy to dismiss? You blinked in shock when the guys threw their riding leathers on. They made sure to wear jackets over their cuts to keep the feds off their asses.
Club first; bitches second. 
You took a swig of your Blue Moon and huffed. Why did you agree to marry this man?
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honeyboyjeno · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
aitai-tai (horimiya au)
part 11 - #ncitlibrarybrawl
jisung x reader
prev // next
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zurikyo · a day ago
just fine — kim doyoung
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: kim doyoung x gn!reader. genre: fluff,established relationship. word count: 702. warnings: mentions of a cold.
Tumblr media
when doyoung entered your bedroom, he kept reminding himself to be extra careful. he took cautious steps towards your bed and set the tray he was holding on the nightstand as quietly as he could. he observed you for a moment and smiled to himself. you were facing away from him under a fluffy blanket that covered most of your body.
you felt the bed dip as doyoung sat down on the spot next to you. his hand found its way to your temple, checking your temperature. you squeezed your eyes shut tighter.
"nice try, i know you're not asleep so give it up already," he chuckled, shaking your shoulder lightly. "come on, i made you some soup."
"damn," you muttered under your breath dropping your act. "how'd you know?" you croaked, sitting up slowly.
"your shoulders were tensed," he shrugged as if it was the most obvious thing. "here, drink some water first." he said as he passed you a glass of water.
you took the glass from him and took a few sips. "i'm sorry for not telling you," you mumbled. "i just thought there's no point in telling you when it's not even that serious."
"darling, you almost passed out and i only found out because your friend called me. is that not serious enough for you?"
you groaned, leaning back to the headboard of the bed. "i'm fine, you know? this is just a cold." truth be told, you're not. but you don't want him to see you in such a terrible state. you haven't even been dating for long, and honestly you're still not used to showing him your vulnerable side. it's scares you so you want to play it off, but doyoung knows you too well.
"well, you don't look fine, you don't sound fine—" bringing his palm to your forehead "—you don't feel fine. but sure, you're fine."
you scoffed at him. "it's not even as bad as it looks, i just didn't get enough sleep last night. i can even feed myself, see?" you made a move to get the bowl from the tray but immediately retracted, you got up too fast and it made the room spin. cursing under your breath, you went back to resting your head against the wooden headboard. you closed your eyes for a moment before opening them again with a frown.
"cute," he said with a light chuckle, amusement in his voice. "but now it's my turn to be cute and feed you so you can take some meds," he teased. grabbing the bowl from the nightstand, he took a spoonful of the hot soup and brought it slowly to your lips.
although you make fun of each other constantly, the two of you look out for each other in your own ways. doyoung often asks if you've eaten or if you brought your umbrella because he knows you always forget, and you would always remind him to take breaks and not to overwork himself. your mutual friends even jokingly refer to the two of you as 'an old married couple' because of how much you bicker about the most mundane things. you'd never admit but it warms your heart everytime they did.
before you knew it, you almost finished the whole bowl. "i don't think i can take eat any more," you said with a satisfied pat on your abdomen.
"you ate well," his voice equally satisfied with how much you ate. "bottoms up," he joked after handing you the medicine and the glass of water.
after taking them, you settled back into bed bringing your fluffy blanket all the way to your chin. you looked up at your boyfriend who was sitting beside you. "baby," you called softly. "thank you... for taking care of me."
"you don't have to thank me." with a smile, doyoung leaned down and pressed a soft kiss on your temple. "i love taking care of you and i always will."
"you're so cheesy." a playful grin forming on your lips.
he rolled his eyes dramatically. "how do you even have the energy to make fun of me? you're so annoying," he laughed. "you're lucky i love you."
yes, very lucky, indeed.
Tumblr media
author's note: this is for a request but also a bit self-indulgent bc i'm sick as i was writing it lol (ू•ᴗ•ू❁)
nct masterlist | send in a request!
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doyoungflower · a day ago
Tumblr media
5 ᴛɪᴍᴇꜱ ɪ ʀᴇᴀʟɪᴢᴇᴅ ɪ ʟᴏᴠᴇᴅ ʏᴏᴜ
Tumblr media
1. When we had deep talks on your house's roof.
I never was someone to be awake in the late night, valuing my sleep too much to think something was worth losing my sleepover. But since we meet, I couldn't help to get excited to spend time with you in the quiet of the night. This was another one of those times. I stayed at your house after a schedule with my group, it was late already but I knew you were awake waiting for me. We just grabbed a blanket and went out the window, settling ourselves on the tiles of your roof. We cuddled under the blanket, watching the starry sky as we talked about everything and sometimes anything at all. Being with you there, made me realize I loved you because I knew I could share anything with you, without judgment. You accepted my opinions and more than that, you weren't afraid to tell me yours either.
2. When you asked for help to study.
Since I met you I knew of your love for learning, how you would always look for new things to study about, so this wasn't a new thing for me. I always loved watching how your forehead scrunched when you didn't understand something, or how you'd stuck out your tongue when concentrated. Still, when you asked for me to help you revise some Japanese vocabulary I felt my heart start to beat rapidly. I smiled every time you got something right and pushed encouragement into you when you got something wrong. It was then, while my heart was melting in a puddle because of your cuteness, I realized I loved you because you always had a mew thing to show me. I loved you because I fell for your mind first before I could even notice how cute you look when you tell me the things you learned.
3. When it's almost midnight of your birthday and you sit there with expecting eyes until I wish you a happy birthday.
It doesn't matter what we're doing, you're always aware of the time. Not only on your birthday but on everyone's birthday. At first, I thought it was because you wait for the clock to show midnight sharp to wish everyone a happy birthday every single year and expect the same for yours. But as time went by, I learned it was exactly the opposite. You spend the whole year giving all of you to everyone, without ever asking for something in return, because you don't think you're that important and don't deserve the attention when someone else is suffering. Your birthday it's the only time you give yourself an excuse to put yourself first. That's when I realized I loved you so much I knew I needed to always make sure you knew how special you are the whole year.
4. When you sang a lullaby to me because I had a nightmare.
I've always been the type of person that takes care of everyone, that makes sure everyone is well off. So when it was close to 3 a.m and I woke up shaking, afraid the scenes that played in my head were more than just a dream I didn't expect you to hold me closer. I didn't expect to like being taken care of so much. Your hands started playing with my hair softly and you kissed my forehead before starting to sing a sweet lullaby in your native language. So before completely dozing off, I came to the realization I loved you because I didn't need to pretend to be the strong guy all the time with you. I could let my guard down and let go, cuz I knew that If I fell you'd be there to catch me.
5. Every time you push me to do things out of my comfort zone.
I've always thought I knew exactly what I liked and dislike, the things I would never do, and the things I would do in a heartbeat. But you always surprise me, with your bubbly and charismatic personality asking me to do this or go somewhere with you. Like the time you wanted to write a song so we could sing together, you told me I wouldn't ever feel prepared to write songs if I didn't start trying. And like that, our duet became the first song I ever composed. Those times, I realize I love you because I wouldn't want to try these things with another person, and my heart could only hope that I'd always continue to do this with you.
taglist: @aedreamzy (let me know if you'd like to be added)
Note: This is a repost from my old blog. Just as this one, all my works will be moved to this account with rewrites and in a "new format". Hope you'll enjoy this new era just as much as I am excited to bring it to you <3
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tsupuffs · 2 days ago
little stable boy ✩ park jisung
genre : stable boy!jisung x royal!reader, romeo & juliet vibes, star crossed lovers, fluff word count : 610 a/n : if this receives good feedback i will most likely make it a full fledged fic just bc ?? stable boy jisung so cute also i love that old school enchanted romeo & juliet kingdom vibes
lying in bed, you stare at the ceiling of your large bedroom. your eyes are wide open as you struggle to even keep your eyes closed for more than a second. with a frustrated sigh, you sit up in your bed, pulling your sheets closer to you as you stare around your room, not a thought in mind. your eyes eventually wander to your bedside table. where a ceramic pot with a single rose stood, tall and high.
the mere sight of the flower reminded you of the day prior. it reminded you of your stable boy, park jisung.
yes, park jisung, the tall but awkward kid who teaches you how to horseback ride every weekend. he grew up in the rural countryside where he, naturally, learned how to ride a horse as his main form of transportation. after moving to the kingdom, his father works as a castle butler and after jisung graduated high school, he earned a job teaching the princes and princesses how to horseback ride.
now, you’re all too familiar with the castle staff, you are next in line for the throne so getting to know the people who work for you is common courtesy. but jisung, in particular, you wanted to get to know.
there was no explanation behind it. but something about him intrigued you. there was something about him that drew you in. all the times he immediately averted eye contact when you noticed him staring. all the times slightly tensed when your hand grazed his even the smallest bit. all the times you fell off the horse, and he caught you while you two stay like that. staring into each other’s eyes.
unfortunately for you, there is a huge no-no on fraternizing with non-royals in a romantic manner. in fact, the immediate second you’re given the crown, you’re required to find someone to marry from one of the neighbouring kingdoms, marry them, have kids, and continue the bloodline, blah blah blah.
of course, this rule wasn’t always behaved. your great aunt was originally going to inherit the kingdom but she ended up running away with her villager husband as they started their own family, leaving the kingdom to your great grandmother who was the only one near the right age.
now, it’s not like that was your exact plan, you were never the big picture thinker. plus, jisung may not even be the type to wanna do that, even you might not be. but things change, and you definitely won't think the same in a couple years. and so, if it does come to that… you surely won’t be the first.
luckily though, you’re still young! most likely about three to four years until your parents deem you “ready” to lead a whole entire kingdom–as if anyone would ever be ready for that.
and so, for now…
the distant sound of your name being called can be heard from your bedroom as you rush to your balcony, the curtains blowing outside through the open window. your eyes trail down to the grass ground as you spot a tall figure looking up at you, waving while awkwardly glancing around, almost nervous to get caught.
you smile as you wave back before rushing to one of the nearby tree branches, grabbing it as you clamber onto the tree, sliding downwards until you were right beside jisung. “you ready?
“yeah but the ants will probably get to the food first if we don’t hurry!” he exclaims in a hushed tone as you simply respond with a giggle, grabbing his wrist, and whisking him to the agreed upon place for your secret rendezvous picnic.
main masterlist!
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ajxi-forever · 2 days ago
chapter 1: The Prostitute
Tumblr media
tags: enemies to lovers, slight angst, fantasy, prostitution, crack
summary: Haechan leads y/n to the bedroom
date written: February 2021
a/N: had a lot of fun writing this.
Licking his lips, the man sitting on the silk bed linen next to me fixed his gaze on my seldom clothes with such an intensity that for a moment I thought stripping superficial.
„Why hello Sweetie“, he muttered with a whistle of admiration, after a good five minutes of silence.
Rules prohibiting me to speak or move until my client asked me to do so, I stared at my painted fingernails poking in between Master Sun's fingers. His hands are surprisingly soft. And surprisingly pretty – does he ever do any manual work in the military?
-„Sweetie, while I do realize that my hands are manlier than probably those of all your clients summed together, would you be so kind to turn your attention to the man who bought you out for a month?“
A panicked „Yes, Sir“ automatically escaped my mouth, softening Haechan's expression as his loved one's attention turned to him.
„Soo, I think this would be about time to continue where we left it off the last time, wouldn't it..?“
Tacit, I started untying the ribbons holding the front of my robe together, letting the soft silk pour off my shoulders in one fell, sensual swoop, uncovering the little breast that they hid. Haechan traced the movements of my hand with a tense look in his eyes, then shifted it to the planes of my breast.
I could hear his breathing quicken a little as I untangled my other hand from his grasp, turning around to expose my bare upper back first as I undressed.
Stripping: the art of prolonging the man's suffering long enough that he remembers your shape for a while. Your flesh, the nape of your neck, the curve of your spine – all laid out for him like a piece of art to freely observe, to value and thirst for. A fine man should know that he's witnessing a live piece of art, because a fine stripper remains carved in a man's brain until the day he dies.
My teacher's words echoed in my head as I let this man who is so many ranks above me rot in his unbearable state of want. His breathing heavy, I could feel his gaze pasted to my back as the silk slid down to my hips.
Unseen, I smirked.
Maybe I was not much in the terms of status, but I was the best pleasure mistress to have been living in modern-day Seoul. I could feel my pride swell, unbuckling my new identity, the To Be Headmistress of Seoul's Finest Pleasure House –
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tyonfs · 16 days ago
cherry girl!
Tumblr media
❝ i think it’s about time i show you how good i can make you feel. ❞
PAIRING ▸ na jaemin x fem!reader
GENRES ▸ smut, fluff, crack, college au, gamer au (twitch streamer!jaemin), friends to lovers, fuckboy au, friends with benefits au, a little bit of angst
WARNINGS ▸ profanity, sexting, dirty talk, corruption kink, the classic “teaching them to fuck” trope, fingering, oral (f. and m. receiving), dry humping, praise, mc is very innocent, jaemin being a cocky loser (somewhat endearing?), jealous jaemin is a dick, sneaking around, slight exhibitionism, mutual pining
SUMMARY ▸ virginity is a social construct, so it’s not like na jaemin had to know you were a pure, untouched maiden. okay, so maybe you should’ve told him that before he was knuckles-deep inside you.
or, in which progressing from best friends to best friends with benefits is hard, especially when you both have feelings for each other.
PLAYLIST ▸ know now by nct u • fuck up the friendship by leah kate • often by the weeknd • double take by dhruv
WORD COUNT ▸ 16722 words
AUTHOR’S NOTE ▸ I’VE BEEN SO EXCITED TO RELEASE THIS i hope yall enjoy and lmk what u think !! ♡ tag list is at the bottom and a big thank you to everyone who asked to be part of it!
Tumblr media
So apparently telling Lee Jeno that his best friend couldn’t please you was a mistake. Na Jaemin, popular Twitch streamer slash campus heartthrob, had mentioned that he wanted to see you without the clothes you had on. It was a shameless move, but only Jaemin could say something so bold without faltering. Naturally, you laughed in his face.
When Jeno brought it up later, your conversation ran into several tangents, ending up with Jeno admitting that Jaemin wanted nothing more than to fuck the daylights out of you. (This was an exaggeration, you suspected, but the poor man wasn’t even present to defend himself). You weren’t blind; Na Jaemin was incredibly hot and could probably make your panties drop in seconds.
However, you were a little hysterical and claimed that Jaemin wouldn’t even be able to make you whimper. None of this was true, actually. Truth was, you were a complete virgin so you had no idea what you were saying. Jaemin could probably kiss your cheek and you would think about it for months. To be fair, you were a lightweight, and three shots of Pink Whitney was enough to get your mouth running.
On Friday night, while you were making a rather sad batch of spaghetti, you received your first sext from Na Jaemin.
jaemin: you up? jaemin: jeno just talked to me jaemin: said u were getting mouthy
you: what did he tell you?
jaemin: smthn ab u saying i can’t please you jaemin: i don’t think u realize what ur dealing with
Attached was a picture of Jaemin’s thighs in those godforsaken grey sweatpants—yes, the grey sweatpants that could bring a woman to her knees. His perfect, hardened cock strained against the fabric. His large, veiny hand placed right on his thigh.
You fucked up, you realized, but in the best way possible. There were girls who would kill for Na Jaemin to text them like this, but here he was, sending you pictures of him in all his glory. You could recount all the times you made fun of Jaemin for garnering a wide audience of girls on his Twitch channel, but you understood it all too clearly now.
you: idk what you’re talking about
jaemin: hmm jaemin: u sure about that kitten?
Your stomach flipped, dropped, turned—whatever they called it. You were experiencing all those butterflies that people often talked about. Your interactions with Na Jaemin in the past had all been safe-for-work, consisting of platonic food runs and platonic breakdowns over coding assignments together.
Now, though, you were seeing a side to him that you had never expected to witness in a million years. (However, you weren’t complaining).
It took you some time to gather your thoughts because this was one hundred percent the strangest thing that had happened to you in a long, long time. And you were friends with Mark Lee, so weird kind of followed you around on a semi-regular basis.
While your fingers hovered over the keyboard, trying to come up with some response, Jaemin sent another picture. You were at the edge of your couch, elbows resting on your knees as you examined what you had just been sent. Your cheeks felt hot as you relished the sight of Na Jaemin in his boxers, cock thick and hard against the material. You sighed contently at the way his hand pushed up the fabric of his shirt, showing off that delicious v-line. His bulge was sending your brain into overdrive, and you were somewhat flattered because this was OnlyFans material.
jaemin: did u like the surprise baby?
This was insane. Incredible. Out-of-this-world. Something that only happened to girls in cheesy rom-coms (if those cheesy rom-coms happened to be more explicit than PG-13).
A week ago, you were taking care of a wasted Na Jaemin on the floor of his apartment bathroom, and he had you clutching your sides with laughter when he moped about his broken phone. (He dropped it from Jeno’s balcony in a desperate attempt to save his doughnut, but at what cost?). His disheveled state had caught you so off-guard that you almost forgot that he was a big-shot streamer outside of your social circle.
Problem #1: You had no idea how to respond to this.
Something like “wow” or “yes” sounded far too dry, but it was far too cringe to add those stupid heart-eye emojis. Your head was spinning at this point—too fast for you to form a coherent thought—but your brain arrived at a risqué conclusion.
Send a nude back.
It seemed like the only fair thing to do. After all, Jaemin was exposing his body for you, so the courteous thing to do as a friend would be to do the same back. There was the chance, of course, that you would regret this later when you weren’t horny, but right now, this felt like the right thing to do. A noble act of trading nudes for the betterment of your relationship with Na Jaemin.
Problem #2: You had no idea how to take a nude.
Once you had your pajamas off, you felt far more sexy than you did when you were dressed in bunny slippers and a Winnie the Pooh onesie. You were sure the way you tried to angle yourself was not flattering at all. The arch in your back made it obvious that you were trying way too hard. You settled for laying down and deliciously crossing your legs to show off your Victoria’s Secret matching underwear and bra.
The fact that you had to retake the picture about fifteen times was quite embarrassing. Finally, though, you took one that you deemed acceptable to send to Jaemin. Your bra strap was hanging off your shoulder, coupled with your underwear hanging low on your hips.
Your heart was a mess when you hit send, and you stared at the screen for minutes just waiting for him to react.
Five minutes passed.
You drummed your fingers impatiently against your thigh, eyes narrowed at your silent phone. For a while, you thought pretending you didn’t care would spur a notification, but nothing seemed to be working. You even turned it off and then back on to see if your notifications were just being buggy.
Ten minutes. Six hundred seconds. It had been ten minutes since your last message.
The thought of possibly missing the notification crosses your mind, and even though that was virtually impossible since you were watching your phone like a hawk, you gave yourself the benefit of the doubt. You turned your phone on again and sifted through your notifications from various social media apps. Yet, not a single notification was from the one person you were waiting for.
You let out a frustrated sigh and sank back into your seat. Your brain was regressing into flooding with the absolute worst-case scenarios, and you had to remind yourself that no, Y/N, just because Jaemin hasn’t texted you back in six minutes doesn’t mean he got into a car crash.
But now it had been seven minutes, so maybe he had gotten into a car crash.
Amidst your meltdown, though, your phone vibrated. It was a good thing your roommate, Huang Renjun, wasn’t around. If he had seen how you fumbled with your phone, you would’ve been teased endlessly. Who could blame you when it was the first picture of your body you had ever sent? You were still wading in virgin waters, and no one had yet pulled you out.
jaemin: fuck baby jaemin: do u know how hard i am rn? jaemin: god jaemin: u look so pretty in those tiny panties jaemin: mm jaemin: wanna rip them off and make u feel good
The string of texts sent your head in a whirl. Obviously, you were over the moon with his reaction, but when Jaemin’s caller ID popped up on your phone screen, you nearly had a heart attack. Displayed was a picture of him sitting on the sidewalk with a traffic cone on his head. You remembered the exact day you took this; Jaemin was drunk off his ass, and he texted you and Jeno to pick him up from a party. Jeno never responded because he was pages deep in his lab report, so you walked all the way to some satellite frat house to take Jaemin home.
In a matter of seconds, your brain was battling whether to pick up or not. You weren’t sure if you were mentally ready for this conversation or if you were ready for the course of your friendship with Jaemin to change forever, but you steeled your nerves and accepted the call.
“Hey,” came Jaemin’s husky voice. His words were staggered and a little breathless. “So… you picked up.”
“Of course I did,” you replied, willing your voice not to waver. “Um… what’s up?”
Jaemin paused and everything seemed to click for you. Staggered, breathless words. Your heart was freefalling from whatever cloud it was on.
Jaemin was fucking himself while talking to you. Fucking himself because of you.
Quite honestly, this would be the kind of thing that would put you off. You were normally creeped out by men who made such advances on you. However, this time, you felt somewhat flattered considering it was coming from Na Jaemin, the hottest guy you had ever met.
So, now, you were incredibly turned on.
Jaemin scoffed a little, amused. “You thought I’d let you off after you sent that picture?” You could hear shuffling over the line, which your brain determined was him sitting up. “Touch yourself for me, Y/N.”
Problem #3: You had no idea how to touch yourself.
It wasn’t like you never had a horny thought ever. You often found yourself wanting to get yourself off, but no matter how much you tried, you just couldn’t get yourself there. Masturbating left you defeated, rubbing at your folds tiredly with no taste of sweet victory.
“O-okay,” you replied, sliding your hand down the front of your body until it slipped past your underwear.
Your breathing shallowed as your fingers attempted to work on your folds. You prodded at your entrance with careful hands, daring to slip a finger inside, but every time you tried, you couldn’t get past the tight squeeze. Jaemin was groaning and cursing under his breath on the other end of the line, sending shivers down your spine. His husky voice was encouraging you to try even harder, and the way he chanted your name made you feel giddy.
Hundreds of fangirls in the comments of Jaemin’s streams practically begged the man to say their name, and here you were, hearing it so raw and unfiltered and dirty.
You were frustrated, though, because you couldn’t seem to feel any pleasure with what you were trying to do. You supposed you simply didn’t know how to masturbate properly, or you hadn’t found a method that worked for you. Still, when you heard Jaemin groan a little louder and let out an exalted sigh, you tried to fake an orgasm to share the moment with him.
Seconds later, you were caught.
“You didn’t get off, did you?” Jaemin asked, his deep-pitched voice filling your ears like a melody.
Embarrassed, you wished you could shy away from the conversation, but you instead whispered, “I couldn’t.” You paused for a moment. “I wanted to.”
“I knew it.” The inflection in Jaemin’s voice made your head spin, and even more so when he said, “I’m coming over.”
“You are?” you asked, dazed.
“Be there in ten.”
When Jaemin hung up, you stared at your phone for a minute straight. Ten minutes. In ten minutes, Na Jaemin would be at your door, and then he would probably be pinning you up against it. You were about 31.5% prepared for this, so you just about flew to your closet to pick out an outfit. You were certain Jaemin wanted to see the lingerie from the picture you took, so you put on a tank top and a pair of cotton shorts over the set. You were sure he’d appreciate the thin material, especially since it was so revealing.
Ten minutes felt like an eternity.
You swore each second that ticked by lasted milliseconds longer than it should’ve been. You were a bit frustrated that applying a quick layer of lip gloss didn’t take up eight of the minutes, and thus, you ended up staring at your iPhone clock for the remaining duration of time.
Jaemin didn’t even live very far. You two were in the same apartment building, separated by a few floors. On the first day of university, you met him at the housing block party, courtesy of Jeno and Renjun. Those two were the only reason why you knew Jaemin personally and—
Oh god. Renjun.
How were you going to get railed in peace when you shared an apartment with Huang Renjun? It wasn’t like the walls were paper-thin, but, then again, you weren’t experienced enough to know how loud you were during sex.
While you were trying to convince yourself that you might not even lose your virginity tonight, a knock came at the door.
You flew to your feet. In the matter of seconds between you walking to the door and opening it, all you could think about was how you were going to finally slice through the sexual tension between you and Na Jaemin. He was finally going to touch you and show you the pleasure you had been craving. So, you took a deep breath and opened the door, ready for a mind-blowing night.
Or not.
Na Jaemin was indeed at the door, but he wore a sheepish grin as Jeno, Donghyuck, and Mark stood behind him. The expectations you had for tonight were freefalling off the side of a cliff before shattering on the ground.
“Yo, where’s Renjun?” Mark asked, stepping out of his slippers and walking into your apartment like he owned the place. He stuffed his hands in the pocket of his sweater and looked at you. “Y/N, you’re watching National Treasure with us, right?”
“Looks like I am now,” you replied, and only Jaemin seemed to pick up on the bitter undertone in your voice.
He hung back while the other three went to wake Renjun up. Now, you and Jaemin were alone, your friend’s voices becoming background noise from the other room. You were shocked at how the sexual tension fired right back up, and Jaemin’s hand reached forward to grab your hip.
“I tried to go out alone,” he explained, “but Jeno caught me and invited the others when he found out I was going to your place.”
“Oh.” You tried to wave it off like you didn’t mind. “That’s fine. I wanted to watch a movie with everyone, anyway.”
Jaemin snorted, fingers playing with the hem of your shorts. “Is that why you dressed up for me?” He dipped his head to get a better look at you. “You wouldn’t wear something like this just to watch a movie, right?”
Your cheeks heated up when you saw the smirk tugging at his lips. In that moment, you realized you were utterly doomed. There was no way you were going to make it through the night. Not when Jaemin was like this.
“But that’s okay,” he added under his breath, “because I’m the only one who knows what you’re wearing underneath.”
And, because God forbid you have one moment alone with Na Jaemin, cue your roommate followed by your pesky friends.
“Can a guy get some sleep on a Friday night?” Renjun muttered, rubbing his eyes as he walked out of his room. The mischievous grins of his friends followed him out.
“You’re crazy to think you could actually waste away a Friday night,” Donghyuck retorted. “Aren’t you a college student?”
“C’mon, Renjun,” Mark urged. “It’s just two hours.” He looked up to see you and Jaemin at the doorway. “You two are joining us, right? Don’t be lame like Renjun.”
“Lame? I literally woke up to watch it with you guys!” Renjun objected.
You glanced at Jaemin before looking back at the four with a sweet smile on your lips. “How could I miss it?”
The six of you often spent time together like this, so it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary that they were showing up uninvited. Sure, Renjun wasn’t too happy about that, but you knew the best way to make him forget was by making him his own batch of popcorn, so that’s exactly what you offered to do. Everyone else was content with sharing one bowl, but Renjun got snappy if there were too many people pawing through his bowl.
When Jaemin strolled into your kitchen, you already knew trouble was brewing behind those gleaming eyes of his. He hardly tried to help out, normally settling for lounging on the couch until someone forced him to get up. His very presence alerted you that he was up to no good.
Problem was, you liked the sound of no good.
“Renjun’s such a baby.” Jaemin snorted at the sight of you getting a separate bowl of popcorn for your housemate.
You shot him a knowing look. “And you’re not?” you fired back. “As I recall, you were the one complaining about Jeno getting you ketchup instead of honey mustard last week.”
Jaemin leaned against the kitchen counter, a pout settling on his lips. It was funny seeing him so domestic and tame, considering you were listening to him moan over the phone just a while ago. When you assumed the conversation left him defeated, Jaemin decided to speak up once again after you started the microwave. As always, you were left baffled by how horny college boys were.
“So you didn’t touch yourself, huh?”
Jaemin’s eyes were trained on the thin fabric of your shorts. Meanwhile, you were choking on air, hitting your chest to calm your breathing and process how blunt his words were. You were glad your friends were chatting loudly in the living room because this wasn’t a conversation you wanted anyone to eavesdrop on.
The look in Jaemin’s eyes shifted to something darker—more lustful. He tugged your arm closer to him so that he could grab hold of your hip, moving you so that you were in front of him. You were standing right between his legs, pressed close to his body, and you found it hard to breathe because you had never been this close to your friend before.
You knew exactly what you should’ve done. You should’ve pushed Jaemin away, told him this wasn’t the time, and went back to the living room to enjoy your movie night with your friends.
Instead, you gripped the front of his shirt tighter when he moved his hand from your hip to the front of your shorts.
No, no—this was wrong. You weren’t supposed to be doing this with your friend; it would change the entire trajectory of your relationship with him. Moreover, only a wall separated you two from the rest of your friends. What you had to do was—
He dipped his head so that his lips were brushing against the shell of your ear. “Let me show you what you’ve been missing out on.”
—forget everything and let Na Jaemin fuck the daylights out of you.
You were flipped around, hips pushed against the kitchen counter as Jaemin’s impatient hands roamed your body. He groped your tit with one hand as his lips ghosted the skin along your collarbone. You were trying not to whimper from how his other hand was palming your cunt so carefully, like you were glass.
However, when Jaemin’s finger brushed against that one spot that made your head go dizzy and your knees buckle under you, you remembered that you were the biggest virgin and had no idea what to do. The problem was that Jaemin had no idea about your lack of experience. In fact, the reason he was going to these lengths was probably because he thought you knew what you were doing.
The sound of the microwave beeping made you two pull away instantly, like magnets repelling. Mumbling an apology, you took the fresh popcorn out and portioned it in two bowls—one for Renjun and one for everyone else.
Jaemin took one of the bowls. “We can continue this later,” he mumbled in your ear before slinking back to the living room.
You took a second to gather your bearings before following him to where your friends were situated. To your relief, no one added on by asking why you and Jaemin were taking so long in the kitchen. They all seemed to settle into the understanding that you two were terrible at being time-efficient. Donghyuck’s head was buried in his phone, Mark was helping Jeno pick out a movie, and Renjun was rubbing his eyes and pouting. When Jaemin handed him his popcorn bowl, though, he perked right up.
“Thank god,” Renjun gushed. “I was gonna die if I heard Hyuck complain one more time about his side piece flaking on him.”
“Girls are so complicated,” your friend whined in response. “She wanted me but now she’s backing off because she’s scared about losing her virginity, but now she still expects something from me. What am I supposed to do about that?”
Awkward. That was quite literally you.
Jaemin took a seat on the couch beside you. He covered himself with the blanket you were sharing, and the close proximity made you more conscious of him. Maybe you were starting to regret running your mouth because this was the most overwhelming situation you had ever been in. You thought you were going to pass out then and there.
“Hyuck, it’s not like you were looking for a relationship, anyway,” Jeno chimed in. “You and Jaemin terrify me.”
“All I did was sit here and make your popcorn,” Jaemin defended himself. “What did I do for my name to be slandered?”
You snorted. It was no surprise to anyone in your friend group that Jaemin and Donghyuck were probably the two biggest heartbreakers of the group. While Donghyuck simply just had bad luck, Jaemin was the one who got flighty out of nowhere—a true red flag.
This made you even more nervous about starting anything with him. However, when you felt his hand run up your bare thigh, you remembered how red was, in fact, your favorite color.
You spread your legs a little, heart pounding faster than ever. You could barely hear the intervals of your heartbeat. A psychologist should’ve really been analyzing your behavior right now. You hadn’t even tried dipping your toes into the water; you were jumping completely into Na Jaemin.
You knew you had to tell him that you had never gone this far before, but you had no idea how to bring it up. It could go several ways, but the outcomes you were most worried about were a) Jaemin laughing in your face, b) Jaemin distancing himself, or c) Jaemin getting upset because you didn’t tell him earlier.
When he continued circling his fingers over your shorts, though, you realized he was going to find out eventually, whether you told him or not.
He didn’t waste any time before his fingers slid under your shorts and rubbed against your clothed cunt. You pressed your lips together in a thin line, forcing yourself to not cry out when Jaemin’s thumb rubbed precise circles over your clit. It wasn’t all that surprising that he knew exactly where to pleasure you, but you found it hard to keep up with your friends’ conversation while Jaemin was stimulating your clitoris.
You were starting to squirm after a while, so Jaemin took that as his cue to go further. He pushed your underwear aside to rub his fingers along your folds. You hoped you didn’t look as dazed as you felt, but then you had to suppress a moan when you felt his finger ease inside you.
The conversation from your friends was drowning out, and you were staring blankly at the TV screen as Jaemin was slowly fingering you. His thumb circled your clit all the while, testing to see how far he could go. After a while of unresponsiveness from your side, you started squirming again when Jaemin started teasing another finger in you.
“Jaemin, everyone knows you’re the enemy of all women,” Renjun said. He whipped his head around and warned his friend, “I’ll kill you if you go anywhere near Y/N, by the way.”
“Yeah, don’t corrupt our Cherry Girl,” Mark added flatly.
“Cherry Girl?” you asked, wondering if you should be offended or not.
“You know,” Jeno started, “the cherry—like your virginity.”
Ah. Lovely.
You just laughed in response—practiced, empty. It was your little party trick of fooling people into thinking you found something funny. In this case, you were just trying not to slip over the edge and come undone in front of your friends.
Then, you realized you might have fucked up.
Jaemin just found out you were a virgin.
To be fair, virginity was a social construct, so it wasn’t like Na Jaemin had to know you were a pure, untouched maiden.
Okay, so maybe you should’ve told him that before he was knuckles-deep inside you.
“You’re a virgin?” Jaemin asked, and his hand stilled inside of you. Your breath was caught in your throat for a moment, and your eyes darted everywhere but him until you made a strangled sound of confirmation. To your surprise, Jaemin grinned. “Nice.”
“Hey!” Renjun snapped. “What’s nice supposed to mean?”
Jaemin held his free hand up in surrender. “Give me a break. I just meant it’s nice to save yourself for that special someone.”
Renjun seemed sold, but he narrowed his eyes at Jaemin. “I know how horny you get. Don’t corrupt Y/N.”
Jaemin grinned sheepishly at him, and while everyone took that as agreement, you were trying to hold your breath as his two fingers pumped in and out of your cunt. There was no way you were going to get through the movie like this, but Jaemin was insistent.
When you made eye contact with him, the gentle smirk on his lips was enough to make your brain go haywire. He adjusted the way he was sitting on the couch, which you assumed was so that he could get you to sit on his lap. You closed your eyes, and you quickly realized the cinch in your gut was the preamble of an orgasm. However, when Jaemin was in the perfect position, Mark turned and laid down so that his head was in his lap.
“Are you kidding me?” Jaemin whispered, sliding his fingers out of you quickly. You wanted to scream when you felt your oncoming high dissipating.
“What?” Mark complained. “I wanna be comfy for the movie.”
“There’s a lot of ways you can be comfy without being a cockblock, Mark,” Jaemin muttered coldly. When Mark made a sound of confusion, seemingly not hearing his friend, Jaemin turned his head to whisper in your ear, “Do you want me to stay over after they leave?”
It took you a moment to realize that his fingers weren’t in you anymore. You were so sexually frustrated, but you nodded in response, leaving Jaemin smug for the rest of the movie.
Tumblr media
Jaemin was a complete loser, you decided.
Not only did he fall asleep on your couch, but when he peeled off his sweater earlier, you discovered that he was wearing a Twitch shirt underneath. He was going to fuck you wearing a Twitch shirt. That was probably the most horrifying news you had come across in a long time, and that was saying a lot considering you found Renjun microwaving his fruit last week.
Mark, Donghyuck, and Jeno weren’t too keen on spending the night on the couch, so they decided to ditch their poor friend and go back to their respective apartments. Renjun slinked back to his room, passing out as soon as his head hit the mattress. Jaemin was left on your couch, one leg dangling off as he hugged a pillow. You left a blanket for him, but he let it drop to the floor after being tucked in for a mere ten minutes.
You scoffed, but you had to admit Jaemin’s sleeping face was adorable. He looked so calm and peaceful when he wasn’t hyped up on several shots of espresso.
“Stop staring at me, creep,” Jaemin mumbled, eyes still closed.
You jumped a little at the sudden accusation. “Aren’t you supposed to be asleep? It’s creepy that you could even tell I was still here… creep,” you fired back.
Jaemin snickered, a playful smile crossing his lips. “What? Did you wanna fuck on the couch?” He shifted slightly so that he was facing you, and this time, he opened his eyes groggily. “I mean, we’re finally alone so—”
“You’re wearing a Twitch t-shirt,” you retorted. “Change into another shirt and I’ll consider it.”
Jaemin pouted. “That’s so mean, Y/N. This is, like, who I am.”
“A Twitch streamer is your entire personality,” you clarified, to which Jaemin nodded. “Enticing.” When your best friend snorted in response, you continued, “Renjun says you’re bad news, so you’ll have to convince me that this is a good idea.”
Jaemin opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out. He seemed rather stunned by your statement, which was funny considering he didn’t seem to have any objections earlier. You wondered if he was just trying to put on a front for you, but it was Jaemin. Why would he care how he came off in front of you? You were already too close with him to judge him for whatever came out of his mouth.
“Bad news? Me?” He sat up this time, rubbing the back of his neck. “Just because I slept around? That’s harsh.”
“Well, it doesn’t exactly make you look like a saint,” you pointed out.
“But I’m a Twitch streamer,” Jaemin whined, reaching forward to grab your waist. You swallowed down your shriek as he pulled you onto his lap, holding you close. It was nice like this, you realized, and Jaemin was warm. He buried his face into the crook of your neck and continued, “Shouldn’t that cancel out all the fucking around I did?”
You laughed at his reasoning, swiveling a little in his lap to face him. “I’ll have to admit, gamers can be hot, though.”
“Oh? You think I’m hot?” Jaemin smirked a little, and you had to fight down the shyness creeping up your neck. For a second, he was just staring at you, taking in everything about you. “Y/N, it’s been really hard trying not to kiss you all night.”
Normally, this would be the part where you two kissed and spent a passionate night together after being cockblocked all evening. However, you felt a snarky comment coming to mind and replacing whatever sexual urge that was rising.
“Then maybe you shouldn’t have invited over every single mutual friend we have,” you countered bitterly. You bit your lip before you added, “I was ready to just spend the night with you.”
Jaemin sucked in a sharp breath, his hands dropping to squeeze your hips. “You’re a virgin, right?” His hands then moved onto your thighs, rubbing up and down. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I wouldn’t have finger-fucked you like that if it was your first time.” When you didn’t respond, a smile grew on Jaemin’s face. “No way. You liked it, didn’t you? You liked me touching you in front of our friends.”
Heat rose to your cheeks at his vulgar words. “Jaemin!” you exclaimed, looking back at him with wide eyes. “That’s so—”
“Okay, then tell me I’m wrong,” he cut in. “Tell me you didn’t like staying quiet while I fucked you under the blanket.”
Unfortunately, you knew that you were a terrible liar and there was no point in trying to defend yourself. You had to come clean to Na Jaemin.
“Fine,” you spat. “Maybe I did get turned on when you were fingering me in front of everyone, but it’s not like I wanted to be caught or anything.”
Jaemin wore an amused expression, and you had never felt so vulnerable in your life. You tried to avert your gaze, but he grabbed your chin and made you look him in the eye.
“And this is coming from the cherry girl who said I wouldn’t be able to please her earlier,” Jaemin mused, scoffing a little. “You’re so dirty for someone so innocent. I think it’s about time I show you how good I can make you feel.”
Maybe a couch wasn’t exactly the most romantic place in the world to have your first time, and Na Jaemin definitely wasn’t a romantic person (to you, at least), but you felt comfortable with him. After all, you hadn’t exactly heard of good first-time experiences from your friends. Donghyuck mentioned how his first time was in the blind spot of a parking lot, and the police ended up pulling over next to them.
With Jaemin’s lustful eyes gazing at you so tenderly, you wanted to give in. (Yes, even with that damn Twitch shirt he wore).
You hardly had time to process how his eyes dropped to your lips, butterflies flocking to your stomach in seconds before Jaemin was leaning in, pressing his soft lips to yours. You reciprocated almost immediately, wrapping your arms around his neck and adjusting your position so that you were straddling his lap. Jaemin leaned back on the couch, hands dropping to the back of your thighs as he lazily kissed you.
Strangely enough, it felt like the most normal thing in the world to kiss Na Jaemin. After a while, your mouth moved in perfect sync with his, and you wondered how the hell you never thought of doing this before. His tongue was making you feel dizzy, but before you knew it, your tongue was dancing with his so naturally.
Jaemin sat up straighter, hands traveling up your body once you two were chest-to-chest. He broke from your lips to press kisses from your jawline to your neck. You could only let out soft whimpers as he mapped his way down your body, eventually getting to the swell of your breasts.
You were supposed to feel exposed and vulnerable as Jaemin tugged your shirt and bra aside, but you felt safe. You felt safe even as he took your tit into his mouth, tongue tracing a pattern around your nipple. You felt safe even as he littered hickies over your chest.
A fire rekindled in Jaemin. He grew more passionate, more eager. You could feel the desperation dripping off of him as he pushed you down on the couch, switching positions so that he was over you, eyes racking your body with a newfound hunger.
For a second, you just got to admire his beauty and take a breather. Jaemin tugged off his shirt and tossed it aside. You turned your head to look at the discarded clothing. You quickly realized that you were supposed to do the same, so you peeled off your shirt as Jaemin was taking off his pants.
“Ah, the pretty little shorts you put on just for me,” he noted, holding eye contact with you as he helped you out of your shorts. You could hear the strangled growl in the back of his throat. “You look so fucking pretty.”
The effect his words had on you were insane, but you had to remind yourself that this was Jaemin. You two were good friends and regularly hung out; this wasn’t some guy you had been romantically involved with.
“You’re just saying that because we’re about to have sex,” you said with a light laugh, a touch nervous. Yeah, part of you didn’t want that to be true, but the other part of you had no idea how you would feel if it wasn’t true.
Jaemin’s eyes hardened. “Are you kidding? I’ve always thought you were gorgeous.”
You drew in a sharp intake of breath.
Not perfect. Gorgeous. No, you weren’t perfect. Not untouchable or unattainable for Jaemin. Not someone he could admire from afar and never bring himself to go after. You were gorgeous. You were someone he found captivating even without a rose-tinted lens. He saw every side of you, and he still thought you were gorgeous.
Jaemin pressed a slow kiss to your shoulder. “Are you sure about this?” he asked softly. “Let’s move to your room, then.”
You honestly didn’t expect much from Jaemin, but you underestimated just how built he was. He scooped you up like you were nothing, and you had to take a few seconds to process the fact that you were lifted off the couch so easily. His hands gripped your bottom firmly, but his fingers were brushing against your inner thighs and you found it difficult to keep your cool.
Jaemin kicked the door shut behind him and laid you down on the edge of your bed. You were confused why he left your legs dangling off the side (and it wasn’t very comfortable), but then it hit you when he situated himself between your legs.
He was about to eat you out.
“I’m gonna taste you here, pretty girl,” he hummed, fingers prodding against your clothed cunt. That strangely endearing shit-eating grin spread across his face. “I hope you return the favor one day.”
You grew shy at that. “I don’t really know how to do that…”
“I’ll teach you,” he insisted, “but right now, I want you to relax for me.” Jaemin made eye contact with you for a split second while he was tugging down your underwear. “Tell me when you want me to stop.”
You swallowed thickly. This was your first time experiencing something like this, and you were more anxious about what Jaemin would think about seeing you in full glory. His incomprehensible groan when he saw you bare surely elevated your confidence, but you couldn’t stop thinking about how his mouth would be over your folds in seconds.
You could pinpoint the exact moment his tongue came into contact with your cunt because your senses heightened in seconds. You felt like you were falling into a haze with the way Jaemin’s tongue worked on your folds. He gripped your thighs with fervor as he pressed kisses up to your clit.
You shuddered when he started sucking on the little ball of nerves, but you yearned for more. Jaemin noticed how you fisted the sheets, smirking against your folds. Your hips lifted, getting as much more friction as possible, wordlessly begging for more.
The night was quiet apart from your blissful sighs and the sounds from Jaemin’s mouth making you fall apart at the seams. You became a squirming mess under him, and Jaemin forced your hips down as a warning. He was strong, you realized, and you were inching closer to your high at the thought of him using all that power to fuck you until you were spent.
“H-how are you so good at this?” you croaked out, slapping one hand over your mouth before a moan escaped.
Jaemin pulled away for a moment to look at you, and he grinned in that cocky, arrogant way that was so incredibly sexy. “What? I’m just spelling out your name with my tongue.”
You had no explanation for how hot that sounded.
“Well keep it going then,” you ordered, pushing at his head to get him back between your legs. “It feels different—good different.”
Truthfully, you couldn’t describe the feeling, but it was like a knot of pressure was daring to unleash. You wanted to just let it happen, but every time Jaemin slipped away, you felt a little more of it disappear. It was starting to frustrate you, so you whined and pressed your thighs together.
Jaemin spread your legs again. “Can’t make you feel good if you keep your legs closed,” he said. “I’m gonna show you how to get yourself off for real, Y/N. I want you to do it while I’m eating you out.”
“Huh?” you asked blankly as Jaemin took your hand and moved it to your cunt. He placed your fingertips over your clit and made you rub in tight circles. In a breath, you whispered, “Oh my god.”
“Keep doing that for me, princess.”
You could only respond with a broken whimper. Compared to Jaemin’s expert fingering earlier, you felt more amateur, more sloppy. It seemed to be getting the job done, though, because you could feel an undercurrent of pleasure rippling under your flushed skin.
Jaemin’s tongue snaked inside you, and you had to blink several times to keep your sanity at bay. Your head was clouding at the way he was making you feel good in places you never expected to reach. With a few more strokes of his tongue, your orgasm came crashing over you before you could even think about warning Jaemin.
He groaned against your cunt as it pulsated from the overwhelming pleasure you were experiencing. You always thought orgasms were specific to the one area, but you could feel this sensation all over. It was the pinpricks of heat prickling your skin, the euphoric wash making your brain foggy, and the trembling limbs that tied it all together. You were a whimpering, shaky mess as you rode out the waves of pleasure that Jaemin worked out of you.
When your walls nearly stopped pulsating (save for the occasional twitching), Jaemin took that as his cue to stop abusing your cunt. You let out a light huff when he stood up again, looking down at you with that cocky smirk on his lips.
“Sounds like you enjoyed that,” he commented. You could tell his ego was through the roof, and it pissed you off a little. “Didn’t you say something to Jeno? Something about how I wouldn’t even be able to make you whimper?”
Ah, yes. The very reason why you were trying to keep your moans in (to no avail). You knew Jaemin wouldn’t let you hear the end of it, and this was a problem in and of itself considering he was downright insufferable both in and out of the sheets.
“Fine,” you gave in after putting aside your stubbornness. “I take it back. Plus, I was drunk, so you can’t really hold it against me.”
“They say drunk words are sober thoughts.”
“Well, I also said I’d fuck Jeno when I was drunk,” you fired back.
Jaemin pushed back his hair as he got over you, pushing you back as he did so that your full body was on the bed. He eyed you carefully, and for a moment, you were holding your breath out of pure anticipation. The dark look clouding his eyes was enough to keep your mouth shut. Jaemin placed his hands on either side of your head.
“Oh? You’d fuck Jeno?” he asked, eyes narrowed at you. “I don’t think so.”
Strangely enough, you felt offended. “What? Why not?”
“You and Jeno aren’t compatible,” he replied, positioning himself in seconds just to roll his hips against yours. This incited a sharp exhale from you, causing Jaemin to simper at how submissive you became. “You wouldn’t go for him. Not when you have me.”
“W-what makes you think that?” you asked, choking up at the end when Jaemin started a steady pace of rocking his hips against yours, and you could feel his longing by the way he was humping you.
This time, however, Jaemin didn’t respond to your question. Instead, he asked, “Ready to be fucked, Cherry Girl?”
You scoffed a little at the nickname but drew him closer to your body. You weren’t sure why you felt so intimate in the moment, but you just wanted Jaemin to make you feel good already. There was one part of you, though, that wanted to make love, and you tried to push it down as far as you could, but it kept creeping up on you.
You could tell Jaemin was hesitant himself. He seemed to be fighting some war of morals in his head, as if he was just realizing that the entire dynamic of your friendship would change forever at this very moment. You figured it was actually a lot for Na Jaemin to use his brain at a time like this. He was the kind of guy to think with his dick, and then be met with rationality hours later when the deed had already been done.
“You know,” he started, “we should really come up with a safe word.”
“A safe word?” you asked. You had heard of safe words being used, but you thought they were for people with kinks that were out of your comfort zone; if Jaemin came back with a knife, you were walking out of your own apartment.
“Yeah, like ‘peaches’ or something,” he suggested. “Or ‘Perry the Platypus.’ I think that one would kill the mood fast.”
You were in dismay. There was no way you would have the mind to call out a cartoon character’s name in the middle of sex.
“Or,” you offered, “one of us says ‘stop,’ and the other person stops.”
“Yeah—yeah, good plan.” Jaemin ran a hand through his hair. “Tell me to stop at any time.”
Oddly enough, you felt like you two weren’t on the same page. While you thought you were ready for what was to come, you didn’t think Jaemin was prepared for this. He seemed to lose his confidence shortly after realizing you two were actually about to have sex, and you didn’t want to push him into something he wasn’t ready for.
In a sick way, it was rather funny to you that he ended up being the one who wasn’t quite ready yet.
“Jaemin,” you called sweetly. He looked down at you expectantly after a retired exhale. You didn’t want to seem like you were flat-out rejecting him, and you didn’t want to bring up how he faltered, so you suggested, “Maybe we continue another time, like… you know, when Renjun isn’t sleeping in the same apartment as us.”
Maybe Jaemin was disappointed. Maybe he was relieved. You didn’t have time to read the look in his eyes, but you felt better about not doing anything until you were 100% confident that he wouldn’t regret sleeping with you. Just because you were in some odd situationship with your best friend didn’t mean you didn’t care about him; you still wanted him to be as comfortable as you were.
“Yeah, sure,” he breathed out, practically collapsing onto you. You couldn’t exactly breathe in this position, so you tapped his shoulder. He asked, “Can we sleep together like this at least?”
You let out a muffled sound of confirmation. “Can you move, though, so I don’t die of suffocation in my sleep?”
Jaemin chuckled and wrapped his arms around your waist. He flipped you two over so that you were the one on top of him, head against his chest. Jaemin grabbed the blanket from the floor and put it over you both, and you didn’t realize how sleepy you were until he had wrapped his arms around you and started rubbing circles on your arm with his thumbs.
You had all the pieces put together, but you just couldn’t see the bigger picture. While it was true that Jaemin froze up and wasn’t ready, the full reason was because he realized he had never hooked up with a girl that he called gorgeous. He had never pleasured a girl without them returning the favor immediately after, and it freaked him out a little when he was satisfied with wanting to make you feel good all night.
Moreover, he was scared because he thought he had genuine feelings for you.
“G’night, Jaemin,” you murmured.
“Goodnight, Y/N,” he replied. “Try not to dream about me.”
You snorted. “You wish.”
“I’m serious. Once you fall for me, you won’t be able to stop thinking about me.”
“Shut up, loser. I’m not falling for you.”
“That’s what they all say.”
“Go to bed, Jaemin.”
Surprisingly, after countless nights of tossing and turning, you found that you slept much more peacefully when you were in Jaemin’s arms.
(Little did you know that Jaemin had also never slept so soundly before.)
Tumblr media
“Oh shit.”
You didn’t think those were the words you would wake up to, but Jaemin was awfully loud in your ear so early in the morning. You blinked, trying to reorient yourself and recall the events from last night.
Seconds later, Jaemin’s shirt was thrown onto your bed, landing right next to you. Your eyes settled on the ugly Twitch shirt that you remembered was tossed onto the living room floor. While the shirt was abandoned, you woke up in Jaemin’s arms. You eyed the clothing triumphantly, as if the inanimate shirt could pick up on your mocking inflection.
“What the fuck are you two doing?” came your roommate’s voice.
Your eyes shot wide open. If you weren’t fully awake before, you definitely were now, but there was no way you could show your face to Huang Renjun when you were in this state.
God, the clothes.
You knew you had made a few mistakes in your life. (Okay, you made many mistakes, but really, who was counting?) Most of them were fairly inconsequential and amounted to nothing more than a bad grade on a few exams or falling into a bush while getting some fresh air at a party.
But this? There was a high chance that this could possibly be your worst fuck-up.
“Um…” Jaemin tried. “We’re hanging out.”
“Naked?” Renjun asked, horrified.
“We were warming up using our body heat,” Jaemin explained poorly, rousing an exasperated groan from Renjun. “Also, technically, we’re not naked; we still have our underwear on.” After a pause, Jaemin corrected, “I still have my underwear on.”
Renjun rubbed his face, irritated. “I told you to stay away from Y/N, and you didn’t waste a second trying to get into her pants, did you?”
“Relax.” Jaemin huffed. “Cherry Girl still has her cherry, so you don’t need to get all worked up. We were just sleeping in each other’s arms.”
You could already hear the scolding Jaemin was going to receive. Renjun was going to go off on his we’ve-been-friends-for-so-long rant, followed by his you’re-jeopardizing-our-friendship-you-horny-bitch tangent.
You wondered when would be a good time to reveal that you were actually awake, but you didn’t want to deal with Renjun’s wrath. You knew he had good intentions, and you were rather stupid for thinking it would be a good idea to leave your clothing on the couch, but you wondered if you could ever see Jaemin normally when your best friend slash roommate was so against it.
To your surprise, however, Renjun didn’t blow up.
He sighed. “Please tell me you’re not playing her.”
“I’m not!” Jaemin explained. He huffed a little, offended. “Who do you take me for? We’re, um… good friends just indulging ourselves—yeah, that sounds about right.”
Weird. His words stung, for whatever reason.
“You said you were just sleeping.”
“Oops.” Jaemin grumbled out some incomprehensible curse under his breath. “Okay, I’m not doing anything that Y/N doesn’t want, and I’m not forcing her to do anything, so I don’t see the problem here.”
“If you hurt her, I’ll make you wish your dick never saw the light of day, Na Jaemin,” Renjun warned. When Jaemin seemed to receive his message properly, he asked, “Since she’s still asleep, did you wanna go out and get pancakes with me?”
Renjun was getting pancakes without you? Moreover, he was getting them with Jaemin? You refused to let yourself be replaced so easily, especially when Jaemin’s only attire was his Twitch t-shirt. You couldn’t let Renjun be seen outdoors with someone who wore gamer boy merchandise.
“I could go for pancakes,” you said, shifting enough on Jaemin’s chest so that you could crane your neck and see your roommate. “What happened to knocking before entering?”
“I did,” Renjun said, “for two minutes. I walked in to make sure you weren’t dead.” He turned on his heel to close the door. “I’m leaving in ten, so please don’t start eating each other’s faces and get ready.”
(“I could eat something else.”
“Please shut up, Jaemin.”)
Tumblr media
Going to iHop was a tradition between your friend group. It was usually something you guys would treat yourselves to after midterms or finals. That, or you would go for drunchies after a night of drinking.
This time, however, you and Jaemin were sitting across from Renjun in your usual booth in the far right corner. The first five minutes were spent in complete silence, with you looking between the two boys awkwardly as they sized each other up. The tension was getting suffocating, and you were praying the waiter would come over quickly to take your orders.
It probably didn’t help that you were wearing Jaemin’s sweater. It was far too big on you with the sleeves falling past your fingertips and the hem reaching your mid-thigh. You even tried to give it back to him, but Jaemin insisted you wear it. (You left out the part that you just wanted him to cover up his hideous shirt with the sweater.)
No matter how you looked at it, this felt like something a boyfriend would do.
Renjun gave you and Jaemin a once-over. “This is so weird.”
“Please don’t tell the others, Renjun,” you begged.
He frowned. “Why not?”
“Considering you look like you’re about to brand me with a scarlet letter and exile Jaemin from our friend group, I think it’s better we keep this between us,” you said, glancing at Jaemin when he let out a snicker. You continued, “Plus, Hyuck would never let me hear the end of it.”
Renjun snorted. “I don’t think you need to worry about Hyuck,” he said. Your roommate leaned back in his seat before explaining, “Choi Yeonjun’s been telling Jeno he’s interested in you.”
“Yeonjun? From Sig Kap?” you asked.
Frat boys were a pain in the ass, but a select few from Sigma Kappa Nu were semi-redeemable. It probably had to do with the fact that their president was Vernon Chwe, and he was the most chill frat boy you had ever met. You recalled Yeonjun as the one you spilled your drink on, and then you proceeded to spend the rest of the night laying on his shoulder on the couch because you couldn’t even walk straight.
“Yeah, he asked for your number.”
You and Renjun looked equally shocked when Jaemin cut in with a scoff, “Choi Yeonjun? Interesting. I’d ghost him if I were you.”
“Why?” you asked. You couldn’t think of anything particularly bad about Yeonjun, so you were surprised at how bitter Jaemin sounded about him. “Did he do something?”
There was a pause. “Nah, nothing.”
“Jaemin,” you pressed. “You wouldn’t bring it up if it was nothing. Just tell me what it is before I end up going out with someone who turns out to be a dick.”
Jaemin’s hand flew to the back of his neck. “I mean, just because we did stuff once doesn’t mean you have to start sleeping around with other guys.”
Your booth grew painfully silent.
“I worded that very wrong,” Jaemin realized.
“Yeah, you did,” Renjun chimed in unhelpfully.
While the three of you sat in uncomfortable silence, the waitress finally came by. “Are you guys ready to order?” she asked in a friendly tone.
No one spoke for a few seconds, so you raised your hand awkwardly. “The Winter Wonderland short stack, please.”
The waitress turned to Jaemin. “And what would you like, Sir?”
Mortified, Jaemin spoke in a strangled voice, “Same thing as her.”
Tumblr media
“You’ve been quiet the entire ride home,” Renjun observed in that soft, comforting voice he used when you were sad. It was his surefire way of getting you to stop bottling your feelings up. “Do you wanna talk about it?”
After eating your pancakes in complete silence, you three only exchanged a few words to figure out how to pay the bill. The car ride home was even more painful, and Jaemin received no response when he mumbled a “see you” to the both of you. Renjun gave him a tight-lipped smile, but you kept your head down and fiddled with the sleeves of Jaemin’s sweater that you were still wearing.
Now, you were sort of confused and a little sad. You had no idea Jaemin thought so lowly of you.
You shrugged. “I’m just thinking.”
“About?” your roommate prompted.
“I wasn’t really interested in Yeonjun,” you admitted, “but now I’m tempted to go out with him just to prove Jaemin wrong. I was never even planning on sleeping with Yeonjun if he ever asked me out.” Before Renjun could reprimand you for such malicious thoughts, you added, “I wouldn’t ever actually do that, though. I’m not that shitty of a person.”
“I know you wouldn’t,” Renjun said, “and I know it probably took a lot of courage for you to hook up with Jaemin, so it’s fucked that he thinks you’d sleep around with anyone.”
Your mood dampened again. Renjun had put your exact thoughts into words. A trembling, tender laugh escaped your lips for a moment, but you held together the pieces of you that threatened to shatter.
You liked Jaemin.
Even before the events of last night, you never would have done something like that with someone if you didn’t like them.
You were so stupid. So painfully stupid. You knew every single trick up Na Jaemin’s sleeve—every rule in his book—and you had still fallen for his empty words like a fool. There had to be some world record for stupidity because you were sure you could challenge whoever was vying for first place.
“Y/N?” Renjun asked, concerned.
“I like him,” you said, more to yourself than to him, “I like Jaemin.”
“Damn. Even after all that?”
“No.” You shook your head quickly. More than a friend, your brain was practically screaming. He’s more than a friend to you.
You tried so hard to keep it together. Tried to keep yourself from spiraling. This sudden realization was crushing you from the inside out. You supposed the first choked sob could be passed off as a bluff, but Renjun noticed the second time, and that made you want to cry even more.
Because if you didn’t care about Jaemin in this way, you could’ve talked this out with him. You could’ve told him off for his comment and properly been angry with him. You could’ve made amends and fixed your friendship.
But since you cared too deeply, you felt so pathetic. You wanted him to notice. You wanted him to apologize. You wanted him to realize that you didn’t want Choi Yeonjun; you wanted your best friend, Na Jaemin.
You barely noticed Renjun pulling you into a warm embrace, and it was when he rubbed your back soothingly that you realized you were crying. Silent tears made their way down your cheeks and you could taste the saltiness on your tongue.
“Look, it’s Jaemin,” Renjun started. “Yeah, he’s a fuck-up sometimes and can be a dick, but he cares deeply too. If you talk to him, I’m sure things will work…” He trailed off when he saw the agonized look on your face. Concern tugged at his brows. “Y/N, what’s wrong?”
“You don’t get it,” you cried. “I’ve liked him as more than a friend—for a while now, I think. That’s why this hurts so bad.”
Renjun’s lips parted in surprise. “You like—oh… oh.” He froze up for a moment, as if his own thought process was buffering. “You like Jaemin? Why? He’s terrible.”
You couldn’t argue with that. Jaemin had a notorious streak for being half-human, half-douchebag. They were separate identities at this point.
You remembered freshman year when you met him. Freshly cut loose from his family and living on his own, Na Jaemin was going to parties at least three days a week. Jeno claimed he had met a new girl nearly every month just because they always ended up sleeping over at their dorm room. Just as fast as he’d hook up with a girl, Jaemin would ghost them without warning right after. Once, he even made Jeno break the news to one of them on his behalf.
“You’re right, he sucks.” You wiped at your damp cheeks. “He’s literally a walking red flag. Why do I like him so much?”
Part of you expected Renjun to scold you for being stupid, but he just patted your head with a small sigh. “It’s okay, Y/N. You can take your time. No one’s expecting you to figure everything out right now.”
It was weak, but you managed a smile. Renjun was right; you needed time for yourself.
Tumblr media
It had been two weeks since you had seen or spoken to Jaemin.
It was strange, for sure. You hadn’t ever gone this long without at least texting him. Sure, there was that one time two years ago where Jaemin went off-the-radar for an entire month, but you later learned that he was burnt-out from university and had to recharge. That meant not speaking to anyone other than his family (and occasionally Jeno after his unabating nagging), but you respected that.
This time, however, was different. The unresolved issue was eating at you, little by little, chipping away at your resolve to stay away from him. You wanted to talk to him—or yell at him—but you had nothing to say if he was just going to break your heart.
You just wanted to get it all out. You wanted to yell at him about how much of a dick he was being. Although, you were certain that Jaemin was very self-aware of his own flaws; your friend group never missed a chance to point them out. You wanted to scream at him about how wrong he was for thinking you wanted Choi Yeonjun.  
Jaemin was right about one thing, at least. Since you had fallen for him, you really couldn’t stop thinking about him.
Most of all, though, you just wanted your best friend back.
When a candle burned and its wax melted, it caused a chemical change in matter due to the hydrogen and carbon from the wax combining with the oxygen in the air to create carbon dioxide and water vapor. Although the candle burned down and lost its size and shape, the matter cannot truly be destroyed. Remnants of that candle still live on in another form.
That was how you felt right now.
Despite your energy depleting because of Jaemin, despite how exhausted you were from being angry, and despite how hard you tried to forget about how much you liked him, he still crept back into your heart each time. Your feelings couldn’t be destroyed no matter how hard you tried. No matter how much you tried to minimize them or lock them away, they still took up space in your heart.
Jeno asked if something happened between you two, so he either must have picked up some tension or Jaemin must have let him know that things were awkward between you two. You weren’t surprised; those two told each other everything. You even heard them comparing dick sizes once, much to your horror.
“I haven’t spoken to Jaemin in, like, two weeks,” you told Jeno over a coffee you asked (or gently coerced) him to buy you with his campus dining plan. “I don’t see why you have to convince me to see him if he won’t make the effort to see me.”
“Y/N, you know how Jaemin always bottles up how he truly feels,” Jeno said. “If you guys fought, I’m sure he’s feeling really bad about it right now. Just… in that self-deprecating way where he talks to no one about his feelings.”
“He needs to talk to me, Jeno,” you replied with a sigh.
“By the way, did you know Choi Yeonjun’s interested in you?”
Of course. The very man who was unintentionally the cause of this rift between you and Jaemin. You hoped he was having the time of his life.
“Yeah, I heard from Renjun.”
“Don’t worry,” Jeno assured after taking notice of your disinterest. “He still has Tinder on his phone, so I think he’s keeping his options open.”
You tried Tinder once. Eric Sohn. Business major with a concentration in finance. He asked you what show you liked, and you replied with “I don’t know” followed up by the actual show, You. Eric assumed you meant you liked him, not the psychological horror series, so he asked you to meet up.
(You did not meet up.)
Just then, your phone ringer went off. You checked it without thinking, but your heart seized up when you saw the texts from your friend.
jaemin: if you have time later can we meet up? jaemin: i wanna apologize
The shock must have been clear on your face because Jeno caught on quickly. Jaemin wasn’t one to apologize, and you couldn’t recall ever hearing a genuine apology from his lips, so this was all a surprise to you.
“He texted you, didn’t he?” Jeno asked. He looked down at his phone and frowned. “What the—why’s he streaming right now?”
His reaction piqued your curiosity, so you leaned over to see why Jeno cut himself off. In return, he moved his phone so that you could see the screen as well. After the advertisement on the Twitch app, Jaemin showed in the bottom left corner of the screen while a screen of him playing Genshin Impact was on the top right. To your amusement, he was holding a little therapy session for himself over his Twitch stream.
“See, I just really like her, guys—oh, fuck, hilichurl—but I don’t know why I keep acting stupid around her—die, die, die, die, die! Usually, girls like me more than I like them, so I freaked out when I got the feeling that I liked her more than she liked me—man, will you die already?—but I think I really fucked things up this time,” Jaemin said to his viewers, eyes locked on his computer screen. “I just texted her and asked if she was free later so that I could apologize. Thing is, I didn’t even mean what I said, but it just came out because I was so stupid and jealous, and…”
Jaemin trailed off for a moment as he finished clearing out a camp in the game. He sat back and looked off in the distance for a while as his comments flooded with either really good or really bad advice. Most of it was leaning toward terrible suggestions such as “have you tried essential oils?” and “have you tried turning your feelings off and then on again?”
“Oh.” Jaemin’s expression was somewhere between stunned and in disbelief. “I’m in love with her.”
He said it so casually, like he was stating the number of inches in a foot or the color of the grass. It almost slipped past you, but then it rang in your head again and you felt dizzy. Maybe it shocked you that Na Jaemin was even capable of using the word love, but remembering that it was for you was throwing you in for a loop.
Even Jeno was perplexed. He looked between you and the screen several times, mouth opening and closing as if he had something to say, but the words always died on his tongue.
“Guys, I’m in love with my best friend,” Jaemin echoed, and his face washed over with horror, “and I play Genshin Impact—god, she’s never gonna like me back.” He clicked his tongue, disappointed. “Maybe I should do a run-through of Spiral Abyss until the depression goes away.”
Jeno looked dumbfounded. “Did he just… did Jaemin just use the L-word?”
“I didn’t even know his vocabulary was that extensive,” you replied, dazed. “I didn’t know he was capable of actual feelings.” You stood up, disoriented. “I need to go see him—talk to him. I gotta tell him how I feel.”
Ever the gentleman, Jeno offered, “Need a ride?”
“It’s close,” you said, starting to walk backward. “Wish me luck.”
Jeno chuckled, giving you one of those cute eye-smiles of his. “Good luck, Y/N.”
You grinned and turned on your heel, breaking into a full sprint to get to Jaemin’s apartment. It wasn’t very far, but your legs still got tired halfway to the complex. However, you were pumped up with so much adrenaline that you could hardly feel the soreness in your calves.
Na Jaemin was stupid. He was the absolute worst when it came to facing his feelings. Before, you could look into the past and count every red flag that gave you a reason to not run back to him.
Now, though, when you heard how much he liked you, it made you want to give him a chance.
You found yourself knocking on the door of Jaemin’s apartment, hands moving too fast to do your signature knock. When you heard his footsteps near the door, you spoke up before he could ask who it was.
“You idiot! Why would you tell your Twitch audience how you feel but not me!”
Jaemin opened the door, astonishment drawn all over his face. “Wait, you watch my streams?”
“Jaemin, that’s not the point!” you whined. You walked into his apartment and turned to face your best friend after he closed the door. “If you just told me how you felt, then I wouldn’t have had to suppress my feelings and try to forget that I ever felt this way about you.”
“I’m sorry, what?” Jaemin breathed out like he was winded from the conversation. “You have feelings for me? Why? I’m terrible.”
“I know!” you cried. “I know you’re hopelessly pathetic and you don’t communicate your feelings. You say stupid shit to push me away instead of just accepting that you have emotions like every other human being. You mess with my feelings and say stuff that makes me misunderstand—”
“Okay, I think we’ve gathered that I’m an asshole, yes,” Jaemin cut in.
“But I’m in love with you.”
There. You said it. Blurted out the words that had been burning in your chest for weeks.
Jaemin faltered. “Why?”
You couldn’t pinpoint what emotion was swimming in his eyes, but your heart ached when you saw the flicker of pain behind them. You had never seen Jaemin look so uncertain about having his feelings reciprocated. Hell, you had never even seen him so vulnerable in your life.
You gave him a withering look. “What do you mean why, you insufferable prick, I love you.” You felt agonized at this point, so you elaborated, “Jaemin, I wouldn’t let you take my firsts if I didn’t have feelings for you.”
“I love you too,” he finally responded, that wonderstruck look clear on his face, “so much that it drives me crazy.”
The warmth that exploded in your chest was almost embarrassing. “You do?”
“Oh, this is terrible,” Jaemin muttered, looking distracted.
“Terrible? How is this terrible? We both like each other.”
“No, I forgot to end my stream,” he explained, “so they all just heard our confession.” There was a pause. You glanced at his screen to see comments piling in. “This is very awkward.”
“What? Turn it off!” you exclaimed.
“Anyway, thanks for tuning in this week!” Jaemin started in that customer satisfaction voice of his, walking toward his monitor while forcing a smile on his face. “As you can see, I’m busy, so see you guys next week. Bye.”
As soon as Jaemin stopped his live, he turned off his monitor and swiveled in his chair to face you. He stood up and made his way over to you, adoring the way your eyes gleamed. Jaemin wanted to tell you that you were the prettiest girl he had ever seen. He wanted to tell you that he had never felt so strongly connected to someone. He wanted to tell you how he had been yearning for you for weeks.
Then, you started complaining.
“How could you tell your huge audience about us before you even told me about us? I had no idea how you felt this entire time!” you argued. Jaemin groaned but you went on, “You need to learn a thing or two about communication, Na Jaemin, because this—”
“Oh my god, shut up already,” Jaemin growled, grabbing your face and kissing you with such heated intent that you were breathless in seconds.
Your heart fluttered tenfold at the feeling of his lips moving against yours so naturally. Jaemin had always been a skillful kisser, but this time, his passion was overwhelming you. His tongue slid across your bottom lip, and you let him slip it into your mouth as you were left in an aroused daze. For a moment, you thought things would progress further, but then Jaemin pulled away and held you by the waist.
“I’m sorry,” he blurted out. “The words that came out of my mouth back at iHop were empty. I was just stupid and jealous because of Choi Yeonjun.”
Even though he stated that he wanted to apologize to you earlier, it was still difficult to wrap your head around the fact that Na Jaemin was throwing his pride to the wind and letting his guard down in front of you. It was a rather good apology for him, and while his words did sting back then, you were willing to give him another chance.
Jaemin continued, “I just couldn’t bear to think about seeing you with him. My mouth just started running to get you to do anything but give that guy a chance.” He huffed, frustrated. “You know, I think I saw him littering near the business building before. He was right next to a trash can too! I don’t understand why he couldn’t just throw—”
He stopped himself when he heard you laughing, and Jaemin broke from his tangent on Choi Yeonjun, the Enemy of Environmental Conservation. You reached your hand up to brush your fingers against his cheekbone, admiring how pretty his lashes cast shadows on his face and how cute he was with that puzzled look on his face.
“I never considered Yeonjun even once,” you assured him, smiling tenderly. “It’s always been you.”
You had never seen Na Jaemin blush, you realized, but now you were seeing him turn red right in front of you. He was always the time to fluster others, so you never expected him to be so affected by sincere words that he flushed red. The sight was rather cute, and you enjoyed watching him stammer and fumble on his words. This fondness was uncharacteristic for him, but you were amused at the sight.
Then, he steeled his nerves and looked into your eyes. “Can I kiss you again, Cherry Girl?”
You nodded almost immediately. This time, when Jaemin cupped your face with his hands and came close, you responded in tune with his lips meeting yours. He kissed you gentler than the times before, like you two had all the time in the world. Somehow, it was as if you could feel his underlying feelings behind the kiss.
Jaemin grew more needy, more eager, and you could feel it in the way you kept having to step back so that you wouldn’t end up falling over. His gentle kisses morphed into something more sensual and feverish. Once he had you up against the wall, he started kissing along your jaw and down to your neck. It was as if he had charted his course in advance with how confident he was in his motions.
“Jaemin,” you whimpered out when his hand slipped under your skirt to rub you through the thin fabric of your underwear.
You rolled your hips against his hand, wanting more friction and contact. You were embarrassed by how you were already wet for him, and Jaemin was soon aware of this fact when you saw him smirk at how damp your underwear was.
“Jaemin.” Your hand traveled from his hair to his cheek, making him look you in the eye. “I wanna make you feel good first.”
Jaemin let out a shaky sigh, holding your gaze for a split second before his hands flew to unbutton his pants. You both switched positions so that he was against the wall, and you lowered to your knees, looking up at him as you helped him tug his pants and boxers down.
You froze up a little when his hard cock slapped up against his abdomen. One thing you failed to prepare yourself for was how big Jaemin was. His pupils contracted and dilated at the way you stared at his throbbing cock.
“It’s simple, princess,” he instructed, fingers cradling your jaw. With his free hand, he pumped his cock a few times and ran the head across your lips. “Open up for me.” You parted your lips a little and Jaemin chuckled, amused. “Wider.”
You opened your mouth a little more so that you could take the head of his cock into your mouth, sucking on the sensitive area and letting your tongue run along the underside of the head. Jaemin’s hips jerked a little at the feeling, forcing you to take more in as he groaned lowly.
You decided to play into what he wanted and sucked off more of him, letting your tongue swirl around the head whenever you got a chance to. Jaemin held the back of your head, hands curling into your hair as he attempted to guide your movements. Once you picked up a rhythm, Jaemin started to rock his hips forward, thrusting shallowly into your mouth.
“Fuck, that’s it,” he breathed out, groaning quietly. “That’s a good girl.”
You could taste the salty precum beading from Jaemin’s slit, signaling that he was close. With your free hand, you pumped the length of his cock that you couldn’t fit fully in your mouth, but that didn’t seem to be enough for him.
“Breathe,” he instructed as he pushed your head down on his cock.
You gagged on his length, tears springing to your eyes when his cock was hitting the back of your throat. When Jaemin asked if you were okay, you nodded weakly and kept going, trying to suppress your unflattering gagging sounds so that you could deepthroat him.
“You’re doing so good,” he praised, wiping your tears away with his thumb. “Keep—fuck—keep moving like that, princess. What a pretty sight.”
You looked up at him through your lashes, head bobbing slowly on his length while you took him down your throat. Jaemin hissed at the sight, cursing under his breath when he felt like he was coming close. You could sense it as well with the taste of his cum leaking from his cock.
Soon, he was cumming down your throat, groaning loudly at the sensation. There was no way for you to explain how turned on you were by how hot his moans were. You pulled off of him and looked up at Jaemin, cheeks tear-stained and warm from his lingering touch.
“Swallow it all for me,” he cooed, fingers brushing over your lips. His eyes lit up when you did as he ordered. “I think it’s about time I reward you.”
“Please,” you rasped out, letting him help you up. “I want you to fuck me, Jaemin.”
His eyes darkened ever-so-slightly. “You sure?”
You nodded eagerly. You had been waiting for him to take your virginity for too long, and you finally had him with no interruptions.
“If you’re ready, of course,” you answered.
“I’ve been ready,” he mumbled, scooping you up like it was nothing and carrying you to his bedroom. You giggled a little and wrapped your arms around his neck as Jaemin peppered kisses wherever he could find bare skin. “You’re so beautiful.”
He left you on his bed to repeat his words in your head like a mantra. Na Jaemin thought you were beautiful; you felt like you were glowing. You looked back to see what he was doing, catching him slipping a condom over his cock. When he caught you staring, he returned a cocky smirk, and you were afraid you had overinflated his already-inflated ego. The sight made you grow shy, and you were hyperaware of the fact that you were about to lose your virginity soon.
This was it. This was the line you were going to cross yet again with your best friend.
Jaemin stood in front of you and helped tug your skirt off. You let him slide it down to your ankles before he moved on to your shirt. You kicked off your skirt and socks in the meanwhile, raising your arms so that he could slide your shirt off.
A blissful sigh fell from his lips at the sight of your body. You weren’t even wearing proper lingerie, but Jaemin gazed at you like you were the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen. Over your baby blue bralette, his thumb circled around your clothed nipple, and you let out a whine.
“Don’t tease me,” you complained.
He grinned mischievously. “Sorry about that. Your reactions are just too cute.”
After grabbing his shirt by the nape and tugging it off, Jaemin went to remove your bralette and underwear. Just like before, you felt strangely comfortable even when you were in full glory in front of him. You were positive that no one else would be able to make you feel this way.
Now that you were both nude in front of each other, Jaemin got over you, pressing his body flush against yours and kissing you like there was no tomorrow. He moved his hand down your body, indulging in your breathless moans before he started fingering your clit.
“Ah,” he observed smugly, “you’re already soaked.” He continued his motions for a few moments before pressing a chaste kiss to your lips. “Ready to lose your cherry, Cherry Girl?”
You were a little sad that the nickname would die in Jaemin’s bed. You grew rather attached to it, so it was strange that you wouldn’t be called a cherry girl again (although you were sure there was no intended positive connotation with it). Nevertheless, you nodded and wrapped your arms around Jaemin’s neck.
“Please fuck me, Jaemin,” you begged. “I’ve been aching for you.”
The look in Jaemin’s eyes was insatiable. He closed his eyes for a second, sucking in a sharp breath, as if he was trying to keep himself from losing control and burying his entire cock inside you in seconds. Part of him just wanted to dive all in, but the more rational side wanted to take his time with you.
You were far too horny for a complete virgin and just wanted to be fucked already.
“Tell me if it hurts, princess,” he told you, lining up his cock at your folds. “We can stop whenever you’d like.”
With a strangled groan, Jaemin slid into you, halting whenever you winced. You nodded for him to keep going, pushing down the discomfort you were feeling. He tried to go slow for you, and soon, most of his cock fit snug in your tight cunt. Your walls were spasming around him, trying to adjust to how big he was.
“God,” he gritted out, “you feel so fucking good.”
The uncomfortable feeling started to slip away, dissipating when Jaemin’s cock was hitting those perfect spots inside of you. Slowly, pain morphed to pleasure, and you needed more.
“J-Jaemin, go,” you begged.
He nodded and started a motion of shallow thrusts, trying to get you used to his rhythm. His patience was thinning, though, and as much as he tried to keep himself grounded by kissing your neck, you knew Jaemin was going to snap soon.
And he did.
On the bright side, you were quickly adjusting to the sensation, letting it wash over you and leave a buzzing warmth across your skin. Jaemin’s thrusts started to slow, but he compensated with deeper, rougher thrusts. Your hands found purchase on his biceps, holding onto them weakly as he pounded into you. You were sure his tight grip on your hips would leave bruises in their wake, but you couldn’t find it in you to care when he was making you feel this good.
Your entire world had become the feeling of him thrusting into you and whispering filthy praise in your ear. It felt like he was the only one keeping you connected to this reality as you held onto him like a tether.
He fucked you so precise, so meticulously. You turned into a moaning, crying mess when he bottomed out inside of you, and Jaemin just wiped your tears and told you how good you were doing for him. He let go of one of your hips to hold your hand, gripping it tightly to assure you that he was going to take care of you.
“I think I’m close,” you got out between squirms and whimpers, feeling the shivers of an orgasm coming on.
“Cum for me.”
Jaemin quickened his pace and rubbed your clit again, his precise and tight motions sending you over the edge. You felt like you were drowning in a molten sea, fighting against the current as you were overcome with absolute bliss. All you could take notice of was the lovesick smile on Jaemin’s face when you stuttered out a broken confession. Your body was arching against his, and Jaemin helped you ride out the entirety of your orgasm, praising you and kissing you as a reward.
You felt as if your senses had sharpened post-orgasm, but you were completely fucked-out and spent. Jaemin came shortly after you, pulling out right before and letting out a husky groan. You turned your head to watch him toss his used condom into the trash before returning to collapse onto the bed.
You were both shoulder-to-shoulder, staring up at the wall as your chests rose and fell in synchronization.
“Wow,” you breathed out. “I’m not Cherry Girl anymore.”
“No, you still are,” Jaemin replied, raising a brow when you turned to glare at him. “What? It’s a cute nickname.”
You playfully punched his shoulder, scoffing a little. You weren’t sure if it was because you orgasmed together, but you felt impossibly close to Jaemin at that moment. You just wanted to spend the rest of the night in his arms. Even if you weren’t doing anything, you couldn’t bear to be apart for whatever reason.
Jaemin bit the bullet before you could. “How do you feel about dating me?”
“Huh?” you stammered for a moment before regaining your composure. He had brought up exactly the topic you wanted to mention, and part of you felt more confident knowing that he felt the same way. “Us? Dating? Like being a couple?”
“Well, two people dating usually entails that they’re a couple.”
“Shut up.” You punched his shoulder, amazement clear in your eyes. “Shut up.”
“Na Jaemin asking me out?” You fought back a smile. “I never thought I’d see the day.”
Jaemin whined and pulled you closer by the waist, hands finding their way to cup your face so that he could look at you properly and stifle laughter at the way your face was squished in his hands. You wrapped an arm around him and cozied up to his chest, attempting to smile through the way he was holding your cheeks.
“I want you to be my girlfriend, Y/N,” he said firmly. You could see the striking seriousness in his eyes, and you remembered how intimidating Jaemin’s gaze was. “I think I’d die if I had to see you with Choi Yeonjun or someone else.”
“You would die at the slightest inconvenience,” you teased, earning a sneaky grin from Jaemin, “but I put up with your dramatic self because I love you, so I’ll take care of you as your girlfriend from now on.”
“Aren’t I supposed to be the one to take care of you?”
“You have the worst luck I’ve ever seen, so I have to look out for you,” you insisted, and Jaemin just laughed at your words.
“I can’t be all that unlucky,” he started shyly. “I mean, you ended up feeling the same way about me.”
As you and Jaemin held each other, laughing and talking about everything you possibly could, you realized that this was contentment.
Tumblr media
You prayed that you wouldn’t screw up tonight.
You had a habit of blurting out things when you were drunk. It was such a problem that Jaemin had to drag you away before you tried to call Mark Lee’s mom last weekend and tell her that her son’s “study group” was just an excuse for him to get drunk without having to worry about his parents calling.
Only Jeno knew that you and Jaemin were officially dating (and this was unfortunately because he walked in after you two had sex for the first time). You both had no idea how to break the news to the rest of your friends. You had a feeling they were catching on, though, because Na Jaemin didn’t take care of people when they were drunk. He didn’t sit on the couch with them, bring them water, and then drive them home after. He was the one who got wasted and waited for someone to pick his sorry ass off the ground.
So, you were terrified you were going to blurt out the news while you were drunk. It hadn’t happened last weekend or the weekend before, but you had a strange feeling that you two were going to be caught soon.
It wasn’t that you didn’t want your friends to know, even though you were a little scared of Renjun’s reaction. You just wanted to announce it formally and not when you were seeing double of everything.  
You were getting ready for the frat party Donghyuck convinced you guys to go to. He was rushing Yeonjun’s frat this semester and would spam invites to random parties almost every night in your group chat. While you were checking yourself out in the mirror, Jaemin snuck into your room.
“Hey,” he called softly. “Are you almost ready?”
“Does this look okay?” you asked, patting down the sides of your dress. You felt good when you looked in the mirror, but you wanted to see what your boyfriend thought. “It’s a little plain, but it’s the only party dress I have.”
All Jaemin did was stare at you, a little starstruck. You were completely taken aback by this reaction, especially when he didn’t even try struggling for words to say. He just stood impossibly still, lips parted and a faraway look in his eyes.
Raising a brow at him, you turned to grab a sweater hanging from the hook on your closet. Jaemin’s eyes darkened when you put it over your dress. The sleeves were a bit large and your dress was shorter, so you looked swamped by the garment.
“Is that mine?” Jaemin asked, narrowing his eyes at you.
“Yeah. I kept it—iHop trauma trophy.”
“Give it back.”
You froze. You actually expected Jaemin to be aroused at the sight of you wearing his clothing. Now, you were slightly embarrassed. Your attempt at being desirable was a complete fail. Mentally, you were digging a hole to crawl into and die in.
You huffed, a little angrily. “If you want it that bad, then come and get it.”
“Oh yeah?” Jaemin raised his brows at you as he walked toward you. You met his gaze and backed up until he had you cornered against the wall. “If you wanted to wear my clothes, Y/N, all you had to do was ask.”
When you didn’t respond, Jaemin shoved a knee between your legs and pushed your hips back against the wall. Your eyes widened a little, hands flying to his shoulders for leverage. He sealed his lips over yours smoothly, hands traveling up and down your sides.
You broke from the kiss for a second to breathe out, “J-Jaemin, we can’t do this now. The others are waiting for us.”
“They can wait a little longer,” Jaemin mumbled and swiftly kissed you again, sliding his tongue in to get a better taste of you.
You and Jaemin didn’t have enough time to pull away when Mark opened the door. “Y/N, have you seen Jaemin? Renjun sent me to find call y—whoa.” He looked frozen at the doorway. “You guys… dude.”
“H-have you ever heard of knocking?” you shrieked, stammering while you tried to cool down from the amount of embarrassment you felt.
“Mark, what happened?” Donghyuck called, walking over to the doorway to see what all the commotion was about. He looked at you and Jaemin and raised a brow. “Are you guys ready to go?”
You were completely lost. Donghyuck was always the one who had extreme reactions, but even with Jaemin’s hand still on your hip and your lips swollen, he didn’t bat an eye.
Jeno joined in, slinging an arm around Donghyuck’s shoulder. He took a look between you and Jaemin, eyeing the way he was holding you, and he turned around before he broke into a fit of laughter.
“What’s taking you guys so long?” Renjun asked, running a hand through his hair. “Our Uber’s gonna be here soon.” He shot you and Jaemin an exasperated look. “You two can make out when you get to the party, so can we get a move on?”
You opened your mouth to protest, but Donghyuck stopped you with an amused look on his face. “We know you and Jaemin are dating.”
You had no words to describe how stupid you felt. Weeks of keeping your relationship under the radar and they knew? You were holding back from acting like an actual girlfriend around them for no reason.
“Ah, I saw this coming,” Jaemin mused, leaning against the wall.
You whipped your head around to look at him. “You what?”
“Hold on,” Mark said. “How come I’m the only one who didn’t know they were a thing?”
“Donghyuck and I watched Jaemin’s Twitch stream a few weeks ago, that’s why,” Renjun explained. “We heard that whole confession. Cringiest thing I’ve ever had to witness.”
“Yeah, sorry,” Donghyuck apologized flatly, though he didn’t sound very sorry. “We forgot to tell you, Mark.”
“Guys, the Uber’s here!” Jeno called.
“Okay, let’s get moving,” Donghyuck said, pushing at Mark’s back to get him to start walking. “Mark, you can zone out of reality in the car.”
“Sounds like a plan,” Mark agreed.
Renjun stopped and looked at you and Jaemin before he started to leave. “I’m gonna trust you apologized for what happened at iHop,” he told Jaemin.
“I did!” Jaemin confirmed, using that whiny voice of his. “You’re so mean to me, Renjun.”
Renjun snickered. “I’m just making sure. You know, so that our next iHop run isn’t awkward.” He turned on his heel to catch up with the others. “You two better hurry!”
Jaemin turned to you, the corner of his lip hiking up. You could tell he just found this entire situation hilarious. Meanwhile, you felt like a complete fool.
“That was easy, wasn’t it?”
“That was humiliating,” you said, shuddering at the memory. “I can’t believe Mark walked in on us like that.”
“We could’ve been doing worse,” Jaemin tried.
“Please shut up.”
Jaemin laughed and slipped his hand into yours. “Personally, I’m glad they found out. Now we don’t have to sneak around them.”
He was right. Although it wasn’t the most natural way of telling your friends, you were relieved that they finally knew. It was like a load had been lifted off your shoulders now that you didn’t have to tread on eggshells around the people closest to you. You were just going to have to wait for Mark to forget that he ever walked in on you two.
You warmed up to Jaemin’s words with a soft exhale. “Yeah, I’m glad we can properly date now,” you said and tugged his hand. “Let’s go.”
“By the way,” Jaemin started shyly, “you look beautiful in that dress.”
You pinched his cheek lightly, pretending your heart wasn’t beating like crazy. “You look pretty good yourself, Jaemin.”
Yeah, you could get used to this.
Tumblr media
“Jaemin,” you called. When you received no response, a scowl formed on your lips. Your boyfriend was too absorbed in whatever was playing on the TV. You called out to him again, a little more forcefully, “Jaemin!”
Three months into your relationship, and Jaemin was already acting like he had been married to you for ten years. You, however, knew that he was the biggest melt for you when he dropped the act.
He hardly spared you a glance. “What?”
You frowned. Not good enough; you required your boyfriend’s undivided attention, and you would pull all the stops to get it. So, you swiveled on the couch and hoisted yourself onto your boyfriend’s lap, straddling his thighs so that he had no choice but to pay attention to you.
Jaemin grabbed the remote and paused his anime before fixing you with a resentful look. “You’re such an attention whore, Y/N.”
You wrapped your arms around his neck. “I had a question.”
“Do you think I’m pretty?”
Your boyfriend looked absolutely exasperated, but you pushed at his shoulder, so he answered, “No, ugly. I’m only with you because I feel bad.”
“You’re lying.” You grinned, poking his shoulder once more. “You like me.” Jaemin tilted his head back and groaned, so you provoked him even further. “You think I’m pretty.”
He reached forward and cupped your cheeks, squishing your face so that your lips were smushed together. “You want the truth, Cherry Girl? Yes, I think you’re absolutely gorgeous, so shut up and let me watch my anime.”
“I’m not a virgin anymore,” you managed to say, voice muffled by his hold on you. “Thanks to you.”
Jaemin pressed a chaste kiss to your lips and let go of your face so that he could stroke your hair lovingly. “It’s cute, though, so you’re still my Cherry Girl.” You rolled your eyes at him, which caused him to hold onto you tighter, pulling you closer despite your struggle to get off. “That’s it. You’re watching Mob Psycho with me.”
“Only if we cuddle,” you bargained and relaxed in his hold.
“That’s actually a requirement.”
The thought of falling in love was probably the scariest conception you had, but with Jaemin, you had always felt safe, so actually falling wasn’t as terrifying as you thought it would be. Because, before he was your lover, he was your best friend, witnessing all the good and ugly that came with you.
You came to realize that love wasn’t something you had to think so deeply about. It wasn’t some formula that you had to mull over for ages. There was no clear definition for love, really. There was no way there could be one; it had to fluctuate.
For you, love was National Treasure on a Friday Night. It was that hideous shirt. It was the booth at the far right corner at iHop. It was a Twitch stream. It was an oversized sweater.
And, despite your incessant complaints, you could say that love meant Na Jaemin calling you cherry girl.
Tumblr media
AUTHOR’S NOTE ▸ you made it ?? to the end ?? i’ll kiss you omg <3 but thank you so much for reading cherry girl! :’) writing fuckboy jaemin with a big soft side for mc is my absolute favorite and i’m so grateful for all the support i received while writing this. i was so overjoyed when i finished this and then i felt a little empty because wow. it’s over. but this just means i can indulge in more ideas for jaemin fics bc that man has such a strong hold over me. but i’m very content with this being my first fic of the new year and i hope you guys enjoyed it too ♡ sending much love, as always
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joyuchuu · 19 days ago
prove me wrong
Tumblr media
pairing: mark lee x reader
genre/warning: smut, porn with very little plot, big dick mark lee, very doubtful reader, rough sex, overstimulation, sexual explicit, idk how else to word this let me live
word count: 2.1k
prompt: N/A
"i heard his dick was really big, like really really really big." one of your friends whispered scandalously, leaning over the cafe table towards you. "i heard somebody had to go to the hospital right afterwards and now they walk funny." another one said causing the other's eyes to widen while you let out a huff of air, something akin to a laugh. "so this is a he said, she said, they said type of thing? have either of you fucked mark yourself?" you questioned, taking a sip of your now cooled tea and they both fell silent with matching pouts on their faces.
the guy in question, to the surprise of anyone who didn't really know him aside from his appearance, was mark lee.
there was no doubt about one thing: he had a great body (when he decided to show it off). and you weren't really one to gossip about stuff like that to your friends but you have encountered people who were growers (not showers) and others some would assume would be packing in the dick department actually falling a bit 'short'. so, when the thought of how big mark could be down there came to mind, you weren't thinking much of it.
but maybe mark shouldn't be the one to doubt so easily.
this pops up in your head twice. the first time is after he approaches you a week later asking you out for dinner. it doesn't take you off guard since you two mingle in the same close friend group (and it might've slipped from haechan's mouth that his friend was gathering the courage to ask you out eventually).
the second time the thought pops up is after the date ends and you two are together in the back seat of his car at the far end of a somewhat secluded parking lot. you were laid out under mark as he pressed his body against yours, a little uncomfortable from the limited space you two had and considering the position you were in but you weren't paying attention to it much with the way he pressed opened-mouth kisses onto your neck. mark redirected his kisses back up towards your mouth and you shared a wet kiss before you licked into his mouth. "you're really good at that." he panted between breaths and you nipped at his lip in response. "you're not too bad yourself. wonder what else you're good at." you replied while his lower half slowly dry humped against your panty-covered pussy.
your hand subconsciously slid down between your bodies and you pressed your palm into his crotch, almost freezing in place. your breath catches just at the girth of his dick through his jeans and mark let's out a low groan in response, squeezing his eyes shut. "you're big?" you accidentally said out loud and his eyes flutter open to look down at you before his eyebrows knit together. "what?" he questioned, halting all movement as you mentally kick yourself for not being able to control your mouth.
then mark clears his throat. "did you think... my dick was small or something?" he asked, clearly offended, and you let out a sigh. "no, not necessarily." you reply, trailing off a bit and mark gives you a look, motioning for you to continue. "i just heard that you had a big one. and i don't take word of mouth very often, that's all. no offense." you added and he looks like he's mulling your words over in his head to fully grasp what you're saying
mark sits up fully now and you think you've pissed him off or something to the point where the mood is entirely ruined and internally prepare for him to end the night right there and take you home. that is until you watch him begin to unbutton his jeans, tugging it down a bit where it rests loosely around his waist along with the waist band of his boxers. his dick smacked against his stomach once the constraining clothing is low enough, clearly hard from all of the previous touching, and you have to stop yourself from gawking too much at the sight but you can't take your eyes off of him.
"is this big enough for you?" mark asked, a hint of cockiness in his tone, and he smirks a bit at your reaction. now, it's your turn to clear your throat. "more than enough." you breathed out almost shakily and try to sit up with him, mentally and physically preparing to attempt to give him head. but he placed a hand on your chest to keep you underneath him. "i'm more than ready for you, you don't have to do that." he said with a lick of his lips before you can even ask him anything. you watch as he spits into the palm of his hand, bringing it down on himself to stroke his dick in languid motions and, with his other hand, he pressed two fingers against your clit through your panties an rubbing in tight circles. sliding them down to ghost over where your hole was, you clenched around nothing and a low moan tumbled out of your mouth as he does it a few more times making the fabric practically stick to you.
"i might not fit." mark mumbled to himself as he hooks a finger into the side of your panties covering your pussy, moving it to the side to get an even better view of you. "you're so wet already but i don't know if that'll be enough." he said matter-of-factly but the words make your pussy throb more at the insinuation. he was big, as you could clearly see, but you weren't one to tap out before the fun has even started.
"i don't need prep, mark. i'm not a virgin. just fuck me already, i can handle it." you tell him stubbornly, just wanting to feel him already but not wanting to beg. mark's eyes seem to darken almost immediately hearing your mouth and his gaze flickers from your face to your glistening slit and back up to you again. "okay..." he replied, not sounding nearly as dejected as you would think. "okay, fine. turn around for me then."
with a bit of maneuvering on your part, you end up on all fours facing away from mark and nearly pressed up against the back seat window in the cramped space. you feel him approach you from behind and you can't help but tense up just a bit when you feel the blunt tip of his dick rub up against your ass cheek.
he stroked himself again, motioning himself up and down against your wet pussy and he has barely put the head in you and yet you're already trembling in anticipation. sinking in deeper, mark let's out a hiss as you take him and he holds onto your waist with a grip nearly painful with the way his nails dug into your skin if it weren't for his dick stretching you out as a distraction. "h-holy shit, you can't be this tight." he groaned, taking a quick pause to allow himself to adjust. he bottomed out finally, pressed into you so deep that you could feel every ridge, every vein, every pulse. yours eyes nearly roll back into your head and you bit down on your bottom lip to repress a whimper.
"you alright?" he asked immediately after hearing the noise and you're too flustered with the way he's filling you up to respond in words so you give him a thumbs up and he lets out a wavering chuckle. mark pulled out slowly, every inch of him being felt, before thrusting roughly back in making your body jolt forward. "mark, fuck." you moaned out, still trembling a bit as you placed a hand near his lower abdomen instinctively. you weren't trying to do this: you didn't want him to stop or for him to wait for you to adjust to him. you just needed a second to catch your breath.
but mark wasn't having any of that. he sucked his teeth at your action and grabbed your hand, twisting it a bit and pinning it to your back before giving you another hard thrust making your ass clap against his pelvis. "i thought you said you could take it?" he mocks in a deeper tone than before, throwing your own words back at you. "i-i can, i can take it." you rushed out but you start getting choked up once he starts a steady motion, pulling half way out of your pussy just to thrust back in harder each thrust. "then take my dick. it's big enough, right? you can handle it, right? you said so yourself." he said, a particularly hard thrust making you move up a bit. "and don't run from me." he growls, pressing into you and pushing your pinned hand against your back more to make you arch lower into the seat.
the new position and brutal pace of his thrusts had your toes curling as he pounded into you, dragging against your walls deliciously and sparking something in you. "fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck, oh my god, mark." you moaned, not being able to control your own voice. and mark was being just as vocal. "feels good when i fuck you like this. you're so small, so fucking tight, could split you right open." he mutters, clearly lost in the feeling, and his words have you shaking even more, your body moving on its own now as you start to meet his thrusts.
mark's hips stutter a bit at this, the sight of your ass coming back down on him while you swallowed him between your lips being nearly too much. "that's right, fuck yourself on my big dick. f-fuck me, [y/n]." he moaned, the last part of his sentence coming out as a whine of your name, slowly loosing sense of what little composure he had and you mewl with your face pressed against the seat.
even with this fact, however, his movements didn't slow down and you felt the coil in the pit of your stomach tightening up faster. "too good, it's too good. i'm gonna cum, please." you said between labored panting and mark brings you up from your bent position to press your back against his taut body, hitting your spot just as deep, fucking you with a sense of urgency that has your bodies meeting with an embarrassingly loud, wet sound every thrust. "i can feel you, baby, i'm close. you're taking me so well, so proud of you. you could take it after it all." he praised, wrapping his arm around your stomach firmly to keep you in place as he started to rut into you roughly. one hand moved against your clit back and forth quickly while the other kneaded your breast under your dress that was bunched up over them now.
"now thank me." mark said roughly against your ear, pulling at it with his teeth before biting down into the junction of your neck and shoulder briefly. "thank me for giving you such a big dick to fuck. thank me for fucking you so good. thank me for getting you to cum like this." he added with a grunt, punctuating each sentence with a thrust that had you grabbing at the back of his head and pulling the hair at the nape of his neck.
and you do thank him. over and over, repeating the phrase as you clench hard and cum all over his dick the way he wanted you to. "oh, shit." mark groans, feeling your pussy gushing as he started to get frantic. you could feel the overstimulation hitting you and you fuck him back with fervor, wanting to get him to cum, too. the way your pussy spasms around him, feeling the way you start to drip down his dick to his balls, he pumps a few more times before pulling out of you quickly and spurting white ropes of his cum all over your ass. the space in the car is humid now and you two take a moment to catch your breath for a little bit.
mark reaches over into the front seat to grab some spare tissues out of his glove compartment to help clean you up and you laugh a bit once he's finished, much to his confusion. "what? was that alright? was that good for you?" he asked you, feeling a bit self-conscious now and you hit his shoulder lightly as you start to get dressed. "i can't believe you proved those rumors right. i'm half surprised, half relieved." you said to him and he lets out a sigh of relief of his own, thankful you were at least not regretting what you did. "then i guess i should be proving you wrong more often?" he presses, and you exchange a knowing look. you didn't mind being wrong once in a while.
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