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beast mode | nct series (M)
Tumblr media
welcome to Hel. this city, your hometown, is ruled by heroes and villains, constantly at war with each other for power. here, there is no right and wrong. only loss or gain.
notes: each chapter is a standalone oneshot that can be read separately or out of order. the mc in each part is different. do not read if you are underage or if you are uncomfortable with sexual content and potentially violent scenarios.
disclaimer: the members are just my muses. I don’t know any of them personally and would never say that they would actually act or behave in the ways portrayed in this story.
Tumblr media
it’s not your typical romantic story. boy meets girl. girl dates boy. boy is a villain. girl is a hero. chaos ensues...
{ coming soon }
Tumblr media
your life is nothing short of idyllic. you have a perfect house, a beautiful daughter and a loving husband. there’s just one rule - never ask Jeno what he does for a living...
{ coming soon }
Tumblr media
you are the only person that knows Haechan’s secret. you’re his best friend since childhood, his ride or die, and unbeknownst to you, the love of his life...
{ coming soon }
Tumblr media
all your life you have guarded those who cannot protect themselves so when Doyoung hires you, you have no idea why someone like him would need services like yours...
{ coming soon }
Tumblr media
ten years ago, Yuta walked away from a life of villainy to be a husband and father, but when an old enemy comes lurking, he is ready to protect his family by any vicious means necessary...
{ coming soon }
Tumblr media
hate is a strong word, but nothing better describes your feelings for Taeyong, your ex. so when the two of you must team up to survive, you think you’d rather die...
{ coming soon }
Tumblr media
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copyright 2020 - 2022 © yutaholic (formerly zenyukhei) all rights reserved do not copy or translate without my permission!
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phases (m) [preview]
Tumblr media
pairing: jeno x reader
genre: angst, fluff, smut
warnings: alcohol consumption, unprotected sex, oral, angry-sad sex, hair pulling
wc: tbd
summary: jeno swore he would wait for you. the same way you would wait for him through all of his phases. it’s a tug and push relationship. jeno drinks his nights away, and you study yours away. you hold onto whatever is left of jeno each night, and he hopes you’re still there the next morning. you love him, and he loves you. it’s a never ending cycle of phases.
➣ apart of ‘right lover, wrong time’ series
↳ masterlist
Tumblr media
“careful,” you hold your boyfriend up, his hip digging into your side in almost an uncomfortable way. you sigh, walking him towards the couch and make sure he doesn’t trip over the sofa or carpet this time.
“‘m fine,” he slurs his words and you can smell the alcohol on his breath as he heaves out a breath when he finally makes it on the couch. you stare at him with a blank expression, but in reality you can feel the tears welling and the push in your heart. it feels like a million bricks had landed on you.
you only turn around and turn on the ceiling fan, knowing he likes white noise when he sleeps. you remember everything about him, especially the times before he would waste away his nights drinking. you only wondered if he remembered the same things about you before you replaced your void with studying.
you can hear his breathing from across the room when you grab a glass of water for him out of the mini fridge. your eyes glance over him and he looks like he’s about to pass out. “no you don’t.”
you slowly lift his hand and place the glass in his hand, he hums, “thanks.” he chugs down the water, almost like he hasn’t drank a drop in years.
routine. this was routine for you.
you thought your paths crossed at the right time two years ago, but maybe you were wrong.
maybe you were so, so wrong.
he looks at you with glossy eyes when you make eye contact again, and you can feel his gaze slipping. you can feel his heart aching in the same way yours does. you can feel the heat of his hand when he hands you the glass back as you place it on the coffee table in front of you. his body was warm, you knew it was from the way his cheeks were flushed and the way he uncomfortably moved around.
“here, let me help.” you cringe past the words and the lump in your throat. you can tell jeno wants to reject, but the fuzz in his brain is too hard to control. he drank too much tonight.
you help him with his clothes so he can cool down, helping him sober up more before heading to bed together. laying next to him never feels the same. he doesn’t hold you when he sleeps anymore, rather facing the bedside table as you face the wall. it was painful. being with him was so painful. so you studied your nights away, hoping one day this phase would end.
you reminisce, unable to sleep well that night. you stare at the wall, your check aching but the tears suppressing themselves. nothing could make this type of pain fade. you wished you could just… leave. why can’t you leave? why is it so important to you that you take care of him? why do you have to care so much for him?
you fell in love with a version of him that no longer existed, and that’s what hurt the most.
you were hoping, just hoping, one day you would get the man you fell in love with back.
“just a phase,” you whisper to yourself quietly as you hear a light snore beside you. “just a phase.”
Tumblr media
a/n: surprise
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Au Revoir - n.jm
Tumblr media
pairing: devil!jaemin x fem reader
genre: angst, smut
warnings: fuck buddies, cnc (reader actually consents but is not overtly stated in the fic), slight blowjob, handjob, masturbation, degradation, praising, unprotected sex, pet names, ribbons, deep throating, finger sucking, possession kink, switch mcs, no aftercare ☹️
wc: 2.4k
note: not proofread!! my eyes are stinging already and i don’t think i can go through everything atm. also, happy birthday jaems!! you’re a year older now!
Tumblr media
He was kissing your skin so tenderly you’d almost forgotten who he really was.
A devil in its human form.
Quite literally actually.
People found him to be wonderful. Kind and friendly. But no. No one will ever know his true self. What he really is whenever he’s not pretending. When you’d found out he was the devil, you thought he would be just like the stereotype. Red skin, pointy tail. But you’d never seen him that way. He’s never let you see him that way, and most importantly, you are afraid of seeing him that way.
You don’t love him.
At least that’s what you tell yourself.
You cannot and will not even imagine loving someone as cruel and vicious as him.
But it’s just so hard when his hands are roaming all over your body. From top to bottom, left to right, and finishes at your jaw. “My Love.” Jaemin smiles softly at you with narrow eyes. “Do not call me that.” you threw a glare his way and received a psychotic laugh in return from the the devil in front of you.
“I can call you whatever I want, sweetheart. You are no one to stop me.” he smiled mockingly at you. Your eyes were twitching unconsciously before you began tugging at the red ribbon tied at your wrists to the bed frame. How had you been so foolish to accept his offer just half an hour ago. “Haven’t you learned your lesson the first time, y/n?” the first time. Oh how it’s playing so vividly in your mind.
You were in the same situation as you were in right now. Wrists tied to the bed and half naked. You were trying to tear the same ribbon apart by tugging at them but all you got in return was a subtle burn all around your wrists before you hissed audibly. “Y/n, y/n, y/n. Such a silly little girl, aren’t you? Think about it, y/n. Those are my ribbons. And my ribbons are a package of my powers and my sins. Would you like me to add your sins to the ribbons as well? That way you’d be mine forever.” Jaemin grinned.
“Why are you doing this? Why me?” you thought about seeking mercy from him and was willing to try it. “Because, love, it’s my birthday,” his right hand that was steady on your jaw began to softly brush your skin. “And you’re the person I want to spend it with.” Jaemin gripped your jaw tightly in his palm as he looked deeply into your eyes. “You’re little, pathetic, and fun to toy with. That’s what I like about you.”
Your blood was starting to reach your ears by now. How could he say such things to you right in your face? You weren’t going to cry. You admit he’s gone a little bit too far this time but you were used to it. All the days and nights you spent with him never once slipped your mind. It has become a habit, you two. A bad and contagious habit. But what can you do to stop it? Both of you are addicted to one another and the truth is, you don’t what to stop. You never want to.
You don’t love him.
You repeated those four words over and over in your head. Even taking the time to spell them out letter by letter. I don’t love him. I don’t love him. I don’t love him. I don’t love him. You shut your eyes tightly to avoid the piercing stare from the boy by you before opening them slowly again just to find him sat on a leather chair at the corner of the room. “What’re you doing there?” the words fall from your mouth like water in an overflowing bucket.
“Why? Do you expect me to stay by your side forever? Or is it that you miss me already?” he laughed and threw his head back making his Adam’s apple bob up and down as you almost visibly cringed at the cliché-ness. “You’re looking at me weird. What’s wrong, love?” he sat up from the chair and walked towards you with both hands in his front pocket. Once he was standing right in front of you by the bed, he spoke again, “Answer me.” he frowned. You saw the way he clenched his teeth tightly when you didn’t answer him the second time. “Cat got your tongue? Fucking answer me.”
“Over my dead body.”
Jaemin looked at you with pure amusement. Eyebrows raised and all. “Okay, I see. We’re playing the tough game now. I got you, I got you.” he said and in a blink of an eye he was once again seated on the leather chair from before. “Watch me.” was the last thing he said before he was all over himself. His left hand was busy playing with his left nipple as the other one began moving up and down his length. He had his head thrown back once again and his jaw hung wide open. Oh God. He looked so much like a slut. The sounds he were making were heavenly too.
“Y/n…” he called out for you. The way he said your name had you folding. It sounded as if it was made for him and him only. “Don’t you want to come help me, y/n?” his voice was breathy and airy like he just ran a mile. Oh how you wish you could. If only he would just untie you— “Oh, I forgot. You can’t.” he sighed mockingly before stopping himself to take a moment to look at you. “Can you hold on a little longer, love. Just a tiny bit more?”
Your body was working faster than your mind because without wasting another precious second, you immediately shook your head side to side. Fuck. Fuck no. While mentally regretting the action, you decided to just play along. “I don’t think I can wait any longer, Jaem…” you bit your lower lip softly as you began rubbing your thighs together. Your blouse was already on the floor since you began leaving you only in your inner wear along with your jeans.
You knew the look you were giving him was doing things to him. Both mentally and physically. His movements were beginning to falter and you saw the way he gulped strongly. “Y-You sure?” Jaemin stuttered. “Yeah. Can you please untie me? Please?” your voice went slightly higher than before and in that very moment, you thought yourself a whore. But desperate times call for desperate measures.
“Fuck— You— Fucking hell.” and with that he got up from his seat and stood by you once more. Only this time, he looked distraught as he untied you hurriedly. Once you were fully untied, you began to speak. “You really did it, huh?” you laughed softly. “Are you that stupid?” you laughed again. “What the fuck are you—”
“Jaemin, Jaemin, Jaemin. I never knew you were this slow!” you got on your knees before him abruptly, startling him a little before continuing. “Do you know what you’ve done? Now you’re all mine.” you giggled as you danced a hand up and down his tight chest and it was as if a switch suddenly flipped in his head. “You fucking bitch.” his eyes were shaking all of a sudden and you knew you won. You knew tonight was going to be yours. But something seems off. Something feels off about the way he was overreacting with the eye shaking and everything.
Pushing the suspicious away, you simply replied him with your own question. “So you’re gonna let me fuck you or no?” you saw the way he doubted the offer but before he could even utter a single word, you were already circling your thumb around his tip teasingly. “Fuck—” he groaned deeply at the subtle action. “Awh, what’s wrong Jaem? Too stunned to speak?” you mocked.
“You deserve hell.”
“Next to you? Hell no.”
You began moving your hand lower onto his cock, resisting the urge to suck him dry. Your movements were starting to pick up its pace after receiving countless praises from Jaemin every now and then. Usually, he’d say things like “Faster.” or “You’re so fucking slow. Is this your first time?” but tonight is filled with “Doing so well.”s and “Never knew you were this good.”s
Jaemin probably noticed the way you licked your lips as you stared at the pre-cum leaking from his red tip ‘cause he suddenly said, “If you want to suck me so bad, do it.” his lips were quivering slightly and you found it adorable how he was trying so hard to seem tough in front of you. “So you’ve noticed.” and with that you were filling your mouth full of him slowly.
You moaned softly at the feeling of the warm pressure resting on your tongue before another long groan came from the depths of Jaemin’s throat. You took your time feeling all the veins along his length and the texture of it until the boy finally became impatient. “Quit it. I can give you a scan of my dick when we’re done. But for now, can you please just do something?” he sighed.
“Impatient, are we?”
“Oh for Lucius’s sake!”
With that, he took a tight grip at the back of your head and began moving you onto him himself. “If such a simple thing you can’t do, I’ll do it for you.” his cock was reaching places inside your mouth and you felt slightly blessed to the deep-throated by the Na Jaemin. Na Jaemin who is the you know, devil. No big deal.
You took both of your hands and groped his waist before pushing him away until he was fully out of you. “What the fuck?” Jaemin sneered at you. “Lay down.” he simply scoffed at your order. Sighing, you added a small, “Please?” only then had he took place next to you with his back touching the bed. Slowly, you took off all the remains of your clothing before placing your legs on each of his sides and carefully started to trace the veins in his bare arms.
“Are these real?” you questioned him quietly.
“Your veins. Are they real?” at that, the corner of this lips curved upwards a little. “What’d you think?” the smirk on his face was still obviously visible. “I-I don’t… never mind.” you looked at the click on the wall behind you as it read [ 23.49 ]. Fuck, there’s not much time left. You quickly took a hold of his cock under you and hurriedly slipped it inside of you. “Shit— always feels like the first time.” Jaemin muttered and to be completely honest with you, you felt the same way.
The stretch was painful again but you tried to conceal your groans by biting your lips and thankfully, this time it hid it better. But of course, Jaemin just has to know everything. “Still the same y/n. How many times have I told you not to— fuck— hide them, love?” he reached a hand up to your face and caressed it gently. “I thought you were one bold woman—” Jaemin’s sentence was cut short when you began moving up and down his length. “You talk too much.”
You looked towards your hands that were resting on his shoulder and thought of a better way to make use of them. Lifting your right hand up, you gestured two fingers to his gaping mouth before stuffing them into it startlingly. Jaemin, who was not expecting that, almost choked on your fingers but luckily he saved himself from the embarrassment. He was not going to break in front of you.
You heard inaudible words coming from the boy’s mouth but you weren’t able to form sentences with them. “I don’t understand, Jaem. Stop trying to talk.” you plunged your fingers deeper into his throat until you can feel his uvula touching the tips. You kept on moving your hips along his cock until you felt your orgasm approaching. “Shit… Fuck— Jaemin— Suck on it.” you wiggled your fingers in his mouth and you were satisfied when he started sucking hardly on them.
You knew he was close as well when he bit your fingers so harshly you were sure they were going to be bruised by the end of the day. You glanced towards the clock once again and gulped when you saw the time [ 23.56 ]. You tried not to focus on the time so much and just savour this moment but it was hanging in your mind so heavily that—
Your body was suddenly flipped over and Jaemin was on top of you now. “Sorry, love. You weren’t paying attention nor were you moving fast enough. I simply saw the opportunity and took it.” he said as he pounded into you rudely. How much of a mess there’d be after all of this is done.
You moaned in pleasure when he suddenly attached his lips to yours with your eyes closed. It was the first time he had kissed you on your lips after so long. You raised your head slightly to deepen the kiss as he titled his to the right. Your lips fitted into each other perfectly and you wished you were made for one another. No matter the odds.
You love him.
And you can’t deny that any longer. You love him and you know you shouldn’t. You love him and you’ve tried to stop the overflowing feelings. You love him and you know he’d never feel the same.
You opened your eyes once again and Jaemin was no longer above you. Glancing to your side, you saw him dressed smartly in a suit and tie as he admired himself in the mirror. “I have to go. You know the rules. I’ll see you again tomorrow.” he walked towards the front door without sparing you a glance. As if he actually leaves through the door. Before he twisted the nob, he side-eyed you with a devilish smile.
“Au Revoir, Mon Amour.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
happy birthday to my favorite leo @jaemtens 😻💙😽
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How NCT 127 would be on bed--
Mark lee is a groan type of man, he just can't keep his mouth sealed, groan by the throat. Just how hot is it and he'd curse like it's a prayer, praising you like some goddess that he'd be on his knees for, no ends.
And Johnny? He is a total man. He sighs so sensually, probably curse between every breaths he took as he slip some praises for you, but not much cause he got a filthy mouths and thoughts clouding up there. He'd probably calling u names
Yuta would probably vocal and a groan type of man. He praise once or twice, unlike johnny. He tend to barely doing since he knew you'd like praises, but mostly it doesn't just came out as you please, he'd make u beg to be praised instead.
Haechan would moan and vocal cause he is a brat, he'd moan right beside your ear, he'd love to know if you like everything he do "좋아? 좋아?그렇치" (not to be koreaboo for writing the hangul, but fuck he'd say those as he moans and groans right beside your ear, and easier to imagine.) He'd love to be praised instead. Just by ur voice and even better when you're vocal abt it, he'd come in his pants.
Jaehyun is a total groaner and no praises, he'd curse the fuck out of you, following with his deep laugh as he watch you being desperate for his praises.
Taeil isn't vocal he'd groan but he'd bite you to contain his own voice, the intensity having sex with him is overwhelming he is more into the soft ones. No rough, make love to this man is the right thing to do.
Jungwoo is pretty much like haechan, he'd love being praised but he is filthy like johnny he'd make you beg too, a total dom. You know that sly smile or smirk he has, yup you'll see that often as he stares u down being a desperate whore for him.
Lee taeyong would be a total praise he groans a lot and loud as fuck, "Hooly fuck- look at you- look what you did huh? You did so fucking good babe- fuck." Yup, him moans and groans and dirty talks in english, boy he gets fluent in english for this or sumn. makes it even better to be heard.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
haechan ♡ penshoppe behind the scene
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[4:29 AM] LJN
it was honestly kinda offensive being in this position right now, you shirt bunched up underneath your chin, covers moved to the side.
Jeno nestled between your thighs nosing along the space between your tits and fingers tracing the band of the raggedy ass granny panties you have on, slipping under and going straight to your clit.
it was offensive because you had a exam at 8am, and at this rate you were gonna be up another hour due to Jeno's gym rat stamina, AND you were gonna be sore having to sit through a 2 hour test.
"ba-by I really appreciate the mo-tivation, But I really nee-ed to sl-eep" you stuttered out, Jeno's fingers not stopping their assault on your bundle of nerves. slowing only briefly so his face was above yours
His gaze was dark, but a lazy smile graced his lips, "just give me two princess, you've worked so hard let me take care of you" he spoke, the words going straight to the heat pooling in your stomach.
"oh fuck you" you gasped as it hit you all at once, bright white behind your eyes, thighs snapping shut, but his large hand prying them open to now line himself up to your entrance.
"only one more princess, You're doing amazing" he drawled slowly as you felt him nudge you and then slowly push himself in your walls clenching sucking him in. you were moaning wantonly at this point. all of the stress that had been collecting, was now slowly leaking out as Jeno pushed all the way in, the tip snug against your cervix, sending shocks of pleasure down your spine.
you knew for sure you wouldn't be stopping after the second orgasm, and you totally were gonna need at least two coffees to make it through the exam tomorrow.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
NCT 🐯 Dream Mark [220806 ‘Penshoppe PS’ for @njaems]
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Sign of the times
Pairing: idol!Mark Lee x idol!fem-reader
Genre: smut
Warnings: anal (m receiving), riding, cream pie (please be safe) cursing, there’s probably more tbh
a/n: I am very sorry for what you are about to read. This is my first time writing smut with “plot” but yeh umm… hope you enjoy. Happy reading.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Holding your hair in a makeshift ponytail, holding your head in place. Mark thrusted in your mouth making you gag. “Fuck princess you feel so good,” Mark groaned as he leaned his head back.
Your eyes rolled back in your head. Mark tapped the bridge of your nose, “look up here love. Keep eye contact” moaning around his cock as he started thrusting again.
“So pretty, for me,” he growled. He looked down at your eyes. “Look at you take my cock like the cock princess you are." you almost came at his words. staring up at his eyes, blinking away the tears as he thrusted into your mouth.
a low growl came from his throat as he made eye contact with you. your eyes were big and innocent, like you weren't sucking him off under his desk. "God darling," he moaned as he gripped your hair tighter, thrusting slower
he felt three soft taps on the back of his thigh. He pulled out immediately.  "Tongue darling," he tapped the tip of his cock to your lips. your tongue fell out of your mouth as he rubbed himself. He kept eye contact with you as thick white liquid spilled out on your face.
a low groan left his lips, God you looked gorgeous. He watched you lick your lips. He had never gotten hard that fast. smoothing your hair down. "Such a beautiful girl aren't you, baby?"
your eyes slowly opened. He smoothed his thumb over your cheek. pulling his hand away, patting his thighs," up baby." you looked at him tired, but quietly listened.
He scooted the chair back away from the desk of the recording studio. He'd only really known you for a week. but you were being flirty, and he liked it.
he pulled your body against his when you finally got situated on his lap. caressing the back of your head, "such a good girl. I've came on your face and I only know your name. what a slut" as he talked, you felt yourself get wetter.
He tugged gently at your sweatpants," these are in the way don't you think?" you only nodded, slipping off his lap to take your sweats off slowly.  Mark watched your every move," leave your panties in love."
When you finally had your pants down, he tugged you back on his lap. "You're such a tease," he whispered against your neck as he left open-mouthed kisses down your throat, a soft moan leaving your lips as he threaded his fingers through your hair. wrapping your arms around his neck, keeping him close.
Slipping his hand up your shirt, gripping your hips. moving his mouth up kissing your jaw. Taking one of his hands from your waist slipping it down your body into your panties, touching you where you needed him most. A pitchy moan leaves your mouth. As your hands grip his hair like death. Circling his fingers around your sensitive clit.
“Such a naughty girl, hmm?” He questioned as you moaned, leaning your head against his shoulder. Slipping your panties to the side. “Look at me,” he commanded. You looked at him tiredly. “Ride me baby,” Mark said slowly.
A soft hum only leaves your lips as you lift your hips obediently, sinking down in him slowly. “Mmhm, so big Markie,” you whimpered as you rested your head on his shoulder.
He held your hip tightly as a low groan left his lips. He had to hold his hips down to keep himself from thrusting up into your heat. “Hell you feel amazing angel,” you moan as he ruts softly into you. “Fuck Markie,” you moans as a hand gripped the back hair of his hair.
You started to move your hips up and down, grinding on his cock. Sitting on your knees you tried to move yourself. Mark watched as you struggled. “I’ll help you this time, know what to do next time, darling.”
He gripped your waist tight, as he started to thrust up into you. “Feels good huh, cock slut,” you moaned and whimpered as he hit the spots you needed him most. It wasn’t long Intel you knew that you would be over the edge.
After a few good thrusts , they started to get sloppy. His moans went deeper and the grip on your waist was painful. Unintentionally  clenching down on him. To which a beautiful moan played from him. His hips stuttered as his 2nd high came.
His thrusts continued, not trying to leave you hanging. “Such a good baby, taking daddy’s cock , just like a princess,” that was enough to tip you over the edge. A high pitched moan played from your mouth. Resting your head in his neck, as you rode out your orgasm.
His hands snaked around your waist, holding you close. He continues to whisper those same dirty, pretty nothings.
“We better get back to work, I’ll grab you a rag, be right back,” he said as he picked you up and placed you on the one rolling chair. Pressing a soft kiss to your temple. He pulled his pants up and walked out, coming back with a wet rag. He softly cleaned you up. Setting your clothes next to you.
Getting redressed after cleaning yourself up. Walking over to him, “We better be doing that again,” you said as you poked his nose “hell I hope so,” he smirked.
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papergirllife · 2 days ago
Lee Jeno, Na Jaemin
Tumblr media
Chapter Three
Anti-Venom! Jaemin x human! reader x human! Jeno
Jeno thought he had his whole life together and was on his journey of uncovering great scientific discoveries when he got the job in a top secret governmental research center. But his life gets turned over like a snowglobe when the alien in his facility escapes in the midst of a power outage, and if things couldn’t get any worse, he becomes the host of this alien, and the only things he knows about this alien is that he’s name is Jaemin and he’s most definitely a psychopath, psychology wasn’t his major, but it won’t take one to know how crazy he is. There’s no way of escape other than to learn to live with the madness, maybe something could tame Jaemin, or someone?
warnings: DUB CON, aphrodisiacs, tentacles, mentions of ovipositioning, etc.
a/n: DON’T READ IF YOU’RE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH THE THEMES MENTIONED ABOVE, ANY HATE MESSAGES WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, THANK YOU. and sorry for the late update, mental health has been shit lately, yeah...
Tumblr media
Jaemin couldn't really sleep in this home, that’s the issue, home, he hasn't been in an environment where he could actually deem a ‘home’ for so long, and sleeping in someone else’s only reminds him of his life back when Doyoung was still alive.
Jeno slept soundly inside him after coming to terms with himself, through thorough observation, of course, that Jaemin wouldn't kill you in your sleep, but on the other hand, Jaemin himself was restless, looking around the tiny apartment you’ve made into a home, taking in the photographs that decorate your walls, all of them had the same kind looking old woman, your grandmother, Jaemin assumes, he watches enough dramas to recognise what’s a grandma, his home planet rarely ever produced off springs the traditional method, the old women on his planet lacked, of a better word, the maternal feels he gets from mothers and grandmothers on this planet, the only person he knows that was conceived naturally was Yuta, it was a given, being in the royal family came with traditions. Jaemin brushes the thought of his old planet aside, focusing back on the photos you have on display.
Jaemin watches you grow up into the young adult you are today through the many photos over the years, noting how your smile never changed as long a you were with your grandmother, Jaemin tried looking for photos of your parents, but came up with none, where were they?
Jaemin doesn’t have parents, having bred out of some lab for the sake of having more men in the military, he only knew one out of all the eggs that he was in the same batch with, and that was Doyoung, and they had known only because they were assigned in the same base and someone was kind enough to tell them, Doyoung was Jaemin’s only known family, and now he's...gone.
Jaemin sighs, mindlessly following the photos until he reached your door, he could hear your heartbeat in a stable motion as you slept, Jaemin turned the doorknob, but obviously you had locked it, he knew he shouldn't have pried, but he was curious of you, and so he picked the lock of your door and let himself in quitely.
Jaemin could see you sleeping soundly on your bed, the blanket pulled up, a big teddy bear wrapped in your arms, you looked so angelic at that moment, Jaemin had caught himself frozen in spot before he catches himself, moving forward, he carefully climbs into your bed, careful to not wake you.
He sits beside you, a hand coming up to brush away the strands of stray hairs, he likes your face when you're not scared, so peaceful, oh how he wants to keep you for himself, like his very own pet.
You were broken out of your peaceful sleep when you felt a weight next to you, you peered your eyes open to see the unfortunately, familiar face, you almost screamed if it wasn’t for Jaemin silencing you with his hand, silencing you with a pout on his lips, a stark contrast from the quivering ones in his hold.
“I was just appreciating how beautiful you are when you don't scream, don't ruin the moment for me would you?” Jaemin said, almost tauntingly, but it was true, you do look much more beautiful when you’re not cowering in fear, but that is somewhat his fault, he admits.
Your freshly roused mind only registered the fact that he had called you beautiful. You could feel butterflies erupting in your tummy despite the fear in your head, your heartbeat speeding up, damn him for being an attractive human, even though this is obviously not his true form.
Wait, what are you thinking?
When you regained your senses and start trashing in his hold, Jaemin summoned his limbs and tied you up in his hold, your eyes darting between his ‘limbs’ that are now wrapped around your hands and legs, to how it stretches to his back, where those things sprout out.
“When will you ever learn to be a good girl?” Jaemin chides, “guess I'll just have to bend you to my will the hard way, but you'll probably enjoy it, sweet girl,” Jaemin said before you see a particular looking limb coming out from the side of his clothed stomach, slithering out of his shirt to reveal itself to be an oddly shaped thicker one, the thing faces you, most likely commanded by Jaemin, it pokes at your mouth, willing you to open it.
You quickly dart your head left and right, trying your best to avoid it, but Jaemin persists, going as far as summoning two thinner limbs to pry open your mouth before shoving it in.
Jaemin coos at the way you wrap your lips around him, your mouth stretching so wide for him, your eyes have tears prickling at its corners, not knowing what to do but panic, was he going to kill you by suffocating you?
Before you could overcome the panic and screams, you felt the appendage expanding before liquid gushes into your mouth, the texture and taste very honey like, like watered down honey, freely flowing down your throat.
You didn't know what the side effects were until you felt your body grow sluggish, you could no longer trash in his hold without overexerting yourself, then you felt yourself getting lightheaded, your sight slowly became distorted, like someone placed rose tinted glasses over your eyes.
You let go of yourself in this haze that's surprisingly tranquil, this must be how drugs feel like, fully submitting into what Jaemin has committed into doing to you. Jaemin is smiling at you so beautifully, the smile genuine, yet obviously cunning, you find him so beautiful this way, the affection in his eyes, all for you, you willingly open your mouth for more, sucking onto the smooth and warm skin.
Jaemin could feel his heart bursting at the sight, he thought humans were dumb and hardheaded species, but the sight of you like this, being under his influence by the aphrodisiac he gave you, he just wants more.
Jaemin could feel Jeno waking up before he hears the boy scream.
‘Get your tentacle out of her mouth!’
“Shut up, Jeno, this is what calms her down, am I right, my sweet girl?” Jaemin retorted, feeling pride swell when he saw you nodding your head as best as you could in this situation.
‘The last time you fed someone aphrodisiac we had to extract your eggs out of someone's ass, you dim witted beast!' Jeno retorted, reminding him of the painful sight Jeno had to endure, shoving tongs into someone’s ass was something Jeno wanted to erase from his mind.
“Oh please, the lot of you could've given me a woman, that stupid guy just kept screaming about how his ass was going to be permanently loose,” Jaemin muttered in distaste.
‘You're forcing yourself onto her, you monster,' Jeno said firmly, mad that he couldn't do anything to stop it, Jeno can't control or try to shake off Jaemin’s control when it's not his two hands and legs.
“I'm not going to touch her, like I said, it's just to calm her down, I don't need to force myself onto anyone, everyone just throws themselves at me, Jeno, watch and learn,” Jaemin said before deciding to detach himself away from you, your lips red and puffy, mouth smeared with the opaque liquid.
“Look at you, what a messy eater,” Jaemin teased, wiping your face clean of the aphrodisiac with your blanket, eyes zeroing on the bulge in your lower stomach where the blanket wasn’t concealing your body.
Jaemin reaches a hand out to touch it, jiggling it slightly, proud of himself for filling you up.
“Get some sleep, I'll have Jeno make you something to eat when you wake,” Jaemin said before you felt yourself dozing back to sleep, warmth in your belly and oddly enough, heart.
Jaemin had never intended for things to go any further, he doesn’t enjoy it when someone isn’t begging for his touch, and you’ll soon be pliant and on your knees for him, he just needs to give you a few more nudges, he’s sure.
Tumblr media
The next time you roused, Jaemin was carrying a cup of instant noodles, a somewhat caring smile on his face, but you never know what to think of him, you can never tell what's he's going to do to you next.
“Eat up, this is the only thing that Jeno boy could make,” Jaemin said, reaching for your hand to guide you to your small vanity table, sitting you down, not knowing that this isn't a bedroom dining table.
“I... who’s Jeno?” you asked, did he capture someone new just to cook?
“Oh, the boy who's body I’m using, I’m a symbiote, and unfortunately, I need him to survive,” Jaemin told you, taking a seat on your bed, surprised at how soft it is, he thought the sofa was soft enough, humans really do know how to enjoy life, don't they?
“Is he...alive?” you asked, suddenly feeling a little sick at the thought of a corpse in your house, Jaemin wouldn’t go that far...right? He hasn’t killed you, yet.
“Of course he's alive, he just made you food,” Jaemin retorted, he doesn’t know why he felt offended, yes he did kill and blow up that lab, but Jeno, in all his goodness, did not participate in torturing him nor mocking him in the midst of his imprisonment, well he did think of killing him the very first day, and maybe yesterday, but he doesn’t think he'd be able to tolerate any human that isn't the two of you, hell he can't even stand his own kind, speaking of which...
“Are you thinking of a way to go home?” you asked breaking him away from his train of thoughts, watching him carefully, his expressions changed as quick as the weather in that short span of silence between the two of you, what was he thinking?
“Home? My planet is no longer a home, it used to be, until my bother was left to die in battle,” Jaemin said, what's the harm in letting you know? A part of him wants an input of your thoughts, Jaemin hasn’t spoken to anyone in ages, he’s dying for some attention.
“What happened?” you asked, curiosity peaking, but also empathy, you didn't think a deranged alien could have a sorrowful past too, wait...why are you pitying him? Are you crazy?
“He and a team were tasked to observe something up close, it was an ambush from our enemies, his partner left him to die while he ran away freely, I killed him, that's how I ended up being banished, trapped and sent away in a ship with limited energy, that was also how I was picked up by humans, I thought I had a chance of survival, but it ended something worse than death, and now I'm finally free,” Jaemin ended, sparing the details of his episode during the massacre he had condone in the lab, he doesn’t need to scare you any further, not after threatening to snuff your life out not too long ago.
“I'm sorry you had to go through all that,” you didn't know why you felt remorse towards a cold blooded alien, maybe it was the fact that his brother died, maybe it was because he took care of you despite in the process of crossing some boundaries, his insanity must be infectious.
“What about you, sweetheart? What happened to your loved ones?” Jaemin asked, looking at another photo of you and your grandmother, the one sitting on your vanity table.
“My parents were killed by robbers breaking into the house at night, police say it might have been just a cover up, until this day the killers weren't found and the reason wasn’t uncovered,” you told him, a short version of the story you've retold many times.
“Guess we have something in common, don't we?” Jaemin said humourlessly, pain in his eyes.
Jeno didn't know what to think of what he just heard and felt from Jaemin’s emotions, he didn't stop once to think that Jaemin could feel empathy towards a human, he has never showed signs of empathy in researches they had conducted, but here he was now, talking heart to heart to a girl he’s holding hostage.
“If I ever find out who that person is I'll kill them for you, sweetheart, but for now, I'm going to take a rest here,” Jaemin said before curling up in your bed, the scent of you somewhat calming, drifting into sleep.
Tumblr media
“Wake up! Wake up!” you hear someone whisper as you registered someone shaking your shoulders, you had fell asleep back in your bed after finishing the noodles, too tired and it was way too early to wake up anyways.
Your eyes shot open to reveal a young boy around your age, but unlike Jaemin who although looked borderline crazy, didn't look tired in the slightest, but this boy, who you take a guess is, Jeno, has bags under his eyes like he hasn’t slept in days.
“Jeno?” you asked, still hazy albeit, you can feel your heartbeat picking up, the adrenaline from being awaken so abruptly fueling you quicker than caffeine.
Jeno nods, trying to usher you out of your bed.
“Jeno, I can’t, he's a victim too, he needs help in moving on from his brother’s death, you know that,” you argued, your hands wrapped around Jeno’s triceps, the muscle stretched taunt.
“What if he kills you?” he asked, “I have no choice because he’s trapped in my body, but you have a choice,” he reminded you, you really pity him, having to put up with him unwillingly.
“He's already healed, if he wanted to kill me, he would've made the move, he swore to kill me but he didn’t, I can change his mind, if I'm here, the chances of him harming other people are lesser,” you argued.
Jeno knew you had a point, if you took his advice and left, Jaemin would definitely wake up and set out on a killing spree in Seoul just to look for you, he could feel it, his possessiveness over you, it was something he never thought possible when he first met the alien.
That's when he felt Jaemin waking up, a tingle behind his neck, he quickly urged you to go back to sleep, to act like this conversation never took place.
‘Why are you awake and staring at her like that, Jeno? Are you secretly a pervert like the lab rats I killed?’ Jaemin taunted before forcing Jeno back inside, finally viewing you through his own sight instead of Jeno’s.
“Beautiful,” Jaemin muttered to himself as he took in your bare legs and smooth flesh, flesh that can easily be punctured by his bare hands.
“Humans are so weak, so fragile... but that's why they appreciate life, how naïve, but I won't let anything happen to you sweetheart,” Jaemin had said it so quietly, if you weren't awake you wouldn't have heard him.
Jaemin lays a kiss on the tip of your ears, you had to act like you were woken up by the action, eyes fluttering.
“Are you going to kill me?” you asked, not beating around the bush, but if this question angers him, you'll be saying goodbye to your grandmother.
“No, I'm not, we’re alike, sweetheart, you and I are the ones that are wronged,” Jaemin said before scooping you up easily in his arms, inhaling the sweet scent at your neck.
Jaemin isn't going to hurt you, that much you knew, others might think you're off your rocker for welcoming someone like this into your life, but when will you ever hear a man professing his willingness to kill for you?
Yeah, you’re definitely crazy.
Tumblr media
a/n pt2: sorry for the short update, the next one would probably be longer, thank you for waiting!
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jjsungie · 2 days ago
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Jeno /  Penshoppe for @hyunie-jeno
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markiemelon · a day ago
wahhh there’s a shortage of fluffy jaemin bf content😭😭 please make some (only if u want to)!
Hmm maybe like one where he does ur hair or you both just de-stress with eachother by cuddling and talking abt ur day IDK WAAAHHH ㅠㅠ
or do whatever makes u happy :)
Ok bye :3
Tumblr media
why’re you hitting yourself
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
fluff ☁︎
no warnings!
pairings boyfriend!jaemin x gn!reader
Tumblr media
─ ੈ♡˳ {11:06pm}
“im so tired.” you yawned, gathering your hair behind you to tie it up loosely.
“wait let me try.” your boyfriend!jaemin took the tie from you, placing it around his wrist. he bunched your hair into place, then proceeded to take the tie from his wrist, and twist it around the bunch of hair he held in his hand.
you sat in a chair up to your vanity, jaemin standing behind you. you were faced with the reflection of you and your boyfriend in the mirror.
“done” jaemin stepped back a little, admiring his work. it really didn’t look nice, and it didn’t feel nice either. “wow jaem. good job.” you congratulate him while you cringe, touching the tangled mess with your fingers.
the two of you continued staring at your reflections. jaemin leaned down to hug you from behind, with you still sitting in your chair. you couldn’t help but notice how sweet jaemin looked hugging you, enjoying being able to see him from this perspective in the mirror. jaemin’s head now rested on your shoulder, both of your gazes still focused towards the reflection.
“mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the cutest of them all!?!” jaemin said, playfully swaying side to side to the rhythm of the rhyme.
“y/n!!!!” he shouted in response to his own question, pinching your cheeks.
“pshh.” you shoved him away only before standing to jump onto him, causing him to fall onto your bed right behind him.
you found yourself sprawled out, laying horizontally over jaemin’s chest, causing him to question your odd choice of a position.
“why are you laying like this?” jaemin giggled.
“it’s comfy.” you said casually in response.
you looked over to jaemin’s hand, resting beside him, just in your reach. you grabbed his limp arm and began slapping him in the face with his own hand.
“why’re you hitting yourself? why’re you hitting yourself?” you said repeatedly. jaemin flinched continuously until he pulled you onto to him to hold you back, keeping your arms down with his over yours. you were held tight in his embrace, and you couldn’t help but giggle at jaemin pretending to be annoyed.
locked into jaemin’s arms, you rested your head in the crook of his neck, relaxed enough to drift off to sleep, until he picked up your arm…
“why’re you hitting yourself? why’re you hitting yourself? why’re you hitting yourself?”
Tumblr media
thanks soo much for the request!!!!!! i hope this fulfills it! xoxo thx for reading!
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Tumblr media
chapter 29: waffles and tea💚 (finale)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
masterlist || previous
pairing: jaemin x fem! reader
synopsis: after getting ghosted by your crush in high school, you swore off dating in university, earning yourself the title of ‘the unattainable’. after 3 years you were convinced that there would be no way the two of you would ever cross paths ever again. well, that was until he announced that he was your boyfriend at a party.
genre: social media au, fake dating au, college au, fluff, crack, mutual pining, acquaintances to lovers
warnings: swearing, murdering jokes, mentions of alcohol, mildly talking themselves down
note: and that’s the end of “you can’t have me… unless?”!! oh my gosh it feels so surreal that my first ever smau is over?? thank you guys so much for reading and supporting this series🥳🥰😭 i had so much fun writing this and i hope you guys enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it!! i hope you guys enjoy the next series i upload and thank you for dealing with the chaos caused by y/nana🥴 (btw peek the spoilers for the sequel in this chapter👀)
taglist: closed🤍!! ~ @w0nderr​ @qghosty​ @luxebeautystyle​ @mafegarcia​ @watermelonxes​ @carelessshootanonymous​ @finmls @haechansgfreal​ @smolpeyy​ @cupid-yuno​ @pckeia​​ @xxxx-23nct @euphoricjaemin​ @calssunflower​ @fullsunld @dandelionxgal @luvrboyjeno​ @simtone @yutensoul​ @tamakofever​​ @yoonrimin​ @viagumi​ @rinrinslovebot​ @kkotjia​ @000rpheus​ @iwouldbangchan​ @leeknowsredeyeliner​ @chocopie16​ @hem-lyss​ @bbnana​ @im-just-trying-to-survive-man​ @hyucupid​ @studywoo​ @luvenshiti​ @philanarose @uglyratlmao @wooyoung-a @cacaubs @beemarkie @w3bqrl @bennettsprmcy @maeumiluv @strdaydrp @ghostfacefricker6969 @sehunniepot @0606love
can’t be tagged: @kudzzzz @user103843 @abcd-fghijkl-nopqrstuvwxyz  @purpleheejin @her33n  @icecreamjaem @sassy-author @evilsailorsenshi
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Tumblr media
g: fluff, suggestive wk: 600, p:  boyfriend Jaemin x female reader, w: semi public indecency(?), req: beach by anon
“Hey, sweetheart,” a gentle voice coaxed you from sleep to wake, warmth enveloping you. “My sweet angel, you have to wake up.” Smiling, you tried to get closer to the source of the warmth surrounding you which turned out to be a firm chest that shook with a barely suppressed giggle. “This was your idea, baby,” Jaemin whispered, his fingers tracing your features, “We don’t have much time to spare.” “This was a stupid idea,” you grumbled, sleepily blinking your eyes open to find yourself all but nose to nose with your boyfriend. “Good morning, sunshine,” he simply said, kissing the tip of your nose. “Sun’s not even out yet.” While you whined and tried to pull the blanket over your head, Jaemin simply chuckled softly. “Come on, angel. I already got everything set up.” “You’re a dream,” you sighed, stretching your body on the soft bed in hopes to shake off the sleep clinging to your bones. 
“Shush,” Jaemin smiled gently, already dressed in a pair of shorts and a loose T-Shirt, standing at the glass door of your little bungalow that lead you straight to the shore, “Come on.” “Five more minutes?” “It’ll be done in five more minutes, stupid,” he shook his head, opening the door to let the morning breeze into the cozy room to step out. Yawning loudly, you wrapped the blanket around your shoulders before you joined Jaemin on the towel he had laid out on the sand. 
“Good morning, lovely,” he smiled when you climbed onto his lap, immediately circling his arms around you to pull your back against his chest. “Mornin’ love of my life,” you mumbled, sleep still clinging to your every pore. “Cute,” Jaemin cooed in his little gremlin voice, squeezing all air from your lungs. With a content smile on your lips, you let him kiss every inch of skin available to him which in all fairness was a lot since you hadn’t bothered to get dressed. “We’re supposed to watch the sunrise,” you sighed when he raked his teeth over a prominent bruise he had sucked into your skin last night. “I can multitask,” he rasped, prying the blanket from your grip so it fell from your shoulders. “Jaem-” “You’re beautiful,” he interrupted whatever you were going to say, gently holding your chin between his fingers to turn your face towards his. “Prettier than any sunrise,” he added before he claimed your lips, softly kissing you without any hurry. Sighing into the kiss, you slowly turned around, fully climbing atop of him and wrapping your arms around his neck to hold him close. “Get me out of this,” he demanded, already pulling on his shirt. With clumsy fingers, you two got the shirt over his head, leaving it sticking up in some places. Before Jaemin could pull you into another kiss, you pressed down on his chest so he would fall back onto the towel. “Want it like this,” you whispered, straddling his hips. “So pretty,” he simply said, admiring your naked form on top of him with his eyes and hands alike, smoothing his palms over your waist and hips. “No, you,” you smiled, steadying yourself with your hands on his pecs to slowly move your hips in figure eights over his clothed cock. “Like a queen sitting on her throne,” Jaemin groaned, not daring to let his eyes slip shut even for a second as the first rays of the sun began to illuminate your figure from behind. “Not sitting on it yet,” you grinned, grinding down against Jaemin’s growing hardness with purpose. Sunrise be damned.
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i’m about to lose my shit 😔😭
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 renjun ♡ penshoppe behind the scene
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