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tyonfs · 8 months ago
cat & mouse
Tumblr media
❝ rule number one of bro code states that sisters are completely off-limits, and, y/n, we just pushed that limit. ❞
PAIRING ▸ na jaemin x fem!reader
GENRES ▸ smut, crack, fluff, college au, friends with benefits au
WARNINGS ▸ lots of !! sexual tension !! and jaemin acting like a dick, protective big brother!jaehyun, lots of sneaking around, jaemin calls you princess a lot, teasing, fingering, alcohol consumption, hooking up, thigh riding, smut, oral sex, aftercare
SUMMARY ▸ tired of meaningless hookups and dull parties, na jaemin had always been hesitant to indulge himself. that is, of course, until he met you. however, upon realizing you’re none other than jeong jaehyun’s little sister, jaemin has to keep his relationship with you under wraps to make sure his team captain doesn’t find out. 
PLAYLIST ▸ move! by niki • playinwitme by kyle (feat. kehlani)
WORD COUNT ▸ 17713 words
TAG LIST ▸ @chubsluda​ @celestialchans​ @treasurestay​ @luvlyjaemin​ @lanadreamie​ @kylomeyon​ @taehinsano​ @jenotation​ @ovelha-colorida-v​ @hrjflrt​ @to-blessed-2-be-stressed​ @honeyju​ @chanluster​ @sweetjaemss​ @najaemsenthusiastttt​ @neovrse​ @jjikyuu​ @treasurestay​ @ahgastayzen​ @wcnderlandss​ @jaehy9ngs​ @jaemxins​ @syhznanny​ @lilminyoongles​ @bbnana​
AUTHOR’S NOTE ▸ thank you so much for all of your love and support !! it’s beyond me & i hope you guys enjoy this ! part of the slam dunk! series but it can be read separately ♡
Tumblr media
In the same vein, he hated basketball to an extent. It wasn’t the sport itself that he despised, it was the commitments that followed it. As a vital player on the team, he was obligated to attend every afterparty despite how much he loathed parties. Yet, what he couldn’t stand was being nagged by his teammates, so Jaemin went to the parties. He went to the parties and drank until he was numb and the party was tolerable.
He didn’t even like drinking that much, but he didn’t have much of a choice when most of the members of the basketball team were his seniors. Jaemin was pretty sure his brain cells depleted one-by-one every time he took a shot, but sometimes he got away with faking his alcohol intake when the others were too drunk to keep track. His best friend, Lee Jeno, on the other hand, lived for parties like this. Jaemin used that to his advantage; Jeno was the perfect target to hand off his unwanted shots to.
“Jaemin!” Jeong Jaehyun, the captain of the basketball team, made his presence known easily. After all, the parties were always hosted at his house. “Let’s do a love shot.”
If it were anyone else, Jaemin would’ve turned them down with some sarcastic, witty comeback. However, Jaehyun was different. Jaemin admired him since they were high schoolers on the basketball team. Jaehyun was two years older but his skills were on another level. Jaemin had always worked to see if he could surpass him but to no avail.
“Sure.” Jaemin got off of the couch, where he was aimlessly scrolling through his social media and observing the party. He followed Jaehyun to the kitchen counter. “You got tequila?”
It was a stupid question. Jaehyun was loaded; his supply of alcohol seemed endless.
“Of course,” Jaehyun replied. He took a red solo cup and measured a shot of tequila. “By the way, why don’t you talk to any of the girls here? You seem tense. You should get laid.”
It wasn’t like Jaemin intentionally avoided the girls. He just had no interest in people who wanted to blindly hook-up and forget about it the next morning. He didn’t completely ignore them either. Jaemin distinctly remembered a pretty blonde passing him her vape pen, which he politely refused. While he didn’t mind destroying his liver, he wanted to keep his lungs intact.
“There’s no one here I want to fuck,” was Jaemin’s impassive response. “Especially not when they’re drunk off their ass.”
“Is that so? How much did you drink tonight?”
“This is my third or fourth shot, I think.”
Jaehyun snorted and held out the red solo cup to him. “Well, here’s to your intact virginity.”
“I’m not a virgin.” Jaemin took the cup and swished its contents around. “Can’t we toast to something more practical? Like basketball?”
A chuckle escaped Jaehyun’s lips, bemused like a father to his son. He eyed Jaemin as he held the red solo cup to his lips. “Ready?”
Jaehyun didn’t wait for Jaemin, though. He tipped his cup up, downing the contents, and Jaemin followed suit as quickly as he could. The tequila was a smooth burn down his throat, but it made Jaemin feel slow and hazy. The fire spread across his chest, spreading to his arms, legs, and then his head. He felt fuzzy and was sure he had hit his limit for the night.
Jaemin took an unstable step forward, and Jaehyun put a firm hand on his shoulder, asking, “You good?” to which Jaemin answered with a dazed nod. With a grin, Jaehyun patted his back firmly. “See you when we’re both conscious again, man.”
The next thirty minutes were a blur. Jaemin found himself at a beer pong table and, in his drunken state, pretended he was practicing his free throws while he relished the crowd cheering him on. He felt a pair of hands on his shoulders, cheering wildly at the side until he got a headache. Eventually, the house felt too stuffy and he decided to go out to the backyard to let his buzz fade out.
Outside wasn’t any better. The cheers were louder outside and the music was still blasting. The fog in Jaemin’s head thickened and he was sure he felt hands trying to guide him to the pool, but he brushed them off. He narrowed his eyes onto a lawn chair and willed himself to walk straight towards it.
Sit, he ordered himself. Do not get in the pool and make a fool out of yourself.
After pushing past a few of his teammates and the girls hovering around them, Jaemin’s knees buckled under him as soon as he got to the lawn chair. It was damp when he sat down, but he was too drunk and dazed to care. Jaemin looked up at the sky, unfocused, and was only pulled from his thoughts when his phone went off.
annoying jeno: where tf did u go? this girl wants me to introduce her to u
It was time for another shot.
Jaemin felt heavy. He sat up, running a hand through his disheveled hair, and spotted a red solo cup on the side table to his right. He reached for it and inspected the contents, sloshing it around sluggishly until he noticed a pair of eyes boring into him.
You were isolating yourself from the rest of the party, just like him. You weren’t giving him the sex eyes like he had expected; you looked more confused. Unlike Jaemin, you looked much more sober and functional. It was painfully obvious by the way Jaemin couldn’t seem to focus on you without seeing double.
He wasn’t sure if it was because of the alcohol in his system, but Jaemin had no idea who you were, but fuck, he wanted to. He pushed it down, though. Hookups were never fulfilling, and Jaemin wasn’t here to let himself go.
“Why are you staring at me?” Jaemin asked in a low voice, trying to speak coherently without slurring his words. He wasn’t sure if it worked, but you seemed to understand.
To his surprise, you fired a question back at him. “What are you doing?”
Jaemin wasn’t sure how to answer that. He was obviously drunk off his ass, so what was he supposed to explain when it was clear as day?
“Waiting for this stupid party to be over,” Jaemin replied. He dropped his gaze back to the cup he held on his lap. “Why are you still staring? I’m not interested.”
“You’re holding my drink.”
Jaemin stilled. He looked between you and the cup for a moment before muttering a pathetic “oh.” He flushed and held the cup out to you. “Sorry.”
You took the cup gingerly and downed your shot before advising him, “You know, you shouldn’t be taking random cups and drinking from them at parties. You never know what they could be laced with.”
Jaemin’s head lolled to the side, a heavy sigh escaping his lips. He didn’t want to join the party, but he didn’t want to sit back and be scolded. He was debating making a run for the fence in Jaehyun’s backyard. His house was only a few blocks away and he was pretty sure he’d be sober enough to make it. Jeno, however, was the obstacle he was worried about. If he ran off without telling Jeno (who was going to disapprove anyway), he was sure to get an earful the next day.
“Also,” you continued, “don’t go around assuming every girl who looks in your general direction wants to fuck you.”
“I’ll keep that in mind,” Jaemin grumbled, too drained to argue back. “Shouldn’t you be partying with everyone? It’s depressing over here.”
“This isn’t my party to celebrate,” you said, biting down on the rim of your cup delicately. “I’m just here for the drinks.”
Jaemin didn’t know what to say to that, so he decided to introduce himself. “I’m Na Jaemin, by the way.”
“Y/N,” you replied. “Pleasure to meet you, Na Jaemin.”
Jaemin’s eyelashes were obscuring his vision as he tried to squint to make you out. He wasn’t sure if it was the drunken stupor, but you were breathtaking. Maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing that Jaemin was currently seeing double of you. Jaemin wasn’t sure how he had ever missed you at any of the other parties (if you even showed up to those), but he was glad he snuck away to the backyard now.
Jaemin turned back to look at the scene before him, full of shrieks and shouts from partygoers as they danced off-beat to the blasting music. He almost didn’t notice the ultimate bastard, Yuta Nakamoto, walking over with his eyes set on not Jaemin, but you. Yuta only seemed to see Jaemin when he neared the two and, despite the awkward pause in the air, held his hand up to fistbump him. Jaemin lazily returned it, not really processing until seconds later when Yuta had already passed him.
It wasn’t that Yuta and Jaemin had any bad blood between them. Rather, Jaemin found the older boy quite fun to be around, and on top of that, he was a really supportive and caring teammate. However, when it came to parties, Yuta tended to be a lot more high-energy than Jaemin was.
“Hey, Y/N,” Yuta crooned deviously, standing over you with his hands shoved in his pockets. He crouched down so he was at eye-level with you, holding onto the arm of your chair. “Care to dance with me?”
“Yuta Nakamoto,” you drawled, a smile appearing on your lips. “I’m good over here, but you go have fun.”
Yuta stood up again, a cat-like grin spreading from ear-to-ear across his face as he stepped back toward the pool. “You’re gonna miss out, Y/N. You cool with that?”
The smile never left your lips as you rolled your eyes at him. Yuta turned to dive into the pool, making Jaemin’s nose scrunch as the splash was big enough to get water on his clothes. When Yuta surfaced, he smoothed his hair back and wiped the excess water from his face. He caught your eye again, winking before swimming toward Jungwoo and splashing him, leaving you shaking your head and chuckling.
“You two close?” Jaemin asked in a mumble, not quite sure where he was going with the sudden conversation.
You were shocked momentarily, but smiled when you looked over at Jaemin. “Let’s just say he wants to get in my pants but I find the age gap inappropriate.”
Jaemin snorted. “Really? How old are you?”
Jaemin rose a brow. He was just a year older than you but not so far off from Yuta. He hadn’t seen many college students be so conscious of a legal age difference of a year or two. After all, nearly everyone was an adult anyway.
“That’s not so far off from Yuta,” he told you.
You hid a smile, nearly going unnoticed under the dim light, but Jaemin had just caught it in time. “He’s like, my brother’s age,” you replied. “It’s just weird.”
Jaemin didn’t really get it, but he wasn’t sure if he was supposed to. He was an only child so he didn’t really think his opinion was valid anyway. Yet, he must have been looking at you weird because you bit your lip and shrunk under his gaze. Jaemin swallowed and turned back to look down at his feet, trying to get his head out of the clouds, but the buzz was still too strong.
He couldn’t stop himself from blurting out, “What if it was me?”
He wasn’t looking at you but he could feel your gaze boring into him. Jaemin wanted to melt into a puddle then and there. He was never the type to make a move like that, usually expecting girls to approach him, but now that he did, his skin was crawling with shame. Although, he figured it wouldn’t be too bad if he ended the night in bed with you.
Jaemin worked up the courage to turn his gaze to you. “I’m a year older than you. Would you be down if it was me?”
“Yeah,” you admitted bluntly, causing the tips of Jaemin’s ears to go red. “But I don’t know you, so…”
“Do you want to?” he asked, then clarified, “Get to know me, I mean.”
The two of you were silent for a moment, and it was far more deafening than the booming party around them. Jaemin’s gaze dropped from your face to look back at the college students wading around in the pool. Someone must have messed with the pool because it had started to fill up with bubbles, making the crowd cheer louder. Entranced, Jaemin nearly didn’t notice you when you were standing right over him. He arched a brow at you, scooting back a little out of shock.
“Do you want to get out of here then?”
You were smiling coyly and Jaemin didn’t have the willpower to resist anymore. He stood up, looking around for Jeno, before turning to you and nodding. Everyone was so consumed with the pool foaming up that it would be easy for them to escape from the backyard.
“I’m way too drunk to drive, but we can go for a walk,” Jaemin suggested, leading her out through the backyard fence. He had escaped from there countless times, only for Jeno to drag him back, but this time, Jeno was preoccupied.
Yet, something unsettled him about not informing his best friend, so he decided to shoot him a quick text.
jaemin: i’ll see u back home, i’m with a girl lol
annoying jeno: deadass? have fun
Now, at least Jaemin had one thing off his chest.
“So what’s your deal?” Jaemin asked you as he tried to focus on walking in a straight line. “You have guys like Yuta Nakamoto lining up for you and you’re passing up my boy?”
“If he’s your boy then why are you trying to make a pass at me?” you shot back, grabbing his arm to provide leverage when he stumbled.
“Touché,” Jaemin grumbled. “It’s not like he was scoring, so I might as well shoot my shot.”
“Did you score?”
The corner of Jaemin’s mouth twitched. “That’s for you to decide, isn’t it?”
Mutual attraction was such a strange feeling because the sexual tension was there and so loud. Granted, about 90% of it came from Jaemin, but something about the way you were still holding onto his arm and laughing at his stupid jokes made him feel like something was going to happen tonight.
“We should stargaze,” you offered, pointing at a grassy hill behind a park the both of you were passing by. Jaemin nodded in response, so you dragged him by the arm to the chosen location.
Stargazing meant laying down, and laying down meant not having to focus on walking in a straight line anymore, so it sounded absolutely heavenly to Jaemin right now. Somehow, he felt like such an amateur right now. No girl had ever asked him to lay down and stargaze with him; they always just skipped to the bedroom fun.
You let go of Jaemin to lay down on the grass, positioning yourself like a starfish before patting the space next to you and then moving your hands to rest on your stomach. You looked entranced with the stars above you, but the moment Jaemin laid down next to you, you turned to him, catching him off-guard. Jaemin’s eyes flickered from you to the sky above.
“The stars are beautiful,” he said weakly.
He couldn’t even see the fucking stars.
“Damn, I thought you were gonna call me beautiful for a second,” you teased, nudging his shoulder lightly.
“You wish,” Jaemin said with a light snort, swallowing thickly. “There’s no way I’m calling a girl that over my dead body.”
He was a terrible liar. It was clear when Na Jaemin was feeling lustful. His eyes would turn half-lidded and his voice would drop a few octaves. Right now, all of that was happening along with his fingers twitching at his sides. You were looking back up at the sky when he turned his head to look at you, and god, you were so pretty.
“Girls must come running for you,” you told him, “otherwise I really can’t figure out the ego.”
“That’s the problem when you’re a star basketball player and devilishly handsome.” Jaemin grinned, folding his arms behind his head. “You turn out like me.”
“How mortifying.”
“I know, right?” Jaemin turned onto his side for a brief moment to look at you. “How come I’ve never seen you around before. I’m sure I would’ve remembered…”
“Because I’m beautiful?” you offered.
Jaemin groaned, pink dusting his cheeks. “Why are you so fixed on that?”
You laughed in response while Jaemin just stared at the heartstopping curve of your lips. He felt himself grow hot, anticipation mixed with the weight of the situation. He had never been the type to feel so jittery around a girl, but here he was, a touch anxious because he was afraid of doing something wrong.
“That’s Orion’s Belt there,” you pointed out. “Can you see Betelgeuse?”
You turned to look at Jaemin to see if you had his attention, but did a double-take upon realizing that you, in fact, had his full attention. His eyes were directly on you, not the night sky above. The both of you were so painfully close, and Jaemin couldn’t resist when he reached over to brush a few strands of hair behind your ear.
“I can’t see the stars,” he mumbled, his large hand moving to cup your cheek. When your gazes were locked, he caressed your cheek with his thumb gently and leaned in to kiss you.
Well, he was about to kiss you until he felt your finger pressing against his lips.
“I’m down for whatever,” you told him sweetly, “but I don’t kiss on the first date.”
Jaemin wasn’t sure what to make of that. Sure, he found it a little weird, but he could see the reasoning behind it. You were probably one of those people who saved your kisses for something special—whatever that meant. Honestly, Jaemin didn’t really care about the significance, but he did know it would be amplified if he found “the one.”
“So this is a date now?” he asked, amused.
Jaemin huffed lightly and leaned back, letting his hand retract back to his side. “Down for whatever? Even sex?”
You raised a very attractive eyebrow at him, making Jaemin short-circuit for a split second. “If you play your cards right,” you said airily, your voice all light and fluffy.
“Down for whatever but the offer isn’t extended to anyone over the age of twenty-one.”
You punched his shoulder hard this time. “Bite me.”
“Don’t mind if I do.”
Whatever made Jaemin’s confidence swell was taking over fast. In seconds, Jaemin propped himself up with his elbow, using his free hand to brush your hair to the side and tilting your neck so he could have easier access to it.
To test the waters, Jaemin nipped at your supple skin, earning a hitch in your slowed breathing that encouraged him to do more. Jaemin left open-mouthed kisses down your neck, sucking harshly with each one. He licked his lips when he pulled away to look at your neck. You were tough to bruise but he loved a challenge. He maneuvered his body over you so he could indulge himself further, holding himself up with his forearms.
Jaemin dipped under your chin again, ravishing the side of your neck that he targeted. He littered the column of your neck with dark hickeys, smirking against your skin upon the sight. You were a squirming mess under him, tugging at his hair and bucking your hips up against his. Jaemin grunted softly, his hands pushing your hips down so you could no longer tempt him.
You wrapped your hands around him, one hand sliding up the nape of his neck to curl your fingers in his hair. Hands weren’t normally something that made Jaemin weak, but yours were driving him crazy with one in his hair and the other bunching up the fabric of his shirt.
He cupped the apex of your jeans, smug as you whined at his touch, yearning for more. Jaemin’s free hand grazed your waist before he lowered it to your hip. He pulled away from your neck to meet your gaze, biting his lip at your lustful expression.
“Can I?” he asked, pressing down slightly against your apex.
You nodded, about to say something but got cut off when Jaemin moved his hand down and palmed your clothed clit. Jaemin smirked once he heard the soft sigh falling from your lips. His breathing got heavier, mixing with yours as he started fumbling to unbutton your jeans.
You looked up at him through half-lidded eyes. “Jaemin…”
Jaemin swallowed hard and tugged your jeans down your hips a little. He felt like he was losing control with every touch. He just wanted to hold you in his arms and spend the rest of the night with you, and it was impossible to shake off that feeling when you were looking at him like that.
He playfully snapped the waistband of your panties, letting out a chuckle when your face twisted up and you pushed at his chest. Then, you drew him closer again and guided his hand down your pants. Jaemin took a shaky breath when he felt how wet you were. It filled him with pride, of course, but he had suddenly felt so nervous. He had hooked up with girls before, but this felt weird to him. Different, to an extent. They were just going through the motions, but he was struck with some strange feeling that he didn’t want to mess up or do something wrong. It was like his first time all over again when he had no idea what he was doing.
His silent cry for help was answered with rain.
“Jesus, it’s raining now?” Jaemin asked with a disapproving huff, pulling his hand out of your pants. He wondered if the people in Jaehyun’s backyard were going to move back inside or keep partying through rain and storm.
“It is?” You frowned and reached a hand over him to catch some raindrops. “You make a nice umbrella, Na Jaemin.”
“How kind of you,” Jaemin replied, a bit distracted by the rain pelting his back. “Should we make a run back to Jaehyun’s or do you want to, like…”
“Do I want to do it outside in the rain?” you asked, quirking a brow at him. “Absolutely not.”
“Worth a shot.”
Jaemin hauled himself up to his feet, holding a hand out for you so you could stand. You started patting down your clothes and fixing your fly. Jaemin did the same, making sure he looked presentable but he kept quiet about the dark hickey on the side of your neck. He squinted up at the drizzle of rain from the sky.
Cockblock, Jaemin thought bitterly.
Yet another distraction came in the form of a text message. Specifically, a text message from Lee Jeno.
annoying jeno: i’m going back to the apartment and ik ur with a girl but i left the keys at home so pls open the door
“Son of a bitch,” Jaemin grumbled to himself. He shoved his phone back in his pocket and looked at you when he noticed your questioning stare. Jaemin ran his hands down your arms, then held your waist gently. “I have to go.”
“Go?” you asked him, startled.
“Yeah,” Jaemin replied with a sigh, not wanting to divulge how idiotic his roommate was. “Can I get your number?”
This perked you right up, thankfully. Jaemin was satisfied as he watched you enter your phone number in his phone. This almost made him feel better about having to leave you alone to walk back to Jaehyun’s house in the rain.
Scratch that. He still felt like a piece of shit.
Tumblr media
Jaemin slept off the party rather well.
He was in a bit of a mood, however, seeming tired and cranky in the morning. He had nearly thrown his phone at Jeno’s face when his best friend tried to shake him awake in the morning. It was a miracle that he showed up on time for his lecture. Around the afternoon, he received a text from you and was far more awake and alert after that. By the time he got to basketball, though, he was in a much better mood.
That is, until Jaehyun called for a team meeting.
The basketball team members were all sitting on the bleachers, waiting for a pissed-off Jaehyun to speak. Jeno picked at his nails next to Jaemin while YangYang in front of them was fiddling with the basketball. Jaehyun was only ever serious during games, but now his anger showed in a subtle and scary way that even Taeyong was a bit shaken by the change in his mood.
“Now, I’m going to say this once and you all better listen up carefully,” Jaehyun said in a low, dangerous voice. “If anyone—and I mean anyone—lays a hand on my little sister, then I will make sure you look uglier than you already are.”
Taeyong whistled lowly, impressed.
“Yuta,” Jaehyun continued, eyes narrowing at the older boy, “this message was inspired by you.”
“Received, reflecting, and apologizing,” Yuta said, holding his hands up in surrender. “I’ll back off, Captain.”
“Good,” Jaehyun replied curtly as Yuta and Taeyong started to banter playfully over the topic.
Jaemin was unsettled. Jaehyun was upset over someone going after his younger sister? Now, Yuta was a flirt, but he recalled him pining for you last night and there was no way you were Jaehyun’s sister, right?
“Hey, Jeno.” Jaemin nudged the boy with his elbow. “Who exactly is Jaehyun’s sister?”
“Isn’t it Jeong Y/N?” he answered.
Goodbye world, was Jaemin’s first thought.
Yuta was flirting with you last night, but Jaemin straight-up nearly fingered you and—oh god, the hickey. Jaemin was at the end of his line right now, and if you said anything to Jaehyun, he was sure he was going to get his ass beat. He was starting to regret giving up his non-hookup life because of you; the only person Jaemin was flirting with now was Death.
“You good?” Jeno’s brows were knitted in concern.
“Jeno.” Jaemin swallowed down the dry lump in his throat. “Remember how I told you I was with a girl last night?”
“Yeah?” Jeno asked, searching Jaemin’s eyes for an answer. He found it rather quickly, eyes widening and voice dropping to a whisper. “Oh my god.” His gaze flickered from Jaemin to Jaehyun several times. “What are you going to do?”
“It’s fine, it’s fine,” Jaemin whispered back. “We were both drunk. I’ll just ghost her subtly and she’ll forget about me. Easy.”
Jeno raised a brow at his plan. “Is hooking up with Jaehyun’s little sister worse than breaking her heart?”
“Oh please, it was one night. Give it a day or two. She won’t give a fuck.” Even though I kind of do, he added in his head.
Tumblr media
The next time Jaemin saw you was after practice ended a few days later.
It had to be impossible that you could look any better than you did the last time he saw you, but here you were. It was unfair, really. Jaemin was a college student that was amped up with testosterone and hormones, and now he had no place to channel it. He was a second away from dragging you into an empty room and letting himself go with you, but then he remembered your older brother, and the horny thoughts dissolved into fear and shame.
“Ah, Jaemin,” you greeted with a cheerful smile.
Fuck, why did you have to be so cute?
Jaemin opened his mouth to reply, but quickly closed it and looked away from you. He leaned against the side of the bleachers and sighed while you were puzzled by his behavior. Although he wanted to ignore you, you were right there and the two of you were alone. Jaemin knew that the other guys wouldn’t be out of the locker rooms for another five minutes.
His gaze dropped to your hickey. It was so clear that you didn’t bother trying to cover it up, and the sight made Jaemin feel proud in some twisted way. Instinctively, he reached over and brushed his thumb over the sensitive bruise, smirking when you shivered.
“It looks good on you,” Jaemin complimented.
“Thanks.” You scoffed, then a mischievous glint shone in your eyes. “Maybe you should give me some more then.”
Jaemin stiffened, in a lot more ways than he should’ve. He gritted his teeth, willing the blood not to rush down all at once. He could not get horny at school when Jaehyun could walk out any second. And the older boy did. Jaemin backed away from you instantly, acting as if you were just some stranger passing by.
“I’ll pass,” he muttered under his breath and was sure you heard when he saw your face drop.
Great. Now he felt like an asshole.
“I gotta go,” he mumbled quickly before you could say anything else, moving past you to walk over to Jeno, high-fiving Jaehyun as he did. Jaemin didn’t have time to register your expression, but nevertheless, he felt like shit.
Jeno looked suspicious as Jaemin approached him. “Did you…”
“End it?” Jaemin finished for him. “I think so.”
“Can you just stop being a dick and talk to her?”
Ticked off, Jaemin took a deep breath. “If I talk to her, then one thing will lead to another, and Jaehyun—”
“Jaemin,” Jeno interrupted. “This isn’t about Jaehyun. This is about you and Y/N.”
Jaemin screamed out something incomprehensible and put his hands over his ears. “I can’t hear you, Lee Jeno. Can’t hear you over me getting ready to go to a party and get wasted tonight.”
“Na Jaemin, you’re my best friend but you’re an idiot.”
“I know that.” Jaemin made a face. “But it’s time for me to go and forget that.”
Tumblr media
Jaemin never failed to forget how much he hated parties. He was starting to regret showing up in the first place. One of his teammates, Jungwoo, had let him into his frat party. Normally, guys were selectively chosen because the frat boys wanted more girls, but Jaemin was wasting his opportunity of getting in by doing absolutely nothing.
This was why he didn’t like drinking. He wasn’t even fun when he was drunk; Jeno was a social butterfly, Yuta was a flirt, but Jaemin would just wonder if plants existed and think about you.
“You look pissed off,” Jungwoo observed, holding out a red dixie cup to him. “Are you sure you want to party?”
“Yes,” Jaemin grumbled, taking the cup from him and downing it in seconds. “I need to let go.”
Jaemin patted Jungwoo’s back firmly and moved to the kitchen to pour himself another shot. He didn’t know what he was thinking. He let himself get all worked up over some girl he barely even hooked up with. All he did was kiss your neck and here Jaemin was, looking like some cheap, heartbroken loser.
Oh, Jaemin thought out of the blue. I never told her she was pretty.
Jaemin took another shot, closing his eyes firmly as he thought of laying next to you again under the stars. Your lips looked so soft and kissable, your eyes so curious and alluring. He tried to push it away and focus on the party and getting drunk, but you kept appearing in his head like a mirage.
Let go, Jaemin, he told himself. Indulge yourself.
Jaemin leaned against the counter, bored. He sloshed the contents of his cup around, taking another shot when he felt the buzz start to wear out. A pretty brunette walked past him, flashing a coy smile.
He supposed she was one of the cheerleaders, or maybe she was a sorority girl. Either way, she was attractive and Jaemin could use the physical contact tonight. Part of him felt like it was the wrong thing to do, but all he could think about was how annoying it was to overthink every little thing he did.
Jaemin made his way over to her, tapping people’s shoulders and maneuvering his way through the cramped frat house. Everyone was clustered like schools of fish. Jaemin hated this kind of environment, but nevertheless, he put on a mask and did his best to fit in.
“Hey,” he greeted the girl once he found her. “I’m Na Jaemin.”
She smiled in that pretty way again. “I know you. You’re on the basketball team.” She looked embarrassed for a moment, flushing as she tucked loose strands of hair behind her ear. “I bet you don’t know me, though.”
“I don’t,” Jaemin admitted, “but you have a gorgeous smile.”
She beamed at this. “Hey, could you hold my cup for a second?” she asked, holding out her red dixie cup to him.
You want me to hold your cup when you can barely hold a conversation? Jaemin thought distastefully but took the cup anyway.
He leaned against the kitchen counter and waited for her patiently, and when she came back, Jaemin could tell she had left to touch-up her makeup. He could also detect the faintest spritz of perfume, but he wasn’t exactly sure, so he leaned closer to make sure.
Jaemin wasn’t sure how they ended up making out in one of the empty bedrooms upstairs, but by the time she was taking off her bra, he wanted to leave. He did his best not to look as bored as he felt throughout the heavy petting and removal of clothing, but his biggest fuck-up was worse than he had expected.
Even Jaemin himself felt mortified by what had just escaped his lips. By the disgusted look in the girl’s eyes, he was fairly confident this was going to spread around the school. As Jaemin was trying to conjure up some excuse for his actions, the girl stood up and started gathering her clothes.
“I’m not Y/N,” she muttered and left him alone in the room.
“Well, shit,” Jaemin grumbled, running a hand through his tousled hair after she left. “Should’ve told me your name then.”
Jaemin laid back on the bed, putting his hands over his face. He was royally screwed at this point and wondered if he had a shot at redemption. The fact that you were still on his mind was messing with him. Even now, after totally embarrassing himself, he was still stuck on you. To avoid further embarrassment, he pulled out his phone to deflect whatever impulsive action was creeping up his limbs.
jaemin: ok jeno im texting u instead of drunk texting y/n and confessing how badly i wanna kiss her
y/n: hi this is y/n
Jaemin wondered what sin he committed in his past life to get this unlucky.
jaemin: shit
jaemin: don’t talk to me i’m drunk at a party
y/n: jaemin you texted me first
jaemin: ugh i wanna see u so bad
jaemin: wanna make it up to u
y/n: oh my
y/n: you’re a little too drunk for that
y/n: but send me the address. i’ll come over and take you home
Jaemin was 98.75% sure that this was, by far, the stupidest thing he could do. Nevertheless, he shared his address with you and waited for you to come to get him. He hung out with Jungwoo in the meantime, slinging an arm around the older boy’s shoulder and confessing his embarrassing hookup while Jungwoo was high as a kite.
When you texted Jaemin that you were outside the frat house, he opened the door almost instantly. Jaemin couldn’t help the wide grin that spread across his face when you were standing right in front of him. You opened your mouth to say something, but Jaemin cut you off.
“I might have… might have called out your name during a hookup,” he confessed, slurring his words while he tried to speak coherently.
You looked like you were deciding whether to think it was funny or be suspicious over the fact that he tried to hook up with someone and then texted you afterward. Eventually, you ended up laughing at his story, tutting at his actions. Jaemin walked by your side, hands shoved deep in his pockets. He closed his eyes in an attempt to come back to his senses, only to be dragged back onto the sidewalk by you because he was apparently straying into the road.
“How much did you drink?” was your first question and one that Jaemin wasn’t sure he had an answer for.
“Six? Seven shots?” Jaemin counted but lost track after he held up five fingers. “I haven’t gotten this hammered in a while.”
“You’ve been flighty,” you told him. “I thought I wasn’t going to hear from you again.”
Jaemin rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. “That was the plan.”
End it now, Jaemin, the devious half of his mind instructed. Break it off before it’s too late.
“I don’t exactly do hookups anymore, Y/N,” he said, which wasn’t exactly a lie, but you happened to break that streak for him. But then came the lie. “I’m not looking for anything serious now either, and I’m sure you aren’t.”
They walked in silence onto the campus grounds, turning into the street where the student apartments were. You looked down at your feet, a little more disappointed than Jaemin had expected. More than that, it looked as though you were embarrassed.
Cue Na Jaemin feeling like a douchebag, which he was.
“Aren’t you the one who asked if I wanted to get to know you?” you asked him, brow arched.
Jaemin panicked, his words trapped in his throat for a second. Well, you got him there. He didn’t have a good excuse that made him sound less of a dick. Although, he was already probably about to be blacklisted from your life pretty soon, so it didn’t really matter.
“I was drunk,” Jaemin said as his brain was trying to throw random words at him. “I didn’t know what I was thinking.”
They made it to Jaemin’s apartment, which was thankfully on the first floor because he didn’t think he could stand an awkward elevator ride with you. You didn’t look at Jaemin once, but it didn’t seem as though you were angry. Rather, you looked confused, but Jaemin swallowed down his guilt and took a step back once they were at his door.
“Besides,” he continued shamelessly to deliver the final blow, “you always have Yuta.”
You rolled your eyes at him and stormed off at once after those words. Jaemin was left alone, still looking down at his feet. He let out a long, dragged-out sigh, hitting his head back against the solid wood of his door.
“Idiot,” he scolded himself.
Tumblr media
It took Jaemin a whole week and a half to get over you.
Even then, he didn’t really get over what happened. He just stopped blaming himself for it in front of Jeno and internalized everything else. Talking to Jeno didn’t really help, anyway, because Jaemin would just be hit with the “I told you so” and then be silently judged by his best friend.
Jeno had gone home for the long weekend, though, so Jaemin could finally mope about his apartment without Jeno smacking him upside the head and calling him a loser. Although Jaemin agreed with that, he was tired of remembering how shitty of a person and it was a constant reminder of how he treated you.
Although, he didn’t expect that reminder to physically manifest when he saw you in the hallway of his apartment on Friday night.
“Y/N?” he blurted out impulsively.
Jaemin had just decided to get something from the vending machine, not expecting to see you when he was standing in front of his doorway in his grey sweatpants and lack of shirt. His hair was bedraggled from staying in bed all day after his morning lecture ended. In short, he wasn’t exactly presentable and this wasn’t the look he wanted you to see.
“Jaemin,” you said softly, looking a bit startled. “I was just leaving my friend’s place.”
“It’s fine, Jaemin.” You managed a small smile for him. “There’s no hard feelings, okay? Water under the bridge.”
“Yeah,” you said, biting your lip afterward. “I just hope you’re not one of those guys who ghosts the girl if they don’t get sex out of it.”
Jaemin could feel the ice in your tone but brushed it off. “Honestly, I don’t care about sex that much.”
“Then what do you care about?”
Jaemin fixed his gaze on you, narrowing his eyes. He should have been grateful that you didn’t take it too personally and had forgiven him, but something was off. He didn’t doubt your reasons for being here, but an undercurrent of desire was definitely still there.
His morals were bouncing around his skull, warring with each other. Jaehyun was yelling at him to stop, but you were also there, and so fucking pretty. You wanted him, and he wanted you—it was almost perfect if it weren’t for your overprotective older brother who Jaemin respected too much. Then again, Jaemin had been shouldering too much guilt over the past week. He was sure he could handle some more.
What Jaehyun didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him, right?
The hallway was empty, doused with lingering sleep. The world was dark outside but under the dim, flickering hallway light was you. And Jaemin was at his limit; he couldn’t get enough of you.
“Jaemin?” you asked, and something inside him snapped.
He grabbed your hands first before pushing you up against the wall and sealing his lips over yours. Your face morphed into a shocked expression, only making Jaemin amused as he pinned your hands up and over your head. Your lips were so warm and soft, molding against Jaemin’s lips perfectly. He felt your hands wrap around his neck to draw him closer, inciting a soft groan from the back of his throat. It was kind of pathetic that he was already hard, and he was sure you were aware of it by how he was pressed up against your lower body.
Jaemin picked you up effortlessly, scooping you into his arms by your thighs. You let out a little shriek and grabbed onto his shoulders, wrapping your legs around his torso at his encouragement. Jaemin took you into his room, kicking the door closed with his foot before heading to his room and dropping you on his bed.
He had never actually let a girl into his room, so this was a first. Somehow, seeing you on his own bed was so arousing, and he had half a mind to just take you then and there. Jaemin made you sit at the edge of the bed while he stood between your legs, hands on your thighs. You looked confused for a moment, but let Jaemin run his hands up and down your thighs.
You and Jaemin should not be in bed together. Under no circumstances should the two of you even be acquainted in the slightest. The fact that you two met was all one big, cosmic coincidence, but sometimes the stars loved fucking around with human affairs.
“I told you I had to make it up to you,” Jaemin said in a low voice, running his thumb across your bottom lip. “You don’t have to forgive me but I can’t keep being a coward.”
“A coward? More like a douchebag,” you told him, holding his wrist so you could bite the tip of his finger as you looked up at him through your lashes. “But glad you came to your senses.”
“So you forgive me then?”
You smiled, all innocent and pure, unlike your words. “Not unless you make it up to me.”
Jaemin dropped his gaze down to your shorts, eyeing them for a moment before he started tugging them down. You raised your hips to help him take your shorts off, followed by your panties. Jaemin nearly sighed at the sight of you; you were so gorgeous and so ready for him. He wanted to completely blow your mind.
Then, the nerves got to Jaemin again.
“Y/N,” he started, “we don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. We can just cuddle or something.”
“Na Jaemin, if you don’t make me cum, I will scream,” you warned.
“Yeah?” Jaemin chuckled at your reaction. “I think you’re going to scream either way, though.”
“Shut up.”
Jaemin laughed, brushing your hair out of your face. He caressed your cheek, rubbing slow circles with his thumb before he dragged it down to your jawline. A small pout appeared on your lips and he ran his thumb over your bottom lip again as if he could wipe your pout away.
“Tell me if you want to stop,” Jaemin said.
Before you could open your mouth to say something, Jaemin plunged his finger in you, thumb quickly finding purchase on your clit and rubbing in slow, languid circles. He wasn’t very satisfied by your shell-shocked silence, so he added a second finger to get you moaning and squirming at his actions.
You gasped when Jaemin curled his fingers, and he relished the dazed expression on your face. He watched your eyelashes flutter and eyelids droop as he scissored his fingers in you, earning him blissful moans from your pretty lips. One of your hands was gripping the sheets at your side while the other was gripping Jaemin’s shoulder tightly. He knew he was doing a good job by the way your walls clenched around his fingers, and it made him swell with pride.
“You’re such an asshole,” you whimpered out, moaning again as he curled his fingers in you.
“Then why do you still want me?” Jaemin hissed. “You should have just hated me. I would have been fine if you weren’t so fucking perfect.”
You cried out as he plunged another finger in you. “Shit, you’re just—oh god.” Jaemin could tell you were at your peak, so he pulled his fingers out of you immediately, smirking at how distressed you looked.
Jaemin popped his fingers in his mouth, sucking off your juices. “You taste so good, princess.”
You scowled at him. “F-finish me off, at least,” you pleaded.
Jaemin gripped your thighs. “Oh, trust me, I will.”
Jaemin lowered himself and met your eyes before he leaned forward and sealed his lips over your clit, sucking harshly on the ball of nerves. You were so sweet and so wet, but what made Jaemin go crazy was the way the both of you locked eyes while he was between your legs. He let out a groan that vibrated against you.
He licked a strip along your slit, pleased with his reward of pants and moans from you. Your thighs squirmed around him so he gripped them harder and moved his hands up to your hips so he could eat you out with more vigor.
Jaemin snaked his tongue along your folds and you were gone. Already edged from being fingered, you were at your peak already. Back arching off the bed and hips squirming, Jaemin tongued your clit as he coaxed you into your orgasm. By the sound of your moans and cries, he felt like he was going to cum in his pants any second if you didn’t stop. You released over his tongue so easily, and Jaemin lapped it up as you made an effort to catch your breath.
At first, Jaemin was over the moon. He hooked up with you and wanted more. You were so enticing and Jaemin couldn’t get enough of you. Then came the crushing guilt. It registered a bit late, but it was all the more painful. He had just eaten out his friend’s little sister and couldn’t help the fact that he wanted her so badly.
“Not bad, Jaemin,” you breathed out, fixing your hair as your thighs still stiffened and twitched every now and then. “Is this the part where you push me away and ghost me for another week?”
Jaemin ran a hand through his hair, battling frustration and shame. “Look,” he started, “the reason I pushed you away was because you didn’t tell me your brother is Jeong Jaehyun!”
“Oh.” You blinked at him. “Yeah, he’s my brother. Is that a problem?” Jaemin let out a heavy sigh and you raised a brow at him. “You got a crush on him or something?”
Jaemin’s expression soured. “No! He’s my friend and teammate, Y/N. There’s an unspoken bro code between us men.”
You rolled your eyes. “Here we go.”
“Rule number one of bro code states that sisters are completely off-limits,” Jaemin said. “And, Y/N, we just pushed that limit.”
“You know, in girl code, we ask the friend for permission,” you offered.
“Jaehyun rounded us up at practice and told us that if anyone lays a hand on his little sister, he’s going to kill them,” Jaemin said. “I’m too young to die.”
You stood up to push Jaemin down by his shoulders, sitting him on the edge of the bed. Jaemin’s breath got caught in his throat when you sat on his lap, right where his bulge was painfully tented beneath his sweatpants. You traced his v-cut abs, making Jaemin shiver in response. He held your hips and swallowed thickly. He was pretty sure he knew where this was going. If you were about to ride him, he was sure he could die a happy man.
“Jaemin, my brother doesn’t control my life, so he’s not killing you over anything, okay?” you reassured him, then leaned in closer, nibbling on his earlobe. Jaemin shivered at the contact, tightening his grip on you. “But, if you’re so worried about it, then we could sneak around.”
A guttural groan escaped Jaemin when you rolled your hips against his. Were you teasing him? Because it was hard for him to think and this distraction wasn’t helping. Either way, all he could think about was making you cum again and seeing that delicate look on your face as you crumbled in front of him.
“Sneak—sneak around?” Jaemin stammered, mouth going dry when you started taking off your shirt, and fuck, you weren’t wearing a bra. “Huh?”
“Jaemin,” you said slowly, smirking as you traced a finger along his jawline. “If you don’t want Jaehyun to catch us, we can just meet up secretly.”
If this was a game of cat and mouse, there was a clear power difference right now; Jaemin felt more like the mouse while you were the cat.
Jaemin’s eyes darkened a bit. “Fuck yeah,” he mumbled, hand grazing your bare skin. His eyes devoured the way you looked, and you wanted to squirm at the hungry look on his face. It was kind of embarrassing how badly Jaemin wanted to skip this whole conversation and fuck you into oblivion.
“Jaemin,” you called again, noting how his eyes flitted from your lips to your eyes.
He gave up. “I’ll be honest. I have no idea what we’re talking about but if we’re keeping this going between us, I’m all for it.”
“Good answer,” you hummed and pressed your lips to his.
You were a damn good kisser, Jaemin observed. He didn’t notice it before, but you had on some sort of fruity chapstick on that was making his head go fuzzy. The taste was addicting, and thank god you bit down on his lower lip because he wasn’t sure if he could handle another second without his tongue in your mouth.
He pulled away for a moment so he could push you down onto the bed, getting over you. Jaemin sighed deeply as you skimmed your hands down his bare chest, fingers tugging at the waistband of his sweatpants.
“You know, I lied that night,” you told Jaemin, wrapping your arms around his neck. “I’m not usually down for whatever, but I wanted to try my chance with you.”
Jaemin tutted at you, circling a finger around your nipple. “You shouldn’t have lied, Y/N,” he said, making you whimper when he pinched your hard nipple. “Could’ve stroked my ego a little more.”
“Sorry, but I’m not here to stroke your ego, Jaemin,” you simpered, choking over your words when Jaemin pressed open-mouthed kisses to your chest, eventually snaking his hot tongue across your nipple.
“You already are,” Jaemin murmured against your skin, littering hickeys as he kissed your chest. “Your reactions are so cute.”
Jaemin sucked on his fingers for a brief moment to provide some extra lubrication, not that you really needed it. He used his pointer and middle finger to rub against your slit, your whines growing needier as you became more and more aroused. After one more needy mewl from your lips, Jaemin had enough. He tugged his sweatpants and boxers down in one go, his hard cock slapping against his stomach once it was free.
“Oh fuck,” you moaned brokenly, eyeing the length of his cock.
“Such a good girl,” he crooned down at you, teasing his cock against your slit until you were a gasping, moaning mess under him. Then, Jaemin pulled away, clicking his tongue and grinning while you narrowed your eyes at him. “Condom,” he remembered.
Jaemin got off the bed to retrieve the silver packet from his nightstand, tearing it open with his teeth in one go. He caught you staring at how incredibly hung he was, smirking proudly as he slid the condom onto his shaft. He pumped it once for good measure and moved back onto the bed with you.
He stayed on his knees, angling your hips up so that they were positioned with his cock. You looked confused by the awkward position, but Jaemin melted away your worries with a powerful thrust into you. He groaned at how tight you were with your warm, wet walls clenching around him rhythmically.
Jaemin could tell he was hitting all the right spots by the broken moans that were escaping you when he pounded in you. His own growls were low and grating, relishing the way you felt around him. You were clutching his sheets so tight and bucking your hips so often that Jaemin had to use a hand to push your lower abdomen down, smirking as he felt his cock move in and out of you.
“You’re so big,” you gasped out, looking visibly frustrated at how you couldn’t hold onto him.
“Princess, I regret not doing this earlier,” Jaemin admitted with another rough thrust into you, making you sob out some distorted version of his name. “You feel so fucking good.”
“I’m close,” you choked out, and Jaemin kindly aided you by rubbing your clit as he brutally fucked you into the mattress.
You tucked your head into your shoulder, biting back your cries, so Jaemin grabbed your hair in a fistful and tilted it back so he could see your face. A shudder ran down his spine. Your expression was so perfect, so fucked in and glazed over.
“Shit,” he growled, voice raspy from arousal as you came undone in front of him.
His nimble fingers continued to work on your clit as you fell apart, moans ringing in his ears like a song. He followed you into your bliss, unable to hold back. He leaned over you and continued fucking you through your orgasm, holding you and groaning as he, too, released.
Jaemin stopped when he was done and spent. His arms buckled as they struggled to keep himself over you, and he could only pull out and collapse by your side. He muttered out a few curses, struggling to find the right words to say as he stared up at the ceiling. That felt good? No, too dry. I’m the only one who gets to fuck you like that? No, too possessive.
He settled with “you’re amazing” as his chest rose and fell in tune with yours.
“Likewise,” you breathed out and looked over at him. “I have to go home soon.”
Jaemin didn’t know what came over him, but he rolled over and wrapped his arms around you tightly. Normally, he wasn’t one for cuddling or aftercare, but he didn’t want you to go so soon. You relaxed under his touch as Jaemin drew you closer to his body, pulling the sheets over you both.
“Don’t go,” Jaemin whispered, tucking some hair behind your ear.
You turned to look at him, running your finger along his cheek tenderly. “Jaehyun’s gonna ask.”
Jaemin threw the sheets off of you and stood up quickly. “Have a safe trip back.”
Tumblr media
It was the very next day when Jaemin hooked up with you again.
You had sent him a rather suggestive text, stating that you found it strenuous to walk after the previous night. In some sick and twisted way, Jaemin found this extremely hot and invited you over that night. Needless to say, you found it even more difficult to walk afterward.
The next day was the last day of the long weekend, so you spent nearly the entire day at Jaemin’s place before Jeno came home. Sure, you had sex once or twice then, but Jaemin really liked having you around. Even when you both weren’t exactly doing anything, your mere presence was comforting to him. In past hookups with other girls, he would always just get up and leave after the deed was done. However, with you, he was suddenly a sucker for aftercare.
Jaemin still felt like shit for going behind Jaehyun’s back and he was starting to question his stealth when Jeno came back home and discovered your bra on the couch.
“Oh, that’s where it was,” Jaemin said blankly, taking the bra from Jeno. “By the way, how was visiting your family?”
Jeno was still stuck on the bra, however. “Hold on,” he started, “whose bra is that?”
“You wear bras?”
“What? No.” Jaemin made a face. “The fuck?”
“Na Jaemin, did you sleep with a random girl on our couch?”
“First of all, it wasn’t a random girl. It was Y/N,” Jaemin defended. “And secondly, we did it against the wall, actually. The couch was just a poor observer.”
“I don’t know if I should be impressed or disgusted,” Jeno replied, pondering over his best friend’s words. He glanced back at the wall and inched away from it. “Did you figure out what you’re going to do about Jaehyun?”
Jaemin grinned sheepishly. “I mean, what Jaehyun doesn’t know won’t hurt him, right?”
“What happened to the Jaemin who was trying to ghost his sister?”
“He got laid.”
“This is so gonna backfire on you,” Jeno replied, shaking his head. “But I kind of want to watch it happen.”
“Dude,” Jaemin whined, rubbing his chin with his hand. “I broke the bro code so hard, but honestly, the sex is too good.”
“Jaemin, I don’t want to hear about your sexcapades, thanks.”
Tumblr media
The next time Jaemin hooked up with you was almost an absolute disaster.
Keyword: almost.
“Jeno,” Jaemin warbled in a desperate cry, “I’m fucked. I’m absolutely fucked.”
“What’s up?” came the disinterested voice of his best friend who was sprawled out on the couch, flipping listlessly through a textbook.
“I need you to help me out,” Jaemin begged. “Y/N wants me to go over to her place but Jaehyun’s home.”
That was how Jaemin ended up behind your house, trying to hoist himself up onto a tree that was close to your window. Jeno was on the phone, keeping a lookout from his car that was parked on the street. This was, quite honestly, probably one of the stupidest things Jaemin had ever done because not only did he have a fear of heights, but he was risking his life just for his friend not to see him walking in the house.
There was something about hanging onto the branch of a tree for dear life that made a man question his pride.
“All this for some pussy,” Jeno tutted through his AirPods.
“Shut up, Jeno,” Jaemin muttered, a flush of heat rising to his cheeks. Truth be told, he just really wanted to see you, not that he would admit that.
He hauled himself onto one of the thicker branches that led to your window and inched his way along it to reach the windowsill. A frown crossed his lips as he reached out to knock on the glass. You told him you’d keep the window open for him, so why was it closed?
The answer was obvious, but it didn’t sink in until Jaehyun opened the window to see Jaemin dangling from a tree branch.
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, was all that was running through his mind. His head felt like it was going a thousand miles per second but the rest of his body was short-circuiting.
“Jaemin, what are you doing outside my window?” Jaehyun asked, looking absolutely perturbed.
“I’m, uh…” Jaemin paused to think while he could hear Jeno laughing at him through his AirPods. “Jeno and I wanted to prank you.”
“Jeno? Prank?” Jaehyun questioned. “Are you not here for a study session with Y/N?”
Jaemin stilled. He wasn’t sure he had any classes with you, but surely you must have made up this excuse to Jaehyun so that Jaemin could be in your house freely. Jeno’s laughing intensified as Jaemin blinked at his team captain.
“Right, well—”
“Jaemin, what are you doing there?” your sweet, innocent voice rang from Jaehyun’s door.
There was a mischievous glint in your eyes despite how concerned you tried to look. Jaemin saw right through you, though, and grimaced.
“Just… hanging out,” Jaemin grunted out as he tried to crawl in through Jaehyun’s window.
Jaehyun reached his hand out to help Jaemin and dragged him through the window with ease, so smooth that Jaemin pretended he didn’t hit his head against the side of the frame of the window as he was pulled inside. The tree branch bounced back to its original position, its leaves rustling wildly once Jaemin’s weight was off of them. Jaehyun helped Jaemin dust himself off and grabbed one of his shoulders firmly, using his free hand to pat his back.
“Jaemin,” Jaehyun said slowly, “use the door next time.”
“Got it,” Jaemin croaked out.
“We can go to my room and study, Jaemin,” you piped up, turning on your heel to head back to your room as soon as you were sure you had his attention.
“Right, um… see you, man,” Jaemin told Jaehyun, awkwardly following after you after Jaehyun returned the goodbye.
Jaemin had been to Jaehyun’s house for parties, but being there in the daytime was unnerving. He ended the call with Jeno, quickly texting him that he was safe before stuffing his phone and AirPods in his pockets. Jaemin turned the corner to see you sitting cross-legged on the floor of your room. A loud sigh escaped his lips before he made his way in, closing the door behind him.
“You’re paying for that,” he warned.
“Oh yeah?” you asked, a laugh falling from your lips just before Jaemin strode over, pushing you down onto the floor and hovering over you. You parted your lips to speak but whatever you were going to say died on your tongue as Jaemin swooped in and kissed you.
This is a terrible place to be doing this, the rational side of Jaemin’s brain provided, but then he was kissing you and it didn’t matter anymore.
Jaemin lost himself in the kiss as soon as he was tasting your fruity chapstick. He cupped your jaw, intoxicated by the way your lips felt against his. He was so dazed that he hardly noticed you unzipping his pants, tugging them down by his belt loops.
“Aren’t we studying?” Jaemin teased, brushing his nose against yours. He glanced over at the mess of books and papers at your table.
“Mm, do you want to study instead?” you asked, drawing him closer to you. “Pass up on this and read up on some cell division?”
“Fuck no.” Jaemin scoffed, dragging his nails up your thigh. “Spread those legs for me, angel.”
A mewl escaped your lips when you spread your legs because Jaemin immediately started palming your apex without missing a beat. The burst of pride that followed made him a little braver, a little less worrisome over your older brother.
“Take off your pants,” you breathed out, tugging once more at his waistband.
“No.” Jaemin moved off of you and hauled himself up to sit on your bed. “I want you to ride my thigh.” His eyes practically devoured the way you looked. “And keep the skirt on.”
You stood up, biting your lip as you moved to straddle his right thigh. Jaemin’s hands ran up and down your thighs, moving up to your hips eventually to rub slow circles with his thumb. His lips were attached to your neck almost immediately, pressing hot, open-mouthed kisses along the column.
You let a whimper slip from your lips and Jaemin started bouncing his leg steadily, his muscular thigh rubbing against your clit. He guided your movements with his hands as you rolled your hips against him. Jaemin flexed his thigh every once in a while and made sure to pull you down on him whenever he could make use of the friction.
Another moan from you and Jaemin sneered. “You’re getting off so well on my thigh, Y/N. Such a fucking tease but you react so easily.” You whined again and Jaemin shushed you. “Be quiet, princess. We don’t want to be walked in on, right?”
And, because the world hated Jaemin, Jaehyun decided to walk in.
“Y/N, can I come in for a second?” he called from outside the door.
In an instant, you practically flew off of Jaemin’s lap, scrambling back to your table and burying your nose in your biology textbook. There were a few long seconds of Jaemin silently communicating with you out of frustration. You had escaped just fine, but Jaemin just had to get a hard-on, and now that you were off his lap, it was far too obvious through his pants.
But you already told Jaehyun he could come in, so Jaemin put both hands over his crotch in a valiant (but stupid) effort to hide his boner while the door opened.
“I’m going to the store,” Jaehyun said, looking between you and Jaemin from the doorway. “Want anything?”
“No, we’re good,” you replied, but Jaehyun’s eyes were fixed on Jaemin, narrowing slightly.
“I’ll get going then, but are you good?” Jaehyun asked, gesturing at the awkward position Jaemin was in. “The bathroom’s across the hall if you need to go.”
Jaemin’s eyes flitted to yours to see an amused look on your face, and he could practically hear your voice bouncing in his skull: This is fun.
This wasn’t exactly Jaemin’s textbook dictionary definition of fun, however.
“Thanks,” Jaemin croaked out, looking down at his lap in shame. A flush of red crossed his cheeks and you barked out a laugh as soon as Jaehyun was gone. “Not funny,” he grumbled out.
An impish grin crossed your face as you asked, “Need me to take care of your problem?”
“Please,” Jaemin almost begged.
The moment you stood up, Jaemin was quickly trying to tug his pants down, hooking his fingers in the waistband of his boxers to take them off with his pants. This was awful in the absolutely best way possible because Jaemin’s hands felt clammy but then you were kneeling down in front of him, helping him take his pants off. You looked up at Jaemin when his hard cock curved up against his stomach. A breath escaped his lips like it had been punched out of him and he wondered if his eyes were as comically wide as they felt.
When the sound of Jaehyun closing the front door echoed, you grasped Jaemin’s painfully hard cock in your soft hands. Jaemin’s tongue felt like lead in his mouth. He couldn’t even ask you to do anything with all his bravado from earlier suddenly vanishing. So, he curled a hand in your hair, more for his own leverage.
Jaemin’s stomach rearranged itself to feel like some crazed etch-a-sketch rather than the human anatomy when he felt your lips wrap around his cock.
“Shit, that’s it,” he growled when you went down on him. He flushed all over, clear in the way his cock twitched in your mouth, and it made him feel like some silly, lovesick teenager. “Oh god, you feel so good with your mouth wrapped around my cock, princess.”
A sound of approval came from your throat, vibrating against the throbbing vein along Jaemin’s shaft and making him go crazy. You bobbed your head up and down, teasing him by going so slow to the point that it was nearly unbearable for Jaemin. He felt like a coil of fire was tightly woven inside him, ready to snap at any given moment.
“Fuck… don’t tease me—wait, are you asleep?”
Jaemin looked down to see you half-asleep on his cock, lips brushing against the vein along the side. Your eyes weren’t hooded but fluttered shut, head lolling to the side and your tongue grazing the underside of his head. A hiss escaped Jaemin’s lips at your teasing, but he felt more incredulous than turned on.
“I’m tired,” you said, “and you didn’t finish me off, so why should I finish you off?”
“Well, this is just unfair,” Jaemin replied with a frustrated huff as you pulled off of him. His gaze softened when he saw you rub your eyes, though. He fumbled for a moment, pulling his boxers and pants back up and tucking away the frustration of not getting his release. “You’re actually tired?”
“Kind of,” you admitted. “I’ve been studying my ass off all week for midterms.”
“Okay, well…” Jaemin faltered before scooting back on your bed until he was against the wall. “Let’s take a nap then.”
“Nap? Oh, so we—oh, okay,” you mumbled and Jaemin’s heart skipped a few beats when he saw you suck in your lower lip nervously.
You crawled into your bed and laid down, pulling the covers over them after Jaemin moved so he was right next to you. Jaemin had never exactly slept with a girl like this, but with you, his chest felt warm. It felt right. Without a word, he pulled you to his chest so you wouldn’t have to see how nervous you were making him feel, praying you couldn’t hear his heart pounding in his chest.
“You’re warm,” you mumbled to him.
And, because Jaemin was a loser who feared rejection and the reality that he was an actual human who felt real emotions, he pressed his lips to your head and whispered into your hair, “I like you.”
If you heard him or noticed, Jaemin wouldn’t have known because falling asleep was so much easier with you in his arms.
Tumblr media
“You slept with her? Like, without sex?” Jeno asked Jaemin that night, to which he nodded. “You didn’t hook up with her at all?”
“Jaehyun walked in the first time and the second time… let’s not get into that,” Jaemin replied. “The point is, we fucking cuddled, Jeno.”
“That’s kinda weird.”
“Right?” Jaemin tugged a hand through his hair, letting out an aggravated groan. “Maybe I shouldn’t go to Jaehyun’s place on Friday.”
Parties were one thing, but at least once a month, the basketball team would hold bonding events for everyone to unwind and chill. Jaemin usually attended every event since he was close with all of the members, but Jaehyun’s house became dangerous territory now because of you. However, Jaemin was expected to take the place of team captain when Jaehyun graduated, so he knew it would be bad if he didn’t attend all the socials the basketball team held.
“Why? Can’t keep it in your pants?” Jeno teased.
Jaemin threw a pillow at him. “Fuck off.”
“It’s been postponed to the end of the month, anyway,” Jeno assured. “Jaehyun said he had a date this Friday or something.”
“Then I’m safe for now.”
It got silent for a moment before Jeno asked, “Are you catching feelings?”
Did Jaemin like you? Sure, he mumbled it for himself to hear when he was holding you, which was pretty suspicious of him to do that if he didn’t actually have any feelings toward you. He perfectly understood the feeling at an intellectual level, but absorbing it emotionally was beyond his realm of understanding. Plus, there was no point in having feelings for someone if they didn’t reciprocate.
Jaemin only had a few crushes before, and the feelings were so surface-level that he started to wonder how many aspects of life he had missed out on because of his inability to grow close to people. That was why he had confined himself to the hookup culture because the “no strings attached” aspect was so appealing to him, but now it was backfiring because of you. It was so fucked up because Jaemin didn’t even want to fuck around with you anymore. Scratch that. He did, but he also wanted to hold your hand, go on dates, and kiss you until your fruity chapstick made him dizzy again.
You were great in bed, but what got Jaemin’s heart racing was the way you laughed when he made a lame joke and you couldn’t get over how terrible it was; the way you told stories with your hands, and your face would light up because you would get so excited; the way the food you made looked absolutely nauseating but, for whatever reason, it tasted amazing, and Jaemin could go on, but he was afraid he’d start melting in front of Jeno.
“No way,” Jaemin lied. “It’s just for the sex, that’s all.”
Tumblr media
It wasn’t fair that you always showed up at the one place Jaemin was most vulnerable: basketball practice.
Truth be told, you were causing Jaemin problems well before you even arrived. Hell, you had been causing problems for the past three weeks. Not that Jaemin hated it, but he couldn’t keep it in his pants every time you dragged him to a blind spot or invited him to your place. There were also times where Jaemin would just simply walk with you, or talk about your day in bed, or just hold your hand and stroke your hair until you fell asleep.
Pretty weird for fuckbuddies.
Earlier in the day, Jaemin had run into you while he was walking to his biology lecture, and after some light conversation, he had you pinned up against the back of a building. He ended up getting a very noticeable hickey on his neck from you that he didn’t know existed until Jaehyun pointed it out during practice.
“Jaemin.” Jaehyun let out a low whistle and gestured to his neck. “Finally got over your weird celibacy phase?”
“What are you—”
“Nice hickey,” Yuta complimented while he was passing by, “finally got laid, huh?”
Only then did Jaemin realize that you had marked up his neck, and did so proudly. You knew people would see but you still went ahead and did it. Jaemin would’ve been mad but somehow, the thought of showing off something you caused turned him on.
Thankfully, you showed up when practice had ended and the others were heading into the locker room, all sweaty and tired. Absorbed in their own conversations, the rest of Jaemin’s teammates were focused on talking about their last play and looking forward to a cold shower. Jaemin, however, did a double-take when he saw you, nudging Jeno to keep going while he stayed back.
You really had no good reason coming to the basketball courts. It wasn’t like you or your big brother actually wanted to walk home together.
“I’m starting to think you come here to see me,” Jaemin said smugly, making his way over to you.
“Not even,” you replied, although your fazed look said otherwise. “But I appreciate the eye candy.”
Jaemin reached out to take your hands in his and pulled you toward him. You looked down at your feet, right foot circling around one of the stray basketballs that had been left behind during practice. Jaemin, however, had his eyes focused on you. He couldn’t get tired of looking at you, especially when you were wearing that cozy purple sweater that made him want to pull you into his arms.
Jaemin noticed your foot on the basketball and held your hands a little tighter as you put your weight on it to get your other foot on. You were shakily balancing on it, grabbing Jaemin’s hands tightly as a grin slowly spread across your face.
You’re too cute, was what Jaemin wanted to say.
“You’re still shorter than me even when you’re standing on a basketball,” he teased instead, one hand slipping around your waist to keep you steady.
You pouted. “I’m basically the same height as you now.”
“Really?” Jaemin smirked at your expression, moving closer so that his lips were at your forehead. He moved his hands so they were both holding your waist, keeping you planted on the basketball. “I think I still have an inch or two on you.”
“That’s not fair,” you whispered, but Jaemin was tilting your chin up and smiling at how you were visibly growing shy. “Jaemin, my brother might walk out any second.”
“Fuck your brother,” Jaemin murmured and kissed you.
People threw around the term “time slowed down” so casually, that Jaemin believed it was a silly hoax; however, he was starting to understand it. Each kiss he shared with you before felt so rushed, but now, everything around him didn’t matter anymore. It was like every fear, every concern he had was lost as he was lost in the taste of your lips.
Your hands cupped his face, deepening the kiss and making Jaemin nearly forget that you were barely balancing on a basketball. He tightened his hold around you when you pulled a hand away to run through his hair and god, he relished that feeling. When he desperately needed air again, Jaemin pulled away, nipping at your bottom lip cheekily as he did so.
He didn’t want to see your reaction, though, so he pulled you down from the basketball and hugged you, burying his face into the crook of your neck. You were visually overwhelming, anyway, and Jaemin wasn’t too keen on seeing your reaction to his tenderness. Jaemin felt like such a melt for being this affected over a simple kiss, but all he wanted at the moment was to be closer to you.
“Jaemin?” you asked, shocked by his sudden intimacy.
“Shut up,” he murmured into your neck, “I just want to hold you right now.”
Jaemin didn’t process the fact that a third person was in the gym until it registered that the masculine voice couldn’t have been coming from you. On the bright side, the voice came from the one person who knew about whatever was going on between you and Jaemin. He then wondered why he was starting to become an optimist.
You and Jaemin both pulled away quickly like repelling magnets. There was a flicker of panic in your eyes, seeming to cool down when you noticed that Jaemin wasn’t freaking out. It was quite devastating for Jaemin to come to realize that he was the standard for what to worry over.
Jaemin, not sparing you a glance, walked over to where his best friend was standing and shoved him, not straying from his direct route to the locker room.
“You have some explaining to do,” Jeno muttered before Jaemin passed him.
“Fuck off, Jeno.”
Jeno flashed a sheepish grin at you before turning back to follow Jaemin, patting him firmly on the back to tease him. Jaemin, however, was unsettled. Whatever he felt for you was moving past sexual attraction to something much deeper, and he wasn’t sure if he could suppress it any longer.
You truly were the cat, and although Jaemin refused to believe it, you had already caught him.
Tumblr media
Jeno somehow managed to stay quiet about what had happened between you and Jaemin until after they reached their apartment. Jaemin almost believed he was going to pretend like he didn’t see anything, but it would be laughable to think that Lee Jeno wouldn’t mock him about it.
“That’s the thing with fuckbuddies,” Jeno explained as he shrugged off his coat, “someone’s gonna catch feelings eventually.”
“Thanks, Jeno,” Jaemin spat, tone laced with sarcasm. “You never cease to make me feel like shit.”
“So you admit that you caught feelings?”
It was like an arrow through a bullseye, not that Jaemin was going to admit to that, but the thought of him potentially catching feelings for you was terrifying. It was even more frightening because he probably already did. This was supposed to be the time where Jaemin blanched and would become shockingly avoidant around you, but he was waiting for those instincts to kick in rather than the desperate urge to run over and kiss you.
But, moreover, screw Lee Jeno for majoring in neuroscience. His best friend studying the human brain and its cognition was the worst thing that could have ever happened to Jaemin.
Jaemin paused, hesitating before he spoke, “No… I’m just worried that one of us will.”
Jeno raised a brow at him. “Whatever you two were doing was not normal for fuckbuddies.”
“It’s called hugging, Jeno. It’s not my fault you have the emotional range of a teaspoon.”
Jaemin moved to sit on the couch, turning his back to Jeno and hugging a pillow as he shrunk back into the cushion. But Jeno knew that Jaemin always listened to what he had to say. It was a natural instinct by now. Although Jaemin would rather die than say it aloud, his best friend always gave the best advice even though it was probably not what Jaemin wanted to hear.
“Are you okay?” Jeno asked instead.
Jaemin froze. He was never any good at expressing himself. He presented himself as a simple man on the outside, but he was really just layers of multitudes. But, sometimes, your mere attention was like uncut cocaine to him, and then Jaemin would wonder if he really was simple.
“I’m fine,” Jaemin muttered back.
“You’re good at being fine, aren’t you?”
Jeno fastidiously fixed his hair before he retreated to his room. Jaemin was surprised by how he cut the advice session this time and left Jaemin to his own thoughts.
Exhausted, Jaemin stared at his lock screen. It was a picture of you and him at a park. Ducks in the pond. You caught off-guard with hair in your mouth. Jaemin with a smile brighter than the sun. Who the fuck took selfies with girls they fucked on the down-low? And who the fuck set them as their wallpapers? Apparently, Jaemin did.
He was sick.
Maybe Jeno was right, but Jaemin refused to accept that possibility because that would make him even more disgusted with himself.
He could only think of one thing and it was how he was in love with you.
Sex was one thing, but love? The number one rule of best friendship was probably don’t fucking fall in love with your best friend’s sister.
Furthermore, Jaemin didn’t know how to act around you now. In the conspectus of Things That Could Go Wrong in his brain, he hadn’t anticipated actually falling for you. He should’ve taken your godsent looks and heavenly laugh as a red flag that first night because now he was addicted.
It wasn’t like Jaemin had absolutely zero experience with girls, but usually, he just went with it. Being the one chasing after you was mentally taxing and the thought of you possibly not wanting him back was unthinkable. Then again, it was pretty clear that it was mutual between the two of you, but Jaemin was confident that you were a breath away from snapping at him for his inconsistency.
He was the one that pushed you away, after all. A sudden transition from resisting to wanting you completely was sure to freak you out, so Jaemin was stuck at a crossroads.
After a few Google searches of asking the internet if he caught feelings and an episode of self-denial and self-loathing, Jaemin decided it was high time for him to call you and tell you how he felt. That, or he was going to panic and break things off before he got emotionally invested.
Before he could do either, Jeno walked back to the living room, putting his coat back on. He looked dressed up as if he was going out somewhere, and Jaemin’s suspicions were confirmed when he went to get his shoes.
“What’re you all dressed up for?” Jaemin asked, sitting up straight again.
“Jaehyun’s house.” Jeno raised a brow at him. “It’s Friday.”
God, if you’re out there, Jaemin thought, defeated. Screw you and your son. Amen.
Tumblr media
Jaemin had to psych himself into the proper state of mind for tonight.
That all went to shit, however, when he saw you sitting in the living room, laughing at something Yuta had said.
“Oh my god,” Jeno said in a low voice when he saw Jaemin frozen in the doorway. “Tell me you’re not jealous right now.”
“Piss off,” Jaemin spat, kicking off his shoes at the entrance. “It’s nothing like that.”
Except that it was exactly like that. Jaemin wasn’t the jealous type, but right now, his blood was roiling in his gut. Deep inside, he knew it was probably nothing to worry about, but the way you smiled around Yuta was pissing him off. Then, he realized that he had no relationship with you that gave him any right to stop Yuta from flirting with you.
And then, you turned to see Jaemin in the doorway and smiled at him.
Oh no, Jaemin thought in complete devastation. She’s pretty.
“Y/N, tonight’s for the basketball team,” Jaehyun told you from the living room, making a motion with his hands to signal you to leave. “Go to your room.”
“You’re such a nosy older brother,” YangYang chimed in, nudging a chuckle out of Jaehyun. “But yeah, Y/N, Friday nights are for the boys.”
“I know, I know,” you said with a laugh. “I’ll go now. I was just grabbing some water.”
Jaemin was still frozen stiff at the doorway as you grabbed a half-empty bottle of water from the kitchen counter (despite Jeno’s several attempts to get him to move) and then walked to the staircase to Jaemin’s left. But then you grabbed Jaemin by the front of his shirt and started dragging him upstairs with you. He barely registered it all happening in the span of a few seconds, but he was able to catch Jeno saying he’d tell the others that Jaemin was running late.
“Y/N? What are you doing?” Jaemin whispered harshly, although he still followed you into your room and let you lock the door.
This was far too risky. Not only was Jaehyun home, but the entire basketball team was downstairs.
You started tying your hair up and Jaemin gulped, realizing where this was going. “Do you want me to suck you off or not?” you asked, smiling.
“Say no more,” Jaemin breathed out, unzipping his pants hastily.
He sat down on your bed, letting you tug his boxers down, your eyes full of mirth. Jaemin felt so pathetic when his cock twitched as soon as you wrapped a hand around its girth, but he was ready to put his pride to the side for once.
Jaemin was about to rasp out something but then you took his head in your mouth and a sudden wave of heat punched him in the gut. But then you pulled away, lips against the underside of his head, and Jaemin was a second away from just crying.
“You have nice hands,” you complimented with a mischievous smile as Jaemin held the back of your head eagerly. He felt like he was going crazy with the way you were mouthing your words against his cock.
“You have nice lips,” he returned through gritted teeth. “But please shut the fuck up and get to it already.”
Your lips curled slowly. “So impatient,” you cooed, tongue dragging along the underside of his cock. Jaemin bucked his hips forward, trying to chase the sensation, but you were teasing him.
“God, you’re gonna be the death of me, Y/N.”
You smirked up at him, moving your head to lick against the slit before taking his cock in your mouth again. A few laborious seconds passed with Jaemin biting his lip so that he didn’t make any noise, and then you finally started sucking him off. He fought the urge not to groan when your tongue rolled along the vein down his shaft.
You showed Jaemin no mercy, however. It was almost like you wanted everyone downstairs to hear. He gritted his teeth when your teeth grazed his cock, and he wanted more. He gripped your hair for anchorage and fucked into your mouth. The smallest whimper escaped you when Jaemin’s cock hit the back of your throat.
Jaemin let out a strangled groan. “I’m close.”
You took this as your cue to suck him off even harsher, and Jaemin was on the brink of sweet release. A tear escaped your eyes as he fucked into your throat, and Jaemin wiped it with his thumb, drinking in the wrecked sight of you that was bringing him over the edge. You let a broken moan vibrate against Jaemin’s shaft, and he was done for.
Jaemin couldn’t recall being able to cum this fast because of someone’s mouth before, but here he was, groaning as his hot seed shot down your throat. You obediently swallowed it, eyes hazy and tear-soaked from the size of him.
A few moments of silence passed before Jaemin leaned down and pecked your lips, heart fluttering a bit in his chest as he did so. “Good girl.”
He swore he saw you lifting a finger to scratch your cheek lightly, which was a nervous quirk of yours that Jaemin had picked up on, but you turned away quickly to fix your hair while Jaemin was pulling his pants back up. The tension that followed made Jaemin unsure of whether to leave or take you against the wall. He decided against the latter, knowing that Jeno couldn’t stall forever.
“Leaving already?” you asked, reaching for Jaemin’s hand, which he gladly entwined with yours.
“I’m already on thin ice,” Jaemin explained. “I have to go back down there and hope they don’t question me.” You moved closer to him, hands moving down to graze past his waistband. Jaemin hissed slightly under his breath and diverted by rubbing the back of his neck. “Uh, so you and Yuta…”
“You’re still on that?” you asked, pulling your hands back. “I can’t laugh around another guy now?”
“No, no!” Jaemin groaned, tugging a hand through his hair out of frustration. “Nevermind, it’s nothing.”
“Is it not obvious, Jaemin?” you asked him, an edge of desperation to your voice. “You really can’t tell how I feel?”
Jaemin sighed, looking down at his feet. “You can’t tell how I feel either?”
“We’ll talk later. I have to go.”
He turned to go back downstairs, but you grabbed his wrist, saying, “Jaemin, remember that you’re the one who didn’t want anything more out of this.”
Jaemin gave you a puzzled look but before he could ask for clarification, you had pulled away from him and gestured for him to leave. He mumbled a pathetic excuse, spitting out a string of words for a moment before he gave up and snuck downstairs as quietly as he could.
He hated that you were right. Even though you had suggested sneaking around, Jaemin was the one who tried to draw the boundary. He did this to himself.
“Yo, Jaemin,” Yuta called, “when did you get here?”
“Just now,” Jaemin answered, rubbing the back of his neck as he walked into the living room where all the basketball team members were sprawled over the couch. “What’re we watching?”
“Pulp Fiction,” Taeyong answered. “Can you get the ice cream from the kitchen?”
“Sure.” Jaemin opened Jaehyun’s freezer to see two tubs of ice cream nestled in the corner. While he was pondering over whether to grab chocolate or vanilla, he felt a presence behind him and looked over his shoulder. “Did you need—oh my god, go to your room,” he whispered harshly at the sight of you.
“Are you my mom?” You raised a brow at him and reached for an ice cream tub. “Let me help you open them.”
“Fine,” he mumbled, voice fracturing at the end. He watched you move to the kitchen’s island and, carefully eyeing his teammates in the living room, letting his hand graze your thigh and whispering, “Hey, I’m sorry for earlier.”
You stiffened at his touch. “It’s fine,” you whispered back, opening the tubs of ice cream. “You’ve just been acting weird lately.”
“Weird?” Jaemin asked as he opened his tub. The ice cream dripped off the lid and onto Jaemin’s finger. “Ugh. Do you have napkins?”
“You’re so messy, Jaemin.”
“Shut up.”
“Let me help,” you insisted, grabbing his wrist and taking his fingers in your mouth.
Jaemin’s eyes widened by a fraction as your hot tongue circled around his fingers. He fought down the urge to take it further and bit his lip as he watched you. Before he could do anything, however, an awkward laugh and wolf-whistle from the living room made him freeze.
Jaemin’s head shot up to see his teammates staring at him, shell-shocked. Some looked absolutely confused while others looked more proud and impressed. Jaemin wondered if you had no shame because, despite all the eyes on them, you didn’t let go of his hand, your pretty lips still wrapped around his fingers.
“I don’t know why she’s doing that,” Jaemin rambled quickly, and his tone was so frazzled that Jeno had to hide his laugh behind his fist. “Come on, Y/N,” he urged, voice dropping for you to hear. “Let go of my hand.”
It would have been sexy if Jaemin wasn’t absolutely terrified.
Only when Jaemin caught sight of Jaehyun’s expression did you let go, saying, “Thanks for the ice cream.” With a playful smile, you looked up at Jaemin expectantly.
“What the fuck did we just witness?” Jungwoo asked, lit up silly like he had just witnessed the biggest scandal.
“We’re friends,” Jaemin croaked out. “Right, Y/N? Jaehyun? Jeno?”
Jeno ducked his head and Jaemin could tell what exactly he was thinking: I can’t help you out of this one, Jaem.
Jaemin couldn’t exactly read Jaehyun’s expression. It was a mix of emotions so varied that they didn’t make sense to him. He couldn’t even pick out any distinguishable one, but maybe it was better he didn’t know what the captain was feeling.
“I swear, it's not what it looks like,” Jaemin defended.
“So Y/N wasn’t sucking on your fingers?” Taeyong asked, a ghost of a laugh on his lips.
“Okay, so it’s exactly what it looks like,” Jaemin muttered and pursed his lips together. “But it’s—it’s nothing,” he reasoned, and at this point, it seemed like he was trying to convince himself more than them.
Either way, it wasn’t working.
Who was he kidding, anyway? They weren’t stupid, and it was clear as day that Jaemin couldn’t get enough of you. For heaven's sake, he even got jealous over Yuta making you laugh. Before, one would have to pry open the cold, hard jaws of his corpse to get a word out about how he felt, but now Jaemin felt like you had broken down his last line of defense.
Jaemin could already see the consequences that would follow, but he still blurted out, “Fine. You got me. Jaehyun, I’m in love with your sister.”
Jaemin’s neurons were tearing themselves over the fact that Jaemin had just professed his love to you and was now experiencing a state of total humiliation. He was confident he wouldn’t ever live this moment down.
The room went silent. Not only were the boys shocked, but you were, too. Jaemin himself couldn’t believe he let that slip, but there was no going back now. Jeno sat there with his jaw hung open and Jaemin couldn’t blame him. He didn’t even know he was going to drop the love bomb like that out of nowhere. Taeyong looked like he had just witnessed a murder as his eyes kept darting between Jaemin and Jaehyun, Jungwoo looked a little too proud, and Yuta was just washed over with realization.
“Oh.” Jaehyun blinked. “Cool, I guess. Does that mean you’re not joining us for movie night then?”
Jaemin wasn’t sure how obvious the shock showed on his face, but this felt too easy. For a little over a month, Jaemin had been skirting around his relationship with you because of your big brother, and now he was acting scarily nonchalant.
“You’re not mad?” Jaemin asked, wide-eyed.
Jaehyun laughed. “I mean, it’s kinda weird that you’re dating my little sister, but why would I be mad?”
“Maybe it’s because you said ‘if anyone lays a hand on my little sister, then I will make sure you look uglier than you already are,’” Yuta reminded him with Jaemin nodding along at his words. “And that was verbatim.”
“That’s for people hitting on my sister to get laid, not people dating my sister,” Jaehyun corrected. “I don’t control her decisions.”
Jaemin smiled through the internal pain of realizing he did exactly that. If Jaehyun found out he wasn’t dating you, then Jaemin was in for an earful. Thankfully, you were too dazed over Jaemin’s earlier confession to decide to start shit.
“Plus,” Jaehyun continued, “I knew you guys had a thing.”
“What?” Jaemin spluttered, blinking wildly. His tongue was performing acrobatics to formulate words but it wasn’t working.
“I had a suspicion when you climbed up my tree to get into the house,” Jaehyun said. “When I walked into the room later, that just confirmed my suspicions because, you know…”
Jaemin’s cheeks went hot when he realized that Jaehyun had probably caught onto the fact that he had a boner back then. Without a word, you rushed out of the kitchen, gaze averted which was what Jaemin supposed was embarrassment. Jaemin heard the front door open and close. He turned to follow after you, but swallowed thickly and froze in place.
“Go, Jaemin,” Jeno urged him, a tone of seriousness taking over.
“Yeah, don’t sweat it,” YangYang said cooly. “It’s just movie night.”
Jaemin clenched his jaw and nodded, thinking about how shitty it would be if he did all of that just to be rejected. Jaehyun’s house was a warzone and he knew better than to come tonight, but he still did, and he still fucked everything up. If things went wrong with you—
“Jaemin,” Jaehyun cut into his thoughts, “just so you know, I’m cool with you dating my sister.”
It was funny how a few words could make someone’s day, but Jaemin was surprised at the weight those words took off of his shoulders. He contained the joy to a half-smile and left the kitchen and walked out of your house to find you.
You hadn’t gone far at all. You were pacing along the sidewalk looking frazzled, hands lacing together and eyes cast down. Jaemin walked over to you and tried to take your hand but you pulled away.
“Did you mean what you said?” you asked, overcome with raw emotion.
“Yeah,” Jaemin replied, shoving his hands in his pockets. “I know I’m the one who didn’t want to start anything, and I lied about not wanting anything, but… this is how I feel, I guess.”
“You guess?”
“I’m not exactly expressive if you haven’t noticed.”
“Oh, trust me, I’ve noticed,” you replied incredulously, lower lip starting to quiver. “I just—I don’t know—I thought I was just going to be an afterthought to you.”
Jaemin froze when he saw tears start to gloss your eyes. He never knew how to deal with people crying, especially when they were girls. He took your face in his hands and wiped your stray tears away with his thumbs, sighing softly.
“Let’s go to my place.”
“What? Why?”
“I need to show you how much I love you,” he replied firmly, taking your hand in his and walking in the direction of his apartment. “It’s kind of funny that you thought that because you’ve been all I could think about for the past month.”
More tears were starting to well up in your eyes, but you blinked them away.
Stay calm, Jaemin’s brain instructed him. Cupid can sense your fear.
“I love you,” he continued. “Should I say it again? I love you, I love you, I love—”
“Alright, Jaemin!” Your face beamed like a Christmas tree but you were still a flustered mess. “God, stop looking at me like that.”
“No,” he said, stopping in his tracks. “I’m going to keep saying it because I don’t think you get it.”
“Jaemin, we’re in the middle of the sidewalk,” you squeaked out as he kissed your cheek.
“I love you.” Kiss. “I love you.” Kiss. “I love you.” Kiss.
“J-Jaemin, I get it,” you whined out, scrunching your nose up at his affection. Jaemin continued, though, and you happened to reach your limit. You gripped his shoulders and held him away from you. “God, Jaemin, I love you, okay? You have to give me a chance to say it back at least.”
This time, Jaemin was the one to get shy. “Huh? You like me back?”
“Jaemin, you idiot, you’re so slow,” you mused, “I’ve liked you this entire time.”
He took your hand, his gaze never leaving yours, and rubbed your palm in circles with his thumb. “I know I’ve been a dick… on multiple occasions,” he admitted, “but I want to be with you.”
“Will you be my girlfriend?” he asked.
Jaemin wondered how many seconds passed after, but it felt like centuries to him. He didn’t budge, however, because he wanted you more than ever.
“Yes,” you finally confessed, which, in essence, was a fever dream in itself.
Jaemin expected his reaction to be different, but instead, his eyes wandered off, lost in thought. He looked toward the moon overlooking that hill where he nearly hooked up with you on the night of the party. That felt like eons ago despite being not that long ago, but it carried a comforting wave of nostalgia.
“You know, on second thought, we’re gonna stargaze.”
You looked at Jaemin like he was some undiscovered specimen, but you still followed him. He laid on his back, scrunching up his nose when the grass tickled his face, and he held his hand out to you. You took it, crouching down to lay down next to him. This time, Jaemin spread his arm out so that you could lay against his chest.
You cuddled up against his chest and Jaemin thought he could die a happy man.
He looked over at you, heart hammering against his ribcage like he was hopped up on ten energy drinks. The glow of the moon illuminated the gentle curves of your face and Jaemin didn’t realize he was kissing you until he realized he had tilted your face toward him and cupped your soft cheek. His whole body felt fuzzy when your hands rested on his chest, when he could taste your fruity chapstick.
It was kind of embarrassing how nervous Jaemin was getting. His hands were starting to sweat and he was feeling kiss-dazed, smiling like an idiot because your soft lips were everything. When he pulled away, he pecked your lips one last time, his eyes unable to leave your face.
He threw his pride to the wind and confessed, “You’re so beautiful.”
Your expression was priceless. Jaemin indulged in watching you become a stuttering, faltering mess in front of him, struggling for words that could come out coherently.
“I thought you said you wouldn’t call anyone beautiful over your dead body,” you managed.
“Well, you’re not anyone, are you?” Jaemin raised a brow “You’re Y/N.”
“You’re such a smooth talker sometimes,” you acknowledged, “you know, when you’re not completely malfunctioning.”
“Shh.” Jaemin pulled you closer. “Let me enjoy this.”
“Fine, but you’re making it up to me later for playing cat and mouse for a month.”
Jaemin scoffed. “Please, I was the mouse most of the time.”
A bubble of a laugh escaped your lips and you wrapped your arms around your boyfriend. “I’m really happy, you know?” you mumbled into his chest.
Jaemin kissed the top of your head, whispering a “yeah” into your hair. Maybe one day he’d admit that he was just as over-the-moon as you were, and maybe it would be coerced out of him hours later, but right now, under the starry night sky, he could only think about how lucky he was. It was funny, though, because now he could see the stars.
And they were so beautiful.
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nctsworld · 7 months ago
two nights, one you
✩‌ jaemin ‌x‌ ‌reader‌ ‌|‌ fuckboy!jaemin | strangers (who f*ck) to (brief) enemies to lovers | ‌10.9k 
SUMMARY‌ ‌⇾‌ a last-minute one night stand gone awry is extended into two nights when you’re snowed in at the cute (but rude) stranger’s apartment on christmas eve. [loosely based on the movie, two night stand] // part of the x-mas in ncity collection  GENRES ⇾ crack | smut | fluff  WARNINGS‌ ‌⇾‌ ‌lots of bickering and dialogue, smut, oral s*x (f and m receiving), fingering, mentions of alcohol/drinking, swearing, bit of angst before the end, jaemin’s an asshole... or is he? RATING‌ ‌⇾‌ explicit TAGLIST ⇾‌ @infnteen​ 
AUTHOR’S NOTE ⇾ it’s late (and long fsldkm), srysry but here it is! i hope the humour comes out in this and look away if falls flat zzz fingers crossed that i can finish the last two installments for this collection asap! 
Tumblr media
⇾ gif created by me, please don’t repost or share without credit!
Tumblr media
Maybe it’s because it’s the evening of Christmas Eve Eve and you’re feeling more lonely than usual.
Maybe it’s due to the two glasses of wine you guzzled down in the span of fifteen minutes that get you buzzed.
Maybe it’s your prominent six-month dry spell and you’re in desperate need for some much needed rain in your drought.    
Or maybe it’s just pure impulsiveness.
Regardless of the reasons, you’re aiming to get laid tonight.  
It’s 9:45pm as you make the rounds on Tinder. You’ve used it in the past, searching for a relationship in vain, but haven’t used it much since you broke up with your last partner. Bringing the app alive again, you’re already bombarded by distasteful messages, off-putting one-liners and jokes, and swiping left more than you’d like.
You haven’t had a one-night stand before, but isn’t there anyone on here that is just a little bit attractive, nearby where you are, around your age, and is somewhat chivalrous about the topic besides saying DTF? Maybe you need to lower your standards if you want to get dicked down tonight.
But then, you land on him.
One Na Jaemin, 20 years old, and only four miles away from you.
Scrolling through his profile pictures and Instagram feed, you assume that he’s into photography, is on the athletic side from the various hobbies he partakes in, and he must be at least half-aware of his beauty because there’s the occasional pic that shows off his lean, toned arms, which, if you can be frank, is more flattering than the shirtless ones you constantly see. Oh, and he attends the same university as you.
The cherry on top? His bio is simple and upfront:
“Not up for anything serious, but always down for a good time ;)”
You swipe right without hesitation.
“It’s a Match!” flashes instantly at you. Your mouth swings open in disbelief.  
Usually, you’d wait for your matches to message you and play hard-to-get, but not tonight. Tonight, you’re initiating and leading all the conversations, completely driven by your thirst.  
Messaging Jaemin is a breeze. He types with more than half a brain, and he flirts, but it isn’t overwhelming or repulsive. Segueing the current topic, you drag your bottom lip upward as you send the following message:  
so, hypothetically... if one were to have good time with you would tonight work?
Not even twenty seconds later and he replies with:
-wow, dont you go straight to the point -im impressed -but yeah -tonight works ;)
He’s quick to send his address.
-let me know when ur here and ill come get you out front!
Smacking your lips together, you squeal to yourself in the comfort of your home, excited to meet with him, but then a thought hangs over you—this feels a little too good to be true. Horrible scenarios run through your head, so your fingers dash across your phone’s keyboard:
tbh i haven’t really done this b4 so im kinda new to this is it ok if we video call or smth? gotta make sure you’re real and not a serial killer i’m sure you understand 😛
-for sure for sure -totally get it -ive had my fair share of fake girls and serial killers so i feel u 😛
Grateful for his consideration, you rush to rearrange your hair after you send him a Zoom link, hoping you look decent enough to not have him back off from his initial offer. He appears in the video call on his phone with the front-facing camera on a few seconds after you connect.
“Hi,” you chirp.
A corner of his mouth lifts. “Hey.”  
Okay, he’s definitely cuter in real-time than in his pictures.  
“You know, I’m not gonna lie, but I lowkey expected to see a dick or something,” you joke in an attempt to dispel your nervousness.  
“Same,” he chuckles, running a hand through his black hair.
Oh God, he’s not just cute—he’s devastatingly gorgeous.
“So, this is my place...”
Jaemin moves around with his apartment in the background, revealing his living room first. Envy prods you as you note the brick walls, high ceiling windows, and well-appointed furnishings.
Recalling his address, you ask, “How’d you get a place in the heart of the city?”
“Lucked out,” he shrugs. His phone shakes a bit as he’s still moving. “My friend slash roommate—who is at his girlfriend’s place tonight, so we have the place all to ourselves—his parents own the condo and they gave me a friend discount on the rent.”
He finally stands in one place and turns the light on to reveal a room. “And this is my bedroom.”
Nothing out of the ordinary. A desk table with a gaming set-up, in tow with a gamer chair, and a decently-sized bed beside a nightstand.
“Oh, and here’s my closet.” Jaemin’s on the move again as he opens his closet doors. “Just to make sure you don’t think I hide the skins of my past one-nighters in here.”
A bubbly laugh rises from you. “Okay, I didn’t think of that before, but now you’ve planted the seed in my head. Maybe you hide them in the other rooms.”
“Nah, my roommate would kill me if I did.”
Both of you laugh in unison, and you bob your head with puffed cheeks.  
“Okay, it all seems very promising. I’m going to get ready and I’ll guess I’ll see you in a bit, Jaemin.”
“Sounds good,” Jaemin nods, then winks. Although you’re sitting down, he’s still able to get you weak in the knees. “See you soon.”
You end the call and rush to bundle up for the snow starting to come down outside. A twenty-minute train ride later, you’re at the front door of a rustic, industrial apartment complex. After informing Jaemin you’re outside, you glance up at the snowflakes falling from the dark pink-grey sky, anticipating for what comes next.
Sex with a hot guy, what can go wrong?  
Tumblr media
So, you must’ve jinxed it because the sex is...  
Unsatisfying. Finished faster than you’d like it to be. Sadly, overall disappointing. If you had to rate it, three out of five stars, at best.
But hey, he came, and you sort of did, and it wasn’t the worst sex you’ve ever had. It half-quenched your dry spell.
And enough happened that it tired you out, leaving you passed out in the handsome stranger’s bed until morning.
Tumblr media
In the morning, your eyes slowly flicker, unused to the foreign, sweet scent engulfing you in your bed. Correction: Jaemin’s bed.
Your eyes flicker faster as you glance through the almost wall-sized window. The snow hasn’t let up from last night. On the contrary, it seems like it’s snowing non-stop. You groan at the thought of going home in this weather.
The bed is without Jaemin’s presence as you reach for your phone on the nightstand. 10:36AM and a few notifications greet you. You rub your eyes and start combing through them, rising upward to sit up on the bed.
“Morning. You’re finally up.”
Peering up from your device, Jaemin’s standing by the door with folded arms. His plain sweater and sweatpants match the colour of his hair. The dazzling smile he gives is so contagious, you’re not even conscious of catching one too.  
“Out you go.”
You blink.
Once, twice, and then you tilt your head as you stare blankly at him, uncertain if you heard him correctly.
After a few moments, because you’re not moving an inch, his smile dissipates and he cocks an eyebrow in expectancy. A serious expression rolls over his face.  
Suddenly, Jaemin strolls to the side of the bed and hitches his thumb towards the door.
You definitely heard him right.
And he’s dead-serious.
You replay the video call from last night, dissecting how you thought he was nice and funny and—
Realization dawns on you.
Why would you expect anything more from a two-faced fuck boy?
Still awestruck by the situation, you’re still solid as a statue, so Jaemin takes matters into his own hands and grasps you by your elbow, casually dragging you from his bed like he’s taking out the trash.  
“What the fuck?!” you screech.
“C’mon, let’s go. Out out.”
“My clothes, though!” you protest in the middle of the hallway. He sighs in frustration, scurries to the bedroom, and returns with a small pile in his arms, then continues to drag you to the front door.  
“Are you always this pleasant with your guests the morning after?” you rage, putting on the rest of your clothes by the door. “You don’t even have the decency to offer me tea or coffee?”
“This was a one-night stand, not a bed and breakfast, sunshine,” he says as he watches you put your shoes on. He’s folding his arms again and leaning against the wall, his attitude dripping with smug. If he wasn’t a stranger, you’d punch it off his face. “You weren’t kidding when you said you were new to this, huh?”
“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?!”
“It means you’re a borderline virgin who needs to toodle-loo, get going and gone because you’re overstaying your welcome as we speak.”
Finishing putting on your coat, you’re fuming as your jaw hangs at the personal jab over your skills in bed. Jaemin swings the door open and shoves you through it.
“But I’ll admit, it was still nice having sex with you!” he chimes with a sickening grin and a hand on the door.  
“Aw, thanks asshole, wish I could say the same,” you sarcastically reply, resting a palm upon your chest.  
He scoffs. “From what I heard last night, I think I can confidently say that you had a great time.”
Flashbacks replay in your mind of your screaming fest from underneath him. Little did Jaemin actually know—
“You know, for someone who I assume has many one-night stands,” you spit with squinted eyes. “I’m surprised you can’t tell when girls fake it.”
You must’ve hit a sore spot because he grinds his teeth and you could almost see the steam coming out of his ears.
Oh yeah, you’re definitely the winner in this fight.
“Okay, you know what, Merry Christmas and fuck you. Have a great life!”
“Fuck you, dickface. Wishing you a miserable Christmas!”
With a bitter smile, you flip him off as he slams the door in your face.
Tumblr media
Carrying a basket filled with dirty clothes, Jaemin’s on the way down to the laundry room in the basement of his apartment with his shoulder scrunched up, squeezing his phone to his ear.
“Bro, she had the audacity to say that I didn’t make her come when she was screaming my God damn ear off—”
As he steps down the short flight of stairs and passes by the foyer area by the main entrance to the building, he notices you’re still here.
“Shit, uh, Jeno,” he mumbles. “I’m gonna have to call you back.”
He stuffs his phone into the pocket of his sweats and calls out to you as he strides closer. “Are you resorting to stalking me by my front door now?”
With crossed arms, you peer over your shoulder, eyes full of bitterness.
“Like I wanna be anywhere near you right now,” you grumble. You jerk your head towards the thick, wooden door. “It’s jammed from the snow.”
The laundry carrier shakes his head and places the basket onto the floor. “A little snow never hurt anyone. You’re probably just too weak.”
Stepping aside and holding out an arm, you signal for him to give it a try.
Jaemin twists the handle and, lo and behold, it doesn’t open. His forehead crinkles as he tries again and again, using more force each time.
Glancing through one of the partially frosted windows adjacent to the sides of the door, he notices the snow has piled enormously high, almost to the height of his chest.
“Well, shit.”  
Tumblr media
Reluctantly, Jaemin brings you back to his apartment. You’re technically his guest and if he left you in the foyer to freeze, trouble would surely come his way, whether it be in the form of his landlords (also known as his roommate’s parents) or the police.
Without a word, he settles a spoon in a bowl, a carton of milk, and a box of cereal onto the small kitchen table.
At first, you stare at it venomously in rejection, thinking you can easily last a day without any hand-outs from this son of a bitch, but your stomach roars ferociously three seconds later.
As you chew across from him, you enjoy the company of your phone over him, while he does the same but with a cup of coffee in hand.
After finishing your food, you adamantly place your phone down and lean back into the chair, boring holes into his head.
“Why are you such an asshole?” you seethe observantly.
“Why are you such a bitch?” he retorts, not pulling his gaze away from his phone.
“Because you started it,” you say slowly, stating the obvious.
“No, you.”
You sigh defeatedly at his childish behaviour. The weather apps predict the snow will (hopefully) die down by tomorrow morning, thus you’re officially stuck with him for the next twenty-four hours or so. Your hands rake through your hair.
“Whether we like it or not, the snow isn’t going away until tomorrow. Merry Christmas Eve to us, I guess.”
He’s still glued to his phone. You exhale another sigh.
“Since we’re not getting out of this until then, can we just...” You soften your voice. “Start over?”
His eyes are still on the screen, but from the way his shoulders tense and how he stops scrolling, you know he’s considering your proposition.
“At least call a stalemate over this.” You drift your hand in the air, gesturing between you and him.
Blowing out air and shaking his head, he rests his phone onto the table.
He crosses his arms, imitating you, and the two of you sit there, staring at each other in a long silence.  
One minute, to be exact.
You’re the one to break the silence game by running your hands over your face, letting out a hybrid of a groan and laugh.
“God, the fact that we had sex makes this kinda awkward, huh?”
Jaemin’s exterior melts slightly, letting out a snicker. He shrugs, “Then let’s just pretend that we didn’t have sex.”
“We can’t just pretend that we didn’t have sex,” you say, holding two upturned palms near your face.
“We did it, it’s done. I’ve seen your penis, you kicked me out, and you labelled me a prude—” You dart a finger towards him. “—which I am far from, by the way. All of those are pretty huge things.”
One of the corners of his mouth raises high. “Are you saying my penis is huge?”
“No, the implication of said penis is huge. Wipe that smirk off your face.”
He stretches an arm, holding an imaginary microphone to your face. “Do you deny that my penis is huge?”
Rolling your eyes, you swat his fist away. “What am I, on trial here?”
“Do you plead the fifth then?”
Annoyed, you roll your eyes again. Why do you get the feeling that you’re probably going to be doing this a lot more today? Another feeling tells you that if you don’t answer his question, he’ll probably pester you until you do.
You tilt your head side to side. “It’s... decently sized.”
“Bigger or smaller than average?”
“Perfect...” His eyes light up. “ average.” And a frown rolls over.
He squints his eyes accusingly at your sneer. “Are you lying like you did before about faking it?”
You scoff. “I wasn’t lying about faking it, and I’m not lying now about your average sized dick.”
Jaemin releases a disgruntled grumble and lifts his cup to his face. You notice he likes to take his coffee black and bitter, presumably like his heart.
“So, Miss I’m-Not-A-Prude-and-I’ve-Definitely-Had-Sex-Before.” His eyebrows perk up on the word definitely. “What’s your story? Why the last minute one-night stand?”
Shrugging your shoulders to your ears, you reply, “Haven’t had sex in a while.”
“When’s the last time you had sex?” he asks mid-sip.
“Half a year ago,” you respond nonchalantly, perching your chin into your palms.
Jaemin immediately chokes, almost spraying the coffee through his nose.
“Half a year?!” he gasps. It takes him a few hits to his chest to dispel the coughing. “Six months?!”
“Wow, you can count!” you exclaim in a condescending tone. You change the position of your hands so that your chin is now atop of the back of your curled fingers and tilt your head. “Can you also spell?”
“As a premed student, I can assure you that I am capable of doing both,” he says with a slight strain due to the coughing fit. The humble brag brings on another eye roll. Of course he’s a premed student with the attitude he wears.
“It’s just—” He clears his throat and swallows the last bit of coffee stuck in his windpipe. “—The last time I had a dry spell was for like, a month, tops.”
So the fuckboy gets laid way more on the daily than you expect. You’re torn between being envious over how much action he gets in comparison to you, or remorseful, since you’re now just one of the many notches on his bedpost.
No matter, sarcasm is always the best defence mechanism.
“Good for you, Jaemin. I’m sure you’re very proud of that.”
There’s an awkward beat. His head hangs for a moment while his thumbs stroke the sides of his cup. A strange pinch of guilt occurs. Did you overstep an unspoken line? But then he drags himself back to reality in a heartbeat.
Jaemin brings the cup to his mouth again, mumbling, “At least the sex on your part makes more sense now; you’re rusty as fuck.”
Completely aware of what he said, you trash your guilt entirely and narrow your eyes. “What did you just say?”
Following a long sip, he hums, “Mmm, nothing.” Soon after, he stands up with his cup.
“I’m gonna go game now. Feel free to watch Netflix on the TV and stay in the living room.”
As if you had anywhere else to go...  
He begins to walk towards his room as you mutter under your breath, “I’m not a dog.”
“Says the bitch,” he pipes up, taking you by surprise.  
“Thought we had a stalemate?!” you shout, leaning your head forward as you watch him entering his room.  
“Doesn’t mean we’re on peaceful terms!” he sing-shouts.
The flinging of the closed door echoes throughout the apartment.
Regret surges through you. You just had to choose a fuckboy fluent in assholery and end up incidentally being isolated with him during a snow storm on Christmas Eve.
You wonder if you can handle being around him for the next twenty-four hours without killing him first.
Tumblr media
During the afternoon, you’re on the living room couch, playing a show as mostly background noise while you’re on your phone. At one point, your phone unsurprisingly begins to die and you tread over to Jaemin’s door to ask for a charger and if you can also take a shower. He’s still annoyed by your existence, but at least he hands you a charger and lets you know where the extra towels are.
Stepping into the living room with the towel in your hand as you dry your hair off, you peer out the large living room window and see nothing but white engulfing the streets and buildings as far as the eye can see.
You pray the snow will eventually stop as soon as possible so you can head back home.
Tumblr media
By the middle of the afternoon, Jaemin emerges from his bedroom and shocks you by plopping down on the opposite end of the living room couch from where you’re sitting.
“Bored?” you ask, eyes fixated on the TV screen.
“Nope,” he replies, popping the p as he says it. His slings his arm around the top of the couch.
“Gotta keep an eye on you in case you do something.” Turning away from the screen, he faces you and motions circles with his hand. “You’ve got a little crazy in you, I can feel it.”
You quickly glance over at him, but try to refocus on the TV. “Need I remind you that you’re the crazy one, dragging me out of the apartment right as I woke up.”
That compels him to turn his whole body towards you. “Well, you’re the one who wanted a last-minute one-night stand.”
You match his stance. “As if I’m the first girl in your bed to stay in the morning?”
“Actually, yeah.” He aggressively tilts his head to one side. “Most girls leave before I even get up. The other percentage don’t fight me when I ask for them to go, so it looks like you’re the odd one out.”  
You press your lips together, refusing to admit that maybe he has a point, under the assumption that he’s telling the truth.
Jaemin twists his body back to the screen and adds, “I make it very clear on my profile that I don’t do morning afters, sweetheart.”
And you agree that his profile is clear about his intentions, but that doesn’t mean you can condone his shitty behaviour.
“Well, sorry that I expected just an ounce of respect instead of getting kicked to the curb after you stuck your dick in me,” you grumble, shifting back to the show and crossing your arms.
“Morning afters lead to attachments, and attachments lead to feelings, and feelings lead to relationships,” he says the string of words clinically, as if it’s a mantra that he lives by.
Your eyebrows knit together as you whip your head towards him once more, studying him.
“And what’s so wrong with that?”
Deliberately averting your gaze, Jaemin grates his tongue between his teeth, a slight tsk audibly heard, and his chin juts out. There’s definitely a story behind his ways. He huffs and changes the subject.  
“Seriously?” He holds a hand out. “You’re watching this trashy show?”
Squinting your eyes at him, you could probably interrogate him further, but you decide otherwise.  
“It may be trashy,” you concur, looking at the TV. “But it’s my trashy comfort show.”
Following an over-the-top acted out scene between the show’s main love interests, Jaemin shoots up from the couch.
“Yeah, no, I can’t handle this. Can we either put on something else or game or something?”
“Why don’t you go back to your room to game, Mr. I’m-Not-Bored?”
“Like I said, I gotta keep an eye on you,” he says while bending over in front of the TV, already setting up the Playstation. He tosses you a controller as he strides to his side of the couch again.
He mumbles to himself, “Need to make sure you don’t go crazy from the lack of human interaction.”
Either Jaemin is selfish and only looking out for himself, or he wants to make sure you’re not feeling lonely in a stranger’s home.
Likely the first reason, you deduce—because why would a guy like Jaemin care about a mere one-night stand?
Tumblr media
Admittedly, you’re not the best at games, especially at fighting ones. You can comprehend the move lists, but you like to live by button smashing the controller and repeating moves over and over.  
So it’s hilarious when you beat Jaemin every round with your surprisingly fruitful technique.
“Okay, this is bullshit,” Jaemin complains, sticking his tongue out in irritation. His ass is currently being handed to him on a plate again since you’re almost done killing his character off. “You must be lying to me; you have to be a pro player or some shit.”
Jaemin’s health bar is dangerously low as your character jabs his with a sword. He winces out loud and you snicker.
“Why do you think I always lie about everything?! Dude, you have serious trust issues,” you joke before you steal the opportunity to slice his character. One more hit and he’s done for.
“I do not! I just—nooo!”
You rise to your feet and pump your arms in the air, turning in circles in joy over yet another win.
Sulking, Jaemin eyes your little dance from his end on the couch, but as he watches you more, a feeling balloons in his chest. Something he hasn’t felt in a long time.
Finally coming down from your post-win high, you spot an emerging grin from the corner of your eye, making you pause.    
“What?” you eye him suspiciously.
Your suspicion pops the sensation in his chest and, like a fish out of water, his eyes widen and his grin melts away.
“Nothing, uhm.” He ruffles his eyebrows and palms the back of his neck, quickly facing the TV. “Let’s go one more round and then we can switch to another game—”
Suddenly, the TV and surrounding lights switch off. Both of you waver your eyes, anticipating for them to come back on, but they unfortunately don’t.  
Jaemin rushes over to the window. When he swivels his head towards you, his face darkens.
“Looks like it’s at least the whole block. The streetlights are out too.”
Without another word, he dashes to the linen closet and brings back several blankets. He calmly explains that there won’t be heat since it’s connected to the electricity, so it’d be best to keep warm with the extra layers.
Not wanting to scare you, he doesn’t add the fact that due to the huge windows in the apartment, more unnecessary cold air will come in, but you’re already cognizant of it from your own logic and since the remaining heat dissolves rapidly.
You groan and retreat into the massive blanket over your shoulders, turtling your head.
You can’t believe you’re going to fucking die in this asshole’s apartment on Christmas Eve.
Tumblr media
On the ends of the couch in your makeshift blanket jackets, both of you attend to your phones for a while.
From what people and the news outlets are saying, it’s not just the block, but the whole city grid is out. You frantically text your friends, giving updates on how you are and half-jokingly telling them that you’re going to die with your dreadful one-night stand. Some time passes and Jaemin tosses his phone  off to one side.  
“Well, since there’s nothing else to do and we should probably conserve our phone batteries—” You glance up at him from your phone and pout. Slowly nodding in agreement, you toss it aside too. “—why don’t we play a game of ‘I’ll-Give-You-Pointers-on-How-to-be-Better-in-Bed’?”
A smile burgeons on his irritatingly handsome face and your eyes roll. At this point, you wonder if the reaction is conditioned into you. “It’ll be my early Christmas gift to you.”
“Wow, so thoughtful, how could I ever thank you?” You drag the blanket closer to your chest in false gratitude.
You think for a serious moment if you really want to go through with this. Hearing Jaemin run his mouth on you unwarranted is already painful, but to give him the go-ahead to do so? Especially criticizing your skills in bed?  
You blow out a sigh, noting the slightly visible cloud. You’re grateful Jaemin has thick, downy blankets.  
Well, if you’re going to die, may as well know what went wrong, right?
“Fine, but if we’re playing this game, we have to say everything honestly and take the criticism we get.” You point a stern finger. “No rebuttals, just acceptance.”
“Wait.” Jaemin crinkles his face in genuine confusion as his hand peeks out from his blanket.
“You have things to criticize about me in bed?”
Your lips tremble before you burst into laughter. Displeasure is on Jaemin’s tight-lipped face as you laugh for a while, almost keeling over in your blanket ball onto the hardwood floor. “How conceited are you, oh, my fucking God?”
He slices his hand through the air. “I’ve never had any complaints—”
“Because you’re too busy focusing on your own orgasm, you selfish dickwad,” you say as your laughter dies down.  
He sits in his snit for a few more moments until he gets over it.
“Fine, fine,” he huffs. Jaemin knows he’s not going to enjoy this, but he’s the one who suggested it. He can’t back out now. “Let’s just get this over with, you go first.”
With your blanket held by your chest, you hop off your end of the couch and shuffle over in front of him where he’s seated. Beaming, you begin.
“Let’s start with foreplay.” Jaemin’s eyes light up with confidence, thinking he’s at least decent with that. You crush his expression as your lips purse and you shake your head.
“What do you mean?! I kissed you as you took off your clothes.”
You stick your free hand out from your blanket, extending your index finger.
“One: you only kissed my lips. You know, there are other parts of me to kiss, like, I don’t know, my neck, my arms, my shoulders.”
You extend another finger. “And, two: it’s weird to not help someone take off their clothes. Like you’re in a super rush to get somewhere or something—”
“We’re fucking!” he cuts in sharply. “This is a one-night stand, not a relationship.”
Closing your eyes and dropping your head, you pinch the bridge of your nose. You sigh in exaggeration.
“Thought we agreed no rebuttals...” you softly sing-say.  
Jaemin’s head sinks a little into his blanket. “Sorry.”
Removing your hand, you shrug. “Maybe there’s some rule that I don’t know about one-night stands, so this could be on me.”
You start to aimlessly tread back and forth in front of him, dragging the blanket along too. “But fuck, foreplay is foreplay for a reason. You work your way up to the heat of the moment and it makes sex much better, regardless if you’re in a relationship with the person or not.”
“Next point.” You stop walking and direct your focus on him. Pointing your finger and looking him dead in the eye, you ask, “Do you know what a vagina is?”
He snorts with a simper. “Uhhh, is this a rhetorical question?”
“No, I’m legit asking,” you say with a raised eyebrow and snarky smile. “Because when you went down on me, all you flicked your tongue at was the outside of it, also called the labia if you didn’t know.”
“I’m premed, of course I—”
“Which is great! But you didn’t go any deeper nor did you go near my clit.”
You thrust your finger again. “Do you also know what that is?”
“Yes...” he groans with the flickering eyelids.
You swipe your arm through the air. “Maybe make use of it, and not only when you go down on girls. Even during sex, touching it is great.”
“And lastly,” you continue. “I’ll be honest here, you have a decent dick.”
Jaemin waggles his finger. “So you were lying before—”
“I wasn’t lying,” you retort firmly. “But anyways, you’ve got the stuff, but why don’t you put it to better use?”
With the following words, you attempt to gesture with your body and execute moves as graphic visuals. Jaemin giggles at the sight.
“Vary the speeds and the angle, don’t just slam it in me and go crazy fast from the get-go. Build up to the climax. Jesus, I couldn’t even get close to coming because you’re like a jackhammer from start to finish.”
When you finally finish, Jaemin’s giggles morph into hollow laughs. Frustration is blatant on your face, pondering if he even absorbed a single word you said.  
After he calms down, he asks, “Are you done?”
You mumble, “Yeah, I think so.”
The two of you switch places. He shuffles onto his feet with his blanket while you sit back on the couch.
Jaemin pulls the blanket across the floor as he ambles. “Okay, your head game is decent—”
“Excuse you, my head game is strong.”
“Uh-uh, rebuttal,” he points out.  
You sigh. Pinching your fingers together, you drag the invisible zipper across your mouth, then wave your hand, allowing him to resume.
“Your head game is decent. You definitely can deepthroat, but—” He mirrors you from before and extends his index finger.
“One: this happened only a few times, but your teeth scraped against my dick, which is why I assumed you were a borderline virgin.”
You fume silently at the accusation, attempting to not speak up with a heap of rebuttals. But he wasn’t wrong—if you teethed on his dick, that’s a classic virgin move.
“But that’s okay, because we already established that you’re just rusty.” Jaemin flashes you a fake comforting smile as he continues to pace. You flash him one back.
“And two—” He holds another finger out. “Don’t be scared to use your hands and stroke me. Give my dick some love. If it’s too wet, just wipe your hands on the bed or something.”
“Okay, duly noted,” you hum. “Next.”
“Don’t be scared to touch me.”
“I touched you so much during—”
He shoots you a glare. You roll your mouth inward, your lips disappearing instantly.
“Your hands were mostly on the sheets, which is hot, but guys like to be felt up too.”
The attractive individual peers up for a second, thinking to himself. “Even hotter when a girl feels herself up during the fucking, but that’s beside the point. Baby steps, just remember to touch the other person.”
Jaemin does a full-stop and faces you.
“And just... don’t fake it.” Distress is evident in his pout. You hate to admit it, but it’s a little cute. He raises an arm and jerks it in the air. “Why do girls fake it?”
“Because guys with egos like you can’t handle criticism,” you reply bluntly.  
“What are we doing, having this conversation, hm?”
“We wouldn’t be having this conversation if it didn’t snow in and keep us here together.” You peel a hand away and gesture to the window. “If I walked out of here this morning, you would’ve just fucked the next girl the same.”
He defends himself, “Faking it just feeds our egos.”
“Yeah, well, if I told you afterwards that I didn’t come, what would you do?”
“Try to make you come in other ways?”
Shaking your head, you scoff. “Guys like you aren’t that considerate.”
“You’re right.” He assents, holding his pointer finger against his chest. “Because guys like me aim to please.”
A brilliant thought leaps in his mind and Jaemin gasps. You can only assume bad things from the wicked smile he sends your way.  
“Why don’t we try it again?”
Perplexed, you squint at him.
“Try what again...?”
“Sex,” he says enthusiastically.
You blankly stare at him.
“You’ve gotta be joking,” you deadpan.
“I mean, there’s nothing else to do and it’ll keep us warm.” 
You continue to stare at him until you groan.
“Oh, my God...” Your blanket droops a bit off your shoulders as you drag your palms across your face. “I cannot believe I’m stuck in this snowstorm with you out of all people...”
Sitting next to you, Jaemin persistently reasons with you. “Think of it also as another learning experience for the future partners we’ll have.”
“Yeah, if we don’t die first!” you shriek.
“We’re not going to die,” Jaemin replies in a mocking tone and a dart of his tongue.  
Outside the window, the snow seems to have slowed down, but not by much.  
God, Jaemin better be fucking right because you want to live to see another day.  
“Fine,” you mutter and match his gaze. “But we have to be vocal throughout the whole thing. Say whatever’s on our mind.”
“Fine,” he agrees to your terms. He produces the same wicked smile again. “But can we film it then? So we can study it after?”
You fire him a death glare that melts his face off, even in the frigid atmosphere.
“I’m joking, I’m joking,” he says, waving his hand.
They say that jokes are half-meant true, but you think Jaemin fully meant it. Still in your blanket jackets, Jaemin snags your free hand and leads you to his room.
“You gotta give me credit for trying, though.”
“No.” You shake your head with an unwilling smile creeping on the edge of your lips. On second thought, maybe the joke was a little funny, but you still stand by your opinion that he’s the most annoying person in the world. “I don’t think I will.”
Tumblr media
“Thank God Chenle has so many scented candles...”
On the edge of Jaemin’s bed, huddled by the blanket, you watch him light up several large jars, placing them on his nightstand and desk in hopes to brighten the room. It’s already late afternoon, but one could mistaken it for nighttime with the muddy sky due to the snow.
“Is Chenle your roommate?”
“Yeah,” Jaemin answers with a slight shiver, igniting the last candle near the bedside. He removed his blanket when he went to nab the matches and candles. “His girlfriend gets free ones from work, so she always gives him a shit ton, even though he never uses them.”
With a glowing hue against his face, he blows out the match. He makes his way to you, a cocky grin plastered on him, as he says, “Guess we’re making use of them now, though.”
Before you can even respond, Jaemin gets right down to business—sitting beside you on the mattress, he palms your face and drags you in for a kiss. You softly yelp, but immediately reciprocate.
The cover falls off your body as you reach to touch him, fingers drifting over his solid arms.
You don’t want to stroke his large ego, and maybe it’s because you haven’t had anyone else on you in a while, but Jaemin’s kisses are something else.
The cushiony pair of lips always executes enough pressure against your mouth, increasing and decreasing on command in perfect tandem and timing. His hands hover over your waist and the nape of your neck, fingers sinking into your hot skin.  
His mouth trails downward the side of your neck. You crane your head back, indulging in his caresses as soft moans trickle out.
He gently signals for you to recline back and lay onto the mattress, moving the sea of blankets aside. Inclined on his elbow, almost atop of you, his cool fingers glide under your top layers, his thumb stroking against your stomach.
Pulling away from your body, he tugs on the ends of your clothes. You rise from the bed to better the angle for him to discard of them.
The hairs on your skin are standing on end from the frigid air, but you’re too focused on Jaemin’s mouth migrating over your upper arm and your bra-covered chest to care. Without notice, he stuffs a cup of the bra to one side and takes your bosom into his mouth.
Air’s seized from your lungs and your core contracts from the pleasure. Your fingers tug on Jaemin’s luscious locks and his free hand squeezes your unoccupied breast.    
After a few twirls of his tongue and a gentle drawing of his teeth on the pointed tip, he mumbles hotly into your chest while he thumbs your other nipple, “Foreplay still non-existent?”
“It’s better, I guess,” you sigh with fluttering eyes. His chuckling reverberates against your cleavage, a sign of amusement from your obstinacy. A gasp pierces the room as Jaemin repeats his actions onto the other breast.
He aids you in taking off the rest of your clothes and, obviously aware of your goosebumps and shuddering, tells you to get underneath the blankets while he strips himself.
Under the toasty ocean of layers, despite how both of you are bare-boned and how easy it is to jump into the main act, Jaemin purposefully continues to prolong the foreplay. Side by side, your lips meld endlessly; your legs and hands are intertwined in an amorous pretzel.
Jaemin ensures he doesn’t leave any part of you untouched—the pads of fingers virtually graze over every inch of your body. Each grip and drag of his digits sends you in a frenzy. Your chest is pressed into him and your eyes are blinded with desire.
In the back of your mind, you think about how you were right about foreplay working up to the heat of the moment—literally, because you’re dripping, he’s hard, and you two have embraced so much that you don’t need the blankets anymore.  
On the other hand, you wonder if Jaemin was right about skipping foreplay, because with every whisper of each other’s name, the intimacy rises immensely. You don’t know him, and neither him with you, but you’re both freely drowning in one another in a plane beyond the lust.
Although the room’s beginning to smell of a mix of all the scented candles, Jaemin hones in and drinks in your sweet aroma and your entirety behind his hazy eyes and already tousled hair. All of a sudden, one drag of his fingers over a particular sensitive spot on your body makes you giggle.
“I’m ticklish over there.”
“You mean right—” He drums his fingers over the area again. “—here?”
With a toothy grin, he generates more suffering from you and you begin to lively howl. Soon enough, you beg him to stop.
“You’re such an asshat, c’mon, let me live!”
When he ceases, his head hangs over yours and your gazes connect.
The same feeling blooms in his chest from before in the living room.
He gulps as his eyes waver over your face, unknowingly tracing your beautiful features and etching them into his memory.
Your starry eyes. Your glowing aura. Your everything.
You barely register the change in his expression because he quickly tramples on his moment of weakness by kissing you passionately.
Jaemin whips the blankets aside as he lowers himself between your legs. Your eyes are fixated on him, matching his stare, until he starts to devour you by swiping against your lustrous folds. Your back bows, and, following a few more licks, Jaemin makes a point of his knowledge of the vagina by spreading your lips and ravishing your pussy, tongue penetrating deeply.
Rippled moans release in harmony with your undulating chest. You swear you’re getting more wet, too wet, likely making it overwhelming for Jaemin, but he’s eagerly lapping every drop up.  
“How’s that?” he inquires with a grin, hovering over your trembling nether lips. His mouth is evidently glossy, even under the dim lighting.
“Good,” you pant in the most nonchalant tone you can muster up. “Very good-ahhh—”
Jaemin kindly interrupts you by tonguing your clit as he fingers your sex deeply, shattering your fake indifference.
“Move your tongue up more,” you direct, creasing your eyebrows in despair. He follows your direction, and droning moans ensue.
Jaemin’s immersed in your pleasure, but also adding to his own. The more he laps up your wetness, the more he grinds his length against the bed, aching to be inside of you.
Your desire pulses faster, contracting tighter against his fingers, body winding tensely by the second.
“Fuck, Jaemin,” you whine, leaning your head to one side with a parted mouth. “I’m close.”
He draws back and temporarily replaces his tongue with his thumb.
“Good,” he pants, cocking his head to one side. His eyes are filled with determination. “Because I’m not stopping until you come at least two more times tonight.”
You exhale a light laugh. “That’s ambiti-ohgodohgod—”
His tongue works wonders on your clit once more, so much that he has to brace your bucking hips.
Okay, maybe Jaemin did learn a thing or two and actually listened to what you said during your critique.
But now it’s time to demonstrate to him what you’ve learned.
You don’t need much of a break to catch your breath, nor do you want to immediately freeze due to inactivity, so you pull Jaemin in for an intense kiss, tongue dipping into the remnants of your own nectar, then beckon for him to take your former place on the bed.
Perched on the bottom of your feet, you’re on one side of Jaemin, lackadaisically fisting his prominence. After a few strokes, you gradually swallow his inches, keeping in mind to relax your jaw and to not rush in order to avoid any potential teething. You do this to prove yourself worthy of giving head, but also in spite, because you absolutely do not need Jaemin to brand you a virgin again.  
You read his quiet groans and his long fingers running lazily through your hair as a positive sign and advance further.
Carefully, you rest your tongue beneath the underside of his cock and bob your head, licking him until he’s sopping with your saliva. His grip in your hair grows in strength as his length reaches the end of your throat, his groans becoming more and more drawn-out.
A needy whimper leaves him as you suddenly withdraw. Dribbles of your spit follow, and you wipe it off with the back of your hand.  
“How am I doing?” you glow in a pant, lazily stroking the doused shaft.
He simply nods with half-lidded eyes, barely able to look at you. “Yeah.”
You snicker at him in his breathless position, a prickle of pride running through your spine over the fact that you blew his mind as much as you blew his dick.
“Use your words, Jaemin.”
Teasingly, your fingers curl around his blunt head, soothing the sensitive tip and sending jolts throughout him.
“Fuck—” he pulls his bottom lip upward. “Awesome. You’re doing awesome.”
“Anything to critique?”
“Mm-mm,” he shakes his head restlessly. You revel a bit more in having the upper hand on him a little while longer. You grip him tighter and hasten your speed, leaving him gasping for air.
“Am I still rusty?”
“Nope, nope,” he croaks, voice rising to a whine. “Definitely not rusty.”
“You sure?” His cockiness has transferred over to you.
“Yes, yes—fuck, slow down, please,” Jaemin begs.    
Granting his wish, you abate your rhythm and free his inches from your touch.
You wipe your hands on the sides of the bed while Jaemin rummages through the drawer of his nightstand and hastily rolls over the rubber over himself before he prepares to enter the body beneath his.  
Recalling your advice, Jaemin mindfully starts off slow. You sigh blissfully in sync to his thrusts. He adjust himself, attempting another angle, and you draw in air between your teeth.
“There, there—“
Jaemin’s quick-witted and keeps at it, plunging a bit more vigorously. Out of habit, your hands grasp onto the bedsheets, but you wittingly attach them to his frame. Hands grazing his neck, his firm pecs, and his taut muscles.  
“Touch-touch my stomach,” he orders in a hush.
You hands follow through and feel up the flexed valley of his abs. Feeling up evolves into desperate gripping and even the slight dragging of your nails.
“Your abs are so fucking hot,” you state thoughtlessly, eyes eating up the view alongside his cock disappearing in and out of you. “Jesus, fuck.”
“Yeah?” he rasps with that devilish smirk of his. God, you want to smack it off him, but not right now—not when you’re reaching euphoria. “You’re not just saying that?”
Oh, you’ve definitely stroked his ego now, but there’s no turning back. Truth spills from you on a whim.
“You’re a fucking masterpiece,” you gasp acutely.
You’re starting to wither away, yet, as if they have a life of their own, your hands drift away from him and find a new home atop your breasts.
“You make me feel so good, Jaemin...”
Jaemin’s eyes go wide. His mouth hangs at the lewdness of you touching yourself.
“Fuck, holy shit.”
His gaze doesn’t leave your ecstatic face or humming body for a second as you knead your breasts and tweak your nipples between your fingers. Your back arches further when Jaemin deepens his sweet, fulfilling thrusts. He’s holding himself back, not wanting to end this beautiful deed just yet.
The stimulation bursts over your body, both from your own doing and Jaemin’s.  
You plead, “Faster, please, faster.”
And he complies, but he also rubs your bundle of nerves, causing a tight knot in you to build up and your shallow moans transform into heavy screams. You clasp onto his back and claw at the protruding shoulder blades.  
You clench, both with your core and your nails digging into him, but Jaemin’s unrelenting, capturing your second peak for the evening.
Instead of coming after you, he shockingly veers lower and closer to you and curbs his pace.
“Was that real?”
You respond with an exhausted nod. Oddly, the smile he shows this time isn’t arrogant, but warm and teetering the line of tenderness. His lips fuse with yours before they stray towards your neck. The passion stews as he sucks your tits, all the while lunging laxly into you.  
With an obscene pop!, Jaemin removes himself from your nubs.
“Ready for the last round?”
His fast thrusts, hitting you precisely in the best spot, cloud your already weakened logic, deterring you from making any response.    
Perspiration is blatant on both individuals. For him, his forehead glistens gorgeously with his damp hair. For you, the back of your bent knees are gluing together. Your bodies are about to pass out, but you both persevere until the end.
As you convulse and perish together in beautiful agony, coincidentally enough, the bulbs in the room and in the streets leap to radiance.
Together, you collapse onto the bed side by side, panting heavily and laughing.
“Told you we weren’t going to die.”
You turn your head to see Jaemin looking at you with a cheeky grin. In retaliation, you stick your tongue out.
Tumblr media
By nighttime, it’s finally stopped snowing outside. However, the streets won’t be cleared until morning, at the very least.
But... you’re surprisingly okay with that.
In a turn of events, the sex inexplicably makes the two of you warm up to each other. There still is targeted banter and tension between you, lingering from before, but it’s less hostile and more playful.
During a fancy Christmas Eve dinner of microwavable pizzas, you poke fun at each other’s majors and discuss your respective hobbies in depth, especially his love for photography. Jaemin even asks if he can take a picture of you, claiming that the kitchen lighting actually looks nice on someone for once.  
“Is that how you collect the memory of your one-night stands? Instead of hanging their skins in your closet, you sweet-talk your way and keep all the photos of them?” you joke, referring to the video call from yesterday night. It feels like an eternity ago, but snowstorms tend to do that.
He chuckles behind the camera as he snaps a photo of you scrunching your face cutely.
“Yeah, but you’re the first one who has clothes on,” he says, glancing down at the photo on the camera roll.  
“Ugh, gross,” you cringe and take a sip of tea.
Jaemin doesn’t add anything further. He leaves out the fact that he never keeps any traces of his one-night stands, that you’re the first girl he’s taken a picture of in a while.  
Tumblr media
After a few hours of more talking and even some gaming with one another, sleep is much needed. Jaemin offers an extra toothbrush and a sweater and pair of sweats to sleep in. You’re facing each other on his bed, noses almost touching.  
“It’s been a while since I haven’t had sex with a girl before I slept next to them,” he whispers, adjusting himself comfortably. The side of his face rests on his piled hands. “It’s kinda nice.”
You cover your mouth as you yawn, then lay your hand back under your head, reflecting the same position as Jaemin.
“You know, it might be my sleepiness talking, but maybe you’re not the worst person in the world to be stuck with during a snowstorm.”
A lovely chuckle echoes in your ear. “I’m glad you’ve had a change of heart.”
After a few moments, your eyes are fluttering to a close until he softly calls out your name.
“Hm?” you stir awake, but not by much.
“Do you...?”
Jaemin doesn’t know what’s gotten to him, doesn’t quite understand why the defences he built for so long are crumbling down in only a day of knowing you.  
And yet, something urges him to give it a chance.
Blowing out a shaky sigh, he anxiously intertwines his fingers with yours. You hum softly at the action and a small smile blooms on your face.
“Do you want to go on a date with me sometime?”
“Hm?” His question doesn’t take you aback as much as you would be if you were fully awake. But even in your drowsy state, you have quips in hand. “Jaemin, the notorious fuckboy and serial one-night stander, wants to go on a date?”
“Yeah,” he replies gently, brushing your loose hair out of your face.
Another yawn. “I thought you said you don’t want feelings and relationships and all that shit.”
His fingers trace your pretty jawline and shrugs. “One date doesn’t mean we’re going to be in a relationship, I’m sure you know that.”
You pause for a good two seconds, but the two seconds feel like forever for Jaemin.
“Mmm, fine. One date, just one.” You barely hold up your pointer finger. “And only because it’s Christmas tomorrow. ‘Tis the season to be giving...”
Relief washes over Jaemin in the form of a smile. Embracing the blatant feeling in his chest this time, he plants a light kiss on your nose and wishes you sweet dreams, even though you’ve already fallen soundly asleep.  
Tumblr media
Sunlight pours over your eyes on Christmas morning.
Déjà vu peculiarly creeps up on you, but the only thing that’s the same as yesterday is waking up in Jaemin’s bed.
He’s next to you this time, deep in his peaceful slumber, instead of waiting for you to leave by his doorframe. The snow has finally stopped, and you think you hear the faint noises of snow plows outside. You inhale deeply and also notice the faded aroma from all the scented candles from last night.
The scenes of yesterday flicker across your mind. The incredible sex. The talking. The dinner. The interlocking of his fingers with yours.
The date he asked you out on.
You stare at him, watching him sleep with a sense of content.
Turning your body, you routinely check your phone, which is charging beside his. You have a slew of Merry Christmas texts from several chats and a few private messages from your friends.
Your attention falls on Jaemin’s phone when it lights up with a notification, likely texts from his friends and family too.
But that’s not what you’re focusing on.
Your heart sinks at the sight of his lockscreen.
It’s a picture of him and a girl kissing.
A twinge emerges in your chest and twists harder and harder.
Jaemin being a fuckboy, you can respect. People can do whatever they want with their lives.
But to cheat?
That’s unforgivable, and a true sin if there ever was one.
You scramble to dash out of there, careful not to make any noises in fear of waking Jaemin up. However, Jaemin’s sensitive to the sounds of the front door, so he rouses awake. His eyes flit open, noticing how you’re gone. He then sees his phone blowing up and adds two and two together.
With his phone in hand, Jaemin rushes to get on a coat and stuffs his feet into his boots, not giving a shit that he’s wearing his thin pajamas in the coldness. He’s bounding down the flight of stairs and onto the bright, white wonderland of the streets.
He swivels his head and catches sight of you almost past down the block, slowly trekking through the thick snow. Jaemin sprints, as much as he can, and hops towards you.  
He yells your name, making others on the street turn, but you don’t. You continue forward without looking back.
“Wait! I can explain!”
You’re trying to gain speed, but cardio isn’t your friend. Thankfully for Jaemin, it’s a close friend for him.
“I don’t wanna fucking hear it, Jaemin,” you grunt, hearing the rapid crunching of his shoes coming closer. “Get lost.”
“No, listen to me for a second.”
The boyish man grasps you by the arm and turns you around. You throw his arm away from you and he holds his hands in the air, letting you know that he respects your space. He drops his hands and sees that you’re seething, even worse than you were when he kicked you out yesterday.
“How are you going to explain your lockscreen with you kissing your fucking girlfriend?! Hm?”
“Ex,” he pants in clarification. “Ex-girlfriend.”
Your eyebrows mesh together in utter confusion.
“Okay? That doesn’t make me feel any better, knowing that you’re still hung up on your ex.”
Jaemin shakes his head and rakes a hand through his hair. You note the large clouds he exhales and how he’s barely wearing any clothes. A tinge of sympathy passes through you, wanting to give him some of your clothes for extra layers, but you smother that quickly in your state of rage.  
“I’m not hung up on her. Remember you asked me yesterday why I don’t want girls to stay the next morning?”
You cock your head impatiently, as if saying, “Yeah.”
“Well, I don’t want to attach myself to girls. I can’t. I...”
He lowers his head to one side. Shutting his eyes, a long puff emits from his mouth.
“She cheated on me.”
The snow plows in the distance can’t compare to the pumping of your heart in your ears. All the feelings you felt in the last day, but especially in the last fifteen minutes, jumble together in your head, making you feel uneasy and unsure of what to exactly feel or comprehend of the situation.  
But you do know one thing, despite the fact that you two barely know each other, the pained look on his face is real—that this is the untold story behind his ways.  
Jaemin lifts his head and holds out his phone for emphasis. “The lockscreen serves as a constant reminder that dating and feelings will and can fuck me up.”
Carefully, he steps a little closer to you and slowly cups your face in his shaking hands. You don’t pull away nor is there the same anger from moments before, so he daintily runs his thumbs over your cheeks.
“Until you showed me yesterday that maybe I’m willing to give it all another shot. Risk it all for fuck knows what, but you make it look like it’s worth it.”
He continues his ramble after adjusting some of your hair from the ongoing breeze.
“Sure, it’s Christmas today, but I don’t want you to say yes to going on a date with me just because it is. I want you to say yes because maybe you like spending time with me just as much as I like to spend it with you.”
You’re completely disoriented—your eyes are shifting everywhere but his eyes and your lips are quivering with no words coming out. He sighs understandingly. 
“Look, I know you’re probably having second thoughts and you don’t have to give me an answer right now. Think on it for as much time as you need, but I want you to know that I genuinely like you and I want to go on an actual date with you.”
He peels his hand away from your face and raises it into the air as if taking an oath.
“I, Na Jaemin, the notorious fuckboy and serial one-night stander, will devote to monogamy once again if it means I can date you.”
His hands grab yours, kisses the back of them, and then he presses one kiss onto your icy cheek prior to walking away.
“Merry Christmas,” he says with a sad smile. “You know where to find me if you change your mind.”
Tumblr media
Later that evening at your large family’s Christmas party, you take another dreadful gulp of your wine.
It’s the happy holiday season, but why does everyone feel the need to stick their nose in your dating life? Well, really, a lack there of.
“Why are you still single?” Layers of their voices resound the same question in your head. You take another swig.
Potential unsaid answers that you kept to yourself fly around as you swish the drink in your glass.  
Because you choose to be.
Okay, not really, but it’s the easiest answer.  
Because you haven’t found the right guy to get you back in the game.
What does that even mean? What makes the right guy even right?
The right guy? It’s someone who makes you laugh, someone who gives as good as they can take it, someone who wants you just as much as you do.
The cogs move in your head as you take one more sip before you finally come to the conclusion—  
Because you didn’t find the right guy until last night.
Despite the mess of today and yesterday morning, you realize that Jaemin is... actually sort of sweet. Annoying, yes, but he keeps you on your toes. It’s a plus that he’s easy on the eyes, but it’s a bigger plus that he’s even easier to talk to.
And if he can find it in his scorched heart to trust you, you can find it in your heart to trust him too.  
You quickly say your good-byes to your family and let them know you have other plans with friends tonight.
As the Uber rolls up to his apartment building, you realize you probably should’ve messaged him on Tinder, but it’s worth a shot to see if he’s home. Anyways, impulsiveness is a controlling entity, as evident from your Christmas Eve Eve’s adventure.
And in retrospect, perhaps Jaemin was the perfect pick of the crop after all.  
Someone’s entering the building and lets you in behind them. You take the stairs two at a time and hear booming music coming from his floor. At first, you assume it’s from other apartments, but it’s all coming from one—his.
Without a thought, your knuckle taps the door.  
A handsome figure that’s definitely not Jaemin opens the door. Behind him, you see a group of young men scattered around the living room, and some have a few girls tucked under their arms.
The man eyes you up and down with a spark in his eye. He’s not Jaemin, but he surely reminds you of him.
“And who might you be?” he asks.
“Who’s at the door, Jeno?” An unknown male voice hollers in a high pitch from the couch. He’s one of the guys with a girl attached to him.
You blink. “Uhm, I’m—”
“She’s with me!” Jaemin shoves the flirty stranger aside and tugs you by your wrist, making headway to his bedroom. He flips the light switch on and the door clicks shut.
“What are you doing h—”
You cut him off with a kiss.
An innocent one, at first, with hints of alcohol on each other’s lips. Your arms wrap around the other and the passion increases with the mingling of your tongues, each party tasting and confirming the specific drinks you both consumed tonight.  
Jaemin forces himself to pull away and presses his forehead against yours. “Did you just come all the way here to kiss me, or...?”
“Maybe I came over to ask... if I can stay with you for another night?” you playfully ask, fingers intertwining behind the nape of his neck.  
He chuckles heartily. His fingers sink into the sides of your waist. “Is my dick that great? The sex with me that amazing?”
“Mmm, that’s definitely a benefit,” you agree, fluttering your nose against his. “But I want more than that—“ You poke a finger to his chest. “—I want the man behind the dick.”
Your gazes converge, bringing you together as one.
“I want to go on that date with you. I want you, Jaemin.”
He flashes a megawatt smile that could compete with a million Christmas lights, but it fades suddenly and you’re unsure why he seems like he’s about to bawl his eyes out.
“That’s so beautiful, I might cry.” He brings a finger to his eye, pretending to shed a tear.
Oh, yeah—you’re definitely going to need to hire someone to constantly shove your eyeballs back into your sockets if you’re going to date Jaemin.
“Oh, shut up,” you whisper, yanking him in for another kiss.
Tumblr media
Three dates later, including a memorable New Year’s Eve, you finally decide to rid of the Tinder app for good.
With his arm around you on his living room couch, Jaemin glances over your shoulder.
“Really? You’re finally deleting your Tinder?”
You snort in disbelief. “That’s gold, coming from the King of Tinder himself. When did you delete?”
He turns to face the television and shrugs coolly.
“Maybe I didn’t.”
“Wouldn’t put it past you,” you nod, eyes still on your phone.
“Nah, I’m kidding, I did.”    
You sharply turn your head.
“No way. When?” you press with narrow eyes.  
A shy smile emerges on Jaemin’s face as he picks his pants over his thighs.
“On the night of Christmas Eve, after you agreed to go on a date with me.”
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freakynct · a year ago
「 𝐏𝐀𝐑𝐓 𝟏 」
— 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝟐 | 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝟑 —
warnings: church boy!mark, unprotected sex, praising, dirty talk, public sex, slight corruption kink, fingering and degradation if you squint
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
every week you would patiently wait for sunday to roll around, the day when you would wear that cute white dress, slightly too short for the ocasion, which would make your mom throw a cardigan over your shoulders to compensate for the skin exposure, and you would do your hair and makeup all pretty even tho you knew that mark was going to fuck you so good that all of that would go to waste. but you still did it, because you knew how much his eyes sparkled and darkened when he saw you all pretty for him.
you saw mark at the end of the hall next to his dad when you and your parents entered church, everyone sitting down waiting for the mass to start. his eyes met yours and you could see a little smirk forming of his lips, making you rub your thighs together at the anticipation.
"i'm gonna go sit in the back with my friends, ok?" you asked your parents already walking towards the seats in the back. "ok, but i don't want you playing around while the mass is going, you hear me?" your mom almost shouted at you and you just replied with a simple "yes mom", watching them finally settling down in their seats.
you weren't going to meet any friends, it was just an excuse to wait for mark so you could escape in the middle of the ceremony to go somewhere quieter. and so it was, a few minutes after the mass had started you felt mark sitting down next to you. you didn't look at him, focusing on what his dad, the pastor, was saying but he grabbed your hand that was placed next to you on the seat, his thumb gently rubbing over your skin.
"you look beautiful." he whispered, his lips getting closer to your ear. "you really know what turns me on, don't you?" you almost jumped from your seat when you felt his hand slowly going up your thigh, lifting the hem of your dress in the process. oh you knew. you knew he loved this dress and this was exactly what you wanted.
"i missed you." you whispered softly, finally turning your head to look in his eyes, your lips almost touching due to the fact that he was still leaning over you. his eyes darkened at your words and he grabbed your hand again, both of you getting up and exiting the building carefully so no one would see you.
mark pushed your back so hard against the concrete wall that you had to close your eyes for a second and he took advantage, kissing you so desperately, groaning when he saw the string of spit that connected your lips to his when he pulled away. his hand went under the skirt of your dress, feeling the wetness on your cotton panties with the tip of his fingers.
"i see you've been thinking about me." he chuckled, rubbing your clit over the fabric, a whine coming out of your mouth. "everybody thinks you're such a good girl. i wish they could see what a slut you really are, soaking your panties just from thinking about fucking the pastor's son." you let out a louder moan when you felt two of his fingers pushing your underwear aside, easing their way through your folds, pumping them at a painfully slow pace.
you threw your arms over his shoulders, trying to pull him closer to you, the back of your head resting on the wall behind you, moaning and whimpering at the feeling of his long fingers inside of you, but you wanted more. "m-mark..." you whined and he smirked, looking at your fucked out expression. he slowly took his fingers out of you and grabbed your chin so you would part your lips, allowing him to push his fingers, covered in your juices, inside your mouth. you sucked on them immediately, hearing a soft grunt coming from mark. "god, i can't wait to have you cumming on my cock." you clenched your thighs at the thought.
he grabbed your waist and turned you around, your hands flat on the wall for balance. he bunched your dress around your waist and slid your panties down your legs, putting them inside the pocket of his pants. they would keep him company during the week when he couldn't be with you, just until next sunday, when he would be able to touch you again. you heard him unbuckling his belt and you looked around, nervous but excited at the thought of having someone walking in on you. fucking outside in the back of the church wasn't the smartest idea but it turned you on, made you feel naughty which you never were. mark interrupted your thoughts by slamming his cock inside of you, stretching you out around him. you bit your bottom lip hard, trying not to scream at the feeling of him fitting inside you perfectly.
"f-fuck baby, you're always so tight." he moaned, sliding your hair out of the way, exposing your neck to his lips, leaving wet kisses all over the skin while he slowly started moving inside you, the feeling so good that you rolled your eyes back, resting your head on his shoulder. mark's hands grabbed your hips tightly and he moved slightly to get more confortable which made his cock touch your sweet spot, catching you of guard, a loud whine leaving your lips. you quickly covered your mouth with your hand and mark chuckled. "does that feel good, baby? s-shit... if you keep clenching around me like that i'm gonna cum." he groaned with his lips still pressed against your shoulder. his arm came around you and his fingers started circling your clit, so fast that the feeling made you light headed for a second.
"m-mark... i... mark i think i'm g-gonna." and you were coming undone around his cock, body quivering from how strong it hit you, your hand coming down to hold his wrist, his fingers still working on your clit, guiding you through your orgasm.
"b-baby, i think i'm coming too." mark moaned and you could feel how his thrusts were getting sloppy, your eyes widening when you remembered he wasn't wearing a condom.
"you can't come inside me!" you turned your head to try and look at him but his eyes were closed in pure bliss and you realized how cute he looked when he was about to cum, the bad boy persona fading away.
"i'll just come on your b-back." he responded but you couldn't get your dress dirty, what would your parents say if they saw your back stained. his cock twitched inside you and you were quick to pull him away, hearing him gasp when he suddenly felt empty, looking at you confused.
you turned around and quickly dropped to your knees, opening your mouth. "come in my mouth." was all you said before seeing mark furrowing his eyebrows and biting on his bottom lip, his hand coming down to stroke at this cock.
"you'll be the death of me, baby." he moaned, the sound so sweet in your ears that you let a small smile appear of your lips. he let his cock enter your mouth just slightly and you sucked on the tip and soon enough you were feeling the thick warm liquid filling your throat and mouth, being careful not to let anything slip out. he pulled away when he was done and you swallowed everything, gaining a grunt from his part.
you quickly got up as soon as you heard the church bells ringing, indicating that the mass was over. your eyes widened and you pulled your dress down, trying to fix your your hair and makeup to the best of your habilities while mark was busy tucking his cock and shirt inside of his pants again. "fuck, my mom is going to kill me if she sees that i'm gone!" you said now walking towards the front of the church in a hurry, mark following right behind you.
"wait!" he shouted, grabbing your wrist and turning you around, his lips slamming against yours for a passionate but slow kiss and you melted in his embrace. he pulled away when he heard the sound of the main door opening and everyone started to get out, distracted talking to each other. unfortunately your mom and dad were already rushing your way, anger visible in their faces and you cursed mentally.
"where were you, y/n?!" your mom shouted, stopping right in front of you and mark.
you were about to make an excuse but mark beat you at it. "mrs. y/l/n, y/n wasn't feeling well so i took her outside to get some fresh air. i'm so sorry if i made her miss the mass but i didn't want her to throw up inside, you know?" you looked at mark and saw how his facial features had changed completely now that he was standing in front of your parents, almost like when he was about to cum, minus the moaning and orgasm face. his eyes were big, almost puppy-like and he just looked so innocent and cute, you couldn't help but smile and so did your mom.
"oh, don't worry mark. thank you for taking care of our daughter. sometimes i wish she was more like you." she leaned to him to whisper the last part and they giggled as if you were not just standing there next to them. "tell your dad that the mass was great, ok son?" your dad patted him in the back and mark flinched a little, almost as if he was terrified of your dad's touch which he probably was, considering what he had just done to his daughter.
everyone waved goodbye and as you were walking to the car you turned around, seeing mark staring at you with a smirk on his face. you looked down and you saw how he had pulled a part of your white cotton panties from his pocket, only now realizing that you weren't wearing underwear all this time. you made eye contact with mark, blushing, and he winked at you, turning around and walking towards his dad.
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notnctu · a year ago
through the lens ❀ l.jn
Tumblr media
❀ lee jeno x fem!reader ❀ genre - slow burn, smut/mature content, fluff (romance?), slight angst ❀ details - photographer!jeno, model!reader, college!au, shy!jeno but he aint shy in bed, strangers to fuckers!au ❀ word count - 8k (this is the longest thing ive ever written) ❀ warnings - nude modeling, swearing, oral (f/receiving), some sweet love makin’ ❀ brief synopsis - jeno asks you to model for his internship project, but little did you know, it was going to be a nude photo shoot.  
❝ jeno was too shy to hold eye contact, but he stared at you endlessly through the lens. ❞
❀ a/n - hihihi this is author doie❀ ! im bad at writing smut so pls dont hate me ah ha lol i tried my best i also dont model/do professional photography so really apologize if i butcher any terms lmaoo the only thing i am is that im in college and im shy
Jeno had applied to almost a hundred internships and almost close to none returned with an offer, even after a whole month of waiting. He absolutely needed to start building his portfolio before the beginning of his senior year of college. The embarrassment of possibly graduating without any experience loomed over the desperate boy. 
Photography had been more than a hobby to him, to the point where he wanted to take it seriously. His parents weren’t the most supportive of an Arts major, but that couldn’t stop him. Jeno saw the best through a camera lens. He had a special eye for beautiful moments and the impressing urge to capture it forever. 
It was too late to change his major, if he wanted to graduate with all of his friends. If he wanted to be successful, he had to act on it now. 
The swoosh! of a new email startled the sleeping boy. He stared at the brightly lit screen, reading the words over and over again to make sure it was real. Jeno was so enthralled with excitement that he scrambled out of bed to wake up his roommate, Jaemin.
He shook him so violently that the sheets fell from Jaemin’s warm body. “Dude! I got an internship!” He spoke with incredible glee, a wide smile couldn’t leave his face.
Jaemin groaned and had to hold Jeno by the shoulders to halt the boy from causing the room to spin. “Why--What is going on?” He dazely rubbed his tired eyes to blink at his giddy roommate.
The screen blinded Jaemin as it was shoved too closely to adjust. “Whoa--,” he pushed it away and shut his eyes, “--repeat what you just said one more time.” Jaemin held a finger up and Jeno grabbed it, jumping onto his best friend’s bed.
“I got an internship. Someone got back to me.” Jaemin returned the same excitement the moment he processed his words. He shot up in bed and hugged his friend tightly. 
“Wo-w, dude! Congratulations!” The two boys hurried on their feet to cheer together. There was no concern for the rest of their housemates, only celebration that roared throughout the entire night.
Truthfully, Jeno had no recollection of applying to this studio. It could have been a random link on a job scouting website, but he couldn’t be more grateful. An internship was long overdue and Jeno had been itching to get some recognition for his craft. 
“Hello, I’m Lee Jeno.” He bowed slightly at the receptionist, who had a stern stare that made him feel vulnerable. The first thing he noted about the office: white and minimalistic. 
Jeno’s specialty was landscape photography. His aesthetics consisted of black and white filters, city lights, dark mood lighting, and background commotion. He enjoyed capturing chaos the most, a scene where more than one thing was happening. The only reason being that there was more to look at. 
“Nice to meet you. The name is Lee Taemin, but you can call me what you please.” A young, lean man strolled his way towards Jeno with a wide grin and his hand for him to shake. Taemin was slightly shorter than him, but his stylish, expensive boots made up for his height. He had to be only a maximum of five years older than Jeno as Taemin appeared relatively youthful. 
Taemin’s firm grip pulled Jeno along inside the studio. A small gasp escaped from Jeno which earned robust laughter from the older man. “I hope you can break out of your shell soon. There is no room for timidness around here, Mister Lee.”
“Please, you can call me Jeno.” He smiled, quite awkwardly at the beautiful man. 
The tall glass windows, the concrete, gray floor, the white doors that lined the hallway, had to be all too predictable. Jeno envisioned this is what high class must look like. It was the pristine, bright feeling and the smell of vanilla that lingered distastefully. There was chatter behind the closed doors --- mainly directing, and high praises. 
The only off-put was that photographers worked behind closed doors. From the few studios he has visited previously, photographers often worked in open spaces due to lighting fractures or the ability to roam more freely. 
“I’m actually very ecstatic you signed up for the internship, since you do seem a bit on the younger side.” Taemin gestured toward the sofa in the middle of his massive office. Jeno sat across from him. Water was already placed on the glass coffee table that separated the two. A laptop was opened to face Taemin.
Jeno slyly rubbed the condensation from his palms on his jeans. Taemin’s stare bore deep into the shy boy, who had to break eye contact from time to time. “I know.” Jeno chuckled nervously, “thank you for getting back to me. I was really hoping to gain work experience through mentorship.” 
Taemin nodded at everything Jeno was saying. His face being completely expressionless. Jeno sipped his water to regain moisture in his dry throat. Taemin was more intimidating than he was anticipating. “Sounds great. Happy to have you here. It might be a small business, but the experience is worth investing in. Every photographer who has come in and out of my building has found their forte. Let’s say, it’s eye opening.” 
“That’s exactly what I was looking for actually.” As scared as he was of this mysterious man, he really enjoyed the comfort the environment radiated. 
Taemin leaned forward and squinted at the screen. “I noticed in the portfolio you sent that you don’t have any portraits or any people, in general, in your photos. Do you have any works with people? Since this is a studio of fine art nude photography.”
Nude. Jeno practically choked on the last remaining spit he gathered. Taemin acknowledged the boy’s shocked reaction and tilted his head curiously, “you did know that I specialize in contemporary fine art nude photography, right?” Unfortunately, Jeno did not. 
Jeno cleared his throat, “yes, of course. I wanted to challenge myself.” He had to lie, there was no other way to cover up his disbelief. This internship was the only hope left for him to gain something. Though, even the thought of shooting a naked body made him anxious.
He hated how timid he was. His friends and family say otherwise, mainly for the reason that Jeno automatically lit up behind a camera. In all honesty, he hid behind it. It was the only safe place that Jeno knew what he was doing. However when it came to real life situations without it, he lacked the confidence to be himself.
As ironic as it was, he hated being seen. He liked to be the background character in his own life, because the main character took too much of a toll. It could also be his deafening insecurities and lack of self esteem, but Jeno didn’t mind not being the center of attention.
“You like a challenge?” It was more of a statement rather than a question. Jeno caught a glimpse of the twinkle in Taemin’s dark eyes. “Then for your first task, I want you to show me that you can take on this role.”
Jeno scrambled for his phone to jot down notes. “Send me an emotional portfolio, model of your choice. They could be a friend of yours that you feel comfortable seeing naked. It must include a variation of headshots, full body, and body details. It must also be raw and unedited photos. I want to see if you have the eye for the art to capture these types of images.”
“When would you like it by?” He stammered, completely winded at the sudden project that unloaded on top of him. 
“Next Friday, and you’ll present it to me here in person. Feel free to use this studio if you don’t have a place of your own with equipment. All you need to do is book a room with the front desk. Any other questions?” The sound of the laptop shutting caused Jeno to look up at the brilliance in front of him. He needed Taemin to help him succeed. 
“Why do you take nude photography?” 
Taemin was unable to stop the laughter that erupted into the room. “I don’t run a pimp business or sell soft core porn, if that’s why you’re staring at me so funnily. What I make is an art masterpiece, it has nothing to do with physical features or desires. It’s the pure emotion that clothing distracts from. Clothing conforms the model into an aesthetic, and while that works for editorials, it won’t be a consistent thing here.” 
Jeno nodded understandingly. Overwhelmed and lost at words. He was unsure what he had gotten himself into. Where was he going to find a model on such short notice on such lewd conditions? He was really going to need to step out of his comfortable zone, in his photography and social skills. 
Taemin stood up and extended his hand once more. “I take pride in my art, so I hope you, too, start finding that in your own.” 
Jaemin held his stomach from the endless laughter, tears welling up in his eyes. “Nud-Nude photography? And you didn’t know?”
“Jaemin, keep it down.” Jeno whispered and cautiously peered around at the few people flooding into the small lecture hall. “I don’t want everyone in our club to misunderstand and think I’m some creep.”
His best friend straightened up in his seat and placed his hand on Jeno's slumped shoulder, “first of all, you’re a complete idiot for not researching. Secondly, it’s an art form. If you really got yourself a shady, rated R internship, I would’ve told you to drop it instantly.” 
His spirits were slightly lifted, but he was still struggling with who he should ask to model for him. As much as he’s already seen of Jaemin, being his roommate, he honestly would rather leave the rest to imagination. Jeno wasn’t purposefully searching the room for a candidate, but he could not stop his eyes from drifting.
He spotted the most attractive side profile that sat two rows below him. He shook his head to make sure he was seeing her correctly. Peering around, he looked for another possible face to shoot. But oh god, how she caught his eye every time she even slightly moved.
You smiled happily with your friends by your side as your club’s executive board members introduced this year’s goals and events to attend. It had to be the smallest amount of alcohol still running in your system that caused you to giggle every time guys tried to turn around and hit on you.
“Why don’t you focus on our club members instead?” You smirked at the smug older boy, who had poorly attempted to grab your attention. “I think this information is important to you. These events could help you develop your social skills to be much better.” Your voice was barely above a whisper, but your girl friends scoffed by your side.
He got up in disbelief and quickly walked out of the room. There was a brief pause at the sudden movement, but the announcement carried on per usual.
Jeno impatiently waited for the club meeting to finally be over, so he could talk to you. The longer it dragged, the more his confidence was subsiding. “I’m heading to study, wanna come with?” Jaemin poked at Jeno’s knee.
“Yeah, but you can go ahead first. I need to talk to someone.” His voice was shaky and his throat went so dry. Jeno’s shifty eyes scanned the room, hoping no one saw how nervous he was acting.
Jaemin’s eyebrows lifted suspiciously, “who? I didn’t even know you talked to anyone who came today. Donghyuck and Renjun aren’t here---”
“--her, Jaemin... her. I’m going to ask her to model for me.” Jeno motioned his head. His heart beating faster at seeing a small grin appear on your face from a comment someone made.
Jaemin hummed, “good luck with that, bud. I’ve got two shoulders for you to cry on after.” The extra hint of sarcasm only made Jeno sweat nervously. He was seriously doubting his decision, but it wouldn’t be a challenge if he didn’t do it. He knew he’d regret it more if he didn’t just ask you. 
Once the meeting was dismissed, you wanted to get out of the room before the heavy rush into the hallways. Unfortunately, a few frat guys pulled you into their conversation and chatted up a storm. Your friends played into their foolery, but you stopped paying attention when they asked for your numbers.
There was a faint tap on your shoulder and you turned to see who the culprit was. You didn’t seem to know him, because you would’ve remembered such a demeanor. His eyes were glued to the floor behind you and his shaky hands ran through his brown locks. His shyness was quite endearing, yet alarming since you weren’t sure why exactly he had approached you.
“Yes?” You asked curiously.
The moment Jeno heard your delicate cadence, he melted like a popsicle left out in the sun. He peered up, but quickly reverted his eyes to the white tiles when he noticed how beautifully you stared at him.
He counted his breathing to calm his rapid heart beat. He cleared his throat to introduce himself, “I’m Jeno. I’m a third year Arts major, um-- I was just--- I know we don’t know each other. I wanted to ask, uh-” Jeno was horrified at how he stammered over his own words. His cheeks burned with a red glow, and if he couldn’t look you in the eye before, he definitely couldn’t now.
“Hey, see you later.” One of the bulky frat guys called and you waved back weakly. 
A guy who had been chasing you endlessly scoffed at the pitiful sight and smirked at you, “see you at my house tonight? Been missing you in my bed lately.”
“Thought you would’ve guessed the reason why I stopped coming around.” Jeno heard the sting in your remarks and the disbelief in the male. 
You honestly could have left, Jeno knew that. But you stayed and waited patiently for him to finish. Jeno could tell how strong you were just by your intimidating aura that practically suffocated him by standing in close proximity to you.
You sighed and reached to grab your jacket on the folded seat, “look, Jeno. It’s nice to meet you and all, but I gotta get going.” 
Shockingly, the shy boy reached out to stop you by your fingertips. His touch lingered before he dropped your hand quickly. “I’m sorry. Are you free this Monday?”
“Uh, that depends. If you’re asking me on a date, then I’m busy.” Rolling your eyes, you weren’t sure why you still stayed to listen to what this random stranger had to say. If it were anyone else, you would’ve walked away the moment he asked if you were free. However, you acknowledged his timidness and the courage he must have mustered up to approach you.
Jeno shook his head violently, completely in shambles from that type of misunderstanding. “Not a date. I need someone to model for my portfolio photos that my internship assigned. It’s actually very important to me because it’s the first internship that responded back to me when I had applied to so many a whole month ago. Basically, I really need this and you because I think you’d be perfect to take pictures of. Oh-- wow! That sounded very bad --- uh --- what I meant is that your facial proportions are perfect and---”
“I’m free Monday.” You cut off his endless ramble and gestured toward his phone. He handed it to you without any hesitation and you typed in your number. “Text me the time, place and what I should wear.” 
“Oh actually, it’s a nude photoshoot.” Your eyes doubled in size, completely offended by that statement.
Jeno felt the sudden shift in the air and brought his hands up to block himself, “to be more clear, it’s a contemporary fine art nude photography studio. The pictures are pieces of art and to be seen as that only. I have no intentions or ulterior motive to sleep with you, see you naked or sell, leak your nudes for the profit of your body. But, I understand if you no longer want to do it because it sounds super strange now that I am explaining it.” 
Your shoulders relaxed and the fist that formed unraveled. You exhaled deeply, “I’ll do it. We can talk more about it on Monday and I get to leave on my own accord if I don’t feel comfortable. We work on my conditions.” Picking up Jeno’s chin, he was absolutely petrified at the forced eye contact and your incredible, powerful gaze. He was mesmerized by the fire in your eyes, and if he stared any longer, he could’ve lost himself in them. 
“Of course.” With that, you dropped his face and left without another look back. Jeno looked down at his phone and the new contact name, (Y/N). It had slipped his mind to even ask what your name was and he slapped his face in utter stupidity. “Do better, Lee Jeno.” It was a remainder to himself to, hopefully, be better the next time you two speak.
Monday, 3:03 PM. 
Jeno paced back and forth in the brightly, lit white room. He was trying to find any blinds or curtains to cover the tall windows of the high rise building. It should not be too much of a problem, the extra lighting was a positive. Jeno was only worried for your comfort of the openness. 
There was a soft knock before Jeno practically tripped to open the door. His breath hitched at the sight of your bare face. This time, you were the vulnerable one. Jeno only saw purity, yet impressed at how your tired eyes still managed to bid him a soft smile. He admired your uneven complexion, and the sparse moles that dotted your skin. 
“Okay, so you want to see me naked now or later?” Filled with jokes, your voice was light and airy this afternoon. There was a bit of a contrast from the first time you two met. Softer, enchanting, almost ghostly. 
Everything in the room was white. The mattress on the floor had a white comforter and white sheets. The backdrop. The walls. The hardwood floor. The only color was the blue sky that the tall windows let in.
“Here’s a robe. You can change in the bathroom.” Jeno scratched the back of his neck and his eyes wandered everywhere, but your’s. 
“Would you be okay with me just taking off my clothes in here?” You saw the light tint of pink cover his face, and spread to his ears. You examined more of the shy boy’s embarrassed face, finally getting a really good look at him. Jeno was very attractive, and you could only imagine how beautiful he must look if he fully faced you.
Jeno fiddled with his camera strap, “only if you are okay with that.” Clearing his throat, he stood next to the window to give you some privacy. “I’ll go over what I plan on doing. I’m going to take photos of your face details, parts of your body, full body, and portraits. You can lay down on the bed and I’ll direct you in poses. Have you modeled before?”
He was scanning the bustling city below his feet. Cars zoomed quickly and crowds of tiny people flooded the streets. He brought his camera up to his face, not being able to resist the urge to capture such a thrilling sight. 
“If Instagram counts, then yeah. Professional model gig would be a no. Nude photography is a definite no, unless we are talking about being filmed during sex.” Jeno chuckled, while also holding the camera steady and stealing a few moments to keep for himself.
For a strange reason, being naked for a non-sensual reason felt even more vulnerable. Laying on the soft fabric, you felt oddly exposed and slightly more reserved. You’ve had countless strangers see you naked. Men were sexually desiring to see a sexy picture. You were always lusted after, but this feeling of nakedness was special.
“Are you ready?” Jeno gulped, finally setting the camera down. 
You hummed cheerfully. Your heart was leaping out of your chest as the boy shifted slowly to face you. As he turned, you noticed he had his eyes sealed shut, which caused a small laugh to erupt. “Jeno, you have my permission to open your eyes and to look at me.”
Holy shit, he was trembling with an inexplicable fear. The camera was slipping from his sweaty hands. His mouth was as dry as the desert. Jeno’s pounding heart was loud in his ears. 
Jeno has seen his past girlfriends laying naked in bed, but this situation was too different. When he saw you laying there in absolutely nothing, he was overwhelmed, yet astounded at how graceful you appeared.
There was no exchange of words and no exchange of eye contact. He towered over your lying figure and shakily brought the camera to his eyes. He selfishly wanted to capture your elegance. Through the lens, he saw all of you: the curve in your eyelid, your curled eyelashes, the small mole next to your soft lips, the sharp color of your eyes, the way your hair frames your face.
This was the most beautiful sight he’s ever seen. You were comparable to the arts found in popular museums. Your body lines were enticing and an impressive shape. Your breasts pooled on your chest, the round nude nipple in the centers. Your details had to be sculpted by gods, who took their sweet time making you. You were a true masterpiece. 
Confused, Jeno felt a huge mixture of emotions. Was he aroused? Was he infatuated? Did he just fall in love with a complete stranger? He recognized the same thrilled feelings he felt taking landscape photos. With each click, he grew more excited with how beautiful the photos were turning out.
“Sit up and rest your chin on your left hand. Lean your weight on your right leg.” Jeno’s direction was clear and firm. There was no evidence of a smaller tone he usually spoke in. Sitting up, you placed your elbow on your upper thigh to steady your chin. Jeno had already gotten down to floor level to you. 
Without the camera that separated you two, it had to be the first time he faced you completely in such close proximity. There was so much to admire about Jeno. He remained concentrated on his craft, but it was actually very sexy to see his dedication. It was almost like he was a whole new person, like all the shyness drifted away. 
Jeno couldn’t take his eyes off of you. It wasn’t simply your beauty that amazed him. Your confidence made everything easy. There was something about your blank stares, when he asked for an emotion, you portrayed it perfectly.
“Can we talk while you shoot?” Your sudden voice startled the photographer. He lowered his camera and his gaze automatically wandered off behind you, which didn’t go unnoticed. He nodded after a short pause and the shutter noises continued.
“Why did you choose me as your model?” 
Jeno peeled away from the device, “because you’re you.” He didn’t even know what that statement meant. It wasn’t like he knew you before the first time he asked you to model for him.
The corners of your lips dipped down, drawing an evident frown. Click. Jeno loved that image especially. It was a simple way to get real, authentic facial expressions. He marveled at the photo, but registered the reason behind it. “I wanted to ask you the second I saw you. I just knew that I wanted you.” 
“But you don’t know me.” 
Jeno looked through the lens once again, welcoming a full view of your stunning attributes. He spoke in a low voice, “then, let me know you.” Click. 
It would be the biggest lie to say that you weren’t aroused by Jeno at the moment. He was cool, without trying to be. He really did shine when he had a camera to work with, like a star to a dark night. While he had a distinct demeanor off the bat, you enjoyed unraveling the rest of him. He was, also, the first man you met that didn’t seem sexually driven by a naked woman in his presence. 
You had to resist every urge to push the camera away and share the few seconds of his entire gaze before it wandered away. You wanted to rock his world, he was so innocent and beautiful. You wished to wreak havoc on him, have him show you how much he wanted you. 
You anticipated an awkward photoshoot, but Jeno made you feel safe and comfortable. He made sure to adjust the temperature when goosebumps rose on your arms and when your nipples became painfully hard. He never touched you or came too much into your personal space. He always asked for your permission. 
Nude modeling was a new experience for you, but you were surprised at how much you liked it. or how much you liked Jeno taking your photos. He sat next to you on the bed when you put on your articles of clothing and panned through several shots to satisfy your curiosity.
Leaning close, your head ducked to see the photos. A gasp escaped your lips when you saw just the first few. “Is that really me?” The pictures made you feel an abundance of emotions, you felt what they reflected. Sadness, melancholy, happiness, confidence. You didn’t know images had that much power to make you feel that, especially photos of you.
Jeno nodded, smiling so wide that his eyes turned to moon crescents. He was so in love with the results. He found respect for Taemin’s craft and he was right, he might’ve found a new forte to experiment with. “I can send you the photos digitally too, if you want them.”
“Maybe I’ll print them out, frame them, and gift it to every horrid man who has tried to flirt their way to my body since they want to see it so fucking bad.” 
Jeno peered over and saw the tiny glimpse of pain in your orbs, “why would you give horrible people what they want?”
“So they can finally shut up and leave me alone. Plus, this is art and if I tell them it’s actually me, maybe it’ll change their minds to start treating me like it.” 
He held his palm up and almost immediately, your fingers filled the spaces between his. “I’m going to need you to start treating yourself as fine art.”
“Keep taking more photos of me and I just might start thinking I’m Mona Lisa.” Your laughters blended nicely into each other. There was mutual mental acknowledgement of the happiness you were both feeling.
Jeno never let go of your hand, and there was a short moment of comforting silence where you two sat in each other’s existence. You were the one to break it, “are you doing anything after this?” 
He shook his head. “Well then, you’re mine for the rest of the night. We’re going to pretend we’ve been close friends since first year and eat take-out on my bed because that’s what I need at the moment.” 
“I know you respect my body and see this as an art form, but I’m genuinely surprised that you didn’t feel aroused at the slightest.”
Jeno didn’t even realize how much time had already passed being you. You two ate and chatted as if you’ve known each other forever, as if the friendship wasn’t established several hours ago. It felt safe and right, like you two belonged in each other’s existence and nowhere else mattered.
He felt warm inside from your hearty laughter and courage, like he was watching a painting come to life or a photo in movement. You were smitten over how endearing and complex he was. He was more than what meets the eye and that alone drew you towards him.
“Okay, I’ll admit,” Jeno paused to watch your reaction, “in the most respectable way, I was somewhat turned on. But! Before you trail blaze me for being just like every disgusting male in your life, I genuinely didn’t have any sexual thoughts during the photoshoot. That was all professional and it will continue to be like that.” 
Getting up from your bed, your mind was working at lightspeed to process his confession. Jeno was fast to pick up someone’s personality, what stood out and what was kept hidden. He knew quicker than anyone else that you were not someone to offend because you were a strong, straight forward woman.
His personality breakdown went like this: you knew what you like, you knew you were going to get what you want, you enjoyed flirty banter (with people of your choice), you weren’t afraid to be blunt, or kick someone’s ass. You carried yourself with confidence that graced your every step, which makes anyone attracted to you instantly. Bold, confident, sexy had to be what came to mind whenever he thought about you. 
Nonetheless, he really liked you as a person. He could pat himself on the back all day long for just approaching you, but he knew the real reason as to how this all happened. It was you saying yes to a stranger’s odd photoshoot. You made him the luckiest man in the world. 
“Continue? Are you looking for excuses to keep seeing me?” You smirked and Jeno’s voice grew small. 
“I--- uh, well,” there goes the nervous stammering, “I know the conditions were a one time thing, so I understand if you don’t want to do it again.” As the night had progressed, Jeno gradually began to hold eye contact and actually looked at you directly without the help of seeing you through a lens. This was the first time he broke it. 
“Hey now, I’m messing with you, Jeno.” He had been sitting on your floor, at the end of your bed. You crawled on your elbows to reach him, and to hold his chin to face you again. Deja vu. “I’d love to get naked for you again, and again, and.. as many times as you want me to.” 
He stared at you with his mouth hung open in disbelief. His eyes scanned your beautiful face to see your lips pull back into a mischievous smile. Gulping, he swallowed every ounce of courage he had left. “You don’t have to say it like that.” He tried to remove your grip, but it latched onto his hand. 
“You’re finally looking me in the eye, sweet thing. I don’t think you realize how much I had been wanting that from you.” You caressed his cheek, rubbing small circles on his texture. 
“What else do you want from me?” His implication sounded suggestive, even if his curiosity was innocent. 
Your hot breath brushed against Jeno’s lips. “I can show you.”
Jeno, the one and only college guy who has seen your naked body in a non-sexual context. Jeno, the shy, sweet boy who appreciated and recognized you as a form of art. Jeno, the talented and skillful photographer, who consistently made sure you felt comfortable. Jeno, the only person in the world who you’d model nude for. Jeno, the dazzling character behind the camera who you wanted more than anyone else you’ve ever met. Lee Jeno.
He seemed like he was inching closer, already tilting his head to fit your’s. You smiled to yourself, seeing that your words were received well. Diving in, your lips swam together fervently. 
The poor boy found himself lost in your enchanting, alluring gaze. He let the trance consume him, selfishly kissing the art he admired so dearly. A small part of him felt the guilt and confusion that began to rise. He wasn’t sure why he suddenly wished to feel your lips on his neck, or run his hands across your hot skin. He swore these thoughts were not present earlier. 
A small pop! and Jeno held your shoulder to pull away. “I’m sorry, did I do something?” You asked, honestly concerned that you were taking more than you deserved. The least you desired was to hurt Jeno, who had been nothing but nice and sweet.
“(Y/N),” you could listen to your name roll off his tongue all day, “I feel somewhat guilty. I don’t want things to be misunderstood.”
“Which would be?”
“I don’t want you to think I coerced you into being my model just because I had intentions to sleep with you.” Jeno was already gathering his things, but you hopped off your bed and placed a hand on his chest. “Because that’s what it’s starting to look like at the moment.”
“Was that something you did though? Did you have those intentions?” Your stare bore right through him. The warmth of your hand relaxed his racing heart.
“Never, (Y/N), I would never do that to someone.” Your hand traveled down to grab his belongings and tossed it back onto the ground. 
He silently watched as you took off your pants, and stood in front of him in your underwear. “Then, we’re fine. I know your intentions have always been pure. But truthfully, Jeno, seeing you focused while you worked sparked something in me. You don’t understand how aroused I got and how badly I wanted you to fuck me on that bed.” His hand trailed up your exposed thighs, finally touching your softness. “You’re the one guy I wanted first, and it’s been a long time since I’ve felt that.” 
“I-- I don’t know what to say.” His cheeks revealed how embarrassed he was, but his dark, lustful eyes were telling a different story.
A smirk fell upon your face, “then don’t say anything.” 
Jeno devoured you, inhaling the light hint of vanilla that still lingered. He hoisted you onto your mattress and kissed you like his life depended on it. His antsy hands roamed your free range, exploring, holding, gripping the parts he marveled over. Small moans from the back of your throat encouraged him to continue.
No one has ever kissed you with the amount of passion Jeno did. It was gentle, with enough vigor to cause your panties to dampen. It wasn’t sloppy, where previous guys had a problem of missing your mouth entirely and slobbered your chin. 
His lips worshiped you, highlighting your good sides. Flashes of the photoshoot popped into Jeno’s head as he left purple marks on the places he loved capturing the most. He pushed up your shirt, exposing your chest to him again. His tongue circled around your hard nipple as he made sure to give the same amount of attention to each one. 
Jeno knew he was too shy to hold your intense stare, but getting to know you during and after the photoshoot, he could see the softness in your gaze. He was, now, able to see all of you. The sight of you through the camera was addicting enough, so finally taking you all in was more than satisfying. 
Your hands ran through his hair as he kissed down your torso. His thumbs hooked the waistband of your underwear, and peeled it off your body. You gasped as the cold air from your apartment grazed against your exposed figure.
Jeno paused to admire your glistening pussy, “would it be okay if you let me make love to you?”
Your heart burned, not out of embarrassment, but at how he still managed to ask you for your permission in the sweetest way. You rested your weight on your elbows, “no one has done that before, would it actually make me want to fall in love with you?”
“It wouldn’t be too bad. I have a lot of love to give and you look like a person who deserves all of it anyways.” Jeno’s finger ran over your wet slit and rubbed your clit slowly.
Your moans filled the room as the electric jolted throughout your veins. The wetness grew, seeping out of you like a waterfall. Jeno dropped down to his knees, and lifted your legs on his broad shoulders.
“Are you usually this wet, baby?”
Chuckling, you smiled at his bold choice in using pet names, “Just for you.”
He hummed, chiming at how he liked your answer. Spreading you open, his tongue met with your swollen bud that begged for his licks.
His tongue darted side to side, up and down and in result, your back arched in pleasure and a darkness clouded your mind. His name and mindless profanities streamlined their way out of you as Jeno ate you out in such a precisely delicious way.
Grabbing a fist full of hair, you pulled him closer, even if there was no more space to fill. Looking down, you two exchanged glances before he thrusted a finger into you. Your hips bucked harder as he eased in another one.
Jeno curled his fingers in search of your sweet spot and found it when a deep moan escaped your throat. His fingertips rubbed and pressed into your plush flesh, causing you to practically scream and squirm in his mouth. 
He suckled your clit and fingered you simultaneously and quickly. The pleasure was overflowing and you released his hair to grip your sheets below you. Your legs shook and trembled as he had no caution to stop.
“Please, I’m going to--” you could barely talk due to your face contouring to the splurge of pleasure every single time Jeno rubbed your spot. “--to explode.” 
He had to take back what he thought earlier in the day. This was the most beautiful sight he’s ever laid eyes on. The whole scene played like from one of his favorite films. It felt like he was giving his photos life. Your body twisted and turned, accentuating the curves of your lines. 
Jeno had become painfully hard against the fabric of his jeans, but seeing you fall apart because of his minimal movements exhilarated him. “P-Please, don’t stop.” A breathy moan followed suit and your thighs tried to press themselves together. Jeno didn’t allow it, his free hand hooked underneath your left thigh to pull one side away from his cheeks.
Your high gradually grew so tall that it all eventually came cascading down. Your legs shook violently and sat up from the euphoria that took over you. Jeno prolonged your buzz and you screamed loudly, having to bite down on your fingers to stop yourself from angering your neighbors.
Jeno drank you up, letting your wetness cover his chin and drip down his knuckles. He pulled away, at last, and you took deep breaths to control your heavy breathing. It was like Jeno knocked the wind completely out of you. 
He stood up and you saw the outline of his hard bulge straining itself through his jeans. The next scene was quite animalistic. You, still embodying your high, sat on your knees and unzipped his pants with your needy hands.
“Now, it’s your turn to get nude for me.” You whispered, tauntingly. Jeno groaned when you reached down and gently pulled him out. He stepped out of his clothing, all of it. His shirt was lost in the corner and his bottoms were scattered over your floor. Mirroring his actions, you took off your last piece of cloth.
Jeno was built. Though his biceps did not go unnoticed during the photoshoot, you were surprised at the lines of muscle that sketched his body. It made your mouth water, seeing his extremely hard dick stand against his toned abs. His red tip fell just below his navel. Jeno only kept getting better as the night continued on.
Pulling him closer, his hand found their way to the back of your head as you aligned your mouth to the wetness that spilled from his tip. “I want to make you feel good.” Jeno’s hoarse voice made your knees weak.
Peering up, you batted your eyelashes at him fondly. “Just a little taste?” You begged, having to hold his shaft with both of your hands because of his thickness. Your tongue was already stuck out, your hot breath causing the tiniest bit of sensation for him.
He nodded and his eyes were trained on you. He didn’t want to miss any second of your kitty licks. You flattened your tongue against his warmth, dragging it up to the top. The saltiness hit your palette as you swirled around his redness. “Oh--” Jeno threw his head back and bit his lip, “--lay on the bed now.” 
You smiled sweetly and gave his member a quick kiss before reaching for a condom in your drawer. Jeno climbed onto your bed and situated the rubber comfortably. You laid on your back and he was fast to pull your legs around his waist. 
He lined himself at your entrance and eased his tip in slowly. Squirming, you craved him to fill you up to the brim. He leaned down to kiss you, letting your tongue lap with his. It’s your hands with the mind of their own when they flew automatically to hold his face whenever you wanted to deepen the kiss. Then, Jeno stretched himself all the way in and he caught your gasp with his lips. He groaned, feeling the mess he created merely minutes ago. 
His hips moved so easily with your wetness, but he went slow. Dragging out each pull and then, pushing himself back in roughly. “Jeno!” Your body jolted up the bed each time. His body fell over yours to hold you intimately, letting you bury your face into his neck. Your lips latched themselves onto his sensitive skin, painting a purple sunset. 
Jeno’s arms snaked underneath your thighs as he pressed them to your chest, folding you almost into a ball. Your mouth hung open as he fucked you harder, rougher, deeper yet keeping the tempo rhythmically slow. At this point, you could feel his hits in your gut. Your weak hands gripped loosely around his strong wrists that held your legs down. “You’re pussy is so tight and holy shit---, you keep getting more beautiful.”
A familiar burning sensation set in your chest as you saw how concentrated his face had become. You were so fucked out that you could barely speak, “you—” his hips mercilessly slammed into you powerfully, enacting a low moan every time he reached your sweet spot. “—keep surprising me.” His actions came to a halt and he stared deeply into your soul. 
You whined, wiggling your hips for any friction. He held them down into the mattress, knowing his grip was strong enough to leave a mark. “I told you, I was going to make love to you tonight.”
“I’ve already fallen for you.” You said breathlessly, tracing the side of his face and pecking his lips softly. 
“You don’t understand what you’re doing to me by saying those things.” He whispered and pushed his entire shaft to fill you to your brim. 
You yelped his name and gripped his shoulders, but he wasn’t done yet. “Show me how badly you wanted me the first time you saw me.” Jeno blinked at you in slight shock. 
As he continued to hold the deep gaze, he kept pushing his dick further and further into you. He was balls deep, almost impossible to keep going. He fucked you without the need to pull out, just burying his cock deeper into your wet pussy. You exclaimed, moaned, cussed at every push. Holding the stare was more than enough to lose yourself all over him again. 
Jeno was drunk with the image of your fucked out expression and every time the mixture of pleasure and pressure caused your eyebrows to crease and mouth to open release sensual sound. He had been trying his best not to come undone, to fixate another climax for you.
The feeling of you wrapping tighter and tighter around him drove him insane. “Give it to me, please.” Your muffled plead called for his release, but he could feel that you were close to your second.
Jeno sat up on his knees and pulled you into his arms where your thighs fell over his. You groaned at the empty feeling, though it was quickly replaced with a gratifying moan when he inserted himself again. Your arms dangled around his neck, foreheads touching intimately. 
The fucking eye contact again, how could you get enough of it? You giggled, amused at how different Jeno was when he eventually opened up. He wrapped his strong arms around your back and thrusted his hips up into you. The way this man made you squirm, scream, and shake were nothing you’ve experienced before. 
He smirked, placing a gentle kiss on your cheek when he went rampage on your pussy. “Not laughing now, are you?”
You whined in pleasure, brushing your fallen strands of hair out of his face. “Shut up before I make you.” 
“Then I’d rather keep going.” Kissing up his jawline, you lead your way to his pout. His kisses intoxicated you with his passion and madness, like the most intense part of a symphony, or when the bass drops after a long build up in a song. 
Jeno sped up, ramming up into your slick pussy over and over again. He even brought your hips down to match him, guiding you down as he went up. The headboard was knocked against the wall, your windows steamed up, cries of pleasure from the both of you created the ambiance, the smell of sex filled your lungs. Jeno reached between your bodies to furiously rub your clit to where it felt almost raw. It all sent you into the clouds, the familiar queasiness settled in your lower half.
Your eyes rolled back and your back arched, having to pull away from the desirous kiss with Jeno. “I’m cumming!” You announced before the tension unraveled, causing you to see absolute white. The second wave was much more uncontrollable, Jeno felt you squeezing radically around his dick as he tried to fuck you faster to prolong the feeling.
Your legs shook around his and your upper body went limp with pleasure. You reached the peak of the mountain and it came crumbling down underneath your toes. It was catastrophically enthralling, to the point where you physically felt something leave your body.
“Oh shit..” Jeno stopped his motions at the sight of you squirting over his lap. He pampered your torso with fluttering kisses, hoping to calm your spastic body. “, are you okay?” He asked with a bit of concern of how lack of life you seemed. 
This man just gave you the best climax in your whole life and he asked if you were okay? Regaining your senses, you sighed a small yes to reassure him that he didn’t actually murder you. Hopping off, you pulled the condom that restricted him.
He hissed when you cupped his balls in your palm. “Cum, my sweet thing.” You purred and Jeno’s hand pumped his member aggressively. You leaned in to help, sucking the tip and flicking your tongue over his slit. 
His other hand gripped your neck, causing you to drip on your sheets. Jeno was panting and with every tug, it became louder. He seemed so desperate to release that it made you smile to be the reason behind it. “Can you lay down,” A grunt followed his question, “please.” He huffed.
“Because you asked nicely.” Smirking, your back hit the sheets and you opened your legs to give Jeno a view. He situated himself above your stomach, as he fucked his tight grip.
“I’m cumming---” He couldn’t look any more amazing. With a final moan, the white streaks streamed out in short sequences. It landed across your abdomen, over your nipple, and pooled around your belly button. 
Bringing himself back to reality, Jeno stepped back to marvel you, his masterpiece. The white streaks coated your purple skin and your chest rose fast to catch your reality. Gazing upon your naked body, he was utterly infatuated with all of you. He was so in love with the sight of you that not a single photo could capture the beauty that you were. 
Jeno pondered the thought of how merely a day changed a small part of him. You were life changing, addicting, an incomparable character that he felt like he’s known forever, and now, couldn’t live without. It was the taste of your juices on his lips, your sweet melodic music that was your voice, your daring smile that enticed him to never peel away from you. It was simply you. 
He leaned down to rub his knuckles against your cheek, planting a lovingly peck on your forehead. “I’ll go start the water for you.” 
Jeno anticipated the reaction of his mentor. He found himself at the same scene he was when he was first given the task. Taemin sat across from him, hunched forward to analyze his new set of photos on his laptop. Raw, unedited photos of you, your body, your details. 
The hum of the air conditioning droned on, driving him mad. Jeno needed one reaction, but Taemin had been silent and expressionless for the past ten minutes. Whenever he did move, it was to click through to the next picture. 
Suddenly, he shut it closed and stood right up. Jeno, panicked, did the same. Taemin stuck his hand out and Jeno hesitantly grabbed it, incredibly unsettled and unable to read the older man.
Taemin received it firmly, giving Jeno a good handshake. “Welcome abroad, Lee Jeno. I expect even more great things from you.” 
Jeno registered his delightful mood switch and he was fast to follow up, “my photos, --- you --- like them?” 
Taemin nodded generously, patting Jeno on his shoulder. Taemin reached up to tap his own eyelids. “What you can see, is very special, kid. You’re an artist and I’m here to recognize that for you. It seems to me, you can do more than take pictures of sidewalks.” 
Jeno smiled happily, his eyes disappearing from joy. He couldn’t wait to tell you about it. 
The rest of the week, leading up to Jeno’s appointment, had felt nothing short of blissful moments together. You and Jeno spent almost every waking minute together without the cost of your friends’ time. He walked you to your classes, some even being across the campus from his own. You accompanied him for meals, even sitting in his lectures to just be with him.
There were no words that established what you two had become to each other. Jeno wasn’t looking for that anyways, in fact, he somewhat liked the ambiguity. If only he could tell you how making love to you made him begin to actually fall for you.
You were never one to hold a serious relationship, but you found a small want for that festering in Jeno. It was hard to admit to yourself, but Jeno saw you for all that you were. He truly saw you, whether it had been through a lens or through his own eyes. He captured your rawness and you were able to find vulnerability around him. 
He ran to you, where you sat in the lobby waiting for him to finish his meeting. Peering up from your phone, you noticed the beaming smile on the boy’s face. You couldn’t hold back your own grin, seeing him apparent with so much joy. “I’m guessing good things?”
“I got it, (Y/N)!” He jumped into your arms and you laughed at the sudden affection. “He loved my photos.” 
“I didn’t doubt it for one second. You’re an artist, Jeno. You create masterpieces that make even someone like me, feel like art.” 
Jeno hugged you closer to his chest, giving you a tiny squeeze. Pulling away to face you, his eyes examined your outstanding grace. You knew what he was already going to say, but simply wanted to hear him say it. “That’s because you are art.”
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yehetbitchtrash · a year ago
Husband 127
Proposal + Wedding
Taeil | Johnny | Taeyong | Yuta | Doyoung | Jaehyun | Jungwoo | Mark | Haechan
A/N: Hi hello, welcome to my Husband!Nct series. I’m really excited for this and i hope you enjoy reading it as much as i do writing it. I’m gonna do bullet points for things like this but little scenarios here and there. You can even request small things too if you want.Mwah x
Tumblr media
You and Johnny had been together what 3 years?
3 and half if you count Johnny telling everyone you were his gf as a joke
(it wasn’t he just really liked you and was too much of a pussy too actually say)
Considering how long you two had been together, you would think Johnny would have this proposal thing in the bag.
lmao sure ok
Johnny was a fucking wreck.
Other than the fact he was going to have to ask you to be his wife
He was going to have to ask for help
I feel like Johnny likes to do everything by himself when it comes to you
makes it more special for the both of you ygm
but this was WAY to big for him to achieve by himself
so ofc my guy turns to best bud Mark
he was useless
so Jaehyun steps in
Now Jaehyun was the best guy for the job
hyped up Johnny
“Dude, trust me she’s gonna say yes even if you trip and the box opens in front of her”
helps pick venues
even offered to fly in both your parents for the occasion
how cute
The rest was up to Johnny
Johnny being Johnny decided it would be cute to take you out
not out, out for dinner or something
this is sir Johnny Suh we’re on about here
I’m talking taking you to make you’re own jewellery
wink wonk
do you see where I’m going with this
Now Johnny isn’t going to make you make your own engagement ring
especially if your shit at it
more along the lines of hinting small things while making cute rings
“I bet you’d look cute in this”
“I really think diamonds suit your hand”
“Imagine you wearing this for the rest of your life”
You kept looking at him everytime he said something like that
but brushed it off
Not gonna lie
you had fun
okay maybe you broke a few ring bands here and there
but the cute little ring you had in the end was worth it
“We can get them engraved for you”
The man who helped you make them said
of course you said yes
you got Johnny’s name engraved in his
and yours in his
while you sat waiting the lights kind of went off
“Johnny what happened”
he just shrugged
you two sat there for a while
then the man came back
lights still off
but he lit a fire in the room
The room was lit with pretty reds, yellows and oranges
to your surprise Johnny was standing there with a nervous smile
then dug into his pocket
“You know I love you right”
You nodded, confused now
“And you love me right”
“Johnny are you dying or something”
he snorted but carried on
“I don’t know where i’d be without you Y/n”
your heart really went fjdinfj at that
“God your smile makes me the happiest man alive”
“I love the way you smell, the way you dress, heck i love the way you practically kick me out of bed in the morning”
confused Y/n
“I don’t think i could’ve met a better woman”
“Johnny what are you on about”
“I want you to always be there when i wake up and when i fall asleep, I want you to make fun of me when I’m being lame, I want to go grocery shopping with you and bicker over which color grapes to buy”
it was your turn to snort
until he got on his knees
“I want you to be the mother of my kids, I want to always be your everything, I want to know that you’ll always be mine”
You stood up from your chair
Johnny pulled out a cute little velvet box
that had such a precious little diamond inside
you know the ones you would look at with your friends after school and be like
‘thats what my mans gonna get me’
“Y/n marry me”
If you weren’t a blubbering mess before then sis
Tbh you put the ring on before you even said yes
“is that a yes”
“oh shit yh”
kisses bitch
that’s when the lights came back on
low and behold guess who’s here
“congrats hunny”
Tumblr media
if i had to sum up your wedding
there was only one word
Johnny’s the only child
so ofc mommy Suh was gonna have the best
you, your mom and Johnny’s mom mainly planned it
Johnny just watched lmao
“how abo-”
“Johnny shut up”
“yes mom”
Don’t worry he did have a say in most things
one being the best man
now i feel like the whole of nct would have a hard time picking one
for god’s sake there’s 21+ members
in the end he picked Jaehyun since he helped him throughout the whole process
after consoling a pissed Haechan
the wedding was in summer
you thought it would be cute to have it outside
just cause the sun would be beautiful when it sets
plus your highlight would be pOppping
cause when we jumping and popping we jopping
your dad walked you down the isle
crying like a bitch of course
tbh who wasn’t
fgs even Taeyong was being held by Taeil
the ceremony was so pretty
your own friends holding hands while you said your vows
“I love you”
“I love you too”
“you may kiss the bride”
the way the boys screamed
mad men
the pictures had to be best part of the day
other than marrying the love of your life lol
the boys had the funniest photoshoot known to man
recreating scenes from movies
your friends were just as bad
the reception was SO extra
Johnny played for you on the piano
Taeil fucking sang
Johnny’s mom pushed Jisung into the mini mosh pit you made like every mom at EVERY PARTY EVER
the night ended with you slow dancing with Johnny
his bow tie undone and the top button popped upon
your hair undone and your heels removed
as you just swayed
Johnny leaving little kisses on your forehead
god he loved you
fjheifngvienignvief cute
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2-cute-4-school · 9 months ago
𝘕𝘊𝘛 𝘋𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘮 𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘤𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯 𝘵𝘰 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘴𝘪𝘵𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘪𝘯 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘪𝘳 𝘭𝘢𝘱 𝘸𝘩𝘪𝘭𝘦 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘺'𝘳𝘦 𝘱𝘭𝘢𝘺𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘷𝘪𝘥𝘦𝘰 𝘨𝘢𝘮𝘦𝘴
Tumblr media
Mark Lee
so we all know mark is a quite expressive person with his emotions
and come on when playing video games we all rage and throw fits so emotions are running especially high ‎(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻
what i’m trying to say is that mark is yelling, banging fists against his desk, laughing his ass off and pissing you off
i mean mark’s laugh is very cute and ENTIRE BLESSING TO HEAR but ♡ sleep ♡ is also precious 
but mark can’t hear your exaggerated sighs nor see your ever-lasting pout
so you lift your tired self from the bed and plop down on his lap
mark : “hUH??¿¿ B-BABE?!¿¿” (*〇□〇)……!
haechan, audible through the headphones: mark, not in front of the boys, you wild beast (๑⁍᷄౪⁍᷅๑)
mark opens his mouth to shout in protest but you bury your head in his shoulder and let out a soft whine and mark.just.COMBUSTS!!!
he grumbles something about how haechan is due for a good beating and nuzzles the side of his face against the top of your head  ♡(.◜ω◝.)♡
whenever he has a break and doesn’t need both hands to play, he brings one arm around you, cuddling you closer to himself and running his hand along the length of your spine
or just LAYS HIS HAND ON YOUR THIGH askfafwsr- ya know (˵ ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°˵)
doesn’t have the heart to break the atmsophere even after he shuts down his computer and just cocoons you in his warm arms and hums a song softly as you doze off intertwined together UwU
Huang Renjun
you’re just trying to be cute and create a romantic enviroment as you cuddle up to your boyfriend who is immersed in his game
“y/n?” his voice is soft, almost a hush and it could almost lull you to sleep
“yeah?” ෆ╹ .̮ ╹ෆ
“i can’t see because of your head”
FIRST HIT HOME but you didn’t give up of course, just flattened your cheek against his shoulder to accomodate his complaint 
just as you settle downs drowsily, glued to his frint, he covers his mic to grumble to you again  ಠ╭╮ಠ
“it’s getting hot” 
SECOND HIT HOME and you’re starting to get discouraged as you scoot a little further away from his body and loosen the grip of your hands around his neck (๑′°︿°๑)
but of course ever grumpy renjun still had complaints karen who
“my legs are falling asleep” 
*SIGH* “eye roll* *definetely not pouting* you start pulling yourself away from him and trudge defeatedly and bury yourself under a ton of blankets
but he just chickles, has the AUDACITY to chuckle, and brings you back on his lap, squeezing the life out of you  (≧д≦ヾ)
“i was just kidding babe don’t leave me!!” says renjun as he sways you kinda violently may i add from side to side and rubs his cheek against yours cuz he’s a kitty and adorable confirmed  ε=(。♡ˇд ˇ♡。)
rough love you have other there as you can see
Lee Jeno
jeno is GENTLE GIANT (ノ。≧◇≦)ノ
gentle loving giant in this case actually so even better
so we all know how the dreamies exposed this boy TWICE for playing video games 25/8 and he got scolded by his mum lol so i’m thinking
you’re trying to get him to go to sleep or at least rest his eyes he’s already blind enough i WONDER WHY damn
all this started when you settled in front of his computer to block his view
and as he argued with you he decided enough is enough and pulled you into his lap, traping you against his chest (╬ Ò ‸ Ó)
“jeno it’s 3 am!!” :<
“ just one more round baby” of video games ya only me?ok
he tries to give you a *smooch* but you move your face away and refuse to turn around and let him kiss you
and that’s where jeno draws the line (; ・`д・´)​
kithes are something that can’t berefused between you two, an unspoken rule you apparenly weren’t aware of
so with a ‘eep!!!’ from you, he simly stands up from his seat with you latched onto him like a koala like (^ω^ ≡ °д°)
“jeno put me down!!!11!!1! NOW!!” 
“kiss first” (.◜ ᵕ ◝.)  
“are you nuts??!!!?” *exaggerated smooch* “now put me down!!”
needless to say he’s not letting go anytime soon, he just plops into bed and you cuddle until you fall asleep you’ve been scammed
Lee Donghyuck
haechan is a very VERY petty brat person ಠ_ಠ
so guess what... fights with him are a national competition of petty acts
and you know what his ultimate move in your most recent fight is? *drum rolls* turning off the central heating really original hyuck i applaud you
and this kid knows exactly what he’s doing when he sits down in his gaming chair with a shit-eating grin  (ง ͠ ͠° ل͜ °)
he hears you stumble around the house in your dora the explorer exploration in the search of a blanket
but guess what? they’re all under his flat cake  ( ✧≖ ͜ʖ≖)
so when you bardge in the room and find him hogging all the warmth you hope to intimidate him with your  ✨ highly horrific glare ✨
but he pretends to be too busy to notice you so you just defeatedly settle on his lap and under the blankets
“well well well look who’s crawling back with their tail between their legs”
“i might just cut off your front microscopic tail” (눈_눈)
but i just know he’s gonna cuddle you until you sweat your ass off under that mountain of blankets
and even when he can’t hold you, he’ll press his lips against your forehead, lingering there as his warm breath fanned across your skin
he also made a deal with you to which you didn’t necessarily agree with but that’s a minor detail am i rite
if he wins the round he gets a kiss as a reward (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧
if he loses, he gets 2 kisses as a consolation (ฅ⁍̴̀◊⁍̴́)و ̑̑
you’re getting suspicious of his 4 consecutive losses
Na Jaemin
he’s a fluff ball we all know it, we all love it
he’d DIG THAT KIND OF SHIT  ٩̋(ˊ•͈ ꇴ •͈ˋ)و
and he babies you to the end of earth
99.8% chance that he’s gonna stop playing just to cradle you against his chest properly because YOU’RE. HIS. BABY!!! periodt.
cue yelling from his teammates for abadoning them in the middle of the game but that’s inevitable
“na jaemin you SIMP!!!!” 
but jaemin is too busy making puppy eyes at you (●♡∀♡))ヾ☆*。
he’d kiss you everywhere he could reach and then scoop your hands in his and bring them to his lips for another shower of kithes  (*'、^*)chu
and if you kiss him back??  
this man will literally COMUST with uwus istg
like just imagine you brush your lips against his neck and then you gently nuzzle against him??
jaemin would melt in your embrace ♡(。- ω -)
even if he did eventually go back to playing, he’d press kises anywhere in reach periodically cuz he’s soft like that
would also LOVE feeling your breath fan his neck he gets a unique feeling of comfort knowing that he has you so close to him  (๑˃ᴗ˂)
“even if you were the impostor i’d still vote myself out for you”
the romanticism of this decade 
Zhong Chenle
this boi is ruthless when playing video games
god frobid you’re in his way cuz you’re getting SQUASHED (「⊙Д⊙)「
 he obvioulsy LOVES winning
but ya know what he loves more than winning???
𝓨𝓞𝓤  ♡(㋭ ਊ ㋲)♡
so chenle is all (。+・`ω・´)
“you waste of space move along!!!!”  “shoot that gun straight dammit or i’ll shove it up yo- oh hey baby°˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°“
the moment you plop down on his lap and curl yourself up with your head tucked under his chin, his blazing eyes soften so cutely
and so raging kid chenle turns into best babyboi chenle (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑
he M E L T S like he just leans into your touch and continues gaming  A LOT more silently and just smiles absent-mindedly the entire time
“yo chenle you dead????” most likely jisung on the other side of the headphones
“no?” 「(゚<゚)゙??
“... guys he’s plotting something, reatreat!! i repeat, RETREAT!!!”
“what?? no, what do you mean by that !??!!!”
you stir as his voice rises in volume and chenle immediately settles down again and shushes you while patting your heah and threading his fingers through your hair carefully (*-ω-)
goes straight for jisung after that teammate or not rip jisung you’ll be missed but also bad choice to annoy a soft-for-only-my-baby chenle
Park Jisung
a bit flustered but just couldn’t refuse you when you cutely asked him with wide puppy eyes if you could sit in his lap to watch him play
probably short circuited for a good 2 minutes before he could produce and intelligible answer (ง ´͈౪`͈)ว
and that’s how you found yourself perched on his lap, facing the screen with curious eyes as jisung struggled as if his LIFE depended on it
“how do you jump?” (,Ծ_Ծ,)
“you can’t jump”
“what do you mean you can’t jump?? gravity doesn’t work like that” Σ(・ิ¬・ิ)
you’re like 2 newborn babies running wild and unsupervised
“jisung, that character looks like you when you’re constipated” (๑꒪▿꒪)*
cue cackling from the devil spawns on the other side
he’s gonna keep in mind this betrayal UNTIL THE END OF TIME beware
if you catch sight of one of his hands not working away i bet my allowance you’ll have this uncontrollable urge to hold it in yours DO IT I NEED MY ALLOWANCE DON’T BE SHY
of course he’ll automatically intertwine your fingers together and bring them up for a chaste kiss  ~(^з^)-♡
and i know for sure that he won’t have the heart to let go of it even when he needs it to play sigh jisung you SIMP
he’s gonna get scolded and teased by the other later but ya know
at least he ain’t no touch starved coward ¯\(°_o)/¯
he gets grounded for that by jaemin
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markresonates · 4 months ago
I heard a rumor
Tumblr media
Summary: You hate that the new camp counselor you’re bunking with is Jeno, the “bad boy” that was rumored to have cheated on your best friend in high school. He doesn’t want to room with you either, believing the rumor that you started the rumor that fueled his (fake) cold, heartless reputation. But somehow, everything changes over the summer. 
Pairing: college/enemy au!Jeno x fem!reader    
[Other- roomies: Renjun, Donghyuck, Jaemin]
Genre:  porn w/ plot, angst, eventual heavy fluff, enemies to lovers
Word count:  8.4k
a/n: this was supposed to be for my milestone event with the song “Vertigo” by Derik Fein but I’m on a massive Jeno kick right now & it would be impossible to make it less than 900 words thank you to the anon who requested it!
warning: rough sex, unprotected sex (use protection irl !), dirty talk, oral (male and female), throat f&cking, use of “good girl” a lot , fingering, mentions of masturbation, brief drinking, tiny verbal non-graphic sexual harassment, jealousy, aftercare, hard dom!Jeno, sub!reader
Tumblr media
snippet: The mere possibility of an intimate moment between you two in the small, cramped space, beckons a dizzy, timid vertigo. He fails to recall the exact moment he developed feelings for you, but as of late, your touch has been intoxicating, your skin getting him drunk with insatiable desire. That’s not how it used to be though.
Tumblr media
Month 1
“Why do you get the only real bed in the cabin?” you complain to Jeno as he hops on the new mattress.
It was absolutely ridiculous that the newest counselor got an actual bed while you and your other friends, Renjun, Hyuck and Jaemin, have to share bunk beds. 
“The director told me I get this bed because I’m head counselor,” Jeno shrugs. Your whiny tone reveals your extreme frustration with the favoritism he’s  already received his first day on the job. He smiles back to you, curious about how quickly he can get your blood to boil.
“Co-head. You’re co-head counselor. We share the title, okay?” 
“Huh, that’s interesting, because the director gave me the keys to every door in the camp. Did you get a set of keys, y/n?” Jeno baits, awaiting your outburst. Your ears burn as you spot a glint of amusement in his eyes.
It’s impossible to ignore how excruciatingly more handsome he’s grown since graduation, and even harder to suppress the fluttering in your body.  Curse the universe for gracing him with good looks and perfect body proportions. Girls must throw themselves at his feet for how hot he is. But you are no such girl.
Being the only other person in the room, Renjun steps in to mediate the heated dispute. He blocks Jeno from your line of sight, knowing there’s nothing he can say to help the current situation. His scrunched-up face gives away how irritated he is having to play referee for a game he never signed up. You certainly didn’t volunteer to be varsity captain for “team loyalty” this summer, but there’s no way you’re going to forfeit and forgive a player like him so easily. He was unofficially awarded MVP (Most Volatile Player) in high school for what he did.
In attempts to calm yourself, you take a few deep breaths at the implied instruction of his changing facial expressions. You might have been the one to lose your cool a bit, but in your defense, you wholeheartedly believe he is hot headed, untrustworthy, and shouldn’t be here. 
You recall the numerous pained instances of your best friend, Yeeun, crying on your shoulder during junior year. When rumors spread that he was involved with another girl, she heard him out, nearly mending their relationship… until the pictures leaked. No one could see his face but this one girl that flirted with him all the time gave confirmation to everybody that that was him in those pictures with her. She pointed out tiny details in the pictures, like his hair style is the same and he has that exact same birthmark on his back. It just made sense. Naturally, word (and the pictures) spread like wildfire and their relationship went up in flames. 
He was avid in defending himself, insisting how they were lies spread by that one girl to get back at him for turning her down. Then came the rumors he was cruel, short tempered, and would lash out at more girls he was involved with. 
The damage was already done. The evidence was basically indisputable. Everyone and their mom had heard the rumors and passed judgement on him. He was ostracized, lost all his friends and virtually became a recluse. A tiny,  microscopic part of you felt sorry for him. But ultimately, your mind has an internalized loyalty to your friend, standing in the way of any possible reconciliation between you two.
 “You can’t be trusted and hiring you was a mistake. And by the end of the summer, everyone will agree with me. You don’t deserve shit after what you did in high school,” you snarl on your way out the door, words cold enough to give Jeno frostbite. Only Renjun spots Jeno grimace at your comeback, a flickering sliver of stinging disappointment lying beneath his eyes. 
He had every intention of rebuking your snide remark with something equally as devastating but you’re already out of ear shot to hear his comeback.
Of all Yeeun’s friends, you used to be his favorite; not quite friends yourselves, more like friend-in-law. The thing is he was 99% sure you were the one to convince Yeeun to freeze him out. Now those rumors, those same stupid fucking RUMORS, were going to taint his reputation all over again. Couldn’t you just move on? 
Whoever said high school would be the best days of your life, obviously got their education long before the age of the internet.
Tumblr media
Mr. High-blood-pressure gives you some advice before the kids arrive next week. Renjun tells you to keep your distance and distract yourself with working towards obtaining your own set of keys. 
If you want to show the director you are hardworking and dependable enough to deserve more responsibility than Jeno around the camp, you need to put yourself to work. Immerse yourself in the planning. Become one with the instructing. Or something like that.
And if you ever need a break, you are always welcome to join him in the art studio. He also convinces you that spreading rumors is immature. If an individual intends to grow and discover themselves, they need to start the process of letting petty things go. Naturally, you have to tell Hyuck though. Well, it’s more like he squeezes it out of you because he loves drama (and so do you honestly)
At the start, you expect that his advice is easier said than done. You’re supposed to be managing the camp activities and counselors together. And you do sleep in the same room after all. You doubt things will work out as easily as Renjun believes, until Jeno decides to put himself in charge of all things sports and outdoor activity related. You don’t mind that he takes initiative in appointing himself head counselor without consulting you beforehand. Not that you don’t want to participate in those outdoor/sports things, but you can live without them for a while.
You mostly take care of the organization for specialty events, like booking magicians, face painting, scheduling the days where the jolly jumps were set up, and planning fun field trips. Some of the best days were the ones when the counselors would take the campers on the 2-mile-long trail to the lake.
As for the “breathing the same air” part of the equation, that isn’t a big problem either. Jeno and Jaemin stick together like glue. Of course, not seeing Jaemin much during the day means not being in a single photograph on the camp blog but there’s pros and cons for everything in life. And like every other counselor of the camp, their schedules are proofread, printed out and posted on the bulletin board of daily duties you created to compose order. This also allows you to track the areas to steer clear of.
You barely say five words to him since your unhappy reunion. You feel his scowl every once and awhile, but that’s as much interaction as you have with him on the regular. When you wake up, no matter how early, he’s always absent. You suppose he’s exercising or something, though, to be honest, you don’t care where he goes. As long as it’s far away from you. 
This strategy is sufficient enough to get you through the first two weeks of official camp, until the bus for the field trips brakes down. Luckily, there’s a spare bus; a much dingier, decrepit, dirty one that needs to be cleaned out before it can be used for tomorrow’s field trip. 
Renjun and Hyuck help you clean for a while, but you kick them out when they start their domestic, petty bickering over literally nothing and cannot be productive. They simply get in the way. You hold down the fort of cleaning duties for the next 45 minutes or so, before a surprising, unwanted guest disturbs the peace.
“Jeno? Why are you here… I can do this by myself.” you yell across the large bus barn, hearing your shrill voice echo off the walls.
He simply ignores your assertion, going about cleaning the piles of stuff you have yet to get to. An uncomfortable static hangs in the dusty air, and you feel your skin crawl from the occasional glare he throws your way. Nevertheless, with his aid, the clutter is cleared out in no time at all. Exiting the bus barn, you’re both confronted with the reality that it’s pitch black dark outside. You didn’t realize you had been working so late into the night.
The unfortunate lack of cell service and unusually thick nightly fog puts you and Jeno at a disadvantage. Bright moon beams penetrate the tree branches towering over the trail that tracks back to the cabin. The patches of light from above illuminate a silver hue within the blanket of mist, giving cover to whatever creature (or serial killer) that might be lurking in the shadows.
To mention you’re afraid of the dark would bash your pride, too embarrassing to admit, especially to Jeno. Despite this tentativeness, you move closer to him. Your hands sporadically brush by “accident.” Little did you know he’s intentionally brushing your hands together, and silently cursing himself for imagining you hands on a particular part of his body. 
A few thoughts circle around in his-
He’s feeling turned on by touching any tiny part of you is just lust because he hasn’t had sex in awhile. It has absolutely nothing to do with who he’s imagining on top of him
You’re only half way through the forest when potential deadly misfortune strikes. You would testify in court that the dark has it out for you, tripping over an unseen tree branch that is protruding unusually high from the ground. And just your luck... you twist your ankle. Crying out in pain, you stumble, tripping in the direction that will have you hurtling over the edge of the trail’s cliff to your death… when miraculously, Jeno catches your arm and pulls you to his chest. That’s not the only part of your body his hand clamps down on to save your life. 
Pulling you into his embrace, his hand momentarily cups your ass. His fingers tightly squeeze down but he removes his hand immediately. Now, you’re nearly nose to nose. Panicking from the encroachment into your personal space, you flinch to put physical distance between you and him but, of course, the foot you step back on is the twisted one. You wince, prompting him to grab your arm again, stabilizing you and avoiding the perilous accident for a second time. He holds your gaze and you’re shamefully entranced by his stare. 
Why does it feel like he’s staring into your soul like that utterly ridiculous expression people say? Fuck his mystifying eyes and his perfect body proportions that your certainly have never noticed.
(That’s such a lie, it’s been lingering in your mind for a considerable amount of time since you first laid eyes on him again a few weeks ago)
“Just get on my back, y/n,” he offers without second thought, not even because he wants to feel your touch. “Seriously, You’re hurt... don’t think about it too much.”
You cave and accept his chivalrous gesture. The whole ride back, you’re thinking about one thing wayyy too much. you’re riding his back. B-A-C-K. Don’t think about the other kind of riding, seriously.
(Which only makes you imagine the other kind of riding him)
Your frame wraps around his body so naturally. Like you fit together so well.
Wait, wait, wait, no that’s insane. 
Maybe the near death experience makes you feel a momentary gratitude in the form of attraction? Uhhhhh like the one iCarly episode, where Freddie gets hit by a taco truck to save Carly’s life... that must be it.
And, also why is he being so nice to you right now?? Doesn't he still hate how you threatened to tell everyone about his reputation in high school? Maybe like Renjun said, mature people let petty high school drama go?
You try to come to your senses, reminding yourself he’s supposed to be the bane of your existence as images of Yeeun crying over him flood your mind halfway through the woods on your journey back to the cabin. 
It’s true you haven’t talked to her in years, growing apart since you went to different colleges, now. Still, you are adamant that Jeno doesn’t deserve forgiveness based on principle, alone. You stiffen uncomfortably, something Jeno notices as your grip on his body changes, but doesn’t pressure you to talk about. At the very least, he gets to hold you for a while, but again it’s only because he’s horny! it has NOTHING to do with it being YOU who clings to him.
Tumblr media
Month 2:
The felicitous weather prompts your whimsical decision to plan a last minute lake day for the main counselors of the camp. Every division of the camp has one main counselor that directs that specific branch of activities. For example, Renjun is the main counselor of the art division. 
You quickly orchestrated a movie marathon today for the campers, meaning the other counselors won’t have to do very much while you’re all away. Your roommates meet you there to set up the snacks and floaties. Hyuck gets a keg dropped off?? You help him set it up by the water, not too close to get wet but just close enough for people to refill their cups on the beach.
For some reason, Jeno increasingly notices Hyuck’s flirty remarks with you. It’s this frisky, playful banter back and forth with you that always makes you roll your eyes, but eventually, you play along. You always play along. It’s downright annoying. Annoying that Hyuck flirts with you, and even more annoying that Jeno can’t ignore it on the daily. 
Due to this weird, unwanted feeling inside him as of late, he entertains the idea of flirting with every girl that approaches him; and that’s a considerable amount of girls. He’s been using this strategy for some strange reason for about a week now. At this lake kickback, five girls hang around him all afternoon. 
It’s just lust that he feels around you, right? So it doesn’t matter what he does in front of you.
You eventually take notice of this and devise a plan of your own. Making your way back to your cabin, you still can’t decipher your basis for wanting to change your attire. You know for sure that you’re going to attract more attention than him. Maybe that's what you’re aiming for? 
Or maybe you want the attention of one specific person...
Back at the cabin, you grab the one swim suit you were extra doubtful you would get the chance to utilize this summer. You retrieve what you believe to be “fitting” for the occasion: a glitzy, skimpy, very revealing golden bikini. 
Is it so crazy to desire being tempting and show off you’re hotter than all the girls that flirt with him constantly for at least one afternoon? Maybe. 
Perhaps it is audacious, but all you know is that you deserve to feel confident and sexy sometimes. 
**Ladies!! especially if you want to put things like that on just to feel amazing and sexy for yourself!!**
Basking in the rays of bronze sunlight, you pretend to not sense Jeno’s gaze concentrated on you. You squeeze some sunscreen into the palm of your hand, then take special care to slowly rub the pearly liquid over every region of your body, puffing out your chest when you apply it around your breasts, and bending over 150° to reach your legs. Peering his way multiple times during the process, you catch him swiftly averting his eyes and flit to anything in his remote proximity unconvincingly, earning a satisfied grin from you every time. And the grin only widens noticing the strained outline of his erection in his swim trunks.
For what has to be the fifth time you twist your head around, he doesn’t look away, only holding your gaze for a handful of seconds before a perky, obnoxious girl steps in the way, cutting off his line of sight. You turn away, seeing him pull away from the huddle of his little fan club, making the excuse he’s going over to to refill his empty red solo cup. 
Walking along the shoreline, pretending there’s a legitimate reason for his departure from the desperate girls, he just so happens to stop in front of your towel, blocking your sprawled out body from the sun. 
“Can I help you?” you snap, looking up at him with indignation.
“Yeah, do you think I could use some of your screen, y/n?” he asks, tantalizingly polite.
“Wh- Jeno, you’re not even swimming.”
“Says who?” he replies while tugging his shirt over his head and throwing it next to you. He picks up and pops open the bottle you left at the end of the towel without further consultation. 
You roll your eyes, putting great effort into not falling for his trap of gawking at his body when he mimics your actions from earlier at triple speed. It’s extremely difficult to not sneak a peek, and despite your efforts, he catches you in the act three or four times. 
In all fairness, anyone would find the task of not looking at his wide, muscular chest, washboard abs, and perfectly sculpted figure incredibly tough, too. If you didn’t know Jeno, and someone told you he was an underwear model for Armani, you would believe them without a doubt. And from this angle, he gives you a front row seat to his bulging hard-on, not leaving much up to imagination by how vividly you see every inch of his length. 
It’s impossible to not think about how good he would feel deep inside you, and he knows it. 
“Did you get wet already?” he motions over to the water, as if swimming is the kind of wet he’s referring to. Before you even think of a response, he’s jogging away, running up the stairs of the wooden dock, and diving headfirst into the lake. 
Maybe it was in a different place than what you recall, but you don’t see the birthmark you saw in those pictures in high school.
Tumblr media
Month 3:
The cabin is constantly filled with music. And you don’t mind in the slightest. 
You’ve grown accustom to the random harmonies from Hyuck and Renjun, and find out late in the summer that the guitar you’ve been hearing every so often... has actually been Jeno playing. 
At first you think wow a bad boy that plays guitar- that’s pretty cliché, honestly.
But the melodies were soft and sincere, the type of tone you wouldn’t expect from a “bad boy.” 
It’s frustrating that you’ve grown especially fond of his guitar playing over all other music in the cabin. Sometimes, you stop whatever you’re busy with just to admire the beautiful music while he’s perched directly outside the cabin; but most of the time, he’s sitting outside somewhere he believes he’s completely alone and can play in peace. Because part of your job is surveying the camp grounds (or looking for missing children who wandered off) you sometimes accidentally stumble upon him. There have been times when it feels like you’ve fallen hostage to the calming melody of his playing, or the charming humming of this one tune specifically on repeat.
Fascinating how opinions and perspectives can change so quickly. Yes, it’s annoying when he teases you (not like you don’t love attention) but you also begin to notice the little things about him, the little quirks you wish you could ignore but capture your attention regardless if you fully acknowledge them. 
He scrunches up his shoulders when he laughs; he’s unexpectedly easy going and smiley; he’s considerate and soft; he’s unintentionally humorous, despite his friends teasing him about not being comical in any sense of the word. In other words, he’s nothing like what you pegged him to be in high school.
Unbeknownst to you, he’s been noticing your behavior with him change too. It’s not just lust and resentment between you two, and maybe it hasn’t been that way for a while now. Maybe you both fell into this routine of irritating and mistrusting each other and it became so natural and normative, that even though you didn’t feel that way anymore, it was too difficult to change your ways.
He has a hunch you might possibly, maybe, by some chance feel some ounce of the same feelings he has for you. But to get his hopes up only to be crushed by his immense crush? He’s not looking forward to heart break but he can’t shy away from taking a chance on your heart.
You rack your brain for solutions to this internal conflict but you keep coming up blank. Feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place, you decide to call Yeeun out of the blue and talk to her about it. 
And you can't believe her words:
Jeno didn’t cheat. 
That girl who flirted with him all the time in high school was exposed when the guy who was actually with her in those pictures came forward.
“Everyone found out our freshmen year of uni… I thought someone would’ve told you though?”
so this means...
You’ve spent nearly an entire season holding something against him... that he never even did.
The woods are typically very quiet. So imagine your surprise when you find +200 people gathered around a big campfire in one of the wide clearings routinely designated for sport activities. 
Hyuck swears up and down that he initially invited a handful of close friends for a small, casual kickback. As if he didn’t mean to throw a party. It just happened. But it’s too easy to see through his blatant lie. The fact that he appears to be a routine customer for whoever hooked him up with a dozen beer kegs placed around the fire, begs to differ.
Renjun retrieves two cups of decent tasting beer and you two sway along to overplayed indie music. It’s nice to just relax and vibe at the moment, not fretting over your usual responsibilities. The alcohol goes to your head a tiny bit, the buzz very faint but present, nonetheless. 
You spot Jaemin on the very edge of the party’s perimeter with a tired, dreary look in his eyes. “Hey, I think I’m gonna go over to Jaemin. I know how much he hates being at big things like this,” you attempt to yell in Renjun’s ear over the newest popular mumble rap song blaring through the air. He nods and goes to find Hyuck in your stead.
Stepping away from the cluster of people near the fire, you make your way over to your introverted friend when this one tall, muscular guy cuts you off. 
“Heyyy, have we met before? Ahhh, I take it back, I would’ve remembered a hot babe like you,” he mutters, slurring his words. He has terribly box-dyed blond hair, and sports a short sleeve, white t-shirt (that’s obviously too small for him) with Greek lettering of the frat you assume he belongs to. To top it all off, he’s wearing knockoff, cracked Ray-Ban sunglasses on his head.
Ughhhhh you really hoped to escape encounters like these for at least a few months. You needed a break from the college house-party scene, like those ragers that one popular guy, Jackson Wang had all the time. Your idea of fun has never consisted of sleazy fuck boys hitting on you with the end game of getting into your pants. 
“Hi, umm, I’m meeting a guy over there. But it was nice meeting you, though,” you reply, possibly too curt for his liking. Setting your sights on Jaemin again, you move to walk past him. You don’t make it very far before he roughly grabs your upper arm, stopping you in your tracks. Wow, what you wouldn’t do to dispose of his hand on you by shoving it down a garbage disposal. And being on the perimeter of the rowdy gathering doesn’t help the situation you find yourself in.
“Now, where do you think you’re going, huh? I thought I felt a connection with you,” he pressures. He reeks of hard alcohol he must’ve brought himself. His eyes sweep up and down your body, predatory like. “Is he your boyfriend or something? Do you have a boyfriend, babe?” 
Since you arrived, you hadn’t noticed Jeno protectively shadowing you. He's been telling himself he’s hanging around close to you because you’re tipsy and he needs to make sure nothing happens to you. That’s what friends do, and he’d say you’re kind of friends now, right? Your relationship as friends has some gray areas in it… like if you were even really friends or not.
Truthfully, his inexplicable, insufferable crush on you made him want to be close to you in any way possible, but he was hesitant to do so tonight, unsure of how to act around you anymore. Despite the vague closeness between you two, something like this warranted him to get close to you and interject himself into the situation. 
“Why a matter of fact, she does,” Jeno proclaims, then with no delay, takes, arguably, the biggest risk he’s ever taken in his life. You look to him quickly, over the moon he is holding your hand at the moment, when he leans in... and kisses you. 
It’s only a peck. A simple, tiny peck that feels like Hyuck bought fireworks along with the beer, and set them off at this very second. You see stars behind your eyelids and an intense pinching in your abdomen. 
Why did you feel this way so suddenly??
“Who the f-fuck are you?” the frat douche spits out. Jeno swivels his head back to jerk in front of him and confidently states, “I’m the ‘babe’s’ boyfriend, okay? Common let’s go, y/n.” 
From a mile away, anyone could tell he was getting angry. For what reason? Only an angry, pathetic frat boy could answer that one. 
Toxic masculinity is a plague that infects the weakest of men. 
Maybe he’s hurt that he couldn’t pressure an intoxicated girl into doing something with him, but his fist was itching for a target and Jeno’s pretty face was painted with red and white circles. Out of the corner of his eye, midturn, Jeno sees the frat asshole wind his fist up and throw a punch.
One might conclude Jeno’s strong build and black on black attire obviously meant he was tough and combative; undoubtedly, he was always looking for fight. Even if he wasn’t the one to incite an altercation, a violent response of any sort from him would only give confirmation to the reputation that’s followed him everywhere since high school. It wouldn't matter in the slightest if he was protecting you or not. 
He may have wanted to hit him, but what would that do? Only prove some of those old rumors were true. And your opinion of him has never mattered more than this very moment. 
He’s sick of those rumors hanging onto him like the stench of alcohol and shit that stuck to the guy throwing the punch his way.
So, he sidesteps, the adrenaline giving him the power to move faster than lightning, pulling you close to him, like the time you twisted your ankle. Although this time, you didn’t panic. 
The walking pile of trash faceplants into a tree with pained a grunt, knocking himself out. 
It would be such a shame for him to have a concussion, because it seems like he doesn’t have many brain cells in the first place, you think.
“Hey jump on my back. Let’s go home, babe,” Jeno offers, mimicking the way that guy said “babe.” 
The way he calls you babe, no matter what the context, makes you tingle in certain places. You don’t hesitate to take him up on his offer, hopping on his back exactly like that one night yet again. Your heart skips a beat hearing him call the place you all live together “home.” Like you’re a family, and you mean a lot to him.
Dear God, do you pray he doesn’t think of you like a sister. 
On the trail back “home” you pretend to fall asleep, preventing yourself from saying, or confessing, something you might regret. Something you’re still holding back from admitting to yourself. There is no way in hell that you’re tipsy enough to have imagined all that.
He doesn’t think you’re listening when he sincerely whispers, “I would do anything for you, babe.”
This time, babe rolls off his tongue smooth and sweet like honey, and you can’t help but develop an unquenchable thirst.
Tumblr media
last week of camp:
“Why do you need my help shaving though? You suddenly forget or something?” you counter, playfully.
“I have a job interview later and it would be embarrassing to show up with a little cut around my jaw. I swear I always cut it right there,” Jeno explains. “And all the guys are busy with their own camp duties until this evening.”
In his defense, it wasn’t a total lie. He does have a job interview (even though it’s tomorrow) and he does cut himself around that area quite often. With a little extra effort, he could manage on his own. Instead, he’s dedicating his efforts into coaxing you to help him shave. 
“What, like you don’t have a job right now?” you tease, pretending Summer, and this job, would last forever like you so desperately wish it would.
“Camp is over next week, then we’ll all be jobless, you know that. Come on, it’s only a little patch,” he adds with adorable puppy dog eyes. Even if he mostly avoids doing cutesy faces, he’d do it for you in a heartbeat. “Please, y/n?”
“Okaayyy,” you dramatically roll your eyes, feigning annoyance. “but only because you begged.”
A tiny bolt of electricity shoots through his veins hearing you mention begging. He can’t put into words how much he wishes you would be the one begging him in a different context. He blinks and imagines lewd images of you two doing behind his eyelids. The mere possibility of an intimate moment between you two in the small, cramped space beckons a dizzy, timid vertigo. Your touch is intoxicating, your skin gets him drunk with insatiable desire, far more wasted than that guy at the party.
Your own giddy, eagerness to finally have a valid reason to penetrate his personal bubble urges you to grab his wrist and lead him to the cramped bathroom of the cabin, intent on beginning the process immediately (or in other words, being extremely close to him asap). 
Wait, seriously… when did you start feeling this way about Jeno?? 
He’s been flickering through your mind more and more, nearly driving you delirious with its intense frequency. But after the party, he’s all you can think about. 
When he said he would do anything for you... did he really mean it?
Before he knows it, he’s perched on the toilet seat lid and you’re crouching a bit with a can of shaving cream and a razor at hand. You feel inclined to lean down closer to him. He’s never had the luxury of being able to count every last beauty mark on your face until this very moment.
“Besides looking for a job, do you have anything else planned?” you inquire, praying that your breath doesn’t smell and ruin the likely once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be this close to Jeno. Maybe the last opportunity until next Summer... if he even takes this job up again.
“A-actually, yeah. I’m transferring universities.” he replies, trying his best to maintain his cool composure. “I’m starting at ____ university in the fall.”
“Oh my god… that’s… my university,” you gasp. Your heart is beating so rapidly that you wouldn't be surprised if he could hear the rabid thumping in your chest. 
“Uhhh, that’s just-just crazy… I guess we’ll be seeing each other a lot more than we thought, right?” Jeno stammers, averting his eyes anxiously at the thought of seeing you longer than he ever expected in his wildest dreams. Does this change things? More importantly... do you think this changes things? 
“Yeah… I guess we will be.”
Is this fate or something? 
Nah... absolutely not... there’s no way. You don’t believe in fate. That’s for hopeless romantics, whereas you credit yourself as a sensible person. 
The way you crouch fails to provide an advantageous perspective to his jaw, so you make a reckless decision. Flushing all reservations of continually holding back, a fluttery, unwavering calling in the pit of your stomach persuades you to swing your leg over his thighs, straddling his lap and quirking your head even nearer. 
His eyes drift down your cute, concentrated face, from your furrowed brow, your focused eyes, and settling on your glistening, parted lips.
You lick your bottom lip and inhale sharply in preparation for a bold, painful confession and an even more pained, difficult apology.
"Uhhh, Jeno... I'm sorry for partially playing a role with the rumors in high school. I was so stupid for believing those lies... and so fucking stupid for still believing that shit this summer. I'm sincerely so sor-"
"It's in the past, y'n. You have nothing to apologize for anymore," Jeno says softly.
"Um, okay. Well, I-I'm really glad," you reply even quietly.
Your mouth is so close, it seduces him like a siren to a sailor, suddenly drowning in the thought of anchoring his mouth to yours, at last satisfying his tragically undeniable craving for your taste. The craving he’s been suppressing for months on end, subconsciously enduring until you were nearly running out of time with each other at the close of the season. With this new realization you won’t be separated, you have a chance to be together. Together in every single way. And even if you might not think this changes things, he feels too strongly that it does, leaving him no choice but to tell you.
Now, it’s Jeno’s turn to be bold; so here it goes...
“I-I have feelings for you, y/n… I can’t hide that from you anymore,” he confesses with sincerity. “Fuck, you’re just so beautiful, a-and I think I started falling for you months ago...I just didn’t want to admit it.”
You pause mid-razer stroke, breath hitching in the back of your throat as you attempt to grapple with his newly announced affections. Your gaze flicks from his jaw to his eyes where you see a genuine, kind glow, yet not missing the faint hunger swirling beneath them. 
You’re not the type of person whose mind goes blank upon hearing groundbreaking news such as this. You’re strangled by the overthinking of your racing mind.
You reflect on your deep seated qualms from his vocal acknowledgment. Any miniscule ounce of hesitation remaining in your veins dissolves like cotton candy dropped in water. He’s the reason behind your elation, excitement and overwhelming sugar rush.
There’s been this swelling subtle, nearly cosmic gravitation between you and Jeno, yet you haven’t been courageous enough to put aside your stubbornness, shatter the illusion of irritation, address the bubbling jealousy, and admit it out loud.
“Well… say something, y/n,” he weakly mumbles, studying your enigmatic expression and letting out a nervous, shaky huff. 
His warm breath fans over your neck, sending chills down your spine and causing you to physically shiver in his lap. A shiver that incites your hips twitch slightly against his crotch, grinding into his half hard bulge. His hands impulsively fly to your love handles.
What’s truly holding you two back from acting on the yearning and overflowing desire? The sexual tension is suffocating… why not take a breath of fresh air?
“Take me. Take all of me...” you sigh, looping your arms around his neck and closing the gap between your lips for a handful of seconds. Pulling back from his mouth, you purposely grind down on stiff length again, watching his eyes gloss over and instantly darken 
He effortlessly scoops you up, hands firmly clutching your ass as he stands to navigate you two to bed in the next room. Your legs cling to his waist, arms fastening around his muscular shoulders, nails digging into his skin, while arousal is pooling in your panties. One of his hands leaves your body momentarily to lock the cabin door as he leads you to the mattress.
You feel a buzzing excitement just anticipating how sore you’re going to be tomorrow. There’s absolutely no way you’ll be able to participate in the various camp activities after the various dirty acts you’re about to do to each other.
Your mutual yearning brings you to rip each other's clothes off haphazardly, stripping until you’re both in underwear, alone. The allure of finally indulging in the long anticipated paradise of ravaging you has him pressing you to the bed roughly, then attacking your lips with heated, passionate kisses. 
He drags your thighs to the edge of the bed and throws them over his shoulders, the sharp daggers in his eyes piercing through you with overwhelming lust.
“You know, your swimsuit barely covers down here, right?”
“Of course I fucking know, and you couldn’t take your eyes off me,” you hiss as he takes his first lick over your panties, barely ghosting over your slit torturously. “How many times did you come thinking about me in that bikini?”
“God, it’s so fucking hot hearing you talk like that, but today you’re gonna be a good girl for me...and good girls don’t talk like that,” Jeno scolds while thumbing your lacy panties to the side. He exposes your glorious slick hole and licks his lips, menacingly. 
He drinks in the delectable sight of your legs spread. Your wet pussy on display for him right now mirrors the images he had in his head at the lake last month.
“Keep your hands above your head the entire time while I’m fucking you with my tongue and with my cock… or else,” he growls.
Then he’s digging his mouth into your folds as if he’s been starved for years and he’s finally being fed with the most flavorful feast known to man. Your juices are a mouthwatering delicacy that he desires to taste everyday if you let him.
“Baby, tell me about how you thought about me and touched yourself, I bet it was more than me,” he taunts. Your eyes roll back in your head from his harsh sucking on your clit coupled with how turned on his words made you feel.
Jeno’s arms are snaked around your upper thighs to cement you to the bed and graciously take his tongue like the good girl he wants you to be. Your ass is hanging off the edge of the mattress as he pulls his mouth off your folds to jolt you forward. One of his hands sneaks up your stomach to squeeze your breast and tweak your erect nipple. He’s high on lust watching your juices drip down to the floor.
“Jeno, it’s fucking embarrassing how many times I thought about you when I was fingering myself,” you manage to squeak as he gives the bud a sharp pinch. He reconnects his ravaging mouth to your bundle of nerves, humming loudly in satisfaction to your explicit, dirty response. His humming brings momentary vibrations to your sensitive region and you writhe in his arms from the exhilarating sensation. 
Fuck... FUCK. If only you knew he didn’t cheat sooner... you could’ve been feeling this pleasure all Summer.
The feeling of his mouth urges you to compulsively grab his hair, yet your fingertips stop right before touching the top of his head, recalling the conditions he stated. He pulls his mouth off your folds, a mix of your juices and his saliva hanging off his bottom lip, then dribbling down his chin as he fully stands up. 
You have no idea what it means for you, but his movement bumps his head into your hand. Technically YOU didn’t touch him. Nevertheless, he clicks his tongue and looks you up and down. His pupils are dilated and his stare radiates dominance and power. You noticeably shudder and slip off the bed, getting on your knees in front of him. If Jeno hadn’t moved the rug that typically resided on the other side of the room, then your knees would be painfully resting on the splintering, wooden floor of the cabin. Somehow, Jeno anticipated someone would be on their knees right here by his bed. 
“Fuck my mouth,” you plead with convincing innocent doe eyes. 
You don’t just want to make him feel good; you want him to feel spectacular; you want him to never imagine another girl this way again; you want him to brush off the girls that swarm and flirt with him; and you’re set on giving him the best head he’s ever received in his life.
You don’t need to tell Jeno twice before he’s tugged his boxers down his legs and flung away. He holds his hard, erect cock in one hand, stroking himself a few times, lazily. Approaching you, he tangles his fingers into your hair softly with the other hand. 
“Put your hands on the back of my thighs. Hold tight right there, okay?” he orders, to which you nod obediently and open your mouth wide. He slaps the precum covered on your flattened tongue, then slips his cock into your mouth and tightens his grip until your scalp stings. You dig your fingernails into his thighs, positive he’s going to have bruises right there tomorrow. His eyes remain on the salivating visual of his whole length disappearing down your throat. 
You know that he’s not the reputation from the rumors that spread in high school
... but FUCK, when you’re with him sexually, at his mercy, under his control,  you swear you’ve never been with such a bad boy. 
 And from now on, you’ll be his very good girl any day, any time, and any place he wants you to be.
You try to bob your head and hollow your cheeks as much as humanly possible, though he’s the one in control of your mouth. The warmth of your mouth invites him in with ease and he hits the back of your throat nearly every thrust. You deepthroat him every 10 seconds or so, and in those instances he releases the loudest, most delicious moans. With no rational explanation, he instinctively knows how much pressure and how hard he can fuck your throat before you’re choking too severely.
You learned a few tricks a while back that guarantee you give better blow jobs: tuck your lips into your mouth covering your teeth completely; this allows you to add pressure around his length with your teeth covered; and hold your thumbs down in your palm as tight as your throat is with his cock filling it. 
Despite the shadow of tears brimming in the corners of your eyes and the soreness of your jaw, his pleasured noises motivate you to attempt bobbing your head again solidifying your superior sexual experiences as if proving that will make Jeno stay with you. 
He doesn’t want to shoot his hot cum down your throat, choosing to save that for another time. No matter how much he wants to orgasm, he’ll wait until after he’s stuffed your cunt raw. He pulls your mouth off him, throwing his head back and taking deep inhales. Your lungs have been under far way greater stress than his, evident in your erratic, frenzied huffing, though. He gives a moment to suck enough air into your lungs to prevent fainting before he politely asks you, “Baby, will you get on the bed for me? Like how you were before?” 
You nod eagerly and reposition yourself on the bed. This time, instead of your legs being spread, he wants your both of legs over his right shoulder.
“God, I’ve been imagining this for months,” he rasps, prodding your entrance for a second to tease you. 
You emit a high pitched whine that makes the corners of his lips prick up, cockily. He’s reveling in the power that you’ve given him so easily.
“Beg for it, baby,” he encourages with a smirk. 
You don’t spare a second before crying out, “Jeno, please, I’ve been a good girl for you, right? I want- no, I need you inside me please, I’ve been really good. Just plea-”
Your voice trails off as he slowly fills your pulsating hole with every inch of his cock. He throws his head back blissfully at the mind blowing sensation of stretching you out. Your walls swallow his length a million times better than how he imagined every time he was silently getting himself off in the bathroom with you in the next room over. 
“You’re right, you’ve been so good, y/n. So, so good for me” Jeno coos, one of his hands leaving where he was latched sternly to your hip to caress you cheek affectionately. He rubs his thumb over your puffy, red bottom lip until the seam of your lips parts, letting his thumb dive into your mouth. “Woah... oh, baby, you take me like such a good girl.”
You’re well aware that your other roommates can get back and bang on the door to come in, but you couldn’t care less about them hearing the pleasured moans you release in tandem.        
“I love the way you just fit in me perfectly, like-”
“Like your perfect pussy was made to be fucked by me. I couldn’t agree more...” His brutal, deep thrusts into your wet cunt extract sinful whimpers from you, the kind that only provoke him to pump into you with more force, keen on truly making you sore tomorrow. You loll your head to the side to truly take him the thrilling pounding and enjoy the momentous knots tying from his rough fucking. He delivers a few swift slaps to your ass before granting you mercy, managing to swindle his hand down your abdomen until his middle and ring fingers reach your clit.
“I’m gonna be nice and let you come today because you’ve been so good, but only if you come right now. Will you be a good girl and do that for me, baby?” he pants, pummeling you with hastened intensity to throw you over the edge. “y/n, I asked you a question.” He grips your chin sternly, tilting your head to meet his intimidating gaze.
“Y-yes, I’m almost ther-” you bawl until he cuts you off.
“No, come on my cock now. I’m filling you up so deep and fucking so hard that you’re going to come right now,” he demands with wild eyes and a furrowed brow.
You don’t need much convincing, your orgasm was already heightening at his second word, but hearing every vulgar word spilling from his lips only makes your intense orgasm last longer, trembling wildly throughout every second. The tingling ecstasy strikes like lightning and you ride out your high until feeling slightly numb for a moment, as if he brought you to an orgasm that felt like novacane flooding your whole body.
His climax peaks not 30 seconds later, breathing heavily as he pulls out of you seeping core quickly, shooting white ribbons of cum over your thighs with a grin. He loved fucking your mouth but you took him so well down your throat that he came quicker than he would’ve hoped. Tomorrow, he decides, he’ll fuck you harder and longer, determined to make you come at least 3x on his cock.
One climax for every month you two could’ve been fucking this summer.
Tumblr media
Jeno’s gentle, nimble hands clean your skin with a damp washcloth. He pays close attention to thoroughly wiping off his white cum that painted your upper legs. 
You lethargically crawl up the mattress, curling up against the headboard. Your naked body is swaddled in the several blankets he snatches from your bunk and Hyuck’s bed below, keen on making you feel like the most cared for and deeply loved person in the entire universe. Sleep is loudly calling out your name with urgency and your eyelids flutter closed instinctively.
Never in your wildest dreams could you have pictured a scenario more content, serene and serendipitous than the one you’re swept up in right now. How could this moment get any sweeter? 
“Baby, can you stay awake just a little while longer?” Jeno calls out, tender voice barely above a whisper. You slowly pry your eyes open to see him perched at the edge of the bed, guitar in his hands and gaze concentrated on his fingers. “There’s this one song that’s been playing in my head every time I think of you, now…” he sighs and lifts his chin to greet you with kind eyes. “I'm gonna play some of it for you, okay?” 
(Let’s pretend this is in Korean, okay? This is one snippet of the song but here are the full lyrics)
He wasn’t fully cognizant as to what motivated him to repeatedly play it to perfection the past few weeks until this very moment. The ambiance compliments your beauty, and the ebullient aura couldn’t be more perfect.
    “𝐈 𝐜𝐚𝐧'𝐭 𝐡𝐞𝐥𝐩 𝐛𝐮𝐭 𝐟𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐲𝐨𝐮
             𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐟𝐢𝐭 𝐦𝐞 𝐛𝐞𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐧 𝐦𝐲 𝐟𝐚𝐯𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐞 𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐞𝐬
                      𝐖𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐈𝐭'𝐬 𝐝𝐚𝐫𝐤, 𝐠𝐢𝐫𝐥 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐮𝐩 𝐦𝐲 𝐦𝐨𝐨𝐝”
You instantly recognize that it is the same tune he’s been humming nonstop. The affectionate lyrics and beautiful guitar accompaniment pour into the air, enchanting you from the very start, and flowing straight into your heart. 
    “𝐘𝐨𝐮'𝐫𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐬𝐰𝐞𝐞𝐭𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐩𝐞
               𝐈 𝐧𝐞𝐞𝐝 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞, 𝐈 𝐧𝐞𝐞𝐝 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐚𝐧𝐲
                          𝐖𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐈'𝐦 𝐬𝐚𝐝, 𝐠𝐢𝐫𝐥 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐦𝐚𝐤𝐞 𝐦𝐞 𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐲”
You feel a passionate warmth radiating in your chest hearing his voice laced in love, sincerely serenading you with the heavenly, heartfelt song.
    “𝐎𝐨𝐡 𝐕𝐞𝐫𝐭𝐢𝐠𝐨
               𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐠𝐢𝐯𝐞 𝐦𝐞 𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐭𝐢𝐠𝐨
                          𝐎𝐡, 𝐛𝐚𝐛𝐲, 𝐛𝐚𝐛𝐲
                                     𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐨𝐞, 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐠𝐢𝐯𝐞 𝐦𝐞 𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐭𝐢𝐠𝐨”
You wipe a tear from your cheek. 
In retrospect, you were downright foolish for believing those stupid things people said in high school, when in reality, the rumor that he was heartless couldn’t be further from the truth. 
And you’re the luckiest girl in the world because his whole heart belongs to you.
Tumblr media
when Rumor was first posted, it was only 5.2k words! I worked really hard on this, editing and/or adding to it 9x. Realllyyy hoping I don’t get copyrighted and sued bc of the song lyrics i used ?? and, yes, I did just watch that episode of iCarly the other day.
I’m FINALLY working on a pt 2 to celebrate 2k notes!! ➾title: to be honest..
75% chance it’ll be posted sometime starting july? but i never keep my promises. sorry in advance if it's late💗plus it'll likely have 2.3k notes by then which isn't even a celebration??
lastly, I am in no way insinuating that clc’s Yeeun was involved with Jeno!! I just thought it worked well with the plot because they’re friends and MCed together
➾ my masterlist
Tumblr media
© 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟏 𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐤𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐨𝐧𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐬, 𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬 𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐞𝐝.
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notnctu · 12 months ago
switchin’ lanes - l.jn | ridin’ club
Tumblr media
━ welcome to the ridin’ club smut series 
genre ➠ slow burn, smut, pwp???, fluff (if u squint) wordcount ➠ 8.3k details ➠  fem!reader, streetracer!jeno, badboy!jeno, college!au,  ━ where you and jeno are in a relationship, but not with each other. warnings ➠ explicit language, cheating, flirty banter, alcohol consumption, drugs, yall at a party, physical fighting (not with you), mentions of cuts/bruises, hickeys, drunk public dry humping, thigh riding, fingering, oral (f/receiving) synopsis ➠ If your boyfriend didn’t decide to join such a stupid unofficial club, then maybe you wouldn’t be in such a sticky situation where Lee Jeno is literally knuckles deep in your sticky situation as he drives you home. Or maybe if your boyfriend actually touched you, then you wouldn’t be seeking it from someone else, who can’t keep his hands off of you. taglist ➠ @rabbit-doyochi ; @darkneogotmyback ; @im-lame-irl ; @p-mini ; @niniluvsmarkhyuck ; @saniahmichael ; @jaehy9ngs ; @danyxthirstae01 ; @jaehyunoos ; @pikijaemin ; @suhweo​ ; @dearlyminhyung​
a/n ➠ hi yall its author doie❀!! i hope you enjoy the series pls leave me feedback lmaoo ill literally take anything. we also hit a milestone for followers and honestly its so crazy to know how quickly this tiny sideblog has grown! we’re so thankful that yall follow us, thank u for lovin us and we will try our best to put out more content!! also through the lens hit 1k notes how is that even possible like wow im speechless thank u for everyone who left such kind comments i treasure every form of feedback :) 
Tumblr media
The heavy double doors of the classroom stare tauntingly at you. The evening setting in, painting the sky with strokes of orange and pink. You managed to remain complaint free the entire day, until your forgetful boyfriend canceled on you because of a club meeting. A meeting for an unofficial club on campus because it is illegal to street race. A club consists of delinquents that are obsessed with cars and steal your boyfriend away from you. 
This is the fifth time this week that your boyfriend stood you up or coincidentally forgot your dates. You can’t remember the last time he physically stood in front of you and not through a phone screen. However, it is not completely the stupid club’s fault that your boyfriend has neglected you. 
He truly is the worst boyfriend ever. He blames everything on his bad memory and does not prioritize you in his life. He loves one thing --- his car. You could be lying in a hospital bed, and he wouldn’t care to check up on you. 
So why did you stay with him? Because you’re scared of being alone? Possibly, but it is a can of worms that you did not want to open just yet. Sex is definitely not the reason you stay with him. He hasn’t touched you sexually since the first and now, last time you two slept together. 
You try your best, to only be waved off with a yawn. He doesn’t compliment you. He doesn’t look at you lovingly. He doesn’t even kiss you for longer than two seconds. You are a toppling tower, ready to crumble at any given moment.
The anger in your body fuels you as you pull the door open to reveal several men in leather jackets chatting away with each other. One by one, they all begin to lay their eyes on who abruptly interrupted their joyous conversations. Your eyes scan the room full of intimidating men, whose auras cause a shiver to run down your spine.
Your boyfriend is nowhere in sight, given that there are plenty enough guys who have the ability to cover him. You walk into the open space and the entire mood of the room shifts. 
Heavy cologne and a deafening silence fill the air. One particular male, who has been eyeing you the entire time, gets up and walks towards you. 
“Are you lost, baby?” Scoffs and chuckles sparsely cover the corners of the room. The unknown male has a jarring cut on his eyebrow, matching a small bruise on his upper cheekbone. 
“I’m looking for my boyfriend…” Your weak voice trails off from the sudden attractive male intimidation. The tall man peers around the room, crossing his arms.
“If you are this beautiful woman’s boyfriend, please fucking come out now. It’s very rude to keep your girl waiting for you!” Initially, his low throaty shout startles you. A heavy heat falls on your cheeks when you register his choice of adjectives.
The whole room falls silent once more, before your pitiful boyfriend steps out from between two bulkier men. “Hey babe, what are you doing here?” His eyes nervously bounce around the room, a shaky laughter erupting from his gut. 
“Sorry, Jeno. I didn’t mean to cause such a scene. I didn’t even see her come in.”
Like a trigger, you remember your intentions for storming in uninvited. Jeno gauges your flaming reaction to your boyfriend’s apologetic words. He nods, not out of acceptance of the apology, but out of disbelief.
He pulls your boyfriend by the collar of his white shirt and your eye widens at the condescending tone that causes your boyfriend to cower, “I’m not the one to apologize to.” With a careless toss, your boyfriend ends up shaking in front of you.
“Jeno is not the only one you should be scared of.” You whisper angrily to him as the rest of the room continues on with their previous chatter. 
Your boyfriend rolls his eyes, “listen, Jeno’s been arrested before. You don’t want to get on that man’s bad side.” 
Your eyes wander behind your boyfriend’s hunching shoulders, catching Jeno steal peeks at you too. There is no interest in the other rambling male that stands in front of him. He just wants to check you out a bit more. 
He is the hottest person you’ve ever gotten the attention of. You feel flustered, and a bit flattered at his lingering gaze. His brown hair is slicked back messily, giving you more to admire. Jeno is an absolute cliche from a bad boy fanfiction. He is unreal, and the odd chance that he can’t keep his eyes off of you, is also unreal. 
But with a light nudge from a blue haired fellow, Jeno’s eyes peel away from your’s. They exchange a few words, which then propels Jeno to hurriedly put on his slightly tattered leather jacket.
You lick your lips to the sight of his body lines as he stands up to follow his friend, but not without another look back at you. Noticing your stare still on him, he bids you a tiny wave goodbye with a smirk to die for. And like that, he’s gone. 
“Are you listening to me?” Your boyfriend’s voice finally reaches your reality. Your focus shifts to the obviously irritated expression on his face. 
“I guess, I’m not. Don’t fucking stand me up again or I will key your car.” You aren’t actually those kinds of girls, but your boyfriend didn’t take a threat seriously unless it involves his highly treasured car. 
And like Jeno, you also make your exit out of the steamy room. The chilly night brush against your unknowingly hot cheeks. Then, you take yourself to the only unhealthy coping mechanism you can think of: a place of free alcohol and no boyfriend.
Tumblr media
It takes you a few months to completely stop caring about your dying relationship. You figure how easy it is for your boyfriend to do it, so you make the same decision.
He spends his nights with his friends he made from his club, and has totally become a self proclaimed car enthusiast. You lose yourself in copious amounts of cheap alcohol at your local parties and it’s almost like you stop sulking over a man who kisses his car goodnight.
While being alone did not bother you as much as you had been dreading, the sexual frustration is a completely different issue. You are absolutely drooling whenever your eyes find Jeno in the crowds of sweaty bodies.
If there is one good thing that came out of your boyfriend’s membership in that club, it had to be Lee Jeno and a few other notable people who attended the same parties as you.
He became a very close acquaintance, and you had learned some very important names associated with the Ridin’ Club. Na Jaemin, Lee Haechan, and Huang Renjun. But the three could not compare to the kindhearted Jeno that makes butterflies stir in your lower abdomen. 
Over the months, you also had learned rather quickly that your sexually clouded mind had tricked you previously into thinking that Jeno’s stares were full of lust for you. His girlfriend makes it clear that it isn’t the case.
Although you have caught the couple making out several times when trying to use the bathroom, your feverish, impure attraction toward Jeno never calmed down.
“You’re looking very tempting tonight, baby.” Jeno’s beaming eye smile greets you, even after completely undressing you with his gaze. His arms are wide open to embrace your warm body. 
The parties are always too hot to wear a fully clothed outfit. You often settle for a cute tank top and a short skirt to prevent your legs from collecting extra moisture. Jeno, without a fail, shows up in black jeans that clad his lower half, tucked with a simple white shirt. His tattoos and toned arms being on full display for you to admire. 
“Better make sure your actual baby doesn’t hear that.” The loud beats of the music make Jeno’s chuckle almost inaudible, but his expression remains cheerful, as per usual. “Did you get into another fight?” 
The fresh wound cut through his smooth complexion, which will eventually join the rest of his collection of fading scars. He mindlessly grazes over the new bandaging and dramatically winces. Clearly concerned, you grab his hand away from the injury. “Don’t touch it, stupid.”
His smile curves into a sly smirk, as he intertwines your fingers and kisses the back of your hand. “It doesn’t hurt at all.” His chest heaves into a fit of giggles, “just wanted to see you care for me.” 
Groaning, you shake his massive hand off of your’s. “Very funny. I should start charging you for my attention.” 
“Name your price, I got all the money in the world for you.” He winks, while lightly pinching your cheek. You are lying to yourself if you thought you could ever stay away from him. Jeno stirs up a part of you that craves the cheesy nicknames, flirty comments and the undivided attention. 
He motions you to follow him into the mess of people. Almost as if he’s a god, the crowd parts for you two to walk through without unnecessary extra bodies. The fear that settles in many individuals’ chest is understandable.
Like your first impression, Jeno is a complete walking fanfiction trope. He negotiates better with his fists, usually with good reason. The guns of the Ridin’ Club, though, his friends are very much to be feared as well. They will not hesitate to run someone over, if given the heated situation to do so. And most definitely, you can count them to be backing up their fighter, Jeno. 
You had not been mindful before of the chatter that regarded the secret Ridin’ Club. They are notorious for fast paced very illegal races in the middle of nowhere destinations and tempers that aren’t meant to be provoked. Besides their intimidating aura, it melts away after getting to know them.
Lee Haechan, the most annoying brat, but has the strongest, the most loyal bond to his boys. He’s also notably funny, often making you laugh with an exchange of banter.
Huang Renjun, the whiniest and initially quiet boy, but grows to be one of the loudest and will chew you out if anyone dares try engaging in verbal combat. 
Na Jaemin, the flirty playboy who always has a swarm of girls, but the gentlest man with a soft spot for cute things. 
And finally, Lee Jeno, the owner of your nights. He is the friendliest of them all, despite him being the toughest one. While his stare can kill, melting away his layers reveal the warmest heart. Not that Jeno is the only one to show initial interest in you, but he is the most considerate to the people he holds close to him.
He has taken care of you for many drunk nights and watched protectively over your intoxicated figure in the crowds. He makes you feel safe and seen, which are some of the many reasons you are entirely attracted to him.
“(Y/N)!” Jaemin’s scream pierce your ears the moment the blueberry catches your eye. He excitedly nudges the other two boys, who are busy pouring drinks into red cups.
“You’re going to make me spill it, idiot!” Renjun grumbles, but looks up to see your dazzling smile and tremendous excitement. His own smile grows, “so the life of the party finally decided to say hi.”
“Hi, my fanclub. I appreciate the long awaited greeting.” Your over the top, sarcasm causes all of them to chime loudly. Haechan hands you a cup and wraps his arm around your shoulders. 
Jeno joins you at your side and the five of you clink your drinks to the ceiling. A fit of yells over the music and a competition of who can finish first. As per usual, you set your cup down after draining the entirety. The others are still chugging the burning liquid down their throats. 
Haechan coughs after dropping his cup onto the counter. His face is twisted with the most disgusted contour, “I don’t know how you do it, (Y/N).”
“I already drank more than you guys, so it just tastes like water now.” You scream over the loud music. Jeno, Jaemin and Renjun toss their empty cups into the sink. 
At this rate, you are completely blindsided by the effects of the alcohol as your legs give out to gravity. Jeno catches you quickly, holding your elbows and your head is placed on his shoulder. Jaemin chuckles lovingly, before helping Jeno balance you against the island. Your head feels heavy on your shoulders, as the room spins in front of you. 
“You good?” Haechan pats your head gently, whispering close to you.
“I---” You try catching your breath after being winded. “--It’s hitting me now.”
Jeno wraps his arm around your lower waist to draw you close to him, “want to go sit down?” He mumbles into your hair. You nod, Jeno and Renjun supporting your limp body to walk over to the couch.
The dark living room is lit up only by colorful led lights, but it is not enough to make out much of anything. Everyone is in their own world, dancing and socializing within their own selves. The two men set you down on the cushion, but your impulse catches onto Jeno’s wrist before he leaves. Renjun is already lost in the crowd.
“Can I sit on your lap?” You pout cutely, all the shame in your body has been displaced with courage. Jeno’s eyes soften at your sudden request, and kisses the top of your forehead.
“The throne is all yours.” He says as he sits at your side and pulls you on top of his thick thighs. His arm is loosely dangling around your waist, resting on top of your thighs. 
The intimate position causes your mind to wander into dark thoughts. His strong, sturdy legs feel delicious against your clothed core. While you’ve been in this position once before, you could never forget how protected, yet very horny it makes you feel. 
“What’s on your mind, (y/n)?” Jeno’s deep voice brushes against your bare shoulder and you feel his chest press against your back. “You’ve been pretty silent tonight.”
You turn slightly to face him, “if I told you, I’m scared it would ruin things between us.”
“There’s nothing in the world that can hold me back from you.” He is always so quick to spill such alluring words. His soft lips graze lightly on your skin as his sparkling eyes look up at your expression.
All it takes is one more tiny kiss on your arm to get you grabbing his face, drawing him into a steamy, long awaited kiss. Surprisingly, he kisses you back, open mouth and tongue lapping with your’s. His hands reposition your legs to where you straddle him. Your faces dive deeper into each other’s as the kiss continues to intensify.
Jeno’s lips still have a hint of alcohol, but he mostly tastes like mint gum. And they are comparable to a cloud, the softest lips you have ever made out with. It is like kissing pure heaven, completely different from your boyfriend’s two second pecks. Jeno devours you in a needy way, like he’s been waiting to explore the wonders of your lips. 
However, you pull away when you feel the vibration of his phone against your inner thigh, almost like a wake up call. As if all the liquid courage disappeared, you blink back in shock at Jeno’s plump wet lips. The thought of his girlfriend crosses your mind, and maybe slight guilt for your own boyfriend fills your system.
You quickly start getting up from his hot body, “fuck, I’m so sorry..” But his hands pull you back onto him, your legs finding their way open above his thighs again. 
“Don’t be, I’ve always wondered what your lips would taste like.” A smirk, then a hearty chuckle relaxes your contracting nerves at the potential of a ruined friendship. 
“But, your girlfriend..” Your tiny voice trails off and Jeno picks up your chin. His fingers rubbing along your jawline.
His eyes do another lap around your features. He admires your averting shy eyes, your beautiful lips, and how they all come together to make a stunning you. 
There is no doubt in Jeno’s mind that he is very attracted to you. He knew it the moment you barged into the club meeting. You are his type of woman, a good mixture of confident and timidness. You like to have some fun, and aren't afraid to be bold. Not to mention, that you are incredibly hot and every time you flirt back just makes him melt inside.
“She won’t care. She hooks up with people all the time.” It puzzles you, all this time you had been holding yourself back from Jeno because he has a girlfriend. All to find out that the relationship isn’t as serious as you thought it to be.
“I know, it doesn’t make sense. But we aren’t two people to be tied down, but at the same time, we like each other enough to want to stay together.”
Your confused expression causes Jeno to laugh and ask, “what’s the dilemma with your boyfriend?”
Rolling your eyes at the mention of your boyfriend, you sigh, “it’s like we’re still together, but we aren’t at the same time. We’ve abandoned the relationship unknowingly.”
Jeno runs a warm hand up and down your thigh, while he listens intently to you. He nods, grabbing your waist to pull you over his groin. “I’m sorry to hear that.” 
“No, he’s a shitty person and an even shittier boyfriend. We literally haven’t fucked for the past year. I’m practically a virgin again.” His hand automatically gives your thigh a light squeeze.
Jeno’s eyes light up as you quickly cover your mouth out of embarrassment. A devilish smirk raises his cheekbone, and lust clouds his mind. Gauging his reaction, your cheeks turn hot.
“We’ll have to change that, don’t we? My baby must be all kinds of frustrated. Tell me, do you like when I touch you then?” Jeno drops in tempo, usually when he wants to be more intimidating with a deeper voice. 
You clear your throat intending to speak, but you can only nod your head in response. “C’mon, (Y/N). Use your words, like a big girl.” Even with the loud music and continuous chatter, you can hear Jeno‘s taunting whisper. 
His words tickle your collarbone as he runs his lips against your neck. Your heart is pumping rapidly at the turn of events, as if the possibility of having something beyond a kiss from Jeno is more than possible at this rate. 
Jeno enjoys your small whimpers as he marks your neck with purple love bites. Right in the center of the crowded room, Lee Jeno is just casually giving you hickeys.
“Yes, I love that you can’t keep your hands off of me.” 
Almost immediately, you can feel his lips curve into a smile on your skin. Pop! Jeno marvels the darkness against your skin in the mood lighting. A small part of him hopes you do end up seeing your boyfriend sometime soon, so he can see who you really belong to.
“How about we try touching like this?” Jeno pushes you down hard against his pelvis, the veins on his hands becoming evident from the grip and the tiny drawings permanently staining his fingers.
You gasp the moment you feel Jeno’s hip begin to move underneath you to the beat of the song. He rolls your hips rhythmically to match his speed. His clothed hard on can be felt through the only barrier you have on --- your panties.
The thin fabric is soon drenched in your juices after the continuous friction up and down his length. You throw your head back to every bump against your clit, the electrifying feeling enact more of your wetness to puddle. 
You can’t believe you were grinding against Jeno in the middle of a full party, as if his friends aren’t a few feet away. It is a good thing that your skirt pools around both of your waists to conceal the dirty deed underneath.
Jeno’s lip escapes under his top row of teeth as he rubs his clothed length against your barely covered pussy. He can feel his jeans dampening from your wetness and his eyes roll to the back of his head from how the feeling of wanting you consumes his body. He really becomes uncontrollable when it comes to you. 
This is the most sexual activity you have had with another person for over a year. Jeno just looks absolutely heavenly intoxicated with lust, and your mouth waters at how big his cock must be. You can feel his length the harder Jeno rolls against you, and it is definitely bigger than your boyfriend’s. 
You are trying so hard to stay quiet and unnoticeable, but the pleasure seeps out every crevice. Jeno is trained on you as your hand reaches up to cover your mouth, the muffled whimpers escaping your lips uncontrollably.
“I’m so close.” You admit, your body jolting every time his jean button grazes against your sensitive bud.
Jeno moves you over his thigh, forgetting his incredibly hard dick straining in his jeans. As long as you are satisfied, he can care less about his own pleasure. A low scream erupts from your throat when he flexes against you. 
His thigh is much more stable, with more control for consistency. You quickly notice the dark, wet spot on his jeans and you blush even harder. Your underwear clings onto you from the excessive moisture, but Jeno continues to help you finish.
The strands of hair cover your face, but Jeno needs to see your fucked out expression. He is taken aback when you start riding his thigh faster, grinding harder without the aid of his hands.
His mouth hangs slightly open in awe at your neediness, he truly did not know the extent of your sexual frustrations. Oh, but how he is incredibly turned on by you getting off on him. 
“I want you to cum for me, you deserve it.” Jeno brings you in for another passionate kiss. The mixture of his tongue sucking harshly on yours, and the friction on your clit are more than enough to reach your climax. 
Your legs clenched tightly around Jeno’s thigh. The small knot in your stomach that built, drops like the beat playing in the background. The feeling of white is familiar, but it is more intense than when you would touch yourself. You are finally receiving the pleasure from someone else’s touch, someone who wants you to unravel for him.
Jeno pulls away from your lips, kissing down your neck and collarbones as your chest heaves for air. His palm soothes your shaking legs as your climax subsides. You fall into his arms, and he laughs. The reality that you two just did that publicly registers in both of your minds.
Digging your shy face further into Jeno’s shoulder, he whispers lovingly, “let me drive you home.” 
“Are you still drunk?” The muffled question tickles Jeno’s neck.
“I think you beautifully cumming on my thigh sobered me up.” He jokes and you quickly cover his mouth. Your heart practically stops and you hope no one else heard him.
It is silly that you are now self conscious, as if the whole room didn’t just watch you and Jeno grind on the couch. But, the feeling of embarrassment and regret lingers in your stomach. You mentally thank the dark room for concealing both of your identities.
“I’m sorry for your jeans.” A pout begs for forgiveness as you stare at Jeno’s beaming smile. He takes your hand off of his mouth, not forgetting to give your fingertips a lingering kiss.
“I’m sorry for your boyfriend. He doesn’t know what he’s missing.” Jeno parts your hair from your neck, admiring the marks he left on you. A small sense of pride builds inside of him, accompanied by a tiny bundle of possessiveness.
“Let me say goodbye to the boys and I’ll take you home.” 
Nodding, Jeno carefully lifts you off of him and onto the cushion. He leans over to kiss your cheek. As he gets up, you see the darker shades on his jeans from your doing. However, Jeno is completely unbothered and continues to find his friends.
Now that you are alone, you feel a bit nervous that someone would come up to you and talk about what they saw. Checking your phone, your screen blinds you with absolutely no notifications from your boyfriend. Going on social media is worse, as you scroll to see that your boyfriend posted a photo.
It is a photo of his hot, red polished car. He obnoxiously posed squatting next to the front wheel, his lips puckered up and kissing the rims. With a caption that makes every regret in your body disappear, “with my one and only.” 
The phone is tossed somewhere else, wishing to delete the image from your memory. Your eyes wander around the room, when they spot a suspicious man sneakily dropping a small pill in an unattended drink. He, then, looks up and catches your stare. Caught red handed. 
But the male smugly smirks, “you’re going to pretend you didn’t see that, like how half of this room pretended to not see you grinding on Jeno.” 
“You’re complete scum, I can’t believe you just roofied someone’s drink.” You yell in utter disbelief at the unwavering man. His disgusting smirk changes into a menacing smile.
He approaches you, his height allowing him to tower above. You gulp, scared at how he can easily overpower you at any second.
“And what are you going to do about it? What? Jeno didn’t loosen you up enough?” His revolting hot breath beating down your nose, invading every corner of your personal space. 
Before you can find any insult to speak back, his figure goes flying sideways and out of your face. It’d be a lie to not admit your heart skipping a beat at the sight of Jeno’s clenched fists and locked jaw. His sharp gaze watches as the stranger gets up from the ground, inflammation already growing on his left cheek.
“Dude, what the fuck!” He shouts angrily, holding his cheekbone as he winces at the pain. Immediately, the conversations are replaced with gasps, and small whispers at the sight. People gather around the living room to see the commotion. Even you are unsure how to react to the sudden fight.
The other man lunges at Jeno with full force, but Jeno stops him by grabbing the man’s collar, “this,” Jeno punches his lip, busting it open, “is for dropping a roofie in someone’s drink.”
The stranger groans at the impact, but still gets up with a fist straight for Jeno’s gut. Watching Jeno take a blow is much more difficult than you had been expecting.
He crouches over from the punch, but quickly regains his composure to put the man in a headlock. A few more gasps erupt and wonder if you should stop him before he does something unnecessarily stupid. 
“This,” the man squirms to try to get out of Jeno’s iron grip, “is for disrespecting my babygirl.” And with a shift snap, the male falls limp and unconscious.
A surprised intake of air and Jeno peers up at your scared expression. He calmly walks over to you, ignoring the swarm of people that had gathered around the scene. He can only see one thing — you. Jeno’s wandering eyes try to read your expression, but all he sees is a terrified girl.
“I’m sorry you had to see that, are you okay, (Y/N)?” 
Blinking blankly for a few moments, you are mortified at the laying body, “what did you do to him?” 
Jeno looks back at the stranger casually, “I put him to sleep for a bit. He’ll wake up in about 20 minutes.”
A rush of reassurance washes over you knowing that he is alive and Jeno didn’t just kill someone in front of you. You exhale all the anxiousness and nerves, 
“thank you for stepping in.”
“I don’t fight without a good reason. You are more than a perfect reason to fight for.” He pinches your cheek cutely, and his tough exterior fades away yet again. 
His famous eye smile that warms your insides is back as if the scary, intimidating expression didn’t exist a few seconds ago. Jeno’s good sides only appear with you. Nevertheless, you are happy to know how special you are to see them. 
“Violence is never the answer.” He nods, only taking it for a grain of salt. “Are you okay? It looked like stringbean knocked some wind out of your gut.”
The teddy bear thrusts himself forward into a fit of laughter, his head resting on your lap. His melody lights every dark corner inside of you. “He did get a good punch in there, didn’t he?”
His rumbling laughter stops, and he peers up at you. “I can’t believe you were still worried about a complete asshole.” 
Scoffing, you break the shared gaze. “I’m a compassionate human being.” Jeno stands up, extending his hand for you to take.
“I know, you’re the best kind of person.” He genuinely means it with the way his tone remains quite stern, eye contact unwavering. He is revealing more of his intimate parts, and in return, you wish for him to see your’s. 
Silence drowns out all the commotion between you two. Jeno grows shy at the way the galaxies reflect in your stare. “I--” Never once, did you think you would witness Lee Jeno stammer over his words. “I-I, let’s-- I want to take you for a drive.” 
To Jeno, a drive to him is equivalent to your hand in marriage. Even his own girlfriend has never been on a drive with him. It is a big part of his personality, given that he is a crucial member of the Ridin’ Club. However, out of all of them, he is the last one to flaunt his hobby. It is special, almost sacred to his entire being. 
“Me?” It is the dumbest question to ask, but you really want to clarify his intentions. Before this night, you two were barely considered friends. You two never saw each other outside of the late night parties.
But now, Lee Jeno wants to take you on a drive. It makes you wonder if the desire of companionship is mutual, that he too pines to further your relationship.
“I’m not looking at anyone else,” Jeno still waiting for your hand and holding an intense eye contact. His heart lays exposed for you, just right on his sleeve. An innocence paints his usual intimidating aura, “let me show my special girl, what is special to me.” 
He must possess some magic because he knows every way to make you swoon. And like that, your palm meets his and he locks his fingers between yours. 
The moment you enter Jeno’s striking, eye catching car, you automatically relax into the leather seats. His pristine car matches his personality --- simple, but captivating. Your boyfriend’s car is the exact opposite, which is why you never enjoy sitting in it.
Jeno has pieces of himself that scatter his car, like an adorable small plushie that watches out the back window. A beaded lanyard dangles from his rear view mirror. It even matches his scent of a deep ocean breeze.
Unlike your boyfriend’s obnoxious details, Jeno did not have a light up stereo that flashed annoyingly to every beat drop in a song. Instead, a sweet lilac color illuminates at your feet, along with his. 
“You like what you see?” Jeno catches you astonish at the tiny aspects of the interior. 
“Of course, it’s yours. It’s exactly like how I would imagine it to be.” Jeno is proud, hearing you praise his car. Even he can admit, it is a bit weird to be so connected to an inanimate object.
Nevertheless, his car, racing, driving became a huge part of his life. And unlike his friends, he feels rather shy and slightly embarrassed for being such a geek. 
But hearing you actually appreciating the small details of his car when you probably hate every aspect of racing due to your boyfriend’s doing, it makes him feel very happy.
Maybe happy is an understatement, more like overjoy at how you freely can recognize the things that make him content. You respect him, and are mindful that as mundane as a car is, you know that it is something important to him.
Silence becomes the majority of the ride out of the quiet, suburban neighborhood. While Jeno’s eyes remain focused on the road ahead, you are concentrated on him.
He drives with one hand on the wheel as he rests his elbow on the middle console. His eyebrow creases here and there. It is the most normal, mundane activity anyone can do --- drive. That is all he is doing, yet the effect it suddenly has on you can not go unnoticed. 
Abruptly, with the rev of the engine and a press on the gas, the car practically flies on the empty freeway. It catches you off guard, causing you to hold onto the grab handle. Jeno peeks over at your shocked figure, and smiles to himself.
“Relax, (Y/N).” He calls your name, reaching over to rub your thigh as a way to calm your anxiousness. Automatically, your hand grips onto his for support and the other one drops from the handle. 
Exhaling, your eyes are trained ahead. The car is moving so fast that you can’t even make out anything around you. Everything becomes nothing, but colorful streaks against a dark background. The gravity against your chest feels crushing.
“How-- How fast are you going?” 
Jeno glances at the speedometer and intertwines your fingers into his own. “I don’t think I should tell you that, you might actually have a heart attack.” 
The window rolls down and you are hit with rumbling wind, “I know you’re scared right now, so stick your head out the window and take a deep breath.”
You look at him in pure fear, “what?! I can’t even move, let alone stick my head out the window!”
Jeno shakes his head, “trust me. Please, trust me.” He needs you to experience the same thrill he does. His own adrenaline is through the roof, out the entire atmosphere of the vehicle. The amount of joy he is experiencing became tenfold now that you are sitting beside him. 
You trust him and very meticulously, go against the wind. Your hair crazily dances along with the rush and your eyes water from being dried out. Adjusting to the pressure, you also stick your hand out the window. It whips backward, but you feel the wind slip between your fingers.
The rise in heartbeat and excitement pump through your veins. The beauty in the white streaks that create a runway, it is nothing but you and the open space. There is no other way to explore it, except at a high pace. You understand why Jeno loved it so much. 
Jeno bounces between the road and half of your figure out his window. Your eyes are closed initially, before you barely squint open. Tears fly by with strands of your hair, but you start to move your hand to physically feel the thrill pass between your fingers.
Then he sees it in the side mirror: the sweet curve in your lips he loves the most and the wideness of life in your eyes. It only makes him press the gas harder.
Tumblr media
“That was incredible! You should take me riding with you more.” You marvel at him as he starts the route to your place. It is complete playfulness that hints in your tone because you are aware of how sacred these are to him. Nevertheless, a part of you still hopes he agrees to do so.
Jeno nods, “only because I like you,” He pauses, gauging your reaction with his side eye gaze, “a lot.”
Your heart sinks to an unsettling place in your stomach. Jeno could not possibly be serious, however, his tone no longer matches the playfulness of your own. It almost seems like he is telling the truth. But you didn’t want to believe that. 
Your eyes make a full circle before settling at the disappearing sidewalks, “stay in your lane, Jeno.” It is to keep the mood still light, you and Jeno aren’t ones to be serious. 
His hand has been on your thigh for the whole night, whether it be out of habit or comfort. His touch is always welcoming and warm, but suddenly, you feel the small squeeze on your flesh. Turning your attention on his face, you can see how a smirk has grown. 
“But yours seems much more fun.” Immediately, your stomach leaps with somersaults. Your throat gets dry and tight, not anticipating that response. 
“Beside, you can’t act like we both haven’t swerved. It was barely moments ago that you were cum---”
“---No need to further explain.” 
“And I’d proudly do it again.” His voice drops several decibels and his hand slowly snakes it’s way up your thigh. All the while, his eyes still on the road ahead.
You gulp as every heartbeat constricts your throat. Lifting the ends of your skirt higher to expose more, you secretly want Jeno to cause your legs to shake again. “D-Do what again?”
Jeno perks up to the sweetness of curiosity in your tone. He pulls up to a red stoplight, being able to finally look over to your innocent face and needy hands gripping the cute, thin fabric. He stares deeply into your eyes, “make my baby cum.” 
Similarly to the stoplight, you give Jeno the green light to pull your panties to the side. You spread your legs wide as his finger massages your pussy lips. He gets dangerously close to your erect clit, barely skimming over it. 
A needy, yet delicate moan escapes your lips and Jeno’s jaw tightens. He’s more upset that he’s missing the view of your legs spread, open mouth in ecstasy, half lid eyes all in the passenger seat of his car. He hopes for another red light, just so he can peek over at your delicious figure.
“Jeno, please touch me.” Your voice is airy and desperate. He hummed in response, completely withdrawing his hand from your core. However, you catch his wrist and bring it to rest on your inner thigh. “Please.” 
The distinct beg in your tone drives him crazy. As he dips his finger into your sudden wetness, a shiver runs up your spine. Right when he applies minimal pressure on your bundle of nerves, you jolt and close your thighs around his hand.
One touch already feels too good to be true, that finally someone, Lee fucking Jeno, is actually touching your nakedness. Peering down, Jeno’s arm is flexing in between your legs. His veins popping ever so slightly and his tattoos paint his smooth skin. 
“Open your legs, babe.” His low devilish chuckle rumbles in your lower abdomen. “Let me give you the lovin’ you’ve been deprived of.” 
You shudder at his cadence and slowly pry open your legs. Jeno stops at a red light and gets to see your reaction as he rubs you in a fast rhythmic pace. A soft cry yelps from your throat and you have to grip the handle to keep yourself from spazzing out any further. 
Almost like a trance, he doesn’t notice that the light turns green. He’s locked into the sight of your contorting body. Your hips have a mind of its own, yet again, as Jeno feels you rolling deeper into his touch.
“Poor baby, you’re so touch starved that you can’t control yourself.” 
“It feels better when you do it.” You whine, your lip being bruised from your biting. But your eyes notice the green illumination and you blink over at Jeno.
He is practically drooling at the sight of you, his eyes are trained at your needy hips and dripping wet core that soaks his fingers. You stop every urge to steal more kisses from him.
Jeno briefly recovers from the trance and steps on the gas. He takes this opportunity to ease a finger into the core, causing you to exclaim and squeeze around his digit. “Oh fuck, you’re so tight.” 
“More, Jeno.” The way his name rolls off of your tongue makes his heart flutter and his dick to raise in his jeans. Without much hesitation, he slowly slips in another finger and you moan at the stretch. Pumping and curling, he ensures that you are enjoying every action.
His fingers curl against your plushy flesh and your legs spread wider for him to go deeper. You’re a moaning mess when he curls up to your sweet spot, rubbing his fingertips quickly. The familiar queasy feeling builds in your lower regions, and Jeno becomes merciless with his fingers.
He guides them in and out of you, feeling your tightness release and invite him back in. The sloppy wet noises fill the car and drown out the engine. Your half lidded eyes bounce at Jeno’s unbothered figure and the entire scene seems absolutely unbelievable to you.
One hand on the wheel. The other knuckles deep in your pussy. Eyes focus on the road ahead. A comfortable man spread. His hair is messy from the long night.
It is all too unbelievable, that Jeno’s already giving you a second climax of the night when you could barely get one in a year before. And he loves touching you as much as he loves driving. 
However, the guilty raises as fast as the ball of tension in your gut. You two pull up in front of your apartment building, while Jeno’s tugging his fingers against your flesh aggressively. In a split second, you hold onto his wrist to stop him. 
He shifts into park when the car settles into a spot and peers over to you. A curious expression daunts onto him, rather concern that he might have been too much. “I’m starting to feel guilty.” 
Jeno nods, and retrieves his fingers out of your dripping core. The feeling of emptiness causes all the built up pressure to dissipate.
“I understand,” he begins, but pauses at the sight of your sticky juices glistening on his fingers. Your eyes widen as he licks them clean, a soft moan escaping from the back of his throat. 
The small action spikes your heart rate and you rub your legs together. With a pop! Jeno hums delightfully, “baby, you taste so good. I’m a little sad I won’t be tasting more, especially directly from the source.” His lustful eyes glance down at your thighs and back to your profile. 
“I’ll walk you up to your apartment.” He says way too casually, unbuckling his seat belt. A mixture of emotions are running through your head. There is guilt, but lust is too powerful to ignore, especially when it’s Lee Jeno. The damage is already done, right? It’s not like it wasn’t moments ago that you humped him in the middle of a party. 
“Wait,” your hands find themselves gripping onto his leather jacket tightly. Jeno gently reaches over to release your strong grip and replaces the leather with his hand. 
“Yes, babygirl?” Jeno’s round, friendly eyes meet yours. The lust clouded darkness is no longer there. His hand feels hot and somewhat rough. 
“I’m going to break up with my boyfriend, so promise me, you’re not going to dip out of my life afterwards… I don’t need you to be anything more than a friend. I just can’t lose you too.”
He turns around in his seat to face you comfortably. “I don’t think you’ve noticed, but I can’t stay away from you, let alone have the ability to leave you.” He reassures you with a soothing and calm tone. His thumb draws circles around your knuckles. “I’m always going to be your friend, whether or not I know how you taste.” 
“Do you still want to try it … you know, from the source?” You shyly ask, an innocence embodying your gaze and voice cadence.
Jeno raises an eyebrow, a smirk on his lips. “I’d love to, only if you let me.” 
Instantly, you shift to get on your lower back. Jeno watches as you excitedly position yourself open for him and actually finds your eagerness quite adorable. Your left leg bends behind the driver’s seat and your right rests on the dashboard. 
He hooks his arms underneath your thighs to pull you forward towards him and your whole body slides against the leather. With a slow lift, your skirt reveals your drenched panties. Rolling them off and tossing them to the back seat, he lays eyes on your still dripping pussy. Jeno takes a second to admire your flower, this being his first time he’s seen such a private part of you.
“You’re beautiful, you know that right?” He chuckles deeply, before his tongue licks a long strip up to your clit. You exclaim out of the tingling pleasure that seized your insides.
He flattens his tongue against your bundle of nerves, flicking and circling. His finger enters your pussy again, curling up to rub at the same pace he is licking. The pure sight of Jeno’s head in between your legs is enough for butterflies to explode. 
His sole motive is to make you feel good. There is nothing else in the world that he wants at this moment beside pleasure to overtake your body. Jeno eats you out like he hasn’t had a meal in months. His mouth wraps around your clit. The mixture of his flicks and sucks cause electric bolts to run down your legs. 
You get more wet as Jeno pumps his finger in and out of your hole. Your juices are practically dripping onto the interior of the car, but Jeno doesn’t care.
He fucking loves it. He loves the taste of you lingering on his tongue. Your breathless moans. Your waterfall dripping on uncontrollably. The view of you unwinding because of him. Nothing can be more perfect. 
Running your hands through his messy locks, you press him closer into you. A devilish smile draws on his face as he flicks his tongue side to side. “Oh, fuck! I’m.. so c--close.” 
Your back arches upward into Jeno’s mouth, feeling his muscle lick harder and faster on your throbbing clit. He adds a second finger, and the simultaneous stimulation practically throws you into another dimension. The pleasure overtakes your entire lower half, your legs trembling from pure ecstasy as you approach your orgasm.
“Don’t stop, I’m going to---” Then, Jeno pulls away and shoves his tongue into your warmth. A gasp hits the air as he also continues to rub circles on your sensitive nerves. His tongue fucked your pussy incredibly skillfully and deliciously. With this switch, your legs violently shake and try clamping together.
However, his strength holds you wide and open for display. A low grunt follows suit as his dark eyes zone in on your contoured facial expressions. Then, the white light blind you once again and the ball of tension unravels itself on Jeno’s tongue. Squirming and screaming, your hips buck forward on their own. 
It is close to being too catastrophic, this being the most intense orgasm you’ve had after a whole year. Nevertheless, the satisfaction is right on the tips of your toes and you greedily indulge in the euphoric moment. Jeno feels your walls squeeze around his muscle as he laps every last bit of you up.
He is absolutely addicted to your juices, making sure he catches every drop. Finally pulling away, he wipes the extra drip on the back of his hand. Jeno blinks at your raising chest and limp legs. Chuckling, his warm hand massages feeling back into your body.
“Do you want me to carry you back up?” His hoarse, raspy voice wakes you from your post orgasm daydream. You flutter your lashes at him fondly and happily nod at his offer. 
Getting out of the car, Jeno walks over to the passenger side and your arms rest nicely around his neck. His palms support your butt, but also smoothing your skirt over to cover your decency. A poke against your outer thigh makes you realize that Jeno is strained against his jeans.
“I can take care of you too.” You pout cutely at Jeno, but he shakes his head.
“It’s not about me tonight. It’s about you.” Leaving a soft kiss on your cheek, his eyes turn into moon crescents from his lovable smile. The kind, friendliness makes an appearance again.
Or so you think! In a sheer second, Jeno’s deep voice rumbles your stomach and his hooded eyes pierce your soul, “next time though, I’m fucking you real good, babe.” 
You hum in response. Saliva collects in your mouth, already looking forward to more of Jeno. But a chilly draft brushes up your exposed area as Jeno carries you up the flight of stairs.
“Wait, Jeno… I don’t have my underwear on.” The ‘Level 3’ sign is in view as Jeno turns to walk. 
He only laughs and shrugs nonchalantly, “it’s better that way anyways.” Without another word, he continues upward to your floor and you playfully punch his solid chest. In all honesty, that’s not going to be the only time you leave behind your panties in his beloved car. 
Your hatred for the notorious Ridin’ Club subside after such a wild night. If anything, you owe it all to your shitty ex-boyfriend for joining such a ridiculous club. Without him and the club’s existence, who knows if Lee Jeno would’ve still swerve into your lane. 
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nctsworld · 9 months ago
all day, all night
✩ jaemin x reader | smut | 2.1k
→ summary: you give jaemin a good morning, and he makes sure you have a good night. → warnings: smut, pwp, oral sex (male receiving), facef*cking, c*m swallowing, m*sturbation, unprotected sex, dirty talk, light bdsm (wrist grabbing from behind)  → rating: explicit  → notes: so my idea originated from jaemin thrusting in make a wish choreo, then it took on a life of its own??? idek??? and yes i know the gif is shite quality
Tumblr media
→ gif created by me, please don’t repost or share without credit!
Tumblr media
Mondays are the worst, but waking up beside Jaemin always makes them better.
Usually, you steal deep kisses from one another under the sheets before you get up, and on the rare occasion, the kissing would escalate to quick love-making. 
However, this Monday is a little different. 
You’re both already out of bed, getting changed in the middle of your shared walk-in closet. Out of the corner of your eye, you notice that Jaemin isn’t wearing his normal work clothes and is donning his freshly cleaned and pressed suit and tie instead. 
You stop rummaging through your clothes and watch him checking himself out in the mirror. In your laced bra and panties, you come up from behind him and give him a back hug with your chin perched on his shoulder. 
“Do you have a meeting today?” you ask, locking eyes with his reflection.
He nods with a small smile, “Yeah, I’m presenting too. How do I look?” 
You already did a double take moments ago, but you don’t hesitate in doing a third one. You bite your bottom lip, reveling in the rare sight of your suited boyfriend. 
Then, your core begins to pulse at the impulsive thought forming in your head. Jaemin knows you too well, already reading your mind from the look on your face. He shakes his head with a chuckle.
“Babe, no. You know I’d love to, and if this was any other morning I’d say yes, but I have to get to the office on time for the meeting.”
You immediately hug him tighter, deliberately squeezing your breasts against his back. He sees doe-eyes and a pout looking back at him. 
“Please, Jae? You look so good in the suit though.” He raises an eyebrow and clicks his tongue in agreement, relishing in your compliment. 
“Not even for a quick blowjob?”
Jaemin is always surprised at how you can act so innocent when you want something so sinful. 
Realizing you’re only in your underwear, one of his hands reaches behind him. He follows the bend of your bare back and trails downward, finding your ass cheek to give it a little squeeze. You drop the pout and tug your bottom lip between your teeth again, sighing into his touch. Following a playful pull of your laced panties, which smacks against your skin softly, he hangs his head and exhales in defeat.
“Okay, fine, but we’ll have to be fast. And try not to get the suit dirt—” 
You shut him up with a kiss, due to bursting arousal and to keep him on schedule. The force of your passion is so strong, it leads his back to be pushed against the wall. Your hands find comfort around his face and neck, while his tender holds are on your waist and backside. His tongue infuses with yours momentarily, along with his grip on your body becoming needier and rougher, but you kill the foreplay off in order to get down to business.  
When you part from his body, he stumbles to take off his suit jacket, throwing it off to one side, and unbuckles his belt, dropping his pants and undergarment to his ankles. His length, only half-hard at the moment, springs out and you begin to lazily stroke him. Low groans follow.   
Closing the space between you two again, your lips meet his briefly, then his neck. He throws his head back against the wall, eyes fluttering when you lick that one spot that makes him weak, yet it sends blood rushing to his cock. You feel him grow in your hand, but you don’t fasten your pace—not until you have a taste of him first. 
Descending his body, your lips embrace him over his dress shirt, tugging his tie a bit as you do so. As you get onto your knees, Jaemin lifts his shirt upwards, trying his best not to stuff it too hard in his palms so it won’t be wrinkled. At the sight of his flexed abs, you pepper kisses upon them. He hums blissfully, fingers threading through your hair. 
Sitting comfortably on your knees, you are eye to eye with his desire. Normally, you’d taunt Jaemin with small kisses and licks, but since time’s running short, you directly ease his desire into your mouth. You start off with a few bobs of your head, tongue laying on the underside of his cock. Once there’s enough natural lubrication, you grip the base and pump him in synchronicity with the movement of your mouth.  
Jaemin can’t help himself but scrunch his shirt harder at the pleasure of your encompassing hold on him. He scrunches even harder when you peer up and hold your gaze with his. 
“Fuck,” is all he croaks as he moves the stray hairs away from your beautiful face. 
You change it up and only suck on his tip, while your hand still strokes him at the base. More profanities exude from above and you can hear his breathing waver with every suck. 
Everything you’re doing is absolutely perfect. However, Jaemin’s not quite nearing yet. He glances down to check his wristwatch and decides to take matters into his own hands. 
“Honey,” he pants. He drops the stuffed shirt in his palm and doesn’t care that the ends of it touch his wet length. Both of his hands move to cup the back of your head. 
“I’m going to fuck your pretty little mouth and if it’s too much, tap me twice. Okay?” 
With your hands on his thighs, you respond with a murmur and a nod, signaling for Jaemin to take full control of you. 
His sex hits the back of your throat relentlessly as your fingers dig onto his thighs from the penetration. Despite the roughness, you love being used by Jaemin like this. Wanting to feel pleasure in harmony with him, you drop one of your hands, move aside your panties, and rub lines across your folds. At the same time, your eyes flicker open to view Jaemin heaving with shut eyelids and his head craned back. You dip a finger into yourself, causing you to moan. 
Jaemin inhales sharply from the sudden vibration on his cock. He turns to you with wide eyes.
“Are you fingering yourself?” 
Your love doesn’t have the luxury to unravel the situation any further. You insert another digit into yourself, hastening the speed. Additional vibrations saturate his cock, answering his question, and the vibrations cause his moans to shatter everywhere. His fingers curl and bunch your hair tightly, making your core drip even more.  
“Oh, God. I’m gonna come, I’m gonna come…” His voice rises into a whine. 
You want to fulfill your high too, so you keep your fingering pace and rub circles with your thumb against your clit. Your moans transition into cries, taking Jaemin over the edge. Suddenly, he stiffens for a moment, then thrusts in jerks with his seed spurting hotly into your mouth. Like the good girl you are, you swallow each drop obediently. 
After pulling away, you wipe your mouth of all the drool and catch your breath. Albeit, not for long since Jaemin lifts you up and caresses your cheeks to kiss you deeply, tasting slight remnants of himself in your mouth. You yelp as he smacks your ass with a smirk plastered on his breathless face.  
“God, I wanna do so many things to you right now. If it wasn’t for the meeting...” he whispers against your mouth, then swipes his thumb over your bottom lip. You practically whimper, wanting more from your lover.
Unwillingly, he forces himself to tear away from you. He rushes to get his clothes back on and gives you a peck on the cheek when he’s finished. Jaemin leans his perspired forehead against yours.
“But I promise I’ll return the favour tonight.” 
Tumblr media
The moment Jaemin comes home, you jump into his arms and drown him in kisses, causing his briefcase to thud onto the floor. Although you technically did come this morning, you still yearned for him throughout the entirety of your day. 
You kiss and nibble everywhere—spreading your affection on every part of his skin, whether it be behind his ear, within the crook of his neck, or even the exposed part of his chest from where he loosened his collar and tie. 
“You know,” he says between kisses, holding you firmly with your legs crossed around his body. “If you like seeing me in suits this much, I should wear them more often.” 
You’re giggling into the next kisses as he leads you to the bedroom and carefully plops you onto the bed. Neither of you break apart from your embraces for a second. Even when he strips you of your layers, and you with his, you’re still intertwined through your touches and your mouths. 
As Jaemin’s dress shirt comes off, he notices faint stains of your lipstick on the collar. He squints at you playfully and you notice how his face also has your lip prints all over. You flash him a guilty smile. 
“How am I going to explain this to the dry cleaning lady?” he mumbles with a grin into your mouth before throwing the shirt onto the bedroom floor. 
With both figures on the bed completely bare, and after the long day of work both of you had, you don’t beat around the bush any longer.  
“Get on your knees, beautiful,” he commands with a light tap on your backside. 
And you happily oblige, getting onto your knees and hands onto the bed. From behind, Jaemin lines himself up with your slit and smacks himself along your damp folds.
“You’re so wet already,” he coos, now drawing lines with his length across your sex. You turn your head with a scowl. 
“Jae, come on. I’ve been wanting you all day, and you said you’d return the—” 
An abrupt gasp leaves your mouth. You never quite finish the sentence because Jaemin completely dives in, barely giving you any time to acclimatize to his size. Your extended groans and broken moans emanate throughout the room, along with the sound of his skin slapping against your ass. 
His grasp is tight around your hips as he thrusts repeatedly into you, making sure he knows you’re his and that he’s yours—wants you to feel every inch of his desire and feel the utmost gratification. 
“You feel so fucking good,” he grunts, never deterring his pace. “You love my cock, honey?”    
You merely nod, but it doesn’t satisfy Jaemin.
“I wanna hear you say it.” 
He pauses. A sudden slow, but deep pound. 
“F-fuck—love your cock. I love your cock so fucking much…” 
“Show me how much you love it; move yourself on me.” 
His touch around your hips fade away from your body. You already miss it, but know it’s only temporary. As you maneuver yourself on his inches, Jaemin’s fixated on how your pussy takes his cock so delightfully—the way you devour him with every movement, the way your lips clench and pucker against his girth. 
You must’ve put a spell on him because he’s bewitched with not only your body, but also by your heart and soul. 
Jaemin then guides his hand over your back. You stop moving, knowing he’s taking back control. Gently, he pushes your body downward against the bed. Your face rests upon a pillow. With your head facing one side, a beat passes and you realize he’s waiting for something. 
You turn to see that he’s holding out his hands, expecting to grab onto your wrists. Once your wrists are held in his hands from behind you, Jaemin lets loose.  
In this position, he plunges and hits you deeply. The stimulation is ubiquitous and evident for both parties: your hands are floundering, gripping and releasing Jaemin’s wrists; his vulgar cries and grunts of your name and swears; your similar screams, but of his name and of long, incoherent noises, into the pillow; the trembling of his body and face; and more.   
You know you’ve already reached your climax at least a few times by this point, so you let Jaemin raw your sex until he’s satisfied. 
“Do you want my come?” His thrusts are becoming more sloppy. He’s close, but you know he won’t release until he’s ensured you’ve peaked first. 
“Yes, Jae,” you squeal. 
“Yes, what?” His voice lowers, almost like a growl. “What do you want?” 
Your legs shake lightly, about to give out from another incoming orgasm. 
“I want your come, Jae. I want your come!” 
And with that, Jaemin whips himself out from your warmth and hot, white ribbons dribble from his length onto your ass. After getting some much needed air, he wipes himself first, then aids to clean you. Panting, the two of you fall onto the bed side by side.  
Jaemin faces you with a wide smile that meets his eyes. His hair is stuck to his glistening forehead, and you push them aside lovingly.  
“Told you I’d keep my promise.” 
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babyflossy · a year ago
long overdue | l.dh
Tumblr media
pairing: haechan x reader
requested: yes! sorry this took so long :(
summary: when you move back home after a few years apart, haechan starts to see you in a different light, and eventually the tension between you overpowers your worries about ruining your friendship.
genre/warnings: bestfriend to lovers au, smut (dirty talk, slight overstim if you squint?), fluff
word count: 4k
since your first day of elementary school, donghyuck had been your best friend. on that very first day, he had shared his animal crackers with you on the playground bench when you'd dropped yours, and you'd been inseparable ever since. even when your parents moved you away for the majority of middle school, you talked over the phone, you'd even sent each other handwritten letters through the post until donghyuck got his first phone.
the summer before high school started, your parents decided it was best to move back, and suddenly things were different between you and donghyuck. for one, he'd adopted haechan as a nickname, which you couldn't deny suited him more than you'd ever admit, but those four years had seen a lot of changes in the both of you. changes you couldn't ignore.
that stupid smirk he was always wearing was one. the growth-spurt and the jawline and the attractive shape of his shoulders had just been the things you noticed first, let alone the flirty humour he was so comfortable with. nevertheless, the two of you fell back into your old best-friend ways since elementary school; ice cream on fridays, although now they were at two in the morning instead of the afternoon, burgers at the diner on wednesdays because wednesdays are the worst day of the week.
these thoughts cross your mind once again as the boy in question slides into the chair opposite you in the cafeteria, pushing a tray towards you. "they had fries," is the only thing he says to you before he turns to jaemin and starts talking quietly about how they're going to cheat on their chemistry test. you murmur a thank you, picking a few up and stuffing them into your mouth as you continue your conversation with mark, your replacement whilst you were gone, as hyuck had so elegantly put it.
"are you coming to lucas' party tonight?" he asks, stealing some of the fries in front of you before you can swat his hand away. opposite you, haechan has blocked jaemin's voice out of his head so he can hear your answer, hating the way his heart skips a beat in anticipation. these parties were nothing new, you went to almost every single one, but haechan never got used to the clothes you wore, so much more revealing than the ones you to school. it was undeniable in those moments the way his cheeks flushed at the sight of you.
when he had first noticed these thoughts about you, he had been terrified. you were his childhood friend, how could he think of you as anything more than that? surely it would break the two of you apart if he so much as mentioned it to you? over the years since you moved back, however, the two of you had fallen into a comfortable state of flirtatiousness. he would say something suggestive and you would simply laugh and retort with a quip equally as witty. it was second nature, now; the longing glances, the way your hands brushed together when you walked side by side, the way his heart fluttered whenever you stole his hoodies, but only the ones that still smelt of him. your voice brings him back to the present.
"as if i would miss a party," you laugh, and the sound seems brighter every time to haechan, "are you driving everyone?" when mark shakes his head you raise your eyebrows in question and he nods to jeno, the dedicated sober friend for this week. the one good thing about not having your driver's license is that you were never denoted to that role.
as the school day comes to a close you meet haechan outside the back entrance, ready to walk home. the proximity of your houses meant it was always convenient for you both to walk home together, and it made haechan feel better to see you get home safe, he would never tell you that, though. he stands to the side of the crowd streaming out the door and waves you over when he spots your head in the sea of pupils. you shoot him a sunny smile that has his heartbeat pumping in his eardrums.
"you ready, princess?" the familiar smirk is present and you roll your eyes at the nickname, not allowing him the satisfaction of knowing how much it affected you, "you going home after tonight?" he asks as you break out the school car park and onto the pavement, steps falling into rhythm.
"i'm not sure yet, i doubt i'll be able to sneak back in," you scrunch your nose in contemplation, weighing up your options, "i'll probably tell my parents i'm staying at yeri's or something."
you miss the frown that settles on his face, "and stay at lucas'? alone?" haechan tries not to show how much he doesn't like that idea. lucas was a good person, he knows, but he would worry about you no matter who's house you would stay at. it was just part of your relationship at this point.
"yeah?" you stare at him in confusion, oblivious to the way his eyes flicker away when you try to meet his gaze. "what, you want me to come and sleep with you?" as soon as the words left your mouth you realised the second meaning to them and tried to ignore how your face blazed. it was your turn to avoid his eyes as you tried to pretend you had meant that word choice.
"if that's what you want, babygirl," a wink punctuates his words and heat spreads through you. you roll your eyes at him again.
jeno had, as promised, come to collect you from your house, laughing as you ran through your garden to avoid being spotted by your parents. jeno's car is smaller than mark's, all the seats already taken, but before you can ask where you're supposed to sit he presses on the accelerator. hands come to brace you as you nearly fall and your placed onto someone's lap. you can tell it's haechan from the expensive cologne that overwhelms your senses, the warm hands on your waist maintaining their position even after jeno's driving at a normal speed again.
the drive to lucas' house is short but bumpy and you grasp the seat in front of you to stop the jostling. when the car speeds over a bump haechan's fingers dig into your sides, his forehead falling onto your shoulder. you try and turn around to face him but his hands dig in further, stopping you from moving anymore. just as you're about to ask him what's wrong you feel a hardness pressing against the inside of your thigh and your eyes widen.
the flirty jokes you always exchanged meant something, you knew, but the feeling of him underneath you makes you heat up. you're frozen for a moment before a wave of smugness washes through you. haechan was always the one to make you flustered, and to know you had the same effect on him was something you wouldn't forget.
when the car finally stops in front of lucas' house, the others pile out before you two and you face him, raising your eyebrows. you open your mouth to tease him but he beats you to it, "fuck off." is all he says before he stalks towards the front door. you have to jog to keep up with him.
"really? in the car?" haehan rolls his eyes but the blush on his cheeks and the darkness in his eyes is obvious.
"if you weren't wiggling your ass, this wouldn't have happened–"
"i was not wiggling my ass, it's not my fault you're just needy," he stops walking at your words and spins around to face you, eyes narrowed in a look you assume is supposed to be intimidating. it's kinda hot, though, you think.
"i am not needy!" the laugh you let out only seems to upset him further and he takes a step towards you, "i can show you what needy is–"
"are you guys coming or what?" jaemin shouts from the doorway and haechan’s eyes flicker away from you to glare at him. before you can get another word out he’s walking as fast as he can away from you, shoulders squared of defensively. you can hear the pounding music from the house and you decided to forget about his attitude for the night and have as much fun as you can.
five drinks in and haechan is the last thing on your mind. the harsh liquid had burned at first but as lucas offers you a sixth you don't feel it slip down your throat. he grins and you match it, head spinning and vision blurring, the bassline of the music pounding in your ears. lucas has always been a great host, and he laughs at the way stumble from the kitchen counter he sits on. litres upon litres of free alcohol fills the table in front of you and you reach for a colourful blue bottle that fizzes when you twist the top off. he passes you a red plastic cup and the drink spills over the sides as you try and pour it, lucas' laugh piercing through your head which starts throbbing with the beginnings of a headache.
as if he can sense the state you're in, jeno appears in your line of sight, head shaking disapprovingly. you put up a fight when he takes the cup out of your hand and tips it down the sink but give up quickly when jeno shoots you a stern stare. lucas has already slinked off back to his living room where the rest of the guests reside, hands waving at people as a pretty brunette pulls him to the corner of the room. "you're already drunk, y/n."
"no i'm not," you insist but you can hear the way they slur together. the sound of them is foreign to your ears and they make you giggle, the sixth shot you had taken moments before starting to take effect. when you try and walk towards the drink's table your knees buckle under you and jeno has to catch you to stop you falling to the floor.
"this is why i hate being the sober friend," he mumbles as he sets you down on the floor to prevent you from hurting yourself, pulling your hands away when they reach to pull on his hair, muttering about his hair colour.
"now that, i whole-heartedly agree with," the new voice belongs to johnny, who frowns in amusement at the position you're in, giggling hysterically at jeno's hair. "hyuck's in a similar shape, we just put him upstairs in the spare room."
"can you help me take her up? she can't walk properly." their conversation falls on deaf ears to you and you're staring at everything in the kitchen and yet nothing at all as they both take one of your arms, hoisting you into an upright position. standing up, you last all but five seconds on your own before you put all your weight into them and allow yourself to be carried up the stairs.
true to johnny's word, haechan is sat on the edge of the bed, head between his knees whilst jaehyun crouches to talk to him, rubbing his back with a sympathetic smile on his face.
you call out when you see him, "haechannie!" and his head shoots up at the sound of your voice, all the darkness of his eyes from earlier dissipated.
"y/n!" johnny and jeno place you carefully on the bed next to him and meet jaehyun by the door to watch you. haechan's arm is already around your shoulder, your head planted on his shoulder, unclear if you're passed out already or not.
"where are they staying?" jaehyun asks, eyes not leaving the pair in front of him, grimacing when you bump heads with each other.
"i think here?"
"you really wanna leave them alone like this?" johnny questions as he watches you press kisses to the side of haechan's neck, turning to face him.
jeno considers his options for a moment. leave the two of you alone drunk and clearly ready to omit any rational thoughts, or stay here and try to keep you off each other. or, he supposes, he could bribe someone else to do it for him. yes, that's what he'll do. he'll find jaemin.
once the others leave and you're left alone, hands are immediately on your waist, pulling you into a kiss. haechan rubs his thumbs into the exposed skin of your middle, pressing his lips to yours in such a desperate manner you can do nothing but sit and kiss back. the hands pull you onto his lap and you waste no time threading your fingers into his hair, deepening the kiss, subconsciously grinding your hips down onto him.
"i've wanted to do this for ages," he moans into your neck, fingers hastily skimming over your skin, trying to touch you everywhere at once.
"i told you you were needy," the reminder does nothing to halt his actions, accepting your words with nothing but a hum, hands now making their way up your shirt to the clasp of your bra.
just as he's battling with the article of clothing, the door shoots open again and you fall off his lap and onto the matress. jaemin walks in, snickering at nothing and plops himself in between you on the bed, head falling onto haechan's shoulder.
"hi guys!" the tone of his voice gives away just how much he's drunk already, and you eye haechan over jaemin's mop of blue hair, pouting in disappointment.
a pounding head greets you in the morning and even though you and haechan both remember what had happened the night before, neither of you can stop blushing for long enough to bring it up. so you don't, the fear of ruining your friendship too great a risk for you.
it's a hot summer day and you meet haechan and jeno along with jaemin and renjun at the ice cream shop near your house. it's a brightly decorated new place that offers a mammoth selection of different toppings, which is partly the reason you get bullied when you choose an ice lolly instead. in your defense, it was boiling outside and ice cream is dehydrating.
haechan is cursing every god he knows of as you sit opposite him in the booth, lips wrapped so prettily around your ice lolly. he blinks harshly when you lick the side to stop the juice dripping onto your hand, still talking to renjun. in front of him sits the tub of ice cream he previously been so excited to try and yet now he can't seem to eat it, thoughts elsewhere.
in his head, he curses himself for thinking like this, for thinking about how amazing your lips would feel wrapped around his–
"dude are you okay? you're staring at your ice cream like it holds the secrets to the universe." jeno's laugh cuts through his mind and his cheeks burn. he nods wordlessly, searching for something, anything, else to think of, instead of the blood rushing straight to his dick.
later that same day, when he's back in his bedroom alone, you're the only thought that crosses his mind. he thinks about that night at lucas' party, how you had both been so ready to forget anything holding you back, he thinks about the car ride there, how cocky you had been when he got hard from you sitting on his lap. it was clear you felt the same way, at least, he hoped you did.
in your own bedroom, you're having a similar crisis to your best friend. it hadn't been easy to ignore to way he was staring at you earlier, you had even exaggerated your eating just to tease him. you wondered if he wanted you just as bad as you wanted him. maybe you should ask. no, that was too risky. you needed something less obvious.
"you wanna come over to watch that new movie? i'm bored."
haehcan reads the words over and over again, trying to decipher any ulterior motives you might have, yet again that may just be him wishing for some. he takes a moment to reply, choosing his response carefully, even though he knew immediately he would be saying yes.
"sure, when?"
once you had confirmed a meeting time, haechan had but two hours to compose himself. he didn't know what to expect, after all, you could have invited him over simply to watch the movie, however much he hoped that was only a cover. a cover for an empty apartment, and some suppressed desires.
when you open your front door, you're already worked up enough. it takes all the self restraint in you to not pounce on the boy in front of as soon as he steps into your hallway. he seems to be having a similar internal debate and you feel the air shift as he drops his bag next to your door, stepping towards you.
neither of you want to make the first move, the tension growing until you can’t stand in anymore, reaching towards him, knotting your fingers behind his neck and pulling him down to you. he closes the gap between you, lips smashing against yours in such desperation you would tease him if you didn’t feel the same way.
“where?” he mumbles against your lips, hands gripping up and down your sides.
“bedroom.” is all you reply before he wraps his arms around your waist, shuffling the both of you into your bedroom and shutting the door with his foot. he pushes you onto the bed and you let yourself fall, hair splaying out underneath you in a way he likes maybe too much.
his body follows yours and he slots between your legs perfectly, hands reclaiming their grip on your middle, fingers toying with the hem of your shirt. wherever his fingers slide over, goosebumps rise in their wake, sending shivers through you at their coldness.
your lips return to his and you tilt his head up to deepen the kiss, only breaking away to press open-mouthed kisses to the space under his ear, relishing in the way his breathing hitches in his throat. the kisses trail down his neck to his collarbone, biting down before sucking the area into your mouth. haechan lets out a sinful moan that goes straight to your core.
as soon as you pull you lips away from his body he pulls your shirt over your head, cursing at the lack of underwear, gaze locking in on the swell of your breasts, nipples hard in the cold air. “you had such a hard time taking it off last time,” you reason into his ear, pulling the lobe into your mouth and pulling before continuing, “i thought i would save you the trouble.”
“fuck, baby, you’re so hot,” his words are silenced by the moan you let out when his fingers come to toy with your nipples, rolling one between his digits. you can’t help but arch into him, legs closing around the thigh spreading them apart. it’s clear you’re already so turned on that haechan almost pities you as you grind against his thigh. “so hot, and needy it seems.”
“haechan,” you moan, hands coming to tug on his own shirt, pulling the material over his head and throwing it somewhere else in the room. “i need you so bad.”
“i know, baby,” he cooes, dropping his mouth to envelope your nipple in between his lips, “i’ll take care of you, don’t worry, princess.” the filthful nature of his words make your body heat up, the coldness of fingers now toying with the waistline of your shorts so much more noticeable.
the shorts are removed quickly, your panties following quickly. before you can process what he’s doing, his fingers are spreading your lips apart, lips blowing on your clit to watch the way you clench around nothing. you shiver, hands moving to grip his hair.
after admiring your pussy for a moment, he licks a thick stripe from your hole to your clit, stopping to suck the bud into his mouth, hands coming to press you into the matress when you buck up into him. his tongue laps over your most sensitive spot and he rubs your wetness over his fingers before pushing one into you, moaning at the tightness of your walls. the vibrations of his moan travel straight through your clit and you let out a shameful whine.
after working his finger in you for a few moments, he adds a second, closely followed by a third as he continues his assault on your clit. your moans are loud and non-stop, only stopping to warn him how close you are.
“cum on my tongue, babygirl,” the dirty words dripping from his tongue push you over the edge and you let go with a cry, tugging on the strands of haechan’s hair so hard it nearly hurts him.
“fuck, fuck, fuck,” is all you can say as haechan makes his way back up your body, pressing his lips back to yours. on his tongue, you can taste the sweetness of your own cum and you move away from him only to tug his bottom lip in between your teeth, pulling then sucking on it to numb the pain.
you make quick work of his jeans, helping him out of them and chucking them to the floor, shortly followed by his own underwear. from his view, you look stunning, eyes hooded and blown out with lust, lips red and wet from kissing, bruised almost.
he doesn’t say anything as he lines himself up with your enterance, rocking his hips forwards and filling you completely. the pleasure is almost too much for you, still sensitive from your orgasm only minutes prior, eyes rolling back at the way he fills you so well. haechan’s head falls to your shoulder as he gives himself a moment to calm down, biting into your shoulder when he pulls out to the tip.
“you take me so well, baby,” the words are hot in your ear, his breath fanning down your neck, “look at you, all spread out for me.”
you wrap your arms around his shoulders to steady yourself as he pushed back in, moaning into your shoulder at the feeling of you around him, tight, wet, hot. he can sense he won’t last long as he sets a fast pace, chasing his own high.
to make up for his fast-approaching orgasm, he takes your ankle into his hand, pulling your leg up to rest over his shoulder, the new angle allowing him to hit every sweet spot possible. the feeling leaves you paralyzed in pleasure, unable to do anything but chant his name.
“i’m gonna cum,” you mumble against him, whining out when his thumb comes down to rub fast circles on your clit.
“fuck,” haechan’s eyes are screwed shut and the sight is so other-wordly beautiful it almost makes you tear up. “i’m cumming.”
his hips stutter and the feeling of his cum filling you, some leaking onto the tops of your thigs, pushes you over the edge. your back arches as you cum over his cock, his hips still easing the both of you through your highs.
when you’ve calmed down, chest heaving as the aftershocks of your second orgasm ripple through you, he pulls out, wincing at the first flicker of overstimulation. he turns and presses a gentle kiss to your ankle, rubbing the fingers of his other hand over your cheekbone, relishing the fucked out expression on your face. he thinks this is the most beautiful you’ve ever looked, so exhuasted underneath him, sweat glistening over your skin.
“that was–”
“long overdue.”
he laughs an agreement out, falling next to you on the bed and lacing your fingers together. “we should watch movies together more often.”
a/n: the only thing i have to say is yikes at this point.
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neopuppy · 2 months ago
Hot Sauce (M). Part 4.
Tumblr media
Preview: “Why don’t you just fuck all his friends? If he really was that heart broken over you moving away back then, he’ll go mental.” your friend suggests. You stare into the screen, swiveling back and forth in your computer chair.
“Have you seen his friends? That would be too easy..” you smirk to yourself toying with the idea.
Pairing: NCT Dream 00’ line x female reader
Word Count: 6.7k
Genre: PWP, M/F, Step brother Jeno AU, parents are miraculously never home, enemies to fucking.
Warnings: Jeno’s very mean- very, name calling, bullying, explicit language, degradation, smut
Smut Warning: whew ok- overstimulation, fingering, oral, gaping, teasing, crying, hair pulling, anal, squirting, possessive behavior, a little dubious, exhibitionism, voyeurism, this is F-I-L-T-H.
Hot Sauce: Intro—>
Hot Sauce: Part 1–>
Hot Sauce: Part 2–>
Hot Sauce: Part 3–>
“You think I’m so fucking stupid.” Jeno digs his hands into your hair, pulling you up by your scalp. You scream out, slapping at his forearms, his hold loosens sitting you up. Jeno squats down, grabbing your chin between his fingers. “I know you went through my phone.”
You lean forward weakly, still not recovered from Jaemin. Jeno’s words passing through your ears like static noise.
“What happened to- ‘I’ll stop Jeno!’ Huh? Why are you so determined to piss me off?” Jeno drops his hand, gripping his thighs. “You’re so fucking frustrating.” He tsks, shaking his head.
“Clean yourself up, you look like a whore.” He stands up straight, giving you a look of disgust. Jeno turns, heading out the door. You burst into tears, stumbling to stand up. Your core throbbing in the aftermath of taking all of Jaemin’s size.
“Jeno!” You run to catch up to him, arm banging into the wall. “Jeno, I-.. I can, I can explain!”
Jeno stops in the hallway, rolling his shoulders back. You wrap your arms around yourself feeling exposed, admiring the way his back muscles move under his shirt.
“It’s just.. I really like..” you begin to stutter, body temperature rising with each word. Jeno turns slowly, looking down at you in question, egging you to continue. “I like you.” You look down at your feet, murmuring under your breath. Jeno moves in closer, ducking his head down face level with you.
“What was that now?” Jeno asks.
“Don’t make me say it again, please.” You cover your face, embarrassment coursing through you. Jeno grabs your wrist, turning you until your back is against the wall.
“You’re fucking with me again aren’t you?” Jeno scoffs, pulling your hands free from your face. “There’s no way you mean that. I treat you like shit, all I do is berate you, call you derogatory names-..”
“I like it!” You shut your eyes, beating your head back against the wall. Jeno’s hold on your wrists tightens, leaning in closer, pressing you flat.
“What the hell do you mean?”
“God Jeno! I just..” you mewl, trying to cower into yourself. Jeno’s clothed body pressed against your very bare one making you uncomfortably hot. “No one.. no one treats me like you do. I like it, ugh” you drop your head back, internally cringing. “I like you, I like how mean you are to me.”
Jeno cups your face, the most gentle he has ever been. His face swoops forward, nose pressing against yours.
“You’re lying, aren’t you?” Jeno frowns, questioning with a serious tone.
“No!” You wrap your hands around Jeno’s thick neck. “It’” you whimper, legs losing balance weakly, held up be Jeno’s weight. His eyes squint, eyeing your tormented expression. A sound escapes from the back of your throat, a whiny little squeak. Jeno lifts a finger to your lips, shushing you.
“You like being degraded?” Jeno asks, pulling your bottom lip open. He leans in, flicking out his tongue, lapping at your top lip. You softly nod, letting your body completely give up. Jeno smooths his other hand down your neck, your chest, leading across your twitching stomach. “Or is is that, you like it specifically when I do it?” He smiles, eyes bunching up, hand reaching between your legs. You squirm trying to move your hips back, still sensitive. Jeno’s fingers swipe up and down, gathering your wetness.
“Oh no no..” he tsks, smiling wider with teeth.
“Please.. hurts” you hiss out, Jeno’s fingers circling your swollen entrance.
“No it doesn’t baby, cause you’re a dumb slut. All dumb slut’s know how to do is get fucked.” Jeno leans down, whispering against your lips. Shoving three fingers in you as far as they’ll go.
He presses his lips down softly, sweetly kissing you. Your mind short circuiting trying to decipher whether you’re enjoying this. Jeno’s lips trail down, kissing over your chin to your neck. Pausing only to suck on the tender skin, teeth biting down as he does.
Your neck hangs back, held up by only the wall. Thighs squeezing around Jeno’s hand. Jeno forces his thigh between your legs, shoving you open. Fingers pressing in, searching for that spot deep inside. Mouth continuing to make way around your collar and shoulders, leaving behind glistening teeth indentations. Your face drops forward letting out a long cry, legs squeezing around Jeno’s thigh.
“Tell me it hurts but your pussy’s sucking me in..” Jeno mumbles moving around, shoving his other leg between you. He emphasizes his words with harsh thrusts inside, walls squeezing around his fingers without resistance.
“Ah!..” you hiss, hot tears flowing out of your eyes. You grip Jeno’s wrist with both hands. He tsks, biting at your jaw roughly.
“You’re gonna take it, like the fucking whore you are.” Your grip around Jeno does nothing, he wiggles in harder. Fingers moving with speed inside of you. You gasp in air, neck losing all strength to hold your head up. Jeno’s fingers curl upward, pressing in hard with a mean shake. You let go of him, hands falling to your sides, body leaned against the wall weakly. Your lower half trembling, half from Jeno’s movements alone. You jolt forward, fingers hitting something inside that makes you wail out.
“That’s it.” Jeno lifts his other hand to your neck, shoving your head back into the wall. Fingers wrapping nearly all the way around making you feel even more helpless.
“Jen..Jeno” you whisper out, coughing, face feeling full of blood as Jeno chokes harder suppressing your air intake. His hand moving so fast, lewd sounds of wetness echoing off his palm through the hall. You grip at his hand around your neck, eyes squeezing shut releasing a scream loud enough for the entire neighborhood to hear. Your core convulsing around his fingers like crazy. Wetness seeping out squirting aggressively all over Jeno’s legs. He shows no sign of slowing down, eyes burning into your center watching you explode.
Jeno presses lips against yours with a growl, thrusting in so hard. The veins and muscles lining up his forearm bulging out over worked. You clench down with a few more thrust, arching up into him squirting out more than you ever have before. Actually never have before, not even aware you could. Jeno bites at your lips, finally slowing his fingers. They slide out, hand coated in your wetness, arm and legs too.
“Look at the mess you’ve made” Jeno shakes his hold around your neck. “Soiled my clothes.” You whimper, scratching down his arm unable to respond. He releases you, your body weakly slumping forward onto him. He grips a chunk of your hair pulling to make you look at him.
“Dirty slut doesn’t even know how to say sorry. I have to teach you everything don’t I?” Jeno’s arm wraps around your waist, dragging you toward to couch with ease. He shoves you down across the top, frame digging into your back awkwardly.
“Please..” you whimper so wantonly, curling your legs up to hide your sensitive area. Jeno pulls off his drenched shirt, showing off the powerful body he taunts you with daily.
“Please?” He smirks, releasing a sarcastic laugh, a mocking sound. “You’re never gonna stop begging are you?” Jeno pulls down his boxers and sweats, stepping out of them. Cock looking hard and angry, like it’s ready to rip you open. You squirm, core burning just at the sight. Jeno grabs your hips, turning you over so you’re bent over the couch. You grip at the cushion beneath you shaking your head.
“I can’t! I can’t!” You try to turn, Jeno pushing you down until your face is shoved into the seat.
“You think I want this pussy? Loose hole that everyones been in?” Jeno strokes his fingers between your ass. You clench up, legs lifting to get away. “But this..” Jeno smiles to himself, circling your rim with his fingers, prodding the tip of one in. You flinch at the new sensation, gripping the couch.
“This belongs to me.” Jeno squats down, holding your ass apart. Tongue swiping up and down your crack. His tongue laps over your hole, spitting in between licks. Jeno reaches for his cock, squeezing at the base feeling himself too excited. He groans into your ass, tongue poking around trying to enter. Dropping down a glob of spit growing impatient.
“Only thing fat on you is this ass..” Jeno says to himself, slapping over the meat of your behind. He shifts to stand up again, spitting into his hand, stroking over his cock lazily. Not much concerned with how stretched out you are or aren’t. Jeno holds around your waist, sliding his cock head around your hole. You pathetically lift your head looking over your shoulder. Feeling like too much and not enough at the same time. Jeno’s eyes land on yours, pushing his cock in past the tight ring of muscles.
“Keep your eyes on me.” He grits out, before you can squeeze them shut. Jeno slowly inches forward, the new foreign feeling traveling up your spine. “This is what you wanted isn’t it?” You keep Jeno’s gaze, brain too fogged up to register his question right away. Your mouth falling open, drooling into the couch with each inch pressing forward.
Jeno bends over on top of you, putting his body weight over yours completely. He reaches under your cheek gripping around your jaw.
“I said this” he thrust in, cock sliding past half way. You cry out a scream, so stretched and full. In disbelief he’s not even all the way in. “ what you want” he plunges in, length fully inside you. Your ass clenching down impossibly hard.
“Isn’t it.” Jeno groans out, emphasizing by pressing his hips in. You nod rapidly, shutting your eyes to control the tears falling out.
“Say it.” He thrusts in again, struggling to glide between your tight ass. “You’re a dumb slut.” You cry harder, your hole finally relaxing enough for Jeno to thrusts in easily. You sigh, a mixture of tears, drool, probably snot leaving your face uncomfortably messy.
“I’m.. I’m..a.. dumb slut” you whisper out, mewling. Jeno pulls back, shoving in roughly. He squeezes down on your waist for leverage, working up a speed fast enough. Your ass slapping back into his hip bones hard, loud sounds of skin clapping erupting all around you.
“You’re my dumb slut.” Jeno pounds into you faster and faster. He turns your jaw, neck straining in his hold. “Gonna fuck you all over this house until you learn.” He groans, dick pulsating so deep in your ass. You try to nod, too fucked out and weak.
“Everywhere you look will remind you who these sloppy fuck holes belong to.” Jeno pants, hips losing their rhythm, trying to prolong his climax. “Mine” he delivers a deep thrust, gritting his teeth. “Always been mine.”
Jeno grinds into your ass, letting out deep raspy screams against your ear. Hot cum pours out deep into your ass, Jeno circling his hips down until the very last spurt. He let’s out a long sigh, catching his breath. You tremble beneath him, too spent and overwhelmed with pleasure. Thinking you weakly came at some point, trying to clear your mind. Thoughts riddled in Jeno, his scent, his body, his cock.
Jeno pushes his forehead against the side of yours, cock jostling inside you. You bite back a hiss, pain in your ass shooting up with movement.
“You’re mine.” His tongue laps at your cheek. “Don’t forget who you belong to now.”
“Are you sick? Why’d you miss class today?” Your friend questions through the video call. You cross your legs, leaning back into your computer chair.
“No..” you chew over your nail contemplating telling her all about yesterday with Jeno. Abused lower half only a constant reminder of everything.
“Ok? What’s going on? Are you ok??” She asks with concern.
“No no.. I’m fine. I’m more than fine. I’m...I’m great!” You smile dumbly, sinking into your seat.
“You’re being weird. Blink twice if Jeno’s holding you hostage.” You smile wider to yourself, bedroom door opening. Jeno standing there fresh out of the shower. You stare at him, eyes widening admiring his physique. Jeno steps further into your room.
“Hang up.” He stops at your side, eyes boring into yours.
“Oh my God, is that him?!” You hear your friend’s bewilderment. Jeno lifts your chin, thumb stroking over the skin.
“I said hang up.” You swallow with a nod, reaching your hand out blindly grabbing your mouse.
“I have to go.” You mutter, ending the video call. Your friends voice protesting to not hang up before the beeping indicating a call ending sounds out. Jeno releases your chin, spinning your chair so that your body faces him.
He stands up straight, tugging the knot of his towel open. Letting the cotton fall off his hips to the floor. Jeno’s hard cock blocking your vision. He steps forward between your legs, grabbing your shoulders. You stare at Jeno with wide eyes admiring his rippling muscles. Leaning forward, kissing at the tip of his cock. Jeno’s hold on you tightens, shoving you back into your chair. He kneels down quickly, shoving your legs apart.
“Don’t bother wearing these anymore” he tugs your underwear off, throwing them behind his back. You sink into the seat, nodding letting Jeno push up your knees. He tips his face forward, nosing up and down your slit. Eyes connected to yours, watching every little reaction you express.
Jeno pushes your thighs open further, hands holding the pits of your knees. He takes deep breathes, inhaling your scent making you squirm. Jeno groans, rubbing his face between your folds. Nose and chin coating in your wetness. He sighs, sloppily lapping at your dripping hole. You shake all over from your center, digging hands into his thick head of hair, gently tugging.
Jeno runs his tongue all over, licking between your folds, around the smooth sides. Lips wrapping around your clit, sucking with strength.
“Oh my God.. “ you stifle out, dropping your head forward watching Jeno roll at your clit. You tug on his hair more, earning a raspy sound from the back of Jeno’s throat, vibrating into your heat. You whine, body tensing up, lower half jerking forward. Jeno pushes at your legs, getting you bent up like a pretzel.
“Too much..” you pull at his hair again, squeezing it between your fingers. Hips bucking forward again, trying to shut your thighs around Jeno’s head. He ignores you, sucking and licking at your clit showing no mercy. The stimulation becoming too much, your stomach reaching into your back, thrusting into Jeno’s mouth.
“Fuck! Fuck I’m-.. I’m!” You scream out incoherently, cunt clenching at nothing in desperation. Tingles traveling from Jeno’s tongue through out your body. You fall back gasping for air, eyes rolling around watching the ceiling spin. Jeno kisses up and down your over heated center, lips shiny with wetness.
“So wet for me” Jeno growls, pulling away. Your hands falling to your sides limply. You look down, gasping, Jeno’s chin dripping with sheen. He licks over his lips, wiggling a brow. Jeno stands up, sight of his hard cock making your cunt grip down again.
“Come here baby” Jeno pulls your arms, squatting lower close to you. You look at him with confusion, eyes fully open in surprise.
“” You question, wrapping arms around him. Jeno pulls your legs around his waist, hoisting you up with a growing smile. He nudges your nose, eyes hidden behind his smile.
“Baby.” He repeats, setting you down on your bed. You lay down, pulling your robe open displaying your bare body for him. He climbs on top of you, shoving the rest of the robe off. Cock resting against your stomach
“My baby..” Jeno lowly whispers, eyes trailing over you, sliding a hand down your stomach. Jeno shoves your legs open, pushing you apart with his knees. Large hand cupping around you soaked heated mound. Jeno grabs your leg with his other hand, pushing it forward against your chest.
“So flexible..” Jeno smirks, pushing your knee harder until it’s against your shoulder. Fingers sliding between your folds, rubbing the mixture of your cum and his spit together. He aligns his hips over you, cock shoving between your swollen lips. You stare down where Jeno teases your entrance, stretching you other leg out further.
“Beg for it, baby” Jeno smirks down at you, pulling his hips away. You nearly scream, arms lifting off the bed ready to pull him back in.
“Jeno stop, please” you whimper pathetically with grabby hands. Jeno turning you into the shameless desperate slut he reminds you that you are everyday. Jeno grabs the base of his length, swiping his cockhead up and down between you.
“I said beg.” He slaps your thigh harshly, pushing against your leg with fingers digging into the flesh.
“Please” you suck in air, embarrassment so far beyond your thoughts at this point. “Please just....Jeno, I want your cock. I love it, I wan-..ah fuck!” You shout out, Jeno fucking all the way into you, balls slapping your sensitive ass. “Ah Jeno, oh fuck you’re so s-so big.”
“Slut’s like you love being filled up hmm” Jeno questions, more so states, sliding out half way. He thrusts back in admiring how you wrap around his size. Dick coated in glossy like sheen with every thrust. You nod along agreeing to whatever he’s saying, the familiar overwhelming sensation returning to the bottom of your stomach with every plunge of Jeno’s cock. The way he fucks, the way he talks to you, incomparable.
“My baby’s gonna cum already. Begs for cock and can’t even handle it.” He bottoms out, burying balls deep into you. Jeno thumbs at your clit, circling his hips. Your head shakes in protests, moaning brokenly grabbing at your bed. You clench around his cock, arching up wailing out a scream. Walls pulsating around Jeno, vision blurring as the rush of satisfaction over comes you. Jeno pushes your clit in harshly, grinding his teeth together. Rasping out groans, soaking in how tight you grip around him.
“God damn” Jeno sighs, wrapping fingers around the base of his length. “Turn over baby, gonna cum in your ass.” You softly jerk up when Jeno slides out, weakly turning only half listening to his words. Your eyes fly open at the feeling of his cock pushing into your abused hole. Jeno shoves his cockhead past your swollen rim, stroking at his shaft. He screams out, biting into his lip hard enough to draw blood.
“Ugh..” you lay flat against the bed, hot white ropes of cum aggressively shoot into your ass. Jeno rolls his forehead between your shoulder blades, breathing and sighing heavily.
“Don’t..don’t move ok?” he quickly stands, stumbling out the door. You look over your shoulder in despair.
“Wha..” Jeno runs back in, black oddly shaped object in hand.
“I said don’t move.” He straddles the backs of your thighs. Picking up the lube thats begun dripping out with the toy. Jeno pushes his cum back in your asshole. “Yea, that’s a good girl.”
“Jeno...what..” you look at him over your shoulder confused. Shrieking when he shoves the plug into you. Jeno breaks into a grin, pleased with how your ass looks around the black plug.
“If you touch this” Jeno pokes at the plug, kissing one of your ass cheeks. “I’ll make you regret it.”
“Jeno..” you whine out opening the door to his room. Jeno’s eyes stay on his computer, teeth digging into his lip focused on whatever game he’s playing.
“Jenoooooooo!” You raise your voice, stomping your foot down. Jeno double takes, finally looking at you. He pauses his game, pulling headphones off his ear.
“What is it baby?” His forehead creases looking you over.
“I need you, I can’t take this anymore.” You step closer, standing in front of him.
“Baby?” You hear Renjun’s muffled question out of Jeno’s headphones.
“Jeno what the fuck! I’m dying out here you dick!” Haechan yells out loudly, voice much clearer. Jeno rolls his eyes, hitting mute on their voices, turning off his camera before you step into view.
“You need me? What do you need hmm?” He turns in his chair fully facing you, grabbing onto your hips. You whimper, squirming in his grip. The uncomfortable sensation you’ve been carrying the past few hours growing stronger. “What’s so important that you had to interrupt me when I told you not to?” Jeno’s lips curl up, wiggling a brow.
“I’m sorry.. I can’t..” you wiggle around more. Jeno huffs out, pulling you down into his lap.
“You can, and you will. I’m not done playing yet.” Jeno hisses out, biting down on your earlobe. You shove your ass up against his sweats, whining with large watery eyes.
“But Jeno..”
“What? What was that?” Jeno grips your jaw roughly, glaring into your eyes. “What did I tell you about talking back?” Jeno grunts, pulling his headphones back on. You purse your lips together, shifting around on him searching for some type of friction.
“Just for that..” Jeno squeezes your hip, reaching into his sweats. He pulls out his cock, half way hard already. You lick your lips, eyes lighting up in excitement. Jeno pulls you skirt up, grinning widely. “No panties? You’re learning fast huh?” Jeno lifts your hips up, cock prodding at your entrance. You moan, finally, dropping your head back against his shoulder. Jeno slides into your wet entrance, lifting his hips up while pulling you down.
“Don’t move.” Jeno grits out, fully seethed inside of you. You lift your head up opening your eyes wide.
“But..” Jeno grips your jaw yet again, shoving your cheeks in.
“Shut up and be good for me.” He releases you, eyes focusing back on his computer screen. He unmutes his team, loud screams of anger and annoyance blasting out of his headphones.
“What the fuck Jeno! We just lost because of you shit head.” Haechan yells out. You bite down on your lips harshly, Jeno’s dick twitching between your lips. Dropping your head back again, sucking in a deep breath.
“I just got into, a tight situation. I’m back.” Jeno voices out, returning to selecting his weapons on the screen.
“Jeno, your cameras off still.” Jaemin states, your ear close enough to hear all of their conversation.
“Yea dude quit dicking around” Renjun replies, your eyes drift to the corner of the screen. The 3 of them shown, Jeno’s window all black. Nervously you clench down around his size. Jeno groaning lowly, tapping on his keyboard to make his player move along.
“Jeno, what’s going on? You drop cola on your keyboard again?” Jaemin questions. You shift around, swiveling you hips. Jeno grunts, wrapping his arm around your waist.
“Stop moving” he grits out. You whimper quietly, turning your face into his neck. Jeno sighs, thrusting up softly.
“Dude what’s going on? Pay attention!” Renjun shouts. “God man, turn your fucking camera on.” Jeno glares at the screen, clenching his jaw.
“Fine.” His webcam lights up green. You gasp, hiding your face further into his neck.
“Holy shit..” Jaemin’s voice mutters out, the boys faces on the screen all slack jawed in amazement.
“Isn’t that.. your step sister..” Haechan asks, much calmer forgetting the game.
“Don’t be shy, it’s nothing they haven’t seen before.” Jeno holds your jaw, turning your face toward the camera. The men on the screen all inhale, making you tremble anxiously. Jeno leans forward, angling his webcam lower. He pushes his chair back a bit, grabbing the hem of your skirt.
“Jeno..” you weakly mewl, squeezing your legs shut. Jeno’s hard length pulsating between your walls.
“The guys wanna play..” Jeno lifts up your skirt, displaying you to 3 sets of wide eyes.
“Oh fuck..” Jaemin rubs over his forehead, rubbing a palm over his lap. Jeno thrusts up, a yelp escaping you as he shoves in deep.
“God Jeno, what the fuck..” Renjun gulps, running his hands through his hair.
“This isn’t even the best part.” Jeno grunts, grinding up into you. He bites at your jaw, hissing against your skin. “Get up, slut.” You squeeze your eyes with a cry, nodding. Slowly sliding off of Jeno, savoring every inch. He growls lowly, gripping your hips, turning you quickly. You stumble forward, falling over Jeno, his strong arms keeping you held up. Jeno keeps you bent over his shoulder, hot hands sliding up the back of your thighs. He grabs the bottom of your skirt, flipping it up revealing your hole stretched out around a black plug.
“Holy fuck dude.” Haechan huffs out, pulling out his dick.
You squeeze your eyes, letting tears fall down your cheeks. Heated up in embarrassment, wetness soaking between your thighs, so turned on. Jeno squeezes your ass harshly, spreading you open, parting you as far as you’ll go.
“Your pretty little ass.” He toys with you, squeezing and pulling you apart. Plug glistening in your wetness on camera, earning groans from the audience.
“Fuck she told me she wasn’t into that” Jaemin whines out, massaging over his balls.
“She takes whatever I give her, isn’t that right?” Jeno punctuates with a hard slap to your ass, handprint indicating just how hard. Your breath hitches, nodding your head rapidly in response.
“Jeno..” you whine out again, much louder. Haechan runs a hand over his face, dropping his head back.
“Fuck that whores ass Jeno. It’s what she wants” He moans out with a grin. Eyes focused on Jeno giving you short thrusts with the plug. Jeno growls, gliding the plug out with a loud wet pop.
“Please” you wail out, cum dripping down your inner thighs falling out of your hole in copious amounts.
“Oh my god..” Renjun pants, stroking at his cock faster. Jeno pulls you apart, displaying your gaped hole.
“You need me deep in your ass again? That’s what you came here for right baby?” Jeno taunts. You nod looking over your shoulder, face wrecked soaked with tears.
“Please, please fuck my ass.” You beg out.
Jeno grins grabbing your waist, pulling you down into his lap. Cum smearing over his sweats, cock jabbing into your stomach. He pecks over your wet cheeks, finishing with a deep kiss on your lips. Hands squeezing and pulling at the meaty flesh of your ass. He slides down to your thighs, lifting you up easily, prodding his cock at your gaping rim. Jeno slowly enters, your hole stretched open already from the plug. His groans mixing in with the ones coming from his computer behind you.
Jeno leans back into his chair, lazily thrusting up into your ass with a wicked smirk. You moan, reaching behind spreading yourself open.
“Oh fuck..” Renjun pants out, stroking his dick faster, squeezing over the head. Leaning forward over his desk, concentrating on Jeno’s screen.
“Doing so good baby” Jeno cups your face, smoothing thumbs under your eyes wiping the tears away. You lean in pouting your lips out begging for attention. Jeno licks across your mouth, teasing you with soft wet pecks.
“Gross, come on dude! Fuck her ass” Haechan grunts loudly, annoyed by how turned on he is. Annoyed he isn’t the one sunken deep in your ass. Jeno ignores him, peppering your mouth and chin with kisses. He squeezes your backside, lifting you up until he fully slides out. You squint tilting your head in confusion.
“Bend over for me baby” Jeno smiles, eyes disappearing behind thick dark lashes. You nod, turning around gripping the ledge of his desk. You give the three boys on the screen a once over. Their mouths hung open, arms flexed pulling at their dicks. You arch your back in, shoving your ass up for Jeno. He stands, pulling the small camera off the computer. Setting it low enough for everything to be on display.
Jeno sinks back into your fucked out hole with a growl, shoving your skirt up. He doesn’t wait, thrusting into you with speed, balls slapping against your cunt. Gripping your hair, pulling your face up to make you watch the screen. Tears rush out of your eyes, whimpering out sobs of pleasure feeling heated all over.
“Fuck yea” Haechan circles around his cock, precum spilling out.
Jeno leans down, licking and biting at your cheek. Thrusting into you at an animalistic pace. Your body shoving into his desk harshly, edges digging into your hips.
“Je-..Jeno!” You cry clenching your eyes. “So good.. you feel so good!” Jeno growls in response, stilling inside of you with a rough grind.
“Shit!! I’m cumming!” Renjun falls back against his seat, eyes fluttering shut ejaculating out on his shirt. Jaemin groans, the loud sound of skin slapping together coming from his screen. He smacks his huge cock against his stomach, mouth pursed together tightly. Haechan lifts his hips up and down, imagining your ass wrapped around his size, breathy whined out moans falling from his lips.
“Tell them what a slut you are baby” Jeno rasps, biting your earlobe. “Ugh, tell them how you love getting your hole fucked full of cum!”
“Fuck fuck!” Haechan screams out brokenly, cum shooting out hitting his chin. You clench around Jeno whimpering, watching Haechan fall back down like he could pass out any second. Jeno pulls out to the tip, shoving your face directly into the camera.
“Tell them!” He repeats with anger, thrusting back in, pounding at your broken hole.
“I’m..I’m a slut! I’m y-your slut Jeno! Please! f-fill me.. with y-your cum!” You scream out, vocals cracking between sounds of anguish, sounds of over heightened pleasure.
Jaemin’s eyes roll back grunting out a moan, squeezing at his cock head. Cum pooling around his abs, landing in his bellybutton.
Jeno thrusts in one more time, releasing his seed deep into your hole. He breathes harshly against your cheek, eyelashes fanning over your forehead. You cry harder, rocking back into Jeno’s burly body weighing you down.
“J-Jeno..” you weakly squeeze around him. Jeno sighs, nodding against your face.
“I know baby” he pecks you ear, lethargically lifting up. Jeno wraps his arms around your waist pulling you up with him. Webcam pointed between your legs. The boys on the screen all slowly recovering, cleaning up the messes they’ve made. Jeno circles around your clit, pinching and rolling.
“Who fucks you the best?” Jeno asks, punctuating with a slam forward into your ass.
“Y-you. You Jeno!” He slides fingers in you, jerking them around with expertise. You grind against him, so close to the edge. Your stomach sucks in, feet lifting off the ground with a shout. Climax hitting you with intensity, squirting across the desk in front of you, some landing on the camera.
“Fuck me man. I want a step sister.” You faintly hear, dropping your head back on Jeno’s shoulder, eyes falling shut.
“What do you feel like watching?” Jeno asks, clicking the remote searching through movies on the tv. You lay into his side, sniffing at his t-shirt.
“Just put on whatever” you mumble drowsily, Jeno’s arm wrapping around your shoulder. You smile relaxing into him, Jeno throwing a blanket over your lower halfs.
“Not going to be paying attention are you?” Jeno asks, choosing some action film. He taps your nose, nudging your chin with his shoulder. “Don’t fall asleep.”
“Ugh, but it’s been a long day..” you hum lazily, eyes drooping.
“You’re just gonna leave me like this?” Jeno nods to his lap, blanket risen up. He slides his hand beneath, sounds of a zipper opening following.
“I’m...I’m s-sore..” you mumble quietly, squeezing your legs together nervously. Jeno smirks, tapping you chin.
“What good are you to me if I can’t use every one of your holes?” He pulls your bottom lip open with a thumb, tugging it down. “This pretty mouth has to know how to do something besides whine like a brat all the time.” You huff out, moving your mouth away from his fingers.
Jeno grabs the back of your neck with the arm around you. Hips lifting up, blanket pooling to his thighs revealing his hardened length. He pushes you down, heavy hand squeezing your nape. You part your lips over the head of his cock, lazily lapping at his slit. Jeno grunts shaking his head, hand gripping into your hair.
“You can do better than that.” He shoves you with force, mouth parting open around his size. You gag in surprise, moving down the length quickly with Jeno’s help. “That’s a good girl.” He sighs, relaxing his neck against the couch.
“Just stay like that..” You faintly hear his voice, gagging out loudly, dick completely filling your mouth. “Don’t move” Jeno massages the back of your head, other arm lifting behind his own stretching his back.
Your eyes water, coughing out spit every minute. Throat contracting around his size with every breath. Jeno releasing occasional sighs, squirming in place when you swallow around him. Minutes go by, your eyes burning with tears, tongue growing tired.
The sound of the front door opening and closing making you jolt bent over with your mouth full of Jeno’s cock. He doesn’t release you, eyes shifting toward the door.
“Fuck.” He mutters under his breath, you slap at his thigh with urgency. Jeno lifts his hips, eyes focused on the hallway. He circles into you with a groan, finally pulling you off. You gasp, drool falling out of your mouth heavily. Eyes shiny with tears, lips swollen and abused.
“Kidssss! We’re home!” Your mother’s voice burst out, stepping into the living room with her arms out stretched. You quickly inhale, wiping at your chin with the back of your hand. Jeno pulls the blanket back over his lap, nodding in your Mom’s direction.
“Oh hey, welcome back.” He calmly says, as if nothing had been happening. Jeno’s dad follows behind carrying bags of luggage in hand. He huffs out a heavy breath dropping them, eyes landing on you and Jeno.
“What are you two doing?” He questions suspiciously, looking around as if he will find something incriminating. You continue to duck your face, worried your wrecked appearance would lead to further questioning.
“Watching a movie dad” Jeno shrugs, pointing to the tv. His dad lifts a brow, acknowledging how close together you and Jeno are sat.
“Don’t you two hate each other?” His father questions, glaring at Jeno.
“Sweetie leave them alone, it’s cute! They’re finally bonding!” Your mom cheers, grabbing her husbands arm. “I’m so exhausted, come on I need a shower.” Jeno’s dad groans, holding back a yawn. Eyeing back and forth between the two of you.
“Fine fine..” he squints again, hesitating before heading up stairs. “Whatever you two are trying to hide, I’m going to figure it out.” He waggles a finger at you and Jeno. Jeno lifting a brow with a shrug.
“Night dad.” He turns his attention back to the movie, completely nonchalant. Your mom dragging her husband away. You wait for the sound of their bedroom door shutting, slapping at Jeno’s chest.
“God, you fucking jerk!” You hiss out, earning a cocky smirk in return. Jeno shifts, pulling the blanket off.
“We’re not done here yet. Suck my dick.”
“Jeno?” You whisper stepping into his room, clothes strewn around the floor. You turn your head, realizing the shower you share is in use. “Oh..” you step into his room, picking up the dirty clothes he must have stripped out of, tossing them into his hamper.
You look around, skimming your fingers across his walls as you slowly take steps further in. Deciding to hang out and wait for him to finish washing up, you sit down on his bed. Sniffing at the air, it smells like Jeno, cologne mixing in with his freshly sweat soaked skin having just gotten back from practice. With a sigh, you lay back, rubbing your face over his pillows. You stretch out your arms getting comfortable, hand finding it’s way under one of Jeno’s pillows.
You sit up, lifting the pillow, hand holding onto a thick piece of paper. Turning it over, your mouth falls open. It’s a photo of you from middle school, your last year before transferring to be exact.
“What are you doing?” Jeno steps inside, shutting the door behind him. Eyes darting to the photo he’d cut out of a yearbook in your hands. You lift it up, holding back a smile.
“What am I doing? What are you doing with this?” You let out a laugh, Jeno squaring his jaw. He sits down next to you, holding onto the top of the towel hanging dangerously low around his hips.
“It’s nothing.” Jeno snatches the photo out of your hands. You gasp, smacking at his wet arm.
“You seriously haven’t changed at all.” You frown dramatically, hiding the smile trying to creep onto your face. “I can’t believe little Jeno Lee wanted to be my boyfriend so bad.”
“I already told you, I didn’t have a crush on you.” He sighs, finger grazing over the photo he’d been holding onto ever since the year you switched school’s.
“We really need to work on those communication skills.” You lean over placing your chin on Jeno’s shoulder. Hand lifting to push the wet dripping hair back off his face. “At least now you can just fuck me until I stop asking questions.”
“Is that all I have to do?” Jeno moves quickly, shoving you down on his bed. He places the photo on his nightstand, dropping the towel off his hips in the process. He moves over you, knees pressing into the bed at both of your sides. You swallow, eyeing over his smooth body. A few droplets of water cascading down still.
“My mom’s in the kitchen making dinner..” you mutter, stomach coiling in heat. Jeno strokes up and down his cock, leaning forward with his other hand by your head.
“Then I guess you’ll just have to be quiet.” He smirks, unbuttoning your jeans.
“Jeno.. your dad already thinks it’s weird how close we are now..” you whine, lifting your hips up for him to shimmy your jeans down.
“Doesn’t matter” he shrugs, pulling your legs free. Jeno moves between you, sliding his cock head around your slit. You groan, gripping at the pillow behind your head.
“I told you to be quiet.” Jeno slaps his hand over your mouth, thrusting forward. Seething deep inside you with one quick go.
“Look at you two, arriving to eat dinner together. On time too!” Your mom beams brightly, setting down the silverware. You slow down your steps not having realized you both ran straight down here together after fucking. You nod to her taking a seat, smoothing the fly aways on your head down.
“Yes” Jeno’s dad flips through a magazine, eyeing over the two of you as Jeno takes the seat next to you. “You two finally got over being brats huh?” Jeno doesn’t respond, grabbing his glass of water to avoid the question.
“I think it was just-..” you flinch, Jeno’s hand sliding in between your thighs under the table. “Uh..” you swallow, licking over your dry lips. “A matter of spending time.. alone... together..” you stutter out, Jeno squeezing around your mound through your jeans. You quickly grab your own water, chugging down half of it.
“That’s so great, I love seeing you two finally acting like brother and sister.” Your mom responds, holding a forkful of salad mid-air. You choke on your water, coughing harshly. Jeno continues to chew on his food calmly, hand sliding into your pants, fingers circling your clit.
“Ah, I’m not sure if that’s really what we are..” Jeno finally speaks up, squeezing your clit between two fingers. Rolling around back and forth. You nod, leaning in, pretending to be interested in your food. “I think what we have is even more special than that.” Jeno grins, eyes shifting to you, fingers sliding further in teasing at your entrance. “Like, you scratch my back..” His fingers slide in, palm forced against your clit. “I’ll scratch yours..”
“So long as it’s keeping you two out of my hair.” Jeno’s dad chirps out between bites.
“Angel, you haven’t touched your food. Something wrong? You look kind of sweaty.” Your mom asks you, eyebrows furrowing together. Your purse your lips lifting your head. Jeno wiggling his fingers inside of you.
“It’s delicious if you ask me.” Jeno says taking another bite, throwing you a wink. Fingering you deep, pressing down at that spot inside of you that makes you crazy.
“Could use some hot sauce.”
Hot Sauce: Deeply Dip That—>
a/n: *passes out*
Tumblr media
Tag list: @ijuuy @wanlore @scxrlettkx @lauraneuuh @sunflowerhae @ncttboo @nominsgirl @sweetutopia @unknown5tar @count-your-shadows @lanadreamie @sunshinedhyuck @flower-lise @scruffiejelly @infnteen @johnjaespeach @maliakealoha @safariria @aaasteroidsky @team-seojun @nctlovesme @kpopmultiifandomm @luvlyjaemin @seunghwa001 @qianinterprises
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freakynct · a year ago
「 𝐏𝐀𝐑𝐓 𝟏 」
— 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝟐 𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞 —
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: sugar daddy!jaehyun, slight mention of sexual harassment, alcohol, daddy!kink, degradation, dirty talk, choking, oral [fem receiving], spanking, hair pulling, unprotected sex and a little angst at the end
𝐚/𝐧: this one shot was heavily inspired by this anons ask and some of the lines they suggested were used, so a especial thank u to this person!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
when you started this all you wanted was an easy and quick way to pay for your college since your relationship with your parents has never been the best and they wouldn't help you pay for one cent of your studies, and if you really wanted to have a better life than theirs, you need this. but when you signed for the website all you got were messages from disgusting old men with the sole purpose of fucking a much younger girl because their wives weren't able to satisfy them anymore. and as you were about to give up and just accept the fact that you would have to keep working at the store where you were constantly sexually harassed by your boss and were the salary barely covered your food expenses, you got a new message, but this time from a much younger man that approached you with a kind line instead of a dick pic. you read his name at the top of his profile: jung yoon-oh. and at that time you didn't know just how much your life would change because of that man.
‏‏‎ ‎
this was already your fifth time meeting up with jaehyun. that's what he had told you to call him on your first date with him, when he took you to the finest restaurant you had ever set foot on. you thought about the memory and how much he had done for you since then, as you stood in front of the big rotating doors of the hotel where you always met him when it was time to thank him for all the money he spent on you. you let go of the hem of the expensive dress you had been nervously picking on since you got there. it didn't matter how many times you met him and did this with him, you always felt a shiver inside your stomach at the thought of seeing him in front of you again, at the thought of his fingers touching your skin again. you finally took the courage of stepping forward and walking inside of the big building, making your way to the reception.
"hello, i'm here for jung yoon-oh." your voice couldn't help but to shake as you tried to deliver your only line, watching as the receptionist's face lit up at the sound of your words.
"miss [y/l/n], yes. he's expecting you at the presidential suite on the 20th floor." she said with the brightest smile on her face while handing you the room's card key and you figured she must've only been this nice because it was part of her job. 
you thanked her and made your way to the elevator, pressing the button to the 20th floor and making the whole journey in silence, alone with your thoughts and the soothing elevator music. you found yourself hesitating as you stood in front of the door where you knew we would be waiting for you. you fixed your hair and dress, preparing to face him but before you could unlock the door with your own key, jaehyun did it for you, standing tall and proud in front of you, your eyes meeting for the first time that night.
"you were planning on just standing there?" his deep voice sent shivers down your body and even though you were still confused as to how he knew you were already there, you didn't dare to question him, walking into the hotel room as soon as he made way for you to pass. 
you nervously stood there, your back turned to him as your eyes scanned over the luxurious and spacious room, already so familiar to you.
"is everything ok?" his voice sounded now closer to your ear, as you felt his presence right behind you, his hands caressing down your arms and his warm breath fanning certain strands of your hair away from your neck.
"hm, yeah. everything's fine." you slowly turned around to face him, a small smile on your lips as you finally had the time to admire his perfect facial features. he was indeed one of the most handsome men you've ever met.
"come." his voice was almost soothing to you, making your body relax as you took his hand that he had extended for you, pulling you across the room to sit at the end of the large king sized bed decorated with fine red silk sheets and small rose petals. you admired the way he moved in his all black suit, his hair pushed back and a shiny silver watch on his wrist as he holded the champagne bottle in his hand, pouring the liquid inside of two tall glasses. he handed you one of them, sitting next to you in bed and you noticed how his eyes ran through your body.
"you look so beautiful tonight." he brought the glass to his lips, taking a sip of the bitter drink.
"thank you. you bought me this dress." you smiled as you looked down at the detailed dress that you modelled, sexy but so sophisticated at the same time, accentuating every curve on your body perfectly, it had become one of your favorite dresses you've ever owned.
"i know. and it fits you perfectly." you lifted your head back up as soon as you felt his warm hand on your thigh, his thumb rubbing gentle circles on your skin and as your eyes met his, you saw the dark sparkle in them and suddenly you were reminded of why you were there in the first place. 
"how's college going? have you paid your tuition yet?" you nodded your head, now being your turn to take a sip out of the champagne, frowning your face at the bitter taste.
"yes. thank you, you know, for the money." he could see how sincere you were and jaehyun felt his heart warming up in a way no one has ever done.
"you're endearing." your eyes widened slightly at his comment, not expecting such compliment to come from him. "you're always so grateful for everything i give you." his thumb came up to caress your cheek and you couldn't help but to lean against his hand, admitting to having missed his touch.
over the couple of weeks you spent together, surprisingly he had become more than just your sugar daddy. you had found yourself talking for hours on the phone with him about your problems and even laughing with him. you found a friend and someone you could open up to without feeling any judgement and you felt happy and safe by his side. you saw him leaning closer to you, his hand taking the glass from your hand and placing it down on the floor next to his own. his lips carefully brushed against yours before involving you in a deep and passionate kiss, his soft lips moving perfectly against yours and you had forgotten how much you missed his taste of mint and alcohol against your mouth. your hands found their way to his shoulders as his bigger ones moved over your bare thighs, his fingertips brushing ever so slightly under the hem of your dress and you longed for the moment when they actually reached where you wanted him most. he moved his lips away from yours and you almost whined at the lost of contact, watching him getting up and extending his hand to you and as always you did has he commanded, taking his hold and getting up from the bed, his agile hands turning you around abruptly by your waist so that your back was now facing him and you felt by his rougher touch that you were in for a long night.
he brushed your hair out of the way and over your shoulder, unzipping the back of your dress slowly, helping it slide down your body as his lips pressed a warm kiss to your shoulder, making you close your eyes at the touch, the only piece of clothing covering your body now being a very thin and small pair of white panties. his fingers ran down your exposed back while he continued to press gentle kisses all over the surface of your neck. he turned you around one more time, and if it wasn't for his tight grip on your arm you would've lost your balance. he pushed you to sit down on the bed, squatting in front of you and placing your foot on top of his thigh as he unbuckled your heels and carefully removed them from your feet. you couldn't help but to feel butterflies in your stomach at how gentle he was being with you, knowing that that was about to change in a few minutes. 
"my accountant told me there was a very big expense made at a clothing store in my name." you immediately felt your cheeks burning up, remembering the shopping spree you decided to do with your friend when jaehyun so kindly handed you over one of his cards. you were never someone to just spend a large amount of money like that but you couldn't help but to feel excited when such possession was in your hands. "care to explain?" you avoided his eyes as much as possible, too embarrassed to even look at him after being caught like that and you cursed yourself mentally for being so dumb. you couldn't seem to be able to find your words and you could feel his eyes burning down on you and suddenly you were surprised by the small chuckle he let out.
"i just wish you would've told me. i thought someone had stolen one of my cards." he got up again, his big and strong body hovering over your practically naked one. you were surprised he wasn't mad at you. you thought you would get the biggest scolding of your life but no. all he wanted was for you to tell him that you would indeed spend all of his money on overly priced clothes. you looked up at him with doe eyes, his thumb brushing against your bottom lip and applying pressure for you to part your lips for him.
"my spoiled little girl." he slowly introduced his digit inside your mouth, your lips wrapping around and sucking gently at it, gaining a satisfying grunt from jaehyun and you could feel the wet patch in your panties growing bigger. "what should i do with you?" he tilted his head to the side, slowly removing his thumb from your mouth and moving his hand down your jaw until his fingers were perfectly wrapped around your neck and before you know it he had you pinned down to the bed, his larger body over yours and the way the fabric of his suit rubbed against your exposed skin made you squirm. he applied a little more pressure to your neck and you parted your lips, trying to gasp for air and watching as a devilish smirk appeared on his face.
"you like spending all of your daddy's money on clothes? hm?" he let go of your neck and you were able to breathe normally again, biting on your bottom lip as his fingers made their way down your body, raising goosebumps underneath them as he created a trail of kisses from the top of your neck to your chest. your eyes fluttered shut as you felt his soft lips wrapping around one of your nipples, his warm tongue soothing over the hard bud and he sucked a little harder on it, your hands quickly finding their way to his hair as he worked on your breasts. your legs wrapped around him, wanting to feel him closer to you and to feel his bulge rubbing against your covered core, letting a soft moan escape between your lips at the combination of his wet mouth on you and the friction on your clit.
"you're such a greedy little girl. you have to learn to be patient." his voice was calm but stern at the same time as he sat up on the bed, looking down at your naked body sprawled out on the bed for him, his hands undoing his tie and throwing it somewhere on the floor, his blazer following right after, only unbuttoning two or three buttons on his dress shirt to give him more freedom but he still insisted in being all dressed while you stood there naked, it gave him a feeling of power over you.
he came down to your breasts one more time, giving them quick little kisses before making his way down your body, kissing over your ribs and stomach until his lips where the closest they'd ever been to your core that night, only the little barrier of thin fabric dividing them. he looked up at you as he hooked his fingers on the sides of your panties and you lifted your hips slightly so he could pulled them down your legs. you were officially naked in front of him and you felt vulnerable as you felt his eyes burning holes on your skin. he got up and kneeled at the end of the bed, grabbing your ankles and yanking you down towards him, your dripping core now standing face to face with him and you had the urge to close your thighs together, being interrupted by jaehyun's much stronger hands that holded your legs apart.
"don't be shy, princess. don't you want daddy to make you feel good?" your body shivered as you felt his lips trailing kisses on the insides of your thighs, so close that you could feel his warm breath against your core. you whined when he sucked a small hickie on your skin and your fingers came down to caressed his hair as his mouth got closer and closer to where you were burning.
"please…" your words came out almost as a whisper and a small smirk formed on his lips.
"how bad do you want daddy's tongue?" he pressed a gentle kiss to the outside of your lips and you arched your back slightly, wanting to feel more of him, a deep sigh leaving between your lips. 
"i want it so bad… please daddy." the words rolled out of your mouth without much effort and you finally felt his warm tongue lick up at your wet slit, sucking gently at your clit and you couldn't help but to moan as he worked his mouth on you in such a skillful way. his hands grabbed tightly at your thighs that rested on his shoulders and his eyes looked up at you, his cock getting harder in his pants as he examined the fucked out expression on your face every time his tongue flicked your clit. your fingers tighten on his hair and you received a grunt from his part, sending vibrations down your spine. you whined when his lips left your sensitive nub and he stood up again, standing so tall over you. his fingers worked on unbuttoning the rest of the buttons on his shirt and you took the opportunity to raise your foot up his leg, brushing it against his boner and he quickly grabbed your ankle, groaning at the feeling as you let go of a little chuckle.
"didn't i just say you had to learn to be patient? hm?" he raised an eyebrow at you and let go of your ankle to take off his shirt, exposing his perfectly toned abs to you. but because you weren't particularly in the mood to listen to him tonight, you decided to keep teasing him, applying even more pressure over his boner with your foot and he flinched away from your touch, causing you to laugh at his reaction, a deep sigh leaving through his nostrils as he grabbed your ankle again, pushing it away from him.
"oh i see. you wanna act like a little brat? is that it princess? you want me to treat you like the fucking brat that you are? alright then." and without giving you time to even react to his words he had you flipped to your stomach, your body jolting forward and a whine escaping your lips as you felt a stinging pain where jaehyun smacked your ass. a cheeky smile made its appearance on your lips as you heard the sound of his belt being unbuckled and your body burned with anticipation. you were never like this but jaehyun somehow brought a different side of you out, a side that only he got to see.
"daddy, are you going to fuck your little girl or what?" you asked in a whiny tone, pushing your ass up slightly but only getting a harder smack on it in return.
"my little girl is not here, only this greedy brat." you let go of a soft moan as you felt his body being pressed against your back, his hard cock brushing over your ass as his fingers wrapped firmly around your neck, pulling your head back, his lips touching the side of your ear.
"and since you wanna act like one, i'll fuck you like one." and suddenly his body wasn't over yours anymore, his hands grabbing your hips to push your ass up and the tip of his cock brushing against your entrance, his length sliding inside you slowly as you whimpered from finally being filled with him. you moaned loudly as soon as he started moving inside you, missing him more than what you would like to admit.
one of his hands came in contact with the back of your neck, pressing the side of your face into the mattress as his other hand kept its place over your ass, grabbing and kneading at the flesh as his pace got faster and rougher, a overwhelming sensation running through your body.
"yeah… you like my cock inside you just like you like my fucking money? hm? greedy brat." all you could do was moan into the silk sheets, your fingers holding tight to them. you felt jaehyun's fingers on your hair, pulling your head back once again and you noticed that you had forgotten to breathe for a second, gasping as his cock hit deeper inside you. "answer me, brat. or have you forgotten your manners too?" you tried to gather your words before answering but you probably took too long doing so because you felt jaehyun's hand smack your ass as his movements got even faster and rougher, wanting you to spit out your words for him.
"yes… yes daddy… i love it… i love your- i love your cock." you spoke between moans, your voice equally as weak as your body was. you clenched around him at the feeling of your orgasm approaching, drool falling from the corners of your mouth into the red sheets from having your mouth open for so long.
"that's my pretty girl." he groaned, grabbing both of your hips in his hands, thrusting inside you fast, he also feeling his orgasm coming closer. "are you going to be a good girl and come all over daddy's cock, princess?" you thought you were going to explode at any moment and you couldn't hold it in any longer.
"yes, i-i'm gonna…" you felt your orgasm finally washing over you, your pussy clenching hard around him and your body shaking as jaehyun's hand caressed the small of your back.
"there you go. let go for me, baby." you cried out into the silk sheets as you came down from the intense feeling, your mind completely blank. you heard him groan loudly and suddenly he wasn't inside you anymore, making you feel unpleasantly empty as you felt his warm cum hitting your back, painting it white.
you couldn't hold yourself up anymore and as soon as jaehyun let go of your hips, your body fell weak into the mattress, your breathing heavy and your eyelids way too heavy to keep them up. 
your body squirmed when you felt a warm wet towel against your back, cleaning up the mess that jaehyun had done. you just layed there, in silence as he carefully brushed the fabric between your legs and your heart warmed up at his kind gesture that he never seemed to miss at the end of a heated session like the one you just had. it didn't matter how rough he was with you during sex, you knew that at the end of it he was always going to take care of you. the rough fabric of the towel was replaced by the soft skin of his hand that now caressed every part of your bare body as he remained seated next to you, his eyes soft as he stared at you.
"you're ok?" his sweet voice spoke and you were brought to reality, slowly sitting up on the bed, nodding your head and jaehyun was quick to hold a soft white robe around your naked body, encouraging you to put it on, his thumb caressing your cheek and a beautiful smile making an appearance on his lips and suddenly you found yourself lost in his deep brown eyes.
"oh wait." he spoke, getting up and walking towards one of the tables where he grabbed a white envelope, joining you on the bed again and handing it over to you.
"what is this?" you spoke, still confused at what was going on and that's when he said the words you never thought could be this painful.
"it's money, for tonight." you couldn't help but to feel your heart break as you were reminded once more why you were there in the first place. you were there for money and you were stupid to believe that for a second he would look at you as more than just an exchange of favors. "what's wrong? is everything ok?" the concern was evident on his voice as his thumb brushed away the one tear you had allowed to fall, shaking your head and forcing yourself to put on a smile on your lips.
"it's nothing. i just… remembered something." you chuckled to push away your feelings and you felt his arms wrapping around your body and pulling you closer to his chest.
"you know you can always tell me everything, right?" you looked up at him, a sad smile adorning your lips as you were once again met with his soft brown eyes.
"i don't think i can tell you this." it was your turn to caress the side of his face, pulling him closer until your lips met, moving against each other gently and you knew how that kiss didn't mean nearly as much to him as it did to you.
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markresonates · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Haechan cancels your date when his friends unexpectedly come over to practice for a video game tournament. Recently you decided to be in an open relationship and suddenly they’re excited to spend more time with you.
Pairing: professional gamer bf Haechan x Renjun x pro.gam!Jaemin x pro.gam!Jeno x fem!reader
Genre: porn with plot, angst, eventual fluff
au/tropes: open relationship, college, fivesome
word count: +10.3k
A/N: how is 50% of this smut? I'm not religious but I might have to go to confession.
warnings: hard sex, degradation, oral (male & fem), throat f&cking, manhandling, masturbation, choking, lil humiliation, camera use, kinda cheating, hard dom!Haechan, dom!Renjun, soft dom!Jaemin, hard dom!Jeno, brat/sub!reader
Tumblr media
One of Haechan’s biggest faults is his lack of punctuality. Although, by this stage in your relationship, you’ve grown used to it. The thing is, you explicitly spelled out the importance of tonight’s date sometime last week.
“Seriously, Haechan! Let’s go!”
You wait impatiently by the front door, scrolling aimlessly through social media posts from old classmates you rarely talk to anymore. The chestnut wooden bench you’re perched on teeters as you irritability bounce your knee. Uneven, wobbly bench legs are the least of your concerns though. Number one is missing your dinner reservations.
Your finals and one of his e-sports tournaments overlap next week, making it virtually impossible to coordinate an anniversary date. Lucky for you, you managed to get a last minute reservation at this five star, luxurious bistro. In fact, he encouraged you to do it, insisting he would pay for anything and everything you wanted tonight. Yet for the past 25 minutes, all you’ve wanted is his presence, something that should have come for free.
Last week you made up your minds to try being in an open relationship. You both agreed you were okay with the other having sexual encounters outside of your relationship, but given this development, you are having doubts. The sleeping with someone else part still doesn’t bother you. It’s about the impression given off by not caring enough to go to your anniversary dinner. You are skeptical whether you would have agreed last week if you knew non-monogamous to him meant things like this were not important.
You have an eternity of time to do a mental evaluation of your necessities and accessories. Keys? Check. Makeup? Done. Purse? In hand.
Date? MIA.
Touching your ears, you realize you forgot to put on earrings. Given that you have all the time in the world before you actually embark on this incredibly late date, you return to the bathroom connected to the bedroom to retrieve your favorite pair.
You stand in front of the sink, eyeing yourself in the wide wall mirror and letting out a heavy sigh. On occasion, it’s fun pretending you’re acting out one of those movie scenes where the protagonist gets a makeover and a feel good pop song plays in the background. Tonight is not one of those occasions. You put a tremendous amount of effort into your Hollywood makeover montage that it would be a shame if no one lays eyes on your movie star appearance. There was nearly no point in getting so dolled up tonight if you never make it out the door.
Down the hall from the staircase, you hear the perpetrator of unlawful, habitual tardiness rushing down the stairs. His mumbled whiny apologies grow louder with every step he descends.
“I’m so so so sorry, princess. There was this game where-”
*DᵢₙG DₒₙG*
The ringing of the doorbell interrupts his path to the bedroom with every intention to grovel for your forgiveness. You hear the doorbell echo, but assume it’s simply a package being delivered. Brushing off it’s relevance, you resume your mission to find the elusive jewelry. That is, until you recognize the distinctive voices coming from the front of the house.
“-and we’ve been thinking you’re off your game,” Jeno confesses. He looks to Jaemin to back him up.
Jaemin takes a deep breath before speaking. “I don’t want to criticize you-
"then don't."
"-we’re just worried.”
“Yeah like at the European Masters this spring, it’s like you were distracted or something,” Renjun interjects with a nod.
“Shut the fuck up. You don’t even play LOL.”
Renjung tightens his fists and furrows his brow defensively. “I know enough about League of Legends to know you sucked this season.”
Haechan takes a step towards his accuser, a threatening expression twisting his face. Jaemin steps past the front doorway barrier, invading his friend’s personal space with a tight hug. “Haechanie, come on, you can tell us anything. Share with the class. What’s wrong?”
Your boyfriend swats him away, escaping Jaemin’s arms and stepping back from the front door. The ill timed intervention continues as the three friends invite themselves into the house. You hear the front door shut and the voices carry themselves further into the house.
Seriously? Haechan let them in? Just like that? Totally failing to mention he’s preoccupied with you?
Renjun, Jeno and Jaemin are innocent in this situation, and you don’t blame them for interrupting your date. They didn’t consider you two would have important plans. It’s Haechan you are upset with. He's the one who deserves an earful.
You abandon your trifle search for the earring and make your way towards the uninvited voices with determination. “ don’t even like scary games!why would you-” The clicks of your heels tapping the floor in their direction ceases the concerned conversing. The four of them snap their attention to your unexpected arrival with surprised, wide eyes. You take center stage of the living room and cross your arms. The three friends let out tiny breaths, thankful that they are not the target of your sharp, seething glare piercing through Haechan.
“So... our anniversary dinner means nothing, huh?” you ask in an alarmingly calm tone, corners of your lips twitching.
Haechan’s nervous eyes flick towards his friends then back to you. He clicks his tongue and lolls his head to the ground for a few seconds. The palms of his hands cover his ears in concentration. Looking back up to you, you know you won’t like his answer. “They have a good point, though. I do need to-”
“Then what fucking game have you been playing all evening? Why did you make me wait by the door for a half hour?”
“I-auhh, that was the new Resident Evil. Tonight I have to play LOL though,” Haechan sighs, trying his best to avoid eye contact.
Rolling your eyes, you scoff “Tonight? It has to fucking be tonight? If it’s next week, why does it have to be now?” You whip your frustrated glare at the others sitting on the tan, leather couches of the living room, making them cower in the tiniest sense.
Jeno is the only one with enough courage to address you. He clears his throat. “y/n, it’s actually tomorrow. Not next week.”
“I’m real sorry, princess. I didn’t know that the tournament starts tomorrow.” He stands up and wraps his arms around you softly. You don’t move your arms to hug him back. “If I win big, and get the money to do it, I’ll take you on 10 fancy anniversary dates. How does that sound, y/n?”
You tightly purse your lips. A dull frustration still courses through your veins due to Haechan’s willingness to buy into his friends’ persuasion. As if the cost of your relationship is worth far less than any video game. Of course you know gaming is his life. Plus, there’s relevance to him saying “get the money to do it.” He has to practice right now because gaming pays the bills or whatever. It’s something you didn’t consider prior to the confrontation but it’s still infuriating, nonetheless.
A little while back, Haechan, Jaemin and Jeno decided to pursue careers as pro gamers. The chances of making it, going pro and becoming successful in that field, are considerably slim, but all three of them were part of those exceptions that succeeded. They were recruited by one of the top teams, NCTeam, and excelled past the more experienced gamers, much to their envy. While Haechan had put his studies on hold, you’re still in college, chugging coffee all night to complete assignments and pouring hundreds of hours each year into studying for your university courses. A great majority of his winnings from the international, high stakes League of Legends tournaments go into savings, while a chuck of the other is dedicated to taking care of both of you. You never have to struggle through balancing a part time job with taking 1.5-2x as many college courses as the average student because all financial obligations are left to him.
“Okay,” you hesitantly whisper, holding back a slew of curses.
At the very least, more than one living soul got to see how cute you were tonight and appreciate the lengths you went to to look good.
You don’t notice the three friends ogling at how hot you are. Not cute. Hot. Your flowy skirt exposes your soft thighs, your blouse clings to your frame in all the right places, and the trim of the neckline dips low enough to tease most of your cleavage. And if they allow lewd thoughts to flood their imagination behind closed eyelids, their hardening lengths would more than appreciate how good you look, too.
You pull back from Haechan completely, making a b-line down the hall, aiming for your bedroom door that remains ajar at the end. Why would you want to stick around if all they’re going to be doing is playing that damned game? Your plan to make a swift exit fails when your wrist is caught by a gentle hand. Tugged back a few paces, you spin into Jaemin’s arms.
“Hey, where are you going, y/n?” he asks with a warm, little smile. He holds you as close to him as Haechan was doing moments ago. You're surprised to feel so comfortable in his arms, despite never being so close to him.
“To my room?” you giggle as his mouth falls into a pout instead.
“But whyyy? Spend time with me.”
God, his puppy dog eyes are to die for.
“Jae, aren’t you all going up with Haechan? His computer is upstairs.” You wiggle in his arms and he lets you out of his embrace. His hand trails down your arms to loosely interlock your fingers. It is such a simple, innocent act but his fingertips send teeny electric shocks through your body, a couple of them ending in your panties.
“No, he doesn’t want me and Jeno to come up and watch him because we actually play. Something about 'no backseat drivers' in his words.”
“That’s why Renjun went up with him. He hasn’t played a lot so he won’t hang over his shoulder and say stuff he knows nothing about,” Jeno comments from the spot on the couch he never left.
You look around and realize your boyfriend and Renjun were missing and you didn’t even notice they left. “Wait, if you knew he didn’t want you two with him, why did you even come at all?”
You look to Jeno who stares at the floor, blinking a handful of times. “huh. so we, uh, thought he might cook for us?”
“Ha! Good luck with that.”
“Well I don’t know about Jeno, but I wanted to spend time with you.” Jaemin squeezes your hand lightly. “We’re friends but we neverrr hang out together!”
You squint your eyes and quirk you head to the side, questionably. “What are you talking about? You guys come over all the time.”
“No, sweetie, I mean like me and Jeno. Orrr just me. Without Haechan. You know what I mean?”
Did he just call you sweetie?
You give him a lopsided smile, hesitantly answering, “Um, yeah, I guess I know what you mean. You’re right.”
“Exactly! So this is us hanging out. You have the PS5 down here on the living room TV, so do you wanna play something?”
“Is that all you guys do? Play video games?”
Jeno replies, “Most of the time,” while Jaemin goes, “Not always,” simultaneously. You burst out laughing at their responses then laugh harder at the faces they make to each other immediately afterwards.
“Okay, okay, surree. Well, um, don’t laugh, okay? It’s not on PS5 but I think the only game I’m good at is Mario Kart.” That’s a lie. Mario Kart is not the only game you are good at, not that you plan on telling them any time soon. Call it childhood nostalgia but that is your favorite game on nintendo switch and the only game you might stand a chance winning against the competitive pro gamers.
“Why would we laugh at that, y/n?” Jaemin winds his arms around you again, pulling you to his chest. Thank god for makeup setting spray or your cheek would be leaving an imprint on his black, cotton t-shirt. He tilts back, looking down at you face-to-face, flecks of mischief in his eyes. “I think that’s kinda cute.”
“Would you say you’re good enough to kick my ass?” Jeno chimes in, feeling left out of the conversation. “Do you have two nintendo switch for us?”
“Hm…definitely.” You are hopeful your cocky response is enough to distract Jaemin from the way your body tensed up as a rush of arousal shot straight to your core. You pull away from his touch for good measure. “L-like definitely I can beat you, that's what I meant. And we have three, actually. Because it was super important to Haechan that he has a Nintendo switch lite, too? You’ll have to go get them from upstairs though.”
“Willing to put your money where your mouth is, y/n?” Jeno boldly challenges, throwing both of his arms over the back of the couch and puffing his chest out. The way the material of his shirt stretches from the angle in which he is leaning back allows the faint imprint of his abs to be seen through the shirt. Something tells you he knows that and wants you to see his toned figure. Perhaps even imagine him without the shirt. Your eyes linger on him for three seconds, stroking his ego.
“You’re. On. Can you two go get them, though? I’m gonna go kick off my heels first.”
Their eyes follow your body until you are out of sight. You throw your heels in the walk in closet and run to the mirror to check your appearance, a very different circumstance from the way you looked at yourself before they got here. Swiping on a smidgen of lip gloss and creeping down the hall, you hear Jeno’s hushed voice around the corner.
“Did you bring the condoms?”
“I brought one condom? Why, did you forget?”
“Fuck. Yeah, I did.”
“Aww, poor Jeno forgot a condom and might not get to f-”
hmm, maybe you should tell them you have more condoms in the bedroom?
WAIT, what are you talking about?? that's not the priority right now.
Hooking up with Jaemin AND Jeno?
Crazy. Ridiculous. Preposterous. Unbelievable.
You believed you knew them relatively well until last week when a seed of doubt was planted in your mind. The little house you and Haechan live in has a shallow pool that you two rarely use. There was this one particular day where the sun was roasting your backyard and it would have been a crime to not take advantage of the perfect pool day weather. Haechan and Jeno played (and argued about) some kind of volleyball in the refreshing, cold water, Jaemin took pictures and fired up the grill, and Renjun blessed your ears with that beautiful soft voice of his as he sang random songs, then proceeded to fall asleep in the hammock. No matter if you were wearing skimpy shorts and a tank top, you were continuted to like crazy. You rationalized you might as well wear your bikini and soak up some vitamin D by the pool if you were going to sweat regardless of where you were on that sweltering hot afternoon.
One of the best things about having a pool at your house is the privacy that your own backyard provides. Privacy means no unwanted eyes lingering on you in a bikini like at the beach; but on that day you found four pairs of eyes glued to your body. Some of them for a mere few seconds and other ones that cemented their gaze indiscreetly. Their lustful stares eating you up and doing far more than just lingering in comparison to your beach outings. The thing is, you never wanted them to leave.
It came as a complete surprise that any of Haechan’s friends would look at you like that in the first place. Not that you were insecure, you just didn’t think you were their type or something?? Maybe that sounds silly. You waffled on the idea of straight up asking Haechan if he mentioned to his friends that you two had redefined you relationship status. Your hesitance, and eventual termination of that plan, stemmed from a concern he might possibly believe you wanted to sleep with one of them through the period it was just you two, together as one. The day before the pool interaction is when you decided on opening your relationship. You determined there’s no way in hell it was a coincidence that they all just happened to start staring at you like an alluring, godly oasis in the middle of the blistering desert to travelers near death, exhausted, and dehydrated as they track through the never ending span of sand. It may have been a hot day but it was not that hot.
Admittedly, you have imagined being bent over and railed to the point of not walking the next day (individually and all together) but yesterday, you would have nearly bet your life that hooking up with a single one of them would not happen in real life. Never in a zillion years in real life. Your dreams were visited by wild scenarios of being bent over and railed to the point of not walking the next day or, your favorite ones, being filled up by all of them, stuffed and used however they wanted. Every time you woke up from those dreams, you felt overwhelmingly guilty. Now, any remnants of pent up guilt for those thoughts has dissipated knowing you are not alone in imagining those filthy occurrences.
“Hey, guys, did you find them?” They visibly flinch as you enter the room. You don’t miss the alarmed glare they share with each other, wondering if you heard their dirty banter.
“Yeah, all good, baby. Would you please sit next to me?” Jaemin pats the spot on the couch next to him. Every time he uses a pet name, your panties dampen a bit more.
“Thank you for asking so nicely, Jaemin…” Jaemin’s smile falters a bit as you sit next to Jeno on the couch instead, two inches away from your thighs touching. “But I don’t think I’ve spent enough time with Jeno. I’ve only been in your arms.”
He hands you Haechan’s custom colored, matte black switch, speckled with little sunflowers on the back. He patiently lets you pick out your driver, the car, and whichever course you want. Jaemin watches from the smaller couch in the room. You look to him when Jeno clicks ahead for the race to commence.
“Why aren’t you playing? Didn’t you get the third one?” Your eyebrows knit together, disappointed you don't get to take on both of them.
At least game wise.
“You bet Jeno, remember? Not me,” he replies with brief whiny tone.
“Well you don’t have to be jealous about it,” you tease him, making Jeno snicker.
“What? I am not jealous.”
“Okkaayyyy, if you say so.” You take off from the race track and ignore Jaemin’s gaze.
“Yeah don’t be jealous, Jaemin. You can have her after me.”
Why did that sound so fucking hot?
There is no way in hell you could ever get your head 100% in the game while you’re imagining what "You can have her after me" might mean to him. And to make matters worse, half a minute into the game, Jaemin appoints himself your good luck charm, insisting he must sit next to you or else he won’t work. He plops himself down next to you as close as humanly possible, cupping your inner thigh with his warm hand to “show support” (his words).
And those two things are the reasons behind your demise.
“What was that about kicking my ass?” He nudges your shoulder and you nudge him back playfully. “How does second place feel?”
“That was totally luck. The blue turtle shell had it out for me I swear!”
Jaemin kneads your inner thigh. “You’ll do better next time.”
“So much for good luck charm, I guess,” you snort.
Quirking your head in his direction leaves your foreheads nearly touching. You see him kiss your bare shoulder and look up to your lips. He makes eye contact with you for a millisecond before pressing his lips to yours. Jeno takes this as his cue to take the nintendo switch from your grasp and run his own hand up your inner thigh. Jaemin’s tongue penetrates the seam of your lips goading a faint moan from your throat. He stops kneading your thigh, holding it firmly next to his while Jeno pries your thigh towards him. Spreading your legs, Jeno’s fingers glide up your thigh, reaching your wetness. Your breath hitches and you mewl when he moves his fingers around until locating your clit through the damp material.
Jaemin detaches your mouths. “Aww, sweetie. You make the prettiest sounds.” You open your eyes, nearly blinded by his perfect, dazzling smile.
“Oh, yeah? You think so?” You gently lick up his parted lips, the tip of your tongue curling from his bottom lip to his top lip, vertically.
Jaemin takes your hand, cupping it over his crotch for you to palm his half hard erection. “Fuck, y/n. Can I film this?”
“Only if you get my good side,” you purr.
He pecks your lips again and smiles. “2 minutes.” He jogs out the front door to what you assume to be the car.
Jeno puts his hand over your shoulder. Reaching around, pushing your jaw to direct your focus in his direction, he connects your lips. His kiss is rougher than Jaemin’s kisses. Jeno rests your foreheads together, favoring your pleasured noises. Thumbing your panties to the side and rubbing circles on your exposed bundle of nerves fuels louder moaning. Jaemin is back next to you in no time, camera in hand. You resume palming him through his clothes for another minute. Jaemin removes his stiff length from his navy sweatpants and boxers. His precum slick tip feels so smooth in your hand when he reconnects your grip to him. He gets a close up of his cock being jerked off by your smaller hand. Just like Jaemin and Jeno, you love to hear the sounds they make when you make them feel good.
Eventually, the noises made by your mouths and by Jeno's fingers tracing through audible wetness around your melting slit, end up being too loud.
Renjun startles you three, stepping in front to behold the pornographic scene playing out between you and his friends. “What the fuck do you guys think you’re fucking doing?” He quietly scrutinizes the impromptu threesome with flaming eyes tinted green in jealousy.
Your eyes shoot open at his sudden appearance and remove your hand from Jaemin’s shaft. Instinctively, you try to close your legs but Jeno and Jaemin hold them open for Renjun. You don’t know how long he’s been there before he spoke up, but in this compromising position, he saw your hand stroking Jaemin’s cock, either your lips interlocked or releasing blissful whimpering, and your dripping folds revealed by Jeno’s handiwork. His eyes remain trained on Jeno's fingers playing with your slick as your core clenches around nothing.
“Haechan is literally upstairs. He could come down the stairs any moment and this is what you’ve been doing?” He may come off as mad, judgmental and condescending but he truly feels envious he couldn’t have what they were getting. All three of you could see the outline of his boner clear as day. His mouth might be saying one thing, but his body is undoubtedly saying another. You don’t struggle to close your legs for more than a handful of seconds. Why did you struggle in the first place? You’ve dreamt about this before. Perhaps it is a reflex, covering yourself up in the wake of visitors. If it was any other visitor save for the tempting, black and white haired boy in your midst, you would have freaked.
“Are you sure you don’t want this? You’re going to stand there and tell me you don’t want to touch her?” Jaemin narrows his eyes at him then pressed his mouth to your neck. He nibbles at the sensitive, thin flesh, forcing another whimper to slip from your now swollen lips. You shut your eyes and throw your head back, enjoying the sensation of his love bites and giving him more skin to mark up.
“Renjun, help me take her panties off.” Jeno circles your clit with an increased vigor. Jaemin slaps his hand over your mouth to stifle the sinful whining provoked by Jeno’s rubbing. Feeling your thighs closing momentarily, you peer down to see Renjun between your legs. Jaemin’s hand falls back into place, kneading the inside of your thigh once Renjun has successfully rid you of the soaking material.
“Hands over your head, slut,” Renjun orders. You follow through obediently, hearing Jaemin suck his teeth at the new sexual partner’s demands. He swoops the blouse over your head. The see-through lace, unpadded red bra you are wearing underneath the fitted top makes Renjun’s cock twitch. He clamps down on the base of your neck and holds your head in place for his lips to land wherever he desires. Of the three, he’s the most jipped, a substantial disparity between his time with you versus Jeno and Jaemin. He lips are inches away from yours when the fantasy with Haechan's princess ends for them.
“What… the… fuck.”
All hands leave your body, jumping away from your spot on the couch, like children caught with their hand in a cookie jaw. Haechan’s intimidating tone may have thrown them off guard but you mostly remain unphased. You’re in an open relationship. The most he can get upset with is that you’re getting the couch dirty.
He stalls, jaw clenched and anger brewing within. “Everyone, bedroom. Now.”
Renjun, Jeno and Jaemin search each other’s confused faces. “Now as is right now. We need to talk about something.”
They are on edge about what their friend might say but decide it is in their best interest to suck it up, accept the lecture or ultimatum in person instead of hearing it from one of the others. Especially because if either Jeno or Jaemin leave before this “talk,” it will effect their performance tomorrow. The friends mosey their way to the bedroom apprehensively, although you made no such effort to get up off the couch.
“Oh, you mean me? I thought this was a 'gamers only' thing, per usual.” One moment you’re standing up to face him, and the next you’re being thrown over his shoulder and carried there. Your skirt rides up and uncovers your slit on the journey to an unknown future.
He lets you down on the bed with a huff. You crawl up the mattress, pressing your back to the charcoal velvet, upholstered headboard and curling into a ball, legs closed. Pulling your knees to your chest defensively, you wrap your arms around your semi-naked body. You remain in the see-through lace bra, and that black skirt that covers down to the middle of your thighs Moving up the span of the bed, you’re certain your wet folds were on display for at least a few seconds. Not that it matters. They have all seen what's hiding underneath the skirt anyways.
Jeno sits on the edge of the bed, Renjun rolls the swivel chair from the desk, ending up three feet away, and Jaemin makes himself comfortable on a lounge chair a considerable ways away from the action. Unlike you, they are fully clothed. For some inexplicable reason, that’s hot, like you feel vulnerable and your breasts and pussy are nearly within their sight. Almost as if you are theirs to do away with however they seem fit.
Haechan shuffles across the bed on his knees, stalking you like a greedy predator to his prey, on the prowl for your taste. Well, not solely his prey necessarily. You’re more like prey for his hungry pack to devour along with him, but you don’t know that at this moment in time. You allow him to easily push your legs flat against the bed for him to straddle your upper thighs. He snatches your wrists, prying the protective arms hugging your frame open, pinning them to the cushioned headboard on either side of your head.
“Princess… I’m really hurt you didn't remember,” Haechan scolds you in a whisper, tempting lips barely tickling the sweet spot by your ear. His friends lean in, attempting to hear the hushed words, to which your boyfriend intentionally uses a volume just high enough for them to make out every syllable. “I know we said ‘open relationship,’ last week, and we wrote down no neighbors, no work colleagues, and no family members. But I guess you forgot what I said about my friends here a while ago. Specifically, these friends. And that...that is just so disappointing.”
A chill trickles down your spine while an aching desire to be touched grows stronger between your legs. For the most part, you are empty headed, your focus on that aching feeling and barely processing his accusation.
“What do you have to say for yourself?”
You presume he wants to show off how he holds the leash of an obedient, house trained girlfriend. The type of girlfriend that would grovel for his forgiveness and comply with his wishes in front of Renjun, Jeno, and Jaemin.
The thing is… that doesn’t sound like much fun tonight. And you don't want your daily walk in the park.
Especially because you believe Haechan is the one deserving of a scolding. Curious about how this will all play out, given that the other three are present, you decide on a dangerous course of action. You’re all too aware of what happens to brats, but what about now? What’s the treatment this time with them around? And what will they do?
Hopefully, join in all together like before.
“Well if I had to say anything, I’d say I have no idea what you’re talking about. And I’m positive you didn’t say anything about friends last week. I’m not a mind reader, you know?” you spat, courageously.
It’s all fun and games with Haechan, riling him up and taking whatever he gives you, graciously. You know he likes it rough and there is nearly nothing you love more than satisfying his kinks and feeding his insatiable hunger. And the pleasure he rewards you with (when merciful) is addictive. The sensation is both devastating and heavenly at the same time.
It’s moments like these that you knowingly bait him to take it further than before. You raise one eyebrow, retaliating against the total control he craves over the situation. He rocks back to face you. Removing one hand from your wrist against the headboard, he reaches down, flips up your skirt and grazes his middle finger over your pussy lips to your clit torturously. It’s the lightest feathered touch he’s ever given your body. You struggle to remain defiant against his dominance, biting down a whimper and pinching your eyes shut to reinforce your strong front. When you open your eyes, his finger is in front of your mouth. A tiny droplet of your juices sticks to the pad of it, and you barely part your lips before he smears your essence across your mouth. He tilts your chin up delicately, holding your overly-confident gaze for a handful of seconds as if evaluating you.
The room is pin-drop silent, air thick and reeking of lust. Jeno, Renjun, and Jaemin are still as statues, nearly holding their breath, torn between leaving due to the awkwardness, or staying and alleviating the painful sexual frustration left over from before. The stillness only lasts a half second, though when you’re jonesing for an orgasm as desperately as you and the other occupants of the suffocating room, patience isn’t exactly a strong suit. After an eternity, Haechan slashes the bindings of the muted, torture he tied around the desperate room.
“Whoahh… and to think I thought you were smart, y/n. Or at least, smart enough to know not to talk back to me in front of my friends,” he scoffs. Haechan sticks his tongue into the inside of his cheek, shaking his head out of irritation. “Take a guess about what I’m talking about. What is it that you forgot?”
You wrinkle your brow, breaking eye contact with him and look to the ceiling. Despite the deep dive you do, searching your mind and sifting through every storage file in your brain, you turn up with 0 results matching that description. Though you can’t blame yourself. The tense environment of the moment would likely suppress any one's comprehensive thought process.
Haechan jerks your chin back to forcibly face him. “Go ahead, baby, I’m listening.”
You nibble on the inside on your cheek for a moment, now nervous where this was going. “Was I… not allowed to fuck them?” you tentatively mutter.
“Try again,” he sighs.
Well that’s reassuring.
“Uh, was it thattt I could only be with one of them at a time?”
“Hmmm, that’s a good guess, but still no.”
“Am I supposed to… g-get permission? Like, was I supposed to ask you if your friends could fuck me?”
Haechan withdrew both of his hands from your flesh, leaving your wrist and chin feeling cold after losing his golden touch. “You’re almost there, princess…almost there.”
He twists his head back, eyes flicking between each of his friends then back to you. It comes as a complete surprise when he connects your lips together, seemingly out of nowhere. He snakes a hand to the back of your neck, pulling you flush against his chest, then weaves it up into your hair a few seconds later. The other hand is assigned to the clasps of your bra, which he unhooks masterfully. He shimmies the straps down your shoulders before pulling it off roughly and throwing it away from you.
Renjun catches the undergarment carelessly tossed through the air but his attention immediately returns back to your body. Your breasts are fully exposed by Haechan. Renjun’s mouth waters as he imagines twirling his tongue around your perky nipples, while Jaemin pictures himself flicking them repeatedly, and Jeno thinks of suckling and biting your sensitive buds until they sting.
Haechan wiggles in your lap until he’s even higher on his knees, looking down on you. He yanks the hair at the base of your neck down, harshly. You pout and flutter your eyelashes innocently as your head is tilted up 180 degrees.
“I wanted to join.”
“If you were going to fuck any of my friends, no matter how many at once, I wanted to be there,” he reveals, raising his voice in a dark tone. “You forgot. And you even started without me.”
Biting your puffy bottom lip, you use all your might against Haechan’s harsh grip to roll your neck's position and, therefore, line of sight. You scan the room, individually making eye contact with Jaemin, Jeno, and Renjun, preemptively feeling sore. Arousal leaks from your aching core, most likely staining the comforter underneath you. Sometime later, one of them will notice the embarrassing puddle you created in this sitting position.
“Now, if it was just you and me, I’d be punishing you for completely forgetting something so important and for that fucking mouth of yours… but since we have company, I think it would be rude of me not to sharrree.” He reaches out to fiddle with your hair gently, craning his neck around to address the eager three behind him. “What do you think, guys? To punish or not to punish… that is the question.”
Amongst Haechan’s friends, you’d peg the flirty, smooth talker Jaemin as the type to be bold and give strict punishments, but seeing as he’s in the corner, keeping his distance from the soon to be dirty deed, you’re skeptical. He was handsy before, why would he be shy now?
Then there’s Renjun. You always thought of Renjun as feisty and short tempered, not that he’s a serious threat or anything… right? You could see him possibly dishing out a hard treatment but you doubt he would make you cry. Plus, the way he gave you orders and clenched down your neck earlier gave away a strength you didn’t expect from him. You hope that his touch is as heavenly as his angelic voice sounds.
And finally, there’s Jeno. The person you know will give it to you rough and dirty, making you feel things that you’re positive will leave you feeling weak tomorrow. His strong hands would fit beautifully wrapped around your neck. You told Haechan you weren’t a mind reader but something tells you Jeno is thinking the same thing at this very moment. He probably had incredible stamina too.
Haechan’s dark gaze returns to yours, parting his lips to demonstrate what he wants. “Open up, princess.”
You respond by snapping your mouth shut with half lidded eyes.
“Really? That's how you want to play it, huh?” Haechan sucks his teeth. The devilish glint in his irises sparks a shred of fear and excitement within you, forcing you to swallow thickly. “Safe word is hot sauce, okay?”
You’ve realllly done it this time.
Clamping down on your ankles, he suddenly lurches back to the edge of the bed. The high pitch squeak that slips from your lips makes him smirk. He tugs your frame one last time, placing your ass on the bottom edge of the mattress. Haechan spreads your legs wide open for the audience.
He flicks his chin to Renjun. “Pin her arms down.”
He scrambles on the bed to hold your wrists. You don't even attempt to remove your arms from above your head prior to his secure grasp. You look up at his face, shooting him a wink. Renjun licks his lips and leans close to your ear, close enough to make you the sole recipient of his sinful words. “Your mouth is so pretty, y/n. I can’t fucking wait until it's my turn to use you.” He nips your earlobe, then sits up on his knees again, eyes fixating on those hardened nipples he loves so much.
Renjun temporarily captured your attention, but upon hearing Jeno’s name, you immediately redirect your focus.
“Can you spread her legs further, Jeno?” Haechan asks. It’s a rhetorical question, obviously.
Jeno wouldn’t be listening or following the younger male’s lead if it didn’t play to his favor. At the moment though, he was on his way to getting exactly where he wanted, winning the grand prize of your aching entrance. Jeno’s palms push against your heels, curling your knees until they hover above your chest and peel open next to your breasts. Jaemin relocates to the swivel chair previously owned by Renjun. Four pairs of eyes feast upon your glorious pussy lips parting naturally, taking a pause to gawk at your glistening slick accentuated your folds underneath the dim overhead light. Haechan hops next to you gleefully, a power hungry twinkle shining through his eyes.
“I said open up, slut.” He flicks his chin to Jeno when you refuse for the umpteenth time. “Shove your fingers in her hole.”
Jeno’s middle finger dips into your opening, ripping a sob from your lips, all according to plan. Haechan's hand slinks below your chin, squeezing your cheeks together to keep your mouth wide open. He slowly leans closer to you and finally spits in your mouth triumphantly. “See? Now, that wasn’t so hard.”
He releases you from his grip and you childishly stick your tongue out at him. He rolls his eyes, leaning down to bite your right nipple. You squirm underneath him, the stimulation from Haechan’s stinging bites and Jeno’s magical fingers already pushing you closer to climax. Jeno curls his middle and ring fingers into you, petting your walls and locating your weakness. Renjun gets in on the action, securing his mouth to your neck and painting violet splotches on your soft canvas. Your body was already doted on by Jeno, Jaemin, and, at the tail end, Renjun, for quite a while. You know you are not going to hold out for much longer. Haechan pops his mouth off your bud, raising an eyebrow at the neon sign on your forehead reading “I’m close to coming"
“Princess, you’re almost there, huh? Such a shame sluts don’t come so easily.”
You whine as they edge you further, knots tightening and threatening to snap any moment. Jeno dips down to suck on your clit, fingers still plunging into your core, before giving his cramped fingers a break and differing the job to his tongue. Renjun nips at your bottom lip, sliding a hand down to pinch one of your nipples and cup your breasts harshly. Haechan takes over Renjun’s previous job, marking your collarbones a vibrant purple. Your muscles tense up on the verge of a climax that sadly never comes.
You pinch your eyes closed in anticipation when suddenly, all contact with your body is withdrawn, similar to when Haechan first came down the stairs. “How was that? Did you have fun?” He chuckles at your frustrated, plastered expression.
“I’d have a lot more fun if one of you would just fuck me already,” you hiss. You throw an arm over your eyes as you catch your breath, letting your legs relax and dangle over the bed.
You hear muffled conversation, and of course, a subsequent, habitual, rock paper scissors game. Their game huddle concludes as you hear the ruffling of material being shed.
“I agree.” Jeno grips under your arms, whisking you from laying down and placing you on his knee. You don’t hesitate to hump his bare thigh, looking for whatever ounce of friction you can find. “Fucking you would be a lot more fun.”
“God, Haechan, she’s so needy. Do you even touch her?”
“Don’t fucking push it Renjun.”
You notice Renjun and Haechan have stripped their clothes to their boxers. The only effort Jaemin has made is stepping closer than before.
“C'mere, baby. Do you want me to fill you up real good?” Jeno rakes a hand through his black, disheveled hair and FUCK no one has ever looked so tempting.
You eagerly nod your head. “Yes, please.”
He stands you upright with his hands on your hips from behind. “Jaemin, can you film her? Before we play tomorrow, I want to watch all the beautiful faces she makes when I’m fucking her brains out.”
Jaemin bites his bottom lip, mid-smile. He angles his camera in front of you, kneeling to catch the ideal filming point. Jeno spins you around, bending you over to softly slide your skirt to the ground. The camera eats up your wet slit on display. Fortunately for them, Jaemin zooms in at just the right time, capturing some of your juices dripping to the floor on film. The drops of arousal catch Haechan’s interest as well.
“Princess, you’re making such a mess!” You swivel your head in his direction of the patronizing individual. He crouches, studying your heat in admiration. “Did you know your cunt was leaking all over the floor? What a naughty whore, so desperate to be touched.”
Your cheeks boil in embarrassment. You're really that wet to trickle on the floor? You feel some of your wetness seeping down the inside of your thighs, too. Just wait until they see the stain on the bed from earlier.
Jeno feels your entire body stiffen and grows tired of the humiliation. He hooks a finger under your chin and draws your mouth to smash against his hungry ones. His tongue explores your mouth with haste. Retracting his lips, he repositions you again, having you face Jaemin and away from him. Jeno jerks his large length before rolling on a condom Jaemin tosses to him. “Ready?” Jeno prods your wet hole.
“Ye-” Jeno pulls you into his lap and down his cock. You whimper as every inch thrusts further and deeper inside you. You throw your head back, nearly hanging it off his shoulder.
“How’s that princess? Do you like being filled up like that? In front of all of us?” You nod your head nonsensically at Haechan.
Renjun and Haechan watch from behind the cameraman, prominent bulges easily noticed from a far.
Jeno bottoms out but keeps his thrusts at bay. Haechan's cock is thicker but Jeno is bigger in every sense of the word. It takes a dozen seconds for your walls to adjust to his size. There is something so sanctimonious about the moment the first cock stuffs your hole. You bounce on his cock quicker than he thought, fucking yourself on him. “F-fuck, y/n, you’re tight.” Jeno digs his fingers into your waist and pounds up into you.
“Do you like being on camera, y/n? Like being on camera like a dirty slut?” Haechan enjoys tormenting you but it doesn’t feel like tormentation when every word makes you clench around Jeno’s dick tighter than the previous second. "I should've filmed you before. It looks like you love being in front of the camera, y/n."
You have an iron grip on Jeno's strong thighs, jaw dropped in astonishment. Your eyes are closed as the naked stranger approaches you, slithering a hand up your chest and around your neck.
“Can I fuck your mouth, y/n?” Renjun requests, paradoxically polite for how tight he is applying pressure to the sides of your neck. You respond to him by sticking your tongue out. He gives your neck one last tight squeeze before letting go and petting your hair sweetly. “Say ahhh...” Tapping his tip on your flat tongue, he snakes a hand down your scalp to the back of your head. Your chest tilts down to take his throbbing cock down your throat. He thrusts into your mouth, finding the same rhythm as Jeno’s hips. When Jeno bucks his hips up, your mouth is sent further down Renjun’s length at the same time he rocks his hips closer to you. Tears start to well in the corners of your eyes. If you voice wasn’t muffled by Renjun fucking you your throat, you would be loudly wailing and sobbing, swallowed by a mind blowing exhilaration.
“Look at me,” Renjun demands. You peer up his thin frame until you meet his sharp gaze. His pretty features are twisted and dark, pupils dilated and demeanor intimidating. “Hey, come over here and look at her face.”
Haechan and Jaemin come around Renjun’s body to see the dam of tears crack and flood down your cheeks. Haechan takes Jaemin’s camera and holds it close to your face. Haechan coos, “Aww is the baby crying?”
You hum at Haechan and flutter your eyes closed, focusing on breathing through your nose for oxygen. Renjun shifts his body to the side of Jeno and slides himself out from the warmth of your mouth. You are just about to ask him what’s wrong when another hand sneaks down your scalp. The hand whips your head in it’s direction, a hand you’re all far too familiar with. Haechan looks down at you, stroking his shaft and inching his cock closer to your mouth. “Will you open up for me this time?”
Your eyes flick everywhere but him. They land on Jaemin for a moment, silently beckoning him to touch you again. There’s an unreadable expression adorning his gorgeous features. Ultimately, you part your lips for your regularly tardy partner. You blink up at him, innocently. He loves your doe eyes and he takes this as his cue to rock into your mouth, bumping the back of your throat instantly.
Haechan and Renjun share your mouth, going back and forth with who gets to fuck your throat. When they switch, they tug your mouth off of their length and the recipient either takes a fist full of you hair or firmly grips the back of your neck to switch which cock fills your mouth. You tried hollowing out your cheeks but to no avail. They were using you too quickly for your mouth to do any work of its own.
"No one's ever felt so fucking good."
"Shit, Haechan, I'm j-jealous you've been getting this for years."
"Tighhtt. y/n, how are you this tight?"
"God, infinitely better than what I imagined your mouth would feel like, fuck."
“Hmm, you take us so well. I’m proud of you,” Haechan praises, his genuine sincerity out of character for a moment like this one. Receiving praise in between the degrading comments, especially praise from Haechan, brings you satisfaction, like YOU make them feel good, YOU are the reason they are compulsively grunting and groaning and cursing. "How does Jeno feel, princess? You like it when Jeno fucks your sweet cunt like a whore?"
Renjun's cock is buried in your mouth and all you can manage is a hum of affirmation. Like Renjun just confessed seconds ago, you, too, have imagined how this would feel, but you never could’ve predicted how much you loved the feeling of Haechan and his friends’ stuffing you full. The bouncing motion on the bed plunging Jeno’s dick deep, deep inside you, farther inside your hole than it has ever been reached has you on the verge of your first orgasm. Your throat tickles while a fluttering tickle disperses through your core, seconds away from-
“Argh, I’m gonna c-come,” Renjun croaks, taking another few harsh thrusts down your throat. His tip bashes the back of your throat one last time before you feel his milky cum shoot down your throat. He rocks back on his heels, removing the obstruction to your vocal capablity. “Did you swallow like a good cumslut?” Renjun raises your chin, stroking your cheek affectionately. You open your mouth to show him proof of your good behavior. “Aw, y/n, that mouth of yours… you’re just too good to me.”
“Baby, you should feel honored, the hardest thing in the world is receiving praise from Renjun,” Haechan pants, wiggling his eyebrows at the short-breathed boy on his side. You are about to thank Renjun for such kind, rare words, though the next thing you know, Haechan shoves his cock back into your mouth with force. Jeno delivers two particularly fierce thrusts, triggering your climax to strike seconds. His strong hands hang onto your trembling body sternly. Your eyes roll into the back of your head chin dropping to your chest in exhaustion. Coming down from your high, you raise your head higher and Haechan prods his tip at your half parted lips, waiting for you to take him down your throat again. You slowly suck his tip, licking the slit and swirling your tongue around his cock when he snaps his hips into your mouth in sync with Jeno’s powerful thrust. You challenge yourself to keep your nose to his pelvis swallowing his length until he comes down your throat just like Renjun. Success finds you in a mere two moments. Haechan’s cum joins Renjun’s, sliding down your throat.
You finally get to emit the pleasured noises hushed by having your mouth full. Pent up whimpers, shrieks and cries are extracted from within you as Jeno spares another few minutes of this half tilted forward position for a deeper angle to fuck your hole. Your ass receives some swift slaps that make you yelp at the slight sting of his spanking. He twists you around so you face him the rest of the ride. “Everyone wants their hands on you, baby,” Jeno grunts. “I’ve gotta admit, I wanted that too. And wanted my hands on your throat.” He lays back flat on the bed and does just that. One hand cups your neck, squeezing the sides sternly. The other finds purchase on your hip for his final stretch of the chase for orgasm.
Haechan appears by your side once more, the camera he apprehended from Jaemin in his hand to badger you further. “We have this all recorded. And we can watch you getting fucked like a little cockwhore whenever we want now.”
You and Jeno tune out every other soul in the universe, immersed in the bliss of his hitting your gspot every bounce or thrust. He’s never seen breasts as mouth watering as yours as your breasts bounce perfectly from his point of view.
You hold on with every fiber in your body to your second climax, praying you two would come and ride out the waves of heaven together. When he grunts he’s close, you let euphoria rush through your body, spasming around his length erratically as he pounded into your tense core. He topples over the line, spilling into the rubber protection he’s wearing a minute later.
He lifts you off his softened dick, delicately laying your lethargic body on the bed for some much needed rest. You’re not positive how many minutes but some might consider your break short lived. Jaemin rids himself of clothing, snuggling up to your own naked figure in the middle of the bed. You feel his stiff cock brush over your slit then two fingers curl up through your wet folds. You mewl and turn over to face him.
“I don’t want to pressure you or anything, sweetie, because you’re probably sore, but if you could-”
You pounce on Jaemin’s chest, stamina miraculously renewed. The stamina of the others is also renewed like magic. “Where do you want me?” You lick up his lips like you did before, flicking your tongue up from his bottom lip to his top, intrigued by one last session of filling, especially because Jaemin was out of reach before.
You end up bent over the back of the ultra cushioned, upholstered chair Jaemin originally sat in. Jaemin takes you from behind while Jeno stands on top of the seat to defile your mouth, kneeling against the back cushions at the right height for your mouth to suck him off. Haechan and Renjun stand on either side of you. They hold your hands over their surprisingly erect cocks, stroking their lengths with your hand clasped under theirs. They roll their thumbs over your nipples in tiny circles, tweaking them every so often and kneading you breasts like their lives depend on it.
Jaemin rims your pulsating hole, then sinks his cock inside you. He gulps, memorizing every detail of this moment, watching your hot, walls swallow his length. “Sweetie, there’s nothing like filling you up.” He’s gentler than any of the other guys and you wonder if it’s simply because he saw how hard Jeno gave it to you and felt bad.
Maybe it’s a strange thing to be proud of but, like Renjun commented, your mouth is amazing. Your skillful head compels a quick orgasm from Jeno. It’s the way you alternate between curling your lips over your teeth to apply a moderate pressure along his length, hollowing out your cheeks to give a sense of suction, and controlling your breathing, focusing on the steady intake of oxygen through your nostrils as you swallow his length down your throat or they are repeatedly bumping the back of your throat. If you have a hypersensitive gag reflex, some might consider that a good starting point.
Renjun and then Haechan bring themselves to climax using your hands and leave the room, presumably to shower. Jaemin is the last to come. Jaemin loops an arm around to your front, relentlessly rubbing your clit with vigor until your third astronomical orgasm crashes into you, so powerful it shoots you into the stars. He snaps his hips into your core for several more minutes, pumping his generous lenth inside you, then pulls your back flush against his chest. His sloppy thrusts carry on through his climax, riding out his high sheathed inside you.
Renjun, Jeno, and Jaemin decide to sleepover tonight. That’s not something you or Haechan suggested, they just made up their minds to stay here no matter what you guys said. Haechan could disagree with you all he wants but you would never send them away, knowing how they treat you after tonight.
Jaemin gently scoops you up into his arms and makes his way to the bathroom with the biggest shower. Jeno is still in the shower when you step in but there’s nothing awkward about the situation. They help scrub your body with cherry blossom scented soap and wash away any sign of the dirty act, save for the purple marks speckled across your neck and chest. It is so intimate yet comforting.
Your house has many beds to choose from; Haechan and Renjun sleep in a bed together upstairs and you, Jaemin and Jeno sleep in the ridiculously wide bed downstairs. It feels comfortable sharing a bed with them now. You feel comfortable now.
You turn over in bed to face Jaemin, envious that somehow his skin is still radiant in post orgasm glow. You’re not surprised in the slightest that he’s awake. You know he’s a night person and he’s likely only in bed because everyone else is in bed.
“I have a question,” you whisper, peaking over to make sure Jeno was asleep.
“Go ahead, sweetie, I’m an open book.” He winks at you.
“No, you’re not, but that’s for another time. Why didn’t you touch me before? You just stood there.”
He lets out a heavy sigh, pulling you into his arms, tenderly. “I didn’t want to punish you. I didn’t want to participate in Haechan’s little game.”
How are you supposed to react to that?
He continues speaking when you remain quiet.
“I know you were into it and you like it rough but I thought you deserved a dozen of orgasms. I wanted you to feel good, pampered…cared for like a real princess.
Silence ensues in his second pause for any response. He doesn't know what he wants to hear but maybe nothing is better than something that might ruin it all.
"We can talk about this some other time. Right now, get some sleep," he says, kissing your forehead.
"Okay, some other time, I guess,” you yawn and lethargically roll over in his arms, turning into his little spoon. “Sweet dreams, Jaemin.” You kiss the arm wrapped around you.
“You too, sweetie.” It takes him quite a while to lull himself to sleep whereas you fall into a deep slumber instantly. But that was okay with him because the more time he remains awake, the longer he has to cherish the feeling of you engulfed in his arms.
With him, you feel like you are blurring the lines between a rapidly blossoming, close friendship, and a red hot, flaming infatuation. But who’s to say you can’t have both? You’re open to all kinds of new opportunities. And you can say, with certainty, that you would never turn down an opportunity to be with all of them again.
“How many hours away is it?”
You let out a heavy sign when there is no response from the four travelers you believe to be getting into the car outside. Sliding into a pair of Haechan’s fuzzy slippers (that you know he’ll complain to you about for getting them dusty) you step out the front door to investigate.
“Wow, so ticklish,” Jeno says from behind you. He sidesteps around your frame, bag in one hand (the overnight bag he coincidentally had in his own car when he, Jaemin and Renjun arrived unannounced yesterday). The other hand reaches around your defensive arms to tickle you again. He puts you out of your misery, pulling you into a quick hug instead. “Wish us luck!” he calls over his shoulder trotting off to Haechan’s car like an excited puppy. Part of that excitement derived from his ability to sleep on the way there while Haechan drives.
“Good luck!” Three seconds pass before you remember why you are wearing Monsters Inc. slippers. Lucky for you, Renjun joins your side in the fifth second.
“Three hours,” he answers helpfully.
You look at him then back to the car. “Fuck that’s too long for me to go with you. I finally have to study.” A moment passes before you turn your head back to face him. Your lips are parted to inquire further about the gamers itinerary for the when he plants a kiss on your lips. He
He jumps back from you with a panicked expression. “I’m so sorry, y/n, I didn’t mean to do that, I was aiming for your cheek.”
You giggle at his cute reaction, tugging his wrist and kissing his cheek this time. “Your lips were all over me last night, Renjun, it’s okay!”
“No, well, this is different than last night.”
“How’s it different?” a cheeky voice sounds behind you. Jaemin spins you around and laces his arms around you, low on your hips. He kisses your lips passionately and unashamedly in front of Renjun. “You weren't next to me when I woke up, y/n.” He dawns that trademark pout of his with a furrowed brow.
“Was I supposed to be?” Your eyebrows mimic his in confusion.
“Jaemin, come on, Haechan’s gonna throw a fucking fit,” Renjun sighs in annoyance over both Haechan and Jaemin.
Pecking Jaemin’s lips, you lightly direct his body to the front door. “Go… we’ll talk about this ‘some other time,’ right?” You smirk, quoting his words back to him. “Soon though. Like tomorrow soon, is that okay?”
Jaemin steals one last kiss then follows Renjun out the door. “You’ve got a deal, Sweetie.”
He stops on the edge of the porch to send a flirty wink your way, accompanied by a dazzling flash of perfect teeth, his warm smile brighter than the sun. Warm enough to bring heat to your cheeks. And two other places.
But let’s not talk about that until… some other time.
Tumblr media
wc edits: 8.1k ➾ 9.2k ➾ 9.5k ➾ 9.8k ➾ +10.3k
this was supposed to be Haechan centric but i've been in a huge Jaemin mood lately so this is how it ended up...
sorry for another bikini scene, I just really liked 7llin' in the dream 's lil pool
i know it sounds like there will be another part but i'm 95% sure I will not write a part 2. sorry!
***also, please stop asking if you can write a pt 2 of your own. my answer is still no. I do not approve of another writer making their own sequel to any of my fics. by doing so, you are committing copyright infringement*** (i'm sorry if this comes off as stern and mean, I just want to make it clear)
I put a lot of time into this one so please give me feedback! i'd love to hear your favorite part/quote!
and stream HOT SAUCE
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neopuppy · 29 days ago
Hot Sauce: Deeply Dip That (M)
Tumblr media
Preview: “Deposit for the beach villas non-refundable. Fuck, I’m an idiot. I was starting to trust her..” Jeno’s head drops, ripping at chunks of hair frustrated.
“That’s no problem dude. We’ll help you pay the rest. An entire month at the beach? You’ll be so deep in ass, won’t even remember what she looks like anymore.” Jeno’s three best friends nod, patting his back with reassurance.
Pairing: NCT Dream 00’ line x female reader
Word Count: 19k+
Genre: PWP, Step brother Jeno AU, still enemies-still fucking, smut, M/F, Five-way, *squints, rubs eyes* is that angst? ew. This is FICTION.
Warning: Jeno’s still really mean, explicit language, possessive behavior, alcohol mentioned
Smut Warning: humiliation, degradation, overstimulation, a lot of dick, squirting, oral, spanking, sensory deprivation, choking, crying, hair pulling, slapping, spitting, rimming, anal, double-penetration, cum shots galore. This series had no purpose other than to serve filth. 1000000% consented.
You know what’s about to go down.
a/n: as a thank you to all 2000+ of you following this blog💙 don’t let your tongue burn on this hot sauce.
Part 1–>
Part 2–>
Part 3–>
Part 4–>
“Jeno! Stop it! Our parents are right inside!” You slap away roaming hands. Relaxing back into the lounge chair. Jeno’s irritated groan responding, hands itching, smacked away from your thighs. Flopping back in the chair next to you with a defeated sigh. Why did your parents have to come back home. Why did you have to strut around with your ass hanging out of a thong bikini. Jeno couldn’t stand having you so close and scantily bared much longer.
“My dicks all hard now!” His hissed tone hushes out. Doors leading from the kitchen to backyard slightly left ajar. “I want to touch you! I’m tired of this. First your mom busts into the bathroom this morning when I’m trying to get off. Blue balled me so bad I’m still in pain. My dad lecturing me last night for two hours about how I need to be responsible with my money. I can’t even sneak into your room with them around.”
“You think they’re on to us?” You sit up, nudging your sunglasses down. Shamelessly checking out his bare skin coated in a sheen of sweat. It was becoming overbearing, seemed unfair to not be hanging off Jeno’s cock at least more than once per day. At this point even just once was becoming too troublesome for both of you to pull off.
“I don’t fucking care even if they are. If they know, then we should just fuck anyway.” Jeno’s too spoiled, has never had problems getting what he wants- when he wants. This bratty nature he reveals once in awhile doing nothing for the agitation between your thighs.
“You’re right. They probably don’t know.” Eyes rolling, settling back with a sigh. Trying to enjoy the first days of summer upon you. Absorbing the heat coming down. Jeno sits up looking around, watching your parents cook dinner together in the kitchen. Stopping after every added seasoning and condiment to embrace. Face turning disgusted the longer he watches. He glances around, eyes landing on the small pool house where extra towels for guests are kept. Like a light bulb going off in his mind, he perks up standing from his seat.
“I need uh.. a towel. Maybe you should grab one too.. in a bit.” Jeno’s eyes scan your body. Brows lifting with suggestion.
“Why are you being weird.” You state, not question. Removing your sunglasses, sitting up fully. “If you wanna fuck in the pool house, just say that.”
“..and if you know what the fuck I mean, don’t be such a bitch.” Jeno’s low voice rasps. Having figured you out by now, the way you love to get him annoyed. To quote your words ‘It’s like my soul leaves my body when you fuck me full of hate’. Your hand lifts, waving Jeno away.
“Yea yea, go hide with the laundry. I’ll be there in a minute.” You watch Jeno try to subtly make his way to the shed. Pondering to yourself once again- what the hell are you doing? What started off as entertainment now turning into a huge problem. It was becoming a lot to handle. The constant hot and cold. Muddled insecure thoughts keeping you up at night. Jeno giving you enough- but not enough. As much as you tried to convince yourself he could dick you down like nobody else, it didn’t soothe your stacking questions. Why the fuck hadn’t he asked you to be with him yet, officially. Was this seriously going to be some friends.. step siblings with benefits crap forever?
There you go again, off on a mental tangent. Not even realizing you’ve sat there chewing on your thumb nail growing more irritable by the second. Didn’t he like you? How could this seriously be just sex after everything..
But the fucking.. God just thinking about Jeno’s dick had you tingling all over. Right right— Jeno’s dick. Standing up with a look inside the house, your parents backs facing you where they stand side by side at the stove cooking. You sneak your way toward the pool house. Opening the door to the sight of Jeno leaned back against the dryer. Stroking his hardening length to full mass. Sighing to yourself with relaxation taking over. Focusing in on the shine of precum gathered on tight abs.
“Fuck, what took you so long?” Jeno wraps around the base of his size with a groan. Stepping into the small space intended for one person only, letting the door shut behind you. Pressing against his body, feet touching trying to squeeze in.
“Jeno.. do you..” You start curiously. Hand hovering at the tip of his cock, eyes lingering over the expanse of chest before you. “ me?”
Jeno’s eyes beg for mercy, watching your thumb softly graze his slit. Lips pulling in holding back another groan as his cock throbs. “Hate when you tease. You know I can’t stand that shit.”
Jeno turns you quickly, shoving your back forward until you’re bent over the dryer. Ass up and perky, hands slapping down on your exposed cheeks. “Already walk around tempting me to slip in whenever.”
“I think you like it..” your neck cranes, half lidded gaze on Jeno. Hard length beating on your ass, bouncing back with every drop. “..because you like me.”
“Fuck you’re so annoying.” Jeno mutters. Pulling the thin fabric between your cheeks aside. Cock pressing into your entrance, circling around. Only slightly aroused after watching him jerk off for barely a minute. Sighing, laying against the dryer, lips tightened when be pushes in. Jeno groaning behind you with growing frustration. Interrupted every time he’s tried to cum in the last 24 hours. Thrusting impatiently, cock sliding in deep.
“Like fucking you.” Jeno leans over, mumbling into your shoulder. Hips slamming against your ass, legs stiff in place. The little shed compressing you together tightly.
“I know.” Face out of sight, you roll your eyes. Biting down on your lip gripping around Jeno’s cock. He growls against your back, pounding in faster. Eager to chase release, balls tightening up feeling overly full. Completely concentrated on his own pleasure for once. The horny monster he’s been carrying around for over a day taking over. Hand barreling down on your ass, skin slapping together with every deep thrust delivered.
Jeno’s heavy breaths and grunts of exertion interrupted by the sound of heels hitting pavement. Your mothers voice calling your name out, vocals nearing as she walks around the pool.
Eyes widening with panic throwing Jeno a look over your shoulder. Droplets of sweat pooling down to his chin, landing hotly against your back. Low whimpers passing through gritted teeth, glaring toward the door. Head shaking, as his eyes squeeze shut pained. Slowly pulling out of you with a suppressed whimper. He sighs, standing up right. Your mothers voice seconds away from catching you bent over, winking hole desperately seeking your step brother.
Jeno curses to himself tucking away his cock, thinking fast. Grabbing a towel from the pile. Finger hushing you on his lips, exiting the pool house. Panting catching your breath, eyes shutting letting the anxiety and fear wash over you. It was getting old.
“Oh Jeno! What were you doing in there?” Your mothers voice questions. Jeno tugging the towel around his neck.
“Uh.. looking for a clean towel..” he scratches at his head. You stay ducked down inside the pool house watching between the wooden shutters. Wiping off any sweat, drying the tender area between your thighs. Your mom looks less than convinced, glaring at Jeno with interest. Her mouth parting open ready to further question him, head shaking as she moves on.
“Have you seen your sister?” She takes another look around the backyard. “I swore she came out here with you? You two are always together as of late.”
Jeno’s face ducks in, trying to hide his cringing. Hates how often your parents refer to you as actual siblings. He looks around, shifting from foot to foot awkwardly. “She.. you know what..”
Jeno wraps an arm around your moms shoulder, turning her to face toward the neighbors house. Ears listening for any movement behind him. Your moms expression turning confused as Jeno points to the house next door. “I think what they’ve done with their roofing is really great..”
“What are you going on about Jeno? Their roof looks exactly like ours.” Your mom shifts, beginning to turn back toward your house. You quietly make your way out, tip toeing along the hot concrete. Slowly ducked as you walk up behind them.
“What about the roof?” Standing up straight to join in on their conversation. Jeno’s tense frame relaxes, bodies fully turning to face you.
“There you are!” Your mother chides. Disgusts coating her features taking in your appearance. She tugs the towel off of Jeno’s body, wrapping it around you. “Sweetie what have I told you about walking around like this! What will the neighbors think?” She leans in closer, hissing into your ear. “Jeno is a young man! He could get ideas.”
Oh. If only she knew. You gently pry her hands away, holding the towel around yourself. “Yes mother.”
“I was looking for your darling! I have great news.” She pets your head, gaze turning adoring. “Your dad had a meeting today with an old friend. His son Mark just moved back from studying abroad. He’s going to be a doctor you know.”
Jeno’s eyes widen upon hearing Mark’s name. Shoulders stiffening up again, eyes darting between the two of you. Your brows raising with question as to what this has to do with you.
“This Friday Mark will be picking you up for lunch. A date! Isn’t that great!” She continues, face lit up like the sun. “My little girls gonna marry a doctor!”
“Mark Lee??” Jeno spits out abruptly. Familiar annoyance evident in his tone, to you.
“Oh yes, your father mentioned you two used to be the best of friends before he moved away! Ah you’re probably so excited to reunite!” Her arms wrap around Jeno’s waist with a tight hug. “Don’t you worry Jeno, I’m going to find you a pretty girl. Just give me some time!”
You and Jeno share a nervous stare. Hint of worry settling between his brows. Thoughts spinning with ‘what if’ and unknown possibilities.
“Sweetie you look so pretty! Mark may just fall in love at first sight!” Your mother chirps loudly. Jeno conveniently seated at the couch, reading through some magazine. Or at least doing an awful job at pretending to be. Stare stuck on you being spun around. Jaw grinding roughly gazing at your outfit- when have you ever dressed like that for him?! He mutters under his breath, fingers yanking apart thin magazine pages in anger. Ripping past a few, sure enough receiving a tongue lashing from his father later for ruining with his Sports Illustrated.
“Thanks mom..” you nervously ring your hands. Nervous from Jeno’s intense eyes burning into your skin. Nervous about this blind date with some stranger.
“Now honey, shoulders back! Chest out! Stand up straight! You need to impress Mark! Your fathers depending on this deal with Marks dad to reach his monthly quota. Said he’ll surprise me with a trip to Aruba if he can land this contract! So you better do whatever it takes to make this Mark boy happy.” She implores, fussing with your hair. Adjusting your dress to expose more chest. God, what were you? An escort? With a fast glance Jeno’s way— realizing that’s your step brother you fuck on the regular now, worried about pissing him off with another guy? You may as well be.. what type of cheesy porn plot were you living..
The bell rings throughout the house interrupting your thoughts. Jeno shoots up from the couch, flexing arms shown off in a muscle tank. Shoulders rolling back, jogging forward before your mom has a chance to even speak up. He shouts out, heading for the door— “I’ll get it!”
“That must be him!” Your moms eyes scurry around, hands gripping your shoulders. She leads you down the hall. Watching Jeno pull open the door. Revealing a boy just a bit shorter than him wearing thick framed black glasses. Cheeks rising with an excited smile when he see’s Jeno.
“Oh man! Jeno?! It’s been so long!!” Mark and Jeno slap hands in some type of bro-like high five. Shoulders knocking together with one of those typical man hugs. Mark continues, high pitched voice happily calling out— “Birthday boyy!!”
Jeno laughs, malice deep in that chuckle, known to your ears only. Stare turning to your direction, cheeks sucking in looking you over again. Subconsciously crushing Marks hand in his hold until he let’s out a quiet abrupt squeak. Jeno crushes hard enough until he hears bone cracking, releasing Mark with an apology for not knowing his own strength.
“Hah….yea guess you were always freakishly strong..” Mark rubs at his knuckles. Following Jeno’s gaze. Jaw falling open in a cartoon like way. “Oh wow! No way this is my gorgeous date..”
Your mom shoves you forward, fingers digging into your spine. Smiling awkwardly as you approach Mark. Jeno’s neck cracking all too loud at your sides. The intimidation rolling off of him like powerful waves. Mark admiring you with bright excited eyes. Too distracted with Jeno’s presence yourself to give him your full attention.
“What a handsome young man!” Your mother chimes in. Stepping in front of Jeno, wrapping her boney fingers around Mark’s elbow. “Now you take care of my angel. I’m entrusting her to you!”
“Oh yes Ma’m, of course. You can count on me.” Mark nods. Smiles beaming between the two of them. Trying your hardest to avoid looking Jeno’s way. Vision blurring over from pretending to watch the two of them. Ready to get this stupid date over with.
Mark extends a hand to you. Not the same one he was still secretly nursing at his side. “Shall we?”
With another forced smile, you nod taking a hold of him. Heading out to his car, opening the door for you like a true gentleman. One last glance to the front door as Mark starts up the engine. Your mom smiling ear to ear on the porch.
Jeno behind her like a dark cloud. Eyes full of silent threats.
The date with Mark hadn’t been as terrible as you anticipated. Allowing him to take reign of the conversation majority of the time. Pretending to stay interested in what he had to say. Taking extra long chews of your meal throwing in “hmmm” and “ahh” enough to humor him.
“When can I take you out again?” Mark walks you to the entrance of your house. Eyes near bulging out of your skull hearing the question— again?!?
“Oh uh, you have my number right? My schedules all over.” You respond with another forced smile. Hands flailing around to emphasize just how all over it was. During summer? Anything to make it believable.
Unaware of the eyes inside watching from behind a window.
“I’m too eager right? I just..” Mark scratches at his nape, cheeks rising in a smile. “I felt something between us..”
Huh?? Blinking repeatedly, twisting your keys around in hand. Stepping toward the door remembering your mothers words- “Don’t mess this up.”
“It’s ok Mark, I had fun..” you bite down on your lip nervously thinking over how to end this smoothly. Hand behind your back squeezing at the door handle as Mark inches in closer. His hands landing around your head against the frame.
“I have my own place, maybe next time you can come over to mine after?” His brows raise suggestively. Mouth dangerously hovering all too close to yours as shoes bump into each other. Mark leaning in even closer, diminishing the space between your bodies. You blink rapidly, quickly trying to come up with something.
Mark’s hand sliding down, stroking over your hair. Leaned in, breathing over your mouth whispering— “You’re so pretty.. love your lips.”
Mark dips in, thin lips pressing against yours with a moan. You press into the door, knob digging into your lower back. Mouth stiffly gliding against his. Stickiness on your glossy lips making it even more uncomfortable. Mark continues letting out little moans, lower half connecting to yours. Only a centimeter of a gap stopping you from fully touching groins. It wasn’t the worst kiss, no not at all. If anything you were the one making it bad. Guilt running rampant through your mind— not that it should be. Your damn feelings refusing to let that be the case.
“Hope we can see each other again sooner than later..” Mark pulls off only slightly. Huffing out breaths of air between whispered words. His lips now gleaming with evidence of what just took place. You can’t help but notice Jeno’s car parked in the drive way behind Mark’s head. Like some type of unfortunate warning.
“Yea….uh… text me… or yea.” With a stuttered out nod, you jab your keys into the door. Tempted to kick the stupid thing open. Throwing Mark a wave goodbye before running inside. Falling back against it once inside the house. Hand grabbing at your chest with widening eyes. Heart beating furiously— not because of Mark. Not really, more so the fear of getting caught by-
The brooding large figure stepping toward you. Chin tilted in, eyes maddening scowling down at you. Jeno walking forward, hidden by the unlit hallway. Low light coming in from outside crossing his strong infuriated features. Your messy lips parting open, sloppy words attempting to explain.
“Don’t.” One word, one impending word. That raspy word tumbling from his lips meeting your ears. Curling into yourself, limbs beginning to tremble. Jeno placing a hand above your head. Pretty muscles appearing terrifying, in a way you can’t stop yourself from obsessing over. His finger lifting your chin up, to look at him. “You thought I wasn’t gonna find out, didn’t you?”
“No.. It’s not..” you can’t control the whimper breaking your words. Jeno’s looming frame and dark eyes stirring heat inside of you uncontrollably. Why did he have to be so fucking hot when he got like this. It seemed unfair, almost.
“You think I’m stupid. That I don’t know how easy you’ll go spread your legs for anyone. Probably couldn’t wait to try and hop on Mark’s dick once you found out he’s my friend.” Jeno’s intimidation never failing to make you feel like a speck of nothing. Sinister stare blaring into you, hands wrapping around your neck.
Dizzying thoughts broken by the sound of clinking pots and pans traveling down the hall from the kitchen. Jeno’s dads boisterous laughter following, saying something to your mother. Your throat squeezes in fear, gripping around his wrists. Head shaking ‘no’ in plea.
“You can’t.. they’re home..” begging, knowing that look on Jeno’s face can only mean one thing. Imminent smirk slowly appearing on his lips. Yanking you away from the front door, releasing you with a shove into the hallway wall.
“You better be fucking quiet then.” Jeno presses up against you, hissing mean words into your ear. Forcing your front against the wall, memories racing from the last time you’d been here. The first time, how unforgiving and punishing he was. Your forehead rubbing against the scratchy plaster, core igniting with fire. Hard cock grinding into your ass wickedly.
“Jeno, we can’t!” Your hushed whining does nothing to satiate him. Hips jerking up into you aggressively already. Jeno like a caged wolf trying to escape by any means necessary.
“We can. I can. You want to play games right? You’re fucking bored? Don’t even cum when I fuck you anymore?” Jeno’s hips continuously piston upward, fat bulge shoving the material of your dress up.
“J-Jeno..” pitiful cries break between your muted whimpers. “Please… they’ll hear us..”
“I don’t care. Stupid fucking whore.” Jeno licks up your cheek, leaving a trail of saliva. “You better make sure they don’t. Want me to fuck you baby?”
Your eyes glaze over, panting against the wall. Jeno’s hands shoving your dress up to your waist. He nips along your jaw, nose digging into your cheek. “Want me buried deep in that cunt don’t you? Answer me.”
Your core throbs at his words, desperation and need for Jeno turning you into a useless mess. Eyes shutting nodding slowly, with a soft cry whining out— “ple..please fuck me.”
“That’s what I thought baby.” All you can hear over your parents voices just down the hallway was Jeno’s belt unbuckling. Zipper slowly pulling down, heartbeat racing in your ears from nerves and excitement. If they heard you two…the outcome could not end well. He didn’t seem to give a fuck, heavy cock slapping on your cheeks repeatedly. Deep throaty groans mixing in with his thick meat landing on your ass. Knee’s buckling in against the wall, teeth digging into your lip hard enough to draw blood.
Jeno shoves a thigh between yours, pushing you apart. Your lower back instinctively arching out. Muffling words against your ear about what a good little slut you are, always ready to spread open for him.
“You’re so fucking wet. What kind of slut get’s off like this? Letting your step brother fuck you where anyone can see?” Fingers swipe up and down your slit. Wetness drenching Jeno’s fingers, embarrassing loud squelches passing with every rough circle at your entrance. His fingers drag, flicking your clit meanly. Rubbing only for a short moment, smacking taps against the hardening bud.
“Jen…Jeno…pl-please..” you croak out, burning up in embarrassment. Burning up in arousal, thick fingers languidly dragging in the mess between your legs. Jeno’s cock glides between your thighs, folds spreading over his size. Cock head teasing your clit with delicious friction.
Jeno presses lips against your ear again, tongue swirling inside. Hot mouth engulfing you, massaging around. Lapping wet sounds echoing in your drifted mind. Pulling off with a wet smack against your lobe. “Needy slut.”
At last thrusting in, cock splitting you apart in one go. Hips stilling against your ass, steadying himself as your tight heat hungrily sucks him in. Jeno’s forehead rolls around your upper back, feeling delirious savoring your clenching pussy. Hardness pulsating inside of you dying to be unleashed.
“Needed my cock so badly didn’t you baby?” Jeno’s hot words pant inside your ear. Tone laced with possessive intent. His fingers find your mouth, pulling your lower lip free from your teeth. Sliding over your tongue hanging out like you have no control. Exactly how he likes you, fucked to the point of brain emptiness. No thoughts to obscure your stimulation. The only thing on your mind him, the only thing filling you up Jeno’s cock.
“Fuck..” Jeno heatedly gasps against your ear. Sliding out with a strained expression, biting down a throaty growl. Pulling out to the tip momentarily, sheathing deep inside with a roll forward. A shocked loud squeak bursting from your mouth. Eyes widening as Jeno picks up a pace, relentlessly fucking up into you.
“Did you hear that hun?” Your moms vocals reach your ears. Questioning her husband from the kitchen. Tense worry shooting up your spine, hand slapping at Jeno’s hip. Scratching sharp nails across the dip of muscle commanding to stop before you get caught. Jeno’s hand slaps over your mouth, throwing himself into you mercilessly. Quietly screaming into his palm, cock spearing you over and over.
“Always so good for me aren’t you? Pussy always so good for me.” Jeno mutters against your forehead. Cock ramming into you so hard, balls smacking loudly against your ass with every thrust.
Jeno’s pace never falters, as if he was built to ruin you. Continuing to slam into you with ferocity. Hips pounding against you hard enough to bruise. You were only good for him because he was always so good for you.
Silent hisses squeeze through his teeth from the stinging pain your delivering to his lower half. Nails leaving marks behind, light pink and red lines of blood surfacing over skin. Only turning him on further. His teeth sink into the juncture of your neck viciously, muttering against your skin.
“Be. Fucking. Quiet.” The hand covering your mouth jerks with every intense deep thrust. Cock gliding in too deliciously, reaching the depths of your insides. Jeno such a fast learner, figuring out exactly how to make you go mental. How you loved to put up a fight until he fucked you stupid. Feeling limp in his hold, like the little dumb cocksleeve he always managed to turn you into.
Your mother complains about hearing another loud sound. Head shaking under Jeno’s hold, eyes rolling back too far into your skull to give enough of a shit. Jeno growls snapping forward brutally, every slide of his cock stretching you open too damn good. Muffled screams get lost in his palm. Toes scuffing the floor as orgasm rushes through you all too intensely. Jeno squeezing in his lips, face shoving into your neck.
Faintly your moms voice says “I’m gonna go check.”
Jeno bottoms out with each thrusts in. Features squeezing, fucking through your spasming tight heat. Your body shuddering between his and the wall, the only things keeping you held up. Jeno bites down on the back of your neck with a deep groan. Balls squeezing up, mouth shaking as teeth sink into your skin deeply. Cum exploding past your walls— stored up for too long as far as Jeno’s concerned. Teeth sunken into your neck jerking with every spurt of cum released. Your watery eyes squeezing trying to suppress any sounds behind his hand.
Foot steps make their way in closer. Jeno pulling out swiftly, licking at your damaged skin. Moving your hair back to cover any marks left. Panties around your knees lifted back up, squishing uncomfortably against your wrecked swollen core. Cum spilling into the cotton you’d end up throwing away.
“Good girl.” Jeno pecks your chin, moving you both away from the wall. With fast movements, he opens the front door. Your mother rounding the corner just as Jeno finishes tucking himself back in, zipping up discretely.
“Oh sweetie! You’re back already?” She smiles. Eyes scanning you suspiciously. Taking in your less than neat appearance. “Did you let that Mark boy kiss you already?! On the first date!”
Your head shakes, face ducking into your chest. Jeno locking the front door shut, sneering at your side. Technically you had kissed Mark.. technically.
“I want to hear all about it!” She grips your arm, pulling you into an embrace. “Time for dinner anyway kids! Let’s eat and tell me all about how lovely Mark was.”
You scream to yourself, struggling to walk straight by her side. Jeno’s menacing figure at your back, mocking you. Sticky cum reminding you for the next hour what a whore you are.
“A second date?! You agreed to a second date?! What’s wrong with you?” Jeno’s mad. Face heated, veins along his neck pulsating. Fists rolled up into tight balls at his sides, squeezing down to hold in anger.
“Jeno I couldn’t say no! My mom isn’t exactly aware me and you are a thing you know. She said she’s gonna stop paying for my monthly subscriptions if I’m not nice to this Mark guy!” Both of you scream back and forth at each other with your parents out of the house momentarily. What should have been the perfect opportunity to get dicked down turning into a fight. Your mom mentioning on her way out that you’d need a new outfit to impress Mark on your next date. Rage filling up Jeno’s head the minute he heard the words ‘second date’ enthusiastically dripping from your mothers lips.
“Monthly subscriptions?? A fucking monthly subscription is more important than..” Jeno’s head drops back letting out a deep breath. Fingers stretching, cracking knuckles. Rolling his neck back and forth. “You have to come up with something. You need to cancel. I don’t want you anywhere near him again.”
“I can’t do that. You know I can’t do that. Why are you making this into such a big? Quit acting like you’re my boyfriend, we’re just fucking right?” Responding snarky, arms crossing over your chest leaning against your bedroom wall. Jeno’s eyes connect with you, clouded in hostility.
“Again with this boyfriend shit? What do you want from me?” He steps into your space, neck leaning forward. Eyebrow muscles straining with tension. “If this is just to piss me off cause you’re fucking bored with me then say that. Quit wasting my time.”
“Excuse me?” You exasperate, standing up straight. Shoving weakly at Jeno’s sturdy chest. “Wasting your time? Wasting YOUR time? You’ve had me chasing you around for how long now? and still won’t even admit that you like me.”
Jeno scoffs, folding his flexed biceps across his chest now. Turning away, pacing in front of your bed. “You’re never gonna let this shit go are you?” He stops, glaring at the ceiling mumbling to himself. “This was a mistake. Fucked all my friends and I still wanted you.”
“You need to let it go. You deserved that after everything I’ve put up with from you.. you know what just! Just leave me alone! I don’t want to be around you right now.” Groaning to yourself frustrated. Bored with him?! Wasting his time? How fucking dare he—
Jeno scoops you up, hands wrapping around your thighs. Moving swiftly over to your bed, seating with you in his lap. Apologetic eyes searching for yours, typical.. and you caved every freaking time.
“I didn’t handle this correctly..” Jeno’s fingers sweep along your jaw. Pushing hair away from your face. Face pressing in, whispering words over your lips. Voice low and sweet, using that cute side he rarely shows to get his way. “Almost forgot who I was dealing with here..”
He’s fast with manhandling you, always so fast. Aiding the helpless dizzy state of mind only Jeno knows how to get you to. Who were you to deny that this is how you liked it best. Subconsciously begging to be tormented when you agreed to that second date with Mark. You couldn’t say no anyway, but the idea of Jeno taking out his anger on you again making it all the more enticing.
Bending you over, catching a glint of that jealousy in his eye. A reminder that he’d do anything to have you. He didn’t have to try with you, as if you wore underwear around his presence anymore. Just so they could be ruined like the other night again? Jeno willing to remind you who exactly you belong to at any given moment. Waiting for the day he breaks and fucks you without a care in the world for who could end up finding you.
“You think you can just go around kissing whoever the fuck you want?” Jeno has you bent over on his knees. Slapping a heavy hand down on your bared ass roughly. Stinging pain surging up your back with each land. Delivering another smack with hissed angry words. “Why are you such a whore? Don’t I fuck you enough?”
“Jeno!” Your teeth grind together, suppressing another whimpered shout. Jeno’s rough slaps burning into your skin. Pathetic begging does nothing to stop him. Mind repeating the visual of you letting that guy press up against you in a heated kiss. “J-Jeno…you’re being too mean!”
“Am I?” He squeezes at your scolding ass. Fingers digging in harsh enough for scattered bruising to appear by morning. Jeno pulls your cheeks open, spit slowly dripping from his lips. Watching the drool slide down your ass, between your folds. “Nasty whore.. letting anyone and anything get a taste.”
His fingers rub spit between your folds. Circling your winking entrance. Scoffing out a tsk— “I’m too mean, but you’re so wet just like a dumb slut. My dumb slut. Only mine.”
“No Jeno! I’m not yours!” His hand comes to a halt, fingers slipping away. Tongue jabbing inside the side of his cheek.
“What did you just fucking say?” Delivering another thwack across your ass. Jeno growls, pushing you off on to the bed. Screaming out when you land, skin on your backside hot to the touch.
“All that attitude..” Jeno stands, palm digging into your lower back. Belly sinking lower against the mattress. Mounting the backs of your thighs, other hand working his belt buckle open. Your ears attentive to every sound, leather belt strap passing through loops of his jeans. Folding up the belt with one hand easily. The visual alone enough to send a rush of wetness seeping out of you. Jeno’s deep rasp breaking your thoughts with question— “..just begging to be punished.”
You hear the loud crack before the pain settles in. Belt landing down on your cheeks harshly. Ass shaking, soreness moving up your spine. Head jolting up with shock, stinging surge around your lower half. Jeno whipping you repeatedly with his belt. Hand on your lower back moving off, gripping your hair in a viscous tug up. “Whose are you then? Who else fucking does this to you?”
You cry out in response. Thighs squeezing tightly, core begging for any attention. Feet beating on the edge of your bed. Jeno dropping the belt, hand landing on your ass with a tight grip. Fingers digging into meaty flesh, parting you open. Shoving your head forward, suffocating you against the sheets. Coughing cries spewing out between gasped breaths. Jeno releasing you, finger finding your rim. Circling around the tight twitching hole.
“This is mine.” Spit falls from Jeno’s lips slowly. Finger teasing your backside, smearing shining drool around. “Pretty little hole, waiting to be filled with me. Begs for me only.”
Jeno lifts his hand, fingers dragging around his tongue. Coating the appendages in spit nastily. Other hand pulling out his cock, stroking himself to full hardness. Leaking precum already, eyes focused on your spasming hole. Your pretty sobs and whimpers making it all the more satisfying.
“..but you don’t fucking deserve it.” His cock slaps down heavily between your ass. Back arching forward with another shout out. Jeno alternating pressing wet fingers at your puckered rim with smacks of his cock.
“Jeno..” your neck lifts, sobbing wet eyes meeting his over your shoulder. Evil glare sending another shot of hot nerves throughout you. His eyes stay on you, hands slapping your ass. Gripping your cheeks sharply, spreading you open. Both holes glistening in wetness, crying to be touched. Jeno doesn’t look down, hard cock sweeping up and down. Delicious friction making your eyes flutter, tempting to roll up.
“Messy baby. My pretty messy baby.” Jeno licks over his lips. Lustful gaze stirring up heat deep in you. Hard length grinding over your quivering holes. Fingers painfully dug into your ass. Jeno’s hips speeding up, humping your backside with force. Your bed shakes, headboard hitting the wall. Loud enough for anyone listening to figure out what’s happening in your room. Grateful you were home alone.
Jeno leans forward, hands wrapping around your neck from behind. Wildly fucking you down into the bed. Ass bouncing back against his sharp hip bones. Squeals and moans of pleasure constricting in your throat. Jeno’s fingers pressed down hard on your windpipe. Throbbing fat cock hammering thrusts up and down your slicked up holes repeatedly. His tight abs twitching, nearing release with each firm slam down.
Jeno caves, moans passing from his tightened lips. Blending together with the sound of your bed squeaking. Skin slapping against skin loudly as his speed increases faster. Chasing release, using your body. It’s too much even for you, sweet teasing friction pushing you to the edge. Jeno using you like his little fuck toy whose sole purpose is to get him off feeling too good.
“J-Jeno..” your tongue falls out, gasping for air. Jeno’s deathly squeeze cutting off more of your oxygen. Mind clouding over, lower half convulsing. Cumming around nothing, hole desperately pulsing. Wishing for him to fuck you into overstimulation. Hungry to get stretched around his size again, dreaming of aching with soreness.
Jeno groans out noisily, going crazy watching your eyes rolled back- tongue lawled out. Hips stuttering, lifting up with a shout. Neck dropping, cum shooting out vigorously. Flat stomach sinking in, back arching. Cum landing in copious amounts over your spine and ass. Dripping to your craving hole. He screams out curses, hands releasing you. Wiping at his sweaty face. Falling forward breathing heavily, cum smearing between your bodies.
Jeno pants against your forehead, pecking softly at your damp sweating skin. With a tired sigh, he laps at your cheek. Like a puppy leaving you covered in sorrowful kisses. His tone the opposite, quietly hissing into your ear. “Cancel the date.”
“Three thousand for one month, fucking hell...I’m gonna have to kiss dads ass hard.” Jeno curses under his breath scrolling through an app. Jaemin hovered over his shoulder with curiosity.
“That one looks nice! Hey if you let me crash I’ll split the rent with you?” His eyes wiggle around with excitement. Gripping Jeno’s bicep with a shake.
“Dude no. I’m trying to rent this place so I can fuck without interruptions. So tired of pulling out before I can nut.” Jeno pushes him away. Finger continuously sliding across his phone screen in search.
“Parents home too much huh?” Haechan lays back on the bleachers between Jaemins legs. Glasses shifting on the bridge of his nose as his neck drops. “That’s what happens when you’re fucking your step sister you dirty pervert.”
“You know Jeno, three thousand split four ways isn’t half bad. We all hit it anyway..” Renjun joins in, elbowing Jeno’s knee from where he’s seated next to Haechan.
“You fucking assholes seriously need to stop talking about her like that. She only fucked you shrivel dicks to piss me off.” Jeno shuts his phone off growing too irritated with his friends constant taunts about you.
“Hey man, ignore them” Jaemin pats his shoulder, other arm wrapping around Haechans neck with a squeezing choke. “Want me to kill them for you?”
“Dick!” Haechan croaks out, hands pulling at Jaemins forearm currently holding him in a chokehold.
“Don’t act so innocent Jaem, you fucked her even after Jeno asked you not to.” Renjun pipes in, turning around nodding Jeno’s way.
“It’s not like she’s his girlfriend!” Haechans vocals boom out, wiggling free of Jaemins grip. He rubs at his reddened neck, elbowing the stomach behind his head. “Fucking meathead.”
“She’s... we’re taking things slow” Jeno grits, neck veins pulsing with anger. A round of scoffs even from Jaemins lips responding.
“Slow?! You two fucked on webcam in front of us! How is that slow?” Renjuns mouth drops laughing out in disbelief.
“I guess if you compare that to I don’t know? A pizza delivery guy with his cock inside the box on porn hub sure” Haechan and Renjun share a high five joining together in laughter. Jaemins own face ducked into his shoulder with tight lips.
“That was just for you assholes to know she fucked you to get to me. She’s obsessed with me. I’m the one waking up with that slut sucking my dick everyday.” Jeno smacks both of them in the nape. Hisses and pained neck rubs following.
“Obsessed but isn’t even your girlfriend.... right right. Dude I knew she was using me, I’m not an idiot. I was kinda into it! Think she’s the type to slap me around you know.” Haechan leans over, chin perched on Jeno’s knee. “Come on dude, it’s not like we’ve never shared. We all know jealousy gets your dick all hard.”
“That’s kinda gay bro” Renjun places his chin along Jeno’s other knee, smile stretched out across his face. “But the part about getting slapped around.. I wouldn’t mind feeling used again honestly.”
“Only one that’s gonna be slapping anything is me.” Jaemin adds, chin returning to Jeno’s shoulder. “You too of course man.”
“I’m never gonna let you idiots touch her again.” Jeno stands abruptly, jerking them all away in surprise. Shoulders tight and flexed turning to stomp away.
Jeno questioning to himself if you even deserve any of this anymore. Groaning as he settles in his car, head resting against the steering wheel. Of course you deserve this, he’d give you anything you want- that he could realistically come through with. That was the problem, you were too hard headed to see where he was coming from.
A month alone, just the two of you.. would be magical. Uninterrupted without having to worry about parents, friends. Just the two of you finally able to be yourselves, enjoy each other to the fullest. You both deserved this.
Jeno unlocks his phone scrolling back to the beach villa. Highly aware he still wasn’t fully capable to afford this on his own, but choosing to worry about that later. Even if it meant putting it on credit in the mean time, it’d be worth it. He finalizes the online contract agreeing to all the house owners rules. Hitting the last options before reading that he’s booked the villa.
Excitement passes through him like the engine coming to life in his car. Tapping at the steering wheel overly excited, picturing your face once he surprised you with the news.
“Why are you all dressed up?” Jeno enters your room. Happy smile faltering from his face a little. Eyes taking in the tightly form fitting all too short dress barely covering your body. Phone in hand ready to surprise you with perfect summer plans. “We’re not…we don’t have plans right?”
You let out a sigh, opening up a tube of lip gloss. Eyes shifting back and forth in the mirror. Looking at Jeno’s confused expression, looking at your own worried one.
“No…we….we don’t..” turning to face him, you step in close. Hands wrapping around Jeno’s waist. Bouncing on your feet with fear, hesitation. “Jeno.. promise me you won’t get mad..”
Jeno’s brows lift in question. Stressed forehead muscles showing more concern than he voicing out. “Why would I be mad?”
“..I have another date..with Mark..” you start, Jeno immediately shoving you off of his body. Taking steps back, face coated in disgusts.
“You’re joking. You have to be fucking joking.” His worry instantly turning to anger. Fists rolling tight at his sides. “I told you to cancel.”
“and I told you I can’t do that!” You hiss out, parents just downstairs.
Jeno’s phone burns in his pocket, anger racing throughout his system. Remembering the fine print in the contract- no refunds. His hands lift up, growling pissed off. Smacking the sides of his head.
“I’m so fucking stupid for trusting you.” His eyes squeeze shut, fuming all over.
“Jeno it’s not a big deal! I don’t even like him!” You huff, trying to pull his hands away. Worried he’ll hurt himself. Jeno rips away from you shaking his head.
“What about my friends? Did you even like them?!” The question leaves you silent. Lips parting ready to argue and defend yourself. Jeno’s hurtful glare sending pinches throughout your chest. Ugly sickness coiling in your gut. The fun of it all diminishing quickly.
“I like you.” Your face drops, guilt drenching over you. Awkwardly rubbing your arm, a different type of humiliation sinking into you.
Jeno scoffs, opening your door to leave. “No. You really don’t.”
“The deposit for the beach villas non-refundable. Fuck, I’m an idiot. I was starting to trust her..” Jeno’s head drops, ripping at chunks of hair frustrated.
“That’s no problem dude. We’ll help you pay the rest. An entire month at the beach? You’ll be so deep in ass, won’t even remember what she looks like anymore.” Jeno’s three best friends nod, patting his back with reassurance.
“What’d she do anyway?” Haechan returns his focus to the tv screen. Fingers jabbing at the controller in his hands, thumbs shifting left and right. Jeno groans, head falling back on the couch. Haechan sitting on the floor between his legs. All of them gathered in Jaemin’s basement playing, Renjun and Haechan currently attempting to kill each other in Mortal Kombat. 
Jeno drove over here after abandoning you, probably on your date anyway. Yelling at himself while angry sad music blasted from his car speakers on the way over. Repeating over how could he be so stupid, how could he think anything good could come out of this thing you two had going. His own fault for thinking his childhood.. crush, obsession, whatever it was, meant anything.
“You guys remember Mark right?” Jeno sighs, can’t get the image of you and Mark kissing out of his head. Fists ripping a hole into the punching bag at the gym last night just thinking about it.
“Oh dude yea, he’s back huh? I ran into him the other day, he was rushing though. Picking up flowers for a date or some shit.” Haechan responds, head nudging Jeno’s knees. Screaming at Renjun for cheating as the tv speakers yell out a menacing “FINISH HIM!”
“You’re fucking dead!” Renjun laughs out. Blocking the pillow Haechan starts hitting him with. “Sore loser.”
“What about Mark?” Jaemin asks, leaning into Jeno’s side on the couch.
“Yea well…..she was his date. She’s actually on a date with him right now.”
Three wide eyes look at Jeno, jaws flying open with a simultaneous round of “WHAT?!”.
Jeno runs a hand through his hair. Headache starting after hours of overthinking. Hates how he can’t stop thinking about you. Hates thinking about any of this shit at all. “Her mom set them up. Marks dads some CEO, I don’t know some bullshit deal my dads trying to lock at work. Something stupid. Dating’s bad enough as it is, but she kissed him.” 
“Aw man.. I guess you should have assumed..” Jaemin rubs his neck, contemplating the situation. Always Jeno’s more logical-reasonable comrade. “She.. wasn’t ever really innocent.”
“You can take the hoe off the streets, but can’t take the street out of the hoe.” Haechan shrugs.
“Can’t make a hoe a housewife I believe is the saying.” Renjun adds in, chin nodding.
“We know you liked her bu-..” Jaemin begins, Jeno glaring at him before interrupting.
“I don’t fucking like her! We just fuck cause.. convenience.”
The three friends share a knowing look, mouths opening and shutting. Haechan letting out a low whistle, turning to face Jeno.
“You’re right dude. Pussy is pussy though. We’re gonna be at the beach next week, she won’t even exists to you anymore. Bikinis? Tan lines? Wet titties? You’re gonna be neck deep in pussy. All of us will be!” Haechan cheers, high fiving Jaemin.
“It’ll be our fun party boys summer finally. Our coming of age moment or some shit.” Renjun nods, adding to Haechan’s speech.
“Think I came of age Freshman year when I was getting my first hand job in the janitor’s closet.” Jaemin throws in.
“I was there. Unfortunately. In her other hand.” Renjun grimaces. “Wonder whatever happened to that girl…made us both cum..”
Jeno groans, growing irritated with their banter. “Whatever, you guys have money right?” 
His friends all answer yes in response, whipping out their phones to send payment directly to Jeno’s bank account.
“Fun party boy summer! Fuck yea!” 
It was in fact- not the fun party boy summer. It was the fun party boys and sulky moody emo Jeno. Scaring off more girls with his miserable state of mind than anything. Sleeping in hours upon days. Snapping at his friends efforts to cheer him up. Refusing to hook up with any of the girls they picked up after beach activities. More depressing than anything, like a black cloud raining on the fun party boy parade.
“We should have a party.” Jaemin floats around the backyard pool. Haechan and Renjun sitting to the side with their feet dipped in.
“We’ve been having parties.” Renjun groans, nursing a hangover with an ice pack on his forehead.
“No I mean like…” Jaemin sighs. “I hate seeing Jeno like this. He’s gonna regret it, you know he is.. we should get his fucking step sister out here. He can say he doesn’t like her but.. what the fuck dude!” His head shakes, droplets pouring off wet hair. Stating the obvious, the unspoken. Whether they discuss it or not, all aware of what’s really happening here.
“He’s totally gonna regret it. What are we supposed to do though? I don’t talk to her..” Renjun interjects. Sitting up on his elbows, sunglasses sliding down the bridge of his nose.
“Wait a minute..” Haechan sits up next to him, toes wiggling around in the water. Unlocking his phone. “I still have her added! I’ll tell her to come over.. wait no. What if she won’t cause of Jeno?”
“That’s a good point..” Wheels in Jaemin’s head spin, trying to concoct a plan. Wet fingers snapping, hand splashing into the water. “Mark! Invite Mark! Tell him to bring a date!”
“Is that.. really a good idea?” Renjun’s brow lifts. Imagining the terrible scenarios that could ensue if both you and Mark show up together.
“What else are we gonna do? Look once they show up, we’ll separate them. Distract Mark and Jeno can go get his dick wet. Get him to stop acting like a fucking brat. It’s too much dude! He blew up on my hook up last night for using the bathroom! She left before I even got it in!” Jaemin growls in frustration. He loves Jeno he does, but the lack of maturity was becoming exhausting. Ruining his summer fun, all of theirs.
“Might as well right?” Haechan pulls up Mark’s account while Jaemin’s talking, sending him a direct message. “Mark said he’d love to come over by the way.”
“I really don’t think this is a good idea..” Renjun voices. Lips pouting together in concern.
“What could go wrong?”
“Why do we ever fucking listen to you Haechan!” Jaemin hisses, finger jabbing at the other man. Not one to typically lose his cool, currently beyond stressed out after Jeno blew up at them. “What could go wrong? What could go wrong! What could go fucking wrong! Ugh!”
Haechan scoffs, drying off his hair with a towel. Unsuccessful in dodging Jeno’s brutal toss into the pool. Landing like a huge canon ball, splashing water on half of the party attendees. No complaints since it was starting to look like a girls gone wild compilation. “Dude! It’s not my fault Jeno’s such an asshole.”
“I literally said this wouldn’t be a good idea. You guys never listen to me! We have to stop giving in to Haechan.” Renjun implores, adding another finger poking into Haechan’s damp stomach. Yea, that wasn’t going to happen.
Haechan rolls his eyes, averting his attention to where you’re bent over. Ass grinding up against Mark behind you, looking like he’s having the time of his life. Not that you’re aware or probably care at all. Your gaze stuck on Jeno across the deck. Pacing back and forth by the pool. Shushing every girl approaching him, even throwing out “fuck off” with the all too persistent ones.
“She’s such a whore” Haechan laughs, impressed really. “We have to get Mark out of here or something man. Jeno looks like he’s about to pop a vessel. He’s exhausting, deciding to have feelings all of a sudden!”
“Definitely- if we keep letting this happen. I’m his emergency contact in case we need to call 911.. but if he kills Mark before his neck bursts- I can’t help him.” Jaemin shrugs. Attempting to make light of the situation, eyes shifting around nervously none the less. Completely understands why Jeno would be pissed, maybe not this angry- since he “doesn’t like you” and all.
“They’re both crazy, it’s.. romantic in some low budget coming of age teen film type of way. Ours was shooting our loads together in a smelly janitors closet. Jeno’s.. is fucking his step sister.” Renjun grimaces, head tilting side to side. Watching you and Mark bump uglies awkwardly around groups of girls in bikinis. Awkward because no one else is dancing.. just you two. “Maybe that’s all of our coming of age story… we all.. fucked her. God, how are we still alive?”
“Dude you’re so weird.” Haechan’s face turns serious, slowly blinking at Renjun. Eyes shutting letting out a tired huff. He grips Jaemin’s shoulders, pulling them back in a stretch. “Listen, you’re his best butt buddy..”
“Fuck you.” Jaemin shoves him off. Haechan’s smile reappearing.
“Buy me dinner first. I’m not as easy as Jeno’s step sister.” Corners of his mouth lift pleased, lowly muttering to Jaemin. “Go distract Mark somehow. We’ll work on her once you separate them.”
“Why do I have to go with you?” Renjun questions Haechan, losing trust in him by the minute.
“It’s funnier this way.” Haechan drags Renjun away, fingers snapping Jaemin’s direction. “Get to work!”
Jaemin groans, cursing Haechan in his mind. Imagining hands around his neck choking him until he passes out. Enjoying the idea too much with a smile on his face, feet leading him to Jeno.
“What the fuck are you smiling about?” Jeno snarls. Shoulders all rounded and flexing, appearing more intimidating than usual. Eyes squinted in a furious glare, only sparing Jaemin a glance for a second before returning to you. “Can’t fucking believe you idiots invited her. Of course she came with Mark, anything to piss me off.”
“Technically..” Jaemin ponders before finishing his sentence. “Haechan invited Mark… and well.. we didn’t uh, anticipate a guest..”
Jeno’s hand shoots up, halting in Jaemin’s face. “Enough. Go tell her she needs to leave. Mark too, I can’t pretend right now.”
Jaemin’s mouth falls open with displeasure. Half a mind to tell Jeno off.. but knows better than to poke at a lion hunting it’s prey. Thinking fast yet again, his fingers snap with an idea.
“I’m gonna fix this Jeno.” He searches for a cooler, scooping up a can of beer. Crisp bubbling sound ticking with a pull on the tab. Stumbling his way over to you and Mark.
Marks eyes trained on your ass, yours practically reflecting Jeno’s image. Jaemin anxiously taking a sip hoping this works.
“Ah, Mark Leeeeeeeee” he falls forward, arm hanging off of Mark’s neck. He drawls out with a big dumb smile- “I’m sooo fucking drunk Mark Leeeeee.”
“Woah there buddy” Marks eyes widen, arms wrapping around Jaemin’s waist. Helping him stand up straight. “Maybe it’s time to lay off the drinks.”
“Ahhh, I really need to. Jeno’s all mad cause we ran out of his favorite white claw flavors.” He tosses a nod at Jeno’s seething form. Mark awe struck his friend could get so angry over something so minuscule. “I need to drive to the store and get him some moreee.”
“Dude no way! You can’t drive like this!” Mark looks at you, arms crossed over your chest staring Jeno down. “I’ll go.. I haven’t drank since I drove. You wanna come with?” He asks you. Jaemin stealing glances your way praying you say no.
“Uhm. No thanks.” Score, of course your bratty ass played right into the palm of his hand. Lower lip sucking in to hide the triumphant smile wanting to show itself.
“Alright, I’ll be right back!” Mark leans forward for a kiss. Quickly turning, lips landing against your ear squishily.
“Sure whatever” wiping at your ear as discretely. Jaemin catching it out of the corner of his eye, thanking Mark as he mumbles about how cute you are playing hard to get. He slumps over, watching him exit out through the backyard entrance, spinning toward you in one quick motion.
“You.” Jaemin’s fingers snap, gripping your elbow. He drags you along, crossing the deck. “Tired of you and Jeno’s bullshit.”
“What the fuck, let me go!” You screech out, scratching nails down Jaemin’s arm. His lips pouting out with a sarcastic hiss.
“Don’t think I’ve forgotten you like to mark up and claw.” He finishes with a wink, your mouth parting open. Stopping abruptly in front of Jeno.
“Jaemin. What. The. Fuck.” Jeno grits, refusing to look at you now. As if his eyes haven’t been on you since arriving over an hour ago.
“Marks gone dude!” Jaemin shoves you into Jeno. Hands lifting up landing against his chest. Palms covering Jeno’s pecs. One of your brows lifting suggestively.
He growls, gripping you wrists- removing your touch. Skin burning hot where you’d just been. “Don’t fucking touch me. Those hands belong to Mark now.”
Stumbling back, landing against Jaemin’s chest. He steadies you with hands on your waist. Tingles bursting inside, maybe from Jeno.. definitely from Jeno..
“Jeno.” Your eyes roll back far enough to remind Jeno of the last time he saw you like that. Hand twitching at his side with temptation to bend you over and slap your ass violently for all to see.
“Why are you even here? When are you going to stop?” Jeno’s gaze hides something pained. Like a wounded puppy in fear, putting up a front to protect itself. Doing something to your heart, choosing to shove whatever that is aside and continue ignoring it.
“When am I going to stop?! When are you going to stop! You know I had no choice. Mark’s not my boyfriend…” hesitating for a moment. Prideful conscience getting the best of you. “..and neither are you.”
Jeno’s lip curls up, baring teeth. Chest protruding forward in a symbol of dominance. Silently telling you whose really in control here. Head tilted down, eyes louder than words, tearing you apart.
“You know how many girls here would beg for me to even look at them? What haven’t I fucking given you? What the fuck else do you want from me?” Jeno scolds. Hand instinctively gripping your chin. Thumb swiping across soft skin momentarily. Triggering memories Jeno would rather forget. Jaemin’s brows furrow standing at your sides, wondering if it’s time to make his exit.
“I want you. I want all of you.” Your eyes fall shut, embarrassed to admit it out loud. The last three weeks without Jeno around driving you to a breaking point. Finding yourself crying into his pillow one too many nights. Why did you have to accept a reality you knew could be avoidable if you both just tried.
“That’s too bad.” Jeno shoves your face away roughly. Jaw clenching and twitching where his cheeks sink in. “I don’t want a lying whore.”
He turns away, back muscles taunting you. Fervor taking over, Jaemin’s mouth dropping. You barreling forward, throwing your body weight into Jeno. Catapulting him flying into the pool.
“Fuck you Jeno!”
“They’re both really immature.” Renjun tsks. Watching Jeno towel off. An audience full of scantily clad women surrounding him. Not really giving them the attention they deserve, but clearly enjoying the praise. Knowing it’s driving you crazy, probably stirring ideas in your head of what he’s been up to the last few weeks. If only any of them were true.
“Why’s he always gotta be such a dick? What does he want? He won’t fuck any of the girls we bring back. Now he’s pissed we got his sister here..” Haechan scoffs. Hands busy behind the little bar set up by the pool mixing a drink. Renjun sighs, leaning in on his elbow.
“Step sister, when you just say sister it’s kind of weird. After what we all had to watch..” he rubs his sweaty nape with a smirk. Other hand snapping at Haechan for a beer.
“Don’t act like you didn’t like it. You came faster than all of us.” Haechan lets out an appeased laugh. Pouring golden bubbly liquid into a red cup. Under his breath, he whispers quietly “wonder why.”
“Fuck you dude, talk about Jeno being a dick.” Renjun snatches the cup out of Haechan’s hands, sniffing the contents cautiously. All too familiar with his stupid pranks by now.
“Renjun.. hear me out.. if he’s not gonna fuck her..” Haechan’s brows lift suggestively. Eyes darting back and forth between where you stand. Tension evident in your body language as irritation overcomes you the longer Jeno ignores your presence. “Been awhile since me and you shared right?..”
“Haechan, he almost killed us once already. You really want to risk that chance again for some pussy?” Renjun leans back, contemplation passing his eyes none the less.
“You know it wasn’t just some pussy. Love me a good freaky bitch.” Haechan’s grin grows. Sipping alcohol through a straw, having started early today. Slight buzz reaching his head already. Maybe with a clearer state of mind he wouldn’t dare test Jeno again- yea right.
“We’ve been 6 feet deep in ass since we got here. You just love to piss him off dude.” Renjun stands up from the bar stool, hands smoothing down his t-shirt. “I’m not completely opposed to the idea though..”
“You act like Jeno doesn’t deserve it. Look at him seething away over there like some big baby. He needs to learn his lesson already, just cause he’s hot and has chiseled abs doesn’t mean he should always get what he wants.” Haechan says shooting a lazy glare Jeno’s way.
“You have to stop watching those enemies to lovers movies. You’re one more hour of Jeno walking around shirtless away from proclaiming your undying love.” Renjun responds with a disgusted tone. Tossing back the rest of his drink. Combination of summer heat and alcohol causing sweat to pool in the crevices of his body.
“Whatever..” Haechan laughs to himself, finishing the rest of his drink off. With a spin, he grabs two cans of beer making his way out from behind the bar. “You in or what?”
Renjun sports a hesitant smile, eyes bouncing between you and Jeno. He should know better by now than to let Haechan talk him into these messes. Against his moral judgment, he nods, smile spreading wider into his cheeks. “If we get caught, I’m blaming it all on you.”
“We’re not gonna get caught. Jeno’s too busy pretending she doesn’t exists.” With a roll of his shoulders, and an elbow nudged into Renjun’s side they make their way over to you. “Act cool. Don’t make it obvious.”
Renjun scoffs, stepping ahead of Haechan. If anyone knew how to be inconspicuous out of the four of them, it’s him.
“Why are you standing here all alone? Are we not friends now?” He steps into your space under the roofs ledge where you’re trying to catch shade. Pulling a can of beer from Haechan’s clutches, earning a scoff. “We got that sugar free kind, girly spritzer stuff? You thirsty?”
“First off- ew, we are not friends. Second off- why would you idiots invite me to this party?” You spit out, snatching the can from his hands. Haechan’s expression turning amused over Renjun’s shoulder muttering- “Should have let me handle this one.”
“God she’s just like Jeno..” Renjun tucks his chin into his shoulder whispering to Haechan. Face turning back to you quickly with a kind smile. “Let’s be friend then? You’re here right? We all know each other well.”
“You know fucking doesn’t equate to friendship right?” Your tone laced in annoyance. Hand swatting at mosquitos circling around you. Haechan’s eyes light up, the bulb in his mind sparking to life.
“Bug spray!” He shouts out, a little too enthusiastically. “We have bug spray inside.. come on let’s get you some before you turn into a mosquito feast.”
Renjun looks at him with confusion. Haechan motioning for you both to step inside the house. Majority of the party goers outside by the pool- a pool party after all. He throws Renjun a look indicating ‘I got this’, glancing over his shoulder to make sure Jeno doesn’t spot the three of you. You make your way inside, Haechan placing a hand on your lower back.
“Still can’t believe Jeno ruined your summer plans over something so petty..” Haechan mumbles, throwing another knowing look at Renjun behind your back. You take in the gorgeous beach house, anger building up inside of you the more you think about it. Unable to stop yourself from picturing all the surfaces Jeno could have been fucking you into mindlessness on.
“He’s so immature.” You sigh, slumping against Haechan’s hand. Renjun nods in return, wrapping himself around your arm.
“You have no idea. He’s just lucky we all agreed to help him pay this off.” Renjun bites back his smile. Leading you down the hall toward their bedrooms.
“I know you guys are like besties, but Jeno’s just..” your hands shoot up, groaning in frustration. “Why would he even bother to rent this place out for us. It’s like like I wanted to go out with that Mark guy!”
“Oh I know..” Haechan pauses, turning you to face him. “He told us all about it.” He tsks, head shaking.
“He can be such an asshole right?” Renjun strokes your arm up and down, free hand brushing hair off your shoulder. You slump into his pets, soft warm hands sweeping up and down your bare skin.
“You need to get back at him, give him a taste of his own medicine.” Haechan’s tone deepens. Hands finding their way to your hips. “Let us help you.”
“Help me?” Your eyes widen, Haechan’s lust filled gaze pulling you in. This can’t happen again, or can it..
“Jeno abandoned you for weeks to come fuck around out here with us. He doesn’t deserve anything from you.” Renjun leans into your ear with a hushed tone. Fingers finding the tie on your bikini bottom, toying with the strings.
“I think it’s only the right thing to do..” Haechan slides a hand down your fluttering bare stomach. Fingers reaching for strings on the other side of you. His mouth falls open comically, pulling the tied knot free.
“Wait..” you look around the hallway with slight panic. Thighs squeezing together, clenching the fabric of your bottoms between you. “Here? Isn’t this..”
“What? You’re shy all of a sudden?” Renjun bites your earlobe, tugging free the other knot. Bikini bottoms betraying you as they fall to your feet. Eyes drifting down, toes kicking the cloth aside. Stomach heating up, fiery heat coiling around inside of you.
“I’m not.. I just.. what if he..” Swallowing, head tilting as Renjun’s tongue slides down your neck. Soft lips leaving hot pecks on your burning skin.
“What if he what?” Haechan clasps your chin, eyes blazing with intent. “Jeno deserves this..” fingers drag down your neck, between your chest. Lips pulling back, sucking air through teeth. “You deserve this.”
A whimper passes between your lips, legs trembling holding you up. Haechan’s head tilted down, hand slowly stroking between your abdomen. Eyes look up, half lidded and menacing. Fingers sliding in-between your squeezed thighs, tapping at your clit.
“Don’t you?” The questions dangerous, almost threatening. Biting down on your lip as Renjun’s teeth dig into your neck, humming in agreement. His fingers running along the dip in your back. Giving in you nod rapidly, cocky smirk on Haechan’s lips spreading.
“That’s right. Nasty little whores like you love getting fucked where anyone can watch.” Haechan’s grin grows. Fingers gliding between your folds. “As expected, dripping wet.”
“Let me” Renjun steps in front of you, lips pouted with a sheen of spit. Lust hazy filled eyes racking across your body. He swiftly falls to his knees, arms wrapping around your thighs.
“I got you” Haechan steps behind you, arms wrapping around your waist. “He loves to eat.”
Renjun’s face dips down, nose shoving between your shaking thighs. One of Haechan’s hands squeezes your hip, landing a smack loud enough to echo against the walls.
“Stop acting shy, that pussy’s hotter than my ps4” lips drag across your nape. Teeth skimming down skin, tongue lapping at your shoulder. Hips jolting forward Renjun’s nose pressing against the hood of your clit.
Sandwiched between their bodies has your temperature rising quickly. Haechan pressing flat against your backside. Licking the top of your back, tongue languidly dragging up and down your spine. Renjun pulls your thigh forward onto his shoulder, you tense up reluctant to relax your body weight against him.
Haechan slaps your hip again, firm hand landing on your ass after. “Stop acting innocent, where’s that whore that begged for cock in front of all of us huh?” He hisses against your ear, hips thrusting forward against your lower half with emphasis.
Pathetic whimpers fall from your lips, body slumping as you release control giving in. Renjun’s eyes shine bright below you, cheeks bunched up with eagerness. His jaw stretching open, mouth enveloping you mound. Hot tongue forcing between your wet folds. Loud sounds of wetness burning at the tips of your ears.
“That’s more like it, dirty slut” Haechan lets out a laugh, teeth digging into the crevice of your neck. “You gonna let me fuck this ass?” Fingers reach between you, tips circling your clenching up hole. Gasping in surprise, instinctively rolling forward against Renjun’s mouth.
“Fuck..” your eyes squeeze shut, biting down a moan. Tongue finding it’s way to your entrance, moans shivering up your core.
“Ride his tongue baby, he loves that shit” Haechan slaps your ass again. Finger prodding at your backside. Mouth marking up your neck with endless licks, sucking and biting over every expanse of flesh. Haechan thrusts forward, Renjun’s tongue gliding inside with a firm wiggle. He doesn’t stop thrusting, finger running up and down between your cheeks. Face growing hotter as you speed up, neck dropping back against Haechan’s shoulder.
“Feel good? Come on, tell him how it feels.” He hisses meanly into the back of your ear, teeth nibbling.
“Yes! Oh fuck, yes yes” eyes dropping open, the ceiling spinning above succumbing to the pleasure. Renjun knows what he’s doing, hands squeezing around your thighs. Tongue relentlessly working away inside of you. The combination from Haechan’s torment and Renjun’s stimulation too much. Haechans fingers not giving your ass a break, hole fluttering against him with each pass.
“Dirty slut..” he mutters, reaching around you. Hand sliding down your stomach. Your eyes follow the motions, head dropping forward. Eyes locked on Renjun’s squinted crazed look. Practically fucking down on his mouth. His head moving up and down with each thrust of his tongue inside.
“I’m..o-oh..oh fuck…stop stop!” You squeal out. Still too aware of your surroundings trying to control your vocals. Haechan smirks behind you, hand swiping down. Thumb pressing at your clit.
“Gonna cum?” He presses down on your clit. Roughly circling it, working you from both ends. Your head shakes, waist curling forward in his hold.
“No! I’m… I’m gonna..oh f-fuckk” your face contorting tightly. You grind down on Renjun’s tongue, legs shaking around him. Body jumping forward, squirting out past his tongue. He groans beneath you, eyes falling shut in ecstasy. Continuing to work away, licking all over your drenched folds. Heavy sounds of slurping mixing in with your panted drawn out moans.
Foot steps sound around as they reach closer, stepping into the hallway. Bottoms of feet pattering down on the wooden floor approaching. Moans and a tongue swirling in your ear much louder. Distracting you from hearing any warning. A displeased huff of shock paired with a deep voice breaking your thoughts— “Are you two fucking serious right now?”
Haechan let’s out a cocky laugh, shoving wet fingers inside your mouth. Tongue eagerly licking at the taste of yourself. “Yea we’re fucking serious man. Dude you’re supposed to be distracting Jeno. Go away.”
“Fuck you Haechan.” Jaemin walks further in. Renjun standing up straight, using the back of his hand to clean his mouth. Chin dripping with your squirt, shirt looking like he got caught in a water gun battle.
“Already told you, dinner first.. but since you’re here..” Haechan shoots Jaemin a wink. Tongue lapping over your heated face with his shit eating smirk.
“When you said work on her, I didn’t know you meant fuck her!” Jaemin snaps. Your thighs clenching shut around Haechan’s returning hand. Jaemin too close now, overwhelming emotions running rampant surrounded by all three of them. Eyes unable to not linger over his broad defined chest. Trimmed waist taunting you, abs leading down to his swim trunks. Hiding something you’ll never be able to forget.
“Oh.. I think she likes you Jaemin..” he taunts, thumbing your sensitive clit. Wetly whispering  against your ear - “Little whore loves getting stretched out by a fat cock huh? Bet you love aching in pain the next day. Limping around, getting turned on every time you try to sit, hissing in pain.”
Fuck, he read you like a book. Pitiful moans slipping from your lips. Renjun licking at your other ear, fingers maneuvering around Haechan’s hand. Playing along your slit, coating in slick pouring from your entrance. Successions of whined moans drawing out as they both stimulate you. Haechan’s movements hard, abusing your clit. Renjun soft, treating your hole with the utmost tenderness. Asking for permission to be let in with his ministrations. Allowing your body to open up for his fingers before gliding in. Whatever you’d been upset about long drifted out of your mind by now.
“Is that what you like?” Renjun encourages you to speak up, nose nudging your chin. Fingers making way inside you. Scissoring apart open easily, wet walls expanding around him. Needy whimpers betraying your cool and careless facade. Succumbing completely to their touches and words. Jeno’s right— you really are a whore.
Jaemin adjusts his growing size, swim trunk fabric turning uncomfortable the longer he stands there watching. Why was he standing there just watching after all? It’s not like Jeno hadn’t been a dick the last few weeks. Even ruining his chance at getting ass last night. Blaming that for why he was chubbing up so fast. Watching you transform into some horny slut, thirsting to be impaled on cock. Curiously wondering if it even mattered to you whose cock it was. Didn’t seem to make a difference with the way you raced through each of them like nothing.
Haechan stares him down, watching Jaemin consider his options. What if Jeno finds out? But what if he doesn’t find out? How did they end up in this situation again? Only all at once- wait three dicks..three holes.. Haechan’s eyes roll, as if he can hear Jaemin’s thoughts. Calculations exciting him when the idea sparks that one of those holes is in your ass. Always the silent worrying type, trying to resolve a logical conclusion. Logic- don’t fuck her, go tell Jeno and let him deal with this. High chance of blood shed and ambulances in that scenario though. Less logical- oh my god I’m gonna fuck her in the ass.
His fingers lift, snapping noisily by your head. Waving in the direction down the hall. “My room, none of this hallway easy to get caught shit. Thought you two had more brain power than this. Well.. Renjun at least.”
“Hey, who do you think master minded all of this?” Haechan scoffs. Hand slapping down on your exposed ass. “You heard him, bedroom.”
You turn, hazily stepping forward. A large hand landing on your shoulder, sending waves of shock down your back. Jaemin brushes up against you, domineeringly whispering in your ear- “did I tell you to walk?”
With a rough shove down, your knees hit the floor. Looking over your shoulder, sat on all fours. The three of them standing above you shooting tingles up your core. Hooded eyes gazing at you with excitement, intrigue, disdain. All things that made you quiver, knee’s buckling against the floor. Jaemin crouches down, dark subtle smirk taking over his features.
“Crawl, like a good little bitch.”
Tears rush to the backs of your eyes, heated humiliation burning you up. Languidly dragging your palms and knees ahead. Satisfied sighs and grunts behind you, watching your ass spread open. Jaemin’s hands rubbing together imagining how soon he’ll be deep in you. Ready to give you something to whine and cry about. The room at the end of the hall seeming further and further away. Knees aching against hard wood. Sucking it up, because you are a good little bitch. With a tear dripping off your chin passing the threshold, you finally make it to his room.
A simple boy room, lingering scent of fresh laundry flooding your sense as you crawl inside. One too many speakers set up on the nightstand. A mint hoodie strewn over a chair in the corner. Curtains mostly shut, letting in only a few streaks of light across the bed. A bed for sure big enough for all four of you, and some.
You tumble forward, squealing out when Jaemin’s hand comes down hurdling across your ass. Skin aflame, prickling heat burning across your backside. Haechan was bad enough already, cunt convulsing between your legs remembering how much worse Jaemin was going to be.
“Ah, you’re no better than Jeno. Always too mean.” Renjun sinks down by your feet. Hand caressing your heated cheeks with a tender massage, pulling you spread apart. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a girl get this wet before. Fuck.”
“Never did like sharing with Jeno. Always had to turn everything into a competition.” Jaemin drawls out, tugging open his drawstrings. Haechan settles on the floor, tracing over your spine.
“Don’t pull that monster out yet. Let us have fun first. You’re gonna tire her out.” Haechan tells Jaemin, tapping his hands away from removing his bottoms.
Jaemin scoffs, shutting the door to his room. Conveniently enough, no locks on the doors in this house. He strides over to the bed, sitting on the ledge. “Only if you get that ass stretched and ready for me.”
Renjun makes a face at Haechan, hands holding you open. Eyes on your rim, something he too often thinks about while getting off. Shaking his head, he lets you go, dragging light scratches over the backs of your thighs. He leans into Haechan, whispering— “I can’t do it. Probably tastes like Jeno.”
You scoff below them, catching his words. Haechan shushing you with a squeeze to your ass.
“Don’t worry pretty. I love eating ass.” Haechan grips your inner thigh. Sweltering hand burning your skin. Arousal has him tenting hard, damp board shorts stretched over his cock. He manhandles you onto your back, fingers tracing up your stomach. Slowly blinking down at you, running his hand back and forth. Small touches spinning wheels in your gut, abdomen twitching under every touch. Haechan’s dick jumping between his legs. Loves feeling you loosen under his attention.
Renjun sits to your other side, hands squeezing the sensitive fat on your inner thighs. Sharing a look with Haechan, both of them grabbing onto your knees- holding you open.
“Fuck” Renjun pants against your calve held on his shoulder. Gaze burning down between you. Haechan’s lips covered in drool watching your hole. Both of them wide eyed and attractive above you. Faces nearly angelic if not for whatever depraved thing they were preparing to do to you. The contrast between them has you instinctively clenching. Wetness seeping down your ass with a lewd sound. Both of them groaning, Renjun’s teeth sinking into your leg muffling his. Your arms lift, blocking your vision as more tears make way to your eyes. Jaemin’s loud sound of disapproval following, moving off the bed to his knees. Sat behind your head, pulling away your limbs apart. Wet eyes uncovered, pleading looking at him upside down. His smile isn’t nice, eyes sharing true intention. Shifting your head off the floor to his lap.
“Don’t cover your eyes. Good puppies pay attention.” He spits out. Vindictive malice in that tone, coated in fake sugary sweet. All of it was too much. Each of them with a hold on your body. Jaemin’s fingers loosening the knot behind your neck. Breasts falling out freely as your bathing suit top is tossed aside.
“Fuck, you’re right. She’s so fucking wet.” Haechan salivates, fingers dragging down your thigh. Fingertips brushing the skin of your mound. Jaemin’s hands covering your breasts, squeezing them together. Low throaty groan rumbling behind you.
“Look how pretty you are spread open like that puppy. Such an obedient bitch.” He mumbles, hard length digging into the back of your head. Faded memories of thick girth making your hips spasm. Haechan taking this as an invite, fingers sliding down your slit inside your entrance. Another spasm lifting your ass off the ground. Renjun’s teeth digging deeper into your calve.
“Don’t move.” He mutters against your leg. “or we’ll fuck your little hole until you beg for us to stop.”
“Already did that” Jaemins lifts a hand, smacking your cheek. “Remember puppy? Fucked you into submission like a good cock sleeve.”
Before you can even react, Haechan dips forward. Deeply inhaling your tantalizing scent.  He’s so shameless, eyes rolling up in ecstasy. Your breath hitching, chest rising and falling with need. As if you hadn’t just cum all over Renjun’s tongue. Haechan’s messy- wrinkled clothes, unkempt hair, rolled out of bed chić. No different in his sex life, fingers sloppily thrusting inside you. Walls hungrily sucking him in, urge to reach your pinnacle returning. It’s a wonder Jeno never complains about how insatiable you are. Begging to get fucked at any opportunity.
His eyes turn up to you, half lidded. Lips pouting out, uttering words before wrapping around your clit.— “Such a pretty pussy. Everything about you pretty.”
Your neck releases, eyes squeezing shut in a scream. Fingers speeding up, wetness spattering out around his hand. Tongue rolling around your little erected bud, breathlessly panting. Haechan appearing deranged sucking on your clit. Visible tongue wiggling rapidly, darting back and forth like a pro. Busting out tricks, waving it around. Lips kissing your swelling clit with a grin. An absolute menace. 
Renjuns nails sink into your thigh, hips jerking up against you. Rubbing his tented shorts against your leg held up. The stretch becoming uncomfortable, too lost in the overwhelming pleasure to realize how sore you already feel. Only able to reason feeling like a fuck toy. Willing to be used and degraded any way they wish for. All you can do is mewl, weak attempts to ride Haechan’s fingers failing. Renjun shoving you down with a hand on your stomach. Snapping at you to stop moving. 
“Can’t fucking take this..” Jaemin blurts behind you to himself. Thick heavy cock landing near your cheek. Eyes widening, glancing up. Jaemin winking, hand cupping your jaw. Other hand slapping his massive length against your cheek. “Make that mouth useful for something other than crying.”
Fingers sink into your cheek, turning you to the side. Jaemin’s fat cockhead hitting your tongue, precum oozing out. Renjun’s mouth finding your nipples, pressing your thigh up against your chest. He sucks aggressively, buds swelling up under the roof of his mouth. Haechan shoving your thigh further open, adjusting himself right between your widened thighs. Slurping sounds from his mouth, from your mouth attempting to get an inch past Jaemin’s cock head. Lips cracking in a familiar way, your mind yelling at you to do better. You did it before, you could do it again.
“Come all over my face.” Haechan commands, slapping the back of your thigh. Tongue squeezing inside of you past his fingers. Renjun locking eyes with you, dragging two fingers between his lips. Shining with spit as sun light hits them, pressing on your hardened nipple. Muffled screams trying to escape your lips straining around Jaemin’s size. Haechan’s tongue incessantly prodding at your filled hole. Fingers spreading further open until you give, letting him slip inside. 
“Shit man” Jaemin grunts, hands dragging through his hair. Slowly over his face to his chest. Pulling out his cock with loud wet slaps on your cheek. His member so heavy, your face tightening up with every drop. Slapping his cock down harder from your reaction, teeth gritting concealing a smile. “What a good little slut you are.”
Your head spins, Jaemin turning blurry. A few tears slipping from the corners of your eyes. Only the first of many to come. Your hips bucking upward, hole tightening up around Haechan’s fingers and tongue. Hands wrapping around Jaemin’s biceps above you. Muscles meaty and flexed under your grip. All of it driving your sense crazy. Face turning to the side, mouth parting open over Jaemin’s cock releasing a broken shouted sob.
“Haechan! OH FUCK! HAECHAN OH FUCK!” Your cries get louder as you cum again, screams warning out. Haechan not budging, tongue catching all of your wetness. Gazing up annoyed you didn’t squirt for him. Dragging his forehead, nose, lips and chin up and down your slit. Licking over every inch of your mound. Ass landing back down on the floor tired. Cumming twice in a row using up too much of your strength. Chest heaving letting out trembled whimpers against Jaemin’s cock. Tongue and lips dragging over the size lazily. Words between Jaemin and Renjun incoherent, still reeling from your orgasm. Hissing when Haechan places a kiss on your swollen clit.
“Let me fuck her first. I’m about to busts a middle school in my fucking shorts here dude.” Renjun pleads. Haechan sitting up in attention, hair sticking up all kinds of directions. Shining slick enhancing his soft features, making him even more beautiful if possible.
“When aren’t you.” Haechan grumbles, taking in your wrecked appearance. Dick twitching in his shorts satisfied he did that to you. Sucking your juices off his finger with a wink when your eyes meet. “but fine, if you must.”
“Get back on your knees” Renjuns fingers snap. Walking on his own knees over between your legs. You make no sign of movement, stomach slowly lifting with every drawn out breath. Haechan’s smirk intensifies, nodding to Jaemin.
“Let’s help our cute puppy. She doesn’t know how to properly stand on all fours yet.” Haechan pulls you up with Jaemin’s assistance. Manhandling you onto your front, ass on display for them once again. Renjun sighs, chewing his plump bottom lip.
“Fuck it” hands grip your hips, lifting your lower half up. Well taken care of hands, free of any callous, squeeze your ass. You whine out, Jaemin and Haechan sitting on their knees before you. Haechan joining Jaemin with his hard dick out, hand painfully gripped around the base. Jaemin stroking his length up and down lethargically. Faces showing you how eager they both are to get inside of you. You fall to your elbows in surprise, yelping out landing hard. Renjun’s tongue jabbing at your rim, pulling back with a noisy spit. 
Renjun grunts around your clenching asshole, tongue excitedly prodding forward. Groaning vibrations up your spine after every sad mewl you cry out. Haechan lifts your tear stained face, making you watch him and Jaemin. Both of them not really jerking off, just buying their time. 
“Come on man, you said fuck her. Not eat her ass like it’s your last meal on death row.” Jaemin rolls his eyes. Wasn’t he the one that told them to get your ass ready? Quickly forgetting, wanting to hear you scream when he fucks your dirty hole.
“Shutup. Been thinking about this for so long..” Renjun sighs, kissing your tight wrinkled hole. “Pretty ass like this deserves to be worshipped.”
Letting out louder whines, struggling to keep your eyes open. Haechan thumbs tears away from your cheek, continuously spilling out. Trying his best to not think about how much you’re enjoying getting your ass ate out in front of them. 
“Such a slut” he whispers to himself. Muscles in his arm straining, fisting the base of his cock. Your mouths hung open pliant, gasping in desperation. Renjun lapping at your hole letting out drawled out moans. Hands kneading your ass till you relax, tongue circling your rim. Moving in when you finally unclench. Lips latching around your rim, tongue wiggling it’s way in. Fucking spit right into your hole. Thumbs parting you open further, dribbling spit between your cheeks.
“Tastes so good. Tastes too good.” Renjun murmurs, hand landing on your ass with a slap. Tugging his cock, swiping up and down your slit gathering wetness over the tip. Cock teasing at your entrance, Haechan lifting your chin up further.
“Beg for it.” He instructs, hand sliding down to your neck. Back arching forward tense, Renjun inching closer.
“Fuck me. Please just fuck me already.” Renjun grinds in all the way following your words. Cock filling you up so nicely. Jaemin biting his lip watching your eyes roll back. Renjun wastes no time, pulling your hips back. Thrusting smoothly in with low grunts.
“Keep her mouth open.” Jaemin tells Haechan, moving in. Cock prodding at your lips. “Come on, widen that mouth. You can do it, I know you can.”
Your lips messily roll over the tip of his length, body jerking up with every slide of Renjun’s cock. Haechan’s fingers dig into your cheeks, assisting your mouth in opening up for Jaemin’s size. Moaning around his length as your lips manage to part enough to swallow half of him. Both penetrating you from opposite ends in different ways. Renjun focused, working hard to make sure you both get off. Jaemin careless, happiness expanding watching you struggle to handle his thick cock. Lips blistering dryly sucking down more inches.
Renjun’s hands dig into your waist, rubbing your lower back. Thumbs digging in where you’d normally ache. Moans trapped behind your tongue lapping at the girth choking you. Haechan letting go of your chin, hand stroking loose hair out of your face. Other still controlling his cock from bursting. The visuals turning him on a little too much. Muttering something under his breath that sounds like ‘hate you and your monster dick’ to distract himself. The tenderness Haechan and Renjun give you so opposite of what you’re accustomed to. Stirring up heat in your lower belly. Renjun’s lips dragging over your spine, tongue hanging out. Leaving trails of spit marked on your skin. Grinding deeply between your walls.
Haechan takes note of your reddening eyes, pulling you free from the ‘choking device’ between Jaemin’s legs. Quivering with copious amounts of drool spilling from your lips. Breathing in and out harshly, sending Haechan thankful eyes. Not even a second before Renjun takes advantage, quickening thrusts. Pushing your upper back down, shoulders pressing to the floor. Fucking into you manically, pretty moans spewing from his lips. Some of the prettiest moans you’ve been lucky enough to listen to, right into your ear. Whiny breaths, skin smacking together, your cries echoing into the floor.
“I’m cumming!” you scream so loud. Jaemin and Haechan sharing a concerned look, hoping no one could hear you outside with music blasting. Renjun’s deeper scream follows yours. Rumbling behind his throat, less anguished than yours. Licking across the sweat pooling on his top lip. Falling back on his knees, wet length slipping out. Cum already spilling from the tip, most of it landing on the backs of your thighs and ass. His eyes widening, shocked with how much cum won’t stop shooting out. Stomach sucking in with a tired howl.
“Fuck me man.” He bends forward, burning forehead resting on the cool floor. “Holy shit.”
“What’d I tell you..” Haechan’s tired of waiting. Only let Renjun fuck you first since he helped lure you in here- sort of. It was his plan after all. Easily tossing you on the bed, hand slapping your stinging marked up ass. Subtly missing where Renjun’s cum drips.
“My turn.” He closes in on you. Jaemin’s arm blocking his movement.
“Our turn.” With a shove to Haechan’s chest, Jaemin crawls onto the bed. Hands finding your ruined ass yet again, parting you open. Wet rim beaming at him so invitingly. Haechan stares too, huffing out a sigh. Maybe another day.
“Come here pretty. I’m gonna make you feel so good.” Haechan cups under your arms, biceps protruding when lifting you. Moving you to the head board with some of your help. Crawling over to him on your knees. Cunt squelching between your bodies. It’s not as if you went for him first out of Jeno’s group of friends for no reason. Mostly because he was easy, and easy on the eyes. Body responding for you as Haechan digs fingers into your hips. Dragging your parting lips up and down his raging hard cock. Fearful he’ll be busting a nut before even getting inside of you.
Jaemin straddles behind your back, chin resting on your shoulder. Hand squeezing your jaw to make you look at him. Fingers skimming up and down your wet crack.  “Guess you do back door now puppy.”
You stiffen up, staring into Jaemin’s evil eyes. Hole kissing his fingertips with every pass. Grin on his face growing larger. Haechan’s hips lifting up, humping against your soaked core. Stomach and pelvic bone gleaming with your wetness.
“Gonna squirt for me?” His brow raises in question. Folds parting around his length, cock head dragging across your entrance. Pussy pulsing with need. Mind losing track of how many times you’ve cum by now, ready for more. Jaemin let’s go of your jaw, sucking on three fingers. Getting them nice and wet. Spitting into his other hand, palming his cock with tired breaths. Tired of not being deep in your ass already.
“Pussy already feels so fucking good.” Haechan’s brows wiggles, length circling your entrance. Hole parting open around his head, lifting you off trying to tease. Dying to fuck you and have you shaking in crazed heat above him. With one last prod, his hips twist up. Cock squeezing between your walls. Simultaneously releasing gasps of relief, your hips swiveling around. Gripping around his delicious length. Core contracting around the ridges of cock grinding deep inside you.
Jaemin’s fingers make their way inside your ass with no warning. Back arching forward, pussy grinding down harder on Haechan. Hurried thrusting wet fingers forcing you to ride him. Hips pulling away shoving you down on Haechan’s size faster. His strangled moans growing louder with every push and pull. Jaemin spitting at his dick one more time.
“Slutty puppies don’t need this much prep” his voice draws fear down your spine. Wet tip of his cock poking at your asshole. He bites your earlobe, sharp tone hissing— “Don’t forget I need to cum too.”
Jaemin holds your ass open, cock spearing in pushing past the tight ring. Teeth gritting, screaming curses from the instant tightness. Abs clenching, arms wrapping around your neck in a choking hold. Hips slamming up again, cock burying all the way in your ass. “FUCK! Fuck! So fucking tight.”
He inhales deeply, struggling breaths panting into your hair. Moans strained, cock twitching between you. Your body losing life, only held up by Jaemin’s arms. Haechan crying out, hips lifting off the bed. Building a rhythm, fucking up into you harder with each thrust.
You think you let out a scream, throat burning in the aftermath to remind you. Tongue hanging out gasping for air loudly. Jaemin pulling out to the tip before pounding into you. The stretch from both ends too much. Cocks gliding against each other between your lower half. Both moving at a different pace. Haechan moving faster from Jaemin’s rigorous fucking.
“Fuck! I’m not gonna last!” Haechan screams, such a noisy boy. Hand slipping from your hip, thumb circling your clit rapidly. He growls through gritted teeth, thrusting turning jerky. “Come on, come on!”
Weakly shouting, tears and spit drenching your face. Brutal pace they’ve both fallen into filling the room with the sounds of too much skin stickily smacking. Haechan presses your clit the right way. Jaemin stilling in your ass groaning as you clench up. Hips pulling away from both of their lengths. Haechan popping out lewdly as squirt flies out of your core. Landing across his stomach, chest, shooting high enough for his tongue to catch. Head lifting with his mouth open, slurping up everything you give him. Jaemin returning to fucking your ass not even a second after the last spurt of liquid spills. Folds forming around Haechan’s sensitive cock again, earning another shout from him. Head shaking as cum releases over his stomach. Knocking the wind out of him successfully. Eyes rolling back until all that’s left are whites staring back at you. Heavy gasping breath’s from all your chests so loud.
Too loud to even hear the door opening. Jaemin’s hips pounding against you too loud to even hear the all too familiar pissed off growl.
“Gonna cum in your ass.” Jaemin’s not quiet. Loud enough for anyone in the room to hear.
“Don’t dare fucking cum in her ass.” Jeno’s voice barrels throughout the room. As if every other sound turns muted suddenly. Jaemin’s hips halting to a stop, grunting into your hair. Jeno staring you both down. Boiling up enough you swear smokes clouding out of his ears.
“That’s not up to you.” Jaemin hisses, thrusting in as deep as he can go. “Want me to cum in your ass puppy?”
Without hesitation, your head shakes. Watering eyes stuck on Jeno. “No!”
Jaemin curses, questioning why he even asked. Pounding you down with force against Haechan’s lifeless body. Renjun trying to play dead on the floor like he didn’t just fuck you before them.
“Stupid puppy. Bad puppy.” Jaemin rumbles against your back. Ass brutally stretching around his length with every rapid thrust. Using all of his thigh muscle to fuck into you, headboard rattling against the wall. Your eyes on Jeno, moving only a centimeter inside the room. Lips pulled back revealing teeth. Hand reaching out for him over the sheets- like once before. Groveling like a broken useless toy, begging to be fixed.
“Pull out.” Jeno grits. Jaemin’s neck snapping, caught up in how good you feel suctioned around him.
“Fuck off.” His thrusts don’t falter, not even a bit. Cock mercilessly pounding away at your ass. Full balls slapping against you loudly.
“Not even fucking her properly. None of you know how to fuck her. Only me..” Jeno stands by the bed. Crouching down eye level to you. Your cheek pressed up on Haechan’s panting chest. “Isn’t that right baby?”
Your head nods rapidly, Jaemin’s hand pressing you further against Haechan. Eyes rolling annoyed.
“God shutup” his face squeezes, mouth pursing tightly. Taking out his frustration on your ass. Sick of how Jeno has to interrupt when he’s fucking you. Couldn’t have been when Renjun was slamming into your pussy, could it.
Jeno’s eyes trail down your arm, to where your fingers lay out stretched. Reaching for him, mentally telling you off. Hates how Haechan was right, jealousy doing things to get his dick hard like nothing else. Loves knowing you’ll degrade yourself this much just so he’ll fuck your brain empty. Might as well act like your boyfriend. Nothing about what you two had going on was normal anyway.
Jaemin pulls out, hand jerking violently at his length. Smacking your bruising cheeks in anger, silently wishing he could slap Jeno in the face too. Chest heaving in a deep growl, trembling out you shooting out hot cum on your lower back. Smearing his cock between your ass, letting white strings spill on your asshole.
“Fuck. Fuck.” He falls over to the side, landing all to close to Haechan’s cum soaked chest. Turning with a disgusted sneer, as if all of you weren’t covered in each other’s bodily fluids.
Jeno’s hand finds your scalp, hair wrapped in his clutches. Yanking you off the exhausted man under you. Yelping out, dragging off to the corner of the bed. Jeno looking at you like you’re the filthiest girl he’s ever seen, maybe you are.
“Did my baby get fucked good?” Your head shakes in his hold. Even if it’s a lie, you know better than to answer him any other way. He roughly throws you back on the sheets, shorts dropping to his feet in seconds. Mounting you with speed, legs tossed over his shoulders bending you in half.
“That’s cause no one fucks you like me.” That’s all it takes before Jeno sinks inside of your abused hole with one swift motion. He just knows how to use you. Face contorting over you. You completely unaware he hasn’t fucked anyone since the last time he had you weeks ago. Savoring your tight cunt wrapping around him so deliciously. Like a welcome home after a long trip.
“Jeno.. please.. please f-fuck me..” you’re too sore after Renjun and Haechan having their way with you. Never willing to deny Jeno any of your holes. You belong to him, anything he wants is his. Jeno’s dark eyelashes flutter over his cheeks, head nodding.
“A minute..” hips swivel forward, cock circling your insides. Jeno always fucks deep, stomach protruding out with his size. He takes deep breaths, already looking like he just fucked you for hours. Sack tightening up between his legs screaming to let him cum.
“Feels so good Jeno. Love your cock so much. Love it more than anything.” You let out a helpless moan, arms wrapping around Jeno’s neck. Pulling him in closer. Knees around your head, grateful for flexibility. Jeno’s sweat covered forehead rubbing against yours.
“God baby..” Jeno growls, hips lifting back. Cock gliding out of you to the tip so slowly. Plunging back in fiercely, hips snapping into action. Fucking you into the mattress with all of his weight. He growls against your cheek, nose scrunching up— “no.. you, fuck, you feel so fucking good.”
Jeno slams forward repeatedly. The room feels like it’s rocking all around you. Breathless cries reaching the back of your throat. Only managing airy breaths, inhaling whenever you can. Vocals torn up from screaming for what felt like forever. Jeno shifts up, cock hitting that spot deep inside you. The way he always did.
“Jeno!” Your raspy cry forces his eyes open. Lips panting on yours, tongue licking where your cupids bow dips.
“Cum for me baby. My baby.” Fuck that’s all it takes. Jeno’s cock reaching deep inside of you so good at this different angle. Searing heat painting your insides. Body cramping up, cunt gripping around Jeno tightly. A little pain mixing in with over stimulated pleasure, but that’s how you liked it anyway. Jeno thrusts through your climax, groaning in your parted lips. Hips stuttering forward, seed spilling inside of you. Heavy breaths entering your dry mouth as Jeno twitches, emptying his balls.
Sitting up, letting your sore legs land at his sides. Jeno glides out with a hiss, cock lewdly popping wet out of your irritated convulsing hole. His cum spilling from your walls down to your ass, mixing with yours. Cock head dragging up and down rubbing the mess around.
“Mine. All of you. Only mine. Always mine.”
When you come to, it’s only because of weight sinking the mattress around your frame.
“Jeno?” Your bleary eyes squint. Back of your hand rubbing them open, trying to focus.
“Shh..” strong arms scoop you up from the bed. Three masculine figures left behind, foot steps leading you out of the room. Too drowsy to keep your eyes open. Broad shoulders loom above you, soft cushion meeting your back as he sets you down. What feels like hours later, truly only less than a minute. Your tongue sticks to the roof of your mouth, lapping dryly. A large hand stroking your hair back. What feels like a warm damp towel gently cleaning your body. Dry sticky cum diminishing with each pass of warmth. Hissing when he reaches between your thighs, hearing a faint apology after.
Warmth engulfs your body, wrapped in a soft heavenly comforter. The larger sturdy figure joining you. Fingers massaging your scalp, worried the hair pulling that took place may have been too much. Also maybe everything else that took place.
“You okay baby?” Jeno’s voice meets your ears. Eyes fluttering open, grimacing shut resisting the urge to pass out again.
“Jeno?” A cough follows your curiosity. Throat scratchy and parched from all your screams of pleasure. Lips peck around your cheeks and forehead, silently “mhm”ing against your skin. You finally manage to keep your eyes open. Admiring Jeno’s defined features, tempted to lean up and bite his nose.
“Am I.. still.. your baby?” Your words crack. Dry tongue and mouth making it impossible to speak up. Jeno lifts a water bottle to your lips. Smile slowly spreading over his face. Eyes bunching up lovingly, like a dream.
With a kiss on the tip of your nose, Jeno wraps around you. Fingers tickling up and down your spine. “Always my baby. Only my baby.”
Mark calls out “hello?” Returning from a long trip to three different stores in search of Jeno’s favorite alcoholic beverage. Alleged favorite, not actually his favorite at all. Setting down a box of sparkling water alcohol in the kitchen. He pauses for a moment, before heading outside to the backyard. “I gotta pee.”
With a quick stride around he ends up in the main hallway. Doors lined up on both sides leading to different rooms. The first one he opens someone’s bedroom- neat and organized. The next one a lot messier- bed unmade and clothes tossed all over the floor.
“Where the hell’s the bathr—…oh.. what the fuck!” Marks face displays shock. Three of his friends naked bodies wrapped around each other on the bed before him.
Renjun sits up, eyes half shut looking around the room. Still unsure when he ended up on the bed himself. Eyes searching for Mark’s voice. Landing where he stands near the door. Digging the heel of his palm into his eyes with a yawn.
Mark steps forward, staring at Haechan and Jaemin’s sleeping figures. Light snores sounding out, the two guys exhausted. Haechan’s nose digging into the back of Jaemin’s neck, drool spilling down his chin landing on his back. Sure enough fighting when they come to- “Why were you cuddling on me like that!”— “Don’t act like that wasn’t the best nap of your life.”
“Deng, had no idea you guys were into this!” Mark smiles at Renjun, still groaning half awake. “Remind’s me of college, invite me next time!”
🐶: “Goodmorning my anal princess<3”
🐶: “angel**”
😇: “Jeno what the fuck. I’m trying to sleep.”
🐶: “Nooo, come to the kitchen baby. Dad got called in to work for a meeting. We’re home alone🤤”
😇: “I’m sleepy.”
🐶: “I’m making you breakfast🥺”
😇: “Be down in a minute.”
You giggle washing dishes after eating Jeno’s pancakes. With some help from an instant mix powder and water, he didn’t do half bad. A little oddly shaped and crispy but it was the thought that counts. Also helped how he cut small pieces and fed you. Pecking your lips with syrupy kisses after each bite. It was disgusting, in the most non-disgusting way possible. 
Felt too good to be true having Jeno all over you since returning home. Even risking injury scaling the roof to crawl into your window whenever your parents stayed up too late. Jeno figuring out different ways to spend extra time with you. Even if it meant running through sprinklers at 6am with his dick flapping around when your mom tried busting into your room. Becoming more cunning to her ways, specific days she’d choose to drag you to the AM aerobics class with her. 
The chair you’d started placing under the handle sparing a few extra minutes for Jeno to make his escape, bare assed and all. He went as far as hanging out with Mark, alone. Explaining the situation to him. Maybe throwing in a lie here or there. Something about how you’d been dating before your parents met. Thankfully he was pretty understanding, explaining he was more interested in getting laid than a serious commitment. Further peeving your ass for having to pretend to care about his rants on Bruno Mars being the greatest musical artists of these times. Either way, Jeno was proving himself worthy of being your boyfriend, in secret of course. Still risking his chances at holding your hand in public.
“Jeno! How am I going to get anything done with you all over me!” With another exasperated laugh, you shove your ass back. Jeno’s crotch pressing between your cheeks. Stealing nips and kisses along your jaw. 
“You’re not. Stop doing the dishes, I’ll wash them later. You have more important tasks to worry about.” He grinds forward. Hardened bulge letting you know exactly what he means. “We’re home alone, no excuse to not bend you over this counter and fuck you till you’re screaming loud enough for the entire neighborhood to hear.” 
Jeno squeezes your ass over your pajama bottoms. Husky voice whispering into your ear— “and I’m still hungry.”
That familiar shuddering vibration rolls down your spine. Jeno loosening the draw string holding up your bottoms, letting them fall to your feet. Finger tips delicately skimming between your cheeks. “Perfect baby, always ready for me.” 
Jeno dips down to his knees, just like a good boy whose earned his treats. Looking over your shoulder down to where Jeno’s thighs flex, boxers sliding up exposing more smooth skin. It was just so unfair how attractive he looked. Whether he was hate fucking you into delirium, or on his knees staring up at you with shining sweet puppy eyes. He was made to drive you crazy either way. Eliciting heat between your thighs like no one else could. 
Lips part on your ass, tracing soft pecks and wet kisses over the skin. Finally healed up after his friends destroyed your ass. Jeno having to wait two weeks before you’d even let him steal a squeeze. Always complaining about that Jaemin and how you’d never go near his huge cock again. Jeno interjecting that you’d never go near anyone else’s dick other than his again. Especially not his friends.
Jeno pulls you open, gently kissing your rim. That also on a time out for the time being. Loving sweet anal princess text messages or not. His tongue can’t resist a taste, sweeping up and down, nose spending extra time sucking in deep breaths. 
“You’re so gross.” You whine, bending forward onto the kitchen counter. Ass perking out nicely for easier access. 
“Only gross for you.” Jeno places another wet loud peck on your rim. Shoving your thighs further apart. Holding yourself up on your tippy toes and his nose drags down your slit. Arousal evident on his face, wetness gleaming off his chin under the fluorescent kitchen lights. Lips crashing on your core, slurping up any wetness thats dripped out. Tongue swiping up and down between your folds, only barely nudging your clit. Eating you out from behind with no concern for his throbbing length. Moaning his tongues way inside your hole. Wet walls wrapping around him so good.
Jeno’s hot hands squeeze your thighs. Fingers tickling the backs of your knees. Face burying deeper, nose ending up back against your ass. Tongue working inside you with stiff wiggles. Pulling away with a loud suck on your mound. Dipping lower, nosing your fluttering entrance. Lips sucking your sensitive clit, rolling it around the tip of his tongue. Toes cramping up as your legs shake. More wetness making way out of you, sliding down Jeno’s cheek. He loves it, wants to be drenched in you all day.
Jeno stands back up, teeth nipping your bare shoulder. Pajama tank straps sliding half way down your arm. His face glowing coated in you. Jeno more than happy to walk around like that. Leaning in, wet nose digging into your cheek with pouted lips. Becoming needier for your kisses with each day. Most nights didn’t even end up in fucking. Jeno falling asleep with his ear pressed against your chest, opting to not risk making too much noise. Your parents comments about how close you’d two become growing more repetitive.
“Love fucking you..” Jeno mumbles on your lips. Sharing messy kisses with each other. Cock sliding between your thighs, folds parting open on his size. Gliding back and forth letting your wet slick coat him. 
“Love when you fuck me.” Jeno’s smile appears with your comment. Eyes disappearing cutely, bringing out that cute beauty mark you had to kiss every morning.
His forehead rolls against yours. Body leaned over on you. Hips lifting, cock making way inside you with an easy slide. Biting his bottom lip focused on your face. Your lips parting open, still surprised whenever Jeno fucks you. He never fails, always feels good. Get’s you going. Soft, messy, hard, hot, he deserved claim.
Jeno grinds into you slowly, letting you really feel the shape of his cock. Ridges gliding against your walls, fat veins pulsating in you. Hands squeezing your waist, fingers prodding your ribcage. Trying to hold back, trying to savor it. Taking his time since he can. You know better though, hand stroking his hair. Stopping at his nape.
“Please baby. Need it. Need to get fucked hard.” 
Jeno lets out a rasped growl, pulling out to the tip. Slamming forward without resistance. Bodies blending into each other as his pace speeds up. His strong hold keeping you in place. Cock drilling into you carelessly. All you had to do was beg, just once. His tongue lapping all over you. Face covered in saliva, fasts thrusts even making some in your eye. Moaning when Jeno finds the angle, thrusting eagerly deep into you. Focusing on hitting the same spot over and over the tighter you clench up. Moans mixing in with each others panted breaths. Jeno’s deep chest growls growing louder the more you squeeze around his length.
“Jeno! Jeno!!” You shout, panicking eyes watching the garage door. Sound of the metal loudly closing, light foot steps following. “Someones home! Pull out! Oh my God pull out!” 
“I’m so fuc-fucking close…” Jeno groans, hips endlessly pistoning you into the counter. Screaming out in a throaty raspy tone, uttering garbled words— “I’m cumm— oh fuck baby, I love-!..”
The garage door rickshas open, bouncing off the wall. Briefcase landing on the floor with a loud bang. Jeno deeply growling above the noise, hips stuttering in climax. Hot cum bursting out through your insides. Cock deliciously jerking with every spurt of release. Neck rolling back, releasing broken whimpers slapping your ass.
His dad stands at the door, jaw hung to the floor- “WHAT THE FUCK!”
a/n: THE END🌶(this crazy shit is not proofread- later lol)
Tumblr media
taglist: (idk who wanted to be tagged anymore srry)
@seuomo​ @unknown5tar​ @sunoosi​  @ahsshilee-me​ @jaeminne​ @rapha7 @tulipatethic
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sankyeom · a year ago
Facade? Masterlist [completed]
Tumblr media
Bad Boy!Lee Jeno x Good Girl!Reader summary: in which you’re used to your best friends getting all the boys and standing on the sidelines, and jeno is dared to convince you he’s interested in you
prologue (character intro)
chapter one
chapter two
chapter three
chapter four
chapter five
chapter six
chapter seven
chapter eight
chapter nine
chapter ten
chapter eleven
chapter twelve
chapter thirteen
chapter fourteen
chapter fifteen
chapter sixteen
chapter seventeen
chapter eighteen
chapter nineteen
chapter twenty
chapter twenty-one
chapter twenty-two
chapter twenty-three
chapter twenty-four
chapter twenty-five
chapter twenty-six
chapter twenty-seven
chapter twenty-eight
chapter twenty-nine
Jaemin Sequel
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nctsworld · 3 months ago
completely floored
Tumblr media
✩ jeno x reader | best friends to lovers | fluff | smut | 1.5k
SUMMARY | who knew gaming on the floor like you two used to could change everything between you and your best friend? WARNINGS | smut, floor s*x, oral s*x (m receiving) RATING | mature PROMPT | staring at each other’s lips for a moment before giving in REQ BY | anonymous
AUTHOR’S NOTE | bless up for the boring jalapeno teasers to give me inspo and i’ve been wanting to write jeno for a long time so hehe i also haven’t played uno in forever sorry if there’s anything off
Tumblr media
In Jeno’s basement rental suite, you two are sitting comfortably near each other on his carpeted floor, playing Halo together with your backs leaning against his worn-down sofa. 
“You doing okay?” Jeno asks with care, glancing over at your side of the TV screen where you’re blatantly struggling to stay alive from the onslaught of enemies. His gaze then falls on you for a second. 
“Yep, doing great,” you singsong, sarcasm laced in your tone. He catches sight of you sticking out your tongue in frustration.
Jeno’s not sure why the expression from you comes off more cute to him than usual. He smiles to himself in amusement and turns his attention back to the game.
It’s been about six months since you’ve last hung out one on one with him. Third year of university has been busy for both of you, but you’ve managed to find some free time now that finals were finally over this semester. 
And it feels exactly like old times from high school when you two used to sit on the floor at his parents’ house, gaming until the sun rose.
But things have definitely changed since then.
Like how gorgeous Jeno has gotten.
When you unsurprisingly die and have to wait to respawn until Jeno plows through the current batch of enemies, you waste your time in noticing his chiseled jaw line, the sexiness in his confident grin, and the raw attractiveness that exudes from him. 
You shake your thoughts away, attributing them to how you probably just missed hanging out with him, along with the fact that you’ve been single for way too long. 
After a couple more rounds of Halo, Uno replaces it as the next game of choice. Still on the floor, you’re now facing each other. About a few feet apart from you, Jeno has a leg pulled nearby to his chest, his arm resting on his raised knee. On the flipside, you’re sitting with lax legs bent onto their sides, parallel to the carpet. 
The early rounds of Uno are peaceful, but as it progresses, playful competitiveness emerges. The game shifts drastically when Jeno suddenly plays a handful of draw four cards. 
Your jaw swings open, shocked that he held onto so many for so long, and you complain about the unfairness of the situation. Smugly, Jeno shrugs and retorts back that’s simply how the game works. 
Twisting your mouth to one side and squinting your eyes, you then drop your cards in a teasing state of anger and launch yourself towards him. Your best friend merely laughs as you attempt to punch him in the arm. 
However, things take an unexpected turn. You lose balance and accidentally topple him down towards the carpet, your chest pressing atop of his.
Your faces are inches apart from one another. You’re both heavily breathing, practically inhaling the other’s air.
Each parties’ eyes flickers towards the other’s lips. Your gaze lingers longer than it should and you reprimand yourself because this is your best friend—your drop, dead gorgeous best friend who is looking at your lips with the same craving. 
Chest to chest, your hearts race together, pounding against the other almost in sync. Carefully, with a gulp, Jeno gently palms your cheek. Your eyelids flutter to a close.
Lips meet and collide, and you lay your hands on the planes of his chest. You’ve always felt safe around Jeno, but you’ve never felt more safe with him than like this. 
Soon enough, the kissing escalates, transforming into ones that drip of neediness and burning desire. Your touches dig deeper into each other. Throughout it, your shirt is thrown aside and you quickly attach yourself back onto him to help him rid of his layers.
Marking his body with a trail of hot kisses, you slowly make your descent towards his significantly hard desire. Seeing him shirtless is nothing new, but now that you have him up-close and all to yourself, you traverse his beauty without hurry. 
Peeking up at him when you reach his abs, you see him looking right back with an intent, ravenous stare. Because you’re not used to it, you feel a tingle in your cheeks and brush some hair behind your ear as you continue your trek.
Once at your destination, you strip him of his jeans and brief-boxers. Gasping silently at the sight, his sizable cock springs out and slaps against his stomach. You lick your lips, wanting his length immediately in your mouth. Instead, you restrain yourself and leave feathery kisses upon it.
Jeno sighs at the minimal sensation, his erection twitching in yearning for more. His sighs melt, replaced by sharp gasps and the ruffling of eyebrows as you devour him whole. For what you can’t engulf with your mouth, you pump with your hand.
“God...” he pants, eyeing you closely with with his hands behind his head, bare arms flexing delectably. Saliva begins to pool around his base as you suck endlessly. He peels a hand away and runs his fingers through your hair. “You’re so beautiful.” 
Coming up for air, you chuckle as you stroke him steadily. “You’re saying that ‘cause I just sucked you off.” 
“No.” Jeno strongly disagrees, a stern glimmer obvious in his eye. Shaking his head, he rises onto his forearms and leans in right up to your face. 
Your best friend whispers the following into your mouth as he rubs his thumb tenderly over your cheek—
“I’ve always thought you were beautiful.” 
Another kiss, but this time, lips are crashing fiercely, like it’s the last time you’d ever kiss anybody. Jeno caresses your upper body and similarly, your hand continues to squeeze and jerk him off. Impatiently, you stand to hurriedly remove your bra and tug your bottoms off. 
Jeno’s tongue drags along his lower jaw when you rush to your purse to grab a condom; he watches attentively at the perfect view of your ass.
You scuttle back and ease the rubber onto him, and within seconds, you’re sitting on his length. Once he’s completely inside, an acute throaty moan pierces the room and your head cranes back. You’ve never had anyone fill you up so full before, and yet, it doesn’t take much time to acclimatize to his girth.
Riding him, you bounce relentlessly with your weight on your knees and your hands graze his upper frame. You’re gone, blinded by ecstasy, but Jeno’s hazy look doesn’t stray from you. 
His pretty fingers glide upward over your stomach, then over your breasts. At first, he thumbs your nipples to play with you prior to kneading them hungrily in their entirety.
Without warning, Jeno seizes your back with one hand and brings himself up, snatching your breasts into his mouth. 
“Fuck, Jeno,” you exhale in pleasure, sinking your nails into his flexed back and shoulders. “What are we doing?” 
“Do you wanna stop?” he asks between the snug puckering of his lips around your nubs. 
“No, no,” you immediately reply, shaking your head profusely. “You feel too fucking good...” 
When he’s finished loving your breasts, you gesture for him to lean back down during a kiss. Like before when you fell on him in the beginning, your chests are glued together again, this time now sans clothes. 
Your lips maneuver over to his neck, attacking him with kisses, and you fuck him with the your ass jutting out. The wet slaps of your sexes intermingling, Jeno’s panting, and your whines penetrate your surroundings.
“I’m close, I’m close...” he says, his eyes rolling to the back of his head in timing for what’s about to happen. 
Dragging yourself away from his neck, you kiss him fervently while you fasten your pace. He moans into your mouth as he unravels, his sweaty palms relaxing against your perspired back. You follow right after, practically reaching your peaks together.
After a few moments, you roll off and lay beside him. Both of you pant towards the ceiling in disbelief. The disbelief that runs through you is immersed with an underlying fear. 
“Maybe I should get going...” you say unsurely, sitting up and looking at your clothes at the other side of the floor. 
Just because you’ve had sex with him, it doesn’t mean Jeno still isn’t your best friend, nor does it rid of the fact that he knows your change of emotions like the back of his hand. He sits up too, warmly wraps an arm around your shoulder, and kisses the top of your nude arm. 
“How about one more game?” he mumbles into your skin. 
“Which game?” you whisper curiously.
One more peck, this time on your cheek. 
“The game called Stay the Night.”
Your head turns to face him, gazes converging. He flashes you his saccharine smile, his eyes following suit and smiling as well.
“Can’t play it without you, but only if you want to.” He rubs the tip of his nose against yours, causing you to giggle. “What do you say?” 
You get lost in his eyes, realizing that maybe you’ve always had something for Jeno, whether you were conscious of it or not.
Despite it all, you know your feelings aren’t unrequited. They can’t be, not with the way he’s looking at you as if you’re his entire world right now. 
In response to his proposition, you lean in for another kiss. It’s definitely not the last kiss you give him tonight. 
Not by a long shot.
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neoct-zen · 2 months ago
Couple Gone Wild (m)
Tumblr media
You've always been supportive of your boyfriend's cam boy—err—activities, but strayed far from his business. Though, you didn't anticipate joining him until he asks you at dinner.
Cam Boy!Jeno x Female Reader
Rating: 18+
Content: smut, fluff, unprotected sex, creampie, praising, degrading names, use of a lingerie costume(?), dirty talking (kind of), cockwarming, use of a sex toy, spanking, camera shy reader, sub!reader, dom!Jeno, really long for smut (sorry), established relationship
A/N: This is purely self-indulgent and my cam boy knowledge may not be accurate but let's just ignore that. It's also not proof-read so forgive any spelling and grammar errors 🙈
Disclaimer: None of this writing depicts real life/reality and is strictly a work of fiction.
Tumblr media
Jeno can say that he's living pretty comfortably, considering that he earns money through his favorite hobbies: staying home and jacking off. Luckily for him, he's a very conventionally attractive man—in his objective view of course. Being one of the top male models of '', it's earned him enough to support both him and you, his girlfriend.
As for you, you were a bit perplexed at first when you met him. Jeno was sweet, attentive and charismatic; everything you wanted in a partner and seemingly wrapped perfectly with his Adonis-like features. But there was one thing:
"I'm uh... I do camming," Jeno confesses one day on a bench.
Your lips quirk as you turn to face him, the river being left behind by your vision. The wind is quite strong today, wooshing past your ears. "Camping?" You perk up, "I'm not really an outdoors girl but I'm open to trying."
For a moment, his brows furrow before his head shakes at the miscommunication. "Huh? Oh no, no, no—camming," he shouts over the sudden gust of wind, making a square with his thumbs and index fingers. "Y/N, I'm a cam boy!"
The word makes you pause, muttering an "oh"; what a conundrum. You really like Jeno and now, he's dropped this big secret of his. There's nothing wrong with camming, but—now that you're here with the guy you've been crushing on for quite a while, it all feels too much. You like him, but can you really handle knowing that your potential boyfriend's body has been seen by tons of people?
Jeno breaks your train of thought and fills the void of silence. "You—you're turned off by that, aren't you?"
Looking down at your lap, you toy with the loose string of your jacket and murmur, "It's not that, I'm just—surprised."
"Are you scared?" He asks.
"To be honest," you start, "kind of. But not in the way you think!" You clarify, snapping your gaze back to him and waving your hands sloppily. "I guess I'm a little insecure? I mean, if we're official"—you stammer when his eyes glint—"w-which I'm not saying you're that into me but..."
"I am," he says. "It's just work; entertainment, if you will. I prefer to keep my personal life separate and my subscribers know that—and if they go over the line, I kick them out permanently."
You bite your lip, chewing off the dry skin that collects from the harsh air. "Well..."
Reaching for your hands, Jeno brushes his thumbs against the backs. "If you don't want us to go any further then I understand but, I just want you to know that I'm really serious about you."
Heat rises to your cheeks at the small space between your faces, the setting sun painting his face golden. He's handsome, to say the least. But you also admire his sincerity and patience with which you realize: you can't knock it until you really try it.
"If we're going to be official, can you promise me one thing?" You wish. Jeno doesn't hesitate and nods. "Can you tell them"—you clear your throat—"your subscribers, that you're not single?"
Again, he nods right away. "Easy, I'll announce it on my community tab and when I go live again. Maybe I'll lose some but... that's okay."
Your lips break out into a smile and unexpectedly, you peck his cheek. "Thank you."
Jeno grins before intertwining his fingers with yours.
Three years later, you don't regret taking that leap of faith. Jeno has kept his promise and he rarely talks about what he does to where sometimes, you forget that he's a cam boy. Sure, others have seen him doing unholy things but you? You're the real winner for having both the real experience and his heart.
And surprisingly, most of his subscribers weren't fazed much by his changed relationship status. It's possible that they understood more considering the rules he had already established in the first place.
As of now, Jeno sits comfortably in his cushiony rolling chair, swiveling himself side to side as he smiles at his computer. You're aware of his schedule, opting watching TV in the living room.
He looks down at his desk where a book and colored pencils lie, before looking at the screen when a ping sounds off.
polkamonnn sent 20 coins: J!!1! What are you doing?
"Hey!" He greets, picking up the book. "Tonight, I'm coloring. I would draw if I had the talent but I'm not, so coloring book it is."
polkamonnn sent 100 coins: Hahaha understandable
Jeno's eyes form their own smile as he looks back down at the printed picture: Sailor Moon holding Luna in her lap with both of them modeling sweet smiles. "I"—he turns the book to the screen and taps the page with his finger—"am gonna color this."
For a brief moment, he watches the endless comments flood in the chat.
imstillavirg_o: omg i love sailor moon
momspaghetti88: @imstillavirg_o SAME
8888888872u: Jupiter is so underrated
k_iyamboring1: i never watched it but the cats cute
bubutea: Wait I just got here- what are we talking about?
Jeno flashes the book again; "Hey bubutea, I'm just coloring a Sailor Moon picture." He waits a few seconds before seeing the familiar name pop up in the sea of comments.
bubutea: Ohhhh ok cool!
momsphaghetti88: @8888888872u I respect but I politely disagree
solololo1111lololo sent 500 coins: J can you take your shirt off?
imstillavirg_o: @momsphagetti88 you a jupiter anti?
Jeno stops coloring when he hears the notification, squinting his eyes at the screen. He spots the large box that highlights the 'Mega Note', as the website officially addresses it as. With a gentle smile, he nods, playfully running his fingers along his collar. "Sure, sololololo—you know what, let's just call you solo," he chuckles. "Hope you're okay with that."
solololo1111lololo: Yep I am 😊
a_lonelyromantic3: Wait what
imstillavirg_o: OMG i was too deep into sailor moon..did someone send an mn??
wowsosexay: Ooo, I think so
solololo1111lololo: @imstillavirg_o I did! Just asked to take his shirt off
Jeno stands up and stretches the hem of his shirt before snaking his hands under to flash his skin.
bubutea sent 100 coins: J don't tease us 😔
With a small laugh, Jeno bends down to the screen. "Okay, I'm sorry—I'll get to it." He trails his fingers up his sides, all the way to his collar again. They hook onto it tightly and soon, his shirt is stripped off to reveal his toned torso and arms; a courtesy of his dedication to exercise.
And again, comment after comment takes over the chat and Jeno sits back down in satisfaction.
polkamonnn: damnnn
k_iyamboring1: never gets old no matter how many times i see it 💓
8888888872u: ughh same
bubutea: 😍😍
uninterestingname-1: you're so pretty it's unfair
solololo1111lololo: Pretty is an understatement
Jeno continues to color, pencil swishing back and forth against the cartoon cat. His muscles flex in the right places with each stroke, and he hides a smile.
jisuheart2000 sent 20 coins: your gf is so lucky
a_lonelyromantic3: @jisuheart2000 trueee
polkamonnn: Where's the lie
momspaghetti88 sent 600 coins: Fuck it- J can you take off your pants please
Jeno complies and shimmies out of his pants, the belt hitting the floor with a light thud. He licks his lips as he scours the chat for a while, seeing a surge of new comments not talking about Sailor Moon anymore—no—but you. His unnamed, mysterious girlfriend who he knows for sure is binge-watching Friends again for the nth time.
His chuckles echo in his thoughts. "Quite a mystery she is."
wowsosexay: She must be great
imstillavirg_o: yeah you should talk about her more but idk
bubutea sent 1,000 coins: yes yes yes yes
jisuheart2000: yes
a_lonelyromantic3: A thousand times yes
polkamonnn: Yes!!
uninterestingname-1: i would like to hear it 👂
k_iyamboring1 sent 20 coins: yes pleaseee 💓💓
solololo1111lololo sent 100 coins: YES
imstillavirg_o: give the ppl what they want 🙈
Jeno looks at the bedroom door, the image of you on the living room couch clear as day in his head. His smile is hesitant this time, unsure if he should spill anything about you as he's treading on ice. It's true, he made a vow to himself to keep work and his personal life apart, but he feels bad when he considers the Mega Notes he received.
"You guys seem more excited to hear about my girlfriend than to see me jerk off," he quips.
bubutea: a little romance makes the whole experience better
a_lonelyromantic3: It says in my name
imstillavirg_o: you dont have to tell her life story~ i'm just curious
k_iyamboring1: yes!! like what's she like?
Jeno chews his lip, knowing well that the line between his work and personal life will be blurred when he opens his mouth: "Sure, why not?"
And for that, more comments keep on coming, one after the other.
a_lonelyromantic3 sent 100 coins: What do you admire about her the most?
wowsosexay sent 20 coins: Basic but what's her favorite color?
"Purple," Jeno answers. He spins in his chair while he gathers his thoughts carefully. "There's so many but if I had to pick one it'd be... the way she delivers her honesty. She's open about how she feels but she knows how to make it bearable."
a_lonelyromantic3: Aww
solololo1111lololo: That's so cute
bubutea: i have a friend like that so i relate
uninterestingname-1 sent 500 coins: nsfw but what turns you on about her?
It's a rarity, but Jeno's cheeks are tinted pink at the blunt nature of the question. He's so used to entertaining others that it's a first when the tables are turned. Alas, it's now about what truly, genuinely gets him off.
He hums, "Well, I can think of lots of things"—he lowers his voice and whispers into the mic—"I really like it when she's just a good girl for me..."
Jeno waits for more comments before proceeding.
"I like that she's open to trying things," he chuckles and remembers a specific moment. "You know we uh, we even tried role-playing once. I was a stripper, she was the unexperienced customer and"; a comment catches his eye.
itsmirotic5: oh my god, like magic mike???
jisuheart2000: that movie is a guilty peasure of mine
He laughs, "I mean I never watched it but sure." Toying with the black pencil, he reminisces: "But yeah, it was interesting—hot but we haven't done any other role-playing."
imstillavirg_o: she mustve enjoyed it a lot 😌
polkamonnn: luckyyy
solololo1111lololo sent 500 coins: Will she ever join you on here?
uninterestingname-1: i bet she really enjoyed that night
polkamonnn: @solololo1111lololo oh YES
a_lonelyromantic3: Please!
momspaghetti88: That's so hot and yes- please can you make a vid with her?
bubutea sent 1,000 coins: YES CAN SHE?
Jeno's brows knit as he taps the table in a rapid speed. "I don't know guys, I'm not sure if she's okay with that."
polkamonnn sent 10,000 coins: now can you ask her at least?
imstillavirg_o: damn she went all innn
wowsosexay: Screw it, I'll do it too
wowsosexay sent 10,000 coins: Please ask herrr
His eyes nearly pop out of his sockets when he sees the drastic Mega Chats; 10,000 coins are a lot. Jeno drags along a deep hum. "I can try... but if she doesn't want to then we have to respect that, okay?"
He observes the comments and smiles, standing up to show his boxer-clad area. His hands cast over his growing bulge and tug on the waistband teasingly. "Now, let's move on."
He doesn't say it. But there's only one person on his mind when he touches himself on camera, spurting white, hot cum onto his hand and tummy.
Tumblr media
The faint wind passes by as you slurp on your noodles, admiring the cityscape from the balcony. Lights twinkle from buildings, dwindling the dark of the night. Jeno sits across from you, taking huge gulps of his water. Your attention is pulled and you're inclined to ask if he's okay.
He smiles and nods. "Yeah, I'm fine, Y/N," he assures.
"You don't look okay," you acknowledge. "You drank more than you ate." He looks down at his bowl, where his noodles are soaked and heavy with soup. A hand of yours places itself atop his own as you look at him with those eyes: the concerned, puppy-resembling ones.
"You know you can tell me what's on your mind."
And you both know he can't resist—you're too persuasive for your own good. With that, he places his other hand to sandwich yours. "Please, don't freak out," he warns. "So, I talked about you... on camera"—he nods slowly along with you—"and they liked it."
You cock your head to the side, confused. "That's okay, as long as my name wasn't mentioned then I don't see a problem with it—"
"It's not just that, Y/N," Jeno added. He bites his bottom lip before carrying on. "They want you in a video"—your eyes widened and he shakes his head—"they paid 20,000 coins!"
"How much is that?" You queried, a small frown evident on your face.
Jeno sighs, "About a thousand—"
"A thousand! And you accepted them?" You gasp.
"Baby," he cautions, "they paid me through the stream—it wasn't like I was DM'ed and I said yes! I didn't say you would do it, I just said I would ask."
You chew the small remains of food between your teeth, and your chopsticks clang against bowl when released. "I don't know, Jeno..."
"You don't have to," he says.
"But I don't want your fans to be disappointed—"
"Your comfort is above theirs, trust me."
You don't say anything, and the rest of the dinner is spent in silence.
Tumblr media
Things are a bit tense now.
Not because either one of you is mad, but rather that you both are quite the overthinkers.
"Is he disappointed?"
"Shit, she's annoyed."
The light glares at Jeno from his phone as you both sit in the darkness of your bedroom. He continues to aimlessly scroll past Instagram posts while you lie there, tossing and turning under the sheets.
"You okay?" Jeno asks. His voice is meek as if he's walking on eggshells.
Abruptly, you sit up, your hair a jumbled mess. You scoot closer to your boyfriend, and he lifts an arm to envelop you. "Be honest... are you bummed?" You mumble.
Jeno takes a large breath and heaves a sigh, his thumb brushing your shoulder. "Kind of? I mean, it'd be fun to have sex with you"—he gazes down at you—"on camera."
You laugh softly. "I was just about to say; we already do have sex."
He chuckles, staring off into a scuff mark on the wall, wondering how it had gotten there. "You're not—mad or anything, right?"
"Why would I be?" You question. "You didn't force me or anything."
"I know," he dismisses, "just wanna make sure that we're good."
Your body twists to lie on top of Jeno with your neck craned back to look at him. "Of course we are, baby." Despite the lack of light, you can still make out his sweet smile. For that, you join him and place a kiss on his lips.
Alas, you sit in comfortable silence for a while, before you voice: "Jeno?"
He hums.
"We can try to—you know—do it."
"It's not for them, I want to do it for you."
"You want to fuck on camera for my subscribers to see... for me?" He says, wooden.
"Yes?" You sing. "You said it yourself; it sounds fun. If you enjoy it, then I'll try it with you. It's not like it's all the time."
Jeno's eyes spark with interest, his fingers pressing firmer onto the skin of your hips. "Are you sure, baby?"
"Yes," you affirm.
"How sure?"
"As sure as I was about dating you."
He holds a broad grin on his lips and squeezes a hand between your chests. "It's a pleasure to work with you, miss," he greets mockingly.
You squint your eyes teasingly. "Are we role-playing again?"
Jeno waggles his brows. "Do you want to?" He asks, suggestively.
You smile a playful smile as your hand grabs his, shaking it amicably. "The pleasure is all mine, sir," you purr.
In a swift motion, you're flat on your back while Jeno hovers above you, a lustful glint present in his grin. "I love it when you talk dirty," he growls.
A laugh leaves your lips as he dives his face into your neck. And soon enough, you're succumbing to the pleasure that washes over you for the rest of the night.
Tumblr media
Turning to the camera that sits perfectly angled to capture everything, you shiver. It's a whole damn trail mix of emotions: fear, nervousness, excitement, embarrassment—you had it all. But with your boyfriend with you, both supportive and experienced, it makes it easier to adjust.
You huff. "Yeah, I think so."
Your confirmation is all it takes for him to sink you down onto his hard cock, minor moans emitting from both of you. Almost effortlessly, your navy blue panties are pulled tightly to the side, allowing easy access for Jeno. The plan is for Jeno to record some gameplay while you warm him up—all the while with you clad in a skimpy Sailor Moon costume.
You don't know much about the show, nor did you think that there was even lingerie for it. Regardless, you're feeling kind of cute with the big bow at the area in-between your breasts.
Furthermore, it helps that you're facing away from the camera, your face kept a mystery for the viewers. While Jeno records, a vibrator is strategically placed against your clit, snug between you and him. It goes at an agonizing pace, enough to have you drenched but not good enough to make you cum.
The vibrator buzzes oh-so-quietly; so fucking aggravating. Meanwhile, Jeno seems like he couldn't care less.
"Shit, they're closing in on me," he mutters into the mic. It's quite impressive that he can multitask so well, your walls engulfing him while he withstands your weight on top of him. His arms stretch on either side of you, enough to find space to hold the DualShock in his hands as his chin rests on your shoulder.
You can hear the gunshots sounding off from his headset and the groans of zombies before it all stops. Now, you realize that Jeno had paused the game, moving with him as he reaches for his phone.
He switches the power all the way up and soon, the vibrator shakes mercilessly against your bud.
"Je—J!" You stammer.
With gentle fingers, your boyfriend brushes your cheek before kissing you and grinning. "You're so warm, baby," he praises. "Be a good girl and stay still." A sinister look glimmers in his eyes when he sees you bite your lip, a delayed nod following after. He smirks and pulls your head down to relax on his shoulder again.
"That's it—my little cock sleeve's doing so well."
You whine at his approval, knowing well that he knows you live off his praises. The constant vibrations mixed with how stuffed full you are make you tremble, and Jeno soothes your thigh with his touch. "Be patient," he orders.
Your arms cling onto him tightly as your nails scrape down his arm, each whimper of yours captured by the mic. Jeno is stone cold, save for the benign busses he sends your way every few minutes. The sensations shoot through your body and cause you to clench around him.
Swiftly, a searing smack is landed on your ass, bringing you to yelp. One, two, three and more come your way and you bury your face in the crook of his neck.
"What the fuck did I just say?" Jeno hisses. When you lack a response, he sends a slap to your thigh and you jolt.
"Stay"—you choke—"stay still..."
For seconds, your cheeks warm at the thought of his fans seeing and hearing you this way. Their first impression of you being putty in his arms, desperately trying not to cum.
Satisfied, he hoists you up and adjusts your position and you resume to hugging him securely.
And there you sit for the next 15 minutes of him shooting every zombie on the screen, waiting patiently like the good girl you are—being his personal cockwarmer.
But it proves to be a challenge when the knot in your stomach is threatening to snap, and you cry: "J, please... please! I—I can't..."
Jeno places the DualShock on the table and brings your face in his hand, squishing your cheeks gently. "You can't what, baby?" He asks, a taunting lilt to his voice.
"Can't... I can't hold it—please, let me cum," you mumble, on the verge of tears.
Jeno massages your skin in every possible place available; your thighs, ass, back, arms. Your hands fall to the back of his neck as you wiggle on his lap eagerly, waiting for his permission. And meekly, you beg one more time.
He gives you one, big smooch and smiles. "Cum around my cock."
Right then and there, you crumble—juices running down his balls while your pussy flutters around his dick. It's too much for you to take notice of how he throws his head back in bliss. Meanwhile, your legs are shaking at the surge of pleasure and you collapse in his hold.
The toy is finally turned off, tossed aside and away from you. Jeno's arms wrap around your waist and he fixes his face in your hair, inhaling the fresh scent of your shampoo. He rocks you side to side as he litters kisses along your shoulder, whispering sweet praises that make your heart palpitate. "That's my girl... you listen so well."
You release a relieved sigh, until you find yourself turned around and empty of his dick.
It's then when you remember that a camera has been recording everything. But you don't have time to protest when Jeno has your thighs parted wide, reaching down between them to part your lips. You gasp at the lewd sounds of your wetness, and he chuckles. "Look at how pretty she is," he voices. "Can't even count how many times I came just thinking about her."
You whimper at his confession. Heat trails down your body at the thought of your boyfriend touching himself to you. Your thighs make an attempt to squeeze shut, but he slaps your right and you keep them open. In slow, tantilizing motions, he plays with your clit and observes the small jerks your body makes.
"How about I cum inside her—hm? You want that, baby?" Jeno suggests with a sickeningly sweet tone.
You nod frantically, wanting nothing but him inside of you.
"What do we say?" He questions.
"Yes, please," you mumble.
He smiles and presses a proud kiss on your cheek and you just melt.
It amazes you how much strength and stamina Jeno has because moments later, he's standing tall, free of his headset. His arms are hooked firmly around your thighs and you're high in the air, clinging onto him tightly in fear of falling. Though, the worry dissolves when he looks at you with composure and you know that you're in great hands.
He gives one more reassuring smile before dropping your pussy down his length, groans and soft pants coming from both of you. Jeno takes his time for a while, admiring the way your chest is near exposed from the frail material of your top.
On top of that, your fucked out expression motivates him even more and fuck, is he lucky.
"You're so gorgeous"—his grunts grow louder as his pace quickens—"my personal fuck toy."
You drop your head to close the space between both of your mouths, muffling the moans and mewls you share with him. His skin collides with yours in lewd slaps while his cock ruts into you at exquisite speed, bringing your legs to flail with each thrust.
It doesn't feel unnatural, it doesn't feel like you're doing it for tons of people. And both of you are just too lost in the other to remember.
"I-I'm close, please k-keep going," you pant. Jeno throws his head back and proceeds with your request, fucking you until your vision briefly flashes white. You release around him for the second time, nails moudling crescent moons on his shoulder blades.
Hot on your tail, Jeno cums soon after you—burying his cock deep to pump his seed until he begins to ride out your highs. When his cum spills out and to the floor, both of you look down, sharing giggles at the mess you'd made.
Your boyfriend whispers an "I love you," of which is quiet enough for only your ears to catch. For a short period, your time is spent admiring each other, prolonging the adrenaline that rushes in you.
But it ends when you remember that cleaning up and editing (read: considering your face is in need of blurring) need to be done. Though, neither stop you two from exchanging lovesick looks while doing so.
Tumblr media
Video from its.J_ustMe (10h):
"My Baby 💚"
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polkamonnn: HOLY- HE DID IT
bubutea: JEsus Christ
jaywhypen1s: Oh shit this is new, did I miss something?
a_lonelyromantic3: This makes me soft but horny 😩💓
randommaccount23444444: WHAT I DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT THIS AHSHSJ
bubutea: lemme say thank you first and wowwww the GIGGLES 🥵
momspaghetti88: you didn't disappoint-
wowsosexay: This makes me so wet 🤤
jisuheart2000: so hottttt, i want to do this with someone
Maybe you're open to doing this again, after all.
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neopuppy · 2 months ago
All Night Long (M)
Tumblr media
Preview: “He’s actually about to start opening packages! You should see how many omega’s actually do send him their filthy slicked up underwear.” You adjust the screen so Jaemin can have a better view.
“You can’t be serious right now..” Jaemin looks around with shifty eyes. “ done..that?”
“No! Gross! I would never! Look- I might be lame, and desperate, and..weird sometimes but I’m not that weird. Besides, it’s too embarrassing..what if he got a whiff of my scent and looked disgusted.” You finish with a frown. Jaemin sighs shaking his head.
“Embarrassing? And this..” he reaches forward, picking up a vile hanging from your lamp. “This Jeno’s Juice isn’t?!? YOU HAVE IT HANGING WHERE EVERYONE CAN SEE!”
“Hey!!” You yank the vile from his hands, clutching it to your chest. “I paid good money for this!”
“Oh believe me! I’ll never forget the day you dropped $100 on gamer boy bath water.”
Pairing: Alpha JenoxFemale Omega Reader
Word Count: 5k(this..was supposed to be a drabble)
Genre: one shot, AU, smut, a/b/o, kinda crack, gamer/camboy Jeno, roommate Jaemin(JUST friends)
Warnings: explicit language, smut, PWP(plot if you squint), alcohol/drug mentioned once.
Smut Warning: knot kink, breeding kink, praise kink, too much slick, that good a/b/o stuff.
a/n: Thank You for 1000+ followers! Enjoy
“This guys so shameless, streaming shirtless playing Minecraft?” Jaemin shoves his glasses up grimacing at your computer screen seated next to you.
“You’re just jealous no one pays to watch you do mundane things without a shirt on.” You adjust your elbow against your desk, smiling watching the man on screen lift a brow at you. At least that’s what you tell yourself.
“You don’t even play Minecraft, do you really care what he’s doing?” Jaemin rolls his eyes, in disbelief by the amount of viewers joining the stream.
“Hey if you’re gonna be judging, just get out! You’re ruining my most relaxing time of the day!” You shove at him, keeping your eyes trained on the screen lighting up your dark room.
“If I was an alpha, you’d be paying to watch me..” Jaemin scoffs. “Alphas have it so easy, they just exists and you omegas throw your panties at them begging to be used.”
“He’s actually about to start opening packages! You should see how many omega’s actually do send him their filthy slicked up underwear.” you adjust the screen so Jaemin can have a better view.
“You can’t be serious right now..” Jaemin looks around with shifty eyes. “ done..that?”
“No! Gross! I would never! Look- I might be lame, and desperate, and..weird sometimes but I’m not that weird. Besides, it’s too embarrassing..what if he got a whiff of my scent and looked disgusted.” You finish with a frown. Jaemin sighs shaking his head.
“Embarrassing? And this..” he reaches forward, picking up a vile hanging from your lamp. “This Jeno’s Juice isn’t?!? YOU HAVE IT HANGING WHERE EVERYONE CAN SEE!”
“Hey!!” You yank the vile from his hands, clutching it to your chest. “I paid good money for this!”
“Oh believe me! I’ll never forget the day you dropped $100 on gamer boy bath water.” Jaemin frowns throughly disgusted. “You lived off nothing but ramen that month. If only FAFSA knew you were spending your checks to fund some alpha profiting off your sexual deprivation.”
“You’re such a jealous nerd, ugh. Betas!” you laugh, returning the vile to hang. “Sometimes he plays Animal Crossing you know? It’s really cute, he knows all of K.K. Sliders best hits. Also! Dont forget..” you open up you desk drawer open, pulling out a small glittery decorated binder. “First 100 orders also came with limited edition photo cards!” You turn to the page displaying photos of the alpha waist up in a bathtub. “He’s unbelievable!”
“We need to get out more.” Jaemin furrows his brows with concern watching you beam passing through the stacked pages of photos. “Both of us, we’re in our prime! Not getting laid!”
“I don’t wanna get laid, I mean we used to do it and..”
“Hey hey, no need to remind me that I don’t sexually arouse you. It’s not my fault you’re obsessed with alpha knots. You don’t necessarily do it for me either, but I am a man with needs after all.” He shrugs, continuing to watch the alpha laugh on the screen. He’s reading the absurd comments coming in the streams chat room. “Surprised you’re not typing out poems of adoration and love right now.”
“Pft, you know I’m subscribed to his only fans. I send him messages everyday.” You pull open your phone, scrolling through the read love sonnets you leave the alpha daily.
“You’re kinda pitiful” Jaemin sighs again. “But love you bestie. I should go study for my test tomorrow now. As interesting as this was and all.” He gets up, waving goodbye. “Try not to get slick all over the floors again. See you in the morning.”
You return your focus back to the alpha’s stream. Leaning back into your chair with a content smile. He was perfect, funny, handsome, witty, and so so sexy. Who needed the real thing, when Jeno was right out of your dreams.
“Are my cute omegas having fun tonight? Alphas and betas too of course, I see you” Jeno smiles brightly, the sounds of coins chiming in growing louder.
“Ah yea, I have a lot of packages to go through. I’ll just open a few tonight. I’m sorry I won’t be streaming tomorrow night. It’s going to be a long day moving into my new place.” Jeno explains while cutting open a package. His nose immediately scrunches up, forcing a smile on his lips. Jeno pulls out a red lacy bra from the envelope.
“Ooh.. not quite my size is it?” He laughs holding it against his chest. “Yes, I probably could open up my own lingerie store at this point.” Jeno reads through the chat, pushing the bra off camera.
“How often do I pop a knot? You cuties never get tired of asking that do you?” He reads with a brow wiggle, biting on his lip. “Like I told you all last week, I’m single at the moment. The only knots I’m popping are into the palm of my hand.”
Jenoknotmyazz- There’s NO WAY he’s single, but whatever! Feed my fantasy alpha🤤
Alphadiqq666- He better lie to me, 80% of my pay checks go straight into his bank account!!
You sigh rolling your eyes scanning the chat. Jeno most likely wasn’t going to read half of these anyway.
‘You look really sexy with your hair pushed back like that alpha. Don’t overwork yourself tomorrow moving! Get a lot of rest tonight!💓’ you type out hitting send.
“Oh..” Jeno’s eyes light up, crinkling around the corners. “You like my hair like this kn0tluvr?” He smiles wider reading out your user name, flicking at the strands of hair styled in front of his forehead. Your cheeks heat up immediately, butterflies exploding in your stomach.
JenosNippleLickr- Ugh what a simp! Show us cock!!!
Eatmyaxx69- seriously what the hell?? does he ever get full nude?!? this is boring!!
‘It looks really good on you alpha! But you really pull off anything😚’ you finish typing out, hands trembling. Only just realizing how embarrassing your username sounds. Jeno continues reading through the chat, smile widening.
“Alright my babies..” The alpha leans back stretching out his arms. Biceps flexing, coins in the chat room going crazy. “It’s time I sign off and catch some Z’s” he bites down on his lip rubbing over his abs. “Of course I haven’t forgotten about your goodnight kiss. You think I’d leave you all hanging like that?” Jeno smirks leaning in, pursing his lips out with a smacking sound.
“Get some rest, remember to dream of me.” He winks, waving off as the stream ends. You let out a sad sigh, feeling the familiar emptiness return.
“I’ll go leave him a message..” you nod, opening up the alphas website, sending him many thanks and praises before going to bed.
“Listen, hear me out. I thought about it, I really think it would be a good idea.” Jaemin sips at his black coffee across from you.
“How is that possibly a good idea?!? That’s mortifying!” You look at him like he’s crazy, which he obviously is.
“How?? You literally pay this alpha every month! What’s the harm in sending him..” he looks around shrugging. “A shirt? I don’t know, something that’s coated in your scent. Doesn’t have to be underwear!”
“Jaemin I can’t do that. I see the way he reacts when he’s opening packages! I can tell he doesn’t like it..” you shake your head, motioning absolutely not with your hands.
“I’m saying this as your friend, you need to get laid. At least go out with me Friday, there are so many alphas out there! Instead you choose to waste your time with this....basically artificial intelligence one that you can’t even touch.” Jaemin frowns with concern. This isn’t the first time he’s lectured you about this, wouldn’t be the last surely either.
“Don’t call him that, it’s not his fault I have ptsd after that last alpha I was with. If anything, he’s helping me learn to trust them again.”
“You have to do this for me. I hate seeing you waste your days away masturbating to some alpha playing video games” he finishes with a sigh.
“Hey! What I do in the privacy of my bedroom is none of your business.” You cross your arms over your chest annoyed. Who is he- or anyone, to tell you what you can and can’t get off to.
“Send him something.” Jaemin gives you a stern look, tugging at your pajama shirt.
“If I do, will you leave me alone about this? You know being single isn’t the worst thing. It’s not like I see you holed up with anyone.” You smack his hand away.
“What kind of roommate would I be rubbing my relationships in your face? I’ll have you know, I’m very popular among the omegas at my job.” Jaemin scoffs rubbing over his hand, as if your slap hurt.
“Sure sure. Look I’ll send him something, and endure the humiliation if it means you’ll get it through your head that I just.. find him comforting and peaceful to watch after a long day.” You sigh leaning against the kitchen island. “He’s so funny, and cute.. he just seem’s so nice too. He never let’s the perverts that are only interested in his body bother him. He’s so respectful toward all the omegas sending him things even if he doesn’t like it..”
“Go on, you’re missing the major factor here.”
“..fine! He’s really attractive! God he’s so sexy I want to burst into tears just looking at him!” You turn fisting Jaemin’s t-shirt. “And I just know! I JUST KNOWWW IT’S BIG!” you whimper dropping your head against his shoulder. “I just know he could break me with his knot, he could end my life with his knot and bring me back. He could fix me!!”
“You’re so weird” Jaemin pats your back. “Nothing’s gonna fix that.”
You chewed over your fingernails nervously, angry at yourself for letting Jaemin convince you to send the alpha you adored watching a piece of your clothing. It was all you could think about after sending out the small package to his PO Box. What if your scent repulsed him? What if he had no reaction at all? Would no reaction be better than some type of reaction? At least if he hated it you could convince yourself you really had no chance.
Who knew how fast it would get to him, you had sent him things before. No need to mention to Jaemin the amount of game stop gift cards and designer clothes you’d picked off Jeno’s wishlist. His mailing address was in the same city as you which always made you nervous. He had moved yesterday missing his normal streaming schedule though. What are the chances you’d ever run into him at the grocery store anyway? The city was big enough to never cross paths.
The black screen lights up as Jeno signs on waving at the camera. He’s in a white muscle tank today, pushing his hair back off his face with a smile.
“Hey cuties, I know you missed me yesterday. Thanks for being patient and waiting for me.” Jeno looks over the chat, quietly laughing. “Why’s my shirt still on? Good question..let’s fix that” he leans back, slowly revealing his defined slim waist and abs. Jeno slides his hand over his stomach, drawing lines across the crevices. The chat exploding with donations and horny omegas.
“Should I start playing? Or would you like me to open some packages first?” Jeno smirks pulling a pile of envelopes and parcels closer on his desk. “I had soooo many waiting at the post office. I really feel so loved right now.” Jeno places a hand over his heart sighing dramatically.
“This one’s decorated so cute...oh! kn0tluvr?? You never send me mail like this!” Jeno beams with excitement wiggling around the shiny black package wrapped in a glittery bow. You nearly jump out of your seat hearing your username out loud yet again. It would be too late to change it at this point.. You lean over your desk inching in closer to the screen.
“Ah it’s almost too pretty to open” Jeno delicately cuts across the top, his smile immediately faltering. Your heart nearly sinks analyzing every movement on his face. “It’s...a shirt?” He gently pulls out your worn out pajama shirt coated in your scent, chest rising and falling taking in deep breaths. He swallows down audibly with a nod. “’s..nice.”
Puppyking00- who the hell sends a nasty old shirt?
Knotmyazzjeno- no seriously, what a loser. Hope he opens mine next, I wore this thong for a week before mailing it!
Your eyes water up watching Jeno hesitate before moving your package off screen to the side. He continues on ripping through another envelope, quickly returning to a normal state of half annoyed pretending to be unbothered.
“He hates me..” you throw yourself back into your seat. “Why did I listen to you Jaemin!” You wipe at your eyes shaking your head. “No, no. I won’t cry over this.” Looking back at Jeno continue on with his widened eyes holding up another set of underwear. With a whiny sigh you minimize the screen, unable to keep watching him.
“It doesn’t mean anything.. he doesn’t know me. He’ll never know me..”
“No offense don’t look so great?” Jaemin lifts a brow eyeballing your distraught appearance. You cried throughout the entirety of the night on and off. Trying to convince yourself you had no real reason to be disappointed.
“Thanks..” you murmur pouring yourself a glass of water.
“Something happen?” Jaemin asks you now feeling concerned.
“Nothing” you lowly reply, hiding your mouth in your cup.
“Shit well...I gotta head out to work. Early shift today.. hey uh, check the mail yea? I’m expecting some stuff.” Jaemin pats your arm on his way out. He throws you a wave goodbye at the door.
“K..” you mumble out to yourself as the door clicks shut. You really needed to get things done today and quit wallowing in your misery. May as well get the mail out of the way. You pull on one of Jaemin’s hoodies and your slippers heading out to the elevator. The mailboxes all located at the main entrance of the building, omega, betas and alphas alike. Despite living on a floor for only omegas and betas, you still passed the the alphas quite often whenever returning home.
“Junk mail...trash..” you murmur to yourself, tossing anything unimportant into a near by garbage. The front entrance door opening and shutting, with other’s always passing through.
“Hi..excuse me?” A deep voice questions near by. You lift your head looking to the side, dropping the pile of mail in your hands. The alphas eyes widen looking at the dropped envelopes.
“Sorry, didn’t mean to frighten you!” He replies holding his hands up. Your mouth falls open, hands shaking in front of you. “Uh.. you.. live here right?” He nervously lifts his arm, scratching at the back of his neck. It’s him, it has to be him.. shirtless and all. Even better, soaked in sweat, beautiful scent circling around you so intensely. “I just..” he nods toward the elevators. “The elevator to my floor is down. I checked the main office but no one’s there yet.. uh I just moved in yesterday. I’m not quite sure where the emergency stair case would be?”
You continue staring at him, slowly blinking as your ears fill up with cotton. There was just no way.. it was really him?!? The alpha you’d been obsessing over for the last two years? Here in the flesh, standing right before your eyes. It was like the picture of perfection, with the sun beating down right behind his large broad frame. You could hear angels singing, every move he made in slow motion.
“Are you..are you ok?” Jeno asks drawing his eyebrows up. You stumble back finally snapping yourself out of this, trance.
“I..uh..” you look down at the mail you dropped, squatting down to pick up everything. Jeno’s eyes widen following you, helping you with the ones that scattered further.
“Sorry again, I really didn’t mean to startle you like that.”
“No no!” You look up, staring into his eyes with shock. “Uh it’s uh.. “ you shake your head standing up, Jeno following holding out the envelopes he grabbed. “You’re..” you motion up and down his body.
“Oh! I just got back from my morning run. I always work out like this.” He says with a shy smile, rubbing over his stomach. Oh God, just like he does on live stream!
“You uhm.. stairs?.. stairs?” Your heart feels like it’s pounding out of your chest. No doubt Jeno could hear it too.
“Yea!” Jeno nods quickly breaking into a smile. The smile! You swallow clutching the mail to your chest, eyes bulging giving yourself a once over.
“Oh my God..” you whisper out loud, cringing. Of course you had to look like this right now of all times. Of course.
“If you’re busy I can just wait for someone to show up..” Jeno chews over his bottom lip. You shake your head eagerly.
“No no! I’ll help you!!” You nod, with too much excitement. “I know where the stairs are!”
“Oh great!” You nod again, walking ahead throwing Jeno a glance to follow you.
“My names Jeno by the way..” he walks steadily by your side keeping up a pace.
“I kn...uh, I uh..” you grimace stopping yourself before you end up giving yourself away.
“You must live on the beta floor?” Jeno questions, trying to keep the conversation flowing as you walk around the building. You lift a brow in confusion nodding your head.
“Well yea, my roommates a beta.. wait how did you know that?..” you pause near the stairs. Jeno looks you up and down.
“Oh? Your scent..” Jeno sniffs at the air. “You’re a beta right?”
“Me?! Beta?!” You look down at yourself, of course.. Jaemin’s hoodie. “Ohhh” you laugh out hysterically slapping your thigh. “No no! I’m an omega.. this is my roommates sweater, I just threw it on.”
“Ah, your partner is a beta?” Jeno crosses his arms over his chest, nice thick defined arms.
“Ew no, he’s my friend” you wave your hand off thinking about Jaemin. “I mean he’s.. I mean, I’m single!” You shout out, quickly covering up your mouth.
“That’s...good?” Jeno grins, glancing at the stairs. “I have to get going. Thank you for directing me. Again really sorry for surprising you like that. See you around?”
“Oh of course, anytime!” You wish the ground beneath you would just open up and eat you alive now more than ever. Jeno waves goodbye, jogging up the stairs. You wait until his gorgeous sculpted back is out of sight, beating your head against the wall.
“Stupid! Idiot! Oh my God! What am I going to do?!?” You look around crazed, pulling at Jaemin’s hood. “Stupid Jaemin!”
“This is all your fault. I need to move! I can’t live here anymore, he already saw me looking like a complete slop! Ugh” you shout out, throwing clothes out of your closet at Jaemin. He dodges all of your shoes, throwing everything else into a pile.
“Quit being so dramatic, this is a good thing isn’t it? Means you’ll run into him easily. You get to know him like two normal people. You’re not that bad you know, he could fall for you for all we know!” Jaemin picks up a black dress smoothing it out.
“He doesn’t like me!” You whine stomping your foot. “I could tell, my scent disgusted him. That’s all it takes! You know how many alphas I’ve fucked even though they didn’t like my scent? None! Because of something called Biology!”
“Hmm, that’s tough.” Jaemin stands up, nearing you. “You should wear this tonight. Will definitely get you laid.” He smirks holding the black strappy dress against your body. You snatch it away with a low growl.
“I am not going out tonight!”
“What?! Yes you are! A deal is a deal! Besides, what better way to get over this alpha, than getting under another one?! Come onnnnn, I already got us on the guest list for that club that just opened a couple months ago.” Jaemin drones, grabbing your arms.
“I hate you so much.” You look in the mirror holding the dress against yourself, slumping forward.
“Hey, you’re gonna love me after you get some alpha dick tonight!” Jaemin wiggles his eyebrows. “Get ready! I’ll get the uber to come in a couple hours.”
“I’m getting ripped tonight! R-I-P THAT PUSSY AYYEEEE!” Jaemin’s deep voice echoes through the hallway. You fall back against your bed ready to scream.
You better get some alpha dick tonight.
“Can’t believe I let you talk me into this.” You groan, stirring your straw around in your drink. Jaemin leans in closer, eyes clouding with reds and pinks.
“Can’t really hear you! It’s too loud! I wanna dance!” Jaemin tugs on your arm pulling you away from the bar. He smoked the entire way to the club, high enough to touch clouds by now. You trudge along slowly, shoving into the center of the floor behind him.
“I’m just not in the mood..” you mumble staring at your feet.
“That’s not good, what do we need to do to change that?” A raspy deep voice whispers against your ear. You look up, Jaemin nowhere in sight anymore. The familiar scent of alpha running around you. Lifting your head with a look over your shoulder, you gasp dropping your mouth open- Jeno. He smiles lifting his brows, forehead creasing. “Guess we’re seeing each other sooner than expected?”
“I..” you squeak, jumping in surprise. Jeno pressing against your backside. Something very large nestling between your mounds.
“I think I’ll be able to help your mood..” Jeno leans his face in, moving your hair away to one side. Nose swiping across your collarbone, up your neck to your ear. “kn0tluvr.”
“ knew?!” You panic, reaching behind grabbing at Jeno’s shirt. “I’m sorr-..” Jeno places a finger against your lips.
“Shh shh shhh. Nothing to worry about baby.” Jeno grinds forward against the thin fabric of your dress, his size only becoming more prevalent with each move of his hips. “You just need a knot to fill you up don’t you?” Jeno bends his knees, hard cock shoving between your legs.
“Oh.. alpha.. please. Yes, I need it.” This had to be a dream. There was no way this was actually happening. Jeno’s hands slide beneath the side of your dress cupping your breasts.
“You wanna come home with me? Want to get stretched by my knot all night long?” He thrusts up between your legs. Fingers tweaking and pinching over your hardened nipples.
“Please alpha. Take me.” You mewl dropping back against his sturdy frame. Jeno engulfing your breasts in his strong hands, squeezing them roughly.
“Lets go.” Jeno wraps his arms around your waist, shoving through the crowd. Keeping you warm and protected, hard cock pressed up against you. The short drive home feeling like torture. Driver yelling at you to control yourselves or he’ll charge extra for slick stains and pheromone blockers. Jeno runs around, pulling you out of the car running into the building.
“Fuck, the stairs” he looks around in frustration, slamming his fist against the elevator door. You whimper, squeezing your thighs together, slick traveling down to your knees. Jeno grunts, hoisting you up, pulling your legs around his waist. “Hold on to me.”
He carries you up the stairs so easily, displaying a true powerful alpha. Your hands travel over his shoulders, squeezing around his rippling biceps. Slick steadily pouring out of your core, crying in anticipation. Jeno fumbles around with a key behind you, kicking at his door. He charges in once it finally gives, pressing you into the wall, grinding forward.
“I’m gonna fucking cum already.” Jeno groans, pounding you against the wall faster. Slick soaking his pants, your underwear completely destroyed. You cry out, dropping your head back. If it felt this big with clothes on, you couldn’t even fathom just how big he’d be without.
“Jeno, fuck me please. I need your knot” you drop your head forward, feeling like a rag doll with how fast you were bouncing. Jeno’s thighs flexed hard, thrusting up into your brutally.
“Oh fuckkk” he let’s out a low deep drawn out whine, shoving at you one more time. Grimacing at the uncomfortable stickiness caught between his legs. He moves swiftly, gathering you up stumbling toward his bedroom. Dropping you down onto a king sized bed, you look around in awe. His chair, desk, the set up with his games. This was really happening.
“Won’t have to jerk off into this tonight after all.” Jeno holds up your shirt with a smile. Your mouth falls open yet again, in total astonishment. Jeno pulls off his shirt, unbuttoning his pants watching you. You feel heated, worked up already just staring at the alpha revealing himself. His body even more perfect than you could have ever imagined.
“Alpha.. “ Jeno pulls down his pants, hard cock springing free. Your chest rising and falling with speed, gazing in awe. He’s wasn’t big, no not at all, he was monstrous. An alpha crafted by an artists hands with time and care. Your eyes watered up just imagining Jeno splitting you open. He moves onto the bed, straddling your thighs. Hard cock swinging with each move of his hips. Jeno lifts your hand placing it around his size. You let out a cry from the back of your throat, tears slipping out. Your hand not able to squeeze anything more than the tip.
“Alpha, knot me. P-please kn-..knot me.” You stutter out. So overcome with too many thoughts, too much pleasure. The man you’d been fantasizing about for the last two years hovering above you. Bare, ready to destroy your insides. His hands slide up your thighs, pushing your dress up. Jeno takes in a deep inhale, slick coating your thighs an embarrassing amount.
“You smell so fucking good. Feel like my head’s about to explode.” Jeno leans down, shoving his face between your legs. Biting at the cotton of your soaked underwear, sucking the wetness out of the fabric. You pull your dress off the rest of the way tossing it aside, hips stuttering against his mouth. When Jeno lifts his face to look at you, his chin and lips are dripping in your wetness.
“So wet for me omega” Jeno gathers the fabric of your panties, pulling them up until your folds squeeze out around it. You hiss with an arch, the fabric rubbing against your clit with each pull. More slick rushes out, streaming down past your ass onto Jeno’s bed. He licks over his lips, glaring down at you with ferocity behind his eyes. Hand slapping down against your soaking center harshly. The smack delivering droplets of slick into the air.
“Such a good girl.” Jeno slaps your pussy again, hand landing harshly covered in slick. You grit your teeth together whimpering, shoving your hips up begging for more.
“Jeno..fuck me please.” You shed many tears, admiring the way your slick gleams across his lower stomach. Jeno moves fast, pulling your ruined underwear aside. He settles between your legs, pulling your thighs around his hips with a firm grip on you. Cock sliding between your folds, covering in your wetness. He licks at your hot tears, leaving small pecks in their place.
“Gonna be the best omega for me aren’t you? Take all my knot. Suck out all my cum.” You nod rapidly in response. Too strung out, high on pleasure and heat to get words out. Jeno lines up to your cunt prodding at your entrance. He felt so large, larger than any you’d ever taken. Jeno pushes in slowly, walls fluttering around his cock head trying to accommodate around his size. Your eyes roll back far into your head, lower half on fire.
“Feel so good. Tight little pussy squeezing around me so good omega.” Jeno stares down between you watching every inch of himself disappear. He mumbles swears to himself, drool dripping out of his mouth watching the bulge form in your stomach.
“That has to hurt baby.” He grits out, fully seething inside of you. You pant loudly, entire body rising and falling. White spots clouding your vision. Your hands tremble, reaching for Jeno’s shoulders.
“Fill me up, fuck me..full..of your knot.” You manage to stutter out between deep breaths. Jeno’s face drops into your neck, nose inhaling over your scent gland. He grinds into you a few times, letting you get used to the size stretching you wide open. Jeno squeezes at your thighs pulling his hips back. Falling into a rough pace, fucking you into the bed. One of your hands slips down his chest, reaching between your bodies. Fingers sliding down your walls, squeezing at his girth with every thrust.
“Al-alpha please..” you whimper, rubbing at your clit only once. Clenching down around his size, Jeno’s hips stuttering, thrusting past your orgasm. Slick squirting out enough to jump into the air past Jeno’s head. Your stomach hollows in, emptying out. Jeno’s hips unrelenting chasing his own climax. “J-jeno...alpha!” You shout out, head falling back. Jeno pounds into you mercilessly, bed shaking so hard beneath your bodies.
Loud groans and gasps escape Jeno’s lips into your skin. His thrusts never faltering, deeply reaching inside you. He sits up on his knees shoving your thighs forward, throwing his body weight into every thrusts.
“That’s a good omega. Takes everything, deserves to be filled.” Jeno thrust in deep with a groan, stilling as his knot finally expands. Your cunt clinging around him, looking swollen and abused. He groans out whines, cum spurting inside you. Both of your eyes gazing in awe watching the way your stomach bloats.
“That’s it baby. Take all my fucking cum.” Jeno’s eyes squeeze shut, nose scrunching up with the last spurt releasing. You push your hips forward, biting down on your lip. He looks down at you with crazed wide opened eyes.
“Fuck me with your knot. Don’t stop.” You sigh, grinding against the size locked inside of you. Jeno falls forward, smoothing hair out of your face with a jolt of his hips.
“Holy shit.”
You weakly limp into your apartment, moving like a snail toward the kitchen. Jaemin opens an eye, groaning from the couch with a bag of frozen veggies melting on his head.
“Are you just getting in? I thought you were asleep?” He questions. You pour yourself a cup of coffee from the pot he’d made already. Before you answer, there’s a knock at the door. You groan, waving for Jaemin to get up and answer it. He grunts lifting himself up, dragging toward to the knocking.
“I’m coming! Geesh..” Jaemin pulls the door open, mouth hanging instantly. Jeno lights up, looking around him.
“Hey! You forgot your phone!” He waves it around in the air. Jaemin gawking back and forth between the two of you. You slowly limp over, Jeno showing concern.
“Why didn’t you let me carry you up here? I knew you were sore” he frowns, moving next to Jaemin. You let out a soft smile, Jaemin the embodiment of ‘what the fuck’.
“It’s ok.” You look to Jaemin, tapping his chin to shut his mouth. “By the way, don’t hate you anymore.”
Alpha Camboys Are Ruining My Life—>
Tag: @seuomo
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alicanta77 · 9 months ago
NCT Dream Reaction: You hiding behind them due to being shy
you cannot convince me that Mark wouldn’t literally combust when you did this
his face would split into the biggest grin when you did this for the first time
he would get a little embarrassed if/when you do this around the members
but that’s only cause he knows he’s gonna be tease about it as soon as you leave
he would never EVER want you to not do it though
so he will endure 
he loves that you feel safe enough around him to do this
he would 10000% use this to baby you
would turn around and squeeze your cheeks or stroke your hair
as soon as he notices why you do this tho
he would always make sure to be holding your hand in any situation where you may be uncomfortable
that way you can pull yourself behind him when/if you need to
renjun is already so damn soft for you
so anytime you’re feeling shy and pull yourself behind him with a shy smile on your face
it will take physical effort from him to not completely melt or combust into a bunch of little hearts on the spot from how absolutely adorable he finds you
he especially loves it cause it makes him feel bigger and taller whenever you hide behind him
if it’s ever just the two of you
and you get shy and hide behind your hands
he will definitely grab them with his owns
and pulls them down to hold them and place multiple little kisses to the backs of them
he wants to see your face, even if you’re blushing and shy
he doesn’t want you to be afraid to be your absolute self around him
and if that is you being a shy mess
then be a shy mess
he just loves every part of you and wants you to know that
i get the feeling that, out of all the guys, jeno would be the most naturally protective
idk i just get that vibe
not in a bad way but just that, if anything happens to you that you don’t like, feel uncomfortable with or scares you
you can bet that jeno will be beside you in about ten seconds flat
so anytime and i mean ANYTIME you hide behind him
he will 100000% turn around and send you the sweetest smile you could possibly imagine
which probs helps calms you down pretty quickly
is also probably the best at bringing you out of your shell when you are feeling extra shy
he probably sees this as a symbol of your trust in him
like that you trust him to protect you when you’re hiding behind him
and he will NEVER let you down
cmon, who are we kidding, donghyuck is definitely going to tease you about it
as he does with absolutely everything
probably teases you about needing him all the time
‘ahhh what would you do without me y/n? i’m just so important’ etc.
he will never and i mean NEVER make you feel as though he doesn’t like it or that he isn’t going to let you hide behind him
he tries to make sure that you don’t have to go into a situation where you will feel this shy
but if he can’t avoid it
he always makes sure that he’s standing either next to you, or as close as possible, so that you can pull him in front of you if you want to
as much as he teases you which is a lot hyuck takes your happiness very seriously and is always gonna be there to comfort you when you need it
his baby???
NOPE. ABSOLUTELY NOT. nana will not allow you to be made to feel bad in any sense of the word
meaning that he will become around 1000000x more protective of you than he already is
even if your hands are bunched into fists in his shirt
he wants to hold you too
physical touch is a source of comfort for him so he will seek that out with you to reassure you that he’s there and you’re going to be okay
he does this one of two ways
he either pulls his arms behind you to hug you as best he can
or grabs hold of your hands and pulls them around his waist so that you’re back hugging him
either way, he keeps you as close to him as he can
is most likely to laugh at you for this
never in a mean way
he just finds it so cute that he can’t help but let out a giggle at the sight of you shrinking behind him
if he feels you so much as pull on his arm, he will step in front of you
always has one eye on you to watch for the signs that you may need him
he likes that you use him as a source of comfort
it makes him feel all warm and fuzzy inside
instead of trying to move you from the situation
he wants to make the situation less uncomfortable or nerve wracking for you
so he will probably try to make you laugh
makes jokes to lighten the atmosphere and make you more comfortable
does this when you get shy and its just the two of you
like renjun
he pulls your hands away from your face
just cause he really wants to see your beautiful smile
jisung loves loves LOVES it when you’re the one who’s shy instead of him
he’s used to being the one who get nervous and ultimately gets babied because of his nerves
so to be able to do that to you is probably a dream come true
he especially loves to watch you hide behind him
cause you pretty much completely disappear behind his tall frame
he really likes to feel as though he protects you
so makes the most of this every time it happens
probably reaches back with one arm to grab your hand and gently squeeze it
doesn’t want to smother you with attention
but wants you to know he’s there
he also is most likely to understand your shyness the best
being a shy bby himself
the cutest moment is when your shy figure curls up very closely into his
and when he’s not expecting it, he can’t help the blush from spreading across his cheeks
so it become two shy bubs cuddling into each other while everyone else teases them
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misfitneo · 12 months ago
lee haechan’s pride
Tumblr media
a mafia au / enemies to lovers au
pairing | lee donghyuck (haechan) x reader
genre | crack, angst
words | 11.9k
warnings | swearing, descriptive injuries, murder, blood. read with caution.
author’s note | this is the first part of the seven deadly sins series, where each member has their own individual story (& sin) which takes place in the same ‘universe’, per say. read more about the other members’ sins in the link above ! 
lee haechan’s pride is by far his most vexing trait. he makes it his underlying mission to appear superior through any means possible, and the worse part is that he earned it.
They say a cat has 9 lives. 
Lee Haechan isn't exactly a cat but he certainly does live as though there are 8 more lives to spare. As reckless and self-absorbed as he is, he manages to have an unparalleled record in his area of expertise, a remarkable skill in the art of manipulation and deceit that meant he was one of the gang's most prized possessions. He worked alone and took pride in independence, each victory was exclusively his and the distinct lack of failures only fuelled his already thunderous ego even further. He worked alone, until he was forced to work with... you.
"Hyuck, this is Y/n. From now on you'll work as a team for missions." Mark Lee coughs through the awkward, visibly tense atmosphere and gets up from the chair with a restless hand running through his raven coloured hair. "I'll leave you two so you can get to know each other a little better."
It's hard to ignore Haechan's fierce gaze that almost burns holes into his leader's back, how his teeth are gritted as if he's one to ever hold back from speaking his mind, hands shrinking into fists tight enough to leave crescent shaped scars printed in the skin of his palm, and you swear he hasn't even set his eyes on you once since Mark called you two in. 
"Are you fucking kidding me, Mark?" The rage in his tone travels out of the room and across the hallways, intriguing enough to gather curious looks from some of his teammates, who poke their heads out of the doors to see what the fuss is all about. Mark just sighs - he knew this wasn't gonna sit well with him. "Tell me you're joking. It's one of those times where you're mad and all like 'hey, I'm the leader and I have the power around here, you do as I say', isn't it? You know that shit doesn't work on me."
Mark turns on his heels and faces the fury of Lee Haechan himself, a hand massaging his temple as if it'd make this situation any more bearable, before taking a step forward in the boy's direction.
"Look, Hyuck..." He starts, unsure of his words and even more unsure of his actions as he sets a hand down on Haechan's shoulder. "This wasn't my call, alright? Taeyong wants you two working together. If it really bothers you that much, you can go talk to him yourself."
Taeyong was Mark's older brother and the infamously know leader of NEO and all its glory. Haechan knew better than to go against the powerful man's orders or to even attempt to disturb him with such trivial matters, he's perhaps the one man Haechan respects and admires more than himself - that and he'd probably have his head if Haechan went against his orders. That doesn't mean he'll cease his riot right away, he'll just have to make it quieter and work out some elaborate plan to change the leader's mind on the issue. 
He scowls at Mark one last time before stomping away like a child throwing a tantrum, running his shoulder into yours, who barely even stood in his path, watching the scene unfold.
His attitude should irk you more than it does though, in reality, you're forced to bite your lip as to stop audible laughs from slipping past your tongue right in front of your leader and the curious crowd watching intently.
"Sorry about that Y/n, he'll come around." It sounds more like a hopeful thought than the reassurance he's trying to convey, but you appreciate the effort. "You know where you're staying, right?"
"Yeah... I think I'll wait a bit longer before I move in, though." Your eyes shake and your cheeks ache from containing the mocking smile that stubbornly grows with each second, but you try your best to keep your professionalism despite the urge to laugh out loud at the situation. 
"I think that's a good call." Mark agrees, sighing for what feels like the 100th time today and tiredly bowing his head before going on with his duties.
This is about to be the most fun you've had in years.
"What the actual fuck are you doing here?" 
Haechan greets you with all the kindness and warm reception you expected to get, however you find it hard to appreciate it while your heel holds the heavy door open and your bags struggle to squeeze past the door frame. One final push is enough to get all your possession into what you'll now be calling home, and also enough to have you collapse on your butt right by Haechan's feet.
"It's nice to meet you too, I'm Y/n." You tease, dusting off your clothes as you stand to your feet before holding out a hand between your bodies.
"You didn't answer my question." He growls, his crossed arms and defying stance are enough to make your hand retreat back to your disheveled hair as you let your eyes wonder through each corner of the room.
"This is so much better than the training quarters, it's almost like I hit the jackpot." Almost.
It truly was a delightful sight. There's a single bunk bed tucked in the corner and a window that allows natural light to seep into the room and fill it with warmth. Not only that, there's enough space for a desk with an expensive tech set up that doesn't partially block the way into the wardrobe and, the highlight of it all, you won't have to wake up at ungodly hours in the morning just to get a decent 15 minute shower anymore.
"You must be important to the gang, I haven't seen something other than artificial lighting for months."
"Are you deaf? I asked what the fuck you're doing in my room." Arrogantly poking his tongue on the inside of his cheek, Haechan lets an agitated hand run through his warm coloured hair, stepping back into your camp of view just before you have the opportunity to lay a finger on his precious computer. 
"You better start calling it our room. I'm taking the top bunk, if that's alright." It's not exactly up for debate anyways, you're already climbing up to the top before Haechan can even think of protesting.
"Enjoy it while you can, I'll make sure you won't stay here for too long." He spits, clearly still bitter from the leader's hasty decision. 
For the past hour or so, all that had been on his mind was the genuine inquiry of 'how in hell was this beneficial to the group'. There's no mission Haechan can't complete single handedly, if it fit his range skills of course, and bringing someone along causes more potential danger rather than peace of mind. Sure, he could deviate from the thoroughly devised plan at times and miss his cues for just the fun of it, but his actions had never cost the gang a life or led to failure. 
It just doesn't make sense.
You snicker, savouring the feeling of a soft mattress and cushioned duvet in what feels like the first time in a lifetime. "You know, I think we'll make a good team."
"Listen up, you piece of unswallowed cum! If you spend one more minute in the bathroom putting on your stupid beauty treatments, I will literally rip your hair out one by one." Your face heats up with fury as your fist comes down on the door again and again and again until your beloved roommate finally decides to unlock it after an hour and a half.
"Calm down, princess. I can't even take a shower in peace." His complains are nothing but an attempt to pull your strings even more, it's clear in the way he crosses his arms and leans on the door frame, looking down at you through the wet strands that cover his eyes with a characteristically infuriating smirk. 
Admittedly, you loose your focus for a second too long and allow your eyes to flicker up and down his body, admiring his tanned torso, still slightly wet from the hour long shower, a sight which seems to send a shiver down your spine. You drag your eyes back up just to see his smirk widen, an eyebrow raised in amusement once you paint a look of faux imprudence on your face. 
"Get out of my fucking way, Haechan. Because of you, I have 15 minutes to get ready for the meeting." And as you try to get past him and into the bathroom, Haechan moves to completely block you off, arms on each side of the frame, head tilted down, so close to yours you can most certainly feel his breaths fanning your cheek.
"I think you like me being in your way." He teases, barely above a whisper, drops from his damp hair hitting the skin of your shoulder and the difference in temperature, along with the sudden intimacy of the moment, has you holding your breath beneath him. 
With a swift projection of your knee straight into, what you'd assume to be, his most prized possession, you clear the path to the bathroom, stepping over his curled up figure on the floor. Before slaming the door shut, you're kind enough to advise him to be ready in ten minutes and out of your sight.
"Fucking bitch." He mutters in between pained groans.
"Are we all here?" Mark questions as his eyes briefly scan the room. 
As if on cue, you stumble into the room and scurry to the empty seat between two guys whose names you're not really sure of. "Sorry I'm late."
"Great first impression you're giving." Haechan's remarks are uncalled for and he has some nerve to act as if it wasn't his fault.
The guy by Heachan's side jokingly elbows him and rolls his eyes at the witty remark, probably used to this kind of behaviour from the boy. "Shut it, bro."
Your reaction is not too far from his, but you can't hold back from kicking his leg under the table, almost as a warning that he should shut up before his ballsack suffers the consequences - again.
"Okay, this mission is pretty straightforward but please pay attention." Mark begins, sparing an alerting glance at your partner who just shrugs innocently. "Guy in his 30s, used to work in the weaponry sector at the headquarters but left after they found out his funds weren't matching up with the amount of gear, possibly pocketed some of the money for himself. Since he knows 127's faces, we'll be the ones taking this mission."
"Skip to the interesting part please, Mark." This guy sure does have a lot of nerve. He's spread out on the chair, head rolling back and eyes closing out of boredom, not one ounce of professionalism in his speech, stance or mannerisms. You breathe out a scoff, wondering how much he really means to the gang to be able to tease the leader of junior forces and live to tell the story.
"Donghyuck, concentrate." Mark coos slowly, as if speaking to Haechan was the same as speaking to a 5 year old - no one blames him - and your ears perk at the nickname he uses for your partner, 'Donghyuck'. "He's going to attend a friend's wedding next Friday. Hyuck and Y/n, you'll be guests at the wedding. Infiltrate and eliminate him, make it look like an accident. Renjun, you watch the cameras and make sure their identities don't get exposed. Jeno, you'll be on escape duty and Chenle, I want you watching just in case something goes wrong."
"Great, I get be a chauffeur." The boy siting by Haechan groans, throwing his arms up in protest, to which the other just snickers and pats his shoulder, nodding understandingly. 
"The rest of you can take the day off, I don't think we need anyone on call." Mark announces and the room fills with hushed smiles and understanding nods from everyone but the boy sitting on your left.
"All of this just to be off call... You could've just let me sleep, Mark." He mumbles through an exhausted sigh, making the leader snicker a brief 'my bad, Jaemin' before returning to his assertive persona.
"Can't I just do it alone, this can easily be a one man job." Haechan's whines sharp through the atmosphere and almost drive Mark into insanity - can't he do anything without complaining?
"It's a bit suspicious to go to a wedding alone, especially when you don't know anyone, don't you think? You're better off passing as a couple." He does have a point but the word 'couple' still triggers your gag reflex as your eyes meet Haechan's own disgust-filled ones.
There's something inside of you screaming with the knowledge that things aren't about to go as smoothly as intended, for even a couple of days were enough to acknowledge the fact that Haechan's feline aura was prominent - and an issue. It's true that he's skilled in every move, knows how to weave through the crowd unnoticed and deceive people with unmatched charm, yet Haechan isn't bound by such thing as rules; he believes he doesn't need anyone other than himself but, when it comes down to the mafia and constantly being put in life or death situations, rules are a vital component. 
That 'I work alone' mindset is perilous, jeopardising and it won't work, at least not while you're partners.
"So..." You cough, breaking through the silence that fills the car. "Why are they even sending us on a mission for this? Can't they just snipe the guy and call it a day?"
Haechan doesn't even move at the sound of your voice, not interested in starting any kind of conversation with you, and leans his head on the window, closing his eyes to get some rest before arriving at the place of the wedding. Jeno, who's busy driving you to your destination, glances at your furrowed eyebrows and confused expression through the review mirror.
"Well, we could, but we like to do things without drawing attention to the gang. If it's a murder then they'll try to investigate and we don't have the time to worry about such small matters." He's kind enough to explain, unlike the guy who's supposed to be the one guiding you through all of this. 
You nod, entertained by the view outside. "What about the ambush missions or when we're assigned to high profile criminals?"
"On those, we can't really afford to care about the police or intelligence agencies so we just blow the place up." He clarifies nonchalantly - he's probably been through a lot of these missions, to be honest.
"Makes sense."
This is the first time Haechan has been quiet for more than a couple of minutes and you should really learn to treasure these moments of peace - they don't last very long. Maybe it's his way of preparing for a mission, setting his focus on the ultimate goal, and maybe he's not as reckless as everybody made him out to be.
"We're here." The car comes to a stop and Jeno turns to hand each of you a fancy wedding invitation, much like the one stolen from one of the guests, but with your name instead of theirs. "Turn left at the end of the road and you'll see a line at the entrace. Chenle has already found a good spot in the building nearby."
You both hum in agreement. Once you finish checking everything works as it should and come to a consensus on where to meet later, you both step out of the vehicle, bidding one last farewell to Jeno. 
 Each click of your shoes on the concrete floor and the sole knowledge that you're getting closer to the site of your first real mission makes your stomach crunch - not with nerves but instead with excitement. After all those years of training, you finally get to put your skills in action. Sure, there was still a hint of edginess to the thought but that does not stop your smile from growing wider as you approach the line.
"Jesus, could you be any more obvious." Haechan murmurs, his annoyed tone not really matching the youthful and beaming expression he wears as his eyes meet those of the other guests. An arm snakes it's way around your waist comfortably and you have to stop yourself from tensing up at the sudden, intimate contact while the urge to choke him grows.
"Don't piss me off." You retort, smoothing the fabric of his suit down a little too gently for it to seem threatening. 
"Guys, camera to your left by the door." Renjun chips in as you make your way up the line. Haechan turns his head to the right and shields you slightly, though it probably just looks like he's admiring the decorations and greeting the people by the entrance with his sweet smile, while you snuggle closer to him and follow his cue.
With the fake invites and your name miraculously appearing on the guest list, you and Haechan make it into the building, raising little to no suspicion. Renjun checks in, reassuring you that there's no cameras inside the building and, although that means he can't help from afar, it's makes this mission more of a sweet ride for him.
"Since we're at a wedding..." Haechan starts in between greetings and respectful bows. "We might as well have fun."
And before you know it, you're left alone in the midst of a crowd of unknown people, trying your best to not look awkward or lost without the guidance of your beloved, trusted partner. 
Luckily - or not - people at weddings are more sociable than normal, so you're instantly approached by two women, who are kind enough to bring you into their conversation. There are 3 rules to keeping people entertained and ignorant to your true intentions: ask the questions (people love talking about themselves), use open body language (to seem approachable), smile (to seem interested). From training days up until now, everybody in your work sector is taught to have a detailed picture of their alter ego, from a believable set of false memories to a believable set of false ambitions, family history, personality traits, interests, occupations. Everything that makes you who you are is disregarded and replaced with countless possibilities of who you can be. That's what you love the most about the job - why be you when you can be anyone you desire?
As you busy yourself with the naivety of these people, your supposed boyfriend comes back with drinks, handing you one while getting dragged into the conversation. There's a mutual agreement that if people were to ask about your couple life, only one would talk while the other agrees and builds on the information. 
"Haechan! This is Ms. Kim and Mrs. Jung, we were talking about how beautiful the preparations are." Briefing him on the situation, you slither an arm around his waist and lean your head on his shoulder, while he greets them politely and glances down at you with an affectionate gaze.
He sure is good at this.
"So, are you guys dating?" It's always in these kinds of situations that you deep how dense people can truly be, I mean... Isn't it obvious enough?
"Recently engaged, actually." Haechan wears a proud look on his face and can hardly contain his smile, especially as he feels you burying your face in his shoulder as to hide the flush of pleasure stealing into your cheeks.
"I can see you're both deeply in love." Ms. Kim praises, as if reminiscent of her own story of young love, and lays a hand soothingly on your shoulder. "Congrats."
If you weren't busy carrying out a murder, your gag reflex would surely not be this strong.
"So, who's side do you come from?" Mrs. Jung questions after a while of innocent laughter and the usual 'what do you wanna do in the future' talk all old ladies bring up with their nosy nature.
"Well... Now we're from both." Haechan jokes, yet that's enough to satify her curiosity. 
From the corner of your eye, the face you'd spent days familiarising yourself with comes into view, gleeful and delightfully oblivious. Taking that as a cue, you excuse yourself and sing something about trying the delicious food laid out on the table at the back, yanking Haechan along playfully.
"I got eyes on him, dark blue suit, 10 o'clock." You whisper with a mismatched smile.
"Yeah, I know, we had a nice chat a while ago while you were busy talking to those grandmas about the decorations." He talks with a pointed nose and looks down on you through his eyelashes. 
God, he's insufferable.
"So you talked to they guy we're here to kill. How is that smart?" Despite the rise in blood pressure, your efforts at masking the wrath that poisons your speech are admirable. 
"It doesn't have to be smart, I'm trynna have a good time." He shrugs and stuffs an ungodly sized piece of cake into his mouth before choking out a, "You should try it sometime."
"You know what you should try? My foot up your a-"
"Guys, he's left the wedding venue and is walking towards the small building outside where the bathrooms are, so if you could please shut the fuck up and do your job before I have to do mine." Chenle interrupts through the earpiece just in time to save Haechan from loosing his ability to produce offspring. 
Your partner seems hesitant as he's dragged discreetly through the crowd, glancing over his shoulder just as upbeat music starts to fill the hall.
"But they were about to start the dancing part, can't we just do it later?"
"You gotta be fucking kidding me."
"I've looped the footage from the security cameras outside, so tell me when you've made it into the building." Though Renjun can't see it, you nod at the instructions and stroll across the grassy field with Haechan's wrist in your grasp.
Once you're in, you let Renjun know, checking no one else is around. Your stomach crunches and your breathing rate increases exponentially in anticipation. The first mission of many - don't mess up, Y/n. 
The boy's eyes roll to the back of his head almost involuntarily, following your careful footsteps as if he owned the owned the place and, no matter how irked you were at this characteristic kind of attitude, this is not the time or place to bicker over it. 
The eye-catching signs guide you up the stairs and down the hallway, pointing to a set of doors, each with either a male or female stick figure, which cues Heachan to reach for the gun tucked into the back of his suit trousers. It's your turn to roll your eyes, telling him to stay put before sliding into the small room and closing the door behind you. A few seconds of inaudible talking and the sound of a collapsing body are all it takes before you open the door back up and give passage to Haechan, who scans the scene with a pleased glint in his eyes.
A comment of praise almost slips past his lips at how clean the job was - a blow to a fatal part of the skull caused only by the sharp, now blood stained, sink edge and perhaps a bit of force which could be easily mistaken for an accidental fall.
"Not bad."
Lee Haechan isn't one to appreciate others' works, especially since he's always done the job alone, so to hear the ghost of a compliment come from him was a shocking discovery to you and to the rest of the group over the line.
"Thanks, I guess..." Your tone is heavy with caution, perhaps confusion, but your focus isn't torn from the task at hand, as you wet the floor with water to make the 'accidental fall' narrative more believable.
"Not bad for a first timer." He adds.
Of course it wouldn't last long.
"You could've let me do it, we were starting to become friends." He always finds something to whine about.
"What the fuck were you gonna do with that gun, genius? Did you completely miss the 'make it look like an accident' part?" Arms flinging through the air, narrowed eyes, throbbing neck veins and pointed fingers - everything is back to how it usually is between you two.
"Guys." Renjun calls to no avail. "Guys, shut up, someone's coming into the building!"
And after a few attempts, silence finally settles in as you both look around for a discreet way out. Lucky for you, there's an open window just wide enough to fit through.
"We're going out through the window on the other side of the building." Haechan informs and steps over the dead man's body to grab your arm and drag you along.
"Alright, I've looped the CCTV footage so you should be clear." 
"Copy that."
Haechan is the first to jump, skilful and light on his feet, turning around with open arms ready to catch you when you fall, only to almost get knocked by your pair of shoes. "Get off my way, Haechan!"
Your drop is just as good as his, better if you dare, and in a second you're both back to the wedding venue just in time for the unpleasant news.
And despite your mission's success, all you hear for the rest of the day is an endless string of complaints from your partner, whose fun had supposedly been ruined by your presence.
It's 2:34AM when the door to your and Haechan's shared room creaks open, the sound of shoes dragging through the wooden floor stirs you awake, no matter how light they were intended to be. Though your lids feel heavy, you force your eyes open when a groan echoes off the walls and makes your stomach crunch just enough for it to be uncomfortable.
It's dark; the curtains are drawn together and he didn't bother turning the light on on his way in (as to not wake you up). Curious moonlight seeps in through part of the window the curtains fail to hide and that's enough for you to make out the boy's hunched over figure.
"Go back to sleep, Y/n." He tries to sound firm and dismissive with those words but his own voice fails him, hushed grunt erupting from his throat. 
A metallic scent envelopes your sense, further driving the exhaustion out of your body, and you sit up alarmed. "Shit, are you hurt?"
There's no need for a verbal answer, as his blood stained skin gives it away beneath the glare of your bedside light. Open gashes adorn his lip and forehead and purple bruises highlight the gracefulness of his cheekbones, possibly smeared across his stomach too, which he clutches with his right arm. His white t-shirt is tinged with deep reds and slightly ripped at the seam, the usual carefully styled hair now a matted mess to top it all off, and you never thought you'd live to see Lee Haechan in such state.
It's almost instinctive how you jump down from bunk and speed to the bathroom in search of a first aid kit, come back to be met with the sight of him slumped on the floor, hissing as his fingers brush his busted lip in an attempt to get rid of the blood trailing down his chin.
"Wait, let me see." You hand soothes its way onto his cheek, lifting his head up as to analyse the wounds, but Haechan jerks it away with an unyielding attitude.
"I told you to go back to sleep, I can take care of myself." It's a lie. He's tired and every muscle screams with ache, yet he hates it more that you get to see him in such a vulnerable state.
"Cut it off, Lee. You didn't even make it to the bed." You retort and take a hold of his chin once more. 
Surprisingly, he doesn't argue any further and lets you tend to his wounds in silence, drowning every pained moan in his throat in a trivial attempt to keep his dignity.
"Who did this to you?" You whisper, more to yourself than to him, steady breathing, though your heart thumps audibly in your chest and your eyebrows lower, perplexed.
"I have a lot of enemies." His smirk is almost infuriating considering the position he's in, and the amusement is hastily cut short by a low hiss of pain.
"I wonder why." If not for the sheer amount of concentration this task requires, your eyes would've rolled far back into your brain; instead, you try your best to steady your hand as you dab off the blood, disinfect the raw skin and bandage it appropriately.
It's 3:16AM when Haechan's is finally in a, somewhat, acceptable state. His head is thrown back to lie on the mattress after losing an arduous battle to exhaustion while you analysed the wounds scattered across his stomach. 
Never had you seen him enveloped in such bliss, with no conceited smirk nor arrogantly cocked eyebrow, no more of that vain facade, just parted lips and soft features, gentle puffs of air every few seconds. He looks almost angelic, and it makes you wonder what would've been if he hadn't tangled himself is so many sins over the years. Perhaps in another life, Lee Haechan is humble and pure, full of a light that doesn't derive from a god complex or messed up upbringing, still childish but not in a condescending manner. The reality of it all is something you'll never truly know for Lee Haechan's entire existence is a riddle itself, which you're tired of trying to solve.
You sigh. 
Upon spending a few seconds contemplating your options, you decide to wake him up rather than miserably failing to drag him onto the mattress. He barely even opens his eyes, plopping down under the blankets before drifting off once again, and you make a task out of cleaning the blood smears off the floor and binning all of the dirtied gauze. 
It's only once your body drops dead on the bed that you allow yourself to relax, at last. And it might've been a dream or simply your fatigued mind playing tricks on you but, before you give into bliss completely, a voice soothes through the darkness of the room.
"Thank you, Y/n..."
It's been 3 months since your first mission together and you're sad to say that hardly anything has changed. 
Morning fights over bathroom colonisation, occasional afternoon bickering over the most trivial matters and, when night falls, it's absolute chaos, even more so when you're returning from a mission and were forced to spend the whole day in each other's presence.
But today was different. A fight, not like the others, broke out between you two and it seems like Lee Haechan's insensitive words finally got their desired outcome. It came after a mission that, though not deemed as a failure, resulted in Haechan's left arm getting scrapped by a bullet. 
The objective was to get in, kill the leader of a petty, downtown gang that dared ambush one of NEO's trading locations, get out. Their relatively small gathering at a quiet restaurant was the perfect opportunity to get back at the man, and the plan of dressing up as waiters didn't seem to have any major flaws. Your attack of choice was poison in his drink, but soon enough you were both forced to draw out your guns and escape with a few wounds, letting Chenle snipe the man and swiftly finish the job.
The objective was complete but Haechan... He could barely see your face through his reddened vision.
"I told you to watch my back and you couldn't even do that right." He shouts with rage as Jeno uses his first aid training to tend to the bloody wound in his upper arm. 
"How was I supposed to know they'd surround us like that?" It's clear that anything you say will only anger him more but it's not in your nature to keep quiet. His condemning scolding has your eyebrows furrowing with indignation, arms wavering in the air to further your point and yet he doesn't back down.
"Maybe if you did your job right, we wouldn't have lost." The car stops right in front of the headquarters but neither of you get up from your seats.
"Come on Hyuck, drop it already. The man is dead." Jeno's attempts to de-escalate the tension in the air are notable, but certainly not enough.
"Before you joined, I hadn't had a single failed mission, not one!" He continues, refusing to let you get away after with making him lose his hard-earned streak, and all you can do in return is scoff at how unbelievably egocentric he's being. "Is this just a joke to you? Are you even fucking trying, Y/n?"
He's far from amused at your reaction, it only really fuels his ire further. 
It's not just about the streak - it's the humiliation. Not only did he not complete the task that had been given, Haechan got shot in the process of failure. The untouchable persona he worked so hard to build is now falling apart before his eyes and it hurts to think it's his own fault - so he doesn't. He blames it on you instead and walks away with his dignity, he blames it on you because seeing sheer pain in the eyes of his partner, who he'd secretly developed a modest sense of adoration for, hurts less than feeling pain itself. It's so incredibly selfish, but that's how Lee Haechan works - or at least that's what he wants you to believe.
"I am trying, all the time, but it's just too hard Haechan!" Frustration drives your head down onto your hands however, the boy yanks at your wrist with uncalled force, making you look back up. His face is close, not in the usual, teasing way he does it when you threaten violence - there's no amusement, no playfulness, just an icy, fierce stare.
"If you can't meet NEO's demands then..." The corner of his mouth lifts into a grin; you know he doesn't mean it. "Leave."
Your gut screams to excuse his actions, 'he doesn't mean it, don't listen', but his words sharp through you and sting, like pouring salt on a wound long forgotten. There's always been a fear of not being good enough haunting your thoughts, no matter how many years you spend practising, there's not one action that doesn't beg a doubt. Hearing your own partner saying you're not good enough for something you've worked so arduously for is the nail in the coffin. 
Don't listen to him, Y/n.
"Fine." Your voice fails you, breaking into a shock induced whisper, and you can't bear to look into his eyes with the sheer amount of shame that overwhelms you.
Promptly, you are the first to leave the car, Jeno and Haechan's strained gazes set on your back, following you into the building until you're out of sight. And, at that exact moment, Jeno's fingers, which had been busy tending to his injury, dig into the bandage-covered wound, causing the younger boy to thrash in his seat and let out a pained yell. 
"Ah, what the fuck is wrong with you, Jeno?" 
"No, Haechan, what the fuck is wrong with you?" His voice is low, firm that it's about time he asserted himself and called Haechan out on his lack of sensitivity. "You're partners, whether you like it or not. And stop with the God complex bullshit, just accept that the mission didn't go as planned. You don't have to blame it on anyone just to keep your stupid record clean."
It wasn't something people did a whole lot - confront Haechan over his actions or sense of entitlement - but Jeno has known him since they were kids, Lee Donghyuck's wrath isn't something that frightens him.
"Plus, you got shot on the arm because Y/n saved you from getting a bullet hole in your chest, at least try to be thankful." With that, Jeno makes his way out of the SUV, leaving before Haechan's ire takes over.
Not only is he cross, the boy is somewhat puzzled. Though he refuses to admit it, he knows what he did is wrong... But why is it that his chest kind of aches?
You didn't come back to the dorm that night and Haechan found himself to be too tormented by the silence of the room to sleep for longer than 4 hours straight. He'd occasionally chuckle whenever his mind flicked back to the thought of you - more often than he'd like to admit - and internally ridicule you over how petty the whole situation seemed to be; and yet his throat itched at the quietness of his surroundings. 
He tried to get rid of the discomfort, going for a midnight snack, staring aimlessly at the ceiling, twisting and turning into countless sleeping positions. Even when he'd give into sleep due to the exhaustion of the day, it was just a matter of time until he was back to insomnia.
He's already up on his feet when you slip into the room at six in the morning, not bothering to spare him a glace as you pull out your bags from under the bunk bed and start throwing in anything on sight that belongs to you.
"Stop being so dramatic." He mocks, with a toothbrush in his mouth.
No answer.
"Good luck with Taeyong." 
And once again, no answer.
By the time he's back from spitting out the toothpaste, you're pacing around the room, in search of anything that you could've missed.
"At least don't be a wimp and stop giving me the silent treatment." He argues, leaning his shoulder against the door frame with childishly crossed arms and faux amusement in his features. 
"You didn't ask any questions for me to answer." You retort nonchalant.
His eyes analyse your body language, supposedly relaxed and oozing confidence, knowing that under all that thick skin there must lie some vulnerability, but that's only until he remembers you two's job includes body language training and deeps the fact that you're the one person he's unable to read. It's frustrating, to say the least.
Silence settles in the room as he thinks through what to say. This is the kind of awkward situation he's never really dealt with throughout a whole career of dealing with people, he needed more than superficial knowledge to even think of redeeming himself.
Only after a moment does his voice sound again, this time in an admirably less condescending tone. "Look, I-"
Unfortunately, Haechan is interrupted by an abrupt swing of the door, which captures both of your and his attention. There stands Lee Jeno, ragged breathing, visibly apprehensive, almost as an obvious bearer of bad news, and it makes your stomach crunch in anticipation.
"Emergency meeting in 5." Your eyes widen, setting down the clothes lulled in your arms as Haechan stands straight almost instantly, ears perked with curiosity and perhaps a hint of scepticism. "We better get going."
"What's this about?" Haechan trailed close behind Jeno, matching his fast pace out of the dorm, looking back to check you were following suit.
"Park Myungdae." 
It must be the first time you've seen Haechan tense up and drop his characteristic negligence for a meeting, there didn't seem to be even a ghost of a smile in his features; he sat down quietly in his chair and remained quiet to take in everything Mark was saying.
Park Myungdae was a familiar name. Everyone learns about him during the training process, about his youthful face and family legacy, about the mafia he governs over and each of its unfortunate encounters with NEO, about all he's stolen, from valuable connections and valuable goods to the lives of valuable people. He leads the one mafia that dares to defy NEO, the only foe powerful enough to be deemed as a threat to the business, and so this matter requires every ounce of attention.
That's why no voice was heard apart from Mark's, who explained the urgency of the situation with a hand on his hips, while the other rubs the tired creases on his face from time to time.
"Is everyone here?" He looks around the table for one final check and nods, not really bothered by the pressure of countless sets of eyes staring him down with anticipation. There's a few extra faces you don't recognise occupying seats at the table but that's not where your focus is. "Okay, so... We received an anonymous tip that Park Myungdae has concrete information about the location of some of our bases, which may also include the one we're on." 
Only the truly foolish ones got involved in this muted fight, selling information about each mafia to the other just to be found dead in a matter of hours by the gang they betrayed - it was a kind of courageous idiocy, to put it simply.
"And after running a few checks, he did seem to have done some underground business. Either way, it's good to make sure he doesn't actually have his hands on anything." Mark continues, pacing around by the head of the table.
Your gaze flickers towards your partner across the table, a hand rests on his chin and his lips purse as he digests the information. It's truly the first time he's ever been so focused on what the leader has to say, and you kind of wish his childish aura would return and lighten up the room, make the situation feel less solemn.
"So, I want to infiltrate at a party they're having in a few days. Find out what they know and get rid of any information you come across. Hopefully, they're not bright enough to have copies of it, although I doubt it." He remarks sarcastically in an attempt to decrease the tension.
Mark is a good leader. He manages to have an honest and relaxed relationship yet, when the time comes, his communication and integrity impose respect. Although you've heard about his rare, and rather fierce, outbursts, it's nothing you hold him accountable for - if you were the leader they wouldn't even be considered rare. However, you admire his ability to carry the burden of being the heir to the mafia the most. You had a choice and he didn't, and apparently neither did Haechan. From what you've gathered, they've known each other for as long as they remember.
"So, what's the plan?" Na Jaemin cocks an eyebrow in question, leaning back onto his chair with crossed arms.
"Right. Haechan and Y/n, you guys will attend the party as a couple. From what we've gathered, the information is all in an USB. Myungdae and his brother will both be attending, so the chance of it being in there is quite high. Get in, search for it and get out, we can't afford to get caught." 
You both nod. It's risky, yes, certainly the hardest mission you've been assigned to to date, and the nerves show in the way your hands fidget with the seam of your shirt and how you zone out on the wall. Haechan, on the other hand, has seen way worse than this to let it shake him up that much.
Everyone pretty much knows their individual roles, but Mark still goes out of his was to consolidate the plane.
"Jaemin, you go with Chenle this time. Jeno, I want you with a small unit outside in case things go really wrong, but hopefully there will be no need for that." He holds his breath mid sentence before carrying on, leaning over the table until each person is assigned to their respective positions. "Renjun, I want you to get Jisung in on this one too."
"Jisung? Park Jisung? You know that shit's harder than the rest of this whole mission, right?" Renjun's complaints are nothing but that, and he silently complies after a bit of back and forth, poking his tongue on the inner side of his cheek as if working out a way to carry out that duty.
It takes a lot of frustration and hours of outlining a detailed plan before you're able to exit the dim-lighted meeting room. And still, you can't seem to get rid of the persistent itch at the back of your throat for the week that follows. There's always a feeling of impotence that comes with important missions, this one being the most important of them all, and a small voice taunts you into thinking of everything that could go wrong, like background noise, a reminder that you cannot bear to slip up - not this time.
The air was filled with the scent of dirty money and much too expensive wine, blood-coloured, bitter, staining the guests' lips that then either twisted into a mischievous grin or a forced smile to please each other. The hall was extravagant, an architectural masterpiece especially designed to hold parties like these, where the sole objective was to make connections with rich businessmen and flaunt their mafia's own wealth. Even the suits and dresses, their silk materials and unnecessary embellishments, screamed 'exhibitionism' at its best. And among all those shades of blue and black and grey stood Haechan's deep purple, complimenting the honey of his skin and well-define frame, inviting not only the eyes of businessmen and their sons, but also peering gazes of their accompanying partners, who could care less about all the money talk going on.
He's well aware of his impact, and it shows in the way he grins and pushes back the strands from his forehead before pinching his bottom lip between two fingers. Their hugry stares shift into ones of sheer disappointment as they scan further down the boy's body, halting right where your hand intertwined with his; it'd be a lie if you said that didn't bring you a hint of pleasure.
You're approached before you can approach, going through the tiresome process of telling that love story everyone always seems so curious about, adding in small, seemingly irrelevant, details to make it more believable and leaning further into Haechan's hold. 
It's all play pretend. 
It's almost been a week since your fight and you have yet to resolve it, his words and the way he so blatantly mocked you still burn bright in your mind, too bright to be hushed over by small talk. He has tried bringing it up a few times, but everytime he did you were either busy or found something to be busy about. In all honestly, Lee Haechan isn't one to appologise; he does still think your sensitivity is partly to blame and it took him way too many hours of overthinking to come to the conclusion that maybe he was in the wrong too. Either way, you are not on good terms but, fortunately, you're good at acting like you are.
Lee Haechan wasn't a businessman - he would never be able to handle making a life out of kissing somebody else's ass - but he sure knew how to act like one, to the point where you almost included him in your mental list of 'where to make use of the spare bullets when this whole thing ends'. He talked confidently about shares and investments and didn't even stutter through the extensive vocabulary; it's clear that a lot of time went into studying for the role, and it reminds you exactly of why he's treated like a God at NEO. Unmatched skill and admirable dedication - he earned the right to flaunt. That's the most infuriating part of all.
You rest your head on his shoulder mid conversation and let's your eyes flutter shut just as Haechan's loving gaze falls on you. 
"Are you tired, baby?" He asks in a whisper, unfazed - thankful even - by your discreet interruption, all the money talk now fading from his mind. 
"Mhm." You lift your head from his shoulder and he takes the opportunity to pull you further into his hold with a hand pressed to the small of your back. "I just thought we should sit down before the ceremony starts."
The two old men who were so deeply intrigued with Haechan's eloquence seem annoyed at the rude interference, and that's how you know you're doing your job right. It's always the ignorance of the plus ones that ruins the mood, which makes your role quite delightful, in a way - no money talk, just irritating old men.
"Excuse us, gentlemen. It was a pleasure talking to you both. I hope you get that deal you're so eager about Sir, it sounds remarkable." You never thought you'd live to hear Haechan praise someone other than himself, you're almost unable to stop your eyebrows from lifting out of shock.
You slip away from their suffocating presence with an arm hooked around his, dragging the boy down to the appetizer filled tables. Somewhere along the way, Haechan accepts a champagne glass and takes and kindly hands you another one.
"It's a shame that we can't drink. A bit of alcohol doesn't sound too bad right now." You let go of Haechan once you reach the discrete corner of the hall, twirling the drink encased by the glass with a disappointed sigh. 
You're not supposed to accept drinks or food on enemy territory, so you guessed this trip was just a way to satisfy yourself with the mere sight of it. It's a shame, really, but understandable. If something went terribly wrong and they somehow knew your identities, who is to say they wouldn't try poison? 
Either way, that scenario is pretty unrealistic. As key members of NEO's junior forces, your identities were strictly confidential. In the real world, you existed under a different name, if not multiple names, your parents were people you don't even know of and even your birthday was modified. Your true identity was a mere file in the mafia's data base, encrypted in case of a fault in the system as it contained details from your true date of birth to the story of your upbringing. Your real lives were so cryptic that you weren't sure you even knew each other.
Haechan sets his glass down, still half full, and lets his arms snake around your waist from behind, leaning down so his lips are mere centimetres from your ear. For some unknown reason, you tense up at the intimacy, as if it wasn't 100% an act like it was supposed to be.
"Hey, uhm..." He begins, awkwardly. "About what I said the other day, I-"
"Drop it, Haechan." The tension in the air rises and the last thing you want is to recall the resentment towards your partner whilst in the middle of an extremely important mission.
You're hypersensitive to the way his breaths fan the hair at the nape of your neck and to the warmth radiating from his hands around your waist. 
"Listen, I'm trying really hard here."
You scoff. "Stop trying then, no one asked you to."
"Why can't you just take my damn apo-"
"Guys, I see him, he's coming in." As if on cue, Renjun interrupts you two, and you've started to notice it's become quite a habit of his. Nevertheless, you thank him mentally for breaking up these situations, although you're pretty sure it's just because he's tired of hearing you two talking and not focusing on the task at hand. "It's your cue."
The youthful face of Park Myungdae comes into view from the other side of the hall, getting ready for what you suppose would be a marvellous introductory speech, one you wouldn't have the pleasure of hearing, sadly.
"This is such a good angle to just..." You get what Haechan means, and it truly would taste like sweet victory if it was as simple as pulling out a gun and aim at his frontal lobe. 
"Maybe some other day we'll get this lucky again but, for now, come on." It's a pity really, but you're both forced to discreetly slip out of the main hall and make your way upstairs where you'd expect to find the USB in question.
"Alright, let's split up and meet back here in 30." Haechan reaches for the gun tucked into his belt and checks the magazine is full one final time just as you do. 
There's no need to prolong the conversation, so you turn readily on your heels and start making your way down the corridor with calculated steps, coming to a halt when Haechan calls out your name.
"Be careful." His voice is clearer through your in ear piece due to the distance but he can still make out your small nod before you're off again.
The first room you enter is ridiculously big, the sound of your steps on the marble floor seem to bounce off the walls thunderingly, but your focus is only on roaming through the stacked up papers on the desk, every drawer that comes into view and even feeling around the vertices for the spots out of sight. You take the time to search the area to your full potential before slipping out and making your way next door to be met with a, considerably modest, room.
You go through the same process you did but come to a halt soon after, spotting a small USB hanging off a port of the laptop sat on the desk. Although the urge is certainly there, you don't let confusion stop you from taking this lead, setting your gun down on the desk while opening the pc, just to see they didn't even bother setting up a password.
"This is weird." And it doesn't get any better once you open the files up. Everything is labelled in a coherent manner, no encryption, not even a slight attempt at a code, the folders are named according to their locations - none that you see which correspond to any existent NEO bases - and you never thought you'd be so taken back by proper organisation. "Something's not right."
"What?" Haechan's cautious voice sounds through your earpiece.
It's before you can voice your concerns that Renjun' alarmed yells, accompanied by frantic typing, boom into your ear.
"Fuck. Fuck! Guys, get out of there! They cut the cameras, I'm blind, you need to get the fuck out of there, I think they know you're-" 
The line dies as you attempt to process his words, your hands lay still on the keyboard, breath ceases midway up your throat, every single muscle betrays you at that exact moment. At last, adrenaline poisons your system and shakes you out of that state of impotence, you reach to grab your gun but, just as your fingertips get to feel it's metal grip, a hand yanks you back by the hair. 
Trying not to act on instinct and bring your hands to your aching scalp, you reach down to your ankle, where a knife was strategically strapped to, stabbing it into the man's thigh enough times for him to loosen his hold. Sadly enough, he was not alone. Three other men had their guns aimed at your skull, using their towering physique to their advantage, and it's clearly a lost fight, but you were not about to go down without causing some damage first. In mere seconds, you manage to wound one of them with a gash to the arm and get your knife stuck in another's skull, making a run for your gun, now just by the foot of the desk.
That opportunity is taken from you a little more painfully than the first, the gun is kicked out of reach and the heel of their shoe digs down into your wrist with just enough force to snap the bone and make you whimper in pain.
As predicted, you lost the fight.
"You're one dedicated bitch, aren't you?" A man yanks your head up by the hair, allowing you to look at his smug smile which is evidently an attempt to mask the wrath bubbling inside.
You know him... Park Youngsoo. Park Myungdae's younger brother, second in command, heir to the leader position and owner of a characteristically childish attitude that could even irk the devil himself. Correction - you know of him, but this is the first time you're blessed by his presence.
Adrenaline starts to drown out the agonising throb from your wrist, and the blinding rage that takes over at the sight of Youngsoo makes you unapologetically spit straight at his face, earning a slap to the left cheek that sends you straight back into the ground.
It was kind of deserved but that's besides the point.
He was far from finished though, jerking your head back up and raising his fist so far back you shut your eyes firmly even before the impact out of instinct. 
"Throw that punch and I'll blow your fucking brains out." Haechan's voice no longer soothes through your earpiece. He takes cautious steps into the room, eyes focused on the target at the tip of his gun's barrel, blatantly ignoring the fact that, if he were to fire a single bullet, three more would cave their way through his organs.
It's unreasonable for him to use his gun as more than a threat, anyway. The consequences outnumber the benefits by a tremendous amount, and even if he were to kill every other person in this room, alarming all the guests and guards downstairs didn't seem like such a marvellous idea.
It's evident that Youngsoo knows that too. 
He stands up straight, drawing you up along with an iron grip on your forearm as you struggle to find your balance. His words are smug, grin unfaltering. "You must be Haechan, huh? It's nice to meet you, I must say you got quite the reputation."
Haechan's eyebrow furrow but not once does he divert his gaze from the main target.
"Or do you prefer to go by Donghyuck? I thought it'd be kind of me to ask."
You still; and along with that, so does your heart, breathing, and even Lee Haechan himself.
He is not supposed to know that.
As much as you want to know the wonderful details of how in hell he found out Haechan's real name, you think this isn't perhaps the most appropriate time to catch up. Your partner quickly dismissed the small talk, eyes narrowing in on his grip on your arm. "If you don't fucking let go, I swear to God you'll regret the moment you were born."
"I've heard a lot about you, Donghyuck." He continues, unfazed, and perhaps amused, at the bluff. "Gifted, unrestrained, stuck up, narcissistic..."
Haechan interrupts him with a scoff. "It's nice to know I have fans."
"We'd get along well if you weren't part of NEO. What a shame, so much wasted potential..." He awaits Haechan's response but all he gets is a fierce glare in return, making him tut-tut as if deeply disappointed by the lack of respect. "You're no fun."
"And you must be fucking deaf, I said let go." 
"I thought you worked alone." An expression of faux confusion crosses his face, an eyebrow cocked up, parted lips barly resisting the urge to smirk beneath Haechan's painfully piercing gaze and you just know whatever is about to come out of his mouth is no good.  "How about a deal? There's an intermission on your inear, isn't there? I'll tell my men to drop their guns, let you walk away unscratched, and even do you the favour of getting rid of this one right here."
Fuck - he's good at making deals.
Admittedly, you don't have much faith in Lee Haechan. Everytime he seems to be finally opening up to the idea of you, the game restarts and you find you two burning the world down and tearing each other to pieces. He's said some things that hurt you, you've said some things in an attempt to hurt him, and he's made it very clear from the start that you're not welcome. All you can do is mentally work out a premeditated plan of action; you reckon you could probably take out two of the guys with your unbroken hand.
Haechan doesn't, for a single second, meet your trembling gaze, and the only thing that keeps the dying flame of hope alive is how his nostrils flare out with each heavy breath.
"You must not know me very well then. If you touch one of my people, I'll make it my mission to give you as slow of a death as possible, and I don't like to fail my missions." He's not angry, he is absolutely livid, (thankfully for you).
"If you want it so bad then..." That damn smirk... You've never wanted to ruin someone this bad. "Kneel."
You know what he's doing. It's not just a petty game, it's Youngsoo's way of asserting his power. He draws satisfaction out of making the most prideful person on the face of the earth capitulate all he stands for. You're outnumbered - badly - injured, with no way of communicating with the outside world, and in exclusively enemy territory; he has no choice.
Haechan hesitates, and you honestly don't hold that against him. Trying to picture such vulnerability in a boy who feels like his worth is drawn from his prosperity, all he has left to lean on, is awfully brutal.
Youngsoo doesn't like the wait, however. One look back and, next thing you know, there's a bullet sharping through the flesh of your thigh; you plummet to the floor mid shriek, a sound which manages to overpower the silenced gunshot.
Must've been payback from the bodyguard you stabbed.
And that's all it takes for Haechan to give in, eyes finally drowning the fierceness with pure panic, and the look on his face is the most pitiful thing. His arms raise, gun pointing to the ceiling, and you can make out whispered pleads muffled by your whimpers as his body begins to drop, steadily.
Haechan's jaw is clenched and he swallows in dry once his knees meet the floor, he avoids Youngsoo's gaze but not because he's ashamed - his focus is on you, whose face is contorted with agony, clutching onto your wounded thigh with the hand that's not broken.
"Eyes up here." His taunting is loathsome. It's clear that Haechan hears his command by the way his teeth clench, fists shake in rage, so tight his nails dig into his palm. "Eyes up here or the next shot's in the head."
He does so eventually, looking up at him through the layer of lashes.
If Lee Haechan had 9 lives, this was surely his first death.
"You'll regret this, one day."
At this point in time, those words mean nothing to Youngsoo.
In the blink of an eye, two of the guards drop dead to the floor with a single bullet hole to the back of their heads, the panicked third following suit in mere seconds. The moment Youngsoo looks back in shock, Haechan takes it as his cue, getting back up on his feet and striking the back of the guys head with the butt of his gun enough force to knock him straight out. The boy can barely see through the blinding rage but his aim is on Youngsoo's head; his thoughts filled with the man's promise to hurt you, the way he smirked as blood started to pool around your wound, his grip on your hair, and Haechan's finger is easing on the trigger with each memory, getting firmer, firmer...
"Hyuck, don't!" You manage to choke out though the almost unbearable pain and easily get his attention. "S-Slow death, remember?"
He's reluctant, eyes scanning the wretched expression you wear and the silent plead for him to not make such a grave mistake, but he soon tucks his gun back into his belt, cradling you in his arms to aid you up, rushing to the window, which is now adorned with three bullet holes. 
He jumps first, skilful but not as graceful as you've seen him be, and turns around with open arms, inviting you to follow suit. "Come on, I'll catch you."
Unfortunately, you don't have much of a choice this time around, so you take a leap of faith off the first floor of a mansion, just to end up securely back in his arms, where the biting cold of the night didn't seem to hit. He picks you up so you don't have to further hurt yourself, running towards the parked van and, at last, you leave the place behind.
As you wake up, light pierces through your brain, bouncing off the surrounding four white walls. A persistent beep echos through the room, definitely not helping with the headache, and though the air is cold and dry, there's a foreign warmth on your arm - that and you can barely move it. It takes you a while to finally open your eyes, but when you do Haechan's messy locks come into view, cherry lips parted to let his breaths fan the skin of your numb arm, no hint of a smirk nor a crease between his eyebrows, it's truly the first time you've seen him this peaceful.
Your stirring must've woken him up - he'd forced himself to stay alert even in his sleep - and in just a few seconds he's sitting up straight, wide eyes scanning his surroundings until they fall on you, relaxing at the sight.
"Oh, you're awake." His voice is hoarse though probably not as much as yours, incapable of making a coherent sound due to the dryness on your throat. 
He takes that as a hint, sleepily stumbling to grab a glass of water before aiding it up to your lips. 
"They fucked you up good, huh?" He's calmly analysing the bruises and wounds scattered all over, from the bandaged bullet hole on your thigh to the cast on your wrist, yet his tone is weighted down with resentment.
"You did see the damage I caused too, right?" A small smile plays on your lips in an attempt to lighten up the mood.
"Eh, I've seen better." He shruggs, earning a sharp slap on the chest, and you would've almost believed it if not for the teasing spark in his eyes. 
"I've still got my good hand, don't make me use it." You threaten and he scoffs, soothing over the spot where you hit him.
"That's if you can catch me first." He seems to hesitate once the cheery atmosphere eases off, zoning out in search for the right set of words before taking a deep breath in. "Uh, I still haven't got the opportunity to apologise, and I don't know if this is a good time either but I thought it'd be appropriate, although I haven't really done this many times before so I gue-"
"Hyuck." You interrupt amused, your voice drawing his eyes up to meet yours. "Calm down, you're good."
"Right... I'm sorry." He manages to choke out but you encourage him to carry on, to which he sighs. "For uhm... Being harsh and telling you to leave."
"Anything else?" You're just milking ot at this point, but his panicked expression is too much of an amusing sight to stop. It's not always that you get to see Haechan in such a human state.
"For going rogue on some missions and leaving you." You nod expectantly, encouraging him to continue. "Also for eating your Doritos-"
"You what?"
"-And for taking too long to find you when you got ambushed." 
Silence settles between you and accompanies the continuous beep from the heart monitor, steady, as you give yourself time to process his words.
"Hyuck, I..." His lips purse as disappointment poisons his bloodstream and it's clear that he thinks he's the one to blame for your state. You don't know what you're doing until your hand is soothing his rose-stained cheek, and he flinches at the touch before relaxing against your palm. "It wasn't your fault."
For someone who only ever manifests his own glory, this is out of character, yet you have no doubts he's being honest. He's too hardheaded to believe your words of comfort but he nods, hoping you'd drop the subject.
It took time, but he finally got used to the idea of you, of a partner, someone who has his back when he can't look behind him - it's kind of relieving. Not only that, he feels responsible, somewhat indebted, to you; you who took care of him when he was hurt, who puts up a fight whenever he irks you, who pushed him out of death's way and still put up with his harsh words. Secretly, he feels pride in having you as his partner.
Without even noticing it, his gaze is flickering to your lips, his heart thumps noisily against his ribcage and words blurt out of him before he can recompose himself. "Can I kiss you?"
Words dry midway up your throat but the heart monitor betrays you, each beep getting closer and closer together, and that's all he needs to brush his lips to your own before gently pressing them together. It was slow and soft, too soft for a fiery aura such as Lee Donghyuck's, but you don't mind that. It's his apology, a promise that he'll do better, he won't stand to watch you get shot, beaten, dragged in that way again.
He pulls away and there's an instant smirk playing on his lips as he returns to his normal self, at last (you were starting to miss the cockiness).
"Your heart's beating so fast, I didn't know I had that effect on you." He chuckles, lips still only a few short centimetres from yours. 
"You're talking as if you weren't asking to kiss me just seconds ago." His eyes narrow and a blush steals into his cheeks, finally sitting back up with a small huff and arms crossed over his chest.
"Hey, Haechan?"
You're more serious with your words now, feeling like you've ignored the subject for too long. "Youngsoo, he... He knew your real name, and the fact that we were partners, and it was almost like he knew you personally, isn't that..."
He can only sigh in response, focusing on a random spot on the wall across him as if replaying that night's events once more. "There's no explanation other than that there's a spy in our unit. I've talked to Mark about it. It's someone close enough to know know what we're like, but innocent enough to go under the radar. The only people you can trust now are me and the six other guys, alright?"
You nod, but something's still itching at the back of your throat. "If they know who we are then, this means that we can't do undercover missions involving their mafia, doesn't it?"
Haechan hesitates before confirming your suspicion, much to your disappointment, but is quick to reassure you. "It also means that, until we find this person, we're constantly on a mission so don't let your guard down, okay?"
That way of looking at it is somewhat uplifting. Seeing your smile lightens up Haechan himself, and you two spend the rest of your time talking about the trivial things you've never had a chance to before, petty fights break out, swiftly resolved by eager kisses, and laughter breaks out at the stories he tells about his and Mark Lee's eventful childhood.
They say a cat has 9 lives. Lee Donghyuck isn't exactly a cat but he's starting to believe he'd waste another 8 lives on you.
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