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#nct dream imagines
soleilsuhh · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
nct dream headcanons ♡ . ˚. that italicized ‘oh’ moment
Tumblr media
mark - the sudden display of affection. when you're so happy because of something and when he's so happy because you're so happy, and you excitedly jump into each other's arms; it's a very soft 'oh' first, relishing how warm this is and also thinking how you never want to let go because this feels like home, that's when it hits: oh. the earlier excitement has waned, replaced by something else entirely as you linger in each other's embrace.
renjun - that moment when your gazes lock in a loud, crowded room. at first it starts off with a few casual sentences and before you both know it, the conversation flows so perfectly despite the rowdiness and chaos surrounding the two of you, and between a witty retort and an embarrassingly loud abrupt laugh, your eyes meet and it's like oh. oh indeed.
jeno - the accidental i love you. the words spilled out of him without warning, without a second thought. he hadn't meant to say it but he did mean it. as a friend, he internally tried to reason, feeling both panicked and strangely calm. but you looked into his eyes and he looked back, and you both resigned you were in deep trouble because oh.
haechan - the first kiss. it's all easy smiles, teasing smirks, and playful, challenging gazes. until the kiss. his mind empties; there's no thought of what exactly happened to lead up to this or what to do when things get awkward between you afterwards. there's only the feeling of your mouth against his, and the feel of your hair and skin as he cradles your head and kisses you deeper. head empty, really, except for a very happy and slightly startled oh.
jaemin - when he sees you, truly sees you for the first time. he finds it incredulous how he'd never noticed the way the shade of your eyes shines in the sun or the way your laughter sounds like poetry in summertime. it's like you've been friends for years and yet until this moment, he'd never looked at you. but now, suddenly, everything makes sense: the effortless smiles that find him when you're being your idiotic self, the stupid excuses he tried to find just to be close to you, and the quiet pang in his heart when you’re being a little too friendly with someone else. it all makes sense now and the only thing he can say is oh.
chenle - when you’re vulnerable with each other. you hesitantly tell him something you’ve never had the courage to tell anyone before. and instead of wincing or recoiling from you, he simply nods and listens. and you let out a sound that’s almost like laughter — half surprised and half delighted. and you realize all at once how special this is, how special he is, how light you feel after letting that out. and oh, you think. if you weren’t certain before if you’re in love with him, you are now. so hopelessly, gratefully, and blessedly in love.
jisung - only when someone indirectly points it out. because he’s too oblivious that he leaves his own feelings no choice but to gradually worm their way. then he’s talking to someone about love — how the topic got there, he has no idea — but he’s listening to the person describe a quote they’ve heard from somewhere and jisung finds that he relates to it a little too much and his mind keeps going to you and just like that, it hits him. beneath all the ‘friendly’ touches, i’m-bored late night phone calls, and bellyaching laughter, there’s something more. oh.
Tumblr media
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beiyang · 2 days ago
𖠗 › ࣪ . boyfriend!nct alphabet ɞ lee donghyuck
Tumblr media
pairing: lee donghyuck (haechan) x fem!reader (gn undertones)
— headcanon, fluff lots and lots of it, established-relationship!au, boyfriend!haechan, non-idol!au
notes: points taken from @henderylikespink !! pls view their original post here !!
now playing: sunflower sung by rex orange county
pinned! this is all for entertainment purposes! not all what is depicted in my writings represent how the members are irl !! remember this is fiction after all — i rarely proofread my writings so if there are any errors let me know~ also please don’t shy away from any feedback! it’s welcomed~ happy reading darlings !!
Tumblr media
a. affection . . .
donghyucks love language is physical affection. it was very apparent even when he was pinning after you, he would always have his hands on you (respectfully, and with your comfort of course) he would always play with your fingers, hold your hand. he especially loves cuddling with you! he loves leaning his head against yours sometimes even peppering little kisses on the crown of your head. he isn’t shy about his affection with you either— as long as you were comfortable with the pda so was he, it’s his favorite way of showing people you’re his.
b. body part . . .
donghyuck absolutely adores your smile, it was one of the first things he noticed when he first saw you. it could literally light up an entire room, he loved making you laugh just to see your beautiful smile, he cant go a day without making you at least smile once its honestly the best part of his day.
c. cuddles . . .
like his affection towards you donghyuck loves cuddling with you!!! especially after a long day from school or dance practice it’s the most rewarding thing to come home and fall asleep in your arms— on those days he loved being little spoon, being coddled in your arms; his favorite. then again he also loves being big spoon, to him the pay off of having you in his arms is the best feeling in the world. the weight of your head on his chest or when his arm loses circulation because of you lying on it, he thinks it’s the best (even though he might tell you otherwise)
d. dates . . .
dates with your beloved would range from the most casual to the most outrageous he could ever bring up as a date idea. most days you would go out to your favorite restaurants, go on little walks around a quaint little park or around the neighborhood either of you live in or just stay home, maybe bake or do some home crafting that’ll be fun :] or maybe on more special occasions like your birthday or anniversary dates he’d take you on places you’ve always wanted to go or do things you’ve always wanted to do— he’d do it in a heartbeat for you. he just wants to spend quality time with you. however you may allow.
e. ever after (happily) . . .
admittedly you’re probably the best person thats ever waltz into his life— you’ve became such a big part of his life that when he asked you to be his girlfriend he knew he was in it for the long run so it didn’t take to long for him to really know that he wanted to marry you. but he had to know that you were on the same page he’d have no hesitation on marrying you! the love of his life !! he’d want to plan every single perfect detail prior to your proposal, sassy hyuck making a show when he was planning details with the other dreamies— when you said yes to his proposal all his dreams came true, wanting nothing else in the world.
f. feelings . . .
ever since donghyuck’s eyes caught your figure walking into mr. moons chemistry class his eyes were all set on you— love at first sight some may say. or that’s what renjun had told him, his lab partner when he had to nudge hyuck rather roughly for staring at you for way to long, which you had noticed but didn’t acknowledged because at the time you had just been dumped by the star of the hockey team liu yangyang (but that’s a story for another time) donghyuck being apart of said team never knew you were dating one of his teammates. though it wasn’t advised by his upperclassmen (ten and winwin) not to go after yangyangs “sloppy seconds” but donghyuck wouldn’t call you that. rather call you a seven course meal that yangyang barely got halfway with so to hell with it he began to chase after you and with enough persistence and charm it’s helped him land a pretty lovely lady that he’s so glad to call his.
g. gentle (how gentle is he) . . .
donghyuck always tries to be careful with you, touching you like the finest piece of glass. he’s the most gentle with touch in the mornings, gentle caresses of your cheek and face, nimble fingertips tracing your eyes and neck, patting your hair watching your peaceful expression as you sleep. best thing to wake up to honestly.
h. holding you . . .
donghyuck has always been fond on holding you, whether it be in bed or while waiting in the to order your coffee his arms would always be around you, you waist, shoulders or arm. ever since he garnered a romantic liking towards you he always considered you as his safe place, his anchor. where ever he was what ever he was doing he wanted to feel you, he craved it— hell he couldn’t fall asleep if you weren’t in bed with him which he found out after the first time you slept over, the cheesy “i’ll take the floor” dialogue occurred but when donghyuck realized he was dating you and that you were more than comfortable sharing a bed with him he tackled you into bed. it was then where he had the epiphany that changed his behavior towards you as a whole, being wrapped in your arms was something he didn’t want to live without.
i. impression . . .
chemistry, to donghyuck was the worst subject in his opinion and having no real lab partner made it worst but the second you walked in through the door he was in awe, like mentioned perviously it was like he fell in love with you at first sight. he though you were a walking angel, so smart too. always helping out others in the class, especially him since you became his lab partner when you switched into the class— he loved your caring and cheerful nature but also you're quiet side, so he obviously became quick friends with you and that's how he came to know you were with yangyang, key word "were" as in past tense so that was his green light to pinning at you, not caring that you were his teammated ex. he wanted to get to know you for you not that anyone made him think any other way because if they did they wouldn’t hear the last of it from him
j. jokes (prankster?) . . .
donghyuck is mischievous by nature— his friends say he doesn’t park you as much he pranks them and honestly they’re right. donghyuck doesn’t always find the need to prank you (even though your reaction are adorable all the while funny) but the farthest he’s gone since dating you was when he deliberately gave you the silent treatment for half the day, after seeing a tiktok mark had sent him one day he wanted to give it a shot— but obviously didn’t think it through, it effected him more than it did you and when i tried to make it up to you he continuously blamed mark… well, it was somewhat his fault for showing him the tiktok in the first place! (shake my head)
k. kisses . . .
his kisses are always soft and tender, his lips are super soft against yours, always shared at the right time and bring a sense of comfort. he especially loves kissing you when you wear the peach flavored lip balm he loves so much
l. love you (who said it first?) . . .
he had said i love you first, well he says the first time didn’t count because he was drunk— one night after drinking one of his closer friends had called you asking if you could pick him up from the bar. explaining that he was very much drunk and got a little to crazy on celebrating, after struggling to get him home and into some more comfortable clothes you finally got him in bed; you assumes he has knocked out once his head hit your pillow so as you got up you heard a faint “i love you so much y/n” from your boyfriend before he smacked his lips together and shifted in bed. the simple comment made your heart speed up and cheeks heat up and when you had finally built up the courage to tell donghyuck the morning after his reaction was the same as yours as he whined about wanting to say it on a more important date— but insisted he meant it, drunk or sober.
m. memories . . . 
donghyucks favorite memory with you is probably the first new year you spent together, you had gone to his hometown to spend the new year and late christmas. the first time you met his parents was so surreal, you’re the only girl he’s brought home with the intention of being with for a long time and god did his heart feel so full— seeing you get along so well it’s his parents it, sharing so many past memories with you (even if they were embarrassing) he remembers showing you around his home and silently swooning at the little sounds and comments you made when you saw a picture of him or things around his room that made you awe, it was such a fulfilling moment for him seeing you in his childhood home he adored every second of it.
n. nickel (do they spoil you?) . . .
donghyuck loves to spoil you especially with jewelry! the loves matching jewelry with you, his favorite is a matching ring ser he bought for your six month anniversary. the satisfaction he gets when he holds you hands and feels the cold metal laying on your fourth finger, sometimes he teases you for wearing it all the time (while he does the same) sometimes cooing in adoration when he realizes you have it one.
“don’t take it off okay?”
“as long as you do the same.”
o. orange (what color reminds him of you) . . .
the color lilac reminds donghyuck of you, it was the color of the shirt you wore the first time he saw you, it's the color of your bed comforter and the color of your phone case. it was a color you liked but not necessarily your favorite, but he loved you in it so it wasn't long until it because a thought where if he was a lilac colored item or the flower would he be reminded of you.
p. pet names . . .
donghyuck had always called you cute lil nicknames from the get go— since you both starting going out together. he really stuck to the name lover girl because you had always gave him your upmost attention and you always thought it was because he thought you were in love with him which you are but it’s really because you mean the world to him… now officially labeling the relationship only added to the names he called you like pretty, sweets and baby cakes because of how sweet nurtured you are and how pleasant you are to be around but his favorite may have to be cheerleader because you always cheer him on when he plays video games with the guys.
q. questions (what questions does he always ask?) . . .
he'd always ask "did you miss me?" it was often that you and donghyuck would be apart for a portion of you days, both you and him being busy with plans of you own respective lives but he never fails to ask you everytime you see eachother again, he just wants to know if you missed him as much as he missed you.
r. rainy day (how do you spend it?) . . .
rainy days are the coziest days in you opinion, though donghyuck wasn't fond of them— that is until he met you. he's learned to appriciate rainy days more, it was also the days you would spend the most in bed, just in each others arms listening to the pattering of the rain on your window, on those days donghyuck would teach you how to play those pc games he'd spend half the weekend playing. it would be spent with love and adoration seeping throughout the walls of your flat.
s. sad . . .
donghyuck literally tries to avoid any negative emotion just for your sake (if you ever hear him tell you that he knows you'll go on a tangent on how your emotion shouldn't cost his) he can't bare a sad look on you face but on nights where it inevitably happens he usually takes time for himself before he can go to you and talk about it, you're one of the only people he can turn to when he's uspet and you might honestly be the only one who can make him feel better as well.
t. talking (how much do they talk about you?) . . .
he always talks about you! it honestly came to the point where the guys don't even have to ask about you because the know donghyuck will end up talking about you. he always fills them in on what things you've been interested about lately, what you've been up to etc etc, he just loves talking about you in general and he's never gonna stop ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
u. unencumbered (what helps them relax) . . .
spending time with you helps him relax so much, when he's stressed about school or the new music career he's embarked on being in your presence always makes him feel better but when he's not able to be with you in person he looks at photos of you and him or even calls you on somedays, any aspect of you relaxes him. it's all he needs.
v. vaunt (what do they like to show off?) . . .
donghyuck loves showing you off, honestly. the fact that he's found a person who's the one for him why wouldn't he want to show that off ?
w. why (reasons why they love you) . . .
you're probably the reason the reason he's the way he is today, before he met you he was rather outgoing, making everyone laugh but on the inside he was honestly unsure what he wasted to do with his life, he didn't know his self worth until you came along. you were by his side when he decided to start his music career you helped him become more confident in himself, become more loving of himself. you made him s better and more improved version of himself and he's forever grateful for that.
x. xylophone (what’s your song?) . . .
PTY by micheal jackson, i think that speaks for itself.
y. you (What are you to them?) . . .
you're the reason he gets up everyday, you're there to support him through anything he does and never judge him for anything. he can confine with you for almost anything thats happened in his life or what he wants to do in the future without feeling any judgment. he can be his true self around you, you're his safe place.
z. zebra (What pet do they want to have?) . . .
donghyucks always wanted a dog with you though its a huge commitment he thinks you're ready for it, especially ever since his close friend chenle got one too! maybe not the same breed but definently wants to have future play dates with daegal :]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
© beiyang, 2021. please don’t copy, translate or repost.
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writemekpop · 13 hours ago
Between the Sheets | Na Jaemin
Summary: Mafia boss, playboy… husband? You have an arranged marriage with Seoul’s most notorious gangster Jaemin, but the real trouble happens between the sheets.
Genre: Mafia AU, arranged marriage AU, angst, smut 
Word Count: 1.8k 
Warnings: Sexual content, premature ejaculation
Gif: @aqiaquas​
Tumblr media
It was your wedding night, and you were sitting on the four-poster bed in the honeymoon suite at Seoul’s Four Seasons Hotel. Your fake lashes weighed heavy on your lids, and your La Perla corset in virginal white dug into your ribs.  
But you had to look perfect. Because perfection meant everything to your new husband Na Jaemin. 
Jaemin was a playboy bachelor, the eldest son of Seoul’s most notorious drug family. Jaemin famously took home not two, but three escorts each Friday night to his luxurious penthouse apartment in Gangnam. 
Unlike Jaemin, you didn’t come from money. But your talent for hacking made you one of the mafia’s greatest assets. That was how they collected talent: through vows, through ties of blood. 
You quickly agreed to the arranged marriage. You’d started hacking bank accounts at the age of eight just to keep the lights on at home; you knew the value of money. 
So that’s how you ended up here, on your wedding night… with a man you barely knew. 
Would he expect a lot from you? Would he be a gentle lover? The furthest you’d gone was some heavy petting with your college boyfriend Mark. And if the rumours about Jaemin were correct, you’d have a lot to live up to. 
“Are you settling in alright?” 
Jaemin’s deep voice jolted you out of your thoughts. He standing in the doorway, still in his Armani tux. The only hint that he was human was a few open shirt buttons, revealing mouth-watering brown skin.  
“This hotel is… breath-taking,” you replied. 
Jaemin sat beside you, so close you could feel the heat from his thigh.
You gulped. 
“We’ve not spoken about our marriage contract,” Jaemin said. “You’ll have full access to my credit cards. You’ll have to carry out some… business for my family, but other than that, your time is yours. Do you agree to this arrangement?”
You nodded, unable to trust your voice. 
Jaemin clicked his tongue, practiced, business-like, the tensing of a trigger. “Of course, there is one other requirement. When the time comes, you will have to provide me with… an heir.”
He reached forwards and traced his finger down the lace meshwork on the front of your bra. Your breath caught in your throat. The sound made Jaemin smile. You caught a glimpse of his brilliant white teeth, and in that moment, he was a predator. 
“Of course, Jaemin. But I’ve n-not done… this before,” you said, the words rushing out of your mouth. You had a habit of oversharing when you were nervous – it had got you in trouble before. 
“You’ll learn soon enough.”
Then, Jaemin leant in and kissed you on the mouth. 
At first, your lips were stiff . But slowly, you grew accustomed to the feeling of his warm lips, and then you were kissing him back with the same intensity. Your fingers coiled in the soft hair at the back of his head as you deepened the kiss. 
Jaemin pushed you down till you were lying on the mattress. He yanked the front of your bra, and the flimsy lace tore instantly. You gasped at your newfound nakedness. He threw the garment off the bed.
“Take off your underwear,” he said. You tried to kiss him again, but Jaemin stood up and started unbuckling his belt and pulling down his pants, without removing so much as his suit jacket. When you saw the bulge in his grey underwear, the heat rose to your cheeks. 
Jaemin walked to the bedside drawer and you quickly slid down your panties. You crossed your legs, embarrassed at your nudity. No one had ever seen that part of you!  
Jaemin stood at the end of the bed and pulled down his boxers. You had to hold in a gasp when you saw… it for the first time. You watched intently as he rolled on the condom. 
There were no words exchanged between you, not that you could think of anything to say. The mood in the room was stifling. 
Dark eyes glinting, Jaemin grabbed your ankles and pulled you to the end of the bed. Then he used the palms of his large hands to spread your thighs apart. 
Soon, too soon, you felt him poking against you. You frowned. Where was the foreplay? There was no way you’d be ready to take him in just yet, especially as this was your first time. 
When he shoved it into you, it stung. 
For a second, you weren’t sure if you wanted to push him away or pull him closer. Jaemin grunted, and then started to move his hips. Was Jaemin so used to taking that he’d forgotten how to give?
About a minute later, just when the sting had faded and you were beginning to feel some licks of pleasure… Jaemin’s body flexed, the muscles in his arm rising as he gripped your shoulder. A moan sounded, deep in his throat. 
Before you could say a thing, he had rolled over and buried himself in the covers.
For a second, you were confused. Why was he acting so weird? Was it something you did? 
Then, it clicked into place. Oh god. How utterly pathetic. Jaemin couldn’t even last two minutes? 
Your need pulsed harder than ever, leaving you so, so close yet not quite there. 
“Umm… was that it?” you blurted out. 
Jaemin’s head snapped around to meet yours. His mahogany eyes were fiery, and his jaw was tight. 
You shut your lips tight. Damn you and your big mouth! 
“I didn’t mean it like that! I just-”
But it was too late. Jaemin leapt off the bed, grabbed his trousers and stormed out.
You slumped down onto the bed. There you lay, completely naked, unmoving, until the cleaning lady let herself in the next morning. She took your hand and led you out of bed. If she noticed the faint blood stain where you had been lying, she didn’t say a word. 
You and Jaemin didn’t talk about that night. In fact, you didn’t talk at all. 
A week passed, then two. Even though you’d moved into his penthouse apartment, you hardly ever saw him. 
Each morning, he went to work, and you went to your computer lab. In the evenings, you’d watch him eat expressionlessly, standing up in the kitchen. Then, he’d get into his side of the bed and turn out the lights before you could even get settled. 
The next morning, he’d be gone before you woke up. And so the routine would start again.
Of course, Jaemin hadn’t touched you since that night. He barely looked at you. Not even that time he walked in on you in the bathroom. You were stark naked, rubbing lotion into your skin. He just blinked and walked straight out. 
You would have to grin and bear this marriage. Your parents needed a new house, your three brothers wanted to go to college. But were you expected to live in a sex-less relationship for the rest of your life? 
One night, you climbed up to the roof, holding a steaming plate of rice and vegetables the staff had cooked for Jaemin's dinner. 
Jaemin was sitting in one of the white chairs, nursing a whiskey.
“Do you want your food here?” you asked.
“Hmm,” he grunted, nodding. You almost wished you were having raging arguments. Having a husband who wouldn’t even speak to you was much worse.
You neared him. When you were just too far for Jaemin to reach the food, you stopped, and said, “Are we going to spend the next forty years in silence?” 
Jaemin looked up, blinking as if he was surprised you existed.
“Shout at me, hit me, I don’t care. Just stop- this… nothingness!” Suddenly, silent tears were streaming down your cheeks. 
Just when you thought Jaemin was going to say something, he turned his head and looked back into the distance. 
Your blood started to boil. “Is this about our wedding night?”
You decided you had to do something drastic, make him listen. You smashed the plate of hot food onto the ground. Pieces of ceramic and rice splattered everywhere. 
That got Jaemin’s attention.
“Jaemin, look at me!” you shouted. “You may be a big bad mafia boss out there, but in this house, you are my husband, and you have to talk to me!” 
Jaemin stood up, finally looking you in the eye. “Alright. Let’s go into the bedroom and talk.” 
“Well, I’m waiting.” 
You and Jaemin were sitting side by side on the bed, much like how you were on your wedding night. 
Jaemin grunted. “Look, Y/n. In my world, imperfections cost people their lives. So when that happened, I shut you out because…. I couldn't handle mine. And then here you come, a woman who speaks her mind and can bring hell to earth with a few taps of a keyboard. I’ve never met anyone like you before.” His eyes dropped. "Sorry. I don't do well with... feelings." 
You squeezed Jaemin’s hand. You’d never had a conversation this long. “I don’t want perfect. I want the real you. No bad boy bullshit.”
Jaemin took a deep breath and squeezed his eyes shut. When he opened them, he smiled at you. 
He held out his hand. “Hi, I'm Jaemin.” 
You stared at him incredulously. 
He leaned in and whispered, “I’d like to give this marriage a proper try, if you’ll let me.” 
“I don’t think I’ll ever understand you, Jaemin.” You shook your head, laughing. Still, you took his hand. 
He laughed. “I’m not that deep, darling. I think you’ll peel back my layers pretty quick.” Jaemin caught your eye, and just like that, the mood shifted. The air between you thickened, warmed, began to pulse. 
Jaemin’s gaze dropped to your lips. His voice was husky. “I didn’t do your first time justice.”
You gulped. “The first time’s not important,” you whispered. “I-if we have more times to try.”
Jaemin smiled. “They do say that practice makes perfect.” 
“What do you say we practice together?” 
You weren’t sure who closed the space between you, but you could soon feel Jaemin’s mouth against yours. It knocked the breath out of your lungs, the way he kissed you with such pure, raw passion – no macho, no pretences. Just Jaemin. 
That night, there were no expectations. Everything melted away, leaving just your body on his. 
It wasn’t perfect, but, as anyone can tell you, perfection’s overrated.
Let us know what you thought in the comments or on anon! 💋
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suhweetdreams · a day ago
Hi, can I request a Jisung one with hand holding 29, hugging 33, kisses 6 and 22, touching 23 and 24 ?:)
P.S. I really love your work and I think you're an amazing author!
thank u for the kind words TT i’m glad you love my work, enjoy <3
hand-holding, 29: holding hands while running through the rain
hugs, 33: ‘picking them up’ hugs
kisses, 6 & 22: slow kisses, kisses in the rain
touching, 23: carrying the other one in their arms
“seriously?” jisung pouted, looking at the heavy downpour that’s endlessly flooding the streets. the shelter at the convenience store barely shields you, feeling your skin turning cold despite having warm ramen a few minutes ago.
“you wanna wait it out?” you frown, scrolling through your home screen before it lands on the one with the weather forecast. opening it up, you see that it probably won’t let up until hours later, the small thunderstorm icon possibly laughing at you for not checking the weather beforehand. pocketing your phone, you wrap your jacket around you tighter. you wished you had jisung’s wool one, though.
jisung shrugs, heading back into the store and comes out only a second later, voice disappointed at the lack of umbrellas they could possibly loan you. the dorms was so close, only a block away, but even that seemed impossible in the freezing rain.
the both of you blurt out your thoughts at the same time. “wanna run?” “should i call the hyungs?”
you could get an idea of your boyfriend’s question, having ended later than yours but jisung picks up on yours, too, pointing to the new sweater he just bought. it’s new… at that you stick your tongue out at him, immediately running into the rain. the temperature shocks you at first, surprised by how cold it was, but you get used to it in no time, loving the way water cascades past the crown of your head to hinder your vision. it felt so wrong, but so right. rain getting into your eyes, the countless blinks you had to do, the blur of your irises.
jisung lets out a sigh before he joins you, shrieking at the coldness on his skin. it makes you throw your head back to laugh, doubling over with never-ending giggles that the other smacks you with the convenience store items you bought, which were thankfully packaged to shield the snacks from rain. even that doesn’t stop you from your fit of laughter, running away from the now attacking jisung, attempting to land another collision with your body.
“you’re dead!” jisung playfully screams in a battle cry. it was evident that he was going to catch up sooner or later, swooping in from the back to catch you in his arms. they securely wrap around your middle, bringing you up into the air like it was a musical. though your legs dangled, you felt safe in his arms, twirling you once, twice, thrice before he finally lets you down. the streets are filled with your laughter, empty from the early evening where workers haven’t gotten off work yet.
jisung towers over you, hair terribly soaked that you were convinced you saw a bit of hair dye running. without warning, you lean up to kiss him, cold, chapped lips gradually warming up to yours in the heat of the moment. he freezes for a moment, fingers frozen both from the temperature and your boldness, but soon they touch your cheeks. his neck cranes down uncomfortable, but he couldn’t give two shits as he deepens the kiss with a swipe of his lips.
you hum in surprise and content, parting your mouth just a bit to let his tongue enters before it stops, meeting his teeth instead. you pull away breathlessly, “you good?”
“i just realised i don’t know what to do with my tongue,” jisung admits with a chuckle, running a hand through his hair. the sight brings fluster to your cheeks, liking it more than you expected. you giggle, the sound leaving your mouth softly before you show him how it’s done. you kiss for a second time, squealing when you feel jisung’s hand on your ass. it separates your lips and you then slipped your tongue in.
tenderly, the two of you embrace with lips entwined before oxygen is scarce, “we’re gonna get sick, c’mon.” you took on the voice of reason, for fear of the flu as you grab onto jisung’s hand. running on wet asphalt was harder than it looked, slipping a few times which you fortunately was saved by your boyfriend’s strong grip. he, of course, had to let out a few loud chortles first though.
once reaching the double doors, jisung pauses. “wait.” he picks you up effortlessly, holding your body as close to himself as he could.
“wha- why?” already curling into his warmth, you brace for the piercing cold when you enter the lobby for the building, air-conditioning always on full blast. it was earlier… but, it seemed that even the weather got to the receptionist who normally liked the place colder than antarctica. she shot you two of sympathetic look, waving a little as you disappeared behind elevator doors.
“so we soak the floors less. if we stand as two people, then, we might spoil the flooring inside. you know how jaemin-hyung gets when we wet the wooden floors after showering.” jisung grins, walking toward the dorm entrance and already dreading the long talk jaemin would give the both of you. you raise a hand to knock at the door as you wait a few seconds, soon hearing the loud laughter of haechan who peeped through the peephole. it flies open a beat later, now showing a very stern jaemin who glares at your drenched clothes.
“hi,” your boyfriend speaks meekly, giving a smile as a peace offering as you do the same. to your surprise, jaemin steps aside to let you enter, not coming close to fuss over the youngest even when he sets you down on the bed. with a gentle kiss, he strides across the room to get clean, dry clothes, sending you off to the shower with a fond smile.
quietly, jisung munches on his red bean-filled bun, replaying everything that’s happened in the rain. he definitely would be sure to do that again.
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nctinthehouse · a day ago
while at the bus stop waiting for a bus, bf!Jaemin stretches both of his arms up in the air to relieve some muscle tension. you sense an opportunity to hug him from the side; looking up at him with a huge grin on your face. the bright sunshine glowing on jaemin, making him look so warm and dreamy. jaemin looks down at you, mirroring the same grin on his face before giving you several kisses on the crown of your head
Tumblr media
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augustthirteenism · a day ago
Tumblr media
🌸haechan x gn!reader ; fluff ; because i'm stressed and i need a hug from haechan
Tumblr media
(11:51 p.m.) "Urgh, why can't I get it right?" You were hovering over your calculus homework . You started it this afternoon while your boyfriend/roommate Haechan was playing games on his phone. The sun went down, Haechan called you to eat, you washed the dishes, and went to your room to try and solve that one stupid problem again but still, you did not get any result. You were so close to breaking down because if you did not do this right, it was another damage to your scholarship."Stupid, stupid,stupid!"
"Hey, Y/N," Haechan called from your bed, putting his phone down. He walked to your study table where you were scribbling furiously, too invested to even notice your boyfriend's call.
You jolted upright when you felt Haechan hugging you, his chin your head and you can just imagine his lazy smile adorning his face. "What are you doing?"
"Hugging you. Did you know the word 'hug' came from the name 'Grug'? He invented it in the prehistoric time when he thought he was gonna die," he stated matter-of-factly, playing with a few strands of your hair.
"Ah yes, Lee Haechan, the badboy whose lifeline is The Croods. Seriously, Hyuck,"you said when his hug tightened and he started doing little whiny noises that he thought were cute (you also told me you think it's cute but don't worry, i'll keep my mouth shut). "What does your hug have to do with this pain in the ass homework?"
"I never said I would help you. I mean, you're clearly struggling so I thought I'd hug you. You're still gonna struggle with whatever it is you're doing but atleast you're getting a hug from the Lee Donghyuck."
It was lame but you still snorted and laughed out loud, anyway. Finally, Hyuck eased a little bit of stress off your shoulders. He joined in on you, laughing softly.
Tumblr media
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wow-jeno · 2 days ago
𝟳 𝗱𝗮𝘆𝘀 ┊ 𝗱𝗮𝘆 𝗳𝗼𝘂𝗿
Tumblr media
description : y/n meets 7 lee jenos from different parallel universes
pairing : lee jeno × fem!reader
genre : parallel universe au, fluff, angst
a/n this part is rather a filler chill one, before the next part
previous // 7 days masterlist // next
these past few days were tiring so today you chose to stay at home. just you in your usual oversized hoodie and yoga pants vibing on your couch, switching tv channels. it reminded you back in the days when you were still single and not in the mood to find yourself a significant other.
it was a lazy afternoon and the tv shows currently playing were less entertaining, until you landed on a music channel. apparently a music show was airing and you jolted from your seat as a boy group appeared on your tv screen.
please welcome nct dream!
your eyeballs could pop out from their sockets if it was possible.
was that your boyfriend performing on the stage?!
in front of your eyes was your rather reserved boyfriend, presenting himself as a member of a boy group and boy, he was hot. assuming his position as a center for their song he opened the stage with such charismatic moves dancing to the tunes.
your mouth formed an 'o', being astonished throughout the performance. jeno could sing, dance and rap and you bet he was one of the members fans sought after the most. plus, with his sexy raspy voice you thought you were experiencing what fangirls always went through; exploded ovaries.
if you had to compare between your jeno and this jeno on your screen, the differences were a size of watermelon. your boyfriend had a stiff body and didn't enjoy dancing that much and during your karaoke dates, it was just you singing your heart out with him being your silent, cheeky supporter by your side. but idol lee jeno was a whole. new. level.
and then there's jaemin too? another big, pleasant surprise.
looks like you had to watch all of their performances and variety shows after this show ends.
you really did spend the whole day watching nct dream's variety shows and you were glad to say you were part of the fandom in just one day.
you were not a big fan of jeno though, you decided that huang renjun was your bias but that might change after watching couple more of their music videos.
it was already late when you finally came out from your cocoon of blanket after binge-watching nct dream's shows, just because your stomach was growling.
you opted for buying snacks at the convenience store so with same hoodie you wore earlier and your flip-flops you waddled yourself to the store around your housing area. it was a cold night, with nobody around. even the part-timer working at the store was nowhere to be seen.
you were just wandering around the aisles, looking for your favorite worm gummies until you found one at the end of the shelf. it was the last packet available and you were just about to grab it when an arm quickly snatched it first in front of your eyes.
feeling annoyed you turned to the owner of the hand. it belonged to a young man, wearing mask but a tiny mole under his eye caught you off-guard.
indeed it was the lee jeno, member of nct dream.
of course you froze on your spot, your gasp loud enough to be heard by him. probability of meeting an idol is very low and you somehow managed to come across one? you suddenly felt conscious on how you presented yourself, you didn't even take a shower that day.
on the other hand, jeno was terrified. this young lady in front of him caught him in the public and even worse, she looked like a fan.
you were speechless at the moment, you could only let out a meek 'hi' to him.
"i saw you on tv. you looked very dashing onstage and even better in real life."
sensing that you were not one of those fansites he tried to hide himself from, his shoulders relaxed. he then timidly handed the packet of gummies to you, which you received half-heartedly. it's fine, it wouldn't hurt for him to find them at other stores. maybe his manager would nag at him for going outside during this late hours but he didn't care that much. he was a human too, who needed some alone time and fresh air outside. plus worm gummies he craved for these days.
you mumbled a thanks and quickly headed to the counter, but not before him calling you stopped your tracks.
"aren't you going to ask for autographs from me?"
his question might came off as cocky but he was plain curious. other fans were dying to take pictures with him and you did (or maybe had the audacity to) casually bring yourself away from his sight.
you warmly smiled, "no it's fine, but please say hi to renjun for me."
turned out you were not his fan, he thought. he'll made sure to share his encounter with you to his groupmates, leaving the part where you wanted to say hi to renjun later. renjun did not need to know that for sure.
you didn't want to waste more time around him. there might be eagle eyes with cameras around and you won't know if a simple interaction between both of you might trigger some scandals that could ruin his reputation. so you chose to walk away from him.
in this life, you could only wish for success in his music career.
day 4.
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dreamiesdotcom · 2 days ago
[01:29pm] Renjun draws you in the most beautiful ways possible. It doesn't matter what pose you're in; you could be sat on a stool or you could be laying on the floor or you could be in the middle of the room he keeps his art in, cold underneath the pure white silk linen covering your body, the image of a piece of a broken sculpture amongst perfected artworks perfectly played by you — he makes you look so beautiful it seems real, even though it's rehearsed.
Always, he drew you like he loves you. Your favorite has to be the sketch he's drawing right now.
"Don't move," he furrows his brows, sighing softly. His hands move gently to capture the soft curves of your silhouette.
You blink at him, looking down at the floor next to the bed. He's sat on the futon he's supposed to sleep on because of a particularly heavy storm outside making you unable to go home. By ritual, you had to take a bath before going to sleep — leading you to this situation, sitting in the middle of his bed with one of his sleeping clothes on, hair a little damp and face bare.
"God, you look like a divine being right now. Why are you so cruel?" He laughs, shaking his head. His eyes darkens as it shifts to you, voice dropping a few octaves when he speaks, "Why are you sitting there looking so adorable? If you keep looking like that..."
"You told me... not to move, Renjun."
He smiles sweetly, resuming his gaze to the paper he's drawing on.
"Exactly. So drive me crazy and make me mad, Y/N."
He does not love you. Yes he speaks like an open book, but books are liars — they make painful things seem beautiful. He might say that he loves you but he doesn't; maybe he does but he wouldn't, he doesn't love you enough to be in love with you. Artists like him feed on breaking their own hearts.
With his particular liking to how you looked with little tears, he no doubt will enjoy breaking yours, too.
You were his masterpiece. He would dream of how beautiful you'd look once he's done with you, and after that for a while he might even grow fond of you, but you know all too well the end of this romance: he'd grow tired of you, look away, learn to look back, and find some sort of... loathe in his heart. He'd hate you, at the very end.
He put too much of himself in you. He sees himself in every angle you stood.
And God knows how much he can't stand himself, let alone feel love for more than fleeting seconds.
So he doesn't love you.
"I like the way you look right now."
But he doesn't love you.
"Be my muse forever, okay?"
But he doesn't love you.
"Oh God, you are beautiful."
He doesn't. Love. You.
But he draws you like he does, speaks to you like he does, treats you like he does — art is pretense, and in a way, you're as much of an artist as he is. Maybe that's why it doesn't hurt as much as it should.
You were way too used to keep your rehearsed smile, and feel your rehearsed emotions. You were his muse, his masterpiece, his art.
And art was pretense.
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jenoloqy · a day ago
3:28am ❀ huang renjun : 0.5k words
Tumblr media
you placed renjun under a spell.
perhaps procrastinating your humanities assignment might’ve been such a regretful decision after all, especially since it ended up being harder than you initially thought it would be. now you've beaten your all time record and have pulled three consecutive all-nighters (with small frequent naps of course), so you suppose it’s a pretty valid reason to just knock yourself out the couch after you’ve finally finished your work.
it didn’t hurt if you had taken an extra five seconds to walk to your room and sleep there, yet you were too tired to move another muscle and just stayed put. so now you’re fast asleep on the coach with your laptop placed on your lap, lofi music playing on shuffle while the laptop is still on. the ground is filled with your papers and the living room lights are still on.
it is when your housemate!renjun wakes up at three o’clock in the morning because he can still see a glow through the door seams and the barely audible melodies from your laptop making his ears irritate. when he checks his nightstand for the time, he gets even more irritated because which one of his housemates is being a pain in the ass this time?
he storms outside of his room, ready to give a lecture because he really needs his beauty sleep when he sees your figure uncomfortably lying down by the couches. your legs are curled tight because of the lack of space and your neck is positioned in such a bad spot that he can already tell that you’d get a cramp as soon as you wake up.
immediately the frown on his face disappears. he hates how he has this soft spot for you even when you do the dumbest things imagined.
renjun sighs, retreating to your figure as he gently grabs the laptop off your thighs, shutting it down softly before he picks up the papers and places them on the coffee table.
you let out a small murmur, and he jerks his head to you until he realizes you're still asleep. phew. the last thing he wants to happen is you to witness his secret acts of affection for you.
when renjun finishes tidying up the living room, his sleepiness suddenly disappears as he sits at the other end of the couch. he's looking at you again unknowingly as a smile creeps up his face.
you’ll be the death of him, he swears.
and as he tucks in a loose strand of hair to the back of your ear, he stands back up, grabbing a hold of your body as he tries to carry you to your room. he doesn’t know why he’s doing this. and he especially doesn’t know why his heart flipped when you naturally hugged him back to refrain from falling.
“i swear you’re making me crazy,” renjun scoffs to himself, and little does he know, you were able to hear it even when you're half asleep.
Tumblr media
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raibebe · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
“Close your eyes.”
“I told you I don’t need anything, Jaemin,” you whined loudly.
“But it’s your birthday and that means you’ll get presents,” he insisted, still hiding behind your bedroom door.
“But I-“
“No buts. I bought it and I’ll give it to you for your birthday. Are your eyes closed yet?”
Letting out a long sigh, you gave in and did as he told you. “Yes.”
“Good.” You could hear how your door creaked when Jaemin slipped into the room, followed by the soft sound of the lock clicking into place. Next you felt the bed dip next to you and Jaemin’s cologne invaded your senses. Almost like a Pavlovian response, your body seemed to gravitate towards his, seeking for his touch.
“Happy birthday, angel,” he whispered softly, gently cupping your face so he could press his lips to your forehead in a tender kiss. While you were still basking in just how loved he managed to make you feel, you could sense him taking a deep breath before he fastened something around your neck.
When Jaemin didn’t say anything for a while, you let your eyes flutter open to meet his dark gaze.
“A necklace?” You asked, feeling the soft fabric that fit snugly around your neck. It felt delicate. A choker with a little metal heart that sat right above the hollow of your throat.
“I…” you could see Jaemin’s Adam’s apple bob as he swallowed dryly before continuing, “I have another thing.”
Carefully, he got a little satin pouch from his pocket and took your hand to shake the content out into your outstretched palm. A small heart charm with a little crab claw fell out.
“Jaemin,” you gasped, “It’s beautiful.”
“Turn it around,” he whispered, his voice sounding hoarse.
Once you read the word engraved in beautiful cursive writing, it really dawned on you just what he had gifted you: A collar. And this was your name tag.
“Put it on,” you demanded immediately, baring your neck for him and holding out the charm with shaking hands.
With nimble fingers, Jaemin clipped it into place, the sound sending shivers down your spine.
“Am I yours?” You asked breathlessly, a needy whine creeping into your voice.
“You’ve always been mine as much as I am yours,” he softly spoke, hooking his fingers into the collar to give it a firm tug, making you gasp and stumble into his chest.
“But this,” he enunciated his point by tugging again, his lips so close you could feel his breath on your face, “This is your reminder that you’re my good little kitten.”
“Nana,” you moaned, any clear thoughts you had gradually slipping from your grasp.
“And good little kittens get everything they ask for and everything they can’t ask for as well,” he promised darkly before crashing your lips together in a hungry kiss, effectively replacing every thought in your head with just Jaemin, Jaemin, Jaemin.
Tumblr media
HAPPY BIRTHDAY @yokshi-unbeliebubble
I’m sorry this isn’t much and it’s not that good either but have this!! I hope you’ll have an amazing day and will receive lots of love 🥺🤍
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jennie201814 · 23 hours ago
[ 01:03 AM ]
lele <3: good morning angel, i’ll call you when you wake up
angel: i’m awake, call me now Chenle
angel: awh but i wanted to hear your voice :(
lele <3: no, go to sleep right now
angel: i don’t want tooooooooo :”(
lele <3: sleep or i will not call you at all today
angel: noooooo
angel: fine
angel: goodnight lele <3
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writev · 2 days ago
every summer, you traveled to the coast, where your grandparents' sweets shop sat pristinely in a colorful beach town awash with tourists and money that burned holes in their pockets. they were generous with tips and that, along with the kindness of your family members and the gorgeous sunsets that reflected red and orange on the ocean, made for some perfect summer memories.
you'd spent all semester looking forward to this trip, burning through your finals in a caffeinated, yet exhausted rage that left you spinning when it was over. the very next day, you hopped on the train with a single suitcase and prepared for the long trip to the sea. you watched through the window as city buildings melted into long grassy plains into palm trees, the music in your earbuds growing more upbeat. it was finally time for your summer to begin. 
your grandmother greeted you at the tiny station, pinching your cheeks and grinning wide. she wrapped you in a warm embrace, rambling about the renovations they'd just completed and how gorgeous you would find the shop.
"i won rock-paper-scissors, so i get to pick you up while he manages the homefront," she said with a wink, and you chuckled in response, climbing into her little red four-door sedan. it was only late afternoon, sun and sky bright, but your trip had worn you out and you fought the urge to drift into sleep. instead, the two of you spent the drive catching up as you filled her in on your classes and friends and she updated you on your favorite locals.
"oh," she said, "it was so sad to see the songs move out, but a new family bought their place fast! i swear, it felt like a matter of days before they were all settled in. they have this adorable puppy, and a boy your age!"
"wow, for real?" it was rare to see people your own age there, as most, like yourself, went to the colleges in the northern cities. "where's he working?"
"that art store mr. liu runs- he says the kid's doing a good job."
"huh. i'm glad he finally gave in and hired some help."
she snorted. "tell me about it, kiddo. i've known that geezer my whole life and that damned stubbornness never changes. renjun's a real persuasive character, i'll tell you that. not to mention one hell of an artist! if you stop in, i'm sure you can see some of his stuff."
renjun, huh... 
when you finally reached the candy shop, you jumped out of the car, bouncing with childish excitement to see your grandfather again. fondly, your grandmother chuckled. 
“c’mon kiddo, help me carry in your bags. my arms are old and frail, y’know!”
“oh!” you quickly grabbed your biggest suitcase. “sorry, ma!”
she just laughed once more, waving you inside and upstairs to the living area. “put your stuff down, then change into uniform!”
your grandmother put you straight to work every summer, but you still played along, whining. “but i just got hereeeeee...”
patting your head, she mimicked your tone. “but i have arthritisssssss...”
you cracked up. “ma, my first boyfriend thought you were my aunt.”
“and now look at me! an old hag.”
“fine, baba yaga, i’ll get changed.”
“baba yaga!?” fake-offended, she pinched your cheek and waltzed out. “this witch is off to nap! wake me up when we’ve closed for the day!”
grin plastered on your face, you pulled a vintage red-and-white pinstripe apron from the closet, your shiny nametag still pinned on from last summer. it was time to get to work.
your grandfather pulled you into a tight hug as soon as you appeared behind the counter. “there’s my favorite part-timer!”
“and favorite grandkid!” you exclaimed, hugging him back just as tight. 
he shushed you, eyes bright. “can’t let the others find out.”
hand on your hips, you surveyed the shop. at the moment, there were six or so people milling about, all in various kinds of beachwear. the wooden shelves, all built by your grandfather himself, were stacked with candies. while they sold some name brand candies, most were made by your grandmother and other locals with time on their hands. you’d tried it a handful of times and, while far more difficult than you’d expected, the feeling of making a great batch was rewarding beyond belief. then to see little kids running around enjoying your handmade candy? the most fulfilling feeling in the world. 
the shop itself was small, with natural wood and sea glass decorations accentuated by sky blue walls. it always smelled like the beach, since you were right on the boardwalk, and while that meant that it often got crowded in the little building, it also meant that your grandparents weren’t suffering from a lack of business, which gave you and your parents a great sense of relief. your favorite part of the shop, though, was the old fashioned bronze bell, which rang every time the door-
in walked a middle-aged man you’d never seen before. 
“mr. huang!” your grandfather said. “good to see you stop in.”
the man smiled politely. “good to see you too. it’s a lovely day out.”
“isn’t it just! mr. huang, this is the grandkid i was telling you all about.” he turned to you. “this is mr. huang, his family bought the songs’ old place.”
you reached out to shake his hand, excited and a little nervous. “it’s nice to meet you! my grandmother just told me that your son is working for mr. liu now, right?”
he shook your hand firmly. “why, yes he is. a bright kid, that boy, if i may brag.”
laughing, you were about to continue the conversation when a family approached the register, and you rushed to check them out. they had a small mountain of items, and your grandparents were committed to the vintage aesthetic, so by the time you finished handwriting their receipt and checking off their purchases in the store’s book, mr. huang had selected a bag of chocolates and two caramel bars. 
shortly after handing you the exact change, he took the chocolates in hand and pushed the caramel bars to you. “would you take one of those to my son for me, please? i’m afraid he doesn’t get off work until half past eight. the other one is payment, if you don’t mind.”
your grandfather popped his head up from where he’d been fixing the candies at the front of the counter. “go ahead, kid. it’s an awful short walk and the breeze is perfect right now.” 
smiling, you couldn’t help but agree, especially if you’d get caramel out of it. “of course! thank you, mr. huang.” 
“thank you. i’m so sorry i must rush off, but have a nice day.”
he was out the door in a flash, and your grandfather straightened up with a smirk. “now, if i didn’t know any better, i’d say he was trying to set you two up.”
belly-laughing, he shrugged. “i dunno, kid, your last boyfriend was an artist too.”
you scoffed and grabbed the two bars from the countertop, stuffing them into the front pocket of your apron. “i’m going to deliver these in record time.”
“now, now, take it slow! have a nice conversation! not too nice, though, if you-”
you were definitely out the door in record time.
admittedly, your grandfather was right about the breeze. it tousled your hair without whipping it into a frenzy and cut down on the heat significantly. yet, the sun beat down and you found yourself weaving under storefronts for some shade, waving at the shopkeepers you’d known your whole life. the atmosphere here was so warm and friendly that you always missed it when autumn hit. 
it took a mere five minutes to reach mr. liu’s art shop, tucked away in a back alley, slightly distanced from the rush of the boardwalk. it was quieter here, and you inhaled deeply before entering, no bell on the door to announce your arrival. when you were younger, you stopped by somewhat often, but as you got older and busier, you came in less and less, occupied by your studies and your grandparents’ store. the inside of the shop was as beautiful as ever, though. paintings and sketches covered the walls, making it near impossible to see the original paint. while the few windows were small, mr. liu used an assortment of small lamps rather than fluorescent lights, making the shop feel warm and cozy. in the back, a line of easels showed off painting after painting of the same dishware set, most likely from his tuesday art classes. you stepped closer, trying to get a better look. you had a habit of trying to pick your favorite every time they were on display, and you were in the midst of analyzing them when a boy exited the back room.
he blinked a couple times, then put on a polite, customer-service smile. “hello! let me know if you need help finding anything.”
pausing, you took a moment to process his two-toned hair, blond on the bottom and black on top, big brown eyes, and collared black shirt. his face was a little delicate... pretty. the way it contrasted with his sharp jaw and deep voice had you feeling knocked off-kilter. “um...” his nametag read renjun. “yeah, actually.”
renjun nodded, focused on you.
“uh, well, your dad stopped by the candy store and asked me to deliver this to you.” you pulled out one of the caramel bars and passed it to him. his hands had specks of dried green paint on them.
“he...” renjun reached up to rub his forehead, visibly embarrassed but smiling genuinely now. “i’m so sorry, i can tip-”
“oh, don’t worry!” you cut him off, rushing to explain. “he got me one too!” grinning sheepishly, you pulled yours out of your pocket. 
the boy was speechless, but sighed. “still... here, come up front.”
gingerly, you followed him to the counter. “i really didn’t mind, it’s nice out. plus it meant i got a bonus break.”
he laughed a little at that, then started flipping through a black sketchbook left on the counter, stopping near the end to gently pull out a page. “if you like it, you can keep it.” he shifted a little, nervous. 
you looked down at a gorgeous painting of the night sky. the silhouette of a tree took center stage, branches bending and reaching up. brilliant blues and purples framed bright white stars. it was breathtaking. 
“this is... beautiful.” you tore your eyes up, gazing into renjun’s. “that was a two dollar candy bar.” 
his shoulders shook with giggles, and, just like the painting, you found it far too hard to look away. “it’s okay. it’s an apology for the inconvenience.” now that he’d gathered himself, you couldn’t help but find his posture regal. there was something prince-like about the way he held his head, polite and self-assured. “my dad... he’s a little worried about the lack of people my age here. so he’s going overboard.”
you shook you head emphatically. “not at all! i mean, i’m glad he came in.” oh no, that sounded so weird. “i rarely visit the art shop these last few years, so yeah...”
renjun nodded along. “i understand.”
awkward silence filled the space between you. shifting, you took a step back. 
“well, i have to head back to work... i’ll come by again, though, if that’s okay!”
the boy smiled, teasing. “i can’t exactly stop you.”
the next day was a saturday, meaning that the shop was packed. you helped your grandparents from sunrise to sundown, and your feet ached by the end. wrapping you in a hug, your grandmother thanked you and, as per usual, pinched your cheeks hard enough to sting.
“you are an angel, kiddo. i’ll make your favorite for dinner.”
“see, that’s why i visit!”
she flicked your ear, yet chuckled, and slowly made her way up the stairs to start cooking. your grandfather went to help her, but paused in his tracks. 
“my gosh, i forgot to check the mail. would you be able to do that for me real quick? i swear the rest of the night is yours!”
you agreed easily, making your way to the metal box mounted on the outside wall. opening it, you pulled out a stack of papers: two magazines, a couple bills, and one envelope with... only your name on it. puzzled, you headed upstairs and showed your grandparents.
“well,” your grandfather said, “open it up! maybe you’ve got a secret admirer,” he winked.
you and your grandmother scoffed in unison. 
“if it’s anyone giving you trouble, you’d best pray for them,” she said, tapping her wooden spoon to her hand threateningly. 
finally, you opened the envelope, and pulled out a small watercolor painting. it was abstract, but incredibly pretty, with pinks, blues, and yellows blending together in a soft, simple design. 
“wow...” you whispered, reverent. 
your grandfather leaned closer to appraise it. “now ain’t that something. dear, come take a look.”
sighing, your grandmother abandoned her food prep, but smiled when she saw it. “wonder who that could be from,” she grinned.
you couldn’t help but blush, and your grandfather guffawed. 
“might i suggest another candy delivery to a certain art shop?”
“pa!” you ducked your head, but... “yeah.” a soft smile overtook your face. “maybe i’ll make the bar myself this time.”
this year, when summer ended, it was with lips on yours and yet another painting slipped into your back pocket.
a painting with a phone number written in the bottom left corner. 
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slightlymore · 2 months ago
two photos, two kisses
Tumblr media
jeno x fem reader
genre: smut, angst, fluff, college au, romantic comedy
warnings: +18, explicit sexual content [oral both, facial, protected, solo both, thigh riding, dirty talk, spanking, choking, bit rough, light orgasm denial, titty sexy times lol, light swallowing?], alcohol consumption
other characters mentioned: renjun, haechan, jaemin
words: 9.5k
concept: a few too many shots gets you waking up in the party's host bed - jeno lee. not only you slept in his room, but also his arms. and the fact that you're both naked and you still have his lips' taste lingering on your tongue doesn't help the situation at all.
for my sweet @sunflowerforhaechan​ hehe
It was the ring on his pinky finger. 
Or maybe his entire veiny hand wrapped around that bottle. 
Perhaps his toned skin peeking above the abdomen as he’d raise his arms in the air to the music. 
Probably the alcohol running through your veins. 
But Jeno Lee looked hot as fuck that night.
Sitting on the crowded couch, ears filled with voices talking to you and the bass booming into your chest, it was weird how quickly your eyes were able to concentrate on the way his back muscles shifted under his shirt. 
As if mesmerized, you got up and began walking towards him slowly, shoulders bumped and head dizzy. Then stopped, taking the view of his shoulders. 
Without thinking at all, you placed a hand on his forearms, feeling his hot skin. He turned around to face you and his eyes observed the way your fingers worked his body up, from the bicep to the collarbone and then to the jaw. 
Then you just collided. 
His hands got tangled in your hair and your fists were pulling at his jeans top. 
Were you making out in the middle of a party with Jeno Lee? 
Did you care? 
Probably a bit, because suddenly your body, moved by your last responsible brain cell, pushed him back, out of people’s sight. 
He took a few steps, his arms pulling you with him, until hitting the wall. Then he turned you both around, sliding on the corridor’s wallpaper, his palms around your head and body wanting to be pressed into you more and more.
Then you yelped. 
The frame corner that hit you in the head was crooked. 
“Sorry,” he whispered. Or yelled. In the noise of the party, you couldn’t tell at all. 
“And sorry grandma,” he added, looking up and straightening the frame with one hand. The other hand was already wrapping your wrist. 
His fingers intertwined with yours, so tight and strong, were the only thing anchoring you to reality as he started to walk towards the stairs. But instead of walking them, he made a turn towards the kitchen and you let out a little giggle.
Because you were drunk as fuck. And when he looked around stealthy and knocked a bit on a portion of the wall, you laughed out loud. 
“Shh,” he tried to hush you but failed to make a continuous sound with his voice as he started to chuckle as well. 
“What are you doing?” 
He let your hand go and placed his palms on the panel which shifted to the side. 
A few curious eyes looked over from the hallway but Jeno gazed at them.
“Take a walk, pals,” he ordered and they almost bumped into each other trying to get away. 
Then he looked over at you and his eyes were so darkly amused that you didn’t care he was making you enter a legit hole in a wall inside his house.
“It’s a secret pathway from when I was a kid,” he explained, walking in first, then extending his hand for you to hold. 
And instantly the music got softer and you could hear your own panting. The stairs were narrow and dark but Jeno probably remembered every edge by heart and when he opened the panel to the other side of that weird tunnel, you breathed out.
Your senses were all heightened and you felt a weird buzz in the tips of your fingers when he turned around and caught that breath with his own mouth. It was impossible to distinguish anything in his room, but you knew he reached the bed when suddenly you couldn’t feel his chest anymore and grabbed his hair instead. 
“Ah,” he let out a single raspy sound as you pulled on it. 
“Sorry, didn’t do it on purpose,” you whispered looking down at where his face should have been. He palmed your thighs from behind, going up to lift the hem of your dress until cupping your ass. 
“Then do it on purpose next time.” 
You imitated his grip, kneading his shoulders with your fingers, head-spinning too much. 
Then you slowly sat on his lap. He pressed and rubbed his face into your chest, the straps of the clothing falling down your arms. 
Jeno kissed your bare shoulder, gently, letting his tongue wet your skin as your breasts were dangerously getting exposed by his pulling down. He followed the fabric with his mouth as you mewled, tasting your cleavage and finally reaching your hard nipples. He popped them inside his mouth, sucking as his veiny hands cupped their soft underside. 
Your shaky breath made the few strands of hair, escaped from his styled fringe, dance on his forehead. Then you noticed his eyes, barely visible but looking up at you as the tip of his tongue teasingly circled one of your buds between amused lips.
You cupped his face as he let go of it with a little wet plop and you brushed his lower lip with your thumb. He opened his mouth, even more, neck strained and apple adam moving up and down under your touch as bewitched. 
The frustrated groan he let out made you chuckle as you planted a kiss on his jaw instead of lips, then another one near the ear, forcing his head to the side. His fingers gripped your ass tighter and you shifted in his hold, sitting even lower on his thighs. 
And when you slid on the floor between his legs, his expression was priceless. 
Your gaze was on him as you discarded the dress to the side, throwing it to fuck knows where in his dark room, and his gaze was on you when he did the same with his shirt, leaving you breathless to stare at his form. 
And when he leaned back a bit on his elbows his muscles twitched and you just had to plant wet kisses on his abdomen or you would have gone insane. Going down, following his navel veins that directed you to the place making Jeno groan like that. Incredibly hard, you palmed his cock through his dark jeans and he cupped the back of your head.
"Ah fuck," his deep voice made you squeeze your thighs together and his eyes trembled under the closed lids when you finally opened his zip. 
The music was very loud but all you could hear was his heavy breathing as his cock sprung up and landed on your tongue. 
Head full of alcohol, you didn't care if your saliva slowly descended on your chin as you gagged on it, the image of Jeno shifting his hips to meet your movements - the only thing roaming your skull. 
If you fantasized about your throat fucked by Jeno Lee, the wet sounds broken by his moans and hums, his hands falling down to catch your breasts and pull you upwards on the bed, rolling you over until you smelled his scent on the bed covers, you wanted to keep it a secret. 
And now you were there in his room doing just that, all spread out, your figure on display in the darkness, and Jeno, too, was about to lose his mind.
He couldn't wait anymore. 
His hands pressed on your flesh and his tongue lapped at your core from behind, your own hands grabbing at his sheets and your rough throat moaning loudly. You were so wet that Jeno had to lick your inner thigh, collecting every drop before fucking you with his tongue, palm spanking your bouncy ass, making you yelp and beg for more. 
The noise of the creaking bed filled your ears and when you finally felt his cock poke at your entrance, the condom packet thrown on the bed in your peripheral vision, you whimpered loudly, the quick breathing caused by your almost orgasm making you dizzy.
"Fuck," he kept repeating like a mantra, fingers pressed into your waist as his cock slowly stretched you out. You shuddered as he filled you all up until his hips could touch your ass. 
And then he slammed them into you, again and again, making your body shift forward and backwards on his bed at every thrust.
"Hm, you like my cock like this, don't you?" his voice was like a buzz inside your lungs as deep as the bass at the party downstairs. "Bet you can't wait for me to make you cum," he whispered, leaning down until touching your ear. "You want it so bad, don't you?" 
"Yeah," you breathed out. "It feels so good," you mewled, your voice sounding so foreign to yourself that you weren’t sure it was you speaking. 
He caught your moans with his lips, tongue sliding inside and fucking your mouth just as his thrusts inside of you. 
And when he palmed your stomach and you felt his fingers on your clit, you almost screamed. 
"Cumming cumming cumming-," 
"Yeah?" he licked your neck before biting on it. "You thought it was going to be so easy?" 
"Again," he slapped your ass. 
He hummed amused and picked up the pace of his hips until you squirmed in his hold, forcing him to hold your waist back, fucking you through the mind-blowing orgasm. 
Spent and trembling, you just let him turn you around and bite on your breasts before cupping them and sliding his wet cock on your hard nipples. 
You looked down and whined, his veiny hands taking the condom out and jerking himself on you before fucking your boobs. You squished them together to give him friction and stuck your tongue out, trying to catch his tip every time it got close. He smirked in the middle of his panting, one thumb tapping at your lips and filling your mouth up again when you opened. 
"Such a good girl with such an amazing mouth," he breathed out roughly and you looked up at the few wet strands of hair he pushed back to reveal his furrowed eyebrows. You hollowed your cheeks and he hissed through his teeth. His hands were trembling and the swears rolling off his tongue were getting louder and louder. You gagged a few more times, letting him hit your throat again and again and when he went limp, his fingers gripping the bed frame behind your head, you let his cock out of your mouth, finishing with your hand.
He came messily all over your face with the most sinful sounds and when he slid back across your body, his seed fell on your chest as well. 
“Fuck,” he mumbled as he tried hard to catch his breath. 
You swallowed everything you had in your mouth and Jeno smiled, biting his lower lip. 
“And what’s your name, baby?”
The morning was just like you imagined it: dry lips, messy hair, dehydrated, sore muscles, panties nowhere to be seen. 
You woke up slowly but jolting at the same time and for a moment you had no idea where you were. Then you looked to the left and your heart sunk to your guts. 
Jeno Lee, beautifully spread on his stomach and with lips slightly open, was still wandering through Hypno's reign. 
You swallowed hard and shifted under the thin covers, mind running at a speed your professors wanted it to run during class. 
You actually let Jeno hit last night. 
And it was awesome. 
But he was Jeno Lee. 
It was weird and you hated to admit it, but you found pride in not having a crush on him for all of that time. Yet, there you were, butt naked in his bed and pussy sore from his magnum dong. 
Hands trembling and eyes darting around the room to catch the smallest movement, you searched for your dress. Perhaps it was the alcohol from last night or your short sight, but it was nowhere to be seen. 
But his closet was nicely on display and his shirts as well. 
It was not stealing, you told yourself as you grabbed the first shirt and sweatpants you could find. 
They smelled like high-quality fabric softener and for a moment you took in his room. Perhaps it would be nice to head to the bathroom and cook him breakfast. 
Then your shivering skin got the best of you and you ran downstairs, not looking once at the way Jeno's fringe framed his face or the way his shoulders moved as he breathed.
The days after, in class, in the corridors, on your way home, you'd find yourself alternating between highs and lows. 
Quick images of what you remembered, danced in your brain - but there were no visual memories: it only involved your other senses and it drove you crazy.
You could still feel his touch on your skin. His fingertips on your sides, gentle. Or his palms on your ass, harsh. His tongue all over your body, wet and warm. His lips tasting every bit of you. His breath on your neck. His teeth on the softness of your thigh. His cologne. His voice. 
You'd find yourself suddenly out of breath while doing the readings or gasping as if it were happening at that moment. And you'd clear your throat asking your brains what the fuck were you doing.
That day you went to class with the clear intent of avoiding Jeno as usual. 
The embarrassment of that night still felt heavy on your shoulders. 
The scene of you entering the campus and hearing whispering in the corners as you walked kept rolling in your head every time you’d go to sleep.
Tomorrow is the day I finally get my pride crushed.
So it was a surprise when none of that happened. 
Your friends didn’t realize you weren’t with them until morning. Perhaps they all did something else they didn’t want to share. 
Random people barely looked at you and most importantly, Jeno and his squad weren’t there to attack you. 
Perhaps your ego was too big and you didn’t even realize that Jeno wouldn’t remember you at all. 
A light chuckle left your chest as a sigh of relief escaped it too. 
You worried too much: Jeno Lee had no idea you fucked and if he saw your face he wouldn’t even know your name.
You stopped in your tracks as if fulminated. You’ve just finished the classes for the day and were headed towards the parking lot. 
That was the slowest you've ever turned around before. 
Jeno was smiling, one hand to support his bag, the other comfortably resting in his jeans pocket. 
"Hi," he greeted, a bit taken back by your surprised face. Or scared face. Or disgusted face. You had no idea. 
"Hi," you greeted as well. 
He blinked and you blinked back in that moment of silence. What did he expect? For you to fall to his feet and beg to have another round?
"What you up to?" 
"Nothing much," you shifted your weight from one foot to another. "What about you?" 
He smiled a bit and then gulped. His Adam apple was beautifully on display and if he weren't Jeno Lee, you might have thought that he was a bit nervous. 
"Same. Didn't see you around much.”
A few people lowered their whispers as they passed by you in the corridor and the sudden self-consciousness made you clear your throat. 
"Yeah, I'm so busy with classes. Now, excuse me, I shall be going-," you tried to escape but he was so damn quick. 
"Wait," he breathed out, one step to the side to block your way. His cologne hit you like a tsunami in the best way and you had to close your eyes for a moment to recollect yourself before looking at his face. 
"I just- can I give you my number?" 
His eyes were wide like those of a puppy and it was hard to reconcile that view with the one you remembered from his dark room.
"What for?" you spurted out before thinking thouroughly. 
Jeno visibly took a small step back at your tone.
"Uh, I don't know, I mean-," he tried to speak but you interrupted him again. 
Yes? What?
You handed him your phone so quickly that he gasped softly when it landed in his palm. Your knuckles touched a bit harshly and you retrieved your hand back. 
"Sorry," you spoke. "Sorry," he said on top of you. 
"Why? It's me that-" you tried to talk again but he mumbled as well at the same time. "My rings-" 
"No, it's nothing-" you shook your palms in front of you. "Did you hurt yourself?" 
Your mind went to the feeling of those rings on the softness of your ass as he spanked you and you felt your breath shorten. 
"No, I'm good." "Nice lock screen."
You blinked down, looking at his hands. He was waiting for you to put in the password. 
"Oh, wait, sorry." You took the phone back. "It's easier in movies."
Jeno laughed and you smiled nervously. 
Were you smiling? You turned the corners of your mouth down.
You watched him type in his number and save it on your phone. His eyes were deep when he brushed his shoulder with yours as he walked away. 
"See you around then, Y/N."
You remained in place, the mind too busy to realize you didn't say bye to him.
If he could remember your name he could as well remember everything else. And he made the conscious choice to talk to you again and even give you his number. What for? 
Looking at yourself in the mirror for longer than a sane person would, the toothbrush dangling in your mouth long forgotten, mind full of scary theories and imaginations, you literally jumped when you received a text. 
Then you realized you never gave Jeno your number so it could not be him. 
What a fool. 
You’ve never felt more unprepared in your whole life. It was as if the world turned upside down all of a sudden and for your organized mind it was too much.
In the comfort of your dark room, under the covers as if about to do the most shameful thing ever, you finally searched for his contact. 
You stared at it multiple times that day without having the courage to do anything with it.
But just like the beer you had that night that made you finally gather your shit and make out with him, the darkness felt just like that. 
Jeno Lee, the display said, as if you had other Jenos in your contact list you could mistake him for. 
With slightly trembling fingers, that you hated, you clicked on it and wondered what you could possibly text him. 
You’ve never spoken before. Not really. You had no idea what his interests were. 
He was a stranger. 
That fucked you from behind so well you could still feel it. 
Okay, a stranger that’s good in bed. 
Okay, a stranger you might have stalked on social media before. 
Alright, a stranger that you had a mild crush on since the college year started.
But that was all. 
Because you hated the idea of even thinking about it, so you carefully tucked that little thought in the darkest corners of your mind. Now, it was uncovered and it grew so big to have invaded everything else in your mind.
Your head was spinning so much you had to rest it on the pillow. It was too hot so you turned it on the other side. 
You puffed and your thumbs indecisively hovered over the phone screen. 
Too formal
Way too formal
You sighed frustrated, slamming the phone on the covers and deciding you’d rather stare at the ceiling. 
What did Jeno like about you for him to find you again and give you his number? Your appearance? Your sloppy glock glock skills? Was your pussy that good?
Still deep into the “cool greetings to use with the dude you fucked with at a party” list, you barely heard the buzz of the text you received. 
Unbothered and slightly annoyed, you looked it up expecting some weird distant relative sending you gifs of sparkly flowers again, and your breath got knocked out of your lungs. 
A single “h” has been sent to Jeno and his text was right below it, another “h” and a smiley face as if he knew who you were already. 
You basically mewled in pain and embarrassment and when you saw his typing bubble you turned the screen off, unable to wait like that. 
“Took you long enough”, it said as the screen turned on again. 
Thank god for technology, you praised, being able to see the text without opening it. 
Now what? 
“Were you waiting for me?” you finally sent him after a long time of pondering. 
“Yes. I still have your dress.”
Oh. So he went there. 
Or he only wants to give you back your clothes?
“And panties.” 
You closed your eyes feeling your throat dry. 
You were completely sober. There was no reason to get all that worked up. He was just telling you he had your clothes and he wanted to return them. Right?
“I borrowed some things from you,” you typed, desperately wanting to make the conversation neutral. “That I have to return as well.”
“When you secretly sneaked out in the morning?”
“Not my fault you’re a heavy sleeper. We can exchange clothes tomorrow.”
“Oh, I like how that sounds”, he had the nerve to reply. “There’s something else.”
It was a photo. 
You blinked hard, staring at it, your brain unable to take in the scene. 
Jeno was leaning on the wall, one hand in your hair and the other on your waist. Yours were pressed on his chest. You inhaled shakily at the sight of your mouths connected as if hungry, his jawline on display in the darkness. 
“Who took this?” you typed, making a few typos because of the painful amount of adrenaline in your blood. 
“The photographer. I got the party photos today and this is one of them.” 
“Did you show anyone?”
“Delete it.”
Jeno didn’t reply for a bit. The typing bubble appeared and the text only said “Alright”. 
Fuck, you didn’t trust him. 
Fuck, this changes everything. 
You sprinted up on the bed, your heart beating like about to burst out of your chest. No one laughed at you yet because Jeno didn’t tell anyone. 
And when he will, your worst fears will become reality. 
“I swear, if someone else comes across it and you didn’t delete it I’ll” you sent before finishing the phrase.
“Everyone saw us kissing and no one cares Y/N.” 
His calmness made you angry. 
“I care.” 
“And you hated it?”
“I just don’t want to talk about this ever again. For you it might be cool, for me,  it’s not and no one would think kindly of me.” 
“I promise this is not the case at all.”
“Jeno, stop it.” 
“Okay. I swear I deleted it and no one knows about the photo.” 
“Thank you.”
You put your phone in airplane mode and hit the pillow with your head with a deep sigh. 
There were no texts in the morning.
Your clothes were neatly washed and folded in a paper bag on your desk when you came back from the bathroom. 
It has been a scary morning in class, but you didn’t see Jeno and you were glad you didn’t share any classes together. 
You searched your open notebook for a note or something but it was empty. 
That situation kept lingering in your mouth in the form of a sour taste.
You were feeling as though you made a mistake somehow and it was driving you insane. 
And you hated it?
Honestly, you thought you did. And you hated yourself for choosing Jeno from all the dudes to take care of your horny ass that night. 
And the thing that made you hate yourself, even more, was the far away sensation that the choice was a very conscious one. A choice your drunk mind deliberately took since your sober mind didn’t have the balls to take. 
With light steps, you walked to the library and looked around on tiptoes. You knew he used to meet his friends there at that hour and make noise instead of studying. For one day, you hoped he’d be alone. Or that they took a smoke break or something so you could also put his things on the desk without having to see his face. And you also hoped he wouldn’t mention it with his gang because it would have been even worse. 
But the universe wanted you to see his face and even touch him because when you turned around, deciding to give up on the task, the scent of the sweater your face bumped into was just the same as the dress he gave back. 
“I guess I can’t avoid you,” Jeno spoke softly and you noticed a neutral smile on his face. 
“I was looking for you,” you mumbled quickly, looking over his shoulder to see if his annoying friends were around the corner too. 
“I’m alone. Don’t worry,” he assured you. 
“I was not worried about that,” you lied and handed him the bag. 
He took it without looking inside. His gaze was on you as if he wanted to say something but you couldn’t exchange the look to try and understand what that might have been. 
“Thanks,” he finally said. 
“Thanks to you too,” you replied. 
“Listen, Y/N-”
“Jeno,” you warned him, your eyes finally meeting. It was an intense look but he had to understand your intentions. You would not get mixed with people like him only because you hooked up while drunk one night. 
“Okay,” he whispered. 
After the Jeno fiasco, you thought you were done with parties. 
“It’s not a party. Don’t be boring,” Renjun rolled his eyes. “It’s just getting drinks.”
“Yeah. At someone’s house. With loud music and a lot of people,” you imitated your friend’s tone. 
“Listen, I need excuses to talk more to Crush and you will,” he pressed his fingertip on your ribcage, “be there to help me out. Like a good friend.” 
“Whatever,” you had a sip from your McDonald’s Sprite and flinched as it fried your tongue. 
But whatever it was, was no whatever. 
You were standing in the middle of some dude’s living room, in casual clothes, untamed hair, and eyes staring at the way Jeno’s throat looked as he threw back a shot. The dude Renjun talked about was none other than one of Jeno’s best friends. Of course, he’d be there too. 
When he looked down his eyes visibly widened. Understandably so. 
“Don’t be weird,” Renjun whispered, noticing your exchange of gaze with Jeno. “I know you probably never talked before and you hate him, but he’s quite cool,” your friend assured you, mistaking your expression for disgust. 
“Of course I’ve never talked to him before,” you mumbled, taking your place on the floor as you guys came right in time for the new amazing game we decided to play. 
The game was coined by the trickster of the group, Lee Haechan himself, and consisted of a handmade stack of cards with very inappropriate prompts: a "truth or dare" game on steroids.
The apartment was small but very cosy and you appreciated the soft rug on the floors. Nice music played in the background and there weren’t more than ten people, all friends Renjun somehow shared with Jeno. 
You’ve never seen Jeno in a group you were a part of and since he ignored you and you ignored him, it was easy to relax. 
The drink you were having at the moment was sweet and strong, and you were laughing as Renjun was dared to drink 3 shots in a row. He got fucked up in seconds; not that everyone else was feeling better.
So it was almost with no enthusiasm from anyone at that point that you turned around a card from the stack that said what you should be doing. 
The only one with lucid eyes was Haechan who let out an excited “ohh that one!”
You tried to read it but your mind couldn’t recognize the words. 
“Get in the closet,” he instructed. “And play a game with the person in front of you.” 
You gulped another sip and casually locked eyes with Jeno sat in the perfect range. 
“What kind of game?” he questioned Haechan on his right without breaking eye contact. 
Haechan laughed a bit mischievously. 
“Whoever makes the other kiss them, wins.” 
The closet was so tiny that you thought you’d get a panic attack. This before realizing the panic was just Jeno’s presence. 
He entered first then turned around. His hands slid on your body to reach your waist and pull towards him so that the others could close the door behind you. 
It got dark all of a sudden, the only hue coming from the tiny gap underneath the door. The silence was also heavy, only the far away chuckles and music telling what you didn’t just teleport with Jeno into another dimension. The hanging clothes were taking up pretty much all the space and Jeno pushed them to the side with one arm.
His breath smelled like sweet candy telling you he had your same drink so your minds were probably the same level of fucked up.
Too awkward to keep your hands on the sides, you slowly rested them on his chest. 
“I’m glad you look me in the eyes now,” he whispered. “I guess the game is on.”
You blinked at him, so deep in your senses to not have realized you were actually staring. 
His eyes were dark under his fringe and his hands on your hips brought back memories you were trying to forget. 
“You know I will win,” you tried to smile casually in a way you thought was flirty, the booze making that side of you shine. 
“Yeah, because I personally can’t resist you,” he spoke so frankly and so close to your lips that for a moment you thought he was already kissing you. 
Your skin shivered with goosebumps at his words and he chuckled softly, showing you it was all part of the game. Your eyes closed for a moment under his soft thumbs caressing your shoulders after he slid his palms up to your back. 
“If you’re feeling awkward, just tell me,” he added in a different tone. 
You felt like whining. If he didn’t absolutely drive you insane just by being there, his words would have turned you on. 
“I just don’t know if you’re ever serious or not with me,” you found yourself saying, instead of some flirty phrase to break him back. 
Jeno let his breath caress your skin for a bit. 
“I like you, Y/N. For real.” 
Did he?
You blinked at him and you felt so compelled to just lean in and kiss his rosy lips that you had to softly push him away. 
“Alright. I like it.” 
“Me or my flirting?”
“Both,” your clouded mind admitted. 
“If you say this I feel the need to kiss you.” 
“Do it.” 
He chuckled incredulously then inhaled deeply. He wasn’t about to lose the game so easily. 
Your hands were fidgety on his shoulders, not expecting anything, and when he leaned down quickly to kiss your neck you definitely whined. 
“They said to not kiss on the lips,” Jeno’s voice vibrated on your skin as an explanation. 
Your bodies were so close together that when he placed another wet and needy kiss on your neck you just leaned on him. He didn’t budge, his body just stiffening up more under your fingertips to sustain you. 
“You need to be quiet. We don’t want my friends to know you’re attracted to me, do we?” he mocked you as you started to pant, perhaps a bit too loudly. 
“This is- just alcohol talking now. I am not-” you tried to formulate but Jeno’s palms sliding around to squeeze your breasts made it too difficult. 
“Yeah?” he pulled you down and you yelped, falling on his thighs. 
“Where did you sit? We’re going to fall.” 
“On Haechan’s shoe rack. It’s alright,” he pressed you on himself even harder. 
The kiss still didn’t happen and you wondered what the others were thinking outside. If you didn’t go out in 7 minutes, they’d come in to check on you and the thought of finding you sitting on Jeno’s thighs as he nibbled at your neck was - well - so fucking hot. 
“You’re crazy,” you whispered as Jeno’s fingers slid under your top to feel your skin. 
“Yeah? You want to stop?” he looked up at you and it was such a breathtaking view that you involuntarily sat lower on his legs. He smirked and moved one thigh away, making you bounce on his right one. 
“Jeno- I think-” 
“You think? Gotta change that,” he breathed out and even though you were wearing thick jean shorts, the feeling of it on your clit felt so intense that you dug your nails in his shoulders. 
“That’s right. Can I make you cum in a few minutes? Or do you want them to see how needy you are, grinding like this on my leg?” 
You didn’t think you have ever been that desperate. 
Jeno Lee. 
You couldn’t hold onto him and you couldn’t let him go either. And it wasn’t even about that physical aspect driving you insane. 
Nights after nights you’d find yourself thinking about him. You don’t even know him, you’d repeat yourself. 
Yes, but you really wanted to know more. The way he’d laugh at your jokes, the way he’d take you out on a date, the way he’d look like holding your hand. 
And if that wasn’t the seed of something called love, then you had no other certainties in life. 
Vulnerable in his hold, his eyes following your expressions as you rolled your hips on him, your breaths mixed together, you wanted to confess that there was a lot you wanted to tell him. 
“When I’m like this in front of you, I’m full of you. I can’t move and I can’t do anything,” you thought, or said, you had absolutely no idea. And you didn’t even care if it made sense at all.
But Jeno inhaled deeply as if surprised, digging his fingers in your flesh, and finally kissed you, harshly, his hands abandoning your hips and flying to your face. 
You didn’t care. You just didn’t care about anything else besides Jeno. His scent and his touch and the way he tasted. 
"And I can't breathe," he whispered on your lips. "I feel completely bare in front of you and I can't breathe."
You mewled, head spinning at his words and the friction as you kept chasing your high. 
“Why do you keep pushing me away?” he asked and you just kissed him again instead of answering, fingers tugging slightly at his hair. And when you couldn’t keep kissing him anymore, the orgasm fueling your limbs and making them shake, you hid your face in the crook of his neck and he held you tight as you silently came. 
I can’t breathe either, you wanted to say. Now and every time you’d see him. 
And it was so scary that you’d rather deprive yourself of everything. Like a coward.
“I lost,” you heard him talk. 
He smiled a bit when you looked him in the eyes and grabbing your shaking hands he placed a single kiss on each.
“No. I did,” you replied and Jeno opened his mouth to add something but the rapid knock on the door made him gently push you on your feet. 
“Are you done yet?” someone yelled and others laughed. Your looked around scared and Jeno got up and slid his palms on the jeans. 
With a single wink, he got out and announced that you didn’t kiss and you were both winners.
When in fact you were both such big fucking losers.
You thought it was a mistake. 
The moment you saw an audio text from Jeno you imagined some explanation of the kissing game. 
You thought you had explained yourself, that he understood your reasons, and you were ready for him to call you his. You were ready for him to announce proudly that you kissed and that he’s crazy for you. 
Your sobering mind was slowly realizing that it would have been a weird and embarrassing choice, but your whiny drunk mind was mad that he ignored you the whole night afterwards. Just like you had asked him to. 
So the audio took you so by surprise that you had to sit up in your bed.
But Jeno wasn’t talking. 
He was moaning and swearing, his voice a low buzz inside your earphones as it cut out the music you were listening to fall asleep, the wet sounds of his cock fucking his fist in the background making your whole body heat up. 
Groans and whimpers broken by his mumbling were the only things you could focus on, your own breath growing irregular at the sinful sounds. 
The little sane part of your head urged you to turn it off but when he moaned your name in the middle of all of those swears, your body acted up and your thighs automatically clenched together. 
He was desperate, telling you how much he'd rather fuck your little wet pussy, and you lost it. 
Your hand flew between your legs and you were surprised to feel how insanely wet it got you. 
“Hmm, I hope your knuckles are buried deep inside of you by now,” his raspy and breathy laugh made you exhale shakily. And they were. 
"Do you like it?" he asked and you replied with a tiny "yes" as if he could actually hear you. 
"Louder," he talked again as if knowing you inside out. 
"Yes, it feels so good-," you whined. 
"Good girl." 
Your body started to shake at the praise, mind blurry with lust and desire. 
You've never been that wet before. What the hell was going on? Wasn’t he the one telling everyone else that nothing happened? And now he was sending sex audios?
You were in a bad mood that night without realizing that it had something to do with him. Or admitting. 
Now you were certain and it made you so mad that it just turned you on even more. 
You wanted him to grab your hand and tell everyone that he kissed you because he couldn’t keep his hands to himself. Yet he listened to you and kept that a secret. 
You were needy and confusing, you were aware of that. 
But Jeno made everything so hard to understand. You were both doing this weird and complicated choreo together when you might as well be doing the macarena instead. 
It was mostly that keeping you still awake when Jeno pulled it out, figuratively and not. 
From his deep whimpers, you could tell he was already close and you’ve never had the opportunity to think how hot men moans were. 
Not men. Jeno’s. 
The image of him, wrecked by you, with you on his mind and your name on his lips made you shake a little after his choked breathing. 
“Shit,” you heard him swallow and you imagined him with eyes closed and hair pushed back on his pillow, one hand still sloppily stroking his softening cock. 
“Y/N, I swear, I think I’m falling-” he tried to say but he cut off the recording instead with a deep breath. 
The text got deleted after a few seconds in front of your eyes.
Your hand was also tightly squeezed between your thighs and even after your phone screen turned to black, you still couldn’t find the force to move.
Shit, indeed.
“Okay dude, hang on,” Renjun chuckled once, incredulous, one hand to cup one ear as if he just heard some bullshit. “Y/N? You’re looking for Y/N?”
Jeno wasn’t amused and didn’t bother to repeat himself. 
It was the end of class and everyone was filling the parking with colour. Renjun was fumbling with the keys of his old Honda when Jeno approached him. 
“Didn’t see her today,” Jeno said instead.
“And why would you want to see her? She didn’t have afternoon classes today,” the other narrowed his eyes. 
“Not your business.” 
“Well,” Renjun lifted his shoulders and turned around to finally unlock his car. “Not your business where she is either.”
Jeno was ready to give up, this pushy image of himself not the cutest one he’s ever had. 
In the end, you didn’t care, whatever Jeno did to get around to you. 
It was awkward and weird as if he was more comfortable taking his clothes off in front of you than having a healthy conversation. And your running away didn’t help either.
His body could say things his mouth couldn’t, and he thought you were the same with the way your body replied. Yet, you weren’t. 
But Renjun’s phone started to ring and when the other took it out of his pocket Jeno could see your name beautifully on display. 
“Yeah, I’ll take that,” Jeno was quick to grab it. 
“Hey!” Renjun tried to take it back but Jeno held it too high for the other to reach and when Renjun took a few steps closer, it was easy for Jeno to keep him at a distance with one arm. 
“Renjun! My date is about to come and you said you’ll be here by now!” you yelled softly into the phone. From your tone, Jeno could tell you were giddy and perhaps even excited. 
A date. 
Jeno closed his eyes and exhaled. 
“No. I don’t date,” you shook your head. It was quite late at night and everyone thought the others were asleep or too drunk to keep their eyes open. 
You were lazily chatting with Jaemin, sprawled on the floor after the exhausting game. In another corner, Haechan sweet-talked some girl and Renjun forgot about his own crush as he soundly fell asleep on the couch.
Jeno was wide awake, his open eyes not visible in the darkness of the room.
“Why not?” Jaemin asked softly.
You shrugged but no one could see. “Yeah. Not my thing,” you explained.
“I get that. Jeno’s like that too,” Jaemin mumbled after a yawn.
You kept quiet for a moment. “Is he?”
“Yeah. Fucks around and doesn’t give a damn. Isn’t that right?” Jaemin playfully nudged Jeno’s shoulder but he couldn’t open his mouth to speak.
No. It was not right. 
And after everyone left, Jeno walked alone by foot towards his house as he was unable to drive, and he still regretted not saying anything. 
What would have he said anyway? - “Yes, I do fuck but it’s not like that with you Y/N, I swear. This is something more.” - To you? In front of everyone? Just for you to laugh at him?
“Yes, doll. I’ll be there in a second to help you change,” Jeno said into the phone and threw it back to Renjun who barely caught it.
When you opened the entrance door, your heart sunk to your guts in a painful way. 
Honestly, you had no idea what spirit possessed you and decided to make you accept that date with a random dude from Tinder. 
But your mind was full of cotton and, as opposed to how it sounded, having cotton in your head was painful and debilitating. 
Perhaps everyone else was right. You could give it a try with dating. Have fun. Stop thinking. 
But with someone new. Someone that didn’t have the power in his hands and someone that couldn’t play your heartstrings so intensely.
Jeno, standing on your doormat, sighed at your beautiful appearance and looked over his shoulder. Near the garbage bins, you could see a dude’s face, illuminated by his phone screen, inside an anonymous car. 
Jeno turned again to face you. “Seriously?” 
You exhaled, bothered and crossed your arms. “This is none of your business.” 
“He’s wearing cargo shorts and boat shoes,” he added as if that phrase could sum up everything. 
“And how do you know that?” 
“He was outside when I arrived, reviving his gelled hair in the windshield,” he passed one hand through his hair, mocking him, “and decided to go inside and pretend I’m not here.” 
You eyed the dude you talked to twice. He wasn’t the love of your life but he could be entertaining. At that moment, you knew he was aware of you being outside too but was too afraid to lift his gaze and watch your bickering with Jeno. 
“Great. Now he probably thinks you’re some jealous ex.” 
“I am,” Jeno was firm. 
“You’re--not an ex,” your tone wavered.
“But I am jealous.” 
You closed your eyes for a moment to recollect yourself. 
“I’m not responsible for your emotions, Jeno.” 
“Never said you are,” he replied. “But you’re responsible for your own. And I hate the way you keep lying to yourself.” 
The lump in your throat kept getting heavier. It had been quite hard to apply lipstick that day and knowing that some stranger could potentially get it all messy when the person you actually wanted, didn’t want anything to do with you. 
“I can’t talk about it right now.”
“You never do.” 
“This is not the right moment, Jeno.” 
He puffed his cheeks, annoyed and you eyed his clenched jaw when he depuffed. For a moment you felt so stupid to be going on a date with anyone else besides him to feel it physically grab at your chest. 
“I just want to understand. Just talk to me clearly for once.” 
“Okay. What do you want to hear?” you asked.
“Why is your mouth saying one thing while you’re doing something else?” 
“This makes no sense. Stop making assumptions about me.” 
“Stop making assumptions about me first.” 
“Like what?” 
“Uhm I don’t know. Like I’m this fuckboy that took advantage of you and is laughing at you behind your back with his mates.” 
“And you’re not?” 
He shook his head incredulous.
You looked at your shoes for a moment then to the side. The breeze made your skirt fly and you pressed it down on your thighs. 
“And the things we said to each other in that damn closet?” his voice almost broke and you had to see his face again.
“It was-,” you swallowed, “it was just alcohol talking.” 
That phrase sounded unsure even to your ears but you had no time to say it again with unwavering conviction because Jeno already turned around and walked the few stairs of your porch. 
You watched his back thinking he had finally given up on you. 
But instead of going to his own car, he went over to the poor dude’s one. He knocked on the window and the boy looked up with a jolt. 
“Hey, sweetheart,” Jeno leaned down to meet the boy’s scared eyes as he rolled down the window a bit. “I ruined your date so you can just-,” Jeno trailed off and indicated vaguely that the dude could go fuck himself. 
“But I came here first.” 
Jeno’s eyes tightened and his voice lowered. “You think she’s some object? First come first serve basis? I think you need a lesson on how to treat women and my fists are great professors.”
You sighed exasperated and quickly followed him, lightly pushing Jeno to the side to take his place at the window. 
“I’m so sorry about this, Austin.” 
“Austin,” Jeno commented on the name, arms crossed on his chest. He looked so intimidating that Austin’s ears got bright red. 
You fought the urge to strangle him. 
“It’s okay. I guess it’s better if we just don’t hear from each other again, though,” poor Austin tried to keep his voice steady under Jeno’s incendiary eyes. 
He revved the engine and Jeno rolled his eyes at that exhibit of masculinity, taking another step back and grabbing your arm to do the same. Austin’s car moved without you having the chance to say goodbye. 
You coughed at the smoke it left behind and for a moment you felt such profound hatred towards men that you thought it would consume you. 
“This is why I don’t fucking date,” you mumbled angered, already walking the short distance to your house’s porch. 
“You know I wouldn’t behave like that.” 
“I’m talking about you!” you turned around so quickly that Jeno slightly jumped in place while following you. 
“What did I do?” he sounded exasperated. 
“You ruined my date!” 
“I saved you from that boring ass daddy’s boy who doesn’t even know where the clit is!” 
You sighed deeply and opened the front door. Your shoes flew to the side and Jeno didn’t think twice to enter as well. He tripped a bit to the side as he tried to get rid of his own and it looked so funny mixed with his angry face that you had to stop yourself from laughing hysterically. Or cry. 
“I didn’t ask you to! Could you please just leave me alone?” 
“Y/N, do you really think I casually fuck random girls at parties?
He took you by surprise with that so you went quiet for a moment. 
“Is that even a question? Of course, you do.” 
“Have you seen me before? With your own eyes? Doing that?”
“Jeno, please,” you left him there and tried to walk to the living room. “My parents are upstairs. Also, no one knows about us and yet it happened.” 
“So you don’t like the idea of me with someone else or you just don’t like the idea of you with me?”
You sighed and faced him. Jeno’s presence was overwhelming. 
“I just like to draw a line when it starts to get too real.” 
“I want to walk it,” he lowered his voice. “Respectfully.”
You took a step back as he took one forward and your back hit the stone wall of the hallway. 
“Is going on random dates the way you draw lines?” he asked again. 
"Is sending texts then deleting them your way of walking the line?" You tried to keep a steady voice, eyes quickly darting from his eyes to his lips. 
Jeno’s expression wavered. 
“I listened to it,” you whispered. 
Your quick breath didn't go unnoticed by his eyes and it made you even more fidgety. 
“Was it good?” he asked slowly. 
You gulped, mouth already in the position to form a negation. 
“Yes,” you said instead, closing your eyes to not look at him. 
Jeno inhaled, lowered his voice, even more, making it become a whisper, and took a step forward until you almost felt his breath on your face. 
"And do you hate the idea of your body reacting this way to me?" 
His fingertips were a bit cold when he slowly cupped your face. 
"I-," you tried to fill the silence with something but you realized you had nothing better to say than begging him to keep touching you. So you kept quiet as he gently held your chin. 
Your eyes darted to look at the way his thumb caressed your lower lip, opening your mouth a bit before leaning in and kissing you. His hand was quick to descend to your throat. It was firm but delicate. Just like his lips - the first sober kiss you’ve ever exchanged. 
You thought it was intoxication talking before. 
He was not that good. Not that great. Just a dude. 
And yet, there you were. 
His kiss was slow, his breath increasing a little as you let him play with your tongue, your fingertips timid on his chest, digging in ever so slightly. And your mind felt like white: a low buzz tingling your ears and shivers dancing on your skin at his touch. 
You kept your eyes closed for a moment as he breathed out on your lips, just the tiniest contact between yours and his. And when you opened your eyes and exchanged a look, you gulped. 
His hand on your throat moved to your jaw and he cupped your face, his thumb parting your lips again. It bounced on their softness and you had to take it inside, gently letting your tongue move on its underside. Jeno's breath was heavy and your nails kept scratching his t-shirt. 
He was making you feel so high. You wanted to melt in his arms.
His body got even closer if possible. Your hands wrapped around his torso for a moment then went around his chest and finally on his arms, going down to reach his wrist. He let his thumb drag your lower lip down then his teeth were on your neck. They nibbled at the sensitive skin and you whimpered, his fingers keeping your neck in place. And when he let his thigh press between your legs, you mewled, closing your eyes. 
"Quiet," his whisper was as powerful as his touch. 
"Jeno-," you couldn't help yourself. You had to call out his name. 
His low vibrating laugh in the crook of your neck sent shivers across your body. You wanted to rip his clothes off and ruffle his hair, pull it, make him roll his eyes back. 
But he stepped back, palms pressed on either side of your head. 
His blinks were slow and languid, almost as if your state amused him. 
"It's not the alcohol, is it?"
He didn't need the answer to that question. It wasn't even one. It was a full-on affirmation. 
You looked down but he lifted your chin. His eyes were a bit spirited as if he was sure to win the battle and suddenly his heel got exposed. 
"Come on."
"I'm obviously obsessed with you. Do I really have to say it?" your face felt so hot you imagined yourself burning his hand. 
Jeno swallowed, his Adam apple moving inside his throat. 
"I'm obsessed with you."
He sighed and pressed his forehead on yours, closing his eyes. You inhaled his scent and wrapped your arms around his neck for a moment. Then he spoke. 
"Good. Come,” he crouched down to grab your shoes in one hand. 
“What?” you looked at his sudden movements. Jeno didn’t reply and wore his sneakers. 
And your parents definitely heard your high pitched scream as he wrapped his arms around your waist and threw you on his shoulder. 
“Jeno! You’re crazy! What are you doing?” 
“Taking you on a date,” he announced. He made you hold your purse as your arms were dangling on his back and exited the house in a second.
“I can walk, you know?” but there was no irritation in your voice. A little smile was blooming on your lips and when he reached his car and had to put you down, he kissed your lips with a quick peck, opened the door and made you sit on the passenger seat.
Your feet still didn’t touch the ground when Jeno carefully slid your sandals on them, tying them around the ankles.
It was a beautiful sunset and Jeno kept nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck, making you chuckle. 
The city looked incredible from the spot Jeno chose. Sat on the warm hood of his car, between his thighs, you had to inhale and exhale multiple times for your brain to understand it was reality. 
“Wait,” you said softly, moving Jeno’s arms from your waist in an attempt to grab your phone from the purse. “Let’s take a selfie. The scenery is beautiful.”
Jeno smiled and placed his chin on your shoulder. You took a few more and opened the gallery to view them. 
Then your finger slipped and another photo appeared on display instead. 
“Wait,” Jeno grabbed your phone as you slid back to the cute selfies, hoping he didn’t see. 
“Y/N, let me see,” his voice was amused but firm and you unclasped your fingers from his ones with a sigh.
It was The Photo, the one displaying you and Jeno in the most heated kiss you’ve ever seen on screen. 
“You kept this?” 
“You didn’t?” you asked him. 
“Of course I didn’t. You asked me to delete it.” 
“Well, I didn’t trust you so I kept it,” you explained nonchalantly. “As leverage.” 
“As leverage,” Jeno repeated while a little smile curved his lips. 
“Yeah. In case something happened. To use against you,” you rolled a thread of his t-shirt around your finger. 
“And that’s it,” he affirmed slowly.
“That’s it. Why would I need it? To look at it every night?” you smiled, making him chuckle once. 
“Send it to me too. And the selfie as well.” 
“What do you need the first one for?” 
“Leverage,” he nodded. 
You nodded back, the fake seriousness of the conversation making it hard to keep in the bubbling laugh inside your chest.
“That’s where it started and this is where we’ve arrived,” you commented, sending him the photos. “After a bumpy road.”
“And whose fault is that?” 
“Uhm? Hello? Not mine.” 
“Not entirely, no,” he lightly kissed your cheek right near the ear. “For it to be more truthful I think we need to remake the first photo instead.”
You closed your eyes and curved your spine at his fingers creeping on your thighs. 
“In the car?” 
“Why? You’ve never fucked in a car?” 
“Of course I did. Not great.”
“Not with me though.” 
You chuckled at the feeling of his hands almost tickling you. “No. Perhaps in another life, we did though. I know it was amazing.”
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suhweetdreams · 2 days ago
heloo! can I request hand-holding (3), kisses (6, 12) hugs (32) and touching (12) with renjun, thank uu^^
why do my renjun drabbles always end up so long LOL . btw age old kiss under the mistletoe <3 never too early for x’ams imagines i guess LOL, enjoy!!!
hand-holding, 3: cold hands in warm hands
hugs, 32: long-lasting hugs
kisses, 6 & 12: slow kisses, kisses on the corner of their mouth
touching, 12: pushing a strand of hair behind their ear
renjun’s eyes couldn’t leave yours. well, more of your body as you talked with mark, gesturing grandly about his new single that he dropped. he remembers you playing it whenever you met up, rapping the lyrics back to him that only had renjun groaning in embarrassment. staring around the room, he scans over the members in the party with a smile. having had taken a rest from the all the alcohol earlier, he was glad to be left alone to his… indulgences where no one could interrupt him.
“gah! wh- what the hell?” haechan shocks him out of his stupor, easily avoiding a smack on the back from renjun. his laughter gains attention from others, but otherwise they just return a cheeky laugh back while conversing. soon, the other is able to pick up on his loneliness, partially blaming it on the crazy challenge he dared renjun to do earlier. the partial reason, however..
“are you ever going to confess to (y/n)?” haechan raises a brow.
“keep it down! christ, hyuck. just because some members here have their partners on their arms doesn’t mean i should rush to make (y/n) mine.”
“oh, but you’re so obvious that it’s tiring to watch,” haechan sighs, taking a swig of his drink. the both of them admire the theme of the party for a little bit, red and green decorations hung from the spacious dorm, held on the fifth floor because they were the ‘cleanest’ (against jungwoo’s wishes and with kun’s agreement, they settled for an early celebration on the 23rd).
the speakers blasted christmas music, no doubt from the talented mr. bublé who was a compulsory artist to listen to, along with other renditions of christmas songs that just felt good. fairy lights from the members’ rooms were brought to be set up. plus, with ten’s recent sunset light purchase that he bought for the felines, the room was soon bathed in joyous lighting that could rival decorations outside.
“dude. the members had to have their partners fly in because they’re both so busy. (y/n)’s already there, c’mon the opportunity is right there — and this is the one time you’re able to unwind and relax. just go for it, man,” haechan is relaxed and laid-back, haven’t yet experienced the palpitations whenever one looks at their crush. the only exception was probably a rookie idol back then, but that was old news.
“if you happen to want to cuddle or fuck later, we’ll leave you alone.” this time, renjun was able to land a punch to his shoulder, expression turned into a scowl.
“you’re right, i guess. i’ll see what i can do.”
a gasp, “renjun admitting i’m right? rare.” renjun gives the other a lighter smack with a smile, chugging down the last bit of his water before heading over to you. he feels like he’s walking through snow whenever he wants to get to you, the resistance strong with each step. curling and uncurling his fingers, he loosened his freezing hands as you wrap up the conversation with mark.
“renjun! have a good rest? donghyuck was trying to avoid you for the past fifteen minutes, because he knew you’d get another headache if he talked to you.”
“i’m having one right now,” renjun jokes, emphasising his point by rubbing some fingers on his temple.
your laugh is like first snow. or like the heater that’s currently fuelling the house with heat. he isn’t sure what to choose, but he knows he likes it and wants to make you laugh more.
“do you need to rest again? i’ll promise i’ll be quiet-“
“delivery?” someone calls out. with a shout, you’re already at the door, receiving another batch of booze since the grocery shopping you went on earlier severely underestimated how much these boys can drink. “oh- uh-“ renjun swoops in like prince charming, hand brushing over yours while he steps forward to help you. they tingle like electricity, deciding against pulling away which would leave you to struggle.
“miss (l/n) (y/n) and mr huang renjun. please freeze in your place,” haechan’s annoying voice penetrates throughout all the conversation happening and you swear the man beside you mutters a curse as you two try to haul the booze past the member. “place the beer down. you aren’t going anywhere, anyway.”
before any of you can ask for an explanation, he points above you which displayed a mistletoe. “surprise!”
the delivery man’s voice scares you, until you realise it’s johnny, hidden under a very smart disguise of a fake moustache and a replica of the uniform. your mouth hangs open even when johnny squeezes past you with the booze effortlessly hanging from one arm, sighing inaudibly at the absence of the heavy drinks.
“so?” the members are looking at you expectedly like they’re watching a movie. there’s endless thoughts swirling in your mind even when renjun grabs your hand with his timid one, but it calms you down just a little when he brushes a thumb over your skin. it’s like you’re waiting for the director to yell out ‘cut!’; even you thought you’d do better on a movie set.
he’s cut off by your lips crashing onto his, garnering a few ooohs and ahhs, including the satisfied smiles and sighs of relief. renjun’s lips taste like a mixture of the candy cane drink he spat out earlier, and some whiskey with coke. it’s a confusing taste, but with the pace your lips are moving with each other, it allows you to draw out every other time you imagined kissing huang renjun.
it doesn’t even come close, if you’re being honest and even if you’re standing in front of countless other men he calls his members in a ridiculously sized k-pop group. renjun deepens the kiss when he turns his head, cold, but clammy hands coming up the cup your cheeks. they shock you for just a bit and there’s a shameless smile into the kiss as renjun continues to deliver pecks onto your own.
he chuckle and it sounds like well-written christmas movies, or the very first listen to michael bublé’s christmas album. you aren’t sure what to choose, but you know you like it and want to make him chuckle more.
in a blink of an eye, you’ve grabbed his hand, heading straight for one of the rooms that you often see when renjun’s gaming with haechan. you recognise it straight away from the set-up and in a rush to shut the door, you stumble just a bit before meeting the hard wood of the door in a roar of laughter.
“great, now they’ve locked two people out,” haechan nudges johnny.
“three!” johnny’s partner calls from the doorway, which makes the living room shake in another round of cheers, getting back into the natural flow of things before everything got interrupted by a plant. faintly, you hear them ask if the plan worked, and haechan’s prideful answer right after.
slowly, you peek out of your hiding spot being your hands. renjun’s eyes shine, “so you like me.” it comes out flatter than he expected and he winces.
you snort, taking a step closer to him on the door, half leaning on it. without any prompting, the other’s arms encircle your waist, now pulling you flush against him while your head rest on his front. the next moments are spent in comfortable silence, the rowdy party going on outside giving you a little of a main character moment. your breathing syncs up, chest expanding and contracting with the deep breaths you take. there’s always a puff of mist leaving your lips, but it appears less now that you’re in your crush’s arms.
“yeah. i like you,” you nod, coming to face him after the tight embrace. his fingers touch your cheek experimentally and you flinch, the pads freezing cold to the touch. maybe it’s because he didn’t touch whiskey for the past half ’n hour. gently, you take his hands in yours. “why’re you always freezing?”
“ugh. you figured me out. tactic to get you to hold my hands.” throwing your head back in a silent laugh, you shake your head in disbelief.
“at least you haven’t caught on to me, holding your hands down so you won’t have to-” a kiss to one corner of his mouth. “restrict me from-” another to the other. “doing this.” lastly to his lips.
renjun entertains your dramatic flair with his jaw hung open. it doesn’t last long, though. “why would i restrict you from doing that?” you shrug, letting go of his hands now that they gained sufficient warmth. renjun silently decides it’s not enough, but first, he wants to kiss you again. his fingers are less freakishly cold now, brushing against your skin to tuck a strand of hair behind your ear. it sits there obediently, dissimilar with the way you did it. ‘it always falls out!’ you want to tell him later, but first, you want to kiss him again.
“huang renjun, you drive me crazy.” grinning, renjun knows it’s your way of confessing before his lips collide with yours with the fervour that hallmark movies lacked, and ironically, a plot which hallmark movies embodied. and just like that, you wish you could hold a pause icon over your head, because you wanted this to last for as long as it could.
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neopuppy · 4 months ago
Hot Sauce (M). Part 4.
Tumblr media
Preview: “Why don’t you just fuck all his friends? If he really was that heart broken over you moving away back then, he’ll go mental.” your friend suggests. You stare into the screen, swiveling back and forth in your computer chair.
“Have you seen his friends? That would be too easy..” you smirk to yourself toying with the idea.
Pairing: NCT Dream 00’ line x female reader
Word Count: 6.7k
Genre: PWP, M/F, Step brother Jeno AU, parents are miraculously never home, enemies to fucking.
Warnings: Jeno’s very mean- very, name calling, bullying, explicit language, degradation, smut
Smut Warning: whew ok- overstimulation, fingering, oral, gaping, teasing, crying, hair pulling, anal, squirting, possessive behavior, a little dubious, exhibitionism, voyeurism, this is F-I-L-T-H.
Hot Sauce: Intro—>
Hot Sauce: Part 1–>
Hot Sauce: Part 2–>
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“You think I’m so fucking stupid.” Jeno digs his hands into your hair, pulling you up by your scalp. You scream out, slapping at his forearms, his hold loosens sitting you up. Jeno squats down, grabbing your chin between his fingers. “I know you went through my phone.”
You lean forward weakly, still not recovered from Jaemin. Jeno’s words passing through your ears like static noise.
“What happened to- ‘I’ll stop Jeno!’ Huh? Why are you so determined to piss me off?” Jeno drops his hand, gripping his thighs. “You’re so fucking frustrating.” He tsks, shaking his head.
“Clean yourself up, you look like a whore.” He stands up straight, giving you a look of disgust. Jeno turns, heading out the door. You burst into tears, stumbling to stand up. Your core throbbing in the aftermath of taking all of Jaemin’s size.
“Jeno!” You run to catch up to him, arm banging into the wall. “Jeno, I-.. I can, I can explain!”
Jeno stops in the hallway, rolling his shoulders back. You wrap your arms around yourself feeling exposed, admiring the way his back muscles move under his shirt.
“It’s just.. I really like..” you begin to stutter, body temperature rising with each word. Jeno turns slowly, looking down at you in question, egging you to continue. “I like you.” You look down at your feet, murmuring under your breath. Jeno moves in closer, ducking his head down face level with you.
“What was that now?” Jeno asks.
“Don’t make me say it again, please.” You cover your face, embarrassment coursing through you. Jeno grabs your wrist, turning you until your back is against the wall.
“You’re fucking with me again aren’t you?” Jeno scoffs, pulling your hands free from your face. “There’s no way you mean that. I treat you like shit, all I do is berate you, call you derogatory names-..”
“I like it!” You shut your eyes, beating your head back against the wall. Jeno’s hold on your wrists tightens, leaning in closer, pressing you flat.
“What the hell do you mean?”
“God Jeno! I just..” you mewl, trying to cower into yourself. Jeno’s clothed body pressed against your very bare one making you uncomfortably hot. “No one.. no one treats me like you do. I like it, ugh” you drop your head back, internally cringing. “I like you, I like how mean you are to me.”
Jeno cups your face, the most gentle he has ever been. His face swoops forward, nose pressing against yours.
“You’re lying, aren’t you?” Jeno frowns, questioning with a serious tone.
“No!” You wrap your hands around Jeno’s thick neck. “It’” you whimper, legs losing balance weakly, held up be Jeno’s weight. His eyes squint, eyeing your tormented expression. A sound escapes from the back of your throat, a whiny little squeak. Jeno lifts a finger to your lips, shushing you.
“You like being degraded?” Jeno asks, pulling your bottom lip open. He leans in, flicking out his tongue, lapping at your top lip. You softly nod, letting your body completely give up. Jeno smooths his other hand down your neck, your chest, leading across your twitching stomach. “Or is is that, you like it specifically when I do it?” He smiles, eyes bunching up, hand reaching between your legs. You squirm trying to move your hips back, still sensitive. Jeno’s fingers swipe up and down, gathering your wetness.
“Oh no no..” he tsks, smiling wider with teeth.
“Please.. hurts” you hiss out, Jeno’s fingers circling your swollen entrance.
“No it doesn’t baby, cause you’re a dumb slut. All dumb slut’s know how to do is get fucked.” Jeno leans down, whispering against your lips. Shoving three fingers in you as far as they’ll go.
He presses his lips down softly, sweetly kissing you. Your mind short circuiting trying to decipher whether you’re enjoying this. Jeno’s lips trail down, kissing over your chin to your neck. Pausing only to suck on the tender skin, teeth biting down as he does.
Your neck hangs back, held up by only the wall. Thighs squeezing around Jeno’s hand. Jeno forces his thigh between your legs, shoving you open. Fingers pressing in, searching for that spot deep inside. Mouth continuing to make way around your collar and shoulders, leaving behind glistening teeth indentations. Your face drops forward letting out a long cry, legs squeezing around Jeno’s thigh.
“Tell me it hurts but your pussy’s sucking me in..” Jeno mumbles moving around, shoving his other leg between you. He emphasizes his words with harsh thrusts inside, walls squeezing around his fingers without resistance.
“Ah!..” you hiss, hot tears flowing out of your eyes. You grip Jeno’s wrist with both hands. He tsks, biting at your jaw roughly.
“You’re gonna take it, like the fucking whore you are.” Your grip around Jeno does nothing, he wiggles in harder. Fingers moving with speed inside of you. You gasp in air, neck losing all strength to hold your head up. Jeno’s fingers curl upward, pressing in hard with a mean shake. You let go of him, hands falling to your sides, body leaned against the wall weakly. Your lower half trembling, half from Jeno’s movements alone. You jolt forward, fingers hitting something inside that makes you wail out.
“That’s it.” Jeno lifts his other hand to your neck, shoving your head back into the wall. Fingers wrapping nearly all the way around making you feel even more helpless.
“Jen..Jeno” you whisper out, coughing, face feeling full of blood as Jeno chokes harder suppressing your air intake. His hand moving so fast, lewd sounds of wetness echoing off his palm through the hall. You grip at his hand around your neck, eyes squeezing shut releasing a scream loud enough for the entire neighborhood to hear. Your core convulsing around his fingers like crazy. Wetness seeping out squirting aggressively all over Jeno’s legs. He shows no sign of slowing down, eyes burning into your center watching you explode.
Jeno presses lips against yours with a growl, thrusting in so hard. The veins and muscles lining up his forearm bulging out over worked. You clench down with a few more thrust, arching up into him squirting out more than you ever have before. Actually never have before, not even aware you could. Jeno bites at your lips, finally slowing his fingers. They slide out, hand coated in your wetness, arm and legs too.
“Look at the mess you’ve made” Jeno shakes his hold around your neck. “Soiled my clothes.” You whimper, scratching down his arm unable to respond. He releases you, your body weakly slumping forward onto him. He grips a chunk of your hair pulling to make you look at him.
“Dirty slut doesn’t even know how to say sorry. I have to teach you everything don’t I?” Jeno’s arm wraps around your waist, dragging you toward to couch with ease. He shoves you down across the top, frame digging into your back awkwardly.
“Please..” you whimper so wantonly, curling your legs up to hide your sensitive area. Jeno pulls off his drenched shirt, showing off the powerful body he taunts you with daily.
“Please?” He smirks, releasing a sarcastic laugh, a mocking sound. “You’re never gonna stop begging are you?” Jeno pulls down his boxers and sweats, stepping out of them. Cock looking hard and angry, like it’s ready to rip you open. You squirm, core burning just at the sight. Jeno grabs your hips, turning you over so you’re bent over the couch. You grip at the cushion beneath you shaking your head.
“I can’t! I can’t!” You try to turn, Jeno pushing you down until your face is shoved into the seat.
“You think I want this pussy? Loose hole that everyones been in?” Jeno strokes his fingers between your ass. You clench up, legs lifting to get away. “But this..” Jeno smiles to himself, circling your rim with his fingers, prodding the tip of one in. You flinch at the new sensation, gripping the couch.
“This belongs to me.” Jeno squats down, holding your ass apart. Tongue swiping up and down your crack. His tongue laps over your hole, spitting in between licks. Jeno reaches for his cock, squeezing at the base feeling himself too excited. He groans into your ass, tongue poking around trying to enter. Dropping down a glob of spit growing impatient.
“Only thing fat on you is this ass..” Jeno says to himself, slapping over the meat of your behind. He shifts to stand up again, spitting into his hand, stroking over his cock lazily. Not much concerned with how stretched out you are or aren’t. Jeno holds around your waist, sliding his cock head around your hole. You pathetically lift your head looking over your shoulder. Feeling like too much and not enough at the same time. Jeno’s eyes land on yours, pushing his cock in past the tight ring of muscles.
“Keep your eyes on me.” He grits out, before you can squeeze them shut. Jeno slowly inches forward, the new foreign feeling traveling up your spine. “This is what you wanted isn’t it?” You keep Jeno’s gaze, brain too fogged up to register his question right away. Your mouth falling open, drooling into the couch with each inch pressing forward.
Jeno bends over on top of you, putting his body weight over yours completely. He reaches under your cheek gripping around your jaw.
“I said this” he thrust in, cock sliding past half way. You cry out a scream, so stretched and full. In disbelief he’s not even all the way in. “ what you want” he plunges in, length fully inside you. Your ass clenching down impossibly hard.
“Isn’t it.” Jeno groans out, emphasizing by pressing his hips in. You nod rapidly, shutting your eyes to control the tears falling out.
“Say it.” He thrusts in again, struggling to glide between your tight ass. “You’re a dumb slut.” You cry harder, your hole finally relaxing enough for Jeno to thrusts in easily. You sigh, a mixture of tears, drool, probably snot leaving your face uncomfortably messy.
“I’m.. I’m..a.. dumb slut” you whisper out, mewling. Jeno pulls back, shoving in roughly. He squeezes down on your waist for leverage, working up a speed fast enough. Your ass slapping back into his hip bones hard, loud sounds of skin clapping erupting all around you.
“You’re my dumb slut.” Jeno pounds into you faster and faster. He turns your jaw, neck straining in his hold. “Gonna fuck you all over this house until you learn.” He groans, dick pulsating so deep in your ass. You try to nod, too fucked out and weak.
“Everywhere you look will remind you who these sloppy fuck holes belong to.” Jeno pants, hips losing their rhythm, trying to prolong his climax. “Mine” he delivers a deep thrust, gritting his teeth. “Always been mine.”
Jeno grinds into your ass, letting out deep raspy screams against your ear. Hot cum pours out deep into your ass, Jeno circling his hips down until the very last spurt. He let’s out a long sigh, catching his breath. You tremble beneath him, too spent and overwhelmed with pleasure. Thinking you weakly came at some point, trying to clear your mind. Thoughts riddled in Jeno, his scent, his body, his cock.
Jeno pushes his forehead against the side of yours, cock jostling inside you. You bite back a hiss, pain in your ass shooting up with movement.
“You’re mine.” His tongue laps at your cheek. “Don’t forget who you belong to now.”
“Are you sick? Why’d you miss class today?” Your friend questions through the video call. You cross your legs, leaning back into your computer chair.
“No..” you chew over your nail contemplating telling her all about yesterday with Jeno. Abused lower half only a constant reminder of everything.
“Ok? What’s going on? Are you ok??” She asks with concern.
“No no.. I’m fine. I’m more than fine. I’m...I’m great!” You smile dumbly, sinking into your seat.
“You’re being weird. Blink twice if Jeno’s holding you hostage.” You smile wider to yourself, bedroom door opening. Jeno standing there fresh out of the shower. You stare at him, eyes widening admiring his physique. Jeno steps further into your room.
“Hang up.” He stops at your side, eyes boring into yours.
“Oh my God, is that him?!” You hear your friend’s bewilderment. Jeno lifts your chin, thumb stroking over the skin.
“I said hang up.” You swallow with a nod, reaching your hand out blindly grabbing your mouse.
“I have to go.” You mutter, ending the video call. Your friends voice protesting to not hang up before the beeping indicating a call ending sounds out. Jeno releases your chin, spinning your chair so that your body faces him.
He stands up straight, tugging the knot of his towel open. Letting the cotton fall off his hips to the floor. Jeno’s hard cock blocking your vision. He steps forward between your legs, grabbing your shoulders. You stare at Jeno with wide eyes admiring his rippling muscles. Leaning forward, kissing at the tip of his cock. Jeno’s hold on you tightens, shoving you back into your chair. He kneels down quickly, shoving your legs apart.
“Don’t bother wearing these anymore” he tugs your underwear off, throwing them behind his back. You sink into the seat, nodding letting Jeno push up your knees. He tips his face forward, nosing up and down your slit. Eyes connected to yours, watching every little reaction you express.
Jeno pushes your thighs open further, hands holding the pits of your knees. He takes deep breathes, inhaling your scent making you squirm. Jeno groans, rubbing his face between your folds. Nose and chin coating in your wetness. He sighs, sloppily lapping at your dripping hole. You shake all over from your center, digging hands into his thick head of hair, gently tugging.
Jeno runs his tongue all over, licking between your folds, around the smooth sides. Lips wrapping around your clit, sucking with strength.
“Oh my God.. “ you stifle out, dropping your head forward watching Jeno roll at your clit. You tug on his hair more, earning a raspy sound from the back of Jeno’s throat, vibrating into your heat. You whine, body tensing up, lower half jerking forward. Jeno pushes at your legs, getting you bent up like a pretzel.
“Too much..” you pull at his hair again, squeezing it between your fingers. Hips bucking forward again, trying to shut your thighs around Jeno’s head. He ignores you, sucking and licking at your clit showing no mercy. The stimulation becoming too much, your stomach reaching into your back, thrusting into Jeno’s mouth.
“Fuck! Fuck I’m-.. I’m!” You scream out incoherently, cunt clenching at nothing in desperation. Tingles traveling from Jeno’s tongue through out your body. You fall back gasping for air, eyes rolling around watching the ceiling spin. Jeno kisses up and down your over heated center, lips shiny with wetness.
“So wet for me” Jeno growls, pulling away. Your hands falling to your sides limply. You look down, gasping, Jeno’s chin dripping with sheen. He licks over his lips, wiggling a brow. Jeno stands up, sight of his hard cock making your cunt grip down again.
“Come here baby” Jeno pulls your arms, squatting lower close to you. You look at him with confusion, eyes fully open in surprise.
“” You question, wrapping arms around him. Jeno pulls your legs around his waist, hoisting you up with a growing smile. He nudges your nose, eyes hidden behind his smile.
“Baby.” He repeats, setting you down on your bed. You lay down, pulling your robe open displaying your bare body for him. He climbs on top of you, shoving the rest of the robe off. Cock resting against your stomach
“My baby..” Jeno lowly whispers, eyes trailing over you, sliding a hand down your stomach. Jeno shoves your legs open, pushing you apart with his knees. Large hand cupping around you soaked heated mound. Jeno grabs your leg with his other hand, pushing it forward against your chest.
“So flexible..” Jeno smirks, pushing your knee harder until it’s against your shoulder. Fingers sliding between your folds, rubbing the mixture of your cum and his spit together. He aligns his hips over you, cock shoving between your swollen lips. You stare down where Jeno teases your entrance, stretching you other leg out further.
“Beg for it, baby” Jeno smirks down at you, pulling his hips away. You nearly scream, arms lifting off the bed ready to pull him back in.
“Jeno stop, please” you whimper pathetically with grabby hands. Jeno turning you into the shameless desperate slut he reminds you that you are everyday. Jeno grabs the base of his length, swiping his cockhead up and down between you.
“I said beg.” He slaps your thigh harshly, pushing against your leg with fingers digging into the flesh.
“Please” you suck in air, embarrassment so far beyond your thoughts at this point. “Please just....Jeno, I want your cock. I love it, I wan-..ah fuck!” You shout out, Jeno fucking all the way into you, balls slapping your sensitive ass. “Ah Jeno, oh fuck you’re so s-so big.”
“Slut’s like you love being filled up hmm” Jeno questions, more so states, sliding out half way. He thrusts back in admiring how you wrap around his size. Dick coated in glossy like sheen with every thrust. You nod along agreeing to whatever he’s saying, the familiar overwhelming sensation returning to the bottom of your stomach with every plunge of Jeno’s cock. The way he fucks, the way he talks to you, incomparable.
“My baby’s gonna cum already. Begs for cock and can’t even handle it.” He bottoms out, burying balls deep into you. Jeno thumbs at your clit, circling his hips. Your head shakes in protests, moaning brokenly grabbing at your bed. You clench around his cock, arching up wailing out a scream. Walls pulsating around Jeno, vision blurring as the rush of satisfaction over comes you. Jeno pushes your clit in harshly, grinding his teeth together. Rasping out groans, soaking in how tight you grip around him.
“God damn” Jeno sighs, wrapping fingers around the base of his length. “Turn over baby, gonna cum in your ass.” You softly jerk up when Jeno slides out, weakly turning only half listening to his words. Your eyes fly open at the feeling of his cock pushing into your abused hole. Jeno shoves his cockhead past your swollen rim, stroking at his shaft. He screams out, biting into his lip hard enough to draw blood.
“Ugh..” you lay flat against the bed, hot white ropes of cum aggressively shoot into your ass. Jeno rolls his forehead between your shoulder blades, breathing and sighing heavily.
“Don’t..don’t move ok?” he quickly stands, stumbling out the door. You look over your shoulder in despair.
“Wha..” Jeno runs back in, black oddly shaped object in hand.
“I said don’t move.” He straddles the backs of your thighs. Picking up the lube thats begun dripping out with the toy. Jeno pushes his cum back in your asshole. “Yea, that’s a good girl.”
“Jeno...what..” you look at him over your shoulder confused. Shrieking when he shoves the plug into you. Jeno breaks into a grin, pleased with how your ass looks around the black plug.
“If you touch this” Jeno pokes at the plug, kissing one of your ass cheeks. “I’ll make you regret it.”
“Jeno..” you whine out opening the door to his room. Jeno’s eyes stay on his computer, teeth digging into his lip focused on whatever game he’s playing.
“Jenoooooooo!” You raise your voice, stomping your foot down. Jeno double takes, finally looking at you. He pauses his game, pulling headphones off his ear.
“What is it baby?” His forehead creases looking you over.
“I need you, I can’t take this anymore.” You step closer, standing in front of him.
“Baby?” You hear Renjun’s muffled question out of Jeno’s headphones.
“Jeno what the fuck! I’m dying out here you dick!” Haechan yells out loudly, voice much clearer. Jeno rolls his eyes, hitting mute on their voices, turning off his camera before you step into view.
“You need me? What do you need hmm?” He turns in his chair fully facing you, grabbing onto your hips. You whimper, squirming in his grip. The uncomfortable sensation you’ve been carrying the past few hours growing stronger. “What’s so important that you had to interrupt me when I told you not to?” Jeno’s lips curl up, wiggling a brow.
“I’m sorry.. I can’t..” you wiggle around more. Jeno huffs out, pulling you down into his lap.
“You can, and you will. I’m not done playing yet.” Jeno hisses out, biting down on your earlobe. You shove your ass up against his sweats, whining with large watery eyes.
“But Jeno..”
“What? What was that?” Jeno grips your jaw roughly, glaring into your eyes. “What did I tell you about talking back?” Jeno grunts, pulling his headphones back on. You purse your lips together, shifting around on him searching for some type of friction.
“Just for that..” Jeno squeezes your hip, reaching into his sweats. He pulls out his cock, half way hard already. You lick your lips, eyes lighting up in excitement. Jeno pulls you skirt up, grinning widely. “No panties? You’re learning fast huh?” Jeno lifts your hips up, cock prodding at your entrance. You moan, finally, dropping your head back against his shoulder. Jeno slides into your wet entrance, lifting his hips up while pulling you down.
“Don’t move.” Jeno grits out, fully seethed inside of you. You lift your head up opening your eyes wide.
“But..” Jeno grips your jaw yet again, shoving your cheeks in.
“Shut up and be good for me.” He releases you, eyes focusing back on his computer screen. He unmutes his team, loud screams of anger and annoyance blasting out of his headphones.
“What the fuck Jeno! We just lost because of you shit head.” Haechan yells out. You bite down on your lips harshly, Jeno’s dick twitching between your lips. Dropping your head back again, sucking in a deep breath.
“I just got into, a tight situation. I’m back.” Jeno voices out, returning to selecting his weapons on the screen.
“Jeno, your cameras off still.” Jaemin states, your ear close enough to hear all of their conversation.
“Yea dude quit dicking around” Renjun replies, your eyes drift to the corner of the screen. The 3 of them shown, Jeno’s window all black. Nervously you clench down around his size. Jeno groaning lowly, tapping on his keyboard to make his player move along.
“Jeno, what’s going on? You drop cola on your keyboard again?” Jaemin questions. You shift around, swiveling you hips. Jeno grunts, wrapping his arm around your waist.
“Stop moving” he grits out. You whimper quietly, turning your face into his neck. Jeno sighs, thrusting up softly.
“Dude what’s going on? Pay attention!” Renjun shouts. “God man, turn your fucking camera on.” Jeno glares at the screen, clenching his jaw.
“Fine.” His webcam lights up green. You gasp, hiding your face further into his neck.
“Holy shit..” Jaemin’s voice mutters out, the boys faces on the screen all slack jawed in amazement.
“Isn’t that.. your step sister..” Haechan asks, much calmer forgetting the game.
“Don’t be shy, it’s nothing they haven’t seen before.” Jeno holds your jaw, turning your face toward the camera. The men on the screen all inhale, making you tremble anxiously. Jeno leans forward, angling his webcam lower. He pushes his chair back a bit, grabbing the hem of your skirt.
“Jeno..” you weakly mewl, squeezing your legs shut. Jeno’s hard length pulsating between your walls.
“The guys wanna play..” Jeno lifts up your skirt, displaying you to 3 sets of wide eyes.
“Oh fuck..” Jaemin rubs over his forehead, rubbing a palm over his lap. Jeno thrusts up, a yelp escaping you as he shoves in deep.
“God Jeno, what the fuck..” Renjun gulps, running his hands through his hair.
“This isn’t even the best part.” Jeno grunts, grinding up into you. He bites at your jaw, hissing against your skin. “Get up, slut.” You squeeze your eyes with a cry, nodding. Slowly sliding off of Jeno, savoring every inch. He growls lowly, gripping your hips, turning you quickly. You stumble forward, falling over Jeno, his strong arms keeping you held up. Jeno keeps you bent over his shoulder, hot hands sliding up the back of your thighs. He grabs the bottom of your skirt, flipping it up revealing your hole stretched out around a black plug.
“Holy fuck dude.” Haechan huffs out, pulling out his dick.
You squeeze your eyes, letting tears fall down your cheeks. Heated up in embarrassment, wetness soaking between your thighs, so turned on. Jeno squeezes your ass harshly, spreading you open, parting you as far as you’ll go.
“Your pretty little ass.” He toys with you, squeezing and pulling you apart. Plug glistening in your wetness on camera, earning groans from the audience.
“Fuck she told me she wasn’t into that” Jaemin whines out, massaging over his balls.
“She takes whatever I give her, isn’t that right?” Jeno punctuates with a hard slap to your ass, handprint indicating just how hard. Your breath hitches, nodding your head rapidly in response.
“Jeno..” you whine out again, much louder. Haechan runs a hand over his face, dropping his head back.
“Fuck that whores ass Jeno. It’s what she wants” He moans out with a grin. Eyes focused on Jeno giving you short thrusts with the plug. Jeno growls, gliding the plug out with a loud wet pop.
“Please” you wail out, cum dripping down your inner thighs falling out of your hole in copious amounts.
“Oh my god..” Renjun pants, stroking at his cock faster. Jeno pulls you apart, displaying your gaped hole.
“You need me deep in your ass again? That’s what you came here for right baby?” Jeno taunts. You nod looking over your shoulder, face wrecked soaked with tears.
“Please, please fuck my ass.” You beg out.
Jeno grins grabbing your waist, pulling you down into his lap. Cum smearing over his sweats, cock jabbing into your stomach. He pecks over your wet cheeks, finishing with a deep kiss on your lips. Hands squeezing and pulling at the meaty flesh of your ass. He slides down to your thighs, lifting you up easily, prodding his cock at your gaping rim. Jeno slowly enters, your hole stretched open already from the plug. His groans mixing in with the ones coming from his computer behind you.
Jeno leans back into his chair, lazily thrusting up into your ass with a wicked smirk. You moan, reaching behind spreading yourself open.
“Oh fuck..” Renjun pants out, stroking his dick faster, squeezing over the head. Leaning forward over his desk, concentrating on Jeno’s screen.
“Doing so good baby” Jeno cups your face, smoothing thumbs under your eyes wiping the tears away. You lean in pouting your lips out begging for attention. Jeno licks across your mouth, teasing you with soft wet pecks.
“Gross, come on dude! Fuck her ass” Haechan grunts loudly, annoyed by how turned on he is. Annoyed he isn’t the one sunken deep in your ass. Jeno ignores him, peppering your mouth and chin with kisses. He squeezes your backside, lifting you up until he fully slides out. You squint tilting your head in confusion.
“Bend over for me baby” Jeno smiles, eyes disappearing behind thick dark lashes. You nod, turning around gripping the ledge of his desk. You give the three boys on the screen a once over. Their mouths hung open, arms flexed pulling at their dicks. You arch your back in, shoving your ass up for Jeno. He stands, pulling the small camera off the computer. Setting it low enough for everything to be on display.
Jeno sinks back into your fucked out hole with a growl, shoving your skirt up. He doesn’t wait, thrusting into you with speed, balls slapping against your cunt. Gripping your hair, pulling your face up to make you watch the screen. Tears rush out of your eyes, whimpering out sobs of pleasure feeling heated all over.
“Fuck yea” Haechan circles around his cock, precum spilling out.
Jeno leans down, licking and biting at your cheek. Thrusting into you at an animalistic pace. Your body shoving into his desk harshly, edges digging into your hips.
“Je-..Jeno!” You cry clenching your eyes. “So good.. you feel so good!” Jeno growls in response, stilling inside of you with a rough grind.
“Shit!! I’m cumming!” Renjun falls back against his seat, eyes fluttering shut ejaculating out on his shirt. Jaemin groans, the loud sound of skin slapping together coming from his screen. He smacks his huge cock against his stomach, mouth pursed together tightly. Haechan lifts his hips up and down, imagining your ass wrapped around his size, breathy whined out moans falling from his lips.
“Tell them what a slut you are baby” Jeno rasps, biting your earlobe. “Ugh, tell them how you love getting your hole fucked full of cum!”
“Fuck fuck!” Haechan screams out brokenly, cum shooting out hitting his chin. You clench around Jeno whimpering, watching Haechan fall back down like he could pass out any second. Jeno pulls out to the tip, shoving your face directly into the camera.
“Tell them!” He repeats with anger, thrusting back in, pounding at your broken hole.
“I’m..I’m a slut! I’m y-your slut Jeno! Please! f-fill me.. with y-your cum!” You scream out, vocals cracking between sounds of anguish, sounds of over heightened pleasure.
Jaemin’s eyes roll back grunting out a moan, squeezing at his cock head. Cum pooling around his abs, landing in his bellybutton.
Jeno thrusts in one more time, releasing his seed deep into your hole. He breathes harshly against your cheek, eyelashes fanning over your forehead. You cry harder, rocking back into Jeno’s burly body weighing you down.
“J-Jeno..” you weakly squeeze around him. Jeno sighs, nodding against your face.
“I know baby” he pecks you ear, lethargically lifting up. Jeno wraps his arms around your waist pulling you up with him. Webcam pointed between your legs. The boys on the screen all slowly recovering, cleaning up the messes they’ve made. Jeno circles around your clit, pinching and rolling.
“Who fucks you the best?” Jeno asks, punctuating with a slam forward into your ass.
“Y-you. You Jeno!” He slides fingers in you, jerking them around with expertise. You grind against him, so close to the edge. Your stomach sucks in, feet lifting off the ground with a shout. Climax hitting you with intensity, squirting across the desk in front of you, some landing on the camera.
“Fuck me man. I want a step sister.” You faintly hear, dropping your head back on Jeno’s shoulder, eyes falling shut.
“What do you feel like watching?” Jeno asks, clicking the remote searching through movies on the tv. You lay into his side, sniffing at his t-shirt.
“Just put on whatever” you mumble drowsily, Jeno’s arm wrapping around your shoulder. You smile relaxing into him, Jeno throwing a blanket over your lower halfs.
“Not going to be paying attention are you?” Jeno asks, choosing some action film. He taps your nose, nudging your chin with his shoulder. “Don’t fall asleep.”
“Ugh, but it’s been a long day..” you hum lazily, eyes drooping.
“You’re just gonna leave me like this?” Jeno nods to his lap, blanket risen up. He slides his hand beneath, sounds of a zipper opening following.
“I’m...I’m s-sore..” you mumble quietly, squeezing your legs together nervously. Jeno smirks, tapping you chin.
“What good are you to me if I can’t use every one of your holes?” He pulls your bottom lip open with a thumb, tugging it down. “This pretty mouth has to know how to do something besides whine like a brat all the time.” You huff out, moving your mouth away from his fingers.
Jeno grabs the back of your neck with the arm around you. Hips lifting up, blanket pooling to his thighs revealing his hardened length. He pushes you down, heavy hand squeezing your nape. You part your lips over the head of his cock, lazily lapping at his slit. Jeno grunts shaking his head, hand gripping into your hair.
“You can do better than that.” He shoves you with force, mouth parting open around his size. You gag in surprise, moving down the length quickly with Jeno’s help. “That’s a good girl.” He sighs, relaxing his neck against the couch.
“Just stay like that..” You faintly hear his voice, gagging out loudly, dick completely filling your mouth. “Don’t move” Jeno massages the back of your head, other arm lifting behind his own stretching his back.
Your eyes water, coughing out spit every minute. Throat contracting around his size with every breath. Jeno releasing occasional sighs, squirming in place when you swallow around him. Minutes go by, your eyes burning with tears, tongue growing tired.
The sound of the front door opening and closing making you jolt bent over with your mouth full of Jeno’s cock. He doesn’t release you, eyes shifting toward the door.
“Fuck.” He mutters under his breath, you slap at his thigh with urgency. Jeno lifts his hips, eyes focused on the hallway. He circles into you with a groan, finally pulling you off. You gasp, drool falling out of your mouth heavily. Eyes shiny with tears, lips swollen and abused.
“Kidssss! We’re home!” Your mother’s voice burst out, stepping into the living room with her arms out stretched. You quickly inhale, wiping at your chin with the back of your hand. Jeno pulls the blanket back over his lap, nodding in your Mom’s direction.
“Oh hey, welcome back.” He calmly says, as if nothing had been happening. Jeno’s dad follows behind carrying bags of luggage in hand. He huffs out a heavy breath dropping them, eyes landing on you and Jeno.
“What are you two doing?” He questions suspiciously, looking around as if he will find something incriminating. You continue to duck your face, worried your wrecked appearance would lead to further questioning.
“Watching a movie dad” Jeno shrugs, pointing to the tv. His dad lifts a brow, acknowledging how close together you and Jeno are sat.
“Don’t you two hate each other?” His father questions, glaring at Jeno.
“Sweetie leave them alone, it’s cute! They’re finally bonding!” Your mom cheers, grabbing her husbands arm. “I’m so exhausted, come on I need a shower.” Jeno’s dad groans, holding back a yawn. Eyeing back and forth between the two of you.
“Fine fine..” he squints again, hesitating before heading up stairs. “Whatever you two are trying to hide, I’m going to figure it out.” He waggles a finger at you and Jeno. Jeno lifting a brow with a shrug.
“Night dad.” He turns his attention back to the movie, completely nonchalant. Your mom dragging her husband away. You wait for the sound of their bedroom door shutting, slapping at Jeno’s chest.
“God, you fucking jerk!” You hiss out, earning a cocky smirk in return. Jeno shifts, pulling the blanket off.
“We’re not done here yet. Suck my dick.”
“Jeno?” You whisper stepping into his room, clothes strewn around the floor. You turn your head, realizing the shower you share is in use. “Oh..” you step into his room, picking up the dirty clothes he must have stripped out of, tossing them into his hamper.
You look around, skimming your fingers across his walls as you slowly take steps further in. Deciding to hang out and wait for him to finish washing up, you sit down on his bed. Sniffing at the air, it smells like Jeno, cologne mixing in with his freshly sweat soaked skin having just gotten back from practice. With a sigh, you lay back, rubbing your face over his pillows. You stretch out your arms getting comfortable, hand finding it’s way under one of Jeno’s pillows.
You sit up, lifting the pillow, hand holding onto a thick piece of paper. Turning it over, your mouth falls open. It’s a photo of you from middle school, your last year before transferring to be exact.
“What are you doing?” Jeno steps inside, shutting the door behind him. Eyes darting to the photo he’d cut out of a yearbook in your hands. You lift it up, holding back a smile.
“What am I doing? What are you doing with this?” You let out a laugh, Jeno squaring his jaw. He sits down next to you, holding onto the top of the towel hanging dangerously low around his hips.
“It’s nothing.” Jeno snatches the photo out of your hands. You gasp, smacking at his wet arm.
“You seriously haven’t changed at all.” You frown dramatically, hiding the smile trying to creep onto your face. “I can’t believe little Jeno Lee wanted to be my boyfriend so bad.”
“I already told you, I didn’t have a crush on you.” He sighs, finger grazing over the photo he’d been holding onto ever since the year you switched school’s.
“We really need to work on those communication skills.” You lean over placing your chin on Jeno’s shoulder. Hand lifting to push the wet dripping hair back off his face. “At least now you can just fuck me until I stop asking questions.”
“Is that all I have to do?” Jeno moves quickly, shoving you down on his bed. He places the photo on his nightstand, dropping the towel off his hips in the process. He moves over you, knees pressing into the bed at both of your sides. You swallow, eyeing over his smooth body. A few droplets of water cascading down still.
“My mom’s in the kitchen making dinner..” you mutter, stomach coiling in heat. Jeno strokes up and down his cock, leaning forward with his other hand by your head.
“Then I guess you’ll just have to be quiet.” He smirks, unbuttoning your jeans.
“Jeno.. your dad already thinks it’s weird how close we are now..” you whine, lifting your hips up for him to shimmy your jeans down.
“Doesn’t matter” he shrugs, pulling your legs free. Jeno moves between you, sliding his cock head around your slit. You groan, gripping at the pillow behind your head.
“I told you to be quiet.” Jeno slaps his hand over your mouth, thrusting forward. Seething deep inside you with one quick go.
“Look at you two, arriving to eat dinner together. On time too!” Your mom beams brightly, setting down the silverware. You slow down your steps not having realized you both ran straight down here together after fucking. You nod to her taking a seat, smoothing the fly aways on your head down.
“Yes” Jeno’s dad flips through a magazine, eyeing over the two of you as Jeno takes the seat next to you. “You two finally got over being brats huh?” Jeno doesn’t respond, grabbing his glass of water to avoid the question.
“I think it was just-..” you flinch, Jeno’s hand sliding in between your thighs under the table. “Uh..” you swallow, licking over your dry lips. “A matter of spending time.. alone... together..” you stutter out, Jeno squeezing around your mound through your jeans. You quickly grab your own water, chugging down half of it.
“That’s so great, I love seeing you two finally acting like brother and sister.” Your mom responds, holding a forkful of salad mid-air. You choke on your water, coughing harshly. Jeno continues to chew on his food calmly, hand sliding into your pants, fingers circling your clit.
“Ah, I’m not sure if that’s really what we are..” Jeno finally speaks up, squeezing your clit between two fingers. Rolling around back and forth. You nod, leaning in, pretending to be interested in your food. “I think what we have is even more special than that.” Jeno grins, eyes shifting to you, fingers sliding further in teasing at your entrance. “Like, you scratch my back..” His fingers slide in, palm forced against your clit. “I’ll scratch yours..”
“So long as it’s keeping you two out of my hair.” Jeno’s dad chirps out between bites.
“Angel, you haven’t touched your food. Something wrong? You look kind of sweaty.” Your mom asks you, eyebrows furrowing together. Your purse your lips lifting your head. Jeno wiggling his fingers inside of you.
“It’s delicious if you ask me.” Jeno says taking another bite, throwing you a wink. Fingering you deep, pressing down at that spot inside of you that makes you crazy.
“Could use some hot sauce.”
Hot Sauce: Deeply Dip That—>
a/n: *passes out*
Tumblr media
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markresonates · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
summary: Haechan cancels your date when his friends unexpectedly come over to practice for a video game tournament. Recently you decided to be in an open relationship and suddenly they’re excited to spend more time with you.
pairing: professional gamer bf Haechan x Renjun x pro gam!Jaemin x pro gam!Jeno x fem!reader
genre: porn with plot, angst, eventual heavy fluff
au/tropes: open relationship, college, fivesome
word count: +10.3k
A/N: I'm not religious but I might have to go to confession.
warnings: hard sex, degradation, oral (male & fem), throat f&cking, manhandling, masturbation, choking, lil humiliation, camera use, kind of cheating(?), hard dom!Haechan, dom!Renjun, soft dom!Jaemin, hard dom!Jeno, brat/sub!reader
Tumblr media
One of Haechan’s biggest faults is his lack of punctuality. Although, by this stage in your relationship, you’ve grown used to it. The thing is, you explicitly spelled out the importance of tonight’s date sometime last week.
“Seriously, Haechan! Let’s go!”
You wait impatiently by the front door, scrolling aimlessly through social media posts from old classmates you rarely talk to anymore. The chestnut wooden bench you’re perched on teeters as you irritability bounce your knee. Uneven, wobbly bench legs are the least of your concerns though. Number one is missing your dinner reservations.
Your finals and one of his e-sports tournaments overlap next week, making it virtually impossible to coordinate an anniversary date. Lucky for you, you managed to get a last minute reservation at this five star, luxurious bistro. In fact, he encouraged you to do it, insisting he would pay for anything and everything you wanted tonight. Yet for the past 25 minutes, all you’ve wanted is his presence, something that should have come for free.
Last week you made up your minds to try being in an open relationship. You both agreed you were okay with the other having sexual encounters outside of your relationship, but given this development, you are having doubts. The sleeping with someone else part still doesn’t bother you. It’s about the impression given off by not caring enough to go to your anniversary dinner. You are skeptical whether you would have agreed last week if you knew non-monogamous to him meant things like this were not important.
You have an eternity of time to do a mental evaluation of your necessities and accessories. Keys? Check. Makeup? Done. Purse? In hand.
Date? MIA.
Touching your ears, you realize you forgot to put on earrings. Given that you have all the time in the world before you actually embark on this incredibly late date, you return to the bathroom connected to the bedroom to retrieve your favorite pair.
You stand in front of the sink, eyeing yourself in the wide wall mirror and letting out a heavy sigh. On occasion, it’s fun pretending you’re acting out one of those movie scenes where the protagonist gets a makeover and a feel good pop song plays in the background. Tonight is not one of those occasions. You put a tremendous amount of effort into your Hollywood makeover montage that it would be a shame if no one lays eyes on your movie star appearance. There was nearly no point in getting so dolled up tonight if you never make it out the door.
Down the hall from the staircase, you hear the perpetrator of unlawful, habitual tardiness rushing down the stairs. His mumbled whiny apologies grow louder with every step he descends.
“I’m so so so sorry, princess. There was this game where-”
*DᵢₙG DₒₙG*
The ringing of the doorbell interrupts his path to the bedroom with every intention to grovel for your forgiveness. You hear the doorbell echo, but assume it’s simply a package being delivered. Brushing off it’s relevance, you resume your mission to find the elusive jewelry. That is, until you recognize the distinctive voices coming from the front of the house.
“-and we’ve been thinking you’re off your game,” Jeno confesses. He looks to Jaemin to back him up.
Jaemin takes a deep breath before speaking. “I don’t want to criticize you-
"then don't."
"-we’re just worried.”
“Yeah like at the European Masters this spring, it’s like you were distracted or something,” Renjun interjects with a nod.
“Shut the fuck up. You don’t even play LOL.”
Renjung tightens his fists and furrows his brow defensively. “I know enough about League of Legends to know you sucked this season.”
Haechan takes a step towards his accuser, a threatening expression twisting his face. Jaemin steps past the front doorway barrier, invading his friend’s personal space with a tight hug. “Haechanie, come on, you can tell us anything. Share with the class. What’s wrong?”
Your boyfriend swats him away, escaping Jaemin’s arms and stepping back from the front door. The ill timed intervention continues as the three friends invite themselves into the house. You hear the front door shut and the voices carry themselves further into the house.
Seriously? Haechan let them in? Just like that? Totally failing to mention he’s preoccupied with you?
Renjun, Jeno and Jaemin are innocent in this situation, and you don’t blame them for interrupting your date. They didn’t consider you two would have important plans. It’s Haechan you are upset with. He's the one who deserves an earful.
You abandon your trifle search for the earring and make your way towards the uninvited voices with determination. “ don’t even like scary games!why would you-” The clicks of your heels tapping the floor in their direction ceases the concerned conversing. The four of them snap their attention to your unexpected arrival with surprised, wide eyes. You take center stage of the living room and cross your arms. The three friends let out tiny breaths, thankful that they are not the target of your sharp, seething glare piercing through Haechan.
“So... our anniversary dinner means nothing, huh?” you ask in an alarmingly calm tone, corners of your lips twitching.
Haechan’s nervous eyes flick towards his friends then back to you. He clicks his tongue and lolls his head to the ground for a few seconds. The palms of his hands cover his ears in concentration. Looking back up to you, you know you won’t like his answer. “They have a good point, though. I do need to-”
“Then what fucking game have you been playing all evening? Why did you make me wait by the door for a half hour?”
“I-auhh, that was the new Resident Evil. Tonight I have to play LOL though,” Haechan sighs, trying his best to avoid eye contact.
Rolling your eyes, you scoff “Tonight? It has to fucking be tonight? If it’s next week, why does it have to be now?” You whip your frustrated glare at the others sitting on the tan, leather couches of the living room, making them cower in the tiniest sense.
Jeno is the only one with enough courage to address you. He clears his throat. “y/n, it’s actually tomorrow. Not next week.”
“I’m real sorry, princess. I didn’t know that the tournament starts tomorrow.” He stands up and wraps his arms around you softly. You don’t move your arms to hug him back. “If I win big, and get the money to do it, I’ll take you on 10 fancy anniversary dates. How does that sound, y/n?”
You tightly purse your lips. A dull frustration still courses through your veins due to Haechan’s willingness to buy into his friends’ persuasion. As if the cost of your relationship is worth far less than any video game. Of course you know gaming is his life. Plus, there’s relevance to him saying “get the money to do it.” He has to practice right now because gaming pays the bills or whatever. It’s something you didn’t consider prior to the confrontation but it’s still infuriating, nonetheless.
A little while back, Haechan, Jaemin and Jeno decided to pursue careers as pro gamers. The chances of making it, going pro and becoming successful in that field, are considerably slim, but all three of them were part of those exceptions that succeeded. They were recruited by one of the top teams, NCTeam, and excelled past the more experienced gamers, much to their envy. While Haechan had put his studies on hold, you’re still in college, chugging coffee all night to complete assignments and pouring hundreds of hours each year into studying for your university courses. A great majority of his winnings from the international, high stakes League of Legends tournaments go into savings, while a chuck of the other is dedicated to taking care of both of you. You never have to struggle through balancing a part time job with taking 1.5-2x as many college courses as the average student because all financial obligations are left to him.
“Okay,” you hesitantly whisper, holding back a slew of curses.
At the very least, more than one living soul got to see how cute you were tonight and appreciate the lengths you went to to look good.
You don’t notice the three friends ogling at how hot you are. Not cute. Hot. Your flowy skirt exposes your soft thighs, your blouse clings to your frame in all the right places, and the trim of the neckline dips low enough to tease most of your cleavage. And if they allow lewd thoughts to flood their imagination behind closed eyelids, their hardening lengths would more than appreciate how good you look, too.
You pull back from Haechan completely, making a b-line down the hall, aiming for your bedroom door that remains ajar at the end. Why would you want to stick around if all they’re going to be doing is playing that damned game? Your plan to make a swift exit fails when your wrist is caught by a gentle hand. Tugged back a few paces, you spin into Jaemin’s arms.
“Hey, where are you going, y/n?” he asks with a warm, little smile. He holds you as close to him as Haechan was doing moments ago. You're surprised to feel so comfortable in his arms, despite never being so close to him.
“To my room?” you giggle as his mouth falls into a pout instead.
“But whyyy? Spend time with me.”
God, his puppy dog eyes are to die for.
“Jae, aren’t you all going up with Haechan? His computer is upstairs.” You wiggle in his arms and he lets you out of his embrace. His hand trails down your arms to loosely interlock your fingers. It is such a simple, innocent act but his fingertips send teeny electric shocks through your body, a couple of them ending in your panties.
“No, he doesn’t want me and Jeno to come up and watch him because we actually play. Something about 'no backseat drivers' in his words.”
“That’s why Renjun went up with him. He hasn’t played a lot so he won’t hang over his shoulder and say stuff he knows nothing about,” Jeno comments from the spot on the couch he never left.
You look around and realize your boyfriend and Renjun were missing and you didn’t even notice they left. “Wait, if you knew he didn’t want you two with him, why did you even come at all?”
You look to Jeno who stares at the floor, blinking a handful of times. “huh. so we, uh, thought he might cook for us?”
“Ha! Good luck with that.”
“Well I don’t know about Jeno, but I wanted to spend time with you.” Jaemin squeezes your hand lightly. “We’re friends but we neverrr hang out together!”
You squint your eyes and quirk you head to the side, questionably. “What are you talking about? You guys come over all the time.”
“No, sweetie, I mean like me and Jeno. Orrr just me. Without Haechan. You know what I mean?”
Did he just call you sweetie?
You give him a lopsided smile, hesitantly answering, “Um, yeah, I guess I know what you mean. You’re right.”
“Exactly! So this is us hanging out. You have the PS5 down here on the living room TV, so do you wanna play something?”
“Is that all you guys do? Play video games?”
Jeno replies, “Most of the time,” while Jaemin goes, “Not always,” simultaneously. You burst out laughing at their responses then laugh harder at the faces they make to each other immediately afterwards.
“Okay, okay, surree. Well, um, don’t laugh, okay? It’s not on PS5 but I think the only game I’m good at is Mario Kart.” That’s a lie. Mario Kart is not the only game you are good at, not that you plan on telling them any time soon. Call it childhood nostalgia but that is your favorite game on nintendo switch and the only game you might stand a chance winning against the competitive pro gamers.
“Why would we laugh at that, y/n?” Jaemin winds his arms around you again, pulling you to his chest. Thank god for makeup setting spray or your cheek would be leaving an imprint on his black, cotton t-shirt. He tilts back, looking down at you face-to-face, flecks of mischief in his eyes. “I think that’s kinda cute.”
“Would you say you’re good enough to kick my ass?” Jeno chimes in, feeling left out of the conversation. “Do you have two nintendo switch for us?”
“Hm…definitely.” You are hopeful your cocky response is enough to distract Jaemin from the way your body tensed up as a rush of arousal shot straight to your core. You pull away from his touch for good measure. “L-like definitely I can beat you, that's what I meant. And we have three, actually. Because it was super important to Haechan that he has a Nintendo switch lite, too? You’ll have to go get them from upstairs though.”
“Willing to put your money where your mouth is, y/n?” Jeno boldly challenges, throwing both of his arms over the back of the couch and puffing his chest out. The way the material of his shirt stretches from the angle in which he is leaning back allows the faint imprint of his abs to be seen through the shirt. Something tells you he knows that and wants you to see his toned figure. Perhaps even imagine him without the shirt. Your eyes linger on him for three seconds, stroking his ego.
“You’re. On. Can you two go get them, though? I’m gonna go kick off my heels first.”
Their eyes follow your body until you are out of sight. You throw your heels in the walk in closet and run to the mirror to check your appearance, a very different circumstance from the way you looked at yourself before they got here. Swiping on a smidgen of lip gloss and creeping down the hall, you hear Jeno’s hushed voice around the corner.
“Did you bring the condoms?”
“I brought one condom? Why, did you forget?”
“Fuck. Yeah, I did.”
“Aww, poor Jeno forgot a condom and might not get to f-”
hmm, maybe you should tell them you have more condoms in the bedroom?
WAIT, what are you talking about?? that's not the priority right now.
Hooking up with Jaemin AND Jeno?
Crazy. Ridiculous. Preposterous. Unbelievable.
You believed you knew them relatively well until last week when a seed of doubt was planted in your mind. The little house you and Haechan live in has a shallow pool that you two rarely use. There was this one particular day where the sun was roasting your backyard and it would have been a crime to not take advantage of the perfect pool day weather. Haechan and Jeno played (and argued about) some kind of volleyball in the refreshing, cold water, Jaemin took pictures and fired up the grill, and Renjun blessed your ears with that beautiful soft voice of his as he sang random songs, then proceeded to fall asleep in the hammock. No matter if you were wearing skimpy shorts and a tank top, you were continuted to like crazy. You rationalized you might as well wear your bikini and soak up some vitamin D by the pool if you were going to sweat regardless of where you were on that sweltering hot afternoon.
One of the best things about having a pool at your house is the privacy that your own backyard provides. Privacy means no unwanted eyes lingering on you in a bikini like at the beach; but on that day you found four pairs of eyes glued to your body. Some of them for a mere few seconds and other ones that cemented their gaze indiscreetly. Their lustful stares eating you up and doing far more than just lingering in comparison to your beach outings. The thing is, you never wanted them to leave.
It came as a complete surprise that any of Haechan’s friends would look at you like that in the first place. Not that you were insecure, you just didn’t think you were their type or something?? Maybe that sounds silly. You waffled on the idea of straight up asking Haechan if he mentioned to his friends that you two had redefined you relationship status. Your hesitance, and eventual termination of that plan, stemmed from a concern he might possibly believe you wanted to sleep with one of them through the period it was just you two, together as one. The day before the pool interaction is when you decided on opening your relationship. You determined there’s no way in hell it was a coincidence that they all just happened to start staring at you like an alluring, godly oasis in the middle of the blistering desert to travelers near death, exhausted, and dehydrated as they track through the never ending span of sand. It may have been a hot day but it was not that hot.
Admittedly, you have imagined being bent over and railed to the point of not walking the next day (individually and all together) but yesterday, you would have nearly bet your life that hooking up with a single one of them would not happen in real life. Never in a zillion years in real life. Your dreams were visited by wild scenarios of being bent over and railed to the point of not walking the next day or, your favorite ones, being filled up by all of them, stuffed and used however they wanted. Every time you woke up from those dreams, you felt overwhelmingly guilty. Now, any remnants of pent up guilt for those thoughts has dissipated knowing you are not alone in imagining those filthy occurrences.
“Hey, guys, did you find them?” They visibly flinch as you enter the room. You don’t miss the alarmed glare they share with each other, wondering if you heard their dirty banter.
“Yeah, all good, baby. Would you please sit next to me?” Jaemin pats the spot on the couch next to him. Every time he uses a pet name, your panties dampen a bit more.
“Thank you for asking so nicely, Jaemin…” Jaemin’s smile falters a bit as you sit next to Jeno on the couch instead, two inches away from your thighs touching. “But I don’t think I’ve spent enough time with Jeno. I’ve only been in your arms.”
He hands you Haechan’s custom colored, matte black switch, speckled with little sunflowers on the back. He patiently lets you pick out your driver, the car, and whichever course you want. Jaemin watches from the smaller couch in the room. You look to him when Jeno clicks ahead for the race to commence.
“Why aren’t you playing? Didn’t you get the third one?” Your eyebrows knit together, disappointed you don't get to take on both of them.
At least game wise.
“You bet Jeno, remember? Not me,” he replies with brief whiny tone.
“Well you don’t have to be jealous about it,” you tease him, making Jeno snicker.
“What? I am not jealous.”
“Okkaayyyy, if you say so.” You take off from the race track and ignore Jaemin’s gaze.
“Yeah don’t be jealous, Jaemin. You can have her after me.”
Why did that sound so fucking hot?
There is no way in hell you could ever get your head 100% in the game while you’re imagining what "You can have her after me" might mean to him. And to make matters worse, half a minute into the game, Jaemin appoints himself your good luck charm, insisting he must sit next to you or else he won’t work. He plops himself down next to you as close as humanly possible, cupping your inner thigh with his warm hand to “show support” (his words).
And those two things are the reasons behind your demise.
“What was that about kicking my ass?” He nudges your shoulder and you nudge him back playfully. “How does second place feel?”
“That was totally luck. The blue turtle shell had it out for me I swear!”
Jaemin kneads your inner thigh. “You’ll do better next time.”
“So much for good luck charm, I guess,” you snort.
Quirking your head in his direction leaves your foreheads nearly touching. You see him kiss your bare shoulder and look up to your lips. He makes eye contact with you for a millisecond before pressing his lips to yours. Jeno takes this as his cue to take the nintendo switch from your grasp and run his own hand up your inner thigh. Jaemin’s tongue penetrates the seam of your lips goading a faint moan from your throat. He stops kneading your thigh, holding it firmly next to his while Jeno pries your thigh towards him. Spreading your legs, Jeno’s fingers glide up your thigh, reaching your wetness. Your breath hitches and you mewl when he moves his fingers around until locating your clit through the damp material.
Jaemin detaches your mouths. “Aww, sweetie. You make the prettiest sounds.” You open your eyes, nearly blinded by his perfect, dazzling smile.
“Oh, yeah? You think so?” You gently lick up his parted lips, the tip of your tongue curling from his bottom lip to his top lip, vertically.
Jaemin takes your hand, cupping it over his crotch for you to palm his half hard erection. “Fuck, y/n. Can I film this?”
“Only if you get my good side,” you purr.
He pecks your lips again and smiles. “2 minutes.” He jogs out the front door to what you assume to be the car.
Jeno puts his hand over your shoulder. Reaching around, pushing your jaw to direct your focus in his direction, he connects your lips. His kiss is rougher than Jaemin’s kisses. Jeno rests your foreheads together, favoring your pleasured noises. Thumbing your panties to the side and rubbing circles on your exposed bundle of nerves fuels louder moaning. Jaemin is back next to you in no time, camera in hand. You resume palming him through his clothes for another minute. Jaemin removes his stiff length from his navy sweatpants and boxers. His precum slick tip feels so smooth in your hand when he reconnects your grip to him. He gets a close up of his cock being jerked off by your smaller hand. Just like Jaemin and Jeno, you love to hear the sounds they make when you make them feel good.
Eventually, the noises made by your mouths and by Jeno's fingers tracing through audible wetness around your melting slit, end up being too loud.
Renjun startles you three, stepping in front to behold the pornographic scene playing out between you and his friends. “What the fuck do you guys think you’re fucking doing?” He quietly scrutinizes the impromptu threesome with flaming eyes tinted green in jealousy.
Your eyes shoot open at his sudden appearance and remove your hand from Jaemin’s shaft. Instinctively, you try to close your legs but Jeno and Jaemin hold them open for Renjun. You don’t know how long he’s been there before he spoke up, but in this compromising position, he saw your hand stroking Jaemin’s cock, either your lips interlocked or releasing blissful whimpering, and your dripping folds revealed by Jeno’s handiwork. His eyes remain trained on Jeno's fingers playing with your slick as your core clenches around nothing.
“Haechan is literally upstairs. He could come down the stairs any moment and this is what you’ve been doing?” He may come off as mad, judgmental and condescending but he truly feels envious he couldn’t have what they were getting. All three of you could see the outline of his boner clear as day. His mouth might be saying one thing, but his body is undoubtedly saying another. You don’t struggle to close your legs for more than a handful of seconds. Why did you struggle in the first place? You’ve dreamt about this before. Perhaps it is a reflex, covering yourself up in the wake of visitors. If it was any other visitor save for the tempting, black and white haired boy in your midst, you would have freaked.
“Are you sure you don’t want this? You’re going to stand there and tell me you don’t want to touch her?” Jaemin narrows his eyes at him then pressed his mouth to your neck. He nibbles at the sensitive, thin flesh, forcing another whimper to slip from your now swollen lips. You shut your eyes and throw your head back, enjoying the sensation of his love bites and giving him more skin to mark up.
“Renjun, help me take her panties off.” Jeno circles your clit with an increased vigor. Jaemin slaps his hand over your mouth to stifle the sinful whining provoked by Jeno’s rubbing. Feeling your thighs closing momentarily, you peer down to see Renjun between your legs. Jaemin’s hand falls back into place, kneading the inside of your thigh once Renjun has successfully rid you of the soaking material.
“Hands over your head, slut,” Renjun orders. You follow through obediently, hearing Jaemin suck his teeth at the new sexual partner’s demands. He swoops the blouse over your head. The see-through lace, unpadded red bra you are wearing underneath the fitted top makes Renjun’s cock twitch. He clamps down on the base of your neck and holds your head in place for his lips to land wherever he desires. Of the three, he’s the most jipped, a substantial disparity between his time with you versus Jeno and Jaemin. He lips are inches away from yours when the fantasy with Haechan's princess ends for them.
“What… the… fuck.”
All hands leave your body, jumping away from your spot on the couch, like children caught with their hand in a cookie jaw. Haechan’s intimidating tone may have thrown them off guard but you mostly remain unphased. You’re in an open relationship. The most he can get upset with is that you’re getting the couch dirty.
He stalls, jaw clenched and anger brewing within. “Everyone, bedroom. Now.”
Renjun, Jeno and Jaemin search each other’s confused faces. “Now as is right now. We need to talk about something.”
They are on edge about what their friend might say but decide it is in their best interest to suck it up, accept the lecture or ultimatum in person instead of hearing it from one of the others. Especially because if either Jeno or Jaemin leave before this “talk,” it will effect their performance tomorrow. The friends mosey their way to the bedroom apprehensively, although you made no such effort to get up off the couch.
“Oh, you mean me? I thought this was a 'gamers only' thing, per usual.” One moment you’re standing up to face him, and the next you’re being thrown over his shoulder and carried there. Your skirt rides up and uncovers your slit on the journey to an unknown future.
He lets you down on the bed with a huff. You crawl up the mattress, pressing your back to the charcoal velvet, upholstered headboard and curling into a ball, legs closed. Pulling your knees to your chest defensively, you wrap your arms around your semi-naked body. You remain in the see-through lace bra, and that black skirt that covers down to the middle of your thighs Moving up the span of the bed, you’re certain your wet folds were on display for at least a few seconds. Not that it matters. They have all seen what's hiding underneath the skirt anyways.
Jeno sits on the edge of the bed, Renjun rolls the swivel chair from the desk, ending up three feet away, and Jaemin makes himself comfortable on a lounge chair a considerable ways away from the action. Unlike you, they are fully clothed. For some inexplicable reason, that’s hot, like you feel vulnerable and your breasts and pussy are nearly within their sight. Almost as if you are theirs to do away with however they seem fit.
Haechan shuffles across the bed on his knees, stalking you like a greedy predator to his prey, on the prowl for your taste. Well, not solely his prey necessarily. You’re more like prey for his hungry pack to devour along with him, but you don’t know that at this moment in time. You allow him to easily push your legs flat against the bed for him to straddle your upper thighs. He snatches your wrists, prying the protective arms hugging your frame open, pinning them to the cushioned headboard on either side of your head.
“Princess… I’m really hurt you didn't remember,” Haechan scolds you in a whisper, tempting lips barely tickling the sweet spot by your ear. His friends lean in, attempting to hear the hushed words, to which your boyfriend intentionally uses a volume just high enough for them to make out every syllable. “I know we said ‘open relationship,’ last week, and we wrote down no neighbors, no work colleagues, and no family members. But I guess you forgot what I said about my friends here a while ago. Specifically, these friends. And that...that is just so disappointing.”
A chill trickles down your spine while an aching desire to be touched grows stronger between your legs. For the most part, you are empty headed, your focus on that aching feeling and barely processing his accusation.
“What do you have to say for yourself?”
You presume he wants to show off how he holds the leash of an obedient, house trained girlfriend. The type of girlfriend that would grovel for his forgiveness and comply with his wishes in front of Renjun, Jeno, and Jaemin.
The thing is… that doesn’t sound like much fun tonight. And you don't want your daily walk in the park.
Especially because you believe Haechan is the one deserving of a scolding. Curious about how this will all play out, given that the other three are present, you decide on a dangerous course of action. You’re all too aware of what happens to brats, but what about now? What’s the treatment this time with them around? And what will they do?
Hopefully, join in all together like before.
“Well if I had to say anything, I’d say I have no idea what you’re talking about. And I’m positive you didn’t say anything about friends last week. I’m not a mind reader, you know?” you spat, courageously.
It’s all fun and games with Haechan, riling him up and taking whatever he gives you, graciously. You know he likes it rough and there is nearly nothing you love more than satisfying his kinks and feeding his insatiable hunger. And the pleasure he rewards you with (when merciful) is addictive. The sensation is both devastating and heavenly at the same time.
It’s moments like these that you knowingly bait him to take it further than before. You raise one eyebrow, retaliating against the total control he craves over the situation. He rocks back to face you. Removing one hand from your wrist against the headboard, he reaches down, flips up your skirt and grazes his middle finger over your pussy lips to your clit torturously. It’s the lightest feathered touch he’s ever given your body. You struggle to remain defiant against his dominance, biting down a whimper and pinching your eyes shut to reinforce your strong front. When you open your eyes, his finger is in front of your mouth. A tiny droplet of your juices sticks to the pad of it, and you barely part your lips before he smears your essence across your mouth. He tilts your chin up delicately, holding your overly-confident gaze for a handful of seconds as if evaluating you.
The room is pin-drop silent, air thick and reeking of lust. Jeno, Renjun, and Jaemin are still as statues, nearly holding their breath, torn between leaving due to the awkwardness, or staying and alleviating the painful sexual frustration left over from before. The stillness only lasts a half second, though when you’re jonesing for an orgasm as desperately as you and the other occupants of the suffocating room, patience isn’t exactly a strong suit. After an eternity, Haechan slashes the bindings of the muted, torture he tied around the desperate room.
“Whoahh… and to think I thought you were smart, y/n. Or at least, smart enough to know not to talk back to me in front of my friends,” he scoffs. Haechan sticks his tongue into the inside of his cheek, shaking his head out of irritation. “Take a guess about what I’m talking about. What is it that you forgot?”
You wrinkle your brow, breaking eye contact with him and look to the ceiling. Despite the deep dive you do, searching your mind and sifting through every storage file in your brain, you turn up with 0 results matching that description. Though you can’t blame yourself. The tense environment of the moment would likely suppress any one's comprehensive thought process.
Haechan jerks your chin back to forcibly face him. “Go ahead, baby, I’m listening.”
You nibble on the inside on your cheek for a moment, now nervous where this was going. “Was I… not allowed to fuck them?” you tentatively mutter.
“Try again,” he sighs.
Well that’s reassuring.
“Uh, was it thattt I could only be with one of them at a time?”
“Hmmm, that’s a good guess, but still no.”
“Am I supposed to… g-get permission? Like, was I supposed to ask you if your friends could fuck me?”
Haechan withdrew both of his hands from your flesh, leaving your wrist and chin feeling cold after losing his golden touch. “You’re almost there, princess…almost there.”
He twists his head back, eyes flicking between each of his friends then back to you. It comes as a complete surprise when he connects your lips together, seemingly out of nowhere. He snakes a hand to the back of your neck, pulling you flush against his chest, then weaves it up into your hair a few seconds later. The other hand is assigned to the clasps of your bra, which he unhooks masterfully. He shimmies the straps down your shoulders before pulling it off roughly and throwing it away from you.
Renjun catches the undergarment carelessly tossed through the air but his attention immediately returns back to your body. Your breasts are fully exposed by Haechan. Renjun’s mouth waters as he imagines twirling his tongue around your perky nipples, while Jaemin pictures himself flicking them repeatedly, and Jeno thinks of suckling and biting your sensitive buds until they sting.
Haechan wiggles in your lap until he’s even higher on his knees, looking down on you. He yanks the hair at the base of your neck down, harshly. You pout and flutter your eyelashes innocently as your head is tilted up 180 degrees.
“I wanted to join.”
“If you were going to fuck any of my friends, no matter how many at once, I wanted to be there,” he reveals, raising his voice in a dark tone. “You forgot. And you even started without me.”
Biting your puffy bottom lip, you use all your might against Haechan’s harsh grip to roll your neck's position and, therefore, line of sight. You scan the room, individually making eye contact with Jaemin, Jeno, and Renjun, preemptively feeling sore. Arousal leaks from your aching core, most likely staining the comforter underneath you. Sometime later, one of them will notice the embarrassing puddle you created in this sitting position.
“Now, if it was just you and me, I’d be punishing you for completely forgetting something so important and for that fucking mouth of yours… but since we have company, I think it would be rude of me not to sharrree.” He reaches out to fiddle with your hair gently, craning his neck around to address the eager three behind him. “What do you think, guys? To punish or not to punish… that is the question.”
Amongst Haechan’s friends, you’d peg the flirty, smooth talker Jaemin as the type to be bold and give strict punishments, but seeing as he’s in the corner, keeping his distance from the soon to be dirty deed, you’re skeptical. He was handsy before, why would he be shy now?
Then there’s Renjun. You always thought of Renjun as feisty and short tempered, not that he’s a serious threat or anything… right? You could see him possibly dishing out a hard treatment but you doubt he would make you cry. Plus, the way he gave you orders and clenched down your neck earlier gave away a strength you didn’t expect from him. You hope that his touch is as heavenly as his angelic voice sounds.
And finally, there’s Jeno. The person you know will give it to you rough and dirty, making you feel things that you’re positive will leave you feeling weak tomorrow. His strong hands would fit beautifully wrapped around your neck. You told Haechan you weren’t a mind reader but something tells you Jeno is thinking the same thing at this very moment. He probably had incredible stamina too.
Haechan’s dark gaze returns to yours, parting his lips to demonstrate what he wants. “Open up, princess.”
You respond by snapping your mouth shut with half lidded eyes.
“Really? That's how you want to play it, huh?” Haechan sucks his teeth. The devilish glint in his irises sparks a shred of fear and excitement within you, forcing you to swallow thickly. “Safe word is hot sauce, okay?”
You’ve realllly done it this time.
Clamping down on your ankles, he suddenly lurches back to the edge of the bed. The high pitch squeak that slips from your lips makes him smirk. He tugs your frame one last time, placing your ass on the bottom edge of the mattress. Haechan spreads your legs wide open for the audience.
He flicks his chin to Renjun. “Pin her arms down.”
He scrambles on the bed to hold your wrists. You don't even attempt to remove your arms from above your head prior to his secure grasp. You look up at his face, shooting him a wink. Renjun licks his lips and leans close to your ear, close enough to make you the sole recipient of his sinful words. “Your mouth is so pretty, y/n. I can’t fucking wait until it's my turn to use you.” He nips your earlobe, then sits up on his knees again, eyes fixating on those hardened nipples he loves so much.
Renjun temporarily captured your attention, but upon hearing Jeno’s name, you immediately redirect your focus.
“Can you spread her legs further, Jeno?” Haechan asks. It’s a rhetorical question, obviously.
Jeno wouldn’t be listening or following the younger male’s lead if it didn’t play to his favor. At the moment though, he was on his way to getting exactly where he wanted, winning the grand prize of your aching entrance. Jeno’s palms push against your heels, curling your knees until they hover above your chest and peel open next to your breasts. Jaemin relocates to the swivel chair previously owned by Renjun. Four pairs of eyes feast upon your glorious pussy lips parting naturally, taking a pause to gawk at your glistening slick accentuated your folds underneath the dim overhead light. Haechan hops next to you gleefully, a power hungry twinkle shining through his eyes.
“I said open up, slut.” He flicks his chin to Jeno when you refuse for the umpteenth time. “Shove your fingers in her hole.”
Jeno’s middle finger dips into your opening, ripping a sob from your lips, all according to plan. Haechan's hand slinks below your chin, squeezing your cheeks together to keep your mouth wide open. He slowly leans closer to you and finally spits in your mouth triumphantly. “See? Now, that wasn’t so hard.”
He releases you from his grip and you childishly stick your tongue out at him. He rolls his eyes, leaning down to bite your right nipple. You squirm underneath him, the stimulation from Haechan’s stinging bites and Jeno’s magical fingers already pushing you closer to climax. Jeno curls his middle and ring fingers into you, petting your walls and locating your weakness. Renjun gets in on the action, securing his mouth to your neck and painting violet splotches on your soft canvas. Your body was already doted on by Jeno, Jaemin, and, at the tail end, Renjun, for quite a while. You know you are not going to hold out for much longer. Haechan pops his mouth off your bud, raising an eyebrow at the neon sign on your forehead reading “I’m close to coming"
“Princess, you’re almost there, huh? Such a shame sluts don’t come so easily.”
You whine as they edge you further, knots tightening and threatening to snap any moment. Jeno dips down to suck on your clit, fingers still plunging into your core, before giving his cramped fingers a break and differing the job to his tongue. Renjun nips at your bottom lip, sliding a hand down to pinch one of your nipples and cup your breasts harshly. Haechan takes over Renjun’s previous job, marking your collarbones a vibrant purple. Your muscles tense up on the verge of a climax that sadly never comes.
You pinch your eyes closed in anticipation when suddenly, all contact with your body is withdrawn, similar to when Haechan first came down the stairs. “How was that? Did you have fun?” He chuckles at your frustrated, plastered expression.
“I’d have a lot more fun if one of you would just fuck me already,” you hiss. You throw an arm over your eyes as you catch your breath, letting your legs relax and dangle over the bed.
You hear muffled conversation, and of course, a subsequent, habitual, rock paper scissors game. Their game huddle concludes as you hear the ruffling of material being shed.
“I agree.” Jeno grips under your arms, whisking you from laying down and placing you on his knee. You don’t hesitate to hump his bare thigh, looking for whatever ounce of friction you can find. “Fucking you would be a lot more fun.”
“God, Haechan, she’s so needy. Do you even touch her?”
“Don’t fucking push it Renjun.”
You notice Renjun and Haechan have stripped their clothes to their boxers. The only effort Jaemin has made is stepping closer than before.
“C'mere, baby. Do you want me to fill you up real good?” Jeno rakes a hand through his black, disheveled hair and FUCK no one has ever looked so tempting.
You eagerly nod your head. “Yes, please.”
He stands you upright with his hands on your hips from behind. “Jaemin, can you film her? Before we play tomorrow, I want to watch all the beautiful faces she makes when I’m fucking her brains out.”
Jaemin bites his bottom lip, mid-smile. He angles his camera in front of you, kneeling to catch the ideal filming point. Jeno spins you around, bending you over to softly slide your skirt to the ground. The camera eats up your wet slit on display. Fortunately for them, Jaemin zooms in at just the right time, capturing some of your juices dripping to the floor on film. The drops of arousal catch Haechan’s interest as well.
“Princess, you’re making such a mess!” You swivel your head in his direction of the patronizing individual. He crouches, studying your heat in admiration. “Did you know your cunt was leaking all over the floor? What a naughty whore, so desperate to be touched.”
Your cheeks boil in embarrassment. You're really that wet to trickle on the floor? You feel some of your wetness seeping down the inside of your thighs, too. Just wait until they see the stain on the bed from earlier.
Jeno feels your entire body stiffen and grows tired of the humiliation. He hooks a finger under your chin and draws your mouth to smash against his hungry ones. His tongue explores your mouth with haste. Retracting his lips, he repositions you again, having you face Jaemin and away from him. Jeno jerks his large length before rolling on a condom Jaemin tosses to him. “Ready?” Jeno prods your wet hole.
“Ye-” Jeno pulls you into his lap and down his cock. You whimper as every inch thrusts further and deeper inside you. You throw your head back, nearly hanging it off his shoulder.
“How’s that princess? Do you like being filled up like that? In front of all of us?” You nod your head nonsensically at Haechan.
Renjun and Haechan watch from behind the cameraman, prominent bulges easily noticed from a far.
Jeno bottoms out but keeps his thrusts at bay. Haechan's cock is thicker but Jeno is bigger in every sense of the word. It takes a dozen seconds for your walls to adjust to his size. There is something so sanctimonious about the moment the first cock stuffs your hole. You bounce on his cock quicker than he thought, fucking yourself on him. “F-fuck, y/n, you’re tight.” Jeno digs his fingers into your waist and pounds up into you.
“Do you like being on camera, y/n? Like being on camera like a dirty slut?” Haechan enjoys tormenting you but it doesn’t feel like tormentation when every word makes you clench around Jeno’s dick tighter than the previous second. "I should've filmed you before. It looks like you love being in front of the camera, y/n."
You have an iron grip on Jeno's strong thighs, jaw dropped in astonishment. Your eyes are closed as the naked stranger approaches you, slithering a hand up your chest and around your neck.
“Can I fuck your mouth, y/n?” Renjun requests, paradoxically polite for how tight he is applying pressure to the sides of your neck. You respond to him by sticking your tongue out. He gives your neck one last tight squeeze before letting go and petting your hair sweetly. “Say ahhh...” Tapping his tip on your flat tongue, he snakes a hand down your scalp to the back of your head. Your chest tilts down to take his throbbing cock down your throat. He thrusts into your mouth, finding the same rhythm as Jeno’s hips. When Jeno bucks his hips up, your mouth is sent further down Renjun’s length at the same time he rocks his hips closer to you. Tears start to well in the corners of your eyes. If you voice wasn’t muffled by Renjun fucking you your throat, you would be loudly wailing and sobbing, swallowed by a mind blowing exhilaration.
“Look at me,” Renjun demands. You peer up his thin frame until you meet his sharp gaze. His pretty features are twisted and dark, pupils dilated and demeanor intimidating. “Hey, come over here and look at her face.”
Haechan and Jaemin come around Renjun’s body to see the dam of tears crack and flood down your cheeks. Haechan takes Jaemin’s camera and holds it close to your face. Haechan coos, “Aww is the baby crying?”
You hum at Haechan and flutter your eyes closed, focusing on breathing through your nose for oxygen. Renjun shifts his body to the side of Jeno and slides himself out from the warmth of your mouth. You are just about to ask him what’s wrong when another hand sneaks down your scalp. The hand whips your head in it’s direction, a hand you’re all far too familiar with. Haechan looks down at you, stroking his shaft and inching his cock closer to your mouth. “Will you open up for me this time?”
Your eyes flick everywhere but him. They land on Jaemin for a moment, silently beckoning him to touch you again. There’s an unreadable expression adorning his gorgeous features. Ultimately, you part your lips for your regularly tardy partner. You blink up at him, innocently. He loves your doe eyes and he takes this as his cue to rock into your mouth, bumping the back of your throat instantly.
Haechan and Renjun share your mouth, going back and forth with who gets to fuck your throat. When they switch, they tug your mouth off of their length and the recipient either takes a fist full of you hair or firmly grips the back of your neck to switch which cock fills your mouth. You tried hollowing out your cheeks but to no avail. They were using you too quickly for your mouth to do any work of its own.
"No one's ever felt so fucking good."
"Shit, Haechan, I'm j-jealous you've been getting this for years."
"Tighhtt. y/n, how are you this tight?"
"God, infinitely better than what I imagined your mouth would feel like, fuck."
“Hmm, you take us so well. I’m proud of you,” Haechan praises, his genuine sincerity out of character for a moment like this one. Receiving praise in between the degrading comments, especially praise from Haechan, brings you satisfaction, like YOU make them feel good, YOU are the reason they are compulsively grunting and groaning and cursing. "How does Jeno feel, princess? You like it when Jeno fucks your sweet cunt like a whore?"
Renjun's cock is buried in your mouth and all you can manage is a hum of affirmation. Like Renjun just confessed seconds ago, you, too, have imagined how this would feel, but you never could’ve predicted how much you loved the feeling of Haechan and his friends’ stuffing you full. The bouncing motion on the bed plunging Jeno’s dick deep, deep inside you, farther inside your hole than it has ever been reached has you on the verge of your first orgasm. Your throat tickles while a fluttering tickle disperses through your core, seconds away from-
“Argh, I’m gonna c-come,” Renjun croaks, taking another few harsh thrusts down your throat. His tip bashes the back of your throat one last time before you feel his milky cum shoot down your throat. He rocks back on his heels, removing the obstruction to your vocal capablity. “Did you swallow like a good cumslut?” Renjun raises your chin, stroking your cheek affectionately. You open your mouth to show him proof of your good behavior. “Aw, y/n, that mouth of yours… you’re just too good to me.”
“Baby, you should feel honored, the hardest thing in the world is receiving praise from Renjun,” Haechan pants, wiggling his eyebrows at the short-breathed boy on his side. You are about to thank Renjun for such kind, rare words, though the next thing you know, Haechan shoves his cock back into your mouth with force. Jeno delivers two particularly fierce thrusts, triggering your climax to strike seconds. His strong hands hang onto your trembling body sternly. Your eyes roll into the back of your head chin dropping to your chest in exhaustion. Coming down from your high, you raise your head higher and Haechan prods his tip at your half parted lips, waiting for you to take him down your throat again. You slowly suck his tip, licking the slit and swirling your tongue around his cock when he snaps his hips into your mouth in sync with Jeno’s powerful thrust. You challenge yourself to keep your nose to his pelvis swallowing his length until he comes down your throat just like Renjun. Success finds you in a mere two moments. Haechan’s cum joins Renjun’s, sliding down your throat.
You finally get to emit the pleasured noises hushed by having your mouth full. Pent up whimpers, shrieks and cries are extracted from within you as Jeno spares another few minutes of this half tilted forward position for a deeper angle to fuck your hole. Your ass receives some swift slaps that make you yelp at the slight sting of his spanking. He twists you around so you face him the rest of the ride. “Everyone wants their hands on you, baby,” Jeno grunts. “I’ve gotta admit, I wanted that too. And wanted my hands on your throat.” He lays back flat on the bed and does just that. One hand cups your neck, squeezing the sides sternly. The other finds purchase on your hip for his final stretch of the chase for orgasm.
Haechan appears by your side once more, the camera he apprehended from Jaemin in his hand to badger you further. “We have this all recorded. And we can watch you getting fucked like a little cockwhore whenever we want now.”
You and Jeno tune out every other soul in the universe, immersed in the bliss of his hitting your gspot every bounce or thrust. He’s never seen breasts as mouth watering as yours as your breasts bounce perfectly from his point of view.
You hold on with every fiber in your body to your second climax, praying you two would come and ride out the waves of heaven together. When he grunts he’s close, you let euphoria rush through your body, spasming around his length erratically as he pounded into your tense core. He topples over the line, spilling into the rubber protection he’s wearing a minute later.
He lifts you off his softened dick, delicately laying your lethargic body on the bed for some much needed rest. You’re not positive how many minutes but some might consider your break short lived. Jaemin rids himself of clothing, snuggling up to your own naked figure in the middle of the bed. You feel his stiff cock brush over your slit then two fingers curl up through your wet folds. You mewl and turn over to face him.
“I don’t want to pressure you or anything, sweetie, because you’re probably sore, but if you could-”
You pounce on Jaemin’s chest, stamina miraculously renewed. The stamina of the others is also renewed like magic. “Where do you want me?” You lick up his lips like you did before, flicking your tongue up from his bottom lip to his top, intrigued by one last session of filling, especially because Jaemin was out of reach before.
You end up bent over the back of the ultra cushioned, upholstered chair Jaemin originally sat in. Jaemin takes you from behind while Jeno stands on top of the seat to defile your mouth, kneeling against the back cushions at the right height for your mouth to suck him off. Haechan and Renjun stand on either side of you. They hold your hands over their surprisingly erect cocks, stroking their lengths with your hand clasped under theirs. They roll their thumbs over your nipples in tiny circles, tweaking them every so often and kneading you breasts like their lives depend on it.
Jaemin rims your pulsating hole, then sinks his cock inside you. He gulps, memorizing every detail of this moment, watching your hot, walls swallow his length. “Sweetie, there’s nothing like filling you up.” He’s gentler than any of the other guys and you wonder if it’s simply because he saw how hard Jeno gave it to you and felt bad.
Maybe it’s a strange thing to be proud of but, like Renjun commented, your mouth is amazing. Your skillful head compels a quick orgasm from Jeno. It’s the way you alternate between curling your lips over your teeth to apply a moderate pressure along his length, hollowing out your cheeks to give a sense of suction, and controlling your breathing, focusing on the steady intake of oxygen through your nostrils as you swallow his length down your throat or they are repeatedly bumping the back of your throat. If you have a hypersensitive gag reflex, some might consider that a good starting point.
Renjun and then Haechan bring themselves to climax using your hands and leave the room, presumably to shower. Jaemin is the last to come. Jaemin loops an arm around to your front, relentlessly rubbing your clit with vigor until your third astronomical orgasm crashes into you, so powerful it shoots you into the stars. He snaps his hips into your core for several more minutes, pumping his generous lenth inside you, then pulls your back flush against his chest. His sloppy thrusts carry on through his climax, riding out his high sheathed inside you.
Renjun, Jeno, and Jaemin decide to sleepover tonight. That’s not something you or Haechan suggested, they just made up their minds to stay here no matter what you guys said. Haechan could disagree with you all he wants but you would never send them away, knowing how they treat you after tonight.
Jaemin gently scoops you up into his arms and makes his way to the bathroom with the biggest shower. Jeno is still in the shower when you step in but there’s nothing awkward about the situation. They help scrub your body with cherry blossom scented soap and wash away any sign of the dirty act, save for the purple marks speckled across your neck and chest. It is so intimate yet comforting.
Your house has many beds to choose from; Haechan and Renjun sleep in a bed together upstairs and you, Jaemin and Jeno sleep in the ridiculously wide bed downstairs. It feels comfortable sharing a bed with them now. You feel comfortable now.
You turn over in bed to face Jaemin, envious that somehow his skin is still radiant in post orgasm glow. You’re not surprised in the slightest that he’s awake. You know he’s a night person and he’s likely only in bed because everyone else is in bed.
“I have a question,” you whisper, peaking over to make sure Jeno was asleep.
“Go ahead, sweetie, I’m an open book.” He winks at you.
“No, you’re not, but that’s for another time. Why didn’t you touch me before? You just stood there.”
He lets out a heavy sigh, pulling you into his arms, tenderly. “I didn’t want to punish you. I didn’t want to participate in Haechan’s little game.”
How are you supposed to react to that?
He continues speaking when you remain quiet.
“I know you were into it and you like it rough but I thought you deserved a dozen of orgasms. I wanted you to feel good, pampered…cared for like a real princess.
Silence ensues in his second pause for any response. He doesn't know what he wants to hear but maybe nothing is better than something that might ruin it all.
"We can talk about this some other time. Right now, get some sleep," he says, kissing your forehead.
"Okay, some other time, I guess,” you yawn and lethargically roll over in his arms, turning into his little spoon. “Sweet dreams, Jaemin.” You kiss the arm wrapped around you.
“You too, sweetie.” It takes him quite a while to lull himself to sleep whereas you fall into a deep slumber instantly. But that was okay with him because the more time he remains awake, the longer he has to cherish the feeling of you engulfed in his arms.
With him, you feel like you are blurring the lines between a rapidly blossoming, close friendship, and a red hot, flaming infatuation. But who’s to say you can’t have both? You’re open to all kinds of new opportunities. And you can say, with certainty, that you would never turn down an opportunity to be with all of them again.
“How many hours away is it?”
You let out a heavy sign when there is no response from the four travelers you believe to be getting into the car outside. Sliding into a pair of Haechan’s fuzzy slippers (that you know he’ll complain to you about for getting them dusty) you step out the front door to investigate.
“Wow, so ticklish,” Jeno says from behind you. He sidesteps around your frame, bag in one hand (the overnight bag he coincidentally had in his own car when he, Jaemin and Renjun arrived unannounced yesterday). The other hand reaches around your defensive arms to tickle you again. He puts you out of your misery, pulling you into a quick hug instead. “Wish us luck!” he calls over his shoulder trotting off to Haechan’s car like an excited puppy. Part of that excitement derived from his ability to sleep on the way there while Haechan drives.
“Good luck!” Three seconds pass before you remember why you are wearing Monsters Inc. slippers. Lucky for you, Renjun joins your side in the fifth second.
“Three hours,” he answers helpfully.
You look at him then back to the car. “Fuck that’s too long for me to go with you. I finally have to study.” A moment passes before you turn your head back to face him. Your lips are parted to inquire further about the gamers itinerary for the when he plants a kiss on your lips. He
He jumps back from you with a panicked expression. “I’m so sorry, y/n, I didn’t mean to do that, I was aiming for your cheek.”
You giggle at his cute reaction, tugging his wrist and kissing his cheek this time. “Your lips were all over me last night, Renjun, it’s okay!”
“No, well, this is different than last night.”
“How’s it different?” a cheeky voice sounds behind you. Jaemin spins you around and laces his arms around you, low on your hips. He kisses your lips passionately and unashamedly in front of Renjun. “You weren't next to me when I woke up, y/n.” He dawns that trademark pout of his with a furrowed brow.
“Was I supposed to be?” Your eyebrows mimic his in confusion.
“Jaemin, come on, Haechan’s gonna throw a fucking fit,” Renjun sighs in annoyance over both Haechan and Jaemin.
Pecking Jaemin’s lips, you lightly direct his body to the front door. “Go… we’ll talk about this ‘some other time,’ right?” You smirk, quoting his words back to him. “Soon though. Like tomorrow soon, is that okay?”
Jaemin steals one last kiss then follows Renjun out the door. “You’ve got a deal, Sweetie.”
He stops on the edge of the porch to send a flirty wink your way, accompanied by a dazzling flash of perfect teeth, his warm smile brighter than the sun. Warm enough to bring heat to your cheeks. And two other places.
But let’s not talk about that until… some other time.
Tumblr media
proofreading edit: 8.1k ➾ +10.3k words
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sorry for another bikini scene (or am I?) I just really liked 7llin' in the dream 's lil pool
i know it sounds like there will be a part 2 but i'm 95% sure I will not write a sequel. also i do not approve of another writer making their own sequel to any of my fics; by doing so, you are committing copyright infringement (sorry if this comes off as mean or whatever, I just want to make it clear!)
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Tumblr media
PAIRING. Lee Jeno x Reader SUMMARY. When a system error at your new university’s residence leaves you to share a dorm with a hot male roommate, you find yourself in for more than just a sleepless night or two when you realize that he has a habit of walking around shirtless all the time. GENRE. smut, fluff, angst, college/university!AU, roommate!AU, roommate!Jeno, friends with benefits. WARNINGS. sexual content, making out, handjobs, blowjobs, fingering, oral sex, mentions of vaginal sex, mentions of public sex, partying/drinking, alcohol, swearing. WORD COUNT. 12.2k AUTHOR’S NOTE. Some of you may recognize a scene in this story from a drabble that I’ve previously written, but many people wanted to see a continuation of it, so I’ve turned it into full work. Thanks again to the anon that came up with original idea for the drabble! TAGLIST. @navoeur​​ @qianinterprises​​ @unknown5tar​​
Tumblr media
The first days of coming to a new university were always the most stressful – getting to know your way around a campus full of people that you’d never seen before, buildings scattered across a large area of space and containing classrooms with numbers that you could never remember, trying to memorize your schedule without being that one annoying person in the hallway who walks too slow because they’re staring at the campus map on their phone. There were many things that could go wrong during the first days, especially when you had no idea where you were and what was going on.
But out of all the things that could go wrong, you hadn’t been expecting this.
“I’m sorry, but there’s nothing we can do to change the rooms. Everything’s been put in the system already and any that would’ve been available have been taken already.”
You sighed, running a hand through your hair several times as you tried to calm down. Moving into the dorms was meant to be one of the easier parts, one of the things that you weren't meant to stress over. You just had the bad luck of being the one person in the system who was destined to have everything fucked up for them.
“Is there nothing else you could possibly do?” you asked the receptionist.
She shook her head. “I wish there was, but all of the single-person rooms were taken during registration. I understand your frustration, especially after what you’ve told me about rooming with other people, but if you want to be staying on campus, your only option is to share a dorm with someone.”
You absolutely didn’t want to share a dorm with anyone but yourself. The past two years at your old university had been spent constantly wearing headphones to block out the noise of your roommate and dealing with ungodly sounds in the middle of the night while you’d been trying to sleep. Parties, guests, drinking – you’d never been to get a break from it, but you weren’t from the city that your school was located in and staying at home hadn’t been an option. You were from a rural town two hours away and there just hadn’t been any way that you could’ve travelled the distance every day by car. In the end, you’d managed to stick it out somehow and decided that even though you were switching universities, you were never going to room with another person again if you could help it.
Clearly, you couldn’t this time.
“What I can do is put you with someone that matches your profile,” the receptionist explained. “He also prefers a quiet environment and probably won’t be the type to be bringing people over at three in the morning. You’ll be sharing a dorm with him, but the space itself will be big for the two of you.”
“Wait,” you frowned. “Did you say ‘he’?”
She nodded. “This person is a male, goes by the name of Lee Jeno. He’s an international student from Korea, his major is in dance and he knows how to cook.”
“He knows how to cook?”
“It’s what it says here. I guess it’s important to him if he added it in. Do you know how to cook?”
“Not really.”
“Then he could probably teach you if you asked.”
Taking off her glasses, she let them hang loosely on the cord around her neck as she looked up at you. “I know that it’s not the most ideal arrangement, but it’s the only thing that I currently have to offer. You’ve already paid your deposit for a spot in residence, so an exception can be made to have you room with Jeno since the school doesn’t normally allow the mixing of genders as roommates.”
You pondered the offer. She was right about it not being the most ideal arrangement, but this seemed like the only option you had. It was either agree or go somewhere else.
“I’ll do it,” you finally said after a while. “I’ll room with Jeno.”
She smiled. “Lovely! Let me get you set up in the system here and I’ll have a keycard ready for you.”
Five minutes later, you were dragging your luggage along with you to the elevator, pressing the button for the seventh floor. The ride up was short as you flipped the keycard over and over in your hand, staring at the words that were written on it. When the doors opened, you trudged down the hall to the final door on the right, tapping your card against the scanner and hearing it open with a click.
“Hello? Anyone home?” you called out, only to receive no response. Shrugging, you walked in and pulled your luggage along behind you, tossing the keycard on the counter and looking around. There was a pair of converse lying by the door and two jackets hung in the closet, but no sight of their owner.
The dorm was fairly large, as promised by the receptionist. The corridor led to a kitchen on the right, a small dining table located beside it and the living room on the other side. The windows faced the campus greens, which was a better sight than seeing the windows of another residence building. There were two bedrooms, both of which had their doors closed. You knocked on the first one, opening the door slightly to find that it was empty. The second was already occupied, which meant that your roommate must’ve moved in earlier than you and gotten set up. Closing the door, you went back to the first bedroom and began unpacking, slipping on a pair of headphones as you got to work.
A good hour and a half seemed to have passed by the time you finally managed to get everything ready in your room. You’d moved the bed away from the window and placed the desk in front of it, opening the blinds for some sunlight and fresh air as the rest of your clothes went into the closet. It wasn’t your bedroom at home, but it would have to do. Tucking away your suitcase, you looked around one final time before placing your hand on the door handle and going back into the main living space.
What you’d failed to notice, however, was the sight of a man standing shirtless in a pair of sweatpants and wet hair, his eyes widening at the sudden appearance of a random stranger in his dorm.
“Can I help you?”
The first time he said it, you didn’t hear him because you were still wearing headphones. The second and third time, you could’ve sworn that there was something strange in the song that you’d never heard before, but you ignored it. It wasn’t until he put his hand on your arm that you flinched and whipped around, heart racing at the sight of someone standing so close to you.
For a moment, none of you moved.
“I’m sorry, but who are you?” he asked, a bewildered expression on his face.
You blinked. “I… live here?”
He frowned. “You live here?”
“Y-yeah, this is my dorm. Who are you?”
“I live here too.”
The lightbulb suddenly turned on in your brain once the words had left his mouth. “Oh, right! Sorry, it's been somewhat of a long day."
He continued to stare. “I’m still confused.”
“I’m your new roommate,” you explained. “I was supposed to get a single room and be by myself, but there was a problem in the system and they didn’t manage to reserve one for me. The receptionist said that she could put me to room with you because you were similar in terms of preferences for a roommate.”
“… I wasn’t aware of that.”
“Well, neither was I until today,” you said. “You’re Jeno, right?”
“Yeah,” he replied, extending a hand. “I’m Jeno. How did you know my name?”
“The receptionist told me.”
“Oh, right.”
The two of you awkwardly continued to stand around until you motioned towards the kitchen. “I’ll, uh, continue getting unpacked, if that’s fine with you.”
“I-yeah, sorry,” he said, stepping aside. “I should probably go put on a shirt or something.”
Right, he wasn’t wearing a shirt. Your eyes automatically flickered to his taut chest, only to avert your gaze to the side as you cleared your throat. He patted his bangs down before turning around and heading in the direction of his room, closing the door a little louder than you’d expected.
Well, that went well, you thought to yourself. First day and I’ve already seen more of his body than I have his face.
At least he’s hot, a voice in your head suddenly chimed in.
He’s attractive, admit it. Anyone would think he’s good-looking.
Brain, stop it. He’s my roommate, not eye candy.
Exactly, he’s your roommate. You know what you can do with hot roommates, right?
Fuck off, brain.
I can’t. I’m in your head, remember? Are you starting to lose it?
Maybe you were starting to lose it.
Tumblr media
One month living with Lee Jeno and you were definitely losing it.
You see, Jeno was the perfect roommate in many ways. He was quiet and didn’t bring friends over at random hours of the night. The two of you shared a bathroom together, but he always knocked if he needed something and he didn’t leave his things lying around like your previous roommate had. Whenever he cooked, he always made sure to clean up the kitchen and even made extra for you to eat as well, which was probably thanks to him witnessing your failed attempts at making anything other than quick snacks and microwave dinners. If he was studying in the living room, you were quiet and didn’t make noise. If you were studying in the living room, he was quiet and didn’t make noise. Occasionally, the two of you would find yourselves watching whatever was on the television together, most often a show or series that he enjoyed. You learned that he adored watching ‘The Penthouse’, keeping up religiously with the episodes whenever new ones were released. He had a good sense of humour, although awkward at times, but you still laughed at his jokes because they were funny in a special kind of way. Even after long days of lectures and staying late in the commons to do work, it didn’t feel tedious to come back to him like it had with your previous roommate. 
Everything about Jeno was perfect, except for his habit of walking around partially naked.
You’d chalked it down to his tendencies to come back from classes with less clothing than you’d seen him leave in. Being a dance major, it was obvious that he would have practices and rehearsals in addition to his studies in music, but he also liked to go to the gym and whenever he decided to wear anything sleeveless, you had to force yourself to look away. In the mornings, he would walk into the kitchen with messy hair and half-closed eyes, fumbling around with the coffee machine and leaning against the counter as he drank it, only to realize that you were eating breakfast already and he was once again shirtless. The first couple of times, you’d ignored it, but then it became harder and harder to ignore as your gaze would linger, eyes tracing the well-sculpted muscles that he seemed to work so hard for.
By the end of the second month, you’d come to the conclusion that he was doing it on purpose to see you suffer and there was nothing you could do about it but scream into your pillow, hoping that he wouldn’t hear from his room.
(Actually, that’s wrong. He did hear you one night and had come to knock on your door because he’d been concerned that you were being possessed by something and needed help. You’d reassured him that yes, you were indeed alright and no, you weren’t in need of an exorcism. It wasn’t until you’d heard his door close that you’d decided that you were going to need a new coping strategy.)
By the third month, you were in a state of calm that genuinely made you concerned. Gone were the days of being a panicked mess around Jeno – now, he could be as shirtless as he wanted to and you wouldn’t blink an eye. The solution? Train yourself to stare at something that wasn’t his chest. It was through this solution that you’d realized how much you struggled with eye contact when it came to talking to a person. Your eyes would constantly be moving to places other than their face and when it was Jeno, they would linger in places they weren’t supposed to. He never seemed to comment on it, keeping the conversation as natural and neutral as possible, but there was a sense of satisfaction that came with having conquered this small task. It was probably also due to the fact that you’d accepted his habits and were no longer fazed by them, making it much easier to interact with him without feeling as if you were being a creep.
One such example was a moment like now, where the two of you were sitting in the living room together, studying for your mid-term exams that were beginning in three days. As usual, he was shirtless and in a pair of black joggers, while you were dressed in a hoodie and sweatpants. Music was playing from one of the many speakers he had lying around the dorm, neither too loud nor quiet, but just the right volume to keep you focused while you read over your notes. He was eating from a bag of chips, occasionally passing them over to you whenever he had to write something down. Two cups of coffee were somewhere amidst the stacks of textbooks and papers.
“I’m literally so sick of this,” you heard him mutter, followed by the sound of a book being closed.
You snorted. “It’s dance, Jeno. Much easier than psychology and behavioural therapy. I’m literally drowning in pages and pages of theory that won’t even come into play until I talk to someone.”
“Oh, really?” he said, raising an eyebrow. “Okay, how about I see you name every single genre that’s ever existed in the history of dance? And the inventors? How about the specific dates during which they originated?”
“No thanks, I’m good.”
“Thought so, nerd.”
Reaching for a pillow, you chucked it at him. He let out a grunt as it hit him square in the chest, giving you an affronted look as you rolled your eyes at his reaction.
“That was rude,” he grumbled.
“Deal with it,” you shot back, flipping the page of the textbook you were currently skimming through.
“No thanks, I’m good.”
And then the pillow smacked you directly in the face, making you fall backwards as Jeno laughed.
“Alright, I see how it is,” you said, putting the pillow back where it'd come from. “Call it even.”
He grinned before grabbing his cup of coffee and draining whatever was left, then standing up. Peeking over to your cup, he wordlessly motioned towards it with his eyes. You nodded, understanding his silent question of ‘do you want more coffee?’ as he took the cup and went into the kitchen, leaving you to rub at your eyes tiredly. It was nearly midnight, but you still had another three chapters to cover before you were sure that you could call it a night.
“Hey, I have a question,” Jeno suddenly said.
You turned to look at him. “What’s up?”
“My, uh, friend has someone that he likes, but he isn’t sure how to go about telling her. I thought that maybe you might’ve learned something that might help make it easier for him, since romantic feelings aren’t exactly his forte. It’s not that he’s bad with talking to girls – he just doesn’t get the chance to properly talk to many without them seeing him as just another hot guy, you know?”
“Ahh, the classic dilemma of to confess or not to confess,” you sighed, a smile on your face. “I don’t think that we’ve covered anything exactly related to a scenario like this, but I could probably come up with something. Want to write it down so that you don’t forget?”
“It’s fine, I have a good memory,” he replied, tapping a finger against the side of his head.
“Well,” you began. “For starters, your friend should be clear with himself what exactly he’s expecting from this girl if she says yes to his confession. Does he want to date her and possibly have a future with her? Or is he simply confessing because he’s too in love and isn’t thinking logically?”
“He definitely wants to date her,” he said. “Like there’s no doubt about it.”
You nodded. “Okay, good. Is he mentally and emotionally prepared to handle being rejected if it doesn’t work out?”
“I a-I mean, he is. Yeah, he’s fully prepared for it.”
“Are you sure?”
“I’m a hundred percent positive.”
“If he feels like he’s ready, then he should be smart about how and when he does it,” you continued. “Reading her body language to get an understanding of how she’s feeling in the moment that he chooses to confess is going to be crucial. If she looks like she’s enjoying herself and in a good mood, that’s a green light. If she’s looking like she might be tired, angry, upset, anything that isn’t happy, then it’s a red light. People are more likely to react in positive ways to unexpected situations when they’re not feeling as if they want to rip someone’s head off.”
“Read her body language, make sure she’s in a good mood,” he repeated.
“Exactly. Your friend doesn’t want to come off as too pushy or insistent that he receive an answer once he actually expresses his feelings. The more he continues to push and prod, the less she’s going to be inclined to tell him how she feels. It’ll make her want to retreat to a safe space and be as far away from him as she can, which is the opposite of what he’s trying to achieve.”
“And what about location?”
You paused to think for a moment. “Places that aren’t crowded with people or noise usually work well. Keep in mind that if there are people around, there are most likely going to be eyes watching, so the less outside pressure that she feels, the more comfortable she’ll be in the situation. Maybe going on a walk by the river or in the park might work. A coffee shop or another date spot isn’t bad either, but it all depends on how busy it is. Most people tend to have a decent judgement about when the right time is to reveal something like this to a potential partner, so your friend will just have to use his brain.”
Jeno shut off the coffee machine and returned to the living room, handing you one of the cups as you thanked him. He sat down, taking a sip before placing the cup on the table and leaning back on his hands, legs crossed in front of him.
"I just hope that it works out for him," he said, something like a wistful tone entering his voice.
"You must really care for this guy," you teased. "Almost making it sound like you're the one doing the confessing."
He grinned sheepishly. "I guess it does sound that way. He just deserves someone to be happy with. I've known him since we were kids and he was always surrounded by girls, even in elementary school."
"That attractive, huh?"
"It was the only thing they saw about him, sadly. Every girl always wanted to date him until they realized that he wasn't going to settle for someone who wanted him purely based on looks. I mean, he's allergic to cats and still had three of them because he loved them so much. He wants someone who can appreciate something like that rather than treating him like he's just another guy on the list."
“As long as he uses his brain and doesn't try to rush things, he'll be fine,” you reassured him.
“Thanks for the advice, I'll tell him tomorrow when I see him,” he replied. “I'm actually going to head over to my room to go over some music theory stuff because I just remembered that my professor mentioned something about it on the exam and I don't want to make any noise here.”
You raised an eyebrow at him as he began packing up his papers. “I thought you said you had a good memory?”
“Not when it comes to school,” he huffed. “Don't stay up too late, alright? You better be in bed by the next hour or else I'm not sharing the snacks my mom sends from overseas.”
“You wouldn't dare,” you gasped.
He winked. “Try me.”
You reached for the pillow once more, throwing it in his direction as he dodged it and slipped into his room. Before he entirely disappeared from sight, his head peeked out from behind the door.
“You're picking that up, not me!”
Tumblr media
“I’m bringing a girl over tonight.”
The spoon that was in your hand dropped onto the counter, making you jump as the sound of metal hitting granite made you flinch. You picked it up quickly, hastily shoving it into your bowl as you looked up at your roommate.
Jeno had never mentioned a girl in the four months that you’d been living with him.
“What time?” you asked nonchalantly, keeping your voice neutral and uninquisitive.
“Probably around nine or ten,” Jeno answered, hands in the pockets of his jeans. “If that’s alright with you.”
You nodded. “That’s fine, I’ll be out of your way.”
He frowned. “You don’t have to leave if you don’t w-”
“I’ve had mixed experiences with roommates who’ve brought people over to fuck in the past, so I’d rather just not be here if that’s what you two are going to be doing,” you said, cutting him off. “I’ll crash at a friend’s dorm or something.”
“Oh, okay.”
The kitchen was suddenly filled with an awkward silence as you continued to stir your oatmeal and he stood by the fridge, neither of you saying anything. You sensed him moving behind you, the cabinet opening as he grabbed what was presumably a plate or a mug, but you didn’t turn around to check. Bringing the spoon up to your lips, you began eating, paying no attention to Jeno as he shuffled around. At one point, he banged his elbow on the corner of the counter, letting out a groan of pain as your eyes went to him immediately.
“You okay?” you questioned.
He winced. “Yeah, just hit my elbow. I’ll be fine.”
Taking his plate, he placed it in the microwave while you continued to eat. A sudden craving for an orange made you turn around to reach for the fruit bowl, but you weren’t expecting for your hand to come in contact with his, fingers brushing as the two of you grabbed the same fruit.
“Sorry,” you apologized, pulling your hand back.
He shook his head. “No, it’s fine. You have it.”
“I can just grab another one. You take it.”
“No, it’s yours.”
“Jeno, take the fucking orange, for god’s sake,” you snapped at him, shoving the fruit into his hand.
His eyes widened at your change in tone as you averted your gaze. Embarrassed by how easily you’d lost your temper over something as simple as an orange, you grabbed your bowl and left the kitchen, heading into your room and closing the door. Placing it on the desk, you sat down and opened your laptop, only to stare at the welcome screen without moving.
What had gotten into you this morning? You were never this annoyed with your roommate, even when he would forget to separate the lights from the darks when it came to laundry day and you had to do it instead because it was easier to wash both of your clothes together rather than separately. The two of you had surprisingly never had a reason to fight, but this was the first time you’d allowed yourself to get angry at him.
But for what?
I’m bringing a girl over tonight.
No, that couldn’t be it. Why would you care if he was bringing someone over? It wasn't like the two of you were dating or in a relationship. He was single, you were single, so there wasn’t supposed to be a problem. Besides, he was a grown man and could make his own decisions – he didn’t need you to make them for him. It’s probably just the stress from that group project, you thought as you typed in the password to your laptop, the screen flickering as it revealed the essay portion of the assignment that you’d been working on the night before. Your group had been assigned a difficult topic for something that was worth forty percent of your final grade and with only two weeks left to finish it, every second was crucial. Two weeks to a university student felt more like two days sometimes and it seemed as if that’s exactly what it was turning into. With a sigh, you forced the encounter with Jeno out of your mind as you began typing.
Later that night, you found yourself standing in front of a door that led to a dorm room that wasn’t yours, a bag slung over your shoulder and your phone in hand. Raising a hand, you knocked on the door, only for it to open and reveal a very confused Mark Lee in a pair of flannel pajamas, a pair of headphones around his neck.
“Hey, wh-”
“I’m crashing at your place for the night.”
“I was sexiled.”
His eyes went wide. “You were what?”
“Sexiled, Mark,” you repeated. “Jeno’s bringing some girl over and the last thing I want to be hearing is a bed squeaking for hours, so I’m staying here.”
“Jeno has a girl over?”
Rolling your eyes, you pushed past Mark and into his dorm, heading straight for his bedroom to drop your bag off. This wasn’t the first time you’d come here, since the music major was one of your closest friends since childhood and you’d been happy to reunite with him after switching universities. He was a little scatterbrained at times, his head constantly filled with songs and lyrics that could have him spending hours locked up in his room and in front of a keyboard, but he was an enjoyable and fun person to be around, his quirky sense of humour having cheered you up during some of your darkest moments.
“I brought food,” you called, searching for the bag of snacks that you’d brought along.
Mark appeared in the doorway. “What did you bring?”
“A shit ton of chocolate and some alcohol.”
Tossing him a bottle of soju, you popped the cap open on another bottle, raising it in a quick toast before taking a sip. The taste wasn’t ideal, but it was the only thing that Jeno had in the dorm and he was kind enough to share it, so you weren’t going to complain. You walked over to the couch, laying down on it as Mark joined you with the bars of chocolate in hand.
“So, Jeno actually kicked you out?” he asked once he was seated.
“I kicked myself out,” you corrected him. “I’d rather not be there while they’re fucking or whatever.”
Mark sighed. “Lucky guy.”
You glanced at him amusedly before taking another gulp of soju. “Good on him for having a sex life though. He’s doing much better than us in that department.”
“You didn’t have to bring it up,” he muttered.
“What, that you’re not getting any?”
“Rub it in, will you?”
He grabbed the remote and turned on the television, browsing through the channels as you sat and drank. The sounds of a basketball match soon filled the living room and the two of you found yourselves watching the game without saying much, your attention focused on the score. After a while, you went to grab another two bottles of soju, the first ones already empty and left on the coffee table. You weren’t really a heavy drinker and two was probably going to be your limit, so Mark could have the rest.
“You know, there’s something about you that’s different today,” he commented, looking at you with narrowed eyes. “I can’t quite place my finger on it, but I feel like it has to do with Jeno having a girl over.”
You snorted. “And why would I be bothered about that?”
Mark shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe because you have feelings for him or something?”
His words made you burst into a bout of laughter, clutching your soju bottle tightly as he stared at with a confused expression. You, have feelings for Jeno? There was absolutely no way. He was your hot roommate, someone that was entirely off limits to you because the two of you lived together and the last thing you wanted was another series of awkward confrontations like the one this morning.
“That was a good joke,” you said, patting your friend on the shoulder. “When did you become a comedian?”
He glared at you. “I’m being serious, okay?”
“So am I.”
“Look,” he said. “You’ve been living with him for the past four months, right? Someone as attractive as him happens to be single, doesn’t have a girlfriend and based on what you’ve told me, he’s been pretty open to talking about anything related to relationships. Hell, he even walks around shirtless and you’re perfectly fine with that. There’s no way that there can’t be something between you two.”
It was his turn to place a hand on your shoulder, a knowing grin on his face.
“I think you have a crush on Jeno and you’re just refusing to admit it.”
“Stop messing around,” you scoffed, pushing his hand away. “I don’t like him like that. He’s my roommate, for fuck’s sake.”
“Then why are you so defensive about it?” he shot back. “If you don’t like him, why get so annoyed about him bringing a girl over that isn’t you?”
You opened your mouth to respond, but there was nothing you could say that would counter the truth in Mark’s words. He gave you a smug glance as you drank your soju in silence, turning back to the basketball match and letting out a hoot when the team he was cheering for scored.
Tumblr media
“Stupid elevator! Why won’t you work?”
Frustrated, you pressed the button on the wall several times, only to have no response from the metal cage as you waited impatiently. It was seven in the evening, your final class having finished for the day and leaving you utterly exhausted. It seemed to be just your luck that renovations were being done in the building and the stairwell was being repainted, so you had to rely solely on the elevator to get in and out. After what seemed like an eternity, there was a ding and the doors opened, allowing you to enter as you let out a sigh of relief. Pressing the button for the seventh floor, it began moving upwards, the music that was meant to soothe your nerves doing absolutely nothing to help calm you down.
Fishing your keycard out of your bag, you heard the telltale click of the door to the dorm unlocking and you stepped past the threshold, dumping your bag on the floor and shoes by the doorway as you jogged over to the couch and flopped onto it. The exhaustion from your body felt like it’d been weighing you down, but the second you closed your eyes and your breathing slowed, you were starting to feel your energy return. The dorm was quiet – perfect for a nap.
Speaking of quiet, was Jeno even home?
You sat up and looked over to the door, seeing your roommate’s usual pair of converse. Listening carefully, you tried to pick up any sounds that would indicate where exactly he was, but you heard nothing. The two of you had agreed to avoid calling each other’s names randomly in case the other was doing something important or was sleeping (you’d woken him up twice by accident and felt bad ever since), but there was a nagging curiosity that was itching at you to find him.
And then that’s when you heard it – the faint sound of your name being called.
And again.
And again.
Jeno’s door was partially open, despite the fact that he usually kept it closed whenever he was doing homework or just wasn’t in the dorm at all. You listened carefully, hearing the sound once more from the direction of his bedroom. As quietly as you could, you stood up from the couch and walked over to the wall beside the door, leaning against it as you were hidden from sight. The sound of your name was getting louder with each second and as you finally risked a curious peek, you froze at the sight that greeted you.
Your roommate was lying on his bed, his sculpted body on display with his hand wrapped around his cock, his other hand gripping the sheets tightly and your name flowing from his lips like a holy mantra. You knew you had to look away, but you couldn’t help the heat that crept up the back of your neck and warmed your face, your eyes trained on the way that his biceps flexed during every stroke, the twitch of his body as he neared the tip, the baritone groans that filled the room as he masturbated. Feeling your heart start to pound even more at sight of someone so unbearably attractive being aroused by the thought of you, you accidentally leaned your weight against the door as it creaked loudly, making you stiffen in place as Jeno’s eyes snapped open.
Ah, fuck, you thought to yourself as the two of you stared at each other.
“Uh… hi?” you managed to say amidst the awkward silence.
Rather than covering himself, your roommate propped his body up onto his elbows, raising an eyebrow in question.
“I was, um,” you stammered. “I, uh, should probably go? Y-yeah, I’ll g-”
“You can touch it if you want.”
His gaze was curious, almost challenging as you took one look at his length resting against his stomach and then back up to his face. You weren’t sure what prompted you to walk forwards, but you closed the door to the bedroom as you made your way over to his bed, standing nervously at the side. His wrist shot out to grab yours, pulling you onto his lap with a yelp as you lost your balance. Guiding your hand to rest on top of his length, you felt your heartbeat speed up, the butterflies in your stomach suddenly starting to fly a little faster as you panicked internally.
“Touch me,” Jeno ordered, his voice steady as you swallowed.
He leaned forwards until his nose was almost brushing the tip of yours.
“Touch. Me.”
With his hand on top of yours, he started to move your palm up and down the length of his cock, fingers wrapped around the girth as your eyes fell to your connected hands. When he was satisfied with the pace, he took his hand off, leaving you to stroke him as you forced yourself to relax your wrist. Running your thumb against the slit of his tip, you heard him let out a groan as he grabbed a handful of the bedsheets, his hips bucking into your hand involuntarily at the feeling.
With a burst of confidence, you scooted backwards until you were at eye-level with his cock, placing a kitten lick on the tip as it twitched in your hands. He looked down at you, eyes filled with lust and lips slightly parted as you took him into your mouth, relaxing your jaw as your tongue rested heavily against his underside. What you couldn’t get in your mouth was dealt with by your hands as they trailed down to his balls and massaged them gently, prompting a series of curses that sent a shiver up your spine, the sound of the profanity rolling so effortlessly off of his tongue. It’d been a while since you’d done anything remotely close to this, so you could immediately feel the lack of practice starting to show as tears pricked at the corners of your eyes from the effort of trying to keep him in your mouth.
“I’m getting… close…” he moaned out after a particularly hard suck against his tip. It was getting harder and harder for him to stay still, so you let him gently fuck your mouth until the salty taste of cum landed on your tongue. His cock twitched several times as he emptied himself into your waiting mouth, with you breathing steadily through your nose until he was finished and you could swallow. Wiping a hand over your lips, you sat back on your heels and looked at him, his pupils blown as he panted heavily to catch his breath.
“That… that was…” he began.
“Good?” you offered hopefully.
“Yeah, good. Really good actually… fuck.”
Tucking his softening length back into his sweatpants, he sat up slowly and ran a hand through his hair.
“I’m, uh, sorry about all of this,” he said bashfully. “I probably should’ve closed my door or something. I didn’t even know that you were home.”
You gave him a smile. “It’s fine, I’m not disgusted or anything. I just heard my name being called from somewhere and I wanted to know where it was coming from.”
“I doubt seeing your roommate jack off to you was what you expected to find, right?”
“Well, uh, I actually had no idea that you found me attractive at all, since you brought that girl over a couple of times and-”
“She was just a distraction,” he interrupted. “I thought you were attractive on the first day that you walked in, but I didn’t want to do anything that would make things awkward because we were rooming together.”
“Oh, I see.”
There was silence as you pondered his words and he tried to come up with something to say.
“So,” he said after a while, scratching the back of his neck nervously. “I guess you now know that I’m obviously sexually attracted to you.”
“Yeah,” you replied. “I wasn’t planning on saying anything for a while, but I guess my secret’s out of the bag too.”
“If you want, we can keep doing this and see where it goes.”
You blinked. “You want us to make hooking up a regular thing?”
He shrugged. “Only if you want to. That girl and I cut things off because she went back to her ex, which means that I haven’t been with anyone in a while. If I recall correctly, you’re not seeing anyone either.”
Well, it’s not like he had to call you out on your lack of sex life, but maybe you did need to get laid more often.
“Sure,” you decided. “Benefits the both of us.”
Jeno grinned. “Cool. One condition though.”
“And what’s that?”
He held out his pinky to you. “On the condition that none of us catches feelings for the other and if we do, we break it off until we properly talk about it.”
You felt your heart drop a little, but you managed to keep the reaction off of your face as you lifted your hand to meet his. “You have a deal.”
Solidifying the promise, you squeezed your pinky around his until he pulled away, letting you know that he was going to take a shower. You nodded, leaving his room and heading into your own. Closing the door, you slumped onto the bed, your mind whirling as you mulled over what had just happened.
I think you have a crush on Jeno and you’re just refusing to admit it.
It’s a little too late for that, you thought, remembering Mark’s words. Instead of dealing with your feelings properly, you’d done the one thing that now stopped you from confessing to Jeno. You were going to have to pretend as if you felt nothing for him for the sake of whatever you two were going to become, essentially shoving everything your brain screamed at you to do away in favour of making this work.
No feelings… you could probably do it.
No, wait, you definitely could do it.
But what if you can’t?
You shook your head. Not going to happen, brain. Jeno and I are going to have a strictly sexual relationship that won’t interfere with our lives as roommates. No romantic feelings, no lovey-dovey shit, nothing.
You could do it.
Tumblr media
Libraries were supposed to be the places where all knowledge was kept, the places where you would find any and everything that you could think of. They were meant to be the solution to one’s endless search for wisdom, yet your search seemed to be annoyingly never-ending as you moved from row to row, your patience starting to wear thin.
“Behavioural therapy… behavioural therapy… why are there no books on this damn major?” you grumbled, your head tilted sideways to read the spines of the books, only to be disappointed when none of them resembled what you were looking for.
Jeno’s voice suddenly sounded in your ear as you flinched, jumping back in surprise and clutching at your chest to calm your racing heart. A mischievous grin was planted on his face as you shot him a glare, smacking his arm with your hand as he winced.
“Jesus christ, Jeno,” you said. “You scared the fuck out of me.”
“Everyone needs a good heart attack or two in their lives,” he said smugly.
“I’ll give you a heart attack for real someday,” you muttered under your breath.
“Nothing. What are you doing here?”
He tucked his hands into his pockets, following you as you moved into another row to continue your search. “I had to return a book that I borrowed a while back.”
You raised an eyebrow. “The dance major knows how to read?”
“Of course I do. I’m not an idiot.”
“I meant reading things other than textbooks.”
“I was one of the best readers in my first grade class,” he boasted. “You’re talking to a professional here.”
“… right, and how far did that get you in your professional reading career?” you teased.
He chuckled. “Decently far actually. I really liked space novels when I was younger, but I don’t read them as much anymore. Most of them were turned into movies, so it’s easier to watch the movie than read the book all over again.”
“I haven’t watched a movie in a while,” you sighed. “I can’t really pay attention during them because I keep thinking of other things to do.”
“We should definitely watch ‘Interstellar’,” he said, leaning against one of the shelves. “It's sciencey enough to keep you interested without making you bored. Trust me, you’ll like it.”
“I don’t think I’m doing anything tomorrow night, maybe we could watch it then?”
He nodded. “That’s a good idea. I was going to stop by the supermarket for some snacks anyways, so I can pick up popcorn while I’m there.”
By the time you had gotten to the final row, you still hadn’t found what you were looking for and you were starting to get frustrated, if your constant grumbling and sighing wasn’t enough of a sign. Jeno continued to watch amusedly, occasionally pulling out books and skimming through them before placing them back.
“I can’t believe that they don’t have a single bloody book on my fucking major,” you complained to him. “How does my professor expect us to have physical sources for next class when there’s nothing physical in the library?”
“You stress too much,” he said, coming up behind you and placing his hands on your shoulders. His fingers began to dig into your muscles, massaging them as you closed your eyes and let yourself relax. He was right – you did stress too much and it seemed to be taking a toll on your body as he worked on a knot that had formed.
“Is it against the rules to fuck in the library?” he suddenly said.
“Wh-ow! I was just asking!”
“We’re not fucking in the library of all places,” you hissed.
He smirked. “Who said anything about us fucking?”
You stared at him, feeling the heat creep onto your face as he broke into laughter, only to be shushed by several voices as he whispered an apology.
“There’s a quiet corner over there that no one ever goes to,” he said, voice low. “All you need to do is ask.”
A brush of a kiss was planted on your neck, followed by another and another as you found yourself allowing Jeno to trail his lips against your skin from behind. His right hand grabbed yours gently, pinkies linking together, your mind flashing with the memory of the agreement you’d made with him. You tilted your head to the side instinctively, feeling his teeth graze against a sensitive spot as he sucked on it, running his tongue over the bruise before kissing it once more.
“We’re going to get caught,” you murmured hesitantly. “And then everyone’s going to know that we were having sex.”
He chuckled, his lips now pressing a chaste kiss against your earlobe. “We won’t get caught if you keep quiet, which you seem to be pretty good at.”
Slowly, he pulled you in the direction of the corner by the hand, which true to his word, was empty when you arrived. There was a nook behind a larger bookshelf, which hid the two of you from sight as he pressed your back against it and molded his lips with yours.
This wasn’t your first time kissing Jeno, although you wished that the first would’ve been under different circumstances. You’d ended up in his bed two nights after walking in on him, the two of you having gotten somewhat drunk on soju and wondering what to do with so much spare time on a Friday night. Everything had been messy, from the kissing to the taking off of the clothes to the stumbling over to the bed and trying not to fall, but he’d repaid the favour and granted you your first orgasm in a very long time, swallowing your moans with his lips as he'd kissed your breath away.
Oh, how you wished that moment could’ve been experienced with him as your proper lover, not just someone who was conventionally accessible for sex.
Since then, the relationship between the pair of you had changed, but not in a dramatic sense – it was more of a lowkey change, where you would continue to live your lives normally, but there was sex thrown into the mix. Occasionally, you slept in his bed and other times, he would end up in yours, depending on which bedroom was closer. You couldn’t complain about being able to fuck your hot roommate, but there was always a guilty feeling that plagued you once he was asleep and you were still wide awake, staring at the ceiling until you finally managed to doze off.
His hands now roamed under your shirt, holding you firmly against him as he kissed along your jaw, drawing out a quiet sigh that made him grin.
“Remember, we don’t want to get caught,” he whispered.
“Then shut up and fuck me already,” you shot back, hand brushing against the bulge in his pants as his breath hitched, eyes narrowing at the challenge.
And fuck you he did, to the point where he was laughing at your limp as you walked in front of him and out the doors of the library, mortified by the fact that you could never look at the place the same again.
At least he was nice enough to cook dinner as an apology.
Tumblr media
You looked up, seeing a smiling Lucas as he stood in front you, a solo cup outstretched in his hand while the other held his own drink.
“Thanks, Xuxi,” you said, taking it and swirling it around before taking a sip. “What’s in this?”
“No idea, Taeyong mixed it and told me to give it to you.”
If Taeyong was mixing the drinks, it meant that you were safe. You knew the third-year marine biology major from your high school years and he’d always been the type of person that you could trust. As the leader of the frat house that the party you were at was being hosted by, he was known for being strongly against the use of party drugs in drinks, so when Mark had dragged you to the first party, he’d made sure to let you know that you could leave your drink with Taeyong and he wouldn’t let a single soul other than yourself touch it. God knows how many lives he’d saved by being so watchful over the people that came to his frat and you were thankful for his desire to make sure everyone made it out alive, or else he was going to have more than just a couple of drunk stragglers on his hands to deal with.
“So, did you come here alone?” Lucas asked curiously. “I don’t see Mark anywhere.”
“I’m here with Jeno and two of his friends,” you answered. “Mark had a family dinner for his sister’s birthday to go to, so he’s skipping this one.”
The man grinned. “Jeno, eh? That roommate of yours definitely seems to be popular tonight.”
He motioned with a tilt of his head towards a group of girls that had gathered around said roommate, some of them clinging to his arms as he laughed at another’s joke. Jaemin and Donghyuck joined him, drinks in hand as they let out a round of hollers, eventually dragging Jeno away for a round of beer pong.
“He sure is,” you said quietly, your heart constricting lightly in your chest as you tried to push the twinge of jealousy out of your mind.
“Want to go play?” he offered. “My usual partner is… actually, I don’t know where Xiaojun is at all. Probably dipped entirely.”
“Not a party person?”
“He normally likes these things, but he’s been pretty distracted lately by something and I have no idea what.”
“Sure, I can play a round or two,” you decided. “I’m not sure how good my aim is though.”
Lucas clinked his cup against yours. “If we lose, we’ll go down together.”
You smiled. “Sounds like a plan.”
The two of you made your way over to the table where Jeno and Jaemin had paired up against two other people that you didn’t recognize. It was clear that they were winning, their opponent’s having fewer cups standing on the table than they did. After a couple of minutes, the final cup was sunk and cheering was heard as they celebrated.
Lucas nudged you. “Our turn.”
As you stepped forwards with him, Jeno’s eyes landed on yours, immediately narrowing as they flickered between you and Lucas. You didn’t react, simply reaching for the stack of cups and beginning to arrange them, pouring shots of alcohol into each before placing the bottle aside and grabbing the orange ball.
“I didn’t know you played beer pong,” Jeno said.
You shrugged. “I do now.”
Handing the ball to Lucas, he closed one eye as his tongue peeked out from the corner of his mouth, his focus on the opposing cups as he took a shot and managed to sink one in. You patted him on the back, grinning as Jaemin downed the shot and threw the cup aside. Jeno raised an eyebrow, but you met his gaze with an innocent smile as Lucas scored another point. He missed on the third, tossing the ball over to your roommate as he caught it in his hands.
“Don’t miss,” you teased.
The ball sailed over the table and into one of the cups on your side. He flashed you a smug grin as his partner patted him on the back.
“I never miss.”
From that point, the tension between the two of you increased as the game progressed. You were determined to win against Jeno, trying your hardest to sink as many balls as you could. Lucas was proving to be just as competitive as you, rarely missing, but it seemed as if your combined efforts wouldn’t be enough as it came down to three cups – one on your side and two on Jeno’s.
“It’s not too late to give up,” Jaemin called from the other side.
You snorted. “We’re not giving up that easily.”
Lucas lined up his shot, managing to clip the rim as the ball fell into the cup. You let out a sigh of relief, but the moment was short-lived as he grabbed the ball and passed it to you.
“Don’t miss,” you heard Jeno say, mimicking your words from earlier.
Taking a deep breath, you threw the ball, watching with bated breath as it sailed over the table. It was going in… and then suddenly it wasn’t, having bounced off the rim and away from the cup. Lucas let out a groan, but patted you on the shoulder.
“It’s alright, they could still miss,” he reassured you as Jeno reached for the ball. He passed it over to Jaemin, who effortlessly tossed it into the final cup. The people that had gathered to watch exploded into cheers, surrounding the winners as you bitterly downed the shot.
“Hey,” a voice said once you’d moved away from the table and towards a quiet corner. You turned, seeing Jeno behind you.
“Congrats,” you told him, raising your cup in a toast before swallowing the rest of whatever was still left from before you’d gone to play.
“You’re actually pretty good,” he complimented. “I’ve never seen you play before.”
“I don’t play much honestly. Mark did most of the work when we last played, so that’s how we ended up winning.”
A mischievous smile made its way on his face. “Too bad you lost or else I would’ve let you pick my punishment. Looks like I’ll be making you suffer this time.”
Heat crept up your neck as you watched him take a step forwards, his finger tracing along the bottom of your jaw as he leaned in to whisper into your ear.
“Come upstairs with me?”
As he pulled away, you noticed his eyes darken a little when his pinky interlocked with yours, your body following his instinctively as the two of you wove through the crowds of people towards the stairs. Couples were making out here and there, but you paid them no attention as he led you into an empty bedroom, locking the door with a click as you walked over to the bed, standing at the side. He came to join you, bringing your lips to meet his in a passionate kiss as his hips canted into yours. You were pushed back onto the bed gently as he hovered over you, a smirk on his lips.
“You look hot when you drink,” he said, hands moving to take off his leather jacket and revealing the black tee that he wore underneath. You ran your hands over his arms, feeling the muscle tense under your touch as he sucked blossoming marks on your neck. Little by little, more clothes began to come off and he found himself between your thighs, kissing against the waistband of your panties as he looked up to you for permission to take them off. You nodded, feeling the cool air skim across your now-exposed core as he ran his tongue flat against your slit, making your grip in his hair tighten.
“That feels good,” you sighed as he ate you out, feeling him hum in response, the vibrations tingling against your skin. He lapped away at your arousal, eyes locked on yours sensually as he brought you closer and closer to an orgasm. Your hips bucked involuntarily after a particularly hard suck against your clit, prompting him to place an arm across your waist to keep you stable. The room was filled with the sound of your moans, the music from downstairs muffled by the closed door.
“Getting close?” he murmured.
You nodded. “Yeah… fuck, Jeno..”
Just as you were about to tip over the edge, he stopped, hovering over your core without moving as you squirmed, trying to bring him back to where you wanted him. He refused to move, cocking his head to the side and raising an eyebrow in challenge as you glared at him.
“Don’t be dick,” you grumbled, already missing his touch.
He chuckled. “Punishment, remember? You lost to me.”
“Am I really?”
Your body twitched as he placed a kitten lick against your clit, grinning at the way your lips parted and a gasp escaped. A finger worked its way into your core, joined by a second as he pumped them in a steady rhythm, brushing against a spot on your inner wall that made the pleasure spike in your body.
“Am I really the asshole here?” he asked again, voice low. You shook your head, whispering a faint “no”, but that didn’t seem to be good enough for him as he let out a disappointed noise.
“Sorry, I didn’t catch that.”
Opening your mouth to repeat your answer, the words got stuck in your throat as he combined the motions of his fingers with his tongue, working you once more to an orgasm as your walls spasmed and clenched around his digits, his name tumbling from your lips as it mixed with your moans. The pleasure coursed through your body, stopping your train of thought as he continued to move his fingers throughout your orgasm, eventually slowing as you came down from the high.
“You’re not the asshole,” you finally managed to say when he’d pulled away, licking his fingers clean.
“I know I’m not,” he replied, which earned himself a pointed glare. “Consider your punishment served.”
You propped yourself up onto your elbows, watching as he looked around for his jeans and began slipping them on. “What about you?”
He shook his head. “Tonight was about you, not me.”
“Jeno, I can literally see that your dick is hard.”
“I’ll be fine, trust me.”
Picking up your clothes, he laid them out on the bed neatly before reaching for his jacket and turning to you. “Come on, I’ll drive you home if you don’t want to stay anymore.”
You frowned. “Leaving so early?”
“It’s nearly one in the morning. I’ll be in the car when you’re ready.”
He walked out of the bedroom, leaving you to stare at his retreating form as the door closed. Quickly, you began getting dressed, not wanting to keep him waiting, but as you pulled on your shoes, you couldn’t help but remember the jealous look in his eyes that you’d seen when you’d walked up to the table with Lucas.
Tumblr media
“Remind me why I’m coming over to your dorm again?” Mark asked as you pushed the button for the elevator.
“Because you have to help with a project and I need someone from another major to participate in it,” you reminded him. “Jesus, your memory is shit.”
He let out an affronted noise. “Excuse me, that’s not true. I have a great memory.”
“Your head’s just always filled with lyrics.”
“My head’s just always filled with lyrics.”
Rolling your eyes, you stepped into the elevator as he followed, pressing the button for the seventh floor. As you waited to arrive, you searched your bag for your keycard, finding it just as the doors opened. The two of you walked over to your dorm, with you pushing the door open and letting your friend step through.
“You know,” he began. “I’ve never actually been here before.”
“Really? Have you actually never visited?”
“Nope, you always come over to mine.”
“Well,” you said, motioning vaguely. “Welcome, it’s nothing exciting.”
He followed you into the living room. “Is Jeno not home?”
“No idea,” you shrugged. “I texted him earlier and he still hasn’t responded. Anyways, go have a seat on the couch and we’ll get started. Want something to eat or drink?”
“Do you have watermelon juice?”
“Mark, of course I don’t have watermelon juice.”
“Oh, then water’s fine.”
Pouring him a glass, you placed it on the coffee table before heading over to your room to change out of your current outfit into something comfier. Grabbing your textbooks and papers, you went back into the living room, sitting cross-legged on the floor as Mark waited patiently.
“Okay, so I basically have to run you through a bunch of scenarios and analyze what common trends I see based on your answers,” you explained. “There’s about forty questions-”
“-that you’ll have to answer. It’s not hard, but you have to give me detailed responses so that I have enough data to go through later. I’ll be recording the session on my phone because it’s easier than writing everything down.”
“I better get paid for this,” he joked.
You snorted. “I’m paying you with my friendship, how’s that?”
“I’ll take it.”
While the two of you worked together, you heard the sound of a door opening, looking over to see your roommate (shirtless as usual) with a cup in his hand. He had a pair of headphones on, which he slipped down onto his neck, eyes moving between you and Mark, and an expression on his face that you couldn’t quite read.
“Hey, Jeno,” you said. “Didn’t know you were home.”
“I’ve been home all day,” he answered. “Who’s he?”
“Oh, this is Mark, my friend. Mark, meet Jeno."
Mark raised a hand in greeting. “Hey, dude. How’s it going?”
Jeno nodded in response, but didn’t say anything, continuing to look at you strangely. You raised your eyebrows at him, silently asking what was wrong, but he only shook his head faintly before heading into the kitchen.
“He doesn’t seem talkative today,” Mark noted. “Did I do something?”
“I’m not sure what’s up with him,” you confessed. “But you definitely didn’t do anything, don’t worry.”
You could hear Jeno making noise in the kitchen, but you ignored him as you continued working through the questions. Nearly an hour later, you sent Mark off with a promise to show you the new demo he’d been working on, closing the door and flopping onto the couch in relief that at least one part of your assignment was finished.
“Is he gone?” Jeno asked, appearing suddenly on the back side of the couch and leaning over the backrest, a chain peeking out from under the shirt he seemed to have finally put on.
“Yeah, we’re done for the day,” you said. “What’s up with you?”
He frowned. “What do you mean? Nothing’s wrong with me.”
“Are you sure? Mark was worried that he’d done something to upset you since you didn’t really respond to him.”
“I just wasn’t expecting him, that’s all.”
“I sent you a text about it in the morning. Didn’t you check your phone?”
“I didn’t get anything.”
You sighed. “Well, now you know.”
“So, he’s a friend, huh?” he asked. “How did you guys meet?”
“He’s a childhood friend,” you corrected. “We’ve known each other since we were kids. Went to the same daycare, same elementary school, everything. Our parents lived just down the street from each other.”
“Is he single?”
You rolled your eyes. “Yes, Mark is single. Seriously, what’s gotten into you? You’re acting weird.”
“I’m not acting weird,” he shot back. “You’re the one being weird.”
“Me? You’re the one literally questioning me about my best friend as if you’re jealous or something. That makes you the weird one.”
He didn’t say anything, simply averting his gaze as he climbed over the back of the couch and sat down beside you.
“Jeno, you can tell me if something’s wrong,” you said, placing a hand on his, but he simply pulled away, leaving you to stare in confusion. Annoyed, you pinched his side, making him let out a yelp as he fended off your advancing attacks.
“What was that for?” he said defensively.
“For being an idiot!” you shouted at him.
“I’m not a-ow! Cut it out!”
“Not until you tell me what’s wrong!”
The two of you continued to wrestle on the couch until you somehow ended up under him, your arms pinned above your head and his body straddling your hips. You squirmed to free yourself from his hold, but he was stronger and held you in place.
“Jeno,” you said slowly. “Let me go.”
He shook his head. “No.”
“Fine, then tell me what’s wrong.”
“Nothing’s wrong.”
“If nothing’s wrong, then why won’t you let me go?”
His jaw tensed before his grip on your wrists loosened and he was climbing off of you, walking away to his bedroom and slamming the door shut before you had a chance to say anything. You stared at the closed door in confusion, your mind whirling as it tried to come up with a logical explanation for his behaviour, but nothing you could think of made sense.
Something’s definitely wrong with him.
Tumblr media
For the next two weeks, you barely saw Jeno.
Ever since that night, the tension between the two of you had reached a point where it physically made you feel awkward to be in the same proximity as him. He’d avoided making eye contact the next day, and the day after, and the day after until you'd ended up doing the same, pretending as if he didn’t exist. You ate your meals alone, did your homework alone, went to the supermarket alone. The occasional party that Mark dragged you to was a temporary distraction, but the mood would be ruined the second you saw Jeno amidst the crowd, his eyes passing over your figure as if you weren’t even there. He was gone before you could wake up and gone when you got home, but you could hear him coming home late at night and moving around the kitchen before heading into the bedroom and closing his door. Other times, he just wouldn’t come home at all.
You didn’t gather the courage to confront him until Sunday evening of the third week, pushing the door open to his room without knocking, only to find him scrolling through his phone while lying on his bed. He barely looked up from the screen as you stood in the doorway, arms crossed and your annoyance starting to build.
“Are you going to ignore me for the rest of this week too?” you snapped at him.
He didn’t say anything.
“Jeno, I’m talking to you.”
He still didn’t reply.
That’s it, you thought, stomping out of his room without bothering to close the door and grabbing your keys from the counter. Phone in hand, you slipped on your shoes and left the dorm, angrily walking through the hallways until you reached the stairs, too impatient to wait for the elevator. Reaching the ground floor, you pushed through the doors of the building and went out into the night as you were greeted with the sound of crickets chirping faintly. You weren’t sure where to go, considering everything was closed at this hour, so you opted for the one place you knew was going to be open all night – the library.
The campus hallways, once filled with the bustle and noise of its students, were hauntingly empty as you walked through the corridors, your footsteps echoing loudly against the floors until you reached the large wooden doors of the library. Like the rest of the buildings, no one seemed to be here, the silence proving to be ominous as you wandered over to a corner that had a window, sitting on the ledge as you leaned your head against the glass.
What had you done wrong?
Your phone buzzed in your hand, making you take a peek at the screen. It was a message from Jeno.
Jeno (10:27 PM): where are you??
Oh, so now he cares?
You ignored the message, only to have another come through.
Jeno (10:29 PM): i know you’re reading my texts
You (10:30 PM): fuck off jeno
Jeno (10:30 PM): tell me where you are
You (10:31 PM): no
He continued to send you messages, but you shut off your phone entirely and closed your eyes, allowing the silence of the empty library to fill your ears as your chest tightened and the tears brimmed in the corner of your eyes. Don’t cry, you scolded yourself as a tear rolled down your cheek. Don’t cry over someone like him.
It’s okay to cry. You like him.
No, I don’t.
Yes, you do and you know it, no matter how much you try to convince yourself otherwise.
You did like him, but seeing him reject you in the way he had was like a kick to the stomach.
“There you are!”
Jeno’s voice suddenly sounded from behind, making you whip your head around in surprise as he jogged over to where you were sitting. Immediately, his hands cupped your face as he pressed his lips against yours, kissing you strongly until you pushed at his chest for air. He didn’t pull away entirely, simply resting his forehead against yours.
“Why?” you whispered. “Why did you come looking for me?”
“I’d never forgive myself if you despised me for the rest of your life because I couldn’t come to terms with the fact that I’ve liked you since the day you showed up,” he confessed quietly.
You shook your head sadly, pushing aside the hope that soared in your chest. “You said no feelings, remember?”
“I don’t care about that shit anymore.”
He kissed you once more as you wrapped your arms around his neck, his tongue tangling with yours as you gasped into his mouth. Two weeks of nothing and you didn’t realize how much you were used to having Jeno around, to have him touch you and talk to you as if you’d known him forever. Without him, everything felt wrong. With him, it all settled into place like the final piece of a puzzle.
Jeno finally liked you back.
“I want to fuck you so bad,” he groaned out as he lifted you up into his arms, your legs wrapping around his waist as he carried you over to a pair of couches that were placed behind a series of bookshelves, sitting down with you situated on his lap.
“Then fuck me,” you said.
He shook his head. “No, I owe you an apology first.”
Carefully, he brushed a strand of hair from your face, tucking it behind your ear. “I’m sorry for ignoring you like I did. I was being a jealous asshole and the more I thought about you being so close with Mark, the angrier I got and decided to stay away before I did something I would regret. It’s true that I’ve liked you since the first day, but I didn’t want to push my feelings onto you in case you didn’t feel the same way.”
“You could’ve just told me this from the start,” you scolded him, fingers playing with the chain around his neck.
He sighed. “I should’ve, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I was going to tell you how I felt when we were studying for our exams together, but you seemed so stressed with your work that I didn’t want to add to that by throwing myself into the mix. The day you walked in on me, I wasn’t expecting you to agree to be friends with benefits, but I thought it would be better to have that than to risk telling you how I felt and you hating me for it.”
“I was upset when you brought that girl over the first time,” you admitted. “It didn’t hit me until then that I had feelings for you, but I was afraid to say anything because you were the first perfect roommate I’d had in a while and I didn’t want to ruin that.”
“We’re both idiots,” he chuckled.
“One major idiot and one a little less.”
“You’re the major idiot.”
“Excuse me? You literally ignored me for two fucking weeks.”
“Okay, I’m the major idiot then.”
You rolled your eyes. “So, where does that leave us?”
“Friends?” he offered.
“Of course we’re friends,” you said. “I meant feelings-wise.”
He paused for a moment to think. “Well, we both like each other, so why not just date?”
You raised your pinky up into the air. “Promise to not get jealous?”
Jeno linked his pinky with yours. “I’ll try, but Mark’s going to have to go.”
“He’s my best friend.”
“Fine, he can stay, but any others have to go.”
You smiled. “There are no others, Jeno. You’re the only one.”
Tumblr media
© AMORAJAE 2021. All Rights Reserved.
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dreamiesdotcom · a day ago
[5:46p.m] We are so different from how we used to be, was what you're thinking when you accidentally bumped into Huang Renjun, your high school sweetheart.
"Y/N, let's go to that cafe where we always went to after school!"
Things move quickly, they always do; but the winter is never the same and flowers aren't any similar no matter how many times spring comes. It was never the same summer heat. It was never the same leaves falling.
Things were moving so fast and you can never rewind time, so why won't the world slow down?
"I think... that's too," you look away, "Won't that be weird?"
"Only if we let it." He smiles softly, hand sliding from your wrist to your fingertips. "Do you want it to be?"
Is it just me, or do we both still feel the same?
It brings you back to those days. Quizzes were always around, homeworks always present. Two cups of warm beverages, a slice of strawberry shortcake and a plate of cookies. The cafe plays a soft ballad and underneath the table your knees are touching, subconsciously shifting every now and then as you two are busy typing away in your laptops.
The cafe didn't change much. Your old usual table was occupied by a young couple, both youthful looks in their eyes. They were so close — so open and so naive. You and Renjun were never that close; you were always near but nearly never near enough. You were close enough to kiss him but not to hear of his troubles. You were close enough to feel his heartbeat but not hear the subtle cracking of it at the thought of merely existing.
"How has life been?" You start a conversation.
Maybe I still don't know better than I did when I was in high school. Maybe I didn't change.
It flows and flows and many people come and go. You don't even know what you're talking about. You never even ask or answer directly about yourselves, but it was good, it was nice. It reminded you of your pointless mumblings at 3a.m whenever you two shared a secret call amongst yourselves, hiding from your parents.
"Maybe I want it to be a little awkward, after all," he murmurs, chin resting on his palm, the other tracing patterns on the porcelain of the cup.
You chuckle.
"And if I say that I might want the same?"
He arches a brow, playful but serious at the same time. How long has it been since you were so pleasantly conflicted? So long, so long ago.
"Then I would look at you like this," he smirks slightly, gaze dropping down to your fingers that are tapping on the table, "and say something along the lines of..."
You tilt your head. His golden gaze darkens into pools of melted, swirling gold rush.
"Hope is a dangerous thing to give me," he fully smiles. Blinding.
How many times would I fall for you, until you catch me?
"Maybe this is my leave, the sun is setting," he laughs lightly. "I'd walk you home, but I'm afraid that's too nostalgic."
"I'll stop by the bookstore before going home anyway, so don't worry about it."
Renjun smiles, "Stay safe, Y/N."
And he leaves, swiftly he does. When he walks out of the glass door and the wind chime tinkles delightedly, he takes all happiness and confusion and sadness with him, and anger; leaving you with numbness yet again.
He didn't say goodbye. Perhaps he didn't want to have to say goodbye one more time.
He didn't even give you a number to call.
"What does he want?" You wonder out loud, looking at the half empty cup of coffee. Yours remain half full. "I don't think he wants anything. He never truly wants anything."
Honey sweet gaze meets yours when you look up to see the glass window reflecting your eyes. A bittersweet expression rests on your face, warmth that's growing cold but contented to having known something other than freezing to death. Not quite contented, but thankful.
Not quite contented, nevertheless.
How many times do I have to slip away from you for you to do something and make me stay?
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two nights, one you
✩‌ jaemin ‌x‌ ‌reader‌ ‌|‌ fuckboy!jaemin | strangers (who f*ck) to (brief) enemies to lovers | ‌10.9k 
SUMMARY‌ ‌⇾‌ a last-minute one night stand gone awry is extended into two nights when you’re snowed in at the cute (but rude) stranger’s apartment on christmas eve. [loosely based on the movie, two night stand] // part of the x-mas in ncity collection  GENRES ⇾ crack | smut | fluff  WARNINGS‌ ‌⇾‌ ‌lots of bickering and dialogue, smut, oral s*x (f and m receiving), fingering, mentions of alcohol/drinking, swearing, bit of angst before the end, jaemin’s an asshole... or is he? RATING‌ ‌⇾‌ explicit TAGLIST ⇾‌ @infnteen​ 
AUTHOR’S NOTE ⇾ it’s late (and long fsldkm), srysry but here it is! i hope the humour comes out in this and look away if falls flat zzz fingers crossed that i can finish the last two installments for this collection asap! 
Tumblr media
⇾ gif created by me, please don’t repost or share without credit!
Tumblr media
Maybe it’s because it’s the evening of Christmas Eve Eve and you’re feeling more lonely than usual.
Maybe it’s due to the two glasses of wine you guzzled down in the span of fifteen minutes that get you buzzed.
Maybe it’s your prominent six-month dry spell and you’re in desperate need for some much needed rain in your drought.    
Or maybe it’s just pure impulsiveness.
Regardless of the reasons, you’re aiming to get laid tonight.  
It’s 9:45pm as you make the rounds on Tinder. You’ve used it in the past, searching for a relationship in vain, but haven’t used it much since you broke up with your last partner. Bringing the app alive again, you’re already bombarded by distasteful messages, off-putting one-liners and jokes, and swiping left more than you’d like.
You haven’t had a one-night stand before, but isn’t there anyone on here that is just a little bit attractive, nearby where you are, around your age, and is somewhat chivalrous about the topic besides saying DTF? Maybe you need to lower your standards if you want to get dicked down tonight.
But then, you land on him.
One Na Jaemin, 20 years old, and only four miles away from you.
Scrolling through his profile pictures and Instagram feed, you assume that he’s into photography, is on the athletic side from the various hobbies he partakes in, and he must be at least half-aware of his beauty because there’s the occasional pic that shows off his lean, toned arms, which, if you can be frank, is more flattering than the shirtless ones you constantly see. Oh, and he attends the same university as you.
The cherry on top? His bio is simple and upfront:
“Not up for anything serious, but always down for a good time ;)”
You swipe right without hesitation.
“It’s a Match!” flashes instantly at you. Your mouth swings open in disbelief.  
Usually, you’d wait for your matches to message you and play hard-to-get, but not tonight. Tonight, you’re initiating and leading all the conversations, completely driven by your thirst.  
Messaging Jaemin is a breeze. He types with more than half a brain, and he flirts, but it isn’t overwhelming or repulsive. Segueing the current topic, you drag your bottom lip upward as you send the following message:  
so, hypothetically... if one were to have good time with you would tonight work?
Not even twenty seconds later and he replies with:
-wow, dont you go straight to the point -im impressed -but yeah -tonight works ;)
He’s quick to send his address.
-let me know when ur here and ill come get you out front!
Smacking your lips together, you squeal to yourself in the comfort of your home, excited to meet with him, but then a thought hangs over you—this feels a little too good to be true. Horrible scenarios run through your head, so your fingers dash across your phone’s keyboard:
tbh i haven’t really done this b4 so im kinda new to this is it ok if we video call or smth? gotta make sure you’re real and not a serial killer i’m sure you understand 😛
-for sure for sure -totally get it -ive had my fair share of fake girls and serial killers so i feel u 😛
Grateful for his consideration, you rush to rearrange your hair after you send him a Zoom link, hoping you look decent enough to not have him back off from his initial offer. He appears in the video call on his phone with the front-facing camera on a few seconds after you connect.
“Hi,” you chirp.
A corner of his mouth lifts. “Hey.”  
Okay, he’s definitely cuter in real-time than in his pictures.  
“You know, I’m not gonna lie, but I lowkey expected to see a dick or something,” you joke in an attempt to dispel your nervousness.  
“Same,” he chuckles, running a hand through his black hair.
Oh God, he’s not just cute—he’s devastatingly gorgeous.
“So, this is my place...”
Jaemin moves around with his apartment in the background, revealing his living room first. Envy prods you as you note the brick walls, high ceiling windows, and well-appointed furnishings.
Recalling his address, you ask, “How’d you get a place in the heart of the city?”
“Lucked out,” he shrugs. His phone shakes a bit as he’s still moving. “My friend slash roommate—who is at his girlfriend’s place tonight, so we have the place all to ourselves—his parents own the condo and they gave me a friend discount on the rent.”
He finally stands in one place and turns the light on to reveal a room. “And this is my bedroom.”
Nothing out of the ordinary. A desk table with a gaming set-up, in tow with a gamer chair, and a decently-sized bed beside a nightstand.
“Oh, and here’s my closet.” Jaemin’s on the move again as he opens his closet doors. “Just to make sure you don’t think I hide the skins of my past one-nighters in here.”
A bubbly laugh rises from you. “Okay, I didn’t think of that before, but now you’ve planted the seed in my head. Maybe you hide them in the other rooms.”
“Nah, my roommate would kill me if I did.”
Both of you laugh in unison, and you bob your head with puffed cheeks.  
“Okay, it all seems very promising. I’m going to get ready and I’ll guess I’ll see you in a bit, Jaemin.”
“Sounds good,” Jaemin nods, then winks. Although you’re sitting down, he’s still able to get you weak in the knees. “See you soon.”
You end the call and rush to bundle up for the snow starting to come down outside. A twenty-minute train ride later, you’re at the front door of a rustic, industrial apartment complex. After informing Jaemin you’re outside, you glance up at the snowflakes falling from the dark pink-grey sky, anticipating for what comes next.
Sex with a hot guy, what can go wrong?  
Tumblr media
So, you must’ve jinxed it because the sex is...  
Unsatisfying. Finished faster than you’d like it to be. Sadly, overall disappointing. If you had to rate it, three out of five stars, at best.
But hey, he came, and you sort of did, and it wasn’t the worst sex you’ve ever had. It half-quenched your dry spell.
And enough happened that it tired you out, leaving you passed out in the handsome stranger’s bed until morning.
Tumblr media
In the morning, your eyes slowly flicker, unused to the foreign, sweet scent engulfing you in your bed. Correction: Jaemin’s bed.
Your eyes flicker faster as you glance through the almost wall-sized window. The snow hasn’t let up from last night. On the contrary, it seems like it’s snowing non-stop. You groan at the thought of going home in this weather.
The bed is without Jaemin’s presence as you reach for your phone on the nightstand. 10:36AM and a few notifications greet you. You rub your eyes and start combing through them, rising upward to sit up on the bed.
“Morning. You’re finally up.”
Peering up from your device, Jaemin’s standing by the door with folded arms. His plain sweater and sweatpants match the colour of his hair. The dazzling smile he gives is so contagious, you’re not even conscious of catching one too.  
“Out you go.”
You blink.
Once, twice, and then you tilt your head as you stare blankly at him, uncertain if you heard him correctly.
After a few moments, because you’re not moving an inch, his smile dissipates and he cocks an eyebrow in expectancy. A serious expression rolls over his face.  
Suddenly, Jaemin strolls to the side of the bed and hitches his thumb towards the door.
You definitely heard him right.
And he’s dead-serious.
You replay the video call from last night, dissecting how you thought he was nice and funny and—
Realization dawns on you.
Why would you expect anything more from a two-faced fuck boy?
Still awestruck by the situation, you’re still solid as a statue, so Jaemin takes matters into his own hands and grasps you by your elbow, casually dragging you from his bed like he’s taking out the trash.  
“What the fuck?!” you screech.
“C’mon, let’s go. Out out.”
“My clothes, though!” you protest in the middle of the hallway. He sighs in frustration, scurries to the bedroom, and returns with a small pile in his arms, then continues to drag you to the front door.  
“Are you always this pleasant with your guests the morning after?” you rage, putting on the rest of your clothes by the door. “You don’t even have the decency to offer me tea or coffee?”
“This was a one-night stand, not a bed and breakfast, sunshine,” he says as he watches you put your shoes on. He’s folding his arms again and leaning against the wall, his attitude dripping with smug. If he wasn’t a stranger, you’d punch it off his face. “You weren’t kidding when you said you were new to this, huh?”
“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?!”
“It means you’re a borderline virgin who needs to toodle-loo, get going and gone because you’re overstaying your welcome as we speak.”
Finishing putting on your coat, you’re fuming as your jaw hangs at the personal jab over your skills in bed. Jaemin swings the door open and shoves you through it.
“But I’ll admit, it was still nice having sex with you!” he chimes with a sickening grin and a hand on the door.  
“Aw, thanks asshole, wish I could say the same,” you sarcastically reply, resting a palm upon your chest.  
He scoffs. “From what I heard last night, I think I can confidently say that you had a great time.”
Flashbacks replay in your mind of your screaming fest from underneath him. Little did Jaemin actually know—
“You know, for someone who I assume has many one-night stands,” you spit with squinted eyes. “I’m surprised you can’t tell when girls fake it.”
You must’ve hit a sore spot because he grinds his teeth and you could almost see the steam coming out of his ears.
Oh yeah, you’re definitely the winner in this fight.
“Okay, you know what, Merry Christmas and fuck you. Have a great life!”
“Fuck you, dickface. Wishing you a miserable Christmas!”
With a bitter smile, you flip him off as he slams the door in your face.
Tumblr media
Carrying a basket filled with dirty clothes, Jaemin’s on the way down to the laundry room in the basement of his apartment with his shoulder scrunched up, squeezing his phone to his ear.
“Bro, she had the audacity to say that I didn’t make her come when she was screaming my God damn ear off—”
As he steps down the short flight of stairs and passes by the foyer area by the main entrance to the building, he notices you’re still here.
“Shit, uh, Jeno,” he mumbles. “I’m gonna have to call you back.”
He stuffs his phone into the pocket of his sweats and calls out to you as he strides closer. “Are you resorting to stalking me by my front door now?”
With crossed arms, you peer over your shoulder, eyes full of bitterness.
“Like I wanna be anywhere near you right now,” you grumble. You jerk your head towards the thick, wooden door. “It’s jammed from the snow.”
The laundry carrier shakes his head and places the basket onto the floor. “A little snow never hurt anyone. You’re probably just too weak.”
Stepping aside and holding out an arm, you signal for him to give it a try.
Jaemin twists the handle and, lo and behold, it doesn’t open. His forehead crinkles as he tries again and again, using more force each time.
Glancing through one of the partially frosted windows adjacent to the sides of the door, he notices the snow has piled enormously high, almost to the height of his chest.
“Well, shit.”  
Tumblr media
Reluctantly, Jaemin brings you back to his apartment. You’re technically his guest and if he left you in the foyer to freeze, trouble would surely come his way, whether it be in the form of his landlords (also known as his roommate’s parents) or the police.
Without a word, he settles a spoon in a bowl, a carton of milk, and a box of cereal onto the small kitchen table.
At first, you stare at it venomously in rejection, thinking you can easily last a day without any hand-outs from this son of a bitch, but your stomach roars ferociously three seconds later.
As you chew across from him, you enjoy the company of your phone over him, while he does the same but with a cup of coffee in hand.
After finishing your food, you adamantly place your phone down and lean back into the chair, boring holes into his head.
“Why are you such an asshole?” you seethe observantly.
“Why are you such a bitch?” he retorts, not pulling his gaze away from his phone.
“Because you started it,” you say slowly, stating the obvious.
“No, you.”
You sigh defeatedly at his childish behaviour. The weather apps predict the snow will (hopefully) die down by tomorrow morning, thus you’re officially stuck with him for the next twenty-four hours or so. Your hands rake through your hair.
“Whether we like it or not, the snow isn’t going away until tomorrow. Merry Christmas Eve to us, I guess.”
He’s still glued to his phone. You exhale another sigh.
“Since we’re not getting out of this until then, can we just...” You soften your voice. “Start over?”
His eyes are still on the screen, but from the way his shoulders tense and how he stops scrolling, you know he’s considering your proposition.
“At least call a stalemate over this.” You drift your hand in the air, gesturing between you and him.
Blowing out air and shaking his head, he rests his phone onto the table.
He crosses his arms, imitating you, and the two of you sit there, staring at each other in a long silence.  
One minute, to be exact.
You’re the one to break the silence game by running your hands over your face, letting out a hybrid of a groan and laugh.
“God, the fact that we had sex makes this kinda awkward, huh?”
Jaemin’s exterior melts slightly, letting out a snicker. He shrugs, “Then let’s just pretend that we didn’t have sex.”
“We can’t just pretend that we didn’t have sex,” you say, holding two upturned palms near your face.
“We did it, it’s done. I’ve seen your penis, you kicked me out, and you labelled me a prude—” You dart a finger towards him. “—which I am far from, by the way. All of those are pretty huge things.”
One of the corners of his mouth raises high. “Are you saying my penis is huge?”
“No, the implication of said penis is huge. Wipe that smirk off your face.”
He stretches an arm, holding an imaginary microphone to your face. “Do you deny that my penis is huge?”
Rolling your eyes, you swat his fist away. “What am I, on trial here?”
“Do you plead the fifth then?”
Annoyed, you roll your eyes again. Why do you get the feeling that you’re probably going to be doing this a lot more today? Another feeling tells you that if you don’t answer his question, he’ll probably pester you until you do.
You tilt your head side to side. “It’s... decently sized.”
“Bigger or smaller than average?”
“Perfect...” His eyes light up. “ average.” And a frown rolls over.
He squints his eyes accusingly at your sneer. “Are you lying like you did before about faking it?”
You scoff. “I wasn’t lying about faking it, and I’m not lying now about your average sized dick.”
Jaemin releases a disgruntled grumble and lifts his cup to his face. You notice he likes to take his coffee black and bitter, presumably like his heart.
“So, Miss I’m-Not-A-Prude-and-I’ve-Definitely-Had-Sex-Before.” His eyebrows perk up on the word definitely. “What’s your story? Why the last minute one-night stand?”
Shrugging your shoulders to your ears, you reply, “Haven’t had sex in a while.”
“When’s the last time you had sex?” he asks mid-sip.
“Half a year ago,” you respond nonchalantly, perching your chin into your palms.
Jaemin immediately chokes, almost spraying the coffee through his nose.
“Half a year?!” he gasps. It takes him a few hits to his chest to dispel the coughing. “Six months?!”
“Wow, you can count!” you exclaim in a condescending tone. You change the position of your hands so that your chin is now atop of the back of your curled fingers and tilt your head. “Can you also spell?”
“As a premed student, I can assure you that I am capable of doing both,” he says with a slight strain due to the coughing fit. The humble brag brings on another eye roll. Of course he’s a premed student with the attitude he wears.
“It’s just—” He clears his throat and swallows the last bit of coffee stuck in his windpipe. “—The last time I had a dry spell was for like, a month, tops.”
So the fuckboy gets laid way more on the daily than you expect. You’re torn between being envious over how much action he gets in comparison to you, or remorseful, since you’re now just one of the many notches on his bedpost.
No matter, sarcasm is always the best defence mechanism.
“Good for you, Jaemin. I’m sure you’re very proud of that.”
There’s an awkward beat. His head hangs for a moment while his thumbs stroke the sides of his cup. A strange pinch of guilt occurs. Did you overstep an unspoken line? But then he drags himself back to reality in a heartbeat.
Jaemin brings the cup to his mouth again, mumbling, “At least the sex on your part makes more sense now; you’re rusty as fuck.”
Completely aware of what he said, you trash your guilt entirely and narrow your eyes. “What did you just say?”
Following a long sip, he hums, “Mmm, nothing.” Soon after, he stands up with his cup.
“I’m gonna go game now. Feel free to watch Netflix on the TV and stay in the living room.”
As if you had anywhere else to go...  
He begins to walk towards his room as you mutter under your breath, “I’m not a dog.”
“Says the bitch,” he pipes up, taking you by surprise.  
“Thought we had a stalemate?!” you shout, leaning your head forward as you watch him entering his room.  
“Doesn’t mean we’re on peaceful terms!” he sing-shouts.
The flinging of the closed door echoes throughout the apartment.
Regret surges through you. You just had to choose a fuckboy fluent in assholery and end up incidentally being isolated with him during a snow storm on Christmas Eve.
You wonder if you can handle being around him for the next twenty-four hours without killing him first.
Tumblr media
During the afternoon, you’re on the living room couch, playing a show as mostly background noise while you’re on your phone. At one point, your phone unsurprisingly begins to die and you tread over to Jaemin’s door to ask for a charger and if you can also take a shower. He’s still annoyed by your existence, but at least he hands you a charger and lets you know where the extra towels are.
Stepping into the living room with the towel in your hand as you dry your hair off, you peer out the large living room window and see nothing but white engulfing the streets and buildings as far as the eye can see.
You pray the snow will eventually stop as soon as possible so you can head back home.
Tumblr media
By the middle of the afternoon, Jaemin emerges from his bedroom and shocks you by plopping down on the opposite end of the living room couch from where you’re sitting.
“Bored?” you ask, eyes fixated on the TV screen.
“Nope,” he replies, popping the p as he says it. His slings his arm around the top of the couch.
“Gotta keep an eye on you in case you do something.” Turning away from the screen, he faces you and motions circles with his hand. “You’ve got a little crazy in you, I can feel it.”
You quickly glance over at him, but try to refocus on the TV. “Need I remind you that you’re the crazy one, dragging me out of the apartment right as I woke up.”
That compels him to turn his whole body towards you. “Well, you’re the one who wanted a last-minute one-night stand.”
You match his stance. “As if I’m the first girl in your bed to stay in the morning?”
“Actually, yeah.” He aggressively tilts his head to one side. “Most girls leave before I even get up. The other percentage don’t fight me when I ask for them to go, so it looks like you’re the odd one out.”  
You press your lips together, refusing to admit that maybe he has a point, under the assumption that he’s telling the truth.
Jaemin twists his body back to the screen and adds, “I make it very clear on my profile that I don’t do morning afters, sweetheart.”
And you agree that his profile is clear about his intentions, but that doesn’t mean you can condone his shitty behaviour.
“Well, sorry that I expected just an ounce of respect instead of getting kicked to the curb after you stuck your dick in me,” you grumble, shifting back to the show and crossing your arms.
“Morning afters lead to attachments, and attachments lead to feelings, and feelings lead to relationships,” he says the string of words clinically, as if it’s a mantra that he lives by.
Your eyebrows knit together as you whip your head towards him once more, studying him.
“And what’s so wrong with that?”
Deliberately averting your gaze, Jaemin grates his tongue between his teeth, a slight tsk audibly heard, and his chin juts out. There’s definitely a story behind his ways. He huffs and changes the subject.  
“Seriously?” He holds a hand out. “You’re watching this trashy show?”
Squinting your eyes at him, you could probably interrogate him further, but you decide otherwise.  
“It may be trashy,” you concur, looking at the TV. “But it’s my trashy comfort show.”
Following an over-the-top acted out scene between the show’s main love interests, Jaemin shoots up from the couch.
“Yeah, no, I can’t handle this. Can we either put on something else or game or something?”
“Why don’t you go back to your room to game, Mr. I’m-Not-Bored?”
“Like I said, I gotta keep an eye on you,” he says while bending over in front of the TV, already setting up the Playstation. He tosses you a controller as he strides to his side of the couch again.
He mumbles to himself, “Need to make sure you don’t go crazy from the lack of human interaction.”
Either Jaemin is selfish and only looking out for himself, or he wants to make sure you’re not feeling lonely in a stranger’s home.
Likely the first reason, you deduce—because why would a guy like Jaemin care about a mere one-night stand?
Tumblr media
Admittedly, you’re not the best at games, especially at fighting ones. You can comprehend the move lists, but you like to live by button smashing the controller and repeating moves over and over.  
So it’s hilarious when you beat Jaemin every round with your surprisingly fruitful technique.
“Okay, this is bullshit,” Jaemin complains, sticking his tongue out in irritation. His ass is currently being handed to him on a plate again since you’re almost done killing his character off. “You must be lying to me; you have to be a pro player or some shit.”
Jaemin’s health bar is dangerously low as your character jabs his with a sword. He winces out loud and you snicker.
“Why do you think I always lie about everything?! Dude, you have serious trust issues,” you joke before you steal the opportunity to slice his character. One more hit and he’s done for.
“I do not! I just—nooo!”
You rise to your feet and pump your arms in the air, turning in circles in joy over yet another win.
Sulking, Jaemin eyes your little dance from his end on the couch, but as he watches you more, a feeling balloons in his chest. Something he hasn’t felt in a long time.
Finally coming down from your post-win high, you spot an emerging grin from the corner of your eye, making you pause.    
“What?” you eye him suspiciously.
Your suspicion pops the sensation in his chest and, like a fish out of water, his eyes widen and his grin melts away.
“Nothing, uhm.” He ruffles his eyebrows and palms the back of his neck, quickly facing the TV. “Let’s go one more round and then we can switch to another game—”
Suddenly, the TV and surrounding lights switch off. Both of you waver your eyes, anticipating for them to come back on, but they unfortunately don’t.  
Jaemin rushes over to the window. When he swivels his head towards you, his face darkens.
“Looks like it’s at least the whole block. The streetlights are out too.”
Without another word, he dashes to the linen closet and brings back several blankets. He calmly explains that there won’t be heat since it’s connected to the electricity, so it’d be best to keep warm with the extra layers.
Not wanting to scare you, he doesn’t add the fact that due to the huge windows in the apartment, more unnecessary cold air will come in, but you’re already cognizant of it from your own logic and since the remaining heat dissolves rapidly.
You groan and retreat into the massive blanket over your shoulders, turtling your head.
You can’t believe you’re going to fucking die in this asshole’s apartment on Christmas Eve.
Tumblr media
On the ends of the couch in your makeshift blanket jackets, both of you attend to your phones for a while.
From what people and the news outlets are saying, it’s not just the block, but the whole city grid is out. You frantically text your friends, giving updates on how you are and half-jokingly telling them that you’re going to die with your dreadful one-night stand. Some time passes and Jaemin tosses his phone  off to one side.  
“Well, since there’s nothing else to do and we should probably conserve our phone batteries—” You glance up at him from your phone and pout. Slowly nodding in agreement, you toss it aside too. “—why don’t we play a game of ‘I’ll-Give-You-Pointers-on-How-to-be-Better-in-Bed’?”
A smile burgeons on his irritatingly handsome face and your eyes roll. At this point, you wonder if the reaction is conditioned into you. “It’ll be my early Christmas gift to you.”
“Wow, so thoughtful, how could I ever thank you?” You drag the blanket closer to your chest in false gratitude.
You think for a serious moment if you really want to go through with this. Hearing Jaemin run his mouth on you unwarranted is already painful, but to give him the go-ahead to do so? Especially criticizing your skills in bed?  
You blow out a sigh, noting the slightly visible cloud. You’re grateful Jaemin has thick, downy blankets.  
Well, if you’re going to die, may as well know what went wrong, right?
“Fine, but if we’re playing this game, we have to say everything honestly and take the criticism we get.” You point a stern finger. “No rebuttals, just acceptance.”
“Wait.” Jaemin crinkles his face in genuine confusion as his hand peeks out from his blanket.
“You have things to criticize about me in bed?”
Your lips tremble before you burst into laughter. Displeasure is on Jaemin’s tight-lipped face as you laugh for a while, almost keeling over in your blanket ball onto the hardwood floor. “How conceited are you, oh, my fucking God?”
He slices his hand through the air. “I’ve never had any complaints—”
“Because you’re too busy focusing on your own orgasm, you selfish dickwad,” you say as your laughter dies down.  
He sits in his snit for a few more moments until he gets over it.
“Fine, fine,” he huffs. Jaemin knows he’s not going to enjoy this, but he’s the one who suggested it. He can’t back out now. “Let’s just get this over with, you go first.”
With your blanket held by your chest, you hop off your end of the couch and shuffle over in front of him where he’s seated. Beaming, you begin.
“Let’s start with foreplay.” Jaemin’s eyes light up with confidence, thinking he’s at least decent with that. You crush his expression as your lips purse and you shake your head.
“What do you mean?! I kissed you as you took off your clothes.”
You stick your free hand out from your blanket, extending your index finger.
“One: you only kissed my lips. You know, there are other parts of me to kiss, like, I don’t know, my neck, my arms, my shoulders.”
You extend another finger. “And, two: it’s weird to not help someone take off their clothes. Like you’re in a super rush to get somewhere or something—”
“We’re fucking!” he cuts in sharply. “This is a one-night stand, not a relationship.”
Closing your eyes and dropping your head, you pinch the bridge of your nose. You sigh in exaggeration.
“Thought we agreed no rebuttals...” you softly sing-say.  
Jaemin’s head sinks a little into his blanket. “Sorry.”
Removing your hand, you shrug. “Maybe there’s some rule that I don’t know about one-night stands, so this could be on me.”
You start to aimlessly tread back and forth in front of him, dragging the blanket along too. “But fuck, foreplay is foreplay for a reason. You work your way up to the heat of the moment and it makes sex much better, regardless if you’re in a relationship with the person or not.”
“Next point.” You stop walking and direct your focus on him. Pointing your finger and looking him dead in the eye, you ask, “Do you know what a vagina is?”
He snorts with a simper. “Uhhh, is this a rhetorical question?”
“No, I’m legit asking,” you say with a raised eyebrow and snarky smile. “Because when you went down on me, all you flicked your tongue at was the outside of it, also called the labia if you didn’t know.”
“I’m premed, of course I—”
“Which is great! But you didn’t go any deeper nor did you go near my clit.”
You thrust your finger again. “Do you also know what that is?”
“Yes...” he groans with the flickering eyelids.
You swipe your arm through the air. “Maybe make use of it, and not only when you go down on girls. Even during sex, touching it is great.”
“And lastly,” you continue. “I’ll be honest here, you have a decent dick.”
Jaemin waggles his finger. “So you were lying before—”
“I wasn’t lying,” you retort firmly. “But anyways, you’ve got the stuff, but why don’t you put it to better use?”
With the following words, you attempt to gesture with your body and execute moves as graphic visuals. Jaemin giggles at the sight.
“Vary the speeds and the angle, don’t just slam it in me and go crazy fast from the get-go. Build up to the climax. Jesus, I couldn’t even get close to coming because you’re like a jackhammer from start to finish.”
When you finally finish, Jaemin’s giggles morph into hollow laughs. Frustration is blatant on your face, pondering if he even absorbed a single word you said.  
After he calms down, he asks, “Are you done?”
You mumble, “Yeah, I think so.”
The two of you switch places. He shuffles onto his feet with his blanket while you sit back on the couch.
Jaemin pulls the blanket across the floor as he ambles. “Okay, your head game is decent—”
“Excuse you, my head game is strong.”
“Uh-uh, rebuttal,” he points out.  
You sigh. Pinching your fingers together, you drag the invisible zipper across your mouth, then wave your hand, allowing him to resume.
“Your head game is decent. You definitely can deepthroat, but—” He mirrors you from before and extends his index finger.
“One: this happened only a few times, but your teeth scraped against my dick, which is why I assumed you were a borderline virgin.”
You fume silently at the accusation, attempting to not speak up with a heap of rebuttals. But he wasn’t wrong—if you teethed on his dick, that’s a classic virgin move.
“But that’s okay, because we already established that you’re just rusty.” Jaemin flashes you a fake comforting smile as he continues to pace. You flash him one back.
“And two—” He holds another finger out. “Don’t be scared to use your hands and stroke me. Give my dick some love. If it’s too wet, just wipe your hands on the bed or something.”
“Okay, duly noted,” you hum. “Next.”
“Don’t be scared to touch me.”
“I touched you so much during—”
He shoots you a glare. You roll your mouth inward, your lips disappearing instantly.
“Your hands were mostly on the sheets, which is hot, but guys like to be felt up too.”
The attractive individual peers up for a second, thinking to himself. “Even hotter when a girl feels herself up during the fucking, but that’s beside the point. Baby steps, just remember to touch the other person.”
Jaemin does a full-stop and faces you.
“And just... don’t fake it.” Distress is evident in his pout. You hate to admit it, but it’s a little cute. He raises an arm and jerks it in the air. “Why do girls fake it?”
“Because guys with egos like you can’t handle criticism,” you reply bluntly.  
“What are we doing, having this conversation, hm?”
“We wouldn’t be having this conversation if it didn’t snow in and keep us here together.” You peel a hand away and gesture to the window. “If I walked out of here this morning, you would’ve just fucked the next girl the same.”
He defends himself, “Faking it just feeds our egos.”
“Yeah, well, if I told you afterwards that I didn’t come, what would you do?”
“Try to make you come in other ways?”
Shaking your head, you scoff. “Guys like you aren’t that considerate.”
“You’re right.” He assents, holding his pointer finger against his chest. “Because guys like me aim to please.”
A brilliant thought leaps in his mind and Jaemin gasps. You can only assume bad things from the wicked smile he sends your way.  
“Why don’t we try it again?”
Perplexed, you squint at him.
“Try what again...?”
“Sex,” he says enthusiastically.
You blankly stare at him.
“You’ve gotta be joking,” you deadpan.
“I mean, there’s nothing else to do and it’ll keep us warm.” 
You continue to stare at him until you groan.
“Oh, my God...” Your blanket droops a bit off your shoulders as you drag your palms across your face. “I cannot believe I’m stuck in this snowstorm with you out of all people...”
Sitting next to you, Jaemin persistently reasons with you. “Think of it also as another learning experience for the future partners we’ll have.”
“Yeah, if we don’t die first!” you shriek.
“We’re not going to die,” Jaemin replies in a mocking tone and a dart of his tongue.  
Outside the window, the snow seems to have slowed down, but not by much.  
God, Jaemin better be fucking right because you want to live to see another day.  
“Fine,” you mutter and match his gaze. “But we have to be vocal throughout the whole thing. Say whatever’s on our mind.”
“Fine,” he agrees to your terms. He produces the same wicked smile again. “But can we film it then? So we can study it after?”
You fire him a death glare that melts his face off, even in the frigid atmosphere.
“I’m joking, I’m joking,” he says, waving his hand.
They say that jokes are half-meant true, but you think Jaemin fully meant it. Still in your blanket jackets, Jaemin snags your free hand and leads you to his room.
“You gotta give me credit for trying, though.”
“No.” You shake your head with an unwilling smile creeping on the edge of your lips. On second thought, maybe the joke was a little funny, but you still stand by your opinion that he’s the most annoying person in the world. “I don’t think I will.”
Tumblr media
“Thank God Chenle has so many scented candles...”
On the edge of Jaemin’s bed, huddled by the blanket, you watch him light up several large jars, placing them on his nightstand and desk in hopes to brighten the room. It’s already late afternoon, but one could mistaken it for nighttime with the muddy sky due to the snow.
“Is Chenle your roommate?”
“Yeah,” Jaemin answers with a slight shiver, igniting the last candle near the bedside. He removed his blanket when he went to nab the matches and candles. “His girlfriend gets free ones from work, so she always gives him a shit ton, even though he never uses them.”
With a glowing hue against his face, he blows out the match. He makes his way to you, a cocky grin plastered on him, as he says, “Guess we’re making use of them now, though.”
Before you can even respond, Jaemin gets right down to business—sitting beside you on the mattress, he palms your face and drags you in for a kiss. You softly yelp, but immediately reciprocate.
The cover falls off your body as you reach to touch him, fingers drifting over his solid arms.
You don’t want to stroke his large ego, and maybe it’s because you haven’t had anyone else on you in a while, but Jaemin’s kisses are something else.
The cushiony pair of lips always executes enough pressure against your mouth, increasing and decreasing on command in perfect tandem and timing. His hands hover over your waist and the nape of your neck, fingers sinking into your hot skin.  
His mouth trails downward the side of your neck. You crane your head back, indulging in his caresses as soft moans trickle out.
He gently signals for you to recline back and lay onto the mattress, moving the sea of blankets aside. Inclined on his elbow, almost atop of you, his cool fingers glide under your top layers, his thumb stroking against your stomach.
Pulling away from your body, he tugs on the ends of your clothes. You rise from the bed to better the angle for him to discard of them.
The hairs on your skin are standing on end from the frigid air, but you’re too focused on Jaemin’s mouth migrating over your upper arm and your bra-covered chest to care. Without notice, he stuffs a cup of the bra to one side and takes your bosom into his mouth.
Air’s seized from your lungs and your core contracts from the pleasure. Your fingers tug on Jaemin’s luscious locks and his free hand squeezes your unoccupied breast.    
After a few twirls of his tongue and a gentle drawing of his teeth on the pointed tip, he mumbles hotly into your chest while he thumbs your other nipple, “Foreplay still non-existent?”
“It’s better, I guess,” you sigh with fluttering eyes. His chuckling reverberates against your cleavage, a sign of amusement from your obstinacy. A gasp pierces the room as Jaemin repeats his actions onto the other breast.
He aids you in taking off the rest of your clothes and, obviously aware of your goosebumps and shuddering, tells you to get underneath the blankets while he strips himself.
Under the toasty ocean of layers, despite how both of you are bare-boned and how easy it is to jump into the main act, Jaemin purposefully continues to prolong the foreplay. Side by side, your lips meld endlessly; your legs and hands are intertwined in an amorous pretzel.
Jaemin ensures he doesn’t leave any part of you untouched—the pads of fingers virtually graze over every inch of your body. Each grip and drag of his digits sends you in a frenzy. Your chest is pressed into him and your eyes are blinded with desire.
In the back of your mind, you think about how you were right about foreplay working up to the heat of the moment—literally, because you’re dripping, he’s hard, and you two have embraced so much that you don’t need the blankets anymore.  
On the other hand, you wonder if Jaemin was right about skipping foreplay, because with every whisper of each other’s name, the intimacy rises immensely. You don’t know him, and neither him with you, but you’re both freely drowning in one another in a plane beyond the lust.
Although the room’s beginning to smell of a mix of all the scented candles, Jaemin hones in and drinks in your sweet aroma and your entirety behind his hazy eyes and already tousled hair. All of a sudden, one drag of his fingers over a particular sensitive spot on your body makes you giggle.
“I’m ticklish over there.”
“You mean right—” He drums his fingers over the area again. “—here?”
With a toothy grin, he generates more suffering from you and you begin to lively howl. Soon enough, you beg him to stop.
“You’re such an asshat, c’mon, let me live!”
When he ceases, his head hangs over yours and your gazes connect.
The same feeling blooms in his chest from before in the living room.
He gulps as his eyes waver over your face, unknowingly tracing your beautiful features and etching them into his memory.
Your starry eyes. Your glowing aura. Your everything.
You barely register the change in his expression because he quickly tramples on his moment of weakness by kissing you passionately.
Jaemin whips the blankets aside as he lowers himself between your legs. Your eyes are fixated on him, matching his stare, until he starts to devour you by swiping against your lustrous folds. Your back bows, and, following a few more licks, Jaemin makes a point of his knowledge of the vagina by spreading your lips and ravishing your pussy, tongue penetrating deeply.
Rippled moans release in harmony with your undulating chest. You swear you’re getting more wet, too wet, likely making it overwhelming for Jaemin, but he’s eagerly lapping every drop up.  
“How’s that?” he inquires with a grin, hovering over your trembling nether lips. His mouth is evidently glossy, even under the dim lighting.
“Good,” you pant in the most nonchalant tone you can muster up. “Very good-ahhh—”
Jaemin kindly interrupts you by tonguing your clit as he fingers your sex deeply, shattering your fake indifference.
“Move your tongue up more,” you direct, creasing your eyebrows in despair. He follows your direction, and droning moans ensue.
Jaemin’s immersed in your pleasure, but also adding to his own. The more he laps up your wetness, the more he grinds his length against the bed, aching to be inside of you.
Your desire pulses faster, contracting tighter against his fingers, body winding tensely by the second.
“Fuck, Jaemin,” you whine, leaning your head to one side with a parted mouth. “I’m close.”
He draws back and temporarily replaces his tongue with his thumb.
“Good,” he pants, cocking his head to one side. His eyes are filled with determination. “Because I’m not stopping until you come at least two more times tonight.”
You exhale a light laugh. “That’s ambiti-ohgodohgod—”
His tongue works wonders on your clit once more, so much that he has to brace your bucking hips.
Okay, maybe Jaemin did learn a thing or two and actually listened to what you said during your critique.
But now it’s time to demonstrate to him what you’ve learned.
You don’t need much of a break to catch your breath, nor do you want to immediately freeze due to inactivity, so you pull Jaemin in for an intense kiss, tongue dipping into the remnants of your own nectar, then beckon for him to take your former place on the bed.
Perched on the bottom of your feet, you’re on one side of Jaemin, lackadaisically fisting his prominence. After a few strokes, you gradually swallow his inches, keeping in mind to relax your jaw and to not rush in order to avoid any potential teething. You do this to prove yourself worthy of giving head, but also in spite, because you absolutely do not need Jaemin to brand you a virgin again.  
You read his quiet groans and his long fingers running lazily through your hair as a positive sign and advance further.
Carefully, you rest your tongue beneath the underside of his cock and bob your head, licking him until he’s sopping with your saliva. His grip in your hair grows in strength as his length reaches the end of your throat, his groans becoming more and more drawn-out.
A needy whimper leaves him as you suddenly withdraw. Dribbles of your spit follow, and you wipe it off with the back of your hand.  
“How am I doing?” you glow in a pant, lazily stroking the doused shaft.
He simply nods with half-lidded eyes, barely able to look at you. “Yeah.”
You snicker at him in his breathless position, a prickle of pride running through your spine over the fact that you blew his mind as much as you blew his dick.
“Use your words, Jaemin.”
Teasingly, your fingers curl around his blunt head, soothing the sensitive tip and sending jolts throughout him.
“Fuck—” he pulls his bottom lip upward. “Awesome. You’re doing awesome.”
“Anything to critique?”
“Mm-mm,” he shakes his head restlessly. You revel a bit more in having the upper hand on him a little while longer. You grip him tighter and hasten your speed, leaving him gasping for air.
“Am I still rusty?”
“Nope, nope,” he croaks, voice rising to a whine. “Definitely not rusty.”
“You sure?” His cockiness has transferred over to you.
“Yes, yes—fuck, slow down, please,” Jaemin begs.    
Granting his wish, you abate your rhythm and free his inches from your touch.
You wipe your hands on the sides of the bed while Jaemin rummages through the drawer of his nightstand and hastily rolls over the rubber over himself before he prepares to enter the body beneath his.  
Recalling your advice, Jaemin mindfully starts off slow. You sigh blissfully in sync to his thrusts. He adjust himself, attempting another angle, and you draw in air between your teeth.
“There, there—“
Jaemin’s quick-witted and keeps at it, plunging a bit more vigorously. Out of habit, your hands grasp onto the bedsheets, but you wittingly attach them to his frame. Hands grazing his neck, his firm pecs, and his taut muscles.  
“Touch-touch my stomach,” he orders in a hush.
You hands follow through and feel up the flexed valley of his abs. Feeling up evolves into desperate gripping and even the slight dragging of your nails.
“Your abs are so fucking hot,” you state thoughtlessly, eyes eating up the view alongside his cock disappearing in and out of you. “Jesus, fuck.”
“Yeah?” he rasps with that devilish smirk of his. God, you want to smack it off him, but not right now—not when you’re reaching euphoria. “You’re not just saying that?”
Oh, you’ve definitely stroked his ego now, but there’s no turning back. Truth spills from you on a whim.
“You’re a fucking masterpiece,” you gasp acutely.
You’re starting to wither away, yet, as if they have a life of their own, your hands drift away from him and find a new home atop your breasts.
“You make me feel so good, Jaemin...”
Jaemin’s eyes go wide. His mouth hangs at the lewdness of you touching yourself.
“Fuck, holy shit.”
His gaze doesn’t leave your ecstatic face or humming body for a second as you knead your breasts and tweak your nipples between your fingers. Your back arches further when Jaemin deepens his sweet, fulfilling thrusts. He’s holding himself back, not wanting to end this beautiful deed just yet.
The stimulation bursts over your body, both from your own doing and Jaemin’s.  
You plead, “Faster, please, faster.”
And he complies, but he also rubs your bundle of nerves, causing a tight knot in you to build up and your shallow moans transform into heavy screams. You clasp onto his back and claw at the protruding shoulder blades.  
You clench, both with your core and your nails digging into him, but Jaemin’s unrelenting, capturing your second peak for the evening.
Instead of coming after you, he shockingly veers lower and closer to you and curbs his pace.
“Was that real?”
You respond with an exhausted nod. Oddly, the smile he shows this time isn’t arrogant, but warm and teetering the line of tenderness. His lips fuse with yours before they stray towards your neck. The passion stews as he sucks your tits, all the while lunging laxly into you.  
With an obscene pop!, Jaemin removes himself from your nubs.
“Ready for the last round?”
His fast thrusts, hitting you precisely in the best spot, cloud your already weakened logic, deterring you from making any response.    
Perspiration is blatant on both individuals. For him, his forehead glistens gorgeously with his damp hair. For you, the back of your bent knees are gluing together. Your bodies are about to pass out, but you both persevere until the end.
As you convulse and perish together in beautiful agony, coincidentally enough, the bulbs in the room and in the streets leap to radiance.
Together, you collapse onto the bed side by side, panting heavily and laughing.
“Told you we weren’t going to die.”
You turn your head to see Jaemin looking at you with a cheeky grin. In retaliation, you stick your tongue out.
Tumblr media
By nighttime, it’s finally stopped snowing outside. However, the streets won’t be cleared until morning, at the very least.
But... you’re surprisingly okay with that.
In a turn of events, the sex inexplicably makes the two of you warm up to each other. There still is targeted banter and tension between you, lingering from before, but it’s less hostile and more playful.
During a fancy Christmas Eve dinner of microwavable pizzas, you poke fun at each other’s majors and discuss your respective hobbies in depth, especially his love for photography. Jaemin even asks if he can take a picture of you, claiming that the kitchen lighting actually looks nice on someone for once.  
“Is that how you collect the memory of your one-night stands? Instead of hanging their skins in your closet, you sweet-talk your way and keep all the photos of them?” you joke, referring to the video call from yesterday night. It feels like an eternity ago, but snowstorms tend to do that.
He chuckles behind the camera as he snaps a photo of you scrunching your face cutely.
“Yeah, but you’re the first one who has clothes on,” he says, glancing down at the photo on the camera roll.  
“Ugh, gross,” you cringe and take a sip of tea.
Jaemin doesn’t add anything further. He leaves out the fact that he never keeps any traces of his one-night stands, that you’re the first girl he’s taken a picture of in a while.  
Tumblr media
After a few hours of more talking and even some gaming with one another, sleep is much needed. Jaemin offers an extra toothbrush and a sweater and pair of sweats to sleep in. You’re facing each other on his bed, noses almost touching.  
“It’s been a while since I haven’t had sex with a girl before I slept next to them,” he whispers, adjusting himself comfortably. The side of his face rests on his piled hands. “It’s kinda nice.”
You cover your mouth as you yawn, then lay your hand back under your head, reflecting the same position as Jaemin.
“You know, it might be my sleepiness talking, but maybe you’re not the worst person in the world to be stuck with during a snowstorm.”
A lovely chuckle echoes in your ear. “I’m glad you’ve had a change of heart.”
After a few moments, your eyes are fluttering to a close until he softly calls out your name.
“Hm?” you stir awake, but not by much.
“Do you...?”
Jaemin doesn’t know what’s gotten to him, doesn’t quite understand why the defences he built for so long are crumbling down in only a day of knowing you.  
And yet, something urges him to give it a chance.
Blowing out a shaky sigh, he anxiously intertwines his fingers with yours. You hum softly at the action and a small smile blooms on your face.
“Do you want to go on a date with me sometime?”
“Hm?” His question doesn’t take you aback as much as you would be if you were fully awake. But even in your drowsy state, you have quips in hand. “Jaemin, the notorious fuckboy and serial one-night stander, wants to go on a date?”
“Yeah,” he replies gently, brushing your loose hair out of your face.
Another yawn. “I thought you said you don’t want feelings and relationships and all that shit.”
His fingers trace your pretty jawline and shrugs. “One date doesn’t mean we’re going to be in a relationship, I’m sure you know that.”
You pause for a good two seconds, but the two seconds feel like forever for Jaemin.
“Mmm, fine. One date, just one.” You barely hold up your pointer finger. “And only because it’s Christmas tomorrow. ‘Tis the season to be giving...”
Relief washes over Jaemin in the form of a smile. Embracing the blatant feeling in his chest this time, he plants a light kiss on your nose and wishes you sweet dreams, even though you’ve already fallen soundly asleep.  
Tumblr media
Sunlight pours over your eyes on Christmas morning.
Déjà vu peculiarly creeps up on you, but the only thing that’s the same as yesterday is waking up in Jaemin’s bed.
He’s next to you this time, deep in his peaceful slumber, instead of waiting for you to leave by his doorframe. The snow has finally stopped, and you think you hear the faint noises of snow plows outside. You inhale deeply and also notice the faded aroma from all the scented candles from last night.
The scenes of yesterday flicker across your mind. The incredible sex. The talking. The dinner. The interlocking of his fingers with yours.
The date he asked you out on.
You stare at him, watching him sleep with a sense of content.
Turning your body, you routinely check your phone, which is charging beside his. You have a slew of Merry Christmas texts from several chats and a few private messages from your friends.
Your attention falls on Jaemin’s phone when it lights up with a notification, likely texts from his friends and family too.
But that’s not what you’re focusing on.
Your heart sinks at the sight of his lockscreen.
It’s a picture of him and a girl kissing.
A twinge emerges in your chest and twists harder and harder.
Jaemin being a fuckboy, you can respect. People can do whatever they want with their lives.
But to cheat?
That’s unforgivable, and a true sin if there ever was one.
You scramble to dash out of there, careful not to make any noises in fear of waking Jaemin up. However, Jaemin’s sensitive to the sounds of the front door, so he rouses awake. His eyes flit open, noticing how you’re gone. He then sees his phone blowing up and adds two and two together.
With his phone in hand, Jaemin rushes to get on a coat and stuffs his feet into his boots, not giving a shit that he’s wearing his thin pajamas in the coldness. He’s bounding down the flight of stairs and onto the bright, white wonderland of the streets.
He swivels his head and catches sight of you almost past down the block, slowly trekking through the thick snow. Jaemin sprints, as much as he can, and hops towards you.  
He yells your name, making others on the street turn, but you don’t. You continue forward without looking back.
“Wait! I can explain!”
You’re trying to gain speed, but cardio isn’t your friend. Thankfully for Jaemin, it’s a close friend for him.
“I don’t wanna fucking hear it, Jaemin,” you grunt, hearing the rapid crunching of his shoes coming closer. “Get lost.”
“No, listen to me for a second.”
The boyish man grasps you by the arm and turns you around. You throw his arm away from you and he holds his hands in the air, letting you know that he respects your space. He drops his hands and sees that you’re seething, even worse than you were when he kicked you out yesterday.
“How are you going to explain your lockscreen with you kissing your fucking girlfriend?! Hm?”
“Ex,” he pants in clarification. “Ex-girlfriend.”
Your eyebrows mesh together in utter confusion.
“Okay? That doesn’t make me feel any better, knowing that you’re still hung up on your ex.”
Jaemin shakes his head and rakes a hand through his hair. You note the large clouds he exhales and how he’s barely wearing any clothes. A tinge of sympathy passes through you, wanting to give him some of your clothes for extra layers, but you smother that quickly in your state of rage.  
“I’m not hung up on her. Remember you asked me yesterday why I don’t want girls to stay the next morning?”
You cock your head impatiently, as if saying, “Yeah.”
“Well, I don’t want to attach myself to girls. I can’t. I...”
He lowers his head to one side. Shutting his eyes, a long puff emits from his mouth.
“She cheated on me.”
The snow plows in the distance can’t compare to the pumping of your heart in your ears. All the feelings you felt in the last day, but especially in the last fifteen minutes, jumble together in your head, making you feel uneasy and unsure of what to exactly feel or comprehend of the situation.  
But you do know one thing, despite the fact that you two barely know each other, the pained look on his face is real—that this is the untold story behind his ways.  
Jaemin lifts his head and holds out his phone for emphasis. “The lockscreen serves as a constant reminder that dating and feelings will and can fuck me up.”
Carefully, he steps a little closer to you and slowly cups your face in his shaking hands. You don’t pull away nor is there the same anger from moments before, so he daintily runs his thumbs over your cheeks.
“Until you showed me yesterday that maybe I’m willing to give it all another shot. Risk it all for fuck knows what, but you make it look like it’s worth it.”
He continues his ramble after adjusting some of your hair from the ongoing breeze.
“Sure, it’s Christmas today, but I don’t want you to say yes to going on a date with me just because it is. I want you to say yes because maybe you like spending time with me just as much as I like to spend it with you.”
You’re completely disoriented—your eyes are shifting everywhere but his eyes and your lips are quivering with no words coming out. He sighs understandingly. 
“Look, I know you’re probably having second thoughts and you don’t have to give me an answer right now. Think on it for as much time as you need, but I want you to know that I genuinely like you and I want to go on an actual date with you.”
He peels his hand away from your face and raises it into the air as if taking an oath.
“I, Na Jaemin, the notorious fuckboy and serial one-night stander, will devote to monogamy once again if it means I can date you.”
His hands grab yours, kisses the back of them, and then he presses one kiss onto your icy cheek prior to walking away.
“Merry Christmas,” he says with a sad smile. “You know where to find me if you change your mind.”
Tumblr media
Later that evening at your large family’s Christmas party, you take another dreadful gulp of your wine.
It’s the happy holiday season, but why does everyone feel the need to stick their nose in your dating life? Well, really, a lack there of.
“Why are you still single?” Layers of their voices resound the same question in your head. You take another swig.
Potential unsaid answers that you kept to yourself fly around as you swish the drink in your glass.  
Because you choose to be.
Okay, not really, but it’s the easiest answer.  
Because you haven’t found the right guy to get you back in the game.
What does that even mean? What makes the right guy even right?
The right guy? It’s someone who makes you laugh, someone who gives as good as they can take it, someone who wants you just as much as you do.
The cogs move in your head as you take one more sip before you finally come to the conclusion—  
Because you didn’t find the right guy until last night.
Despite the mess of today and yesterday morning, you realize that Jaemin is... actually sort of sweet. Annoying, yes, but he keeps you on your toes. It’s a plus that he’s easy on the eyes, but it’s a bigger plus that he’s even easier to talk to.
And if he can find it in his scorched heart to trust you, you can find it in your heart to trust him too.  
You quickly say your good-byes to your family and let them know you have other plans with friends tonight.
As the Uber rolls up to his apartment building, you realize you probably should’ve messaged him on Tinder, but it’s worth a shot to see if he’s home. Anyways, impulsiveness is a controlling entity, as evident from your Christmas Eve Eve’s adventure.
And in retrospect, perhaps Jaemin was the perfect pick of the crop after all.  
Someone’s entering the building and lets you in behind them. You take the stairs two at a time and hear booming music coming from his floor. At first, you assume it’s from other apartments, but it’s all coming from one—his.
Without a thought, your knuckle taps the door.  
A handsome figure that’s definitely not Jaemin opens the door. Behind him, you see a group of young men scattered around the living room, and some have a few girls tucked under their arms.
The man eyes you up and down with a spark in his eye. He’s not Jaemin, but he surely reminds you of him.
“And who might you be?” he asks.
“Who’s at the door, Jeno?” An unknown male voice hollers in a high pitch from the couch. He’s one of the guys with a girl attached to him.
You blink. “Uhm, I’m—”
“She’s with me!” Jaemin shoves the flirty stranger aside and tugs you by your wrist, making headway to his bedroom. He flips the light switch on and the door clicks shut.
“What are you doing h—”
You cut him off with a kiss.
An innocent one, at first, with hints of alcohol on each other’s lips. Your arms wrap around the other and the passion increases with the mingling of your tongues, each party tasting and confirming the specific drinks you both consumed tonight.  
Jaemin forces himself to pull away and presses his forehead against yours. “Did you just come all the way here to kiss me, or...?”
“Maybe I came over to ask... if I can stay with you for another night?” you playfully ask, fingers intertwining behind the nape of his neck.  
He chuckles heartily. His fingers sink into the sides of your waist. “Is my dick that great? The sex with me that amazing?”
“Mmm, that’s definitely a benefit,” you agree, fluttering your nose against his. “But I want more than that—“ You poke a finger to his chest. “—I want the man behind the dick.”
Your gazes converge, bringing you together as one.
“I want to go on that date with you. I want you, Jaemin.”
He flashes a megawatt smile that could compete with a million Christmas lights, but it fades suddenly and you’re unsure why he seems like he’s about to bawl his eyes out.
“That’s so beautiful, I might cry.” He brings a finger to his eye, pretending to shed a tear.
Oh, yeah—you’re definitely going to need to hire someone to constantly shove your eyeballs back into your sockets if you’re going to date Jaemin.
“Oh, shut up,” you whisper, yanking him in for another kiss.
Tumblr media
Three dates later, including a memorable New Year’s Eve, you finally decide to rid of the Tinder app for good.
With his arm around you on his living room couch, Jaemin glances over your shoulder.
“Really? You’re finally deleting your Tinder?”
You snort in disbelief. “That’s gold, coming from the King of Tinder himself. When did you delete?”
He turns to face the television and shrugs coolly.
“Maybe I didn’t.”
“Wouldn’t put it past you,” you nod, eyes still on your phone.
“Nah, I’m kidding, I did.”    
You sharply turn your head.
“No way. When?” you press with narrow eyes.  
A shy smile emerges on Jaemin’s face as he picks his pants over his thighs.
“On the night of Christmas Eve, after you agreed to go on a date with me.”
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raibebe · a month ago
Prove it
Tumblr media
Genre: smut Words: 2.232 Prompt: Mark with a big dick x reader
Warnings: oral (m receiving), deepthroating, lots of spit, facial, slight cumplay, Mark Lee monster cock, worshiping Mark’s monster cock
A/N: This was supposed to be way shorter, I have no idea how it got this out of hand, I blame @ncteaxhoe
Taglist: @sly-merlin, @yokshi-unbeliebubble, @lenaluvs, @waffletaeng, @nctflix, @thatanonymousgirl-as14, @leejenoanti, @chenlewifey, @dendenluvsbubu, @n0hyuck, @team-seojun, @bebskyy, @ahsshilee-me, @markistheloveofmylife, @onyourm-ork, @freezerandfame, @sunshinedhyuck, @seomisaho, @thesebootsaremadeforstalking, @poutypoutybin, @cookydream, @chitaphrrrr, @justanotherkpopstanlol, @aprilpari, @flowerboykun​
“What do you mean Mark has the biggest dick among you guys?” “Don’t tell me you haven’t watched fancams and noticed?” Donghyuck snickered, sipping on his beer.
“I always thought it would be Jeno,” you admitted, your eyes still wide in shock. The boy in question choked on his drink where he was cuddled into Jaemin’s side on the other sofa, coughing loudly to clear his airways, his best friend doing absolutely nothing to help him. “No, Mark beats him in length,” Donghyuck oh so helpfully supplied, a devious grin on his lips.
Well damn. That had your mind running wild. And it absolutely didn’t help that you exactly knew how big Jeno’s dick was (thanks to something he liked to call a drunken escapade but both of you knew you were mostly sober when it had happened). And if Mark was bigger, he must be packing.
“Jeno is big,” you said eventually, “I don’t believe it.” “What don’t you believe?” Mark asked innocently, a new six-pack of beer in his hands that he had fetched from the kitchen.
You threw Donghyuck a glare that hopefully conveyed that you wanted him to shut up but the message seemed to get lost on translation. “She doesn’t believe that your dick is bigger than Jeno’s.” Now it was Mark’s time to splutter, choking on plain air as his cheeks dusted pink. “Well, it kinda is,” he sheepishly admitted after a while, eyes momentarily darting over to Jeno to see his reaction but the other didn’t seem to care all too much, mainly trying to evade the kisses Jaemin wanted to give him. It was an open secret between the Dreamies that Mark had the biggest crush on you and Donghyuck had made it his mission to get his two best friends to fuck it out.
“Why don’t you prove it?” The tanned boy asked next, flustering his friend. “I can’t just whip my dick out right here?” “Why not?” You pouted, liquid courage filling your veins. “Not-,” Mark took a deep breath before continuing, summoning all his courage, knowing this might be his only chance, “Not here.” It was almost comedic how quickly you got up to lace your hand with Mark’s whose blush only seemed to deepen. “Then lead the way,” you smiled innocently. “Go get her, tiger!” You could hear someone (you thought it was Jaemin) scream from the living room, when the door to Mark’s room fell into the lock, the silence between you two heavy.
“Don’t be all shy now,” you broke the silence with a giggle, reaching for Mark’s belt. “You- You don’t have to do this,” he grabbed your hands to stop you, lacing your fingers together because he just couldn’t resist. “But I need to know, Markie,” you whined, batting your eyelashes at him while squeezing his hands, “And I haven’t sucked a dick in a while and really want to choke on yours if it’s as big as they’re saying.” “Shit,” he cursed, moving to undo his belt himself, “Yes, yes okay.”
“Let me,” you breathed, sinking to your knees in front of him to undo the button of his pants, leaning in to pull the zipper down with your teeth, the sight already so lewd, it tore a groan from Mark’s throat. “Mmmh, big,” you purred when you could see the imprint of his dick through his boxers a little more clearly, nuzzling your face into the growing bulge, basking in his musky scent that made your mouth water. “I really want to suck you off, Markie,” you sighed, mouthing up and down his shaft to wet the fabric of his briefs until they clung to his cock. And shit, he couldn’t be fully hard yet and he was rivaling Jeno already.
“Then… Then do it,” Mark whispered breathlessly, clumsily stepping out of his jeans on unsteady feet before you pulled down his boxes as well, moaning loudly at the sight of his cock hanging heavy between his legs. “It’s so big,” you gasped, reaching out to feel the weight in your hand. “It’s-,” Mark cut himself off with another groan, throwing his head back against the wood of his door, “It’s not fully hard yet.”
“Fuck,” you cursed, fisting his dick in your hand, the fingers barely touching. When the flesh twitched beneath your gentle touches, you couldn’t hold yourself back anymore. Holding heavy eye contact with Mark, you swirled your tongue around the heavy head to taste the salty precum before wrapping your lips around him, stretching them almost obscenely.
“You look so hot like this,” Mark sighed as you took more and more in your mouth as you boobed languidly on his cock but you were maybe halfway down his length when you felt it hit the back of your throat, your nose miles away from the neatly trimmed hair at the base. The moan you let out was garbled at best and made Mark buck his hips forward so suddenly, you choked on his cock.
“Fuck, sorry,” he immediately apologized when he had pulled you off of him to cough. “Girls… Girls usually can’t take it all,” he admitted sheepishly. “How many have done this for you, Markie?” You asked, batting his hands away from his cock to stroke him tightly, spreading the bit of saliva that coated his cock evenly. “Just- Just my ex and one other girl.” “I’ll get my nose to touch your stomach and if it’s the last thing I’m doing. A dick like yours just needs to be fully buried in a tight throat,” you promised darkly.
Mark’s answer got lost in the moan he let out when you swallowed him down again, stroking what you couldn’t fit just yet with your hands. God, the weight of his cock on your tongue felt so good, you were getting dizzy, almost feeling drunk off of his cock.
“Your cock is so fucking big, Markie,” you sighed, slapping the head onto your tongue before mouthing down the length, sucking along a prominent vein until you could press kisses to his balls, his cock resting on your face. “Shit,” Mark cursed, gently rocking his hips to smear his precum all over your face and probably into your hairline but you didn’t have it in you to scold him when he moaned so prettily when you sucked one of his balls between your lips only to release it with a lewd pop. “Need you to stay still,” you breathed against the tip of his cock, looking up to see him nod, his eyes blown wide but so attentive at the same time. You wanted to coo.
Slowly you inched down his length, bobbing your head to get a feel for him again. Taking a deep breath through your nose, you inched down even further. Stretching your jaw wide, you forced the head of Mark’s cock past your throat, the tightness that enclosed him making him curse and his hands scrambling against the door. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he chanted and you could feel how the muscles of his thighs worked beneath his skin with the effort to stay still. Such a good boy.
Panting, you pulled yourself off of him again, spitting out the saliva that had built up in your mouth onto his cock to keep stroking him. “I’ve never had anything so big down my throat, Markie,” you rasped, greedily sucking on the angry red head to hear his sweet moans again, letting your tongue play around it to taste more precum.
“Feels so good,” he groaned, slowly placing one of his hands to the back of your head to push you down on his dick again, only hesitating when he nudged the back of your throat again. But you didn’t even let him pull you back up, instead relaxing your throat to ease the burn of him stretching you out. He was so big that he easily cut off your airways as you inched down further than you had last time.
Just when you were about to admit defeat, you felt the tickle of Mark’s pubic hair against your nose. Mark could feel the vibrations of the moan you let out and couldn’t help himself to buck his hips forward to finally bury himself to the hilt in your tight throat, your nose pressed tightly against his skin.
“Shit, I’m sorry,” he immediately apologized when the sudden movement had triggered your gag reflex, “It just feels so good.” Still coughing, you looked up at him from teary eyes. “It’s okay,” you reassured him, going back to stroke his cock that had been useless twitching in the air, glistening with how thoroughly it was covered in your spit, “I’m not going to break.” “You look so pretty sucking my cock,” Mark groaned when you took him in your mouth again, messily bobbing your head and rubbing him against the inside of your cheek.
“I want you to cum Markie,” you slurred, messily sucking him back between your lips to bob your head along the length, letting his cock hit the back of your throat repetitively but never letting it slip back into the tightness, the noises so lewd it got Mark’s gut feeling even tighter than before. Then, without a warning, you forced his cock down your throat again, ignoring the burn to instead focus on Mark’s stuttering moans and deep groans as his arousal was nestled in the tight heat again, even going so far as to swallow around him to make the fit even tighter for him. “Shit,” Mark cursed, giving in to his pleasure to fuck your by now completely relaxed throat, shallowly thrusting into the tight heat, the head of his cock never leaving your throat until spit was running freely down your chin, drenching the collar of your own shirt. 
“Why did you pull off,” you whined pathetically, your voice raspy as you immediately sucked the fat head back between your lips, the taste of his precum strong on your tongue. “I was gonna cum,” Mark panted, his eyes screwed shut tightly as he fought back his orgasm so he could have you suck his dick for just a little longer. “Please, Markie,” you begged, spitting excess saliva onto his cock again, the glide of your fist so smooth as if you were using lube because of just how thoroughly coated he was, the excess dripping onto the floor below but neither of you cared. 
With your mouth open wide and tongue stretched out, you jerked him fast, the slick sounds loud in the otherwise quiet room safe for Mark’s breathless pants. “Look at me, Markie.” 
And just when Mark opened his eyes again, the look almost pained, you swallowed him down again whole, nose nestled in the black hair at the base. The tightness of your throat paired with how fucked out you looked beneath him looking up with such doe eyes, had Mark spilling down your throat, making you splutter around him, the sheer amount he was cumming, forcing you to pull off to take the rest of his load all over your face. Streaks landed all over: painting your lips along with the cut of your cheekbones and even the dip of your brows. 
“Fuck, sorry,” he panted harshly, grabbing the base of his cock to milk the last few drops of cum onto your outstretched tongue. Humming happily, you sucked him clean, keeping your eyes closed to not get any of the cum into your eyes.
“Thank you,” you sighed cheekily, sitting back on your hunches to scoop up the cum on your face to then suck your fingers clean, the sight making Mark groan where he was leaning heavily against the door, his chest heaving with heavy breaths, recovering from what must have been the most intense orgasm of his life (no shame on his ex but the feeling of the tightness of a throat couldn’t really compare to anything else). 
“I feel like I should be the one thanking you,” he mumbled, looking down at you with heavy lids where your eyes still were focused onto his slowly softening length. “I really wanted this, Markie,” you rolled your eyes, giving in to the urge to press a gentle kiss to the pink head, nuzzling your face into his crotch, “Can’t believe you’re this huge.” 
“You’re really into this, huh?” Mark chuckled, taking in just how wrecked you looked with the rest of his cum drying on your features while saliva was still glistening on your chin, the fabric of your shirt darkened where it had trickled down and soaked the fabric. 
“I wish you could’ve fucked me,” you panted, a lazy smile on your lips as you gently squeezed the base of his cock, wishing it wouldn’t soften in your grip. “I- I can go again,” Mark stuttered, blush sitting high on his cheekbones, “I can get hard again.” “Fuck,” you cursed, all the arousal coursing through your veins making itself known again, “Please fuck me, Markie. Fuck me stupid with your huge cock. Want you to stretch me out.”
“Shit. Get on the bed,” he commanded, all but ripping his shirt over his head as he watched you crawl onto his sheets, quickly stepping out of your own clothes safe for your bra and panties, spreading your legs wide for him to fit between. “Ruin me, Markie.”  
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