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#nct fluff
writemekpop · a day ago
[5:56 AM]
wc: <0.5k, genre: suggestive, pairing: kdy x reader
Doyoung was fast asleep. He was naked - the duvet bunched around his waist, exposing his muscled back. His jet black hair was ruffled from your fingers twisting in it last night.
It was almost 6AM - time to go. Sex was fun, but that meet-the-parents-move-in-together-shit, that was not for you.
Except Doyoung wasn't like other guys. He was kind and thoughtful and not very funny, but it didn't matter because he still made you laugh. Not to mention, you finished twice last night, almost three times (so, so close).
And there was that perfectly kissable mole just below his lip...
Pull yourself together, Y/n... you thought.
You were creeping out of bed - when you heard a rustle.
"comebacktobed," he mumbled, still half-asleep.
Doyoung had just one puffy eye slightly open. Usually he was icy and untouchable, but right now, with his slightly red cheeks, he was adorable.
You felt a pull in your chest you'd never felt before. Something inside you was craving his warm touch, his hands round your waist.
At the same time, you felt a twinge of fear. You barely knew this guy. If you trusted him, he could break your heart into a million pieces...
Taking a shaky breath, you climbed back into bed. You could take this one day at a time - not thinking about the future.
Doyoung wrapped his arms around you and nuzzled into your neck. Slowly, you felt your muscles relaxing as you melted into his touch.
"I don't... normally do this," you whispered, cheeks warming.  
Doyoung pressed his lips to your skin. "Shh, sleep, baby."
Wrapped up in Doyoung's warmth, let your eyelids fall shut.
(Maybe you could get used to this.)
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suhweetdreams · 2 days ago
Mark lee cheating sex
have you ever watched japanese p*rn and the people in there are just oblivious to these two characters fucking. yeah. just imagine that. also don’t cheat y’all, obviously. i don’t condone it, talk it out with your s/o! (i say this but i gotta admit this is so indulgent im sorry this was so hot to write 😭)
warnings: CHEATING/INFIDELITY, blowjob, facial, deep-throating, clit stimulation, sorta exhibitionism, doggy standing up, creampie/breeding
taglist: @goingbananasoverpotassium
mark hisses both in pain and panic when you push him against the door, body and hair fresh from a shower — the situation which is inches away from your boyfriend who was eating his lunch outside. the television luckily drowns out the sounds of your hands unbuckling his belt, but you’re sure your airhead of an boyfriend would be oblivious to any of the things happening in the room.
just for caution though, you’d keep your voice down.
“(y-y/n)… he’s still outside,” you giggle into his underwear, cock painfully hard despite all of his refuses to your advances. you know it in the way he looked at you, from being your roommate to nice gestures for you. he’d provide notes for when you were sick, he’d converse with your boyfriend whenever he was over, but he also couldn’t help but fuck his fist whenever you’d sashay around the shared dorm room in booty shorts and the thinnest camisole.
“calm down, mark. he assumes i’m taking a shower. which i did, only to find you waiting innocently in my room.” you hold back a gasp when you take his dick out, painfully hard and leaking with pre-cum that with one squeeze, he’s already moaning out loud. the wooden doors aren’t exactly soundproof either — only to an extent — you found this out when you’ve heard him say your name as he jerks himself off.
“who’s the one making noises now?” you spare him no mercy, immediately taking him into your warm mouth. the gesture makes him melt against the door, poorly held up by the doorknob and his feet on the carpeted floor. in one go, your nose nudges against his skin, his cock hitting the back of your throat. “you’re so fucking hard, aren’t ya? were you hoping for this to happen any time soon?”
mark can hardly answer, though, biting the skin of his thumb as you start to bob your head. you tease him by swirling your tongue over his tip and length, making the lewd noises become more prominent. the way mark looks down at you with furrowed eyebrows and soft whimpers leaving his mouth does things to you, but the taste of him is even better. you can’t deny the wetness pooling in your panties, until its interrupted by your boyfriend talking through the door.
“hey, mark, is my girlfriend done showering?”
he looks down to you, panicking. you nod towards the door in a way to tell him “answer him”, a hand reaching down to your centre to play with your clit.
“a-ah, yeah! i don’t think so, just came in here to give her a new towel — said she didn’t want to bother you or somethin’.” mark manages to get out just as you continue your assault, making the sloppiest noises that he was sure you were going to get caught.
“aw shame, could’ve seen her naked. well, i guess that just happens when you’re too invested in soccer!” your boyfriend’s clueless to how your knees burn against the floor, taking mark deep into your mouth.
“hh- y-yeah, totally, dude!” the other shouts out an obnoxious thanks! before going right back into the living room and the smile on your face makes mark’s stomach turn, both in good and bad ways. “y-you… haah… (y/n), we can’t do this—!” mark’s cut off by his own moans when you increase your pace, compensating for your mouth and reaching for the parts where you couldn’t cover.
your hands and mouth is all he ever imagined, sucking and stroking him to the point of not even being able to talk. that makes two, when you choke yourself on his length repeatedly until you’re babbling nonsense. “i- i’m gonna-“ mark announces, but you’re ready for his cum anyways, spilling his seed all over your face while his thighs shiver under your touch. he’s making the cutest noises, whimpering out your name with such lilts you want to suck him off for life. your mouth is connected to his length with strings of your saliva mixed with his cum, finally coming off of him with a lick of your lips.
standing up, mark assumes it’s the last of it, and while he’s disappointed, he’s also glad. that is, until you brush your fingers over your cunt, dripping, to show him.
“look at how wet you got me, markie…” you pout, pressing your body against his that he has no choice but to put his hands on your waist. he likes it more than he admits. “are you gonna make me feel good, baby?”
mark splutters, looking for words, but you take matters into your own hands when you brush the tip of his cunt against your pelvis. it soon finds your clit, and the way his cock twitches in your hand is so adorable that you only grind your bud down against him even more. “you want this pussy, hm? want to fuck my tight, little cunt?”
the male only flushes red in your words, but like always, his dick reacts to your words heavily. his eyes roll back once you turn around and flash your butt at him, teasing his tip around your hole. and then it never stops, the whites of his eyes are all knows when you finally insert it into your needy hole.
your walls are so fucking warm, closing in on him that he has to refrain from cumming. your juices are enough lube, and even if his mind tells him ‘no’, he only sinks deeper and deeper into your pussy. your name is falling from his lips like a prayer when he bottoms out, stilling himself as he looks to you for approval. with an intoxicated smile, you look back at him. “fuck me, mark. fuck me better than your fleshlight. make me your fucking cocksleeve.”
mark loses control, then. your words of confirmation are all he needs before he pulls out and thrusts right back to the hilt. he holds you close to his front, hips rutting into you in order to feel your walls hugging his cock and your sloppy hole taking his length so well. “f-fuck, fuck, s’good, you feel so good, baby.”
you laugh breathlessly, “do i, now? y-you’re gonna have to fuck me good whenever he comes over, hm, markie?” mark is too lost in pleasure to answer you, pounding into your back that his balls slap so hard against your ass and the arousal from your sex coat his dick more and more. he only comes to his senses when he hears your voice call out to your boyfriend.
“w-wait, (y/n)-“
“shut up and keep fucking me.”
“yes, babe? what is it?” you have to stop yourself from rolling your eyes, but soon that facade is masked by your sweet smile. mark holds his breath behind the door, but he realises your claims might very well be true because your boyfriend isn’t questioning why you keep moving back and forth behind the door.
“c-could you be a good boy and get another towel for me?” you’re doing everything in your right mind not to show how good mark’s cock is impaling you, but even so, you can’t help the soft moans leaving your mouth. the racing of your heart, mark’s frustrated grunts, it points to how much you actually like the secrecy of everything.
“sure thing, babe. you doin’ okay?” and while a normal person would’ve picked up how mark was in the room with a naked girl, an attached one at that, your boyfriend could only ask stupid questions. “you seem kinda pale, and you’re sweating. let me-“
when he pushes, you do too, knuckles white curled around the door, “i’m fine, honey. j-just get me that towel.”
long gone over your cunt, mark finally groans out when the door slams close, pelvis meeting your ass rougher and faster. it’s like he’s exasperated at the way you lead people on, at how you smile so sweetly and tempt others behind their back. mark’s the first and only victim, and while he chastises himself for going against his own morals, all he can think about is the squelch and slick that reverberates throughout the room.
“gotta cum soon, baby. cum in me- mmh- before he comes back.”
“i-in you?!” maybe then he’d be able to finally mark you, even when you were in a relationship. mark knows it’s wrong, mark knows it’s disgusting, and yet the idea of filling you up (where he was sure you and your boyfriend hadn’t fucked yet) before he did sends a surge of excitement.
that flips a switch, and soon the male doesn’t care about getting caught for a second, he doesn’t give thought to the groans leaving his lips, never stopping his thrusts even when you clench around him. skillfully, he guides a hand towards your clit, shadowing you with his hand on yours to add on to the pleasure and you loudly moan out.
“m-mark- fucking hell, oh my god! gimme all your cum, please-” you’re sobbing out, body held up by the other until his hips stutter in you.
“i’m cumming-“ his cum leaks into you, ropes and ropes of his hot seed filling you to the brim to the point where there’s a wet pop! as he removes his cock. you mewl out at the sensation, mixture of yours and his cum splattering all over the floor that gets mark into a daze. so this is what cumming inside meant…
“babe? i’ve got your towel!” the daze puts ideas of seeing your hole leaking his seed, of you begging for more until all you could taste was cum, into his head, body moving on its own accord and mark snaps his fucking hips into you, brushing against your sweet spot all in one go. in a burst a sensitivity, you scream out, “f-fuck! mark!” and there’s no way that your boyfriend doesn’t hear it.
“that’s it, that’s my girl,” and while it only brings rage from the other side of the door, you can’t help but giggle profusely at this newly awakened mark, who’s desperate to get you as his and your wet, weeping pussy around his cock all year round.
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aehyei · 2 days ago
(M) [10:09 am]  You never meant to fuck your sister’s fiancée right before the wedding day— you really didn’t. But you just had a break-up, and Jaehyun generously offered to distract you that night. Of course you hesitated a lot, but very much after he kissed your shoulder so sensually, you shut all of your thoughts and gave in.
And then you two never spoke about what happened ever again.
But after a whole year of their marriage, Jaehyun found himself in front of your apartment once again after a huge fight he had with his wife.
“What do you want?” You asked when you opened the door, raising a brow. “You.” He simply answered, stepping in and slamming the door behind him, pulling you in his built arms and smashing his lips unto yours. Kissing back, your hands combed his silky soft hair, moaning softly at how forceful he is. But then your sister comes into your mind, so you pulled away, “That was a one time thing. Leave.”.
Jaehyun chuckled, pressing you much more closer to him, “I don’t think so, princess. Let’s not forget that time where you shamelessly touched your pretty pink pussy right at the wedding, moaning my name like that. Your lucky only I heard you and not your sister.”. He head that? Oh.
“S-So? Y-You should learn how to be loyal, Jaehyun. You’re a married man now and that makes everything different.” You stubbornly says, collecting all your dignity left. He scoffed, cupping your cheeks and forcing you to look at him, “Since when is pretty princess so nice, hmm? You didn’t seem to mind fucking your sister’s fiancé the last time. Naughty baby even screamed my name.”. The smirk on his handsome face made him look intimidating and sexy, but you were sure that he was desperate to have sex and your the second opinion he has if his wife is busy.
“Your the one who seduced me.” You taunted back, running your hand teasingly by his arm, feeling up his biceps that started to leave a wet patch on your underwear. He was right, since when did you care about his relationship status? “You looked so hot crying in that short red tight dress, I had to fuck you.” Jaehyun whispered by your lips, ghosting them over and chuckling deeply before fully pressing them on yours once again. The kiss was full of need and lust, rushed and heavy.
Jaehyun licked on your bottom lip, entering his tongue in and curled the wet muscle with yours. His hands squeezed your hips then travelled down to your ass, tapping the cheeks then slapping them. You gasped and turned your head to the side, his lips pressing by your jawline, leaving open mouthed kisses and licking a stripe on your neck. “J-Jae…” you moaned, pulling his hair when he found the spot that never fails to make your knees weak.
He hummed and licked starting from your neck to your jawline to your lips, kissing you softly before opening his eyes that revealed all his frustration and lust, “How wet are you?”, he asked in a hoarse voice. You whinnied and slipped your hands inside your shorts, putting on a show by rubbing yourself over your underwear. Sighing at the delicious friction, you answered in a stutter, “S-so w-wet for you, Jae.”.
“Hmm? Yeah? But not enough for you to take huge dick, right? Remove all your clothes and touch yourself for me. Make yourself all wet and ready fir daddy.” Jaehyun ordered in a dominant voice. Walking over by your couch to settle in with his eyes still not leaving your figure. You bit your lip and did as he asked, removing all the clothing over your body and sitting by the floor, spreading your legs as wide as you can to show your glistening cunt.
Jaehyun groaned loudly, his own hands squeezing his hardness over his pants. “Do I have to repeat myself, slut? Now.”
Threatened by his tone of voice, you gulped and ran your finger, caressing your wet walls as your breath hitches. Separating your walls with the help of your other hand, your swollen clit is now exposed better. You tapped your small bundle of nerves and a sob leaves your lips at an instant.
More slick flowed down from your pussy as you continued to edge and tease yourself. Narrowly entering a finger and shallowly thrusting it making you let out pathetic whines, trying your best to not just dip it fully and finish yourself in front. You have to be good for him, and you are. Jaehyun feels himself much more aroused seeing you follow his orders like a good girl, buckling his belt and tugging himself out of his pants, big cock hard and red tip leaking with precum.
You stared him, imitating puppy eyes and continued teasing yourself. Jaehyun noticed the way you were begging with your eyes and nodded with a growl, “Come here my good girl, suck me off.”. Crawling to closer to him, you gathered your spit inside your mouth and let it dribble down his cock, smiling sadistically and sucking his tip, taking your time. The man above you trembled, his eye lids closing as his body relaxed, placing his hand on the back of your head and guided you along his area.
“You always know how I like i-it— fuck. Babygirl, good girl, good girl, g-good g-girl shit!” Jaehyun’s hips bucked up when you started to pickup your pace. He couldn’t help but let out some few deep moans that went straight to your core, making you ache to be touched too. While he was too distracted with the pleasure you’re giving him, he failed to notice how you finally slipped a finger inside.
You choke out a moan around him, adding another finger and circling your hips, your digits going deeper. “E-enough!” Jaehyun pulled you off just before he could cum, catching his breath and watching you finger yourself fast enough, your shallow breaths turned into high pitch moans. He leaned and groped your thighs, carrying you up to his lap.
“Faster baby, do it fucking faster. Pleasure yourself, hmm? For Jae?” He mocked in almost a whispering voice, his hands holding on your wrist and started to guide you— making you go faster. Tears filled up in your eyes, squirming away from the intense pleasure especially when Jaehyun rubbed harsh circles on your clit, slapping and pinching it.
“C-cum— C-cumming! J-Jae!” You gasped out, body going limp. Jaehyun smirked, forcing your mouth open so he could spit inside and continued rubbing smooth circles on your clit before tapping your wall. “Swallow.” He says then carried you to your bedroom, placing you down and removed his shirt. You couldn’t help but stare at his defined abs, licking your lips.
“Like what you see, baby?” He asked, not even needing to look at you for him to know that your staring at him. Standing up, you stood behind him and pressed your breasts by his back, running your hands on his abs, tracing them slowly down to his balls and squeezed, “Do you like fucking your wife’s own sister behind her back, mhmm? Bet she can’t make you feel good as I could.”. Jaehyun turned around and his hands immediately found home by your ass, separating the cheeks and massaging, “Shut up. I didn’t give you permission to speak.”, then smacked harshly making you jolt it surprise.
Without wasting anymore time, he guided his dick by your entrance and entered you slowly. You moaned and scratched his arm, licking your lips, “Wanna shut me up, Jae? Wanna call my sister and let her hear how good your fucking me?”. Jaehyun groaned and wrapped both his hands on your neck, dragging you to the bed like some ragdoll. The second time he entered you, there was no more mercy involved. Instead, he slammed into you and immediately started thrusting into a rough pace making your body twist from the intense pain, whimpering again and again.
“No, no, no. Where do you think you’re going?” He asked in a mocking baby voice, smirking when he sees you crumble in his hold, “Where’s your confidence now, slut? All it takes is my dick to make you shut up, huh?”, he continued to taunt in a mean manner. “J-Jae- mhhmmm, p-please-” you begged him to slow down, grabbing unto the bed sheets for dear life. “God, when will you ever learn to shut up?” Jaehyun groaned in annoyance, pulling out just to turn your body around. Your face buried on the pillow, drool escaping your parted lips.
“Shut. The. Fuck. Up.” Jaehyun says in between thrusts, guiding your leg up and letting out a low moan when you clenched around his cock. Your moans started to grow louder and louder, and a scream left your throat when his length hit your sweet spot all over again blindly. “Jaehyun!”.
“That’s my name.” He chuckled, gathering your hair in his right hand and pulled your head up until you hit his chest. The angle was uncomfortable but it added to the pleasure much more to the both of you. “On second thought, scream my name.” Jaehyun bit your earlobe, not planning on stopping anytime soon.
And you did.
“W-wanna- w-wa- wanna- c-cum! C-cumming!” you try to warn him, your own hips meeting his to chase your high. “Do it.” Jaehyun pinched and rolled your clit between two fingers, the action triggered your orgasm and your legs to shake uncontrollably.
“Stop! S-stop, please!” You try to push him away, but he doesn’t budge. Instead, he dropped you to the sheets and continued using your body to remove all the frustration inside of him. All the anger pent up inside now being released, “Your only allowed to say my name, nothing else.” Jaehyun clenched his jaw when he came but continued fucking you deeper to the mattress anyways. He’s gonna make his wife regret and your just the thing he needs.
Tumblr media
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nctsplug02 · 21 hours ago
Pleaseeee i beg you again mark with nipple sucking habit please please pleaseeee i really love it when you write them pleaseeeee 😭😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
genre: smutish, fluff, humor
It was Marks birthday and the boys wanted him to drink, they had him take 23 shots to equal it with his age.
You watched from afar, you were afraid they’d ask you to join them and you were a lightweight so you were good.
They all decided to leave at four, leaving you alone with your drunk boyfriend. “Oh boy.” You whispered under your breath as the drunk youngster rambled, trying to rap as fast as he could.
“Yuh, pink lemonade, yeah, oh, boya, y’know how it is right, yeah, uh, get it, mhm, yeah.” You giggled, he was always a cutie especially when drunk.
“Mark, lets head to bed.” He looks up at you with a disgusted look. “Excuse, ma’am, if my girlfriend saw you touching me, she’d kick you right in the asshole.” He slaps a hand over his mouth with an exaggerated gasp. “Did I just say asshole—?” He slaps his hand against his mouth again.
You fluff out his messy hair, a wide grin written across your lips. “Mark, you’re drunk, you need to rest.” He moves his head back, his body nearly tipping off the chair. “Yo, I gotta girl so you need to back up right now or, or, um, she’s gonna kick your.. butt! Ha! I didn’t swear this time!” He cackles to himself.
You shake your head, rubbing your temples from being stressed. “And only my girlfriend can touch me. Are you my girlfriend, nooo, that’s what I thought lady, oohhh.” Mark cheers for himself.
You cup his face. “Mark, listen to me,” his cheering quiets down. “I am your girlfriend.” You say slowly so he’d process it. “Really?” He squints his eyes suspiciously and you nod. “So, does that mean I can.. like..” he leans in and whispers, “touch your boobies?” You laugh pushing him away from your ear.
“You can—,” you get interrupted by his cheering.
“I can?!” He gasps excitedly and starts cheering.
“—but! But! Mark, listen. You have to get ready for bed—,” and he takes off.
The chair that he once sat on, nearly toppling to the floor. The heavy footsteps of the drunk boy running upstairs, you could hear as he cheered and jumped onto the bed.
“Oh mark.” You sighed and shook your head.
You had cleaned up the mess that mark and the other guys had left and it took a while so when you got to the room, Mark was dead asleep on the bed. He was in his dinosaur boxers and his black t-shirt.
You decided to not wake him and fell asleep next to him.
You woke up to something suck on your right nipple, something swirled around your nipple and the other nipple was being pulled and pinched at.
You creaked your eyes open and looked down to see Mark laying on his tummy and peacefully sucking on your nipple.
“Mark?” He looks up at you and smiles with his eyes. “What’re you doing?” He pulls off and tilts his head. “It’s my birthday week and you said I could do whatever I wanted.” He says and leans down, flicking his tongue on your nipple like he would to your clit whenever eating you out.
Nipple sucking instantly became one of his kinks when one of his friend said it was addicting. He friend, jaehyun, had told him and the others how his boyfriend allowed him to suck on his nipple and ever since jaehyun had been addicted to sucking his boyfriends nipple.
Mark came home and tried it and he melted, his lips and tongue molded perfectly around your nipples.
You had remembered this one time where it was your birthday and you had told mark that he could have a day where he could do anything he wanted to you and the whole night he sucked on your tit until it was bruised and numb. You went to work the next day with sore tits.
Marks favorite body part on you is definitely your tits, he loves your tits but especially your nipples, they were definitely his favorite.
a/n: there wasn’t too much of the nipple sucking part but um.. yeah, stream favorite :)
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jensrose · 2 days ago
24 hours (teaser)
Tumblr media
pairing. mark lee x fem!reader
genre. fluff, mutual pining, best friends to lovers!au, idiots to lovers!au (more to be added)
wc (for the teaser). 0.25k | warnings (for the teaser). none! | est. release date. christmas, 25 december! (date may change based on how busy my life becomes)
Tumblr media
“It’s drooping.”
“It is not.”
“It’s gonna fall over any second now.”
Mark huffs, crossing his arms over his chest. “I’ve set up the Christmas tree at your place since we were eleven. You really think I don’t know whether that tree’s gonna fall or not?”
“It’s made of cardboard, Mark,” you snort. “And it’s already bent because you couldn’t carry it through the door.”
The boy rolls his eyes. “Not my fault your door’s tiny.”
“Blame it on my door,” you tease him. “How cute.”
The tips of Mark’s ears turn into a vivid shade of pink, and you can’t help but chuckle at his embarrassment. You shift your glance to the cardboard cut-out of the Christmas tree in front of you, placed in a corner of your tiny living room. Since you live in the city, and your parents live in the countryside, celebrating Christmas with them is near-impossible, and as much as you try to remain unaffected, you know Mark knows that you miss them terribly.
Which makes this small gesture of his that much more special. The tree isn’t much; it’s cut roughly at the edges, and the light green paint is blotchy and the strokes are uneven. The little baubles and coloured lights he’d painted on top are still wet (the back of Mark’s hands are a curious shade of blue because of them) - but despite all that, you think this might be one of the best Christmas trees you’ve ever had. Not that you’re going to tell your best friend, of course.
Tumblr media
taglist. @cookydream, @squiishymeow, @ourbeautifulaffair, @flower-lise, @arishaechan, @n0hyuck, @blossom-rea, @youngiez @aluxuriousjourney @doublesung @beombon @verifiedsunghoonsimp @nuoyi-city @chicksung @jenotapes @cosmic-marauder (send an ask to be added to the taglist for just this fic or for my permanent taglist!)
© JENSROSE, 2021.
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iheartjaehyun · 2 days ago
Touch | Johnny Suh
Tumblr media
thank you guys for 800!! 🥺 here’s a little sneak peek to my new series :) let me know what u guys think!! hope you enjoy <3
words: 297
preview part 1
Tumblr media
“you’re giving me what?” “a secretary!” Jaehyun practically cheered for Johnny, him not having the same reaction. Johnny felt confused. He’s the best damn attorney at SM Laws. Why the hell would he need a secretary? “Sir, I appreciate the offer but I don't need a secretary. I like to do my own work, you know that ``''ah johnny really?” Jaehyun sighed, rubbing his forehead.
“I understand you like to do your own work but this particular secretary is really in need of a job right now”
“and how is that my problem?” Johnny pushed feeling frustrated that his boss won’t let him do his own thing. “BGH Laws has gone out bad and y/l/n is one of the few from that company to want to continue her job” “y/l/n?” Johnny questioned. “Yes y/l/n your secretary”
Johnny took a deep breath in exhaling slowly realizing that there was nothing else he could and had to accept the fact that you were going to be his secretary. Jaehyun told Johnny about how your stay at SM Laws was only a temporary thing before you transfer to another unit. “And when is Ms. y/l/n coming?”
“She’ll be here first thing monday morning so try to be nice and smile for once too” Jaehyun gave Johnny a look of disbelief. He didn’t understand how Johnny was so cold hearted all the time. Johnny gave him a slight grin grabbing his briefcase heading back to his office. Shutting the door and sitting down at his desk letting out a sigh.
“Remember Johnny this is only temporary” he said to himself trying to get himself prepared for Monday morning. He was ready for you to leave before you even started. This is going to be the longest 5 months of his life.
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crazyczennie · 2 days ago
Baby (f)
Tumblr media
Title: Baby Genre: Fluff, husband!Jaehyun Pairing: Jeong Jaehyun x female reader Jaehyun surprises you with a glamorous date night, and you surprise him with a very special news. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Two lines. Two lines means I'm pregnant." It took you a minute to process the information. You were gonna be a mom. You and Jaehyun were going to be parents. You felt a tear roll down your cheeks at the thought as you smiled. You couldn't believe it. "Baby, I'm home." Jaehyun said, smiling as he entered the house. "This early?" You asked, looking at the time. "There's a reason for that. Now, what I want you to do is get ready." "Ready? For what?" "A surprise." Jaehyun smiled cockily. A few minutes later you were in the car, and Jaehyun was beside you, driving. You were confused as of what to wear, and settled for plain peach-colored dress. You reached a parking lot, and after parking his car there, Jaehyun closed your eyes with his hands from behind and led you somewhere. He finally stopped, and took his hands away from your eyes. It took you about a minute to adjust your eyes to the brightness, but when you did, you were astonished. You were standing in a small garden, with fairy lights hung around, and a cute wooden table with comfortable wooden chairs. The garden was surrounded with white and yellow flowers, and in the corner, a small fountain. "Wow-Jaehyun what is this?" Jaehyun just smiled and hugged you from the back, "Your surprise. We've been so busy with work, it has been days since we've been on a date." You smiled and turned around, pressing a soft kiss onto Jaehyun's lips. "Thank you Jae. But all of this wasn't necessary." "I wanted to, I know you love places like this." You and Jaehyun sat down on the wooden couch-like chairs and ordered some food. Your thoughts were running wild. You wanted to give him the news in a special way. Would this be the perfect time? He surprised you, you owe him one. He was so happy, maybe he'll take the news well? The food came a bit later, and both of you started digging in. Jaehyun was telling you all about his day. "Now is the time." You thought "Jae? I have something to tell you." You said, with a serious look on your face. Jaehyun looked up from his food and said, "Hm? what is it love?" You took a deep breath and stood up, signaling Jaehyun to stand with you. You stood face to face with him, and interlocked your hands with his. "I um.... I wasn't feeling well since today morning and I found out that..... I'm pregnant, Jae." Jaehyun's eyes widened as you took out the pregnancy test from your handbag and showed it to him. "I'm.... I'm gonna be a father?" Jaehyun asked in utter disbelief. You smiled, "Yes Jaehyun, you are." Jaehyun looked at you for a second and picked you up, twirling you around before settling you on the ground and pulling you closer to him. His eyes were teary, and seeing that, you got emotional too. He smiled and kissed you- a long, much needed kiss full of love. He pulled away and placed his forehead on yours, your hands still intertwined. "You know, the happiness I feel right now feels just like the happiness I felt the day I proposed to you. It was the best choice of my whole damn life." You smiled, placing a kiss on Jaehyun's nose. "I love you Jaehyun. We're gonna have a family now, and I'm glad its with you." "Love you too Y/n" a/n: yooooo first update of the day and its early! I hope you guys liked this one. My mind is jammed, and I'm not getting that many good ideas, so please bear with me. Requests are open! Like and follow<3
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
kun x reader | g: fluff | wc: 0.8k | tw: food mention
❲ 𝟎𝟔:𝟐𝟗𝐩𝐦 ❳ you don’t feel the tackiness of the sugar stuck between your fingers, or the droplets of sweat beading at the tip of your nose, or the end of kun’s knee playfully knocking into yours.
all you feel is the sizzling flame of desperation burning in your chest as you struggle to finish assembling your gingerbread house on time.
you know that kun didn’t intend on making it this intense ㅡ in fact, it didn’t seem like he was taking this seriously at all; he’d spent half of the allotted 30 minutes just goofing around and singing his heart out to mariah carey’s 1994 christmas album ㅡ but your enthusiasm had gotten the better of you (and may or may not have caused you to start without reading the instructions), leaving you with just less than a minute to fix all of your mistakes.
not that any of your effort matters; the winner’s clear, even before your alarm goes off.
“you know…you could’ve messed up just a little bit,” you murmur as you hang your head in defeat.
kun flashes you the most irritatingly sweet grin before pressing a quick, chaste kiss to your cheek. “we’re not a team, babe. this is a competition.”
Tumblr media
tags: @keytomythoughts @chakrasanddrugs @ficsingeneral @afterourspring @doderyscoffee @minkyungstudies @quintessentialing @littleteafawn @galaxyjisung @heephoria @babybinnyboy @minavenue @cookydream @toffeemingi @chnhua @vantxx95 @moon-mumu-moon @catscoffeeandkpop @nanascupid @notbeforelong @zukuroo @snoopyjjwoo @seoulsv @ahtisa02 @bbymin23 @stonedalligator @kristyxoxo
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Yuta Nakamoto , Mark Lee
Tumblr media
Chapter 3
Venom! Yuta x human! Mark x human! reader
Synopsis :
Mark thought he’d never find love with Yuta living inside his body, having his life turned upside down when he met the alien, or more accurately, was ‘chosen’ by Yuta during an afternoon of a very normal university tour which turned out to be a tour to the biotechnology company he had to destroy to save the world.
So definitely, with the hero duties and school, and the fact that he's no longer your typical university kid, love was sort of out of the picture for him. But what happens when he stumbles upon a girl who loves him and his alien buddy?
Tumblr media
Living with the boys, yes you’ve double checked with Yuta’s pronouns and yes he’s considered a male, has been better than you had expected. They respected your privacy and are a friendly duo to be around, though some things are very odd in this household. For example, when Mark told you Yuta does all the chores, you had thought he meant when he was resting and Yuta was out in human form, what you didn’t expect was Mark doing his work on a particular stool while ropes? Tendrils? Tentacles? Whatever, would do the cooking and cleaning efficiently, even though Mark wasn’t looking at that direction at all.
Yuta explained that his whole body has the ability to see on command, which was a great help to the two of you. But of course you offered to help Yuta out, you are staying here for free after all, other than splitting the necessary bills by a half, yet Yuta shut you down immediately, citing that both you and Mark have schoolwork to tend to, he also added, with a wink of his cat like eyes, that he’s a gentleman and won’t allow a woman to do these tedious chores when he’s around.
Getting used to living here was a bit hard at first, not because they are hard to get along with, but because sometimes you won’t notice Yuta’s limbs lingering at some corners or if you’re distracted, you’ll end up tripping yourself, however, under Yuta’s observant gaze, or Mark’s if he was near you, they would always save you from falling on your butt.
That was the only disadvantage, the way your heart would beat out of your chest when you feel their sturdy arms supporting you.
The first time this happened, you were scrolling on your phone as you walked around the house, something you had stopped doing later on, you didn’t realise Yuta was baking cookies in the oven, when the alarm sounded, Yuta immediately darted out beneath your legs to shut off the oven, but when doing so, your leg was caught in between two of his extended limbs.
Yuta immediately placed the tray of hot cookies down to catch you, but you haven’t gotten used to the feeling of his limbs, so you yelped and stumbled away from the feeling, thinking you’d fall on your ass this time around, you peered your eyes shut, accepting fate that you were about to hit the ground.
That is until you felt a pair of arms wrapped around you, confused, you slowly opened your eyes, only to see Mark’s face inches away from yours, his eyes staring into yours, and that’s when you felt butterflies in your belly, but what made your heart skip a beat was when Mark opened his mouth.
“This is the second time you fell around us,” Mark commented before swiftly putting you back on your feet, reminding you as if that occurrence isn’t deeply rooted in your head, it nearly costed you your life, for god’s sake.
You just nodded soundlessly before retreating into your new room, hoping he wouldn’t notice how flushed you are around them. After that time, you started being more careful, but being the clumsy person you are, it still happens once in a while.
Tumblr media
Right now, you’re out in Ulsan for a day trip to interview a manager of one of the automobile brands here for your project. Everything went smoothly, but when you and your partner prepared to head back to Seoul, the factory behind you had a minor explosion, a wisp of smoke coming out of a section before an odd figure that definitely doesn’t abide by basic physics exists, a man’s body was looming over you, bottom half of it was sand, giving out his identity, but what is doing here in Korea?
You and your project partner tried to flee the scene, but was stopped by sandman when he had barricaded everyone by putting the large lorries in your tracks, trapping you with the rest of the workers.
“Finally, I can wreak havoc without that god forsaken spider in my way!” he says before he captures civilians in his grip. You tried your very best to hide behind a transportation van, praying that he doesn’t spot you.
You quickly pulled out your cell, going to speed dial to locate Mark’s contact, your phone rings a few times before he finally picks it up.
“Mark! Sandman’s in Ulsan, I don’t know why he’s here but please help me!” you say before you felt someone tugged you away from your hiding spot.
“What are you doing, missy? Calling the police?” The ugly man asked you as he held you high in mid air as you struggled discretely hide your phone inside your pants, hoping that you don’t drop it.
“Nope, just calling my mom to tell her that I might not make it to get one last look at my dying grandma,” you said with the saddest expression you could muster up.
Sandman faltered slightly at your lie, his expression softening as you felt the grip he had around you loosen. Just when you thought you could completely lie your way out of this and live the day to boast about it, Yuta appeared from your side, punching Sandman in the face, which caused his grip to loosen entirely, dropping you in mid air.
Yuta noticed his mistake, quickly dashing to your side to save you. In the midst of making sure you’re okay, sandman lunged at him, punching at his sides as hard as he could. Wincing at the side, you quickly observed the factory as you see the two contrasting figures fight each other, trying to restrict one another, sandman with his, sand of course, and Yuta with his tentacles. You racked your head for ideas, suddenly recalling one part of the interview.
“Liquid nitrogen, far right corner of the ground floor!” you shouted, hoping Yuta could hear you.
When Yuta directed the fight elsewhere by throwing out sharp shards at sandman, cornering him inside the factory, you quickly dashed inside, to see if Yuta had heard your idea, you had to dodge numerous things that were falling on site, thankful that you were wearing pants today, allowing you quicker movements.
Yuta successfully cornered him to the giant vat that marked liquid nitrogen, thankfully sandman couldn’t read Korean, Yuta pushed him in, but the temperature didn’t seem to be cold enough, so you quickly ran to the controls, lowering the temperature quickly, successfully freezing him in it, but when you did that, the machines operating nearby had overheated in the midst of you turning the vat of nitrogen off to turn it to the coldest degree, catching fire.
You screamed when a nearby fire broke out, trapping your way out, Yuta, who had heard your scream, quickly hooked a hand onto a pipe on the ceiling, swooping down to catch you like one of those claw machines.
“You shouldn’t have helped me, You could’ve gotten hurt,” Yuta said as he exits the factory.
“I couldn’t let you die,” you retorted, eyes glaring at Yuta’s alien ones before you felt him place you on the ground.
“I was thinking of dousing him in water from the pipes if the nitrogen couldn’t hold him, I had everything under control,” Yuta said before he left to remove the barricade to let the workers out, coming back to you.
“Come on, hitching a ride in my hand would be cheaper than the bus,” Yuta says as he extends a hand out, letting you climb onto him for a piggyback, or a more secure one anyways, with the makeshift seat he made you on his back to keep you from falling.
Sitting on Yuta’s back was a new experience to you, watching the view of the city in a whole different point of view as you wind your arms around Yuta’s neck, getting comfortable.
When you got back, Yuta placed you into the living room through the open window before he slinks in, transforming back into Mark in the process.
“What were you thinking?! You could’ve gotten yourself killed!” Mark shouted before his voice softens, worst case scenarios running through his mind.
“I just didn’t want to see you getting hurt by that asshole anymore, thought you could’ve used a hand,” you explained, guilt seeping into your mind.
‘Don’t be so hard on her, she just wanted what’s good for us,’ Yuta told Mark, knowing that Mark is always taking responsibility for things, the true hero he is.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to sound so harsh, but please don’t ever take such a big risk ever again,” Mark says, an arm reaching out to rub at yours, his hand lightly tracing over the bruise marks from when you were held captive by sandman, “hold on,” Mark says before heading to the kitchen to retrieve the first aid kit, telling you to take a seat on the couch before he squeezes out medicine from a tube onto his index finger, rubbing at your bruised area in circular movements.
When Mark was tending to you, you realise you haven’t been cared for like this in a while now, heartbeat quickening when you suddenly felt the need to kiss him, shaking slightly your head to free yourself from those silly thoughts, you decide to just give him a hug.
“Thank you, and sorry for worrying you, I promise I won’t ever do that again,” you said before pulling away to head back to your room for some rest, tired from today’s various new experiences.
Mark couldn’t even utter the words ‘have a nice rest’, your touch still scorching his skin.
‘Someone’s whipped,’ Yuta said with a cheeky tone, struggling not to laugh.
“Shut up, dude,” Mark muttered before he gets back to his project, but instead of biology, his mind was plastered with ‘you’ all over it, distracting him entirely from his work.
Tumblr media
After that unfortunate ‘run in’ with sandman, you had the best topic for your reflective report that would be due after the semester break. Mark’s semester break had began a day earlier than yours, since different universities had different schedules, made you a little bit jealous that he got to sleep in today.
After you hit the gym downstairs, your attention was grabbed by the cute cafe on the street across from yours. There were a few young couples sitting down enjoying coffee and cakes, a few of them even glared at your presence because you are still kind of sweaty after a long workout, but you paid no mind to them, you were always a fierce woman, which is really odd for you to be buying a watermelon bento cake you laid your eyes on while browsing the rest of the sliced cakes. You thought you could share it with Mark and Yuta, as a thank you for saving you those few days ago.
Even Mark was surprised when you brought home the cake, knowing you weren’t the person for these cutesy things, eyes going wide when he saw the baby pink paper bag, a stark contrast from your usual all black attire.
“What’s the occasion?” Mark asked, pausing his game.
“Got a little something for you guys when I was on the way back up,” you said, lifting up the bag.
Mark exits his game, saying a quick sorry to Hyuck before dashing to where the dining table was at, standing by patiently as you took it out. Mark gasps when he sees the watermelon cake, icing piped image mimicking the real fruit.
“As a thank you for saving me the other day, why don’t you cut the cake? I stink, give me 15 minutes tops,” you say before heading to your room, your shower awaiting you.
‘Isn’t that sweet, she got a cake for us, and purposely choosing a watermelon one, but you forgot to say thank you,’ Yuta chides.
“Shit, right. Why didn’t you remind me just now?!” Mark complains as he retrieves the cutleries from the cupboards.
‘Oh so you can have your heart stopping moment but I can’t? Just because I’m not human doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings,’ Yuta retorts before reminding Mark to get the knife to cut the cake.
When Mark headed back up from the convenience store down stairs, you were out of the shower. You were in a shirt that looks like his, but he couldn’t really tell, he has a few white tees in his closet including the one he’s wearing now.
“Ooo, you bought soju, just in time to celebrate our holiday too,” you said as you transferred the plates to the coffee table where Mark opens a bottle, pouring it into the small glasses.
“I ordered take out too, udon from the place you like, thought it would be better to eat something lighter since there’s so much cake,” Mark said.
“Thanks, how much was it? Let me fish out my wallet,” you said, about to retreat to your room.
“It’s alright, my treat,” Mark says with a smile as he passes you a shot.
“Trying to get me drunk?” you joked, chuckling before you knocked it back, chugging the whole glass.
“You look like the type to have a strong tolerance,” Mark says before taking a bite of the cake, “oh man, this is sweet, love this,” Mark takes more bites after, humming in delight.
You laughed at his childlike behaviour before you heard the doorbell ring, getting up to get the food.
Mark’s eyes were glaring at the delivery man when he sees him checking your bare legs out, wondering why you wore shorts that made it seem like you didn’t wear shorts at all. He is in no way misogynist, but he doesn’t like the way the guy was ogling at you like you’re a piece of meat.
When he heard him asking for your number, Mark stood up, but before he could make his way to the door, you had slammed it shut, eyes rolling at that guy’s audacity.
“You okay Mark? Why are you up?” you asked, confused as to why he was in what you have observed Mark’s ‘stealth mode’.
“Oh, um, just thought I’d help you out with carrying the bags,” Mark quickly covers up with the first excuse he could think of.
“It’s fine, this is nothing,” you say as you set down the food, opening the first container, placing it in front of Mark.
After finishing up the food, the two of you drink while playing games. Whining when you just can’t seem to beat Mark, deciding to take a break from the screen.
“Yuta says you’re a sore loser,” Mark informs you as he kills yet another bad guy in the game.
“No, I’m not, I’m just not hung up over winning,” you retorted, which Yuta replied, Mark relaying the conversation on and on until he got sick of it.
“Is there a way I can hear him?” you asked.
Mark paused for a moment, probably listening to what Yuta has to say.
“Yuta said he could try something, but only if you’re comfortable with his limbs,” Marks tells you before going back to his game.
“Okay,” you agree, bracing for the slightly warm mushy feeling of Yuta’s touch.
A tentacle extend from the back of Mark’s ear, flowing to your direction before it shapes itself to something that resembles an ear piece, attaching to your ear, the feeling sending shocks down your back.
“Hi?” you asks aloud, not knowing if he could hear your thoughts.
‘I can’t hear your thoughts, so you’ll still have to talk to me, just like Mark, I can only feel his emotions, not read his mind,’ Yuta explains.
“Cool, now back to me being a sore loser, are you, Mr-I’m-The-Best, confident that I could beat Mark with you being my coach?” you asked, tempting him.
‘You’re on,’ Yuta obliges.
“Whatever you guys, I’m sure I’ll still win,” Mark pipes up from his spot after winning the match, passing you a controller.
To your surprise, Mark lost to you and Yuta, proving that the two of you share a good teamwork, worst thing was Mark was listening to what Yuta had said to you, that, certainly bruised his ego.
“Drink up, Mark, you lost,” you said, passing him the almost half empty soju bottle.
You could hear Yuta laughing before he realised he was still attached to you, quickly retracting himself, the feeling had you on edge, just like before.
Mark shakes his head, not believing that he lost at his own game, chugging the bottle down. After he was done, he was slurring some of his words, not really knowing what he was saying before he passes out, his head laid on your shoulder after you reached out to catch him.
“Wouldn’t have made you drink that if I knew you were that much of a lightweight,” you mused, a hand reaching up to push his bangs out of the way. Cute, you thought to yourself before you felt him move.
When you looked down to wonder what’s wrong with him, you were met with Yuta’s cheeky smile before he decides to straighten himself.
“Aren’t you supposed to be drunk ‘with’ Mark?” you asked.
“Nah, my species has a higher tolerance than humans,” Yuta said before taking a swig of the last bottle of soju before offering it to you.
“Thanks,” you said before taking a swig.
“So, why don’t you ever go home?” Yuta asked, recalling how you never once mentioned about your family, knowing how important family is to humans.
“They hate me, disowned me, long story saved for another night. What about you? Do you miss your home planet?” you asked, directing the question back to Yuta.
“Not really, my peers have different beliefs, I never really fit in with them, and earth is much prettier, I love it here, and there’s only one of my kind here. You could say I finally feel special now,” Yuta says, his head leant onto your shoulder as his hands play with the beaded bracelet Mark had on.
“What about Mark? Who’s room am I staying in?” you asked, always curious to know, but dare not to ask.
“That was Mark’s aunt’s room, she married a good man she met here who was in Seoul for business for a few months, now they’re happily married in Vancouver, that’s why Mark doesn’t need to pay rent,” Yuta explained.
“What about his parents?” you asked Yuta, hoping you’re not overstepping.
“Oh, they’re all in Canada, but they’re really busy, which is why Mark moved to live with his aunt,” Yuta said before taking another swig, looking at you intently.
“Must be nice to have a family, but coming here feels like home, a sense of belonging,” you said.
“What about your ex?” Yuta asked.
“We only got together after working on a project together, it was purely physical at first, but we didn’t really have time to see anyone, so we just stuck together, tried to work things out, but it didn’t, wasn’t that deep I guess? We were only together for a few months, I moved in with him just to save a few bucks,” you explained, there were great memories, but it’s time you moved on to putting yourself first.
“Was he handsome at least?” Yuta asked, lightening the mood.
“Not as handsome as you,” you mused before locking your eyes with Yuta, throwing your pride out for a gamble, you were used to attracting, not taking risks.
When Yuta moved his face closer, you sealed your lips with his...
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: reader x bf!Doyoung
genre: fluff, established relationship!au
wc: 0.5k
⚠️ warning(s): none
A/N: We’re almost at the end of the series!! 😓
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Tumblr media
29th November
Early mornings are Doyoung’s enemies.
Doyoung was supposed to be up half an hour ago. But as soon as he heard the annoying sound of his alarm, he hit the snooze button and told himself “five more minutes”.
That was 30 minutes ago.
Those “five more minutes” turned into another five and another five and another.
It’s one of the disadvantages of staying over at yours instead of his dorm when he has a schedule the following day especially when he has to get up early for it.
As much as Doyoung wants to stay in the warm bed with you, he knows that if he doesn’t get up, he’ll be late for his schedules. He doesn't want his manager to wait for him downstairs for long and he knows that he’ll get a scolding from his manager telling him that he should’ve stayed at the dorms yesterday. He doesn't want to keep his members waiting either so he gently moves your arm away from his waist and sits up on the bed.
He stays there for a few minutes, trying to fight a few yawns as he rubs his face with his hands as he tries to wake himself up. The only sounds he can hear are his breathing and your little snores. Finally, he scrambles off the bed and gets ready to start his day.
Tumblr media
Before he heads out, Doyoung goes back to the bedroom to give you a kiss goodbye.
He snickers at your silliness as he sees you now occupying the whole bed. You’re still sleeping, legs sprawled out across the bed as you lay on your stomach. The duvet is only covering half of your body as the other half is just barely on the bed. One side of your face is squished down on the pillow, cheeks slightly puffed out.
Doyoung approaches you and crouches down beside the bed. He moves the hair out of your face, gently tucks it behind your ear and places a delicate kiss on your forehead.
“See you later sleepyhead” he whispers as he strokes your cheek with his thumb
Doyoung picks up the duvet that’s about to fall off the floor and places it over your body again so you don’t get a cold.
He hates having to leave you like this when you look so warm and comfy in your bed and all he wants to do is to jump back in again and cuddle the shit out of you but he has his schedules to attend to. Even though he loves you very much he also loves his job.
He places another kiss on your forehead before quietly leaving the apartment.
As he gets into his manager’s car and drives off, Doyoung sighs and leans back onto his seat. His manager takes a quick glance at him and chuckles.
“I know how you feel. It’ll be fine. Time will pass quickly and next thing you know, it's the time when you can see her again”
His manager is right. Though it’s only been a few minutes, he's already looking forward to the time when he can be with you again.
Tumblr media
network tagging: @pretty-neos
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Tumblr media
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The Touching Gift ~ Mark Lee
Tumblr media
Your smile immediately widened as you opened up the front door to your apartment, stepping aside so that you could welcome Mark in, quickly shutting the door behind him as the chill of winter began to enter your apartment.
A soft sigh came from him as he raced across to stand beside your radiator, placing his hands in front of it to try and warm them through for a few moments. Whilst Mark got warm, you walked through into your living room, quickly tidying the place up a bit.
After a couple of minutes, Mark joined you, throwing himself down on your sofa straight away, pulling you down with him too with his arms wrapped around your waist. A gasp came from you as you crashed down on top of Mark, feeling his lips press against your cheek.
The majority of your holidays this year had been spent far apart, with Mark busier than ever, his schedule left him little time to spend Christmas with you, but now everything was done, he couldn’t wait to make the most of the rest of his holidays with you.
Whilst you began to settle, rolling to nuzzle into Mark’s side, he reached into the back pocket of his trousers, making sure that what he wanted was still there. A smile of relief came from him when he felt what he wanted in the back of his pocket, glancing across at you.
“Are you excited to head home and see your parents for Christmas?” Mark asked you.
Your head nodded, feeling your heart flutter just at the thought of the chance to head home to be with your family. Although you were gutted to leave Mark and spend Christmas without him, it had been far too long since you got to see your family.
“I still wish that you could come with me, but I’m quite excited to have this early Christmas with you and the rest of the boys,” you smiled back at him.
“Taeyong has been a giant pain organising this, he wants it to be perfect,” Mark laughed in reply.
“I keep offering to help him, but he says no,” you responded, shaking your head as you expected nothing less from Taeyong. “I must be doing something right to get to have two Christmases this year with you and then my family.”
Mark’s head nodded back at you, relieved to see you so excited about your holidays, even if the two of you weren’t going to get to spend the actual day with each other.
“I have something for you,” Mark then suddenly spoke up, “it’s something that I wanted to give you when it was just the two of us, but that seems pretty rare these days.”
Your eyes lit up as Mark carefully moved you around so that he could reach behind him and into his back pocket. He carefully sat the two of you up, pulling out what he wanted to find, placing it across into your lap, watching as your eyes fell on the gift box.
Your hands slowly reached out to take the wrapped gift from Mark, spinning it around to try and find a lift in the wrapping paper that you could pull at. Before you did, you looked to Mark, as his head nodded, letting you know that you could open it.
“It’s not much, but after the hectic year that we’ve had, I thought it would be something nice to try and bring us back together,” he informed you, watching as you pulled at the wrapping paper, tearing it carefully to make sure that you didn’t harm the box.
“Every year is a hectic year for us,” you laughed across at Mark, “that never changes for us.”
“This year especially though, I’ve hardly been home at all.”
Your head shook as you looked down at the box that you had unwrapped that was in the palm of your hand. “You didn’t need to get me anything for just being away from home.”
“It’s more than that, and you’ve always just been so supportive,” he explained.
Your eyes flickered across to meet Mark’s eyes. “I support you because I love being with you, even if being with you means there are hundreds or thousands of miles between us.”
“Open the gift,” Mark whispered, changing the subject as he began to feel himself well up, “I really hope that you’ll like what’s inside Y/N.”
You cautiously lifted the lid of the box up, glancing down as you noticed a small locket placed in between the velvet casing of the box. Your eyes looked to Mark, shaking your head as he encouraged you to lift it out and take a closer look.
As you did so, your finger brushed against the side of the locket, noticing a small opening. You pushed it up, noticing a small picture that had been cut to fit inside of the locket, recognising the faces in the image instantly.
“It’s just a little thank you really,” Mark mused, “and also something for Christmas, a small token of my appreciation for the things that you do for me.”
“This is beautiful Mark, you didn’t have to get me something like this, I don’t even know what to say aside from thank you.”
“I’m guessing that you like it in that case,” he joked.”
“Of course,” you replied, jabbing your hand gently against his stomach, “I’m going to make sure that I keep it on me at all times so that I can have you with me.”
Although the locket would never be enough for Mark to express his thanks to you, the gift was something he hoped would prove to you just how thankful he was. The year had been tough on you both, and even though you acted fine, Mark knew you had your tough moments too.
“I didn’t want to give it you in front of the boys as I knew they wouldn’t be able to stop themselves from teasing me,” Mark sniggered, “I wanted it to be just a moment between the two of us, which was tough to try and find, so that I could really tell you about the reasons as to why I bought it.”
“You don’t need to explain anything to me, just know that I love the gift.”
Mark’s head shook back at you as you tried to assure him. “You don’t understand how much it’s meant to me to have you with me this year, even when I’ve barely been around. You’ve sacrificed so much, the time with your family especially, which is why I’m so happy for you to finally get the chance to go home and see them all.”
Being away from your family was never easy, especially when Mark spent so much of that time away from home too. There were certainly times when you wondered how different things could be if you were at home, but you knew that you could never abandon Mark.
“There’s plenty more where that came from, but they’re saved for NCT Christmas,” he smiled.
“You don’t need to buy me anything,” you scolded in reply, “I keep telling you that you need to save your money, there’s much more important things that you need to buy.”
“Nothing is more important than taking the chance to spoil you,” Mark smirked back at you, “and especially at Christmas, I’ve got to spoil you now seeing as you’re going soon.”
“We’ve still got so many presents to buy to take to the event for the boys.”
As much as you were excited to spend a fake Christmas with all of the boys, it was going to be chaos. You had so many of them to buy for, and so little time too to try and get things done, most of it alone with Mark at work.
“I’ve got my presents for you that I need to take, that’s all that I’m worried about,” Mark grinned, laying back down against the sofa frame.
“You’ve got to help me,” you frowned in response, “as much as I love what you’ve bought for me, you’ve got to give me some advice on what to buy for everyone else. You can’t just buy for me and then give up buying for everyone else too.”
His eyes rolled back at you, “just buy them all the same, they’ll probably be too drunk to even pay attention to what you’re giving them.”
“Do you remember how long they moaned at me last year after I only bought them all chocolate? I’m not doing that again.”
Mark leaned forwards and wrapped his arms around your frame, pulling you back down to lay beside you. “Let’s just worry about the two of us for today, it’s our Christmas for just the two of us. We can worry about our other Christmases tomorrow don’t worry.”
“I’ll agree, as long as you promise that you’ll help me to organise the other presents.”
“I’ll help, we’ll get it done.”
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suhweetdreams · 21 hours ago
hi, how are u??? can i request 7 & 26 kisses, 19 touching with hyuck where his s/o pretend that she forgot about their anniversary but in reality she's doing a big surprise for him - involving something that he really loves
sorry this took so long! don’t rlly like this tho lol,, maybe it’s bc i haven’t written cute stuff in so long TT
edit 2: i keep forgetting to tag my homie @goingbananasoverpotassium im sorry 💀
kisses, 7 & 16: passionate kisses, nose kisses
touching, 19: high fiving
“have you heard anything from (y/n), hyung?” a ‘little’ worrisome to describe haechan’s panic was an understatement, but he hadn’t heard from you all day. it felt like the large 18 on his phone’s calendar that reflected back to him was almost mocking him, making him feel insecure.
18. the number that’s been instilled in donghyuck’s mind, when he had seen your beaming face and clammy hands playing with the threads on your shirt. he remembered the day crystal clear, hanging out in the dorms before he confesses with the loudest accompaniment from the boys. it had been some 2000s love song, shouted out of tune and melody to accommodate your name into the lyrics.
shaking your head with a smile at the memory, you could only imagine the amount of excitement he would get when he would head back to the dorms — a night filled with gaming and karaoke (just like the first time), along with snacks and junk food and each other. you never needed fancy restaurants or over the top dates, and while haechan would go to the moon and back, you both very much preferred stay-at-home, laze-around and impromptu dates.
your fingers try so hard not to reply to the plethora of messages that your boyfriend was sending you, having a little of moral left into you not to leave him on read because you were sure he’d call you right after. but still, he was haechan, lee donghyuck, with the incessant need to be babied and reassured and taken care of.
the members try not to give the surprise away, swearing that their hearts break in sync when yet another unanswered call shows through the maknae’s face. they offer up their words of comfort, although nothing cuts through to haechan apart from the whispers of the other members.
did he do something wrong? did 18 not mean anything to you?
“hey, baby, where’re you going?” haechan says to you as he drifts away from a dream, coming to consciousness and feeling around for the sheets that already strangely cold. it was rid of any presence. “oh.”
haechan scrambles around for his phone, smiling giddily into the lock screen where he had a picture of the both of you, ‘18th december’ shining back at him. it only makes him crave your touch even more after fulfilling his schedules today, hoping that you’d at least greet him in the kitchen before he left. you were nowhere to be found.
“did i do something wrong? mark? johnny-hyung?” he couldn’t help the thoughts from spilling out, jumping from one member to the next right up to the front door until he merely shoots every single person a glower, stalking right up to the front door to unlock it himself, to go and sulk by himself, to talk to himself about what he might’ve done to gain such a cold shoulder from you.
and then he hears music. he thinks it’s some sick joke when the others start to smile, but a tap on the shoulder has him whipping around. was the dorms haunted? did someone start to haunt the place?
in front of him was you, the you who had been missing for the whole day and had been the subject of his anxiousness for most of his sane hours. haechan believed that if he didn’t see you by midnight, he was sure to go insane.
“w-wait, but…” the rest of the members share smiles, who bid him goodbye with pats on the back and farewells until you’re hanging off the edge of the front door, debating whether to go to him. with one last high five to mark (which only makes haechan more jealous), the area falls into silence.
“so? what’d you think?”
haechan only pouts at the treatment he’s gotten, still unknown to the set-up inside that begs for the male to discover, focused only on you and the way you lean against the side of the door. not sure what to feel, feeling all emotions at once, haechan wasn’t even sure.
“you’re so mean!” he whines, pulling you close with a tug on your waist and even you can’t deny the affection you deprived yourself for the day. you easily fit into haechan’s arms, swaying to nothing in the quiet night until you’re inches from each other — chest to chest, face to face. “you really got me thinking that you forgot…”
your expression softens, “i know, hyuck, i’m sorry. jus’ wanted the surprise to be good, ya know?”
haechan sighs, nodding along like he hadn’t thrown a tantrum around his members just seconds ago. “can i kiss you now?”
it doesn’t even sound like a question, more like a statement and haechan’s pout deepens when you laugh. “okay, okay! yes you can-“
haechan crashes his lips onto yours immediately, making up for lost time as lips move against yours and he forgets where he is in a minute. hands find purchase under your shirt, in your hair, everywhere and you’re unaware of how much you’re leaning onto him until haechan pulls away, lips red and body barely supporting yours. he doesn’t hesitate for another kiss, interrupting your protest to hold your face in his hands.
“are you real?” you giggle at that, dipping down to place a kiss on his nose.
“i’d like to think so, yeah. can i please show you the surprise now?” haechan rolls his eyes, feigning annoyance, allowing you to drag him into the dorms that makes his jaw drop.
“no way! you got the limited edition pack for apex legends?” despite having been out for the whole day, haechan still has energy left for you and for the 18 that he cherishes.
“yeah, and i’m gonna freaking beat you!”
haechan only grins (lovestruck), “bring it on, baby.”
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aehyei · 2 days ago
Johnny + “you left and—  i thought you weren’t coming back.” + “please don’t scare me like that again.  i can take a lot of things,  but not losing you.” :>>>>
here you go anon!! <33
pairing: best friend!johnny suh x reader, genre: angst, fluff, !heartfelt, !science technology!au (is that a thing?) tw: heartbreaks, reader is dead here, mentions of su1c1d3, death, prompts used: “you left and—  i thought you weren’t coming back.” + “please don’t scare me like that again.  i can take a lot of things,  but not losing you.”
Tumblr media
“What was Y/n too you?”
Johnny licked his lips, glancing down at the floor before looking at the camera focused in front of him. He fiddled with his fingers that were placed in his lap and had trouble speaking.
Deep down he knows you’re not just a friend to him, your not just someone who he wants to consider as a friend at all. No. You’re more then that— so much more. But were you a lover? He wasn’t sure, he never asked. You left him even before he could bring himself to talk about the unusual feelings he has around you.
“I love her.” Johnny answers even if he knows that he was out of topic.
The scientist chose not to judge him and instead nodded his head, leaning back into his chair. He sighed deeply and clicked on his pen, “This interview will serve as proof that you agree to all our terms and that the company has nothing to do with anything that happens to you, Mr. Suh.”
“Yes, I know.”
“Mind if we go through the terms once again before you sign the contract?”
“No, I won’t.”
“Very well,” the scientist clicks on his tongue and stood up from his chair to walk right in front of the desk, crossing his arms by his chest and leaning on the edge of the table, “Are you aware that you have volunteered in a very dangerous experiment in which there is only 40% of living?”.
“Yes.” Johnny says. Funny, he wasn’t even scared of death anymore.
“And are you aware that even if you live, it is 69% possible that you may have damage in some of your cells?”
“Alright. Sign here, Mr. Suh. And we’ll be all set.” Dr. Ahn passes the documents to him, making sure the camera caught that as well. Johnny didn’t even bother to read everything written in the contract and signed right away with no hesitation shown at all. He was eager to meet you again— even if you’re just a part of his memory right now.
“Mr. Suh, there is no turning back now. And remember, never have any physical contact with the hologram or in your case, Ms. Y/n. If ever you did, the possibility rate of death will increase.” Dr. Ahn warned once more, giving him another chance to run away now. Johnny didn’t answer but he also didn’t back down.
There were a lot of tests— Johnny had almost five unknown substance injected in him. But when it was finally over, he was bought to the laboratory where the experiment will happen. “Lie down please,” another scientist instructs him, pointing at a long metal bed where there are chains around. It had caution written all over it, but Johnny wasn’t intimidated.
Instead, he obliged and let the doctors do whatever they had to do.
“What was the last memory you want to come back on, Mr. Suh?” Dr. Ahn asks while typing the codes needed to activate the machine. “At the amusement park, October 7th 20XX. 6:30pm.” Johnny answers him, remembering every exact detail of that day. “Relax please. Just remember the number one rule and you’ll be fine.” The scientist reminds him before placing a metal hat on his head.
Johnny closed his eyes, feeling consciousness leave him. When he did flutter his eyes open once again, he found himself at the exact place, exact time, and exact moment he wanted to repeat with you.
“Johnny! It’s so pretty! Thank you so much!” You gushed, eyes still never leaving the fireworks. Johnny’s heart sped up as he stared at your side figure, “yeah,” he said breathlessly. Suddenly, his fluttering heart ached when he was reminded this was all just a mere memory.
“Y/n, I have to tell you something,” he starts on. “Of course, Johnny. You could tell me anything.” You glanced at him, looking confused. Johnny’s throat felt dry and his voice was somehow stuck somewhere deep inside of him.
In the past, he was coward. In the past, he chose to stay quiet. But now that he has you again, he has to let it all out.
“You’re not alone.”
You looked stunned and surprised, staring at him like he was crazy, “w-what?”.
“You’re not alone and never will be. You’re worth it and you’re loved. You’re amazing and beautiful.”
“Johnny…I-I don’t know what you’re talking about—“
“Please don’t give a shit about what others tell you, please don’t give up.” Johnny begged, tears threatening to spill from his eyes. He fought the urge to hold you, keep you in his arms selfishly. “What are you even saying?” You ask, still confused and taken back.
The image of your body was still vivid in his mind. The way how he shouted for you to wake up but you never budged. “Please don’t scare me like that again. I can take a lot of things, but not losing you.” He admits, the fireworks in the background forgotten at this point. “Loose me? Hey, I’m not going anywhere.” You chuckle.
He seemed unfazed with your act of being alright and shook his head, “You left and— I thought you weren’t coming back. It was hard for me— for everyone I mean. Y/n, your so important and you don’t even notice it. I wish I could show you that and now I will. I’m not letting you go ever again.”
Your eyes got teary, heart filled with regret as all the toxic thoughts in your head started melting. “H-How d-did you..”.
“Do you really think you could hide from me, your best friend?” Johnny asks, raising a brow. “Johnny…I’m so sorry…”, you sob, slowly going near him to burry yourself in his arms and let yourself lean on him.
It was his cue to move away— stop you before you even touch him, but Johnny stayed on his place and welcomed you in with open arms, hugging you tightly, “It’s okay, Y/n. I can’t promise everything will be alright, but I’ll be there this time.”
“Doctor Ahn! His heart monitor is dropping!”
Johnny finally has let out all he wanted when he first found out about your condition. The memory he went back on wasn’t the day he tried to confess to you, but it was the memory when he knew you needed him the most. He was okay being just your friend forever, as long as you’re happy.
“Johnny!? Mr. Suh! Can you hear me?!”
“Friends forever?” You sniffled, looking up to him. Johnny squished your right cheek, laughing when you whinnied, “I thought we already agreed on that?”.
“Doctor Ahn, we have to get Mr. Suh out right now! We’re loosing him—“
“No,” Doctor Ahn stops his coworker, smiling shallowly, “He used to be lost, but now I think he’s been found once again.”
Two friends were stuck forever in a memory, one saved and one found.
Tumblr media
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127-hira · 2 days ago
license for love
Tumblr media
“This is the first time i’m seeing you blush, what a wonderful sight to see”
PAIRING » na jaemin x fem!reader
GENRES » fluff, mild angst. best friends to lovers, idiots to lovers, secret admirer.
WARNING » lots of fluff. featuring jeongin and hyunjin and jeno as your best friend.
PLAYLIST » falling for you by The 1975, It’s You by Ali Gatie.
WORD COUNT » 2790 words
"I'm not surprised," Jeno said, looking up from his book to meet Jaemin's eyes and shrugged, "I'm really not, she's number five this month. Are you trying to break a record or something?"
In response, Jaemin just rolled his eyes, "Ugh, just pass me the textbook, I need to finish this, it's graded."
You, on the other hand, was busy completing the essay you had to do but you overheard what your two best friends had said. "You're doing the essay on 'Pride and Prejudice', right? Here's my summary if you need a reference." You handed him your note book.
"Yeah, uh-thanks."
"Who's your next target?" You joked as you raised a brow and smirked at him. He kept down his pen and raised his right hand to make a posture as if he was deep in thought. "Hmm, you" He said whilst tilting his head to study your features.
You instantly felt all the heat rush to your cheeks, "What? Nooo, I like Jeno better than you!" You pulled the guy with the puppy face closer to you and hugged him.
"Suit yourself," he sulked and continued his work. You just shrugged and did yours too.
Only this part of the school was fairly comforting, you guys were settled on one of the wooden benches and tables, located behind the school building.
The afternoon air was cold but it was perfect in this hot season, the wind lightly ruffling your hair and leaving soft kisses on your cheeks, skipping lunch wasn't such a problem now.
"Wow really?!" You were snapped out of your little daydream by Jeno's voice. You closed you finished work and faced them. "What's up?" You asked.
"Y/n, look, Jaemin's saying that he's taking a break from dating," Jeno scoffed, with the same mocking tone.
"Well, it's time you gave up." You smirked.
"I need to focus on studying more, what are you guys even expecting!" Jaemin's ears reddened as he shifted his position in his seat.
Jeno and this time, Jaemin were with you on the way home, you were going through your essay's draft as you smiled proudly for not procrastinating this time.
Right as you stepped out of the school building, "Y/n," a voice said making you look up from your file, but as soon as you saw his face, you dropped your file. It was Hwang Hyunjin, the most good looking guy in class 2-4, he bent down and picked up the file and handed it to you.
"Uh, um, thanks," your cheeks suddenly caught a crimson shade. Not like you liked him or anything but it was Hwang Hyunjin, there was nothing you could have done better.
He rubbed his nape and slightly looked down, avoiding eye contact. Jeno and Jaemin raised their eyebrows and waited for him to say something.
"I wanted to talk to you about something," Hyunjin said meeting your eyes.
"Yeah, sure, go on."
"Can we talk uh, privately?" He shuttered, cutely. You let out a short chuckle and replied, "Sure, can you guys wait for a while?" You looked at Jeno and then to Jaemin, to which they nodded skeptically.
You walked with Hyunjin towards the small sitting area on the front lawn of the school. "I-I um, can we meet tomorrow, if you're not busy, I need to tell you something." Hyunjin said shyly which was a big surprise because Hyunjin was known for being the most confident guy in the whole of high school, second only to Jaemin.
"Uh yeah, we can meet after school, maybe?" You suggested, your hands holding the strap of your backpack, fingers tapping nervously.
You went back to your best friends, just to be greeted by two dudes with folded arms, their expressions asking for an explanation.
"What?" You went in between them and dragged the both of them away, "Okay, he said he wanted to see me tomorrow, he has something to say."

The next day, you were about to leave the class when you remembered that you had to see Hyunjin. You exited your class and made way to class 2-4.
"Is Hyunjin here?" You asked a girl that was in the class. "He left for a meeting with the counselors," she replied, still working on her little piece of paper.
You walked back to class and went to your seat and started packing your bag to leave when you noticed a white rose stuck on the side of your bag.
"Huh?" you picked it up and held it in your fingers, admiring the beauty of the rose, so simple yet so beautiful.
You left the classroom and walked towards the school gates and saw Jeno and Jaemin waiting. "What are you guys doing here?" You questioned the two.
"What was it that Hyunjin had to say?" Jaemin spoke making eye contact with you. Your face broke into a playful smile and grabbed your two best friends by their necks and walked forward. "I got stood up, actually it wasn't his fault but I still got stood up but hey, I got a rose from someone."
You took out the rose from your backpack and took it in your arms before it got snatched away by Jeno. "Oh, a secret admirer, any guesses, Na Jaemin?" He hopped around with the rose. You chased him but he stood on his toes and showed off his height.
You grumbled and gave up, "Just take it, Jeno since you lack attention, I'll share mine."
Jaemin just stood there, holding the straps of his bag and smiled at his two best friends.
Every monday was a surprise because every start of the week, Jaemin would show up late with disheveled hair and an undone school tie with his bag hung around one arm.
Jeno and you would stop writing your undone homeworks right at that time and wait, expecting a bag thrown on the table where Jaemin would describe what his new date was like and what qualities he liked best.
He started this behavior as soon as the three of you joined high school. At first, it hit you like a truck and your heart broke but knowing that friendship comes first, you knew you had to keep your feelings to yourself.
Even though your infatuation, as you liked to refer to your 4 year crush as, remained. Eventually, you got used to it and grew on you, it was all fine.
This time, the surprises were new. First, Jaemin decides to stop dating and then every other day, you just found yourself waiting, expecting a white rose stuck on the side of your backpack when you went to submit the class' assignments at the end of the day.
"Hi, Hyunjin told me to give this to you, he passed by earlier this morning," F/N looked back from her seat and placed a paper on your desk.
after school near
the gate? i'm sorry
for last time :(
- hj
You smiled at his note, the cute emoji face was written in an adorable handwriting. You felt a gaze on you and looked to your left and saw Jeno, chin resting on his palm, elbow on the table. His eyes were squinting, judging you.
"Did you turn into a girl, Y/N?" Jeno blurted out. You never really felt like a girl hanging out with these two guys all the time, but you acted hurt. And gasped, a very exaggerated one.
"Oh my gosh, does the length of my hair and my skirt not show that I'm clearly a girl? Jeno, you know, I could kiss you," You said earning a gag sound from Jeno.
"You don't want to hear my reasons, ask Jaemin. And ew, kiss? don't be gross, Y/N." You rolled your eyes as Jeno made a disgusted face, you had to admit that it was cute. No hetero though.
You looked back at Jaemin, whose seat was behind yours and asked him, "Yo Nana, I need your expert advice, tell me."
Jaemin, who was fixing his tie, choked on air and quickly said, "Uh, well, I just want to say that you should be careful around guys who look like Hyunjin, you know," He motioned his hand to his hair and styled it down mockingly, "Those type who have bleached brown hair and cheeks, you know, those kind of thick lips. Those are never meant to be trusted."
You were left speechless at what he just said. "Jaemin, what?" You raised a brow and blankly stared at him with a baffled look plastered on your face.
"It's time but the teacher's late today, got to go style my hair, keep my image, you know?" Jaemin said, really fast, and stood up and left the classroom in a dash.You then looked at Jeno, who replied with a shrug.
You stood at the side of the school gate nervously waiting for Hyunjin to walk thorough the gate to meet you. Your usual white rose stuck on to the side of your backpack.
As much as you told them to leave, they insisted on staying and observing the scene from afar- there near the food stall, near the school gate stood Jaemin with a slightly unreadable expression and Jeno who kept smirking at you.
Hyunjin came a little later than promised with his hair disheveled in all directions and panting from running, "I'm so sorry, so sorry for making you wait for the second time, the council called us for an emergency meeting, I escaped," He said finally breathing at a normal pace.
He brought his bag infront of his body and took out a red rose and gave it to you, smiling his boxy smile, Hwang Hyunjin had the prettiest set of teeth, there was just something about guys who smiled with their teeth that made you want to slap yourself.
You fixated your gaze on him with your eyebrows slightly raised in question,"Wait Hyunjin, a red rose? I thought you were the one who was sticking a white rose in my bag all along, wasn't that you?"
Hyunjin eyebrows furrowed as he slowly shook his head for a 'no'. You both stood there puzzled at what was unfolding before you.
"Wait then who could it be, no one outside of my friend group, besides you, talk to me or came to talk to me in the past month and I got a rose every day for like twenty days now?"
You bit your lower lip in thought and was lost for a moment that until Hyunjin shrugged and sighed, "Well, Y/n, I'm guessing I lost my chance at a date with you, whoever the guy was who gave you the roses, which I think I might have a slight clue of because of all the death glares I got from him while talking to you, hope he musters the courage to come up to you, and if that doesn't work out, give me a call. Hyunjin winked, his eyes slightly, at a loss of color. You felt bad, it was like you turned him down without actually turning him down.
"Hyunjin, what do you mean death glares?" You said as you clicked your shoes to start walking with him outside the school gate.
"You'll probably find out soon, I have to leave for now, I'd walk you home but your two best friends are threatening me to let you go with their stares," Hyunjin chuckled, eyes forming crescents, as he adjusted his bag on his shoulder and left the other way. Leaving you feeling weird and puzzled.
Y/n hadn't talked about having any crushes on guys since middle school ended and Jaemin had always felt queasy whenever she did talk about liking a guy.
Jeno to this, kept putting it into Jaemin's head that Y/n had a huge crush on him and that he should confess of his liking to her. Jaemin always pushed it away saying that Y/n could never see him in that way, he promised he'd get over her and date around till he finally found someone he truly loved.
And he did, it actually came to them easily, unsurprisingly.

Na Jaemin was perfect, Jeno was too, so when they started high school, all the girls swooned over the two of them, letters flooding their lockers on a daily to which Jeno kindly rejected saying he didn't want a relationship, but surprisingly Mr.Na had different ideas.

He always found it as a way to distract himself of his growing feelings for his best friend which worked on a short term .
But, after so long, hearing Y/n talk about how dreamy and how amazing a guy who wasn't 2D was broke all the walls Jaemin had tried to build over the past two years of high school. Jaemin had nothing on Hyunjin but the way his name rolled off your tongue and the way you hit it right off, talking to him comfortably since the first meet up made something in him burn.
Jaemin pulled out a white rose from his desk and walked to your seat to stick it in your bag seeing that you had left to submit today's classworks.
On your way, Hyunjin was carrying a couple of books from his class with his friend, Jeongin who instantly smiled at you when you came to Hyunjin's side.
"Hey, I'm going to submit the same subject, want me to submit your class' for you? My friend here is free," Hyunjin started as he bent down to see what subject was written on the cover page of the books you were carrying.
"You sure? Nah, I can do it myself," You said as you shook your head.

"Just consider it as me doing you a favor, Y/n." You couldn't argue so you passed your books to Jeongin and left back to your class to get to your two waiting friends.
“Guess what-" You walked in with hands in your skirt's pocket to see Jaemin concentrating hard to make the rose stick in to your bag unright but it seemed to be keep slanting downwards for some reason.
On hearing your voice, his head immediately shot up, oh shoot, he cursed under his breath as he took small steps away from your seat.
"Your rose had uh,fallen, on the ground, I guess? I just came to pick it up for you?" He said all in a question, one thing Jaemin was bad at was at lying and you saw right through him, his ears were bright red and you'd never seen Jaemin blush before.
"Jaemin, quit lying, what were you doing on my seat." You interjected, you had your doubts, after what Hyunjin had said. It kept you up at night for the whole weekend thinking about all the possibilities.

Na Jaemin? No, he'd never see me in that way.
To this, your heart started beating at a crazy pace, you felt queasy as you boldly took steps towards Jaemin whose feet stood planted on the floor, he gulped.
"Ugh fuck it, look, Y/n, yes-it was me who kept the roses there and if that doesn't sound fucked up enough, I had a crush on you since middle school," Jaemin blurted out, his cheeks bright as summer.
Your heart did flips knowing you were the reason behind his flustered self, who on other times, wouldn't even have anything make his confidence waver.
"Wow." You answered, baffled with wide eyes, eyeing Jeno sitting in his seat in the empty classroom, Jeno was smiling like a maniac.
"I know I have absolutely no right to and I was planning on keeping our relationship as friends that way but when you started talking about Hyunjin, looking all lovey-dovey, whipped, I was so jealous, embarrassingly, I thought I had gotten over you." Jaemin continued to ramble, his eyes were desperately asking for escape. He feared for what you'd say to this.
"And you think I never felt jealous at all when you brought all those girls to dates and didn't even bother on telling me, no, us, beforehand?" You confessed, eyebrows mocking him.

"What?" Jaemin replied, flustered, as he fought back a smile.
"Thanks for the roses, Jaemin, this is the first time I'm seeing you blush, a wonderful sight to see." You smirked at him, Jaemin looked down at the floor, feet still stuck in the same place, the color of his ears enough to keep you up for the whole night.
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cafe-moon · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Requested: Renjun x reader
Genre: bf floof 🛒
The growling in your stomach was becoming more and more evident as the movie continued through the night. You tried so hard to silence or muffle it because you didn’t want to explain the fact that you forgot to get groceries before your boyfriend came over tonight. A chuckle escaped Renjun as he heard it all night and knew you were hiding it.
“Do you want me to make you some food?” You shyly hid behind the pillow as the dreaded explanation arrived.
“I mean you could but you won’t exactly find anything to make other than dust…” Renjun gave you a confused look before taking off into your kitchen. You called out for him but you already heard him open the cabinet doors. With an excited look on his face he quickly grabbed his and your jackets. You grabbed your’s confused now as to why he was so happy about you not having food?
“We finally get to go grocery shopping together! That’s like the ultimate tier of relationships!” Now you giggled at his cute explanation as he dragged you out the door. Walking hand in hand you both arrived at the store, Renjun quickly grabbing his shopping cart. You went to get your own but a light snack on your hand occurred making you gasp.
“No. We’re buying food together. Not separate. You’re dating me remember?”
“You are so…weird in a romantic way?” He smiled before leaving a kiss on your cheek and started down the aisles. This was definitely new to you since there was someone following you and able to answer questions or give a different opinion on. As well as being introduced to new snacks and foods. You really liked it, it felt intimate.
“I couldn’t find your chips but I did find those chocolates you like.” Your heart melted as Renjun showed you the chocolates he bought for you on your first date together. They were your favorite for a reason, obviously. In exchange you ran towards the aisle with all of the ramen bowls, on the hunt for his favorite bowls. Renjun finally caught up with you when he saw you carrying a bunch of bowls.
“I found your favorites as well as new bowls for us to try.” Renjun felt his cheeks heat up at your sweetness, really letting this experience sink in. He felt like he learned a new level of you, really seeing how you go about day to day life even when he’s not there. He hoped this wasn’t the last grocery trip you two have together and you didn’t plan on it being the last. You smiled and laughed over something different other than a corny movie.
Renjun tried to carry as many bags as he could to try to impress you of course. You laughed as he really did his best but eventually you had to grab a couple for him before he fell at your door step. You had one of your playlists going on in the background as you two put your items away, unintentionally making a new cabinet for him. Then you ended your night talking and eating your new ramen bowls, Renjun hand made its way for your’s. You gave his hand a quick squeeze as you gazed into his eyes knowing you could see this being an everyday thing with him.
a/n: requested by a moonie! I love grocery store stories😭there’s just something so sweet about them. But hope it was okay and thanks for reading!💕
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jaemsslut4 · a day ago
Mark lee church boy smut? 💪🏽🥳
Truth or dare - mark lee
Warnings: slight corruption kink??, blowjobs, virgin mark, swearing,
“Okay truth or dare y/n” “hmmmm” you pondered “dare” “ok I dare you to chug the rest of your beer” mark said proudly “easy” you stated before chugging the whole can down.
“These are boring let’s spice it up a little” you huffed “that was spicy I made you down a full can” he pouted making you giggle. “Well if you’re so spicy then you can make the questions” he huffed
“Ok fine truth or dare” “truth” he stated confidently “hmmmmm what’s your favourite porn category?” You giggled at his shocked expression “I-i wel-uhh” his ears turned a bright shade of red and he avoided all eye contact with you
“god mark I know you keep this innocent church boy thing up, but is it that easy to fluster you?……you do touch yourself right?” He keeps his eyes drawn to the floor as he speaks “I mean I- I guess I tried once…but it felt so wrong of me” you were shocked you truly believed there was nothing wrong in pleasuring your body “wait so you’ve never ca- ehm orgasmed?”
“No- oh gosh is that bad?!” The poor boy was so flustered “Oh no no it’s just I think how can something be bad when it feels so good?….please let me show markie I’ll make you feel so good”
“Ok I want to I want you to touch me Y/N please” you smirked hearing him admit it
You began kissing down his neck feeling his heart pound in his chest and his muscles Tensing up. “Just relax baby” *kiss* “enjoy it” you whispered in his ear” he whimpered. God he was so cute you thought, the feeling of pride swelling inside you as you were about to bless him with his first ever orgasm.
You reached into his underwear and took out his pretty cock he was painfully hard and he let out soft moans at you just holding it. You giggled while you started jerking him “uhhhh please please it’s too good too fuckin good” he whined.
“Yeah baby? That feel good?” He looked at you with a dazed look and nodded slowly, you moved your head down to his cock and kitten licked the tip, he jolted and let out the cutest moan.
His cock twitched as you took him in your mouth and started bobbing your head up and down.
“Yeah fuck yeah I thin- I think I’m gonna- nghhh” he moaned out “it’s ok baby go ahead, cum for me” you said before going back to sucking to help him cum
His hips stuttered and he spilled his load in to your mouth as he let out a soft cry of your name.
He flopped down on the bed and shut his eyes catching his breath. You kissed his nose and he smiled up at you.
“Can we please do that again some time”
You giggled “of course we can baby I’ll teach you everything”
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tarvoclub · a day ago
𝐡𝐚𝐞𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐧 ✷ 𝐞𝐧𝐞𝐦𝐢𝐞𝐬-𝐭𝐨-𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐮𝐧𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐢𝐭𝐲!𝐚𝐮 [𝐩𝐭. 𝟐]
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: haechan x fem!reader 𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞: college/university, enemies to lovers, fluff, romcom, comedy 𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫𝐬’ 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐬: sorry we took so long HAHAHAHAH it’s been a busy few weeks but here’s part 2 °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° part 1 | part 2 | part 3
Tumblr media
• one fine day after class, he popped a question • in his usual stupidly annoying cheeky funky playful tone that you hated oh so much. but maybe, • just maybe, you'd miss all of these when this class ends for good • "yo bruh, ummmm.. you free to hang tonight? wanna drop by 7-11 to get some ramyeon?" • honestly, you were Too Stunned To Speak • so the fool you are just nodded to agree, unknowingly • and goofy haechan suddenly dived into celebratory mode • fella looked like he just won the lottery. Weirdo. • "Cooool. See you at the front entrance later bruh" • and you guys just stood there, with him staring at you • until you walked away, in deep confusion • annd, maybe you were lowkey heartbroken.  • because damn... why'd he call me bruh :( • but then you recalled how much of a jokester he is,  • dude literally fools around with anyone... right... right..! • everyone on campus is on #Bro terms with him, how could you forget that • so you brushed it off at that instant • but!!!! haha this shit came back to haunt ur mind for the entire time in class • you were practically zoning out into your own universe • ‘til your bestie tapped you back to reality, when the final class was over. • you then started getting nervous upon walking nearer to the entrance • and just when you were about to stop in your tracks, • haechan goes BOO! from behind • and tucks his arm around your shoulders • AH of course! there will never be a time when he is Not Annoying! • “HEYYYY UR EARLY” • “yeaaah hahaha” • and then silence. • but..... why does he still have his hands around you? • does he... realise... that he’s still hugging you....? • and as if he read your mind, he suddenly jerked away. • face looking kinda red too • Interesting. • the walk to the convenience store? AAAWKWARD~ • none of y’all spoke. • but thank god for your phone falling out of your hand, the atmosphere turned lively • he caught your phone, • and you guys started laughing out loud. • “i swear you cursed this upon me, there’s no way you could’ve caught that” • “hello? i’m the God of Reflexes for a reason. Lee Dong Hyuck, for you” • at 7-11, suddenly he’s doing everything for you. EVERYTHING. • he helped you clank open your drink without asking, • helped you to hold your food which, btw, was Too Hot To Handle • even helped to clear the trash, and insisted that you sit your ass down • “dont even lift a finger. fr” • very odd isn’t it. • since when has he become sweet? • or.... are you just reading too much into things. • but then like, • NOW! he is pestering to send you home. oh my GOD? • not to just send you off at the bus stop btw, • he actually insisted on walking you to your apartment. • but the thing is.. he stays in the dorms. • and your house is like, an hour away. • “you never know what happens! it’s getting late dude, and you’re a girl. *silence* w-woah no i don’t want you to get the wrong idea. gotta clarify. i’m not saying girls can’t take care of themselves. no nooo. what i’m trying to say is.... *another silence* • i just want to make sure you get home safe.” • and he looks away. • dying inside knowing what he just spouted. • “okay finnne i guess, do i even have a choice?” • he grins brightly at you and starts snickering away. • “shut up. let’s go you doofus”
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honeymark · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sungchan x reader | g: fluff | wc: 0.2k | tw: none
❲ 𝟏𝟐:𝟏𝟑𝐚𝐦 ❳ “aren’t you cold out here?”
the sudden voice catches you by surprise ㅡ so much so that you nearly spill your tea all over your lap ㅡ but your unease dissipates the moment you spot your best friend emerging from the midnight shadows.
“a little,” you admit, sheepishly gripping at the blanket draped over your back. “but it’s worth it, don’t you think?”
“sure,” sungchan murmurs as he plops down on the ground next to you. “if you’re willing to freeze your butt off.”
“well, luckily for you, i might be able to squeeze you under here.” you flash him a bright smile as you hook the edge of your blanket between your fingers and dramatically throw it over his shoulders. “better?”
a light chuckle escapes from your friend as he leans into you, the heat radiating from his body offering you a pleasant sense of comfort. “yeah, much better.”
you spend the rest of the hour cuddled up next to him, his head cradled in the crook of your neck as the two of you come up with silly alien conspiracy theories and laugh yourselves to tears while connecting shapes out of the stars. sungchan ends up learning a lot from you ㅡ about the constellations and the origins of the zodiac, about why pluto isn’t considered a planet anymore, about how warm and fuzzy he feels inside whenever you laugh at his stupid jokes ㅡ and by the time he goes to bed, he’s sure of two things and two things only:
there are millions of stars in our galaxy.
you outshine each and every single one of them.
Tumblr media
tags: @keytomythoughts @chakrasanddrugs @ficsingeneral @afterourspring @doderyscoffee @minkyungstudies @quintessentialing @littleteafawn @galaxyjisung @heephoria @babybinnyboy @minavenue @cookydream @toffeemingi @chnhua @vantxx95 @moon-mumu-moon @catscoffeeandkpop @nanascupid @notbeforelong @zukuroo @snoopyjjwoo @seoulsv @ahtisa02 @bbymin23 @stonedalligator @kristyxoxo
author’s note: thank you so much for reading! i would love to hear your thoughts on this timestamp! any feedback is welcome and greatly appreciated :)
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joyfools · a day ago
[11:48am]Taeil makes everything better when he make funny faces to you to laugh and stop being nervous during an oral presentation sending a heart in the finale.
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jaesqueso · 2 days ago
1980s horror film
Tumblr media
pairing: classmate!jaemin x female!reader
summary: you decide to pour your feelings out as you watch a 1980s horror film
word count: 811
warnings: hm crack, fluff and angst? idk this is weird, based on the lyrics of the song by the same name by The Wallows
a/n: well this is a really poor attempt to get back to writing but I promise something better is coming, don’t kill me just yet! thanks for reading ❤︎
☽ ・・・・・ ☾
“You should totally come over and watch it!” Jaemin excitedly says as your mouth dries up.
You don’t know when it started but neither does every other girl in school, literally everyone has a crush on the tall handsome boy with the brightest smile. He’s obviously pretty popular and, even though he could date anyone he wanted, most find it hard to believe he never had a girlfriend. Not  for lack of trying by the female population, he just doesn’t seem interested in getting into a relationship. But that doesn’t stop the flirting coming his way.
“Y-yeah, sounds great!” You pray he doesn’t notice the nervousness through your voice.
You wouldn’t exactly say you too are friends. You share a few classes and because of an assignment he found out you share the love for horror movies so sometimes when he sees you eating alone at the cafeteria he sits down with you. After all these years your heart still skips a beat and you forget how to breath when he comes around, but once you start talking about horror movies everything else disappears and it’s just the two of you. And this was exactly one of these situations when he suddenly asked you to come to his house to watch a 1980’s horror film.
After ringing the door bell, you nervously play with the hem of your shirt as you heard the steps inside. At first you thought he wasn’t serious about the invitation, you know just something people say but don’t really mean it, but then he texted you the time for you to show up and it all became real. You are really going to Jaemin’s house to watch a film. This seems like such a typical teen movie scene but when he opened the door and let you in you knew it was real by the way your legs almost froze in place.
Greeting his parents that sat in the living room, you follow your crush to his bedroom. His room is dark, the curtains are down and the only source of light comes from the string lights decorating his desk. He gestures for you to sit on the bed as he pulls his desk chair and sets up the movie in his laptop. Settling on his duvet you can’t help the thousands of thoughts going through your head.
This is where Jaemin sleeps. Does he perhaps sleep naked? Does he lay on top of the sheets? Am I sitting somewhere his bare skin touched? I can only imagine the things he has done in this bed alone. Or perhaps with someone too. Oh I wish it was me. Feeling his hands roam through my body as my clothes slowly come off to lay careless on the floor-
“I hope you like it!” Your thoughts are interrupted by his sweet voice that brings you back to reality.
Simply nodding your tear your gaze from his dreamy face to focus on the small screen. But not long after the initial credits roll your eyes drift back to him. Its been so long since you had a boyfriend, you miss cuddling, you miss doing couple things, you miss the simple touch of someone who cares about you. And honestly from where you’re sitting you could easily lift your hand and run your fingers through his smooth brown locks. But you don’t do that. You look back to the 1980s horror film.
Halfway through the movie and you still don’t know what it is really about because while your eyes are on the moving figures your mind is on him. You can’t hold your feelings in anymore. You’re both seventeen, your finishing high school soon and god knows when you’ll have an opportunity like this again. Taking a deep breath you part your lips to speak.
“Jaemin, I don’t know what to say to you, I feel you’re always on my mind.” He looks over his shoulder and you consider stopping but you started so might as well finish it. “And now that I know what I need I’m taking the long way round in my mind. It’s not right. I can’t help the way I feel anymore and I need to ask you Jaemin.” You take a deep breath. “Could it be that you feel this way, too?”
He gets up from the chair and joins you in his bed. The light from the screen of his laptop lights the side of his face and the whole mood just seems so right. You look deep into his eyes trying to understand what he’s feeling, trying to demystify the thoughts in his head and the feelings in his heart. But then he said.
“I’m really not that into girls.”
And without saying another word you look back to the small screen and continue watching the 1980s horror film.
☽ ・・・・・ ☾
taglist: @yokshi-unbeliebubble @nc-teen @yutahoes @dimplehyunn​ @iknowyuno​ @bebskyy​ @ne0cultur3technology​ @nurenciye​ unable to tag: @chenleyang @doahflix
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