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#nct imagines

pairing: jung jaehyun x reader

genre: angst (trigger warning: death)

word count: 734 words

author’s note: this is my first ever scenario. i hope you like it! please tell me your thoughts. 


 I was sitting on the bench where I first laid my eyes on him. Nothing spectacular happened that day for me to notice you, but I did. 

A few days after, at the same place, I saw him again. This time our eyes met and he smiled. I looked back to see if he was smiling at someone else, but when I saw no one behind, I looked back at him and before I could smile at him back, he left a soft chuckle and left.

 Weeks have passed, and I never saw him again. If I’m being honest, I was disappointed. I couldn’t explain my emotions towards him. My friends called it love but isn’t it too early to call it such a thing? We never interacted with each other, how can one call that love? 

 A month later, I saw him once again. Finally, a voice inside my head screams. He was sitting at the same place talking to his friends. I couldn’t hear a single word from him, but what I do know is his eyes twinkle when he laughs, and he would constantly fix his hair because of the wind. I wanted to talk to him, to get to know him. That’s when I knew I was perhaps falling in ways I couldn’t even imagine. 

Somehow the gods above heard me and my prayers. After a few more quick glances, he finally decided to talk to me. I learned that his name was Jung Jaehyun, a trainee in SM Entertainment. He was waiting for his debut that will happen late this year. 

A few months later, I was having breakfast at his home. Everywhere I went, he was there. Maybe this was what they called destiny. Two people sitting on a park bench that suddenly became a couple. If this is what people call love then I like it, I like being near him. I never imagined this moment to happen, but I’m glad it did. I’m glad I met him. 

Those few months were the best, but you know how every good thing must come to an end. It is a dreadful memory, something I would never want to look back at. It happened so fast. I remember him saying 'I love you, I’m almost there.‘ through the phone and after a few minutes someone else was calling me. I drove to the scene and that’s where I saw shattered glass, red stains, and our shattered hearts. In a blink of an eye, you were gone.

Months have passed, and still no message nor ring from him. It’s really the end at this point, isn’t it? No tears were evident in my eyes nor cheeks anymore. “I’m going for a walk,” I say as my friend gave me a sympathetic look. I went out without hesitation. I took a deep breath, inhaling the cold air that surrounds me, my eyes were starting to tear up because of the wind. I sat down at a bench nearby and sighed. 

It was serene until someone called my name. A voice that’s so familiar. “I miss you,” he says. It was Jaehyun, I never knew this day would happen. The day I could talk to him again. “I’ve missed you so much” he repeats, and this time, pulling me into a hug. I know I’m not supposed to give in. this isn’t real, I tell myself. “This is real,” he says as if he could read my mind. I was in his arms once again, a place that was so familiar, a place I called my home. “When are you coming back? Your debut is right around the corner,” I tell him, and all he does is give me a smile.

 I felt intoxicated. intoxicated by his love. It’s something I would never get tired of. “I love you,” he whispers, so quietly, but it was clear enough for me to hear. It was what I needed to hear. A wave of relief washed over me, he feels the same way even until now. I closed my eyes to cherish the moment,

and as I open my eyes, I was greeted by the wind

 I know even when he’s not here anymore, I knew he still loved me. Tears started to form from my eyes, but a soft smile appeared from my face. Something no one has ever seen for months. 

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[ 21:30 ]

you were out with your friends having a girl night which your husband, taeyong, insitited you having. you were having a blast, going out shopping with your friends, buying new clothes and not to forget about your son, jaeseok, and husband, you bought them some things as well.

you looked at your phone for the nth time. it was weird, at every 9pm taeyong would call you regarding your day, or just to hear to see if your doing fine handling everything. it became a habit and even your girl friends knew about it. and its been 30 minutes since he was supposed to call. you became worried and told your friends that you were going back home first. you all bid goodbye as you briskly walked to the car and took off.

you opened the door to your home calling out for your husband. no one responded and it was awfully very quiet, which made you worry as you walked through the hallway and see the scene in front of you.

both of them passed out on the couch, jaeseok on top of taeyong’s chest. the scene made your heart melt as you put your stuff down to off the tv, apparently they were watching NCT 127 Late Night Punch Punch Show.

“ hi baby ” you heard taeyong’s raspy voice behind you as you looked behind to see him looking straight at you.

“ lets get this baby to bed first and i will come to you big baby ” you said to him and you carried jaeseok carefully from taeyong and made your way to his room. you laid him down in his bed and pat him so that we doesnt wake up. you felt a pair of arms around your waist and head placed in the crook of your neck as you felt kisses being placed there.

maybe after all it was an emergency for you to go back home earlier.

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Originally posted by marklee02

In which Mark Lee has an insomniac girlfriend

  • The click of a light switch and you were caught .
  • You laughed nervously at the figure in the doorway , not at all bothered by the light . Mark rubbed his eyes tiredly , a pout on his lips and his hair messed from sleep.
  • “What are you doing ?” His voice was all groggy and you could barely make out the words . His eyes may have been closed but he found you easily , humming as he wrapped two warm arms around your torso. He buried his face in your shoulder blade , desperate to block out the light .
  • “I tried to sleep , I promise.” You defended. His chin rested on your shoulder ,“that’s the problem. You’re not supposed to try. Come with me.”
  • You whined as he flicked the switch off and led you back into your bedroom . Mark usually took a while to realise you were gone from the bed , he was usually out like a light whenever his body touched the bed. Sleep came easy for him.
  • You wished it were the same for you but unfortunately, your luck with sleep was the same as the year 2020’s . Terrible , horrible and unfortunate.
  • He pushed you onto the bed before crawling up next to you , snuggling close so that you felt like you were warming your hands with a nearby fire . His chin dug into your shoulder blade and he smiled when his nose filled with the familiar scent of your shampoo.
  • “Mark , I really can’t sleep.” You turned to him. He groaned softly , pressing a kiss to your cheek .
  • “But I’d be so lonely without you-” he snuggled ever closer , arms and legs wrapped around you-“and you’re so soft. I want you to stay. Just close your eyes and listen to my breathing , okay ?”
  • You hummed fondly , shutting your eyes and relaxing every muscle in your body . It took a while but when you awoke , you came to a realisation.
  • Mark was right . Sleep may not have flirted with you but with Mark certainly did .
  • His soft breathing like a lullaby , his warmth like sunshine on a summer’s day. Before you knew it , you were crawled up into him , fast asleep .
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<p>: <b>hendery:</b> what are you doing?<p/><b>ten:</b> grocery shopping with daddy<p/><b>hendery:</b> didn't you go with Johnny?<p/><b>ten:</b> that's what I just said.<p/><b>hendery:</b> what THE-<p/></p>
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“a pretty flower for a prettier you.” + “i love you” // jisung


“oh, jisung. you’re here.” you greeted the boy who seems to come everyday for a single gardenia.

“gardenia?” “yup.” he pursed his lips as he watch you wrap them in brown craft paper. you wondered who he bought them for. gardenias symbolise purity and gentleness, besides secret love. who captured this young man’s heart? whoever it might be, they’re a lucky one.

over the times jisung came to the flower shop, the two of you had your conversations, bonding over your shared interest in music and him wanting to learn more about flowers. it would be a lie if you haven’t felt anything whenever his hands touched yours accidentally while handing the bill for the flowers. or when he calls out your name if he’s just feeling great that day. the small things he did never failed to make your heart warm.

hesitantly, you tried to ask him, “who do you buy these flowers for?” “i don’t. i haven’t been giving these flowers to anyone, yet.” so he has someone in mind.

“but i think today might be a great day to confess.” he continued, looking into your eyes, trying to give a hint. the reason he comes to the shop was because of you. how you would smile everytime he comes over, you paying extra attention to preparing the flowers, how you never fail to make him feel special. those gardenias were meant for you but he wasn’t brave enough to tell you how he feels, until you asked him today.

“here you go.” you were confused at jisung’s action. “a pretty flower for a prettier you.” he looked at the floor, trying to hide his blushing face.

“jisung, you like me?”

“i love you.”

gladly you took the flower from him, saying “i love you too.”


thanks for the request! <3

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↳ taeyong ; take yourself home


Who you really tryna be when they you see your face?

Is it worth it trying to win in a losing game?

Well it’s all waiting for you

And boy I know you’re eager

But it just might destroy you

Destroy you


Thunders boomed in the heavens. Rain slashed the window panes. It’s four-thirty in the afternoon. You have decided to wash the dishes while waiting for your boyfriend, Taeyong. He said he would be back earlier than usual. Before he left the doors, he had his smile reaching his ears. You could only hope that whatever happens today, the smile would stay on his face.

However, as the door opened and closed, with a drenched Taeyong standing in the doorway, uncertainty wrapped your throat. You hurriedly grabbed a towel and swathed it around his shaking body. He didn’t say a word. But his eyes held the answers to the questions that were slowly creeping up in your head.

“Alright. What happened? Did it go well?” You tried to flash a smile, while stirring his hot-chocolate with a spoon. Taeyong took it with his palms.

“They… have decided,” he blurted out, in a voice so low you almost didn’t catch it. “And… I… I’m not going to debut, Y/N.”

You covered your mouth with your hand, shocked to receive such dreadful news. No. Before he left the house, he was too certain that after four years of training day and night, he would finally make a debut and have his dreams known in the entire country. This couldn’t be happening.

“Why? What happened?” You took the mug from his shaking hands, and then you wrapped them with yours.

“Some bad rumors had resurfaced about me. The one from my high school. The company said it’s not good luck to let me in the group when my name is tainted with those kinds of rumors—”

“But those are made-up rumors! They are not true!” You gasped. “And why would they let you go? You’ve been doing this for four years!”

Taeyong stood up, the tips of his hair still dripping rainwaters on the floor. “I’m not debuting with my friends. They said I would have to wait until the rumors are cleared,” he whispered.

You were silent for a moment, calculating the odds. It’s not right to disregard his efforts. Taeyong has been working hard to debut. “Don’t you think…” You bit your lips, “Don’t you think it’s time for us to move on? I don’t want to sound selfish, but… don’t you think it’s time to give up? We wouldn’t have to pretend to break our relationship, anymore.”

Taeyong whirled on you, the towel falling down the floor. “Do you hear yourself right now?” He ran his hand through his rain-soaked hair. “This is all I’ve ever wanted, Y/N.”

Balling your hands into fists, you remained sitting. “Of course. I do hear myself. And I’m sorry if I sounded selfish—”

“Yes. You did sound selfish!” He snapped.

That’s the time when you decided to stand up, tears pricking your eyes. The two of you barely fights. You have always tried to understand each other. “Well, I’m sorry! Okay? I was just thinking that your four years of training in that company went to nothing! They don’t even want to debut you because of some stupid rumors! And now what? You would have to wait for four more years before they debut another group? You are wasting your time, Taeyong!” You harshly wiped the tears on your cheeks. “I’ve been with you since day one. And it hurts to see you with bags under your eyes of practicing day and night. Not eating well, not resting well enough,” you breathed, mouth dry. “But if this really is what you want… I have a question for you.” Taeyong stood still, his jaw set, back rigid. You closed the gap between the two of you, until you were standing face to face with him. “Do you think you deserve this?”

One. Two. Three minutes you stared at each other’s eyes. Running his hand through his face, he turned his back on you. “I don’t. But this is my dream.”

“And this dream might only destroy you.”

He whirled on you again, his mouth in a tight line. “What would you have me do, then?”

“Don’t ask me that question. It’s you who knows what you want, and what to do.” You held his cheeks and pressed your forehead against his. “But do know this Taeyong: if you succeed, or even if you fail, don’t forget to come home.”

Taeyong pressed his lips on your head, tucking you in his soaked clothes and cold body. “I always will.”

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Done and done, anon! Also, crack Mafia as always, it’s my specialty. (One day I’m gonna write a serious mafia AU, but that day isn’t today.)

TW: Language (as always)


Originally posted by yongs

The members of 127 sat in the briefing room, going over the details of their next mission together first as per usual. It was mainly a lot of housekeeping details, as in positions, who does what, etc. Well, every member except for one. See, the person missing was none other than their youngest member, Lee Donghyuck and, after years of knowing the kid, the older members knew better than others that it would be best not to waste their time looking for him, it would be better used for focusing on the mission planning and filling him in later than to have him not pay attention at all and waste time. Taeyong clasps his hands together once the room fell silent.

 “So with that said I think we can end the-”

“Alright, sluts, listen up,” Haechan slams open the meeting door, effectively shutting Taeyong up, and promptly closes it. “Which one of you losers did it? Huh?”

“Hyuck if this is about the time I ate your poptarts I already apologized for that,” Mark speaks up.

“Shut up, Mark, I’m still mad at you,” Haechan puts his hand up towards Mark’s direction and continues. “Who made (Y/N) cry?”

“I bet it was Doyoung,” Johnny pointed a finger and Doyoung gasped.

“Excuse me?! Why would I make her cry?!” Doyoung presses his hand to his heart in his usual dramatic fashion.

“You give her bad advice,” Jaehyun reasons.

“I,” Doyoung scoffs, “I would never.”

“Dude you told her to just do her best in classes and that the world would accept her,” Johnny laughs. “Be real with her, tell her that college isn’t worth it and she should just say fuck it.”

“This is why I try not to let her near you, Johnny Suh,” Doyoung sighs.

“What is with this group and getting off topic? I just said that (Y/N)’s crying in her room!” Haechan steps aside and gestures the door.

“We need a plan of action before approaching the enemy base,” Taeyong explains. “Last time we went in without a plan, she threw a curling iron at Mark.”

“I think I still have the burn scar,” Mark recalls with wide eyes, turning his hand around to observe the inside of his forearm.

“Oh, and don’t forget when she right hooked Johnny.”

“She’s a lot stronger than I remember,” Johnny replies quietly.

“Hyuck, sit down,” Jaehyun motions for the younger to sit next to him and he complies. “So what do we know?”

“I’ve been noticing she’s been off recently too,” Yuta raises his hand. “But whey I pried she said that it was nothing and walked off.”

“Oh, you asked her too? I noticed that the memes she’s been sending me weren’t as top quality as usual,” Mark hums.

“Mm, I have something to add too,” Taeil nods. “When I walked by her, she didn’t yell ‘Hey, Tomato!’ like usual,” he hums.

“Oh that is weird, she loves to catch us slipping,” Mark continues. “Speaking of slipping, I saw her and Johnny walking back into the complex after grocery shopping and Johnny tripped over a rock and fell on his face but she didn’t even break a smile. She just stared blankly at him and continued walking!”

“You saw that?” Johnny was only mildly embarrassed.

“You tripped over a rock?” Jaehyun stifles a laugh next to him.

“Dude that’s not the point,” Johnny cuts him off.

“Alright so to sum that up (Y/N)’s being short and not clowning us like usual,” Doyoung rests his arms on the table. “What do you think is going on?”

“She did mention that her date with that one guy didn’t go too well,” Taeil shrugs. Two pairs of eyes shift to him. “What? You two didn’t know?”

“When did she go on a date?” Johnny is shocked, to say the least. 

“And how come we didn’t know?” Doyoung adds with suspicious undertones.

“Uh,” Taeil freezes.

“Oh it was with this guy named Seonghwa, or something like that, right Hyuck?” Mark looks at Haechan and the other just sighs.

“Mark,” he groans and runs a hand down his face, “why do you have to be such a dumb bitch all the time? (Y/N) told us she didn’t wanna tell them because she knew they’d flip out!”

“You two literally share a brain cell,” Jaehyun groans.

“What? We wouldn’t flip out, what the hell?” Johnny scoffs.

“You’re doing it right now!” Haechan exclaims. “Johnny, you’d go all overprotective dad on her and tell her how dangerous it is to date boys because you’d know since you are a boy. Doyoung would go all PTA mom on her and give her the entire sex talk again even though we know damn well that she doesn’t need it.”

“That was oddly specific, Haechan,” Doyoung straightens his posture.

“Not the point, back to (Y/N). I think it has something to do with her date,” Haechan taps his hands on the table.

“Haechan, I like where you’re going with this,” Johnny snaps his fingers in Haechan’s direction and smirks. “Meet me outside in 20 with and axe and a lighter.”

“Got it.”

“What are you two planning?” Doyoung leans over the table to look at the two in question.

“Doesn’t matter, the feds will never know,” Johnny does a quick slicing motion near his neck.

“I agree, we should take action. We’ll add it to the list of ongoing missions,” Taeyong interrupts the two.

“You know…” Jungwoo finally speaks up. “Didn’t midterm season just end? Maybe she like… I don’t know… failed a test, or something.”

“Jungwoo,” Johnny pauses to enhance the effect. “That was the dumbest shit I’ve heard come out of your mouth.”

“Okay, geez, just a thought,” he crosses his arms.

“Normal positions for this.”

“Got it,” Taeil nods.

“Yuta, you-” Taeyong is cut off by the soft knock at the door. 

“Everyone shut up,” Jaehyun whispers.

“None of us are even talking,” Yuta rolls his eyes.

“Come in,” Taeyong calls out. You open the door slowly and peak your head in, looking at the nine men who were focused on you. Your eyes were slightly puffy from earlier, but they could tell that you tried to hide it with some makeup.

“Um… are we out of vanilla ice cream?” You asked in a quiet voice.

“Yeah, Johnny finished it,” Mark answers.


“Why the fuck did you tell her?” Johnny hisses.

“It’s just that… um… I don’t feel too good,” you frowned.

“We know, Mark told us,” Doyoung nods understandingly and your brow furrows.

“What? I didn’t tell Mark anything,” you tilt your head in confusion.

“Uh… You went on a date? With Seonghwa? Ring a bell?” Johnny turns so he’s facing you fully now.

“MARK YOU TOLD THEM ABOUT SEONGHWA?!” Your jaw drops and he slams his head on the table.


“I can’t,” you swallow a sob. “I can’t do this. Hold on. No, it’s not about my date. It went great by the way he’s a nice guy who’s very interesting and also lowkey hot as hell, and we’re meeting for a second one soon. The reason why I’m upset is because I failed my midterm,” you explain. The room is silent.

“I TOLD ALL OF YOU!” Jungwoo sprang up from his seat. “NONE OF YOU BELIEVED ME! NOT A SINGLE ONE!”

“Jungwoo, you and I are on the same wavelength, I love you so much, if 127 doesn’t appreciate you, I do.”

“I know.”

“Good, anyways, I heard your little plan from outside, and no, don’t do that. Just give me a tub of ice cream and I’ll be good, alright? And if any of you come for Seonghwa I will throw hands,” you pout. “Alright, now someone take me to the grocery store.”

“I’ll do it!” Johnny stands up.

“Not you, you’re just going to lecture me on dating. Jungwoo?”

“Yes, ma’am!” He gets up and pulls his car keys out.

“See you guys in a bit! Don’t do something stupid or I’ll be upset at all of you forever! Bye now!” You and Jungwoo leave the meeting room, leaving a quiet 127 group behind.

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[ 5:15 PM ]

“do you believe in love?”

“no, i don’t,” haechan replies as he sits down at the dock and you following suit.

“well, why don’t you?” you ask him, eyes filled with curiosity as you look at your best friend.

“love turns you into a fool,” he grumbles bitterly, staring at the peaceful lake in front of him. “it may give you happiness at first until you realize it just played you, but despite that, you still crave for it.”

you scrunch your eyebrows in confusion, wondering what might be in your best friend’s mind. “how do you know all this?”

haechan shrugs. “i’ve seen things…” because i have someone i can never call mine but i still long for her.

you hum at his words as you close your eyes, enjoying the cool air.

he looks at you for a brief moment before setting his gaze on the lake once more, trying to contain the overwhelming feeling he has for you.

a few moments later, your reply surprises him. “what if i can change that?”


you turn to him, leaning closer as he shrunk back in shock. the corner of your lips lifts up with a teasing look in your eyes. “what if i can change your mind?”

haechan, in a flabbergasted state, can feel his heart starts beating fast. “i don’t—”

“you’re not all that discreet, mr. obvious,” you chuckle. “i know you like me.”

letting out an embarrassed groan, haechan covers his face with his hands. “did the guys told you?”

“nope,” you giggle, moving closer to his side. “they just confirmed my suspicion, but what surprised me, though, is that they said you’re in love with me…”

still covering his face, haechan stiffens briefly when you wrap your arms around his waist before relaxing in your embrace.

“… you are always on my side through everything. how can i not love you too?”

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