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#nct project

college keeps me super busy so i usually go for easy and quick things like Thai coconut curries and stir fries but when i can I like to take the time to make things like veggie paella or risotto! if you try that’s all that matters 🥰💕 just remember to put some poppin tunes and have fun !!! -🌱anon🌱

ugh the stuff you make sounds so good!!  you must be talented!! ahhh  i just ate breakfast now i’m hungry again hahah..  also !! now that i know a bit more about you! i’m gonna do the 3rd mission which is to ship you!!! ahhh i love this so much :)  i’ll make a moodboard and everything!  hope you have a lovely day!!!

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she/her, thanks for asking 💗 and yourself? - 🌱anon🌱

no problem! and i also go by she/her pronouns! so how was your day?  are you doing anything fun for the weekend? 

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Hiya! nct project anon here 🌱 hope you’ve been having a lovely day today 💚

hi hun! aww i’m so happy i got your inbox! yes - my day was lovely! and how was yours?  also what are your pronouns?  is there any specific name you wanna use?  


Originally posted by weenie-moon

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[ 10: 07 P.M. ] 


Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t been posting a lot that much. I’ve been really busy with school and friends and there is a lot of drama going on that I have to deal with anyways, I’ll try to post as much as I can for NCT and everything because I really do want to keep the blog going, I’m just really busy and I hope you understand. Anyways, I’m probably going to update soon? I really don’t know but also keep a look out for this post, I need some admins for a project I’m doing, so if you’re interested hmu on dm’s. Thank you and have a great night everyone.

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I cant believe im writing an essay about the new sm group with infinite members…im on break, what am i doing to myself…

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Posted: 022821


Thank you to everyone who submitted their favorite works from our members / who submitted their own works! Please do check these amazing works out, dearest readers! Enjoy!

Stay tuned for the re-opening of TSP submissions for April Issue.

- nct-writers

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[7:21 pm] “Hyuuuuuuck, my baby zombie died.” You whined into your mic and glanced at your chat that was filling with shocked and sad reactions. The baby zombie chicken jockey, who you had named Jerald and Jerald’s chicken, had followed into your home before killing you, and somehow getting himself and the chicken killed in the process. Your time with Jerald and his chicken was very short, but you and chat were both saddened by the loss.

Donghyuck let out a slight, stifled laugh before regaining his composure. You whined quietly and Donghyuck frowned.

“Oh noooo, its okay babe.” He tried to comfort you. But you only only continued to sulk with your chat as it was flooded with messages of “rip jerald :(” and sad emotes. You collected some stone bricks, a sign, and flowers for a grave, continuing to pout and whine.

“Why- you’re just making sadness noises now.” Donghyuck pointed out and you whined again, setting up the grave.


“Stop making sadness noises!!”

“Let me make make my sadness noises in peace.” You pouted.

“No, no sadness noises!! No sadness noises in this call!!” Your boyfriend said. You went quiet, deciding to look at chat.

“We can go adventuring to find artic foxes if you want.” As Donghyucks suggestion entered your ears, your eyes widened and you raised your eyebrows at your camera.

“… yes please.” You murmured, chat quickly filling with excitment and a couple name suggestions. You could hear the smile in Donghyuck’s voice when he confirmed, his character hopping over to where you were putting flowers around Jerald’s grave.

“Okay, no more sadness noises.”

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Hi!! Idk if people who answered the questions are following us,

But if you were one of those people, we have an Instagram! If you would like more information you can go and follow us in IG: @f.t.s.project_ and check out our info highlight! And if you would like to answer new questions we prepared, PLEASE DM US!!! (It’s not a lot it’s only 8 questions)

Thanks for the support!

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Heyyooo I come across a cool prompt, but I am not sure if I can make this happen without your help! 

I want to try something new… I want to include you guys in the story! YES! I NEED YOUR HELP TO MAKE THE STORY MORE INTERESTING! 

The prompt is from writingprompt.s found through pins (kudos to them)

“You come from the family of a highly respected heroes. All three of your big brothers are known as powerhouses, but you rarely see them since they’re always saving the city. One day you realize the only way you can see all of your brothers is to become a villain. Turns out you’re better at it than you expected. And family dinners suddenly become the most amusing time of the day.” 

I FOUND THAT SO COOL… but I need your help, drop down the member’s names you think suit the concept and please please please help me decide their super powers too! Also your villainy actions!  It can be so cool or so random, I don’t mind. UNLEASH YOUR DARK SIDE (through anon asks if you feel more comfortable this way) and UNLEASH ALL YOUR HIDDEN GREAT IDEAS!! 

ex “Three bros : A,B,C.. A can manipulate time, B can manipulate cats, C just tag along with B but has water power and used to tease B with it.” yeah anything like that or cooler or funnier :D

I intend this to be NCT centered, but if you want a cameo of SuperM or EXO I can do that. (Keeping it close to SuperM and EXO so that it’s not too hard for me to connect the stories)

This story can be both fun, touching, and cool at the same time or so I hope 

Now, since you’ve reached this part, why don’t you drop in the idea? thank you

xoxo cosmic

I’m crediting all of your ideas! So help me make this new project come true :D 

This could be a great project for my 500 followers milestone ;D


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LSM Inc. was founded on February 14th, 1995 with the goal of becoming a world leader in AI and robot technology. Since then, the company has created several successful inventions including Shine.E, the world’s first series of AI robot psychiatrists;  E.X.O., the world’s first series of community aid AI robots; and RVel.V, the world’s first series of musical entertainment robots. 

Though each project was faced with international success, AI robots aren’t made to last forever. At least, not the ones made previously. 

LSM Inc.’s biggest pride and success of all is AI Project #14320, an endless series of robots made with the intention of lasting forever. The company wishes to continue putting out AI robots into society and to make this world one where androids and humans live and work together. So far, only 4 series have been released: #U4916. AI, #S127.AI, Dream.AI, and VWay.AI. Learn more about each of them below!


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