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#nct smut
theje0ngs · 2 days ago
“...divorce papers”
Tumblr media
SUMMARY | if home really is where the heart is, then jaehyun will never make it home again. PAIRING/CHARACTERS | jaehyun x fem reader GENRE/CATEGORY | angst, smut, marriage!au, non-idol!au, songfic WORD COUNT | 7.9k [~28 mins] CONTENT WARNING | 18+, oral (f receiving), protected sex (reader is on the pill), tipsy sex (y/n gave consent), profanity, mentions divorce, mentions cheating, mentions alcohol/liquor, mentions alcohol poisoning, driving under the influence GELA SAYS | aaaa i’m finally done !! <3 i hope you guys will like this one bc this is seriously my first time writing a story this long and it’s angst hasjsja i had fun writing this and i listened to a lot of song while writing this one. if you guys are interested i made a playlist, it’s linked down below! the results of the poll on the taglist form kind of,,, made me think twice of the ending lol anyways !! enjoy this one <3 (couldn’t tag some users ,, i apologize !!)
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PLAYLIST | playlist: theje0ngs. | READ PART ONE HERE.
Tumblr media
jaehyun was 8 when he realized how deeply in love his parents were with each other. he saw how his father would look at his mom, just like the way his little brother looks at chocolate cake. so young and innocent, and jaehyun hopes to have that kind of love in the future. 
jaehyun was 12 when he first saw various cyberpunk movies and decided that he wanted to take computer science for college. coming from a long line of family of doctors, he knew it was impossible. to be a doctor was like the golden rule in their family.
jaehyun was 17 when he gathered the strength to tell his father that he wanted to take a different degree in college. he remembers that night so clearly; his father said a lot of inappropriate and hurtful words. “computers won’t give you money, yuno.” his father said before leaving to play golf with his friends. he locked himself inside his room until his mom came in and comforted him throughout the night.
jaehyun was 19 when he left their house confident and determined to study a different degree. after a long year of convincing his father, he was one of the thousands of lucky students who got into korea university. he passed the responsibility of studying medicine to his younger brother, sungchan. he and his father were on good terms by that time, accepting defeat that one of his sons wouldn’t be a doctor. 
the same age when he met you. he spilled coffee on your white shirt that day during lunch. in exchange, he returned to his dorm (which was closer in the cafeteria) and grabbed a shirt for you. 
the same age where jaehyun had asked you to be his girlfriend.
jaehyun was 20 when he told you he wanted to meet your family, because you were already dating for seven months, and you had met his side of the family. you were shocked but you agreed to do it, so when you had a week break, you decided to take him to your house.
“wait, are you really sure you want to meet them?” you ask, buckling your seatbelt and faced him. jaehyun nodded his head, started the engine of his car and gave you a smile. “are you a hundred percent sure?”
“of course i am.”
“well then, suit yourself.” 
jaehyun remembered driving to one of the affluent gated communities with strict security in seoul. 7 months together, and jaehyun realized that you were rich, not the nouveau riche, but old money rich. you never told him about that, and he assumed that your family was living a comfortable lifestyle. jaehyun’s eyes widened when you told him to stop in front of probably the biggest mansion he’s ever seen in his life.
“y-you lived here?” he asked, his eyes never left the house. “this is your house?”
“mhmm… well, technically, it’s my grandparents’ house. they wanted us to live with them because some of my relatives already left the country.” you answered, giggling when he mouthed ‘who are you?’, “okay, before we go inside… please don’t be intimidated by my brothers. they’re nice, but they like to scare boys since i’m the youngest and the only girl of the family.”
jaehyun remembered how nervous he was when he met the eyes of the five men of your family; your grandfather, father, and your three brothers were looking at him as if he was a criminal. he felt comfortable and grateful when your grandmother tried to lighten up the mood, unfortunately, your mom was out of the country when you introduced him.
jaehyun was 24 when he had asked you to marry him on your fourth anniversary during a vacation in kota kinabalu. he remembered meeting your parents to ask for your hand in marriage a few months before this vacation. he proposed when the two of you were watching the sunrise together at 6 in the morning. that sunrise gave you a new memory and a chance to spend forever with the love of your life.
at 25, he stood next to you. in front of the altar, in front of your family and friends. promising you the life you deserve, promising you that it will always be you until the end of time. 
at 28, jaehyun sold one of his software to a well-known business mogul. you were out of the country for a business trip with your mom that time, and he had no one to celebrate it with. jaehyun spent nine years without a touch of another woman, and having someone next to him on his biggest achievement felt… good.
and now, at 29, jaehyun was holding the manila envelope that holds the divorce papers you’ve sent him a month after you left home. not only did he lose you, but also your little angel.
one drunk mistake led to a lifetime of regret.
Tumblr media
jaehyun was mad. so mad that he did not bother to take out the documents you sent and his hands immediately crumpled the papers. he went back inside, his hands clutching on his phone and dialed your number. after a few voicemails, you finally picked up. your end was silent, all he could hear was the muffled sound coming from your sheets.
“y/n, what the fuck? what kind of stunt do you think you’re pulling?” jaehyun asked furiously, “divorce? y/n, have you gone insane?”
“jaehyun, i think the reason is laid out very clearly. there is no point of continuing our marriage-”
jaehyun scoffs, “no point? y/n, this is just a phase… we can work this out. come home and let’s talk about this, please.”
the audacity. you thought, you were holding back the urge to yell at him. a phase? what kind of stupid phase is this, what on earth is this kind of phase? “i’m sorry, jaehyun. my decision is final. sign the divorce papers and meet me in court two days from now.” you said, ending the call.
frustrated, jaehyun threw his phone across the living room. the screen was smashed and obviously cannot be used again. ten years. he ruined the perfect ten years that you two shared.
jaehyun groaned as he threw the duvet off his body, someone was ringing the doorbell again. despite not wanting to leave the comfort of your shared, well, now his bedroom, he went out to check whoever's at the door. he wishes it to be you, but hell, the universe sent the last person he wants to see right now. the woman behind his failing marriage, claire park.
claire was no stranger to him. they’ve been friends since high school, best friends to be exact until she left seoul to study university in a different country. they reunited when claire applied to be his part-time assistant after his original assistant, hanbyul, filed maternity leave for three months after giving birth. 
“w-what are you doing here? how did you know where i live?” he asked, but got a kiss as a response. jaehyun immediately pushed her away. “what the fuck, claire?!”
“i heard about what happened… jaehyun, we can be out in public without fear.”
“no, we can’t and we won’t. claire, we have to stop this.”
claire stares at him with a shocked expression. stop? now that he’s about to be a divorcee? she thought, poking her tongue on her cheek as she thought of something to change his mind. 
“yuno, we’ve been in a secret relationship for 10 months now! you want to give that up?” yuno. it felt wrong hearing her call him that. 10 months was nothing compared to what he’s about to lose - 10 years with you. “answer me!”
“claire, this is so wrong. i- i don’t want to continue whatever we had, i have to win y/n back.”
he closed the door behind him, tears were threatening to fall as he sat down by the door. how will he win you back- no, will he ever get you back? after a month of not seeing you, will he still have a chance? even if he tried so many times to visit you at your grandparents’ house, he never got the chance to enter. the guard outside your house never opened the gates for him, he even spent the night in his car in hopes to get a glimpse of you. why do i always fuck up? he thought, grabbing the landline to dial his friend's number. he needed alcohol, and he knew the perfect person to talk about this mess.
“i just don’t get it bro, you cheated on y/n for months- and you want her back? that’s messed up.” his best friend, johnny asked, downing a shot of tequila. “you’re my best friend and shit, but i-”
“johnny, y/n is the only girl i’ve loved since i was 19. i- i don’t think i can live without her. do you really think i can’t win her back?”
“it’s not that, jaehyun. you told me she’s the only one you love, yet you cheated on her and you want to win her back. i don’t think it’s that easy, bro. i know y/n, she’s like a sister to me and i know she wouldn’t give in that easily.”
“she’s my wife, trust me. i know how to get her back.” he said, downing another shot then stood up to party.
your leg was bouncing and your heels made a continuous clicking sound, you were restless. only thirty minutes until your first court hearing, you’ve been trying to contact your husband yet no response was heard from the other end. you were starting to think that he was doing this on purpose. hell, i’m going to regret this. you thought, dialing johnny’s number. it took awhile before he answered but thank god he did.
“y/n, i was just about to call you.” johnny greets as soon as the call got connected. “jaehyun-”
“do you know where jaehyun is? i’ve been trying to call him but his phone is not reachable.”
johnny sighs at the other end, “well, i know where he is. he’s with me here at the hospital.”
out of all days, why today? as you drove to the hospital johnny mentioned, you were thinking. the divorce papers you sent him did not find their way back to you, he probably didn’t sign it. no, not probably but possibly. jung jaehyun is the man you loved for years, you know him like the back of your hand. jung jaehyun has always been stubborn. as soon as you arrived at the hospital, you went to the room johnny had mentioned, almost tripping over by how fast you were walking, forgetting that you were in big shoes. 
you were greeted by your husband who was peacefully sleeping and a smiling johnny. your eyebrows furrowed; jesus, he looked fucked. you thought, closing the door behind you as you catch your breath. “what happened?”
“he asked me to grab drinks with him last night. when i got back from the loo, he was already fighting someone, then he passed out - alcohol poisoning as what the doctor said earlier.”
jaehyun had a small bruise and a cut on his cheek. you shook your head, “unbelievable.” you sigh, “he knew today was supposed to be our first court hearing!”
“i’m sure you can reschedule it. he can go home as soon as he wakes up.” he answered, “but, y/n, are you sure you’re pushing through this divorce?”
and that’s when it hit you. are you a hundred percent sure you wanted this? aren't you rushing things too fast? what if divorcing jaehyun leads to one of your biggest downfalls in life? there were a lot of questions that ran through your head, and it was messing you up. for ten years, all you ever did was support jaehyun. build dreams with jaehyun. plan every single second of your life with jaehyun. but in those ten years, you never had time to think about yourself. you never had a single second to plan your life on your own, you never built your dreams on your own. the past ten years… it was always the two of you and never had a chance to be you. 
until last month. you did things by yourself, not thinking about him, you enjoyed the little things that you can do on your own, and maybe that’s the reason why you wanted to push through this divorce.
“why can’t i contact him? did he block me?” you asked, changing the topic immediately.
“he smashed his phone yesterday when he received the divorce papers from you.” he said, “he doesn’t want to do this, y/n.”
you saw jaehyun open his eyes and move his fingers, he was conscious again and maybe the meds given to him were finally working. you had asked johnny to leave the two of you alone inside the room. it felt like déjà vu; just like when you miscarried your baby a month ago. the silence was deafening, the only sound that could be heard was coming from the air conditioning. 
“y/n, i’m sorry-”
“you’re so inconsiderate and irresponsible, jaehyun.”
jaehyun scoffs, “me, inconsiderate? what do you call yourself then?” he fought back, “you sent me those divorce papers, you didn’t even give me a chance to explain myself to you.”
“you had a chance to explain that night, but you didn’t. you left, remember?”
Tumblr media
days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months and months turned into a year. it’s been exactly a year since jaehyun last saw you personally. he tried contacting you, but all of his messages were left unread and his calls were sent to voicemails. the only thing that has kept him updated with your life was on the news and different social media platforms. he knew you weren’t staying in korea, based on what he sees on your instagram page, you’ve been staying in europe for the past year. 
jaehyun once met your brother, harry while he was presenting a new work at the soiree that the city mayor held. when he was asked by your brother what had gotten into his mind, he was embarrassed to answer. he was with you for a decade, he went without a touch of another woman, it was you and has always been you when he was nineteen. while talking, harry was calm. he wasn’t mad but he wasn’t happy either with jaehyun’s answer. harry did not disclose where you were staying exactly in europe.
he still lives in the townhouse. everything was still the same there. the huge portrait by the lounge chair stood still inside the bedroom, the picture of the two of you graduating korea university, the picture of your engagement party and the pictures of you two travelling the world together were all still hanging on the wall. the only difference was, jaehyun was alone. at first it was hard for him, he was expecting that you’d come home and fix your marriage but as the days passed by, he slowly accepted the truth. he’s still determined to win you back though. he never stopped loving you, and he’s not intending to. 
aside from noticing that allure has been vastly growing and making a name internationally, he noticed how much you’ve changed since he last saw you. the hair, the makeup and fashion style, everything felt different whenever he saw you on the internet. you used to love wearing white and neutral colors, but now you’re wearing too much dark clothes. 
it’s been a year since you filed for a divorce. you couldn’t process everything, can’t even attend the court hearing due to your busy schedules but despite being busy, you never stopped sending him numerous copies of the documents with your signature, but they never found their way back to you. instead, they always ended up ripped, crumpled and in the trash. you were tired of his sick game, and the more you keep everything on hold, the more money you lose; the moment you arrived in korea from europe, you instructed your driver, jeno, to drive you to zetta tech’s headquarters. 
as you entered the building, you felt various people eyeing you and started whispering. the sound of your expensive heels made people distance themselves from you, some even bowed their heads to give respect to the ceo’s wife. it wasn’t new, you were used to it.
“jeno, go ahead and wait for me in the car.” you say, standing in front of the information desk. jeno immediately nods his head and walks away. “i’m here for mr. jeong.”
“i’m sorry, ma’am. i was told to not receive any visitors… it is obvious that you need to file an appointment to meet him.” the girl behind the desk says; she’s probably new here and has no idea who you are. in the corner of your eye, you saw another girl panic and ran next to her.
“m-mrs. jeong, good afternoon! i heard you are here for mr. jeong, do you need assistance on the 23rd floor or do you want me to buzz him to let him know that you’re here?”
you shook your head, kept a stoic face as you walked to the elevator. the moment the elevator opens its door on the 23rd floor, you are greeted by the huge white sign that illuminates the name of his company. his secretary greets you with a shocked expression on her face, but it was like she knew why you were in the building today. she leads you towards your husband’s office, the closer you get, the nervous you become. she knocked three times before opening the door, revealing jaehyun in front of his computer. his eyebrows were furrowed and he wasn’t wearing a tie. it seems like he was having a hard time writing documents - it wasn’t his forte, just like tying his tie. he looked handsome, you’re not here to swoon over him, y/n. you told yourself.
“mr. jeong, you have a visitor.”
“hanbyul, i told you… no visitors.” jaehyun sighed, his fingers pinching the skin between his eyebrows as he heard the door open. he reminded his secretary to not accept any visitors as he was busy making documents for the next buyer of his new software.
“no visitors… unless it’s me?”
that voice. he hasn't heard that voice in a year. jaehyun stops typing and looked up. you were standing by his door with a brown envelope on your hand along with your hand bag, smiling like nothing was wrong, like you never left for a year. you looked beautiful whenever he saw you on the internet, yet you look breathtaking now that he’s seeing you with his two eyes. jaehyun instructs hanbyul to leave the two of you alone, and as soon as she shuts the door, jaehyun stands up.
“so you finally decided to show up,” he asked, pushing his dress sleeves over his elbows. “what brings you here in zetta?”
“i’m here to ask you to sign the divorce papers i’ve been sending you for the past year. they never found their way back to me.”
jaehyun scoffs, grabbing a bottle of whiskey and poured himself a cup. “i’ve tried to call you a bunch of times, convinced you to not push through the divorce. y/n, i’ve changed. claire isn’t even part of my life anymore.” he said, taking a sip. “we can always work this out - we always did, right?”
“that was when we were younger. we’re adults now, act like one and sign the divorce papers.”
you stood in front of his glass table, placing the brown envelope on top of his other printed documents and gave him a sly smile.
he poked his tongue on his cheek. he knew you wouldn’t give in that easy, which makes this much harder for him but he also wouldn’t give up that easily. lightbulb! he thought. “how about we go out for dinner and talk about it, hm? i’ll take you to a nice michelin restaurant tonight.”
“i don’t think that’s possible - i’m a very busy woman.” you replied, “i’m leaving the documents here for you to sign. i’ll see you at mark’s wedding.”
you turned around and left his office, leaving the confused jaehyun behind. will he sign the papers this time, or will he continue being stubborn? how desperate are you to get out of this marriage? 
Tumblr media
“y/n, it’s so nice to see you! i’ve missed you!” mina, one of your closest friends from college and mark’s bride greets you. she welcomed you with open arms, “so, um, i know how jetlagged you are from your flight from korea but i have some bad news…”
“wow, this is the first time you’ve seen me in almost a year and the first thing you tell me is bad news?” you tease, “shoot.”
she took a deep breath, taking your hands on hers, “apparently, our wedding coordinator made a mistake with the beach casitas. don’t worry, you have your own but… you’re going to share it with jaehyun…”
well, shit. you thought, staring at the younger girl with her eyes shut tightly - a sign of fear that you’d get mad at her. you are going to share a bedroom with jaehyun for three days. three. fucking. days. the downside is, you haven’t been with him for a year. how would you act? how does a soon to be divorcee, supposed to act in a situation like this? it’s going to be awkward as hell, you’re sure of it. on the brightside, this could be a great stepping stone for you to convince him to sign the papers. you smiled, “it’s alright, you don’t have to stress yourself about it. i’m sure everything will be okay.”
you know the feeling of getting stressed before your wedding, you didn’t want her to worry about a small thing. besides, it was just a room.
a bunch of loud, familiar voices were heard from afar, the groom’s laugh was dominating the crowd. it seems like his friends have arrived as well. you turned your heels around and saw your husband, his hair was slicked up and he was wearing casual clothing. you bid your goodbye to the bride and walked towards jaehyun’s direction, leaning over his ear and said:
“it’s nice to see you again, roomie.” then walked away.
the boys started to tease jaehyun as he stood there frozen. he knew you were attending mark’s wedding, but he wasn’t expecting to share a room with you. it took him a few seconds before he could fully register what you said.
“dude, you’re sharing the same casita with y/n.” johnny said, smacking his head lightly as he laughed. “oh this is going to be so fun, i hope these old lovers find the spark back in their marriage.”
jaehyun didn’t see you all day. he was told you were spending the day with mina and the other bridesmaid at the spa. when he arrived at the casita, all your stuff was neatly placed on one side with a note on top of your baggage that says ‘try to touch my stuff and you’ll sleep at the hammock outside.’ it said, jaehyun chuckles. then he noticed another note on the couch, ‘there’s no way we’re sleeping on the same bed. you’re going to sleep on the couch.’ seems like you’re still his y/n afterall, the same y/n who gets mad whenever someone messes up with her belongings. 
it was past 2 a.m. when you arrived, jaehyun was on the bed watching something on his phone, he came back a few minutes before you from mark’s bachelor party. you were holding your sandals and the straps of your sundress fell on your arms, it seemed like you were drunk and you were bumping into the cabinets. it was also mina’s bridal shower. when his eyes met yours, you gave him your biggest smile and giggled. 
“ooo, who is this handsome stranger on my bed? did colene sent you because i told her i’m sex deprived?” you said, dropping your sandals on the floor and jumped on the bed. “holy shit, you smell good. you smell like the cologne of my husband that i liked the most… the tom ford one.”
jaehyun knew you couldn’t handle hard liquor, the only alcohol your system could take nicely was wine. he could smell the strong smell of vodka and tequila. “you reek of alcohol. let me run you a bath-”
he didn’t finish his sentence, you hovered over him and attacked him with a kiss. if you put it to words, your kisses meant two things: lust and longing. jaehyun was taken aback by the sudden kiss, he didn’t respond back. instead, he pushed you away gently. 
“y/n, you’re drunk- you’re not in the right mind to do this with me.” he said, “i don’t wanna take advantage of you, especially if you’re drunk.”
“i was never in the right mind, stranger. i wasn’t on the right mind when i filed for a divorce, i wasn’t on the right mind when i flew to paris. i- fuck,” you didn’t finish your sentence anymore, jaehyun’s pink lips were too inviting. “i was never in the right mind, so jaehyun, please… i- i’m giving you my consent.”
“y/n, no, you’re drunk-”
you interrupt him with a chuckle, “i hope you were thinking the same when you fucked claire. she was drunk too, right- umph!”
if anything, jaehyun no longer wants to be associated with claire. he doesn’t want to hear her name, most importantly, he doesn’t want to hear her name slip out of your mouth. jaehyun connects your lips with his, his hand effortlessly unzipping your sundress from the back, slipping it off your body leaving you with nothing but your panties. both of your tongues fight for dominance as you feel his semi-hard erection on your clothed pussy. maybe it was the alcohol in your system, but fuck you went a year without him, his touch and you were desperate to have sex again.
jaehyun pulls away from you, his lips found your sweet spot on your neck - it was your weakest point. he sucks on the skin until a love mark appears. his hands were travelling all over your body, the other was holding your ass to keep you still and the other was massaging your breasts. the tip of his finger ran over your nipple, sending shivers on your body. 
“don’t ever mention her again… please.” he mutters on your skin before pressing a soft kiss on the mark. “a-are you sure you want this?”
“i am, i’m a hundred percent sure i want this. i want you.” you replied, before kissing him again.
jaehyun presses your body against his, his lips focused on yours while your fingers make the work unbuttoning his polo. your hips circled on jaehyun’s hard cock, earning a groan from him as he felt the sensation. “let me take the lead, let me show you how much i missed you.” he said, you nodded your head and moved your body on the bed, letting your head fall on the soft pillows. jaehyun placed trails of kisses, from your neck to the mounds of your breasts, to your stomach. his hot breath on your skin makes you more aroused, whining out of frustration because he’s taking things slow. jaehyun was taking his time to make love to you.
“jaehyun, can’t you just fuck me already?” you whine, propping your arms to see what he was doing. jaehyun smirks between your legs, planting another kiss on your inner leg before pushing your panties aside. you let out a moan when you finally felt his tongue on your pussy, his saliva and your wetness becoming one. your back arches on the pleasure, hands gripping on the sheets while jaehyun had his arms wrapped on your legs to keep you in place. “fuck, fuck, fuck”
you were writhing when jaehyun hummed against your clit. your fingers found their way on his locks, twirling them as you moan. just when you were about to release, jaehyun pulled away from you, discarding his unbuttoned shirt along with his shorts and boxers. his angry shaft sprung free. he spits on his palm, pumping his cock for a few seconds. your mouth salivates as you look at jaehyun. 
“jaehyun just-”
“shh, i’m taking it slow because i don’t want to hurt you… i want to savor the moment.”
jaehyun runs his cock between your wet folds before slowly guiding it in. he intertwined his hand to yours, holding it tightly as if he was scared of letting go. both of you moaned in sync, his cock was stretching you out and since this was your first time after a year, you couldn’t help but shed a tear. he noticed it immediately and planted a kiss on your cheeks before whispering: “i’m sorry, i’ll be gentle.”
his hips were slowly moving, hitting all the perfect spots. jaehyun latched his lips on your nipple, nibbling on them like a starving baby. your other hand pulled his locks gently as you moaned, he really knew you like the back of his hand. he knew your weaknesses and he knew how to please you. 
“let me ride you.” you murmur against his neck, “please.”
jaehyun pulls out of you immediately, his back resting against the headboard and lets you hover on top of him. slowly, you let him enter you again. circling your hips as your hands rest on his bare shoulders, holding onto them as if your life depends on it. your head falls back due to pleasure, jaehyun took that opportunity to pepper your neck with open-mouth kisses. his other hand held you for support, and the other found their way on your clit, rubbing them to put you in another level of pleasure; it was one of your weaknesses. 
“cum inside of me, jaehyun.”
“i-i don’t want to, i might get you pregnant.”
“i’m on the pill, i’ve been taking it again. please. i just want to- fuck!” you breathed, “i’m close, baby, i- i’m so c-close.”
jaehyun took the lead again, rolling over so that you were under him. his hips were moving too fast, it was too much pleasure for you to take. thank god the casitas were a distanced from each other, if not, other guests would have complained about the sex noises that the two of you are making. “i’m cumming.” he moaned.
it took him a few seconds before he pulled out, his white load seeping out of your hole. jaehyun lies on top of you, your sweaty, naked bodies becoming one as you catch your breaths. too drunk and tired, you drifted off to dreamland. jaehyun stood up and grabbed the nearest towel, putting it on warm water before wiping you clean. even if you left a note that said he shouldn’t touch your belongings, jaehyun opened your suitcase and grabbed some clean underwear and pyjamas for you.
“i love you.”
Tumblr media
the following day, you avoided jaehyun again. you realized you were the one who initiated having sex and you were too honest last night. you thanked the gods when you woke up alone inside the casita. according to jaehyun’s note attached on your forehead, he was with the boys. they planned to spend the whole day doing water activities and random shit men do before they get married. you cringed a little when you read the ending of his note ‘don’t miss me too much.’ jaehyun had the biggest smile on his face throughout the day. the boys found him weird and creepy. during the rehearsal dinner, you had to stick next to jaehyun. mark’s parents always loved the two of you as you treated their son like your sibling back in college. it was still awkward, at least for you it is. jaehyun was treating you like his wife, his hand resting on your waist, smiling like nothing was wrong. like the two of you weren’t undergoing a divorce. 
you were so happy for mina and mark. the two started dating in their third year of college, you and jaehyun were graduating students back then. in fact, the two of you set them up together. you just thought mark would be a perfect fit for mina, and now they’re getting married. 
mark’s mom tried to convince you and jaehyun to join the dance floor, but you rejected her offer by saying you had blisters on your feet because you were wearing brand new shoes. she nodded her head and told the two of you; “i hope mark and mina will have the same happy marriage as the two of you.” which made the atmosphere much, much heavier.
after the party, you found yourself at the beach at two in the morning. the beach was only a walking distance from your casita. you left jaehyun inside the room sound asleep on the small sofa. you love the sound of the waves crashing against each other, it calms you down. listening to the waves makes you forget about your chaotic life, at least for a short amount of time. 
“hey, why are you up?”
you turned around and saw jaehyun rubbing his drowsiness away, then sat on the sand next to you. 
“i couldn’t sleep, had a lot of things to think about.” you answer, turning your attention back to the calm sea. “why are you up?”
“well, first of all, i couldn’t fit on the sofa. second, i noticed you weren’t on the bed.”
you laughed at his response. it was so obvious that his tall figure wouldn’t fit on that sofa. your attention returned to the sky. the calm waves of the sea sent shivers down your spine, the warm breeze of summer air hits your skin gently. perfect weather on pamalican island. 
“it feels kinda weird to think that mark is getting married.” you say, “do you remember the time when you and johnny pranked him? like, when you asked if he was spiderman because you found a spiderman mask on his study table.”
jaehyun laughs at the memory of his old roommate, “yeah, johnny and i had a lot of fun pranking that boy. now he’s one of the leading engineers at his job.”
“can’t believe it.” you giggle, “that clumsy genius has a lot of tech companies running after him.”
the two of you spent your time reminiscing about your memories from college. like the one time where jaehyun was so drunk, he thought mark jumped off their balcony at midnight. beer pongs and various game nights with his friends inside their dorm. cooking and spending thanksgiving with johnny because he wasn’t able to go back to america. one night isn't enough to talk about all the memories you shared.
“can i ask you something?” he broke the silence, propping his elbows. you nodded your head, “when… when did you realize you wanted to end our marriage? i know what i did was wrong but we could’ve saved it, you know?”
“you wouldn’t want to hear me answer that question.”
“i do, we’ve been separated for a year. i think i can handle it.”
“well,” you paused, “it was the night we fought after the f/w fashion show. i saw a stranger i knew very well. it was the first time i looked into your eyes and didn’t see the future, all i saw was the past. that's when i realized… it was over for us.”
you feel your tears threatening to fall, you play with the hem of your shirt to distract yourself. “when i had a miscarriage, i was alone at home, i was alone during the procedure. at that moment, i knew you weren’t the same person i fell in love with. almost everything broke me that day.” you sobbed, “that’s why i kept on asking you to sign the divorce papers because i know for a fact that what we had was already broken. we could’ve saved our marriage, sure, but i don’t think it’ll be worth saving.”
jaehyun sat there with his mouth agape, he was left speechless. “i-”
“oh, look at the time.” you interrupt, showing him the clock on your phone that says 2:34 am, “we have a wedding to attend later, i’ll go ahead. good night, jaehyun.”
you cried yourself to sleep that night. jaehyun never came back inside the shared casita. when you were about to prepare for the wedding, you saw him fast asleep on the hammock outside. he was hugging his leg and it seemed like his body was cold, you felt a little guilty that you brought the blanket he was using and covered him up. you felt bad that you were brutally honest with him last night but those were the words you were dying to tell him. you left another note in his suitcase, saying that you were at mina’s casita to prepare for the wedding. 
it was easy to avoid jaehyun during the wedding ceremony. he was seated on the opposite side with the boys and you were seated with the girls. you were focused on the couple, even crying during the vows because mark had made a special song for his bride as a vow. it was so amazing to see your friends get married. that’s the feeling that you missed - the feeling of being in love, the feeling of assurance, the feeling of being together through ups and downs. 
during the reception, jaehyun disappeared after his speech and appeared again after a few minutes. he had asked you to dance with him, which you agreed to. it was only one dance, it wouldn’t hurt. all of a sudden, jaehyun felt home again. he was keeping you close to him as you danced to the slow music, your head resting against his chest where you could hear his heartbeat. when you looked up at him, jaehyun’s face was stoic. you could tell that he was hurting like you were, but the man was afraid to show emotions to other people. the two of you let go of each other when the host announced the final dance for the newlyweds. 
three days flew by so fast. you offered to let jaehyun sleep on the other side of the bed, keeping a pillow in between the two of you. you didn’t mind it anymore. you took the first flight back to manila, you were in a rush to return to korea as you have to prepare for the upcoming fashion week once again. on the flight back to korea, you were panicking and thought that you left your phone on the island - you didn’t but you noticed the brown envelope inside your bag. the last time you saw this was when you visited jaehyun at his office. 
i already signed it. i guess i’ll be seeing you in court. his note said. maybe jaehyun signed the documents when he disappeared last night and placed it inside your bag.
Tumblr media
eight weeks have passed since he finally signed the divorce papers. you and jaehyun were meeting up from time to time at the court, and tomorrow will be the last time he’s meeting you. the two of you agreed to sell the townhouse, though it took him awhile to agree with you, eventually, he said yes. it was much faster than his incessant refusal to sign the papers before. he couldn’t decipher what he was feeling; anger, sadness, depressed? no words could explain the feeling he’s having. 
you? well, your plan was to move abroad. staying in korea would just remind you of your failed marriage, besides, allure is now an international brand. branching out abroad meant a lot of opportunities for you as the ceo. though you were relieved when you finally had the divorce papers with his signature, there was a part of you that felt… broken.
you have loved that man for ten years.
you built memories and plans for the future with that man, and now that the two of you are finalizing your divorce, it felt like you were losing a part of you. it was the end of an era for the two of you.
but all things, good or bad, should come to an end, right?
jaehyun took another sip of his whiskey, groaning loudly as he felt the sting on his throat. his last day as a married man, and he’s spending it with his father in a known pub, drinking as if it was his last day on earth. 
“son, i loved y/n. she was a really nice, down to earth girl when i first met her…” his father said, “honestly, it wasn’t a shock to me when you told us you were proposing to her. i saw how you looked at her when you were young. like she was the only girl in the world.”
jaehyun smiles as he remembers the memory of his family meeting you and when he announced to his parents that he was planning on proposing to you. oh, so sweet and in love. where did that all go?
“i must tell you, i was really disappointed when i found out you cheated on her and… you had lost your baby. i’m not proud of what you did to her, but i hope you know that i’m proud of what you have achieved when you were with her.”
“i-i’m sorry dad.”
“do you know what the saddest part in life is, yuno?” his father asked, “it’s saying goodbye to the person you have always thought you’d spend your whole life with.”
jaehyun shook his head when he felt his eyes burn, he was about to cry but he wasn’t sure if he was ready to show that side of himself in front of his father. a few more shots of whiskey, and jaehyun was left alone inside the pub. his father had to leave early as he had a scheduled operation the next morning. one drink turned to four, four to six, and eventually he found himself driving home under the influence. his vision was blurry, his voice was muffled, but he managed to command siri to dial your number.
it was two in the morning, and seven missed calls later, you answered. 
“jaehyun, what is it? it’s two a.m.”
“i-i’m sorry if i’m bothering you but… i miss you and i don’t want to be alone at home, at our home. i just-” he sobbed, “i just want to be with you even for the last time, y/n… i fucked up, i know-”
“are you drunk?”
“i suppose i am.”
you sighed, “i’ll track your location. please don’t move, okay? i’ll be there.”
jaehyun bawled inside his car when he heard the call end. how could he let this happen? how dare he hurt an amazing, humble woman? everytime he looked in the rearview mirror, he wanted to hurt himself. he did not deserve you, he does not deserve to touch you, to call you, or even talk to you. jaehyun has made a lot of mistakes in his life but, this was the biggest mistake, his biggest regret. 
a knock on the window woke him up. it was you, your eyes were soft and worried as you asked him to open the door for you. 
“move to the other side, i-i’ll drive us home.” you said as soon as you opened the car door, he nodded his head and tried his best to move to the other side of the car without hurting himself.
“i’m sorry if i took too long. i had to pack my clothes for tomorrow and had to ask one of dad’s drivers to drive me here.” you broke the silence, starting the engine of his car. “if you need me, i’ll be at the guest bedroom, okay? i’ll help you empty your stomach and wash your face when we get home.”
the sound of your voice calms jaehyun. at least for a brief amount of time, jaehyun felt like he wasn’t alone. when the two of you arrived at your old home, you had to guide jaehyun inside. his head was spinning and almost fell to the ground when he tried to get out of the car. you did the same routine you were doing back when you were in college, helped him vomit all the liquor that he drank, helped him wash his face and change clothes. when you were tucking him to bed, jaehyun grabbed your wrist causing you to let out a gasp.
“c-can you sleep with me? not sexually but… just sleep next to me.” he pleaded, “at least for one last time, y/n.”
you woke up before jaehyun, a little over 7 a.m.
while he was still sleeping, you took your time to roam around the old townhouse. you haven’t been here since last year and you did notice how much it changed. it seems like jaehyun was staying over at his office more than he was at home, you could tell that by running your finger along the leather couch and gathering dust on the tip. the fridge was almost empty, he stored few fruits, energy drinks, and water. along the countertops, he had ramen, some bread, and coffee. sighing, you had no other options to prepare but toast. you noticed jaehyun’s presence, you gave him a smile. the two of you ate breakfast together, he even offered to do the dishes because that’s your routine when you were still together. 
time flies so fast whenever jaehyun is with you. one minute, he was enjoying breakfast and laughing with you, the next he was standing in front of the courthouse minutes after the judge declared the end of your marriage.
he was so lost.
“jaehyun, before you go…” you call, grabbing his wrist to stop him from coming down the stairs. “i just want to thank you. not… not only because you finally signed the papers but because you gave me a chance to love someone like you.”
“no, seriously. you were the first man i have ever loved in my life for that long, and just… now that our divorce is finalized, it just feels weird.” you chuckle, “if you’re given a chance to meet someone new, promise me to never make the same mistake again? they don’t deserve the same pain i went through.”
for the last time, you planted a kiss on jaehyun’s lips. he could taste the salty tears that were falling from your eyes. when you pulled away and smiled at him, jaehyun felt his heart crack. 
for the last time, before you come down the stairs as your driver waits for you, you told him: “you were my everything, jeong jaehyun. i loved you so much. goodbye.”
jeong jaehyun was 30 when the person he loved the most walked out of his life, and he witnessed it with his own two eyes. he was frozen on the spot as he watched your car drive away. jaehyun does not remember the exact moment he fell in love with you, but he remembered holding your hand and knew much it would hurt to let you go. but if letting go of your hand will make you happy and put you at peace, then he’s willing to let go.
if home really is where the heart is, then jaehyun will never make it home again.
Tumblr media
copyright © theje0ngs. 2021. all rights reserved.
Tumblr media
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k-rising · 2 days ago
NCT 127 reaction when they get jealous
WARNINGS: angst, humour and suggestive content.
Tumblr media
You had agreed to hang out with your boyfriend, Taeil, after class. When you were leaving the building, one of your classmates came up to you and returned you some summaries that you had lent him a couple of weeks ago. After giving it back to you, he got closer to hug you and you accepted the hug. In the same direction your classmate was leaving, Taeil was coming; he looked quite uptight.
"You know you're mine, right?"
Tumblr media
Johnny wanted to know what your exes were like, so you decided to tell him a little bit about them. You told him that some of them were not only bad romantically, but also horrible in bed... except one of them. He was really good in the bedroom and he knew what you like. Johnny's face changed dramatically, he didn't like hearing that at all.
"There's no one who makes you feel better than me"
Tumblr media
You went shopping with Taeyong and, when you were about to enter a local, you heard a familiar voice calling your name... it was your old guy best friend. You two had a story together and Taeyong knew this. The boy greeted you and your boyfriend with a huge smile on his face, and talk to you for a bit. Taeyong looked quite sad, so you decided to say goodbye to your friend.
"He looked so happy to see you... he may still have feelings for you"
Tumblr media
You were making some photocopies in the office, when suddenly you heard the door open. You turned around to see who came in and you saw one of your co-workers... but he wasn't just any coworker, he was that guy who always saw any opportunity to flirt with you and you felt very uncomfortable when he was around. A few seconds later, someone else came in... it was Yuta, your crush. Your coworker looked you up and down, licking his lips. He got closer to you and made a bawdy comment, but Yuta stopped him.
"Nobody talks to her/him like that"
Tumblr media
You had to do a research work with your crush, the most popular boy in school. At the end of the class, you ran to make a video call with Doyoung, your best friend, to tell him everything. Doyoung had always liked you, but you didn't know it. When you started talking to him about your crush, your friend looked quite upset.
"If you're so obsessed with him, then go tell him"
Tumblr media
You were in math class and the hottest boy on campus, Jaehyun, sat next to you. He was always trying to flirt with you and ask you out, even if you played hard to get. Suddenly, one of your classmates, whom you always caught his eye, came up to you, gave you a single rose and leave. Jaehyun smirked.
"A single rose? Really? Pfff, I can give you more than that. Ask me what you want and I'll give it to you. "
Tumblr media
You went to the cinema with Jungwoo. You bought some popcorn and were heading to your seats, until you ran over a very cute boy, causing some popcorn to fall on the floor. The boy apologized and Jungwoo grabbed your waist, leading you to your seats.
"Let's go. I don't want my girlfriend/boyfriend to be stolen"
Tumblr media
Mark's ex best friend started flirting with you in class when Mark wasn't around. Suddenly, he came back to the classroom and approach you with a straight face, making the guy returned to his seat.
"I don't know what he said to you, but he better take that back before he regrets it"
Tumblr media
You and Haechan decided to go camping at a beautiful campsite. You were setting up the tent, when suddenly you were distracted by a cute boy passing by near you. Your boyfriend smirked.
"I saw you. Don't think about sleeping in this tent. You're going to end up sleeping with the bears"
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sluttyten · 2 days ago
for writing prompt 18,21,23 with Johnny :)
Johnny + “you need to use your words, love.” + “show me just how much you missed me.” + “show me exactly where you want me.”
You were the one that left Johnny, the one that called quits on this arrangement you had with him. You came to him for sex, he gave you gifts. Really, you'd been getting more out of the arrangement than he had been, but you weren't sure he ever saw it that way.
You were the one that got dicked down regularly, gifted multiple orgasms on a spectacular dick, as well as gifted jewelry and clothes and expensive dinners.
Johnny spoiled you, but you were the one that walked away from it all because you caught feelings and that's the one thing that Johnny had made clear from the start that he wouldn't give you. He wouldn't tell you he loved you, just give you sex and presents, and at first that had seemed like a good deal until suddenly you realized the sour taste in your mouth when you had to leave him.
So you'd left, but after a month away, here you were crawling back to him.
Johnny didn't even look surprised when he opened the door to his apartment and found you standing outside. You felt so small under his gaze, so desperate for him to accept you back. Your heart almost split from the relief when Johnny stepped aside and welcomed you in.
He got a drink for you, a drink for him, and you sat down across from each other in his small living room. And then you looked at each other in silence, sipping your drinks, neither of you saying a word until Johnny eventually got tired of the silence.
"You need to use your words, love. Why are you here?" He sits his glass down heavily on the side table.
You stare down into your glass. Do you tell him the truth? That you left him because you loved him, that you're back because you love him too much to be able to stay away? Does all of this just make you a masochist?
"Baby?" Johnny's voice is soft, prompting you to look up at him again.
When he looks at you as he is right now, as if you're the only person in the world to him, the words fly from your mouth without much more thought.
"I missed you, Johnny. I shouldn't have left, I'm sorry."
"You're sorry? Why?" He leans forward with his elbows on his knees. "The important thing is that you came back, right? Because you missed me. Do you want to show me just how much you missed me?"
This is how it always goes with him. Maybe a little brief conversation, maybe a drink or two or ten, but soon the situation turns toward sex. That is why this all started out, so you can't be surprised, and even now after a month away, you find yourself drawn into this usual pattern.
Your mouth fills with the hunger to have him.
"Come on, love." Johnny leans back in his seat, spreading his legs temptingly. "Show me just how much you missed me."
One moment you're sitting on the seat across from him, still holding your drink, and in the next you're on your knees in between his legs. Your glass is somewhere behind you long-forgotten, your hands too busy now with unfastening Johnny's pants, getting at his cock that you've missed so much over the last few weeks.
Your moans are all that you hear as you take Johnny's length into your mouth. You've missed having him fill your mouth, weighing down your tongue, gagging you as you push yourself to take him all the way in.
Soon Johnny's hand falls to the back of your head, stroking your hair as you bob on his cock, blowing him to your heart's content. You used to spend ages sucking on his cock, sitting dumbly between his legs with his cock in your mouth while he played games or worked on something on his computer.
Being back here makes you feel like no time has passed, that you've lost nothing with him.
"You're so good for me, love." Johnny tells you, his voice catching low, not letting out a moan, but letting you know that if he would let himself make such a noise in front of you, then he would have. Johnny was never one to let out sweet sounds of pleasure for you; he used his words instead, no matter how many times you'd told him that you wanted to hear him moan. "Missed your pretty lips around my cock."
His thumb traces around your lips as you pull your head up until only his tip rests between your lips.
"So pretty." Johnny's compliments have always gone straight to your head, but after being away from them for a month, this one nearly makes you lightheaded.
You sit back, letting your hand take over from your mouth, and you pout up at him. "I missed you, daddy. I couldn't stay away any longer."
"Yeah? Shouldn't have left me in the first place. No explanation or anything, just gone one morning when I woke up." He pushes his fingers into your hair, tipping your head back so you're looking him right in the eye. "You didn't answer my texts or my calls. And now here you are, back again as if nothing changed, telling me you want me."
You suck your bottom lip into your mouth.
Johnny tuts at you. "Is this all I am to you, baby? Just a cock for you to suck on until you get bored?"
But isn't that basically all you are to him too? Just a pussy to cum in with no strings attached?
You shake your head. He's more to you. Johnny is so much more than just his cock. You love him, and sitting here on your knees before him with his hand tangled in your hair and his cock in your hand, you know that more than ever. You want to be close to him. As close as can be because you want him.
"Johnny, I'm sorry."
He tugs lightly on your hair before releasing his hold. "You just want me. Well, go on, show me exactly where you want me."
It's extremely rare that Johnny lets you do what you want without you begging him endlessly for it, so for him to offer it up to you like this, it takes you a moment to kick into motion.
Johnny watches you with his cool gaze as you stand up smoothly. He watches as you strip out of your clothes, and it's only the slightest bob of his throat that tells you that the sight of you standing entirely nude in front of him is affecting him.
He drops his head back against the back of his seat when you step closer, swinging a leg over his lap to seat yourself there. His hands sit now on either armrest, unmoving even as you start kissing his throat, lightly dragging your wet pussy over his cock.
When this goes on for another minute of him acting entirely unaffected by you, a fear sparks to life in your heart, and you wonder if you're doing something wrong.
The moment you lift your head from his throat, you catch sight of Johnny's eyes closed, his lips parted, his face smooth with quiet pleasure. Then you spot one of his hands clenching the arm of his chair. Maybe he's not so unaffected.
He stays just like that even as you reach down between your body and his to angle his cock for you to sit down on him. The only change is his lips snapping shut, his throat bobbing once more. You like watching him like this, seeing these subtle details that you're sure he doesn't even realize.
Johnny lets you caress his face, only opening his eyes to watch you as you lift yourself up only to drop back down on his cock, your body moving in slow undulations. His tongue darts out to wet his lips, and you can't hold back anymore.
You've missed kissing Johnny.
His lips part against yours, and the moment that his tongue touches yours, it's like a switch is flipped. His hands leave the arms of the chair to plant themselves on your hips. He takes control, and you give it over willingly, circling your arms around his neck, drowning in his kiss.
Johnny directs your hips, keeping your hips rolling, bouncing you on his cock. You've missed him so much that the need to cum rises quickly; you've been so horny without him to satisfy you when you needed him to, so you haven't cum once in the month you've been apart.
Johnny smiles as you cum, clenching around his cock and letting sweet moans of his name out.
He keeps going, knowing just how easy it is to pull multiple orgasms out of you. You cum again just a moment later, clawing at his shoulders, which only drives Johnny to fuck you down on his cock faster, loving the feeling of you cumming around him. He fucks you until you're eyes burn and tears drip down your cheeks, and he kisses at your tears, pushing you into another orgasm with his fingers on your clit.
It's the fourth orgasm when you collapse forward, fingernails digging into his skin, your lips pressed to his neck. Your body shivers and twitches, pussy pulsating around his cock and so sensitive that you think just another orgasm might be the end of you.
Johnny, who (for the record, claims) he does not moan, lets out a sound then that sounds a hell of a lot like a moan, though it's cut off a little early. And then he cums inside you, and it feels so good after so long without it, that you feel a little drunk on the feeling of his orgasm mixing with your own.
And much like when you're really drunk, you're happy and crying and the words come out of you before you can think twice about them.
"I love you, Johnny," you cry against his shoulder, your wet cheek sticking to his skin. "That's why I left. I want you, I love you, I missed you."
His hands rub soothingly at your hips. His lips brush your shoulder. "That's okay, love."
That's okay. That's all he had to say when you confessed. Like, that's okay, I forgive you for stupidly falling in love. Or that's okay, but I told you I can't feel the same. You hold still in his arms. Maybe you should leave. Maybe this could've been goodbye, because the last time before this, you didn't think it was going to be the last time, but maybe this one could be.
Johnny strokes your hips, and then he slides his hands higher until he's combing his fingers through your hair and the other hand reaches for your hand. Softly, Johnny tells you, "I missed you too, you know. I didn't like waking up alone, having you leave my messages unanswered. Like, one day I had the world, and the next, I was adrift in space."
You sit up, pushing away from his chest so you can look at his face and make sure that Johnny's actually saying these words.
You've always been under the impression that although you definitely got more out of the arrangement since you got bomb dick and gifts, that you were the one that valued it more than Johnny even though he was the one giving you everything. You thought you were just a fuck, a pretty girl for him to give things to make her look prettier in his eyes. Because he'd told you with words from his own mouth that he wouldn't love you, but now here's these new words, telling you that you were like his world.
"You can't say stuff like this," you tell him, pressing your hand against his chest.
"Like what?" Despite those sweet words, Johnny's face is still the solid, cool expression that you so often see.
You frown. "You can't say stuff, comparing me to being your whole world. Not when you told me that you couldn't or wouldn't love me."
Now it's Johnny's turn to frown. "I didn't say that. I said that I wouldn't tell you that, not that I wouldn't feel that way. I'm not.... I'm not good at saying stuff like that, but that doesn't mean I don't feel that way. I like having you in my life, in my bed. I like treating you to gifts, taking you out, making you happy. You make me happy. I thought we were happy until you vanished last month."
"What a fucking miscommunication this has all been." You slide your hands over his shoulders, thumbs resting on either side of his throat. "I could kill you for the stress you've put me through. So you love me, even if you won't say it? That sounds like a problem I can work with."
Maybe it's a bigger problem, to have a man in your life that claims to love you without using those actual words, but you're certain, as Johnny smiles at you, as that cool facade of his breaks a bit to show you the sunshine he is beneath, that you can pull him out of that shell, disappear his fear of telling you he loves you.
requests are closed now! thank you everyone for sending them in!
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jenomark · 2 days ago
I want to request 00 line reaction to fingering you while you are both cuddling and watching a movie🥰
Renjun: Laying your back against his chest felt cozy. With your head on Renjun's shoulder, feeling the rise and fall of his chest, you nearly fell asleep. "Stay awake." Renjun whispered. Even that made you feel drowsy, his voice like music to your ears. "I'm trying," you said, yawning. "It's just so very hard." Silently, his fingers slipped underneath the waistband of your pajama pants. "What do you think you're doing?" you asked, spreading your legs to let him know he had your full consent. Renjun's hand cupped you like he was holding you in the palm of his hand. You hooked your legs over his and readjusted yourself. Renjun slipped your panties to the side, swiping his fingers between your labia. You squirmed from his touch and said, "Baby, you're hands are cold." Renjun took his hands from your pussy and placed his palm against his mouth, breathing on his skin to warm it up. Good and warm, he went back to what he was doing, slipping your panties to the side and playing with you. He avoided your clit, circling 'round and 'round, moving lower to gather some wetness, before teasing you again. You were moving your hips, desperate for him to slip his fingers inside of you, for the sensation to make your thighs quake. You whined, your eyes unable to focus on the movie. You kept watching his wrist sticking out of your pants and watching the bulge of his knuckles against your pajamas. "Do it. Do it. Do it." you found yourself begging. Renjun slipped two of his fingers inside of you, while using his thumb to finally brush against your clit.
Jeno: You shared the same couch, laying horizontally next to each other, with Jeno in the back and you in the front. He had one of his legs hooked over yours so you couldn't move, and his arms were wrapped around you. You liked when he was clingy, liked having these moments where you could rest, away from the world and in the quiet. "This movie is boring." you said. A laugh of relief escaped from Jeno and he said, "I didn't want to be the first to say it." You would have turned to him and asked what he wanted to do next, but Jeno had you in a position where you couldn't move, even if you wanted to. There was a brief silence where you could hear how heavy Jeno was breathing, before you grinded your ass against him and felt his lips on your neck. You went hot and heavy like that for a few minutes, both of you getting out of control, until Jeno took the next step. His hands were in your underwear, rubbing you softly, in a way that made you want to hump yourself against his hand. The creaking of the couch didn't stop you. You only lifted your leg up higher so that Jeno could finger you more easily, his digits inside of you, opening you up. You moaned, the sound getting stuck in the throat that Jeno bent over to nip. "Let's see how fast I can make you come." he said, his nose smushing up against your cheek. Jeno fingered you, not giving you a chance to catch your breath. And when you finally did come, he overstimulated you, torturously rubbing your clit in circles until you had to beg him to stop.
Haechan: He sat on the remote, not knowing that he accidentally paused the movie. Neither of you cared, your attention solely on each other. You made out on the couch, pushing yourself against his body, your hands moving dangerously lower and lower. "Why do you always do this to me?" Haechan said, tapping your bottom lip with his finger with every word. You kissed his neck until you heard him growl. "You're not doing this to me again." he said, acting angry. Haechan lifted himself up and twisted his body to look down at you. You filled his space on the couch, looking up at him like he meant the world to you. "I can't help myself when I'm around you." you said. Haechan looked from your lips, to your chest, and down to the spot you wished he would never look away from. You were so horny and wanting, your body on fire wherever he touched you. "Let's give you another excuse." he said. He leaned down and kissed the waistband of your sweatpants, pulling them down an inch when his kisses went lower. He stopped before he got too low, which made you want to cry out. Instead, Haechan touched you with his fingers. Slowly, at first, watching the way you reacted. He pushed one finger inside of you, then two, setting a pace that would make you wish he was filling you up with his cock. "How is this?" he asked. You nodded feverishly, gripping the couch cushion with one hand. "Moan my name." Haechan said, picking up the pace and fucking you with his fingers a little faster. "Donghyuck." you said, closing your eyes and arching your back.
Jaemin: "These sex scenes aren't even realistic." Jaemin said, watching them with distaste. On the screen, the man had the woman against the wall and was hiking up her skirt. "They never are." you said. Jaemin continued, really gearing up for a rant, "Where is the passion? They look like they can't stand each other." You watched him, your amusement clearly lost on him. "What?" Jaemin asked. "I'm right." You laughed, moved a little closer to him and said, "Maybe we should show them how it's done." Getting the hint, Jaemin kissed you, his mouth hungry. Really, you wanted him to push you up against the wall like the man in the movie, to show you that true passion can be done that way, but Jaemin was always more of a giver. He used his weight to push you back down onto the couch, his mouth moving along your jawline. "Do you think I can make you come before the scene is done?" he asked, his smile a little sick and twisted. You looked at the screen to see that the man was now taking the woman's clothes off using her teeth. "You could try." you said, knowing that following it up with a little cocky smile would make Jaemin give his best effort. He was in your pants in a flash, warming up your pussy with his fingers. Though his touch was delicate, Jaemin knew every spot you liked. He knew which pressure to use and how best to drive you insane with pleasure. He had you coming as the sex scene in the movie ended, your first orgasm leaving you hot and breathless. You tried getting up, hoping for more action, but Jaemin pressed you down. "Do you think I'm done with you?" he asked, disappearing between your thighs.
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writemekpop · a day ago
Empty | Johnny Suh
Pairing: Johnny Suh x Reader
Summary: You're nine months pregnant - and in a fiery argument with your boyfriend Johnny. A horrible accident puts your love to the test...
Genre: Established relationship AU, Pregnant!Y/n, angst
Word Count: 1.4k
Warnings: MAJOR angst, an accident, Johnny is a shitty boyfriend 
Tumblr media
You hated nagging your boyfriend Johnny, but you couldn’t take this any longer. If you didn’t speak up, you’d explode.
“Johnny, did you ask about taking time off work when the twins are born?” 
Johnny sat rigid on the edge of the bed, lacing up his shoes. “Not yet.” 
You sighed. “But the babies are due in ten days…”
You heaved yourself up, which was not easy with your swollen belly, and walked over to Johnny’s side of the bed. You touched his shoulder. 
“I miss you being around, J…” 
He shrugged your hand off. “Can you stop nagging me for one goddamn second? I’m going to work. I’ll see you in the evening.”
Before you could reply, Johnny was gone. You heard the door slam shut downstairs. 
You sighed. For some reason, Johnny had become so cold and distant lately. He said he was happy you were pregnant, but you were no longer sure. 
You spent the whole day stewing, so by the time Johnny got back from work, you were mad. 
Johnny yelled from the doorway. “I’m home! What’s for dinner?”  
You bit your tongue and turned up the volume on the TV.
Johnny came into the living room. “Did you hear me? What are we eating tonight?”
You just scoffed, your eyes not moving from the screen. 
Johnny strode up to you and snatched the remote from your hand. He switched the TV off. 
“Hey! I was watching that!” you cried. 
Johnny crossed his arms. “Oh, so you can hear me.” 
You glared up your boyfriend. “Give that back.” 
“No.” Johnny snapped. “Not until you pay attention to me. What the hell is going on?” 
“I don’t want to raise our children alone,” you said. “And I’m not your maid. Make your own goddamn dinner.”
Johnny tugged his hand through his hair. “I’m so sick of having this argument over and over. I’m not giving up my job as an idol. I’ve worked so hard for it.” 
“I’m not asking you to give it up, I’m asking for a month off. Is that too much to ask?”
“Yeah, it is!” Johnny shouted “I can’t take a career break out of nowhere! A lot of people rely on me.” 
You frowned. “Hey. I didn’t want to take a career break, either.”
“But you’re just a-” 
Johnny stopped mid-sentence. He gulped. 
“Just a… what?” you spat. “Just a waitress? Is that what you were going to say?” 
His voice was softer now. “I didn’t mean it like that, Y/n.” 
“Yes, you did.” You couldn’t stop your voice from breaking. “I’m going upstairs.” 
You heaved yourself off the sofa and walked to the stairs. You began to climb. Stairs took a long time when you were nine months pregnant.
Johnny stood at the bottom of the stairs, arms crossed. “Y/n, stop being such a drama queen. We haven’t even eaten dinner yet!”
You turned your head to face him. “Marry the goddamn dinner, why don’t you Well I haven’t cooked so you’ll just have to- AAHH!”
Your foot slipped, sending you tumbling down the stairs. 
You landed on the floor with a thud.
A white-hot pain shot through your legs, and then your stomach began to cramp. “The babies!” you gasped.
Johnny rushed to your side. “Oh my god, are you okay?” 
“Don’t touch me!” you yelled, tears streaming down your face.
“We need to go to a hospital.” Johnny ignored your protests and hoisted you up from the ground. He put your arm around his shoulder and walked you to the sofa. 
“Don’t start pretending you care about me now- Ahh-” Another sharp stab sliced through your stomach. 
Johnny’s eyes were wide as saucers. “Y/n, please. Let me call an ambulance.”
You gritted your teeth. As much as you hated your boyfriend right now, it would be stupid not to accept his help. 
“Alright,” you said. Within ten minutes, two paramedics were helping you into the ambulance.
Johnny followed behind you and stepped into the back of the ambulance.
“No!” you shouted. 
The paramedic squeezed your hand. “It’s okay, your partner can ride with us to the hospital.”
Tears welled in your eyes. “I… I don’t want him to come with me.”
The paramedic gulped awkwardly. She turned to Johnny. “I’m sorry sir, but I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” She lowered her voice. “I guess you can meet us at the hospital?” 
Johnny looked like you’d punched him in the gut. You’d never seen him look so sad as the ambulance doors shut, leaving him on the outside, alone. 
Johnny sat in the hallway of the Emergency Room, head hung low. 
The sound of wailing and coughing came at him from all sides, drowning him. He’d been sat there for hours – and no one had told him anything.
Just then, he felt a hand tap his shoulder. He looked up to see a doctor, with black hair in two tight braids. “Are you Y/n’s partner?”
Johnny jumped to his feet. “Yes, I am. Is she okay?”
“Actually, sir, you might want to sit down. I have some… bad news.” 
Johnny’s heart fell into his shoes. He sat down, the doctor beside him. “What happened?”
“First things first. I want you to know that Y/n is healthy.”
“Oh thank god,” Johnny sighed, visibly relaxing. But then a horrible feeling washed through him. “What about the babies?”
The doctor shifted uncomfortably in her seat. “We managed to deliver the first twin without any problems. But… we weren’t able to get to the other twin in time. I’m so sorry, sir. We lost the second baby.”
It was as if time had stopped.
The doctor’s voice faded into the background. He could feel his heart, he could hear his breaths… but everything else was numb. The room started to spin. 
In that moment, he didn’t know if one second passed or a million. 
All he knew was that he had to get to you. 
“Y/n. Where is she?” Johnny croaked. 
The doctor touched his arm. “Come with me.” 
You were lying in your hospital bed, staring at the wall. 
A knocking jolted you out of your haze. 
You looked to the door and saw Johnny. You had tried to stay strong, but when you saw his face, a dam burst inside of you. 
“Johnny,” you cried, stretching out your arms. “Our baby… they couldn’t-” 
Johnny ran to your side and wrapped his arms around you. You buried your head into his shoulder and screamed out your sadness. 
Johnny gripped you tighter. “I’m so so sorry, Y/n.” 
Just then, you were interrupted by a soft cry from the corner of the room. 
Johnny turned his head to the sound. His brows shot up. “Is that-”
You nodded. “Our son.”
Johnny walked over to the crib. He stared down at the little baby, who wrapped in a purple fleece blanket. He picked up the baby and held him close to his chest. 
He felt the little boy tremble and snuggle into him. He couldn’t imagine a moment so happy, yet so sad. “H-hey little buddy,” he said.
“Give him here,” you said. 
Johnny handed his son over. 
You touched the baby’s chubby cheek, fresh tears running down your own. 
Johnny sat down beside the bed. “Y/n. It’s my fault you stormed upstairs in the first place. If I hadn’t argued, then maybe we wouldn’t have… we wouldn’t have lost-”
“Shh,” you said. “We don’t know that.”
Johnny’s rubbed his cheeks harshly to wipe away the tears. “I do. I’ll never forgive myself for this. I should have listened to you more. I took you for granted, Y/n. and I… I promise I’ll never do that again.”
You hugged your baby closer, heart twisting. “Don’t make promises you can’t keep.”
Johnny broke. He curled up, shoulders shaking, sobbing like you’d never heard him before. 
Your heart twinged. “Johnny… look at me.”
He lifted his head. His eyes were bloodshot. 
You took a shuddery breath. “I don’t blame you for what happened. But… but things need to change. Between us. I don’t want to do this alone.” Your voice cracked. “I can’t.” 
Johnny stood up, wrapping you and the baby in his strong arms. “You won’t have to.”
Let us know what you thought in the comments or on anon! 💋
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suhweetdreams · 16 hours ago
hi i would love to if you could write a story with jaehyun where he gives y/n a massage and then fucks y/n
long. enjoy, 1.8k baby. dont think i'll give this one a name either LOL
warnings: fingering, doggy, reverse cowgirl, breeding kink
“hey. how was work?” you were often the culprit of jaehyun’s questions when your foot first lands in your apartment, toeing off your shoes with ease as he welcomes you with a peck to your cheek. he holds your waist loosely while you massage your ankles and toes, glad for a breath of fresh air even if they were hidden behind socks.
jaehyun drags you into the living room before you can speak, manspreading like he’s done it a hundred time before and pats his thighs. it makes you smile and raise an eyebrow. settling in front of him felt good, although he yanks you back onto his chest a little enthusiastically than usual that you let out a squeal. you just pass it off that he’s happy to see you after a day of doing nothing.
in a way, he has done it a hundred times. it was routine at this point, where you’d just sit against his back and lay against him, sometimes tilting your head back to admire his side profile. you’d talk about co-workers, your lunch, your overbearing tasks, all while jaehyun gently massages your sides with alternating hands, always sure to apply a fair amount of pressure to ease out your nerves.
he laughs into your neck at your reaction, but other than that, he remains quiet as you start on your rant, gesturing widely to this one annoying colleague that’s been getting on your nerves for the past few weeks. always talking over you for the tasks assigned to you, dropping badly-timed statements that definitely could be defined as a backhanded compliment; you could go on and on about the co-worker that you don’t notice jaehyun’s hands retreating from your waist to push you away from his body, travelling up your back instead.
they slowly feel up your back like an experienced masseuse, testing the waters with his thumb in a particularly deep dig in between your shoulder blades. it makes you gasp, the rant about how the same co-worker had accidentally interrupted by your sound of surprise. it’s the exhale of breath, however, that resembled something dangerously close to a whimper and you hope to god that jaehyun doesn’t hear it.
“you gotta relax for me, baby,” jaehyun grunts, continuing to sort out the kinks and aches in your back, no doubt brought about by your bad posture. at least if you were working from home, jaehyun would be able to provide you with hourly reminders to stretch out your back. ah, well, this would have to suffice.
jaehyun was talented with his hands, portraying his efficiency in relaxing the tension in your back with how intimately they moved from one area to another. another crack resonates throughout the room, making you moan out at the released tightness.
jaehyun loses his grip on sanity each time his knuckle, thumbs, fingers meet every inch of your back, eliciting countless other sounds that went south with how lewd they sounded. when you whimper again, he sighs with a little praise of good girl, breath tickling your ear lightly that it causes you to giggle. you’re at ease now, leaning back before he seemingly massages out the last ache in your back.
“you’re a bothersome little minx, aren’t you?” the other smirks against your neck, another giggle escaping your lips when you feel his hand prying your thighs apart. “well, thank fucking god you wore a skirt today.”
jaehyun’s smirk stretches into a grin when he feels how there’s a wet patch on your underwear from the suggestive session where you could feel his hardening erection against your bum. it played out like a bad sex scene from a movie, but you couldn’t complain when you were the stars of the show, able to feeling jaehyun’s fingers on your hips, on your thighs. he drags a finger to your centre painfully slow that you thrash gently against his hold, but it only makes him reinforce the secure arm he has around you. “patience, angel.”
“sorry, hun, but your massages are always so good. i still wonder why we didn’t do this earlier.”
“then… let’s change up our tradition a little, huh?” he purrs, panties already to the side before jaehyun slips a sneaky finger in. your hole sucks him in so easily that a groan is heard, possibly from the both of you. you’re not even sure any more, body overtaken by pleasure as he adds a second finger. you’re so wet that it’s no trouble for the man, who marvels over your shoulder at how good you’re taking his digits.
“haah… j-jae…” he chuckles against your shoulder, eyes never leaving how he’s pumping his fingers into you. they stretch you out so good and you can barely manage words, reduced to nothing but breathy moans and whines while he fucks you open. you mewl on a sudden hard thrust where his fingers are so deep that it’s up to his knuckle. he laughs again.
“you’re doing so good, baby,” jaehyun murmurs, “but i don’t think i can hold it in any longer.” the emptiness you feel when he removes his fingers was criminal, but you can’t complain when you’d be getting his cock in a second or two, already eyeing the bulge that showed itself through his sweatpants. your mouth drops open when he pulls it down in one swift pull, not so much for his length but more of the fact that he wasn’t wearing any underwear.
“of course you aren’t wearing boxers. you’ve been planning this, haven’t you?”
“caught red-handed. a smart one, aren’t you?” jaehyun speaks through pants while he lubes up his cock with his pre-cum, boring holes into your eyes with his with a lazy smirk. he doesn’t miss the way you’re rubbing circles onto your neglected cunt. “guess i’d just have to fuck the smart out of you.”
he uses his strength to turn you over, smushing your face into the cushions below you before he eases himself into you, groaning at how fast you clench around him. jaehyun can forgive you for that, since he’s left you on edge with a gaping hole that showed how good his fingers could stretch you out. he reaches a hand over to push your hand from your clit gently while he lets you get used to his thick length resting into you and he swears he feels you clench again when his fingers play with your bundle of nerves.
“let me take care of you tonight. leave it to me.” jaehyun snaps his hips against your ass, propelling you forward just a little from the force. it draws out a slurred moan, even more when he starts his assault on your pussy, sliding in and out of you deliciously.
“mmhm uh- uh- jaeee…!” the fabric below you is stained with your drool.
jaehyun’s already sure you’d get a noise complaint filed against you tomorrow morning, but he can’t care much when the sounds falling from your lips are his favourite song, while his name is like a prayer that you recite every night. tonight just so happened to be the first, with many more sessions involving your begging for him to fuck you harder, faster, deeper. you’re so fucking desperate for his cock when you push back onto him, meeting his thrusts with your own rhythm while the cushions soak up your moans.
eyeing the tv for a second, the male has never felt so glad that he’s set the screensaver to be a boring black screen. it mimics a mirror with the exception of a few blurred visuals due to the semi-matte protector you opted for. “w-wha? jae-“ in a second, jaehyun hauls you up to rest against his chest again, the friction of your shirts uncomfortable from the sweat that manages to seep through. none of you pay much attention, rather to the black screen in front of you that shows how pliant you are for jaehyun.
thighs wide open, while your greedy cunt takes in every inch of jaehyun. it makes him cum right then and there but he holds himself bask the best that he can. “look at you, pretty girl. split open by my fat cock, whining like a good little girl.” the words drives heat up your body like electricity and your body can’t deny itself any longer, grinding down on the length that’s buried deep in you; the sight in front of you only turns you on more. jaehyun is true to his word like a gentleman, driving his dick deep into you instead of making you do the work and soon, he settles into a comfortable pace.
“j-jaehyuuun… shit..” your head finds home on his shoulders, thrown back while his hips continue to piston into you endlessly, heeding your word when you ask him to pick up the pace. “yeah? feel good, darling?” your moans and his combine with the loud, pornographic sounds coming from in between your legs, cunt dripping with arousal with every pump of his pelvis. giddily, you nod at the question, hands tightly wrapped around his arms that were holding your legs open.
“look at the screen, pretty girl.” and you do, mewling in excitement when you witness a white ring of cum at the base of his cock. “should i cum in you? would you like that, hm?” you’re rendered speechless by he fills you up to the brim with his hard thrusts, pussy fluttering around him when you think of him filling you up in another way and you nod again like a dumb little bitch.
“yes- yes yes! fuck, cum in me.” with your confirmation, it unleashes something feral in jaehyun, delivering faster thrusts that you start crying out, reaching all the corners of the small apartment. it contributes to the heat growing in the pit of your stomach, “fill me up, p-please…!” jaehyun emits a deep groan when you say the words, snapping up into you until they get sloppier and messier, thighs tired from his constant movements.
“cumming, cumming, cumming!” you announce it, pussy clenching tight around his cock as you release your juices all over it. jaehyun follows quickly after, hips stuttering before pumping you full of his cum, spurting his seed deep into your womb. the feeling has you shaking, licking your lips in a thrill when the first drop of cum oozes out of you. littering small kisses down the length of your neck, he uses his finger to stuff it back into you. “shit… we can’t waste any of it, can we?” you roll your eyes, turning your head to the side to meet his lips with a smile, silently thanking him for the destress.
“fucking hell, seriously?” holding a piece of paper the next morning, you faintly make out the words through the morning vision. jaehyun looks over your shoulder and lets out a loud laugh, barely escaping your poorly aimed smacks as you figure out how to sort out the noise complaint. “your pussy was just too wet, waking up the whole building-“
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primehyuck · a day ago
Tumblr media
AKA you’re in love with your best friend and you’re pretty sure he doesn’t love you back (you’re wrong #spoilers)
loving!dom renjun w/fem reader
genre: a little fluff/angst/slice of life(college AU), AND smut
word count: ~6400 
warnings: LOTS of weed smoking, oral (f), big dick renjun (heheh), lots of pet names, body worship (f), gentle choking, dirty talk, renjun has a bit of a praise kink, bff renjun is so sweet he gives me cavities 
You’re not sure what happened, but your feelings for Renjun knocked the wind out of you last year on the walk from his front door to your car. In a short moment he went from ‘Renjun, awkwardly long-limbed friend of a friend that has cool hair’ to- ‘Renjun, boy with really pretty lips who doesn’t love you back’. You liked it better before, especially as the two of you grew closer; enough long talks in a smoke circle and suddenly he knows you like the back of his hand. It all felt very early 2000’s teen rom-com and you were getting sick of wishing your feelings would disappear, or that you could write a poem about how much you hated him and suddenly you’re kissing in a parking lot.
“You said you’d meet me downstairs 30 minutes ago,” Renjun appeared suddenly in the chair next to you, closing your laptop and bumping his knee into your leg “I was waiting for you down by the coffee cart and the same group of girls walked by me twice, how embarrassing.” He fisted his hands over his chest, leaning into his chair and letting his head hang back. 
“Yeah, I bet they all wanted you before they saw you standing alone.” You rolled your eyes at him, packing away your computer and letting your face fall heavily against the table into crossed arms “I’m so tired.” You heard Renjun shift, his hand snaking underneath your elbow so he could wiggle his fingers against yours. When you turn to look at him, he’s resting his cheek on his own arm, shooting you a sweet smile.
“Let me buy you dinner? There’s a 100% chance I owe you money for something.” You nod and he pushes your chair in for you after you stand, rattling off all your favorite places to eat while walking toward the stairs. It was these small moments that took your breath away, when he had no idea that just by being a good friend, he had you sinking deeper and deeper. 
There was a time when you thought he maybe liked you back; a few months ago, he started spending random nights with you after staying up late hanging out, inviting himself into your bed and making your pillows smell like him. You quickly realized that he was just too tired to go home late at night. You didn’t mind keeping a toothbrush and spare set of clothes for him to sleep in on hand, seeing how many nights passed until the smell of his shampoo faded from your pillow (three if you were lucky). The way he falls asleep almost instantly curled into your chest with a long arm draped over your torso meant you were never able to shove your feelings deep down where embarrassing memories from high school and crushes on best friends went to die. 
You debated creating distance between the two of you for a while but looking at him now from across your couch you’re so happy you didn’t. He had pulled your legs into his lap, waving his hands around while he told a story. You take mental pictures of him, filing them away in folders for different occasions. Tonight, it was snapshots of him raising his eyebrows at you in the mirror while you both brushed your teeth, looking cozy in his pajamas and glasses. Getting you a glass of water without you needing to ask, taking a sip of it before handing it to you. Snuggling into you when he finally finished the story he had started telling while you were walking out of the library earlier that evening, wiggling his head whenever your fingers stopping moving against him. 
“Thanks for buying me dinner.” You murmured when he finished talking 
“Thanks for letting me.” He was half asleep, head becoming heavy on your stomach. You remember the first time he ever spent the night, warning you seriously with a finger in your face that if you tried to snuggle, he would push you off the bed because he needed his space while he slept. You had been fine with that arrangement, only it didn’t last 15 minutes; Renjun tapping your back gently and asking if you could play with his hair which did in fact help him sleep. Now the first place he puts his head when he lays down is on you, wrapping his arms gently around you and waiting patiently for your nails on his scalp. 
“Today sucked.” Renjun mumbled into the couch, one leg hanging onto the floor, and you cringed at the idea of your own face being buried in the cushion of a couch that’s been passed between frat houses like a cigarette outside of a bar, finally landing in the basement of the house shared by Renjun, Haechan, and Jaemin. 
“Do you want to talk about it?” You offered, sitting on the ground near his head and reaching up to stroke the bleached hair hanging over his neck, leaning your chin forward to rest on your hand against the cushion. As expected, he shook his head ‘no’, and you stared at his cheek, waiting for him to speak. You rubbed his neck gently, digging your fingers into the tight knots leading into his shoulders. You learned quickly that the best way to make Renjun feel better was just to be near, and at this point you jumped at every opportunity to touch him. No matter how big the problem was, if you pushed him, he closed up; all Renjun ever needed was a little bit of time.
As pathetic as you feel sometimes you give yourself credit, nobody seemed suspicious of your friendship and none of your mutual friends ever even questioned if you had feelings for him. Of course, the boys made jokes, mainly at Renjun’s expense, and Jaemin once greened out and admitted to you that it was just because he and Haechan were jealous. 
“I wish I had a friend like you.” Jaemin grumbled around the straw you were forcing into his mouth, trying to get him to drink some water.
“I am your friend.” You laughed, pressing his chin closed until he took a long sip. 
“S’not the same as you and Renjunnie” he slumped into his bed, cheek smushed in a way that almost looked painful “you guys are best friends and you never get sick of each other, do you know how sick I am of Haechan?” He whined and you shook your head, running your hands over his hair to soothe him while he smacked his lips in an attempt to help his dry mouth.
“Renjun loves you more than me, you know” He whispered, “but that’s okay” and then he was asleep, and you were alone with your heart pounding against your ribs so hard you swear the bed was shaking.
“You always know exactly what to say.” Renjun turned his face out of the couch, startling you out of your memory and you had to stop yourself from pulling away from him. He scrunched his nose at you cutely, face only a few inches from yours
“You make it pretty easy.” You tilted your head to create space without being obvious about needing it. He closed his eyes with a hum and, God, you just wanted to take his picture. Sometimes it felt like he was getting prettier by the day; or maybe it was you just wanting things you can’t have. You decided quickly after realizing how you felt that your friendship wasn’t worth risking. Eventually he would start dating someone and your feelings would either kill you or evaporate into reality. 
You just really hoped that didn’t happen anytime soon.
The last time you ever entered the boys house without knocking was the same day you realized how you really felt about your best friend. You’d always let yourself in, you even had your own key just in case any of them ever remembered to lock the front door. 
Renjun’s car was out front, and you assumed the other boys had gone to the liquor store to stock up for the kickback they were planning on throwing that evening. You followed his laugh upstairs, nearly running into his shirtless figure when you reached the top. 
“Oh, shit” he glanced back into his room to the clock on his desk, “I’m sorry I completely lost track of time.” Renjun was apologetic, but you stared past him to where he was holding hands with a girl you had seen on campus a few times before. Her hair was a mess, and she had a hickey on her neck, mascara smudged under her eyes as she smiled shyly at you. 
“Uh, no that’s my bad.” You laughed breathily, unfamiliar feelings rising in your stomach had you backing away, doing your best to avoid staring at Renjun’s bare chest “I’m going to go find the boys.” You turned, trying to get back outside as quickly as possible, hoping he would assume you rushed away because you felt awkward and not because you were suddenly suffocating.
When you got back to your car you dropped your forehead onto the steering wheel, shaking your head in confusion and trying to figure out what the fuck just happened. You and Renjun talked about everything, including your sex lives, but up until now you’d never actually seen any evidence of his. The hole in your chest growing bigger with every breath you took, trying to erase the vision of his messy bed and the way his sweatpants hung low on his hips. 
A tap on your car window made you jump, turning to see Jaemin looking at you confused. You cracked your door and he pulled it open the rest of the way, arm stretched out to lean against it. 
“Why do you look like you want to throw up?” He squinted his eyes suspiciously at you “I warned you never to look under Haechan’s bed.” You laughed, shaking your head, and leaning into your seat. 
“Renjun has a girl over and I didn’t know, so I just saw a lot more of him than I anticipated,” you faked being disgusted well, Jaemin physically cringing at your words, and he stretched his hand out for you to grab
“I’m so sorry, that sounds terrible,” he squeezed your fingers tightly, “do you want a beer?” You had never been so grateful for Jaemin in the two years that you’d known each other, nodding enthusiastically and following him to the door
“You better not be naked I swear to fucking god.” Jaemin shouted, cracking the door just enough to poke his head in and you heard Renjun groan from inside before Jaemin kicked the door open. 
“Nothing is sacred in this house.” He shouted back
“You scarred her for life, you need to tighten up before she decides enough is enough and finds new friends.” Jaemin joked and Renjun’s eyes fell to wear he was still holding your hand, you squeezed Jaemin’s fingers before pulling out of his grip. 
“Cut me some slack, I don’t scare that easily.” and suddenly it was like it never happened, the topic shifting to something random while you forced your heart to slow down and made your way into the kitchen to help Haechan try to win the game of beer can Tetris he was playing with the fridge. The girl had disappeared in the five minutes you were outside and didn’t show up to the kickback, you were grateful that you didn’t have to see her again and maybe confront yourself with why you were so jealous. You had seen Renjun with girls before; flirting at parties, buying drinks, even getting into Uber’s home with them. You’d even heard stories with too many details about how good or bad the sex was; but you’d never seen him hold a girl’s hand before, or seen him only a few minutes after he’d had sex with messy hair and hooded eyes one shade darker than normal. 
It was the beginning of the end, the more you tried to repress your feelings the stronger they became, eventually you just stopped fighting them. Instead trying to appreciate the fact that your friendship was so intimate and comfortable, and that the next time you saw that girl she was holding hands with somebody else.
“Need help with that” You looked up from the bowl you were packing, smiling at Jeno and shaking your head.
“I’m a pro,” holding up the pipe and waving a hand around it dramatically “but you can take a hit if you want.” Jeno sat next to you, spreading his legs, and slinging an arm over the back of the couch. He and Haechan had been friends for a long time, but since he didn’t live in the house you hadn’t really bonded with him as much as the other boys. 
“I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever.” He takes the pipe from your hand, and you light the bowl for him, watching as he expertly french inhales before pushing the hair off of his forehead and handing it back to you. 
“Been busy?” He nods, watching you inhale and the hand behind your back moves to the base of your neck, fingers running through your hair. You squint your eyes at him, but don’t pull away, never one to refuse physical touch when you were high. 
“We should hang out more often,” Jeno smiles, and you cough, choking on the smoke you were getting ready to exhale.
“I didn’t know we were sharing my weed with other people.” Renjun seemed to appear out of thin air, standing on the other side of the coffee table and staring down at the two of you. Jeno’s fingers stop moving and he tenses but doesn’t pull away.
“Oh shit, sorry” you laugh awkwardly under his intense gaze, trying to shift away from Jeno’s touch. 
“Haechan is looking for you.” He directs his attention toward Jeno who winks at you before getting up off the couch, clapping his hand onto Renjun’s shoulder as he passes. The spot next to you is quickly filled, Renjun reaching for the pipe but not lighting it. 
“Can’t believe you let him smoke out of this” He whined, sinking down into the couch, and resting his head on your shoulder “He’s sleazy.”
“Oh whatever, you guys are friends.” You grabbed the lighter from his slender fingers, waiting for him to bring the pipe to his mouth before flicking it on. The flame glowed soft against his cheeks, eyelashes fluttering while he inhaled. He didn’t even know how good he looked doing it, pink lips pressed tightly to the mouthpiece while smoke filled the chamber, swirling prettily underneath the colorful design decorating the small pipe. He leaned back into the couch, speaking out around the smoke.
“That doesn’t mean I want him using my pipe.” He pulled you back to relax into the couch and put his head on your shoulder again “besides, I know he’s flirting with you, and you’re way too good for him.” You snapped your head up at his words, thinking hard before responding. 
“Okay, I promise not to let Jeno smoke out of your pipe again.” You said, staring at where his hands clasped together in his lap, tempted to reach out and grab them.
“Not just him, I don’t want anybody sharing with you. Not to be dramatic, but if you ever replace me with any of these idiots, I’d have to transfer schools.” You laughed loudly and he whined, trying to prove how serious he was
“You have nothing to worry about,” You fumbled with the lighter, needing to hold onto something “but you can’t ever replace me, either” you threatened, and he scoffed 
“Nah, nobody would ever take care of me the way you do,” you had to remind yourself to breathe, closing your eyes at his compliment and letting your cheek rest on top of his head “also, I left my laptop charger at your place, and I don’t want to buy a new one.”
The blunt was raised to your lips, red eyes skimming around your circle of friends, counting heads. Colors from the cheap rainbow disco ball danced across the shadows of people in the dim light, smoke sitting hazily between every person like a curtain. House music thumped from a speaker near the stairs, but everyone was too immersed in their conversations to even sway to the beat. 
“Hey, you” Renjun sunk down against the wall next to you, the smell of his cologne slicing through the smoke. You offer him the blunt in response and he accepts it gratefully, taking a hit and ashing it into the fake plant to his left. 
“It’s about time you left your room, I’m bored without you.” bumping his arm and staying pressed against him afterward. “You smell good” you dig your nose into his shoulder. The blunt disappears from your fingers again and your head rises with his deep inhale, blowing the smoke out through his nose, glancing around the room. You and Renjun always joke about how at this point people basically have assigned seats in the basement of the boys’ house, afraid for the day someone new joins in and throws a wrench in the system. 
“Come outside with me, it’s too hot in here.” He moves, nudging you gently before grabbing your hands and pulling you off the carpet with him. Your skin buzzes after he drops your fingers to wave at people noticing his arrival.
You followed Renjun upstairs and out front to sit on the porch, getting comfortable on the huge beanbag chair that Haechan swears is the best way to sit outside. You were perfectly high, feeling yourself melt into the beads while you stared up at the clear sky, constellations twinkling and Renjun starts naming them, tilting his head closer to yours as he points at each respective cluster of stars. You bring the blunt to your lips only to realize it had gone out.
“Here,” Renjun sits up and pulls a lighter out of his pocket, guiding your arm to bring the paper back up to your mouth and then cupping his hand around the flame, mimicking the way you opened and closed your lips to get it burning again “I have some pre rolls upstairs when this dies.” You stare up at him, his eyes squint up in a sweet smile and you blow smoke out of the bottom of your mouth so that he doesn’t have to move away from you. You’re suddenly overwhelmed by his hand digging in above your head, face just an arm’s length away from yours. You know you’re staring at his lips, not sure if looking directly into his eyes would be much better, fearing you’d give yourself away with one glance.
“I think I’m just about done, if you want to finish this.” He opens his mouth a little, letting you put the blunt to his lips, the tip burning orange and black when he inhales.
“Do you want the rest?” He asks, lowering to his forearm, face only a few inches from yours now and you shrug, the butterflies in your stomach making their way into your throat “let me.” He guides your hand back to his mouth and you swear he’s never looked better, fingers gripping your wrist while his pink lips wrapped around what was left of the blunt. He brings his thumb to your chin, pulling your jaw open and suddenly his lips are on yours, shotgunning the smoke into your lungs. You feel frozen when he pulls away and reaches over you to smother it out in a nearby ashtray.
The weight of his chest against yours while he rubs out the embers is the only thing keeping you from levitating off the ground, expecting him to lay back beside you; instead, his free hand lands on the side your neck and his gaze flickers between your lips and eyes before he lowers down carefully and presses his mouth to yours again. His lips are soft, tongue dipping into your mouth has you reaching up to grip his wrist. The kiss is slow and deep, you dig your nails into your thigh to make sure you’re not dreaming before reaching around his neck to pull him closer. He groans into your mouth, warmth spreading through your chest at the sound, and you tighten your grip, suddenly nervous he would realize what he was doing and pull away. 
The hand on your neck moves to your throat, the gentlest squeeze radiating through your whole body. Your nose is pressed into his cheek, and you’re not sure how you’re still breathing, Renjun’s touch overwhelming you completely. He pulls away too soon, shiny lips swollen from the long kiss while he fixes his eyes on you. 
“Fuck, sorry,” Grip shifting from your throat down onto your ribcage, wrapping his hand around as much of you as he can.
He doesn’t look sorry, eyes lazily dragging over your face, and you can’t tell if you smoked too much or if he’s moving in slow motion. You don’t know what to say, instead lifting your head and kissing him again, one hand running through his hair and the other rests on his jaw. Renjun sinks into you, squeezing your side and the arm he’s supporting himself with presses tightly to your head. You bring a leg up to wrap around him and his hand is on your waist right away, shifting so he’s almost on top of you and you wish he’d press his knee in between your legs, resisting the urge to rub your thighs together at the idea. He moves his mouth to your neck and you can’t help but moan at his tongue pressing into your skin. 
“Do you want to go to my room?” You nod before he even finishes the question. Renjun was using every ounce of self-control in his body to push away from you, grateful that Haechan wasn’t there to whistle at you both while he led you inside, your pointer fingers hooked together and he resisted the urge to pull you by your wrists to get you to his bed faster.
When you got to his room you both stood facing each other for a minute, the momentum from the porch not following you inside. Renjun studied you, waiting for you to laugh and tell him that Jaemin put you up to this; closing the gap when you stayed quiet. You wanted to reach out and grab him but needed him to be the one to move. 
“Please say you want this” He finally spoke, hands cupping your jaw and you nodded quickly, his voice snapping you out of a daze and forced you forward, fisting his shirt in your hands to bring him to you. The taste of his mouth has you dizzy, barely noticing him walking you backwards until your legs were pressed against the edge of the mattress. You sit down slowly, and he bends with you, trying not to separate your lips. You whined softly when he eventually pulls away moving your hands underneath his shirt, dancing your fingers over his stomach.  
“Lay down.” He commands gently and you wouldn’t be surprised if he snapped his fingers and suddenly you were waking from a long hypnosis. You leaned back on your elbows, and he pressed his palm onto your sternum to push you down all the way, dragging his hand down your stomach and onto your thigh, bending your leg so your calf rests on his hip. You reach up for him, catching his shirt with your fingers, “Let me know if you want me to stop, but please don’t want me to stop.” He brushed his nose against yours, eyes shut, and you could feel him breathing as fast as you.
You almost laugh at the idea, shaking your head and tugging him toward you, “Don’t stop” he pulled your hips into his, laying over you and you sighed into his mouth, it was a relief - finally kissing him after wanting to for so long. His plush lips trailed down your chin, tongue dragging over your neck, and he sucked gently above the collar of your shirt. You couldn’t help yourself, rolling your hips up into his and you felt his mouth part against your skin, grip on your hip tightening. You pulled at the back of his shirt “take this off” and he pulled away, tossing his shirt to the side, and immediately reaching for the hem of yours, brushing the hair out of your eyes once it was off. 
Renjun’s hands dug deeply into your side, fingers teasing the band of your bra. 
“Stop looking at me.” You scrunched your face, putting your hands on his wrists and he shook his head.
“Fuck no,” he bent forward again, one hand pulling a strap off of your shoulder and the other snaked under your back, unclipping your bra easily and you raise your eyebrows in surprise “Haechan and I used to practice, I don’t want to talk about it.” You both laugh, and it’s like you suddenly remembered who you were with, taming the nerves that wracked your body now that you were half naked in front of him. Renjun was drinking you in, teeth digging into his lower lip, and you wiggle your hips into him again, wanting his bare skin on yours. 
“So impatient,” you arch your back when he sucks your nipple into his mouth “let me appreciate you, gorgeous.” His hair tickles your skin, wet lips trailing down your stomach making you lose your breath. You were impatient, wanting him everywhere all at once. You reached down for his hair, trying to sit up so you could kiss him again, but he shook his head.
“No no, baby. I’m in charge.” Renjun surprised you, forcing your back onto the mattress again and you complied easily, at this point willing to do anything he asked. He took his time kissing down your abdomen, sucking small pink marks onto your stomach, whispering praise about how soft your skin is and how good you smell. 
Renjun pulled your pants and underwear off in the same motion before dropping to his knees and spreading your thighs apart, not giving you time to feel shy before he opened his mouth over you with an almost pornographic moan, warm tongue rolling down your pussy. He drug his face up, circling his nose over your clit while his tongue fucks into you. He reaches up for your hands and directs them to his hair, curling his own fingers around yours until you pulled hard at his scalp, and he groaned again, his own hips bucking forward softly. 
He licks heavily up to your clit before pulling his mouth off you and you pushed your hips down into the bed when his finger traced down your slit, slowly pushing two inside of you. An arm hooks under your leg and he presses his cheek against your thigh, lips parted as he watches his fingers fuck into you, darkened eyes assessing your reaction with every pump, pressing occasional kisses to your inner thigh. 
“Look at your pussy sucking my fingers in like that, just as pretty as the rest of you.” He curls them up into your g-spot, smiling when your hips jut up off the bed to roll into his touch. Pressure disappears off your thigh when he leans down to suck your clit into his mouth, his tongue moving slowly against you, making your legs shake. You moaned breathily when he pulled at your clit and you could hear his fingers moving inside of you, wet sounds filling the room. 
“Renjun,” you looked down at him, his eyes were shut blissfully, hair wrung tight in your hands “fuck, you look so hot.” He made a noise that vibrates into your stomach and makes you gasp, your legs shutting around his head. He pulled his fingers out of you, smearing wet against your skin when he wrapped his hand around your thigh, pushing your legs even tighter around him and opening his eyes to look up at you. You could feel heavy exhales through his nose, jaw moving quickly while he matched his tongue to the rhythm of your hips rutting up against his mouth. 
You mumbled out curses, head falling back onto the bed and pulling at his hair, not sure how he could breathe between your thighs as you came. Your whole body shook, Renjun slowed his mouth and rose to move with your hips, fingers pressing almost painfully into your thighs. You had to push him away, forcing your thighs apart against his arms and you reached your own hand down to cover your pulsing cunt, blocking Renjun from flicking his tongue over your clit. His lips were a deep red, panting almost as hard as you. 
“I’m not finished,” he said and you shake your head with a shocked laugh, overstimulated after just one orgasm. You sit up and reach for him, thighs sliding closed “I could eat you out for hours, so pretty when you’re cumming on my tongue” He mumbled against your lips, goosebumps rising on his skin when you raked your nails over his ribs. 
“I need you inside of me” you whimpered, reaching for the button of his pants and he popped it open with one hand, holding the back of your head with the other, thumb moving in circles behind your ear. 
“Fuck.” He stripped down, hand immediately moving to pump himself and you couldn’t hold in your whimper at the sight of him. His dick was big, bigger than you expected, definitely bigger than anyone you’d had sex with before. Thick tip a deep red, using his hand to slick pre cum down his long shaft, you weren’t sure if you’d be able to fit him in your mouth even if you tried, squeezing your thighs together just at the idea of him inside of you. 
“I- holy shit.” You sunk back onto your elbows, staring up at him “I don’t think that’s going to fit.”
“Don’t worry baby, I know you can take it, this sweet pussy was made for me.” His eyes focused on your swollen cunt and your lower body twitched when he tapped his dick against your clit heavily. He squeezed your legs together around him, fucking slowly between your thighs and pressing wet kisses to your calves. You held your breasts in either hand, trying to avoid white knuckling the sheets just from his dick rubbing against you. He pushed your thighs even closer together, moaning deeply at the pressure and the way you were wet enough that he could easily slide between your legs. 
“Renjun, please.” You whined, arching your back and staring up at him, his pupils blown wide.
“Please, what.” He stopped thrusting against you, letting go of your thighs so he could push his body between your legs, nosing against your cheek and you immediately wrapped your arms up around his back, inhaling him. 
“Fuck me.” You moaned and he smiled against you, “anything you want, baby.” whispered into your ear before he pulled away, spreading your thighs almost as wide as they could go and lining himself up, pre cum leaking out of the tip of his dick as he slid it up and down your slit. 
“I’ve wanted this tight little pussy for so long, look how well you open up for me, gorgeous,” you moaned at his praises, clenching down when he presses the tip into you before leaning back onto your chest, a hand knotting in your hair well he pushes in slowly, painfully “tell me you want me.” against your mouth.
“I want you; I need you so bad, Renjun.” You cried out sharply, feeling completely full as he bottoms out, hips digging into your thighs. He grunts, pleased with your respond before pulling your head back and forcing his tongue into your mouth. When he starts moving you pull away, looking down between your bodies with a shaky “holy shit”, chest quivering. He moved his hand to your chin, forcing your eyes up to meet his. 
“You like the way my cock feels in your tight cunt?” You nod desperately, reaching your hands down to pull your knees closer to your chest “You feel so fucking good, baby, better than I imagined.” He stands up, putting his hands on top of yours and folding your legs back further “taking me so well.” He groans, staring down to where his hips are picking up speed, “cute stretched out hole, nobody could ever make you feel as good as me, right baby?”
“N-no, only you.” You’re gasping for air, feeling every stroke deep in your stomach as he pounds into you, your body shifting back with every thrust. 
“Good girl, so pretty for me” He lets go of one leg, bending forward to press gently around your throat “always so pretty.” His dick hitting even deeper now that he’s up against you, almost too deep and then suddenly he’s gone and you’re clenching around air, whining at the loss of him. 
“I want you on top, want to watch you use my dick to make yourself feel good.” He sits at the head of the bed, reaching his hands out for you to grab while you climb onto him. You can feel him staring when you grip the thick base of his shaft, lifting to guide him into you and he feels even bigger from this angle “that’s it baby, take my cock.” His voice is sweet and quiet, hands planted firmly on your waist to help guide you down. 
“Oh my god,” If anybody walked past his door right now, they would know exactly what was happening, unable to control the volume of your moans and you haven’t even started moving yet “you’re so big, fill me all the way up.” You whimper, and he sits up, wrapping his arms around you and kissing you wetly, his hands trail up and down your back softly and the smallest jerk of his hips has your head falling onto his shoulder while you try to adjust. 
“Feel so good around me, do you hear how wet you are?” Renjun cooed in your ear, moving your hips in circles against him and moaning loudly into your shoulder before lying back on the bed, holding you upright “come on baby, let me see your pretty tits bounce.” He swipes a thumb over your lip, and you suck it into your mouth before he creates a wet trail down to play with your nipple
You move slowly at first, leaning back and digging your hands into his thighs for support while you grind against him, stroking against your g-spot with every wave of your hips before you start to bounce, not even able to pull all the way off him. The sounds Renjun is making encourage you to work through the burn in your legs, his eyes trained on the way your body moves above him, rubbing up and down your sides. His fingers splay out against your hip bone, and you cry out when he starts to rub his thumb over your clit “want to feel you cum on me, so pretty when you cum.”
You fuck yourself harder against him, looking down to see him staring at you with an open mouth, a smile playing at the corner of his lips when he moves his thumb in just the right way and you almost fall forward, legs shaking while you cum around him. He plants his feet on the mattress, pulling you forward with his free hand and fucking up into you so hard you see stars, burying your face in his neck and digging your nails into his shoulders. He pants into your ear, your name tumbling from his lips over and over while he cums in you, rolling your body down onto him gently while he milks his orgasm, both of your chests rising and falling in synchrony. You feel him shift his hips, gasping when he pulls out of you, cum spilling out of you onto his skin.
You’re completely sober now, suddenly overcome with emotion you can’t quite explain; wrapping your arms tightly around him and he does the same, pulling you flat against his torso and digging his face into the base of your throat. You’re nervous to pull away, not wanting the moment to end.
Renjun moves your hair over to one side, pressing a kiss onto your jaw “Let me go get something to clean you up with” You pull away reluctantly, rolling off him and he pulls a pair sweatpants on before disappearing into the bathroom, coming back out with a clean stomach and a wet towel. You reach out a hand for it, but he shakes his head, leaning in to kiss you while he wipes away the cum stuck between your thighs before tossing the towel away and replacing it with his hand. You jolt under his fingers, pressing your thighs together and pulling your mouth away from his 
“No way, I’ll pass out.” You reach for his wrist, and he pouts teasingly but pulls his hand away 
 “Fine, but you have to sit on my face next time.” 
“You want there to be a next time?” you ask softly, and he brings his eyebrows together, dragging his fingers up and down your thigh.
“You have no idea how much I want there to be a next time,” His forehead rests against yours, closing his eyes when you run your fingers through his messy hair “I’ve wanted you for so long I don’t think I’ll ever stop.” 
Your heart flutters rapidly in your chest, moving a hand to cup his cheek and he melts into your touch, grabbing your wrist and pressing a kiss to the heel of your palm. 
“You’re not fucking with me right now, are you?” You feel him smile into your skin.
“It depends on what you say. If you don’t want me then yes, I’m fucking with you; if you do then I’ve never been more serious in my life.” You laugh breathily, forcing relieved tears away with a shake of your head
“Renjun,” he tilts his cheek back into your hand, eyes searching yours earnestly “I’ve never loved anyone the way I love you, I don’t know how I made it this long without you.” He leaned down to kiss you, hold still firm on your wrist as he led your hand to his hair. 
“You’ve always had me.” 
i think i speak for the group when i say renjun please shotgun smoke into my mouth 
also this is my first time writing any sort of plot so umm please be nice to me lol
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nctsplug02 · 2 days ago
hard dom jaehyun plsplspls??
genre: smut
Tonight you came home tipsy and woke jaehyun up, he had a big day tomorrow so he needed all the sleep he could get.
You came home horny but got hornier when you saw him standing by the doorway in his pajama pants, only his pajama pants.
So now here he is fucking you oh, so well on the bed. “Fucking slut, waking me up when I have a big day tomorrow?” He tugs on your hair making sure you listened. “Mhmm..” you giggle with a moan. He growls against the shell of your ear and fastens his pace.
“I, oh shit—, I love it when you, you fuck my pussy.” You bite your lip with a moan. “Mm yeah? I fucking love this cunt, gonna breed the fuck out of it, mkay?” You willingly nod.
Jaehyun lets your hair go but instead of letting you fall back onto the sheets, he wraps his hand around your neck. “Gonna choke me?” You ask, eyes rolling to the back of your skull. “Yeah, gonna choke you so good that you’ll pass out on my dick.” He squeezes around your throat, loving the sound of your choked moans.
Jaehyun notices your head dipping down, you had passed out just like how he said. Jaehyun chuckles to himself and continues fucking himself in you while you passed out.
Has this happened before, yes, yes it has. Maybe, two, three times before.
A few seconds later you regain consciousness. “Welcome back, baby.” He snickers as you began moaning once again.
He thrusts a few more before releasing himself inside you. He pulls out and sits against the headboard. “Let’s go, baby. Come ride me.” He says while softly stroking himself. You had to control your breathing, you sat up and crawled over to the man who patiently waited for you.
He pulls your waist and slams you on his cock. You squeeze his shoulder as his tip immediately touches your sweet spot.
As you bounce yourself onto him, jaehyun squeezes your thighs, messaging them a bit. He held your hips and carefully rubbed them making sure that it wouldn’t cramp up.
“Cmon, baby. Keep riding me, there ya go.” He smirks while watching his cock disappear in your pussy. The sound of your wet pussy slamming against his base made him go crazy.
“Oh, jae! I—I’m so, so close!” He grips your waist and rolls it forwards and back, bringing you closer and closer to your high. A gasp could be heard from you as you came on his cock.
Jaehyun was confused on why you stopped moving your hips for a few minutes, you weren’t done just yet. “Hey, hey,” he lifts your head and softly smacks your cheek. “You aren’t done yet, keep going, baby.” You whine and start rocking your hips.
You start off slow until he smacks your breasts. “Faster, baby.” You grab his shoulders and start bouncing. He groans at the feeling of you clenching around him. “Fuck, you dirty little slut.” He smacks your breasts again and then takes them into his mouth.
He sucks and swirls his tongue around your nipple. While you worked your hips, he slobbery made out with your nipples. Drool dribbling down his chin as he messily sucked on your nipple.
“God, please tell me you’re close?” He pulls off with a slight pop. “So close, baby. Just a little longer.” He says and eagerly pops your tit back into his mouth.
As you bounced on jaehyuns cock, he pulls off your tit and hugs your waist, lifting it up and then fucking himself upwards into your pussy until he came.
He groans and lifts your hips, watching his hot cum drip out of you. “Wasnt that fun?” You breathlessly shrug. “Maybe i should continue coming home late in a drunken state.” He smacks your ass causing a slight whimper to leave you.
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peachxyverse · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
long night - l.dh
Pairing: haechan ‌x‌ ‌fem!reader‌ ‌|‌ boyfriend!haechan
Genre: smut
2.1k+ words
helping hand — lee donghyuck & huang renjun
Genre: smut
Pairing: dom!reader, bratty sub!donghyuck, sub!renjun
Warnings: spanking, oral (m receiving), fingering (m receiving), degradation, gags & restraints
Switch - Na Jaemin
Genre: smut
Warnings: Sub!Jaemin, Dom!Reader, Pegging, Fingering, Use of Toys
Practice makes perfect
Pairing: Jeno X Jaemin X Reader, Threesome(mxmxf)
Genre : Smut
Smoke you out
Pairing: nct dream renjun x fem bodied reader
Genre: Smut
word count: 1.6k+
Quiet Down || Lee Haechan
Pairing: hacker!haechan x hacker!fem reader
Genre: you already know who it is... SMUT. With a crack ending.
Word count: 1.6k
@/neopuppy (highly recommend)
Boom (M). Part 6
*There are pt. 1,2,3,4,5 and 6*
Pairing: 00’line x female bunny hybrid reader
Genre: Hybrid AU, PWP, idolverse, M/F, smut, fluff , series
Word Count: 4k
Hot Sauce: Deeply Dip That (M)
*There are pt. 1,2,3,4(Hot sauce) and 5(Hot sauce: Deeply Dip That (M)*
Pairing: NCT Dream 00’ line x female reader
Genre: PWP, Step brother Jeno AU, still enemies-still fucking, smut, M/F, Five-way
Word Count: 19k+
hate sex + jeno
two nights, one you
Pairing: jaemin ‌x‌ ‌reader‌ ‌|‌ fuckboy!jaemin | strangers (who f*ck) to (brief) enemies to lovers.
Genres: crack | smut | fluff 
Words: 10.9k 
|| Lee Donghyuck ||— Sneak Peek ( m. ) —
Word Count: 0.8k
look at me
PAIRING: Lee Donghyuck x reader
GENRE: smut, richkid! haechan, power play, enemies to ??? i dont even know lmao
look at us
PAIRING: Lee Donghyuck x reader
GENRE: college! au, richkid! donghyuck, fuckboy! donghyuck, a very weak enemies to lovers, smut, fluff, sexual tension, angst
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1-800-hvrt · a day ago
contains: professor!jeno, fingering (?)
Tumblr media
You sit quietly at your desk as you watch the other students hurriedly walk out Mr. Lee's class, shivering a bit from both the cool air coming into the room and the nervousness creeping up in you as you lay your eyes on him.
He's asked you to stay behind to get a little lesson alone along with some extra credit since you're failing his class.
"Y/n have you been doing okay lately?" his voice clear, snapping you out of your thoughts. "You've been so distracted in my class for a while now, your grades aren't the best either."
"um I've been doing good it's just.." you're so hot I can't help it.. "some of your formulas are complicated" which wasn't a lie you did struggle quite a bit with remembering those lousy mathematical formulas.
"i see.., i can definitely help you now since I have to stay behind for a while. Follow me" he walks over to his desk, sitting down letting out a sigh as he puts his focus on the monitor in front of him, clicking away.
You couldn't help but stare at his figure seated and focused as you stand beside him. The white button up hugging and caressing his upper body muscles, sleeves rolled up before his elbows. His hands incredibly veiny..
Without noticing yourself, you begin to rub your thighs together biting down on your lip as you think of sitting on his lap having his hands roam on your body, you're so caught up in your fantasy that you whine mistakenly loud.
"Y/n. I'll ask you one last time are you alright? " you say nothing looking at him even more shocked than he is. Your face heats up and you immediately turn away getting ready to take off away from his presence as soon as you can.
Before you've even taken a step you feel his hand on yours, "don't go.. look at me y/n." You stood confused wondering if you should just go or face your embarrassment in front of the one and only, Mr. Lee.
"look at me doll" ..doll? He called me doll..? Slowly but brave enough you face the man dark haired man, speaking with a small shy little voice possible "y-yes Mr. Lee?"
He thumb rubs small circles on your hand in an attempt to calm you down, which work in a way. "Hmm what were you thinking of? Was it me?" not feeling worthy to speak you give him a nod.
He grins as he asks his next question. "Mind telling me what happened my pretty?" he motions you to sit on his lap by patting his thighs. It looked so warm and welcoming, without second thoughts you straddle his lap. Mr. Lee bunches your skirt up around your waist, soon after gripping the flesh of your ass with his hands.
"aah.. j-just like this b-but mmh.. i want m-more.." Jeno tsks quite abruptly, "you're so dirty baby. I'd love to help you but now i think you need a little lesson, stand and lean over my desk."
You do as he says, laying your hands flat in the table looking back at him curious to see what he's doing, to your surprise he's right there, faces inches away from yours.
Before you could even let a peep out he pushes your upper body down flat against the table, leaving his hand on the small of your back he presses his thick length onto your ass.
"do you feel that baby? See what you've done?" You couldn't help but whimper feeling him so close to you but not enough due to the clothes in your way. "M-mr. Lee please.. i need it"
He hums, not satisfied. Ging your ass a strike sure enough to leave a print. "Oh you won't be getting it that easy, did you forget about your lesson already baby?"
You curse to yourself as you feel a second strike in the same area followed by a few rubs, your desperate pleas "please fuck me.." being repeated, whinier After each strike of his hand.
While you were expecting another strike you tremble feeling his fingers ghost over your panties rubbing in circular motions lightly. Your body tenses up when he pulls them aside giving your clit one good lick, "you taste so good all for me doll" he keeps his lips near your womanhood, letting you feel the hotness of his breath against the one place you need him.
"oh my- Mr.Lee.." "call me Jeno" he cuts you off giving you one of his cutest eye smiles, in contrast to the actions he's previously done it was quite shocking how cute he was.
While you're trained in your thoughts jeno slips his then between your folds, moving up and down at a slow pace till he reaches where you want him. You keep yourself quiet by biting your bottom lip as he finally pushes his thumb past your entrance, pulling it out only to push back in further.
"you like this baby?"
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moonctzeny · 2 days ago
cw: suggestive
after watching that second video of Stick Together on youtube I’ve been thinking... what if you were johnny’s girl and you all went to that big house for a vacation,, you start off by sitting on johnny’s side, singing your heart out with him and complimenting jungwoo on his voice,, and johnny keeps an arm around your waist but you slip away gently when you start getting bored of the karaoke machine, moving to the living room to watch taeil’s and haechan’s match...
and sure, you and haechan had been fighting over the table tennis’s rules earlier but he’s now forgotten all about it, because from the moment you came to stand next to him he hasn’t stopped winning. in fact the game ends with a 10-2 and he swirls you around in excitement, calling you his lucky charm, only putting you down when jaehyun comes downstairs clearing his throat.
he suggests you play in teams and he’s as competitive as he’s clumsy so he accidentally hits you on the side of your neck with the ball. It didn’t hurt at all but you still fall to the floor, pretending that you’re shot, and taeil laughs loudly saying that you look like johnny right now. “he’s rubbing off on me”, you say as you stand up and jaehyun is quick to respond. “I sleep in the next room as you two. I heard about that rubbing all night”, and when you notice his ears turning bright red you’re not sure which one of you got more flustered by the comment.
the room is getting stuffy and hot and the other team sucks anyways so you join taeyong who is busy making silly instagram stories. he has all these different suggestions and you coo at his enthusiasm, not even noticing his habit of wrapping his arm around whoever he makes selfie videos with. he turns his head to you to ask you for your opinion on a filter, his eyes resting on your pretty lips for a second too long yet the camera doesn’t catch it so neither do you.
and johnny watches all of this from the corner of his eye but he doesn’t say anything, because he likes to come off as secure and confident and you’re a whole ass person he has no right to restrict- but he just finished his large stella artois and you smell so good as you walk past him so he pulls you on his lap. “pay attention to me too”, he murmurs in your damp hair from the shower you had earlier, and you take off his beanie to run your fingers through his. he looks at you through those hooded eyes like you’re the only people in the room right now and he convinces you for a second so you kiss him, bitting his lower lip until he lets out a whimper. “get a room”, doyoung groans and indeed you go upstairs, having to fight the urge of dragging jaehyun with you to really give him a show this time.
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my-7thsense · 2 days ago
⚠️ tw: flashing gifs ⚠️
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a look 🌟 // jaehyun, sticker.
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kireimarkeu · a day ago
hallo ^^ i saw someone requested these prompts before but can I request for A48, F5, G43 but angst and for jaemin ^^ thank u~ and i really love your writings!
member » surgeon!jaemin x reader
prompt(s) » A48 “Wake up! Please don’t do this to me.” + F5 “I’m not leaving. Ever.” + G43 “Don’t let go.”
genre » angst, fluff?????
word count » 0.7k
warnings » —
a/n » i've been watching hospital playlist, so this inspired me LOL
request here! 
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ─
the sound of slow beeps was filling the silence. surgeon!jaemin passes the tool to the nurse, pulling away from the body with a sigh.
"we managed to stop the blood. good job everyone," jaemin says softly.
the sudden sound of his phone ringing distracts him. a nurse goes over to the container where everyone had put their phones in before entering the surgery room.
"doctor, haechan is calling," she says.
"answer it."
the nurse answers the call, putting the phone on speaker mode. she makes sure the volume is loud enough for him to hear from where he was standing.
"jaemin-ah, y/n got into a car accident. we just arrived in the hospital, where are you?"
jaemin's eyes widen in surprise when he hears your name.
"how bad is she?" jaemin asks.
"i don't know. someone took her to a ward. they told me to wait outside.
jaemin's breathing starts to get heavy, "okay, i'm coming soon. text me the room number."
the call soon ended.
jaemin looks up at his assistant, "you know how to close him up, right?"
his assistant nods.
"okay, you do that. i have to go," jaemin says quickly. he was already pulling his bloody glove and throwing it in the bin. he grabs his handphone and uses his free hand to remove the medical clothing that was splattered with blood from the surgery.
he throws it in the bin before running off to find where you were at. he finally reaches the room, he enters without knocking.
jeno, one of friends who was working in the same field as he was, was already in the room.
jaemin felt his throat close up, having trouble to breathe when he sees that you were lying on the bed, a bandage over your forehead. there was a small spot of blood on the corner of your head.
"what happened?"
jeno turns to his friend with a deep sigh, "crashed into a lorry while she was driving. it's pretty bad," jeno admits, "she lost a lot of blood, and her ribbed is fractured pretty badly. she might need surgery."
jaemin closes his eyes as he takes deep breathe. how could this happen? you have always been careful when you're on the road.
"it wasn't her fault," it was like jeno could read his mind, "the driver of the lorry was speeding through a red light. he's with the police now."
jaemin nods, opening his eyes as he looks at his friend, "i'll take care of her. you should go."
his friend nods, leaving the boy alone with you.
jaemin takes a seat on the empty chair that was next to you. his hands held yours tightly as he takes in your face.
you had a busted lip, a few cuts on your face and hands. he felt himself tear up at the sight of you.
"y/n-ah," he chokes out, "you should wake up," he says softly, a tear running down your cheek, "don't... don't do this to me, please," a sob leaves the boy, he rests his forehead against your bed as he starts crying.
he suddenly felt your hand move. he pauses, it could just be his head, but when he felt another squeeze from your hand, he looks up at you. you had your eyes shut, until a few moments later you flutter your eyes open.
you could barely turn your head to look at the boy next to you. a weak smile forms on your lips.
"oh my god, y/n, you're awake!" jaemin sighs thankfully.
"i'm not leaving," you choke out, "ever."
the boy lift his hands to stroke your hair, pulling a few strands that got stuck on your cheeks.
"i know you won't," he sighs. "are you hungry? thirsty?" he asks. you shake your head but jaemin continues, "we have a lot of food here. i can get someone to bring you food—"
he was about to let go of your hand to grab a jug of water for you, but you had tighten your grip on his fingers. jaemin pauses, turning to look at you, confused.
"don't let go," you voice.
jaemin softens at the sight of you. he slowly nods, sitting back down, not letting go of your hand. the rest of the night, jaemin sits by your side, caring for you.
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sluttyten · a day ago
#4, #13 & #43 with kun or haechan please 🤍
kun + “shh, it’s okay, go back to sleep. daddy just needs you right now.” + “do you like it when i use you like this?” + playing with you in your sleep.
cw// slight somnophilia
Kun is so warm when he slides into bed beside you. You’re half asleep, but not entirely when Kun curls a hand over your thigh, his palm finding a home between your thighs.
“Kun,” you whisper, your voice almost warning him away. You’re tired. You were trying to sleep, and even though it wasn’t coming, it didn’t mean that you needed Kun to entertain you and push you further away from sleep.
“Shh, baby,” Kun kisses your cheek. His hand moves a little higher and he strokes your clit. “It’s okay. Go back to sleep. Daddy just needs you right now. Can you roll over onto your belly for me, baby.”
You sigh, and you roll over just as he asked, kicking away the blankets to show off your bare body. Kun’s hands wander, massaging your thighs, your ass. His finger glides over your pussy, and you sigh and open your eyes to look at your boyfriend.
“Go back to sleep.” Kun kisses your forehead. “I just, I’m a little worked up. I need to release some energy, and jerking off wasn’t cutting it in the shower. I need you.”
You close your eyes, rub your cheek against the pillow. “Want you to make me feel good too.”
“Is that a yes?” Kun touches your hair, slides his hand down the back of your neck and your spine. “You’ll let me use you to get off?”
When he puts it like that, it sounds so coarse and violent, but you know it won’t be that way. You might keep yourself relaxed and sleepy throughout, but he’s not just going to be using you.
You smile to yourself as Kun holds himself over you, as he ruts against your ass, and when he pushes inside you. He’s not really too gentle, definitely only concerned for himself and his own pleasure, but it’s working for you. You lay there as if you’re asleep, and Kun thrusts away, fucking you like you’re no more than a toy for him to use. All you can hear is his breathing, the slap of skin on skin, soft grunts and moans.
It’s good, enjoyable too, until you can tell that he’s gonna cum and leave you turned on.
“Kun, mm, fuck.” You lift your ass back against him. “More.”
Kun smacks his hand down against your ass. “You’re not sleeping. I told you to go back to sleep.”
“Was never asleep,” You mumble. “Especially couldn’t sleep with you fucking me like this.”
He smacks his hand down on your ass again, then he pushes at your thigh, lifting your leg toward your chest. “Do you like it when I use you like this?”
“Love it,” you gasp, pushing up on your elbows, drooping your head down toward the pillow
Kun rocks into you, a hand pushing up the length of your spine and then he curls his hand around your neck. “You like this?” Kun grunts, snapping his hips forward so your whole body rocks, his fingers twitch around your throat. “How dirty, baby. Letting me fuck you like this, while you sleep or at least pretend to sleep. Letting me use you to get off.”
When Kun applies pressure to your throat, you move with him, rising up on your knees until your back is pressed to his chest, his hand still curled around your throat, his thumb pressing in just right. Your eyes flutter shut, body buzzing and tingling as Kun messes with your oxygen supply.
The buzzing and tingling continues spreading through you until it bursts. Your orgasm takes everything out of you. Your limbs twitch, and you want to curl in in yourself, but with Kun’s hands still around you, you just lean back against him, resting all of your weight against your boyfriend’s body as he fucks you.
You reach back looping your arms behind his neck, and Kun lowers his mouth to kiss your shoulder.
Kun’s hips twitch, rapidly fucking into you a few times before he grunts and pushes in deep, and he releases at last inside you.
His arms go slack around you, and you both sink back down into the bed, still all wrapped in each other. Kun buries his face against your shoulder, snuggling you tightly.
“Do you feel better now?” You ask him.
“Mm,” Kun hums. “Much better. Now go to sleep, baby.”
And you find that this time when you close your eyes, it truly only takes you a moment to fall asleep.
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mangozcat · 2 days ago
𝐏𝐀𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆. johnny suh x fem!reader 𝐆𝐄𝐍𝐑𝐄. some fluff, slight smut 𝐒𝐘𝐍𝐎𝐏𝐒𝐈𝐒. johnny liked to think he was responsible with his alcohol. or maybe he wasn’t. he wasn’t too sure anymore. stuck at a new years party, with nothing but liquor as his companion, he accepted that perhaps he shouldn’t have declined the boys’ invite. but when the dashing bartender stops filling up his glass, he’s forced to notice the girl. and as the clock ticks twelve, johnny doesn’t think the night is as bad as it originally was.
Tumblr media
his glass was always filled more than necessary, leaving him to gulp down the liquor easily. he had counted at first, running the numbers through his brain as if he was reciting them from some math lesson.
one, two, three.
it all felt dizzying, yet so deliciously distracting. the alcohol was strong, burning his throat every time he drank from his shot glass. but it wasn’t bad, per se. it was more of a good burn, one that left the ashes simmering down for hours to come, and kept the senses alert. it made him feel alive.
he was alone on new years eve, he couldn’t help but point out. all alone. how pathetic was that? to be surrounded by friends and people you enjoyed spending time with, yet still being doomed to spend your holiday with the absence of others. johnny liked to think that he had solved that issue soundly when he decided to spend his hours at the nearby bar.
four, five, six.
oh, how wrong he was. the place was bustling with busy bodies. all in a rush for particularly nothing at all. the lights were dimmed down some, rather easy on the eyes. there were tv’s stationed all around the room, hanging from the walls and dulling on in the background. despite the building being far from empty, far from quiet, far from lifeless, johnny still felt it; the silence of loneliness.
perhaps it was his fault. after all, he had been invited to some party by his friends. why had he declined? he couldn’t quite remember, he realized. his senses were beginning to dull, his eyes searching the room four times over, yet still unaware of what was being seen. it felt like he was back in school, reading a paragraph. as if he had been staring at the pages for hours, yet still unsuccessful in decoding it’s words. he wasn’t too sure what was happening anymore.
all he knew was that his glass was being filled up for him, always gently pushed in his direction. almost like a beckoning to taste the sweet bitterness that alcohol offered. the lights were low, yet they seemed blinding in their intensity. it hurt his eyes, leaving him to close them and bask in the humid air of the bar. and then he realized: he had lost count of his drinks.
at some point, he had stopped caring. he had stopped trying to take it slow. he had stopped trying to be careful and reasonable with his alcohol consumption. instead, he let the taste overwhelm him, and carry him away to forbidden lands far away from what he was familiar with. yet, it didn’t seem so bad.
that is, until the heavy-handed bartender stopped filling his glass. he had simply huffed out, not fully capable of making whole sentences, choosing instead to look up as hands planted themselves on the bar top. he had to squint, feeling his eyes burn, forcing him to let them slowly adjust. he noticed rather quickly; you were pretty.
with your head tilted in curiosity and confusion, a name tag atop your black shirt that johnny was incapable of reading, and a empty bottle of alcohol in your hands, johnny thought maybe he had taken it a bit too far. when he arrived, there was a timer across every screen, a countdown until the new year had begun. the time remaining had read 08:23:21. now, there was a mere hour until 2021 was supposed to start.
he groaned at this, realizing his friends would be out celebrating amongst themselves. why did he have to be stubborn and decline their offer? johnny scolded himself internally. 
“uh, sir?” you said questioningly, shaking the empty bottle. johnny frowned at you, incoherent mumbles spilling from his mouth. “right. okay, well, that’s definitely a 10/10 on the drunk scale.”
johnny smiled at that. you weren’t even sure if he understood a word you were saying, but you continued on as if he did. “are you here with anyone? maybe I can get them to take you home.”
“fuck no,” he mumbled. lifting his glass lazily as he gestured around, he closed his eyes and shrugged, sounding somewhat petty as he said, “my friends have better things to do than to waste their time at some bar with me. pretty sure they’re fucking some models right now and having the time of their lives.”
you could understand him, though it was difficult through his slur. you felt a bit bad for him, stealing the glass from his hand and muttering a quiet I’ll be back before walking further behind the counter to grab him a glass of water. he was pouting at this point, eyes trained on your hips as you walked. johnny wasn’t sure where his manners had gone, but suddenly all he could think about was your ass.
you looked pretty hot, he had to admit. he shouldn’t be fantasizing about you, he knew. but he couldn’t help it, not when you bent down to grab something from one of the lower shelves. he groaned inwardly, and against his better judgment, said, “miss pretty lady, your ass is really hot.”
you found his words cute, adorable even, as you turned towards him with a slight smile. handing him the glass of water, you said, “drink that.”
he took a cautious sip, nodding to himself once he felt the cold liquid slip down his throat. “it’s my fault, miss pretty lady,” he said, toying with the straw you had given him. like this, he seemed almost shy, and you thought it was sweet. “they invited me to this party but I was busy and upset with them so I said no. now I’m here all alone getting drunk and spilling my feelings to some random girl with a nice ass.”
“that’s usually how bar experiences go,” you said, laughing when he frowned. fixing a drink for yourself, you glanced around at the peaceful atmosphere of the bar you worked at. everyone seemed to have drinks on their table with some food, and no one was approaching the bar. you had plenty of time for talking.
“I’ve been working here for a year and I can’t even count how many times a stranger has started spilling their past to me.”
“but that’s awkward,” johnny said, furrowing his brows together, “isn’t it?”
you simply shrugged. sure, it was awkward at first but you were used to it. now, you always forget their words the next morning and chose to only be a listener in the moment. no use holding onto a stranger’s information when they weren’t even in the right mind to share in the first place.
when you saw one of your colleagues walk through the door, you smiled, beginning to clean off your area and give the job to them. technically, your shift was supposed to have ended a few minutes ago, but you enjoyed chatting with this drunk stranger. and you also didn’t have the heart to leave him alone in the state he was in.
glancing around after murmuring a word of thanks to the person taking over your spot, you found an empty booth and pointed towards it, saying, “you should go sit over there, I’ll join you. I need a few drinks too.”
johnny glanced over, unsure of whether or not he could walk on his own two feet and follow you over. he did it anyways though, grabbing his water and waddling over on unsteady feet. he practically stumbled into the seat, and you couldn’t help but laugh at the look of pure relief on his face as he leaned his head on the wall and rested his legs on the seat.
“I never wanna visit another bar again,” he declared, peeking one eye open to look at you. you were stirring a drink that you grabbed on your way, taking an eager sip.
nodding, you said, “that’s a good idea.”
he hummed to himself, finally opening both eyes to get a look at you. he had looked at you several times, but now, with a far more relaxed look on your face, and his eyes a lot less blurry than they were, he admired your beauty. resting his chin in his palm, he stared unblinkingly at you. looking up to meet his eyes, you licked your lips on instinct, watching his eyes follow the motion.
instantly, johnny bit his lip down, his thoughts on your tongue. your motions were so fluid, and he was sure you were experienced. you were just too hot, and usually he’d ignore these feelings and put them to the back of his mind. but now, alcohol still on his tongue and his mind hazy, all he wanted was for you to give him a good night.
your lips on his, your hands wrapped around his cock- he wanted you so bad, and if you were ever to look under the table, you’d know just how much.
“so, are you ever gonna tell me your name?”
johnny’s face was a bright red, and you couldn’t tell what it was from. he shook his head, deciding it would better if you didn’t know, and didn’t have to think about him anymore. then he imagined you knowing his name, and how pretty you’d sound if his name was the one you were moaning out. now, he was conflicted.
“johnny,” he decided, sending you a charming smile. you nodded, pointing your finger to the nametag on your shirt, tapping on it so he’d notice. how he had never seen your name before was unknown to him, but now that he knew, he seemed pleased enough.
“well,” when he said your name, you felt a shiver run down your spine, seeing as his voice seemed so much different than before. “I’ve been thinking about something and I’d love it if you came to sit by me.”
patting the spot next to him, you gulped as you realized what he was suggesting. never had you actually gone anywhere with the harmless flirts at the bar. but now, with your own senses hazy from the alcohol, you bit down on your lip and nodded. sliding into the spot next to him, you weren’t surprised when he instantly had his hands on you.
one hand on your neck and one on your hip, your lips crashed into his, a quiet moan erupting from the two of you at the contact. you knew this was wrong, and technically neither of you were allowed to do this here, but it was too sweet to stop. especially since johnny had erupted something inside you, and now all you wanted was him.
your kisses were hot and fast, tongues meeting sloppily. when you both pulled away for breath, he was quick to attach his lips to your neck, forcing you to lean your head back to allow for a better angle. sighing at the feeling, you let him continue before he darted back up to kiss your lips.
“you’re so hot,” he groaned out, feeling your hand wander to trace over his bulge. he whimpered out when you pressed down with more pressure, making him jerk back into the seat. you were tempted to slide into his lap and get off on his thigh, but you knew your actions were limited, and your back was the only thing shielding your actions from everyone else.
“f-fuck,” johnny whispered out, having to kiss you in order to hide his moans. at the same time, his free hand roamed down, slipping into the stretchy fabric of your leggings, making you whine into his mouth at the sensation. you had become so wet during the short time, and once the cold air hit you, followed by his warm hand, you wanted to squeal.
when the people around you started a countdown, neither of you seemed to notice. yet, as soon as one of his fingers entered you sopping heat, your cry was covered by the crowd’s cheers.
“happy new years!” everyone exclaimed, making you momentarily pause. glancing up at the screen above the two of you, you saw the clock read 0 and realized your hour was up. people were going to be roaming around now, and the two of you were surely going to get caught if you continued.
“damn,” johnny said, frowning as the experience got cut short.
you simply smiled, leaning towards his ear to say, “my car’s out back.”
at that, he was quick to jump up, licking his fingers clean as he followed you to your car.
Tumblr media
part of the christmas chronicles series! you can find it here.
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enseeteacrack · a day ago
What Nct Members Would Be Doing If They Weren't Idols:
Taeyong - Firefighter / He's very strong but he has bad bones so early retirement / Starts working at a pet store, the fish section specifically / Has the cleanest fish tanks in all of South Korea
Taeil - Lounge Singer / Drapes himself over the piano and sings like rent is due, because it is and he was late last month / Receives large tips from a Chinese child with a dolphin laugh
Johnny - Actor / Very popular / Rules the big screen, setting trends and breaking records / Retires to Seoul and owns a lounge, known for their lounge singer Moon Taeil
Yuta - Professional soccer player / Artist / Painting, drawing, anything / Even though he has soccer money he insists that he lives his "struggling artist lifestyle" / Just an excuse to not clean up
Kun - Manager / Song writer / Manages Chenle's pianist career and writes his sheet music / Spends alot of time taking care of Daegal
Doyoung - Part time turtleneck model / Part time professional sleeper / Aspiring actor
Ten - Aspiring basketball player / Very light on his feet / Very agile / Mid life crisis hits, now Ten is a DJ at a drag show / Couldn't be happier
Jaehyun - Teen dad / Aspiring basketball player / Hard to do as a father but he won't stop chasing his dreams / Makes it to the NBA / 8 Kids
WinWin - Professional dancer / WinWin is the guy you see in a random Youtube video at 3am and his dancing entrances you and you can never escape him or his moves / You don't want to escape
Jungwoo - Mukbang videos / Taste Testing / YouTube food reviews / Anything food / ?Makes enough money to buy more food
Lucas - Firefighter / Realizes he has a irrational fear of dying in a fire / Option2: video games / Streamer / 250k+ followers on twitch / Only plays Fireboy and Watergirl
Mark - Chruch camp leader / Christian rapper / Old ladies think he's adorable so they tip him / Teaches guitar
Xiaojun - Starts and is the lead in a Jason Mraz cover band / Refuses to let Mark or YangYang join
Hendery - Streamer / mostly violent games / Saving his twitch money to build a time machine
Renjun - Caretaker / Makes sure people stay 6 feet away from Jisung when he dances while Chenle plays piano / Carries around many pairs of handcuffs
Jeno - Mechanic / Street racer / AND car salesman / he loves cars / Collects hotwheels
Haechan - Freelancer / Sometimes he's in Jungwoo mukbangs, sometimes he's at the church with Mark, disappointing Jesus by flirting with Mark / Cons his way into the lounge to see Taeil perform
Jaemin - Calls himself a coffee enthusiast / In reality he just drinks coffee and leaves mediocre reviews on yelp... For free / Streamer, really good because he never sleeps so he has alot of time to game / Makes decent money to spend it all on coffee
Yangyang - Streamer / Plays HuniePop and Slenderman like it's still 2014 / All of his followers are over 35 / Ten gifts 50 subs every week under a different burner account to boost his confidence
Shotaro - Dancer / Tiktok famous, duh
Sungchan - Joins Taeyong at the pet store / Is in charge of stocking shelves / Don't act like you don't know why
Chenle - Rich / Doesn't need a job/ Spoils Jisung and only asks for him to play video games with him / Full time Daegal dad / Part time pianist, this is how he met Taeil
Jisung - Still friends with Chenle / Chenle is his sugar daddy / Doesn't need a job / Dances while Chenle plays piano / Carries a taser for safety AND for fun
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suhweetdreams · a day ago
can you write something about haechan wants him s/o to sit on his face but she is shy or don't have too much confidence to do it
idt i'll give this one a title lol. but hope u like this anon!
warnings: face-sitting, fingering, oral (f receiving), cunnilingus/eating out
“huuh... what d’ya mean you don’t wanna try it?” haechan whispers with a cute voice, the situation in contrast to how he’s lazily sucking on your nipple. it could make you laugh if his warm mouth didn’t feel so good, but you have to hold back a moan in order to answer him.
“just- i don’t know. w-won’t you ah.. kinda suffocate or some- something?” your shirt is pushed up now, his hand reaching up to massage at your breast. it’s slow, as if he’s easing you into something. haechan only hums when his body fully takes his place over you, finally trailing down your trembling body. his touches are light, even when pulling down his sweatpants and underwear he poorly put on you this morning.
the cool air of the room grazes against your cunt and it makes you whimper, haechan’s mouth widening in surprise as he shushes you. “hyung’s in the room, baby. don’t wanna wake him.”
gently, he licks a stripe up your pussy lips, collecting your juices for his own gain before he hums at the taste. you have to contain your moans when haechan takes his time to eat you out, torturing your clit like always that has your hand flying up to grab at his locks. the sensation makes him groan into your soaking cunt, vibrations passing through your body satisfyingly. “ya sure i can’t convince you, hm?”
“w-wait!” haechan plunges two fingers into without trouble, your slick providing enough ease for him to enter. the unexpected stretch has you gasping, legs squeezing around his head like how you clench around his digits. “my god, you’re dripping.”
it was embarrassing that you had gotten so wet just from a few words and touches from haechan, but that’s just exactly what he does to you. light, feathery touches with teasing undertones, lingering kisses against your neck with his shameless tongue darting out to lick at the spot. even so, haechan did nothing but wait for you whenever he suggested something new, even if his dick was painfully hard and even if he wanted to bend you over the counter in front of all the members to feed into his voyeur kink.
so when haechan was lapping at your cunt like a starved animal and praising his slim, long fingers into you, you’ve finally decided through the cloud of pleasure and the occasional burn that you’d indulge him, even if he came out panting for air. you bite down another sound, head thrown back onto the soft pillow while your legs close around his head tighter and tighter. if your moans didn’t give it away, though, the squelching noises of your pussy did as he moved his fingers at a moderate pace.
“h-hyuck, uhm,” you manage to get through, chest moving from how excited he’s got you from a little fingering.
haechan’s smile sends your body twitching, lips glistening in the night from your sticky arousal before he licks them up from his fingers. he switches positions a little too eagerly, assuming a position you’re all too familiar with viewing. there’s a smirk on his face as you make your way to him, whistling lowly when your juices connect from thigh to thigh before you sling it over his face.
“are you sure about this?”
you nod in a daze. “then sit.”
your thighs tremble even before his mouth meets your sopping cunt, hot breath already riling you up. and when you finally descend onto his lips is when you finally find divinity, deities among gods where everything is singing. the sensation feels so different from lying down that you accidentally jerk your body, letting out a long moan at the contact.
“mmhm,” haechan is slobbering over your folds, moaning into it even when your juices leak from the sides of his mouth. just like earlier, he worships it since he’s had the first taste, driving his tongue deeper and deeper into your hole, forearms firmly clapped around your thighs to keep you from moving. they burn so bad and then so good that cry out whenever his nose nudges against your clit, hips moving on its own to get more of his wet muscle on your needy sex.
“hah- hyuck, p-please,” your knuckles are possibly white from how tight you’re gripping the headboard, leaving yourself for a bit of support in order not to crush haechan. “fuck, donghyuck-“
his hand skillfully bends itself to play with your clit, squeezing it in between his fingers that has tears pricking at your eyes. you’re certain they’re rolled back as you grind more and more like an animal in need, in heat against his unrelenting tongue. you feel teeth on your skin, the ghost of a laugh on your cunt before his eyes meet yours.
“wanna cum soon?” with a shaky breath, you mumble out a yes before he goes back to devouring your pussy, ten times louder and ten times filthier. you go back to muffling your moans through poorly timed grunts and whimpers. your skin heats up, your head goes light and the coil in you tightens. “‘m gonna cuuum- ah…!”
“ya close?” haechan knows. haechan knows everything about you, from when you arch your back to feel every part of his tongue on you to when your head is thrown back that exposes your neck. haechan knows how much he affects you. “go on. cum, baby. cum around my tongue.”
with that, you gush, releasing your juices all over him as you ride out your orgasm on his mouth. every inch of your body is shaking from the invigorating orgasm, twitching from sensitivity that makes haechan laugh again. what a bastard.
“now, look at me,” haechan pants with a cheeky smile, “i’m still alive, aren’t i? although, i’d prefer if you would fully sit on me, baby. it’s called face-sitting for a reason.” you roll your eyes, but before you’re removing your legs, he stops with you with a hand.
“you up for one more round?” he grins, and like the sex-craved animal he is, he has you wrapped around his finger (literally), preparing you for what’s to come.
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writemekpop · 2 days ago
[10:20 PM]
wc <0.5k, genre: fluff, pairing: kjw x reader
Jungwoo was already in bed, resting his head on his arms and gazing at you with dopey caramel eyes.
"You won't believe what Pumpkin did just now," you said, getting in. Pumpkin was your new kitten, named for her bright orange fur.
"You're mine first, you know that?" Jungwoo whined. "Before Pumpkin, before anybody, you met ME."
You giggled at Jungwoo's serious frown, made silly by his fluffy white hair. He hugged your back with his whole body, like a koala.
"What are you saying?" you asked, enjoying the security of his body against yours.
"I mean Pumpkin gets belly rubs, treats, kisses. Where are mine?"
You smiled. Was Jungwoo really jealous... of a cat?
"Pumpkin also sleeps in a cat bed. Where do you sleep?"
"With you," Jungwoo sniffed.
"And I don't do this to Pumpkin, do I?" you murmured, before turning and pressing your lips to Jungwoo's. The kiss was needy, too short, like you were trying to eat each other up. And Jungwoo's lips were certainly delicious.
When Jungwoo spoke next, he sounded a little dazed. "I guess you do love me more than Pumpkin."
You kissed his nose. "Hmmm... I'll have to decide about that."
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