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Taeyong- W Korea fashion film
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The Nanny
Chapter 3
Tumblr media
Taeyong x fem reader
preview, 01, 02, 03
genre: mafia au! dad taeyong!
warnings: implied violence, angsty
word count: 3K
authors note: I am so so sorry this is a day late, I was gonna post it on Thursday like I had done with the previous chapters but when I reread the chapter I hated, absolutely despised the first draft of it. SO I deleted scenes and replaced it with better stuff. So now I can give you guys stuff I'm actually proud of, it is a little shorter though. We see dream in this chapter, which I hope you're all excited for because they play a semi big part in the story. also in other news, I might post other things besides long chapter fics like this but I'm not too sure yet. nevertheless, I hope you guys enjoy. hugs and kisses to anyone reading <333 ---------
Yesterday after taking Jisung to the airport, Johnny took you back to the mansion. Taeyong didn’t come home last night, just leaving you and Dasom. You were now sitting in the living room watching Dasom play with her toys, while you looked over some college classes to take online.
Just as you found a class that you needed and that would also work with your schedule, the front door slammed open, while someone was shouting your name. Rushing to the front door, you see Taeyong all but carrying Mark in and a battered group of men following behind him. You notice Jisung and Johnny in the back of the group making their way into the house.
You went over to help Taeyong hold Mark up, bringing him to the couch in the living room. Just as you entered the living room, Dasom put down her toys shouting “Jisung,” while Jisung picked her up in his arms. Jisung then handed Dasom over to a maid to take her upstairs for the moment.
“What happened?” you whispered out to no one in particular, just looking around at the group of boys that was badly beaten up. They looked to be hurt, tired, and dirty. Taeyong had grabbed your arm pulling you away from the group, out to the hallway.
“Look,” Taeyong was exhausted, you could tell from his out of breath tone, “they need to stay here, and I need to go back to the office just for a few more hours, okay?” You heard everything Taeyong said, but there was a droplet of blood freshly stained onto his shirt that caught your attention.
You stared at the vibrant red, the gravity of the situation you were in finally hitting you. This was a life or death situation, something you knew nothing about. The weight of the fact that there were people trying to kill finally setting in. You felt tears welling in your eyes, you felt so guilty, throwing temper tantrums about people not talking to you, when there were people risking their lives to protect you.
“Hey, hey, hey” Taeyong had pulled your face to look at him instead of the stain, “why are you crying?” he asked while wiping the fallen tears away. You wrapped your arms around him burying your head in his chest whispering out a meek sorry.
Taeyong looked down at you, wrapping his arms around you, trying to figure out what set you off so suddenly. Taeyong looked up from you to meet Johnny and all Taeyong could do was shrug.
Taeyong finally pulled you off of him, “what’s wrong?”
Collecting yourself and wiping away your tears, “I’m sorry for making this difficult for you,” Taeyong was about to object, thinking that he was dealt with worse people, “You should change before you go back to the office, there’s blood on your shirt.” You finished off, walking away from Taeyong and back to the group in the living room.
Taeyong watched you walk away, deciding to leave you and go upstairs to change. You walked back into the living room, your face had a tint from the crying but nothing too noticeable. “What happened?” you whispered to Johnny.
“It was an ambush,” Johnny whispered back to you, while looking at the group of boys on the couch that was about to pass out. All of them leaning on each other, exhaustion was evident, as well as dirty.
You could see the sweat, dirt and blood on all of them. “Yah!” Taeyong yelled from the stairs, as he walked into the room. “Go shower, you’re getting my couch dirty.” You watched all the boys groan before one stood up, he was tall, well built and had platinum blond hair.
“I’m gonna shower in Taeyong’s bathroom,” the boy standing announced.
“There’s enough bathrooms for at least half of you to shower right now,” Taeyong said, looking at his phone, “Hyuck, you're gonna need to help Mark.”
“Yeah,” a tan boy, who you thought was Hyuck, still sitting on the couch answered.
“Johnny you ready?” Taeyong asked, you turned your attention to see Johnny nodding along. “I’ll be back for dinner,” Taeyong directed towards you; you just nodded along. The two of them walked out the door, heading back to the office.
Four of the boys stood from the couch heading up the stairs, there were still three of them that remained on the couch, one of them was the tan boy, Hyuck, Mark and the third, he was smaller in frame than the rest but he held the least emotion in his face.
You took notice of the blood that was seeping through the bandages on Mark. You got down on the floor in front of his position on the couch, “we should change your bandages, it’s bleeding through already.” You spoke to the half-asleep boy who just nodded his head. “Can you go get the first aid kit, there should be one in the kitchen,” you looked at the tan boy now, who just nodded his head as well.
“I’m Mark, we never formally met” he then pointed to the boy sitting by his feet now, “that’s Renjun, and the one getting the first aid kit, Donghyuck”
“(y/n), how did you get hurt?”
“I got stabbed,” Mark said, closing his eyes again, as Donghyuck walked back in with the first aid kit and a medical bag.
“Thank you,” you turned back to grab the stuff from Donghyuck, going back to Mark.
You began to change the dressing on Mark’s wound, and one by one the four boys that went up to shower came back down. Each one has their own wounds that you tend to. Almost two hours later, you had seven boys all with some type of wounds, freshly cleaned laying on the couch watching a movie along with Dasom, who was cuddling up next to Jisung. The seven of them whispered amongst themselves, when you left them to go into the kitchen and check on dinner.
“Young madam,” the older maid greeted as you entered the kitchen, “is there something I can do for you?”
“Auntie please, I told you just to call me (y/n),”
“No madam,”
“Fine,” you sighed, not understanding why she insisted on such etiquette, “I was just wondering when dinner would be ready?”
“Dinner should be ready shortly madam,”
“Thank you,” you responded back exiting the kitchen, you mind foggy with the wounds you saw on those boys. You also learned the names of all the boys, the tall, well-built, with platinum blond hair was Jeno. The one constantly clinging to Jeno was Jaemin, the smaller boy with orange hair was Chenle, then of course Jisung, Renjun, Donghyuck, and Mark. Realizing this is the group dream.
As you entered the room again you heard the faint whispers of someone named ‘Seulgi’ the name not ringing a bell. You ignored all whispers when you entered the room, “dinner will be ready soon,” you announced.
“Thank you (y/n),” Mark said, “we know this is your house but thank you for letting us stay here.”
“This is Taeyong’s house, but you’re welcome to stay nonetheless,”
“Thank you for taking care of us too,” Mark added, gesturing to the bandages you placed. He was like the spokesperson for the group.
“Its the least I can do,”
“Here sit, watch with us,” Mark scooted closer to Donghyuck. You found your seat next to Mark and the armrest.
You and the boys along with little Dasom, watched several movies as well as eating dinner on the couch. The night was filled with laughter, stories, and good memories. It was one of the first evenings since you came to the mansion that you finally felt like before. Dream treated you like an actual person, they talked, and laughed with you. The loneliness of the past week was like wearing a coat of chains, but dream helped carry the coat.
You and the boys were laughing at Hyuck teasing Jeno, while Jeno was attacking back physically when Taeyong walked back through the door.
“Hi,” Taeyong greeted meekly, staring at all of you.
“Taeyong,” the boys shouted unanimously, and you couldn’t help but wear the biggest smile. Each of them took their time talking to Taeyong, nearly shouting over each other, and even now you couldn’t force the smile to leave your face. These boys were a firecracker of energy, even with almost life-threatening wounds, they wore nothing but smiles. The happiness in the room was like antibiotics to the disease of loneliness.
At the end of the night, you carried Dasom to bed, she fell asleep on the couch while watching a movie with dream. You tucked her into her bed, and then began to make your way down the stairs, stopping midway when you overheard your name being thrown around.
“Shes like Seulgi,” it sounded like Mark, and that name again, the name you didn't recognize, “are you serious about this?”
“I am,” that was Taeyong’s voice. You felt guilty for eavesdropping, decided to make your presence known as you continued down the stairs.
“She’s out like a light,” you said with a smile to the group of boys lounging around.
“Thank you,” Taeyong said, giving you a warm smile, “have a drink with us.”
“No no, I’m gonna shower and call it a night,” you felt it better to leave them to their conversations, “I just came down to say goodnight.”
“Goodnight,” the boys said collectively, their unison bringing out a small giggle.
“Goodnight (y/n),” Taeyong said slowly, looking at you, as he laid back in his chair, arms open, one hand holding his drink. In that moment you clearly saw just exactly how pretty he was. His sharp gaze, cut jawline, the slender cut of his frame, the length of his legs, he was a work of art in every aspect of his being. In that moment, you finally saw the extent of his beauty and how it proceeded any expectation.
“Goodnight sir”
The next morning as you made your way down the stairs, the mansion felt more lively than ever. You could hear the boys from the dining room, their conversation filled with laughter. As you entered the room, you took notice of the large breakfast spread laid out for them. Taeyong sitting in his seat, Dasom on his left hand side, the seat on his right hand side empty, and the rest of dream filling in around the table.
You took your seat, “good morning (y/n),” Taeyong softly spoke to you.
“Good morning,” you stared back at Taeyong, the two of you caught up in gazing at each other.
“(y/n),” Mark called out to you, “thank you for helping out yesterday, we’re gonna be heading back today. After this actually.”
“Really?” you questioned, feeling your heart break. They all could hear the emotion in your voice. Being with dream was like a breath of fresh air, you were drowning, and they pulled you out of the water. “Excuse me, I'm not that hungry.” you said standing and leaving the table. You weren’t about to throw another temper tantrum for not having things your way. You were just gonna silently cry in your room, and hope no one would come find you.
We all watched her leave, and walk away from the table, I couldn’t stop myself from following after her.
“(y/n)” I caught her right before she went up the stairs.
“Yes?” she turned back around, looking down at me, tears in her eyes.
“What’s wrong?”
“It’s nothing really, I just need a moment, excuse me,” she tried to rush up the stairs again, before I caught her wrist.
“What’s really wrong?” She looked away trying to stop herself from all out bawling I imagine.
“Sir, it’s really not your problem, i’ll be fine,”
“You’re my finacée, it is my problem,” She smiled just a little.
“Sir, I am the nanny, not you’re actually finacée,” she reasoned, raising her eyebrows at me.
“That can change,” I said, pulling on her wrist, to come down the few steps she climbed, “now tell me what’s wrong, I will fix it.”
She smiled a little wider this time, “I just like having the boys here,” she paused this time, looking down at my hand still wrapped around her wrist, “they talk to me like I’m a normal person, it’s nice. It may have been only a day, but I’m gonna miss them, that’s all.”
“They can stay,” I wish, I want to give her her life back, but I couldn’t live with myself if she died because of me. So in the meantime, I will give her whatever that makes this, somewhat like her life before.
“They can stay here, they used to live here when they were still in school, they can come back and stay here again.”
“Shouldn’t you ask them? They are adults sir, you cannot order them around, you’re not their father,”
“Like hell I can’t, I’m their boss,” I leaned in just a little, looking down at her, “They will do what I tell them to.”
Taeyong marched you back into the dining room, where the boys sat, still eating their breakfast.
“Dream,” Taeyong started off grabbing all of their attention, “move back home, here.”
“Sir,” you scolded, “it’s up to you really,” you started off, looking at the boys sitting on the table, “you guys can come back and stay here if you want to, the doors will always be open to you. We… I would like it very much if you guys stayed. I’m sure Dasom would too,” you looked at the little girl, eating pancakes.
Each of the boys began to smile, exchanging glances between themselves, “we would love to stay,” Mark responded. Hearing Mark say that, seeing the smiles the boys wore, had a sense of joy that was unlike any other.
“(y/n), let me,” Taeyong pulled Jisung’s box out of your arms, walking it up the stairs in front of you. He was supposed to go into the office this morning, but instead decided to stay and help the boys. He wore his dress pants, the top buttons of his shirt undo, his tie tossed aside on the couch, his sleeves rolled up to his elbows.
“Thank you,” you said almost breathlessly.
“You’re drooling,” Donghyuck said coming up next to you,
“I am not,” you said wiping your face, trying to feel around if you were drooling.
“No you’re not, at least not yet,” Donghyuck laughed out, making his way up the stairs, causing you to shake your head.
“Ha ha ha, very funny Hyuck,” you rolled your eyes, wondering if your admiration of Taeyong was that obvious.
That night you sat around in the yard, with Taeyong, Dasom and all the boys of dream.
“How are you doing?” Jaemin asked when it was just you and him grabbing the drinks.
“I’m good, I’m glad you guys are staying.”
“We like spending time with you too,” Jaemin smiled.
“Taeyong said that you guys would do whatever he says, and I don’t want any of you to feel like you have to stay here, I’m sure you guys have lives too and you can’t just spend all of your time wit-”
“(y/n) It’s okay, we want to be here,” Jaemin reassured you. You glanced back at the boys lounging around, laughing about, smiling at these new found friends. “Taeyong is really happy with you,” Jaemin came up to your side, whispering, “you know?”
You hummed in acknowledgement as Jaemin made his way to return to the group. You always knew your feelings for Taeyong were not ones you should have for their boss, but you knew you never crossed the line. Taeyong was a wonderful father to Dasom, there wasn’t anything that he wouldn’t do for her. He was always an amazing boss, he paid you well above the minimum wage, enough money where your bills were always paid. Not to mention just how incredibly handsome he was. The media didn’t help your twisting feelings ever, there was no wrong he could do. He donated to countless charities, all reports from employees that worked under him were nothing but positive. He was truly a man that had stepped out of your dreams.
After today with him and Dasom, you knew your feelings, you liked Taeyong.
Towards the night, when everyone was starting to feel the tiredness of the day. Dasom came up to you, the little girl rubbing her eyes and yawning. She lifted her arms to say she wanted to be carried, you picked her up, pressing her against your front, resting her head on your shoulder.
“I love you (y/n),” Dasom whispered only loud enough for you to hear and you felt your heart break open.
“I love you too princess,” you whispered back. You went over to Taeyong, “I’m gonna take her inside already,”
Taeyong nodded his head, “I’ll come with you,” he said as he stood from his chair, placing a hand on your waist, “we’re gonna call it a night, goodnight.”
“Goodnight guys,” you said back to the rest of the boys. You could hear them all say goodnight back, as you, Taeyong and Dasom walked to the house. Just like a little family.
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Wicked Games
Pairing: Taeyong x reader
Genre: Series | Eventual Smut | Angst | Fluff (very rarely)
Warnings: strangers to lovers, slight abuse (?), mentions of death, depression, toxic relationships, established relationships
Words: 10k
PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5
Sudden death of Taeyong’s father changed everything in your life’s three years ago. It’s safe to say you never thought that you’re attraction to the weird guy from university would lead you to this. Being a fiancé to a CEO of one of the three big companies in the country, being a fiancé of Lee Taeyong.
First he was pissed, he obviously was pissed when his father’s people came to him with the proposal. The situation was urgent and even though everyone knew he’s not into business he was their obvious choice. He was the heir.
Nothing he did in his life ever showed any intention of running a business, especially a business of his father that he hated so much and you were endlessly surprised at the idea of him even considering it.
You found out about his dilemma around a week later. He came to the dorms, and with the way he pushed Momo out of the room you thought he wanted sex. You thought he was pissed and wanted to get it off on you. He did that sometimes since the day your relationships became ‘established’. You called them established to yourself after the accident. He stopped testing your limits with Yoona, he stopped being mean and he just stopped being anything but normal to you. Relatively normal, but it was more than relatively normal when it came to Taeyong, and it made you happy. It made you happy enough how he took you to places, found time sometimes to see you in school and never spoke to you as if you were meaningless. You guessed the accident made him realise how much you meant to him. Maybe it really made him realise he didn’t want to lose you. You never asked and never spoke about that day and he never did so either but the mean unfriendly Taeyong that everyone feared said I love you to you and made your heart tremble every time he called you ‘baby’ and it was enough for you to be happy.
“My father died.”
“What?” he sat on your bed lifeless. “When? Are you okay?”
“Last week. His employees came to me, they want me to take the lead.”
“Last week? Did you go to the funeral? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Taeyong, I’m so sorry. What happened?” you began mumbling
“Do you hear me?” he said roughly.
“Did you hear me?” you furrowed your brows.
“I fucking did.” he bit “I don’t know why he died, I didn’t listen, stroke or something, who fucking cares if he’s dead already.”
“He’s your dad…? Yes you didn’t have the best relationship but you lived together.”
“Y/n, our relationship is not like in movies, I won’t cry about him after he died. I hated him and still hate him. Old fuck even dead found a way to shit in my life. I didn’t go to the funeral, and I didn’t tell you because you’d force me to go and we would fight.” you sat back leaning on the wall. Taeyong noticed your quiet sulking, leaning in to you. “I’m totally fine, don’t worry about me. I came to talk, I have two options in life now. Either become a CEO or go completely broke. Pick a life you want to live.” he spoke, leaning against the wall with his palm to have a few centimetres left between your faces.
“Yes you, I came to you and ask for your advice because this decision is affecting both of us.”
“Taeyong.” you whispered and hugged him like a koala, wrapping your limbs around him.
“What?” he sounded confused making you wonder if he genuinely didn’t understand or just pretended.
“You never wanted this in life, I think you know better than anyone else what to tell them.”
“It’s not that simple.” he sighed and pushed back. “That’s why I came to you, you’re smart.”
“What are their conditions?”
“If I say no it’s simple. Freezing all the money I have, I reckon they’ll expel me from school too since I won’t have any more ‘power’” he showed brackets with his fingers.
“You’re not stupid, if you’ll start studying they won’t touch you.”
“It’s not that, everyone hate me to the gut already, me studying won’t help a thing now.”
“And if you say yes…?”
“It’s actually pretty simple too. I’m a toy, they won’t let me do anything, I know nothing about business, that’s why I’m their first option. I’m easy to do what they want me to do. I’ll have everything but power over the company.”
“Depending on how you look on it it’s not that bad of an option too, right?”
“Yeah, especially if you don’t mind being in jail.” he chuckled hopelessly.
“Why would you get in jail?”
“They’ll obviously at one point make me sign something I shouldn’t have to get rid of me.”
“You can tell them you’ll leave when they will want you to leave.”
“What if I’ll change my mind by the time?” he looked at you.
So this is what was bothering him. He didn’t want to lose power. Power of having everything under control.
“If you’ll change your mind I’m sure you’ll be educated enough to turn everything in your favour.”
“I’m really lost right now…” he sighed.
But he really didn’t have to tell you this, it was obvious. With the way he spoke and with the way he moved you guessed in no time. Taeyong was worried and even if none of these worries were about his suddenly passed away father, they still were based on serious matters. Matters that apparently he considered common for you two.
Six months after your conversation he graduated and became an official CEO. For the past months they trained him like a dog and visibly there was nothing left now from the guy that fascinated your imagination almost a year ago.
They sold the house, even though his mum protested at first, Taeyong refused to pay thousands of dollars for it monthly. He moved out to a pretty flat in the tallest building of the city and bought his mom a flat nearby. Suddenly she became a big part of his life, and you didn’t talk to him about it, but something told you she was sent by shareholders to watch him and control him.
Multiple times he tried to move you in with him but you protested vigorously knowing that you won’t be able to study properly if you’ll live with him. Also because he was all busy now and you’ll be alone all the time.
A year later you graduated and he took all of your belongings to his place without asking, making you officially move in with him.
Only then you properly experienced how quiet and passive he became. It was as bad as if a twin with absolutely different personality switched him. You tried to speak to him but one thing that didn’t change in Taeyong was his closeness, he’d get worked up quicker than you finish your sentence, and that became your little hobby, pissing the shit out of him. It was the only time he seemed alive and gave you the vibes of Taeyong that you loved.
“You never were a psycho, right?” you told him one day, when he sat on his side of the bed.
“What?” he turned around confused, undoing the cufflinks on the dress shirt he wore to work. You crawled over the bed to him, helping him to undo the buttons of the shirt. When you were done, you straddled him. Your hands pulled the shirt off his shoulders, letting it slide down his arms.
“You’re a great actor, that’s it. No psycho will turn into a CEO in less than a year.” you hugged his shoulders.
“I wasn’t acting.”
“I didn’t think so at the time too… but now it’s obvious you were just playing… for whatever reason… getting people’s attention?”
“What are you saying?” he furrowed his eyebrows.
“You fucked two girls at the same time, maybe even more, I don’t know. You peed in a fucking cup in the middle of cafeteria, you filmed girls have sex with you, you fought with your parents, gave no shits about studying, formed a gang and did stupid things, even acted different with me, but now… it feels like we’ve been married for at least 5 years and our children are in some sort of school far away from us, and I’m a wife that have nothing to do except for sitting on the bed, because everything is done by someone else and wait for my businessman husband to come and fuck me if he’s in the mood. That’s fucking boring, what’s wrong with you? Where are your friends? Did you do it to piss your father off and now you just don’t have a reason?”
“You’re asking me why I don’t pee in cups publicly and don’t fuck random girls and don’t film them anymore?”
“Forget it.” you slid off his lap. “Good night.” you kissed his cheek demonstratively and covered your head with the duvet.
You heard him stand up and walk out of room. You heard him whisper ‘fucking bitch’ under his breath before he exited. You tucked yourself under the duvet harder, trying to kill the tears that flooded your pillow quickly. He didn’t come back to bed, for the first time you slept separately. When you woke up he was already gone to work. You didn’t know yet he left the house in the night.
Taeyong opened the door to his office holding a tablet in his hands. His eyes were focused on the item he held and it took him a few seconds to notice you sitting on his chair. His hand found a switch, turning the lights on and his eyes finally focused on you. He seemed surprised and looked around the room as if he expected someone else to be there too. You smiled at him, moving your feet from his table to the floor, standing up.
“What are you doing here?” he asked confused.
“I came to see you.” you smiled and walked from behind the table. Taeyong’s eyes scanned your outfit, which consisted only of the jacket that you found on his chair and panties that he wasn’t able to see yet under the buttoned up jacket.
“Is that all you have on?” he gulped and walked towards you.
“See yourself.” you teased and he took one more step closer.
“I can’t.” he sighed and walked pass you to sit.
“Seriously?” you turned to watch him sit. You felt pissed, and anger burned your chest immediately. “Who do you think you are…?”
“What?” he placed his belongings over the table.
“Lee Taeyong I dated would already have fucked me on his table multiple times but I guess you’re someone else.” you pushed, balancing on the armrest you leaned over him.
“I’m at work.”
“This is your fucking company, this all is yours, we can do whatever the fuck you want to.” your anger turned slowly into upset. “Taeyong, baby, don’t act like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. You don’t have to torture yourself all alone. I’m here to help, other people are here to help too. Responsibility doesn’t mean you have to switch personalities. I miss the you that kept me on edge. Why don’t you keep me on edge anymore?” you sighed, leaning in closer. Taeyong moved his eyes away, looking somewhere behind. “Fuck me.” you sighed into his ear. Taeyong locked his lips, thinking.
“Let me close the door.” his hand landed on your thigh, signalling for you to stand up.
“Anyone can walk in.” his other hand landed on your thigh too.
“That’s what makes it more exciting.” you whispered into his mouth, leaving a kiss on his lips.
Taeyong pushed you off his chair, sitting you on the table. His hands landed on your thighs again, running them up your bare skin under the jacket. “Underwear? Disappointing.” he chuckled. Taeyong’s fingers found the buttons of his jacket, undoing them quickly. The material fell onto your sides, revealing your naked body to Taeyong. His fingers ran over your stomach, grabbing your sides. He pulled himself closer to you while sitting on the chair, leaving wet trail of kisses from your belly button down to the line of your underwear. He stopped, looking up at you. Your fingers ran over his hair, pulling his head back closer to your body. He chuckled and placed one more kiss on your skin, getting lower. His lips ran over your clothed pelvis, leaving multiple kisses lower. “Take them off.” he commanded and moved away, allowing you to quickly take your panties off. You smirked, placing them into the chest pocket of his shirt and patting it afterwards. Taeyong lowered his head again, pulling his tongue out and sliding it down your entrance. You grabbed onto his head, pushing his head closer to you. He slid his tongue back up, and you pushed yourself back onto the table, spreading your legs wider. His head lowered more, flatting his tongue out against your vagina. He made a few licks, getting you all worked up in a second. Your hand grabbed onto his head tighter, pushing him against your centre harder. He sucked in air, forcing a moan out of your throat. You felt his fingers get inside of you at the same time with his mouth getting back to your clitoris, sucking on it sweetly. Taeyong’s fingers began slow pumping inside of you, forcing tiny moans get from your throat. Your body twitched under his touch, moving to meet him. Your insides pulsed, twitched and craved to cum. His fingers moved quicker and with the way his tongue swirled inside of you, teasing the spot you loved and hated for him to tease,you were finally able to do the thing you wanted. You came, feeling little waves wash over your insides, feeling the little contractions. He pushed back on his chair, watching you catch your breath from the high. The quick orgasm made your head get dizzier than usual, making it harder for you to stand up.
“Turn around.” he quickly commanded “We’re short on time.”
“As you please.” you put all of your strength to do as he said, bending over the table. You heard Taeyong stand up behind you, quickly undoing his zipper. You held onto the table from the other side, spreading your legs a bit wider. Your eyes focused on the door knob, feeling your insides clench at the thought of someone walking in. Taeyong’s fingers ran over your butt cheek, making the shivers run up your body. His hands pushed the jacket higher over your back, freeing more of you to his eyes. Taeyong’s hands ran over your skin, squeezing your butt in his palms multiple times. You heard how he pumped himself, sliding his member against your entrance. You moaned at the feeling of him pushing. You grabbed onto his cock from behind, forcing him to get his body closer to you. You moved your hand up and down multiple times, sliding him against you to cover him in lube. Your eyes rolled when you pushed him inside and that was it for your attention on the door. Taeyong pulled away your hand, sliding in and out of you himself. His hand quickly found your neck, grabbing onto it with force. At first you thought he just tried to choke you, but his hold got stronger and you understood he tried to pull you closer to him. You let go of the table, sliding your hand behind his head to hold onto his neck. Taeyong’s hands roamed over your body, finally finding their place over your breasts. His hand massaged over your nipple, while the other one slid back down, rubbing against your clitoris. His teeth dug into your neck, biting onto one spot, leaving for sure a red mark for everyone to see.
“Wait, wait, wait. Let me kiss you.” you forced him to let go of you to turn around, sitting with your butt on the table once again. He roughly entered you, making your hands and legs wrap around him twice better. Your mouth found his, hungrily sucking in last sells of his sanity into your mouth. Taeyong stuck his tongue out for you to lick it, and you gladly did as he wanted you to while his hips helped him to drill into you.
“I’m cuming.” he sighed breathlessly and you ran your fingers over his neck, kissing it afterwards. It felt as if he filled you to the brim, continuing the pumps for you to cum. The noises of the sticky substance between you filled up the room, covering your tiny moans. His fingers worked quickly over your clitoris forcing you to clench teasingly around him. “We’re spilling over the table, finish quickly, we need to clean up.” he whispered into your ear, leaving a kiss on it. You began breathing heavily focusing your mind on his fingers. You cried out, making a loud noise escape your throat. “Fuck, Y/n, we have to keep it down here. My secretary is behind the door.” his hand ran over your face, pushing back your hair, caressing your cheeks afterwards. “You’re insane.” he whispered into your mouth, running his eyes over your lips, leaving a wet kiss over them.
He slid out of you, making his cum spill over the glass table.
“Do you have tissues here?” you asked when he sat down on the chair.
“Fuck, no, I don’t.” he ran his eyes over the room, confirming it.
“I have in my bag, it’s behind you.” he turned around, giving you the purse. You opened it quickly, fishing out tissues. You threw one to him, getting one for yourself to clean up the table and yourself. Jumping off the table you noticed how he already collected himself and sat there calmly watching you. You leaned in over him, wishing to get the panties from his pocket, but Taeyong pushed your hand away, pulling you into the chair. You fell on top of him and Taeyong helped you to find a more or less comfortable pose, making you lay on your side, resting your head against his shoulder, wrapping your hand over his neck and waist. He took off the jacket from your shoulders, laying it over you to cover your butt and breasts from the world. His hand caressed carefully behind your knee and up to your thigh, while the other cutely pressed onto your cheek from time to time.
“I’m so happy to see you here.” he finally told you after some time.
“It didn’t seem like it at first.” you replied, running your fingers over his mouth.
“I’m sorry, you’re right I’m a poo since I got this job.”
“Poo? You’re becoming soft and cute, you’re making me fall for you even deeper.” you smiled warmly at him, feeling your heart drown in love for Taeyong.
“After two years you’re still falling?” he sounded confused “You’re mine, there’s not a part of you that’s not mine and you know it.” you nodded at him, planting a light kiss over his lips. You rubbed your face against his chest, wishing you were at home, wishing you could just fall asleep like that and not let go of him. “Where are your clothes? What did you wear to come here?”
“This.” you joked, showing with your finger on the jacket.
“I’m sure that’s what I wore to work today.” he chuckled and the sound of him laughing was music to you. You squeezed his neck pulling his face closer to yours, kissing Taeyong to show him all the love that was hiding in your chest for so long.
“Mr. Lee, your meeting with marketing team is in 15 minutes.” you heard a woman’s voice through the speaker. Taeyong moved away, pressing a button to answer.
“Thank you, Jiyong, I’ll come in a second.” his finger let go of the button, turning all of his attention back to you “Baby, I think it’s better you’ll put some clothes on. I’m not sharing your beautiful body with anyone.” he leaned in quickly planting a kiss on your chest, forcing you to stand up afterwards. You received your underwear back, putting it on, you handed Taeyong his jacket, throwing the dress that was laying on the couch over your body. “I’ll try to come home earlier.” his mouth found yours, sticking his tongue in yours.
“I want to find a job.” you said randomly thinking how being the housewife wasn’t the life of your dreams.
“You can work here.” he suggested, walking you closer to the door, kissing you deeply.
“No, I want to be independent.”
“Okay, be.” he laughed again, leaving another deep kiss on your mouth when his secretary knocked on the door, coming in.
“Mr. Lee, oh, I’m sorry, they’re here.” she ran her eyes over your body, making you even more embarrassed.
“A second.” he said getting his attention back to you. “I love you.” he whispered “Thank you… for what you said and did too.” he tried to kiss you once again, but you didn’t let him, planting a kiss over his cheek. You turned around to walk out, seeing that Jiyong stared at you this whole time. Her eyes scanned you once again, stopping on the red mark he left on you. You bowed politely, leaving the office quickly.
“Jiyongah, tell them to come in.” you heard Taeyong’s voice from afar.
“Yes boss.”
“Yong?” you asked, peeking from the bathroom. “Hi.” you smiled seeing him walk into the room.
“Hi.” he nodded , looking even more serious than he usually did now.
“Difficult day?” you walked towards him, tying your hair in a bun.
“No, not really.” he sat down on the bed. You stood in front of him, running your fingers through his hair. “I…” he sighed and you found it cute how he found it hard to speak. “I cheated.” your hands fell from his head.
“No, long time ago, I just didn’t know how to tell.”
“I…I…why?” you felt a lump form in your throat.
“You can leave if you want to.” Taeyong suggested quickly, not answering your question.
“No, tell me why.” you repeated angrily.
“What do you want me to tell you?” he lifted his head and you dug your nails into the skin of your palms to not hit him.
“Why you cheated. I want to know.” you spoke slowly as if you were putting dots after every word.
“I was stressed.”
“Stressed? Are you serious? You went to someone else? Why? Am I not supporting you? Didn’t I ask you everyday how are you doing, how the day went? Don’t I ask questions because I worry about you? Because I know you’re going to the job you never wanted. And you’re telling me you were stressed and didn’t consider me as someone who could help you with it. Nice, that’s nice to know and hear.”
“You asked me afterwards. You were busy with graduation and then I just didn’t want you to bother, I didn’t want you to worry. I thought it’s better if I’ll keep it to myself but I felt guilty… I didn’t know I could even feel that way. I never felt bad like that but the guilt ate me. That’s why I was quiet, that’s why I’m boring, I was just feeling guilty and was trying to build up courage to tell you about it. I didn’t think it’d be that scary. I didn’t know I’d be scared to tell you this.” he focused his gaze on his knees, with his hands on each side of his head. You didn’t know he could feel guilt like that, you didn’t know he can feel this way about cheating.
“Okay, whatever, that’s fine.” you suddenly switched the mood, standing up and walking around the bed.
“What?” he looked up at you surprised.
“I did that too…”
“Did what?” he looked at you confused.
“I cheated once too.”
“Don’t try to bite me back just to bite.”
“I’m not lying. I didn’t tell because I knew you’d throw a scene, try to find out who it was, but now we’re even, you don’t have anything to throw against me.”
“What the fuck are you saying?” he jumped up, walking towards you. “When? With who?” his hands grabbed your forearms, shaking. “Tell me! Now!”
“I won’t.”
“I will fucking kill him, and you too if you won’t tell me. Who. Did. You. Fuck?”
“You’re ridiculous Taeyong.” you shook his hands off. “You only care who it was. Why? Oh, I know why. It’s obvious, no one’s allowed to touch your fucking property, right? You don’t care why I did it, you don’t care why would I cheat on the man I love. There’s no such thoughts in your head, you only care about who it was because you only care about my body.” you shouted, pushing him on his chest.
“And that’s fucking right. You’re mine, your body is mine. No one is allowed to touch you before or after me. Especially at the time when you’re fucking mine.” he shouted back at you and you chocked. His words cut like a knife. All these years after he still acted like an ignorant prick who didn’t love you as a whole, he only cared for your body. Tears flooded your eyes and you couldn’t see anything.
“No one’s allowed, blah blah blah, Taeyong. Guess what? No one’s allowed but someone still did it. Want to know how, since why is not really bothering you?” you looked at him furiously, breathing heavily. Taeyong probably never saw you being angry like that, shaking his head yes scarily.
“I came to him myself, I said I wanted sex, he agreed happily. We went to his place and he undressed me immediately, I didn’t even look around, he took my clothes off at the door and took me to his bedroom. I came twice only off his tongue. He made me feel so good, almost as good as you did back when you licked me for the first time at the pierce. You know what was the key? He really wanted me, he really liked me and he showed it with his whole presence. Want to know what happened next?” you looked at Taeyong who looked as if he was about to murder someone. He didn’t react, and you found it as a great opportunity to continue. “I sucked his dick. I think I did my best with him, he made me choke and he made me cry, I even sucked on his balls, can you believe it?” you made a low chuckle. “And then he fucked me, fucked me for hours, fucked me for every evening you came home, turned your back to me and fell asleep like I never existed. For all the days you said I wouldn’t understand he drilled into me in such a sweet pace I still think of him sometimes. I still think if I should call him again. You know, when another day when you’re too stressed comes and ….”
“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” he interrupted you “SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH.” his voice was so loud you thought you’ll lose your hearing.
“What? You don’t like to hear how I suck someone else’s dick? Wait, you’re the video type of guy, I think I have the video of it, I asked him to film it for you.” you laughed carelessly, reaching out for your phone.
You stopped halfway though. Stopped, because your cheek burned like crazy. Burned, because Taeyong slapped you. You couldn’t understand it at first but when you did you squatted immediately, holding with your palms onto the burning skin. Tears began streaming again, this time accompanied by loud crying coming from your throat.
“Fucking bitch, I told you to shut your fucking mouth!” he shouted again, hitting his foot against the wooden bed. The loud thud made you go deaf. Your brain guessed he probably could’ve hit you with the same ease.
“Let’s break up, Taeyong. That’s it, we’re over, I don’t want this.” you jumped up looking over the room for your belongings, but the tears and pain told you not to, quickly grabbing your phone and running out of the room.
“Baby, wait.” he called after you, pulling onto your hand. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. Let’s get you ice.” he said carefully as if he never shouted before.
“Taeyong, can’t you see, we’re in a hole?” you cried out.
“You can hit me if you want to. Do you want to hit me? Please don’t go, you’re my everything, I swear, I love you, please don’t. Please hit me too.” He fell onto his knees, hugging your waist tightly. His face hid in your stomach and your heart sunk for him. You pushed him off you, to look him in the eyes. You lifted one of your arms, slapping him on his cheek. Taeyong closed his eyes, expecting more from you.
“Stand up.” you commanded and he did it quickly. Your hands quickly began throwing punches, hitting his chest, you cried even harder, not controlling yourself. Your fingers wrapped around his neck, beginning to choke him more and more, until it felt too difficult for your hands to push, you let go of his neck, hearing him breath heavily. You looked at him afterwards, throwing last punch on his chest.
“Don’t you ever dare to fucking touch me, you sick prick.”
“You’re sleeping with someone again?”
“I do not.”
“Are you?”
“I fucking told you I don’t.” he seemed to be pissed already. This was your first conversation in a month, maybe. You two acted like neither of you ever existed. He didn’t look at you, didn’t touch, never spoke to you unless there was no other way. You knew he was mad because someone touched his property, and you were mad because you loved him and he cheated. He slept with someone else and even the thought of having any type of arrangement after what you find out made you sick. You just felt like it wasn’t for only once. You just felt that he did before, or maybe even after. You found yourself going back to college days, when he’d play the weird game he played with you and Yoona. Something, you never understood and never talked about. What was this all for? What type of wicked game was going on in his head at the time? And what could make you sure it was over?
Nothing, frankly speaking. It’s just that you two weren’t together at most times, he’d be at work, you’d be studying, then he’d be at work and you’d just spend all your days at home, doing things, hanging out with Momo, doing rich jobless girls things, then it was both of you at work. You didn’t know if he was into something like that there too? But then again, he seemed to be focused and serious when he went there.
“Why getting worked up from a single question if you’re not?” you chuckled knowing it’ll only piss him off more.
“I just got home and you act like a bitch once again.”
“A bitch?” you asked confused “Just think about how much you hated your mother when she let your father cheat on her. Think how you hated him for cheating. You’re putting us in their place. Youre not doing it any different from your father.”
“What do you even mean I’m sleeping with someone else AGAIN? I never slept with anyone like that..” he asked looking angry, walking closer to you. “Did you go back to the guy you wanted to fuck and want me to do the same?”
“What? He got married if you’re interested, so you can calm yourself down finally.”
“So he’s married? For how long?” he asked focusing his mind on this information.
“Are you fucking serious?” you shouted again being mad with how he subtly tried to find out who it was, making you wonder how did you last for almost three years with him.
“Why the fuck did you ask me this in the first place!?” he sighed annoyed. “Do you want me to cheat on you? I think you need to see a therapist, why are you so fucking focused on something that never existed?”
“Never existed!? Didn’t you tell me you cheated?”
“Didn’t you tell me the same fucking thing!? Why am I not asking you the same fucking question every day ? Why?”
“Cause you don’t care?”
“Baby, Y/n, no, stop, I don’t want this.” he sighed and he seemed genuinely tired. His fingers touched your forearms. “I know I’m the one that made our relationship flow in that direction, I know I’m the one that acted cold towards you, I’m the one that treated you badly and received all the love from you in return. You worked hard to change me and showed me love, you always did, I know you were tired of me being the way I was but now I changed, I’m different, even though you don’t seem to be happy with what I turned into too, I still love you in my own idiotic way. I’m almost the normal boring person you always wanted me to be. Why do you not seem happy? Why the only conversations we’re having sound more like dogs barking at each other?” he met your eyes with his.
“I’m… it’s not like that. I didn’t try to change you, I didn’t want you to be boring. I fell in love with a different you. All I wanted for you to be faithful to me, I never asked for you to become boring. All I asked for is faithfulness and love.” your hands moved, forcing him to let go of you, wrapping them around his waist. “You never speak to me. I wish you told me about your real feelings. This feels like I’m just trapped in some sort of castle with a villain that don’t love me. Even though I know you do, or at least I hope you do love me, I still feel you not being open to me. I’m just tired of always fighting, fighting every day to get any information from you.” you sighed into his chest. “You used to be angry at the whole world and then would be gentle with me, but now it feels the other way round. You’re all nice and sweet to all those people surrounding you and when you come to me, it’s like you’re putting out everything you held back through the day on me. And that’s the best option, because the other one is just you turning your back to me and keeping quiet.” You felt tears pinching your eyes, shutting them tightly to prevent yourself from crying. “I hate the thought of telling you to break up and I hate that there’s so much fucked up shit that happened to us, that we did to each other that even brings up the thought in my head. I always think what would we be like if you never took this job, if we just stayed the way we were.”
“Remember how I told you that I can hurt my girlfriend with my actions but I would never hurt my babydoll? Remember?” he suddenly brought this up, making blood boil inside of you.
“What do you want to say?”
“You chose the girlfriend path.”
“You’re making everything worse again.” you pulled back.
“No, I’m just saying, that if you didn’t tell me you loved me, if I didn’t tell you this back, if we didn’t become a couple we could’ve stayed as fuck buddies for all those years.”
“I would’ve never stayed as your doll for that number of years.”
“You’re still mine, completely mine, and you’re my babydoll, and my love, I don’t tell you often that I love you, I’m sorry, I’m lost.” you looked him in the eyes, brushing hair off his forehead with your fingers. “Will you marry me?” he spoke in a minute, breaking the silence.
“What?” you looked at him confusedly.
“I debated if I should ask, I want you to become my wife.”
“Why…you spoke about it like that?” you sighed disapprovingly. He never was the romantic one but he could’ve at least done something more than this.
“I thought about it for quite a while now. So, do you want to get married?”
“This don’t even feel like the right time for proposal.” you shook your head. Were you meant to push back everything and tell him yes and relax your mind finally? Were you dreaming of the life he was about to give you?
You thought back on your conversations about his family. He was never treated nicely by his mother, his dad never showed love to him. He watched them live together but separately at the same time. He never saw his parents love each other, treat each other nicely, so was he able to give you what he never learned? The question made you scared. It made your insides clench because you truly loved him. Since the day you saw him you loved him and were always there to be for him, you were there to forgive him for whatever he did.
But the switched turned, when he asked you, even so randomly, to get married, you felt like you could not take it. You felt suddenly that nothing you ever did would make him change. Nothing you ever did, would turn him into someone who could never hurt you. The rare days of happiness and lightness were drowned in mud with the ones like this. You wanted it to be the other way round, you wanted everything in flowers and rainbows, you wanted days like this one to be the rare dark blue smudges on the sky. You were drained morally and physically and the job that you got in hopes of distraction only made everything worse.
“You’re hesitating?” Taeyong held your face in his hands, caressing your cheeks with his thumbs. His big brown eyes watched you carefully, making you feel like you could cry. Just a glance at his beautiful eyes made you realise there’s nothing you could ever want in your life except for him. You shook your head no, moving your face closer to him. Taeyong allowed you too, watching your moves carefully. You raised your hand running your thumb over his sharply shaped lips. His hands let go of your face making it more comfortable for you to move your hand. You leaned in and kissed him, moving your lips slowly. Taeyong stood frozen, as if he didn’t think you’d kiss him, as if it felt not obvious to him. Your hands wrapped around his neck, breaking the kiss.
“Why don’t you kiss me back? You don’t love me anymore? You didn’t miss me?” you whispered in his lips, feeling like your heart could jump out of your chest. You practically hung on his shoulders, wishing for him to do anything. Anything that could make you believe once again he wanted this relationship. You were hoping he’d just fuck away your worries like he usually did.
“Can I?” he asked and you felt power over him. His eyes, they never shone like this before, you felt him being scared, you felt him being ready to obey. At this very moment you realised he was yours as much as you were his. At this very moment you realised that if you’d say no, he wouldn’t fight, he’d just leave. Your heart clenched, you didn’t want him to leave, even if he was only about to leave this room.
“Didn’t you say just a second ago I’m completely yours?” you stared at him but he didn’t react, looking at you. You moved your body even closer to his “You know I’m wrapped around your finger, why you’re asking? Of course you can.” you felt his hands on your waist, forcing you to walk over to your bed immediately. He lowered his head to your neck, nibbling on your sensitive skin. Taeyong laid you in the bed carefully, making you surprised. His hands ran over your legs, making your skin burn even through material of your pants.
“I know I fucked up, but I just couldn’t lie to you, that’s why I admitted I cheated. Maybe it could’ve been better if I kept it to myself, but thanks to that I know that you did it too.” you opened your mouth to speak but he stopped you “And I don’t blame you… I know it’s only my behaviour that made you do these things. Even though it is hard for me morally, and no, not because your my property, but because I love you and I don’t know how to show you that I do, or how to act nicely. I have so many thoughts in my head and all of them are about you and our relationship, and then work comes up too sometimes, and I just feel so shitty, I never knew I could feel this way about a relationship with another human being. I never knew that I could feel depressed because I’m turning your life into hell, and because turning your life into hell is making my life hell too.”
“Taeyong, listen.” you sat up, when he went quiet, finding it as a great opportunity to speak. “I didn’t cheat. I said it because I was mad, because you hurt me and because you tore my heart in pieces. I was upset and blubbered it randomly. I’m sorry.”
“I’m sorry.”
“No, fuck.” he sighed and his face expression looked like he was in pain.
“You said were even, it made me feel better? I don’t know how to say it. I’m so sorry, baby. I don’t deserve this, I don’t deserve you. Y/n, I can’t keep you hostage here anymore.” he fell on his back, rubbing his face with his palms.
“You’re not keeping me hostage. I love you.” you leaned in to him, leaving a kiss on his collarbone. “I’m sorry I lied, I didn’t know the lie was actually making you feel better.” you sighed and crawled over his body, straddling his waist. “But don’t it make you feel better? The fact I’m only yours.” you forced him to move his hands from his face. He looked at you as if he was about to cry. Your heart ached, sometimes when you would watch him sleep, you’d run your eyes around his soft features wondering how someone with such cute looks could have such a messed up life and nature. His eyes blinked slowly, waiting for your next words. “Doesn’t it turn you on? The fact I’m only fucked by you? It used to really do the thing, remember?” your hand ran behind your back, stroking his crotch multiple times, feeling it harden. Your hands ran up your stomach, going back down to the hem of the shirt you wore at home, lifting it up your stomach, giving him the view of your breasts and pulling it over your head, leaving you topless. “How handy, I happened to not have a bra on.” you forced a chuckle, taking Taeyong’s palm in yours, moving it up your stomach, between your breasts and onto your neck, forcing him to lock his fingers around it. “Don’t let go of my neck.” you whispered, feeling his fingers lightly wrap around it.
You moved your body lower, sitting yourself exactly over his cock. Your hands undid pants he wore to work, lowering them as far as you could. Carefully taking off your underwear, you felt his eyes quickly run up and down your bare body. Something, he hasn’t seen in a while now. “Give me your hand.” he wanted to give you the one that held onto your neck “No, the other one.” he expanded the hand that was laying on the bed, for you to grab onto it. “Don’t let go of my neck no matter what.” you whispered and rolled your hips against him. Your fingers intertwined with his, leaning in closer to him, feeling how his fingers wrapped tighter around your neck. You began moving slowly against him, hating how the material of his underwear was ruining everything. You moved back to free his cock and pressed against him once again, rolling your hips. “Taeyong.” you moaned, when you felt the tip of his cock slide against your clitoris. In no time your bodies began making a sound with all the lube that formed. His hand began chocking you, making your eyes roll, when your hips moved quicker. You wanted to know if you could make him cum like that, moving in a even more quicker pace, moaning uncontrollably and pressing your body harder against his cock. He finally began making noises, when he realised that he was pressing onto your neck too harshly. The moans that left his throat let you know he was enjoying this as much you were. You wondered if he felt how you clenched, pressing harder against his length.
“I could cum from this.” he moaned and let go of your neck, catching your body that was about to fall against him with his hand. “But I’d much rather cum inside of you.” his fingers flipped you over, hovering over you with his body. “Sure you don’t mind it too.” he chuckled and made you shiver. Words that left his mouth sometimes made you feel as if you were back in college, sleeping with him while Momo was away at your tiny bed in the dorms. He undid the shirt, throwing it behind him. Lowering his body Taeyong left a kiss on your collarbone, moving his lips down your stomach. You caught him with your hand, pulling back up.
“Don’t kiss me, don’t be soft. I’m already soaking wet, just fuck into me harshly. Fuck me so that I couldn’t walk properly tomorrow, fuck me for everyday of the past month you didn’t. Don’t even warn me, just do it. With no feelings attached. Fulfil your needs, don’t think of me..” you found his cock with your hands, pumping it slowly.
“I don’t want to hurt you.” he whispered, leaning in to kiss you.
“But I want you rough. For me, please.” ‘I need you to fuck these dumb thoughts out of my head’ you told yourself, sucking onto his tongue, when he slipped it into your mouth.
You felt him considering your proposal while he was kissing you, and felt his hands on your thighs in a minute, flipping you over onto your stomach. Taeyong’s hands ran over your ass, angling you better for him to enter. His fingers massaged your butt cheek, and then the next second you felt him bump his hips against yours. You cried and moaned at the stretch.
“Fuck.” you heard him curse behind you, bumping his hips against you once again. “I missed the feeling of you being right around me. It’s such a sweet feeling, fuck.” he moved his hand over to your other cheek, squeezing the skin so you began seeing stars in your eyes, or maybe you began seeing stars because of his cock inside of you. You weren’t sure, but either way you knew you were close.
Taeyong always knew when you were at the edge, rubbing your clit right at the time you needed it the most.
“Taeyong?” you called but you guessed he took it as a moan. “Taeyong?” you asked again more seriously.
“Yes?” he asked, slowing down for a second, but finding it a better option to lift your body against his.
“I’ll marry you.”
“For real?”
“Yes, I’ll marry you, Taeyong.” you moaned, feeling his warmth spread over your insides for the first time that night.
You held onto his hand, playing with his fingers lightly, resting your cheek against his shoulder. You were standing in the middle of a mall, waiting for him to finish his conversation on the phone.
“Why?” you felt him stiffen under you as the question left his mouth, making you wonder who he talked to. “I can’t come.” he seemed uninterested and angry at the same time. “No, mom, it’s because I’m with Y/n at this shopping centre, not because I avoid you. You never wanted me to come before, what is the deal?” you shuffled next to him, and Taeyong turned his head to look at you. His features visibly softened, moving his hand to lay over your shoulders, while your arms hugged his waist. “What is it with this unusual interest in my life? What you need?” he sighed and you lightly punched his chest.
“It’s your mom, be nice.” you furrowed your eyebrows watching him roll his eyes in response. You almost made him drop his phone with the power you took it from his hand. “Hi, mrs. Lee” you spoke politely. “It’s me, Y/n.” Taeyong to your surprise didn’t try to take the phone back, he just shook his head disapprovingly, running his eyes over the shop signs.
“Hi darling, of course it’s you.” she chuckled and seemed in a good mood. It’s obviously not the first time you spoke with her, but it definitely seemed like the first time she was cheerful during a conversation with you, or more likely for the first time in the past years you knew her. You didn’t do anything for her to hate you and you assumed she was meant to be more than happy that her son have someone who cares for him, but you just couldn’t unsee her fakeness towards you and that’s what really pissed you off. Even now, over the phone, the cheerfulness felt fake and unnecessary. You knew she wasn’t a great mother, you knew she did things she shouldn’t have and you knew she never really cared for anything besides money, but still. It felt wrong listening to Taeyong speak to her like that, and more than feeling wrong you knew it was only going to make him mad.
And you didn’t want him to be mad, not now, when he put all of him into behaving nicely. When he fought with himself at every bitter comment he had on his mind, when he wouldn’t leave to work without kissing your lips and wouldn’t run back home later than a minute after his working hours were over. You never knew you’d even get to taste food Taeyong cooked for you, you never really thought about the fact he can cook in the first place.
None of this really mattered to you, besides the fact that he finally spoke about what he felt or at least about things that were happening around him. At first he seemed shy and unsure if he should, but as the time went by, you’d get to hear things like what he ate for lunch or who got married at the office. You never knew he could be interested in something like that, you never even guessed he could be chatting with people at work, let alone gossiping. You felt like he finally let go, or at least tried really hard to do it. To let go of all the things that clustered in his brain and made him grumpy and annoyed at the whole world. You felt like it was working out, you felt the happiest and it was the best six months out of your entire relationship. You thought more and more to yourself that you were just in a bad phase and that was the only reason you doubted his proposal. He made you think about it everyday unknowingly. You finally felt like you were ready to spend your entire life with him, except for the fact he never brought it up.
For the slightest you believed you misheard him and he never asked you to get married, he never even gave you hints, that maybe he changed his mind or the question he asked was serious. He never brought it up, until this Monday, when before leaving for work he suddenly walked back to kitchen, standing right behind you when you were frying your egg. His hands laid on your waist, sliding to hug you and pull your body against his back.
“Taeyong, what?” you chuckled, holding onto his neck with your fingers, trying to see his face “I thought you were late.”
“I thought maybe you changed your mind and want to actually marry me?” it felt like someone dropped a bucket of ice-cold water over your head. “I know you said yes, but you said it when I was fucking you into oblivion, I’m not sure I can take that as a proper answer.” he smirked, hiding his face in the crook of your neck.
“I do want to marry you.” you sighed and ran your fingers through his hair.
“I’m dumb in things like that and to not pick something wrong, I thought maybe we could go and get you the ring together?” you nodded at his suggestion, feeling butterflies arise in your stomach. “Great, I think we can go Saturday morning.” he suggested, leaving a kiss on your shoulder blade and going this time for sure.
And now, standing in the middle of a shopping mall that Taeyong picked, you were excited, but felt sick in your stomach at the same time. You were here to pick a ring, engagement ring for your own self. Even though you were upset he didn’t surprise you, didn’t make the memories special, you were just happy that he cared enough. At the end of the day, things were never going the normal way when it came to Taeyong, and well, you too.
“I’m sorry for Taeyong’s behaviour, you can tell me what you need. I’ll make sure he’ll do it.”
“I need him to come over. The quicker the better. I need his sign on papers, nothing too serious.” electric wave ran through your body. Why did it sound suspicious.
“Can you be more specific?” you tried to be cheerful.
“His father’s will, he needs to sign the papers of him forfeiting the inheritance.”
“I never heard of it.” you looked at Taeyong that turned around to see your face.
“I’m not surprised. You’re not family, why would you hear anything about it?” you felt her venom spill even through the phone, making the sickness in your stomach rise up to your throat.
“Im not sure he’ll be able to come.” you swallowed before speaking “We’re currently picking an engagement ring for me. I’ll make sure he calls you when he’s free. Bye.” you hang up before she could talk back to you.
“Oh, I see my kind and cheerful girlfriend lost her temper after speaking to my mother for 2 minutes.” he chuckled and took his phone out of your hand. “Let’s go, the shop that I wanted to go to is there.” he pointed with his hand behind you, leaving a kiss on your forehead.
Taeyong’s palm grabbed yours, intertwining your fingers and walking you towards a jewellery shop that you hoped you’d walk past, but he moved his feet right in direction of the Tiffany&Co entrance.
“Taeyong? That’s expensive.” you whispered to him, when the woman behind the counter cheerfully greeted you two, ready to help you with anything. “Anything particular you’re looking for?”
“Yes, actually, we need an engagement ring.”
“We have them over here.” the girl showed with her hand to the other side of the shop, inviting you two to walk with her. Taeyong’s hand landed on your lower back, pushing you to walk, while you were blinded by all those diamonds glistening in the light of the display case.
The next hour went in haze, putting on every ring there was and looking at it on your finger felt surreal. It felt even more surreal when you accidentally saw the price tag of one of the rings, making the 5 digit price burn into your brain.
“Which one do you like more?” Taeyong seemed to have so much fun picking the ring, making you wonder why did he think he wouldn’t be able to do it himself.
“Taeyong…” You whispered and looked at the assistant. She gave you a light nod.
“I’ll give you a minute to decide.”
“Taeyong, this is all too expensive.” you whispered and looked him in the eyes.
“It’s fine. I want you to have the ring you like. Do you not like anything?” you sighed and looked back at the display. Of course you did like all of those rings, probably you even had your favourite, but it didn’t sit right with you. Living with him you obviously had money, but you never spent it excessively, neither did he. “If the problem is this store, let’s go to another one. Don’t think about those numbers, just show me the ring you like, okay?” his hand landed on your neck and he pulled you closer, pecking your temple.
“Which one did you like the most?” you asked him.
“This one.” he pointed at the golden ring with his finger. You smiled at his choice.
“Yeah, me too. But maybe this one’s better?” you pointed at the ring with a square diamond. “It’s cheaper too.” you sighed, looking back up at Taeyong. His eyes shifted to the assistant.
“Excuse me, we’ll take this one.” he pointed and she happily ran over to you.
“Perfect choice! 18k gold, the rope design is unique and the 1.75 carat diamond is just the perfect addition. Let’s ring you up.”
Taeyong put the bag with the ring into the front pocket of his hoody as if it was nothing. You walked to his car, not feeling like nausea is planning to leave you.
You closed your eyes, hoping that in 10 minute drive to your home you’d at least not throw up. You opened your eyes when you felt with your insides that he turned to the wrong side. You watched him drive away from where you were supposed to go for 5 minutes, making sure he wasn’t just taking the other road.
“Where are we going?”
“We need to pick up one thing and then we’ll go home.”
“Can you drive me home and then go? I’m not feeling well.”
“No, I promise it’s quick.”
“Taeyong, I can’t. Can you stop here, I’ll walk or call an Uber.”
“Why can’t you just do for once what I want you to?” he shouted, quickly realising what he did. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. Just please, I need you to come with me, okay?” you looked at him, turning away the next second and closing your eyes in hopes of the ride to be quick.
It was only when Taeyong’s hand rubbed your shoulder, you realised you fell asleep, and realised where you were.
“Why we came here?” you asked confused.
“Let’s go.” he smiled and you weren’t sure you ever saw him smile like that.
I don't know if ya'll are upset with the way this jumped to the future, but I was kinda stuck and thought this might lead me to an ending. This fic been in my notes for a year now and I've been writing really slowly recently, but I'm ending it soon so yeah... hope you still like it ^^
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
NCT 127 - W KOREA february issue TAEYONG
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Grocery shopping with husband! Taeyong would be the softest, sweetest thing ever. Just imagine how adorable the two of you would be. Especially if it's early in the morning or late at night when it's quiet and there's just music in the background. It'll be filled with giggles and unspoken amounts of affection.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
NCT 127 - Favorite ; era
Pt.6 | -Mei
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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𝑀𝑎𝑘𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑂𝑢𝑡 𝑊𝑖𝑡ℎ 𝑀𝑎𝑟𝑘 𝐿𝑒𝑒
Tumblr media
Depends on his mood tbh, if he's in a good mood (meaning all soft and normal mark) make-outs usually go soft. Starts with you two laughing about something and him just pausing and starting into your eyes before pulling you in for a kiss.
It's warm, in synch and safe. Makeouts are cut in between with soft words falling out his lips. “I love you so much”, “you're so perfect”. Soft low groans
There's not too much passion here, it's just a really vanilla time. Well that's if he's feeling really soft
But when he's in the mood oh God. The dude doesn't have mars in Scorpio for jokes fam.
Usually starts on his lap, fingers holding on to your waist like it's his life line.kisses are deep and so hot
Sucking your bottom lip? Your neck? All that's taken care of, soft breathy groans and fucks
There is no way it doesn't end in dry humping, or better still he's flipping you around to fuck you senseless
Well it goes two ways though if you initiate it he goes into a slight sub mood, let's you pull his hair and run your fingers on his abs
Loves it when you push him onto a couch, wall or bed. Personally prefers the couch cause there's something about raunchy couch seggs 🤸
All in all gets hard so fast, like on both occasions
So it's up to you to decide essentially 🤠
Smash or pass ✨
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accidentally engaged; l.ty
Tumblr media
Pairing: Lee Taeyong x reader
Themes: richkid! au, college! au, enemies to lovers, rivals to lovers, modern fantasy, journalism major reader, journalism major taeyong, angst, SLOWBURN, sexual tension to the max baby we die like men, parts based off gilmore girls, fluff, mythological elements, arranged marriage (kind of), taeyong being a TEASE, hurt comfort
Warnings: lots of !! sexual tension !!, profanity, angst, insecurity, our lovely mc is a bit detatched bitchy but she gets better! food, neglectful parents, manipulative characters, minor crime (stealing of a boat lmao), allusions to sex, makeout scenes, kissing, some talk about sex but no sexual content whatsoever, PG 15
Wc: 36k
Playlist: here<3
Summary: When you happen to give your enemy his coat back, you find yourself thrown into a vortex of chaos and a ring sitting pretty on your fourth finger.
Taglist: @danishmiilk  @radiorenjun @channoticedmeuwu @chicksung @jenosslut @kisshim @mrkcore @intokook @kkakkdugi  @rouiyan @kiri-ah @doiefy​ @jisungiest​ @kariskwn  @imdamnconfused @armysantiny @subhyuck @aprilpari​ @sehunniepot @smoll-tangerine @nuoyi-city​ @0429a​ @smoll-tangerine @tyongf-sunflower99​ @at-the-end-of-your-letter @pewpewpwe00​ @cipheress-to-k-pop​ @spicyutas​ @donutswithjaminthemiddle​ @sellingdreamsandmagazines​ @luvjeongjaehyun​ @revehosh​ @jccv​ @koishua @itsapapisongo​​
Authors Note: GOD this fic is so self indulgent it is not funny but I had an absolutely blast writing it. First of all, thank you to @jensrose to beta reading this fic and letting me scream to you about it and to @neo-shitty​ for volunteering to be a character. Thank you to @sehunniepot​ nikki for letting me use Neiho here<3 I don’t know what possessed me to write 30k+ but here we are so uh i hope you enjoy it as i much as i loved writing it, and as always feedback is appreciated<3
Tumblr media
You got out of your car, bidding the driver goodbye as you collected your books from the backseat. He nodded respectfully, pressing the button on the side of the door, the windows rolled up and you took a few steps away, watching the Porsche drive away.
Sighing, you turned around on your heel and stared at the stone building in front of you. It was just the first, there were other buildings behind it, galleries and dorms that could be passed off as suites. It was all covered by the grandeur of the entrance, an entrance you walked through every single day.
You walked through the gates, glancing at the time on your phone. You were fifteen minutes early, which was great considering your first class was two buildings away. You saw other students running around and talking to each other, and for a moment it all seemed normal.
Neiho University was the top institution in the country, known for its excellence, if not for the crowd that it admitted into its campus. Since it was a private university, the tuition was through the roof, but all of the students were either heirs of leading companies or borderline royalty, so money wasn’t much of a problem.
You were just going to go find your dorm since you opted to stay on campus like most of the students. Your house was just a few blocks away from the university, and your mother refused to even think about on-campus housing for her darling only daughter, but you managed to convince her
Staying at a dorm was much more bearable than having to deal with your parents talking about your future all day long. It was like your presence was a reminder, the moment you walked into the room it was time to talk about your life after college. When you were in elementary school, it was middle school, in middle school it was about high school, and so on and so forth.
You supposed it was expected, you were the heir to the company. It didn’t matter what you majored in, as long as you did the best. Eventually, you would end up in your father’s office, waiting for the day you’d take his spot.
“You’re here! What are you standing there for? You do know class starts in seven minutes right?” Taehee popped up from nowhere, leaving you slightly startled. You hated being caught off guard, but you knew the girl had good intentions, she wanted to help you, and thus you bit back the retort that had sprung to your lips and nodded.
Taehee was a bit of a floater, smart in a street sort of way, and had barely made the list for Neiho. Nevertheless, she worked as hard as anybody there, even if academics weren’t her forte.
“Seven minutes,” you muttered, “Sure, let’s go.”
“Six now actually,” she clarified, Mary Janes clicking on the stone pathways as the two of you walked towards the building in the back. While the clothing part of the uniform was pretty flexible and less noticeable if you tweaked it, the shoes had to be sensible. “A new year, same shit and different classrooms.”
The summer hadn’t lasted long enough in your opinion, even if it had consisted of extra training for the company and numerous formal dinners with people you didn’t know, that would henceforth never help you in life. 
Like you had so wonderfully described it, peachy.
“To think a Uni making this much money would at least have elevators,” she grumbled as you jogged up the stairs, taking two at a time. At home, that would be unacceptable and you would be called down to climb it all over again, but considering your mother wasn’t hovering around at that specific moment in time, it was okay.
Taehee always had been the talkative one in your friend dynamic, and somehow always had the news about everything that was going on. You didn’t even need to get a copy of the College Newspaper if you had her around.
“Oh you’re going to love who’s in our first class this year,” she said and you raised an eyebrow, prompting her to continue. Her tone had changed to almost entertained, she was baiting you, which only made you question what she meant by it. By this time you had reached the hallway and were walking down to your first class, silently acknowledging people as your eyes met. You were one of the more reputed students because of your family name, which also put you up higher in the social hierarchy.
“Oh?” You hummed, “Why?”
You opened the door to the room, freezing on the spot when you saw him. Within a second you realized exactly what your friend had been talking about, and you definitely did not love it.
Lee Taeyong stood there, leaning against one of the desks and talking to a girl, who was definitely over the moon at the fact. There was an amused smile playing on his lips as he nodded along, hair falling into his eyes. You pressed your lips together, walking to the back of the class to get a seat, and did your best to ignore his presence, shooting Taehee a glare.
You see, despite your best efforts to ignore him, Taeyong was the type of person you just couldn’t brush over, at least not for you. You had met him last year and ever since then, the prospect of slapping that stupid smirk off his face sounded more and more appealing every time you thought about it.
He looked over, spotting you sitting there and glaring at him. In response to this, he smiled, giving you a cheery wave, and turned around to sit in his seat. There was nothing cheery about the gesture, of course, he had done it solely to piss you off.
Well, at least he had done a good job. You were seventeen minutes into the first day of your junior year and he had already managed to get you thinking about the three different ways you would have liked to behead him, and one included the French guillotine for flavour.
Other than the fact that you had been at his throat as he had been with you for over a year now, there was another problem that you refused to address because it was, in the words of your mother, absolutely unacceptable.
As infuriating as Taeyong was, he was also probably the most gorgeous person you had ever laid your eyes on. With pretty crimson lips, a jawline that could probably hurt you if you touched it (which was why you had refrained from the slapping for all this time), and eyes that somehow managed to charm everyone who saw them. 
Now, why exactly did you hate him so much?
To answer that question, two words were sufficient: it’s complicated. His family was in pleasant acquaintance with yours, you even put up with him through that one dinner when you spotted him across the room and resisted making the run for it. 
The moment he had set his eyes on you, it was as if he had decided you were the perfect person to annoy. He always had to be a little better, which prompted you to try and be the best. Perhaps ‘rivals’ was the term you had been looking for, but there was healthy rivalry and rivalry where you would gladly kick him into tomorrow. This happened to be the latter.
In short, Taeyong was the type of person that made you want to tear apart your Givenchy bag.
At the same time, you found yourself thinking about him a lot more than you tried to admit. Taeyong was as memorable as he was idiotic, which made it hard to figure out where exactly he lied on the field for you.
There were three problems when it came to him, the first being it was him! He was the last person you would willingly spend any time with, even though your parents loved it when they forced you into it. The second thing consisted of the fact that the two of you were in the same year and class, so it made him a little hard to ignore, and thirdly-
“...And you’re staring.”
“I am not!” You hissed, turning to transfer your glare onto Taehee instead. She shrugged, opening her books and pretending to skim through them. 
“I didn’t even say who you were staring at! You really need to figure out this stupid crush of yours.”
Oh right, the third problem was the fact that despite how much you despised him, you liked him. liked him in a way that would have your mother planning out a wedding. The reason why you couldn’t stand being around him was either that he was a jerk or you turned into a mess of a person who was devoid of the ability to think straight.
What irritated you, was the fact that everybody else seemed to like him too. The teachers adored him, the girls practically fell at his feet and he had someone set this illusion of being perfect onto everyone else.
You hated the fact that you were one of those girls who liked him because for the first time in your life you were one with the crowd. You were another nobody following along, which was absolutely baffling. Never in your life had you ever been just another person, you were Y/n L/n. You were the best and had always stood out, you were the one who was above everyone else and yet.
And that was how it should be, your place in all of Neiho was finalized, so it was ridiculous how someone, Lee Taeyong of all people, somehow managed to throw the entire system off. Suddenly he was on top and you did not appreciate it.
Taeyong however, was just as well known for loving and leaving girls like it was a game. He had their hearts out on the board like he was playing chess, and knew how to win every single time. This only fueled your resentment towards the guy, because hell would freeze over before you turned into one of his pawns.
Needless to say, you were not thrilled with him being in your class, and you were also extremely confused with him. That wasn’t a good combination but you’d somehow figure it out either that or when his body is found everybody would know it was you.
“You’re staring again.”
Tumblr media
“You’re covering the college festival?”
You nodded, focusing on some of the research you had done. Mina, the student editor, leaned against your desk, eyeing you almost suspiciously. “You do know that means you only have a day to put together an article, the day the festival is over, right? It’s the reason no one else has volunteered to write for it.”
Clicking your tongue in annoyance, you nodded, “Of course I know that, why would I pick it then?”
“Why would you pick it indeed,” she muttered, “but it’s one less thing for me to worry about, so go ahead! I have to check in with the others- oh come ON!”
You looked up finally at the raise in her tone, only to see her face twisted in displeasure, clearly irritated at something. Following her line of sight, you landed up looking at the desk on the other side of that room, a narrow pathway away from your own. There was no one sitting at it, and you were sure that was the cause for Mina’s distress.
“A month into the academic semester, and this is the fifth time he’s not shown up,” she grumbled under her breath, but loud enough for you to catch it. Shooting her a mildly sympathetic glance, you turned back to your work.
“What did you expect?” You asked languidly, chuckling. “It’s Taeyong.”
His name was bitter in your mouth, and you wanted to get rid of the taste immediately, so you picked up the bottle of water you had been given and took a few sips. She sighed, turning to you.
“I don’t understand the animosity between the two of you, so usually I would discourage it but at this point,” she huffed defeatedly, taking a seat on her own desk, “I think I’ll join you.”
“I’m honored,” your lips twitched. Mina put her head in her hands, effectively ignoring the articles she was yet to edit for the upcoming issue of the paper. 
“What am I supposed to tell his father?? Oh Mr. Lee, your son is talented but doesn’t do shit!” She spoke about the boy’s father, Lee Sooman. He was one of the biggest publishers in the country, and Taeyong was set to take his place when the time came.
Except, it seemed as if he wanted nothing to do with the position in the first place. He barely showed up, rarely actually working on his articles. It was baffling, he was destined for the job you had wanted ever since you were twelve. You would kill to be in his position and take over the companies his father owned one day.
He took it for granted, and it pissed you off. What pissed you off more? The fact that you really shouldn’t have cared in the first place about how he was screwing his life and time.
Of course, even though this was what you wanted to do, you were fated to take over fashion, which was what your family specialized in. Specialized was an understatement, they were the top in the business, just as his family was in their respective field. Photoshoots, interviews, you practically had the celebrity life minus the crazy fans for the most part.
You were taking journalism as an extra course because you had other courses like design to think about. Duty towards your family was something that you had been taught ever since you could crawl, and you had no other choice.
But you digressed, turning back to Mina was in visible distress. Occasionally, Lee Sooman would drop by the newsroom for updates on his son, and more often than not he was disappointed but would take it out on the poor student editor. He would tell her it was her responsibility to get Taeyong back on track when the idiot didn’t even take any effort.
“Actually, he dropped by earlier- Taeyong I mean,” she said, groaning into her palms and sitting up straight, turning to face you, “For two minutes to get on my nerves before disappearing. I really thought he would stay this time.” She scoffed, “I mean, he said he would.”
“Now there’s your problem,” you tutted, patting her shoulder comfortingly, “You were naive, oh so trusting and sweet!” You gave her a sweet smile, and she looked at you, before narrowing her eyes.
“You’re teasing me.”
“And excelling at it.” You agreed smoothly, getting to your feet, “I have a class, and I left my books back at my dorm, so I’m going to take off okay? And before you ask again, yes I’m sure about the whole festival article.”
Mina hummed, “Okay, at least you’re telling me before you vanish into thin air.” 
Clearly, she was still salty about Taeyong, and you chuckled, shaking your head at her and beginning to walk about the newsroom to the exit, grabbing your coat off the rack, when she called you back.
“Take this to him, will you?” She held out his coat, “He left it at his desk.”
“Him-” you cut yourself off, eyes widening, “Oh hell no, it’s out of my way and I don’t want to be late.”
She raised an eyebrow, “Please? I have a dozen articles to get through.”
Of course, you could have just refused again, but that irritating little voice in your head piped up again, the one that got excited at the prospect of meeting Taeyong, of conversing with him even if it consisted of insulting each other in a good (debatable) manner.
And the voice was soft, but for some reason, it stood out against the voice of detest that always woke up when the topic of ‘Taeyong’ came up. Honestly, this was confusing. You were supposed to hate him, he was annoying and purposely irked you, and an ungrateful brat as far as you were concerned.
And yet….
“Fine,” you said, grabbing the item of clothing from your friend and leaving. Of course, it won- stupid emotions, you had to learn to not let them get the better of you. 
But it was Taeyong, and with him, your mind and heart lay conflicted and complicated. It had been like this for a while now, and you weren’t sure how to stop it. You trudged down the hallway, ignoring the stares from the other students. You were used to it at this point, this was how your life was.
Always in the spotlight.
You weren’t lying when you said it was out of your way, your first class was at eleven and you had stopped by the newsroom in the morning. As far as you knew, his housing was on the other end of campus, which only made you resent him more.  
Taking a turn, you grabbed the stuff you needed first, checking if you had time to go drop it off. Fifteen minutes, if you rushed you would be able to do it and get to your class on time, which would be an undeniable win-win.
You found yourself in what you believed to be the Neo housing off the campus. After asking a petrified freshman for directions, which she gave you oh so willingly, you stood outside his dorm room, clutching onto the jacket. There were a few notes pinned to the corkboard hung on the door, one with his name on it.
At least you got the place right. 
Half of you wanted to turn around on your heel and leave, forgetting about the stupid coat of his. While you may have been the cream of the crop, you still had the earthly ability to overthink. What were you even supposed to say to him? You knew he’d find a way to annoy you about the ordeal, no matter how small. 
Besides, as much as it disgusted you, the two of you were the same. The thought was enough to make you sick.
Mustering up whatever willpower you had lying about, you knocked sharply on the door, taking a step back and glancing down at your watch. Ten minutes left. He had better answer the door quickly, or you’d just dump it at the pedestal and wish him the best of luck in finding it.
The door swung open inside, and he stood there in all his infuriatingly perfect glory. His hair was messy as if he had just woken up even though it was almost eleven in the morning. Didn’t he have any morning classes? Not that you cared anyways. His attire consisted of sweatpants and a plain white tee, his eyes were half-lidded. 
He held a don’t-carish air about him as if he was bored with your presence and you hadn’t even said a word yet. His hands were stuffed in the pockets of his pants, languidly taking in your figure. Dark inky hair fell into his eyes, which met yours, and his lips upturned ever so slightly.
“Y/n, what a surprise!”
There was a sing-song lilt to his voice, mock cheerfulness that ticked you off to no end. Pressing your lips together, you thrust out your hand, holding the jacket.
“You left this at the newsroom and Mina told me to give it back to you, now it would be great if you could take it quickly because I have a class.”
You expected him to make a snarky comment at your expense, something about being so eager to see him, or was it really Mina? You braced yourself for something of the sort, though you still never knew how to ever answer him.
However, much to your bewilderment, he stared at you in confusion, before looking at the jacket. His eyes widened- was that shock? Surprise? This was not the reaction you were sure you were going to get, and it threw you off. Nevertheless, you took a begrudging step forward.
“Take it!”
To this, he took a step away, drawing his hands behind him. You raised an eyebrow, waving the piece of clothing. “Dude I said-”
“I heard you,” his tone was completely different, it was soft now. Did he enjoy messing with your mind or something? Because if so, he was doing a stellar job at it right now. Swallowing the lump in your throat, you held it out again.
“If you heard me, then take it.”
Taeyong seemed almost hesitant but did as you asked, fingers curling around the collar of the jacket, pulling it from your grasp. He bit down on his lower lip, leaning against the door. “Uh, yeah thanks.”
He sounded distracted, and you were curious as to why his entire demeanor had changed as if someone had flipped a switch, but then you reminded yourself about that class you had to get to, and the fact you weren’t supposed to care. His eyes were trained on the coat, giving you a moment to take him in.
Dammit, even in all his morning mess he looked good- it was unfair. 
You were so miffed by this revelation, that you didn’t bother to tell him you were leaving, swiftly turning around and walking down the hallway and away from him. Taeyong looked up, following you until you disappeared from his line of sight.
How was he supposed to navigate this mess?
Tumblr media
You had always confused Taeyong.
“Darling! Come in, come in!” His mothers voice rang out the moment she had seen him from the hallway as she walked by to see who had arrived. One of the help had opened the door, of course, his parents never had to lift a finger around the house, and neither had he growing up.
He stepped into the foyer, hands in the pockets of his jacket.
“It’s been so long since you visited!” She exclaimed, clearly overjoyed at the sight of her son, “Even stayed throughout the holidays on that dingy campus of yours- I wonder what that institution actually does with the money we pay.” This was an understatement, for the campus was extremely extravagant for a university, but Taeyong knew better than to argue with his mother.
He knew the moment she was closer to him, she would notice and drop the act. She moved towards him, holding her arms out as if demanding a hug, but taking his face between her palms instead. He bent down so she could have a better look at him, and she studied his features. 
Ten. Nine. Eight.
Her eyes widened as she let go, taking a step back from her son. Taeyong winced, realizing his counting was way off by about seven seconds. Bracing himself for his mothers words, he stood to his full height, waiting.
“I…” She seemed to be at a loss for words, eyeing the coat he wore. He swallowed the lump in his throat, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly.
“It was a mistake.”
“Mistake,” she repeated slowly, as if putting it all together, before composing herself and turning around on her heel. “Come.”
Who was he to rebuke this demand? He followed along dutifully through the corridors of the lavish house he had grown up in, the same house he had learnt how to hide himself from the world. He briefly wondered where his father was, but then decided it wasn’t important.
He was led into his parents room, though he knew his mother lived in the lonely house all by herself for the most part. She looked at him, and he couldn’t read her expression, which scared him a little. Taeyong had always been a little bit of a ‘Mama’s boy’, to put it quite plainly, so this was new territory.
“Who is she?”
“Someone father would approve of,” he said first, making sure to play it safe, “but it was a mistake. I left my coat unattended, it slipped my mind.” Excuses left him, one by one, as he tried to soften the blow,
“Sweetheart,” she started, but her voice was full of joy, “My baby boy is engaged! Oh goodness, I think I may cry,” she sniffed, a smile stretching over her lips. Taeyong’s eyes widened.
This was not the reaction he was expecting.
“We must start planning the wedding immediately, invitations and whatnot. What’s her name?”
“Mother,” he said again, voice firm, “It was an accident.”
The radiant smile fell off her face as she once again stared at him in confusion. He supposed she hadn’t heard his first claims of the accident, and now it was becoming all too clear.
There was a glass of water on the white table beside the bed, and its contents shook slightly, mirroring his mother’s current thoughts on the situation. When he was little, he remembered how she could create the most awe-inspiring structures. She would take him into the bathroom and tell him stories of her home, showing it to him in the most wonderful way a child could imagine. His childhood had been so different from hers, filled with formal parties and so much money that he had never bothered to count it.
His mother had worked for this life and for him, but he had never known the one he truly belonged to. 
“You must marry her,” she said finally, clasping her hands together and turning away from him once again. There was a sense of finality in her voice that warned him of the fact that there was no room for argument here. “It’s tradition.”
Taeyong pressed his lips together, “Mother, it was a slip-up. I don’t know the girl.”
A lie. He knew a lot about you, and there were several moments where he wanted to know more. Not that Taeyong was an avid liar or anything of the sort, but desperate times called for desperate measures.
“You know enough,” her words were clipped, “You know your father would approve of her, and you know the rules.”
“I’m half human,” he said weakly, “No one needs to know.” In reality, he knew there was nothing he could do to shake his mother’s will. She sighed.
“I did the same thing, Taeyong. You’re still one of us.”
“You tricked father into marrying you,” he said, raising an eyebrow and she shrugged as if this wasn’t a big deal. She walked over, fixing Taeyongs collar and looking up at him. “You’re still a Selkie Taeyong, and you can make this happen.”
“Now,” she cleared her throat, “When can I meet the young lady?”
Tumblr media
“Brat,” Taehee said under her breath, as the two of you watched the younger boy scurry out of the classroom,  his cheeks tinged a deep shade of red that stretched all the way to the tips of his ears. “I wouldn’t be caught dead going with him.” 
You almost felt bad for him.
“Don’t you think you were a little harsh to Jisungie?” Donghyuck chimed in, an amused smile on his face. There wasn’t an ounce of concern in his voice, he was making fun of the poor freshman. 
A scholarship kid, was what you had heard about him. He didn’t have the reputation of everybody else who attended Neiho, immediately putting him at the bottom of the chain. To put it plainly, he didn’t stand a chance.
Taehee snorted at your latter friend's words, not bothering to answer as she took out her binder for the class. You already had your notes out, revising before the professor showed up to actually begin teaching. Perhaps Jisung deserved it, he wasn’t supposed to be near the Junior classrooms anyways.
“Are you going?” Donghyuck asked a minute later, directing the question towards you. You took a minute to figure out what he was talking about, before nodding in agreement. The end-of-year Christmas Party of course, though calling it a ‘party’ was doing it dirty. The university held it, and all the parents attended, along with other prominent members of society.
“Of course I am. My dad said it would be a great way to make connections.”
A few more students walked into class, and you caught Taeyong sauntering in, walking straight to the back and sitting down. You didn’t notice him holding any sort of textbook or notebook, which was just as well.
He wore the jacket you returned, an incessantly annoying voice in the back of your mind taunted.
The professor made his entrance, placing his material on the little podium in the front of the room as he began introducing a new topic, not wasting a second. Mr. Gwan was the type of teacher who liked to finish as early as possible so he could get out of the class, leaving the students at a disadvantage.
As a result, you never really paid attention in the class, resorting to last-minute revision and Taehee’s notes before an exam. It wouldn’t matter if you didn’t do well anyways, since money meant more than grades in the place. The only reason you actually pushed yourself to be the best was-
If it wasn’t you, it would be Taeyong, and that was unacceptable.
You pressed your lips together when you realized your thoughts had wandered back to him. In truth, he was truly fascinating, closed off but extremely open at the same time. Everybody fell to their knees for him, and you were the only one left standing because you knew they’d do the same for you.
Reputation held such importance in your world, and it sometimes scared you because without that reputation, what would you be? Just another ordinary person, and the idea of being categorized as ordinary disgusted you to no end.
Everything you knew was superficial at best, even your friends. Taehee tagged along because you had accepted her, and the reason she stayed was for the upper hand your presence gave her. Of course, she had her own set of cards to play with, her family was quite prominent amongst the upper class, but you were the cherry on top.
It was rather depressing if you were going to be honest.
“Are you going with anyone?” Donghyuck whispered from the bench behind you and your friend, making you raise an eyebrow. You shook your head slightly to indicate that you didn’t have a date, but you knew he wasn’t really interested in your answer.
“Not sure,” Taehee replied, sighing exasperatedly, “I just rejected someone Hyuck and none of the guys that have asked me were good enough.”
Poor, sweet, unsuspecting Donghyuck. You hoped Taehee wouldn’t be as brutal with him when he finally mustered up the courage to ask her.
“You three over there,” your professor's voice called out, snapping you out of your reverie and you looked up at him. The expression on his face told you he wasn’t impressed with your lack of attention, and cleared his throat, and continued droning on. Now that he had your eyes on him again, he didn’t bother humiliating you further in class.
“As I was saying, this project is worth a third of your grade, so I expect all of you to put in the time and effort, and pay attention.” Mr. Gwan threw a dirty look at your little friend group.
Scratch that, he wasn’t done.
“Ms L/n?” He said, turning back to you, “You will be working with Mr. Lee.”
You hoped it was Donghyuck he was talking about, desperately so, but when you followed his eyes, heat rushed to your face, warming your pretty cheeks when you looked at the culprit, who was already staring at you. 
The instructions for the project flew right over your head as you held Taeyong’s gaze, completely thrown off. His lips curled upwards in a subtle smirk at your reaction, clearly enjoying every second of your dumbfoundedness.
You hated being caught off guard.
Tearing your eyes away from him, you swallowed the lump in your throat. For the better part of your university life so far, you had always found yourself competing against him, but now had been put in the position in which you were forced to work together? How the fuck were you supposed to do that?
Taehee snickered under her breath, and you shot her a glare, albeit a weak one, because you were busy overanalyzing the situation. In a group project, it wasn't the winner who took it all, but rather a collaboration. The result would be the collective fruit of both of your labours. 
What was the project about again? You bit on your tongue, positively annoyed at the turn of events that didn’t go your way for once.
You decided you weren’t a fan of group projects.
Tumblr media
It wasn’t your favorite topic to write about, but as a result of arriving late to the newsroom one day, you had to settle with the last remaining column to fill in. If it had been any other day, you would have argued and fought your way to the top, but having stayed up most of the night before trying to make sense of the topics required for the project, you were in no mood to do so.
Settling for what life gave you definitely was not something you were used to, and the feeling rubbed you the wrong way. Clicking your tongue in annoyance, glanced at the guard and expectantly and he nodded hastily, opening the door.
You were supposed to cover the upcoming fencing tournament that Neiho’s students would be participating in, and as always was expected to give extra information. This meant that you had to observe a few practice sessions, which you supposed wasn’t the worst thing in the world. 
The Country Club was comfortable, with air-conditioned rooms and a plethora of amenities that upper class families such as your own enjoyed. The membership fee was just as extravagant, but it was viewed more like a jewel on your coat. Everybody had a membership, and Neiho held its fencing classes there. It was the home to golfing grounds, a fancy restaurant, and most importantly for you, the fencing courts.
Indoors of course, and air-conditioned. For that, you were thankful, because you were sure that you simply would not have handled having to stand and watch people poke each other with fake swords while you were sweaty. 
You had knowledge of the sport, of course, having been forced to learn the basics when you were thirteen, so you weren’t completely lost. Finding yourself at the practice room, you sat to the side on one of the benches, prompting the girl who had previously occupied the seat to get up and find a new one.
There were two figures already sparring, it seemed you had walked in amidst a mock match. Both of them were clad in pristine white uniforms, and a mask covering their faces. Fencing was a strenuous art, and it was obvious that one of the two struggled to keep up, while the other moved with the grace of a swan.
Sighing, you took out your notepad and Montblanc pen, jotting down a few key points about the scenery before you before placing them down. All you had to do was interview at least two of the fencers in the class, before you could call it a day.
“Over,” the referee declared, waving his hand towards the less graceful opponent, “Chenle, you need to work on your form.”
He took off his mask, nodding curtly. Zhong Chenle was a freshman, a name that was well known. His father was the CEO of an entertainment label, and he was one day going to take over that business. Both of your families had ties with one another, your parent’s brand often sponsoring the outfits the celebrities under a contract wore.
He bowed to the other fencer, and raised his hand out to shake the others. “Good game.”
The fencer pulled off his own mask, and you froze in place. His hair was slightly messy from being under the mask, a sporting smile on his face as he took Chenle’s hand. They shook, and he turned to his side, blinking in confusion at the sight of you before, raising an eyebrow.
Of all the days that were there in the week, you just had to choose the one that Taeyong had his lessons on?
Pressing your lips together, you got to your feet and ignored his presence entirely, walking over to Chenle. You nodded in acknowledgement to the referee, and he understood, moving away to let you do your thing. 
“Hey Chenle,” you said, acting as if Taeyong wasn’t standing there, “Mind answering a few questions for me?”
He smiled politely, “I would love to, but I have to be at the company in twenty minutes.” And with that, he bowed and walked away. You clicked your tongue in annoyance, turning around, only to be met with Taeyong.
“I wouldn’t mind answering a few questions,” he said, his eyes holding a glint of amusement. 
You scoffed, rolling your eyes, “And I’m not interested.”
“How professional! Is this how journalists are supposed to act towards willing sources of insider information?” He asked, a sardonic smile gracing his lips as he studied your figure. Under his scrutinizing gaze you felt like an experiment in one of the chemistry labs.
“You wouldn’t know,” you bit back, “You never actually do your job as a student journalist, if I remember correctly?”
His smile only grew wider, as if he had the upper hand. You never knew how to navigate a situation that included him, because of just how confused he made you. He held his mask to the side, pushing the hood of the uniform down and running a hand through his hair.
Lee Taeyong drove you absolutely mad.
“It’s adorable how you pay attention to me,” he teased and you blinked, baffled at the statement that seemed to be a dig at you but a compliment at the same time. Managing to regain your composure, you scowled at him.
“I’ll come back tomorrow,” you muttered under your breath, making a move to head out. It was bad enough that you had to work with him for that stupid project, and you weren’t about to indulge in spending more time with him than you had to.
He reached out, fingers curling around your wrist and gently pulling you back until you were right next to him.
“Your first choice walked away in front of you princess, you don’t have much of a choice because although I’m not the most proficient with the paper, I do know that the new issue is supposed to come out tomorrow, which means you have to get your piece in tonight.”
His voice was dripping in arrogance, deep in a way that had you sucking in a breath. How in the world had you managed to get yourself in this position?
“If I were you,” he started slowly, and you could tell how calculated every word was, “I’d be dropping to my knees and thanking the handsome volunteer for even considering letting the offer stand"
Something about his words made blood rush to your face, and wanted to do nothing more than walk away. Never, and you meant it, never would you ever find yourself begging for anything from Lee Taeyong, no matter how annoyingly bewitching he was.
“Fuck you.”
He stayed silent for a moment, and you mentally cursed yourself, because he was absolutely right. You really did have to get your piece in today and while it was a hit on your ego to admit Taeyong of all people had a point, it would be even more humiliating to not turn anything in at all.
You sighed, “Fine.” Breaking free from his grasp, you could still feel the ghost of his touch on your wrist and could practically see the triumphant look on his face even though you weren’t looking at him. “Only  because I have to.”
“Not used to being desperate, are we?” He snickered, taking a step back. Never in his life had he met someone so determined to have nothing to do with him. You threw him a scathing glare and he raised his hands defensively, lips twitching.
“Shall we begin?”
Tumblr media
The thing about Lee Taeyong, was that as much as you despised him, he was addicting. 
It didn’t matter how exasperating he could be, or how much he made you want to tear your hair out, you couldn’t deny the obvious attraction you felt towards him. The only way you could describe it was magnetic and drew you in like a moth to a flame
Maybe that was why no matter how hard you tried to avoid him, you always found yourself accepting the fact.
This, however, was not what you had anticipated.
“Took you long enough,” he muttered under his breath once he opened the door, giving you the slightest view of the lobby. Taking a step back, he cocked his head to the side, signaling for you to come inside.
Over the weekend, he had managed to get your number for the project and had insisted the two of you worked at his family home. You weren’t particularly fond of this, and had protested the best you could, but had ultimately given up. 
“Are you planning on explaining why the hell I had to drive all the way out here for this damn project when we could have easily done it at the dorms-”
He looked alarmed for a moment, but another voice interrupted whatever he could have said to cut you off.
“Oh my god!!”
You looked ahead, to see a kindly looking woman striding towards the two of you gracefully. She was stunning, seemingly ageless as she smiled at you, displaying her pearly white teeth in the process.
“You’re my baby’s girlfriend!”
I’m sorry, what?
The claim was so outlandish, so utterly wrong that it sent you into a spiral, eyes widening in a mixture of shock and confusion. Girlfriend? Now, what in God’s name had ever given her that idea?
He muttered something under his breath, cheeks painted a light shade of pink at how his mother had addressed him, but as if he was prepared for this, Taeyong looped his arm around your waist, pulling you close to him and plastering on a smile.
“Yes, she is.”
What the fuck??
He squeezed your side gently, a silent plea to play along with the act. His mother looked absolutely joyous at this news, cupping your face with her hands and giving Taeyong a look of approval. “What a pretty girl! Darling, welcome to the family!”
Now, when you were a toddler you had mastered the ability of verbal communication, you were sure of this. In fact, you had surpassed most little children, speaking full, proper sentences by the age of two, but in that moment it seemed as if the ability to do so had completely abandoned you. All you could manage was two syllables of some stuttered nonsense, before giving up and smiling as politely as you could.
“We’re going to work on our project,” he continued smoothly as if this was completely normal, while your mind had screeched to a halt. “Goodbye, mother.”
She bid the two of you goodbye in return, evidently overjoyed at your ‘relationship’. He led you away from her, hand on the small of your back as he guided you up the stairs and into what you presumed was his bedroom. He locked the door, and leaned against it, letting out a sigh of relief.
You swallowed the lump in your throat. “Correct me if I’m in any way wrong, but I am not your girlfriend, right? Or did I hit my head somewhere?”
“You are not.” He confirmed.
“Okay,” you said, voice a higher pitch than usual, “Then would you care to explain why your mother thinks I am romantically involved with you?” Your usually poised persona had been blown away, and what you were left with was a frantic and confused individual.
“It’s complicated.”
“Is it now? Try me.”
Your words came out as hisses as you shifted your weight from your left foot to your right, folding your arms over each other defensively. There was silence for a moment, and you could almost hear the clock tick away at the time the two of you should have been using to work on the damn project.
He pressed his lips together, clearly not happy with the outcome of what had gone down a few minutes ago, and brushed past you. “We should start working.”
You did not like being ignored.
“No, you don’t get to act like nothing happened there,” you said, walking closer to him and narrowing your eyes. You were going to get the truth out of him because if there was one thing you were good at, it was getting exactly what you wanted.
“Now tell me.”
He clenched his jaw, looking away and breaking eye contact, taking a step away from you and picking up the bottle of water that sat on his desk which happened to be right behind him. Your patience was running thin, and you were this close to strangling him.
Taeyong unscrewed to the top of the bottle, muttering something about how you wouldn’t believe him under his breath before-
“What the hell do you think- TAEYONG-!”
- the motherfucker threw the water on you.
You yelped out his name, thrusting your hands out in front of you as backed away in a hurry, but not fast enough. You screwed your eyes shut in a panic, completely sure that he had finally lost it.
Except you never actually got splashed with the water.
You opened your eyes cautiously, mouth falling open in complete shock at the sight before you. Letting your hands fall to your sides limply, you let out a poorly concealed gasp, blinking rapidly to make sure your eyes weren’t playing any tricks on you.
The water hung mid-air as if it had been frozen in time, at the moment when it had been thrown. Nothing could have stopped you from gaping at what you were seeing, eyes darting from it to his face, which was calm, almost as if he was in control. 
Taeyong cleared his throat, “Now that I have your attention,” the water fell to the ground with a small splash, “You might just believe me.”
“We’re engaged?”
“That is the situation at hand, yes,” Taeyong nodded, seemingly unbothered by this new (at least, for you) revelation, which only bothered you more. 
“Because you’re a fairy?” He grumbled under his breath, pushing his chair to the side and leaning against his desk. “A selkie,” he stressed on the world, “Half selkie if we’re getting into specifics.”
You looked at the beautiful man in front of you in disbelief. Now, while it was (unfortunately) true that you maybe (read: definitely) held some sort of attraction towards him (regrettably), this was a little extreme.
“I hate you.”
The words flew out of your mouth before you could comprehend them yourself, but it sounded like you were trying to remind yourself. “I despise you, I can’t get married to you!”
It was true of course, you had been whining over the fact you had to work with him for a simple project. “I can’t marry you just because you’re the gender-bent Tinkerbell!!”
“I will not tolerate any Tinkerbell slander.”
“Oh shut it,” you snapped, “I can’t believe you actually went and did something so ridiculous-”
“I did it? You’re the one who gave me my coat!” “You’re the damn fairy!” He pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration, which was absolutely ridiculous. Him? Being frustrated with you? If anything, you were the only one in this scenario that had the right of being annoyed. 
“Look okay, I know it’s not the greatest, alright? But we’re not actually getting married, I just need you to act like my girlfriend around my mother, that's all.”
Not the greatest? Act like his girlfriend? The fucking audacity that he possessed was baffling. You sighed, trying to think of a way out of your newest predicament when you realized you had technically already agreed by telling his mother you were, indeed, his significant other. Now, while this had been during a moment of weakness, you couldn’t just say otherwise.
“What do I get out of it?” You questioned, deciding that you might take advantage of the situation any way you could. 
“Isn’t spending time with me enough of a reward?” He smirked, and you wondered for a moment if he was capable of any other facial expressions (and suppressed the voice in your head that noted it as attractive). 
What he received for that comment was a glare.
“Fine, I’ll owe you a favour okay?” He offered, voice taking on a lilt so as to entice you. You hummed in thought, intrigued by the idea of having him owe you something. Having the upper hand was always something you enjoyed, and you bit the inside of your cheek, wondering if it would be worth it.
Tumblr media
Chemistry was not your strongest subject.
Of course, you always did well, but it wasn’t something you excelled at, per se. Attending a private university like Neiho came with trivial setbacks like the science requirement in your Junior year, and you had reluctantly chosen chemistry. You didn’t care much about chemical reactions but you did care about your status, which was the only reason you put in any effort.
So in the event of having to work on a project that consisted of the subject you were least happy about with the person you detested the most, well. Let’s just say you were not having the best of time.
You stayed silent, not wanting to have anything to do with him at that moment as you continued your research on the topic, eyes focused on the screen of your laptop. The library was meant to be a quiet place, but Taeyong was sure that some communication was necessary when it came to a group project.
He had never met someone so unaffected by him, so determined to have nothing to do with him. Taeyong was more used to girls falling for him easily and all it took most of the time was just a simple glance in their direction.
Then again, you refused to even look at him at the moment, so maybe the problem lied there.
“Hey,” he started, trying to get your attention. Ever since the two of you had struck up that deal and you had agreed to act as his girlfriend in front of his mother, you had gone out of your way to ignore him, and this was no exception. “You should really listen to me, five, I’m a ten after all. You should be honored.”
You glanced up at him, eyes glaring daggers into his very soul. “I am not a five and you are definitely NOT a ten.”
“You’re right,” he hummed, resting his chin in the palm of his hand. “I’m a solid eleven.”
“Insufferable is what you are.” You sneered at him, shutting your laptop in annoyance, “Can’t you just focus on working on the project?”
Taeyong watched the way you immediately sprung into a defensive stance, so quickly it almost stunned him. He raised an eyebrow at you, leaning back in his seat, and you were caught off guard at the sudden switch in his demeanor as he began speaking.
“Is this what you call working on our project? Because this won’t work.”
“Excuse me?”
“It’s a group project sweetheart, and you’re doing individual work.”
You opened your mouth to argue, but he didn’t give you the chance, narrowing his eyes. “Why is it exactly that you hate me so much?” He had hit the nail right on the head, not bothering to beat around the bush as he pressed you for an answer.
How were you supposed to answer that? You had several reasons, but your mind went blank at that moment. Perhaps that was the reason, the fact he could so easily see through you and cut you down. How he managed to compete with you all the damn time, making it so that you weren’t the best anymore. He didn’t regard you as the others did, and that uncertainty unnerved you to no end.
“Didn’t I just say you’re insufferable?”
Spending time with him was exhausting, and all you wanted to do was walk out of the library then and there. The world was truly prejudiced, how on earth was such a despicable person so gorgeous? It just didn’t make sense.
Taeyong snorted, clicking his tongue in disappointment. “Tsk, isn’t a girlfriend supposed to be nicer to her significant other? I get the vibe that you aren’t being very fun-loving right now.”
“I am not your girlfriend,” you glared at him, managing to whisper-shout at him through gritted teeth. He got up, leaning over the table until your faces were impossibly close, a shit-eating grin adorning his stupid, pretty crimson lips. You got distracted for just a moment, eyes flitting down to them before meeting him once again.
“Wrong line, say something along the lines of how much you adore me,” his lips twitched in amusement. “ You should at least try and act the part, haven’t you heard of method-acting? It’s this thing where professional actors invest themself in a role so much so that they actually become the character.”
You never had much patience to begin with, but this was absolute madness. That thread that was holding you together snapped
.“Oh fuck off,” you grumbled, voice coming out a little louder than you had anticipated. Thank god there was no one in the library, which was why you chose this hour to work on the project in the first place. There wasn’t a librarian, but an automated check out counter that you had to use to borrow a book.
He sat back in his seat, laughing at your suddenly flustered and half-assed retort, only succeeding in pissing you off further. You grabbed your laptop, and shoved it into your bag, getting to your feet and making a move to leave, because you had no intention of being made fun of. 
“What-Hey wait!,” He stumbled out of his chair, making an unpleasant screech as it dragged across the floor, fingers curling around your wrist, “Where do you think you’re going?
“Away from you,” you deadpanned, looking at the way he held your hand, gently but with a firmness you couldn’t quite shake. You liked it, you realized, before chatising yourself for even considering that option.
It wasn’t an option.
He stared at you as if you had lost it, which you might as well have at this point and blinked. “We still have to work on the project.”
“I’d rather fail.”
“You’re a horrible liar,” Taeyong pulled you back, “Look okay? I promise not to be so ‘insufferable’ as you put it in order to get this done, but it’s compulsory that we get this done together.”
It would have been great if you could excuse yourself out of this, but he had a point. Your professor was very good at noting each student’s style, and would instantly know if the project hadn’t been completely the way it had been instructed to.
You pressed your lips together, studying the seemingly sincere look on his face. You hated the way he had known you were fibbing about your preference to fail, it was like he knew you as a person even though the only thing you shared with him was your rivalry. Swallowing the lump in your throat, you nodded.
Tumblr media
You stuffed the keys of your car into the pockets of your designer jeans, walking up the path that led to the front door of your house. Visiting home during the semester wasn’t something you did very often, but unfortunately for you, you had no choice. You looked around, noting that the leaves in the surrounding gardens had begun to pale into yellows. They would eventually grow into vibrant oranges and browns, signaling the beginning of a new season.
You rang the bell, which was obnoxiously loud and unnecessarily so. In fact, it was rather ugly in your opinion, bigger than it needed to be, and flashy, but then again, that was pretty much the description for anything and everything in your life.
A maid opened the door, smiling and reciting an obviously rehearsed two-liner about welcoming you back. You regarded her, but didn’t speak back, walking into the spacious lobby, thinking over where your parents would be at that moment in time.
“Y/n? Holy Shit?”
Your sister walked out, her hair all messed up as she rubbed her hands on her sweatpants, grinning from ear to ear. If you were to guess, you were sure there was some paint on her hands, as usual. 
Gayoung and you couldn’t be any more different really. If you were wine, she was water, completely opposites that just happened to get along perfectly. She was still in high school, a senior at Culture Academy, and was destined to join you in a few months at Neiho. 
For an eighteen-year-old, she was stronger than you, in her own sense. Being more free-spirited, she detested the path that had been presented by your parents and made an effort to break all the rules. She wanted to pursue a career in art and was adamant about doing so no matter what. In fact, she had stopped attending business meetings at the brand’s company, leaving you to be the only one going through that for the most part.
In fact, she had even run away a few times, because she hated the pretentious air that surrounded your family. Sometimes, you wished you were as carefree as her, being able to just pursue journalism, but there was something that separated the two of you.
You loved the life you lived, the drama and the attention. You thrived on it even, the advantage it gave you in every aspect of your life, the way you had always gotten everything you had ever wanted.
It was why you complied with your father’s wishes in the first place.
“Gayoung,” you said, a small smile appearing on your face. She picked up her pace, flinging her arms around you in a hug. Since you mostly stayed on campus, you didn’t get to see the girl very much.
“What are you doing here?” She asked, smoothing out her ever messy hair in an attempt to look somewhat presentable for you. Ever since she was little, she had always looked up to you, even if you thought she was the better of you two.
“A photoshoot,” you clarified, “they’re trying to introduce me into it as one of the models before I take over the company so it looks like a smooth transition.”
Gayoung pulled a sour face, “Typical.”
“Speaking of them,” you looked around expectantly, “Do you know where Mother might be?”
“Probably in the living room,” she said, hesitating for a moment before asking, “How are you?” She studied your face, waiting for you to open up and tell her, and you shrugged.
“Same old, same old.”
“I’ll be there at the photoshoot,” she blurted all of a sudden, and your eyes widened in confusion. Gayoung hated anything and everything to do with the company, so naturally, the silence that followed on your part was a question to her.
“I...can’t stay away from it forever you know?” She muttered, “I agreed to be there for creative purposes.”
And it was then you knew she was hiding something, because of how shifty her eyes were, and the way her voice didn’t quite meet its usual brightness. Swallowing the lump in her throat, she mustered up a smile, “So see you later, yeah? Also, I have somebody you’ll want to meet so don’t ditch!”
With that Gayoung was gone just as quickly as she had arrived, leaving you to wonder why she was suddenly complying with your parents' wishes. It was extremely out of character, to say the least, and you made a mental note to check in on her when you could.
Your shoes made soft clicking sounds as you walked further into the extravagant house, not really paying attention to its grandiose interior. Your feet worked on their own, carrying you to your father’s private study, where they stopped.
Etiquette was something that had been taught to you since you could crawl. The importance that your parents had put onto the subject had been ingrained into your lifestyle, and you worked around it like clockwork, waiting for his response.
“Come in.”
Permission granted.
Pushing the great wooden door inwards, you looked around, before your eyes fell onto your father, who was facing the window. You cleared your throat, gathering his attention and letting him know that you had arrived. The only way you could properly describe your parents and your relationship was ‘professional’, in the sense that you were more of a business partner than a daughter to them.
Complaining about such trivial things was unbecoming of a person, and you had no intention of doing so. Acknowledging your father, you took a seat on the other end of his desk, sitting straight and smiling politely.
“Good morning.” “Y/n,” he nodded, “I know you have a tight school schedule, so the Photoshoot has been rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon, after lunch.”
“Sounds good to me,” you said, “Gayoung is participating?”
He paused. “Your sister expressed her desire to join us, yes. Nothing too upfront, just to get a feel of it all.” You silently wondered if she had finally given up on ever making it out of the weightage that your family name held if she had finally buckled down as they had always wanted her to do.
As much as you hated to admit it, there was no place for someone as headstrong as she was in your world. 
“Very well,” you said, speaking up, “Tomorrow it is. Have a good day, father.”
“Good day Y/n.”
Tumblr media
Unlike you, Taeyong had never really felt any real inclination towards journalism. His father was deemed as ‘the guy’ when it came to the world of journalism, owning one of the biggest firms in the country, and several other smaller papers. 
Naturally, it was expected of him to follow along and had been forced into majoring in the subject. He grew to detest it because being confined to a certain lifestyle was not something he appreciated in the least. His mother had always told him to follow what he loved, like how the water from small streams flowed into the ocean.
The music sang softly through his earphones, and he sighed, staring at himself through the mirror opposite him. There was one behind him too, in fact, there was one surrounding all four sides of the rectangular studio. He sat on the floor, alone.
A trade-off was the most he had managed, majoring in journalism so that he could minor in dance. That was the deal he had struck with his father, though he’d admit in a heartbeat he never really honored it. He hardly showed up to the newsroom but was there for every dance class. If he was anybody else, he would have failed the year.
Fortunately for him, that wasn’t the case. As long as it was a known fact that he was majoring in dance, nothing else mattered. Dance was something that had always come naturally to him because when he was dancing he could be anything he wanted. After all, dancing was simply a visual telling of a story. It was one of the things that drew him in in the first place.
Taeyong knew he was luckier than most, to be able to get away with so much so easily. Was it because he wasn’t completely human? Perhaps, but that was the thing, he had always been so caught up between two identities that he didn’t really know which one was real.
His reflection stared back at him, sporting the same expression he wore on his face. As of that moment, he was once again ditching one of the paper sessions to sit alone in solitude. The problem with the setup was that no matter how much he tried to avoid it, he would inevitably have to face it.
Taeyong’s life had been written out for him before he was even born, which meant there wasn’t much room for experimentation. His father’s study would soon be his own, and dance would have to take a backseat.
What was the point?
Tumblr media
“That seems like a good shot,” the photographer called out and you sighed, relaxing in position. You wore a short black dress that was chicly designed, accentuating your figure nicely. A new item from the upcoming collection of clothing that would be released later the year.
Your mother scurried over to review the photos that had been taken, to judge whether they were good enough for the promotions. This meant that you either had five minutes before retaking a few pictures, or you were done for the day. You hoped it would be the latter.
Gayoung joined her, as an adviser- at least that was what you had gathered from that afternoon. The two seemed to agree on something, before your mother said something to your sister, who almost looked ashamed for a moment, before the expression was replaced by determination.
“We’re done here,” she called out, eyes locking onto you. Cocking her head to the side, she seemed to beckon you to follow.
Frowning, you walked up to her even though she was quite a bit away, because there was no way in hell you were running in the stilettos you had to wear for the photoshoot. They were the most uncomfortable pair of shoes you had ever worn, and that was saying something.
You managed to catch up to her, and she had a mischievous glint in her eyes, warning you she was up to something. Her hand slipped into yours as she pulled you along and down the corridors of the building. 
“I have a surprise for you.”
“I’m scared,” you quipped, wondering what on earth the girl was planning. She rolled her eyes, walking into another hallway.
“You know my friend, Yeri, right?” She asked, glancing at you. You nodded in confirmation, and she stopped before a door, turning the knob. “Well, she has an older sister, I’m sure you know her- and I’m sure you’d love to meet her.”
You frowned, “She does? I don-”
The door swung open and there sat a figure all too familiar to you. Her hair was straight, framing her pretty face perfectly as she scrolled through her phone. She was dressed in a suit, and she looked up at you, smiling gently.
Irene Bae.
“Oh my god,” you muttered under your breath, staring at her in awe. Irene got to her feet and walked towards you.
“Y/n, isn’t it? Gayoung told me you were a journalism major.”
There weren’t many people who could leave you completely speechless, so this was a surprise even to you. Irene Bae was one of the top journalists in the country, having had her articles featured in the New York Times month after month and firms begging she worked for them.
You hadn’t even known that she was Yeri’s older sibling, and all you could do was nod in affirmation at her question. The fact you were conversing with her was almost surreal, and you looked at Gayoung, who winked.
The little imp had planned this out for you.
“Yes, I am,” you said as confidently as possible. 
“Not into the fashion business?” She raised an eyebrow, but there was a glint of amusement in her eyes, as if she understood. “I get that, try and get as far as you can with journalism.”
“I plan on becoming student editor next year,” you said, voice a little breathless as your excitement at meeting her finally caught up with you, “I’ve read every single article you’ve written and I would love to pick your brain!”
Irene chuckled.
“Your sister took the liberty of already telling me a little about you, and you definitely have the potential to do great things with your writing. I checked out your last week's article from the Neiho News, and I don’t particularly like fencing but it had me captivated.
Fencing? Oh, she was talking about that article you wrote after interviewing Taeyong. You pushed the thought of him to the back of your mind, surprise clearly etched onto your features.
“You read the University paper?”
This really shouldn’t have come as a surprise considering it also covered world events like any other paper. She nodded, “Of course, Neiho was my school too, it was where I first discovered my love for journalism.”
She spoke so fondly of the institution that you couldn’t help but be proud you were attending it. Your dream had always been to follow in her footsteps while finding your own footing, and you felt all the closer to that.
Irene stopped for a moment, “There’s this paper I’ve written for- Sync Times - that are currently looking for interns, they do this every year.” You sucked in a breath in anticipation as she continued, “And I usually visit Neiho and send them a few. Would you be interested?”
There was no way. You stared at her in disbelief, and she must have caught on, pressing her lips together in an attempt not to laugh at the look of bewilderment on your face.
“Idiot,” Gayoung hissed, “Say yes!”
“Yes!” You blurted a straight repeat of your sister's prompting, realizing how much of a star-struck child you must have looked like. Her smile brightened as she took out a card, handing it to you.
“Here’s my number, I’ll call you with the details a little later. The paper is small, but it’ll be real experience in this line of business.”
“Thank you so much,” you said sincerely, mind reeling over the events that were currently taking place. “I’ll look forward to it.”
“And I look forward to reading your writing,” she winked, “Regrettably, I have to leave now, but keep in touch okay?” You moved to the side so she could walk out, watching as she left, before turning to your sister.
“How the fuck-”
“Yeri mentioned her, and I remember you talking about how much you looked up to her as a writer so I thought I’d organize a little something, after all, it's not every day my sister comes home.” Gayoung looked so proud of herself, and your lips curled upwards.
It was always cute how eager she was eager to please you and you wrapped your arms around her smaller figure, giving her a  hug. She returned the gesture, squeezing slightly, but that was when you noticed something was slightly off.
You had noticed it before as well, when she told you she would be attending the shoot, and when your parents informed you of her involvement with the creative department. It was completely out of character for her, and you pulled away from the embrace, hands on her shoulders.
“What's wrong?”
Her smile faltered but never fell. “What do you mean?” You raised an eyebrow at her, “You always do something nice before telling me something big, and lately you haven’t been yourself. Gayoung, why have you suddenly agreed to work for our parents?”
Silence followed your question and she shrugged, “It was inevitable.”
You scoffed, “No, it was the most unexpected thing, don’t try and play it off.” 
She swallowed thickly, fingers entangling with each other as she leaned against the board table, a sigh escaping her lips.
“Mother...she got me in touch with an artist I want to work with.” 
The statement hung in the air for a few moments, incomplete. You wanted to congratulate her, but it didn’t seem like something she wanted to celebrate in any way. So you waited for her to continue, closing the door and leaning against it.
“...but I feel like a fraud taking the opportunity.”
“What?” You were completely confused now, “Why do you feel like that?”
“Because! I wanted to make it on my own, not take handouts, especially not from our parents,” she snapped, running a hand through her hair, “I  wanted to be responsible for my own success.”
“Hey hey hey,” you tried calming her down, catching her arm, “You are? Getting help isn’t a bad thing you know? I do it all the time.” Your reasoning was perfectly logical, at least to you. You had always used your connections to progress, in fact, you had done it now as well, with Irene.
“I’m not you! And father better fucking understand that soon, or I’ll go mad,” she took a step away from you, “Y/n, I’m constantly being compared to you, and I want to do it all differently. Can’t you understand that?”
You watched as she tried fighting off her own morals. Working with this artist was something she clearly wanted, but it went against everything she had taught herself.
Biting the inside of your cheek, you pulled her into another hug, trying to comfort her. Part of you could understand where she was coming from because your accomplishments could never really be yours if you were being honest. It always had something to do with your family or your status.
It was never just you.
You weren’t the best older sister, you knew. You were barely around because of school, opting to stay on campus to stay away from your parent’s constant nagging, and even throughout high school had always been more focused on your studies than anything else.
You were selfish, you knew, but it was the only thing you knew. You held Gayoung, trying to muster up whatever sense of sisterly love you had for her, speaking up.
“Promise me something then.”
She wouldn’t end up like you, so dependent. Gayoung was stronger than you, and you would like it to stay that way.
“Once you find your footing, you’ll do it yourself,” you said with a small smile, “Because you’re right. You’re nothing like me.”
You smiled.
“And that's a good thing.”
Tumblr media
Being an intern wasn’t anything fancy, you soon learned, and it mainly consisted of taking notes and bringing people their coffee. This was definitely a new experience for you, since never in all your life had you ever been in service to others.
Still, when it came to sitting in on meetings and learning, you enjoyed every second of it. It made up for all the running around you had been subjected to.
Your shifts worked around your classes, and today you had no morning classes, which meant your schedule was flexible, but also currently extremely packed. The rest of your time was put away for studying for the upcoming exams.
You took a sip of the watery coffee, scrunching your nose in disgust and threw the rest down the drain. Was this really what the workers here had to deal with? It was unacceptable in your eyes, but then again, you were just an intern. Your opinion didn’t really matter at all.
Dusting your hands on your pants, you sighed, checking the list of happenings you had that day. Later, there was a meeting with one of the shareholders of the firm who was coming to check how the paper had been doing, and you were very much looking forward to it.
It was currently your break, which meant you had a few minutes to yourself. You pulled out your phone, scrolling through some of your messages- some from Gayoung telling you about her apprenticeship with Ten Lee, the artist she had been talking about, some from Taehee complaining about her Calculus classes and some from Donghyuck, who was not so discreetly trying to ask you how to ask Taehee out.
Like you were supposed to know. You suggested he get her flowers, only to receive a response that sounded an awful lot like a whine.
Ungrateful brat.
“Hi could I please have a- Y/n?”
The voice sounded all too familiar, and you looked up, nearly dropping your phone into the sink where your coffee (if it could even be called that) had ended up not five minutes ago.
In front of you stood Taeyong, who looked just as confused as you were. You stared at him, your expression melting into one of annoyance. You had to have been mistaken right? There was absolutely no way he was actually there, it would simply make no sense.
“Oh my god.”
“Not quite,” he said, a bewildered look in his eyes, but he still managed to quip, “Close though.”
“Why are you here?” You ignored him, getting straight to the point. He raised an eyebrow at you as if you were the person out of place. The fucking audacity, he was the one who had barged into the break room and was currently wasting your time.
“Me? What the hell are you doing here?” You countered his question with one of your own, clearly unimpressed with his presence. His lips twitched when he realized you didn’t know and decided he would take pleasure in informing you.
“My father is a shareholder of the place,” he said languidly, and you looked over his shoulder, only to see Mr. Lee was standing there, talking to some of the employees. Of fucking- course he was the shareholder.
The world truly took pleasure in ridiculing you.
Honestly, you should have made the connection. His father owned a lot of papers in the country- and outside of it too. You were interning in a place Taeyong’s father practically owned, which meant you were technically his-
You know what, you didn’t want to think of it.
“I definitely didn’t expect to see you here.” Now that he had adjusted to the situation, it was hilarious to him. You sent a withering look his way, face twisted as if you had just bitten down on a lemon.
“Just don’t bother me.”
“You say that as if I bother you all the time,” he pouted, walking further into the small room and picking up one of the paper cups that had some coffee. He took a sip, before placing it back down. “Wow, this is shit.”
The only thing you agreed with. You would have warned him about the sad, caffeine fix, but then again, that would have denied you the pleasure of seeing him taste it. Did that make you a bad person? Perhaps. 
“You made it, didn’t you?”
Oh, you definitely didn’t care if it made you a bad person. You rolled your eyes, “Of course, I didn’t- you know what? It’s not worth my time talking to you.”
“Tch, tch, playing hard to get I see.”
Taeyong was enjoying your reactions, you were just too easy. You almost always reacted in an explosive manner, which only made the act of pestering you all the more enticing. Your hair fell in front of your face as you huffed in annoyance, pretty crimson lips pursing in exasperation.
He just had to figure you out, because you were just so closed off, like a puzzle box. Taeyong always had been the type of person to push people’s buttons, and you weren’t about to be an exception to that. If anything, you were a challenge.
You were about to spit out a retort before you noticed how intently he was looking at you. Mirth danced in his eyes, but there was something in his gaze that had you sucking in a breath, your words dying on your tongue.
Fucking hell, this wasn’t fair. He shouldn’t have had such an effect on you.
“My break is over,” you mumbled, “I have a meeting to get to.”
“You mean we have a meeting to get to,” he replied cheekily, “My father has dragged me here to sit in on his meetings, and I think it’s the same one you’re going to.” He leaned against the counter, “The difference is you want to be there.”
“Oh joy, having to spend time with you sounds delightful!” You wore a mocking smile on your face, “Exactly how I envisioned my first day as an intern to go!”
Taeyong pushed the cup of coffee further away from him. “You don’t have much of a choice- I hope you’re good at getting into character because in front of my father you still have to act like my girlfriend.”
The sarcastic look on your face dropped off almost immediately, and you chastised yourself for letting yourself be caught off guard at this news, and for forgetting about your little ‘arrangement.’
He knew this because the maddening look on his face never dropped, and he took a step forward, reaching a hand out, pushing some of your hair behind your ear, and bending down until his lips were against your ear, almost brushing your earlobe.
“Isn’t that right, darling?”
God better be kind to you in your next life.
Tumblr media
“I can think of ten different things I’d rather be doing right now.”
Donghyuck didn’t seem to care about wasting your precious time as he dragged you down the streets, passing by the cafes and stores that would give a regular middle-class person a heart attack with the prices. Fortunately for both of you, this was pretty inexpensive, and you fit right into the rest of the crowd. 16th Avenue was known as the High End for a reason.
“Too bad,” he said, “Can’t you sacrifice a few hours to help your best friend?”
“My best friend is Taehee.”
“That’s perfect since this is technically about her- wait a damn minute, what do you mean she’s your best friend? Bitch I’ve known you since you were five!”
He seemed extremely offended, and it amused you, just how expressive he could be. He stopped in front of a store, looking around. “You should be a good friend and help me.”
“Just ask her out already, it’s not that hard,” you grumbled, somewhat tired of his and Taehee’s constant back and forth. It was extremely obvious the two harbored some sort of affection for each other, so you would never understand why they weren’t together yet.
“You wouldn’t understand,” he whined, “It’s not that easy either- like you would know anyways.”
You frowned, “What’s that supposed to mean?” “Oh please, the last time you were in a relationship was when you were sixteen, and that was because your mother made you go on those dates with Jung Jaehyun,” Hyuck snickered, unbothered by the murderous look he had earned by bringing that up.
“That wasn’t a relationship.”
“Exactly,” he replied, a smug look on his face, “Now, do you think just getting her a dress for the dance would be too much? I could always play it off as an early Christmas gift.”
He was serious now, and you sighed, thinking it over. Taehee loved clothes and shopping, so the dress would be an excellent idea. In fact, you were sure she wouldn’t say no to her darling Donghyuck, and you nodded.
“Sounds good.”
“Great! Help me choose one because I don’t know shit about dresses.”
You walked into the store, looking around at the extravagant-looking outfits. “Get something elegant, muted tones or lighter colours. She would never wear something gaudy.”
You ran your hand through a rack of clothes, briefly wondering what type of dress you would get for the dance. Last year, you had worn a pretty, floor-length lace number that accentuated your figure prettily. Combined with your usual haughty demeanor, you definitely caught the attention of several suitors, leaving your mother delighted.
Your mother probably already had an outfit ready for you, even though there were about three months left before the overhyped party. You wouldn’t be surprised if she even had a date for you.
A dress by the window panes caught your eye, and you walked over despite knowing you were supposed to be searching for a dress to suit Taehee. It was a gorgeous wine red, the material was exquisite and delicate. You couldn’t help but think about how you would look in it, the way it would fall so perfectly.
While inspecting it, you happened to glance upwards and through the glass, eyes fixating on the cafe on the opposite side of the street- except you were fixated on a particular table, where sat an all too familiar figure.
Taeyong sat at one of the tables outside the cafe under one of the cute umbrellas, a charming (you wouldn’t admit you thought that) smile gracing his features as he nodded along to what someone else was saying. You moved to the side to see his companion, who turned out to be a very flustered and flattered-looking girl.
Your fingers curled around the silk of the dress as you tried recollecting who she was. You think her name was Ningning, a sophomore who was known for her pretty looks. She spoke, clearly thrilled at the attention Taeyong was giving her.
Of course, you thought bitterly, somehow he had every girl at his heels. You couldn’t blame them, he was everything a girl could want (another thing you weren’t ever going to admit out loud), but you didn’t particularly enjoy having it shoved in your face like this either.
Her cheeks turned a rosy shade of red, presumably at something he had said, averting her eyes shyly, looking extremely pleased. For a split second, and no more, you wished you were in her place, the person who held the attentiveness of his gaze.
“The fuck are you looking at?” 
Donghyuck’s shrill voice forced you out of your trance, and your cheeks grew warm with embarrassment at being caught. You let go of the dress, taking a step away from it.
“Nothing,” your voice was clipped, “just looking at this.” You motioned towards the garment, and his eyes lit up. 
“You think she’d like it?”
You loved the dress, but the only way out of this situation without having to answer any questions was to simply oblige. Swallowing the reluctance that had sprouted, you nodded curtly, and he smiled happily, taking it off the rack.
“Then this is what I’ll get!”
The dress you so liked had slipped out right under your nose, and there was no way you would be able to wear it now, because of your moment of weakness. 
It wasn’t fair, and you were sure Taeyong had gotten into your head. There wasn’t any other explanation for the fast few moments, and it made you want to tear your hair out in frustration. 
What exactly was this feeling?? You weren’t quite sure, but you didn’t like it one bit. You resented him for being able to distract you like that without even doing anything, and you hated the girl he sat with right now even though you had never said a word to her before.
Donghyuck, of course, was oblivious to your distress, overjoyed to have found a dress that your friend might like. He didn’t look at the price once, simply taking his card out of his wallet and swiping it.
Well, now you definitely couldn’t have it. It was an odd feeling for you, to not be able to have something you want. Usually, you would fight for it in some way or the other, but for some reason the humiliation from losing it in the first place- to getting distracted by Taeyong of all people, well, it ran a little too deep.
‘Stop it,’ you chided yourself mentally, trying to convince yourself that it wasn’t that much of a great dress anyways, and you shouldn’t waste any more time thinking about it. Besides, now that you thought about it, you wouldn’t be allowed to wear anything but the clothes from the company, especially for a prestigious event like this. Since your family was one of the biggest in the fashion industry, you had to carry the weight of that title when it mattered the most.
The two of you left the boutique, passing by that cafe quickly enough, but your mind wandered back to a certain dark-haired boy. Lately, it seemed as if he had a hold over you, and no matter how much you tried to suppress it, the thought of him managed to come back to the front of your mind.
You wondered how all the girls he managed to enamor would react if they ever found out about his secret. From what you gathered over the past few days, you seemed to be the only one at Neiho who knew, and you liked the concept of holding a secret like that. Not because it made you feel special or anything of the sort, but because it gave you leverage.
Yep, that was exactly why.
Taeyong was a hypocrite, you had discovered, finding joy in cornering you and reminding you of your duties as his oh so loving ‘girlfriend’, and then going off and having fun with his latest conquest. He had a talent for pissing you off, and no doubt had a silver tongue, easily winning everybody over. He always managed to twist your words until they backfired onto you, managing to push you to your limit and make you debate why murder was illegal.
Hyuck abruptly stopped outside a florist, humming an idle tune to himself for a moment, before turning around to face you, a sheepish, almost lovesick smile on his face.
“So should I give her flowers?”
Tumblr media
“Stop distracting me.”
Taeyong pouted exaggeratedly, resting his cheek on the palm of his hand as he watched you go over the rest of the things you had to do for the day. “I didn’t do anything? I’m literally just sitting here, minding my own business.”
“And that is staring at me?”
“You got it,” he winked, receiving a pointed and annoyed look from you. He thought you looked cute like this, all focused and in work mode. Because of this, he couldn’t resist pushing your buttons and working you up.
“I hope you step on a lego,” you said as venomously as you could, turning away from him, “What are you even doing here? Last time I checked I was the only intern.” You desperately wanted him out of here, because it was nearly impossible to focus on anything with him looking at you like that.
He clicked his tongue sadly at your not-so affectionate words, shrugging, “My dad owns the place, I think it’s okay for me to be here, and besides, he's visiting here every day for two weeks- something about building the firm up.”
“And you’re tagging along like a lost puppy?” You snorted, “I have work to do, you know.”
“What work?”
He was acting like a five-year-old kid, one who was adamant about knowing everything you did. You were certain he was doing it just to get on your nerves, and what was worse about that fact was that he was succeeding.
In actuality, you weren’t all annoyed at his presence, maybe a little bit, but talking to him helped pass time. When you weren’t sitting in on meetings or doing the running around, there wasn’t much to be done. At least this way, he provided some entertainment, even if it made you want to push him off a cliff.
Your mind was an odd place. “Just work.”
“Wanna get out of here?”
Taeyong always had been an impulsive person, he liked to go with the flow, and live his life spontaneously whenever he could because he knew a lot of his life had been preplanned. You stared at him in bewilderment.
“Excuse me?”
“Ah, so she has hearing problems.” The way your lips twisted into a scowl at his teasing was extremely gratifying. How could someone look so pretty while pulling a face like that? One of the many questions Taeyong didn’t have an answer to, but he was intent on finding out. “I asked you if you wanted to get out of here?”
You blinked. “No.”
That wasn’t the answer he expected. Much like you, Taeyong wasn’t used to the word and frowned. “Already? You’re not even considering the offer?”
He just had to figure you out.
“Why should I?” You asked, deciding to humour him. His eyes lit up like a child in a candy store, and he smiled lazily at you, eyelashes casting a shadow over his face due to the dull, white light in the room.
“Come with me and you’ll find out.”
His voice was inviting, clearly trying to persuade you into saying yes. On one hand, you knew it was extremely unprofessional to ditch work just because a pretty boy asked you to, and it had been barely a week since you started, but your curiosity got the better of you. He could almost see the gears in your head turning as you contemplated the answer.
“Just because you don’t enjoy journalism doesn’t mean I don’t either you know?” You said, not quite giving him the response he hoped. He pressed his lips together, leaning back in his seat, (one he had dragged out of one of the conference rooms so he could sit his ass down in a cushioned chair while he bothered you).
“It’s a yes or no situation, sweetheart.”
“I am not your sweetheart”
“Fine. Does ‘angel’ work better?”
“You-” you cursed under your breath, “I can’t stand you.”
“You can always sit down,” he retorted, not missing a beat. He was enjoying this, you realized, and turned on your heel, making a move to leave. He got to his feet, leaning against the wall next to the door on one shoulder.
“Are you coming then?”
You licked your lips. Everybody knew what curiosity did to the cat.
“Fine. You better not waste my time.”
He grinned, clearly pleased with your answer, “Come on then.” He tilted his head to the side, gesturing towards the hallway.
Soon enough, you found yourself following Taeyong out of the building, hoping no one would notice your absence. This wasn’t something you ever saw yourself doing, and your mind made sure to remind you that it was a bad idea and that you shouldn’t get too carried away. He led you to his BMW. He didn’t bother opening the passenger seat for you, teasing you briefly about being just as capable of the job, so you did it for yourself as he started the car, beginning to drive.
You looked out of the window, watching the scenery pass, and briefly glanced at him, trying not to linger too long. His hair was slightly out of place, but it suited him. You would never understand how imperfections like that could enhance his beauty further.
The radio played the latest pop songs, filling the silence that lay between the two of you, giving you a reason to not speak. You were glad for it because, for the first time, you weren’t quite sure what you’d say.
You didn’t recognize the route he was taking, growing slightly concerned. “Where exactly are you taking me?”
“Have some patience will you?” He chided, turning a corner. You raised an eyebrow at him, clicking your tongue in annoyance because you didn’t like being kept in the dark.
“You’re not going to take me to an abandoned field to murder me, are you?”
“Ah shit, didn’t think of that, would’ve been fun” he replied, amused. “Relax already, I promise you you’ll have fun.”
You hummed judgmentally, folding your arms over each other and falling silent once more. Surprisingly, it wasn’t awkward by any means, the music coming to your rescue once again. You heard him hum along to one of the songs, voice blending in nicely with the singer's voice.
You would never openly admit it (add it to the list), but you rather enjoyed the banter that ensued every time you were around Taeyong. While you didn’t like him fucking up a carefully crafted system where you had always been on top, he was quite the challenge. 
He glanced to his side, a small smile on his face. Finally, he had managed to crack you a little bit by getting you to go with him, and he was going to make the most of it. This may have seemed odd to anyone else, why would he spend any time and energy on someone who clearly wanted nothing to do with him?
Well. He was technically engaged to you. That was one of the reasons.
The others were irrelevant.
Now- that was still a bit of a problem. He was still figuring out a loophole out of the entire conundrum but unfortunately hadn’t found a solution yet. Taeyong hadn’t inherited every selkie quality, but he did have the power of persuasion. Alas, it didn’t work on his own kind, which meant it definitely didn’t work on his mother.
He pulled up to Neiho’s campus, earning a confused look from your end. Why on earth would be taking you back to school?
Parking the car, he got out, gesturing at you to follow him as he entered the back gates. You fell into step with him as he took out he pressed the button to call for the elevator, choosing the seventh floor.
“Are you going to tell me now?”
“Don’t you like surprises?” He asked, looking at you, “We’re literally here.”
“I like knowing what’s going to happen,” you said, pressing your lips together in a thin line. He poked his tongue to the side of his cheek, taking a step towards you. 
“You like being in control,” he said so bluntly that it almost scared you. There it was again, that ability of his to see right through you. His eyes held a smug smile, turning into pretty little crescents as he cocked his head to the side. “Don’t you?”
Thankfully, you were rescued from answering that question as the elevator dinged and opened its doors, signifying the end of your journey.
He gave you a knowing look, walking out of the confined space and not looking back. Against your will, you were flustered and cursed under your breath as you dragged yourself out to follow him once again.
You found yourself following him an awful lot that day.
He pulled out a keycard from the back pocket of his dark blue jeans, swiping it against one of the door sensors. A satisfying click sound was heard and he turned the handle, opening it outwards to reveal a room bounded by mirrors on all sides.
The sides of his lips tugged upwards, “Technically since you’re not a dance student, I shouldn’t be taking you here.” He confessed, stretching his arms over his head, “but I’m sure you don’t mind getting into trouble.”
“Speak for yourself,” you objected, arms folded over each other stand-offishly as you stared him down, “I happen to like my record clear.”
“You and I both know you could just pay your way out of it,” he pointed out, shifting his weight from his right leg to his left. His words held the truth, and you sighed, walking further into the room and leaning against one of the mirrored walls.
“Why have you brought me here?”
He stayed silent for a moment, before speaking up, “You keep throwing how I’m a bad journalist in my face.” 
This was a statement, and you frowned, waiting for him to continue. Instead, he hummed an idle tune, taking his phone out and music started playing. Placing it on the ground, he raised a hand out to you.
“Dance with me.”
Never mind, you would never, ever figure out Lee Taeyong.
He seemed genuine, waiting in anticipation for you to take his hand. His eyes gazed into yours intently, and you took the opportunity to look at him. You had always known he was an attractive guy, but the dimness of the room only seemed to accentuate his features. The glow of his skin, the sharp cut of his jaw- it was mesmerizing.
You took his hand, letting him pull you off the wall and into his arms, hands falling to your waist and staying there lightly. 
“Have you ever considered,” he started, pulling you closer. The music from his phone filled the room, and he took a step backward, making you move along with him. Hell could freeze over before he caught you slipping.
“The possibility of me liking other things?”
The question hung in the air, and he took a step away from you, releasing your hand from his. It was only then you realized just how perfectly they fit together, and it fucked with your mind to no end.
He snickered, “You’re so self-centered you know that? Did you think you’re the only person in the world with interests?”
You didn’t know how to respond. “I-”
He smiled at you crookedly, “You should understand.” The music never stopped, instead it acted as a reinforcer of his words, “After all, you aren’t particularly interested in the line of work you were born into either, were you?”
You were the same. The same riches, the same school, the same situation told twice with a few changes here and there. He was right, you were a hypocrite for making fun of him and putting him down for doing exactly what you were.
You hated being in the wrong, despised it even. It didn’t feel nice, and no one had ever really put you in your place like Taeyong could. As the matter of fact, no one had even dared to do so, for fear of your sharp words cutting them down.
Where was that talent when you needed it now?
“What do you like, then?” You asked finally, and he sighed, looking to his right. There was a wistful look in his eyes, and you knew exactly what it meant. You had seen that same look on your face when you thought about your predestined future, and how you would never really be able to be a journalist.
“Dance,” he admitted, “I minor in dance, but the only way my father allowed it was if I majored in journalism.”
Dance. He had taken you to the dance studio in the art department of the campus. For once, you didn’t see the person you hated, but rather, you saw Taeyong as his own person. You saw him as someone creative who hated being held back and was fighting against it. You didn’t see the boy who controlled water and nearly made you fall flat on your face.
“You never answered my question,” you whispered, “Why did you bring me here?”
He ended up never answering that question, and you realized that you didn’t mind. Instead, he began talking about how much he loved to dance, and you spoke about how you didn’t want to take your father’s role in the company. 
The bickering never stopped, and even though you nearly strangled him, it was strangely pleasant. 
Taeyong paid attention to you, walking you out of the studio later when you rejected his offer to drive you back. He insisted he had to, considering he was the one who took you away, but you said you would be fine. He watched you walk down the hall, a small grin plastered across his face as you disappeared around the corner.
He closed the door, leaning against it, and sighed. Never in his life had he met someone who tried so hard to hate him, but he couldn’t help but me all the more intrigued by you. Those seldom moments when you smiled, the way your eyes shone with a glint of triumph- it was enchanting.
He froze, staring at his reflection as it dawned on him. At first, he had written it off as a simple infatuation, the need to crack you open like a puzzle of some sort, but the more time he spent around you, it was slowly becoming more and more evident that it wasn’t just that.
Tumblr media
Taeyong whined, “Good? Thats the underwhelming response I get for spending my weekened working on this stupid presentation?” You shot him an unimpressed look, clearly not sold.
“It’s a work in progress, you can’t expect the first draft to be stellar, can you?” You pushed his laptop further away from you and towards him. The theme he had chosen for the slides was unique, but he hadn’t utilized the research the two of you had done properly. “Share it with me and I’ll finish it off.”
“First draft?? Stellar?? “ He asked, seemingly baffled at your usage of words. You nodded in affirmation.
Somehow the two of you had established a rhythm to work on the project, which was a good thing considering the due date was in less than two months. 
“I just want this to be done with,” you sighed, opening your email to see that he had, indeed, shared it with you. You opened it in a new tab and pulled your research up in another. Taeyong yawned tiredly, stretching his arms until one fell around the back of your chair, watching you work.
“That eager to ditch me, huh?”
“Absolutely,” you stated dryly, clicking a few keys. You desperately wanted to get away from his scrutinizing gaze, back to your world where you were sitting at the top, without someone bringing you back down.
“Tsk, there’s no point in playing hard to get, you know?” He batted his eyelashes and puckered his lips at you. Horrified, you reeled back in your seat, the chair making an unpleasant screech as it dragged across the wooden flooring of the library. Your reaction was so gratifying, that Taeyong had to stop himself from bursting into laughter there and there.
“For God’s sake,” you hissed at him, “It’s impossible getting any work done around you.”
“I’m that distracting?
You would never understand his obsession with getting under your skin. Not bothering to move back, you stayed at arm’s length with Taeyong as you pulled your laptop to your new spot, continuing to edit the presentation.
He didn’t bother you after that, acknowledging you wanted to finish as much as you could in your free period, and opted to muse over whatever book caught his attention on the shelf beside the table the two of you had chosen. He saw someone walk into the library, and glanced up, seeing Ningning standing there. She sent him a flirty smile and wink, which he returned, but quickly went back to the book.
You on the other hand watched the exchange, biting back a scowl at the girl, who clearly had no knowledge of your contempt towards her. Your fingers lay unmoving on the keyboard as you watched her look extremely satisfied with herself, going to peruse the shelves.
It was not long before she returned though, clearly trying to get his attention. Her bottom lip was caught between her teeth as she decided to ‘accidentally’ drop her book.
Oh hell no.
“What do you think about this?”
You destroyed every chance she had since you were closer than she was, turning your laptop to the side so he could catch a glimpse of the changes you had made. You were here to work on the project, and he was your partner, so that was exactly what you were going to do.
“Looks good,” he nodded, “You added a whole new slide?”
“You didn’t cover a topic, so yes. And I edited a bit of your citing to make it a bit more concise.”  You explained, pointing to the points you had changed. He kept up with you, taking in the new information. “I think we should make a table of contents, to show all the topics we’ve covered.”
He agreed with you, saying something about adding quick links to the index. You weren’t paying attention, however, looking up at Ningning, who seemed rather put off at your intrusion.
There was something the girl had to learn, and it was to stop living in naivety. Clearly the little attention she had given him before had gone to her head, but if there was something he wasn’t privy to, it was the fact that always came out on top.
Or so you thought.
Tumblr media
“The sales are doing better sir,” one of the secretaries informed Mr. Lee who sat at the head of the conference table. You sat in one of the corners close by, listening and taking note of everything that was taking place at the meeting. Taeyong’s father looked pleased with this news, nodding and congratulating the team.
You had actually gotten the chance to talk with him earlier that week, maybe two or three days ago. He asked about the school paper, though never mentioned his son once. You supposed he knew Taeyong’s indifference towards the journalism industry.
You had mentioned your aspirations to rise to student editor one day and follow in Irene Bae’s steps. He listened with a passive smile on his face as if he appreciated your words to some extent.
“That last time we did this well was when we featured Miss Bae’s piece on the front page, and now we’ve achieved that without her.” The secretary continued rambling, and you smiled slightly at the mention of your role model. You had already learned a lot from just watching everything unfold these past couple of days.
“Good, good,” he murmured, “So we’re done for the day then? We can end the meeting early.”
There was a cheer of approval, the employees happy to leave and get to their families early, you supposed. They were all regular, middle-class folks, with small houses- maybe apartments if they were that pathetic- and a kid or two. How was it like to live that monotonous life every single day, bound by the tightness of finance? You would never know, and you were just fine with that.
You got to your feet, brushing down the pleats of your skirt as you prepared to leave the room with the rest of everyone.
“Y/n? Mind staying back for a bit? I have something to tell you.”
Turning around at his words, you faced the man and nodded. Mr. Lee was intimidating, to say the least, you could see where Taeyong got his piercing gaze from. He was still sitting in his seat and gestured towards the one right next to him. “Sit.”
You complied, crossing your legs like your mother always instructed you to do. When you were sixteen, she made you attend finishing classes aside from regular high school classes so you’d behave like a proper lady at all times. Some would say it was to your advantage you had the title of working for both at the same time, but really it was your mother’s image that benefited.
“Is there something wrong sir?”
“Not intently,” he brushed your concern away quickly, helping you relax. “I wanted to talk about your progress here, and a few pointers I have for you.”
You nodded eagerly, waiting for him to begin. Resting your elbows on the table, you placed your notepad and iPad on it, more than ready for feedback coming from one of the tops in the industry. The opportunity was just too good.
“You’ve been settling in okay?”
“Very well, sir,” you assured him, “It’s been wonderful interning here.”
“I’m glad,” the smile he wore didn’t reach his eyes as he sighed, pulling at the collar of his shirt. “I’m gonna be honest with you kid, I don’t think you got it.”
You blinked. “I’m sorry?”
“To be a journalist I mean. Seen a lot of young wide-eyed kids like yourself think they can dominate this line of work, and more often than not they always get left behind. I don’t think you have what it takes to be here.”
His words were cold and harsh, so much so that you couldn’t quite comprehend them all at once. You didn’t have it? What on earth was that supposed to mean? “I-I thought I was doing well?” You asked, voice hollow and timid.
“Listen to me,” he said, voice demanding, “There have been thousands before you, top of their class, motivated souls I’ll tell you, some were even valedictorians of their batches, but none of them have made it.” He said this so flippantly as if he wasn’t crushing you to the ground. “I’m only telling you this so you don’t waste your time trying something that won’t work. You’ll be an excellent secretary I’m sure.”
That was a slap in the face.
You had never felt so humiliated in your life, and you couldn’t do anything but sit there, frozen in what you could only describe as fear, not of him, but for yourself. All your life you had worked towards trying and getting out of your family business, to make it as a journalist, and he had just taken those dreams of yours and crumbled them between his fingers like a cigar. The apathetic smile on his face cut deep into your skin, making you feel bare and stupid
“I’m Y/n L/n,” you said, but it didn’t hold the usual pride that came with flaunting your family's name. “I won’t be reduced to a flimsy secretary.”
“Oh I know you won’t,” he said, “But you’d be a lovely one.”
It felt as if you had been punched in the gut, and you managed to get up, nodding stiffly. “Thank you for your time, sir.”
“No need to thank me.”
You had been told you wouldn’t be a journalist before, but that was your parents. This time, it was somebody who dominated the business already and had been doing so for years. Someone with experience who knew what they were talking about. If they said you didn’t have ‘it’, then-
You really didn’t have it.
You had another hour left before you could leave, but you couldn’t stand staying in that dingy office for any longer. Your heels feet worked on their own, taking you outside into the fresh air, where it felt like you could finally breathe again. You sucked in gulps of air, and your throat burned with a type of desperation.
What exactly were you thinking of at that moment? No one would ever know, not even you, because you couldn’t decipher your own thoughts. Everything you had ever worked for had been tossed out of the window with just a few words.
‘Even the brightest of kids don’t make it.’
You found your car in the parking lot and promptly drove away from the establishment. Your hands trembled on the steering wheel as you began driving back to campus, wanting nothing more than the peace of your own room. 
You were an L/n, you could do anything in the world. All your life you were told you were untouchable, you sat atop the throne. It was so stupid how just one person’s opinion could shatter all of that, with just a few measly words.
Pride was a terrible thing, and you had a whole lot of it.
Parking the car, you slammed the door shut, attracting the attention of a few passersby. You didn’t care what they thought of you at that moment- that you were a spoiled child throwing a temper tantrum and projecting it onto your expensive Porsche, and glared at them, turning on your heel and walking into campus. The glorious building seemed to mock you because it reminded you of your major and your mistake.
Perhaps Irene had given you this internship out of pity. Finally, you understood what your sister meant when she said she wanted to make it on her own, without help. There were no favours out there, and she liked that.
But you were weak. You had always been, and you were okay with it. You relied on favours and reputation to make your way through life and the moment it vanished, you were nothing.
You stopped, rooted to the spot as you realized you had no idea where you were. You didn’t recognize the part of campus you had stormed into, and the gravity of the situation came crashing down at you all at once. You couldn’t breathe, and you wanted to cry then and there because you were nothing, nothing at all.
That shook you to your very core.
In the midst of it all, you saw a certain dark-haired boy walking into the building, all alone. With a start, you realized you had somehow strayed into the art department, which was why you didn’t recognize much. For some reason, you walked towards where he had followed him up to the dance studio.
Another mystery: why on earth would you willingly follow Lee Taeyong of all people? He was the son of the man who had reduced you to a future secretary and was no doubt someone who would just make things worse.
And yet you did. You stopped outside the studio, watching his dancing reflection through the mirrors. His moves were fluid, firm yet gentle at the same time as he moved with the music, telling a story. He held an air of grace that was almost inhuman, and you were absolutely mesmerized.
It was hypnotic, all your attention was on him. Your mind faintly told you this had something to do with him being half selkie, but you couldn’t care less, completely forgetting what had happened not even a half-hour ago. Part of you was grateful for that.
Taeyong did what he wanted when he wanted and never let anyone influence that. You admired and respected the hell out of it, even if you didn’t particularly like the guy. Dancing was something he enjoyed and was clearly excellent at.
Wordlessly, you tore your eyes away, the heaviness of your day sinking down upon you. It was suffocating as you walked away from his display of dance, down the hallways and to your side of campus, to your dorm.
What was the point?
Tumblr media
There was something off about you.
Taeyong liked to think he knew you well to some extent- your personality at least. You were bold, determined, and entitled to put it lightly. You were always working hard to get what you wanted, ready to spite anyone and anything that got in your way.
Now as he watched you, however, you almost didn’t recognize you. You sat by the window, looking out of it as the professor droned on, spaced out. It was clear something was plaguing you, he had never seen you this distracted.
The book you usually took notes in during class was closed, textbook open to the wrong page, no writing utensils on your desk. It was a little concerning seeing you like this because it was just so unlike you. You rested your cheek on the palm of your hand, in your own little world.
The class got over, and your friend- Taehee was it? Shook you out of your trance, and you gave her a small smile, gathering your things and walking out. There was a lost look in your eyes, and if you were searching for something, but had failed several times already.
He pushed through the crowd to catch up to you, partly to talk about the project but also to try and figure out what was up with you. He was surprised no one else had picked it up, didn’t your friends know when something was wrong?
Apparently not.
You passed by the newsroom, peering in through the doorway. If he wasn’t mistaken, it would have been the hour you worked there- the hour was supposed to work there but he barely ever did. 
To his surprise, you walked past it, which was the final straw. Something was definitely up, because you loved the newsroom. Unlike him, you never skipped, so he followed you, until you walked into an abandoned classroom. 
You walked to the window, sighing, before turning around and sinking to the floor, head in your hands. Your arms were trembling ever so slightly as your mind replayed Mr. Lee’s words over and over, until you wanted to scream.
“You don’t have it.”
“Excellent secretary.”
It was eating you alive, gnawing at all your confidence. You had never been a particularly insecure person, but this had made you one. Of course, you still knew anybody in this stupid school would get on their knees with a simple instruction from you, and that you’d be taking over the fashion industry one day but that wasn’t real, was it?
Your nails dug into your skin as your mind reeled. If he really thought you couldn’t make it, then you were wasting time. You might as well had taken the business major your parents had so wanted for you, instead of taking extra classes on the side. The grip on your arm tightened, and you were sure you were going to draw blood.
You felt someone pry your hands away from your face, and you looked up to see Taeyong crouched down in front of you, concern etched into his features. He looked so genuinely worried, and you couldn’t bring yourself to push him away as usual. 
“Are you okay?”
Maybe it was the kindness in his voice or the gentle touch of his fingers that lingered on your hands, which he still held, but something snapped inside of you. Tears welled up in your eyes and no matter how much you tried to blink it away, they managed to trickle down your face.
“No,” you whimpered out, voice hoarse and strained, “I’m not okay.”
The look on his face softened even further and he stood at his full height, going to lock the door, before coming back to his original position. “Wanna talk about it?”
Pieces of your shattered pride came together to bristle slightly, hating that he was seeing you in this vulnerable state. “Why should I?”
He pressed his lips together, raising an eyebrow. “Well for starters I’m the only person here willing to listen, it seems, and it feels like you really need to let it out.” He stated this matter of factly as if it was the weather. You didn’t budge, staring at him warily, and he sighed.
“Look okay? I get that you hate me, but can’t you put that away for a few minutes? If it makes you feel better, you can murder me in cold blood or something after you spill your secrets, but you’ll have to deal with the consequences of that.” His lips twitched and you pondered over this, leaning your head against the wall.
You didn’t have much more to lose anyway, so you clicked your tongue. “I’m thinking of changing my major.”
Silence. “No you’re not,” he said, baffled, “You love journalism.”
You shrugged, “So what if I like it? That’s not enough, I need to have the potential to actually make it, and Mr. Lee-”
He narrowed his eyes, “Mr. Lee? My father?”
You stopped speaking, averting your gaze. Taeyong clenched his jaw, “What the fuck did he tell you?”
He sounded almost angry, voice demanding you to speak of what had happened. You swallowed the lump in your throat, pulling your knees to your chest. “I don’t have it.”
“Bullshit,” he scowled, “Y/n, listen to me, between the two of us, I’m the one who doesn’t have it. You on the other hand?” He paused, looking at you intently, “You’re going to be in the New York Times one day, I just know it.”
His words came out so earnestly, so genuinely that it made tears spring up again, and you furiously brushed them away, refusing to cry. “Don’t say shit out of pity,” you warned him, “At least your father knows what it’s like in the industry. How the hell am I supposed to make it if he says I don’t have the ability to do so?”
“Hey,” he said, leaning forward and grabbing your hand, startling you, “My father is a world-class asshole, I would know okay? He doesn’t know you, but I do. I promise you that you’ll make it, so please, don’t let him take away everything you’ve worked so hard for?”
His fingers intertwined with yours as he squeezed your hand, trying to snap you out of it. You looked at your hands, mouth parting in surprise. It sounded like he actually cared about you and you nodded, throat feeling dry.
Taeyong nodded, helping you to your feet. Now more than anything, embarrassment took over as you realized he had seen you in such a state. You refused to meet his eyes as you walked out of the classroom, taking a few steps in front of him before stopping.
“Hmm?” He waited for you to continue. Biting down on your tongue, you let out a breath you didn’t know you had been holding in.
“I still despise you.”
You were trying your hardest, he acknowledged, to thank him for what had just happened. He smiled, biting the inside of his cheek. “Your welcome.”
You walked to the newsroom.
Tumblr media
You had never been a party person, to say the least. You enjoyed them occasionally, but would never go out of your way to host or attend one unless you absolutely had to. As a result, when you did attend one, it was seen as a matter of pride for the host.
Of course, it wasn’t so much pride Donghyuck held, as it was joy. Seeing you walk through the door of his house, he managed to make his way to you, throwing his arms around your neck. “Y/n!”
Lee Donghyuck was drunk. Extremely, out of his mind drunk. You could tell by the stupid, gleeful smile on his face and the slight slur in his words, the way he didn’t pull away from the embrace, but instead, resting his chin on your shoulder, content.
“You came!!”
“Of course I did,” you patted the top of his head awkwardly, slowly detaching yourself from him. He grinned, sticking his tongue out at you before disappearing once again, no doubt to harass another friend of his. Shaking your head, you walked further into the party, noting the looks you received.
You wore an elegant sleeveless dress that stopped about three inches above your knees, framing your figure gorgeously. To say you were catching eyes was an understatement, you could practically foresee the number of people who were going to try and get your attention that night.
One of the upperclassmen was manning the bar of Hyucks house. His parents loved spoiling him and had flat out brought him a house to get him out of staying at the lavish dorms. Of course, this meant that he had all the freedom in the world to do as he pleased with the place, and naturally, he built up the reputation to hold the best parties.
The case in point was tonight.
You leaned over the table, requesting a drink from the bartender- Qian Kun if your memory served you right- looking around at the scene. A majority of people were dancing, some too close for comfort, couples making out in dark corners that you hoped would remain dark, and loud music overriding everything else. 
You took the drink, thanking Kun and taking a sip of the alcohol, letting the sharp taste alert your senses. Your current mission was to find Taehee or Mina, the only two people you actually bothered to spend any time with.
You managed to get to the pool area, which was already inhabited by a few people. You saw Taehee’s hair and walked over. You held an air of importance just as you did always, joining the group.
“Y/n!” She squealed happily, eyes a little too bright. Were all your friends drunk? That sounded extremely unbearable, and you took another sip so you were a step further in joining them. 
“What are you two doing here? You look too sober for this place.” It was Jung Jaehyun, someone you hadn’t kept up with since high school. You barely knew him if you were going to be honest, but had let him court you for six months when you were sixteen, something Donghyuck loved to tease you about.
He was certainly a looker, twenty-two was doing wonders for him. The dimples in his cheeks wooed many a girl, his hair carefully set and styled for the party. You forced a polite smile and regarded his presence.
Unfortunately, his charms had never worked for you. However adorably innocent he managed to come off to other people, you knew for a fact that it was just a ruse to impress everyone’s parents. Last summer there was a rumour of him playing two girls at once, and you were inclined to believe it.
“Come on,” he cocked his head to the side, “There’s a game going on inside, it’ll fix your situation in no time.” You wanted to argue, but Taehee had latched onto his arm, looking adoringly up at him.
“Of course, we’d join! Lead the way!” She giggled, leaving you no choice but to follow along. You made a mental note to try and slip away quickly from this predicament and walked with the two into the pool house. It was a little less crowded, Donghyuck being here as well, who didn’t take kindly to Taehee clinging onto Jaehyun.
Oh boy.
You licked your lips in amusement, downing the rest of your drink and placing the flute on a random table. Something was going to go down sooner or later because just like you, Lee Donghyuck always got what he wanted.
It was as they said, birds of a feather indeed flocked together. Jaehyun clapped his hands together, getting a majority of the attention. “Russian Roulette,” he announced, “We shall be playing Russian roulette.”
“Don’t tell me you have a gun Jung, I’d rather live to inherit my father’s property,” another classmate of yours, Yuta, called out, a cocky smile adorning his face. Jaehyun laughed and shook his head, taking a bottle of wine out of one of the cupboards. 
“We have alcohol.”
Promptly, Yuta got to his feet from where he was sitting on the sofa, getting the glasses down and placing them on the table. Jaehyun emptied the wine into each glass, placing the bottle down in the middle horizontally.
“In order to get more people into the game, everyone needs a partner,” Jaehyun explained, “We have more than enough of this to go around.”
“It’s not your wine Jae,” Donghyuck warned, but obliged, clearly sold on the game. The former shrugged.
“Now when have you ever worried about the cost of alcohol, Haechan?”
Taehee seemed delighted, so your friend went along, quickly choosing her as a partner. You looked around for one of your own when your eyes latched onto a sight you hadn’t particularly wanted to see.
Taeyong was there- of course he was- leaning against the wall on one shoulder as he spoke to a girl. Goddammit, how many fucking girls did he have hanging off his arm? If you still had the glass in your hand, you were sure to have downed it already.
“What are you looking at?” Hyuck’s voice called out to you, and you mumbled Taeyongs name. It was clear the little alcohol you had already consumed was already getting to you, and your friend frowned in confusion, “Taeyong? Why on earth-”
“Taeyong! Oh good, come on over! Y/n chose you as a partner!” Jaehyun said, interpreting your words the wrong way. The mentioned man looked up from his conversation to see your alarmed face, head shaking violently as if this was a mistake, which it was.
He excused himself, a smirk tugging at his lips as he walked over. He took in your appearance, deciding that you looked absolutely gorgeous that night, hair framing your face and pretty features beautifully.
“Was I called?”
“We need partners for this game and Y/n called your name so you’ll be her partner.”
You really wanted to punch the living daylights out of Jung Jaehyuns pretty face. Spinning around on your heel, you glared at him and Taeyong walked up until he was right behind you.
“Called for me, did you?” “I did not-”
“She thought of you,” Hyuck added, clearly enjoying the predicament he had landed you in. You groaned, staggering away from the insufferable group, rubbing your temples to try and calm yourself down.
“One of these days,” you muttered wryly, “I’m going to turn to murder.”
Speaking of the devil, Taeyong had the cockiest look on his face you had ever seen in your life. He wore an expensive Brioni dress shirt, unbuttoned at all the right places, contrasting the informal sense of the dark jeans and Nikes on his feet.
“Listen, princess, I love when you think of me, in fact, I’d love it if you did it more often,” he said, leaning against the table. “Thinking of me in the bedroom? Fantastic. In the shower? Even better, but I’d prefer if you refrained from doing so when I’m trying to impress a girl.”
Your cheeks burned in humiliation, heat gripping them like you were standing in a furnace. It wasn’t fair, how he flirted with you but then let you down all in the same breath. Jealousy ripped through you, and you finally realized what that feeling was.
“Excuse me,” you managed to get out coldly, walking away and up the stairs of the house, trying to find a bathroom. You needed a place to collect the sudden revelation, one without the booming music and him.
Why the fuck were you jealous? Jealous of that girl who Taeyong was trying to impress, of Ningning, of everyone who was subjected to his attention. You hated Lee Taeyong, you couldn’t stand him, it made no fucking sense.
You leaned against the tiles of the bathroom, breathless. You knew you had always somewhat liked Taeyong, but refused to accept it. However, after that day in the classroom, he had been on your mind an awful lot, and now with your newfound acknowledgment of your jealousy, your head spun.
Oh no.
You had feelings for the person you wanted to despise the most. The thought was so absurd that it had you fighting yourself. He had finally properly gotten into your head, with his stupid pretty eyes and kissable lips and it was driving you mad.
You liked Lee Taeyong. All it took for you to realize this was some asshole to twist your words and put you on the spot. Just the way you had imagined ever registering having feelings for someone.
No. You couldn’t like him. You hated Lee Taeyong and had for the better part of two years now. He was nothing but an annoying brat who never passed up the opportunity to push you to your limit. 
You hated him.
A pretty face, different from anybody you had ever met. He seemingly didn’t care about your reputation and the importance it held, tearing down the foundations you had built your life upon. He was just like you, but the two of you couldn’t have been more different.
You…hated him.
But he was the same guy who told you to not give up on your dreams, assuring you that you would be successful. The same one who had seen you at your most vulnerable, and was completely unfazed by it. Who had the courtesy to never bring it up again for your benefit. The man who showed you his greatest interest, took you to a place you shouldn’t have been.
You…hated him….right?
“Fuck,” you hissed under your breath. The bathroom was too small, too claustrophobic for you in that moment, but you couldn’t bear to get out of it.
What the fuck had you gotten yourself into?
Tumblr media
“Good Job,” The professor congratulated Taeyong and you for your presentation, which he deemed excellent. You nodded, returning to your seat next to Taehee, who didn’t even acknowledge your presence, busy staring at Donghyuck.
The moment he looked back at her, however, she looked away immediately, almost embarrassedly so. You raised an eyebrow at Hyuck, who winked at you, giving you a cheeky, triumphant smile.
Oh, so that happened. Good for him.
You sighed, leaning back in your seat and waiting for the class to end. Another pair came up to give their presentation, but you didn’t really pay attention, more preoccupied with…other things.
You had done your best to avoid Taeyong as much as you could, still trying to cope with your feelings. Every little thing he did made your heart race and you hated every second of it, wanting nothing more than it to be like it used you.
The incessant flirting was driving you mad, he was doing it to get on your nerves and it was working, but it also made it feel like this entire thing was a game to him. What on earth was he going to get out of it anyway?
To put it plainly, you were royally screwed.
The bell rang, and you walked out of class, slightly mollified at the fact you had no other classes for the rest of the day. Taking out your phone, you switched it on to check the time, wondering if you could take some time to write your article for the paper that week. Admittedly you hadn’t been the best at it lately, still rather shaken up over the ‘incident’.
You turned around to see Taeyong approaching you, holding his books to his side. “You’re running off like you have somewhere to be.”
“How do you know I don’t?” You countered, tilting your chin up in the air. It didn’t matter how you felt about him, there was no way he would ever catch you slipping.
“Well, do you?”
He got you there and you didn’t know how to respond, opting to sigh in exasperation instead. “What do you want Taeyong?” “So cold,” he sulked in an attempt to crack the withering glare you sent him, before raising his hands to his side defensively. “Fine, I’ll get to the point if it makes you happy geez, would it kill you to lighten up even a little?”
“I’m not hearing your point yet.”
“Go to the Christmas party with me.”
You nearly tripped over your own feet, caught completely off guard. “I’m sorry?”
Oh lovely, you had hearing problems now. That was truly the only explanation for this, because there was no way he was actually asking you to the dance right? That would mean he wanted to go with you, which could mean he liked you back-
“You’re still my ‘girlfriend’, remember?” He gave you an expectant look, lowering his voice so no one else would hear, leaning closer. Your mouth went dry at this, nodding tightly.
Was it bad that you wished he was genuinely asking you to the dance? 
“I managed to talk my mother dearest out of the marriage thing,” he said, pulling you to the side of the hallway. You obliged, interested in what he had to say. If you were going to be honest, you forgot about the entire fake relationship thing you had going on with him.
At first, you had been extremely against it, but now as he spoke, you couldn’t help but think about what type of boyfriend he’d be like. Then, as if someone had flipped a switch inside of you, you snapped out of it.
It didn’t matter how he’d be as a boyfriend, because you would never fall into that trap. Ever.
“I made up some bullshit about how I’m too young and shit but you still have to be my girlfriend for now.” He informed you. You hummed distractedly, “So nothing has changed?”
“Pretty much.”
“Then this was a waste of my time,” you said flatly, turning in an attempt to leave. Taeyong frowned at your stand-offish demeanor but was unfazed. You were so interesting to him, no one had ever given him such a challenge, and while it had started out as a mission to pester you, it wasn’t one anymore.
After that day in the studio, something had changed. He liked being around you, seeing you looking so broken that day made him want to stand by you even further. It was obvious there was some level of trust between the two of you, even if you were insistent on acting like there wasn’t.
One day, he promised himself, he’d manage to understand you.
Tumblr media
Midterms consisted of late nights at the library and excessive amounts of that expensive french coffee your parents had brought back from their trip to Paris over the summer. You had started out with an entire bottle, but now only had half of it left.
To be fair, Taehee had been sharing with you. There had been several moments when you had walked to the kitchen for another cup at 2 am, only to see her sitting there, almost breaking down over Calculus.
Studying was a little harder this time around, your mind kept wandering to a certain boy who haunted you every time you closed your eyes. You had a crush before, but it had never been this intense. All that time spent with him because of the stupid project had clearly affected you.
Oh, this was bad.
It was the day before the last paper, just a little past midnight and you were trying to study Chemistry, but was extremely distracted.
“Can’t wait for this bullshit to be over,” Taehee whined, “I’m spending a week in the Hamptons.”
“Oh? What for?”
“My mother got me a role in one of her upcoming movies,” she confessed smugly. “It’s not a big one, but it’s still a start. Don’t you love nepotism?”
Her mother was an actress and an extremely famous one at that. You nodded, sipping on the bitter beverage, hoping it would force you to focus. That didn’t seem to be working very well in your favour, however, because you looked at your chemistry notes and was reminded of your project, which you had worked on with-
He was in your head. He had weaseled his way into your life and refused to leave no matter how much you tried to push him away. At this point, you should have been asking him for rent.
Ironically enough, this only made you hate him more. He was maddeningly gorgeous, had you constantly second-guessing yourself, and kept you on your toes with his quick answers. You had always hated what you couldn’t have, and Taeyong wasn’t an exception.
People were boring, you had learned this a long time ago. That wasn’t the case with him however, he never had you thinking that for even one second. 
“You okay?”
Your friend’s voice called out and you blinked out of your self-induced trance. Nodding slowly, you cleared your throat uncomfortably. “Yeah, I’m fine, just chemistry you know?”
She narrowed her eyes at you. “Look, I may not be the best friend in the world though I am yours,” she started, “But I can tell when something is wrong, so spill.”
You said nothing for a moment, staring at the printout of the periodic table that sat in front of you. 
“I like him.”
You blurted it out rather gracelessly, a flush rising to your face. Until now, you hadn’t admitted out loud to anyone, and Taehee looked taken aback, scrunching her nose up in confusion, before it dawned on her.
“Taeyong hmm?”
You nodded bashfully, slumping in your seat. “It’s so stupid, god,” you groaned, rubbing your face with your hands, “He’s so fucking annoying.”
“Both of you are,” she snorted, “I’m sure even Hyuck has caught onto whatever the two of you have going on- everybody and their third removed cousin know. Glad to see you’ve decided to stop being a pussy and finally owned up to it.”
You glared at her, “Oh? Why don’t we talk about Hyuck then?” You skillfully deflected the conversation onto her, and her cheeks were dusted red.
“He’s- um- good.”
She said this so naively as if you didn’t know already. Donghyuck had made a point to tell you about his successful scoring of a date with the girl, who was also, obviously thrilled. Smirking, you leaned back in your seat.
“Are you fucking yet?”
She exclaimed this, sounding much louder considering the time. You burst into laughter, placing your cup down on your notes. Taehee was positively flustered at the thought, refusing to look at you. You smiled.
“He likes you a lot…don’t break his heart okay?” You said finally, knowing how easily she got bored. She nodded, biting her lower lip. 
“He got me a dress.”
Ah yes, the dress you had so wanted. You had almost forgotten about it- almost since she had brought it up. You nodded, “I was there with him when he picked it out.”
She beamed, “I’m going to wear it to the dance. I can’t believe I actually have a date!” She sighed happily, before remembering she had an exam the next day, “I fucking hate chemistry.”
“You and me both,” you snickered, turning the page and attempting to relax. It felt good to not have the secret all locked up inside of you, to not have to be the only one bearing it. Did that leave you any less confused? Hell no, but at least it was something.
Tumblr media
Your newest conquest: try to get rid of this stupid crush.
Ignoring him really hadn’t done much for you, and it wasn’t something you could do forever anyway, especially with the dance coming up. You were his date, unfortunately, and he had managed to drag you out to get an outfit for it.
Part of you thought about refusing at first but then relented seeing as you really did need a dress for the party. He had taken you to a boutique on High End, a different one from the one Hyuck had, thank god, and was currently in the Men’s section, leaving you alone with your thoughts.
Naturally, your newfound affection had quickly turned into loathing, and you found ways to be even more spiteful. The ride to High End had consisted of him teasing you and glaring galore from your end, shoving your middle finger in his face at a particularly annoying quip.
You had to come to terms with the fact that you didn’t completely hate him, but it was so hard. You had never found yourself in such a position before, so it was completely new territory, and that was actually having feelings for someone. It was ridiculous honestly, just how torn up he had you about this.
Now, while you didn’t particularly hate him anymore, you definitely hated the position he put you in. Clearly, he never considered the consequences of just how magnetic he was, and you resented him for it. 
“Why is it called candy corn?”
You nearly jumped out of your own skin, leaving the dress you ad been inspecting and blinked, staring at a grinning Taeyong who looked extremely pleased with himself for startling you so. 
“I mean,” his expression morphed into a serious one, “Is there any connection between the two? It tastes nothing like corn and candy and corn and nothing to do with each other.”
You blinked at him in utter bewilderment, trying to comprehend the nonsense he was laying onto you. He noticed the look on your face, shaking his head at you.
“Oh nothing, it just takes time to understand such stupidity.”
“Hey!” He protested at your dig, “It was a valid question, thank you very much. If that insufferable friend of yours- Donghyuck was it? Well, if he asked you that, you wouldn’t be so mean now, would you?”
“Shut up would you?”
“No can do darling, I need you to tell me which of these shirts are good,” he said, lips curling upwards into a lazy smile. “Also, thats the dress.” He gestured to one that was hidden in the back, a dark green colour that gave off a royal air. You walked over, feeling the material, Velvet.
“What makes you think I would like this?” You asked, raising an eyebrow, even though you were already sold. It was gorgeous, even more so than the red one you had wanted earlier that year.
“We’re supposed to look like a couple, must I remind you,” he clicked his tongue, “And I think you’d look beautiful in it.” The surprise was evident on your face as he tongued his cheek, “Trust me on this would you?”
You swallowed your pride. “Fine.”
You took it off the hanger, draping it across your arm as you walked to the changing room. Slipping into the dress, you inspected yourself in the mirrors that surrounded you, smoothing out the material over your legs. With some heels, this would be an absolutely jaw-dropper.
Opening the door, you walked back out, waiting for him to finish changing. You bit down on your lower lip, leaning against the wall. If you told your freshman self that you would be going to the dance with Lee Taeyong of all people, she would’ve laughed in your face.
Frankly, you would laugh at yourself.
You heard a lock coming undone, and out Taeyong walked, still buttoning up his shirt. It was a black, silk shirt that shone when the light hit it. Your face felt like it was on fire because all the motherfucker had done was slip it on, and hadn’t bothered to button it up at all until he was out of the changing room.
In short, you could see his chest, down to his toned abdomen. It wasn’t a secret that Taeyong was attractive, but this was a little too much, and you couldn’t look away, eyes stuck on him
He smirked.
“Like what you see?”
You snapped out of it, shaking your head furiously. “In your dreams, Lee.”
“Oh?” He took a few steps closer, that same infuriating look on his face, “Then you won’t mind buttoning this up for me, would you?”
What the fuck?
He said this as if it was the most innocent thing in the world. Your eyes widened, and you struggled to speak, your throat going dry. The request was ridiculous, and you were sure he was out of his mind.
You mentally cursed yourself for stuttering, but you had been genuinely caught so off guard at this that it wasn’t your fault, or that was what you were telling yourself.
“Need me to repeat myself? Now, I wonder what has you so distracted?” He observed coyly. It was pretty obvious this was affecting you, but you were much too prideful to let him know that. Instead, you pushed yourself off the wall, fingers curling around the material of his shirt as you slowly slipped the buttons into their holes.
He watched you as you fumbled even though you were trying your best to remain composed. Your hands brushed against his skin occasionally, and you finally reached the top, but left it open, deciding it looked nicer that way. 
You looked up at him, realizing he was a little too close for comfort. He reached up, tucking some of your hair behind your ear.
What the fuck part two You could have just refused, but no, you just had to get yourself into this position. “This is the shirt you’ve chosen I presume?”
“Indeed,” he said, “You look stunning.”
The compliment was unexpected. Perhaps the close proximity was getting to you, but you glanced at his lips (there wasn’t much else to look at okay?) and swallowed the lump in your throat. He caught you staring, inwardly smiling at just how adorable you were when you were flustered.
“Are you free on Friday?”
You looked back up at him, frowning in confusion. The ability to think straight had completely evaded you, leaving you a confused, agitated mess. You hated every moment of this, every single second was eating you alive.
“My mother wants you over for dinner,” he said, not moving even an inch. You contemplated your choices because you didn’t have anything on Friday, but going for dinner with his family came with a slight problem
His father, of course, was the very man who told you that you wouldn’t succeed.
“I promise he won’t be there,” Taeyong said softly as if he could feel your worry. “Just my mother. I wouldn’t do that to you.” He was no longer teasing you, and you sighed and nodded. After all, you still had to keep up your end of the deal as his girlfriend.
“I’ll be there.”
Tumblr media
This was the second time you had been to Taeyong’s house, and there was nothing similar about the two instances.
Before, you were bored and annoyed that you had to drive all the way here to work on a stupid project, but now you were…nervous? What exactly entailed acting as his girlfriend? You weren’t quite sure, but you had to do it anyway. 
You rang the doorbell, waiting for someone to answer. A maid did so, smiling politely and letting you in. She took your coat and led you into the living room, where Taeyong sat with his mother. On seeing you, he got to his feet, a pretty smile appearing on his face.
“Hey,” was all he said before his hands were on your waist and he pulled you in for a hug. Momentarily, you were stunned but managed to respond quickly enough, leaning in to return his embrace. You saw his mother beaming, hands clasped as she waited for the two of you to be done.
“Hi,” you said, voice coming out quieter than you had intended as you turned to face her, “Hello Mrs. Lee.”
“Hello, darling!” She sounded delighted, engulfing you in one of those monstrously affectionate hugs that somehow suck you in no matter how much you try to avoid it. “How has your week been? My son said your article made the first page of the paper!”
You tried to hide your surprise. How did he know that? You pushed the thought away and smiled happily, “I’m good! Yes, it did, how are you?”
“Overjoyed now that you’re here, come, let’s proceed to dinner, shall we? And tell me all about the dress you picked, I’m so thrilled you’re going to the dance together.”
“Of course we are,” you said, slipping into character. Taeyong followed as the three of you walked into the dining hall, “I’m his girlfriend after all, and I’m afraid I wasn’t the one who picked the dress.”
You glanced over at Taeyong with a fond expression, and it almost startled him. He had never been on the receiving end of niceties from you, it almost scared him how well you were acting. 
“How romantic! Oh, the two of you are perfect for each other, though you can’t let him choose your wedding dress I’m afraid.”
Oh right, the fact that you were engaged to Taeyong had completely slipped your mind. The thought didn’t repulse you as it once did, and that terrified you.
“Mother!” “Oh right, my bad,” she gave you a knowing smile, “I promised not to talk about that. Sorry, dear! You’re too young, I know.” She spread her arms, satisfied with the reaction she had gotten from her darling son. It seemed as if she knew he had told you what they were and was delighted you excepted them.
If only she knew.
“Sit, sit, I’ll have Minyoung send out the food in a little.”
Dinner was a civil affair, and a rather enjoyable one if you were being honest. You kept up the appearance of being the loving girlfriend you were, making sure to return all the affectionate glances he was giving you. It was all fake, you knew, but it got so easy after a while, that you forgot none of it was real.
You complimented the food and his mother, even though you knew very well she had no part in actually cooking it. It was simply etiquette to do so, and she seemed very flattered, patting her chest happily. (“You’ve found a darling Yongie!”)
You made a mental note of that nickname. It was cute.
No. Scratch that. What the hell were you thinking?
Afterward, when Taeyong went to the bathroom, she slipped a small box out of her pocket, opening it in front of you. Inside of it lay an elegant ring, a simple band of silver with a pretty diamond on top that wasn’t too big, nor was it tiny. Your eyes widened on looking at it.
“It’s beautiful.”
“It’s yours,” she said immediately, causing you to nearly fall out of your seat. “My son told me not to speak of it, but it’s true. I’m sure he’s told you already.”
She picked the ring out of its casing, taking your hand in hers and placing it in your palm. She folded your fingers over it, holding your hand, “You’re family, love, and I can tell Taeyong loves you very much.
You swallowed thickly. If only she knew.
“I hope you love him too.”
Never in your life had you felt this horrible about lying to someone, but you pressed your lips together, nodding curtly. She patted your curled up fist, “Well then, it's been lovely having you over! You must visit again- Taeyong! Darling, walk your girlfriend out, will you?”
He nodded, and held a hand out for you to take, helping you up from your seat like a gentleman. You slipped the ring into your pocket, taking his arm and walked out with him, not saying much.
“Thank you,” he said when you were outside, near your car. You nodded, taking the ring out to show him. “Your mother gave this to me.”
He sighed, “Of course she did. I’m sorry about that.”
“It’s fine,” you said, inspecting it, “She cares about you a lot, plus it's a pretty ring.”
He snickered, “She does, a little too much at times I think. You can keep the ring, it doesn’t mean much anyway.”
“What does that mean?” You asked, intrigued. Taeyong shrugged, hands in his pockets as he leaned against your car, looking at his house instead of you. You were somewhat grateful for that.
“My mother….she talks a lot about tradition and how I have to marry you since you gave me my coat back- yada yada- but she really doesn’t know much about love. She tricked my father into marrying her.”
“Come again?”
“You heard me,” he said, “Straight up tricked and hypnotized him into it. Of course, they love each other to an extent but in reality, she wanted a life of luxury, and she worked her way into it.”
You didn’t really know how to answer that, so you didn’t. You fiddled with the ring, looking at him properly. The light from the moon lit up his features, outlining him like a halo as if he was an angel of some sort.
Taeyong turned to you, looking straight at you. Taking a step forward, he reached out, fingers coming in contact with your face as he cupped it, studying your features.
“Don’t kill me for this, yeah?”
Before you could even comprehend those words, he kissed you, lips moving against yours slowly as if he was taking his time. You froze on the spot, before regaining your senses when you felt his hand on the small of your back, pulling you closer.
Lee Taeyong was kissing you.
No one would ever know what was going through your head in that moment- that was between you and God. His lips were warm and soft, his kisses were just as gentle, so as to not completely overwhelm you. Somewhere along this line, you responded, eyes fluttering shut.
Was it so bad that you liked him kissing you? Probably, but you did it anyways, hands on his chest as he pressed his mouth to yours.
“I’m sorry,” he whispered against your lips, “My mother was watching.”
Oh. Right.
You pulled away, refusing to look at him in the eye, opting to nod tightly instead. Stupid, stupid hope, you had forgotten this entire thing was a ruse. The ring lay cold in your pocket, and your hatred for him only grew.
“Goodnight Taeyong.”
Disappointed? Was that what you were? Maybe, it certainly seemed like that. Taeyong bit back a frown at your formal tone, but nodded, opening the door for you. You got in, and started your car up, waiting for him to walk away.
He did, and you watched through your rear mirror, before pulling out of the property. There were few rules in this world for you, and one of them was to not fall for Lee Taeyong, something you had broken a long time ago, and was only now facing the consequences.
“Goddammit,” you muttered under your breath as you drove back to campus. You couldn’t get the image of him kissing you out of your head, the way it felt, how he held you like you were the most important person in the world (debatable).
You smiled.
Oh fuck.
Tumblr media
“Your piece was fantastic,” Mina applauded you, placing down the latest copy of the paper. Once again, your article was on the front page, just several of them had been over the past few weeks.
People were getting jealous, but that wasn’t your problem.
You thanked your friend, eyes glossing over the paper to inspect it. She leaned against your table, “Next month the issue will be about the Party.”
“I’m aware,” you said, “What aspect do you want to give me?”
“You covered the festival already, didn't you? And last year's party, you have nothing this year. Just enjoy yourself, I can’t overwork the future editor, can I?”
Your head snapped up to look at her, mouth parting in surprise. She gave you a small smile and a wink.
“You heard me.”
“You’re promoting me?”
“You’ve worked hard for it Y/n, don’t act so surprised. You deserve it, you’ll be an excellent editor.” She patted your shoulder, assuring you of the fact as she glanced up, before groaning.
“What on earth is he here for?”
Taeyong walked through the door, taking a seat at one of the abandoned stations, legs propped up. You didn’t dare look at him, going back to reviewing your article. You had spoken to him since Friday, and the entire weekend had passed with you trying to ignore the gnawing in the pit of your stomach.
“This isn’t a lounge, Lee, get your feet off the table and do something.”
“I own the place,” he said immediately, effectively shutting Mina up. He looked over at you, noticing how your fingers drummed on the desk as if you were nervous, refusing to even acknowledge his presence.
Usually, he’d get a glare or two, maybe a line about how you couldn’t bear his presence, but today: nothing. It wasn’t a secret Taeyong loved attention, so this was rather off-putting for him.
In your head, you reasoned with yourself. He should take it as a compliment you weren’t talking to him, you were trying to be nice.
Surprisingly, he didn’t bother you, but passed his time reading the paper, or talking to the other student journalists. Sometimes he’d look at you, you could feel the weight of his gaze on you, but would quickly move on.
What the hell was he even doing here? It wasn’t a secret that he hated the paper, so the newsroom was the one place he avoided like the plague.
It was impossible to do your work with him hovering around like a fruit fly. Unfortunately, you were out of the repellent spray.
The hour ended, but you decided to stay back since you hadn’t really accomplished much because of a certain ‘someone’ who had walked in. Slowly, people began trickling out one by one, until the only people left in the newsroom were you and him.
“What do you want?” You asked finally with a sigh, resting your chin in the palm of your hand. The silence was near damn suffocating you, especially since there really wasn’t an excuse for him to be there anymore.
“There she is!” He chirped, getting up from his seat and walking over, “I was starting to think you were ignoring me on purpose.”
“I was.”
“Always so mean,” Taeyong whined as he stole the chair from the station beside you, bringing it next to yours, and sat down. “Can’t you even pretend to like me for a moment?”
You glanced over, somewhat alarmed to see him already looking at you. There was a sense of amusement in his eyes, as usual, light and teasing and you forgot where you were for a moment.
He asked after a few seconds when you didn’t respond, holding his gaze. You loathed everything about him, the way he always had that smile on his face as if the world was a joke and he was in the audience. The way he always seemed to see right through you, and how he could stand up for himself and to his parents, only doing what he wanted instead of stringing along to whatever plan they set out.
And most of all, you hated the fact you didn’t hate him.
“I’m keeping my major,” you said quietly, so much so that he almost didn’t hear you- but he did. In the entirety of the student body, he was the only person who would understand what you meant by those words. 
“I’m proud,” he muttered, and you could tell he meant it. He reached out and grabbed your hand, squeezing it lightly to convey those feelings better. The touch was electric, and for once you couldn’t find it in yourself to care.
You got up, leaned over, and pressed your lips to Taeyongs, eyes fluttering shut. This clearly caught him off guard, but his hands fell to your waist almost immediately, pushing you onto the desk as he kissed you back. You broke away for a moment to look at him, fingers curling around the collar of his shirt as you pulled him back.
This time, it was completely different. The kiss wasn’t out of obligation, nor was it a part of an elaborate hoax. You cupped his face, kissing him until all the thoughts in your head melted away and you were left with a clean slate, completely devoid of your previous hatred.
It was deliberate and tender, your fingers slipped into his hair and intertwined with it, tugging slightly and eliciting a soft groan from him. 
“Y/n,” he repeated your name, but it was breathless, a mere whisper against the silence of the empty room. You pulled him closer, chasing his lips with every searing kiss he placed against yours. He swiped his tongue over your bottom lip, and a whimper resounded from the back of your throat.
Never in your life had you imagined having Taeyong in between your legs, least of all in the newsroom. His lips traveled to your jaw as he kissed your neck, hands slipping under the hem of your shirt, rubbing dizzying circles into the skin of your waist.
“I can’t stand you,” You tilted your head to the side, giving him better access as you leaned back, supporting yourself with your palms. If anyone was to walk in at that moment, you wouldn’t know how to explain the position you found yourself in, fingers entangled in his hair, him pressing soft, open-mouthed kisses to your collarbone.
“Good thing you’re sitting down, hmm?” He said smoothly, pulling away to look at you. Your face was warm, but you were looking right back at him. 
“Don’t stop,” you whined, mouth forming a pout in protest at the sudden resignation of contact and he smirked, licking his lips at the sight he had helped create. Your breathing was shaky, pupils dilated as his hand slipped to the small of your back, pressing slightly.
“I don’t think you want to do that here princess,” he said, taking on a tone that almost sounded like a warning. A warning of what could come, and you bit the inside of your cheek, wondering if this was right.
It felt very wrong, but you loved every second of it. His touch was addicting, and now that you had gotten a taste, you didn’t want to let it go.
“Please,” you whispered, and his mouth twitched at how desperate you looked, so different from your headstrong persona. You were like putty in his arms, a complete, flustered mess.
“Are you sure you hate me?” He drawled, finger under your chin as he tilted your head up, “Because I don’t think you do.”
He was so sure of himself, so fucking cocky that it was driving you insane. You pushed him away so you could get down and then took a step closer until your faces were mere centimeters apart, staring him dead in the eyes.
“Why don’t you find out, pretty boy?
Tumblr media
“Gonna tell me where you were last night?”
You ignored Taehee’s pestering, scowling at her as a subtle warning to not push it. She didn’t care though, happily sauntering over and grabbing your arm, before gasping on closer inspection.
“Is that a-”
“You got laid,” she said in disbelief, and you didn’t answer her, opening the door to your room and slamming it shut. You knew that now she had figured it out, she was going to pester the fuck out of you, and you were not in the mood.
You heard her yell through your door, and you walked over to your bed, sitting down on it. In the mirror on the wall opposite, you could see the purples and red bruises flowering over your neck. Those were going to be a pain to cover up.
You had left his dorm in the morning to get back to your own, but not before he insisted on making you breakfast. Somehow that ended up with you making out on the kitchen island (you really didn’t know how that happened).
You bit your lower lip in an attempt to thwart the smile that was creeping up over your face. You groaned, burying your head in your hands when you realized what you had become- a giddy lovesick girl.
Just like the rest of him.
You weren’t supposed to like Taeyong, you definitely weren’t supposed to sleep with him, but it happened. What the hell had happened to you?
Feelings were bothersome, you were starting to put that together slowly and surely. All your life you were used to being in control, you always knew what to expect in a situation but for once that wasn’t the case. This was hopelessly unpredictable.
No. You couldn’t just let a guy completely tear apart your carefully constructed world. Granted, Taeyong wasn’t just some guy, but he was one of them.
Getting to your feet, you slipped out of your shoes and tied your hair up, before noticing something shine in the corner of your eye. You turned to face it, only to see it was the ring his mother had given you sitting atop your bedside table.
The world worked in mysterious ways, it seemed to love irony. You picked up the ornament, inspecting it for a few minutes before slipping it onto your left hand's ring finger, holding it out so the light from your window hit it. You weren’t a stranger to the world of arranged marriages, but you had never in your wildest dreams imagined it happening because the person wasn’t human.
Well, not completely at least.
It surprised you just how easily you had accepted the fact, though to be fair, there wasn’t much room to disbelieve it anyways. That one time he had displayed what he could do was enough for you to nod along.
The ring was a little heavy, the metal was cold against your skin, but all in all, you liked it. Not to the extent where you wanted to get married any time soon- god no. You still have a whole year of college to get through.
Marriage wasn’t something you had ever been open to in the first place. From what you had been exposed to growing up, it wasn’t all that great, and for the most part, was done out of convenience. Your mother used to be a world-famous model, which was why she was married off to your father, the heir of the L/n brand and the time.
It was a loveless marriage, and you were the fruit of it, along with Gayoung. The entire setup was riddled with the aftertaste of duty and such, making you believe that you too, one day, would be subjected to it.
You took the ring off, placed it in your drawer, and collapsed on your bed, tired. You’d worry about all that later because you had classes to get to.
Oh right, and a very nosy best friend to fill in.
Tumblr media
You gripped the paper cup of coffee, blinking rapidly to try and stay awake.
“This is ridiculous.”
“Quit whining, would you?” Taeyong mock glared at you, an expression you gladly returned. “We’re almost there.”
“Maybe if you didn’t drag me out of bed at the ass crack of dawn, I wouldn’t be whining,” You immediately snapped at him. You had been unpleasantly woken up at four in the morning by a call from him, telling you to wear something comfortable and meet him outside your dorm. You promptly refused, but relented in the end, somewhat curious as to what he had in store.
That didn’t stop you from threatening his ability to reproduce in the future, however. He had been on the receiving end of your spite for a good three years now and never had you sounded so terrifying.
Needless to say, you were not a morning person.
If you hadn’t seen the coffee he had gotten you, he was sure you would have murdered him on the spot and hidden his body in the bushes. The caffeine was the only thing holding you back from going full-on ‘Hulk’ on him.
“Remind me again why you’re doing this? I was having a perfectly nice dream?” You took a sip of the bitter beverage, glancing over to where he was in the driver’s seat hand on the steering wheel.
“Was I in the dream?” He asked slyly, the corner of his lips upturning at his own innuendo. You shook your head.
“Nope, that's why it was so lovely.”
He huffed in defeat, turning a corner. “I decided to be nice and take you for a drive because it’s very peaceful at this time, but since you’ve decided to be such a brat, I guess it was all for nothing.”
Something about him wanting to do something nice for you gave you a fluttery feeling in the pit of your stomach, but you stoutly ignored it. Instead, you remained silent, looking out of the window as the scenery passed by.
There was not a soul wandering about (because all of them were sane, asleep in their comfortable beds) and it was almost post apocalyptic in a sense. Winter had finally begun settling into the air, sending a chill down your spine.
“How do you feel about hiking?”
“I shit you not, I will push you off whatever cliff you make me climb.”
Taeyong chortled, switching the ignition off. “Fine, we can just watch it from here.” You followed his line of sight to see the sun peeking out from behind a house and you finally put together what he had brought you out here for.
“You wanted to watch the sunrise with me?” You asked incredulously and he hummed. You leaned back in the expensive Italian leather seat of his car, watching as the sun inched its way into the sky.
Over the course of the last few weeks, the term ‘fake girlfriend’ didn’t seem so fake anymore, though not many would have noticed. This was because your dynamic with him hadn’t changed at all. To put it plainly, he was still an annoying fucker who wouldn’t pass up the oppurtunity to provoke you.
In fact, you still bickered with him even when you were spending time together, but there was something a little different. His mother invited you over for dinner several times, and not once had his father been present. 
You eventually told Taeyong you had been selected for the position of Student editor, which he congratulated you for, going on about how he told you you could do it and such, only shutting up when you kissed him in silent thanks. You suspected that had been his plan all along.
Who was Taeyong to you? You weren’t quite sure, but you liked whatever it was, even if he interrupted your beauty sleep.
“You sound surprised,” he observed, not looking at the sunrise anymore, but rather at you. You shut your eyes, leaning against the window. The soft lighting of dawn made you look ethereal as tired as you were, a shadow of your eyelashes cast on your cheeks. 
Like this, you looked so peaceful, and he smiled softly at you. When he first met you, he disliked how stuck up you were, the way you thought you were better than everyone else. Throughout the course of his years at Neiho, he realized that everybody studying there was like that, but by then you had chalked him down to nothing but a nuisance.
Life played out in truly mysterious ways.
“Mhmm,” you mumbled softly, “Very.”
He seemed to break everything you had built about him in your mind the more time you spent with him, but you started warming up to him. Like a moth to a flame, you fell for his magnetic personality just like everyone else.
You hated, absolutely despised being reduced to other people, but for this you didn’t care for the first time. You were perfectly fine with it, probably because he had chosen you out of all of them. You were still the best.
“You didn’t seem like the type.”
“What type of guy did you think I was?” Taeyong asked, genuinely curious. When he didn’t receive a response, it dawned upon him that you had dozed off, holding the coffee cup between your legs, eyes shut as your breathing steadied.
He wouldn’t find out what you really thought of him that day, but he was okay with it. So maybe he had brought you out to watch the sunrise, and even if you had fallen asleep while it was happening, that was fine.
Taeyong was happy just being with you.
Tumblr media
The art exhibition was underway in full swing, guests walking in and out gingerly, inspecting the pieces that hung up on the wall. You took a sip of the sparkling water the waiters had been distributing, searching for a familiar face.
Ten Lee was a renowned artist, mostly for his success at the young age of twenty-five. His style was bold and bright, messy in a way that came together in an organized manner. You browsed the corridors, acknowledging his brilliance.
But you weren’t here for him.
You spotted Gayoungs smiling face as she spoke with one of the sponsors, a mellower art piece on the wall behind her. It definitely wasn’t Ten’s work, so that only meant one thing.
Your little sister had made it.
Her eyes caught yours and widened in pleasant surprise at your presence there. You smiled proudly, looking to her side, where suitcases lay.
When you visited your family mansion, her room had been empty, as if she had never existed in the first place. Your parents refused to tell you anything, acting as if Gayoung had died or something of the sort, but you knew better.
She was simply going through with her promise to you. A man with kittenish features walked up to her with an expression that mirrored your prideful one, nodding and speaking about your sister, who looked absolutely enamored. 
It was Ten Lee of course, and she was working under him. You didn’t need to worry about the girl anymore, because you knew that after she graduated she would be traveling the world doing what she loved.
You left after that, satisfied with what you had seen. You may have never been a good older sister, but Gayoung would forever be your little one. You were sure she would do great things in life moving forward, even if you couldn’t be there to watch.
You only hoped that one day in the future you would be as bold as she was, and as brave.
Tumblr media
Money couldn’t buy happiness. 
This was a known fact, and although you often ridiculed the notions that people made about being wealthy, you had to admit this one was true. Of course, you were granted a momentary spark in serotonin, dopamine, whatever the fuck it was called, but it quickly faded away.
Money could, however, cure boredom to an extent. You could use the money to buy tickets to a concert, or something to do, but after a while, that got pretty stale as well. After a certain point, you’ve done all the things you could and are back at square one.
But boredom that's cured without the use of monetary assistance? Oh, they were the best.
“Look, I love pushing limits as much as the next person,” Taeyong said, sounding somewhat alarmed at how calm you were. “But don’t you think this is a bit much?”
Your lips were twisted into a satisfied smirk, eyes holding a glint of mischief as you pulled on the ropes. You swiftly undid the cleat hitch knot, releasing the boat from where it was docked. It was rather amusing to see him panicked and the stunt you were pulling off.
Oh, how the tables had turned, from him trying to get you out of your comfort zone to you basically dragging him out of his. Seeing him jittery was rather entertaining.
“Relax, we’ll be fine, I know how to drive a boat.” 
This was true, your father had taught you when you were fifteen, suddenly taking an interest in his daughter. You chalked this down to his effort of bonding with you, and even though you had caught onto steering the vessel effortlessly in an attempt to please him, he forgot all about it right after. 
“Believe me, that is not what I’m worried out,” he deadpanned, “I’m more concerned about the fact that you’re stealing a boat-”
“We’re stealing a boat.”
“Don’t include me in this!”
Right, you had come up with the brilliant idea of borrowing (“it’s stealing Y/n.”) a boat from the club that Saturday afternoon, simply to quench your boredom. Taeyong had suggested he could  re-introduce you to fencing, but you had no desire to spar with him. Now, you could have easily gotten your own boat out, one you had gotten for your fifteenth birthday (which also probably explained the lessons), but where was the fun in that?
Taeyong may have put on a facade of liking to break the rules, but when it really came to it, the man was like a scared little girl. It was too funny not to indulge in.
“You’re standing on the boat, aren’t you? You’re going down with me,” you grinned, and your companion looked up at the sky, silently asking whatever god that existed above for protection from you and your horrible bouts of mischief.
“I guarantee you that was a foreshadowing to the both of us drowning.”
“You’re unbearable, you know that?” You said dryly, and he shrugged, hands in his pockets.  It was a windy day, and his hair was on the receiving end of it, blown in different directions, but he somehow made it work. Dressed in light blue jeans and a crisp white shirt, it would be an understatement to say he looked good.
“You’ve said that one before,” he took one hand out, running it through his hair in an attempt to fix the unruly (and somewhat attractive) mess. “I’d be much more surprised if you told me how much you liked me or something.”
That sentence alone earned him a scowl and a playful hit on his arm.
“You know how much trouble we’d get into for this, right?” He asked a few moments later when you were out at sea, the salty air possibly getting to you. You seemed giddy at the thrill and simply mocked him for his wariness, repeating his own words from not too long ago.
“We both know we'd be able to pay our way out of it.”
“What happened to wanting a clear record?”
“You talk too much,” you grumbled, moving closer to him. He let out an offended sound, going on about how he talked just the right amount and how you were extremely talkative. You were sure that if you let him go on, he would give you a migraine.
So instead, you cupped his face and pulled him in for a kiss.
It did the trick, and he pressed his lips against yours insistently. The scene was pretty comical, you were sure. There you were with your supposed sworn enemy, his tongue in your mouth as you made out with him on a boat you had stolen.
It was the type of shit that made its way into a sitcom. In actuality, you had never committed a crime, let alone stealing something as huge as a boat, but something about being with Taeyong made you want to jump instead of carefully climbing down like you usually did. It was exhilarating in a way, although, probably not the best of influences.
Wrapping your arms around his neck, you pulled away and rested your forehead against his. A fluttery feeling erupted in the pit of your stomach as you bit back a grin the best you could. You didn’t understand Taeyong, or how to act around him yet, but you really liked it anyway.
You should’ve been repulsed by this notion, but none of that came. God, you wanted to fight it like you had been doing, but for some reason, you couldn’t.
“So,” he cleared his throat, thumb rubbing circles into the skin of your waist. “Are you ever going to tell me how much you like me? Because I’m sure-”
You kissed him instead.
Tumblr media
“You’re not supposed to talk in a library, you know?” You quipped at Donghyuck and Taehee, who were busy chattering away. Ever since he had finally confessed, it seemed as if they were inseparable, either sucking each other's faces off or ignoring you completely. It was getting rather unbearable.
“We’re supposed to be reading or studying, but you’re not doing that either,” The male sassed back. You took this as an opportunity to escape them, getting to your feet and walking away to browse the shelves. 
Insufferable was what they were. You almost wished they never got together.
You walked through the aisles, touching the spines of the books. As you walked, they got older, transitioning from the flimsy, shiny paperbacks to the leathered hardcovers with gold detailing. You had never really taken an interest in leisurely reading, usually only making use of the library when it came to studying.
Without realizing it, you had somehow managed to find yourself in the back of the library, where the oldest of the oldest books were kept. One caught your eye, and you walked over, sliding it out of its shelf to take a look at it.
It seemed to be a book about mythical creatures. The cover was old and dusty, making you wrinkle your nose in disgust as you brushed whatever you could away, before opening it. The pages had browned over time, and you suspected no one had read it for a while.
You turned the page to be brought to the index, trailing down to see if there was anything of interest. The first topic was about Fae, the second about Elves, and so on, but it was the seventh that really had you interested.
You flipped to the page, scanning over it to read.
Selkies are creatures of the sea, who take the form of a seal in water. They are master manipulators, being able to control the water they often reside in. They too, have several traditions, including that of the ‘Coat Returning’, in which when somebody (human or fellow selkie) returns their coat, they are bound together.
They are popularly known as shapeshifters, being able to adapt to their surroundings fairly quickly. In other cultures, they are simply referred to as merpeople. In their human form, they’re seen as beautiful, almost ethereal in a sense, being able to blend in with humanity seamlessly while being able to stand out.
You scoffed slightly, trying to imagine Taeyong as a seal. He had informed you that he was only half selkie, so he couldn’t do everything he mother could. You could attest to the beautiful part, there truly wasn’t someone like him.
This has led them to integrating with human society, progressing further. Their abilities don’t stop there, however, as they are also extremely manipulative. Trickery in their trade, much like the mischievous faeries. They often use this ability of theirs to enamour people, often manipulating feelings for their own benefit.
Something about that paragraph made you frown, and you read it again. It seemed to tie in with what he had told you about his mother tricking his father into marriage. You moved to the next paragraph, an unsettling feeling growing over you.
Male Selkies especially are known to be extremely handsome in their human form, having great seductive powers over human women. They usually seek out those who are unsatisfied with their lives.
You gripped the sides of the book, freezing in place at that. You weren’t unsatisfied by any means, were you? Everything was going right for you, the student editor position, your sister was thriving, your parents seemed to be letting you off the hook for a little bit, so this definitely didn’t pertain to you.
Did it?
Even though you were currently allowed to pursue journalism, you knew that at some point down the line you’d have to buckle down to your parent’s wishes. Taking your father’s position was practically destiny at this point for you since you were the eldest daughter.
Pieces started falling into place, how he had all those girls hanging off his every word, the way he flustered you so easily and was in your head. He had done it all on purpose, because of a mistake, the mistake is you returning that stupid coat.
No. That was ridiculous, your mind was jumping to the worst possible reason as it usually did. Taeyong had touched you, he had kissed you and taken you on stupid sunrise dates that you would never admit you enjoyed- there was no way it was all fake, right?
That unsettling feeling morphed into uncertainty and dread, and you swallowed it down the best you could. Suddenly the dusty back area of the library lost all its mystery as you slammed the book shut, and placed it back where it belonged, wishing you had never stumbled upon it in the first place.
The thought of it all being a lie frustrated you, and you had no idea why. This was the man you had hated for so long, so why did it hurt? It wasn’t anything mind blowing either, or heart wrenching. All it felt like, was as if someone was prodding at your heart with a rod, almost taunting you with the possibility.
Taunting you with being a gullible idiot who fell for the wrong guy.
You shut your eyes, leaning against the shelf for a moment to collect yourself. This was absolutely ridiculous, you couldn’t believe some idiotic book about mythical creatures had reduced to you a confused and scared little girl. You were Y/n L/n for god’s sake, everybody else was beneath you.
Everybody else but Taeyong.
You realized how much you actually cared if he liked you or not, and something within you desperately wanted his actions and words to be sincere. It set a bitter taste in your mouth because caring this much came with consequences, ones you did not want to face in the slightest.
You didn’t want to be let down. You had been let down by so many people, never having actually experienced the warmth of a relationship- any relationship.
Everybody lay beneath you, but where did Taeyong lie?
Tumblr media
The halls of your university had never felt so different. They always seemed to take a turn when it came to the Christmas Party, turning into the pathways to grandeur from the corridors of hell. You could almost forget that you walked these very halls to get to your chemistry class.
Taehee walked by your side, wearing the red dress. You didn’t feel the same resentment towards it anymore, in fact, you thought it looked rather lovely on her. You were content with your own (your parents were slightly put off with you not wearing something from the brand, but for once you didn’t care).
Other girls were walking in as well, it was tradition for the ladies to come in a little later for their entrance, especially if you had a date. Telling your friends that Taeyong was your date was a mission and a half, and you regretted it the moment they started teasing you for it.
The semester was over, and after the party, you would be breaking for the winter holidays. You hadn’t realized how quickly the year was coming to an end, soon you’d be in your senior year, and after that was graduation.
Your little group stopped right outside the doors of the hall- which was an understatement. The place was more of a ballroom than anything, with its tall ceilings and expensive decor. The attendant nodded slightly, before opening it, alerting the party goers to the arrival of the students.
You spotted your parents first, standing and talking to other important people. You made your way down the stairs gracefully with the others, and your eyes fell on the person you were here for in the first place.
Taeyong stood there, adjusting his tie with one hand as he held a drink in his other, speaking to who you recognized as Yuta. When the student's arrival had been announced, he looked up to see you, eyes widening.
You looked absolutely remarkable.
You looked even better than you had at the store when you tried the dress on that day. Your hair had been done up in soft curls, framing your face prettily. Your feet donned a pair of stilettos as you walked down the steps, eyes locking with his.
“Jesus Christ,” he muttered as he took you in. Yuta smirked at his friend's seemingly star-struck state.
He strided through the crowds as another classical song played. Taeyong wore the same pitch black shirt, paired with dress pants. His hair was styled formally, and you were sure there were several girls there wishing he was their date.
But he was yours, and something about that made your lips twitch in triumph as you reached the bottom. He held out his hand for you to take, which you did, and he pulled you closer, other hand falling to your waist.
“Was wondering when you would show up,” he quipped under his breath, loud enough for only you to hear. “Don’t think I’ve seen someone look this ravishing.”
“Quit the flattery, would you?” You muttered, but he could tell by the way you were biting back a smile that you very much enjoyed his attention. He guided you to the back where he was standing previously. The stares of obvious jealousy were electric, and maybe it was a bad thing to admit, but you relished them.
He pulled you into a dancing stance, and it felt like you were back at that dance studio all those weeks ago, following along with his steps. The two of you could have been the only people in the hall, following along to music you couldn’t quite hear.
“You look good,” you said softly, and he raised an eyebrow.
“A compliment from Y/n? Surely not?”
“I regret it now.”
“Savage,” he exclaimed dramatically, an amused look on his face. “So are you going to introduce me to your family yet? I’m sure they’re dying to meet the lovely young man who’s your date.”
“Fake date,” you corrected him, before pinching your lips together. His brow knitted in confusion at that, before leaning down to your ear. You could feel his breath against your neck, making you stiffen.
“You sure about that sweetheart?”
God damn it all.
Your hand fell to the one over your waist as you turned to look at him, his face was mere centimeters away. Clearing your throat, you pushed down the rising flush that was creeping its way up to your face. 
“Not at all.”
With that, you broke out of his touch, walking towards your family. Gayoung was nowhere in sight, which you expected, but it seemed like no one else had noticed her gone. You plastered on a polite smile, exchanging hugs and kisses with your parents. One would have thought you were mere acquaintances if they didn’t know better. No one would have suspected your mother carried you for nine months.
“Make sure to socialize,” was the first thing she whispered to you in hushed tones, “I heard that the Byun’s are attending this year, why don’t you go find their son- Baekhyun was it? I’ve been following his career for a while now, he’s an excellent model.”
Of course. Not even a proper hello, but rather an instant dive into making sure you were associating with the right people. Your mother’s tone was slightly bitter, almost as she resented Byun Baekhyun for being successful. You supposed it was a personal vendetta, a twisted sense of jealousy. Baekhyun was twenty-four, and still enjoying his youth as a model, while he had been married off to your father at the peak of her own relationship, forced to buckle down and give up.
You almost felt sorry for her, almost because she was practically forcing the same lifestyle upon you. Her bitterness extended to her own daughter, refusing to let her live the life she possibly wanted. People were truly interesting creatures, you mused as you took this in.
“I have a date, mother.”
This caught the attention of your father, who had made no motion to tell you he noticed your presence. He raised an eyebrow but didn’t say anything, for your mother had already made up for that, screeching in her little high voice.
“I don’t believe Y/n has introduced us,” Taeyong swiftly answered for you, almost startling you. You hadn’t noticed he had followed you, but there he was standing slightly behind you in all his glory, wearing that oh so charming smile on his face. “Lee Taeyong, I’m your daughter’s date.”
“Sooman’s son?” Your father asked, and he nodded, which ensued a conversation about his family. Your mother seemed delighted that you had managed to snag someone with such importance, but your father used it against you.
“Everybody else listens to their parents in regards to what to study,” he said dryly, the statement clearly pointed at you, “But you just had to take journalism hmm?”
You really wished they supported you, and at one point this might have hurt, but you were used to it. Taeyong pulled you closer to him, and slightly away from your parents, which part of you appreciated to some extent.
“She’s an excellent journalist,” he said smoothly, “Better than everybody there.”
The praise was unexpected and directed at your father who was insistent on putting you down. Your darling dad didn’t notice however, maybe it was the angelic smile on Taeyong’s pretty face that swayed him so. 
“She is.”
A new voice joined in, and you looked at the person, only to freeze in place. You stared in horror as Taeyong’s father himself stood there, looking as if he owned the place. Taeyong’s grip around you got just a little tighter as if he sensed your discomfort. “She’s set to be editor next year if I’m not mistaken?”
“Mr. Sooman! Delighted to meet you once again,” Your mother fussed around greeting him, and all you can do is stand there, rooted to the spot. His harsh words came back to you as if he had said them not a minute earlier, cutting into the exposed skin of your arms and leaving you out there to bleed in front of everyone.
“How did you know?” Your voice came out quiet, and the man smiled that emotionless smile of his. He took a long sip of his drink, and your date clenched his jaw at his own father’s horrid attitude.
“I own the newspaper department kid, I’m entitled to all the updates.”
Right. Even just a simple sentence from the man filled you with humiliation, reminding you of what he had turned you into- an insecure, hopeless little girl trying to make it. He turned back to your parents, clinking his glass with your fathers.
“She interned at a company I own a large share of and did marvelously.”
Marvelously? You could only watch in utter bafflement as your father nodded. “So the student editor opportunity really came along because of you. Y/n is very grateful, isn’t she?”
Mr. Lee only grinned, as if agreeing to your apparent success being credited to him. 
Filled with unseen rage at this, you stormed off, not caring how rude or immature you seemed. You couldn’t bear being in the same room with that despicable man, bile rising to your throat in disgust. You could almost hear your mother’s meek screeches of disapproval at your behaviour as you walked away as fast as your heels could carry you, out of the back door and into another damn hallway.
Taeyong followed you in alarm, watching as you stormed into an empty classroom, clenching your fists in pure anger. Truth be told, he was absolutely livid at how his father had treated you, lying so blatantly.
“Who the hell does he think he is?” You seethed, gritting your teeth. You saw Taeyong standing there, a sympathetic look in his eyes.
You fucking hated sympathy. It was for the weak and the downtrodden, those who couldn’t stand up for themselves. You were none of that, you were Y/n L/n, the future heir to the L/n brand, you were important and on top of the world.
He called your name, and it was soft, sharply contrasting your fury. Suddenly he wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into his chest. His touch was gentle, melting you instantly, and suddenly all that anger turned into pure unhappiness.
Unhappiness and hatred. You hated that you had been so easily manipulated into thinking you weren't good enough, into being made a complete and utter fool. You were so unhappy because you knew that your happiness was the last thing on your parents' minds.
And that stung. It stung so fucking bad, that you wanted to scream and cry like a child throwing a tantrum. Tears sprung to your eyes as you clutched onto Taeyong, searching for comfort that only he seemed to provide at that moment.
All your life you were the good girl, the one who listened and resigned to her fate. You wore extravagant dresses, and attended the mindless parties, and protected your sister in the only way you knew. You pretended to be content with your life, living vicariously through your sister's boldness, when in reality you weren’t okay at all. You played it off as not being as strong when in reality, you were just a coward.
You wanted, no, you deserved that same freedom. You were a selfish person- there was no doubt about that- and what you wanted was what you got.
You figured out why you cared so much about him because he was the one thing they couldn’t control. That's why you so desperately wanted it all to be real because it was the only thing you truly had for yourself. He rubbed your back comfortingly, letting you let it all out.
“You frustrate me so much,” you mumbled, and he hummed softly. Your emotions were a mess, and it was all funneling together, crashing down onto you right now. His father had exploited your success and had deemed it as his own. 
Even that, you couldn’t claim.
“I do?” He asked voice calm and collected, much unlike you. He sounded so mellow, so absolutely understanding and you felt completely undeserving of his kindness.
“You did this to me,” you spat, taking a step away from him so you could look at him properly. There stood Taeyong, a man that you could see yourself loving. After all, dancing the line between love and hate was something you had always excelled at.
But another thing you excelled at was destroying everything. Insecurity was a trait you had always scorned in someone, it was useless and unnecessary, but it was one you were drowning further into every single day. Your ego was as fragile as a baby butterfly, and self sabotage was in your nature.
So naturally, you chose to destroy.
“You- fucking hell I hate you.”
Your words were merciless and unforgiving, and Taeyong stood there in confusion at your sudden outburst. “This was done on purpose, wasn’t it? You made me fall for you.”
“What the fuck are you-”
“I know how you are, Lee Taeyong,” you hissed, and somewhere in the back of your mind you were screaming at yourself to stop speaking, but you couldn’t. Trust was something you always struggled with and giving him the benefit of the doubt was too much for you.
“You do this with every girl, you sweet talk them, you make them feel special and then you leave them, no?”
He set his jaw, narrowing his eyes at you in a mixture of disbelief and indignation, not knowing where this had come from. Taeyong knew you were hurt, but it wasn’t his fault, so why were you bringing this up?
He saw your tear-stained eyes, your balled-up fists, the way you were just minutes away from breaking down completely. You weren’t done, however, continuing to throw sharp-tongued insults at him, so desperate to do something.
“I know what you are,” your lower lip trembled, “You’re a selkie, and you’re just like your mother. You trick people and somehow get them to fall in love with you. This is all fake, isn’t it? You’re fucking with my head.”
Taeyong softened, and the cracks in your image had finally connected at the dots, breaking completely. You weren’t this perfect girl, but much more real than that. Of course, Taeyong knew what you were talking about, he did it with several others, but for some reason, you always seemed immune to them. It had always confused him, but it was then it clicked.
“Just stop it,” you whimpered out, “I’m tired of being made an idiot out of.” You even sounded tired, and had stopped fighting it, instead just stood there with your hands hanging limply to your sides as you refused to look at him.
“I don’t like what you’ve done to me,” you said weakly. “Make it stop.”
You liked him, and you were fighting that notion in your own mind. Mixed with whatever had happened tonight, it was getting too much to you. He was hurt that you thought he was playing with you, but he could understand where you were coming from.
He didn’t answer you, and you could feel your heart slowly fall to pieces. You furiously blinked away your tears, not wanting him to see you cry for a grand total of two times. Never in your life had you experienced heartbreak, it simply wasn’t something you were used to. It felt as if a chunk of your heart had been plucked off, and was slowly falling to the ground.
In the air.
The silence was what killed you the most, it ate away at you bit by bit. Stupid, you were so stupid for falling in love with Taeyong. It was the one thing you had promised yourself you would never do, and you broke your own rules. Perhaps you deserved this backlash in a way, for your naivety.
No one could have prepared for this feeling. Nothing. Not the warning signs that went off in your head the first time he kissed you, not the line of girls you had seen broken-hearted before you. It was brutal, the way it tore through you like a relentless tide out at sea and pulling you in to drown.
Almost hitting the floor-
Finally, it made sense to him, why you were always so unaffected by him, it was because he had never tried to lure you as he had with others and that was because he never had a reason to. You had disliked him just as he had disliked you from the get-go, so everything you felt- everything he felt for you- it was all real.
“Y/n,” he breathed out, index finger under your chin as he propped it up so you were forced to look at him. He gave you a small, crooked smile as he cocked his head to the side, a sheepish look in his eyes.
“I never did anything to you.”
He caught you.
Tumblr media
Being editor wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, you soon learned. It was tedious, having to go through everybody’s articles and make sure everything was in tip-top shape. The work was hard, but you enjoyed every second of it.
Senior year had dawned upon you in full swing, and you immersed yourself in it. Taeyong came by the newsroom much more often now, but still barely did anything. Really, he was only there to pester you, and so you found yourself driving your boyfriend out more often than one would expect.
You turned the keys in the keyhole of your door, pushing it open as you walked into your apartment. Gone were the days of staying on campus and rooming with Taehee, for she had opted to move in with Donghyuck.
You walked into the living room and placed your bag on the couch, going straight to the kitchen. Your apartment was pretty high-end and spacious, definitely not something your average college student would have been able to afford, but then again, you weren’t the average student.
Arms wrapped themselves around your waist, pulling you behind into his embrace. You could feel the warmth of his body as he buried his face in the crook of your neck, sighing softly.
“Welcome home.”
You shared an apartment with Taeyong, the two of you a solid six months into your relationship. It was pretty funny to think of how you started out, and now you were living with him. Your parents weren’t particularly overjoyed at this, but you had made your peace with that. It didn’t matter, because he was yours and yours alone. You wouldn’t let them take that away from you.
“Hello there,” you said, hand going to your chest and fiddling with your necklace. It was a simple silver chain looped through the ring you had been given last year, and it was something you always wore. You enjoyed the back hug he gave you, leaning into it.
“I made spaghetti, I thought it would be nice since you and classes all day,” an adorable little grin spread on his face before it morphed into the smallest, boyish smirk you and ever seen. “And because you’re hopeless at cooking.”
You elbowed him, pressing your lips together in exasperation. This wasn’t completely false however, he had seen you almost burn down the kitchen once and made you promise to resign to ordering take-out while he would handle the actual cooking.
Living with Taeyong was perfect, almost as perfect as being with him was. He was the most annoying fucker in the world, but it was endearing in a way, and you enjoyed arguing with him over stupid things more than you’d like to admit. It was never a dull day with him. Your rivalry over academics still stood tall, and he never let go of the opportunity to tease you over your hopelessness with chemistry.
“I like you,” you blurted out, and his lips twitched in amusement, raising an eyebrow at you.
“She likes me, oh boy.”
You whined, pushing him gently at his teasing. He chuckled, encasing you in his arms and pulling you even closer until you were resting your head on his shoulder. It was moments like these when you were most content.
Happiness was something you were slowly starting to find every day with the littlest of things. You made your peace with the fact that you would probably never be completely happy, but just part of it was enough for you. One day you’d be perfectly carefree, maybe, it was a long shot, but then again, a lot of things in your life had been a long shot, including a certain someone.
“I think…. I could love you.”
The words were out of your mouth before you could think them over properly, but you didn’t regret it by any means. It was true, one day in the future you could see yourself falling even more in love with Taeyong.
You looked up at him, biting the inside of your cheek. “Is that okay?”
You swore you had never seen him smile that big, cheeks coloured pink in delight and affection. He nudged your nose with his own, shutting his eyes and humming softly.
“More than okay.”
“Good,” you whispered, before kissing him softly. So yeah, your life was messy and confusing, so was his. He was a selkie, for crying out loud, but that was alright, you were okay with it all (It certainly made spilled messes easier to clean up). First, he was Lee Taeyong, the person you hated the most in the world, the person you loved the most in the world.
“It’s perfect,” he murmured against your lips, smiling softly into the kiss. God, you didn't think that something like this would ever come along in your life, and it probably wouldn’t ever again, so you made a new promise to yourself: to cherish it.
“After all,” he continued, tucking some of your hair behind your ear, “We’re engaged.”
That you were.
Tumblr media
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new to this | taeyong
Tumblr media
↳ pairing : virgin!taeyong x reader
Genre ➞ pure smut oof
Warnings ➞ sub!taeyong, corruption kink, begging, mild degrading, handjob, fingering (m. receiving), public-ish(?), mild choking, running into walls
Word Count ➞ 8.3k
requested by @ninachocoo
posted ; 3.08.21
Tumblr media
Hot. God, it was so hot. 
Then again, summer in your part of town always was. But this heat— this heat was different. It surrounded you, pulling perspiration from your pores and clinging to you persistently. It spilled down your throat, filling your lungs with every deep inhale. It robbed you of any and all of your energy, leaving you too tired to rouse yourself from where you lay on the cool tile floor of your kitchen in front of the open fridge (the absolute coldest spot you could find in your entire house). 
You didn’t cope very well in warm weather, if that wasn’t obvious. 
And, at the cost of your poor housemate’s sanity, you always found new and creative ways to cope with the excruciating rise in temperature, 
“Y/n a few of my— how many times do I have to tell you to stop doing that?!” You couldn’t bring yourself to so much as flinch as the fridge door was abruptly slammed shut, only managing to pull a whining complaint from the back of your throat as your only source of cool air was ever so rudely ripped away. 
“Fuck you, Mark. It’s too fucking hot to worry about the stupid electricity bill.” You huffed, peeling your eyes open just long enough to shoot an icy glare in the direction of the scowling brunette. 
He crossed his arms over his chest stubbornly, lower lip jutting out. “I think you forget that it’s a combination of both of our money going into paying them, so I think that I have a right to worry about how much is coming out of my pocket because you think that laying in front of an open fridge is a good way to ‘beat the heat’.” 
“Offer me a better solution, I’m open to suggestions.” You sighed tiredly. 
He only rolled his eyes. 
“Oh! I’ve got one,” you exclaimed suddenly, clapping your hands together as a gasp of excitement flew from your lips, “How about I just strip down and walk around butt ass naked? That should do the trick! Oh… but little Mark would like that a little too much, wouldn’t he?” You offered him a taunting pout, feigning sympathy as you glanced down unabashedly towards his crotch. 
Instinctively, his hands flew to cover himself as his cheeks throbbed a devastatingly obvious shade of red, bright enough to rival even the ripest of tomatoes. “Y–you—” 
Your lips curled with an amused smirk, but it faltered at the sound of thundering laughter coming from behind your flustered housemate. Your eyes followed the sound, finding its source in a group of about five or so men crowding up the foyer. Brows lifting in mild surprise, you shifted your attention back to an even more humiliated looking Mark. 
“You brought company.” An apology hung at the tip of your tongue. You really tried to keep your pg-13 teasing to a minimum around other people, especially knowing how susceptible Mark could be to his own embarrassment. 
“Hey Mark, I thought you said your roommate was a raging asshole with the sex drive of a teenaged boy on viagra? She seems pretty cool to me! And hot.” One of the taller boys chimed, a massive dopey grin plastered across his face. 
You turned to Mark slowly, brows raised. But he wouldn’t meet your eyes, head lowered. He wasn’t good at hiding his guilt. 
Welp. No apology for ole Marky boy today. 
“Please, allow me to properly introduce myself to our company.” Mark's eyebrows jumped all the way to his hairline as you pushed yourself off the floor and tossed an arm around his shoulder. “My name is (y/n), but I suppose Mark's asshole roommate with the sex drive of a teenage boy on viagra could work, too.” 
The look you shot him out of the corner of your eye had him shrinking in on himself, regret shining in his big brown eyes. But, you ruffled his hair, a silent reassurance that you weren’t all that torn up about the comment, especially considering it was hard to deny the layer of truth that lingered within it. 
You’d probably subjected Mark to more than his fair share of sleepless nights while you were up into the early morning giving the man (or woman) of the night the experience of a lifetime. A few scathing comments to close friends was more than understandable when looked upon in that light. Besides, you were never good at holding a grudge against your sweet, awkward, puppy-eyed housemate. 
The tall one that had spoken before chimed in eagerly, “I’m Yukhei, but my friends call me Lucas. Xuxi works, too. Or papi if you're feeling especially— ow!” Lucas yelped loudly as a hand connected to the back of a head with a sharp smack. You watched in amusement as another tall, charming looking man tugged him back, shooting him a warning glare before turning his attention to you. 
“Ignore him. He has a bad habit of forgetting his manners around attractive women. My name's Johnny, it’s great to finally meet you.” The sweet, disarming smile he offered you had any reservations melting away, and you easily returned the gesture before he proceeded with introductions. “This Haechan, Jaehyun, Doyoung, and— Taeyong?” 
Johnny pivoted around, brief confusion settling across his face before he spotted whoever he’d been looking for. Reaching behind Lucas, he grabbed someone's arm, tugging them into your line of sight. 
“And this is Taeyong!” He concluded with a grin, slapping a large hand down on the shorter boy’s shoulder. Taeyong dipped his head shyly, not meeting your eyes as he murmured a soft greeting that you were just barely able to catch. Soft tufts of dirty blonde hair fell over large brown eyes as he bowed politely, the air of meekness unmistakable. 
Oh, he’s cute. 
Your lips curled into an impish smirk. “Hi, Taeyong.” 
A faint blush darkened his cheeks and you caught a hint of a smile upturning the corners of his mouth. 
Really cute. 
Mark knew you well enough to see the gears beginning to turn in your head and coughed loudly when your stare lingered longer than necessary.
“O-kay, now that you’re all acquainted…” he stepped in swiftly, opting to intervene before you could get any wise ideas about his friend. “We have got a group project to work on and it would be extremely helpful if you’d refrain from providing any distractions. I already have a hard enough time trying to get them to focus for longer than five minutes as is.”
“Aww but I wanna hang out with your hot roommate, Mark.” Lucas whined loudly, practically throwing himself across Mark’s shoulders as the cutest pout you’ve probably ever seen fell across his lips. “She’s got a way nicer ass than any of you guys.” 
Doyoung sighed, his face screwing in second hand embarrassment for his friend’s shameless behavior. “Lucas, please.” 
“Have some dignity, man.” Haechan huffed additionally and you grinned in amusement as he grabbed the collar of Lucas’s shirt and began tugging him towards the living room. 
“Don’t worry, Mark. I’ll stay out of the way. I would hate to hinder your geek fest.” You teased, wrinkling your nose as you stepped past him. 
“Thank you, (y/n). I really— wait, Geek f– it’s a project worth thirty percent of our final grade!” 
“To-may-to, to-mah-to.” You waved a dismissive hand over your shoulder, before pausing briefly. Spinning on your heels, you turned back to face 
the cute boy, who visibly jolted the moment your attention landed on him. “It was very nice meeting you, Taeyong.” 
“Y- you, too.” He stuttered sweetly and you had to fight the overwhelming urge to reach over and pinch those adorable pink cheeks. Either pair. 
With one last sultry smile, and a wink just to fuck with Mark a little, you sauntered back into your bedroom. Miraculously, you were no longer concerned with the previously unbearable heat plaguing your apartment. Now, you had something —or rather, someone— far more interesting to occupy your mind. 
Tumblr media
Taeyong was having a difficult time focusing, which was pretty out of ordinary. He had barely gotten anything done with his assigned part of the project, less than half a page filled out with what little information he managed to collect. Luckily, none of the other guys seemed to notice, too distracted by their own inabilities to focus to take notice of his. Otherwise he would have to concoct some lie. But he wasn’t good at lying. He was a terrible liar, in fact. So he would probably just end up blurting out the truth which was you. You were the reason he couldn’t focus. You with your mischievous eyes and your pretty smile and intoxicating laugh. Mark’s asshole roommate with the sex drive of a teenage boy on viagra. 
He’d seen pictures of you before. But they didn’t do you any justice. In pictures, you were pretty. In real life, you were beautiful, charming, witty, sexy, and you winked at him. Girls don’t wink at him. Not ever. But you had. You’d winked and smiled at him and he wasn’t sure if you were just teasing him because he flustered easily or if there was a chance it meant something a little more than that. 
… he secretly hoped it meant something a little more than that. 
But he shouldn’t be thinking about you right now. He should be thinking about finishing his research. Not your eyes. Not your smile. Not your voice of the way you purred his name and those shivers rushed down his spine and he could have sworn something twitched— okay. That’s enough. He really needed to splash some water in his face, cool down a little before his mind wandered to places it definitely should not. 
“Ah— Mark?” 
The younger boy lifted his head, brows raising. “’Sup?” 
“Where’s the bathroom?” 
He perked, tipping his chin forward. “Oh, it’s to the right of the k— shit, wait. That toilet’s busted. Um, just use the one in my room. It’s at the end of the hall.” 
“Thanks,” Taeyong pushed himself up with a soft grunt, nearly tripping over Yukhei’s long legs as he maneuvered himself around the cluttered coffee table, “I’ll be right back.” 
None of the other guys took much notice of how quickly he rushed out of the room, much to Taeyong’s relief. He let out a low breath the moment he turned the corner and found himself in a vacant hallway, but that relief was short lived. 
Mark had only said that his room was at the end of the hall. But, there were two doors at the end of the hall. Meaning one of them could possibly lead to your room. And you were in your room. Which meant if he walked through the wrong door on accident… he could walk in on you. Oh god. Heat rushed into his cheeks at the mere thought of such a humiliating occurrence. For a moment, he debated turning on his heels and returning to the living room. 
But, he wasn’t ready to go back to studying just yet. He was still feeling flushed and antsy and needed another moment or two to himself. Plus… he was actually starting to need to pee a little. Damn him and his tiny bladder.
Hesitating, he gently knocked on the door on the right side of the hall then waited ten seconds. No response. Just to be extra certain, he knocked twice more before finally turning the knob. Cautiously, he peeked his head inside. The black out curtains were drawn tight so the room was dark, too dark to make out anything defining outside of the vague shape of a bed and dresser tucked into the far corner. It took a few minutes of stumbling blindly through the inky blackness, tripping over clothes and extension wires until he found what he hoped to be the bathroom door. 
Without too much of a second thought, he opened the door. 
Then he froze. 
He thought it was Mark’s room. He really did. He thought he was tripping over Mark’s clothes and Mark’s wires. Though, he probably should have noticed the light coming out from beneath the bathroom door, indicating that someone might be inside. Or maybe he did but ignored it because– because maybe Mark just left the light on. That could have happened. That totally could have happened. 
But it didn’t. 
Because it wasn’t Mark’s room. Those weren’t his clothes or his wires and he didn’t leave the light on. 
He realized this all too late of course. Because now he was staring at you. You who was wet and naked and… wet and naked. He couldn’t move. He couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t think. He could only stare, dumbstruck, mind short circuiting as billowing steam curled around the shape of your body like an iridescent veil, beautiful skin glistening under the soft golden light. Your head was tipped back, lips slightly parted, hands soothing your slick hair out of your face as the hot water cascading down the swells of your 
breasts and over the curves of your shoulders.
It was like watching something out of a pornographic shampoo commercial. 
“Oh—” it was somewhere between a whine and gasp, strangled and broken by the time it escaped his trembling lips. It was so quiet, you shouldn’t have been able to hear it over the hiss of water. So it took him off guard when your eyes opened and flicked in his direction. 
He flinched, body jolting backwards like it intended to make a break for it, but it was like your stare locked him into place. His brain was screaming at him to do something; to move, to  turn away, close his eyes, apologize, bash his head against the freaking wall, literally anything but stand there staring at you with his mouth open like a complete idiot. But he couldn’t. 
The corner of your mouth curled, forming into a downright devilish smirk that sent hot tendrils of desire spiraling through his veins. Then you quirked a brow and it was like a burst of electricity bringing him back to life. His hands flew up from where they’d been frozen at his sides, slapping so hard over his eyes that he yelped in shock at the sting. 
“Ohmygod I- I am so sorry! I am so—” he whirled around, spewing high pitched apologies as he scrambled for the door. Only, his eyes were closed so instead of bolting out the door he face planted into the wall next to the door. “Ow!” 
Your low laughter rippled through the small bathroom and red hot embarrassment raced up his neck and into his face. He could only whimper out one finally strained apology as he clutched his throbbing nose and stumbled back into the darkness of your bedroom, slamming the door sharply behind him. 
By the time he’d managed to scramble back into the hall, Taeyong felt like he was on fire. His heart was beating wildly in his chest and he was certain if he dared to look in a mirror he’d be the equivalent of a tomato. 
Humiliation gripped at his throat, squeezing painfully around his airway every time he recalled the previous events. He’d never be able to face you again. Not after that train wreck. Not ever. Groaning distraughtly, he sank against the wall, silently wishing that the floor would just swallow him up and put an end to his suffering.
But, there was something worse than the embarrassment. Something hotter and harder, throbbing shamelessly in the confines of his suddenly far too jeans. He saw you naked— wet and naked, looking like a freaking goddess beneath the stream of hot water, soap suds still clinging to your skin. He had never seen a woman like that before. Not in person, at least. And none as beautiful as you. 
Biting his lip, he squeezed his legs together, trying his best to will away his progressively hardening erection. That, of course, did not work. And it didn’t help in the slightest that every time he so much as blinked, the image of you in the shower came rushing to the forefront of his mind, still fresh and vivid and devastating. 
Oh god. There was no was no way he could go back to working on the project now. If he thought he was being unproductive before— he probably wouldn’t be able to get a single legible word written with the image of you and your body burned into the back of his eyelids. 
He was doomed. 
And he still needed to pee. 
Tumblr media
It was about nine at night when the low voices transformed into booming laughter, the walls practically vibrating under the barrage of stomping feet. It didn’t take a genius to deduce that they’d finished up on their project— either that or they mutually reached the end of their attention spans. 
Regardless, you were bored of remaining cooped up in your bedroom merely for the sake of your roommate’s econ grade and needed to stretch your legs a bit. Not to mention you were beginning to crave something greasy and unhealthy. You were almost certain the group of college boys lounging in your living room wouldn’t be opposed to some pizza, fries, and milkshakes from your favorite delivery place. 
“I don’t know about you boys but I’m starving!” You sang brightly as you all but skipped into the room. All eyes swung to you, wide and stunned as they watched you waltz over to where Mark sat in the love seat and throw yourself into his lap like it was the most normal thing in the world. He grunted under your weight, lip curling in annoyance but wrapped his arms securely around your stomach nonetheless. You pretended not to notice the lingering eyes of one particular boy, meticulously curled into the farthest corner of the couch. “Anyone down to order?” 
“Ugh please!” Yukhei exclaimed, throwing his head back dramatically. “I am dying of hunger.” 
The others were eager to voice their own agreement and you turned to Mark with an expectant smile. “Rubio’s?” He asked, already reaching for his phone. 
“Read my mind.” You hummed, pinching his cheek until he hissed and swatted you away. 
It was nothing short of chaos trying to get everyone’s orders, multiple overlapping voices making it hard to discern exactly who was asking for what, but somehow Mark managed to place all of the requests with only a handful of difficulties. Well, all but one. 
The boy’s head jerked up so fast at the sound of his name that you were surprised you hadn’t heard something crack. Up until then he’d been sitting quietly with his knees to his chest, staring at his feet, pointedly avoiding looking in your general direction. He could only hold your gaze for a few tense seconds before his cheeks flamed and he dropped his eyes. 
“I– uh– y- yes?” He coughed, blinking hard. 
You tilted your head, offering him an innocent smile. “Is there anything you’d like to eat?” You couldn’t stop yourself from adding an unnecessarily suggestive pitch to the question, words dancing wickedly across your tongue. 
Taeyong swallowed and pulled his knees tighter to his chest. “I– I’ll just have some of the- the pizza.” The words tumbled clumsily out of his mouth and your grin only widened as he became more and more flustered under the heat of your persistent stare. 
“Perfect. Then we can share.” 
The poor boy nearly choked on air when you abruptly pushed yourself off of Mark and sauntered over to where he sat, squeezing in between him and an eager Yukhei, who was more than happy to make room for you. His entire body went rigid, brief panic shooting across his features as you made yourself comfortable. It was tight with Jaehyun, Lucas, Taeyong and now you all squished onto the couch, so you were practically flush against him, shoulder to shoulder, thigh to thigh. You pretended not to notice that he was holding his breath. 
“Thirty minutes.” Mark announced, shutting off his phone and shoving it back into his pocket. 
“What should we do while we wait?” Jaehyun asked, ignoring Yukhei as he whined about how he’d be dead of starvation before the food even arrived. 
“Movie?” Haechan suggested. 
You perked. “I know a good one.” 
“No— no.” Mark cut in quickly, pointing a finger with the intention to reprimand in your direction. “Every time you pick a movie it’s either fucked up or really fucked up. So no.” 
“Don’t be a pussy, Mark.” You huffed, wrinkling your nose at him. “Just because you don’t like horror movies doesn’t mean your friends don’t.” 
“I, for one, love a good horror movie!” Yukhei remarked, a smug grin breaking across his lips as he shot a flirtatious wink in your direction. 
Haechan scoffed. “Bullshit! You couldn’t sleep alone for a week after we watched The Shining. And that wasn’t even scary!” 
“There was a tidal wave of blood.” He grumbled defensively, crossing his arms over his chest as he slumped, lower lip jutting out dramatically.
“No tidal wave of blood is this one, promise.” You snickered, snatching the remote from the cluttered coffee table and switching on the television. It only took a few minutes of browsing through Netflix before you finally located the movie you’d saved to your watch list a few weeks ago but had never gotten the chance to watch. 
Marked hopped up to flick off the lights as you pressed play, any excited or nervous murmurs coming to a halt as the opening credits rolled across the screen. Beside you, Taeyong tensed, squeezing his legs even tighter to his chest. You glanced at him from the corner of your eye, not missing the nervous way he gnawed at his lower lip even in the darkness. 
“Not good with horror movies?” You hummed, nudging his knee. He flinched in surprise, eyes shooting over to meet yours before he quickly diverted his attention back to the screen. 
“No, not– not really.” He admitted weakly, clearing his throat. 
A playful smirk twirled onto your lips and you subtly leaned into him, whispering near his ear, “you can hold my hand if you get scared.” 
A fierce blush consumed his cheeks, illuminated by the soft grey light of the television. “I– I’ll be okay.” He coughed when his voice cracked and you chuckled under your breath, opting to cut the poor boy some slack… for now. 
The movie progressed with the usual eerie start before transitioning into something lighter, though the low hum of anticipation-building music never ceased. Even if at some point it became rather repetitive, you thoroughly enjoyed a good horror movie. Most of the time, they failed to meet expectations and you left feeling rather disappointed that your stomach hadn’t leapt into your throat any point throughout the film. However, every once in a while, you were pleasantly surprised. 
Now, was not one of those times. 
Boredom quickly settled over you as the plot developed, revealing itself to be almost identical to a number of horror movies you’d watched in the past. You slumped back in your seat, a subtle scowl staining your lips. But then… inspiration. Devious, unquestionably self indulgent inspiration that risked putting a certain someone in a possibly very awkward (but also very delightful) position. 
The slow slide of your eyes from the television over to the boy seated at your left revealed that not everyone found the movie to be boring and repetitive. Taeyong was practically trembling. He had both of his hands over his face, wide, uncertain eyes peeking out timidly from between his index and middle fingers. 
You had to sink your teeth into your lip in order to subdue the large grin threatening to break across your face. 
Fuck, he’s too adorable. 
Unable to resist, you allowed a curious hand to wander towards his leg. With a brush so subtle it could’ve been mistaken for a breeze, you traced a finger over the seam of his pants. But, with his senses on high alert, it wasn’t a sensation he missed. He jolted violently, head swinging in your direction. There was fear in his eyes, but it quickly melted into relief else once he realized it was you and not some demon. 
Then his eyes drifted to where your finger lingered, hovering over his clothed thigh, and the relief transformed into something else entirely. Something hot and shameful and desperate, something he tried to hide behind frantically fluttering eyelids and quivering lips. But it was unmistakable. 
You lifted your brows, a silent question swirling in your gaze. He swallowed, breath coming out in quick, shallow huffs as the unnameable emotion thickened inside of him, then he nudged his leg shyly towards you. The air you didn’t realize you were holding in your lungs rushed out in one quick exhale, a subtle smirk curling onto your lips as excitement swirled in your gut. Taeyong sucked his lower lip into his mouth as your open palm landed boldly on his lower thigh, fingers pressing gently into the clothed muscle just above his knee. 
For a few minutes, it remained there, not moving any lower or any high, simply resting on his leg and he found himself relaxing beneath your touch. The heat of your hand was a welcome –comforting, even– distraction from the horror movie that had progressed to the point in the plot where the reckless characters put themselves directly into the line of danger instead of taking the intelligent path that would help them avoid it all together. You could feel the tension returning to Taeyong’s muscles as suspense building music poured from the surround sound speakers. 
In a two sided attempt to both comfort and tease, you began gently massaging his thigh. His breath audibly hitched, gaze straying from the screen once more in favor of watching the slow, deliberate motion of your fingers squeezing around his leg. That alone was enough to set his long neglected desire to flames. It burned within him, hot and dangerous, turning his face a dark, flattering crimson. 
It was too much. He’d never been touched like this before. You weren’t even close to his crotch and he could still feel the distinctive hardening beneath the zipper of his jeans which were growing tighter and tighter with every passing moment. At this rate, he’d make a mess of himself before the movie even reached its climax. 
The mere thought of coming untouched was enough to make his head feel dizzy, a mixture of humiliation and heady lust licking at his nerves. 
He couldn’t believe he was feeling this way, in a room full of his friends no less. If one of them were to look over, even through darkness, it would be impossible to miss your hand laid across his lap or the feverish blush coating his face, illuminated by the dull light of the tv. 
Then, your hand shifted higher. It was a minute movement, couldn’t have been more than an inch or two. But it had his pulse spiking in his veins nonetheless, blood rushing downward. You gripped gently at the inside of his slim thigh, thumb tracing slow, calculated circles into the rough material of his jeans. He trembled beneath the teasing ministrations, jaw clenched to fight back the urge to moan as your curious touch wandered upwards once more. 
“Is this alright?” 
The question came unexpectedly, a sudden rush of warm breath hitting the curve of his throat. He sucked his lips into his mouth, shivering faintly at the low, rough sound of your voice, just quiet enough that none of the other men in the room could make it out. 
He offered a sharp, jerky nod, desperately heaving in deep breath through his nose. The corner of your mouth curled. 
“God you're shaking. Are you that sensitive? Or do you just get off on getting felt up in front of all your friends? How naughty.” You chuckled tauntingly, words borderline malicious. 
“I– I don’t— I’m not—” he swallowed, shaking his head frantically in denial of your words, despite the flames they ignited inside of him. 
“I think you are.” You purred, tracing your index finger lightly over his prominent bulge, eliciting a strangled moan from his trembling lips. He was fortunate enough that at the very moment the sound escaped, some ditzy bimbo began screaming her lungs out in the movie. Still, he slapped a hand over his offending lips, looking around frantically to see if anyone had heard his slip up. Luckily enough, it seemed they hadn’t. 
This was payback, he realized abruptly, this was payback for walking in on you showering. 
But even if it was— 
It felt too damn good. 
His head tipped back, hand surging to cover his burning face and stifle his whimpers as you suddenly gripped firmly at his clothed length. A low, appreciative hum thrummed through your chest as you felt him twitch, delighting in just how responsive he was to your touch. His thighs squeezed together, hips shuddering upwards as you mapped him out. 
The urge to set your teeth upon his neck was almost overwhelming, but you resisted only because it might draw some attention from the room’s other, currently oblivious, occupants. You doubted Yukhei would miss it, even if he was desperately hiding his eyes behind those astoundingly massive hands. 
But shit was it tempting. 
His pretty porcelain skin would look so good painted in varying shades of pink and red. So sweet and pure… you wanted to taint him. 
He couldn’t stop moving now, squirming and quivering in place. He was unraveling right before your eyes, and you were devouring it. What a sight… 
Warmth stirred in your belly, and you rolled your palm down. He jolted violently, then in the next second he was up on his feet. It happened so quickly that you nearly fell over, just barely catching yourself from falling into the spot he previously occupied. Yukhei shrieked in shock, throwing himself directly into Jaehyun’s lap. 
“Fuck, Taeyong! You almost gave me a heart attack!” Haechan shrilled, clutching a pillow against his chest. Instead of responding, Taeyong jerked forward, the movement sharp and robotic, like his body wasn’t quite caught up to his brain. 
“What are you doing?” Doyoung asked, squinting at him through the darkness. “And why do you look so—” 
“B- B- Bathroom!” Taeyong squeaked out abruptly. You could only watch with wide eyes and gaping lips as he proceeded to run out of the living room like his ass was on fire. 
“Movie must’ve freaked him out.” Johnny muttered. 
“It’s not even that bad.” Yukhei scoffed in a voice too high pitched for his words to sound believable, grunting when Jaehyun shoved him off of his lap. Noisy banter was quick ensue. Noisy and distracting enough for you to make a quick and silent escape without catching any of the other boys’ attention. 
“Taeyong?” You called softly, worry churning in your gut that you overstepped or upset him. “Tae, I’m sorry if I—” you gasped, words cutting off in your throat as a hand found your wrist and you were quickly tugged around the corner and into the unlit hallway. 
The motion was so unexpected you ended up tripping over your own feet, having to slam a hand against the wall to steady yourself. But it was only when you felt a rush of quick, warm breath against your face that you realized the position you’d gotten yourself into. Taeyong was standing in front of you, face flushed a feverish shade of red, faint perspiration glistening on his skin, and he was standing with his spine flush against the wall, effectively caged in by your body. And he was looking at you. 
Really looking at you. 
With the kind of eyes that had something tightening deliciously in the pit of your stomach, chills of excitement ricocheting through your veins. 
“Tae?” His name was less than a breath on your lips, laced with an unspoken question. He sucked his lower lip into his mouth, fluttering gaze dancing across your face. 
“I almost…” he swallowed, shivering voice tapering off as he became overwhelmed by the proximity. He could smell your shampoo, a subtle, smoky-vanilla kind of scent that made his head feel dizzy. “I almost c- came.” 
The corner of your mouth swirled, both amused and charmed by the way he whispered the word, tone so innocent and shy that the filthy meaning behind it almost became misconstrued in your head. 
“Do you want to come, Taeyong?” You asked quietly, jutting a knee forward to press between his thighs. He gasped, trembling lips silently caressing the shape of your name as his hands shot forward, clutching desperately onto the sides of your shirt. A shy nod was all he could muster, the words feeling far too dirty to say aloud. But you weren’t satisfied. 
“Say it.” You murmured, nose brushing against his. His breath hitched at the command, warmth flushing through his veins beneath the staggering heat of your dark, hooded gaze. “If you want it, say it. If you don’t, tell me now.” 
“I want it!” He said quickly, only to flush and shrink in on himself, taken aback by his own outburst. Licking his lips, he repeated himself in a much softer voice, “I– I want it.” 
You let out a low hum, curving a gentle hand around his jaw. “Can I kiss you?” 
A shock ran through his body, his wide eyes snapping down to trace to soft lines of your mouth. “Yes.” He breathed, suddenly desperate for a taste of your lips. You didn’t deny him. 
The first brush of your lips against his is light, delicate… teasing. It made his knees tremble, fierce anticipation and wild desire running rampant through him. He opened up for you like a goddamn flower in bloom, melting sweetly when you applied even the slightest bit more pressure. His mouth was soft and warm, his kiss shy. And there was something ever so endearing about the way he clutched at your top like it was the only thing keeping him upright. 
You kept the pace deliberately slow, relishing in the soft moans that fluttered from his chest as you sucked his lower lip into your mouth, gently sinking your teeth into the sensitive flesh. He was wracked by a violent full body shiver when you licked over the seam of his lip. 
God he’s adorable. 
His strong reactions made you wonder if he’d ever been kissed like this before. Or, perhaps, this was a new experience entirely. 
“Taeyong.” He whimpered when you abruptly broke away from the kiss, but you ignored it. “Are you a virgin?” 
His eyes widened, a deep red flooding his cheeks. Then, he nodded, gaze dropping to the floor as the tips of his ears darkened. 
Wicked excitement curled in your gut, heat licking at your veins at the thought of being the first to corrupt such a sweet… innocent… 
“Have you ever been touched before?” 
He shook his head, chest pressing against your with every jagged inhale he drew into his lungs. 
You dipped a hand between your bodies, trailing teasingly down his stomach. “Would you like to be touched?” Your voice had dropped at least an octave, a low, rasping whisper that nearly made him keen. 
“Yes.” A devious grin settled across your lips at the quickness of his reply. Didn’t even need to think that one over, huh? 
You slid your hand over his crotch, feeling his hips buck uncontrollably when you squeezed. “Just looking at you,” you began, toying with his zipper, “I never would’ve guessed what a little slut you are.” 
“I- I’m not a slut.” He whimpered, digging his fingers into your waist. 
“Aren’t you, though?” You popped the button of his jeans. “I mean, take a good look at yourself, Yongie; letting yourself get felt up and teased by your best friend’s roommate while they’re just in the next room over. Seems pretty slutty to me.” 
Taeyong couldn’t help the soft moan that escaped his chest at the degrading word, his cock twitching within the confines of his boxers. Slipping a finger beneath the elastic, you tugged it away from his skin, letting out a playful coo when his weeping pink tip peeked out. The blush on his face intensified tenfold, both of his hands dropping down instinctively to cover himself. But you were faster, snatching his wrists and pinning them against the wall on either side of his head. 
“Don’t even think about it.” 
Shivering, he offered a compliant nod. 
“Good boy.” 
He barely had time to form a reaction to the praise before he felt you around him, stroking and caressing. The responding moan that burst from his lips was loud— too loud. You were quick to cover his gaping mouth, successfully muffling the series of succeeding gasps and whimpers. 
“Careful, sweetheart,” you clicked your tongue, watching the way his eyes fluttered and rolled as you tightened your grip around his cock, “you wouldn’t want your hyungs to find out what a little slut you’re being, now would you? Mark was so kind, inviting you into his home… How do you think he’d feel if he were to see you taking advantage of his hospitality, getting your pretty little cock played with by his roommate? How shameless...” 
Taeyong whimpered, and you felt the gentle press of his lips against your palm, followed by a meek flick of his tongue. He was looking at you now, really looking at you, with the kind of pathetic, wanting eyes that never failed to make your skin burn in excitement. You wondered if you could make him cry, overwhelm him with pleasure to the point where he couldn’t keep his emotions at bay. The desire to ruin him was almost unbearable. 
Swirling your thumb over his tip, you slotted a leg between his, pressing up against him from underneath. He nearly keened at the pressure, hips rolling greedily over your thigh, simultaneously pumping his cock into your closed fist. Heaven, this must be heaven. Honestly, you hadn’t expected him to succumb to his desires so readily, with such… enthusiasm. But this Taeyong surprised you at every turn. You’d thought he’d be shy, reserved, hesitant to give in, but here he was, riding your thigh and fucking your hand like his life depended on it, his muffled moans pulsing beneath your palm. 
It’d be a flat out lie to say you weren’t beyond turned on. 
There was a slick warmth building between your thighs, soaking into the fabric of your underwear, and tight knots in your stomach, threatening to burst at any given moment. The knowledge that less than thirty feet away, your roommate and all his friends were gathered and one stray moan from the crumbling man before you could give away all the filthy things you were doing to him stroked the lustful flames blazing through your blood. One glimpse into those hooded, glassy brown eyes told you he was suffering from a similar burn. 
“Turn around.” You demanded, somewhat breathless as you tore your hands off of him. A low whimper escaped past trembling lips at the loss of stimulation, a shiver rippling down his spine as his hard, abandoned cock swung through empty air. Regardless, he was quick to comply, spinning himself around and pressing his palms flat against the wall. You hummed a praise, pleased with his eager compliance, rewarding him with your touch. He gasped, forced to sink his teeth into his lip to stifle his whimpers as your hands slipped over his body: one returning to stroke his dick while the other pushed beneath the material of his top, venturing up to his chest where your fingers set to toying with his sensitive nipples. 
“(y/n)—” he moaned your name desperately, rocking his body back against yours as overwhelming pleasure pulsed through his veins. 
“Easy, sweetheart,” you chuckled darkly, splaying a steadying palm across his hips as they began grinding back into yours, “you sound like you're about to burst.” 
He moaned, shuddering when you caressed his sensitive tip, and an idea struck you. 
“Can you do something for me, Tae?” You asked, voice a low, rasping against the shell of his ear. “Can you suck?” 
Any short lived confusion dissipated from his mind when he felt your fingers nudging at the soft flesh of his lips. A deep blush flooded into his cheeks, but his mouth opened nonetheless, shyly taking your digits inside. 
“There you go…” you purred, feeling his tongue lick delicately at the pads of your middle and ring finger. He sucked, and you lowered your head to press slow, encouraging kisses laced with whispered praises to the juncture of his throat. You felt the soft vibrations of his muffled moans quivering through your knuckles and against your lips. He was shaking, the stimulation to his cock causing violent tremors to wrack his body. He wasn’t far off from release, you could tell as much by the way he was twitching and the slow increase in volume of his sounds. 
But you weren’t finished yet. 
Not by a long shot. 
You pulled your fingers from his mouth, the suction of his lips giving with a lewd, wet pop. A filthy sound coming from such innocent lips. 
Leaning forward, you nipped gently at the shell of his red tinted ear, hand releasing his dick in favor of venturing beneath the hem of his pants. You heard his breath hitched and offered quietly, “Tell me if you want me to stop.” 
Taeyong nodded in understanding, but offered no resistance as you pushed the thick denim down over the soft curve of his ass. His shoulders jumped, a gasp shooting from his lips when you slid a saliva soaked finger between his cheeks, coming to the abrupt realization of what your intentions were. 
“O– oh—” 
“Is this alright?” 
He swallowed, glancing back at you from over his shoulder. “I– I’ve never…” 
You soothed a hand down the front of his thigh, “it’s okay if you don’t want to.” 
There was no judgement in your tone, rather a gentleness to the reassurance that put his buzzing nerves at ease. “That’s not it,” he shook his head, gnawing at the corner of his lip as a soft pink crept across his cheeks, “j– just…” 
Taeyong drew in a deep, trembling breath. Your furrowed brows shot to your hairline, heat twisting in your gut as he suddenly bent himself over, sticking his ass out, practically fucking presenting himself to you. “B- be gentle…” he whispered shyly, hiding his face in the crook of his elbow. 
Steam would surely start coming out of your nose if your temperature rose any further. This is fucking ridiculous. How was it possible for a man to be so cute yet so sexy all at once? This couldn’t be good for your health… 
Smirking deviously, you settled a palm between his shoulder blades, pressing down ever so slightly and watching as he delicately arched his spine. “I’m always gentle.” 
A hiccuping moan rushed from his chest at the first careful press of your finger, his brows furrowing deeply as his muscles tightened in response to the foreign stretch. 
“Relax, sweetheart.” You reminded lightly, settling soothing kisses across his shoulder. He drew in a series of deep breaths, allowing himself to adjust to the sensation of having something inside of him while melting into the tender caress of your cool lips across his feverish skin. You felt the slow dissipation of tension, felt the way he melted beneath you. “There you go…” you cooed, easing into him until your knuckle before allowing him a few moments to adjust. 
He was panting, forehead thudding softly against the wall as his hips trembled, a strange but not unpleasant feeling sparking to life inside of him. 
“Oh…” it was a barely audible sound, soft and breathless of shuddering lips. But you didn’t miss it, didn’t miss the way his shoulders drooped, his walls tight relaxing ever so faintly around the intruding digit. The corner of your mouth curled upwards in a salacious smirk, and you curled your finger experimentally. 
His reaction was instantaneous, a moan of surprise entwined with unexpected pleasure rushing from his flush throat. He glanced back at you from over his shoulder, eyes wide and trembling, hazy with an emotion you immediately recognized as pure, unfiltered lust. Your grin widened, almost triumphant as you whispered, “feel that?” 
He nodded rapidly, a gasp of breath wracking his chest. “Yes,” his hands were curling into fists where they were braced against the plaster wall. 
“Wanna feel it again?” 
The sound he let out was a combination of several things, keening and desperate for the sensation he’d never before experienced. “Please. Please.” 
It was impossible to say anything but yes when he begged like that. 
You rewarded him by stretching him out around a second finger, his knees nearly giving out when you thrust them in as deep as they would go. He was an absolute mess, forced to slap a quivering hand over his gaping mouth when his teeth proved insufficient at keeping his sounds in. You were enjoying yourself perhaps a little too much, enjoying watching him slowly crumble, enjoying watching his innocence shatter into tiny irreparable pieces on the floor beside glistening drops of precum. He was just too irresistible… 
“You’re about to come, aren’t you?” He was nodding before you even finished the question, muffled moans and sobs escaping through his fingers as he fucked himself back onto yours. You curve a hand around the shape of his jaw, tugging his head back at an angle that surely causes a strain in his neck, and slot your lips into his. Shoving your tongue down his throat proves a far more efficient means of keeping him quiet. 
But when you curled your fingers inside of him, subsequently stroking that sensitive bundle of nerves, even your mouth wasn’t enough to stifle the shriek of pleasure that burst from his throat. You were hoping the screams you heard emulating from the other room were enough to drown it out. 
“Keep your voice down.” You all but snarled, curling a hand around his throat. 
“I- I can’t— oh god, it feels so g- good.” He babbled, voice strained from the sheer effort of trying to keep himself from crying out in bliss. “I’m g- gonna come— I’m gonna c- come—” the sound of him choking on his words, gasping for breath around the added resistance of your restricting hold was even hotter than you imagined it would be. 
“Gone on, sweetheart. Let me see you make a mess of yourself.” You kissed the shell of his ear, deciding then to have mercy and offer his pathetic, weeping cock a helping hand. He was finished the moment your fingers grazed his tip, struck with an orgasm so powerful it had his knees buckling beneath the weight of his quivering body. 
His jaw when slack, unleashing every pent up sound he’d managed to keep bottled up thus far. They came rushing out of him too quickly to stop, not that you made much of an effort. You were enjoying the way he was moaning your name like it was his saving grace far too much to care whether or not the other boys were hearing. In fact, the thought of them hearing their sweet, innocent Taeyong whimpering like a bitch in heat, moaning your name, gave you an unexpected rush of delight. 
You didn’t stop fucking your fingers into his tight little hole until you were certain you’d milked him for all he was worth, until he was reduced to little more than a trembling, whimpering mess against your chest, barely able to keep himself upright. 
“Oh my g- god.” He murmured shakily, head falling back to rest on your shoulder. 
A low chuckle slid from your lips as you gently released his spent cock, simultaneously pulling out of him. He winced faintly, whining weakly at the unpleasant emptiness that ensued. 
“That felt pretty good didn’t it?” You teased. 
He bit his lip, humming airily as he melted into your hold. 
“You’re a good boy, aren’t you, Taeyong?” Your words danced over the curve of his throat, flooding his senses with the fluttering implication. Blushing, he nodded, a shy bob of his head that caused the sweat soaked fringes of his bangs to fall over his eyes, clinging delicately to his pretty eyelashes. “Words?” 
“I—” he swallowed, gaze flitting as his face reddened further, “I’m a g- good boy.” 
You mouth curled deviously. Holding your come covered hand up to his panting mouth, you whispered against the shell of his ear, “good boys clean up their mess.” 
His breath hitched, wide eyes jumping over to meet yours. You held his gaze boldly, cocking an expectant brow. Then, ever so lightly, his tongue dipped out from between red bitten lips, kitten licking his come from your fingertips. You could’ve come right then and there, watching him shyly lap his own release from your hand. Honestly you would’ve been happy to stay like that all night, his tongue tracing the lines of your palm, caressing your knuckles… 
But then the doorbell rang, and someone cleared their throat in the other room. 
“Uh… foods here.” 
Taeyong leapt away from you with a gasp, flushing deeply as his hands flew to tuck himself back into his jeans. 
“D- do you think they—” his voice cracked and he coughed as crimson crept up his neck. 
You smirked, not in the least bit ashamed. 
“Oh, definitely.”
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